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Sara Dean launched the Shameless Mom Academy to help moms lead more positive, powerful and purposeful lives #everydamnday. Sara is an award winning fitness professional, author, speaker, and transformation coach who spent the last 16+ years serving moms in the fields of psychology, sociology, health & wellness. But, it took becoming a mom herself in 2012 to learn that - holy cow - this is hard work, and if you’re not paying attention you can completely lose your own sense of identity while raising babies. Join Sara every Monday and Wednesday as she and her notable guests (such as Gretchen Rubin, Carrie Wilkerson, JJ Virgin, Susan Hyatt, Cathy Heller, Nichole Nordeman, Melanie Shankle, and Jadah Sellner) dig deep into topics like creating the confidence you crave; turn your struggles into strengths, building better boundaries, and tuning into tiny habits that can change your life. Discover how why thousands of moms all over the world are turning to The Shameless Mom Academy to live bigger, bolder, braver lives #everydamnday.

Episode Date
328: Dave Hollis: On Identity, Vulnerability, Sobriety, and Allyship

Dave Hollis is husband to Rachel Hollis, father to Jackson, Sawyer, Ford and Noah Hollis and the CEO of the Hollis Company after a 17 year run at Disney left his role as President, Theatrical Distribution for The Walt Disney Studios.  Dave looks to take the experiences as global theatrical sales head for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucas film to the expansion plans in the next, exciting phase of Hollis Company — focusing on media (books/podcasts/radio/tv), live events and merchandise. Dave drives a 1969 Ford Bronco and intermittently likes the family dog, Jeffrey.

I invited Dave to come on the show to talk about what it’s like to have a massive shift in identity as he flipped his profession upside down to leave a successful career in order to support his wife’s career.  I also wanted to learn more about his journey into personal development, as so many of you have asked me how we can get our partners more involved and invested in areas of growth and evolution. I so appreciate Dave showing up to this conversation so OPEN & READY. 

Listen in to hear Dave share:

  • The challenges that present themselves in the face of massive success
  • The power and gift of discipline when life is moving at 100 MPH
  • How his identity has evolved as he walked away from his successful career to support Rachel’s career and dreams
  • His fears and vulnerability around building a new identity
  • How women can get their partners involved and invested in personal development (without nagging & preaching!)
  • Why he stopped using alcohol as a coping skill
  • What his “ally” tattoo means to him as a straight white man who is fully aware of his white privilege
  • A sneak peek into his upcoming book!

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Apr 17, 2019
327: Mom Guilt Is A Lie

This is going to sound pretty controversial, but I’m saying it anyway.  Because of #truth...

Mom guilt is a lie.

That’s not to say your feelings of guilt aren’t real.  THEY ARE.

But, as you sit in those feelings, please know this:

Mom guilt is a social construct in which women are indoctrinated to think they should feel bad for ever prioritizing themselves, their identity, their careers, or their happiness over their kids.

You know how I know this is true??  Because I know the following:

Men are not asked, “How do you do it all?  How do you juggle your career with your family?

Men are not asked, “Don’t you feel bad when you have to travel for work and you don’t get to see your kids for 3 days?”

Men don’t have to internalize messages like, “I don’t know how you work so much.  I would feel so bad not being at my kid’s games/practices/plays/recitals.”

When men consider taking up new hobbies/activities they don’t automatically think, “That would be awesome, but I would feel so bad taking that time away from my family.”

Women are indoctrinated to feel like shitty moms if they prioritize their careers, their self-care, their sanity over their families needs. 

Men are encouraged to prioritize their careers and hobbies over their families needs - “Climb that corporate ladder!”  “You gotta start golfing with us, man!”  “Meet us every Saturday for pick up basketball!”

I share this all because I want you to take a hard look at your relationship with mom guilt.  Guilt of any kind is not productive.  It keeps us stuck.  It holds us back.  It does not serve any positive purpose.  So, it you’re spending time stuck in mom guilt, you’re wasting time and energy that could be used for so many other positive things in your life. 

Let’s flip this social construct on its head so we can all be more intentional about how we use our energy, our gifts, and our rights to rest (yes, you get to rest more when you stop feeling so damn guilty!)

Listen in to this episode to go on a deep dive into how you’ve been indoctrinated - and how to GET OUT. 

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Apr 15, 2019
326: Debi Silber: How To Move Through And Beyond Betrayal

Dr. Debi Silber, is a Shameless Mom to 4 kids ages 16-23 years old, as well as the founder of The PBT Institute, is a Transformational Psychologist and health, mindset, and personal development, expert. She's an award-winning speaker, coach and author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling book: The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind, and Life After a Life Crisis. Debi has contributed to FOX, CBS, The Dr. Oz show, TEDx, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Psychology Today, WebMD, amongst others. Her doctoral study led to two discoveries around how women experience and heal from betrayal. Based on her findings, along with 27 years of health, mindset and lifestyle coaching, she's created a proven approach to help women heal (physically, mentally and emotionally) from a life crisis, specializing in betrayal.

In addition to Debi’s education and professional experience in the field of betrayal and forgiveness - she has lived it all, multiple times.  Her passion comes from her journey, from finding herself in places she didn’t plan, mending and rebuilding relationships that nearly broke her.

Listen in to hear Debi share:

  • Why it’s only the people who are closest to us can actually betray us
  • Why you must unpack all the components of a betrayal
  • The three things that do NOT work when trying to heal from betrayal
  • The 5 Stages from betrayal to post-betrayal breakthrough
  • The necessary path of a betrayer: apology/remorse/restitution
  • How to heal your shame after betrayal
  • The layers & stages of forgiveness and building trust

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Apr 10, 2019
325: Michelle Obama's 4 Secrets To A Successful Marriage

I think we can all agree that marriage is hard.  It is also awesome.  But it does not come without intentional work.  It’s easy to glorify other people's' marriages and assume they “have it all” when that is never actually the case.

I recently read Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming.  Then I went as saw her speak here in Seattle.  In both instances, I was touched by the way she talks about marriage and essentially the “secrets” of her marriage.

She is married to a dreamer, while she is admittedly much more pragmatic.  She is married to someone who wants to serve allll the people, while she wants to prioritize serving her family and those closest to her.  She is married to someone who can’t manage his time to save his life, while she loves structure and schedules and routine (and being on time for it all)!

In reading Michelle’s book and hearing her talk, I was able to curate four secrets to a successful marriage that I think will help all the rest of us:

  1. Set clear boundaries and expectations
  2. Assume your partners have the best intentions
  3. Assume your partner can actually do the things they say they can
  4. Shamelessly build, own, and grow your own identity

Listen in for a deep dive on these concepts around marriage (and to learn how to see your partners' most annoying characteristics as gifts)!

AND make sure to stick around for the end when we talk about asking for support rather than permission.  This is a game changer in how you can maintain your identity as well as a high level of respect and equity in your marriage.

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Apr 08, 2019
324: Kara Loewentheil: Unf*ck Your Brain

Kara Loewentheil is a Master Certified Coach and Host of the UnF*ck Your Brain Podcast. Three years ago she did what every Jewish parent dreams of for their child: She left her legal career running a think tank to become a life coach. Now she teaches feminist women how to undo the effects of patriarchy in their brains and create true authentic confidence from inside. She has grown her coaching business from zero to seven figures in the last 3 years and is passionate about teaching women how to overcome anxiety and self-doubt so they can take on the world.

I have recommended Kara’s podcast more than any other in the last 6 months and so many people have come back to tell me it has transformed their mental game.  So, I knew I needed to get Kara on the show.  Whether you’re wanting to change the way you feel about your body or become a master thought manager in order to change the outcomes in your life, Kara’s brilliance will transform your thought patterns and shift your behavior in powerful ways. 

Listen in to hear Kara share:

  • What thought work is and the power you have to choose your thoughts
  • The practice of shifting into neutral thoughts, rather than forcing ourselves into positive thoughts
  • Why you should embrace that all humans suffer
  • Why thought work is more valuable and beneficial than any diet
  • How thought work can shift your relationship with your body

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Apr 03, 2019
323: The Secret Struggles of Stay At Home Moms

A few of you have asked me to do an episode specifically on the struggles of being a stay at home mom (SAHM).  I’m excited to talk about this, cause I’ll be honest… My life’s dream was to be a stay at home mom and 4 months of that “dream” damn near killed me.  I cried uncle and quit that gig (and hired a nanny) when Vinnie was still tiny.  So, I have the UTMOST respect for those of you who stay home with your babies (of any age - even school age)!

I posted on Facebook a couple weeks ago and asked for SAHMs to share their biggest struggles and I found the responses FASCINATING.  First of all, it was really interesting to get a sneak peek into your lives. 

But the most fascinating part??? 

A lot of your struggles are so similar to working moms’ struggles.  And here we all are thinking that working moms and stay at home moms have so little in common and can’t possibly “get” the other sides perspective.  Not so.

Regardless if you’re a SAHM or working mom or work from home mom, I think you’ll learn something from this episode. 

Big thanks to everyone who has reached out to me about this topic and contributed your stories and struggles.  So much love for you. 

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Apr 01, 2019
322: Tiffany Bluhm: International Adoption, Birth Rejection, and Systemic Racism

Tiffany Bluhm wants every woman to recognize, embrace, and pursue the big dreams and beauty born inside of them. The author, blogger, speaker, teacher, podcast host, wife, and mother shares her personal stories of self-value and self-doubt, international adoption, entrepreneurship, marriage, heartbreak, motherhood, and more with an ever-growing audience now numbering in the hundreds of thousands. In addition to reaching readers via her own blog, Tiffany shares her disarmingly perceptive, honest, and frequently funny writing on other popular outlets including, Deeply Rooted Magazine, and more. As co-host of the Why Tho podcast and an in-demand speaker, Tiffany also leads key conversations about modern faith, contemporary women, culture, and so much more. She has penned two books: the acclaimed Bible study Never Alone, released in February 2018, and her newly released book, SHE DREAMS: LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE CREATED FOR, Tiffany lives in Tacoma, Washington, with her husband and is a Shameless Mom to her 4 and 8-year-old sons.

Listen in to hear Tiffany share:

  • Her story of being born in an orphanage in Dehli India and adopted by a white family at age 2
  • Her experience of being unlike everyone around her from the time she was born because of her birth story and her skin color
  • How rejection at age 21 reopened her birth rejection trauma
  • The suicide rate and mental health struggles are 8 times greater in adoptees
  • Why her decision to adopt internationally had nothing to do with her experience of being adopted
  • How she has faced discrimination as an East Indian woman, especially since 9/11
  • How she is talking to her kids about systemic racism and walking her black son through his own awareness of discrimination at a young age

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Connect with Tiffany: Tiffany Bluhm

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Tiffany on Twitter: Tiffany Bluhm

Get Tiffany’s Book: She Dreams

Watch Tiffany’s Women To Watch Talk: Youtube

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Mar 27, 2019
321: 10 Ways To Lighten Your Load and Lighten Up

Heaviness can show up in our lives in a lot of ways.  Sometimes it’s a trauma like a cancer diagnosis or the death of a parent.  Sometimes it’s a transition like a new job or a new baby or moving to a new city.  Sometimes it’s a stressful phase - lots of expectations at work, a partner who is traveling a lot.  Sometimes it’s general overwhelm - so. many. things. to keep up with #everydamnday

In these times of heaviness, sometimes we are tempted to tell ourselves to “Stay Strong!” and “Power Through!”  But the reality, sometimes you actually TRULY need a break - a respite.  And after that break, you will actually be more STRONG and POWERFUL.  

It is really important to make a concerted effort to lighten our load and lighten up sometimes (probably more often than you think).  When we give ourselves the space & grace to do so, we come back to focus, we have renewed our mental and emotional reserves.  This rejuvenation is almost always palpable.  These breaks for levity and lightness are so valuable. 

Listen in to hear a deep dive on these 10 ways to lighten your load and lighten up:

  1. Dedicate time for play - whatever that means for you
  2. Find your zen
  3. Listen to funny podcasts
  4. Watch a comedy special or funny Netflix series
  5. Engage in menial tasks
  6. Find an inspiring place to complete hard tasks
  7. Go shopping
  8. Make hard things fun
  9. Read a funny book
  10. Give yourself rewards

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Mar 25, 2019
320: Lori Kennedy: On Being An Empath While Raising Empaths

Lori Kennedy is the founder and CEO of The Wellness Business Hub, which provides professional training and personal development for health practitioners looking to build and grow their businesses online. She’s also a mom and lover of all things related to coffee. Lori’s two foundational programs, The Wellness Business Academy and The 10K Success System, are growing a powerful community of health leaders who are transforming the way healthcare is done all over the world. She is also the host of The Business of Becoming Podcast for entrepreneurs who want to build the business and life of their dreams… all on their own terms.

This is Lori’s second time on the show.  I wanted her to come back on to talk about her very personal experience as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and an empath, who is also raising a highly empathic kids.  Lori is always such a thoughtful sharer of knowledge & wisdom and this conversation is no exception. 

Listen in to hear Lori share:

  • How she recognized she is a highly sensitive person and empath, which she had identified as social anxiety for years
  • How she protects her energy while running a massive business
  • How she works around being contained in small spaces and crowds
  • How she conserves energy for the right people and the right time
  • Why she takes pride in her firm boundaries
  • The best trick to turning around a hard morning or a hard day
  • How to see your child(ren)’s empathic tendencies
  • How to create space for empathic kids to process & release

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Mar 20, 2019
319: 3 Years of Community, Connection, Identity & Impact

Today we are celebrating 3 years of The Shameless Mom Academy.  I launched this show three years ago not knowing up much I would love it, not knowing how much it would change my life, not knowing how many lives it would touch. 

The last 3 years have been a blur and a dream - and the best part is that we are only getting started.  The growth of this podcast stems directly from you all implementing what you learn on the show.  You consistently turn the advice into action.  You are open to learning and growing and expecting more out of your life, your marriage, motherhood, and your career.  You show up and take imperfect action and get vulnerable and ask for help.

I am SO HERE for all of this. 

3 years, 319 episodes, 160 guests, 1.5 million downloads in 140 countries - and this is just the beginning.

When I look back on all this, I can tell you the most valuable pieces have been the community, the connections, the impact and how that has stretched & expanded your identity and mine.

Thank you for every single download, share, comment, like, DM, review, email.  YOU make The Shameless Mom Academy the Shameless dream that could.

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Mar 18, 2019
318: Kristen Carbone: The Shameless Journey Of A Preventative Mastectomy

Kristen is the founder of Brilliantly, a brand that provides the support women need on their journey toward feeling vital and strong in their mind and body after a mastectomy. Motivated by her own personal experience, she is committed to providing solutions that help women deal with long term physical and emotional needs so they can prosper in their post-surgical life.

Listen in to hear Kristen share:

  • How losing her mom to metastatic breast cancer at age 23 led her to have a preventative mastectomy
  • How she talked to family, friends, and her kids about her decision
  • What her surgical journey looked like and the unexpected challenges it presented
  • How to be a better self-advocate and how to seek support in advocacy
  • The impacts of surgery and scars on body image

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Mar 13, 2019
317: 5 Absolute Truths of Abundance

If you expect abundance, you will find abundance in all areas of your life.  If you expect scarcity, you will find scarcity.  We receive what we are looking for and what we are open to. 

When you know you can do great things, you do great things. 

When you know you can do hard things, you do hard things. 

What you get out of life and the circumstances you create for yourself are your doing.

When it comes to abundance, women often sell themselves short.  We don’t feel worthy or deserving.  We think others deserve things more than us.  We weirdly think that if we have more, there will be less for others.  This is all untrue. 

Here are truths I want you to adopt in order to expect abundance in your life:

  1. You are innately deserving of good things
  2. You deserve good things as much as anyone else
  3. You are just a qualified and capable as anyone else
  4. Your beliefs will determine your outcome
  5. You having more doesn’t take away from others - it actually creates more for everyone


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Mar 11, 2019
316: Abbey Ashley: High Achieving Guilt Free Mama

Abbey Ashley is the Founder of The Virtual Savvy. She helps aspiring virtual assistants launch and grows their own at-home business from scratch. Abbey started her own virtual assistant business in 2013 and was able to double the salary from her full-time corporate job, working only 20 hours a week... in just 30 days! She's since gone on to grow a multi-six figure business and retire her husband ALL from her at-home business. It's now her passion to help others start their own VA business so they can taste the freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship as well.

Listen in to hear Abbey share:

  • How she started her virtual assistant business and replaced her full-time income while on maternity leave
  • What kinds of work moms can do from home as a VA
  • How to get started as a VA (it’s easier than you think!)
  • The pros and cons of working for a VA company vs starting your own VA business
  • How she has gotten over mom guilt in order to embrace being a high achieving entrepreneur

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Mar 06, 2019
315: 4 Steps To Play Bigger In Life Without Asking Permission

When I look around to see who’s taking action in their lives, I see a lot of women doing two things:

  1. Waiting for an permission
  2. Waiting for an invitation



There is no reason to ask permission to play bigger in your life. 

There is no reason to wait for an invitation.


These are actually just “noble obstacles”, as Jon Acuff calls them.  These are the obstacles that we let stand in our way as a crutch to stay comfortable, procrastinate, dwell in our own perfectionism, live in fear, and keep our lives way. too. small.

Today, I’m giving you 4 steps to start playing bigger in your life without asking permission:

  1. Take a seat at the table
  2. Know your worth and your power
  3. Assume you’re qualified
  4. Reach out and connect with the big dogs

99% of the time, there is not a benefit in waiting to take action.  99% of the time, the best time to take action is now.  99% of the time the best time to play bigger is now.  99% of the time when you start to play bigger, you get to live bigger.  99% of the time the net result is RADNESS.

Are you ready to take a seat at the table?

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Mar 04, 2019
314: Carin Rockind: Resiliency After Abuse & Armed Robbery

Carin Rockind is a leading happiness expert, motivational speaker, and the creator of PurposeGirl, a movement to empower purpose-driven living. She has taught thousands of people real-life strategies to reclaim their happiness, and live to their fullest potential of success and well-being. Having survived domestic abuse, divorce, and armed robbery, she teaches others to be resilient through stress and grow from trauma.

After fifteen years as a marketing executive, Carin pursued her great passion: teaching women to thrive. Carin was one of the first 250 people in the world to earn a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she has also served as adjunct faculty. Carin speaks at large companies worldwide and is a regular contributor to national media such as NBC, CBS, PBS, and NPR.  She recently launched Women's Global Happiness Day in over fifty cities around the globe.

Listen in to hear Carin share:

  • How being held a gunpoint changed the trajectory of her life
  • Why women are less happy today than 30 years ago
  • How we ignore living in our own bodies - because we’re conditioned to try to live in men’s bodies
  • Why happiness sometimes actually sucks
  • How her second miscarriage at age 43 sent her into a deep depression and then inspired her to launch Women’s Global Happiness Day
  • The power, beauty, and opportunity of Post Traumatic Growth

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Feb 27, 2019
313: Why Magic And Discomfort Are Soulmates

A few weeks ago I made a post on social media about magic and discomfort being soulmates.  This is the straight up #truth, friends.  Embrace it.

The next morning I was listening to SuperSoul Conversations with Oprah and she 100% confirmed my theory (cause O and I are BFFs.  Obviously.)

On Oprah’s show, she was interviewing Steven Pressfield and they were talking about resistance - and that resistance MUST exist in all opportunities that provide growth, evolution, and magic. 

In fact, Steven said, “ Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the life unlived within us. Between the two stands Resistance.”



So much YES.

I see so many Shameless Moms embracing the resistance to make big things happen.  And it is MAGIC.  It is powerful and profound, and life-altering. 

And I see Shameless Moms who feel the resistance and take it as a sign that something is not meant to be.

Mama…. NO. 

I want you to lean into the resistance.  See it.  Embrace it.  Own it.  Walk through it.  It will change you - in all the BEST ways. 

Listen in to hear me share the 3 phases of leaning into resistance that will allow you to walk through resistance, find your power and declare a magical VICTORY on the other side.

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Feb 25, 2019
312: Lisa Woodruff: Organize 365

Lisa Woodruff is a Shameless Mom to two teenagers and the founder of Organize 365, the creator of the 100 Day Home Organization Program, the Sunday Basket Workshop and Sunday Basket Workshop Paper Organization Certification Program.

As the Amazon bestselling author of The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time How ADHD Affects Home Organization. Lisa shares her belief that organization is not a skill you are born with. It is a skill that is developed over time and changes with each season of life. 

Lisa has helped thousands of women reclaim their homes and finally get organized with her focus on functional organizing, encouragement, and humor her through her weekly podcasts Organize 365.

Listen in to hear Lisa share:

  • How everyone can benefit from organization, even if you’re not an organizer by nature
  • How to better manage the (research proven) 28 hours of week required to manage a home
  • How to implement her Sunday Basket system that will create a ton of freedom in your week and in your head
  • Specific steps to get kids involved in organization
  • The science behind how much time and energy you safe when you commit small amounts of time organization

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Feb 20, 2019
311: Acknowledging and Navigating My White Privilege

For the better part of 2018, I was trying to figure out the best way to talk about race in The Shameless Mom Academy.  I was doing all the research, learning all the things, curating all the resources. 

I wanted to be able to have the most valuable, productive, well-planned conversation possible. 

Then I realized something. 

I was sitting up on my high horse of white privilege waiting to make this as comfortable as possible for me, so I could make it as perfect as possible for you. 

And that is NOT how this conversation should go.  This is not about my comfort.  This is not about tying anything up in a bow. 

And by waiting to have this conversation with you, I was not only sitting in my white privilege, I was continuing to make space for white supremacy at the expense of people of color, including my friends of color and Shameless Moms of color.

So, a few days ago, after an incident in this community that screamed of privilege, I knew I could not sit this out any longer.   By waiting to talk about this I was doing harm, I was being complicit.  I was part of the problem and not part of the solution.

I sat down and recorded this to share what I’m learning about white privilege, how I’m navigating it and what resources I’m finding to be the most informative and valuable.

My hope is that you find this informative and eye-opening.  After over a year of reading and research, I have been humbled over and over by how little I understood about white privilege and how much I was doing to contribute to the problem more than the solution. 

Please note the people and resources listed below.  These women have been instrumental in my learning over the last year - and have been powerful forces of education and support in countless conversations about race at the expense of their own time, energy, and resources.  They are heroes and warriors.



Me and White Supremacy Workbook by Layla Saad

This Will Be My Undoing by Morgan Jerkins

We’re Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union

I’m Judging You by Luvvie

So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

White Fragility by Robin Diangelo

Hunger by Roxane Gay

This Body Is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor

Becoming by Michelle Obama

People to follow on social media:

Layla Saad

Rachel Cargle

Ijeoma Oluo

Danielle Brooks

Sonya Renee Taylor

Lena Waithe

Laverne Cox

Tracee Ellis Ross

Issa Rae

Serena Williams

Ericka Hart


Roxane Gay

Catrice Jackson

ShiShi Rose

Morgan Jerkins

Please note this list is not comprehensive.  These are resources that have been helpful to me.  I would love to know if there are others that have been helpful to you.

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Feb 18, 2019
310: Jenell Stewart: Kinky Curly Coily Me

Jenell B Stewart is the founder and editor in chief of the award-winning website Kinky Curly Coily Me. She launched her career by educating and uplifting women with natural hair by way of her extremely popular website and YouTube channel. Jenell has been featured in Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, and starred on the Dr.Oz television show as a Beauty Expert.

Jenell has a masters in education, is a wife and mom of two beautiful children ages 4 and 6. Jenell’s love Of motherhood prompted her to create her lifestyle brand self titled Jenell B Stewart where she discusses a range of topics including mom life, entrepreneurship, wellness, mental health, marriage, traveling, and faith.

Jenell is always Looking for innovative ways to engage with her vastly growing audience which reaches over 1 Million. She launched a women’s empowerment podcast self-titled the Jenell B Stewart Podcast where she empowers women especially moms, to live their best life.

Listen in to hear Jenell share:

  • How she used her strengths as a strong-willed child to create her own career rather than follow a prescribed path
  • The painful practices that young black girls endure managing their hair
  • The phases and impact of the “natural hair journey” for a black woman
  • How to she turned a hobby into a side hustle and then into a full-time business that supports other women
  • How she manages imposter syndrome
  • Why you should go to therapy now - before you hit crisis mode

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Feb 13, 2019
309: How to BE SEEN

How much do you let yourself BE SEEN on a daily basis?  Do you stand in your power, own your space, and show up as your unapologetic self #everydamnday?  Or do you find yourself hiding, avoiding, shrinking, blending in, apologizing, settling for a life (or a job or friendships or a marriage) that you don’t truly love? 

If you are ready to BE SEEN in any area of your life, this episode is for you.  I walk you through 8 commons ways women avoid being seen and 7 steps you can take to start BEING SEEN #everydamnday.

Warning: you’ll probably be pretty pumped up to go out and BE SEEN at the end of this episode - which is awesome, because we are going to do a free BE SEEN Challenge in The Shameless Mom Academy starting Monday, February 18th.  Register for the challenge here: Be Seen.

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Feb 11, 2019
308: Laura Vanderkam: How To Create More Time In Your Day

Laura Vanderkam is the author of several time management books, including Off the Clock, I Know How She Does It, and 168 Hours. Her TED talk, "How to gain control of your free time," has been viewed more than 7 million times. She is the co-host, with Sarah Hart-Unger, of the podcast Best of Both Worlds. She lives outside Philadelphia with her husband and four children, and blogs at 

Laura sent me a copy of Off The Clock and I could not put it down.  The stories were so compelling and her tactics around time management made me straight up PUMPED UP about being a better time manager in order to create more time in my life and more space in my head. 

Take notes on this episode.  There are so many fantastic pointers! 

Listen in to hear Laura share:

  • The secrets of people who have all the time in the world
  • How a mom or 18-month-old triplets created 3 hours of personal time for herself #everydamnday
  • What she learned from time tracking her habits for 8,784 hours
  • How to change your perspective on time and immediately have more time in your day
  • How to better prioritize time for things you actually enjoy
  • Why checking our phones makes us feel like we have less time
  • How to use memories to expand the time
  • Why you should plan your upcoming weeks on Friday and not Sunday (or Monday!)

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Feb 06, 2019
307: How To Be More Adaptable #everydamnday

If you are a perfectionist or recovering perfectionist, motherhood might just kick your butt in the worst ways.  Motherhood requires you to give up control of everything:

  • when you eat
  • when you sleep
  • when you shower
  • how clean your house is
  • when you get your work done
  • how to manage others (babies are not manageable, neither are husbands)
  • how to manage emotions (cause an exhausted, hormonal mama has no emotional regulation)
  • how your body looks/feels

You can’t control any of it AND you’re supposed to be actually enjoying some of it.  WHAT?  HOW???

Adaptability is the gift of motherhood.  But, I’ll be the first to tell you it does not feel like a gift to a Type A perfectionistic kinda gal.  Adaptability might be your worst life skill.  In fact, if you dislike spontaneity, last minute change of schedules, going with the flow, figuring things out on the fly, motherhood will knock you down.  And you won’t be able to get back up until you learn to become more adaptable. 

No one tells you about the very necessary skill of motherhood.  You just see everyone around you being all adaptable and you’re thinking, “how the hell do they do it?”

How do other moms not lose their minds when naptime doesn’t happen?

How do other moms keep their cool when they have to cancel something fun because of a sick kid or a massive tantrum?

How do other moms go with the flow and take the punches so effortlessly?

Some of them do not control freaks by nature like you and me. And some of them have learned to lean into the unpredictability of motherhood – which I know sounds just awful, but it’s actually really helpful.  Improving your adaptability will help you enjoy motherhood and get out of your own way when things change on a dime (like every hour of #everydamnday.) 

Listen in to hear how you can start taking small steps to become more adaptable and start building confidence around your ability to go with the flow like all your zen mama friends.

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Feb 04, 2019
306: Shannon Jamail: Surrender, Forgiveness, and How To Do It Afraid

I’m so excited to welcome Shannon Jamail back to the SMA. I invited Shannon to come back to the show because I wanted to talk about her book, Surrender.  In the book, she shares how she conscientiously moved out of fear, anxiety, stress, negative thinking, judgment, and imposter syndrome and into forgiveness, surrender, love, joy, and purpose.

Every chapter has a powerful story/experience from Shannon’s life, coupled with her lessons learned and actionable steps that are very accessible to the reader (you and me!)

I found the book to be so helpful to me, especially when it comes to forgiveness and moving forward from the stuckness that old resentments keep you in.

Listen in to hear Shannon share:

  • How she had to apply her own principles of SURRENDER to her own life after she burned down her own kitchen (literally)
  • How to embrace and move through anxiety and shift into a “Do it afraid” mindset
  • How to move past resentment and into forgiveness in family relationships
  • Active steps to forgiving someone
  • How to more actively choose LOVE in your life and the universal truths to choosing love

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Jan 30, 2019
305: 4 Ways To Manage The Mental Load of Motherhood

I have to laugh as I was recording this episode because I kept accidentally saying “the motherload” every time I went to say “the mental load of motherhood”.  And let’s be honest.  The mental load of motherhood is THE MOTHERLOAD. 

The Motherload (aka the mental load of motherhood) includes the 175 running lists you keep in your head in every single moment of #everydamnday. 

It includes:

  • every school form you need to sign tonight
  • how much creamer you have left in the fridge
  • how many rolls of TP you have in the house
  • when you need to call your mom
  • what bills you need to pay by next Wednesday
  • when the kids have their next day off school
  • every single email you need to reply to today and which ones can wait until tomorrow
  • what time the babysitter is coming on Friday
  • which hotel you need to book for spring break
  • which of your kid’s friends can’t have peanuts
  • which of your kid’s friends you need to buy bday gifts for
  • which socks your kid will NOT wear
  • how many pairs of clean undies every single person in the household has left before you have to do laundry again
  • what you’re having for dinner tonight and tomorrow and the next night and the next night and the next night and the next night
  • which kid will eat crusts
  • which kid will eat carrots
  • which water bottle the kid will drink out of
  • which water bottle the kid won’t drink out of

You are a damn library of information. You are basically hosting your own world wide web in your head. 

It’s a lot. 

It’s too much.

It’s maddening.

And sometimes it feels SUPER unfair.

The Motherload is exhausting on so many levels. 

I want to give you some hope.  But I’m going to warn you that this will require some work on your part.  But the work will be REWARDING.  The work will lessen the load!

When it comes to The Motherload, we tend to make it really hard on ourselves.  We get in our own way over and over.  We get stuck in perfectionism and martyrdom and make ourselves miserable. 

Listen in as I give you 4 methods to manage the madness.  These methods are simple (although not necessarily easy if you’re Type A like me) and they are going to dramatically improve your life and create space in your head (who doesn’t need more space in their head?!) 

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Jan 28, 2019
304: Rachel Steinman: Inherited...A Memoir of 4 Family Suicides

Rachel Steinman is the debut author of “Inherited: An Insane Family Memoir,” coming out soon. Described as a literary Jackie Collins, Rachel’s writing is steamy and confessional while remaining poignant and inspirational. Rachel received her Bachelor's in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara and her Masters in Education from UCLA. She’s written a treatment for a TV series based on her book and is working on adapting the story to become a serial podcast. When she’s not writing personal essays, she's writing editorial copy part-time for a luxury lifestyle business. Rachel lives in Los Angeles with her Internet marketing genius and hilarious husband, their athletic, musical and bright teenage daughters (13 and 16), and their ridiculously cute rescue puppy.

I reached out to Rachel after she shared part of her story in a Facebook group we’re in.  She shared that she was writing a memoir about four suicides in her family and her path to mental health advocacy.  Rachel’s family story is tragic, but not without some valuable lessons.  And her journey in uncovering the layers of her family story is beyond compelling.  I am so grateful she agreed to come on the show and share her story with us.

