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Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine come at you from Chicago and LA with weekly MLB recaps. Keeping it funny and informative unlike all those other nerds.

Episode Date
Comedians Talking Baseball...History - Sosa vs. McGuire

Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine are back!!! We're recapping Long Gone Summer, the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about the 1998 Home Run Chase of Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire!

Jun 16, 2020
NLCS & ALCS previews!!
Recorded before the start of both series, Joe and Brido preview the LCS. Plus, where does the Astros pitching historically rank??
Oct 14, 2019
The Rise and Fall of Joe Maddon

Comedians Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine are back to talk about the sad end to the 2019 season and the Joe Maddon era. Brido also gives out his end of the season MVP and Cy Young!

Oct 01, 2019
September Baseball!!
We’re back. Audio isn’t it’s best so we apologize. Talking Cubs, Verlander, playoff races, and Dave Chappelle!
Sep 05, 2019
Hall of fame talk, Joe threw out a 1st pitch, & Brido creates a new stat!
Sorry again for the gaps in episodes! We have fun on this one! Hall of fame talk & more!
Jul 23, 2019
NL All-Star Team, First Half talk, & more!
It’s in the title baseball fans!!!
Jul 05, 2019
Kimbrel, MadBum, & more!
See above!
Jun 12, 2019
Game of Thrones is to blame! Plus Kimbrel, and fan safety!
See title.
Jun 03, 2019
Cubs are back, Marlins history, Jeter, & more!!!
See above!!
May 07, 2019
Bat flips, bat flips, bat flips!!!
Comedians Mike Bridenstine & Joe Kilgallon take a deep look at bat flips from all perspectives! We love them, but is there a line???
May 02, 2019
Ted Williams, Bernie Williams, Chris Davis, & more!
See above. We’re awesome!
Apr 15, 2019
Managing Expectations, Cubs, Red Sox, & DeGrom Love!
Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine talk about the emotions behind a slow start, as well as when American will recognize Jacob DeGrom as the best in baseball!
Apr 08, 2019
Calm Down, It's only April! 1st weekend Recap!

Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine talk about how fans need to relax after a hot or cold start to the season!

Apr 01, 2019
We're back! 2019 MLB Preview!

First podcast of the 2019 season and we're starting a little differently! We're killing two birds with one stone and doing both Bridenstine's new pod, Hunk, and CTB at the same time! Enjoy as Brido interviews Joe about his love for baseball, how to market the game, and 2019 predictions!

Mar 25, 2019
Hall of Fame & Hot Stove
We break down the new Hall of Fame class and talk about what current players are shoe ins for Cooperstown!
Dec 03, 2018
2018 Review! Plus Harper, Bonds, & Sosa talk!!!
Podcast got cut short at the end, we’ll continue where we left off next time!! Thanks
Nov 19, 2018
Baseball Cards, Machado, & World Series Preview!
Oct 23, 2018
AlCS,NLCS preview! Plus state of the game!
Read the title!
Oct 12, 2018
What happened to the Cubs?
See above. Duh.
Oct 04, 2018
1 week til playoffs! Plus Addison Russell talk!
Read above!
Sep 25, 2018
2 weeks til October!!!
We preview the playoff races!!! Getting. Sexy!
Sep 19, 2018
Playoff races, MLB promotions, & Mookie Boots!
Playoff races getting tight!!!
Sep 10, 2018
Daniel Murphy to the Cubs, Astros and A's heating up, & more!
Joe recaps his weekend meeting and hanging with MLB legends.
Aug 28, 2018
All-Decade Team and AL West race heating up!
Just in case the world ends in 2019, Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine lay out the All-Decade team from 2010 to 2018! Plus, Will the A's catch the Astros???
Aug 20, 2018
Bote's Ultimate Grand Slam, Red Sox, Aces in October, & more
Comedians Joe Kilgallon (Chicago) & Mike Bridenstine (LA) come at you each week in an effort to make you love baseball! They nerd out on stats while acting ridiculous! Enjoy!
Aug 13, 2018
More Twitter stuff, Injured superstars, & trade deadline!
