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 Dec 22, 2018
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CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.

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Biden announces five-point plan to speed-up Covid vaccinations; Looming inaugural threats lead to militarized lockdown in DC; DOJ investigating growing number of law enforcement officers who allegedly took part in Capitol riot; U.S. reports deadliest two weeks of pandemic, on pace to reach 400,000 deaths by next week; Trump plans to depart WH morning of inauguration;
Biden urges vaccinating all Americans 65 and older to speed effort; Biden vows better communication with states about vaccine allocation; Biden on Covid: Things will get worse before they get better; Policy changes will take time; Biden: “You have my word, we will manage the hell out of this operation”; Despite promise from Trump Admin, U.S. has no reserve of second vaccine doses; Biden: People 65 & older, essential workers need vaccines first; Biden: “Optimistic” about getting funding from Congress to speed-up coronavirus vaccinations; Wash. Post: Rioters came dangerously close to reaching VP Pence; Memo: Capitol police banned tours on day of riot after Democrats raised security concerns; Federal prosecutors: “Strong evidence” Capitol rioters planned to “capture & assassinate” lawmakers; Officer describes siege: Rioters yelled “kill him with his own gun”; Lawmakers demand 9/11-style oversight commission to investigate what happened during Capitol siege; 20,000+ National Guard troops in DC ahead of inauguration; Secret Service designates “green zone” in DC amid inaugural threats; 14 states activate National Guard, two shut down capitols entirely ahead of planned armed protests; Michigan activates Natl Guard ahead of planned armed protests; Michigan Attorney General warns state’s “Capitol is not safe”; MA Attorney General: “Thousands of threats” against state officials; VP Pence called VP-elect Harris to offer aid & congratulations; Pelosi stays mum on impeachment trial details; expected to send Article to Senate next week; Trump leaves office with lowest approval of his presidency; Trump explodes at Nixon comparisons as he prepares to leave office; Fauci: U.S. must get more vaccines in arms; Pressure on teachers as schools weigh in-person classes; Houston teacher: I feel like I must choose between my students or my health; Early studies show low risk of students spreading virus; 18 states yet to administer 100K vaccines as eligibility rules vary nationwide; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jan 15, 2021
Trump impeached again, facing Senate trial with six days left; National Guard troops fortify D.C. ahead of Biden inauguration; U.S. reports 40K Covid deaths in 2021, CDC estimates 90K more deaths in three weeks; Days before inauguration, Biden tries to shift focus from impeachment trial to Covid agenda;
Sources: Trump irritated, in “self-pity” mode after second impeachment; Senate impeachment trial to begin after inauguration; GOP Source: McConnell telling colleagues he is genuinely undecided about convicting Trump; Senate GOP torn over convicting Trump “There’s no love lost”; Second impeachment trial threatens to derail Biden’s agenda; Official: Public not allowed on National mall for inauguration; Defense Officials: Natl. Guard, law enforcement expect pipe bombs & Molotov cocktails around inauguration; Feds warn extremists emboldened to carry out more attacks after Capitol siege; After impeachment, some GOP lawmakers and right-wing media continue to stand behind Trump; Less than 5% of House Republicans voted to impeach Trump; Right-wing media hosts slam 10 Republicans who voted to impeach; Trump adviser claims impeachment is “violence to this country” after five people were killed in Capitol attack; Dem impeachment manager: We could prevent Trump from holding office again; New mass Covid vaccination sites open as states struggle to get more people vaccinated; TX hospital group: Some rural hospitals yet to receive single dose of Covid vaccine; Early trials show safe, effective results of Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose Covid vaccine; California reports lowest level of ICU beds available as Covid hospitalizations surge; France to test one million students, teachers every month to help keep schools open; Highly contagious virus strain forced UK to close schools only hours after leaders vowed to keep them open; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jan 14, 2021
President Trump impeached for second time
To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jan 13, 2021
Trump warns against impeachment as GOP, Dems agree he needs to be held accountable for inciting riot; DC Atty General looking at charging Trump, others for inciting violence; FBI warns of armed protests in DC, all 50 state capitols; CEO’s respond to insurrection by halting political donations; More than 33,000 Covid deaths in U.S. since start of 2021; Virtual learning & strain on parents, especially mothers;
Trump takes no responsibility for inciting deadly riot despite telling crowd to “take back our country”; Trump claims speech ahead of attack where he told supporters to “fight like hell” was “totally appropriate”; 4,000+ armed pro-Trump extremists plotting to surround Capitol ahead of inauguration, lawmaker briefed says; House Dems express safety concerns about GOP colleagues: “We don’t know how involved they really were” in attack; U.S. Atty: Looking at significant sedition, conspiracy charges; U.S. Capitol on edge amid new security threats & warnings; Bipartisan vote to impeach President Trump expected tomorrow; Aides expect as many as 10 GOP members to vote for impeachment; U.S. Atty: Possible charges range from trespass to felony murder; U.S. Atty: Expect more serious indictments against some already charged; Corporations cut off Trump enablers; Companies halt donations to GOP members who voted to overturn election results; Chamber of Commerce CEO: Trump’s actions “completely inexcusable”; WaPo: FBI report of “war” at Capitol, contradicting claims; NYT: McConnell tells associates he believes Trump committed impeachable offenses; Lawmakers now have to go through metal detectors to enter House floor after Trump-fueled riot at Capitol; Trump Admin changes policy on vaccines, now wants states to vaccinate adults 65+; Trump administration adopts Biden plan to release all available Covid vaccine doses; U.S. Covid vaccine rollout: 27 million doses distributed, 9 million doses administered; Natl Guard administering Covid vaccines in 12 states; Census Bureau: Women 3 times more likely than men to quit jobs due to childcare demands in pandemic; Seattle mother: I can’t make professional commitments during this pandemic; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jan 12, 2021
Trump starts last full week in office facing likely impeachment; Law enforcement braces for potentially more extremist violence in DC and all 50 states before inauguration; Bien: “I’m not afraid of taking the oath outside”; 100,000+ Americans hospitalized with COVID for 40th day in a row;
House democrats plan to vote Wednesday to impeach Trump; House formally introduces article of impeachment against Trump; Sources: Trump tells allies he isn’t to blame for capitol riots; GOP Sen Blunt: Trump “touched the hot stove on Wednesday and is unlikely to touch it again”; Sources: WH counsel Cipollone and former AG Bill Barr warn president Trump against pardoning himself; Sources: Republicans considering vote to censure Trump; Trump would be first president to be impeached twice; Law enforcement bracing for more violence in DC, around U.S. ahead of inauguration day; Pelosi: Trump “has to pay a price” for “inciting insurrection”; House Dems introducing measures to punish GOP members for their role in capitol attack; DC mayor calls or more security leading up to inauguration; New video shows officer dragged, stomped, beaten with flag pole; Ex-chief of capitol police: Pentagon officials worried about “optics” of national guard troops at capitol; DHS secretary: secret service to begin inauguration security operation this week; Wash Post: ex-capitol police chief says Pentagon rebuffed his request for help at least five times; FBI says it has received information indicating “armed protests” planned at all 50 state capitols; Top national guard official on delay in getting troops to capitol riot; Democrat introduces resolution to expel lawmakers who voted to overturn election; Biden gets second dose of COIVD 19 vaccine; CNN: Biden’s COVID vaccine distribution plan still in flux; 100,000+ Americans hospitalized with COVID for 40th day in a row; U.S. averaging 3,000+ deaths per day; Inside L.A. hospital with no ICU beds remaining; L.A. county reports 1,000+ deaths in past four days; As cases & deaths surge, can kids safely go back to school?; Miami official: schools are “safest place” for kids; NYC & Miami schools have in-person learning; Chicago, L.A. & DC schools remain all virtual; Biden promises getting schools open is a top priority; House Dem blames COVID diagnosis on GOP colleagues; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jan 11, 2021
Biden: “Good thing” Trump is not attending inauguration, but Pence is welcome; Article of Impeachment accusing Trump of “incitement of insurrection” could be presented to House Monday; Man seen in viral pic at Pelosi’s desk in FBI custody; WH Task Force warns of possible fast-spreading U.S. Covid variant; One-on-one with Gupta about keeping your brain sharp;
CNN obtains draft of Article of Impeachment against Trump, accuses him of inciting insurrection; Hours after White House statement on murdered Capitol officer, flag at WH remains at full staff; Biden: Trump is an embarrassment, one of the most incompetent presidents ever; Biden: Trump impeachment is up to Congress; Pelosi says she received assurances safeguards are in place if Trump wants to launch a nuclear weapon; WV state legislator, who filmed himself storming Capitol, faces criminal charges; 13 face federal charges from Capitol riot; Prosecutors to open federal murder investigation into officer’s death; U.S. sees deadliest day, reports 4,000+ deaths; L.A. County reports more Covid deaths in one day than all L.A. homicides in 2019; U.S. reports over 4K deaths, shatters records for third consecutive day; Over 21M vaccine doses distributed in U.S. but less than 6K shots have gone into arms; Dr. Gupta receives second dose of Covid-19 vaccine; WH releases statement on possible second Trump impeachment; WH: “Politically motivated” impeachment will further divide country; Fmr GOP Senator Corker: Trump has lost all legitimacy; Two Dem Senators call on GOP Senators Cruz & Hawley to resign; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jan 08, 2021
Four dead after Trump incites riot at U.S. Capitol; Pelosi: Congress may impeach if 25th amendment not invoked; Trump’s former Chief of Staff John Kelly on the Capitol attack; Biden nominates judge Merrick Garland as attorney general; Inside look at what happened at the Capitol; NYT: Trump told aides he wants to pardon himself in final days;
Pelosi, Schumer, Kinzinger call for removal of Trump using 25th amendment; Trump claims there will be “orderly transition” after he incites mov to storm U.S. Capitol; Sources: Some cabinet members in early talks about invoking 25th amendment; Fmr Trump Chief of Staff Kelly: “Horrified” by assault on U.S. Capitol; Fmr Trump Chief of Staff Kelly: What happened at the Capitol is a result of “letting Trump be Trump; Pelosi calls for resignation of U.S. Capitol Police Chief; Capitol Police Chief: Officers responded “valiantly” in Capitol riot, officers were attacked with metal pipes; Prosecutors announce federal charges in 15 criminal cases related to Capitol riot; As mob stormed the Capitol, U.S. reported record Covid deaths and hospitalizations; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jan 07, 2021
Insurrection in Washington following Trump encouragement; Biden speaking about U.S. Capitol mob violence; CNN projects Ossoff wins, Democrats gain control of Senate; Trump tells rioters to go home while repeating election lies
Biden to Trump: “step up”; VA Gov. dispatches state police to U.S. Capitol; Woman treated for gunshot wounds on Capitol grounds; DC mayor ordering 6pm curfew To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jan 06, 2021
Frustrated GA election official debunks list of Trump’s false claims; GOP lawmakers planning to challenge election results on Wednesday; Group of frontline workers now first in U.S. to get both doses of Pfizer vaccine; FDA to consider giving half doses of Moderna vaccine;
Trump demands GA officials “find” votes to overturn his loss; Trump pressures GA officials in desperate attempt to cling to power: “I need 11,000 votes. Give me a break.”; All 10 living former defense secretaries declare election is over, no role for military, warn against involving military in election disputes; Schiff: GOP effort to undermine election a “real low point”; house Dems demand FBI criminal investigation into Trump’s Georgia call; Chris Christie on Trump’s call with Georgia officials; Christie urges skeptics to wear masks in new COVID PSA; Christie wants alleged killer of American journalist David Pearl to face justice in U.S.; U.S. COVID vaccine rollout: 20 million doses promised, 15.4 million distributed, 4.5 million administered; New more contagious COVID strain found in New York; FDA to meet this week to consider half doses of Moderna vaccine for 18-55 year olds; One person dying of COVID every 33 second in U.S.; U.S. surgeon general refutes Trump on U.S. COVID death toll: “I have no reason to doubt those numbers”; Only CT, ND, SD, & TN have administered at least half of distributed COVID-19 vaccines; CDC: more than 4.5 million Americans have received COVID vaccine; Biden, Trump & Pence campaign in GA ahead of crucial runoffs; Texas teacher known for kindness sin classroom died of COVID To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jan 04, 2021
Trump returns to WH ahead of GOP plan to challenge Biden win; Record number of U.S. Covid deaths for second day; CDC: Rapid antigen tests far less accurate than PCR tests; U.S. Defense Officials split on potential for Iranian attack; Crowdless Times Square prepares for subdued celebration; Managing stress and anxiety in the new year;
2 House Republicans tell CNN they expect at least 140 House Republicans to vote against counting electoral votes; Source: McConnell calls out Hawley over plan to challenge Biden; Georgia Sen. Perdue to quarantine after exposure to COVID-19; GOP Sen Sasse: GOP putting “personal ambitions” above democracy by joining Trump’s election protest; WSJ Editorial Board: Trump’s electoral college challenge is “embarrassing” and “doomed to fail”; Health Official: One person in L.A. county dying of Covid every 10 min; Fauci “disappointed” more Americans have not been vaccinated; Fauci: Spreading out first doses of vaccine to more people is “under consideration”; 42 people in WV mistakenly given antibody instead of vaccine; CDC predicts 80K more deaths over next three weeks; Biden: “We aren’t getting all the information that we need from the outgoing administration in key national security areas”; Trump Budget Office Chief: Biden team has made “false accusations” about not sharing information; Biden’s inaugural committee hosting memorial for Covid-19 victims on Jan 19; World ringing in new year with muted celebrations as virus surges; Times Square preparing for celebration like no other; Managing stress and anxiety in the New Year; 4-year-old boy dies of Covid the morning after Christmas; "Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President” Sunday at 9P ET/PT on CNN; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 31, 2020
GOP Sen. Hawley to object to Electoral College results during joint session; U.S. vaccine rollout behind schedule with 1 day left in 2020; Gov. Newsom: mutant Covid-19 strain found in southern California; Newly-elected congressman Luke Letlow dies of Covid at age 41
GOP Sen. Hawley to force vote on election results, setting up scenario GOP leaders hoped to avoid; U.S. hits new single-day high for deaths and hospitalizations; Gov. Newsom: mutant Covid-19 strain found in southern California; Sen. Toomey: “makes no sense” to send stimulus checks to “everyone who has a pulse”; FL Gov. DeSantis went against CDC recommendations, prioritized seniors over front line health workers and first responders; Seniors looking for Covid-19 vaccine turned away from FL hospitals; Florida seniors waited overnight for vaccine, some with lawn chairs; Florida’s Broward Health at capacity, no new patients until February; U.S. lags behind some other countries in vaccinations; Biden names Kathleen Hicks as first woman deputy defense secretary To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 30, 2020
Biden: I will use Defense Production Act to boost vaccine effort; Fauci on vaccine distribution: We’re “below where we want to be”; ICU capacity in Southern California hospitals down to 0%; Feeding America warns 50M people could face food insecurity; CO Governor: 1st case of UK COVID variant discovered in Colorado;
Biden aims to give 100 million vaccine shots in his first 100 days in office; Biden: Things are going to get worse before they get better; Biden: Vaccine distribution will be greatest operational challenge we’ve faced as a nation; Trump demands Republicans vote in favor of $2k stimulus checks unless they “have a death wish”; McConnell promises vote tomorrow on defense funding bill; Senate Dems demand a vote on $2,000 checks; GOP lawmakers under fire for getting vaccinated after downplaying COVID-19 concerns, ignoring public health advice; VP-Elect Harris receives first dose of coronavirus vaccine; Only 2.1 million vaccines administered so far, well below target; Fauci: January could be even worse than December; COVID patients filling 40% of ICU beds at U.S. hospitals; Millions travel over holidays despite warnings from health officials; California extends stay-at-home order amid surge in cases; Thousands line up for free food at events across the country; NC food bank “drastically” changing to deal with soaring demand; NC food bank sees 68% increase in demand due to COVID; Source: Trump described as “Grumpy” and acting out at Mar-a-Lago; Source: President Trump appearing to be in “foul spirits” in final days; 71-year-old former police dispatcher dies of coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 29, 2020
Biden: Trump administration’s behavior during transition is “nothing short of irresponsibility”; Officials: bomber killed in explosion, motive still unknown; TSA: 1.3 million people passed through airports Sunday; Novavax vaccine staring phase 3 clinical trials;
Biden: transition team “encountered roadblocks” from Trump admin; VP-elect Harris, husband to get COVID vaccine tomorrow; Trump backs down, signs COVID relief bill and avoids shutdown; Trump golfs as pandemic worsens and congress feuds over stimulus checks; Trump’s delay could prevent Americans from getting aid this week; House expected to vote today on $2000 stimulus checks; Soon, house could override Trump veto of defense bill; GOP election challenges could cause chaos in congress next week; GOP leaders hope to avoid messy fight over election results; At least 8 treated at hospital, 40+ buildings damaged; New video shows moment of massive explosion; Fauci warns pandemic “might actually get worse”; More than two million vaccines administered so far in U.S.; Novavax becomes fifth to begin phase 3 trials in U.S.; Novavax trial funded with up to $1.6 billion from operation warp speed; WA nursing home at center of COVID outbreak begins vaccinating staff; New Yorker piece dives into “plague year” tragedies; Admin official: COVID relief checks could start going out this week; 53-year old Georgia teacher dies of coronavirus on Christmas Day; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 28, 2020
Trump unleashes chaos on his way out the door; December on track to be the deadliest month of the pandemic; House GOP votes against raising stimulus checks to $2,000; Health care workers spend holidays on the front lines;
CNN: Trump has told people Pence isn’t fighting hard enough for him; Dingell: Trump “doesn’t give a damn” about people needing relief; Trump throws nation into turmoil: Pardons allies, upends relief for Americans, vetoes defense bill; New pandemic air travel record with nearly 1.2M flyers Wednesday; U.S. heads into Christmas with 1M+ vaccinated; IHME Model: 567,000+ Covid deaths by April, up from last week; Growing gap between vaccinations delivered vs. administered; Trump sends Congress into scramble over stimulus relief, defense spending, possible government shutdown; Attorney General, CIA Director among Biden’s final posts to name; Birthday wishes pour in for Dr. Fauci’s 80th birthday; Fauci on retiring: “I don’t see that right now” in my future; Nurse treated members of her own family who were hospitalized with COVID-19; NORAD tracks Santa’s trip for 65th year; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 25, 2020
Trump vetoes massive defense bill despite bipartisan support; Officials: second new Covid strain is “more transmissible”; Massacre survivors slam Trump’s pardons for Blackwater guards; Biden says he hasn’t been briefed on suspected Russian hack
Trump unleashes chaos with veto, pardons, stimulus deal objection; Trump does not take reporter questions on his way to Florida after vetoing defense spending bill; Warp Speed using Defense Production Act to get supplies necessary to expand vaccine production; Iraqi foreign minister: Trump’s Blackwater pardons did not consider seriousness of the crimes committed; Arizona rancher: border wall won’t make America more secure; Biden’s plans to stop construction on border wall may be costly and difficult; CNN checks on the progress on Trump’s controversial promise; Pres-elect Biden nominates Miguel Cardona as Education Secretary; DOD official: Biden’s remark that his team is not being briefed on many things is “patently false”; Biden says he hasn’t been briefed on suspected Russian hack To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 23, 2020
Biden: “I’m gonna tell it to you straight” on COVID crisis; Fauci gets Moderna vaccine on tv as vote of confidence; Anxiety at pentagon over Trump’s unpredictable next move; First Latino senator to represent California as Gov. Newsom picks Alex Padilla to fill Harris’ seat;
Biden: recent cyberattack is “grave risk”, no evidence situation is under control; Biden: Trump’s failure on Russia “will land on my doorstep”; Biden: $900B COVID bill on a “down payment” on what’s needed; Biden: Congress must , there will be no “honeymoon”; WH officials: “it’s scary,” “no one is sure where this is heading”; Televangelist Pat Robertson: Trump is erratic, in an “alternate reality” and should “move on”; Fauci: it’s possible new COVID strain is already in U.S.; Pfizer, Moderna testing their vaccines against COVID strain; Record high pandemic travel numbers despite CDC’s warning; Dr. Deborah Birx announces she plans to retire; 44 countries ban or restrict travel from U.K. over new strain; WH considering proof of negative COVID test for U.K. travelers; CDC: U.K. COVID variant not identified in U.S., but may be undetected; U.S. COVID hospitalizations at record 115K ahead of Christmas; Military officer to CNN: “we don’t know what he might do” as anxiety over Trump grows inside Pentagon; Sources: senior military officials steering clear of WH as Trump makes baseless claims of rigged election; 1.6M ballots cast in Georgia senate runoff races, rivaling state’s voter turnout for presidential race; $900B stimulus bill becomes line of attack in GA senate race; Dem senate candidate Ossoff: I would’ve voted for stimulus bill, “but $600 is a joke”; Ad spending in Georgia runoffs soars to $482 million; Dem senate candidate Ossoff pressures GOP Purdue to weigh in on possible electoral college challenge; NY nurse who had COVID, lost father to virus among first in nation to get Moderna vaccine; 614,00+ COVID vaccines administered in U.S. so far; Pandemic of 20 years dies after month-long battle with COVID; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 22, 2020
First doses of Moderna’s vaccine administered today; Pres-elect Biden, incoming first lady get first vaccine doses; AG Barr rebukes Trump claim: we don’t need a special counsel to look into voter fraud; Russian spy duped into revealing details of plot to poison opposition leader Alexey Navalny;
TSA pandemic record: 1M+ travelers for 3 days in a row; New virus variant in U.K. may be 70% more transmissible; Dozens of nations shut down travel to U.K. due to new, highly transmissible COVID-19 variant; Fauci: not recommending U.K. travel shut down right now; Biden’s surgeon general pick: most Americans won’t get vaccine until mid-summer or fall; Giroir says it will take until January to vaccinate 20 million people; First Moderna vaccine given at Long Island, NY hospitals; Nurse becomes first person at NY hospital to get Moderna vaccine; Nurse becomes emotional after receiving Moderna vaccine; Soon: congress to vote on $900B stimulus bill, second largest relief plan in U.S. history, $600 stimulus checks included; +5,500 pages in stimulus bill released, congress expected to pass $900B relief package tonight, sets midnight deadline; Barr says there is no basis for federal government to seize voting machines as Trump falsely claims fraud; Barr joins Pompeo in linking mass cyber hack to Russia as President Trump downplays Russia’s role; Navalny says Russian toxin team put poison in his underwear; Russia’s FSB: Navalny’s phone conversation with spy was “fake” and “planned provocation”; Kansas city newspaper apologizes for decades of racist coverage; Kansas city Star: out past coverage of black communities focused on crime, underplayed major events, ignored black icons; Husband pens final love letter to wife before dying of COVID; Husband’s final love letter to wife: I “would never have traded it for all the riches in the world”; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 21, 2020
VP, Karen Pence, Surgeon General, Pelosi, McConnell vaccinated; COVID-19 hospitalizations hit record for 12th straight day; Govt runs out of money at midnight as stimulus talks drag on; Trump tweets about "Russian hoax" as VP Pence got Covid vaccine; Donation group estimates +54M Americans face food crisis;
California nears breaking point as COVID-19 surges; LA Mayor: ICU bed availability at 0% in Southern California; CDC reports highest-ever number of drug overdoses in a year; Michigan governor eases restrictions as COVID-19 numbers improve; Dr. Gupta on being vaccinated live on CNN; Pres-elect Biden and incoming first lady to get vaccine Monday; Pentagon cancels transition meetings with Biden team to prioritize possible govt. shutdown; Biden marks 48th anniversary of death of wife, child; Key cabinet post open: Justice, Commerce, Education, Labor, CIA; Trump praises incoming Senator Tuberville for suggesting he may contest election results in Congress; Biden on working with GOP: Trump's influence will fade; Rep. Crow: Hack is modern day equivalent of Pearl Harbor; Microsoft: At least 40 orgs targeted in suspected Russia hack; Microsoft President: These cyberattacks put entire economy at risk; Suspected Russian hack targeted U.S. agencies, Microsoft; Attacks could still be ongoing; Charities struggle to meet skyrocketing demand for food as pandemic stretches into holiday season; Philly charity: 60% rise in food assistance since pandemic; Texas couple dies of coronavirus minutes apart, holding hands;  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 18, 2020
Worst Day Ever: U.S. sees record deaths, cases, hospitalizations; FDA panel reviews emergency authorization for Moderna vaccine; $600 stimulus checks remain sticking point in negotiations; Several U.S. agencies attacked by suspected Russian hackers; +913K ballots already cast in Georgia Senate runoff races;
Trump out of sight as U.S. faces worsening pandemic, WH Transition, ongoing cyberattack, no stimulus deal; Former National Security Adviser: Trump must get past his election grievances and govern; 885,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, 4th increase in 5 weeks; U.S. Cybersecurity Agency: Hack poses "grave risk" to Fed & local govts; Biden Atty Gen. decision at deadlock over competing questions; Sources: Judge Merrick Garland, Sen. Doug Jones are leading candidates for Attorney General; Sources: Rep. Deb Haaland is Biden's interior Secy pick; Incoming Biden Deputy Chief of Staff says she could have "chosen better" words than calling Republicans "f****rs"; Georgia runoffs to determine balance of power in U.S. Senate; Dem Senate Candidate Ossoff: "Victory in Georgia comes down to young people";  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 17, 2020
Second vaccine likely authorized this week while U.S. experiences grim reality of surging pandemic; Hundreds of Trump allies lobbying him for pardons; Pete Buttigieg to become first openly gay cabinet member; Congressional leaders on verge of $900b Covid relief deal with $600 stimulus checks included
Politico: top Trump appointee pushed herd immunity theory internally, said “we want them infected”; Trump fires back after McConnell congratulates Biden; Sources: Trump pushing for appointment of special counsels to probe Hunter Biden, 2020 election; Hundreds of Trump allies lobbying him for pardons; Trump considering pardons for more than two dozen people; Biden picks Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary; Biden to get Covid vaccine publicly to show safety; Fake claims about election fraud escalate into violent incident involving former Houston police captain; Congressional leaders on verge of $900b Covid relief deal with $600 stimulus checks included To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 16, 2020
Pfizer vaccines being given in U.S.; Moderna vaccine expected to be authorized this week; Trump refuses to accept election results after electoral college confirms Biden win; Biden campaigns in crucial Georgia senate runoffs; McConnell: “we’re not leaving” without a COVID deal;
Fauci: “bittersweet” to see vaccines happening the same time COVID-19 is surging in the U.S.; U.S. medical workers start receiving COVID-19 vaccine; FDA panel document: Moderna vaccine safe, 94.5% effective; Moderna claims vaccine can prevent infection, not just severe disease; Biden transition: will announce “soon” when Biden and Harris will be vaccinated; Sen McConnell congratulates Biden & Harris on win; Sources: VP Pence likely to get COVID vaccine by Friday; Trump retweets call to send GA Gov & Sec of State to jail over election results; GOP official in GA gets death threats after criticizing Trump; GOP election official: Trump fueling potential acts of violence; Biden spoke to McConnell, will meet “sooner than later”; Biden: “it’s time to turn the page” after electoral college win; CNN: Biden to nominate Buttigieg as transportation secretary; McConnell to GOP senators: don’t object to election results at January 6th session; Now: congressional leaders meeting to talk COVID, govt. funding; Bipartisan deal splits stimulus into two parts; Survey: 71% of Americans say they will get COVID vaccine; 52% of black Americans say they want to wait and see before getting COVID vaccine; Most black Americans wither want to “wait and see” or are refusing to get vaccine; How do you build trust in vaccine in black community?; U.S. govt agencies breached by Russian-linked hackers; Homeland security, agriculture, and commerce among U.S. agencies hit by Russian-linked hackers; Beloved respiratory therapist dies of coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 15, 2020
Biden speaks to nation tonight after Electoral College affirms his win; Michigan congressman leaving the Republican Party; U.S. deaths surpass 300,000 as first Covid vaccinations begin
Biden speaks to nation tonight after Electoral College affirms his win; WH Adviser: Trump looking to “long shot” challenge in Congress; The Electoral College is casting its votes for president     To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 14, 2020
One-on-one with “Operation Warp Speed” Moncef Slaoui; Supreme Court could make decision on Texas lawsuit any moment; U.S. averaging 2,200+ deaths, 210,000+ new cases daily; Biden introduces more cabinet nominees & senior advisers; Millions on brink of financial crisis as stimulus talks stall;
Sources: White House told FDA Chief to authorize Pfizer vaccine today or resign; CNN: Messaging failures around COVID vaccine distribution; Admin Official: Most states expect to use up first COVID vaccine shipment within days; CDC advisers expect FDA authorization of Pfizer’s vaccine before Saturday morning; Sources: WH told FDA Chief to authorize Pfizer’s vaccine today or resign; FDA calls report “untrue”; Boston conference in Feb led to 333K COVID cases, one of largest documented U.S. super spreader events; Biden says there is no political influence on vaccine; Biden ignores question about when he’ll get vaccine; 12M unemployed to lose aid after Christmas if Congress doesn’t act; Food banks serving record number of Americans as pandemic surges; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 11, 2020
FDA panel to vote on emergency use of Pfizer’s vaccine; More than 100 House Republicans support Trump-backed Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate millions of votes; 853,000 Americans file for first-time unemployment benefits
U.S. reports more Covid deaths in one day than Pearl Harbor or 9/11; More than 100 House Republicans support Trump-backed Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate millions of votes; Biden adds more former Obama staffers to his team; New Yorker: “Dianne Feinstein’s missteps raise a painful age question among Senate Democrats”; Critical vaccine meeting happening as U.S. hits 3,000 daily deaths; Poll: 61% of Americans say they would get the vaccine; 12 million Americans will run out of benefits after Christmas of Congress fails to reach stimulus deal       To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 10, 2020
FDA advisory committee to meet tomorrow to consider emergency use of Pfizer vaccine; Hunter Biden says U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware is investigating his “tax affairs”; Several stimulus proposals on the table as time winds down; Trump spends last weeks in office pushing election lies
WH task force: vaccine will not reduce spread until late Spring; Covid deaths average 2,200 a day, 123% spike in one month; Idaho health meeting abruptly cut short as protestors gather outside homes of board members; Most of CA under new stay-home orders as hospitalizations surge; Member of Biden Covid advisory board talks transition; Biden announces historic defense secretary nomination; CNN: Biden picks Rep. Marcia Fudge for HUD Secretary; CNN: Sen. Doug Jones leading contender for Biden AG pick; Vaccine distribution in rural America: an icy logistical challenge; Ultra cold freezers required for Pfizer vaccine; CVS and Walgreens key partners for vaccine delivery to vulnerable communities in the U.S.; Nursing homes may not require staff to get vaccinated; Trump calls on courts to “overturn” election results; Rep. Johnson: Trump wants list of all reps who support his Texas election challenge; HHS Secy Azar says he’s met with Biden’s transition team; Bipartisan group releases details on $908 billion stimulus plan; Several stimulus proposals on the table as time winds down; U.S. averaging over 200k new Covid cases per day; Fauci: people still need to wear masks, social distance after getting vaccine;           To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 09, 2020
Trump falsely claims he won; Biden vows 100M vaccine doses in 100 days; U.S. tops 15 million COVID cases, record 102K hospitalizations; Senate Dems slam GOP for allowing discredited vaccine sceptic to testify at COVID hearing;
