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 May 24, 2020

 Mar 20, 2020

 Mar 10, 2020

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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.

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Glenn Howerton (Dennis Reynolds), NFL Week 2 Preview And Bigger Than Ben Part 4
The Barstool Sportsbook app is finally here (this afternoon) get excited (2:52 - 5:01). We talk NBA playoffs and PFT and Jake attended the Heat beating the Celtics in Game 2 (5:01 - 12:32). Thursday night shootout between Joe Burrow and Baker and we go through NFL Week 2 games with a preview and picks (12:32 - 42:09). Fantasy Fuccbois (42:09 - 47:46). Glenn Howerton joins the show to talk about his career in TV, playing Dennis Reynolds on Always Sunny in Philadelphia, his new show AP Bio and more (47:46 - 79:10). Segments include Bigger Than Ben part 4, the finale and fyre fest of the week.
Sep 18, 2020
Dan Patrick, Playoff Pee Pee And The Clippers Are Frauds Plus MNF
The Clippers are officially dead. Playoff Pee-Pee showed up at the worst time and the Nuggets played a fantastic series (2:33 - 9:48). The Heat beat the Celtics in game 1 with an all time Bam block (9:48 - 12:51). MNF clean up and Big Ben is back (12:51 - 20:19). Will the Big Ten play? Hopes are high (20:19 - 27:36). Hot Seat Cool Throne including the US Open and CJ McCollum roasting people (27:36 - 40:51). Dan Patrick joins the show to talk about his show going to Peacock, gambling, hot takes, and the 3 on 3 PMT vs DP Show battle that needs to happen (40:51 - 83:05). Segments include Kickers Psychology couch, Trouble in Paradise Allen Robinson and the Bears and Guys on Chicks.
Sep 16, 2020
NFL Week 1, Recap Of Every Game, Fastest 2 Minutes, Plus Deion Sanders
ootball is back. Fastest 2 Minutes Week 1( 2:02 - 7:48). We recap every single game on Sunday, the Jets suck, The Bears and Washington Football team may be back, Let Russ Cook, the Aaron Rodgers fuck you tour, fat Randy Bullock and much more (7:48 - 84:05). Football guy of the week (84:05 - 88:56). Deion Sanders joins the show to talk about the big stories from Week 1 (88:56 - 102:11). Who's back of the week including the Nuggets beating the Clippers in a Game 6 that no one watched and chain snatching.
Sep 14, 2020
Football Is Back, Tony Hawk, And Bigger Than Ben Part 3
Football is back baby. We talk about Thursday Night Football, Andy Reid's facemask and the Chiefs being a wagon. (2:10-6:29) Little NBA playoff talk (6:30-11:05) and then we get into a weekend preview and picks for all the NFL games. (12:10-19:15) Fantasy Lax Bros. (29:16-35:30)Tony Hawk joins the show to talk about the return of his video game, being gnarly, and doing sick tricks. (40:45-1:03:13) Segments include Fyre Fest of the Week, (1:06:42-1:19:14) PR 101 for Odell Beckham and documentary review for Bigger Than Ben Part 3 (1:19:15-1:25:43)
Sep 11, 2020
NFL Preview With Warren Sharp, Actor Blake Anderson, Peter King Did A Doobie
Peter King did a doobie and we don't know if we'll ever recover ( 2:57 - 8:22). NBA Playoffs and CFB made Labor Day weekend feel almost normal (8:22 - 21:11). Who's back of the week including Mitch Trubisky and the NFL Shield (21:11 -32:44). Warren Sharp joins the show to preview the 2020 NFL season, what to expect with no training camp, betting tips for the first month of the season, and who will be the surprise team of the year (32:44 - 76:30). Actor Blake Anderson joins the show to talk about his new show Woke, Workaholics, and becoming a contender in Blake of the Year (76:30 - 92:54). Talking Tennis Novak Djokovic throat punched a woman with a tennis ball and way to stay relevant Joe West for bouncing Mike Rizzo from a game.
Sep 08, 2020
Jimmy Tatro, Josh Allen & Tre'Davious White, Plus Bigger Than Ben Part 2
Labor day weekend vibes are running high in the studio. We talk NBA Game 7 Thunder/Heat and are the Bucks fucked? (2:26-21:37) Fyre Fest of the week including Madden codes and twitter keeps faking us out on College Football. (22:53-32:44) Comedian/Actor Jimmy Tatro joins the show to talk about the Real Bros of Simi Valley being back, comedy, the Lakers, and how much he hates the Clippers. (34:22-1:23:35) Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen and Pro Bowler Tre'Davious White join the show to talk about the upcoming season, Josh Allen vs Mahomes in arm strength, and Tre'Davious having Tre Day in Louisiana. (1:25:21-1:52:17) We finish the show with a review of Bigger Than Ben Part 2, the Ben Roethlisberg documentary no one asked for but everyone is watching. (1:54:08-2:03:06)
Sep 04, 2020
Rob Schneider, Dungeons And Dragons, NBA Playoffs And B1G Football Is Back
NBA Playoffs and Game 7 recap . The Rockets need to get out of our face, Marcus Smart went off, and Jimmy Butler is that guy (1:57 - 13:56). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Alvin Kamara, B1G Football is back and Hank is now using Billy as his doctor (13:56 - 33:28). Rob Schneider joins the show to talk about his new special, SNL, and Boner Dogs (33:28 - 73:57). Timm Woods joins the show to continue our Dungeons and Dragons adventure
Sep 02, 2020
Kevin Love, Mystery Teams, And Jamal Murray Is Insane
Sports are back and we recap the weekend while watching Jamal Murray go off in Game 6 of the Nuggets/Jazz series (2:28 - 7:51). College Football is back, sort of (7:51 - 15:01). Who's back of the week including Bronny Jr and the big NFL trade Sunday (15:01 - 25:43). Kevin Love joins the show for an awesome interview where we talk about everything from the '16 Cavs, being teammates with Lebron, UCLA, fat Kevin Love, mental health and more (25:43 - 114:32). Segments include Billy's list and lottery machine numbers.
Aug 31, 2020
NBA Insider Shams Charania, Actor Danny Trejo And Big Cat Bought A Lottery Machine
The sports world stopped on Wednesday in protest and we discuss what that means going forward (2:48 - 16:56). Fyre Fest of the week Big Cat bought a lottery machine and he's now addicted to picking winning numbers plus Hank wont stop yawning (16:56 - 35:05). NBA Insider Shams Charania joins the show to talk about the NBA protests, what the players meeting looked like and when play will most likely resume (35:05 - 52:18). Actor Danny Trejo joins the show to talk about his career of being the bad guy, being in a million movies, prison and more (52:18 - 81:27). Segments include billy's list and a review of Bigger Than Ben, Ben Roethlisberger's new documentary.
Aug 28, 2020
Jay Pharaoh, Hard Knocks Is A Bummer, And Billy Has A Secret Only Fans
Hard Knocks is a bummer and we figured out why. NBA playoffs and the Blazers are officially dead (2:18- 17:26). Playoff hockey and Joe Judge is still working to be football guy of the year (17:26 - 19:57). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Chris Webber being absolutely terrible at announcing and Lucas Giolito's no hitter (19:57 - 39:41). Comedian Jay Pharoah joins the show to talk about his new movies, his career at SNL, being the impression guy, the time ScarJo ruined Mayweather/Pacquiao and more (39:41 - 75:26). Segments include Talking Soccer, Billys list, Guys on Chicks and we remember how much of a legend Shoenice is.
Aug 26, 2020
Alex Rodriguez, In Luka We Trust And Who's Back Of The Week
We are now a Luka Doncic show. We recap the NBA playoffs, Luka being incredible, the Blazers running out of gas, the Sixers process is broken and more (223:50). Who's back of the week including North Korea and Madden Codes (23:50 - 35:50). Alex Rodriguez joins the show to talk baseball, the new season of Corp dropping this week, possibly owning the Mets and more (35:50 - 69:31). Segments include shoe roast for the new A's cargo hats, not to brag but we called it the NFL has figure out a way to beat Coronavirus and Billy's List.
Aug 24, 2020
Drew Rosenhaus, Washington Football Team President Jason Wright And Thom Brennaman Does A Call
Thom Brennaman had unintentionally one of the funniest baseball calls of all time (3:09 - 11:03). Caps lose, NBA Lottery and the playoffs are cooking (11:03 - 22:42). NFL Super agent Drew Rosenhaus joins the show to talk about his career, his clients, negotiating with GM's and more (22:42 - 66:11). Washington Football Team President Jason Wright joins the show to talk about his new job, changing the culture in DC, his playing days at Northwestern and whether or not hes a nerd (66:11 - 97:14). Segments include Billy's sheet and Fyre Fest of the week
Aug 21, 2020
Michael Strahan, David Arquette, And The Lakers Are Dead (After 1 Game)
Laker Dan is down as we recap the first 2 days of the NBA playoffs with both 8 seeds shocking the 1 seeds on Tuesday (2:01 - 10:51). Hockey playoffs and hot seat/cool throne talking about baseball unwritten rules and Joe Judge becoming the new Football Guy on the block (10:51 - 35:31). Michael Strahan joins the show to talk about his career, being America's sweetheart, paying Brett Favre for the sack record and more (35:31 - 78:35). David Arquette joins the show to talk about acting, his doll collection, and his new documentary about his return to wrestling (78:35 - 100:41). Guys on Chicks.
Aug 19, 2020
Joe Montana, Akon, And Billys Frog Died (RIP Bertha)
NBA and NHL Playoffs are in full swing and we predict first round matchups (17:18). Big Ten has an online petition and it may just force football to happen (17:18 - 23:49). Who's back of the week including Alex Smith and Mark Jackson after Alvin Gentry and Jim Boylen were fired (23:49 - 39:58). Joe Montana joins the show to talk about his career, Rudy being a fraud, having all the cool nicknames and cursing the Notre Dame green jerseys (39:58 - 67:18). Akon joins the show to talk about his rap career, going platinum, building an entire city in Africa and his crypto currency Akoin (67:18 - 99:23). Segments include talking soccer, UFC, and billy's list.
Aug 17, 2020
Mike Golic Sr, NBA Playoffs Set And Roasts With Joey Mulinaro
Stages of grief for CFB are discussed and we have a Football Guy of the Millenium. (2:24-10:40) NBA Playoffs are set and we make some knee jerk predictions for round 1. (10:41-18:41) Fyre Fest of the Week and the Billy vs Jake Salisbury/Clayton beef gets hotter. (20:53-32:28) Mike Golic Sr joins the show to talk about his Hall of Fame radio career, the end of Mike and Mike and being disappointed in how things went down, and College Football. (34:10-1:20:36) Billy's list and we finish the show with listener roasts with Joey Mulinaro (1:21:54-1:33:21)
Aug 14, 2020
Huge Announcement With Deion Sanders, B1G Cancels Football, Hard Knocks, & Dungeons And Dragons
The B1G and Pac 12 have cancelled their football seasons and it equals pain (3:02 - 9:23). Hard Knocks episode 1 was just a long coronavirus commercial (9:23 - 17:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne with Kyle Kuzma, Steve Spurrier and Billy Football vs Jake (17:30 - 34:46). Deion Sanders joins the show to announce his signing with Barstool, the podcast he's going to do, and whether or not he would lock down Michael Thomas (34:46 - 55:09). Timm Woods joins us in studio to continue our Dungeons and Dragons game and we had a MAJOR plot twist (55:09 - 100:06).
Aug 12, 2020
Steve-O, CFB On The Ropes And The PGA Championship
College Football is officially on the ropes. We talk about the lack of a cool billionaire to come save the day really fucking sucks and why cancelling the CFB season may not be as smart as people think (2:56 - 17:45). PGA Champion Colin Morikawa turned a thrilling tourney into a cakewalk on the final 2 holes (17:45 - 24:38). Who’s back of the week (24:38 - 36:38). Steve-O joins the show to talk about his new special, Jackass, his favorite stunt, how stunts get assigned and how he can puke just from thinking about puking (36:38.- 86:31). Segments include hockey talk, this league, and Billy’s list
Aug 10, 2020
Chargers TE Hunter Henry, Documentarian Gotham Chopra And Fyre Fest of Their Week
Football stories are starting to happen and Jon Gruden faked Coronavirus. Mike Tomlin quotes and Harbaugh pissed off Ohio State again (2:52 - 15:35). Playoff Hockey, NBA and gambling heaven (15:35 - 21:47). Charger TE Hunter Henry joins the show to talk about his career, playing with Phil Rivers, always being down late in the 4th, and the miraculous lateral play at Arkansas (21:47 - 50:53). Documentarian Gotham Chopra joins the show to talk about working with Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and some of the greatest athletes of all time as well as where Documentaries are going in 2020 (50:53 - 81:25). Segments include reading Billy's sheet and Fyre Fest of the week.
Aug 07, 2020
JJ Redick, Big Ben Is A Warrior And Guys On Chicks
Games all day every day has the whole crew in a great mood. Conversation about the bubble, high thoughts and hockey.(2:05-12:05) Hot Seat Cool Throne including the XFL, Big Ben being more injured than anyone ever and the debut of Stool Streams (GET EXCITED). (12:52-32:01) JJ Redick joins us from the bubble to talk about launching his new podcast, Zion rules, NCAA and how he needs to become hateable again. (34:20-1:13:06) Segments include Billy’s big sheet (1:15:00-1:19:19) and guys on chicks (1:19:20-1:26:53)
Aug 05, 2020
CJ McCollum, Sports Are Back, And Opting Out Is The New Rage
We're back after Grit Week and sports are all the way back. Recapping a weekend with all the leagues playing (2:30 - 6:19). Zion's burst restrictions and the MLB hanging on by a thread (6:19 - 17:45). Who's back of the week including Brooks owning Bryson, opting out, and Pac 12 players reading the Art of the Deal (17:45 - 37:32). Blazers guard CJ McCollum joins the show to talk about the NBA Bubble, being back in action, slim Melo, his new moves and more (37:32 - 79:34). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for Aaron Rodgers, PR 101 for the Mets and Yoenis Cespedes.
Aug 03, 2020
George Kittle, The Big Show, Grit Week 2020 Livestream & Spongebob Table Read
Grit Week 2020 is in the books and we’re taping off a 24 hour livestream. Recapping dumbest moments and the fact the we basically had a grade school sleepover for work. (2:40-8:38) Joe Kelly, NBA is back and Patrick Mahomes somehow got picked 4th overall.(8:39-15:30) Fyre Fest of the Week.(16:13-20:18) 49ers George Kittle joins the show to talk about the upcoming season, the Super Bowl, and Grit. (22:07-47:37)The Big Show joins the show to talk about his wrestling career, heel turning, and having a cameo in The Thong Song. (49:29-113:58) We finish with a Spongebob Table Reading from 8 am (1:15:56-1:32:41)
Jul 30, 2020
JuJu Smith Schuster, Will Compton, Grit Week Stream Prep And More
We're getting ready for our 24 hour Grit Week stream starting at noon on Wednesday. We've got a bunch of things planned and will be raising money for the Childrens Miracle Hospital Network (2:32 - 19:11). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Kirk Cousins sandals, Patrick Mahomes has bought the Royals and Aaron Rodgers has taken to the bottle (19:11 - 33:41). Steelers Wide Receiver JuJu Smith Schuster joins the show to talk about streaming, Big Ben, and pranking people (33:41 - 57:20). Will Compton joins the show to talk about being Gritty, making an NFL roster, lessons from Bo Pelini and more (57:20 - 94:11). Whats happening today and Guys on Chicks.
Jul 28, 2020
Grit Week - Deion Sanders, An NYC Garbage Man, And Monday Reading Sequel Waffle House Fight Guy
Welcome to Grit Week 2020. It’s a little different this year given the circumstances but we have an awesome 24 hour livestream planned for Wednesday. Baseball is back and the weird parts of the game are hilarious. (2:30-10:56) Lou Williams strip club story and Jamal Adams trades. (10:57-18:08) Who’s back of the week including Thibs in NYC. (19:04-27:40) Primetime Deion Sanders joins the show to talk about being Primetime, his career in baseball and football and being the best and Swaggiest guy ever. Also prime times rules about public bathroom use. (29:50-1:16:54) We welcome on an NYC garbage man, one of the grittiest jobs out there and talk to him about the business. (1:19:00-1:37:07) Monday Reading the Waffle House fight guy writes his response and reasoning for fighting the same cook every single week(1:40:16-1:59:14)
Jul 27, 2020
Jerry O'Connell, Baseball Is Back, Mt Rushmore Of PLL Names
Sports are back and then they weren't. Fauci's first pitch was so bad it was good. Mark Davis has found nirvana in a PF Chang's (2:06 - 10:21). Fyre Fest of the week Amazon shipping and getting pre-mad that we'll all buy into the Tyson/Roy Jones Jr hype (10:21 - 27:28). Jerry O'Connell joins the show to talk about Fantasy Football, his new jaguar, movies, and playing the fat kid in Stand By Me (27:28 - 65:56). Segments include Naming Teams the Washington Football team and the Seattle Krakken, Talking Soccer, and the Mt Rushmore of PLL names in honor of Lacrosse coming back this weekend.
Jul 24, 2020
Creed Bratton, Slim Melo And Mt Rushmore Of Things That Happened Since Sports Were Cancelled
The last show before really live sports are back (sorry MLS), NBA Bubble looks weird and who is most mad they aren't getting scoops (2:13 - 9:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including iphones now breaking because of Iphone 12 and Slim Melo (9:50 - 25:19). Creed Bratton joins the show to talk about the office, his music career, and doing acid in the late 60's on stage at a concert (25:19 - 46:57). Segments include the Mt Rushmore of things that happened since sports were cancelled and Guys on Chicks.
Jul 21, 2020
Cris Collinsworth, Sports Are Back (This Week) And Zuckerberg's Ass Implants
Sports are officially back (this week) and we're so fucking happy. (2:26-4:40) NFL has to figure their shit out and Bryson DeChambleu is now a Triple B. (4:42-11:20) Who's back of the week including Zac Efron's "dad bod" and true love. (13:10-24:40) Cris Collinsworth joins the show to talk about the slide in, working with Al Michaels, PFF and how he grades players and what the 2020 NFL season will look like. (26:27-1:25:57) Segments include as a straight guy, (1:29:57-1:32:09) stay woke on Zuckerberg's fake ass, (1:32:10-1:36:21) and my personal opinion. (1:36:24-1:38:05)
Jul 20, 2020
Kenny The Jet Smith, Washington Post Report And A HEATED Debate
The Redskins are a trash organization as a new report comes out from the Washington Post. PFT breaks down the best moments in the Dan Snyder era because there are basically none of them. (2:08-13:10)Twitter broke for blue checkmarks and it was awesome. (13:11-17:42) Fyre Fest of the week and the rehabilitation of Billy Football. (18:58-30:56) Kenny the Jet Smith joins the show to talk about Inside the NBA, working with Charles Barkley, his basketball camp, moving to a Front Office job and life inside the NBA bubble. (32:00-1:13:00) Segments include Football guy of the week for Coach O, (1:14:48-1:18:56) Bubble Life, (1:19:00-1:20:16) and we have the dumbest debate of all time that proves we need sports back in a bad way. (1:20:17-1:28:08)
Jul 17, 2020
3X SB Champ Willie McGinest, Dungeons And Dragons And We Kill Billy
These next 2 weeks all the sports are hanging in the balance. Madden ratings, bubble snitches, and hockey is doing a great job of telling us nothing. (2:22-10:18) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including plague squirrels and Will Smith's entanglement. (10:40-30:10) 3X Super Bowl Champion Willie McGinest joins the show to talk about Cam in New England, Culture change in locker rooms, and Brady on the Bucs. (31:34-55:21) We finish picking up on our Dungeons and Dragons adventure and Billy Football is in DEEP shit. (56:49-1:41:12)
Jul 15, 2020
Luke Bryan, Woj Suspended, And Soup Tube Is The Greatest Invention Ever
Woj suspended and the internet sucks beyond belief (2:18 - 12:20). Bubble Trouble in Orlando as the first groupie has been invited and Ben Simmons cant even hit the ocean with a fish (12:20 - 22:29). UFC Fight Island recap and who's back of the week and the world may be made of Cake (22:29 - 36:39). Country Music star Luke Bryan joins the show to talk about his new album, how he names songs, college football, and country music (36:39 - 70:05). Segments include way to stay relevant golf, drunk idea and monday reading, soup tube.
Jul 12, 2020
Dana White, Mike O'Malley, And The NBA's Motel 6
The NBA is attempting to come back and all the players are mad about their hotel/food. (2:30-10:04) College Football looks bleaker and bleaker by the second and the last hope could be just a conference schedule. (10:05-17:57) Fyre Fest of the week and Billy didn't understand what defund the police meant. (21:49-30:05) Dana White joins the show to talk about Fight Island UFC 251 on Saturday night, Super heavyweight divisions and we trolled him into anger. (31:12-44:58) Actor Mike O'Malley joins the show to talk about Nickelodeon GUTS, his acting career, coming back from failure and being a sports fan. (47:12-1:27:55) Segments include embrace debate (1:28:01-1:39:26) and documentary review of Home Game on Netflix. (1:39:27-1:45:47)
Jul 10, 2020
Trevor Bauer, Patrick Mahomes Got PAID And Tik Tok Drama
Tik Tok drama has never made us feel so old but it's so fucking funny (2:16 - 6:47). Patrick Mahomes got PAID. We discuss the contract and the future of the Chiefs and how much Mitch Trubisky will get paid (6:47 - 29:12). Hot Seat/Cool Throne include Jake Marsh breaking down wild Mahomes stats and PFT thinks he can be an NFL kicker (29:12 - 46:11). Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer joins the show to talk about baseball coming back. how the testing is going, and his feud with Scott Boras (46:11 - 73:55). Segments include PR 101 for DeSean Jackson, Mt Rushmore of offensive trademarks Dan Snyder tried to claim were worse than the Redskins and Guys on Chicks.
Jul 07, 2020
The 2020 Takie Awards Featuring Blake Griffin, Blake Koepka & Blake Bortles
We’re back from a mini vacation and we dive into the Redskins name change, Joey Chestnut’s continued dominance, and Bryson DeChambeau getting swole and still being a weirdo (2:49 - 38:04). And then- The 5th annual Takey awards are here highlighting the strongest takes and general excellence in sports media for the 2019-2020 podcast season. Featuring appearances from Tommy Lasorda, Tommy Lasorda, Chris Hansen, Cassius Stanley, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, BIGTIME TOMMIE, Kato Kaelin, James Garretson From Tiger King, Butterbean, Kermit the Frog and Curt Schilling (38:04 - 105:11). Plus: Blake of the Year with phone calls to Brooks Koepka, Blake Griffin trying time defend his title, and Blake Bortles
Jul 06, 2020
Mega Dungeons & Dragons and Stephen A Smith Is Horny Again
Happy Bobby Bonilla Day. We try to crunch the numbers on what we’d want as a payout like Bobby’s. (2:15-6:25) Stephen A Smith is horny again but this time he has a point. (6:26-15:35) Hot Seat Cool Throne including the guy who created a top 370 porn star list online. (16:20-31:15) We have our friend Timm Woods on the show for an hour plus of Dungeons and Dragons and the story takes quite the turn. (33:11-1:37:56) Reminder no show Friday,Takies Monday
Jul 01, 2020
Scott Boras, Ryan Whitney, Cam Newton To The Patriots
Toledo wins the Natty and we're going to get a key to the city. (2:30-8:40) NBA schedule is out and they blatantly want Zion in the playoffs which is fine. (8:41-11:36) Trust falls. Who's back of the week including Dicky V and JR Smith.(12:56-27:13) Scott Boras joins the show to explain the labor issues with baseball, playing this year, and Kris Bryant's new contract with the Cubs. (30:09-1:02:22) Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk some hockey, what he's been doing in quarantine and who has the best chance to win the Cup. (1:04:39-1:20:22) Segments include PR 101 for Mississippi (1:21:48-1:24:20) and E-Sports update for Dr Disrespect (1:24:21-1:30:13)
Jun 29, 2020
Eric Andre, Jay Cutler, Fyre Fest Of The Week, And Magnetic The Documentary
Friday vibes running through the studio we spitball some sports and Office ideas. (2:10-12:59) Fyre Fest of the week and Billy might be spreading diseases to us. (14:56-24:52) Comedian Eric Andre joins the show to talk about his new standup special Legalize Everything, absurd humor, what makes a prank great, and drinking. (26:20-1:01:49) Friend of the program Jay Cutler joins the show to talk about the chicken massacre in his backyard and we name his new rooster. (1:04:10-1:15:40) Segments include stadium roast for the Rangers new stadium (1:18:14-1:21:02) and a documentary review of Magnetic. (1:21:03-1:30:40)
Jun 26, 2020
Falcons QB Matt Ryan, We Get Mad At A List, And Guys On Chicks
Baseball is officially back and so is our beloved Jake Marsh. (2:24-7:17) Djokovic is a moron and Hot Seat Cool Throne included Twitter sucking and Big Ben addicted to porn. (7:18-24:48) Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan joins the show to talk about 28-3, CFB 2007 season, playing for Dan Quinn, and who is the best QB in the NFC South. (26:19-59:49) Segments include just chill out man, (1:02:40-1:03:40) we get mad at a list,(1:03:41-1:14:34) and Guys on Chicks. (1:14:35-1:21:02)
Jun 24, 2020
Rob Lowe, The Mt Rushmore Of Stadium Jams And Monday Reading
Soccer is our new king. (2:35-5:20) They tried to cancel Joe Rogan and it didn't work. (5:21-12:05) Who's back of the week including KPop and Leroy. (13:40-22:05) Rob Lowe joins the show to catch up about his new podcast, acting career, hanging with the showtime Lakers, and how sweet the 80's were.(25:01-1:13:12) Segments include stay woke,(1:15:44-1:19:02) Mt Rushmore of stadium jams, (1:19:03-1:29:04) and Monday Reading about using the F word (1:29:05-1:37:36)
Jun 22, 2020
Esports Legend NickMercs, Tennessee Wins The Natty, And Fyre Fest Of The Week
The Tennessee Volunteers are 2018 National Champions. Post game with Duggs and his coaching staff. Fauci needs a sensitive content warning before he tells us Football might be cancelled. (2:30-16:45) Fyre Fest of the week. (18:55-30:36) ESports legend NickMercs joins the show to talk about being a professional video game player, twitch streams, convincing his parents theres a future in gaming, and online culture. (32:33-1:23:05) We review the documentary Three Identical strangers (1:25:21-1:37:23)
Jun 19, 2020
Blake Bortles, Steelers RB James Conner, And Baseball Is Screwed
Baseball is fucked and it's insanely transparent whats going on. (2:40-11:01)The NBA bubble sounds like the coolest summer camp ever. (11:02-16:33) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including officially introducing Billy Football because we forgot some people don't even know his backstory. (17:03-37:54) Our good friend Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about free agency, how we can get his name back in the media, and possibly hair transplant? (40:34-55:20) Steelers RB James Conner joins the show to talk about his new book, beating cancer and coming back to play football for Pitt and the Steelers, and Big Ben being back. (55:23-1:17:54) We finish with Guys on Chicks Mt Flushmore of things girls do that guys hate (1:19:20-1:25:53)
Jun 17, 2020
Dallas Braden, Long Gone Summer, Mt Flushmore Of Things Chicks Dig In Honor Of The Long Ball
We were very underwhelmed with the Long Gone Summer Documentary even though 90's fashion ruled. (2:30-14:50) PFT made a cameo on Billions as an art thief, and the NBA is back to being in limbo. (14:51-24:30) Who's back of the week including mini hoops and Reggie Bush. (25:30-42:12) Dallas Braden joins the show to talk about the Long Gone Summer, playing in the end of the steroid era, will baseball happen this year and Yankees cheating. (42:13-1:20:56) Hurt or Injured Video game injuries and the Mt Flushmore of things chicks dig. (1:22:48-1:37:27)
Jun 15, 2020
Judd Apatow, Kentucky Sports Radio, And Lance Armstrong Documentary
We’re in a holding pattern of nothing so we whip through some stories. Is the new protest not protesting in the NFL? Is Saban too old? Is MLB serious? (2:36-14:10) Fyre Fest of the week with an all time Billy story. (14:11-20:41) Judd Apatow joins the show to talk about his new movie King of Staten Island, comedy in 2020, his start and sliding doors. (22:17- 59:14) Best of Kentucky Sports Radio including an all time call from Dilbert in Kentucky. (1:01:19-1:13:25) Lance Armstrong documentary review (1:13:32-1:27:43)
Jun 12, 2020
We've Lost Control Of The Ship Plus Dungeons and Dragons Continues With Timm Woods
We have lost control of our sons (Billy and Hank). The very bad week for Big Cat and PFT when it comes to online streams. (3:40-10:23) Baseball maybe? Probably not. (10:24-13:04) Hot Seat Cool Throne including COPS the show, sports, Billy Football still thinks Dan Bilzerian is sweet as fuck. (13:36-29:04) We continue our Dungeons and Dragons adventure with Timm Woods as we take on a dragon and have a HUGE plot twist at the end. (30:29-1:10:24)
Jun 10, 2020
Blake Griffin, Coach Duggs Chokes, And PFT’s Scott’s Tots
We start with the National Title and an all time choke job by the Tennessee Volunteers. (2:40-6:04) PFT did some bad math and now is in a huge charity hole that we talk our way out of. (6:05-30:20) Who’s back of the week with Vacation Hank. (30:21-39:44) Blake Griffin joins the show to prep for Blake of the Year, talk about the paparazzi stalking him, NBA coming back, and a positive outlook on the last 2 weeks. (42:28-1:15:30) In honor of Hank’s return we do the Mt Flushmore of vacation things (1:18:25-1:31:12)`
Jun 08, 2020
Dana White, Booger McFarland And Sour Grapes Documentary Review
NBA is back. The NBA announced their plans to return to play and included the Zion rule to make sure he was in the playoffs. (2:10-11:50) We adopted a minor league baseball player. (11:51-15:28) Fyre Fest of the week from Bubba, Billy, Big Cat, and PFT, Hank is still on vacation of course. (17:55-26:24) Dana White joins the show to talk about UFC 250, Fight Island, and why he thinks sports media is a bunch of fucking dorks. (27:33-58:22) Booger McFarland joins the show to talk about Drew Brees' comments about Flag protests, what the locker room will be like with the Saints, Peloton with PFT and his short sleeve suit. (59:47-1:39:17) We finish with a documentary review of Sour Grapes (1:41:04-1:54:07)
Jun 05, 2020
Forrest Gump Writer Eric Roth, NFL Power Rankings, Mt Rushmore Of Why We Love Dogs
We're back in studio, quick message off the top to keep listening to each other. We get back into sports and get mad at Peter King's NFL power rankings. (2:40-15:44) Baseball maybe back? (15:45-18:40) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Lenny Dykstra and Dan Bilzerian being the greatest philosopher of our time. (19:35-31:05) Forrest Gump Writer and Oscar Winner Eric Roth joins the show to talk about writing movies, Hollywood, horse racing and spending time with Muhammad Ali. (33:04-1:16:42) Mt Rushmore of things we love about dogs (1:18:08-1:31:12) and guys on chicks. (1:31:13-1:38:05)
Jun 03, 2020
Bill Burr, Arian Foster, And Space
We celebrate the beginning of June which means absolutely nothing. (2:30-15:10) Who’s back of the week including Anonymous and Space. (15:11-27:44) Bill Burr joins the show to talk about his new movie King of Staten Island, life without sports and more. (29:34-1:09:20) Arian Foster joins the show to talk about the last week in current events, race in America, how we can all make small changes for the better good, and why white privilege isn’t a bad thing but something that needs to be acknowledged. (1:11:46-2:08:34) We finish with a deep dive on Bonobo monkeys with Billy Football (2:10:50-2:28:16)
Jun 01, 2020
Scott Van Pelt, Ryan Lochte, Mt Flushmore of Car Accessories And Sports Are Back?
Sports are sort of back, or at least the announcement of sports being back are back. MLB will never happen because the Owners are fucking idiots (2:09 - 13:32). Fyre Fest of the week including Big Cat now likes Outerbanks and PFT fighting against the government (13:32 - 25:23). Scott Van Pelt joins the show to falsely accuse Big Cat of Video Game Chicanery, talk MLB labor strife, and going bald (25:23 - 51:37). Ryan Lochte joins the show and we ask him a bunch of questions from the world's biggest Ryan Lochte fan (51:37 - 67:59). Mt Flushmore of car accessories and FAQ's
May 29, 2020
Joel McHale, Dungeons And Dragons Part 2, And The Match
Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Lets have the most epic summer ever. The Match 2 was awesome on Sunday featuring Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, and Peyton Manning (2:34 - 12:05). NFL Rule Changes (12:05 - 16:20). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Rats and a discussion about Outer Banks (16:20 - 29:15). Joel McHale joins the show to talk about his career, Football at Washington, Community, doing the White House correspondents dinner and his new podcast (29:15 - 76:35). We resume our Dungeons and Dragons campaign with our Dungeon master Timm Woods and you won't believe what the boys got into this time.
May 26, 2020
Denny Hamlin, Entourage Creator Doug Ellin, Bucs C Ryan Jensen And Dude Perfect
Packed Friday show and we start with Dak negotiations (2:27 - 12:31). Fyre Fest of the week takes a detour as Hank invents war movies (12:31 - 30:22). NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin joins the show to talk about his win Wednesday, the last dance and guarantees a win Sunday. Entourage creator (30:22 - 45:48) Doug Ellin joins the show to talk about the show, Hollywood, losing Emmy’s and social media (45:48 - 79:45). Bucs Center Ryan Jensen joins the show to talk about his sweaty ass and working with Tom Brady (79:45 - 92:25). Finally we wrap up the week with a review of the Dude Perfect documentary
May 22, 2020
The Undertaker, Mt Flushmore Of Business Decisions And What Makes A Cool Hat Guy
There are no sports but we break down what makes a cool hat guy a cool hat guy (2:24 - 14:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat is reading a book and PFT has discovered the best new sports debate (14:50 - 27:30). The Undertaker joins the show to talk about his new documentary "The Last Ride" his career in the WWE, behind the scenes of wresting, inferno matches, and being buried alive (27:30 - 61:13). Segments include not to brag but we called it, Mt Flushmore of business decisions, and Guys on Chicks.
May 20, 2020
The Last Dance Finale, Karl Malone, And Mt Rushmore Of Grit Week Moments
The Last Dance Finale. We discuss the end of the Bulls dynasty, Reggie Miller, Pacers Karen, and MJ's final shit list. (3:05-31:13) Who's back of the week including sports and shorts. (31:14-38:55) Karl Malone joins the show to talk about the NBA in the 90's, playing against MJ's Bulls, and the Dream Team. (40:20-1:25:36) Segments include Drunk Idea Mt Rushmore of Grit Week moments in honor of Grit Week normally starting today (1:36:45-1:53:06) and Billy Football teaches us about Cover 2. (1:53:07-2:09:23)
May 18, 2020
Mark Cuban, Mt Rushmore Of Life's Little Embarrassments And Ronnie Coleman
PFT lost to Hank in Ping Pong and the meme to end all memes wants Big Cat to die (2:27 - 7:11). Fake crowds and fans and MLB (7:11 - 15:41). Fyre Fest of the week and we're on to naming rights for everything (15:41 - 30:40). Mark Cuban joins the show to talk about the NBA coming back, running for President, being friends with Michael Jordan and much more (30:40 - 66:31). Mt Flushmore of life's little embarrassments and we review the documentary Ronnie Coleman - The King
