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 May 15, 2019
very enjoyable and well done. One of my favorite podcast on my list.


We interview the best surfers in the world and the people behind them, so surfers can learn ways to improve their own surfing. The podcast is targeted to open-minded surfers who want to improve and progress their surfing as well as enhance their surf longevity & health. Each interview will educate the listener on ways to refine and progress their surfing and/or increase their surf longevity.

Episode Date
043 Beginning to be Intermediate

Tips and concepts for the beginner surfer to progress.

Show Notes:

Blog post: surfmastery.com/blog/2019/7/18/beginning-to-be-intermediate

Intro/Outro music https://www.katchafireofficial.com/


Jul 30, 2019
042: DONALD BRINK - Surfer, Shaper.
Image: Daryn Goodwin

Image: Daryn Goodwin

Donald Brink is a surfer and board shaper based in SoCal, he is also a fellow ‘surf nerd’ who likes to break-down all aspects of surfing. In this episode we discuss; the purpose of a surfboard, surfing technique, style, wide points, rocker, volume, bottom turns + more. Donald also has his own podcast - Swell with My Soul.

Donald’s website:


His podcast:



Intro/Outro Music:


May 29, 2019
041: Noseriding - with DEVON HOWARD
DevonHoward_KEO_7232 2.jpg

Devon breaks down noseriding & cross stepping, we discuss dry-land and balance training. We talk appropriate traditional longboarding equipment and style. We also get into surfing etiquette, line-up politics and the current state of surfing.

Show Notes:

Appropriate Equipment:



Devon Surfing:






May 07, 2019
040: SAMBA MANN - Surf Coach

Surf Coach Samba Mann talks about the feeling of surfing and how to improve yours.

Show Notes:




Apr 29, 2019
039: ADAM KNOX - Surf Coach & Former Pro

Adam Knox shares his experiences and lessons from pro surfing and working as a surf coach.

Show Notes -





Apr 08, 2019
038: A Surfer Who Only Knows Feeling - MATT FORMSTON - 2X Adaptive Surfing World Champ

Matt goes into detail of the feeling of surfing, the challenges and rewards of surfing blind.

Show Notes:





Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.14.23 PM.png

Apr 04, 2019
037: MATT ARCHBOLD - Speed Style Longevity

Matt’s surfing advice is simple, profound & wise.

Show Notes:



Jan 31, 2019
036: The 'Surfers' Relationship to Surfing

Scott and I discuss our relationships to the ocean & surfing, try to define what a surfer is, and if we even want to be be labeled as one. Is surfing an addiction? Can it be a ‘positive addiction’? Is your surfing guilt-free? How important is surfing to you? Has surfing lost it’s ‘cool’? Are you the master of your surfing? Or is surfing the master of you?

Show Notes:






Oct 31, 2018
035: DAVID HALL - Posture - How to sit on a surfboard.

David Hall is a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Alexander Technique teacher on the northern beaches NSW. David talks about the method, posture, movement, grace, and finishes with an ATM lesson.

David’s website:


ATM Lesson:


Feldenkrais Guild:


Oct 22, 2018
034: ROB BAIN - Former World Tour Pro-Surfer.
Image by: Alex Brunton

Image by: Alex Brunton

Rob Bain pro surfer from Manly Beach, AUS. Rob was ranked No. 5 in 1990 and finished in the top 10 ‘88-’91, won 4 events and even came 3rd at ‘93 longboard champs.

He talks about what drove him to be one of the best, how he learnt to relax and focus in high pressure situations. Memories from his 3rd place in ‘93 Long Board champs and lessons from how riding other boards can help your short-boarding.

Rob also weighs in on the state of surf coaching and individual style, surfboard choice among intermediate surfers.

How to deal with the transition from being a ‘surfer’ to a ‘worker’ in the surf industry.

He also talks about how he recovered form an horrific surfing accident in 2009, and what he learnt form the experience.

His thoughts on mindset, rhythm, flow state, the zone, being in the moment and longevity of performance.

And stories from some of his surfing highlights.

An inspiring icon of Australian surfing.

Rob rides Simon Anderson boards and wears O’Neil wetsuits.

Instagram @bigbadbobbain

Rob also appears regularly on Aint That Swell Podcast. #utfs

Robs G-Land Tsunami near death experience:


Sep 19, 2018
033: Surfers are the Worst

Scott is the former editor of Surfer Magazine and now currently hosts The Boardroom Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-boardroom-podcast/id1387534637

Co-hosts SPIT Podcast -  http://www.spitpodcast.com/

And hosts the The Boardroom Show every year https://boardroomshow.com/

In this episode: What is Style? Why Surfers are the WORST. The origin of surf podcasting, is surfing a sport? Why do we surf? + More.

