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 Mar 10, 2023


What happens when media, entertainment, and technology collide? Peter Kafka, one of the media industry's most acclaimed reporters, talks to business titans, journalists, comedians and podcasters to get their take. Produced by Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

Episode Date
That’s a wrap (for now)
Dec 07, 2023
Sam Altman’s back at OpenAI. What’s next?
Nov 29, 2023
What just happened to OpenAI?
Nov 20, 2023
Why so, Sirius?
Nov 16, 2023
No seriously. What’s the future of Disney? And why did Fox News fire Tucker Carlson?
Nov 09, 2023
Land of the Giants: What We All Got Wrong About Twitter
Nov 02, 2023
How Dropout found success streaming comedy for $6 a month
Oct 26, 2023
Inside the New York Times’ controversial Gaza headline
Oct 25, 2023
How the Washington Post is covering the Israel-Hamas War
Oct 18, 2023
The rise and (maybe) fall of Marvel
Oct 12, 2023
The internet, explained by Taylor Lorenz
Oct 05, 2023
Warner Music Group’s CEO says AI songs are coming whether you like it or not
Oct 02, 2023
HBO boss Casey Bloys on the strikes, the bundle and AI
Sep 28, 2023
Why did it take 5 months to solve the Writers’ Strike?
Sep 25, 2023
Why did Rupert Murdoch just leave his media empire?
Sep 21, 2023
How Matthew Berry made fake football his real job
Sep 21, 2023
Inside Sam Bankman-Fried's Rise and Fall
Sep 14, 2023
The Business of Taylor Swift
Sep 12, 2023
It’s the US vs China with tech in between
Sep 07, 2023
CNN is Mark Thompson’s problem now
Aug 31, 2023
How The Try Guys survived going viral
Aug 24, 2023
Today, Explained: Sound of Freedom is the surprise movie hit of the summer
Aug 17, 2023
Land of the Giants: How Tesla became the Elon Musk Co.
Aug 10, 2023
Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker says tech isn’t our problem - it’s us
Aug 03, 2023
Why Lina Khan is fighting big tech - and losing
Jul 27, 2023
Strikes! AI! And a Steven Soderbergh show he’s selling himself.
Jul 20, 2023
Can Meta Make a Twitter Killer?
Jul 13, 2023
Why ESPN’s old boss made movies you can’t see - yet
Jul 03, 2023
How to make laughs on TikTok and action on Netflix
Jun 29, 2023
Is Instagram the place to unbreak news?
Jun 22, 2023
Meet the AI company that wants to remake Hollywood
Jun 15, 2023
CNN’s CEO is out; Apple reveals its goggles
Jun 07, 2023
NYT rising star Astead Herndon on podcasts, power, and the 2024 race
Jun 01, 2023
Meet the media insider who makes Succession feel real
May 22, 2023
It’s TV’s biggest week - and TV is on strike
May 15, 2023
Ken Jennings on the future of Jeopardy!
May 11, 2023
How worried—or excited—should we be about AI?
May 04, 2023
Jonah Peretti, Nick Denton and Ben Smith on digital news’ past and future
May 02, 2023
Inside the AI Gold Rush
Apr 27, 2023
AI is the future! AI is a fraud. Let's debate.
Apr 20, 2023
Has Fox News learned a $787 million lesson?
Apr 19, 2023
'Chef Reactions' blew up on TikTok. But will TikTok blow up?
Apr 13, 2023
Why is a talent agency buying pro wrestling? Plus a green media startup
Apr 06, 2023
Is Apple sure about Apple’s new Goggles? Plus Roger Bennett, Media Mogul
Mar 30, 2023
Podcast pioneer Jesse Thorn built his own business. Now his employees own it.
Mar 23, 2023
An SVB (phew!) update + Benedict Evans on the future of (almost) everything
Mar 16, 2023
Science fiction pioneer Neal Stephenson on the metaverse, the movies and why he still believes in blockchain
Mar 06, 2023
Meet the woman who got De La Soul streaming
Mar 03, 2023
Real-life “Succession”: Jim Stewart on Sumner Redstone’s sordid saga
Feb 23, 2023
We quiz BuzzFeed’s CEO about AI
Feb 14, 2023
Why is tech in trouble if the economy is ok?
Feb 09, 2023
Land of the Giants: The Hidden Hand Behind Your Swipes
Feb 02, 2023
Don't tell investor Li Jin that Web3 is dead
Jan 26, 2023
How The Last of Us went from hit game to hit zombie tv
Jan 18, 2023
"Resist trying to make things better" - a conversation with internet security expert Alex Stamos
Jan 16, 2023
Was YouTube’s NFL deal a $2 billion mistake?
Jan 12, 2023
Apple’s new goggles; Hollywood’s new streaming pitch.
Jan 05, 2023
Reader Mail!
Dec 29, 2022
An Elon-free year in review
Dec 20, 2022
A n00b’s guide to the Microsoft / Activision deal the FTC wants to stop
Dec 13, 2022
Why the media landscape is “dire” with WSJ’s Jessica Toonkel
Dec 08, 2022
How Eventbrite survived the pandemic, and why it’s not fighting Ticketmaster
Dec 01, 2022
It’s not TV it’s HBO — the book
Nov 29, 2022
How to watch a complicated World Cup
Nov 21, 2022
Life, the internet, and everything with Garbage Day’s Ryan Broderick
Nov 17, 2022
What Elon’s past tells us about his present
Nov 15, 2022
Tech’s big bust, plus Marvel (and Wakanda) Forever?