May 15, 2020
Patton Oswalt, We Start A Dungeons And Dragons Game + Waffle House Fighting
MLB might be back and NBA seems like its making progress but the real news of the day is Waffle House fighting. (2:57-10:05) We read one of the best stories on the internet about a guy who continually fights the same Waffle House cook for screwing up his eggs. (10:06-26:08) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including a call to Marlins Man. (26:25-45:46) Patton Oswalt joins the show to talk about his new stand up on Netflix, "I Love Everything", comedy in 2020 and being in a million funny shows/movies. (47:22-1:22:36) We start our bi-monthly Dungeons and Dragons game with Dungeon Master Tim Woods and the gang gets into trouble right off the bat. (1:21:31-2:04:07)
May 13, 2020
Michael Jordan's Trainer Tim Grover, Stories About MJ, Last Dance 7 & 8 Review, Mt Flushmore Of Teammates
Last Dance episode 7 and 8 were the best of the series as we finally get to see the real MJ. Calling people ho, making up slights to get himself motivated, retirement and coming back all discussed. (2:14-21:17) Who's back of the week including Norman Chad's terrible column and UFC periscopes. (23:45-35:14) Michael Jordan's long time trainer Tim Grover joins the show to talk about the Last Dance, training MJ, what it was like making the transition to and from baseball, the flu game, and much more. (38:14-1:22:56) Mt Flushmore of teammates (1:24:45-1:41:58) and Billy Football's deep dive into Murder Hornets (1:44:14- 2:04:18)
May 11, 2020
Joe Burrow, Musician Mike Posner, NFL Schedule Release And Mt Flushmore Of Minor Injuries
The NFL schedule has been released and we have hope. Notable games and a moment of silence to no Thursday night Jags/Titans (2:27 - 10:02). Earl Thomas got held at gunpoint by his wife after an orgy with his brother and Fyre Fest of the week (10:02 - 35:28). Number 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft Joe Burrow joins the show to talk about post draft life at his parent's house, team zoom meetings, and what Coach Duggs is doing wrong (35:28 - 54:59). Musician Mike Posner joins the show to talk about walking across the entire US, getting bit by a baby snake, the rise of his career and how weird fame was for him (54:59 - 85:40). We finish the show with the Mt Flushmore of minor injuries.
May 08, 2020
Nick Swardson, Caron Butler, Mt Flushmore Of Cars, And Duggs Goes To Texas Tech
We start by picking a Korean Baseball team and get EXTREMELY lucky with our selection (2:27 - 8:16) Coach Gus Duggerton is headed to Texas Tech and PFT asks Duggs some Big J Journalism questions (8:16 - 16:58). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Elon Musk and more fear porn (16:58 - 34:43). Comedian Nick Swardson joins the show to talk about his new movie The Wrong Missy out on Netflix May 13th, the Vikings, whether he believes in Kirk Cousins, getting expelled 4 times from high school and stand up comedy (34:43 - 65:35). NBA Champion Caron Butler joins the show to talk about his career, being addicted to Mountain Dew and Straws, and how Jim Calhoun recruited him to Uconn (65:35 - 84:17). Segments include embrace debate, Mt Flushmore of Cars and Guys on Chicks.
May 06, 2020
Horace Grant, Last Dance Episodes 5 & 6, Mt Flushmore + Billy's Deep Dive
We review the Last Dance Episodes 5 and 6. MJ shitting on Isiah again, the Dream Team, Jordan's gambling problems and the Finals vs Charles Barkley. (2:28-27:40) Andy Dalton signs in Dallas and the Bears do not pick up Mitch Trubisky's 5th year option. (27:41-33:38) Who's back of the week. (35:46-50:35) 4X NBA Champion Horace Grant joins the show to talk about the Bulls first 3 peat, his relationship with Michael Jordan, being best friends with Scottie Pippen, playing with Shaq and Penny, and NBA What ifs. (52:51-1:34:06) Segments include stay woke on Kim Jong Un, (1:36:05-1:39:30) Mt Flushmore of sports, (1:39:31-1:54:22) and Billy's Deep Dive where he pitches us his new big idea. (1:55:44-2:10:23)
May 04, 2020
Writer/Comedian Jensen Karp, Andy Dalton's Goodbye + Things We Think About When We're High
See ya, April. We're on to May and Jameis had no depth perception until a month ago, literally, and Andy Dalton era in Cincinnati is over (2:53 - 14:17). Fyre Fest of the Week (14:17 - 31:31). Author/Comedian/Art Dealer Jensen Karp joins the show to talk about his very interesting and unusual career, writing a book, John Mayer, Hollywood, and being married to Topanga (31:31 - 72:39). Segments include Embrace Debate is MJ a loser and Mt Rushmore of things we think about when we're high.
May 01, 2020
Woody Paige, Mt Flushmore Of Life's Small Victories With Brian Koppelman
Jameis is a Saint and Baseball is trying its best to come back (2:29 - 13:28). Hot Seat/Cool throne including aliens and we need documentary help (13:28 - 29:01). ESPN's Around the Horn Woody Paige joins the show to talk about his career, voting for TO in the Hall of Fame, his chalkboard, and winning at Around the Horn (29:01 - 60:15). Segments include the Mt Flushmore of life's greatest small victories with Brian Koppelman (60:15 - 84:05), bad visual Alex Smith and Guys on Chicks.
Apr 29, 2020
Magician Criss Angel, Last Dance Review, Draft Recap + Billy Football Is Living The Plot To Spiderman
The Last Dance episode 3 and 4 are out and we review it. Rodman's brilliance, MJ's grudge counter, and Phil Jackson the GOAT. (3:10-30:15) NFL Draft recap with some grades, Goodell being a weirdo, plus Jameis Winston to the Saints. (30:16-49:55) Who's back of the week including love being dead for the Cutty/K-Cav split. (49:56-56:15) Magician Criss Angel joins the show to talk about all the incredible stunts he's had in his career, falling in love with magic and illusions, and the Magic Hall of Fame. (58:01-1:39:02) Segments include dumb quarantine ideas (1:40:38-1:52:46) Mt Flushmore of chores (1:52:27-2:05:47) and Deep Dive with Billy Football (2:05:48-2:21:21)
Apr 27, 2020
NFL Draft, Packers Jordan Love, Mt Flushmore Of Drinks + Dungeons And Dragons
The NFL Draft happened and we finally feel normal again. Breaking down the first round, creepy Goodell, sob stories, great picks by a lot of teams, the Raiders being the Raiders and Athlete Couches being awesome (2:47 - 28:10). Packers Quarterback Jordan Love on being drafted in the first round and having his life changed forever (28:10 - 43:39). Fyre Fest of the Week and Mt Flushmore of non alcoholic drinks (43:39 - 71:36). We also welcome on a Dungeon Master who taught us about Dungeons and Dragons and let us play a live action game (71:36 - 104:49).
Apr 24, 2020
Trey Wingo, Gronk Is A Buc, Leroy Retires And Mt Flushmore Of Our Dumbest Fears
Rob Gronkowski is a Tampa Bay Buc and Leroy Insider called it 2 weeks ago. We talk about the trade, Leroy's retirement and how Hank's feeling after all of this (3:08 - 20:50). Hot Seat/ Cool Throne including every team doing new jerseys (20:50 - 37:49). Trey Wingo joins the show to talk about hosting the draft Thursday night, the logistical nightmare of a remote draft, why Tua is slipping, his Bear escapades, and we give him some tips from classic movies for draft 1 liners (37:49 - 62:24). Segments include This League and our Mt Flushmore of dumbest fears + the debut of PFTs new song "We Interviewed Condoleeza"
Apr 22, 2020
"The Last Dance" Review, NFL Draft With Daniel Jeremiah + Mt Flushmore Of Toppings
The Last Dance is finally here and we review the first 2 episodes. Jerry Krause is America's new villain and the MJ clips were incredible. (2:30-24:54) Who's back of the week including Coach Duggs and beach bods. (24:55-40:58) NFL Draft preview with NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah, why is Tua slipping? What position is deepest, what war rooms look like, and what scouts get wrong in the NFL. (42:49-1:20:17) Segments include 2 take quakes, (1:22:20-1:28:30) Mt Flushmore of toppings, (1:28:45-1:43:50) and Deep Dive with Billy Football as he explains his Beserker Bunker that he built by himself. Plus he may now own a zoo? Kind of concerning (1:45:12-1:59:48)
Apr 20, 2020
Bills GM Brandon Beane, Jay Glazer, Christian Dawkins + Mt Flushmore Of States
We got some Friday energy even though Jay Glazer didn‚Äôt deliver good news (2:27 - 10:56). Jay joins us to explain the national news Wednesday night and apologizes to all of us dumb football fans (10:56 - 22:54). Fyre Fest of the week, we all suck at video games (22:54 - 37:47). Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane joins the show to talk about the upcoming draft,, draft war rooms and how much the name Beane helps in Front Offices (37:47 - 63:38). Mt Flushmore of states, no offense to states (63:38 - 80:20). Christian Dawkins from the HBO documentary ‚ÄúThe Scheme‚ÄĚ joins the show to talk about the 2017 FBI investigation of NCAA Basketball (80:20 - 109:11)
Apr 17, 2020
Kendrick Perkins, Top 10 QB's Of All Time, Mt Flushmore of Places To Be Drunk
Sports have been scheduled and no tax day has everyone in a great move. Christian McCaffrey signs and we imagine what the perfect first game back would be (2:27 - 13:24). NFL 100 QB's and we rank our personal top 10 QB's of all time post 1980 (13:24 - 28:44). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (28:44 - 41:20). NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins joins the show to talk about his twitter beefs, playing with KG, his sons spending 16,000 on his credit card in fortnite and being a center in today's league (41:20 - 82:16). Mt Flushmore of places to be drunk and Guys on Chicks finish the show.
Apr 15, 2020
Brooks Koepka, Mt Flushmore Of Appetizers, And Deep Dive On Cryptic Zoology
We're back in the wasteland of Quarantine. XFL is gone and MLB has some weird way of coming back to life.(2:409:41) Who's back of the week including Big Cat's belly button. (9:42-18:40) Brooks Koepka comes back on the show to talk about Golf coming back, what it was like to do ESPN the Magazine body issue, and being part of our Handball team. (20:48-44:18)Segments include Sorry not Sorry for Mike Gundy, (45:44-48:02) Sabermetrics, (48:03-50:03) Mt Flushmore of appetizers and Deep dive (50:04-1:01:20) with Billy Football Cryptic Zoology and the creation of the Beserker Blood Cult (1:02:39-1:20:20)
Apr 13, 2020
Mark Titus, Mt Flushmore Of Things We’re Elite At, Plus We Watched A Horrible Tony Danza Movie
It’s Friday so we’re bringing that energy and we have an update on the podcast charity ride, it’s now a tandem bike ride around Manhattan.(2:39-17:37) Fyre Fest of the week is Gronk going to Tampa? (19:11-30:46) Old friend Mark Titus joins the show to catch up with the guys and do the Mt Flushmore of things were elite at. (32:11-1:18:34) Segments include Stephen a Smith stay off the weeeed? (1:20:54-1:23:33) Kings stay Kings Bill O’Brien. (1:23:34-1:29:56) Bored Idea. (1:29:58-1:33:49) And a movie of the 1998 Tony Danza Classic The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon (1:33:50-1:40:09)
Apr 10, 2020
Scott Van Pelt, NFL 100 - Wide Receivers, Mt Flushmore Of TV Characters
People are trying to bring sports back and we're excited. Dana White is living the dream and a biodome might happen (2:12 - 12:42). We discuss the NFL 100 Wide Receiver list (12:42 - 24:49). Hot Seat/ Cool Throne (24:49 - 36:22). Scott Van Pelt joins the show to talk about life with no sports, how far Maryland would have gone in the tourney, no longer fighting with twitter trolls, and the upcoming NFL Draft (36:22 - 70:58). Mt Flushmore of TV Characters, shoe roast for the Bucs new uniform and guys on chicks.
Apr 08, 2020
Danny Woodhead, Quenton Nelson, Worst Smells + Deep Dive with Billy Football
Another weekend in the books and we’re being positive today or at least trying to be (2:18 - 16:42). Who’s back of the week (16:42 - 30:28). Danny Woodhead joins the show to talk about how the NFL training camps will look this year, Tom Brady to the Bucs, and how the draft will work for some of the unheralded guys (30:28 - 59:25). Colts lineman Quenton Nelson joins the show to talk about being a beast, how he accidentally invented keto as a kid, and his love for the game of football (59:25 - 77:12). We talk a little sports, Mt Flushmore of smells and Billy Football teaches us about Vikings
Apr 05, 2020
Joe Buck + Oliver Hudson, Mt Flushmore of Animals, And King Of Kong Fistful Of Quarters
No one knows what day it is but here we are. We had an all time take quake today and found america's new past time (2:17 - 24:07). Fyre Fest of the week (24:07 - 34:22). Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson join the show to talk about their new podcast, their daddy issues, playoff damien, getting bounced from the WSOP, and reading mean tweets (34:22 - 70:07). Segments include Lebron James update from Lebron James, Mt Flushmore of animals, and our documentary review of King of Kong Fistful of Quarters, the greatest documentary no one is talking about
Apr 03, 2020
Adam Morrison, Dick Pound From The IOC, NFL 100 RB List, Mt Flushmore of Candy
It's all hands on deck to figure out a way to save sports forever. Big Cat has decided to take the approach they're never coming back in hopes to get everyone to figure out innovation (2:12 - 16:30). NFL 100 running back list is discussed and we make some additions and subtractions (16:30 - 31:20). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (31:20 - 46:09). Old friend of the program Adam Morrison calls in to talk about why now would be a great time to have an apocalypse bunker even though he doesn't have one plus a great John Stockton story (46:09 - 58:16). IOC member Dick Pound joins the show to talk about the reasoning behind Olympics cancellation, the fight against steroids, and whether or not he ever thought about going by Richard (58:16 - 81:58). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers to Joe Buck and Mt Flushmore of Candy.
Apr 01, 2020
Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran, Deep Dive With Billy Football, ARod saved Sports + Mt Flushmore
ARod probably saved sports and the world but Big Cat isn't bragging about it (2:38 - 8:59). James Dolan has the 'Rona and Knicks fan still have that hate (8:59 - 14:57). Roger Goodell is trying to save sports and who's back of the week (14:57 - 30:34). Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran joins the show to hear dumb ideas, talk business, and how Shark Tank works (30:34 - 59:41). PFT invents a billion dollar corporation, Mt Flushmore of worst websites, and Monday Deep Dives with Billy Football. This week's topic, Bears.
Mar 30, 2020
Lavar Ball, Tiger King Recap, Fyre Fest, Journalist Robert Moor On Tiger King
Quarantine day whatever it is. We need a pat on the back. The sports world is in full random debate mode and we're joining in with lists that make no sense because what does (3:23 - 22:17). Fyre fest of the week (22:17 - 30:42). Lavar Ball joins the show to answer the question of whether or not he's a small baller now, could he coach in the NBA and more. Mt Flushmore of worst calls to get (30:42 - 53:14). Tiger King recap breaking down the wild documentary that is captivating country. We also have journalist Robert Moor on the show to talk about Tiger King as he interviewed the entire cast of characters for his new podcast
Mar 27, 2020
St Louis Blues HC Craig Berube, NFL 100, Mt Flushmore of Water, And Roasting Skype Backgrounds
The world is still in quarantine and Cam Newton is no longer a Panther. We roast some Skype backgrounds because Coronavirus has shown us everyone’s home (2:37 - 27:57). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Taylor Swift Vs the Kardashians and PFT and Big Cat are better than NBA Owners (27:57 - 39:34). St Louis Blues Head Coach Craig Berube joins the show to talk about last years historic cup run, how to motivate through the F word and fighting in the NHL (39:34 - 68:04). We get mad at the NFL 100 list starting with Tight Ends, Mt Flushmore of worst types of water and Guys on Chicks
Mar 25, 2020
Billy Football, Mr Portnoy, And Mt Flushmore Season Begins
There are no sports besides talking about the Falcons having a ton of first round draft picks and Tom Brady officially signing in Tampa (2:37 - 14:14). We've been watching old games and bargaining with ourselves. Who's back of the week including caveman Ben Roethlisberger (14:14 - 26:17) . Billy Football joins the show in his triumphant return to talk about what Generation Z can do to stop Coronavirus plus he has historical facts and some science he's been working on to become the greatest generation (26:17 - 58:36). Mr Portnoy joins the show from Florida to check in with a complaint and a plea for him to stay indoors (58:36 - 85:13). Segments include Mt Flushmore season, the opposite of Mt rushmore where we pick the 4 worst things of a topic, embrace debate and PR 101 for Jamal Murray.
Mar 23, 2020
Rachel Nichols, NFL Free Agency + Mark From Love Is Blind
We’re in lockdown and slowly losing our minds but NFL Free Agency is here to save us (2:27 - 23:07). Fyre Fest of the Week (23:07 - 32:49). Rachel Nichols joins the show to catch up on where the NBA season goes from here, who was going to win MVP and when basketball may be back (32:49 - 56:38). Segments include hurt or injured, new segment alert, and take quake (56:38 - 81:30). We recap the rest of Love Is Blind and have Mark on the show to explain how the show was taped, what went wrong with his relationship with Jessica aka MESSICA and more behind the scenes from the show
Mar 20, 2020
Tom Brady Is Gone + Dr. Anthony Fauci Talking Coronavirus
Tom Brady has left the New England Patriots and is signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hank learns about loss and we speculate on who will replace TB12 for the Pats (2:27 - 20:37). NFL QB roulette has begun, and the Bears will screw it all up somehow (20:37 - 34:55). Hot Seat Cool Throne (34:55 - 47:15) The Director for the National Institue of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci joins us to discuss the novel corona virus and what we can do to help stop its spread, what to expect in terms of a future vaccine, and as the federal response to the virus (47:55 - 86:44). We plead with Darren Rovell to seek help, and wrap things up with guys on chicks
Mar 18, 2020
Jay Glazer, Corona Quarantine, NFL Free Agency And Love Is Blind Recap (Eps 1-5)
The Coronavirus Pandemic has the sports world going stir crazy for NFL Free Agency. Ryan Tannehill and Tom Brady update. (2:15-18:08) What we're going to do without sports. (18:09-26:13) Who's back of the week including Rick Pitino, the big cock fake link guy, and Big Cat's idea to save sports in a future pandemic. (26:14-42:50) Jay Glazer joins the show to talk NFL Free Agency, MVP, and the wild house party with Sly Stallone, Guy Fieri, and Al Pacino. (45:31-1:30:17) Sabermetrics (1:33:45-1:37:09) and Love Is Blind recap episodes 1-5, the reality television show we all love to hate. (1:37:10-2:01:35)
Mar 16, 2020
Corona Virus Has Cancelled Sports Plus Jon Rothstein And March Sadness
Corona Virus has cancelled sports. We talk about the wild last 48 hours as the Coronavirus reached pandemic stage and what happened in the sports world. (2:50-23:50) With no sports for the foreseeable future we gameplan what we'll do on the show to help entertain the masses and provide an escape from what has become a crazy week. (23:51-35:30) CBS Sports Jon Rothstein joins the show to break down the decision to cancel the tournament, what would have happened if the tournament had been played, and planning his bachelor party that will now be hosted by PFT and Big Cat. (37:45-11:46) Fyre Fest of the week and a special outro song (1:16:04-1:24:50)
Mar 13, 2020
Shark Tank's Daymond John, Coronavirus Is Coming For March Madness And Guys On Chicks
Coronavirus is coming for March Madness and we're preparing for the worst. Ivy League cancelled their tournament and it feels like it's getting worse (2:27 - 15:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Nebraska Basketball, Darren Rovell losing his mind, and Al Michaels no trade clause (15:17 - 34:39). Shark Tank's Daymond John joins the show to talk about his new book Powershift and hear new pitches from the guys in a weird twisting interview (34:39 - 67:01). Segments include Bachelor talk, Tom Brady update, and Guys on Chicks.
Mar 10, 2020
Coach Mike Vrabel, DK Metcalf, And Time Traveling
We're time traveling today as we figure out this whole clock switcheroo (2:47 - 6:54). Bracket season is almost upon us with Conference Tournament week and Joe Lunardi is in some beef (6:54 - 11:40). The Lakers look like the best team in the NBA and we have a coronavirus update (11:40 - 19:17). Who's back of the week including coach killing Kyrie and Big Cat believes in the Badgers (19:17 - 29:55). Coach Mike Vrabel joins the show to talk about the improbable run the Titans went on last year, where Tom Brady may end up, and how much he loves to plank (29:55 - 54:15). Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf joins the show to squash his beef with PFT and finally race (54:15 - 71:44). Segments include shoe roast for the Rams new logo, tebow update, and Big Cat's idea that he swears will make them millionaires.
Mar 09, 2020
Kevin Bacon, Jags Coach Doug Marrone, And Media Trades
We have a media trade in the works. Al Michaels to ESPN for a player to be named later. What would happen if we could trade everyone in the media? (3:27 - 9:28) Eli Manning in Chicago? (9:28 -16:07) Tom Brady update (16:07 - 21:09). Fyre Fest of the Week (21:09 - 29:19). Actor and now podcaster Kevin Bacon joins the show to talk about his new show, his career, the one time someone wasn't pumped to meet Kevin Bacon and more (29:19 - 56:40). Jaguars coach Doug Marrone joins the show to talk about a tough 2019 year, fighting for his job, and the Astros robbing his Yankees of a title (56:40 - 90:12). Segments include coronavirus update, spinzone for Bill Clinton, a dramatic reading of Lebron James Instagram caption and FAQ's.
Mar 06, 2020
Jay Gruden, Viral Sensation Thomas "Snacks" Lee And We Have An Idea
We have an idea, a dumb one, but it's an idea (2:23 - 6:41). DC Defenders trying to make cup snake history (6:41 - 12:38). Coach K is getting to the fun old stage of his career and Tom Brady Update (12:38 - 20:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Coronavirus and handshake lines (20:50 - 30:46). Jaguars OC and former Redskins coach Jay Gruden joins the show to talk about his last days in DC, being in a football family, and whether or not Sean McVay stole he and his brothers lingo (30:46 - 56:05). Viral Sensation Thomas "Snacks' Lee joins the show to talk about hitting his big three for Jackson State on Monday night and taking the internet by storm. Segments include bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, PR 101 for the Knicks, Respect the Biz and Guys on Chicks.
Mar 04, 2020
Rob Gronkowski, This Is March, James Harden Pooped Himself, And Lebron Is Still Insane
This Is March. We've finally arrived at the second best sports month on the Calendar (2:27 - 16:30). Tony Romo got PAID, combine wrap up, and new Tom Brady news (he went to a basketball game) (16:30 - 19:23). Who's back of the week including Tommy Lasorda and Dave and Busters (19:23 - 33:46) . Rob Gronkowski joins the show to talk retirement, how he loves starting Tom Brady rumors, and reading (33:46 - 52:17). Segments include PR 101 for James Harden pooping himself, Sabemetrics for Jayson Tatum and an all time Bruce Arians rant and a Tim Tebow Update.
Mar 02, 2020
Adam Schefter, BitCoin 2 Gen, Combine Talk And Is Tom Brady Leaving?
Live from the Indy we talk about the big news of the day, reports saying Tom Brady may be leaving New England as a Free Agent (2:27 - 12:13). Trey Wingo Bear gate is finally resolved, PFT gets in a war with DK Metcalf and Bitcoiin 2 Gen may be in a little trouble (12:13 - 23:50). Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about offseason moves, Assault. whether or not he has the Dez tape, and Assault (23:50 - 60:08). Segments include Fyre Fest of the week, sabermetrics the Astros getting plunked, respect the biz and FAQ's
Feb 27, 2020
Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, Hand Size Season And Guys On Chicks
It’s officially combine week which means one thing, we’re obsessing over hand sizes. Joe Burrow says he’ll play for the Bengals and Dave Gettleman gives an open mic night press conference (2:27 - 18:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including soccer chants and Zion being 300 pounds (18:30 - 34:05). Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary aka Mr Wonderful joins the show to talk about the new season, what makes a great deal, do we have winners aura, and some of our ideas that should be invested in (34:05 - 79:42). Segments include Bachelor talk for guys that don’t watch the Bachelor, not to brag but we called it Wilder/Fury, Talking Soccer and guys on chicks
Feb 26, 2020
NBA Insider Shams Charania, Wilder/Fury, The Browns Had An Open Casket Funeral For A Dog
A wild weekend in sports headlined by Trey Wingo posting weird Bear pictures from 4 years ago. (2:30-6:20) Wilder/Fury was awesome and boxing may be back. (6:21-17:05) College Basketball had an awesome Saturday followed up by a great NBA Sunday. (17:06-23:07) Swagger, the Cleveland Browns former mascot, had an open casket funeral that was totally normal. (23:08-28:33)Who's back of the week including Big Ben and Spring. NBA Insider Shams Charania joins the show to talk about how he got so plugged in to the league at the age of 25, which franchises are doing the smart thing, free agency 2020, and he breaks news live on air with a little help from us. (36:48-1:32:56) Segments include Tattoo Roast for Jayson Tatum, (1:32:50-1:40:03) Seeing Red for Jim Boylen calling timeouts with 30 seconds left in losses, (1:40:04-1:43:18) Madison Bumgarner's alter ego (1:43:19-1:455:26) and Monday Reading (1:45:27-1:51:00)
Feb 24, 2020
Rounders And Billions Creator Brian Koppelman, Plus Coach K’s Classic And New NFL Rules
Coach K has done it again. He pulled out all the old tricks for Duke’s loss to NC State. (2:40-9:20) We talk NFL rule changes and a 17 game season and finish off the leftovers from the Astros controversy. (9:25-20:21) Fyre Fest of the week. (20:22-27:28) Rounders and Billions creator Brian Koppelman joins the show to talk everything from Basketball, to the movie business, to how he created an Iconic movie and hit show. (28:25-1:22:29) PR 101 for Greg Robinson, (1:26:24-1:20:29) Sorry not Sorry for Kevin Love, (1:30:30-1:33:55) and FAQ’s (1:33:56-1:39:06)
Feb 21, 2020
Jason Biggs, DK Metcalf and Aaron Donald, And An Old School Skype Show
We’re kicking it Old School style with a Skype show with PFT in Atlantic City and Big Cat in Detroit. Rob Manfred tries a redo press conference and Lebron now has logged on with his thoughts. (2:45-18:15) Hot Seat/Cool Throne with Mark Richt’s hot dogs and A crazy Daytona finish. (18:45-28:49) Jason Biggs joins the show to reminisce about American Pie, what he’s doing now, and how he was one of the first people to be cancelled on twitter. (29:15-1:00:31) We do a rare dual interview with Aaron Donald and DK Metcalf at the same time and it was weird and funny and different. (1:02:06-1:23:12) We finish up with guys on chicks and bachelor talk (1:25:14-1:33:05)
Feb 19, 2020
Joakim Noah, NBA All Star Weekend, And The Astros Story Is Never Going Away
Special President's day edition of Pardon My Take. We talk about the Astros cheating scandal somehow getting worse every time someone talks about it (2:27 - 14:17). NBA All star weekend and the dunk contest was kind of cool (14:17 - 20:36). Who's back of the week including Mason Rudolph vs Myles Garrett and Badgers (20:36 - 32:24). 2X NBA All Star and 2X National Champion Joakim Noah joins us in studio to talk about his career, how he's not done yet, his favorite memory from the Bulls, Florida, and more and how New York didn't go as planned because he was too lit (32:24 - 77:04). Segments include Talking XFL, Hank hot in the streets, thoughts and prayers to Hank, and we watch the end of the All Star Game which was awesome
Feb 17, 2020
Olympic Handballer Xavier O'Callaghan, Astros Terrible Apology, And Jameis Squinston
Happy Valentines Day to everyone the Houston Astros are not only cheaters, but unapologetic ones as well. We talk about Jim Crane's horrendous press conference and how stupid the Astros are for all of this (2:27 - 13:53). The real news of the day is Jameis Squinston got Lasik and now may be the best Quarterback ever (13:53 - 22:13). XFL preview (22:13 - 29:39). Olympic Handball player Xavier O'Callaghan joins the show to explain the sport to us, answer our dumb questions, and try to settle the Jay Cutler debate (29:39 - 65:33). Segments include Fyre Fest of the week, do we care about the dunk contest, how can we get Mike Bloomberg's money and Guys on Chicks
Feb 13, 2020
Actor Miles Teller, MLB Playoff Rules, And We Get Inside The Mind Of A Marketing Genius, Dana B
ay to stay relevant baseball or more importantly get everyone talking about something besides the Astros. Rob Manfred unveils the proposed new playoff format and people are pissed (2:17 - 15:55). NFL Free Agency is going to be incredible this year with Phil Rivers and Tom Brady officially joining the FA market (15:55 - 21:59). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Pam Anderson and Duke (21:59 - 34:40). Actor Miles Teller joins the show to talk about his career, his love for the Eagles, busting balls, and whether or not he's an asshole (34:30 - 66:27). Segments include bachelor talk for guy that don't watch the bachelor, this league for J-But and Embiid, and a discussion with the marketing genius behind Zillion Beers, Dana B.
Feb 12, 2020
SB Champ Chris Jones, Josh Allen, XFL And The Oscars
Football is back, sort of. We liked week 1 of the XFL and some of the funky new rules (2:14 - 13:17). PFT had to put Rovell in line and Duke/UNC was an instant classic (13:17 - 18:29). Who's back of the week including Oscars and Bobby Knight returns to Indiana (18:29 - 28:56). Super Bowl Champ Chris Jones joins the show to talk about Super Bowl 54, the post party, the time his dick flopped out of his underwear at the combine and more (28:56 - 51:45). Our friend Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen joins the show to talk about his second season in Buffalo, the famous playoff game lateral and more (51:45 - 70:16). Segments include way to stay relevant baseball, Russ Wilson photoshoot roast with a tangent on NYC wildlife, and ass eating season with Phil Fulmer and we say nice things about Tennessee.
Feb 10, 2020
Baker Mayfield, NBA Trade Deadline, And The XFL
NBA Trade deadline actually delivered with some blockbuster trades. Andre Iguodola the finesse god, Deangelo Russell gets to hang out with his friend KAT, Andrew Wiggins is only 24, and Jahlil Okafor is now the most important trade piece in the league (2:37 - 14:27). Fyre Fest of the Week (14:27 - 23:05). Baker Mayfield joins the show to talk about his disappointing 2019, what he can do better, what we can do better, and how he can subtly roast Rex Ryan (23:05 - 44:22). Segments include way to stay relevant handball because the handball community is mad at us, XFL Preview, thoughts and prayers NFL, sabermetrics, and FAQ's
Feb 06, 2020
Mark Cuban, This League, And Guys On Chicks
The NFL is gone and it's time for THIS LEAGUE. Ja Morant vs the Warriors and Ben Simmons vs his own team (2:37 - 13:40). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Mark Dantonio and the Iowa Caucus (13:40 - 30:28). Dallas Mavs owner and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban joins the show to talk about whether or not he regrets not investing in Big Cat's brain, the future of the NBA, investing on Shark Tank, and all the different companies he owns (30:28 - 81:58). Segments include bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, hope he sees this king, and guys on chicks
Feb 04, 2020
Super Bowl 54, The Chiefs Are Champs + Gardner Minshew
The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions. Andy Reid finally won the big one and will celebrate with an enormous Cheeseburger. Patrick Mahomes is the face of the NFL and the youngest SB MVP Quarterback in history. We recap the ads, the halftime show, is Kyle Shanahan a choker and Michael Wilbon got horny online (2:37 - 32:37). Who’s back of the week, Tom Brady and Danny Boy Cane (32:37 - 53:37) . Our friend Gardner Minshew joins the show to talk about his RV trip, his first year in the league and whether or not he’s a potential Blake
Feb 03, 2020
Christian McCAffrey, NFL HoF Pres David Baker and Super Bowl 54
Super Bowl 54 is here and we’re finishing off a long week in Miami . We talk about the big Penn National Gaming deal and how we may end up on a slot machine (2:23 - 6:07). Coach K is losing it (6:07 - 9:00). Preview of SB 54 and picks (9:00 - 27:58) . Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey joins the show to talk football, how he needs to apologize for skipping the Sun Bowl, and his sick traps (27:58 - 41:50). NFL Hall of Fame president and CEO David Baker joins the show to talk about his job as historian of the game, being too big for football and the famous knock (41:50 - 77:36) . Segments include Fyre Fest and PFT getting verified, Mike Greenberg’s dumb rules, and a special birthday FAQ
Jan 31, 2020
Jay Cutler + The Guys Got Kicked Out Of SB Media Day
The guys tried to up their media day skills by getting prosthetics and going as old people. Recalling media day and PFT getting height shamed by a police officer (2:27 - 22:32). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (22:32 - 32:21). Former Bears starting QB Jay Cutler joins the show to talk about his career, playing for Mike Martz’s offense, he and Big Cat’s relationship, how he got recruited to Vandy and much more (32:21 - 83:39). Bachelor talk for guys that don’t watch the bachelor, take quake and guys on chicks
Jan 29, 2020
Remembering Kobe, plus George Kittle Live From Miami

 We remember Kobe Bryant from a fan's perspective after Sunday's tragic news. How he was bigger than life, his competitive drive and the time Hank and Big Cat went to interview him at his office in LA (2:20 - 23:05). Who's back of the week (23:05 - 35:21). San Francisco 49ers Tight End George Kittle joins the show to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl, his dad's pregame letters, blocking, and the guys prep him for Media Day (35:21 - 56:03).We finish the show with some clips from Big Cats interview with Kobe Bryant from 2018 as we remember one of the greatest basketball players of all time (56:03 - 79:31)

Jan 27, 2020
Dog The Bounty Hunter, Zion's Debut, Eli Retiring, And Listener Roasts

Zion made his debut and if you fell asleep at halftime he's a bonafide BUST (2:27 - 9:54). Eli Manning retired and his next stop is Canton and being the best stay at home dad of all time (9:54 - 15:11). PFT's XFL career comes to a close and Big Cat reads 10 things he loves about PFT to cheer him up (15:11 - 25:15). Dog the Bounty Hunter comes back on the show to talk about Bounty Hunting, ride alongs, pepper guns, and how we're about to get his second season renewed by the power of the AWL's (25:15 - 57:23). Fyre Fest of the week, pinstripe update for Derek Jeter, Stock tips from Mike Francesa and Listener Roasts read by our dear friend Uncle Chaps. 