Listen in to hear Rachel share:

  • How she found her grandfather’s unfinished memoir that told the story of 4 family suicides
  • How learning her family history helped her destigmatize mental illness
  • The importance of teaching your kids about their families stories, traumas, and risk factors
  • How family trauma becomes a part of our DNA
  • How she faced her family after writing about their darkest moments – and strengthened strained relationships

Links Mentioned:

  • Find Rachel’s writing on Medium Rachel Steinman
  • Follow Rachel on Twitter
  • Connect to resources at The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): NAMI

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Jan 23, 2019
303: 6 Tips To Turn Around A Terrible Day

I’m not gonna sugar coat it.  You will have hard days.  Like, curl up in a ball and cry hard days.  Like lay on the floor kicking and screaming hard days.  Like, lose your cool with your kids hard days.  Like, hate your husband hard days.  Like you want to throw your coffee in your co-workers face hard days.

It’s going to happen. 

And here’s the deal.

You can handle it. 

You can do hard things.

You are resourceful and resilient.

You have superpowers.

You can make magic happen.

But without firmly believing in these 5 things, you won’t be able to turn your hard days around. 

You must firmly believe you can change the course of your day.  You must deeply connect to your ability to shift your own narrative and trajectory in the middle of your hardest moments.  This takes some work - and a lot of practice. 

The good news is that the chaos of kids gives you plenty of opportunities to practice, right??  So, don’t worry, you have plenty of time to become an expert Terrible Day Turn Arounder.

In this episode, my very special guest Vinnie Dean joins me to talk about our recent opportunity to turn around a terrible day.  It was a hard day, friends.  There were a lot of tears.  We were both exhausted and shaken – unsure we could change the course of the day (and it was only 10 am).  But WE DID IT.

I talk you through how Vinnie and I turned our day around as well as 6 tips you can put in your back pocket for the next time you need to turn around a terrible day.

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Join me at Inspired Mama on March 23rd: Inspired Mama

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Jan 21, 2019
302: Nicole Walters: Unexpected Overnight Shameless Mom of 3

By age 28, Nicole Walters was a highly-paid executive at a Fortune 500 company, managing multibillion-dollar accounts. But something wasn’t right. “My job was feeding my family, but not my soul,” she says. So in YRTK, Nicole quit her corporate job to open her own business and product development consulting firm, The Monetized Life. As her audience ramped up, so did her revenue—she made $11,000 in the first three weeks of working with small business clients full time. Now, when she’s not hanging out with her husband and their three adopted kids, she shares her secrets to earning “passive income” with other entrepreneurs through her wildly popular online course, 1K1Day. “I teach people how to add commas to their bank accounts,” says Nicole. “They learn that they don’t have to trade time for money.”

I discovered Nicole on Instagram and was immediately drawn to her story of becoming an unexpected overnight Shameless Mom to 3 sweet daughters.  I am so excited to share her Shameless story with you all!

Listen in to hear Nicole share:

  • How she became an unexpected, overnight mom to 3 daughters
  • The boundaries she built around her commitment to motherhood, even before she knew she would become a legal guardian to her daughters
  • The hilarious and brilliant ways she shows up (sometimes virally) to motherhood
  • How and why she quit her corporate job online, in front of 10,000 people
  • Her secrets to building a multi 7 figure business

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Jan 16, 2019
301: Why You Should Set Your Secrets Free

I recently had a conversation with a group of women about the secrets we hold and how they hold us back.  Truth be told, a lot of women hold onto secrets for the better part of their lives - and these secrets cripple us in multiple areas our lives.  If you have been holding onto a family secret since you were a little girl, there is a part of you who is stuck in the body and mind of that little girl.  Holding on to secrets and not allowing ourselves to process and heal from them can arrest our development and impede our ability to deeply connect with others.

When we start to share our secrets with trusted people we experience freedom, healing, relief, and power.  And we often find that our secrets were not as big as we let them become in our own minds. 

When you share your secrets in groups of women, you’ll quickly learn that everyone has secrets, stories, and experiences that have felt crippling to them at certain times in their lives.  And when we start sharing these stories, we begin to heal and we allow ourselves to connect more deeply in our relationships with others - win/win!

In this episode, I’m going to share with you a series of secrets that other women have allowed me to share, as well as a few of my own.  I think you’ll see through these examples how your sharing your secrets can set you FREE and allow you to be more SEEN - which can be life-changing.

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Jan 14, 2019
300: Rose Wetzel: Shameless Ninja Warrior

As the founder of Stack-It! Mamas, Rose Wetzel loves empowering women when they feel most vulnerable – after giving birth (at least that’s when SHE felt most vulnerable). A personal trainer and professional athlete (obstacle course racing, specializing in Spartan Races and American Ninja Warrior), Rose has to stay fit for her livelihood (getting paid to work out sounds nice, right?), but after a post-delivery complication/emergency surgery set her back many months, she had to start from scratch to rebuild her fitness, while working through postpartum depression, and worrying about her husband’s rare cancer returning. (It hasn't!)

She tried all the tools in her trainer toolbox, but when she didn’t get efficient results, she got creative…until one day something clicked. In fact, it worked so well that not only did she get her strength and career back on track, but she realized her new calling: to focus on helping women feel fit, energetic, and confident after having a baby, AND make sure their results lasted. Her new method, call the Stack-It! Method flips traditional fitness on its head - helping you restore your energy through self-care routines that involve habits other than working out - like baths and rest!

Rose and I worked together as personal trainers years ago, and the minute I found out she was pregnant, I told her she had to come on the show one day.  I could not be more excited to share her story with you for our 300th episode!

Listen in to hear Rose share:

  • How being the youngest daughter of 9 kids shaped her life
  • Her rock bottom postpartum moment she took to Facebook live to share with the world
  • How she clawed her way out of postpartum depression and back to the podium
  • The impact of childbirth and motherhood on the life of a professional athlete
  • Her mindset resets around not reaching her biggest goals in the last year
  • How she’s preparing for her upcoming year of racing and American Ninja

Links Mentioned:

Jan 09, 2019
299: 5 Uncommon But Super Effective New Year's Practices

If you are a high achiever, or a perfectionist, or prone to anxiety or depression, you likely already feel totally behind on your New Year’s goals/resolutions. 

I am with you.  As a high achiever prone to anxiety it’s easy for me to feel totally behind if I haven’t met three new goals by January 2nd at noon.  So, we’re in this together.

Let me help you out…..

You are not behind. 

You are right where you’re meant to be.

In today’s episode, I’m going to walk you through 5 uncommon & unconventional but super effective New Year’s practices that will help you exhale and allow you to create space for everything you truly want in 2019.

I’m going to give you a sneak peek at these 5 practices, but you also must listen in so you can see how these practices will be the most useful and effective for you!

5 Uncommon, Unconventional, but Super Effective New Year’s Practices:

  1. Don’t start anything new on January 1
  2. Spend some time with your calendar
  3. Spend more time listening than planning
  4. Don’t start with goals, start with dream lists (this is *magic*)
  5. Plan small, even tiny, action steps - not leaps

On top of this deep dive into these 5 practices, I also give you 5 DO NOT DO practices that will probably clear a ton of negative space in your head, in order to make space for GREATNESS in 2019.  You ready???

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Jan 07, 2019
298: Molly Mahar: Reconnect and Reclaim Your Truth

Molly Mahar is Shameless Mom to Max and Juliet and the founder of Stratejoy — an online community that has helped thousands of women reclaim joy and meaning in their world. She’s an entrepreneur, mama, and adventurer obsessed with taboo topics, designing personal experiments, and the power of sisterhood. Molly teaches everything she knows about claiming ownership of your life + your truth in her 10-month program, Reclamation.

A free spirit with a passion for mindful entrepreneurship, Molly loves sharing her knowledge with others and cracking numerous self-deprecating jokes. Bonus if she gets to be barefoot + dole out hugs upon entry!  She has spoken at numerous events and conferences and been featured in The Washington Post and Forbes. 

Molly’s superpowers are telling the truth kindly, gathering awesome women together, and yes — reclaiming joy. 

I have been dying to connect with Molly for years, so I am so excited that we got to finally have this conversation.  I think you’re going to love it!

Listen in to hear Molly share:

  • Her desire to pursue and embrace mastery in 2019
  • How she learned she pregnant – when she thought she had bipolar disorder
  • Why she wiped out half her business and half her income on purpose
  • Specific practices you can use to reconnect and reclaim your truth
  • How to pay attention to what brings you pleasure and joy– and make decisions around those feelings
  • The 4 questions you should have answers to in order to pull yourself out of tough moments and days

Links Mentioned:


Jan 02, 2019
297: My Most Impactful Interviews of 2018

I could not be more grateful to each and every guest who joined me in the SMA in 2018.  So many of these interviews had BIG impact.  A wanted to share a variety of the episodes I found to be the most impactful in 2018 – based on the guest's stories, my experience with the interview, and your feedback on these episodes. 

If you missed any of these, go listen NOW.  If you want to know which episodes are worth a second listen, it’s these ones.  Enjoy!

Episode 194 with Andrea Owen: Your Kick-Ass Life

How women hold ourselves back from happiness and numb ourselves with food, alcohol, TV and social media.

Episode 210 with Kelly Herron: Not Today Mother F*cker

How she survived a vicious attack and used her terrifying story to become a warrior.

Episode 238 with Dana Malstaff: Divorce, Proactive Crying, and Getting Naked

How getting to know herself better led her to divorce and a new sense of hope.

Episode 240 with Debbie Reber: Differently Wired

The pervasiveness of Differently Wired kids and how we can be more supportive of their gifts, talents, and strengths

Episode 244 with Dr. Jenny Yip: Coping with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Her story of OCD in different phases of her life and how she helps treat other moms and kids with OCD and anxiety.

Episodes 246 and 248 Danny J: Saved By The Daughter She Placed For Adoption Part 1 and Part 2

How having a baby and placing her for adoption at 16 saved her from her eating disorder, depression and suicidal ideation

Episode 264 with Jessica Butts: Front Seat Life

How knowing and embracing your personality type can change the course of your life

Episode 270 with Nichole Sylvester: Surviving Abuse, Addition, and Murder

How she addiction and abuse, and hit rock bottom when her ex-boyfriend murdered a woman in her home

Episode 280 with Courtney Shorter: Grief, Joy, and Soul Free Mamas

How her 10-year infertility journey led to a brain tumor, the loss of twin baby girls, and ultimately her sweet boy, Hendrix.

Episode 284 with Rachel Rodgers: Million Dollar Badass

How she emerged from a childhood impacted by poverty, addiction, mental health issues, and the loss of her father at the age of 12 to become a 7 figure earner. And why she firmly believes all women should aim to be 7 figure earners.

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Dec 31, 2018
296: Karen Bonnell: Co-Parenting in Marriage, Separation, and Divorce

Karen has over 30 years of experience working with couples and families facing transition, loss, growth and change.  Her work as a Collaborative Divorce Coach spurred her determination to write “The Co-Parenting Handbook” with Kristin Little, Child Specialist. Parents learn the best ways to support their children, strengthen their co-parenting, and discover the necessary tools to skillfully create a two-home family.


“The Parenting Plan Workbook” followed with contributor Felicia Malsby Soleil, JD.  And most recently,  Karen and Patricia Papernow, PhD released The Stepfamily Handbook, for parents ready to date and hoping to one day successfully create a stepfamily. 


As a teacher, trainer, facilitator, Karen played an instrumental role in developing the year-long facilitator training program for the Compassionate Listening Project. As a certified Compassionate Listening trainer, Karen utilizes this heart-centered approach to authentic speaking and capable listening used around the world in high-conflict situations such as Israel/Palestine. Her deep listening skills make all the difference working with co-parent pairs in conflict as they find their way through the pain of divorce into a future with optimism.


Listen in to hear Karen share:

  • How to parallel parent if integrated co parenting is not possible
  • When you should see a co parent coach
  • How to know when kids are really struggling with divorce/restructuring of family
  • How to know when kids are ready for you to introduce new partners into your family unit
  • What to do when your partner is not capable of co parenting
  • How reading the Co Parent Manual can improve, and potentially save, your marriage NOW


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Dec 26, 2018
295: My 5 Biggest Shifts of 2018

With just a few days left in 2018, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my biggest shifts of the year.  I have to tell you, when I sat down to think about this I had no idea what I would come up with.

I am so glad I did this exercise, as it allowed me to see a lot of growth and triumph.  I can close the door on this year knowing I stretched myself in a number of powerful ways and I’ve laid the groundwork to do more of the same in 2019.  Cause a girl’s growing is never done!

I’m really excited to share my 5 Biggest Shift of 2018 with you.  Although, if I’m being honest, a couple of these made me pretty uncomfortable, which you’ll hear me express as I talk through them.  In fact, one of them I didn’t even want to talk about.  But you know I’m not about holding back.  So you get to be in on ALL OF IT. 

What have your biggest shifts in 2018 been?  I would LOVE to hear from you!

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Dec 24, 2018
294: Radiah Rhodes: Being Is The New Doing

Radiah Rhodes is a visionary, entrepreneur, designer, engineer, and coach. After two decades of experience leading small businesses and Fortune 100 companies in the beauty and information technology industries, Radiah became known for her strategic insights, impeccable design aesthetic, and natural ability to connect, lead, and get results. She has led and coached many executives and organizations to deliver exceptional business results and launched a strong portfolio of multi-million dollar products and services around the globe.

Most recently Radiah authored the book, Being is the New Doing: A Divine Guide to Owning Your Energy, Time and Peace of Mind. She also launched a collection of brands and products designed to transform and expand your intention and well-being.

As an entrepreneur, corporate leader, wife, and Shameless Mom to two amazing and active children, Radiah knows what it takes to be extraordinary in life and leadership. She trains clients on how to tap into and leverage their intention as the fuel and fire to create any desired outcome with ease and authenticity.

Listen in to hear Radiah share:

  • Why intention is a measure of how you’re showing up and who you’re being
  • How to elevate your intention through regimens and routines that open up space in your life
  • How making declarations about who are can help you redefine yourself
  • Why you need a rotating “energy leader” in your household
  • Why you must recognize that your Busy Badge defines who are you being… is it working for you or against you?
  • Why we get stuck staying small in order to stay safe

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Dec 19, 2018
293: 5 Ways To Keep Going When You Want to Quit

Raise your hand if you’re a quitter!

Oh, you’re not?? 


While it’s likely that you wouldn’t identify as a quitter, you probably feel like quitting things on a regular basis. 

Annnnd, it's possible you actually do quit things sometimes – maybe even on a regular basis. 

We quit diets and workout programs and books and friendships and jobs and clubs and committees and marriages.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes quitting is 100% the right move.  See link below for my episode on the merits of being a quitter!

But, sometimes we need to pull up our big girl pants and SHOW UP and POWER THROUGH and DO HARD THINGS.

On these days, when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and we’re not sure there will ever be a pay off for our valiant efforts, we need some skills to keep us going. 

This episode will give you the skills you need to keep moving forward, to keep taking action, to prove to yourself that you are a powerful, resilient, tenacious badass who gets what she wants and needs out of life.  Cause you actually ARE that lady already.  I know it.  Let me show you.

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Dec 17, 2018
292: Jody Agard: Surviving Suicide, A Drug Dealer, And Infidelity

Jody is the Shameless mom, a wife, and a nature lover. She’s a two-time Amazon bestselling author of “Let Love in 101; A Practice Guide to Happiness” and her most recent book “Mommy Reboot; A Busy Mom’s Guide to Self-Care”.

Jody is a self-care coach working exclusively with busy moms who want to feel less overwhelmed and more fulfilled and she’s known in her industry for transforming the lives of moms through the art of self-care.

She’s the face behind the Mommy Reboot Facebook group, a rapidly growing worldwide community of busy moms who are passionate and determined to be a good mom by taking care of themselves.

Jody’s vision is for a world where women around the globe are caring for and nurturing themselves as easily as they do for their children and families.

She believes that “self-care can no longer be a cutesy catchphrase, it must be...a movement...a revolution, and a new way of living for the modern day woman.”

Listen in to hear Jody share:

  • How she survived losing her dad to suicide, finding herself pregnant by her drug dealer boyfriend, and leaving her marriage to an unfaithful husband when she had a 10-month-old baby
  • Why and how to be grateful for opportunities for resilience
  • Your (surprising) #1 job as a mom and a woman
  • How to incorporate self-care in non-traditional, unconventional, simple ways
  • The truth about self-care and why it must be more than a cutesy catchphrase – and more of a revolution

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Dec 12, 2018
291: Permission To Eat, Drink, And Be Merry

Let’s get really clear about something real quick…

You deserve to enjoy your holidays. 

You deserve to eat the cookies.

You deserve to drink the nog.

You deserve to live it up and laugh out loud and love lots in all the ways that fill your soul.

AND, you deserve to do all this guilt-free.

That said, I want you to be mindful and intentional about what truly brings you joy.

I want you to be aware of delightful indulgence vs mindless consumption. 

For me, delightful indulgence is:

  • A piece of my Aunt Sara’s chocolate cake
  • A glass of a full-bodied red
  • Extra time spent with family and friends
  • Crab dipped in melted butter at my Aunt Marybeth’s annual crab feed
  • Wearing pajamas all day
  • Watching Elf 87 times
  • A cold, crisp run in the sun in my mom’s neighborhood
  • Putting my phone down and being more present

For me, delightful indulgence is NOT:

  • Going to bed so full my stomach hurts
  • Being wide awake with insomnia because I had 3 glasses of wine after dinner
  • Eating so many cookies I have a massive sugar rush and then crash an hour later
  • Hungover parenting
  • Skipping workouts
  • Constant posting to FB/IG

Because I know what my delightful indulgences are, I am careful to prioritize those things.  In fact, I often pass up a lot of other things to make space for these delightful indulgences.  I’ll skip the nog in order to enjoy the red.  I’ll pass on the cookies to enjoy every bite of the cake.  I’ll switch to club soda after 2 glasses of wine so I will sleep well.  I’ll decide which days I’m wearing PJs all day, so I can also determine which days I’m getting up to go running. 

Determine your delightful indulgences.  Then make space for them.  Then, say NO to the things that are not as awesome as your delightful indulgences.  Don’t be in constant consumption mode.  Be in thoughtful consumption mode.  You will enjoy every bit of your holidays more. 

Tune into this episode to get specific pointers on how to be intentional around your delightful indulgences so you can spend your holidays in delighted JOY.

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Dec 10, 2018
290: D Arlando Fortune: From Facing 5 Felonies to Finding Fatherhood

Fortune is a Shameless Dad and the oldest of two kids. These things should have made him a responsible, motivated leader – which he is today.   But his road to get here reads differently…

Although he graduated from university with honors & an opportunity to play professional baseball, he chose to become an accountant for the government. But, the government wasn’t challenging enough for his active imagination. So, he started studying successful people and decided that’s what he wanted to do with his life.

It was at this point that his life changed. It got much worse before it got better.  Financial success in real estate revealed emotional & mental wounds that needed healing. Before he could make those shifts in mindset, he battled addiction, 5 felony charges, and found himself facing a potential 12-year prison sentence.

He then wrote a book about his journey & the lessons he learned along the way. As a father, coach, author, & speaker, Fortune brings a unique approach to understanding the wisdom of living a purpose-driven life. You’ll learn from him not only the practical steps for improving the major areas of your life; but also the scientific evidence & spiritual elements that lead to a blessed life and business.

Listen in to hear Fortune share:

  • His entrance into fatherhood as an addict
  • How facing 5 felony charges and a 12-year prison sentence turned his life around
  • How he got clean in order to show up for his kids
  • The power of habit in overcoming addiction
  • How he uses his No Doubt Mindset to stay focused and successful

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Dec 05, 2018
289: How To Quit The Kiddie Comparison Trap

We spend a lot of time in the SMA talking about the comparison as it relates to us as women.  But we haven’t really dug into how we compare our kids to other kids.  I’m noticing as Vinnie gets older that kiddie comparison is A THING.

I think some of the kiddie comparison trap stems from the same place as our own comparison trap: our own insecurities, poor self-worth, self-doubt as women and moms -  and maybe some guilt, too??

In this episode, I dig into 5 ways to look at your child’s strengths, struggles, and phases a little differently.  I share ways to focus on the power of perseverance, problem-solving, resourcefulness, and compassion over disparity, weaknesses, and fitting in.

I also encourage you to work on YOU.  If you’re comparing your child to other children, you might have some Shameless work to do on yourself. 

Let me know how this episode resonates with you and how you have seen kiddie comparison traps play out in your circles of moms.

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Dec 03, 2018
288: Julie Ciardi: Divorced Mommy

Julie Ciardi is a Shameless divorced and remarried mom of 3 kiddos.  She divorced when her oldest two kids were 2 and 4.  She remarried and now has a third child, age 4, with her new husband.  She has a very modern blended family.  She recently took a flying leap from corporate, leaving behind a high paying multi-six figure salary to be an entrepreneur with 2 businesses.  She launched a brick and mortar women’s boutique, Haven Boutique, where she styles women for their daily hustle.  Then she launched her podcast, Divorced Mommy to help divorced moms with their mindset and long-term vision to create the life they want and their children need. 

Listen in to hear Julie share:

  • How to conscientiously frame your story around your divorce
  • How to model to your friends and family around how to talk about your family’s rearrangement
  • The mindset resets to start rebuilding your life and mental space during and after divorce
  • How she and her children’s dad manage their 50/50 co-parenting/custody schedule
  • How to find power and strength in divorce

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Nov 28, 2018
287: 4 Steps To Protect Your Energy Over The Holidays

I recently polled our Shameless Mom #everydamnday Facebook group, asking what you all needed help with right now.  I got over a tons of responses and many of those responses had a lot of likes – letting me know that a lot of you are facing the same obstacles.  But the most liked response was, “How to protect energy and boundaries so you still have joy during the holidays.” 

This response was the most liked comment by a landslide.

Here’s the deal about the holidays – you have every right to create the experience you want. 

You have every right to say NO. 

You have every right to create space to rest. 

You have every right to create more joy and less stress.

You have every right to make it all about you and your immediate family and not about a million other people. 

You have every right to unapologetically set boundaries, protect your energy, and enjoy the heck out of yourself.

Here are 4 ways to protect your energy and build better boundaries so your next month can be more of a fairy tale and less of a nightmare.  I’m going to dive into how to make space for the things and people you love, how to prioritize things that bring you joy, and how to actually RELAX over the holidays.  Sound good?!?

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Nov 26, 2018
286: Heather Boorman: Fringy Parents and Fringy Kids

Heather Boorman lives an intensely joy-filled and full life as a homeschooling mom to 3 fringy kids and the executive director and therapist with Boorman Counseling.  She passionately advocates for differently wired kids and adults through her work as a national speaker, writer & podcaster at The Fringy Bit.  Heather’s also the author of The Gifted Kids Workbook, which provides mindfulness-based activities to help kids reduce stress, balance emotions, and build confidence.

Listen in to hear Heather share:

  • How she meets the unique needs of her three fringy kids through a mix of homeschooling and traditional schooling
  • Her definition of fringy kids
  • Common misconceptions of gifted kids and parenting gifted kids
  • The importance of self-compassion when parenting fringy kids
  • Why it’s ok to go AWOL sometimes – and what to do if you suspect another mom might have gone AWOL

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Nov 21, 2018
285: How To Stop Staying Stuck In Your Struggles

Last week I gave a talk to Moms In Finance in Seattle and it was pure FIRE and GOLD.  It was basically a combination of FIVE podcast episodes I’ve already done wrapped up into a 30-minute talk that will totally change how you turn your struggles into strengths and take power in your life to rewrite ALLLL the stories that are keeping you stuck as all get out.

Listen, we all have our “stuff”…..

And most of us let our “stuff” dictate our struggles.  We let our “stuff” create stories in our heads that keep us stuck.  We allow our “stuff” to hold us back from finding and thriving in our strengths. 

How about we just stop?

Stop sitting in your stuff. 

Stop settling for stuck.

Start shining your story.

Start standing in your strengths. 

Listen in to hear exactly how.

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Nov 19, 2018
284: Rachel Rodgers: Million Dollar Badass

Rachel Rodgers is a woman of color, a mother of four and a seven-figure business owner -- in that order. Rachel started her career working as a lawyer with nonprofits, federal judges and Hillary Clinton.

Rachel is founder of Million Dollar Badass, a high-level Mastermind for women looking to take their businesses from 6 to 7 figures.  She firmly believes all women should desire to become millionaires – because of the profound impact a woman’s money can make on the world. 

Rachel is also my business coach.  I adore her, even though she terrifies me on the reg by pushing me to think WAY bigger than I am comfortable with.  Everyone woman needs a Rachel in her life.  I can’t to share my Rachel with you.

Listen in to hear Rachel share:

  • How she emerged from a childhood impacted my poverty, addiction, mental health issues, and the loss of her father at the age of 12 to become a 7 figure earner
  • The power and value in knowing our stories and how they impact our current reality
  • Why all women should aim to become millionaires
  • The risks of living in a scarcity mindset
  • How to overcome mindset obstacles in order to live a million dollar lifestyle

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Nov 14, 2018
283: Relationships, Boundaries, And The Stories We Make Up

It was pointed out to me a few weeks ago that I might be the kind of person who makes up BIG stories in my head that are often UNTRUE. 

This happens when I think someone might be mad at me or when I think I’ve been wronged or when anything feels unjust in my world. 

I’m quick to make assumptions, jump to conclusions, and sometimes downright freak the heck out.  And it’s often all for nothing.  The story I created in my head was just that – a story – with no basis in reality.

Can anyone else relate?

So, the reason this happens is a thinking process called the Ladder of Inference.  This is where we take in an experience or some sort of data and then filter it, determine it it’s a threat or a benefit to us, make assumptions, jump to conclusions, form beliefs and take action based on these beliefs. 

I’m really good at climbing that damn Ladder of Inference super fast, which can totally mess up my head and sometimes my interactions with others.  I know I’m not alone here.  Listen in to hear how you might be climbing this ladder with me and how it’s potentially damaging your relationships and maybe even your upcoming holidays. 

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Nov 12, 2018
282: Taryn Perry: How To Be A Shameless Coach And Influencer

Taryn Perry is a Shameless Mom of 4 and a 6 figure earner as a Beachbody coach.  She became a Beachbody coach 10 years ago to prove the infomercials were a big fat lie and she lost 25 pounds and built a whole new career, replacing her 6 figure commercial real estate salary in just 3 years.  Since then she has worked with multiple MLMs and in multiple fitness spaces as a Turbo Kick instructor, a CrossFit coach, a Boot Camp coach and a Core de Force instructor.  She recently added nutrition credentials to resume as well.  She never stops showing up for herself (at 4am) or her business, which has taken her to the top ranks of Beachbody and landed her on QVC with Tony Horton.

I’ve known Taryn for years and I’ve watched her do more in her MLM than any other woman I know.  Given how many moms I know test the network marketing waters, I had to ask Taryn to come on the show and share her secrets.

Listen in to hear Taryn share:

  • How she built her business on connection and relationships, not through sales
  • The power of consistency
  • How she manages the naysayers
  • What her exact paychecks have looked like over the last 3 years
  • Her secret sauce to making a magical career in a network marketing business

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Nov 07, 2018
281: Top 4 Lessons Learned After 1 Million Downloads

If you’re listening to this episode, you have been a part of my journey to 1 million downloads in some way and I can’t thank you enough.  I did not get here alone.  I got here because YOU listened, downloaded, subscribed, reviewed and shared this podcast.  For that, I am beyond grateful. 

Over the course of almost 300 episodes and over 1,000,000 downloads, I have learned some truly valuable lessons that apply to so many areas of life.  I think you’ll be surprised at how much some of my lessons may apply to your life - today.

So, listen in as I share what I’ve learned when it comes to consistency, gratitude & grace, asking, and connecting.  And then go practice these things in your own life #everydamnday.  You might be blown away by the amazing places they take you.

Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 199: The C Word You Need To Use Way More Often

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Nov 05, 2018
280: Courtney Shorter: Grief, Joy, and Soul Free Mamas

Courtney Shorter is the Owner and Event Designer at RyanMorgan Events and Soul Free Mamas, where she plans memorable events and retreats that bring people together… Courtney has always loved planning gatherings, parties, and yes...meetings! Fascinated by all the details in dressing up, dancing, the music, lights, the food, and the glamour.  Much like a stylist helps her clients find the best garments to showcase the greatest versions of who they are; Courtney helps her clients throw the best party or event to exhibit the very best of what they have to offer. 

Over the last few years, life has been a world wind of joy and pain but Courtney’s mission is always to find the joy... She loves to bring fun and help families find their joy.  Her company, named after her twin angel babies, Ryan and Morgan, is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good!  As a way to honor her babies, after many years of event planning and heartbreak, she recently extended her business to empower women who have experienced infant loss, miscarriages, and/or women who are living with infertility.  Courtney has created a powerful space for women that crave to be heard and supported along this lonely journey. 

Listen in to hear Courtney share:

  • How her 10-year infertility journey led her to find a brain tumor
  • The story of the birth and loss of her 1 pound twin girls
  • How finding regular joy saved her from her grief
  • Why she created her own grief group to connect women of color experiencing grief 

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Oct 31, 2018
279: 4 Ways To Make More Time For Yourself

A recent conversation in our Shameless Mom #everydamnday Facebook group stopped me in my tracks. 

One Shameless Mom posted that she only got a couple hours of time to herself each month.  And that her partner thought this was an appropriate amount of time – he didn’t see why she might need anymore. 

I found this disconcerting.

But more disconcerting was the chorus of moms who commented saying they too didn’t get much if any, time to themselves on a regular basis.


This is NOT ok. 

Time to yourself is essential.  Time spent serving no one but you is crucial.

Sacrificing regular time to yourself is sacrificing your true self and your basic need to cultivate your identity outside of the roles of mother and wife.

Whether its taking a bath, going out with girlfriends, getting a massage, sitting alone reading in a coffee shop, going to book club, taking a photography class, joining a knitting circle – you need time just for you. 

And this time should not be a gift from your partner.  This time should be a requirement of your relationship. 

In this episode, I dig into these 4 steps to getting more time in your life:

  1. Make it a requirement, not a reward
  2. Ask for support, not permission
  3. Work in small doses #everydamnday
  4. Opt out and unscheduled whenever possible

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Oct 29, 2018
278: Heather Chauvin: Mom Is In Control

Heather Chauvin has been named the next generation’s thought leader in parenting and women’s leadership. Her mission is to crack women open to their deep potential and help them create the life their soul craves.

Heather is the creator of the New & Noteworthy Podcast, Mom Is In Control, and has been featured on/in the OWN network, Huffington Post, and various other media outlets. Through her Courageous Rewrite Initiative, Heather gives voice to many humans who courageously took inspired action to create lives they’re proud of.

With wit and wisdom, Heather inspires a global community of women to take back control of their lives and evolve how they lead, work, play, and parent.

Listen in to Heather share:

  • Why she’s excited to have her mom move in with her despite their challenging past
  • How she went from almost taking her own life to almost having her life taken from her
  • Why you need to focus on energy management NOT time management
  • Why you need to slow down to speed up
  • The phases of Survival  Momentum  Thrival  Creative Abundance and how they touch different areas of your life
  • The power (for you) in giving your child a safe place to experience any emotion

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Oct 24, 2018
277: 17 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Predators

I often tell people that my “mommy podcast” is not about momming.  It’s no about how to potty train your kid or get through sleep training.  It’s generally NOT parenting advice.  


Except now.  


