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CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.

Episode Date
WH: "cannot guarantee" tape won't reveal Trump using N-word; Omarosa says she's been interviewed by special counsel; CNN poll: 66% say Mueller should wrap up probe by midterms
WH: Trump voicing frustration in calling Omarosa a "dog"; Trump campaign files legal action against Omarosa;CNN Poll: majority of both parties want probe over by Nov.; Trump renews attacks against Attorney General Jeff Sessions; CNN poll: 70% say Trump should testify under oath in Mueller probe; Manhattan madam: Mueller team "concerned" about collusion; Senior Pentagon aide under investigation; accused of using staff for personal errands; 6 firefighters now killed battling California flames; Defense rests without calling any witnesses; Manafort speaks for first time in trail; Court recesses for today, closing arguments begin tomorrow; Grand jury: more than 1,000 children identified as victims of sex abuse by 300+ "predator priests" via Knit
Aug 14, 2018
Omarosa threatens to release more WH tapes; FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts; Giuliani now claims Trump & Comey didn't discuss Flynn; Uncle of Trump adviser calls nephew "immigration hypocrite"
Omarosa releases tapes of conversations with WH chief of staff and President Trump; Omarosa admits to taping WH chief of staff in Situation Room; Omarosa: Trump has a pattern of attacking African Americans; Omarosa: The Trump WH lacks black senior advisers; Kellyanne Conway struggles to name black WH adviser; Trump excludes McCain in speech about "McCain" defense bill; Trump: Sessions "scared stiff and missing in action"; Trump supporters embrace Don Jr. despite controversy; Attorney for First Lady's parents calls out Trump for his push to end chain migration; Did Secy Ross fully divest as required?; Watchdog: Sec. Ross engaged in conflicts of interest; via Knit
Aug 13, 2018
Trump hits NFL players, stays silent on planned white nationalist rally; WH slams Omarosa tell-all as "filled with lies"; Stormy Daniels' lawyer eyes presidential run; Mueller team closes in on names linked to Roger Stone
White nationalist rally planned one year since Charlottesville; Trump's rhetoric on race ignites strong reactions; Kanye West silence on whether Trump cares about black people; Trump: NFL players "unable to define" what they're protesting; Wash Post: Omarosa claims she was offered $15,000 a month job to stay quiet about her time in WH; John Boehner also attended Iowa state fair; Democratic candidates distance themselves from Pelosi; Odd sidebar with lawyers in Manafort trial as "Manhattan Madam" testifies before a grand jury; Trump attorneys talk negotiations with Mueller on radio show; 21,000 residents running as flames grow via Knit
Aug 10, 2018
Trump's new ominous tweet on Mueller probe: "stay tuned!"; Judge admits he was "probably wrong" to scold prosecutors; Nunes: "we have to keep the majority" to protect Trump; Rep. Collins' arrest gives opponent major money boost
Giuliani: some possible Mueller questions a "perjury trap"; Source: Trump having dinner with Rudy Giuliani tonight; Giuliani falsely claims probe must end before midterms; CNN polls: approval of Mueller probe dropping; Nunes: GOP "the only ones" who can "clear" Trump; Intel Chair Nunes: senate must confirm supreme court pick first then focus on impeaching Rosenstein; Nunes: Deputy AG hasn't been impeached because of "timing"; Dems plan to profit off of Republican ethics scandals; Pelosi reviews "culture of corruption" message for midterms; Pence announces creation of new space military branch; Pence: Russia, China bringing new weapons into space; Pence unveils "space force" plan for "next battlefield"; Dozens of kids killed in Saudi strike on school bus; Prosecutors: kids brought to compound to train for school shootings via Knit
Aug 09, 2018
GOP Rep. Collins charged with insider trading, lying to FBI; Giuliani: Trump's legal team sends counteroffer to Mueller; U.S. to sanction Russia over nerve agent attack; Ohio special election deemed too close to call
Another person in Trump's orbit in trouble with the law; Giuliani: Trump willing to consider obstruction questions but warns against "perjury traps"; Trump admin. hits Russia with sanctions for ex-spy poisoning; Sen. Paul reveals he delivered letter from Trump to Russia; Sen. Paul delivers letter from Trump to Russia, after arguing in 2015 Trump didn't have to negotiate with Putin; Republican Balderson holds slim lead in Ohio special election; Trump backed candidates go five for five in races; Kris Kobach, Trump's GOP pick for governor ahead in Kansas; Kobach won't recuse himself from recount he's in; Most dems endorsed by Ocasio-Cortez fall short Tuesday night; Celebrities target Trump's daughter in Instagram campaign via Knit
Aug 08, 2018
Gates: Manafort directed movement of secret money; Trump team to respond to Mueller interview invite soon; Close Ohio special election strikes fear in GOP for midterms
Manafort's account details his ties to prominent Russians; Defense questions Manafort's ex-business partner Rick Gates; Gates in court admits extramarital affair, disputes Manafort over embezzled money; Giuliani to WAPO: "real reluctance" about obstruction questions; Trump endorses controversial Kansas Gov. candidate; Dems believe Trump-backed Kobach easy to defeat in midterms; Pence once made a case for impeaching a President; Wildfire burning size of Los Angeles, largest in CA history; WH staffers can't explain Trump tweet blaming CA on environmental laws; Firefighters battling 17 major wildfires across CA via Knit
Aug 07, 2018
Sources: Trump worried about Don Jr. being entangled in probe; Star witness Rick Gates called to stand in Manafort trial; U.S. to restore first Iran sanctions after exiting nuclear deal; Melania Trump's independent streak adds to public intrigue
Trump admits 2016 Trump Tower meeting about getting Clinton dirt; Trump attorney blames false statements on "bad information"; Source: Trump encouraged to stop tweeting about Trump Tower meeting; Trump Attorney: facts develop, that's what investigations do; U.S. to restore first Iran sanctions after exiting nuclear deal; Iranian President on U.S. talks: "let's start right now"; European nations: "deeply regret" U.S. reimposing Iran sanctions; Iran President: Iran "will make America regret" sanctions; Trump slams "Russian Hoax" after Trump Admin. warns of threat; First Lady praises LeBron James after President insults him; First Lady defining her own opinion apart from Trump's; 54 hours of deadly violence in Chicago; Giuliani slams Chicago Mayor, Dems for weekend violence; Chicago Mayor's emotional plea: "we are a better city"; Police: we had an unacceptably violent weekend via Knit
Aug 06, 2018
WH brings out Natl security officials in show of force on Russia; Mueller wants to interview pop star & dad who helped set up 2016 Trump Tower meeting; Prosecutors highlight Manafort's most expensive purchases; Have Democrats gone too far to the left?
WH says Trump "cares deeply" about meddling despite Helsinki remarks; WH official: Trump instructed security chiefs to hold news conference on election interference; GOP Sen. Lankford: Trump not paying attention to 2018 Russia threat; Coats says Russians exploiting every opportunity regardless of party, after Trump claimed Russia would push for democrats; Coats: can't understand or speak to what happened in Helsinki; NYT: Trump pushing for in-person sit-down against legal advice; Prosecutors: Manafort spent nearly $1 million on clothing; Mueller team: Manafort spent $450,000 on landscaping; Prosecutors: Manafort used offshore bank accounts; Mueller team: Manafort issued fake invoices to hide money; Progressive dems meet less than 100 days before midterms; Ivanka: family separations "a low point" in Trump Administration; Ivanka: the media is not the "enemy of the people"; Trump: just "large percentage of media" is "enemy of the people"; Trump reveals plan to hit Obama-era fuel efficiency rules; Trump Admin. wants to roll back endangered species act via Knit
Aug 02, 2018
WH falsely claims Mueller probe based on dossier; Questions arise over whether Gates will testify in Manafort trial; Trump & his son retweet video of heckled CNN reporter; TSA considers ending security screenings at small airports
WH: Call to stop Russia probe just Trump's "opinion"; Trump: Sessions "should stop" Russia probe "right now" ; WH: call to stop Russia probe just Trump's "opinion"; Giuliani: Mueller probe should "put up or shut up"; Giuliani: Trump's legal team received Mueller's response to counter-offer on possible Trump Mueller sit-down; Manafort defense tries to lay blame on Rick Gates; FBI Agent: Manafort's name was on wire transfer; Questions arise over whether Gates will testify in Manafort trial; Trump slams prosecution of ex-campaign chief Manafort; Judge blocks jury from seeing Manafort's luxury items; Manafort trial judge tough on Mueller team & defendants; Trump & his son retweet video of heckled CNN reporter; Sanders: WH supports free press & free speech; Internal docs show ending screenings saves $115 mil; Apple on verge of hitting $1 trillion mark; New fringe conspiracy theory group appears at Trump rally via Knit
Aug 01, 2018
Trial of ex-Trump campaign Chief Manafort underway; Opening statements wrap, first witness to take stand soon; Facebook discovers new meddling ahead of 2018 midterms; Trump follows Giuliani lead, says collusion is not a crime
Mueller faces major first test as Manafort trial starts; Prosecutors: Manafort had "secret income," had a "cash spigot" from his "golden goose in Ukraine"; Defense team: Ukrainian oligarchs paid Manafort through secret foreign accounts; Jury seated in trial of ex-Trump campaign chair; Trump allies try to downplay Manafort's campaign role; Jury seated, opening statements wrap in Manafort trial; Mueller faces major first test as Manafort trial starts; Manafort business partner Rick Gates to be star witness; Facebook: Russia possibly behind fake profiles and pages; Facebook discovers new fake accounts, may be Russians; Conway: Trump has been clear he's against election interference; Candidates cozy up to Trump ahead of 2018 midterms via Knit
Jul 31, 2018
Grassley: If Donald Trump Jr. misled congress, it's a "crime"; Trump slams Mueller directly, claims conflicts of interest; Trump lawyer Giuliani compares Cohen to famed traitors; Six dead as California wildfires burn out of control
Trump launches most personal attack yet against Mueller; Trump: I would meet with the President of Iran; Giuliani: not sure if "collusion" is a crime; Giuliani: Manafort not very involved with Trump; Giuliani: don't know if "colluding with Russians" is a crime; Did Giuliani "move the goal posts" by brushing off collusion?; Giuliani: Mueller investigation is "done"; Trump alleges Mueller conflicts without any evidence; Giuliani: Cohen is lying about Trump knowing if Russia meeting; Giuliani suggests, then denies Russia planning meeting; Don Jr's atty: we're in command of the facts; Giuliani: Cohen is an "unethical," "horrible person"; Giuliani: Cohen is lying about Trump knowing of Russia meeting; Trump again threatens shutdown over immigration border wall; Trump says he'll meet with Iran with no conditions; Six dead as California wildfires burn out of control; Carr fire now one of most destructive in CA history; Officials: winds whipping "fire tornadoes" out of flames; Dry, hot weather fueling California wildfires; How concerned should Americans be about 3D printable guns? via Knit
Jul 30, 2018
WSJ: Trump's "financial gatekeeper" subpoenaed; NYT: Mueller looking at Trump's tweets in obstruction probe; Some kids separated at border may never see parents again; Consumers begin paying for Trump's tariffs
Allen Weisselberg handled Trump's finances for decades; handled; Source: this is "ultimate nightmare" for Trump, because Weisselberg knows "anything and everything" about finances; Secret Cohen tape includes reference to "Allen"; NYT: Mueller looking at whether Trump intimidated witnesses; CNN: Former Fox exec becoming close Trump confidant; CNN: WH chief John Kelly's stature diminishing; CNN reporter banned from covering WH event; Facebook suffers worst day in stock market history; Long list of product makers fear price hikes due to tariffs via Knit
Jul 26, 2018
Senators grill Pompeo on Trump's controversial Russia, North Korea summits; Trump makes surprise statement as Pompeo grilled on Russia
Pompeo defends Trump's controversial Putin summit; Pompeo won't say publicly if N. Korea is still making advancements in its nuclear program via Knit
Jul 25, 2018
Trump launches new claim: Russia wants Dems to win in 2018; Trump tries to talk tough, contradicts U.S. intel again; Audio of migrant mothers in court begging for their kids; Attorney General Sessions repeats 'lock her up' chant
Trump claims Russia wants Democrats to win in 2018, even after Putin admitted he preferred Trump in 2016; Trump: Russia will interfere in mid-terms to help Dems, not me; Ryan: Trump security clearance threat is just "trolling"; Trump admin possibly deported 463 parents without kids; Gov't facing Thursday deadline to reunite migrant families; Sessions: colleges are attacking freedom of speech, thought; Haley warns high schoolers against inflammatory speech; Attorney General Sessions repeats 'lock her up' chant; New images show N. Korea started dismantling test site; N. Korea site being dismantled developed tech no longer used via Knit
Jul 24, 2018
WH: Trump may revoke security clearances of ex-intel chiefs; Judge delays Paul Manafort trial until July 31st; Carter Page denies being Kremlin adviser; FBI releases warrant documents on ex-Trump adviser
Judge grants immunity to five witnesses in Manafort case; FBI seized 12 audio recordings from Trump's former "fixer"; Source: Avenatti pitched Cohen on working together against Trump; Trump slams Obama, calls Russian meddling a hoax; Sanders: WH has been clear on Trump, Putin meeting; WH: Pres Trump may get more involved in Russia investigation; Lawmaker drops pants and uses n-word on TV show; Sacha Baron Cohen takes aim at conservatives, progressives via Knit
Jul 23, 2018
Trump's former personal attorney recorded Trump discussing payment to silence Playboy model; Trump facing mounting problems from Cohen tapes, Mueller probe & Putin meeting; U.S. intel chief blindsided by Trump invitation to Putin
Source: Trump said "I can't believe Michael would do this to me"; Source close to Cohen: tape not good for Trump; Trump team worries Helsinki disaster may help Mueller; Trump invites Putin to DC, even after summit widely panned; GOP Rep. Will Hurd: "Trump is being manipulated by Putin"; 17 killed after duck boat capsizes Missouri via Knit
Jul 20, 2018
Intel Chief: "undeniable" that Russia trying to "wreak havoc" on elections; White House makes third reversal this week on Russia; WH: Discussions for Putin to come to DC this fall; Interior Secy Zinke kept appointments off public schedule
U.S. Intel Chief talks for first time since clashing with Trump on Russian interference; Intel Chief: "obviously, I wished" Trump had made "different" comments; Intel Chief: "important to take a stand" against Trump comments; Intel Chief: "I'm concerned about a cyber 9/11"; Intel Chief: "I don't know what happened" in Trump-Putin meeting; WH: Trump disagrees with Russia's offer to question Americans; Republicans lead symbolic vote to rebuke Russia's offer to interrogate Americans; Intel Chief visibly surprised by news Putin possibly visiting U.S.; Zinke's calendar obscures key details about meetings; Ethics expert: it's important Zinke keeps accurate calendar; DEM Rep: congress must step in if Zinke doesn't fix calendar; Ethics expert: is Zinke hiding something illegal?; Trump tries to talk tough on Putin, but doesn't get the "fuss"; WH struggles to clarify Trump's position on Russia; Big break: police identify suspects, say they fled to Russia; British police: facial tech revealed poisoning suspects via Knit
Jul 19, 2018
WH denies Trump said "no" when asked if Russia targeting U.S., says he was saying "no" to answering questions; Dems want U.S. interpreter in Trump-Putin summit to testify; West Wing's attempt to fix summit fallout; Russian agent traded sex for access
Trump: no president has ever been this tough on Russia; Bipartisan push to get notes from Trump-Putin private mtg; Only 4 people in private mtg: Trump, Putin & interpreters; Daily Beast: Trump "stewed and dug in his heels for hours"; CNN sources: White House fears top intel officers would resign; NY: Trump aides fear he'll look for someone to blame; WH: Putin asked Trump to let Russia question ex-ambassador; Trump: defending Montenegro could lead to World War 3 via Knit
Jul 18, 2018
Trump says he agrees with U.S. intel assessment that Russia meddled, but "could be other people also"; Sen. Booker: Trump threw intel community under bus again; Top GOP lawmakers break with Trump, but what will they do?
Trump changes his words: meant to say, "I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia" behind election meddling; GOP Rep. Trump needs "pretty big broom" to clean up this mess; "Too late": DEMS react to Trump backtracking; Schumer on Trump's walk back "it's 24-hours too late" via Knit
Jul 17, 2018
Trump shocks world, sides with Putin over U.S. intel; McCain: Trump gave "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory"; Dem. Senator: Trump's trip a "middle finger" to U.S.
U.S. official on Putin summit: "this was not the plan"; Putin: Trump a "very competent man"; Ex-CIA chief: Trump "nothing short of treasonous" at briefing; Trump dodges question on Russian interference, attacks Clinton; Source close to White House: "everyone around (Trump) is afraid to tell him he shouldn't do these things" via Knit
Jul 16, 2018
FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts grilled by lawmakers; Embattled FBI agent: personal opinions never impacted work; FBI agent defends himself & agency against GOP attacks; Some Dems defend FBI agent in combative hearing
Partisan shouting match erupts at FBI agent hearing; Dem: Agent Strzok is the "villain" for House Republicans; FBI agent pushes back on contentious questioning via Knit
Jul 12, 2018
Trump unleashes on NATO allies, calls Germany "captive" of Russia; Russian app had access to data of millions of U.S. Facebook users; Trump admin fails to reunite all separated kids under age 5; Right-wing extremists making push in 2018 midterms
Trump says allies should spend 4% on defense, but U.S. doesn't'; Trump questions "what good is NATO" before meeting with Putin; Trump trashes key NATO allies ahead of Putin meeting; Trump: NATO allies are "delinquent" & owe the U.S. money; Trump mocked with "American Idiot" song, Trump baby blimp; Kremlin-linked company could have your Facebook info; Trump admin: reunification of families moving slowly; RNC: beliefs of Nazis, KKK, white supremacists "repulsive"; Did Trump create path for extremists candidates?; Tears at Thai boys see parents for first time since rescue; CNN talks to father of last boy pulled from the cave via Knit
Jul 11, 2018
Sources: Trump has decided on Supreme Court pick; Cohen's message to Trump: "truth is not your friend"; Rescuers racing against time & monsoons to save final 5 from Thailand cave; Trump heads to NATO summit amid tensions with leaders
White House inviting red state Democrats to Trump's Supreme Court announcement tonight; Cohen's lawyer: Trump & Giuliani on "truth" is oxymoron; DOJ: 54 kids under 5 to be reunited by deadline tomorrow; Gillibrand: what is the plan to reunite these children?; Trump: NATO allies muse spend more on shared defense; GOP Sen. Ernst: Russia will never be a "friend" or "ally"; Wash Post: McMaster said Trump wants to be Putin's friend via Knit
Jul 09, 2018
Diver dies leaving cave; oxygen levels dropping; Trump mocks #MeToo movement and Sen. Warren at rally; Judge: already deported parents must be reunited with kids; UK officials: search for poison source could take months
Trump teases primetime announcement of SCOTUS choice; Trump mocks George HW Bush's famous call to volunteer; Trump dismisses concern about Putin as summit looms; Trump admin gives no clear plans to reunite families; Authorities desperately searching for contaminated item; Strong jobs report: 213,000 more in June; New program helps veterans grow new startups; "Idol" impact highlighted in new CNN series, "2000s" via Knit
Jul 06, 2018
Trump says scandal-plagued Pruitt has resigned; Trump: Andrew Wheeler to replace Pruitt at EPA; Trump admin still won't say how many children separated; HHS: under 3,000 migrant kids in custody possibly separated
Mother who confronted Pruitt reacts to his resignation; Ethics probes into Pruitt will continue despite resignation; Mother reunited with daughter after two months apart; HHS: under 3,000 migrant kids in custody possibly separated via Knit
Jul 05, 2018
Trapped boys appear in new video: "I am healthy"; Stormy Daniels' lawyer: I'd run against Trump; Protester climbs Statue of Liberty, forces evacuation; WH source: Trump asked advisers about invading Venezuela
Boys practice with oxygen masks for potential dive rescue; cave expert: rescue of soccer team could take months; way out is challenging for elite diver & some boys can't swim; 10 rescue workers staying with kids in cave; Cave rescue expert: diving kids out could be fatal; Cohen deletes reference to Trump from Twitter profile; Feds go after Avenatti for old firm's unpaid taxes; Right now: police trying to remove protestor from Statue of Liberty; WH Source: Trump asked advisers about invading Venezuela; Sources: Trump expected to settle on justice choice by Friday; UK counter-terror police investigate new possible poisoning; Police: couple exposed to same nerve agent used in poison attack via Knit
Jul 04, 2018
Former wrestlers claim GOP Rep. knew of sex abuse while at Ohio State University; Is Pruitt the most corrupt cabinet-level official ever?; Trump to NATO countries: pay more for defense or else; Search teams unsure how to free trapped boys
GOP's Jordan denies he ignored claims of alleged sexual abuse at Ohio State University; WH: Trump interviewing 2 or 3 more court candidates this week; Trump speaks with Sen. Mike Lee about high court vacancy; Trump sees opening to attack DEMS with "abolish ice"; Will immigration be a winning or losing issue for DEMS?; Poll: voters say immigration is most important issue in Nov; Obama officials deny Trump's claim that thousands of Iranians were given citizenship after nuke deal; Trump Admin. running out of time to connect kids with parents; Judge rules govt. can't randomly detain asylum seekers; Despite zero-tolerance, asylum seekers continue to trek to U.S. via Knit
Jul 03, 2018
Dem Sens call for ICE to be abolished; WH briefing as search for Supreme Court justice intensifies; WH briefing as trade battle with allies intensifies; Michael Cohen hints at flipping; U.S. intel agency believes Kim won't fully give up nukes
WH yet to provide update on reunification of families; Trump: Dems who want to get rid of ICE want "open borders"; WH briefing as Trump's former attorney hints at flipping; WH briefing as intel warns about North Korea intentions; WH won't comment on Roe v. Wade, says Trump won't press about specific cases; Cohen: family & country come first, not Trump via Knit
Jul 02, 2018
Shooting suspect fired from govt. job over "security concerns"; NY Times: Rosenstein felt used by White House in Comey firing; Trump summons swing vote senators to White House; Mom reunites with 7-year-old son after month-long separation
Exclusive: Trump appointee disputed idea that leaders need to condemn hate speech in edits to U.N. documents; Trump appointee disputed that leaders need to condemn hate speech; Mueller says in court docs Michael Flynn is not ready to be sentenced; Court docs: Mueller wants more time before sentencing Michael Flynn; Source: Trump wants to make Supreme Court pick by July 9 ; NYT: WH launched a campaign for supreme court opening; Congress not close on passing immigration legislation; Unclear when thousands of kids will see parents again; Comedian claims he prank called Trump on Air Force One; "American Jail" premieres Sunday at 8pm ET/PT; Sen. Rand Paul on how to fix America's criminal justice system via Knit
Jun 29, 2018
CNN: multiple people injured at Capital Gazette newspaper; Law enforcement source: one in custody, believed to be shooter at Capital Gazette building incident; Police: 5 dead, multiple injured in newspaper shooting
Police: active shooter at Annapolis Newspaper building; Law enforcement source: shooting took place in Capital Gazette newsroom; Sources: multiple injuries and fatalities in Capital Gazette shooting; Law enforcement source: shotgun used in shooting at Capital Gazette newspaper; Multiple injuries and fatalities in Capital Gazette shooting; Police: at least five fatalities in in Capital Gazette shooting via Knit
Jun 28, 2018
Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring from Supreme Court; Democratic divide bursts wide open with shocking primary upset
Trump: Kennedy replacement will be from 25-person list; Congress already clashing over Kennedy replacement via Knit
Jun 27, 2018
Widow of WWII hero accepts medal of honor; In victory for Trump, Supreme Court upholds travel ban 5 to 4; Ellison: ban decision will end up in "dust bin of history"; Trump threatens American icon over overseas move
Sotomayor dissent: ruling tells minorities they are "outsiders"; Last year, Trump complained ban was "watered down"; Ellison: ban decision will end up in "dust bin of history"; Trump claims victory in 5-4 Supreme Court decision; Harley to move some production overseas after tariff tiff; Trump launches twitter trade after Harley's tariff move; Trump: Harley-Davidson using tariffs as an excuse; Trump calls out Harley for shifting some business overseas; Does a Trump endorsement seal the deal for GOP candidates?; In tight NY race, Trump backs GOP incumbent over felon; HHS Secy: I could find any child in our care within seconds; HHS: 2,047 migrant children in HHS care due to Trump Admin. "zero tolerance" policy; HHS Secy: all migrant parents should know child's location; Migrant parents desperate to find their children; 18 states sue Trump Admin. over family separation policy; Trump presents medal of honor to widow of WWII soldier; WWII soldier hid in trenches to warn enemy location via Knit
Jun 26, 2018
WH briefing as Trump speaks against due process at border; Trump doubles down: no due process for those who "invade" U.S.; Trump officials confronted & heckled at public places; Is Trump relying less and less on Mattis at Defense Dept?