Are you the master of your surfing or is surfing your master?



Sep 13, 2018
032: MATT GRIGGS - Busting Through Terminal Mediocrity
Matt Griggs & Taylor Knox


In the Taylor Knox episode we touched on the feeling of surfing, in this episode we dive at lot deeper into the 'feeling' of surfing, and how Kelee Meditation can enhance the feeling of surfing, and the quality of your life.

Show Notes:







May 29, 2018
031: TAYLOR KNOX - Awareness, feeling & connection.
Taylor Knox.jpg

Pro surfer Taylor Knox talks about surfing, Kelee meditation, life, and his upcoming Maldives trip with Matt Griggs.

Show Notes:




Taylors' Shaper:




FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out.



May 22, 2018
030: MATT GRAINGER + Balter = Educational & Inspirational Surf Stories
MG Germans.jpg

Matt's passion and progressive attitude towards surfing and surf coaching shines through in the Balter fueled chat, he shares some stories from his younger days of charging big waves with a group of friends who were pushing each other - giving us some insight into the passion and attitude behind what it takes to get good at surfing. He opens up on how he has developed as a coach and is still learning new things to help his clients and friends. Lessons learnt from Tom Carroll, Nick Carroll, Nathan Hedge, Sebastian Zietz (Seabass), Nam Baldwin, Matt Griggs, Wim Hoff, Meditation, different equipment and more. Plus plenty of tips and techniques in amongst the stories.

Show Notes:





May 02, 2018
029: BARTON LYNCH - 1988 World Champ, Surf Coach.

Barton gives some insight into the recent Margret River WCT surfing event, shares with us the best drill to improve your small wave surfing. We also talk about the surf-skate connection, how surf coaches and surfers can use skateboarding to improve technique and fitness, and we discuss the best types of skateboards to use. 

Show Notes:


Streetboardz Kickstarter:


Barton Lynch:



Apr 26, 2018
028: BARRY GREEN - Surf Coach

Barry brings a calm, intelligent and poetic perspective to the world of surf coaching, helping us to question our relationship to surfing, ourselves and the ocean.

Making the Drop founder Barry Green has been surfing for 30 years and coaching surfing professionally since 1998. His vision for a technical & holistic approach to surf coaching grew while working with clients who were at a crossroads in their lives, using surfing as a practice to rediscover purpose and passion in life. He completed the Professional Coaching Course in Integral Coaching from New Ventures West in 2008, adding life coaching skills to an extensive background working with youth and adults as a counsellor, coach and experiential educator. He is blessed with three amazing daughters, and continues to find passion and purpose in helping all levels of surfers ride waves with style, grace and gratitude.



Upcoming Surf Coaching Trip in Central America with Mike and Barry

Email mike@surfmastery.com & barry@makingthedrop.com to find out more.




Mar 26, 2018
027: KYLE THIERMANN - Pro Surfer, Podcaster, Filmmaker.

Kyle Thiermann is a professional surfer, podcaster, and filmmaker from California. He creates gonzo-style mini-documentaries about current issues happening all over the world. Tune in to his podcast for conversations with fascinating people he meets along the way.

Kyle rips small waves and charges big waves, and he wants to keep getting better. He shares some insights into how he got so good and how he plans to improve.

Check out his podcast on iTunes or here:  http://www.kyle.surf/podcast/

Kyle's TED talk:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQIt2JUF-sg


Kyle at Mavricks

Kyle at Mavricks

Mar 22, 2018
026: NAM BALDWIN - Flow, Flow State, "the Zone"

We discuss what Flow is, why some surfers get into 'the zone' more often and more easily than others. How do we train, warm-up and think in a way that elicits more flow. How to turn a bad surf into a great surf. 










Mar 01, 2018
025: CLAYTON NIENABER - Surf Coach, Shaper, shredder.
Image:  Shayne Nienaber

Image: Shayne Nienaber

Clayton shares some of his back-stories into how he became a world-class surfer, surf coach, and surfboard shaper. Clayton has a unique take on advanced surfing, he breaks it down very clearly, simplifying what to most surfers seems magical. We clarify the proper surf stance - squat or lunge? Or Squnge? We talk in depth about Kelly Slater, and even break down one of his waves on a very detailed level. This podcast will give you an in-depth look at the worlds best surfers Kelly Slater - his approach, his technique and some never heard before quotes. 35 mins into the interview we break down a vid of Kelly surfing, so make sure you watch the vid posted below.

