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A fun and energetic look at the world of art education.

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Ep. 221 - 5 Ideas and 5 Museums for Virtual Tours

Whether you are teaching in person or working with students via distance learning, virtual museum tours are a great way to engage your students and incorporate art history. In today's episode, Tim shares 5 tips to help your students make the most of their virtual museum experience, as well as 5 suggestions for museums to visit.

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Jun 02, 2020
Ep. 220 - Closing the Studio for the Year

Closing down the art room for the year was a unique and difficult experience this time around. As Tim discussed last week, teachers and students everywhere are missing out on their last pieces of learning and their final goodbyes. Today, Abby Schukei joins Tim to talk about what we missed out on this year, how we can make the most of our summers, and why she is feeling hopeful for the future.

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May 26, 2020
Ep. 219 - Considerations for the End of the Year

With schools closed everywhere, this end to the school year is unique. And difficult. Teachers and students everywhere are missing out on their last pieces of learning and their final goodbyes. In this episode, Tim shares some of his thoughts on wrapping up the year, what we can do to help ourselves and our students, and ideas for the summer and fall. 

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May 19, 2020
Ep. 218 - Is Now the Right Time for PD?

With so much happening right now, some teachers wouldn't dream of working on professional development. Other teachers have already begun to dive in. Today, AOEU's Director of K-12 PD, Amanda Heyn, joins Tim for a conversation on the best time for professional development. Listen as they discuss summertime PD, improving your teaching, and how you can make a decision as to what type of learning is right for you.

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May 12, 2020
Ep. 217 - Connecting from a Distance

With distance learning still in full swing, teachers are finding that it's becoming more and more difficult to stay connected with our students and keep them engaged. Today, however, Jenn Russell comes back to the show to share some of her best ideas on how to connect with students from a distance. 

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May 05, 2020
Ep. 216 - The Quarantine Mailbag with Andrew McCormick

This week is the return of Art Ed Radio's former co-host, Andrew McCormick! Now that he has some time on his hands, he joins Tim for a mailbag episode. Listen as the guys discuss quarantine activities, distance teaching, and the importance (or not) of professional development during this time. 

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Apr 28, 2020
Ep. 215 - Choose Your Art History Quarantine House

In this week's episode, Tim has decided to make the topic a little bit lighter. He brings on Lena Rodriguez to talk art history and their favorite artists to hang out with in quarantine. Listen as they discuss Maya Lin, Frida Kahlo, and more, as well as the power of giant portraits and how Tim can learn to love bling.

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Apr 21, 2020
Ep. 214 - Why We Need to Talk About Mental Health

We should talk about mental health on a more consistent basis, but that fact has become more important as we spend more time away from each other. In this episode, Tim welcomes Jen Leban on to share their stories about dealing with mental health and discuss why it needs to be a more regular topic of conversation. 

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Apr 14, 2020
Ep. 213 - Making Online Learning Engaging

We know how difficult it is to make connections with our students right now, but one important way we can connect is to make online learning more fun! In this episode, Lindsey Moss joins Tim to share some of her best ideas for online meetings, including Pictionary, scavenger hunts, and more.

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Apr 07, 2020
Ep. 212 - Helping Yourself and Your Students

As we continue to settle into this new normal, we learn more about everything we will need to deal with moving forward. Today, Tim is joined by AOEU writer Sarah Krajewski to discuss mental health, ideas for distance learning, and the power of positivity. 

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Mar 31, 2020
Ep. 211 - Managing Life at Home During School Closures

Our art teaching is in a state of upheaval right now, as schools everywhere close because of the Coronavirus. Before you can find success teaching, however, it is important that you have your life at home in order. In today's episode, AOEU's Director of K-12 PD Amanda Heyn joins Tim to talk about everything needed to take care of yourself and your family.

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AOEU's Coronavirus Resources Page
The 99PI Episode that Tim recommended

Mar 24, 2020
Ep. 210 - Surveying the State of Art Education

Every year, the Art of Education University conducts a nationwide survey to take the pulse of the art education world. Today, Tim talks to AOEU Senior Editor Megan Dehner about the 2020 State of Art Education survey and its results. Listen as they discuss their biggest surprises, biggest concerns, and reasons to be optimistic about the state of art education.

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Mar 17, 2020
Ep. 209 - How Might the Coronavirus Affect Our Classrooms?

With the Coronavirus continuing to spread and schools around the world being closed, it is time to discuss how these events might affect our classroom. Today, Tim talks to Libby Beaty, a teacher in South Korea whose school was recently closed. Listen as they discuss the adjustments being made by students and teachers, the technology that has been most helpful, and how you can still create a classroom community from a distance.

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Mar 10, 2020
Ep. 208 - Working Toward a More Creative Classroom

We talk often about how we want our kids to be more creative with their ideas, and how we can get them to think more creatively. But how do we foster that type of development? In this episode, Tim shares some of his best strategies for creative exercises and favorite ways to develop creativity in your classroom.

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Mar 03, 2020
Ep. 207 - Calming the Classroom Chaos

Classroom management is the neverending challenge for so many art teachers. How do you help your kids find success when there is chaos everywhere you turn? Listen as Tim shares some of his best strategies for organizing your classroom, helping your kids learn (and remember) routines, and calm the chaos in your room.

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Feb 25, 2020
Ep. 206 - Soundtracking Your Art Room

It is an age-old question in the art room . . . do you let kids listen to music while they work, or do you make them put their earbuds away? Today, Tim talks with Elizabeth Peterson from The Inspired Classroom about soundtracking your art room and ways to bring more music to your students. Listen as they discuss types of music, art projects related to music, and the best ways to introduce new music to your students.

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Feb 18, 2020
Ep. 205 - A Closer Look at FLEX Curriculum

After the introduction of FLEX Curriculum last week, the response from teachers and districts has been overwhelming. So this week, it's time to dive deeper. AOEU's Senior Editor, Megan Dehner, joins Tim to talk all about FLEX. Listen as they discuss how the platform meets and adapts to teachers' needs, how to get FLEX in your district, and answer some of the most pressing questions about the curriculum.

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Feb 11, 2020
Ep. 204 - Introducing FLEX Curriculum

It is a big day at The Art of Education University today, as we announce our newest offering--FLEX Curriculum. AOEU's Director of K-12 Curriculum, Cassidy Reinken, joins Tim to talk all about FLEX. Listen as they discuss how the platform meets and adapts to teachers' needs, and how FLEX helps them plan and deliver the perfect curriculum for their students. 

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Feb 04, 2020
Ep. 203 - Art Teacher Hacks and Art Ed NOW Ideas

Today, Rachel Albert returns to the show to talk to Tim about her favorite art teacher hacks. Listen as they discuss some of her best ideas, favorite projects, and how to make your life easier in the art room. They also dive into the upcoming  Art Ed Now conference, where Rachel will be presenting once again. 

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Jan 28, 2020
Ep. 202 - The Art of Bookbinding

Today, Caitlyn Thompson (aka Coach T) returns to the show to talk to Tim about everything related to bookbinding. Listen as they discuss her favorite tools, favorite projects, and the best ways to bring bookbinding into your classroom. Caitlyn also gives a quick preview of her upcoming  Art Ed Now presentation. 

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Jan 21, 2020
Ep. 201 - Mantras, Murals, and Motivation

The Art Room Glitter Fairy is back! Sarah Krajewski returns to the show to talk to Tim about everything she has been creating and teaching over the past few months, and together they preview the upcoming Art Ed Now Conference. Listen as they discuss mindfulness, painting murals, and how to make PD exciting and worthwhile.

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Jan 14, 2020
Ep. 200 - The New Year's Mailbag

We are finally into the new year, and Tim is going to celebrate with a mailbag episode! Today, he answers questions from listeners on a wide range of topics, starting with New Year's resolutions. The discussion then moves into art history, deep cleaning the art room, and how to start the second semester right. Tim then closes out the show with a thank you for 200 episodes and sharing what inspires people to be better teachers.

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Jan 07, 2020
Ep. 199 - Fiber Arts at the Secondary Level

In today's episode, Tim askes Amber Kane to come on the show to discuss Fiber Arts and how more teachers can incorporate fibers into their curriculum. Amber has a new PRO Learning Pack out this month, and in this conversation, she shares a few of her best ideas from that pack. Listen as she and Tim discuss why students enjoy learning fiber arts, where to find inspiration, and how simple ideas can transfer into bigger projects.

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Dec 17, 2019
Ep. 198 - Inside the Studio with CJ Hendry

In this very special episode of Art Ed Radio, Tim is in the Brooklyn studio of artist CJ Hendry. CJ is best known for her hyperrealistic drawings of Pantone color chips, Rorshach blots, luxury items, and her installations that showcase those drawings. During this discussion, she talks with Tim about inspiration and creativity,  how we experience art, and the process behind creating her incredible drawings.

If you would like to hear even more from CJ, she will be the featured presenter on February 1st at the 2020 Art Ed Now Winter Online Conference. Details can be found at

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Dec 10, 2019
Ep. 197 - Simple Ideas for Getting Started with Digital Art

The possibilities available with digital art are endless, but it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. Tim welcomes Don Masse back to the show to talk about his best lessons and ideas for digital art. Listen as they discuss the best experiments to try with your students, the benefits of working digitally with your students, and the best way to balance digital and traditional work in your curriculum.

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Dec 03, 2019
Ep. 196 - Self-Care for Art Teachers

We feel like we need to do everything as art teachers, but the truth is, we can't do it all. And we shouldn't! It is important--especially at this time of year--to take the time to care for yourself. In today's episode, Tim is joined by Elizabeth Peterson from The Inspired Classroom to talk about self-care for the art teacher. Listen as they discuss why we need to take stock of the stress in our life, strategies for self-care, and ideas that work for creative people.

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Nov 26, 2019
Ep. 195 - Art Therapy for Art Teachers

Today's episode takes a look one of AOEU’s newest and most popular graduate courses, Art Therapy for Art Teachers. Shannon Lauffer returns to the show to discuss the new course with Tim. Listen as they cover a variety of topics, including increased awareness of the benefits of art therapy, ideas on how we can help our students, and the importance of social and emotional well-being.

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Nov 19, 2019
Ep. 194 - My Pencil Made Me Do It! Sketchnoting with Carrie Baughcum

As sketchnoting continues to gain popularity in all different types of educational circles, more and more teachers come to their art room to learn our secrets. But in all honesty, is it really a secret that visual thinking can help kids learn? Teacher, author, and sketchnoter extraordinaire Carrie Baughcum joins Tim today to discuss her approach to visual notetaking, helping our kids break down some barriers, and her new book "My Pencil Made Me Do It!"

Nov 12, 2019
Ep. 193 - Master's Degree Mailbag

With AOEU enrolling its 300th student, this week's episode will answer some of the most common questions coming in about the Master's Degree. Tim welcomes the Dean of The Art of Education University, Heather Crockett, and they open up the proverbial mailbag to answer questions from current and prospective students.

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Nov 05, 2019
Ep. 192 - 6 Creepy Artworks to Celebrate Halloween

It is Halloween week, and Tim's favorite way to celebrate is by talking about the creepiest artworks he can find from art history! Fellow art history nerd Jenn Russell comes on as they discuss some of the best paintings to show your students for Halloween.

  • Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette, van Gogh
  • The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, Rembrandt
  • The Face of War, Salvador Dali
  • Saturn Devouring his Son, Goya
  • Judith Cutting of the Head of Holofernes, Artemesia Gentileschi
  • Two Fridas, Frida Kahlo

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Oct 29, 2019
Ep. 191 - New Ideas for Fibers, Sculpture, and Metals

As Tim continues to bring on new guests and share new ideas, he welcomes Caroline Gardner to talk about what is happening in her classroom. Listen as they discuss shibori fabric dyeing, teaching jewelry techniques to middle schoolers, and a plethora of other ideas. 

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Oct 22, 2019
Ep. 190 - Art for All: Universal Design for Learning

It is incredibly difficult to design your classroom in a way that works for all learners. Author and art teacher Liz Byron has tried to do exactly that in her book Art for All: Planning for Variability in the Visual Arts Classroom. Listen as they discuss student variability, customizing instruction, and the best ways to design your classroom for learning and engagement.

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Oct 15, 2019
Ep. 189 - Always Moving Forward

We always love to look for new things to try in our classrooms, and few teachers do it better than Caitlyn Thompson. In today's episode, she joins Tim to talk about some of her amazing lessons, why she thinks of herself as a coach in the art room, and why she is always looking for fresh ideas to explore.

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Oct 08, 2019
Ep. 188 - Strategies to Support Social and Emotional Learning.mp3

As teachers, we understand that social and emotional learning is a vital part of what we do in our art rooms. Dr. Wynita Harmon joins Tim on today's episode to discuss strategies for incorporating more social and emotional learning into your classroom. Listen as they discuss building relationships with our students, the role art teachers play in developing our students' learning, and simple ideas that you can utilize immediately.

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Oct 01, 2019
Ep. 187 - Exploration and Experimentation in Drawing

Tim welcomes a new guest to the podcast this week! Stan Dodson, art teacher from Augusta, Georgia, joins Tim to talk about how we can encourage kids to take more chances, experiment, and explore in their drawing. Listen as they discuss their favorite drawing projects, ideas for materials and techniques, and why you need to bring in donuts for your classes soon.

