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The best MTV: The Challenge podcast in the universe

Episode Date
King Shit

The Mega Powers explode along with potentially a few stomachs following tonight's challenge. We break down Josh breaking his face, the best/worst that Burger King has to offer, MTV's DJ continuing to ride a heater, and of course the battle we've all been waiting for: Wes vs. Bananas

Jun 04, 2020
AIM Names, Tunnels Without Rats, Drinks In The Air, And A Sit Down With Cory

We start this week's episode immediately on an AIM name tangent that goes until 12:58. After that, we discuss Big T taking a big L, the return of swimming challenges with all the usual hijinks (but no goddamn rats), Josh looking for a new enemy, and Aneesa getting that skull.

Finally, we include a snippet of this week's Podfathers episode where we talked to Cory about being a reality star on both The Challenge and Teen Mom, having a baby during a pandemic, being a dad with some of his worst moments caught on camera, and of course beating Cons in an arm wrestling match.

May 28, 2020
Foam Pits, Drunk Injuries, And A DOUBLE ELIMINATION

A big flashback episode for anybody that went to college in the early-mid 2000s as we had foam pits and dumb drunk injuries. The Alliance relives some of their glory days while also trying to figure out what Nelson's endgame was on a night that changed EVERYTHING. A double elimination night.

May 21, 2020
Cup O' Noodles And Popcorn Emotions

Hurricane Nany showed up, Nelson got caught eating chess pieces again, the bunker is causing mental chaos, and Zach was back playing games with Jenna's heart. There may have been only drama and an elimination this episode but The Challenge keeps trucking like a certain someone that showed up big time when it mattered tonight.

May 14, 2020
A Folder Full Of Dicks

The Challenge veered off its typical formula, but we got some drama with a guy truly jumping in his own girl's DMs with her not knowing, ex-boyfriend warfare, TJ coming in fast and furious, and some great throwback tunes. We don't know if we will get on track next episode but the preview for the rest of the season has us excited

May 07, 2020
Bear, Bombs, Balls On Fire

Bear has finally gone Full Bear and we absolutely love him for it. To nobody's surprise, Jenna is worried about Zach being home without her, Swaggy C is a day trader clearing 75 grand during a pandemic, and TJ is falling in love with another scrappy underdog living in an elimination groundhog day that may or may not be dead right now.

Make sure to subscribe and rate 5 stars if you want the podcast to stick around because you can't quit on us since we didn't quit on you.

Apr 30, 2020
A Bear Attack And Simple Jack

Fire extinguisher fights on camera, threesomes off camera, and Nelson getting carried out in a metallic bag. Lots to break down in a typically chaotic episode of The Challenge that could be the beginning of the end for the Wes/Bananas alliance before a potential explosive episode next week.

Apr 23, 2020
Burn Votes, Trucks Exploding, And Halloween In Prague

The Challenge keeps bringing the heat with everything we like: Gratuitous explosions, unlikely alliances, costume party nights, and people with the ordacity to potentially burn someone with a burn vote.

We also get a quick lesson on Halloween around the world and learn about some old flames in the Alliance's lives before a legit David vs. Goliath matchup.

Apr 16, 2020
Dee's Nuts

Cory is dominating challenges like he dominated Conor in an arm wrestling contest, Wes and Bananas are working together to ruin people's lives, and Dee just gave the best competitor in the house a free ride to the finals. What the hell is going on in Prague?

The guys also delve into the supertwist, which cast members are on OnlyFans, and which Challenge Quarantine House they would choose to be cooped up with during a pandemic.

Apr 09, 2020
This Is Madness!

Finally No Quitters...HAS COME BACK TO THE INTERNET AIRWAVES! After a brief hiatus that definitely involved no quitting at all, some old friends and new dive into the premiere of the new Challenge season: Total Madness. The name may be meh but the cast looks pretty good (don't worry, we broke down all the newer competitors for other people that took a Challenge hiatus) and the This Season On looks as good as always.

So buckle up and get ready for another season of The Challenge that will have to get us by for the next few months since there are no sports at all. Don't quit on us, we won't quit on you.

Apr 02, 2020
Finally The Final

The Alliance talks about The Final to the longest Challenge in the history of the planet and discusses the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad supertwist that MTV pulled on all its viewers.

A couple of notes:

1. JJ's connection went in and out, so his audio was tricky. We got as much of it as we could.

2. There won't be another podcast this season. We may record a quick recap if the reunion is extra crazy, but that likely won't be the case. We also won't be doing the podcast for the Pros vs. Joes show that is next.