Mike and Joe talk about the latest players who have had to apologize for tweets in high school. We all talk about the injuries to Altuve, Judge, and Bryant. Plus trade talk! Thanks for listening!
Jul 30, 2018
Josh Hader, Jon Lester, & The Trade Market!
Comedians Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine discuss the Josh Hader situation and the internet mentality, Jon Lester's metrics, and the trade market!
Jul 23, 2018
1st Half Awards!!!
Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine give out their first half MVPs, Cy Youngs, and Rookies of the Year!
Jul 17, 2018
All-Star Game, Dexter Fowler, & more!
Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine come at you from Chicago and LA talking baseball history and present day! This week we're talking the All-Star Game, Cardinals Management in regards to Dexter Fowler, and more!
Jul 10, 2018
Impatient baseball fans, Steroid Era, & more!
Comedians Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine talk Baseball past, present, and future!
Jun 25, 2018
The Natural, Astros, Ty Cobb's racism, & more!
Joe expresses his frustrations with sound quality, the boys expose the flaws in The Natural, Astros are hottttt, was Cobb a racist for real? And more!!!
Jun 18, 2018
New Playoff format? Max Scherzer's greatness, & more!
Comedian Joe Kilgallon comes at you from Chicago, while comedian Mike Bridenstine comes at you from LA! They talk baseball history, stats, and other random non-sense. Way more entertaining than those other baseball podcasts!
Jun 11, 2018
Hall of Fame Talk and more!
Brido is reading a new book about Hall of Fame qualifications! We dive into that and how Justin Verlander is having his best year at age 35!
Jun 04, 2018
Is the MLB stealing our ideas, Robinson Cano, & more!
Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine come at you live from Chicago and LA! Talking classic baseball talk while mixing in humor and new school stats! Way better than those other nerds!
May 21, 2018
Rebuilding Teams, Batting Average, & more!
Latest episode of Comedians Talking Baseball with Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine
May 15, 2018
The Greatest Games Ever Pitched, Kerry Wood, Ichiro, & more!
Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout game and also talk about the other greatest games ever pitched. We also talk Ichiro, Pujols, and more!
May 07, 2018
Should Baseball Kill the Error, Ozzie Smith, Darryl Strawberry, & more!
Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine (Brido) record from Chicago and LA and bring to you their unique and often ridiculously hilarious takes on their favorite sport of baseball!!! #MLB
Apr 30, 2018
Launch Angle, Unwritten Rules, & Weekly Recap
Kilgallon and Brido talk about the new craze that is launch angle. Plus, we talk about Javy Baez, Justin Verlander, Harper, Machado, and more!
Apr 23, 2018
Yadier Molina, Jackie Robinson, Javy Baez, and more!
Sorry, had an issue that prevented me from editing this one. Still a very fun episode! Joe talks about his trip to St. Louis, Brido reveals something crazy about Molina, and we find more insane Babe Ruth stats!
Apr 17, 2018
4/8/18 Babe Ruth, Pace of Play, the DH, and more!
Latest episode of Comedians Talking Baseball with Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine
Apr 08, 2018
We're back/Season Predictions!
Kilgallon & Brido are back talking Baseball every week during the 2018 MLB season! In this episode we catch up, talking about opening day, our favorite baseball movies, and make season predictions!
Apr 03, 2018
Podcast is back! World is falling apart but we have sports!
Podcast is back! After two months off, I'm back to talk unfortunately about another tragedy, NFL Anthem protests, McGregor vs Mayweather, MLB playoffs, and more!
Oct 02, 2017
Tony Valle / All-Stars, NHL, & more!
Tony Valle, owner of The WIP Comedy Theater in Chicago, joins me to talk about his days in the sport of wrestling, NHL free agency, and the modern athlete.
Jul 03, 2017
Miguel Montero / Chris Paul/ & More!
Going solo ranting about Miguel Montero, Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler, and your mom.