Nov 10, 2022
Election special with Punchbowl's Jake Sherman
Nov 03, 2022
Jason Gay isn’t making Elon Musk jokes
Nov 01, 2022
Bloomberg’s Matt Levine still loves crypto; Ankler’s Janice Min loves newsletters
Oct 27, 2022
Ben Smith says Semafor will take 10 years to get right
Oct 24, 2022
Netflix is back (?) + Julia Boorstin on women who lead
Oct 20, 2022
Inside the curious mind of XKCD cartoonist Randall Munroe
Oct 13, 2022
Elon Musk is buying Twitter. Really. (Really?)
Oct 05, 2022
Interview with Interview with a Vampire’s Eric Bogosian
Sep 29, 2022
YouTube fights TikTok with cash
Sep 21, 2022
José Andrés has a full plate, but he's adding more
Sep 15, 2022
The inside story of YouTube
Sep 08, 2022
Why the Good Fight creators are glad they moved from CBS to streaming
Sep 01, 2022
Algorithms that give you anxiety and a Web3 project that doesn't suck.
Aug 25, 2022
Home Box Office of the Dragon
Aug 18, 2022
Why the Democrats finally got on TikTok
Aug 11, 2022
Land of the Giants: Why Instagram Broke Its Square
Aug 04, 2022
B.J. Novak on “Vengeance”, podcasts and the downside of the streaming boom
Jul 28, 2022
What is the metaverse, when is it going to show up and who’s going to run it?
Jul 19, 2022
Ken Auletta on the Harvey Weinstein story he wrote, the story he couldn’t write, and the one he’s publishing now.
Jul 11, 2022
Netflix has a huge hit with Peaky Blinders — and Caryn Mandabach owns it.
Jul 07, 2022
The future of: Crypto criticism; Substack and ABC News
Jun 30, 2022
Is this a Netflix problem or a streaming problem?
Jun 23, 2022
Bill Simmons on podcasts, celebrity interviews and life at Spotify
Jun 15, 2022
Why is this VC on your TikTok?
Jun 09, 2022
Engineer Molly White explains why Web3 isn’t going great
Jun 02, 2022
Is Big Tech getting better about misinformation?
May 26, 2022
What can you learn from the guy who built the iPod?
May 19, 2022
Ronan Farrow: “We are living in a post-privacy age”
May 12, 2022
Behind the scenes at Apple with journalist Tripp Mickle
May 05, 2022
NYT’s Wesley Morris on writing, podcasting and staying off TikTok
Apr 28, 2022
Can Elon Fix Twitter? Can Reed Fix Netflix?
Apr 27, 2022
Elon and Twitter: A love/hate story
Apr 19, 2022
Disney vs. Itself vs. The Right
Apr 14, 2022
The State of Streaming
Apr 07, 2022
Judd Apatow on The Bubble, TikTok and The Slap
Mar 29, 2022
The Oscars: Hollywood’s smallest biggest night?
Mar 24, 2022
Dan Le Batard on life after ESPN; Russia sanctions upend big-time soccer
Mar 17, 2022
Big Tech takes a side, finally + Zappos' tragic founder
Mar 10, 2022
Covering the war in Ukraine, online and on the ground
Mar 03, 2022
Uber, but for TV
Feb 24, 2022
Chuck Klosterman relives the 1990s & Sarah Palin loses her NYT libel suit
Feb 17, 2022
What's next for CNN? + The Afterparty's Ben Schwartz writes jokes for C-3PO
Feb 10, 2022
Is Spotify’s Joe Rogan problem over? Plus how to launch a new media startup.
Feb 03, 2022
Game on: Behind the sports betting boom
Jan 27, 2022
Gaming out Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision Blizzard deal
Jan 20, 2022
So … what the hell is Web3? With the Chernin Group’s Jarrod Dicker
Jan 13, 2022
How the right covers 1/6 + tales from the Theranos trial, with Oliver Darcy and Erin Griffith
Jan 06, 2022
The Verge’s Ashley Carman on podcasting’s big year
Dec 27, 2021
What the hell happened in 2021? With Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw.
Dec 20, 2021
WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar’s almost-exit interview
Dec 15, 2021
BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti has gone public
Dec 06, 2021
@Jack is leaving Twitter. What now? + Lina Khan’s battle with Big Tech
Dec 02, 2021
Director Rhys Thomas on his unlikely journey from SNL to Disney’s Hawkeye
Nov 23, 2021
The inside story of HBO, with Jim Miller
Nov 18, 2021
What is Twitter Blue and is it worth $3?
Nov 11, 2021
Facebook’s Metaverse explained - by metaverse explainer Matthew Ball. Plus Justin Smith builds a media biz for Bloomb
Nov 04, 2021
How to cover the Facebook leaks + SNL’s Heidi Gardner
Oct 28, 2021
Dotdash CEO Neil Vogel on his $2.7 billion Meredith deal
Oct 21, 2021
Land of the Giants: "He's No Steve Jobs"
Oct 14, 2021
Ozy Media, RIP with NYT’s Ben Smith + Condé Nast CEO Roger Lynch on remaking a magazine giant
Oct 07, 2021
Streamers shrink Hollywood, again + What’s a “Hate Raid”?