Trump falsely claims he won the election during vaccine event; NYT: Trump admin turned down Pfizer’s offer to buy more vaccine doses months ago; Source: Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis tests positive for COVID-19; Biden’s goals for first 100 days: 100 million vaccine doses, universal mask wearing, reopen schools; President-elect Biden introduces key members of his health team; Biden team to meet with operation warp speed officials Thursday; Pfizer vaccine may give some protection after just first dose; NYT & WAPO: more Pfizer vaccine doses may not be available in U.S. until summer; FDA may not be able to advise pregnant women on taking vaccine;  U.S. tops 15 million COVID cases since pandemic started, one million cases added in just five days; FDA: Pfizer vaccine data meets criteria to apply for authorization, decision possible Thursday; U.K. patients now first in world to get authorized COVID vaccine; “William Shakespeare” among first in U.K. to get COVID vaccine; Former FDA commissioner: Trump admin repeatedly passed on Pfizer’s offer to order more vaccines;  US getting 100M doses of Pfizer vaccine, might not get mote until summer; Who will get the vaccine after the first round?;  One-on-one with anti-Trump conservative George Conway; Sen. Cruz urges Supreme Court to take up PA voting lawsuit; GOP’s Romney says “it’s nuts” for republicans to invite vaccine sceptic to testify in front of senate; GOP’s Johnson defends testimony of vaccine skeptic: people should “have an open mind”; FL state police raid house of fired scientist at gunpoint; Fmr. FL COVID data scientist: this raid won’t science me; Supreme court denies republican effort to block election certification in Pennsylvania; Biden picks retired Gen Lloyd Austin for Secretary of Defense; If confirmed, would be first black secretary of defense; Biden’s defense pick needs congressional waiver for confirmation; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 09, 2020
One million Americans diagnosed with Covid in just five days; Make-or-break week for congressional action on Covid relief; Sources: Trump campaign legal efforts may be coming to an end; CNN analysis: first shipments of U.S. vaccine doses will fall short
Fauci: middle of January could be “dark time” for Covid in U.S.; New York may close indoor dining in NYC this week if hospitalizations don’t drop; Pfizer vaccine could get authorization this week, but first shipments estimated to fall short of need in 27 states; 190k students returning to in-person classes this week; For 5 consecutive days U.S. reports over 100k Americans hospitalized; Biden announces health team to tackle the pandemic; Xavier Becerra would be the first Latino to lead HHS; proposal doesn’t include $1,200 checks for Americans; Trump compares U.S. November election to “a third world nation”; Some House GOP allies tell Trump not to concede even after electoral college affirms Biden win; Vaccine skeptic to testify before Senate committee as U.S. tries to boost confidence in Covid-19 vaccines;  CNN: aides speculate if Trump will travel to Mar-a-Lago for holidays and then never return to White House;  CNN analysis: first shipments of U.S. vaccine doses will fall short, states forced to choose which health care workers get vaccine; Venezuelan hospital worker: if patients don’t die of their disease they die of contamination; Filthy hospitals used to treat Covid patients with no water or electricity, few medical supplies; Doctor: the Maduro regime is hiding the truth on Covid in Venezuela; Rare access reveals abhorrent conditions at Venezuela hospitals, morgues as Maduro falsely claims Covid response under control To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 07, 2020
Biden: Future “very bleak” without another COVID relief package; Biden: I will ask Americans to wear masks for my first 100 days; One-on-one with ousted DHS Official who rebuked Trump; Fauci: U.S. yet to see “full brunt” of post-Thanksgiving peak; GOP concerned Trump could suppress voter turnout in Georgia Senate runoffs;
Biden: U.S. in “dire, dire, dire straits” without new aid package soon; Biden doesn’t commit to appointing person of color as Attorney General or Defense Secretary; Biden: Inauguration “probably will not be gigantic” due to COVID; Biden: “We’re going to need more bipartisanship” to save economy; Biden: Trump should attend inauguration to “demonstrate the end of this chaos that he’s created”; Biden: Have seen “no detailed plan” from Trump Admin on how to get vaccine to people; Expert: Biden’s 100 days of masks plan could save 66K lives; Influential model projects nearly 539,000 U.S. deaths by April; Trump’s political operation raises $270M since Election Day; Pro-Trump Attys falsely claim Georgia election was “rigged”; U.S. reports worst day yet in pandemic; Record 2,979 deaths, 217,000+ new cases, 100,000+ hospitalizations; 6 million people in SF Bay area under new stay at home order; Biden: Have seen “no detailed plan” from Trump Admin on how to get vaccine to people; Moderna & Pfizer vaccines should be authorized within a week after advisory meetings: FDA Official; Tomorrow Trump to rally in Georgia ahead of Senate runoffs; Sources: Trump blasted Georgia governor as “moron” and “nut job” in recent phone call; Trump heads to Georgia for Senate runoffs as he still falsely claims voter fraud; 35-year-old veteran, father of five, dies of coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 04, 2020
The worst ever: U.S. deaths, hospitalizations at all-time high; Trump & his attorneys still falsely claiming voter fraud; Dems now back bipartisan $900 billion deal, but negotiations ongoing with GOP Senate; Obama, Bush, Clinton volunteer to get vaccinated on TV;
CNN: WH Liaison to DOJ has been banned from building; California issues stay-at-home order linked to ICU capacity; U.S. hospitalizations surpass 100K, 911 call system at a “breaking point”; Trump won’t say if he has lost confidence in AG Barr; GOP Rep. McCarthy claims he hasn’t seen the Attorney General’s comments of no widespread election fraud; WH, State Dept. planning large holiday parties despite COVID peaks; Groups pressure Biden to fulfill promise to be build diverse team; GOP & Progressives lobby Biden Admin on cabinet picks; In 48 days, Kamala Harris will be sworn in as first black, South Asian Vice President; CNN Film: “President in waiting” Premieres Saturday at 9P ET; What’s next for Don Jr, Ivanka & Jared, Eric? To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 03, 2020
UK approves Pfizer vaccine, first shots early next week; Moderna trial participant describes vaccine side effects; CNN: trump discussing potential pardons for his children, son-in-law; Mark Kelly sown in as Democratic Senator of Arizona; Biden facing pressure as he vows to build diverse team
Azar: UK Vaccine approval should give Americans even more confidence; 100 million American could be vaccinated by February per operation warp speed; First U.S. shipments of Pfizer’s vaccine; U.K. to vaccinate tens of thousands next week; Experts fear vaccine side effects could determine people from getting second dose; Top Georgia election official to Trump, Senators: Stop inspiring acts of violence with your rhetoric; Trump continues to dispute election with false claims in new video; Trump teases” Four more years: in White House; Barr appoints U.S. Attorney John Durham as Special Counsel; President Obama critiques fellow democrats for not making room for new voices in party; Trump treating veto of major defense bill if congress doesn’t revoke internet protections; Couple married 47 years dies of cover second apart To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 02, 2020
Barr to AP: No evidence of fraud that would change election; Biden vows to build back an economy for all Americans; Average of U.S. daily cases increased by 95% during November; Hospitalizations have doubled since Nov 1 & tripled since Oct 1;
AG Barr appoints special counsel to investigate 2016 campaign & Russia; Trump Campaign dismisses DOJ conclusion there’s no widespread election fraud; Trump Atty says his comments that top election official should be “shot” were “sarcastic” and “made in jest”; Biden promises a new stimulus deal once he takes office; Biden introduces economic team, as 12 million unemployed after Covid; Biden says he hasn’t spoken to McConnell yet; Finding parallels between Harry Truman and Pres-elect Biden; Study: Virus may have been circulating in U.S. last December; Any moment: CDC Advisers to vote on who gets vaccine first; Airlines ramp up cargo fleets for vaccine distribution; Musician and Latino activist dies from coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Dec 01, 2020
Biden, Harris receive first presidential daily brief today; Operation warp speed official: 100% of Americans who want a vaccine will have gotten one by June;
Trump repeats baseless, debunked election conspiracies; Biden names econ team, picks Janet Yellen for treasury secy; Biden announces all-female senior WH coms team; Arizona certifies Biden’s win, as Trump lawyers fight results; Former DHS official debunks Trump’s election fraud claims; Republicans encouraging Trump to consider attending inauguration; McConnell refuses to answer questions on Biden’s win; Who will President-Elect Biden pick for defense secretary?; Biden pick to lead OMB slammed by progressives, conservatives; NYT: Biden picks raise concerns over ties to consulting, investment firms;   Moderna applying for emergency use approval from FDA for vaccine; How will vaccine distribution work?; 4.3 million new COVID cases in U.S. in November; Nearly one-third of all cases; TSA: highest number of travelers since start of pandemic; Experts fear post-holiday surge; ER doctor asks people to make sacrifices: “be a hero”; Record 93k Americans hospitalized with COVID-19; U.S. sets new record for COVID-19 hospitalizations; California sets new pandemic record for hospitalization;   Exclusive: leaked Chinese documents reveal early mishandling of COVID-19; Exclusive: Chinese documents show chaotic early COVID-19 response; Iran: remote-controlled machine gun, self-detonating car used in assassination; Iran blames Israel for scientist assassinated, vows revenge; NYT report: Nike, Coca Cola among companies lobbying against bill to ban imports of products made using slave labor in China; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 30, 2020
Federal appeals court denies Trump campaign’s effort to challenge PA results: “the claims have no merit”; CDC committee calls for emergency meeting Dec 1 on vaccine distribution; U.S. aircraft carrier moving back into Persian Gulf for cover as troops are moved out of Afghanistan and Iraq; U.S. surpasses 13 million COVID cases;
Trump snaps at reporter who asked about conceding; For the first time, Trump says he will leave white house if electoral college votes for Biden; Trump won’t say if he will attend Biden’s inauguration; Trump says he’ll campaign in GA senate runoffs; Ex-election security chief: “I stand by” my statement, the election was the most secure in American history; Biden & Harris to receive first presidential daily briefing on Monday; Biden expected to announce economic team next week; U.S. sets record for hospitalizations for 17rth day in a row; Doctor: quarantine if you had Thanksgiving with family; Expert: there is “no zero-risk” option for travel; New survey: 51% of shoppers are nervous shopping in stores; 11 college football games canceled or postponed; FDA aiming to authorize vaccine a few weeks after Dec 10; Iran warns of “severe revenge” after top nuclear scientist is assassinated; Without evidence, Trump warns of fraud in Georgia races; Control of senate hinges on Georgia senate runoffs; Supreme court sides 5-4 with religious groups on COVID restrictions; CDC committee to vote next week on who gets vaccine first; FDA to make vaccine authorization decision in a few weeks; Managing stress and anxiety amid holidays and the pandemic; New research:37% of parents anticipate the pandemic will have negative impact on their long-term mental health; 45-year-old army reservist dies from coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 27, 2020
Trump announces full pardon for Michael Flynn; Biden urges Americans to recommit to fighting pandemic; Staggering Covid numbers going into Thanksgiving
Biden: “every decision we make matters” in fighting Covid; Biden urges unity: “we’re at war with a virus, not each other”; Trump cancels PA trip, makes baseless claims of voter fraud at GOP event on speaker phone; Trump calls into PA event with baseless election claims; Sources: pardon for Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos under discussion at White House; Trump announces full pardon for Michael Flynn; CA shatters single-day record with nearly 17-thousand cases; “This is Life” premieres Sunday at 9p & 10p ET/PT To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 25, 2020
Biden introduces first cabinet picks, declares “America Is Back”; Doctor: We’re all “really, really scared of what’s to come”; New details on timing of GSA’s formal approval of Biden transition: Record pandemic-era air travel despite CDC guidance to stay home
Trump makes surprise appearance to brag about stock market before annual turkey pardoning;  Biden: America will “lead the world, not retreat from it”; Biden: Team brings experience, leadership, fresh thinking; Trump makes two brief appearances today, takes no questions; Trump’s HHS Secy” We’re “Immediately” getting Biden team all material they feel they need; Experts warn new covid surges could force rationing of care; Surgeon general warns hospitals could become too overwhelmed to treat heart attack victims; Meadows notifies wets wing staff of transition; Warns staff against unauthorized contact with Biden team; Source: Biden team still not in touch with Dr. Fauci; Cars line up for miles, some wait 5+ hours for food donation; Covid task force is considering shortening quarantine period; AXIOS-IPSOS poll: 51% of Americans say they’re likely to take vaccine as soon as it’s available; Fmr. CDC Dir.: We need a nationwide covid alert-level system; Two Kansas City fire dept. employees die in one weekend from virus To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 24, 2020
Biden announces his first cabinet picks, names top members of foreign policy and national security team; Astrazeneca: vaccine shows 70% “average efficacy”; Michigan State board votes to certify Biden’s election win
Biden names Antony Blinken as Secretary of State; Trump campaign drops lawyers who pushed conspiracies; Biden nominees include first immigrant as Homeland Security secretary & first woman to lead intel community; Trump’s “election defense” donations also go to his leadership PAC; Millions travel for Thanksgiving amid Covid-19 surge; Doctor: n95 masks are still in short supply; NJ Gov: GSA chief’s failure to recognize Biden’s win poses “devastating impacts” in New Jersey To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 23, 2020
Biden, Harris meet with Dem leaders Schumer, Pelosi; Pfizer requests FDA emergency use today for its COVID vaccine; U.S. sees record -setting 187,000+ cases in a single day; President stalls transition process by refusing to concede;
Trump falsely claims “I won” the election; President Trump continues quest to overturn election, meeting with Michigan GOP lawmakers; President-elect Biden speeding up key cabinet decisions; Biden adds more staff to incoming administration; Michigan state lawmakers at WH for meeting with Trump; Source: Handful of alarmed Republicans discussing Trump intervention; In latest fundraising pitch, 75% of donations to legal battle go to Trump Post-Presidency PAC; Distribution of first doses of COVID vaccine could begin by mid-December, second dose by early January; Johnson & Johnson expects to know effective rate of its single-dose COVID vaccine by January or February; CNN’s Dr. Gupta talks exclusively with Dr. Birx in rare interview; Dr. Birx: “faster” and “broader” spread of COVID-19 worries me; Dr. Birx: instead of limit on guests, Americans should limit Thanksgiving to those in immediate household; California imposes 10pm curfew tonight; Parents protest over New York City closing in-person school; CDC recommends avoiding travel for Thanksgiving holiday; California shatters daily case record, adding 13,000+ cases; Fauci: “default position” keep schools open; Mnuchin declines to extend fed emergency lending programs; Sens. Romney, Sasse, Ernst, Alexander object to Trump’s tactics on transition, election claims; Vice President Pence campaigns in Georgia for senate runoff elections; Georgia’s two senate runoffs will decide if Republicans or Democrats control senate; Source: GA Gov. expected to certify votes for Biden any minute; 30-year old dies three days after testing positive; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 20, 2020
Biden: “No national shutdown”; CDC recommends against travel for Thanksgiving; U.S. death toll surpasses 251,000 as pandemic rages; Biden: We’re witnessing “incredible irresponsibility” from Trump; Giuliani, Trump Campaign officials try to overturn election results;
Biden to meet with Schumer & Pelosi tomorrow in Delaware; Source: MI GOP Officials asked to rescind vote to certify election after personal calls from President Trump; Source: Trump told ally he knows he lost, but wants to get back at Dems for questioning legitimacy of his 2016 win; Biden, Harris speak after meeting with governors; Biden: There’s no excuse to not share data and let us plan; Biden: Not going to rule out legal action on transition; WH testing Czar on pandemic: “This will get worse”; Death toll climbs as hospitalizations hit record high; More GOP governors issue mask mandates, COVID restrictions; Wrongful death lawsuit against Tyson Foods claims supervisor organized bets on how many workers would get coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 19, 2020
Trump fires election security chief who debunked his fraud claims; Biden meets with health care workers about Covid response; U.S. hospitalizations at record 76,830, up 20% in one week; GA Secy of State: audit found no widespread voter fraud
Source: HHS staffers told not to communicate with Biden team; official: Trump in “bunker mentality” as he stayed behind closed doors; Biden: if Trump keeps delaying transition briefings, our Covid response will be “behind by weeks or months”; Biden coronavirus adviser: “we will be ready on day one”; Sources: Biden considering RI, NM govs for HHS secretary; WH: Trump canceled Thanksgiving trip because he’s “hard at work”; GOP split on Trump’s decision to fire DHS official; NYC schools close due to Covid positivity rate rise; Georgia to announce election audit results tomorrow; GA Secy of State: audit found no widespread voter fraud; Great-grandmother and gospel singer dies of coronavirus; Berlin police clash with anti-Covid restriction protestors; South Australia entering six day lockdown following outbreak; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 18, 2020
Trump orders troop drawdown during final days in office; Biden meets with top intelligence & defense experts in lieu of security briefing being blocked by Trump; GA Secy of State says Sen. Lindsey Graham asked him to “look hard” for ballots to throw out; States announce new restrictions amid surging pandemic;
Acting Defense Secy announces troop drawdown in Afghanistan, Iraq; Biden: Top job as President is “protecting the American people”; Biden announces senior White House staff; Biden: U.S. “been through a lot of damage in the last 4 years; President Trump shares praise of campaign lawyer who pushes deranged conspiracy theories; Sources: President Trump in “dark mood”; Trump’s 10th day since election without any public events; Advisers split on strategy as Trump legal challenges fail; Another loss: PA Supreme Court rules against Trump administration; New poll: More Americans now willing to get COVID-19 vaccine; Pfizer reaches safety milestone for vaccine, prepares to file for emergency use authorization; Hospitalizations climb to all-time high of 73,000+; GOP governors in IA, UT, OH, WV & ND issue mask mandates; Ohio Gov imposes three-week curfew as Covid cases rise; FDA sets meeting for vaccine advisory committee, sets review process into motion; Graham claims call with GA election official was about toughening voter ID laws, not tossing out legal ballots; Dems slam Sen Graham over claims he encouraged GA election official to throw out legal votes; GOP Senators appear to congratulate VP-Elect Harris; Election official: Georgia on track to finish recount tomorrow and affirm Biden’s win; Iowa Governor: Covid hospitalizations doubled since November 1st; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 17, 2020
Biden: “more people may die” if Trump & GOP obstruct transition; Moderna: Coronavirus vaccine 94.5% effective; VP Pence speaks with governors amid major vaccine news; CNN: U.S. military told to plan for U.S. troop drawdown in Afghanistan & Iraq in final days of Trump administration;
Biden: Trump & GOP refusing to allow transition is “ more embarrassing than debilitating” to the country; Pandemic reaches worst levels yet as Trump denies Biden transition access to key agencies; Biden: sooner we get transition plan, sooner vaccine can move forward; Fauci: it’s “obvious” that coordination with Biden amin would be better for U.S. public health, Trump hasn’t attended task force meetings in “several” months; Ex-GOP rep: republicans “need to intercede” with Trump; Trump threatens primary challenge against GOP governor who acknowledged Biden win; Fauci: Moderna’s COVID vaccine results “truly striking”; U.S. tops 11 million total cases; nearly 250k deaths; State officials reimpose restrictions as pandemic rages; Trump adviser: Michigan should “rise up” against virus restrictions; CA gov pulls “emergency break,” imposes new COVID restrictions; U.S. seeing record hospitalizations as pandemic rages; DOW nears 30,000 mark after Moderna’s promising vaccine news; Oregon Gov: conversation with VP Pence “extremely disingenuous”; Oregon starts two week “statewide freeze” on Wednesday; Or Gov. institutes “statewide freeze” ahead of Thanksgiving; Violators of Oregon “freeze” could face fines, jail time; Russia’s COVID reality not what Kremlin portrays; CNN obtains video showing hospitals and morgues in Russia overcrowded and overwhelmed; Russia’s death toll feared to be about four times higher than 33,000 reported by Kremlin; Remembering nurse and father who died of COVID-19; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 16, 2020
Biden team seeks Covid backchannels as transition blocked; New daily cases skyrocket to 153K; Hospitalizations hit record 67K; White House: Two Covid vaccines may be authorized by end of year; Trump speaks for first time since election loss to Biden;
Biden to take "deliberative" approach to filling cabinet; SF halts all indoor dining, NY closes bars & restaurants at 10pm in effort to curb spread; Influential model predicts 439K deaths in U.S. by March 1; Two Covid vaccines, two therapeutics may be granted emergency use authorization before end of this year; Study: New mutant Covid strain could spread more easily; Trump touts vaccine & economy; says no more lockdowns; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 13, 2020
Trump remains out of public sight, refusing to concede; Biden talks COVID stimulus with Pelosi, Schumer in first post-election call with Dem leaders; Dr. Gupta: COVID surge “humanitarian disaster”; 14-day quarantine before Thanksgiving should start today;
Some Republicans begin to recognize Biden as President-elect; Record 144,000 new cases in one day in U.S.; Sources: Trump children split on post-election approach; Biden moves forward with transition without help from Trump admin; President-elect Biden names Ron Klain as his WH Chief of Staff; Pope Francis congratulates Biden in phone call; President-elect Biden blocked from getting intel briefings; Bernie Sanders says he would accept Labor Secretary if Biden asks; Biden transition aide clarifies: 4-6 week lockdowns is “not in line” with Biden’s view; McCarthy: Biden doesn’t need access to intel right now; Dr Fauci doubts COVID will ever be eradicated even with vaccine; Record 65K Americans hospitalized with COVID; Karl Rove: Trump lawsuits won’t change election outcome; Some Trump advisers say no chance legal challenges will succeed; Airlines adding more flights ahead of holiday rush; NJ Health Dept: At least five COVID-19 outbreaks linked to Halloween parties; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 12, 2020
Source: Trump showed no signs of conceding in meeting with advisers; More foreign leaders have congratulated Biden than GOP Senators; CDC issues robust Thanksgiving guidance as cases surge in U.S.; Two Georgia runoff elections may determine control of Senate
Source: Trump wants to continue legal challenges; WH political director latest in Trump orbit to get coronavirus; Source: Biden team projecting sense of inevitability, concerned any aggressive actions could backfire; Biden lays wreath at ceremony marking Veterans Day; Biden’s message to world leaders: “America is back”; President-elect Biden meeting with transition advisers today; Only four GOP senators publicly congratulate Biden on win; 61,000+ Americans currently hospitalized with Covid-19; Four states pushing stay-at-home efforts this week; New CDC guidance: masks protest both wearers & those around them; CDC suggests limiting Thanksgiving to your household or wear masks, social distance and eat outdoors;  Votes still being counted in key battlegrounds: GA, PA, NC & AZ;  NYT: election officials in 45+ states say they found no evidence of major voter fraud; Trump continues to allege massive voter fraud with no proof; Two Georgia runoff elections may determine control of Senate; Could GOP infighting in Georgia help Dems control Senate?; Pentagon’s new senior advisor has history of making xenophobic and racist comments To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 11, 2020
Biden on Trump’s refusal to concede: “It’s an embarrassment”; Jake one-on-one with Dr. Fauci; 17 states seeing record high number of hospitalizations; Could Arizona and Georgia turn blue?; Supreme Court signals ACA will survive latest challenge; Attorney General Barr tells DOJ to look into voting irregularities without offering any evidence; Top election crimes prosecutor quits in protest;
Pompeo denies election results: “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump Administration”; Biden: I haven’t talked to Mitch McConnell yet; Biden: GOP is “mildly intimidated” by Trump; Source: WH Budget Office tells agencies to continue preparing Trump budget for February; Fauci: Vaccine doses may be available by end of Nov.; U.S. has added 100,000+ new cases every day for the last week; El Paso requests four more temporary morgue trucks as cases surge; Dr. Fauci: News about vaccine is “extraordinary”; Dr. Fauci: Vaccine & public health measures could be “a game changer”; Pfizer expects “logistical challenge” in distributing vaccine; A presidential tradition: Accepting and acknowledging defeat; Biden team won’t rule out legal battle over transition; Trump appointee still refuses to recognize Biden win, denying his team funds & national security tools; Without evidence, GOP leaders back Trump’s claims of voter fraud; New totals: Biden lead in Arizona shrinks, widens in Georgia; GA GOP Sens call for GOP Secy of State to resign despite no evidence of wrongdoing; Georgia’s Secy of State refuses to step down as Biden lead grows; New Justice Amy Coney Barrett in spotlight as Supreme Court decides Obamacare’s future; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 10, 2020
Trump fires defense secretary Esper after election defeat; McConnell: Trump “within his rights” to wage legal fight; Pfizer CEO: vaccine more than 90% effective; U.S. surpasses 10 million coronavirus cases;
Source: Trump personnel chief threatens to fire anyone looking for another job; Trump refuses to concede or accept results of election; Sen Graham: Trump could run in 2024 if court challenges fail; HUD secy Ben Carson & Trump legal adviser David Bossie test positive for coronavirus; DOW closes up 800+ points on vaccine news, Biden win; Trump refuses to concede, peddles false fraud claims; GOP allies urge Trump not to concede election; Senate balance of power depends on two runoffs in Georgia; Will a republican-controlled senate block Biden’s agenda; President elect Biden assembles team, plan to battle COVID; Biden: election is over, time to set aside partisanship; Biden: wear masks, it will lead to “normal life”; Biden makes appeal to Americans: it’s time to end politization of basic public health steps; De Blasio says NYC is “dangerously close” to a second wave; US tops 100,000+ cases a day for 5 straight days; New COVID cases up 34% from last week, 43 states showing upward trends; New COVID deaths steadily rising, averaging 939 per day; Ballots still being counted in Arizona, Georgia; Georgia secretary of state refuses to step down, says Trump “unlikely” to win GA electoral votes; Senate majority likely to be decided by two runoffs in Georgia; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 09, 2020
Biden urges patience, as Trump threatens lawsuits; Biden speaks as vote count continues in seven states; CNN projects Joe Biden wins Michigan, nearing 270 electoral votes
Only AK, AZ, GA NC, NV and PA to be called To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 04, 2020
Biden campaign blitzes Pennsylvania on last day of campaign; The potential paths to victory for Trump & Biden; PA gov asks residents to be patient with election results; Judge reject GOP claims on ballots in two states; Virus surges as Trump suggests he may fire Fauci post-election;
Biden team eyes Pennsylvania on quest to rebuild “blue wall”; Biden campaign manager: “under no scenario will Donald Trump be declared a victor on election night”; Tomorrow: Biden to visit Scranton & Philadelphia; Trump on final blitz, holding five rallies today; Trump floats firing Fauci, but lacks direct power to do so; 96 million+ have already voted, 70% of all 2016 ballots; Federal judge rules 127,000 ballots cast via drive-thru in Texas can be counted; The fight for 270: Joe Biden’s possible paths to the White House; Which states are crucial for a Trump victory?; Control of the senate up for grabs tomorrow; PA officials urge counties to begin counting mail in ballots early Tuesday morning; Trump: we’ll send in lawyers if PA election is unfair; Trump threatens legal action to stop counting of some ballots; Source: Trump likely to declare premature victory; Federal judge rejects republican bid to toss 127,000 ballots cast via drive-thru in Texas; Judge rejects GOP efforts to stop early vote counting in Las Vegas; Trump hopes for victory in NC; Key swing state Trump won narrowly in 2016, Obama won in 2008; One person dead, several injured in Vienna “terror attack”; U.S. averages more than 81,000 new cases in the last week; U.S. reports nearly 100k new cases in one day, sets global record; 16 states report record high hospitalizations in past 2 days; Fauci warns U.S. is “in for a whole lot of hurt” as cases surge; Sources: WH to host as many as 400 people for election night party; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Nov 02, 2020
Trump, Biden crisscross critical Midwest battleground states; U.S. coronavirus cases surpass 9 million; Biden blitzes upper Midwest in quest to rebuild “blue wall”; 85 million ballots already cast nationwide;
Multiple states report record high daily COVID-19 cases; Donald Trump Jr. claims COVID death numbers are “almost nothing” on day U.S. reports nearly 1K deaths; Trump holding 17 rallies in final four days of race; Biden: “We cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump”; Influential model predicts 2,250 Americans will die daily by mid-January; Person in California tests positive for COVID-19 and the flu; Current GOP Rep asks: What happened to his party?; Biden, Harris to barnstorm Pennsylvania on Sunday & Monday; Biden campaigning in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin today; Biden makes pitch to undecided Iowa voters: We welcome “Democrats, Republicans & independents”; Trump, Biden lay out drastically different plans on immigration, border wall, citizenship; Trump vows to cap refugees admitted at record low of 15,000; Biden sets target at 125,000; Biden pledges to expand Dreamers program, Supreme Court stopped Trump from ending it; Trump promises to build 400+ miles of border wall, Biden says wall construction will stop; CDC Director: Flu transmission “extremely low” due to COVID-19 prevention measures; Early voting in Texas surpasses total turnout in 2016; Minnesota Gov urges voters to drop ballots off in person after court moves up deadline to election day; Thousands of Pennsylvania voters complain of absentee ballots missing, not delivered yet by mail; Philadelphia DA: “I’ve got a jail cell” for those who intimidate voters; Mail-in voting may delay results well after election night; Voters in crucial battlegrounds say virus is top election issue; SC woman dies from COVID-19, weeks after virus killed daughter; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 30, 2020
Trump, Biden hold dueling rallies in crucial state of Florida; U.S. reports third highest number of new daily COVID cases ever; CNN investigates COVID spread linked to Trump rallies; A look at Trump’s & Biden’s plans to create jobs;
Trump, Biden in Florida as state sees coronavirus surge; Biden tells rally crowd “if Florida goes blue, it’s over”; Biden Campaign says it’s “aggressively” courting Latino voters; Biden vows exec order to help reunite separated immigrant kids; Dem group spending $10 million in Ohio & Texas; Fauci warns of “whole lot of pain” as U.S. COVID cases surge; 41 states report increases in COVID-19 cases; Fmr. FDA Chief: Now is the “hardest point” in pandemic; WH task force warns of “unrelenting” spread in Midwest, West; Study: Immunity lasts at least five months, probably longer; Trump again jokes about wearing masks as COVID cases surge; NFL considering 20% capacity, mandatory masks at Super Bowl; Utah hospitals may have to start rationing care due to COVID surge; U.S. averaging record-setting 74,000+ COVID cases per day; CNN investigation: New cases rise in many counties that have held Trump rallies; Documents: Trump Admin wanted $250 Mil COVID ad campaign to help Trump’s re-election; U.S. economy shows record growth after previous record drop; Jobless claims fall to 751,000 in last report before election; Trump: 2021 economy will be “fantastic”; Biden: U.S. headed for worst economic downturn in 70 years; Trump vows more tax cuts and to roll back more regulations; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 29, 2020
New CNN poll: Biden leads among early voters while Trump leads among those who will vote on Election Day; Kushner in April: Trump taking U.S. “back from the doctors”; Trump vs. Biden on pandemic policy: where do they stand?; 74 million+ ballots cast so far, over half of all 2016 votes
Trump’s approval rating sits at 42% in new CNN poll; Trump makes last-minute cross-country push for votes; WH touts “ending” pandemic as cases, hospitalizations soar; WH calls Miles Taylor, “Anonymous” author, a “low-level disgruntled former staffer”; Biden: Trump’s handling of pandemic “an insult” to those suffering; Trump, Biden campaigns target key states in final days; Giroir: “cases are going up. It’s not just a function of testing”; South Dakota gov: my people are “happy”, “free” without a mandate on masks; Ex-Homeland Security official Miles Taylor was anonymous author of 2018 NYT op-ed warning of Trump presidency; Voters met with hours-long lines at polling sites across the U.S.; Some Pennsylvania counties will count mail-in ballots last; Michigan AG, Secy. of State file emergency appeal on court decision preventing a ban on firearms at polls; Fmr Trump campaign official speaks out in support of Biden; ; Fmr Trump campaign official speaks out in support of Biden To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 28, 2020
Trump on defense, holding rallies in 3 states he won in 2016; Biden’s closing argument: I will “unite this nation”; Obama: Trump is “jealous of COVID’s media coverage”; U.S. averaging nearly 70,000 cases per day, highest level of pandemic; One-on-one with Mary Trump;
Biden campaigning in Georgia, Trump carried GA in 2016; Trump holding reckless rallies, downplaying worsening pandemic; What final campaign events reveal about Trump, Biden strategies; Biden: U.S. needs “a president who cares less about his TV ratings and more about the American people”; Dr. Birx criticizes North Dakota over lack of mask usage; Positivity rates climb dramatically in states such as South Dakota; Former FDA Chief: U.S. on the cusp of “exponential spread” in cases; 11 states reporting record number of COVID hospitalizations; British study shows antibody immunity waning over time; COVID-19 cases in children increased 14% over the past two weeks; More than half of all states report record cases this month; Poll: More than 60% of Americans think government is making COVID recovery worse; Supreme Court won’t extend Wisconsin’s ballot deadline; Mary Trump: “Psychiatrists know what’s wrong with my uncle”; Justice Kavanaugh foreshadows how Supreme Court may disrupt vote counting; Philly District Attorney to speak about investigation into police shooting death of Walter Wallace; Biden’s closing: We can unite and heal the country; Trump rallies in three states, tweets false claims about election system and pandemic; Beloved family man dies after battling COVID-19; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 27, 2020