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Sep 24, 2019
Ep. 186 - Managing Behaviors and Avoiding Escalation

After publishing her popular article last week, Abby sits down with Tim to discuss the best strategies to manage student behavior and keep those behaviors from escalating. Listen as they discuss oppositional defiant disorder, how to stay calm in the face of misbehavior, and why you should be a "second-to-last word teacher." 

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Sep 17, 2019
Ep. 185 - Simple (and Inexpensive!) Sculpture Ideas

Too many teachers find their budget to be the biggest concern in their classroom. It is a constant struggle when you don't have enough money, there are never enough supplies, and we seem to never have everything that we need to teach the way we want to teach. Listen as Tim gives suggestions for inexpensive sculpture materials, how to build your students' problem-solving skills, and how to get creative to stretch that budget.

Resources and Links

Art with Coach T's Instagram
Matt Young's Ideas for Mixed Media Sculptures
Tim's Article on Sculpture Ideas

Sep 10, 2019
Ep. 184 - Finding Time for Better Professional Development

With so many teachers sitting through professional development of questionable relevance, it's time to look for a better option. Today, Art Ed PRO director Amanda Heyn joins Tim to discuss the best options for better art teacher PD. Listen as they talk about what PD should do for teachers, their favorite learning packs in the PRO library, how to approach your admin about getting PRO for your school. 

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Sep 03, 2019
Ep. 183 - Building Awareness and Empathy

Jonathan Juravich returns to the show to talk more about how we teach awareness and empathy in the art room. Since his last appearance, Jonathan has given a TED talk and continued to spread the word about the importance of social and emotional learning. Listen as he and Tim discuss what it's like to give a TED talk, how we make the art room a safe space for our kids, and why we need to have purposeful conversations with our kids.  

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Aug 27, 2019
Ep. 182 - Are Connections More Important than Content

Are you a teacher that gets things started as soon as the bell rings, or are you willing to take a couple of minutes to converse before beginning instruction? In this episode, Tim argues for the latter, sharing why he thinks it's important to spend more time talking to your kids. Listen as he discusses why you need to get to know your kids, strategies for building connections, and the benefits you will see when kids know you really care about them.  

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Aug 20, 2019
Ep. 181 - Innovative Ceramics Ideas

Amanda O'Shaughnessy is an elementary art teacher from Kansas City who does incredible ceramic work with her kids. After her wildly popular Art Ed Now presentation, she comes on the podcast with Tim to share even more of her ideas. Listen as they discuss why she brings advanced ideas to her younger kids, the importance of making connections on Instagram, and her best advice for people to advance their ceramics instruction. 

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Aug 13, 2019
Ep. 180 - Blown Away with Momoko Schafer

There's never a bad time to talk about blowing glass, particularly with the popularity of Netflix's show Blown Away. Today, Tim talks to contestant Momo Schafer about her experience in the glassblowing world and her time on the show. Listen as they discuss Momo's life and artistic career, some behind-the-scenes stories from the show, and ideas for helping your students appreciate what happens in a hot shop. 

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Aug 06, 2019
Ep. 179 - Art Ed Now Recap

The 2019 Summer Art Ed Now conference is in the books, and Tim is here with Lindsey Moss and Abby Schukei break it all down! Listen as they discuss their highlights from the conference, their admiration for Ron Clark, and their a-ha moments and takeaways from the presenters. 

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Jul 30, 2019
Ep. 178 - The Official Art Ed Now Preview

Conference week is finally here! With Art Ed Now coming up in just two days, AOEU's Lindsey Moss joins Tim to preview everything coming up on Thursday. They talk about Lindsey's excitement for her upcoming conference presentation, her love of putting together giant packets of information and resources to share with everyone, and the presentations they are most looking forward to this time around. 

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Jul 23, 2019
Ep. 177 - Communication and Collaboration

One thing we don't think about often enough, and rarely take the time to reflect on, is how we communicate. Today, AOEU's Amber Kane talks to Tim about the importance of communication and how it can affect collaboration in our classrooms and our schools at large. Listen as they discuss what we need to ask ourselves about communication, how we play to our strengths, and how we take those strengths into our classrooms. 

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Jul 16, 2019
Ep. 176 - Introducing Nic Hahn as the Everyday Art Room Host

As you may have heard, the Everyday Art Room podcast has a new host this week--Nic Hahn! You may know Nic from her Mini Matisse blog, her Instagram, or her many Art Ed Now conference presentations. Today, ahead of her debut episode on Everyday Art Room, she sits down to talk to Tim about her new show, finding her place as an educator, and what she wants to share with art teachers around the world. 

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Jul 09, 2019
Ep. 175 - Taking Care of Yourself Over the Summer

Inspired by his time at the AOEU Team Retreat, Tim is here to talk about everything you can do to make the summer meaningful. That may be a little bit of artmaking, a little bit of PD, or a lot of nothing. Listen as he discusses why we need to find time for ourselves, how that helps our students, and why you might just want to visit an arts festival in the summer months.   

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Jul 02, 2019
Ep. 174 - Bringing the Art of Tattoos into Your Classroom

Have you ever talked about tattooing with your students? Would you ever make tattoos part of your curriculum? Today's episode tells you why you may want to consider the idea. Tattoo artist and educator Joseph Swanson joins Tim to discuss why tattoos fit into so much of what we do in the art room, including art history, interpersonal relationships, and social and emotional learning.  

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Jun 25, 2019
Ep. 173 - Michael Bell and How to Get PD That Actually Matters

The always-inspiring and always-entertaining Michael Bell is back on the podcast this week! He's had some changes in his professional life, and he's here to talk to Tim about how he's bringing art in his district to a higher level. Listen as they discuss the role of an art supervisor, the incredible new ArtScene show Michael spearheaded, and why Art Ed PRO has been a game changer for his district.   

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Jun 18, 2019
Ep. 172 - Banishing Those Boring Critiques

It can be difficult to run successful critiques in your classroom, and find ways to get all your kids involved. But there are so many strategies to ease your kids in to these valuable and engaging learning experiences. Today, Tim is joined by Dr. Lisa Casey to talk about the power of critiques and how to get them started in your classroom. Listen as they discuss strategies for engagement, ideas for all levels of critiques, and how students grow throughout the year through participation and discussion.  

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Jun 11, 2019
Ep. 171 - Ron Clark: The Power of Passion and Engagement

Ron Clark--founder of the Ron Clark Academy--joins AOEU's Shannon Lauffer for an interview on this very special episode of Art Ed Radio. Ron shares the story of his life and his career in education, and he is equal parts engaging, hilarious, and inspirational. Listen as he and Shannon discuss his experience teaching in Harlem, the founding of the Ron Clark Academy, his time on the show Survivor, and what it takes to be an incredible teacher.  

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Jun 04, 2019
Ep. 170 - Keeping Kids Engaged Through the End of the Year

The end of the year is difficult for teachers, and possibly the most difficult part of that is keeping students engaged. In this episode, Jordan DeWilde joins Tim to talk about his ideas to keep students creating meaningful work until they are gone for the summer. Listen as they discuss collaboration, engagement, and the best lessons to help students end the year strong.   

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May 28, 2019
Ep. 169 - The Memory Projects Global Art Exchange

If you have worked with the Memory Project any time before, you know what an incredible organization they are and what meaningful opportunities they provide for our students. Today, they are announcing a new program! Listen as Tim talks to Nora Feldman about the Global Art Exchange, including discussion on how the project came about, what they hope to accomplish, and how you can get your students to participate.   

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May 21, 2019
Ep. 168 - The Case for More Collaboration

We talk all the time--and hear all the time--about the benefits of collaboration, but how often do we actually follow through? On today's episode, one of AOEU's newest writers, Nick Gehl, talks to Tim about how and why we should approach collaboration with an open mind. Listen as they discuss why consistency is so important when collaborating, who all benefits from collaboration, and why we get better over time. 

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May 14, 2019
Ep. 167 - Tiny Art Show

You have probably seen the Tiny Art Show popping up all over Facebook and Instagram lately--a tiny version of the galleries we know so well, just unique and more accessible. Today, the art teacher behind the Tiny Art Show--McKay Lanker Bayer--comes on the show to talk with Tim about how it got started, how she gets her students involved, and where the Tiny Art Show goes from here.  

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May 07, 2019
Ep. 166 - Strategies for Advocacy

Now that we are a few weeks removed from Youth Art Month, it is the perfect time to reflect on what we do to advocate for our kids and our program. Kristy Lopez and Karen Mannino, co-chairs of YAM for the Art Educators of New Jersey, join Tim to talk about why advocacy is so important, how you promote your program, and why we need to tell our story all year long.  

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Apr 30, 2019
Ep. 165 - Reflections on the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

After the fire at Notre-Dame last week, Tim takes some time to reflect today on what the cathedral means to art teachers and why we were so affected by seeing it catch fire. Jenn Russell joins Tim to share her experience of visiting the cathedral, how we process this news as art teachers, and how we broach the subject with our students.  

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Apr 23, 2019
Ep. 164 - Making the Art Room Glow Black Light Art

If you're looking for a simple way to add some excitement and engagement in your art room, this episode is for you! One of AOEU's newest writers, Sarah Krajewski, is here to share about black light art. Listen as she tells Tim about her black light art show, some simple projects that anyone can implement, and why she uses an art room mantra for herself and her kids.   

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Apr 16, 2019
Ep. 163 - Encaustics Made Easy

Incorporating encaustic painting into your curriculum can seem daunting. You're probably envisioning tricky processes and costly materials. But you might be surprised to learn how simple it can be. In this episode, Lena Rodriguez joins Tim to dive into one of her favorite mediums, and gives advice on how to get started. Listen as they talk about why kids love encaustic painting, the materials you need to get started, and even a couple lessons for when you first get going. 

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Apr 09, 2019
Ep. 162 - Making Your Teaching Life Easier

Abby Schukei makes a quick return to the podcast to discuss her latest article with Tim. They talk about all of her ideas and suggestions for what you need in your classroom to make your life easier. Listen as they cover painting supplies and organization, simple ceramic hacks, and why you need to start spray painting your permanent markers.  

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Apr 02, 2019
Ep. 161 - When You Want to Try Arts Integration

On today's episode, after 6 months away, Andrea Slusarski makes her triumphant return! She and Tim talk all things arts integration, which has been Andrea's focus throughout this school year. Listen as they discuss what subjects are easiest to combine with art, strategies to get your staff on board, and why there is still room for art for art's sake.   

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Mar 26, 2019
Ep. 160 - The Things Art Teachers Love to Hate

There are always things art teachers love to hate, like bad fonts, mechanical pencils, PD days (especially PD days). But Abby Schukei is here to talk to Tim about why maybe these aren't so bad. They discuss her article that published yesterday about how to focus on the silver lining with those things you don't necessarily love, and why positivity is so important as a teacher.  

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Mar 19, 2019
Ep. 159 - Why Kids Need More Than Reward Systems

Reward systems can work for some instances of classroom management. But more often than not, there is a better way. On today's episode, Tim talks to Rachel Albert about how they can move beyond reward systems to more effective strategies for managing their classrooms. Listen as they discuss the benefits of intrinsic motivation, options beyond simple reward systems, and why you should strive for a welcoming community in your classroom.

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Mar 12, 2019
Ep. 158 - Getting Through Your Most Difficult Months

As we move through the middle of our most difficult months of teaching, Tim has some thoughts on how to make things easier on yourself. Listen as he talks about how to use advocacy to avoid burnout, making time for yourself and your own artmaking, and why you need to set some goals for the coming months. 

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Mar 05, 2019
Ep. 157 - Introducing AOEUs New Studio Photography Course

In case a new University designation and a new Master's Degree weren't enough, AOEU is launching a new Studio: Photography graduate course on March 1st. Dr. Sarah Ackermann joins Tim to discuss teaching photography, creating your own work both digitally and in the darkroom, and how the new course tries to combine those two concepts into a unique learning experience.  

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Feb 26, 2019
Ep. 156 - So You Want to Apply to AOEU . . .

With last month's announcement that The Art of Education has become AOEU, there has been a lot of interest in the University and the Master's Degree. AOEU Head of Admissions Shannon Lauffer is here to discuss that interest with Tim, and in this episode they talk about who is applying for the degree, the highs and lows of starting an admissions department, and give a quick rundown of the application process. 

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Feb 19, 2019
Ep. 155 - The Art Ed Now Mailbag

Still basking in the glow from the Art Ed Now conference, Tim opens up the mailbag to answer all of the questions that have been coming his way. Listen as he shares a behind-the-scenes look at how he prepares for the conference, talks about some of his favorite presenters, and maybe lets you in on a couple secrets for what new things will be coming this summer. 

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Feb 12, 2019
Ep. 154 - The Art Ed Now Conference Recap

The 2019 Winter Art Ed Now conference is in the books, and Tim is here with Lindsey Moss break it all down! Listen as they discuss their highlights from the conference, their new love for Paul Topolos and appreciation for Pixar, and their a-ha moments and takeaways from the presenters.  

Resources and Links 

The Winter Conference Recap is Here
The Paul Topolos Podcast Interview
If you missed this conference, there's always the next one! 

Feb 05, 2019
Ep. 153 - Teaching Students to Find and Use Their Artistic Voice

Conference week is finally here, and after a short chat about the upcoming event, Lena Rodriguez joins Tim for an interview about her presentation that will be happening. They discuss the responsibilities of the artists, how to teach students to find their artistic voice, and how these concepts can combine to help our students speak clearly through their work. 