Dem. Rep. urges heckling of Trump officials, sparks outrage; Trump warns Democratic rep: "be careful what you wish for"; Trump hits waters for call to harass officials: "she's low IQ"; Rep. Maxine Waters wants Trump officials to be confronted in public; WH official; Trump told Sanders to open briefing with restaurant incident; Confusion and tension as 2,000+ children wait in shelters; Trump admin: we know location of all migrant kids in custody; Trump and Mattis take different sides on defense issues; via Knit
Jun 25, 2018
Thousands of kids in limbo as Trump's order sparks confusion; CNN live at family reunification center near border; New CNN poll shows Trump's attacks on Mueller may be working; EPA congratulates 2017 disaster responders
Confusion persists over Trump's policy of families at border; Trump hosts citizens "permanently separated" from loved ones; GOP congressmen vent frustration at Trump's mixed messages; Democratic rep plays audio of crying children on House floor; Reunions underway as some families remain in limbo; New CNN poll shows Trump's attacks on Mueller may be working; CNN poll: Trump's favorable rating tops Mueller and Comey; CNN poll: support of impeaching Trump nears Nixon-era level; Did First Lady's "I really don't care" jacket have message?; Is Pence's constant praise of Trump strategic?' via Knit
Jun 22, 2018
First lady visits child immigration detention center in Texas; Separated mom: it's like "putting a knife in your chest"; Trump admin. struggles to clean up child separation disaster; Court docs: immigrant kids were abused in detention
First lady's jacket reads: "I really don't care. Do u?"; WH scrambles to contain fallout, confusion over policy change; Trump fumes at democrats over immigration policy; DOJ asks judge for permission to detain families past 20 days; Now Sessions says he "never really intended" to separate kids; Time cover imagines Trump towering over sobbing toddler; Unclear when & how 2,300 kids will be reunited with parents; No details on whether separated children will be reunited; HHS awaits further guidance on reunification process; Fact check: did the Obama admin. separate families?; ACLU: immigrant kids abused in custody during Obama admin.; First lady makes unannounced trip to Texas; Ivanka Trump: it's time to focus on reuniting families; Court docs: teen boy says he was held down for drug injections; Court docs: child alleges being strapped to chair naked; Trump says he's considering meeting Putin next month via Knit
Jun 21, 2018
Trump signs order that stops his policy of separating families; New CNN poll: Democrats lead GOP by 8 points in generic poll; Lewandowski refuses apologize for seeming to mock girl with Down syndrome; Charity CEO who runs shelters earns $1.5 mil
First Lady & Ivanka Trump wanted to keep families together; CNN poll: Voters are more enthusiastic to vote for Democrats; NY mayor: 239 kids at one facility, including 9-month-old; Trump flips on separating families as protests & pushback erupt; Lewandowski refuses apologize for seeming to mock girl with Down syndrome; Will Trump's order reunited separated families immediately?; Migrant kids under 13 being held in "tender age" shelters; Charity watch: Sanchez 5th highest paid charity salary; Rep. Lewis: Trump's immigration comments "racist," "shameful" via Knit
Jun 20, 2018
McConnell: GOP senators support plan to keep families together; Source: family separations weren't implemented early in administration out of concern of backlash; 2,342 children separated from families at border
Trump uses word "infest" to describe illegal immigration; Trump attacks media, Dems for his own immigration policy; Trump officials can't get story straight on own policy; Wash Post: Trump shown only positive images of kids at border; WSJ warns child separation could cost GOP politically; Republicans turn on Trump over child separations at border; Trump defiant as anger grows over separating families; Source: fearing backlash, Trump Admin. didn't implement family separation policy earlier; Trump: we'll cut aid to countries where immigrants come from; CNN speaks to reunited father and son after being separated at the border; Ex-Trump "fixer" plans to hire experienced criminal lawyer; WH official: Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin to depart WH next month; Trump threatens tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods; Kim Jong Un meets President Xi amid China-U.S. tensions via Knit
Jun 19, 2018
Boiling point: outrage grows as families separated at border; Whose caring for the kids taken from immigrant parents?; WH official: DHS secretary rushed to White House for briefing; Pressure mounts on Trump for separating families at border
New CNN poll: 67% disapprove of change in policy toward immigrant families at U.S. border; Brand new CNN polls as families are separated at border; Any moment: WH briefing amid controversy over separated families; Trump falsely blames Dems for separating families at border; DHS chief: "we do not apologize" for separating children; Sessions: no need to separate families if we build a wall; Whose caring for the kids taken from immigrant parents?; Shelter houses youngest immigrants, kids under 10; Chain-link fences line facility housing children, families via Knit
Jun 18, 2018
Trump legal team emboldened by critical IG report; Trump praises Kim dictatorship, says he's solved NK; Cohen telling friends & family he's willing to cooperate; AG Sessions uses Bible to defend separating families; DHS: 2,000 kids separated from parents
Trump's many false statements during press scramble; Giuliani to Daily News: Mueller probe "might get cleaned up" with presidential pardons; Trump legal team emboldened by critical IG report; thinks they could now challenge a subpoena of Trump; Trump jokes about wanting people to sit up at attention for him; Trump on Crimea: Putin didn't respect Obama; Trump gives free-wheeling, fact-challenged statements; Source: Cohen "confused" over relationship with Trump; Judge rejects Cohen attempt to silence Avenatti, for now; Trump blasts DOJ report, falsely says it exonerates him; Feds recover 16 pages of shredded docs from Cohen; Trump: I "hate to see" kids separated, but it's policy!; Undocumented immigrant: if I go back, MS-13 will kill me via Knit
Jun 15, 2018
DOJ watchdog finds Comey violated FBI forms on Clinton probe, but not politically motivated; Suit claims Trump used charity to help himself & campaign; WH defends policy of separating undocumented children at border; Trump calls N. Korean dictator "tough"
DOJ watchdog not confident FBI Agent Strzok's delay in examining new Clinton emails was "free from bias"; IG faults Lynch for her meeting with Clinton on airport tarmac; Scathing suit accuses Trump & kids of "illegal conduct"; WH Defends policy of separating undocumented children at border; More than 14K immigrant children held in Texas shelter; Rare look inside border shelter housing immigrant kids; WH: "common courtesy" to return N. Korean general's salute; Conservatives turning on Trump's scandal-plagued EPA chief via Knit
Jun 14, 2018
CNN: Trump's personal lawyer splits from his own legal team; Trump: North Korea "no longer a nuclear threat"; Primary results show dangers of crossing Trump; British political operatives met with Russian ambassador days after Trump visit
N. Korea applauds Trump suspending joint military drills; Trump tweets everyone can feel much safer now; Trump embraces Virginia Senate candidate with racist ties; Gardner: Senate GOP won't endorse Corey Stewart in VA; Trump critic Mark Sanford falls in SC GOP primary; Wash Post: Mark Sanford says Trump tweets sealed his loss via Knit
Jun 13, 2018
Did Trump give away a key concession for a vague promise?; Trump U.S. to stop "provocative war games" with South Korea; Corker: Republicans are afraid of "poking the bear"; Judge rules in favor of AT&T/Time Warner merger
Trump says brutal dictator Kim Jong Un "loves his people"; Trump, Kim sign agreement will it be different this time?; Trump U.S. to stop "provocative war games" with South Korea; Trump touts summit success in call to senate GOP; Trump: Kim Jong Un "trust me, and I trust him" ; Trump lavishes "smart" & "talented" Kim with compliments; Top NK expert walked us back from brink of war; Trump last fall: NK makes "fools" of U.S. negotiators; Trump shows Kim "movie trailer" of bright North Korea future; Erickson: GOP would try impeaching Obama if he met with Kim; S. Korea needs to learn what Trump "war games" comment meant; Corker: Republicans are afraid of "poking the bear" ; Republicans caution Trump against trusting North Korea; Trump: "I felt foolish" with tough rhetoric on N. Korea; Judge rules in favor of AT&T/Time Warner merger via Knit
Jun 12, 2018
Soon: Trump to meet one-on-one with Kim Jong Un; Trump slams G7 leaders ahead of Kim Jong Un meeting; NYT: WH aides, burned out over Trump "drama," eye exits; Ex-staffer: Trump routinely rips up papers that need to be preserved
Official: Trump leaving earlier due to Kim's plans; Pompeo: U.S. goal is irreversible denuclearization; Trump advisor: "there's a special place in hell" for PM Trudeau; Dueling photos show Trump and Merkel stare-down at G7; Trump suggests bringing Russia back to G7 alliance; NYT: Kelly called White House "miserable place to work"; Trump attacks Trudeau: "very dishonest and weak"; Atlantic: WH official says Trump doctrine is "we're America, b****"; Di Niro joins celebs using TV spotlight to slam Trump via Knit
Jun 11, 2018
Pompeo: both sides "very serious" about North Korea talks; Pompeo on Giuliani: Rudy doesn't speak for the administration; Trump tweeted unsubstantiated claim about start of FBI probe; Two Senators on how Democrats and GOP can work together
Pompeo: U.S. wants concrete steps, not just words from N. Korea; Trump: NK summit more about attitude than preparation; Trump: Don't need to prepare much for NK summit; Trump: we could sign an agreement with North Korea; Trump headed for G7 showdown over trade tensions; NYT reporter: first lady spokeswoman says "I don't believe Mrs. Trump has ever discussed her thoughts with Mr. Giuliani"; Giuliani defends attack on Stormy Daniels' credibility; Graham: I see "no evidence" of Trump's spy claim; Senators on bill to protect legalized marijuana use, sale via Knit
Jun 07, 2018
Stormy Daniels sues her former attorney & Trump lawyer Michael Cohen; Wife of George Papadopoulos asks Trump to pardon him; Mexico retaliates against Trump with tariffs on U.S. goods; Anti-Trump sketches by longtime artist cut from paper
Stormy Daniels accuses former lawyer of colluding with Michael Cohen; Giuliani: Mueller team trying "very hard" to frame Trump; House speaker & Senate intel chair reject Trump's conspiracy theory; Trump commutes life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson; CNN: Trump preparing dozens of new pardons; Trump praises Pruitt, snubs sessions at roundtable; Official: two Pruitt aides resign amid ethics questions; Iran says it plans to boost uranium enrichment capacity; PA newspaper cuts string of drawings by veteran cartoonist; Anti-Trump sketches by longtime artist cut from paper via Knit
Jun 06, 2018
Trump cancels Eagles WH event, seizes on anthem controversy; Source: Trump plans to push anthem issue until midterms; Mueller team accuses Paul Manafort of witness tampering; 72 dead as volcano swallows towns in Guatemala
Trump boasts of big turnout at alternate event; WH holds "celebration of America" in lieu of Eagles visit; White House blames Eagles for "political stunt" ; Trump cancels WH visit for Super Bowl champ Eagles ; WH official: fewer than 10 people were to attend Eagles event; WH: "vast majority" of the Eagles "abandoned" fans; Eagles players push back against Trump's false claims; Legal troubles mount for Former Trump Campaign Chairman; Giuliani on shifting Trump Tower story: "it was a mistake"; WH again refuses to comment on previous false statements; Sanders won't explain reversal on Trump Tower meeting; Sources: State Dept. officials believe Bolton made "Libya model" remark to sabotage North Korea-U.S. talks; Bolton sidelined as his feud with Pompeo escalates; 72 dead as volcano swallow's towns in Guatemala via Knit
Jun 05, 2018
Trump: "I have the absolute right to pardon myself"; Supreme Court sides with baker in gay wedding cake case; U.S. allies push back on Trump's new tariffs; Bill Clinton defends handling of Lewinsky sex scandal
Lawyers admit Trump "dictated" misleading Don Jr. statement; Trump lawyers to Mueller: President cannot obstruct justice; Baker ruling fuels debate on gay rights v. discrimination; Republican leaders challenge Trump's new tariffs; Schultz to leave Starbucks, is he running?; CA Dems fear they could be shut out of key midterm races; Fmr Pres: I apologized to everybody for Lewinsky scandal; Robert Kennedy's children talk about father's life & death; Does "the Kennedy Style" of politics still exist? via Knit
Jun 04, 2018
Trump says meeting with Kim Jong Un is back on; U.S. allies vote to retaliate for Trump's steep tariffs; New 3.8% jobless rate matches 50-year low; Are uncivilized comments, attacks the new political norm?
Trump says Kim letter was "nice," then admits he didn't read it; Trump hints at strong jobs report ahead of its release; Congressional Republicans lining up against Trump on trade; Trump berates Canada for trade practices; Trump calls for Samantha Bee to be fired over Ivanka joke; Trump: response to Bee vs. Roseanne is a double standard; Police find 3 bodies at home of man accused of kidnapping; State will pay you $10,000 to move there via Knit
Jun 01, 2018
Is Trump's pardon spree a message to Mueller witnesses? ; Samantha Bee apologizes to Ivanka Trump: "I crossed a line"; Kim Jong Un's former top spy to deliver letter to Trump
Trump pardons conservative & hints at more celeb clemency; Trump's Russia claim... contradicts Trump's Russia claim; TBS: Samantha Bee's attack on Ivanka inappropriate; Pres Trump attacks ABC instead of condemning racist, anti-Semitic & Islamophobic comments; Pompeo: N. Korea security "is greater" if they denuclearize; Coors warns new tariffs could increase the price of brews; Will new aluminum tariffs hurt American beer industry; Source: Trump pressured sessions on multiple occasions to overturn his recusal; Banon: Trump may need to fire Dep. AG Rosenstein; Bannon: Trump should fire Rosenstein if he refuses to turn over all documents on FBI confidential source via Knit
May 31, 2018
ABC cancels "Roseanne" after star's racist tweets; Inside ABC: the hours leading up to Roseanne's firing; Trump floats new conspiracy theory about Mueller probe
Donald Trump Jr. retweets 2 of Roseanne's conspiracy tweets; Disney source on Roseanne "enough was enough"; Giuliani admits political strategy to undermine probe; Will Trump's conspiracies become action? ; Trump on probe: "sorry," I've got to focus energy elsewhere; U.S., North Korean talks underway around the globe ahead of possible Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un; WH: Pompeo to meet N. Korea's former top spy in NY; U.S. N. Korean officials trying to revive Trump, Kim meeting; Top U.S., N. Korean spies planning Trump, Kim meeting; Dangerous "lava haze" created when hot lava hits ocean; via Knit
May 29, 2018
U.S., North Korea Race to Revive Trump-Kim Summit; Trump Admin. Loses Track of Nearly 1,500 Migrant Children; Giuliani: Origin of Mueller Probe is "Illegitimate"; 2 Million in the Path of Sub Tropical Storm Alberto; WWII Veteran Marks 97TH MEMORIAL DAY
WH: Trump Spoke to Japan's PM Today About NK Summit; Trump: "I Truly Believe North Korea Has Brilliant Potential"; Trump Officials Defend Separating Families at the Border; Trump Blames Dems for His Policy Separating Families; Giuliani: Trump's Legal Team Wants Briefing on FBI Source; Flake: Growing Concern Trump Will Fire Mueller; Sources: Mueller Wants to Ask Trump About Flynn Firing; Giuliani: Basis for Mueller Probe is "Illegitimate"; "Once Every 1,000 Year Flood" Happens Twice in 2 Years; Remembering Staff Sgt. Conrad Robinson via Knit
May 28, 2018
Trump: North Korea summit may still happen, "everybody plays games"; N. Korea: Kim Jong Un ready to meet Pres Trump "at any time"; Weinstein charged with rape, other sex crimes in New York; Border officials give conflicting accounts of deadly shooting
Trump: still talking to North Koreans now; WH: "we'll see" if staff still travel to Singapore today; Nat'l Security Council confirms talks with NK back on; Sen. Graham: Trump will end NK nuke program in first term; Trump: North Korea summit could still happen on June 12; WaPo editorial: summit cancellation "hasty, strategy-free"; U.S. intel monitoring if N. Korea resumes missile tests; Cardin: miscalculation can have "dangerous consequences"; CNN: Russian oligarch met with Michael Cohen during transition; Source: Kelly & WH attorney left DOJ briefing when some disapproved; Giuliani: Trump probably wanted WH lawyer in DOJ briefing; McConnell: nothing surprising in briefing on FBI source; Weinstein attorney: he "did not invent the casting couch"; Wash Post: Trump made up Hispanic names in speech preps; Trump's approach to immigration igniting debate; Witness describe scene where undocumented woman was killed; Amazon's Alexa records and shares a private convo; Witnesses, friends of Bobby Kennedy remember final moments via Knit
May 25, 2018
DOJ officials end briefing with lawmakers on FBI source; Nunes proves to be key ally to Trump amid Russia probe; Trump cancels summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un
WH attorney Emmet Flood attends part of DOJ briefings; GOP aide on WH lawyer at meeting: "craziest s**** I ever heard"; Democratic leaders speak after classified briefing; Lawmakers talk about two DOJ briefings on FBI source; WH lawyer attended briefings on FBI source; Warner: "never seen" WH member attend a meeting like this; Trump touts' military might after canceling Kim summit; U.S. official: NK "stood us up" at planned meeting last week; Trump: "I am waiting" if Kim Jong Un wants to talk; Trump cancels North Korea Summit, But says it could still happen; WH: U.S. spoke with S. Korea, Japan after letter made public; S. Korea calls emergency meeting after U.S. cancels summit; CNN reporter reads Trump's letter to "shocked" N. Koreans; CNN's Will Ripley broke the news of Pres. Trump canceling summit to North Korean officials via Knit
May 24, 2018
Trump repeats unproven claims about "spy" inside campaign; Clapper rejects Trump's unproven claims about campaign "spy"; Former Trump campaign aide suggests Clinton email entrapment scheme
Trump's "spy" claim joins a number of dubious theories; Trump on proof of "spy" in his campaign: "you'll see"; Trump: I want "total transparency" on FBI's source; Ex-DNI Clapper responds to Trump's "spying" attacks; Clapper: I never knew about FBI's confidential source; Ex-intel chief Clapper: Russians swayed election for Trump; Clapper: Trump spinning narrative that "he's a victim"; No end in sight for gushing lava, ash and toxic gas via Knit
May 23, 2018
Trump on DOJ demand: "disgrace" if FBI spied on my campaign; GOP lawmakers call for independent probe of FBI, Justice Dept.; Trump: Summit with North Korea may not happen in June
GOP house members call for a second special counsel; unanswered questions about what DOJ will share with lawmakers; Campaign officials describe interactions with FBI source; WH: "keep you posted" on whether Dems get invite to DOJ brief; Campaign aide on meeting with informant: not "substantive"; Gaetz: WH doesn't know full extent of info gathered on Trump; Gaetz: AG Sessions suffering from "Stockholm syndrome"; Gaetz: WH doesn't know full extent of info gathered on Trump; Christie: Mueller is honest, non-partisan & effective; GOP members call for independent probe of FBI, justice dept.; CNN live inside North Korea as it prepares to dismantle test site; Trump says Kim Jong Un's attitude changed after Xi meeting; Trump: I can "guarantee" Kim Jong Un's safety if deal made; CNN: Trump aides grow skeptical of Kim summit happening; Trump says Kim Jong Un's attitude changed after Xi meeting; Exploding volcano sends "lava bombs," toxic gas airborne via Knit
May 22, 2018
Trump meets with FBI Director Wray, Deputy AG Rosenstein on FBI source; Is newly-reported Trump Jr. meeting on Mueller's radar?; McCain's new book a reflection on his life and America
Clapper: Trump trying to use DOJ as private investigator; Trump just met with Rosenstein & Wray about his demand for an investigation into FBI source; Guiliani suggests new timeline for Mueller probe; Manafort drops challenge to Mueller charge; WH: DOJ asked I.G. to expand investigation after Trump demands more info on FBI source; Pence: Trump is "grateful" DOJ will have I.G. look into FBI source in campaign via Knit
May 21, 2018
10 people killed, 10 wounded in Texas school shooting
10 people killed, 10 wounded in school shooting via Knit
May 18, 2018
Trump: Mueller probe "disgusting, illegal and unwarranted"; Gina Haspel confirmed as 1st female CIA Director; Is Giuliani trying to keep Mueller from interviewing Trump?; Report: Cohen solicited $1 million from Qatari government
