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By Scott Johnson - Jon Jagger - Beau Schwartz

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 Aug 14, 2019


Hosted by podcasting vet, Scott Johnson, Jon Jagger and Beau Schwartz. Weekly, on the frogpants network.

Episode Date
CORE 191: The Gears keep turning
Apple announced its gaming subscription thing. iPhones/iPads will soon sync with Xbox and PS4 controllers. And a deep dive into all the games we are playing, Gears 5 being a big one!
Sep 12, 2019
CORE 190: Where's Christian Haydensen?
This week we go deep into the games that are still coming this year we give a crap about. Why Beau is not into a ladder / suitcase / peeing simulator. More WoW Classic discussion. Jon is holding someone hostage on the planet he's on for No Man's Sky. And lots more.
Sep 05, 2019
CORE 189: Are you a fan of Classical?
We go deep on MMO culture, and why WoW Classic seems to be doing so well this week. Lots to say about it. More NMS stuff too, and some thoughts on Battle Passes again.
Aug 29, 2019
CORE 188: No Man's Rebel Galaxy
Phil Spencer talks big talka bout Cloud gaming and we talk about it too. Solo mode and lootboxes are in the news! Diablo 4 hints galore. Rebel Galaxy, No Man's Sky updates, and so much more!
Aug 16, 2019
CORE 187: A-Qhira Matata
Kids and eSports...should that be a thing? We argue all sides of that question as Fortnite money washes over a 16 year old winner. We talk about Qhira, and all the games we are playing this week.
Aug 08, 2019
CORE 186: Sigma's Foot Bath Water
Frank Pearce leaves Blizzard. What that might mean. Our expectations for The Witcher show. Nintendo said they will fix all your drifting issues. Sigma has no shoes on and we noticed. What we are playing, your emails and more!
Jul 25, 2019
CORE 185: We Needs Must Gather More Forces
We take a long look at the state of Early Access. New Switch again, this time for the TV and longer battery life. Skylines is good at being a calculator. Gloomhaven might be out a little early. Rocksmith is still putting out content! Your emails calls and more!
Jul 18, 2019
CORE 184: 10 Percent Faster
Warframe has a lot planned. Nintendo outs the the Switch Lite. Why Sean Murray likes things quiet. Heroes gets a 10% boost in speed. Amazon is trying to get into the Lord of the Rings MMO market. Star Craft 2 has a secret robot out there kicking your butt. How to adult with your games and more!
Jul 12, 2019
CORE 183: Making the Makers Making Makes
Mario Maker 2 is cool. We talk about gaming making culture and maybe why it's having a comeback. Artifcat was not promoted enough says Richard Garfield. No more boobs and blood in Hearthstone. Don't drink gamer water. And lots more!
Jul 04, 2019
CORE 182: Checking in on the Underlords of addiction
A week with Underlords and we might have a problem. Mario Maker 2 is at your door. PUBG going full story in a new game. Nintendo Sony and MS all going after tariffs. Why are we not playing more Rocket League and more!
Jun 27, 2019
CORE 181: The Hunt Begins
We talk about why it's hard to out-Diablo Diablo, and what we want from the perfect clone of the best ARPG series of all time. Baldurs Gate 3 and how it will use 5e rules in it's universe. Discord questions! Why Scott loves HUNT so much. Why Jon faught all the Minotaurs. And why Beau feels so strongly about Cyberpunk. All that and more!
Jun 20, 2019
CORE 180: Who remakes the remakers
We have a lot to say about bits of E3 this episode, but some cool focus on games as remakes vs remasters. Tune in!
Jun 13, 2019
E3 Final Roundup 2019 Podcast
Like we do every year, here's Patrick and Scott summing it all up on the roundup episode! Thus ending our E3 commentary for 2019!
Jun 11, 2019
E3 Nintendo 2019
E3 Nintendo 2019
Jun 11, 2019
E3 Square Enix 2019
Time for Scott Jon and Patrick to get all up in E3 Square Enix 2019. It's a mixed bag, but you'll have to listen to find out why.