Resources and Links

Jan 29, 2019
Ep. 152 - Making the Most of Your Art Ed Now Experience

Art Ed Now presenter Rachel Albert joins Tim from Toronto to talk about everything related to the conference. They discuss Rachel's upcoming presentation on using Google Classroom in art class, her process of creating her successful presentation, and how to make the most of your conference experience on February 2nd.  

Resources and Links

Jan 22, 2019
Ep. 151 - Paul Topolos

Animator Paul Topolos is known for his work on films such as The Incredibles, Cars, Toy Story 3, and the Star Wars prequels. He will be the featured presenter at the Art Ed Now Winter Conference on February 2nd, and today he is on Art Ed Radio. Tim visits Paul in his San Francisco home and studio for an enlightening interview on storytelling, artmaking, and inspiration.

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Jan 15, 2019
Ep. 150 - A Whole New Kind of University

The Art of Education is now the Art of Education University, and we are proud to be able to offer a Master's Degree in Art Education. But, as always, AOEU is not just about a degree--it is about learning at every stage of your career. Listen as Tim talks to AOEU Founder and CEO Derek Balsley about the new Master's degree being offered, what is developing in the world of higher education, and how The Art of Education University can change the thinking about what a university should be. 

Resources and Links

Jan 08, 2019
Ep. 149 - The Journey to AOEU

The Art of Education is now the Art of Education University, and we are proud to be able to offer a Master's Degree in Art Education. Listen as AOEU Founder and President Jessica Balsley discusses the path to becoming a university, why she's so excited to make this announcement, and how this new Master's Degree can work for art teachers everywhere.  Full episode transcript below. 

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Jan 08, 2019
Ep. 148 - How to Use the Holidays for Advocacy

In the last episode before the holiday break, Tim invites AOE writer Abby Schukei back on the show to talk about how you can actually use the holidays as an opportunity for advocacy. Listen as they discuss the best projects you can complete before break, new ideas and systems for organization, and ways to make your classroom feel a little bit better when you return from some time off.  

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Dec 18, 2018
Ep. 147 - How to Build Student Confidence

In this episode, Ryan Loeppky returns to the show to explore more ideas about teaching with Tim (as the two usually do). They talk about how to build student confidence and help kids find their artistic voice. Listen as they discuss skill building, encouraging the creation of original work, and why we need to work alongside kids rather than handing down ideas from above.

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Dec 11, 2018
Ep. 146 - Social and Emotional Artistic Learning SEAL

Social and emotional learning is a topic that is not discussed enough, and it is important that all art teachers start to see how they can begin connecting their art lessons to social and emotional learning. In this episode, Tim welcomes Elizabeth Peterson from The Inspired Classroom to talk about these topics and many more. Listen as they discuss Arts Integration, caring for and connecting with our kids, and why every teacher needs to always remain open-minded.  

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Dec 04, 2018
Ep. 145 - The Post Thanksgiving Mailbag

It's time for Tim to clear out the inbox and answer some listener questions! The post-Thanksgiving mailbag includes discussion on kids stealing artwork, improving the creative process, and how to critique kids without hurting their confidence. And maybe a few words on why a TED talk on flag design may be just the thing your class needs right now.


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Nov 27, 2018
Ep. 144 - Why You Need to Paint Your Staff Bathrooms

Are you looking to improve morale amongst your colleagues and staff? Why not paint your staff bathrooms? It may sound like an idea that's a little bit out there, but AOE Writer and Instructor Debi West will convince you it's the way to go! Listen as she talks to Tim about the inspiration behind the idea, how she works with her kids to advocate for her program, and what she is thankful for as an art teacher. 

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Nov 20, 2018
Ep. 143 - 5 Tips for Teaching English Language Learners

Megan Dehner has done videos and PRO packs for AOE, and now she is a part of the writing team. In this episode, Tim brings Megan on to introduce herself, talk about her upcoming writing, and most importantly, her best strategies for teaching English Language Learners. 

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Nov 13, 2018
Ep. 142 - A View From My Run with Author/Illustrator Lori Richmond

Author and Illustrator Lori Richmond joins Tim today to talk about running, creativity, and art. Lori's acclaimed "View From My Run" series illustrates the scenes that she passes as she trains for the New York City Marathon. She is also a children's book author and illustrator, and she and Tim talk today about running marathons, finding time to be creative, and how we can help students appreciate the artmaking process.  

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Nov 06, 2018
Ep. 141 - Why You Need to Start Using Colored Clay

If you are looking for a good way to add something to your ceramics teaching, you need to check out colored clay! In this episode, Abby Schukei invites Tim into her classroom to explore the idea of colored clay and how it can be used in your classroom. Listen as they discuss the process of creating colored clay, how much your students can do during the process, and some of the best lessons and ideas to bring more color into your ceramics. 

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Oct 30, 2018
Ep. 140 - Making Art History Meaningful

Art Class Curator podcast host Cindy Ingram is doing a podcast swap with Tim this week! She is a guest on Art Ed Radio today, and he is a guest on the Art Class Curator podcast as well. In this episode, they discuss teaching art history, why emotion plays such a big role in Cindy's passion for art history, and give some strategies on how to better teach art history in your own classroom.  

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Oct 23, 2018
Ep. 139 - The Best Art-Inspired Halloween Costumes

AOE Senior Editor Amanda Heyn joins Tim to talk about why art teachers have the best Halloween costumes out there! Listen as they discuss the best art-inspired costumes they've seen (and made), new ideas for costumes with your family or significant other, and possibilities for the procrastinators who haven't yet thought of a costume idea! 

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Oct 16, 2018
Ep. 138 - Can Art Play a Role in Career Education

In today's episode, Tim and Abby tackle the topic of career education, and what the role of art can be when it comes to career and technical ed. Listen as they discuss whether CTE helps or hurts the art room (maybe both?), how to embrace CTE and use it as an advocacy tool, and how art can lead the way when it comes to teaching skills for the future. 

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Oct 09, 2018
Ep. 137 - Finding Success Working with Paraprofessionals

Having a positive, collaborative relationship with your paraprofessionals is vital. But how do you establish and continue that type of relationship? In this episode, Shannon Lauffer joins Tim to share some of her best ideas about working with paraprofessionals in your art room. Listen as they discuss the importance of communicating your routines and procedures, making sure you are providing the right amount of support, and how to handle any conflicts that may arise.  

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Oct 02, 2018
Ep. 136 - Author Susan Verde

Author Susan Verde has published a new book called "Hey, Wall", and she joins Tim to talk about all things writing and art. Listen as they discuss Susan's previous books, her inspiration and writing process, and how she just can't seem to stop being teamed up with Peter Reynolds.  


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Sep 25, 2018
Ep. 135 - Appreciating the Seasons of Your Life

No matter where we are in life, or what we have accomplished, it always seems like we are looking for something more. How do we appreciate what we have at this moment? AOE Founder and President Jessica Balsley joins Tim to discuss the seasons of your life, the myth of the work-life balance, and how one bad day can't define you as a person or a teacher.  


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Sep 18, 2018
Ep. 134 - The Memory Project

If you aren't already familiar with The Memory Project, this episode will be the perfect introduction. The founder of The Memory Project, Ben Schumaker, joins Tim to discuss how art students and artists are making portraits for children in need all around the world. Listen as they discuss the history of the project, how two donors are making big things happen, and what you can do to get your students involved. 


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Sep 11, 2018
Ep. 133 - What Does Good PD Look Like?

So often, we talk about finding the right PD, and even more often, we talk about the lack of good PD for art teachers. In this episode, Tim and Andrew talk about what it looks like when you have worthwhile professional development available (4:15), how a focused topic can help you throughout the year (10:00), and the importance of finding teachers who share your passion (15:15).  


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Sep 04, 2018
Ep. 132 - Artists to Inspire Your Students

The beginning of the school year is a great time for inspiration, and who better to inspire your students than some amazing artists? Tim and Abby get together to discuss some of their favorite topics and artists that inspire students, why positivity is so important, and how to take artists' ideas and make them work for your own classroom. 


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Aug 28, 2018
Ep. 131 - Why You Need to Use Student Interest Inventories

Shannon Lauffer is back! In her last appearance on Art Ed Radio, talking about differentiation, she mentioned the use of student interest inventories. This time around, Shannon and Tim dive deep on how and why we should be using interest inventories, including discussions on what you need to know about your students, how inventories can help with idea generation, and how to create an inventory specific to your own classes.


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Aug 21, 2018
Ep. 130 - 5 Ways to Be A Better Teacher This Year

For the first time ever, Tim is flying solo on this podcast! That's because it's the start of a new school year, and he has a LOT to say. Listen as he gives his 5 most important ideas for improving how you start your school year, including why you need to ditch your syllabus, why you need to let your personality shine through, and how to get conversations going with your kids in the first few days of school.


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Aug 14, 2018
Ep. 129 - Art Ed Now Recap

The 2018 Summer Art Ed Now conference is in the books, and Tim is here with Lindsey Moss and Abby Schukei to break it all down! Listen as they discuss their highlights from the conference (0:45), the highlights from social media (4:30), and their a-ha moments and takeaways from the presenters (7:00). Full episode transcript below.


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Aug 07, 2018
Ep. 128 - Summer Conference Preview

With the Art Ed Now conference just two days away, Tim and Abby get together to discuss the upcoming excitement. Listen as they discuss how amazing Jen Stark is in person (3:45), what it's like to go on the road to AOE headquarters (9:15), and advice for everyone planning on attending the conference (15:30). 


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Jul 31, 2018
Ep. 127 - Decoding Differentiation for the Art Room

AOE Instructor Shannon Lauffer talks to Tim to talk about all things differentiation, including her upcoming presentation at the Art Ed Now Conference. Join them as they discuss the difference between equal and equitable, differentiating for content, process and product, and the best strategies for adapting IEPs and 504 plans for the art room.


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Jul 24, 2018
Ep. 126 - Building Confidence and Validating Our Kids

After her last appearance talking about why we should be our authentic selves, Andrea Slusarski is back to chat with Tim about developing student confidence. Listen as they discuss how authenticity can lead to more student confidence, why positivity is so important, and why we should validate our students and their opinions. 


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Jul 17, 2018
Ep. 125 - Should You Spend Your Own Money on Classroom Supplies?

The Radio Guys tap into the debate on whether you should be spending your own money on supplies for your classroom. And if you are spending your money, how much is too much? Listen as they discuss finding supplies for projects outside the traditional curriculum (4:45), why there is value in spending your own money (11:15), and how art programs stack up in the eyes of administrators (15:30).


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Jul 10, 2018
Ep. 124 - How Long is Too Long for a Lesson

It's the age-old question--how long is too long for a lesson, and how do we know when it's time to move on? AOE writer Abby Schukei joins Tim to talk about the idea of abandoning a lesson before it's finished, the idea of deadlines in the art room, and strategies to keep kids motivated as they finish a project. 


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Jul 03, 2018
Ep. 123 - Experiencing a Digital Detox

Every teacher's dream . . . a classroom without cell phones. Could it be? Is it even possible? Today's guest, Gina Stukenholtz, actually convinced her students to take part in a "digital detox", putting away their smartphones for an entire week. Listen today as Tim interviews her about her inspiration for the detox, how the detox helped her students, and why it might be good for all of us to put our devices away for a little while.


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Jun 26, 2018
Ep. 122 - Why You Need to Be Your Authentic Self

We hear all the time about fostering authentic learning experiences for our students, but what does that really mean? Andrea Slusarski joins Tim on this episode to talk all things authenticity. Listen as they discuss why you need to open yourself up to your students, why kids want to see your personality, and how to develop a classroom culture that encourages authentic action.


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Jun 19, 2018
Ep. 121 - Meet Jonathan Juravich

Jonathan Juravich is the 2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year, and one of four finalists for the National Teacher of the Year Award. He joins Tim today to discuss his experiences and how he has advocated for the arts. Jonathan talks about his whirlwind past year as a finalist (6:00), his experience visiting the White House (13:30), and why he wants to use his platform to promote teaching empathy (18:00). 


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Jun 12, 2018
Ep. 120- An Interview with Jen Stark

Contemporary artist Jen Stark is known for her vibrant and exciting use of color in paintings, sculpture, and animation. She will be the featured presenter at the Art Ed Now Summer Conference on August 2nd, and today she is on Art Ed Radio. Abby visits Jen at her L.A. studio for an enlightening interview on creativity, artmaking, and inspiration. Jen discusses her favorite artists working right now (6:15), the importance and influence of sketchbook work on her art (10:00), her bizarre collaboration with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs (13:30), and advice for aspiring artists (16:45).


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Jun 05, 2018
Ep. 119 - Strategies for Teaching Graffiti with Sara Gaechter

Graffiti is an incredible art form that brings instant engagement for our students when we bring it into our classroom. Los Angeles teacher Sara Gaechter is on the show to talk about the projects she uses to introduce graffiti to her students. Listen as she and Tim discuss how to deal with the illegal aspects of graffiti when you are talking to kids (6:15), how she connects with street artists via social media (10:30), and examples of the works her kids create in her classroom (13:45).