Sep 30, 2021
How Peter Thiel went from Silicon Valley to The White House with Max Chafkin
Sep 23, 2021
Instagram boss Adam Mosseri on teenagers, Tik-Tok and paying creators
Sep 16, 2021
Big changes at Apple: New phones, new AR glasses, and big app store changes.
Sep 09, 2021
Defector Media: Life after Deadspin is good (and profitable)
Sep 02, 2021
OnlyFans’ weird week with MEL’s Magdalene Taylor; BuzzFeed’s Joe Bernstein on the problem with our misinformation problem.
Aug 26, 2021
WWE’s Nick Khan on pivoting his streaming strategy and getting back in the ring
Aug 19, 2021
NYT’s Shira Ovide on the everything and nothingness of tech.
Aug 12, 2021
Reese’s $900 million deal; ScarJo vs Disney with Matt Belloni, + Derek Thompson on how the media covers Delta
Aug 05, 2021
Director Tom McCarthy on Stillwater, finishing a movie in a pandemic and playing one of the Wire’s best villains
Jul 29, 2021
Deep fakes come to the movies and Hollywood resets for the streaming era
Jul 22, 2021
WeWork's rise and fall (and rise again?) with Eliot Brown
Jul 15, 2021
Kevin Delaney turns the future of work into a media business; plus a Sun Valley update from David Gura.
Jul 08, 2021
Men In Blazers’ Roger Bennett loves soccer and America
Jul 01, 2021
One of the most popular streamers on Twitch… is a lefty political commentator? Hasan Piker explains
Jun 24, 2021
One of Silicon Valley’s most powerful investors is now a media company, too
Jun 15, 2021
Jake and Amir on being Web famous, fed up with Hollywood, and podcast bosses
Jun 10, 2021
How to make it in the creator economy with Rob Walker
Jun 03, 2021
Why is Amazon buying MGM?
May 27, 2021
Jim Miller on HBO’s new home; Alan Yang on a very different season of “Master of None”
May 20, 2021
Why did AT&T just bail on WarnerMedia? And what happens next?
May 17, 2021
Antonio García Martínez's controversial exit from Apple
May 15, 2021
Live music is back! Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino can't wait
May 13, 2021
The Jeff Bezos Empire with Brad Stone & Jason Del Rey
May 11, 2021
Apple vs Epic with John Gruber; Truth, Doubt and History with Jill Lepore
May 06, 2021
AMC Networks can’t compete with Netflix. CEO Josh Sapan is fine with that.
Apr 29, 2021
Did the pandemic kill the Oscars?
Apr 22, 2021
Apple and Facebook's ambitious audio plans
Apr 21, 2021
Substack’s next target: Local news
Apr 15, 2021
How Hollywood and the NBA are betting on NFTs
Apr 13, 2021
WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar on a wild first year on the job
Apr 08, 2021
Media Merger Mania with Axios’ Dan Primack and WSJ’s Ben Mullin
Apr 01, 2021
The rise and maybe fall of YouTube star David Dobrik; inside Facebook with the Markup’s Julia Angwin
Mar 25, 2021
How Christina “Tinx” Najjar became a TikTok star overnight
Mar 18, 2021
How did - and didn’t - the pandemic transform media?
Mar 11, 2021
Fubo TV is a Reddit meme stock. CEO David Gandler has bigger ambitions.
Mar 08, 2021
Have we hit peak streaming? + NYT’s Kevin Roose on his new book “Futureproof”
Mar 04, 2021
Australia vs. Facebook; Al Madrigal means business about All Things Comedy
Feb 25, 2021
Pandora founder Tim Westergren on the future of streaming
Feb 18, 2021
New York Times CEO Meredith Levien on the future of news, and her newspaper
Feb 11, 2021
How To Make An Influencer In America with Nick Bilton
Feb 04, 2021
Andrew Ross Sorkin on Gamestop, Robinhood, Reddit and how to fix the system.
Feb 03, 2021
How Jessica Lessin got people to pay for The Information
Jan 28, 2021
Trump vs the Press - a final report card from Jay Rosen
Jan 21, 2021
What the Capitol Riot tells us about online power
Jan 14, 2021
Behind the making of The Dissident, the movie about Jamal Khashoggi’s murder
Jan 07, 2021
Zach Seward started Quartz, sold it, and bought it back. Now what?
Dec 31, 2020
Kemp Powers spent years breaking into Hollywood — and his first film is Pixar’s Soul
Dec 23, 2020
Trump is leaving; Trump media isn't
Dec 17, 2020
Behind the scenes with Queen’s Gambit creator Scott Frank
Dec 10, 2020
Eli Pariser wants to build a better Facebook
Dec 03, 2020
Gimlet’s Lydia Polgreen wants to shake up podcasting
Nov 25, 2020
BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti explains his HuffPost deal
Nov 20, 2020
ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish on Paramount+, Pluto TV
Nov 19, 2020
Fox and the New York Times face the end of the Trump era
Nov 12, 2020
NY Mag's Olivia Nuzzi takes us inside Trumpworld, post Election Day
Nov 05, 2020
Election 2020: What happens next?