Biden takes questions at campaign stop in PA; DOW plunges as COVID cases hit record, stimulus talks drag out; More than 60 million Americans have cast early ballots; Nearly half of all registered voters in NC already cast ballots;
Biden on Trump holding rallies: “the example you set matters; Trump falsely says U.S. “rounding the corner” as nation records most cases in a week ever; Pence defying CDC guidance, holding a potential superspreader event; WH chief of staff admits “we’re not going to control the pandemic”; WH considers rose garden ceremony for Barrett’s swearing in despite last event being a superspreader; Trump administration faces second outbreak at the White House; Biden to travel to IA & WI on Friday, Trump won both in 2016; Trump and Biden both campaigning in PA; Trump holding three rallies in Pennsylvania today; Trump campaign: confident president is expanding his base & will win battleground states; Pence still campaigning despite inner circle outbreak; Increase in early voting among younger voters in all key states; Pre-election voting surpasses 2016 early vote totals; Trump supporters, counter-protesters clash in NYC; Boston police arrest suspect in connection with ballot box burning; 14,000+ Florida ballots face rejection due to missing signatures; Biden ramps up ground game in battleground North Carolina; Biden, Trump focusing on key swing state North Carolina; Trump carried by just 3.6% in 2016; The seven key states that could decide the election; Polls show Biden leading in states Trump barely won in 2016; Dr. Fauci says U.S. should probably mandate masks, as cases surge; Former FDA chief: it’s time for a national mask mandate; Trump continues to hold rallies with few masks, no social distancing; Trump again falsely claims case surge is due to increased testing; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 26, 2020
Trump, Biden offer different versions for America in final debate; U.S. adds 71,000+ new cases, highest since summer peak; The keys to victory for the GOP, Dems in tight Senate races; Coping with the stress of virtual learning; COVID-19 infections hit new peaks across Europe;
Fresh off final debate, candidates hit campaign trail; Trump holding rally at Florida retirement community; Biden: Trump’s handling of virus makes him unfit for office; GOP Adviser: Trump debate performance could be too late; COVID cases soar, hospitalizations spike & deaths climb across U.S.; Study: Masks could save 100,000+ U.S. lives through February; COVID hits L.A. megachurch that defied public health orders; Big 10 football set to begin tonight; Astrazeneca to resume its COVID vaccine trial in U.S.; NIH Director warns COVID “could be here for years” if only half of Americans take vaccine; SD Gov: People should not be shamed into wearing a mask; Trump claims kids separated from parents are “well taken care of”; Biden: Trump Admin’s family separation policy is “criminal”; Trump: “Trying very hard” to reunite 545 kids separated from their parents by his administration at border; Trump claims to be the “least racist person” at the debate; A closer look at the GOP’s best chances to hold the Senate; Trump says he thinks Republicans are “going to win the House”; Trump announces Israel & Sudan agree to normalize relations; Former Pompeo senior adviser says Trump admin weaponized the State Dept, damaged U.S. institutions; Czech Republic, Slovakia report major spike in cases; Czech Health Minister under fire for violating COVID rules; Parts of the United Kingdom begin “firebreak” lockdown today; Millions in England, Wales enter tougher COVID-19 lockdown; Coping with the stress of COVID amid surges & colder weather; Couple dies from virus just days before 60th wedding anniversary; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 23, 2020
Trump & Biden prepare for last big chance to make their pitch; Feds: Iran & Russia interfered in 2020 election; U.S. reports 1,000+ daily deaths for first time in over a month; Republicans pave way for full Senate vote Monday on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee; Still no deal between GOP, Dems on economic relief;
Tonight: Trump & Biden face off in final presidential debate; Trump advisers plead for president to take less combative approach; Trump says he “may” change strategy from last debate; WH: Trump tests negative for COVID-19 ahead of final debate; Campaign: Biden will appeal directly to voters, say we can get through this crisis together; Biden on tonight’s debate: Hopefully Trump plays “by the rules”; Biden preparing for Trump to attack his son Hunter; Biden punts on expanding Supreme Court, says he will create a bipartisan group to study the idea; Report: Faulty U.S. COVID-19 response led to between 130,000 and 210,000 avoidable deaths; Hospitalization rate rising as 31 states see increase in cases; Remdesivir receives FDA approval to treat hospitalized patients; Chris Christie: I was wrong, I should have worn a mask; Republicans advance Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett despite boycott from Democrats; Republican Sen. Murkowski won’t commit to vote in favor of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee next week; Speaker Pelosi does not rule out stimulus deal before election day, says “it’s close”; Sen. Appropriations Chair on stimulus: “A lot of talk, no action”; Concerns of in-person voter intimidation; “Fun… Joyous” family man dies after three weeks in hospital; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 22, 2020
CNN poll: Biden has a 10-point lead over Trump in Pennsylvania, no clear leader in Florida; Covid cases surging across nation, hospitalizations highest in 2 months; Trump, Biden make last minute appeal to senior voters
Trump: “what the hell is going on” with lockdown measures; Azar: “I am the president’s health secretary, I speak for him”; Ivanka Trump to fundraise with president in Nashville; Romney: “I did not vote for President Trump”; Tonight: Obama rallies for Biden in first campaign appearance; No state is trending in the right direction for Covid cases; Fauci: it looks like we’ll have a difficult fall and winter; 10 states report record high Covid hospitalizations; Volunteer in Brazil’s Astrazeneca Covid vaccine trial dies, authorities say no reason to stop trial; Trump on what he’d do differently on Covid response: “not much”; Biden’s World Series ad cost an estimated $4m, will air another ad during tonight’s game; NYT: Trump running more negative ads than Biden; Commissioner defends debate after attacks by Trump & his campaign To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 21, 2020
Trump Adviser: "Not smart" for President to attack Fauci; Former special ops commander who oversaw Osama Bin Laden raid says he voted for Biden; Can either candidate win without a victory in Florida?; Speaker Pelosi projects optimism in COVID stimulus talks; U.S. reports highest number of new cases on a Monday since July;
Fauci calls Trump's attacks on him a "distraction"; Trump continuing reckless rallies as COVID cases surge; Melania Trump cancels plans to attend Trump rally due to continuing coronavirus recovery; U.S. Four-Star Admiral: The world no longer looks up to America; Fmr top special operations commander says U.S. needs a president with decency and respect; Fmr FDA Commissioner: U.S. is one week away from a "rapid acceleration" in COVID cases; 42 states report increase in COVID hospitalizations over past two weeks; Dozens of volunteers to be deliberately infected with coronavirus as part of new U.K. study; Right now: Pelosi and Mnuchin talking about stimulus hours before deadline; Schumer had "long & serious talk" with Feinstein after hearing; Senate Judiciary to vote on Barrett nomination this week; Early voting starts in battleground Wisconsin amid record turnout; Supreme Court allows Pennsylvania to count mail-in ballots received up to three days after Election Day; Trump, Biden campaigns eye Florida as crucial to success; Biden looks to rust belt to rebuild blue wall; Number of FL ballots cast so far nearly double this point in 2016; Michigan reports over 3 million absentee ballots requested so far; Trump abruptly ends interview with 60 Minutes, skipped scheduled joint interview with Pence; "Active... Loving" grandfather dies after month-long COVID battle;  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 20, 2020
Trump: “people are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots”; Biden to Trump: Americans are “tired of your lies about this virus”; Infectious disease doc warns “darkest” weeks of pandemic ahead; Exploring the possible paths to victory for Trump, Biden;
Trump repeats attack on Fauci as COVID cases surge in U.S.; Trump calls Fauci a “disaster,” says people are tired of COVID during campaign call; Fauci says people at highest risk of COVID should take vaccine first; CNN: task force frustrated with Trump’s science-denying Dr. Atlas; Biden responds to Trump’s attacks on Fauci, says all Trump has done is “cower and wallow in self-pity”; Trump on campaign calls says he will win, though “I wouldn’t have said that three weeks ago”; With big war chest, Biden advertising on NFL games; Biden campaign warns supporters race is neck and neck; Trump: Fauci is a “disaster” who has been around for “500 years”; CA to review any FDA-approved vaccine before it’s distributed; 27 states report surge in COVID-19 cases; New Mexico reports 101% increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations; Research shows many nursing home residents with COVID are asymptomatic; Trump predicts victory, but what are his paths to getting there?; GOP’s Cornyn tries to distance himself from Trump as he faces tight re-election battle in Texas; How four years of Trump has reshaped the GOP; Tight senate race in Iowa as Joni Ernst fists for re-election; Debate question on farming trips up Iowa senator Joni Ernst who touts growing up on a farm; President Trump looms over Iowa senate race; Democratic party hopes to pick up senate seat in Iowa; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 19, 2020
Trump claims he will be “ending” pandemic “soon” as U.S. surpasses 8 million confirmed cases; Biden details plan to expand access to Affordable Health Care; More than 20 million ballots cast before election day; Trump to hold rally in Wisconsin as cases, deaths, & hospitalizations hit record highs;
Biden: Americans don’t panic, Donald Trump panicked; Trump refuses to denounce QAnon conspiracy theories; Biden slams Trump’s tolerance of right-wing extremists; Biden hits Trump’s coronavirus response; Trump lies about masks, claims U.S. “rounding the corner” on virus; Trump still won’t say if he got a COVID test on debate day; Biden: Trump knew and lied about COVID; Biden says losing the election could mean he was a “lousy candidate”; Young voter asks Biden: “Besides ‘you ain’t black’ what do you have to say to young, black voters?”; Sources: Former Chief of Staff John Kelly tells friends Trump is “most flawed person I have ever met”; WI official worries Trump rally will be super spreader event; Trump to campaign in Michigan, Wisconsin Saturday where Biden holds significant lead in polls; Polls: Biden could build “blue wall” in Midwest states Trump won in 2016; Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania; How mail-in ballots could impact election night results; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 16, 2020
Trump claims U.S. is doing “fine” with coronavirus; Nearly 60,000 new cases & 985 deaths reported Wed.; Fauci calls push for herd immunity “nonsense”; French President says curfew could be extended until December; Trump & Biden in separate town halls tonight;
Trump falsely says 85% of people wearing masks catch coronavirus; Trump falsely claims Dr. Fauci, who has served under 6 presidents, is a Democrat; Trump: I’m not tested every day “but I’m tested a lot”; Trump: “Not doing any more lockdowns” if cases spike; Sen. Harris off trail after two recent contacts test positive; Sen Harris & husband tested negative for virus today; 35 states report rise in new cases, seven states report record high hospitalizations; Beverly Hills bans trick-or-treating, cites COVID risks; Europe engulfed by a second wave of COVID, accounts for one-third of new cases worldwide;  France declares a state of emergency, imposes curfews; President Macron says “the virus is everywhere”; Member of company that charters Biden’s plane tests positive; Campaign says Biden wasn’t in close contact; Trump in trouble as FL senior vote shifts towards Biden; Trump losing support among FL seniors over Admin’s botched pandemic response; Fauci on thanksgiving: “We have to really be careful this time”; GOP Sen. Sasse: Trump “kisses dictators’ butts,” has “flirted with white supremacists”; Hearings end with bipartisan maskless hug; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 15, 2020
First Lady tweets Barron Trump tested positive, but since has tested negative; No state trending in the right direction with Covid cases; CNN: Feds chased suspected foreign link to Trump’s campaign cash for three years; Sen. Kamala Harris questions Trump’s Supreme Court pick
NIH directors: the president is “not infectious for anyone else”; Trump to suburban women: “will you please like me?”; Trump to hold rally in Iowa as state reports 100k+ virus cases; Wisconsin opens field hospital as Covid cases surge; W.H.O.: most Covid transmission happening in households; No state trending in the right direction with Covid cases; Poll: African Americans more reluctant to try a Covid vaccine; Mystery probe of Trump campaign cash revealed; WaPo: Justice Dept. will not charge Obama officials after GOP complained about “unmasking” requests; Trump retweets false conspiracy theory promoted by Qanon about Bin Laden raid To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 14, 2020
Cases, hospitalizations up with 21 days until election; Trump mocks COVID as cases rise across U.S.; Barrett won’t say if she would recuse from Obamacare decision; Biden campaigns in Florida one day after Trump; 8-hour wait times reported at Georgia early voting site;
Trump’s Supreme Court pick faces Senators’ questions; Trump plans aggressive rally schedule to reset campaign; Trump at Florida rally: “I’ll just give you a big fat kiss”; Trump again attacks Fauci as he hosts another rally tonight; WH: Trump “having a blast”, will do multiple rallies a day; Several states seeing spikes in cases, hospitalizations; Doctor says Trump tested negative on consecutive days; NY implements new restrictions as COVID clusters emerge; COVID cases as U.S. nears 8 million infections; U.S. averaging around 700 COVID deaths per day; 33 states report spikes in COVID cases; 16 states see highest 7-day average of COVID cases; Johnson & Johnson vaccine trial paused over unexplained illness; Fans allowed back in stadium for MLB championship games; Eli Lilly pauses COVID antibody trial over safety concerns; Biden: I’m not a fan of court-packing, says the ideal should not be an election issue; Barrett: “No one ever talked about any case with me” before nomination; Biden: Barack Obama will be out on the trail soon; Campaign official: Trump to visit PA more than any other state; Beto O’Rourke teams up with Oprah, Willie Nelson, Bernie Sanders and others to call nearly 3 million Texas voters; Romney: I’m troubled by “vile” tone in U.S. politics; Georgia reports record turnout on first day of early voting; Despite what the President says, your vote will be counted; Mayor of Tennessee city that hosts Bonnaroo dies from COVID; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 13, 2020
Trump returns to campaign trail for first time since COVID diagnosis; No social distancing, few masks at site of Trump’s first rally; Team Biden to spend final weeks of race in states Trump won in 2016; First day of hearings for judge Amy Coney Barrett wraps up;
Trump physician won’t say if president has tested negative yet; Trump begins four straight nights of rallies after being infected with coronavirus; President Trump falsely says he’s “immune” and virus will “disappear”; Meadows refuses to wear mask to talk to reporters after having been around president Trump; Fauci: Trump campaign ad took my comments out of context; Fauci asks Trump campaign to take down ad featuring him; Fauci says it would be “terrible,” “outrageous” & could “backfire” if Trump campaign made more ads featuring him; Fauci says campaign rallies are “asking for trouble”; 31 states report an increase in new cases compared to last week; Early data: schools don’t appear to be major spreaders of COVID-19; Fauci: when schools have a plan & are prepared, it can work; Study: U.S. saw 20% more deaths than expected from March to August; Team Biden to spend final weeks of race in states Trump won in 2016: Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Texas; Biden makes economic pitch at drive-in rally in Ohio; Trump says polls look “very good” despite trailing in many states; Biden up big in polls, but Dems fear a possible 2016 repeat; Judge Amy Coney Barrett to face questions tomorrow; Senate Dems argue Barrett will eliminate Obamacare; Republicans say Dem attacks on Barrett are about her faith; Hearings spotlight Trump push to eliminate Obamacare; Technical problems at “supersite” for Georgia’s first day of early voting; Investigation launched into unofficial drop boxes for mail-in ballots in California; Nearly 8 million ballots cast so far before election day; Pennsylvania judge rejects lawsuit from RNC and Trump campaign over drop boxes; Judge limits drop boxes in Texas to one per county; Remembering 53-year-old COVID victim Edward Konaha; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 12, 2020
Trump expected to host event at WH tomorrow despite having COVID; Trump on his COVID diagnosis: “I was not in great shape”; 13 charged in domestic terror plot to kidnap Michigan Gov.; COVID cases rising across all regions in the country;
Trump: I might not have recovered “at all” if not for experimental antibody therapy; Trump claims the Regeneron treatment he received is a “cure”; Trump pressures AG Barr to prosecute Obama, Biden; Trump expected to host event on WH South Lawn tomorrow despite having COVID, will address guests from balcony; Trump struggles with coughs during tv interview; Trump on coughing interview: there’s a “lingering thing” from COVID-19; Whitmer: Trump “complicit” for not denouncing far-right groups; Plot to kidnap Michigan Gov designed to start a “civil war”; Michigan AG: I think there will be more incidents like this; U.S. adds 56,191 cases Thursday; Hospitalizations now starting to trend upwards again; Broadway to stay dark though summer 2021; COVID outbreak sparks NFL schedule changes; Medical experts urge FDA to rely on science for vaccine approvals; WHO: record number of COVID cases reported today; U.S. reports highest number of new cases in nearly two months; Trump campaign: Trump to speak at rally Monday in Sanford, Florida; Infectious disease expert: in 8-10 weeks Florida will be a “house on fire”; Hurricane Delta nears landfall as powerful category 2 storm; Hurricane Delta to set record as 10th named storm to hit US in 2020, forth to hit Louisiana; 19-year-old dies from coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 09, 2020
Trump pulls out of next debate after it goes virtual; First interview with former vaccine director after leaving gov’t; FBI: militia plotted to kidnap Michigan governor, overthrow gov’t
Trump wants to restart rallies, claims he’s no longer contagious; Biden campaign rejects Trump’s demand to change debate dates; Fmr vaccine director: “more people are going to die because scientists are being pushed back”; Pelosi says Trump is “in an altered state” due to Covid; Fmr vaccine director calls Trump’s promotion of Covid drugs “shameful” and “reckless”; Rick Bright: “more people will die” because of Trump’s lack of transparency; Sources: aides trying to steer Trump away from baseless claims about voter fraud   To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 08, 2020
Trump returns to Oval Office despite infection, briefed on stimulus and hurricane; Plexiglass barriers & 12 feet separate Pence, Harris on debate stage; Two top aides with infected Trump in Oval Office; Airline workers say they’re suffering due to lack of help from Congress and Trump
Coronavirus cases trend up in 25 states, steady in 22 states, down in only three states; Trump returns to Oval office despite infection, briefed on stimulus and hurricane; Meadows and Scavino with Trump in Oval Office, wearing protective gear; Two top aides with infected Trump in Oval Office; Tampa International Airport to offer Covid tests to all passengers       To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 07, 2020
Stocks drop as Trump tweets he’s ending stimulus talks; Republicans push ahead to confirm Amy Coney Barrett; Biden: Mask wearing, social distancing aren’t political statements; Pence team objects plexiglass barrier at tomorrow’s VP debate;
Trump’s physician: Trump reports no symptoms, doing “extremely well”; No signs Trump’s battle with coronavirus has changed his views of virus; Officials: Trump to record video message today, no plans for live address; Trump again falsely claims COVID-19 is less deadly than the flu; Critics attack Trump for maskless, balcony photo-op; Infected GOP Sen: I’ll vote in a “moon suit” to confirm Barrett; Biden speaks at campaign event in Gettysburg, PA; Long lines as early voting begins today in Ohio and Indiana; Florida extends voter registration deadline after online system crashed, “unprecedented” volume; More than 3 million ballots cast in 26 states; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 06, 2020
Trump says he’s leaving hospital tonight as he downplays COVID; Brand new CNN polls on Trump’s handling of coronavirus; Biden campaigning in Florida today after negative tests; Coronavirus cases rising across the country;
Trump tweets that he’s leaving hospital tonight; Trump’s doctor: president to leave hospital even though he “may not be entirely out of the woods yet”; New CNN poll: 63% say Trump irresponsibly handled the risk of virus infection to others around him; Only 30% of Americans trust most of what they hear from White House about Trump’s health; 60% disapprove of Trump’s handling of pandemic; 51% of Americans would get low-cost coronavirus vaccine, down from 66% in May; Growing number of women, seniors disapprove of Trump’s handling off pandemic; Biden comments as Trump is set to leave hospital; Campaign: Trump plans to participate in next debate; Pence, Harris to be separated by plexiglass at Wednesday’s debate; U.S. coronavirus deaths surpass 210,000; NYC to close schools, businesses in new hot spot areas; COVID-19 cases rising across northeast after months of decline; NY Gov: “you will see people die” without enforcement in hot spot clusters; Miami-Dade students return to classrooms for first time since March; NC elementary school teacher dies days after positive COVID-19 test; NY Governor slams Trump for holding “reckless” fundraiser; NY Gov: There are reports emergency orders weren’t followed at Trump fundraiser; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 05, 2020
President & First Lady test positive for COVID-19; Meadows confirms WH knew Hicks positive before Trump went to NJ; Biden: I’ve had two COVID tests since this morning;
Trump campaigned despite top aide being symptomatic; WH Press Secy: President Trump being treated with Regeneron antibody cocktail; Concern over COVID exposure inside White House; WH: Trump has “mild symptoms” after positive COVID-19 test; Pelosi spokesperson: Speaker tests negative for COVID-19; WH Press Secy: President is “fatigued but in good spirits”; Source: President Trump has had a fever since this morning; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 02, 2020
Trump launches xenophobic attacks after failing again to condemn white supremacy; Airlines cut 32,000 employees as Congress fails to reach stimulus deal; Biden tries to toe the line between moderate & far-left Dems; Sources: Trump allies described Trump’s debate performance as “obnoxious”, “unprepared” and “lacking”;
Source: “It may eventually sink in” Trump didn’t do well in debate; Trump fails again to denounce white supremacy; WH won’t directly denounce white supremacy, says Trump didn’t misspeak; Top Senate Republican urges Trump to condemn white supremacy; WH won’t commit that Trump will agree to new debate rules; Trump claims debate victory, asks “why would I allow” rules to change; Barrett signed a right to life better in ad calling to end Roe vs. Wade; This week: Disney, Goldman Sachs, & airlines cut 60,000+ total jobs; Trump to hold rally in Wisconsin amid massive COVID surge; More than half of U.S. states seeing a rise in COVID cases; Moderna CEO: Vaccine could be widely available by late March; Study: Trump likely the largest driver of the COVID-19 misinformation ‘infodemic’; Some WH officials thought it “wasn’t a good look” to wear masks in February; Biden rejects Green New Deal & “Medicare for all”; Progressives back Biden but plan to pressure him on big changes once in office; Sources: Trump allies worry his debate performance could alienate voters; Combative debate seen by at least 73 million viewers; Sources: Advisers voiced concern Trump’s debate style appeared overly aggressive and wasn’t tactic discussed; Study: Greenland ice sheet will melt at fastest rate in 12,000 years; First lady Melania Trump’s greeting after chaotic debate gets attention; The power & influence of wives in campaigns; “First Ladies” premieres Sunday at 10p ET;  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Oct 01, 2020
Trump again refuses to explicitly condemn white supremacists; Debate commission: more structure will be added to debates; Masks politicized debate, Trump mocks Biden for wearing one
Trump claims he doesn’t know who Proud Boys are, now says “stand down” after telling far-right group to “stand by”; CNN goes inside a Proud Boys rally in Portland; Far-right group celebrates Trump debate shout-out; Biden calls Trump’s debate performance a “national embarrassment”; Biden: hope debate commission can control Trump’s behavior; Biden: Trump “looks down on us”; Trump refuses to dissuade supporters from violence; NFL game postponed; league threatens suspensions & forfeited draft picks if Covid rules disobeyed; State leaders warn voter intimidation is illegal after Trump urged supporters watch polls “very carefully” To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 30, 2020
Trump and Biden to face off for the first time tonight; Biden releases 2019 tax returns; More than one million worldwide deaths due to coronavirus; New wildfires erupt in Northern CA and destroy parts of wine country; Kentucky AG says he will comply with Judge’s order to release grand jury audio;
Sources: Debate could get personal with attacks over candidates’ children; Trump & Biden to debate amid deadly pandemic, suffering economy, reckoning on racism & Supreme Court battle; Trump yet to dispute figures in NYT report that show he paid little to no taxes in last decade; Sources: Biden, Trump practicing ways to get under each other’s skin; NYC reopens elementary schools today for in-person learning; Former Pence adviser: WH pressured CDC to put out data backing Trump’s push to reopen schools; 23 states seeing increase in new cases, 20 steady, 7 declining; Early data shows promising results from Regeneron’s antibody cocktail for coronavirus; NY Times: The Apprentice and a $427 million lifeline; NYT: Trump paid just $750 in federal taxes in 2016 & 2017; Schumer: We’ll “keep fighting” against Barrett confirmation; Grand Juror “wants to make sure truth gets out”, files motion to release court docs; Remembering the victims of the pandemic; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 29, 2020
NYT: Trump paid just $750 in federal taxes in 2016 & 2017; Trump announces plan to deploy 150 million rapid tests to states; Democrats prepare for Trump to disrupt the election; Some senate Dems say they won’t meet with Trump’s nominee;
NYT: Trump squandered millions, faces crippling debt, Trump & his company wrote off $70k for hairstyling, $750k to Ivanka Trump for consulting fees; NYT: Trump has reduced tax bill with “questionable” measures, including a $72.9 million tax refund, Trump owes 300 million in loans, due within four years; Trump denies NYT investigation, says he was “entitled, like everyone else, too depreciation & tax credits”; Biden campaign: Trump taxes show how this race is between “Park Ave and Scranton”; Trump ducks questions ad NYT reports he avoided paying taxes for years; CDC: Redfield and Atlas have “different positions” on masks, youth infections & herd immunity; WH on Redfield comments: Trump consults with many experts who sometimes disagree; Nearly half of U.S. states report upward trend in new cases; Dems fear Trump will use his office to guarantee election win; Dems brace for possible doomsday election scenarios, including Trump claiming victory before mail-in votes are counted; Surge in ballot requests setting records across the U.S.  More than 3M ballots already requested or mailed out in AZ; Arizona allowing curbside voting, ballot drop boxes; New ransomware attacks raise more concerns about safety of local, state election systems; Biden: confirming Barrett would be “betrayal” of “single quality America is born and built on: the people decide”; Sen. Durbin: Barrett should recuse herself from any election cases; NYT: Trump’s taxes show massive debts, years of tax avoidance; Russia’s “propagandist-in-chief” on Trump & U.S. elections; Russia’s top state news anchor gives window into how Kremlin views U.S. election;   To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 28, 2020
Sources: Trump intends to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court; Comey to publicly testify on Capitol Hill next week; Trump renews threat to disregard November vote; Coronavirus cases in U.S. reach 7 million, most in the world; Exhausted by Trump, some WI consider flipping to Biden; California passes landmark recycling law;
Meadows attacks FBI Dir for saying there’s no massive voter fraud; Barr briefed Trump on probe of discarded ballots; Surge of ballot requests already setting records; NC Republicans accuse Dems of trying to make fraud easier; New York creates panel to review every FDA approved vaccine; Key model projects 371,000 deaths in U.S. by January 1 with 3,000 deaths daily; Virginia governor and wife test positive for COVID-19; Cases trending up in 23 states, most in West and Midwest; PAC-12 Football to kick off in November; Florida Gov. allows bars & restaurants to fully reopen, suspends fines for those who refuse to wear a mask; New York City to allow outdoor dining all year; DeSantis expects Florida to host Super Bowl in February; WH Chief of Staff attacks FBI Dir for stating U.S. has never seen “coordinated national voter fraud effort”; James Comey: “Of course” it’s dangerous for Trump to refuse to commit to peaceful transition of power; New series takes on Comey’s tumultuous dealings with Trump; Jeff Daniels on portraying James Comey in new series; Actor Jeff Daniels agrees with Comey’s decisions as FBI Chief: “Having done the movie, I have seen what Jim was up against”; Jeff Daniels on why series needed to come out before the election; Trump and supporters defend the false memes and conspiracy theories flooding their feeds; Biden off campaign trial, preparing for Tuesday’s debate; WI voters weigh backing Biden after voting for Trump in 2016; Signs of Biden support in traditionally red Wisconsin suburbs; “John Lewis: Good Trouble” premieres Sunday at 9p ET; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 25, 2020
Trump won’t commit to peaceful transfer of power; Pennsylvania AG battling Trump, GOP in court over mail-in voting; NY to create independent task force to review COVID-19 vaccine; Kentucky governor calls on state AG to share grand jury transcript in Breonna Taylor case;
Trump says he doesn’t know if election can be “honest” after refusing to commit to peaceful transfer of power; Trump, GOP claim his comments no worse than Hillary Clinton saying Biden shouldn’t concede; Pennsylvania AG battling Trump, GOP in court over mail-in voting; FBI state attorneys investigating after nine ballots cast for Trump were found discarded in Pennsylvania; Trump claims he could override FDA on stricter vaccine standards; CDC: 1 in 5 new cases this summer were young adults in their 20s; 21 states report uptick in new cases, 21 hold steady; United Airlines to make COVID tests available to customers; Fauci on FDA’s vaccine decision: “I would back the scientists”; Protests erupt in cities nationwide after no officers charged for Breonna Taylor’s death; Two officers shot, 127 arrests in Louisville after grand jury decision; Crump: Kentucky AG did not present all evidence to grand jury; Louisville Mayor: Process has started to release limited information on Breonna Taylor investigation; HHS Secy says “politics will play no role” in vaccine approval after Trump suggests tougher standards would be “political”; WH Press Secy praises FDA as “gold standard” of vaccines after Trump accused agency of being politicized; Poll: Majority of Americans would not take a first generation vaccine; GOP Sen. Collins again bucks Trump in her fight for reelection; Maine voter: I won’t vote for Sen. Collins after her vote to put Kavanaugh on Supreme Court; Maine voters: GOP Sen. Collins “capitulated” this year, she’s too “Trumpy” right now; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 24, 2020
Police & protesters clash after Breonna Taylor grand jury decision; One-on-one interview with Cindy McCain; New CNN poll: Americans split on whether Trump’s appointments made Supreme Court better or worse; Senators challenge top public health leaders on virus response
No officers charged directly with Breonna Taylor’s death; New Covid cases trending up in 22 states; Fauci and Sen. Paul spar over herd immunity; CDC: thousands of flights may have been exposed to Covid; Redfield grilled over controversial CDC testing guidance; Surgeon General: “the virus doesn’t care about your politics”     To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 23, 2020
United States surpasses 200,000 COVID-19 deaths; Trump: “Very close” to picking nominee, announcement Saturday; Washington Post: CIA assessment says Putin “probably directing” influence campaign against Joe Biden; One-on-one with Trump’s former National Security Adviser; Kanye West’s ties to GOP operatives increases suspicion he’s running to take votes from Biden; “Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus on election & getting involved;
Fauci: Reaching 200,000 deaths is “stunning” & “very sobering”; NFL fines 3 coaches $100,000 for not wearing masks; World’s largest vaccine maker: Vaccinating entire world against COVID-19 won’t happen until 2024; U.S. averaging more than 800 virus deaths per day; New virus cases rising in 24 states, steady in 20, declining in 6; Fauci: Reasonable to assume virus spread by aerosol; Source: Confidant told Trump Supreme Court pick so critical that she will effectively “be your new running mate”; Sources: Trump “very enthusiastic” after meeting with Judge Amy Coney Barrett for several hours Monday; GOP Source: “Things are falling into line – and fast”; Pence: Trump to take executive action on health care “in days ahead”; GOP has support to pursue election year confirmation; McMaster talks about the politicization of the military; Wash Post: FDA to announce tougher COVID vaccine standards, making clearance unlikely by election; Poll: 60% of Americans unlikely to get first version of vaccine; Rapper Kanye West shelling out millions on ill-fated campaign; Kanye West paid $1.5 million to GOP operative with a history of fraud allegations; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 22, 2020
Biden: “Trump panicked; The virus was too big for him”; U.S. approaches 200,000 deaths from COVID-19; Trump speaks about Supreme Court vacancy; Dems need two more GOP senators to block Trump’s nominee