Show Notes:

For more info about the Macaronis trip:



Clayton's website:


clayton-surfboards-150x150.jpg SNlogo.png macaronis_surf_resortx2.jpg
Dec 05, 2017
024: KALE BROCK - Author of 'The Gut Healing Protocol'

The link between health and performance is undeniable, so it makes perfect sense to optimise health in order to optimise surfing performance and enjoyment. Health begins in the gut, and in this episode, we discuss gut health and some simple strategies to optimise yours. For more info check out Kale via the links below.

Kale Brock is an Award-nominated writer, producer and speaker. With a background in TV journalism, Kale has a passion for creative storytelling with a special interest in health & wellbeing. His long-awaited documentary, The Gut Movie, investigates the human microbiome in a scientific, quirky & fun journey in which he travels to Namibia to live with The San tribe. Kale’s books, The Gut Healing Protocol and The Art Of Probiotic Nutrition, have generated international acclaim.


The book:  http://kalebrock.com.au/products/ghpbook/

ghp kb.png KaleBrock_Logo_Black-e1439951842718.png
Nov 23, 2017
023: BUD FREITAS - Surf Coach & Shredder.
Bud Freitas tt.jpg

Bud Freitas grew up surfing in Santa Cruz county and has a vast amount of local knowledge in the Santa Cruz area to facilitate your santa cruz surf lessons from Surf School Santa Cruz. Bud spent every waking hour of his young life surfing and exploring the coast of Santa Cruz, and has 20+ years experience in the water surfing his butt off. His credentials on the WQS and other contests speak for itself, and if you want to watch Bud Freitas in action watch the video on the right side of this page, or check out the Photo Gallery and watch Bud ripping with your own eyes! Learn more about Bud Freitas the surfer and teacher







Show Notes:












Sep 18, 2017
022: GEE CORMACK - Surf Coach & Founder of Chix Surf School

Gee Cormack is the founder and head surf coach at Chix Surf School in Sydney Australia. Gee coaches and speaks about surfing on a much deeper level than just technique and wave selection. She helps her clients discover why they surf, and what they want to achieve with their surfing. Helping surfers to find their own rhythm by developing and combining self-awareness with ocean-awareness.

Gee rides - Weapon Surfboards - http://weaponsurfboards.com.au/

Wears - Ion Wetsuits - http://www.ion-products.com/

Skates - Smooth Star - https://smoothstar.com.au

Jun 28, 2017
021: BEN MACARTNEY - Chief Surf Forecaster at Coastalwatch

Ben has been the Head forecaster at Coastalwatch for ten years. In this episode, he explains how waves are made, what he looks for when making surf predictions, dispels some common misbeliefs about reading synoptic charts, describes some of the nuances of swells and most importantly educates us on how to find the best waves. We also talk about how secondary and tertiary swells affect the primary swell and your local break. If you have never looked at a synoptic chart, isobar map, satellite image etc, then this episode may be a little confusing (unless you are in front of google & can look up the referenced images). Below are some links to some introductory tutorials that will get you up to speed pretty quickly. Most of the references are based on Australian, and Indonesian surf. 


Show Notes:

Surf Forecasting Workshop April 2017 - http://www.coastalwatch.com/surfing/21138/victoria-find-out-when-your-local-will-fire

Surf Forecast Glossary - http://www.coastalwatch.com/surfing/13106/surf-forecast-glossary

Surf Forecasting Tutorial - http://www.coastalwatch.com/surfing/forecasting-tutorials

Great Circles - http://www.coastalwatch.com/surfing/177/forecasting-tutorial-great-circles

Tropical Cyclone Winston   

Tropical Cyclone Winston


East Coast Low   

East Coast Low


A long stretch of fetch pointing to Indo

A long stretch of fetch pointing to Indo

Thundercloud Swell June 2012

Thundercloud Swell June 2012

NOAA - http://www.noaa.gov/


Coastalwatch Forecast - http://www.coastalwatch.com/surf-forecasts

Apr 06, 2017
020: MICHAEL GERVAIS - High Performance Psychologist

Michael talks about how your mind affects your surfing, as well as surfing's effect on our minds.