3. If this was our last podcast, we wanted to thank all of the listeners for their support over the years. You guys and girls are the best listeners in the universe and were the true MVPs of every season. We owe everyone a sincere thank you for all the support whether it was listening to the podcast, interacting with us on Twitter (@NoQuittersPod), or just saying hi when you saw us in person. You are truly the CT that carried us on your back.

Nov 08, 2017
Halloween Spooktacular And The Beginning Of The End

The Alliance talks about Halloween stories for the first 14 minutes of the podcast then dives into the last individual challenge of the season, the great final cast of competitors in the final, TJ designing the course, why parachuting in South America is a bad idea, and then even more Halloween and candy talk.

Nov 01, 2017
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The Alliance gets back together after the Yankees were dismantled in Game 7 of the ALCS to discuss the happenings of the last few weeks, talk about the last few episodes of The Challenge as well as the upcoming Champs vs. Stars show and just how lonnnnng this season has been. The guys also turn on an old favorite cast member while they start to come around on an old nemesis, followed up by some Halloween chatter.

Oct 25, 2017
Throwback Episode: TJ Lavin Interview

Since The Alliance won't be able to record this week, we are going to throw it back to an interview we did with the coolest man on the planet when the podcast first started. Yup, you read that right. The best host and coolest person in the universe, T.J. Lavin, joined us to talk about this season and past seasons of The Challenge, what happens behind the scenes, his favorite competitors, how he got chosen to host the show, and MUCH more.

It sounds like tonight was a "full" episode of The Challenge, so we should have plenty to talk about next week!

Note: We had some connection issues with T.J. here and there but everything came out pretty well in the end.

Oct 18, 2017
Burn Vote Gone Bad

The Alliance discusses JJ's new digs in Philly before breaking down last week's eliminations, ANOTHER Redemption House, the burn vote gone bad, old school birthday spots like Sportsland and Discovery Zone, and US Soccer's disappointing loss.

Oct 11, 2017
Fight Night

The Alliance opens up the podcast talking about Nelson punching Derrick before going on a journey talking about The Sandlot and porn stars. Around the 25:00 mark we start talking Challenge again, mostly about Hunter crying, Nelson getting booted, and CT being awesome.

Sep 27, 2017
Put It In Your Mouth

The Alliance starts off the podcast talking about food, froyo, and CT baking a cake for about 12 minutes. Then they discuss party pranks, Tony's tantrum, The Many Faced God, a disgusting but necessary eating challenge, and an all-timer quitter performance.

Sep 20, 2017
The Camilanator Gets Ugly

The Alliance talks about Camila's comments, Leroy's level headedness and likability, the elimination round, and a brief change of pace with some Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3 talk.

Sep 13, 2017
Trivia And The Ammo Show

The Alliance discusses JJ's trip to Italy, the issues with the show, the trivia episode being a letdown, the Redemption House being the worst place in the universe, and Nelson potentially being actually good (okay, probably not).


Then Ammo joins the podcast around minute 26 to talk about his experience on Real World: Go Big Or Go Home, leaving the Mormon church, what he's been up to, what he thought of The Challenge, and why Dionne hasn't been on a Challenge season yet.

Sep 06, 2017
Throwback Tuesday

Our pal @BarstoolReags fills in for international playboy @BarstoolJJ as The Challenge goes back to it's 10:00 pm roots. We gripe about the time change, the pace of the season, the commercial breaks, the editing, the latest #SuperTwist, and a bunch of other stuff. I would say we were cranky because of the time change, but based on our Twitter replies, you guys aren't pleased either. We also discussed how much we loved the old Challenges they showed, faking injuries to get out of the gym, and how goddamn awesome and cool TJ Lavin is.

Aug 30, 2017
When Drunk Battle Rapping Goes Wrong

The Alliance opens up with a 12 minute discussion on peanut butter and jelly, followed by what is fair/foul during a battle rap, Nelson's vocabulary, more talk of Jenna's dominance last episode, and Twitter beefs involving Cara Maria, Tony, Brad, and Tori.

Aug 23, 2017

Our pal @BarstoolReags replaced JJ in The Alliance tonight to talk about the most dominating performance in Challenge history, the latest #supertwist that CHANGES EVERYTHING, whether there have been more commercials than actual show this season, and a Challenge breakup.