Jan 24, 2020
Von Miller, Super Bowl Storylines And Lebron Blames

It's time for Super Bowl storylines. Andy Reid vs Kyle Shanahan for the biggest choker? Fullbacks and the Big ten. Will this be the last Super Bowl in Miami because of global warming? And much more. (2:41-23:13) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including NFL Draft in Vegas and Iguanas are dying at an alarming rate. (23:14-35:00) Super Bowl MVP Von Miller joins the show to talk about Chickens, offseason, and how he will pay us if we can force the Broncos to let him start running the ball. (36:23-1:02:19) Segments include bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, (1:04:25-1:07:44) embrace debate who is the real hot boi, (1:07:45-1:09:48) Lebron Blames, (1:09:49-1:11:32) and guys on chicks.(1:112:33-1:19:04) 

Jan 22, 2020
Super Bowl 54 Is Set, Chiefs vs Niners + Trevor Bauer On Astros Cheating Scandal And More

Fastest 2 minutes from Championship Sunday (2:27 - 6:12). Chiefs offense was too much for the Titans and Andy Reid is going on a diet (6:17 - 24:28). The Packers got smoked by the Niners, Jimmy G threw 8 passes and running the football is back (24:28 - 39:48). Who's back of the week including Conor McGregor and his 40 second knockout as well as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (39:41 - 52:21). PR 101 for Baker Mayfield. Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer joins us in studio to talk about the Astros cheating scandal, whether or not he's a dick on twitter, experimenting on himself, and drones (52:21. - 92:50). 

Jan 20, 2020
Barry Sanders, Colts LB Darius Leonard + Our Role In OBJ Gate

Cleaning up the National Championship and the fall out from Odell Beckham handing out cash after the game (2:27 - 11:31). Astros Cheating has reached an insane level (11:31 - 18:51). Championship Sunday preview + picks (18:51 - 29:02). Barry Sanders joins the show to talk about his career, whether he could still play, dunking, and breaking ankles (29:02 - 55:15). Colts Pro Bowl Linebacker Darius Leonard joins the show to talk about searching for haters online, his nickname Maniac, and Andrew Lucks retirement (55:15 - 74:33). Segments include Fyre Fest, this league for Brooks Koepka dunking on people, Conor McGregor is in a fight who knew? And FAQ's with a special XFL talk for PFT's burgeoning kicking career. 

Jan 17, 2020
Coach O + Joe Burrow And We’re Still Drunk In New Orleans

The LSU Tigers are your National Champions. We recap the national title game. What it was like inside the stadium, the after party on Bourbon, Big Cat dabbing too much and we're still a little drunk from the celebration. (2:28-20:29) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (20:30-31:29) Heisman trophy winner Joe Burrow joins the show to recap an unreal season and night. Coach O joins the show to have a laugh and revel in the perfect season and the fact that he's now the King of Louisiana. (32:55-50:25) Segments include Marshawn Lynch, (52:23-54:43) the Astros cheated, (54:44-57:15) and hank shit himself in the shower (57:16-1:00:51).

Jan 15, 2020
Live From New Orleans, NFL Divisional Round Recap + National Championship Preview With Stanford Steve

NFL Divisional Round fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 6:13). Recapping a wild weekend of Football. The Niners glory days are back and its not Kirk's fault (6:13 - 15:14). Shocker in Baltimore where the Ravens are not Frauds but they got exposed and the Titans are on an absolute roll (15:14 - 31:40). Insane game in Kansas City and Bill OBrien's choke job (31:40 - 41:28). Packers go to the NFC Championship whatever (41:28 - 49:30). David Baker had himself a weekend as the largest human being alive, who's back of the week and our friend Stanford Steve joins the show to preview the College Football National Championship game, the state of College Football and New Orleans (49:30 - 87:01)

Jan 13, 2020
NFL Preview, Game Breakdown With Warren Sharp + Paul Rabil And Our Lacrosse Team Ownership

Divisional round is here but first Mike Leach is in the SEC (2:27 - 7:29). We talk about each game this weekend and welcome on Warren Sharp who gives us insight on how each team will be attacking their divisional round matchup (7:29 - 58:15). Paul Rabil joins the show and we discuss what our Lacrosse Team ownership entails, with some (possibly illegal) ideas on how we can make money off the Waterdogs (58:15 - 92:15). Segments include Fyre Fest, PR 101 for John Beilen and the Royal Family and FAQS

Jan 09, 2020
Jim Gaffigan, Coaching Carousel + Don't F*ck With Cats Documentary Review

The Coaching carousel is spinning round and round. Matt Rhule goes to Carolina and Joe Judge to New York. Mike McCarthy had a sleepover and has the perfect job in Dallas. (2:35-17:12) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Dwyane Wades 3 night retirement tour. (17:13-28:32) Comedian Jim Gaffigan joins the show to talk about his new movie Troop Zero, being a comedian for multiple decades, playing football with Jim Schwartz, and slob life. (29:29-54:00) Segments include bachelor talk for guys that dont watch the bachelor, (56:10-1:02:16) guys on chicks, (1:02:17-1:11:08) and a review of the very fucked up documentary Don't F*ck with Cats (1:11:09-1:29:42)

Jan 08, 2020
Wild Card Weekend, Kyle Long Calls In And Retires, + Hank Soggy Sorrows

A Wild Wild Card Weekend. We start with the fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 6:20). The Bills Texans game was absolutely insane and Josh Allen was equal parts electric and crazy (6:20 - 21:19). The Patriots lose and people are asking if this is the end (21:19 - 43:17). Saints lose a shocker and Kirk Cousins gets his signature win (43:17 - 53:46). Jadaveon Clowney cheap shots Carson Wentz and Russ Wilson keeps the Seahawks season alive (53:46 -61:02). Who's back of the week including documentaries and a review of "Dont Fuck With Cats" coming Wednesday (61:02 - 70:57). We call Kyle Long who retired on Sunday night to find out what a freshly retired Football Player thinks . Jason Garrett is finally fired, we think. And Hank does Soggy Sorrows for the Patriots loss (83:40). 

Jan 06, 2020
Doug Flutie + Wild Card Weekend Preview

We're back in the studio to recap all the coach hirings/firings and why Jerry Jones still hasn't fired Jason Garrett (2:27 - 14:59). Wisconsin lost in the Rose Bowl and Big Cat is coping well (14:59 - 20:45). We own a lacrosse team now, introducing the PLL Waterdogs (20:45 - 25:03). Wild card weekend preview and picks for every game. The Texans Saturday afternoon game because of course, should you doubt the Patriots, Kirk Cousins is going to look short in the dome, and the Eagles will find a way to win even though Tony Danza is on the roster (25:03 - 41:09). Heisman trophy winner Doug Flutie joins us in studio to talk about his career, winning the Heisman, the evolution of football, and how he would be great for today's NFL (41:09 - 76:11). Segments include Fyre Fest of the week, drunk idea, and New Years Resolutions plus PFT juggles and breaks his computer. 

Jan 02, 2020
Recapping A Wild Week 17 And Bowl Mania

Week 17 Fastest 2 minutes. We recap every game starting with the instant classic in Seattle. Jameis makes history in the perfect fashion. The dolphins shocked the patriots and Phil Rivers made us cry. Our theory that Aaron Rodgers is strapped for cash and that's why he's so moody, Freddie Kitchens got fired and we already miss him. The Bears season ended, whatever. Christian McCaffrey appreciation. Jerry Jones is going to change some things but not himself, the Eagles win the NFC East and Carson Wentz fans can be proud. Will Doug Marrone get fired? Big Ben will be back and Derrick Henry is a beast. Recapping the college football semi-final and a quick rundown of all the weird bowl games. Who's back of the week. 

Dec 30, 2019
Best of 2019 (featuring Gary Busey, Zac Efron, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Patrick Mahomes & more)

It's been a great year for Pardon My Take and as a thank you we have put together the best moments of 2019 in this podcast. We start with a preview of week 17 in the NFL (4:00-12:15) and a preview of the CFB playoff (12:16-14:40) We have the best of some of our favorite interview of the year including Gary Busey (15:32-22:30), Jim Harbaugh (23:28-24:49), Brooks Koepka (25:22-34:02) Stone Cold Steve Austin (36:04-44:57), Denny Hamlin (45:14-28:57), Ike Taylor (1:03:23-1:09:23), Jon Rothstein (1:09:55-1:15:37), Blake Bortles (1:15:55-1:19:49), Frank Caliendo (1:21:54-1:24:01) and Patrick Mahomes (1:24:05-1:24:40). A history of the Boner Dogs saga (1:25:13-1:35:09). Our review of the Indy Airport (1:36:27-1:56:35). A brand new interview with long time NHL referee Kerry Frasier (1:58:43-2:46:07). The Best of Fastest Two Minutes (2:46:52-2:56:18), the Best of Fantasy Fuccbois (2:56:19-3:05:47) and the best of Monday Readings (3:05:48-3:20:53) Love you guys

Dec 26, 2019
NFL Week 16 Fastest 2 Minutes And Recap, The Cowboys Died And Jameis Thrived

NFL Week 16 Fastest 2 Minutes (2:27 - 8:28). We recap every game from Saturday and Sunday (8:28 - 88:17). The Bears were in a Patrick Mahomes torture chamber on Sunday Night Football. Jameis was electric on Saturday, the Patriots put away the panic button, and the Rams season ended. The bad games were great on Sunday including the Dolphins/Bengals and Giants/Redskins. Dan Quinn is going to keep his job, maybe? The Cowboys shit the bed and the Seahawks remain an enigma. Who's back of the week to finish off the show. 

 Schedule for Christmas Week - Thursday Best of, regular episode Monday after Week 17 

Dec 23, 2019
Jorge Masvidal, NFL Week 16 Preview And Picks

There was no Thursday Night Football so we instead bitch about how messy we've made our studio and then decide to not clean anything up. (2:35- 8:00) Weekend preview, Jameis interception watch, Pats/Bills, and Big Cat's cant lose parlay. (8:01-28:48) Fantasy Fuccbois.(28:49-31:23) The baddest motherfucker alive Jorge Masvidal joins the show to talk about his fight with Nate Diaz, putting people in the Shadow Realm, street fights, and a potential fight with Conor McGregor. (36:10-57:47) Segments include Fyre Fest (59:47-1:05:47) and FAQ's (1:05:48-1:12:56)

Dec 20, 2019
Jeff Fisher, Drew Brees Breaks Another Record + Guys on Chicks

Drew Brees record breaking season is back. MNF is all about Drew Brees and we talk about his career being exceptional while also weird. Booger gave us that MNF telestrator Dong and the Lions are going status quo. (2:35-18:37) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (18:38-30:08) Coach Jeff Fisher joins us in studio to talk about his life without football, fishing in Montana and chasing Bears, thoughts on social media and why he would love to get back in the game. (32:06-1:18:56) Segments include this league, (1:22:32-1:25:40) PR 101 for our guy Jon Rothstein, (1:25:41-1:30:08) way to stay relevant baseball, (1:30:09-1:31:52) and guys on chicks (1:32:53-1:40:32)

Dec 18, 2019
Heisman Trophy Winner Joe Burrow, Week 15 Fastest 2 Minutes And Recap

Week 15 fastest 2 minutes (2:37 - 9:38). We recap every game from Sunday. The Bills are back in the playoffs, the Patriots made it for the 11th season in a row. Jameis Winston is a Hall of Famer and we feel bad for the Lions. The Texans take control of the AFC South, and the Bears killed Big Cat again. Everyone forgot about the Chiefs, Eli farewell, Urban Meyer to the Redskins? Seahawks Panthers happened. The Blackhole had a horrible ending. Freddie Kitchens did it again but at least he knows how weeks work. Vikings basically let the Chargers lose for themselves and the Cowboys played their perfect game (9:38 - 90:11). Who's back of the week (90:11 - 99:54) and then we welcome on Heisman Trophy Winner Joe Burrow. We talk to Joe about his recruitment to LSU, the whirlwind of this past year, Coach O stories and more.  (99:54 - 117:13)

Dec 16, 2019
Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett + Week 15 Picks and Preview

Lamar Jackson continues his MVP campaign and we say goodbye to Thursday Night Football for another season. (2:35-13:29) Week 15 picks and preview plus a Big Cat's cant lose parlay is now being used for nefarious purposes. (13:30-36:01) Fantasy Fuccbois. (36:02-39:18) Kevin Garnett and Adam Sandler join the show to talk about their new movie Uncut Gems, in theaters nationwide Christmas Day. We discuss KG's career, starring in the movie with Adam Sandler, Adam Sandler's movies, being loyal to his friends, and at long last the Final Boner Dogs pitch. (41:45-1:11:22) Segments include Fyre fest of the week, (1:15:32-1:22:48) hot stove update boras is getting paid, (1:22:49-1:27:07) and FAQ's (1:27:08-1:33:00) 

Dec 13, 2019
Blake Bortles, Eli’s Last Game + Patriots SpyGate 2

Eli's last stand on MNF was everything we wanted. The Eagles are sad but holding on. (2:04-13:16) Patriots spygate 2 even though we can't fully muster up the ability to care. (13:17-22:48) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (22:49-36:36)Blake Bortles joins the show to do the Wikipedia on footspeed, check in on how the season is going and talk about his memories from the greatest rivalry in sports Civil ConFLiCT. (39:10-1:04:32) Segments include the finalists for the Lowman trophy award,(1:08:58-1:11:08) bad visual Lane Kiffin's face (1:11:09-1:14:48) and guys on chicks (1:14:49-1:23:28)

Dec 11, 2019
Week 14, Fastest 2 Minutes, Jameis Winston's Mona Lisa + The Titans Are On Fire

Week 14 Fastest 2 minutes. We recap every game from Sunday (2:31 - 9:04). The Rams big win, the Bills fall short against the Dominant Ravens (9:04 - 22:04). Freddie Kitchens is a big dumb dumb (22:04 - 29:21). The Packers offense is weird (29:21 - 36:11). The Vikings bounce back, the 49ers win a shootout and George Kittle is a Beast. Dolphins try to win with only Field Goals, Jameis Winston's Mona Lisa. Drew Lock is for real, the Jaguars quit, and the Titans are the hottest team in the NFL. We finish up the recap with the Patriots vs the Chiefs and Duck's win in the desert. Who's back of the week (99:21 - 104:12). College Football Playoff break down and the Badgers broke Big Cat's heart again (104:12 - 116:12). Football guy of the week and Joe Burrow's swagger. 

Dec 09, 2019
The Bears Are Back, Lindsey Vonn, CFB With Tom Fornelli + Week 14 Preview

The Bears are officially back. Mitch Trubisky played the game of his life and the Cowboys are dead. Recapping Thursday night football (2:27 - 14:46). NFL Week 14 preview, it's officially "Just How Good Are They?" Weekend. Picks and breakdowns of all the important games (14:46 - 34:39). Fantasy Fuccbois (34:39 - 38:21). CFB Writer Tom Fornelli joins the show to break down Championship Saturday, who will make it into the Playoffs, why Utah gets disrespect, and his lock of the week (38:21 - 66:21). Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn joins the show to talk about her new documentary and post ski life (66:21 - 80:17). Segments include Fyre Fest of the Week, trouble in paradise, Explain it to Hank the Mets new owner, kings stay kings Stephen A Smith and FAQ's 

Dec 06, 2019
WWE Legend Kane, Russ Mic'd Up, And Baby Yoda

We start the show with an explanation of Baby Yoda mania. (2:00-6:05) MNF clean up, Russ Wilson's MVP year and his awkward mic'd up. (6:06-12:01) Ron Rivera fired. (12:02-15:51) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat actually believing the Bears can make the playoffs. (15:52-28:01) WWE Superstar and Mayor of Knox County, TN, Kane joins the show to talk about his career, burning Undertaker alive, working with Vince McMahon, and choke slamming people. (31:01-58:35) Segments include trouble in Paradise Cowboys, (1:01::13-1:06:29) Kickers Psychology Couch, (1:06:30-1:11:00) Just Chill Out Man Dabo Swinney, (1:11:01-1:15:46) and Guys on Chicks with a Bonus New Segment "We call Russillo and see what he's doing". (1:15:47-1:27:40)


Dec 04, 2019
NFL Week 13 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes, Nick Foles Crazy Career And Sad Harbaugh

NFL Week 13 Fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 10:35). We recap every game from Sunday. Hank has taken the Patriots panic button out of the closet, the Bengals won a game. We're now a Derrick Henry appreciation podcast. The Eagles and NFC East are a dumpster fire, the Browns Brown'd it up in Pittsburgh. The Redskins are hot and we talk about Nick Foles having the weirdest NFL Career of all time. Justin Tucker's worth, Jon Gruden is losing it and the Chargers played the exact same game yet again (10:35 - 100:43). We recap Thanksgiving Day games, who's back of the week and a quick recap of CFB Rivalry Week. 

Dec 02, 2019
Thanksgiving Double Episode, Danica Patrick, Hasan Minhaj + Football

Lamar Jackson is unstoppable and we find holes in the Ravens even though there aren't any whatsoever (2:27 - 14:56). Sports things were thankful for and a preview of Thanksgiving NFL games (14:56 - 33:43). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and ranking the best trophies in College Football (33:43 - 54:13). Danica Patrick joins the show to catch up, tall crystals, her new podcast, and Aaron Rodgers (54:13 - 83:12). We preview the NFL Sunday slate with a couple huge loser leave town games (83:12 - 100:54). Thanksgiving FAQ's and guys on chicks and an extra bonus interview with Comedian and Patriot Act host/creator Hasan Minhah, new season streaming on Netflix now

Nov 27, 2019
NFL Week 12 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes And Football Guy Of The Week

NFL Week 12 Fastest 2 Minutes. (2:35-9:44) Recapping every game from Sunday.(9:45-1:44:08) Jameis is the most entertaining QB in the league, Dan Quinn is back on his bullshit. Frank Gore for the Hall of Fame and he reminds us how great Barry Sanders was. Mitch played average and that's great. Browns are hot thanks to Swagger Jr and we say something nice about the Dolphins. The Raiders very bad day, an honest discussion about Carson Wentz. The Titans make no sense and understanding Dak Prescott. Who's back of the week including Thanksgiving, (1:44:09-1:57:28) Football Guy of the Week, (1:57:29-2:01:30) and a quick Elon Musk roast. (2:01:31-2:04:16)


Nov 25, 2019
Nascar Champ Kyle Busch, Shorts Guy Chris Matthew + NFL Week 12 Picks And Preview

Thursday Night Football Color Rush is back. (2:05-9:44) We preview Week 12 in the NFL with picks and Big Cat's Cant Lose Parlay. (9:45-28:59) Fantasy Fuccbois. (29:00-31:25) Nascar Champ Kyle Busch joins the show to talk about winning the Cup, why he's not liked on the circuit, his fantasy team, and we call Joey Slowgano to try and bury the hatchet (it didn't work). (34:49-1:11:08) Winnipeg Blue Bombers shorts guy joins the show to talk about the Grey Cup and how he's been wearing shorts in Canada for 18 straight years on a stupid drunk bet. (1:13:07-1:23:17) Segments include Fyre Fest of the week,(1:24:37-1:27:33) michael wilbon name drop, (1:27:34-1:32:21) we read a headline, (1:32:22-1:34:29) and FAQ's (1:34:30-1:42:22)

Nov 22, 2019
Disgraced NBA Ref Tim Donaghy, Phil Rivers Career May Be Done + The Internet Is Poisoning Our Brains

Phil Rivers put on a CLASSIC Phil Rivers performance and we may be nearing the end. Losing our heroes and the Chiefs look a little off (2:31- 12:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including a breakdown of how the Internet is poisoning all of our brains beyond belief (12:17 - 28:54). Disgraced NBA Ref Tim Donaghy joins the show to talk about his career as a ref, prison,  the gambling scheme that took him down, and reffing the Malice at the Palace (28:54 - 52:37). Segments include Sabermetrics for Carmelo switching to 00, sorry not sorry Antonio Brown, and Guys on Chicks. 

Nov 20, 2019
NFL Week 11, Matt Nagy Is A Doofus, Lamar Is Absurd And We Rank Weird Fans

Week 11 Fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 8:39). We start with an embarrassing Bears loss and an even more embarrassing decision by Matt Nagy to bench Mitch Trubisky with 2 minutes left in Sunday Night Football (8:39 - 22:32). Recapping every game from Week 11 including Jeff Driskell buying himself backup years, the Jets are going to run the table, the Colts have an identity, Josh Allen has his best career game. The Vikings historic comeback and we say nice things to Kirk Cousins. Jameis Winston is a joy to watch, Texans Ravens was a dud because the Ravens are too good and Patriots/Eagles was a punt fest. Who's back of the week, anti-football guys of the week and a Monday Reading

Nov 18, 2019
Myles Garrett Tried To Kill Mason Rudolph, Rick Ankiel, We Pranked Florio, Week 11 Picks

Myles Garrett tried to kill Mason Rudolph, who is bad at quarterbacking but we wont say that because he almost died. Recapping a wild ending to the Browns/Steelers with an all time fight on the field. (2:08-15:45) Carmelo Anthony is back. (15:46-18:22) Week 11 preview and picks including a loser leaves town Sunday Night game. (18:24-38:06) Fantasy Fuccbois. (38:07-41:15) Rick Ankiel joins the show for a fascinating interview about his career, having the yips on the biggest stage imaginable, then fighting back to the big leagues as a hitter. (43:56-1:20:00) Fyre Fest of the week, (1:23:53-1:31:03)  Astros cheating scandal, (1:31:04-1:37:30) and we got Mike Florio again to talk about his fantasy team. (1:37:31-2:00:11)

Nov 15, 2019
Jerry Rice, Russ Wilson MVP + Guys on Chicks

Russ Wilson MVP tour continues and the NFC race is heating up. Was the MNF crew too mean to the Niners kicker. Pete Carroll twin update (2:17 - 12:15). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Hank's fantasy lost and Jeffery Epstein conspiracies going too far (12:15 - 67:43). Hall of Famer Jerry Rice joins the show to talk about his career, his insane training, catching bricks, chasing horses, and how fantasy would have changed how people viewed him. Segments include way to stay relevant baseball for the Astros cheating, trouble in paradise skip bayless and guys on chicks.

Nov 13, 2019
Football. Week 10 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes, Done Chains, And Coach O's Big Win

NFL Week 10 Fastest 2 minutes (2:12 - 8:11). Kirk Cousins won a primetime game but also Jason Garrett lost it, Lamar Jackson is incredible. Freddie Kitchens did his best to keep fucking up the Browns, The Bears might just be back, the Chiefs are an enigma, Dan Quinn's job was saved, Pat Shurmur's wasn't. The Dolphins are hot and the Jets may run the table. Who's back of the week. Football guy of the week. Recapping a great College Football Weekend and LSU/Minnesota's big wins. Plus a Monday Reading from Darren Rovell.

Nov 11, 2019
Herm Edwards, Football Smart With Warren Sharp + Week 10 Preview

Phil Rivers had a full Phil Rivers game. Wisconsin Fullbacks were on display and PFT reveals the Lowman trophy watch list.(2:31-8:06) NFL Week 10 preview, Mitch turned off all the TV's, and Pat Shurmur is addicted to losing. (8:07-26:23) Fantasy Fuccbois and Alabama vs LSU preview. (26:24-34:10) Arizona State Head Coach Herm Edwards joins the show to talk Football, recruiting, Hermisms, and how he would sell us in the living room. (35:42-58:53) Warren Sharp joins the show to talk about the NFL season halfway through, what teams are ready to turn a corner, and the contenders in each Conference. (1:01:27-1:29:19) Segments include Fyre Fest of the week,(1:31:01-1:34:19) Sabermetrics for James Harden love for strip clubs (1:34:20-1:38:39) and FAQ's with Former Kentucky Sports Radio Host Matt Jones where we let him get his built up Kentucky Sports takes off.(1:38:40-1:58:44) 

Nov 08, 2019
CBB Preview With Jon Rothstein, Cat Streaker On MNF, Mike Francesa Farted + Guys On Chicks

Monday Night Football was stolen by a black cat. Daniel Jones loves turnover. Pat Shurmur remains an idiot and Hank will adopt the black cat if we can find it. (2:35-15:10) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the Chargers. (15:11-28:10) College Basketball Preview with Jon Rothstein plus planning his wedding and work shopping new Rothsteinisms. (30:35-1:14:44) Segments include Who Farted for Mike Francesa, (1:17:31-1:22:40) Sabermetrics, (1:21:412-1:26:29) PR 101 for Jermaine Whitehead,(1:26:30-1:28:42) a special guest PMT Sports Biz Minute (1:28:43-1:29:36) and Guys on Chicks. (1:29:37-1:36:41)

Nov 06, 2019
NFL Week 9 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes + Football Guy Of The Week

NFL Week 9. Fastest 2 Minutes. Recapping every game from Sunday. Lamar was on fire, Minshew Mania might be over, the Redskins can't score, Adam Gase's impost syndrome, the Bears gained a single passing yard in the first half. Jameis is a HoFer, the Packers can't deal with Daylight Savings, and we debate the merits of Matt Patricia's football guy status. Who's back of the week. Football Guy of the Week and the revelation that Dan Mullen is a self cucker. Hurt or Injured Nate Diaz and a recap of UFC 244 + Washington Nationals Parade Math. 

Nov 04, 2019
Nats Win WS, UFC W/Jon Anik, Dean Blandino And Week 9 Picks

The Washington Nationals are your 2019 World Series Champions. Recapping Game 7, Gerrit Cole being team Boras, Strasburg getting paid, and Anthony Rendon playing out of his damn mind. (2:35-15:02) NFL Week 9 preview and Big Cat's can't lose ML Parlay. (15:03-32:53) Fantasy Fuccbois. (32:54-35:57) UFC's Jon Anik joins the show to preview UFC 241 and what its like to call a fight at the Mecca (MSG). (37:24-49:29) Dean Blandino joins the show to fix NFL officiating and talk Jerry Jones party bus. (52:11-1:07:36) Fyre Fest of the week, (1:08:45-1:12:46) THIS LEAGUE recapping all the drama in the NBA this week, (1:12:47-1:18:17) Big Cat teaches Bubba what he needs to know before his first Grateful Dead concert and exit interview for PMT Sports Biz intern Jake. (1:18:18-1:31:40) 

Nov 01, 2019
Dog The Bounty Hunter + World Series Game 6 Recap

The Nats are a team of destiny + we preview game 7 ( 2:31 - 10:51) . NFL trade deadline where nothing happened (10:51 - 16:40). Hot seat cool throne (16:40 - 30:59). Dog The Bounty Hunter joins the show to talk about, life after Beth, losing his virginity at 12 & how he would beat up everyone in the studio. Segments include "Respect The Biz" for Hank, Jake Marsh Sports biz minute + Guys on Chicks with clean shaven Uncle Chaps.

Oct 30, 2019
NFL Week 8, Fastest 2 Minutes, And The Nats Are Cursed

Fastest 2 Minutes for NFL Week 8. We recap every single game on Sunday. Pete Carroll mercy kills Dan Quinn, Matt Nagy is a buffoon, Matt Stafford is on the MVP list, Drew Brees is back, Andy Reid vs clock management, the Patriots D is incredible, the Niners are a wagon, Jon Gruden is negging Derek Carr, and Gregg Williams is  the most relatable idiot in the world. Who's back of the week including Halloween and Tiger. Football guy of the week. PFT cursed the Nats and we got to see Tits on the screen in the World Series plus a special Monday Reading of the PMT group text and the case of the drunk tweet. 

Oct 28, 2019
CM Punk, Paul Rabil, Week 8 Preview and Picks

The Vikings win in a sloppy game on Thursday night Football. (2:40-5:18) Nationals are a team of destiny. (5:19-12:10) NFL Week 8 preview and picks plus Big Cats can't lose parlay. (12:11-38:18) Fantasy Fuccbois.(38:19-41:44) Former WWE superstar CM Punk joins the show to talk about his new movie, his relationship with Vince, and the time he and Big Cat partied with the Stanley Cup. (43:38-1:10:29) Paul Rabil joins the show to brainstorm the new name for the expansion PLL team. (1:12:53-1:40:14) Fyre Fest of the week, (1:42:30-1:47:36) trouble in paradise (1:47:37-1:51:44) and FAQ's with Jilly Football (1:51:55-2:00:24)

Oct 25, 2019
Joe Buck, WS Game 1 + Huge Breaking News With Paul Rabil

The Nats are officially a team of destiny. World Series Game 1 is in the books and the Astros are in trouble. (2:44-9:06) Sam Darnold saw ghosts on Monday Night plus the start of the NBA season. (9:07-16:50) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (16:51-27:08) Joe Buck joins the show to catch up with the guys, talk twitter, his perfect hair, how he switches between football and baseball in October, and whether he's gone Hollywood. (31:23-1:16:20) Segments include PR 101 for Jeremy Pruitt, (1:20:24-1:24:37) huge breaking news with Paul Rabil about PLL Expansion (and we may own a team now),(1:24:38-1:30:15) PMT Sports Biz Minute,(1:30:45-1:31:52) and Guys on Chicks.(1:33:48-1:42:24) 

Oct 23, 2019
NFL Week 7 Fastest 2 Minutes + Recap, Big Cat Lost Everything And Football Guy Of The Week

NFL Week 7 Fastest 2 minutes (3:10 - 8:17). We recap every game from Sunday. Kirk Cousins is back, the Lions fans roasted the refs , the Titans are buttcheeks still but the good kind. The Ravens are not frauds, the Niners D is legit, the Dolphins had a lead and the Bears are a dumpster fire. Who's back of the week, football guy of the week. College Football and suicidal Big Cat is back. Nyquil idea from PFT and Blame and Shame Media. 