Biden: Trump “froze, he failed to act, he panicked” about COVID-19; Biden slams Trump o pandemic as U.S. approaches 200,000 deaths; Trump: will announce pick for court Friday or Saturday; choices narrowed down to five people; McConnell: Trump’s nominee “will receive a vote”; Supreme court vacancy could upend presidential, senate races; Trump claims U.S. is rounding the corner on pandemic despite 40,000+ new daily cases on average; 28 states see upward trend in new COVID cases; HHS Secy now must sign off on any rules from CDC, FDA; CDC removes guidelines on how COVID is spread; Bill Gates: best case scenario, pandemic will end by 2022; Federal official: change to CDC guideline was not the result of political pressure; Giroir pushes masks and social distancing, despite Trump holding packed rallies; Trump talks about Supreme Court vacancy as he leaves for campaign rally in Ohio; Trump: five women being vetted for Supreme Court vacancy, I’ve spoken with some of the possible nominees, I’d rather the senate vote before the election; McConnell moving forward with confirmation; pushed to stall vote under Obama in 2016; GOP senators Murkowski & Collins oppose vote before election; Two more GOP senators needed to stop vote; Awaiting Sen Grassley statement on Supreme Court position; Ginsburg to lie in repose at Supreme Court, public can pay respects Wednesday & Thursday; Trump: will nominate woman for high court o Friday or Saturday; Pelosi won’t rule out impeaching Trump or Barr to delay vote on Supreme Court nominee; Trump campaign: 2 million volunteers knocking on 3.3 million doors in 17 states; Pandemic slows democratic door-knocking, not as much for GOP; Outside groups pickup in-person canvassing as Biden campaign stays virtual during pandemic; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 21, 2020
Trump claims there will be enough doses of COVID-19 vaccine for every American by April 2021; Biden: This campaign is Scranton vs. Park Avenue; Mary Trump reacts to Woodward & Troye revelations;
At crowded rally, Trump mocks social distancing, says staying at home is like being in prison; Sources: Controversial CDC testing guidance not written by scientists, came from HHS without normal scientific review; WaPo: White House nixed plan to distribute 650 million face masks to U.S. households; Biden campaigning in key battleground state of Minnesota; Trump says he’s “looking at a lot of different” things when asked if he plans to replace FBI Director Wray; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 18, 2020
Former official on coronavrius task force: Trump could have saved lives, but he was too concerned about re-election; Acting homeland secy. Chad Wolf defies subpoena, skips house hearing; Biontech, Pfizer to “adapt” vaccine trial to hit October deadline; AG Barr compares DOJ prosecutors to preschoolers
Ex-WH official: Trump said “maybe this COVID thing is a good thing” because I don’t like shaking hands with “disgusting” people; Former top Pence staffer calls Trump presidency “terrifying”, says she will be voting for Biden ; WH Sr. official denies Trump would say COVID-19 might be a good thing so he doesn’t have to shake hands ; WH Sr. official on former aide rebuking Trump: Troye never expressed any concern about handling of pandemic; Former Trump spy chief calls for bipartisan commission to oversee election;  Former DNI Coats pens op-ed against “sinister conspiracies” that suggest voting systems “fraudulent”; Ex-WH official” Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself; Trump undermines his CDC Chief as more states see rise in cases; Trump blames “blue states” for death toll, ignores rates in Red States; FBI Director says Russia is actively working to hurt Biden’s campaign; Trump says teaching children race theory is a “form of child abuse”; FBI director says white supremacists are the largest group of racially motivated domestic terrorists;  Trump open to house bipartisan stimulus proposal, which Pelosi & GOP leaders have not embraced; 23 states recording more infections this week vs. last week; 51% of Americans say they would get COVID vaccine; Fauci: If too few Americans get vaccine, there won’t be enough to reduce COVID spread; Fauci on Redfield, trump conflicting messages: I don’t want to create more confusion; AG Barr compares DOJ prosecutors to preschoolers; Barr: COVID-19 Lockdown would be “greatest intrusion on civil liberties” since slavery; Fmr deputy AG: Barr is working to make the president an autocrat; Crime reporter in evacuation zones as wildfires burn record 4.7 million acres in western states; Fire victims get first look at homes destroyed by wildfires; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 17, 2020
Biden gives speech on his plan for Covid-19 vaccines; Trump promotes herd immunity, an idea that experts estimate could lead to millions of deaths in the U.S.; Internal AstraZeneca document obtained by CNN shows adverse effects of vaccine on trial participant; Sally batters Gulf Coast with record rain, extensive damage
Biden: we can’t allow politics to interfere with a vaccine; Biden: if I have authority, I’ll sign executive order for mask mandate; President Trump again claims virus will “go away”; Pelosi defends negotiations as some Dems raise concerns; New study: minorities face higher deaths due to racism, discrimination; Sally batters Gulf Coast with record rain, extensive damage         To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 16, 2020
Trump celebrates foreign policy win with packed WH crowd; Biden courts Latinos in crucial swing state of Florida; Powerful hurricane Sally begins to inundate Gulf Coast, historic flooding anticipated; Wildfires in California destroy more than 4,200 structures, scorch 3.2 million acres;
Trump continues optimistic tone as U.S. nears 200k virus deaths; Most people at WH event not tested for coronavirus; Trump retweets baseless smear against Joe Biden; Hundreds of guests at packed WH event, masks optional; Politico: Some Dems break with Biden, resume door-knocking; Dem Senate candidate under attack for saying he would be “hesitant” to receive coronavirus vaccine; Trump: Diplomatic agreement marks “dawn of a new Middle East”; Israel, UAE, Bahrain sign diplomatic agreement at White House; Fauci touts Vermont’s coronavirus success; says national mask mandate “probably” wouldn’t work; World Econ Forum: “Strong possibility” vaccine won’t meet supply needs; Trump contradicts health experts, claims vaccine coming “in weeks”; Bill Gates says the FDA lost credibility during the pandemic; NIH demands vaccine maker be more forthcoming about complication; Video shows wounded deputies aiding one another after attack; Los Angeles mayor: Female deputy saved partner’s life after both were shot 4-5 times during ambush; $175K reward in search for gunman who attacked L.A. deputies; 30+ inches possible in parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida as category one hurricane crawls towards Gulf Coast; Alabama Gov: Hurricane Sally is not to be taken for granted; Western wildfires to blame for at least 36 deaths in California, Oregon, Washington state; 22 people missing; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 15, 2020
Trump ignores science of pandemic, climate change & wildfires; Pfizer CEO: likely will know if vaccine works by end of Oct.; Manhunt underway after two Los Angeles deputies ambushed; Biden plans Florida visit tomorrow as polls show him behind Trump in Latino support;
Trump claims “I on’t think science knows” planet is warming; Trump defies coronavirus science & states restrictions, holds packed indoor rally with few masks and no social distancing; Trump in August insisted two Woodward “nothing more could have been done” to contain coronavirus; Trump heads to Arizona for indoor event in room packed with chairs tied together; Trump points to lack of forest management, not climate change, as reason behind wildfires; LA mayor: Trump’s disaster response driven by politics; Largest vaccine maker warns it will take until 2024 to vaccinate everyone if vaccine requires two doses; More than 45,000 cases at collages across the country; Federal official: Trump appointees tried to alter CDC virus reports for political reasons; NYT: Trump heath advisor Michael Caputo claims CDC has “resistance unit” aimed at undermining Trump; Trump said he’s “not concerned” about catching virus at his indoor rallies, but what about the attendees?;  Two Los Angeles deputies out of surgery after ambush shooting; Two arrested in protests outside hospitals after deputies shot;  Biden to make first appearance in Florida tomorrow as the democratic nominee; Biden: “yes” gloves are off in Florida for Latino votes; Billionaire Bloomberg to drop $100M in Florida to help Biden; Politico: Florida Latinos swamped with disinformation & conspiracy theories; Right now: Trump headed to Arizona for roundtable with Latinos; Poll: near tie in battleground Arizona; Biden 47%, Trump 44%; Florida COVID-19 cases increase in children; Gov. orders some counties to keep data hidden; FL teachers union pressures state to release COVID k-12 data; Miami-Dade Co. moves to phase 2, clearing path for in-person learning; Miami mayor says FL’s contact tracing “has not been there”; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 14, 2020
Trump claims coronavirus is coming to an end, Fauci disagrees; 100 fires burning nationwide; Most in California, Washington and Oregon; Trump pays tribute to 9/11 at site of United flight 93 crash; Some voters in key swing state don’t like Trump or Biden; Coping with the stress of virtual learning;
Fauci: We need to “hunker down” to get through fall & winter; Fauci: We may not get back to our normal lives until end of 2021; Operation Warp Speed Chief: race for coronavirus vaccine has “nothing to do with politics”; CDC Study: Adults who test positive for virus about twice as likely to have recently dined at a restaurant; Biden, Pence meet at 9/11 memorial in New York City; Trump: “I didn’t lie” to Americans about COVID threat, after tapes reveal he intentionally downplayed the impact; Trump distorts history to compare himself to FDR, Churchill; Trump supporter on not wearing a mask: “If I die, I die”; Trump: Israel and Bahrain to establish “full diplomatic relations”; Biden Campaign goes after Trump’s TV watching; New book: Trump bragged about secret nuke system to journalist; Trump to Woodward: “I have built a nuclear – a weapons system that nobody’s ever had in this country before”; Biden: Trump has no idea what constitutes national security; U.S. slaps sanctions on Giuliani’s Ukrainian ally; Historic western fires to blame for at least 24 deaths including woman & grandson in Oregon; Right now: 3 of California’s largest fires ever are burning; Fire burning near San Francisco is California’s largest wildfire on record; More than 10% Oregonians evacuated due to fires; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 11, 2020
Jake’s one-on-one with Joe Biden; Trump blames Woodward when asked why he lied to American people; Biden says Trump “waved a white flag” and “walked away” from COVID-19, calls his handling “almost criminal”; 28-year-old teacher dies 3 days after COVID diagnosis;
Trump defends telling public COVID-19 was like flu, after telling Woodward it was much deadlier; Trump tries to defect blame onto Woodward after downplaying virus; Joe Biden on Trump concealing coronavirus threat: “It’s disgusting”; Biden says Trump has no concept of what constitutes national security after Trump claimed U.S. is developing secret nuclear weapons system; Biden: Trump shouldn’t be Commander in Chief of the U.S. military; Biden: Middle class voters were “taken for granted” in 2016; Biden reaching out to blue collar voters in battleground states; Biden now says he was against NAFTA, after voting for it; Blames GOP for not renegotiating the deal under Obama; Biden: “It’s in our interest that China be stable, it’s not in our interest China take advantage of us”; Biden says he’ll tax companies that move jobs overseas; Biden: I’d make the changes on the corporate taxes on day one; Joe Biden pledges to be transparent about his health; Poll: Majority of Americans think political pressure will lead FDA to rush vaccine approval; Astrazeneca halts vaccine trial for second time; U.S. weekly average of new cases at lowest since June; NFL returns tonight with limited fans in stadium; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 10, 2020
Trump acknowledged dangers of coronavirus to Woodward even as he continued to downplay the risks publicly; Woodward book: Trump knew in early February coronavirus was dangerous, highly contagious, airborne and “deadly”; U.S. surpasses 190,000 coronavirus deaths
Trump on downplaying Covid-19 risks: we don’t want a panic.. we don’t want people to be frightened; Trump now claims he didn’t want to create a panic after Woodward tapes reveal he intentionally downplayed Covid-19; Biden: Trump committed “life and death betrayal” of American people;       To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 09, 2020
Nine companies sign pledge not to rush vaccine; CNN: Trump distressed over report he disparaged military; Senate to vote Thursday on $500 billion COVID relief plan; Iowa case rate per capita among worst in U.S.; India surpasses Brazil, now 2nd behind U.S. in coronavirus cases;
Fauci acknowledges skepticism around vaccine: “We’ve got to regain the trust of the community”; 16 of the largest U.S. school districts start today, 14 online; Biontech CEO: Could submit vaccine to FDA by mid-Oct.; More than 37,000 cases reported at U.S. colleges; Trump on whether he’d fund campaign: “If I have to, I would”; NYT: Trump Campaign war chest “dwindling”; Trump to expand oil drilling moratorium for Florida; Rose Garden under repair less than three weeks after renovation; Trump. Biden zero in on battleground states as race heats up; Source: Biden to focus on economy, COVID-19 in Michigan; NBC/Marist Poll: Trump has 50% support among Florida Latino voters, Biden sees 46% support; Biden new ad paints the need for “fresh start”; Sources: Trump distressed over fallout from Atlantic Story; Pelosi: GOP stimulus bill “insults the intelligence” of Americans; Senate to vote on stimulus bill Thursday, but unclear if it will pass; Dow drops 600+ points after seeing worst day since June; “Tenet” grosses over $20 million after movie theaters reopen; Iowa gov refuses to issue mask mandate despite rising cases; Iowa State University reports more than 900 cases; Experts cautious over schools, flu season impacting pandemic; Iowa governor announces $100 million for more testing; CNN’s Clarissa Ward on journalism in the age of extremism; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 08, 2020
Biden, Harris, Pence make Labor Day visits to battleground states; Labor Day crowds drive fears of new virus spikes; CA breaks record for acres burned statewide in a year; U.S. performed 740,000+ COVID tests in the last week;
Trump accuses Biden, Harris of undermining science as he teases a vaccine by election day; Harris says she would not trust Trump on a vaccine, Trump says Harris should apologize for “anti-vaccine rhetoric”; Trump: will have vaccine “very soon, maybe even before a very special date… you know what I’m talking about”; Biden says se wants effective vaccine regardless of election consequences; Biden: “if I could get a vaccine tomorrow I’d do it … if it cost me the election I’d do it”; Biden: would heed advice of scientists on COVID vaccine; rump: report of disparaging troops “totally made up”;  Trump claims military officials dislike him for trying to end wars; WSJ: vaccine makers will promise not to rush approval process due to political pressure; Data shows vaccine trials still not enrolling enough minorities; 16 of the largest school districts start tomorrow, most online; Northeastern dismisses 11 students for breaking virus protocols, won’t refund tuition payments; Device used a gender reveal party sparked wildfire; National forests closing in parts of CA due to fire; CA sees record temp highs, other parts of U.S. brace for snow;  Sean Penn’s non-profit expands testing in Georgia; Sean Penn on GA testing initiative: we will test “every essential worker, symptomatic or asymptomatic”; Teacher packs meals for 150 families per week struggling to put food on table due to coronavirus; Maryland teacher packs meals for 100+ families struggling with layoffs, kids learning from home; Portland sees 101 straight days of protests and violence; Trump says Rochester had “bad night” despite first night of protest with no arrests or violence; Rochester mayor vows police reform, rejects calls to resign; Jake Tapper reports: Donald Trump’s presidency; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 07, 2020
Key model predicts 410,000 Americans will die by January; Trump denies calling U.S. war dead “losers” & “suckers”; Biden calls on Trump to apologize, calls his comments “disgusting”; Trump has the biggest job losses of any U.S. president since World War II; Judges order Kanye West off Arizona and Virginia ballots; 7 Rochester officers suspended, video emerges five months after killing of Daniel Prude;
FDA rejects coronavirus therapeutic pushed by Trump-supporting MyPillow CEO; Sources: Trump pressuring FDA for silver bullet by election; Limit data on Russia’s vaccine released; Model projects 3,000 Americans a day will die in December; Trump attacked McCain in 2015: “He’s not a war hero”; Trump’s long history of attacking military families; NYT: Bolton says he didn’t hear Trump insult fallen troops in France; Trump lies while denying report he disparaged service members; 1.4 million jobs added in last month, but still down 11.5 million jobs since pandemic hit; 1.4 million new jobs in august, unemployment rate falls to 8.4%; Analysis: Daniel Prude’s daughter: Officers involved in my father’s death deserve to be in jail; Protests in Rochester, New York latest to call for justice and racial equality across U.S.; Protesters in Kansas City mark anniversary of March on Washington; New calls for justice, racial equality after lifetime fight from John Lewis; Kanye West on 11 states’ ballots, can’t mathematically win; Republican operatives help West’s presidential bid; Source: GOP operatives believe they have Trump campaign blessing to help West campaign; Trump campaign denies ties with Kanye West’s Campaign; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 04, 2020
Stocks plunge, Tech’s worst day since March; Biden says he spoke with Jacob Blake on the phone; Trump again suggests Americans may need to vote twice, which is illegal; Iowa becomes new hotspot as cases spike quickly; German Govt: Putin critic poisoned with same nerve agent used on other Putin opponent;
Fauci warns cases are “unacceptably high” as Labor Day approaches; Pfizer CEO predicts vaccine trial may have results in October; Fauci: More data needed to prove how effective plasma is as treatment; Drugmakers: No “magic bullet” that will contain COVID; Fauci: Vaccine by October is “unlikely, not impossible”; Biden in Kenosha: Words of a president matter; Biden spoke with Jacob Blake on the phone, Blake “talked about how nothing was going to defeat him”; Biden: Trump “legitimizes” hatred, racism in U.S.; Trump Campaign: Biden shouldn’t be “injecting politics” by visiting WI; Biden leads Trump in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania polls; Attorney: Biden met with Jacob Blake’s family for 90 min; White House threatens to withhold funds from democratic lead cities to restore “law and order”; Democratic mayors of Portland, Seattle, NYC, DC: Trump’s attempt to withhold funds will be defeated in court; Gov. Cuomo on Trump’s threat to withhold funds: Trump will need an army to walk down NY streets; Iowa gov. refuses to issue mask mandate, close more bars; Iowa State University reports 18.5% on-campus testing positivity rate in first two weeks of school; 60% of coronavirus cases in California are Latinos; Three members of same family in California contracted COVID-19 within days, two died; Kremlin: No reason to blame Putin for suspected poisoning; White House: Poisoning of Putin critic “reprehensible”, won’t say if Trump talked with Putin about new claims; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 03, 2020
New CNN poll: Biden tops Trump 51% to 43%; 17 states report upticks in new cases; Pelosi on criticism over salon visit: “it was a set up”; Trump pushes “law & order” message amid unrest
CNN Poll: Biden leading on almost all major issues; CNN poll: most not worried about crime and community; Fauci calls for “full-court press” on Covid-19 ahead of flu season; Iowa leads U.S. with highest Covid-19 infection rate; 17 states report new upticks in cases; Fauci: sending infected students home from college campuses is “the worst thing you could do”; Iowa’s Joni Ernst echoes conspiracy theory on death count, but medical experts say Covid deaths are undercounted; Sources: WH resigned to coronavirus spread, Trump instead focusing on re-election efforts on law & order; Trump appears to encourage people to vote twice; Biden to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin days after Trump’s trip; NYT: murder is up 16% since last year in 25 large U.S. cities; Trump pushes “law & order” message amid unrest; Sen. Murphy on gun reform nearly 8 years after Sandy Hook; Miami-Dade schools police: cyber attack traced to both local and international sources; Suburban Ohio voters divided on Trump Vs. Biden; Trump campaign to spend $5.6 mil on TV ads in Ohio this month     To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 02, 2020
Trump knocks Fauci: “I inherited him,” Fauci says “we’re all on the same team”; Jill Biden: Trump’s America is “chaos”; Federal investigators: Police tased Jacob Blake twice before shooting, 88 witnesses interviewed; Trump denies health issues as new book raises more questions about unannounced trip to Walter Reed; Mail delays linked to deaths of animals in transit;
Trump on Blake shooting, says he feels “terribly for anyone who goes through that”; Trump visits Wisconsin to meet with law enforcement one week after police shooting of Jacob Blake; Giroir dismisses daily testing: “I don’t live in a utopian world”; Astrazeneca’s vaccine becomes 3rd to begin phase 3 trials in U.S.; Fauci: A vaccine should be “shown to be safe & effective”; Han says resignation is an “option” if he’s pressured to release a vaccine before it’s ready; FL Gov: Nursing home visitations resume amid coronavirus; WH Task Force warns Iowa could see a dire rise in COVID cases; Officials warn Labor Day will be key for containing COVID this fall; Fauci: Asymptomatic people can & should be tested; Trump’s COVID adviser denies pushing for herd immunity, but Trump official says he’s pushing for policies in the same vein; Jacob Blake’s family hosts community event, calls for peace as Trump visits Kenosha, WI; Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend files lawsuit against police; Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend: Charges against me were meant to cover up Breonna’s murder; Homeland Security sends letter to Portland: “No choice” but to protect Americans in Portland; New Book: Pence was on standby to “take over” during Trump’s unannounced hospital visit last November; WH doesn’t deny report VP Pence was on standby to “take over” during Trump’s hospital visit; Jill Biden says Secretary of Education will be someone who has been in public schools; House to subpoena postmaster general for withholding documents related to mail delays; Congress flooded with complaints over prescriptions being held up in the mail; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sep 01, 2020
Biden: Trump “sows chaos” & “makes things worse”; U.S. hits more than six million COVID cases; WAPO: Trump health advisor is pushing herd immunity strategy despite warnings from Fauci, medical officials; Biden says he hopes to be able to visit Wisconsin as governor tells Trump to stay home;
Trump to visit Wisconsin as he pushes “law and order”; Trump to visit Wisconsin despite governor’s opposition; White House: Trump to visit “hurting Americans” in Wisconsin; Trump strokes chaos, threatens to intervene in “rime infested” cities; Biden: are you safe in Trump’s America?; Biden’s response to Trump’s attacks: do I look like a radical socialist?; Trump calls Biden weak on crime as his own favorability numbers fall; Trump seizes on Portland protest, ignores violence by supporters; Prominent docs call for independent panel to review vaccines; 8,700+ cases reported at collages in at least 36 states; FDA head says he’s willing to consider COVID vaccine approval before phase three trials are over; Poll: 40% of Americans wouldn’t get COVID vaccine if it existed; Trump medical advisor denies supporting herd immunity strategy; Former FDA head warn U.S. should not follow Sweden’s model and attempt herd immunity; Fauci: “enormous” death toll is U.S. attempts herd immunity; Curfew in Kenosha, Wisconsin extended for rest of week; WH: Trump has no plans to meet with Jacob Blake family Tuesday; Police in Portland brace for 95th straight night of protests; Portland police: early 30 arrested Sunday after protest took aim at officers throwing rocks, eggs; Deadly shooting in violent clash between Trump supporters and protesters in Portland; QAnon supporters join thousands protesting COVID restrictions in Germany; QAnon conspiracy theory: Trump is an “angel” who will rid would of COVID after election; QAnon supporters gather in Germany wearing Trump shirts, MAGA hats during COVID protest; American, Delta, United ditching change fees to encourage travel; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 31, 2020
Thousands march on Washington for justice 57 years after MLK’s “I have a dream” speech; Trump claims he’s “law and order” president as he condemns “lawlessness” happening when he’s in charge; IHME Model projects 317,000+ U.S. deaths by December; 1.25 million acres torched in California wildfires;
Trump returns to campaign trail tonight after RNC speech; Trump claims Biden would destroy America in speech filled with lies and misleading claims; Kenosha police union claims Jacob Blake was armed with a knife; Atty: Jacob Blake no longer shackled, warrant for him “vacated”; Trump grants full pardon to Alice Johnson; Alice Johnson: “Compassion” of Trump freed me from a life sentence in prison; Obama granted 1,900+ clemencies while in office, Trump has granted 36 so far; Trump paints dark view of America, claims Biden will make U.S. unsafe; Former Trump homeland security official backing Biden; Ex-DHS Official: Country will be less safe if Trump wins; Mass gatherings in Washington, DC spark concern over virus spread; Trump defies his experts, holds RNC with 1,000+ people; Colleges across U.S. report 8,000+ COVID cases; White House announces purchase of 150M new 15-minute tests; IHME: If there was 95% mask wearing in public, 67,000 deaths could be avoided; Trump argues U.S. is unsafe and only he can fix it despite being president for nearly 4 years; Protesters surround Sen. Rand Paul after Trump speech; Hurricane Laura kills 6 people in Louisiana; RNC makes no mention of climate change as hurricane hits Louisiana & wildfires rage in California; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 28, 2020
Trump refuses to comment on Jacob Blake shooting; Biden: Trump believes violence can help him politically; Hurricane Laura kills at least four people in Louisiana; Mora than 180,000 in the U.S. dead from COVID-19; 1 million Americans filed first-time unemployment claims last week;
Harris: We won’t let vigilantes derail the path to justice; Trump, Pence yet to address family of Jacob Blake; Police: IL teen charged with homicide in Kenosha protest shooting; NBA players decide to resume playoffs after strike over shooting; Tropical storm Laura hits Arkansas with damaging wind & rain; Trump says he will visit Gulf to see hurricane damage this weekend; Louisiana Gov: “Tremendous amount of damage” from Laura; Buildings flattened, roads under water, massive power outages after category 4 Laura makes landfall; More than 800,000 without power in Texas, Louisiana; WH Official: CDC guidance changed because of testing backlog; Report: Vaccine should go to frontline health care workers first; FDA authorizes emergency use of new COVID rapid test; 1.8 million jobs added to economy in July; Lord and Taylor, first American dept. store, closes after nearly 200 years; In unprecedented move, Pres. Trump will accept nomination in front of large crowd, from White House; Pres. Trump to address hurricane Laura, unrest in Kenosha in speech tonight; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 27, 2020
Chief of staff defends Trump’s use of White House in convention; Source: CDC recommending fewer people be tested after pressure from the “top” of Trump administration; All NBA playoff games postponed tonight after Jacob Blake shooting
Sources: VP Pence to define Dems as “out of touch & dangerous”; House Dems demand investigation of Vindman firings; Trump invites conspiracy theorist who won GOP primary to WH for his speech tomorrow night; Moderna vaccine data shows all ages tolerate vaccine well; Fauci “concerned” about new CDC guidelines on testing; Milwaukee Bucks boycott NBA playoff game after Jacob Blake shooting   To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 26, 2020
Night 1 of RNC filled with dark, gloomy rhetoric; Heartland emerges as hot spot as sunbelt sees declines; Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns as president of Liberty Univ. amid sex scandal; Kenosha, WI center of nationwide protests after police shoot unarmed black man;
FDA Chief apologizes for overstating plasma benefits, but insists authorization not politically motivated; Dr. Fauci warns against premature authorization of vaccine; Johns Hopkins doctor: Outbreaks in U.S. are “rolling hotspots”; University of Alabama records 500+ new cases in six days; Trump praises his response to COVID-19 despite nearly 180,000 dead; RNC speakers spread fear, claim Dems will destroy families; RNC promised optimism but warned of a terrifying future; Tonight’s key speakers include first lady Melania Trump, Secy of State Mike Pompeo, Eric & Tiffany Trump; First Lady’s RNC speech was not vetted by the West Wing; Former Republican appointees blast Trump, endorse Biden; Michael Cohen slams Trump in new campaign ad: “You shouldn’t believe a word he utters”; Protests underway over police killing of Breonna Taylor; Jacob Blake’s father: Police shooting paralyzed my son; No explanation given for shooting, two WI officers put on leave; Former Wisconsin governor on police shooting of unarmed black man; Republicans praise Trump’s handling of pandemic; “Hoax” details how deeply Trump influences Fox News; New book: Hannity associate says Fox News host thinks Trump is a “batsh*t crazy person”; Washington Free Beacon: Liberal site spent millions on “deceptive” Facebook campaign; Hurricane Laura strengthens as it moves towards Gulf Coast on heels of tropical storm Marco; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 25, 2020
Serious questions over Trump possibly rushing treatment, vaccine; RNC formally nominates Trump for second term;Video shows Kenosha, WI police shooting Jacob Blake multiple times in back; Judge sides with Florida teacher’s union rules state cannot force schools to reopen in-person class for now;
Trump praises FDA chief after attacking agency and putting pressure to rush treatments & vaccines; WH chief of staff: Pres wants to make sure FDA “feels the heat”; Sources: WH officials raised possibility of emergency use authorization for vaccine before finished phase 3 trials; Trump attacks FDA; Accuses agency of trying to hurt him politically; Trump’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway leaving WH; Recording reveals Trump’s sister called him ‘cruel’; New York AG seeks to depose Eric Trump in investigation; Biden campaign says Harris will highlight Trump’s “failed leadership” in speech this week; Biden responds to Trump attacks on his mental state: “watch me”; Campaign says Biden has not been tested for coronavirus; Kenosha county sheriff orders 8pm curfew tonight after protesters torched cars, broke windows overnight; Family attorney: Blake’s 3 children were in car during shooting, says Blake was breaking up a fight between two women; Daily COVID-19 infections, deaths falling in the U.S.; First possible case of patient getting reinfected with COVID; Scientists: patient may have had COVID twice within 142 days; FDA gives emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma; Biden, Harris will be regulartly tested for coronavirus; DeJoy spoke to Trump campaign associates about attacks on mail-in voting; Pres. Trump attacks vote-by-mail, postmaster says it’s “unhelpful”; Tropical storms Marco and Laura on path towards gulf coast; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 24, 2020
Biden accepts Dem nomination in career-defining speech; Trump claims vote by mail will be a “catastrophe”; Postal Chief: No plans to bring back removed sorting machines; CDC predicts nearly 195,000 COVID deaths in U.S. by Sept. 12;
Postal Chief: All ballots can be delivered “securely & on time”; Postal Chief who donated to Trump campaign says he never discussed changes with Trump or WH; Colleges in at least 19 states see outbreaks on campus; Biden vows to lead America out of darkness in DNC speech; Campaign Aide: Not sure if Biden will hit campaign trail this fall, “new confidence” he can reach voters in other ways; Trump slams DNC as “darkest” & “gloomiest” convention in history; Trump vows to send sheriffs & law enforcement to polls on election day; All eyes on Trump after Biden’s well-received nomination; Six-year-old girl is the youngest to die from virus in Florida; Researchers: Mandatory mask policy also leads to increased social distancing & hand washing; W.H.O., UNICEF to release new guidance for kids & masks; Trump approves additional funding to help rebuild Iowa; Thousands of Iowans without power nearly two weeks after storm; Fitness trainer uses his decade behind bars to inspire clients; W.H.O.: No country can just “ride this out” waiting for a vaccine; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 21, 2020
Bannon arrested by postal Inspectors on yacht off Connecticut coast; Tonight: Biden formally accepts Dem nomination for President; Trump attacks Biden in speech near Biden’s hometown; Trump refuses to denounce fringe group labeled by the FBI as a potential domestic terrorism threat;
Trump’s former WH strategist Steve Bannon charged with fraud; Bannon accused of using donations to pay personal expenses; Trump: Bannon’s arrest on fraud charges is very “sad”; Trump: Didn’t know much about Bannon’s wall fundraising; “sounded to me like showboating” & “I didn’t like it”; Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy tests positive for coronavirus; Dr. Anthony Fauci undergoes surgery for vocal cord polyp; Operation Warp Speed Chief predicts vaccine to be widely available sometime next year; Russia says coronavirus vaccine trials to move forward with 40,000 people; Detroit teachers authorize potential strike over COVID-19 safety fears; Aide: Biden’s speech will strongly criticize Trump but also be forward-looking and optimistic; Fmr. VP set to deliver biggest political speech of his life; CNN Special Report explores women’s rights, Saturday 10pm ET; Trump embraces conspiracy group QAnon because “they like me”; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 20, 2020
Former GOP representative Charlie Dent endorses Biden; Kamala Harris, Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton headline tonight’s DNC; CNN poll: 56% of Americans willing to receive Covid vaccine; Trump campaign sues New Jersey, claiming mailing ballots to all voters would “invite fraud”
Harris set to make history tonight with nomination for VP; W.H.O. official to young people: you’re not “invincible” to virus; NY Gov. wants schools to reexamine opening plans; NYT: FDA halts blood plasma authorization over weak data; Experts: pooled testing is not being used widely in the U.S.; U.S. Army discontinued testing on unproven therapeutic; Aides: Harris wants “people to see themselves in her speech”; Republican primary candidate target of fake texts, Youtube video falsely claiming he dropped out; Lingering health effects of coronavirus begin to emerge   To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 19, 2020
Special Edition: Postmaster General suspends changes to Postal Service; U.S. averaging 1,000+ deaths daily from COVID-19; Tonight’s headliners include Jill Biden and former Pres. Bill Clinton; Former Trump official endorses Biden; CNN Poll: 34% of voters want to cast ballots by mail; Michelle Obama slams Trump: He “cannot meet the moment”;
