Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

By Earwolf and Casey Wilson, Danielle Schneider

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Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider (Hotwives Of Las Vegas) LOVE the Real Housewives on Bravo, and they're sharing that excitement with you on Bitch Sesh! Listen in to hear the ladies dish on the season's wildest moments, answer to all your burning Housewives questions, drink Housewives-branded wine, and bring on some super special guests. Don't be tardy to the party!

Episode Date
136 Whine Country

The don’t want to grow up, they got plans to blow up! Danielle and Casey are back together and they don't care, so what....Actually they do care, but mostly about Lala and Sheana Shay's orgasm acting class. They talk Stassi's mom, Marlo's luggage, Porsha's pickles and all the fabulous housewives trips past, present and future. Happy OOTD day everyone!!!!

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Jan 22, 2019
135 From Turkey with Love (w/ Nicole Shabtai, Jamie Stein)

Danielle is joined by hilarious writer and undercover housewives reporter Nicole Shabtai who brings us an (old) boot on the hallowed ground of New Jersey. Plus she asks the biggest most important question of our time “why weren’t cameras at Todd Tucker’s Micheal Jordan bday party?!!!” They are also joined by empath to the stars Jamie Stein who goes deep on the dark soul of Vanderpump Rules and Casey’s birthday Cameos to Danielle finally arrive, each one more glorious and “cutting” than the next. 

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Jan 10, 2019
134 Communion and Confession (w/ Chelsea Devantez)

Casey and Danielle celebrate a new year and a new marriage...that will soon end in divorce, RIP Marty Caffrey and Danielle Staub, we hardly knew you. They are joined by hilarious comedian and writer Chelsea Devantez to talk Beer Cheese , morning fart time and the paper of Record: The Bergen NJ Record”. Plus Casey, always an onion, reveals a regretful roommate assault.

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Jan 03, 2019
133 Last Night In The Nook (w/ David Caspe, Daniel Libman)

Casey and Danielle have added a bonus holiday show. It’s the last night in the nook. Literally. And who better to stop by than Casey’s beloved husband David and his hilarious and delightful friend Daniel Libman who share thoughts on Jax and Friends. And a very special surprise guest pipes in. Casey and Danielle pay tribute to Penny Marshall and to the even more beloved nook, where we have all spent so much time together. Merry Christmas and Happy LU Year! Also HUGE Congrats to Andy Cohen on his big news! 

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Dec 21, 2018
132. 4 Housewives and a Pump Premiere

Casey and co-host Deanna Cheng get INTO IT with dream guest Rae Sanni who hits us with powerful insights and a phenomenal sermon On Shannon which is met with a standing ovation. Despite the holiday rush, Bravo has given us four housewives to catch up on as well as the gift of the Vanderpump premiere under the tree. We open them all! 

Happy Holidayzzzzz! 

If you want to be a distinguished background artist for Casey’s short film packed with stahhhh’s on Dec 13 from 2 to 8pm in LA - email and receive goodies and love and good fun we promise!

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Dec 07, 2018


Nov 30, 2018
131. Party Fouls (w/ Blair Beekan, Camirin Farmer)

Casey is holding down the fort in the nook with special co-host, the wondrous Blair Beekan. They are divided on important issues such as: Are we more focused on the Housewives boobs or butts??? No objectifying here! They are joined by stand up comedian and all around lovely human, Camirin Farmer who has hilarious insights but also simple burning questions we all want answers to, such as, re: Dallas, "Who and why is Carrie?" The ladies rip through and rip apart four cities and no one is safe. Least of all Shane. 

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Nov 29, 2018
130. Live from Vulture Fest 2018 (w/ Leslie Grossman)

Bitch Sesh is Live from Vulture Fest with the most special guest Leslie Grossman who graces our heads and hearts with so many important thoughts and one AMAZING phone call. 

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Nov 19, 2018
129. Wives and Misdemeanors (w/ Matt McConkey, Rob Sudduth)

What a week!!! Two premieres (Atlanta and Jersey), two face lifts and two gorgeous hilarious men in the satellite nook, Matt McConkey and Rob Sudduth. Also Casey phones in with a special dedication to celebrate the birth of our new lord and savior , Brooklyn Daly (Kenya’s baby) 

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Nov 08, 2018
128. 3rd Annual Bitch Seth Halloween Extravaganza (w/ Vanessa Bayer, Bryan Safi)

IT’S THE 3rd ANNUAL BITCH SESH HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA! Where grown humans do Andy Cohen cos play! Casey and Danielle are joined live at Largo by costumed national treasures Vanessa Bayer (Darcey) and Bryan Safi (Paul) for scenes and song and judging of the Halloween Parade. For images and costumes go to Casey and Danielle’s instagrams. @caseyrosewilson and @daniellecarolinescheider 

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Oct 31, 2018
127. Blow Up (w/ Brian J. Moylan, Shira Caspe Weiss)

Danielle and Casey are joined by Housewives Historian Brian J. Moylan and he has a big announcement. (HINT: He will be making more money off the housewives backs!) They discuss OC, DALLAS and where the franchise is headed. Dream of dreamzzzz they are all then joined by 90 Day Fiancé Historian Shira Caspe Weiss who explains why the tide is turning and why we must all hop aboard. 