Game recap timestamps

Eagles - Cowboys(8:17 - 13:11 )Falcons Rams(13:11 - 20:14)Bills Dolphins(20:14 - 23:19 )Jaguars Bengals(23:19 -  26:38)Vikings Lions(26:38 - 32:11)Packers Raiders(32:11 - 36:22)Texans Colts(36:22 -  41:09)Giants Cardinals(41:09 - 47:28)Redskins 49ers(47:28 - 52:35)

Chargers Titans(52:35 - 57:40)Seahawks Ravens(57:40 - 61:06)Saints Bears(61:06 - 73:09)

Oct 21, 2019
Derek Watt, Steve Wilkos, Week 7 NFL Preview And Picks

Patrick Mahomes got hurt and it's Matt Moore time. The Broncos offense is big doo doo that even Troy Aikman is openly bashing it.(3:44-11:18) PFT gives his scouting report on Yankees/ Astros. (11:19-15:26) NFL Week 7 story lines and picks plus Big Cat's Cant Lose Parlay that definitely won't lose.(15:27-36:38) Fantasy Fuccbois. (36:39-39:50) Chargers FB Derek Watt joins the show to talk about growing up a Watt, playing Fullback in the NFL, his 1 touchdown, and our relationship with JJ. (41:28-57:30) Steve Wilkos joins the show to talk about his career in reality television, being Jerry Springer's security guard during the Jerry Springer heyday and hosting his own show. (59:31-1:28:26) Segments include Fyre Fest of the week, (1:30:13-1:35:41) Manalytics for KD, (1:35:42-1:38:17) Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, (1:38:18-1:41:00) and a special Barstool Van Talk FAQ's.(1:41:01-1:50:06)

Oct 18, 2019
Bill Burr, NFL Refs Problem With Mike Pereira, Lebron Shames, And The Nats Are In The WS

The Cardinals are dead and Natitude is sweeping the nation. (2:35-9:04) Lebron Shames had a bad press conference about China and we try to clean it up for him with a bonus verbal banksy. (9:05-20:27) The Lions got screwed on Monday night and ref memes are big time back. (20:28-28:05) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Jalen Ramsey, Yankee fans earning their pinstripes, and Hank finally did his taxes. (28:59-40:55) Bill Burr joins the show to talk about his new comedy special, his favorite stadiums in America, and pissed off sports fans. (42:12-1:20:18) Former NFL Ref Mike Pereira joins the show to fix the NFL ref problem. (1:22:35-1:35:11) Segments include XFL Draft Grades,(1:38:39-1:43:05) PMT Sports Biz Minute,(1:43:06-1:44:06) and Guys on Chicks.(1:44:07-1:49:54) 

Oct 16, 2019
NFL Week 6, Fastest 2 Minutes, Mariota + Jameis, Plus A Restaurant For Magicians

Fastest 2 minutes for Week 6 (2:27 - 9:11). We recap every game (9:11 - 78:39). Is Jameis the funniest quarterback of all time? Panic in Cleveland? Say something nice about the Dolphins. The Ravens need to earn Big Cat's respect. The Cowboys and Rams are in trouble and the Niners are for real. Duck mania and the Titans are buttcheeks. Who's back of the week including Hank not saying hello to Kevin Durant (78:39 - 90:05). College Football recap, Football guy of the week, Talking baseball, and Monday Reading - My Husband wants to open a restaurant for magicians (90:05 - 105:51). 

Oct 14, 2019
Barry Zito, Texans Will Fuller, Playoff Kershaw + NFL Week 6 Preview

Playoff Kershaw strikes again and the Nats are on to the NLCS. Atlanta sports misery deserves its moment in the sun.(2:54-21:10) NFL Week 6 picks and preview of the weekend slate. (21:11-36:41) Fantasy Fuccbois.(36:42-39:14) Former MLB pitcher Barry Zito joins the show to talk about his career, the pressures of playing for a big contract, ups and downs and coming to peace with the player he was. (43:00-1:12:48) Texans WR Will Fuller joins the show to talk about his huge Week 5 and how special Deshaun Watson is. (1:15:36-1:22:47)Segments include Fyre Fest of the week,(1:25:35-1:30:13) Talking Soccer for Wayne Rooney and the Instagram controversy,(1:30:14- and FAQ's (1:41:04-1:48:50)

Oct 11, 2019
Actor Gary Busey, Baker Party Line + Guys on Chicks With Uncle Chaps

Monday Night Football was a mess for the Browns and we sort through handshake gate and Baker expectations going forward. (2:56-15:11) Jay Gruden gets fired at 530 am. (15:12-19:48) Baseball playoffs and who has earned their pinstripes. (19:49-26:46) Hot Seat/Cool Throne with a special guest. (26:47-36:50) Actor Gary Busey joins the show to talk about his career, Buseyisms, life lessons and a WHOLE lot more. (39:42-1:14:57) Segments include PR 101 for the NBA, (1:19:20-1:22:03) PMT Sports Biz Minute,(1:22:04-1:23:05) Take Quake for the Penn State letter,(1:23:06-1:27:17) and Guys on Chicks with Uncle Chaps (1:27:18-1:46:18)

Oct 09, 2019
NFL Week 5, Fastest 2 Minutes, Duck Hodges + Big Ben’s Apple Watch

Week 5 is complete and we do the fastest 2 minutes (2:51). The PI penalty challenges are so dumb (8:46). The Colts stop Mahomes in a blueprint game (12:47). Teddy Bridgewater and Kyle Allen are going beyond treading water (17:35). Danny Dimes needs a dumber face and defending Mike Tonkin. The Bears stink again. Deshaun Watson was incredible. Aaron Rodgers owns Skip Bayless, and George W sat with Ellen. Who's back of the week and football guy of the week (87:23). This league with Daryl Morey's tweet and We release a statement as NBL owners. Talking baseball and recapping the playoffs plus a very weird Monday Reading.

Oct 07, 2019
French Montana, Alex Bregman, TNF + Week 5 Preview And Picks

The 12th man is officially back in Seattle. We recap a great Thursday Night Football Game and talk about the MLB Playoffs. (3:05-15:13) Week 5 NFL preview with picks, Big Cat's CANT LOSE ML Parlay (That lost last week), and games we're excited for.(15:14-31:00) Fantasy Fuccbois. (31:01-34:42) Rapper French Montana joins the show to talk about making it in the music world, getting shot in the head, and his favorite sports. (37:09-55:10) Houston Astros Alex Bregman joins the show to talk about playoff baseball, the weirdest baseball quirks, and what the pressure is like for this year's Astros. (57:47-1:17:14) Segments include Fyre Fest of the week,(1:20:42-1:28:00) PR 101 for Louisville,(1:28:01-1:29:52) Bad Visual for the Ravens (1:19:54-1:31:40) and Whoas (1:31:41-1:36:25)

Oct 04, 2019
Triple H, Nats Win, And Big Ben's Elbow Cast

Natitude is back. The Nationals stun the Brewers in the 8th inning to start the MLB playoffs (2:29 - 12:49). Big Ben's cast stole the show for Monday Night Football (12:49 - 17:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and all time Coach O story (17:30 - 31:52). Triple H joins the show to talk about his wrestling career, causing all of America's youth to get suspended from middle school, his favorite matches, and working with his father in law Vince McMahon (31:52 - 87:14). Segments include sabermetrics, breaking news about kirk cousins, pmt sports biz moments, and guys on chicks. 

Oct 02, 2019
NFL Week 4 Recap, Minshew Mania, Chase Daniel Redemption, And We Create A Bansky

NFL Week 4 fastest 2 minutes (2:47 -5:40). We recap every game from Sunday (5:40 - 72:20). The Falcons are a clown show. The Lions aren't bad? Raiders finally won in EST. We say something nice about the Dolphins. The Browns are back to being Super Bowl Champs. Is Jameis Good? Chase Daniel redeems all Chases, and we discuss if you can have Zane as a kicker. Who's back of the week (72:20 - 85:06). Football guy of the week (85:06 - 93:12). Uhh ya think, and a Monday Reading about a guy obsessed with Virgins vs Chad memes (94:19).  

Sep 30, 2019
Lorenzo Neal + Mike Alstott, NFL Weekend Preview And Fyre Fests Of The Week

Thursday Night Football was electric and the Packers are dead. What was Matt LaFleur thinking at the goal line?(3:45-11:54) NFL Week 4 Preview, Gambling Picks, and Big Cat's CANT LOSE ML Parlay of the week, it literally can not lose. (11:55-29:38) Fantasy Fuccbois.(29:39-36:29) Fullbacks and Future Hall of Famers Mike Alstott and Lorenzo Neal join the show to talk about their careers, what makes a fullback great, Alstott training by pushing his jeep around Purdue, Lorenzo picking up pigs, and the coaches they encountered in their long NFL careers.(37:49-1:31:50) Segments include Fyre Fest of the week,(1:35:13-1:41:42) stay classy DC, (1:41:43-1:44:30) Sabermetrics for Antonio Brown and his tweet fest,(1:44:31-1:47:18) and the return of Whoas. (1:47:19-1:49:10)


Sep 27, 2019
Jerry Springer, Kyle Long On The Bears HUGE Win, And Guys On Chicks

MNF recap, the Bears are back and the Skins have PFT very angry. (2:45-14:42) We call our good friend Kyle Long to talk about the Bears HUGE victory and what Club Dub is like with all the cameras in the locker room. (14:43- 21:39) Hot Seat/Cool Throne.(22:04-35:24) Jerry Springer joins the show to talk about his career, his new show, the wildest stories he covered and Sky Line Chili.(38:04-1:05:35) Segments include How Dare You Sir, (1:10:28-1:12:23) Pardon My Take's Technology corner for Pat Fitzgerald,(1:12:24-1:15:58) PMT Sports Biz Minute,(1:15:59-1:17:01) and Guys on Chicks.(1:17:58-1:28:24) 

Sep 25, 2019
NFL Week 3, Fastest 2 Minutes, Recap Of Every Game, The Pinky Team Is Announced, And A Name Roast

NFL Week 3 is complete. Fastest 2 minutes. Recapping every NFL game from Sunday. Is Derek Carr on the hot seat. Big Cat names his Pinky Bet. Antonio Brown cut. Say something nice about the Dolphins. Are we really doing this Kyle Allen? Daniel Jones is electric. Phil Rivers never disappoints. And Teddy 2 Gloves keeps the Saints afloat. Quick CFB recap with Notre Dame/Georgia and Michigan/Wisconsin. Who's back of the week including the Cubs sucking. Football guy of the week. Stay Classy Clemson for doing a movie at halftime of your game and Pardon My French. 

Sep 23, 2019
Gardner Minshew, Warren Sharp, NFL Week 3 Preview + Mr Portnoy

A Huge Friday show starting with a recap of Gardner mania on TNF and Marcus Mariota has been cancelled.(2:35-11:00) NFL Week 3 preview and picks. (11:01-22:25) Fantasy Fuccbois. (22:26-28:33) Jaguars starting quarterback Gardner Minshew calls in to accept Football Guy of the Week and tell an all time story from College. (29:44-41:34) Warren Sharp joins the show to talk football, the best/worst coaches in the NFL, the evolution of the offensive game, and how we can think about football in a smarter way. (44:54-1:30:54) Segments include Fyre fest of the week (1:33:20-1:40:57) and Mr Portnoy and Mrs Portnoy join the show to revive Portnoy's complaints (1:40:57-1:49:58)

Sep 20, 2019
Chris Bosh, Eli Benched, Big Ben Hurt, And Guys On Chicks

All of our 2004 Draft heroes are dead. Big Ben is out for the year and Eli Manning has been benched for Daniel Jones. (2:49-13:34) The Jets need a quarterback and we have some ideas. (13:40-20:10) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (20:11-31:53) Future Hall of Famer Chris Bosh joins the show to talk about his career, playing on Lebron's team, adapting his role, the famous car commercial, and ray allen tweet. (33:54-1:16:42) Segments include connect the dots Mort is tweeting out rats, (1:20:50-1:23:43) PMT Sports Biz minute, (1:23:44-1:24:44) Mike tomlin quote generator,(1:24:45-1:26:30) and guys on chicks. (1:26:31-1:34:00)

Sep 18, 2019
NFL Week 2 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes, And An Ernestine Bayless Monday Reading

NFL Week 2 fastest 2 minutes (2:42). We recap every game from Sunday in a whip around the league (10:42). Does Big Ben see a Vet instead of a doctor ( 40:32), does Pat Shurmur suck? (34:12) Why is Kliff Kingsbury such a coward? Bengals fans hate Andy Dalton. The Dolphins are historically bad (31:07) and the Bears have no Offense and more. Who's back of the week (78:39). Football guy of the week, Respect the Biz, and a Monday Reading about Ernestine Bayless and her new book "Balls!" 

Sep 16, 2019
Coach Mike Leach and Dana Holgorsen + Week 2 Picks and Preview

Cam Newton is broken. The Bucs win on the road and the Panthers May be done (2:27 - 10:17). Sam Darnold has mono, yes that's real (10:17 - 14:13). Week 2 picks and preview (14:13 - 31:38) . Fantasy Fuccbois (31:38 - 35:33). Houston Coach Dana Holgorsen joins the show to talk about his relationship with Mike Leach and their matchup Friday night (35:33 - 47:24). Washington State Coach Mike Leach joins the show to talk about Gardner Minshew, Dana Holgorsen, and which mascots win in a fight (47:24 - 66:51). Segments include Fyre Fest Of The Week, put one in his earhole, PR 101, just chill out man and FAQ's

Sep 13, 2019
Rob Gronkowski, MNF Recap, And Uncle Chaps Reading Guys On Chicks

Joe Flacco stinks and the Oakland black hole is the last place for true NFL fans. Deshaun Watson and Bill O'Brien's fuck up. (2:35-19:31) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the new iPhone causing Trypophobia, and can Bama beat the Dolphins?(19:32-31:20) Retired NFL Tight End Rob Gronkowski joins the show to talk about his retirement, the end of 69 jokes, playing in big games, Tom Brady, and whether or not he ever made Bill Belichick laugh.(33:57-1:10:10) Segments include Just Chill Out Man for Mike Greenberg,(1:14:09-1:15:27) Sabermetrics Kevin Durant's new number,(1:15:28-1:17:06) Sports Biz Minute,(1:17:07-1:18:07) and Guys on Chicks with Uncle Chaps. (1:18:08-1:39:43)

Sep 11, 2019
NFL Week 1, Fastest 2 Minutes, Recap Of Every Game + Football Guy Of The Week

Football is back and we're trying out something new. No guest on Monday's in the fall. We start with the Fastest 2 minutes then get into a recap of every Sunday Game with overreactions and weird tangents (2:2 8 - 9:34). Antonio Brown is a Patriot and Mike Tomlin deserves an apology (9:34 - 73:39). Who's back of the week (73:39 - 80:45) Football Guy of the Week. The debut of our newest segment "Do Your Pod" and Stay Classy Philly for fighting Sixers player Mike Scott (80:45 - 94:24)

Sep 09, 2019
Coach O, Demarcus Ware, Bears Lose, And Week 1 Picks/Preview

The Bears lost. Whatever. Recapping Thursday Night Football. Antonio Brown has lost his mind, again. Week 1 picks and preview including the rare Week 1 loser leaves town game. Fantasy Fuccbois. Coach O joins the show to talk about the upcoming game against Texas, becoming friends with the Sun, and being a Tiger. Demarcus Ware joins the show to talk about the Cowboys contract negotiations, whether he misses football, his Future Hall of Fame candidacy, and Dude Perfect. Segments include Fyre Fest of the week, Thoughts and prayers Jeremy Renner app, Drunk Idea, and FAQ's 

Sep 06, 2019
Jerry Ferrara (Turtle From Entourage), Hard Knocks Finale, And Guys On Chicks

Hard Knocks season finale and the season was saved by Gruden. Luke Willson did us a sold even while getting cut. Zeke Watch and Jared Goff got paid. (2:35-17:33) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (17:34-28:50) Jerry Ferrara aka Turtle from Entourage joins the show to talk about Entourage, New York sports fandom, e-gaming, and his pick up game. (31:41-1:09:04) Segments include Power Rankings of Pete Prisco's shitty power rankings, (1:14:32-1:20:21) Federer lost, Mike Wilbon name drop, (1:20:22-1:21:38) Thoughts and Prayers Chris Jericho,(1:21:39-1:23:45) and Guys on Chicks, is it ok to lock the door on your significant other while showering.(1:23:46-1:32:12) 

Sep 04, 2019
Coach Hugh Freeze, Football Guy Of The Week, And CFB Week 1 Recap

Football is back and we recap all the Week 1 College Football madness. Tennessee is dead, Florida State forgot to hydrate, the Big Ten is back, and Lincoln Riley is a mad genius (2:29 - 17:46). NFL Cuts and the Texans made some big time trades (17:46 - 24:40). Football Guy of the Week with nominees Hugh Freeze, Joe Burrow, Oklahoma Coach Shane Beamer, and an Offensive Lineman named Parker Titsworth (24:40 - 28:12). Who's back of the week (28:12 - 39:36). Liberty Head Coach Hugh Freeze calls in from his hospital bed to talk about coaching Saturday's game from a hospital bed (39:36 - 56:34). The famous fake funeral at Ole Miss and more. Segments include Talking tennis, is Pat Riley Dead yet? Bad Visual Joe West, Lebron James invents, and the return of Hashtag Hyphy #ThingsWeShouldCancel 

Sep 03, 2019
CFB W/ Tom Fornelli and Andy Staples, Fyre Fest + Worst Mt Rushmore Ideas

Football is Back (again). The Colts are bringing in the best backups and the NCAA is stupid. (2:48-12:45) Fyre Fest Of The Week (14:40-21:30) plus the Mt Rushmore of worst Mt Rushmore ideas. (21:31-32:08) CBS CFB writer Tom Fornelli joins the show to preview the season, tell us who is winning the Big Ten and a guaranteed lock of the week. (32:08-58:08) The Athletic's Andy Staples joins the show to talk SEC, his final four, and how crazy college boosters are. (59:22-1:18:08) Segments include embrace debate carli lloyd,(1:20:20-1:24:14) sabermetrics, (1:24:15- 1:28:00) talking soccer (1:29:28-1:31:52) and Jilly Football's exit interview.(1:31:53-1:44:09)

Aug 30, 2019
Raiders Luke Willson, Hard Knocks Episode 4 + Mt Rushmore Of Toughest Pills To Swallow

Hard Knocks episode 4 recap. Jon Gruden winning is contagious. Derek Carr is an awkward knock off Andy Bernard and Nathan Peterman's redemption. (2:50-11:32) Hot Seat/Cool Throne, Big Cat went to the dentist and PFT has a new backup QB that he loves. (11:33-27:12) The Mt Rushmore of toughest pills to swallow in life and it got depressing. (28:52-41:40) Raiders Tight End Luke Willson joins the show to talk about training camp, the hard knocks cameras following him around, playing in Canada on an 80 yard field, and his plan if he gets cut live on TV. Plus bonus story from our interview with him 2 years ago talking about the Seahawks locker room after the Malcom Butler interception in the Super Bowl. (44:01-1:05:54) Segments include uhh ya think Gronk is selling CBD, (1:09:16-1:14:13) thoughts and prayers to Big Ben,(1:14:14-1:16:47) PMT Sports Biz,(1:16:48-1:18:26) Talking Tennis,(1:18:27-1:19:49) and Guys on Chicks with special raspy voiced Bubba reading.(1:19:50-1:30:04) 

Aug 28, 2019
Andrew Luck Retires, Rams' Andrew Whitworth And Mount Rushmore Of Guests We Want On The Show

Andrew Luck retired on Saturday night and we pick up all the pieces. Doug Gottlieb's dumb tweet, why Colts fans have every right to be sad, Andrew Luck making the right personal decision and why saying a guy is "too smart" at the combine isn't all that crazy (2:27 - 24:13). Who's back of the week including Breaking Bad and Wayne Brady (24:13 - 32:07). Mt Rushmore of guests we want to come on Pardon My Take (32:07 - 44:52). Future Hall of Famer Andrew Whitworth joins the show to talk about the twilight of his illustrious career, playing in Cincy, the Super Bowl and more (44:52 - 69:11). Segments include talking golf, drunk idea, trouble in paradise dwight howard, and a Monday Reading 

Aug 26, 2019
Hall Of Famer Morten Andersen, Mt Rushmore W/ Jerry O'Connell, And Fyre Fest Of The Week

Week Zero is here and we're juiced up for College Football Saturday night. (2:54-9:56) Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson showed some skin. (10:34-14:04) Fyre Fest of the week including the Amazon is juuling and Big Cat is drinking black coffee. (14:05-21:53) Jerry O'Connell joins the show to talk about his new show, filling in for Wendy Williams, Fantasy Football, and the Mt Rushmore of Fantasy draft positions. (23:43-45:08) Hall of Famer Morten Andersen joins the show to talk about his 3 decade + career in the NFL, playing with legends, his comeback at the end of his career and more. (48:28-1:20:21) Segments include thoughts and prayers Hue Jackson and the fired coach feature,(1:21:23-1:27:11) way to stay relevant baseball dick pills,(1:27:12-1:29:14) and FAQ's (1:31:33-1:39:27)

Aug 23, 2019
Blake Bortles, Mt Rushmore Of Athletes We Thought Would Be Better, And Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks Episode 3, the Gruden show. Jon Gruden was on full display and is the funniest coach in the NFL (2:28 - 8:45). Baker Mayfield had a hell of a time on the internet and we defend our guy (8:45 - 12:11). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Hawaii Football being back for degenerates (12:11 - 28:52). Mt Rushmore of athletes that we convinced ourselves would be better than they turned out to be (28:52 - 45:48). Blake Bortles joins the show live from his Tesla to talk about going bald, the Rams offense, and Wikipedia Club for hair loss (45:48 - 64:39). Segments include hurt or injured ronda rousey, pmt sports biz minute, Talking Soccer, trouble in paradise Zeke/Jerry Jones and Guys on Chicks. 

Aug 21, 2019
Blake Bortles, Mt Rushmore Of Athletes We Thought Would Be Better, And Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks Episode 3, the Gruden show. Jon Gruden was on full display and is the funniest coach in the NFL (2:28 - 8:45). Baker Mayfield had a hell of a time on the internet and we defend our guy (8:45 - 12:11). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Hawaii Football being back for degenerates (12:11 - 28:52). Mt Rushmore of athletes that we convinced ourselves would be better than they turned out to be (28:52 - 45:48). Blake Bortles joins the show live from his Tesla to talk about going bald, the Rams offense, and Wikipedia Club for hair loss (45:48 - 64:39). Segments include hurt or injured ronda rousey, pmt sports biz minute, Talking Soccer, trouble in paradise Zeke/Jerry Jones and Guys on Chicks. 

Aug 21, 2019
Packers Fullback Danny Vitale + John Kuhn, Mike Florio on Helmetgate, And Mount Rushmore Of Colors

We survived the last weekend without meaningful Football. Eli Manning has a job for life (2:27 - 10:19). Who's back of the week including Big Cat's twitter meltdown (10:19 - 24:02). Mt Rushmore of colors (24:02 - 34:56). Packers fullback Danny Vitale and former fullback John Kuhn join the show to talk about Football, Meathead life, biggest hit they've ever taken, and why Fullbacks are the smartest players (34:56 - 57:10). Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Helmetgate and where the Raiders go from here. Peter King ate the trash, Kings stay Kings Marlins Man and Lenny Dykstra, Hurt or Injured Redskins entire medical staff, We read a headline, and a WILD Monday Reading. 

Aug 19, 2019
Topher Grace, Jared Goff With Some Emergency News, Mt Rushmore Of Ages

Mike Glennon is a starting quarterback and Kyler Murray is a BUST. We get our preseason overreaction practice in. Todd Gurley got a cat and Conor McGregor punched an old guy. (2:48-16:39)Fyre Fest of the Week and an emergency breaking Moos from LA Rams starting Quarterback Jared Goff. (16:40-29:12) Mt Rushmore of ages. (29:13-42:05) Actor Topher Grace joins the show to talk about his career, That 70's Show, his recent run of great movies, and Black Mirror. (44:20-1:22:25) Segments include Drunk Idea - Aaron Rodgers, (1:25:05-1:26:21) Brian Cashman is a weirdo,(1:26:22-1:27:57) Uhh ya think Brooks Koepka could beat up Bryson DeChambeau,(1:27:58-1:29:50) PR 101 Ohio State, Hank breaks the news that Bryce Harper hit a walk off grand slam and Big Cat pouted,(1:29:50-1:31:51) and License to Jill with Jilly Football. (1:31:52-1:48:58)

Aug 16, 2019
Packers HC Matt LaFleur, We Riot + Mount Rushmore Of Magic Johnson's Favorite Things

Hard Knocks episode 2 happened and we were forced to semi riot because they kind of sort of addressed Antonio Brown helmetgate (2:28 - 8:21). We have secured 2 of the helmets AB is looking for and offer them to him for a simple trade (8:21 - 11:53). Dak Prescott is a master negotiator (11:53 - 15:41). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (15:41 - 30:35). Mt Rushmore of things off Magic Johnson's list of things he likes for his 60th birthday (30:35 - 38:34). Packers HC Matt LaFluer joins the show to talk about getting the Green Bay job, his relationship with Aaron Rodgers, whether or not he's scared of Khalil Mack, and coming up under Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay (38:34 - 66:12). Segments include hurt or injured Andrew Luck, PMT sports biz minute, way to stay relevant baseball, thoughts and prayers A-Rod got robbed, and a special edition of Guys in Labor to talk Unions 

Aug 14, 2019
Stone Cold Steve Austin + Mount Rushmore Of Sports Movie Characters

Antonio Brown is losing his mind over possibly losing his helmet. The Raiders are dysfunctional but none of it will be on Hard Knocks (2:29 - 14:17). Brooks Koepka is spearheading change in Golf while Brandis Dechambliss cries on the course (14:17 - 20:10). Who's back of the week (20:10 - 27:33). Mt Rushmore of sports movie characters (27:33 - 38:28). Stone Cold Steve Austin joins the show to talk about his new show, his career in wrestling, the best moments in the ring, the time he turned heel and broke Big Cat's heart, and how bleeding helped make his legacy (38:28 - 71:53). Segments include Bad Visual Auburn, Talking Soccer for Pulisic, Hurt or Injured Tim Tebow, and a Monday Reading about Jeffrey Epstein as a Seinfeld show. 

Aug 12, 2019
Baker Mayfield, Mt Rushmore Of Worst Sounds + Return Of Jimbos

Preseason Football is here aka name that backup QB you forgot about. Kirk Cousins is having center butt sweat problems, and a Bosa is hurt. (2:42-10:14) Fyre Fest of the week we spent 10 hours in an airport but TGI Friday's was lit. (10:56-16:01) Mt Rushmore of worst sounds featuring special guest Mr Lockwood (Hank's Dad). (16:02-31:10) Baker Mayfield joins the show to talk about expectations, how we'll handle the haters for him, his QB RV and special appearances from Drew Stanton and Garret Gilbert. (33:14-1:01:46) Segments include Peter King ate the trash, (1:04:55-1:06:45) Just Chill Out Man - Adam Gase, (1:06:46-1:08:17) Stay Classy Dabo,(1:08:18-1:11:44) and Jimbos with special guest AWL who donated to dogs with blogs. (11:45-1:23:49)

Aug 09, 2019
Lions HC Matt Patricia, Ghost Hunting In Milwaukee, Hard Knocks & Mt Rushmore Of Cheese

Hard Knocks is here and Derek Carr is really awkward. Jon Gruden knows where every camera is and Mark Davis is a swagaholic.(2:42-14:14) Rich Paul gets a new rule which is badass. (14:15-17:18) We start hunting ghosts mid show in our hotel room. Hot Seat/Cool Throne including feral hogs running wild. (17:19-34:37) Mt Rushmore of Cheese in honor of being in Wisconsin. (34:38-45:25) Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia joins the show to talk about football being back, what makes a Football guy, could he build a rocket to the Moon, and the haters. (49:02-17:05) Segments include trouble in paradise,(1:21:01-1:24:15) way to stay relevant baseball,(1:24:16-1:26:34) Even a blind pig finds an acorn for the Redksins, (1:26:35-1:27:40) and our friends from Supernatural Investigative Crew (@SICInTheShadows) joins the show to ghost hunt in our hotel room and ask listener questions about Ghosts and Ghouls.(1:26:36-1:42:47) 

Aug 07, 2019
Jim Harbaugh, Training Camp Week, And The Mt Rushmore Of Things We Don't Understand

Training Camp week is here and we have Coach Harbaugh on the show after embarrassing ourselves in his Golf tournament. PFT survived his rugby weekend and who's back of the week including Brady's contract and crazy Lolla videos (2:28 - 19:21). Mt Rushmore of things we don't understand (19:21 - 40:27). Coach Jim Harbaugh joins the show to talk about the return of Football, what this season means for his team, how he does everything (EVERYTHING) on Excel, and the "look" his brother has over him (40:27 - 79:51). Segments include hurt or injured Antonio Brown's feet, Stay Woke Larry Johnson, new segment Melo Dramatic, and a drunk idea. 

 We're going to Milwaukee tuesday and want to watch Hard Knocks at an AWL's house. Email
Aug 05, 2019
Football Is Back (sort of), 3 Pt Champ Joe Harris, And Mt Rushmore Of Press Conference Moments

Football is BACK, kind of. Hall of Fame Game happened and was awesome for like 3 minutes. (2:40-9:43) Matt Schaub is still a QB and we got some Dan Quinn jokes off. (14:50-24:08) Baseball trade deadline. (24:09-35:09) Fyre Fest of the Week and Big Cat is addicted to giving away Madden Codes so he gives away a couple during the show. Mt Rushmore of Press Conference Rants. Brooklyn Nets' Joe Harris joins the show to talk about winning the 3 point contest, getting Kyrie and KD, Virginia Basketball, and staying out of the Embiid/Dudley brawl last year. (38:09-1:10:08) Segments include Embrace Debate does Melo deserve a retirement tour? (1:12:28-1:19:41) Sorry not sorry LeVeon Bell, (1:19:42-1:22:20) Hot in the street "City Boy Summer vs Hot Girl Summer", (1:22:21-1:2454) FAQ's and Bubba has to sing Take on Me as punishment for missing his flight (1:24:55-1:38:16)

Aug 02, 2019
WWE Superstar Nikki Bella, Tony Scheffler and The Mt Rushmore Of Farm Animals

We're stuck in the last day of July with the only news being Lebron James AAU celebrations (2:27 - 6:20). Jon Gruden is trying to make Nate Peterman happen and Jerry Jones vs Ezekiel Elliot is the hold out of 2019 (6:20 - 14:15). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the Mets incompetence and USWNT salaries (14:15 - 26:26). Old time friend, recurring guest and former NFL TE Tony Scheffler joins the show to talk about the famous 2 on 1 video and the Mt Rushmore of farm animals (26:26 - 47:06). WWE Superstar Nikki Bella joins the show to talk about her career in wrestling, twin kissing theories, and is wrestling real (47:06 - 88:03). Segments include Bachelorette talk for guys that dont watch the Bachelorette, Respect the Biz Stephen A Smith, PMT Sports Biz Minute, and Guys on Chicks. 

Jul 31, 2019
David Spade, DeAndre Jordan, Mt Rushmore Of Airport People And Monday Reading

We're on the road for some Training Camp tour interviews (coming next week) and our guy Brooks Koepka is best Golfer of all time (this year) (2:27 - 6:20). All training camps have reported (6:20-  13:40). Who's back of the week including Lebron James dunking in layup lines (13:40 - 27:11). Mt Rushmore of annoying airport people and we need the AWL's to punish Liam for missing his flight this morning (27:11 - 41:16). DeAndre Jordan joins the show to talk about his move to Brooklyn, getting KD on the show, Mark Cuban, and being old, but not (41:16 - 56:11). David Spade joins the show to talk about his new show, SNL, his days as a busboy and his chemistry with Chris Farley (56:11 - 87:06). Segments include just chill out man Sean Lee, way to stay relevant baseball Trevor Bauer, and Monday Reading, my husband's family loves mouse caricatures 

Jul 29, 2019
Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller, Mt Rushmore of YouTube Videos and Jimbos

Steve Ballmer is a life force of energy, training camp opening day, and the lost art of college dorms for football players (2:30-13:36). Fyre Fest Of The Week. (14:47-21:20) Mt Rushmore of Youtube videos. (21:21-33:18) Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller join the show to talk about their career on YouTube, feuds, internet culture and more. (34:47-1:04:24) Segments include explain it to hank ‚ÄúClinton Body Count‚ÄĚ, (1:07:04-1:09:04) it's Louisiana who cares, (1:12:10-1:13:39) and the return of Jimbos (1:13:40-1:19:09)

Jul 26, 2019
Adnan Virk, Mt Rushmore of Average Things, and Guys on Chicks

Training camps are starting to open and we can smell football (2:27 - 9:33). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including millennials and  the earth (9:33 - 23:45). Mt Rushmore of perfectly average things (23:45 - 39:41). DAZN host Adnan Virk joins the show to talk about his new gig, his firing from ESPN, baseball and movies (39:41 - 87:55). Segments include bachelorette talk for guys that don't watch the bachelorette, Kings stay Kings Andy Reid, thoughts and prayer USA basketball, PMT sports biz minute and Guys on Chicks

Jul 24, 2019
Blake Griffin Comes In Studio To Accept His 2019 "Blake Of The Year" Award + Mt Rushmore Of "Athlete Traits You Wish You Had"

Brooks Koepka got screwed by JB Holmes + other 2019 "Open" storylines (2:27 - 10:51). Whose back of the week including the disgusting heat in NYC, Football and Hanks fishing abilities (10:51 - 22:06). Mount Rushmore of "Athlete Traits You Wish You Had" (22:06 - 32:44). 2019 Blake Of The Year winner Blake Griffin comes in studio to talk about how he his life has changed since winning the award, NBA free agency, Chris Paul & more (32:44 - 60:07). Segments include Way To Stay Relevant Baseball a Sabermetrics for podcasters, a preposterous Take Quake involving the cast of The Office and a great Monday Reading to wrap up the show.