UNC Chapel Hill moves classes online after 130 students test positive for COVID-19; Schools at all levels battling COVID-19; Cases in U.S. declining as average deaths remain at 1,000+ per day; NYT: Researchers say herd immunity threshold could be 50%; Testing Czar: Saliva test used by NBA could be a “game changer”; Researchers struggling to recruit minorities for vaccine clinical trials; Study: Flu & other viruses may spread in dust; 7 sick passengers infect others on flight; CNN Poll: 42% of Americans not confident votes will be cast and counted accurately; Majority of Americans worry voting will be too difficult this fall in new CNN polling; CNN Poll: 53% of Biden supporters want to vote by mail while 66% of Trump supporters want to vote in person; Jill Biden to address convention from school where she taught; Source: Bill Clinton to deliver sharpest rebuke of Trump yet; Trump: Michelle Obama “over her head”, speech was “divisive”; Daughter of Trump supporter: My father died from COVID after trusting the president; Former Trump administration official now backing Biden; Ex-Trump Official: What I witnessed was terrifying; Trump tries to appeal to women with “suburban housewife” trope; Senate Intel Report: Trump Campaign welcomed Russia’s help in 2016; 21 states trending down in weekly COVID cases; New Studies: People may have stronger immune system; Michelle Obama: “Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country”; Wuhan hosts massive water park party as coronavirus concerns recede; New Zealand PM fires back at Trump on new cases; Number of COVID-19 cases in Paris jumps six-fold since beginning of month; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 18, 2020
Special Edition: Trump “looking at” unproven treatment pushed by MyPillow CEO; Democratic national convention kicks off tonight across four cities with hundreds of live video feeds; Former Trump official to endorse Joe Biden; Trump rails against universal mail in ballots;
FDA grants emergency authorization for COVID-19 saliva test; CDC says virus rates in children are “steadily increasing”; Researchers struggling to recruit minorities for vaccine clinical trials; Los Angeles schools announce massive testing plan to get kids back in classrooms; COVID-19 deaths in U.S. top 170,000, nearly 5.5 million cases; Georgia college kids throw packed party, spark outbreak concerns; UNC Chapel Hill switches to remote classes after cases rise; Former Trump official: what I saw was “terrifying”; Michelle Obama, Sen. Sanders to speak at say one of DNC; DNC day one speakers focusing on sending a message of unity; Michelle Obama headlines first night of democratic convention; “I know Joe”: preview of Michelle Obama’s speech tonight; New CNN poll: race tightens ahead of democratic convention; CNN poll: Biden’s lead over Trump shrinks as enthusiasm grows; New CNN poll shows dead heat in key battleground states; CNN poll: Biden has 4 point lead over President Trump; Atlanta mayor discusses upcoming convention speech; Pelosi calls for house to return from recess for postal service vote; Postmaster general agrees to testify before congress; Speaker Pelosi to seek $@5 billion for post office USPS funding; WH chief of staff: mail sorting machines won’t be removed; Trump false suggests ballot drop boxes could lead to voter fraud; Post office says it will stop removing collection boxes until after election; Trump asks why post office hearing is during RNC and not DNC U.S. intelligence indicates Iran paid bounties to Taliban for targeting American troops in Afghanistan; Trump kicks off multi-day campaign trip to counter DNC; WH announces plans to drill in arctic national wildlife refuge; Trump may hold memorial service for his brother at the WH; South Korea orders thousands of church members tested after outbreak; New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern delays election by 4 weeks over COVID-19; Trump approves emergency declaration for Iowa Derecho; California ravaged by wildfires and record heat wave To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 17, 2020
Infectious disease expert: We need another lockdown; One-on-one with Trump’s testing Czar; Trump promotes baseless birther lie about Kamala Harris; Obama: Trump trying to “actively kneecap” the Postal Service;
At least 230 cases reported from schools; California first state to report 600,000; CDC: Death toll may reach 200K in three weeks; WH COVID-19 adviser claims “young people are not at serious risk” as cases among children increase by 90”; WH testing Czar: “Don’t get hung up on the number” of tests; Testing Chief: Appropriate to do about 800,000 daily tests, experts say U.S. should be doing 4-5 million tests daily; WH testing Czar: Government has done everything it can on testing; Trump to visit three swing states in biggest campaign push since June; Trump congratulates QAnon supporter on GA GOP primary win; Trump visits brother hospitalized in New York; Biden releases coronavirus ads after calling for mask mandate; Poll: 74% of Americans support national mask mandate; Post office warns govs some ballots may not be delivered in time; Trump admits he’s blocking postal funding to stop mail-in votes; Postal Service watchdog to investigate new changes made by agency’s leader, possible ethics conflicts; Russia says U.S. rejected its offer to help with vaccine; Russia claims U.S. companies are interested in its vaccine; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 14, 2020
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris call for nationwide mask mandate; Trump says he’s against funding Post Office because money will be used for mail-in voting; Facebook cybersecurity chief on misinformation crackdown; Some AZ Republicans organize to defeat Trump in November;
Over 2,000 students, teachers, staff quarantined as schools reopen; CDC Director warns of “worst fall” in history; Fauci calls the upticks in positive tests “disturbing”; Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, & Oklahoma report positive cases for teachers, students & athletes; CDC Survey: COVID-19 has had a “broad impact” on mental health; Trump ties Postal Service funding to mail-in voting, says “they just can’t have it”; Biden: “Pure Trump” to link Postal Service funding to mail-in voting; Trump rails against FBI Director, pressures AG Barr to prove Obama admin spied on him; Trump calls Biden’s new VP pick a “madwoman” and “angry”; Jared Kushner confirms he met with Kanye West in CO., says they had “general discussion” about policy; Israel, UAE agree to establish formal diplomatic ties; Netanyahu: Annexation “not removed from the table”; Palestine liberation organization rejects UAE, Israel agreement; Facebook rolls out new tools to fight misinformation as Trump uses site to spread lies about mail-in voting; Doctors baffled by COVID “long haulers” who experience symptoms months after diagnosis; Months after diagnosis, COVID patients still has blood clots, seizures, tremors, memory loss; AZ Republican: I’m voting for Biden because I’m “disgusted”; Jobless claims dip below 1 million for first time since March; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 13, 2020
Sources: Biden long believed Harris was strongest choice; Trump reverts to stereotypes as campaign struggles to respond to Harris; Biden, Harris appear together for first time as running mates
Source: in interview, Harris spoke at length about her relationship with Biden’s late son Beau; Beau Biden bonded Kamala Harris with Joe; Biden says Harris’ friendship with Beau helped guide his decision     To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 12, 2020
Breaking News: Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris as running mate
Biden, Harris to appear for first time as running mates tomorrow; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 11, 2020
The U.S. death toll in the last 10 days more than most nations during the entire pandemic; WH fights back against GOP criticism of Trump’s executive actions; Duke study tests effectiveness of 14 different masks; How Pentagon officials “fooled” Trump into keeping troops in Syria; Chicago in disarray after a night of shootings, looting, & destruction;
Report: 97,000 children infected in last 2 weeks of July; Surge in positive child cases as school open doors across U.S.; GA school in viral photo temporarily closes after 9 test positive; GA lawmaker sets up whistleblower email for people to report issues in schools; Texas positivity rate hits record high at 20%; Reports: top college conferences weigh canceling football season; Experts: “no way” Moderna vaccine will be ready by Nov election; Report: U.S. among worst performing countries handling COVID-19; GOP’s Sasse calls Trump’s executive orders “unconstitutional slop”; Trump says top democrats reached out for negotiations, Schumer & Pelosi say there’s been no contact since Friday; Trump: convention speech will be at WH or Gettysburg; NYT: WH inquired about adding Trump to Mount Rushmore; Trump claims WH never asked about adding his face to Mount Rushmore but says it’s a “good idea”; Study: neck gaiters less effective than not wearing mask; Study: bandanas and knit masks do not offer much protection; Osterholm & Kashkari: we need another lockdown; Should the U.S. go into a second lockdown?; Intel officials feared Russia was trying to “recruit” Trump; Top U.S. official: Russia attempting 2020 election interference;  Concerns mount over mail-in ballots ahead of election; Postal worker: “we’re not providing the service that we provided” before Trump appointee took charge; Post office under scrutiny over cost cutting measures; Biden expected to name his running mate this week; Biden campaign pushes back against sexist allegations leveled at possible VP picks; Major U.S. cities continue to see uptick in violence & crime, some seek federal assistance; Over 100 arrested, at least 13 officers injured in Chicago as looters wreak havoc across downtown; Chicago police increase presence amid rising tensions & violence; New video captures moment blast decimated Beirut port; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 10, 2020
160K U.S. deaths, with at least 130K more projected this year; Intel Officials: Russia, China & Iran trying to interfere election; No deal between WH, Dems on new economic relief bill; Bill Gates: Climate crisis will inflict similar loss of life, economic damages as COVID-19;
New data shows 64% of cases are ages 25-64; Hospitals prepare as 250K expected in SD for motorcycle rally; COVID-19 testing declining in at least 29 states; Intel Officials: Russia spreading false info about Biden while China & Iran are attempting to damage Trump; Trump seizes on Biden’s comments on black and Latino diversity; Biden seeks to clarify comment that Latinos are diverse “unlike the African American community”; U.S. adds 1.8M jobs in July, unemployment falls to 10.2%; Cuomo: All NY school districts are authorized to open; Trump pushes for school reopenings, as the W.H.O. says the pandemic is skewing younger; At least 7.1 million students in the U.S. starting school fully online; AZ facing influx of thousands of students, tourists; Data shows stricter measures in AZ are working, but experts warn the state is not in the clear; AZ gov credits masks & distancing for declining cases; Woman still battling virus side effects after 140+ days; Michelle Obama says she’s doing “just fine” after opening up about low grade depression; Study: 1 in 3 Americans suffering from anxiety or depression; World confronts two deadly global crises; Experts warn of anti-science bias amid two crises; Postal Service head says election mail will not be slowed down despite Trump’s claims of delays; Dems want investigation into Postal Service before election; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 07, 2020
New model: U.S. death toll could reach nearly 300,000 by December; Ohio governor speaks after positive COVID-19 test; Some Senators leave town with no relief deal for struggling Americans; What’s driving Biden’s running mate decision;
Trump falsely says kids are “almost immune” to COVID-19; Trump claims virus will “go away”, Fauci says it won’t ever disappear; Trump claims Biden, a devout catholic, wants to “hurt god”; FDA commissioner denies political pressure over COVID-19 vaccine; Trump “optimistic” a vaccine would be ready by election while White House medical experts predict early 2021; WH, Dems “trillion of dollars” apart on stimulus deal; Another 1.2 million Americans file for unemployment benefits; Grocery store prices spike as more Americans are stuck at home and processing plants are forced to close; Ohio GOP gov tests positive ahead of meeting with Trump; State department lifts global “do not travel” advisory; Germany sees 1,000 new cases in a day for first time in 2+ months; Germany requiring tests for travelers from high-risk places; TSA to install plastic shields at airport security checkpoints; Delta CEO warns of “long and somewhat choppy” recovery; Biden could announce his running mate any day now; Kamala Harris, Karen Bass & Susan Rice among top contenders; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 06, 2020
Fauci: state of testing in the U.S. “unacceptable, period”; Partisan fight over stimulus bill leaves millions of Americans in limbo, struggling; Georgia 2nd grader tests positive after first day of school
N.I.H. announces two new trials for antibody treatments; Without proof, Trump claims mail-in voting would be a “disaster,” then moments later, endorses Arizona mail-in voting; Families struggle to pay bills without $600 unemployment boost; Several people in Mississippi school district test positive after return to class; 100+ kids quarantined; Nurse saves her newborns at hospital near blast site; Lebanese officials: 2000+ tons of ammonium nitrate caused blast; Def Sec: most believe Beirut blast was an accident, after Trump suggests it was a bomb attack To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 05, 2020
Trump on COVID-19 death toll: “It is what it is”; Health Minister: At least 50 dead, 2,750+ injured in Beirut blast; Trump: Virus “under control as much as you can control it”; Sources: WH, top Dems nowhere near deal on stimulus bill;
Dr. Fauci: New community spread outbreaks are “insidious”; Trump defends holding Tulsa rally by touting TV ratings; Trump falsely claims virus “under control” as death toll climbs; Study: Need comprehensive testing & tracing to reopen schools; “It is what it is”: Trump responds to 156,000+ Americans dying of virus; Trump makes false claims about U.S. testing, death rates; National Sec adviser at WH after recovering from COVID; Lebanese Red Cross makes urgent call for blood donations; Lebanese official blames “confiscated high explosive material” for blast injuring hundreds in Beirut; The testing crisis: what 20 experts say they need from fed govt; Trump testing Czar: “Tell me one thing we should be doing”; 20 experts to CNN: More supplies & support; Lab official: We need support at the federal level for testing; The consensus from 20 experts: Trump administration is not doing enough to increase testing capacity; Trump falsely claims there is too much testing; Voters cast primary ballots in 5 states, all offer mail-in-voting due to pandemic; Trump contradicts himself, encourages Floridians to vote by mail; Trump claims without evidence mail-in voting is plagued by fraud; Trump downplays John Lewis’ legacy, complains Lewis “didn’t come to my inauguration”; Vulnerable GOP lawmaker: If we can’t get a deal, “we have failed the American people”; 100M+ at risk for flooding, damaging winds as Isaias moves north; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 04, 2020
W.H.O.: there may never be a pandemic “silver bullet”; Trump attacks Birx after she said virus is “widespread” in U.S.; New report examines “how the pandemic defeated America”; Trump: U.S. will soon see great treatments & vaccine;
Dr. Birx: U.S. has entered “new phase” of the pandemic; W.H.O.: COVID impact to be felt for “decades to come”; In Georgia county, 250 school employees not working after testing positive or being exposed to COVID-19; Study: some show signs of immunity without exposure to virus; Pelosi doubles down on lack of confidence in Birx; Trump still pushing hydroxychloroquine, contradicting WH officials; WH now requires staff to take random COVID tests; Trump promised new heath care plan two weeks ago, still no announcement; Trump’s new campaign manager wants “more debates, starting sooner”; Biden defends Dr. Birx, vows to focus on virus; Stimulus negotiations in a “bad pace” despite optimistic talk; Trump says he’s “totally involved” with stimulus talks, claims democrats “want bailout money”; The Atlantic slams Trump: “America first was America oblivious”; New report: “bloated, inefficient health-care system left hospitals ill-prepared” for wave of virus patients; New report: “racist policies” left minorities especially vulnerable; The Atlantic: “everything that went wrong with America’s response… was predictable and preventable”; Scientists fear Trump will try to roll out vaccine early; Dr. Fauci: there is no one-size-fits-all with vaccines; AZ couple “paid the price” for not wearing masks, social distancing; Mask debate rages on in parts of the U.S., as cases rise in rural areas; Judge speaks out about deadly attack against her family for first time, says her son died protecting his father from gunman; In powerful video, Judge Salas says son’s death “cannot be in vain”, calls for more protection for judges: this is “life or death”; Isaias expected to become a hurricane before landfall in Carolinas; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Aug 03, 2020
U.S. tops 4.5 million cases; nearly 153,000 deaths from COVID-19; Trump in Florida as coronavirus deaths hit new record & hurricane moves in; Postal Service: “We’re not slowing down election mail”; CDC: 260 kids and staff infected at Georgia camp;
CDC Dir: 5 steps give “same bang for buck” as shutting economy; Fauci: Safe & effective vaccine by end of 2020 real possibility; Fauci: Virus got worse because U.S. unevenly shut down; Fauci: “Avoid crowds of any type no matter where you are”; Testing Czar: U.S. can’t guarantee test results in 48-72 hours; CDC forecast projects more than 173,000 U.S. deaths by Aug 22; Extra federal unemployment benefits expire tonight while White House & Pelosi trade jabs; Congress adjourns without stimulus agreement; Pelosi slams GOP stimulus offers “public relations stunt”; Trump claims without evidence election will be “rigged” as Trump campaign reviews messaging strategy; Trump claims 2020 will be “election disaster” as Dems & GOP agree he can’t delay election; Trump falsely repeats more testing has led to more U.S. cases; Report: Camp didn’t follow all CDC guidance, lead to outbreak; 60 of 101 largest U.S. school districts starting year with all online classes; NYC Mayor: Infection rate must be below 3% to reopen schools; Trump renews unfounded claim mail-in ballots will “rig” election; Postal workers warn of delivery backlogs, possible ballot delays in November; Postal Service: Notion of Trump’s political influence on postmaster is “wholly misplaced and off-base”; Trump holding event at airport in Florida; Parents die 15 days apart, leaving two young sons behind; Kurds displaced & helpless since U.S. forces abandoned them; Life on the Turkish-Syrian border nine months after U.S. abandoned Kurdish allies; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 31, 2020
Trump falsely claims mail-in voting will create widespread fraud; Obama condemns Trump’s efforts to discourage mail-in voting; U.S. plunges into recession, worst economic drop on record; Pentagon Task Force to release new report on UFO encounters; Florida sets new record for virus deaths for third straight day;
Congress deadlocked on new economic stimulus; Trump floats delaying election despite no authority to do so; Trump Campaign: Pres simply raising question of election security; Fauci warns virus resurgence is moving into Midwestern states; FDA could grant emergency use for vaccine in weeks after proven effective; Former CEO and presidential candidate Herman Cain dies from virus; Phillies cancel all stadium activities after 2 staff test positive; New study raises questions about young children transmitting virus; U.S. hits first recession in 11 years, weekly jobless claims rise for second week in a row; Next report on economic growth due out days before election; Eviction threat looms for millions of Americans; Aspen Institute: 20 million+ Americans at risk of eviction; Census survey: More than 40% of black renters say they had little or no confidence in paying August rent; CNN conducts first TV interview with head of operation Warp Speed, who is working on vaccine; Operation Warp Speed leader: Vaccine will likely be 90% effective; Amount of time vaccine will protect against COVID-19 still unknown says Operation Warp Speed leader; Operation Warp Speed leader “optimistic” vaccines will be available for all Americans in first half of 2021; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 30, 2020
U.S. surpasses 150,000 deaths from COVID-19; GOP Rep. Gohmert tests positive for coronavirus, was supposed to fly with Trump to Texas today; Trump had at least seven calls with Putin since intel on Russian bounty plot appeared in his daily briefing; New push to renew Voting Rights Act after John Lewis’ death
U.S. hits deadliest day of the summer from coronavirus; Second Republican set to meet with Trump today tests positive; Trump targets suburban voters with repeal of housing rule; Trump admits he never discussed Iran bounties on U.S. troops with Putin; Trump had at least seven calls with Putin since intel on Russian bounty plot appeared in his daily briefing; Trump plans to pull 12k troops from Germany, dozens of Republicans say move will encourage Russian aggression; Survey: nearly 50% of Brazil’s doctors feel pressure to prescribe unproven medicine as coronavirus treatment; Brazil’s president continues to tout effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine without proven success; Medical experts: “we’re failing” and to reopen U.S. need to fix testing, do two million tests per day; New push to renew Voting Rights Act after John Lewis’ death; GOP officials resist pressure to expand mail-in voting; Civil rights group: 1,688 polling places closed after Supreme Court invalidated Voting Rights Act; Texas man dies after getting COVID at father’s birthday party To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 29, 2020
Biden addresses systemic racism in economic speech; AG Barr spars with Dem lawmakers in contentious hearing; Fauci, Birx concerned about virus spikes in OH, IN, TN & KY; Trump promotes reckless claims on coronavirus, renews attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci;
Biden slams Trump: A change of “tone” over a few days doesn’t change the facts of last four years; Biden: I will choose a running mate the first week in August; AG  Barr: Calls to defund police “grossly irresponsible”; Barr to Dems: Can you point to one Trump enemy I’ve indicted?; Barr: No reason to think 2020 election will be rigged; Nadler: AG Barr “aided and abetted” worst failings of Trump; Republicans defend AG Barr, accuse Dems of playing politics; AG Barr claims he has been trying to “restore the Rule of Law”; GOP Rep. Jordan shows mashup of reporters saying “peaceful protests” out of context during Barr hearing; Dr. Fauci responds to Trump: I have not mislead the public; Florida reports new record number of virus deaths; 22 states seeing rise in cases, 20 holding steady, 8 declining; More Miami Marlins players reportedly test positive as commissioner warns outbreak could shut down season; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 28, 2020
Trump in hotspot North Carolina as polls show more Americans disapprove of how he’s handling virus; First phase 3 clinical trial of vaccine in U.S. starts today; Miami Beach mayor: DeSanctis “unprepared” on contact tracing, blames governor for “unconstrained growth” of COVID cases; Protests & violence in Portland, Seattle as Trump tweets protesters are “anarchists”;
Pres Trump’s national security advisor tests positive, WH: Trump not at risk; WH testing czar says U.S. not where it need to be; Trump won’t say if alleged bounties on troops came up in Putin call; 7-day average for new case at lowest level in 10 days; COVID-19 deaths on the rise in at least 29 states; Moderna begins first phase 3 clinical trial of vaccine in U.S., 30,000 adults expected to participate; MLB season lasts just 4 days before new cases force cancellations; Hurricane slams Texas coast as state battles virus surge; Google extends work-from-home until at least July 2021; Some medical experts now calling for nationwide lockdown; Dr. Birx says Kentucky should close bars as cases spike; Florida reports nearly 9,000 new COVID cases, 77 more deaths; Hialeah mayor: Gov DeSanctis forgot about my city; CNN poll: 63% of Floridians say DeSantis could do more to fight coronavirus; 46 Florida hospitals reach ICU capacity President Trump using protests to spread law & order messaging amid slipping poll numbers; 47 arrested, 59 police officers injured as Seattle protests become riot; Man shot and killed during a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin; WH already floating a smaller plan B package on same day GOP unveils bill; GOP propose cutting unemployment benefits by $400/per person; Republicans unveil $1 trillion coronavirus relief package; Pelosi calls on republicans to work with Dems to “get the job done” on stimulus package; Lewis motorcade stops at MLK memorial, Lincoln memorial, Black Lives Matter Plaza before U.S. capitol ceremony; Rep. John Lewis is first black lawmaker to lie in state at U.S. capitol rotunda; Tonight: public allowed to pay respects to Rep. john Lewis; President Trump will not visit capitol to pay respects to Rep. John Lewis To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 27, 2020
Fauci: all options must be on the table in fighting virus; Amid sinking polls, Trump tries to rewrite virus response; Ohio coronavirus hospitalizations hit record high; Washington among 25 states seeing a rise in cases;
US daily death toll topped 1,000 for third straight day; Hospitalizations hitting levels not seen since April peak; Birx: surge in U.S. “very serious” like we’re seeing 3 New Yorks; CDC pushes for schools to reopen in new guidance; Critics claim the agency is being politicized; Birx and Fauci: unclear how severely young kids spread COVID-19; Average new case counts down or flat in at least half of U.S.; Birx: Florida, Arizona, Texas & California plateauing; CA reports highest number of COVID-19 deaths in cone day; McDonald’s & Chipotle to require customers to wear masks; Trump cancels GOP convention activities in Florida, but North Carolina events are still on, for now; Sources: Trump erupted over defense dept ban on confederate flag; White House won’t say if Trump & Putin discussed election interference or bounties on Thursday call; Dr. Birx sees concerning rise in cases in two Ohio cities; Ohio governor’s statewide mask mandate is now in effect; At least one person died, 19 others infected at Ohio country fair;  WA tightens restrictions, announces mask requirement amid spike; Washington state sees surge in cases after easing lockdown; DHS admits to “inaccurate” statements in NY global entry ban; Any minute: China’s Houston consulate to officially close; Pompeo: China’s Houston consulate is “a hub for spying”; China forces U.S. to close consulate in Chengdu as tensions rise; U.S. officials: China’s consulates help run espionage network; Confusion & stress about policies and guidance on virus; The psychology of remote learning… for students, parents and teachers; CDC: COVID-19 on track to be a top 10 cause of death in 2020; Beloved Florida grandmother among victims of coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 24, 2020
U.S. hits four million coronavirus cases; Portland mayor tear-gassed as calls mount for Trump to withdraw agents; Temporary eviction ban expires tomorrow, final week of extra $600 federal payments; One-on-one with A-Rod as baseball returns during the pandemic;
Ex-FDA commissioner: U.S. could see 300,000 deaths; U.S. positivity rate rises as infections continue to spike; MLB returns tonight with no fans, handshakes or high-fives; U.S. timeline: Cases jump from 3 to 4 million in just 15 days, after taking 99 days to reach first million; Trump brags about passing test meant to detect early memory loss; Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV: What is Trump talking about?; Trump tweets warning about Biden to “suburban housewives”; White House says Trump and Putin spoke today about coronavirus & arms race; no mention of bounties; Trump to send hundreds of federal agents to “Democrat-run” cities; 1.4 million Americans file for unemployment, first weekly increase in almost 4 months; Sources: GOP stimulus proposals include new direct checks to Americans, $105B for schools, $26B for vaccine research; Senate Republicans reject Trump’s demand for payroll tax cut in new stimulus ban; Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Rep. Yoho called me a F*****g B***h”, gave permission to use “unacceptable” language against women; Alex Rodriguez on the return of baseball; Dr. Fauci to throw out first pitch at tonight’s Nationals game; Nationals star player tests positive ahead of tonight’s game; Remembering 13 nuns from single convent who died of virus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 23, 2020
Death toll Tuesday topped 1,000 for first time in two weeks; U.S. signs $1.95 billion deal with Pfizer for vaccine; Dem mayors to Trump admin: no federal forces in our cities; Republicans split on plans for new stimulus package
HHS Secy commits to free or affordable vaccines for all; 53 Florida ICU's at capacity despite Gov. downplaying surge; NFL to require fans to wear face coverings at games; Trump admits virus will get worse, finally endorses masks; Republicans split on plans for new stimulus package; WH counselor Kellyanne Conway says briefings are back because some states reopened "a little too quickly"; Cruz on GOP's coronavirus relief plan: "I'm a hell no"; Republicans split on plans for new stimulus package; Trump says he's sending "hundreds" of federal agents to Chicago; Trump admin abruptly orders Chinese  consulate in TX to close; Houston Fire Dept: crew "denied access" when called to fire at Chinese consulate's courtyard; China calls order to close consulate "political provocation"; Trump sends well wishes to Jeffrey Epstein associate  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 22, 2020
One-on-one with Dr. Anthony Fauci; U.S. coronavirus cases top 3.8 million, nearly 141,000 dead; Senate GOP battling WH, not Democrats, over new stimulus plan; Florida, Texas lead nation in daily coronavirus deaths; Trump to hold briefing, unclear if task force members will attend;
Dr. Fauci on not attending today’s briefing with Trump; Dr. Fauci: As a whole, we need to improve testing; Dr. Fauci: I consider myself a realist rather than an alarmist; Dr. Fauci: I would not wait to see if one vaccine is better than another; Dr. Fauci: We should try “as best as we can” to get children back to school; 3 million more infections and 86K deaths since President Trump last held a coronavirus briefing; CDC number of Americans who’ve had COVID-19 could be 6 to 24 times more than the official count; Texas reports several days in a row of over 10,000 new cases; Surgeon General: U.S. needs to lower COVID-19 transmission rate; 54 hospital intensive care units have reached capacity in FL; Drugmaker says Astrazeneca/Oxford vaccine could be ready by Sept.; Meadows on stimulus negotiations: “At our own 20 yard line”; Top WH officials meeting with lawmakers on next economic deal; McConnell supports another round of direct payments to Americans; 1,100 inmates with virus at federal prison in Texas; 500+ women with virus at another Texas facility; While Trump publicly attacks China, the Trump Org has bought more than 8 tons of goods from China; City of Houston lost three employees in one week to virus; Texas border county orders people to stay home as cases surge; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 21, 2020
Three vaccine trials show early promising results; Trump downplays virus threat, reappears claim it will “disappear”; Florida reporting more than 10,000 new COVID-19 cases; Los Angeles County breaks daily record for hospitalizations;
Still no new national strategy as U.S. nears 141,000 deaths; Trump tweets photo of himself wearing a mask, calls it “patriotic”; Death toll up week over week in at least 20 states; WV governor: multiple outbreaks linked to seven churches; MO gov on schools: infected kids will “go home” & “get over it”; Source: white house objecting to more funding for CDC and for states to increase testing, contact tracing; Trump says he’ll bring back briefings as his approval ratings falls; Miami to begin fining people for not wearing a mask; Emergency rooms overwhelmed, Miami-Dade ICU bed capacity at 130%; California reports 6,800+ new cases today, rise in hospitalizations; Air force medical team deploys to CA hospital amid surge; CA battling new surges despite being first state with shutdowns; What went wrong in California, as cases continue to surge; Los Angeles mayor: “on the brink” of another stay-at-home order; Gunman in NJ shooting identified as a lawyer; Had appending case in front of federal judge; Feds use tear gas on Portland protesters; Navy vet beaten & sprayed by federal officers in Portland; Mayors of five major cities call for removal of federal troops in joint letter to Trump & Barr; Trump announces plans to send more federal law enforcement to cities run by democrats; Longtime DC radio host Patrick Ellis among COVID-19 victims To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 20, 2020
U.S. shatters daily case record: 77K recorded in one day; Pentagon effectively bans confederate flags on military property; GA Gov sues Atlanta mayor over city’s mask mandate; U.S., U.K. & Canada accuse Russia of hacking vaccine research; Video raise questions about govt response to Portland protests;
AZ Doctor: People are fainting in line waiting for tests; CA Gov: Most counties shouldn’t have in-person school this fall; Moments ago: FL Gov says he won’t close gyms, says a healthy lifestyle will lead to lower coronavirus risk; Fauci: “Default” position should be to get kids back to school; Study: other coronaviruses may provide some immunity to COVID-19; Kellyanne Conway says Trump should resume daily briefings; Unpublished WH Task Force report shows 18 states in virus “Red Zone” should roll back reopenings; CDC delays release of more details on reopening schools; Sources: WH allows Fauci to resume national TV appearances; Fauci: State & local leaders should be “as forceful as possible”; Home Depot & Lowe’s join cascade of stores to require customers wear masks after Walmart, Target, CVS; Clashes escalate over mandatory mask rules; Corporate America takes lead on mask mandates in absence of national policy; 21 retail CEOs: “enough is enough”, all U.S. governors need to require masks in stores; Russia touts vaccine development but faces accusations of stealing research; Exclusive video of Russian lab Kremlin claims is close to coronavirus vaccine; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 17, 2020
COVID-19 deaths on the rise in at least 15 states; Florida sets new one-day death record from COVID19; Fauci & Trump spoke Wednesday, first time in more than a month; Savannah Mayor: GA Gov “does not give a damn about us”; 1.3 million more Americans file for unemployment benefits; WH: “Science should not stand in the way” of schools reopening;
Only two states seeing a decline in coronavirus cases; One month ago, Pence said “panic” over second wave “overblown”; Georgia governor bans all local mask mandates; Cases increase in 39 states, 9 states flat; only 2 declining; U.S. travel bans came too late for NYC according to CDC; Texas hotel being turned into hospital for non-coronavirus patients; Gov Cuomo tightens enforcement for NYC bars, restaurants; WH: “Science should not stand in the way” of schools reopening, citing study showing low risk to kids; New Study: Hydroxychloroquine touted by Trump doesn’t help any patients, hospitalized or not; WH: Trump “doing a lot of things at once” amid coronavirus surge; U.S., U.K. Canadian intelligence: Russian hack groups tried to steal COVID-19 research; American Airlines warns 25k employees of potential furloughs; NYC Mayor proposes hybrid of classroom & online learning; Mississippi & Connecticut: Similar states, opposite outcomes; Remembering a California father, veteran & community activist; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 16, 2020
