Earn Your Happy

By Lori Harder

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Category: Self-Help

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Get all the inside secrets and tools you need to help you bust through your fears, connect to your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life, business and relationships… Listen in as Lori Harder, founder of the Bliss Project, 3X time fitness world champion, fitness expert and cover model, turned self love junkie - lifestyle entrepreneur and author digs in shares the goods! Each episode is designed to give you the tools, ideas, and inspiration to take action in your life. Tune in for an inspirational guest, a story or a "quickie" of motivation to get you out of a funk or blast you even further on your rockstar journey! Stop waiting until you are happy and go out and earn it! I promise to make sure we have some fun along the way - you can't take this life too serious. It's time to fall in love with the process and take back your control! Oh and please make sure to share the episodes that give you goosebumps and leave us a review!

Episode Date
303: Divorce Your Negative Patterns

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • All of the life happening around us
  • How divorce is just a word
  • Mentally participating
  • Considering cooperation
  • The two beliefs




Show Notes


In today’s solo episode, I really wanted to talk about participation. Think about it. Are you participating with life in the way that you truly want? Life is happening all around you, and I’d really like for us all to think about how we’d like to participate in it. Today we are going to really dive into just what participating in life looks like, both in our minds and in our words.


Question Highlights:

  • Are you participating with life in the way that you truly want?
  • What is easiest in your life?

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Dec 13, 2018
302: Q&A: How Do You Deal With Social Anxiety

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Our favorite quotes of the moment
  • Managing mental + emotional breakdowns
  • Social anxiety




Show Notes

That’s right, it’s Q&A Day! Listen in as Evans and I share our favorite quotes of the moment, the review of the week, and as we go through and answer questions that you have sent in. We talk about the holiday season, bottling up emotions, and overcoming social anxiety.


Review of the Week:

leangela nola girl “Lori: I must say how much your podcast has helped me. A couple months ago I decided to take the journey of finding my true self. Your podcast is taking me on this journey. I’m so thankful for your wisdom and insight. You are helping me to accept the fact that I’m in control of my reality and my reality is my responsibility. I’m taking what I want and I’m anointing myself. Women need to hear your message. Thanks a ton.”


Question Highlights:

  • Michelle asks.. I have a Q for Lori, how does one have less and less mental breakdowns per week, per month, per year. I am trying to improve my life by having less mental/emotional breakdowns. I feel like sometimes I don’t ask for what I need or I bottle up emotions so that leads to them. I would love your personal take on this! Thank you!!! Love you Lori!!!
  • Alissa asks… My question is about social anxiety because I've realized that this is something I suffer from when I'm around new people.
  • Do you have any tips for overcoming social anxiety and how to feel confident in a room with people you don't know well?

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Dec 12, 2018
301: Wanna Be A Boss In Business and Life? Advice From the Original Boss Babe with Natalie Ellis

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • How Natalie got her entrepreneurial start
  • Where BossBabe came into Natalie’s life
  • Experiencing burn-out
  • Deciding to take a stand for her health
  • Balancing self-care and high standards
  • Finding the right type of integrator for your business
  • Creating more space
  • Being direct and honest in conversations
  • The biggest thing Natalie learned this year
  • Moving forward together as a couple
  • Growing quickly as a business
  • What female entrepreneurs should be asking themselves
  • Fears and dealing with them
  • What Natalie is most excited for




Show Notes

I am SO excited for today’s episode, because the original boss babe, Natalie Ellis is joining me! Natale is the CEO and co-founder of BossBabe, an online community inspiring women and championing collaboration over competition. She is a total powerhouse in creating connection and helping women move forward in their businesses. Natalie has a passion with helping women get out of feeling stuck, all while showing them how to be empowered and free to build their own businesses. She is a strategic serial entrepreneur, who gets out there and makes her goals and dreams HAPPEN. Have a pen and paper handy, because Natalie offers countless words of wisdom and advice!


Question Highlights:

  • What has it taken to get where you are growth-wise?
  • In what ways did you begin to realize you needed to do something different?
  • How do you maintain high achievement and high standards, while still trying to balance self-care?
  • How do you look for and hire someone who is an implementer?
  • What do you need most in order to get what you want in this next year?
  • How do you deal with having to say no, in order to make space for the great things?
  • How do you approach and prepare for conversations around topics that are difficult?
  • What was your biggest learning lesson from this last year? Challenge?
  • What is scaring you in your life right now?
  • What should female entrepreneurs be asking in order to get them where they want to be?
  • What are some tactics that you have to use around fear?
  • What is the most exciting thing coming up for you?



Armed with a degree in Business Management, Natalie Is a successful serial entrepreneur with a love for business strategy, psychology and entrepreneurship. Natalie has worked with academic institutions and government organizations to advise on young entrepreneurship, as well as winning over 11 national awards for her work in the space. Natalie’s passion Iles in empowering and supporting women to have the confidence and skills to build and run successful businesses.

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Dec 10, 2018
300: Why You Need to Go All In!

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • What passion really looks like
  • Going all in
  • The boats in your life right now




Show Notes

It’s time for a quickie episode! Today I want to have a conversation around going ALL IN on your dreams, and no longer play the back and forth game. So many of you are on your path to your dreams, but we haven’t really made that full on commitment to ourselves and our dreams. We experience resistance in what we want to go after every single day. Passion is HARD WORK. Today’s episode is full of the truth that you need to hear.

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Dec 06, 2018
299: What Are Your Biggest Challenges As A Female Entrepreneur?

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Fun questions Evans and I have for each other
  • Struggles as an entrepreneur
  • Finding your own style
  • My fashion journey + self expression




Show Notes

It’s time for another Q&A Day with Evans and I. Today you’ll hear our favorite quote for this moment, and we are flipping the script and have questions for one another to answer. We have both created a challenging question, and a fun question for each other to answer. Don’t worry! I am also answering some incredible questions that you have sent in to me.


Question Highlights:

  • What is something you wish you could avoid in your life right now, but also know it’s what you need?
  • If there was only one style of pizza you could order for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • What are you resisting right now?
  • What was your worst haircut?
  • “What have some of your biggest challenges been as a female entrepreneur, also, have you always known that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?”


  • “What has helped you the most in owning yourself, your story, and moving forward creating tribe and following your heart and dream?”


  • “I’d love to hear you talk about fashion and how that’s a part of our self expression. How you pick out clothes, outfits, how your journey with your dress has been and evolved. We all have those fitting room blah stories, so I always find it interesting to hear how people separate things like clothing sizes and the struggle-city it can be to a self expression journey.”


Review of the Week:



“I stumbled across this podcast completely by accident on iTunes. I was in the darkest place I had been in a long time, and just gave it a shot. I sat at my desk in tears because I felt like Lori was speaking right to me. I never imagined I would be excited for Monday’s, but each new episode brings my soul so much peace. I laugh, I cry, I am challenged, and I think deeply about every word I am left with after listening to Earn Your Happy. There is something for every woman on this podcast, and you will not be sorry you gave Lori a shot.”

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Dec 05, 2018
298: Managing Family, Triggers, and Holiday Stress with Caty Pasternak

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • How she started her path
  • Holiday evolution for Caty
  • Preparing your energy for the holidays
  • Planning the days ahead of time
  • Gift-giving
  • Letting go of people-pleasing
  • Feeling resistance
  • Tips for navigating what you want
  • Making perspective shifts
  • Creating new traditions
  • Food, booze, and triggers
  • Post-holiday self-love work




Show Notes

Today Caty Pasternak, a Women’s Leadership coach + content creator, joins me on the podcast. Caty helps leaders embody new levels of evolution so that they can create lives that turn their soul ON. By providing support and strategy, Caty helps women stretch out of their comfort zone so that they can earn more, love deeper, and experience magic everyday. I just love how real and open Caty is, and her total authenticity. This is a super timely episode because we talk all about the holidays! From going home for the holidays, dealing with food triggers, to creating new traditions, this episode has it ALL for you.


Question Highlights:

  • Did you ever have that, “Who am I?” moment?
  • What got you started on your path?
  • How has your evolution over the holidays been over the past 5 years?
  • How do you energetically prepare?
  • What advice do you have for people who love giving gifts?
  • What is something that you practice around letting go of people pleasing?
  • Is there anything you are in resistance in right now with this season?
  • What are some of your perspective shifts?
  • How do we navigate all of the triggers, like food and alcohol, this time of year?



"It’s about really making an empowered decision from your intuition. “No, there’s something that’s actually out of alignment here that I don’t want to be a part of.” I feel like if we drop into that space and we become anchored in our truth, there’s nothing that we can really get overly triggered by because we know we’re listening to our soul and not running around in fear because of our mind.”

“Really taking this entire month just celebrating everything that’s been created, and to be with myself and all of that process to just reflect on all the growth, all the evolution of things in business, and just be in deep gratitude and celebration.”


Caty Pasternak believes that we are all meant to EXPERIENCE our power as conscious creators and to live with radical authenticity, love, and abundance. Within her first year, she created a multiple six-figure coaching business. And it wasn’t because of a fancy marketing tactic…..it was because of my embodiment, creativity, and energy.


She utilizes hypnotherapy, NLP, biz strategy, intuitive development, and quantum physics to support women through personal and business transformations in her private mentorship and mastermind programs. Caty also creates content for multiple channels, as well as posting weekly videos to her Youtube channel, and her podcast, Sexy Soul Radio.

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Dec 03, 2018
297: You Will Never Be Enough for Who You're Not Enough For

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Grace during the holiday season
  • Expectations put upon us
  • Why you should stop trying to be enough
  • Teaching people how to treat you




Show Notes

Today I felt it really necessary to talk about expectations and not being enough. We are going to flip the script a bit today though, and rather than talk about our own expectations, we are going to chat about the expectations that people have on us. On the book tour, I noticed that there were so many people who felt this nagging expectation from people in their past to keep showing up how they used to show up. We’ve all heard it, “Oh, you aren’t the same person.” Well today, I’m going to free you from that–I’m giving you the permission to disappoint other people.

I also wanted to remind you to get your tickets to The Bliss Project, coming to Newport Beach, CA this March. It is going to be an incredible weekend of complete life transformation & immersion!



“”The more grace that you can have with yourself, and let go of those expectations, and just say, “You know what, I’m going to be really present and I’m just going to stay in motion.””


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Nov 29, 2018
296: Separating Your Physique From Your Self-Worth

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • How the Tribe Called Bliss book tour went
  • Asking for help
  • Expectations + grace
  • Books + Podcasts Lori loves
  • Going from an idea to reality
  • Body image and self-worth




Show Notes

Welcome to another Q&A Day with my Q&A co-host and assistant, Evans! These episodes are always fun because I get to answer questions from all of you, and it helps me feel even more connected to this incredible community. Evans and I also share great quotes that are really speaking to us–and a few laughs, too! Today we are also sharing our experience from the Tribe Called Bliss book tour.


Question Highlights:

  • @sheryl_scranton: “What is your most life-changing book? What are you currently reading? What’s your favorite podcast?”
  • @empowermentwithelizabeth: “I’m planning a retreat and I’m curious about the process of Bliss Project–how you went from the idea to executing it. How did it get from an idea to reality?”
  • @victoriaevansofficial: “How do you seperate your physique from your self-worth? I’m really struggling right now not to put so much value on my body after losing weight. I’m having a hard time seeing myself as my body. Did you ever struggle with this as you were competing in fitness?”  


Review of the Week:

“Lori, I can’t thank you enough for what both your book and podcast have done for me. When I went through a messy breakup with my ex, one of my friends/fellow coaches suggested this book to me and your podcast. I’ll be honest, at first I was apprehensive. So many friendships and relationships have been burnt in my life, why light another candle and redevelop a tribe? But, you’ve given me the courage to be brave, to step up, and to anoint my own dang self with self-love, encouragement, bravery, and replacement of negativity, fear, judgement, etc. With positivity, compassion, understanding, I’m excited to see where your journey takes you because you’ve helped so many of us and deserve the best. Keep rockin it sista!”



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Nov 28, 2018
295: How to Use Positive Psychology to Get Results in Life and Biz with Niyc Pidgeon

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • How Niyc found positive psychology
  • The day of Niyc’s own awakening
  • How Kundalini yoga has been a game changer
  • Niyc’s way of creating an event
  • How she found her value
  • Her book writing journey
  • Giving and receiving permission
  • Happiness pie




Show Notes

Today I am joined by the amazing Niyc Pidgeon, a positive psychologist, success coach, international speaker, and author of Now Is Your Time. Niyc is obsessed with empowering women to create more joy, and unstoppable success within themselves and their businesses. Yes please! We talk all about her awakening, what sparked her interest in positive psychology, and how she found her own value. The conversation we have is epic, and I can’t wait for you all to benefit from all we talk about.


Question Highlights:

  • Did you notice that you had work to do around your lack/money mindset?
  • What was a big thing that helped you switch the lens you viewed through?
  • What does your life look like now?
  • What are some of the main things that are helping the women that come to you?
  • How do you start to create an event or container?
  • How did you find your value?
  • What did your journey look like while writing a book?
  • What is the most exciting thing in your life right now?
  • Was there a theme for what was blocking women this year?
  • How did you start your million dollar business?



“Positive psychology is like a breath of fresh air and it focuses on human strength and virtue and what we do right as people, rather than what we do wrong.”

“I had to do a lot of personal growth before I even recognized I had a negative money mindset.”

“I’ve learned in life and business to go towards the ease, to lean into where the energy is.”


Niyc Pidgeon, a Positive Psychologist MSc BSc CTLLS IPPA, Award Winning Best Selling Hay House Author “Now Is Your Chance”, International Speaker, and Certified High Performance & Success Coach CHPC, from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK with a big heart, a big vision, and a big mission. Her aim is to help a million women change their lives using Positive Psychology by the year 2020, and she’s well on her way to creating that.  

She is proud to have already created a business with a global reach, helping tens of thousands of people around the world to access the strength inside of them, to step up and be, do, create, and have more!

Through her best selling book, Now Is Your Chance, her personal coaching programs, and online Now Is Your Chance community, Niyc is helping you help yourself by equipping you with the tangible tools, and personal learnings that can really help you make a positive difference in your life


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Nov 26, 2018
294: Use Your Superpowers to Reach Your Goals

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • How to care + make an impact
  • We all have superpowers
  • Releasing our energetic cords
  • Forgiving yourself + others




Show Notes

Today, I want to talk about focus. So many of us believe that we have to care about every little thing, and that our value is determined by just how caring we are. This causes so much scattered focus, leading to us actually not doing anything for what we truly care about. We are going to talk about our superpowers and energetic cords, and how to release them in order to move forward.



"If you’re aiming at nothing, you’re certain to hit it.”

“When we forgive someone, it’s not for them, it is for us.”

“Your thoughts are energy.”


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Nov 22, 2018
293: Q&A Day: Recognizing Habits, Finding New Goals & Being EPIC

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • The upcoming Bliss Project
  • Reevaluating your habits
  • Quotes we are loving
  • How to know what your next goal is
  • Preparing yourself to be an epic human




Show Notes

We are having another Q&A day today, so I’m joined by my lovely assistant, Evans, to answer questions sent in by you! I also wanted to remind you to get your tickets to The Bliss Project, coming to Newport Beach, CA this March. It is going to be an incredible weekend of complete life transformation & immersion. Tickets are over half sold out– I want to make sure you can get yours before they are gone!



  • “How do you train your brain to be productive even when you’re not feeling it?”
    • From: _angela_jones
  • “How do you know what your next goal is? How do you prepare yourself for the day to be an epic human being?”
    • From: kathleenparent.ca



"I only hang around people who feed my vision now.”

“You would be amazed at what opens up for you when you actually start following the energy and the creativity.”


Review of the Week:

“Lori Harder knows what’s up and speaks to my soul. If you’re on a journey to truly love yourself and find your happy, you absolutely need to have this podcast in your life!”



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Nov 21, 2018
292: An Awakening: Releasing Fear + Judgement with Dr. Erin Haskell

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Setting invocations for groups
  • Reprogramming yourself; why you should + how
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Speaking your truth
  • Finding what it authentic to you
  • Erin’s belief on judgement
  • Freeing yourself around relationships
  • Needing love and attention
  • Ultimate truths + relative truths
  • Different boundaries in friendships
  • Traditional ministry + what Erin’s ministry looks like
  • All about Erin’s book, Awakening
  • Ending benediction from Dr. Erin




Show Notes

I am beyond excited to share this episode with each one of you, especially if you’re ready for incredible wisdom to totally pierce your soul, because today I am joined by Dr. Erin Haskell. Dr. Erin Haskell is the creator and host of Good Morning LALALAND, a live streaming television show focused on reporting good news and inspiration. She has so much truth, light, and intention in all that she does. Erin is an all around go-getter and spectacular woman, and I knew she would be a great guest to have on the show.

In this conversation, we talk about how Erin likes to start off all of her meetings with an invocation for the group, plus she shares her story and how she found her way to being the Doctor of Divinity. We go deep into how and why we should reprogram ourselves from past stories and traumas, and releasing fears and anxieties. Erin also shares ways that we can work on ourselves in relationships, how to free yourself from judgement, and both finding and understanding our own truths.

This conversation moved me, and truly shifted my soul. I can’t wait for you all to listen and have a little piece of Dr. Erin in your life today, too.


Question Highlights:

  • What was the pivot from darkness to the first step out of darkness?
  • How do we gain the willingness to look + start working on reprogramming?
  • What is the best way to release fear and impostor syndrome?
  • How do you allow you to show up for yourself?
  • What to do around finding your truth without the judgement?
  • How can you free people up around relationships?
  • What can we think of to get back to a neutral state in order to make decisions when in relationships?
  • What is an ultimate truth? A relative truth?
  • What type of ministry does Erin practice?
  • What is Erin’s book, Awakening, about?



"All those judgements, al that stacking up of self-judgement, and that gets triggered when we are touching on our greatness."

"Relatives truths are what’s true for you."

"You are here to judge; you’re here to say what works for you and what doesn’t work for you."

“That is the highest stance is to not make anyone wrong.”

“When you do your own work, everyone around you transforms instantaneously.”

“We need to have fun, we need to play, but we need to remember what we’re here for which is really… we’re here to do work.”


Dr. Erin Fall Haskell, Doctor of Divinity, New Thought Leader, Transformational Author and Speaker, Conscious Entrepreneur, Global Peace Leader Award 2016, Mother and Lover of Life!

Erin lives in Los Angeles, where she is featured in television, radio, magazines, and top blogs as the expert “Spiritual Coach.” She is the “Dear Abby” of the consciousness movement where she focuses on bringing fun to “The Shift” in La La Land. After many years of counseling top celebrities and Grammy winners she wanted to bring her programs to the masses. Her book Awakening; A 30-Day Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Guru, comes to bookstores near you in 2017. Claiming her birthright of prosperity and abundance, she is a self-made millionaire and an active philanthropist. Bottom line, she attributes her happiness and fulfillment to the spiritual truth, which is not just knowing the universal truth, but living it!

“There are moments in life when something happens, life alters, and your entire perception transforms instantaneously.” For Erin, that moment was 22 years ago when she was holding her stillborn son in her arms, just after giving birth to him. “Tears were streaming down my face as I looked at his beautiful body and realized his body was still there, but he wasn’t. I realized he wasn’t his body; he is a spiritual being. One can conceptually understand that we are not these bodies, but I got it on an entirely different level, my entire world crumbled, delivering me to spiritual revelation.” This sent her on an intense spiritual quest traveling around the world, discovering truths and working with gurus and spiritual masters learning how to live and embody the truths that had been revealed.


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Nov 19, 2018
291: Your Journey WILL Be Messy, and That's PERFECT

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • The current Tribe Called Bliss book tour
  • Why “the messy stuff” is good for you


Show Notes

Messy is a part of everything. It’s vital to be messy in the beginning. We don’t get the good ideas if it’s NOT messy.

A lot of times we stop ourselves from doing things because we think about the things that we DON’T want to happen; the worst case scenario parts.  But we need to focus and change our perspective around this.

So many of us are stuck in those thoughts that you’re literally it won’t even allow yourself to move forward.  START! Start Googling, take the next action to make the path less scary.

Your mantra for this time is: “I’m going to leap, it’s going to be messy, and that is going to be perfect.”



"I’m going to leap, it’s going to be messy, and that is going to be perfect."


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Nov 15, 2018
290: How to Sustain Self-Motivation when you Suffer from Setbacks

In this episode we talk about:

  • Evans and I reminisce about our Oprah Cruise last week and talk about some of the things we learned while traveling.
  • Answers to a bunch of questions from YOU.
  • Back-up plans for your life
  • How to change the story you feel about how OTHERS view you.
  • How to deal with setbacks


Questions Answered in This Episode:

  • “Please talk about back-up plans. I feel like having one is telling the universe that it’s ok for me to NOT live out my passion.  I am super conflicted with this and would love to hear your thoughts!” - Holly Dorfman
  • “I’ve been gossiped about, not cheered on, etc by other women so I have a bad story about women in my life. How did you change the story about how women see you?” -Amy Burnes
  • “How can you sustain self-motivation when you constantly suffer from a lot of setbacks?”  -@NRQuotes94


Favorite Quotes:

  • “If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.”
  • “Forget your troubles and dance.” -Bob Marley
  • “Stay focused on whatever you want to do and don’t doubt yourself.”
  • “Focus is more important than intelligence.”


Review of the week:

By “Hauber18” - “Finding yourself if hard. Earn Your Happy podcast is a reminder that you can do it! Lori’s inspiring and so enjoyable to listen to. Want to be the best version of yourself, it starts here!”

Nov 14, 2018
289: How to Reprogram Your Brain to Make You Superhuman - Dr. Joe Dispenza

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • How Dr. Joe reprogrammed his brain in order to heal his body after a traumatic accident
  • Being present with greater intelligence
  • Future present reality vs. past present reality
  • The creative process
  • Going from victim to creator
  • Teaching your body emotionally what the future will feel like before it happens
  • Causing an effect vs. cause and effect
  • Conditioning your body and brain into the future
  • The importance of creating on a daily basis
  • Losing free will to a “program”
  • Getting beyond your environment
  • Creating energy to heal
  • The natural state of being
  • Addiction to emotions
  • Blind spots of awareness
  • Getting conscious of unconscious thoughts
  • Walking meditation
  • The delicate balance between intention and surrender
  • Loving intelligence
  • Neurochemically conditioning your body to work as one
  • Dr. Joe’s workshops and retreats




Show Notes

I am so beyond grateful for today’s guest, Dr. Joe Dispenza. His books and teachings were at the very beginning of my journey and completely shifted everything for me. I believe there are moments in life that impact you so deeply and you’re never the same. In this episode, I talk about that moment and how everything I looked at changed forever. 

As an international lecturer, researcher, author and educator, Dr. Joe believes that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities. This is why his passion has led him to educate thousands of people on how they can rewire their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes. I can tell you firsthand that this is what he did for me. I truly believe his teachings were the beginning of rewiring the way I think. With a passion for neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics to explore the science behind spontaneous remissions and evolved consciousness. You will be blown away by Dr. Joe’s miraculous stories! 

So please, get comfortable and listen to every single word of our incredible conversation and if this hooks you, I encourage you to go grab one of his books and read it!


Question Highlights:

  • Did you always have this mind-body connection or do you feeling like it got awakened after your accident?
  • What advice do you give people who are in an environment that isn’t helpful for where they want to go?
  • How do you not take things personally or navigate that world of reflection?
  • Can you paint a picture of what it looks like when a person knows what to do but can’t quite visualize it?
  • What’s the connection between moving your body and getting into a new environment and accelerating that change?
  • Can you tell me about your events?



"It’s so much easier to forget our vision than it is to remember it.”

“We’re innately wired to be creators.”

“The power that made the body heals the body.”

“Your personality creates your personal reality.” 

“If you’re not being defined by a vision of the future, then all you’re left with are memories of the past.” 

“Wisdom is the memory without the emotional charge.”

“The unknown has never let me down.” 

“My definition of the creative moment is when I forget myself.”


Joe Dispenza, D.C. is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator who has been invited to speak in more than 32 countries on five continents. As a lecturer and educator, he is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities. In his easy-to-understand, encouraging, and compassionate style, he has educated thousands of people, detailing how they can rewire their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes.

In addition to offering a variety of online courses and teleclasses, he has personally taught three-day progressive workshops and five-day advanced workshops in the U.S. and abroad. Starting in 2018, his workshops will become week-long offerings, and the content of the progressive and advanced workshops will be available online. (To learn more, please visit the events section at: www.drjoedispenza.com.) Dr. Joe is also a faculty member at Quantum University in Honolulu, Hawaii; the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York; and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He’s also an invited chair of the research committee at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a researcher, Dr. Joe’s passion can be found at the intersection of the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics to explore the science behind spontaneous remissions. He uses that knowledge to help people heal themselves of illnesses, chronic conditions, and even terminal diseases so they can enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life, as well as evolve their consciousness.

As a NY Times best-selling author, Dr. Joe has written You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter (Hay House, 2014), which explores our ability to heal without drugs or surgery, but rather by thought alone. He has also written Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One (Hay House, 2012) and Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind (2007), both of which detail the neuroscience of change and epigenetics. Becoming Supernatural is Dr. Joe’s fourth book. His film appearances include HEAL (2017); E-Motion (2014); Sacred Journey of the Heart (2012); People v. the State of Illusion (2011); What IF – The Movie (2010); Unleashing Creativity (2009); and What the #$*! Do We Know? & Down the Rabbit Hole, extended DVD version (2005).


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Nov 12, 2018
288: How to Prepare for the Tests Life Throws at You

In This Episode We Talk about:

  • The need for tests in order to realize our dreams
  • Fear of tests
  • Supporting yourself




Show Notes

I just returned from being on an Oprah Magazine Cruise with Holland America and am still sitting in the experience. I met so many amazing people and got to speak to and coach a different demographic than I’m used to. And while having lunch and random conversations with so many of these people throughout the week, I realized that we’re all the same, and we’re all tested at one time or another. 

Never be ashamed of your dreams or the thing you want to do the most. There will always be tests along the way that test your faith. And while they’re often super uncomfortable, they are 100% necessary to help you realize your dreams. Instead of giving up, say “bring it!” This is your faith practice. It’s digging in your heels, being scared, and not feeling good – and moving forward anyway. After all how can you be tested if you’re not experiencing it?

“It’s OK to be afraid, but it’s not OK to give up." 

So lean in. Experience it. Let time help you work through it. Your faith is tested by often extreme measures. Learn how to support yourself through it. Who can you call? Can you pray, meditate or read a book? What keeps that faith alive? Just as you would study or prepare for a test, you must prepare (not avoid) the tests that come up around your dream.

“Don’t resist the test, prepare for it – it’s how you pass.”

These tests will strengthen you and help refine what you’re meant to do. Stop avoiding them.

“You don’t get better or get the reward unless you keep showing up – no matter the result.”

So keep showing up. Let go where you can and know that you’re not alone. Something beautiful is just around the corner. Are you ready for it?


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Nov 08, 2018
287: Q&A Day: How to Quiet the Negative Self Talk

Review of the week:

"Earn your Happy is one of my FAVORITE podcasts! Lori truly speaks from her heart and experience and wants everyone she reaches to ‘earn their happy’! From amazing speakers to a quick 5-minute quote, this podcasts fuels my creativity and grit to do more work with my life! THANK YOU Lori for all this amazing content! If you have not listened, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!



Ally M.

"My question for you is, have you ever faced problems with jealousy, and if you have, do you have any tips on how to overcome those feelings?"


Genevieve L.

"I am a UK-based listener and have been really inspired to become part of a business that has a positive impact on the world like yours and a lot of the guests on the podcast. Do you know of any UK-based entrepreneurs or businesses for people like me to check out?"


Amy W. @amywilford15

"It was so awesome to finally meet you randomly in the courtyard at The Summit of Greatness through our mutual friend Linda! I <3 you, your content, and your authenticity, BUT if you could claim anyone else’s content as your own, whose would it be and why?"


Alex A. @atracktive

"What are some things I can do to put my negative self-talk (aka my inner sh*t talker) on mute?"


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Nov 07, 2018
286: Learn How to Market Your Passion & Go Big - Amy Porterfield

In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Amy’s 3 stages/phases of business
  • Confidence-boosting in phase 1
  • Why you should avoid comparison and protect your space
  • The importance of producing content on a consistent basis
  • The ideal customer avatar
  • Amy’s insecurity at first in the online world
  • The two types of people you need in your life
  • Keeping things simple and finishing everything you start
  • Finding your “sweet spot” in phase 2
  • Amy’s early mindset struggles and mind-blocks
  • When to push past your pricing comfort zone
  • Why you should focus on the opportunities and possibilities when promoting a new product/program – not the features
  • Asking for help in phase 3 and building a team
  • How Amy is getting uncomfortable to do bigger and better things (membership program)
  • Getting support at a high level, and picking and choosing what you need
  • Tips for a millionaire launch
  • Why Amy loves webinars and how she uses them




Show Notes

I’ve been following today’s guest, online marketing expert, Amy Porterfield, for so long and we have so many mutual friends that I feel like we’ve known each other for years…but we’ve never even talked before this interview. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but we definitely made up for lost time with our interview.

If you’ve never heard of Amy and you work with online marketing in some way, shape or form, or you’re just plain curious what it’s all about, you’re not going to want to miss our conversation. We discuss Amy’s three stages of business and all the feelings and tools that go along with each of them. I can’t tell you how much of what she shared helped me and my team as we were right in the middle of one of our own launches.

This episode was filled with valuable tips, tools and advice for all levels, and I can’t wait to hear if any of her tips help move you to the next level, too! If you know of someone who could benefit from this episode, please share!  


Question Highlights:

  • Who are we talking to when we say “new” to the online world?
  • What are some of the first steps that someone would take to move through the emotions of overwhelm?
  • What do you think is important in the early stages? What will help break you through to phase 2?
  • What was your phase one like?
  • What woman were you at phase 2?
  • What advice do you give around plateaus?
  • In phase 2, what were your biggest blocks?
  • What things came up in phase 2 that you thought were going to take you down?
  • What do you experience at the start of phase 3?
  • What are the plateaus of phase 3?
  • What are some of the biggest tools of phase 3?



"You need to surround yourself with people who are doing amazing things and show you what’s possible.”

“Every decision you make is not set in stone – you can pivot and reinvent yourself and do new things.” 

“Stop playing small in the places where there’s opportunity to play big.” 

“If you become the person who finishes what they start, you’re going to be in a prime spot to start scaling.”

“Look for experts who are laser-focused where you want to go.”


Amy is an online marketing expert and educator and the host of the top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. Amy has worked with mega brands like Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, where she oversaw the content development team and collaborated on groundbreaking online marketing campaigns. Through her bestselling marketing courses, thriving social media community and popular podcast, Amy inspires a grounded, tangible and self-affirming sense of “Wow! I really can do this” for over 250,000 online entrepreneurs. She proves that by moving away from “step-by-step” and into “action-by-action”, even the newest online entrepreneurs can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and instead generate exciting momentum as they move closer to building a life and business they love.


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Nov 05, 2018
285: Q&A Day: How to Juggle Work and Personal Life

Questions answered in this episode:

@stellalunaevents "What was the biggest challenge you had to face to live out your true purpose?"


@Mistyyynnhaar "How do you confidently juggle work and personal life?"


@julie_ann_davey "What's the most pivotal decision you've made in your life that changed everything?"


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Oct 31, 2018
284: Free Yourself from Your Lies That Keep You Small – Girl, Wash Your Face

In this episode we talk about:

  • Navigating the success of Rachel’s book, Girl, Wash Your Face
  • How Rachel confronts her insecurity with knowledge
  • Self-sabotaging when you’ve surpassed your dream
  • Anxiety
  • Why Rachel is grateful to be overwhelmed at times with her book’s success
  • The stories and lies we tell ourselves (that aren’t true)
  • Achieving in order to receive attention and love
  • Playing small
  • Showing up as yourself
  • Women stereotypes




  • Book: Girl, Wash Your Face | Get it on Amazon!


Show Notes

Oh my goodness, I am geeking-out excited to share my conversation with today’s guest, Rachel Hollis. Author, CCO of The Hollis Company, motivational speaker, podcast host and let’s not forget, a mother of FOUR, she is so incredibly amazing and authentic to her core. And if you don’t already know and love her, you will after our conversation.

After watching Rachel speak at events and reading her most recent book, Girl, Wash Your Face, I knew this interview was going to be off the charts. She is just so authentically real and I love that she remains the same no matter where she shows up. Rachel just wants to give and has share her servant heart with as many people as possible.

We talk all about what’s going on for her in terms of her book’s unexpected success and also the occasional feelings of overwhelm creep in and how it relates to every woman out there and the stories and lies that we tell ourselves day in and day out. But let me assure you, no matter what lie you’re telling yourself, Rachel shares the tools that can help us all rethink and change them. 

I cannot wait for you to join us in our conversation because yes, this one will really make you feel like you’re sitting in a room with both us. Enjoy!


Question Highlights:

  • If what is happening right now happened even three years ago, would you have been ready for it?
  • What’s the voice in your head saying when you don’t want to confront something?
  • What were some of the stories you told yourself growing up?



"The only way to get past suffering is to confront it.”

“In order to teach people, you have to interact with people.”

“I would rather try to live life as myself than live a life to please someone else and drown myself in anxiety.”

“Live life for yourself. Don’t let other peoples’ opinions dictate who you’ll become.”

“The closer you get to who you are in your heart is the closer you get to happiness.”


Rachel Hollis is a #1 New York Times best-selling author of Girl, Wash Your Face, a TV personality, top motivational speaker, top podcast host, CCO of The Hollis Company and mother of four. Rachel was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the “Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30” and she is deeply passionate about empowering women in business.

Known as "the Tony Robbins for women" because of her motivational, high-energy style, Rachel has a unique ability to empower and embolden a female audience. Motivational, inspirational, and always approachable, Rachel’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude is a refreshing approach that allows her to authentically connect with audiences everywhere.

Her company, The Hollis Company exists to arm people with the tools to make positive and lasting change. They do this by creating media, products, inspiration and community that challenges their audience to reach for a better version of themselves every day. They believe that everyone can benefit from a personal growth mindset-- most especially people who’ve never encountered it before.


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Oct 29, 2018
283: You Will Get Caught Being Yourself

In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Releasing expectations
  • Being yourself
  • Lori’s newest spoken word poem




Show Notes

I have been on a major rollercoaster this year (an awesome, but scary one), and I think it is so vital that I share with all of you why stepping into and becoming the your highest self is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. 

I’ve been tackling some really big things lately – lots of speaking gigs, book tour events etc., and not gonna lie, they’re all freaking me out. But here’s my trick to getting through them all – I’m letting go of any expectations I have around the outcomes.

“In order for me to work through fear, I have to fully accept anything and everything can happen.”

There is no ONE thing that is going to make or break my life. And as I navigate each any every new thing, I gain more and more clarity around being truly me. Full honesty, I feel the most alive and “myself” that I’ve ever felt. You see, there is zero room for being something that you’re not, because eventually you’re going to get caught being yourself. For me, that’s showing the side of me that loves to perform spoken word, sing (future podcast performance?), and swear. Parents, this may mean putting “earmuffs” on the kiddos now and again. Keep in mind, I’m not trying to purposely offend anyone – it’s just how I express myself on occasion.

For example, in this episode I’m sharing a 30-second excerpt of a new spoken word piece I’m working on…I drop the F-bomb once, but it’s because that was the word that moved me in the moment. It’s about being yourself with a bit of discernment for your audience, right? 

So here’s to stepping into a new version of yourself! Who’s with me and how soon do you want to do it? Whenever that moment takes place, please let me know so I can cheer you on!


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Oct 25, 2018
282: Q&A Day #1

Questions answered in this episode:

@sarahitfit "If you only had 4 months to live, would you continue on your journey or stop?"

@chefdarkcocoa "When walking away from situations that no longer serve you, why does it feel so effinecrappy?"

@llindseyschwartz "What has been the most influential thing you've done to elevate your financial mindset"


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Oct 24, 2018
281: Why Your Passion Still Requires Hard Work

I’m so excited for you all to hear my conversation with the magical trifecta that is Betches Media – Samantha Fishbein, Jordana Abraham and Aleen Kuperman. With a following of more than 6 million followers on Instagram, their presence has taken social media by storm with their funny and light-hearted approach to wellness, dating, careers, pop culture, politics and more. If you haven’t heard of them, I highly recommend traveling down their entertaining Instagram rabbit hole (I did and it was incredible).

In an effort to offer the missing female counterpart to the “bro” culture, these three college friends decided to share their voice and opinions with the masses. With an obvious need fulfilled, their website at the time took off and has since morphed into podcasts, an eCommerce store, books and so much more.

With two books already under their belts, a third book, “When’s Happy Hour,” which focuses on careers is set to release Oct. 23. Whether you’re in college, unfulfilled by your job or fulfilled but driven for more, this book will teach you how to succeed in a career and make yourself better – with lots of laughs along the way.

These women are redefining what it means to love what you do, and I’m so happy they’re taking us all along for the ride.


In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • What Betches Media is all about and how it was founded
  • Taking action and creating content
  • Taking an honest look what you’re good at – and what you’re not so good at
  • Importance of planning
  • Self-awareness
  • Monetizing what you’re good at
  • The ups and downs of eCommerce
  • How Betches found their voices through speaking the thoughts that other people were thinking
  • How Betches deal with criticism
  • How Betches manage their friendships
  • Who Betches wrote “When’s Happy Hour” for
  • Redefining what it means to love what you do






Question Highlights:

  • Could you explain and break down what you’re doing in your business?
  • How did you all get started and what was your intention in the beginning – and how has it changed since then?
  • Why did you pick the topic for your new book?
  • In the beginning of your business, what were the parts you loved to do and what parts were challenging?
  • What do you do to protect and nurture your relationships with each other?
  • What are your favorite parts of what you’re doing now?
  • What is a question you wish more people would ask you?
  • What are some new challenges coming up for your business right now?
  • Who is your new book, “When’s Happy Hour,” for?




"It’s better that people are saying something, even if it’s not good, than not saying anything at all. At least criticism shows that people care.”

“Even the most amazing job that allows you to follow your passion is work.”

“Follow what makes you happy, what you’re good and what moves you, and live in a way that aligns with that.”


Betches is a multi-platform media company for millennial women to experience comedy and empowerment in an honest environment. Founded in 2011 by Cornell University alumni Aleen Kuperman, Samantha Fishbein, and Jordana Abraham, the company was launched as a blog with the core column “Betches Love This.” Betches has since expanded to become a robust, digital destination that boasts a strong social media presence through their cult Instagram with more than 6.2 million followers, @Betches, two New York Times bestselling books, I Had a Nice Time And Other Lies… and Nice Is Just a Place in France, e-commerce platform, Shop Betches, and vast editorial content including multiple pop-culture, political, and new-centric podcasts and video. Visit www.betches.com to learn more.


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Oct 22, 2018
280: Spoken Word Poem: Fear Marks the Spot

This past weekend I was invited to write and share a new spoken word poem at my soul sister, Danette May’s event. To say I was terrified is putting it mildly, but I did it! And while I’m still processing my the journey and the emotions around it, one thing I know for certain is that my fear is always the X that marks the spot when it comes to what fulfills me and makes me feel like I’m living in my highest potential.

I shared a couple clips of the poem on social media, but have gotten several requests to hear the poem in its entirety. Always one to feel the fear again (why?!), I’ve recorded it on this episode and have provided the words below. If my words pull at your soul and you know someone else who would benefit, please share. Thanks so much for all of your support!

Here we go…

I got up today only to find that I’m still not yet where I want to be

A little less “I woke up like this” 

A little more - “existential crisis” – feeling stuck in my reality.


When I think about who I am now, compared to who I think I’m supposed to be 

I wake up every morning, AND INSTEAD of doing things that set me free

I put on a straight-jacket and wear someone else’s identity. 


Not even accepting myself on my own ID 

Height one inch taller

Weight 10 pounds smaller

Anyone else fear a lie detector test at the DMV – or is it just me?


Just the thought of trying to change my life makes me feel defeated 

Like I got the short end of the stick

Or like this bitch over here got all the talent 

And I got cheated.


When I close my eyes, I can see my life’s vision

But when I open them, I can’t see past my email, my thighs, my to-do list and dirty kitchen

I mean what’s it gonna take to reach my dream, be seen, and get attention?

Instead of growing my mind

I put all my energy towards beauty, titles and Instagram mentions.


When will I be enough?

Thanks to Fairytales and Ariel, I’ve spent my whole life chasing people and stuff

“Look at this stuff isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?”


Still waiting for my Prince Charming, castle and Fairy Godmother

Jerry Maguire said, “You complete me” 

So feeling enough must ONLY come from a love.r


So many mixed messages, it’s no wonder we’re confused

The world tries keeping us busy stressing over low carbs, waist trainers and red-bottom shoes

They sidetrack us from our purpose with diets and promises of youth

But it’s a choice to decide to be committed to finding and living your truth.


The other day I was walking past a man in conversation with his mate

He said, and I quote, “You deserve the life you tolerate”

I just about choked

Cause at that point in my day I was feeling upset

Sorry for myself because there are unlived dreams I haven’t met yet

If what I tolerate is the life that I’m living 

then you’re telling me it’s been my choice to not use these gifts I’ve been given?


They say through ownership I can get my power back

I gotta be honest – easier said than done

I was really hoping this whole personal development thing would be a little more fun…


True story – I was recently at an event like this

Sitting in the audience

And from the stage I felt the speakers words hit me in the soul much like a deliverance:

I am not what you think I am; I am not what I think I am; I am what I think you think I am.”

Let me repeat that….

I am not what you think I am; I am not what I think I am; I am what I think you think I am”

Moral of the story is the only thing that’s stopping us, is what other people think 
Get your mind off other people’s shit 
And put your soul back in the driver’s seat! 

The only thing wrong with you is that you think something is wrong with you.


Everything is right with you 

In spite of you

Ignoring the higher you

The answers are all inside of you

So why are you

Gripping onto others view

When what they think of you is… 

NOTHING. Because they’re only thinkin’ about themselves.


The truth will set you free,

But first it will piss you off

And the truth is:

If you keep fighting for your limitations, you get to keep them

It’s time to stop choosing suffering 

and choose to fight for your queendom. 


I know the life I’m born for and the woman I’m supposed to be

I’m embarrassed to tell you my soul is an undercover celebrity

So where do I go if I believe the life I have now must be disputed 

It’s like I can see I’m on screen

But my voice has been muted

It’s been so long since I’ve used it, or maybe I never learned how

But lately something’s stirring, rising up telling me my time is now.


What stops us are the lies we choose to believe

It’s an imagined future of pain that we think we perceive 

It’s when I’m alone that my fears go viral

Next is panic, then my anxiety starts to spiral. 


I’m picturing judgment, comparison, an imagined future that’s not even real 

It’s our past informing our future telling us how to feel!

I believe the reason we feel pain is because we need to bridge the gap,

Between our fear and our faith in our source and its unlimited tap.


In order to become the woman I’m chasing

I have to let go of the woman I’m facing

The mirror is the place where you have to fall in love

With all the scars from our past 

Reconfigure them from curses, into gifts from above

Trusting that what you have now is what you need to begin

And who’ll you’ll become will transform as you start to step in.


If I don’t start to take action now, it will be consequential 

Because my biggest fear is dying, without reaching my highest potential

‘Cuz it just takes one to change your family tree

and your bravery and courage is bringing your ancestors to their knees

They may not have been able to use their voice or have what you do

That’s why you must take action,

They have blazed this trail for you.


But we have to wake up from the lie, and emerge from our comas

To stop sleepwalking through life requires more than a kiss from a prince or diploma.


See, the magic of life is that it gives you clues

And if you’re open and seeking you get glimpses of truth

And in case it’s still in question, YES you’ve been chosen, you’re forgiven it’s written

But you gotta SHOW UP - STAND UP - RISE UP - stop sittin’.


The map to your bliss is to follow it, and keep showing up

It’s going to be messy, your hands will shake, you’ll get criticized and you’ll want to throw up

Becoming the biggest version of you is the scariest thing you’ll do 

You’ll have darkness and pain and some friends will leave you.


But I’m going to let you in on life’s ultimate hack

It’s that you get to choose gratitude even when it feels like the universe doesn’t have your back.

God wants to use you

He guides those who are willing

And it’s not up to you to decide if your dream is worth killing


You’ve got a soul contract to live into your life’s call 

Don’t worry about failing, you will, it’s a part of it    

But you’ve got sisters here to catch you when you fall

Choose love

Choose forgiveness 

Choose courage

Choose your truth.


Every single time you show up 

It gives more hope for our youth

Stay close to what makes you feel ALIVE

Don’t just survive 

That’s not why you’re here

But you gotta continue to do the things that help you get clear.


PAY ATTENTION to soul hits, nudges and winks

AND whenever you get them, take action and don’t think

Sometimes when I’m quiet, when I’m running, or if Eminem’s rapping

I’ll lose myself in the music and feel God start the tapping

On three, everybody get up, we’re gonna start clapping


3, 2, 1…


Sister you're a star – you’re a strong girl

Playin’ in your gifts - gonna start to change the world today

You got glitter on yo' face

Your hair’s in place

Spreading your magic all over the place




We will, we will rise up

We will, we will rise up


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Oct 18, 2018
279: How to Become the REAL You with Drew Canole

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • The power of cleaning up your thoughts
  • What it means to be in your “light body”
  • How different fears hold us back
  • Creating your own dream landscapes
  • Using dreams to connect
  • The importance of a morning ritual
  • The Choice Point
  • How to pull yourself out of a “neutral” state
  • How being more you unlocks new levels
  • Why we’re all one
  • Drew’s new book, “You Be You” and the book-writing journey
  • Why we need to invest in ourselves




Show Notes

My friend, founder of Organifi and now author, Drew Canole is back on the show and I couldn’t be more happy as I feel a bit like I need to redeem myself after my last interview with him – I can’t believe how nervous I was last time! Since that time, not only have we hung out multiple times, but we’ve participated in a week-long retreat in Costa Rica together as well. I never knew it was possible to laugh so much! Drew has definitely helped me see that fun is a requirement of up-leveling our lives!

Drew has a unique ability to help others tap into different parts of their lives and uncover who they truly are. And one of the primary ways Drew is doing that today is through his new book, You Be You, where he guides readers to “detox their lives, crush their limitations and own their awesome.” Why achieve your goals or present the world with a counterfeit version of yourself when it will never feel completely true to who you are?

Be prepared to have a lot of laughs and hear a lot of wisdom in our candid conversation. And if you’re looking for a way to unlock that next level of being YOU, definitely pick up his book!


Question Highlights:

  • Why did you pick the title of your book?
  • When you’re in your “light body,” what does that feel like?
  • In the past, who did you think you needed to be in order to navigate through life in a successful way?
  • Do you ever go through “seasons” – a winter or a dry spell?
  • Once you achieve a goal, what do you do next? How do you unlock the next level?
  • In your life right now, is there any area where you’re not fully showing up as yourself?
  • What are the conversations coming out of your Organifi book club?
  • Why is this book making such huge shifts?
  • Why should people grab your book?




"When you choose to do something in the moment, you have to be present.”

“When you’re present is the only time you can manifest or materialize your goals, desires and dreams.”

“The world doesn’t need a counterfeit you. The planet needs a re-remembering of who you truly are.”

“When you start to give more love to yourself, you open up a world of possibilities.”


Drew Canole is an author, transformation coach, and founder of Organifi. Drew has helped thousands of women and men revitalize their health, ignite their vision, and shift the course of their life forever. After reaching a dead end in his own health, Drew discovered the chasm of difference between going through the motions and living with radical intention. He now helps people tap into the "Big You" to create the change they never thought possible.


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Oct 15, 2018
278: What You Have To Do NEXT in Order to GROW

Fair warning to you before you start listening to today’s episode – I am en fuego! Having just attended Lewis Howes’ Summit of Greatness and being surrounded by 1,500+ big thinkers, there’s no way I couldn’t be. It’s events like these that force me to take chances and go for the things that scare the living crap out of me!


“Fear is your invite for growth.”


The purpose of life is growth and progress. We are all meant to find what makes us fulfilled and happy, but sometimes that’s the thing we fear the most.


As an exercise, I want you to write down the 10 things you’re most afraid of – they can be big or small. These are your next steps. From here, circle the least scary step – or perhaps the scariest step. Whichever you choose, act on it, no matter how uncomfortable or scared you are. Rejection or failure is inevitable, but the biggest gifts are on the other side.


No, I’m not super human, but I will say after receiving 21 rejections on my books, I am grateful for them because they helped me land the publishing company that liked it! Plus, consistently doing the things that I have fear around helps me grow and throughout that process I’m also showing thousands of others that they too can do it.


Most recently one of my fears is about sharing a spoken word poem I wrote for my friend, Danette May’s event this weekend. I love doing this, but I’m terrified of what others think! (Be sure to tune in because I’m sharing a small portion of it with you.) But here’s the thing, I want to grow and I don’t want to leave this world living up to anything less than my highest potential. I do mess up while reading it, but I’ve left it in because I want you to see that sometimes we have to mess up and let others see it in order to free them as well. I hope it gives you some of that freedom, too.


So today, stop playing small. Do something messy, unplanned or share something that doesn’t feel good. And be sure to share it with me over on IG…I love hearing from you!



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Why the purpose of life is growth and progress
  • Why the biggest gifts are on the other side of fear
  • Her upcoming spoken word performance





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Oct 11, 2018
277: How to Become the Person Who Makes BIG Impact with Tom Bilyeu

I am so thrilled today to have Tom Bilyeu on the show! I recently had the amazing opportunity and experience of being interviewed on his podcast, Impact Theory and I couldn’t wait to continue the conversation and learn even more about the similarities in our lives and business – and this time, pick his brain.


Similar to my journey, Tom grew up in a family who struggled with their weight, and broke the pattern by choosing to pave a healthier way for himself and as result change the trajectory of his life at the same time. That’s why today he’s so passionate about helping others who struggle with their weight. However, Tom is the first to acknowledge that it’s not always an easy path. In fact, when it comes to success in weight loss or a business or career, nothing is guaranteed – except the pain or struggle. And to get through any of that, you must take action and also accept that you may not be right about x-y-z right now. We have to be willing to make changes if we want to see change.


Tune in to learn just what Tom does that helps him do just that. He shares so many tangible takeaways for all of us to start looking at what we’re doing right now and more into our next level of life. Please let me know what thoughts or actions you put into place because of them!