Dog days of summer and our guy Brooks Koepka is about to win the British Open as first heard on PMT. (2:30-10:28) Big Cat survived Jury Duty and Fyre Fest of the week had some doozies.(10:29-22:49) Mt Rushmore of Juniors got very contentious. (22:50-30:27) FS1's Chris Broussard joins the show to talk about his career, the things he's gotten wrong, the recent comments by Jay Onrait calling him a fucking fraud, and the Brou Crew.(31:41-1:10:40) Segments include Stay Woke (1:13:04-1:16:28), Bad Visual/Good Visual, (1:16:29-1:20:28) and License to Jill with Jilly Football (1:20:28-1:29:10)

Jul 22, 2019
Chris Broussard, Mt Rushmore Of Juniors And Jilly Football

Dog days of summer and our guy Brooks Koepka is about to win the British Open as first heard on PMT. (2:30-10:28) Big Cat survived Jury Duty and Fyre Fest of the week had some doozies.(10:29-22:49) Mt Rushmore of Juniors got very contentious. (22:50-30:27) FS1's Chris Broussard joins the show to talk about his career, the things he's gotten wrong, the recent comments by Jay Onrait calling him a fucking fraud, and the Brou Crew.(31:41-1:10:40) Segments include Stay Woke (1:13:04-1:16:28), Bad Visual/Good Visual, (1:16:29-1:20:28) and License to Jill with Jilly Football (1:20:28-1:29:10)

Jul 19, 2019
Dr. Phil, Jacoby Brissett, Mt Rushmore Of Area 51 Raiders And Meats

Big Cat's Jury Duty, Madden Ratings, and Old face apps, yeah it's the dog days of summer (2:38 - 8:04). Mt Rushmore of Athletes you'd want on your side when you storm Area 51 (8:41 - 17:28) and in honor of National Hot Dog Day, Mt Rushmore of meats (17:28 - 24:11). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Cup Snakes at Wrigley and Blake Koepka (24:11 - 37:53). Dr Phil joins the show to diagnose what exactly is wrong with us, if he's happy, and when does being a fan of a sports team become problematic (37:53 - 74:02). Colts QB Jacoby Brissett joins the show to ask some questions that we never knew needed to be asked and start a new online club with an NFL QB (74:02 - 89:11). Bachelorette talk for guys that don't watch the bachelorette, Thoughts and Prayers Big Baller Brand, Take Quake, and Guys on Chicks. 

Jul 17, 2019
Ice Cube, Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone, And Mt Rushmore Of Animal Traits You Wish You Had

We are 2.5 weeks from the Hall of Fame game. Wimbledon final was awesome and Djokovic may be the GOAT (open for debate) (2:29 - 12:27). Cleaning up the Chris Paul/Russ Westbrook trade and Who's Back of the Week including blackouts and instagram (12:27 - 29:55). Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone joins the show to get you excited for the return of Football, what happened last year, Blake Bortles, Fried Bologna, and how the annual NFL Head Coach picture goes down (29:55 - 62:30). Ice Cube joins the show to talk about the Big 3, His Lakers, and a redemption rap for PFT (62:30 - 99:16). Mt Rushmore of animal traits you wish you had, bad visual for the chess community, and Sabermetrics the Angels no hitter in honor of Tyler Skaggs 

Jul 15, 2019
The 2019 Takies With Blake Griffin, Brooks Koepka, Blake Bortles, And Many More Celebrities

The 2019 Takies are here. But first Woj dropped a Woj bomb so we discuss Chris Paul being traded for Russ Westbrook. Fyre Fest of the Year. 

 The 2019 Takies with special celebrity appearances from Billy Gunn, Andy Dick, Perry Ellis, Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration, Bruno Mars the Chihuaha and More.  Takies given out include  -Worst Take of the Year (34:31-37:00)-Boston Sports Heartbreak of the Year (31:24-34:30)-Chonk Athlete of the Year (39:11-40:59)-AAF Week of the Year (41:00-45:57)-Mike Tomlin Quote of the Year(45:58-47:32)-Still Alive Person Of the Year (1:20:35-1:22:08) And many many more including the all important Blake of the Year (1:23:19-1:49:13)
Jul 12, 2019
Dan Haren, Mt Rushmore Of Positions, And Jilly Football On A Wednesday

Our acclaimed intern PMTSportsBiz finally got Rovell to bite so that started the show (2:45 - 5:51). Hank reads all the ads. The Home Run Derby was fucking awesome and of course some no fun baseball writers had terrible takes (5:51 - 19:51). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including NBA reviews and Takies coming Friday (19:51 - 33:03). Former MLB Pitcher and Future Hall of Famer Dan Haren joins the show to talk some baseball, Lakers, intentionally hitting guys, grooving fastballs as an unwritten rule, and not answering our absolute dumbest questions (33:03 - 63:28). Segments include bachelorette talk for guys that don't watch the bachelorette, Mt Rushmore of positions, Floyd Mayweather got crossed up and Jilly Football joins the show for Guys on Chicks. 

Jul 10, 2019
Christian Yelich, Kawhi Is A Clipper, + Mt Rushmore Of Thrills

Kawhi Leonard is a Clipper and we're back after a week off. All the fall out from the Kawhi News. Lebron doesn't run the league, everyone runs from Russ, Ballmer and Kawhi are a hilarious duo, everyone's sources were wrong and the NBA offseason is the best (2:28 - 25:28). We won another World Cup not to brag (25:28 - 28:55). Who's back of the week including Peter King eating the trash (28:55- 40:56). NL MVP Christian Yelich joins the show to talk about his VERY unfortunate back injury that keeps him out of Monday's Home Run Derby, if he'll play Tuesday night, and a new bet for the All Star Game to make good on missing Monday's derby (40:56 - 55:14). Segments include the Mt Rushmore of easy thrills, connect the dots what the fuck was up with the Bleacher Report picture, way to stay relevant baseball the Reds wore awesome uniforms Sunday. And a special Monday Reading for our friend Jared Lorenzen 

Jul 08, 2019
Best Of Football In July Plus New Interviews W/ JB Smoove, Tim Howard, Prince + Cecil Fielder, 2 New Rushmore’s

We have an extra long best of episode. We start with 3 brand new never before heard interviews with 

-Tim Howard - US Soccer legend (5:12-26:27)

-Leon Black - actor best known for Leon Black on Curb your Enthusiasm (30:11-59:39)

-Prince and Cecil Fielder - The All Star father son duo  (1:02:30-1:14:08)

We then do a little Football in July to get you ready for training camp with 

John Harbaugh (1:20:40-1:24:30)

Ike Taylor (1:24:35-1:35:32)

Pat Mahomes  (1:35:33-1:41:41)

Jeff Fisher (1:41:42-1:53:04)

Mcshay + Kiper (1:53:08-1:59:47)

JJ Watt (2:00:00-2:10:07)

Dan Marino (1 question ) (2:10:08-2:10:30)

2 new Mt Rushmore's (2:11:42-2:29:56)

-Mt Rushmore of summer songs 

-Mt Rushmore of Pirates 

And we wrap up with a Blake of the year preview with best of Bortles, Griffin, and Koepka. (2:30:14-2:56:54) Plus Hank found out hottest Game Of Thrones takes (2:38:20-3:06:56)

Jul 03, 2019
Dwight Howard, NBA Free Agency + The Mt Rushmore Of Pickup Basketball Guys

NBA Free Agency is here and Kevin Durant is coming to New York (Brooklyn). Kyrie is joining him, Kemba to the Celtics, and J-Butt is pulling the ultimate J-Butt move by going down to Miami to chill (2:27 - 21:16). Who's back of the week including Christian Yelich in the HR Derby and we're fucked (21:16 - 26:25). Dwight Howard joins the show to talk about his career, being injured this past year, all the snakes he owns, and Big Cat reads his mean tweets to him (26:25 - 69:52). Mt Rushmore of players you see in pickup Basketball games (69:42 - 86:26), Drunk Idea, Way to stay relevant Baseball with the London Series and Monday Reading 

Jul 01, 2019
Chris Jericho, Dale Earnhardt Jr, MT Rushmore of Rewatchable Movies On TV

Jimmy Butler to the Rockets for maximum chaos and Anthony Davis paid 4 million for the number 23. Preview of NBA Free Agency coming up on Sunday. (2:30-14:55) Mt Rushmore of movies you have to watch all the way through when you see them on TV (14:56-27:26) and Fyre Fest Of The Week (RIP Beth Chapman).(27:27-32:05) Wrestling superstar, musician, and podcaster Chris Jericho joins the show to break balls, talk about breaking character, and the art of the heel. (33:47-1:10:31) Dale Earnhardt Jr joins the show to talk about post racing career, his abandoned town, and NASCAR beefs. (1:11:50-1:32:30) Segments include Stay Woke, (1:34:19-1:38:02) Talking Soccer,(1:38:03-1:38:29) and License go Jill with Jilly Football(1:41:007-1:55:42)

Jun 28, 2019
SB MVP Julian Edelman + Mt Rushmore Of Ways To Procrastinate

The NBA Awards happened and who cares. The Rockets are hilarious in their denial of dysfunction. (2:30-12:28) The Mets are having a dumpster fire of a week. (12:29-19:38) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Warriors training staff and Cam Newton trying to pay for a seat upgrade. (19:39-29:57) Super Bowl MVP and recurring guest Julian Edelman joins the show to talk about the Super Bowl, his new documentary, how he thirst traps on instagram, and his addiction to hype videos. (32:07-1:11:55) Segments include the Mt Rushmore of ways to procrastinate, (1:14:20-1:27:10) bachelorette talk for guys that don't watch the bachelorette, (1:27:11-1:29:11) talking soccer, (1:29:12-1:30:03) PMT Sports Biz Minute (1:30:04-1:31:24) and guys on chicks.(1:31:25-1:36:45) 

Jun 26, 2019
Life. With Ryen Russillo and Mark Titus

A slightly different show today as we do Life advice from 4 guys that probably still don't have it figured out. Ryen Russillo and Mark Titus join the show to talk about the different phases of life in honor of Big Cat becoming a father. Advice to the dumber, younger versions of our ourselves and the Mt Rushmore of things we think were elite at.




Jun 24, 2019
Big Cat Had A Baby, NBA Draft, Jimmy Tatro Interview, Mt Rushmore With Jon Taffer

Big Cat had a baby, a real live human being. He talks about the last 48 hours and how a hospital is kind of like a sportsbook. PFT roasts Big Cat's baby to welcome him to the family. (2:15-21:05) NBA Draft, is Zion the most beloved athlete in the last 20 years? Duke went 3 in the top 10, and everyone traded for the same type of dude. (21:06-35:14) Fyre Fest of the week. (35:15-40:14) Comedian Jimmy Tatro joins the show to talk about how he went from a youtuber to an accomplished comedian making hilarious shows and movies. Growing up a cali teenager and how Entourage was the single smartest show of our time. (41:41-1:27:35) Jon Taffer joins the show to do the Mt Rushmore of Bar attractions (1:31:14-2:01:04) and we end the week with license to Jill with Jilly Football (2:01:07-2:16:06)

Jun 21, 2019
Scott Boras, Mt Rushmore Of "That Guy" And The Rockets Hate Each Other

This League is in full swing with the Rockets hating each other, Carmelo back, Kyrie ghosting Danny Ainge, the Raptors parade, and the Warriors taking out newspaper ads (2:27 - 21:51). Mt Rushmore of "That Guy" including well actually guy and guy who tries too hard at intramural sports (21:51 - 40:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Brett Favre and Lebron's Hair (40:30 - 53:33). Super Agent Scott Boras joins the show to talk about his career, the Bryce Harper negotiations, arbitrations that have gotten nasty, and negotiating Kris Bryant's next contract (53:33 - 97:39). Segments include bachelorette talk for guys that don't watch the bachelorette, respect the biz umps, PMT sports biz minute, locker room talk, uhhh ya think, and guys on chicks.

Jun 19, 2019
Joe Buck, Laila Ali, US Open, AD Trade, And Mt Rushmore Of Dad Moves

The course lost and Gary Woodland won. We're not mad about Brooks coming in second and a full recap of the US Open (2:36 - 14:25). Anthony Davis is a Laker and Lebron now has the makings of his super team (14:25 - 28:07). Who's back of the week including OJ Simpson and Aaron Rodgers hating his Head Coach (28:07 - 40:52). Joe Buck calls us live from Pebble Beach right after the tournament to talk some golf and how he was trending on twitter (not because he sucks) (40:52 - 50:55). Laila Ali joins the show to talk about her boxing career, cooking, and growing up with the GOAT as her dad (50:55 - 72:01). Segments include Mt Rushmore of Dad Moves, connect the dots Kawhi, and Monday Reading some dude is addicted to eating bugs

Jun 17, 2019
Raptors Win The Title, Blues Win The Cup, And Rose Lavelle From The USWNT

The Toronto Raptors are your NBA Champions. We talk about the game, Klay's injury, Kawhi's trade, Nick Nurse's swag and Skip Bayless being salty as can be. (2:40-19:58) The Blues Win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history and Hank did soggy sorrows in the arena.(19:59-29:02) Fyre Fest Of The Week. (29:03-38:12) USWNT Star Rose Lavelle joins us to talk about the World Cup, how soccer works, Cincinnati and scoring mad goals. (40:27-1:06:04) Segments include Hard Knocks storylines for the Raiders, (1:08:08-1:12:45) talking golf - US Open, (1:12:46-1:15:58) the introduction of ‚ÄúThe Jake‚ÄĚ award (1:15:59-1:20:38) and License to Jill With Intern Jill (1:20:39-1:38:34)

Jun 14, 2019
Rick Reilly + Kevin Durant's Injury And NBA Finals

NBA Finals Game 5 recap. Kevin Durant's injury, Bob Myers cried, Toronto felt shame (2:25 - 16:06), and Nick Nurse blew it (16:06 - 18:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Hank's upcoming quarter life crisis and the USWNT shitpumping Thatiland (18:17 - 33:15) . Rick Reilly joins the show to talk about his new book, his career at SI, how children of the 90's looked up to him, his "sell out" moment, and the famous Kate Upton 3 boob tweet (33:15 - 86:13). Segments include Ratings War, PMT Sports Minute, PR 101 for North Korea and Guys on Chicks

Jun 12, 2019
Samuel L Jackson, SCF, And The Warriors Are On The Ropes

Stanley Cup Final game 7 is on. The Blues lose after the St Louis Dispatch had them winning and Jon Hamm shaved his beard (2:29 - 6:40). NBA Finals Game 4, is this the end of the dynasty, and will Kevin Durant save the Warriors (6:49 - 17:27). Who's back of the week (17:27 - 28:38). Samuel L Jackson joins the show to talk about the new Shaft out June 14th, his career, his awesome twitter game, why he's the world's greatest swearer, and watching his own movies (28:38 - 51:20). Segments Stay Classy Max Muncy, Tale of the Tape Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise, Talking Tennis, Thoughts and Prayers Big Papi, and Monday Reading - Dodgeball is oppressive. 

Jun 10, 2019
Lacrosse Superstar Paul Rabil, Kentucky Ghost Callers, And Our New Intern Jill

Stanley Cup Final Game 5 live watch. NBA Finals Game 3 was chaotic. We talk about the game, Mark Stevens pushing Kyle Lowry, The Bey Hive, and Drake. (2:55-16:15) Fyre Fest of the week. (16:16-24:15) Premier Lacrosse League Founder and GOAT of the Lacrosse world Paul Rabil joins the show to talk about the new league, what rules we can change about Lacrosse, and explains the things we never understood. (25:54-1:04:13) We hosted Kentucky Sports Radio and have a best of radio calls from our show. (1:05:31-1:18:42) Segments include Thoughts and Prayers LeVeon Bell, (1:21:30-1:23:09) Respect The Biz, (1:23:10-1:24:05) We read a headline, (1:24:06-1:26:03) and License to Jill introducing our new intern, 69 year old Jill. (1:29:06-1:44:08)

Jun 07, 2019
Manny Pacquiao, SCF with Paul Bissonnette + Our New SportsBiz Intern

Kevin Durant is out for Game 3 and Kawhi is the weirdest guy on planet earth (2:49 - 13:07). We introduce our brand new intern who will be covering Sports Business this summer and starts with the Sports Business Minute (13:07 - 21:19). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including all of humanity (21:19 - 31:29). Manny Pacquiao joins the show to talk about his upcoming fight, MJ vs Lebron, and to sing some Karaoke (31:29 - 45:10). Our good friend Paul Bissonnette joins us to talk about the Stanley Cup Final, what it feels like to get your teeth knocked out, and why he's going to fight PFT in Rough and Rowdy (45:10 - 74:11). Segments include bachelorette talk for guys that don't watch the bachelorette, sorry not sorry Freddie Kitchens, embrace debate who should be the new voice of Siri with a warm up for Mt Rushmore season, and Guys on Chicks.

Jun 04, 2019
Blake Griffin, NBA Finals, And Chris Mannix On Andy Ruiz's Big Night

NBA Finals Game 2 and the Championship Warriors showed up. The Dubs battled through Steph's Diarrhea, Klay's hamstring, and a need to rely on Boogie Cousins (2:29 - 11:17). Andy Ruiz shocked the world and he is our new Chonk King and the Bruins shit pumped the Blues (11:17 - 17:17). Who's back of the week (17:17 - 27:50). NBA Superstar and Blake of the year Nominee Blake Griffin joins the show to talk about the playoffs, his knee injury against the Bucks, "Petty Wars" on twitter, and questions we didn't have the balls to ask Manny Pacquiao (27:50 - 53:46). Chris Mannix joins the show to talk about Andy Ruiz's upset victory over Anthony Joshua, what it was like to call a fight like that, and what's in the future for Ruiz (53:46 - 72:31). Segments include Problematic, too many QB's chugging beers, talking soccer, Trouble in Paradise Odell Beckham, and a WILD Monday Reading

Jun 03, 2019
Comedian Jeff Ross + Chris Long For Episode 500

NBA Finals Game 1 and Kevin Durant is smiling. Drake vs the Warriors, rest vs rust, and Siakam was on fire. If we were up 100 on the Warriors in the 4th quarter could we win. (3:12-13:08) Stanley Cup Final Game 2. (13:08-16:18) We celebrate our 500th PMT episode with our very first guest, Chris Long, for a 4 good minutes interview. (16:19-26:36) Fyre Fest of the Week (26:37-36:26) Comedian Roast Master Jeff Ross joins the show to talk about his career, the art of the roast, his most memorable roast, and he tells the story of his Prank Battle with Cousin Sal that ended with Tom Cruise mediating it at Jimmy Kimmel's house. (38:10-1:18:27) Segments include not afraid to go there, Doug Gottlieb, (1:21:41-1:27:12) Sabermetrics Football anouncers and the Over, (1:27:13-1:30:13) Tebow Update,(1:30:14-1:30:48) Scottie Pippen is suing a 5 year old, (1:30:49-1:32:14) and FAQ's.(1:32:15-1:40:18) 

May 31, 2019
Zac Efron + RJ Hampton, The Newest New Zealand Breaker

The Bruins won SCF Game 1 if anyone was still wondering how Tuesday's episode ended (2:27 - 5:39). 5 Star recruit RJ Hampton picked the New Zealand Breakers (the team we own) over all the other colleges and we're now big time recruiters (5:39 -  12:54). The Lakers are a dumpster fire and Kobe is getting dinner with ghosts (12:54 - 18:10). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (18:10 - 32:18). Zac Efron joins the show and we have a wide ranging conversation about Hollywood, his career, growing up a Giants fan, and how he should star in Boner Dogs (32:18 - 77:27). 5 Star Recruit RJ Hampton joined Big Cat on radio to talk about his decision to sign with the New Zealand Breakers (77:27 - 89:36). Segments include bachelorette talk for guys that dont watch the bachelorette, just stop talking Giants, Locker Room talk for Will Muschamp, and guys on chicks. 

May 29, 2019
Rams QB's Jared Goff And Blake Bortles, NBA Finals And SCF Live Watch

We're back in NYC and the NBA Finals are set. We live watch Stanley Cup Final Game 1 (2:27 - 4:50). Favorite story lines going into Raptors vs Warriors and we're rooting for maximum chaos (4;50 - 15:37). Who's back of the week including Lacrosse and people doing weird stuff on twitter after celebrities die (15:47 - 30:48). Rams QB's Jared Goff and Blake Bortles join the show and we talk about the Super Bowl, what the QB room is like this year, how Blake bought a 160,000 car to try and quit dip, and tons more (30:48 - 64:41). Segments include This League Kawhi's sisters instagram, Dad to Dad Lebron lets Bronny Jr on instagram, Bad Visual Kusnetsov doing coke, Hank Hot in the Streets - tiers, and Monday Reading from a guy who has a ton of sex. 

May 28, 2019
Mick Cronin, Jay Glazer, and the Grit Week 19 Finale

Grit Week 19 comes to a close and the Bucks are officially cursed by Aaron Rodgers lack of chugging ability.  Drake is being Drake and we recap the week out in LA. (2:45-18:03) Fyre Fest Of The Week. (18:04-29:04) UCLA Head Coach Mick Cronin joins us to talk about grit, his decision to take the job, how he'll miss fighting Xavier and how he's actually a football guy trapped in a basketball coach's body. (30:31-55:40) Jay Glazer joins the show from his gym and we talk grit and justice for his Odell scoop. (57:15-1:22:23) Segments include Danny kennel asks a question and we play unreal audio of a guy addicted to weed. (1:22:59-1:29:31) Sabermetrics (1:32:13-1:35:01) and FAQ's with sound guy Charles (1:35:02-1:40:08)

May 24, 2019
Rams Coach Sean McVay, Anna Kendrick Is An AWL? Grit Week 19

Grit Week 19 continues. We've been up and down the coast interviewing guests and Big Cat got the re-follow from Anna Kendrick after some help from AWL Zac Efron (3:22 - 9:49) . It's been a weird long week already. NBA playoffs, Drake sucks, the Raptors are back, and Steph Curry is amazing (9:49 - 20:30). The Blues are in the Stanley Cup Final (20:30 - 23:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (23:17 - 38:21). Rams Head Coach Sean McVay joins the show to talk about the Super Bowl loss, him not giving us suites for the big game, Kliff Kingsbury possibly being hotter than he is, having the BOAT in his QB room, and remembering plays (38:21 - 60:19). Segments include Uhhh Ya Think, Bad Visual for Daniel Jones and Eli  being identical, hurt or injured Cespedes, and Guys on Chicks. 

May 22, 2019
Patrick Mahomes, Anthony Sherman, GoT Finale, and Brooks Koepka Calls In

Grit Week 2019 is here and we rented a 1975 VW bus that is 100% going to get us killed before the week is over (2:27 - 7:50). Our guy Brooks Koepka wins the PGA Championship in convincing fashion proving Brandis Chambis wrong yet again (7:50 - 11:52). NBA Playoffs, Draymond's Team, and the Sharks laid an egg (11:52 - 17:16). Who's back of the week including Kyler Murray Height Truthers (17:16 - 32:52). Reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and fullback Anthony Sherman join the show to talk about Mahome's first full year, his dad playing baseball, how he pulls off the no look passes, and of course PFT's impression (32:52 - 83:26). Segments include PR 101 for Kevin Durant mad online, put one in his earhole Chris Long, Monday Reading and the dumbest GoT recap on the internet for that terrible finale 

May 20, 2019
NBA Champ Matt Barnes, Fyre Fest Of The Week, GoT Predictions

The Warriors are back to 2015 Warriors and it's Draymond's team. Giannis and the Bucks and Nick Nurse's dumb faces. (2:30-15:15) Brooks Koepka skull fucked Bethpage Black and Brandis Chamblers has to eat crow. (15:16-17:01) Fyre Fest of the week and Hockey playoffs. (17:02-31:21) NBA Champ and 14 year veteran Matt Barnes joins the show to talk about his career, the Kobe flinch and how they became close friends, his all time teammate list, and playing NBA games high. (35:35-1:08:02) Segments include Locker Room Talk Lamar Odom, (1:10:58-1:13:01) Respect the Biz for the massage rooms at the PGA Championships, (1:13:02-1:14:53) Thoughts and Prayers Colin Cowherd, (1:14:54-1:18:11) This League, (1:19:48) FAQ's and Game of Thrones series finale predictions. (1:19:49-1:30:38) WARNING SPOILERS AS WELL AS SOPRANOS SPOILERS 

May 17, 2019
3X Major Champion Brooks Koepka + NBA Draft Lottery

NBA Draft Lottery happened and chaos occurred. Tanking is dead and the Pelicans are getting Zion (2:27 - 11:02). Seeing Red as the Bulls get the 7th pick for the third straight year (11:02 - 16:01). NBA and NHL Playoffs (16:01 - 18:12). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (18:12 - 35:26). 2 US Open Champ and defending PGA Championship Champion Brooks Koepka joins the show to talk about why hes so perfect, getting a little bored on the golf course, making golf more fun for the viewers, and the time he went on a double date with our boss (35:26 - 74:49). Segments include Bachelorette Talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelorette, Locker Room Talk for sky penises, connect the dots for Frank Reich's assistant getting his house shot up and Guys on Chicks. 

May 15, 2019
3X NBA Champ Rick Fox, Game 7's, And S8E5 ‚ÄúThe Bells.‚ÄĚ GoT Recap.

Kawhi Leonard is a killer (2:27 - 5:53). We recap both Game 7's on Sunday. Joel Embiid cried, CJ McCollum went off and Magic Johnson had a glitch in his system (5:53 - 16:11). Steph and the Warriors ruined the Rockets forever (16:11 - 26:22). Who's back of the week including the clutch gene and James Harden's lack of it + #BigMad for Rockets fans (26:22 - 38:35). 3X NBA Champion Rick Fox joins the show to talk about his crazy path to the NBA, playing for Phil Jackson, Shaq and Kobe and more (38:35 - 71:12). Segments include No one wants to coach the Lakers, Drunk Idea, Monday Reading and the (starts at 88:24) dumbest Game of Thrones recap on the internet. 

May 13, 2019
HoFer George Brett, Jeopardy James, NBA Playoffs, And GoT Preview
Kevin Durant got injured and now it's Steph's team. We talk NBA Playoffs, James Butler showed up, Jimmy Harden kind of stinks, the Celtics go out meekly, the Bucks are a wagon, and a deep dive on Blazers/Nuggets. (2:40-23:27) Fyre Fest of the Week. (23:38-29:20) Hall of Famer George Brett joins the show again to catch up on everything from baseball to BBQ and the time he threw up in a day game (if you missed the first George Brett interview it was May 1, 2017). (32:35-1:02:29) Jeopardy James joins the show to talk about his insane run on the game show, how his betting strategy crushes his opponents, and his day job as a sports gambler. (1:03:52-1:26:49) Segments include As a White Guy the circle game is cancelled, (1:27:47-1:32:13) Spinzone Sean McVay watched too much tape, (1:32:14-1:34:!5) Talking Soccer, (1:34:16-1:35:17) No One Wants to Coach the Lakers, (1:34:18-1:37:38) GoT Preview, FAQ's, and we announce our Grit Week 2019 Schedule. (1:37:39-1:48:43)]]>
May 10, 2019
Comedian Theo Von, NBA Playoffs, And We're All In On Liquid Death
NBA Playoffs are awesome and we try to watch Game 7 of the Blues/Stars while podcasting. The Sixers got whomped. Big Cat no longer misses Lebron (2:29 - 10:21) . The Warriors vs The Warriors is heating up and we play the Blame Game with Hank for the Celtics season (10:21 - 26:35). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including "Liquid Death" aka Water (26:35 - 46:42). Comedian Theo Von joins the show to talk about the comedy world, growing up in Louisiana, sports, and Coach O (46:42 - 88:05). Segments include Talking Soccer, PR 101 for Game of Thrones hating dogs, Thoughts and Prayers to Country House, and Guys on Chicks. ]]>
May 08, 2019
Richard Jefferson, Kentucky Derby, NBA Playoffs, S8E4 GoT Recap

Kentucky Derby ends in controversy and somehow gets political (2:27 - 12:01). NBA Playoffs are awesome. Celtics struggling to flip the switch, Steph gets stuffed by the rim, Kawhi is basketball robot, and Magic Johnson helps us make sense of the Nugs/Blazers (12:01 - 25:10). Embrace Debate for the NHL Playoffs (25:10 - 28:19). Who's back of the week (28:19 - 42:04). Zero time NBA All Star/Bronze Medal Winner Richard Jefferson joins the show to talk about the playoffs, how he dealt with refs that wanted to control the game, Kyrie as a team leader, and Kevin Durant being the most unguardable player of all time (42:04 - 62:04). Segments include "No Swag Off" for the New York Giants, Tim Tebow Update, Lebron Update, Monday Reading "my wife hung out with an athlete but didn't have sex" and the dumbest Game of Thrones recap on the internet (starts at 82:23). 

May 06, 2019
Ryan Whitney, Randy Moss, Kentucky Derby Picks, GoT Predictions

The last show in the old studio. We reminisce about the best memories from the old barn plus talk about plans for the new office. (2:50-10:46) Cleaning up some NBA playoff stuff including the killing of the Nuggets, and KD vs MJ? (10:47-19:57) Fyre Fest of the Week. Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk about NHL Playoffs, the mind of a pest, and playoff hockey adjustments. (29:57-52:13) Randy Moss joins the show to break down the Kentucky Derby and give you winners for Friday and Saturday. (53:45-1:10:32) Segments include NPardon My Take for Jeff Fisher's stolen credit cards, (1:12:04-1:14:42) Kings Stay Kings Jameis wants to stay fat, (1:14:43-1:17:38) Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, (1:17:39-1:20:15) Bad Visual, (1:20:16-1:21:33) FAQ's(1:21:34-1:28:51) and Game of Thrones preview/predictions. (1:28:51-1:34:42)

May 03, 2019
Former VP Of The Spurs Kirk Goldsberry, Game 2 Rockets/Warriors, And Guys On Chicks

NBA Playoffs are officially on and we taped after the late game to recap Warriors/Rockets Game 2, the Bucks flexing their muscles, the arrival of James Butler, and Nuggets talk for our friends out in 'Rado (2:27 - 15:01). NHL Playoffs and Hot Seat/Cool Throne including our beloved pile of junk in the office (15:01 - 29:57). Former VP of Strategic Research for the Spurs and Author of Sprawlball Kirk Goldsberry joins the show to talk about analytics in basektball, how teams are using the 3 point line, how it can be fixed, and who will win the 2019 title (29:57 - 71:58). Segments include Sheesh update Lebron, Sabermetrics the Rockets complained, Respect The Biz Mike Francesa, and Urban Development (Urban Meyer's new job) + Guys on Chicks

May 01, 2019
NL MVP Christian Yelich, NBA Playoffs, S8E3 Game Of Thrones Recap

NFL Draft recap, Josh Rosen traded, and John Elway got himself a tall quarterback (2:29 - 11:51). NBA Playoffs, Hank is thinking 18, Big Cat has a theory that the Warriors are only playing the Warriors and he's rooting for the Warriors plus Kawhi is amazing (11:15 - 24:06). Who's back of the week including Coachella and a new made up festival (24:06 - 36:44). NL MVP Christian Yelich joins the show with teammate Travis Shaw, talking about how hot he's been since last All Star Game, being in the zone, and why he shouldn't do the HR Derby so we don't have to eat each other's asses (36:44 - 76:25). Spoilers (no actual avenger spoilers) for LeSean McCoy, Talking Soccer, Monday Reading Sober Free Bars are the new rage, the dumbest Game of Thrones recap (starts at 97:33). 

Apr 29, 2019
Coach Jeff Fisher, NFL Draft, Game Of Thrones Dumb Theories

NFL Draft is here and we completely overreact to the first round. Kyler Murray goes 1, Joey Bosa invented kill the man with the ball, Bucs Minute with Steven Cheah, Daniel Jones is the most hilarious pick of all time, Sean McDermott definitely smelled Ed Oliver and Dan Snyder is a genius. (3:00-28:24) In Memoriam 2018-19 Washington Capitals,(28:25-33:40) NBA Playoffs,(33:41-38:10) and our Fyre Fests of the week.(38:11-43:09) Coach Jeff Fisher joins the show to talk about Draft War Rooms, memories of big drafts and trades, and how he got so damn good at twitter. (46:02-1:18:04) Sabermetrics for QBs being important,(1:21:05-1:23:31), Just Chill out Man for Nick Saban, (1:23:32-1:25:00) hmmm for Duke cheating because of course they do,(1:25:01-1:27:25) FAQ's,(1:27:26-1:31:01) and stupid Game of Thrones theories and predictions before Sundays big episode.(1:31:02-1:41:10)

Apr 26, 2019
Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Talking NFL Draft

We're a day away from the NFL Draft and it's officially smoke screen season. (2:15-5:14) Seahawks/Chiefs pre draft trade. (5:15-9:19) NBA and NHL Playoffs and is PFT getting cocky about the Caps? (9:20-16:19) Hot Seat Cool Throne including Drake Curse picking up new bodies and OBJ being happy in Cleveland. (16:20-28:17) Todd McShay and Mel Kiper join the show to talk about the 2019 NFL Draft, which quarterbacks they like, the worst picks theyve ever made, what their relationship is like, and Mel's obsession with eating Pumpkin Pie every single day. (31:21-1:07:38) Segments include Take Quake is lifting bad for you?(1:09:32-1:11:24) Trouble in Paradise Jake Arietta/Bryce Harper, (11:25-1:13:30) Bad Visual Bucks fans chanting after their first round sweep, (1:13:31-1:16:31) PR 101 for Von Miller (1:16:32-1:18:21) and Guys on Chicks (1:18:22-1:25:37)

Apr 24, 2019
2X SB Champ Ike Taylor + S8E2 Game Of Thrones Recap

NBA Playoffs, Jared Dudley tried to fight the Sixers, the Magic are dead, and Embiid is a monster (2:28 - 14:30). The Caps look poised to go to the second round (14:30 - 17:33). NFL Draft Week - Are the Cardinals Smoke Screening us and Jon Gruden doesn't trust anyone in the Radiers scouting department (17:33 - 21:10). Who's back of the week including religion and PFT's trip to Cannabis Cup (21:10 - 34:59). 2X Super Bowl Champion Ike Taylor joins the show to talk about his career, what happened to the Steelers this year with AB and LeVeon and the famous Tebow Mania play (34:59 - 77:32). Segments include PR 101 for Darren Rovell getting owned online all Easter Sunday, Connect the Dots Pop the wine drinker, Monday Reading Danny Amendola's Instagram posts, and Game of Thrones recap (. 