Nov 04, 2020
Why Zeynep Tufekci saw the pandemic coming - and what else she knows
Oct 29, 2020
Google vs The U.S. Government
Oct 22, 2020
ESPN’s Pablo Torre on balancing sports and politics
Oct 15, 2020
Congress comes for big tech; Axios thrives in the pandemic
Oct 08, 2020
Is big media bouncing back from the pandemic?
Oct 01, 2020
Politico editor Carrie Budoff Brown on the challenge of covering 2020
Sep 24, 2020
QAnon Explained with NBC's Ben Collins
Sep 17, 2020
Ben Thompson explains TikTok, Trump and China
Sep 16, 2020
Morning Brew CEO Alex Lieberman is building a media brand one newsletter at a time
Sep 10, 2020
Baratunde Thurston wants to teach us how to be a good citizen
Sep 03, 2020
NYT’s James Poniewozik on the virtual conventions; CNN’s Brian Stelter on Trump + Fox
Aug 27, 2020
Why Desus & Mero are pandemic-proof
Aug 20, 2020
NYT CEO Mark Thompson on subscriptions, platforms and internal Slack fights; IAC’s Joey Levin bets on betting.
Aug 13, 2020
Kurt Andersen on the “Evil Geniuses” that got America into this mess
Aug 06, 2020
Sports are back! But for how long?
Jul 30, 2020
Why your favorite writers are taking their talents to Substack. Plus: Peacock!
Jul 23, 2020
Hank Green on everything YouTube, Tik Tok, podcasting, and Montana
Jul 16, 2020
How to run a newspaper in Hong Kong: South China Morning Post CEO Gary Liu
Jul 09, 2020
Why Fox bet $450 million on Tubi and free streaming
Jul 02, 2020
How Netflix became a streaming giant
Jun 25, 2020
W. Kamau Bell wants to help you understand racism
Jun 18, 2020
Wondery CEO Hernan Lopez wants to make the Marvel of podcasts
Jun 11, 2020
Conferences were a great business — before the pandemic
Jun 04, 2020
Twitter, Trump, Facebook and George Floyd with NYT’s Charlie Warzel
Jun 01, 2020
HBO Max is here!
May 26, 2020
Meet the man who made Netflix’s most popular movie
May 21, 2020
Joe Rogan takes his podcast to Spotify
May 20, 2020
It’s Twitch’s Time: Talking live streaming with gamer Dr. Lupo and journalist Bijan Stephen
May 14, 2020
How Tara Reade told her story
May 11, 2020
Michael Jordan's Last Dance, with director Jason Hehir
May 07, 2020
The man behind The Office brings you the future, on Amazon
Apr 30, 2020
Matthew Ball on how the pandemic will remake TV, movies and video games
Apr 23, 2020
How the Atlantic is thriving in the pandemic
Apr 16, 2020
Jeffrey Katzenberg's $1.75 billion bet on Quibi
Apr 06, 2020
TikTok, Facebook and podcasts respond to the pandemic
Apr 02, 2020
Making people laugh during a pandemic, with Jon Lovett and Jon Gabrus
Mar 26, 2020
How social media works - and doesn’t — during the pandemic
Mar 19, 2020
Why the Coronavirus canceled the NBA, with ESPN’s Brian Windhorst
Mar 12, 2020
How streaming changed comedy with Vulture’s Jesse David Fox
Mar 05, 2020
ViacomCBS gets into the streaming wars, too. Sort of.
Feb 27, 2020
Food52’s surprising success story, with co-founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs
Feb 20, 2020
Local news is dying. John Thornton wants to save it.
Feb 13, 2020
Spotify, The Ringer and the future of podcasts
Feb 06, 2020
How Netflix is changing The Oscars
Feb 06, 2020
Why Ben Smith is leaving BuzzFeed for the New York Times
Jan 30, 2020
BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti reboots his business plan
Jan 23, 2020
NBC’s Peacock enters the Streaming Wars
Jan 17, 2020
Anna Wiener on disillusionment with startup culture
Jan 16, 2020
How The Safdie Bros. landed Adam Sandler for Uncut Gems
Jan 09, 2020
Adam Davidson on how to thrive in this economy
Jan 02, 2020
Streaming wars! (Don’t call them streaming wars!) and everything else we learned in 2019, with Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw
Dec 26, 2019
Eat up! Food talk with The Infatuation’s Chris Stang and the New Yorker’s Helen Rosner
Dec 19, 2019
Vice Media CEO Nancy Dubuc on the internet, TV and her famous founder
Dec 16, 2019
The anatomy of a hit song, with Switched on Pop’s Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding
Dec 12, 2019
Roger Lynch’s plan to save Condé Nast
Dec 09, 2019
DAZN's John Skipper and the future of streaming sports
Dec 05, 2019
The men who want to remake Sports Illustrated: Maven’s James Heckman and Ross Levinsohn
Dec 02, 2019
Carolyn Everson runs the Facebook ad machine
Nov 27, 2019
John Stankey’s plan for HBO, HBO Max and WarnerMedia
Nov 25, 2019
Meet the man behind Disney+: Live from Code Media with Kevin Mayer
Nov 21, 2019
Scott Z. Burns on making movies with Amazon, Netflix & Steven Soderbergh
Nov 18, 2019
Did Disney+ and Apple TV+ live up to the hype?