Jun 11, 2019
E3 Ubisoft 2019
Join Scott Brian Dunaway and Patrick as they take in all that Ubisoft has to offer at E3 2019.
Jun 10, 2019
PC Gaming E3 2019
Join Scott and Patrick as they sit down for the PC Gaming show of E3 2019. What did we think? Gonna have to listen to find out.
Jun 10, 2019
VR Showcase E3
Jun 10, 2019
E3 Bethesda 2019
Scott and Jon see if Bethesda has stuff worth seeing, and how they handle their rough year since last E3. Tune in and see!
Jun 10, 2019
E3 Microsoft Xbox Conference 6-9-2019
Scott, Patrick, and Jon settle in for the MS Xbox conference at E3 2019.
Jun 09, 2019
E3 2019 EA And Stadia
Scott and Patrick revive our yearly tradition and cover E3 from the comfort of our studios! We start with some EA, Stadia, and such!
Jun 08, 2019
CORE 179: Big fat fatty smoked meat
Watch Dogs Legion is coming and we talk about it a whole bunch. Apple letting PS4 and Xbox controllers in. Magic is getting the animated Netflix treatment. Call of Duty goes back to Modern Warfare basics. The future of MOBA's, and how they are currently peaked.
Jun 06, 2019
CORE 178: Skrohawk, or Gamer Disorder according to WHO?
What is gaming disorder, according to the World Health Organization? We talk about it. Also Death Stranding has a release date and a weird new trailer. PlayDate seems interesting but a little pricey. Google is shutting down the Youtube Gaming app. Apex has a bit of a hit in the last two months. Why Jon and Scott love AC:O, and what Elswyr has to offer right now. Beau is back hardcore into Path of Exile. Your emails and more!
May 30, 2019
CORE 177: Game Juice is very important in 2019
What is Dota Underlords? Red Dead PC looks more and more probable. Fortnite goes full Wick. Ubisoft delays Skull and Bones. Switch sold more than PS4 in Japan. And MORE!
May 23, 2019
CORE 176: All the Rage
What we think of Rage 2, and we go deep. The full list of E3 games is out and ready to look at. Steam Link on iOS happened and it works nice! Some spoiler-free GoT thoughts ahead of the finale. And your calls!
May 16, 2019
CORE 175: Money For Pixels, Bits for Free
Apex Legends is coming to phones, and so is everything else, and is that ok? We also look at more drama around Gearbox. Loot boxes could become illegal in the US. And way more
May 09, 2019
CORE 174: Did Somebody Touch Your Tower?
Epic Games has a challenge for Steam and it's kinda weird. We talk all about it. In and out of love with Mortal Kombat 11. Despite Gearbox saying differently, there are in fact microtransactions in Borderlands 3. What is this Sonic nightmare we are in? And loads more!
May 02, 2019
CORE 173: Casual Version of The Hard Stuff
MK 11 has some weird stuff going on, and we talk all about it. Plus, Anduin joins the frey. Will these guys get the cheaper Switch? Overwatch adds a workshop. And loads more!
Apr 25, 2019
The Metzen Series Part 03: I Am Content
The 3rd and final part of this most recent Chris Metzen interview series. Perhaps the most emotional and intense of the three, but with some very happy endings. Not to mention some great behind the scenes in StarCraft and Diablo III. Thank you everyone, and especially Chris, for making this series happen. More soon!
Apr 19, 2019
CORE 172: Discless
Apr 19, 2019
The Metzen Series Part 02: Game Life
Part two in our multi-part interview series with Chris Metzen, video game legend, now retired. One part followup to our previous interviews and many parts look at the now and future of Chris, games, life and more.
Apr 16, 2019
CORE 171: The Full Bluehole
Why hard games work better for others than some. How about a REAL battle royale? Borderlands 3 does NOT have Troy Baker. Vikings are coming to Assasins Creed. What we are playing and more!