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Oct 25, 2018
126. 80’s Ladies (w/ Andrew Rannells)

Casey and Danielle tricked the guest of their dreams into the nook, hold him hostage to talk housewives and he rises to the occasion. Andrew Rannells ( Book of Mormon, Girls) has strong thoughts on vaginal rejuvenation, which Dallas cast member looks like a Gremlin, and of course his days in the sun Nene Leeks. Special thanks to Kathleen Gibson for all her musical help ( duh , of course there will be song).

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Oct 11, 2018
125. Off the Leash (w/ Joel Kim Booster)

Casey and Danielle are joined in the nook by the extremely attractive and fearlessly opinionated Joel Kim Booster. He will say some truths that will have you questioning your very being. And he will be right. The trio discuss Orange County, Dallas, the Jeff Lewis scandal, Atlanta pregnancies, and, of course, more 90 Day Fiance. 

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Oct 05, 2018
124. Babes in Brandiland (w/ Alec Sulkin)

Casey and Danielle are joined by the delightfully savage Alec Sulkin, executive producer of Family Guy and writer of Ted and Ted 2. He is self admittedly “fluent” in housewives and has some VERY tough feedback for some of our gals. Casey and Danielle also OFFICIALLY are all in on 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days. We ask you to please respect their decision at this time and as Kelly Dodd eloquently put it “Hit it or Quit it.” 

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Sep 27, 2018
123. Rodeo Barbie

Bitchsesh is back and, much like Leanne’s beer burps, sometimes Casey and Danielle are gonna utter things that are difficult to hear, like Steve Lodge brought some sex appeal this week. Also Casey defends her controversial spinning statement, while Deanna Cheng chimes in in defense of Carole, and OC’s Emily defends her dork. 

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Sep 13, 2018
122. God Save the Queen, B

WE'REEEEEEE BAAAAAAAACKKKKKK! Danielle and Casey are back in the nook! Lord lift us up where we belong! Danielle has another devastating tale of woe concerning her nether region and Casey has a burning workout question and demands answers. They cover NYC Reunion Part 3, Dallas, the end of Potomac, snoozeroo O.C and 90 DAY FIANCE BEFORE THE 90 DAYS DO WHAT WE SAY AND START WATCHING! With special 90 Day Fiance correspondent, Clare Mukherjee.

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Sep 07, 2018
Bonus: NYC Reunions

We Interrupt this Vacation...because Danielle needed to get some stuff off her chest about the NYC reunions and more!! Plus empath Jamie Stein returns with some deep thoughts on the feud that has rocked this nation and Danielle gives the world the performance they've been asking for (well, three people on twitter asked for). Also Casey has a summer watching assignment for everyone, will you heed her call? We'll be back next week with our regularly scheduled bitch sesh...

Aug 30, 2018

A mini ep from a vacationing Casey Wilson who refuses to stay silent (about a lot of things). No Tagging! Byeeeee!!!

Aug 18, 2018
Bonus Sesh: With Special Guest Jessi Klein

Casey and Danielle are joined by the MF Powerhouse that is Jessi Klein. Emmy winning producer and writer, actress and author of the best selling memoir “You’ll Grow Out of It.” YOU WILL NEVER GROW OUT OF THIS EPISODE BECAUSE IT’S SO FUNNY. Oh, and Casey shares with Jessi and Danielle that she routinely pees in a cup in her car. Bye!

Listen to new bonus episodes only on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of listening, go to and use promo code ‘HOUSEWIVES’.

Aug 16, 2018
121. Live from Philly

Casey and Danielle are on the road and wearing Beverly Beach bikinis YOU’RE WELCOME. Grab your life jackets as they discuss the boat trip and shit stains from hell, defend Craig’s right to sew and perform a scene settling the Carole vs. Bethany debate once and for all. Enjoy a Bravo soundscape that opens the show created by Jennifer Li and Marc Jackson that will change your life forever. Paul Wilson, while devastated to be traveling during the DC show, would like everyone to know “Our celebrity Family Feud Episode airs Sunday March 12th.” Casey and Danielle will be back in September! 