Trump talks North Korea, doesn't talk questions on Mueller probe; Trump tweetstorm attacks Mueller probe hitting one year; WH limiting staffers in meetings to reduce leaks; Trump tweetstorm Mueller probe hitting one year; Giuliani: Mueller's team said it can't indict a president; Is Giuliani trying to keep Mueller from interviewing Trump?; Giuliani: President Trump does not want to testify under right terms; Giuliani: possible "spy was placed" in Trump campaign Trump insist nothing has changed with plans for summit despite North Korea warning; Trump contradicts National Security Adviser on North Korea policy; The New Yorker: two critical reports on Cohen's finances are missing from government database; Report: Cohen frustrated over barrage of headlines; New footage shows ambush; Four Americans killed in ambush in Niger via Knit
May 17, 2018
NYT reveals secret origins of Trump campaign investigation; Trump Jr: I was interested in Clinton dirt promised by Russians; Dems demand more info on Trump Jr's call to blocked number; Trump & N. Korea both add uncertainty to summit plans
Trump Jr says he doesn't know if his father had a blocked number; New transcript reveals details about controversial meeting; Senate panel breaks with House on Russia meddling; Trump Jr: offer of Russian help didn't "alarm me"; Trump Jr: I didn't tell my parents about meeting with Russians; Trump on plans to meet with N. Korean leader: we'll see; N. Korea notes Bolton's "Libya model" remark in warning; WH on N. Korea summit threat: we fully expected this; Should WH have seen N. Korea threats coming?; Tillerson appears to troll Trump on truth and facts via Knit
May 16, 2018
North Korea warns U.S. over its "provocative" drills with South Korea; GOP Sen. asked why ZTE issue not raised with Trump; Qatari investor confirms he attended Trump Tower meeting in 2016; Trump WH focused on leaks, not cruel McCain comments
North Korea suspends talks with South Korea over U.S. Drills; Aides: White House caught off guard by North Korea Warning; North Korea warns U.S. as it suspends South Korea talks over military drills; Senate GOP & Trump didn't talk about McCain, Chinese firm; Trump pick for national security post wouldn't use ZTE device; McConnnell: WH aide should apologize publicly for McCain comment; Trump visits first lady at Walter Reed; Qatari investor confirms he attended Trump Tower meeting in 2016; Michael Cohen "popped into" meeting with Qatari; Michael Cohen falsely claimed Trump Org. had no Russia Business; Trump WH focused on leaks, not cruel McCain comments; Trump: leakers are "traitors and cowards"; Conway: staff changes coming to the WH as result of leaks; Meghan McCain: leaks are a sign of disloyalty; Trump denies leaks, calls leakers "traitors and cowards"; Cast of Hamilton performs for George H.W. Bush via Knit
May 15, 2018
Melania Trump undergoes kidney surgery at Walter Reed; Dozens killed in protests as U.S. opens Jerusalem embassy; WH deflects questions about aide's cruel McCain comment; Controversial pastors offer blessing at embassy opening
WH: Melania to remain at hospital for a week; Trump makes good on campaign promise to move embassy; Trump says he's working to help Chinese telecom firm; WH: aide's cruel remark on McCain "dealt with internally"; Source: WH aide promised McCain's daughter a public apology; This week marks one year since Mueller's probe started; Former Amb. McFaul: Putin may have helped get Trump elected; Former Amb. McFaul: "hot peace" with Russia here to stay; Romney: "religious bigot" shouldn't pray over embassy; John Hagee suggested Hitler was fulfilling a prophecy via Knit
May 14, 2018
WH won't apologize after aide's cruel joke about McCain; Kelly: undocumented immigrants "don't have the skills" to assimilate; Why are so many Trump admin officials threatening to resign?; White House sends mixed messages on EPA head Pruitt
Biden: decency just hit rock bottom in Trump admin; Kelly: Pres Trump "embarrassed" by Russia investigation; WH chief of staff takes back remark that Trump is "embarrassed"; NYT: DHS Secy was prepared to resign over Trump's scolding; CNN poll: 55% disapprove of Trump's handling of cabinet officials; Companies come clean on Cohen deals after being outed; WH today on AT&T, Cohen deal: proves Trump won't be influenced by special interests; Guy who made 100-million calls gets $120-million fine via Knit
May 11, 2018
VP Pence: time for Mueller to "wrap it up"; Giuliani: Trump wasn't aware Cohen pitched access to President; Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria after rocket attack; Trump: N. Korea summit to take place June 12 in Singapore
Pence channels Nixon: time to end investigation; Conservative George Will on Pence: "groveling as governing"; Conservative hits Pence: Trump no longer worst person in Govt.; 1988 Giuliani contradicts his present-day argument; Giuliani leaves firm to work full time on Trump legal team; Former law firm disputes Giuliani's defense of payments to Stormy Daniels; Sources: Cohen aggressively Pitched access to Trump; Giuliani: Trump didn't know of business payments to Cohen; Netanyahu: Iran crossed "red line" with missile attacks; Israel: Iranian forces fired 20+ rockets at Israeli territory; WH condemns Iran rocket attack, "strongly supports" Israel; Trump turns his foreign policy promises into action; CNN Poll: Democrats have 3-point advantage for midterms; Cheney: enhanced interrogation program should be "active and ready to go"; Sen. McCain pushes GOP to reject CIA nominee Haspel; Sen. Graham bucks McCain, plans to vote for Haspel; Fox News guest: torture "worked" on John McCain; Trump en route to campaign rally in Indiana via Knit
May 10, 2018
WH briefing on Trump attorney's troubles, Iran, CIA pick; Stormy Daniels' lawyer: Cohen got $500k from Russian oligarch; Sen. Harris to vote against Haspel for CIA director; Trump makes big policy plays on Iran & North Korea
WH briefing as Trump's attorney faces new legal trouble; WH briefing as Trump issues new warning to Iran; WH briefs press as freed Americans return home from North Korea; WH briefing as Trump's CIA pick grilled by lawmakers; Stormy Daniels' lawyer reacts to White House response; Daniels' lawyer: 4 companies paid Cohen $1m+ after election; CNN: Mueller questions Putin ally about payments to Cohen; Haspel: would not support "immoral" CIA policy, even if legal; Trump: three Americans held in N. Korea now headed home via Knit
May 09, 2018
Trump: U.S. will withdraw from Iran nuclear deal; Investigations opened into New York AG Schneiderman abuse accusations; Trump urges West Virginia voters not to back Blankenship; Uber unveils concept for flying cars
Trump: Secretary of State Pompeo is headed to North Korea; Flake: I don't support Trump's decision to withdraw; Flake: nuke deal withdrawal will let Iran "off the hook"; Flake: Iran can quickly move towards nuclear weapon; Flake: U.S. allies need to know they can rely on U.S.; Flake: U.S. squandering world influence under Trump; NY AG has pursued many cases against Trump, WH policies; NY Attorney General resigns over abuse allegations; CNN: Trump flustered by coverage generated by Giuliani; WSJ: in 4-hour practice session, Trump answered 2 questions; Trump looms large as primary voters head to polls via Knit
May 08, 2018
CNN poll: Trump approval steady at 41%, while majority believe he had affairs, knew about Stormy payment; Despite Trump's tweets, Melania fights cyberbullying; Trump: I'll announce my Iran nuclear decision tomorrow
CNN poll: 30% approve of Trump's handling of cabinet officials; Trump aides can't rule out whether he paid off other women; Giuliani: Trump could plead 5th to avoid testifying; Trump wrongly claims Mueller team is "13 angry Democrats"; Trump urges WV to reject ex-con Blankenship; Melania Trump: adults must "choose their words wisely"; Melania Trump's popularity jumps to 57% in new CNN poll; New Yorker: Israeli operatives dug up dirt on Obama advisers; Authorities in Hawaii: stay away from erupting Volcano! via Knit
May 07, 2018
Trump denies he changed his story on Stormy Daniels; Trump: I would "love to speak" with Mueller; Rudy Giuliani attacks same DOJ he once represented; New scandals & trouble for EPA Chief
Trump praises judge who said Mueller aims to "hurt Trump"; Trump walks back Giuliani: "he'll get his facts straight"; Trump: I have a great relationship with Kelly; Trump says site set for historic summit with Kim Jong Un; WSJ Editorial Board: Trump should be worried Americans will stop believing what he says; Trump tweet touts 3.9% unemployment rate; "Law & Order" Giuliani now echoing Trump's DOJ attacks; Nunes presses DOJ for sensitive documents he doesn't read; Source: 50/50 chance Mueller will interview Trump; Giuliani walks back earlier comments on Cohen payment; Atlantic: Pruitt aide tried to plant story against Zinke; CNN exclusive: Pruitt's $65k in repayments under scrutiny; Lava threatens homes as Hawaii volcanoe erupts via Knit
May 04, 2018
Trump acknowledges payoff to Stormy Daniels; WH: Trump "eventually learned" he repaid Stormy hush money; Giuliani stirs chaos with spin on Mueller & Comey
Giuliani's media blitz throws Trump legal team into disarray; Trump: Stormy deal aimed to stop "false & extortionist" claims; Trump admits to reimbursing Cohen for Stormy Daniels hush money; Sanders: I gave "best information I had" at time; Fmr. Trump aide gives new insight to Mueller interviews; Giuliani offers new reasoning for Comey firing; Reasoning for Comey firing changed... Again; Giuliani: Kushner is "disposable," but Ivanka is off limits; Could the president's son-in-law flip on him?; Mueller hasn't talked to Ivanka Trump, a key adviser; Fate of three American detainees' release still unknown via Knit
May 03, 2018
Trump's lead lawyer out, Clinton impeachment lawyer in; Trump threatens: I'll have no choice but to get involved in DOJ; Ex-CIA chief: Trump has ushered in a "post-truth world"; Nine airmen on board during deadly National Guard plane crash
Source: Cobb "uncomfortable" with Trump's tweets on Mueller; Giuliani: Trump-Mueller interview would be "max 2-3 hours"; Trump threatens to take on Justice Dept's "rigged system"; CNN: Trump lawyers brace for possible Mueller subpoena; NYT: Mueller has 40+ questions he wants to ask Trump; Poll: 54% support ending Mueller investigation; WH statement calls Russia investigation a "which hunt"; Mueller investigation focusing on obstruction, collusion; New video captures moment of deadly plane crash; Witness: "hero" pilot tried to avoid hitting people on ground via Knit
May 02, 2018
Deputy AG on impeachment threat: DOJ won't be "extorted"; Trump has repeatedly stated he wants to sit down with Mueller; NYT: Mueller wants Trump to explain Flynn and Comey firings
NYT: Mueller has 40+ questions he wants to ask Trump; NYT: Mueller wants to ask Trump about relationship with Sessions; Deputy AG on impeachment threat: DOJ won't be "extorted"; Trump wrongly declares "no questions on collusion"; WH blames incorrect Iran statement on "clerical error" ; Nuke watchdog: no evidence Iran is cheating on nuclear deal; NYT: Mueller questions focus on collusion & obstruction; Trump Doc says Trump bodyguard & lawyer "robbed" his NYC office, took Trump medical files; Source: Ex-Trump Dox "overreacting" on medical file story; CNN Exclusive: Pence's doctor alerted White House about Dr. Ronny Jackson concerns last Fall; National Enquirer writes story on Trump lawyer's "lies," "secrets"; National Enquirer publisher is longtime ally of Trump; FEC: Trump campaign has spent $228,000 on Cohen's legal fees; Will Michael Cohen flip on President? via Knit
May 02, 2018
Stormy Daniels sues Trump for defamation; Will Iran Deal impact nuke talks with North Korea?; Border showdown: caravan blocked from entering U.S.; S. Korean president suggests Trump deserves Nobel; GOP fearful of "Trumpian" Senate candidate
Stormy Daniels sues Trump over his tweet about sketch; Trump says he's open to renegotiating Iran deal; Netanyahu: we have proof "Iran lied" about nukes; Trump: "there's something to like" about N. Korea summit at DMZ; Trump proposes holding N. Korea meeting along DMZ; Pence: these people are victims, they're being exploited; Trump on Muslim campaign rhetoric: no need to apologize; Trump admin grants first female Afghan Air Force pilot asylum; Source: South Korea's president convinced Kim Jong Un that the DMZ is best place to meet Trump; S. Korea: Kim says he will close nuclear test site in May; S. Korean president suggests Trump deserves Nobel Peace prize; Republicans have chance to steal West Virginia Senate seat; West Virginia Senate candidate recently released from prison; Blankenship: McConnell's father-in-law is a "China person"; WH official: Kelly to deny report he called Trump an "idiot" via Knit
Apr 30, 2018
NYT: Lawyer from Trump Tower meeting says she's an "informant"; Trump praises progress made in North Korea talks; Lawmakers question Ryan's reasons for dismissing chaplain; Lawmakers hammer homeland security chief on funding
NYT: Russian lawyer at Trump Tower meeting had closer ties to Kremlin than previously known; Trump "honored" by disputed GOP House intel report on Russia; Trump: U.S. won't be played by North Korea; Does Trump deserve credit for historic moment?; Dems call for investigation into chaplain's resignation; Trump: we have "very political" people for VA Secy; Sources: Dr. Jackson endorsed loose control of meds at WH; W. Kamau Bell interviews people on both sides of border wall; Police use DNA genealogy site to catch Golden State killer via Knit
Apr 27, 2018
Bill Cosby found guilty in sexual assault trial; WH release photo of Pompeo, Kim Jong Un handshake; Police union vote "no confidence" in Sheriff Scott Israel
Trump's governing by gut causes White House indigestion; Trump: Jackson "a hell of a man" who was treated unfairly; Trump threatens top DEM on Veterans Affairs Committee; Trump: I did a "great thing" for America by firing Comey; GOP Senators warn Trump against interfering with Justice Dept.; Trump: Cohen only did a "tiny, tiny little fraction" of my legal work; Trump: I'll sit down with Mueller "If I can"; Giuliani: we're trying to see if Mueller has "open mind" ; Pruitt seems to contradict himself on approving pay raises; Trump, Sessions spar over credibility of Justice Dept. ; Trump: "at some point" I won't stay away from Justice Dept. ; Trump denies telling Comey he didn't spend night in Russia; Trump and Comey in war of words over Moscow stat; Gupta: It's time for safe, regulated medical marijuana; Is medical marijuana the answer to the opioid crisis?; Join the club! Read "The Hellfire Club" via Knit
Apr 26, 2018
White House defends VA nominee Dr. Ronny Jackson; Sen. Warren: Trump admin is most corrupt ever; Trump thanks Kanye West for support on Twitter; Jackson denies he wrecked a car, won't withdraw nomination
WH launches new defense after Trump urges Jackson to fight; Source: Trump told Jackson he should stay & fight; Source: Jackson was so drunk Secret Service intervened; WH releases Obama's handwritten note praising Jackson; WH: Jackson's record "impeccable," has been thoroughly vetted; Mulvaney wants to shut public out of "Yelp" for banks; Sessions won't say if he'd resign if Rosenstein was fired; New allegations against Trump's VA pick say he "wrecked government vehicle" while intoxicated; New allegations against Trump's VA pick say he couldn't be reached because he was "passed out drunk"; New allegations: Jackson wrecked a car while drunk, over-prescribed narcotic painkiller via Knit
Apr 25, 2018
Trump stands by VA pick, but leaves opening for exit; Trump on French President Macron: "I like him a lot" ; Trump warns "big problems" if Iran restarts nuke program
Trump on VA nominee: "If I was him... I wouldn't do it"; Trump on VA pick: "totally his decision" whether to withdraw; Trump on Dr. Ronny Jackson: "one of the finest people"; Sources: Jackson not vetted prior to nomination; McConnell: "waiting for a signal" from WH on Jackson; Before cameras, Trump wipes "dandruff" off Macron's suit; Asked if he'd pardon Cohen, Trump replied: "stupid question"; CNN: Trump ramps up personal cell phone use; Pompeo faces Thursday vote to be next secy of state; Trump: Kim Jong Un has been "very open & honorable"; Trump: China never treated US with more respect; Former President awake, talking about Vacationing in Maine; Watchdog says Trump's VA nominee exhibited "unprofessional behaviors" in power struggle with rival doc; Sources: WH debating whether Pruitt can stay at EPA; WH Official: Pruitt refused WH help to prepare for hearing; GOP Sen. Kennedy: EPA Chief has "hurt the president"; "The Hellfire Club" is out today! via Knit
Apr 24, 2018
Police: driver in custody after van plows into pedestrians; WH: "no intention" of firing special counsel Mueller; Waffle House shooting suspect captured; Police: 9 killed, 16 injured in Toronto attack
Sources: Trump increasingly using personal cell phone; Pressure mounts: Trump unleashes over Mueller & Cohen; WH: Talk of Johnson pardon has been "ongoing"; Waffle House shooting suspect captured; Toronto officials give update after van plows into pedestrians via Knit
Apr 23, 2018
Trump under pressure over Comey, Cohen, collusion probe; Reporter: Trump lied to me to get on Forbes 400 list; Comey memos renew questions over Trump's behavior; Rudy Giuliani joins Trump's personal legal team
Trump claims Comey memos show no obstruction, collusion; DNC sues Trump campaign & Russia, alleging conspiracy; Roger Stone to NYT: Trump treats Cohen "like garbage"; NYT: Trump lawyers resigned to strong chance Cohen cooperates; Michael Cohen's lawyer: Cohen could be indicted soon; Putin in Jan. 2017: Russian prostitutes "best in the world"; Comey: Trump has "a hunger for affirmation"; Reporter: Trump's wealth was closer to $5M than $100M; Reporter: Trump posed as spokesman, lied to embellish wealth; CNN obtains Comey memos about conversations with Trump; WH tells CNN: Comey raising concerns now to "sell books"; Giuliani joining Trump legal team to help end Mueller probe; Comey: Giuliani's comments prompted FBI investigation; Stormy Daniels' legal fight heads back to court; Stormy Daniels lawyers says she's been threatened via Knit
Apr 20, 2018
Fired FBI Director speaks to CNN as Trump feud escalates; Comey: I could be a witness in case against McCabe; WH Officials: Trump has "weathered Comey," but "wildcard" Cohen is "consuming him"
Justice dept. submits criminal referral on Andrew McCabe; CNN: Justice Dept. to give Comey's memos to congress; Report: Rosenstein told Trump he's not a target in Mueller probe"; Comey: Trump "clearly not" adhering to our values; Comey on possible Trump obstruction, Russia probe; Comey: "unlikely" but "possible" Trump compromised by Russia; Ex-Trump lawyer warns president: Cohen likely to flip; Comey: I definitely don't hate President Trump; What would Comey have done differently in Clinton probe?; Comey: Kelly said he didn't want to work for "dishonorable" people; McCabe attorney: criminal referral is unjustified; Comey: can't say if Cohen is vulnerable in Russia probe;Comey: can't answer if nation would be better off with Clinton via Knit
Apr 19, 2018
"Con job"? Multiple reports of past threats by Trump associates; Trump contradicts himself on why he fired Comey; Pompeo meets with Kim Jong Un during secret trip; Russia: U.S. will not impose new sanctions against Moscow; Former First Lady passes away
CNN: government to start showing seized docs to Cohen this week; Comey: I don't know why I was fired; Comey: the Republican Party left me; McCabe pushes back against Comey, reasons for his firing; Trump confirms CIA director met with Kim Jong Un this month; Corker: Pompeo meeting with Kim Jong Un shows he has "stature"; Trump expresses confidence in Pompeo nomination; Rand Paul to meet with Pompeo after Trump call; Trump on Pompeo confirmation: Rand Paul has never let me down; Wash Post: Hannity operating as shadow chief-of-staff; Haley to WH on Russia sanctions: "I don't get confused"; WH official: call was made to Russian embassy to clear up confusion over Haley comments; How Barbara Bush shaped the Republican establishment; Barbara Bush: "I don't know how women can vote" for Trump via Knit
Apr 18, 2018
Stormy Daniels unveils sketch of man she says threatened her; Comey slams Trump's jail threat: "this is not normal"; WH blames Amb. Haley, says she may have been confused; Eyewitness: woman was sucked into broken plane window
Source: Trump more troubled by Cohen than Comey; Stormy team offers $100k reward for info on man in sketch; Stormy Daniels asks public to help "ID the thug" who threatened her; Judge: Cohen's legal team can review seized records; Michael Cohen's mystery client is Sean Hannity; Stormy Daniels' lawyer: Michael Cohen will flip on Trump; Comey: Trump's leadership "threatening some of our values"; Trump lashes out at Comey; implies he should be in jail; Comey: we're numb to Trump accusing people of crimes; Comey: the danger of Trump is we will become numb to this; Comey: "I'm not trying to make fun of President Trump"; Haley on Sunday: sanctions against Russia are coming; WH: Haley may have been accused about sanctions claim; WH walks back Haley's Russia sanctions announcement; Kudlow: Haley got "ahead of the curve" on announcement; Sen. Corker: sounds like "confusion" from WH on Russia sanctions; State Department: new Russia sanctions could come soon; Albright: "I feel sorry" for U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley; Trump: Direct, high level talks with North Korea have started; Woman nearly sucked out of window during deadly plane incident; Sean Penn's new satirical novel takes on U.S. culture; Penn on book: "one has to redefine satire" due to Trump; Penn: some Americans voted out of rage and pain; Sean Penn takes on Trump in new novel via Knit
