Chris Beat Cancer: Heal With Nutrition & Natural Therapies

By Chris Wark

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A podcast about healing and preventing cancer with nutrition & natural therapies, hosted by chemo-free survivor Chris Wark.

Episode Date
Dr. William Li on Foods That Fight Cancer

The legendary Dr. William Li, is a renowned doctor, scientist, and angiogenesis expert. His groundbreaking work has impacted more than 70 diseases – including cancer, diabetes, blindness, heart disease, and obesity. Dr Li's wildly popular TED Talk "Can we eat to starve cancer" has garnered more than 11 million views.

Dr Li has been a guest on Dr. Oz, CNN, MSNBC. He's been featured in USA Today, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic magazine, and many more.

Dr. Li founded Eat to Beat Cancer, which is a community of 60,000+ people who are passionate about using diet to fight cancer. Dr. Li has held faculty appointments at Harvard and Tufts University.

Angiogenesis is the process by which tumors form new blood vessels to grow, but there are anti-angiogenic compounds in food that block this process!

Please enjoy my interview with Dr. Li as he shares his amazing deep knowledge of anticancer nutrition with you and the power of anti-angiogenic foods!

View the transcript and related links here

Show Notes:
-How science leads the way but doesn't give us the full answer [03:33]
-The dark side of health and nutrition [05:12]
-The consequences of 10,000 daily DNA mistakes [09:38]
-What happens when cancer cells get too smart [11:10]
-The Industrialized world's assault on our defense system [14:14]
-Using the power of knowledge to protect our fortress [19:08]
-A drink containing hundreds of natural defensive molecules [21:22]
-An anti-angiogenic food so good for your's nuts! [27:24]
-The romanticized fantasy of the hunter/gatherer diet [30:17]
-How a Mediterranean delicacy became a cancer-fighting staple [33:35]
-Why technique can be just as important as consumption [40:00]
-The one question medical school didn't teach Dr. Li how to answer [43:11]
-New research exposing how to "right the scales" in our body [50:00]

Jul 16, 2018
How Paula Healed Aggresive Breast Cancer Naturally in 1997

In 1997, Paula Black, was an athletic, healthy, and outgoing 45-year-old. Then she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. She was told that without a radical mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation she would only have 3-6 months to live.

With extensive research at the library (pre-internet and Google) and her husband's incredible support, Paula reversed terminal cancer without conventional medicine.

Paula and I followed a very similar cancer healing journey that focused on treating the root causes of disease as well as embracing the natural laws of health and biblical truths. Today, Paula is still cancer free and enjoying vibrant health.

Paula's incredible healing story is also in available in her book, Life, Cancer and God.

Paula is a life spring of wisdom, health, and joy. You will love her!!!

Show Notes
-Diagnosed with aggressive cancer in 1997 [01:19]
-What Paula learned about cancer [02:41]
-The miracle that happened on the way down the conveyor belt [06:10]
-Finding the way of escape that changed her life [11:38]
-Sometimes you get worse before you get better [15:06]
-Things that can happen when you adopt a hardcore nutrition protocol [18:44]
-How our words and thoughts produce health and healing [24:59]
-The issues many cancer patients are reluctant to address [28:54]
-Empowering others to be victorious [36:44]
-“Death and life are in the power of the tongue”[41:00]
-The toxic things people hold on to [48:13]

Connect with Paula
Her Book: Life, Cancer and God
Her Website: Winning Over Cancer

Jun 26, 2018
The Sleep Doctor Michael Breus on how to get the best sleep ever

Dr. Michael Breus @thesleepdoctor is a Clinical Psychologist and specialist in sleep disorders. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of the Dr. Oz Show and has been on the show 39 times to date.

He's authored several best-selling books including The Power of When which is all about working with your body's inner clock for maximum health, happiness, and productivity.

You are going to really enjoy my interview with Dr. Breus.