Mindfulness, flow state, being present, living in the now, awareness, in the zone, in the pocket, focus on 'now', meditation, mind-set, surfing philosophy. It's all in here, and it's all relative to surfing.



Show Notes



Mar 21, 2017
019: KARL ATTKINS - Big Wave Surfer

Karl Attkins grew up surfing and competing on Sydney's Northern Beaches, since finishing his competitive career Karl has been chasing big waves. 

Karl talks about the importance of being prepared before committing to a big wave surf. Preparation of body, mind, and equipment is essential before you step outside your comfort zone, and stepping outside your comfort zone is the key to progression. 

Karl also helps us to identify some of the subtleties around fear, intuition, and instinct, and how awareness of them can help you to face your fears, and avoid injury. How Breath Enhancement Training (B.E.T.) with Nam Baldwin has helped his surfing, both big wave and competitive. 

Show Notes:



Dec 21, 2016
018: RU HILL - Surf Coach and Founder of 'Surf Simply'

Ru Hill is originally from the U.K. where he worked teaching both conventional, entry-level surf lessons and also video coaching with young competitors. Ru’s vision was to create a scientifically informed coaching methodology which bridges the gap between the two extremes of beginner and competitor. In 2007 Ru moved to Nosara in Costa Rica, where he set up Surf Simply out of the back of his car. Ten years on Surf Simply has become a high-end coaching resort which books out a year in advance. As well as running the resort, Ru is now a keen water photographer and co-hosts the Surf Simply podcast with Surf Simply's coaching director, Harry Knight.

Ru is a very experienced surf coach and has a unique way of breaking things down. In this interview, Ru gives out plenty of original advice as well as a new perspective on some classic surf coaching tips. Great tips on; how to overcome fear, how to surf more critically, what 'flow' is, plus loads more, enjoy.

Show Notes:




Dec 13, 2016
017: Dr. JOHN DEMARTINI - Performance and Behavior Specialist

Dr. John Demartini - Performance and Behavior Specialist.
Dedicated to Maximizing Your Potential & Helping You to Love Your Life!


John discusses the differences between good surfers and great surfers - those surfers who are truly on the path to surf mastery. What the greats do differently, how they get into flow states (the zone) more consistently and deeply than most surfers. How your emotions can affect your surfing, how to maximize your presence and awareness in the water. How to overcome performance anxiety and much much more.


If you are serious about mastering surfing then John's educational material is essential for maximizing your potential.

John is also a best-selling author, I recommend every surfer reads 'The Values Factor'

There are so many valuable tips in this interview. Enjoy.


Nov 10, 2016
016: JARRED HANCOX - New Zealand National Champ (35+) 2016
Pic: Daniel Valaperta

Pic: Daniel Valaperta

Jarred Hancox - Sponsored surfer from Taranaki New Zealand talks about how surf coaching, nutrition, training, and equipment refinement helped him go from a good surfer in his twenties to NZ (35+) National champ in his thirties.

Results: New Zealand National Champion Over 28s in 2010 & 2011; New Zealand National Champion Over 35s in 2016; Taranaki Surfing Champs Winner 2012; 4 x Opunake Classic winner, 8 x New Plymouth Club Champs winner; 3 x Growcott Memorial Winner; plus many other wins in local events and events around New Zealand. As well as scoring the cover shot on NZ Surf Mag.


Jarred's Sponsors:

1-DA Surfboards: http://1-dashapes.com/




Show Notes:





NZ Surf movies: http://www.damonmeade.com

Jarred at G Land   

Jarred at G Land


Aug 30, 2016
015: NAM BALDWIN - Director of Breath Enhancement Training.

Nam educates us on how the way we breathe affects our nervous system and stress response - therefore our performance in the water. We also discuss breathing in relation to big wave surfing and hold-downs.

Show Notes:


Red Bull brain wave study: http://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/biomedical/imaging/neuroscience-gets-radical-how-to-study-surfers-brain-waves

Aug 01, 2016
014: CLAYTON NIENABER - Surf Coach, Ex-Pro Surfer, Surfboard Shaper.

Clayton shares his unique perspective on advanced surfing techniques, surfboard function and reading the ocean. He breaks down top-to-bottom performance surfing, surfboard function, how to get waves in a crowded line-up and much more.