Because I will shamelessly declare that there are a few instances in which I will use my platform to give parenting advice.  Protecting your kids from predators and sexual violence is one of those instances.


A few weeks ago I released an episode titled, “How To Not Raise A Rapist.”  After that episode, I got a number of messages asking, “What about our daughters?  How do we protect our girls from predators.”  


I immediately knew I needed to create this follow up episode.  And this episode is not just about protecting your daughters.  It’s about protecting girls and boys from predators.  


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 17 tools to protect your kids from predators
  • 6 reasons victims don’t report assaults
  • 6 things every parent should know about predators
  • The reality of people who perp on kids and the exact behaviors they use to build trusting relationships before they victimize


Resources/Links Mentioned:


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Oct 22, 2018
276: Katie Krimitsos: Reframing Mom Guilt and Other Mommy Myths

Katie Krimitsos is a Shameless Mom, wife, adventurer, podcaster, business strategist, seeker and change maker.  She's committed to brightening the light of women around the world - through her Biz Women Rock community, which supports Women Entrepreneurs - and now through Meditation for Women, guided meditations that are specifically created with the special journey of women in mind.  These meditations are tools to help women reconnect with the divine wisdom already inside of each us so we may live our own, extraordinary lives.

I connected with Katie at an event after some light stalking…  She had the most magnetic energy and I knew I wanted to connect with her.  We ended up chatting and I immediately felt like I found a new friend.  I am so excited to share her with you.

Listen in to hear Katie share:

  • How motherhood exploded her universe in unpredictable, expansive, dynamic ways
  • How she created her Mompreneur Mission Statement and what she included in it
  • How she has reframed and renamed “mom guilt” so it doesn’t exist in her world
  • Why it’s a myth that you have to make less money in motherhood
  • When and why you should push pause, get quiet, and take a timeout
  • How transparency and sharing helps us turn our struggles into strengths

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Oct 17, 2018
275: 4 Ways To Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Like most women, I spent a lot of my life trying to blend in.  I wanted to be the same as all the people around me.  In fact, I hated that I had red hair and freckles for my entire childhood.  I didn’t like looking different.

However, today, as a 42-year-old woman, mom, wife, entrepreneur, I LOVE standing out.  I love being my own unique person.  I love being recognized for what makes me different.  I love my red hair and freckles (and I get super offended with certain skin care companies say they have creams to minimize/lighten freckles – WTF?!?  Not cool.)

I’ve come a long way in owning my differences, embracing my oddities, and sharing my true self.  And the result has been magical – as now I attract all the best people into my life. 

When I was trying to blend in I had a lot of relationships that were NOT satisfying.  Sometimes I felt misunderstood and like I needed to hide parts of myself.

No more. 

Now I let my freak flag fly and the people I attract people have many of the same values as me, and often the same interests (Real Housewives, entrepreneurship, fitness, personal and professional development, mental health awareness).  I actually build friendships around geeking out on common interests instead of pretending to like what someone else likes.  And, it’s SO MUCH BETTER.  Who knew???

Listen in to this episode to learn 4 ways you can let your freak flag fly and how flying your freak flag will change the dynamics of your relationships. 

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Oct 15, 2018
274: Marina Pearson: The Joy of Being

Marina Pearson is a Shameless Mom to 3-year-old Leo, host on The Joy of Being Podcast, bestselling author and investor. Aside from being featured on/in ITV This Morning (in Europe), Marie Claire, The Guardian and The Daily Mail she lives her life working on projects that light her up. When she isn't spending time with her son at the beach in Javea Spain (where she lives) she is running exclusive Joyriding Retreats in Spain for women/mums in business who want to ditch the overwhelm or overseeing her investments, or hosting her Joy of Being Podcast where she interviews transformation professionals, business owners and creatives on how moms and women in business can live a life full of joy and freedom.

Listen in to hear Marina share:

  • The power of not limiting yourself to one title/role
  • The power of stressing less and living more
  • How she mothered in spite of feeling she lacked the “mom gene”
  • How to create space between emotion and reactions in order to feel more in control of your reactions
  • How she manages a challenging/unconventional custody schedule
  • The difference between easy and effortless and how to create more effortlessness in your life
  • The truth about Connection (yes, it starts with a capital C)

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Oct 10, 2018
273: How to Do it ALL FOR YOU

I’m guessing someone at some point told you something like, “If you take good care of yourself, you’ll be so much more able to take good care of others.”


Can we just call BS on this?!?


First of all, you are allowed to take good care of yourself because you damn well deserve it, not because you need to serve others better.  




When is the last time anyone ever told a dude to take good care of himself so he could better serve others?


Ummmm, never. 

You wear a million hats and serve others in a million ways. 

But if you don’t serve yourself first, you won’t see the beauty in any of it. 

You’ll be anxious, bitter, overwhelmed, exhausted, and uninspired to use your best gifts to their full capacity. 

When you show up in any role do it FOR YOU.
Prove how strong you are FOR YOU.
Show how patient you are FOR YOU.
Let yourself cry FOR YOU.
Be assertive with your voice FOR YOU.
Share your time and energy FOR YOU.
Laugh out loud FOR YOU.
Become an artist FOR YOU.
Run a marathon FOR YOU.
Quit your job FOR YOU.
Go for the promotion FOR YOU.

The idea that you should take care of yourself so you can better take care of others is bullshit.

Take care of yourself because you are a hero, friend, mother, daughter, visionary, QUEEN, ruler, woman who damn well deserves to take care of yourself FOR YOU.


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Oct 08, 2018
272: Colleen Hauk: How To Live The "And" Life

Colleen Hauk is a public speaker, co-author of the bestselling book, Women Who Ignite, a Certified Professional Success Coach and creator of YOU SO NEW ™, a program designed for successful professionals who fail to take care of their personal life.

All of this coupled with over 15 years of corporate leadership, training, and consultative selling, Colleen shares her skills, personal experiences and research in a unique way to authentically connect and empower high-performers to ‘have it all’ without losing it all.

Married to her supportive husband, Matt, they live in Southern California where both were born and raised.  They enjoy life with their beautiful children, Jordan (24), Ethan (12), and Reese (9), camping, hosting fun-filled evenings with friends, and spending quality time with their nearby extended family.

Listen in to hear Colleen share:

  • How picture perfect lives aren’t usually picture perfect
  • The costs of prioritizing her work over everything else
  • The impact of her family having to walk on eggshells around her
  • How to live the “and” life
  • How to define your own version of “having it all”
  • How she intentionally integrates her personal and professional life

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Oct 03, 2018
271: How To Not Raise A Rapist

There are so many things I want to scream out of rage and disillusionment right now.  But that is not what is most productive.  What is most productive is being an intentional part of the solution. 

The solution is to dismantle rape culture.  And it starts HERE. 

It starts with how we are raising our boys. 



It starts with the conversations you’re having with your sons and the behavior you’re modeling.

Is it a big undertaking?


Can we do it?


In this episode, I explain the exact (science/research based) parenting my husband and I are committed to because we are committed to not raising a rapist. 

If I had a daughter, I would want to know that every boy, young man, and the older man she was in contact with understood and valued these guiding principles.

Please listen and share with everyone you know who is participating in any way to raise the next generation of men.

See full show notes in link in bio for recommended articles and books related to raising emotionally intelligent boys.


Article: 3 Do’s and Don’ts For Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Article: 5 Ways To Raise Emotionally Intelligent Boys In The Era Of Toxic Masculinity

Article: How To Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Book: Raising Cain: Protecting The Emotional Life of Boys

Book: Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child

Oct 01, 2018
270: Nichole Sylvester: Surviving Addiction, Abuse, And Murder

Nichole Sylvester is International Bestselling Author of OH SHIFT: A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness and host of the OH SHIFT Show. She is a Shameless single mother to her 13-year-old daughter, a Spiritual Success Coach and a transformational speaker on a mission to guide people home, to themselves, to discover their innate power. She supports thousands of people per year through her online programs, private coaching, and retreats.
I heard Nichole in an interview on another podcast recently and immediately Instagram stalked her and asked her to come on the SMA.  Her story is mind-blowing.  From watching her dad OD in front of her to smuggling drugs taped to her body between states to having a woman murdered in her own home at the hands of her abusive ex-boyfriend, Nichole’s journey is more than you think one woman can endure.  Yet, here she is.  A survivor and a warrior and a powerful thought leader.

Listen in to hear Nichole share:

  • How she survived rock bottom when her ex-boyfriend murdered a woman in her home
  • How she drugged her abusive boyfriend to escape with her daughter
  • How she turned a life of addiction and abuse into a life of service and purpose
  • The power and purpose of radical compassion
  • How to move into the “lesson and leadership” phase to share your story
  • Why you need to start with celebration in your life in order to get over feeling like you’re not enough

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Sep 26, 2018
269: Abortion And The Murky Undercurrents Of Your Past

Every now and then I get an email from a Shameless Mom that just blows me away.  A couple weeks ago I got one such email – detailing a mama’s struggle with her current relationship with an addict and her past decision to terminate a pregnancy. 

What was so overwhelmingly touching about this email was that a lot of the email was about how HAPPY this mama is.  That 96.34% of the time she is extremely happy, caring, empathetic, and grateful.

But then there was the admission that, “the murky undercurrents of my past sometimes swirl with the polluted storm of my present; and my sunny disposition is immediately overcast by a darkness so ominous and pensive, that I fear I will suffocate under all the darkness......”

I asked this Shameless Mom if I could share her story and do some processing on this episode and she so kindly agreed. 

To any mama who has struggled to make peace with your past or is currently struggling to find peace in the present, this is for you.

Links Mentioned:

Resource: Design Mom Gabrielle Blair speaks on abortion  

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Sep 24, 2018
268: Erika Tebbens: Roller Derby To MLMs To Political Office

Erika Tebbens is a Sales Strategist for female entrepreneurs. She teaches women to sell in a way that feels good, instead of "pushy." She's also a leader who encourages women to play bigger and show up more boldly in business, and in life. She runs a vibrant and dynamic group for women in business and does public speaking for passionate, female entrepreneurs. When she isn't working, you can find her sipping black coffee on her couch with her husband, 13-year-old son, and two very spoiled dogs. 

I was so excited to have Erika join us in the SMA because I wanted to ask her about all her unconventional hobbies and interests – like roller derby, running for political office, and building a successful direct marketing business.  I was so curious to learn what guided her confident behavior.  I loved hear her story and I think you will too!

Listen in to hear Erika share:

  • How roller derby stopped her from being “swallowed” by motherhood
  • What inspired her to get involved in politics even though she didn’t have the traditional credentials – and the powerful ripple effect her campaign had
  • How she maintains the confidence to try new, scary things on a regular basis
  • Why she left a successful MLM/direct marketing company
  • Tips on selling without being sleazy (KEY for any moms in sales and/or direct marketing positions!)

Links Mentioned:

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Sep 19, 2018
267: 5 Tips To Set And Meet Every Deadline

There is a saying that goes something like, “A goal without a deadline is just a dream.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Don’t get me wrong - dreams are nice. 

But a goal with a deadline is much more likely to dramatically change your life.

An early mentor of mine used to always say, “Cut your deadlines in half.”  His purpose in giving this advice is that if you could accomplish something in half the time you thought possible, you’ll constantly be raising the bar for yourself.  You recognize quickly that you are strong and powerful beyond measure.

In this episode, I’m going to dig into how to start setting better deadlines and actually meet them.  I will also talk about your procrastination habits that might be really impeding progress toward your goals on a regular basis.  This is something most of us are guilty of and it’s usually subconscious.

The best time to set a deadline is right NOW. You ready?

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Sep 17, 2018
266: Jessica Turner: Stretched Too Thin

Jessica Turner is here to share her new book, Stretched Too Thin.  She is also the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book The Fringe Hours and the founder of the popular lifestyle blog The Mom Creative. Additionally, she is an award-winning marketing professional, speaker, and freelance writer. She has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Today ShowO MagazinePregnancy & Newborn MagazineBetter Homes and Gardens, and She and her husband, Matthew, live with their three children in Nashville, Tennessee. Kids 10, 7, 3.5

Jessica is a mover and a shaker to her core.  She is also completely Shameless about how she builds a guilt-free life (read: empire) in which she gets to live out all her dreams, in spite of conventional norms and myths around mom guilt and work-life balance. 

Listen in to hear Jessica share:

  • How she manages working a full-time corporate job plus being a writer on the side – GUILT FREE
  • Most common mom challenges and how to manage them
  • The power of noting and affirming mom’s similar experiences
  • How we can better manage the mental load of motherhood and professional aspirations
  • How to let guilt be a motivator in your life
  • The difference between work/life balance and work/life satisfaction

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Sep 12, 2018
265: How To Reset And Reframe Your Fall

Last week I tore my heart out and left in a kindergarten classroom in the pocket of my sweet Vinnie.  It was a journey to get to that day, and just when I thought I had won the day by not having a monumental meltdown, Vinnie had a monumental meltdown on the way home from school and I was reminded that my work here will never be done.  Which is a relief in this time of transition…

Even if you aren’t like me and didn’t have to tear your heart out and leave it in a kindergarten classroom last week, this is likely a season of transition for you. 

Aside from tearing my heart out last week, I love transitioning between seasons.  I try to be really intentional about what I’m gearing up for, what I want to get out of it, and how I want to grow during each and every season. 

I know there will always be bumps.  Nothing will ever go completely according to plan.  But growth will occur.  And on the other side of that growth is amazing things I can’t even imagine yet….

It’s a constant pursuit of imperfect perfection and magic, right?!?

If you’re wondering how you can embrace the transition into fall and how you can reset & reframe your mindset so you can really OWN the heck out of the rest of 2018, this episode is for you!

Listen in to hear me share some powerful mindset resets that will light up your fall!

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Sep 10, 2018
264: Jessica Butts: Front Seat Life

Jessica Butts is CEO and Founder of Front Seat where she helps inspire, motivate and educate people to live their life from the front seat using their innate abilities.  She is also the author of the popular books, “Live Your Life from the Front Seat” and “Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At”.

Jessica is a retired psychotherapist.  Today she is a life and business coach, and Myers-Briggs expert whose mission is to inspire others to accomplish magnificent things by embracing their innateness. She shares her message around the country in her sassy, no-holds-barred entertaining manner.

Leaving the corporate world after 15 years to start her own company has been the hardest and most rewarding challenge of her life. As an ENFJ, Jessica thinks outside the box, leads with her heart and is obsessively organized. She’s passionate about personal development, traveling, deep connections with those in her life and helping create aha’s for her clients.
I knew from the moment Jessica and I hit record that this conversation would be FIRE and she did not disappoint.  Get ready for a super high value, fast pace convo that miiight just knock your socks off. 

To get the most out of this conversation, do Jessica’s free assessment (link below) before listening in, so you can know your personality type as we discuss all things personality type!

Listen in to hear Jessica share:

  • How knowing and embracing your personality type can change the course of your life
  • How intuitive type people can thrive in a world dominated by sensors
  • The struggle of feelers and why we’re often misread by others and marginalized
  • How to assess your kids

Links Mentioned:

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Sep 05, 2018
263: Action Alleviates Anxiety

I only recently realized anxiety has been a part of my life for almost my entire life.  When worry has been your gift for as long as you can remember, you don’t really think about it being anything other than normal. 

A few years ago a sleep doctor asked me for how much of my life I had been hyper-vigilant.  Me?  Hyper-vigilant?  Huh…. I had never thought about myself or my worry this way.

I sat quietly and thought for a moment and then clearly and immediately knew the exact age. 

I was 8 was when I started trying to stay awake all night in case we were robbed.  I woke up screaming nightly, convinced I heard someone moving our kitchen table across the linoleum floor (cause robbers usually go for kitchen tables first??)  It became such an obsession that my mom eventually took me to a child psychologist to see why I might be so preoccupied with these intrusive thoughts. 

Today, I have other obsessions and intrusive thought patterns.  As of late, they have been mostly related to sending my child off to kindergarten. 

While I am ridiculously excited to see him leaping toward this next step with his eyes and heart wide open, I am in deep mourning that we are closing the door on a chapter of our lives that has exploded and exposed my mind and heart to the world in ways I never thought possible. 

This transition has my anxiety all sorts of fired up and ready for action.  In this episode, I share a recent event that put me over the edge and my top three tactics that help me keep my anxiety manageable in these tender and trying times of my life.

To all you Shameless Moms who are also blessed with the gift of worry, you are not alone.  I am with you.  Always. 

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Sep 03, 2018
262: Janna Denton-Howes: Redefining Sex And Intimacy

Janna Denton-Howes is a Shameless Mom to 2 daughters and marriage coach who is pioneering a movement for women to free themselves from sexual expectations and redefine intimacy in their marriages. Affectionately called, "Chief Libido Officer" and "Husband Whisperer" by her participants and coaching clients, Janna not only helps married women take sex off their to-do lists but shows couples how to transform conflict into connection in 5 seconds or less! 

One of her greatest accomplishments in life has been to beat the odds of teenage marriage and still be partnered up with her prom date, 18 years later. When she isn't working from her garden shed office, you can find her having a beach fire with her husband and their two daughters or curled up with a book about the male brain.

Listen in to hear her share:

  • Why the culture around sex is changing for the better
  • Causes of low libido in women and why your low libido has nothing to do with you
  • What men really want: to be desired and admired
  • Women really want: protection and connection
  • Routines to make intimacy easier, more relaxed, and more enjoyable
  • How couples can make a 180-degree shift in their relationship

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Janna: Janna Denton Howes

Janna on Facebook

Janna on Youtube

Janna's Program: 30 Days to Wanting it More

Janna’s 7 Day Pleasure Challenge

Aug 29, 2018
261: 5 Things I No Longer Say Yes To

I’ll be honest, boundaries are tricky for me.  I’m a people pleaser for sure.  But I’m also acutely aware of my (shamelessly selfish) needs.  Over the last few years, I have gotten so much better at practicing what I preach and now I really embrace certain boundaries and 100% OWN them. 

Getting clarity around boundaries is so freeing.  It has allowed me to have an immediate go-to responses to things that used to make me feel guilty and take up waaaay too much mental energy.

As a result of all these boundaries I stopped saying yes to a bunch of things – and there are 5 things that really stand out.  You might want to stop saying yes to these 5 things too.  You have my blessing. 

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Aug 27, 2018
260: Jill Angie: Rebel Runner

Jill Angie of Not Your Average Runner is an RRCA certified running coach and Master certified life coach who wants to live in a world where everyone is free to feel fit and fabulous at any size. She started the Not Your Average Runner movement in 2013 to show that runners come in all shapes, sizes, and speeds, and since then has assembled a global community of revolutionaries that are taking the running world by storm.

Jill and I dig into all things running and body positivity here.  We both firmly believe that you are already 100% perfect as is.  And you can be a runner at any size or speed.  We also both firmly believe you will find more power in all areas of your life if you start running.  If you’ve been looking for the inspiration to get yourself moving, this is it.  Promise.

Listen in to hear Jill share:

  • Why she walked away from her marriage to be more authentic in her life
  • How getting half-naked in the middle Brooklyn impacted and improved her body image
  • Why running equals freedom and power at any size or pace
  • How to overcome self-doubt to get yourself out the door for the first time
  • How to become a Rebel Runner (hint: you already are one)
  • Options for the best plus size running bra

Links Mentioned:

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Aug 22, 2018
259: The Power Of Positive Thinking

One of the things I am most convinced of in life is our ability to control our outcomes by controlling our thoughts.  If you think positive and powerful thoughts, you will do positive and powerful things.  If your thoughts are filled with self-doubt and harsh judgment of your abilities, you will likely find yourself stuck in a place you don’t know how to move out of. 

This isn’t to say changing your thoughts comes easily.  It doesn’t.  But it comes steadily with small investments in critical thinking and intentional integration.

  1. Harv Eker says, “No thought lives in your head rent-free.” Each thought you have will either be an investment or a cost. It will either move your toward happiness and success or away from it.  It will either empower you or disempower you.  That’s why it’s imperative you choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely.” 

One of the biggest responsibilities you have to yourself is to manage your thoughts in a manner that allows you to live a life you feel proud of, that you feel at peace with, and that you feel in charge of.

Listen in to learn how to better manage your thoughts in order to get the outcomes you really want in life.

If you need help and ongoing support with any of this, make sure to check out our MOMENTUM Mamas program.  Registration is open with discount pricing this week only.  This program promises to make you a BOSS of your thoughts. 

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Aug 20, 2018
257: 6 Ways To Build A Champion Mindset

Mindset is everything.  It can make you and it can break you.  When it comes to winning at life, you have to do a lot of mindset work.  It’s the only way to see your gifts, appreciate your gifts, and fully utilize your gifts. 

A mindset reset can help you find joy and success in the most difficult of situations.  A champion mindset keeps you resilient and powerful at all times.  If you think about the people around you who are winning at life – you can probably see that they do indeed have a champion mindset. 

In this episode, I’m going to share with you how you can have a champion mindset through 6 steps:

  1. Relentless pursuit and focus
  2. Putting on blinders
  3. Protecting your headspace (get rid of crabs)
  4. Taking radical responsibility for reprogramming self-limiting beliefs
  5. Viewing everything as practice
  6. Staying in motion/momentum

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Aug 13, 2018
256: RB Fast: The Advocacy Path

RB Fast is a leadership coach for schools and nonprofits based in Denver, CO. She travels the globe facilitating workshops and retreats focused on team building, strategy, and leadership growth. From large conferences to private boardrooms, RB shows up as a partner and guide for every client. When she isn't helping organizations realize their big vision, she's probably in her garden and kitchen preparing delicious food for the people she loves, including her beloved husband, Steve, daughter, Mia or snuggling her fur babies, Moe and Dexter. 

RB started her journey into motherhood as a full time student and bartender who could only afford to take 9 days of maternity leave.  9 days.  The journey inspired her to take conscientious action to create a more powerful life.  Today, she is very thoughtful and intentional in how she weaves social justice and advocacy into her parenting and her professional work with non-profits.  

Listen in to hear RB share:

  • The value of creating your own beautiful space
  • Her 9-day maternity leave and the postpartum depression that followed
  • What life was like working as a bartender until 3:30 am and being a full-time student with a newborn baby
  • How she started a business by making a list of her skills and posting it to Facebook
  • Survival vs perfectionism – and why survival mode is way more productive and perfectionism might be a luxury you can’t afford
  • The importance of learning and listening to others stories/experience/perspectives
  • The advocacy path learning/questioning/action


Links Mentioned:


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Aug 08, 2018
255: My Home Birth Expectations vs. Reality

It’s easy for us to underestimate our own power.  Giving birth is the single most powerful a woman can do. I chose to do it unmedicated.  I don’t think this is necessarily the best way, but it’s the way I chose.  And my low-risk pregnancy allowed me to do this at home. 

I learned through my home birth experience that I can do really hard things.  That said, I would not opt for another unmedicated birth.  It’s interesting how experience can change our perspective, isn’t it? 

This is the story of Vinnie’s birth and my maddening realization that sometimes the only way out is through.

Thank you to our sponsors:

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Aug 06, 2018
254: Christine McAlister: Building A Life With Passion

Christine McAlister is an entrepreneur, business coach and the author of The Income Replacement Formula: Seven Simple Steps To Doing What You Love And Making Six Figures From Anywhere.

An expert on turning tragedy into triumph, she founded her company, Life With Passion, after the full-term stillbirth of her first daughter, Maeve.

She's been featured in Inc., Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and the Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast. Christine helps high-achievers all over the world to quit and stay out of their 9-5s, by building businesses out of their passions.

Christine and her husband and 2-year old "rainbow baby" Fiora live with their 2 rescue dogs, near their Arabian horses, in Louisville, Kentucky.

I wanted to have Christine on the show to talk about her traumatic story of loss and how she found herself a completely new person a few years later.  We talk about how motherhood changes us forever, especially in the face of loss and trauma.

Christine’s passion and energy are infectious.  It is so clear that she has built the life that is best for her passions and she’s obviously very talented when it comes to helping others do the same!

Listen in to hear Christine share:

  • How she endured the loss of her daughter, Mauve, and the lessons learned from her trauma
  • Why she left a successful business to build something new
  • Why she believes, “when the mindset is strong, the strategy is simple.”
  • How to identify your passions and determine if you should (or shouldn’t!) build a business around them
  • The 7 steps of a freedom based lifestyle

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Aug 01, 2018
253: 6 Tiny Tweaks To Improve Productivity

I’m going to be a little controversial here and tell you that if you feel you don’t have enough time in your day, it’s your own fault. 

I don’t say this because I doubt you are super busy.  I know you have a lot of balls in the air.  I totally get it.  But I also know that the constant overwhelm of busyness is usually due to two things:

  1. Taking on too many things and not being clear on what you need to say no to
  2. Poor planning/use of the precious time you have

I don’t say any of this to point fingers or place blame, as I don’t think I’ve ever met a mom who didn’t struggle with this.  So, I promise, we are all in this together.

How about we get serious about owning out time and feeling in control of our days, shall we?

Listen in as I give you 6 proven tiny tweaks to help you better manage your day and increase your productivity. 

Warning: the implementation of any one of these tweaks will ease your overwhelm tremendously. Be prepared to feel lighter and more free almost immediately.

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Jul 30, 2018
252: Beryl Young: Finding Your Creative Self After Motherhood

Beryl Young is a Shameless Mom to her 8-year-old daughter, as well as the founder of Recapture Self and creator of Momtography® photography classes. Inspired by Beryl’s traumatic entrance into motherhood, Momtography® began in 2011 in the DC Metro Area as a creative business experiment.  Over the past 7 years, Momtography® has expanded to include an online learning experience and local classes across the US taught by licensed teachers in 12 cities. Beryl calls herself a creative coach who grants women permission to seek an identity beyond motherhood using creativity as a tool for living a bigger, bolder, more meaningful life.

Beryl is a highly inspired and creative woman who will motivate you to seek new creative pathways for sure.  I had so much fun chatting with her and I’m pretty sure she will spark something in you as well.

It can be very challenging to find creative outlets when you are managing the overwhelm and necessary nitty-gritty of motherhood.  Beryl is going to teach you how to start digging into creative spaces in simple and fun ways. 

Listen in to hear Beryl share:

  • The value of living in integrity personally and professionally
  • How family planning and trauma changed her professional direction
  • How to use The 100 Steps Project to initiate creativity
  • How you can communicate with your partner to get more time to pursue your interest
  • Life hacks to get creative and stop over thinking everything
  • How to stay wildly creative and also be successful as an entrepreneur
  • How getting tattooed and dying her hair helped her thrive with anxiety

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Jul 25, 2018
251: Managing Deceit

Last month, we found ourselves in the middle of a string of traumatic lies at the hands of someone we trusted on the most vulnerable level.  Managing that kind of deceit was overwhelming.  It took some time to figure out how to move forward.

When someone breaks your trust in a big way, it’s easy for your mind to go to dark places.  It’s easy to give into fear.  It’s easy to make up stories in your head that do not serve you.

In this episode, I’ll share how someone deceived my family and our community.  I’ll also share how I managed this situation.  As someone who can’t even handle being told a white lie, this was a tough situation for me.  But I learned how to not make it about me and how to move on, even feeling some compassion for the person who caused so much harm.

I’m sharing this episode in hopes it will help others who have been deceived on any level and might be struggling to process the deceit and move forward.

Links Mentioned:

Join the Momentum Mamas Wait List: Shameless Mom

Jul 23, 2018
250: Lauren Golden: The Free Mama Movement

Lauren Golden is a Shameless Mom to 3 kids and loves helping mamas free themselves from the 9-5 grind. She launched The Free Mama Movement to show working moms that they don’t have to choose between family and financial stability. 

Hundreds of families today are happier and more fulfilled thanks to Lauren and her online programs. Whether you’re a single mom, a military mom, or a mom in a two-parent family who doesn’t want to sacrifice your time with your babies in order to provide for them, Lauren wants you to know that you don’t have to.

Today, as the fearless leader of The Free Mama Movement and a thriving community of over 3,500 women, Lauren is passionate about showing other moms how to start and run a successful freelancing business from home. In her upcoming book, she shares her own story — along with plenty of practical advice for anyone looking to leave the 9-5 behind and make a real living from home. 

Lauren has amazing energy and I knew within moments of starting this interview that we would have some magical synergy.  I am so excited to introduce you to Lauren, her story and her work!

Listen in to hear Lauren share:

  • How a traumatic loss changed her life and made her quickly quit her job
  • How she went about “crafting” the life she really wanted
  • Her belief in the “have-it-all” lifestyle
  • The negative impact of business building on a marriage
  • Why “busy” is a dirty word
  • How to cut your responsibilities in half

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Jul 18, 2018
249: Sara Dean: Kick Your Imposter Syndrome To The Curb

Everyone struggles with Imposter Syndrome.  EVERYONE.

Over the last year or so I have been noticing how prevalent Imposter Syndrome is among some of the most successful people I know.  It has become abundantly clear that we all struggle with feeling worthy. 

So, now that I’ve confirmed that this is a problem for you, lol, I’m going to talk to you about how to manage it.

Listen in to hear me share:

  • What Imposter Syndrome is and how it might be impacting your life
  • The time I saw Macklemore struggle with Imposter Syndrome
  • How I see the women over apologizing, minimizing, and giving away their self-worth
  • The negative feedback loop that keeps you stuck in Imposter Syndrome mindset
  • 3 ways you can stop shrinking
  • 6 ways to improve your confidence in less than 10 minutes a day
  • 5 ongoing practices that will help you overcome Imposter Syndrome

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SMA Episode 149: Stop Saying Sorry

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Jul 16, 2018
248: Danny J: Saved By The Daughter She Placed For Adoption (Part 2)

Please Note: This is Part 2 of Danny-J’s story.  If you didn’t listen to Episode 246 last week, go back and listen to that first!

Danny-J is an award-winning entrepreneur, coach, podcast host, and storyteller. As the former founder of The Sweaty Betties, an online fitness community, Danny-J discovered the most effective method for capturing attention and increasing revenue—sharing personal and brand stories. Danny-J's work can be heard in her weekly podcast, The Best Life Podcast and can be followed in real time on all the social media platforms.

As a real-life example of "Truth is Stranger than Fiction" she uses her real "Jerry Springer Life" stories to engage with her audience, teaches life lessons and inspires others to rewrite their stories. Danny-J now teaches innovative brands and influencers to close more sales, become better leaders and blow up their brands with the irresistible power of sharing. She also helps tens of thousands of families become debt-free by sharing her real life getting out of debt story and challenge #FindTheMoneyProject.

I have been following Danny on social media for a while now.  When I learned she gave up a baby for adoption as a teen mom, I asked her to come on the show to be interviewed as a Shameless Mom.  Danny’s story is filled with trauma and heartache, but it ends in triumph and so much love and joy that she could never have anticipated as a young desperate and clinically depressed young woman. 

In this interview, we dive deep into Danny’s childhood, which was deeply impacted by her family’s religion, sexual abuse at the hands of her cousin, learning her biological father was a sperm donor, a serious eating disorder, depression with ongoing suicidal ideation, and a pregnancy at age 15 that ultimately saved her life. 

Listen in to hear Danny share:

  • How having a baby at 16 saved her from her eating disorder, depression and suicidal thoughts
  • How giving up her baby actually gave her life purpose again
  • How her grown daughter coached her on meeting her sperm donor bio dad last year
  • How opening all the doors in her biological family relationships has improved all her relationships with her parents
  • Why she is a Shameless Mom even though she didn’t raise her daughter

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Jul 11, 2018
247: 7 Steps To Find Your Passions

One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I find my passions?” 

Author Kristin Hannah says, “Finding your passion isn't just about careers and money. It's about finding your authentic self. The one you've buried beneath other people's needs.”
I couldn’t agree more.