Fauci says WH efforts to undermine him were "bizarre"; CDC estimates 20m cases in the U.S., when only 2m were diagnosed; Is it safe to send your kids to school in the fall?; Mary Trump: the president paid someone to take the SAT for him
Trump backs away from attacking Dr. Fauci after advisor pens op-ed saying Fauci is wrong about Covid; Hospital data will now be sent to Trump admin instead of CDC; Alabama becomes the 36th state to require masks in public; Miami-Dade testing positivity rate at more than 30%; Walmart mandates masks at all stores starting next week; CA reports 2nd highest one-day increase in cases & deaths; New poll shows Biden widening lead on Trump, as Trump's job approval drops to 36%; CDC estimates 20m cases in the U.S., when only 2m were diagnosed; Seven months into pandemic, questions remain on immunity, symptoms, and how it spreads; Study: nearly 25% of all U.S. teachers have conditions making them more vulnerable to coronavirus; Fauci clarifies remarks comparing Covid-19 to the 1918 flu pandemic; Florida surpasses 300,000 total Covid cases, 10k added today; 1 in 3 children tested for Covid in Florida tested positive; Deaths in Florida top 100 per day for third time in one week; Disney opens more parks in FL today as virus worsens in state   To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 15, 2020
Florida hits single day death record from COVID-19; Utah man dies in line waiting for coronavirus test; Trump’s coronavirus approval rating hits all-time low; Trump: More white people are killed by police than black people;
Trump in April: Cases going down, we hope to be under 100K deaths; 37 states increasing rates; 7 states flat; 6 states declining; More than 20 states pausing or suspending reopenings; Cuomo: U.S. will be “talking about” what NY did for “decades”; CDC Dir: Southern explosion in cases not because of re-opening; Adm. Giroir: U.S. “not there yet” but light at the end of this tunnel; Sen. Graham defends Fauci, says trying to undermine him “is not going to be productive”; Infectious disease experts rally behind Fauci, call campaign to undermine him “disturbing”; Source: Fauci staying on coronavirus task force despite WH attempt to discredit him; CDC Director: Most counties are in a position to reopen schools; NC schools to open for in-person and online learning in fall; Trump: Children and parents dying by keeping schools closed; Surge in cases causing long lines for tests; delays in results; Utah hospital chief warns of “unsustainable” rise in cases; Leading test lab: Surge in cases causing delays in test results averaging 7 days; Walmart considers mandatory mask rule at stores nationwide; Best Buy joins Costco, Starbucks requiring masks in stores; Coin shortage forces stores to limit payments to exact change or credit & debit cards; Trump Administration reversing policy, won’t deny intl students visas if colleges are all online; 49-year-old nurse dies after weeks-long battle with coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 14, 2020
CA gov orders bars to close, no indoor dining at restaurants; WH attempts to discredit Dr. Fauci after split with Trump; Los Angeles & San Diego to restart school online only in fall; Florida reports more new cases than all but 3 countries; Trump claims to get “rave reviews” for stone commutation;
California gov. rolls back reopening plans, orders bars to close & ends indoor dining at restaurants; Study: after infection, coronavirus immunity could decline in months; Trump turns on Fauci as virus surges; Trump claims to have a good relationship with Dr. Fauci but doesn’t always agree with him; Trump retweets conspiracy theorist & fmr. Game show host falsely suggesting CDC is lying about coronavirus; Trump admin insists all school reopen, offers no specifics on how to do so safely; Source: schools should not reopen in areas with 5-day increase in community spread; Nearly a quarter of all Florida cases are in Miami-Dade; Miami mayor: hospitals are at 91-92% capacity; Roger stone vows to help Trump get re-elected after his sentence was commuted Friday night; While most of GOP remains silent, Toomey & Romney slam Trump for commuting Stone’s 40-month sentence; Muller: Roger Stone is still a “convicted felon and rightly so”; WH attacks Mueller, defends Trump’s commutation of confidant; Sessions brushes of latest Trump insults as he battles fmr. Auburn football coach in runoff; Jeff Sessions running for his old Alabama senate seat; Trump endorses Tuberville over his former AG Sessions in Tuesday’s Alabama GOP senate primary; Remembering Rick Rose, war vet died from COVID-19 on July 4th; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 13, 2020
Trump fundraises in Florida as state’s cases top 11K in one day; New poll: 67% disapprove of Trump’s handling of coronavirus; Fauci says he has not briefed President Trump in two months; COVID hits black and Latino communities at staggering rates; Big Ten Commissioner: “We may not have sports in the fall”; Parents stressed over what to do about school;
Trump visits virus epicenter, but not to address pandemic; Trump and Fauci not speaking as pandemic worsens; Fauci “trying to figure out” Trump’s claim that 99% of COVID-19 cases are “harmless”; Trump says economy “getting back on track” as COVID crisis worsens; NY to help FL fight COVID-19, plans to send Remdesivir drug; FL Gov. Ron DeSantis defends state reopening as Fauci says states like Florida reopened too quickly; Georgia sets new record, 4,400+ new cases; President Trump claims he “aced” cognitive test; Trump: Doctors “very surprised” by my cognitive results; CDC: Hospitalizations for black and Latino COVID patients nearly 5 times higher than white patients; Big Ten joins ACC, Ivy league in changing fall sports over virus; Amid pressure to explain quick test results, NBA says testing for players, staff doesn’t divert from public; Los Angeles teachers union recommends keeping schools closed, shifting focus to distanced learning; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 10, 2020
Cases spike in 33 states; Hospitalizations at record level in 12; Supreme Court rules prosecutors can subpoena Trump finance docs; White House: Ruling was “a win for the President”; CDC says it won’t revise school guidelines despite Trump’s criticism;
Dr. Fauci: States having serious problems should “look at shutting down” or pausing re-opening; Today: California & Florida set daily record for COVID deaths; Doctors raise alarm on testing backlog & lack of equipment; CDC Dir now says no changes to guidelines on opening schools; Florida reports single day record of 120 deaths; Trump loses financial docs fight, but ruling buys him time; Roberts, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch side with liberal-leaning justices; Fauci: “We are all in this together” despite political divisiveness; Trump contradicts health experts in push to reopen schools; Health association says President Trump’s attempts to reopen schools quickly could be deadly; Florida reports nearly 20% positivity rate for COVID-19 tests, highest in two weeks; RNC looking at two outdoor stadiums for convention in FL; Florida teen was in coma, on a ventilator with coronavirus; “Never Trump” Republicans team up to oust Trump from office; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 09, 2020
Trump pressures governors to reopen schools, as U.S. surpasses three million coronavirus cases; U.S. sets record of more than 60,000+ new cases Tuesday; Supreme Court allows employers to opt out of Obamacare's birth control mandate on religious, moral grounds
CA gov: hospitalization rate up 44% over last two weeks; U.S. sets record of more than 60,000+ new cases Tuesday; Pence: "absolutely essential" to get kids back to school; Birx: states with surges should go back to Phase 1 guidelines; Trump says U.S. will be in "very good shape" in 2 to 4 weeks; CDC director defends guidance on reopening of schools after Trump calls them "very tough & expensive"; CDC health experts "discouraged" & at odds with White House officials; This fall: NYC schools to mix in-person class with virtual classes; Education secy: not a matter of if schools reopen but how; Trump pressures governors to reopen schools  as U.S. surpasses three million coronavirus cases; One Tennessee superintendent says pressure will not push him to open; Florida reports nearly 10,000 new coronavirus cases today; 24-year-old details her ongoing battle with COVID-19; What we know about chances of catching the virus twice; WH won't say whether Trump has confidence in Fauci; Tomorrow: Supreme Court rules on Trump taxes, financial docs    To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 08, 2020
Top doctor: U.S. in “free fall” as pandemic accelerates; Coronavirus test results lagging as demand surges; Trump says he will “put pressure on governors” to reopen schools; Trump’s niece slams his character in new book obtained by CNN; Florida still not releasing state hospitalization numbers; Brazil’s Pres taking Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19;
Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID-19 after months of downplaying and dismissing the virus; TX Gov. Abott warns Texas of “greater fatalities” in coming weeks; Miami Dade Co. hospitalizations up 90%, 86% of ICU beds filled; Florida orders schools to reopen despite coronavirus surge; San Francisco cases up 25%, indoor dining postponed; Trump’s niece: He paid someone to take SAT test for him; Trump’s niece: His “hubris and willful ignorance” threaten the U.S.; Trump to travel to coronavirus hotspot Florida on Friday but plans to focus on drug trafficking; Trump falsely claims U.S. has lowest mortality rate; Gov. DeSantis: Young people aren’t working with contact tracers; Even after recovery, CNN anchor still feels fatigue, coughs; Studies find COVID-19 can infect lungs, brain & other organs; Novadax Covid vaccine gets $1.6 billion from Fed Govt; Regeneron signs $450 million deal with govt for Covid therapy; Fauci: I don’t expect a federal mandate of Covid vaccine; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 07, 2020
W.H. claims world looking at U.S. as “leader” on COVID-19; Trump embraces confederate flag, lashes out at NASCAR for banning it; Houston official warns hospitals could be overrun in two weeks;
32 states increase in cases, 14 states steady, only 4 declining; At least ten states seeing record level of hospitalizations; Americans pack beaches, parties as infections surge in U.S.; Cuomo: New York shouldn’t get “cocky” & invite curve to go up; Austin mayor: 2 weeks away from hospital beds running out; Hospitalizations in Miami-Dade county up 88%; Record cases in Florida, Texas as some officials say the states reopened too early; FDA chief won’t defend Trump’s claim that 99% of coronavirus cases are “harmless”;   Trump targets the only black NASCAR driver in tweet outburst; WH press secy struggles to defend Trump confederate flag tweet; As election approaches, Trump amps up racial rhetoric;   Coronavirus hospitalizations in Texas hit a new daily high; Medical experts blame early reopening for surge in Texas cases; Houston hospital: number of COVID patients quadrupled in one month; Houston hospital: 60% of COVID patients are under the age of 50;   ICE: international students will have to leave U.S. if their university cancels in-person learning; COVID-19 cases in Brazil top 1.6 million, deaths near 65K, second highest in world behind U.S.; U.S. & Brazil lead world in COVID-19 cases as leaders in both nations politicize and downplay virus; Brazil’s president fired heath minister who wanted quarantines, vetoed part of mandatory mask law; Brazil’s largest cities reopen shops, salons and restaurants as COVID-19 cases skyrocket;   At least 6 kids killed by gun violence in U.S. this weekend; 63 people shot in NYC over holiday weekend; GA Gov declares state of emergency after increase in violence To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 06, 2020
Special Edition: U.S. hit record high: 52K+ cases in one day; CDC projects 20,000 more U.S. deaths by July 25th; 11-year-old now Florida’s youngest covid-related death; Trump to attend massive July 4th event as COVID-19 cases soar; New restrictions in place as nation prepares for July 4th; U.S. placed on Britain’s “Red List” amid new travel rules; New movie based on Tapper’s 2012 book opens today;
One study finds hydroxychloroquine helped coronavirus patients survive; COVID-19 cases, hospitalization rates rise in California; Growing fears holiday weekend will fuel surge in Cali cases; More California cities announce fines for face mask defiance; First U.S. clinical vaccine trial delayed; Florida leads nation in daily covid cases; another 9,488 reported today; Corpus Christi Mayor: Texans got rather relaxed with low cases for so long; Texas Republican party plans to hold in-person convention in July despite surge in COVID-19 cases; Trump to speak at Mt. Rushmore amid pandemic, culture wars and environmental risk; Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech to focus on efforts to “tear down our history”; Bolton to Jake: WH doesn’t have a “grip” on what’s going on; WH: Trump wasn’t verbally briefed because Intel was unverified; NYT: Afghan contractor served as middleman to pay Taliban; Bolton: “I have enough scars” from bringing up Russia with Trump; As Americans grapple with racial reckoning, some are uncertain how to celebrate independence day; Trump: BLM mural outside Trump tower is a “symbol of hate”; Surgeon Gen. ignores medical experts, doesn’t advise against July 4th crowds; Infections rising in 36 states as U.S. heads into holiday weekend; States debate whether to close beaches for holiday weekend; NC sees highest single day case increase & hospitalization rate; Wilmington, NC area cases increase by 435% since June 1; 5 Americans flying by private jet denied entry to Italy; Kim Jong Un claims North Korea has no cases; calls his handling of pandemic “shining success”; Aurora, CO Police Chief fires 3 officers involved in photo reenacting chokehold of unarmed black man who died; Washington Redskins launch “through review” of team name; NASCAR driver Corey Lajoie to drive “Trump 2020” car Sunday; Source: NFL to play “black national anthem” before week 1 games; New film out today depicts deadly & heroic Afghan battle; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 03, 2020
Special Edition: Top GOP, Dem leaders & Intel committee heads briefed today; Bolton: I didn’t see evidence Trump read the daily brief; Study: New mutation of coronavirus is more infectious; U.S. hit record high number of cases: 50K in one day; Epstein’s ex-girlfriend charged with enticement of minors; Gillibrand calls for hearings over Russia bounty intel; Florida voter: Trump “blew it” on coronavirus;
NYT: Afghanistan businessman was middleman in Russian bounty scheme targeting U.S. service members; NYT: Afghan contractor served as middleman to pay Taliban; Dem Senator freezes military confirmations until Defense Secy confirms promotion for Lt. Col. Vindman; ICU manager: If you want to see Aug 1st, stay home July 4th; Herman Cain hospitalized with COVID-19; Attended Trump’s Tulsa rally; Florida sees 10k cases in one day, the highest yet; USC reverses decision to hold in-person classes in fall; Indoor businesses closed in counties where 28M Californians live; HHS: More than one vaccine could be ready next year; Moderna vaccine trial delayed until late July or early August; W.H.O. says 18 vaccines are in human trials globally; United Airlines: Very difficult to social distance on a plane; American Airlines to take new $4.75B govt bailout, says 20k employees are on payroll; Miami-Dade Police officer relieved of duty, under investigation after seen in video striking a woman; Outrage in Hong Kong on new law cracks down on dissent; As cases soar, Pence says “we’re going to keep opening up”; Fauci: U.S. never got the virus under control before reopening; People throwing “COVID Parties” with cash prize for getting infected; Trump testing Czar: Increase in cases not because of more testing; Pelosi: Trump failing in his role as Commander in Chief; Bolton: WH doesn’t have a “grip” on what’s going on; Sen. Gillibrand on Russia bounty Intel and the WH’s response; National Security Adviser: CIA briefer decided not to tell Trump “unverified: Russia bounty intel; TX Gov issues executive order requiring masks in public; Jobs report shows record 4.8M jobs added in June before spike in Covid cases; Trump: “Our economy is roaring back”; Did not mention U.S. down 14.7M jobs since February; Mnuchin: Upcoming stimulus could include school funding; Florida voter: Trump “blew it” on coronavirus; Older voters in Florida gauge Trump’s chances at reelection as Covid cases spike; GOP Officials, conservative leaders flock to “Parler” app; "Parler” brands itself as free speech space, but progressives claim they are getting booted off; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 02, 2020
19 states pause reopening plans as infections surge in U.S.; 37 states increase cases, 11 flat, only 2 states declining; Trump tweetstorm stirs culture wars on race, ignores coronavirus
CA gov. closes indoor activities for 19 counties on "watch list"; Pence meets with Arizona gov as cases surge there; U.S. sees 75% jump in daily cases from 2 weeks ago; Texas lt. gov: I don't need to hear from Dr. Anthony Fauci; 37 states increase cases, 11 flat, only 2 states declining; New study: deaths from COVID-19 could actually be 28% higher; Trump calls Russia bounty allegations a "hoax" despite sources saying it was included in his daily briefing; Trump calls "black lives matter" street paintings a "symbol of hate"; Trump: election is "battle to save the heritage" of the country; Moulton: Trump's handling of Russia bounty intel "treasonous"; Pompeo: Trump is briefed when intel is "sufficiently credible"; Trump feeds into culture war on race with series of tweets; Richmond, VA mayor orders removal of Confederal statues; Comedian D.L. Hughley on his coronavirus diagnosis; GOP Gov. Kemp embarks on "wear a mask tour" around Georgia, but has not mandated masks; GOP lawmakers split from Trump, urge public to wear masks; New study: chidlren can spread COVID-19 as easily as adults To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jul 01, 2020
Special Edition: Fauci: U.S. could see 100,000 cases per day if surge continues; Official: Russia bounty intel was included in the presidential daily briefing sometime in spring; House Dems slam White House for insufficient briefing; Biden: “Trump failed us” as other countries got pandemic under control; FL Gov: “We’re not going back, closing things” despite surge; EU to reopen its borders, but not to American travelers;
CDC Director urges younger generations to wear masks; Cases rising in 36 states; flat in 12 states; declining in only 2 states; NY, NJ, CT expand travel advisory to 8 more states; 17 states pause or change reopening plan as new cases surge; Texas bar owners sue Gov. Abbott over emergency order shutting bars back down amid surge in cases; Sources: Officials alarmed at Trump’s calls with leaders due to abusive language with allies & pandering to Putin; Fauci: “Cautiously optimistic” for vaccine by 2021; FDA to provide guidance to vaccine developers to speed up approval process; Biden: Trump should fix PPE shortage before teeing off for another round of golf; Biden: “Everyone needs to wear a mask, period”; Biden on cognitive decline: “Watch me” and “can hardly wait” to compare his capability to Trump’s; Today is the last day for PPP small business loans with no new stimulus plan from congress; PPP application process expires tonight; $134B left untapped; Fauci: New swine flu found in China not “an immediate threat”; Scientists: New swine flu found in China can infect humans; NY, NJ & CT requiring residents from 16 states to self quarantine; Fauci: States must “follow the guidelines” on reopening; Study shows home made masks are often much less effective; Trump denies being briefed on Russian bounties to kill U.S. troops; Intel Chief says Trump was not briefed on Russia bounty Intel; Florida reports over 6,000 new coronavirus cases amid spike; Some small-city airports barely operational as passengers stay home; Small Michigan airport averages three daily flights, 63 passengers amid Covid; Small Virginia airport cut 46 jobs as airlines moved flights to larger cities; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 30, 2020
Special Edition: At least 14 states pause or suspend reopening plans; Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion law; WH: “no consensus” in intel community on Russian bounty report;
46 states increase or flat in new cases, just 4 states declining; U.S. death toll tops 125,000 as cases continue to surge; CA Gov: state seeing 45% rise in positive tests over last week; Florida leads U.S. in new coronavirus cases; South Florida beaches to close July 4 weekend; Jacksonville mandates masks ahead of GOP convention; Arizona hospitals at nearly 90% capacity as cases surge; Arizona reports largest one day increase in cases amid surge; W.H.O. the pandemic “is not even close to being over”;   Fauci: lack of masks, distancing are “recipe for disaster”; Fauci: Americans not wearing masks or distancing fueling surge; Shortage of contact tracers in states with cases spiking; Fauci on contact tracing: “I don’t think we’re doing very well”; Fauci: vaccine unlikely to get U.S. to herd immunity level; HHS secy: “window is closing” to get virus “under control”;   Officers charged in George Floyd’s killing appear in court, trial date set; Chief Justice Roberts sides with liberal justices to block Louisiana abortion law; White House: Supreme Court abortion ruling “unfortunate”, devalues health of mother and lives of unborn children; Chief Justice Roberts has now sided with liberal justices on abortion law, immigration and LGBTQ cases   Bipartisan congressional leaders demand answers from WH on Russian bounty intel; 8 GOP lawmakers briefed at WH on Russian bounties intel;  Pelosi demands intel briefing on Russian bounty reports; Source: Dems to be briefed tomorrow on Russia bounty intel; Source: Russian intel officers offered money to Taliban fighters to kill U.S., UK troops in Afghanistan; Trump denies being briefed on Russian bounties to kill U.S. troops; Sources: U.S. shared Russian bounty intel with UK last week; Trump admin asks supreme court to overturn affordable care act;   5,000+ people a day being admitted to Texas hospitals; Houston mayor asks Gov. for a new “stay at home” order; Inside look at how jail hotspot is now protecting detainees; After massive early outbreak, Cook County Jail tries to keep COVID case count low; Mississippi lawmakers vote to remove confederate symbol in state flag; Mississippi becomes last state to remove any confederate symbolism in state flag; Family of confederate leader: put Mississippi’s confederate state flag in a museum; Officers hit “breaking point,” retire amid rising tension; Major U.S. cities se uptick in violence amid calls to defund police; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 29, 2020
U.S. reports highest single day increase in COVID-19 infections; GOP Rep. Cheney tweets #RealMenWearMasks; Houston area raises alert level citing “uncontrolled” outbreak; Local Florida lawmakers enforce mask requirements, governor refuses to make requirement state-wide; Pence says the U.S. opening “safely and responsibly,” even as cases surge in several states; Fauci: U.S. must consider “flooding the system with testing”; House votes to make DC Nation’s 51st State, Trump & GOP Senate oppose;
32 states increasing cases; 11 flat; 7 states showing a decline; Fauci: U.S. seeing “serious problems” in some areas; San Francisco delays reopenings scheduled for Monday; Gov advises Southern CA County to reinstate stay-at-home order; Source: Schism within coronavirus task force on issue of testing; Trump puts focus on protecting statues as U.S. hits COVID peak; Houston Mayor: Infection rate tripled in last 3 months; Texas Gov. puts restrictions back in place as cases soar; Trump Admin extends funding for Texas testing sites; Moments ago: FL Gov says no mask mandate, will “trust people to make good decisions; Hollywood, Florida issues emergency order requiring masks; Florida bans alcohol consumption at bars amid COVID spike; Trump administration urges Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare amid pandemic, recession; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 26, 2020
Special Edition: Texas, Florida, California hit record virus levels as cases surge; 5,000+ new cases in California today; Trump accuses a BLM leader of “treason, sedition, insurrection!”; Multiple Trump Campaign staffers quarantining after Tulsa rally; Govs in NV, NC, SC mandate masks in last 24 hours; 30 states infections increase; 9 states flat; 11 states declining; CO Gov: Officials will investigate 2019 police killing of unarmed black man after millions sign petition; Trump visits Wisconsin
Texas pauses phased reopening as cases, hospitalizations spike; Doctor in Texas warns surge in cases could be “apocalyptic”; Texas Medical Center website says 100% of ICU beds in use; Texas Gov recommends masks in public but won’t require them; CA Gov: Coronavirus hospitalizations up 32% in last 2 weeks; Florida records 5,000+ new cases in 24-hour period; Miami-Dade County reported 27% positivity rate Wednesday; Florida Gov refuses to issue mandatory mask order; WH Econ Adviser: “There will be shutdowns” but not nationwide; Biden slams Trump on health care in Pennsylvania speech; Fauci on masks: “Forget the politics. Look at the data”; The Lancet: Chance of virus transmission with a mask is 3.1% vs without a mask is 17.4%; New model: Wearing masks may save 30,000+ lives by October; Arizona city councilman apologizes for mocking “I can’t breathe” while wearing mask & protesting mandate; Political battle over masks as cases soar nationwide; CDC Report: Pregnant women with COVID-19 more likely to be hospitalized, admitted to ICU, put on ventilators; McClain pleaded with police to stop using force: “I’m an introvert, please respect my boundaries”; District Attorney defends decision not to charge officers in McClain’s death, says evidence wasn’t there; House Democrats expected to pass police reform bill today; Residents and businesses sue Seattle over “financial hardship” from protest zone; Trump resists wearing masks as infections rise across U.S.; CDC Dir: Most “powerful weapon” is social distancing; Trump to use executive order & U.S. Marshalls to protect monuments; Polls show Trump trails Biden in WI, MI, PA & FL; Group of Miami hospitals reporting 108% increase in COVID patients; Miami mayor considers fines for not wearing masks in public, FL Governor says he will not require masks; Disney postpones Disneyland reopening in California; Apple closing more stores as COVID-19 cases spike; Uncertainty grows as more athletes test positive for virus; At least six MLB teams reporting positive cases, training camp expected to start July first; Top golfers drop out of tournament over coronavirus concerns; NFL doctor says league will have “very aggressive testing”; TX Doc: COVID-19 models are “on the verge of being apocalyptic”; Recovered COVID-19 patient lives with survivor’s guilt; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 25, 2020
Trump holds joint new conference with president of Poland; Trump speaks as states report record Covid-19 cases; Senate Democrats block debate on GOP reform bill
CA, TX, & AZ see spike in new cases, hospitalizations; Health system in Miami reports 101% increase in Covid-19 patients; Two candidates endorsed by Trump lose their elections To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 24, 2020
Dr. Fauci: “Disturbing surge of infections” in parts of U.S.; Trump says he wasn’t kidding about slowing down virus testing; Senate Dems: GOP bill is not “salvageable” & nonstarter; E.U. considers blocking U.S. visitors due to surge in COVID-19 cases;
Fauci: “Disturbing” and “troublesome” surge of cases; Texas cases numbers nearly quadruple, Florida case count triples; CDC Director: COVID has “brought this nation to its knees”; California sets another daily record with 5,000 new cases; Fauci “cautiously optimistic” vaccine could be ready by 2021; Trump visits border, wall is key campaign pledge; Trump may sign executive order to protect controversial statues; Family & friends honor Rayshard Brooks at historic Atlanta church; Officer charged with assault in Brooks case: “Truth will come out”; Petition urges Disney world to delay July 11th reopening due to spike in Florida coronavirus cases; Sen. Cornyn: Dems “completely insane” to block police reform debate; Schumer: “No bill will pass” & GOP must start “bipartisan talks”; Senate Dems poised to block GOP legislation in vote; Italy records lowest number of daily cases since March; Europe sees steady decline in new cases as U.S. hovers at peak; Soon: Trump to speak to students at indoor rally in key battleground state of Arizona; Arizona confirms record 3,591 cases in last 24 hours; Prosecutor to testify Roger Stone got special treatment because of Trump relationship;   To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 23, 2020
WH defends Trump’s use of racist coronavirus term; White House admits Trump involved in firing of top U.S. attorney after Trump claimed he wasn’t; DOJ investigating noose found in Bubba Wallace’s garage; Hospitals in FL, WA, AZ under pressure as new cases spike
WH defends Trump’s use of racial slur to describe coronavirus; Trump refuses to clarify if he asked for coronavirus testing to be slowed down; Trump says he told staff to “slow testing down” on coronavirus, WH press secretary downplays, says it was “in jest”; Sources: Trump “seething” from low attendance at Tulsa rally, WH press secretary says he was “quite pleased”; Two additional Trump campaign staffers test positive for coronavirus after Tulsa rally; Fellow NASCAR drivers offer show of solidarity for Bubba Wallace before today’s race; Sea of confederate flags seen outside racetrack as NASCAR bans them at its events; Public paying respects to Rayshard Brooks in same church where Martin Luther King Jr. once preached; GOP Rep. Doug Collins wants independent prosecutor in Rayshard Brooks case; Coronavirus deaths top 120,000 in the U.S.; Nearly half of states are reporting a rise in cases; Florida passes 100,000 cases, hospitals see increase in patients; Florida gov. reports “radical” rise in cases among young people; Official: CDC to release new recommendations on masks “soon”; White House admits Trump involved in firing of top U.S. attorney after Trump claimed he wasn’t; Bolton: hope history will remember Trump as “one-term president”; Bolton: democrats committed impeachment “malpractice”; Rep. Ocasio Cortes facing challengers on the right in first election test since stunning 2018 upset; Rep. Engel (D) at risk of losing seat to progressive newcomer after over three decades in office; Tuesday primary set to test progressive energy: could newcomer unseat longtime Dem Rep, in NY; Longtime Rep. Engel at risk of losing seat after overheard saying “if I didn’t have a primary, I wouldn’t care”; Trump to hold event in Phoenix after mayor said hospitals were in a “crisis situation” amid coronavirus spike; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 22, 2020
Trump to hold rally as he faces pandemic & protests; Juneteenth rallies nationwide amid America's racial unrest; Calls grow for Biden to pick woman of color as running mate; 8 states see highest 7-day average of new daily cases; 3,000+ doctors in AZ sign letter to mandate masks statewide;
Black lives matter co-founder on what comes next; Interim Police Chief: Hankison "blindly" fired 10 rounds into Breonna Taylor's apartment; Breonna Taylor's family attorney: There is still a ways to go before we have justice; WH Press Secy defends Trump hiring Bolton, compares to Lincoln's team of rivals; Klobuchar drops out of VP race, pushes Biden to choose a woman of color; AZ sees record cases in a single day; 3,246 new cases; AZ Gov flips on mask, allows mayors to mandate wearing masks; Phoenix implements mandatory mask order starting Saturday;  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 19, 2020
Trump in turmoil: Virus, protests, court losses, Bolton book; Ex-officers involved in Brooks killing turn themselves in; Models show Florida could be “the next large epicenter”; Supreme Court blocks Trump from ending DACA; Black voters in crucial battleground state talk Trump;
Atlanta ex-cop turns himself in, charged with killing Rayshard Brooks; Officer charged with assault in Brooks case released from custody; Sources: More officers calling out sick in Atlanta today; Some Atl officers not responding to calls in protest of charges; Brooks’ family atty: Murder charge is “first step towards justice”; Dr. Fauci calls “anti-science” bias” a problem in America; California governor mandates masks statewide; Trump says COVID “numbers are very small” as 10 states see record high new cases; Supreme Court rules against Trump, piling on to rough week; In dissent, Justice Thomas says DACA ruling was an effort to avoid a “politically controversial” decision; Biden campaign to make six-figure ad buy in African-American media; Wisconsin voter: If you don’t vote, “you’re voting for Trump”;  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 18, 2020
Felony murder among 11 charges filed against ex-Atlanta cop who killed Rayshard Brooks; WaPo: Bolton claims Trump asked China's Xi to help him win re-election; VP Pence touts coronavirus progress as 21 states report an increase in new cases
NYT: Bolton writes Trump's corruption went well beyond actions with Ukraine; Tulsa Health Dept director "wishes" Trump rally would be postponed; Now: VP Pence leads closed door coronavirus task force briefing; Texas, North Carolina COVID hospitalizations hit record highs as Florida, Arizona see massive spike in cases; Disinfecting tunnels installed at Putin's home, office  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 17, 2020
Trump signs policing reform order, defends police; Model cited by WH predicts 201,000 deaths by October; Study: People under age 20 half as likely to contract virus; "Vigilante" militia suspected of instigating violence at protest; Food banks overwhelmed by Americans laid off due to COVID-19;
Trump signs executive order incentivizing police reform; VP Pence can't say whether it's harder to be black in America; Trump defends police, says "very tiny" percentage of cops are bad; Trump order incentivizes local depts to ban chokeholds, doesn't mandate ban; New model predicts 201,000+ deaths by October, blames easing of social distancing for new spikes; NYT: Pence tells govs. to push misleading stats on testing; NJ will publicly identify cops who commit "serious" violations; Pence Op-ed: There isn't a coronavirus 'second wave';Fmr Obama health adviser reacts to White House Rose Garden event with few masks and social distancing; Albuquerque Police arrest man for shooting protester; Philadelphia court staffer fired after tearing down BLM signs, says black lives don't matter to him; N Korea destroys facility hours after threat of military force; North Korea destroys building used for talks with South Korea; 60% more Americans need food banks to feed families during coronavirus; DC food bank sees 400% increase since COVID-19 began; Food banks struggle with increased demand, supply shortages, donations down;  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 16, 2020
Atlanta Mayor orders police reforms in wake of fatal police shooting; China races to contain new outbreak linked to seafood market; Trump: Rayshard Brooks’ death “was terrible,” “very disturbing”; Trump preps for Tulsa rally as protests continue over police brutality; Landmark 6-3 ruling: LGBTQ workers are protested from discrimination at work;