Apr 11, 2019
SPECIAL: The Metzen Series Part 01: Open Book
Part one in our multi-part interview series with Chris Metzen, video game legend, now retired. One part followup to our previous interviews and many parts look at the now and future of Chris, games, life and more.
Apr 08, 2019
BONUS: A taste of There Will Be Dungeons
A taste of TWBD for the CORE folks!
Apr 07, 2019
CORE 170: That Old Bioware Magic
So much to talk about on the show today. Bioware has some fallout to deal with, and they responded...poorly. Borderlands 3 goes Epic timed exclusive and we have a LOT to say on that subject. Joker looks cool. What we are into and more!
Apr 04, 2019
CORE 169: Run for the Borderlands
Why Scott is mat at Bethesda today. He'll explain. Borderlands 3 is happening and we go deep on the announcements today. Borderlands 1 is also getting a big remaster. Wolfenstein Youngblood also looking tight. Is blizzard hiring out for all classic stuff from now on? What we are playing and more!
Mar 29, 2019
CORE 168: Head in the clouds
We try and wrap our wee heads around Google Stadia, and what MS might do in response come E3. Apex gets it's Battle Pass, and it's...kinda lame. Octain seems cool though. Epic says they are not in the porn business. Heroes dumps paid loot boxes. Wildlands, Warframe, Pandemic Legacy, and more!
Mar 21, 2019
CORE 167: Strangers and grinding and farming
This wee we discuss Cloud Gaming and what MS and Google have planned for your gaming dollor. Halo coming to PC on Steam and Windows! How much does it cost to have a Ninja play your game? Gift bags are coming to Divinity for some reason. The Division 2, Wildlands, WoW, and Darkest Dungeon, and MORE!
Mar 14, 2019
CORE 166: One Mozambique Kill
What is old is new again, and we talk about older games getting more play later in their lives. We cover the Heroes AMA today! Apex Legends hits 50 million players. Vermintide 2 get's a rad expansion and LOTS more. Things like, why Jon can't be inside the human body ever. Or how Scott learned there are hookers in The Witcher.
Mar 07, 2019
CORE 165: Sam The Fly Wants My Yogurt
All this Apex talk reminds us that Overwatch has a few things to say! Baptiste joins that game. DUNE has new games coming. MK 11 decides that Johnny Cage is a good idea again. Rotton Tomatoes does the right thing. Our week in gaming! Emails and more!
Feb 28, 2019
CORE 164: BeAware
Anthem is the big talk tonight, along with lots of thoughts about Bioware's latest. Also, with all this Apex Legends business, many of us are finding out what's happening on Origin. Darkest Dungeon II is coming and that sounds great. Netflix murders to more Marvel shows and more! On CORE tonight!
Feb 21, 2019
CORE 163: Pulled My Pork
We get into why we think Apex Legends came out of nowhere and shook up the whole scene in a week or less. Activision Blizzard laid off 800 people, and we don't think they needed to. We get into it a bit in this episode. And lots more tonight.
Feb 14, 2019
CORE 162: Turn the page
We had a meeting. Today, we talk about that meeting, and the future of CORE.
Feb 07, 2019
CORE 161: Very Toasty and Glad, Man
Big patch day with tons of little things thrown in. Plus lots of new grassroots tournaments happening this week. And an odd chat about our big video game mistakes in life. And more!
Jan 24, 2019
CORE 160: Sweet Wings are Made of This
This week is ALL about the angel god, James Imperius Kirk. He's in the game now and he's rad. Or is he? We find out tonight on CORE.
Jan 10, 2019
CORE 158: Lord of The Wings
It's the day where we talk a lot about Imperius, and how we think he'll fit into our favorite MOBA.
Jan 03, 2019
CORE 158: A week later
Kaeo Milker, the people's game director (we should just call him that even if it isn't his official title), message about the future of Heroes. Winter Event Begins. XP Changes are live - impressions now that they are in the game! New Quick Match ruleset for matchmaking - a review!