Question Highlights:

  • Can you tell us a little about your background and what got you started in studying film?
  • What’s the difference between finding knowledge and finding what motivates you?
  • What is it in your mind that makes you contemplate what is good and change your path?
  • What do you do and what do you look for in order to make sure you’re putting yourself in those spaces?
  • What does creativity mean to you and what would your life look like without it?
  • Where does the creation of a comic book fit into things right now?
  • What’s your grand vision for what you’re doing right now?
  • Do you know what that one story is?
  • How are you seeking out the people needed for your next level?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Tom’s family history of obesity
  • Why Tom’s deeply passionate about helping people who struggle with weight
  • Why the brain is malleable until we die
  • Embracing inadequacies
  • 80/20 motivation principle
  • The difference between drive and ambition
  • How Quest Nutrition was founded on passion
  • Why Tom wasn’t a born entrepreneur
  • The concept of renewal in nature and in life
  • Cultivating a frame of reference
  • Tom’s eagerness to reinvent himself
  • Finding fulfillment
  • Accepting that you’re wrong about things now
  • Why being the smartest person in the room is a trap
  • Being “anti-fragile”
  • Harnessing adaptability
  • Building relationships and making authentic connections
  • And so much more…




“I’m going to believe the things that empower me.”


“The gap between where you are and what you want to accomplish is a gap of skillset. It is you not being good enough.”


“If you want to get to extraordinary, you’re going to have to realize that we’re rewarded and punished.”


“Drive is the willingness to act on a day-to-day basis in a way that moves you toward your goals. Ambition is having the goals.”


“To develop my drive, I had to suffer.”


“Things that are hard are gonna be the things that develop who you are.”


“What would we do and love every day even if we were failing?”


“The struggle is guaranteed – the success is not.”


“The skillset you already have has already taken you as far as its going to unless you do something that introduces you to a new idea that you turn into a usable skill.”  



Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Tom’s mission is to break people out of the Matrix by sharing transformative content and fostering one-to-one communication within the Impact Theory community. Tom believes that human potential is nearly limitless, but the dual pandemics of mental and physical malnutrition are hindering a realization of this potential. Through in-depth interviews with the world’s top achievers, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Maria Sharapova, and Mel Robbins, Tom explores mindset-shifting tactics, questions accepted belief systems, and uncovers distinctive strategies for success.


Tom regularly inspires audiences of entrepreneurs, change makers, and thought leaders at prestigious conferences and seminars around the world, including Success Live, Hustle Con, Thrive, Abundance 360, Mindvalley’s A-fest, and Freedom Fast Lane. Tom has been featured on numerous top-rated podcasts such the Tony Robbins Podcast, The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes, Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey, and the Dr. Drew Podcast, and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Success, and The Huffington Post. He is currently on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.


Instagram: @tombilyeu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tombilyeu


Impact Theory Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/impact-theory-with-tom-bilyeu/id1191775648?mt=2 

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Oct 08, 2018
276: Anxiety and Productivity Hack!

Today I’m talking about the vital topic of taking action and curing those moments where you’re just sitting in pain thinking. The last week (typically in the mornings is when I struggle the most), I’ve been overthinking – everything. Have you ever caught yourself in a downward spiral like this? And it’s during moments like these that I’m really trying to work on shortening the amount of time they last.


“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.”


Here’s my hack – even though I drag my feet sometimes. TAKE ACTION!


“Action cures anxiety.”


Here’s the thing, even something infinitesimally small and new leads to new results. Plus, when your mood is more neutral, and less in a place of suffering, you’re in a better place to welcome new ideas and opportunities. I’m not saying you need to take action all the time…far from it. After all, we need time to relax and connect with other people, but please do not choose suffering! Take the action that will make you feel better. (Trust me, I wouldn’t tell you anything that I wouldn’t tell myself!)


I want you to know that I see you taking uncertain actions despite those doubts in your head, and I’m cheering you on. Thank goodness for tribe because even though I’m scared too, I know I have a group of people that have my back regardless of what’s going on. And I’m here to tell you that no matter what you’re going through right now, I just want you to know that I think you’re magic. We are all magic and we’re not meant to suffer and play small! You need to keep pushing forward and sharing your uniqueness with the world!


Thank you so much for listening and supporting my podcast. If this message resonated with you, please share with a friend and be sure to shoot me a note on IG – I would love to hear how it resonated with you! 



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Taking new action for new results
  • Limiting the time between taking action and suffering, and designating a time to rest
  • Why suffering is a choice




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Oct 04, 2018
275: Go With Your Gut - The Journey of Releasing Emotional and Physical Weight with Robyn Youkilis

You know how every now and then you get lucky and have a conversation with someone who just “gets” you, your journey and how your brain works? Well, today’s guest, Robyn Youkilis checked that box. Growing up in a family that used food as a source of love, comfort and connection, I could completely relate. Don’t get me wrong this is a great thing, however the breaking point for Robyn (and myself) is when we started gaining weight and that warm, fuzzy connection went away and instead turned into a difficult connection.


Once she made this realization, Robyn set out to create a new conversation around food and weight. She didn’t want to view things as “good” or “bad,” rather she wanted to slow things down and figure out what foods would best support her body.


After much trial and error (that still happens on a daily basis), she now teaches others that it’s OK if you don’t have it all figured out – it may even take decades. It’s all about finding a formula that works for your body and adheres to what your intuition is telling you and keeps you in alignment. She also touches on how motherhood impacted her relationship with food and how it led to an impactful shift in her life then and now.


I had such a great time connecting with Robyn during this conversation. If you’re someone who struggles with your relationship with food, this episode is a must listen (and her book, Thin from Within, a must read).




Question Highlights:

  • What is your life philosophy and how did you get to this place?
  • What did the process of slowing down look for you?
  • How has food become a foundation for everything you’re doing?
  • What’s something in your life right now that you’re so excited about that you weren’t able to do before because food/body was taking up so much space in your brain?
  • What is lighting you up the most right now?
  • What is a question you wish more people would ask you?
  • Do you have a secret dream that you envision for your future?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Robyn’s relationship with food and how it changed at age 13
  • The emotional and physical weight of not living in alignment
  • Food as an experience
  • Robyn’s initial resistance with motherhood and how it was a major foundational shift for her
  • How Robyn has learned to slow down, connect with her body and intuition and gut, teach from that place and “calm the eff down”
  • How to connect with your body
  • Setting intention behind activities to achieve alignment
  • Finding your intuitive food voice
  • Robyn’s power yogurt parfait and Rule of Five Plate
  • The connection between your food/body and success in other areas of your life
  • Rockstar Coaching Program
  • Robyn’s new book, “Thin from Within”
  • Why Robyn wants people to how she “does it all”
  • And so much more…




“You feel good when you're connected to other people.”


“My body is my home.”


“Let your own story and journey be what you want it to be and know that it’s OK.”


“Go with your gut.”



Robyn Youkilis is an AADP Certified Health Coach, author, speaker, and leading expert in holistic digestive health. For nearly a decade, Robyn has helped clients shed both physical and emotional weight with her straightforward yet supportive coaching style, Your Healthiest You. She is the author of the best-selling books, Go with Your Gut and Thin From Within - The Go with Your Gut Way to Lose Weight, and has been featured by The Cooking Channel, The View, The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, Health, Mind Body Green, Well Good, The Chalkboard Mag and more.

Robyn currently lives in New York City and Los Angeles with her husband and their daughter. She has been a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) for nearly a decade and enjoys traveling, music festivals and eating dessert at fancy restaurants (one bite at a time, that is!).



Instagram: @robynyoukilis
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robyn.youkilis

Book: Thin from Within

Check out my website at loriharder.com. Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook.

Oct 01, 2018
274: Why Being Out Of "Alignment" Helps You

I’m fresh off a mastermind call with my closest sister friends and I’ve come to the realization that it’s OK to be a walking, breathing contradiction. Typically, when it comes to being in alignment, we’ve always talked about lining it up with our true purpose or highest potential. While I still believe this is a part of it, I also think a bigger part of it is being aligned with your truth in the present moment.


In order to feel this “truth” though you have to sometimes be out of alignment and feel those feelings, too. Sometimes this means feelings of darkness and ugliness or worry and insecurity. It’s super important though that we not stay in these feelings too long. Acknowledge them and that you feel out of alignment, and make the conscious choice to leave that dark place (or whatever emotion you’re feeling) when the time is right. Remember that this is all a part of the human experience and determine if there is something you could do to make yourself feel better.


Admittedly, I’m in a bit of a dark season right now. I have a ton of amazing things happening in my life now, but there’s this nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me I need to set some more goals and accomplish more. I’m in a season where I need to find self-worthiness without having a ton of goals to prove that I am. Can anyone relate?


Have I navigated my way through this particular season yet? No – I’m still working through it. So, right now I’m giving myself grace and allowing myself to feel all the feels. I’m choosing healthy outlets such as walks, nourishing foods and yes, sometimes crying it out, because choosing a downward spiral isn’t going to serve me in the long run. I’m committing to move forward…period.


I hope this helps you if you’re also going through a similar season. Continue to nurture yourself and one day, when things clear, you’ll realize that it was all meant to help you keep in alignment with your true purpose.



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Redefining what alignment means
  • Why your value shouldn’t be tied to your accomplishments
  • The seasons of life





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Sep 27, 2018
273: Turn Pain and Fear into Courage and Learn How to Talk to Anyone with Alex Banayan

I love a good story and today’s guest, author Alex Banayan has a great one – so much so that parts of it have become part of my husband Chris and I’s daily walks. Thank goodness I met him in person when Chris interviewed him so I knew whose stories he was actually talking about. ;) Another fun coincidence, we’ve both been on the Price Is Right, but Alex actually WON and used those winnings to fund his new book, The Third Door.


Alex shares with us his seven-year book journey that lead him to interview some of the world’s most successful people to show how they broke through and launched their careers. But let’s not downplay the fears and obstacles that Alex had to navigate through as well. From disappointing his family and losing his father to insecurity and being turned down by potential interviewees, Alex was persistent and now helps others conquer obstacles of all kinds – internal and external.


Alex truly is a gifted storyteller and I know you’ll be able to relate to some many facets of his journey. You don’t want to miss it!




Question Highlights:

  • Now that your book is out in the world, what has been a response that you weren’t expecting?
  • What was the whole point of writing your book?
  • What does pain with awareness look like for you right now?
  • Do you think there’s always a way for anything you choose or just for the moments when your gut pulls you that way?
  • Have you ever had to let go of helping someone in your life because they’re not ready to help themselves?
  • What was a story that freed you up the most?
  • What is something that shook you before your book came out?
  • What are you most excited about right now?
  • Who is the ultimate person you want to read your book?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Alex’s seven-year book journey
  • Using pain as a motivator
  • Evolving motivation
  • Alex’s insecurity while writing The Third Door
  • How Alex’s pain evolved into curiosity
  • How Alex’s Price Is Right winnings funded his book
  • Why being naïve can be an advantage
  • The difference between fear and courage
  • Why Alex’s family didn’t initially support his book
  • Welcoming fear to get more comfortable
  • How fear was a universal element in achieving a dream in all the people Alex interviewed
  • Sharing in order to connect with others
  • How to conquer internal and external obstacles
  • And so much more…




“Pain with awareness is our teacher.”


“You can give someone all the best tools and knowledge in the world and their life can still be stuck, but if you change what someone believes is possible, they’ll never be the same.”


“Courage is acknowledging fears, analyzing the consequences and then deciding you care so much about it you’re going to take one thoughtful step forward anyway.”



ALEX BANAYAN is the author of the national bestseller The Third Door, which chronicles his five-year quest to track down Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Warren Buffett, Maya Angelou, Steven

Spielberg, and dozens more of the world’s most successful people to uncover how they broke through and launched their careers.


Banayan has been named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, Business Insider’s Most Powerful People Under 30, and been featured in major media including Fortune, Forbes, Businessweek, Billboard,

Bloomberg TV, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, and CBS News. An acclaimed keynote speaker, Banayan has presented the Third Door framework to business conferences and corporate leadership teams around the world, including Apple, Google, Nike, IBM, Snapchat, Salesforce, Disney, Harvard, and countless others.




Instagram: @alexbanayan 

Book: The Third Door


Find it on Amazon


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Sep 24, 2018
272: The SECRET To Reaching Your Next Level

This past weekend I spoke at the Thrive event in Las Vegas (which was amazing), and I also came to the realization that my life is one big classroom. You see, I got sick the morning of the day I was supposed to speak. I’m not sure if it was food poisoning or the flu, but needless to say I wasn’t going anywhere for a while. It was like life was flashing a big neon sign with a message that was impossible for me to ignore. In fact, there were multiple nudges, messages and signs that day, but I’ll leave those for another episode as I’m still marinating in a few of them. One thing I’ve come to realize though is that:


“Every single thing that happens can be a breakthrough lesson and everyone can be a teacher.”


Now this doesn’t mean that nothing bothers us, but it does mean that we get to choose how we view a particular situation and move through it. Yes, you may struggle and it may be annoying or painful, but the sooner we can accept it, the more quickly we’re able to advance to the next level.


“The sooner we accept the obstacle as a lesson or the person as a teacher, we get to move through it faster.”


As Tom Bilyeu shared with me just the other day, “Struggle is guaranteed, success is not.” In order to get to the next level, we have to experience it all. And if we’re going to struggle, we may as well get something useful out of it, yes?


Compare it to a rookie’s journey to becoming a pro. There’s always that point where the rookie is thrown in the game and the team may win or they might lose. The rookie will learn the do’s and don’ts – most likely the hard way. Whatever they experience though, it’s necessary because the coaches make the decision to move up that particular player if they don’t see them in action.


Once you realize that obstacles and people (yes, even those rude people in traffic) are here to teach us, you will experience a whole new level of freedom. It will be uncomfortable and you might shout expletives now and again, but practice and sharpening the skills of love, compassion, boundaries and saying no will help you step into that next level of your life.



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Why life is our classroom
  • Why struggle is inevitable
  • Viewing obstacles as lessons and people as teachers





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Sep 20, 2018
271: How to Live a Rich Life: 4 Stories and Lessons with Chris and Lori Harder

I’m so excited, as always, to have my husband, Chris Harder, back on the show and today we’re sharing some of our most impactful stories that have helped lead us to the full-circle rich lives we’re leading now. We’re far from perfect and that’s exactly why we love sharing our ups and downs with as many people possible – even if they’re super embarrassing.


Tune in to hear four+ stories and lessons we’ve learned along the way and let us know if you can relate. Wanna hear more? Be sure to check out our Free Video Training at BecomeAligned.com.



In This Episode We Talk about:

  • “The Great Chicken Nugget Battle of 2006”
  • Taking ownership of your life, stories, happiness and dreams
  • The gap between good and great
  • Why Chris decided to read 30 books in 30 days
  • Why giving is the secret to getting everything you want
  • Having an attitude of abundance
  • Giving with no contingencies or expectations
  • Building intentional tribes
  • Waffles’ dog training and how it applies to your habits and beliefs
  • Why anxiety is a result of no boundaries
  • Reinforcing habits and beliefs you want to keep in your life
  • Moving away from relationships that are holding you back
  • Why ego is your greatest overhead
  • Acknowledging and working around your ego
  • And so much more…



“I believe we were put here to live a really full-circle, rich life.” – Chris Harder


“Action creates clarity.” – Lori Harder


“You are 100% responsible for the outcome of every moment in your life.” – Chris Harder


“Giving is the secret to getting everything you want.” – Chris Harder


“Build tribes for where you are going and not for where you’re at.” – Lori Harder



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Sep 17, 2018
270: Take Your POWER Back NOW!

With a lot of speaking engagements going on for me right now and in the near future, I’ve had to really stop and observe my anxious tendencies and the thoughts that often go along with them. It’s amazing how powerful our thoughts and inner dialogue can be. Today’s episode is all about freeing yourself from the labels that hold you back and knowing that you’re the only one who has that power to do so.


How often have you heard, “I have such anxiety when it comes to speaking in front of people”? Hand raised over here because I’ve definitely said it to myself before. But here’s where we change it. We don’t “have” anxiety. We “do” anxiety. We don’t “have” no energy. We “do” no energy. And it’s in this doing that we have the choice as to what we do or don’t do. See where I’m going with this?


I’d like you to do a quick exercise to take back your power. First, write what you “have.”


            Example: I have anxiety.


Now cross that out and write DO instead.


            I have anxiety. I DO anxiety.


Now describe how you “do” anxiety right now? What actions are supporting this feeling? What thoughts?


            I’m drinking coffee. I’m checking messages right when I wake up. I’m eating crappy food and isolating myself. I keep telling myself how nervous I am and that            I’m going to forget what I’m saying on stage.


Take notice of the conversation in your mind and watch how you’re talking to yourself. If you’re anxious, reframe and tell yourself how excited you are and why. Replace your thoughts with better thoughts and take your control back!


No lie, it doesn’t always go fast. But keep trying on different feelings until it does feel good.


“Choose how you feel.”


Tell yourself, “I can undo any feeling I don’t want to be in.”


And remember, once you start putting out these better feelings, you’ll notice that you’re attracting more too.



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Freeing yourself from labels that hold you back
  • Taking ownership of your thoughts
  • Why you don’t “have” anxiety, you “do” anxiety





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Sep 13, 2018
269: Making Big Changes in Unconventional Ways with Henry Ammar

When you have conversations like the one I had with founder and CEO of MakeItHappen.Life, Henry Ammar, you can’t help but leave a better human. Pure goodness exudes from Henry and it’s no wonder since he’s made it his mission to boost self-love and self-confidence by creating practical transformative experiences through fun dynamic events that infuse pop culture with empowerment.


Experiencing firsthand in his younger years an ongoing lack of self-confidence and self-love, Henry now wants to help the younger generation today, because they’re still not seeing the beauty and truth of who they are.


Listen in to hear all about Henry’s journey thus far, what he’s doing to help others, what’s coming up and what he sees happening down the road. I personally cannot wait to see all of this ideas and partnerships come to fruition, because any event with him will make a huge impact on the masses.




Question Highlights:

  • How did you recently come to speak in front of 50,000 people?
  • How did you realize music was the modality for you and that you were going to use it for good?
  • How did you get in touch with believing in signs?
  • What was your tipping point that made you ditch your limiting beliefs?
  • Where are you at right now with your projects? What’s happening next?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How a series of low-probability happenings led to Henry speaking in Serbia to 50,000 people
  • Why Henry feels music is unifying
  • Henry’s career journey from music to entrepreneur to USC to corporate real estate
  • Creating a practical transformative experience through pop culture
  • Having real conversations in a loving and empowering way
  • Why Henry is obsessed with truth and love
  • Listening to your inner voice
  • The carrot, egg and tea bag analogy
  • The power/gift of choice
  • Using fear as self-awareness and for elevation
  • VIZing
  • The power of perspective
  • Comfort zone expansion
  • And so much more…




“Change the frequency of humanity through mass media.”


“Let’s make self-awareness and self-love cool.”


“Do what you feel is right despite how you feel about it.”


“Fear is enslaving and I want to live a liberated life.”


“If I’m filled with self-love and freedom then I can give people that same gift.”


“Fear is an imagined future.”


“Use imagination and creativity to project something more empowering.”


“Nothing magical happens in your comfort zone.”


“I am here to love, serve and grow.”


“Know the beauty and truth of who you are.”



Henry Ammar, founder and CEO of MakeItHappen.Life, is an award-winning empowerment coach, an impact entrepreneur, a creative, and a visionary leader with in-depth experience in the personal development, business leadership, entertainment, real estate, and education industries. Henry is published in Forbes.

As a keynote speaker and empowerment coach, he has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives internationally. He has spoken to audiences as big as 40,000+ people at a time internationally.

In his professional career, Henry has performed on a Grammy Award-winning album and traveled the world sharing the stage with legends. Henry went from creating music to creating businesses growing them locally from Los Angeles to international successes in just one year.

His podcast, “Making It Happen with Henry Ammar,” has reached #1 in the Training Category and #6 in the Education Category on Apple Podcasts.

He went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business. Upon graduating, he put his knowledge to use by overseeing the investment and management of over $2 billion dollars in real estate in just three years.

Henry’s true passion lies in the privilege to use his leadership, strengths, and successes to positively impact individuals, businesses, and community.

His most recent brainchild, MakeItHappen.Life, was created to inspire and give energetic and real-world strategies which lead to an exhilarating, authentic life full of empowerment and success.

Henry is a Certified Life Transformation Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach, TimeLine Coach & Trauma Release SpecialistClinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki I & II, and a recipient of top leadership and life coaching awards.



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Sep 10, 2018
268: Uncover the Beliefs Your Current Tribe Is Reinforcing

Just a head’s up that today’s topic may be a touch overwhelming for some, but I don’t want anyone to get too worried, because when it comes to shifting and changing a person’s beliefs – it’s actually never-ending.


I’ve discovered recently just how important it is to take inventory of one’s tribe, aka the people who we’re spending the most time with. Keep in mind that this can be actual people, television, podcasts etc. I like to also call them reinforcers.


I want you to do a quick exercise and write down the following:


  1. List five people who you’re around the most.
  2. What is the main belief, habit or limiting belief or thing that they are reinforcing in your life?


When completed, review and determine if these habits and beliefs are reflecting back at you. Are they holding you back? Don’t panic if it’s not what you thought. I’m certainly not here to tell you who to hang out with and I certainly won’t tell you to ditch friends who aren’t “positive” enough. But I am telling you that you may want to load the other portions of your “plate” with more positive or up-leveling people. Crowd out your plate in a positive direction.


Maybe that means joining a new group or mastermind? Maybe it’s adding more podcasts, books or self-development events to your life. Whatever it is, just make sure to, “set up a life and tribe that reflects where you’re going and not where you’re at.”



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Taking a tribe inventory
  • Shifting and changing belief systems
  • Why we need more positive reinforcers in our lives





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Sep 06, 2018
267: Ways to ATTRACT WEALTH Rather Than Chase It with Patrice C. Washington

Money doesn’t guarantee fulfillment and today’s guest, Patrice Washington, is hoping more women catch on. As an award-winning author, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach, and media personality, she started her first 7-figure mortgage-brokering business with her husband before graduating college. Their business was wildly successful until the recession crashed and they lost everything.

Picking herself up after this experience, she realized that she had a lot of knowledge but needed to seek more wisdom. She dug deep and knew it was more important to chase her purpose – not money. She discovered that life is about so much more – relationships, your well-being and your faith to name a few. Recognizing the power of this discovery, she created the 6 Pillars of Redefining Wealth, and now teaches others how they can tie each pillar back to producing wealth – and stay true to who they’re called to be.

I had such a great time talking with Patrice – she is such a down-to-earth, purpose-driven woman who relies on faith and her own unique calling to help others find theirs as well. I hope this episode empowers you to break free from any limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and helps you step into your highest purpose and calling.




Question Highlights:

  • What were some things you took back from your recent trip to France?
  • Does the thought of working with your husband again scare you?
  • What is lighting you up right now in your life?
  • What is something you would say to someone who’s ignoring a redefining moment?
  • How do you trust? What do you rely on to push past fear?
  • What are the 6 Pillars of Redefining Wealth?
  • What’s something that helps build your faith foundation?
  • What mindset do you keep through the dark times?
  • What’s a message on your heart right now?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Patrice’s recent trip to France impacted her
  • How Patrice and her husband are merging their interests to work together
  • Being driven by purpose
  • The shift that happened in Patrice’s life after her and her husband lost their 7-figure business when the recession hit
  • The difference between knowledge and wisdom
  • Why Patrice initially started a blog
  • How Patrice broke out of the box she (and others) had put herself in
  • Why there’s more to money than budgets and credit reports
  • Patrice’s 6 Pillars of Redefining Wealth (Fit, People, Space, Faith, Work and Money)
  • Protecting the vessel needed to create the vision
  • Creating relationships that matter
  • The Redefining Wealth Podcast
  • And so much more…




“The purpose that we’re being called into is greater than any pain that will come with it.”


“Create a lane where you can be all you.”


“I’m committed to the vision but not attached to how I get there.”


“If it was done before, it can be done again.”


“Everything can go bad with money, but if your mind is in the right place, you can always rebuild.”


“You know who you used to be, so before you allow someone to take you back there, give yourself time.”


“You can decide to not decide anything until you’re ready to decide.”


“Choose peace powerfully.”



Patrice Washington is an award-winning author, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach, and media personality.


Patrice got her start as your favorite personal finance expert, “America’s Money Maven,” having tremendous success with her “mindset approach” to personal finance. She has since expanded her brand and mission, encouraging women to chase purpose, not money.


Patrice is committed to redefining the word “wealth,” using its original meaning, “well-being.” She encourages women to have “wealth” in all aspects of their lives by pursuing their purpose, being fulfilled, and earning more without ever chasing money. Through her teachings, Patrice empowers women to look at life through the lens of abundance and opportunity, instead of lack and scarcity.


As the founder of Redefining Wealth and The Earn More Money Movement for Women, Patrice has built a thriving community of high-achieving women committed to creating a powerful life vision – in their careers, home, health, and personal finances.  



IG: @seekwisdompcw

The Redefining Wealth Podcast on iTunes:


Listen to Lori’s interview on The Redefining Wealth Podcast here:


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Sep 03, 2018
266: Why I Believe You DON'T Have All You Need Inside You

“You have everything you need inside of you.”


You may have read or heard this quote from me before, but if I’m being honest, the first time I heard this quote I called BS on it. I mean sure, it’s an empowering concept, but if you don’t know how to look at it from all sides (which I didn’t when I first heard it), it’s disempowering.


But here’s where it does hold true. You do have everything you need right now to start asking questions and to be resourceful. How empowering is that?


“You have all you need to in order to create whatever you’re desiring in your life.”


For example, when I first started my podcast, I knew nothing…I mean nothing about starting a podcast. So I started researching (Google) and finding others who could help me get it off the ground. I was not meant to create all the things by myself. For this particular endeavor, I had the idea and it was up to me to move it forward. It was literally a matter of asking the right questions.


All that’s left to do is start! After all, “pure bliss is becoming the person that you knew you were meant to be.” But it’s up to you to create the experiences in order to bring that person into reality. 


Now to all my over-thinkers out there (you know who you are), you may be coming up with a list a mile long of all the reasons you just can’t do it. But here’s my advice: start now! If you don’t take action, you won’t fulfill your purpose. It sounds harsh, but it’s true.


Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned. Know that it’s all a part of the process and that the universe will provide a soft landing. And even if you feel that sometimes your actions are selfish, know that you’re making progress and it’s somehow affecting someone in a beautiful way.  


Are you with me? Let’s start taking action – big and small steps – now!


In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Why everything you need isn’t inside of you
  • Being resourceful
  • Creating experiences to help you step into your highest purpose




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Aug 30, 2018
265: Why Your Story Is The Most Powerful Thing You Can Share with Cayla Craft

Having grown up in a broken but happy family, today’s guest, Cayla Craft, knew she was meant to do big things and help people. However, she first had to change the lens she was viewing her life through. In order for her to create what she wanted out of life, she had to ditch the mentality of “I am nothing,” and instead share her story to help others.


Once Cayla realized that there was no need to compare her journey with someone else’s, she could stop trying to please everyone, find her purpose, dictate how she lived her life and make herself a priority. And that’s just what she did.


As a result, today Cayla is a self-made millionaire and now teaches other entrepreneurial women how to do the same. She gives women the tools and resources they need to have an abundant mindset and shamelessly pursue their ambitions while still enjoying life.


There were so many moments I related to throughout our conversation and I have a feeling many of you will as well. I would love to hear what those moments are! Happy listening!




Question Highlights:

  • Did you always know that you were going to do big things and help a lot of people?
  • What is something you would say to someone who is still in that push phase or exhausting themselves?
  • When did you know your story was the most powerful thing you could share?
  • What do you tell someone to get started on in order to feel fulfilled and successful?
  • Why is it so important to make sure you’re creating new relationships and leaving old ones behind?
  • Why do we feel like we need to please others and how do we break ourselves from that mindset?
  • If someone is on the verge of having a difficult conversation, what would you tell them?
  • Have you ever experienced “imposter syndrome,” and if so, how did you deal with it?
  • What are your fears right now and how do you handle them?
  • What do you think is the biggest difference between people who are creating the life they love and stepping into their authentic truth and those who aren’t?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Cayla’s upbringing in a broken, but happy home
  • Why Cayla felt like a warrior for so long
  • Removing the lens of “I am nothing.”
  • Why self-awareness is the first step of transformation
  • The importance of doing the internal work
  • Reframing your story and finding your purpose
  • Creating new relationships and leaving behind old relationships that aren’t serving you behind
  • Making yourself a priority
  • Allowing others to feel uncomfortable so they can grow
  • Why we can never take anything personally
  • How Cayla preps when she needs to have difficult/uncomfortable conversations
  • Different perceptions of reality
  • Putting your focus on serving others
  • How Cayla’s raising kids that live empowered and inspired lives
  • Mommy Millionaire Podcast
  • And so much more…




“You’ve already done enough; now it’s time for your message to be heard.”


“You have to change the story – you have to rewrite what you want out of your life.”


“Self-awareness is the first key to transformation.”


“Stop living your life for an audience that doesn’t exist.”


“Stop looking outward and start looking inward.”


“I don’t need to Google – the answers are already inside of me.”




Cayla Craft is a mom of 3, self-made millionaire, and lifestyle entrepreneur. The California native went from saving lives in the ER as a nurse working 9-5 to helping women pursue a passion for owning their own business. Her first taste of success began when she created an organization of 60k+ people for Isagenix, a company that sells health and wellness supplements. From that platform she branched out into business coaching and found incomparable satisfaction from helping others achieve success.


Cayla has helped thousands of women start to believe in themselves as entrepreneurs and business women. Her goal is to help mothers gain insight and confidence in their entrepreneurial endeavors, and grow their business to 7 figures! She gives women the tools and resources they need to have an abundant mindset and shamelessly pursue their ambitions while still enjoying life as a mom.


Cayla created Mommy Millionaire to fill a void of community driven by women searching to grow from good to great. Mommy Millionaire seeks to pour out practical tips and business know-how that is current and relevant to what is working today. Cayla is an expert in speaking about sales, culture, and online marketing with experience in keynote speeches on connecting.




IG: @cayla.craft 

Mommy Millionaire Podcast on iTunes:



Listen to Lori’s interview on the Mommy Millionaire podcast here:



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Aug 27, 2018
264: Why Being Dissatisfied Can Be A Great Thing

I want to start off by saying a huge thank you to all who listen and follow this podcast. As we fly into 8 million downloads, I have to keep pinching myself to ensure it’s all real. I couldn’t do this without you all and I am so, so grateful that you choose to spend part of your day listening.


A couple months back, I heard the phrase “I am blissfully dissatisfied with my life,” from the amazing Ed Mylett. And I love the balance of the two words because it means being blissfully happy with where you’re at while being equally dissatisfied with wanting more or knowing you have more to give.


“In order to be a happy human, we have to make progress.”


Whether it’s in terms of your health, family, relationships or your business, progress keeps us alive! The other day the idea of being blissfully dissatisfied was brought back into my life when I received a message from a follower. Upon first glance this woman looked like someone I could be friends with – she was a yogi, into wellness etc. – but upon reading the first sentence (I’m going to have to unfollow you because you seem to have a ‘deep dissatisfaction’ with your life), I don’t think we’ll be friends anytime soon. I close the message before I could read the whole thing because honestly, I was breathing fire! Then I took a moment, went back, blocked her and deleted the message. Sure, I could have responded, but people with energy like that are not for me.


So anyway, this message got me thinking back to what Ed Mylett had said and I honestly thought… I am equal parts satisfied and dissatisfied – and I’m totally OK with that. You see, as humans, we’re not wired to be happy. We have a need to be better – for ourselves and others. But in order to find this balance, we can’t be focused on satisfaction in ALL areas at ALL times. We must give ourselves grace in the areas that aren’t the priority and pour ourselves into the other areas despite potential side effects.


So yes, I will never be satisfied, but I will ALWAYS be blissful. And I will always strive to show as much love, grace and compassion to all those who think I feel otherwise.  



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Why progressing is crucial for our happiness
  • How she dealt with an unkind message
  • Giving yourself grace 



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Aug 23, 2018
263: Further Your Business and Relationships through Collaboration, NOT Competition with Jaclyn Johnson

I’ve been stalking following today’s guest, Jaclyn Johnson’s @createcultivate IG page for quite some time now. In fact, before I knew her personally, her event photos helped inspire me to create my own stage for The Bliss Project. But here’s the thing, Jaclyn’s events are way more than a gorgeous stage – they’re all about collaboration and helping other women create and cultivate the career of their dreams.


Don’t be fooled though, Create & Cultivate conferences aren’t just for entrepreneurs – they’re for all women who are looking for a refresh of inspiration in all things business.


Jaclyn and I talk about her rough start as a naïve 23-year-old entrepreneur who didn’t know what she was doing, the lessons she learned from it and why it helped her become the wildly successful CEO Creative & Cultivate she is today. Jaclyn also shares why Creative & Cultivate is thriving and why she hopes to help others with her new book, WorkParty, by providing tips on how to run a business, how to start thinking like an entrepreneur and how to maintain friendships, relationships and partnerships along the way. Since this interview I’ve completed her book and it’s definitely an inspirational must-read!  




Question Highlights:

  • Where are you at right now and how did you get there?
  • What would you tell someone who’s looking for the next thing to get started and take the leap?
  • What’s a question you’ve never been asked that you think people should ask when they’re starting a business or in a business?
  • What does white space mean?
  • What is a lesson that’s been painful and awesome?
  • How did you learn not to take things personal?
  • What do you do for yourself in order to make decisions and implement the culture you want?
  • What is something you’re most excited about and something you’re working through right now?
  • What is something you do with your team every single week to keep your team cohesive?
  • What are the most important messages of your book, WorkParty?
  • Who is someone you look up to right now for inspiration?
  • What are your Creative & Cultivate events/conferences like?
  • How do you let go of people/relationships that aren’t serving you?
  • Why this book right now and who needs it?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Jaclyn’s entrepreneurial journey started and lead to founding Create & Cultivate
  • Why we tend to be more creative when we have nothing to lose
  • Runway and goal-setting
  • Jaclyn’s definition of “white space” in the business world
  • The importance of getting things in writing in terms of getting serious and legalities
  • Friendships and business
  • Approaching business from a human perspective by not escalating and remaining level-headed and fair
  • Why work is part of Jaclyn’s self-care
  • Keeping separation between business and those friends who are near and dear
  • Scaling and growing a business while maintaining authenticity of the brand
  • The most important messages of Jaclyn’s book, WorkParty
  • Going against the status quo of what business looks like for women
  • Handling hard decisions in the best way
  • Why it’s so much better to collaborate vs. compete with others
  • Why Jaclyn wrote WorkParty
  • And so much more…




“The reason I was wildly successful was because I didn’t play by the rules.”


“You’ll never know unless you just do it.”


“Start by just starting.”


“Collaboration over competition.”


“So much more can happen if we’re on the same team.”




Jaclyn Johnson is a powerhouse entrepreneur. By the time she was 28, she had sold her first business, (No Subject), invested in one of the country’s top female owned startups, Away, and launched her second multimillion dollar company, Create & Cultivate.


Johnson recognized a gap in resources for female millennial entrepreneurs and responded with solutions, Create & Cultivate and now, WorkParty. In the process, Jaclyn’s own philosophy, built on female empowerment, hustling-hard and innovation have propelled her voice to the forefront of the discussion on career, a new thought-leader for millennial women and Gen-Z-ers.

Known for her powerful messaging and often imitated never duplicated style of digital and experiential marketing, Johnson is reshaping attitudes on female entrepreneurialism, work culture and the gig economy for women all over the world.

In August, Jaclyn’s new book, WorkParty releases via Simon & Schuster, offering her rallying cry for women in the workplace.




IG: @jaclynrjohnson

IG: @createcultivate

Book: WorkParty by Jaclyn Johnson - Order Now on Amazon

WorkParty on iTunes 

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Aug 20, 2018
262: Oprah, You, Me, Bahamas and Manifesting 101

Today’s episode is a super special quickie and it involves something I’ve been manifesting for years. While I was wrapping up my three-week European vacation I received notice that I was selected to be a speaker on one of the Oprah Magazine Cruises – yes, THE Oprah! My mind is still whirling from this news.


I firmly believe that this opportunity came up after I finally cleared enough stuff to make room for it while I allowed myself to recharge and get away on my trip. And honestly, as odd as it sounds, once I was able to actually “let go” of my dream to meet Oprah (there was literally a dream where it happened – listen to hear about it) and know that either way, I’m OK – it happened. It’s all about living into your gifts.


Here’s a little Manifestation 101 on how I was able to live into my Oprah manifestation:

  1. You have to put the work in, believe in a little bit of magic and have faith. Allow that dream to look different and probably the most important – be patient.
  2. Focus on why you’re awesome and what you love about yourself. Who or what brings out that part of you?
  3. Be the energy you want to attract. Raise your vibration to get there.
  4. Get clear and declare it. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve likely heard my Oprah dream quite a few times. ;)
  5. Release it. You are significant and loved regardless of whether or not this dream happens.


I would love to see you on the Oprah Cruise (to the Bahamas) with me! Check out the link in the resources and let’s fill that ship up with the highest-vibing people ever! It will be like a boat version of Bliss Project! Be sure to message or tag me on Instagram if you’re in – I cannot wait!  



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Lori’s keynote speaker opportunity on an Oprah Magazine Cruise
  • Letting go of dreams to allow them to happen
  • Lori’s five tips to help you manifest what you desire 




Join Lori, Oprah Magazine’s staff and other thought leaders on the Oprah Magazine Cruise to the Bahamas | Oct. 28-Nov. 4!

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Thrive Event | Sept. 14-16, 2018, Las Vegas



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Aug 16, 2018
261: Why It "Pays To Be Brave" with Angie Lee

You’re going to love today’s guest, Angie Lee, as she’s a wise old soul at the core but not even 30 years old! She and I go back 10 years to a fitness camp we attended together. Since that time she’s become this powerhouse business woman who loves sharing her light and knowledge with others.


Today, we’re dialing into the present and talking about Angie’s upcoming book, Raise Your Hand as well as her Pays to Be Brave event in October – and all the fears and doubts that come up as a result. She believes that being bold is key and that “no’s” are imperative to anyone’s journey.


I hope you enjoy a good mixture of silliness and seriousness because you’ll get a big dose of both in this episode! Don’t be surprised if you’re ready to write your own book or host an event after listening! 




Question Highlights:

  • What is the most exciting thing in your life right now?
  • What is the journey your event is taking you on and reflecting back at you right now?
  • What is your new book about?
  • Why aren’t women “raising their hands?”
  • How can we deal with getting no’s?
  • What is something right now that’s pushing on your solar plexus that you have to ask for?
  • Can you share one of your “what was I thinking” moments that’s also helped you grow?
  • How do we tell the difference between a gut check and fear?

In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Angie’s upcoming event, “Pays to Be Brave,” blends both woo-woo and business together
  • Intuitive organic marketing
  • Battling and pushing through fear
  • Why being bold is one of the most important qualities a woman can have
  • Putting a value on what you have to offer and how that correlates with your worth
  • Money as an energy exchange
  • Handing off (or hiring out) things that aren’t in your zone of genius
  • Dealing with negative feedback
  • Why polarity is necessary
  • The difference between the skillsets of an entrepreneur vs. a leader
  • The importance of gut checks and not just what’s on paper
  • And so much more…



“I treat the marketing and numbers like they’re real people.”


“It’s OK to hear no because it also may be a yes down the road.”


“It’s never as bad as we make it out to be.”


“The business doesn’t grow unless the team grows.”



Angie Lee is the hilarious + wicked smart business bestie you've always wanted. A serial entrepreneur, vibrant speaker, life coach & business mentor, Angie's genius is helping women embrace fear, take messy action and monetize their passion. 


Corporate + College dropout, $100k in debt to 7-figure entrepreneur under 30, Angie's passion runs deep for helping women unlock their full potential to finally create the income and life they desire. Angie is the host of the top-rated The Angie Lee Show, the Founder of Pays to Be Brave Summit and the upcoming self-published author of Raise Your Hand.


Her Wellpreneur Mastermind teaches wellness professionals how to grow their social brand and close sales with ease. Angie's cracked the code for organic marketing by successfully producing multiple 6- and 7-figure product launches, with no paid advertising or complicated funnels. She now teaches her loyal community how to grow and scale their online business with standout branding, authentic messaging and intuitive marketing. 



IG: @AngieLeeShow


Book: Raise Your Hand by Angie Lee (Coming later in 2018)


Pays to Be Brave Summit

Oct. 20-21, 2018  •  San Diego, CA


The Angie Lee Show on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/angie-lee-show-entrepreneurship-marketing-social-media/id1178232410?mt=2


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Aug 13, 2018
260: Are You Sacrificing Yourself or Your Dreams Just to Fit In?

It never gets old seeing and hearing what readers are resonating within A Tribe Called Bliss. I love hearing what people are taking away and what makes that light bulb turn on for them. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people calling out the following quote:


“He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.” – Raymond Hull


We’ve all been guilty of this at one time or another, and I think it’s been such an a-ha moment for people in the book because it’s giving others permission to step even more into themselves and be who they truly are – regardless of what other people will think.


So what part of yourself have you been whittling away in order to make someone else happy? Are you hiding a part of yourself because you’re afraid to show that part? Or is it because you’re surrounding yourself with people who aren’t the right fit for where you’re at?


It’s time to get real with yourself – dig deep. What do YOU need right now? Look from all angles, and STOP turning the volume down on who you are. Is it easy? Um, not quite, but I will tell you this:


“The highest good doesn’t always feel good.”


This is where you must confront any resistance you have head on and grow from it. Find out who you truly are. If you’ve whittled yourself so far down that you don’t even know who you are, it’s time to get to work.


First, figure out what emotion is the most important for you to live in. Then, choose one thing a day that helps you live it out. It could be reading or listening to podcasts, but what I’m really looking for are tangible actions. DO something! And don’t worry if you try something and it’s not the right fit. Trust me, you’ll know immediately, just has you’ll instantly know if it’s the “right” thing.


So who’s with me? It’s time to put that inspiration into action.



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Importance of following your bliss, joy, pleasure and where you’re being guided
  • Constantly seeking resistance in order to grow
  • Taking inspired action





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Aug 09, 2018
259: Choosing Different Paths for a Thriving Body and Life with Koya Webb

My guest today, yogi and wellness coach, Koya Webb, personifies the word love. We were fortunate enough to chat in person, but I know you’ll feel her warm energy through the recording as well. And with a platform that encourages people to “love yourself, love others, and love the planet,” it’s no wonder.


Raised in small-town Tennessee, Koya was counting on athletics to get her out into the world. Unfortunately, right at the time of a life-changing conference meet, she suffered a stress fracture in her back. Devastated, she heeded the advice of her counselor and took up yoga and breath work to help her rehab. Even though her first yoga class was anything but easy, Koya was in love at first breath. In fact, she found herself completely rehabbed in 6 months and went on to win a conference event the following year.


Also during that time, Koya learned to slow down and listen to her body. Today, she credits this practice along with yoga, meditation and maintaining a plant-based diet for the high-vibing life she lives every day.


Koya offers so much valuable insight into living a vegan lifestyle (or just dabbling in it), and if you get one thing out of our conversation it would be to stop and truly tune into what your body is saying. You never know what it will tell you if you pay attention.




Question Highlights:

  • What is most exciting for you in your world right now?
  • What is your upcoming book about?
  • What was your life’s big pivot point?
  • How old were you when you first started listening to your body?
  • What would you tell people if they’ve never let their feelings lead them? Where should people start?
  • Does being vegan ever bring up challenges for you?
  • Are there practical ways to start dabbling in a more plant-based diet?
  • What is the most impactful thing that’s shifted for you since becoming plant-based?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Koya’s yoga teacher training course
  • Koya’s upcoming book
  • Changing your frequency from fear to love
  • Why yoga and meditation help connect you to your soul
  • How a stress fracture in her back led Koya to discover yoga and breath work
  • The importance of listening to your body and slowing down when it feels called to
  • How Koya practices what she teaches in her teacher training
  • The benefits of plant-based diet
  • Why online-bought food carries a higher vibration
  • How Koya navigates eating when out vs. at home
  • And so much more…



“Yoga is the perfect tool.”


“You can’t love others to the detriment of yourself.”


“You can thrive and have a lot of energy, gain weight or lose weight on a plant-based diet.”


“Wherever you are on your journey, you are loved.”



Koya Webb is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, personal trainer, holistic health and wellness coach, author, motivational speaker, and professional fitness model revolutionizing the holistic living landscape. She is the creator of Get Loved Up, a platform that encourages people to “love yourself, love others, and love the planet” by practicing environmental sustainability, plant-based nutrition, and mindful movement.



IG: @koyawebb


FB: https://facebook.com/koyawebbonline

YouTube: Fitness, Food and Fun or Koya Webb


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Aug 06, 2018
258: How to Give Yourself What You Need The Most

The other night I went to a Soul Cycle class despite the voice inside my head that told me I didn’t want to go and didn’t have the energy to move my legs that fast (can you relate?). But after coming off of my three-week vacation, I was struggling. My re-entry back into “reality” has been tough.


Thankfully my Soul Cycle instructor gave me the wake-up call (or question) that led to a shift.


“What is a gift you could give yourself right now that would make your day or life better?”


I actually surprised myself with the answer…an attitude adjustment. Whoa, seems a bit harsh, huh? But here’s the thing. Now is not the time to take it easy on myself. I’ve still got a lot of things I want to do. And one of those things, was getting back into the groove with my podcast interviews.


I had a ton of resistance around my scheduled interviews this week, but once I remembered how much I enjoy talking with such incredible humans, I changed my tune.


“Sitting in resistance is a choice.”


Sitting in resistance was not serving me. It was time to lean in and start asking myself questions instead. What would it look and feel like if I was back in the groove of things? What if I let go and enjoyed it? What would that look like?


“If it’s something you’re choosing to have on your plate because you want it there, you can let go of the resistance.”


I realize that letting go can be hard and it takes a lot of thought. Trust me, that has been me for the last week. But just start small by asking questions – don’t force it. You’ll find that once you start envisioning all the good things, your energy will increase, too. Resistance, while sometimes helpful, only sucks your energy away. Let’s do the opposite by ramping up your energy instead and watch as more shows up.


I hope this message prompts you to take a moment today to figure out what you need the most, move through resistance and lean in. 


In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Discovering what you really need to give yourself
  • Why Lori gave herself an attitude adjustment
  • Letting go of resistance and leaning in




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Aug 02, 2018
257: How to Make a Comeback with Tim Storey

Today’s guest, Tim Storey, is someone I’ve wanted to have on Earn Your Happy since before it was officially a thing. So you can imagine that I was practically levitating from excitement (and let’s be honest, I still am) to chat with him. If you’ve never heard of Tim, you’re missing out because he’s a master at moving people into action and helping people turn setbacks into comebacks. Seriously, when Tim speaks his energy comes out of his pores!


Realizing early on he wanted to help heal others, in our conversation we talk about where it all began (picture seven people in a two-bedroom house) and how he credits his upbringing to helping him think big in small places. We touch on spending time with people who get you (your tribe) and why we all need to start paying attention and be an observer to all the discoveries around us.


You may want to listen to this episode twice (I know I’ll be listening again) just to take in each and every one of his wisdom-filled words. I can’t wait to hear your takeaways!




Question Highlights:

  • How did you become a speaker?
  • How can we enjoy the discovery while in the recovery zone?
  • Do you still have slumps and dry spells?
  • What are some of the key things that help you speak with full expression, and how did you get to that place?
  • What made you hold onto what your 6th grade teacher told you and make it your north star? What made it stand out?
  • For people who feel like they need to change to be something or they don’t feel like they’re ready for the “thing,” what would you tell them?
  • Do we have to make an empowering reason as to why we’re in a “winter?”
  • How do you know the distinction of when to share certain things with others?
  • How does one not get intimidated by the thought of mastery, but instead be almost pulled by their message to mastery?
  • How do people know when to go to the next level of work?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • What moved Tim to become a speaker and help heal others
  • Why the recovery zone is the common denominator
  • Staying in the moment during your discovery
  • Going back to being curious and innocent again
  • Changing the channel of what you’re thinking and how Tim shifts his channel
  • Tuning into the right things at the right times
  • Being with people who get you (your tribe)
  • Why Tim still holds onto his 6th grade teacher’s standard
  • Breathing life into others through speaking
  • Why people oftentimes must go left before they go right
  • What Tim did when he was served papers while he was speaking at an event
  • Why your testimony is the most powerful thing you have
  • The Law of Harvest
  • Why we can’t look for results every day
  • And so much more…



“Unlock your discovery just by paying attention and observing.”


“If you’re not careful, life will knock the curiosity out of you.”


“Feed your faith, starve your doubt.”


“What I say, I live.”


“Set to be settled to be seasoned to soar.”


“You are seasoned for a reason. “


“You can handle the left and right at the same time.”


“Not all things should be spoken…some things should be left behind.”


“Don’t get stuck in the result.”



Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, speaker and life coach, well known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life, from entertainment executives, celebrities and athletes to adults and children in the most deprived neighborhoods in the country. Tim has traveled to seventy-five countries and spoken to millions of people. He often meets privately to counsel high-profile leaders in various industries.


Tim Storey helps people create the future they desire. He has inspired people from all walks of life, from entertainment legends to professional athletes... from executives to deprived children in third world countries. Using seasoned foundational principles and humor to get honest with people so they can overcome the obstacles that are holding them back.



IG: @timstoreyofficial


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Jul 30, 2018
256: How to Change a Belief That's Holding You Back

I just wrapped up my three-week trip traveling through Europe and phew – it definitely rocked my world! Yes, the experiences were amazing, but as a person who loves her rituals and who has habits that are deeply engrained, it felt a bit daunting at first. If I would have taken this trip five years ago, I would have left 20 pounds heavier because I would have just given it the all-or-nothing approach. Anyone else?


The difference of taking this trip now? Even though my life was tipped upside down in terms of bedtime, food, drinks and activity, I made a conscious effort to figure it out. In order to do this though I had to give up the belief that it would be impossible for me to feel good and happy.


“In order to change a habit, you have to change a belief. And in order to change a belief, you have to change a habit.”


Spoiler Alert: I feel amazing! “Control freak” Lori went on a vacation of her own! And it’s all because I figured out how to let go and surrender.


Here are five things that help me change a limiting habit or belief”


  1. You have to believe that whatever you’re desiring is possible for you. For me, it meant applying an abundance mindset to everything. I don’t have to eat ALL this amazing food or have multiple drinks because I know there will be more tomorrow and I can have some then, too.
  2. Gather evidence of why it’s possible. Look at the people and culture around you. Why can’t this be possible for me?
  3. Gather evidence of how you’ve been lying to yourself about the other belief to keep yourself safe.
  4. Look at why you’re afraid to believe something is different. Surrendering can be scary, but sometimes certainty can be worse.

    “Surrender opens the door to something that changes your life.”

  5. Do that new thing/habit/belief for as long as you need to until something shifts. It won’t happen overnight, but don’t stop just because it’s uncomfortable – keep at it.


I challenged myself the entire three weeks I was gone, but as I stated above, I feel great – and I ate and drank what I wanted and walked a ton. Will I keep up with the late suppers, nights and overall structure? Maybe about 30% to allow myself a bit more freedom, but my new rule of thumb?


“If it feels good, explore it.”


I encourage you to do the same by challenging your beliefs and doing it until you feel a shift, too.