Download Transcript

Watch our interview here

Show Notes:
-The problem with naps [04:28]
-The problem with sleep tracker devices [06:10]
-Three sleep destroying habits [10:53]
-The best way to increase the quality of your sleep [16:46]
-What's your Sleep Animal: Lion, Bear, Wolf, or Dolphin? [17:44]
-Do men or women need more sleep? [22:20]
-How sunshine and fresh air improve your sleep [25:07]
-Is blue light at night really a problem?[26:52]
-Is watching television in bed okay? [31:08]
-How effective are sound machines? [33:20]
-A cool tool for travelers who want to eliminate jet lag [35:52]
-What about sleep masks? [37:35]
-Better Sleep with Magnesium and Banana Tea [42:07]
-Better Sleep with Omegas and Vitamin D [44:53]
-Melatonin supplementation essentials [45:41]
-Lack of sleep and cancer [50:48]

Take Dr Breus' Sleep Chronotype Quiz here

Dr. Breus' Banana Tea Recipe:
-Take a regular-sized banana, wash it off and cut off the ends
-Cut the banana in half, and leave the peal on it
-Put halves in 4 cups of boiling water, and boil for about 3 to 4 minutes
-Pull it off the stove, steep, then drink the water
-Add honey and cinnamon to taste!

Books by Michael J. Breus, PhD The Sleep Doctor:
The Power of When
Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health

Connect with The Sleep Doctor:

Sleep improving devices mentioned in the interview:
Swanwick - Blue Light Blocking Glasses
GOODNIGHT® Sleep Promoting Light Bulb
The iHome Zenergy Sleep System
SleepScore Max (for sleep tracking)
The Rohm Travel Sound Machine
Dream Essentials Sleep Masks

Apps mentioned in the interview:
F.lux- eliminates blue light from computer screens at night
Timeshifter - jet lag smart phone app

Jun 20, 2018
How April Healed Stage 4 Breast Cancer in 3 Months with Nutrition and Cannabis!

"She (the doctor) would always come in and hug me and give me these sad eyes... But where was my hug when I was cured?"

My new interview with April Saull rocks! She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast cancer and turned it around in 3 months with nutrition and natural non-toxic therapies, specifically cannabis oil!

April is so full of joy, life, and energy... and I know she is going to encourage and inspire a lot of people. I am so excited to see the impact that she is going to have in the world.

Show Notes:
-April loses her ability to walk [00:02:32]
-A positive pregnancy test and a Stage 4 diagnosis [00:06:00]
-An undetectable tumor that spread cancer throughout her body [00:10:49]
-The illegal all-natural plant therapy that caught her eye [00:17:15]
-The scare tactics used on her [00:26:25]
-Refusing chemotherapy in spite of her doctor’s warning [00:28:54]
-How CT Scans mislead patients (including her) [00:31:21]
-Her anti-cancer diet and lifestyle [00:41:34]
-Addressing the whole body with a holistic view [00:47:28]
-How doctors perpetuate victimhood and powerlessness [00:49:42]
-Deciding who to focus on when many people want your help [00:57:44]

Connect with April Saull:
Her Facebook group: Cannafit

April's Breakfast Smoothie:
Arugula, Spinach & Kale
Organic Berries
Whole Lemon (including peel)
Apricot Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Flax Seeds
Matcha Green Tea
Hemp Protein

Selected links from the interview:
Run From the Cure (Cannabis for Cancer Documentary) Simpson's website)
Natures Answer to Cancer book by Rick Simpson
April's talk at her local Weston Price Chapter

Time Sensitive Announcement!
Watch The Sacred Plant documentary series about the powerful benefits of medical cannabis for many diseases free online starting June 20th 2018. Save your spot here!

Jun 11, 2018
How Danielle healed breast cancer naturally in 2009

In 2009, South African Danielle Wotherspoon was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic breast cancer. After educating herself on the pros and cons of conventional treatment, she chose to go the holistic route and healed her body.

Danielle says she feels better now than she did 15 years ago!

I know you will enjoy Danielle's inspirational healing story.