Apr 17, 2018
Michael Cohen's mystery third client is Sean Hannity; Comey: Trump is "morally unfit to be president"; Albright: Trump is most "undemocratic" U.S. president in modern era; Stormy Daniels & her attorney speak after Cohen raid hearing
Trump lawyer in court over FBI raid, Stormy also appears; Feds: Cohen investigation is "fast-moving"; DOJ: Cohen has been under criminal investigation for months; Avenatti: Cohen will be indicted within 90 days; Source: Hannity never asked Cohen to assert attorney-client privilege; WH aides, not Trump, take lead on countering Comey INTV; Trump: "disgruntled" Comey "lied," "committed many crimes"; Comey on Trump: "some evidence of obstruction of justice"; Comey: "it's possible" Russians have dirt on Trump; Wash Post: Trump nixes new Russia sanctions announced by Haley; Fmr Secy of State Albright: Trump has "fascist" tendencies; Avenatti: Trump's personal attorney is "radioactive"; Judge adjourns hearing for Trump's personal lawyer via Knit
Apr 16, 2018
Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Under Criminal Investigation; Comey Goes To War in Devastating Takedown of Trump; RNC Accepts Resignation of GOP Fundraiser Who Impregnated Model
NY Times: Trump Talked to Cohen by Phone Today; WH Echoes Trump: Fired FBI Chief Comey "Liar & Leaker"; Publisher Printing 850,000 Copies of Comey Book; via Knit
Apr 13, 2018
Trump: Decision on Syria Coming "Fairly Soon"; CIA Director Mike Pompeo Admits He Was Interviewed By Mueller; Former Trump Doorman Confirms Details of Leaked Story; Trump Allies to Attack "Lying Comey" As He Launches Book Tour; Missouri Gov Facing Mountin
Pompeo Confirms Mueller Has Interviewed Him; Trump: I Am Fully Cooperating With Special Counselor Mueller; Sources: WH Prepares Talking Points to Undermine Rosenstein; Pompeo Refuses to Discuss Conversations He Had With Pres Trump; Trump: If I Wanted to Fire Mueller I Would Have; FMR Trump Doorman Stands By (Unproven) Trump Love Child Story; Reports: Tabloid Paid Doorman To Bury Salacious Trump Rumor; GOP Using Democrats to Discredit Comey ; Trump Promotes Fox Show Pushing Conspiracy Theories; Wash Post: Comey Writes Kelly Didn't Want to Work for "Dishonorable" People; Missouri Gov Calls Accusations A "Witch Hunt"; via Knit
Apr 12, 2018
Speaker Ryan Speaks To CNN About Not Seeking Re-Election; NYT: Cohen Raid Sought Info On "Access Hollywood" Tape; Judge In Stormy Daniels Case to All Parties: Meet & Work Out Differences
Ryan: Trump and I "Very Different" People; WH Briefing as Trump Taunts Russia About Syria Strike; WH: All Options Still On The Table on Syria; Trump Warns "Get Ready Russia", Missiles Coming to Syria; Trump Self Imposed Syria Deadline Expires Soon via Knit
Apr 11, 2018
WH: Trump Thinks Mueller Probe Has "Gone Too Far"; Trump Vows Those Behind Gas Attack Will "Pay A Price"; Zuckerberg Reveals Facebook Is Working With Mueller Probe
FBI Raid Targeted Records of Payments to Porn Star, Playmate; WH: Trump Believes He Has Power to Fire Mueller; Trump Angrier With Sessions & Rosenstein Than Mueller; Trump: FBI Raid on Lawyer "An Attack On Our Country"; Trump Attacks His Own Justice Dept, FBI for Cohen Raids; Trump Fumes As He Debates "Major" War Decision; Pres Trump Expected to Decide on Syria Response Within 24 Hours; Trump Goes On Tirade About His Lawyer During Syria Meeting via Knit
Apr 10, 2018
Amb. Haley Rips Assad After Suspected Chemical Weapon Attack; FBI Raids Office of Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen
Amb. Haley Rips Assad After Suspected Chemical Weapon Attack; FBI Raids Office of Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen via Knit
Apr 09, 2018
Dow tumbles on Trump's tariff threat, weak jobs report; U.S. sanctions Putin's inner circle; Trump calls Pruitt "a good man" as scandals grow; Judge grants Trump attorney's extension in lawsuit
WH: Trump standing up to Russia's destabilizing "activities"; Trump sanctions Putin cronies, inner circle; Newly-sanctioned oligarch has ties to Paul Manafort; WH: Trump believes Pruitt has done "a good job at EPA"; RPT: couple had to change locks on Pruitt; Trump stands by Pruitt as ethics questions mount; Source: oil magnate & Trump donor urges him to spare Pruitt; Trump threatens China with new $100 billion tariff plan; GOP Sen. Sasse on Trump tariff threat: "this is nuts"; Daniels' lawyer pushing to depose Trump...again; How much more can Pruitt defend his questionable actions? via Knit
Apr 06, 2018
How Trump's Trouble With Truth Could Put Him in Peril; Trump Admin Sending National Guard Troops to Border; Trump Doubles Down on China Tariffs With Tweet
Sources: Trump's Lawyer Told He's Not A Criminal "Target"; Trump Admin Sending National Guard Troops to Border; Trump Doubles Down on China Tariffs With Tweet; China Hits Back With Tariffs on U.S. Planes, Cars, Soybeans; Did Police Miss Warning Signs About Gunwoman; Governor Warns of "Blue Wave" After Dem Blowout Win; Dwayne Johnson on Trump and Why He Probably Won't Run; DHS Confirms Evidence of "Mobile Snooping Devices" via Knit
Apr 04, 2018
Alex van der Zwaan sentenced to 30 days, $20k fine; Trump: nobody has been tougher on Russia than me; Police responding to possible shooting at YouTube HQ
DOJ memo: Mueller authorized to investigate Manafort's alleged collusion with Russia; Trump on whether Putin is friend or foe: going to find out; Trump: military will guard border until there's a wall; Mexico asks U.S. for clarification on Trump's border comments; Trump: "I want to get out" of Syria; Trump: Obama's immigration moves led to "no border"; Trump: I think I could get along with Putin; Trump on Syria: I want to bring our troops home; GOP congressman: Pruitt needs to resign or be fired; Reports of shots fired, massive police presence at YouTube HQ; Police confirm active shooter at YouTube HQ; YouTube employee says he heard shots, saw people running; Patients rushed to hospitals after shooting at YouTube HQ via Knit
Apr 03, 2018
Trump blames Democrats, declares "DACA is dead"; WSJ: Mueller's team looking into Trump advisor's claim he met with Wikileaks founder; British source: Russian gov't likely approved poisoning; TV giant made dozens of anchors read media-bashing promo
Dow plunges as trade war fears rise, Trump trashes Amazon; WH: Trump, Putin discussed meeting at White House; Sources: allies told Trump his base thinks he's softening on immigration; Trump unleashed: President ramps up rhetoric on Twitter; Trump spends time with Fox hosts, Don King at Mar-A-Lago; Trump hears from immigration hardliners at Mar-A-Lago; Trump on DACA: "our country is being stolen"; Shulkin says he was fired, WH says he resigned; U.S. soldier killed was on ISIS "kill or capture" mission; CNN: U.S. military could send more troops into Syria; Trump's push defies statements by national security team; Trump freezes $200m to Syria, says U.S. will leave war zone; Trump: "we'll be coming out of Syria like, very soon"; WH: Trump, Putin discussed meeting at White House; TV giant defends anchors reading same promo script; Trump slams CNN & NBC, calls local TV company "superior"; Amazon stock sinks following Trump's attacks; Dem lawmaker not seeking re-election amid harassment scandal via Knit
Apr 02, 2018
Russia test-fires "Satan 2" long-range missile; CNN: Mueller pushed for ex-Trump aide's help on collusion; WH social media director to take Hicks' old office; Independent autopsy: Stephon Clark was shot 8 times; Parkland teen refusing Fox host apology
Russia ups tit-for-tat, expels more diplomats; State Dept: no advance notice of missile test; Kremlin: Russia was "forced" to expel U.S. diplomats; Russia State News: missile can wipe out areas as big as Texas; Trump stuns his own administration with plans to exit Syria; U.S. & Russia expel each other's diplomats in tit-for-tat; Dan Scavino may be Hicks' successor as Trump confidant; Clark family attorney: independent autopsy contradicts police; Dem congresswoman kept top aide despite abuse allegations; Congresswoman apologizes for protecting aide accused of abuse; Fox host apologizes to teen (after losing sponsors); Facebook VP: cost of connecting users could risk lives; Facebook VP's 2016 note stirs new controversy for company via Knit
Mar 30, 2018
Trump being told by outside advisers he doesn't need a communications director or chief of staff; Judge denies Stormy Daniels' request to depose Trump; Russia closing U.S. consulate, expelling U.S. diplomats
Trump fires VA secretary, taps WH doctor to replace him; New WH turnover, turmoil as Trump heads for FL; Trump on VA shakeup: now vets can "run to a private doctor"; Source: Dr. vouching for Trump's health helped him get job; veterans groups fear Jackson is unqualified to run VA; "Trump whisperer" Hope Hicks officially leaves WH; Cohen's attorney: Cohen didn't tell Trump about hush money or signed agreement; Cohen's spokesman: Stormy's ex-lawyer approached Trump attorney first with hush money deal; WH: no current discussions of pardoning Flynn, Manafort; Emails: DOJ scenario of Trump tweeting pardons; Facebook CEO Zuckerberg invited to testify to congress; Trump goes miles off message during "infrastructure speech"; Trump toys with delaying new trade deal with South Korea; Trump's false allegations against Amazon hurt stock; CNN poll: Dems' edge dips 10 points in midterm race; Sessions does not appoint second special counsel, names prosecutor investigating claims of FBI misconduct via Knit
Mar 29, 2018
NYT: Trump lawyer floated idea of pardons for Flynn, Manafort; Daniels' attorney wants to depose Trump & his lawyer; Kim unexpectedly meets with China's Xi ahead of Trump meeting; Audit: 6,200 VA staff worked without background checks
Special counsel: Trump campaign aide knowingly talked with former Russian intel officer during 2016 campaign; Facebook CEO Zuckerberg invited to testify to Congress; Daniels' attorney: Trump team has "told bucket of lies"; DOJ watchdog looking at claims of FBI surveillance abuses; China throws Trump curveball ahead of Kim meeting; Trump: Kim Jong Un looking forward to meeting me via Knit
Mar 28, 2018
WH on Trump's stormy silence: he has a country to run; Trump administration toughens stance on Russia and Putin; States, civil rights groups vow to fight census plans; Nassar's ex-boss facing groping, porn, assault charges
WH on Trump's Stormy silence: won't punch back on everything; White House: we're applying pressure on Russia; More star layers decline to President Trump; Source: Trump floats pentagon paying for border wall; WH on Trump silence: still "incredibly engaged"; WAPO: Trump privately griped Stormy Daniels not his type; WSJ ed. board on Stormy: "may be the cause of his downfall"; NYT: Trump talks of bringing back aide accused of abuse; Ambassador Haley scolds Russia: "this should be a day of shame"; What works when it comes to pushing back on Russia; California suing Trump administration over citizenship question; White House defends 2020 census plans; Critics: citizenship question will discourage immigrants; White House denies it's probing whether Kushner violated law; Will Trump's tougher Russia turn rattle Putin; What happens if Trump fires Mueller; Court docs: former MSU dean groped, assaulted students; No charges to be filed against officers in Alton Sterling death; California AG to investigate Stephon Clark shooting death via Knit
Mar 27, 2018
Brand new CNN polls on Trump approval, Stormy saga; Stormy Daniels suing Trump lawyer for defamation; U.S. expels 60 Russian diplomats over UK nerve agent attack; Trump voters in Missouri weigh in on the President
Dow rallies to one of the biggest daily point gains in history; Stormy Daniels details alleged affair with Trump; WH: Trump doesn't believe Stormy or her claims of threat; Trump approval rating rises after chaotic month; New CNN poll: 51% believe women alleging affairs with Trump should be free to talk; New CNN poll: opinions divided by gender on women alleging affairs with Trump; Poll: more evangelicals believe affair accusers than Trump; Stormy Daniels: I was threatened over Trump; Former FEC chair: $130k payment "an enormous legal mess"; Porn star & Playmate share similar memories of Trump affairs; Russian ambassador: the U.S. made a "grave mistake"; WH on its credibility: sometimes the dynamics are fluid; Scaramucci compares White House to a "start up" company; MO voter: we're moving towards "increasing division"; Voters waiting to see who runs against Trump in 2020 via Knit
Mar 26, 2018
Trump signs spending bill despite veto threat; Critics fear Bolton hire signals hawkish turn; Ex-Playmate & actress describe affairs with Trump; First lady's office silent on ex-Playmate's interview; Students to rally nationwide against gun violence
Dow nosedives again to end turbulent week; Trump airs grievances at WH event; Trump scolds Dems over DACA program he ended; CNN: role of new Trump lawyer Digenova still in flux; Trump: "we had no choice" but to sign spending bill; Democrats sound alarm over John Bolton's hiring; Bannon: if Kelly leaves, chief of staff role may go away; Bolton's had hawkish views on North Korea, Iran, Russia; Source: Bolton promised Trump he "wouldn't start any wars"; Trump names third national security advisor in 14 months; Trump stays silent on ex-Playmate's relationship claims; McDougal, Daniels both claim they were intimidated into keeping quiet; First lady speaks at women's event after ex-Playmate apologizes for sleeping with Trump; Melania, Pres Trump leave WH separately for Florida trip; MD student dies after being shot by classmate Tuesday via Knit
Mar 23, 2018
DOW plummets on fears of Trump's trade plan; Trump's lead lawyer in Russia investigation quits; Pres. Trump responds on Twitter to Biden's verbal jabs; Source: Trump meets with Bolton, possible McMaster replacement
Trump's lead lawyer in Russia probe, John Dowd, resigns; Trump: "I would like to" testify before Mueller in Russia probe; CNN: 4 attorney's reject Trump offer to join legal team; Trump's lead lawyer in Russia investigation quits; CNN: Mueller identifies 4 topics to discuss with Trump; Trump's advice to 25-year-old self: "don't run for president"; House Intel GOP end collusion probe; Dems vow to continue; Zuckerberg to CNN: "I'm happy to testify"; Facebook facing questions over data security; Whistleblower: "I'm worried we gave info to Russia"; Biden takes aim at Trump on campaign trail; Does Biden want to challenge Trump in 2020? ; Flake, Booker face off in bipartisan snowball duel; Avenatti: Daniels has been subjected to "thuggish behavior"; Avenatti: Stormy Daniels has been physically threatened; Stormy Daniels: Trump broke laws to cover this up; Ex-Playboy model to discuss alleged affair with Trump on CNN; Police body-cam footage shows deadly shooting; Police kill man holding cell phone in his grandmother's yard via Knit
Mar 22, 2018
CNN: Trump furious over leak of warning he got about Putin; Facebook CEO Zuckerberg breaks silence on data scandal; Allegations from 3 women cast shadow over Trump; Sen. King: election hacking "most serious threat" to US; ABC: McCabe investigated Sessions
WaPo: Trump didn't bring up spy poisoning despite advice; Sen. Collins: Trump should not comment on Mueller probe; Former CIA director: I think Trump is afraid of Putin; Trump defends his "congrats" to Putin; Trump: "Getting along with Putin is a good thing"; 75m+ people impacted by nor'easter, heavy snow; Zuckerberg: Facebook made mistakes with data firm; Stormy Daniels tweets about alleged affair with Trump; Judge rules reality star's case against Trump can proceed; Playboy Playmate sues to detail alleged affair with Trump; Trump's lawyers insist Stormy Daniels must stay silent; Lawyers for tabloid company say Playmate free to speak; Columnist: Trump met his match with Stormy Daniels; Senate Cmte: Russians tried to hack 21 states in 2016; Trump: getting alone with a good thing!"; Sessions' lawyer: Mueller not investigating Sessions for false statements or perjury; Any minute: authorities update Austin bombings via Knit
Mar 21, 2018
Polygraph: porn star truthful about unprotected sex with Trump; McCain slams Trump for congratulating Putin on re-election; Data firm brags about winning 2016 campaign for Trump; Unexploded device found in FedEx facility outside Austin
Ex-Playboy model sues company that didn't publish her Trump story; Stormy Daniels passed lie detector test about affair; Trump faces claims by three women of affairs or assault; Trump loses bid to dismiss apprentice contestant lawsuit; Ex-Playboy model who alleged Trump affair sues; WH won't say whether Putin's re-election was "free and fair"; Trump: I congratulated Putin on electoral victory; WH: "don't believe" election meddling came up in Trump-Putin call; McCain slams Trump for congratulating Putin on "sham election"; Trump shakes up legal team as he escalates Mueller attacks; Ryan: I've been assured firing Mueller not under consideration; McConnell: calling Putin "wouldn't be high on my list" ; Board of data firm suspends CEO after undercover video; Whistle-blower agrees to talk to Dems on House Intel Cmte; Data firm that worked for Trump says they won him election; Whistle-blower: data firm may have helped Russian interference; Feds: FedEx blast likely work of Texas serial bomber; Trump on "terrible" Austin bombings: these are sick people; Ryan: I've been assured firing Mueller not under consideration; Trump shakes up legal team as he escalates Mueller attacks; Trump DOJ battle over AT&T, Time Warner merger via Knit
Mar 20, 2018
Trump rages against Mueller & Russia probe; Trump hires lawyer who claims FBI & DOJ framed Trump; Facebook orders "comprehensive audit" of Trump 2016 data firm; Trump rages against special counsel Mueller; Kushner co. accused of lying in docs
Trump calls out Mueller by name for first time; Gowdy: If you have an innocent client, "act like it"; Graham warns Trump firing Mueller could end his presidency; GOP's Corker warns of Senate "upheaval" if Trump fires Mueller; Trump to hire lawyer who pushed theory DOJ framed Trump; New Trump lawyer in Jan: "brazen plot" by FBI to frame Trump; WH: There are no conversations about removing Mueller; Members of GOP warn Trump against firing Mueller; Trump suggests death penalty for some drug dealers; Facebook suspends data firm with Trump campaign ties; Trump-tied data firm analyzed Facebook users' personalities; What happens when Hope Hicks leaves; Report: John Kelly called Hope Hicks "high-schooler"; Report: Kelly drafted WH statement praising Rob Porter; Report: top WH aides signed non-disclosure agreements; Kushner co: no records were falsified purposely; ATF: bomber used tripwire on 4th explosive device; Officials: 2 dead, 3 in hospital from series of bombs; NAACP urges caution in wake of bombings; The sacred process at Dover Mortuary to honor fallen heroes via Knit
Mar 19, 2018
WH: "no immediate personnel changes at this time"; Sources: Trump ready to replace national security advisor; CNN changes rating of 17 House races in direction of Dems; Lawyer: Stormy Daniels physically threatened to stay silent; Russia promises to retali
WH: Trump has the ability to change his cabinet; Source: Trump enjoying staff speculation, relishes in conflict; GOP Sen. Flake: McMaster a "stabilizing force" in WH; Trump tells GOP primary challenger to drop out of Senate race; Lawyer: threat wasn't by "some wingnut out of the blue"; Stormy's lawyer: 6 more women claim affairs with Trump; Kremlin: we will expand number of "blacklisted" Americans; UK police launch murder probe into businessman's death; UK: "overwhelmingly likely" Putin behind nerve agent attack; Is Russia a friend or foe of the United States?; New CNN series talks love, sex and female empowerment; Feds: scam artists used donations to fund lavish lifestyle via Knit
Mar 16, 2018
Mayor: 1 dead, 6 hospitalized, 8 cars trapped in collapse; Mueller subpoenas Trump organization in Russia probe; NYT: Mueller subpoenas Trump's Russia business records; Trump sanctions Russia as tensions mount over spy poisoning; Officials give update on
Mueller subpoenas Trump org, asks for documents; Any moment: police update on deadly bridge collapse; U.S. slaps new sanctions on Russia for election meddling; 19 people, 5 entities targeted in sanctions against Russia; Trump: Russia likely behind spy poisoning in U.K.; Sen. Menendez: Putin only understands strength; Trump admits he made up info in Trudeau meeting; Mueller demand's Trump's business records with Russia; Officials: 8 hospitalized, 8 cars trapped in collapse; Trump rips South Korea as Kim Jong Un meeting looms; Trump seems to threaten pulling troops from South Korea; Trump joking about dropping bowling balls on cars; Trump had said Japan uses balls to test cars; Trump: report of West Wing changes "exaggerated" ; Police rescuers trying to free people trapped in bridge collapse via Knit
Mar 15, 2018