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Aug 09, 2018
120. Guess Who’s Arguing At Dinner? (w/ June Diane Raphael)

Mama Mia, what an episode! Before they break for the summer, much like Carole (RIP), Casey and Danielle are joined by the multi-talented and multi-tasking June Diane Raphael and she has come with thoughtz!!! On Luanne's lawsuit, Vicky's sexual prowess and Deuteronemy. 

Plus Casey suggests a new business plan for Cut fitness and Matt McConkey chimes in with another gorgeous review/Faniston plea.

This episode is brought to you by The Spy Who Dumped Me, Leesa (, Quip Toothbrush (, and 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

Jul 26, 2018
119. Wigging Out (w/ Ira Madison III)

Trigger warning: This episode includes some information about Whispering Angel Rose that may be hard to “swallow.” Danielle is back in the nook and it feels so good. She and Casey are joined by all time fan favorite Ira Madison III and they get deep into Danielle’s pubes, Casey’s stalking of a reality star and Ira reveals his podcast beats Super Soul Sunday on the chartzzz. NYC, Potomac, OC and Southern Charm are discussed - at length. Gather yourselves! 

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Jul 19, 2018
118. Dating Wishes and Cabaret Dreams (w/ Blair Beeken, Danny Pelligrino, Zachary Sergi)

EPISODE OF THE SUMMAH! Casey is joined in the nook by the hilarious Blair Beeken, the incomparable Danny Pelligrino and fan write in Zachary Sergi who had lots of behind the scenes RHONY info to share. WE GOT INTO IT. And the result is electric. We discuss past iconic moments and present disturbing moments such as "I'm gonna leave hand prints on your f***ing ass." WTFFFFFFF! 

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Jul 12, 2018
Breaking Bitch Sesh Announcement

Danielle has some breaking news.

Jul 03, 2018
117 Arrest and Relaxation (w/ Deanna Cheng)

Casey is back in the nook and it feels so good. Joining her for this miniature ep is Deanna Cheng who, while recently having been attacked by a dog, looks fresh as a daisy. They discuss Casey’s dirty past, the promo for THE NYC boat trip we have all been waiting for and can’t remember Dennis’s name for the life of them. And they shant be taking that on. 

Jun 28, 2018
116 Live at Largo (w/ Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jessica Chaffin, Erin Gibson)

Casey is live at Largo and joined by co host Jessica Chaffin who is ON FIRE. Angel on earth Jamie-Lynn Sigler guests and DESTROYS in the role of Tinsley to Casey’s Dale as they examine seven eggs via FaceTime. Jamie gamely plays Housewives line or Sopranos Line? And Erin Gibson joins to share a tale of when her HUSBAND made out with Luanne. The boots on the ground are WILD. Get into it !

This episode is brought to you by Leesa ( and Postmates (code: HOUSEWIVES).

Jun 22, 2018
115 Faux Weddings and a Funeral (w/ Ana Ortiz)

Bitch Sesh fave Ana Ortiz is back this week and so is Daa-yul, and both are a breath of fresh in these dark times. They talk Bobby Z. (RIP), Teresa's rage filled new body and the over abundance of terrible old white men. Plus Ana imagines what all the housewives are like in bed (spoiler alert: Tinsley is a freak!) 

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Jun 14, 2018
114 Live from Onion Fest in Chicago

Casey and Danielle are live from Onion Fest in Chicago - home of Scott the Coupon King! Hear excerpts from the show, a takedown of a couple that belongs in jail from Southern Charm, the craziest BOTG yet and some poignant music from Kathleen Gibson. Plus Casey reviews the weeks latest shows from Atlanta, home of Kroy’s minivan! 

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Jun 07, 2018
113 Holidazed and Confused (w/ Lauryn Kahn, Matt McConkey)

This week Danielle reports from the "Satellite Nook" with special co-host/ Justin Theroux hater Matt McConkey who alerts Danielle to the fact that mediums can google people to get info on them. They are joined by the hilarious writer of Ibiza Lauryn Kahn to talk Sonja's washing frequency (not enough), Bethany's nudity frequency (too much) and which housewife they want to sit on their lap while they give blood. 

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May 31, 2018
112 A Frittered Friendship (w/ Leslie Grossman, Dannah Phirman)

Bitchsesh is back with special co-host/royal watcher/Scheana Shay apologist Leslie Grossman who chides Danielle for being late to Vanderpump though she has her own (Valetta) skeletons in the closet. Then Hotwives co-creator Dannah Phirman stops by to talk bad lighting and snow globe abundance. 

They delve into the boring "BeSerkshires", Robyn's umbrella work, Shep's bloated good looks and whether two different kinds of sperm are actually allergic to one other. 

May 24, 2018
0 Introducing Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown Show
Casey and Danielle kick off the show by telling us all the Housewives questions they want answered. Don't forget to set your DVRs to the RHOBH premiere Dec 1!
Nov 27, 2015
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