Show Notes
-Exchanging a death sentence for a holistic approach [03:21]
-High dose IV Vitamin C [07:32]
-Danielle’s anti-cancer diet [11:13]
-How long it took for Danielle to see progress [14:51]
-The attitude and emotional changes Danielle made [17:28]
-Danielle’s advice to someone just diagnosed with cancer [24:31]
-How faith and music helped Danielle during her healing journey [28:57]
-Why you need iodine [34:28]
-The benefits of lymph drainage therapy in healing cancer [37:13]

Danielle's Website and Facebook Page

Danielle's Book:
Cancer Healed Naturally: My Journey From Breast Cancer To Vibrant Health

Selected links mentioned in the interview:
Dr. Herman Spies, Cape Town South Africa - Quantec ScanCancer and Vitamin C by Linus Pauling
How to Live Longer and Feel Better by Linus Pauling
Riordan IV Vitamin C protocol
Intravenous ascorbate as a tumor cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agent by NH Riordan
The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell
The Gerson Institute
Louise Hays' books
The Healing Code by Dr. Alexander Lloyd and Dr. Ben Johnson
Singing boosts the immune system in cancer patients
Wholetones by Michael Tyrrell
Holy Harmony by Jonathan Goldman
Iodine - Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It by David Brownstein, M.D.
J.CROW'S® Lugol's Solution of Iodine 2%
The Hallelujah Diet by George Malkmus
Suret Morkel, Medical Scientist, Microbiologist
Self Lymph Drainage Massage - Heather Wibbels


May 22, 2018
Nurse heals stage 4 breast cancer in 4 months

Registered Nurse Suzan Macco was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer in 2007 and went to Mexico for treatment.

She was fine for 7 years, but in 2015, she found out the cancer was back, and this time it was stage 4.

She was told by her doctors, “We can’t cure you, but we can keep you comfortable.”

Suzan rejected palliative care, defied her prognosis, adopted a hardcore healing protocol and four months later the cancer was gone!

Enjoy this inspiring interview with Suzan Macco!

Show Notes:

-Her Stage 2 Diagnosis in 2007 [01:30]

-Her experience at Sanoviv [03:30]

-Her stage 4 diagnosis [5:50]

-The importance of defying a death sentence [8:35]

-What contributed to her recurrence [11:05]

-Her enzyme and supplement protocol [12:55]

-Four months later… the PET Scan results [16:20]

-Her diet & juicing [17:42]

-Healing your emotions [19:24]

-The HeartMath Machine [26:35]

-Some people are impossible to help [29:21]

-A DPD enzyme deficiency makes 5-FU deadly [31:30]

-Testing Options (RGCC & MammaPrint) [35:40]

-The Harms of Traditional Treatment [40:06]

-The Right Kind of Hope / Hope of Getting Well [45:11]

-Cancer Has to Change You / The Blessing of Cancer [47:22]

Additional links at

May 15, 2018
How Dr. Dale Figtree Healed non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Naturally in 1980!

In 1977, at the age of 27, Dale Figtree was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. After six months of treatment and enduring the maximum allowable lifetime dose of radiation (yikes), her tumor was reduced but not gone. Surgery was not an option and she was told that there was nothing more they could do.

At that moment that Dale decided to take control of her situation. Instead of giving up and preparing to die, she took Massive Action and decided to radically transform her life and her body.

Her healing journey was incredibly difficult, and she came very close to death, but she persevered and prevailed!

Three years later her cancer was gone and she is now a 41 year survivor!

This is an interview you do not want to miss. You're going to love hearing the inspiring story and wisdom of Dr. Dale Figtree. Enjoy!

Show notes and links at

May 07, 2018
Dr Valter Longo on Fasting, Longevity and the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Today I am beyond thrilled to share my first interview of 2018 with you...

It's Dr. Valter Longo!

Dr. Valter Longo is recognized as a global leader in aging, nutrition, fasting, and stem cell regeneration with over 100 peer reviewed publications in top tier journals including Science, Nature, Cell, JAMA and more.

A few years ago, Dr. Longo and his team at USC made the ground-breaking discovery that fasting regenerates the immune system, which I reference often.

He also developed the Fasting Mimicking Diet, which is a 5-day, plant-based, calorie-restricted diet that nourishes the body while producing the same powerful effects as water fasting including autophagy, protection of healthy cells, weakening of cancer cells, immune system regeneration, and more.

He is also author of the brand new book The Longevity Diet. It's a great read. I highly recommend it.

In our interview, Dr. Longo and I discuss his research on the science of longevity and the powerful effects of fasting and the Fasting Mimicking Diet.