In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • How Lori busted through her habits and beliefs
  • Figuring out the art of letting go and surrendering
  • Five things that go into changing a habit or belief




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Jul 26, 2018
255: Why Providing Value Is Key When Building Your Brand and Community with the Skinny Confidential

I had such a blast talking with Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick, the hosts of The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER show, in person! While commonly known for their podcast, I quickly learned about their other endeavors that created the foundation of where they are today and how various parts of our journeys are so similar.

In this episode, you’ll hear about how this power couple met (and came to work together), the ins and outs of branding and why community, patience and adding value is key when trying to grow your business or brand. With all this valuable content, it’s no surprise that they’re now passionate about helping others grow their platforms, too.

There are so many takeaways in this episode and I can’t wait to hear how you implement them!


Question Highlights:

  • How did you two meet and how did you get started doing what you’re doing now?
  • Have you always worked together or when did you start?
  • What are your income streams right now?
  • How do you know when it’s time to move onto the next idea/project?
  • What were some of your huge failures that were necessary to get you where you are today?
  • Where would you direct people to go when building their brand?
  • How much of your decisions and lives depend on intuition and making sure your “self” is being taken care of?
  • What are some of your favorite podcasts?
  • How do you seek out relationships in your life that feel intimidating in order to help you level up?
  • What’s going to have to change in order for you to get to the next level?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Lauryn and Michael got to where they are now
  • Why there’s so much intention behind their podcast
  • Applying a reverse triangle structure to a person’s business, being patient in growing your business outward
  • Comment pods
  • Lauryn’s focus on community
  • Building successful brands
  • Execution boards – what they are and how Lauryn uses them
  • The importance of brand consistency
  • Providing value to the end user (inspire, entertain and educate)
  • Lauryn’s non-negotiables
  • Passive multi-tasking and productive self-care
  • Michael’s reading habits
  • Work/relationship balance
  • Scaling individual abilities
  • And so much more…



“If you’re doing everything, you’re doing nothing.” – Michael


“Create a compelling future.” – Lauryn


“It’s all about working backward to get where you want to be.” – Lauryn


“If you’re not constantly looking to learn and develop your mind, you’re going to get stagnant and stall out.” – Michael


“Be willing to take the leap and stop second-guessing yourself.” – Michael


“Take the leap because you can always go back.” – Michael


“Focus on the end goal – be a visionary.” – Lauryn



Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is the creator of The Skinny Confidential, a blog, book, podcast and Youtube channel. Lauryn helps women live their best lives by sharing everything from wellness & beauty to business & real life tips. The Skinny Confidential is all about having kale in one hand and champagne in the other.


Michael Bosstick is a brand builder and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Dear Media, a podcast production company highlighting women's voices. Michael is also the co-host of The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show with his wife Lauryn where they interview experts on topics ranging from fitness and skincare to business and addiction."



The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show


IG: @theskinnyconfidential


IG: @michaelbosstick


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Jul 23, 2018
254: The Difference Between What Our MINDS SAY and WHO WE TRULY ARE


It comes as a shock to many that before I wrote my book (and sometimes during the process) I’d never seen myself as a writer. I had no previous background; I just knew I wanted to write a book. However, any time I had that thought, I quickly inserted a “but I’m not a writer.” Now that I’ve published my book, I realize that my internal dialogue was clearly trying to steer me wrong.


So today I want to talk about the difference between the things we say in our mind and what we really are. It’s time to call out those things we want to do, but never do because our minds offer up an alternate story as to why we can’t. Using writing as an example, “I want to write a book, but I’m not a good writer.” Guess what? Neither was I and that’s why you find really good editors, writing coaches and other skilled people to help you through it.


“Remove the ‘buts,’ and become the person you know you are.”


You are not meant to do everything on your own! No one does it on their own. I personally have a team who helps with all my day-to-day tasks (and so many other things). Focus on your strengths and let others help you by using theirs too.


Furthermore, it’s OK to be a beginner again. Just because you don’t know how to do something, doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant for you. It will be uncomfortable but If something resonates with you, it’s because it is you. And that my friend is what makes you pure magic.


I hope this message spurs you to go after your passions and step into who you truly are despite the doubts swimming in your head. The world is waiting for you!


Before I go…I’m so grateful for you all and have one small request. If you feel called, it would mean the world to me if you’ve read my book to leave a review and rating on Amazon. You are the reason my book is reaching so many women around the world and I want to keep this tribe momentum going. Thank you so, so much!



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Calling out the stories in your head
  • Being a beginner again
  • Why you need help to fulfill your true purpose




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Jul 19, 2018
253: The Three Biggest Traits of a Leader with Bedros Keuilian

I hold today’s guest, Bedros Keuilian, in such a high regard and I can’t wait for you to hear his incredible journey thus far. Having immigrated to the U.S. with his family at the young age of 6 from Armenia (Soviet Union), he learned early on that sometimes getting uncomfortable or experiencing pain is necessary to step into better things.


From living in a one-bedroom apartment with his family of five to dumpster diving, each family member contributed in some way so they could live a better life. But where many people would use the adversities he and his family faced as an excuse not to go after their dreams, Bedros made them his why and set out determined to help others.


Today as an author, speaker and business consultant, Bedros is able to share his unique wisdom with people through his business Fit Body Bootcamp, speaking engagements and his upcoming new book, Man Up. He emphasizes that we are all much stronger than we think and it’s up to us to get resourceful and “man up,” and become the person you’re meant to be.


This is an information-filled episode sure to inspire you to up-level your game and take action today! I can’t wait to hear your takeaways!



Question Highlights:

  • What has brought you to what you’re doing now?
  • Hearing your dad’s why, did it fuel or shift your why?
  • What do you think is the difference between you, who takes a problem and runs with it, and those who sit in it and see it as their reason why they can’t?
  • What is something you ask yourself to get a new answer?
  • Is there a problem you’re excited to tackle?
  • Do you still have to seek resistance to get stronger or does your life offer you enough?
  • For you as a business person, how did you train that muscle to run straight toward difficult conversations?
  • What are some of your non-negotiables?
  • What do you tell people who say, “I don’t know how” or “I can’t?”
  • What do you think are the three biggest traits of a leader?
  • Do you think it’s important to have a target number with your goals?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Embracing the pain
  • Why breakthroughs come when it’s uncomfortable
  • Why Bedros runs toward pain and challenges
  • What it was like when Bedros’ family escaped Armenia/Soviet Union
  • The adaptability of the human psyche
  • Why Bedros is so passionate about helping children-based charities and causes
  • The “immigrant edge”
  • How Bedros made it easier to open Fit Body Bootcamp fitness franchises
  • The importance of feedback in terms of growth
  • Bedros’ non-negotiables
  • Resourcefulness
  • Bedros’ three biggest traits of a leader
  • Riding the wave of fear
  • Bedros’ million-dollar mistake
  • And so much more…



“The more adversities I face, the better my life becomes when I get to the other side of that adversity.”


“If you have a reason why that’s big enough, when the pain and adversity comes, your reason why will pull you through.”


“There are plenty of problems, you just have to be the solution.”


“Any time there’s a big shift in your life, positive or negative, you’re going to have more problems. Who’s going to be the solution?”


“It’s time to human up.”


“Embrace the suck and grow.”



Bedros Keuilian is a best-selling author, speaker, and business consultant. He's the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, one of the nation’s fastest growing franchises and an investor in over a dozen companies ranging from software, digital ad agencies, and coaching and consulting services. 


He's known as the hidden genius that entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and thought leaders turn to when they want to create high level mastermind and coaching programs and quickly scale their businesses.


His sales, marketing, and business systems are the secret weapon used by thousands of successful digital marketers and entrepreneurs who want to reach more high paying clients and customers without the use of unpredictable or sleazy marketing tactics. 


An immigrant from a communist country turned hugely successful entrepreneur, Bedros uses the stage, TV, and social media platforms to share his personal Immigrant Edge and American Dream story to help inspire audiences worldwide to reach their fullest potential. 




IG: @bedroskeuilian

FB: facebook.com/bedroskeuilian



Check out my website at loriharder.com. Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook.

Jul 16, 2018
252: How To Make The Most of Your Daily Energy


I feel that energy is the most valuable commodity – and how awesome is it that it’s something we can help control? So with that in mind, what are you giving your energy to today?


Ever notice that when you’re feeling low energy or tired that the things that seem big, scary or stressful seem even bigger, scarier or more stressful? When this happens, we know we’re not supporting that habits that keep us fully energized.


While talking at the gym the other day with my friend, Mark Karpenko, he told me that we’re all only given 100 watts of energy a day. Wow. Only 100 watts and often they’re not being spent wisely.


Sometimes we’re not waking up at 100 watts for a number of reasons. Whether it’s because the kids were up late or a relationship is weighing heavily on our hearts, or perhaps we’re just taking too many things personally – our energy is being drained. The good news?


“We can always change something.”


Get more sleep. Move your body or meditate. Eat better foods. And sometimes the most difficult (but often most helpful), be mindful of who you’re spending your time with. Don’t give up any of that wattage to things that don’t support love and your true talents and gifts. Be quick to forgive and let the small stuff roll of your back.


What will you give a “watt” about today?



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • How lack of energy magnifies any worries or problems we have
  • Ways to increase your energy
  • Giving a “watt” about the things that serve you and our purpose




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Jul 12, 2018
251: Walk in Like You Own the Place with Cara Alwill

I am so I love with today’s guest, Cara Alwill Leyba, author, entrepreneur and founder of The Champagne Diet, and I know you’ll love her too (if you don’t already) after listening to our conversation.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Cara worked for several years in corporate at MTV, but felt stuck knowing she really wanted to be a writer. She founded her blog, The Champagne Diet, and eventually self-published her first book, Girl Code. Since then she’s published several other books and her newest book, Like She Owns the Place releases July 10 (see Resources to get your copy and buy one for a friend, too!).


Cara shares vulnerably and is super transparent about the unglamorous side of business. She does this in an effort to show other women what it really looks like when things fall apart and how we can shift our perspectives, find the good and remember who we were before things fell apart.


This is such an empowering, feel-good episode and I can’t wait for you to enjoy it…perhaps with a glass of champagne (not if you’re driving!). ;-)




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • Can you tell us a little bit about what you’re doing right now and what sparked that passion?
  • How do you feel about resourcefulness and what’s a huge block around not having the skills, not knowing how etc.?
  • What do you do around navigating relationships in terms of being vulnerable and open, but firm in your decisions and where you’re at?
  • How do we not take things personal in relationships – especially when we’re putting our art out into the world?
  • What do you do when you work with women and there’s a consistent worry about judgment and what others think?
  • What’s something that’s come from leveling up and helped your growth?
  • What does success look like for you right now and what does the next level look like?
  • How do we stay in a state of success, but still desire and strive for other things?
  • Who is your book for?
  • Who are you now on the other side of publishing your book?
  • And more!


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • What Cara’s doing right now and what sparked that passion
  • Why Cara found champagne to be a metaphor for life
  • Finding celebration in everything
  • The different levels of stepping into becoming an entrepreneur
  • Handling rejection and defeat
  • Being resourceful
  • Why Cara asks the universe for resistance when thing seem too easy
  • Navigating relationships
  • Dealing with criticism of your message
  • The importance of perspective and finding the good in all situations
  • Cara’s “love letters” folder
  • The non-glamorous side of publishing a book
  • The difference phases of growth
  • Why we need to practice trusting our gut
  • Cara’s new book, Like She Owns the Place
  • And so much more…




“Why can’t every day be a celebration?”


“When you have the support of who you are and when you can back yourself up through any experience is when you’re unstoppable.”


“You can’t expand if everything is happening for you in perfect alignment.”


“Shift the focus into the people who do celebrate and love you.”


“Your intuition is your north star. Your intuition will never fail you.”


“The more real we can be, the more relatable we’ll be.”


“Success is a state of being.”


“What’s for you will not pass you and if it passes you it wasn’t meant for you.”


On how to make yourself happy…“Make yourself feel something you’ve never felt before.”




Cara Alwill Leyba is the acclaimed author of Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur, which Inc. named one of the "top 9 inspiring books every female entrepreneur should read." She is also a Master Life Coach, a popular public speaker, the host of the “Style Your Mind” podcast, and the creator of the “Champagne Diet” blog, which has been featured in media such as Glamour and Marie Claire. She lives in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. You can find more at her Instagram (almost 100K followers), Facebook (16K followers), blog, The Champagne Diet, and wildly successful podcast, Style Your Mind (1.5 million unique downloads).







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Jul 09, 2018
250: How to Be Friends with Influential People

Today we’re talking about who you have to become in order to start creating, manifesting and maintaining relationships in your life. Not long ago, I had a desire to hang out with higher-level friends. Now, don’t get me wrong, the friends I had at the time were great friends, but I was looking for something a little deeper.


I wanted to have a true tribe of people who had a more expanded mindset, financial thermostat, bigger goals and no limits on their beliefs or possibilities. And it wasn’t just about fitting in because we already know how awesome we are.


“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as who you become by achieving your goals.”  – Zig Ziglar


It’s about adding value and contributing to the relationship on equal levels. If you’re someone who has already up-leveled, you’re no stranger to people contacting you and wanting to “pick your brain” or have coffee and talk business. While it may be flattering, you know it’s not something you want to commit to until you see what they can bring to the table to. It’s not personal when you politely decline (or someone declines your invitation), It’s about finding those people who expand your mindset, don’t question what’s possible and cheer you on.


“Be someone who they want to connect with.”


One important distinction… don’t change who you are at your core to fit in with someone who isn’t a great match. Just be the most authentic version of yourself! At first, I honestly thought I had to be an expert on the science of self-development principles, but I found that it wasn’t true. Depending on the group or situation, I actually added value in a variety of ways, such as being goofy, holding space, listening or giving advice. So just do YOU! Be authentic, find out who you are and be a person who adds value.


I know it’s not always easy to put yourself out there to new groups of people. OK, it can be downright scary sometimes. But do it anyway, because the things that bring you the most joy are often hidden underneath fear and resistance.


In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Who you have to become in order to hang with higher-level friends
  • Bringing value to the table (50/50)
  • Stepping into your truth and authenticity




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Jul 05, 2018
249: How to Achieve High Performance with Less Stress with Mastin Kipp


It’s always a good day when my friend, Mastin Kipp, is on the show because I always learn something – and our recent conversation was no different.


Today we’re talking about how trauma – of all kinds – can hinder the building of tribes (love that we both believe in the power of tribe) and how we can take the steps to build a life and business without anxiety. You know the saying, “your vibe attracts your tribe?” Well, Mastin and I discuss on how even your tone of voice, facial expressions and hand gestures can do the same.


Mastin is one of the most authentic, value-offering people I know because he loves his work and isn’t afraid to dive deep and get to the root causes that are often times emotional. I resonated with so many of things Mastin talked about and I can’t wait to hear what you think.


Be sure to check out what his amazing Claim Your Power Live event is all about in the resources section (special discount for my listeners)!




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What does “trauma” mean to you?
  • What happens when people isolate themselves?
  • What are you having people do after they’ve pinpointed who they are?
  • What are some of the tools you use as a high performer?
  • And more!


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Different types of trauma
  • Why emotional trauma work is so important
  • Different defense mechanisms (mend & attend and withdrawal/evolutionary impulse)
  • Why regulation is necessary and why you can’t self-regulate
  • How trauma disrupts the building of tribes
  • Channeling anxiety into high performance
  • Being calm in the presence of threat
  • Adaptive survival behavior
  • How facial expressions, hand gestures and tone of voice impact marketing
  • Mastin’s three primary modalities vital for stress-free high performance (functional medicine, energy medicine, and functional coaching)
  • Why Mastin believes in events
  • De-traumatizing through emotional experience
  • Mastin’s “Claim Your Power Live” event
  • And so much more…




“Name it, claim it, heal it and feel it – then you can start to rise.”


“There’s no such thing as bad behavior, it’s just adaptation behavior.”


“Environment trumps belief.”


“The issues are in our tissues.”


“Environment produces possibility.”




Mastin Kipp is an American entrepreneur, best-selling author, and renowned public speaker. Mastin is the creator of Functional Life Coaching™, an innovative, unique and accelerated approach to creating lasting personal and business change.


Mastin is recognized by coaching industry contemporaries and luminaries like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Caroline Myss, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Aviva Romm, M.D. (Yale Integrative Medicine) and Georgetown Professor Cal Newport as a thought leader in accelerated life transformations and personal development.


Mastin’s company, under his own name, is a successful international personal development company that helps people create rapid change, discover and connect to their life’s purpose, and live their lives to their fullest potential.


Mastin’s methodology, Functional Life Coaching™, differs from his peers and predecessors in that it focuses not just on rapid behavioral change, but uses a systems approach to efficiently identify and dissolve the root cause that is impeding optimal human progress and success.






Claim Your Power Live Event

July 12-15, 2018 in Orlando, FL

Get a discounted ticket at ClaimYourPowerLive.com/lori



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Jul 02, 2018
248: How Dreams Get Delivered To You

Today I’m in Phoenix for the last stop of my book tour, but I recently decided that I may attempt another round later this year because I’m having so much fun with them. Sure, we talk about some pretty serious stuff, but we get to laugh with each other while we do it – and that is SO fantastic! It’s so gratifying to see another dream of mine come true. And if you’ve been following me for a while, you know this dream didn’t happen overnight.


Speaking of which, while going through some of my social media posts the other day so I could get a feel what’s resonating most with people lately, I found a post about dreams that hit a major chord.


When you ask for something, when you really want something, you gotta know that it’s not getting delivered in its final form. It’s like going to IKEA, picking out your favorite kitchen and furniture to fill your house and saying, “Yeah, that’s pretty! I love it! I want it! I’ll take that!” Then going home to a pile of confusing parts you have to put together yourself only to realize you don’t own any tools and your dog ate the instructions. Yup, that’s how your dreams get delivered – they show up one day at your door as a pile of lessons that you do not yet have the skills or tools to navigate. That pile of lessons, tough relationships and lack of skills serve as your opportunity to figure out how to be resourceful and become the person who can handle building and maintaining the dream. Yup, I have a love-hate relationship with IKEA and building my dreams, but I sure enjoy who I’ve become as a result of figuring out the messes and overwhelm when I realize it’s all gonna be beautiful on the other side.”


Dreams don’t just magically appear – as much as we wish they did. It’s about getting resourceful and finding others who can help you toward them.


“The only thing you need to do is take the action.”


You don’t have to have all the answers right away. You don’t have to be “ready.” But when you’re shooting for your dreams you’re also going to be in a constant state of testing and figuring out what works…and what doesn’t. It’s not going to feel good all the time and you may feel a little crazy at times, but that’s not a bad thing. Experiencing the bad helps us appreciate the success that much more.


So support your dream. For me, I love my podcast. I love talking with other amazing humans and learning new things. However, I don’t love the scheduling, editing, posting, and that’s why I have an incredible team that helps me with it. So if you’re saying, “I love this, but not this,” find a way to change your perspective about your dream. How is this not-so-fun part helping you achieve your dream?


“Be willing to feel lost on a daily basis. Security is not real.”


You’re never going to feel ready, but keep reframing, changing your perspective and never give up. Me personally?


“I don’t stop until I create what I wish existed.”


Just go with it! Take action (big or small) and make your wildest dreams come true!


In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • What dreams look like when they’re delivered
  • How to support your dreams (get resourceful)
  • Taking action before you’re ready




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Jun 28, 2018
247: Turning Negativity and Pain into Productivity and Purpose with Andy Frisella


It is such a massive honor to have today’s guest, Andy Frisella, on the show today. He is such an inspiration to me and I encourage you to listen and hold onto each and every single raw and honest word he speaks.

As a successful entrepreneur in the sports supplementation industry as well as a wildly successful podcaster, Andy LOVES what he does every day because he’s changing people’s lives. But this wasn’t always the case. A once self-professed fat kid eating Dorito’s who never completed anything, Andy realized he needed to make a change ­– even if that meant getting uncomfortable to do it.

Andy shares his journey with us and opens up to tell us how being stabbed radically changed his perspective on the world and how it also accidentally got him into business. Now he’s able to use his business and platform to make an impact and help others.

While you won’t hear Andy mincing words over any naysayers, you will hear him telling it like it is. If you’re looking for permission to do the same and also cut out the negativity in your life, look no further – Andy is walking permission to be REAL.




Question Highlights:

  • What do you tell people whose backs aren’t against the wall… How do they get there?
  • How does the Law of Attraction work for you?
  • What do you do when you feeling like you’re going downhill (fear, doubt etc.)?
  • Growing up, did you feel like there was more?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Andy’s journey from a fat kid eating Dorito’s and not finishing anything to the success he is today
  • The “zero option mentality”
  • Getting uncomfortable to continue growing and evolving
  • How Andy is driven by negativity/the dark side
  • Being resourceful with your energies and motivators
  • Transferring negativity and pain into productive things that help other people
  • How Andy came back after being stabbed in the face and how it helped him connect and boost his business
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Looking for miracles
  • Building a business around purpose vs. making money
  • The Powerless Method (ep. 107 of The MFCEO Podcast – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/win-the-day-with-andy-frisella-mfceo107/id1012570406?i=1000377906163&mt=2)
  • Eliminating the negative people who aren’t contributing positively in your life
  • And so much more…



“Even though it feels good now, it’s not going to feel OK 10-15 years down the road.”


“Creating progress takes a conscious effort to be uncomfortable.”


“I store the negative stuff inside and turn it into productive action.”


“It’s not about having all the resources. It’s about being resourceful with what you have, and that includes your energies and motivations.”


“Almost everything can be turned into something good.”


“It’s not something we choose to happen, it’s something that’s happening to everybody – they’re just not realizing it.”


“If you want to be great at what you do, make a business built around a purpose vs. being built around making money.”


“Fill your boat with propellers – not anchors.”



One of the world's leading authorities on customer loyalty and company culture, Andy is a proven expert at building both brick and mortar and online direct-to-consumer retail businesses from the ground up. He has made a career out of creating over the top customer experiences.

In addition to serving as CEO of 1st Phorm International, Andy founded and runs five other businesses; Supplement Superstores, Alpine Sports Products, Carbon Fire Nutrition, Paradise Distribution, and 44Seven Media.

Andy is also an author (for both adults and children), speaker, and the host of The MFCEO Project, a top-rated personal development and business podcast.




IG: @andyfrisella

The MFCEO Project Podcast

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Jun 25, 2018
246: HOW to NOT Take It Personal


My book tour is coming to a close with one event left in Phoenix, and I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with being in rooms surrounded by so many amazing people and learning from them as well. As you’ve heard in other episodes, I’ve found new takeaways from each stop – but so many reoccurring themes as well.


Another overarching topic is about taking things personally. Getting through this, of course, has a lot to do with mastering our mindset, but it helps to understand what it feels like before you get there.


Question: If you didn’t take things personally, what could you do in your life? I’ve asked this question at my book tour stops and the answers are endless, but the most common response? “I could be happy.” Whoa!


You see, when we worry about what other people think we’re putting ourselves in our own form of prison. Don’t stifle your truth just to please someone else. I highly encourage you to ruffle feathers, share your opinions and share who you authentically are at your core.


“If you’re not upsetting people, you’re not living in your truth – you’re living in fear.”


Be yourself. Stop people pleasing. Make some waves. I know this is a hard thing to do, but it feels SO good. Trust me, I’m a people pleaser through and through, but by sparing other people pain, you’re only adding more pain to your life.


“Freedom and truth are the opposite of suppression and resentment.”


Does this mean you’ll never take something personal again? Heck no. It is a constant practice of self-love and you will learn how to release it more quickly. It’s also one of our best teachers in life that helps us develop more compassion and understanding from where other people are coming from.


So the next time someone offers their opinion and you take it personally, make a conscious effort to release, forgive and move on…and live a happy life.



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Why we need to stop taking things personally
  • Living authentically and in your truth
  • Why it’s an ongoing self-love practice to not take things personally




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Jun 21, 2018
245: How to Unapologetically Step Into Your Purpose with Gabby Bernstein and Chris Harder

I am so excited to have my good friend, Gabby Bernstein back on the podcast today along with my husband Chris! We are talking all about how's Gabby's courses have impacted my life and how you could get the same coaching from her. 

I am also giving away some seriously amazing bonuses when you join Gabby's Spirit Junkie Masterclass! Get all the details and learn more at www.Loriharder.com/Gabby

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Jun 18, 2018
244: How Perspective Changes Your Life


I’m still on my book tour, and it means the world to me to share the room with so many amazing women. And while it’s a massive dream come true, it’s also forced me to make some massive perspective shifts when it comes to traveling, speaking, signing books and taking pictures. I’ll be honest, it can be a lot for this introvert who is prone get to getting anxiety! But once I’m able to slow down and change my perspective on it all – there’s no way I wouldn’t do what I’m doing. It’s just all about changing the way we view things.


One question I pose to my book tour audiences is, “what’s stopping you from connecting in different relationships?”


“In order for things to change, we have to change how we’re viewing things.”


Whether it’s your body, career or relationships, it is imperative that we shift our perspectives before anything can happen. We need to shift into how we want to feel.


It’s amazing how this small little thing (OK, not always the easiest task), can give you tons of energy back. No matter what you’re feeling anxiety around, change the lens you’re viewing it through and see how you can make it easier. There could be a different (and better) way.


Do this, and you’ll be on the fast track to changing your life.



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Shifting your perspectives
  • Why the way we view things may be preventing connection
  • What Lori’s book tour is teaching her




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Jun 14, 2018
243: How to Use Crystals for Healing and Manifesting with Energy Muse (Heather Askinose and Timmi Jandro)


My interview with Heather Askisone and Timmi Jandro, the founders of Energy Muse, was a conversation that was meant to happen. In recent years, I’ve become super intrigued with the use of crystals and it was incredible to dive deeper, learn some new things and also receive validation on some crazy coincidences in my life that involved crystals.


Best friends since the 1st grade, Heather and Timmi weren’t always interested in crystals. In fact, both were in different careers (business and high-end real estate) up until they founded Energy Muse 17 hears ago. With their combined experience of healing and business, they are now taking the woo-woo out of crystals and empowering people to make change starting today.


I know there will be some skeptics out there, but I have a feeling they’ll feel differently after listening. It’s all about good energy! I highly recommend taking their crystal test on their site to see which stones you’re drawn to – they may just help you through your next challenge. (And if you feel called to do so, I would love it if you shared which ones you chose and what they mean!)




Question Highlights:

  • How did you both start out on this journey?
  • Who do you typically give the amethyst stone to?
  • When did you realize there was something there for you with crystals? What made you dive deeper?
  • Do you keep different crystals throughout your house or through different times?
  • What was the main reason you decided to write your book, Crystal Muse?
  • How does energy alignment with the moon relate to crystals?
  • Do you have any rituals in your book that help people feel grounded or rooted when they’re at a tipping point?
  • What is the most exciting thing that’s coming up for you with your book release?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Heather and Timmi first met and their backgrounds before founding Energy Muse
  • How energies/stones resonate with people differently
  • The innocence of picking a crystal for the first time
  • The shift that took place when Heather gave Timmi a prosperity necklace
  • How crystals can help us feel and serve as a reminder to slow down
  • Energy Muse’s internal challenge to pick one stone and work with it for 21 days
  • Their new book, Crystal Muse, and why it’s a book of secrets that offers rituals done in 11 minutes or less to render results
  • Emotional moon in Scorpio
  • Why humans are looking to reconnect with each other more than ever
  • What it means to “energetically cut the cord”
  • And so much more…



“When you feel, you start healing.”


“The more I stopped and slowed down, the more my life moved forward.”


“There are so many juicy concepts and conversations that one stone can help you evolve into and unearth.”


“The beauty of finding out who you are and where you are at that time is powerful.”


“The more we plug into the light right now, the more we are going to be able to get out of the chaos and confusion.”


“We, the people, are the bridge between the worlds – the earth and the sky.”


“You’re going to feel the pain, but it doesn’t have to last forever.”



Having known one another since the age of six, Energy Muse co-founders, Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro are each other’s yin to their yang. Heather Askinosie is a leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui, and holistic healing. For over 25 years, she has had the privilege of studying with the best healers from all over the world, who have passed down ancient teachings on how to utilize energy technology. In 2000, Heather co-founded Energy Muse with business partner Timmi Jandro. Timmi’s background in sales and operations, making them a dynamic duo in this industry. Energy Muse is a conscious lifestyle brand, providing tools of empowerment, inspiration, and hope in the tangible form of jewelry and crystals. Together, Heather and Timmi are helping people reconnect with the energy of the Earth to align with their highest self, realize their true calling, and tap into their own personal magnificence.



IG: @energymuse


Get their book, Crystal Muse here!

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Jun 11, 2018
242: How To Take Back YOUR POWER


I’m in New York this week having just wrapped up my stop in Boston for the book tour and it was another magical night. It’s so great having conversations with other women – especially those who have or are reading the book and are looking to connect with other women, too! It’s also super interesting to see what common questions are popping up between book tour stops.


One common theme that’s coming up, both at the book events and online, is how people are afraid to take leaps and try new things – they feel stuck. Personally, I know I’m wasting time when I start asking myself a lot of questions and stop taking action. All of the what if’s, stalling and procrastination – anything to prevent me from doing anything that might bring me some sort of pain. Does that sound familiar to you at all?


“We get stuck focusing on the pain instead of the motivation.”


But here’s the thing (and I have to remind myself of this daily), we don’t come out of the womb knowing what to do. Take riding a bike… can you imagine if as a child, we just kept thinking about the pain of the fall, scraping our knees or bumping our heads? We would have never ditched those training wheels! Instead, we imagined how free it would feel to cruise around.


So, take back your power. Quit focusing on the fall. Focus on the freedom. And don’t look back.



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Why people feel like they’re “stuck”
  • Taking back your power
  • Why we need stop focusing on the pain and focus on the good




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Jun 07, 2018
241: The Balance Between Making Money and Following Your Passion with Luke Storey


I am utterly fascinated at the diverse background of today’s guest and fellow podcaster, Luke Storey. With a journey that began as a high school dropout, Luke has hit career stops along the way as a musician, fashion stylist and now health and wellness podcaster. I honestly wish we would have had more time to delve into each avenue of his journey, but we were able to touch on so many inspiring topics the led him through each one.


A self-professed work in progress, I love that Luke focuses on staying teachable. He’s not afraid to examine each aspect of his life to find out what’s in alignment and what isn’t in order to live in his highest purpose day in and day out. Luke has committed to maintaining a balance of talent and passion, but that often means keeping his ego in check.


Tune in to hear how Luke manages to keep just the right level of humility without sacrificing his gifts or self-worth – all while staying true to who he is. This was such an insightful episode – I cannot wait to hear what you took away from it, too!




Question Highlights:

  • What brought you to do what you’re doing now?
  • What did the journey feel like when you discovered that living in your potential soothes you?
  • What were some of the biggest things you pulled from each of your career stops?
  • What does it look like, on a daily basis, when you’re working through something while also being humble and still being fully you?
  • How can you practice being in a relationship when you’re not in a relationship?
  • What are you most excited about?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Luke’s diverse background in music, fashion, speaking, health and wellness and how it led him to the present moment
  • The balance of talent and passion
  • How Luke got his start in fashion styling
  • Living in different purposes throughout one’s life
  • The need for significance and one’s interpretation of humility
  • Integrating the ego with one’s endeavors and work
  • Not attaching worth to one’s gifts
  • The importance of staying teachable
  • The pursuit of pleasure
  • How Luke is getting clear on who he is and what he has to offer
  • Relationships – romantic and platonic
  • Gratitude work
  • And so much more…



“Once you figure any area of your life out and get some help, the only key to true fulfillment is passing that on to other people and living a life of service.”


“It’s owning that I’ve worked my ass off and learned a lot, but there’s also plenty left to learn.”


“Don’t believe everything you think.”


“Build a relationship with whatever it is that makes your heart beat all day, every day.”



Luke Storey is a former celebrity fashion stylist and entrepreneur, public speaker, podcaster, and lifestyle design coach who has spent the past 21 years relentlessly searching the world over to design the ultimate lifestyle through his extensive, personal research and development.

Using The Life Stylist Podcast as his delivery platform, Luke continues to share his strategies for healing, happiness, and high-performance living each week so that listeners can use this knowledge to design their ultimate lifestyle. 

The Life Stylist Podcast features the biggest experts in the fields of health, spirituality, and personal development. Past guests have included experts like Dave Asprey, David Wolfe, Sharon Salzberg, John Gray, Neil Strauss, Russell Simmons, and Daniel Vitalis.

Luke’s show covers an ever-expanding range of topics including sex and relationships, yoga, meditation, smart drugs, health myths and medical conspiracies, spirituality, food and supplementation, herbalism, alternative medicine, and biohacking technologies and tactics.

As a public speaker, Luke has appeared on stage with current thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Tim Ferris, and Neil Strauss. He is known for his raw, down to earth delivery, and ability to excite minds, and open hearts.

Luke currently works one on one with private clients and continues to act as Founder and CEO at School of Style, the world’s most prominent school for fashion stylists, which he founded in 2008.



IG: @lukestorey

The Life Stylist Podcast


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Jun 04, 2018
240: How to MASTER Your MINDSET and Find Happiness


You’ve likely heard it before, but I’ll say it again… This thing called life can be so, so challenging. With lots of new situations popping up for me and speaking to audiences that I normally wouldn’t talk to, I’ve determined that getting through it all has to do with mastering my mindset.


Because when you put yourself out there in a new and vulnerable way, you’re not going to be supported by everyone. You’re going to have those people who judge you or say unkind things to you because you’ve “changed” or perhaps it’s someone who wishes they were doing what you’re doing. Always remember that it’s not about you – it’s them.


“The more you shift into the person you know you were meant to be, the more you change.”


When we allow fear or the opinions of others to get into our head, we are stopping ourselves from living the life we were meant to live. It’s a choice to tune into the small minds or let them fall away. I’m not saying they won’t affect you at times, but you must always return to that place of love and happiness within yourself.


Decide what matters and whose opinions are valuable to you. Personally, when I am living in my authentic power and truth, nothing else matters besides what my Creator and my family think (in that order).


“We are radically responsible for our own energy.”


So, determine what brings you back to that place of love and happiness – in all you do. I find that I’m able to drown out of the noise by bringing in more good (creating, dancing, writing surfing etc.). What helps you?


Whatever it is, know that we need you to show up in whatever makes you unique. Don’t let anyone else try to tell you different. YOU get to live this life exactly the way your Creator intended and that is pure bliss.



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Mastering your mindset
  • Determining what and whose opinions matter to you
  • Living the life you were created to live




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A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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May 31, 2018
239: How to Stop Blocking Yourself and Start Manifesting Your Dreams with Sarah Centrella


Have you ever had one of those conversations that happened right when you needed it? Well, let’s just say that my chat with today’s guest, Sarah Centrella, was divinely timed. I always say that my podcast was created so I could selfishly get advice for myself, and this episode delivered.


About 10 years ago, Sarah was a stay-at-home mom, married to her high school sweetheart with 3 kids. She thought she and her husband were building this picture-perfect life, but the market turned and she discovered her husband was cheating on her. It was in this moment, broke and divorced, that her life as she knew it changed.


As one could expect, Sarah was shell-shocked. But when the dust settled a bit, she came to the realization that she was in control and had the power to decide who she was going to be. An avid fan of Oprah (who isn’t?), she decided to try a vision board after seeing it on her show. Little did Sarah know that 1.5 years later, her vision board would come to life.


Realizing that it was no coincidence that her vision board and life matched, she created another and watched those things come to fruition as well. Seeing a trend, Sarah interviewed several people to hear their success stories and discovered that there were eight common steps – regardless of the highs and lows – between all of them.


Today, Sarah uses this 8-step plan to help everyone – whether it’s a live coaching appearance or in her book, Hustle Believe Receive – create and manifest the life of their dreams. She encourages action on a daily basis to keep moving that needle toward your end goal/vision.


I loved our talk so much as it’s a great reminder to myself that no one is perfect and we all question our path and struggle from time to time. If you’re frustrated with where you’re at with your dreams, be sure to listen to get an instant pick-me-up! Enjoy!    




Question Highlights:

  • Where did your story begin?
  • What did the journey look like following that sliver of hope?
  • How did you create your vision board, what were the tools around it and how did you use it?
  • What made your vision board life happen?
  • Do you do something daily to get into that mindset?
  • Do you find that some people are afraid to dream or think bigger when it comes to vision boards?
  • Can you share what the 8-Step manifestation process looks like?
  • Where does step 6 (Do it – Hustle) come from?
  • What is the “Live it” step about?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Where Sarah’s story started
  • What moment marked the end of her life as she knew it
  • When and how Sarah came to create her first vision board
  • How Sarah brought her vision board to life
  • Why we must focus on the life (not the things) we want
  • The importance of linking feelings to the images on your vision boards
  • Using Pinterest to find your vision board images
  • Getting present and resetting when necessary
  • Making your vision so clear that you never give up
  • The 8 steps to create and manifest your dreams
  • “Throwing spaghetti at the wall” to see what sticks/works
  • Sarah’s book Hustle Believe Receive
  • And so much more…



“I had to decide who I was going to be.”


“It can get better; it’s in my control.”


“I have always focused on experiences, not things.”


“If you don’t have a clear vision of where you want to go and if you’re not excited, at the very first obstacle you’ll say, ‘peace!’”


“The hustle is what you do on a daily basis.”


“Stop blocking and manifest.”


“There will always be a next level in your journey.”


“If you stop bitching, your life will change.”




Best-Selling Author | Master Coach  Vision Board & Manifesting Expert

Sarah Centrella is the author of the #1 best-selling self-help book Hustle Believe Receive An 8 Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream.

Centrella is known as the premier vision board expert and original Manifesting Gangsta! Her new book of the same title will be released in early 2019. 

As a master life coach, she’s worked with professional athletes in the NBA and NFL, WAGS and thousands of people from around the world, helping them manifest their dreams.

She regularly delivers keynote speeches and leads workshops for clients such as: Pinterest, Nike, BMW, Xerox, Morgan Stanley, NBA Wives Association and she is a national spokesperson for the American Red Cross.

Sarah has been featured by ABC NEWS, The Steve Harvey Show, The New York Times, OK! Magazine, The Oregonian, Yahoo News, Good Morning America and many others.

 Centrella is also a contributor for several major sites including: Elite Daily, Mindvalley, Thrive and Huffington Post.



IG: @sarahcentrella

Hustle Believe Receive: An 8-Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream

by Sarah Centrella


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May 28, 2018
238: Why You Have to Give Yourself Permission

I cannot tell you how surreal and exciting it all still feels to see so many of you building your tribes and sharing your takeaways, stories and photos with me about A Tribe Called Bliss (ATCB). I think I have a bruise from regularly pinching myself to confirm that this is indeed still real life. ;)


One common theme I’m seeing so far among my ATCB readers is how it’s giving you permission in all areas of your lives. Permission to do the things you want to do. Permission to be fully you. Permission to forgive yourself. Permission to have the conversations you need to have. Most importantly, it’s giving you permission to release the old stories about yourself that simply aren’t true.


Witnessing this has also spurred me to find areas where I can give myself a bit more permission in my own life. Because lately, I’ve had to accept that I’m just not going to be on top of everything and things are going to slip through the cracks. Book tours are no joke. It takes a whole other level of energy and time management… and saying no. And in order to do this, I’ve had to give myself a whole lot of self-love and grace.


“We’ll never get to where we want to go without massive grace and love.”


It’s times like this when we need to ensure we’re creating fierce boundaries and focus on saying no. Saying no can be so hard, but it is imperative for self-preservation during our busy seasons. Otherwise, our “good” may never turn into our “great.”


“Give yourself space for the true, authentic gifts to come through.”


Thank you all again so much for your support of me and my book. I know this is a recurring ask, but if you love the message of this episode or of ATCB, please share with a friend or leave a review so we can reach our goal of 1 million tribes!



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Giving yourself permission in all areas of life
  • Creative boundaries and saying no
  • A Tribe Called Bliss




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A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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May 24, 2018
237: How and WHY to Step Into Your Truth NOW with Danette May

I am so thrilled to have my soul sister, Danette May, back on the show today. Not only was she the one that initially introduced me to the idea of a mastermind (hello, A Tribe Called Bliss!), but she’s one of the most authentic people I know. If you want to hear more about her story, please be sure to check out the resources for our previous episode (her journey thus far is incredible).


Today, we’re talking about her upcoming event, The Rise, and how it helps women make authentic connections by allowing them to be their authentic selves. Danette shares so many soul-shaking experiences and insights – all focused again on connecting with yourself to step into your highest purpose. Her wisdom is so relatable and I honestly could listen to her all day long.


I hope you enjoy our conversation and hopefully, we’ll both get to see you at her event in October (details in the Resources section).


Question Highlights:

  • What made you want to host The Rise event?
  • Where did you come from – when did your soul speak to you, what did life look like and when did you first take action?
  • Why did your soul sign up for this event?
  • When you think of your event, what are some of the things you want to have at the event?
  • What can you tell those who are feeling called to go?
  • What does it mean to see yourself?
  • If you had to name three things that you think makes someone transform, what would they be?
  • What has having a female connection in your life done for you?
  • Why do events have the capability to shift your world?
  • What is something you want people to know about the work you’re doing with The Rise?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Connecting authentically with others by being authentically you
  • What Danette did when fear hit her surrounding The Rise event
  • Soul contracts
  • The cellular remembering of your power
  • What happens when you don’t listen to your soul
  • Showing up so you can see yourself
  • Speaking the truth to your soul
  • The power of events
  • What true, raw sisterhood means to Danette
  • What Lori will be performing at The Rise event
  • And so much more…



“If you’re not unraveling, you’re not growing.”


“Movement is like cleaning out the cobwebs of your soul.”


“You get to choose your environment.”


“If I can love myself and get into my own radical self-acceptance, I’ve got a best friend for life.”


“Your self-love is your biggest work.”


“Rise within so you can rise up.”


“You get to be happy just because you exist.”


Danette May is a motivational speaker, #1 best-selling author of seven health and women empowerment books, celebrity trainer, and mother. Danette is the founder of Mindful Health, LLC, a platform that reaches hundreds of thousands of women around the world. Danette stars in some of the top-selling fitness DVDs sold worldwide, is a top magazine\ model, and a frequent guest on national TV, Access Hollywood, Hallmark Home and Family, CBS, among others.

Danette has a deep passion for peeling back the layers of women’s light and empowerment through healing foods, healing movement and a healing mindset. She loves transforming hundreds of thousands of women around the world by helping them gain the knowledge and inspiration to love the bodies they LIVE in and love the LIFE they live!



The Rise Event • Denver, CO • October 13-14, 2018

IG: @thedanettemay

Danette’s last episode on Earn Your Happy - Episode 20: 3 Life Lessons to Create Big Shifts

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May 21, 2018
236: This Is STOPPING YOU From Having the Friends and Relationships You Want

I am still feeling the energy of my first book tour stop last night at Wanderlust in West Hollywood. I can’t even begin to describe the energy that filled that room. And if you were there last night, thank you so much for being there and for supporting me and my book. The event was proof that this book really is creating a new way to connect, support and see each other and ourselves in a whole new light.


Can I tell you a crazy story about this particular venue? Four years ago, before this book was even a glimmer in my eye, I was there for Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie book launch. I had a lot of fear going into this event, and felt as though I wasn’t “good enough” to hang around this group of people – but I remember also being super excited and happy to be there. Long story short, it was amazing and I found myself sitting on the floor and dreaming of the day I held my own book launch event there. Let’s just say it’s quite clear that manifestation works!


This book tour stop (and I anticipate all the others will feel the same way) reaffirmed that all women are looking for deeper connections with female friends. People are done with the games of jealousy, comparison and fear, and are ready to create authentic connections. Everyone is eager to take their relationships from superficial to deep in order to create the safety net we all so desperately need.


I hope I get to see you at one of my upcoming stops for even more magical connections! And regardless if you’re able to attend, if you love my book or this podcast and feel called to do so, I would be so grateful if you shared my book with other women. My goal is still a million tribes and I can’t do it without you!



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • The new way of connecting, supporting and seeing each other and ourselves
  • The safety net that having a tribe provides
  • A Tribe Called Bliss



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A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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May 17, 2018
235: How to Replace Your Habits to Connect with Your Higher Purpose with Tara Mackey

I am in awe when it comes to the resilience of the human spirit and body, and today’s guest, Tara Mackey, just reaffirms my belief. With a tumultuous childhood that lead to a drug prescription at the young age of 13 subsequent prescriptions thereafter, it’s not surprising that Tara once came close to ending her own life. However, seven years ago, she finally realized that the help she sought didn’t come in an orange bottle or from the people who she’d allowed into her life. She knew the drugs (and diagnoses) were holding her back and as a result, she quit all 14 drugs cold-turkey (she doesn’t advise this method) and hasn’t looked back since.


Tara now takes pride in educating others to get off drugs and even more in helping people recognize what’s holding them back and then guiding them to create new habits that propel them forward. I resonate so deeply with Tara’s message as she also truly believes that we all are put on this planet with a purpose. And once we’re able to pinpoint the habits that are holding us back we can then create replacement habits and finally tap into our own intuition and purpose. Tara’s new book, “WILD Habits,” even walks you through the steps to do just that.


I think everyone will relate on some level to this episode and I can’t wait to hear all of the takeaways from this episode and her soon-to-be-released book.




Question Highlights:

  • What do you do now and how did you get started on that path?
  • At what point did your intuition start talking to you and tell you to do something different?
  • What were some of the most influential experiences in your life that got you to those moments?
  • Can you explain what you mean when you say “numb?”
  • What do you share with people around what it really looks like when you step into the journey of your purpose?
  • Growing up, were there influences in your life that sparked a feeling of purpose and reminded you of who you were?
  • What were some of your labels and how did you get over them?
  • Do you have any labels now that have come with success that hold you up to some expectation?
  • How do we change out our habits and what does that look like?
  • How do we begin to make the space to follow the WILD Method steps?
  • What was your focus for energy in your book?
  • Do you believe everyone on the planet has a purpose?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Tara got off drugs and now helps educate people to do the same
  • How Tara helps people recognize what’s holding them back and then create new habits that propel them forward
  • Why harmful habits are all distractions from your true purpose
  • The importance of recognizing what you’re using to numb out
  • Labels
  • How drugs impact your labels and your behavior
  • Why it’s OK to change and grow all the time
  • Tara’s WILD Method
  • Listening to your intuition
  • The mind/body connection
  • The importance of movement
  • What toxicity in all forms looks like
  • Why it’s important to step away from judgment and criticism
  • How social media distracts us from our true purpose
  • Figuring out what to put your energy toward
  • And so much more…



“I wanted help but help hadn’t come in the form of orange bottles or the people that I had let in.”


“We numb because we’re afraid of living up to our full potential.”


“Focus on adding up the moments that bring us joy because that brings us closer to who we truly are.”


“People will know you as whatever you do in that moment.”


“It’s not weird that you’re changing and growing all the time.”


“If you’re not moving your body other things get stagnant.”


“Become more conscious of why you’re doing what you’re doing.”




Tara Mackey is the best-selling author of Cured by Nature, a soul singer and global motivational speaker. She is the Founder and CEO of The Organic Life, recognized as one of the Healthiest Companies of the Year. Tara has been honored as Woman of the Year and named one of San Diego’s Most Admired CEOs of 2017. Mackey travels the world as an activist, inspiring people to make bold and brave moves, take actions to live their dreams and create a more sustainable and empowered world.


Her next book, WILD Habits: Unlock Your Mind, Improve Your Health and Release Your True Power (SelectBooks, Inc. May 8, 2018) shares all of the specific mental practices and natural home remedies Tara uses in her own life for a healthy spirit, mind, and body.


Tara studied biology and worked as an MLT at Cornell before moving to California in 2011 to pursue her passions in health, acting and music. Tara began her blog and company, The Organic Life, in 2012 to share her wellness journey. Mackey’s bohemian spirit, talent and drive has generated a booming, engaged and inspired following. After receiving inquiries from

her devoted followers for her picks for organic and healthy skincare products, Tara launched Genetix in November 2017.


Tara’s work, journey and life has been featured by Forbes, Teen Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Yoga Digest, Byrdie, Readers Digest, Woman’s Day, ABC, Fox, The CW, PIX, MSN, Mental Floss, San Diego Business Journal, Essence Magazine, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Well + Good, Livestrong, Brides Magazine and many more.



IG: @taramackey


WILD Habits by Tara Mackey

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May 14, 2018
234: How To Look Forward To Every Single Day


The day is finally here! My book is officially out as of yesterday and honestly, I just don’t have the words to describe all the emotions I’m going through. This is definitely the best I’ve ever felt, but there certainly were days where things definitely felt challenging. But let me tell you, everything I’ve went through to get to this point was worth it!


So today, I have a simple message and it’s that we can’t fully experience the good of anything without enduring the challenging or dark moments. This is why when we reach where we want to go – wherever that is – that we really take time to feel GOOD and celebrate it!


When we know there’s always going to be a balance of dark and light or good and bad, we can begin to look forward to each and every day. Stop resisting or avoiding the things that make you heart sing and just go for it – regardless of the outcome. This is how our soul wants us to show up in the world (and everyone else wants to see it, too).


“Your joy elevates the world.”


So take a minute and really reflect, what are you holding onto that’s blocking the things you desire? Now, take a moment and figure out one small step that will help you toward it. Better yet, tell a friend or your tribe of women who support you.


Speaking of tribe… have you gotten my book yet? If you have, I would love if you shared with me what resonated with you (so far). Also, in order to reach my goal of ONE MILLION tribes, if you feel called to do so, it would help so much if you could rate and review the book online so more women find it and create their own tribes as well. And if you haven’t gotten the book, no worries, you can still get a copy at a bookstore near you or by visiting one of the links in the Resources section.




In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • The dichotomy of dark and light and why we need it
  • Why the most important relationship you have is with yourself
  • A Tribe Called Bliss




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A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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May 10, 2018
233: Learn The MISSING LINK in SELF GROWTH and SELF-LOVE with Chris and Lori Harder

Today is an extra special interview with my husband, Chris, as he’s interviewing me on MY book, A Tribe Called Bliss. And it releases officially tomorrow, May 8! Gah! I am so excited! So many of you have already gotten your copy and I cannot wait to see it in the hands of a million more (manifesting!).

Chris asks me questions today all about the book – why I wrote it, who it’s for and how it can help you get your message out in the world with the help of a supportive tribe.

I cannot wait to see the ripple effect this book creates as I truly believe that it will be a new way for women to support each other (and themselves at the same time) in all that they do.


Thank you all so much for your support! If you buy the book and love it, it would mean so much to me if you would write a review, share and/or gift the book to someone else. Cannot wait to hear all the epic tribe-building stories – so please be sure to share them and tag me @LoriHarder on IG!