Nov 14, 2019
What's next for The New York Times after The Daily?
Nov 11, 2019
Matt Levine left Goldman to become a journalist. Great move!
Nov 07, 2019
It's not HBO... It's HBO Max. Plus Steve Swartz, CEO of Hearst on turning a magazine publisher into a diversified media company
Oct 31, 2019
How the Wu-Tang Clan raised Sophia Chang
Oct 24, 2019
Introducing Reset: Can AI Teach You To Write Better?
Oct 20, 2019
How The Athletic CEO Alex Mather convinced people to pay for sports news on the internet
Oct 17, 2019
How Shea Serrano used the internet to become a best-selling author
Oct 10, 2019
BuzzFeed News' Ben Smith on covering Trump and making money
Oct 03, 2019
Complex CEO Rich Antoniello on running a youth culture media empire
Sep 27, 2019
Vox Media + NY Media CEOs Jim Bankoff and Pamela Wasserstein go behind the deal
Sep 25, 2019
Behind the scenes of the Brett Kavanaugh investigation with NYT's Kate Kelly
Sep 24, 2019
Craiglist's Craig Newmark is using his power and money to save journalism
Sep 19, 2019
How Survivor and The Sopranos created Trump, with New York Times critic James Poniewozik
Sep 12, 2019
Apple TV+ is coming. Will you pay for it?
Sep 10, 2019
The epic battle for Uber, with Mike Isaac from the New York Times
Sep 05, 2019
The decline of the right wing troll with CNN’s Oliver Darcy
Aug 29, 2019
Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley wants to know where you are
Aug 22, 2019
The Sportswriter: The Ringer's Bryan Curtis on the sports-media-politics mash-up
Aug 15, 2019
Taylor Lorenz on TikTok, Twitter … and Tumblr
Aug 08, 2019
John Harris, co-founder of Politico
Aug 01, 2019
Splice's Steve Martocci wants to remake the music business + All things Amazon with Recode's Jason Del Rey
Jul 25, 2019
Chuck Klosterman on Trump, Twitter and cancel culture - and his new book
Jul 18, 2019
Media mogul watch at Sun Valley with Dylan Byers + Erin Lee Carr on making true crime documentaries
Jul 11, 2019
The Texas Tribune’s secret sauce, with Emily Ramshaw
Jul 04, 2019
How Roger Ailes built Fox News - and how Gabriel Sherman turned Ailes’ story into a TV show
Jun 27, 2019
Vimeo’s Anjali Sud shifted the company’s strategy — and became its CEO + The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson on the limits of the ‘attention economy’
Jun 20, 2019
New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger at the Code Conference
Jun 13, 2019
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki at the Code Conference
Jun 11, 2019
Matthew Ball on Amazon vs Apple vs Netflix vs Disney, and how he built a digital media career by writing for free
Jun 06, 2019
ESPN’s Jimmy Pitaro on how he’s reshaping the network
May 30, 2019
YouTube’s Neal Mohan is trying to police the world’s largest video site + Game of Thrones is gone. What’s next?
May 23, 2019
Eugene Wei explains why we’re all ‘status monkeys’ on social media
May 16, 2019
Nick Hornby on writing for TV, 10 minutes at a time
May 14, 2019
Game of Thrones is down to its last dragon + Hulu CEO Randy Freer
May 09, 2019
Digital media pioneer Jason Hirschhorn on Netflix vs. Everyone Else
May 07, 2019
Kickstarter’s Perry Chen on 10 years and billions of dollars of crowdfunding
May 02, 2019
New York Magazine editor David Haskell on taking over after an industry legend
Apr 25, 2019
Why Jessi Hempel left a superstar writing career for LinkedIn
Apr 18, 2019
Disney enters the streaming wars + AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan
Apr 16, 2019
"Savage News" author Jessica Yellin on the dark side (and the silly side) of TV news
Apr 11, 2019
Nilay Patel and Peter Kafka talk about Apple's media event
Apr 04, 2019
How Brat co-founder Rob Fishman is making TV for the internet's young women
Mar 28, 2019
The business of podcasting with Jacob Weisberg, Bethany McLean and Marshall Williams
Mar 21, 2019
Brian Stelter, host of CNN's "Reliable Sources"
Mar 19, 2019
Alex Gibney, director of HBO's Theranos documentary "The Inventor"
Mar 14, 2019
"Shark Tank" star Mark Cuban on investing, sports gambling and how he helped Elon Musk
Mar 12, 2019
The New Yorker's Jane Mayer on Fox News and the Trump White House
Mar 08, 2019
Overtime CEO Dan Porter on making sports media for Gen Z
Mar 07, 2019
J2 Global CEO Vivek Shah on being a serial acquirer of media businesses
Feb 28, 2019
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson on sports gambling and buying Time Warner
Feb 21, 2019 founder Bryce Roberts: Why venture capital doesn't work for everyone
Feb 14, 2019
Gimlet co-founders Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber, plus Fortune CEO Alan Murray
Feb 07, 2019
Jill Abramson on BuzzFeed layoffs, "Merchants of Truth" and the local news crisis
Jan 31, 2019
NYU's Jay Rosen says 2020's political journalism will be even worse than 2016's
Jan 24, 2019
Axios business editor Dan Primack on newsletters, IPOs and the economy in 2019
Jan 17, 2019
Harvard's Susan Crawford on the importance of fiber internet
Jan 10, 2019
Neil Vogel on turning around an aging internet property
Jan 03, 2019
Filmmaker Hao Wu and Loretta Chao on streaming culture in China
Dec 27, 2018
Lydia Polgreen talks to Alan Rusbridger, former editor-in-chief of The Guardian
Dec 20, 2018
The big business of being a social media star
Dec 13, 2018
Axios reporter Jonathan Swan talks to Maggie Haberman about reporting on the Trump administration
Dec 06, 2018
Former GE and NBC executive Beth Comstock
Nov 29, 2018
How Twitch's CEO thinks about tech addiction
Nov 22, 2018
Netflix will get ads, predicts The Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green
Nov 15, 2018
Is the Daily Beast the new Gawker?