Dec 20, 2018
CORE 157: MC Mad Dignified
You know what we are talking about today. Tuck in.
Dec 14, 2018
CORE 156: Snap Crackle Pop Rice XP's
What does Winter's Veil bring this year? Also, what are the pros saying about the PTR right now, and is their concern warranted? Reworks and stuff coming next week. So much more. Strap in and enjoy being strapped in!
Dec 06, 2018
CORE 155: Can you HGC me?
So why so quiet on the HGC front, Blizzard? Plus a look at all the stuff that landed this week. And even more!
Nov 29, 2018
CORE 154: The List
We are missing a few heroes lately. Also lets go hard on the Tier list compiled from some pro players.
Nov 22, 2018
CORE 153: Who's the Coffin Lady?
People get salty when Orphea does that Q build. Twich drops are raining down! Boosts are a thing and we are not sure how we feel about them just yet. Healers get no more interuptions! Emails and more!
Nov 15, 2018
CORE 152: Mighty Morphin Orphea!
We sum up blizzcon, talk allot about Orphea, and go deep into new stuff coming soon!
Nov 15, 2018
CORE: The Blizzcon 2018 Bonus Interview Episode!
CORE: The Blizzcon 2018 Bonus Interview Episode!
Nov 05, 2018
CORE 151: The Burning Steeps
We are doing something cool at Blizzcon! Mal'Ganis continues his ugly business. We have lots of show predictions. Nexeopardy is back for a special pre-Blizzcon edition!
Oct 25, 2018
CORE 150: Demon Clown
Why did halloween end? How is Mal'Ganis after full release? Is he a main tank? Not really. Dabiri is out at Heroes. Twitch overlays get cooler. Diablo is a buzzkill. And more!
Oct 18, 2018
CORE 149: To The Ends of the Earth!
What is the "creed" of Heroes? Mal'ganis is here and he is awesome, and a little unexpected. PTR patch notes are known. Balance patch too. HoTs got watched a lot on twitch it turns out. Getting out of robot hell, and MORE!
Oct 11, 2018
CORE 148: Mike's not here, man...
It's open phone night! Also, team league is really good now. Also, Mike is leaving blizzard! Also we know about Blizzcon panels now. And more!
Oct 04, 2018
CORE 147: Kerrigan Kan
What about mobile? Why not? Raven Lord gives you a choice this week. You can pay gold for announcers now. Kerrigan and Brightwing reworks are live. VT goodies are known. Our 7 deadly sins series continues.
Sep 27, 2018
CORE 146: Garden of Downvotes
Why numbers are not that important in the end. Big update about the fall of king's crest, new skins, and big reworks underway. Including an overhaul of Garden of Terror. Get ready for flex groups in Team League again! Balance patch and more!
Sep 20, 2018
CORE 145: Tanky no Thanky
Heroes makes you wanna tank in other games. How team league could be, by Beau. Blizzcon comes into focus for heroes and the rest. Independent leagues and more!
Sep 13, 2018
CORE 144 : Do Re Me Fis To La Ti Do
When you are at the select screen what's your plan? Mephisto is out and pretty fun! We talk about spell power and why it might be broken. What happened to the TV puncher guy? Heroes swag hints at a new role system in the game. The 4th deadly sin from the series and more!
Sep 07, 2018
CORE 143: Mephist-O's
When WoW casts it's shadow over the rest of Blizzard. Mephisto is fun, and weird. Hanamura is pretty ok now! Tyrande is now out of the weird queue. Will we get another hero before Blizzcon? More deadly sins of Heroes and more!
Aug 31, 2018
CORE 142: Cheesy Irritating Damage Dumpster
D.Va has a new cinematic and we have thoughts about it. Mephisto is coming, and so is a reworked Hanamura. What's happening with Tyrande? And so much more!
Aug 23, 2018
CORE 141: Bring In The Turtles
Warcraft is back in the limelight and as a result, we have some new ideas for Heroes characters already. Western Clash wrapup and why Beau hates loser brackets. The 7 Deadly Sins of Heroes. Your emails and more!