Question Highlights:

  • Why did you write A Tribe Called Bliss?
  • How did you write this book with your background/upbringing?
  • Who is this book for?
  • How did you get yourself in the position to tell your personal stories?
  • Could you have written this book had you not mastered tribe?
  • Who are some of the people in your tribe that got you through?
  • Will this book help people find their tribes?
  • What effect has tribe had on your earning power?
  • Can people make more money if they create a tribe like you?
  • What are you most excited about with your book release?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Lori’s book-writing journey – how and why she wrote A Tribe Called Bliss
  • Why this book is for anyone in any type of relationship
  • Becoming the person that will attract your desired tribe
  • Clearing your stories
  • How tribe takes you from transition to transcending in a fun and accelerated way
  • Lori’s tribe/mastermind and how they’ve supported her (and vice versa)
  • How tribe opens up a new dialogue between women
  • Why you need more than just a partner to talk to
  • How tribe and wealth go hand in hand
  • Tribe and philanthropy
  • How tribe pays you back – both financially and personally
  • And so much more…



“You’re not going to get where you want to go without trying and failing.”


“If you want more you’ve got to learn how to show up more unapologetically you.”





  • Special Training on The 7 Sacred Agreements with purchase of the book for a limited time. Upload a screenshot of receipt (scroll toward the bottom of the page or Click Here) and you will receive access to the training.
  • Buy A Tribe Called Bliss (releases May 8)
  • Find out the latest on Lori’s book tour and join the world’s biggest tribe book club

A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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May 07, 2018

Wow, we are less than a week away from the release of my book and I am so freaking excited – I can’t take it! And I cannot thank all of you – my supportive tribe – enough for your support so far. So many of my sisters have gone above and beyond to support me and my book, and in return, I’m trying to do the exact same for them by sharing their passions – books, podcasts etc. I’m a firm believer in bringing awareness to ALL women because that’s exactly what my book is about. Imagine what this world would look like with countless women supporting each other. Hello, energetic boomerang!


Today I’m sharing yet another excerpt from my book and this section, called Soul Talk, is all about really listening to what our soul wants and helping us step into our highest purpose.


“I want to clarify right now that even when you are listening to your soul it won’t always feel good at first. The difference is, when it’s a soul-guided decision, it will feel aligned and ultimately guide you to your bliss.”


Because this isn’t always the easiest task, my book walks you through how to tune in and really listen to your soul. It will help you move through what you’re going through – no matter what it is – and help you step into who you truly are.


I hope you’ve been enjoying the sneak peeks of the book and cannot wait for you to have it in your hands. I seriously have the best audience and your support means the world to me. If you feel called to help me get my book’s message out even more, please share this podcast with others. Much love to you all!



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Bringing awareness to and supporting other women
  • Making soul-guided decisions to guide you to your bliss
  • A Tribe Called Bliss Book Club




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A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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May 03, 2018
231: How Healing Your Relationship with FOOD Can Help You LIVE A FULFILLED LIFE with Mel Wells


Take a peek at Mel Wells’ Instagram feed and you’ll see instantly why I love talking with her and following her amazing journey of self-love. As an actress at 18 on a UK soap opera, Mel was exposed early on to the pressures of the performing arts world and keeping a “thin” figure. This pressure eventually led to eating disorder behavior and she remained in that self-described black hole for seven years.


Shortly after that time, she left that world, rediscovered her self-worth and rewrote her mindset. She now helps other women get out of the diet culture and change their relationship with food and their bodies. Because as Mel describes, by healing our relationships with food we can also change our relationships with our souls.


As a person who’s struggled with my relationship with food and my body, I related on all fronts of Mel’s messages. There really is a parallel between healing that relationship and using that same knowledge in all areas of your life. It ultimately comes down to loving yourself and giving yourself freedom. This was such a heartfelt conversation and I can’t wait to hear what you resonated with the most.




Question Highlights:

  • What got you started on your path?
  • What was it that finally broke the cycle for you?
  • What do you tell someone who feels stuck?
  • How do you calm those fight or flight thoughts?
  • When you get psychological cravings what can you do?
  • What does it actually look like when you support other women?
  • What does being authentic mean for you in your life?
  • What are some tools you’re relying on to get you through your recent move?
  • What journey do you want to take women on at your Self Love Summit?
  • Did you have any limiting beliefs around creating relationships with women?
  • Tell me about your new book, Hungry for More.


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Mel healed her relationship with food and her body (and soul)
  • Connecting to your bigger vision
  • Choosing movement that feels good and isn’t a punishment
  • Trusting your body and that it wants you to live a healthy life
  • What to do when you get psychological cravings – that aren’t hunger related
  • Pursuing a fulfilled life
  • Being in integrity with your values
  • Letting go of old beliefs and obtaining new ones
  • The inevitability of change and growth
  • Mel’s TedXTalk and how she reframed her disappointment when they couldn’t publish it online due to audio difficulties
  • The importance of sharing the things that go wrong
  • And so much more…



“When you’re able to trust your body’s natural intuition it helps you tune in with your soul’s intuition.”


“If we want to feel free, then freedom is what we have to choose.”


“Choosing more control won’t get you more freedom.”


“The more I love myself, the more I’m able to lift other women up and genuinely mean it from the heart.”


“Be willing to take the masks off and just be completely comfortable with who you are and where you’re at.”



Mel Wells is a Certified Health Coach, Eating Psychology Coach, International Speaker and Bestselling Author of widely acclaimed, ‘The Goddess Revolution: Make Peace With Food, Love Your Body and Reclaim Your Life’, hailed by OK! magazine, 'the new body bible for women'.

She is Hay House’s youngest author and is a leading women’s expert in her field. Mel dedicates her time to helping women worldwide ditch dieting for good, make peace with food and love their healthy bodies. Mel coaches’ women through her popular online Academy, and luxury Goddess Retreats held in Bali, Thailand and the UK.


Mel empowers women to stop fad diets and challenges their entire belief system around food and their bodies, by working on the relationship they have with themselves.


Mel has been featured in Forbes Under 30, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, The Independent and has been voted No. 1 Young Female Entrepreneur to Watch in the UK by About Time Magazine. She made her TEDx debut in Switzerland last December.


Her next book, “Hungry For More,” encourages women to nourish their soul cravings, feed their dreams and live truly fulfilled lives. “Hungry For More”, published by Hay House is due for release Summer 2018.



IG: @iammelwells 

Hungry for More by Mel Wells

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Apr 30, 2018
230: Have You Ever Thought “There’s Got To Be MORE?”


As I said before, I’m sharing excerpts from A Tribe Called Bliss up until the release of it and today I’m reading a section called, “There’s Got to Be More.” And it’s all about confronting the thing(s) that are in the way of living in your purpose. It was a perfect part to call out as I practiced exactly what I talked about, and I experienced a new level of clarity as a result.


“The things we need to confront will not stop eating at us until we confront them or live in our purpose.”


From the start of publishing my book, I knew I had a responsibility to share/address some things with my family before it came out in regard to my feelings. So I set an intention to have a conversation with my mom and come from the most loving, compassionate place and do my best not to hurt her or any other family member in the process.


Great news – the call was a success and we were able to clear the energy and open up opportunities for something deeper. Why do I share this? Because I’m on a path to share what’s helping me in the moment – and today was one of those moments. It’s not always easy, but that’s what you get from my quickies – real, raw and vulnerable. All in the hopes that it helps you and helps you step into your purpose.


Cannot wait to see you on the book tour or in our book club!



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • Confronting people or issues that are in the way of living in your purpose
  • A Tribe Called Bliss Book Club
  • Lori’s new book, A Tribe Called Bliss




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A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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Apr 26, 2018
229: How to MAKE A LIVING Doing What You LOVE with Cathy Heller


A few months ago, I had the honor of being a guest on Cathy Heller’s podcast, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, and I am thrilled that I get to have her on mine. Not only could I talk to her for hours and hours, but she has an incredible story that I know so many of you will resonate with. 

From early on, Cathy knew she was meant for more and sought to find her purpose in the world (she admits there were multiple attempts). She changed her major to World Religions to truly find out if there was “more,” and ended up taking a life-changing three-year trip to Jerusalem. After returning, Cathy moved to L.A. to see if she could make a career out of her love for singing and music. It took a lot of work, but she eventually landed a record deal. Unfortunately, her record label dropped her before it even had a chance to release. Feeling defeated at first, she bailed on the music and landed herself other “practical” jobs ranging from real estate and casting to floral and interior design. None of these fulfilled her though and she set out determined to find other ways to make money singing and songwriting – and help others at the same time.


Fast-forward to today and you’ve likely heard Cathy’s songs on your favorite TV shows, ads and more. She cracked the code to making money while fulfilling her purpose and now helps others do the same. In the past year, Cathy has taken it to another level as well by creating her podcast, which takes her knowledge and easily parallels it to anyone else’s passion project.


Cathy keeps it real and is the first to say that no one wants to see perfect – they want authenticity. Once you listen, I know you’ll agree. Tune in to hear all the goodness Cathy shares with us. I know that you’ll wrap up your listening session feeling just a little lighter and like you’re one small step closer to stepping into your purpose.




Question Highlights:

  • Can you tell us a bit about your background and your journey that led you to where you are now?
  • What pulled you to keep going through the various stage of your career/life?
  • How do we get people involved and excited?
  • Outreach leads to some of the same questions when it comes to content too, right?
  • What do you say to someone who struggles with perfection?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Cathy’s life and career journey that led her to where she is today
  • The many attempts made by Cathy to find her purpose – record deals, real estate, interior design etc.
  • The online course Cathy created to teach others how to license their songs to TV and film
  • How Cathy transitioned her knowledge to the podcast platform
  • The difference between a hobby and business
  • Finding your audience and who you’re creating things for
  • How you can make a living by doing four specific things
  • Why outreach and the value you can add is important
  • Creating content
  • Authenticity
  • Why we must be willing to be uncomfortable
  • Consistency and showing up
  • And so much more…



“The mind likes to suffer, but I don’t need to.”


“The opposite of depression is purpose.”


“Success without meaning or fulfillment is an ultimate failing.”


“What makes any business works is radical empathy.”


“Vulnerability is the most powerful tool anyone has.”


“Wherever you are, there’s something you have that you can help somebody with.”


“We are all in beta – no one has it together.”


“Be willing to be a mess and do it anyway.”



Cathy Heller is a fire hose of inspiration. She’s the host of the popular podcast, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, and was recently given the No. 1 spot on iTunes show recommendation list for the New Year. Each week, Cathy encourages thousands and thousands of listeners to find more purpose in their life and get paid to do what they love full time. She started out as a singer/songwriter and found success licensing her music to TV, film and ads. Quickly she became a stand-out in her field and was featured in magazines like Billboard, Variety and the LA Weekly. She started teaching online courses to artists which were quite successful and she’s been asked to speak at Podcast Movement, Social Media Worldwide, UCLA, Berklee School of Music, The Grammy Museum and the Billboard Film/TV Conference.
Since starting her podcast, Cathy’s show has been mentioned in the NY Times and Inc. Magazine’s “Top 9 podcasts.” She’s been featured several times by Apple and her fans are resonating with how genuine she is. Throughout the show, she has interviewed creative entrepreneurs like designer Jonathan Adler, make-up artist Bobbi Brown, dancer Mandy Moore, fashionista Tamara Mellon, novelist Emily Giffin and Gretchen Rubin to name a few. Cathy’s girl-next-door approach and out-of-the-box hustling style is helping so many people feel hopeful and excited about what lies ahead. Cathy often says “purpose is the opposite of depression,” and she truly helps lift people to be the happiest version of themselves.


FB: https://www.facebook.com/cathyhellerbiz/

IG: @cathy.heller


Don’t Keep Your Day Job Podcast



The Creative Workroom Three-Month Course




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Apr 23, 2018
228 How To Avoid My Failure

My husband, Chris, and I were talking the other day and we thought it would be fun to share a short excerpt of A Tribe Called Bliss in the weeks leading up to the release date. So today I’m going to share a part from the beginning of the book, called “Tribal Fail,” which talks about what it looked like when I started to build my tribe.


You’ll discover that finding your tribe at first is awkward as hell, but it’s invaluable once you’re able to break through the surface with other women and form deeper connections. Because here’s the thing… we ALL need a tribe. Seriously, it’s proven (more details on that in the book) that the most successful, healthy and happy people have a group of people who always support them and have their back. And this is exactly why I wrote A Tribe Called Bliss and encourage you to build your tribe and work through the book together.


Again, it’s not always a straight road to find these people, and if you’re not quite ready to dive in with others, I encourage you to read the book through alone first. It will definitely get you into the right frame of mind to start your tribe when you’re ready.


This is just another reason why I’m so excited about my upcoming book tour. I cannot wait to connect people to their tribes! You never know who you’ll meet and form a lifelong relationship with.


Thank you so much again for helping me get this book and my message out into the world. Hope to see you at a book tour stop near you!



In This Episode Lori talks about:


  • How she started to build her tribe
  • Why everyone needs a tribe
  • Lori’s new book, A Tribe Called Bliss




Go to ATribeCalledBliss.com to find out the latest on Lori’s book tour.

First stop: May 15 • Los Angeles at Wanderlust Hollywood

A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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Apr 19, 2018
227: Make an Impact by FOLLOWING YOUR PASSION with Val Chmerkovskiy

As some of you know, my husband and I are huge fans of ballroom dancing, so it’s only natural that we’re huge fans of Dancing with the Stars’ Val Chmerkovskiy. After spending time with him earlier this year in Guatemala with Pencils of Promise, I just knew I needed to have him on the show to share more about his story and why making an impact is so important.


Born in Ukraine, at age 8, he and his family immigrated to Brooklyn, NY. As you can imagine it was a challenging transition but his parents inspired him to meet challenges by never backing away from theirs. To help occupy him and his brother’s time, they were enrolled in both violin and later on ballroom dancing. This soon became a passion for the whole family. In addition to Val and his brother Maks’ successful dance careers, they have since opened 14 other dance studios.


I cannot wait for you to hear Val’s inspiring story. Not only is he so passionate about his own life and what he does, he also hopes to inspire others to do the same. Tune in to hear how’s he connecting with others to do just that and how he’s making an impact in the world today. 




Question Highlights:

  • What did your life look like growing up and where did your passion for what you do now come from?
  • What is most exciting in your life right now?
  • Was not giving up or quitting a mindset that you were taught growing up?
  • What do you think it takes to be a good leader/mentor?
  • What have you learned from being on your 50-city tour?
  • Do you still get nervous before you perform?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Why Val is so inspired by his parents
  • How Val and his brother got into dance (and violin)
  • Val’s (and his parents’) entrepreneurial spirit
  • Why it’s essential to have pride without the ego
  • Why mentorship is important to Val
  • Forming connections and making an impact with others
  • Val’s 50-city tour
  • Why Val loves seeing others who are passionate about what they do
  • And much more…



  • How can I possibly dwell in my own success without having the energy of wanting to pass it forward and reciprocate?”


  • “A blessing isn’t realized until it’s passed forward.”


  • “I feel most fulfilled when I have a purpose.”


  • “Trust your track record.”


  • “Be nervous because you care, but don’t sell yourself short.”



Valentin “Val” Chmerkovskiy was born in Odessa, Ukraine to an engineer mother and marine merchant father. At 8 years old, Val’s family immigrated to Brooklyn, NY as refugees seeking asylum from the corrupt ex-communist nation. It was in a small Eastern European community in South Brooklyn where Val first picked up ballroom dancing as an after school activity that his parents hoped would keep him out of trouble. Soon after, Val found another passion in playing the violin, further easing the nerves of his parents as the arts kept their curious son off the South Brooklyn streets.

Although he resisted the temptation of Hollywood for a few years, in 2011 Val eventually joined his brother Maks as a member of the cast of professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars for its 13th installment. The 14-time US National Champion and two-time World Dance Champion quickly rose to stardom, becoming a fan-favorite for his impeccable performances and unique demeanor. Val won his first Dancing with the Stars Mirrorball Trophy with partner Rumer Willis during the ten-year anniversary season of the show. He later took home his second title in 2016 while partnered with Olympic Gold Medalist Laurie Hernandez. Most recently, Val was partnered with Paralympic swimmer Victoria Arlen, making it all the way to the semi-finals for which he choreographed a dance that brought a wheelchair into the world famous DWTS Ballroom for the first time.

Val is the first and only American to ever win the IDSF Junior and Youth World Championship, along with the prestigious British “Blackpool” Open, the German Open and the Asian Championships in Shenzhen, China. After overseeing the biggest youth ballroom dance program in the US, the Rising Stars Dance Academy, Val co-founded Dance With Me, one of the nation’s leading social dance studios, where he also lends his expertise as Art Director. Longing to continue his work with kids, Val implemented the Dance With Me Juniors program with the mission of keeping kids active, healthy, and creative.

Val supports numerous educational organizations and children’s charities, including the Children’s Hospital of LA and Pencils of Promise, for which he helped build two schools in Ghana using the funds he raised for the organization. He also spent the last two years mentoring kids at the KIPP Scholar Academy in South Los Angeles and brought his most improved mentees along to live tapings of Dancing with the Stars to inspire them to continue working hard.

As a classically trained violinist, Val has performed at Carnegie Hall and at Lincoln Center as a concertmaster for the ISO Youth Orchestra. He is fluent in English and Russian.

Val recently finished writing his first memoir titled “I’ll Never Change my Name,” set to be released in March 2018.


FB: facebook.com/ValChmerkovskiy

IG: @iamvalc 

I'll Never Change My Name: An Immigrant's American Dream from Ukraine to the USA to Dancing with the Stars
by Valentin Chmerkovskiy


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Apr 16, 2018
226: Make RESETTING Your ENERGY a Priority


I’ll be honest…With my book releasing in a matter of weeks, it’s been really easy to become overwhelmed with all the tactical stuff and let my thoughts be led by fear. As a result, I’ve been literally praying for a reset. And, today wouldn’t you know, my prayers were answered.


I’ve had back-to-back podcasts scheduled this week and I was resisting my interview with Sarah Centrella… not because I didn’t want to talk with her, but because I had so many others things going on. I pushed through this resistance though and wow, am I glad I did. It was smack-dab in the middle of our conversation when I realized that this was the exact message and conversation about manifestation that I needed to help me reset and connect back to my why. It is always a mixture of work + magic, miracles, fear, leaning in etc.


So now I’m back on my path and fully committed to blazing trails for all those right now who need the support of like-minded women with the help of my book, A Tribe Called Bliss. We need to remember to always circle back to make sure we’re connected to our why, and if we’re not we must use the tools that will get us there.


“Support your soul and that will support everything in your life.”


Remember, you are not in this alone and when you’re struggling don’t forget to use your tools or reach out to someone who you know will help you reset your energy back into strength and love.



In This Episode We Talk about:


  • Women supporting women
  • How Lori’s recent podcast helped her tap back into her why
  • Lori’s new book, A Tribe Called Bliss




Go to ATribeCalledBliss.com to find out the latest on Lori’s book tour.

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A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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Apr 12, 2018
225: The Art of Imperfections with Candice Kumai

I’m so happy to have the amazing Candice Kumai on the show today! A former model turned culinary chef and celebrity, she has now tapped back into who she truly feels called to be and that’s as a writer. Today, we’re talking about her new book, Kintsugi Wellness, and her journey and Japanese heritage that called her to write it.


Kintsugi is the beautiful Japanese practice of taking a broken item and sealing or mending the cracks with golden repair. Candice uses this as an analogy in everyone’s life as she feels that our struggles or challenges are what make us more beautiful. We are all imperfect and she whole-heartedly hopes we all can see the goodness in our flaws and celebrate them in ourselves – and in others.


There are so many fascinating components to both Candice and her new book – particularly the deep dive into her heritage’s practices and philosophies – and I can’t wait to read it in its entirety. Be sure to pick up your copy, too and let me know what you think!


Question Highlights:

  • Can you tell me what Kintsugi means, where it came from and where it came up throughout your journey?
  • Do you think it was important for you to go through your rough times?
  • What means the most in the world to you right now?
  • What are some of the most exciting things you’ve learned in your research?
  • What do you think were the core Japanese practices that shaped you?
  • What’s something wise you’ve heard lately?
  • What is resonating for people in your book?
  • How do you incorporate mindfulness into the food you make?
  • What are you most excited about right now?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • What Kintsugi means and how Candice came to write her new book, Kintsugi Wellness
  • The importance of connection and sharing our stories and pasts
  • What Candice’s Japanese heritage means to her
  • Wabi Sabi and what it means
  • Letting go of expectations
  • Accepting your imperfections and seeing the beauty in them
  • Being unapologetically who you are
  • Resilience
  • Learning to let go
  • And much more…


Candice Kumai is known as “the golden girl of the wellness world” (Elle Magazine) and one of the “top 20 new role models” (Arianna Huffington). She is a classically trained chef, wellness writer, and author of five books. She contributes to lifestyle outlets such as Cosmopolitan, Yoga Journal, Elle, Shape, Bob Appétit, Byrdie, Girlboss, and Well + Good (where she also sits on their Wellness Council). Candice is a former judge on Iron Chef America and Beat Bobby Flay, she is a regular contributor on Dr. Oz. and E! News.


FB: facebook.com/candicekumai

IG: @candicekumai

Twitter: @candicekumai


Kintsugi Wellness by Candice Kumai


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Apr 09, 2018
224: Why Contradicting Yourself Is Good For Your Growth


Today I’m talking about being a living, breathing, walking paradox. As we all grow and evolve, there’s likely been at least a handful of times where you’ve felt this way. You’ve thought you were on the right path, but suddenly something just doesn’t feel right to you. It’s like your favorite jacket. You wear it all the time, but suddenly you just don’t like it anymore. You need a change so you try a new jacket on for size.


“If you’re growing and evolving, change is a part of you.”


When resistance like this rears up, you have a choice – either keep resisting and take zero action for it, or lean in to discover what part of your authentic truth comes out. It is so freeing!


During this episode, I read a short excerpt from A Tribe Called Bliss, about my own paradoxical truths that I’ve discovered and allowed to free me. We are all multi-faceted people. We don’t need to be ONE thing. One of my paradox examples is being humble yet powerful and confident.


It feels super awkward at first and trust me, it took (and still takes) a lot of work to let these contradictions show though. But you’re only stifling your true authentic self. Share your opinions and in turn share your value with others.


What’s a paradox in your life that you can step into, own and celebrate? Even the smallest things count as big ones.


“Contradict your way to clarity.”


You will feel the most you you’ve ever felt and invite more amazing people into your life who are doing the same.



In This Episode We Talk about:


  • Why you should lean into resistance
  • Being a walking paradox
  • Lori’s paradoxical truths that have personally freed her





Go to ATribeCalledBliss.com to find out the latest on Lori’s book tour.

First stop: May 15 • Los Angeles at Wanderlust Hollywood


A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

Now available for pre-order at loriharder.com/amazon


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Apr 05, 2018
223: How Being YOU Attracts ABUNDANCE with Chris Lee

I’m so thankful that I stumbled across life coach, Chris Lee, on Lewis Howes’ podcast awhile back and that I since have had the honor of talking to him in person and now on Earn Your Happy! With over 27 years of experience in the arena of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, I had a feeling our conversation would be epic – and I know you won’t be disappointed.


With a childhood spent in Puerto Rico as a Jewish American, Chris’ life was not picture perfect. He was bullied and made fun of for his religion but his strong mother helped him to realize that he was able to look beyond the current situation and see how he could support his own life and make the situation better. He thought that if he could make the best out of this situation, that he could also help teach other people to do the same.


What I love about Chris’ work is that he only teaches the tools that he has experience with (you can find those 10 principles in his book noted in Resources). Furthermore, he is admittedly still a work in progress and still uses these tools to keep him living his best, most fulfilling and authentic life. I know you’re going to identify so much with Chris and the stories he’s shared. And it’s my hope that it will help you step into your own super-star authentic self as well.




Question Highlights:

  • Would you share what you’re doing now and what was the turning point that got you started?
  • What were some of the things that brought you to what you’re doing now?
  • What was the first level for you of opening up?
  • What was the first thing you needed to move through and how did you see how the tools expanded into other areas?
  • How do you move through issues of self-worth?
  • How did you find your authentic sentence/self and how does someone else find theirs?
  • Where do you borrow faith from, where does it come from and how do you get enough faith and courage to take the first big step and leap?
  • How do you stay connected to your why?
  • What’s making you feel the most abundant right now?
  • What does fun feel like to you? And why is fun productive in your life?
  • How do you tap into compassion without getting completely sucked in or drained?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Chris’ childhood as a Jewish American in Puerto Rico
  • The duality of light and dark within all of us
  • Shifting mindset, focus and energy to attract more good
  • Shifting actions to shift results
  • Developing authentic affirmations
  • Determining your why and staying connected to it
  • The importance of having a group of supportive, like-minded friends
  • How Chris creates and uses his vision board
  • How Chris starts every day with meditation/prayers of gratitude
  • Interpreting things in a way that empowers
  • How Chris plans to bring his wisdom to people’s homes
  • And much more…




“I don’t need to make it happen, I can attract it to happen.”


“The power within has the power to really move things in a way you never thought possible.”


“When I honor my purpose, I’m happier.”


“Create a bulletproof belief about yourself based on who you authentically are.”


“The why is the fuel.”


“True freedom is the ability to interpret.”




Chris Lee is a transformational facilitator, coach, and TV personality. For 27 years, Lee has traveled the world teaching and empowering people, including world business leaders and Hollywood celebrities, to live an extraordinary life.


FB: facebook.com/chrisleemotivador.lee

IG: @chrismotivador


Transform Your Life: 10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity




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Apr 02, 2018

Yes, you read this episode’s title correctly – I’m talking about meltdowns today. I’m owning the fact that I’ve had a few more than normal lately and I want you to know that you’re entitled to have them, too.


“Meltdowns are healthy – don’t resist them.”


Right now, as you’ve heard, I’ve got a lot of amazing things happening, but all of these things are pushing me right to the edge. It’s a lot like feeling like a pressure cooker. The stress builds and builds and I feel like I’m going to burst! And… sometimes I do and that’s OK!


As a matter of fact, after my magical Bliss Project event both my husband and I had meltdowns at the end of our short two-day recharge. After we had them though, we felt better. And it’s because we allowed ourselves to move through our emotions!


Here’s where the upgrade comes in… You can have a downward spiral, but find the good in it! Don’t let it get out of control to the point where all you’re looking for is the bad. Have the meltdown, but find some good in it by making sure to have a solution-based conversation after – either with a friend, family member or co-worker.


I’m not going to lie. Different seasons of your life are going to require EVERYTHING you’ve got and it’s going to feel like it’s never-ending. You’ll likely want to throw the towel in and fly to a remote island. But it won’t always be this way. I promise if you keep going, you will make it to the other side.


So, what will make you feel better or more in control in the present moment? Whatever it is, do that. Just make sure that you’re getting super intentional by creating the time and space to recharge. And of course, having that full-out ugly cry will certainly help every now and then, too!


In This Episode We Talk about:


  • Why you’re entitled to have meltdowns
  • Why meltdowns are healthy
  • Getting intentional with your time and space 



A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

Now available for order at loriharder.com/amazon

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Mar 29, 2018
221: What No One Ever Shares About Becoming Successful with Chris and Lori Harder

Yay!  I am so excited for today's episode because we have my husband back on the podcast!

To learn more about our newest ALIGNED program, visit BecomeAligned.com Enrollment CLOSES Wednesday!

Mar 26, 2018
220: The Key to Unlocking Your BLISS!

Today I talk about being authentic as it’s one of the most important things you can follow throughout your lives. But for a lot of us, we find ourselves struggling to attract and connect with the people who we want to connect with. Personally, I discovered later on that it was because I wasn’t showing up fully as myself.


I didn’t want others to see that I was anything but “fine” because I didn’t want to be a burden. Instead, to receive much-needed validation, I constantly put myself in the role of fixer and peacekeeper. So in order to start showing my true self, I had to get vulnerable and share more of myself to others (something I still have to make an effort to do).


“If we don’t risk vulnerability and rejection, we will never actually have authentic connection.”


It won’t always go well, but when you take the risk, you leave yourself open to attract a tribe of people who will act as a safety net for you when you do face your fears. In my book, A Tribe Called Bliss, Be Authentic is one of 7 sacred agreements to creating relationships (I read an excerpt from the book during this episode).


Becoming authentic is actually following your joy and what lights you up. When we’re not following that it often has to do with the relationships we’re in. And sometimes we have to weed out the inauthentic relationships that are keeping us tied to the version of ourselves that we think we should show up as.


“You can’t be seen if you’re not showing up fully you.”


It’s time to get vulnerable and take risks and peel back all the layers of the real you. By doing this you’re able to attract your own tribe and attract all the people you’re meant to attract. Put simply:


“Stop trying to fit in and start trying to be more YOU.”


Imagine the incredibly powerful shift and movement we can all make with we join forces for good that cannot be stopped. I’m so excited to get this shift started on May 8!



In This Episode We Talk about:


  • What it means to be authentic
  • Discovering and weeding out inauthenticity in your life
  • Attracting who you are meant to attract
  • How Lori’s A Tribe Called Bliss book works 



A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

Now available for pre-order at loriharder.com/amazon


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Mar 22, 2018
219: Get in Flow by Stepping into Fear with Lindsay Sukornyk

I’m so thrilled to have my friend and fellow master-minder, Lindsay Sukornyk, back on the show! Not only is she a great coach, yoga instructor and mom, but she’s also one of the best conversationalists I know. When we talk there is never a bad conversation.


In this episode, we talk about stepping into fear and reframing it as an opportunity for growth and aliveness. Lindsay and I also discuss the impact nature has when it comes to helping you get into more of a flow state (her Alive + Awake retreats are perfect for this). Regardless, it’s about listening to the “whispers” that nudge you in the direction you’re meant to go. And generally those are the things that resonate with you and make you feel good. Don’t know about you, but I am all for more of that in my life!


I guarantee you’ll feel a little lighter after listening to the words of my unicorn friend and eager to elevate your life to the next level (perhaps in Costa Rica?).



Question Highlights:

  • How did you decide to move to Costa Rica and start doing retreats and other things?
  • What makes you this insane warrior going straight for the fear and straight for the opposite of what’s logical?
  • How do you allow yourself to lean in, have faith and get into the flow state at any time?
  • Why are we so resistant to be ourselves?
  • What is most exciting for you right now?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Lindsay left her elite career because she was unsatisfied and wanted to tap into her highest potential
  • Yoga, mindfulness and spirituality
  • Working remotely and how to make it work
  • How Lindsay changed her perspective on fear and reframed it as an opportunity for growth and aliveness
  • Triggering flow states by stepping into fear
  • The effect nature has on transformation in all forms
  • How Lindsay’s Alive + Awake retreats help others step into their highest potential
  • Lindsay’s book-writing journey so far
  • And much more…




“Listen to the whispers.”


“This way to the good stuff.”


“This whole journey for us has been one of leaping into the unknown and making it up as we go and then ultimately listening to the whispers of our souls, but also taking the actions required.”


“When we play and have fun, everything can go way faster and far more smoothly – especially when it comes to transformation.”


“Surrender to the magic that’s available when we let go of our plans and expectations.”




Lindsay is a unicorn trainer, transformational leadership expert, master coach, writer, wanderluster, and mama of four amazing kids. She is living the dream with her family in Costa Rica, France and Canada, where she guides elite leaders from around the world through transformational activation experiences in the surf town where she lives. She is completing her first novel and screenplay, “Path of the Unicorn.” A regular Huffington Post blogger and often featured as a speaker and expert in the media, she is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) with CTI and a RYT 500 certified yoga teacher. Lindsay has a B. Comm from Queen’s University, where she majored in strategy and organizational behavior. She began her career at A.T. Kearney, a top-tier global management consulting firm. In the elite transformational leadership coaching space for over 15 years, Lindsay has spoken to and coached founders and influencers at global events such as Afest, the Bliss Project, and leading organizations, including Accenture, and A.T. Kearney, Starbucks, Deloitte, P&G, Blackberry and Revlon. She has been cited as an expert media such as The Globe and Mail, The National Post and Canadian Business Magazine.


FB: facebook.com/lsukornyk

IG: @lindsaysukornyk



Next Founders and Influencers Retreat is Nov. 10-17 in Costa Rica

Previous Earn Your Happy episode with Lindsay





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Mar 19, 2018
218: LESS Preparation, MORE Faith


With so many projects happening right now, I’ve had to tap into a different part of myself – a part that requires me to lean into my faith and imperfection. You see for a long time I had a story around the amount of time I needed to create. What I’m finding now is that it was just that – a story.


In the past few months, I’ve learned to create (talks, programs etc.) in a much shorter amount of time. And scheduling wise, because I didn’t have a choice, I practiced massive amounts of faith to get it all done!


“Everything can be done in the amount of time that you have.”


The truth is that we use the amount of time we have – no matter how long that time period is. For example, I took the full 30 days to write my TedTalk – and tweaked right up until the end. I wanted my message to be perfect. But what I’ve found is that my audience doesn’t want to see perfection all the time. And just because I have the time, doesn’t mean I should use it all.


“When you over-prepare, over-perfect and over-tweak, you’re not leaving space for faith or trust.”


Where in your life are you over-perfecting or over-prepping? Now, don’t get me wrong, you should prepare, but you must leave space for your divine message to come through. Try tapping into what your audience wants to hear. Chances are if you have the fears, they do too. How can you use your experiences to help them overcome them? When you authentically share like this you are inviting yourself and others to up-level and live out your purpose.


After all, it isn’t about you – it’s about your audience and the message that you were meant to share. There is so much power in your imperfections – so let them shine through and have faith that others will relate to them as well.


“Focus on less perfection and prepping in order for your message to come through.”



In This Episode We Talk about:


  • Upleveling and learning to create in a shorter amount of time
  • Why procrastination can be a gift
  • The power of imperfection and authenticity to change lives




Aligned Course



A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

Now available for pre-order at loriharder.com/amazon


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Mar 15, 2018
217: Tap In To Your Creative Flow with Hila Plitmann

Today’s guest, Hila Plitmann, is like me, a regular at SoulCycle. It’s no surprise that I noticed her energy right away as she was always smiling, singing or dancing. But when I heard her angelic voice, it stopped me in my tracks and I knew I had to meet her.


Hila connected with music at a very young age, landed her first opera role at age 14 and attended Julliard School of Music. Now a singer and actor, Hila is just as passionate about music now as she was years ago. And once you hear her sing (and our conversation), you’ll see the intention and light behind her.


I always love hearing about all of the various creative processes out there and I hope you’ll also enjoy hearing how Hila taps into the feelings of her body with each new project or song.




Question Highlights:

  • What was it for you when you were younger that made you know that you had to follow this dream of singing, and what were the consequences if you didn’t experience or follow it?
  • What would you say to someone who maybe doesn’t know how that creative expression can come about? How do you nurture that?
  • When you go into creation mode, what are you thinking when you want to put something out in the world?
  • Did you recognize your dream and create it? What happened after?
  • What do you do now when you have a lot of extra creative energy?
  • What new things are going on for you right now?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Hila and I connected at SoulCycle
  • Not taking pain too seriously, but rather embracing it and inviting it in
  • Walking and writing to process feelings
  • Releasing self-judgment and criticism
  • Tapping into the feelings of your body to create
  • Hila’s non-structured structured life
  • And so much more…




“It’s a state of timelessness when music and stories are in my life.”


“Relish and let yourself be in this amazing experience of life.”



A Grammy Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter and Actress, Hila Plitmann is a glittering jewel on the international music scene, known worldwide for her astonishing musicianship, light and beautiful voice and the ability to perform challenging new work. She has worked with many leading conductors, performing with the likes of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbO2w3Bb09vJ5phl_YZeThg

FB: facebook.com/hila.plitmann.1

IG: @hilaplitmann




Good Night Moon:




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Mar 12, 2018
216: What Elevating Really Feels Like

I’m just getting back from my Bliss Project event weekend and honestly still recharging and processing all the magical things that happened. One of the topics we discussed at length was what happens before and after breakthroughs or graduating to the next level.

In my experience as well as other Bliss beauties, I’ve found that when we’re on the verge of the next level of our lives, things start to go wrong. We doubt if we even have what it takes, things feel like they’re falling apart etc., and we want to give up. But if we stick to it and keep pushing through with full-time faith we’re rewarded.

“Full-time faith will always bring us to a higher elevation of life.”


Personally, before each new level I’ve discovered that either something from the past comes back to haunt me or my faith is tested by multiple things going the exact opposite way of what I’d planned.


We all have “rocket ship” or “coast” moments – we’re either full throttle and feeling a little unsure and sick or breaking through to enjoy the coast that comes after.


I would love to tell you that you could go on coast mode your whole life, and things will be easy all the time, but I can’t. Again this is where full-time faith comes in. We must believe that everything, even the bad stuff, is happening for us and helping us get to that next level as soon as possible. 



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • What it means to uplevel and what it feels like
  • Why challenges tend to come up right before a breakthrough
  • Why we don’t get to choose when we have faith




A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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Mar 08, 2018
215: Take Your Relationships to the Next Level with Melissa Ambrosini

I’m so honored to have author and fellow podcaster, Melissa Ambrosini, back on Earn Your Happy! A lot has changed since we last chatted and I was so happy to catch up and dish about her new book, Open Wide: A Radically Real Guide to Deep Love, Rocking Relationships, and Soulful Sex.


Melissa believes that all of us are meant to have deep and fulfilling relationships with deep love however, often we’re unable to achieve them because we lack unconditional self-love for ourselves. Tune in to hear how you too can unlock your heart, be vulnerable and authentic – all while staying in your truth and within the healthy boundaries you set.




Question Highlights:

  • What have you been up to since our last podcast?
  • Did this book (Open Wide) come from not having fulfilling relationships?
  • What happens when one partner is completely open and the other isn’t aware, but you want to share it with your partner?
  • What are some things you can tell people after they get a vulnerability hangover?
  • Do you have anything in your life now that feels like it needs completion?
  • Do you have any favorite relationship lessons – one good, one bad?
  • How do you discuss boundaries with people?
  • What is something you want to let go of?
  • What is something you really want people to know about the book?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Melissa’s new book, Wide Open
  • Mastering your relationships
  • Unlocking your heart, being vulnerable and authentic
  • How looking at the relationships that trigger may help you grow
  • How vulnerability connects us
  • Speaking your truth
  • The relationships that Melissa is working on
  • Practicing crystal clear communication
  • Why you should ditch the words perfect and perfection
  • Creating and getting clear on healthy boundaries in all areas of life
  • Why we must love and accept ourselves to rock our relationships
  • And so much more…




“I’m not here for surface-level interactions.”


“When you meet your soulmate there is nowhere to hide.”


“Where there is discomfort, there is always growth on the other side.”


“Relationships require love, energy and attention.”


“Everything we tell ourselves is a story.”


Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide, host of the number one podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show, a speaker and self-love teacher.

In her signature straight-talking style, Melissa teaches women how to unlock their full potential, master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs, and ditch the self-doubt so that they can start living the life of their dreams. Named a 'self-help guru' by Elle Magazine her mission is to inspire women to create a heart-centered life one that’s wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love.


Previous Earn Your Happy Episode with Melissa

Open Wide: A Radically Real Guide to Deep Love, Rocking Relationships, and Soulful Sex


IG: @melissaambrosini

FB: facebook.com/MelissaAmbrosiniTribe


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Mar 05, 2018
214: Everything You Want Is on the Other Side of Fear


This past weekend, I spoke in front of 10,000 people at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference. And while it was one of the most amazing speaking experiences of my life, it came with a ton of doubt, lack of clarity and more nerves than I’d ever experienced.


During the weeks leading up to this event and planning my talk, I struggled to find clarity. I panicked. With several big things happening this past month, I was stuck in my own head and nothing else could come through.


“Being busy can be the biggest curse when you’re trying to be creative.” 


At this point, doubt crept in and I began to wonder how the hell I even received this opportunity. I knew I was meant to be there and share a message, but I questioned if they had the right Lori Harder. So, I did what I knew I needed to do.


I reached out to my Earth angels and asked for their support and confirmation that yes, I could do this, and yes, I was meant to do this. It helped so much. My talk fell into place and it was off to Las Vegas for the conference.


However, the day before the event I felt waves of sheer terror. Dizzy at times and feeling like I was going to pass out, I told my husband, “I’m going down.” He quickly helped me reframe with questions such as, “What are you excited about? What are you grateful for?” It helped a little, but I still felt shaken. That is until I stepped onto the stage and saw all of the people. I was instantly grounded and realized that,


“No vision is given to us if it’s not for us. We must have faith in that.”


When I pictured all of my tribe who supported me, my faith kicked in and I felt calm. I felt a part of me I’d never felt. It was one of the most incredible talks.


So, the moral of the story? Have faith. Take risks – even when it scares the crap out of you.


“Stop thinking that a mediocre life is going to make you happy.”


Everything you want is on the other side of fear. It doesn’t always feel good, but it’s not supposed to. Lean into that uncertainty and know that for all the lows we experience, we often experience an abundance of highs.




In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • How Lori overcame her anxiety around speaking in front of 10,000 people
  • Why we need full-time faith
  • Why we need to lean into uncertainty




A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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Mar 01, 2018
213: How to Help Move Energy Through You So You Can Keep Growing with Scott Stabile


I’ve been a big fan and follower of today’s guest and author Scott Stabile, for a while now. After losing his parents tragically at the age of 14, he felt that he had dealt with the loss in the years after – he did well in school, had a lot of friends, but he kept his parents’ death a secret to all those who didn’t know.


It wasn’t until he was in his 20s that Scott jumped into personal development and realized that he never really faced his loss or dealt with the wide range of emotions that were involved. He had built a wall around himself to keep out the dark, but because we can’t be selective about what we let in, he blocked out so much of the light, too.


Today, since learning to move through his emotions/energy, Scott has made it his mission to use love as his guiding force in life and serve the world with the power of love and positivity. On every level, he strives to operate from the energy of love, kindness and compassion. Can you imagine if the entire world did this? Scott believes we must focus on showing up in our own truth and then aligning ourselves in love.


I cannot thank Scott enough for being so open and honest and willing to share so much of his heart with us today. It has definitely further engrained in me to originate everything I do in love to obtain the best outcome. And if you love this, you’ll really want to check out his book, “Big Love.”




Question Highlights:

  • Where did your story start?
  • What did it look like when your wall was up? What was the turning point?
  • What did the space look like when you had to go back and heal, forgive and let go of the shame?
  • Is there something else you do to help move your energy/emotions through?
  • What was the moment that helped you see what you needed to let go?
  • How do we show up with an “open” intention?
  • What is something you do when neediness (or another emotion) comes up again?
  • Why did you write “Big Love?”


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Scott’s tragic loss of his parents at age 14 and how it affected him
  • Getting honest with your feelings and sitting in the uncomfortable
  • The energy and discovery that comes with writing
  • The power of conversations to help move energy/emotions through
  • The importance of self-care
  • How breathing in a conscious way can unlock pockets of darkness
  • Showing up in your truth and having an awareness of how you’re showing up in the world
  • The power of intention, acceptance and flexibility
  • Self-love – becoming aware of it and making it a practice
  • Why all emotions are important
  • The beauty in sharing our hardships, struggles and idiosyncrasies with others
  • And so much more…




“Love is the guiding force in my life.”


“Unless we’re honest about what we’re experiencing in the world and unless we’re willing to sit in the uncomfortable feelings and feel, there is no potential for healing.”


“When you’re ready to grow and heal, and you’re really open to looking at yourself and your experience honestly, life is going to provide ample opportunity for you to do so.”


“When I’m taking care of myself, I feel more taken care of by the world.”


“When we’re willing to take responsibility for how we’re showing up in the world, the possibilities for growth are endless.”


“We can be clear on our intentions, but that doesn’t always mean that we’re going to get what we want. And it certainly doesn’t mean that we’re going to get what we want in the way we want to receive it.”


“Wherever we’re putting our energy toward avoiding feeling, we’re giving all of our energy toward that feeling.”


“What does love invite me to do in this moment?”


“Go within. Go to love. Love is the key to joy.”



Scott Stabile is the author of Big Love. His inspirational posts and videos have attracted a huge and devoted social media following, including over 350K Facebook fans and counting. A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, he lives in Michigan and conducts personal empowerment workshops around the world. Visit him online at http://www.scottstabile.com.



Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart by Scott Stabile



IG: @scottstabile

FB: facebook.com/ScottFrankStabile


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Feb 26, 2018
212: How to BUILD A TRIBE that Takes You to the Next Level


Now that my book is available for pre-order, I am over the moon excited to talk a bit more about it and the journey it’s taken me on so far. First of all, I’ve always felt there was a book inside me waiting to be shared with the world, I just didn’t know when and I certainly didn’t know how it would happen.


It may come as shock to some that I’ve been working on this book for nearly four years now, but after many rejections, the publishing company that I wished for accepted my proposal and offered me the exact amount I had envisioned. The rejections were hard, but I only needed one yes, and I had faith that it would come.


“When we continue to choose faith, it’s going to show up in a completely different way thank you expect.”


But once my book proposal was accepted and we talked timelines, I did the unthinkable. I scrapped everything I’d written and started over. I knew so much more than what I initially wrote about and knew that this book was going to be a launch pad for a bigger movement. The book title, A Tribe Called Bliss, hit me like a lightning bolt on a plane ride home from a getaway with my husband. I knew, without a doubt, the message my book was meant to tell.


So here it is: we are not meant to do this all alone. We need to surround ourselves with a tribe that up-levels our lives, but also supports us and holds us accountable to our goals. But after many years of unknowingly searching for this tribe, I know it’s not an easy task. And that’s where this book comes in. I walk you through how to build your own tribe, step by step, and provide you with scripts and talking points to help you and your tribe reach your highest potential. There will be bumps along the way, but I’ve also included tips to help you remedy them.


It is my hope that you all grab a copy of this book and invite others to join you. I can only imagine the energy that will be pulsing through the universe when women do this together. I know firsthand that I would be lost without the support and encouragement I have in mine.


“It takes a tribe to build a tribe.” 



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • About Lori’s book-writing journey and how A Tribe Called Bliss came to be
  • How A Tribe Called Bliss helps you build a tribe that up-levels your life
  • What the Seven Sacred Agreement are




A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

Now available for pre-order at http://loriharder.com/amazon

Be sure to screenshot your pre-order and tag me along with three other tribe members who you want to join you for the chance to win a copy of the book (galley copy that’s not fully edited). I will announce the winner on InstaStories.

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Feb 22, 2018
211: Why You're Supposed to LIVE Your DREAM LIFE with Sheri Salata


You know how you meet someone and you instantly feel a soul connection? That’s exactly what it felt like when I heard today’s guest, Sheri Salata, speak at an AWE (Amazing Women Entrepreneurs) event about a year ago. I loved her energy and identified with her when she began speaking, and I then had the honor of meeting her briefly. Needless to say, I’d been dying to interview her ever since and was thrilled when were finally able to sit down and chat – in person!


Sheri is funny, successful and soulful – a powerful trifecta if I ever heard of one. With a 21-year career with The Oprah Winfrey Show, she admittedly had the dreamy career, but she realized she didn’t have the dreamy life. And she came to discover that it was because she forgot how to dream and use happiness (not misery) as her compass.


As Sheri and her friend’s podcast, “This is Fifty,” suggests, it’s never too late to change your story, find happiness and follow your dreams – no matter what your age is.


This was one of the fastest hours of my life and I know this episode will fly for you too. It’s my hope that you soak in every moment of Sheri’s dreamy goodness and put on your magical glasses to see the miracles that surround us all.




Question Highlights:

  • What did it feel like when you knew there was something else?
  • How did you start to calibrate your “compass?”
  • What do you tell women who think it’s too late or that their dreams have passed?
  • What is a story you feel you’re working through right now?
  • What is on your “to-be” list?
  • How do you get your “being space” rolling?
  • Where are you getting joy from during your 90-day cleanse?
  • What are you most excited about?
  • What are you a beginner at right now?
  • When you spot something (a miracle), do you call it out or celebrate it?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • What Sheri knows right now
  • Why happiness is the right compass (not misery)
  • Dreaming as a muscle and a valuable activity
  • Changing your story to make your dreams come true
  • What achievement means to Sheri now
  • The importance of having ONE integrated life
  • Why Sheri seeks happiness, joy, love and peace in everything
  • What it means to be in the “being space” of manifesting
  • Being in integrity with yourself and making tweaks as you go
  • Clarity and what it means to Sheri
  • Why it’s important to lean into self-care rituals and the energy that’s going to help you manifest your dreams
  • Sheri and her friend’ Nancy’s This is Fifty podcast
  • And so much more…




“I’m a champion resetter and reframer.”


“Happiness is the right compass.”


“Stories make our dreams come true.”


“Reimagine what’s possible and reignite that flame.”


“I work on my ‘to-be’ list, not my to-do list.”


“You can have the greatest boss in the world, but you’re still getting bossed.”


“I only want to be on the joy road.”


“Be a ‘BE-er” of transformation, not a talker about it.”


“Dreams put you in a state of potential and possibility while appreciating where you’re at right now.”


“There’s no more important story than the story you’re telling yourself about yourself.”


“Don’t lose hope in your own possibilities.”


“Stir the hope soup.”


“Hope is the beginning of the trail.”


“You’re supposed to live the life of your dreams.”



Sheri Salata is cohost of the popular podcast series “This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy” where she and her soulmate friend of 27 years, Nancy Hala, are recreating the middle of life as they set out to make the rest of their dreams come true. Sheri and Nancy are also co-founders of STORY, a media company producing print, digital and live event content, and Orange Dragon Productions developing TV and film content. 


Sheri’s current venture is the evolution from her 21-year career with Oprah Winfrey. Her action-packed days as Executive Producer on The Oprah Winfrey Show were chronicled in the acclaimed docuseries Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes. Sheri also served as Co-President of Harpo Studios and OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.  


Sheri has been named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Power 100 and the 2017 Feminist Press Power Award winners. Sheri is a University of Iowa alum and mama to her English bulldogs, Bella and Kissy. She lives in Los Angeles.



This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy Podcast


IG: @sherisalata


Check out my website at loriharder.com. Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook.

Feb 19, 2018
210: How to Navigate the Puzzle Pieces of LIFE


In a recent Instagram post, I shared how life was a lot like buying something from IKEA. You ask for something and you receive it, but it’s nothing like you expected. It comes in pieces, there are no directions and oh, your dog ate the instructions. So now you have to figure out how to make something out of this mess. It’s time to get resourceful.


Life is much the same. Every day you’re thrown a new obstacle – whether it’s relationships, love or business – that you must navigate through. You build the skills as you go – and more than likely crash and burn a couple of times – but you learn what works and what doesn’t. These challenges aren’t obstacles, they’re lessons and it’s our job to figure out what they are.


I’m right in the middle of a huge “IKEA delivery.” So many pieces, with zero direction and I don’t know which end is up. Can you relate? I’ve once again had to allow myself to be a beginner and create a new process as I go. It’s rocky, but I’ve learned that I can let myself to kick, scream and cry so long as I’m putting in the time and work. There’s a TON of lessons being learned and I know I will use them moving forward.


“Obstacles are here to serve me, not break me down.”