I know you will enjoy this fascinating interview with Dr. Valter Longo!

Show Notes at:

Jan 10, 2018
Mike Adams - The Health Ranger

Mike Adams,"The Health Ranger" is a fearless consumer advocate, award winning investigative journalist, Internet activist, and science lab director. He is also the founder and editor of, which is the Internet's most trafficked natural health news website.

Mike is a legend in the natural health space. He has written over 2,000 articles and reached over a hundred million people through his various websites. He's also a musician, a composer and a computer programmer. And rumor has it he solved a Rubik's cube in twenty-six seconds. Mike is also one of the kindest most generous people I've met and he's absolutely brilliant. I haven't confirmed this, but I think he probably has a genius level IQ.

In this wide ranging interview, Mike and I discuss how he became the Health Ranger, living off the grid in Ecuador, what he's learned running a food science lab, and so much more.

This was one of the most fun and interesting interviews I've ever done. Enjoy!

Show notes and links at:

Nov 21, 2017
Dr Keith Scott-Mumby - Food Allergy Detective and Alternative Therapy Watchdog

Dr Keith Scott-Mumby MD is a world renowned expert on food allergies, Chinese medicine, homotoxicology (“complex” homeopathy), alternative cancer therapies, and more.

He started the first successful Food and Environmental Allergy Clinic in the UK in 1979 which spread to Glasgow, Dublin and Stockholm, and made medico-legal history in 1986, when a UK Crown Court accepted his evidence that a food allergy was making a young man murderously violent. The young man was released on one condition: that he stick to Dr. Scott-Mumby’s diet!.

By 1990, the press were calling Dr Scott-Mumby "Britain’s Number One Allergy Detective”.

Dr. Scott-Mumby has authored many books including Cancer Research Secrets, in which he highlights which alternative therapies have valid scientific evidence behind them (and work), and which ones don’t.

I know you’ll enjoy this fun and fascinating interview with Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby.

Aug 18, 2017
Dr. John Kelly - Stop Feeding Your Cancer

Dr. John Kelly MD is a recently retired GP from Dublin, Ireland with 40+ years of experience in the medical profession, working in the US, Africa and Ireland. Over a decade ago, he became interested in nutritional science and the link between animal protein and cancer growth and began a field trial, recommending that all of his patients with cancer adopt a plant-based diet. 

The results of his trial were remarkable. All of the patients who strictly adhered to an animal protein-free diet found that their cancer stopped growing and spreading. 

In 2014, Dr. Kelly published a book entitled Stop Feeding Your Cancer, which I've read and highly recommend. Get it on amazon here:

Special note: Dr. Kelly is enjoying retired life. Please do not attempt to contact him. Everything he would tell you is in his book.

Enjoy this fascinating interview! :)

May 23, 2017
Sunil Pai MD on the power of plants and nutraceuticals to restore health

Dr. Pai is the founder and medical director of Sanjevani Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was one of the first physicians to become a Fellow of the Integrative Medicine Program at the University of Arizona directed by Dr. Andrew Weil, "the father of integrative medicine" and was one of the first Board Certified MDs in Holistic Integrative Medicine in the United States.

Dr. Pai is the author of a terrific book called An Inflammation Nation and also formulated one of my favorite supplements Bosmeric-SR, which contains turmeric, boswelia (frankincense), ginger and black pepper.

And Dr. Pai and I will both be speaking in Costa Rica at the Food is Medicine retreat April 27-May 1st.

Dr. Pai has deep knowledge on nutritional science and natural medicine, as well as the good, bad and ugly side of the supplement industry.

Enjoy this fascinating and wide-ranging interview with the brilliant Dr. Sunil Pai.

Show notes and links at:

Apr 10, 2017
Dan Buettner on How to Live to 100 and Beyond

Dan Buettner (@BlueZones) is an internationally recognized speaker, researcher, explorer, National Geographic Fellow and multiple New York Times bestselling author.

In 2003, Buettner became interested in hotspots around the world with unusually high percentages of people living past 100. Collaborating with anthropologists, historians, dietitians, and geneticists, he identified five such regions and organized research trips to these destinations in an attempt to reverse engineer longevity.