It is easy for moms to lose themselves in motherhood.  It is very common to wake up one day, years into motherhood, and wonder:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What are my hobbies?
  • What would I do with myself if I had free time?
  • What makes me happy outside of my family?
  • How would I fill my time if I didn’t have kids to take care of?
  • What is my favorite food?
  • Do I even have a favorite color? 

The path to finding your passions and bringing TONS more joy and magic into your life is pretty simple, but not necessarily easy.  It takes some time, but it’s well worth it – and the discovery can be really fun. 

Listen in to this episode as I share 7 steps to find your passions in life (beyond motherhood and family life.)  I think you’ll be excited about starting a new journey of exploration after you take this in!

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Jul 09, 2018
246: Danny-J: Saved By The Daughter She Placed For Adoption (part 1)

Danny-J is an award-winning entrepreneur, coach, podcast host, and storyteller. As the former founder of The Sweaty Betties, an online fitness community, Danny-J discovered the most effective method for capturing attention and increasing revenue—sharing personal and brand stories. Danny-J's work can be heard in her weekly podcast, The Best Life Podcast and can be followed in real time on all the social media platforms.

As a real-life example of "Truth is Stranger than Fiction" she uses her real "Jerry Springer Life" stories to engage with her audience, teaches life lessons and inspires others to rewrite their stories. Danny-J now teaches innovative brands and influencers to close more sales, become better leaders and blow up their brands with the irresistible power of sharing. She also helps tens of thousands of families become debt-free by sharing her real life getting out of debt story and challenge #FindTheMoneyProject.

I have been following Danny on social media for a while now.  When I learned she gave up a baby for adoption as a teen mom, I asked her to come on the show to be interviewed as a Shameless Mom.  Danny’s story is filled with trauma and heartache, but it ends in triumph and so much love and joy that she could never have anticipated as a young desperate and clinically depressed young woman. 

In this interview, we dive deep into Danny’s childhood, which was deeply impacted by her family’s religion, sexual abuse at the hands of her cousin, learning her biological father was a sperm donor, a serious eating disorder, depression with ongoing suicidal ideation, and a pregnancy at age 15 that ultimately saved her life. 

Listen in to hear Danny share:

  • How having a baby at 16 saved her from her eating disorder, depression and suicidal thoughts
  • How giving up her baby actually gave her life purpose again
  • How her grown daughter coached her on meeting her sperm donor bio dad last year
  • How opening all the doors in her biological family relationships has improved all her relationships with her parents
  • Why she is a Shameless Mom even though she didn’t raise her daughter

PLEASE NOTE: this episode has been divided into Part 1 and Part 2.  Make sure to come back next week to enjoy Part 2.

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Jul 04, 2018
245: 5 Ways To Love The Skin Your You're In

Body image has been a hot topic for me my whole life because it has been a struggle for me my whole life.

Working in the fitness industry for 16 years made me hyper-aware of how every woman battles her own body at some point in her life – sometimes for her entire life.

Having worked with thousands of women, I can tell you that a woman who weighs 125 pounds often has then same insecurities as a woman who weighs 225 pounds.  Our insecurities are universal because they are programmed into us from a ridiculously young age. 

Today I’m going to talk you through 5 ways to start deprogramming the lies you tell yourself about your body so you can start healing the relationship you have with the body that has served you well your whole life. 

I’m going to give you a lot of information and a lot of resources, so take notes!  Then go follow these Badass Body Positivity Babes on Instagram:

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Jul 02, 2018
244: Dr. Jenny Yip: Kids And Moms Coping With OCD

Jenny Yip, Psy.D., ABPP, is a clinical psychologist, author, speaker and a nationally recognized Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and anxiety expert. Since childhood, Dr. Yip has fought her own personal battle with OCD. Like so many others, she found herself falling victim to the daily struggles that OCD can bring to one’s life. Inspired by her childhood struggles and motivated to helping others overcome theirs, Dr. Yip established the Renewed Freedom Center in Los Angeles to help those suffering from OCD and anxiety disorders by providing the most advanced treatment available. She developed the Family Systems Based Strategic CBT, integrating Mindfulness Training and Strategic Paradoxical Techniques with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). For over a decade, she has successfully treated severe OCD and anxiety disorders with this comprehensive modality.

I am so grateful to Dr. Yip for coming on the show and so openly sharing her story of postpartum Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I know many moms will be able to relate to the crippling effects of anxiety during that postpartum time.  Dr. Yip does an excellent job shedding light on postpartum anxiety, hypervigilance, and OCD. 

After we cover adult OCD, we dive into what OCD can look like in children of all ages.  You might be surprised, as OCD can manifest in many different ways in kids.  If you have a child you think might be struggling with impulses, anxiety/worry, routines, depression, defiance, attention – there might be some new insights in this conversation for you.

Listen in to hear Dr. Yip share:

  • All the ways OCD can manifest, as well as the 3 different ways it showed up in her family growing up
  • The crippling grip Postpartum OCD had on her and what it cost her in her relationships with her twin sons
  • How adults can use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy to quickly improve their OCD symptoms
  • What OCD looks like in children – what is quirky kid behavior vs OCD behavior
  • Why OCD is often misdiagnosed as ADD, ADHD, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder in kids
  • What kinds of treatment models are successful in treating kids with OCD and anxiety

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Jun 27, 2018
243: 11 Non-Negotiables That Complete My Life

Do you know what your non-negotiables are? 

What are the things you can’t go without?  What are the practices, habits, routines, rules you make sure to incorporate on the regular to protect yourself from overwhelm, exhaustion, and loss of identity?

Identifying and implementing non-negotiables is a surefire way to have more control over your days and your JOY. 

Non-negotiables might include anything from a consistent bedtime to saying no extra work events to practicing affirmations first thing in the morning.  Non-negotiables serve to protect your energy, create more joy, bring you peace and build better boundaries.

In this episode, I’ll walk you through the 11 non-negotiables that help me build a life I love and keep me sane when sh*t goes sideways – cause that definitely happens every now and then. 

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Jun 25, 2018
242: Rachel Paz: Repression and Orgasmic Meditation

Rachel Paz is a Shameless Mom to her 9-year-old sonm as well as a relationship-readiness coach for independent women who feel like finding companionship and intimacy is impossible without settling.

Rachel didn’t magically know exactly what she wanted in a relationship and how to get it - but a divorce and entering the dating world again were a wake-up call to address the fear of intimacy she had experienced her whole life. To get at the root of the issue, she broke down everything she did in relationships to figure out the reason why behind it. Along the way, Rachel realized that everything she did in relationships that had her feeling like she was settling, were actually behaviors that inherently avoided intimacy. Through identifying the patterns of these self-sabotaging behaviors and practicing alternative ways of doing things, she developed a sense of loyalty to herself that had never been there before, leading her to have deeper and more fulfilling relationships than she ever thought possible.

Now Rachel leads women on this journey of examining who they are and who they want to be in their relationships, clearing out what’s in the way, and attracting partners that fit. She loves to see women unravel the intricacies of what they want, break patterns, and learn the skills to feel ready to love again without sacrificing themselves in the process.

Rachel gets extremely open, honest, and vulnerable in sharing her story and her path to a much better life through the demise of her marriage and finding herself through Orgasmic Meditation.  Rachel’s dad was a priest before having a family.  Rachel had always lead repressed, albeit comfortable and controlled, life.  But she was not happy or fulfilled.  She shares her defining moments here. 

If this conversation makes you uncomfortable, that miiiight mean you need to stick around and hear the message.  This is a powerful conversation that might really hit home in ways you did not think possible.

Please note: while Rachel shares in the episode how Orgasmic Meditation (OM) changed her life, her sharing that experience is not intended to be an endorsement of the organization that teaches OM courses. Her coaching practice is based on principles she learned through practicing OM, and doesn't include OM itself, unless specifically requested.

Listen in to hear Rachel share:

  • Why (and how) she started practicing Orgasmic Meditation
  • How Orgasmic Meditation helped her reprioritize her whole life and discover her true preferences and passions for the first time
  • The common traits and struggles of an independent (often proudly Shameless woman) and how to rectify these
  • Why identifying as an “independent woman” might actually be harming you more than helping you
  • The 8 steps to take responsibility for the relationships in your life
  • One step you can take today to start getting more of what you truly want in your life

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Jun 20, 2018
241: Turn Your Struggles Into Strengths

Let’s get real.

Real fast.

Shit happens. 

We all have brutally painful moments in life where everything changes.  Dreams are lost, hearts are broken, grief is all consuming, the pain is REAL.   And sometimes relentless.

There is a time and place to sit in your pain.

And there is a time and place to turn your pain into POWER.

Today, I’m going to share 4 of my biggest struggles that I turned into 4 of my biggest strengths.  These struggles have touched every area of my life.  I know you’ll be able to relate to at least one of them, possibly all of them.

Tune in, take notes, and then get to work. 

Consider how you can start turning your struggles into your strengths by moving away from the limits of pain and into alllll of your power.

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Jun 18, 2018
240: Debbie Reber: Differently Wired

Deborah Reber is a New York Times bestselling author, coach, and the founder of TiLT Parenting, a podcast and online community for parents raising differently wired children. Debbie’s podcast has more than 300,000 downloads and on it, she interviews high-profile thought leaders in parenting and education. Debbie’s new book is Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World.

Prior to launching TiLT, Debbie spent fifteen years writing inspiring books for teen girls.  As a teen girl authority, she frequently spoke about self-esteem and confidence.

In 2013, Debbie and her family moved from Seattle to Amsterdam, where she currently writes and homeschools her 13-year-old differently wired son, Asher.

I will share that I rarely read a book cover to cover before interviewing my guests.  But I found Differently Wired to be such an essential read, I read every single page.  Whether your child is differently wired or not, you will find such comfort and wisdom in Debbie’s stories and expertise. 

If you are parenting a differently wired child, Debbie’s work will be an invaluable resource.  If you are in a community with differently wired kids (and I promise you are, whether you know it or not), you will learn how they see the world and how you might best be able to support their families. 

If you are parenting a neurotypical child, you will still find a ton of parenting support throughout the book.  I dog-eared page after page.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Listen in to hear Debbie share:

  • How many kids fall under the umbrella of differently wired and why being differently wired provides many gifts and opportunities
  • How to parent from possibility instead of fear
  • How to introduce your child based on their strengths, not their struggles
  • How to manage the parenting comparison trap (and all those families with picture perfect vacation photos on social media)
  • How to use your loud and unapologetic voice when it comes to being an advocate for your child

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Jun 13, 2018
239: 3 Things To Think About In June

And all of the sudden we are HERE.


The longer I am a mom, the more conflicting emotions I hear around summer.

“Yay!  Summer adventures!”

“How will we navigate a different camp every week?”

“Precious times with my babies!  Can’t wait for summer fun!”

“I have to be home for how long with these kids???”

“When can we just get back to our normal routine, please?!”

Regardless of where you stand on summer and time off school, you have the power to make this a fun, memorable and functional few months for you and your family.  It does not have to be all madness and chaos. 

Listen in to hear me dive into the 5 F’s of summer:

  • Common fears & frustrations of summer
  • How to create freedom for you and your family this summer
  • How to plan for fluidity in order to be more nimble as these fluctuations in schedules come your way.

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Jun 11, 2018
238: Dana Malstaff: On Divorce, Proactive Crying, And Getting Naked

Dana Malstaff is the CEO and Founder of Boss Mom. She is a mother of 2, an author, business strategist, podcaster, blind spot reducer, and movement maker. She is the author of Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro. With over 9,000 students in various courses and a 20k+ community. 

With over 10 years of experience in content creation, marketing, sales, community building, and business strategy, Dana grew the Boss Mom brand into a six-figure business in less than a year. Her Boss Mom Movement is all about losing the guilt when it comes to raising babies and businesses at the same time, and believes that pursuing our passions and building our dreams while including our children in the process, is the best way to build thriving businesses and families.                                         

I met Dana at an event a few months ago and I knew I had to have her on the show when she got super vulnerable and super Shameless about her recent divorce and the impact of major transitions on a mom’s and business woman’s life.  She shares a ton in this interview.  I know you will be so fired up and inspired by Dana’s story and wisdom.

Listen to hear Dana share:

  • What inspired the Boss Mom movement
  • The power of proactive crying
  • When you’re not a “kid person” but you are a parent
  • The difference between feeling like a mom and feeling like a woman
  • How getting to know herself better lead to her divorce
  • Why you need to spend more time naked
  • Her philosophy: “Hope is not in the situation, it’s in the solution”

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Jun 06, 2018
237: Your Magical 15 Minute Manifest

One of the simplest ways you can transform your life is by creating a morning routine that frames and fuels your day.  I have talked about this ever since starting this podcast and now I’ve created a super simple 15 minute morning routine for you, the 15 Minute Manifest. 

The 15 Minute Manifest is inspired by my morning routine and the morning routines of many of my mentors.  This routine will give you clarity, vision, power, and a sense of freedom as you enter each new day.  I think you’ll find it extremely liberating and life-giving. 

For those of you who think you don’t have 15 minutes to spare in the morning, two things:

  1. You probably do –you just need to make time (set an alarm a little earlier, stop hitting snooze, organize yourself the night before, let your family know that you are implementing a new habit and they need to take some responsibility for morning time habits as well)
  2. If you truly can’t spare 15 minutes, this routine can be done in as little as 6 minutes and still be extremely impactful.

So, now that you have NO EXCUSES for not taking ownership of your day, tune in to this episode and download your free copy of my 15 Minute Manifest to get started on your own #15minutemanifest first thing tomorrow morning. 

THEN – tell me how it went!  We’ll be talking about the 15 Minute Manifest all week in our private Facebook group, Shameless Mom #everydamnday.  Join hundreds of other Shameless Moms and me as we practice our 15 Minute Manifests together!

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Jun 04, 2018
236: Dayna Kurtz: Universal Mother Rights

Dayna M. Kurtz, LMSW, CPT, is a leading authority on the subject of women transitioning to motherhood and serves as Director of the Anna Keefe Women's Center at the Training Institute for Mental Health in Manhattan. She is a writer, licensed social worker, and Certified Personal Trainer.

Dayna is the author of The Female Body Fix and a contributor to The Doctor's Book of Natural Remedies.  She also serves as a Real Answers expert on She has written or been consulted on articles for The Huffington Post, The Today Show, Pregnancy & Newborn, Pop Sugar, Big City Moms, Pregnancy Corner, Women's Running and numerous other outlets.  A sought-after speaker, Dayna regularly presents on the subject of Mothercare. She lives in New York City with her family. 

Dayna and I immediately hit it off in this conversation and I couldn’t be more excited to share her brilliance with you all. 

Listen in to hear Dayna share:

  • Her confidence in mothering prenatal vs the reality of mothering postnatal
  • How to thrive rather than just survive in the drama and trauma of the first year
  • The importance of using exercise as a healing modality
  • Other healing modalities during postpartum recovery
  • Her powerful philosophy around Mothercare: The universal right of every woman to have access to safe, cost-effective, reliable, evidence-based tools to make motherhood more joyful and enhance her experiences in mothering

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May 30, 2018
235: Why I Want To Be A Shameless Millionaire

Who wants to be a millionaire?

[stands up, raises both hands, and jumps up & down] I DO.

Why is there shame for women around desiring massive success and wealth building?

I’ll be honest.  I find this really disturbing and frustrating.  Are men bashful about success and wanting to get rich? 


In this episode, we are going to dig into reasons women desire wealth and the specific reasons I want to be a millionaire. 

I will also share why I refuse to be shy or apologetic about this and how we are doing all women and our children a huge disservice when we keep our ambitions quiet and secretive.

Women openly striving for high levels of success, whether through a job title or a certain income level, do not cultivate a culture of greed.  On the contrary, women striving for high levels of success cultivate a culture of ambition, focus, and drive that often comes from a place of brilliant intellect, insight, and compassion that the world desperately needs.

If you have self-doubt and questions of worthiness when it comes to success and wealth this episode is for you.

Tune in to hear the specific steps I’m taking to become a millionaire and the steps you can take to start upleveling to the next level of success you desire in your life. 

This episode is jam-packed and super meaty.  Be prepared to take some notes. 

Please share this episode with the women in your life who want more success and more money!

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May 28, 2018
234: Megan Flatt: How To Own Your Mama Advantage

Megan Flatt is a Shameless Mom to her son Brady who is 9.5 and her daughter Rylan who is 7.  She is also a business growth strategist for female entrepreneurs, specifically mom entrepreneurs, who want to lead thriving businesses while remaining present for all the other important things in their lives. Megan believes women make great business owners because we are mothers, not in spite of it. You can almost always find her with a latte in hand, a stack of post-it notes at the ready and a random lego figure in her pocket. 

Like me, Megan had a come-to-Jesus kinda moment when her children were very small and she realized she needed to make some changes in her professional life, as well as get over some long-standing beliefs she held around being a stay at home mom vs working mom. 

This conversation is fun and inspiring.  I am so delighted to be connected to Megan.  I love her mission and message and I think it will resonate strongly with so many of you. 

Get ready – Megan is going to get you fired up about your mama superpowers!

Listen in to hear Megan share:

  • Our mutual love of school supplies, post-it notes, and organizational ideas
  • Her dream of being a SAHM vs her reality
  • All about the Mama Advantage and the data supporting it
  • How to find and protect your Grade A time
  • How (and why) to build a platform, not a pedestal
  • How to manage your Decision Budget

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May 23, 2018
233: Moderation Vs Abstinence

On my recent girls trip to Sedona, a hot topic came up about being a moderator vs an abstainer.  This conversation was inspired by two of the women I was with sharing their experiences feeling overwhelmed when trying to moderate alcohol and food in their life.

One woman shared her story of giving up alcohol two years ago because it had become so exhausting to manage her relationship with it.  She found herself constantly negotiating with herself about when she would drink, how much she would drink and her struggle to maintain boundaries that felt good to her. 

She ultimately gave alcohol up all together – which felt terrifying at the time.  She equated it to a breaking up with a boyfriend.  Two years later she can see how much freedom she has regained in choosing to be an abstainer when it comes to alcohol. 

Another friend shared her struggle with consistently making food choices that support her goals.  She talked about the struggles she has when she allows herself to indulge in treats but then finds it taking days, weeks, sometimes months to get back into food routines that support her health goals.

Like the friend who struggled with alcohol, this woman finds her relationship with food to be consuming to the point of often being exhausting and overwhelming.  Perhaps abstaining from indulgences would be more liberating??

There is a lot of societal messaging around moderation. But for some people, moderation is actually much harder work that abstaining from something all together.

Often the “treats” we try to enjoy in moderation make us feel worse instead of better – even though we think the indulgence will feel fantastic in the moment.  If the aftermath is fraught with regret, remorse, and frustration, then moderation is not really an effective habit, is it?

In this episode, I dive more deeply into this conversation and into some of Gretchen Rubin’s teachings on the topic of moderating vs abstaining.  It’s pretty fascinating.  I think you’ll find it interesting and helpful if you ever struggle with maintaining habits that best support your goals.

Please share this with other Shameless Moms in your life who might find value in this conversation.

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May 21, 2018
232: Gina Fresquez: Motherhood and SPD

Gina Fresquez, MS, CHC, Clarity and Confidence coach and #1 international best selling author, is the founder of The Women’s Side Hustle Society, where she is committed to empowering ambitious, soulful side-hustling women to bring their biggest entrepreneurial dreams to life in a way that’s infused with confidence, joy, ease, and freedom—without having to sacrifice their health, sanity, or lifestyle.

After spending many years in corporate sales and nutrition, Gina’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur came true in 2012, when she started her first side hustle. Since then she has enjoyed the journey of strategically and intuitively coaching her clients through mitigating fears, breakthroughs, transitions, and transformations of building a successful business in a way that feels good to them. Gina accomplishes this through one-on-one coaching, masterminds, and women’s retreats. She also loves sharing stories of other amazing, successful side-hustling women on her podcast, Women’s Side Hustle Society.

Gina is also a Shameless Mom to 3-year-old Ezra who was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder 6 months ago.  Gina had long wondered why Ezra’s behavior was such a departure from her and her husband’s calm, chill ways.  After a powerful conversation with a preschool teacher, Gina took action to learn more about how Ezra learns and experiences the world and it’s changed her as a mom. 

Listen in to hear Gina share:

  • Her experience parenting a child with SPD – the signs, the treatment, and daily coping
  • Learning self-regulation with SPD
  • Why she walked away from a corporate job she loved
  • How her side hustling resulted in her becoming an international best selling author
  • How you can go about finding your own soulful side hustle
  • How to “take the stairs” instead of taking a risky leap into new territory

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May 16, 2018
231: 3 C's of Lasting Friendships

Last weekend I got to spend 4 days with friends from high school.  We had not all been together for any length of time in 24 years.  It was magic.

A few nights after I returned, I attended a happy hour with a bunch of preschool moms from Vinnie’s class.  Also, magic.

These two events, while very different, had a lot of similarities.  This got me thinking about the value of friendships and how we can find them and fuel them.

Listen in to hear me share the 3 C’s of friendship:

  • Connection
  • Camaraderie
  • Curiosity

I address each C and dive into how you can use it to deepen the friendships in your life.  I also give you some solid pointers on finding friendships and connections if this is a struggle for you. 

This is a good one – one worth sharing.  Please share this episode with the other Shameless Moms in your life.  If we all have more Connection, Camaraderie, and Curiosity in our relationships, the world would be a better place.

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May 14, 2018
230: Kym Campbell: Motherhood and PCOS

Kym Campbell is the creator of the free 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge and The Beat PCOS 10 Week Program where she seeks to help women overcome their PCOS diagnosis by applying evidence-based approaches to food, exercise, and emotional wellness practices.

After having struggled with health issues since her early teens, it wasn’t until her 30’s when she began struggling with infertility that Kym was diagnosed with PCOS. After a long journey of completely transforming her health through diet and lifestyle changes, Kym fell pregnant naturally after years of failed IVF treatments.

When not busy supporting women with PCOS, Kym’s other passions include writing and recording music, surfing, and spending quality time with her husband and her 10-month-old son.

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  It is much more common than you might think and many women go undiagnosed despite their symptoms of irregular periods, unexplained weight gain, hormonal imbalances and more.

One of the great things about a PCOS diagnosis is that it is often very treatable through lifestyle changes, rather than long-term medications (that come with lots of side effects).  Kym talks in depth about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

It is very likely that someone close to you struggles with PCOS – perhaps undiagnosed.  For those who go undiagnosed, there is often a tremendous amount of shame around their symptoms and their bodies that seem like they are failing them at times.  If you think this episode might be helpful to a friend or family member, please share it with them.

Listen in to hear Kym share:

  • Kym’s story about the impact of PCOS on her life
  • Common symptoms, struggles, and health concerns around PCOS
  • How PCOS impacts fertility
  • The 3 pronged approach to treating and managing PCOS long term
  • The most common missing link in treating PCOS

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May 09, 2018
229: On Dreading vs Dreaming

If you struggle with chronic worry or anxiety, it is very likely you go through life spending more time dreading what lies ahead than dreaming about the magic you may be about to encounter.  Can you relate?

As someone who has made it my lifelong, full-time job to worry about everything (I mean everrrrrything), I can tell you I have wasted a lot of time and energy dreading, well, life.

And it has been a total waste.

Dread doesn’t serve you. 

At all.

Dread doesn’t make your outcomes better.  It doesn’t get you to your goals faster.  It doesn’t make anything enjoyable.

Dread makes you feel powerless, exhausted and often defeated – before you’ve even tried taking action. Like I said – a TOTAL waste.

On the other hand, dreaming is expansive and promising.  It helps you feel optimistic, hopeful, inspired and energized.

Dreaming about your day instead of dreading it can change the way you approach a situation, the way you take action, and the outcomes that you create for yourself.

So, how do we go from dreading to dreaming???

Listen in to this episode to learn how to:

  • Change hopelessness into hopefulness
  • Visualize a future you’re totally fired up about (whether it’s just getting through today or powering through the next 5 years)
  • Turn anxiety into action.

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May 07, 2018
228: Kate Swoboda The Courage Habit

Kate Swoboda (aka Kate Courageous) is a Shameless Mom to her three and a half year old daughter, the Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification and creator of, where she teaches people how to change old patterns of self-doubt and create courageous habits (and courageous lives) using the neuropsychology of habit-formation. She helps individuals who feel stuck start connecting to their most courageous selves, and she helps companies to create more innovative office cultures where teams at every level feel valued for their contribution to the whole.

Kate was deemed one of the top 50 bloggers in health, fitness, and happiness by Greatist. She has contributed to Entrepreneur, USA Today, Forbes, Lifetime Moms, The Intelligent Optimist, MindBodyGreen, Business Insider, and more.

Kate works with companies, teams, and individuals around the topic of courage as it relates to personal development, releasing overwhelm, business and marketing, money mindset, wellness, increasing emotional resilience, and healthy goal-setting using habit-formation techniques.

Her first book, The Courage Habit: How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, and Live Your Courageous Life (New Harbinger Publications) has just come out and you’ll definitely want to order it after hearing this interview.

Kate and I dug into a lot of great topics here, but I think I was most delighted by one her response to my final question, “What makes you a Shameless Mom?”  Make sure you pay special attention to that!

Listen in to hear Kate share:

  • How to get out of fear-based patterns and habits
  • How to incorporate courage based habits
  • Her thoughts around perfectionism, pessimism, martydom, self-sabotage
  • 4 essential behaviors that cultivate courage and emotional resilience
  • Why fear thrives in isolation and how to find your community
  • How to get around the fear of shining too brightly in your life

Links Mentioned:

Kate on Facebook
Kate on Instagram
Kate on Twitter 
Kate on Pinterest
Program: The Courageous Living Program
Certification: The Courageous Living Coach Certification
Program: The Coaching Blueprint digital marketing program

Book: The Courage Habit
Free resources for listeners/viewers: Your Courageous Life

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May 02, 2018
227: Why I Sold My Gym

I made a major life decision and transition a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to share it with you today, as it very much impacts our future together in the Shameless Mom Academy!

Today I talk you through how I made the big, terrifying, overwhelming, and very responsible decision to sell my gym, Sync Fitness.

I share why you should not wait until your fully ready for change before you make big moves.

I walk you through how you can prove your strength, power, and resiliency to yourself so you can feel inspired to take on new challenges.

I teach you the value of leaning into all things exciting and scary – and why these are very specifically the thing you must lean into!

Warning: this episode may just inspire you to go take a flying leap!  J

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Apr 30, 2018
226: Cathy Heller: There's Room For Everyone

Cathy Heller is a Shameless Mom to three little girls (after 12 rounds of fertility treatments and countless losses) and the host of the hit podcast, Don’t Keep Your Day Job. She is also a singer, songwriter, licensing music to ads tv and films. She started her podcast to help others figure out their own dream jobs and it was an overnight success. Her show is consistently ranked on Apple Podcasts with powerhouse shows like Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Each week Cathy encourages thousands of listeners to find more purpose in their life and get paid to do what they love full time. Cathy’s girl next door approach and out of the box hustling style is helping so many people feel hopeful and excited about what lies ahead. Cathy often says “purpose is the opposite of depression” and she is truly lifting others to be the happiest version of themselves.

I have seen Cathy speak at two different events and both times she blew me away.  IN this episode, I share the most recent story of Cathy sharing the stage with three male colleagues who have years more experience in podcasting – yet she OWNED the stage.  It was so powerful that I ran up to her after to tell her she rocked my Shameless world.

Listen in to hear Cathy share:

  • Being raised in a family that struggled with anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation
  • How we are all still trying to get through our childhoods
  • Why her three week trip to Jerusalem ended up lasting over 2 years
  • How we all have an infinite spark and how to start to discover the vastness of your own possibilities
  • Why alignment is the new hustle – and how to align yourself to get what you want out of your work and life
  • Specific steps you can take if you dream of quitting your day job

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Apr 25, 2018
225: How to Build Your Stage

I recently got an email from Shameless Mama Megan about her experience taking a stand against sexual abuse against children that is happening in the LDS church.

Megan shares how she stood up for herself and her beliefs even though her entire family did not have her back.  She stood up through tears and discomfort.  She used her voice even when it was shaky.  She didn’t back down, even when that would have been the easiest way out.

Megan’s story is a powerful example of how practicing using your voice can change your life.  Megan identifies herself as an introvert and a typically quiet person.  But now she is also a marcher, a truth teller, an advocate, and a podcast celeb (after thousands of people hear her story here!) 

Thank you for letting me share your story, Megan.  Your voice matters.  Your voice is NEEDED.  Keep speaking, sister.  It only gets more powerful, life-changing, and life-giving from here.

Listen in to hear Megan’s full story that is guaranteed to light a fire in you this week.  Then, will take you through 4 ways to build your own stage, just like Megan did.  I will also give you 10 warnings around what to expect when you build your stage, so you aren’t surprised when your knees shake – and you can look forward to the exhilaration that comes with owning your voice.

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Apr 23, 2018
224: Sarah Peck: Start Up Pregnant

Sarah K Peck is a writer, startup advisor, and yoga teacher based in New York City. She’s the founder and executive director of Startup Pregnant, a media company documenting the stories of women’s leadership across work and family. She hosts the weekly Startup Pregnant podcast, and she and her husband are the instigators behind More Women’s Voices, a website that promotes women speakers and entrepreneurs.

She’s a 20-time All-American swimmer who successfully swam the Escape from Alcatraz nine separate times, once wearing only a swim cap and goggles to raise $33k for charity: water. To date, she’s written for more than 75 different web publications and has delivered speeches and workshops at Penn, UVA, Berkeley, Harvard, Year of the X, Craft & Commerce, WDS, and more.  She’s currently writing a memoir of her experience working in the tech startup world while she was pregnant with her first kid.

Sarah is full of energy and passion around her messaging for moms and entrepreneurs.  She is also very realistic and reasonable.  She has simplified her life to make her dreams and desires very clear.  By living with less, she has been able to create more for herself and her family on every level. 

Listen in to hear Sarah share:

  • Why she left a startup to start her own startup early in motherhood
  • How she created time and money for herself to afford starting her own business (and some super simple budgeting tips!)
  • How to do less in order to accomplish more
  • Why you need to write your personal philosophy and how to make it actionable and not too “fluffy”

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Apr 18, 2018
223: 3R's To Think About This Spring

Who else is dying for the season of sun, cherry blossoms, and grilling to GET STARTED ALREADY?!?

This is the perfect time to check in with yourself on how you want to Renew, Review, and Rejoice this spring.

In this episode I’ll talk you through:

  • How you can renew the habits that best fuel you (that may have fallen by the wayside over the winter)
  • How to access what you want more of and less of this spring and how to take radical responsibility to get it all
  • How to rejoice in the little things that light you up and find magic moments as the season's change

I’ll share specific examples from my life pertaining from all of the above.  Feel free to copy/model/borrow/steal it all!

Happy Spring Shameless friends! Xoxo

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Apr 16, 2018
222: Sara LeHoullier: Shameless Stepmom and Busybee

Sara LeHoullier has always been a busy-bee. With a BA in English Literature and a Master's in Sustainable Development, she jumped from teaching English as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar to managing donor-funded projects with a large NGO, then dove into consulting with Microsoft before striking out on her own. She currently designs Squarespace websites and writes copy for passionate entrepreneurs and small businesses — she’s also the co-founder of Shop the Change, a web app designed to help consumers make value-based shopping decisions and support the brands working to make the world a better place. Her most challenging (and rewarding) position yet is being a stepmom. She’s deeply interested in social change, sustainable business, and creating space for conversations that improve the way we work and live on this planet. 