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why we must choose adversity before it chooses us
  • How life delivers you exactly what you’re asking for
  • Why we need to find the lessons among the obstacles




A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder --> Now available for pre-order at loriharder.com/amazon

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Feb 15, 2018
209: How Radical Truth Telling Solves Everything with Lauren Zander

Oh my goodness, today’s episode with life coach and author, Lauren Zander, rocked my world! I had so many self-realizations during our conversation, I had to remind myself that it wasn’t a coaching session for me!


With a degree in environmental studies, Lauren took a job in the field right after college. But as time went on she realized that while she loved the cause, she was unhappy with the actual work. From there, she pivoted into the only self-help company she knew of and worked there for seven years until she ran out “screaming” and started her own personal coaching business.


Fast-forward to today and Lauren’s coaching company, The Handel Group, runs four different divisions dedicated to helping individuals and businesses alike create cultures that promote happiness and allow everyone to excel. Almost nothing is off limits when her and her teams deep-dive into their clients’ worlds to figure out what the problems are and what needs to change or be fixed.


I have a feeling that you’re going to run out and grab Lauren’s book or her coaching programs because I know it made me want to! She promotes the truth and she speaks nothing but – and it’s just so refreshing. Enjoy!




Question Highlights:

  • Where do shifts begin for people?
  • How do you get a smaller culture not to be afraid to share how they feel?
  • What’s something we can do to shift into a powerful mindset?
  • What are some of your favorite ways to connect people?
  • What are you most excited about with your book, Maybe It’s You?
  • Have you been in front of an issue that you felt was so big you didn’t want to begin?
  • How do we know when it’s time for a person to not be in our lives?
  • What recharges you?
  • Is there anything in your life that feels like it needs completion?
  • Is there something you need to release and care less about in order to care more about where you’re going?
  • What inspires you?
  • Do you have favorite books?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Lauren’s transition from environmental studies to self-help and coaching
  • The many different modalities of Lauren’s company, the Handel Group
  • How to help people feel more comfortable in smaller groups
  • When leaders don’t lead
  • How everyone has the ability to change a culture and be a leader
  • Lauren’s book, “Maybe It’s You”
  • How people ignore their self-dialogue and how it affects them
  • Why telling the truth is the easiest and best thing to do
  • The things you tolerate in people and what keeps them around in your life
  • The promises Lauren keeps with her co-workers
  • And so much more…




“Self-discovery is actually the way to make a lot more money and be happy.”


“Anyone can change a culture.”


“Anyone can wake up and decide to be a leader.”


“Truth-telling is not that complicated.”


“Stop thinking you need to lie.”



Lauren Handel Zander is the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group®, an international corporate consulting and life coaching company. Her coaching methodology, The Handel Method®, is taught in over 35 universities and institutes of learning around the world, including MIT, Stanford Graduate School of Business, NYU, and the New York City Public School System. Lauren is also the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life (published by Hachette Book group, April 2017), a no-nonsense, practical manual that helps readers figure out not just what they want out of life, but how to actually get there. She has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of private and corporate clients, including executives at Vogue, BASF, and AOL. Lauren has been a featured expert in The New York Times, BBC, Forbes, Women’s Health, Dr. Oz, and Marie Claire and she is a regular contributor to Businessweek and the Huffington Post.



Inner.U Group Life Coaching Program


Find her book at:


Books mentioned by Lauren:

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill


The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard

Feeling Is the Secret by Neville Goddard


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Feb 12, 2018
208: The Real Life Cycle - FEEL, REFRAME, REPEAT

Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to Guatemala as part of Pencils of Promise, an organization that’s committed to building sustainable schools. And wow, what a life-shifting and world-changing trip. I thought I was already rooted in gratitude, but this trip really grounded me and made me even more grateful for everything.


Pure transparency, this trip didn’t come at an ideal time with my crazy schedule. But it actually turned out to be THE perfect time for me to get a major (and much-needed) perspective shift and reframe.


Upon returning, I found myself grateful for the sidewalk, clean water, my bed, but especially my cup of coffee – you name it! In the village where we stayed, they literally grow their own coffee beans, pick them, roast them and then brew their cup. This particular village has only had electricity for five years and most have homes with dirt floors. How often do we all tend to take these things for granted? Some of the things we worry about are so small when you look at other parts of the world. My advice:


“Choose what you’re going to hold tight near and dear to your heart. And choose what you’re going to let go of.”


There is so much that doesn’t matter. Choose to focus on the people you love and get more love out into the world. Focus on giving back, spreading your message and doing what you love so you can make YOUR impact on the world.



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why it’s so powerful to find beauty in the simple things
  • Why we must share our message with love
  • How perspective and gratitude change everything




Join me on the A Tribe Called Bliss Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1571018952966750/ to catch the first look at my book cover and hear which cities I’m planning to visit during my book tour!

Pencils of Promise

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Feb 08, 2018
207: Move into an Abundant Mindset for Maximum Growth with Dynamic Duo Eric & Chris Martinez

I’m so happy to have fitness experts and coaches, Chris and Eric Martinez (Dynamic Duo), on the show today! After dealing with the tragic loss of their father at the young age of 17, both were left with a lot of anger when dealing with that pain. After some missteps along the way (we all have them), they made the decision to stop stewing in their pain and pursue their passion. After stumbling on and becoming inspired by a magazine article, they took action to get coached and followed up by earning their certifications and creating Dynamic Duo Training.


Now they’re teaching all their clients how to make massive shifts in their mindsets to promote growth and abundance while working on the physical as well. I had so much fun talking with the identical twins and trading stories and lessons from all of our journeys. I have a feeling you’ll be able to take away some valuable knowledge nuggets, too. Enjoy!




Question Highlights:

  • What is an attitude that you guys bring to everything you do that you found has served you?
  • Where do you guys go to get into an abundant mindset around your business when you’re creating?
  • If you had a billboard and it was the only thing that you could share with people, what would it say?
  • How do you balance high standards in all areas of your life?
  • Which of the 4 Pillars of Life, do you struggle with the most?
  • Is your clientele mostly men or women? And is there an overarching theme among them?
  • What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
  • What is your morning routine?
  • Do you have boundaries around social media?
  • What are things you do to disconnect?
  • What is something you wish more people knew about you or asked you about?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Shifting your mindset to one of abundance
  • Leveling up and getting better
  • The importance of humility and having a growth mindset
  • KLT (Know, Like and Trust)
  • The life-shifting events that drove Eric and Chris to begin Dynamic Duo
  • Finding balance between the extremes
  • The 4 Pillars of Life (Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness)
  • Learning to teach what you’ve learned to others
  • The power in morning and nightly wind-down routines
  • Mental de-loading
  • Their book, “The New Era of Fitness”
  • And so much more…




“Be a giver not a taker.”


“Stop chasing being physically fit. Work on being more mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit.”


“Chase the six-pack in your brain.”


“Choose faith over fear.”


“In the absence of clarity take action.”



Chris and Eric Martinez, also known as the “Dynamic Duo,” operate a world class online Training, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Consulting Business by the name of “Dynamic Duo Training.” Chris and Eric are also business coaches that help fitness enthusiasts grow their online businesses.


Chris and Eric have worked with thousands of people via online and in person to help them look better, feel better, perform better, and live a dynamic lifestyle through training, nutrition, mindset, personal development, and lifestyle practices.


They practice what they preach on a daily basis and that’s to live a dynamic lifestyle, which in their eyes means to keep evolving in life, training, and nutrition, and to never live a static and complacent lifestyle. Be excited every morning and reach for the stars, you deserve it!


The New Era of Fitness by Chris and Eric Martinez



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dynamicduotraining/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dynamicduotraining/


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dynamicduotraining


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dynamicduotrain


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-and-chris-martinez-74956124/


Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dynamicduotrainings-podcast/id1118271108




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Feb 05, 2018
206: THREE Questions That Can SHIFT Your Life!

As I’ve shared in recent episodes, my plate is currently full ­­– the fullest it’s ever been with the most beautiful, epic things. But here’s the flip side, I still get anxiety around it all and feel overwhelmed. With that in mind, it’s imperative that I find the peace in between the moments of chaos.


Thankfully my husband shared three life-shifting questions from Tim Ferriss with me to help shift my perspective when I feel chaos creeping in. I cannot believe what a game-changer they’ve been in the past week. These questions are to be asked whenever you’re presented with a task that you’re either dreading, nervous about or just plain unsure of how you feel about it. Are you ready? The three questions are:


  1. What would this look like if it were fun?
  2. What would this look like if it were easy?
  3. What would this look like if it were graceful?


These are the questions asked by those who want to live an epic life. Just the other day, these questions helped me show up for a call as my authentic self. I didn’t pretend to be someone I wasn’t. I approached it with zero expectations and made an authentic connection and the call ended with a surprising (incredible!) outcome. When you incorporate these questions into your life, you’re also inviting in more ease, forgiveness and power to let go of the things that aren’t serving you.


Feel like giving it a whirl? Try asking these questions for a day and let me know how it works for you by sharing under my post. It’s so exciting to share the tools I’ve used and I love to hear how they’re helping you, too!



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • The three questions that can help you live an epic life
  • Why it’s important to make and have authentic connections
  • What it means to find sustainability




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Feb 01, 2018
205: How Science Can Help You Learn to Eat Intuitively with Kelly Leveque


My guest, health nutritionist and author, Kelly LeVeque and I have been circling each other for quite a while, which makes me so ecstatic that we were finally able to connect. With an early interest in health (it was her favorite class in high school), she went to college and after worked eight years in the cancer and genetics field. During this time, however, Kelly still felt pulled to help others with their nutrition and did so as she was able. It wasn’t until a friend finally told her “enough already,” that she went back to college for nutritional coaching and has been seeing clients full time since 2015.


Kelly truly loves the science behind nutrition and uses the power of it to motivate her clients and elevate their nutrition choices. She admits that she doesn’t believe in eliminating food groups, but does stress the importance of finding the right balance for YOUR body (hint blood sugar plays a big role). We talk about several aspects of this philosophy and you can find even more of them in her new book, Body Love. I related with so much of this conversation and suspect that you will too, so be prepared for your brain to grow a little.  




Question Highlights:

  • Is there any exercise you do to help yourself get really clear on what you need?
  • When a client has the same issue repeatedly is there something you always look at or are there multiple tests?
  • For people who are stuck, where do you begin?
  • How do you balance the points between sticking to it and sabotage?
  • What are some of the main side effects that you see?
  • Have you ever been addicted to caffeine?
  • What is the biggest myth you’ve run into when looking at intake forms?
  • Do you ever see where you can find joy in experiences versus food?
  • What do you do when you’re seeking comfort?
  • What have you learned about yourself because of eating cleaner?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Bio-individuality and Kelly’s pillars of nutritional needs
  • Learning to love yourself at your fit weight
  • Intuitive eating
  • How Kelly uses science to motivate clients
  • The importance and effects of insulin and cortisol
  • Side effects of different foods
  • How science can set you free with your diet
  • Avoiding the drastic “pendulum swings” and finding balance
  • Setting attainable goals
  • What Kelly does to decompress
  • Making healthier replacement comfort foods
  • Taking charge of your health and understanding it
  • How a glucometer works
  • And so much more…




“You have to be willing to change.”


“If you’re balanced and satisfied, you know what you can and can’t do.”


“Little changes become habits.”


“Make it a choice, not a cheat.”


“Blood sugar is an indicator of what’s to come.”



Kelly LeVeque is a celebrity nutritionist, wellness expert, and best selling author based in Los Angeles, California. Before starting her consulting business, Be Well By Kelly, she worked in the medical field for Fortune 500 companies like J&J, Stryker, and Hologic, eventually moving into personalized medicine, offering tumor gene mapping and molecular subtyping to oncologists. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California and completed her postgraduate clinical education at UCLA and UC Berkeley. Kelly’s client list includes Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, Kate Walsh and Emmy Rossum. Guided by a practical and always optimistic approach, Kelly helps clients improve their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.


Body Love by Kelly LeVeque 


IG: @bewellbykelly

FB: www.facebook.com/BeWellByKelly



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Jan 29, 2018
204: Why GROWTH Doesn't Always FEEL GOOD

Growth doesn’t feel good all the time. I’ve mentioned this before, but over the past couple months it’s been proven even more as I’ve noticed that my career and life are at totally new and different levels. Don’t get me wrong, this all feels amazing…but it’s ALL new things and quite honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming and scary. There is so much that I don’t know about where I’m at and I’ve come to the realization that I need to be OK with that.


“Allow yourself to be where you’re at. Allow yourself to be a beginner.”


This mucky, but glorious spot means more growth is on the horizon. Nothing is ever as it seems and there is always a period of adjustment. Welcome it and enjoy the ride. All those moments that feel awkward and clunky as hell? Embrace them.


“Find the lesson in the resistance.”


Sure, we could stay at the same level year after year, but deep down your spirit doesn’t want that. It craves growth and your life has unlimited levels to achieve. I mean could you imagine staying at the exact same level for the rest of your life? Me neither.


Don’t forget, this isn’t a race. Even if it feels like you’re not moving, or you feel too busy or things are coming and going in your life – be grateful for all of it. Everything is happening for you and you will not miss what was meant for you. Every moment has a purpose, whether it’s to clear space, slow you down or take you to the next level.


Root yourself in the present moment, shift your perspective and find the lesson in it. Believe that everything that is for you will find its way to you – and it will.


In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • That growth doesn’t feel good all the time
  • Why it’s OK to feel like a beginner again
  • Why we need resistance for growth




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Jan 25, 2018
203: How to Make the Adjustments to STAY ALIGNED with YOUR GREATER VISION with Regan Hillyer

I’ve been so eager to connect with today’s guest, entrepreneur, world-traveler and speaker, Regan Hillyer, ever since we briefly chatted at an event a few months ago. And I’m thrilled that dreams come true!


Originally from New Zealand, Regan started out on the path to become an architect, but after a fateful visualization exercise, the idea of becoming an architect left her feeling sick to her stomach, and she knew at her core it wasn’t her truth.


After sharing this realization with her father, she was crystal clear on what she didn’t want, but had no clue what was on the other side of that. That’s when she threw herself into personal development. The powerful shifts came a couple years into this journey, so much so that people started asking her how she did it and she got her first experience as a “coach.”


Since that time, Regan has helped thousands of other men and women in their self-development journeys find their truths, too. Whether it’s financial or personal, she coaches others to be true to who they are and help them build six- and seven-figure businesses in the process.


I could have talked on and on and with Regan – I was soaking it all up! She offers so much knowledge and even talks about her different rituals that help her stay aligned with her goals and mission. If you’re looking to gain more clarity around your goals, this episode is a great kickstart! Enjoy!




Question Highlights:

  • What first step would you suggest to a person who feels stuck?
  • What is something you do right now to give yourself space and time?
  • In regard to self-trust, what does it feel like and how do you know it’s time to leap?
  • Can you explain what personal abundance is to you?
  • What are some things you had to call into your life when you became financially abundant?
  • What is something you want to make sure you’ve accomplished by the end of your life?
  • What is something you’re working through or something that is scaring you right now?
  • What makes you feel most like you?
  • Do you have any rituals around speaking that help you step in?
  • What’s the best process for putting yourself out there in the beginning?
  • What did it look like when you had to start setting boundaries – both in business and relationships?
  • What are some great goal-setting tips for the New Year?
  • What’s a message you want all people to know?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Regan got into self-development and made a successful career out of it
  • Tuning in and listening to your feelings and trusting your gut if something feels wrong
  • The need for evolution and making ongoing adjustments to stay aligned with your larger vision and truth
  • Why personal and financial abundance require both external and internal work
  • The internal things Regan does to manifest financial abundance
  • The need for both a pain and pleasure motivator when working to achieve your goals
  • Regan’s rituals that help her get into speaking mode
  • The importance of choosing to be yourself in all situations and be YOU.
  • Staying completely connected and in faith through the entire day
  • The benefits of having mentors and coaches
  • Borrowing belief until you find your own
  • And so much more…




“Your gut always knows.”


“You don’t get in life what you do; you get in life who you are and who you choose to be.”


“You can’t manifest the next level of where you’re going from a place of frustration, negativity or criticism.”


“People manifest what they tolerate.”


“Listen to your truth, follow your gut and connect from that place.”



Regan Hillyer is a Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Mindset Coach and Global Speaker. She is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, a company dedicated to providing personal development and business training to men and women who have a big message they want to share with the world.


Regan specializes in helping experts uncover their true message and launch powerful personal brands, helping them make a big impact and build a legacy. Regan has trained thousands of people, helping them build multiple six and seven figure businesses location free, using powerful mindset changing tools and cutting edge business development strategies.

Regan is a certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics Specialist and a Success Strategist, amongst completing many other certifications and trainings. Regan has invested in excess of half a million dollars on her own personal development and business journey and takes pride in continuously learning and growing from key industry leaders. 



IG: @reganhillyer

FB: www.facebook.com/ReganAnneHillyer 

Regan’s New Song, “Surrender”



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Jan 22, 2018
202: FAITH Means Trusting THIS...


This past weekend, I attended an event for the network marking company I’m affiliated with it and it was incredible! Every year around this time I always reflect and am so grateful for the relationships it has brought into my life. I honestly never thought I would be part of this type of company (it took a long time and ton of fear), but despite the nay-sayers and my own initial reservations, I haven’t regretted it for a second.


So if you’re feeling fear around something and/or a pull on your soul, go for it and ignore all the background noise within and outside – I’m living proof. Trust me, after creating a podcast, network marketing and writing a book, I’ve come to trust my soul to guide me in the right direction. But in order to do so, I have to consistently keep chipping away day by day at my goals.


“Consistency trumps everything.”


If you keep showing up and learning, you will go exactly where the message on your soul means for you to go. And this often times means ignoring the protective voices in your head and of others. Ditch the stories that swirl around in your head and choose the thoughts that align with your message. And yes, we ALL have a message (that means you!).


“If you have a pulse, you have a message.”


Your message is as unique as you are, so if you haven’t pinned down exactly what it is, don’t worry, you just need to listen more closely and give it a bit more time. Even if you think that pull is something far too simple… stop and listen. Does it bring you fulfillment or happiness? Ding, ding – you’ve got a winner, and now you must protect it.


Full honesty? It takes a ton of bravery to create boundaries and protect your goals and message. After all, your goals are linked to your happiness. But let’s not forget faith. It is imperative that you have faith throughout the winding process of life.


“Faith is trusting that you’re forgiven in the face of no closure.”


What do I mean by this? Lately, I’ve had to say no to a lot of people who I’ve wanted to say yes to. I’m a people pleaser (old habits die hard), but I work on it every day. Sometimes when I say no or have to leave a conversation abruptly, I feel such guilt and fear that someone will be upset with me. The reality though is that they likely didn’t even notice. And if they did, they either understand or will forget it in a matter of minutes.


“Create boundaries around the things that are leaking your energy.”


Stop leaking your energy by carrying guilt for something that doesn’t exist! Give yourself the gift of closure – forgive and move on. I’m not saying that you won’t have your challenges along the way, but preserve your energy to fulfill your goals/message.


“Big, bold steps take energy and bravery.”



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why we need to create boundaries to protect our goals and message
  • The importance of whole-heartedly having faith and forgiveness
  • How you can gain energy back by getting closure 



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Jan 18, 2018
201: Break The Habits That Are Holding You Back with Andrea Owen


Do you ever have those people in your life who you feel like you’ve known forever? Well, author and life coach, Andrea Owen, is one of them and she’s back to talk about her amazing new book, How to Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back from Happiness


Always keeping it real with full transparency, Andrea covers a ton of mind-shifting topics including what habits she struggles with the most, fear of failure (and success), writing her second book and why she’s learned to surrender to all of her emotions. 


If you’re a person who beats themselves up on the regular or struggles with perfectionism, people-pleasing, control, the idea of being strong, perfectionism, etc., this episode and her new book are the perfect tools to help you let some of that go and focus on your happiness and live a kick-ass life.




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What’s been going on since your last podcast?
  • Can you explain what same has to do with the habits that are holding people back?
  • What are some of the habits you struggle with the most?
  • How do we know when to stop with the healthy control and just let go?
  • What was some feedback that you took to make something better? What came through for you after?
  • What does it mean for someone to surrender in their day-to-day life?
  • What are some of the main things that you hear coming up for women and why they’re not creating a life they’re excited to show up for?
  • When do people know the success is worth it?
  • How do you feel about the health of your relationships? Are you doing something to make sure your investing in them?
  • Why this book now?
  • What did it feel like writing your second book?
  • What do you want people to know about this book? Who is it for?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Andrea’s short version of her life’s journey thus far
  • How we use “armor” to protect us from shame
  • The 14 habits that are holding us back
  • Knowing your triggers and having self-awareness around them
  • Listening to your intuition and what your soul is saying
  • Surrendering to your emotions
  • What holds women back
  • The fear of failure and success
  • Why it’s necessary to define what success is to the individual
  • Why Andrea wrote her newest book and how it felt writing it
  • And so much more…




“I trust myself enough to get through this.”


“We gain courage and confidence by walking into these risky, emotional and vulnerable spaces and sometimes failing.”


“The biggest leaps and bounds come from failure.”


“What if it’s really not that big of a deal?”


“When we pledge to do them, learning, serving and loving can be the most beautiful things you do.”


“Our happiness is measured by the health of our relationships.”


“Pay attention to what your soul is saying.”



Andrea Owen is an author, mentor, and certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. She has helped thousands of women manage their inner-critic to create loving connections and live their most kick-ass life.

She is the proud author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve, (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster) and How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness (Seal Press/Hachette Books).

When she’s not juggling her full coaching practice or hosting retreats, Andrea is busy competing in triathlons, chasing her 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter or making out with her husband, Jason. She is also a retired roller derby player having skated under the name “Veronica Vain.”


How to Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back from Happiness

Available on all major online retailers and at yourkickasslife.com


Book Giveaway! On the Instagram post about this episode, comment and tell us what your biggest takeaway was from the episode. Winner will be picked at random and tagged to let them know.


Earn Your Happy Episode 122 with Andrea Owen: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/122-live-your-kickass-life-how-to-let-go-blocks-shame/id1087926635?i=1000384202799&mt=2


IG: @yourkickasslife

FB: www.facebook.com/yourkickasslife




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Jan 15, 2018
200: How To MAKE MORE TIME and ENERGY for Your Goals

I don’t know about you, but I love the natural reset that occurs with a new year. It’s a way to reset our intentions and make sure our time and energy are in alignment with our goals. But often times, this extra time and energy never come around because we’ve already taken up the “extra” with anxiety and stressful thoughts that don’t serve us.


So today we’re talking about how we can get more time, energy and willpower. And the simplest (but not necessarily the easiest way) is to clear your mental space.


“Fuel the potential and focus on the possibility.”


This means no focusing on what could go wrong and only focusing on all the amazing things that could go right. Become aware of overwhelming thoughts. And when you feel those thoughts sneaking in redirect them to something positive. What would help you right in that moment? What do you need? A walk outside? A fresh cup of coffee? A talk with a friend? Making a to-do list? Whatever it is, do that. Seriously, find THE smallest thing that helps you feel better.


Next, close the loops! You know all those small, trivial things that happen day after day – let them go! For instance, you’re driving and someone cuts you off. You’re mad, and what could be a quick blip of annoyance turns into 20 minutes of fuming over a person who hasn’t thought twice about it. You just used up 20 minutes of your mental energy – and it didn’t help you (or that person) at all. Use your energy wisely. Use your thoughts to fuel your dreams, and get more drive and willpower. Don’t waste your mental space on a bad driver or something equally as simple.


Now I’m not saying that you can’t ever get mad – it happens! But we must remember to shift out of those low-level (draining) thoughts as quickly as possible. Think of low-level thoughts as energetic sandbags. For each low-level thought, add a sandbag and carry it around. Another low-level thought? Add another… Imagine if we never ditched these energetic sandbags, how weighed down we’d feel.


We need to close the open loops that are draining our mental batteries by forgiving and getting rid of any indecision in the process. Once you do, you’ll replace any pain, indecision, guilt or shame with more peace, ease, space and power in your mind. And I don’t know about you, but that’s my favorite space to be in.



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why the new year is such a great time for a reset
  • How to create more time, energy and space in your brain
  • What it means to close open loops
  • And much more




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Jan 11, 2018
199: Upgrade Your Vibration with Peta Kelly

A lot has changed in the past couple years since Peta Kelly was last a guest on Earn Your Happy. She’s had a baby, written a book (more on that later) and created multiple businesses. And no matter what happens in her life, I love how she always goes in flow taking everything that comes her way in stride.


Peta has found that this state of flow has been necessary to balance motherhood, business and writing a book. Tune in to hear what Peta’s book-writing process looked like, what she still struggles with and how she hopes to help millennials discover the new way to live, lead, earn and give.



Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What are you doing to change some of the mantras you’ve heard about motherhood?
  • How do you get through challenging moments?
  • What does your book-writing process look like from beginning to end?
  • What is your book about?
  • What does it actually look like when we make that conscious decision to upgrade our vibration?
  • What is something you do to create “play” time for yourself?
  • Is there something that you once suppressed, but now you’re writing your own story about it?
  • What do you do when you have a message you want to say, but you’re having second thoughts?
  • What are you most excited about with your book?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Peta had to change different stories when going into motherhood
  • Why it’s essential to always focus on the beautiful, new and creative
  • How Peta used her pregnancy as fuel for writing her book
  • What Peta’s book-writing process looked like
  • Why Mother Earth wants us to upgrade our vibration
  • Why we must ditch the shame about feeling good
  • The importance of play and why we must interlace it with everything
  • Tapping into masculine and feminine energies
  • Dressing for your soul
  • Speaking your truth – when it’s a yes and when it’s a no
  • And so much more…




“My vision requires that I’m thriving.”


“Play is not a distraction, it’s part of our work ethic.”


“Circulate your energy.”


“Shake your life up so you can get rid of energy and raise up.”


“Get on Mother Earth’s postcode.”




Peta Kelly's most favourite title is HUMAN AF. She is a conscious entrepreneur, author, speaker and philanthropist. She was recently featured in Forbes Magazine and was just ranked by Inc Magazine in the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs changing the world.


She’s is an unbridled soul and barefoot bandit on a mission to unleash the jeaniius of GenY’s globally.

She dropped being a PhD science nerd at the age of 22 and went on the pursuit of that ‘thing’ that was calling her higher. That's when she found her first business pursuit in network marketing and She became a 7 figure a year earner in Isagenix by the age of 26. Her network marketing journey led her to her bigger, more global soul work and now she’s building a global enterprise, Jeaniius – a global hub of nakedly brilliant people, mobilized to create change for our planet through conscious enterprise and magical collaborations.


Peta teaches the new way to live, lead, earn and give and what excites her the most is bringing her brilliant, badass generation together as one team and one family so that we can gift our planet and our kiddies, an environment where they can thrive. Peta is an angel gifter and a silent investor, and thrives on expanding the cycle of abundance and contribution, especially when it allows young people to kick ass in their endeavors. A millennial with a love of millennials, Peta speaks on global stages, barefoot, to tens of thousands of people, and to millions through her various platforms, sharing visionary messages of conscious living to move hearts and minds to what’s possible.


Self-described as an alien, a “vessel” for what needs to flow through her, Peta is the creator of The New Way Live, Jeaniius and The Supercharged and she’s got her first book on the way in early 2018.

Peta was recently featured on The Rise Up movie with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Danielle LaPorte, Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, The Dalai Lama and more.


She's a new Mum to her beautiful daughter Sol and has now found a new supersized passion for empowering women to create a beautiful pregnancy and birth experience.



Earth Is Hiring: The new way to live, lead, earn and give for millennials and anyone who gives a sh*t by Peta Kelly (Releases Jan. 30, 2018)



IG: petajean_



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Jan 08, 2018
198: Our PLANS FOR SUCCESS in 2018 with Chris Harder


Don’t be shocked when you hear a male voice as the podcast begins – it’s just my husband Chris, who’s back for another dual podcast! Both of us have been lit over here since ringing in the New Year and we wanted to share some of our thoughts out loud regarding some of the things we’ve been working on going into 2018 (hint: new eCourse coming in the next couple months).


First and foremost, we’ve both done a lot of reassessing and have gotten really clear and laser-focused on what we want to see and do this year – individually and as a couple – both in business and in play. Find out what we’re working to get rid of and what we’re working to align ourselves with more – some things may surprise you! We’re putting it all about there in this super candid conversation – you don’t want to miss it!




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What was something you loved that we did on New Year’s Eve?
  • What is something you do to get clear on your goals/intentions?
  • What are your mindset blocks?
  • What is one of the rituals that you’re committed to?
  • What are your favorite ways to find tribe?
  • How do you find the energy to keep up with your habits/rituals and how do you stay in the energy to keep doing it?
  • Why should people be unapologetic about their pursuit of wealth and success?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Our rituals, how we set goals and how we figure out what the next step will be
  • Getting clear
  • Finding and following the things that light you up
  • Releasing judgment
  • Aligning beliefs with intentions
  • Preventing negative thoughts from taking root and nurturing positive thoughts
  • Chris and Lori’s rituals
  • The importance of boundaries to avoid resentment
  • Finding a tribe that helps you think bigger or reinforce positive thoughts
  • Making tiny adjustments one at a time in order to tackle bigger challenges
  • Why play is such a big deal
  • And so much more…




“Clarity is power.”


“It’s simple, but it’s not easy.”


“Focus on the impact you’re going to make. Anything else robs you of your happiness

and the world of your gifts.”


“We don’t find our voice in the easy times.”


“Create tribe for transition.”


“Elevate yourself through the things you enjoy most, which in turn then elevates other people.”


“If it brings you happiness and joy – follow it.”


“Choose possibilities and expansion over fear.”


“Make choices, not excuses.”


“Your version of happy is just that.”



Website: http://www.fortheloveofmoney.com/mastermind

IG: @chriswharder 



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Jan 04, 2018
197: How to FREE YOURSELF from JUDGMENT with Gabby Bernstein

One of my favorite (and most frequent) guests, Gabby Bernstein is back, and I know you’re all just as thrilled as I am. We even joked that she should be a co-host (you never know, right?). Today we’re talking about judgment, and I personally couldn’t agree more with the importance of talking about this topic. Judgment is the root of so many problems and whether we’re judging others or ourselves, it’s so bad that we barely realize we’re doing it.


Believing that deep down we are all loving, kind and compassionate people, Gabby felt called to write her newest book, Judgment Detox, in an effort to explain how judgment separates us from our true nature and instead makes us feel guilty, which in turn makes us judge more, which again makes us feel guilty and so on – the judgment cycle.


Fortunately, she has a six-step process that is virtually guaranteed to help us all out and it could not come at a better time for the entire world. Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode as she gives us a few sneak peeks of the wisdom in her latest book as well as a look into her creative process, asking for help and her hopes for a baby in 2018. I can’t wait for you to hear (and share) this beautiful conversation with others!




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • Can you share why you wrote Judgment Detox and what it is?
  • Was judgment something that kept coming up for you so much that you wrote the book?
  • When there’s an addiction to something, what do you think it’s serving and how do we interrupt the pattern?
  • What creative process do you use that honors the messages you write about?
  • How do you set up each of your writing sessions, and what rituals do you do beforehand?
  • How did you discover your writing strengths and weaknesses?
  • What’s one of the biggest boundaries you’ve had to set up or reinforce?
  • What does your self-talk look like when you walk away from stress?
  • Have you missed out on anything from implementing this boundary?
  • How do you enjoy the process when there are so many new opportunities coming your way?
  • What advice would you give someone who's ready to step out into their goals and dreams, but has fear around putting themselves out there?
  • What has been one of the biggest things you’ve implemented in 2017 that has helped you the most?
  • What is the best advice you feel you’ve ever gotten?
  • What is your biggest hope for Judgment Detox?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Why Gabby wrote Judgment Detox
  • How the book is designed to help change your beliefs that hold you back with her six-step process
  • Why judgment is the root cause of all of our problems
  • Gabby’s definition of the “judgment cycle”
  • What Gabby’s healing with her Judgment Detox process and what she’s still working on
  • The wounds that lie beneath judgment
  • The Emotion Freedom Technique (tapping)
  • How Gabby writes to heal
  • The importance of finding what makes you feel safe
  • Making it a priority to hire help sooner than later
  • Hiring people for their energy, not necessarily their experience
  • The timing of pregnancy and babies
  • And so much more…



“Judgment is such a huge separation from our spiritual connection and our alignment to a higher power.”


“When we judge we separate from love.”


“Witness your judgment without judgment.”


“I don’t believe in my judgment anymore.”


“I’m choosing to be happy rather than right.”


“Ask for what you want in 2018.”


“The more creative I am, the less space there is for judgment.”


“Change the way you look at things.”




Gabrielle Bernstein is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back, and has written five additional bestsellers. She was featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday as a “next-generation thought leader,” and The New York Times named her “a new role model.” She appears regularly as an expert on The Dr. Oz Show and co-hosted the Guinness World Record largest guided meditation with Deepak Chopra.


Gabby is the creator of the Miracle Membership, a first-of-its-kind monthly subscription that helps people stay committed to their spiritual practices. Her flagship course, Spirit Junkie Masterclass, empowers people to awaken their confidence and live their purpose.


Gabrielle has been on an international speaking circuit since 2004. She has presented lectures at Google, TEDxWomen, Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions, The Chopra Center, The Omega Institute, L’Oréal, Philosophy and The Huffington Post, among many other notable organizations.


Gabrielle is a certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. She is also trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique and she’s a student of Transcendental Meditation, as taught by the David Lynch Foundation.


YouTube chose Gabrielle as one of its 16 YouTube Next Video Bloggers. Mashable included her in its list of 11 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Inspiration. Forbes called her one of the 20 Best-Branded Women.


Gabrielle is a regular guest on The Dr. Oz Show and has contributed to or been featured in media outlets such as SuperSoul Sunday, Today, CNN, Home & Family, Fox & Friends, PBS, Kathie Lee and Hoda, Access Hollywood, OWN’s Help Desk, The New York Times Sunday Styles section, Teen Vogue, ELLE, InStyle, Marie Claire, Health, SELF, Women’s Health, Glamour, The Sunday Times UK, People, The Wall Street Journal, The Thrive Global podcast, Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness, Bulletproof Radio and many more. Gabrielle has also been on the covers of Experience Life and Self-Made magazines; the latter named her one of the top 50 women in business.


Gabrielle is on the steering committee for Philosophy’s Hope and Grace Initiative and a Lululemon Global Yoga Ambassador.


In January 2018 Gabrielle launches her sixth book, Judgment Detox, Release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life.



Website: gabbybernstein.com

Get her book at gabbybernstein.com/bookgift and receive her free 2-hour manifestation workshop by entering your receipt number.

IG: @gabbybernstein

FB: facebook.com/gabriellebernstein 

Earn Your Happy Podcasts with Gabrielle Bernstein  – ep. 38, ep. 66, ep. 143


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Jan 02, 2018
196: Find The Courage To Live The Life You Were Meant For

Can you believe it? This is my last official quickie of 2017! What a ride 2017 was. And before I get into things here, and no matter what happened, I want you to acknowledge everything that happened – good and bad – and how it’s helped you learn.


Try to reframe the word failure, because it’s not always about winning or failing, it’s about learning or… learning. Yes! Can you we agree to take the word failure out of our vocabulary? As Nelson Mandela once said, “I don’t lose. I either win or learn.”


We need the contrast to help guide us where to go next. Personally, there we several things that I hoped to accomplish or have a different outcome within 2017, but it just made me realize that those dips and darkness were needed to amplify all the good things.


“The failures just tell you what to do next.”


And it was often the opposite of what I thought. Whether you lost a business, a friendship or a relationship, you learned. We are always learning and all the things we learn only help us live in our purpose. But here’s the thing, in order to realize all this, we need to find the courage to go against the grain. We need to say no. We need to do things that challenge what others say is the right thing to do.


You don’t need new goals; you just need to have the courage to say no to things that aren’t elevating your life. And trust me, it’s not going to be easy, but when you really dig deep and think outside the box, you can say truthfully that you lived a life that fully made you expand into the human you were meant to be.


“Step into your courage and into your truth.”


Wishing you abundance and bravery in 2018 – I cannot wait to see you rock your life!



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why failures are part of our success
  • How deeper courage won’t show up until you call upon it
  • Why you don’t necessarily need new goals to live in your highest purpose



2018 For the Love of Money Mastermind



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Dec 28, 2017
195: How to Tap Into Your Creative Intuition Quickly with Liana Louzon


Photographer, jewelry maker and my guest today, Liana Louzon and I go way back (more than a decade) to my fitness competition days. It’s safe to say that a lot has changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the positive, driven and encouraging vibe that she gives off just by speaking with her.

Originally from Russia, Liana made her way to Canada at the age of 14 and shares her journey of assimilating and learning a new language. While there were times of struggle, Liana learned to tap into her intuition and has since used that very skill to forge ahead in her creative businesses – namely her jewelry company, Rocking Vibe.

If you’re a creative or longing to get MORE creative, be sure to listen in to hear how Liana taps into both her intuition, gets in her “zone,” and as a result creates a springboard for creativity.




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • When you came to Canada and didn’t know the language, what was that like?
  • When did your interest in fitness begin?
  • Where does your immediate response to not only follow your passion but to think big with it come from?
  • What does it feel like when you’re not creating and sharing?
  • When you’re so busy between your business and being a mom, how do you turn the creative light switch on?
  • How do you put your flare on your creativity?
  • What are some things that you’re doing right now that contradict each other, but you love it?
  • Could you share some ways that can help others step into their power?
  • Do you have any anything in your life that you’re struggling with or working through?
  • What are you creating right now with Rocking Vibe and what direction do you want it to go?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Liana’s creative journey
  • How non-verbal communication helped Liana
  • What drove Liana to become a photographer
  • How Liana’s desire and passion overrode the fear
  • The importance of becoming intuitive with yourself
  • Liana’s struggle with asking for help
  • Liana’s formula that helps keep that creative switch turned on
  • How Liana gets into the creative zone
  • The challenge of balancing parenting and creativity
  • The value of people watching
  • How crystals can keep you grounded and connected to the material world
  • And so much more…




“Fear means progress is on the rise.”


“Fear is exciting. Show up, trust and choose bravery.”


“Even when I didn’t believe, I knew what I wanted.”


“Knowing your weaknesses is just as important as knowing your strengths.”


“Be intuitive with who you are.”


“Allow yourself to evolve.”


Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Liana immigrated to Canada at the age of 14. While learning English as a second language, Liana found that artistry (including her passion for photography as well as jewelry making and beading) helped her feel grounded and became a way of expressing herself as she faced the challenges of life in a new country. As her life evolved, Liana became a mother which ignited her desire to use her passion to contribute to a better future. In the summer of 2014, the idea of Rocking Vibe glimmered in her heart, and it wasn’t long before that spark became a fierce fire and Rocking Vibe was created.



FB: facebook.com/rockingvibe

IG: @rockingvibe


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Dec 26, 2017
194: The Soul PULLS, The Ego PUSHES - Goals and New Year's Resolutions


With the New Year a week away, goals and resolutions are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. And while this is a super exciting time of year, it can also be super overwhelming, too. Especially if you don’t feel you were successful with the previous year’s goals.

So here’s what I suggest this year (and every year for that matter): Focus on RIGHT NOW, and you’ll figure out the HOW later.

“It’s now about the how, it’s about knowing what you desire.”

Get clear on one or two goals and make sure they’re in alignment with your desires. Nothing is set in stone so let your feelings guide you. If you’re having trouble getting clear, try sitting for five minutes or more in the morning (or whenever you have the time) and ask yourself, “What would bring me the most joy?” Additionally, “How can I serve others and still bring myself joy?”

Sometimes it’s a matter of reframing and refocusing on things that already exist in your life. For me this past year, it was my online Body + Soul Program. I knew I wanted to attract more people into my tribe, but the more I focused on those that I didn’t have, the more lack I felt. So I reframed and focused on the people who I already had.

“I manifested more of what I wanted because I was grateful for what I already had.”

Focus on what you want. Focus on the those “pop” or “soul hit” moments that make you feel alive while also fulfilling your purpose. Pay attention and let those moments continue to pull you – even if your ego pushes back. There will be resistance, but you can always refocus, reframe and get back in alignment with your true desires.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why it’s important to gain clarity on 1 or 2 goals
  • Why you don’t need to focus on the HOW when it comes to your goals
  • Why we must pay attention to our “soul hits” 


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Dec 21, 2017
193: How Pleasure Helps You SHOW UP BIGGER in Your Life and Business with Arielle Loren


There are so many interesting things to know about today’s guest, Arielle Loren, I don’t even know where to begin! A former sex columnist and founder of an erotic magazine, this now marketing agency owner encourages all female entrepreneurs to empower themselves and do all the things that bring them pleasure.


Be sure to listen in as we talk about tapping into this power and how keeping honest and authentic lines of communication open with others and ourselves can help lead you to your ultimate happiness.    



Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What are you doing now and how did you get there?
  • Would you share with us what it means to you to be sexually empowered?
  • Why are we so afraid of asking for the things that bring us pleasure?
  • How do we set up and enforce boundaries and why do we need them so desperately?
  • Where do you have to go in order to push yourself through the scary parts?
  • What do you do to self-soothe yourself and give yourself permission to change?
  • What do you do when someone’s business is not working and they think it’s someone else’s fault?
  • Do you ever struggle with overachieving or perfectionism and what does that look like if you do?
  • When you take on too much, what does that look like?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Arielle’s intriguing career journey so far
  • Infusing pleasure into your life with even the simple things
  • How mastering your sensuality/sexuality allows you to show up bigger in the rest of your life
  • Why we need to clearly communicate and set boundaries up front
  • Why it’s so important for entrepreneurs to focus on their own personal development
  • Giving yourself space and letting your feelings settle when problems arise
  • How Arielle’s “Driven” events each have an organic and unique approach
  • Finding balance and simplicity
  • The benefits of taking “me time” and rest
  • The importance of being authentic and honest
  • And so much more…




“The more in touch I am with my body the more open I’m able to be.”


“There’s no way to lose something that was meant for you.”


“Give yourself permission to change.”


“The more honest you are, the happier you will be.”


Arielle Loren is a top business strategist, trained at Harvard University, where she received both a master’s degree in Management and a graduate certificate in Strategic Management. She also holds a graduate certificate in International  Business Management from Georgetown University, and a bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Analysis and a certificate in Producing from New York University. As the CEO of the Arielle Loren Agency, she and her team manage dozens of companies on behalf of her clients and build out high ROI marketing campaigns. Our work has been featured in FastCompany, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, SXSW, and NPR. We specialize in digital marketing, business operations, business development, profit planning, and variety of strategies that bring more ease to founders and entrepreneurs.





Money Magic Retreat – February 2018, Maui


IG: @arielleloren 

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Dec 18, 2017
192: How to Avoid Trashing Your MINDSET and Environment

The other day I was talking with a friend about my recent trip to Nosara, Costa Rica. And one of the things we were talking about was their relationship with Mother Earth. The people there are so conscious of what they are putting out and also regulate what others bring in and take out. For example, there are very few garbage cans and even throwing away a gum wrapper was a challenge.


While this did get frustrating, I love that it forced me to be more aware of my surroundings and what trash I was carrying around or just throwing away for someone else to deal with. And as my friend and I continued to talk, we also realized that this concept ran parallel with us as humans, too.


What trash are you carrying around? Are you disposing of it in a healthy way? Are you sick of carrying it around? When you hear gossip, are you throwing it on someone else? Or are you up-cycling it into something better?


We must be more conscious of what we’re putting out into the Earth – both literally and figuratively – because we live in a cause and effect world. Our actions affect other people and things.


“Our physical surroundings affect our spiritual state.”


What is one small thing you could decide not to pick up or dispose of in a healthy way? I challenge you to find one thing and approach it with intention and see how you feel. And please share with me what you discover.



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • How aware Costa Ricans are of Mother Earth
  • About the parallels between the physical and spiritual world when it comes to collecting trash
  • Why we must be more conscious of what we’re carrying, what we’re putting out and what we’re throwing away.




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Dec 14, 2017
191: How to Grow Your Business by Growing Yourself with Andy Murphy

In case you don’t remember this tidbit about me, I love learning new things and I kind of geek out when a ton of scientific knowledge is dropped. And this is just one of the many reasons why I loved talked with entrepreneur, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) expert and mind coach, Andy Murphy.


Originally from Liverpool, England (love his accent!), he made his way to Australia 15 years ago where he created an extremely successful real estate business and discovered NLP in a sales and marketing environment. Years later, after a business setback, Andy was looking for a new and completely different challenge and incorporated his knowledge and expertise in NLP into the world of coaching and consulting, and the rest as they say is history.


The timing of this conversation was impeccable and helped me tackle some recent obstacles I faced in regard to creating and speaking. Tune into learn what NLP actually is, how it can help retrain your thoughts and belief systems and help you in all areas of your life. Andy also gives us a sneak peek into some of his other favorite practices that help him live a life he loves (and how you can too). You don’t want to miss this knowledge-packed episode!  



Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What does it feel like when you follow your intuition and how did you know that’s what you should do?
  • How do we start to know that we have power within the moments of fear, panic etc.?
  • What does it take to get someone unstuck? Why are we stuck and how can we move past the place that’s keeping us there?
  • What is NLP and what are some practical ways you’ve seen it used?
  • When someone is trying to win over an audience are there certain things one can do to connect with them more quickly?
  • What are some of your favorite ways of using NLP in your life?
  • Do you meditate or visualize? What does that look like?
  • What are you most excited about right now?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Andy’s journey led him to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • The power of intuition and how you can tune into it
  • The importance of a-ha moments and perspective shifts
  • Tapping into your “alter ego(s)”
  • Building new brain pathways
  • Why you shouldn’t feel the fear and do it anyway
  • How NLP helps retrain your nervous system by designing your thoughts and belief systems
  • How to develop instant rapport
  • The connection between memories and feelings
  • And so much more…




“It’s not who you are, it’s where you are.”


“If you love what you do and you’re coming from your heart and your gut feels good, you’re winning.”


“Get rid of other peoples’ opinions and focus on your own growth, and I can promise that your life and business will match with where you’re at.”

“Know it so you can change it.”



Andy left Liverpool, England 15 years ago and traveled to Sydney Australia, where he discovered Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a sales and marketing environment. Breaking multiple sales records in investment real-estate and at the top of the business in Australia, he was head-hunted to New



At the age of only 26 he opened a company developing a project to build a 100 million dollar resort in the Fiji Islands. After marketing the company over in Dubai alongside multi-billion dollar developments the global real-estate industry began to slow down.


Wanting a new challenge, Andy changed his focus and took his knowledge and expertise of NLP into the world of consulting and coaching.


Andy now takes his skill and passion around the world. Such as the USA, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia the list goes on, where clients seek him out for private consulting including entrepreneurs, world champion MMA stars, professional sports athletes, multi-millionaire business owners, TV and film producers, TV and stage actors, trauma survivors and even

Royal Family.


Andy`s true passion is to use the most cutting edge psychological tools blended with his own 21st century version of eastern philosophy to help global clients excel to their full potential. This passion is what drives him every day.­




IG: @andymurphymindset 

Mind by Design Podcast


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Dec 11, 2017


New Year’s is just around the corner and I know that several of you are already working on your resolutions. Or maybe you’re a goal-getter all year round – and I applaud that! However, are you just interested in your goals or are you committed? Let’s talk about the differences between the two…


Now when I say committed, I mean committed. When you’re just interested, it may feel like your committed, but in the back of your mind you’re always looking for a way out. You haven’t set a date, you’re not risking anything or putting anything on the line. You’ve still got the opportunity to get out at any time. When you’re committed – you’re all in.


“A commitment is a one million percent YES.”


Here’s how the language around it changes. When you’re interested, it’s “Someday I will…, or “I would do x-y-z, but…” You’re always seeking out excuses why you can’t without realizing it. However, when you’re committed, you use phrases like, “I will…,” I am…” When obstacles arise, you offer no excuses and instead seek out solutions because you know that these will help someone in some way down the road.


“Solutions are the blessings you teach.”


Committed people surround themselves with people who don’t tolerate excuses, whereas those who are interested tend to find themselves with those who support those excuses. Weekends are a numbing time-out away from your goals. Those who are committed look for what they need in order to stay committed. Again, there is no way out.


“When you’re just interested, you always leave the window cracked open – there’s always a way out. When you’re committed, there is no way out, just through.”


And before I go, I just want to share one more difference and it’s in regard to worrying about what others think. You can likely guess this, but when people are just interested, they DO care what others think. When you’re committed, the only thing you’re worried about is not fulfilling your potential. Your worries feel purposeful because it’s not just about you.


If you’re feeling more on the interested side and want to get more committed, I encourage you to


“Take action from your future self who is committed.”


Keep that momentum going and please share with me what committed actions you’re taking today – I would love to hear from you!


In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • What the differences are between interested and committed
  • How our obstacles help us teach and help others
  • How the time spent on weekends makes a difference




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Dec 07, 2017
189: BUSTING STEREOTYPES with Plus-Size Model, TV Star and WWE Superstar Nia Jax

Any WWE fans out there? Regardless if you are or not, you’re going to love the conversation I had with WWE and Total Divas star, Nia Jax. As a plus-size model and TV star, she is busting body stereotypes left and right and wants other women to unapologetically own who they uniquely are, too.


Tune in to hear how Nia’s journey brought her to the WWE, what she had to overcome to get there and how she uses that platform now to empower other women.



Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • When you were younger, was becoming a WWE star a dream of yours?
  • Where did you have to go mentally in order to show up at your WWE tryout?
  • What made you keep going?
  • What would tell someone who is waiting for the perfect moment to do something?
  • What is something that because of a no has made you stronger?
  • What is something that you are extremely grateful for right now?
  • Why do thinking it’s so important for women right now to use their voices and platforms?
  • What is something you wish more people knew about you?
  • What have you learned to embrace about yourself that before you wished was different?
  • What are some boundaries you’ve had to set in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Nia got her start in the WWE
  • How she’s helped bust stereotypes
  • The importance of taking action before you’re ready
  • Why WWE is the perfect for Nia
  • How the NO’s lead to your perfect fit
  • What drives Nia to do what she does
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Being different and owning it




“Don’t wait on your wait.”


“Right now I’m as good as I’m going to get today.”


“Women need to use their voice so they’re not settling for anything less than they deserve.”



There’s one thing that’s painfully clear when someone steps in the ring with Nia Jax: She’s not like most women.

The 6-foot-tall Jax has towered over other women for as long as she can recall. She was kicked out of activities like karate, kickboxing and judo as a child because someone always ended up getting hurt at her hands.

Though Jax eventually turned her attention toward the world of modeling, she still hungered for competition. A cousin of The Rock, she made her way to the WWE Performance Center where she learned to harness her aggression in the squared circle. She immediately blew away all other Superstars in terms of power, claiming all of the WWE Performance Center’s female lifting records.

Unsurprisingly, Jax has dominated her competition since her debut, squeezing the air out of her opponents with a crushing bear hug before viciously slamming them into the mat to earn the victory. She carried that power with her to Raw as a surprise selection in the 2016 WWE Brand Extension Draft and immediately established herself as a future power player in the Women’s division.