Jun 28, 2017
Kyle Scanlan / NBA talk/ McGregor-Mayweather
Kyle Scanlan / NBA talk/ McGregor-Mayweather by Joe Kilgallon
Jun 19, 2017
Herb Lawrence / Chicagoans Talking Sports
Executive Producer of Cubs Radio Broadcasts and of The Laurence Holmes Show on The Score 670 Chicago, Herb Lawrence, joins the podcast to talk Chicago, Baseball Managers, Jordan, LeBron, NBA Finals, & more!
Jun 12, 2017
MLB Preview w/ Mike Bridenstine
Kilgallon and Brido are back talking baseball! We preview the season to come and make our annual predictions!!! Enjoy!
Apr 01, 2017
March Madness
I go solo breaking down my bracket, talking Javy Baez, and more!
Mar 16, 2017
Gareth Reynolds / 30 for 30 Jimmy the Greek!
Podcast is back! Gareth Reynolds from The Dollop joins to talk about the birth of Joe's son, the correlation between sports and politics, and we review 30 for 30 The Legend of Jimmy The Greek!
Mar 08, 2017
Kolin Bohannon / Super Bowl Recap
Kolin Bohannon joins the podcast to recap the Super Bowl, talk about the MLB proposing a new rule, and how Charles Oakley can beat up your dad!
Feb 09, 2017
Super Bowl Preview / CJ Sullivan!
CJ Sullivan returns to preview the Super Bowl, talk LeBron and Barkley, Raiders having a new home, and more! We were day drinking during this one, so enjoy!
Feb 03, 2017
Megan Gailey / NFL Talk
Megan Gailey returns to talk football and politics!
Jan 25, 2017
NFL Playoffs & Cubs go to the White House!
Recapping Dallas vs Green Bay, Brady's legacy, and the Cubs trip to the White House!
Jan 17, 2017
Rousey, NFL Wild Card, Ahead of The Curve
First podcast of 2017! Talkin' Ronda Rousey and the UFC, NFL Wild Card Weekend, and more!
Jan 04, 2017
CJ Sullivan, Mike Bridenstine, and "Resting Players"
CJ Sullivan and Mike Bridenstine join Joe to talk about the "old days" of Chicago comedy, LeBron James taking a day off, Aroldis Chapman, the legend of David Ross, Babe Ruth, Coach Thibs, Comparing eras, and more!
Dec 16, 2016
Facebook Live, MLB Trades, Bad Fans, LeBron, Diaz, & more!
I'm back going solo and Facebook Live! Then I go rapid fire covering bad fans, LeBron, Nick Diaz, and more!
Dec 07, 2016
State of the Podcast! (Kris Bryant, Conor McGregor, & Politics)
Joe is back and lets you know what you can expect of the podcast going forward! Plus, Kris Bryant is the MVP, Conor McGregor makes history, and a political rant for good measure!
Nov 20, 2016
THE CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!! All is right with the world as Joe and Brido are joined by comedians Brendan McGowan and Matt Dwyer!
Nov 06, 2016
World Series Preview! (Go Cubs!)
Joe & Brido are joined by fellow Comedian/Cubs fan, Brendan McGowan! We talk about the Cubs epic journey to their 1st World Series in 71 years!
Oct 26, 2016
MLB Playoffs baby!!!
Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine recap the NLDS between the Cubs and Giants, talk about the Indians logo, and preview the NLCS, ALCS!
Oct 15, 2016
MLB Playoff Preview!!!
Comedians Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine recap the 2016 season and preview the Playoffs!!!
Oct 07, 2016
Dave Waite / 30 for 30 Muhammad & Larry
Comedian Dave Waite joins the podcast to talk the culture of football fans, his new record coming out, and 30 for 30 Muhammad and Larry!
Oct 04, 2016
MLB weekly recap / Vin Scully Tribute
Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine talk about Jose Fernandez, the wild card, and pay tribute to Vin Scully!
Sep 30, 2016
RIP Jose & Arnold / NFL week 3
Joe talks about the deaths of Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer. Plus, NFL and Fantasy talk.
Sep 26, 2016
MLB Recap / Cubs Clinch!
Joe and Brido talk about the playoff picture, including the Indians, Dodgers, Giants, etc. Also, we talk about crazy hypotheticals and the Cubs clinching the Central!