This was such a fun interview.  You will hear Sara’s magnetic energy from the very beginning of the interview.  I loved hearing Sara’s story and I really appreciate how she opened up about some of the less talked about aspects of stepmotherhood.  I know you’ll learn some valuable lessons from Sara’s journey.

Listen in to hear Sara share:

  • Her unexpected journey into motherhood
  • The challenges of building an identity as a stepmom
  • How she worked through the isolation of being a new mother figure and stepmom
  • How her entrepreneurial journey paralleled her motherhood journey
  • Where she is now – attracting all the right people at the right time

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Apr 11, 2018
221: Seven Phrases of Freedom

There are a handful of phrases that can buy you A LOT of freedom.  These are small statements you can use to convey big messages that will get you out of over-explaining yourself, stretching the truth to get your way, or rationalizing way more than you need to in any given conversation or situation. 

For example, when we over-explain a “NO”, for example, we often say way too much, minimize our power, and give away way too much of ourselves. 

These 7 Phrases of Freedom will give you back your time, energy, and sanity:

  • Not right now.
  • Let me get back to you.
  • Can you send me an email about that?
  • Thank you.
  • I appreciate you.
  • That has not been my experience.

Use them liberally, starting now!

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Apr 09, 2018
220: Natali Morris - News Anchor Gone Wealth Builder

Natali Morris is a broadcaster, writer, speaker, and the Co-Founder and CFO of Morris Invest. Previously, Natali was a news anchor and technology reporter for NBC, CBS, CNET, and The Today Show. Her mission is to empower couples and families to take control of their money, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and start building real long-term wealth.

After leaving a full-time job and six figure paycheck as a news anchor on NBC in order to raise a family, Natali ended up with an unexpected feeling when it came to money: powerlessness. Instead of shrinking back, she decided to run headfirst into her "powerlessness" and started operating her family's wealth like a business.

As of October 2017, Natali, her husband, and their three children (ages 1, 5, and 7) have achieved complete financial freedom due to the creative money and business decisions they’ve made, and she launched as a way to share surprising lessons learned on their journey.

Listen in to hear Natali share:

  • Why she had to get our of TV and move on to something more powerful and meaningful
  • What are performing assets and why are they necessary to building wealth
  • How to create a family mission statement based on your personal family values
  • Why you should treat your marriage partnership like a business and how to do it
  • How to be more innovative and creative around wealth building

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Apr 04, 2018
219: Boundaries (With Judgy People)

“Hi! I'm a devout listener of your podcast, and really appreciate everything you do to make that possible! I've gained a lot of emotional intelligence and lost a lot of guilt over small things!

I'm a 24-year working mama in school with 2 little ones, and on Thursday I'm getting a breast augmentation and lift!!! I'm extremely excited but have not told anyone I work with or really anyone except my 3 closest people.

I decided to go through with this and not let fear of other's judgment affect my decisions! However, I'm still nervous people (especially my in-laws) are going to think I'm "loaded" even though I have always been excellent at budgeting and finances, and work for everything I have. I'm really hoping you can give me some advice on 2 things.

  1. Is it a good idea or is it even possible to keep this private?
  2. 2. How do I deal with people's responses if they do find out? I've already come up with a few "mantras" for myself: "You are not a bad mother for getting this done", "You are not robbing money that could have been better spent on your children", "My husband supports this decision, and I am not wasting our money". But I just do not want to deal with the consequences of everyone knowing and having negative reactions.

Thanks again for producing amazing content, that literally changes peoples’ lives!”

I had sooooo much to say about this (of course!)  Listen in to hear my reply.

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Apr 02, 2018
218: Ali Caliendo: Foster Kinship

Ali is a tireless advocate for children and families, focusing on kinship, foster and adoptive families. She launched, funded and currently serves as the Executive Director of Foster Kinship, non-profit organization devoted to the support of kinship families. She founded Foster Kinship to provide much-needed resources and peer-to-peer support for the dedicated individuals working tirelessly to raise their relative’s children, keeping these children both connected to family and safe from harm.

A licensed foster and adoptive parent herself, Ali is a frequent contributor to the local, state and national conversation on kinship and foster care.  Ali is completing a Ph.D. in Public Affairs at UNLV and holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Systems Renewal (OSR) from Seattle University, specializing in family systems and systemic trauma and healing, organizational consulting and group facilitation. Ali currently resides in Las Vegas with her husband and 5-year-old son.

Ali always knew she wanted to mother through adoption.  She also felt a tremendous professional pull toward serving children and families who have experienced trauma.  Ali has so beautifully pursued her personal and professional dreams in order to impact the lives of over 4,000 children in the last 6 years, while building a family with her husband and son, Anthony.

Listen in to hear Ali share:

  • What is kinship care and why does it need more dramatically more support and resources
  • How to find resources and connections for kinship care in your area
  • 10 questions that ID if a child is at risk for mental health/physical challenges later in life
  • Considerations to make if you’re thinking of starting a non-profit
  • The beauty of imperfect action and why you shouldn’t wait until you know it all to get build something you’re passionate about
  • The power of the highs and lows of fostering and adoption

Links Mentioned:

Learn more about Foster Kinship: 

Foster Kinship on Facebook

Ali on Twitter

Tool: Adverse Childhood Experience Questionnaire

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Mar 28, 2018
217: The Secret Baptism

We recently made some decisions around education and religion that gave me the opportunity to dig into some discomfort.  I thought it was worth sharing here, as I learn more and more that things are not always black and white (Dammit! It’s soooo much easier when they are!)

Sharing here allowed me to process what this journey has been like for me.  I think you might find it helpful if you’ve ever had to make uncomfortable decisions around religion.

Annnnd…. I would love to hear your stories discomfort and religion.  Email me at if you have a story to share.

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Mar 26, 2018
216: Ellie Bassick-Trovato: The New Brave

Ellie Bassick-Trovato, the CEO & Founder of The New Brave, discovered a way to thrive in the face of enormous challenges such as depression, compulsive eating, and losing her husband and both of her parents. She created The New Brave to inspire other women to find their way to thrive in the midst of life’s challenges.

The company's mission is to unleash the power and the depth of feminine energy to help heal the world. She is a co-author of the Amazon #1 bestseller A Juicy Joyful Life: Inspiration from Women Who Have Found the Sweetness in Every Day. She writes, speaks, and facilitates workshops that help women live true and express their greatest gifts and their joy. She has impacted thousands of women’s lives through the wellness center she created (Uplifting Connections) and through online and in-person workshops and private coaching.

Ellie is joining The Shameless Mom Academy to share her shameless journey as a woman, widow, a single mom, and a leader.  She shares the unexpected gifts that came out of her pain and trauma.  We talk about self-love, your inner mean girl, and how to stop harmful self-talk.

Listen in to hear Ellie share:

  • Her story of becoming a widow with a very young child
  • How her perspective of Love vs fear got her through her husbands declining health and death
  • The concept of Thrive brain vs Survive brain
  • How lack of self-care will paralyze all areas of your life
  • How to use curiosity as an antidote to judgment

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Mar 21, 2018
215: You're Not Special

I was recently at an event and my mind was blown open when I realized this one simple truth:

None of us are special.

Annnnnd – that means we are all equally capable of doing great things.

Those people you put on a pedestal - the heroes in your life – they all have struggles. They all have insecurities and doubts.  They all fear failure. They all make mistakes. They all fall flat on their faces sometimes.

And this is a good thing.

It means we are all the same.

While no one is special, we are all unique.  No one can ever be more you than YOU.  Which means no matter what you do, it will never be the same as anyone else and you can make it as big and bold and badass as you want.  There is no reason to hold anything back.

Listen in to learn how to be more YOU by:

  • Identifying and pursuing your own interests
  • Learn from people those who inspire you
  • Identifying commonalities between you and the people you admire most instead of differences
  • Identifying your zones of genius
  • Starting passion projects that are just for you
  • Diving into your story and embracing its impact on your life

Links Mentioned:

Podcast: School of Greatness interview with Lewis Howes and Shaun T

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Mar 19, 2018
214: Angela Stowell: On Grief, Growth and Giving

Angela Stowell is co-founder and CEO and of Ethan Stowell Restaurants in Seattle. In 2007, she and her husband, Chef Ethan Stowell, founded Ethan Stowell Restaurants. The couple has since opened 16 restaurants across the city of Seattle.  Angela manages over $25.5 million in annual revenue and oversees 320 employees.

Angela has repeatedly been recognized as a powerhouse and consistently conscientious businesswoman.  She was named one of the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2013 “40 Under 40.  She and Ethan were the recipients of the 2016 Richard Melman Innovator of the Year Award. Most recently, she was honored as one of the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2017 “Women of Influence,” a list showcasing women whose outstanding leadership has an outsized influence on the business community, and was named one of the “50 Most Influential Women in Seattle” by Seattle Met Magazine.

Angela sits on the Board of Directors for the United Way of King County where she serves as co-chair for Reconnecting Youth and as the 2018 Annual Campaign co-chair. Additionally, Angela has a seat on the board of local startup, Kigo Asian Kitchen, and is a member of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce Policy Leadership Group.

While Angela shines bright and strong in the Seattle business community, I know her first and foremost as great friend and a fantastic mom.  I am so honored to share her Shameless story with you.

Listen in to hear Angela share:

  • Her traumatic entrance into motherhood after losing twin sons
  • How she moved forward from grief and found meaning in loss
  • The power of building a company around giving and serving rather than selling and promoting
  • What it’s like to be a CEO, philanthropist, activist, and Shameless Mom
  • How to find time that is just for you when you have multiple full-time jobs

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Angela at Ethan Stowell Restaurants

Angela on Instagram

Book: Hillbilly Elegy

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Mar 14, 2018
213: 8 Tips to Manage Procrastination

Procrastination is something that has come up a lot with my coaching clients recently, so I thought we should dive into that here.

There are many reasons we procrastinate.  Sometimes procrastination is wrapped up in our self-doubt.  Sometimes it’s wrapped up in perfectionism.  Sometimes we’re scared of discomfort.  Sometimes we’re paralyzed by anxiety.

In this episode, I’ll walk you through 6 common reasons we procrastinate (I think you’ll find a few of these very enlightening) and 8 steps you can take to procrastinate less.

We’ll talk about everything from simple habits like setting timers to get stuff done, to deeper ideas around assessing your mental health when find yourself in procrastination habits that you cannot seem to pull yourself out of.

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Mar 12, 2018
212: Beth Baker: Running Evolution

"My goal is to get as many new runners as possible, increase the awesome community, and laugh while doing it." - Beth Baker


Beth Baker started Running Evolution out of trying to run and failing for almost a year. She says she made every mistake; bad sports bras, wrong shoes and just, well, doing it wrong. But after falling in love with the sport and helping her friends start running, she knew she was on to something. The business was created 10 years ago and 2000 new runners were made from the program. She has also started her new venture: Coach Running, a online coaching program, where she is certifying and licensing people to start their own coaching program for new runners.

Beth is a colleague and friend of mine in Seattle.  We are friends because – well – I stalked her and told her I wanted to be her friend.  Seriously.  This is how beautiful friendships are made. 

Beth creates running magic by helping women share the experiences of learning to run together.  I can’t say enough good things about the impact Beth has had on the thousands of runners she has coached.  I am delighted and honored to share Beth with you today.

Listen in to hear Beth share:

  • Why the first three miles of running are the hardest
  • Why running with a group is so much more beneficial, mentally and physically
  • The truth about running when it’s really hurt (hint: you’re fine)
  • Why you don’t need to be fast or run far for running to “count”
  • Why running communities are especially valuable to moms
  • Why running slow can be exactly what you need
  • How to build a community and business around running
  • How to become a running coach even if you don’t have any coaching experience (and even if you’re not a fast runner)

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Mar 07, 2018
211: 3 Things To Think About In March

We are well into 2018. It’s not a new year anymore, per se. However, have you started tackling the things you truly wanted to tackle this year? Have you been taking chances, getting out of your comfort zone, and going after the things you truly want – even if they scare you?

As we enter a new month and rapidly approach the spring season (YAY!), the time for action is now. The time to get a little uncomfortable is now. The time to be seen as the you you truly want to be is now.

I just had a conversation with a Shameless Mom last week about how uncomfortable it can be to show up in our lives in new and uncomfortable ways. We risk feeling naked and exposed. We risk judgment and misperceptions from others. It can feel ridiculously vulnerable.

But on the other side of that discomfort is YOU being YOU – standing in your power and your confidence (even if you’re faking it or forcing it a bit at first). It is liberating and life giving.

On the other side of that discomfort you get to move beyond the stagnation and frustration of your current life. You get to solve problems, embrace new adventures, and live bigger.

So, the uncomfortable steps must be taken, right?

In this episode, we’ll talk about how to have uncomfortable conversations (in the most comfortable way possible), how to take uncomfortable action and how to be more open to being seen as who you want to be, rather than who you think you should be.

Links Mentioned

Book: The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

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Mar 05, 2018
210: Kelly Herron Not Today Mother F....r

"Not Today Motherf@#!er" was the battle cry Kelly Herron screamed on a Sunday afternoon when she experienced every runner's biggest nightmare - a mid-run assault. Using the skills she recently learned in a self-defense workshop offered at her workplace, she fought back against a transient sex offender who attacked her in a park bathroom, trapping him inside until police arrived.
Her Instagram post showing the frantic GPS lines tracking the violent encounter went viral, inspiring women around the world to fight back - whether it be against assault or even against someone who is underestimating them. 
Kelly has been featured by Women’s Running Magazine among the 21 Women Transforming the World through Running, has partnered with Runner’s World Magazine to support survivors through merchandise sales, and has been a tv guest on shows such as Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and The Doctors.

She has used her story to raise thousands of dollars to support survivors and raise awareness about personal safety and self-defense.

This interview will give you goosebumps and tears as you listen to Kelly very eloquently share her story.  It will also give you a tremendous about of hope that trauma doesn’t need to define you, and it can even make you better.  What you do with trauma is up to you.  You have the power to make it something can change your trajectory for the better like Kelly did because only YOU can write the ending to your story.

WARNING: This episode contains content and language not appropriate for children.

Listen in to hear Kelly share:

  • The play-by-play of her attack and how she prevented being sexually assaulted
  • Specific self-defense techniques that she used that anyone should use in an attack
  • Why awareness and perseverance are KEY in saving yourself from an attacker
  • How she has spent the last year as a fighter, survivor and warrior, and not as a victim
  • What recovery from trauma looks like on a day to day basis
  • How her recovery from alcoholism aided her assault recovery

Links Mentioned:

Kelly’s Website and Merchandise:

Kelly on Instagram

Kelly on Facebook

Kelly on Twitter

Self Defense Classes in Seattle:

Seven Star Women's Kung Fu

Fighting Chance Seattle

Online Self Defense Course

Women’s Empowerment Safety Course

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Feb 28, 2018
209: 3 Things To Do When You Feel Helpless

The last couple weeks have been stressful for me on a few different levels.  Anyone with me???

Here’s the deal - stress doesn’t have to be lonely and isolating.  And we don’t have to sit in helplessness.   Because that sh*t does not feel positive or productive.

I have had to do some serious coaching of myself to get out of my head and into action over the last couple weeks and I thought it would be helpful to share this coaching with you.

Listen in to hear me share what I’m feeling helpless about, how I’m making strategic escapes, what kinds of productive plans I’m making, and how I’m dumping & processing with others so I don’t have to go it alone (NO ONE should ever have to go it alone!)

Links Mentioned:

March 14th Women’s March Walkout – a national 17-minute walkout

March 24th: March For Our Lives (in Washington DC and other large cities)

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Feb 26, 2018
208: Heather Brooker: #TimesUp in Hollywood

Heather Brooker is an actress, comedian, 2 time Emmy Award-winning writer, and host of the Motherhood in Hollywood podcast. She is a regular contributor to the Today Show Parenting TeamThe Huffington, and entertainment website Wonderwall as well as her own blog. Heather has appeared on The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and The Mindy Project just to name a few. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, daughter and celebrity cat, Gracie I Love You.

This is Heather’s second visit to the show.  I asked her back because she is such a fun interviewee AND I wanted to get her take on all things Hollywood right now.  I wanted to know what she was seeing in her red carpet experiences related to the #metoo and #timesup movements.  We also get into some parenting nitty gritty and friendship chit-chat (like why is it hard to make new mom friends???)

Listen in to hear Heather share:

  • The biggest shifts she sees happening in Hollywood right now and why they are so relevant to all of us
  • What she predicts for #timesup conversations at the upcoming Oscars
  • Her thoughts around men in Hollywood right now
  • How she’s preparing to lose her daughter to kindergarten next year
  • Drama around making new mom friends – why is it so rigorous???

Links Mentioned:

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Feb 21, 2018
207: 4 Health Hacks That Will Change Your Life

You know I love to geek out on self-care and all things health & wellness.  So today I’m diving into 4 categories of health to give you practical and tactical tips to level up your health game – BIG TIME. 

We’ll explore:

  • Sleep (how to get more)
  • Exercise (how much you really need to do to get results)
  • Nutrition (a super simple way to start eating more mindfully)
  • Hydration (and how maybe drinking water is kinda sexy)

This episode is chock full of tips, so take notes!

Also, please share this episode with folks in your life who want to with more energy, strength (of mind and body) and pizzazz #everydamnday.

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Feb 19, 2018
206: Heather Huhman: Beating Infertility

Once Heather R. Huhman and her husband developed their careers enough to feel financially solvent, they decided it was time to start building their family. Unfortunately, the journey to motherhood was long and traumatic. In five years, Heather endured seven embryo transfers (three retrieval cycles with fresh transfers, four frozen transfers), four  miscarriages, and stillborn twins before finally giving birth to her daughter Aurora prematurely in January 2016.

Inspired by her own painful experience with infertility and pregnancy loss, Heather launched a twice weekly podcast called Beat Infertility in June 2015. The show features both infertility warriors and fertility experts to empower listeners to educate themselves and become their own self-advocates. 

In her professional life, Heather is the founder and president of Come Recommended, a PR company, and a regular contributor to Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. She resides in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, their daughter, and their dog, Mackenzie.

I have been deeply touched by Heather’s story and I am so grateful to have her on the show to share her experiences with infertility and relating to so many mothers who struggle with loss and grief around pregnancy.

Listen in to hear Heather share:

  • Her infertility story of enduring multiple miscarriages and stillbirths
  • Her happy ending, that was still fraught with trauma
  • Why she started an infertility podcast in the middle of her infertility journey
  • How she thinks her podcast changed the course of her infertility
  • The unexpected gifts and lessons of infertility
  • What you can say to someone who is be going through infertility or has suffered a loss

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Feb 14, 2018
205: 4 Ways to Practice Courage

Wanting to be courageous and actually being courageous can be two really different things.  Courage takes intention.  Courage takes guts – and sometimes grit.  Courage takes practice.

Today I’m going to share 4 ways you can start practicing courageous acts on a more regular basis, so you can:

Stand up.
Stand out.
Stand when your knees shake. 
Stand when your voice quivers. 
Meet fear in the face. 
Practice scary things. 
Dream big. 
Act big.

I’m going to talk about how to:

  • Meet fear in the face
  • Admit failure
  • Stand up for something
  • Listen more if you’re an extrovert


  • Share more if you’re an introvert

Warning: practicing these 4 things might make you a badass.

Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 149: Stop Saying Sorry

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Feb 12, 2018
204: Lori Lee: Love Your Story

Lori Lee, the host and producer of the Love Your Story podcast--an empowerment podcast focused on how we can lift ourselves and others to greater places because of our control over our stories -- found her love, understanding and appreciation for stories as she studied and researched the personal narrative for her Master's degree program in Folklore at Utah State University. A professional writer for the past 25 years Lori has 4 books, over 100 published magazine articles, and she taught writing at Utah State University. Lori has been on Park City TV as a trails host, Studio 5 TV, and multiple radio morning shows to share her expertise. She recently released an audiobook/ebook called The Key To Your Super Self - How your stories unlock your power.

Lori is also a Shameless single mom to her sons, ages 21 and 17.  She walked through cancer with her 21year old son last year and he is now thriving.

Listen in to hear Lori share:

  • The function and importance of our stories
  • How her story of 3 divorces and enduring her partner’s abuse and addiction fueled her professional journey and her Love Your Story podcast
  • How to find meaning and comfort out of your sacred spaces of severe suffering
  • The 4 steps to start rewriting the stories that are holding you back in your life

Links Mentioned:

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Feb 07, 2018
203: 3 Things To Think About In February

February is the (arbitrary) month of love.  I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a Valentine’s Scrooge.  I think I’m still bitter about all those V Days I spent wishing someone would send me some damn flowers and a singing telegram (ok, I know these haven’t really been a thing in like 50 years, but they look cool in old movies.)

In spite of my feelings about Valentine’s Day, I’m ALL about celebrating love #everydamnday and I’m more than happy to use V Day as an excuse to talk about three ways to focus on #lovegoals in February.

Tune in to hear me dig into these three areas of love:

  1. Self Love
  2. Demonstrations of Love
  3. Receiving Love

I get into everything from self-love practices to forgiveness, to the 5 love languages, to graciousness.  It’s good stuff.  You’ll love it (ß see what I did there?!)

I hope your February is full of family snuggles, kiddo giggles, uninterrupted time alone, your favorite chocolates, a reflection of everything you have to be grateful for, and maaaaaybe a singing telegram.

Links Mentioned:

Book: The 5 Love Languages: Secrets to Love That Lasts

Book: The 5 Love Languages of Children: Secrets to Loving Children Effectively

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Go to Bark Box

Feb 05, 2018
202: Aby Moore: The Truth About Blogging As A Business

Aby Moore is a full-time blogger and online course creator. Aby writes You Baby Me Mummy, an award-winning top UK Family lifestyle blog, where she specializes in blogging advice, coaching, and courses. She helps mums create more freedom in their lives by turning their blogs into their businesses.

Aby built her blog while her baby slept on her chest.  Within 15 months she was making more money off her blog than she had ever made at a traditional job.  She takes her business very seriously and she wants to help you do the same. 

Aby is no-nonsense and brutally honest in her advice, which I really appreciate.  She is not going to sugar coat what you need to do to be successful.  She’s going to tell you what to do and she expects you to do it.  Annnnnd, she is also a total sweetheart.  So you’re in for some fun, too. 

Listen in to hear Aby share:

  • The difference between blogging for hobby vs blogging for business
  • How to build a business around your blog
  • Why you must be obsessed with your blog and your content
  • The power of leveraging partnerships
  • Social media tips to connect brands and companies
  • Why you actually DO have time to make your dreams come true (the brutal truth!)
  • The biggest blogging mistakes moms make

Links Mentioned:

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Jan 31, 2018
201: Managing Feedback, Finding Outlets, Building Your Life

Today’s episode was inspired by a couple lessons I learned after getting some not-so-nice feedback about the podcast last week.

Receiving other’s feedback is always an opportunity for reflection. 

Then comes action.

Decide what to do with this new information.

Is it valuable feedback?

Is it garbage?

Is it a little of both?

The feedback I received was a little bit of both.  But it provided me with a two really valuable lessons that I’m passing along to you:

  1. You MUST have an outlet you truly enjoy and you must prioritize that outlet in your life. Listen in and I’ll give you bunch of ideas.
  2. You are always building things – in multiple areas of your life. You must take radical responsibility for what you are building and how you can constantly seek growth and evolution.  Listen in for specific examples.

Let me know what you think about this episode. I would love your feedback.

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Find me on Instagram (awesome giveaway currently going on!): or @shamelessmomacademy

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Jan 29, 2018
200: Gretchen Rubin: The Four Tendencies

Gretchen Rubin is the author of several books, including the block-buster New York Times bestsellers, Better Than Before, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. Her newest book is The Four Tendencies.  She has an enormous reader- ship, both in print and online, and her books have sold more than two million copies worldwide, in more than thirty languages.

She makes frequent TV appearances and is in much demand as a speaker. On her weekly podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin, she discusses good habits and happiness with her sister Elizabeth Craft. Rubin started her career in law and was clerking for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she realized she wanted to be a writer. She lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.

I was beyond excited and honored to have Gretchen join me on the show (as evidenced by my fangirling at the beginning of the episode.)  Gretchen could not have been more fun or fascinating to interview.  We also clicked really well and had a lot of similarities, which made it all the more fun to pick her brain.  Like she said at the end, “we could keep talking all day.”  So, we are basically besties now.

Listen in to hear Gretchen share:

  • What are the Four Tendencies and why should you know your tendency
  • Why it’s helpful to also know others’ tendencies
  • How Obligers can immediately get more of what they want rather than caving to others all the time
  • What freedom looks like for each tendency (this might surprise you)
  • How can you get more of what you want TODAY by knowing your tendency

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Jan 24, 2018
199: The C Word You Need to Use WAY More Often.

Today I’m going to tell you about the least sexy C word you need to use WAY more often.

I think this C words is one of the most impactful words in your life if you put it into practice.  In fact, I can see how this word assisted me in running my first 5K, my (only) marathon, and many triathlons.  It is representative of how I parent daily.  It has been a huge part of my success in building 3 different business platforms over the last 15 years.  It truly impacts everything I do.

When I want something to stay in my life for the long haul, I commit to fully embracing this word, even when it’s not easy.  This word becomes a practice unto itself.

I would say this word is one of the most powerful and impactful words in my 42 years of life.  It is what keeps me showing up over and over in any area where I want to accomplish great things.

You likely need MORE of this word in your life.  Every. Damn. Day.


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Jan 22, 2018
198: Leslie Juvin-Acker: On Happiness, Wealth and…Your Past, Part 2

This is Part 2 of my interview with Leslie Juvin-Acker.  If you haven’t listened in to Part 1, listen to that first!

In Part 2 of this interview, Leslie dives deep with me to give me some coaching around my own experiences with money (like deep-rooted stuff from my childhood – good times).  It’s a really fascinating conversation and I think you’ll learn a ton from some of the connections Leslie and I make based on my history/story. 

On top of diving into my story, Leslie shares:

  • The key to cultivating wealth and a wealth mindset
  • The one secret to making happiness a habit
  • The difference between prayer and meditation

This was a really powerful conversation for me and I think you’ll find it really valuable as well!

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Leslie: Leslie Inc
  • Leslie on Facebook
  • Leslie on Instagram
  • Book: Rich Habits, Poor Habits
  • Work with Leslie at her upcoming NY events: Leslie Juvin Acker (use the code SHAMELESSMOM to access your complimentary ticket!)
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Jan 17, 2018
197: Stop Being Guilty Over Your Pleasure

How many times have you found your self admitting to indulging in a “guilty pleasure”?

Can we all get over that?


Can we simply enjoy the things that bring us joy and happiness (like long showers, dark chocolate, alone time, cheese, and Real Housewives) without connecting them to guilt?

Cause the truth is that you deserve all the chocolate (and cheese) in the world.  You don’t even have to earn it.  Or feel guilty about it.  You can just have it.  Because you’re worthy of joy and pleasure.  

It’s really that simple.

Listen in to hear 5 reasons you need to stop being guilty about your pleasures.

Links Mentioned:

  • SMA Episode 149: Stop Saying Sorry
  • SMA Episode 179: How You’re Minimizing Yourself and How to Stop
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Jan 15, 2018
196: Leslie Juvin-Acker: On Happiness, Wealth and…Your Past, Part 1

Leslie Juvin-Acker is Chief Happiness Officer at Leslie Inc. where she coaches stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed senior managers, executives, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Her message is happiness and she helps leaders find their State of Happiness with intuitive insight, practical advice, and simple solutions.

In addition to her work coaching high achievers, Leslie is a psychic medium, a hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master,  a domestic violence survivor, a postpartum depression warrior, and a Shameless Mom to her 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.

I was so excited to talk to Leslie because I wanted to hear about so many aspects of her story and background.  This conversation got so deep and involved, Leslie kindly agreed to stay with me longer than planned so we could do a 2 part interview and she could actually coach me in the second half! 

Listen in to hear Leslie share:

  • The power of being the master of your household and empire
  • How her mother’s work as a sex worker and as a domestic abuse survivor shaped her life and success
  • How to see what’s going on around you without getting caught up in the drama (whether it’s dinner hour with toddlers or work chaos)
  • How to stop living at a frantic pace and slow down to listen to what you really want in your life

Be sure to come back next Wednesday for Episode 198 where Leslie coaches me through my own background and experiences with money to help me see where I might be holding myself back.  We dive deep into my family history with money and how that has impacted me.  This is GOOD STUFF, friends.  I hope you’ll enjoy hearing some of my story that I haven’t shared before!

Links Mentioned:

Jan 10, 2018
195: 4 Steps To Nail Your New Year

There are 4 essential steps you need to take in order to successfully hit any goal or resolution you may be going after this year:

  1. Settle in for the journey, rather than focusing on the outcome
  2. Create a roadmap and follow it
  3. Consistently show up imperfectly
  4. Practice affirmations that shift your self-image

Some (all?) of these might be a little counterintuitive or go against the grain of what you’ve practiced in the past.  That is a GOOD thing.  Because doing the same old thing will only get you the same old results.  Try to do things in a little different fashion this year and you might surprise the heck out of yourself when it comes to your long-term results.

Listen in to hear me dive deep into each of these and explain exactly how you can start getting more of what you really want in the new year!

Links Mentioned:

  • Book: FINISH by Jon Acuff
  • Work with me: Join me for the Shameless Mom MOMENTUM Mastermind later this month.  I will be working with 40 Shameless Moms to help you dial in your goals for the year and go after what you really want!  Not sure what you really want?  That’s ok.  We will spend some time digging deep during this 6-week program to help you identify what makes you happy and how you can have more of that in 2018!  If you’d like to join me, email me at:
Jan 08, 2018
194: Andrea Owen: Your Kick Ass Life

Andrea Owen is an author, mentor, and certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. She has helped thousands of women manage their inner-critic to create loving connections and live their most kick-ass life.

She is the proud author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve, (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster). Her second book: How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness is out this week!

When she’s not juggling her full coaching practice or hosting retreats, Andrea is busy competing in triathlons, chasing her 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter or making out with her husband, Jason. She is also a retired roller derby player having skated under the name “Veronica Vain”.

I loved this conversation.  Andrea and I hit it off from the moment we got on Skype together.  She is brilliant and sassy – which is my favorite combination for a superstar guest.  You care going some great (possibly hard) and valuable things in this conversation.  Buckle up.  This is not for the faint of heart.

WARNING: this episode contains explicit language relevant to the content and Andrea’s book.

Listen in to hear Andrea share:

  • 3 things that are holding you back from happiness
  • Why we use alcohol, food, TV, and social media to numb ourselves and how to stop
  • The truth about gossip and why you do it
  • Why you need to define your core values, even if you think it’s corny
  • How grief can cause regression – and how to make that regression a phase, not a habit

Links Mentioned:

Your Kick-Ass Life on Facebook

Your Kick-Ass Life Book:

Join the Shameless Mom MOMENTUM Mastermind!  For details and Early Bird enrollment, email me at

Jan 03, 2018
193: 3 Things to Think About in January

To kick of the New Year I am making a bit of an offering to you.  I want to give you my 3 wishes for you in the New Year.  I especially want you to be mindful of these wishes over the next month.  


I think there is a lot of pressure to DO. IT. ALL. in January and I’m inviting you to NOT.  


Instead I want you to consider how three little words might impact your actions for the entire year.  These three words are my wishes for you.  








Listen in to hear how these words are (weirdly) intertwined and critical to your 2018.  


I couldn’t be more delighted to be kicking off a new year with YOU.  Cheer, friend!