Trump signals wider senior staff shake-up soon; PA Democrat Conor Lamb poised for stunning upset; Sen. Flake calls for Republican challenger to Trump; CNN: Trump has grown irritated with VA chief Shulkin; Haley calls spy poisoning "Russia's crime"; Lavish
WH confirms Larry Kudlow accepts econ job; Sources: WH staff on edge over potential departures; Ryan: both candidates in PA "ran as conservatives"; Trump hires Larry Kudlow, who vocally opposed tariffs; White House says PA Dem "embraced" Trump's policies; Trump in Oct. on cabinet: "finest group" ever assembled; Sessions considering whether to fire ex-deputy FBI Director McCabe; PA Dem claims victory in district Trump won by 20 points; Emails show Ben, Candy Carson selected $31,000 dining set; UK expels 23 Russian envoys over poisoning of ex-spy; Russia calls UK expulsions "hostile," "unjustified"; Haley condemns Russia in more forceful terms than Trump; What will Trump do as UK expels 23 Russian diplomats?; Republicans on House Intelligence Committee say there's no evidence of collusion; Daniels crowdsources legal fund, raises $22,000 in hours; Daniels' friend reveals more about alleged Trump affair via Knit
Mar 14, 2018
Trump fires Secretary of State; CIA Chief to replace him; Trump: House Intel "left no doubt" there was no collusion; Trump views options for his "big, beautiful wall"; Saccone: the left hates Trump, America and God; Trump officials face new questions over
Trump in December about Tillerson leaving: "fake news"; Tillerson doesn't thank Trump in remarks after firing; Source: Kelly told Tillerson Friday he would be replaced; Rex Tillerson learned of his firing by Trump's tweet; State official: Tillerson "unaware" why he was fired; Tillerson: last day as Secretary of State will be March 31; Tillerson: handing off duties by midnight; Flashback: Tillerson wouldn't deny calling Trump a "moron"; Longtime Trump aide fired over financial crime investigation Trump on Pompeo: "We're always on the same wavelength"; Trump's pick for CIA Chief was key figure in controversial, Bush-era torture program; Trump: We'll condemn Russia in spy poisoning if true; House Intel GOP breaks with top U.S. intelligence, says Russia did not try to help Trump in 2016 Republicans on House Intel say there's no evidence of collusion; New book sheds light on Trump-Russia connections; Wash Post: Roger Stone claimed contact with WikiLeaks in 2016; New book: Putin sent Trump sealed letter in 2013; New book: Trump said idea of Putin meeting was "interesting" Pennsylvania voters head to polls in high-stakes race; DEM threatens to flip district Trump won by 20 points; Top DEM: Conway took pricey private flights via Knit
Mar 13, 2018
Police: three package bombs related, 2 people killed; President's gun proposal at odds with past promises; Education Secy struggles to explain policies in interview; May: "highly likely" Russia to blame for ex-spy poisoning; House Intelligence Committee t
Trump steps back past bravado on gun control; White House: We can't just write things down and make them law; WH: Age restrictions on guns not Trump's "primary focus"; Trump defends WH gun proposals that back off new age limit; WH: Trump not "backing away" from earlier gun proposals; Sources: WH officials dismayed by Devos' stumble on TV; Some Salisbury citizens warned to wash clothes, belongings; Trump: My lawyers have proven there was no collusion; Putin: Meddling could have been done by Jews, or Americans; Sen. Warren: I don't know how Dems can vote for banking bill; Senate banking bill could split the party's vote; Election watchdog raises question over Stormy Daniels payout; Ads flood airwaves ahead of tomorrow's tight race in PA; Sources: WH distancing itself from Rick Saccone via Knit
Mar 12, 2018
Trump Stuns World By Accepting Kim Jong Un's Invite; Trump's Meeting with Kim Jong Un: Opportunity or Trap?; Risch: Deaths from War with N. Korea Would Be "Catastrophic"; Trump Lawyer Used Trump Org Email in Stormy Daniels Deal; Florida Law Raises Firearm
WH Repeatedly Says "Concrete" Steps Needed for Meeting; WH: Need "Concrete & Verifiable Actions" Before NK Talks; Tillerson: Trump Made N. Korea Decision Himself; NK Meeting Announced Amid Tariffs, Stormy Daniels Saga; WH: U.S. Making "Zero Concessions" Before NK Talks; WH: Sanctions Put "Tremendous Amount of Pressure" on NK; U.S. Intel: N. Korea May Be Capable of Hitting U.S. in 2018; North Korea Test-Fired 23 Missiles in 2017; WH: No Talks Until N. Korea Matches Actions to Words; WH: U.S. Coming from a "Position of Strength" with N. Korea; Trump Lawyer Used Trump Org Email in Stormy Daniels Deal; Law Firm Tangled in Stormy Daniels Payment Scandal Also Did Work for Trump Campaign; Trump Atty Insisted Payment to Actress Not Tied to Trump; Actress's Attorney Argues "Cover-Ups Matter"; Florida Law Raises Firearm Purchasing Age from 18 to 21; NRA: New Florida Law "Punishes Gun-Abiding Gun Owners" via Knit
Mar 09, 2018
Trump signs new tariffs, raising trade war fears; Source: Trump "very unhappy" with Sanders' Stormy response; Speaker Ryan: "Haven't put a second of thought" into scandal; Manafort pleads not guilty to tax, money laundering charges; Officials: 21 people t
Trump: "Open" to lifting tariffs on case-by-case basis; Trump temporarily exempts Canada, Mexico from tariffs; WH admits non-disclosure deal with porn star did exist; Actress' Atty: "Absurd" to say Trump unaware of payoff; Pelosi: Trump's policies more concerning than personal life; GOP Rep. Sanford: "Hush money is a big deal"; WH Press Secy: Trump "Won" arbitration against Daniels; Source: Trump "Very Unhappy" with Sanders' Stormy response; Actress' Atty: "Absurd" to say Trump unaware of payoff; Schiff: Lewandowski must come back to the committee; Wash Post: Mueller looking at possible backchannel to Russia; Schiff: "Need to get to bottom" of backchannel claims; NYT: Trump asked witnesses about special counsel conversations; CNN: Kelly warned Trump about talking to Mueller witnesses; Mueller investigating secret meeting in the Seychelles; NYT: Trump asked witnesses about special counsel conversations; NYT: Trump spoke with Priebus, McGahn about Mueller interviews; UK Home Secy: Nerve gas attack is "Brazen and reckless"; Ex-spy's widow: Russians in UK feel "unsafe" after attack via Knit
Mar 08, 2018
Lawsuit: Trump's Lawyer Forced Porn Star to Keep Quiet; Staff Leaving the Trump Administration in Record Numbers; Trump Denies Chaos: "I Like Conflict... I Like Watching It"; International "Man of Mystery" Cooperating with Mueller; Justice Dept Sues Calif
WH: Sanders: Not Aware If Trump Knew of Porn Star Payment; Trump Won Arbitration Case Against Porn Star; Porn Star's Attorney: Trump Knew of $130,000 Payment; It's Not Just How Many Have Left Trump Admin, But Why; Schumer: White House Is "Hollowed Out"; Trump Says: "Everybody Wants to Work at the White House"; Cohn's Departure Adds to WH Chaos Concerns; CNN: Feud with Trump Over Tariffs Was "Last Straw" For Cohn; Who Is the British Spy Behind Trump-Russia Dossier?; New Yorker: Russians Were Opposed to Romney as Secy of State; EU May Hit U.S. Bourbon, Denim, Motorcycles with Tariffs via Knit
Mar 07, 2018
Trump News Conference as N Korea Signals Hope for Talks; Trump: I Think N Korea's Overtures are Sincere; Trump on Russian Meddling: We'll "Counteract" It; Trump: Russia had no Impact on our Votes; Mayor Resigns Amid Sex Scandal, Theft Plea
BLOCK A Trump News Conference as N Korea Signals Hope for Talks; Trump: Everybody Wants to Work in the White House; Trump on WH Tension: I Like Conflict; Trump Holds Joint News Conference with Swedish PM; Trump: Russians had no Impact on our Votes; Trump: We Will Counteract Russian Meddling in 2018; Trump: Tariffs will be Applied in "Very Loving Way"; Trump: I Think N Korea's Overtures are Sincere; Trump: "Possible Progress" in Talks with North Korea; Trump: N Korean Leaders "Seem to be Acting Positively"; Trump on WH Tension: We have Energy BLOCK B Trump: I Think N Korea's Overtures are Sincere; Seoul: N Korea Willing to Talk to U.S. about Giving Up Nukes; Trump: North Korea Situation Should've Been Handled by Other Administrations; Trump on N Korea: I Think We're Having Good Dialogue BLOCK C Trump on Russian Meddling: We'll "Counteract" It; Trump on WH Tension: I Like Conflict; Probe: Conway Improperly Mixed Govt Business, Politics; Trump: Tariffs will be Applied in "Very Loving Way" BLOCK D Trump: Russia had no Impact on our Votes; Trump: We Will Counteract Russian Meddling in 2018; Intel Chief: White House Engaged in Responding to Russia; Treasury Secy: Russia Sanctions Coming in "Next Several Weeks" BLOCK E Mayor Resigns Amid Sex Scandal, Theft Plea BLOCK F [Closing] via Knit
Mar 06, 2018
Ex-Trump Aide Subpoenaed, Says He Won't Testify; Sources: WH Officials Watched Nunberg Interview, Called Comments "Bizarre" & "Nuts" ; Russian "Sex Coach" Offers Trump Secrets for Asylum; No Action on Guns Almost 3 Weeks After School Massacre; Nation of
WH: Nunberg Is Wrong That Mueller Has Something on Trump; Nunberg: "I'm Not Going to the Grand Jury"; Nunberg: Mueller Team Asked About My Relationship with Trump; Nunberg; "I'm Not Cooperating, Arrest Me"; Nunberg: Not True Trump Knew Nothing of Trump Tower Meeting; Russian "Sex Coach" Says She Has Key Info in Russia Probe; Sen Manchin: "Action on Guns Is "Up to President Trump"; GOP Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi to Retire April 1; Dem Rep Doesn't Denounce Farrakhan's Anti-Semitic Rant via Knit
Mar 05, 2018
Trump Whirlwind: Staff Drama, Trade Wars, Russia Probe; Kelly Defends Himself in Wake of Rob Porter Scandal; FBI Counterintel Investigating Ivanka Trump Business Deal; Putin Claims New Missile Cannot Be Intercepted by U.S.; Sources: WH Weighing Preemptive
Trump Ally: This Week Is "Different...Something Is Very Wrong"; NYT: Trump Asked Kelly to Remove Kushner, Ivanka Trump; Trump Friend: Hicks' Departure Will Send Trump Into "Tailspin"; Kelly: I Had "Nothing to Even Consider Resigning" Over; NRA Meets with Trump, Says He "Doesn't Want Gun Control"; Sen Intel to Hold Security Clearance Reform Hearing; Putin Unveils New Weapons Systems Days Before Election; WH: Russia's Been Developing Destabilizing Weapons For Years; Sources: WH Weighing Preemptive Strike Against N. Korea; NATO Slams Russia's Display of New Weapons Systems; Will Putin Provoke a Direct Response from Trump?; Trump Silent on Putin's Animated Missiles Aimed at FL; Trump, SNL's Alec Baldwin Trade Jabs On Twitter; Trump Calls Baldwin's SNL Impersonations "Terrible"; Aly Raisman Suing USA Gymnastics, U.S. Olympic Committee via Knit
Mar 02, 2018
DOW Closes Down 400+ Points after Trump Announces Tariffs; Fmr. Trump Aide Says Mueller Asked About Hicks Denials; WAPO: Trump Derided Sessions as "Mr. Magoo" in Private; CA Agents Using Rare System to Hunt for Illegal Guns; Trump: WH Will Roll Out Opioid
BLOCK A DOW Closes Down 400+ Points after Trump Announces Tariffs; NYT: Kushner's Business Got $500M in Loans after WH Meetings; White House Struggles with One Crisis after Another; Trump Announces Intent to Impose Tariffs on Aluminum, Steel; Kelly Jokes About White House Job: "God Punished me, I Guess"; NYT: Kushner's Family got Half a Billion in Loans after WH Chats; Scaramucci: "Morale is Terrible" at White House; Scaramucci Refers to John Kelly as "General Jackass" BLOCK B Fmr. Trump Aide Says Mueller Asked About Hicks Denials; Trump Campaign had Several Contacts with Russians; Trump Campaign had Several Contacts with Russians; Trump in War of Words with Attorney General Jeff Sessions BLOCK C Fmr. Trump Aide Says Mueller Asked About Hicks Denials; GOP Rep Rooney: Dems on House Intel CMTE Continue to Leak; WH yet to Implement Sanctions Against Moscow for Meddling BLOCK D WAPO: Trump Derided Sessions as "Mr. Magoo" in Private; Source: Trump Fuming that Sessions Pushed Back on Criticism; Sessions Dined Last Night with Deputy Rod Rosenstein; Source: Trump Fuming that Sessions Pushed Back on Insult; Sen. Shelby: "I Wouldn't be Anybody's Whipping Boy"; WH: Trump Doesn't Plan to Fire Sessions "That I Know of"; Falwell Jr Hits Sessions: He "Could Just be a Coward" BLOCK E CA Agents Using Rare System to Hunt for Illegal Guns; California DOJ Seizes 18,000 Illegal Guns in Unique Program; Can Rare CA Program Prevent the Next Mass Shooting? BLOCK F Trump: WH Will Roll Out Opioid Policy in Three Weeks; Medal of Honor Recipient Takes Opioid Fight to Lawmakers; VA Study Reveals Disturbing Opioid Addiction Trend for Vets; Trump: I'd Run into School During Shooting if I was there via Knit
Mar 01, 2018
Trump Pushes For "Comprehensive" Gun Bill; Jared Kushner Stripped of Top Secret Clearance; White House Communications Director Hope Hicks to Resign
Rep. Deutch: "You Can Get This Done, Mr. President"; Trump: "You Have to Fix Mental Illness"; Attorney General Pushes Back at Trump After New Insult; Kushner's Interim Clearance Significantly Downgraded; 2016 Trump: Carelessness with Classified Info "Disqualifying"; Wash Post: Officials From At Least 4 Countries Privately Discussed Ways They Could Manipulate Kushner; CNN: Kushner Feeling Under Fire from Colleagues; NY Times: Hope Hicks to Resign WH in Coming Weeks via Knit
Feb 28, 2018
Sources: Jared Kushner Loses Top-Secret Security Clearance; Trump Silent on Questions about Kushner's Downgraded Clearance; U.S. Cyber Chief: Russians Haven't Paid Price for Meddling; Sheriff says he got 23 Calls about Shooter's Family, but Records Show a
BLOCK A Sources: Jared Kushner Loses Top-Secret Security Clearance BLOCK B Trump Silent on Questions about Kushner's Downgraded Clearance; NSA: Trump Hasn't Directed Us to Disrupt Russian Threats; Sources: Jared Kushner Loses Top-Secret Security Clearance; Source: FBI Expected to Wrap Up Kushner Background Check within a Month; WH Communications Director Hope Hicks Testifies on Hill; House Intel Reps: Hope Hicks Won't Answer Some Questions; Carter Page: More Interference by the U.S. than Russia; Trump Ends Twitter Lull with "Witch Hunt" Claims; NSA: Trump Hasn't Directed Us to Disrupt Russian Threats BLOCK C U.S. Cyber Chief: Russians Haven't Paid Price for Meddling; NSA: Trump Hasn't Directed Us to Disrupt Russian Threats; CNN Poll: 60% Say Trump not Doing Enough to Deter Russia; CNN Poll: Majority Believe Russia Probe a Serious Matter; Sources: Jared Kushner Loses Top-Secret Security Clearance; Source: FBI Expected to Wrap Up Kushner Background Check within a Month; Kushner Attorney: Kushner's New Clearance will not Affect his Ability to Work at WH; Sources: Jared Kushner Loses Top-Secret Security Clearance BLOCK D Sheriff Says he got 23 Calls about Shooter's Family, but Records Show at least 45 Calls; Gunman's Neighbor: "I Had no Doubt" he Would do This; Congress Shows no Appetite to Move on Gun Legislation; WH: Trump "Still Supports" Raising Age Limit on some Guns; Flake: "It is Difficult" to Negotiate with the President; CNN Poll: 70% Favor Stricter Gun Laws; Familiar Obstacles Arise in Gun Control Debate; Flake to Speak at an NH Event, a Key Stop for WH Hopefuls; Flake on Presidential Run: "Not in my Plans Right Now" BLOCK E UN Source to CNN: North Korea Sending Supplies to Syria; Top Diplomat on NK Policy Announces Sudden Retirement; WH: No Timeline to Nominate a South Korean Ambassador; UN Source to CNN: North Korea Sending Supplies to Syria BLOCK F HUD Staffer: I was Demoted for Refusing to Break the Law; HUD Staffer Files Whistleblower Complaint over Spending Budget to Redecorate Secy Ben Carson's Office; HUD Staffer says she was Demoted After Denying Redecorating for Secy Carson's Office; HUD Staffer Files Whistleblower Complaint over Spending Budget to Redecorate Secy Ben Carson's Office via Knit
Feb 27, 2018
Trump Met With NRA Leaders, Spoke With Ryan On Guns; Trump: It's Okay To Fight The NRA Sometimes
Trump On Massacre: "I'd Run In There," Even Unarmed; Gov Inslee To Trump:"less Tweeting...More Listening"; WH: Trump Supports "Concept" Of Raising Fun-Buying Age Limit; Congress Returns Facing Growing Calls To Tighten Gun Laws;CNN Poll: 70% Favor Stricter Gun Laws; Trump Campaign Sends Fundraising Pic Of Parkland Survivor; Ex-Deputy Defends His Actions During Shooting; Wounded Student: "I'm So Grateful To Be Here"; Sheriff Faces Mounting Calls To Step Down; Republicans Draw Line At Probing President's Finances; WH Refuses To Say Whether interim Clearances Revoked; WH: Trump Legal Team Cooperating With Special Counsel; Trump: Kelly To Decide; Trump: Kelly To Decide On Kushner Security Clearance via Knit
Feb 27, 2018
Secret Service: Vehicle Strikes Security Barrier Near White House; Trump: School Security Guards Don't "Love the Children"; Today, Trump Doesn't Mention Raising Age Limit to 21; Sources: Coral Springs Police Were Stunned And Upset Some Deputies Didn't Joi
A BLOCK CNN: Driver Intentionally Rammed White House Barricade; Ex-Trump Campaign Aide Becomes Fifth Person to Plead Guilty in Mueller Probe; Manafort Maintains Innocence After Gates' Guilty Plea; Gates' Guilty Plea Puts Pressure on Ex-Campaign Chair; Court Docs: Gates Lied About Discussions of 2013 Meeting; Trump: Kushner's Security Access Is Up to Kelly B BLOCK Trump: "Going to be Very Strong on Background Checks"; Trump: Democrats "Will Take Away Your Second Amendment"; Trump Mentions New NK Sanctions in Campaign-Style Speech; Trump Renews Attacks on McCain, Who Is Battling Cancer C BLOCK FBI Tip-Line Caller Warned Gunman "Going to Explode" D BLOCK Florida Gov Calls for Raising Age to Buy Guns to 21; 4 Dem Govs Band Together for Gun Violence Coalition E BLOCK Mueller Files New Charges Targeting Manafort via Knit
Feb 23, 2018
Trump Vows to Push Congress on Gun Law Changes; Trump Backs Changes to Background Checks, Age Limits; Shooter's Original Host Family Warned Law Enforcement; Sources: McMaster Could Leave WH after Tensions with Trump; Pentagon: WH Will Make Decision on McM
Trump Vows to Push Congress on Gun Law Changes; WH: We Don't Expect to Agree with NRA on Everything; Trump on Gun Reforms: Raise Age, Ban Bump Stocks; Trump Calls for Arming & Training "Only the Best" Teachers; Trump Proposes Bonuses for Teachers who Get Gun Training; Trump: After Speaking to NRA, They're Ready to "Do Things"; Trump: Video Games, Movies Possible Cause of Violence; Trump Backs Changes to Background Checks, Age Limits; Garamendi Authored CA Ban on some Semiautomatic Weapons; Shooter's Original Host Family Warned Law Enforcement; Records Show Police Knew FL Shooter Had Violent Outbursts; Sources: McMaster Could Leave WH after Tensions with Trump; Pentagon: WH Will Make Decision on McMaster's Future; Trump Publicly Rebukes McMaster over Russia Comments; WH: President Stands by General McMaster; Sources: Trump & McMaster have Stylistic Differences; Mueller Issues New Indictment in Manafort, Gates Case; Trump Slams National Security Adviser for Russia Comments; WH: Putin Warned not to Meddle in Future Elections; Rubio Signals Split from NRA on Age, Bump Stocks; Rubio "Reconsidering" Support for Large-Capacity Mags; Rubio: I Will Support Banning Bump Stocks; Rubio Defends his Position on Semi-Auto Weapons; Rubio: Most Dems Won't Back Ban on Semi-Auto Weapons via Knit
Feb 22, 2018
Special episode: Facing the hard questions after Parkland's school shooting
On February 14, a former student opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17. One week after the horrific mass shooting, the victims' classmates, parents and community members attended a nationally televised CNN town hall moderated by CNN's Jake Tapper. Listen to "Stand Up: The Students of Stoneman Douglas Demand Action" in full here. via Knit
Feb 22, 2018
Students, Politicians & NRA Participate in CNN Town Hall Tonight; Student Survivors to Lawmakers: "We Will Not Be Silenced"; Trump Hears From Students, Families & Teachers About School Shootings
Trump: We Must Now Focus On Background Checks; Any Moment: WH Listening Session With Gun Violence Survivors; FL Gov: We Must Come Up With Solution to Keep Students Safe; Trump Holds Listening Session On Mass Shootings via Knit
Feb 21, 2018
Trump Directs Atty General to Propose Bump Stock Ban; Lawyer Linked to Ex-Trump Aide Pleads Guilty to Lying; Trump Claims He's Been Tougher on Russia than Obama; Shooting Survivors Bus to State Capital to Demand Action; Trump Jr's Trip to India Raises Eth
Trump Directs Atty General to Propose Bump Stock Ban; WH Holds First Briefing Since Shooting, Russia Indictments; WH: "Very Clear" Russia Meddled in the Election; WH Tries to Walk Back Trump's Tweet on FBI Mistake on Parkland; WH: Would Like FBI "Not to be Focused on a Hoax"; Poll: Most Say Congress, Trump not Doing Enough on Shootings; Support for Stricter Gun Laws Highest Ever in Quinnipiac Poll; Lawyer Linked to Ex-Trump Aide Pleads Guilty to Lying; Mueller has Charged 22 People and Companies in Nine Months; WH: Tries to Back Trump's Claim that He's Tougher on Russia; Trump Claims He's Been Tougher on Russia than Obama; Trump Blames Obama on Meddling, Won't Condemn Russia; Trump Slams His Own National Security Adviser on Twitter; Trump has Repeatedly Dismissed Russia Investigation; WH: Democrats, Media Have "Created" More Chaos; Trump Directs Atty General to Propose Bump Stock Ban; Shooting Survivors Bus to State Capital to Demand Action; Trump Jr's Trip to India Raises Ethical Concerns; Don Jr. to Meet with Trump Apartment Buyers in India; Survivors Ignore Criticism, Fight for Action on Guns; Univ of Louisville Loses Appeal, 2013 NCAA Title via Knit
Feb 20, 2018
