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By The FTN Crew

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Warhammer 40k based talk show but we get down and dirty with all kinds of geek stuff.

Episode Date
FTN Episode 248 – Adeptus Titanicus RULES Review
The BIGGEST thing to hit the Warhammer Universe in a long time.  Of course we’re talking about Adeptus Titanicus this week.  This is right up our alley with amazing looking miniatures and our strong desire to move super war machines around the table.  We review the rules for this cool new game in this episode....
Aug 11, 2018
FTN Episode 247 – 40k Tournament Etiquette – Do You Have It?
Ricky is back!  Paul and Ricky kick of the show to discuss how Terminators may sweep the tournament scene.  After that Paul and Reece from Frontline Gaming take a deep dive into a new ITC proposal they are calling Floor Rules – Rules of Etiquette for ITC tournaments. Hey guys, It’s great to have Ricky...
Aug 02, 2018
FTN Episode 246 – Should You Be Playing Tau? Why Not?
It’s just Paul and Val for this show.  We talk just a little about Kill Team at the start of the show then we do a DEEP dive into the Tau.  This applied directly to what Val is taking in a couple of upcoming tournaments.  I think we touch on a few things that people...
Jul 28, 2018
FTN Episode 245 – NEW Kill Team Review and 40k ATC WWK Recap
Kill Team is live right now for pre-order.  We’re really happy to report this game has been re-designed from the ground up.  It very much feels like the 40k we know and love but the cadence of the game is much different.  You are able to enjoy the universe and your models in a totally...
Jul 21, 2018
FTN Bonus Episode 26 – American Team Championship – The Facts
This is not an episode I put out easily.  Paul speaks directly with the main TOs from The ATC to talk about the recent controversy and the way forward.  This is not our typical episode. If you aren’t curious about what happened or don’t want to hear about some of the ‘issues’ facing competitive 40k...
Jul 17, 2018
FTN Episode 244 – Going Infinite With Imperial Knights
There are some pretty heinous combos out there right now with Imperial Knights, Blood Angels and Astra Militarum.   It’s fun to see all this stuff come together.  We talk about it in this episode so if you’re looking to get more mileage out of these factions, you don’t want to miss this. Hey all, This...
Jul 12, 2018
FTN Episode 243 – AoS How to beat the dreaded DOUBLE TURN!?
Another jam packed episode!   We spotlight two upcoming 40k tournaments this week – Wargames Con in Austin Texas and The 40k Grand Tournament   The main segment, in the middle, Paul is joined by Rob Symes from The Honest Wargamer to talk about Age of Sigmar. Hey guys, Ricky and Paul chat a bit in the...
Jun 29, 2018
FTN Episode 242 – TWO 40k Grand Tournament Winners Tell Us How!
This week we’re joined by two 40k Grand Tournament Winners. In one segment we talk to Mike Brandt from the NOVA Open about his win at the London Grand Tournament.  Then we catch up with Skari from the Skaredcast.   We finish off talking about a few of the Endless Spells from Age of Sigmar 2.0...
Jun 21, 2018
FTN Bonus Episode 25 – Age of Sigmar SECOND EDITION REVIEW – Core Rules
Wow!  When this was announced it came almost out of the blue like a bolt of lightning from Sigmar himself.  Ricky and Paul comment on the Core Rules and the changes.  Games Workshop launched an awesome new Age of Sigmar website you can find here. Hey all, First off…  The new box sets coming with...
Jun 15, 2018
FTN Episode 241 – Slugga Recap – Upcoming Events and Player Spotlight!
Believe your ears… We have brand new intro music!  Let us know what you think.  We do a recap for the Slugga, get to talk to Sarah form BattleHaven and sit down with a player for a new Player Spotlight segment. Hey guys, We do a little recap of the Slugga and let you guys...
Jun 14, 2018
FTN Episode 240 – Knights are BACK! Double Sized Special Content Episode
Sorry for the week off but we are back with a special double sized episode.  We kick the show off and end it talking about Imperial Knights.  In between, we have a special segment with Best Coast Pairings and another with iNcontrol Geoff Robinson.  You don’t want to miss this show! Hey all, Please check...
Jun 08, 2018
FTN Episode 239 – Are Harlequins Competitive? Yes!
We dig deeper into the Harlequin codex this episode and ask the question… Is this book competitive?  The short answer is yes but we do our best to explain why we think that.  More importantly we also give some thoughts on how to field a Harlequin detachment. Hey guys, Please try to make it to...