Aug 16, 2018
CORE 140: The Unfortunate Timing of Sally Whitemane
All this BFA stuff could mean some things for Heroes! Whitemane is in the game. Twitch boxes are here again. A LOAD of Q&A coverage. All about Chen and more!
Aug 10, 2018
CORE 139: Sultry Sally Simultaneously Soothes Sores & Smacks Suckers
Gazlowe is trolling Scott in WoW. Let's learn all about Whitemane. Big changes for Chromie and Stukov coming. Heroes gets it's GI Joe on this week with a new skin event! What comes first, kit or character? And more!
Aug 02, 2018
CORE 138: How to Arise Your Champion
We have a new tease and we are pretty sure it's Scarlet Monastery related! Big patch and we break it down. Why Malf may never be the same again. When you are playing your Heroes character like your WoW character, and more!
Jul 26, 2018
CORE 137: Fever Dreams
Jon and Beau dig deep into recent changes in this episode of CORE!
Jul 19, 2018
CORE 136: Yank Ray Ray Around A Little Bit!
Yank Ray Ray Around A Little Bit! What if we got a new hero before Overwatch did? The art panel recap! Patch means reworks and skins! TempoStorm breaks down the mid-season brawl by the numbers. Your emails and more!
Jul 12, 2018
CORE 135: Rust and Chrome
Welcome to the Warchrome Wastes. Did they make these skins for Scott? He feels like it. How about a 5 man mount? Raynor and Azmo get a big rework. PTR holds lots of changes for next week. All those ranked changes are on the way as well. Beau sees a hammer he wants really bad and more!
Jul 06, 2018
CORE 134: Faction Traction
Cool jerseys man! Big patch today, but lots of little changes. More comics for the Nexus! What does $100 Canadian get you these days in the store? Some big talk about Horde v Alliance, and a revelation about Beau's past in the theater!
Jun 28, 2018
CORE 133: Dude What Emailed Us
Why they want you to play low level characters. The new battleground pool. A load of community contact this week and more!
Jun 21, 2018
CORE 132: Sneaky D's
All our thoughts on Yrel and her entry into the Nexus. Spoiler: She's pretty rad. What's with no animated homescreen, blizz? Get your Twitch on so you can get free loot! Blizzard is going harder on bad behavior. 50% XP gains are yours for a while. Jaina has weird shoes. Mid-season brawl is happening. Your emails and more!
Jun 15, 2018
CORE 131: Yrel'ly Need to Get Excited
Could heroes ever see play on other platforms? We break down ALL the Echos of Alterac event info, including our newest hero, Yrel! Patch notes were significant this week. What brawls might we see come from the charity play? Your emails and more!
Jun 07, 2018
CORE 130: Unmasking Yourself
Blizzard agrees that things needed to change with boxes, so they did. The tricky world of Quick Match. Hero to Zero. How you mac players doing anyway? 3 years of Heroes and three years of CORE! Your emails and more!
May 31, 2018
CORE 129: Bundle Bungle
Choose a side and win stuff. Could they expand on this plan? Bundlemania! And by that we mean, maybe $80 is a bit much. Reworks hit the live server. Some of these skins are weird. The Heroes Charity Brawl is happening June 2nd! Hanamura taken off custom, and we wonder what that means. Wanna ride a shark? We do. Your emails and more!
May 24, 2018
CORE 128: Let Me Tell You Somethin' Brother...
Cain gets you back into it! We look at this Nexusmania thing in depth. Season 3 stuff. Diablo and Lunara are getting changes. Loads of balance changes hit this week. There was a Reddit AMA and they told us new stuff. What's up with Zeeb's spiders? Also, being a tank in Heroes can be tricky! Among many other weird things tonight!