Links Mentioned:


  • SMA Momentum Mastermind
    • Join an amazing group of like minded mamas and me to kick off 2018 in all the best ways possible.  Meet with us weekly via virtual video conference call to share wins, goals, struggles, joy.  This is MAGIC.  Email me at for more info!
Jan 01, 2018
192: The 3 Most Powerful Changes I Made In 2017

Every year is filled with so many opportunities to learn, grow & expand in new directions that is hard to identify just a few life altering decisions of the year.  But I know there are things I did this year to be more powerful in my everyday life.  AND I’m ready to kick off 2018 with some new awareness around how I want to make powerful things happen in my life in the new year.  


Here are the 3 Most Powerful Changes I made this year:


  1. I started owning my wins in a more positive and powerful way
  2. I presented myself as who I wanted to be instead of feeling limited by who I currently am
  3. I started paying more attention to my words and how they empower/disempower me and other women

Listen in to this episode to hear how these three changes had a massive impact on my life. 


Lastly, THANK YOU for spending time with me this year.  The work I do here in the SMA is what makes me more powerful #everydamnday.  I couldn’t do it without YOU.  And I can’t wait to do it lots more in 2018!


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Dec 27, 2017
191: The Top 10 Episodes of 2017

I put together a list of our most downloaded episodes of 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited to share them with you.  I know it can be hard to keep up with alllll the shows that come out in a year, so I thought this would be a great reference for those of you who might want to catch up on the best of the best that you may have missed in 2017.  


These Shameless Moms (and one very Shameless Dad!) lit up my year.  In addition to being ridiculously inspired by each of these guests, learned a ton from every one of them.  I am delighted to have these friends and colleagues in my life.  And I am PUMPED to share them with you again.  ENJOY!


Oh, and feel free to share this list with friends you want to introduce to The Shameless Mom Academy.  These shows would be a great place for a new listener to start!


  • Ep 98 Holly Joi Rigsby: Finding Everyday Joi
    • Holly shares the impact of her divorce and why her divorce was a pivotal move toward happiness. She also shares how she became a sought after leader, even though she didn’t used to identify as one.
  • Ep 112 Liz Nead: Nead Inspiration and the 100 Day Journey
    • Liz shares her story of become an unexpected mother to twins at a young age.  She also dives into her experience with racism and how “diversity training” has actually been harmful to society. 
  • Ep 142 Mike Vardy: The Productivityist
    • Mike shares his philosophy that structure = freedom.  He gives specific tips on time crafting, schedule theming and journaling to create simplicity and ease in your life.
  • Ep 150 Renee Metty: On Mindfulness
    • Renee shares her experiences with silent meditation retreats and how she has trained her self to sloooooow down in order to absorb more and live more mindfully. 
  • Ep 108 Leanne Kabat: When You Only Have 5 Years To Live
    • Leanne shares her story of being told she only had 5 years to live (10 years ago.)  This is one of the most fascinating stories I have ever heard.  Leanne also dives into how she lives differently since her shocking diagnosis.
  • Ep 100 Amy Moses, PT: The Truths and Myths About Your Mommy Bladder
    • Amy gets into the nitty gritty of your pelvic floor and how you can heal yourself from pregnancy and childbirth trauma in order to have better bladder control and pain free sex. 
  • Ep 118 Shasta Nelson: How to Deepen Friendships, Health & Happiness
    • Shasta dives deep on the loneliness epidemic. (It’s a thing.  For real.)  She talks about why you need strong relationships and how to build them. 
  • Ep 140 Jen Lumanlan: Your Parenting Mojo
    • Jen shares powerful and fascinating research on parenting, the truth about only children, and growth (and attributes) of home schooling.
  • Ep 144 Julia Freeland: Your Value and REvolve YOU
    • Julia shares how motherhood qualifies you to be a CEO (seriously.)  She also dives into how and why you need to constantly evolve your belief system. 
  • Ep 130 Lauren Pak: Life With Body Dysmorphic Disorder
    • Lauren shares her struggle with BDD and how paralyzing life was when she was impacted by this illness.  She also talks about how women can start to heal from body image issues, based on her own healing process. 


Additional Links Mentioned:

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Dec 25, 2017
190: Lisa Druxman: The Empowered Mama

Lisa Druxman is the Chief Founding Mom of FIT4MOM, the parent company to Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides and Body Back. With nearly 2,000 class locations nationwide, FIT4MOM is one of the fastest growing franchises in the country. Lisa is the author of the upcoming book, The Empowered Mama and the host of the Motivating Mom podcast. She has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America and more. Lisa is a speaker, writer and thought leader with a passion for helping moms get out of overwhelm and into a healthy and happy life.  And most importantly, Lisa is a Shameless Mom to Jacob (16) and Rachel (12). 


Lisa professional resume is so inspiring to me, as she built a fitness empire for herself while raising two littles.  She definitely learned a lot along the way and has changed how she operates over time.  Like me, she is done talking about mommy belly fat as if it’s a national disaster.  She would much rather support women in becoming more strong, powerful and capable in all areas of their lives.  


Listen in to hear Lisa share:

  • Why she had to start having conversations bigger than belly fat and muffin tops
  • How moms can regain, reclaim, and retrain their lives
  • Fun family dinner hacks that let you off the hook
  • How work/life balance really looks when you’re on a mission
  • How and why you should focus on continuous never ending improvement


Links Mentioned:

Dec 20, 2017
189: Sara, I'm Thinking About Quitting

I got a message from a woman the other day, “Sara, I’m thinking about quitting.”


I have a lot of thoughts around quitting.  


A lot of people will spew BS lines about “winners never quit”, or “pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.”




And totally untrue. 


There is absolutely a time and a place for quitting.  


But you need to do a bit of an assessment and get REAL with yourself before making a final call to quit something.  


Listen in to hear the advice I gave the woman who messaged me, and the advice I would give you if I got the same message from you.


Links Mentioned:

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Dec 18, 2017
188: Mary Shores: Conscious Communications

Mary Shores is the internationally known author of Conscious Communications: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life.


As an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO, Mary Shores teaches individuals and businesses to fearlessly create their own realities by using scientific methods and practical personal development. Mary has appeared internationally in magazines, on

television shows, and has been a guest on over 80 podcasts. Her practical and scientific methods, straightforward teaching, and actionable tips ensure that anyone can improve their life.



In 1992 Mary's daughter was born profoundly brain damaged, which meant Mary lived in-and-out of children's hospitals for more than a year to attend to Hayley's needs until she passed. Mary has since had two children (one son has autism) and suffered a soul crushing divorce. Wow, that's a lot of life for a woman in her forties to draw upon while building a multi-million dollar business. 


Mary is a fighter, a survivor, and a warrior - with a powerful message.  I know you’ll learn a few things from her!


Listen to hear Mary share:

  • How she survived the loss of a child, her son’s diagnosis with autism, and a soul crushing divorce
  • The significance of stored trauma and how it impacts you physically
  • How to use the philosophy of cleanse vs clog to improve all areas of your life
  • The neuroscience of personal development and how it can completely shift your mindset


Links Mentioned:

  • Mary’s Website:
  • Book: Conscious Communications
  • Book: Conscious Communication Guidebook 
  • Free FB group: Fearless Ambition
  • Thank you to our sponsors:
    • StoryWorth: StoryWorth is an easy, fun way for loved ones to share stories – with weekly email story prompts.  At the end of the year, your loved one will get your story bound in a beautiful hardcover book.  Go to to save $20 on your story.
    • Freshly: Fresh, fully cooked meals delivered right to your door.  Save $40 off your order at when you use the code SHAMELESS at checkout!


Dec 13, 2017
187: The Most Positive and Powerful Qualities You Possess

I’ve been studying and reading up about all sorts of things related to self identity, Imposter Syndrome, and how we see ourselves versus how others see us.  It’s been fascinating and I’ve learned a lot.  


I did a little experiment last week and I was blown away by the results, so I had to share with you right away.  I’m also inviting you to do the same experiment and I’m telling you exactly how to do it!  


Listen in to learn how to EMBRACE and ACCESS all your most positive and powerful qualities (that you might not even know you have – yet….)


Links Mentioned:

  • Book: Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck
  • Resource: Word Cloud Generator
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Dec 11, 2017
186: Cortney McDermott: Change Starts Within You

Cortney McDermott is an award-winning writer, TEDx speaker, and strategist to Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurial leaders, and think tanks around the world. She writes for a number of international publications, including ‘She Owns It’ and ‘HuffPost’. Her debut book, “Change Starts Within You: Unlock the Confidence to Lead with Intuition” was selected for’s “26 Favorite Books of High Achievers” and has been featured in multiple media outlets internationally.

Before turning entrepreneur, Cortney served as an executive at Vanity Fair Corporation, vice president at Sustainability Partners, professor of graduate studies for Big Ten US universities, and global associate for the renowned beCause Consortium. (She has also moonlighted as a deli waitress, secretary, and everything in between, as a way to put herself through school and life.)

Cortney is a graduate of the London School of Economics and a certified cultural mediator in multiple languages. She lives with her family between the United States and Italy.


Cortney’s book is the perfect reading material for any mom.  It is packed full of bite sized nuggets that are thought provoking and game changing.  It is ornanized in a way that you can take in just a few bits and turn around and change your whole day or maaaybe your whole life.  I recommend it to all busy moms who don’t have time to get cozy with “chapter books”!


Listen in to hear Cortney share:

  • The truth about (miserable) success and how to redefine success for yourself
  • The power of sustainability – the ability to sustain yourself
  • Why we need to unlearn and what we need to unlearn in order to see the truth and magic in our lives
  • Why you might want to start being way more unrealistic
  • Steps you can take today to get more dialed into your intuition




Dec 06, 2017
185: 3 Things to Think About in December

I sat down to record this episode on December 1st and December was already kicking my butt.  On the first day of the month. 




Even with the best planning and the best intentions and the best holiday cheer, December is a month that can catch up with you – quickly.  Like within the first darn 24 hours of the whole month, apparently. 


Listen in to hear me talk about the three magical components of December – Fuel, Freedom & Fun, and Fire – that will help you set yourself up for a powerful month filled with equal parts joy, good cheer, space and grace. 


Make sure to share this episode with other mamas who might need some support and motivation to have the best holiday season.  


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Efy Tal Jewelry: Get beautiful custom jewelry for your loved ones (and/or yourself) from  Use the code SHAMELESS to get 25% off your order. 


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Dec 04, 2017
184: Jon Acuff How To FINISH Anything

Jon Acuff is the New York Times-bestselling author of five books.   His most recent book is FINISH.  He's helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their story, including The Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and the Dave Ramsey Team. Most recently he's spoken to hundreds of thousands of people at companies such as Microsoft, Nissan and Comedy Central. Featured regularly on national media, Jon has been seen on CNN, Fox News, Good Day LA and several other key outlets.


FINISH is easily one of my favorite books of 2017, as it weaves interesting research, hilarious anecdotes, and easy to implement advice into a simple, fun, and inspiring read.  If you’ve ever quit something, this book is for you.  If you want to finish more things with more ease, this book is for you. If you need a reset in working toward your goals, this book is for you. 


After reading FINISH, I knew Jon would be a really fun and fascinating interviewee and he did not disappoint. 


Listen in to hear Jon share:

  • Why finishing something is much harder than starting it
  • How your secret rules hold you back in life
  • The link between perfectionism and NOT finishing things
  • Why you need to choose what to bomb
  • The power of Noble Obstacles and why you need to get over them



Links Mentioned:

Jon’s Book: FINISH

Jon’s Course:

Jon’s Website:

How to read more:


Nov 29, 2017
183: Unexpected Gratitude

I’m not gonna lie.  I’m in major hustle mode right now and that is not my favorite place to be.  But sometimes it’s necessary.  I’m not at my best when I’m hustling.  I get frustrated and anxiety ridden and just downright cranky.  


However, I’ve gotten better at checking myself over the years, so I’m actually able to manage myself at these times in my life without making myself or those around me too crazy.  


A pivotal moment happened this week that really helped me realize how far I’ve come when it comes to managing the hustle, managing expectations, finding the silver linings at all times, and connecting to my gratitude #everydamnday. 


I think my lessons might help you.  Listen in and let me know!  As always, we’ll continue this conversation over on Instagram and Facebook at The Shameless Mom Academy. 


Links Mentioned:

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    • Esight: offering legally blind people the technology to actually see and interact with their environments in ways they never thought possible.  Go to for more info.  


  • Sudio headphones:  I’m currently obsessed with their Tre and Regent models of wireless headphones.  Use the code SHAMELESS at checkout to save 15% on any order at checkout.   
Nov 27, 2017
182: Whitney Nicely: Being Shameless in Real Estate

Whitney Nicely went from no investments (or strategies) to 19 houses, 19 apartment units and 7 chunks of land in less than three years all bringing monthly money to her bank account on auto pilot.

She has traveled the United States speaking on stages, teaching her simple strategies, and meeting with other successful real estate investors- and still buying houses the way she teaches others.

Whitney is a dog mom to Abby the Labby-130 pounds of loving fur, wifey to Jason East- an apartment investor, stepmom to Gavin (12) and Harrison (10).

Since 2016, Whitney has led and trained hundreds of future real estate rock stars to grow their portfolios, collect checks and achieve financial freedom. 100's of real estate newbies are securing leads, signing deals and scaling their dream incomes through the First Deal Done Fast Program.

Whitney is a WEALTH of information and she shares a ton of knowledge in this episode.  Get ready to learn some powerful ways to get involved in real estate in low rise, but profitable ways!


Listen in to hear Whitney share:

  • How you can get involved in real estate in low-risk ways that still financial reap benefits
  • Why it’s important for women to have a real estate portfolio
  • The truth about flipping houses on HGTV 
  • Different ways you get in the real estate market  (I’m sure some of these will be new to you!)
  • How to circumvent risk when starting out
  • How to get into real estate without investing your own money and still make money every month


Links Mentioned:

Connect with Whitney:

Whitney on Facebook 

Whitney on Instagram 

15 Ways To Be A Badass #everydamnday PDF: email Sara at


Nov 22, 2017
181: 15 Ways to Be A Badass #everydamnday

This episode is to give you power and might to make you do the things you want to do and need to do – BUT – you might be a little scared to do.  


I’m inviting you to take action, baby steps if necessary, to live a bigger, bolder, braver life.   Here’s how…


15 Ways To Be A Badass #everydamnday


  1. Take one small step toward a big goal 
  2. Stop worrying about what other people think
  3. Exude confidence
  4. Be relentless
  5. Always find the silver lining 
  6. Be a better stalker
  7. Lead with kindness
  8. Do what’s right even when it’s hard
  9. Find your voice and use it
  10. Say NO more often
  11. Say YES more often
  12. Write new endings to your toughest stories
  13. Make mistakes 
  14. Practice gratitude   
  15. Be mighty, but also be humble


Be sure to listen in to hear me go into detail on each of these. 


Also, I made you a free download to go with this episode!  Email me at if you want to see the beautiful “15 Ways To Be A Badass #everydamnday” art I had created for you to download, print and share with others! 


Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 13: How to Be A Better Stalker And Fangirl


Nov 20, 2017
180: Katie Anthony: When Mommy Goes Viral (for real)

Katie Anthony is a writer and mother of two boys, ages 3 and 5. She knows a lot about backhoe loaders, velociraptors, and rage. Her writing has appeared in, Scary Mommy, Mamalode, and the PEPS Blog. She swears and blogs about parenthood, feminism, and scotch at


I was introduced to Katie via one of my favorite podcasts, For Crying Out Loud.  Co-hosts of FCOL, Lynette Carolla and Stephanie Wilder Taylor, read a piece of Katie’s writing that had me so fired up, I couldn’t help but Facebook stalk her (my favorite pastime and one of my best skills) and beg her to come on my show.  


Luckily, she was flattered by my stalking and said YES.  




Katie is an amazing witty writer and a truly talented truth teller.  I kind of want to live in her head.  I think you will too after you hear this interview. 


Listen in to hear Katie share:

  • How writing became her therapy in motherhood
  • Why she just can’t keep quiet about the ways she sees men abusing their power
  • All about her buddy Chad, who you know too, btw
  • How she is managing newfound fame and glory after going viral (for real) a few weeks ago
  • Why she asks her readers for money (gasp) 


Warning: this episode contains explicit language and a decent amount of F bombs.  We opted not to edit them out, as they are relevant to Katie’s writing, her personality, and her story.  Enjoy them all!


Links Mentioned:
Katie’s Blog (including posts on Harvey, Scott, Kevin and Chad):

Katie’s Book: Feminist Werewolf

Support Katie on Patreon:

Katie on Facebook:

Katie on Twitter:

Scott Rosenberg article  

For Crying Out Loud podcast episode where I found Katie 

Book: Hunger by Roxanne Gay

Book: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay



Nov 15, 2017
179: How You're Minimizing Yourself and How to Stop
Nov 13, 2017
178: Melanie Shankle: Church of the Small Things

Melanie Shankle is the New York Times bestselling author behind Nobody’s Cuter Than You, The Antelope in the Living Room, Sparkly Green Earrings and her newest book, Church of the Small Things: The Million Little Pieces That Make Up a Life.  She first shared her hilarious observations and loving wisdom on The Big Mama Blog, which helped define a new genre of blogging for women as it attracted a devoted audience now thousands deep. The Texas A&M graduate is also a guest blogger for high profile outlets and an in-demand speaker at events across the country. A proud Texan, self-professed Target junkie and lover of Anthropologie sales, Melanie calls San Antonio home with her husband Perry, teenage daughter Caroline, and two wild dogs Piper and Mabel.


I had a great time preparing for this interview and reading different pieces of Melanie’s writing.  I highly recommend you check out her blog, The Big Mama Life, and her books!


Listen in to hear Melanie share:

  • How she has grappled with and come to embrace raising an only child
  • Things she wish she’d known earlier- related to motherhood, womanhood, and perms
  • The “lies of unicorns and perfect mothers”
  • How she sees women living more shamelessly today than ever before
  • Why moms need to push their boundaries in front of their kids



Links Mentioned:

Melanie’s Website:

Melanie on Instagram: @MelanieShankle

Melanie on Twitter: @bigmama

Book: Church of the Small Things: The Million Little Pieces that Make Up A Life

Nov 08, 2017
177: 3 Things to Think About In November

Here we GO!


We are about to dive into the holiday season.  Are you ready?  


I love the holidays and would be happy for them to last for months on end, but I know they can add stress and chaos for a lot of people.  


I want you to be conscientious about how you enter into your last 2 months of 2017 so you can actually enjoy with ease.  


Today I’m going to give you my Three G’s to enjoy this season with ease.  Take notes, write out your template (I’ll teach you how!) and share it with me on Facebook or Instagram at The Shameless Mom Academy!  


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Nov 06, 2017
176: Nichole Nordeman: Slow Down

In addition to being a Shameless Mom to Charlie (14) and Pepper (9), Nichole Nordeman is an award winning singer-songwriter and acclaimed worship leader who just wrote her first book, Slow Down: Embracing the Everyday Moments of Motherhood. The book is based on Nichole’s song “Slow Down” that pulled the heartstrings of mothers everywhere—with 14 million views in five days and has exceeded 21 million total views. Nordeman’s viral video showcased the reality of how fast children grow up and why it’s important for parents to be intentional. 


Slow Down discusses the heartfelt feelings and memories of parenthood in her book—it is filled with stories, song lyrics, photos, wisdom, and encouragement. Nichole encourages parents to be intentional and slow down, so that they can appreciate the beauty and joy of raising children. 


Nichole and I had such and enlightening and powerful conversation about the joy and pain of parenting.  I will fully admit that I did some stalking of Nichole before and after our interview and I have just fallen in love with her music and her writing.  I am so honored she made time to share with us in the Shameless Mom Academy.  


There are a lot of treasures in this interview.  I hope you love them all.  


Listen in to hear Nichole share:

  • How to step away from the traps that pull us out of our own reality
  • Why it’s ok to be ok with average
  • What actual steps we can take to slow down and be more intentional
  • How to manage emotion around the limits of our precious time in motherhood
  • How to manage the inevitable pain and joy of motherhood
  • The importance of always maintaining your identity outside of motherhood 


Links Mentioned:

Nichole’s Website:

Nichole’s Book: Slow Down – Embracing the Everyday Moments of Motherhood

Nichole on Facebook

Nichole on Instagram

Nichole on Twitter

Nichole’s Album: Every Mile Mattered 

YouTube video: Slow Down

SMA Ep 149: Stop Saying Sorry 


Nov 01, 2017
175: The Truth About Having It All

The truth about having it all.


Let’s get real for a minute.  There are a lot of non-truths out there about having it all.  And most of the non-truths that exist in our head are there because we have made them up. 


We look at someone’s seemingly perfect Facebook life and determined that it is possible to be beautifully perfectly happy all. the. time. #nontruth


We watch another family and the way they so effortlessly laugh at just the right time about just the right thing and determined that they do all the right things in all the right ways at all the right times.  #nontruth


We see another woman with the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect family, the perfect body and assumed she is perfectly happy every damn day.  #nontruth


The notion we have about someone else having it all is just a perception and a manifestation of the comparison trap and FOMO rolled up into one big ball of judgment.


It is ok to want more out of life.  It is ok to do more with your life.  It’s ok to want to have it all.  But want it because it’s right for you, not because it looks good on someone else.  Do things because they light you up, not because they are part of a culturally designated formula of happiness or satisfaction.


Do not write your happiness formula based on your outside view of someone else’s experiences.


You can actually very safely assume that no one else truly has it all.  And you don’t need to have it all either. 


If you want to have it all, define what you want and WHY you want it.  Then determine how you can get it.  There is always a way.  


And while you are working toward what you want, enjoy the heck out of what you already have.  If you’re not grateful for what you already have, you will never love the things you get later.  Come from gratitude and work from there.

Oct 30, 2017
174: Maria Alcoke: The Engine Mom

Maria Alcoke is host of the Engine Mom Podcast, a CrossFit-L1 trainer at CrossFit Cove in Columbia, Maryland and runs her own graphic and web development studio, MariaVida Creative. 


After over 10 years in the creative field in both agency and education settings, she left the corporate world to pursue her own business right before she the birth of her daughter. Two years in to her motherhood and entrepreneurial journey, Maria has a thriving design business and has merged her passion for teaching and fitness through coaching. 


Maria realized the true value of community and connection while navigating some major life transitions which included moving across the country, starting her own business and becoming a mom. 


She started The Engine Mom Podcast with the goal to share different perspectives from Moms who are driven by their passions. By sharing these stories, she hopes to empower Moms from all walks of life to be their best selves by identifying what fuels them: their passions and greater purpose. 


Maria is an inspiring woman and entrepreneur.  She is also one of my very first Shameless Mom Mastermind members and one of my very first Shameless Mom Coaching clients.  So, I’m obviously ridiculously proud of her.  I can’t wait for you to hear her story. I know she will inspire you to start getting a little more uncomfortable and a lot more excited when it comes to building a life you’re really passionate about. 


Listen in to hear Maria share:

  • Why uncomfortable leaps and scary action steps are necessary
  • What inspires her to keep following her passions and building a life around things that really cater to her strengths 
  • How Mondays feel when you’re not in alignment with your passion vs when you are
  • How she suffers from Imposter Syndrome and what she does to overcome it
  • The power of having a coach and a support system when you’re doing scary things


Links Mentioned:

Engine Mom Website:

Maria’s Graphic Design Website:

Engine Mom on Facebook

Engine Mom on Instagram 

Free Registration to The Surviving to Thriving Summit

Oct 25, 2017
173: The Beauty of A Back Up Plan

We have officially arrived at the Season of Plan B.  


We are at the time of year where sh*t happens:

  • You’re up all night with a sick kiddo and you miss your early morning workout.  
  • Work chaos strikes and your healthy lunch plan is out the window.  
  • The kids have a day off random day off school (snow day, teacher prep day, why the eff is there no school today day, etc) and your entire schedule is flip turned upside down.  
  • Relatives come to visit for a holiday and your normal routine is tossed by the wayside.
  • Your husband is sick (pardon the stereotype, but don’t even get me started on how men manage illness…)


In all these instances, having a Plan B is crucial.  Your life doesn’t have to be determined by the circumstances of your day – but often your daily action steps do.  This means you need to be prepared to manage the heck out of your day even when things turn sideways.  


When you practice taking charge of your Plan B a few times, you will build a ton of confidence in your ability to ROCK THE DAY #everydamnday, in spite of the winter blunders that inevitably happen.


Tune in to get some specific tips on how to plan for anything and everything life might throw your way this time of year. 


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Oct 23, 2017
172: Stephanie Lambert: Counter Culture Parenting

Stephanie Lambert is a BOLD Mom Mentor, Life Coach and founder of the BOLD Moms which focuses on approaching parenting and life with a self-directed, sometimes counter-culture, long-term view in mind. 

The BOLD Moms focuses on supporting local Stay-at-Home Mom Sisters to help them reconnect with themselves, uncover their unique passions and craft their own happiness to lead a BOLD and regret-free life.  


Additionally, the BOLD Moms Workshops and BOLD Mom Mastermind courses teach modern moms how to parent BOLDLY - from a place of self-confidence – in the face of our compare and despair, short-term focused culture.

When she isn’t spending time with clients or mothering her 2 sons (often against the grain…) she is busy activating her love of learning by trying new and varied activities like crew rowing and drumming. 

Listen in to hear Stephanie share:

  • The power of counter culture parenting and why it’s ok to go against the grain
  • Why team sports aren’t for all kids or families
  • The truth about standardized testing (and how it might be optional for your child!)
  • The importance and insignificance of homework
  • Why you can be a stay at home mom and NEVER volunteer at your kid’s school
  • How to stop parenting on fumes



Links Mentioned:

Stephanie’s Website:
BOLD Moms on Facebook

 Stephanie’s Blog: Parenting On the Rocks 

Stephanie’s Article: Motherhood Interrupted

Stephanie’s Article: Parent With a Purpose

Book: How to Raise An Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims

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Oct 18, 2017
171: How to Make Space For New Habits

Do you have habits that you know are no longer serving you, but you don’t know how to break them? Or maybe you’ve tried to break old habits and they have crept back over and over again?


I’ve been talking to people about this a lot recently – as it relates to weight loss, stress eating, skipping workouts, drinking too much alcohol, eating too much sugar, getting sucked into hours of useless social media time, staying up to late at night, hitting snooze too many times in the morning – the list goes on…


The biggest trick to kicking a useless habit to the curb is making sure you have a replacement habit that serves you.


Listen in to hear my dive into these 8 steps to creating space for new habits:


  1. ID the old habit that you want to replace
  2. ID replacement habits
  3. Create space and grace
  4. Start small
  5. Practice often (remember: recency and frequency)
  6. Be prepared for the challenge
  7. Embrace discomfort
  8. Acknowledge the reward of the replacement habit


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Oct 16, 2017
170: Shannon Jamail: Love Over Fear

Fear.  Anxiety.  Negative thinking.  Imposter syndrome.

Does this sound like you?  Shannon herself has been there; feeling like an imposter, worrying she will be found out and that she is not enough.  She has felt fear and let that both hold her back and push her forward.  She has struggled with anxiety and let it debilitate her in the past.  She has experienced obstacles that she herself created and cultivated a life around negative thoughts and stories.


Joyful. Authentic. Purpose Driven. Real.

This is where you will now find her.  An imperfect, wanna-be hippy/ yogi that sometimes curses too much. Simple and basic, but pointed and raw in her teaching. She makes mistakes, likes to have fun, drinks wine and knows that in order to be present she has to be authentically herself.  And only in that authenticity can she experience real purpose and joy.  

Drawing from her own personal life experiences and the privilege of working with thousands of others who have embarked on similar journeys, Shannon has the tools that she needs to effectively help women through her coaching, counseling, workshops, programs and retreats.


This is a really enlightening conversation about love, fear and the power of surrendering.  I know you’ll enjoy spending time with Shannon as much as I do!


Listen in to hear Shannon share:

  • Why she’s uprooting her fam, embracing home schooling and embarking on tiny living (all things she never thought she could do)
  • Why she has chosen Love Over Fear and the impact it has had on her life
  • How she overcame her crippling fear of flying 
  • The power of reprogramming your thoughts and your words
  • The truth about surrender and ease and how they are connected to self doubt and confidence


Links Mentioned: 


Podcast: Happy Hour Podcast with Dee and Shannon

Book: The Subtle of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

Shannon on Facebook 

Shannon on Twitter

Shannon on Instagram


Oct 11, 2017
169: 3 Ways to Stand in Your Power

One of the most significant things I have worked on over the last few years (especially since becoming a mom) is standing in my power. This can be scary and uncomfortable as all get out.  But it is a necessary part of living the life I want to live, inspiring others through my actions, setting a good example for my child AND having a lot more fun, if we’re being honest!


As women, we often shy away from power – thinking it is a too much, too masculine, too uncomfortable.  The truth is that power if not a bad thing, as long as it’s not abused.  Power can bring about change and beauty and growth.  Power can be transformative and ridiculously positive.  


It’s time for all of us to take more #radicalresponsibility over our true power and USE IT for the greater good.  Let’s be brave and bold together, deal?!?


Here are 3 ways I have been standing in my power a lot more recently:

  1. Owning and embracing my stories
  2. Standing up to bullies 
  3. Being the boss of my choices


Listen in to hear my stories around each of these and how YOU can stand in your power #everydamnday!  


Oct 09, 2017
168: Anna Willard Spark Your Youth

Anna Willard is an author, personal trainer and the oldest child from a family of five.


From her personal exercise journey streaming from numerous sports and multiple injuries, she discovered hope through movement. After many injuries and failed goals she experienced how movement is medicine. Exercise and movement continue to give her hope and allow her to dream again and again! Understanding this power she works with women and men strengthening them on their journey towards a living a life beyond their dreams.

Seeing first hand how hopes and dreams go hand in hand with physical fitness, she recently wrote her first book, Spark Your Youth.


I am so thankful to Anna for doing the interview with me, as she was facing her own personal crisis at the time we recorded.  It would have been easy and completely understandable for her to cancel the interview, but she felt it was important to honor HOPE, as she does in her book and to show up and share in order to instill HOPE in herself and others, even in the face of grief.


Listen in to hear Anna share: 

  • How grief compelled her to take action in her life
  • Why Hope, Dream, and Believe are her 3 words and why none of them can exist alone
  • How falling victim to comparison is damaging to your true gifts
  • How to get started if you’ve ever thought about writing a book


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Anna’s Website:

Anna’s Book: Spark Your Youth

SMA Ep 22 Erin Brown: Letters to Lola


Oct 04, 2017
167: 3 Things to Think About In October

Fall is my favorite for so many reasons (let’s be honest, mostly puffy vests and Uggs).  But I’m particularly embracing this fall because of some of the things that are going on around me. 


All around me I see people using their voices, taking a stand, letting their values shine and expressing gratitude.  YES! YES! YES! AND YES!  


More of all of this, please.  


Listen in to hear what I’m most excited about this month – inspired by some listener emails and reviews.  


Happy SHAMELESS October to you!  


xoxo, Sara 


Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 155: Silence Is Not An Option

Book: I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi


Oct 02, 2017
166: Ingrid Ortiz Surviving FOMO and The Comparison Trap

Ingrid Ortiz is a Self-Love & Confidence coach helping women end their struggle with comparison, so they can pursue their passion and live life to the fullest.  She pivoted from a career in personal training to guide women in a more powerful and profound way.  

In this episode, Ingrid shares her very personal experience of nearly ending her own life.  Her very serious suicide attempt nine years ago was a turning point in her life and today she is helping other women find the things she was lacking as a young woman feeling hopeless and desperate to escape her world. 