From day one, Jax claimed that greatness was her destiny. Her size and power may ensure that she reaches it sooner than anyone expects.



IG: @niajaxwwe

FB: facebook.com/JaxWWE



Monday Night Raw on USA Network

Mondays, 8 p.m. EST


Total Divas on E!

Wednesdays, 9 p.m. EST



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Dec 04, 2017
188: Relationships Are Our Biggest Teachers


This is the time of year where little bursts of inspiration or positivity are most needed, am I right? With the hustle, bustle and stress of visitors and visiting family, it’s hard not to let it get to you at some point.


So this year I’m already switching my focus from stress to excitement. I am in control of how I feel and how I act. No matter what old beliefs pop up when spending time around family and friends, I will not let it derail my current beliefs.


I know that most of us have those certain people who criticize their lifestyle, career or habits, but don’t take the bait! You’re not going to change them and you’re certainly not going to change for them, right?


Go in with the energy that “it’s all OK,” and let all the little stuff roll off your back. Now this doesn’t give anyone permission to walk all over you, but if you can just LOVE and LISTEN a little more, and release expectations, you’re going to close out the holidays on a high note.


See what happens when you can allow, accept and have compassion instead of going on the defense or judging. How much can you grow and let go of this holiday season? Tell me what your plans are for propelling yourself through the holidays and into 2018? I want to hear because we’re all in this together.


In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why relationships are our biggest teachers
  • How to show up with the energy that says all is OK
  • The importance of being a better communicator and listener




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Nov 30, 2017
187: Quiet the Mind to Get The Answers You Seek with SealFit Mark Divine


We’ve all heard how difficult it can be to become a Navy SEAL – the physical challenges alone can make or break one’s success. Today’s guest and host of The Unbeatable Mind podcast, Mark Divine, had that part covered, but he ensured his success by mastering his thoughts as well.


From a disempowered background and core story, Mark didn’t always have dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL. In fact, he actually had a successful career as a CPA, but he longed for something more that also appealed to his athletic side.


Tune in to find out how Mark shifted his thought patterns and discarded those that didn’t work to accomplish his goals then and how he continues to apply those skills in his life and businesses now. I love how Mark’s approach links the heart and mind – you’re going to be amazed at just how simple it can be once you can quiet your mind and focus on one task at a time.




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What led you to begin you Zen practice?
  • What were some of the core beliefs of your family?
  • What was the driver to become a Navy SEAL?
  • Why did you find the process of becoming a Navy SEAL to be “easier?”
  • If someone is feeling disempowered, what would you recommend for a visualization?
  • What goes on in regard to training at your retreats?
  • How can you break through mentally?
  • What are you most excited about right now?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Mark went from CPA to Navy SEAL
  • Mark’s Zen and meditation practice
  • Changing the patterns of your thoughts from disempowering to empowering
  • What it means to “practice on the bench”
  • The BIG Four Skills (1. Breath Control 2. Maintaining, Managing and Curating Positive Direction of Emotions and Thinking 3. Always Hold an Image of What Success Looks Like and 4. Front Sight Focus)
  • The importance and power of visualization
  • Integrative training with mind and heart
  • The Box-Breathing technique
  • Disengaging from past events to free up energy
  • The different levels of resiliency




“When I started asking better questions, then I started to get different answers.”


“The absence of thought is when the answers came to me.”


“Use your imagination to see a version of you that’s whole.”


“If you can see it, you can speak it and then you can believe it.”


“Create a positive memory of the future.”


“Sever the negative energy of the past so you can attract the force of the future which pulls you toward the future.”


“We always have value and a gift to give, no matter what happens to use, as long as we’re here.”



Mark is from upstate New York and did his formal undergraduate education at Colgate University. His years at Colgate University were focused on athletic endeavors such as competitive swimming, rowing and triathlon racing, interrupted by brief episodes of academic activity. After graduation from "the Gate" Mark started his professional career as a CPA with Coopers & Lybrand in New York City. Clients included luminous and no-longer existent financial firms such as Solomon Brothers and Paine Webber. 

Four years later, with an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business in his briefcase, he left behind the suit to pursue his inner vision to become a Navy SEAL officer. He was 26 when he graduated as Honor Man (#1 ranked trainee) of his SEAL BUD/s class 170. Mark was fortunate to serve with many great men and women on active duty for nine years and in the reserves for eleven...retiring at the rank of Commander in 2011.

After leaving active duty in 1997, Mark started his second business career as an entrepreneur. He co-founded the successful Coronado Brewing Company and launched NavySEALs.com in the same year he left active duty. To this day, it is the leading website for gear and information about the SEALs. 

Mark's business career was interrupted by a stint as an Adjunct Professor of Leadership at the University of San Diego, where he was pursuing his Doctorate in Leadership, then by a one-year recall to active duty in 2004. The recall took him to Baghdad with SEAL Team One to conduct a special project for Naval Special Warfare Command surrounding the role of the USMC in Special Operations. While in Iraq, Mark developed Kokoro Yoga, which allows you to see, feel, hear, and live the goal you are looking to achieve through warrior visualization. 

In 2007 he launched his CrossFit affiliate and the now internationally known SEALFIT program to provide transformational personal and team training experiences. The training utilizes an integrated warrior development model he developed, called Unbeatable Mind, which draws from his 20 years as a SEAL and business leader, 25 years as a martial artist and 15 years as yoga practitioner.  He now hosts a highly rated podcast on iTunes called Unbeatable Mind.

SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind are uniquely effective at elevating clients to a higher level of operating, thinking and leading - encompassing the full spectrum of human experience: Body, Mind and Spirit in Self, Team and Organization. Mark advises and trains a diverse group of clients through his Unbeatable Mind and SEALFIT programs including: Olympic medalists, CEOs, Superbowl champions and other professional athletes. 




The Unbeatable Mind Podcast






The Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine



The Way of the Seal by Mark Divine


IG: @sealfit

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Nov 27, 2017
186: Finding Space Amid the Chaos


I just returned a few days ago from my third trip to the Costa Rican jungles and it was such an awesome trip – even though every time I go, I feel a ton of resistance around it. And that’s because it throws me out of my routine (and it’s a LONG journey to get there).


But here’s what this trip helped me with this round – it forced me to take time for myself. It forced me to just sit in quiet in nature (with the occasional monkey making his presence known). You see up until Costa Rica, I was a feeling a little blocked creatively, which was super frustrating because I had a talk to prepare for and an eCourse to come up with. But on the flight home – because I allowed myself the space to let that creativity come flowing back in – the ideas poured out! I couldn’t believe how easy it felt.


Now, you might be saying, “This doesn’t apply to me because I’m not creative.” Newsflash – you ARE creative!


“We are all creative beings.”


You create and put things out in the world every single day – and there are more forms than you think. It’s not just writing, designing or painting. There is an outlet that makes you feel alive – you just need to tune in to find out what it is.


Now as you can imagine, while we need to practice creative space all year round, with the holiday upon us, it’s more important than ever to create space so we don’t lose our marbles when family and friends visit. So just like I stated above, you must carve out time just for you.


Schedule in your time and practice fierce boundaries for parties or other commitments that don’t excite you. No is a complete sentence and you aren’t responsible for making everyone happy. Use the holidays for what they were meant for – joy and connection.


Ask yourself, “What do I need each week to ensure a happy, healthy holiday season for myself?”


I challenge you to look at your calendar and make those unbreakable “space making” appointments with yourself. In order to create and transform we must find that space.


Let me know how you do! I love hearing from you!


Happy Thanksgiving!




In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why we need to create space for ourselves regularly – especially during the holiday season
  • How scheduling appointments for yourself is crucial
  • How to set fierce boundaries




Free 14-Day HoliBurn Challenge

Nov. 27-Dec. 10 – Go to https://loriharder.com/challenge to register!


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Nov 23, 2017
185: Release Your Victim and Wake Up Your HERO with Wes Chapman


I came across my guest, Wes Chapman, as I was preparing for my TedX Talk and couldn’t stop thinking about his story. With a tumultuous childhood from day one including abuse in numerous forms and being told that he was too broken to fix, Wes is walking proof that we are only who we choose to believe we are.


Now Wes has committed his life to helping others who feel or have been told they are “broken” and encourages everyone to take control of their lives, ditch the victim mentality and get into hero mode.

Listen in as Wes vulnerably takes us through his journey of rediscovering his self-worth and identity and how it led him to an entrepreneurial career of helping others.




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • How do we start to tap into or figure out our self-worth?
  • Did you have something that was holding you back and if so, how did you go about taking the steps to move past it?
  • What is something you are most excited about?
  • Is there anything in your life that you’re still grabbing at even though it’s not making you happy?
  • What are some of your favorite ways to connect with family and friends?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Wes’s tumultuous childhood and how he gained both his self-worth and identity back and how it led him to help others
  • How to tap into your self-worth
  • Why we need to truly understand empathy
  • Letting go of the past and taking your power back
  • Self-control and self-understanding
  • Taking responsibility for the past in order to take control of your life
  • The power of labels, how they create your identity and how limiting they are
  • Why environment is crucial to your well-being
  • Getting back to where you find peace and comfort
  • Disconnecting from technology (and how Wes suggests doing it)




“Put the victim to bed and wake the hero up instead.”


“Your brain only understands what it’s experienced.”


“Anything that’s in the rear-view mirror you can 100% take ownership of that.”


“If you can positively think your way into a great life, you can negatively think your way into a crappy life.”


“Rip the labels off – you are what you choose to be.”


“The day of excuses is over.”


“I don’t believe in controlling other people; I believe in people controlling themselves.”



Wes’s message of “waking up the hero” has been adopted by thousands of people around the world. He draws from his unique life experiences to deeply connect with people of all backgrounds, creeds and beliefs. He is the founder of A HUMAN PROJECT, an organization that incubates creative, scalable solutions to systemic problems and gathers together the greatest minds to solve global issues in education, health and society.


With a background in technology, design and entrepreneurship, Wes has worked with clients like Verizon, Microsoft, A&E and has been the recipient of multiple “App of the Year” awards from Apple. He holds patents on several medical advancements. His work has been covered in multiple media outlets and publications, including: INC, CBS, TechCrunch, ABC, Forbes and many others.


As a speaker, Wes has shared the stage with eminent business owners and thought leader alike, including: Robert Herjavec, Sheri Salata, Gary Vaynerchuk, Randy Jackson, Peter Diamandis and many others.


And as co-creator of THE HUMAN GATHERING – named “The #1 Leadership Conference” by Forbes, Wes is consistently bringing together today’s foremost leaders in business, technology, philanthropy and the arts.






IG: @wesleydchapman

FB: facebook.com/wesleydchapman


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Nov 20, 2017
184: Why EVERYONE Needs To Shake Up Their Lives

For the past month, I’ve been feeling a lack of inspiration, and when that feeling comes up, shortly after the feelings of unworthiness and not being good enough pop their heads back in the picture. It brings back glimpses of the crushing anxiety that I once faced. I knew it was time to start bringing the joy back into my routine (did I mention how much I love routine?).


So I decided to enlist the help of a coach. I needed more than the cheerleader voice in my own head – I needed compassion from someone who’s been there.


“I don’t want all of the things I’ve wished for to be wished away because I’m anxious.”


Even though I’m happy and grateful for all of the amazing things that are happening in my life and business, I was also getting bored. In order to do that I knew I needed to shake things up a bit and change up my routine


“Even creatures of habit need to shake things up.”


But this creature over here LOVES her routine and has a ton of resistance when it comes to changing it – even if it’s doing things that I like to do. Anyone else? In order change my thoughts around the new, I needed to find the routine and grounding in it.


Keep in mind these changes in your routine don’t need to be big – start small! What could you start with? I wanna know! Be sure to comment below or on Instagram – I love hearing!


In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why doing new and different things helps eliminate boredom
  • What to with the resistance of changing things up
  • How doing the smallest of things can relieve anxiety




The Bliss Project 2018

March 2-4, 2019 | Newport Beach, CA



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Nov 16, 2017
183: Risking It ALL with Sherioc: Cassey Ho & Lisa Bilyeu


Shero (noun): a female who fights for what she believes in and never gives up, even if it means fighting alone.


I had the honor of interviewing not one, but TWO Sheroes on today’s episode – Cassey Ho and Lisa Bilyeu – the hosts of The Sheroic Podcast. Before starting The Sheroic, both women were already successful entrepreneurs in their own right (Cassey is the CEO of Blogilates and Lisa is a founding team member of Quest Nutrition), however both share that there wasn’t a huge “break” that landed them in either role.


Tune in to hear about each woman’s journey thus far and how they’ve risen (and continued to rise) to meet the challenges and obstacles that get in their way. I know you will absolutely fall in love with their comforting, loving and vulnerable natures. This hour was seriously a warm-up for more inspiring conversations to come – enjoy!




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What was the catalyst of saying “yes, this is what I want to do,” when you decided to go for it?
  • Was there resistance you had to move past/through in order to create the life you’re living now?
  • Why is it important for you both to fulfill your purpose and live as your highest self?
  • Define your relationship with fear.
  • What are some of your biggest fears you’re working through now?
  • Is there anything missing from your life?
  • What would you say to people who don’t feel like they have any direction?
  • What makes you love you and what makes you feel like yourself?
  • Who is the character you pick every day?
  • Why is it your responsibility to go through the muck and be as fully you as possible?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How The Sheroic Podcast came about and the founders’ paths that led them there
  • Risking it all and following that feeling
  • Seeking approval from parents, friends or other family
  • The importance of giving yourself credit when you reach your goals
  • Enjoying the wins and failures and learning from them
  • Why we must heal/help ourselves before we can help others
  • The power in not knowing what happens next
  • Communicating and collaborating better
  • Controlling your mindset and emotions
  • Tapping into your Wonder Woman
  • The power of speaking up
  • Importance of being honest with yourself and others




“Either follow your passion or be miserable for the rest of your life.”


“Part of being whole is to keep reaching higher.” – Cassey Ho


“If it makes you happy, do more of it. If it doesn’t, do less.” – Cassey Ho


“It’s not that I don’t have fear, it’s that I overcome the fear.” – Lisa Bilyeu


“Roadblocks are just part of the video game.” – Lisa Bilyeu


“No one gets greatness without failure.” – Lisa Bilyeu


“I love that I can adapt, grow and change without getting my ego dented.” – Lisa Bilyeu


“If I’m not being my true self, I’m robbing myself of something.” – Lisa Bilyeu


“It’s your responsibility to share what you’ve learned with the world.” – Cassey Ho


Cassey Ho

An award-winning fitness instructor, entrepreneur and online personality, Cassey is the founder and CEO of Blogilates, the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube with over 500 million video views and 7 million

followers cross-platform. Named as the world’s #3 Most Influential Person in Health & Fitness by Greatist and a top fitness influencer by Forbes, she’s tailing behind none other than Oprah!


Cassey’s unique format, POP Pilates© first appeared on YouTube in 2009 with herself as the sole

instructor. Fans began to fall in love with Cassey’s bubbly personality, fun workouts, and her genuine

approach towards getting fit - it was never about the weight loss, it was about the happiness gain. Today, Cassey’s choreographed class is being taught over 3,000 times every month by certified POP Pilates

instructors at major gyms wordwide - and that’s just the beginning.


Cassey is also the author of the best-selling book, Hot Body Year Round and the designer of her own

multi-million dollar activewear line, POPFLEX.


Lisa Bilyeu

From film student to fulltime housewife to world-class entrepreneur, Lisa is a master of adaptation and

personal growth. As a founding team member of the billion dollar company Quest Nutrition, she built

the company’s entire fulfillment department from scratch.


She started shipping orders from her living room floor and ultimately built the unit into a full-fledged

department spanning thousands of square feet. From there, she turned her talents to marketing and

helped build her second division within Quest – a revolutionary in-house media department, that not

only made cutting-edge social marketing materials, but also helped facilitate the company’s meteoric

rise to #2 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies.


She and her team were responsible for producing content that has been viewed over 200 million

times. Now as co-founder and president of Impact Theory and co-host of the Sheroic Podcast, her

mission is to really create Impact in the world and empower women of all ages to see and believe that

they can be anything they set their minds to.




IG: @BeSheroic

FB: facebook.com/besheroic

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Nov 13, 2017
182: Getting SO Vulnerable I Could Barf, Seriously


Warning: As I recorded this episode, my palms were sweating – I can’t make this up. And that’s because as the episode title suggests, I am getting super vulnerable and super transparent.

Ever since I started writing my book, I’ve been in full-on creative mode. I want to create and I crave creating – in ALL different forms. Even as I’ve been the busiest I’ve ever been, I’ve made it a priority because my ideas had to come out.

“Creating the time to get creative has opened up in an insane vortex of things I want to do.” 

To name a few of my creative outlets – dance, guitar and now…wait for it…spoken word. I’ve been receiving massive downloads recently that have spurred me to delve into this arena. And today, I’m going to share one of my poems with you.

Look, I’m not a rapper or poet…but maybe I am? 

“Who are we not to claim these titles even though we haven’t done them if it’s coming through us?”

I am so grateful that I have my mastermind women, Lindsay and Danette, to act as a reminder of my soul’s wishes. If your soul calls you to do something – do it! Don’t judge, just get those ideas up and out! It really does help if you have a person or two who you can share your ideas with. Hint: You know it’s life-shifting when you have a “full-body yes and a full-brain hell no!”


I hope you enjoy the poem I share. I now dare you to be vulnerable with me and share with me what it felt like to express yourself. I can’t wait to hear!


In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • How to show up as your true self to the world
  • About the importance of creating time to get creative
  • Why you need to get your ideas up and out 



The Bliss Project 2018

March 2-4, 2019 | Newport Beach, CA



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Nov 09, 2017
181: Learn Your Body Type, How To Eat For It, and Why Properly Digesting Your Food and Emotions Changes Your Diet and Being with Sahara Rose


If you’re a knowledge junkie like me or looking to figure out why you can’t seem to find balance in your life, my conversation with author and Ayurvedic expert, Sahara Rose will likely set off a lightbulb or two for you – at least it did for me.


Be sure to listen in as Sahara explains her personal journey with Ayurveda and how you too can gain more balance in your life by figuring out your own mind body type (dosha). It may be easier than you think!




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • Can you tell us your story and how you came to be an expert on Ayurveda?
  • Did you find that a lot of self-healing happened when you wrote your book?
  • What are the different mind body (dosha) types?
  • How can we help our bodies feel better and more at ease?
  • What is the smallest thing we can do to start shifting and noticing the ways in which we feel better?
  • How did eating for your mind body type affect your mentally? What opened up for you?
  • What started showing up for you when you started to change your habits?
  • What did you do/think about in order to shift gears?
  • Are you incorporating all three doshas into your eating and exercising habits?
  • What are some of the biggest (and most important) takeaways that you would love people to implement in order to feel shifts?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Sahara’s path that led her to Ayurveda
  • Healing yourself to find your purpose
  • Ayurveda’s three different mind/body types (doshas)
  • How to determine your Vikruti (the levels of each dosha that you were created with)
  • Foods that are beneficial for each mind body type (dosha)
  • Why it’s important to know what your body is retaining
  • The benefits of consuming warmer foods and beverages to aid in digestion
  • Practical but effective ways to help each dosha type feel better or make a shift
  • Balancing your energies for different stages of life
  • Developing an inner awareness and developing the subtle practice of knowing yourself




“When you’re in the right place at the right time, things will just happen really fast.”


“This is so much more than food. It’s not just food we’re digesting; it’s thoughts, emotions and experiences, too.”


“Ayurveda is a spiritual practice grounded in the physical body.”


“Earth provides us with what our bodies need at that time.”


“It’s not, ‘you are what you eat.’ It’s ‘you are what you digest.’”




Sahara Rose is the best-selling author of the Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda (Penguin Random House) and has been called “a leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift” by Deepak Chopra. She is a 26-year-old Certified Ayurvedic, Holistic and Sports Nutritionist, wellness blogger and host of the Highest Self Podcast, listed as top 7 podcasts by Yoga Journal. Sahara's mission is to awaken people of their innate potential so they can share their gifts and fulfill their purpose on this planet. 





Book: Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda by Sahara Rose Ketabi

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Nov 06, 2017
180: Release Your Inner WILD ONE with Elana Meta

If you haven’t heard of Elana Meta you soon will. You probably know by now that I’m all about tribe and making impactful connections with others, so it will come as no shock why I connected with Elana after listening to our conversation.


As a dance catalyst and teacher, Elana has made it her mission to create spaces for women – and men to help them merge the emotional and logical parts of the brain. While most recently hosting small groups in her home to help women step into their power, she wanted to create a larger event (Wild Vessel) that could help more women and men, too. Elana helps these individuals see themselves more deeply by moving the body to quiet the mind.


Elana invites you to an experience to help you see things more clearly in a substance-, device- and shoe-free space (ha, check your shoes at the door). If this sounds like an event that resonates with you, see the Resources section on this page.


Here’s to empowering your wild side!


Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What got you started doing what you’re doing and what are you doing?
  • What does the “feminine” mean to you?
  • Do you feel you’ve come across a lot of men who could use the Wild Vessel event, too?
  • What reasons did you discover as to why women have trouble connecting to other women or themselves?
  • How could someone create this type of connection if they’re not able to make the event?
  • What is something you want people to know about your event that we haven’t talked about yet?
  • What are you wanting to reclaim more of in your life?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • What Wild Vessel is and why it’s an immersive experience designed to empower the feminine
  • Helping women step into their power
  • Merging the emotional and logical parts of brain
  • Why the world is screaming for the feminine
  • Stimulating the body to quiet the mind
  • Creating spaces for women – and men



  • "We are the Wild Ones. Let our howl be known."


  • “Between the resistance, find your resilience.”


  • “Be curious enough to explore the difference between fear and excitement.”


  • “Deep house party meets workshop.”

Want a few more details on the Wild Vessel event? Read on…


  • Substance-free and device-free event to explore your inner-wildness.
  • Sensuality vs. Sexuality
  • Take off the mask of masculinity
  • Break the taboos about being a woman
  • Wild Vessel creates safe spaces through our immersive events, designed to fully express ourselves and deeply connect with our communities.
  • Empower your wild side
  • Join the Wild Pack

- Be free amongst community



  • An experience to unlock our inner-wildness
    •  Witness feminine leadership in action
    • Unveiling the mask of masculinity
    • Explore your gentle side by luscious candle light and rose peddles.
    •  An immersive experience that can hold all of you
    •  Dancing – sound baths – cuddle puddles and more
    •  Community collaboration
    •  Authentic conversations
    • Topic discussion on Sensuality vs. Sexuality
    •  Redefining the feminine
    •  Delicious food
    •  Non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages

This event is sexy, not sexual.


•  Male leadership in action
•  New skills to understand women.
•  See beyond the mask of masculinity
• Embodiment practices and tools to articulate the Feminine.
•  Topics on sensuality vs. sexuality, and how to be protectors for women, and the planet.
•  An opportunity to serve your counterpart
•  Delicious food
•  Non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages




Elana Meta is a dance catalyst, teacher, and creative based in Los Angeles. She is the founder of Wild Vessel, an event series designed to re-define the feminine voice in modern society, as well as META Method, a movement technique that uses the natural elements to advance emotional intelligence and well-being. As a dance and movement catalyst, she has performed at venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater and Lincoln Center alongside artists such as Beyonce, The Glitch Mob, Michael Franti and Nahko. She’s led workshops on the Wanderlust Tour, at Esalen, Summit Series, and Burning Man, and her mission is to tap people into their bodies and create spaces globally for women to feel safe and empowered.




Wild Vessel Event – Nov. 18, 2017, Los Angeles, CA

Apply to be a part of the Wild Vessel at wildvessel.com




How to Goddess Course






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Nov 02, 2017
179: Mistakes and a Little Bit of Crazy Are Vital in Order for Your Dreams to Happen with Lorna Jane Clarkson

Twenty-eight years ago, Lorna Jane, founder of Lorna Jane Active, was a fitness instructor who just wanted to find fitness wear that made her feel good. So much so that she used her own swimsuit to craft her own outfit. Her students liked them so much that they too began asking for their very own Lorna Jane clothing. And while it was never her intention at the time to create a clothing line, Lorna Jane Active was meant to be.


Making others feel good doesn’t stop at her clothing line though. In her most recent book, Love You, Lorna focuses on the importance of self-belief. At one point she lost a portion of that self-belief and self-love and worked to regain it back. It’s through her experiences and learnings that she hopes to help other women find their self-confidence, self-love and purpose again – and create an amazing life.


Lorna is one of the most-inspiring humans I’ve had the privilege of interviewing and I was positively giddy that we were able to talk in person. Her energy and positive attitude is contagious and can be heard throughout our conversation. I know you’re going to love listening to her as much as I did.


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Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What has been a mistake for you that was devastating at the time, but now has become something you can’t imagine not happening because you’ve grow so much from it?
  • What was your thought process/mindset when handling that mistake?
  • How do you make sure you’re filling up your soul?
  • How do you decide who you’re going to put your energy toward?
  • When you have to make difficult decisions, what do you do to get in that space and how do you recover after?
  • What is something that you do to make sure that your community is always there within your brand?
  • How do you connect with women and support them in your life?
  • Are there ways you ensure that you’re supported every day?
  • What’s been one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in business?
  • What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to transcend or leave behind in order to become the Lorna that you are now?
  • How do you stay excited about life?
  • How do you do market research and stay focused on what is true for you?
  • What does it mean for you to be authentic?
  • What was it about your book, Love You, that you had to write about that you hadn’t previously written?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • How Lorna founded Lorna Jane Active
  • Why we fear a career or changing it
  • The importance of trying new things and making mistakes
  • Why her business motto, Move Nourish Believe is so important to Lorna
  • Surrounding yourself with great people
  • Why honesty is the best policy
  • Parting ways with friends and colleagues in the right away
  • Getting people to believe in what you’re doing
  • How never getting overly in debt makes it easier to stay creative and make better business decisions
  • Why Lorna has a mindset of abundance with her business
  • Celebrating the good about yourself and working on the not so good
  • The importance of self-belief
  • And so much more…




“If you let yourself be open to things it takes you where you’re supposed to go.”


“When you have a dream, you don’t care about what you’re missing.”


“I believe the biggest mistakes have the biggest learnings.”


“You can’t let really big mistakes stop you from your dreams.”


“Not everyone grows in the same garden.”


“I’m not designed for everyone to love me.”


“You have to do the things that scare you or that others think are crazy; otherwise you’re not moving forward.”


“Do what’s right and don’t think about how things look.”


“Listen to your heart and do what’s right for your business and don’t let your ego get in the way.”


“There is no force equal to that of a determined woman.”



Lorna Jane Clarkson, the inspiring woman behind Lorna Jane activewear, started designing on her lounge room floor by night, while she was busy working as a fitness instructor by day. Her unique and fashion forward pieces were so popular that she turned her hobby into a global business. Today she has over 200 stores around the world, numerous fashion design awards to her name and a series of bestselling books. Lorna continues to inspire women every day with her Active Living Philosophy, which makes being fit and healthy easy with the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe… Lorna’s story is a real inspiration to women all over the world and she proves that with hard work and belief in yourself, anything is possible.




Love You by Lorna Jane Clarkson Available now at: http://lornajane.com

Book Giveaway

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IG: @ljclarkson




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Oct 30, 2017
178: Become The REAL You


“The most powerful way to raise the vibration of our world is to fully honor who we came here to be.” – Kristin Ace


Today I want to talk about you becoming YOU. Not the “you” you think you should be, but the you that honors your soul – at all corners of it. So ask yourself, in what ways are you honoring your soul? Now, in what ways are you absolutely denying your soul, suffocating yourself or cutting yourself off?


Chances are that if you found more things in the latter categories you’re feeling out of alignment with your higher self, which is why with every choice we make, we must choose the choice that keeps us aligned. It’s not easy sometimes (OK a lot of the time). We typically don’t roll out of bed in the morning and feel connected. We must create the experiences that fill our souls.


I know you may be questioning what that really feels like, but trust me. You’ll know you’re following the path your soul wants you to take when you feel in flow, connected and free especially in terms of self-expression. Keep in mind that just because you’re doing things that are on this path doesn’t mean that you won’t feel any fear or stress. I often find that the fear isn’t the around the actual act, but the thoughts around doing the act. Fear is still necessary (but it usually helps us in the long run).


“Fear is a direct indicator of where you need to go.”


So, what’s an experience that you’re being pulled toward right now? Seriously, anything – nothing is too small, big or outrageous! Bike riding, writing, creating, painting, horseback riding, bungee jumping… What will make you feel alive, bring you awareness, excitement, relaxation or learning – or all of the above and more? Both projects and play are equally important, so again, listen to what your soul is calling you to do.


“You already know what you are. It’s time to create those experiences to become you.”


For the next 30 days, I challenge you to create one soul experience a day. It doesn’t have to be anything big – sometimes the small stuff leads to bigger shifts anyway. See how people react to you. You’ll likely notice that people are more drawn to you when you’re in alignment. I can personally tell when I’m in my highest self because when I go for runs I get more high-fives and more smiles all around – and I FEEL more creative.


Give yourself the space to hear your soul and I would love if you would report your findings in the comments of this episode’s IG tile @loriharder. I cannot wait to read them!


In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • What it feels like to be in and out of alignment with your soul
  • Why we must create experiences that connect us with our highest self
  • Why fear or pain is an inevitable component of finding the real you




The Bliss Project 2018

March 2-4, 2019 | Newport Beach, CA



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Oct 26, 2017
177: Removing The Masks That Hold You Back with Lewis Howes

I’m so honored to have my friend and mentor, Lewis Howes, on again. We talk about his new book Mask of Masculinity, which drops on Oct. 31, and how he came up with the idea to write it.


While this book was written primarily for men, I discovered that his book is also a helpful tool for women who are looking to understand the men in their lives. Heck, it can help you understand ALL human beings and the masks that people wear to hide or perhaps enhance who they truly are. Once we’re aware of these masks and can accept them, we can tap into a deeper level of connection to all human beings.




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • How did you know what direction you wanted to head in your business endeavors?
  • How do you know to follow through with an idea?
  • How did you transcend when family and friends tried to hold you back?
  • Do you feel if our parents would have lived more in their purpose we would have gotten more from them and had a richer experience?
  • In terms of dreams and goals, how do you and your girlfriend support one another?
  • Why did you still feel unfulfilled when you were so close to getting everything you wanted?
  • What are the 9 Masks of Masculinity and how did you come up with them?
  • Looking back on your career, would you do anything differently?
  • Were you afraid of feedback? What was the worst feedback you pictured?
  • When you wrote Mask of Masculinity, did anything unexpected come up for you?
  • How would you advise women who’ve been cracked open emotionally to help the men in their lives do the same?
  • Who is the ideal audience for your book?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • What it means to fill in the gaps and spaces in the world
  • Creating more abundance by letting go
  • Surrounding yourself with friends who have similar energy
  • The importance of communication in relationships and why they must support your dreams (even if that support is minimal)
  • Why growth and contribution are the art of achievement (and fulfillment)
  • The 9 Masks of Masculinity talked about in Lewis’s book, Mask of Masculinity, and how he came up with them
  • Being aware of your actions and how they affect people and whether they’ll make a positive or negative impact
  • Lewis’s desire to make an impact
  • Why life-altering awakenings (big and small) help us look at things differently
  • Only taking feedback if it resonates with you and/or comes from someone you trust and respect
  • Awareness of masks and accepting them
  • Connecting with the men in your life (and all human beings)
  • And so much more…




“I’ve found fulfillment in being secure in who I am in the moment.”


“My dreams are my priority.”


“Live with your responsibilities, but also find the path of your dreams.”


“When we fixate on making money to gain self-worth, it’s never enough.”


“It’s the most selfish thing to give because you feel the best.”


“The masks help us get results.”


“It’s unfulfilling to always be right and to win at all costs.”


“When we can fully let go of these masks and connect to people and have them see us – and fully get us – what’s when true intimacy and connection occurs.”


“It’s our responsibility to be aware when we’re wearing a mask.”


“Every moment I’m not making an impact I’m wasting the gift I was born with.”


“My fuel is based on the fear of regretting at the end of my life that I didn’t give enough.”


“When we are acknowledged, we feel like we can do more good.”




Before LEWIS HOWES became a media sensation for empowering people and sharing 'Greatness' across the globe, he had his share of obstacles to overcome. From having a learning disability, which led to being alone and bullied in school, to being sexually abused as a child, to being injured and broke on his sister’s couch, Lewis’s story is the perfect example of how anybody can overcome the obstacles in their life and achieve greatness. Fast forward a few short years, and Lewis is a New York Times Bestselling author of the hit book, The School of Greatness and releases his new book, Mask of Masculinity on Oct. 31. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach and keynote speaker. A former professional football player and two-sport All-American, he is a current USA Men’s National Handball Team athlete. He hosts a top 100 podcast in the world, The School of Greatness, which has over 40 million downloads since it launched in 2013. He was recognized by The White House and President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30. Lewis has been featured on Ellen, The New York Times, People, Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, The Today Show and other major media outlets.




Mask of Masculinity by Lewis Howes

Available for pre-order now at: http://www.Maskofmasculinity.com



IG: @lewishowes

FB: facebook.com/lewishowes


Previous podcast with Lewis Howes:


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Oct 23, 2017
176: How To Be Your OWN GURU


Have you ever caught yourself making a decision that you didn’t whole-heartedly want to commit to? Perhaps someone gave you advice or maybe there was an expectation set months before about something.


Today’s episode is all about making decisions that you actually feel good about. It’s trusting that inner gut and knowing that you made the right call for you.


“We all have inner wisdom and you know what is best for you.”


So why don’t we use this supposed guru ability? I promise it’s there, you just have to unlock it again. I’ve learned over the years (more so recently) that if I’m not slowing down and taking the time to get clear on what’s truly right for me, I’m scattered and super indecisive.


Did you catch that? Slow down and give yourself space – both physically and mentally. (Confession… those words may or may not be more for me than you as I am taking my own advice daily.) For me that’s taking long walks, going for a run or just going somewhere quiet to connect with my own thoughts. And keep in mind that it can take as little time as 15-60 minutes. Even if it’s not clear in that amount of time, see what pulls at your heart even just a little.


I’m not gonna lie. Some answers will come quicker than others. And often “sleeping on it” helps the most (science proves it)! Regardless of how quickly the answers come, know that you are the expert on YOU. Repeat the following phrases to help reinforce this notion.


“I have an inner guide. I have the wisdom within.”


Know that wisdom comes in many different forms and at the most random times. Learn what things make you feel good and that all is right with your world. After all…


“You are the smartest person you know when it comes to you.”



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • How to trust your “gut feeling”
  • Why we need space and time to make decisions
  • Why we find it easier to listen to others about what we want




The Bliss Project 2018

March 2-4, 2018 | Newport Beach, CA



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Oct 19, 2017
175: Why Balance is a Myth with Lori Kennedy

I know you will relate to today’s guest, Lori Kennedy, as she is as real as they come. As a successful entrepreneur and a single mother of two, she is the first to admit that her success didn’t happen overnight.


Starting out as a registered holistic nutritionist, Lori had no interest in the business side of things, but soon learned that her successful visions wouldn’t become a reality until she did.


Be sure to listen in as we talk about all the struggles and wins of her entrepreneurial journey so far and all the self-realization that’s come along with it. Happy listening!




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What’s your background and how did you get your start?
  • Did you have any issues looking at how you approached/looked at money and if so, how did you bridge that gap?
  • How did you find your own unique way of selling to make people realize how important nutrition is?
  • Tell me about a time when you’ve had to make tough decisions and be OK with them.
  • Going through the levels in your life, what were the different things that appeared to you that you had to change in order to break through the glass ceiling?
  • When do you show yourself grace and get your power back when you don’t show up?
  • What did taking time off from your business look like?
  • How do you have a goal but also detach from it?
  • What do you do when you feel like you can’t please everyone?
  • What is something you’re feeling resistance toward and how are you getting through it?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Why learning to sell your service/product is essential
  • The importance of being grounded in who you are and how you work
  • Getting clear on what you want in life and how you want to feel
  • Goals and priorities
  • The myth of balance
  • Why a morning routine is so beneficial
  • Recognizing what you need to thrive
  • Accountability
  • Realizing and accepting your own limitations
  • The importance of creativity and incorporating more of it
  • Why rest and taking a break may help your business
  • And so much more…




“Sales is about uncovering someone’s why.”


“There is no such thing as balance when you have goals.”


“The pain of pushing through and doing sh!t work was worse for me.”


“I had to look at other ways to create the feelings of productivity and momentum outside of work.”


“Ride it out – your mojo will come back.”


“Does it pull me away from the vision or does it push me toward it?”


“Am I acting in a way that my future self would be proud of?”


“The bigger and better you become, the messier it gets.”




Lori Kennedy is a mom, nutritionist and the lady boss behind The Wellness Business Hub and The Wellness Business Academy. As business mentor and strategist for health coaches and practitioners, Lori empowers her community to build the business and life of their dreams all on their own terms.


She’s a published author and acclaimed speaker with a real-world approach to entrepreneurism. Her personal philosophy of ‘inspired hustle’ is built into her online courses and nationwide live events. Lori prioritizes her time and energy on building her business, mentoring practitioners, working with charitable partners, playing with her kids and building her dream life all on her own terms.






Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorikennedyrhn

Instagram: https://instagram.com/lorikennedyinc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LoriKennedyrhn

LinkedIN: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/lorikennedyrhn



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Oct 16, 2017
174: Allowing Yourself to Process is the First Step in Helping Others

With all of the recent events happening in the world between natural disasters, attacks and the loss of many lives, I’ve been asked how one should feel about these events. I’ve held back on responding because honestly, I didn’t know how I felt. I hadn’t even begun to process my feelings yet. But I do know that if we’re living in fear, it does nothing for the world.

“When you are in fear, you are not in power.”

So how do you take that power back? First, process your feelings – don’t pass them over. Heal yourself so you can spread love and light to others. Talk to someone, whether it’s a counselor, going to a trauma center or a dear friend who you know holds that space for you. Just be sure to give yourself the grace and space to process.

Once you’ve healed, be sure to keep that love and light in your life by surrounding yourself with those who allow you to do the same.

“Our environments reflect the results we get back in our minds.”

We know that if we stay connected to these groups or tribes we can nip fear and powerlessness in the bud and step into our power.

“When we put loving energy out it will be reflected to us in a bigger way in our lives.”


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why it’s important to process our feelings
  • How to take back your power when you feel powerless
  • Why we must join groups or tribes that are rooted in love and light 



The Bliss Project 2018

March 2-4, 2019 | Newport Beach, CA


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Oct 12, 2017
173: How to Deal With Your PAST So It Doesn't Impact Your FUTURE with Christine Hassler

Can you believe this is the third time that my soulful friend, Christine Hassler, has been on Earn Your Happy? I love having her on because every time we talk something always opens up for me and there are at least one or two a-ha moments.

As a Master Life Coach, Christine has made it her life’s work to help others find the answers while providing them with a safe and sacred space so her clients can work through the emotional side of things. Once an overachiever, Christine shares how she shifted this compensatory strategy and used it to create multiple books and now her Over It and On with It Course.

Regardless of where you are, I know Christine’s perspective will help you view your obstacles and the emotional ties to them in a whole new light.


Questions Asked in This Episode:

• Was there a shift that took place when your realized you were the common denominator of your struggles?

• How did you know to hire your coach?

• Why do you think we cling to finding a diagnosis or a reason as to why we’re not happy?

• Why did you create your Over It and On with It course?

• What’s the difference between being pulled vs. pushed in a certain direction?

• What do you feel are the biggest shifts that happen with your course?

• What is a question you wish more people would ask themselves?

• Who is this course good for?

Quotes: “The common denominator in everything that went “wrong” was me.”

“Sympathy is not love.”

“Until we’re uncomfortable; until our belief systems are challenged; until we start to do things differently that are hard, change doesn’t happen.”

“A lot of what we want is coming from a core wound. We want it because we think it’s going to make us feel better.”

“It was more of an excavating process before it was a creating process.”

“We confuse boundaries for barriers.”

“We try to change ourselves through other people.”

“Deal with the past, shift how you relate to yourself in the present and create a different future.”

“The past does impact our future if we don’t deal with it.”

“Give yourself permission to invest in yourself – financially and time.”


You'll Hear About

• Conditional self-acceptance

• Why our belief systems need to be challenged

• Taking responsibility without beating yourself up

• Finding balance between self-honesty and self-compassion

• Aligning your life with your soul’s yearning

• The power of a heart/soul connection

• Self-trust

• The importance of getting feelings up and out

• Releasing vs. recycling emotion

• Internal dialogue awareness

• Finding a safe, sacred space for transformation



Previous Earn Your Happy Podcast with Christine Hassler

Episode 18: Expectation Hangover: How To Overcome Disappointment and More!

Episode 91: Everything You Need To Know About Masculine and Feminine Energy

Register for Christine’s FREE Masterclass Webinar at LoriHarder.com/Christine. When you Sign Up and BUY Her Course, you'll receive 3 Free Months of my Body + Soul Program

The Bliss Project 2018 March 2-4, 2018 Newport Beach, CA


Christine Hassler is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, master coach, podcast and TV host who is committed to guiding people and organizations into their highest potential. She left her successful job as a Hollywood agent at 25 to pursue a life she could be passionate about… but it did not come easily. After being inspired by her own unexpected challenges and experiences, she realized her journey was indeed her destination. In 2005, she wrote the first guidebook written exclusively for young women, entitled 20 Something 20 Everything. Christine’s second book, The 20 Something Manifesto written for men and women stems from her experience coaching twenty-something’s. Her newest book Expectation Hangover: Overcoming Disappointment in Work, Love and Life is the guidebook for how to treat disappointment on the emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual levels. -- Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook.

Oct 09, 2017
172: How to START Doing What You WANT To Be Doing

Many don’t know this, but when I start selling my first eCourse, The Bliss Habit, I hadn’t even created it. Shocking, right? But it supports exactly what I want to talk with you all about today. You don’t have to know everything that you are doing before you actually get started!

I know it sounds a little bass-ackwards, but I assure you that some of the most successful people in the world had no clue what they were doing when they first started – they just knew they had to take some sort of action.

“You have to start doing to get clarity.”

You can plan all day every day for months and still never have anything to put out there. This is where faith and commitment comes in. You must have faith that if you set a date or book a venue – take some sort of step forward, it will happen. Scary, right?

“But in the panic there is complete magic.”

And a little bit of science, too. Science has proven that when you’re committed and people are saying “yes,” and you have to deliver, your brain gets super laser-focused on doing just that.

“The way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

My advice. Set the date and move forward. There’s no magic formula – just go for it. Make the commitment and take action TODAY!

What will you share with someone or commit to today?

You'll Hear About:

• Why you don’t have to know all the details before you get started

• Why it’s so important to have faith

• Why making a commitment can spur productivity


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Oct 05, 2017
171: How 5 Women Transformed Their Lives In Just A Weekend


As many of you know, my upcoming Bliss Project event is only months away and hundreds of you have already registered to join us. But I know that for some, you’re still on the fence for various reasons… Perhaps this would be your first self-development/empowerment retreat. For others, you’ve never left your family for a whole weekend. For others, there is a fear that you’re not “far enough” or knowledgeable enough to attend such an event.


Whatever the reason, I can assure you that if you’re being called to attend, it’s the perfect event for you to attend. But don’t take my word on it. Listen in to today’s conversation as I interview five women about their Bliss Project experiences. You will notice many overlapping answers and that’s because we are all way more alike than we are different.


Whether you come along or bring a friend, the weekend WILL change your life. I cannot wait for you to hear all about it (and hopefully experience it in the near future) and join our INCREDIBLE Bliss Project tribe.



Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • Where were you at before attending The Bliss Project and what made you go for the first time?
  • What were you looking for by attending Bliss?
  • Were there any surprises that showed up for you during The Bliss Project?
  • What are you struggling with currently and what tools are you using that you learned from Bliss?
  • What was your experience like coming to Bliss alone?
  • What is the magic that helps you believe your dreams are possible?
  • What kind of power do you receive when stepping into your authenticity?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Starting before you’re ready and paying attention to those nudges that urge you to do something more
  • Stepping into your power
  • Creating strong friendships at The Bliss Project
  • Why it’s so important to share your story
  • The benefits of attending Bliss on your own (hint: you won’t be alone for long)
  • The importance of tribe
  • How Bliss has changed these five women’s lives
  • What you’ll feel when you first walk into The Bliss Project
  • Changing pre-existing stores and stereotypes
  • How failing comes into play
  • Accountability and deadlines
  • Struggles before and after Bliss
  • And so much more…




“My breakthrough happened because I showed up.” – Kelly Soto


“I knew I was meant for more, but didn’t believe it. But when I left Bliss, I believed it.” – Kelly Soto


“Leave what’s familiar and go into what’s not, because that’s where the gifts are – that’s where the beauty is.” – Marlo Ellis


“Bliss is like rolling out the red carpet for your soul.” – Marlo Ellis


“I can create my world.” – Jordan Candelaria


“Remember your happiness.” – Jordan Candelaria


“Every single person that you talked to was going through the same things.” – Mandy Demetsky


“Bliss is 2.5 days in the biggest, warmest, most welcoming hug.” – Mandy Demetsky


“What sets Bliss apart is that you have hundreds of epic soul sisters who are going to check in with you, have your back and help hold you accountable.” – Steph Gold


“It’s impossible to stay stuck with hundreds of women who support you.” – Steph Gold



The Bliss Project 2018

March 2-4, 2018 • Newport Beach, CA


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Oct 02, 2017


Up until very recently, I felt like I had a handle on facing my fears and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, but I’ve come to realize that I haven’t even scratched the surface!


This weekend, I’m speaking at an event (THRIVE), and while I’m speaking to like-minded people, it’s not my usual audience. It’s got me stepping outside of my comfort zone and feeling all sorts of butterflies. It’s super beautiful and exciting but scary – all at the same time.


This quote I posted on Instagram sums up this fear, excitement and growth that I’m feeling and who I need to become to get through it:


“You’ll never grow into the woman you know you’re meant to be until she’s forced to come out. It’s your job to create a life she can’t hide from.”


So what does this mean? It’s our job to create a life based on not our current selves, but instead our future selves. You have to do the things, go to the places and let that woman out!


“You will rise to the occasion when your butt is on the line.”


Sounds scary, I know, but that’s the point. We all have “alter egos” that only come out when called upon, but you must have faith that it will appear. If you create these places when you have so much riding on your performance your higher self will come out. And if it doesn’t happen the way you think and you fall flat on your face…GOOD! You didn’t die, your learned from it and you know how to change it for next time.


“I’d rather be failing left and right and feeling alive and growing as a human being than walking around bored and half dead.”


There is no magic potion. We are ALL created the same, some just have more faith that things will work out and their higher self won’t let them down.


“Choose and create things that you have to show up for bigger than you ever have before.”

Stop waiting and create those places and situations where your higher self can come alive! It will scare the crap out of you, but that’s when you know you’re living a life of purpose and fulfillment. 


In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why you must get uncomfortable to grow
  • Steps that will help you step into your higher self
  • How we all have alter egos that come out when you need to level up





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Sep 28, 2017
169: Learn to Increase BUSINESS While Increasing Your FREEDOM with Mike Zeller

I am so excited for you to hear my conversation with successful serial entrepreneur, Mike Zeller. From real estate and men’s fashion to digital marketing and sustainable home goods, he’s committed to serving others (in a variety of businesses) and sharing the shifts he makes along the way.


Always an ambitious person, Mike used to once run himself ragged to the point of near burnout. However, throughout his experiences, he came to realize that taking time off from the “hustle” is needed and now actually increases his fulfillment levels in both business and his quality of life. If you’re looking to kick up the fulfillment levels in your life, I highly recommend tuning in to hear Mike’s valuable insights and knowledge bombs.




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What are you reading right now?
  • What made you read The Secret again?
  • What did you notice to make you improve your self-awareness?
  • What is bringing you the most life out of things right now?
  • How do you know when you need to recharge and how does it feel?
  • How do you start to avoid the desire and addiction of your phone?
  • What is one of the hardest things you’ve had to walk away from in order to become the person you are now?
  • Why do you use the words “life” and “death” throughout your course?
  • How do you help people find what they’re good at?
  • What is your favorite part of your course?
  • What does a fulfilled life mean to you? For other people?
  • What would you tell people who say they are stuck?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Where Mike’s entrepreneurial path has taken him so far
  • The differences between a business operator and a business owner
  • Mike’s new course, Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Freedom
  • How Mike and his team use storyboarding
  • How to create energy restoration (and why you need it)
  • Being in a state of flow and tips to create it
  • The importance of finding your rhythm, which includes taking time off
  • The gift of presence
  • The benefits of taking personality tests (DIS Profile, Strength Finder and Myers Briggs)
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Living a fulfilling life both in business and your quality of life
  • And so much more…




“The best idea doesn’t always win.”


“I create businesses that enrich the world and make it a better place.”


“You should be able to increase your business but also increase your freedom and your quality of life.”


“It’s not as much about time management as it is energy management.”


“If you choose a job for comfort and convenience, you’re sacrificing your soul.”


“I’m responsible for creating the opportunity for fulfillment.”


“I’m not here for intellectual entertainment. I’m here to make a difference.”


“Quit hiding in the shadows, step into your greatness and love and serve at an extraordinary level.”




Mike Zeller is a socially minded entrepreneur currently based in Nashville. Philosophically, Mike believes that business exists first to serve the world and make it a better place. Profit is secondary but necessary for sustainability.


He has launched and developed 9 businesses in 5 different industries, bringing in more than 100 million in total sales revenue and he once was a hand model. He enrolled himself under the mentorship of world-renowned leaders such as Tony Robbin, Peter Diamandis, Jay Abraham and many others. Mike inspires people to invest in themselves and big ideas and coaches and mentors them through his mastermind and with his online course. To learn more about Mike visit mikezeller.com or email him at mike@mikezeller.com





Course: Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Freedom

Visit MikeZeller.com for more information

Mastermind group (by application): Visit MikeZeller.com and go to the Rising Stars Mastermind tab or go to RisingStarsMastermind.com

Books referenced:

Four-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss http://a.co/fsOj7tY

Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz http://a.co/ejjeo5q


The Bliss Project 2018



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Sep 25, 2017
168: How to Select the RIGHT People for a Tribe Who Help You Reach the Next Level


This past week, I’ve been feeling the importance of my tribe on a whole new level. If you listened to my podcast with Mastin Kipp last week, you’ll understand what I mean when I say, “With every new level there’s a new devil.” This could not be more true!


With my recent 14-Day Challenge wrapping up at the beginning of this week, I had a few instances come up that reminded me of the fact that the more challenges I do and the more people who join my tribe, the more diverse group of people I’m going to attract. And guess what? Even those these people are a part of my larger tribe, we all have different backgrounds and I’m not going to please everyone. It’s also a given that we’re not always going to understand one another.


It seems so simple when you write it out like that, but I didn’t get there as easily. As a verbal processor, I depended on the support of my own personal tribe to get me there. This is a group of people who I’ve collected over time and who I know hold space for me when I need it. And let’s just say I sent out the Bat Signal for them this week!