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May 29, 2018
Ep. 118 - Plagiarism, Copying and Artistic Inspiration

This week marks the triumphant return of Andrew McCormick. After spending some time catching up, Andrew and Tim take on the topic of plagiarism. The discussion evolves to include where students find inspiration (7:15), how to help kids develop original ideas (9:45), and how you can approach copying if it helps kids be more confident as artists (14:45).


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May 22, 2018
Ep. 117 - Does Anyone Actually Enjoy Watercolor

After talking with Abby Schukei last month about teaching content when you struggle, Tim is inspired to learn more about watercolor. He turns to Andrea Slusarski, plein air painter extraordinaire, to find some tips and tricks to improve his teaching with the medium. Tim goes on a rant about his dislike for watercolors (5:00), Andrea shares some of her best strategies for teaching watercolor (10:15), and how to build confidence in your students when they are developing new skills (17:15).


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May 15, 2018
Ep. 116 - Hey Quit Trashing the Art Room

Some people can handle a huge mess in their art room. Tim is not one of those people, but Abby Schukei is. They get together for this episode to discuss the amazing feeling when kids are excited to clean and you can actually see it happening (5:45), how they feel about "paintbrush graveyards" (10:45), and how much cleaning responsibility we need to give our kids (15:30). 


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May 08, 2018
Ep. 115 - Motivation Mentorship and Competition

The amazing D'Wayne Edwards joins Tim today to talk about education, motivation, and providing kids unique opportunities that engage them in learning. D'Wayne is the former lead designer at Nike, and has now founded the Pensole Academy in Portland for footwear design. In today's episode, he shares his own story (2:30), talks about the how and why of starting Pensole (5:15), and introduces his new Sneakerhead of State footwear design competition (13:00). 


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May 01, 2018
Ep. 114 - How to Improve Your Classroom Critiques

The search for the perfect critique is neverending. And, if we're being honest, the search for even a halfway decent critique can seem neverending as well. Today, Tim talks to Clara Lieu, who is a RISD professor, founder, and critique expert. Their discussion is filled with strategies to improve your critiques, including the ideal size for a quality critique (11:00), strategies to deal with reluctant students (14:00), and how to make your critiques an empowering experience. (18:30).


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Apr 24, 2018
Ep. 113 - A Better Approach to Color Theory Part 2

After talking last week about how and why we teach color, Maggie Maggio is back for the second part of her conversation with Tim. They dive even deeper into the topic, covering the best resources to teach color theory (6:00), why kids should learn both additive and subtractive color mixing (10:15), and how we can work together to promote color literacy (21:45).


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Apr 17, 2018
Ep. 112 - A Better Approach to Color Theory, Part 1

How long have you been teaching the dreaded Red-Yellow-Blue color wheel? Are you getting a little tired of your kids mixing colors that look like mud? Have you thought "there's got to be a better way to do this"? Well, there is--and this episode is the right way to get started understanding and teaching color in a new way. In the first of a two-part episode, Maggie Maggio joins Tim to talk about why we should change our approach to teaching color (6:30), the shift from RYB to CMY (9:15), and why we need to be using a 3D model to help understand color (13:00).


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Apr 10, 2018
Ep. 111 - Digital Photography

Former AOE writer and current AOE instructor Jennifer Borel joins Tim to talk all things digital photography. Listen as they discuss the ideal types of cameras--and what to do if you don't have the budget for them (5:15), the connections between photography and other media (9:45), and how to organize and turn in digital work (17:45).


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Apr 03, 2018
Ep. 110 - Getting Outdoors to Make Art

With Spring finally here, it's time to think about how we can get our students (and ourselves) outside to make art. Andrea Slusarski, art teacher and adventurer, is her to chat about her love for the outdoors. Listen as they talk about how being outdoors can make you more creative (5:30), strategies for getting kids outside of the classroom (10:30), and recommendations for making art for yourself (14:15). 


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Mar 27, 2018
Ep. 109 - The Importance of Professional Connections

It's the week of the NAEA National Convention! And even though not everyone is able to attend, it is still important to talk about the professional connections we can all make. In this episode, Tim talks to AOE writer Debi West about finding other teachers that share your passion (5:15), how connections can help you improve your teaching (12:00), and Debi's best advice for teachers who want to help themselves get better (18:45).


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Mar 20, 2018
Ep. 108 - When You Aren't Comfortable with Content

Art teachers are asked to do so many different things when it comes to media and subject matter. Inevitably, we're going to run into something in our curriculum that leaves us feeling uncomfortable. AOE writer Abby Schukei joins Tim to talk about the approach you can take when you're not comfortable with content (7:30), how much you need to prepare before you teach techniques (10:30), and how to deal with teaching things that aren't always exciting (15:45).  

Resources and Links

Mar 13, 2018
Ep. 107 - Continuing to Grow as a Teacher

Ryan Loeppky is back for another appearance on Art Ed Radio. Back in October, he and Tim talked about all of the amazing things you can do to build your program. Today, the guys have another wide-ranging discussion about how we need to consistently improve as teachers. Listen as they talk about ideas for differentiation (3:15), what we lose when we focus on deadlines (10:00), and why portfolios are such an effective teaching tool (16:45).


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Mar 06, 2018
Ep. 106 - Taking the Fear Out of Teacher Evaluations

Being evaluated can be one of the most nerve-wracking things you have to do as a teacher. But it doesn't have to be that way! Evaluations and observations are actually a great way for you to improve as a teacher, advocate for yourself, and develop your program. AOE senior editor Amanda Heyn joins Tim to discuss how you can put your mind at ease when it comes time for an evaluation (6:15), where your focus should be when you are being observed (13:30), and how reflection and growth mindset play such an important role in your development as an art teacher (18:15).


Resources and Links

Feb 27, 2018
Ep. 105 - Art Ed Should Thrive, Not Just Survive

In today's episode, Tim is joined by Jim O'Donnell, the author of the 'Kill Your Color Wheels' blog. In a wide-ranging discussion on creativity and art education, they go back and forth with their ideas on where art teachers should focus their instruction (6:15), the importance of reflecting on what we do in our classroom (11:45), and assignments that help push our students' creative thinking (21:00).


Resources and Links


Feb 20, 2018
Ep. 104 - Andrew's Final Show

All good things must come to an end, and after two years of podcasts, Andrew is saying goodbye as a host of Art Ed Radio. In his final episode, Tim comes on to reminisce and talk about everything they've done together in the past few years. They discuss some of their favorite episodes (8:15), the times they've invited some controversy (12:15), and their hopes for the future of the show (19:00). 


Resources and Links

Feb 13, 2018
Ep. 103 - How to Stay Sane with Oversized Classes

A teacher's biggest challenge is often the size of their classes. How do you help your kids find success when you are dealing with classes of 35 or 40 students, or even more? Join the guys as they discuss their own experiences with big classes (4:00), making sure kids feel welcome (10:30), and some of the best strategies that help with classroom management and organization (17:00).


Resources and Links:


Feb 06, 2018
Ep. 102 - Winter Conference Preview

Conference week is finally here! With Art Ed Now coming up in just four short days, AOE writer (and Art Ed Now presenter) Lindsey Moss joins Tim to preview everything coming up on Saturday. They talk about Lindsey's excitement for her upcoming conference presentation (6:15), her love of putting together giant packets of information and resources to share with everyone (10:00), and the presentations they are most looking forward to (11:45).


Resources and Links:

  • Check out everything about the conference here
  • Tim and Lindsey discussed her PRO Learning Pack that will be released on Thursday. Check out Art Ed Pro here
  • All of Lindsey's articles can be found here


Jan 30, 2018
Ep. 101 - Cross-Curricular Ideas that Work

If we are going to create well-rounded artists, our students need to be versed in a variety of subjects and topics. Those connections between subjects help us create art at a deeper level. Natalie Jackson, a Washington, D.C. teacher who does incredible things with interdisciplinary teaching, is on the show to share some of her best ideas. She talks to Tim about the benefits of storytelling (4:00), how she collaborates with other teachers and other subjects (10:15), and helping students develop confidence and creativity (13:00).


Resources and Links:

Jan 23, 2018
Ep. 100 - Following a Legend

Taking over a program is never an easy task. But when you follow a legendary teacher, it is even more difficult. It's important to make the program your own, and this episode has great advice on how to do just that. Molly and Tim discuss how previous teachers' pedagogy and teaching style affect how a new teacher is received (5:30), why you need to share your 'why' with your students (10:30), and what to do when you have student pushback and issues with discipline (12:45). 


Resources and Links:


Jan 16, 2018
Ep. 099 - The Fired Utah Teacher Speaks Out: An Interview with Mateo Rueda

You've undoubtedly heard about the art teacher from Utah who was recently fired for showing controversial artworks. Mateo Rueda is his name, and he joins Tim on the podcast today to share the full story of everything that has happened in the past month. Listen as Mateo tells about the lesson that caused the controversy (5:00), the surreal disciplinary actions he faced (11:30), how the reaction to his story went viral (17:00), and what opportunities he has moving forward (23:15).

Resources and Links:

Jan 09, 2018
Ep. 098 - New Year's Mailbag

It is the new year, and the guys are going to celebrate with a mailbag! Tim and Andrew answer questions from listeners on a wide range of topics, starting with their New Year's resolutions. The discussion then moves into the best foods to use for sculpture (5:00), balancing their teaching of skills and concepts (11:15), and their essential supplies (20:00), before they close out the show by sharing what inspires them to be better teachers.


Resources and Links:

The guys covered a variety of topics today. Here are a few articles related to the discussion:


Jan 02, 2018
Ep. 097 - What Keeps You Coming Back

Tim and Andrew are back together after quite a few episodes apart! They are talking today about appreciating your time off during break, but also focusing on the reasons why you keep coming back to school day after day. Listen as they discuss how to keep your mindset right, the best reasons to set long-term goals for yourself, and the advice they have for teachers who might be feeling burnt out.


Resources and Links:


Dec 26, 2017
Ep. 096 - Why Intro to Art is Your Most Important Class

Intro to Art is a class that a lot of teachers consider a throwaway--a class that remains an afterthought while attention is directed to advanced classes. AOE writer Debi West makes a convincing argument, however, that Intro to Art is actually your most important class. She and Tim get together to compare notes on teaching Intro and discuss their strategies to make the class run effectively. They talk about why the elements and principles are so important (4:30), how you can use visual journals to enhance your students' skills (11:00), and how we can make each student feel successful (17:15). 


Resources and Links:

Dec 19, 2017
Ep. 095 - Using Improvisation and Performativity as Teaching Tools

Dr. Lois Holzman is a developmental psychologist who is internationally recognized for her work regarding the effects of play, performance, and group creativity over the span of a lifetime. In February, she will be presenting at the Art Ed Now conference on how improvisation can improve your teaching and your students' learning. In this episode, she and Tim preview that presentation and discuss the benefits of play and how it affects both kids and adults (5:15), how you can set your students up for individual successes (11:45), and how you can use improvisation as a teaching tool (17:15).


Resources and Links:



Dec 12, 2017
Ep. 094 - Encouraging Risk Taking and Reflection

Ray Yang, AOE's newest writer, makes his debut on Art Ed Radio to talk to Tim about encouraging risk-taking, appreciating the creative process, and great ways to advocate for your program. Join the guys as they discuss how we create an environment where kids are comfortable failing (5:15), teaching students how to think and reflect (13:00), and how to use extra work as an opportunity to make your program and your school better (18:00). 


Resources and Links:


Dec 05, 2017
Ep. 093 - Using Comics as a Teaching Tool

Whether you're a huge fan of comics or don't know a single thing about them, they can still be used in the classroom. They are a gateway to both artmaking and meaningful discussion. In this episode, Andrew talks to Dr. Richard Graham (author of the book "Goverment Issue: Comics for the People") about how comics can help with engagement and student behavior (3:45), specific strategies for teaching with comics (10:00), and advice for using comics as a hook to get students more involved (14:45). 


Resources and Links:

Here is a list of (almost) all the comics Andrew and Dr. Graham discussed in the episode:


Nov 28, 2017
Ep. 092 - Dealing with Unkind and Unimaginative Students

Stubborn kids can be difficult, and far too often they fall into the mindset where their first idea is their only idea. Andrew is always looking for new ideas to get past this mindset, and today he goes to former AOE writer Melissa Purtee for advice. Melissa talks about her experiences and the differences she sees between teaching elementary and secondary (4:45), what happens in your room when kids start to "get it" (9:00), and how to get kids past their fears and coming into art with an open mind (13:30). 


Resources and Links:

Nov 21, 2017
Ep. 091 - Art History that Students Care About

Tim is passionate about art history, and making it a vibrant, exciting subject for our students. It's time to move past those boring slideshows in darkened rooms. So how do we do that? AOE writer Abby Schukei joins Tim as they talk about how to make art history intriguing for your students (6:00), how art history can inspire students' own work (12:00), and share some of their favorite artists that your students will love (16:30). 


Resources and Links:

Abby and Tim talked a lot about the resources they use and the artists they love. Links are below:

Nov 14, 2017
Ep. 090 - An Interview with Alexa Meade

In this very special episode of Art Ed Radio, Tim is in the Los Angeles studio of artist Alexa Meade. She is best known for her videos and photographs that show her painting directly on people, transforming 3D reality into a 2D world. During this discussion, she talks about how she found and developed her artistic style (5:30), the evolution of that style (10:00), inspiration and the creative process (14:15), and what happens when you make art with a bathtub full of milk (17:30).