Apr 22, 2019
OAR The Band, Playoffs, + Game Of Thrones Predictions

The NFL Schedule has been released and even though its the dumbest thing in the world we break down the schedule and the things we're looking forward to. (2:18-9:44) Is PFT worried about the Caps? (9:45-18:44) The NBA Playoffs need a rule change. Fyre Fests of the week including Jeff Fisher being a coach for 10 minutes Thursday. (18:45-26:40) OAR joins the show and talks about being everyone's favorite band in the late 90's, selling out MSG, their new album, and all the dumb questions we've ever wondered about life on the road. (29:43-1:06:21) Segments include PR 101 for Gronk,(1:09:42-1:13:16) Real Men of Genius for Blake Griffin, (1:13:17-1:15:14) Sabermetrics, (1:15:15-1:17:18) Thoughts and Prayers the Lightning died, (1:17:19-1:19:28) FAQ's (1:19:29-1:14:14) and Game of Thrones predictions. (1:14:15-1:27:21) 

Apr 19, 2019
Drew Brees + The Warriors Are Dead (Probably Not)

Patrick Beverly is an instagram commenter reincarnated to take down Kevin Durant. Are the Warriors cracking? (2:27 - 7:11) The Magic went up 2-0, we hope (7:11 - 9:01). Russ Wilson got paid and made a weird video (9:01 - 13:22). NHL Playoffs update, Ovi beat up a kid (13:22 - 15:29). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including bees in porn (15:29 - 31:27). Saints quarterback Drew Brees joins the show to talk about the loss in the NFC Championship game, his favorite parts about Purdue, and what New Orleans means to him (31:27 - 50:58). Segments include Way to stay relevant baseball, Blake Snell injury. PR 101 us because Christian Yelich keeps hitting home runs. Who Farted, Max Kellerman edition, Talking Soccer and guys on dudes. 

Apr 17, 2019
Scott Van Pelt + Game Of Thrones S8E1 Recap (Big Cat watched all 7 seasons)

Tiger Woods is officially Back. We talk about the awesome sports Sunday and Tiger Woods winning his first major in 11 years (2:27 - 15:25). NBA playoffs and we're officially and Orlando Magic podcast now. NHL Playoffs, did the Caps kill the Penguins and the Lightning (15:25 - 21:39). Who's back of the week including gum chewing and Magic Johnson tweets (21:39 - 33:19). Scott Van Pelt joins the show from Augusta to talk about Tiger's 5 green jacket, the scene on Sunday, the comeback, and whether or not it's time for Tiger to "come home" (embrace the bald) (33:19 - 61:29). Segments include THIS LEAGUE for Amir Johnson on his phone, it's louisiana who cares, and hot in the streets. 

 Finally we wrap up with a Game of Thrones recap. Big Cat binged the last 7 seasons and gives all the hot takes he wrote down plus Episode 1 talk and who will win the throne. It's without a doubt the dumbest Game of Thrones talk on the internet but perfectly in line with what we do. 
Apr 15, 2019
Jersey Shore’s Vinny and DJ Pauly D, NBA/NHL Playoffs And The Masters

The Masters are back and we're hyped for some golf naps.(2:25-7:54) NHL Playoffs and the Caps year again. (7:55-11:31) NBA Playoff predictions - The Warriors are going to win again, probably. (11:32-20:00) We need to do a better job getting Rick Pitino hired.(20:01-22:25) New Friday Topic - your weekly personal Fyre Fest. (22:26-26:25) Jersey Shore's Vinny and Pauly D join the show to talk about their new MTV show Double Shot at Love, their Celebrity, and soaking.(28:33-47:19) Segments include whoa(49:33-50:40), embrace debate do we feel bad for Chris Davis,(50:41-52:45) Seeing Red,(52:46-55:44) Trey Wingo's Anchorman quote of the day(57:51-1:01:35) and FAQ's (1:01:36-1:07:36).

Apr 12, 2019
Chris Long On UVA's Title + Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club Is Back, EMERGENCY UPDATE - Magic Johnson

The Virginia Cavaliers are your National Champions. Recapping the improbable Virginia run from last year to this plus instant replay is getting scorched online (2:27 - 16:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Space Jam 2 and Patrick Reed's Masters menu (16:50 - 36:22). 2X Super Bowl Champion and UVA Grad Chris Long joins the show to talk about the National Title Game, and the end of Virginia jokes online (36:22 - 53:51). Rams QB Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about his move to LA and choosing the Rams plus we read the Wikipedia's on Famous Floridians and the San Andreas Fault (53:51 - 77:27). Segments include Kings stay Kings for Skip Bayless, trouble in paradise Aaron Rodgers/Mike McCarthy, and Petty Wars Antonio Brown + Guys on Chicks. 

Apr 10, 2019
NBA Champ Shawn Marion + We're Time Traveling

PFT is in Hong Kong, Big Cat and Hank are in Minneapolis, welcome to the time traveling episode of Pardon My Take (2:27 - 4:12). Recapping the Final Four, Auburns heartbreak, Kirk Cousins speech, and how to make Monday night's game more interesting (4:12 - 13:27). PFT recaps his trip to Hong Kong and the Rugby 7's (13:27 - 21:30). Who's back of the week (21:30 - 29:28). 4X NBA All Star and NBA Champion Shawn Marion joins the show to talk about his career in the league, his favorite teammate, the title run with Dirk, the 7 seconds or less Suns, and his shot being ugly as hell (29:28 - 69:50). Segments include PR 101 for Aaron Rodgers, Roasting the new Jets Jerseys, way to stay relevant baseball, PFT hot in the streets, and Monday Reading - Hank's resume. 

Apr 08, 2019
WWE Champ The Miz + Guest Host Tryout with TE George Kittle

PFT is about to board a 16 hour flight to Hong Kong with no WiFi but he's totally not freaking out. Final Four preview as Hank and Big Cat get ready for their trip to Minneapolis. (2:00-12:57) Former WWE Champ The Miz joins the show to talk about his career, being on Real World, fighting the Undertaker and an all time Vince McMahon story. (16:06-40:50) Segments include respect the stripes, (42:48-45:07) Fyre Fest of the week - the AAF, (45:08-50:55) Big Cat asks a very important question, (50:56-56:06) FAQ's (56:07-1:05:06) and an emergency guest host tryout in case PFT dies on his flight, 49ers TE George Kittle(1:05:07-1:13:07).

Apr 05, 2019
Christian Laettner + RIP To The AAF

The AAF is done and we remember that one weekend in February when Football was back (1:59 - 7:28). Coach Cal gets a contract for life putting him on the ultimate hot seat (7:28 - 14:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Ernie Grunfeld and Jay Cutler (14:18 - 23:46). Former Duke star Christian Laettner joins the show to talk about his career in basketball, playing on the Dream Team, being hated by people, and how much hairdye Coach K uses (23:46 - 62:01). Segments include Shoe Roast for the NFL's new draft day hats, Lebron stinks, literally. Drunk Ideas from Hank and Liam, Protect the Shield Patrick Reed, and Guys on Chicks. 

Apr 03, 2019
Mark Titus, Elite 8 Recap, Hank Isn't Getting A Cat Because He Hates Animals

Duke lost and Hank isn't getting a cat even though he should do the right thing and save a life (1:55 - 5:59). Recap of the other Elite 8 games including #BigMad for both Kentucky and Purdue fans. Virginia wins in incredible fashion and Bruce Pearl sweat all over everyone (5:59 - 25:01). Who's back of the week including Elon Musk trying to bring back Harambe (25:01 - 33:53). Mark Titus joins the show to talk about the Elite 8, Cal and Coach K, why the Final Four will still be great, and his life as a Hollywood bro now (33:53 - 64:41). Segments include Bad Visual for Jason Witten, Lebron Blames, Ass Eating SZN, Hank hot in the streets, and PFT is trying to go to Hong Kong for half a day.

Apr 01, 2019
76ers Owner Michael Rubin, March Madness, And Mad Tennessee Fans

March Madness is back the games are finally good. Tennessee fans write into us after their heartbreaking loss to Purdue. Getting ready for Hank's cat game on Friday night. (2:30-19:23) Baseball is back and Jordan Howard was traded. (19:24-28:13) Philadelphia 76ers owner and Fanatics founder Michael Rubin joins the show to talk about his climb to success, letting us own an NFL team with him one day, and some dumb business ideas that we need funding for.(30:47-1:10:28) Segments include Ass Eating SZN,(1:13:45-1:16:37) Schiano Man,(1:16:38-1:18:43) Thoughts and Prayers Deion Sanders,(1:18:44-1:21:18) we read a headline,(1:21:19-1:23:21) new segment what did Eli Manning google?(1:23:22-1:26:10) Big Cat thinks he can get us to go viral and FAQ's (1:26:11-1:33:49)

Mar 29, 2019
Coach Buzz Williams + Browns Tight End David Njoku

The NFL world is in Arizona and Andy Reid is a bitmoji guy (2:52 - 8:51). Jon Gruden cried and Antonio Brown definitely doesn't want to be a Raider (8:51 - 16:04) - . On the eve of Opening Day we do our too late baseball predictions because opening day already happened in Japan (16:04 - 23:44). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat having a kid in June and PFT getting a Sugar Daddy (23:44 - 37:00). Virginia Tech Head Basketball Coach Buzz Williams joins the show to talk about the upcoming Sweet 16 game against Duke and how he controls Hank's cats destiny (37:00 - 51:03). Cleveland Browns TE David Njoku joins the show to talk about Browns hype, Baker as a leader, taking his shirt off all time, and whether or not he's been hypnotized for the last 15 years of his life (51:03 - 76:10). Segments include uhhh ya think Mike Tomlin is getting replay help Embrace Debate the color of tennis balls, Mike Greenberg's dumb rules Eminem edition, thoughts and prayers to Stephen A Smith surviving a turkey vulture attack, and guys on Chicks. 

Mar 27, 2019
March Madness, Duke's Scare And Paul Bissonnette

Duke almost lost to UFC and this is the chalkiest tournament ever (2:27 - 7:56). All the favorites advance, Rick Barnes is the "this is fine" dog, and Bill Self picked a perfect time to get blown out (7:56 - 11:15). Gronk retires (11:15 - 22:17). Who's back of the week including the ads we fucking hate after 4 days of basketball (22:17 - 28:59). Paul Bissonnette joins the show to talk about Tom Izzo and coaches that pushed him hard, playoff hockey (28:59 - 62:05). Segments include Stay Woke Antonio Brown doesnt want to be a Raider, Lebron Blames, Sorry not Sorry Robert Kraft, and Monday Reading Mike Francesca's big statement. 

Mar 25, 2019
March Madness, Brady Quinn, And FB Alex Armah

We're live from the sportsbook in New Jersey suffering through the first day of March Madness. Izzo lost his mind, Rovell kept his streak alive, and we read Wofford's roster. (2:35-12:19) The debut of the new country hit who cars it's Louisiana, Louisiana who cares. (12:20-15:17) Former NFL QB and owner of the most fuckable spiral Brady Quinn joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, his post playing career and the great charity work he does for veterans. (16:34-56:36) Carolina Panthers Fullback Alex Armah joins the show to talk about his citizen arrest and a bonus Mt Rushmore of fullbacks. (58:18-1:14:02) Segments include way to stay relevant Baseball for Ichiro retiring (1:15:25-1:18:41), respect the biz (1:18:42-1:19:57) and new segment Florida Man (1:19:58-1:25:54) 

Mar 22, 2019
Bracket Breakdown With Matt Jones + Bortles In LA

The BOAT has found a safe harbor in LA. Eli Manning is NOT BAD (2:27 - 7:05). March Madness preview and our Final 4 picks that no one probably cares about (7:05 - 14:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Robert Kraft and  Gambling because the NCAA doesn't want you to gamble (14:17 - 27:26). Kentucky Sports Radio Matt Jones joins the show to talk about the Tournament Field, how far Kentucky can go, Zion, and who he has winning the Tourney (27:26 - 54:00). Segments include way to stay relevant baseball for Mike Trout, Respect The Biz, PR 101 for Shane Dawson the not cat fucker, and Guys on Chicks. 

Mar 20, 2019
CBB Insider Jon Rothstein And The Brackets Are Finally Here

It's bracket time. Breaking down the biggest stories from the March Madness Bracket. Pitino Revenge Game. Cal's living room. Duke looks unstoppable, and Jay Bilas is preaching too much (2:27 - 17:37). Who's back of the week including Ryan Fitzpatrick and his tour of the AFC East (17:37 - 30:32). CBB Insider Jon Rothstein joins the show to explain his wild twitter account, break down each region, and give you some picks to help you have the best bracket (30:32 - 76:20). Segments include Lebrons James, Respect The Biz, This League, new segment "AAF AF" and Monday Reading "I spent a week in a club where people drink their own Urine". 

Mar 18, 2019
Wisconsin's Ethan Happ, CBB With Fran Fraschilla, And Zion Is Back

Cleaning up NFL Free Agency. Kevin White goes to the Cardinals, Blake Bortles cut, and the Giants continue to make more sense (2:08-13:22). Zion Williamson is back (we taped early would be a real shame if he got hurt again) and we do the bracket of horniest dudes (13:23-25:24) Wisconsin Basketball Star Ethan Happ joins the show to talk about March Madness, fixing his free throw woes, and does Brad Davison practice charges in practice (28:19-47:54). ESPN's Fran Fraschilla joins the show to give you some dark horse March Madness picks, what to expect from the Big 12 tournament, and whether or not Zion made the right decision (49:23-1:13:59). Segments include Kings Stay Kings for James Dolan,(1:14:47-1:16:49) It's Louisiana who cares, (1:16:50-1:18:49) high idea that will revolutionize car services and FAQ's (1:18:50-1:31:58) 

Mar 15, 2019
Comedian Jimmy Carr + Odell Beckham Traded

Odell Beckham traded to the Browns, we taped an emergency segment at the start of the show (2:50 - 8:30). NFL Free Agency recap (8:30 - 17:49). NCAA scandal and breaking news rich people are paying for their rich kids to get into college (17:49 - 26:39) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne (26:29 - 38:50). Comedian Jimmy Carr joins the show to talk about the history of comedy, his new netflix special, and being British (38:50 - 69:49). Segments include "How horny is Stephen A Smith?", Locker Room Talk for Russ Westbrook, bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, PR 101 for Conor McGregor, and Guys on Chicks. 

Mar 13, 2019
Blake Griffin And Antonio Brown's Free Agency Ends

Antonio Brown has finally ended his Free Agency and is now an Oakland Raider (2:27 - 9:43). A-Rod gets engaged to J-Lo and Big Cat may have to fight Jose Canseco (9:42 - 15:36). Hank is 100% getting a cat (15:36 - 27:55) . Who's back of the week. 6x NBA All Star and runner up for Blake of the year, Blake Griffin joins the show to talk about why NBA players are unhappy, the time he blew by Ballmer, how he got good at 3 pointers, and how many free shoes he's going to get us (27:55 - 74:09). Segments include Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules for Jay Glazer's veteran refs, Talking Soccer, Kings stay Kings, and Monday Reading "Why Straight Men Are Joining Masturbation Clubs" 

Mar 11, 2019
Ryen Russillo + The World Premiere Of "Chonk (It's Chonk)"

Lebron passed MJ and Kyler Murray apparently has a bad attitude.(2:20-16:04) Anonymous source season is running wild. The world premiere of our new hit single Chonk (It's Chonk).(16:05-25:12) Ryen Russillo joins the show to talk about why everyone in the NBA is unhappy, Lebron maybe being an alcoholic, who he could beat up on the Warriors, and how his screenwriting is going out in LA.(29:17-1:16:50) Segments include who cares it's Louisiana, (1:19:58-1:22:44) Good visual for us,(1:22:45-1:26:05) a surprise for Hank,(1:26:06-1:28:24) we read a headline,(1:28:25-1:29:08) and FAQ's (1:29:09-1:31:07). 

Mar 08, 2019
Adam Schefter + The Lakers Are Dead

The Lakers get the done chain and the Celtics continue to be an enigma. (2:13-16:05) Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor. (16:06-18:42) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the Giants for letting Landon Collins walk and porn in England.(18:43-30:05) Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about big J life, his graduation to pee man, an honest conversation about his addiction to breaking news, and the time we beat him on the Mike McCarthy firing. (33:00-1:12:55) Segments include locker room talk for Pac-Man Jones, (1:16:41-1:18:51) we watch the new Game of Thrones trailer (18:52-1:21:42), talking soccer (1:21:43-1:23:52), the return of "dead or alive?" (1:23:53-1:25:41) and guys on chicks (1:25:42-1:30:42). 

Mar 06, 2019
Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

We're back from Indy and have activated playoff mode. (3:00-5:52) Combine recap and who made the biggest splash. (5:54-15:31) Who's back of the week including Lacrosse and Rugby.(15:32-31:56) Ravens HC John Harbaugh joins the show to talk about his career as a Head Coach, his brother Jim almost drowning him in the Ocean, what he hopes to see from Lamar Jackson going forward and having "that look" over his brother. (34:22-1:12:08) Segments include Bad Visual Bryce Harper,(1:15:48-1:18:04) PR 101 for Bridge's steroid problems,(1:18:05-1:20:28) Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules for NHL Overtime (1:20:29-1:22:50) Bad Radio we remember our AAF teams (1:23:53-1:26:18), and Monday Reading "I'm a millennial addicted to rub and tugs‚ÄĚ(1:26:19-1:36:08)¬†

Mar 04, 2019
Indy Airport Review, NFL Combine And Pete Prisco

We're live from Indianapolis on the 3 year anniversary of the first PMT (2:27 - 5:24). Kyler Murray is measured and PFT has lost a role model (5:24 - 10:17). Jason Witten is going back to the NFL but totally wasn't fired (10:17 - 21:19). Pete Prisco joins the show to talk about the Combine, how he ranks the quarterbacks, and his best Combine story (21:19 - 48:18). Segments include Bryce is Right, Take Quake, Real Men Of Genius and the First Ever Airport Review. 

Mar 01, 2019
Ryan Whitney And Dennis Rodman

Lebron James is dominating the headlines and we go step by step through his last 2 weeks of quotes and announcements (2:27 - 20:11). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Dan Bilzerian being cancelled and the world ending (20:11 -  35:57). Ryan Whitney joins the show to recap the trade deadline, nhl gambling trends, who is going to win the cup, and talking basketball (35:57 - 57:24). Dennis Rodman joins the show to talk about his new podcast, his NBA career, and friendship with Kim Jong Un (57:24 - 75:39). Segments include Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, thoughts and prayers for Enes Kanter, new segment "We Read An Affidavit" and Guys on Chicks.

Feb 27, 2019
Action Bronson + Bob Kraft Busted

Bob Kraft was named in a prostitution sting down in Florida and the internet lost it. What happened to Schefter's "more famous name?" (2:27 - 15:09). Oscar recap and Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are having the best sex (15:09 - 18:37). Who's back of the week including AOC (18:37 - 27:24). Rapper/Writer/TV show host Action Bronson joins the show to talk about his life as an entertainer, how he is the best hash maker in the world, the last time he wasn't high, and how he's created a life where he gets to do the most fun shit in the world and get paid for it (27:24 - 69:41). Segments including Lebron Blames, Bryce Is Right, Talking Soccer, Drunk Idea, and Monday Reading. 

Feb 25, 2019
Comedian Pete Holmes + Zion Gave Birth To A Cat

Zion Williamson blew out his shoe and is injured which is the craziest luck ever because Hank now has to get a Cat (2:27 - 12:02). The fall out from Zion's injury including Rovell's big night and everyone going after the NCAA (12:02 - 26:15). Comedian Pete Holmes joins the show to talk about his HBO show Crashing, stand up comedy, why he didn't vote for Trump, and how much money he makes (26:15 - 67:14). Segments include Embrace Debate, trouble in paradise Kyrie, mike wilbon's name drop, new segment "we read a headline", and listener roasts. 

Feb 22, 2019
Denny Hamlin And Michael Jordan

Manny Machado is the first domino to fall (there's only 2 dominos) (2:27 - 8:17). Antonio Brown has convinced the world that he's a free agent (8:17 - 12:39). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Ethan Happ's incredible streak and John Wayne is cancelled (12:39 - 29:00). 2X Daytona 500 Champion Denny Hamlin joins the show to talk about Sunday's victory, big crashes, and calls Michael Jordan the GOAT (29:00 - 55:37). Segments include bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, thoughts and prayers to AAF, just stop tweeting Kirk Cousins, drunk/high idea, and guys on chicks. 

Feb 20, 2019
Rich Eisen + NBA All Star Weekend

BA All Star Game recap, Kyrie and KD are best friends, and Anthony Davis is going to do something very nice for the city of New Orleans when he's traded (2:27 - 14:00). Defining the terms of the Hank has to adopt a Cat bet (14:00 - 21:11). Who's back of the week including Denny Hamlin and Johnny Cueto's dead horse (21:11 - 28:27). Rich Eisen joins the show to talk about his career, what the early days of ESPN were like, being the face of the NFL Network, why he's totally not mad about Ohio State beating Michigan every year, Game of the Thrones, and other random questions we decided to ask him (28:27 - 80:35). Segments include an Antonio Brown free agency update, the Bryce is Right, who won the trade Colin Kaepernick, shoe roast for Kawhi Leonard, and our review of the most fucked up Documentary you'll ever watch, "Abducted In Plain Sight"

Feb 18, 2019
2X SB Champ Kyle Van Noy + Hank Has To Buy A Cat

John Elway has been cancelled. He keeps getting average to below average QB's and Joe Flacco is the next in line (2:27 - 15:30). NBA All Star Weekend (15:30 - 20:22). PFT tries to take away Hank's Duke fandom and now Hank might have to buy a Cat (20:22 - 30:41). 2X Super Bowl Champion Kyle Van Noy joins the show and talks about the Super Bowl Gameplan, what the transition from Detroit to New England was like, soaking, and Ernie Adams the silent genius (30:41 - 58:20). Segments include PR 101 for the Dog Show controversy, Antonio Brown needs to go somewhere, trouble in paradise Roger Goodell, just stop tweeting Kirk Cousins and some behind the scenes FAQ 

Feb 15, 2019
Dog Show Judge Rick Weyrich + Howie Mandel

We went to the Westminster Dog Show and didn't get kicked out this time (2:27 - 8:04). Kyler Murray is playing Football (8:04 - 15:39). Hot Seat Cool Throne including bugs and Matthew Stafford some day being in the Hall of Fame (15:39 - 30:10). Dog Show Judge Rick Weyrich joins the show to talk about dog shows, what the perfect dog looks like, how Westminster works, and bonus he judges Leroy and Stella (30:10 - 65:05). TV Host and Superstar Howie Mandel joins the show to talk about his career and how disgusted he is with our germs/peeing into sinks (65:05 - 80:47). Segments include bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor, stay woke, trouble in paradise Papa John is a Uk fan now, as a white guy esquire profiles a white kid, and guys on chicks. 

Feb 13, 2019
JJ Watt

Football is back! Sort of. Recapping the new AAF league, what's good, what's bad, and what we hope changes (2:27 - 13:22). Who's back of the week including non spoiler talk of "Abducted In Plain Sight" the most fucked up documentary ever (13:22 - 27:42). Houston Texans JJ Watt joins the show and talks about the 2018 Texans, being uninjured for the first time in a long time, regrets on his past social media life, commencement speech at UW-Madison, and how we're kind of friends now (27:42 - 78:20). Segments include trouble in paradise for the Boston Celtics, Hmmm for Dabo Swinney, Respect The Biz Bob Costas, and Drunk Idea 

Feb 11, 2019
Peter Berg + NBA Deadline Drama

The Lakers are AWKWARD. Recapping all the NBA trade deadline moves, the Sixers are going for it, the Lakers got owned by the Pelicans, and Lavar Ball is back (2:27 - 23:03). Football is back and we draft our AAF teams plus make some Mike Martz jokes (23:03 - 30:18). Filmmaker and creator of Friday Night Lights Peter Berg joins the show to talk about his new project with the NFL, what draws him to certain stories, his time with the Navy Seals and wrestling Mark Wahlberg on a private Jet (30:18 - 61:17). Segments include Take Quake, Way to stay Relevant baseball, respect the Biz Kevin Durant, not to brag but we called it that Bitcoin guy may not be dead, and FAQ's. 

Feb 08, 2019
Mark Titus + Anthony Davis Traded (Maybe, We Just Put It In The Title)

Cleaning up the Super Bowl and Parade plus Hank's thoughts from the postgame party (2:27 - 10:52). NBA trade deadline is a day away and the Lakers and Pelicans are playing a game of chicken. Lavar Ball is officially back and Kobe may be as well (10:52 - 17:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including being nice to billionaires and John Wall is hurt (17:17 - 30:43). Mark Titus aka Club Trillion joins the show to catch up on the College Basketball season, can anyone beat Duke, is Brad Calipari too swaggy? And what happened to the Pac 12? (30:33 - 79:58).  Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, man card for the mountain lion that got choked out, and guys on chicks. 

Feb 06, 2019
SB 53 Recap, Dan Patrick, Chad Ochocinco, Mr Portnoy and More

The Patriots are Champions again and we recap the lowest scoring SB of all time. What happened to the Rams offense, Belichick coached a gem of a defensive game and Brady did just enough to win. Best commercials and halftime show recap. Who is to blame for Rams loss, Saints fans must be extra mad, and we sent NFL Security on a wild goose chase. (3:10-24:53) Who's back of the week. (24:54-29:30) Our lawyer Mr Portnoy joins the show to talk about the win and his son being arrested, can barstool counter sue, and what happens next? (30:57-44:14) We had some great interviews over Super Bowl Week on radio so we bring you the best of including an awesome 20 minutes with Dan Patrick, a great story with Mark Schlereth, Ian Rapoport rating next head coach hires, and Chad Johnson talking about the time he had an orgy in college. (44:14-1:24:21) Segments include Sabermetrics Gronk's rings, (1:25:29-1:27:10) put one in his earhole Rovell (1:27:12-1:30:49), Mahomes vs Allen update,(1:30:50-1:34:14) Perspective,(1:34:15-1:36:17) and explain it to us, 21 Savage (1:36:18-1:40:10). 

Feb 04, 2019
Dan Marino, Blake Bortles and SB 53 Preview

The NBA tried to steal Football's shine on the last weekend of Football (2:27 - 6:51). Super Bowl 53 betting angles, stats and picks (6:51 - 27:05). Hall of Famer Dan Marino joins the show. Future Hall of Famer Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about his future, being nominated for NFL man of the year, and Wikipedia Club is back in session (27:05 - 66:04). Segments include Porzingis trade, the annual we didn't start the fire NFL song, perspective, Kings stay Kings and FAQ including a drunk idea

Feb 01, 2019
Scott Zolak, Mason Ramsey, And PFT Was Detained By The FBI

Middle of Super Bowl week and PFT crashed media day and was detained by the FBI. He tells the full story and what it was like to talk to Todd Gurley about his cats and Sean McVay about our forthcoming Super Bowl Suite (2:29 - 20:13). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Lebron tampering with Anthony Davis (20:13 - 35:44). Recurring guest and Belichick whisperer Scott Zolak joins the show to talk about the Super Bowl, his last text message with Tom Brady, and the time he told Bon Jovi to just play the hits (35:44 - 59:07). Mason Ramsey joins the show to talk about his rise to fame, whats his favorite animal, and the fact that he isn't allowed to dab anymore (59:07 - 72:10). Segments include Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor, the Bryce is Right Bryce Harper Update, Just Chill out man for murder and kidnapping hypotheticals by a couple respected journalists and guys on chicks. 

Jan 30, 2019
Jeff Fisher + Live from Atlanta for SB 53

We've arrived in Atlanta for Super Bowl Week. Recapping our road trip from NYC, barely surviving a few different moments and stops in Blacksburg and Nashville (2:27 - 6:17) . The Pro Bowl is broken (6:17 - 11:32). Who's back of the week including our first ever sponge bob review (11:32 - 22:16) . Coach Jeff Fisher joins the show for an extended interview about his career, the narrative about his coaching, the music city miracle almost not working, and the time a bear attacked him (22:16  - 82:28). Segments include PR 101 Jon Gruden, Respect The Biz us for being so biased we're unbiased, stay woke, and a Monday reading that gets very creepy.

Jan 28, 2019
2X Super Bowl Champion Chris Long And Bus Driver Larry

We're on the road to the Super Bowl in Atlanta with a stop in Philly and Virginia (2:27 - 6:49). The Browns were somehow more of a dumpster fire than previously though and had a porn problem in their office (6:49 -16:50). Roger Goodell hasn't answered the Saints fans yet (16:50 - 22:03). 2X Super Bowl Champion and 2X PMT Lib of the year Chris Long joins the show to talk about his 2 former teams in the Super Bowl, why Tom Brady stays dominant, the double doink, playing against his brother, and the Carson Wentz locker room buzz (22:03 - 65:05). Segments include Respect The Biz Max Kellerman vs Derek Carr, Stay Classy Jamal Adams, James HardOn, Embrace Debate Baseball HoF, and Road Rules with Larry the Bus Drivery

Jan 25, 2019
Ryen Russillo, Super Bowl Story Lines, And Fyre Fest Review

The Super Bowl is still a week and a half away but we have all your story lines that you'll undoubtedly get sick of (2:31 - 14:12). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat's night hanging with Lil Uzi and Meek Mill at the Sixers/Rockets Game (14:12 - 27:59). Ryen Russillo joins the show to break down the Fyre Fest documentaries on Hulu/Netflix. Craziest moments, most interesting characters, and would you have gone to Fyre Fest if you were the right age? (27:59 - 74:29) Segments include bachelor talk for guys that dont watch the bachelor, mike greenberg's dumb rules fixing overtime and Guys on Chicks. 

Jan 23, 2019
NFL Championship Sunday + Baron Davis

An absolutely unreal Championship Sunday. Fastest 2 minutes with special guest Hank (2:27 - 4:59). Recapping the AFC and NFC Championship. Tom Brady defies all logic, the Chiefs couldn't stop anything, Tony Romo was on fire and Dee Ford will forever be the goat (4:59 - 20:50). The Saints got screwed, Sean Payton loves Taysom Hill too much, and Sean McVay owes us a suite at the Super Bowl (20:50 - 37:07). Who's back of the week including Drake and Soulja Boy (37:07 - 44:44). Former NBA All Star Baron Davis joins the show to talk about his career, the time Derrick Coleman almost killed him for letting Steve Kerr hit threes, and why Big Cat should stop saying Ball Is Life (44:44 - 72:05). Segments include Stay Classy Greg Hardy, Petty Wars NBA, Kings Stay Kings Skip Bayless, and Monday Reading "I love my wife but she openly sleeps with other men and says my penis is too small to please her". 

Jan 21, 2019
Frank Caliendo, Pete Prisco + Championship Weekend Preview

Championship Sunday is almost here and we break down each game. KC Cold, Andy Reid's face, Patrick Mahomes mistakes, and will Tom Brady where a wetsuit. The battle of the Sean's, Drew Brees just had a birthday, and will Marcus Peters self destruct (2:37 - 22:07). CBS Sports' Pete Prisco joins the show to talk about Chiefs/Patriots and Rams/Saints and yes he watches the film (22:07 - 41:09). Frank Caliendo joins the show to talk about what he's been up to, a dramatic reading of Ray Allen's tweet, and the first ever Jim Rome cubed (41:09 - 72:08). Mancard Kyrie Irving, Perspective for Louisville's new airport, Petty League does Antonio Brown have a burner account, Hank created a word, and FAQ's 

Jan 18, 2019
Haley Joel Osment + Burgergate

Clemson was served a bunch of fast food at the White House and we have no problem with it (2:27 - 6:03). Which coaches will be more motivated to win a Championship now that know free fast food is the prize? (6:03 - 12:17) Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (12:17 - 19:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Gillette, Bruce Arians getting a C on his physical, and Dog the Bounty Hunter is back (19:18 - 34:57). Actor Haley Joel Osment joins the show to talk about his career, being a mega famous child actor, what happened to Little Forrest Gump (did he have AIDS?) and a table reading from Walker Texas Ranger (34:57 - 65:27). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for the Celtics, Done or Finished Duke, Bad Visual Adam Gase, and Guys on Chicks. 

Jan 16, 2019
Eric Mangini + NFL Divisional Round Recap

Fastest 2 minutes for the NFL Divisional Round (2:29 - 6:17). Recapping each game, the Eagles ran out of gas, the Patriots kicked the shit out of the Chargers, Jared Goff has wheels and Patrick Mahomes is incredible, even if he points for first downs too much (6:17 - 31:30). Stat of the Day and Who's back of the week including PFT and Big Cat watching the Game of Thrones preview even though they don't watch Game of Thrones (31:30 - 52:05). Coach Eric Mangini joins the show to talk about Divisional Round, stopping Patrick Mahomes, how teams can get overhyped for the playoffs, and what he learned as a young NFL Coach that other young coaches need to watch out for (52:05 - 76:57). Segments include way to stay relevant baseball for Kyler Murray, Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules, and Hank has an AMAZING Drunk Idea that will make us insanely rich. 

Jan 14, 2019
Kevin Hart + Divisional Round Preview

NFL Playoffs are back and we preview each game this weekend. Can Andy Reid break his slump? Will Sean McVay be the boy genius everyone claims? Is this Phil Rivers last stand and how can you go against Nick Foles?(2:05-23:20) Kyler Murray will probably play football which is smart.(23:21-27:27) Kevin Hart joins the show to talk about his new movie, being a Hollywood actor, shit talking James Harden, and how he's done talking about being done talking about it. (31:58-1:04:39) Segments include Peter King ate the trash,(1:08:08-1:10:27) thoughts and prayers Jeff Bezos,(1:10:28-1:14:44) Tebow Update,(1:14:45-1:17:36) and FAQ (1:17:37-1:26:00) 

Jan 11, 2019
Ryan Whitney + Fire Nick Saban?