May 17, 2018
CORE 127: We have a Lore to talk about
Stay awhile, AND LISTEN TO CAIN BREAK IT DOWN! A gateway to The Dark Nexus has opened! Announcing The 2018 Heroes Charity Brawl on June 2nd! We give our thoughts and impressions on Deckard Cain while welcoming the Raven Lord and the first chapter of Nexus Lore to the game! All that, short old ladies, your emails, and more on CORE!
May 03, 2018
CORE 126: Ask Them Anything
How to unwind in Heroes! PTR day and we have a lot to look at. Deckard is playable now. We look harder at that AMA Blizz did. Stutter Step with the pros. Your emails and more!
Apr 19, 2018
CORE 125: The Banana Theory
What heroes do you play the wrong way? We have examples. Also, Blizzard dropped a BIG breakdown of where they are with lots of stuff. Also a big patch really changed things for a few heroes. No Cain on PTR yet. And much more!
Apr 13, 2018
CORE 124: The Lorenado Cometh
The Lorenado is coming! What did we learn about Nexus lore this week at PAX? Tyrael lives in Neo-Stormwind for one thing. :) Deckard Cain is real and he is comin! We go deep on this kit. Fenix is broken but in a good way. DirectX9 is getting dumped after 16 years. Brawls get fun this week. Is Heroes more work than Overwatch to play?
Apr 07, 2018
CORE 123: Hard Luck Zarya
Hey! Your Fenix is showing! Brawlin with the Blues is fun! Lots to say about Fenix! Varian gets his. New PVE brawl coming friday! PAX is gonna be big says many! Nothing is sacred! And so much more!
Mar 29, 2018
CORE 122: Hosed by The Tree Prophet
Sad sad Arthas, but we have a fix. Fenix seems really really great. Balance patch day and we have the details. What's up on the PTR? Varian getting a MAJOR change. And way more!
Mar 22, 2018
CORE 121: One Map to rule them ALL!
One map to rule them all? How happy is Blizzard with the HGC stuff this year. Pax will be the place for a big announcement. Survey stuff is interesting. Target rank numbers look tight! A focused look at Li Li and why she's pretty great! Your emails and more!
Mar 15, 2018
CORE 120: The Cops are Comin!
Voice packs could be sooooo cool. Voice chat in the wild and what we think. Would the game do well with a season pass? Who's the next starcraft hero? HGC Clash ends with a bang. A breakdown of the Skeleton King! Your emails and more!
Mar 08, 2018
CORE 119: The cops are on patrol!
This week on CORE! We get arrested by some sweet new police skins for Worgen Freeman and friends! Reworks are everywhere this week and this time Sonya and Medivh get a little Balance Team TLC! and we're getting Ana BUFFS!! And that, a sweet new Q&A video with Captain Adab and Eric Cooper, your e-mails, and more! on this hole-style episode of CORE!
Mar 01, 2018
CORE 118: I like to Gazhigh and I love to Gazlowe
So how are solo players feeling at this stage? Mobas are hard on solo players, but does Heroes do it better than the rest? A deep look at Stukov and how you might want to play him in your comps. Voice is in the game and loads most stuff!
Feb 22, 2018
CORE 117: Happy Valentines Bidet!
Happy Valentines Bidet! Light news week but loads of great stuff this episode, and a DEEP look at everyone's favorite sack of meat, Stitches! (And why you should play him more.)
Feb 15, 2018
CORE 116: The Unweildy Protoss
Scott shares some surprising revelations! Maiev is here and chewing up the scenery! Some more post-PTR Changes! Do Overwatch characters Basic Abilities have to match their FPS counter-parts so religiously? The Lunar Festival has begun! Heroes Mario Kart! All that, containment fields, knives, your e-mails, and more, on this crescent-shaped edition of CORE!
Feb 08, 2018
CORE 115: Let this be a wardening to you
What gets you excited about a new hero in the game? We go deep into this deep question...deeply. Maiev hits the PTR and we look at her kit and her role! Other MOBA's are in danger. Your emails and more!