If you would like to hear even more from Alexa, she will present "Finding and Developing Your Creative Voice" on February 3rd at the 2018 Art Ed Now Winter Online Conference. Details can be found at

Resources and Links:

Nov 07, 2017
Ep. 089 - Finding and Fighting Our Biases

If we are being honest, all teachers have some biases. What types of students we connect with, who we like to work with, and who we might favor implicitly. And it takes a really strong teacher to be able to recognize these biases and move past them, creating a quality learning environment for all of our students. So how do we get there? Andrew brings Tim on the show to talk about all of these somewhat difficult topics. They talk about the importance of recognizing our own biases (4:45).


Resources and Links:

Oct 31, 2017
Ep. 088 - An Art Room Culture Worth Sharing

Far too often, art gets pushed to the side when it comes to school culture. But if you build your program the right way, the community you create in your room will help your kids succeed in so many ways. And people will undoubtedly notice. In this wide-ranging discussion, Tim talks to Ryan Loeppky about building an art room culture that gets noticed and shared (6:30), what we should be teaching kids (14:45), and why it is so important to make your kids' work visible (18:30).


Resources and Links:

Oct 24, 2017
Ep. 087 - The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Moving to Choice

In this wide-ranging conversation, Andrew talks with AOE writer about all the great (and not-so-great) things that come with moving toward a choice pedagogy. Along with reviewing the history of TAB and some incredible resources, they discuss their personal journeys into choice-based teaching (8:45), Kelly's highlights that come with being a TAB teacher (14:00), and the myth that TAB teaching is "easy" (23:45).


Resources and Links:

Oct 17, 2017
Ep. 086 - Art Challenge Initiative

What is the art challenge initiative? It's a great way to get your kids working on their skills dealing with problem-solving, creativity, and higher-order thinking. Today's guest, Elise Weiler-Korb, is a high school teacher that uses a plethora of challenges to help develop those skills as part of her kids' artmaking process. She and Tim discuss the different forms challenges can take (6:00), why developing confidence is vital (10:00), and her best advice on how and where teachers should begin utilizing challenges (13:30).


Resources and Links:

Oct 10, 2017
Ep. 085 - Making Sketchbooks Meaningful

Tim absolutely loves sketchbooks, but unfortunately, Andrew doesn't share his passion. Instead, Tim brings on Andrea Slusarski to explore how to make sketchbooks a consistent part of your students' artmaking process. Listen as they discuss the types of sketchbooks that are best for your classroom (6:30), why we make modeling artistic habits a priority (13:45), and Andrea's best advice to prioritize sketchbooks in your classroom (17:15). 


Resources and Links:

Oct 03, 2017
Ep. 084 - Using Music as a Teaching Tool

It seems like every kid loves music in some way or another, and the guys are talking today about how that love can bring inspiration and influence into your classroom. Whether you use songs or videos in your lessons, or just add some music in the background during class, it can be a powerful tool. Join Andrew and Tim as the discuss deciding on the environment they want to establish in their classroom (5:15), why music seems to only be found in the art room (9:00), and how concepts from the music world translate into student art making (15:30).


Resources and Links:


Sep 26, 2017
Ep. 083 - The Limits of Preservice Education

Andrew and Tim get together to talk about the reasons that teachers aren't coming into the profession with everything they need to know. Is it because there is too much involved in the life of an art teacher? Or is the teaching profession just that difficult? Join the guys as they talk about why undergrad coursework can't possibly cover everything (7:15), the essential education courses that new teachers need (15:45), and what we can do in the real world for teachers that are lacking in the knowledge they need (21:00).


Resources and Links:

Sep 19, 2017
Ep. 082 - Setting Your Subs Up for Success

It's theme week at the Art of Ed, and this month's theme is all about substitute teachers. The Radio Guys want to join in the action because they have a lot to say about subs as well. Listen as they talk about suffering through sickness to avoid calling in a sub (5:00), taking a proactive approach with your students when you know you will be gone (11:15), and their top 3 tips for a successful substitute experience in your classroom (19:45).

Resources and Links:

Sep 12, 2017
Ep. 081 - So what should we be teaching?

A while back, the guys talked about those lessons that just aren't working anymore--the lessons we might just want to move on from. So how do we decide what we should teach? How do we decide what should be part of our curriculum? Join the guys as they try an optimistic approach to this discussion, covering creative thinking vs. technical skill (4:30), your essential projects (11:45), and finding the right variety of experiences for your kids (15:00).


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Sep 05, 2017
Ep. 080 - Exploring the Open Art Room

Melissa Purtee and Ian Sands, authors of The Open Art Room, join Tim to discuss their new book and choice based art education. They talk about the transition teachers make when moving toward choice-based education and how that compares with traditional pedagogy. Listen as they cover the story of writing The Open Art Room (4:15), whether you can put a framework toward choice-based teaching (10:00), and the idea of how much choice each teacher should offer (15:45).

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Aug 30, 2017
Ep. 079 - Helping Students Find Their Voice

One of the most difficult things to do as an artist is to find your voice and to find your style. Even more difficult is to help our students do the same. Tim invites Michael Bell on the show to discuss how we can build up our students and, in turn, build up our art programs. Listen for their discussion on balancing your art and your teaching, how to support and help develop your artists, and why visual journaling is so important to helping students find their voice.

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Aug 22, 2017
Ep. 078 - "Kidaesthetics": Embracing Students' Voices and Opinions

As art teachers, we have the opportunity to let kids know that their opinions, their vision, and their aesthetics matter. Andrew brings on AOE writer Lindsey Moss to chat about the idea of "Kidaesthetics". Listen for their discussion on the difference between how kids and adults perceive art (6:00), how art teachers balance the aesthetic vision against the expectations of adults (9:30), and how we educate adults on what kids find aesthetically appealing (18:15).

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Aug 15, 2017
Ep. 077 - A New Start for the New Year

What does the beginning of the school year look like in your classroom? What should it look like? Classroom management is key, but how we go about establishing it is different for everyone. The guys share what happens on the first day in their classrooms (3:45), Andrew talks about his two tenets for classroom management (10:00), and finishes the show by stumbling into a possibly brilliant idea for a new project to start the year (16:45).

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Aug 08, 2017
Ep. 001 - 8 Routines for a Successful School Year
Aug 07, 2017
Ep. 076 - Staying Involved and Staying Inspired

Tim interviews the one and only Cassie Stephens for this episode, and they discuss some the best ideas from transitioning from summer mode back into school. They cover where inspiration comes from, and how you can bring that inspiration into your teaching. Tim starts the episode with a big announcement about AOE's newest podcast (1:30), then Cassie shares information about her upcoming Art Ed Now Conference presentation (5:30), and the new lessons coming into her classroom this year (11:45). They then close the conversation with a rundown of the upcoming Everyday Art Room podcast, and why Cassie wanted to host the show (18:45). Full episode transcript below.


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Aug 01, 2017
Special Episode: The School Specialty Controversy

If you've been on art teacher social media any time in the past week or so, you have probably seen this article ( Art teachers everywhere were offended by its assumptions, its ideas about the role of art teaching, and its conclusions about the future. In this special episode, Tim and Andrew offer their takes on the article (3:15), the role of art teachers and the arts (8:30), and the controversy found in the resulting social media firestorm (12:30).

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Jul 28, 2017
Ep. 075 - Sculpture Ideas for Every Level

About a month ago, the guys did their last deep dive into printmaking. This week, it's time for 40 minutes of sculpture talk. From materials to instructional strategies, and everything in between, it's all up for discussion today! Join the guys as they talk about the best projects for our youngest students (2:00), some issues that Andrew has come across (14:00), and safety issues when you're using unexpected materials (33:30).

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Jul 25, 2017
Ep. 074 - The Demonstration Conundrum

It's one of the existential questions for art teachers: do you use teacher examples? On one hand, you help your kids stay on track for success with their work. On the other hand, you run the risk of stifling their creativity and ending up with a classroom of similar projects. What is an art teacher to do? Andrew brings Tim on the show to talk about the use of teacher examples, the demonstration conundrum, and why every teacher needs to reflect on this issue and come up with their own solution.

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Jul 18, 2017
Ep. 073 - Art as Change Agent with Sarah Dougherty

We all know about the power of the arts, and in this episode, Andrew looks really closely at how we can use the arts to build culture and turn around schools. Sarah Dougherty, who is part of the Turnaround Arts Initiative with the Des Moines Public Schools, joins Andrew to talk about her experience with these exact topics. They discuss how to become more creative and intentional with collaboration (10:00), how small changes can make a big impact on your school's culture (12:45), and the need for patience when you are looking for change. (14:30).

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Jul 11, 2017
Ep. 072 - 20 Contemporary Artists You Will Love to Teach

If you are not already using contemporary artists in your classroom, you definitely want to consider some new artists and ideas to bring to your students. Contemporary artists can be engaging and valuable for your students, and Tim and Andrew have an incredible list of their favorite artists to teach. Tim also figures out how to work Drake's "Hotline Bling" video into the discussion (13:30), Andrew introduces Tim to the video artist Paul Pfeiffer (17:30), and Andrew closes the show with a great explanation of why you should be teaching contemporary artists (21:00). 

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Jul 04, 2017
Ep. 071 - Printmaking

Ceramics? Check. Drawing? Check. Printmaking? That is this week's deep dive. Andrew and Tim have a long discussion about teaching printmaking--tips and tricks, tools, safety, organization, lessons, budget, it is all on the table. They talk about managing the mess and the best routines for printmaking (3:00), the most important safety concerns and how to keep your kids safe (9:15), and how we move beyond technical concerns to get our kids making meaningful work (18:45).


Resources and Links:

Jun 27, 2017
Ep. 070 - Love It or Shove It

After a couple weeks away while Tim talked to important people (Sir Ken Robinson and AOE Founder Jessica Balsley), Andrew is back! The guys get together to talk about what they love and what they don't when it comes to art and art education. They share their thoughts on Pop Art and Impressionism (2:30), why Andrew has ditched his teacher desk (6:45), whether you should spend time in the teacher's lounge (13:00), and when it's worth it to make a phone call home (15:15).


Resources and Links:

Jun 20, 2017
Ep. 069 - Talking Passion and Creativity with Jessica Balsley

AOE Founder Jessica Balsley joins Tim to talk about last week's interview with Sir Ken Robinson. They share some stories about what it was like behind the scenes of the interview and what it was like working with Sir Ken. They also discuss the importance of art teachers (8:45), how Sir Ken's books helped influence Jessica to start the Art of Ed (11:15), and how teachers can stay passionate and stay loving what they do (14:15).

If you would like to hear even more from Sir Ken Robinson, he will present "The Importance of Art Teachers" on August 3rd at the 2017 Art Ed Now Summer Online Conference. Details can be found at

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Jun 13, 2017
Ep. 068 - An Interview with Sir Ken Robinson

In this very special episode of Art Ed Radio, Tim is in Los Angeles to interview the one and only Sir Ken Robinson. Sir Ken is a world-renowned expert on creativity and innovation, and his TED Talk, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?", is the most viewed TED Talk of all time. In this wide-ranging, nearly hour-long interview, he and Tim cover a plethora of topics. Listen as they discuss the evolution of Sir Ken's career and his move to the United States (11:00), testing culture around the world (15:30), the role of creativity in preparing students for the future (27:45), a possible way forward for our schools (37:00), and how teachers can affect change from their own classrooms (45:00).

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Jun 06, 2017
Ep. 067 - This I Used to Believe

Andrew takes some inspiration from the "This American Life" to talk about the things that we used to believe as art teachers. More importantly, how do our beliefs change over time? How do we evolve? Andrew and Tim bring in some extra voices to guide the conversation as they talk about moving away from the importance of product (8:00), why it takes time to find who you are as a teacher (12:00), and the importance of authenticity (16:15).

Resources and Links:

May 30, 2017
Ep. 066 - 7 Projects It's Okay to Quit Teaching

As you get to the end of the year, it is a great time to reflect on what you are teaching and why. Tim and Andrew discuss how you can move past simple and baseline projects into more important work with your sutdents. They discuss why you can let perspective drawing fall by the wayside (4:30), differentiating between what needs to be a project and what needs to be a demo (12:00), and making work meaningful no matter the situation (20:30).

Resources and Links:

May 23, 2017
Ep. 065 - Should You Care What Your Students Think?

Andrew goes on a couple epic rants, and Tim succinctly drops some truth as the guys talk about student engagement, and whether we should care what our students think of us. Listen as they cover ideas about why art teachers are so good at building relationships with their students (6:00), some outside-the-box ways to connect with your kids and the importance of shared experiences (13:15), and the conversations you can and should be having with your students (21:00).

Resources and Links:

May 16, 2017
Ep. 064 - Starting an Art Program from Scratch

How do you build a school culture that values the arts? Tim interviews Shannon Bell about concrete ideas to help you build a program from scratch. They discuss exactly what you're walking into and where you begin when you're starting a program (6:45), whether you should start with engagement or curriculum (10:30), and specific strategies to help get your colleagues and administration to buy in to your program (12:45).