National Championship recap and Alabama got absolutely smoked. What happened in the game and how Dabo is the opposite of Nick Saban even though Nick Saban is the best coach of all time (2:20 -19:09). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including talk about Barstool Gold (Don't freak out) and the Vikings GM being an absolute lunatic (19:09 - 35:43). Ryan Whitney joins the show to catch up on the 2018-19 NHL season, World Juniors what do they mean? And bashing basketball (35:43 - 61:42). Segments include Coaching Carousel with Bruce Arians, Kliff Kingsbury, and Matt LeFleur, PR 101 for Derrick Rose, Bachelor Talk, Parental Advisory for Alabama's loss, and guys on Chicks. 

Jan 09, 2019
Mike Florio, Wild Card Weekend, Bears Heartbreak

Fastest 2 minutes for Wild Card Weekend (2:27 - 5:41). The Bears lost in tragic fashion and Big Cat is sad (5:41 - 17:17). Recapping the other games including what the hell were the Seahawks thinking, can the Colts make the Super Bowl, and the Chargers have that road mojo (17:17 - 36:40). Who's back of the week (36:40 - 45:16). Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to recap Wild Card Weekend, head coach openings, and Antonio Brown's situation in Pittsburgh (45:16 - 67:46) . Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, Stay Classy Tony Romo, Kings stay Kings Nick Saban and some National Championship preview talk + Soggy Sorrows. 

Jan 07, 2019
Mike Florio, Wild Card Weekend, Bears Heartbreak

Fastest 2 minutes for Wild Card Weekend (2:27 - 5:41). The Bears lost in tragic fashion and Big Cat is sad (5:41 - 17:17). Recapping the other games including what the hell were the Seahawks thinking, can the Colts make the Super Bowl, and the Chargers have that road mojo (17:17 - 36:40). Who's back of the week (36:40 - 45:16). Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to recap Wild Card Weekend, head coach openings, and Antonio Brown's situation in Pittsburgh (45:16 - 67:46) . Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, Stay Classy Tony Romo, Kings stay Kings Nick Saban and some National Championship preview talk + Soggy Sorrows. 

Jan 07, 2019
Danny Woodhead, Mr Portnoy And Wild Card Weekend Preview

Wild Card Weekend is here and we preview every game plus give our picks. Jerry Jones has mouth for eyes, are the Ravens cheating, is Big Cat worried about his pinky, and Cody Parkey. Bonus trip down memory lane recapping the horrible history of the Saturday afternoon Wild Card game.(2:20-20:45) Our lawyer Mr Portnoy joins the show for a long overdue Portnoy's Complaint. (23:36-47:28) Former Charger/Raven Danny Woodhead joins the show to talk about playoff football and what Phil Rivers uses in replacement of swear words. (49:02-1:07:47) Segments include Bad Visual Antonio Brown (1:09:37-1:13:48) Take Quake (1:13:49-1:16:27), Sheesh Danny Ainge on Lebron (1:16:28-1:20:31), Drunk Ideas (1:20:32-1:25:13), and FAQ's (1:25:14-1:33:30).

Jan 04, 2019
Booger McFarland + Recapping 10 Days Of Football

We're back after a little break and ready to go. Cleaning up NFL stories as well as the playoffs being set (2:29 - 15:23). Coach Firings and who is in position to get one of the 8 open jobs (15:23 - 26:02). Bowl game recap and what we learned after watching way too many hours of football (26:02 - 31:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Lebron and Bird Box memes (no spoilers, promise) (31:18 - 45:46). ESPN's Booger McFarland joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, transition to broadcasting, and how the first year doing MNF went with some bonus questions about the Booger Mobile (45:46 - 86:24). Segments include Trouble in Paradise Antonio Brown and the Steelers, new segment Blueprint Busters and how getting cheap quarterbacks isn't the secret sauce to a Championship. Take Quake John McAfee thinks its ok to fuck whales and Guys on Chicks. 

Jan 02, 2019
Best of 2018 (featuring Mark Wahlberg, Baker Mayfield, Ed Orgeron & more)

It's been a great year for Pardon My Take and as a thank you we have put together the best moments of 2018 in this podcast. We have the best moments from interviews including Baker Mayfield (16:01-29:21) Ed Orgeron (29:24-40:10) Gordon Hayward (40:15-51:19), Mark Wahlberg (52:00-1:03:35), Von Miller (1:03:38-1:15:12), Blake Bortles (1:15:14-1:18:20),Rachel Nichols (1:22:00-1:24:52), CJ McCollum (1:24:53-1:36:17),John Cena (1:36:18-1:40:16). Plus we have a bonus two interviews with Kevin Smith (1:44:15-2:05:27) and Charles ‚ÄúPeanut‚ÄĚ Tillman (2:05:28-2:35:29). We end off with the Best of Fastest 2 Minutes (2:39:21-2:44:44) Best of Fantasy Fuccbois (2:44:48-2:57:57) and Best of Grab Bag (2:57:58-3:09:17). Happy New Year to everyone and remember Year of the Core starts January 1st.¬†

Dec 27, 2018
Ricky Williams + NFL Week 16 Recap

NFL Week 16 fastest 2 minutes (2:28 - 8:35). Blake Bortles is back (sort of), the playoff picture is getting clearer, the Ravens dominated the weekend, Baker still hates Hue Jackson, the Steelers collapsed in New Orleans, and we have a win and in game for Week 17 (8:35 - 32:29). Who's back of the week where we discuss all our New Years Resolutions including PFT wanting to try gas station supplements and Big Cat's desire to do an ollie (32:39 - 45:42). Ricky Williams joins the show to talk about his new Football league, his career in the NFL, and whether or not he considers his football life a success or failure (45:42 - 80:11). Segments include Mike Tomlin says some things, new segment Relatable Rovell, Kings stay Kings Marvin Lewis, and Monday Readings "I can't stop kissing the father of the family I babysit for" 

Dec 24, 2018
UFC Legend George St Pierre, NFL Week 16 Preview, And Otter Talk

NFL Week 16 preview. Josh Gordon suspended, Bob Wylie broke his ankle, and Nathan Peterman is back. (2:08-25:37) Will Duke ever lose a game this year plus Ed Ed and Eddy read the worst fantasy losses.(25:38-31:29) UFC Legend George St Pierre joins the show to tell an unreal story about being bullied as a kid, what the future looks like for him, and whether or not he could take Big Cat and PFT in a fight. (34:42-58:18) Segments include Otter This World, (1:02:30-1:12:20) Well that makes sense for Urban Meyer,(1:12:211:13:40) Comeback Season for Rick Pitino, (1:13:41-1:16:28)Thoughts and Prayers MbAppe, (1:16:29-1:19:32) and FAQ (1:19:33-1:26:29).

Dec 21, 2018
Rachel Nichols + We Question Science

MNF recap, Cam Newton is hurt, and we fix the fumble out of the end zone rule. Booger and Witten are back for another season (2:29 - 12:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne plus we finally admit we like Carrie Underwood's Game On song (12:17 - 26:23). ESPN's Rachel Nichols joins the show to catch up on NBA, Jimmy Butler, Lebron playing out west, where is Carmelo Anthony, and how big of a joke the Chicago Bulls are (26:23 - 54:59). Segments include SOPRANOS SPOILERS BE ALERT, Pinstripe Update for Bryce Harper, Stay Classy Rick Barnes, Connect The Dots Kyrie questions people questioning Steph and we question Science and Guys on Chicks. 

Dec 19, 2018
Dana White + NFL Week 15

NFL Week 15 Recap and fastest 2 minutes (2:29 - 7:48). The Bears clinched the North, the Browns are somehow still alive, Collinsworth went goofy on us, and Romo had an orgasm (7:48 - 16:12). We clean up the playoff picture and predict who will be making that good noise in the playoffs (16:12 - 30:04). Who's back of the week (30:04 - 41:18). UFC President Dana White joins the show to talk about his feud with Oscar De La Hoya, the evolution of UFC and pro fighting, how he is the greatest actor of all time every time he acts disappointed in McGregor, and the weird days of affliction shirts and true religion jeans (41:18 - 71:09). Segments include Lowmans trophy finalists for the best FB in the country, new segment "What the fuck is Mike Tomlin saying?", PR 101 for Marlins Man and the Black Sox scandal, Pinstripe Update, Hank hot in the streets, and Mondays Readings "Lenny Dykstra is now a torah scholar". 

Dec 17, 2018
Tony Hawk + Week 15 NFL Preview

Phil Rivers did the damn thing and the Chargers are officially dangerous (2:27 - 9:50). Week 15 NFL preview, loser leaves town, are we sure they're good and game of the week and gambling picks (9:50 - 26:01). Fantasy Fuccbois (26:01 - 34:36). Legendary pro skater Tony Hawk joins the show to talk about his new video game, what it was like growing up in California as a skater, his favorite moments from his career, filming with the Jackass crew and much more (34:36 - 62:04). Segments include Kings stay Kings for Nick Saban, PR 101 Patrick Reed, Just chill out man for Ed Hochuli, Hank hot in the streets Kanye and a Grab Bag. 

Dec 14, 2018
Shark Tank's Daymond John

Monday Night Football recap and playoff scenarios before Week 15. (3:10-13:20) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Gen Z is getting called out for making a bad name for millenials. (13:21-26:57) Shark Tank's Daymond John joins the show to talk about his business career, what being on Shark Tank is like, and Big Cat/PFT pitch him a bunch of ideas and offer their brains to be purchased. (29:24-57:38) Segments include Embrace Debate,(59:47-1:03:28) Not to brag but we called it Big Ben,(1:03:29-1:04:41)) Stay Woke Steph Curry,(1:04:42-1:08:52) and Guys on Chicks (1:08:53-1:17:21). 

Dec 12, 2018
Blake Bortles + A Wild Week 14

Week 14 fastest 2 minutes (2:41 - 8:05). A wild sunday in the NFL with the Miami Miracle, 6 last place teams winning outright, the Steelers falling apart, the Bears dominating the Rams, and Patrick Mahomes is an absolute Wizard (8:05 - 12:02). The Cowboys have the NFC East on lock but is that a good thing knowing Dak and Jason Garrett will get extensions? (12:02 - 27:43) Kyler Murray wins the Heisman and Whos back of the Week (27:43 - 50:09). Blake Bortles joins the show and talks about this season with the Jaguars, how he found out they were probably going to cut him, and we reconvene the Wikipedia Club with topics Poison Dart Frogs and Sports Comebacks (50:09 - 72:24). Segments include Sabermetrics, Seeing Red, Way to stay relevant Baseball, and a Monday Reading about a married woman inviting her boyfriend into their home with her husband's permission.

Dec 10, 2018
Titans Coach Mike Vrabel + Brendan Schaub

Blake Bortles won Thursday Night Football (by being nominated for Walter Payton man of the year).(2:25-5:50) Week 14 preview and picks + is Joe Flacco done or finished and Aaron Rodgers upcoming fuck you tour. (5:51-22:31) Fanatasy Fuccbois. (22:32-25:21) Titans Coach Mike Vrabel joins the show to accept football guy of the week, answer some conspiracy questions, and make fun of us for not being football guys. (30:55-39:06) Former MMA fighter and now Comedian Brendan Schaub joins us in studio to talk about the wild transition from college football to mma to comedy and why we could probably kick his ass. (41:02-1:07:31) Segments include Lebron Blames,(1:09:36-1:11:44) nitpicking Zion (1:11:45-1:14:24) Spotify shaming where we read out loud our top songs of 2018 (1:14:25-1:17:56) and Hanks Grab Bag (1:17:57-1:28:01)

Dec 07, 2018
Alex Rodriguez

We take a moment to celebrate our #1 sports ranking in 2018 and thank all those that listen (2:35 - 6:07). Urban Meyer has retired, again. Mark Sanchez is back and the Redskins are done (6:07 - 16:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:28 - 29:39). World Series Champion and 3X MVP ARod joins the show to talk about his new podcast with Big Cat (The Corp, subscribe now), his entire career from Seattle to present day, the highs, the lows, regrets, and everything in between (29:39 - 92:21). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules fixing the punt, Hurt or Injured Markelle Fultz, and Guys on Chicks. 

Dec 05, 2018
Mike Florio, Week 13 Recap And We Broke News

NFL Week 13 fastest 2 minutes. (2:20-8:57) Mike McCarthy fired and we broke the news, not to brag. Recapping NFL Sunday, the Chargers big win, AFC WC cluster fuck, Done Chain, Texans are still winning, Chase Daniel is Chase Daniel, and the Patriots are doing that Patriots thing they do every year. (8:58-28:04) College Football Playoff and Jalen Hurts redemption. (28:49-36:33) Who's back of the week. (36:34-45:06) Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Mike McCarthy, Kareem Hunt situation, which coaches are potentially on the hot seat, will NFL teams look more to College, and a conspiracy theory on how TMZ got the Kareem Hunt tape. (48:32-1:15:16) Segments include Football guy of the week,(1:17:24-1:21:40) Ehhhh for Brett Favre, (1:21:41-1:24:53) Mansplaining Kareem Hunt, (1:24:54-1:30:22) Kings Stay Kings Phil Rivers, (1:30:33-1:32:37) and Spinzone for Urban Meyer's Spinzone (1:32:38-1:34:20). 

Dec 03, 2018
Matt Leinart And Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz

The Cowboys have created the blueprint on how to beat the Saints. Skip Bayless is on fire. (2:26-12:08) Week 13 NFL preview and picks and we're excited for maybe the last Big Ben vs Phil Rivers game of our lifetime. (12:09-23:03) Fantasy Fuccbois. Matt Leinart joins the show to talk about the College Football Playoff, who wins the Heisman, fixing USC, and a story about the famous Bush Push win against Notre Dame. (29:27-1:03:29) Iowa Hawkeyes Head Coach Kirk Ferentz joins the show to accept Football Guy of the Week, go off on chop blocking, and give us the urban dictionary meaning of Football Guy. (1:06:26-1:18:55) Ehhhh for DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather being charged with fraud for cryptocurrency,(1:24:13-1:27:08) Just Chill Out Man Rovell,(1:27:09-1:33:25) Perspective for the Redskins, (1:33:26-1:35:45) and an update on our Lowman Trophy, (the trophy awarded to the best Fullback in the Country.)(1:35:46-1:40:52) 

Nov 30, 2018
Matt Flynn And Defending Blake Bortles

The Texans won't stop winning but Big Cat insists he's still not worried that he may have to cut off the tip of his pinky.(3:01-8:08) Blake Bortles was benched and we're not giving Cody Kessler a fair shot. (8:09-13:19) The Redskins sign Rubeun Foster. (13:20-17:53) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (17:54-33:14) QB Matt Flynn joins the show to talk about the famous Matt Flynn Game, what it was like playing with Aaron Rodgers and for Mike McCarthy, winning a National Championship with LSU, and backing up Brady, Rodgers, Russ Wilson, and Drew Brees. (36:30-1:11:57) Segments include someone's fucking with Adam Schefter, (1:13:36-1:16:05) PR 101 Reggie Bush, (1:16:06-1:18:04) the debut of a new segment called "Click for more‚ÄĚ, (1:18:05-1:25:08) well that makes sense, (1:25:09-1:26:39) and guys on chicks (1:26:40-1:30:13).¬†

Nov 28, 2018
NFL Week 12 Recap + Sean Salisbury

NFL Week 12 fastest 2 minutes (2:28 - 8:12). Breaking down all the Football we watched the last 5 games. The Browns are in the hunt, Big Ben had a classic Big Ben game, Hue Jackson remains a doofus, the NFC East is heating up and Chase Daniel is the perfect backup QB (8:12 - 24:19). Done Chain update and is Jim Harbaugh on the hot seat (24:19 - 36:59). Whos back of the week (36:59 - 54:15). Sean Salisbury joins the show to talk about the Texans, Baker Mayfield being a grown ass man, what's wrong with USC, and who we has making the CFB playoffs (54:15 - 90:11). Segments include Football Guy of the Week, Stay Woke the Dwight Howard thing doesn't make sense, Humans vs the Sun, Lowman Trophy update, and Embrace Debate. 

Nov 26, 2018
Thanksgiving Special - Paul Bissonnette, Mike Miller, Chuck Lidell

Thanksgiving is finally here and it's time to eat, gamble, and watch sports for 5 days straight. (2:15-4:31) Recap of the unreal MNF game between the Rams and Chiefs. Rovell loves the sports bar that is twitter. Preview of Thanksgiving day football. (4:32-23:29) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (23:30-37:54) Former NHL Superstar Paul Bissonnette joins the show to talk about the hockey season thus far, why Judge Judy pisses him off, and what it's like to not be able to celebrate Thanksgiving as a Canadian. (41:14-1:10:37) Segments include JR Smith uhhh ya think,(1:13:36-1:15:40) Trouble in Paradise Washington Wizards,(1:15:41-1:19:24) Phil vs Tiger, (1:19:25-1:23:10) and Takesgiving where we take listener submitted question/takes on Thanksgiving. (1:23:11-1:31:25)

Bonus interviews with 2X NBA Champion and Lebron Apologist Mike Miller. Talking about his new role as Memphis Asst Coach under Penny Hardaway, recruiting the Number 1 player in the country, and what it's like playing with Lebron. (1:32:37-2:04:10) Plus Chuck Lidell talking his upcoming fight with Tito Ortiz and getting back in shape (2:04:10-2:12:49). 

Nov 21, 2018
Jon Taffer + Week 11 Recap

NFL Week 11 Recap and fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 8:05). The Saints are a juggernaut, the Texans have won 7 straight, Alex Smith's leg is broken, the Eagles get the Done Chain and the Bears remind everyone why Kirk Cousins is Kirk Cousins (8:05 - 34:41). Who's back of the week including SNL and Thanksgiving (34:31 - 43:01). Jon Taffer joins the show to talk about his private jet, not to brag, all the laws that were made to stop him from making money, and some new great ideas for Bar gimmicks (43:01 - 81:43). Segments include Football guy of the week, thoughts and prayers Urban Meyer, Not to brag but we called it Les Miles to Kansas, Stay Woke, and Monday Reading.

Nov 19, 2018
49ers George Kittle + Week 11 Preview

The Green Bay Packers are dead (maybe). The Seahawks save their season with a great Thursday Night Football game. (3:10-7:53) Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on everything.(7:54-13:24) Week 11 Preview with our loser leaves town, are we sure they're good, and game of the week games. Fantasy Fuccbois. (13:25-30:59) 49ers breakout star George Kittle joins the show to talk about playing for Kyle Shanahan, his love for Panda Express, how he gets in the zone in a game, and remembering the worst game of football every played. (34:42-57:31) Segments include Uhhh ya think for Nick Saban not having internet (59:39-1:03:20), Sabermetrics Mike Wilbon thinks wins are more important than statistics (1:03:21-1:06:45), trouble in paradise Golden State Warriors (1:06:46-1:09:32), Fair Play Mike and Mike (1:09:33-1:13:23), and Hanks grab bag. (1:13:26-1:20:04)

Nov 16, 2018
Baker Mayfield

Eli Manning still has it and other Monday Night Football Thoughts (2:27 - 9:25). Mexico Field Update (9:25 - 13:22). The Warriors are imploding and Kevin Durant is definitely leaving after this season in free agency and this is in no way an overreaction (13:22 - 20:54). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (20:54 - 32:46). Cleveland Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield joins the show to talk about being drafted Number 1, changing the culture in Cleveland, all the haters, and why we could motivate him better than anyone if he gave us a shot. Plus a very special t-shirt with collaboration with all proceeds going to the Special Olympics Ohio (32:46 - 75:21). Segments include Bad Visual for Markelle Fultz, sad Carmelo, Thoughts and Prayers Stan Lee and Nathan Peterman, Hue Boy for Hue Jackson getting hired by the Bengals and guys on chicks. 

Nov 14, 2018
Tom Herman Rub & Tugs, CFB W/ Tom Fornelli, And NFL With Robert Klemko

NFL Week 10 Recap and fastest 2 minutes (2:21 - 8;09). The underdogs were barking on Sunday, the Jets are a mess, Tom Brady is relatable, the Rams bounce back, and the Saints continue to be a wagon (8:08 - 24:18). Football Guy of the Week including Zach Smith going after Tom Herman on twitter and the invention of "ok. cool. hook em" (24:18 - 34:19). Who's back of the week (34:19 - 42:57). CBS CFB writer Tom Fornelli joins the show to talk about the College Football playoffs, who can beat Bama, and why Oklahoma's defense is laughably bad (42:57 - 61:21). Sports Illustrated NFL writer Robert Klemko joins the show to talk about Week 11, Dez Bryant, and the rookie QBs of 2018 (61:21 - 81:36). Segments include Jimmy Butler was traded lets talk about it, Stay Me70, Shoot your Shot Jared Goff, Stay Classy Redskins Social Media, and a wild Monday Reading about Northwestern Football being bad because they're good. 

Nov 12, 2018
Coach Dana Holgorsen, Author Mark Leibovich + Week 10 Preview

The Steelers are officially back and Big Ben is a Chevy Truck with a Hemi. Dez Bryant signed with the Saints and Jerry Jones is in trouble with his fanbase including a 7 year old.(2:56-12:48) Week 10 preview, picks, and Josh McCown doesn't masturbate. (12:49-25:35) Fantasy Fuccbois. (25:36-29:25) Author Mark Leibovich joins the show to talk about his new book on the NFL "Big Game : The NFL In Dangerous Times" and the story of Jerry Jones masturbating into a shoe. (36:17-1:00:10) West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen joins the show to accept his football guy of the week award and talk about the decision to go for 2 in Austin last weekend. (1:02:15-1:11:11) Segments include Locker Room Talk PK Subban (1:12:50-1:14:51), not to brag but we called it Mayweather isn't fighting (1:14:52-1:17:08), Boom Roasted with Lenny Dykstra (1:17:09-1:19:04), Respect the Biz for the masturbating sports director (1:19:05-1:22:02) and Hanks Grab Bag (1:22:03-1:29:33). 

Nov 09, 2018
Cal Ripken Jr + Is Jerry Jones Alive?

Election night 2018 we're ready to break it all down! Is Jerry Jones alive because the Cowboys are in trouble and no one is doing anything (2:21 -  10:21). Malcom Butler is making Belichick look smart again and Jason Witten almost cried (10:21 - 17:29). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Aliens and the Blackhawks firing Joel Quenneville (17:29 - 27:53). Hall of Famer Cal Ripken JR joins the show to talk about his career, when he thought the streak might be in Jeopardy, why he's anti bat flip, and whether or not he's actually alive (27:53 - 68:06). Segments include respect the game Jamal Murray, Hurt or Injured Triple H, just stop talking Jon Gruden Mike Tomlin edition, and Guys on Chicks. 

Nov 07, 2018
Recap Of LSU/Bama Weekend, NFL Week 9, And Merril Hoge

Week 9 fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 9:13). Recap of our weekend in Baton Rouge. Death Valley, seeing Coach O, hanging out with Vince Vaughn on the sidelines and Alabama is really fucking good (9:13 - 18:18). NFL Week 9 recap, Big Ben died, Rams vs Saints was awesome, Nathan Peterman is sad, Texans are a wagon, and the Done Chain (18:18 - 38:13). Football Guy of the Week including Dana Holgorsen and Jeremy Pruitt disavowing his entire childhood (38:13 - 44:10). Who's back of the week (44:10 - 56:49). Former NFL Player and studio Analyst Merril Hoge joins the show to talk about his new book on CTE, what the NFL has done right and what it needs to do better (56:49 - 80:02). Segments include Embrace Debate Bob Ryan did a tweet, Way to stay relevant baseball, Hank hot in the streets, and a Stay Woke for Space Jam 2.

Nov 05, 2018
UFC Champion Daniel Cormier + Football Friday

Nick Mullens is the greatest quarterback of all time and this is not an overreaction. (2:40-9:08) Jon Gruden has hit rock bottom and the Browns are hilarious. Week 9 Preview plus picks.(9:09-26:53) Fantasy Fuccbois.(26:54-31:07) Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight UFC Champion Daniel Cormier joins the show to talk UFC 230 Saturday Night, why he dominates people even with a bad body, how much he hates Jon Jones, and what his weaknesses are as a fighter. (33:31-1:03:30) Segments include Sabermetrics (1:05:02-1:06:35) Well Actually (1:06:36-1:09:29), the debut of "Hue Boy" where Hue Jackson says dumb shit (1:09:30-1:14:11), and Hanks Grab Bag (1:14:12-1:22:12).

Nov 02, 2018
Mark Wahlberg

We officially feel bad for Jason Witten. (3:14 - 7:12) NFL Trade deadline and a bunch of people make some Ha-Ha Clinton Dix jokes. (7:13-19:13) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat goes to Jury Duty. (19:14-34:40) Mark Wahlberg joins the show to talk about his new movie, his sports fandom, leaving the Super Bowl early, Entourage and new Entourages we can pitch him + whether or not he used a stunt cock in Boogie Nights. (36:48-1:03:51) Segments include Lebron Blames, (1:08:01-1:11:29) Kings stay Kings for Skip Bayless,(1:11:29-1:13:42) Hurt or Injured Big Ben, (1:13:43-1:15:15) Hot in the streets Cardi B vs Nikki Minaj, (1:15:16-1:19:12) and Guys on Chicks (1:19:13-1:26:05) 

Oct 31, 2018
Red Sox Win WS, Week 8 NFL Recap + Andy Staples Talks CFB

NFL Week 8 fastest 2 minutes (2:21 - 8:06). The Red Sox won the World Series and we recap the end of the baseball season. David Price is clutch now, Clayton Kershaw isn't, and how did Dave Roberts keep putting Ryan Madson into games? (8:06 - 15:22) NFL Week 8 recap. Hue Jackson is historically bad, Jameis gets the Done Chain, Todd Gurley screwed America, and the Panthers are really good plus more from the weekend in the league (15:22 - 33:04). Whos back of the week (33:04 - 46:04). SI CFB writer Andy Staples joins the show to break down what the first playoff rankings will look like on tuesday, how anyone can beat Alabama, Pac 12 mess and will the Big Ten be the same? (46:04 - 68:26) Segments include Football guy of the week, trouble in paradise for Ty Lue, in defense of Joe Buck

Oct 29, 2018
Randy Couture + Football Guy Of The Week Tyler Trent From Purdue

The Brocketship failed to launch. Big Cat makes a promise that will prove to be very dangerous if it comes true. (3:12-10:47) NFL Week 8 preview and picks. (10:47-16:57) Fantasy Fuccbois. (16:58-21:19) MMA Legend Randy Couture joins the show to talk about his new fight league, the toughest guy he ever fought, whether people respect him more for having cauliflower ear, and if he could take Big Cat and PFT in a fight. (23:23-47:28) Football Guy of the Week Tyler Trent joins us to accept his honor, talk about how awesome Purdue vs Ohio State was, and how we can all help in the fight against Cancer.(49:07-1:02:43) Segments include does David Price have the clutch gene? (1:08:44-1:12:36) Jimmy Butler trade update. (1:12:37-1:14:28) Just stop talking Jon Gruden.(1:14:29-1:15:48) Drunk Ideas (1:15:49-1:18:12) and Hanks Grab Bag (1:18:13-1:29:30)

Oct 26, 2018
Boomer Esiason + Archie Manning Is The Kris Jenner Of Football

We didn't win the Powerball so we're doing an episode. World Series Game 1 recap (2:27 - 11:16). Does America have a Booger Mobile problem + Archie Manning is the Kris Jenner of the Football world and Giants fans need to embrace Eli's suck (11:16 - 17:04). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Blakes being back in a major way (17:04 - 29:24). Former NFL QB and now WFAN Radio Host Boomer Esiasion joins the show to talk about his career in Football and Broadcasting. Does he have beef with Mike Francesa, what makes a good radio partner, did he see any of the Craig Carton stuff coming and the only time he has ever been high (accidentally) (29:24 - 74:04). Segments include Sabermetrics the Giants going for 2, PR 101 for Mike Greenberg's handshake, Is Lebron hiding from us? True Crime Swag Kelly and Guys on Chicks. 

Oct 24, 2018
Dave Dameshek + Full Week 7 Recap

Fastest 2 Minutes from NFL Week 7 (2:21 - 8:25). Blake Bortles was benched and we're not going to take this news lightly, the comeback has begun (8:25 - 11:12). The Eagles have decided no pressure, Hue Jackson is taking over play calling so he'll probably die in a fist fight with Todd Haley (11:12 - 14:10). The Rams are amazing, the Bears almost pulled off a miracle and the Saints are back to normal (14:10 - 25:18). Football Guy of the Week including the awesome story of Purdue student Tyler Trent (25:18 - 34:11). Who's back of the week (34:11-45:47). Dave Dameshek joins the show to talk about his Steelers, what the Jaguars do from here, who the second best NFC team is, and newest segment, carry some water for the NFL (45:47 - 71:46). Segments include NBA Petty Wars Rondo vs Chris Paul and a science experiment finding out if you can spit with a mouthguard on. Dead or Alive Tommy Lasorda plus some World Series talk. Stay Classy Michigan with a heated rivalry game Saturday, and Whoa, the Chargers have defeated Time Zones.

Oct 22, 2018
Mark Schlereth, NFL Week 7 Picks, And A Friday Grab Bag

The Red Sox are going to the World Series and David Price has won a playoff game. Dodgers/Brewers is going back to Milwaukee and it's the Fall of Machado, both good and bad. (3:05-7:59) Thursday Night Football was gross but the Week 7 games have us excited, including a full Sunday slate with the London game. (8:00-11:35) Week 7 picks and Fantasy Fuccbois. (11:36-29:39) Our friend and 3X Super Bowl Champ Mark Schlereth joins the show to talk about the NFL this season, what the Broncos will do at QB, how he got John Elway and the Rock mad at him, and the definitive definition of hurt vs injured. (32:36-1:11:32) Segments include PR 101 for Lenny Dykstra crowd sourcing fleeing the country(1:17:44-1:20:30), Hmmm for Kevin Durant (1:20:31-1:23:07), Hurt or Injured Dwight Howard(1:23:08-1:24:37), Thoughts and Prayers to the NCAA(1:24:38-1:26:53), and Hanks Grab Bag. (1:26:54-1:35:44) 

Oct 19, 2018
Bill Burr

Aaron Rodgers won't stop being good and Skip Bayless is making a lot of sense. Jason Witten has malfunctioned and we're concerned. Baseball playoffs are heating up and some of the Dodgers aren't even trying. A couple NBA over/unders that are guaranteed winners and a mini season preview. Hot Seat/Cool Throne. Bill Burr joins the show to talk about his upcoming show at MSG, why we care too much about sports, his favorite College venues across the country, why we've all been the guy he witnessed getting kicked out of bar Sunday for being angry at the Football game, and some conspiracy theories that only the wokest can understand. Hmmm for Coach K and Zion Williamson, Witch Hunt are the Astros cheating. Embrace Debate is Nick Bosa a Quitter and Guys on Chicks. 

Oct 17, 2018
Mike Florio + NFL Week 6 Recap

NFL Week 6 Fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 7:34). Week 6 recap, Brock Osweiler owns the Bears, Nathan Peterman is hilarious, Big Ben owns Ohio, and the Broncos are on the watch for the Done Chain (7:34 - 28:12). Chaos in College Football but LSU is back to playing Neck (28:12 - 33:10). Football Guy of the Week including Gregg Williams eating opossums and possibly rats (33:10 - 36:11). Who's back of the week (36:11 - 46:01). Mike Florio joins the show from Pro Football Talk to talk Week 6, what the Giants should do with Eli Manning, what the Raiders should do with Jon Gruden, and a spin on LeVeon Bell no one is talking about (46:01 - 65:43). Segments include Talking Baseball, just stop talking Jon Gruden, Perspective from Bruce Irvin and Nathan Peterman, Bad Visual Conor McGregor, and Trouble in Paradise Pete Davidosn/Ariana Grande 

Oct 15, 2018
Coach Butch Davis + Free Solo Climber Alex Honnold and Week 6 Picks

Eli Manning should probably retire and Saquon Barkley is absolutely incredible (3:30-8:48) Recapping the wild Jimmy Butler story in Minnesota and is Mark Wahlberg to blame for all of this? (8:49-15:35) Week 6 Picks and preview + Fantasy Fuccbois.(15:36-28:05) FIU Coach Butch Davis joins the show to accept his Football Guy of the Week Award, talk about his career coaching the 90's Cowboys, the late 80 Miami Hurricanes, the Browns and the insane rosters he put together at Miami in the late 90's.(33:15-51:15) Free Solo climber and star of the new movies "Free Solo" Alex Honnold joins the show to talk about climbing El Capitan at Yosemite without any ropes. He also talks about life as a high stakes climber, how his brain doesnt feel fear the same way as a normal human brain and what he has to do when he's in the middle of a climb and has to shit.(52:11-1:12:40) Segments include Sabermetrics Roquan Smith,(1:16:28-1:17:56) our Long National Nightmare is over Snoop Dogg and Todd Haley made up,(1:17:56-1:19:56) Kings stay Kings Big Ben (1:19:56-1:22:28), our newest segment Care to Comment where we comment on something we don't care about but people want us to (Kanye/Trump).(1:22:29-1:24:35) We finish the show with Hank's Grab Bag. (1:24:36-1:30:52)

Oct 12, 2018
Jay Glazer + Should Lebron James Go To Jail?