Aug 16, 2017
Bar Brawls And Climbing Walls

The Alliance recaps a couple tough losses in the Elimination, the snail's pace of the season, Drunk Tony's stare of doom, Jemmye's sass, fights at bars, and favorite drunk foods.

Aug 09, 2017
You Can't Spell CTE Without CT

 The Alliance breaks down the


*commercial break*


episode, how great fire eliminations are



*Tori talks about having a boyfriend*


Camila's motives, Kailah's awful draft strategy


*Derrick talks about having a girlfriend*


CT's continued dominance in challenges where he pummels people, Veronica's ummm comeback,


*commercial break*


And talk of Connor losing to Cory in an arm wrestling contest. Remember when that happened? It was awesome.


Aug 02, 2017
The Bite Heard Round The World

The Alliance discusses the fight that MTV's cameras allegedly never saw, another big departure, potential rebuttals from last week's podcast, and much more.

Jul 26, 2017
The Bananas Bunch

Johnny Bananas, Leroy, and Tony join The Alliance to talk about the new season of The Challenge, Roy Lee's lack of buoyancy, Tony's ever-growing family, Bananas' cerebral game, and much more.

Jul 20, 2017
The Camila, Cara, Tori, And Cory Show

The Alliance was joined by Camila, Cara Maria, Tori, and Cory at Barstool HQ to discuss The Challenge: Dirty Thirty. First we talked to Tori (Are You The One Tori, not Brad's wife Tori) about what it's like being a rookie/AYTO scab in a Challenge house, being intimidated by her competitors, and how she ended up in reality TV. 

Then we were joined by Camila who became the first ever recurring guest in No Quitters history (since the Bananas podcast with Clem was never technically recorded). We got The Camilinator's thoughts on this season, what her workout plan is all about, and 

Cara Maria then became the second ever recurring guest on the show and dropped a huge announcement on our heads and talked about what it's like to have a crazy person as part of her "baggage".

And then finally we had Mr. Popcorn Muscles himself Cory join us. JJ broke down how Cory could become more likable or actually just likable at all on The Challenge and we had an incredible showdown between Cory and Captain Hardo that may not have been the best competition for a podcast. But still fun nonetheless.

Jul 17, 2017
Invasion Finale 2

The Alliance discusses a disappointing finale, the return of Late Night TJ, Cory going full popcorn muscles, and MVPs/LVPs of the season.

May 10, 2017
Episode 46: Invasion Finale 2

The Alliance discusses a disappointing finale, the return of Late Night TJ, Cory going full popcorn muscles, and MVPs/LVPs of the season.

May 10, 2017
Episode 45: Invasion Finale Part 1 With Reags

Reags joins the Alliance while JJ is away to discuss one of the most boneheaded moments in Challenge history, Night TJ appearing for the coconut challenge, the best strategy to win the final, and the time Connor willfully ate his own piss.

May 03, 2017
Episode 44: Finals, Diem, Life Stories, And My Cousin Vinny

The guys discuss a very weird episode that started with an elimination between two greats, turned into a tearjerker in the middle, and then ended with drunk idiocy as always. There was also talk of Nelson being a strip club manager, a kingpin, and a generally unlikable guy. And of course we had some random My Cousin Vinny talk as well as a brief discussion about Adam Sandler's old comedy CDs.

Apr 26, 2017
Episode 42: Almost...There...

The Alliance discusses Cara Maria and Camila's visit to the office, Jenna ducking them again, the "shoving match" by the Underdogs, the editing tricks of MTV, and the Camila vs. Laurel showdown.

Apr 19, 2017
Episode 41: Cara Maria and the Camilinator

Cara Maria and Camila join the alliance at Barstool HQ to discuss this year's Challenge, how they got their starts on the show, what living with Abe is like, if Cara was playing Rock, Paper, Scissor, the Camilinator, how Jenna is really a wonderful person, and much more.

Apr 13, 2017
Episode 40: The Bloodbath

What is the bloodbath on tonight's podcast? Is it the Challengers getting eliminated one by one as their brains bleed from thinking? Or is it JJ and Connor picking on a defenseless Clem? We also discuss what this week's Next On could lead to and what different weird dreams mean.

Apr 12, 2017
Episode 39: Game Respect Game

The Alliance discusses Nicole's ability to kick game and talk herself out of any situation, Shane and the Gals beefing, CT's incredible backseat reaction to Hunter, the latest #SuperTwist, and a bunch of random old school wrestling talk.