“Your tribe gives you feedback, but they’re also there just to hear you.”


Feedback is always welcome, however sometimes it doesn’t help. This is why all relationships must be two-sided. There must be agreements in place and space held for the other party to process as well.


“We have to create boundaries and we have to set clear ideas of what the relationship is.”  


This is, of course, different for every relationship and that is why you must communicate or one person may turn resentful. For me personally, I have a variety of tribe members. There are those that allow me to process, hold me accountable, support me, strategize, execute and celebrate. These lines do blend every now and then, but at the end of the day, I know who I can go to when I need it.


So out of the above categories, which would help you the most right now? And which is the easiest to implement? If you’re having trouble choosing one, you must work on focusing your attention to that.


“If you haven’t found what you want yet, it’s simply because you haven’t applied focus consistently.”


I know this is hard to hear, but as a person who has (and still can) struggle with this, I know it will change your life and help you tackle each new challenge that comes your way.



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • That challenges never go away, they just change
  • Why finding a variety of people is so crucial in building your tribe
  • How you can set and practice fierce boundaries with your tribe




The Bliss Project 2018



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Sep 21, 2017
167: How to Claim Your Power and Get to the Root Cause of What’s Holding You Back with Mastin Kipp

As a long-time follower of Mastin Kipp’s work, I am beyond thrilled to share our conversation with you. Not only does he talk about his journey (business and spiritual) up to this point, but he also touches on how his purpose seemed to evade him until recently and how he turned that experience into his new book, Claim Your Power. I’m currently reading it and it’s so amazing that he offers a practical step-by-step process to help you find your purpose, bring it to life and get out of your own way.


I love that Mastin is so transparent when it comes to his journey and I’m honored that he shares what he’s learned and experienced firsthand. There are so many powerful takeaways that can help you return to your natural state of happiness. If you’re willing and ready to work on finding your purpose this podcast is a must listen.




Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • What are people focusing on when they say they’re stuck?
  • What is one of your toughest blocks you’ve had to leave behind and one that you’re currently working on?
  • What does “doing the work” look for you?
  • What does it mean to have purpose-deficit disorder?
  • What’s the difference between the Head Model vs. the Heart Model?
  • What do you do when fear comes to visit you?
  • How do you plan your self-care?
  • Do you ever use pain as a motivator?
  • How do you balance your hard work and personal life?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • The evolution of Mastin’s life and career and when he discovered his purpose
  • Mastin’s new book, Claim Your Power and who it will be most impactful for
  • Why unresolved emotional trauma could be holding you back
  • Getting to the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck
  • Functional therapy
  • The importance of returning to your “natural state”
  • The difference between low-level and high-level coping
  • Feelings in the body and what you’re experiencing emotionally
  • The power in choosing what things mean to you
  • How do you plan your self-care?
  • Planning moments of intensity and relaxation
  • And so much more…




“Make your nervous system your ally instead of your enemy.”


“Live in preparedness.”


“The breakthrough – or a-ha moment – is when the work begins.”


“The emotional state of the body is what produces the thoughts in the first place.”


“When you change the emotional state, you don’t have to worry about changing your thinking. When you feel good, you think good thoughts.”


“Chemical solutions can’t solve a spiritual problem.”


“Between stimulus and response is a choice – and that’s where your power is.”


“The more direct languaging you can use, the more emotional response is produced.”




Mastin Kipp is an American entrepreneur, best-selling author, and renowned public speaker. Mastin is the creator of Functional Life Coaching™, an innovative, unique and accelerated approach to creating lasting personal and business change.


Mastin is recognized by coaching industry contemporaries and luminaries like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Caroline Myss, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Aviva Romm, M.D. (Yale Integrative Medicine) and Georgetown Professor Cal Newport as a thought leader in accelerated life transformations and personal development.


Mastin’s company, under his own name, is a successful international personal development company that helps people create rapid change, discover and connect to their life’s purpose, and live their lives to their fullest potential.


Mastin’s methodology, Functional Life Coaching™, differs from his peers and predecessors in that it focuses not just on rapid behavioral change, but uses a systems approach to efficiently identify and dissolve the root cause that is impeding optimal human progress and success.






Mastin’s New Book: Claim Your Power


Get your copy (and bonuses) by visiting:




IG: @mastinkipp

FB: facebook.com/mastinkipp




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Sep 18, 2017
166: Give Life to More POSSIBILITIES by Making Less Excuses


Today’s quickie is all about the word (and thing) justification. I once was a pro at justifying why I was the way I was (fearful, anxious etc.). I spent SO much time, energy and efforts on the excuses as to why I couldn’t do x-y-z when I could have been investing my time into my dreams!

So let’s try a little exercise… Let’s replace the word justification with excuses. Let’s call out those excuses and see them for what they truly are – false glass ceilings – because that’s all they really are no matter what you might think.


“Human beings can do whatever we believe we can do.”


So look for the justifications/excuses in your life right now and write them down.


“If your thoughts are going toward your justifications and excuses, you’re actually living for them.”


So which is it for you? Are you living to keep your dreams alive or are you choosing to fan the flames that keep the fires of justification and excuses burning? Take a deep look and discover what you’re really living for. Hint: If your time is spent making excuses and justifying, you’re never going to give the power to your presence to be able to move forward into your dreams.


“Give the power to your presence.”


Your family, friends and the world need your gift right NOW. Of course there will always be a dose of fear that comes along with it, but embrace it knowing that it feels a whole lot better than never stepping into your full potential.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why justifying and making excuses are holding you back from your dreams
  • How to call out your excuses
  • About the importance of breathing life into your dreams instead of your excuses



The Bliss Project 2018



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Sep 14, 2017
165: Surrender Your Way to Success and Become a Magnet for Your Dreams with Danika Brysha

EYH – Ep. 165 – Danika Brysha – Surrender your way to success and become a magnet for your dreams


Today’s guest, Model Meals Founder and CEO, Danika Brysha, may look a little familiar to some of you as she’s been a part of several campaigns as a plus-size/curve model for big names such as Target and Old Navy. While she has a successful modeling career now, it was winding road to get there.


From a young age, Danika continually struggled to feel that she was enough when it came to her body. Growing up in the era of the size double-zero, she focused on her weight for more than a decade of her life. This fixation eventually reached its breaking point when it led to bulimia and dental issues.


Wanting to take care of her body better, Danika stopped throwing up but turned to drugs to keep the weight at bay. This went on for quite some time until she graduated college in the television industry and had had it with her body image struggle. She let go and let herself settle into where her body naturally fell (about a size 12/14). She was soon approached by an agent who suggested that she get into plus-size modeling. After signing with an agency and moving out to New York, her modeling career took off, but she soon hit another snag.


Wanting to start off the New Year (a new career and move, too) renewed, she tried the Whole30 meal plan. She was blown away by her results and not only did she lose 15 pounds, but she was amazed at how much clarity she had and how amazing she felt. Her plus-size modelings clients didn’t agree and she started to lose modeling gigs. As a way to earn money, Danika offered to help people in New York City eat cleaner by making meals for them. This side-business went well, but she still wasn’t able to make ends meet.


It wasn’t long before Danika moved back to California where she grew up and moved into her parents’ garage. This was a serendipitous moment, however as it led to the eventual launch pf Model Meals with a friend and Danika has since signed with a new modeling agency.


Danika’s journey of self-love is one of several ups and downs, but instead of fighting against them she’s learned to surrender and use her own feelings as a guide through them. Her story is so relatable and there’s something that everyone can take away from it. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much I did.



Questions Asked in This Episode:

  • How did you get your start with modeling and eventually Model Meals?
  • Was there a defining moment when you decided to stop fighting with yourself about your body?
  • Is there something you do now or tap into when you’re feeling stressed?
  • What did you feel like when you did your first Whole30?
  • If you don’t eat well, do you find that it affects how you feel and work?
  • What does your meditation practice look like?
  • What is a future bio?
  • What is the book you’re writing about?
  • What does it look like for you to surrender?
  • What has been the most challenging thing that you’ve had to walk away from in order to become who you are?
  • And many more.


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Danika’s journey with her weight and finally feeling enough just the way she is
  • Why food isn’t the problem rather our addiction to it
  • The power of changing what you eat – for your body and brain
  • The importance of knowing where your food is sourced from
  • The power of manifestation
  • Why we must surrender and let go for self-growth
  • The importance of acknowledging and processing our feelings
  • The therapeutic benefits of writing
  • And so much more…




“I get to do what I love every day and that’s all that matters.”


“Food wasn’t the problem. It was that I used it as my drug.”


“We get so used to eating our normal diet that we never know there’s an alternative.”


“It’s selfish if we don’t do the self-work to tune in and figure out what our gift is.”


“The way to manifest your life is to feel the feelings first and the physical catches up.”


“A series of great days equals a great life.”


“Trust your feelings, not your surroundings.”


Danika Brysha is an IMG Curve Model and the founder and CEO of Model Meals, a healthy meal delivery business. With a passion for personal growth and positive transformation, Danika sees food as the most valuable medicine available, and as an essential tool in fueling the body, mind, and soul, to build our best possible life.  After nearly two decades of disordered eating, Danika used nutritious food, mindfulness, and an essential daily self-care routine, to heal herself and to build the business and life of her dreams. Danika helps others to do the same by providing resources like Model Meals that make a healthy diet easy and accessible, and through the sharing of knowledge and experience provided in her coaching practice, retreats, digital media, and more. Danika also uses her platform as a curve model to help women rethink the traditional notion that beauty has only one shape and size. 






Use code EARNYOURHAPPY and new clients will receive $25 off on their first order. There is an order minimum of $40. The discount applies to all “meals,” but not the add-ons.


IG: @modelmeals

FB: facebook.com/modelmeals



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Sep 11, 2017

How many of you scroll through social media more often than you’d like to admit? Hand raised here! But check this out… My friend, Michael Zeller, just informed me the other day that when you’re distracted from a task, it takes 13 minutes for your mind to get back on track. So just think, if you’re sidetracked even four times a day, that’s a WHOLE hour of floundering trying to get back on track. This is why we must…

“Get fierce with eliminating distractions.”

These days our thoughts and social media are the winners when it comes to time-wasting. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s always bad to spend time on social media, but it is when all you’re doing is comparing or numbing out. For instance, are you really just checking in on Jane, or do you immediately start comparing her life to yours when you look at her pictures? If the latter sounds familiar, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone, and you CAN stop comparing yourself to others, But first, you have to beat the addiction to comparison (and the other common addictions such as judgment, blame and numbing out). Below is a chart of the common saboteurs and alternative practices you can implement to help rid yourself of those addictions and keep your happiness and productivity high!

“You are NOT stuck with who you think you are right now. Don’t believe everything you think – it’s probably not even your through.”

Recognize your honest truth (as hard and uncomfortable as that may be) and CHOOSE to see things differently and choose better thoughts.

“Your life will manifest around the things you think the most.”

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How comparison, judgment, blame and numbing out are keeping you from doing what you want to do
  • Tips to replace the above practices
  • Why happiness is your TOP priority


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Sep 07, 2017
163: How to be a Highly Successful COUPLE with Chris Harder

I am so excited to have my husband, Chris, on again! We’ve been asked a lot of questions such as: how do we work together day in and day out? How do we live our lives and what makes us happy? These conversations are so much fun for us and we love sharing the highs and lows of our lives so far.

As you’ll soon realize, while we have our “dream” lives now, it didn’t start out that way. Let’s just say I didn’t even want to give Chris the time of day when we first met! We obviously worked things out there, but be sure to listen in as we share some of our other ups, downs and lesson-learning moments in our lives.

This episode is jam-packed with information about the fundamentals of our success and happiness (and so much in between) and we hope you’re able to leave with some helpful takeaways. Please feel free to let us know what other questions you have for us! We look forward to continuing our conversation on another future episode. Happy listening! --

In This Episode We Talk about:

• Where Chris and Lori started from and what their daily routine is

• Working through times of unfulfillment

• If there’s a right time to call your partner out when you know they have a larger calling they’re not doing anything about

• How small decisions are HUGE in the long run

• Why it’s so important to be open and connect with more people

• How to deal with people who are cutting you down or holding you back

• The definition of positive propaganda and why you need it to support your goals

• The benefits of having a healthy habits routine

• How Chris and Lori incorporate meditation and visualization into their daily lives

• How to effectively communicate with your spouse or partner

• Why it’s so important to find self-development activities that you enjoy

• What to do if your spouse/partner isn’t into self-development

• And so much more…


“Be more open and less attached than you are to the things you’re so attached to.”

“Find positive propaganda to support where you want to go and to reinforce your beliefs.”

“Even if it doesn’t feel like it, the timing is perfect.”

“You will always find what you’re looking for.”

“We are constantly chipping away at the things that will make us happy and productive in the long run – even when we don’t feel like it.”

“Our routine-driven life has absolutely 10x’d all areas of our lives.”

“I’m happier, healthier, wealthier and more fit than I was yesterday.”

“By taking inventory of all the good stuff in my life, I’m dictating the thoughts that will dictate my day instead of letting my day dictate my thoughts.”

“If you’re not doing self-development in a modality that you like, then you absolutely won’t do it.”

“You set the pace for your relationship.”

“You are responsible for your own happiness.”

“Find joy in the journey.”

“Find your happiness in the pursuit every day.” --

“Find your happiness in the pursuit every day.”



  • Previous episodes with Chris:
    • Ep. 93 – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/93-six-steps-we-take-to-achieve-our-goals-my-husband/id1087926635?i=1000379426412&mt=2
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  • For the Love of Money podcast with Chris Harder: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/for-love-money-podcast-business-philanthropy-entrepreneur/id1215523596?mt=2
  • FortheLoveofMoney.com
  • IG: @chriswharder
  • FB: facebook.com/chriswharder
  • The Bliss Project
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker

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Sep 04, 2017
162: You CAN'T or You WON'T...Tools to Help You REFRAME Your Thoughts

In light of the devastation that’s happening in Texas right now with Hurricane Harvey, I wanted to help in the best way I know how – and that’s through the reach of my amazing communities. As some of you may know, I’ve launched my FREE 14-Day Challenge (starts Sept. 5) and I’ve decided to link it to a donation to the Disaster Relief Fun for Houston.

Here’s how I would love for you to help… For every five people that sign up for the challenge, we will donate $1 – up to $20,000. To put this in perspective, our dream number to equal that would be 100,000.

The added bonus, you GET TO move your bodies for yourself – and for a cause. There’s nothing like getting a big dose of perspective when you realize that there are thousands and thousands of people right now who CAN’T go for a walk or play with their kids outside right now. We all have days where we don’t want to work out, but when you realize just how blessed we are to move our bodies, it definitely reframes it. And it’s not just fitness, it’s everything in life.

“We make time for the things that mean the most to us.”

Whether it’s working out, having coffee with a friend or doing extra work, take ownership of your thoughts and actions. Sometimes it’s a matter of getting really honest with yourself and switching the phrase, “I get to…” becomes “I have to…” Or instead of “I can’t…”, reframe it to “I won’t.” Pretty powerful, huh?

“The beautiful and harsh truths free us.”

Once you can acknowledge this, reframe and forgive yourself.

“Don’t beat yourself up for the things you enjoyed.”

Catch yourself, reframe, forgive and love yourself. Again, I would love if you would go right now to loriharder.com/challenge to join my FREE 14-Day Challenge. Not only will you be working out for YOU, but for thousands upon thousands of others who can’t right now. Thank you so much in advance for your help!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How you can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey
  • Why it’s important to reframe your thoughts
  • How the truth frees us


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Aug 31, 2017
161: How to STOP Leading a Vanilla Life with David Norrie

Have you ever wished you were a better speaker or more at ease when talking with new people? Perhaps you’re an introvert who desperately wants to tap into their extrovert side? It may be easier than you think with a little practice and coaching.


Today’s episode is with my dear friend, David Norrie (yes, guest Angelike Norrie’s hubby), and I’m thrilled for him to share his expertise on all of the above. As a former journalist and now master networker and business coach, David shares the importance of improving on all forms of communication – from speaking or social interactions to relationships (family, friends and business). He shares so many impactful stories and we had so much fun during our conversation. I can’t wait for you to listen!




Questions Asked in This Episode

  • What made you want to start sharing with and helping people get better with social interactions and speaking?
  • What made you take ownership of the decision to have fun and how do you incorporate that with your clients?
  • What does the process of becoming a better speaker look like?
  • What kinds of social experiments do you like to test out?
  • What are some helpful tips that could make people more successful in networking?
  • What are some of the top things that are holding people back from connecting or becoming a better speaker?
  • What are some of the different elements of your Socially Speaking course?


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Tips on how to become a better speaker and tell stories
  • What the different types of perception are
  • What it means to be “turned on”
  • Why being genuine and getting back to the basics of manners matters
  • About the importance of intention when communicating
  • How body language and tone impact conversation
  • Why it’s important to be a good listener and take constructive criticism
  • And so much more…




“Get turned on.”


“Become a student of observation.”


“A smile can break down barriers.”


“Turn up the best part of yourself.”


“Personality counts.”


“We’re really in the business of connecting.”


“Don’t be vanilla.”


“If you fill your life with rich and meaningful experiences, you’re going to have a lot more things to talk about.”


“Take some chances, say yes, get butterflies and figure it out along the way.”


“It’s never too late to be the person you want to be.”


David Norrie is a Transformational Coach specializing in helping individuals tap into their personality in a way that helps them excel in both their professional and personal lives.

For the past four years, he has worked as a business coach for one of the largest network marking companies in the world. While that he saw a need for more intensive training in helping people market themselves in a social media-driven marketplace. That led to the creation of Speak Up, an 8-week interactive virtual training course which takes groups of men and women from different fields and helps them develop their stories to become better listeners as well as more influential speakers.

David has spoken to large audiences all over the country and is most passionate about God, marriage, family and capitalism.

He spent more than 20 years in journalism, most of which came as a columnist, penning articles on how to have a healthier body and relationship. He draws on humor and his experience as a husband and father to get across his message that God is indeed laying out a path for each of us and it’s our responsibility to be stewards of His message and creat a better future for the next generation.

He and his wife, Angelike, run their home-based business out of Arizona and believe that their ministry includes reaching out to couples who want to work together and coaching them on how to make their marriage coincide with their business.





IG: @davidnorrie.sociallyspeaking


Speak Up Course




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Aug 28, 2017
160: Make Friends With Your FEAR


Fear. Yes, it’s one of my favorite topics and I often feel like I should talk about it more because it’s seriously something that’s there every day. Heck, it’s with us is most moments, am I right? But it’s in these moments where some of our biggest breakthroughs are made. It’s that something that you know you need, but you’re scared as hell to do it.


“What you are afraid of is a clear indication of the things you need to do.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Personally, one of the biggest breakthroughs for me came with the fear I had after making a significant investment in a course with Jack Canfield. My soul was kicking and screaming, nudging, okay, shoving me, toward it. Every fear that could possibly come up did and I almost bailed on my flight…but I didn’t. I joined an amazing group of people, some who were far more successful than me and realized that they had some of the exact same fears as me. What?! It gave me the power to question,


“If I can do this, what else can I do?”


Fear is just there to remind us of where we need to go. It lets us know what we’re capable of. It shows us how strong we are. It’s always there in some way, shape or form.


“I have fear present in my life at all times – I just have a great relationship with it.”


Without fear, life just doesn’t feel quite as exciting. After all, how would we ever appreciate what it feels like to accomplish our dreams without it? Hint: pretty lame.


So today, do fear a favor and say, “Thank you, fear. I don’t know what my life would be like without you.” 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why we need fear in our lives
  • How fear makes you aware of what you’re capable of and what direction to go
  • About the importance of trying new things despite any resistance or fear around it 


The Bliss Project

For more information, visit TheBlissProject.info

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Aug 24, 2017
159: Why You’re Not Where You Want to Be and the SIX Guiding Principles to Get You There with Angelike Norrie

I am so excited to have my soul sister, Angelike Norrie, back on my podcast! Having gone through so many challenging life events in the last couple of years, she’s here to share how her Six Guiding Principles helped carry her through them all.


If you feel out of control, this episode is a must listen. I suggest taking notes and perhaps listening twice (if you’re able) to get all the juicy goodness out of it.




Questions Asked in This Episode

  • What was it that pulled you through all of your recent life events/challenges?
  • What does it feel like when you’re in and out of alignment – mentally and physically?
  • What do you do when you catch yourself just doing something just to do something – even when it’s not fulfilling?
  • What are your 6 Guiding Principles?
  • What do you do to manage time with your family when you’re in the thick of hustling? How do you do both and still move the needle forward in life?
  • How do we make sure social media doesn’t infiltrate our minds or send us down a negative spiral?


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • About Angelike’s 6 Guiding Principles:

Faith, Family, Fitness, Financial Freedom, Fellowship and Play.

  • Why just accomplishing and just “doing” won’t ever fulfill you
  • About the importance of being resourceful
  • Why balance is BS
  • How doing ONE thing a day can propel you forward
  • Why it’s important to set boundaries in all areas of life
  • Why we must have fun and joy while working/hustling
  • And so much more…



“The pain is inevitable; the suffering is a choice.”


“If I can find order in the physical, I can find order in the spiritual.”


“If the world is moving forward and you’re sitting still, you’re going to be left behind.”


“Do at least one thing every day to move the needle forward.”


“We must make a conscious decision to create sacred space for our family.”


“If the queen doesn’t eat, the kingdom won’t either.”


“If you have a bad day, have three good ones after that.”


“Don’t underestimate the power of 15 minutes.”


“Your why is a command on your life.”


“Don’t make it so you have to carve out fun like it’s an obligation.”


Angelike Norrie is a happily married, working mother of two adorable girls and a five-time cover model. Prior to taking a leap of faith to control her own destiny, she worked in corporate America as a sales executive, managing fortunes and people. After escaping 60-hour workweeks with extensive travel, she became an entrepreneur with a passion for nutrition, fitness, philosophy, and business coaching.

These days, instead of stressing about quotas, day care and commutes, she helps women flex both their physical and spiritual muscles through Soulutions, a multi-faceted coaching program that helps women bare their souls and regain dominion in all areas of their life. A world martial arts champion and believer in daily discipline, Angelike is the author of Life Lines, a four-part journal series for women that provides weekly inspiration, daily reflection and goal setting, all combined with tools for daily meal and exercise tracking. Using the power of technology, Angelike developed Body Soulutions, a free online monthly membership club for women who want to be mentored and coached with cutting-edge health information, fun recipes, laughter and goofiness, and strategies for building happy, balanced lives and financial stability.




Previous Earn Your Happy podcast with Angelike:




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FB: facebook.com/LadyBossLiving/



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Aug 21, 2017
158: Gain Your POWER By LETTING GO

As many of you know, I’m in the final days of writing my book (due this week) and the act of even doing this quickie podcast was painful. It’s not that I didn’t want to record a message for all of you, it’s just that I kept thinking about all the other things I should be doing. On top of that, I wanted to make sure I was delivering an impactful message to all of you.

I was so attached to how I was going to get there that I made it way more difficult than it needed to be. So, I took a deep breath, let go of that resistance and focused on what was at the forefront of my mind...and here I am!

“When you stop living in the resistance and actually just do the thing, it’s amazing what gets done.”

It was totally the same way before my workout today as well. Gah! Just do it already (and I did)! Anyone else? Resistance pops up everywhere, but it’s up to us to use it to our benefit. I’ve realized recently that I’ve had to let go of the idea that things should come to me in a certain form. When I have set expectations and thoughts that say it has to go one way, opportunities arrived to me in a very slow trickle. But once I surrendered and let go – BAM! Tedx Talk, my book, etc. And I know because I’ve fought to remain so open, much more is on the horizon.

“Surrender to life and watch things happen.”

I hope you join me for a short resistance-releasing exercise in this episode. Even 2-3 minutes of focus can turn things around for you. When you can create a space of surrender, you will make your decisions from a much more powerful, connected place. Are you ready? Trick question – do it anyway.

What feelings do you want? What can you let go of to get you to that place? What can the resistance you’re feeling offer you? I understand that this may make you feel a touch out of control, but be open and know you’re not letting go of the good things.


“You’re not losing control; you’re gaining your power back."

How much can you let go of today to gain that power back? 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why it’s important to surrender to life
  • How to tap into the feelings you truly want to feel
  • Ways to release resistance and let go



The Bliss Habit 12-Week eCourse

For more information, visit theblisshabit.com.


Lori’s Tedx Talk: Turn Your Struggle into Strengths



The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer


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Aug 17, 2017
157: Why Relationships Will Never Make You Happy with Rob Mack

Are you looking to find more happiness in life – especially in the present moment? Well, you’re in luck because, in this episode, Rob Mack shares some serious knowledge on how you can add more happiness into not only your life, but your relationships and career, too. Not always the happiness coach and author he is now, tune in as he also shares how his journey of unhappiness and insecurity shifted into one of peace and happiness. There are so many happiness hacks and practices in this episode – and they’re all things you can do yourself – NOW. You don’t want to miss it! --

Questions Asked in This Episode

• What’s the first step to get someone to elevate their happiness from where they are?

• What are your daily happiness hacks?

• What do you say to people who seem to repeat the same cycle over and over?

• What do you find works for people in terms of happiness?

• How do we transfer from hell (that gives us pleasure) to heaven (that gives us pain in the beginning)?

• What is your practice around self-grace?

• How do you practice being present more?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

• How every relationship can enhance your happiness

• That you are already self-complete

• Why achieving future moments can happen in an easier, more enjoyable, effortless way if you’re enjoying the present moments now.

• Daily happiness hacks

• Why happiness matters and is critical in life

• The importance of listening to your own intuition and moving away from suffering toward peace and happiness

• How relaxing will give you better results

• Why letting your mind go quiet is so helpful • And so much more…


“Your happiness is your job – not someone else’s.”

“Happiness is something that’s in your hands now.”

“If you’re not controlling your present now, you’re not putting yourself in a position to control moments in your future.”

“Happiness is the most important goal in your life.”

“Happiness now makes your life better later.”

“Happiness is the highest currency.”

“Take it easy on yourself, but be consistent.”

“Through ease and effortlessness, I can achieve my goals.”

“Life isn’t about fighting the current. It’s not about making it hard on yourself. Everything you want to achieve in your life can be accomplished more quickly, more easily and more enjoyably if you just let go and relax a little.”

“Being fully present is like a master key to creating anything you want.”


Robert Mack is a happiness coach, speaker, and author. His first book, Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment, has been translated into various languages, including Chinese. Robert is also the Celebrity Dating & Relationship Coach for the television show, Famously Single on E! He has been a featured guest expert on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, Self, Health, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Upscale Magazine and many others. His work has been endorsed by Oprah and Vanessa Williams, among many others. Robert received his Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology (M.A.P.P.), an ivy-league degree held by only a few dozen people in the world, from the University of Pennsylvania. He currently splits his time between Miami and Los Angeles.


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Aug 15, 2017
156: Do People Ever DISAPPOINT You

If you’re human (you all are, right?), you’ve likely had several dances with disappointment. And often those disappointments are because someone has let you down (or at least they’ve let your expectations down) at one time or another.

I know this may be difficult to hear, but the truth is that when you set expectations of others, you’re always going to be let down, and you’re never going to see the good in that person. So how do you get around this?

A recent realization I’ve made is that each person is meant to play a particular role. For example, maybe your friend, Sally, is hilarious, but she always bails on your get-togethers. But then you have another friend, who always has your back and can hold space for you when you’re upset. See how they both fulfill different roles in your life?

“Let people show up in the roles that they are best at.”

Once you realize that all friends don’t have to be ALL things you can free yourself and enjoy ALL of your relationships. Let go of your expectations!

Have you ever connected with someone only to never hear from them again? Of course you question why that is (was it something I said?), but most times it has nothing to do with you! Sometimes it’s just too much pressure for that person and they don’t want to let you down.

Go into all relationships with ZERO expectations. Don’t hold them to anything and just let them be their authentic selves.

“Release them. Free them. Free yourself.”

Instead of expecting, allow yourself to surprised. We all like a good surprise, right?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

• Why expectations lead to disappointment

• The importance of figuring out the role that different people play in your life

• How to let go of expectations

• Why having zero expectations in any relationship makes it easier


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Aug 10, 2017
155: How To Trust YOURSELF with Rebecca Campbell

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If you feel the need or calling to spend more time and connect with your soul, today’s heart-warming conversation with author and soulful teacher, Rebecca Campbell, is just the ticket. With an early fascination around the world of spirituality, souls and past lives, Rebecca had always felt a little “weird.” Not because she enjoyed these things, but because others were uncomfortable with it. And so from that young age, she seemingly led a double life – one that was “normal” with her school-aged friends and the other with a group of older, wise women who taught her about the healing arts and the power of intuitive arts. Rebecca always knew she wanted to create (writing, designing etc.), so following that path, she pursued the “normal” career in advertising. She had a very successful career as a creative director, but after experiencing a great period of loss, Rebecca knew she wanted to do more with all those little “soul whispers” that tugged at her heart. With the pipes and structures literally crumbling around her and navigating through her grief, Rebecca began to finally answer this calling and began to write what soon became her first book, Light Is the New Black, followed by Rise Sister Rise. She is grateful for all the life events that led her to where she is today and truly believes that this is the exact path she was meant to take. It is her hope that her story encourages you all to follow the “different path” if you feel so called – even if it happens in baby steps to reach your goals.

“The dots always join in the end and nothing is ever wasted.” --

Questions Asked in This Episode

• How did you get in touch with your inner wild woman to be who you are now? • Did you have to reframe while you were going through that journey? • What did surrendering to your soul look like? • Is there a way to answer the soul’s calling without hitting rock-bottom? • What do you say to someone who doesn’t know who they are? • How do you feel about women and sisterhood, and why is it important? • What do you when you feel like you’ve been put in a box as a “good girl?” • What has been the toughest thing you’ve had to let go of in order to step into your authentic self?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

• About the importance of listening to your head vs. your heart

• How to develop a devotional and spiritual practice

• How to surrender to your soul’s calling

• Why you need to listen to your “soul whispers” and the importance of connecting to them

• The commonalities between the seasons of life and nature

• About doing work with other women in sync with monthly cycles

• The importance of ancestral roots and why you must trust your own power/intuition

• Why you don’t have to be a “good girl”

• And so much more…


“Often our soul’s calling is scary, but it was more uncomfortable and scary to stay where I was than it was to throw my life up in the air.”

“Sometimes rock-bottom moments are beautiful opportunities to just do it.”

“Alright, soul, you’re running the shop now.”

“The voice of our soul/intuition is the part of us that is linked to the entire universe.”

“Follow what lights you up.”

“When we’re inspired, when we’re lit up, we’re in our spirit and in that rhythmic flow and in that surrendered space.”

“When we connect in with our spirit, then we don’t have to work out every step of the way – we just have to move our feet.”

“In order for something to rise within us, something needs to fall away to clear that space.”

“When things are blooming, it’s just as good as when the leaves are falling.”

“If we’re trying to fit in a box, the people who ARE your people won’t be able to see you.” “Trust the wisdom of your soul.”


Rebecca Campbell is a best-selling author, spiritual teacher, grounded spiritual mentor and soulful guide. Bestselling author of Light Is The New Black, Rebecca has guided thousands of women to listen to the callings of their soul and create a life that is completely aligned to them.

Her second book is Rise Sister Rise. In 2015, she was awarded the ‘Promising New Talent’ award by the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London. In 2016 Rebecca received ‘Emerging Voice’ by Kindred Spirit Magazine and was honoured to receive the ‘100 Women of Spirit’ award by Dadi Janki of the Brahama Kumaris for feminine leadership and spiritual service.

Drawing on her unique experience as an award-winning advertising creative director, Rebecca loves helping people tap into their creativity and lead from a place that is authentic and light up the world in a way that only they can.


Books by Rebecca Campbell:

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Aug 07, 2017
154: Be A Gossip KILLER

Getting 100% real with you today as I discovered that I was the recent object of someone’s gossip. Doesn’t the word alone just give you an icky feeling? Ugh, me too. And it made me want to gossip right back (which would have made me feel worse), but I didn’t.

It’s our first reaction when someone says something bad about ourselves or someone else, but it never leads to anything productive. So instead, I talked it over with my husband. Because I knew I was in a safe zone to express my feelings and talk things through, I was able to determine that I didn’t need to worry about what this person chose to say about me. I was able to let it go.

Now, this isn’t always the case, but because I’m not close with this person I knew there was nothing I could do that would change anything about the situation. And perhaps they didn’t even mean what they said in a bad way.

If, however, this was a close relationship I would have more than likely confronted this person if I wanted the relationship to remain intact.

“Gossip blocks your blessings.”

Words carry so much energy – both positive and negative – so don’t spend those precious words tearing someone else apart when you likely don’t know the full story.

“Words are either life-giving or death-giving.”

If you’re around gossip, “be the person who gossip dies with.” And if you find yourself around those who tend to gossip, realize it’s only a matter of time before you’re the subject of his or her talks. It’s up to YOU to take the high road.

“Be a gossip killer.”

Be the person who expresses their feelings and talks things out instead of building a wall or speaking untruths about others. Be the person who others can talk to and know that your words are safe with them.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why gossip might be holding you back
  • How to deal with someone who gossips about you
  • The importance of talking something through and coming to a peaceful conclusion
  • Why it’s important to find that “safe zone” when talking things through



Aug 03, 2017
153: Hacks for a Better Body, Sharper Brain, and More Willpower with Dave Asprey - Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

I know you are all going to love today’s guest, Dave Asprey. Not only will you be in awe of his transformation story, but he shares so many useful tips and tools to help you gain more energy AND boost both the health of your mind and body.

A successful Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and the founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Dave once weighed 300 lbs. and even though he spent 1.5 hours at the gym daily and ate a super low-calorie diet, he couldn’t budge the scale. He felt old in his young body. It wasn’t until he decided to cut sugar from his diet (and inadvertently lower his carb intake) that he lost 50 lbs. It took him another 7-8 years while biohacking and figuring out his body to lose the other 50.

Since that time and with an innate sense of curiosity, Dave has discovered and created techniques, and keys to taking control of and improving a person’s biochemistry, body and mind so they work in unison, helping one execute at levels far beyond what is expected without burning out, getting sick, or allowing stress to control decisions.

I learned and related to so much of this amazingly educational conversation and I hope you do as well. Dave’s determination and drive to discover more and more about the human body is so inspiring. I’m giddy just thinking about where his work will take us in the years to come.

Happy Listening!


Questions Asked in This Episode

  • When you had your huge transformation, what was the biggest thing that clicked for you compared to what wasn’t working before?
  • When you changed your diet, did you have doubts that it wouldn’t work?
  • What is a common health misconception that you hear all the time?
  • How long does it take to see results?
  • What do you recommend to increase willpower?
  • Do you think it’s possible to overcome different genetic problems?
  • What is the toughest thing you’ve had to let go of in order to fulfill your dreams and mission?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Dave Asprey lost 100 lbs. without spending hours in a gym
  • About the difference between hunger and cravings
  • The importance of putting the right food into our bodies to control cravings
  • How Bulletproof Coffee was created
  • How to increase willpower
  • About the power and importance of mitochondria
  • How to find your weaknesses and conquer them
  • About the benefits of intermittent fasting
  • Why sleep is so important and why it’s important to get better (more quality) sleep


“I wanted to help a few people who were stuck like I was.”

“My brain changed and I needed new pants.”

“Eat enough food and eat the right kinds of non-inflammatory fats, and when you eat the right foods your cravings should be gone.”

“Low calorie means low energy.”

“You can be lean and look pretty good just from what you put on your plate and it’s not about eating less. It’s about eating the right things so you have enough energy and less cravings and stable hormones and less inflammation in your body.”

“Find out what the bare minimum you can do is – then do that.”

“Stop making so many decisions.”

“Any upgrade in energy = an upgrade in willpower = more energy to improve yourself.”

“Make happy, healthy, strong and powerful mitochondria and they will cause the best genes to be expressed.”

“You are not a slave to your genes.”

“Struggling is different than working hard.”


Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof and author of New York Times bestseller The Bulletproof Diet, is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who spent two decades and over $1 Million to hack his own biology.

Dave lost 100 pounds without counting calories or excessive exercise, used techniques to upgrade his brain and lift his IQ by 20 points, and lowered his biological age while learning to sleep more efficiently in less time. Dave is the creator of the widely popular Bulletproof Coffee, host of the #1 health podcast, Bulletproof Radio, and author of the New York Times bestselling books, The Bulletproof Diet and Head Strong.


Books by Dave Asprey:

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Jul 31, 2017
152: How to Know What Is Actually Making You Happy

Do you ever wake up and feel like you’ve just experienced spiritual amnesia? You know, when you take classes, listen to podcasts or do something else that lights your soul on fire only to wake up the next morning feeling…not so soulful, barely recognizing who you were the day before.


I’m here to tell you that this is normal. As one of my favorite quotes says:


“Every day is day one.”


It’s one of my favorites because it’s so true. You change on a daily basis and what happened yesterday has no bearing on today. So what made you happy yesterday, doesn’t necessarily make you happy today. And many days you won’t even know who you are…red flag!


“If you’ve forgotten who you are, you may want to reassess.”


Ask yourself, “what’s working for me. What’s not?” Are you continuing to do something because you think you should or because you think you’re going to get a certain result? Sometimes we’re so caught up in what we should do that we forget what we enjoy doing.


To ensure that I stay in this constant state of evaluation and questioning (and happiness), it’s imperative that I pray, meditate and get grateful (this is often only 5-6 minutes a day).


“Do the thing that makes you find peace.”


Get present, become aware and make time for what truly makes you happy – regardless of what’s happening that day (crazy work day, family visiting, running kids all over town). Play your favorite music that helps you get in flow. Drink that favorite cup of coffee even if you only have five minutes to have a few sips in a locked bathroom. ;-) You will find that every little bit helps to make this experience of life just a little more joyful.


What keeps you joyful and in the present?



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • How to figure out what’s not working in your life
  • How to get present
  • Why having daily rituals are so important
  • How to make life more enjoyable




The Bliss Habit

For more information, visit theblisshabit.com.

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Jul 27, 2017
151: Why Community Helps You Through Life's Transitions with Almost 30 Hosts Lindsey and Krista

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Time to get comfortable, take your pants off (be sure to tune in to get this reference) and get ready to listen as I talk with two best friends (and podcasters), Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams, who you will soon feel like yours too.

With Lindsey originally from the East Coast and Krista from the Midwest, life brought them both out to California by way of New York. They met a couple years ago when a mutual friend suggested that Krista reach out to Lindsey for advice on auditioning for SoulCycle. They immediately clicked and felt that there would be an even bigger connection later on. They were right! Even though Krista didn’t become a SoulCycle instructor, she and Lindsey did create the hilarious and tell-it-like-it-is podcast, Almost 30. During this podcast, they share the life transitions they’re going through in real-time, where they’ve been and what tools they’ve used to help them get there – all while keeping it authentic to who they are and with a lot of laughs. I hope you love listening to these ladies as much as I did and that it encourages you to find those people who get you and allow you to be unapologetically who you are.

Questions Asked in this Episode

  • What is SoulCycle?
  • How did you two meet?
  • How did you come up with the Almost 30 podcast?
  • Where are you two now and what are your unapologetic dreams?
  • What work are you doing around your money mindset?
  • How do you allow yourself to show up and create a safe space for other people?
  • When do you feel most free – most yourself?
  • How do you set massive goals but detach from the outcome and remain present?
  • What do you feel you’re resisting right now?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • About life transitions and why it’s so important to have a sisterhood/community to help you navigate it.
  • About finding your true calling in life
  • Why imperfect is better than perfect
  • Starting a podcast
  • Why self-love and forgiveness is crucial in the creative process
  • About balancing personalities, responsibilities and tasks when in a business partnership
  • How to shift your money mindset


“Small decisions and small actions lead to something great.” – Krista

“We must try to be the best versions of ourselves for each transition that comes along.” – Lindsey

“Just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean I shouldn’t put it out there.” – Lindsey

“There isn’t a better feeling than knowing people accept you for who you are.” – Krista

“I’m most free when I’m not focused on the end result.” – Lindsey

“If you’re wanting what someone else has, then you’re not being grateful for what you have.” – Krista

“The process becomes who you are.” – Lori

“Appreciate your potential and just do it.” – Lindsey


The Almost 30 Podcast is a weekly podcast filled with interviews and conversation about navigating big changes and transitions in life. It’s more than being almost 30, it’s about equipping yourself with the tools, insights and inspiration to be your best self! We keep it light, we keep it funny, and we keep it real.


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Jul 24, 2017
150: Using the RIGHT Thoughts to FUEL Your Emotions

Penny for your thoughts? What have you been thinking in the last week or so? List the top three feelings you’ve felt, keeping in mind it could be a combination and vary by the hour! ;) That’s how I’ve felt lately anyway.

“How you feel is how you view the world around you.”

Let’s say you’re happy. When you have a hectic day, you don’t get angry, you choose gratitude and feel blessed to be so busy. If you’re anxious or feeling angry, you can likely guess that ANYTHING will set you off (why are they chew SO LOUDLY?) and things don’t look as rosy.

Emotions don’t just appear; they need our thoughts to fuel them. So if you’re pouring gasoline on a fire, you’re going to get bigger flames or an explosion. Same with your thoughts. If your thoughts are literally raging, your emotion (and actions for that matter) will follow suit.

So how can control this whiplash of emotions on a day-to-day basis? First off, take a minute and reflect: What emotions am I feeling? Then, what are the thoughts that are fueling that emotion? Once you’ve figured that out, INSERT NEW THOUGHT(S).

Recently, I’ve had to use this reframing practice along with a little help from a mastermind friend who steered me in the right direction. I wanted to hold onto that feeling of overwhelm – book, travel, programs etc. – and darn it, I wanted to be validated for it. My lovely friend, Lindsay, wasn’t going to give me an inch though. Instead, she encouraged me to “find presence in the busier schedule.”

“Don’t rob other experiences because of one emotion.”

So since then, I’ve been super mindful of these overwhelming thoughts. And I’ve used a special piece of jewelry to keep me aware and remind me to SLOW DOWN and get in the present when those feelings come creeping back. And I encourage you to do the same.

“Make your world instead of destroying it with your thoughts.”

Is it hard? Heck yes! It does NOT always feel awesome, but we must choose to get out of victim mode. Think the most peaceful, loving thoughts, forgive for the other thoughts and move on.

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • About the link between our thoughts and emotions
  • How choosing new thoughts can help you
  • About the importance of keeping your thoughts in the present
  • Why being aware of your thoughts is so important


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Jul 20, 2017
149: How To Slow Down Time with Drew Canole

I’m so excited for you to listen and get to know green juice junkie (and so much more), Drew Canole. We could have talked for hours! He’s so connected and open with his spirituality that I felt like I was talking to a long-lost friend. Seriously, we’re both from Michigan (now in California), we’re experienced snowmobile drivers and we both take guitar lessons! And our journeys are quite similar as well. Drew had always been into fitness, but after consistently working out two or more hours a day he wasn’t getting the results/body he wanted. He soon realized it was likely the food he was putting into his body (Michigan diet = burgers, pizza and Hamburger Helper).

So it was six and half years ago, after a friend suggested that Drew try a green juice, that he decided to eliminate the junk/processed foods and also drink “copious amounts” of green juice for seven days. Loving the effects, he decided to continue on for 90 days while incorporating intermittent fasting and also documenting his journey on YouTube. He lost 40 pounds! And while his physical appearance was amazing, what’s more is that he FELT so much better. He had more energy, he felt more creative, productive and experienced more clarity in his life. Drew felt in tune with his most authentic self.

“When you get in that flow state, that energy, it radically shifts your viewpoint of every human being.”

After all, when you’re in this state, there’s no time for lack or scarcity – you just see abundance. Realizing that for some, it’s difficult to get to this state, Drew explains that adjusting your nutrition is the perfect hack to reaching this when your mindset hasn’t quite reached this point. He offers the following tips to get started on your own transformation:

  • Get quality sleep. Dial in on what kind of sleep you need and what you’re actually getting – and tweak. Drew uses the app Beddit to track his sleep.
  • Drink A LOT of water.
  • Drink green juice. This is optional, but Drew feels it’s so helpful when trying to retrain your tastebuds.
  • Set a goal. Figure out your “Why-Dentity” or your “why that makes you cry.” Along with this, it’s recognizing what you want to hear from the people you love and what YOU want to see in the mirror. This often creates more of a reality for you. It’s a combination of feeling what you want to and SEEING it as well. Even further, boost your success rate by finding someone to team up with as well.

Developing certain daily rituals or daily practices are also an important key to your success. It’s what grounds us and keeps us in that state of flow. Personally, I know when my sleep isn’t quality or I’m not moving my body, my creativity and motivation comes to a halt. The same goes for Drew. Below are some of his important morning visualization/meditation practices.

  1. Wake up and get grateful. Go through a list in your head or write out what you’re grateful for.
  2. Visualization/Meditation for 10 minutes or more if time allows. He uses a Japanese-style meditation that focuses on breathing.
  3. Email/text three people you care about. Show appreciation to people you care for, but haven’t reached out to in a while – just to show your love.
  4. Coffee (usually some beneficial supplements) and then off to the gym (about 1.25 hours). Sometimes swimming.
  5. Spiritual work/reading.
  6. Shower
  7. 9 a.m. daily work touch-base meeting

Now, I get it… So often a person doesn’t feel like they have the time to build in such rituals. But we both Drew and I believe you can. If you constantly think you don’t have time, guess what? That’s how it’s always going to feel. Drew himself believes that time is just an illusion. He likes to view all time as “the unfoldment of good.” He likes to frame it as constantly being in a state of bliss – tracking how much good can be done in ONE moment. When you’re in this place, time is no longer a question. Instead it seems to expand exponentially.

“The universe is like water and wants to get out of your way when you know where you’re going.”

When time (and life) is approached this way, people and opportunities are magnetically drawn to you. So take time to focus on the times you feel stress or like you have no time. Take a time out. Breathe in and as Drew suggests, “breathe out with a smile.” Notice how much lighter you feel after.

“Time slows down when you’re living in the moment.”

With this approach, it’s no wonder that Drew has attracted 80+ team members to join his team. Ideal boss alert! He encourages people to explore their spiritual gifts daily whether it’s reading a new book a week as a company or attending his team’s daily 9 a.m. meeting. He also ensures that he’s connected and creating a healthy work environment. When it comes to staying personally grounded and connected, Drew finds writing therapeutic as well as frequent spa treatments (acupuncture, cryo-saunas etc.). But it’s also been about is overall vision for his life. When he began to see that what he does every single day makes a difference, he was able to bring that vision to life. Drew wants everyone to know that a person’s vision for what they want to create in their lives is so huge and it CAN be created.

“It’s the consistent action, every single day, that’s going to be the guiding light in your life.”

How’s that for motivation? What actions could you take to today to make your vision a reality? As always I would love to hear! -- Drew Canole is a rockstar in the world of fitness, nutrition and mindset, with a huge heart for others and doing his part to transform the world, one person at a time. Drew is the founder and CEO of FitLife.TV, an online health and wellness media channel where he shares educational, inspirational and entertaining videos and articles about health, fitness and healing and longevity. He is also the founder of Organifi, an organic line of superfood products that was created to make healthy living easy and accessible on the go. With a community of over 3 million people, he continues to inspire and empower others to live their best life in their healthiest body through delivering daily content online.

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • How to increase creativity and productivity
  • The importance of daily rituals
  • Effects of drinking green juice for a week
  • Visualization and meditation


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Jul 17, 2017
148: What Are You Relying On To Be HAPPY

Are you happy right NOW in this moment? Or do you have certain contingencies that it hinges on? Are you waiting or relying on someone or something to make you happy? Whether it’s a spouse, best friend, job or goal are you depending on something other than yourself to FINALLY bring you happiness? Here’s where that gets a little tricky…

“Happiness is a choice in each moment.”

We must understand that the “thing” you’re waiting on is NOT going to make you any happier in the long term than you are right now in this moment. And that’s why happiness can be a little sticky at times. If you are relying on anyone other than yourself, your happiness level will average out to be where you are now until you decide to be happy all the time. OK, I’m realistic. I don’t expect you to be happy ALL the time. If something bad happens, feel those feelings, but don’t let them hang around too long. Often it’s as simple as waking up and CHOOSING the mood you’re going to be in. It’s all about adjusting your “default mood.” Sure, there may be some things in your life right now that plain suck. But you know what? That doesn’t mean YOUR LIFE sucks!

“Start becoming really grateful and experiencing deep gratitude for all the little things.”

If you’re looking for the good, you’ll find it. The same goes for the opposite. Instead of looking for what’s missing, look at what you do have. I still have times where I need to remind myself to get in the present and stop blaming others – unfortunately we blame those closest to us first (sorry, Chris!). And this is usually when my daily practices/rituals are off kilter (not meditating, not enough sleep etc.). Most importantly, if you find that you’re relying (blaming) on someone/something to be complete, don’t judge yourself too harshly. Recognize it and forgive quickly – you’re human! So what is it that YOU desire? What could you shift your thoughts to right now and get really grateful for? I promise that when you can step into gratitude and learn lessons along the way, the happiness will follow (and so many other great things).

“Your happiness is what attracts amazing people and things.”

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Why happiness is a choice
  • The importance of daily rituals/practices
  • The Law of attraction
  • Tribe


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Jul 13, 2017
147: Following Your Dreams, Growing Your Passion, Product Launches and Webinars with Melyssa Griffin

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Four years ago, teaching English in Japan, Melyssa Griffin decided to start a blog to connect with more people. She soon realized, however, that this blog was becoming less of a hobby and more of something she felt called to monetize and turn into a career. She left teaching and decided to offer web design services. After a couple of years, she had created a profitable business, but she still felt a touch restless… she still felt the pull to teach and do more with MORE people.

Melyssa decided to return to teaching, but this time in a different realm. She now teaches online workshops and courses to those who want to start their own business. And one of the things she’s most passionate about is managing the online communities that go along with them.

Community has always been an important and intriguing part of Melyssa’s life and I love that she had the opportunity to compare Japanese culture/community with American culture. While she found that Japanese culture, in general, tended to be more reserved (opinions and personalities) there was still a sense of community. It was a concept that wasn’t questioned – it just was. Originally from California, Melyssa found that while the culture varied (more outgoing, more flexibility), there was one universal truth. It became clear one day as she watched a Japanese man and his child play in the park. She noticed that even though she couldn’t understand what they were saying, she could still understand the “conversation” through their body language, intonation and facial expressions. It was a deeper human connection that we ALL have.

“We all have this intimate connection that we all have to each other that has nothing to do with the languages we speak.”

With a focus on this connection and sense of community, Melyssa went on to open and close several businesses – a greeting card shop, a web design shop and blogging. While one could have felt a sense of failure around the ups and downs of these businesses, it was through this process that Melyssa made a huge realization.

“Maybe the fun of it is knowing that it will change in the future and that means you’re still growing and learning new things.”