His work was first published in 2008 by National Geographic in a fascinating book called The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from People Who Live the Longest, which details the diet and lifestyle habits of the healthiest, longest-living people groups on earth.

And many of these diet and lifestyle habits will surprise you, because they directly contradict the advice of many well known health and diet "experts" today.

If you want to live a long healthy life, I think it makes sense to learn from people who are consistently doing it. Don't you?

And that's why the books in The Blue Zones series are some of my favorite books on health and longevity.

Four years ago this week I published a blog post about Stamatis Moraitis, who healed his terminal lung cancer just by moving to a Blue Zone (Ikaria) and adopting their way of life!

I've been a fan of Dan for years and it was an absolute thrill to interview him. Special thanks to Dr John McDougall for connecting us.

Show notes and links at


Nov 16, 2016
John Robbins Left Baskin-Robbins Fortune to Save Lives with Nutrition

John Robbins tells the incredible story of how he walked away from millions of dollars of Baskin-Robbins junk food money to become a health hero to millions of people. This interview rules!!!


Also join us on the The Food Revolution Summit! Free online starting April 30th, 2016! See the incredible speaker line up here:

Apr 18, 2016
Dr. Josh Axe on helping his mom heal breast cancer, his new book Eat Dirt, and more

Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor of natural medicine, and an expert in herbal medicine, nutrition, digestive health and athletic performance.

Josh tells the amazing story of how he helped his mom heal stage 4 breast cancer with nutrition and natural therapies, and we talk all about gut health, the importance of "eating dirt", and more.

Mar 29, 2016
Dr. Patricia Bragg on Steve Jobs, Katy Perry, and the 100 Year Impact of Paul Bragg and Bragg Live Foods

Dr. Patricia Bragg ND, PhD is the head of Bragg Live Food Products, one of my FAVORITE organic brands, founded by the legendary health pioneer Paul Bragg, whose 100+ year impact on the health of millions of people is mind-boggling. I consume at least one of the following Bragg products at every meal:

-Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
-Bragg Sprinkle
-Bragg Sea Kelp Delight
-Bragg Nutritional Yeast

Lifelong health crusader and nutritionist to the stars, Dr. Patricia Bragg is a 5 ft tall GIANT in the health and wellness world. She has never smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol or coffee, taken an aspirin, had a vaccine, or worn a bra. She’s in her 80’s, with perfect vision and perfect teeth, and still travels all over the world.

Patricia is sweet, funny and brilliant, and this interview is chock full of life and health wisdom, and some fascinating stories. Enjoy!

Show Notes and Links at

Feb 24, 2016
Dr. Michael Greger MD on "How Not To Die" Preventing disease with nutrition.
Dr. Michael Greger is one of my nutrition super heroes. HE is the founder of NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG, and a New York Times Best-Selling author, thanks to his latest book, How Not to Die, which is my favorite health & nutrition book of 2015.

Show notes and links at

Dec 21, 2015
Dr. John McDougall Q&A: 40 Years Against Oils, and his take on supplements, grains, meat and more

This podcast is brought to you by FilterEasy. They ship super high quality air filters to us automatically every 3 months. Get your first set of filters free at


-Dr. McDougall reflects on 40 years of observing the cancer industry

-“Oil is not a food” 

-Fat promotes the growth of cancer

-How the medical profession is changing toward nutrition 

-The financial challenge of being a nutritional MD

-How can you be sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need? 

-How deficiency diseases came about  

-The one supplements he recommends 

-Why he is against vitamin D supplementation

-His favorite grains

-His opinion on “sugar feeds cancer” 

-Why a potato is not sugar 

-Restoring the digestive tract after surgery or chemo

-Why doctors are completely ignorant of human nutrition 

-What is the maximum amount of meat he lets his patients eat 



Nov 13, 2015
Dr. John McDougall MD Reversing Disease With Starches and Carbs

Dr. John McDougall MD has been treating patients with a high-carb, starch-based diet for decades. In our interview he address the fear mongering and myths surrounding carbohydrates, the best anti-cancer diet, the failure of the cancer industry, and why he doesn't recommend mammograms, prostate exams or colonoscopies. Show notes and links at

This episode is brought to you by Berkey. My favorite water filtration system. It removes hundreds of contaminants without electricity or water pressure. It's portable, and it is super economical. Watch my video 5 Reasons Why I Love My Berkey at


Oct 03, 2015
Dr. Ruth Heidrich on Healing Breast Cancer and Winning Iron Man Triathlons

Dr. Ruth Heidrich is the winner of more than 900 trophies, 6 Ironman Triathlons, 8 Senior Olympics Gold Medals, and 67 marathons including Boston, New York, Moscow and The Great Wall of China.