Apr 05, 2017
Episode 38: Shane And The Guys

Shane joins The Alliance to discuss the Nicole/Cara/Laurel love triangle, the arrival of The Camilinator, Jenna and Camila skinny dipping, what The Challenge was like in the old days, if he plans on coming back on in the future, what his plan is for gay tourism in Charleston, and if space docking is a real thing.

Mar 29, 2017
Booze, Curry, And A Bunch Of Toilet Shenanigans

The Alliance discusses the first night out at the bar, eating curry after said night out at the bar, the fading alliance of Shane and the gals, the emergence of Shane and the Thai boys, how to handle pranks, and another frat nightmare story from JJ.

Mar 22, 2017
Episode 36: Relationships New And Old

The Alliance discusses yet another incredible Bananas coup, holding your nose when jumping in the pool, JJ's budding online relationship with Shane, the potential rekindling of sparks between Jenna and Zach, the legit sparks between Dario and Ashley, Dario's likability and ARod-esque taste in women, the return of old school CTE-inducing eliminations, the chances of another Bananas backpack elimination, and a breakdown of an awesome Next On.

Mar 15, 2017
Episode 35: Drama, Father Time, Inanimate Object Rage, And Kailah

The guys discuss Nelson's temper tantrum, how fun it is to destroy inanimate objects, CT The Dad, Sober Tony The Dad, the difference between fingerbanging and fingerblasting, Shane's quest for gay tourism in Charleston, Jenna and Zach's awkward relationship, and more.


Kailah then joins the podcast to break down what it's like behind the scenes and what people think about her now as opposed to during her time on The Real World.

Mar 08, 2017
Episode 34: The Champs Are Here And So Are The Piss Dawgz

The guys discuss the return of the champions, a fantastic catapult + kill the carrier challenge, the always exciting first night of drinking in the house, and some piss talk. Actually a lot of piss talk. Probably too much piss talk if we are being honest.

Mar 01, 2017
Episode 34: The Champs Are Here And So Are The Piss Dawgz

The guys discuss the return of the champions, a fantastic catapult + kill the carrier challenge, the always exciting first night of drinking in the house, and some piss talk. Actually a lot of piss talk. Probably too much piss talk if we are being honest.

Mar 01, 2017
Episode 33: Started At The Shelter Now We Here

The Alliance breaks down the rolling cage challenge, try to figure out how much free Burger King for a year is worth, which fast food they would want free for a year, Shane's entertainment value, and the moment that once again CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Feb 22, 2017
Episode 32: Boats, Cliffs, and Quitters

The alliance discusses the lost Bananas podcast, the first outright quit of the season, who the best partner was for the boat challenge, and all the best things about America's sweet heart. The guys also go on some wild tangents including OJ Simpson's potential release, which sport has the best athletes, and how great it would be to tase Connor.

Feb 15, 2017
Episode 31: Invasion Premiere

The alliance is back, this time to discuss the first episode of The Challenge: Invasion. The guys talk about the setup of the new season, who they already love and who they already hate. They also wax poetic about CT after his Hall of Fame montage show.

Feb 08, 2017
Evan and Kenny

Evan and Kenny join the gang to talk about days of Challenge past, what goes on behind the scenes, stories from outside the show, what they are up to now, if they would have ripped Sarah's heart out like Bananas did, and much much more.

Jan 26, 2017
Episode 29: The Johnny Bananas Interview

Johnny Bananas joins the guys to talk about pulling one of the most ruthless moves in television history by taking the money from Sarah and running at the end of Rivals 3. Johnny also discussed the current state of The Challenge, how he got started in reality TV, what it was like to be turned into a backpack by CT, his thoughts on some of the biggest names in Challenge history, and what he plans to do now that he is $275,000 richer. Plus a special surprise guest called in and joined the podcast as we were recording.

Aug 08, 2016
Rivals 3 Final Part 1

The guys discuss Jenna's ass, Devin and Cheyenne's luck, the final challenge, the #supertwist, if you would screw your partner in said #supertwist, and a couple of questions from listeners.

Jul 28, 2016
Episode 27: Nicole Ramos Interview + The Heartbreak Of America's Sweetheart
Jul 21, 2016
RIP In Peace JJ

The guys mourn the loss of JJ who was killed by Mrs. JJ in real life and Nicole on Twitter. After the funeral was over, the guys discussed Cory's popcorn muscles, his future, Wes' real life job(s), the return of #VinceFail, holding your nose when you jump into water, smoking cigarettes, and Nany constantly getting her heart trampled on.