Nov 13, 2018
John Skipper: You’ve heard of ESPN. Now give DAZN a try.
Nov 08, 2018
'The Front Runner' director Jason Reitman
Nov 01, 2018
Snap VP of Content Nick Bell
Oct 25, 2018
NFL Network analyst Maurice Jones-Drew
Oct 23, 2018
'The Fairway' author Matt Taibbi
Oct 18, 2018
Rival CEO Nathan Hubbard
Oct 11, 2018
Vanity Fair editor Radhika Jones
Oct 04, 2018
'The Big Disruption' author Jessica Powell
Oct 02, 2018
The Markup co-founder Julia Angwin
Sep 27, 2018
'Big Game' author Mark Leibovich
Sep 25, 2018
Business of Fashion editor in chief Imran Amed
Sep 20, 2018
'The Land of Steady Habits' director Nicole Holofcener
Sep 18, 2018
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
Sep 14, 2018
Roku CEO Anthony Wood
Sep 13, 2018
Substack CEO Chris Best
Sep 06, 2018
ThinkProgress founder Judd Legum
Aug 30, 2018
Redef CEO Jason Hirschhorn
Aug 23, 2018
Digiday editor in chief Brian Morrissey
Aug 16, 2018
Discord CEO Jason Citron
Aug 09, 2018
Product Hunt CEO Ryan Hoover
Aug 02, 2018
'Eighth Grade' director Bo Burnham
Jul 26, 2018
'Billions' producer Brian Koppelman
Jul 19, 2018
Manoush Zomorodi: Can blockchain save journalism?
Jul 12, 2018
Eugene Wei: The invisible ceilings to Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter’s growth
Jul 05, 2018
‘The King of Content’ author Keach Hagey explains the Redstone dynasty
Jun 28, 2018
Spotify CEO Daniel Ek (Live at Code 2018)
Jun 21, 2018
Pod Save America co-host Dan Pfeiffer
Jun 19, 2018
Gimlet founders Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber
Jun 14, 2018
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson (Live at Code 2018)
Jun 12, 2018
Momofuku chef David Chang (Live at Code 2018)
Jun 09, 2018
Jessica Pressler talks 'lady grifters' + Ken Auletta on the 'frenemies' of the ad business
Jun 07, 2018
James Murdoch, CEO of 21st Century Fox (Live at Code 2018)
Jun 05, 2018
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and CTO Mike Schroepfer (Live at Code 2018)
May 31, 2018
Roman Mars, host of 99 Percent Invisible: Don't put podcasts behind a paywall
May 29, 2018
Ezra Klein explains Vox's new Netflix show 'Explained'
May 24, 2018
YouTube's Lyor Cohen on YouTube Music, Childish Gambino and Kanye West
May 22, 2018
What people get wrong about Robin Williams’ life — and his death
May 17, 2018
The Outline CEO Josh Topolsky: Online ads are stuck in the '90s
May 10, 2018
'Chasing Hillary' author Amy Chozick looks back on a decade of writing about Hillary Clinton
May 03, 2018
This is how the New York Times reports Pulitzer Prize-winning stories
Apr 26, 2018
Our hoax-filled internet, now available as a book (Rex Sorgatz, author, 'The Encyclopedia of Misinformation')
Apr 19, 2018
Outside Magazine editor Axie Navas: Yep, we're getting more political.
Apr 15, 2018
How Marques 'MKBHD' Brownlee got six million subscribers on YouTube
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MoviePass sounds too good to be true. Is it?
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Feb 01, 2018
How we pivoted from Facebook to Instagram (Dave Finocchio, CEO, Bleacher Report)
Jan 25, 2018
NYU’s Jay Rosen, CNN’s Oliver Darcy and BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel talk Trump and the media
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Digital media companies are headed for a crash (David Carey, president, Hearst Magazines)
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Will Trump still dominate the news in 2018?