May 24, 2018
FTN Episode 238 – Harlequin Codex Review – Fast and Deadly
You guys know I love Harlequins.  This army sees big point reductions and some major changes to their weapons.  This a complete book with new Psychic Powers, Warlord Traits and Relics. Hey all, Please try to make it to the Louisville Slugga on June 9th and 10th.  This will be an ITC Grand Tournament. Lots...
May 19, 2018
FTN Episode 237 – Come to More Tournaments!! The Slugga and ATC are Calling to You.
We get back to our roots here and talk about some upcoming tournaments and how to prepare for them.  The first half of the show is Paul and Val chatting about several upcoming events and the second half the show it’s Paul and Sean Nayden talking about the ATC. Hey guys, In this episode we...
May 11, 2018
FTN Episode 236 – Open the Omega Vault – Codex Deathwatch Review!
Codex Deathwatch is here!  We’ll see two elite style armies coming out in May and Deathwatch is the first!   These guys get all the Primaris bells and whistles while adding in a few new things of their own.  There are some real neat things you can do with these guys. Hey all, In this episode...
May 05, 2018
FTN Episode 235 – Did the FAQ Change Your List and Special Segment with CMON!
We talk a bit about mission design and how the overall state of hobby in your area could effect your tournament scene.  The episode ended up a little longer than we expected – sorry for the ramble…  about an hour in we are joined by Michael Shinall from CMON to talk about their new Song...
Apr 27, 2018
FTN Episode 234 – The BIG FAQ and Revenge of the Beta Rules
The long awaited FAQ is here and its glorious.  The very core of matched play has been changed and I think it’s changed for the better.  The rule of 3 is a breath of fresh air.  Its one of the cool ways the designers are willing to help balance tournament play. Hey guys, We’re back! ...
Apr 19, 2018
FTN Episode 233 – Codex Drukhari Review – The Agents of Vect
We get right down to business talking about Codex Drukhari with Troop and Ricky.  We spend a lot of time speaking about Wytches because they pack QUITE a punch.  There will be tons of different ways to play this army and the codex rewards you for taking lots of small detachments. Hey all, Codex Drukhari...
Apr 02, 2018
FTN Episode 232 – Necron Codex Review Part 1 and Adepticon Recap
We are very late with this show and I deeply apologize.  We kick the show off talking about some of the major changes in the Necron units.  This book is chock full of very appealing units. It will be difficult to settle on the ‘perfect’ list. That’s a good thing. Hey guys, We start the...
Mar 30, 2018
FTN Episode 231 – Tau Codex Review part 2 – Revenge of the Stormsurge
We get much deeper into the Tau Codex this week and are joined by our special guest Tau expert.  Strangely we come to the conclusion that you may want to put your Stormsurge or Forge World Tau front and center in your army. Hey all, Part two is here!  We talk about how the tau...
Mar 15, 2018
FTN Episode 230 – Tau Codex Review Part 1 – More coming soon!!
We were not able to record on schedule this week – things happen!  So we had to cut our codex coverage a little short.  We will have more stuff on the way soon with some special guests!  Until then.. ENJOY THE RIPTIDES! Hey all, As mentioned, I’m releasing this very quickly and we didn’t have...
Mar 10, 2018
FTN Episode 229 – Are Chess Clocks the Answer?
We kick off the episode talking about Black Templars and how to be Eldar and Daemons.  It is kind of weird to think that the Black Templars may be the best anti psyker units in the game!  Then Paul is joined by Reece Robins from Frontline Gaming to talk about tournament structures and chess clocks....
Mar 01, 2018
FTN Episode 228 – Tournament Prep – Shapeways and Adepticon Interviews
This episode leads off with a little hobby talk and then we move into two special segments – one with a Shapeways community manager and one with Matthias Weeks from Adpeticon. Hey all, Val joins us again as we ramble on…  We cover a little WiP hobby stuff at the start of the show and...
Feb 22, 2018
FTN Episode 227 – Culture Crafting 40k Tournaments, Shadespire and Necromunda Previews
We explore more culture crafting topics on the episode this week and state that Organizers are more empowered than ever to try new things at their events.  Enthusiasm for matched play is at an all time high people WANT to come to events..  Let’s make it the best we can. Hey all, We are joined...
Feb 16, 2018
FTN Episode 226 – Adeptus Custodes Part 2 – Tournaments and How to Beat Eldar
We cover a range of topics in this episode.  We revisit the Adeptus Custodes book and cover some of the Relics and Stratagems we didn’t before then we get to a difficult topic currently making the rounds about Tournaments.  Then we shift gears to cover the Eldar menace! Hey all, In the first part of...
Feb 09, 2018