Atlanta Mayor orders police reforms in wake of fatal police shooting; NY Gov. threatens to shut down businesses again after videos emerge of large crowds with no social distancing; 18 states are currently seeing a rise in new coronavirus cases; NFL network: several Cowboys, Texans players test positive;   Trump to sign executive order on police reform in a few days; Trump’s unsteady walk raises new health questions; Tulsa health dept director “wishes” Trump would postpone rally as local cases spike; Thousands rally for Black Trans Lives Matter, most wearing masks; Human rights watch: black residents in Tulsa more than twice as likely to be arrested as white residents; Outrage grows over video showing teens being violently arrested by Tulsa police for jaywalking;   Major victory for LGBTQ workers as court rules federal law protects them from discrimination at work; Conservative-leaning justices Gorsuch & Roberts vote in favor of laws protecting LGBTQ workers; Justice Alito in dissenting opinion: ruling is a theory Scalia would have “excoriated”; Russia sentences U.S. citizen to 16 years on spy charges; Pompeo demands immediate release of American jailed in Russia; Lawyer for American jailed in Russia raises idea of prisoner swap To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 15, 2020
Trump suggests healing racial divide will be quick and easy; Sources: Trump resists adapting his tone despite push from aides; Infectious disease expert: “COVID’s not taking a summer vacation”; Protests, coronavirus, economy: Voting issues in battleground Arizona; What Pompeo knew when he had Trump fire govt. watchdog;
Trump: Chokeholds may be necessary in one-on-one situations; Trump: Rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth will be a “celebration”; Trump to appear at socially distanced West Point commencement; GOP Senator Scott talks Trump, race & push for police reform; Trump refuses to rename bases honoring confederate flags; “Pandemic is not over”: CDC officials emphasize social distancing; Oregon, Utah to pause reopening after COVID spike in cases; Florida sees largest one-day increase in COVID cases as Gov. Desantis plans to reopen schools this fall; Experts worried Trump will speed vaccine for political purposes; AZ Republican says she’ll support Biden who is a “decent, kind, sane man”; Trump: Tulsa rally scheduled on Juneteenth not on purpose, “think about it as a celebration”; 1921 Tulsa Massacre now reflection point ahead of Trump rally; Black-owned newspaper publisher welcomes spotlight on Tulsa with Trump’s upcoming rally; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 12, 2020
Stocks plunge as new coronavirus cases rise; COVID-19 hospitalizations spike in at least 12 states; Trump to relaunch rallies on Juneteenth in Tulsa, site of 1921 race massacre;
Top General: Taking part in Trump's photo-op was a "mistake"; Senate panel votes to remove confederate names from military bases, despite Trump's opposition; 3 top black officials in Dallas not invited to Trump event; Hospitalization spiking in Arizona, Texas, Florida & the Carolinas; Iowa state fair canceled for first time in 75 years; Nashville delaying next phase of reopening due to spike in cases; TX Health Official: COVID-19 "still a serious situation" as cases & hospitalizations increase; Tulsa police handcuff black teens for jaywalking; Human trials underway on antibody cocktail that may treat or prevent coronavirus; Moderna to start vaccine trial of 30,000 people next month; U.S. passes 2 million cases as some states see spikes; Arizona asks hospitals to activate emergency plans, 12 states see rising coronavirus hospitalizations; Minnesota Governor announces sweeping police reform plan; "Cops", "Live PD" canceled as backlash grows over "good cop" narrative;    To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 11, 2020
City mayors, police chiefs launch national police reform group; WH officials: Trump weighing executive action on police reform; George Floyd's brother makes emotional plea to lawmakers; Hospitalizations from COVID-19 increasing in at least 12 states
Minneapolis police chief promises reform, says parts of the police dept are "broken"; Report: Chauvin plea deal discussed before his arrest; At least 12 cities & municipalities are banning chokeholds; WH says Trump will discuss race issues at tomorrow's event; Sen. Tim Scot unveils GOP's police reform plan but says White House is on a "separate track"; Trump: won't remove Confederate leader names from military bases; George Floyd's brother makes emotional plea to lawmakers: "make sure his death is not in vain"; Dems & GOP urge bipartisan cooperation to pass police reform; Arizona officials warn about massive surge in ICU patients; FDA authorizes first COVID-19 test that also looks for mutations; Republicans & Democrats demand investigations after voting issues plague two Georgia counties To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 10, 2020
Family & friends say final goodbye to George Floyd; New videos emerge of deadly police encounters; How Camden, New Jersey disbanded and rebuilt its police force; Republicans largely silent after Trump tweets conspiracy theory about elderly man injured by Buffalo Police; W.H.O. walks back comments asymptomatic spread is "very rare";
Floyd remembered as man who will change the world; Violent crime in Camden dropped 42% since 2012 police overhaul; Las Cruces, NM: Officer charged after using chokehold on man who died in police custody; New videos emerge of deadly police encounters; Bass River, NJ: Video shows state trooper shoot black man after scuffle in traffic stop; Trump tweets conspiracy theory about 75-year-old man hospitalized after being shoved by police; Lawyer for Buffalo man injured by police slams Trump's accusations as "dark, dangerous and untrue"; Top Senate Republican refuses to answer if Trump's conspiracy theory tweet was appropriate; NY Gov. Cuomo: Trump's conspiracy theory tweet is "reprehensible"; W.H.O. clarifies asymptomatic spread: "There's much unknown"; NYC Mayor: New Yorkers shouldn't have "undue expectations"; 19 states increasing cases; 7 states are steady; 24 states declining; D.C. National Guard: Some troops got virus during protests;  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 09, 2020
Now: public memorial for George Floyd in Houston; Officer charged with murder of Floyd appears in court; Police reform advocates accuse unions of protecting bad cops; Trump uses calls to “defund the police” to attack Dems, Biden; U.S. nearing two million confirmed COVID-19 cases; CDC monitoring protests for potential spike in cases;
Thousands mourn at George Floyd’s public memorial in Houston; Joe Biden meets privately with George Floyd family in Houston; Ex-cop charged with George Floyd’s murder after kneeling on his neck appears in court; NYC, Los Angeles mayors make moves to “defund the police” while DC mayor defends city’s police budget; Minneapolis city council vows to “dismantle policing” mayor says he doesn’t support abolishing the police; Trump meets with law enforcement officials, takes no questions again; WH considers a Trump speech to the nation on race & unity; CNN poll: 63% disapprove of Trump’s handling of race relations, Trumps approval falls to 38% amid pandemic, protests; WH won’t answer whether Trump still believes NFL players who kneel should be fired;   Minneapolis police union chief claims officers are being oppressed; National fraternal order of police claim cops are being targeted; Buffalo mayor: police union on the wrong side of history; Minnesota AG Ellison: police union has too much influence; Baltimore officer in 2019: police are being “thrown under the bus”;   Dems in congress unveil sweeping police, criminal justice reform bill; Dems say police reform bill has zero republican co-sponsors; Top congressional Dems steer clear of “defund the police” calls; Minneapolis city council votes to defund, dismantle police dept.; McConnell attacks Dems over “defund the police” movement;   NYC enters phase one of reopening as new cases decrease; CDC “monitoring closely” protest across U.S.; New group of PA cases traced back to NJ beach house parties; New study: shutdown measures averted approximately 60 million U.S. coronavirus infections though early April;   Trump to relaunch campaign rallies in two weeks; HHS official: Remdesvir supply will run out by end of month; Gen. Powell: Trump “dangerous” for the country, “he lies” and has “drifted away” from constitution; Retired military leaders condemn Trump’s church photo-op, threats of military force during protests, question his morality To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 08, 2020
Ex-WH Chief of Staff John Kelly backs Mattis, says Trump divides; Trump invokes George Floyd’s name while taking economic victory lap; New scrutiny on police in America; Florida cases rise as Universal Orlando opens; Small cities from Biloxi to Missoula to Brockton protest; Understanding grief and trauma as protests rock the country;
Minneapolis City Council votes to ban use of police chokeholds; Buffalo cops suspended after pushing down elderly man; Police in N.Y., L.A. D.C. preparing for mass protests this weekend; Gov. Cuomo: Video of cops pushing older man disturbs basic decency; Videos surface of disturbing confrontations with police in Buffalo, Washington State and Atlanta; Video shows woman being body slammed by officer in Atlanta; Atl Mayor: This is a movement, must “articulate more than our anger”; Former WH Chief of Staff John Kelly: “I agree” with Jim Mattis’ stark warning about Trump; Trump attacks GOP Sen. Murkowski after she criticizes him; DC mayor asks Trump to remove “extraordinary” law enforcement presence; Trump calls her “incompetent”; White House decides against social distancing at Trump event; WGRZ: 57 members of Buffalo emergency response team resign; Tearful NJ police officer: lack of education is part of problem; W.H.O. urges governments to encourage public to wear masks, Trump says “wear masks if you want”; Nursing home crisis: 26 states report at least 50% of virus deaths in long-term care facilities; Small towns & cities across U.S. take to streets to protest; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 05, 2020
Family, friends remember George Floyd in first memorial service; Three officers have first hearing, bail set at $1 million each; Mattis blasts Trump: “Making a mockery of our constitution”; U.S. coronavirus death toll surpasses 107,000; CDC Director testifies early coronavirus tests were “not flawed”; Police tactics under scrutiny after George Floyd’s death;
Sen. Murkowski agrees with Mattis criticism, says she’s struggling to support Trump in 2020; Slamming Trump: Criticism from multiple four star generals; White House puts in new fencing amid growing protests; Trump’s planned trip to NJ golf club this weekend cancelled; Scathing criticism from Trump’s fmr Defense Secy, Gen. Mattis: Pres Trump “tries to divide us”; Gen. Allen: Trump’s threats of military force may be “beginning of the end of the American experiment”; CDC director testifies, concerned public health messaging is not resonating; Large study of hydroxychloroquine in virus patients retracted; Investigation launched after video shows police kneeling on the neck of Sarasota man; Vallejo Police shoot & kill robbery suspect, officers thought he had a gun, it was a hammer; Medical examiner: Death of man in Tacoma Police custody was homicide; Investigator: Arbery hit with a truck before he died, suspect used N-word after shooting Arbery three times; Now: Protests in multiple cities around the U.S.;               To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 04, 2020
All four officers involved in George Floyd's death charged with murder; Minnesota AG news conference on new charges in Floyd death
Officer arrested for Floyd's death charged with 2nd degree murder; 3 other officers charged with aiding & abetting 2nd degree murder;  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 03, 2020
Minneapolis police to undergo civil rights investigation; Peaceful protesters tear gassed for Trump church photo-op; Protesters gather in George Floyd’s hometown of Houston; Trump threatens to deploy US military to “dominate” protesters; U.S. coronavirus death toll at more than 105,000;
Protests underway in Minnesota, curfew starts at 10pm; Officers shot during violent protests in St. Louis, Las Vegas; Trump: NYC “lost to looters”, NY Gov calls response “inexcusable”; NYC sets earlier curfew after violent protests, looting; Gov. Cuomo slams Mayor De Blasio, NYPD for NYC unrest, says they “did not do their job; Protesters march through NYC ahead of new 8pm curfew; Activists call for accountability, change on ‘Blackout Tuesday”;   Trump visits another church today in push for Christian conservative support; CNN: Trump created  photo-op after being angered by reports he was moved to WH bunker; CNN: AG Barr ordered law enforcement to push back protesters from park outside White House; DC mayor: “shocked” and “outraged” protesters were tear gassed; Top GOP senators defend Trump’s church photo-op, Senators Sasse, Lankford criticize use of force on protesters; Religious leaders express outrage, condemn tear gassing; Episcopal rector says holy ground “turned into a battleground”;   Minnesota AG will “hold everyone accountable” in Floyd case; Minnesota AG defends timing: “not going to create a situation where people can say this was a rush to judgement”; Minnesota AG has “every expectation” charges will be filed against other officers in Floyd case;   Peaceful protests underway in Washington D.C., protesters lay on ground chanting “I can’t breathe”; Now: George Floyd’s Family takes part in Houston March; Protesters gather near police headquarters in Los Angeles; Trump threatens to deploy US military to “dominate” protesters; Police, National Guard use tear gas on protesters outside WH; Powerful images show police kneeling with protesters;   U.S. coronavirus death toll at more than 105,000; Public and private testing sites forced to close due to protests; 21 states increasing cases, 7 states steady & 22 states declining; Surgeon general fears “new outbreaks” amid protests across U.S.; Lancet study: masks help stop the spread of coronavirus; NIH: summer heat unlikely to stop the spread of coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 02, 2020
George Floyd’s family visits memorial at site of his death; Law enforcement investigating both far left and far right groups; NYC mayor announces 11pm curfew, doubling of police tonight; Study shows lasting effects police killing have on communities; Health experts warn protests could increase virus spread;
Curfews in place as nation prepares for tonight; George Floyd’s brother urges peaceful protests, end to violence; Minnesota AG: history shows Floyd case may not be a “slam dunk”; MN police chief: all officers involved in Floyd’s death “complicit”; Thousands across the globe join protests against Floyd’s death; Sixth night of protests turn violent in NYC, Washington D.C.; Michigan sheriff takes of riot gear, joins peaceful protesters;   Trump calls governors “weak”, urges them to dominate protests; Trump encourages governors to use aggressive tactics on protesters; Trump aides divided over how president should address protests; Floyd family attorney says cause of death was asphyxiation; Attorney on independent autopsy: police were the reason for George Floyd’s death, Floyd was dead on the scene;   Local officials suspect white supremacists, far-left extremists are behind violence at nationwide protests; Barr escalates federal response, deploying riot squads; NYPD: 1 in 7 arrested protesters not from NYC, using encrypted comms; Atlanta curfew extended for a third night, starts at 9pm; National Guard prepares for possibility of violence in Los Angeles; Study finds police shooting adversely affect the mental health of entire African-American communities;   U.S. coronavirus deaths toll surpasses 104,000; 18 states show increasing cases, 9 states flat & 23 states declining; Florida Keys reopening as beaches in Miami remain closed; Dr. Fauci: I don’t like how Moderna handled vaccine data release; Fauci says he hasn’t spoken to or met with Trump in two weeks;   Protests: the power in peace; Spontaneous moment of song, demonstrators protect stores form riots, cop & protester share hug; George Floyd’s brother calls for peaceful protests; NFL calls for action in wake of Floyd death and protests To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Jun 01, 2020
MN officer charged with third-degree murder, manslaughter; Charging doc: Officer had knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes, Floyd was non-responsive for nearly 3 minutes; Trump fails to mention George Floyd or Minneapolis protests during Rose Garden statement; 15 states trending up in cases; 10 flat; 25 seeing a drop;
Prosecutor “anticipates” charges against officers involved; Fires, protests in Minneapolis as outrage spreads across U.S.; Floyd preliminary autopsy: “No physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation; 8pm curfew announced for Minneapolis; Trump calls protesters “thugs”; uses historically racist phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”; Trump’s pattern of racist remarks continues with “thug” tweet; Charlottesville “fine people” on both sides, told Reps. to “go back” to where they came from; CA Gov Newsom: L.A. County can reopen restaurants & salons; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 29, 2020
George Floyd's death sparks protests across the country; Trump: Floyd's death "a shocking sight" but rioting a "very bad thing"; NY Gov. Cuomo defends order telling nursing homes to admit recovering COVID patients; At least 8 southern states showing increase in daily infections; Trump signs executive order targeting social media companies;
City officials call for calm after protests turn destructive; City official: Racism is a "disease" that's "infected America": Floyd's brother tears up, says officers must be charged; Mayor requests National Guard over violent protests; Looting, fires, protests in Minneapolis after Floyd's death; Minneapolis Police policy allows "neck restraints" but only when a suspect is "actively resisting"; Crowds clash with police in violent protests over Floyd's death; 16 states seeing increase in cases; 10 flat; 24 trending down; Autopsy study shows high rate of blood clots in African Americans; Trump tweets "heartfelt sympathy" as U.S. passes 100,000 deaths; Grieving families fear NY governor's directive cost lives in nursing homes; 6,000 COVID-related deaths in NY state nursing homes; Remembering a Philly couple married 63 years and a mississipi pioneer who died of coronavirus;  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 28, 2020
Dr: Fauci: "good chance" vaccine is ready by the end of 2020; Historic NASA/SpaceX launch scrubbed due to weather; Floyd's family & Minneapolis mayor call for 4 fired officers to be charged with murder
Any minute: final weather call for NASA/SpaceX launch; U.S. nears 100,000 coronavirus deaths; Fauci: a second wave is not inevitable; Dr. Fauci: wearing a mask shows "respect for another person"; Washington D.C. to start reopening on Friday with restrictions; CA Gov. Newsom: we're still not through the "first wave";  Trump in Florida as historic SpaceX launch scrubbed due to weather; Trump escalates Twitter fued, claims he will shut down social media platforms; Trump expected to make comments in wake of scrubbed launch; Experts: drugmakers conducting "science by press release"; 10 vaccines are currently in human trials around the world To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 27, 2020
U.S. death toll nears 100,000 in just three months; Trump pursues debunked conspiracy theory, attacks critics on Twitter as U.S. approaches 100K deaths; Record number of complaints filed against airlines as passengers change, cancel plans; Chief: 4 officers fired after black man’s death in police custody; Trump Admin bans travelers from Brazil as cases surge; MLB, NBA, NHL & NFL all in talks to return with COVID-19 restrictions;
U.S. nears 100,000 coronavirus deaths, a tragic milestone experts say could have been avoided; CDC data shows 65+ are 80% of deaths but only 22% of cases; New York Stock Exchange partially reopens; Merck announces it is working on two potential vaccines; CDC: Antibody tests might be wrong half the time; 17 states trending up in cases; 13 are flat; 20 trending down; Trump mocks Biden for wearing a mask as U.S. approaches 100,000 deaths; GOP governors plead with residents not to politicize face masks; Poll: 67% of Americans want President Trump to wear a mask; Consumer advocates say airlines are playing games to avoid paying refunds, issue vouchers instead; CNN goes inside Brazil’s hardest hit city, where mass graves hold suspected coronavirus victims; NHL: Season will resume with 24-team playoff but not before July 31st; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 26, 2020
On Memorial Day, U.S. also mourns nearly 100,000 coronavirus deaths; President Trump tweets insults ahead of Memorial Day events; Large Memorial Day crowds spark fear of new virus outbreaks; Texas town sees surge in cases linked to Tyson meat plant;
WH advisor: double digit unemployment could last to November; W.H.O. we could have a second peak, not just a second wave; Officials in D.C., Alabama & Arkansas warn about surge in cases; Arkansas governor: high school pool party sparked cluster of new cases; Dr. Birx: research shows masks help stop the spread; Dr. Birx: vaccine is possible by the end of 2020;   Trump threatens to move RNC if NC governor limits attendance; Some beachgoers across U.S. ignore guidelines, spark fears of spread; Long Island limits beach access to locals only, keeping New York City residents at bay; Amarillo, TX mayor fights to protect city from COVID-19 surge while battling cancer;   Japan lifts national state of emergency one week early; Domestic flights in India resume after two-month shutdown; UK PM backs top aide accused of breaking COVID-19 restrictions; Wuhan lab director denies China knew about virus before December; U.S. blocks travelers from Brazil as cases there surge; Brazilian mayor: “stupid” Bolsonaro “co-responsible” for deaths;   Attendees social distance as Trump pays tribute at tomb of unknown, Biden wears mask at vets memorial; Pentagon: two coronavirus deaths in military; 5,900 cases; Smallpox, typhoid fever, Spanish flu: diseases & the impact on the U.S. troops; U.S. Military’s long history of dealing with outbreaks; Remembering two WWII veterans who died from coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 25, 2020
Trump insists he'll open churches, has no authority to do so; Jersey shore towns put restrictions in place for holiday weekend; Zuckerberg: Half of Facebook employees could work remotely in 5-10 years; Brazil cases surpass 300,000, deadliest day on record;
CDC recommends places of faith provide soap & hand sanitizer, intensify cleaning, limit use of shared items; New study: Drug touted & taken by Trump is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients; COVID-19 vaccine study finds early success, neutralizing antibodies in first published human trial results; Data shows coronavirus cases rising in at least 17 states; CDC estimates 35% coronavirus patients don't have symptoms; Seaside Heights, NJ will allow groups up to 10 people on beaches, but no swimming or pets allowed; Big tech including Facebook, Twitter embrace working remotely as possible new normal; Mexico cases near 60,000, highest daily increase; As cases surge, a look inside one of Brazil's poorest neighborhoods; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 22, 2020
W.H.O. reports highest number of new cases in 24-hour period; Trump defends pandemic response as new study finds 36,000 deaths may have been prevented by earlier action;  38.6 million Americans file for unemployment in nine weeks; Virginia Gov: I'm "hopeful" school will be open this fall; Latin America emerges as new coronavirus hotspot;
Trump tours Michigan plant after threatening to withhold funding from stave over mail-in-voting; Trump tours MI Ford plant as state's AG warns him to wear mask; Trump speaks after touring Ford plant producing PPE; Trump claims he wore mask during tour of MI Ford plant, but not wearing one on camera; Study: Kids have fewer coronavirus receptors in their noses; Virus spreading unevenly across America as deaths rise; Fear of repercussions force some small businesses to reconsider emergency loan program; Shifting penalty rules force some small businesses to opt out or return loans; New Virginia task force developing plans to reopen schools; House Dems demand Pompeo reinstate Inspector General he fired; Brazilian Govt authorizes use of Hydroxichloroquine as coronavirus treatment after surge in cases;  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 21, 2020
Source: CDC director feels there's a target on his back; All 50 states reopening despite cases up in at least 18 states; Trump falsely claims states illegally send absentee ballot applications to voters, threatens emergency funds; Health experts caution companies are rushing to claim progress on treatments without releasing data
Pence doesn't wear mask or social distance in crowded restaurant; HHS Secy Azar: Navarro blaming the CDC is "inappropriate"; WH awards contract to produce COVID-19 drugs & ingedients in U.S.; Trump attacks China on handling of coronavirus but is reluctant to criticize China's President Xi; Vaccine study in monkeys showed promising results; Union: at least 68 grocery workers have died of coronavirus; Ford briefly closes two plants after employees test positive for coroanvirus; CDC: Arkansas coronavirus outbreak linked to church services; Florida gov. defends coronavirus response, disputes claims about state death rate; WH again pushes false claim that mail-in voting could lead to widespread fraud; Trump voted by mail two months ago; New vaccine studies show promising signs in treating, preventing coronavirus in monkeys; Russia surpasses 300,000 cases, U.S. sends ventilators to help  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 20, 2020
President Trump holds cabinet meeting in WH East Room; Trump's cabinet backs up his use of unproven drug despite study showing dangers of hydroxychloroquine; CDC confirms inflammatory syndrome in kids linked to COVID-19; Mnuchin: Job numbers will get worse before improvement;
Trump won't commit to wearing mask during visit to Ford plant; Dem Senator to Mnuchin: How many workers should die to help the economy?; Coronavirus survivor details grueling recovery process; Young & healthy COVID-19 patients struggle to make full recovery; 25% of Nebraska's COVID-19 cases are meat processing workers; Arkansas venue hosts concert with social distance, temp checks; Gym, salons, & restaurants all partially reopened in Arkansas; Cases in Arkansas rise to nearly 5,000; Death toll hits 100; Arkansas to open beaches, pools, water parks this weekend; More than 300 test positive from outbreak inside Arkansas prison; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 19, 2020
U.S. death toll from coronavirus nears 90,000; WH shifts blame to CDC amid mounting coronavirus criticism; Auto industry tested as carmakers jump-start idle factories; Trump fires watchdog who was investigating Secretary Pompeo;
All 50 states to be partially reopened by Sunday; Texas opening up gyms at 25% capacity as cases spike; Residents hit beaches in California, Virginia over the weekend; CA Gov: professional sports may begin in June without fans; Promising early results coming from one vaccine trial; Moderna: early vaccine data shows some patients developed neutralizing antibodies, which can block virus; Drug maker Moderna plans to move to large scale clinical trials for phase 3 in July; WH trade advisor: CDC “let the country down” on testing; Senior CDC official fires back at White House: "we’re giving them science and they don’t seem to want it"; Trump: "surprised" Attorney General Barr is not looking at Obama; Auto factories reopen with new safety measures including temperature checks, divided work spaces; Federal Reserve Chair warns economic recovery may stretch through end of 2021; Chair Powell: Federal Reserve can do a lot more to help economy; Federal Reserve Chair Powell and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to testify before senate tomorrow; Trump fires, replaces at least 4 govt watchdogs in 6 weeks; Boston Globe editorial board to Trump: "stop the purge of Inspectors General"; Trump: I don’t know anything about accusations against Pompeo being looked at by fired Inspector General; Trump says he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine; U.S. surpasses 1.5 million coronavirus cases, 90,000 deaths; Trial tests if dogs can smell COVID-19 in humans; UK researchers say trained dogs may detect virus before symptoms appear; Navajo nation has highest infection rate per capita in U.S.; Native Americans among most vulnerable to virus; Son dies from COVID-19 days after praying over father’s body; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 18, 2020
President Trump: "Vaccine or no vaccine, we're back"; Restrictions eased in parts of New York, Maryland, Virginia; 48 states to phase in reopen plans by Monday; Tensions rise between U.S. and China over coronavirus response;
Defense Secy: We'll deliver a vaccine by end of year; Trump: I gave staffers choice to wear masks in Rose Garden; VP Pence again skips Trump's events today to be cautious; Trump: Hope to have vaccine for entire public by January; Trump: Ramping up production of vials, needles, syringes in anticipation of mass vaccine distribution; Trump admin racing to avoid supply shortage for administering possible vaccine; Trump says hardest hit states may get first access to coronavirus vaccine; Michigan Gov: Capitol protests essentially a political rally; Texas reports biggest one-day jump in coronavirus cases; Some CA beaches open; New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware to reopen beaches Memorial Day weekend; Trump ramps up attacks on Chinese Govt's handling of coronavirus, says it "should have been stopped from China"; Trump threatens to cut off relationship with China; Postal Service's future in doubt, as Trump ally takes over agency and Congress debates funding; House rescue package includes $22 billion for Postal Service; Veterans among most vulnerable to coronavirus, V.A. criticized for not doing enough to protect them; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 15, 2020
Trump: "Totally disagree" with Fauci on reopening schools; Bright: Email warning U.S. in "deep sh*t" was unforgettable; 36.5 million have filed for unemployment since mid-March; Robots, satellites & science: The tech fight against coronavirus;
Bright: "Window of opportunity is closing" to address pandemic; Bright: My warnings caused commotion in the Trump admin; Pres Trump calls ousted vaccine chief disgruntled employee; Georgia, Colorado cases decline even after business openings; Some L.A. beaches reopen this week, NJ beaches open by Memorial Day, Grand Canyon allows some access Friday, Yellowstone on Monday; New cases decline in 24 states in past week, 9 states see increase, 17 states remain steady; WI Gov on shelter-at-home order overturned: "It's the wild west"; Trump: "We have to open our schools"; Doctors in 17 states look into COVID-linked illness in kids; Parts of Universal Orlando's citywalk reopen today; CDC guidelines shelved by Trump Administration spell out stricter road map to reopening; Trump publicly criticizes Dr. Fauci, says his warnings about reopening too soon are not "acceptable"; Studies show coronavirus not just a respiratory virus but also affects heart, kidneys, brain and other organs; Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort set to partially reopen; Georgia ranks among highest for weekly unemployment claims despite some businesses allowed to reopen; Sen. Burr steps down as Intel Chair during stock investigation; Sens. Loeffler, Feinstein scrutinized over stock trades; Is the Russian government underreporting coronavirus deaths?; Robots on social distancing patrol, satellites record human movement, phone apps trace contacts; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 14, 2020
World Health Org: coronavirus "may never go away"; University of Louisiana to resume in-person classes this fall; Trump names former drug executive to lead "warp speed" vaccine effort; Grocery prices jump; cost of clothes, gas, cars all down;
CDC to warn about condition in children associated with virus; DC extends stay-at-home order until June 8th; NYU study: Abbott rapid test use by W.H. often misses positive cases; Cases rising in 9 states, holding steady in 19 & falling in 22; Key model raises death projection in U.S. to 147,000 by August; Trump names former drug executive to lead "warp speed" vaccine effort; Ousted vaccine director will warn Congress of "darkest winter in modern history" without ramped up response; Whistleblower to testify he "faced hostility" after warning about shortages of medical supplies; Thousands volunteer to be expose to coronavirus for potential vaccine test; Airlines struggle to enforce new "mandatory" face mask rules; EU suggests phased return to tourism for summer vacations; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 13, 2020
Fauci: U.S. does not have "total control" of coronavirus; One-on-one with Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Los Angeles county expected to keep stay-at-home order through July; Putin's close aide & spokesperson tests positive for virus; CDC Director: Nursing home dea
Fauci: Reopening too soon may lead to "suffering and death" that could have been avoided; Dr. Fauci says it's "more likely than not" there is a coronavirus vaccine in 1-2 years; Fauci: Shouldn't be "cavalier" thinking kids are immune to virus; Fauci: "Bridge too far" to think treatment or vaccine could be ready in time for colleges to reopen in fall; House Dems unveil new $3 trillion relief bill; GOP and Democratic Senators criticize Trump admin on testing; Adm. Giroir predicts U.S. will be able to test 40 to 50 million per month if necessary by September; Cuomo: New stimulus bill should be done without politics; Ohio lifts restrictions on retail today; 48 states will be partially reopened by this weekend; Fauci worries "little spikes" may turn into outbreaks; Sioux tribe announces three-day lockdown at reservation as cases in South Dakota rise; MLB weighs restart to spring training in June; Disney World accepts reservations for July; Kaiser data: Nursing homes account for more than half of all COVID-19 deaths across at least 14 states; Assisted living center pays staff to move in & live there full-time to prevent virus spread; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 12, 2020
New memo directs White House staffers entering West Wing to wear a mask; NY Gov Cuomo: 93 cases of COVID-related illness in children; World Health Organization: idea of herd immunity is "dangerous"; Small businesses frustrated by constraints of PPP rules
Fauci, heads of CDC & FDA quarantining after virus exposure; Iowa governor in modified quarantine after possible exposure during White House visit; Pence, other officials refuse to quarantine after White House staffers test positive for virus; Source: Trump worried cases inside White House undercut his claims the virus is fading and it's safe to reopen; WH attempting contact tracing for VP aide who tested positive; Video shows food execs removing masks before Pence event; New mystery disease has killed at least three children in NY; Health officials examine other potential cases nationwide; Symptoms of mystery COVID-related illness in children include fever, rash, swollen glands, red eyes; Study: 23% of children in ICU had two or more organs fail, most commonly lungs; World Health Organization: people don't just "bounce back"; W.H.O.: "alarming" number of heath care workers infected; Sioux tribe rejects SD gov's call to remove COVID checkpoints; Navajo nation ravaged by COVID-19 outbreak; Pictures show packed United Airlines flight with little distancing; NYT: nearly 1 in 3 U.S. deaths involve nursing homes; CUOMO: NY can "intelligently prepare for reopening" Friday; Small business administration IG: "tens of thousands" of borrowers won't qualify for loan forgiveness; Some schools in Europe begin to reopen; U.K. releases three-step reopening plan after PM Johnson was criticized for being vague; Shanghai Disneyland reopens with fewer visitors & social distancing measures; South Korea records spike in cases linked to nightclubs & bars; Soon: Trump holds briefing on coronavirus testing To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 11, 2020
Two people close to Trump & Pence test positive for coronavirus; More devastating death and unemployment numbers in the U.S.; Harvard: U.S. should be testing 900,000 people per day by May 15th; Record 20.5M jobs lost in April; Ahmaud Arbery's father: His