Jul 14, 2016
Episode 25: Buried Alive Trivia
Jul 07, 2016
Episode 24: Blind Soccer Is Awesome
Jun 30, 2016
Episode 23: Standing On Boxes And Getting Weird

Clem, Connor, and JJ discuss a shocking turn of events in the house as well as one of the most entertaining challenges in a while.  Clem then springs a pop quiz on the guys for all things from the episode.  And T.J., thanks for the shout out with the shirt.  We know it was meant for us  ;-)

Jun 23, 2016
Episode 22: The Camilinator's Redemption

BarstoolReags joins Clem and Connor to discuss Devin's supervillainry, Camila's perseverance, a decent Challenge, an entertaining elimination, and a whole lot about hot tray food.

Jun 16, 2016
Episode 21: The Challenge Is (Kinda, Sorta) Back!

Clem, Connor, and JJ discuss a fun episode that included what appears to be a time traveling TJ, the Camilanator showing up, a really fun challenge, JJ's love of Nicole in full bloom, the latest on CT, and some vintage #VinceFail.

Jun 09, 2016
Episode 20: Can The Challenge Be Saved?

Clem, Connor, and JJ discuss if/how The Challenge can be fixed, which new cast members they like, how much they hate Are You The One cast members, and thoughts on next week's episode.

Jun 02, 2016
Episode 19: Don't Take Care, Hope To See You Never

Bobby (AKA @BarstoolReags) joins Clem and Connor to discuss the Nany vs. Camila matchup, the old MTV Spring Break shows, the lack of challenges and eliminations this season, the Nate/Nicole puzzling romance, Amanda still picking fights, Brandon getting absolutely MURDERED by our boy TJ Lavin, who we hope the replacement team is, and a solid talk about boobs and strip clubs.

May 26, 2016
Episode 18: Crazy Ashley, Soapy Boners, And More Super Twists With Barstool Chief

Chief from Barstool Sports joins the fellas to talk about Ashley's MVP performance as a rookie, a fantastically sexually charged challenge, the disappointment of the new replacement team, and the latest twist after the challenge.

May 19, 2016
Episode 17: The Rivals III Super Twist

Clem, JJ, and Connor bid adieu to Leroy, and more importantly Averey. They also give some Mexican hospital stories, discuss the super twist, break down Tony's courting of Jessica, try to figure out when Tony may have shit his pants, and rain a ton of hate in Nate's general direction. Finally, the guys discuss who they want to see as Leroy and Averey's replacements. 




May 12, 2016
Episode 16: Rivals III Season Premiere

Clem, Connor, and JJ break down the first episode of Rivals III by talking about Jenna picking up where she left off, if Bananas has lost his fastball, Nicole coming out strong, Tony getting screamed at, Ashley's potential as the crazy Challenge girl, Camila's craziness, and much more.

May 05, 2016
Episode 15: Rivals III Preview

The fellas return to preview The Challenge: Rivals III by goingthrough all the teams, predict who they think will win the grandprize, and quickly discuss The Real World: Go Big or Go Home.

May 03, 2016
Episode 14: No Quitters: Bloodlines Reunion And Mailbag With JJ

Clem and Connor discuss going to the Bloodlines reunion at the MTV studios  with JJ before dipping into the mailbag and answering some of your questions about this season and previous seasons.

Mar 12, 2016
Episode 13: Bloodlines Finale Part 2

Special host JJ breaks down the finale of the season with Big Cat and Connor.  The guys discuss their thoughts on the eating gross stuff, being trapped underground, and other parts of the final.  They also talk about the biggest takeaway from Bloodlines, hopes for next season, and Big Cat's plans to host the Challenge Aftershow.

Feb 18, 2016
Episode 12: Bloodlines Finale Part 1

Big Cat rejoins the alliance after a trip out West and tells the guys all about his time hanging out with TJ.  The fellas also discuss their love of Jenna, how hard the first leg of the final was, the strategies to finishing different parts of the final, and a random conversation about Peyton Manning and being at a Super Bowl.

Feb 11, 2016
Episode 11: SHUT UP ANEESA!!!

JJ joins us again to talk about jumping from moving cars, the rise of Jenna, Diaper Breath's awful record in The Challenge, Rianna's stain, and the last Pit of the season. JJ also makes an impassioned plea to MTV to bring back a classic from our childhoods and Connor calls out Clem about some Twitter beef.