Show Notes:



Jul 19, 2016
013: RICHARD BENNETT - Performance Psychologist & Author of 'The Surfer's Mind'

Richard was the former WCT Surf Psychologist and shares some valuable tips and strategies to help you master your own 'surfer's mind'  

Show Notes:

Richard's websites:



Get your copy of The Surfer's Mind here: http://www.thesurfersmind.com/book/

Jul 14, 2016
012: ROB CASE - Surfing Paddling Coach

Rob breaks down efficient paddling technique so you can paddle faster, for longer and keep your shoulders healthy. We talk about yawing, hydrodynamics, hand placement & entry, and much more, enjoy.

Show Notes:




Jul 01, 2016
011: CRIS MILLS - Surf Strength Coach

Cris and I talk about surfing, strength training for surfing, surf fitness, surfing injuries and rehab, health, nutrition, & diet. We also discuss how lifestyle choices like EMF exposure, water quality, sleep, blue light exposure & meditation all effect human health - therefore your surfing capacity, longevity & performance.

Show Notes:

Thoracic spine mobility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so9kxCJmbcE

Shoulder mobility https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_eFCw4oYOE

More about Yoga and surfing here: http://surfmastery.com/podcast/2016/5/8/008-peggy-hall-yoga-for-surfers-founder


Cris's Surf Training Success: http://www.surftrainingsuccess.com

More on the Paleo diet here: http://surfmastery.com/podcast/2016/4/12/006-pete-evans-chef-health-coach-author

Some thoughts on water and water filters: https://www.jackkruse.com/setting-up-your-water-system/

Learn more about EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) and health here:  http://www.emfandhealth.com

 ...and here: https://www.jackkruse.com/emf-5-what-are-the-biologic-effects-of-emf/

Paul Chek's '4 Dr's' vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh4qRD6nu1k

More on meditation here: http://surfmastery.com/podcast/2016/3/7/003-matt-griggs-elite-performance-coach

Blue light and sleep: https://chriskresser.com/how-artificial-light-is-wrecking-your-sleep-and-what-to-do-about-it/

f.lux: https://justgetflux.com/

Cris's Website: Surf Strength Coach: http://surfstrengthcoach.com/

Jun 22, 2016
010: TOM CARROLL - Big Wave Surfing & Surfers Ear

Big wave charger Tom Carroll talks about the do's and don'ts of big wave surfing, sharing his knowledge and experience so we can make it as safe as possible. We also talk about surfers ear (exostosis), its causes and how to prevent it.

Show Notes:

Previous Podcast with Tom HERE



Breath Training: http://www.bettraining.com/


Big Wave Boards: http://www.webstersurfboards.com.au/guns/


Jun 08, 2016
009: MARTIN DUNN - Surf Coach - Former Head Coach Team Australia ('09-'13)

Martin has 30 years experience as a surf coach, from beginners to WSL athletes. In this podcast Martin discusses the fundamentals of performance surfing and provides loads of tips for you to take your surfing to the next level.

Show Notes:

Martin's website:  http://www.martindunn.com.au/

Bottom Turn:


More videos here: http://www.martindunn.com.au/



May 18, 2016
008: PEGGY HALL - 'Yoga for Surfers' founder details what Yoga can do for your surfing.

Peggy talks about how Yoga can increase your surfing performance, help avoid common surfing injuries, and much more. 

Show Notes:



Breath of fire: https://vimeo.com/104648477

Peggy's Surf-Specific Nutrition



May 09, 2016
007: NATHAN HEDGE - Breaks down Bells Beach & performance surfing.

Hedgy talks about surfing Bells Beach, surf longevity and performance surfing.  Hedgy is one of the best backhand surfers to surf bells beach and talks about some of the nuances on how challenging it is surf. The speed of the wave and its many different moods, sections and conditions it works in. Rip curl pro bells beach happens every April.

Nathan also explains how he got to such a high level, and how he has maintained his level into his thirties. Also tells us how he bet Kelly Slater in a heat.


Hedgy likes:





Apr 27, 2016
006: PETE EVANS - Chef, Health Coach & Author talks about nutrition and surfing.

Chef Pete Evans summarises the Paleo diet and discusses how it may just help you to surf better - and for longer. 

Show Notes:




Nora Gedgaudas - http://www.primalbody-primalmind.com/





Apr 13, 2016
005: MATT SCORRINGE - Ex Pro Turned Surf Coach & Founder of 'The Art of Surfing'

Former Pro Surfer and Current NZ Junior team coach Matt Scorringe reveals some of the strategies and surfing tips he uses with his clients.