Listen in to hear Ingrid share:

  • How her mess became her message
  • How she survived a serious suicide attempt
  • How she found a safety net and recovered from hopelessness and despair
  • The power of FOMO and the Comparison Trap and how to steer clear of both
  • How to identify and tap into your spiritual gifts
  • The ONE THING we’re not taught in college that we need more than anything else


Links Mentioned:

Ingrid on Instagram

Ingrid on Facebook

With Ingrid: Crush the Comparison Intensive

Ingrid’s Free Workbook: Crush the Comparison Trap 

More Info on Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts Quiz  

App: Kill the NewsFeed 


Sep 27, 2017
165: 5 Surprises after 5 Years of Momming

Vinnie turned 5 over the weekend.  How did that even happen?


I remember so many days in Newbornland when I thought I wouldn’t make it until 5pm and now I’ve made it 5 YEARS?! 





The truth is I don’t know.  Because motherhood is magic and you don’t know most of the things you need to know until the exact moment you need to know them.  So, I don’t know much of anything… Yet…


What I do know is that motherhood has surprised me a million times over.  Some of the things I thought would be awesome have not been that awesome (hello, natural childbirth and nursing.)  And the things I didn’t even know to keep an eye out for have been nothing short of magical and mystical and just beyond words.  


Basically, motherhood is an anomaly.  


It’s weird and unpredictable and inconsistent and abnormal.  But it’s also THE. BEST. 


It’s hard and frustrating and exhausting and infuriating.  But it gives me more energy and enthusiasm than ANYTHING.  


It makes me laugh and cry and scream and melt EVERY. DAMN. DAY.


Listen in to hear my 5 biggest surprises in motherhood so far.  Warning: be prepared to laugh (at me or with me, your call.)



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Sep 25, 2017
164: Elizabeth Friedland: Single Mom Fostering

Elizabeth Friedland is the Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Appirio, a global tech consultancy. She's spent more than 12 years in the public relations and communications world, working in both Indianapolis, where she currently lives, and New York. Outside the office, Friedland writes, directs, and produces award-winning short films. She is also an advocate for foster care; in addition to being a proud foster mother to five children since 2015, Elizabeth is a member of the Foster Success Leadership Council, part of the nonprofit Connected by 25, an organization dedicated to providing the financial, educational and social support to assist Indiana youth as they age out of the foster care system. 


I was so excited for this interview because I have been thinking a lot about foster parenting in recent months.  I am also so intrigued by Elizabeth’s decision to do this as a single woman.  I learned so much in this interview, from the logistics of fostering to the emotional challenges of raising a child for a period of time and then sending them off to someone else for permanent placement.  


I know you are going to adore Elizabeth as much as I did.  I can’t wait for you to hear her story.  I hope she inspires you to consider fostering or sharing this story with someone else who might be in a position to foster.  Please to share this episode!


Listen in to hear Elizabeth share:

  • What inspired her to become a foster parent as a single woman
  • What is required to become a foster parent
  • How she got started fostering and what the first year looked like with 5 different babies
  • Her different relationships with the biological families of her foster babies
  • How her most recent placement has changed her heart and what she’s doing about it
  • The myths and truths about fostering
  • How you can get involved with foster kids without committing to being a foster parent


Links Mentioned:

Sep 20, 2017
163: Lessons from the Eiffel Tower

Before heading to Paris, we decided that if we were going to visit the Eiffel Tower we needed to go allllll the way to the top.  So we bought 3 Eiffel Tower Summit tickets.  Vince and Vinnie were very excited about this.  I was excited about the idea of it.  But I was not excited about the actual doing of it – the endless ride in a glass elevator to a tiny landing way high up in the sky on a structure that most certainly could topple over at any given moment. Not. My. Thing. 


We did make it to the top.  And – SURPRISE – I did not die.  


Once back on firm ground (thank you Baby Jesus), I was able to walk about from my Summit experience with some positive and powerful insights that I think might be helpful to you.  These lessons apply to everyday life – not just high in the sky adventures:


  • Sitting with discomfort will eventually get more comfortable
  • From way up high you can see how much you're missing out on 
  • You can cling to what is comfortable and comforting, but little reaches out of your comfort zone create momentum and progress
  • There is relief in doing something hard and scary and it feels magical and powerful 


Listen in to hear about our European adventures and specifically about me surviving the Eiffel Tower Summit – where I thought I would most certainly die.  Not exaggerating. 



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Sep 18, 2017
162: Robbin Rockett: Solo Parent Life

Robbin Rockett, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and single parent of three young children. She hosts the podcast Solo Parent Life and each week takes on a variety of issues facing single parents, including dating, finances, stress management, parenting, and co-parenting, and brings in experts, therapists, and authors for frank and friendly conversions that offer guidance for solo parents to become more mindful in their own self-care. Robbin speaks with integrity and from the heart about the people, books, blogs, and resources that have helped her as a solo parent.


Being raised by a single mom myself, I was really interested in hearing Robbin’s story.  I love what she had to say about the power she found in her divorce – even though it was understandably isolating and scary, as transitions tend to b e.  She shed a lot of light on how to process change and adapt to a new life.  She also talked about the importance of acknowledging the losses in divorce, rather than trying to just push past them. 


Listen in to hear Robbin share:

* The power and importance of group therapy and solo therapy

* The unexpected gifts she experienced in her divorce

* How divorce ultimately lead her to a more confident and powerful place in life 

* The importance of acknowledging and grieving the death of the family that takes place in divorce


Links Mentioned:

Robbin’s website:

Robbin’s Free Online Summit:

Book: Hold Onto Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers 

Book: True Refuge 


Sep 13, 2017
161: Boob Job

Many of you know I recently had a fairly major surgery.  What most of you don’t know is that I had a boob job.  It’s probably not what you think – as we often jump to a lot of conclusions when we hear about a woman altering her body. 



Listen in to hear what I did, why I did it and what I encourage you to do with your own body.


Links Mentioned:

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Sep 11, 2017
160: Tonya Leigh: French Kiss Life

Tonya Leigh is the founder of French Kiss Life, a destination for women who want to inject more elegance, style and joie de vivre (enjoyment!) into their daily lives. Her mission is to inspire women to style their minds, bodies, lives and success – from the inside out and the outside in. 


Through a vibrant online community of over 50,000 women, online programs and immersive LIVE experiences, Tonya infuses a French flair into her teachings to encourage women to slow down and cultivate well-lived lives no matter where they live in the world.  


She is a proud mama of a 19-year old daughter and her little guy Winston, an English Golden retriever.  She lives in a small mountain town in Colorado but you’ll often find her sipping Champagne or tea at a cafe somewhere in the world.   


I loved chatting with Tonya about how she came upon her own desire to French Kiss Life and how she is helping women all over the world French Kiss Life.  You’ll hear her share some real life stories that prove that life isn’t always pretty and things definitely don’t always go as planned – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a life you love madly around the chaos and the grit. 


Listen in to hear Tonya share:

  • Why you need to break the rules and embrace your own GPS
  • The truth about other people’s judgment
  • How to plant your kids in a BIG pot
  • How to emotionally manage yourself and take control of your feelings
  • What is the most important question you must ask yourself


Links Mentioned:


Sep 06, 2017
159: 3 Things to Think About In September

September is a pivotal month.  School is back in session (can I get an AMEN?!) and we are rapidly approaching fall and the final quarter of the year.  Over the years I have noticed this to be a time women are ready to hunker down and take care of some serious business.  Whoop! Whoop!


I want to encourage you and support you in taking back some of your time this month.  I want to invite you to dedicate some time to focusing on yourself, your routines and the things that bring you closer to your goals.  


Listen in to hear some specific details on how you can build better routines specifically around movement, fuel, and sleep this month.  


Oh – and – excuse me while I name drop…. But I also share my recent celebrity run ins with Dr. Drew, Gretchen Rubin, and Heather McDonald in this episode.  So, LISTEN IN!  


Links Mentioned:

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Sep 04, 2017
158: Lahana Vigliano: Thrival Nutrition

Lahana Vigliano is a holistic nutritionist and the founder of Thrival Nutrition. She has her bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science + is currently finishing up a post-graduate program through the Clinical Nutrition Board. She started Thrival Nutrition to help empower and teach people how to get more out of life by feeling your absolute best through nutrition, exercise, and natural remedies. Outside of her passion for nutrition, she is a wife + mother of two. Which is where the journey all started!


Lahana was a very young mother – she graduated high school (and concurrently completed her first year of college, because she is 100% badass) while pregnant.  She now has a 7 year old son, a 4 year old daughter and a business she has built from the ground up, based on values she loves and lives.  She is excited to live to be 150 years old with her great, great grandchildren underfoot, while feeding everyone healthy (and delicious!) food. 


Listen in to hear Lahana share: 

  • What it was like to become such a young mother 
  • How others doubts fueled her to be successful in every way
  • How she pivoted when something wasn’t quite clicking in her professional journey
  • Tips to help your picky eaters eat more healthily
  • The power of kiddie smoothies (and how to make them super tasty)


Links Mentioned:


Thrival Nutrition on Facebook

Thrival Nutrition on Instagram


Aug 30, 2017
157: You Are Never Without Options

I had a funny situation recently where I pushed some limits that I would have never pushed 10 years ago – back when I was a little more controlling and a little more anal….  


It has taken the last 15 years as an entrepreneur + 5 years of motherhood + a few years of infertility for me to realize that, as Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figuroutable.”


Today, when my back is against the wall, I know I am never without options.  I can create my own outcomes.  Damn, that feels good.  


I don’t need to control it all, because I can figure it out as I go and I can create options as I need them.  Sometimes, I can even break the rules.  Whooooop!!  


Listen in to hear the recent story that made me realize how far I’ve come with this – and you just might fund some nuggets that inspire you to push some boundaries, break some rules and create your own outcomes.




Aug 28, 2017
156: Sharon Lipinski: Habit Superhero

As the CEO of BLH Consulting, Sharon Lipinski helps people transform desired behaviors into common practice. She is the author of "365 Ways to Live Generously: Simple Habits for a Life That's Good for You and for Others” which helps people make the 7 generosity habits a reality in their daily life. She is a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, a speaker, TV personality, and coach dedicated to helping people create the right habits so they can be happier, healthier, and more productive at home and in their work. 

Founder of the non-profit Change Gangs: Virtual Giving Circles, which helps people make small donations that make a big impact by pooling their small donations with the donations of other people who care about the same cause. They’ve donated more than $58,000 to great charities around the world. She also maintains the largest repository of information documenting the tools, strategies, and accomplishments of some of America’s eight hundred charitable giving circles. 


I loved all the data and details Sharon laid out about habits and will power in this interview.  It was so insightful and HELPFUL.  She offered a ton of practical tips that I know will help you as you determine what habits you want in your life to support your goals.  


Listen in to hear Sharon share:

  • The 3 reasons your will power fails you
  • Why habits are more powerful than will power and how they actually bypass will power
  • Why scarcity mindsets keep us stuck in the same bad situations
  • How to use the Minimum Requirement Strategy when starting a new habit
  • How to reward yourself and how NOT to reward yourself for success with habits and goals
  • The power of generosity and how to build habits around generosity


Links Mentioned: 

Aug 23, 2017
155: Silence is Not an Option

I’ll let you know up front that I was uncomfortable and nervous about recording and releasing this episode.  I wasn’t sure where to start and I was worried I wouldn’t know how to finish.  But I know I know that silence is not an option.  Because we have seen over and over again that silence is death. And I won’t be an accomplice. 


I hope that you will listen in and learn today.  I hope you’ll find something meaningful and valuable.  I put together this episode so you could hear my experiences over the last week and perhaps glean something new and impactful from what I’ve learned as I’ve been researching.  


Many of us don’t know how to take action that will be meaningful.  I believe that learning is one of the first and most powerful ways you can START.  Please START and encourage others in your life to do the same.  


If this episode was meaningful and valuable to you, please share it with others. Here is the link to share:


Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 69: How to Be A Nasty Woman

VICE documentary – Charlottesville: Race and Terror

Article: White Feelings 0-60 for Charlottesville

Donate: BLM Charlottesville

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Aug 21, 2017
154: Dana Skoglund: Better Body Habits Through Ayurveda

Dana Skoglund is a certified yoga health coach, yoga teacher and mother of 2 rambunctious young boys. She has been studying yoga since 2000, and teaching since 2004. Eventually her desire to take her health and wellbeing into her own hands and to learn how to keep her family healthy led her to Ayurveda in 2011. 


After implementing the daily routine of Ayurveda and noticing the profound impact it had on her energy and happiness, Dana began coaching clients into these better body habits in 2013. Dana aims to inspire others about the importance of healthy habits in crafting the life of their dreams. She is deeply passionate about travel, adventure, learning, movement of any kind and the arts.  


This was a fascinating conversation, where I learned so much about myself.  I know you’ll learn a lot from Dana, too.  Dana shares a ton about Ayurveda, which is so enlightening (and will make you eager to implement simple new habits!)  This episode is packed with helpful tips and powerful insights.  Take notes!


Listen in to hear Dana Share:

  • What is your dosha and why it’s important to understand it
  • How following the cycle of the sun aids in digestion and improves health
  • How you can make simple changes to honor the cycle of the sun
  • How you can change the way you use time and how to use exercise to create time
  • How to change your habits without feeling overwhelmed
  • 5 ways to dramatically improve sleep


Links Mentioned:

Aug 16, 2017
153: I'm Giving You Permission

This episode is the sister episode to Stop Saying Sorry (Episode 149).  So, if you haven’t listened to that episode yet, go back and do so now!


Now that you’re done apologizing for everything all day everyday – let’s do some fun stuff.  Moving forward, I’m giving you permission to be a quitter, to be imperfect, to live bigger and bolder, to try something scary, to forgive and to be POWERFUL - starting today.  


This episode is all about moving ON and moving UP.  My hope is that if I give you permission today, you will give yourself permission tomorrow and everyday after that.  Cause I happen to have it on good authority that you are a total badass and perhaps you’ve been selling yourself short lately…


Listen in to all 29 things I’m giving you permission to do – TODAY.  Now.  



Links Mentioned:

Aug 14, 2017
152: Charmaine Ironside: The Diet Dropout

Charmaine Ironside owns and operates two successful Fitness studios in Calgary, Canada with her husband Patrick. She also owns The Diet Dropout, a thriving online coaching business where she helps women overcome challenges with weight, food, and mindset on the road to living their best lives in their best bodies.

She enjoys all the hats she wears, including being a mom to 2-year-old daughter Kennedy, a wife to an incredible husband, and an entrepreneur who is constantly looking for ways to help people live better lives. Charmaine is an eternal optimist who lives life to the fullest, taking full responsibility for her own joy and success.


I always love a good convo with a fellow fitness professional.  I was especially excited to hear Charmaine talk about her personal journey with dieting and weight loss.  As it turns out, we are very similar – raised by awesome moms who also happened to be chronic dieters.  We both started dieting at very young ages.  That will mess with a little girl’s self-image for a lifetime…


Listen in to hear Charmaine share:

  • Her journey in emotional eating and how she overcame it
  • How she uses personal development to support habit change
  • The correlation between self-care and your relationship with food
  • The power of kindness and gratitude in behavior change
  • How to b e more intuitive and less restrictive
  • What you need to know about intermittent fasting and the keto diet
  • How dieting disempowers you and removes your self-trust


Links Mentioned:



Aug 09, 2017
151: 3 Things to Think About in August

I have something new for you this week and this month  and every month moving forward – YAY!  


It seems impossible that it’s already August, right?  I mean, you might be elated because SCHOOL – it’s almost here again.  But you might also be bummed – where did summer go and did we really do all. the. things??? 


I know I’m not ready for summer to be over.  While Vinnie’s Summer Bucket List is nearly completed, I’ve barely begun mine (typical #momlife, right?!)


As I was mourning the rapidly approaching end of summer this morning, it occurred to me that every darn month is like this – the months come too fast and they go too fast.  They all seem significant and pivotal for some reason, too.  Like I don’t want any of them to escape until I’ve had my way with them.  You with me???


So, my brilliant idea for the SMA…


I’m going to start a new tradition for our first episode of every month.  The first Monday of every month will be the “3 Things to Think About in [New Month]” episode.  This way, I can give you some pointers on setting intentions and goals for the month that are relevant to where we are in the course of the year.  I think this will be SUPER DUPER helpful for you (and for me – whoop!)


Tune in to today’s episode to hear 3 Things to Think About in August.  This will help you formulate a PLAN for the rest of summer, as well as give you some SUPPORT and GUIDANCE for the upcoming transition into a new school year.  This is good stuff, mamas.  Promise. 


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Aug 07, 2017
150: Renee Metty: On Mindfulness

Renee Metty, M.Ed is a Shameless Mom to 3 kids, ages 7, 9, 11 and is the Founder and CEO of With Pause™. She believes that one’s greatest asset is the quality of attention you bring to every aspect of your experience. Through speaking, workshops and training, With Pause™ boosts your ability to develop richer connections, manage stress, collaborate effectively and renew your mental clarity. 

Renee works with businesses and schools, who are seeking clarity, calm and a more meaningful life. Her approach cultivates mindfulness balanced with compassion while cultivating presence.

Renee is also a Certified Body Language Trainer, allowing her to further support people through their mindfulness practices, daily habits, and communication patterns. 


This interview was so fascination to me.  Renee identifies herself as a Type A personality, just as I do.  But you’ll notice that she is slow and careful with her words, the opposite of me.  She has trained herself to slow down and live calmly, even in the midst of chaos.  If you’re Type A, you will love this interview – especially everything Renee shares about the silent retreats she has attended (which sound terrifying to me!) 


Listen in to hear Renee share:


  • The power of living in perpetual self discovery
  • What it feels like when you cut your speed in half and slow down your life (and her experience doing this through multi-day silent retreats)
  • Why mindfulness cannot be practiced without compassion
  • 3 micro practices you can start doing today to become more mindful
  • The difference between gratitude and appreciation
  • The power of non verbal communication (spoiler: it’s 13 times more powerful than your words)



Links Mentioned:

Aug 02, 2017
149: Stop Saying Sorry

We apologize so much it’s actually offensive.  Your empty apology for being late means nothing.  Your apology for taking up space in an elevator minimizes all women.  Your apology for taking 24 entire hours to reply to an email minimizes the value of you and your time.  




Before I jump down your throat too much, I will tell you I am WITH YOU.  I do it too.  But I’m really working on doing it a lot less.   Because I want to be seen as authentic and strong and of value – because I AM. 


Also, I’ve started to catch Vinnie apologizing inappropriately – for little things that aren’t his fault - that haven’t actually hurt anyone.  My apologizing is teaching him to minimize himself.  Fan-freaking-tastic. 


If you are an over apologizer, or you know someone who is, you need this episode.  


If you want to model genuine apologies, connection and relationships to your kids, you need this episode.  


I am NOT AT ALL SORRY for imploring you to tune in.  This is a good one. 



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Jul 31, 2017
148: Julie Fry: Living with Cancer

4 years ago, Julie Fry was fed up with too much travel and not enough control of her schedule or her family life.  She left her corporate sales job and decided to buy a blog, to have more control over her life and spend more time with her kids.   She quickly learned she was way too extroverted for a purely online company and pivoted to serve women entrepreneurs with community, education, and support for their businesses through networking and educational events.


Since then, Business Among Moms or BAM, has grown to 20 chapters across the country, and nearly 1000 members. 


Along the way Julie has learned about herself and the power of connecting women.  She has created something she truly loves and that fuels her mind and her soul.  


While Julie has been busy growing her dream and serving women all over the country, she has also learned how to best serve herself as she lives valiantly with blood chronic lymphocytic leukemia.  


I so appreciate Julie coming on the show to talk about building her dream business and building a life she loves around a life with cancer.   


Listen in to hear Julie share:

  • How she decided to buy a business and how you anyone can start this journey 
  • The joy in connecting women
  • How to let mommy guilt GO
  • How she was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and her prognosis today
  • How to slow down and still live big


Links Mentioned:

Julie’s Website:

Business Among Moms on Facebook

Sponsor: (use code SMA30 for a free 30-day trial)



Jul 26, 2017
147: IVF: Due Date Update

I recently received an email from Shameless Mom Marie.  It was the exact email I needed at exactly the time I needed it – because if you are always on the lookout for well timed events, you’ll find they tend to happen all the time ☺.


Marie shared with me her journey of infertility and the crossroads she is currently at.  All of her thoughts mirrored thoughts I’ve had over the last year.  It was pretty amazing to read her words and feel like we have been sharing a brain! 


If IVF had worked for us last summer, we would likely be due to have a baby right about now.  I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.  But I’m not thinking about it more than normal – because I have thought about our IVF experience and our infertility situation on one level or another everyday for the last year.


Actually, I’ve thought about my fertility every day for the last 7 years – when we first started trying to get pregnant the first time.  




7 years is a long time to thing about something every single day.  That’s 2,555 days.  Perhaps I need a new hobby….


I wanted to take this episode to reply to the email Marie sent me and share with you where I’m at today – a year after failed IVF – at the time of my once potential due date.  


Thank you for listening.  It means a lot to me to be able to share here.  And I am sending ALL THE LOVE to the mamas out there who can relate first hand to my story on any level. You are not alone.



Links Mentioned:

Photo Credit: Kelsey Moll Photography (thank you Kelsey for our fabulous family photo session!) 

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Jul 24, 2017
146: Shawna Kaminski: The Myth of Menopause and Metabolism

Shawna Kaminski has been a fitness professional in the industry for over 30 years. She has a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Education and too many certifications to count. She is a teacher at heart, having taught school for 20 years. 


She’s a #1 best selling author of Lose Your Menopause Belly available on Amazon.


She’s owned a small group training studio, multiple fitness boot camps, and she helps thousands of online fitness clients worldwide with her fitness and coaching programs.  She’s appeared on national TV as a fitness expert, authored articles in numerous publications and created curriculum for international fitness businesses.


Shawna is in her early 50’s, has two children and a one-eyed rescue dog. 


Shawna is back on the show today to talk about her book and give us the lowdown on the truths and myths about aging, menopause, metabolism and how you can love yourself at every stage.


Listen in to learn:

  • Can you cure menopause?
  • Lifestyle hacks to manage menopause symptoms
  • Why you need to know about your cortisol, HGH, and insulin
  • The truth about menopause and belly fat
  • Why you want to incorporate metabolic resistance training into your fitness routine
  • Why sleep and stress management are just as important as nutrition and exercise as you age
  • Why small steps to change your lifestyle are better than giant leaps


Links Mentioned:

Book: Lose Your Menopause Belly

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Jul 19, 2017
145: The Power of Doing Something 5,500 Times

Last Thursday morning I tortured myself with a Tempo run (which involved hard running for 1-4 minutes, with rest intervals in between). To distract myself from the pain, I started mentally calculating how many workouts I've probably done since I started working out (in secret) 22 years ago (after never breaking a sweat in my youth).

I figure I've logged at least 5,500 workouts in at this point.


That means:
* 5,500 times I SHOWED UP even if I didn't want to (which is often). 
* 5,500 times I did something I didn't know I could do (I doubt myself at the beginning of almost every workout)
* 5,500 times I did my best, regardless of how ugly or imperfect it was
* 5,500 times I proved I can do hard things


These 5,500 workouts have translated into:
* Setting higher goals in all areas of my life
* Trying new things, even if they are scary or I'm not sure I can do them
* Remembering that I am strong, powerful and capable - even when life tries to show me otherwise
* Knowing that I am in control, no matter how crazy things get
* A sense of pride in everything I do - even if it's imperfect


You don't have to do something 5,500 times to understand this or live this. But you do need to:

1. Start
2. Show up even when you don't want to
3. Allow for imperfections
4. Stay humble
5. Own your wins
6. Keep going


It's really simple, actually. Just START.


Here are some things you might have done 1,000-5,500 times without realizing the positive impact on your life:

Change your kids’ diapers first thing in the am

Eat dinner with your family

Walk your kid to school

Drive your kid to soccer practice

Pack school lunches

I know… I KNOW.  These do not seem like life altering tasks.  But they are.  Truly.  Listen in to learn why. 


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Jul 17, 2017
144: Julia Freeland: Your Value and REvolve YOU

Julia Freeland is an entrepreneur and a catalyst for change. She is dedicated to helping professionals, who have stepped away from their career to raise their children, understand their true value and launch the next phase of their lives.  Julia coaches her clients through an innovative reinvention process to help them RE-Discover themselves, RE-Invent their identities, and RE-Launch their careers and passions.  She is working to break the 1950’s homemaker stereotype and open people’s eyes the value of time spent as a parent.

Julia is an accomplished speaker, leader, facilitator and people development strategist. She helps experienced individuals identify and achieve their goals by inspiring them to consider new perspectives, challenge old beliefs, break through stasis and open up to learning again. 


Julia was a stay at home mom for years – and found herself in a situation of many, many stay at home moms, where she vastly underestimated her worth in her role and felt lost and alone as she navigated life after leaving the corporate world. Her perspective on her role as a stay at home mom greatly damaged her self worth and her marriage.  


I know you will learn a lot from Julia’s story and you will find yourself cheering as she shares what she has learned over the years.  You’ll probably get especially excited when she compares stay at home moms to CEOs.  I know I did!


Listen in to hear Julia share:

  • Why motherhood doesn’t have to stop you from dreaming about what you truly want out of life
  • Why your dreams are just as important as your partner’s
  • How SAHM moms are just as worthy and as powerful and skilled as CEOs
  • How laundry makes you more resilient (seriously)
  • Why you need to constantly evolve your belief system
  • The difference between perception of what we do and the reality of what we do
  • How to evaluate your self worth (and how does it compare to the worth you place in your kids and partner)


Links Mentioned:



Instagram: @revolve_you

Twitter: @REvolveYOU


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Jul 12, 2017
143: 11 Ways to Harness More Energy

If I offered you a magical elixir that would give you endless energy would you take it?  I WOULD!


Today I’m going to give you 11 elixirs of sorts.  Trying any one of these things will likely dramatically improve your daily energy – trying a few other them together might just be better than coffee.  Seriously.  


Oh, and we’ll talk about coffee too!  Your coffee might actually be sucking your energy.  I say this as someone who loves my coffee, but is also acutely aware of its limits.


Cozy up and take some notes on this one – cause there are some golden tips in here that will get fired up and totally energized! 


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Jul 10, 2017
142: Mike Vardy: They Productivityist

Mike Vardy is a writer, productivity strategist, and the founder of Productivityist. He's served as the Managing Editor at Lifehack, and written for 99u, Lifehacker, SUCCESS Magazine, and more. Mike has also spoken at all over North America at events like TEDx Victoria, South by Southwest Interactive, NAPO, and CreativeLIVE.


I met Mike earlier this year when he was speaking at Tropical Think Tank in the Philippines.  We bonded over time management and Legos.  Seriously. 


Mike is going to get you ridiculously excited about organizing your time and make simple life hacks that will create space in your days and weeks. 


Listen in to hear Mike share:

  • Why structure = freedom
  • The true definition of productivity
  • The power of time management for kids
  • What is time crafting and how to do it
  • Why you should THEME your days (vertically and horizontally)
  • The power and joy of a daily journal


Links Mentioned:

Find Mike and all his resources for Shameless Moms:

Journaling App: Day One

Journaling App: Journey

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Jul 05, 2017
141: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning

I have a challenge for you.  You ready?  


I want you to start asking yourself these 5 questions every morning.


  1. What will I do for ME today?
  2. What am I grateful for?
  3. How do I want to serve today?
  4. What is one uncomfortable think I need to today to move closer to a goal?
  5. How will I create joy today?


One of the best gifts you can give yourself everyday is a few moments just for YOU first thing in the morning.  This reflective time can happen as you workout, as you journal, as you meditate, or as you shower (seriously, I have the most brilliant thoughts in the shower!)


Starting your day with some intentional focus about how you want to embrace the day not only gives you a strong sense of empowerment and control – it allows you to actually CREATE your day to be whatever you desire.  


You will be amazed by how asking yourself just 5 questions every morning will change the course of your day and, in turn, change the course of your life.  It is really that powerful and magical.  Try me!  



Links Mentioned:

SMA Ep 59: How to Create Your Own  Miracle Morning

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Jul 03, 2017
140: Jen Lumanlan: Your Parenting Mojo

Jen Lumanlan is the host of the Your Parenting Mojo podcast, which distills scientific research on child development into a format that parents can actually use.  She has done a TON of research on both child development and education, and also recently launched a course called Your Homeschooling Mojo, which helps parents to decide whether homeschooling is right for their family.  


So all that said, a lot of Jen’s friends think it’s pretty ironic that she never thought she would be a parent because she didn’t have an inkling of a motherly instinct in her body.  Jen earned a bachelor’s degrees from U.C. Berkeley and a Master’s of Environmental Management from Yale and spent several years in consulting before realizing that she was way more passionate about being a parent than she ever thought she could be, so she went back to school and got a Master’s in Psychology focused on Child Development and is now working on another in Education.  


She’s still doing a less-rigorous day job while she ramps up the business that she hopes will enable her daughter’s homeschooling.  We’ll talk about what she’s learned from the research she’s read that has helped her to be a better parent but also stop worrying so much about being a better parent and just enjoy life!  We’ll also dig into some of the surprising things she learned about the education system while she was doing her master’s thesis research on what motivates children to learn in the absence of a curriculum.


Listen in to hear Jen share:


  • How and why she uses research to lead her parenting
  • The truth about only children and social skills and intelligence 
  • How she knew homeschooling would be the best decision for her daughter – even though she’s not school age yet
  • Why our current education system is not meeting the needs of our kids
  • The myths (and truths) of homeschooling  and homeschooling stereotypes
  • Why homeschooling is becoming more popular, especially among black families


Links Mentioned:


Podcast: The Your Parenting Mojo podcast - research-based ideas to help kids thrive (and make parenting a bit easier!)

Course: The Your Homeschooling Mojo course - helping people who are interested in homeschooling figure out whether (and how) they can actually do it.  Use the code SHAMELESS20 to save $20 on your course purchase. 

Interview/Book: How to talk so little kids will listen: Jen’s Interview with Julie King / Book 

Interview/Book: It’s Not About The Broccoli: Jen’s Interview with Dina Rose / Book 

Podcast Episode: Only Children – Are They As Bad As advertised?

Podcast Episode: Parenting: All Joy and No Fun?

Article: We Don’t Need No Education by Ben Hewitt

Book: Class Dismissed by Meredith Maran

Book: Child of Mine: Feeding With Love and Good Sense by Ellen Satter

Twitter: @akidisforlife


Sponsor: (use code SMA30 for a free 30 day trial)

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Jun 28, 2017
139: How to Stay Motivated for the Next 8 Years

Last week I woke to a Facebook memory from 8 years ago that totally threw me for a loop.  This memory was a video of me teaching boot camp in a park in Seattle.  I was immediately taken back to that time – when I was so excited and so nervous as I tried to sell spots in my little program that no one had heard of.  


Fast forward 8 years and I have accomplished so many tings I never though possible - from owning an award winning gym to having a baby to launching a successful podcast.  


So, here’s what really hit home for me a few hours after seeing that FB memory… If the last 8 years are any indication, SO MANY exciting, fun, terrifying, challenging, glorious unknown things are going to happen in my life in the next 8 years.  


This got me really pumped up for the next 8 years.  


Ok, your turn… I want you to think about a specific memory from 8 years ago.  

  • Where were you?  
  • Who were you with? 
  • What were you doing? 
  • How did you feel about it? 


Then play back everything that has happened since then.  Look at everything you have accomplished, earned, and learned since then.  You are not the same person as you were then.  


With what you know now, how will you make the next 8 years count?  How will you push yourself?  How will you grow and thrive?  


Here are some of my suggestions to keep you motivated for the next 8 years – addressed more deeply in the episode, of course!