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May 09, 2017
Ep. 063 - Dealing With A Department Killer

A lot of teachers are dealing with some difficult colleagues--some so bad that they are bringing down the department. So how do we work with those teachers? Andrew brings Tim on the show to talk about how your art program can thrive even when you have a department killer on board. They discuss why every kid needs to be part of your program (9:00), whether you would rather work with talented kids or hard-working kids (11:30), and how to encourage students who might be stuck with a terrible teacher (18:15).

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May 02, 2017
Ep. 062 - The How and Why of Accelerating Our Talented Art Students

Andrew and Tim get together to share strategies to help your most talented students find the challenges they need, which encourages and empowers them to continue to create. They discuss how to adapt your teaching and your curriculum for your most talented students (7:45), how art can self-differentiate (11:30), and how much you need to support your students when you ask them to take new risks (17:00).

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Apr 25, 2017
Ep. 061 - Secondary STEAM

A couple weeks ago, Andrew talked about elementary STEAM education with Tricia Fuglestad. This week, he's back with a discussion on STEAM education at the secondary level with AOE instructor Anna Nuttall. They cover a lot of ground in the interview, including what a secondary STEAM curriculum can and should look like (4:45), what STEAM can offer that a traditional curriculum can't (9:30), and the best ways to approach STEAM if you don't have a lot of experience or knowledge (15:15).

Resources and Links

Apr 18, 2017
Ep. 060 - A Deep Dive into Drawing

It's Drawing Week at AOE, and the guys can't resist getting in on the action. Tim loves to talk drawing, and Andrew has a lot of questions for him about how to improve his own drawing classes. This episode covers a lot of ground, including the best ways to start the year (4:00), why skills and engagement aren't mutually exclusive (18:00), and how important it is to provide quality materials (21:00). They close the show talking about organization (26:45), and sprinkle some of their best tips and tricks throughout the episode.

Resources and Links:

Apr 11, 2017
Ep. 059 - Inspiration and Engagement through Graffiti

Graffiti gets a terrible rap from most of the general public, but it is SO interesting to our students. So how can we use graffiti for student engagement and inspiration? AOE writer Matt Christenson is on the show to talk about how he uses graffiti in his curriculum and how his students respond. Listen as they talk about how graffiti helps connect almost every student (5:45), the structure of a graffiti-based curriculum (8:00), and Matt's full rundown of assessment and critiques that happen in his classroom (14:45).


Resources and Links:

Apr 04, 2017
Ep. 058 - The Why and How of Elementary STEAM Education

So many teachers want to incorporate more technology, and especially more STEAM concepts, into their classroom. In this episode, Andrew brings on STEAM expert Tricia Fuglestad to talk about the best ways to bring these concepts into your classroom. Their discussion covers a wide range of topics, including the benefits of technology integration and trying new things (7:00), finding the right balance between art and technology (9:15), and making the most of the short amount of time you have in your classroom (16:15).

Resources and Links:

Mar 28, 2017
Ep. 057 - Does Competition Help or Hurt Creativity?

This part of the school year is full of art shows and competitions, which can do a lot for your program. They can be an advocacy tool, and a motivating factor for your students--but they can also take the focus off what really matters in the art room. Do you embrace that competition, or are there more important things happening in your art room? Tim and Andrew talk about their personal approach to art shows (4:00), how you can use competition to build the confidence of your students (7:00), and whether competition really can help develop creativity (12:15). 

Resources and Links:

Mar 21, 2017
Ep. 056 - Slow down! How to deal with fast finishers!

Last week, the guys talked at length about the slow finishers--the ones who never get work done. This week, they are back to talk about the other end of the spectrum--the fast finishers! It can be frustrating as a teacher to fill all of that down time that and deal with the misbehaviors that come from it. Listen as they guys discuss why fast finishers cause stress for both teachers and fellow students (4:00), how to deal with the excuses kids make (13:15), and proactive classroom management strategies (17:00).

Resources and Links:

Mar 14, 2017
Ep. 055 - To Finish or Not to Finish? How to Deal with Slow Workers and Non-Finishers

There are very few things that annoy us more than those kids that take FOREVER to finish their work. Andrew and Tim talk about the work that never seems to get finished, and the reasons behind it. They discuss how to differentiate between the meticulous students and the disinterested ones (5:45), how to deal with both the perfectionists and the procrastinators (8:15), and whether you can ever use grades as punishment (10:45). They close the show talking about some motivation tactics and the best ways to get kids back on track.


Resources and Links:

Mar 07, 2017
Ep. 054 - Dealing with Burnout / Dealing with Exhaustion

Sometimes, February and March are the most difficult time of the year for teachers. It's been a long year already, and the end of the year is still a long way off in the distance. So how do you keep from feeling those effects of teacher burnout? Tim and Andrew talk about how to recognize when you are starting to get burnt out (4:00), ways to keep from feeling overwhelmed (7:45), and how to keep those feelings from affecting your teaching (14:45).

Resources and Links:

Feb 28, 2017
Ep. 053 - Learning to Love Ceramics, Part 2

We are on to Learning to Love Ceramics, the sequel! So many teachers have a love/hate relationship with teaching ceramics, but the Radio Guys want to convince everyone they can love ceramics like they do. They try to cover everything they couldn't get to in the last episode, including their favorite ceramics projects to teach (4:00), advice to teachers that aren't as comfortable with ceramics (8:30), and their best strategies for making glazing a success (12:00) If you missed the first part of the episode last week, make sure you give it a listen! 

Resources and Links:

Feb 21, 2017
Ep. 052 - Learning to Love Ceramics, Part 1

So many teachers have a love/hate relationship with teaching ceramics, but the Radio Guys want to convince everyone they can love ceramics like they do. Tim starts the show with a pretty crazy confession about his history with teaching ceramics (1:15). Andrew comes on the show as the guys discuss their favorite homemade tools (5:30), Tim teaches Andrew how to keep his sinks from smelling disgusting (12:30), and Andrew tells about his terrible self-given nickname (15:15) and his best firing processes (16:30). The conversation runs up against the clock, though, so there's even more the guys need to talk about. Be on the lookout for Part 2 soon! 

Resources and Links:

Feb 14, 2017
Ep. 051 - From Horror Films to Children's Books--An Interview with Drew Daywalt

Tim has the awesome opportunity to interview author Drew Daywalt--of The Day The Crayons Quit fame--who will be a featured presenter at the 2017 Art Ed Now Online Conference. What most people don't know, however, is that Drew is a successful writer, producer, and director who has found a lot of success with horror films. In a wide-ranging and entertaining conversation, Tim asks Drew about the connection between horror films and children's literature (9:00), they discuss the creative process (12:00), and Drew shares what we can expect from him in the near future (18:00).

Resources and Links

  • Take a look at Drew's books: The Day the Crayons Quit, and The Day the Crayons Came Home
  • Check out some of Drew's horror films
  • Check out the article that Introduces Drew as an Art Ed Now Featured Presenter
Feb 07, 2017
Ep. 050 - Creating a Secondary Curriculum That Works For You

As Andrew talked about with Johanna last week, curriculum is way less "what" we teach, and more of "how" we teach it. In Part 2, Tim comes on the show to join Andrew in a discussion about curriculum at the secondary level. They hit on the big themes of autonomy and creativity, and how those themes should influence what and how you teach. Listen as they discuss how to give your students a voice in curriculum planning (9:00), how to deal with a curriculum that is dictated to you (12:30), and how to ensure consistency and quality with curriculum by utilizing the National Core Arts Standards (15:15).

Resources and Links:

Jan 31, 2017
Ep. 049 - Curriculum Part 1

Curriculum is way less "what" we teach, and more of "how" we teach it. Andrew brings on AOE's Johanna Russell to talk about our own systems and routines, and making sure they can work at any level. There are a lot of different approaches to curriculum, of course, but it's important to make sure we are still meeting the standards no matter the approach. As we move beyond that, Andrew talks about mindset vs. skillset, and Johanna starts a discussion on how it's not about what facts they remember, it's about developing confidence as artists and learners (11:30). They also discuss the difference between "covering" material and actually TEACHING that material (15:00), and why we need both kids and colleagues in the correct mindset to find success (19:00). Johanna finishes the show by giving her best advice for writing or rewriting your own curriculum and the best approach for you and your students (26:00). 


Resources and Links:

Jan 24, 2017
Ep. 048 - How Do You Deal with Parents?

Building relationships with parents can be a daunting task--especially when you teach hundreds of kids. But it's always about communication. There aren't a lot of shortcuts, unfortunately, but putting the time into building relationships is ultimately worth it. Listen as Andrew and Lindsey discuss the benefits of a good relationship with parents (8:30), strategies to build those relationships as an elective teacher (11:30), and how to mend fences when problems with parents do arise (17:15).

Resources and Links:

Take a look at some of Lindsey's best articles:

Jan 17, 2017
Ep. 047 - Getting to Know Mike Venezia

Tim had the chance to sit down with author and illustrator Mike Venezia, whose "Getting to Know" series of books are in art rooms around the world. Mike has a great understanding of--and appreciation for--art teachers, and what we do on an everyday basis. This appreciation led to a meaningful and inspirational conversation. Listen as Tim asks Mike about Inspiration and education in art, and how he turned it into a career (3:00), his beginning as an author and illustrator (6:15), and his working methodology when creativity strikes (15:30).

If you want to hear even more from Mike, he will be one of the featured speakers at Art Ed Now, the 2017 Winter Online Conference for Art Teachers. Check out the entire lineup of presenters and register today!

Resources and Links:

Jan 10, 2017
Ep. 046 - Starting Off Strong in the Second Semester

It's time for the First Day of School, version 2.0! Whether you had an amazing first semester or an incredibly difficult one, this is your chance to start new. You have a chance to look at classroom management, curriculum, organization, routines, and everything in between. This is also your chance to recharge and redo what isn't working. Andrew asks Tim about his best classroom management advice (8:00), mistakes to avoid (11:15), and how to go above and beyond with your projects in the second semester (16:00). The guys finish the show with a conversation on enlisting your kids to help things run smoothly.


Resources and Links:

Jan 03, 2017
Ep. 045 - Do You Let Apathetic Kids Fail?

No matter how good you are as a teacher, you undoubtedly are going to have a handful of kids who just don't care. So how do you start trying to get them passionate about making art? How can you create a challenging, engaging environment where students enjoy learning? Andrew and Tim talk about pushing students by tapping into their interests (9:00), building student confidence (12:30), and how to get kids past their apathy without doing the work for them (19:15). 

Resources and Links:

Dec 27, 2016
Ep. 044 - Assessments You Can Actually Fall In Love With

For too many art teachers, assessment remains a difficult concept. It's tough to know what's going to work, how it can be implemented, and how it can be incorporated to actually help improve teaching. In this episode, Tim takes on some of these concerns and shares his ideas on making assessment valuable. Heather Crocket, the Educational Director at The Art of Ed, joins the show for a conversation on how assessments can actually affect your classroom (10:00), the best formative and summative assessments for the art room (13:15), and why assessment is so difficult for art teachers (17:45). Most importantly, Heather offers some very specific advice on what we can do as art teachers to take on assessment and make it work for us.

Resources and Links:

Dec 20, 2016
Ep. 043 - From Trash to Treasure: Using Donations to Make Incredible Art

Notorious hoarder Andrew McCormick starts the show by sharing some of his thoughts and theories on the amazing things his students can do with the piles of junk lying around his classroom. Tim tries to convince Andrew that it's okay to get rid of some stuff, and Andrew agrees that he might be willing to do so . . . eventually. The guys talk about their favorite places to pick up free supplies (5:30), Andrew's joy when he received comic books and blenders (11:15), and how to turn those donations into some amazing projects (14:00). This episode is filled to the brim with ideas and inspiration--give it a listen now!

Resources and Links:

Dec 13, 2016
Ep. 042 - 8 Art Room Hacks to Make Your Teaching Life Easier

Let's face it--the life of an art teacher is anything but simple. We have to know so much and do so many things on an everyday basis, it can get overwhelming very quickly. Tim and Andrew use this episode to share some of their favorite hacks for the art room--each of which can help make life easier in your classroom. It's worth listening as the guys discuss their best painting hacks (6:00), keeping kids engaged and working (13:45), and teaching students to take on responsibilities to help you as a teacher (20:00). 

Resources and Links:

Teaching Three Projects at Once
Keeping Clay Organized
Teaching Painting Routines
Getting Yourself Organized to Reduce Your Stress

Dec 06, 2016
Ep. 041 - Art Teachers are the Key to Growing the Creative Leaders of Tomorrow

Being able to think creatively is a vitally important skill to every area in education, and of course, art teachers do it best. Art is the vehicle for training students' brains to be passionate about learning, creativity, and leadership. Andrew brings on an important outside voice, business leader Mike Wagner, to discuss arts and the ability to create innovative leaders for the future. Listen for their discussion on embracing divergent thinking (6:00), the meaning of innovation (12:30), and most importantly, how to advocate for the arts and creativity (17:00). 

Resources and Links:

Nov 29, 2016
Ep. 040 - The Project Doctors Part 2

The Project Doctors have returned! Back by popular demand, Andrew, and former AOE writer, Alecia Kaczmarek, team up with Tim to answer mailbag questions on classroom management, teaching different media, and even how to make writing in your classroom interesting and exciting. Listen for their open and honest discussion on why you need to keep your cool in tough situations (2:45), the importance of writing in your classroom--and how to make it interesting (14:30), and learning to love projects you can't stand teaching (21:00). 