Special Counsel Robert Mueller Asking About Jared Kushner's Business Discussions During Transition; Unleashed: Trump Goes After Everyone Except Russia; CNN Visits Russian "Troll Farm" From Mueller Indictment; Shooter Had Obtained At Least 10 Rifles
Mueller's Interest in Kushner Grows to Include Foreign Financing Efforts; Special Counsel Mueller Inquiring About Jared Kushner's Talks with Potential Chinese Investor; Ex-Trump Campaign Aid to Plead Guilty, Cooperate; LA Times: Gates to Plead Guilty, Testify Against Manafort; Trump Departs Florida As Students Stage WH Protest; Trump Spent Weekend Watching News, Venting on Russia; Trump Slams FBI's Handling of Tip on School Killer; WH: Media and Democrats Sowed More Discord Than Russians; Teens Stage "Lie-In" Outside WH in Honor of Victims; Family That Took In Shooter Opens Up About His Behavior; Quinnipiac: 53% of Republicans Disapprove of FBI's Job Handling via Knit
Feb 19, 2018
Mueller Indicts 13 Russians For U.S. Election Meddling; FBI Never Acted On Tip About High School Shooter; New Yorker Details Trump System For Covering Up Affairs;
American Pleads Guilt In Connection To Russian Interference; FBI Admits Information Should Have Been Provided Before Shooting; Sessions: FBI Failures "Tragic," Orders Immediate Review; FL Gov Calls On FBI Chief To Resign After Missed Tip; FBI Never Acted On Tip About High School Shooter; FBI Admits It Failed To Act On Tip In January On Killer; First Lady Skips Walk To Marine One With Pres Trump; via Knit
Feb 16, 2018
17 Dead, At Least 14 Hurt In Florida High School Massacre; Doctor Describes Haunting Scene in Emergency Room; Trump: Will "Tackle The Difficult Issue of Mental Health"; Trump Doesn't Mention Guns Once In Remarks On Shooting; Shooting Survivor To Lawmakers
Anti-Defamation League: Shooter Tied To White Supremacist Group; Sources: FBI Received At Least 2 Warning About Suspect; Police: Suspect Hard " Very, Very Disturbing" Online Profile; FBI On Suspect's Online Threat: We Couldn't Identify Him; Public Defender: Suspect Is Broken Child; Foot Coach Dies Shielding Students From Gunfire; Suspect's Social Media Postings Indicate Extremist Views; Suspect Bought AR-15-Style Weapon, Passed Background Check; A Student's Powerful Plea; Trump Addresses Mass Shootings For Fourth Time; FL Gov: Mentally Ill Should Not Have Access To Guns; Suspect Bought AR-15-Style Weapon, Passed Background Check; FBI On Suspect's Online Threat: We Couldn't Identify Him; Soon: Officials Update High School Massacre Investigation; Trump: No Child Should Be In Danger In An American School; Shooting Survivor To Lawmakers: "Please Take Action"; via Knit
Feb 15, 2018
High School Shooting in Parkland, FL
Broward Sheriff: High School Shooter Still At Large; Broward Schools: "Multiple Injuries" In High School Shooting; Mayor: High School Gunman May Still Be At Large; Sen. Nelson: "Number of Fatalities" In FL High School Shooting; Sen. Nelson: Police Think They Know Who The Gunman Is; Broward Sheriff: Suspect Now In Custody; Superintendent: "Numerous Fatalities" in School Shooting; Broward Sheriff: At Least 14 Victims in School Shooting; Sources: At Least Two Killed in School Shooting; Law Enforcement Sources: Suspect Believed To Be A Student At School; Law Enforcement Sources : At Least Two Killed In School Shooting; Teacher: I Hid 19 Kids In Closet With Me; Police Give Update on FL School Shooting via Knit
Feb 14, 2018
FBI: Porter's Background Check Completed In July; Intel Chiefs: Moscow Still Interfering In Elections; How The White House Plans To Spend Your Money
Kelly To WSJ On Porter Dismissal: "It Was Done Right"; WH: Personnel Security Office Was Still Checking Porter; FBI Chief Contradicts WH Timeline On Porter Allegations; Sources: Porter Met Off-The-Record With Reporters Wednesday; Sanders Tells Press: I Give The Best Information I Have; Intel Chief: Security Clearance Process Is "Broken"; GOP Senators Criticize WH Response To Scandal; Is Anyone Trying To Stop Russian Meddling;?; FBI Chief: I Still Have "Grave Concerns" About Nunes Memo; WH Wants To Cut Food Stamps, "Blue-Apron"-Style Meals; Twin "Dreamers" Trying To Join Army Learn Next Steps; via Knit
Feb 13, 2018
WH: President Supports Victims Of Domestic Violence; WH: "Not Going To Get Into" Security Clearance Process; Trump: The Future Of DACA Depends On Democrats;
WH: Admin Take Abuse Allegations "Very Seriously"; WH Blames Media, Dodges Question On Security Clearances; WH On Trump's $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan; WH On West Wing's Handling Of Allegations Against Ex-Aide; WH Won't Say Whether Trump Believes Ex-Aides' Accusers; WH: "Mere Allegation" Shouldn't Be "Determining Factor"; WH Aides Baffled By Trump's Conflicting Takes On Porter; WH Can't Get Story Straight On Handling Of Porter Scandal; WH: Blames Media, Dodge Question On Security Clearances; Admin Won't Explain White House Counsel's Role In Scandal; CNN: 30-40 Senior Officials Lack Fill Security Clearances; Trump Praises Ex-Aide Accused Of Domestic Abuse; via Knit
Feb 12, 2018
WH: "We All Could Have Done Better" Dealing With Porter; Omarosa On Trump Presidency: "Not Gonna Be Ok";
Dow Nosedives 1,000+ Points As Slide Continues; WH Briefing Amid Growing Questions Over Porter Scandal; Source: John Kelly Knew Of Abuse Claim For Months; WH Officials Knew About Porter & Scrambled To Protect Him; WH: Trump "Saddened" By Allegations; WH: Hope Hicks Recused Herself "From Some Matters"; WH Porter Abuse Allegations "Serious And Disturbing"; Source: John Kelly Knew Of Abuse Claims For Months; WH On Omarosa: She Was Fired Three Times On "Apprentice"; Raisman: W.S. Olympic Committee Bears Blame For Nassar; Raisman: Olympic Coach May Have Known Of Nassar's Abuse; via Knit
Feb 08, 2018
WH Staff Secy Resigns Amid Domestic Abuse Allegations; Senate Reaches Major budget Deal;Fate In House Unclear; Trump Tells Pentagon To Plan A Military Parade; Source: N. Korea Diplomatic Efforts "Almost Zero";
Hatch Changes Tone On Ex-Wives' Claims Against Porter; Pelosi Won't Support Deal Without Commitment To DACA Vote; Mattis Backs Budget Deal:"America Can Afford Survival"; CNN: Trump Wants To Talk To Mueller Despite Lawyers' Advice; WH:Trump To Rely On FBI, DOJ In Releasing Dem Memo; Schiff: Bannon, Lewandowski Refuse To Return To Intel Cmte; Graham: Christopher Steele Was Biased Against Trump; Kim Jong Un's Sister Attends Olympics In Surprise Move; First Openly Gay U.S. Winter Olympian Refuses To Meet Pence; via Knit
Feb 07, 2018
Dow Regains Ground After Monday's Record Drop; NYT: Lawyers Urge Trump To Refuse Mueller Interview; Blame Machines For Wall Street's Volatile Swings;
Trump: "I'd Love To See A Shutdown" If No Immigration Deal; Kelly: Dreamer Not On DACA "Too Afraid" Or "Too Lazy"; Menendez: Trump WH Continues To Demonize Immigrants; Scaramucci: Trump "Exuding Toughness" With Shutdown Threat; Scaramucci On Kelly Remark: Let's Be "Less Sensitive"; Dem Rep: I Didn't Serve To Be Called Treasonous For Disagreeing; Scaramucci On Trump "Treason" Change: "Take Him For What He Is"; NYT: Trump Lawyers Worry Mueller Could Catch Him Lying; Scaramucci: I Wouldn't Advise Firing Rosenstein; Wash Post: Trump Lied During 2007 Deposition At Least 30 Times; Biden Responds To Trump's Attacks On FBI; Biden Calls Trump "A Joke"; via Knit
Feb 06, 2018
WH: Won't Pledge Trump Will Release Dem Memo; Market Meltdown:DOW Plunges 1,100+ Points;
Dow Closes At Lowest Point Of Year In Major Selloff; Dow Suffered Largest Point Drop In History;Trump Targets Schiff Ahead Of Push to Release Dem Memo; Rep Schiff Denies WH Claims Of Leaking Confidential Info; Schiff: Time For Gen Kelly To Give "The President A Time Out"; Rep Schiff: President Trump Has His "Own Enemies List"; Trump: Dems Were "Treasonous" & "Unamerican" During Speech; Rep Nunes: Schiff Tired To Force Me Off The Intel Committee; Schiff: W.H. Suppression Of Dem Memo Not Supportable House Intel CMTE To Vote On Democratic Memo; Schiff: FISA Court Knew Steele Dossier Was Partisan; Trump Falsely Claims Memo Vindicates Him In Probe; Former FBI Agent: Attacks Could "Destroy" The FBI; in 2013, Cater Page Called Himself Kremlin "Adviser"; Nunes Says Trump, Papadopoulos Never Met, But They Did; Dow Suffers Largest Point Drop In History; Soon: House Intel Committee To Vote On Nunes Memo Rebuttal; via Knit
Feb 05, 2018
Disputed GOP/Nunes Memo Is Released; FBI Has Grave Concerns about Memo, Says Material Facts Omitted; Comey: Memo Release Inexcusable, Destroys Relationship;
GOP Memo Blames Steele Dossier For Surveillance; Top Dems Warn Trump: Using Memo To Fire Rosenstein Or Mueller Would Spark Constitutional Crisis; WH Official: Trump "Unlikely" To Get Beyond Rosenstein Anger; GOP Memo: FBI Abused Surveillance Power; Trump On If He's Likely To Fire Rosenstein After Memo: "You Figure That One Out"; Sen McCain: Undermining "Rule If Law" Helps Putin; via Knit
Feb 02, 2018
WH: Trump's Ok With Memo, Doubts There Will Be Redactions;CNN: Trump Sees GOP Memo As Way To Discredit Russia Probe;Poll: 71% Say Trump Should Sit Down With Mueller;
WH Official: Trump Reviewed And Read Nunes Memo; FBI Director Frustrated White House Is Not Listening To Memo Concerns; Source: Accommodations Made To Memo After Intel Community Concerns; Rep Duncan:Memo Could "Shake" FBI "To Its Core"; Dems Call on Paul Ryan To intervene In Memo Release; CNN: WH Worries FBI Chief Could Quit Over Memo Release; NYT: Mueller Zeroes In On Trump Tower Story; NYt: Ex-Trump Legal Spokesman To Tell Mueller About Hicks' Call; Hope Hicks' Lawyer Denies NYT Report On E Mails; Source: "Accommodations" Being Made Over Intel Concerns'; Trump Falsely Claims "Highest" State Of The Union Ratings; Elon Musk: Company Has Sold Out Of $500 Flamethrowers; via Knit
Feb 01, 2018
Sources: President Trump, During December Meeting, Asked Deputy AG Rosenstein If He Was "On My Team"; FBI Expresses "Grave Concerns" About "Material Omissions Of Fact" In GOP Memo;
FBI Chief Clashes With Trump Over Release Of GOP Memo; Sources: Trump Asked Rosenstein If He Was "On My Team"; WH Chief Of Staff: Memo To Be Release "Pretty Quick"; One Dead After Train Carrying GOP Members Hits Truck; GOP's Trey Gowdy Not Running For Re-Election; CNN Exclusive: FBI Agent Who Sent Texts Mocking Trump Co-Wrote Draft Letter Reopening Clinton Email Probe; via Knit
Jan 31, 2018
Schumer Hits WH: "Dereliction Of Duty" On Russia Sanctions; CIA DIR: "Of Course" Russia Will Try To Interfere In Midterms;
Trump To Emphasize Unity In Tonight's Speech; Trump Aims For Unity Tonight In Midst Of Parisian Battle; In His State Of The Union, Nixon Brought Up Watergate; WH: Trump Has Not Seen Or Been Briefed On Nunes Memo; Ryan Defends Rosenstein's Job At Justice Dept; Wray Hints Watchdog Report Played Role In McCabe's Exit; Wash Post: Inspector General Reviewing Whether McCabe Was Slow To Act During Clinton Email Probe; Christie:Trump Shouldn't Sit Down With Mueller; Ryan: Actions Of FBI Must Be Scrutinized; Treasury Says Part Of Sanctions List Taken From Forbes; Dems Plan 5 Responses to Trump's Speech; Democrats Scramble To Find A Unifying Message In 2018; White House Chooses To Not Impose Russian Sanctions; WH: Trump Has Been Passing Handwritten Lines For Speech To Aids For Months; New Report: Apple Will Cut Down Production On Iphone X via Knit
Jan 30, 2018
WH: Trump Not Involved In Decision On McCabe's Exit; Surprise As FBI Deputy Director Steps Down Immediately; House Intel CMTE Could Vote Soon On Nunes Memo;
Source: McCabe's Early Departure A "Surprise" To FBI; Source: McCabe Was "Removed"As #2 At FBI; Source: McCabe Told This Morning TO Step Down; Rep. Gaetz: McCabe Exit A Good "Step Forward"; Rep Gaetz: Dems Shouldn't Try To Block Nunes Memo; GOP Pushed Conspiracy Theory Around FBI Text Messages; Gaetz: FBI Texts Do Show Bias Against Trump; Comey Reopening Clinton Investigation TO Help Himself; Fact Checking The President's Climate Change Claims; NASA Wouldn't Provide CNN With Climate Change Expert; via Knit
Jan 29, 2018
CNN: Trump Tried To Fire Special Counsel Mueller In June; Sen Warner: Trump Is "Not Above The Law"; Don McGhan A Key Player In Multiple WH Controversies; Conan Travels To Haiti After Trump's Explosive Comment;
Source: WH Counsel Refused TO Order Muellers's Firing; Trump, WH Aides Denied Mueller Reporting At The Time; Trump Denise Reports He Tired To Fire Mueller; Is Trump Trying To End Special Counsel Mueller's Probe?; Warner: If Trump Fired Mueller It Would Cross "Red Line"; Warner: Trump's Actions Demonstrate "Something To Hide"; Warner: Intel CMTE Talking To Witnesses, Gathering Info; Warner: "History Will Judge" How This Moment Is Handled; UN AMB Nikki Haley: Affair Rumors "Absolutely Not True"; Haley: Unfounded Allegation "Disgusting" AND "Offensive"; via Knit
Jan 26, 2018
GOP Peddles "Secret Society" Theory; Now Says Text Was A Joke;DOJ Watchdog Says It Had Recovered Missing FBI Texts; "Secret Society" Text Included Putin Gag Gift Reference; Trump Said He'd Take The Heat, But Then Backed Away;
Trump "Looking Forward" To Mueller Team Interview; WH: 20+ Staffers Talk With Muller's Team, Congress; Trump "Absolutely" Willing To Testify Under Oath; Judiciary Chairman Plans To Release Don Jr. Transcript; Trump: Missing FBI Texts Are "Prime Time"; DOJ: Releasing Nunes' FISA Memo Would Be Reckless'; Trump: I couldn't Care Less About Russians With My Campaign; Dem Opioid Commission Member: Our Work Is A "Sham"; Breitbart Calls trump "Amnesty Don" After DACA Comments; First Lady Skipping Davos, Makes Surprise Trip To Florida; Southwest, American Airlines Will Have Cheaper Flights; via Knit
Jan 25, 2018
RNC Chair: Trump Asking McCabe's Vote Is "Getting To Know" Him; Congress Reviewing Texts Sent Between FBI Officials; NCAA Investigating MSU For Its Role In Sex Abuse Scandal;
One Year Ago Today: Flynn Lied During FBI Meeting; Sources: Mueller Interested In Questioning Trump On Comey, Flynn; WAPO: Muller Seeking To Interview Trump In Coming Weeks; Selective Outrage Over Questions Of Justice System Interference; CNN: Mueller Set To Question Bannon On Flynn & Comey; CNN: CIA Director Pompeo Interviewed By Mueller Team; WH On What Trump Means By "No Collusion" With Russia; Wash Post: Trump Asked Comey's Replacement Who He Voted For; Source: Trump Inclined To Release Nunes FBI Memo; Sources: Senate Intel CMTE Not Given Access To Nunes FISA Memo; Sen Johnson: Texts Refer To "Secret Society" Within FBI; Ex-USA Gymnastics DOC Gets 40-175 Years For Sex Abuse; Victim: Women Leading This Case Empowered Me; Where Past Abuse Allegations Of Doctor Ignored; GOP Rep Denies Harassment, Calls Accused His "Soul Mate"; RNC Chair: GOP Will Let Rep Meehan Investigation Play Out; via Knit
Jan 24, 2018
James Comey & Jeff Sessions Questioned In Russia Probe; Wash Post: Mueller Seeking To Question Trump In Coming Weeks; Ross: Story That Trump Is Unhappy With Me Is "Obsolete"
WH Briefing After News Mueller Team Talked To Comey, Sessions; Comey, Sessions interviews By Mueller Team; Trump has Repeatedly Blasted FBI On Twitter; Sources: FBI Director Chris Wray Threatened To Quit; CNN Poll: 78% Say Trump Should Testify If Asked By Mueller; Trump: Missing FBI Texts One Of Biggest Stories "In A Long Time"; White House: Trump "Loves" Secy Ross And His Performance; Report: Trump Slams Commerce Secy For Falling Asleep In Meetings; More White House Shakeups Coming In 2018; Trump Praises Kelly After Reports Of Tense Times; Perkins: Evangelicals Gave Trump "A Mulligan" On Past; via Knit
Jan 23, 2018
Senate Strikes Deal To Fund Govt For Three Weeks; Senate Has Votes To Pass Bill To Reopen Government;
Any Moment: Senate To Hold Its Final Vote To Reopen Govt; Senate Reached Compromise To End Government Shutdown; WH Won't Say If Trump Supports Citizenship For Dreamers; WH: President Met With Six GOP Senators On Immigration; Right Now: Senate Voting To End Government Shut Down ; Senate Passes Bill To Reopen Government, House Vote Next; via Knit
Jan 22, 2018
New CNN Polls As Government Nears Shutdown; Cornyn: Procedural Teat Vote Could Come "Sometime This Afternoon Or Early Morning"; Government Heading For Shutdown Without Funding Deal; CDC Warns Shutdown Will Impact Ability To Fight The Flu; Documentary Look
New CNN Poll: If Shutdown, Who;s To Blame? 21% Say Trump, 26% GOP, 31% Democrats; Schumer On Trump Meeting: "We Made Some Progress; Kellyanne Conway: This Is What Leadership Looks Like; Trump In 2013 On Shutdown: President Needs To Lead; U.S. Govt Shuts Down At Midnight Without Deal; New CNN Poll: Congressional Approval At 18%; Schumer In 2013: Shutdown Is Like Being Held Hostage; Federal Government On Brink Of Shutdown; CDC: At Least 30 Children Have Died From Flu; Conway: Trump "Rarely Draws First Blood"; Conway: It's Exhausting To Always Be The Bigger Person; via Knit
Jan 19, 2018
Source: Trump "Hated" Kelly's Comments, Was Furious; Trump: Government "Very Well Could" Shut Down; House Intel CMTE Delays Hope Hicks Testimony Amid Questions Of Executive Privilege; Trump's Actions As President Threaten Iowa Farmers
Kelly Says Trump's View On Wall Has Evolved; It Has; Trump Friend: He "Manages By Chaos"; McConnell: Unclear What Trump Wants In Deal; McConnell: Unclear What Trump Wants In Deal; ; Source: Senate Dems "United" Against House GOP Bill; Trump: "Democrats Would Like To See" Shutdown; President Confounds GOP With Tweet Undermining Spending Bill; Ryan: "Optimistic" We Can Get Spending Bill Passed; WH Denise Trump Pennsylvania Trip Political, Despite His Tweet; GOP Scrambles For Votes To Prevent Govt Shutdown; STOPGAP Bill Funds Children's Health Insurance Program; Iowa Town Gives Mixed Reviews On Trumps First Year; Apple Vows To Bring 20,000 Jobs To U.S., Invest $30 Billion; Trump Mocks Clinton: "It''s The Economy, Stupid"; via Knit
Jan 18, 2018
Reuters: President Trump Says Shutdown "Could Happen"; DHS Chief: Don't Remember Specifics Of "Tough Language"; Clock Ticks Toward Shutdown, Negotiations Heat Up; Reuters: Trump Says Russia Is Helping North Korea Get Supplies And Avoid Sanctions;
Bob Dole Awarded Congressional Gold Medal; Freedom Caucus: GOP Doesn't Have Votes On Spending Bill; GOP Sen Flake: Trump Eroding Trust In Vital Institutions; Ryan: "Makes No Sense" For Dems To Threaten Shutdown; House GOP Pushes Immigration-Free Fund Bill; GOP Sen Graham: Not Going To Vote For Short-Term Fix; Booker: Trump's Vulgar Term Gave Me "Tears Of Rage"; Sen Booker Says DHS Chief "Complicit" In Trump's Comments; Booker: "My Conduct Was On Point" At Senate Hearing; Booker: Durbin-Graham Deal Would Easily Pass Senate; Without Deal; Government Would Shut Down Friday; Booker: I Want To Find A Deal With GOP On DACA; Trump Now Wants Conservative immigration Bill, Not Bipartisan; Trump To Reuters On North Korea: We're Playing Very, Very Hard Game Of Poker; Reuters: Trump Would Not Say If He Talked To Kim Jung Un; Axios: Bannon Spoke To Spicer, Pribeus About Trump Tower Mtg; Sanders: Bannon Atty Was In Touch With WH During Testimony; Source: Kelly Told Democrats Some Of Trump's Immigration Promises Just not Fully Informed; Resistance Groups In CA Vow To Stand Up To Trump Agenda; via Knit
Jan 17, 2018
WH Doctors Says: Trump's Overall Heath "Excellent"; WH Doc: "No Concerns" About Trump's Cognitive Ability; WH Briefing Amid Ongoing S***Hole Comment Controversy;
WH Doctor: Trump Doesn't Have Daily Exercise Program; WH Doctor On Trump's Health: It's Called Genetics; WH Doctor: Absolutely Nothing Withheld From Medical Report; WH Doctor: President Will Decide On Future Cognitive Testing; WH Doctor: The President Doesn't Sleep Much; WH Doctor: Trump Takes Ambien Occasionally On Long Trips; WH Doctor: 'Hands Down" Trump In Excellent Cardiac Health; WH Doc: Trump Requested A Cognitive Exam; WH Doctor: The President Never Seems Too Stressed Out; WH Doctor: Trump Is Very Sharp And Fit For Duty; WH: Sometimes The President Uses Tough Language; Durbin: Graham Countered Trump In "Extraordinary Moment"; WH: Trump Personally Invited Sens Cotton And Perdue; WH: Will Keep Working To Try To Reach DACA Deal; Sen Booker Says DHS Chief "Complicit" In Trump's Comments; via Knit
Jan 16, 2018
Trump: "I am not a racist"; Hawaiians sent scrambling after mistaken missile alert; U.S. military preparing for all scenarios with North Korea
Trump: "I am not a racist"; Cotton, Perdue say Durbin wrong on Trump Comments; Trump: "Dicky" Durbin totally misrepresented what was said; Trump denies he slurred African countries; Trump: Democrats "don't want to help DACA people"; GOP's Graham won't side with Trump on vulgar remarks; GOP source: Some Republicans heard Trump say "s***house"; False missile alert raises questions about preparedness; U.S. forces conducting mock missions against North Korea; Government shutdown looms as "Dreamer" deal stalls; Trump blames Democrats for immigration impasse; Romney: Trump's remarks "antithetical American values"; Chelsea Manning releases first senate campaign ad; via Knit
Jan 15, 2018
Source: Trump "loves" controversy over "shithole" remark; Trump honors MLK Jr amid vulgar remarks controversy; Trump has first physical as President