Jan 04, 2018
Kara Swisher reviews the media, 2017 edition
Dec 28, 2017
Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir want to make figure skating great again
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I'm more famous than Anderson Cooper (Cenk Uygur, CEO, The Young Turks)
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Andy Weir on 'The Martian,' 'Artemis' and when we'll live on the moon
Nov 30, 2017
Hollywood’s sexual harassment story is far from over (Kim Masters, editor-at-large, Hollywood Reporter)
Nov 22, 2017
Don't 'lean in,' fight back (Sarah Lacy, author, 'The Uterus Is a Feature, Not a Bug')
Nov 16, 2017
How to make a ‘comedy-horror’ TV show (Dana Gould, creator, ‘Stan Against Evil’)
Nov 09, 2017
How Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner built and lost a rock and roll empire (Joe Hagan, author, "Sticky Fingers")
Nov 02, 2017
NYT's Michael Barbaro explains why you love 'The Daily'
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Samantha Bee on Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump (Live)
Oct 26, 2017
How blocking ads can save the media industry (Tony Haile, CEO, Scroll)
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Jimmy Kimmel on the intersection of comedy and politics
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How to start a company when you’re 25 years old (Brit Morin, CEO, Brit + Co)
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Sports have always been political (Jason Gay, columnist, Wall Street Journal)
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Why podcasts are better than radio (Jad Abumrad, co-host, Radiolab)
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When is the internet going to change TV ads? (Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia)
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Why Ken Burns won't leave PBS for HBO
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How to pay for serious journalism (Clara Jeffery, editor in chief, Mother Jones)
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How to compete against Google and Facebook: Go around them! (Tim Armstrong, CEO, Oath)
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A guided tour of the pro-Trump media (Oliver Darcy, CNN; Charlie Warzel, BuzzFeed)
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Chuck Klosterman talks about Nazis, Taylor Swift and the future of journalism
Aug 17, 2017
Patreon will help fans pay artists more than $140 million this year (Jack Conte, CEO, Patreon)
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Everyone still wants to be on TV (Tonia O'Connor, chief revenue officer, Univision)
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How food became cool (Larry Fitzgibbon, CEO, Tastemade; Helen Rosner, editor at large, Eater)
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How to make a bestseller that lasts (Ryan Holiday, author, 'Perennial Seller')
Jul 20, 2017
Shari Redstone, Vice Chair, Viacom (Code Conference 2017)
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Podcasting is growing up (Nick Quah, founder, Hot Pod)
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Why Hillary Clinton won't admit that she made mistakes (Rebecca Traister, writer at large, New York Magazine)
Jun 29, 2017
What Peter Thiel’s war against Gawker can tell us about Trump (Brian Knappenberger, director, "Nobody Speak")
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Dean Baquet, Executive Editor, The New York Times (Code Conference 2017)
Jun 17, 2017
Meet the Wall Street analyst the big media companies love to hate (Rich Greenfield, analyst, BTIG)
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Reed Hastings, CEO, Netflix (Code Conference 2017)
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BuzzFeed chairman and HuffPost co-founder Ken Lerer on the future of media
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'Better Call Saul' actor Michael McKean doesn't care how you watch
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Why this four-hour Grateful Dead documentary took 14 years to make (Amir Bar-Lev, director, 'Long Strange Trip')
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Information doesn't have to be free (Jessica Lessin, CEO, The Information)
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W. Kamau Bell talks about Trump, racism and podcasting
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Tracking a drug boss across the web (Nick Bilton, author, 'American Kingpin')
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The New York 'Startup' scene gets a novel (Doree Shafrir, author)
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How Neil Gaiman's ‘American Gods’ finally made it to TV
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Inside the Trump White House (Mike Allen, co-founder, Axios)
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Why TV is different from YouTube (Reza Izad, CEO, Studio71)
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Uber investor Jason Calacanis doesn't want to hear your idea
Mar 30, 2017
How to be a rock musician in 2017 (Craig Finn, 'We All Want the Same Things')
Mar 23, 2017
Glenn Beck doesn't care if he alienates Trump voters (Live at SXSW)
Mar 16, 2017
The Huffington Post wants to reach Trump voters (Lydia Polgreen, editor in chief, The Huffington Post)
Mar 09, 2017
'Why is this on Mashable?' asks Executive Editor Jessica Coen