Resources and Links:

Inexpensive Sculpture Ideas 
Andrew's article on writing about art
Tim's favorite writing activity
Simple Watercolor Techniques

Nov 22, 2016
Ep. 039 - Making Accommodations for the Needs of All Students

Special needs students are an absolute joy to teach, but it can undoubtedly be a struggle at times. Andrew brings on AOE writer and friend of the podcast Abby Schukei to talk about the best ways--and best reasons--to make accommodations for all of your different students. They discuss why teachers are so poorly prepared to differentiate our instruction (3:45), specific strategies to find success with students with special needs (9:30), and the difference between inclusivity in your standard curriculum and a curriculum specifically written for an adaptive art class (15:00). 

Resources and Links:

Nov 15, 2016
Ep. 038 - Don't Tell Your Family! Confessions of a Dangerous Art Teacher

What exactly can you get away with in your art room? Tim and Andrew dish about the dangerous things they've done in their classroom, and why taking risks can lead to better learning and even more artistic results. The guys discuss safety, supervision, and the importance of pre-teaching when you use these materials (7:45). They also address when to take risks and when to play it safe (12:00), as well as balancing the benefits of dangerous artworks vs. the drawbacks that come with risk-taking (14:00). 

Resources and Links:

Nov 08, 2016
Ep. 037 - How Much of a Mess Do You Tolerate?

The fight to keep the art room clean and organized can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle. But is it worth all of the time and effort? Andrew tries to convince Tim about the benefits of letting the mess happen, and Tim takes a shot at convincing Andrew he can actually learn to be organized. They discuss how the right routines can lead to a clean classroom (10:00), and why the projects you teach sometimes force you to keep a mess (12:30). They finish the show with some of their best tips and tricks to keep the mess and the chaos of their worst projects under control (16:30).

Resources and Links:

Nov 01, 2016
Ep. 036 - How to Bring More Creativity Into Your Classroom

Art teachers are always concerned about teaching students how to think more creatively. But no one ever talks about how to teach for creativity? Tim has a conversation with high school and online art teacher, Amber Kane, about the concrete, manageable, actionable ways we can get students on the path toward more creativity. Check out the discussion about helping kids appreciate the creative process (8:00), new strategies for classroom and individual critiques (13:30), and how to find the balance between procrastination and creativity (15:30). 

Resources and Links:

Oct 25, 2016
Ep. 035 - The Project Doctors

The Radio Guys bring former AOE writer, Alecia Kaczmarek, on the show to answer listeners' questions about those projects that never seem to run as smoothly as you would like. The "Project Doctors" dip into the listener mailbag to take on papier mâché projects, printmaking, perspective drawing, and even some classroom management. Listen for Andrew's amazing sculpture ideas (6:00), Alecia's best ways to teach routines (13:15), and why Tim and Andrew both quit teaching perspective drawing a long time ago (18:30).

Resources and Links:

Oct 18, 2016
Ep. 034 - Lighting a Fire: Why Art Education is the Key to Innovation

Are we finally moving away from standardization and the Common Core? Could we possibly be headed toward an educational world that values innovation, collaboration, and creativity? We hope this is the case, and if so, art is the perfect subject to help shape students for a creative world. Andrew brings on Kasey McCurdy, VP of Engineering for a company called BunchBall, to discuss innovation and motivation. Their discussion focuses on a lot of great topics, including students' disengagement in the current educational system (6:15), the most important skills we can teach (13:00), and specific ideas to start improving the educational system (16:00).

Resources and Links:

Oct 11, 2016
Ep. 033 - Can You Learn to Love Fan Art

Art teachers everywhere face the fact that many students struggle with creativity. Call it a crisis in creativity or spend your time looking for culprits, it is what is. This struggle manifests itself in the art room as copied Disney characters and anime sketches. But what if fan art isn't the scourge we've made it out to be? What if fan art is actually a way for a number of students to get and stay engaged with the arts outside of class. Andrew brings on Tim to hash out the debate.

Listen to Tim rant about anime (4:00), and check out the guys' discussion on the importance of originality (13:00) and keeping kids interested in art once they move beyond our classrooms (21:00).

Resources and Links:

Oct 04, 2016
Ep. 032 - Making the Most of a Bad Situation

It is always difficult when you transition into a new teaching situation. Whether you are moving to a different grade level, or changing districts altogether, you can come to find out that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Andrew talks to AOE Instructor Molly Wiste about why you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help, and why you need to be patient as you go through the rocky parts that happen with every transition. Make sure you listen for the comparison between your first year of teaching and your first year someplace new (6:00), how you can differentiate yourself from the previous teacher (16:30), and the best advice to make the most of that less-than-ideal situation (23:00).

Resources and Links:

Check out the AOE series on your first year of teaching art at each level:

Sep 27, 2016
Ep. 031 - 8 Things that Amazing Art Teachers Do

A week after Tim and Andrew worked through their frustrations with terrible art teachers, they are back to celebrate the things amazing art teachers do! The guys dive into a discussion regarding teaching with breadth, making learning transparent, and creating a positive and comfortable environment in which students can thrive. Listen for why we should always reflect on what we can do better (8:15), how you can improve every year (10:45), and what teachers in other subject areas can learn from amazing art teachers (21:00).

Resources and Links:

Sep 20, 2016
Ep. 030 - 8 Things that Terrible Art Teachers Do

There are incredible art teachers all over the country, working every day to improve their craft. These teachers care about their students, their subject, and their profession. And then there are the rest of them. They are ineffective, disinterested, and to put it bluntly, terrible art teachers, and they give the rest of us a bad name. Tim and Andrew work through their frustrations with those terrible art teachers and talk about what you can do if you find yourself slipping into these bad habits. Listen for their advice on why you need to explore new things (8:30), why you should stand up for yourself (10:00), and how to avoid the negativity that leads to terrible teaching (11:45).

Resources and Links:

Sep 13, 2016
Ep. 029 - Adventures of a First Year Art Teacher

The first year of teaching is, well, kind of an adventure. This episode highlights the trial by fire that is your first year and shares some incredible stories from listeners and AOE writers. You will definitely laugh, you might cry, and you will undoubtedly be inspired as Tim and Andrew share stories to help you navigate your first year of teaching art. Listen for reasons why you can't expect to be perfect (8:30), advice for effective classroom management (17:30), and why we all come back to teaching after a difficult first year (28:30). Make sure you visit theartofed.comall week for more articles, advice, and information for first-year art teachers. 

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Sep 06, 2016
Ep. 028 - How to Be Present Even When You're Not There

Dealing with a long-term absence is a complicated situation and one rarely dealt with in art education. This week, Tim talks to Kelly Parvin, an art teacher from Alabama, about her fight with cancer and how she handles being gone for significant amounts of time. They discuss ways to prepare for time away (06:00), how to adapt lesson plans to help the sub fill your shoes (09:00), and the potential benefits of a different "voice" in your classroom (15:00).

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Aug 30, 2016
Ep. 27 - Using Social Media to Promote Your Program

We all know art teachers need to actively look for ways to promote our programs. We have to show off all the great things we’re doing or we run the risk of being easy to cut when budgets get tight. A great way to advocate for your program and reach students and the community at large is by adopting social media in your classroom. In this episode, Andrew brings on his good friend and teaching soulmate, Ashley Cardamone, to discuss ways you can leverage the power of social media to best promote your art program.

Andrew and Ashley go over some practical tips and tricks for choosing the social media platform that’s right for you and your classroom (8:15). They discuss possible pros and cons to using social media during the day (13:00), and finally, some time-saving tips and best practices to make sure sharing doesn’t become too time-consuming in class (14:30).

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Aug 23, 2016
Ep. 026 - How to Say No to All of Those Stupid Requests

We do so many superfluous things as art teachers--what can we get rid of? Tim and Andrew talk about the best ways to turn down requests when necessary and to focus on what we need to do to be great teachers. They discuss dealing with the politics of your building (8:15), focusing on your passions in teaching (11:15), and the best way to deal when you NEED to say yes (14:30).


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Aug 16, 2016
Ep. 025 - Making Rules or Making Art on Day One?

What do you do on the first day of class with your students? Why not start creating? Rules, procedures, and expectations are undoubtedly important, but so is making art! Janine Campbell, one of the best middle school teachers around, joins Tim to talk about the ins and outs of starting your year the right way. They talk about why Janine breaks out clay on the first day of school (5:00), why we need to avoid the "sit and get" syllabus (9:30), and why it's always important to try something new (16:30). 

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Aug 09, 2016
Ep. 024 - Forget Thinking Like an Artist, Start Thinking like a Designer

Why would we want our students to think like artists when they could think like designers instead? Andrew talks about how to get students into this mode of thought by incorporating more design thinking and design curriculum in the art room. Kathryn Rulien-Baries, from the Wisconsin Visioneers program, joins Andrew to discuss modifications and alterations teachers can do right now to be more design inclusive. They talk about what makes design curriculum unique (6:45), art-making with a purpose (11:00), and whether art teachers are the most qualified to embrace design thinking (13:15).

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Aug 02, 2016
Ep. 023 - Are the Elements and Principles Overrated

Tim and Andrew take on a question that every teacher struggles with: how important are the Elements of Art and Principles of Design? AOE writer and choice-based education guru, Melissa Purtee, joins the guys to discuss the "E"s & "P"s. They debate whether getting away from the formal focus on the elements affects the quality of students' work (14:00), how to run critiques (17:00), and the essential ideas that should guide our program (20:30).


Jul 26, 2016
Ep. 022 - Does Creativity Require Procrastination

Is procrastination an important part of the creative process, or is it simply laziness and avoidance? If it's integral, how do we show students deadlines and time management are important while also allowing students the time to incubate ideas? If it's not important, how do we help students deal with the down time they need to come up with their best ideas? Andrew opens the show by making a great case for why creative personalities need the chance to procrastinate, but then Tim comes on the show to tell him why he's wrong (10:00). The guys also talk about what procrastination looks like in the art room (12:30) and the best strategies for finding a balance between both sides of the argument (19:30).

Resources and Links: On the Benefits of Procrastination:

Procrastination Makes You More Creative:

No Way, They Were Totally Lying in that Last Article Right Above This:

Do Creative People Procrastinate More?:

Jul 19, 2016
Ep. 021 - The Problem with Craft

"Craft" is a contentious word in many art rooms and art programs. Craftsmanship is an important part of what art teachers do, but "craft" is also synonymous with googly eyes and pom-poms. Many parents and members of the community have a negative association with “crafts", so how do we accurately depict what we do while also letting it be known that craftsmanship is important? Tim comes on the show, and the guys talk about the difference between art and craft (8:30), Andrew's problem with craft-based curricula (10:30), and how to turn crafty materials into a viable form of creative expression (16:00).

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Jul 12, 2016
Ep. 20 - Unlocking the Secrets of AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art is tough to get a handle on. Questions abound about the best types of work to submit, portfolio scoring, and the role of teachers in helping students develop their concepts and their work. It's time for us to unlock those secrets and start sharing our best ideas on how to teach this class. Jeanne Bjork, a longtime AP Studio Art teacher from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, joins Tim to compare notes on the structure of their AP classes. They talk about building community to start the year (05:45), their best projects and when to teach them (08:15), and what makes for a good portfolio that will score well with the College Board judges (17:30).

Resources and Links:

The article Tim promised at the end of the episode is here--every AP Studio Art resource you could ever want.

Tim has written a few articles on teaching AP. His favorite is called Is Teaching AP Studio Art Really Worth It?

Jeanne has an incredible website for her art room that you can see right here.


Jul 05, 2016
Ep. 019 - The Slippery Slope of Censoring Student Artwork

If we want to offer up choice and student voice in the classroom--which just about everyone agrees we should do--how do we deal with ideas that might need to be censored? Andrew talks about how to know when students are pushing the envelope too far, and how to deal with the issue when they do (4:00). Ian Sands comes on to talk about how student choice affects expression (10:30), what he allows in his classroom (14:45), and what compromises you should be willing to make (20:00).


Resources and Links:

  • Here are two great articles by Ian, and two more that deal with how we deal with censoring artwork.

  • If you'd like to see more from Ian Sands, check out his old articles or visit his website.
Jun 28, 2016
Ep. 018 - How to Make the Most of Your Time This Summer

Summer offers great opportunities and possibilities to better ourselves as people, artists, and educators. This episode is the perfect tool to help you decide exactly what you are going to do this summer. Holly Bess Kincaid joins the show to talk about her Fulbright-Hays Seminar which allowed her to spend last summer in China. She talks about experiencing educational culture in China (3:00), seeing art from throughout China's history (4:30) and sharing cultural understanding with her own students (5:30). Alecia Eggers also stops by to share her six tips for making the most of your time off (9:15). So what will you do? Learn new media or techniques? Take classes? Spend time with your family? Recharge and relax? Listen to this episode, make a plan, and get the most out of these two months--no matter what you choose to do.

Resources and Links:

  • Here are some of AOE's favorite articles about summer:

12 Signs You’re Ready For Summer Vacation

10 Ways to Get Summer Break Started Off on the Right Foot

5 Ways to Get Inspired at a Summer Arts Festival

A Must-Read Guide for Artistic Summer Vacations

Jun 21, 2016
Special Episode – Romero Britto Interview

Contemporary pop artist, Romero Britto, comes on the show to talk to Tim about his life and his work. Britto is known around the world for his colorful, bold, and optimistic artworks drawing inspiration from the joys of everyday life. He believes in art as an agent of positive change, and he and Tim discuss why this positive approach is so important. Britto also talks about his upbringing in Brazil (4:00), his biggest influences (11:15), a day in the life of an artist (15:00), and what he has coming next in his career (17:00).