I couldn’t agree more, and I full-heartedly believe that if you’re not changing, you’re not growing – even if that means failing full force along the way. After all, when things are uncertain you might as well explore new things, am I right? Similarly, Melyssa encourages hopeful entrepreneurs to do the same.

“Move in the direction of what feels good. Don’t overanalyze it. Don’t try to calculate it. If something stops feeling good and you know that something is going to feel better, do that and start moving in that direction.”

Melyssa hasn’t always had such a great relationship with failure. Like many, she was raised to believe that she needed to be successful and wealthy. And admittedly, those are ALL great things, but it also implied that failure wasn’t an option. Today, she’s undone most of these beliefs, but she often has to consciously spin the negatives into a positive light.

“Failure is either going to lead you in a direction to something you will enjoy or that will turn out well, or you’re going to learn something massive from that failure and that will lead to something else that’s going to be that next step for you.”

So this is all good and great, but now you may be wondering how you actually even begin to turn your passion into a career you love? For many, there’s the common excuse of not having enough time. While both Melyssa and I agree that this is often the case, we also know that there are tiny spaces of time and small sacrifices you can make to just start. Melyssa suggests to start super small, but get super clear on how and who you want to serve. From there, begin by sharing your knowledge for free. This can lead to collaborations with other entrepreneurs – and you’ll be getting your stuff out there! More tips on getting your business out there

  • Get on Pinterest. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a social media platform. It’s a search engine for a whole lot more than DIY projects.
  • Do video in some form – podcasts, IG stories. This provides a way to deeper connect with your audience on a personal level.
  • Webinars. Once thought of as more of a “fancy” sales pitch with little value, Melyssa advises to make it valuable. Offer 30-40 minutes of quality training and THEN offer to expand on the training with your product. If you’re looking to grow your audience (and email lists) and make sales – this is a two-for-one deal.

“The more you can have your audience know you, the more you’re able to grow your business and affect people.”

One tip from Melyssa… Don’t get bogged down with the thought that it’s all been done before. Yes, it probably has, but not by YOU! When people follow you, they’ll LOVE all facets of who you are. And they’ll love your story and where you’re coming from.

“We need more voices because we need people who can deeply connect to each type of person out there.”

Of course, you’ll always have those that don’t resonate with you, but guess what? It’s OK! They’ll just find someone else who does, and you will allow room for another to follow you. But what if you get someone who just can’t keep their thoughts or dislike for your message to themselves? Although difficult and sometimes hurtful, Melyssa suggests taking a day to process what’s been said if you need to while keeping the following thought in mind:

“Happy, secure people don’t go out of their way to hurt other people.”

With this in mind, assume that all people are good. That way when you’re ready, you can respond in the most loving way possible without judgment or anger. I love that Melyssa stresses the importance of coming from a place of love and community in all that you do. If your intent is to create a business that can grow, be sure to focus on Melyssa’s three Cs – Connection, Content and Collaboration. Focus on who you can serve and what valuable content you can provide and the community will follow. -- Melyssa Griffin teaches online courses and live workshops for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to turn their after-work hobbies into full-time businesses. A few of her specialties include list-building, webinars, using Pinterest to get organic traffic, and content marketing. She also leads an active Facebook group of 60,000 members and helps almost 150,000 entrepreneurs with her weekly emails. But most importantly, she's the mom to one wacky corgi, an expert at laughing, and a green smoothie aficionado.

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Dealing with failure
  • Handling negative feedback
  • Community
  • Pinterest
  • Importance of using webinars
  • Strategies for launching an eCourse
  • Monetizing your passion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Blogs
  • Online training
  • Kindness


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Jul 10, 2017

Just a couple days ago on the 4th of July, I was able to take a WHOLE day just for PLAY with friends – no writing, no meetings, no worries – celebrating America’s birthday. And while initially I felt as though it may stress me out more (I am on a book deadline), I couldn’t have been MORE wrong.

Today I feel energized, more creative and honestly like I just drank about 10 straight shots of espresso (OK, let’s not get too crazy). I realized that the play is actually equally as (if not more) important as the writing, creating programs, podcasts etc.

“The play IS the work.”

It can be a bit confusing at first because while you’re “playing,” it doesn’t feel as though you’re being productive. But I assure you, you are! It’s especially beneficial when you feel as though you’ve hit a creativity rut.

“The play is productive. The play is important. The play is creative. The play is freedom. The play is expansion. The play is real connection.”

After you’ve taken the time, you’re able to come back with a fresh perspective – new eyes. Ideas abound and the world just seems…better. Am I right?

“Personally, when I play and try new things, I have so much more to say.”

Anyone else? You’re always up-to-date and relevant because you’re constantly thinking of new things and connecting. What would it look like for you to plan some sort of play into every week? Please share – I would love to hear all about it!

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Adding more play into your week
  • Ridding yourself of creativity blocks
  • Finding fresh perspective
  • Connection


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Jul 06, 2017
145: Social Media Strategies with an Accidental Entrepreneur with Jasmine Star

Upon listening to my recent conversation with my guest, photographer and business strategist, Jasmine Star, it will become quite apparent why I felt as though we could have continued to talk for hours more. Her story (so far) will have you hooked and feeling the serendipitous pull of it (not to mention all the social media strategy knowledge she drops here). In 2005, Jasmine walked away from a scholarship to UCLA law school to follow her heart. The path led straight to her mother's bedside as she battled brain cancer for the second time. Wanting to be at her side as she fought, she dropped out of law school (fully intending at the time to go back). Praying for her mom to be able to walk her down the aisle at her wedding to her high school sweetheart, she planned a wedding in three months to ensure that this hope became a reality.

Against all odds, both her mother and father were able to escort Jasmine down the aisle on a sandy beach in Hawaii. Shortly after, wedded bliss faded into the reality and she discovered she was jobless, broken, and desperate to follow her mom's earlier instructions of doing something she loved.

On a beach, barely a tan line on his ring finger, Jasmine confessed to her husband that she didn’t want to be a lawyer, she wanted to be a photographer. With no experience or a camera for that matter, Jasmine’s husband supported her decision. That Christmas he gifted her a camera and the permission to pursue her passion. Though not extraordinarily talented at the time, she tapped into her self-awareness, slowly building a brand and community, marketing her services, and transforming from a “doubtful photographer to a savvy entrepreneur.” Four years later, she was voted one of the top photographers in the world.

“As a byproduct of pushing through and consistently ending up on the other side, other entrepreneurs, quiet observers, are paying close attention to what you’re doing. They develop an allegiance not for the perfection, but for the sheer will to succeed.”

Amazing, right? Interview over. Kidding. I wanted to dig deeper and see just how Jasmine is able to teach her programs, keep up with her own social media AND stay inspired. The first tip Jasmine offers is that you can’t just sit around and wait for creativity to hit you like a bolt of lightning (you’ll be waiting awhile…). ;) She feels that she’s most creative and inspired when she’s working through something. Whether she’s unhappy or looking but not finding a solution – those are the moments when things tend to fall into place without evening knowing it’s happening.

“Inspiration is like a small drop, and all of a sudden you realize the bucket is filling – and that’s when you shift.”

So once you’ve locked in your passion, how do you attract your audience? Jasmine likes to create her “ideal” client by asking roughly 20-30 questions. Really tune into WHO you want to serve. Once you’ve figured that out (and this can take some trial and error), you can create content that’s specific to those followers. Jasmine often uses her own social media accounts to help her fill in gaps with her content. Keep in mind that when people comment on your posts, they often are telling you what problems they need help with. Wait now… Jasmine still monitors her own social media accounts? Yep. While she does have a small team to help, she feels it is super important for her to manage her accounts so she’s able to keep a pulse on her followers. While some struggle with the tremendous discipline and time management skills this requires, Jasmine thrives. Many days, her time is planned down to the minute. For example, her marketing is roughly planned out at 10 hours per week. That’s broken down into 600 minutes… and 20 minute increments from there (IG, FB, FB groups, hashtag follow-ups, plus an hour of research a day to keep up on algorithms and trends).

“We always have these high aspirations, but if we’re not clear on our trajectory, there’s a good chance we’re going to miss the mark.”

Jasmine also encourages entrepreneurs to add to this by making it a point to understand their audiences and bring more of themselves. If your audience likes long posts, write them, but know that unless engagement is high, the algorithms will suppress views (IG and Jasmine prefer shorter posts about 86-112 characters). Get real with your audience. Selfies do very well as do stories about your personal background. Show your workspace…let people get to see the REAL you!

“People want to see the simplicity and the grandeur.”

Lastly, Jasmine advises that it’s not all about you. Nobody watches TV, listens to the radio or surfs social media to see commercials, so don’t make all of your posts about your products or services. Instead of focusing all of your attention on selling your product or service, you must first build your followers’ trust.

“The more you show up and the more you build trust by providing valuable content, the better off you’ll be and the faster you’ll transfer them to customers.”

At the end of the day, Jasmine stresses the importance of people knowing that “you see them, you hear them and that you want to know them.” Make sure your brand is more than a website, product or business… Make your brand an experience for your customers. With a successful and ever-growing business, I think this is the perfect advice. For more tips, be sure to follow Jasmine at the links below.

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Photography
  • Self-awareness
  • Making creativity a habit
  • Turning followers into customers
  • Branding


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Jul 03, 2017

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Do you feel supported by family, friends, co-workers etc.? If not, we must realize that this support will not magically appear on its own. In order to receive this support, we must first support ourselves – unconditionally.

There was a stretch of time when I felt that I didn’t have any true friends... I didn’t want to drink, party all night only to feel like crap the next day, but all my friends at the time did. I wanted to be healthy and fit, but my friends chose Thirsty Thursday over healthier options. Of course, thinking I had NO other options, I followed along and my dreams continued to take the backseat. But here’s the thing, it wasn’t their fault. It was me who wasn’t willing to put myself first. I wasn’t willing to let go of those short-term pleasures. I wasn’t ready to support myself and get out of my own way. It was time to step into my fear and CHOOSE to become the person I truly wanted to be.

So I chose to start supporting myself. I had to find things, even if it meant on my own, that would help me reach my goals and practice saying no to the things that wouldn’t. For me, the most pressing need when I started this journey was my health. I gradually started making the choice to not go out and drink myself into oblivion. And it wasn’t until I did that, that I could start pursuing my fitness goals/career. What’s your most pressing need right now? What would make you feel BETTER? To get more rest, to eat better, exercise more or change your circle of friends? Full honesty… It isn’t easy.

“But if you don’t start choosing to support yourself, you have to get comfortable with the idea that you’re never going to change.”

You must ask yourself if you’re OK waking up in five years and being in the same place. If nothing changes, nothing changes. It’s scary, but you’re the only one who can do it.

“You can either choose complete suppression or face your fear.”

Face that fear TODAY! What are some ways you can support yourself RIGHT now? Is it time-blocking your calendar to fit in 20 minutes of exercise? Is it scheduling dance or music lessons? Is it reaching out to someone to be your mentor? It doesn’t matter how big or small your acts are as long as you’re ACTING. Failure is a given, but if we choose to focus on the blessing rather than each individual failure we’ll fail faster into better success.

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Supporting yourself to feel better
  • Facing your fears
  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass


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Jun 29, 2017
143: How to STAND OUT and MAKE AN IMPACT Doing What You LOVE with Gabby Bernstein

I’m always so excited to have today’s guest, Gabrielle Bernstein, on Earn Your Happy, but today is even more exciting because we’re talking about her Spirit Junkie Digital Master Class – the class that undeniably took my business (and life) to a whole new level.

So often when people have a pull to do something “more”, they automatically respond with, “Who am I to do this?” But really the question that should be asked is, “Who am I NOT to do this?” To nip these thoughts in the bud, one of Gabrielle’s foundational components, trains you in confidence. It’s your time to rise up and the only way to build that confidence is to practice clearing the fear and blocks from your path. One fear that comes up often is unapologetically making money while remaining spiritual.

“Earning for our great work is also a great opportunity to invest in our well-being so that we can continue to do the work we’re here to do.”

In Gabrielle’s teachings, she’s crafted her program to be equal parts spiritual and business growth and business training. She hopes to bust the myth that you can’t make money AND be spiritual at the same time.

“We have to do the spiritual work to clear the belief systems that hold us back from our earning capacity and hold us back from stepping into our light.”

Honestly, I understand this 100% because I, like many of you, was in this same position not that long ago. And it wasn’t until I shifted my way of thinking (with the help of Gabrielle’s Spirit Junkie Master Class) that my business and life catapulted to places I’d only dreamed. I was ecstatic about all the things that seemed possible to me. New opportunities were appearing, left and right!

“Change the way you perceive abundance, then abundance can flow.”

I cannot tell you how TRUE this statement is.

“When you’re in alignment with inspiration, joy, excitement and enthusiasm, you become a magnet for opportunities.”

So maybe you have the ideas, but you’re afraid that it’s already been done before. You’re right, it probably has. But that doesn’t mean the world doesn’t need more inspiration from people like you!

“There are far more people in need of that inspiration than there are people doing it.”

Just make sure that the work you’re doing lights you up from the inside out. If you’re excited about creating your content, trust and know that other people will get excited about it too. The Spirit Junkie Master Class helps you connect with the spiritual side of this process while also allowing you to get laser-focused and successful with the business component. Make sure your energy is aligned with your inspiration.

“Your most valuable currency is energy. If your energy isn’t clear, joyful and inspirational, then you won’t be a magnet for more of that.”

If you’re feeling like you have a message and you want to be unapologetic about sharing that message with the world, I highly recommend joining the Spirit Junkie Digital Master Class tribe. See the resources below to sign up and to receive a very special bonus offer from me. I could not be more grateful for Gabrielle and this course as it pushed me to the edge. She gave me richness and deep roots that gave way to the freedom to take my business to new and different places. I cannot wait to hear about the shifts YOU make because of this course as well…

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Spirit Junkie Digital Master Class
  • Authenticity
  • Confidence
  • How to clear blocks and fears
  • Spiritual and personal growth
  • Business training
  • Abundance


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Jun 26, 2017
142: Use Your FAILURE to REINVENT YOURSELF with Danielle LaPorte

To say I was honored to have a one-on-one conversation with Danielle LaPorte is an understatement. I recently just finished her newest book, White Hot Truth, and it was just what I needed to access my freedom in writing my own book. Talking with her took it to a whole other level. 

For those of you who don’t know who Danielle is, she’s an author, speaker, a poet, a painter, and a former business strategist and Washington-DC think tank exec. She is also an invited member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100, a group who, in Oprah Winfrey’s words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters.” In addition to her recent book, she’s also the author of The Fire Starter Sessions, and The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul – this book also evolved into a yearly day planner system, a top 10 iTunes app, and an international workshop program. You’ve also likely seen her #truthbombs on social media.

At a glance, like many other successful people, one would not believe the career hurdles she’s overcome so far in her life. Very early on, Danielle remembers always having an entrepreneurial spirit. She was the girl running the lemonade stand and intuitively finding other opportunities to make money. Danielle once thought she would be a fashion designer, but she changed directions when she realized she got headaches every time she went to sew. From there, she began helping friends and naturally fell into being a publicist. This eventually led to the creation of her own communications agency – landing gigs in Washington D.C. pitching and selling white papers to the Pentagon. This in and of itself is an amazing accomplishment as she never went to college and is from Canada. When her work in D.C. was complete, Danielle went on to start a consultancy for soulful personal branding, which led to her first book, Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design. It got the attention of Oprah and she received a lot of media and investment interest from that. That small consultancy incorporated and soon after she was fired. While none of this made her feel great, she believes that,

“All the worst things have turned out to be my best things.”

True to her words, Danielle went on to coach entrepreneurs, author the above listed books and hasn’t looked back since. While some would let all these different events knock them down, she persevered by focusing on the reason she’s here. She unquestionably knows her why and she knows what her talents are. Danielle goes on to say, “Life happens. You tried your best and it didn’t work out…You just have to keep showing up.” Danielle also adds that you must take the time to grieve these hard times.

“When you don’t win, you need to stop, you need to cry and recover, and feel the sting and how you feel about what just happened.”

Life is hard. So just take that breather – but then come back – ready to work.

“If you’re going to be brighter and sexier and smarter and more feminine and more innovative and more progressive than the status-f*cking-quo, you’re in for a fight.”

There will always be losses, but you need to know that you walk away knowing more. You’re better. And you’re actually more yourself because of it. I love that Danielle phrases it as,

“Sometimes you need to be lost to be found.”

This is SO true. We need to go through the highs and the lows – and learn from them. And sometimes this means setting boundaries. This is easier said than done as a woman though – and not because we’re too emotional. Danielle explains that as women, we naturally want to merge and connect with people… We want to nourish and heal. We don’t want to be “mean,” and we don’t want to be a push-over either. Being tolerant can be a good thing, but being “excessively tolerant” = almost no boundaries. Danielle doesn’t expect you to do this all on your own. You need someone else to objectively tell you when your boundaries are being taken advantage of.

She goes to say that once you’ve put up that “fence” to keep those people out, you’ll find that no one died. You didn’t kill anyone. And you feel just a little big lighter. Recently, there has been some stress in Danielle’s business where she’s had to use some of the above practices. It’s comforting to know that no matter where you’re at, we all experience resistance in our lives. While she takes time to “walk in circles” and wrap her head around the problem, she also makes a point to view disappointing events in a positive light.

“I always take failure as an opportunity to reinvent.”

Danielle tells us to use these opportunities to question EVERYTHING (no, really – everything). Even through these less than ideal times for her business right now, the powerful message of her recent book, White Hot Truth, is a success. It was Danielle’s hope that people experience the book and feel relieved (mission accomplished with me). Since finishing her book, Danielle herself has more compassion for herself and for others. And she hopes that others will feel the same and then some – more self-love and self-respect, too. And once you do, Danielle encourages you to, “Get off your butt and do something – make the world a better place. The world needs YOU.”

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Overcoming resistance
  • Creativity
  • Parenting and Love
  • Going against the status quo
  • Books


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Jun 19, 2017
141: The ONE Variable That's Keeping YOU From An EXCITING LIFE

Do you feel like you’re living every day like it’s Groundhog’s Day? You know, same thoughts, same people, same problems… Sounds like it’s time to switch things up and add some excitement back into your life. But to do that we need to bust through fears and try new things. Of course, we can’t do that without first changing our thoughts.

To set the tone for the day, I highly recommend waking up and instantly repeating a positive mantra – either out loud or in your head. I know, I know… sounds a little cheesy, but I assure you, it works.

Every morning my husband and I say the following:

“I am happier, healthier, wealthier and more fit than I was yesterday.”

But that’s only the beginning of the day! Do small things throughout the day that keep the positivity and excitement going. Bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be anything HUGE.

“Life and enjoyment of life is made up of the very simple pleasures.”

Here are a few different things you could do:

  • Change your thoughts. Feel a negative thought creeping in? Stop it in its tracks with a more positive one. Be sure to do this throughout the day – not just in the morning.
  • Try different things. Go to a new coffee shop, try a different workout etc.
  • Ask different questions. Ask people BETTER questions: what’s good, new or exciting? What was your favorite part of today?
  • Read a book. Know a friend with a nose for good books? Ask them for their list.
  • Try different foods. Yes, please!
  • Go to a movie.

This list could go on and on… Also, be sure you’re expanding your network – both virtually and in person. Ask a new friend out for coffee or to meet at a new workout class. And since social media has a tendency to highlight more negative things, be sure use that “block” button freely and start following more uplifting people/pages. Personally, I know that I don’t want any seeds of negativity growing in my mind, because that’s exactly what my mind will hold on to. It is SO important for YOU to weed out any potentially negative vibes. “You are the variable. You are the only one who can change your outcome.” Doing the same thing will only ever get you (you guessed it) the SAME thing. And who wants that? Certainly not me and likely not you. “If you want a different day, you’ve got to start with different thoughts in the morning.” Now, go let those thoughts lead you to THE BEST day!

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • The importance of experiencing new things
  • Positivity
  • Changing your thoughts
  • Mantras


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Jun 15, 2017
140: Have a MIRACLE MINDSET with JJ Virgin

One never knows what they’re going to do when tragedy hits, but JJ had to keep it together and learn fast after one of her son’s was the victim of a brutal hit-and-run accident. With 13 broken bones and an aortic tear, doctors knew he needed surgery, but they also warned he’d likely not survive the airlift to another hospital – much less the actual surgery. They gave him the heart-wrenching odds of a .25 percent survival rate. With that knowledge, JJ had a choice to make. Fortunately, the wisdom of her other son rang through as he asked the doctor, “Point-two-five isn’t zero, right?” Those words were just what JJ needed to make the choice to help her son FIGHT for survival. After a successful airlift and surgery, JJ’s son survived, but because of the trauma was in a coma. It was a daunting road ahead, but JJ start asking herself the “right” questions. It wasn’t “how will he survive this?” It was, “How do I get him to 110%?” And one of the top things she could do to get him there was to take care of herself.

“I did what I needed to do to take extreme care of myself.”

JJ knew she had to: 1. Be there for her son. 2. Ensure her book was a success (The Virgin Diet). 3. She needed to put her health FIRST. And that’s what she did to make sure she was at the top of her game to help her son fight for his life. Not long after JJ’s son’s accident, it was suggested that in addition to the book she had just written (The Virgin Diet), she should write about her recent experience with her son – what tools she used and how she kept strong and positive throughout it all. Thank goodness she said yes to that! JJ’s teachings have come to help thousands of clients reframe their mindset and realize their worth, mind and body. Oddly enough sometimes, it’s not the diet or exercise component that hangs people up, it’s the actual saying or writing down of the words, “I am worthy.” That’s great, but how do you get someone to actually feel worthy? JJ encourages taking ACTION. It’s all about shifting your mindset and moving into action.

JJ teaches her members/readers to practice their “Daily Jam.” Upon waking up every day, the Daily Jam consists of: 1. GRATITUDE: Writing down three things you are grateful for (starting the day in gratitude is a MUST). 2. APPRECIATION: Text someone a message of appreciation. 3. MIRACLE: Write down three miracles that happen that day. And then… Write “I am worthy.” It can be a super difficult thing for some to write, but they work their way up to realizing they are a complete bad ass (and that’s how we ALL should feel by the way). JJ is completely transparent when it comes to her own case of “imposter syndrome.” We all have moments of not feeling like we’re good enough or worthy – that’s reality. There are still days where she wonders what the hell she’s doing. But then she remembers (from personal experience) that no one has it all together. Every successful person has failed their way there… in one way or another. Failure is just a part of life.

“What if fear was actually a sign that you’re stepping up onto a bigger platform and you should feel that? What if when you’re feeling nothing, it’s because you’re playing it safe.”

Fear is never easy to take… but quit playing it safe. Play ALL OUT, even if it means falling on your face.

“It’s necessary, it sucks, it’s painful, but it makes it all amazing and worth it.”

You must be willing to acknowledge the good with the bad. What was good? What were the wins? It’s about appreciating the present moment and lessons and getting real with gratitude.

“When you’re scared to death and you want to get fear shoved out of the way, gratitude shoves it and builds resilience.”

But JJ is again full honest… It never gets easier to take, but the tougher the experience, the more you step up, and the more you grow.

“If your purpose is big enough, it makes you push through. And every time you push through, you’re building that muscle of resilience.”

So on that note, know that you can handle “stuff” – whatever it is. If you set your mind right, you can reframe anything to be a good thing or your miracle. -- JJ Virgin a is celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, who teaches clients how to lose weight and master their mindset so they can lead bigger, better lives. She is author of 4 NY Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook. Her memoir Miracle Mindset: A Mother, Her Son, & Life’s Hardest Lessons explores the powerful lessons in strength and positivity that she learned after her son Grant was the victim of a brutal hit-and-run accident. JJ hosts the popular JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show podcast and regularly writes for Huffington Post, Rodale Wellness, and other major blogs and magazines. She’s also a frequent guest on TV and radio and speaks at major events. In addition to her work with nutrition and fitness, JJ is also a business coach and founded the premier health entrepreneur event and community, The Mindshare Summit.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Creating a Miracle Mindset
  • Shifting Your Mindset
  • Practicing Your “Daily Jam”
  • Resistance
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation


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Jun 12, 2017
139: Causing An Effect

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Quick…what are you thinking RIGHT now? Are they positive thoughts filled with love and gratitude? Or are they low-vibe, energy-sucking thoughts that make you want to eat a can of worms? If you’re the latter… don’t eat the worms! Kidding, but seriously, I do want to discuss the power of thoughts and how those thoughts affect your current situation.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated with research – especially when it’s connected to the power of thoughts and changing outcomes. Currently, I’m reading the book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza, and he discusses how by shifting our thoughts from being a victim of our circumstances we can instead cause an effect that creates a different outcome. Nerd alert – I get so excited reading about studies like this.

Dispenza shares research that directly links changes in DNA to positive thoughts. Did you read that? Changes in a person’s DNA!! Isn’t that amazing?! He advises though, that it’s not just about positive thoughts. Within the testing groups of one of the mentioned studies, the changes were only seen when there were positive thoughts AND feelings that went with them.

“It’s not just the thoughts, but rather the intentions behind them.”

We have the power to change our outcomes – just thinking and feeling different things. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m realistic. We’re not all going to wake up singing happy songs and dancing, but that’s exactly why we practice rituals that help get us present and shift into gratitude.

“When you feel grateful, you attract more to be grateful for.”

If you wake up feeling crappy, I get it! Acknowledge that crap sandwich, but don’t eat it! Feel those feelings, but don’t stay there. Give yourself some time, vent to a person if you need to, but MOVE ON.

“Get rid of the thoughts that aren’t serving you, because that’s the outcome you’ll be living in.”

Quickie Tip: Don’t let the idea of changing ALL your thoughts at once bog you down. This is not an all-or-nothing approach. The next time one of those negative Nelly thoughts comes for a visit, recognize it for what it is and choose to make your next thought just a little better. It’s those baby steps that lead to the most impactful and sustained growth.

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • How thoughts affect outcome
  • Positivity
  • Cause and effect
  • Gratitude

Resources and Books

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Jun 08, 2017
138: Starting a SOCIAL IMPACT BRAND, Using Tragedy to INSPIRE, and WHY You NEED to Follow your GYPSY SOUL with Rachelle Tratt

Warning: This podcast may make you want to buy a plane ticket to exotic places and find your soul. Or, perhaps curl up on your couch with a cuddly dog (both of us prefer our goldendoodles) and drink a lavender latte while contemplating your soul’s purpose. ;)

Ok, let me back the train up. Today’s guest, Rachelle Tratt, is a living example of what it means to follow your heart, and you’re going to want to read on/listen to hear why.

In case you’ve never heard of this amazing lady, Rachelle is a Los Angeles-based yoga instructor, community leader, and soulful entrepreneur who created The Neshama Project, a yoga inspired, socially conscious jewelry company that gives back. 

Many may not know this, but Rachelle’s company, The Neshama Project, was actually inspired by the sudden and traumatic loss of her mother when she was only 9 years old. While recognizing now that it was all meant to be part of her path so she could in turn help others, at the time she struggled with anxiety and depression – and just feeling different.

These feelings played out as a teenager as she hit a rebellious phase, which at the age of 18 ended in rehab. It wasn’t so much that she was addicted to alcohol or drugs, it was just that she didn’t know how to cope with things in a healthy way. Part of that rehab program was yoga… While always a self-professed tomboy, Rachelle laughed at the thought of the practice, but once she hit savasana, she was hooked. For the first time in a long time, she found peace.

Not long after rehab, Rachelle became a yoga teacher and eventually ended up taking a yoga training class in California. While living in Florida at time, she knew she needed to make the move permanently to California. 

“It made no sense mentally, but my heart was telling me to go and I knew how to listen to that.”

And speaking of listening to her heart, Rachelle always knew that she would visit Israel (the country where her parents meant). Six years ago, she made the trip, stayed for a month and it was everything she hoped it would be. She felt connected to her mother and while there realized the connection she also felt with the Hamsa hand necklace she received from a yoga friend. Having always been a conversation starter for soulful exchanges, it had followed her after rehab, to California and now to Israel. She knew was meant to play a bigger role in her life.

Just like that, she started searching for stones in Israel (successfully). She wanted to create art and make connections – and she did. Rachelle didn’t have all the answers, but she just knew there was a great purpose for her.

“I believed in the power of a product with a meaning that stood for something greater and the mission behind it.”

Sure, there were a lot of nay-sayers. Having always been a little “different,” everyone thought it was just “one of those things” Rachelle was trying again. Rachelle had faith and trust though that things would work out because she was following her heart’s calling.

“It’s trusting that I am a unique individual and my path isn’t supposed to look like anyone else’s.” 

And thank goodness for that! It’s not to say that there haven’t been growing pains – both personal and business. We’re all constant works in progress. But when something does pop up, whether in the form of darkness, stress or anxiety, she’s learned to acknowledge it and confront it head on.

“My anxiety is directly related to the levels of my self care and self love.” 

Life happens and we have to find the little tools and/or rituals that calm our minds. Here are a few of Rachelle’s favorites:

  • Get your feet on the ground (feel the earth underneath your feet).
  • Breathing
  • Movement – all forms. Yoga is one of her favorites, but she can call just about anything yoga as long as it’s approached with intention.
  • Walking with her golden doodle Bailey (no phone, just being present).
  • One day of rest (kind of like the Jewish tradition of Shabat).


Another important factor (and this is super important) is finding a tribe/community/sisterhood that has your back. It can be tricky if you’re from a small area and don’t have as big of a pool as L.A. But she promises that,

“What you put out there is what you attract.” 

So put yourself out there. Way outside of your comfort zone. Start by attending classes and introducing yourself to others. If you seem to click, schedule a time to have coffee… It’s all about using the network around you. And lastly, “dial, don’t file.” People don’t have the time for those who don’t follow through. Nurture your relationships. Does this mean you have to super close relationships with everyone? No! Find that smaller inner tribe who you know on a deeper level, that has your back and you can tell ANYTHING to.

And above all, follow your heart. Follow your soul. Follow your bliss.

*Stay tuned for a post in the hopefully very near future when our golden doodles (and us) have a dog date.


In This Episode You Will Learn:



Finding rituals in your day to day

Finding your tribe


Following your soul




Retreat info: theneshamaproject.com/yoga/

IG: @theneshamaproject

FB: facebook.com/theneshamaproject


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Jun 05, 2017
137: Why the TOUGH, BORING Stuff is IMPORTANT

Today’s message is all about the journey and what it all means. The “journey” doesn’t always have to be this HUGE goal or accomplishment. The beauty of it is that it’s unique to you and it can be ANYTHING that you’re looking to do.

While most focus on the highs, it is equally important to know that the lows (the pain, frustrations and the “hard” parts) are what make the journey, and the highs of it, so amazing. If you’re feeling that discomfort, you know growth is on its way.

“You can’t enjoy the ride without first taking the journey to a place you’ve never been before.”

So you’re on this journey, but what happens when you lose motivation… Monotony hits. You wonder why the heck you’re even on this path. But you must ask yourself, what does your life look like without it? For example, as I’m racing against another deadline for my book, the moment I sit down, all inspiration seems to be lost and doubt creeps in and the last thing I want to do is write. As easy as it is to sink into that mode of defeat, I know the only option I have is to give myself a sometimes-literal shake, dig deep and WRITE.

“You have to keep saying YES and you have to keep MOVING.”

Acknowledge the struggle and how it serves a purpose on your journey. Ask yourself, “How do I get through this?” Reach out to others who are going or have gone through something similar. Know that just because it’s YOUR journey, you’re not alone. And everything you’re going through is meant for the ultimate good.

Just let go…and go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

In This Episode You Will Hear About

  • Enjoying the journey
  • Inspiration
  • Pain
  • Growth


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Jun 01, 2017
136 Easiest Way to Create and Monetize a Blogging or Online Business, Take the Guesswork Out of Starting with Kate McKibbin

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Kate McKibbin is the self-professed very-tall, super nerdy founder of the blog, Secret Bloggers’ Business, and creator of several successful online blog courses and workshops.

Cutting her teeth in the magazine industry in 2007 (when online shopping was just starting to take off), Kate created one of Australia’s largest independent lifestyle blogs (Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily), and grew to a team of five with more than 500,000 visitors a month and several awards to show for her efforts.

Even though her much-loved blog was doing well, Kate still felt called to do more and help more people. In 2014, she created her second business, Secret Bloggers’ Business, to share everything she’d learned about how to create, grow and run a successful blogging business. She did so well that in 2015 she was awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year award for her contributions to women in technology. Today, Kate has made it her mission to help bloggers and creatives around the world turn their passions into something that’s profitable, too.

So perhaps you’re looking to get into blogging, but don’t know if you have what takes. Here’s a few things to keep in mind. While a lot of work goes on behind the scenes of a blog, you’re not going to get very far if you haven’t found your passion.

Keep in mind that while blogs used to only be about the person who wrote it (what they ate, what they watched etc.), today’s bloggers must understand that it’s not about THEM! People will follow you based on your point of view, your knowledge and expertise. But don’t worry!

“You don’t have to be the biggest expert in the world. You just have to be a few steps down the track from where your audience is at and help them.”

Also, content, content, content. Are you constantly creating and sharing your findings online? If you can find a group of people who you know you would love to help – and you have the content, experiences and skills to back it up, go for it. You can’t go wrong if you’re going into it from a place of service. So, where do you start? Kate suggests the following steps:

  1. Find your niche. Go “free range” for a bit if you have multiple ideas and can’t decide. What are you drawn to? Put some feelers out there (social media, existing contacts that you may have). What types of things get more engagement? Start putting some of your ideas/content out there and see what draws people in and what sticks.
  2. Brainstorm content. This is a biggie. Come up with as many ideas as possible (Kate suggests 100). What themes could you use (season, different times of the year etc.)? Just because you think it’s great doesn’t mean it’s going to resonate with your audience. Let your audience tell you what direction they want you to go.

If you do start a blog, be sure to have an extreme amount of PATIENCE. Allow 6-12 months to see any type of reward. For Kate, one of her biggest benefits was to have the freedom to do work that she loved. Give it your all, but also be cautiously optimistic.

“Set yourself up so you feel safe enough to take a scary leap.”

When you’re starting out, be super responsive to your audience and be CONSISTENT in your content. This doesn’t mean you have to put out things daily. It can be once a week or month. Just figure out what’s realistic for you and do that. Keep in mind that nothing in life, especially a blog, has guarantees. And you can be certain that others are doing something similar to you. But here’s the thing…all audiences and bloggers are different in SO many ways.

“Don’t compare yourself to others in your space. Find what works for you, but still provides great value to your audience. Focus on you and what’s right for your audience.”

There will be bumps along the road, but stick to it and don’t give up!

“If you’ve got something to say, if you’ve got something to give, and you’ve got a burning fire that says you have to do it, and you feel that pull. There’s no way you’re going to let yourself fail.”

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Blogging
  • Being a Blogger
  • Online Business
  • Online Training
  • Being an Entrepreneur
  • Success


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May 29, 2017
135: How To Figure Out What's Next!

Earn Your Happy Quickie – ep. 135 – How to Figure Out What’s Next

“There comes a time to stop looking back and trying to figure out why. At some point, we need to shift our attention to what’s next.” – Unknown

Are your thoughts or fears paralyzing you before you’ve even reached a goal? Are you asking yourself questions, such as: Why am I unclear? Why don’t I know what I want to do? Why can’t I move forward? Yikes. I get anxious just thinking about it. 

Today, I want to talk about removing those types of disempowering questions from your brain and replacing them instead with “what’s next?” Sure, I get it. Those questions come from a place of uncertainty and fear and they’re hard to stop. But know that most entrepreneurs (including myself) are willing to explore their curiosity even if that nagging voice in their heads tells them they’re crazy or that it doesn’t fit in with “where they’re at.” They don’t let themselves get STUCK. If they feel called to try something new, they do it regardless of the risk.

“The people who are the happiest are the ones who are most willing to explore all the little soul hits.”

Take the Earn Your Happy podcast as an example. It wasn’t something that I had on my to-do list. At the end of the day,

“I wanted to have epic conversations with people and I wanted an excuse to do it,” 

And well, you know the ending to that story because here we are. You don’t have to have a plan to move forward. You just have to,

“Be willing to put yourself out there and fail.” 

By avoiding any possibility of failure, you risk missing the message you were supposed to hear and possibly something you were called to do.

So, what’s next? My advice… Ask more empowering questions (ditch those that don’t serve you anything more than a side of anxiety) and explore the resources around you. Run toward the failure and thank it for what it’s teaching you.

And one more Earn Your Happy Tip for the road…the more you can fail the better.


In This Episode You Will Learn:










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May 25, 2017
134: How to Tap Into Your OWN ENERGY and HEALING POWER with Jessica Ortner

Have you ever felt off? You know, just struggling with nothing in particular, but never knowing what’s wrong with you?

Can you see my hand raised high above my head?! We’ve all been there!

My conversation with Jessica Ortner totally made sense of this feeling by framing it in a different way. When we feel nervous or anxious, most times it’s not just in our heads – we experience it in our whole body. When you have a stressful thought, she emphasizes the importance of talking through these feelings (you don’t have to be Suzy Sunshine all the time) and acknowledging them through tapping. After all, when your body feels more relaxed, you’re able to take control again.

So what is this tapping thing anyway? Not to be confused with tap dancing, tapping is a technique that uses your fingertips to tap the body’s acupressure points and literally “tap into” your body’s own energy and healing power. Say what?

Jessica also questioned the effectiveness of this practice. Years ago, while suffering from what was a seemingly endless cold, her brother introduced her to tapping. Where did he learn about it? The Internet. Oh boy. How much truth could there be to this? But here’s the thing – it was no joke and it actually helped her. A bit further down the road, it also helped her realize that her issues with her body weight were more deeply rooted. It wasn’t just physical. It wasn’t about a number. It was emotional.

“We have to release that stress and create a better relationship with ourselves.”

So what better way to understand this process than by experiencing it firsthand. I was selfishly glad for the timing of this podcast so I could use it for my own personal benefit (in addition to yours). ;-) During this podcast, Jessica took me through a complete tapping sequence so we could work through my anxiety and fear around my upcoming public speaking engagement (TEDTalk). I would love for you to do the sequence and insert the issue that is currently challenging you. Jessica calls it “borrowing benefits,” because you can still make a connection just by the human experience. (Love that!) Here Are the Steps/Points:

  • Point 1: Start with your Set-Up Statement (Even though I… I accept myself and how I feel.) Now, start tapping on the side of your hand, underneath the pinkie (the karate chop point). It doesn’t matter which side you tap on.
  • Point 2: Move to the start of your eyebrow, right on the bone.
  • Point 3: Follow the brow bone to the outside and tap the side of your eye bone.
  • Point 4: Underneath the eye.
  • Point 5: Underneath the nose.
  • Point 6: Chin (right under your mouth)
  • Point 7: Collarbone (Jessica uses her whole hand here)
  • Point 8: Underneath arm (bra strap area on women)
  • Point 9: Top of the head.

During the tapping process, Jessica stresses that the words aren’t super important, it’s the act of speaking your feelings aloud. You’re not going to do anything “wrong.”

“It’s not about the perfect word, it’s about staying with the emotion.”

Let me tell you, the tapping sequence took my anxiety and fear level from an 8 to a 2 or 3! Amazing, right? If you’re going through something, I encourage you to try it and see if it helps. It’s definitely worth a try to change your energy from nervousness to excitement.

“When it comes to how our body reacts there’s not that much difference between anxiety and excitement.”

I am so grateful that she helped me shift my fear into that space of excitement. And I love that tapping can apply to ANY area of your life – not just public speaking. Having gone through the experience above, how could tapping benefit you?


JESSICA ORTNER is the NY Times bestselling author of “The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence” and producer of The Tapping Solution, the breakthrough documentary film on EFT tapping.. She has led more than 5,000 women through her revolutionary Weight Loss and Body Confidence online program, and she is also the host of The Tapping World Summit, an annual online event that has attracted more than 1,000,000 attendees from around the world.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Tapping
  • Acupressure
  • Acupressure points
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Acceptance
  • Tapping Sequence


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May 22, 2017
133: FIVE WAYS to be POSITIVE Around NEGATIVE People

Confession time. Not that long ago, there was a lot of negativity in my life. For some of you this may be hard to believe, but it’s true. I had a ton of toxic friends/relationships in my life and looking back now, I can’t believe I put up with that negativity as long as I did. Some of it was because I failed to set boundaries. Another part was that I tended to take on other people’s “stuff” and carry it as my own. I soon learned, however, that

“You can only control what you can control – and that is YOU.”

I knew that for the sake of my own happiness, I needed to grab the reins and take charge. Here are the five things that help set me on the path to positivity:

1. Know what you can control.

2. Ask yourself, “What is the most beneficial reaction I can have for myself (while still being compassionate).

3. Be compassionate.

4. {Not for the weak.} Call the negative person out.

5. Understand that the person (or your situation) may not change.

Does practicing all five of these things guarantee zero negativity in your life? Not by a long shot – there’s always going to be some amount of negativity in your life. It’s on the street, it’s on the Internet and sometimes, there are people in our lives that we can’t completely cut ties with. If it’s important to you and your happiness, you must start to focus your free time in a more positive place.

If you want to change, you will. If you don’t, you won’t.”

Go to the places that will bring you joy. Spend time with the people who “get” you. And DO the things that help lift you up. Some days will be more difficult than others, but it’s up to you to keep your head and heart in a positive place.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Negativity
  • Positivity
  • Boundaries
  • Control
  • Change
  • Community
  • Tribe


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May 18, 2017
132: Manifesting PR, Running Your Own Events and How to do Outreach for Your Brand with Sarah Pendrick

Sarah Pendrick is the Founder and Creator of the non-profit movement GirlTalk, and her mission is to empower women of all ages while serving as a resource for young women. Sarah is a self-love advocate, life coach, writer, empowerment speaker and philanthropist. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master's in family therapy, developed, GirlTalk, an empowerment program for young women. She travels all over the United States to speak to the women of our next generation and provide them with support, education and empowerment.

Through GirlTalk, Sarah not only features and connects powerful women with a purpose, she also celebrates them through her events and programs by giving them a platform and a space to thrive and use their voice. Growing up, viewing herself solely based on what others thought of her, Sarah always knew she had the ability to be extraordinary, but the opinions of others quickly shot her down.

“I lived this constricted life between doing what I knew I wanted to do inside, and also going to my parents and friends for their opinions.”

Having experienced bullying throughout her middle school years, she felt things that she never wanted other young women to feel, which led her toward getting her master’s degree in psychology, putting in positive work as a volunteer and helping at non-profit organizations and events.

“I always felt fulfilled when serving others and at the same time it also helped me with what I was going through. But the attachment I grew for my clients and their issues, would come home with me at the end of the day, which led me to believe I wasn't meant to be a psychologist.”

Fast forwarding and continuing on to find her true authentic-self, Sarah ended up putting in the personal work to learn about her own self love and to then be proud enough to preach it to others as well. And this eventually became GirlTalk.

Being fearless in the pursuit of asking, Sarah’s confidence skyrocketed allowing her to reach tons of amazing women to help and speak at her incredible events. It’s amazing what the universe will do for you – you just have to ASK. Do you have plans and dreams of your own to serve those around you? Jump right in! #womenempoweringwomen

  • Self love
  • Self worth
  • Fear
  • Perseverance
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Fulfillment
  • Happiness
  • Alignment
  • Networking
  • Creativity


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May 15, 2017
131: Fear Is NORMAL - Here's How to Not Let It STOP YOU

“It’s all about stepping in, saying yes and all of the things that come along with saying yes.”

Today I’m sharing with you where I’m at with both life and business ventures because chances are you’re going through (or have gone through) similar circumstances. This quickie is a short and direct way to help you bust through your fears, no matter how big or small yours may be at the moment.

“Sometimes you have to up level yourself and become a completely different version of yourself to accomplish your goals.”

Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten (and given) is to have full-time faith in your higher power – whatever that looks like for you.

“I never step into anything without saying a prayer. It’s about asking and knowing you are supported.”

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Saying yes
  • Fear
  • Outcome
  • Accomplishment
  • Goals
  • Knowing your worth
  • Energy
  • Serving others
  • Expanding
  • Your calling
  • Community
  • Tribe


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May 11, 2017
130: Achieve MORE While Doing LESS with Kate Northrup

As an entrepreneur, best-selling author, mother, and activist, Kate Northrup supports ambitious, motivated and successful women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Committed to empowering women entrepreneurs to create their most successful businesses while navigating motherhood, Kate is the founder and CEO of Origin Collective, a monthly membership site where women all over the world gather to achieve more while doing less. Her first book, Money: A Love Story, has been published in 5 languages. Kate’s work has been featured by The Today Show, Yahoo! Finance, Women’s Health, Glamour, and The Huffington Post and she’s spoken to audiences of thousands with Hay House, Wanderlust, USANA Health Sciences, and more. Kate lives with her husband and business partner, Mike, and their daughter Penelope in Maine. Find out more and receive your free copy of Have More By Doing Less: 3 Simple Steps To Create Space For What Matters Most at katenorthrup.com Growing up on the coast of Maine, Kate always possessed the ways of a natural entrepreneur.

“My very first business was at the age of 7 with my sister. We would sell jewelry and bouquets of fresh wildflowers.”

Fast forward some years and at the age of 18, Kate was making more income than the average teenager. After graduating from Brown University in 2001, her income for such a young age was enough to prevent her from going into the “after-college-crisis” of looking for a full-time job. But that quickly changed after she moved to NYC and rapidly got herself into more than $20K worth of debt.

“I had this idea that if I acted as if I already had the income that I wanted, that somehow I magically just would. I guess I missed the part that I actually had to do something about it.”

After indulging in some self-help/self-love books (listed below), Kate came to the realization that changing her mindset around her financial situation could potentially and positively get her out of this pickle.

Perhaps if I approached my financial life with the perspective of taking care of myself in a loving way instead of a place of hard-core discipline, guilt and shame that maybe I could make some lasting changes.”

From that moment forward, she added “taking care of finances” to the list of other things that equal “taking care of thyself.”

“Keeping up with my bookkeeping was just as important as keeping up with my pedicures.”

It’s hard to pinpoint the one thing that hit home the most when talking to someone as creative and incredible as Kate, but her advice about growing no matter what stage of life or business you’re in now is something we can all learn from.

“Look at your life and your business as more of a cycle than a line. It’s like the moon that’s forever rotating or the seasons…There will always be spring after the winter.”

Finding work that you are passionate about and love is huge! It’s important to continually and consciously surround yourself with the people who see the most and the best in you. Where you spend your time the most will eventually become part of your outcome. Kate’s life and business wisdom is like the perfect package that I get to gift you all today!

“You become a clearer channel of what needs to come through you when you take care of your vessel.”

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Networking
  • Relationship building
  • Abundance
  • Mentality
  • Finances
  • Saving
  • Spending
  • Success
  • Changing
  • Growing
  • Fear
  • Happiness
  • Transformation


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May 08, 2017
129: COURAGE Comes Out Of THIS...

“We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging diversity.” – Barbara De’Angelis

I feel that the tribe I have created and continue to grow is truly my life’s mission and work. Just know that without the rain, there would never be a rainbow. You are never alone, and although there are numerous differences between each of us, there is an equal amount of similarities.

“Beautiful opportunities can also bring serious amounts of fear.” But, just remember that everything you want is on the other side of fear.

At the end of the day, all that really matters is that you are running toward your bliss.

“It’s not finding your bliss, it’s following your bliss.” – Joseph Campbell

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Self Development
  • The Bliss Habit
  • Practice
  • Habit
  • Meditation
  • Tribe
  • Foundation
  • Courage
  • Fear
  • Resistance


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May 04, 2017
128: Broke Mindset to a Mulit-millionaire Mindset with Chris and Lori Harder

This is from an episode of the For The Love Of Money podcast that I was on and I really wanted to share it with you guys! For those of you who may not my past or how it all began for her, I have the honor of sharing it with you today. Having a “money mindset” may not come naturally to everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever create it.

“My success hasn't always been like this and I know it’s something I will continue to work on for the rest of my life because I know that once you hit one level, there is a whole other level out there that you need to strive for.” -Lori Harder

Growing up, Lori was raised in a very conservative household. At a young age she was told, “Money is the root of all evil and you only need to make enough to survive. Anything more than that is evil and greedy.” With the constant battle in her head between money isn't good vs. how does the world go ‘round without it, can you see how that would create a whirlwind for a young child just trying to “make it?” Having two very different views on the subject when we first met, Lori’s money mindset began to shift after we started to spend more time with each other.

“It was refreshing to see that you and your family thought of money as just a thing that created awesome experiences. It was something you looked forward to and were proud of yourself for earning.”

Even though Lori still had the belief that money equaled greed, she still wanted to create a better life for herself – so she made it her mission to incorporate both beliefs. Why not make money, sufficient enough to live well and financially stress free, while still giving back and be of great service to others? DING DING (light bulb goes off)!

“Money doesn’t make you greedy, I believe that it just highlights more of who you already are. It will just amplify how you were already showing up in the world.”

Moving out to the West Coast, for us, put success and wealth in a whole other category. The entrepreneur mindset and the “shameless” money personalities out here, makes the opportunities endless. There is no cap or ceiling. If you have the passion and the heart to create something and make money off it then the world is your stage! (WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD!)

I know from experience that Lori is NOT the only person to come from a family who has fearful thoughts around money. Whether you think you don’t deserve to have a lot of it, or that it’s evil, or you end up spending it faster than you truly earn it, whatever it may be, my wife and I are here today to break through some of those tough beliefs and to “give you permission” if you will, to take control of your own life and finances. Hard work should always be recognized and rewarded. You will forever be blessed if you think big and share your gifts.

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Finances
  • Business
  • Wealth
  • Success
  • Abundance
  • Gratitude
  • Giving
  • Money
  • Mindset
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Worth
  • Survival


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May 01, 2017
127: Gratification Won't Be Enough To Last, You're Missing This

“Life doesn’t get less busy.”

If I’ve learned anything lately, it’s that if I don’t start doing the things that I enjoy, right here and right now, then I’m never going to do them. Quit using the “whens” as excuses. You know, the “Oh, I’ll do that WHEN this is finished, or WHEN the kids are away” etc. Life doesn’t slow down and it most definitely doesn’t stop. You – and only you – are the one who can fit in the fun things for yourself. Because even after your “whens” are accomplished, there will be another task waiting just around the corner. So let’s start fitting them in NOW!

“Stop postponing your joy.”

Life happens and there are definitely things that take priority over others, but keeping your soul happy must be at the top of your list if you’re looking for that everlasting gratification. I’m challenging you to start this week – a minimum of 45 minutes a week to do something that makes your soul smile. Follow that one thing that has been pulling at your heart strings. (For me, it’s my guitar…no pun intended.)

“The ones that say there’s no time to play are the ones who need to play the most.”

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

  • Personal challenges
  • Gratification
  • Time Management
  • Affirmations
  • Gratitude
  • Being Present
  • Boundaries
  • Bucket Lists
  • Showing up
  • Resistance
  • Planning
  • Playing


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Apr 27, 2017
126: How to EXPLORE and DEEPEN Your SPIRITUAL STORY with Suzanne Adams (Correct Interview)