Pres Trump confirms Pence's press secretary tested positive; 40+ states start reopening despite risk of fueling second wave; Jobless rate soars to 14.7%, worst since Great Depression; Majority if NYPD social distancing arrests were black New Yorkers; Manufacturer: Only enough Remdesivir for 200K patients worldwide; Doctor says it's not clear how govt will decide who gets Remdesivir; NIH Dir.: Abbott rapid tests have 15% false negative rate; Health experts raise concerns about accuracy of virus tests; Dr. Birx: I'm "very encouraged" about the increase in testing; New York paid $69.1 million for ventilators that never showed up; States band together to increase buying power & stop fraud; Remembering some of the victims lost to coronavirus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 08, 2020
U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 75,000 people; Trump Administration rejects CDC guidelines to reopen U.S.; Weekly unemployment claims top 33 million since mid-March; 44 states will partially reopen by Sunday as cases spike; Justice Department drops crimi
Valet to President Trump tests positive for coronavirus; Trump says he had "very little contact" with Covid-19 positive valet; AP Report: Trump said wearing a mask "sends the wrong message"; WH tests its staff, press corps for virus but downplays national testing; 40+ states move to reopen despite not meeting federal guidelines; WH adviser: April jobs report could show 20% unemployment; Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus files for bankruptcy; Frontier Airlines reverses plan to charge customers $39 for empty middle seat; FDA clears Moderna vaccine for phase 2 trial; Cuomo: NY seeing "painfully slow decline" in death rate; CA Gov confirms first known case of community spread at nail salon; Some doctors see hope in HIV drug combo despite study showing no direct benefit; How Washington state avoided coronavirus surge after reporting first case in January; Source: HHS Secy Azar blames plant workers for getting infected; Justice Department drops criminal case against Michael Flynn; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 07, 2020
Ex-FDA chief warns U.S. may not be able to lower infection rate; Trump claims virus will pass with or without a vaccine; Medical workers fighting COVID-19 face a mental health crisis;White House press secretary holds briefing
Cases spike in prisons, food plants & nursing homes; As more states reopen, avg. plane now carrying 23 passengers, up from 17 last week & 10 in early April; U.S. cases surpass 1.2 million, death toll tops 72,000; Trump claims virus will pass with or without a vaccine; Trump changes his mind on keeping coronavirus task force, now says it will continue "indefinitely"; Medical workers fighting COVID-19 face a mental health crisis; Insomnia, anxiety, lingering fear: what it's like to be a frontline worker To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 06, 2020
Pence: "Having conversations" about winding down task force; States relax restrictions as models project many more deaths; Health experts question Trump's optimistic vaccine timeline; Mixed messages on origin of Covid-19; Three doctors mysteriously fall o
Trump says Dr. Fauci can testify before Republican-led Senate panel, but not Dem-led House because it's a "set up"; Ousted vaccine director files whistleblower complaint alleging coronavirus warnings were ignored; WaPo: Kushner shadow task force hampered by inexperienced volunteers; Florida preparing for pandemic to collide with hurricane season; Cuomo: The faster we reopen, the more lives will be lost; 15 kids hospitalized in NY with condition possibly tied to Covid-19; Wendy's: Beef shortage affecting hamburger availability; Texas Gov allows hair & nail salons, barber shops to reopen Friday; 108 potential Covid-19 vaccines in the works worldwide; Pfizer, Biontech test experimental vaccine in first U.S. patients; DNI nominee says he has not seen intel showing virus originated in lab after Pompeo claimed to have "enormous evidence"; Fauci says virus "evolved in nature," Pompeo claims "enormous evidence" it originated in lab; Ugly, sometimes criminal acts over efforts to protect public; Security guard killed over face mask dispute, park ranger pushed in lake after he tried to disperse crowd; Strict rule followers shame violators who risk public health; NYT: Three NY hospital workers among coronavirus victims; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 05, 2020
Key model predicts 135K U.S. deaths, double previous projection; NIH to study rate of infection among children & their families; Florida releases questionable data on coronavirus deaths; Pompeo: "enormous evidence" virus originated in Chinese lab;
NYT: New internal Trump admin. document projects up to 200,000 cases and 3,000 deaths a day in June; Cuomo: virus decline not as fast as we'd hoped for; CA Gov Newsom: retail shops can begin to reopen on Friday; At least 42 states will be partially reopened by Sunday; Gilead CEO: Remdesivir could be ready this week; Remdesivir showing some promise as possible treatment; Trump: we think vaccine could be ready by end of the year; 300+ nursing homes & assisted living facilities in FL had staff or residents test positive for covid-19; Trump admin blames China; Pompeo claims China hid info about severity of virus & stockpiled supplies; Chinese state media calls Secretary of State Pompeo "evil" after Pompeo says virus originated in Chinese lab; How Greece managed to keep coronavirus deaths below 150; No doctors, nurses infected with coronavirus at hospital in capital city Athens, Greece; SBA: $175 billion in small business loans gone after first week of program relaunch; Report: most minority businesses shutout of fed. loan program; Remembering NYPD traffic agent Stanley Heneson To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 04, 2020
Remdesivir authorized for emergency use by FDA; In first briefing, new WH Press Secy vows to "never lie"; U.S. makes big bet on vaccine company with unproven technology; Biden denies aide's claim he sexually assaulted her in 1993: "It's not true... This n
Gilead gets FDA approval for remdesivir to treat Covid-19; Top disease expert says 60-70% of U.S. will be infected and virus could be around for at least two years; Remdesivir authorized for emergency use by FDA; In first briefing, new WH Press Secy vows to "never lie"; WH: Trump deciding how to handle China's "slow-walking" of virus; Trump says he's seen proof virus started in a Chinese lab, contradicting his own intelligence officials; Soon: Trump leaves White House for weekend at Camp David; U.S. makes big bet on vaccine company with unproven technology; U.S. paid $483 million to firm to make a coronavirus vaccine that has yet to bring a single product to market; Fauci: Shooting for a vaccine in January, but "can't guarantee"; Tyson, Smithfield to reopen two pork plants with limited production after Trump declares meat supply "critical"; Some stores limit meat purchases amid breaks in supply chain; Interpol warns of drug dealers disguising as food deliveries to sell during lockdown; Thousands line up for food at South African food bank; Remembering 28-year-old Valentina Blackhorse; Biden denies aide's claim he sexually assaulted her in 1993: "It's not true... This never happened"; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
May 01, 2020
Dr. Fauci expresses optimism about drug Remdesivir as treatment; After total U.S. cases pass one million, Kushner calls coronavirus response "a great success story"; U.S. economy shrinks for first time in six years as nation grinds to halt
Dr. Fauci on "significant" new findings: Remdesivir has a "clear cut" effect in diminshing coronavirus recovery time; NYT: FDA expected to issue emergency authorization for Remdesivir; VP Pence does not wear mask despite WH guidance; Meat plant workers to Trump: Employees aren't going to show up; Trump order forces meat processing plants to stay open; New models find crowding, population density may affect death rate; Pfizer testing expirimental vaccine, could "supply millions" by end of year; U.S. economy shrinks for first time in six years as nation grinds to halt; U.S. economy suffers 4.8% drop in GDP, worst Q1 since 2008; SBA: only lenders with $1b in assets can submit loans tonight; Federal Reserve keep rates near zero as U.S. takes massive financial hit; Black business owners weigh reopening as coronavirus threatens communities; Black-owned businesses weigh company needs vs. COVID-19 risks; Source: Trump erupted at campaign manager over sliding poll numbers as he fumes over coronavirus criticism; 500 TSA employees test positive for coronavirus; JetBlue requiring all passengers to wear masks; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 29, 2020
Confirmed coronavirus cases surpass one million in the U.S.; One-on-one with Dr. Anthony Fauci; Governors move forward with reopening despite dire models;
Dire new models show opening too early will kill thousands; Fauci: Coronavirus will come back, or never leave at all; Trump says he'll "have to check" if he was warned about virus in Jan, Feb briefings as Washington Post reported; WH testing plan puts most responsibility on states; Fauci: There has to be a " productive partnership" on testing among the Federal Government and the states; Fauci: Testing "isn't perfect yet, by any means" but we are "going strongly in the right direction"; Fauci: We now are seeing things that weren't noticed in the first big explosion of cases;  Smaller labs, hospitals report critical shortage of testing supplies, as Trump touts testing capabilities to reopen the country; Trump touts success of small business loan program as more technical problems plague second round; L.A. Lakers repay $4.6M loan intended for small businesses; E.R. doctor commits suicide after treating & contracting virus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 28, 2020
AR, AK, GA, TN and OK among states opening salons, restaurants this week; WH may scale back coronavirus task force briefings after wide spread criticism of the president's comments; Scientists, doctors struggle to understand how covid-19 kills
NY Gov Cuomo: 337 died in last 24 hours; death rate is "on the decline"; Birx: U.S. needs testing "breakthrough" to screen large numbers; Texas gov will lift stay-at-home order after it expires April 30th; White House cancels today's briefing, instead will allow small group of reporters to cover economic remarks; As part of twitter rant, Trump retweets claims rivals are inflating mortality rate to hurt him politically; Trump denies he is planning to fire is HHS secretary Alex Azar; Soon: Trump speaks in Rose Garden after meeting with CEOs; Study: 70% of hospitalized coronavirus patients in New York did not have a fever; Nearly 45,000 national guard personnel helping with coronavirus response in all 50 states; National guard not guaranteed medical coverage during pandemic; Three large meat plants latest to suspend operations; U.K. PM Boris Johnson returns to work, urges U.K. to "contain your impatience" for reopening To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 27, 2020
CDC tweets reminder to use disinfectants properly after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant to treat virus; Remembering the victims of coronavirus; Mayors, governors battle over when it's safe to reopen;
Trump falsely claims he didn't suggest looking into internal disinfectant as coronavirus treatment; Navy leaders recommend reinstating captain removed for sounding coronavirus alarm; FDA warns of serious side effects linked with hydroxychloroquine; Georgia Gov allows salons, tattoo parlors, bowling alleys to reopen today; Georgia, Oklahoma among states easing some restrictions today; Pence: coronavirus will be largely behind us by Memorial Day weekend, states will begin to reopen; North Carolina governor "concerned" about Georgia's reopening, says it could hurt his state; North Carolina gov. extends stay-at-home order until at least May 8; Congressional subcommittee report: FDA didn't do enough to protect Americans from unproven COVID-19 antibody tests; CO gov will let social distancing restrictions expire for state but Denver mayor extends order for his city; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 24, 2020
Dr. Fauci: "There is a danger of rebound" if states reopen quickly; Model touted by WH shows virus death toll now at 67,641; Trump's coronavirus response follows a pattern of openly disagreeing with science; Can employers protect workers from coronavirus?
GA, TX, CO & OH look to reopen some businesses, as top health experts caution against states rushing to reopen; 4.4 million new unemployment claims filed last week; NY Gov: Prelim tests show 13.9% of New Yorkers have antibodies; New coronavirus model: Georgia won't be able to safely reopen until at least June 22; Govs Assoc releases 10-step roadmap to reopening for states; First known U.S. death was healthy 57-year-old CA woman; Top expert says 800,000 people could die in U.S.; Updated modeling projects several states including Florida should wait longer to safely reopen; Trump's coronavirus response follows a pattern of openly disagreeing with science; Vaccine expert's ouster reveals months of HHS turmoil; Staggering 26 million Americans file for unemployment over five-week span; McConnell suggests states go bankrupt vs. get federal funds; Wuhan, China businesses struggle despite city being reopened; Tyson closes largest pork plant after workers contract virus; Mayor says plant closed too late; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 23, 2020
Trump claims states are "safely coming back," but new models show GA, FL, SC, TX & others should wait until June; CNN goes inside Wuhan, China months after lockdown; Health experts concerned early state openings could threaten worker safety
Autopsies show first U.S. coronavirus deaths were weeks earlier than previously known; In GA, TX & IA, local officials fight governors' attempts to reopen businesses; Key model shows 12 states should wait longer to reopen; Doctor says he was removed from federal post after questioning drug Trump praised; South Carolina opening beaches & some stores; schools to stay close for rest of school year; House to vote tomorrow on $484b bill to help small businesses, hospitals, testing; Source: small business loans could run out in 2-10 days; Harvard rejects allocated stimulus funds after education secretary called on wealthy colleges to turn down money; Some pollutant levels dropping during pandemic, concerns they will rise again To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 22, 2020
Study: No benefits, higher death rate in patients taking hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus; Georgia, South Carolina to reopen some businesses, despite WH guideline that says cases need to decrease for 14 days; Schumer, Pelosi praise additions Democrats s
GA, SC, TN, CO scaling back restrictions even though they don't meet White House guidance on reopening; Some Georgia mayors outraged over Gov's decision to reopen; New study: outbreak may be 55-times larger in L.A. county; Dr. Sanjay Gupta gets his own antibody test; Trump falsely claims testing criticism is only from Dems; Trump tries to shore up his base amid criticism over his handling of coronavirus pandemic; Trump finishes meeting with NY Gov. Cuomo at White House; As oil markets crash, Trump pledges to save oil industry jobs; Businesses concerned about lawsuit as Trump pushes to reopen U.S. economy; CA schools move to online learning, students struggle to log on; Los Angeles schools spend additional $2M to close digital divide; U.S. Official: North Korean leader in grave danger after surgery; Chile to issue digital immunity cards to people who have fully recovered from coronavirus; Data shows death tolls in England & Wales 41% higher than reported by govt; British doctor warns of "very, very significant" gaps in PPE in U.K.; Netflix added 16 million subscribers last month amid pandemic; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 21, 2020
U.S. death toll doubles over a week, now more than 40,000; Protests in PA, NM, CA, MI push back on stay home orders; Trump tells govs handle testing on their own, WH task force says feds will help; How botched coronavirus testing squandered valuable time
Crowds of protesters demand faster reopening, even as officials warn it could cause a resurgence; Need for testing grows as U.S. death toll doubles in a week; Gov. Cuomo proposes hazard pay for frontline workers; S. Carolina to allow retail stores & some beaches to open; NY Gov: test results on hydroxychloroquine to be delivered to FDA and CDC today; Doctors find virus can impact the heart & brain in some patients; Trump: U.S. investigators must still get access to China; Polls: most Americans fear states may lift coronavirus restrictions too soon; PEW research poll: 66% worry U.S. will lift coronavirus restrictions too soon. GOP, Dem governors as Trump admin for more federal help; McConnell: senate to take up negotiations again tomorrow on emergency loans for small businesses; Ruth's Chris, Shake Shack, Potbelly among restaurant chains that got emergency loans for small businesses; Shake Shack returns $10M emergency loan to government; GOP Sen. Rick Scott: Congress must clarify rules on small business loans so big companies can't use loopholes; U.S. oil prices crash to record low, plunge below zero; Source: CDC lab contamination likely caused delays in early testing; Harvard study: testing needs to triple before U.S. reopens GA Gov: gyms, barbers, nail salons can reopen as early as Friday; Turkey surpasses China's total number of reported cases; Antibody test trials underway in Italy, could be crucial for reopening; Germany eases lockdown restrictions, shops start to reopen To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 20, 2020
Source: WH expected to unveil new details on reopening with a focus on testing & rate of decline in cases; New model suggests U.S. hit virus peak two days ago; Governors, health experts say more testing needed in U.S.; Could the oral polio vaccine help in
Pres Trump says governors need to do more on testing; attacks Obama & Biden in twitter tirade; NY Gov asks Trump Admin to help with testing: "This is Mayhem"; Cuomo says Trump should stop watching TV and do his job after Trump attacks Cuomo on Twitter for complaining; Trump lashes out at states in battle over reopening country; Trump seemingly encourages protests against three Democratic governors over coronavirus restrictions; Govs in Florida, Vermont, Michigan look to ease restrictions after Trump unveils new guidelines; Dem Senators "lose it" on Pence during coronavirus call on testing; New model advises VT, WV, HI, MT may be able to relax some social distancing as early as May 4; Model advises IA, ND, SD, NE, UT, OK, AR may need to keep social distancing til June or July; Contact tracing part of WH reopening strategy; Health expert: Contact tracing critical for safe reopening, warns of resurgence in U.S. without it; Could the oral polio vaccine help in fight against Covid-19?; WA Gov. Inslee: Trump's "liberate" tweets "unhinged"; Congress locked in impasse over how to replenish small business loan program; Unemployment overwhelms states: FL adds call center staff, VT Gov. authorizes direct payments due to backlog; U.K. announces task force to accelerate vaccine development; Denmark continues to ease restrictions, allows courts, some small businesses to reopen; French Pres Macron: Providing financial solidarity will be EU's "moment of truth"; China revises total coronavirus death toll in Wuhan, increases by 50%; Children in Spain have not been allowed to leave house in five weeks; Actor Robert De Niro shares message for NY; Robert De Niro's message to hospital workers in New York; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 17, 2020
Trump to unveil new guidelines today to reopen country; Cases in the U.S. climb above 600,000; deaths eclipse 31,000; FDA authorizes fourth antibody test for emergency use; U.S. Intelligence explores origins of coronavirus in China; $349B in small busines
Source: Trump tells governors "you will call the shots" when it comes to reopening states; Source: Trump tells governors May 1 goal was a "negotiation" with doctors Birx, Fauci; Sources: On call with Senators, Trump pushes back on demand for more testing before states reopen; NY, LA, DC extend stay-at-home orders until at least May 15; At least 70 types of antibody tests being sold without FDA approval; U.S. explores possibility virus spread from Chinese lab, not a market; China denies suppressing info about coronavirus despite widespread criticism for lack of transparency; 5.2M people filed for first-time unemployment benefits in one week, 22M filed in one month; Stimulus package offers tax break to America's wealthy; Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner traveled from DC to NJ despite federal guidelines to avoid travel; Singapore reports largest daily increase in cases, most from cluster of foreign-born workers in dorms; Pollution down 50% in some European cities; U.K. extends stay-at-home orders until at least May 7; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 16, 2020
Source: business leaders told Trump U.S. needs to ramp up coronavirus testing before people can return to work; Pelosi to challenge Trump's "illegal" decision to halt W.H.O. funding; Ohio Gov: life will not be normal "until we get a vaccine"
Study: people might be most infectious before showing symptoms; N.I.H. hopes to have vaccine for frontline workers by fall & rollout to public by spring of 2021; California reveals grim blueprint for life after reopening; Trump: some states may be ready to reopen before May 1st; IRS: last-minute order to add Trump's name to paper stimulus checks will not delay delivery; Source: small business loan program likely to run out of money today; Pelosi: Trump's coronavirus misteps "caused unecessary death"; Retail sales in March fell 8.7%, deepest drop on record; Strip clubs, lobbyist sue to get small business loans; Los Angeles Mayor says city may not allow concerts, sporting events until 2021; What will the new normal look like when states reopen?; Ohio Gov: life will not be normal "until we get a vaccine"; Experts warn 400,000 people in Japan could die if virus not contained; Inside the place with the highest per capita death rate, and it's not NY; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 15, 2020
U.S. now surpasses 25,000 coronavirus deaths; Trump won't explain what his administration was doing to contain coronavirus in February; Obama endorses Biden for President in video message; Sources: Funds for small business loans will run out by end of wee
Dr. Fauci: U.S. is "not there yet" in regard to reopening; NY Gov Cuomo says he'd ignore Trump's order to reopen economy if it endangered public health; Cuomo: Pres Trump "spoiling for a fight" over authority;States in Northeast, West Coast coordinating reopening of the economy separate from WH; Massive job losses continue despite flattening of curve; Harvard Scientists: U.S. may need social distancing until 2022; Creator of influential model says U.S. can potentially stop transmission this summer; FDA approves use of new saliva test for coronavirus; Trump taunts govs who challenged his "total authority" claim;Philadelphia confirms 7,130 coronavirus cases, 206 deaths;Philadelphia Mayor sends letter to Congress asking for more aid; Small business owner: "Crickets" since applying for stimulus loan; SBA: $240B in small business loans approved, $350B available; IRS deposits first wave of stimulus checks;Airlines balk at paying back some federal bailout money; Schools & stores start to reopen in some European countries; 30,000 non-essential workers return to work in Spain despite rising death toll; U.K. death toll surpasses 12,000, no plan to lift lockdown; Nicaragua's Pres has not been seen publicly since February 21; How school closures will impact millions of students, parents; Defense Secy: Decision to allow more troop movements will be "driven by science"; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 14, 2020
Governors on east and west coast band together to decide when to reopen economies; WH: Trump has no intention of firing Dr. Fauci despite sharing tweet calling for his removal; NJ hospital converts cafeteria to treat patients; Bodies overlapped on Detroit
Gov Cuomo: "the worst is over" in NY if we continue to be smart; Northeast Govs working on coordinated plan to reopen economy; Massive pork plant closes after hundreds of workers get sick; Trump pushing to reopen parts of the country in May; Source: Trump has been "fretting about Fauci for a while"; Trump: it's my decision, not governors', when to reopen states; Partisan fighting threatens emergency small business funds; Pay pal approved to make emergency small business loans; Sanders endorses Biden, says "we need you in the white house"; Staffing issues for hospitals as doctors and nurses get sick; NJ gov: our coronavirus peak could be weeks away; NJ: state with second highest number of virus cases in U.S. Photos show bodies in vacant Detroit hospital room; Doctors, healthcare professionals comfort families during pandemic; How to help loved ones grieve during coronavirus; Boris Johnson released from hospital, U.K. death toll surpasses 10,000; China restricts publication of research on coronavirus; Sweden refuses to lock down as virus spreads though Europe To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 13, 2020
Pence to churches: Keep following restrictions on gatherings; Fauci: Despite progress, not the time to be pulling back at all; Trump pushing to re-open U.S. as early as May, despite health officials' warnings; Coronavirus reveals wealth & racial divides a
Dr. Birx: encouraging signs but we haven't reached the peak; Dr. Fauci: Antibody tests coming "in a week or so"; Antibody testing could show exposure & recovery rate; Key to knowing who is able to return to work & when; Trump pushing to re-open U.S. as early as May, despite health officials' warnings; Today now unexpected to be peak of daily deaths; Kansas Gov sues GOP lawmakers to stop gatherings of over 10 people, including church, ahead of Easter; Source: Wall St. friends urge Trump to re-open country soon; JP Morgan predicts April April unemployment to hit 20%, U.S. economy to shrink ny 40%; Trump calls on other nations to cut oil production; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 10, 2020
Nearly 2,000 deaths just yesterday in U.S.; WH Task Force: Baltimore, Philadelphia and DC next coronavirus hot spots; Federal support to end for coronavirus testing sites; Front line health care workers face trauma & stress;
This Sunday predicted to be the peak of daily deaths in U.S.; Death toll from virus surges above 15,000; Rate of new cases in U.S. falling as deaths continue to rise; Dr. Fauci: Normal summer "can be in the cards"; New guidelines for DC grocery stores: shoppers to wear masks; Federal government blocked private labs from using coronavirus tests in late January; Sources: Trump to announce second coronavirus task force solely focused on reopening economy; Treasury Secy: U.S. businesses could reopen in May; White House says it will test press attending today's briefing for coronavirus; 6.6 million Americans file for unemployment in one week; 16.8 million Americans file for unemployment in three weeks; Fed Reserve rolls out $2.3T in programs to rescue U.S. economy; Senate Dems block GOP attempts to add $250B to small business stimulus program; Doctors and nurses surrounded by sick & dying patients; President of Ecuador investigating mishandling of bodies; British PM out of intensive care; Doctor who warned him about PPE shortages dies; Death toll in Spain now over 15,000; CNN analysis shows it could be significantly higher; Commuters crowd Tokyo streets despite state of emergency; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 09, 2020
New model lowers U.S. death projection to 60,000 by August; CNN poll: nearly half of Americans say coronavirus caused them financial hardship; Trump insists there's no problem with testing, doctors say there's a critical shortage; Bernie Sanders drops out
Dr. Fauci: this is a "bad week for deaths"; Dr. Birx: Philly & DC could be new hot spots; closely watching outbreak in Houston; WaPo: SBA official accuses big banks of taking "free money" in 2008, turning back on small businesses now; Banks report $98b in loans committed to small businesses so far, $349b available; WH task force: there's over a million test kits sitting idle; CDC removes guidance from website on controversial chloroquine drug; Trump: I want to open the economy with a "big bang"; CNN poll: 55% of Americans think Trump could do more to fight coronavirus outbreak; Report: U.S. intel warned of coronavirus spread in Nov; Trump lashes out at W.H.O. & governors over outbreak; Politico: Kushner's team considering nationwide coronavirus surveillance system; Snowden to the Intercept: coronavirus surrveillance would mean giving up "our rights, our ideals"; Spain conducting clinical trial to prevent spread of coronavirusl France sees deadliest day, death toll now over 10,000; U.K. PM's condition improving, "sitting up" and engaging with medical team; W.H.O.: cases in Africa grow "exponentially" to 10,000 with potential for economical & social devastation; Pope: coronavirus could be a "response" from nature to climate change To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 08, 2020
More than 12,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.; States competing with private companies and FEMA for medical supplies; Chef Jose Andres urges restaurant workers to help feed America; As Trump downplayed coronavirus, January memo warned Whi
CDC Director: U.S. death toll could be "much lower" than predicted 200,000 because most Americans staying home; WI residents waiting up to 3 hours to vote amid pandemic; In Michigan, Illinois and Louisiana rate of infection and death higher in African-Americans; Acting Navy Secretary submits resignation after calling ousted aircraft carrier captain "stupid"; As Trump downplayed coronavirus, January memo warned White House it could become "full-blown" pandemic; Trump removes independent watchdog in charge of overseeing coronavirus relief spending; Grisham out as WH Press Secretary, never held a briefing; Kudlow: U.S. economy should be strong in second half of 2020; Treasury to ask for another $250B for overwhelmed small business loan program plagued with glitches; 32,200+ staff from Michigan's two largest hospital systems had coronavirus or showed symptoms; Automakers switch gears, manufacturing medical equipment; Famed chef turns D.C.'s baseball stadium into a community kitchen; U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson "stable," remains in intensive care;  Wuhan reopening after two months on lockdown; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 07, 2020
British prime minister Boris Johnson in intensive care; Health officials: the virus peak could come in days or weeks; Investigating coronavirus origins and how it spread so quickly; Multiple states releasing low-risk inmates after first prisoners die
UK PM Boris Johnson moved to intensive care with coronavirus; Surgeon general: His week could be "Pearl Harbor moment"; More than 10,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.; Trump trade adviser defends his disagreements with doctor Fauci: "I'm a social scientist"; Heated disagreement breaks out in situation room over drug Trump is pushing as coronavirus treatment; Big week for stimulus relief; rush on small business loans, personal direct deposits begin; Source: one loan application took 72 mins, 13 system crashes; Former fed chair Janet Yellen: unemployment may reach depression levels "for a time"; Alabama inmates warn prisons are not prepared for coronavirus: "death is imminent for us"; AG Barr tells some federal prisons to release vulnerable inmates due to coronavirus; Some churches remain open, putting faith above risk; 14 states exempt religious gathering in "stay home" orders; Source: Biden and Trump spoke by phone to discuss coronavirus response; Navy captain Crozier fired after sounding alarm over coronavirus outbreak on USS Theodore Roosevelt; Acting Navy secretary calls ousted captain "stupid" in address to crew; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 06, 2020
NY Gov: Highest one-day increase in deaths & hospitalizations; Some states still refuse to issue stay-at-home orders; Trump blames states for lack of supplies as criticism mounts; Nearly 8% of U.K. health workers out sick;
Navy medical ship in NYC has only received 20 non-virus patients; WH expected to issue guidance Americans should wear masks; WH will give rapid Covid-19 screening tests to anyone who will come in close contact with Trump and Pence; Trump shifts blame: Stockpile is just a "back-up" for states; HHS Secy Azar in 2019: Pandemic flu threat keeps me up at night; Bus driver outraged over coughing passengers dies days later; Higher coronavirus death rate in New Orleans may be caused by underlying health issue; Germany testing enhanced version of 100-year-old tuberculosis drug as potential coronavirus vaccine; 5FDNY firefighters salute medical workers at one of hardest hit hospitals; FEMA sends 250 ambulances to NY after 50% spike in emergency calls; NY EMT's told not to bring unresponsive cardiac patients to hospitals; At least 376 FDNY workers test positive for coronavirus; After Kushner claims national stockpile isn't for states, Fed website changes description of Natl Stockpile; Trump spars with 3M CEO over exporting N95 masks; Kudlow on small business loan program: "There are always glitches", we're not perfect; Chaotic launch for small businesses loan program, source says it's "clunky"; Harvard doctor developing point system to help hospitals decide which patients get life-saving treatment; New York hospital is using basic parts to convert CPAP machines into ventilators; Hungary's PM uses coronavirus as cover for blatant power grab, now rules by decree; Sailors cheer commander who was removed after sounding alarm on coronavirus; "Leon on me" singer Bill Withers passes away at 81; Remembering cultural icons lost in this pandemic; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 03, 2020
Coronavirus cases surpass one million worldwide; Record 6.6 million people file for unemployment in one week; How to stay sane while staying home; At least 114 sailors test positive for virus onboard U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt;
Experts tell White House coronavirus can spread through talking or even breathing;Nearly 92% of Americans under stay-at-home order; Coronavirus death toll modeling projections cited by White House already revised upward; FDA approves first antibody test for coronavirus; Banks warn of massive demand for small business stimulus loans when applications begin tomorrow; Trump: "Complainers" should've stocked supplies before outbreak; Only some medical supplies FEMA is flying in from overseas are going directly to virus hotspots; Trump touts positive outlook, despite terrifying data; How two funerals turned a small Georgia city into a coronavirus hotspot; Major spike in Louisiana with 2,700+ new coronavirus cases today; Louisiana Gov: State could run out of ventilators as early as this week; Honoring the victims we lost to the virus this week; At least 114 sailors test positive for virus onboard U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt; Defense Official: Aircraft carrier CMDR expected to be relieved of duty for leaking memo on virus outbreak; Bodies in Ecuador left on the street with morgues at capacity; U.K. town turns ice rink into makeshift morgue; Fear over China's transparency grows as global death toll rises; Alcohol sales boom as millions of Americans quarantine; How to stay sane while staying home; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 02, 2020
Trump says 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in U.S. very possible; CA Gov. Newsom talks with CNN about fighting the virus; U.S. reports 835 new deaths today, the most in one day
Gov. Cuomo: 20% chance someone put on a ventilator will come off; Florida gov issues statewide stay-at-home order amid pressure; Goldman Sachs predicts up to 15% unemployment soon; DOW has worst-ever first quarter in U.S. history; Panama separating men and women in public to slow coronavirus spread; Grocery rush leaves many shelves bare for low-income families; Gov't assistance applications nationwide spike for needy families; U.S. rescues 27k Americans stranded overseas from 59 countries; Trump changes position, now acknowledges virus is dire; Pence: we think Italy is closest comparison to U.S. projections To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Apr 01, 2020