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Jun 14, 2016
Ep. 017 - Do Art Teachers Have to Be Artists

Do art teachers need to be artists? Absolutely! We don't need to be creating work at the highest level, pursuing gallery shows every month, and constantly chasing sales. We do, however, need to be creating in some fashion; the habit of consistently creating artwork makes us better, more engaging teachers. Andrea Slusarski returns to the show as she and Tim talk about making time to make art (8:00), the higher standard to which art teachers are held (11:30), and how being an artist helps inform our teaching (15:45).

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Jun 07, 2016
Ep. 016 - Budget Like A Boss

Art teachers everywhere can identify with the "penny-pinching blues." It seems every year art budgets are cut. Teachers have to beg, borrow, and get really creative to ensure students have enough quality supplies to last the year. In this episode, Andrew brings up broad strategies for advocating for (and using!) your budget while Tim shares some great classroom hacks to help teachers get the biggest bang for their buck. Listen up and learn how to budget like a boss!

Andrew and Tim share some practical tips and tricks for stretching that art budget (14:15). These tips are especially relevant to new teachers or teachers transferring to a new building, Next, Tim and Andrew discuss some common mistakes in budgeting and ordering supplies (19:00). Finally, the guys go out on a limb to discuss how budgeting like a boss can actually add legitimacy to an art program as an advocacy piece (26:00).

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May 31, 2016
Ep. 015 - Teaching on the Fly: When the Best Laid Plans Go Bad

We've all had projects that have flopped, but how do we transition out of that failure into something meaningful? Andrew joins Tim on the show as they discuss the need to figure out how to make those failures relevant. They also talk about salvaging learning experiences for our students when things aren’t running as smoothly as we had hoped. Tim provides tips on using reflection and discussion as a learning experience (3:00). Andrew shares his ideas about what causes our projects to fail (7:00) and why he purposefully designs projects that force students to struggle (11:45). This episode has great suggestions for trying new projects in your classroom, saving lessons that go awry, and even using those lessons to teach our kids about failure.

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May 24, 2016
Ep. 014 - Talking Dirty: Dealing with Student Immaturity

In this episode, Andrew brings up a topic that we all agree happens on a daily basis: student immaturity. It's a topic we don’t always feel comfortable sharing as somehow confessing this is an admission of classroom management failure. If creativity is the currency of art teachers, immaturity is the currency of our students. Be it fart jokes, sexual innuendo, or “that’s what she said” remarks, students revel in immaturity. Teachers deal with these antics in their own ways. Some see them as inevitable and harmless little quips that can lighten the class mood or build rapport. Others see them as a huge distraction that can completely derail your class and undermine everything you’re trying to do as a teacher.

Andrew and Tim begin by sharing some memorable stories of how student immaturity reared it’s head in their classrooms. You won't want to miss the epic fart story that Andrew tells (7:45)! They then discuss tips and tricks to deal with or circumvent immature and offensive behavior (11:30). And finally coming full circle, Tim and Andrew discuss ways that masterful teachers can navigate and even leverage immaturity into teachable moments to build a healthy classroom environment and strengthen rapport (21:00 ).

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May 17, 2016
Ep. 013 - The Death of Art Education

In this episode, Andrew shines a light on a pretty serious and worrying thought… the death of art education. While this may seem a bit melodramatic, there are serious shifts underway that are undermining and changing the status quo of art education. Right off the bat, Andrew brings on special guest Danny Gregory whose blog post, “Let’s Get Rid of Art Education in Schools,” had the art teaching world all worked up.

Love it or hate it, the article brings up some interesting points and got Andrew and fellow Art Ed Radio podcast host, Tim Bogatz, thinking about the current reality of art education (7:30). Tim and Andrew discuss advocacy strategies and how art teachers can take a stance in the face of shifting paradigms to champion our programs, whether these programs are more traditional or new and more inclusive to the world outside art (13:50).

Resources and Links:

May 10, 2016
Ep. 012 - STEM, STEAM, and PBL: 3 Acronyms You Should Actually Care About

In this episode, Andrew will shed some light on new acronyms from the art ed world including STEM, STEAM, and PBL. He'll share how to start incorporating these teaching philosophies into your classroom in order to get your students thinking like designers. He'll even talk about why having the STEM vs. STEAM debate isn't worth your time.

Joining Andrew will be his longtime friend and colleague, Ryan McInry. Ryan is a fellow Iowa art educator and a bonafide STEAM expert.

Andrew and Ryan discuss the unifying threads of STEM, STEAM, PBL and art and why these new paradigms don’t have to be a source of fear or confusion for art teachers (16:00). They also talk about how STEAM and PBL can lead art teachers to collaborate with other teachers in the building (21:00). Finally, Ryan and Andrew discuss how art teachers can be leaders when schools start adopting a STEAM or PBL approach (24:00 ).

Resources and Links:

May 03, 2016
Ep. 011 - Why Do Art Clubs Disappear?

Art clubs always start out with a sense of excitement and passion, but that feeling rarely continues all the way until June. How do we keep our students interested and our art clubs productive throughout the school year? Tim and Andrew get together for a great discussion on these topics, offering some specific takeaways that can keep your art club going strong.

The guys talk about new ideas for scheduling your activities and keeping the excitement going (8:00), Andrew shares his ideas about letting students use catapults to launch pianos across the room (11:00), and they both talk about why it’s a good idea to let students take the initiative (14:30). Tim closes the show by sharing his 3 tips to keep your art club not only surviving, but thriving.

Resources and Links:

More tips from AOE on successful art clubs:

Ideas for incredible projects:

Apr 26, 2016
Ep. 010 - Can Intrinsic Motivation Be Developed

A classroom where every student is intrinsically motivated is an art teacher's dream, but it's rarely a reality. In this episode, Tim brings back AOE writer Abby Schukei to continue their discussion from Episode 002 on how to best motivate our students. This time, they are also joined by art teaching superstar Nic Hahn, author of the blog Mini Matisse.

The three discuss how we can teach students to value their work (12:30), whether students have the ability to develop intrinsic motivation (15:30), and how to work with students that don't like art (17:00). The show raises important questions to help all art teachers reflect on what they do for their students and why.

Resources and Links:

Apr 19, 2016
Ep. 009 - No More Dead White Guys

Too often, art teachers rely on the canons of art history when introducing the subject to their students. This episode is here to tell you there's a better way! Tim shares some of his best resources and reasons for teaching contemporary artists (listen for a cameo from the great Don Masse). Andrew comes on the show and he and Tim discuss their favorite contemporary artists (4:00), what art history looks like in their classrooms (8:30), and why we need to get away from those dead white guys (17:00). Tim closes the show by talking about the power of contemporary art to help develop thoughtful, inquisitive, and engaged students in your classroom.

Apr 12, 2016
Ep. 008 - Simple Tech Solutions to End Your Grading Nightmare

In this episode, Andrew sheds light on how teachers can use technology to end the dreaded nightmare that is grading in the art room. Teaching is tough, and teachers have to learn how to work smarter, not harder, to survive. Using tools like apps, websites, and learning management systems to help is a no-brainer. Andrew welcomes TAB, tech, and assessment extraordinaire Linda Papanicolaou from sunny California to learn more about how teachers can use tech to streamline their grading practices.

Learn why Andrew and Linda love the learning management system Schoology (15:30), how to keep students accountable during the ideation phase (21:00), and how to incorporate technology to get students writing and talking about artwork in a way that's manageable to track (26:30). 

Resources and Links: 
3 Ways Social Learning Platforms Can Enhance Your Teaching
A Quick and Easy Way to Get Students Writing About Art
A Way to Engage Your Entire Classroom

Apr 05, 2016
Bonus Episode - Live From NAEA: Finding Your Happiness as an Art Teacher

The NAEA convention is an annual event that draws thousands of art teachers together for learning, reflection, and celebration. Tim and Andrew decided that this year's convention, in Chicago, would be the perfect time and place to record a special bonus episode of Art Ed Radio. Listen as the guys recap their convention experience (3:00), Andrew tells what it's like to be a presenter (4:45), and they both talk to convention attendees from all over the country about what they love about being an art teacher (12:00). These teachers’ stories illustrate why, as Tim says, we have the best job in the world.

Mar 29, 2016
Ep. 007 - Making Data Sexy

In this episode Andrew will dissect how we as art teachers can fit into the current “big data” educational paradigm. Art teachers are all too familiar with the buzzwords, Professional Learning Communities, Common Formative and Summative Assessments, Student Learning Objectives, and standardized tests. Everything in education seems to be about hard, quantifiable data. This shouldn’t leave teachers on the outside looking in or force them to wave the white flag or stick their heads in the sand and say that using data isn’t relevant. AOE’s good friend and go-to data diva Sarah Dougherty joins the show to talk about how art teachers can make data work for them… in short, how to make data sexy! Sarah will help answer how art teachers can make data important, fun, and meaningful and ultimately work in the art room.

As Andrew and Sarah dig into data they discuss what good data and data collection looks like in the art room (6:30), what kind of assessments are best for getting that kind of authentic data (8:45), and how data can drive the decision making process in your PLC (11:30).

Resources and Links:

Mar 29, 2016
Ep. 006 - The Top 10 Things Students Love But Teachers Hate

In this episode Andrew will share our deep dark secrets… that there are plenty of things in the art room that students love, but art teachers hate. Andrew and his faux-grumpy partner Tim Bogatz look at specific media and projects teachers can’t stand which normally boil down to students making really obvious and unoriginal aesthetic decisions. From zentangle and tie-dye, to glitter and even Pinterest, Andrew and Tim take no prisoners (5:00)!

Rather than let this turn into a big ole’ grump fest, Andrew and Tim look at the reasons why these love/hate relationship divides exist (19:45). Best of all, the guys talk strategies for dealing with those things students love but teachers hate (22:30). Teachers can’t just outlaw reviled materials or choices. Learn how to encourage students’ interests and choices while also pushing them to think more deeply and creatively.

Resources and Links:
5 Innovative Methods For Maximum Motivation
A Surefire Way To Kill Creativity In The Classroom
Did You Steal That Off Pinterest?
How Pinterest Can Discourage The Creative Process For Photographers

Mar 22, 2016
Ep. 005 - How To Teach Color Theory and Keep Students Engaged

This episode is a great discussion on color theory, as well as the hows and whys of teaching it. Andrea Slusarski, aka The Nerdy Art Teacher, joins Tim to talk about using color theory to develop student engagement and a better classroom experience for her students. Listen for a discussion on the exciting parts of science and color theory (5:00), why we need to ditch our color wheel projects (9:30), and the perfect project to inspire students’ confidence (15:00). Tim closes the show talking about student engagement and the benefits of engaging instruction.

Take a look at some of our favorite articles about color theory:

Check out Andrea’s blog:, and follow her on Twitter:

She has also put together the best color theory resource you and find. Download Color--It’s Science!




Mar 15, 2016
Ep. 004 - Three Times the Art World Broke the Internet

Discussing 3 times the art world broke the Internet, and how those viral moments can be utilized to engage our students. They talk about the infamous dress (8:00), the Old Navy shirt that every art teacher hates (12:00), and the red Starbucks cup (18:00). Andrew shares some lessons learned from a failure in his classroom, and shares why he wants his students to think like designers. Tim talks about incorporating pop culture in our classrooms and why we need to be ready to capitalize on teachable moments when those opportunities arise.

Mar 08, 2016
Ep. 003 - Art Room Branding: the Projects that Define Your Program

Andrew takes his first turn in the host chair for a discussion with Tim on the biggest things we do--the projects that define our programs. Andrew discusses inspiration, collaboration, curriculum (2:45), with maybe a mention of zombies thrown in. Tim talks about his underwater photo shoot (7:00), trying not to get fired after throwing things at his students (9:00), and why we need to always continue to push the envelope (11:30). Listen for Andrew’s thoughts on how serendipity can lead to great projects, but only if you’re ready to dive in! (26:00)


Resources and Links:

Feb 29, 2016
Ep. 002 - From Talented to Terrible, Find Success Teaching Every Student

Art of Ed writer Abby Schukei joins Tim to share strategies to help every student find success, which encourages and empowers them to continue to create. They talk about Instagram and how social media allows us to move artwork beyond our classroom walls (10:00), and why Abby lets her worst-behaved students do whatever they want--within reason (19:00). Tim closes the show with some important thoughts on developing an authentic audience for our students to encourage their persistence and perseverance (21:00).


Resources and Links:

Feb 29, 2016
Ep. 001 - Is Originality Dead?

Andrew and Tim are excited to be debuting the first episode of Art Ed Radio. They tackle the age-old question of originality, what purpose it serves in the art room, and what we can do to ensure that our students are creating original work. Listen for the guys talking about Chuck Close (11:45), Andrew working weightlifting into the conversation (16:00), Tim talking about his mantra of “make it your own” (21:00), and why originality is worth striving for--even if it doesn’t always come easily (25:45).


Resources and Links:

Feb 29, 2016