Sep 19, 2016
MLB weekly recap / Baseball History
Brido and Joe talk about the beginning of the American League, Kershaw is back, and the playoff picture!
Sep 10, 2016
NFL preview w/ Megan Gailey
Megan joins Joe to preview the NFL, talk Fantasy, and make terrible predictions.
Sep 08, 2016
MLB weekly recap w/ Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine
Joe and Mike are back talking hang over cures and the playoff picture!
Sep 06, 2016
Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, & Fantasy Talk!
Joe goes solo today ranting about Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, and Fantasy Football!
Sep 01, 2016
Joe meet's David Ross / Kris Bryant=MVP
Comedians Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine are back! Joe talks about meeting Cubs catcher David Ross and why catchers make great managers. Also, we lay into Dodgers fans and talk about why Kris Bryant is the NL MVP!
Aug 29, 2016
Mick Betancourt / UFC Talk
Mick Betancourt joins the podcast to preview UFC 202- McGregor vs Diaz rematch, we also talk Olympics, Chicago, and talk life lessons at the end. Enjoy!
Aug 17, 2016
MLB weekly Recap / Joe's having a baby!
Comedians Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine talk about reinventing how pitching staffs are used, what the Angels should do with Mike Trout, and Joe's having a baby!
Aug 15, 2016
Brooks Wheelan / 30 for 30 Chasing Tyson
Brooks Wheelan joins the podcast to talk about Michael Phelps, Wrestling, and we review 30 for 30 Chasing Tyson!
Aug 10, 2016
MLB Weekly Recap / A-Rod Retires
Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine talk about A-Rod announcing his retirement, Joe's trip to see the Cubs vs A's, and little leaguers who cry when they strike out!
Aug 07, 2016
Michael Kosta / 30 for 30 Fab 5
Michael Kosta (The Tonight Show, Conan) joins the podcast to talk about the NFL's view on marijuana, Michael's Tennis career, and we review 30 for 30 Fab 5!
Aug 03, 2016
MLB Trade Deadline Special
Mike Bridenstine and Joe Kilgallon go live to cover the MLB Trade Deadline!!!
Aug 01, 2016
Gareth Reynolds / 30 for 30 Broke
Gareth Reynolds returns to talk Michael Jordan getting political, the Cubs getting Chapman, and we review 30 for 30 Broke!
Jul 28, 2016
MLB Weekly Recap / Chris Sale = Edward Scissor Hands
Brido and Joe discuss the Chris Sale story, plus we talk trade deadline, and Griffey and Piazza going to the Hall of Fame!
Jul 25, 2016
Mo Welch / 30 for 30 Marion Jones
Mo Welch, writer on the show Crashletes, joins Joe to talk about Draymond Green, Trash Talking, Larry Bird, and we review 30 for 30 Press Pause, the Marion Jones story. Enjoy!
Jul 20, 2016
MLB weekly Recap / Should there be less games?
Mike Bridenstine and Joe Kilgallon recap the All-Star Game, Rename the divisions after iconic players, and discuss length of schedule.
Jul 17, 2016
Megan Gailey / 30 for 30 Sole Man
Megan Gailey (Conan, MTV) makes her record breaking 6th appearance on the podcast! We talk Tim Duncan, NFL contracts, Review 30 for 30 Sole Man, and talk All-Star game. This is a silly one. Enjoy!
Jul 13, 2016
Nicknames / All-Star Break
Brido and Joe are back talking baseball nicknames and recapping the first half of the season before the All-Star break!
Jul 10, 2016
Kevin Durant talk / Iverson Documentary Review
Kevin Durant talk / Iverson Documentary Review by Joe Kilgallon
Jul 07, 2016
Kevin Bozeman / 85 Bears
Comedian Kevin Bozeman joins Joe to talk about the DH, The NFL Hall of Fame, and we review 30 for 30 85 Bears!!!
Jul 01, 2016
Believeland Part 2 - Ryan Dalton
Comedian Ryan Dalton joins for part 2 of Believeland. We recap the NBA Finals and Ryan's experiences as a no longer long suffering Cleveland sports fan.