The Yankees are dead. Recapping the ALDS and why Giancarlo Stanton has negative pinstripes (2:21 - 10:50). Drew Brees record breaking season, an update on the Jason Witten/Booger McFarland feud and is Peyton Manning funny? (10:50 - 17:09) Hot Seat/Cool Throne, who will save the world first, Steven Seagal or Jose Canseco (17:09 - 27:48). NFL Insider Jay Glazer joins the show to talk MMA, his career as an Insider, Ballers, and his great foundation for veterans (27:48 - 67:06). Segments include should Lebron James go to jail? Just shut up Jon Gruden. Respect the Biz. Ehhhh for Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka, and Guys on Chicks.

Oct 10, 2018
NFL With Pete Prisco, UFC 229 With Jon Anik + Fastest 2 Minutes

Fastest 2 minutes for Week 5 (2:27 - 7:19). The Texans and Cowboys played in a game of who can fire their shitty coach first (7:19 - 8:56). The Browns won a game on a Sunday, Philly has a Super Bowl hangover, the Falcons are done, the Bengals are good, and Mason Crosby lost his mind (8:56 - 18:20). Playoff Baseball and UFC 229 (18:20 - 29:31). Football Guy of the Week (29:21 - 35:02). Who's back of the week (35:02 - 43:58). CBS Sports Pete Prisco joins the show to talk NFL Week 5, why Bortles is fine everyone relax, how Defense will catch up to the narrative of an offensive explosion and more (43:58 - 70:35). Jon Anik joins the show after being on the Call for UFC 229, talking about what it was like to see Khabib go in the crowd, McGregor's future, and whether or not this is good for UFC (70:35 - 86:38). Segments include Take Quake for Peter Gammons, Embrace Debate is Darren Rovell an athlete? Whats the Beef? Kings stay Kings Ryan Lochte, and Whoa 

Oct 08, 2018
Arian Foster, Vikings’ Kevin McDermott (Who lost a finger) and Week 5 Preview

*Warning, this is a rare Skype episode. Audio is fine we just aren't in the same place* The Patriots are far from dead and Andrew Luck has the new best QB face in football (2:27 - 13:11). A huge weekend of sports coming up and Red Sox/Yankee's rivalry is back (13:11 - 22:05). Week 5 preview and picks + Fantasy F-bois (22:05 - 36:19). Arian Foster joins the show to talk about Leveon Bell, Earl Thomas, why Tennessee's coach can't stop crying and having his therapist on his own podcast (36:19 - 55:49). Vikings long snapper Kevin McDermott joins the show to talk about losing a finger during Thursday Night Football last week and to accept his Football Guy of the Week award (55:49 - 66:30). Segments include bad sports town Chargers, stay classy McGregor, Mike Greenberg's dumb rules Tom Wilson and Hank's Grab Bag.

Oct 05, 2018
Christian Yelich, Dallas Braden + The Cubs Are Dead

The Cubs are dead and fuck everything. We recap the NL Wild Card Game and Big Cat rambles like a madman trying to cheer himself up including some bonus Booger McFarland vs Jason Witten talk (2:20 - 18:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (18:18 - 26:25). Brewers All Star Christian Yelich joins the show to talk about his insane second half, read some of Big Cat's terrible Brewers takes, and talk about being locked in for the playoffs (26:25 - 39:54). Former A's pitcher Dallas Braden joins the show to break down the MLB playoffs and the strengths and weaknesses of each playoff team (39:54 - 62:08). Segments include Bad Visual Kobe Bryant, Just stop talking Jon Gruden, Trouble in Paradise USA Golf, and Guys on Chicks

Oct 03, 2018
David Ortiz + Week 4 NFL Recap

NFL Week 4 fastest 2 minutes 92;27 - 8:02). Everything is back to normal in the NFL. The Packers won, the Jaguars look good again, the Patriots don't suck but the Dolphins may, Mitch Trubisky was incredible and Jeff Fisher made his debut in the booth (8:02 - 31:12). Explaining the MLB schedule (21:12 - 24:45). Football guy of the week, and who's back of the week (24:45 - 37:55) . Red Sox legend David Ortiz joins the show to talk about the pressure of October baseball, how he would get out of slumps, and the focus it takes to win a World Series (37:55 - 58:15). Segments include embrace debate is Frank Reich and idiot because James Franklin most definitely is. Thoughts and Prayers to team USA for the Ryder Cup. Bad Visual for Jimbo Fisher, sabermetrics for Sam Bradford and is Big Cat done or finished

Oct 01, 2018
3 X Pro Bowler Chris Johnson + Bartolo Colon and NFL Week 4 Preview

Jared Goff is in the zone and maybe the greatest quarterback of all time. We talk about where we would sit at a Jared Goff vs Blake Bortles Super Bowl. (#:05-6:54) Preview of NFL Week 4 including our Loser Leaves Town, Are We Sure They're Good and Game Of The Week. Fantasy Fuccbois. (6:55-27:49) 3X Pro Bowler Chris Johnson joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, Jeff Fisher, and what it's like being fast plus bonus Lendale White in studio with him. (33:02-50:31) 21 year MLB Starter Bartolo Colon joins the show to talk about his nickname Big Sexy, how he stays in such great shape, why he'll never touch Adrian Beltre's head, and how many times he watches his 1 home run (thanks to our colleague Liz Gonzalez for translating). (52:27-1:01:55) Segments include PR 101 Rovell did a bad tweet,(1:05:31-1:09:40) Thoughts and Prayers to CC Sabathia(1:09:41-1:12:45), Spinzone Tristan Thompson (1:24:46-1:14:24), Break in case of Emergency Jimmy Butler trade( 1:14:25-1:16:38), and FriYay Grab Bag (1:19:38-1:27:44). 

Sep 28, 2018
Gordon Hayward + We Solve 49ers QB Problem

The Fitzmagic has run out, sort of. Big Ben is back and so is Chris Conte (2:56 - 8:15). We solve the Niners QB problems by drafting a different quarterback for each primetime game (8:15 - 21:05). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Steven Seagal's latest scheme (21:05 - 37:28). Celtics Forward Gordon Hayward joins the show to talk about his decision to join the Celtics, how tough it was being injured last year, Brad Stevens being a genius, his famous viral video, the Duke shot, and what it's like being Lebron's little b word (37:28 - 75:16). Segments include Nitpicking Saban, Take Quake, Stick to Sports Jason Witten, Break in case of emergency Jimmy Butler Trade, and Guys on Chicks

Sep 26, 2018
Former NFL GM Mike Lombardi + NFL Week 3 Recap And Tiger Is Back

NFL Week 3 Fastest 2 minutes (2:26 - 8:41). Recap of a wild NFL week including Jimmy G injury (8:41 - 10:31), Patrick Mahomes on fire, the Bills stunner at the Vikings, the Rams are a wagon, the Patriots look slow, and we hang the Done Chain on a team (10:31 - 29:43). College Football talk and Who's back of the week (29:43 - 42:42). Football guy of the week including an all time Nick Saban quote and Herm Edwards getting his players to lift for fun (42:42 - 49:37). Former NFL GM Mike Lombardi joins the show to talk about his new book, what it was like working for Bill Belichick and Al Davis, who he's been impressed with through 3 weeks of the NFL season, and why Josh Gordon may not work out in New England. Segments include whats the beef, Shaq vs Dwight Howard, Take Quake Baker Mayfield, Monday Reading Rick Pitino's tweets. 

Sep 24, 2018
Ryan Whitney, Author Jeff Pearlman + Week 3 NFL Picks

The Browns have finally won a Football game (this is just a guess because we had to tape early if the Jets won forget we said anything)(2:24-6:05) Jimmy Butler started major drama and now Stephen Jackson may kill the Wiggins brothers (6:05-11:15). NFL Week 3 Preview + Picks (11:16-21:49). Fantasy Fuckboiis(21:50-25:25). Author Jeff Pearlman joins the show to talk about his new book about the USFL "Football For A Buck" and has some wild stories about the creation and demise of the USFL including a player that once went on the IR because he slammed his dick in a car trunk(27:45-51:55). Ryan Whitney checks in to talk about what he's been up to, does anyone try in preseason hockey, and how he's been doing gambling on the NFL this year + a bonus lock (57:14-1:16:04). Segments include the debut of "Just Stop Talking Jon Gruden‚ÄĚ(1:18:20-1:20:25), Respect the Biz for the Browns sideline reporter who yelled at a ref (1:20:26-1:25:25), Trouble in Paradise for the 10,000th time Belichick and Brady(1:25:26-1:29:22) and a special guest, Dana B from Mickstape with Dana's Thoughts.(1:29:23-1:39:40)¬†

Sep 21, 2018
Nate Burleson, Bears Are Back + We May Be Going To Jail For Fraud

The Bears are officially .500 (2:27 - 7:59). The Seahawks may stink (7:59 - 11:27). Antonio Brown continues the Steelers carnival of a season (11:27 - 14:39). Urban Meyer tried to apologize then apologized for his apology and none of it makes sense (14:39 - 19:43). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Mario Kart and toad dicks (19:43 - 35:55). Former NFL WR and host of Good Morning Football Nate Burleson joins the show to talk about his NFL Career, the 2018 season, what it was like being on the backup love boat, and the famous pizza crash (35:55 - 70:08). Segments include Kings stay Kings for Phil Rivers, as a white guy for Bert and Ernie, Sabemetrics Jon Gruden, not to brag but we called it Josh Gordon and Guys on Chicks 

Sep 19, 2018
Mike Florio And Week 2 Of The NFL

Week 2 of the NFL and the Fastest 2 minutes (2:20 - 7:26). All the kickers sucked at the same time. Patrick Mahomes is electric (7:26 - 9:45). Vontae Davis retired at halftime (9:45 - 12:16). Are we really doing this Ryan Fitzpatrick thing? The Bills and Cardinals suck and what's wrong with the Steelers (12:16 - 26:12). Football guy of the week led by Coach O being the best Coach ever (26:12 - 36:05). Who's back of the week including Suicidal Big Cat because the Badgers suck again (36:05 - 46:11). Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Josh Gordon, Ryan Fitzpatrick starting a QB controversy in Tampa Bay, and who is on the hot seat after Week 2 (46:11 - 70:46). Segments include Great Visual for Skip Bayless, Uhhh Ya Think for Kevin Durant, and Monday Readings "Nick Saban Is Overrated". 

Sep 17, 2018
Carson Palmer

Big Cat has a big surprise to make the podcast the best it's ever been (2:04-6:01). Does Joe Flacco suck and why the hell did they get rid of color rush jerseys?(6:02-12:55) Week 2 story lines and gambling picks.(12:56-27:31) Fantasy corner with Rick Pitino and Ed Edinneti.(27:32-31:10) Former Bengals and Cardinals QB Carson Palmer joins the show to talk about his career, playing for Marvin Lewis, does Hue Jackson get a bad rap, Coach O, and Bruce Arians.(37:12-1:07:44) Segments include Jalen Ramsey said a thing (1:11:12-1:12:26), PR 101 for Redskins(1:12:27-1:15:32), Respect The Biz (1:15:33-1:19:00), Ass Eatin Szn for Lebron James (1:19:01-1:21:46), and Hank's Grab Bag. (1:21:47-1:28:29)

Sep 14, 2018
Eagles Michael Bennett + NPR Pardon My Woke Is Back

The Jets May have a quarterback and Stafford and the Lions are very sad (2:20 - 11:11). Gruden is back, for a half, and the Rams are a wagon (11:11 - 16:10). Pardon My Woke returns to do an in depth dive into the Browns/Steeers tie (16:10 - 20:53). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (20:53 - 36:53). Eagles lineman Michael Bennett joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, the Seahawks Super Bowl Team, being a Schiano man, and if it's fair for Big Cat to not like his brother (36:53 - 69:59). Segments include Stay Woke, Sabermetrics, trouble in paradise for Paulina and Dustin Johnson and Guys on Chicks.

Sep 12, 2018
3X Super Bowl Champion Willie McGinest + Week 1 Recap

The fastest 2 minutes are back. Week 1 recap, the Bears broke Big Cat's heart (2:27 -13:37) Andrew Luck is back, Ryan Fitzpatrick torched the Saints, and the Browns tied a football game (13:37 - 28:13). Football guy of the week including Larry Fedora's memory hole and Syrup Coach (28:13 - 35:49). Who's back of the week (35:49 - 43:25). 3X Super Bowl Champion Willie McGinest joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, playing for Bill Belichick, being friends with Snoop Dogg, and predictions for the 2018 Football Season (43:25 - 71:25). Talking Tennis, Serena Williams in the US Open, Hermatology Herm Edwards is actually good? And our newest segment "Whats the Beef" where we get an explainer on KD vs Lebron, Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly, Cardi B vs Nikki Minaj. Plus a bonus embrace debate for football watching sundays. 

Sep 10, 2018
Hall Of Famer Brian Urlacher And Week 1 Preview

Eagles and Falcons had a replay of the Playoffs and are we sure Matt Ryan is good? Le'Veon Bell holdout and Week 1 preview with 4 gambling locks each. (1:55-19:05) The return of Fantasy Fuccbois to get you ready for your Fantasy kick off. (19:06-22:54) Hall of Famer and Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, the time he bet 45k on a locker room game, what ever happened to Lance Briggs lambo, and his favorite player to play with. (25:19-55:51) Segments include you triggered bro for Jalen Ramsey (1:00:27-1:06:24), Locker room talk Bill Simmons may have to eat a pair of testicles (1:06:25-1:08:15), thoughts and prayers to Alex Jones (1:08:16-1:11:01), and a grabbag to end the week (1:11:18-1:18:36).

Sep 07, 2018
Rob Lowe + Hard Knocks Finale

Hard Knocks Finale recap. Cajuste gets cut, the Browns may win the Super Bowl, Hue Jackson didn't like the Khalil Mack trade so it means it's a good one, and Todd Haley hates rap music, obviously (2:25 - 10:16). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (10:16 - 23:16). Actor Rob Lowe joins the show to talk about his career in Hollywood, his favorite roles, playing Drew Peterson, rooting for winners because he's a winner and a self admitted narcissist, and a table reading from Waynes World (23:16 - 79:44). Segments include Done or Finished Rick Pitino, Locker Room Talk Jerry Jones, and Guys on Chicks. 

Sep 05, 2018
49ers Joe Staley + Mike McGlinchey And Football Guy Of The Week Returns

The Bears are back. We break down the Khalil Mack trade and what John Gruden was thinking (2:27 - 12:02). College Football Week 1, is Harbaugh on the hot seat, should the Turnover chain be permanently retired, is Texas back, and shout out to all the LSU haters (12:02 - 23:19). Football guy of the week makes its return with nominees including Tom Herman and the LSU FB (23:19 - 29:12). Whos back of the week (29:12 - 35:22) . 49ers O-Lineman Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey join the show to talk about all the 49ers head coaches in the past decade, what it was like for Mike to get drafted in the top 10 overall, Jimmy G, and the 49ers upcoming season (35:22 - 75:02). Segments include Respect the Biz for Nick Saban going crazy in his postgame interview, As a white guy what should we do with our Nike shoes, and Monday Readings, Did the Buffalo Bills make Timothy McVeigh a domestic terrorist? 

Sep 04, 2018
CFB Writer Andy Staples + Mount Rushmore Of Mistakes

College Football is back and the Civil Conflict was on fire. Previewing College Football Week 1 and talking about Aaron Rodgers new contract (2:20 - 13:20). Mt Rushmore of Mistakes (13:20 - 25:51). Sports Illustrated College Football Writer Andy Staples joins the show to talk about the 2018 College Football season, Power 5 Conference breakdowns, and who he has in his College Football Playoff (25:51 - 59:17). Segments include Talking Soccer, Jalen Ramsey Word Association, Thoughts and Prayers to Patrick Reed, and Explain it to Hank/Jimbos/Roast Grab Bag 

Aug 31, 2018
Rob Riggle + Mt Rushmore Of Months

We stayed late to watch Hard Knocks so we could review episode 4 and yeah Todd Haley/Gregg Williams are huge dicks. Cajuste has jerk off crystals and no one really knows what Hue Jackson does (2:21 - 9:52). Odell Beckham's contract + Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:52 - 24:52). Mt Rushmore of Months (24:52 - 35:01). Comedian/Actor Rob Riggle joins the show to talk about his new project, being a marine while being in SNL, "making" it in show business and his Kansas City Chiefs (35:01 - 72:06). Segments include Talking Tennis, Protect the Shield for Jerry Jones, Stay Woke does Australia even exist? And Guys on Chicks. 

Aug 29, 2018
49ers GM John Lynch + Mount Rushmore Of Water

We're back in studio and ready to catch up on all we missed. Stop the Josh Allen/Bortles slander, Bob Wylie is the star of Hard Knocks and we're trailblazers because we got fired from ESPN before it became cool (2:27 - 10:04). Whose back of the week (10:04 - 17:51). Mt Rushmore of Water (17:51 - 31:07). 49ers GM John Lynch joins the show to talk about the Jimmy G trade, asking Belichick about trading for Brady, his playing career with Warren Sapp, and how he deals with the doubters of his roster construction (31:07 - 50:34). Segments include Respect the Biz Doug Pederson, Sorry not Sorry Trevor Bauer, Hurt or Injured for the UFC fighter with a torn scrotum, Embrace Debate Napkins or Paper Towels, and our newest segment "Monday Reading". This week we read Ohio State's findings on the Urban Meyer scandal.

Aug 27, 2018
Joe Buck, Artie Lange, and Paul Rudd - An Oral History Of HBO’s Joe Buck Live
This very special episode of Pardon My Take leads us on a deep dive of the inaugural infamous episode of Joe Buck Live from June 15, 2009 that was derailed by Artie Lange, ultimately leading to the show's cancellation. We interview Joe, Artie, and Paul Rudd (who was also a panelist on the show) and get a behind the scenes look at what happened before the show, the incident itself, and the ensuing aftermath. Video of the Joe Buck Live appearance can be found here:    
Aug 24, 2018
JJ Redick + Mount Rushmore Of Animals You Want On Your Team In A Fight

Daniel Murphy is a Cub which is also the name of the GOAT and he also killed the Cubs forever (2:27 - 6:55). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and a breakdown of the VMA's from a guy who understands it and 2 guys that are washed (6:55 - 23:35). Mt Rushmore of animals that we want on our team in a fight to the death (23:35 - 36:02). JJ Redick joins the show to talk about his NBA career, what happened to the Clippers, being teammates with Dwight Howard, how much the hate in College messed with him, and Coach K faking injuries all the time (36:02 - 92:03). Segments include Jon Gruden's time machine, embrace debate is Baker Mayfield too swaggy, and guys on chicks. 

Aug 22, 2018
Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda + Mt Rushmore Of Fictional Bar/Restaurants

The NFL is ruined and we're all going to freak out about it. Josh Allen is a stud and the Blake Bortles slander needs to stop (2:27 - 10:17). Who's back of the week (10:17 - 19:18). Mt Rushmore of fictional bars/restaurants we'd like to go to (19:18 - 28:04). Baseball Hall of Famer and Dodger Legend Tommy Lasorda joins the show to talk about his favorite stories in the big leagues including Kirk Gibson's home run, the best hitter ever, and why he still thinks the Phillie Phanatic is a punk (28:04 - 59:36). Segments include Hurt or Injured Nick Foles/Carson Wentz. Mike Greenbergs Dumb Rules to make the Williamsport MLB game better, what are millenials killings this week, respect the Biz JJ Redick and Hank hot in the streets.

Aug 19, 2018
Rams HC Sean McVay + QB Jared Goff and the Mount Rushmore Of Sidekicks

Chris Berman might be back and we judge the new MNF crew based off 10 minutes of Football which is incredibly unfair of us (2:37 - 8:48). Jalen Ramsey roasts Quarterbacks and we do word association with his list (8:48 - 18:17). Mt Rushmore of sidekicks (18:17 - 27:18). Rams HC Sean McVay joins the show to talk about Super Bowl expectations, whether he has the facial hair of a Football guy and the Rams saying "the standard is the standard" (27:18 - 36:10). Rams QB Jared Goff joins the show to talk about year 2 under McVay's offense, California Teens, and our newest interview tactic "people also ask" (36:10 - 58:04). Segments include Hurt or Injured Big Ben, Way to stay relevant Baseball, Embrace Debate did the Yankees earn their pinstripes and Grab Bag of Roasts/Jimbos/Explain It

Aug 17, 2018
Ndamukong Suh + Mount Rushmore of Fast Food Items

We're live from our minivan in California and Big Ben's walking boot is back (2:27 - 6:10). Recapping Rams and Niners Camp and our fight with LA traffic (6:10 - 9:16). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:16 - 21:07). Mt Rushmore of fast food items (21:07 - 28:25). Rams D-Lineman Ndamukong Suh joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, why he chose the Rams, why he hates quarterbacks, and his controversial penalties (28:25 - 49:15). Segments include PR 101 for James Harden, Good for Golf, Embrace Debate whats the best time zone and Guys on Chicks

Aug 15, 2018
49ers HC Kyle Shanahan + Mt Rushmore Of Travel Complaints With Peter King

We are live from San Francisco for the 2018 PMT Training Camp Tour and Tiger is officially back (2:27 - 4:50). The Tiger effect is real as he captivated everyone on Sunday and oh yeah Brooks Koepka is really fucking good (4:50 - 13:29). We went to 49ers Training Camp and pretended to be real journalists for a minute then got intimidated by a bunch of California teenagers. Whos back of the week (13:29 - 22:35). Peter King joins the show for Mt Rushmore of travel complaints (22:35 - 39:51). 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan joins the show to talk about being a Head Coach at such a young age, what he looks for in a Quarterback, regrets from the Falcons/Patriots Super Bowl, and his ankle tattoo with Chris Simms initials (39:51 - 67:48) . Segments include talking Max Scherzer, Drunk Idea, Spinzone, and a Rick Reilly column reading. 

Aug 13, 2018
Ryen Russillo + Mount Rushmore Of Guys You See At The Gym

Football is back (yes we keep saying this). We watched all the preseason games and we're hyped beyond belief (3:30 - 7:05). Hard Knocks episode 1 review (7:05 - 16:04). Our good friend Ryen Russillo joins us in studio for over an hour of talk about the media world, SVP's fake birthday, whether the clutch gene is real, work life balance and the Mt Rushmore of guys you see at the gym (16:04 - 78:38). Segments include is Tiger back, Sabermetrics for Jayson Werth being mad at nerds, Kings stay Kings for Bill Snyder getting a contract extension and Grab Bag of Jimbos/Roasts/Tips for your younger self.

Aug 10, 2018
Rob Corddry, 10X Pro Bowler Joe Thomas + Mt Rushmore Of Cartoon Shows

Rovell has broken the internet and we're sweating out the dog days of summer (2:58-8:15). Hot Seat/Cool Throne with Urban Meyer and Heterosexual frog talk (8:16-17:21). Mt Rushmore of Cartoon shows with a late breaking moos about Rick Pitino's upcoming podcast (17:22-30:10). Actor Rob Corddry joins the show to talk about Ballers Season 4, the Daily Show, and being an Eagle Scout (31:53-56:19). 10X Pro Bowler Joe Thomas joins the show to predict upcoming Cleveland Brown story lines and what he's been up to in his first summer off (58:25-1:14:24). Segments include bachelor talk for guys that dont watch the bachelor (1:16:12-1:21:15), Kings stay Kings for the Sixers (1:21:16-1:21:40), Take Quake from Fred Smoot (1:21:41-1:23:45) and Guys on Chicks (1:23:46-1:29:09). 

Aug 08, 2018
Jerry O'Connell + Phil Hughes and the Mt Rushmore of Minor League Teams

Happy Birthday to our friend Scott Van Pelt. We talk Hall of Fame speeches, Ray Lewis giving the worst TED talk of all time, and how we officially feel old with this year's Canton class (2:35-11:10). Who's back of the week including Steven Seagal and Urban Meyer passing the buck (11:11-19:20). Starting Pitcher Phil Hughes is back for the Mt Rushmore of minor league team names (he's not actually back we just taped it with him when he was in studio). (20:51-32:31) Actor Jerry O'Connell joins the show to talk about his new show on Bravo, Jerry Maguire, being a fat kid growing up, and being a nationally ranked fencer at one point in his life (34:35-1:13:12). Segments include PR 101 for Johnny Manziel's CFL debut (1:15:52-1:17:48), Stick to Sports for President Trump bringing MJ vs Lebron to the White House (1:17:49-1:21:20), Respect the Biz for Mike Sciosca (1:21:21-1:23:29), and Millenials are killing everything, an update. (1:23:30-1:26:37)

Aug 06, 2018
Nate Robinson, Bill Burr + Mount Rushmore Of Fights We'd Like To See

Football is back and people need to realize Chase Daniel has played in the NFL for 10 years (2:24 - 7:34). Urban Meyer is in some shit and we discuss what Ohio State should and will do (7:34 - 16:16). Mt Rushmore of fights we'd love to see in honor of Rough and Rowdy 4 (16:16 - 26:08). Former NBA player Nate Robinson joins the show to talk about his career, how Larry Brown used to call him a little shit and how he would have been if he had stuck with Football (26:08 - 44:34). Bill Burr joins the show to talk about Sunday night's Rough and Rowdy in Youngstown Ohio (Buy RNR 4 at + Bill talks about his favorite stadiums in all of sports (44:34 - 60:14). Segments include Sabermetrics for Mike Greenberg eating grapes, PR 101 for EA Sports, Blake News Fake News, Good Visual for Phil Mickelson, and a grab bag of Jimbos/Explain It To Hanks/Roasts. 

Aug 03, 2018
NFL W/ Pete Prisco + Mt Rushmore Of Football Guys

Rick Pitino has a book coming but we're not going to make those jokes (2:25-4:55). MLB Trade Deadline and who is ALL IN (4:56-6:43). Draymond vs Tristan Fight (6:44-9:26). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:27-18:09). Mt Rushmore of Football Guys (18:10-26:37). CBS Sports' Pete Prisco joins the show to talk about the upcoming NFL season, ranking his favorite quarterbacks, Tom Coughlin stories, and the time he ate late night pizza with Mark Davis (29:03-1:05:15). Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (1:07:07-1:09:56), Jon Gruden's time machine (1:09:47-1:11:25) Owners should pay for their own fucking stadium (1:11:26-1:13:08), hurt or injured Arizona Cardinals blocking sled (1:13:09-1:15:40), and Guys on Chicks (1:15:41-1:22:52). 

Aug 01, 2018
Nick Wright + Mount Rushmore Of Movie Crushes

Aaron Judge is dead (actually he just broke his wrist) and Yankees fans held a candelight vigil for him (2:27 - 7:17). Training Camp story lines, Dez Bryant spent his weekend not mad on twitter, Tom Brady vs Reporters, and Big Ben isn't as fat (7:17 - 10:57). Whos back of the week including John Rocker at the baseball Hall of Fame (10:57 - 20:40). Mt Rushmore of movie crushes with the movie boys from Lights Camera Barstool (20:40 - 37:04). Nick Wright from First Things First joins the show to talk about his career, how it's been doing a morning debate show for the past year plus, and Lebron vs MJ and why he's wrong (37:04 - 78:31). Segments include Stay Classy for the Dodgers wearing T-Shirts during batting practice. Thank you for your service Blake Griffin, Thoughts and Prayers to Mark Zuckerberg losing 19 billion dollars, and well actually Lebron did something pretty cool so props to him. 

Jul 30, 2018
The 2018 Takie Awards (Feat. Blake Bortles, Mr Portnoy And Paul Bissonnette) + We Started A Beef Between CJ McCollum And Kevin Durant

The 2018 Takies are here but first we discuss starting a twitter beef between our friend CJ McCollum and Kevin Durant (3:45-13:16). NFL training camps open and Ryan Tannehill has a knee brace letting us know he's about to take the next step(13:17-18:15). Mt Rushmore of things you love that you lose your mancard over (18:16-29:05).

The 2018 Takies. Our Year End (Middle of the year award ceremony). 

19 Total Awards given out. Categories include

-Rick Reilly Tweet of the year

-Burner account of the year

-Blake of the year

-Lib of the year

-Song of the year

-Bad Take of the year

-Stephen A Smith Take of the year

-Podcast listeners of the year

And much much more. 

Jul 27, 2018
Phil Hughes + Mount Rushmore of Clubhouse Cancers

Football is back because JJ Watt is in the news. We talk storylines we wish would happen at training camp this summer (2:20 - 8:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (8:28 - 18:36). Mt Rushmore of biggest clubhouse cancers in sports (18:35 - 37:52). Former Yankees starter and current Padres reliever Phil Hughes joins the show to talk about his career, the 09 World Series, Derek Jeter as a teammate and whether he views his career as a success. Segments include PR 101 for Gary Sanchez losing his pinstripes (37:52 - 71:49). Bachelor talk for guys that don't want the Bachelor. Tim Tebow update and Guys on Chicks.

Jul 25, 2018
Dan Patrick + Mt Rushmore Of Moments We Wish Twitter Existed

Tiger was back and then he wasn't. The course at Carnoustie won the weekend as well as hungover golfers (2:23 - 11:30). Whos back of the week + The Mt Rushmore of moments we wish twitter existed for (11:30 - 35:18). Dan Patrick joins the show for the first time since his Barstool Van Talk episode 2 appearance to talk about sports media in 2018, how much longer he's going to work, and MJ vs Lebron (yes we made him debate this with us) (35:18 - 84:42). Segments include hurt or injured for Noah Syndergaard getting hand foot and mouth disease, thoughts and prayers to the tragic passing of Tony Sparano, Bad Visual Brewers fans giving a standing Ovation to Josh Hader, Stay Woke Lebron is building the all blame team, and a spinzone for Jimmy G

Jul 23, 2018
David Ortiz, Dallas Braden, And Mt Rushmore Of Zoo Animals

Kawhi is a Toronto Raptor even though he doesn't like Toronto and doesn't want to play for the Raptors (2:40-9:10). College Football media day round up including the war on Fortnite and Larry Fedora defending the fall of Football (9:11-16:28). Mt Rushmore of Zoo Animals (16:29-25:47). David Ortiz joins the show to talk about being in the media + the story that he got a special prize for hitting triples in his last year on the Red Sox (27:30-36:00). Former A's Pitcher and host of Starting 9 Dallas Braden joins the show to preview Baseball's second half and do the Mt Rushmore of unwritten rules (37:58-57:20). Segments include PR 101 for the internet shaming Jimmy Garoppolo's date with a porn star (59:18-1:02:43), way to stay relevant Rob Manfred vs Mike Trout (1:02:44-1:04:28), Hurt or Injured Tiger Woods (1:04:29-1:07:37), and Jimbos of the week (1:07:38-1:15:31). 

Jul 20, 2018
All Star Christian Yelich + Mt Rushmore Of Things To Pregame For

Baseball is officially back after the Home Run Derby. Cowherd's Manalytics have new and approved sabermetric stats (2:27 - 9:28). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:28 - 22:13). Mt Rushmore of things you should pregame for (22:13 - 30:48). Milwaukee Brewer and first time All Star Christian Yelich joins the show to talk about making his first All Star Game, the move from Miami to Milwaukee, Jose Fernandez's tragic passing and how the team coped with it, and the one and only time he got tossed from an MLB game (30:48 - 66:01). Segments include emergency PR 101 for Josh Hader and Mike Trout's Q score being lower than Kenneth Faried, Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor, and Guys on Chicks. 

Jul 18, 2018
Wayne Rooney + The Mt Rushmore Of Monuments/Statues

We're live from the MLB ASG in Washington DC and the French are World Champions. Wrapping up the World Cup and Mbappe is still 19 years old (for now) (2:27 - 7:17). Mt Rushmore of Monuments/Statues because we're in DC (7:17 - 16:53). Who's back of the week (16:53 - 30:21). Soccer Legend and now DC United striker Wayne Rooney joins the show to talk about his transition to America, playing at the highest level of soccer, how awesome it is to score goals and rates our English accent (30:21 - 47:24). Segments include Sorry not Sorry for bat flips. Thoughts and Prayer to Mike Matheny and Boltman retiring and Take Quake

Jul 16, 2018
Roger Bennett + Mt Rushmore Of Reality TV Shows

Jeff Fisher is back in our lives and we couldn't be happier (3:04-7:40). England lost but they did enough cocaine that they may not remember it(7:41-11:06). Drunk Ideas (11:07-15:44). Mt Rushmore of Reality TV Shows (16:01-29:10). Men In Blazers host Roger Bennett joins the show to talk about the best stories of the 2018 World Cup, England's demise, who will won the Final, and Ronaldo vs Messi is ending marriages (30:33-58:53). Segments include Talking Tennis (1:03:25-1:04:41), thoughts and prayers to Papa John (1:04:42-1:06:53), Baby Back Bitch update for the guy that trolled Kevin Durant (1:06:54-1:08:54), Tim Tebow Update (1:08:55-1:10:39), and Jimbos of the week( 1:10:40-1:15:36).

Jul 13, 2018
Poker Legend Daniel Negreanu + Mount Rushmore Of Flavors

France has advanced and we talk a little soccer including Ronaldo running away from Messi and who gets the team of destiny tag (2:21 - 9:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Lebron and his Blaze Pizzas and PFT is staring at dude's legs (9:17 - 23:29). Mt Rushmore of Flavors (23:29 - 33:53). Poker Legend Daniel Negreanu joins the show to talk about the professional poker life, the time he was bet 550,000 dollars he couldn't shoot an 80 at a golf course within a year, and the time his friend lost a bet saying he could eat 1,000 dollars worth of McDonalds in 36 hours (33:53 - 62:11) . Segments include Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor, the debut of our newest segment "Good job getting the 12 kids out of that Thai cave" and Guys on Chicks. 

Jul 11, 2018