Feb 01, 2018
CORE 114: I Maiev seen that tease
This week on CORE: What's behind the shower curtain? What's on everyone's mind when it comes to Arthas? What's up with the new patch today? And why isn't Heroes of the Dorm 2018 on Facebook? HGC is back! There Will Be Dungeons! All that, your emails, shower curtains, and more! and this veild episode of CORE!
Jan 25, 2018
CORE 113: Buncha Gundam Robots
So the mecha stuff that blizzard did this week blew our minds! We talk a lot about it. Blaze has grown on Beau. Deeper look at Tyrael changes. HGC is right around the corner! Emails and more! Oh and you gotta hear the top of the show this week.
Jan 18, 2018
CORE 112: Just 400 More Sharts
Blaze is here and he's great! We also talk gem bundles and how much Scott loves Blaze. Plus we dive into major patch changes on some of our favorite characters, like Blaze. All that, Blaze, your e-mails, and Blaze."
Jan 11, 2018
CORE 111: Honcho the Rocket Lord
How more stuff on the ground I can light on fire? Let's take a hard look at Blaze and why he's rad. In-dev video has some tastey stuff! Malf is getting big changes. Games are shorter than ever. HGC loses a couple teams. Trial Grounds is great! Your emails and more!
Jan 04, 2018
CORE 110: 2017 Goes Boof!
It's our Heroes of the Storm year in review! Join us!
Dec 28, 2017
CORE 109: Garrosh can't pull jack
This week: is Quick Match getting weird? We do a post-mortem on the latest major patch: what worked and what didn't work and why? The new Ranked seasons started a little rough and we catch you up on what you might have missed. Balance patch dropped today and we cover the highlights! Part 2 of Escape from Nexeopardy! All that, your emails, and more, on this inappropriately ranked episode of CORE.
Dec 21, 2017
CORE 108: Sad Guy Handsoap
MERRY WINTER'S VEIL! Hanzo arrives in the Nexus to ring in the holiday and everyone's hands are that much cleaner! The 2018 Gameplay Update is LIVE and we give it one last review before diving in! We take a look at Performance-Based Matchmaking and celebrate the return of Nexeopardy! Or, shall we say, our Escape from Nexeopardy! Splood, Dungeon Runs, Simple Geometry, your emails, and more, on this handsome episode of CORE!
Dec 14, 2017
CORE 107: Turkey Nerf
It's the calm before the patch here on CORE, but that doesn't stop us from setting our brawls to Heroic! We're also a week in from the great support nerfs of 2017, so what's the verdict? It's your last call before the season ends so let's dive in. #Splood
Dec 07, 2017
CORE 106: Support THIS!
Damn, that brawl was good! Supportcalypse 2017 is upon us and WE NEED HEALING! Hanzo on PTR, Balance Patch notes, Reddit questions and answers, Politically Auto-Correct, SPLOOOOD!, your amazing e-mails, and more, on this blanket nerfed episode of CORE!
Nov 30, 2017
CORE 105: Splood!
This week we begin speculating what kind of lore might be coming to our favorite game and what that could mean for its future, after which we do a deep dive on the major 2018 Gameplay Updates that have landed in the PTR! We also talk Black Friday sales, look at the Winter Veil skins that the community has uncovered, and pitch another ball at the "Loot Boxes as Gambling" debate running hot in the gaming zeitgeist. All that, your e-mails, Splood, and more, on this unrevealed, invisible, and stealthed episode of CORE!
Nov 23, 2017
CORE 104: Craw Scrimshank
This week we welcome Alexstrasza to the Nexus, check our temperatures on 2.0, take a look at Travis McGeathy's comments about performance-based MMR, and take a look at the eSports Rosterpocalypse. All that, Craw Scrimshank, your e-mails, and more, on this dragon-y fire-y green heal-y episode of CORE!
Nov 16, 2017
CORE 103: Gems are hard
BlizzCon has come and gone! Settle in as we share our experiences about Heroes, the Con, Gatorade, Sylvanas statues, and recap all the crazy news and announcements that came out of the show -- but not before addressing Gemgate 2017!
Nov 09, 2017