Jun 22, 2016
Believeland Part 1 - Rhea Butcher
Special episode of the podcast where I sit down with comedian Rhea Butcher, who is still riding high from her team winning it's first NBA title and ending the city of Cleveland's championship drought. We also talk 30 for 30 Believeland.
Jun 22, 2016
MLB Weekly Recap / Joey & Brido!
Joe and Brido recap the week that was in baseball and dig into some philosophy's surrounding the rejection of new stats!
Jun 20, 2016
NBA Finals talk/ Solo podcast
It's just me talking NBA Finals, LeBron haters and lovers, and hockey in Vegas!
Jun 17, 2016
Fun Baseball Podcast
We're back after a brief hiatus. Talking being too old, All-Star game, and more!
Jun 07, 2016
Aaron Weaver / This Magic Moment
Comic Aaron Weaver joins to talk about the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final, and we review 30 for 30 This Magic Moment!
Jun 02, 2016
MLB weekly recap / Happy Memorial Day!
Brido and I talk about the 4 man vs 5 man rotation, Clayton Kershaw is a freak, and we have some Murphy's Law crap going on!
May 30, 2016
MLB Weekly Recap / Joe goes to San Francisco!
Mike Bridenstine and Joe Kilgallon recap the week that was in MLB! We give our All-Star infield picks, discuss baseball brawls, and Brido Blows Your Mind!!!
May 23, 2016
Jake Weisman / The Price of Gold
Comedians Jake Weisman joins the podcast to talk baseball brawls, Hockey, and we review 30 for 30 The Price of Gold!
May 18, 2016
MLB weekly recap / Importance of a manager
Brido and Joe talk about whether or not a manager can be overrated, pretty swings, 20 K games, and Brido Blows Your Mind
May 15, 2016
Rhea Butcher / 30 for 30 Bo Knows
Comedian Rhea Butcher (Last Comic Standing) returns to the podcast to talk about Booing in sports, A League of Their Own, Steph Curry's MVP, and we review 30 for 30 Bo Knows!!!
May 12, 2016
MLB Weekly Recap / Is clutch a thing?
Brido and Joe have been drinking and argue about whether or not pitchers should win the MVP award, whether or not clutch is a thing, and week 2 of Brido Blows Your Mind!
May 08, 2016
Jason Lawhead / Once Brothers
Jason Lawhead, of Lawhead's Court, joins the podcast to talk about Johnny Manziel, NFL Draft, NBA playoffs, and we review the 30 for 30 Once Brothers.
May 04, 2016
MLB Weekly Recap / Moneyball
Mike Bridenstine is the official co-host of Comedians Talking Baseball! We talk about the future of no-hitters, the qualifications for making the Hall of Fame, Moneyball, and a new segment called Bridenstine Blows Your Mind!
May 01, 2016
Joe Kilgallon / Trophy Kids
It's just me on this one. I talk Jake Arrieta steroid allegations, NHL and NBA playoffs, and review the Netflix documentary Trophy Kids!
Apr 28, 2016
MLB weekly recap / Jake Arrieta
Mike Bridenstine is the new co-host of Comedians Talking Sports presents Comedians Talking Baseball! The podcast where we recap the week that was in Major League Baseball, nerd out about some stats, and just have a great time talking America's past time! This week we focus on the masterpiece that was Jake Arrieta's second no-hitter!!!
Apr 24, 2016
Megan Gailey / Fantastic Lies
Megan Gailey (Conan, Comedy Central) returns to talk Conor McGregor, Andrew Shaw, and we review Fantastic Lies about the Duke Lacrosse scandal.
Apr 20, 2016
MLB Weekly Recap / Mike Bridenstine
Mike Bridenstine is back for Comedians Talking Baseball! On this podcast we talked about what teams you'd buy stock in, MVPs for the week, and Jackie Robinson!
Apr 17, 2016
Joe Bartnick / 30 For 30 The Best That Never Was
Comedian Joe Bartnick (Puck Off, opens for Bill Burr) joins Joe to preview the NHL playoffs, talk about why it's the best post season of any sport, tell the Golden State Warriors why the Bulls are still the best of all time, and we review 30 for 30 The Best That Never Was!