Feb 04, 2016
Episode 10: Down Goes Frazier With BarstoolJJ

BarstoolJJ joins us to talk about a Challenge fixture getting sent home, his love of Aneesa, how most of these cast members don't even try to get ready for a Challenge, and Connor goes full hardo on us.

Jan 28, 2016
Episode 9: Underwater Boxes, Bananas Continues To Reign, And More CT (This Time With Zach)

The guys try to figure out how those boxes stay full of air underwater, discuss Bananas still being the puppet master of the house, relish the new #VinceFail hashtag, and CT & Zach going to work in the pit. There is also a special bonus 5 minute discussion about the Knicks and Kristaps Porzingis at the end if you are into that kind of stuff.

Jan 21, 2016
Episode 8: CT Day, The Diem Challenge, The Puppet Master, And Jenna The Fox

The guys briefly recap last week's episode with T.J. before discussing the return of CT, the Diem Challenge, Bananas predictably stabbing Anthony in the back, and Jenna once again proving she isn't so bad.

Also, as we mentioned in the podcast, if you want to attend The Bloodlines Reunion Show in NYC next week (Thursday January 21st at 2pm) go to and find the Apply For Tickets button.

Jan 14, 2016
Episode 7: T.J LAVIN JOINS US! Oh Yeah, And Abe Is A Psycho

Yup, you read that right. The best host and coolest person in the universe, T.J. Lavin, joined us to talk about this season and past seasons of The Challenge, what happens behind the scenes, his favorite competitors, how he got chosen to host the show, and MUCH more. We also break down this week's episode and the After Show of what is quickly becoming The Abe Show.  If you haven't already, please make sure to follow T.J. on Twitter @TJLavin and check out his clothing line "Torque".

Note: We had some connection issues with T.J. here and there but everything came out pretty well in the end. Don't quit on us, we won't quit on you.

Jan 07, 2016
Episode 6: The Chief, The Double Episode And The Challenge

The alliance on the podcast shifts for one night, as @BarstoolChief fills in for Big Cat to sit down with the guys and discuss KellyAnne's fight with Aneesa, Abe's psychotic rants, Nicole's actual face, the fall of the Darios, another Nany breakdown, an exciting Next On, and Johnny Bananas pulling the strings the entire time behind the scenes.

Dec 31, 2015
Episode 5: The Red Episode, Trivia Week, And A HUGE Announcement By Big Cat

As you can imagine, the guys had plenty to say about this week's episode, with great cast members falling like flies. It was also this season's trivia episode, which always delivers the goods. And Big Cat drops a mollywhopper of an announcement on all of us.

Dec 24, 2015
Episode 4: The Camilanator, Turkish Doctors, And Candice Gets Her Groove Back
 The guys recap maybe the worst draft in sports history, with Cara Maria playing the role of every Cleveland Browns GM in recent memory. They also discuss T.J. Lavin following Big Cat and the podcast on Twitter, which causes everyone to act like teenage girls for about 10 minutes. Other topics include Camila's "tirade", Candice's surprising performance, and offer their thoughts and prayers to Tony, who may or may not be dead right now.


Dec 17, 2015
Episode 3: Snakes, Bugs, Bakers, And Babysitters

The guys discuss which part of this week's challenge they would rather do; be trapped with snakes or spit out bugs.  They also breakdown Cohutta's weaknesses in the game, Jenna's epic fight with her cousin Brianna, and of course, the HJ that Cara Maria was apparently giving Thomas in the back of the bus.  Finally, there is some discussion on who the episode's MVP and LVP was, as well as the upcoming big twist. 

Dec 10, 2015
Ep. 2: Season Premiere

@BarstoolBigCat, @TheClemReport and @ConnorCreehan discuss the first episode of MTV The Challenge: Bloodlines. The guys talk about T.J.'s new look, Camila's craziness, the dominance of Johnny Bananas, the fight Tony started, the drunken shenanigans we come to expect, who the episode's MVP and LVP was, what they look forward to after watching the always entertaining "This Season On" preview, and much more.

Follow along with the podcast on Twitter @NoQuittersPod.

Dec 03, 2015
Ep. 1: Meet The Cast

@theClemReport, @BarstoolBigCat and @CaptainCons preview the latest season of the MTV Challenge: Bloodlines

Dec 03, 2015