Senator Durbin: Trump comments "vile"; Trump supporters: This is how "forgotten" people talk; Source: Trump "loves" controversy over "shithole" remark; Trump leaves doctor amid criticism of vulgar remarks; Ryan: Trump vulgar remarks "unfortunate, unhelpful"; GOP's Graham: I challenged Trump's comments "directly"; Trump honors MLK Jr amid vulgar remarks controversy; MLK Jr's nephew: Trump not racist, but "racially ignorant"; Trump has first physical as President; Trump has history of controversial remarks on race; Kasich: We must strengthen "all families" who call U.S. home; Fiat Chrysler reopening U.S. plant, credits tax reform; Trump blames Obama for Bush's call to move U.K embassy; Trump's week of wrong facts & confusing statements via Knit
Jan 12, 2018
Trump tweets create confusion before FISA vote; Sources: Trump allies urge him not to talk to Mueller; Trump to Wall Street Journal: "I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un"
Trump slams, then supports surveillance program; Trump undercuts administration's stance on surveillance bill; White House: "Don't see any contradiction" in Trump's tweets; Conway says "nobody" brings up Clinton (but Trump does); Sources: Trump allies urge him not to talk to Mueller; White House accuses Representative Schiff of leaking info on Russia probe; Schiff: more people knew about Trump Tower meeting; Trump to Wall Street Journal: "I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un"; Trump to Wall Street Journal: Messages sent between FBI employees amount to treason; Washington Post: Trump asked "why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?" via Knit
Jan 11, 2018
Trump: Collusion accusations a "democrat hoax"; Trump still calling Hillary Clinton "my opponent" in 2018; "Dreamers" in limbo with no path forward form Congress
Trump won't commit to meeting Mueller; Trump GOP should "finally take control" of probes; Testimony: Spy behind dossier thought Trump could be blackmailed; Trump slams "sneaky" Feinstein for releasing transcript; Feinstein: I want to apologize to Grassley; "Dreamers" in limbo with no path forward from Congress; Trump's remarks add to confusion for "Dreamers"; Trump: Any immigration deal must include border wall; Trump administration reverses oil drilling plan (for one state); Issa to retire, making his California seat a toss-up via Knit
Jan 10, 2018
Inside Trump Meeting With Lawmakers On Fate Of "Dreamers"; Bannon Stepping Down From Breitbart News; Flake: President Drilled Down On What "The Wall" Means; Trump: I'll Beat Oprah; Don't Think She'll Run;
Source: Meeting Meant To Put Fitness Concerns To Rest; WH: "The Wall Is Part Of Border Security"; Trump: I'll Sign Whatever immigration Bill The Send Me; Source: WH Aides Told To Decide Whether They Intend To Stay; Source: WH Staff Departure List Expected to Grow; Trump: Immigration Deal Should Be "Bill Of Love"; Flake: We Need To Protect DACA Kids; Trump: "I'll Take The Heat" If Congress Passes Immigration Reform; Trump Floats Idea Of Congress Bringing Back Earmarks; Flake: Trump's Wall Would Cover 700-800 Miles (Not 2,000); Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says He'll Run For Senate In AZ; Despite "Liddle Bob" Jabs, Corker And Trump Make Up; Could President Trump Have Another Challenger in 2020; Dems Release Full Testimony From Trump Dossier Firm; Trump Dossier Author Worried About Russian Blackmail; Feinstein Defies GOP, Releases Fusion GPS Testimony via Knit
Jan 10, 2018
Trump Lawyers Anticipate Mueller Interview Request And Want To Limit Its Scope; Source: Trump Still Fuming Over Bannon On Comments in Book; Questions Raised Over Details In "Fire And Fury"; Trump Admin Ends Protections For 200,000 Salvadorans;
Author Says He's Spent A Combines 3 Hours With Trump; Trump Admin: Conditions In El Salvador Have Improved Enough; DHS: Protected Salvadorans Must Find Legal Remedy Or Go Home; Trump In '99: "Oprah Would Always Be My First Choice" For VP; Sources: Some Of Oprah's Confidants Are Urging A 2020 Bid; President Trump: We Are Going To Build The Wall; WH Says No "Dreamer" Deal Without Wall Funding; Republicans Talk Reality & Strategy For Nov Election; Trump: No DACA Fix Without Border Wall; via Knit
Jan 09, 2018
Author Says He Spent About 3 Hours With Trump; Book Author On Reporting: I Have Recordings, Notes; Tillerson: Relationship Between U.S. & Russia "Strained"; Feds Revive Corruption Case Into Clinton Charity; Dean: Time For a Younger Generation In Dem Par
Trump Had WH Lawyer Urge Sessions Not To Recuse Himself; Trump At Camp David With Republican Leaders; Book Author On Reporting: I Have Recordings, Notes; Trump Attacks "Sloppy Steve" Bannon On Twitter; Author: People Around Trump Say "He's Like Child"; Grimm Distances Himself From Bannon As Campaign Continues; Grimm Runs For Old Seat After Serving Prison Times; How Will New York Respond To Grimm's Candidacy?; Tillerson: I Ask Russia Why They Meddle in Elections; Tillerson: "I've Never Questioned " Trump's Mental Fitness ; Tillerson: Me Relationship With Pres Trump Is "Developing"; Author: My Window Into Trump Pretty Significant; Feds Revive Corruption Case Into Clinton Charity; Feds Looking Into Pay-For-Play Allegations; Source: Bannon Knew WH Lawyer Misled Trump About Comey; Smokin' Joe Biden?; Biden: Tell Howard Dean " I Can Take Him"; via Knit
Jan 06, 2018
New book claims chaos, dysfunction rule White House; 56 Democrats back bill for panel to remove Trump if unfit; Trump: Critics of my North Korea comments are "fools"
Trump legal team demands full apology for book; New book: Trump's words cause staffers to run from room; White House attacks author of tell-all book; Author had permission, "non-disapproval" of President; Trump 2016: I always like to threaten to sue reporters; Trump lawyers to publisher: Cease and desist; Trump: Bannon "called me a great man last night"; White House claims Bannon and Trump never "particularly close"; White House: New book "complete fantasy," "full of tabloid gossip"; Doctor: Trump is unraveling, losing grip of reality; Trump: Critics of my North Korea comments are "fools"; Sessions ends Obama-era policy on legalized pot; Spicer: I "screwed up" and "it felt really bad" via Knit
Jan 04, 2018
A special 10 pm edition of The Lead with Jake Tapper: Bannon blasts President and first family in new book, "Fire and Fury" by Michael Wolff. The yet-to-be-released book brings brutal new details into the limelight including attacks on the first family's IQ. via Knit
Jan 04, 2018
New Book: Bannon Calls Trump Tower MTG "Treasonous"; Bannon Slams Ivanka Trump In New Book; New Book: Trump Felt Losing Would Benefit His Circle; WH Responded To Bombshell Book About Trump Presidency;
Trump: Bannon "Has Lost His Mind," Has No Influence In WH; Trump: "Bannon Had Nothing To Do Wit Me Or My Presidency"; WH: Trump "Furious, Disgusted"At Bannon's Comments; New Book: Bannon Says Probe "All About Money Laundering"; Book: Ivanka Said She Would run For President If Opportunity; WH: Book Author Never Met With Trump; WH On Bannon This Is Not The Best Way To Curry Favor; New Book: Bannon Says Probe "All About Money Laundering"; Book: Melania Trump Cried As Election Results Came In; New Book: Trump Got Bored In Briefing On The Constitution; New Book: Trump's Eyes Were "Rolling Back In his Head" During Adviser's Briefing On The Constitution; New Book: Trump Considered Jared Kushner For Chief Of Staff; Bannon In Book: Trump Wanted To Meet Putin, Putin Didn't Give A S***; Trump: my Nuclear Button is Bigger & More Powerful; WH Responded To Bombshell Book About Trump Presidency; New Book: Flynn's Friend Noted $45K From Russia Was Problem...If Trump Won; White House: New Book Is Trashy, Tabloid Fiction; New Book: Trump Wanted To Nix John Bolton Over His Mustache; Book: Trump Likes Mcdonald's Because Of Fear Of Being Poisoned via Knit
Jan 03, 2018
Trump, Congress Return To Deadlines, Packed Agenda; Orrin Hatch, GOP's Longest-Serving Senator, To Retire; Iran: At Least 21 Killed In Protests, Hundreds Arrested; U.S. Officials: N Korea May Test Ballistic Missile Soon;
Trump Sets Sights On New Battles After Tax Win; Trump Tweets New Attacks, Praise For Himself; Trump Calls Justice Dept Part Of The "Deep State"; Trump On NYE: "Gonna Be A Fantastic 2018"; WH: President Doesn't Believe "Entire" DOJ Is "Deep State"; Trump: DACA Activists "Will Go Hard Against Dems"; WH: Trump Raised Bar For Aviation Safety & Security; Hatch Retirement Opens Door For Possible Romney Senate Run; Romney In 2016: Trump Is A "Phony" AND "Fraud"; Will Bannon Back An Anti-Romney Candidate If Mitt Runs?; Iran's Supreme Leader Blames "Enemies" For Protests; South Korea Pitches Talks With North Next Week; S Korea Says It Makes Unanswered Calls To N Korea Daily; Haley: Talks Don't Matter Until North Korea Bans Nukes; Trump: People Of Iran Are Acting Against Brutal Regime; Trump's Tweet On Pakistan's "Lies" Sparks Protests; NYT: Papadopolous Possibly Triggered FBI Russia Probe; via Knit
Jan 03, 2018
Trump Tells NYT 16 Times "No Collusion" With Russia; Trump To NYT: I Think Mueller Will Treat Me Fairly; U.S. Officials: N Korea Might Test Missile After Jan 1; Child Playing With Stove Started Deadly NYC Fire; Trump:East Could Use Some "Good Old Global W
Trump To NYT: I Think Mueller Is Going To "Be Fair"; Trump Takes Another Dig At His Attorney General; Trump To NYT: Eric Holder "Totally Protected" Obama; Trump: "Disappointed" China Allowing Oil into N Korea; Trump Predicts 2020 Win: "Media Will Tank" Without Me; Source: WH To Reshuffle Political Team In 2018; Trump To NYT: Russia Probe "Bad For The Country"; Trump On GOP Colleagues: "I Love Them, And They Love Me"; Trump To NYT: I Can Do What I Want With Justice Dept; Trump: I Could Have Done More On "Salt" Tax Deductions; Sen Rubio: Tax bill Went Too Far Helping Corporations; Trump To NYT; "I Have Been Soft On China"; 12 Killed in Deadliest NYC Fire In 27 Years; FDNY; 4 Children Among 12 People Killed In NYC Apartment Fire; Trump Lays Out Immigration Deal Demands; Trump: No DACA Deal Without Dem's Support On Wall; Police Snipers Will Be On Rooftops In Times Square; NYPD To Seal Off Parking Garages In Times Square; Police: No Credible Threat, Just Abundance Of Caution; Cities Ramp Up Security For New Year's Celebrations; Apple (Sort Of) Apologizes For Iphone Slowdowns via Knit
Dec 29, 2017
Alabama certifies Doug Jones' win over Roy Moore; Marsha Blackburn making bid for Corker's seat in Tennessee; In New York Times editorial, Tillerson slams Russian actions
Moore says he passed polygraph test on accusations; Trump: "disappointed" China allowing oil into North Korea; CNN Poll: Democrats' midterm advantage expands; Infrastructure, immigration on Congress' 2018 agenda; Kremlin: Tillerson's comments are "fake news"; Tillerson: U.S. has "no illusions" about Russia; Tax confusion triggers year-end scramble; IRS warning: Prepaying property tax might not pay off; Arctic air to freeze Times Square as ball drops via Knit
Dec 28, 2017
Trump looks to 2018 goals; Democrats eye midterm elections; White House plans $200+ billion for roads, bridges, airports; Trump touts legislative record during Florida trip
Trump's next goal: bipartisan deal on infrastructure; Will Democrats work with Trump on infrastructure?; Trump has spent 87 days of presidency at his golf clubs; President Trump speaking to firefighters in Florida; Trump intensifies attacks on FBI, calls bureau "tainted"; Ex-White House Counsel: FBI Chief should "stand up or stand down; Wray: Agents work "tails off to keep Americans safe"; GOP lawmaker calls for "purge" of FBI, Justice Department; U.S. kills 13 Al Qaeda-linked terrorists in Somalia; Russia general: U.S. training former ISIS militants; CNN uncovers allegations of sexual assault on planes; Obama warns against "irresponsible" social media use via Knit
Dec 27, 2017
Trump back to work, takes aim at FBI again; 8.8 Million signed up for 2018 Obamacare exchange; Russia conducts aggressive military maneuvers
Trump calls dossier "bogus" despite some verification; Clinton campaign, DNC helped fund dossier research; Obama and Trump briefed in January on existence of dossier; Trump slams Russia probe in tweet, says FBI "tainted"; Trump: Democrats and GOP will come together on health care; U.S. allows export of anti-tank weapon to Ukraine; Trump admin slaps new sanctions on Russia; CNN Poll: Democrats' midterm advantage expands; White House: Trump "heavily involved" in 2018 election planning; Top 7 political stories of 2017; Apple stock down slightly after lawsuits, sales fears via Knit
Dec 26, 2017
Report: GOP warning Trump of 2018 bloodbath; CNN: Deputy FBI Director could back up Comey's "loyalty" claim; In January, Congress will take up spending bill fight (again)
President Trump: No regrets in 2017; Behind the scenes, GOP worry about 2018; Trump boasts of legislative approvals; McConnell mocks Bannon for GOP loss in Alabama; White House officials: Trump wanted news conference, aides said no; Former longtime Trump associate interviewed by Intelligence Committee; In January, Congress will take up spending bill fight (again); Trump says infrastructure bill will be easy to pass; U.S. Ambassador denies comments he made on tape; U.N. Security Council approves more North Korea sanctions; Putin calls Trump's national security strategy "aggressive"; Russia calls on U.S. to leave Syria; Court documents: Former marine was planning a Christmas attack; Hundreds of EPA employees gone under Trump Administration; 200 scientists among workers who've stepped down from EPA via Knit
Dec 22, 2017
New CNN Poll: More approve of Mueller's handling of Russia probe than Trump's approach; House to vote soon on keeping Government open; Brennan: Trump response to UN vote "beyond outrageous"
CNN Poll: 61% consider Russia probe a serious matter; CNN Poll: 47% approve Mueller's handling of Russia probe; CNN Poll: 32% approve of Trump's handling of Russia probe; Nunes: House Republicans are investigating DOJ; House to vote soon on keeping Government open; VP Pence surprise visit to Afghanistan; Questionable condemnation from U.S. critics; Haley warns UN: Jerusalem vote "will be remembered"; UN votes 128-9 to condemn Trump's Jerusalem decision; Report: Bannon calls George H.W. Bush "pervert"; Report: Bannon wants to run for White House; Republicans heap praise on Trump for tax bill success; House passes bill to fund Federal Government through mid-January via Knit
Dec 21, 2017
Trump, GOP celebrate passing tax reform bill; Nonpartisan analysis: Bill adds $1 trillion to deficit; Top Democrat Senate Intelligence Committee warns about threats to fire Mueller
Trump: Americans getting "big beautiful tax cut for Christmas"; CNN Poll: 55% oppose GOP tax reform plan; Trump claims Obamacare "has been repealed" in GOP bill; GOP plans to tackle entitlement reform in 2018; Sources: Senate unlikely to advance McFarland nomination; Trump Jr.: Some don't want to "let America be America"; Hayden: Trump Jr's theory is more than a little scary; Top Democrat Senate Intelligence Committee warns about threats to fire Mueller; Warner: Questioning Mueller is "reckless"; Warner: Any attempt to shut down probe is abuse of power; Senator Flake: Senate will vote on DACA in January; Can Democrats capitalize on Flake's Senate exit?; CNN Poll: 56% would prefer to vote for a Democrat via Knit
Dec 20, 2017
House passes GOP tax overhaul; Senate votes soon; U.S. blames North Korea for "wannacry" cyber attack; NTSB: Train going 80 in a 30 MPH zone when it derailed
CNN Poll: Trump's approval rating at 35%; White House making plans for bill signing on Wednesday; U.S. blames North Korea for "wannacry" cyber attack; Bossert: Trump has done everything but starve North Korea; McMaster responds to charge Putin is manipulating Trump; Clapper: Putin treating Trump as an asset; Politico: White House allies attack FBI so aides can be pardoned; Fox News panelist peddles FBI conspiracy theory; Mayor warned high-speed train could cause death; House to re-vote on tax bill; Trump, some Senators to benefit from tax bill loophole; Trump denies reports he fumed over Gorsuch; CNN Poll: Democrats like John McCain more than Republicans; Disney unveils robot version of President Trump via Knit
Dec 19, 2017
Amtrak train dangling onto highway; multiple fatalities; Trump gives speech on national security strategy; Trump calls China and Russia "rival powers"
NTSB sending 20 investigators to scene of deadly derailment; Official: 13 of the 14 Amtrak train cars derailed; Official: At least 5 vehicles on ground hit by train; Amtrak: "Positive train control" was not activated; Trump praises call with Putin in National Security speech; Trump blasts policies of Obama, Bush administration; Trump calls China and Russia"rival powers"; CNN: Trump confident he'll be cleared in Russia probe; Trump says he's not planning to fire Mueller; Investigators get Trumps transition emails; Two Democratic Senators say Franken shouldn't resign; Trump judicial nominee drops out via Knit
Dec 18, 2017
Trump dangles possibility of a pardon for Flynn; Washington Post: Trump's daily intelligence briefing sometimes adjusted; Corker, Rubio to vote "yes" on final tax bill
Trump on Flynn: "I don't want to talk pardons...yet"; Trump: "People are very, very angry" about Russia investigation; Trump falsely claims Democrats admit there's no collusion; Senator Wyden: "There was clearly an intent to collude"; Trump visits FBI Academy minutes after bashing agency; Washington Post: Trump's daily intelligence briefing sometimes adjusted; Corker, Rubio to vote "yes" on final tax bill; Trump praises Corker's support on tax bill; Tillerson: We do not want war with North Korea; White House withdraws two controversial judicial nominations; Omarosa: There was a lack of diversity at White House; "Last Jedi" makes $45 Million on opening night; SpaceX reuses rocket capsule in historic launch via Knit
Dec 15, 2017
Paul Ryan "soul searching," could leave Congress after 2018; Corker, Rubio "no" as GOP negotiates current tax bill; Senate sources: McCain appears "increasingly frail"
Paul Ryan "soul searching," could leave Congress after 2018; Trump called Ryan to ask if he's considering leaving Congress; Trump poised for legislative win, but problems persist; Poll: Just 26% of Americans approve of GOP tax plan; Omarosa denies dramatic confrontation at White House; Omarosa on White House: I saw things that made me "uncomfortable"; Rubio: No on tax bill unless child tax credit increase; GOP negotiators working to win over final vote; Democrats call for Doug Jones to be seated immediately; Democrats evaluate message to voters for 2018; Senate sources: McCain appears "increasingly frail"; Aides: Docs treating McCain for "normal side effects"; Washington Post: Trump still rejects Russia meddling evidence; GOP representative Farenthold says he won't seek reelection; Ex-Farenthold aide shares details of verbal abuse; Report: Fundraisers keep $9 of every $10 raised for two vets charities via Knit
Dec 14, 2017
Alabama election sends shock waves to Washington; Doug Jones speaks after surprise Senate win; Alabama loss a blow to Steve Bannon
Alabama election sends shock waves to Washington; Trump: some in GOP "happy" with Alabama Senate loss; Trump: I would have liked to have the Senate seat; How does Alabama loss impact Trump's agenda?; Doug Jones speaks after surprise Senate win; Jones: I haven't spoken to Roy Moore after victory; Jones says he received "gracious" call from President Trump; Jones: Victory sent message of equality and respect; Jones: I won because I'm "center of the road"; Alabama loss a blow to Steve Bannon; GOP Congressman blasts Bannon as "disheveled drunk"; Deputy AG Rosenstein defends Mueller probe; Republicans accuse Mueller team of political bias; Official: Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric makes counter-terrorism "more difficult" via Knit
Dec 13, 2017
Senator Gillibrand: Trump tweet a "sexist smear" against me; Candidates make closing arguments in Alabama race; Moore's wife: We're not anti-Semitic, our lawyer is Jewish
Congresswomen demand probe into Trump accusations; Senator Gillibrand: Trump tweet a "sexist smear" against me; White House: No way Trump tweet about Gillibrand 'is sexist at all'; White House: Those who think tweet is sexist have minds "in the gutter"; Warren accuses Trump on trying to "slut-shame" Senator; Trump says he hasn't met accusers, despite photo evidence; Candidates make closing arguments in Alabama race; Moore's wife: "One of our attorneys is a Jew"; Moore pal: He made us leave brothel in Vietnam; Bannon invokes Ivanka line to shame anti-Moore GOP; Polls close in hours in critical Senate race; Moore denies knowing accusers after saying he did; Several Alabama republicans say they believe Moore accusers; Moore in 2005: Homosexuality should be illegal; GOP Senators plan to meet tomorrow if Moore wins via Knit
Dec 12, 2017
Senator Gillibrand to CNN: President should resign; Voters head to polls Tuesday in critical contest; Former Moore opponent on how Democrats can win tomorrow
Trump accusers: Congress must probe misconduct claims; Ambassador Nikki Haley: Trump accusers "should be heard"; White House: "Eyewitnesses back up President's denials; Senators call for Trump's resignation over sexual misconduct; White House battles media over false reports, Trump accusers; Trump, Obama record last-minute robocalls; Former Moore opponent on how Democrats can win tomorrow; NYPD: Suspect detonates bomb strapped to his body; Injured suspect in custody after bombing near Time Square; Report: North Korea could be close to bioweapons program; Diplomat blasts Tillerson in stinging resignation letter via Knit