Apr 13, 2016
MLB weekly recap w/ Joe Kilgallon
This baseball season I'll be releasing a podcast every Sunday where myself and another comedian recap the week in Major League Baseball. This week it's just me ranting about a no-hitter that wasn't, the Utley rule, and who the studs were in week 1!
Apr 10, 2016
Jay Washington / 30 for 30 Benji Review
Jay Washington (Chiraq) joins to talk about a Laker breaking the Bro-code, NBA predictions, NCAA title game, Jay's wrestling career, Wrestlemania, and we review 30 for 30 Benji!
Apr 07, 2016
Baseball Preview / 30 for 30 Fernando Nation
Mike Bridenstine (Adam Devine's House Party) joins Joe to preview the 2016 Baseball Season, including division breakdowns and predictions. Mike also tells Joe how he met their childhood hero Andre Dawson. Also, the guys talk about whether the game is getting tired and they review 30 for 30 Fernando Nation!
Apr 03, 2016
Comedians Talking Sports- Brian Moreno / Of Miracles And Men
Comic Brian Moreno joins to talk Revenge Porn, NBA, NHL, and we review 30 for 30: Of Miracles and Men.
Mar 30, 2016
Ricky Carmona / The Two Escobars
Ricky Carmona joins the podcast to put an end to the Adam LaRoche Story, talk brackets, Native American Mascots, and we review 30 for 30: The Two Escobars!
Mar 23, 2016
Matty Ryan / I Hate Christian Laettner Review
Matty Ryan joins the podcast to talk about an old man being upset about the state of baseball, Adam Laroche really loves his kid, NCAA tournament strategy, and I hate Christian Laettner!
Mar 17, 2016
Gareth Reynolds / 30 for 30- June 17th, 1994 Review
Gareth Reynolds joins the podcast to hear Joe rant a conspiracy theory about Conor McGregor, we talked NBA, Nirvana, and reviewed 30 for 30 June 17th 1994!
Mar 09, 2016
Sean Flannery 3-2-16
Sean Flannery joins Joe to talk about drunk comedy stories, LeBron vs Curry, MLB getting tough on abuse, and more!
Mar 03, 2016
Megan Gailey - 2-25-17
Joe and Megan talk about the Cubs welcoming back Dexter Fowler in WWE like fashion. They also talked about bed bugs, and Connor McGregor!
Feb 26, 2016
Megan Gailey 2-17-16
Megan continues her February residency as we talk Ronda Rousey, Baseball Power Rankings, Joe cheating in HS, and Peyton going taint to face!
Feb 17, 2016
Megan Gailey / Super Bowl Recap!
Joe and Megan recap the Super Bowl, and Joe loses his mind a bit. Enjoy!
Feb 11, 2016
Megan Gailey
Joe's old Naked Sports Live partner, Megan Gailey joins the podcast to talk old times and preview the Super Bowl!
Feb 05, 2016
Sean Green
Comedian Sean Green joins Joe to talk gambling, the Super bowl, and how the Papa John's is a creep!
Jan 27, 2016
Bill Cruz
Comedian Bill Cruz joins me to talk NFL playoffs, the annoying Brady vs Manning debate, and ALL-STAR John Scott!!!
Jan 20, 2016
Chris Cope
Comedians Chris Cope joins Joe to talks about Griffey, NFL playoffs, and how to get revenge in softball!
Jan 13, 2016
Ryan Dalton / Sad Cleveland Fan Episode
Comedian Ryan Dalton joins the podcast to talk about the infamous 10 cent beer night, NFL playoffs, and the plight of being a Cleveland sports fan!
Jan 06, 2016
2015 Chicago Cubs Special
Comedian and lunatic Cubs fan, Joe Kilgallon recaps the 2015 Chicago Cubs!
Dec 21, 2015
Brendan McGowan
I talk w/ comedian Brendan McGowan about Rugby vs Football, fencing, and the DH!
Jul 22, 2015
Rhea Butcher
Joe interviews comedians Rhea Butcher! We talked a lot baseball, our bad tempers, and the future of women's sports! Enjoy!
Jul 08, 2015