Mar 02, 2017
Making a superhero movie for adults (Scott Frank, screenwriter, 'Logan')
Feb 23, 2017
The New York Times wants to become like Netflix (Gabriel Snyder, journalist)
Feb 16, 2017
Here’s the secret to making things popular (Derek Thompson, author, ‘Hit Makers’)
Feb 09, 2017
Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget says Trump is pushing 'anti-American' policies
Feb 02, 2017
The future of advertising is 'fewer, better ads' (Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus)
Jan 26, 2017
How the press can save itself in the age of Trump (Jay Rosen, professor, NYU)
Jan 19, 2017
Fox's digital ad guy wants you to use an ad blocker (Joe Marchese, president of advanced advertising, Fox Networks Group)
Jan 12, 2017
How to make $11 million by failing (James Altucher, founder, Choose Yourself Media)
Jan 05, 2017
Why is there no fake news on LinkedIn? (Daniel Roth, executive editor, LinkedIn)
Dec 29, 2016
Kara Swisher: Journalists must be 'tougher on everybody'
Dec 22, 2016
Trump will blow up political journalism (Margaret Sullivan, columnist, the Washington Post)
Dec 15, 2016
Making viral videos before YouTube (Burnie Burns, co-founder, Rooster Teeth)
Dec 08, 2016
Did racism motivate Trump's voters? (Stephen Dubner, co-author, 'Freakonomics')
Dec 01, 2016
Trump-related 'terror and hysteria' isn't justified (Ken Kurson, editor-in-chief, Observer)
Nov 23, 2016
Musicians who fight Spotify are 'so f-cking dumb' (Bob Lefsetz, author, Lefsetz Letter)
Nov 17, 2016
The 'Star Trek' reboot could have naked aliens (Jim Lanzone, CEO, CBS Interactive)
Nov 10, 2016
You've outraged the internet? Here's how to apologize. (Bryan Goldberg, CEO, Bustle)
Nov 03, 2016
How tech PR works (Brooke Hammerling, founder, Brew Media)
Oct 27, 2016
Smosh and ScreenJunkies boss Keith Richman: We're looking into TV
Oct 25, 2016
BuzzFeed's video boss Ze Frank on going viral at scale
Oct 20, 2016
Ex-Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau: I'm afraid of a 'smarter Trump'
Oct 18, 2016
Donald Trump is still a 'short-fingered vulgarian' (Kurt Andersen, co-founder, Spy)
Oct 13, 2016
Behind the scenes of 'Vice News Tonight' (Josh Tyrangiel, executive vice president, Vice)
Oct 11, 2016
Keith Olbermann: Covering Donald Trump is like covering a tsunami every day
Oct 06, 2016
"Call Your Girlfriend" co-host Aminatou Sow on how to make a hit podcast
Sep 29, 2016
Skip Bayless: Why I left ESPN for Fox Sports 1
Sep 22, 2016
CNN's Brian Stelter: No, CNN is not biased for Trump
Sep 15, 2016
Gigaom founder Om Malik on the virtues of a heart attack
Sep 08, 2016
The New York Times has to think like a tech startup (Sam Dolnick and Clifford Levy, editors, New York Times)
Sep 01, 2016
Skift CEO Rafat Ali: Small media companies are beautiful
Aug 25, 2016
Gawker wasn't always mean (Elizabeth Spiers, founding editor,
Aug 18, 2016
James Andrew Miller examines Hollywood's top agents in 'Powerhouse'
Aug 11, 2016
We're not startup bros anymore (Ilan Zechory and Tom Lehman, co-founders, Genius)
Aug 04, 2016
So, you’ve been shamed by Twitter (Virginia Heffernan, author, "Magic and Loss")
Jul 28, 2016
Gary Vaynerchuk can't wait for the startup armageddon
Jul 21, 2016
Donald Trump is bad for democracy (Jacob Weisberg, chairman, Slate Group)
Jul 14, 2016
Documentarian Alex Gibney says the Stuxnet virus was a "new kind of weapon"
Jul 07, 2016
Daring Fireball's John Gruber: "I'm a writer first and a businessman second"
Jun 30, 2016
​Steve Jobs "literally caught me with my pants down" (Brian Lam, founder, The Wirecutter)
Jun 23, 2016
Malcolm Gladwell wants to make you cry
Jun 16, 2016
The Ringer editor Sean Fennessey on ending Grantland, starting again
Jun 09, 2016
"Warcraft" director Duncan Jones: Don't watch this movie on an iPhone
Jun 02, 2016
You have to fight robots to see Beyoncé (Michael Rapino, CEO, Live Nation)
May 26, 2016
How email saved Jason Hirschhorn's life
May 19, 2016
Samantha Bee says hiring more women = better comedy
May 12, 2016
Why Larry Wilmore used the N-word at the White House Correspondents' Dinner
May 05, 2016
The NYT's Jenna Wortham just wants to "write about people who look like me”
Apr 28, 2016
"Veep" Producer Frank Rich: Trump Can Win
Apr 21, 2016
Snapchat Should Start Paying Its Users (Hunter Walk, Investor, Homebrew)
Apr 14, 2016
From Fake Steve Jobs to HBO's "Silicon Valley" (Dan Lyons, Author, "Disrupted")
Apr 07, 2016
Millennials Aren't an Alien Species (Philippe von Borries, co-CEO, Refinery29)
Mar 31, 2016
Can Donald Trump Be Stopped? (Nate Silver, Founder, FiveThirtyEight)
Mar 24, 2016
Digital Brands Are a "Sh*t-Ton of Work" (Troy Young, President, Hearst Magazines Digital)
Mar 17, 2016
Peter Gould, Co-Creator, "Better Call Saul"
Mar 10, 2016
Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, theSkimm Co-Founders
Mar 03, 2016
Adrian Wojnarowski, Editor of The Vertical
Feb 25, 2016
David Remnick, The New Yorker Editor
Feb 17, 2016
Andrew Jarecki, "The Jinx" Director
Feb 11, 2016
Chet Kanojia, Starry CEO
Feb 04, 2016
Nick Denton, Gawker Media Founder, and Jason Epstein, Investor
Jan 28, 2016
Shani Hilton, BuzzFeed Executive Editor of News
Jan 21, 2016
Chris Altchek, Mic CEO
Jan 14, 2016
Albert Wenger, Union Square Ventures Partner
Jan 07, 2016
Rufus Griscom, Heleo CEO
Dec 31, 2015
Ev Williams, Medium CEO
Dec 24, 2015
Katie Nolan, Fox Sports TV Host
Dec 17, 2015
Brian Rolapp, NFL Media Czar
Dec 10, 2015
Ricky Van Veen, CollegeHumor Co-Founder
Dec 03, 2015