Dec 11, 2017
Trump Says "Vote Roy Moore!", Campaigning Tonight; RNC Chairwoman: Allegations Disturbing, If Proven True; Rep Franks Resigns After Talking Surrogacy With Staffers; Mueller Investigation Reveals Trove Of Docs; DOW, S&P 500 Close At Record Highs
Trump To Campaign For Roy Moore Near Alabama Border; Ethics Panel Probing Frenthold Harassment Claims; Trump Tweets" Vote Roy Moore!", Heads To Rally Tonight; RNC Chair Says Up To The Voters, Despite Funding Moore; Rep Franks Resignation Moved Up To Today; In Last 3 Days, 3 Members Of Congress Resigned; Moore: The Last Time America Was Great Was During Slavery; Special Counsel Seized 400K Documents; Republicans Escalate Fight To Discredit FBI; Papadopoulos's Fiancee: He Wasn't A "Low-Level Volunteer"; 228,000 Jobs Added In November; Consumer Confidence Is Up, So Why Isn't Trump's Approval; GOP Sen Collins Considers Changing Tax Vote; NY Times: Mueller's Team Interviewed Trump Adviser, Hope Hicks, Yesterday and Today via Knit
Dec 09, 2017
Previously Undisclosed Emails Show Follow-Up After Trump Tower Meeting; Wray Defends Bureau After Trump's Attacks; Speaker Ryan: "There Is A System Of Due Process"; Rep Lewis Skipping Civil Rights Event Because Of Trump
Wray Defends Bureau After Trump's Attacks; Wray: FBI "Working Their Tails Off" To Protect Americans; GOP Lawmakers Press Wray On Mueller, Clinton Probes; Sen Al Franken To Resign " In The Coming Weeks"; Franken Attacks Trump & Moore in Resignation Speech; Ryan: GOP To Tackle Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare In 2018; Sen Sanders Tweet: Trump Should "Think About Resigning"; Trump Meet With Leaders Of Congress As Shutdown Nears; WH: President Takes Issue With Political Leaders In FBI; Congress Under Pressure To Save Children's Insurance via Knit
Dec 08, 2017
30 Senators who caucus with Democrats call for Franken to resign; "The silence breakers" named Time's Person of the Year; Whistleblower: Flynn vowed end to Russia sanctions
Franken announcement tomorrow amid calls for resign; Dems vs GOP: A race toward moral high ground? Franken absent from voting, judiciary committee hearing today; Pelosi: #Believewomen but hesitated on Conyers accusers; "The silence breakers" named Time's Person of the Year; Bannon: Romney hid behind religion to avoid Vietnam; Whistleblower: Flynn vowed end to Russia sanctions; Trump Jr. communicated with Hope Hicks, not his father about Trump Tower response; Obstruction of justice accusations surface against Trump; Trump: U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital; State Department warns Jerusalem decision could spark unrest; Pilot scheduling glitch could cost American $10 million via Knit
Dec 06, 2017
KT McFarland contradicts herself on Russia contacts; Source: Bannon delivers "fire-breathing" speech tonight; RNC backs Moore again after Trump endorsement
Flynn fallout: Who else knew?; Involvement of Flynn's deputy revealed; What did Pence know and when?; KT McFarland contradicts herself on Russia contacts; White House: "Not aware" if Trump plans to pardon Flynn; Could Mike Pence be questioned in Russia probe?; Sessions in 1999: Possible for President to obstruct justice; Feinstein: Grassley doesn't want to dig "deeply" in probe; McConnell: Roy Moore faces ethics inquiry if he wins; Absentee voting signals high interest in Alabama election; RNC backs Moore again after Trump endorsement; Romney: Moore in Senate would be "stain" on GOP; Trump expected to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital; Kennedy could hold swing vote in same-sex marriage case; Fast-moving wildfire chases thousands from their homes via Knit
Dec 05, 2017
Source: Trump knew in January that Flynn misled FBI; FBI agent dismissed in Mueller probe changed Comey's description of Clinton's actions; Trump attacks FBI, says it's in "tatters", "worst in history"
Source: Trump knew in January that Flynn misled FBI; Trump lawyer: President can't obstruct justice; Can Trump be above the law?; Trump 2016: "No one will above the law"; President Trump: "I feel very badly for General Flynn"; FBI agent dismissed in Mueller probe changed Comey's description of Clinton's actions; Trump attacks FBI, says it's in "tatters", "worst in history"; Trump: "There has been absolutely no collusion"; Trump endorses accused child molester Roy Moore; McConnell now says: Let Alabama voters decide; Moore campaign: Trump said "Go get em, Roy" in call; Billy Bush to Trump: Access Hollywood ta; Me is real; U.S. jets practice strikes on North Korea nuke targets via Knit
Dec 04, 2017
Flynn Pleads Guilty To Lying To FBI; Cooperating In Probe
CNN Sources: Kushner Is The "Very Senior" Trump Transition Member Who Told Flynn To Contact Russian Ambassador; What Was Flynn Trying To Hide?; NY Times: Trump Urged Officials To End Russia Probe; Long List Of People President Pressured To end Russia Probe; NYT: Trump Pressed Top GOP Senators To End Russia Probe; WH: Nothing About Plea Implicated Anyone Other Than Flynn; DOJ: Flynn Told Transition Official About Calls To Ambassador via Knit
Dec 02, 2017
State Dept Warner White House Of Possible Increased Threats After Trump's Anti-Muslim Retweets; CNN: White House Weighs Replacing Tillerson With Pompeo;Conyers Faces Growing Calls To Resign; RPT: Roy Moore Co-Authored Course That Said Women Shouldn't Run
British Lawmaker: May Should Ask Trump To Delete His Account; Theresa May: Trump's Retweets Were Wrong; Slain MP's Widower: Group Trump Retweeted Equivalent To KKK; Trump Responds To May: "We Are Doing Just Fine!"; State Dept Warns Of Violence At Embassies After Trump Retweets; Sen Graham in 2016: Trump A "Kook", "Unfit For Office"; Sources: Trump Allies Fear Lack Of Political Strategy; Sources: President Views Himself As His Best Adviser; Source: WH Wanted Tillerson Report Public To Express Their Displeasure; Ryan, Pelosi Both Call On Conyers to Resign; Accuser Describes Encounter in Hotel With Conyers; Fifth Woman Accuses Franken Of Inappropriate Touching; Roy More Features President Trump In New Ad; RPT: Roy Moore Co-Authored Course That Said Women Shouldn't Run For Office; Roy Moore Blames LGBT Community For Sex Assault Claims; Pelosi, Clyburn Call For Rep Conyers To Resign; Bipartisan Bill Would End Taxpayer-Funded Settlements; Rep Gabbard On Sexual Harassment In Congress; Rep Gabbard Joins Other Dems, Says Conyers Should Resign; Kim Jong Un Releases New Pictures Of Missile Launch via Knit
Nov 30, 2017
Trump Pushes Tax Plan Before Senate Vote; Variety: More Women Accuse Lauer Of Sexual Harassment; NBC Anchor Ousted After Sexual Misconduct Allegations; U.N Security Council To Hold Emergency Meeting on N Korea; Republicans Expected To Clear Key Procedural
Trump: Tax Overhaul Will "Cost Me A Fortune... Believe Me"; Trump: "I Promise You I Will Sign: Tax Overhaul Bill; Trump: "There Will Be No Veto" Of Tax Bill; Trump: Our Tax Plan Is "100% Worker"; Trump: "We're Back To The Strong Days Of Our Banks"; Retweet Repercussions For President Trump; Trump Shares Far-Right, Anti-Muslim Videos On Twitter; Trump Uses Lauer Firing To Promote Scarborough Conspiracy Theory; WH Defends Trump's Anti-Muslim Tweets; WH Defends Tweets, Says It Doesn't Matter If Videos Are Real; UK PM Spokesperson: Trump "Wrong" To Share Videos; NYT: Trump Questions Authenticity Of Access Hollywood Tape; NYT: Trump Embracing Conspiracy Theories From Access Hollywood Tape To Obama Birth Certificate; Ex-Host Garrison Keillor Fired At Minnesota Public Radio; Trump Calls Kim Jong Un "Lil Rocket Man" And A "Sick Puppy"; Trump: New "Major" Sanctions Will Be Imposed; South Korea Monitoring Threats Ahead Of Winter Games; Trump: W.S. Will "Handle" North Korea; Is Kim Jong Un Planning Another Nuclear Test?; Key Vote On Tax Bill Expected In Moments; Sen McCain Still Undecided On Tax Bill; via Knit
Nov 29, 2017
Trump speaks after North Korea launch, tax plan milestone; North Korea fires ballistic missile; GOP tax bill passes committee, heads to full Senate
Trump speaks after North Korea launch, tax plan milestone; Trump on tax bill: I think we will get it passed; Trump on North Korea: We will take care of it; Trump on Pelosi/ Schumer: All talk no action; Trump on Pelosi/ Schumer: Not surprised they didn't show; GOP tax bill passes committee, heads to full Senate; North Korea fires ballistic missile; Pentagon: North Korean ICBM traveled approximately 620 miles; Japan seeking emergency UN security council meeting on North Korea; Ex- CIA chief: President Trump's tweets "assault on truth"; After Trump tweet, Egypt & Libya question facts; Why risk a deficit spike to cut your taxes?; Black Caucus members in talks to get Conyers to resign; Another former staffer alleges harassment by Representative Conyers via Knit
Nov 28, 2017
White House: Trump didn't use a racial slur; Trump attacks press, calls for "fake news" contest; Trump meets with key Republicans on tax bill
White House: Trump didn't use a racial slur; Trump refers to Warren as "Pocahontas"; White House: Why aren't press covering Warren?; Mulvaney talks to reporters amid agency courtroom showdown; Dueling emails to staff highlight bizarre power struggle; Showdown over top post at key watchdog agency; Trump attacks press, calls for "fake news" contest; Trump thanks fringe conspiracy site for coverage; Washington Post: Democrats in Congress say Flynn may have violated law; Trump meets with key Republicans on tax bill; Republicans face critical week to reach deal on taxes; Franken apologizes after groping accusations; Franken: "I know that I've let a lot of people down"; Pelosi: Conyers has done a "great deal" to protect women; White House: Trump "not planning" to campaign for Roy Moore; Prince Harry proposed a few weeks ago via Knit
Nov 27, 2017
Source: Flynn's Lawyers Stop Working With Trump's Team; Trump's Holiday: Calls With Foreign Leaders, Golf With Tiger;Officials: Snubbing Ivanka Trump's India Trip;Today Is 80th Day Trump Has Spent At Own Golf Courses; Franken Issues New Apology Amid Gropi
Trump's Holiday: Calls With Foreign Leaders, Golf With Tiger; Trump On Egypt Attack: "Horrible And Cowardly"; Source: Flynn's Lawyers Stop Working With Trump's Team; Trump Responds "Need The Wall, Need The Ban"; Officials: Tillerson Snubbing Ivanka Trump's India Trip; Trump: Tiger Woods & I Will "Play Golf Quickly;" Today Is 80th Day Trump Has Spent At Own Golf Courses; Franken Issues New Apology Amid Groping Allegations; Moore Releases New Ad Featuring Women Supporters; IRS Beefs Up Security To Protect The President's Tax Returns; Fmr IRS Commissioner Says Returns Are "Locked Down" via Knit
Nov 24, 2017
BEST OF: Senator Ted Cruz twitter controversy; Trump campaign's connection to Russia; Hollywood sexual harassment scandal
Trump campaign's clearest connection to Russia meddling (originally aired 10-30-17); Analysis: Conspiracy theorist in chief has the keys to the national archives (originally aired 10-26-17); Hollywood Sexual harassment scandal and the changing culture (originally aired 10-26-17); and Senator Ted Cruz interviewed about controversial twitter like (originally aired 9-13-17). via Knit
Nov 23, 2017
Trump goes on twitter tear from "winter White House"; Trump attacks NFL, LaVar Ball in tweet storm; Video shows bullet-dodging, desperate dash to border
Trump goes on twitter tear from "winter White House"; Trump at Mar-a-lago hits enemies on twitter, then golf balls; Trump: Freed basketball player's dad an "ungrateful fool"; Trump backs accused sex assaulter over Democrat; "Relentless" search ongoing for 3 missing at sea; Trump attacks NFL, LaVar Ball in tweet storm; Trump defends Roy Moore: "Look, he denies it"; 3 Missing after U.S. Navy plane crashes into Pacific; Video shows bullet-dodging, desperate dash to border; New video of North Korean soldier dodging bullets in escape; Moore's communications director resigns amid allegations; Democrat calls on Conyers to step down from House Committee; Texas Representative apologizes after nude photo goes viral; Report: Leading pick for census chief prompts concern; Trump Organization ending deal with SoHo hotel; White House could make it easier for airlines to lose wheelchairs via Knit
Nov 22, 2017
Trump gives tacit approval to Roy Moore in senate race; Report: Conyers settled complaint involving sexual misconduct; Trump speaks with Putin on Syria's future
Trump gives tacit approval to Roy Moore in senate race; Trump on Moore: He "totally denies" the allegations; Trump on Moore: "We don't need a liberal" in seat; President Trump may campaign for Moore; Trump all but endorses embattled candidate Roy Moore; Report: Conyers settled complaint involving sexual misconduct; Report: Conyers paid out settlement from his own office budget; Rep Conyers: I continue to deny the allegations; Trump speaks with Putin on Syria's future; Trump admin to slap new sanctions on North Korea; Trump administration to end protective status for Haitians; White House asks Supreme Court to allow Travel Ban; Child describes fighting for ISIS on the front lines via Knit
Nov 21, 2017
Trump designates North Korea as state sponsor of terror; Source: DOJ will sue to stop AT&T, Time Warner deal; Trump vents anger in stream of twitter attacks
Trump designates North Korea as state sponsor of terror; Tillerson U.S. not running out of diplomatic options; Tillerson: Continuing to run up pressure on North Korea; Top General: I'd resist "illegal" nuke strike order; Source: DOJ will sue to stop AT&T, Time Warner deal; Trump vents anger in stream of twitter attacks; Trump escalates feud with Republican Senator Jeff Flake; Conway on Roy Moore: We need GOP votes on Tax reform; Trump" We're giving Americans "great big tax cut"; Moore accuser: He removed my clothes and touched me; Three major Alabama newspapers tell voters "Reject Roy"; Alabama newspaper: Moore doesn't represent all of us; Polls show Democrat Doug Jones pulling ahead of Moore;" A Moore vote sends wrong message to victims; First Lady, Barron Trump receive White House Christmas Tree; Trump: I should've left UCLA players in Chinese jail; Moore accuser: "I was a 14-year-old child; he was 32"; Charles Manson dies in prison at age 83 via Knit
Nov 20, 2017
Trump Wants You To Believe Franken Accuser, But Not His Accusers; Rep: Dingell: I Don't Think Its The " Watershed" Moment; Roy Moore's Wife: He Will Not Step Down; Mueller Hopes To Talk To Publicist At Center Of Trump Jr. Meeting; Franklin Graham: Many In
WH: Franken Admitted Wrongdoing, The President Hasn't; Trump On His Sexual Misconduct Accusers: "Every Woman Lied"; Tweet Puts Past Accusations Against Trump In Spotlight; Trump Blasts Franken, But Stays Silent on Moore; WH: Roy Moore Allegations "Extremely Troubling"; Gillibrand: Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned Over Lewinsky; McCo nnell Sending Memo To Trump On Moore Options; Alabama Gov Today: I Plan To Vote For Roy Moore; Moore Tried to Rally Base Amid Sex Abuse Allegations; Senators: Kushner Withheld Wikileaks, Russia-Related Emails; Sources: Mueller Seeking Docs From Trump Campaign; Republicans Promising Tax Cuts Now, But Not Forever; Analysis: $1.5 Trillion Estimate For Tax Cuts Is Too Low; Will Republican Tax Cuts cost You More Later?; Moore Defiantly Vows To Stay In The Race; Medal Of Honor Recipient Talks Recovery, War on Terror; Medal Of Honor Recipient: I Always Think About The Men We Lost; Medal Of Honor Recipient: My Mind Was My Toughest Enemy"; Captain Groberg: I Thought About Committing Suicide; Captain Groberg: Meeting Amputee Changed My Outlook via Knit
Nov 17, 2017
White House briefing amid Al Franken, Roy Moore scandals; News Anchor: Franken groped, kissed me without consent; Tweeden: I think women will feel more empowered to speak up
White House briefing amid Al Franken, Roy Moore scandals; White House: "If allegations are true", Trump believes Moore should step aside; White House: Trump wants Alabama to decide fate of Roy Moore; Alabama Republican party standing by Roy Moore, Franken apologizes, calls for ethics investigation of himself; News Anchor: Franken groped, kissed me without consent; Tweeden: Franken said "We really need to rehearse the kiss"; Tweeden: Franken "mashed his mouth to my lips"; Tweeden: I've been angry about this for ten years; Tweeden: "My reaction was I wanted to hit" Franken; Tweeden: I think women will feel more empowered to speak up via Knit
Nov 16, 2017
Trump touts 'Great American comeback', Treasury chief and wife strike a pose with a sheet of money, Apparent military coup in Zimbabwe
Trump touts 'Great American comeback', Treasury chief and wife strike a pose with a sheet of money, Apparent military coup in Zimbabwe via Knit
Nov 15, 2017
Four killed in shooting spree, Sessions: I forgot about Papadopoulos meeting until now, Russia uses fake photos to accuse US of supporting ISIS
Four killed in shooting spree, Sessions: I forgot about Papadopoulos meeting until now, Russia uses fake photos to accuse US of supporting ISIS via Knit
Nov 14, 2017
Accuser: Moore attacked me when I was a child, Report: SEALs killed Green Beret after he learned secret, Bush 41 facing allegations he groped 16-year-old in 2003
Accuser: Moore attacked me when I was a child, Report: SEALs killed Green Beret after he learned secret, Bush 41 facing allegations he groped 16-year-old in 2003 via Knit
Nov 13, 2017
Senate candidate says news report, including alleged sexual contact with 14-year-old, is 'completely false', He lost his son in Iraq and drew Trump's ire. Here's his Veterans Day message., Hope Solo accuses ex-FIFA president BlatterHope Solo accuses ex-FI
Senate candidate says news report, including alleged sexual contact with 14-year-old, is 'completely false', He lost his son in Iraq and drew Trump's ire. Here's his Veterans Day message., Hope Solo accuses ex-FIFA president BlatterHope Solo accuses ex-FIFA president Blatter via Knit
Nov 10, 2017
Ex-Trump bodyguard says he rejected 2013 Russian offer of women for Trump, Louis C.K. accused of sexual misconduct, Spacey has lost two jobs over allegations
Ex-Trump bodyguard says he rejected 2013 Russian offer of women for Trump, Louis C.K. accused of sexual misconduct, Spacey has lost two jobs over allegations via Knit
Nov 09, 2017
AT&T takeover of Time Warner hits snag, Time Warner shares drop on report DOJ may sue to block deal, A black cadet wrote the racist graffiti found at Air Force Academy
AT&T takeover of Time Warner hits snag, Time Warner shares drop on report DOJ may sue to block deal, A black cadet wrote the racist graffiti found at Air Force Academy via Knit
Nov 08, 2017
Texas gunman not welcomed at church before shooting, Chris Christie spars with voter at NJ polling place, Trump once trashed China. Now, they're friends
Texas gunman not welcomed at church before shooting, Chris Christie spars with voter at NJ polling place, Trump once trashed China. Now, they're friends via Knit
Nov 08, 2017
He killed his wife's grandmother, Manafort and Gates to stay under house arrest for now, The New York attack was labeled 'terrorism.' The Texas shooting wasn't. Here's why
He killed his wife's grandmother, Manafort and Gates to stay under house arrest for now, The New York attack was labeled 'terrorism.' The Texas shooting wasn't. Here's why via Knit
Nov 06, 2017
Latest Weinstein case could lead to arrest, Page calls talk with Sessions about Russia meeting 'brief', Bergdahl won't go to prison
Latest Weinstein case could lead to arrest, Page calls talk with Sessions about Russia meeting 'brief', Bergdahl won't go to prison via Knit
Nov 03, 2017
Kushner turned over documents to special counsel, First lady to be protected by special all-female Japanese police squad, Asked if DNC system was rigged in Clinton's favor, Warren says 'yes'
Kushner turned over documents to special counsel, First lady to be protected by special all-female Japanese police squad, Asked if DNC system was rigged in Clinton's favor, Warren says 'yes' via Knit
Nov 02, 2017
FBI seeks information on another man from Uzbekistan. Driver in attack is charged, Analysis: Trump's words on Las Vegas and NYC are strikingly different, CIA releases bin Laden's diary
FBI seeks information on another man from Uzbekistan. Driver in attack is charged, Analysis: Trump's words on Las Vegas and NYC are strikingly different, CIA releases bin Laden's diary via Knit
Nov 01, 2017
New York mayor says act of terror leaves 8 dead, One person is in custody after truck plows into bike riders in Manhattan, Witness: Bodies had tire tracks on them
New York mayor says act of terror leaves 8 dead, One person is in custody after truck plows into bike riders in Manhattan, Witness: Bodies had tire tracks on them via Knit
Oct 31, 2017
Trump campaign's clearest connection to Russia meddling, Former campaign adviser pleads guilty to making false statement to FBI, US nabs 2nd Benghazi suspect
Trump campaign's clearest connection to Russia meddling, Former campaign adviser pleads guilty to making false statement to FBI, US nabs 2nd Benghazi suspect via Knit
Oct 30, 2017
Spain dissolves Catalonia's government, Trump to reporters' kids: How does the press treat you?, Tiger Woods pleads guilty to reckless driving
Spain dissolves Catalonia's government, Trump to reporters' kids: How does the press treat you?, Tiger Woods pleads guilty to reckless driving via Knit
Oct 27, 2017