She’s author of four books, co-hosts the “Healing & You” radio show, and she was featured in the documentary Forks Over Knives.

ALL of these accomplishments occurred AFTER she healed her stage 4 breast cancer in 1982 with nutrition (no chemo, no radiation).

Oh and she’s still competing at 80 years old.

And she’s outlived her oncologist by 30 years.

Incredible lady = Incredible interview.

Prepare to be inspired!

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Show notes and links from this episode can be found at:




Sep 26, 2015
Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw: Her Inspirational Story, Cancer Industry Corruption, Alternative Clinics, and more
My guest on the podcast today is Robyn Openshaw, aka the Green Smoothie Girl. Robyn has a been a leader in the whole food nutrition movement since she founded in 2007 and has impacted millions of people around the world.
When Robyn was a teenager, two of her family members were diagnosed with cancer, one chose nutrition and natural therapies, the other chose chemo… I won’t spoil the ending. I’ll let you hear it from Robyn.
Fast forward a decade, when Robyn was in her twenties, she was 70 lbs overweight, suffering from multiple chronic diseases and had a newborn son who was failing to thrive. Nutrition saved them both.
Robyn does not mince words when it comes to her opinion of the cancer industry. We also talk about her three year research project traveling the world visiting alternative cancer clinics, her personal experience with black salve, attittude, emotions and more. You're going to love our conversation.
Show notes and links at
Sep 08, 2015
How to help people you care about get well

I am contacted every day by people asking for advice on how to help someone they care about who has cancer.

In this short-form podcast I answer that question. The video I reference in this podcast is called What Every Cancer Patient Needs To Know. Here's the link to it:

You can also watch the original youtube version of this podcast at

My site ( features articles about nutritional science, the cancer industry, and interviews with doctors, experts and survivors who have healed all types of cancer with nutrition and natural therapies.

Tons of interviews with people who've healed cancer on my youtube channel
Always posting on facebook at www.
Tweet at me! @chrisbeatcancer
And yes I'm on Instagram with all the cool kids @chrisbeatcancer
Sep 03, 2015
Q&A: What I eat now, Weston Price, Phytates, What my kids eat, and more

Episode 2 is a Q&A session of diet related questions submitted from my facebook page
Questions include: Are you vegan? Do you eat a whole food plant-based diet? What are your thoughts on the Nourising Traditions Weston Price Diet. What's the best diet to prevent cancer? What do you feed your kids? and more. Show Notes and links at

My site ( features articles about nutritional science, the cancer industry, and interviews with doctors, experts and survivors who have healed all types of cancer with nutrition and natural therapies.

Tons of interviews with people who've healed cancer on my youtube channel
Always posting on facebook at www.
Tweet at me! @chrisbeatcancer
And yes I'm on Instagram with all the cool kids @chrisbeatcancer
Aug 31, 2015
Kevin Gianni on Breaking Health Rules, Testing Everything, Skin Care Industry Secrets, and more

Kevin Gianni is my inaugural guest on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast. He is the founder of, in which he documented his travels around the world researching food, health and healing protocols, and his own self-experimentation. He created and produced the Healing Cancer World Summit in 2011 & 2012. He and his wife co-founded AnnMarie Skin Care, a truly all natural, organic and wild-crafted skin care line. He has authored of several books on natural health and fitness, including a brand new one called Kale & Coffee. He also co-hosts the Do What You Love podcast. As you can see, Kevin is doing awesome stuff all over the place. He and I have a lot of laughs as we talk about his journey from raw vegan to overweight organic whole foodie and back to health again, and everything he’s learned along the way. For show notes, links and resources from this episode, visit



Aug 17, 2015