Summary - Try isolating one specific aspect of your surfing i.e. speed. Spend 20 mins racing to the end of each wave as fast as you can. Experiment with how fast you can surf, forget about turns, just get to the end of the wave as quick as possible. You will be surprised how fast you can surf. Foot placement is very important, a 1cm shift can make a big difference in the way your board feels and performs. Play around with some subtle adjustments next time you surf.

Raw Irons clip:


Mick Fanning spreads his wings:


For more info about Matt and to book a coaching session click HERE

Mar 21, 2016
004: DR JEREMY SHEPPARD - (Former) Head of Strength and Conditioning/Sports Science Manager at Surfing Australia.

Dr Jeremy Sheppard outlines some of the methods he & his team use to train elite level surfers and gives recommendations for exercise and training that complement all levels of surfing, surf longevity and injury prevention.

Summary - Next level surfing requires next level strength, mobility, and athleticism and you can fast track your development using smart strength training and mobility protocols. Jeremy goes into detail on some exercises and benchmarks that have been proven beneficial for surfing. Chin-up strength has a strong correlation to sprint paddling speed - Jeremy goes into detail on this at the 15:40min mark. Top to bottom surfing can be likened to jumping and landing, learning how to jump and land correctly can increase performance and help prevent injury. If you exercise outside of surfing then this is a must listen, if you don't then this episode will inspire you to train.

Show Notes:

Mobility Vid:


Deep Squat Vid:


Gymnastic Push-up Vid:


Gymnastic chin-up Vid:


Great vid that Surfing Australia did on surf training:


Prague School of Physiotherapy:



Foundation Training:



Jeremy did another podcast interview, take a listen here:



For more info about training at the HPC with Jeremy's team click the HPC logo below:

Mar 14, 2016
003: MATT GRIGGS - Elite Performance Coach talks about surfing better, meditation, and flow.

Matt shares some valuable information about surfing, meditation, and 'mind'. This one deserves multiple listens.

Summary - Become more aware of the feeling of surfing. “you don't think balance, you feel it” Good surfers are very in touch with the ‘feeling’ of surfing, when you arefocused on the feeling then you are in the present moment, you are in touch with your body awareness, spatial awareness, and board-feel. As soon as you focus solely on your vision (what you can see) and looking for the next section 5 m away then you are living in the future... “You can't feel up ahead, your not there yet” Learn how to detach from fear, doubt, and brain chatter so you can focus on the feeling of surfing in the present moment and increase your surfing awareness. Every technical mistake in preceded by a mental one, to be in the zone we need to be present, you cannot be in the present moment if you are thinking about the future i.e. a section 5 meters away. The greater your self-awareness is, the more space and time you have to implement change and create new and better habits, be it technique, posture, grace etc.

Show Notes:

Matt's website:


More on Kelee Meditation:






Mar 07, 2016
002: TOM CARROLL - 2x World champ shares some insights into how he got so good.

Tom talks about some of the strategies he used to take his surfing to the next level, as well as some great tips on surf longevity and nutrition. 

Summary - Look for the detail on the wave. Pay close attention to the finer details of the wave, the wind chops, the secondary swell, the backwash, every bump, nook, and cranny. Look at the way the light reflects off of every small ripple, look to see where and how water is moving and where it is moving most so you can generate speed. If you want to surf small waves better, then this is how. Get focused and start paying attention… and put the time in - lots of practice!


Contact Tom at tom@tomcarrollpaddlesurf.com

Julian Wilson doing some agility training with Pro Movement:


Feb 28, 2016
001: MATT GRAINGER - NSW High performance coach talks about surf training and how to better yourself in the water.


Matt shares some of his vast knowledge he has acquired during his time as a; pro surfer, free surfer, NSW Elite Performance Coach, NSW Junior Team Coach, Manly Surf School CEO/Founder.

Surf with surfers that are better than you, it will inspire you to get better. Watch them very closely, what they do with their arms, foot placement etc. 

Good surfers paddle hard, pop up fast then create ‘lift’ to generate speed. What happens before your first bottom turn is what sets up the rest of your wave. Great surfers are great paddlers and can pop up very fast. When the waves are under 4ft they throw their arms up and forward to create lift & forward momentum to generate speed, watch some surf movies in slo-mo to see this and go out and try it


Some good surfing in some average waves can be viewed here:


Pop-up vid here:


Paddling vid here:


More info on Matt:


Here is a pic of Matt charging some big waves:

Matt can be contacted through these links:



Feb 27, 2016