  1. Take risks
  2. Connect with those who have gone before you
  3. Work with a coach or therapist
  4. Ask for support at home
  5. Be the person you want to be even if you’re not her yet


Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 13: How To Be A Better Stalker and FanGirl with Lewis Howes

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Jun 26, 2017
138: Jadah Sellner: Passions & Transitions

Jadah Sellner is an author, international keynote speaker, poet, and the creator of the Mentorship Lab™ & Build Your Challenge™ at

Since 2009, Jadah has started 3 businesses (including one brick and mortar) and now helps creative CEO’s, visionary entrepreneurs, and social change companies build communities with love, so that you can connect to your bigger vision, reach more people, support your family, and grow your income while NOT adding more work for you.

(You may also know her from her work as co-founder and co-author of Simple Green Smoothies, which has been featured on The Doctors TV show, Oprah's O Magazine, Target and the Wall Street Journal.)

When Jadah’s not helping world changers build their tribes with the Love Over Metrics™ movement, you can catch her reading Shel Silverstein poems at the dinner table. She lives in the San Francisco bay area with her husband, daughter, and their little “chiweenie” dog, Clementine.


Jadah is someone I have admired since hearing her on a podcast interview a couple years ago.  I was immediately drawn to her story and her calm, warm energy.  While soft in nature, Jadah is a strong, persistent and powerful in her work.  She embraces all aspects of entrepreneurship while constantly seeking opportunities to serve women in a deeper way.  


Listen in to hear Jadah share:

  • The specific steps you can take to discover your passions 
  • Why you need to start dating yourself – and how to do it
  • How to change course without risking it all
  • Why you have to be ok with not-so-sexy transitions
  • How to unhook your self worth from the outcomes in your life


Links Mentioned:

More about Jadah:

Work with Jadah:

Jadah on Facebook:

Jadah on Instagram:

Jadah on Twitter:

Book: Simple Green Smoothies 

Sponsor: (use code SMA30 for a free 30 day trial) 

Sponsor: (use this link to get 10 KIND Snacks for $10 + free shipping)


Jun 21, 2017
137: Summertime Self-Care

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that maaaaaybe you have put too much time into planning summer for your kids and family and not enough time into planning summer for YOU.  Am I right?!?


I want you to love your summer. Like really LOVE it.  I want you to cherish time that is only for you.  I want you to OWN your space this summer.  Can we do that together?  I promise to make it simple and enjoyable!


I want to look at 4 areas you might consider when it comes to taking care of YOU this summer:


  • How will you move?
  • How will you fuel yourself?
  • How will you create down time?
  • How will you create fun?


Listen in to learn creative ways to stay consistent in your summer self care through some simple tricks and tactics.  I’ll share ideas on how to keep exercise short & sweet, how to enjoy the best summer fuel without feeling guilty about an summer indulgences, and how to create time that is just for you to enjoy the season doing what YOU want to do (read: not chasing kids around a pool!)


Links Mentioned:

SMA interview with Jill Coleman: How to Eat Every Damn Day

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Jun 19, 2017
136: Kori & Mike: Zag Zig Parenting

Married for 23 years, with 4 children, Kori Reed and Mike Becker are on a mission to “Reimagine family stereotypes so that all modern families can thrive.”


They are so committed to this mission that they wrote a book about it - Zag Zig Parenting: (Mis)Adventures of a Career-Driven Mom and a Stay-at-Home Dad


ZagZig Parenting invites you to explore a married couple’s contemporary perspective on parenting through comical vignettes that share their differences, struggles and mistakes. 


Written by Kori, a career-driven mom of four children, with commentary from Mike, a twenty-year, at-home dad, this book shows work-life integration from a different lens, and creates a positive environment to reimagine the family framework.


These vulnerable stories about life as a non-traditional family aim to paint a picture of everyday chaos provide comic relief and permit parents to thrive as they embrace their perceived shortcomings in the context of work-family flow. Parenting issues don’t discriminate. 


Listen in to hear Kori and Mike share:


  • How Mike and Kori both started defying traditional gender roles at the age of 16
  • How parents with two very different personality types can successfully find their parenting groove
  • What family management looks like for a stay-at-home dad and career driven mom
  • The power and purpose of therapy 
  • How a Kori learned to juggle being a present parent and career focused mom
  • What Mike loved about staying home with 4 kids over the course of 20 years
  • Mike’s biggest parenting secret when it comes to minimizing overwhelm and chaos


Links Mentioned:

Find Kori and Mike here:

But the book here: Zag Zig Parenting on Amazon

Sponsor: (use code SMA30 for a free 30 day trial)



Jun 14, 2017
135: How to Make Your Summer Bucket List

After recording last week’s episode I realized I made a mistake.  I told you all about Summer Bucket Lists and then I quickly added that since Vinnie is in full time childcare this summer, we didn’t need a Bucket List.  


That was dumb. 


Very dumb. 


We actually DO need a Bucket List this summer.  Two in fact.  


Listen into hear how I came to this realization moments after finishing last weeks’ episode.  I’ll share exactly how we created a Family Summer Bucket List and how I created my very own Mommy Summer Bucket List.  


This one little project has me so pumped up for summer.  I highly recommend you do it too.  I give a lot of helpful pointers in the episode, so you can make your Bucket Lists 100% relevant to all your hopes and dreams for Summer 2017. 


You’ll learn:

  • Why you and your family need separate Bucket Lists
  • What areas/ideas you might want to cover on your Bucket List
  • How to get crafty with your Bucket List
  • Parameters for play vis work on your Bucket List
  • How creating a Bucket List is different than goal setting
  • How to make your Bucket List about YOU, not them!


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Jun 12, 2017
134: Barb Anderson: Life with Pediatric Cancer

After graduating at the top of her MBA class and landing an interesting job, Barb Anderson suddenly found herself staring directly in the face of every parent's worst nightmare when her 18-month old son, Jude, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. With this diagnosis, Barb was thrown into her new role as a "Momcologist," a position where she serves as chief advocate, medical officer and public relations expert for her family. 


Jude's journey has defied all odds, surviving three relapses, two bone marrow transplants and travel across the United States for groundbreaking clinical trials. He is now approaching six months after his second bone marrow transplant  (for which Barb was the donor) and recovering well.


Barb loves living in the kind, vibrant city of Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Aidan, Jude and younger son, Finn. When not serving as a Momcologist, Barb loves to cook, drink wine, brew kombucha, and connect with friends & family. She is a double graduate of the University of Arizona with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. 


I asked Barb to come on the show to talk about her story as a momcologist.  She is going to walk us through the last 3 years of her life since Jude was diagnosed with Leukemia at just 18 months old. 


Listen in to hear Barb share:

  • How Jude was diagnosed 
  • What life looks like with the ups and downs of pediatric cancer
  • What kind of emotional turmoil remains even when the cancer is gone
  • What it’s like to raise a sibling of a child with pediatric cancer
  • What NOT to say (or send) to people fighting cancer
  • The alarmingly low research funding that supports pediatric cancer


Links Mentioned:

Jude’s Man and Woman of the Year Leukemia and Lymphoma Donation Page 

Team Jude inspirational merchandise order form     

Book: The Emperor of Maladies 

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Jun 07, 2017
133: How to Manage Expectations

If you find yourself easily disappointed or frustrated by relationships and/or situations in your life, it’s time to take some #radicalresponsibility, friends.  


You create your own experiences, for better or worse.  You have more power than you think.  Cause, let’s be honest, you’re a badass.  


But even the baddest of asses hits a rough spot every now & then, right??  


Here are a few tips to help you manage expectations:


  • Assume nothing
  • Create win/wins
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate, and then communicate some more
  • Be assertive (not aggressive)
  • Set boundaries
  • Expect hiccups


When you put these practices in place, you will be able to much more accurately create the exact experiences you desire.  You will also open the door for the people around you to do the same.  Win/Win!!!


This is especially valuable and helpful as we enter summer.  What do you really want this summer?  How are you going to get it?  It’s up to YOU.  


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SMA Ep 8 with Lori Kennedy: Is Work/Life Balance Possible?

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Jun 05, 2017
132: Sage B Hobbs: Naked Communication

Sage B Hobbs is the author of Naked Communication.  Sage spent more than ten years in counseling, education, and community outreach.  Her work has spanned diverse communities, from public schools to a residential treatment program for teens.  Her experience ranges widely, including life transitions, personal empowerment, work/life balance, education, family dynamics, youth behavior, fertility struggles, cancer recovery, and more.

When not geeking out on coaching and business development, Sage can be found playing in the mountains with her adorable children and husband, on her yoga mat, or talking at length with a girlfriend.


This was such a fun conversation.  Two minutes into my conversation with Sage I felt like we had known each other for years.  You’ll hear this throughout the conversation as we piggy back off each others thoughts.  How interesting to have such a great connection when talking to someone about CONNECTION! 


Sage is helping women show up, well, more naked.  Before you panic, know that Naked Communication will mean different things to different women.  But, embracing some of Sage’s philosophies and practices will really empower you to be more strong, powerful and capable in your conversations and your connections. 


Listen in to hear Sage share:

  • What Naked Communication means and why you more of need it
  • Why the goal of every interaction should be connection (and how to make that happen)
  • The power of mental flexibility and how to make it a game
  • The truth about forgiveness and why it’s for YOU, not someone else
  • The steps to a powerful and productive apology
  • How to have One minute moments of courage that can transform your life and conversations
  • How to pushing yourself can actually alleviate anxiety
  • Why Ah-Ha moments are never really ah-ha moments


Links Mentioned:

* Website:

* Book: Naked Communication by Sage B Hobbs

* The ASK Formula Cheat Sheet:  How to ask for what you want... and get it.

* Learn about your own communication styles and patterns with free book chapters at

* Sage on Facebook

* Sage on Instagram 

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May 31, 2017
131: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

I very unexpectedly ended up on crutches last week.  Although, I guess it’s rare that anyone plans to be on crutches….


In any case, crutches were NOT in my plan as I trained for an upcoming 10K or planned a trip to the beach for the holiday weekend.  


But, I fell on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night (#41goingon86) and badly sprained my ankle.  I spent the night at the ER – like the overnight – from 2:30-7:30am on a Saturday night - the best time to land one’s self at the ER, right?  


I came home totally cool with my prognosis: no break (phew!!!), but a bad sprain, crutches for the foreseeable future, no weight bearing until I can get in to the orthopedist.  


There is a time in my life – ok MOST of my life – that this whole turn of events would have sent me into a massive tailspin.  I’m not one to live life spontaneously or embrace roadblocks.  I like control.  Like, all. the. time. 


I have done a lot of work on myself in the last few years – work that allows me to take life in stride, even though that is not my nature.  This work has pushed me to live my life in a Growth Mindset – seeing opportunity at every turn – even when I’m on my bedroom floor, screaming, in the fetal position, and about to barf because I’m sure I’ve broken my ankle in the middle of the night.  


Listen in to this episode to hear how YOU can adopt a Growth Mindset and get rid of your Fixed Mindset tendencies that might be holding you back.  I share 7 different practices and mindset examples that illustrate the difference between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset.  


Understanding how to embrace a Growth Mindset will change everything about your life – from the way you parent (I give you some great examples) to the way you follow your professional ambitions.  This is good stuff, friends. 


Links Mentioned:

Book: Mindset by Carol Dweck

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May 29, 2017
130: Lauren Pak: Life with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Lauren is on a mission to bring inclusivity and empathy to the forefront of fitness and health. She co-owns and operates Achieve Fitness in Boston with her husband, Jason, where they work daily to fulfill that mission. Lauren has been a personal trainer and strength coach for over 10 years, and she draws on her own past battle with body dysmorphic disorder to relate to and help others who may be going through similar struggles. When Lauren's not at the gym, she can be found spending time with her dog, Diesel, playing football, or relaxing on the beach in Cape Cod.


Lauren wrote an article on her experience with Body Dysmorphic Disorder a few months ago and I was just blown away by her honesty and openness with her experience.  I would venture to guess that most women have had body image struggles at one time or another.  In Lauren’s experience, her struggles became pervasive and paralyzing.  


I found myself able to relate to Lauren’s story in many ways.  If you’ve ever struggled with body image, eating disorders and/or disordered eating, I think you’ll be inspired by Lauren’s journey.  


Listen in to hear Lauren share:


  • What daily life is like with BDD 
  • How she was paralyzed by BDD and her weight even though she was never actually overweight
  • Why it is so hard for people with BDD and body image struggles to talk openly about it
  • How sharing her story was a crucial part of her healing
  • Her recommendations to other women who are struggling (…and why she doesn’t give advice) 
  • How she wants to revolutionize the gym experience for women and marginalized populations



Links Mentioned: 

Achieve Fitness website:

Personal website:

Facebook (business):

Facebook (personal):

Instagram (business):

Instagram (personal):

Lauren’s blog post: My Experience with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Depression

Book: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Book: The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder by Katharine A. Phillips

Website: (an awesome resource that provides you with professionals as well as groups and programs based on your geographical location.)

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May 24, 2017
129: The 4 C's of (Re)Building Your Identity

By now you have heard me share all about how motherhood knocked me on my butt – BIG TIME.  It took me longer than I like to admit to adjust to my new life as a mom and to resolve myself to the idea that I would never get my old life back.  


My old life wasn’t really any better than my new mommy life (except for there was more time for sleep and wine) – but my old life was a life of predictability and all things KNOWN.  So, basically the opposite of motherhood. 


Over the last few years, I have been able to see how one rebuilds their identity – because I rebuilt mine.  The coolest part of the journey is that one the other side of the fear of the unknown is power and strength I didn’t know I had.  


Listen in to learn The 4 Cs of (Re)Building Your Identity:

  1. Character
  2. Courage
  3. Collaboration
  4. Confidence


Walking through these 4 areas will give you the direction you need to build a life you love without feeling overwhelmed (and/or terrified…)


Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 69: How to Be A Nasty Woman

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May 22, 2017
128: Tay N Val: Soul Purpose

Tay & Val are the spiritual consultants and soul mentors that  executive coaches of Fortune 500s and founders of multimillion-dollar public companies go to, to answer their "What's Next?" question. Everything they do is grounded in the intention to help you lead your best life. 


Award-winning filmmakers, Tay and Val left successful media careers, closed their production company, wrapped work on their nationally televised television series P.S. I’m Sorry, and set off to travel the world by bicycle for a documentary project to inspire dreams. Six years, three continents, more than 400 public talks and national radio and TV appearances (in twelve countries), and 2 TEDx talks later, Tay and Val settled in the Pacific Northwest as City Artists of Seattle. Committed to helping visionary leaders meet their call to greatness with clear-eyed vision, groundedness, and deep trust - they work with leaders and businesses around the globe who hear the call to rise and say yes. 


More recently, their work has also appeared on Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Thrive Global. They are also co-founders of M Meditation. Their signature program, Propel Your Purpose, sherpas a soulful tribe of multipassionate, multitalented, and multifaceted millennials (at heart) to bring their whole selves to the table, create a thriving life, and make the impact you’ve always envisioned for yourself and the world.


Listen in to hear Tay n Val share:

  • Why they left their award winning careers to journey the world on bikes
  • How one man’s dream changed their dreams forever
  • The power of their pivotal question, “What’s Your Dream?”
  • How an 8 year old girl helped us define our #soulpurpose and set us on a path aligned to it
  • The surprising (and enlightening!) thing Moms around the world shared with us, that shifted our guilt for being the daughters who left home to live our dreams


Links Mentioned:

Discover your #soulpurpose:

Video: How 2 Ordinary Girls Chose To Be Extraordinary

Video: Tay & Val TEDx talk

Tay & Val on Facebook 

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May 17, 2017
127: Navigating the Messy Middle

Today I’m going to give you my Bloomsday Race Report and share my weakness – The Messy Middle…

Whenever I set out out to accomplish something I start out 100% inspired, motivated, excited, strong, powerful, eager, peppy, spirited – and eagerly anticipating success.

Then I get about 60 % toward my goal and I CRASH.

This is where things get uncomfortable, uncertain, not-so-strong, less powerful, way less motivating, uncertain and ugly. I often feel self doubt, fear, and negative self talk.

Welcome to the Messy Middle. Have you ever been???

Once I push through the Messy Middle I once again feel optimism, motivation, excitement - all those initial feelings come flooding back. I feel powerful as I approach my finish line or deadline.

When you’re in that Messy Middle, you want to BAIL. Maybe you actually do bail sometimes. I know I have.

Listen in to hear the strategies I use to take control of my Messy Middle and reach my goals (including my Messy Middle at Bloomsday last weekend). These are simple things that will take you far.

The Messy Middle is where you will make something of your goals and dreams OR where you will lay them down to die. The choice is yours. Understand the power of that decision.

You can do anything – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do anything. It’s never easy. It’s rarely pretty. But it’s always worth it.

Lastly, SHOUT OUT to the Bethany and Katie, the mamas in the photo for this episode. They were the best Bloomsday running buddies!

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May 15, 2017
126: Melissa DaSilva: Pride Connections

Melissa DaSilva is a clinical social worker and founder of the group practice East Coast Mental Wellness in Providence, RI. She serves as an individual and couples therapist, as well as a group facilitator. She has spent many years working in schools as a school social worker and has an upcoming podcast titled Pride Connections.


Melissa is an expert in the field of transgender topics, and works with many trans and nonbinary youth to provide support throughout their transition. She collaborates with outside providers to ensure comprehensive care for those who wish to pursue physical transition. Melissa enjoys working with clients on LGBTQ topics, academic issues, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders. She also has experience supporting clients with anxiety, depression, and life transitions. Her practice is welcoming towards all genders and sexualities, as well as poly and kink couples. She uses a variety of approaches in her therapy including pet therapy, meditation, and places a lot of focus on sleep and nutritional health. When Melissa isn't running her business she is creating art and selling it at local markets. 


Listen in to hear Melissa share:

  • What all the letters mean in LGBTQQIA (they are all different and all important)
  • What the terms cisgender, non-binary, gender-expansive and gender fluid mean
  • The difference between sex and gender
  • How to talk to explain sexual orientation and gender to kids in very simple terms
  • How can you and your family be supportive of LGBTQQIA children
  • How to can you be supportive if you suspect your child might be LGBTQQIA
  • How to ask someone about their sexual orientation and/or gender expression
  • How to use gender pronouns correctly and appropriately


Links Mentioned:

Podcast Website:

Private Practice Website:

Melissa’s Email:


May 10, 2017
125: Why You're Afraid of Change

Change is the WORST.  Or at least that’s what I used to tell myself – for like 30 years.


After becoming a mom I spent a full year feeling completely run over by all the change and unpredictability of my new mommy life.  I kept wait for everything to “go back to normal.”


As you can guess – that never happened.  


I had to resolve myself to the constant change that is motherhood.  


As someone who thrives on routine and predictability, that was a tough pill to swallow.  But then I looked at some of ways I had embraced change in other areas of my life over the last 10 years and I was able to slooooooowly start embracing motherhood and change in a new and more positive light.  


Before I tell you how to get over your fear of change, let me help you understand why you’re afraid of change:


  1. The known is always more comfortable than the unknown
  2. We live in a fear based culture – so we’re programmed to be afraid of what we do not yet know
  3. We like consistency, predictability and control
  4. We’re scared of failure, mistakes, and of wasting our time and energy


And now – the good stuff - how to get over your fear of change:

  1. Recognize that you are already in constant flux and transition
  2. Consider change an opportunity for a “software upgrade”
  3. Know there will be moments of panic and doubt and possibly a sense of complete failure and/or regret
  4. Know that practicing and embracing change makes it feel less burdensome
  5. Understand that the best way to conquer fear and anxiety is to prove to yourself you CAN do the things you are afraid of
  6. change is not bad – it’s just different


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May 08, 2017
124: Sistermixin with Tracey and Jo

Tracey and Joanne are mothers and sisters who are living the healthiest, happiest life possible.  Together they created Sistermixin’ to improve their families health and spread the word of their life changing discoveries. 


They are on a mission to share how you can improve your health and your life by removing toxic additives and preservatives from your diet. 


Their mission all started when Joana’s young daughter was having significant health and behavior issues.  Desperate for answers and willing to try anything, Jo removed additives from her daughter’s diet and saw her daughter change before her very eyes.  


Shortly after this life changing discovery, Joana shared her tips with Tracey and they have never looked back. 


Listen in to hear Tracey and Jo share:


  • How Jo was able to completely change her daughter’s health and behavior by changing her diet
  • What kinds of preservatives your kids are eating that you don’t know are harmful
  • What to look for when reading food labels
  • What additives should be most avoided
  • The truth about food dyes and MSG (and how they are hidden everywhere…)
  • Simple steps to get started with additive free eating 
  • How to support your child’s special eating habits in social settings


Links Mentioned:


Podcast: The Whole Circle

Sistermixin on Instagram

Study: Southhampton Study of Food Dyes and Hyperactivity in Children

Course: Additive Free Made Easy

Food App:

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May 03, 2017
123: 5 Tiny Habits to Create Momentum in Your Life

I think one of the hardest parts of motherhood is all. the. things.  


I don’t mean physical things – although there is SO MUCH STUFF.  Everywhere.  Books, legos, art, clothes, balls, more legos, petrified snacks…


But I’m talking more about all the things you need to keep track of on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.  Your brain is constantly firing in multiple directions and that makes it hard to actually forge a path in any one direction for any length of time.  


I think this is why we often feel so stuck.


We intend to be really productive, but we get distracted or sucked into something unexpected and our best laid plans fall to the way side.  Over and over and over.  To the point that we don’t even remember what are best laid plans were….


On a small scale this happens every time we get interrupted by a text or we open out inbox.  On a larger scale, this happens when we don’t have built in #tinyhabits to create space in our lives and our heads daily. 


In this episode I’ll share 5 quick and simple #tinyhabits that will give you energy and help you create the MOMENTUM you need to move forward in any area of your life you choose!


Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 102: Scott Colby – Say It With Gratitude

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May 01, 2017
122: Melissa Fox Lehman: Family, Community and Pogo

Melissa Fox Lehman (layman) is the CEO and co-founder of Pogo Rides. For the last 15 years, she’s been helping Fortune 50 companies and nonprofits develop strategy and roll-out global programs. She loves developing actionable strategy and seeing those strategies brought to life. When she became a mom she knew she wanted to focus her energies on building something to make life easier for busy parents. This was the genesis for Pogo.


Melissa and her team are committed to helping families find safe and flexible transportation for their school-age children. As a mother of two, she understands the logistical challenges faced by busy parents of busy kids and believes in the power of communities to help each other live fuller and less stressful lives. Safety, community, and ease are the core tenants of Pogo Rides.


I wanted to have Melissa on the show to talk about how her view of work changed after she had kids.  She very consciously chose to shift directions and build a business that could support other families.  Her professional mission has evolved right along side her path in motherhood, as I think often happens.  


Listen in to hear Melissa share:

  • The power of sharing in your community  
  • Why it’s ok to outsource duties
  • Why asking for support helps you and your community
  • How we can create a lot more win/win opportunities among our neighbors
  • How to revolutionize your carpool network


Links Mentioned:


Melissa’s Email:

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Apr 26, 2017
121: 5 Ways to Be More Kind to Yourself

Ok, I’ll admit it… I was hard on myself last week.  HARD.  


I have a lot going on and I let it get to my head.  Sometimes when we have too many things going on we feel we’re not doing any one thing really well.  That was me.  Just feeling all sorts of mediocre… AND super frazzled.


I had a pity party.  I even invited a few people to join me.  Luckily, they were kind and helped me get out of my head.  I also practiced KINDNESS toward myself.  


Being kind to yourself is important.  No, it is crucial.  Especially when things are chaotic, frantic, overwhelming…


Here are 5 ways to be more kind to yourself when the going gets tough:


  1. Practice personal development, even if just for a few minutes
  2. Create ME time – especially when you don’t think you have it
  3. Catch yourself as you’re falling
  4. Move – sweat, if possible
  5. Ask for help


Links Mentioned:

Book: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Book: Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

Book: The Desire Map By Danielle LaPorte

Book: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Book: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

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Apr 24, 2017
120: Amy Lang: Birds and Bees and Kids

Amy Lang is a childhood sexuality expert and parent educator who helps parents talk to their kids about sex and sexuality.  Her engaging, humorous and inspiring style shows parents how to turn conversations they dread into something they look forward to and embrace whole-heartedly. Though her business, Birds + Bees + Kids® Amy helps parents of all beliefs have easy, open and effective conversations about sex with their kids. She is the author of Birds + Bees + YOUR Kids - A Guide To Sharing Your Beliefs About Sexuality, Love and Relationships and Dating Smarts – What Every Teen Needs To Know To Date, Relate Or Wait. Amy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post Live and Learn more about her work at 


I have been dying to get Amy on the show for awhile now because I knew there might be things I was already behind on in talking to my 4 year old about sexuality.  In this interview, Amy helped me get my ducks in a row and she’ll help you too!  


Listen in to hear Amy share:

  1. How her discomfort in talking to her own 4 year old about sexuality catapulted her into a career as a childhood sex expert
  2. At what age you should be talking to your kids about sex and sexuality (hint: NOW)
  3. Why talking to your kids about sex includes talking to them about masturbation (especially girls)
  4. How you can become more comfortable and less awkward as you venture into territory that might be uncomfortable for you
  5. The reality of why were seeing more sexualized behavior and mature dress in younger children and how you can protect your child
  6. The 3 ways you can protect your kids from sexual abuse
  7. Where Radical Responsibility comes into play with parenting and how to find your boundaries between being the parent and being accepted by other parents


Links Mentioned:

Amy’s Website:

Birds+Bees+Kids on Facebook

Book: It’s Not the Stork

App: (use code SMA30 for free 30 day trial!)


Apr 18, 2017
119: How to Win at Failing

The truth about failure:


Failure does not have to suck.  In fact, it is 100% possible to WIN while failing.  As with most things, it’s all a matter of perspective.  


I firmly believe you should fail often and fail fast.  That is how you open more doors to see all the possibilities that lie ahead.  


Listen in to learn:

  • Why failure can make goals seem less attainable
  • Why failure makes creates FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)
  • How failure can lead to self sabotage


Then learn my top tips in failing:

  • Fail often
  • Expect hiccups
  • Be ready to pivot
  • ID #tinywins
  • Silver linings
  • Model failure to your kids


Failure is not a loss.  It’s an opportunity.  


Links Mentioned:

Psychology Today Article: 10 Surprising Facts about Failure

Shameless Mom MOMENTUM Mastermind:


Apr 17, 2017
118: Shasta Nelson: How to Deepen Friendships, Health & Happiness

Shasta Nelson, M.Div., is the Founder of, a women’s friendship learning community. Her spirited and soulful voice for strong female relationships can be found in her books Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness and Friendships Don’t Just Happen! The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriendsShe also writes at and in the Huffington Post, speaks across the country, and is a friendship expert in the media appearing on such shows as Katie Couric and the Today Show. 


Shasta is a 10 year Friendship Expert.  She knows all the research on friendships – and on loneliness, which is plaguing us even though we are more virtually connected than ever before.  Shasta is joining us in The Shameless Mom Academy to share the keys to building friendships and sustaining friendships, which can be a challenge in motherhood.  Yes, your time is limited, but the truth is you friendships have never been more crucial. 


Listen in to hear Shasta share:


  • The 3 S’s of a satisfying friendship
  • Why it is essential that we feel loved, known, and supported
  • The epidemic of loneliness that doctors are saying is the biggest health epidemic of our time
  • How our relationship with our spouse is different that our relationships with girlfriends – and why you need BOTH
  • The power of modeling friendship to your children and how to make sure boys are especially aware of the power and necessity of friendship
  • The 3 requirements that must be present for a healthy friendship


Links Mentioned:

Join Shasta: 

Resource: Frientimacy Quiz

Book: Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness 

Book: Friendships Don’t Just Happen! The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriends


Apr 12, 2017
117: 3 Little Fitness LIES

The TRUTH about fitness is that our society perpetuates a ton of myths that make exercise very confusing.  That confusion leads to us wasting our time at the gym or not exercising at all because we don’t understand the truth of how easy and simple exercise can be.  


Listen in to hear:

  • Three fitness LIES that are damaging your results
  • A BONUS tip that impacts weight loss
  • The dangers in using exercise as punishment
  • How long you need to exercise to make it effective
  • The difference between exercising for health benefits and exercising for weight loss
  • The significance of food intake compared to exercise when it comes to using exercise for weight loss


Links Mentioned:

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Apr 10, 2017
EP 116: Jill Simonian The FAB Mom's Guide

Jill Simonian is the author of The FAB Mom’s Guide: How to Get Over the Bump & Bounce Back Fast After Baby.   


The FAB Mom’s Guide celebrates motherhood while poignantly and candidly exploring the 

spectrum of emotions and real-life challenges women face from pregnancy through the first year of baby’s life - beginning with Jill's unexpected first pregnancy within her first year of marriage just as her career was taking off (which originally involved plenty of tears and swear words), to giving birth to two daughters in two years.  Jill offers easy tools, tricks and humor she and other women actually used to help new moms successfully bounce back mentally and physically within a matter of months, ultimately finding the right balance between home, career and family. 


Jill is also known for her work as a TV Host & Entertainment Journalist turned Parenting Lifestyle Expert & Contributor.  She is currently on CBS Los Angeles twice a week.  She has also worked with the TODAY Show, HLN, and the Hallmark Channel.  


Listen in to hear Jill share: 

  • How she found her self unexpectedly pregnant (twice) 
  • How she tried to hide her first pregnancy (and failed) 
  • Here stance on nursing – and her no guilt approach to formula 
  • Why she believes life only gets better after motherhood 
  • Why you should stop negotiating everything with your kids 
  • How tiny professional steps, taken while being a stay at home mom, built a foundation for her current career 


Links Mentioned: 


Book: The Pie Life by Samantha Ettus 




Apr 05, 2017
115: Make a Damn Decision

I am not a great decision maker.  I can admit to being 100% paralyzed by the decision of what kind of bibs to buy for Vinnie on Amazon a few years ago.  BIBS, people.

However, I don’t identify myself as being indecisive, because that label would be crippling for me.  That would make me more indecisive.  Labels matter.  They impact our decisions.  

So, I do my best to identify as someone who makes decisions quickly and makes decisions that serve me well.  I also set limits around my decision making, so I don’t get analysis paralysis. 

Being indecisive is disempowering.  If keeps you stuck. It gives you permission to stay in your safe little cocoon of all things known & comfortable.  Growth and change do not happen among the indecisive.  

Indecision invites in fear and doubt.  When you are stuck in indecision you think of all the bad things that could go wrong with Decision A vs Decision B vs Decision C.  If you just make a damn decision, you would learn that you are capable OWNING Decision A OR Decision B OR Decision C.  In reality, it might not even matter which one you choose as long as you own the one you choose and make it serve you.  

If you struggle with decisions or analysis paralysis or feeling stuck, this episode is for you.  Be a badass decision maker.  Today.  And everyday moving forward.  

Just make a damn decision. 


Apr 03, 2017
114: Joshua Apparicio: Shameless Kid of Be Strong to Stop Bullying

Today’s episode is an extremely special one.  We have our first Shameless Kid joining the show!  Joshua Apparicio is a 12-year-old seventh grader who has partnered with Be Strong, an anti-bullying organization.  Joshua works with Be Strong to share his story of being bullied regularly for 6 years.  


In addition to working with Be Strong to help other kids impacted by bullying, Joshua is a published poet (he was first published at age 7) and he recently took his SATs – yes, the ones you’re supposed to take when you’re 16.  You could say Joshua has a very bright future…


I recently saw Joshua do an interview with my friend Scott Colby (from our Say It With Gratitude SMA episode) and I was blown away.  Joshua is wise and insightful well beyond his years.  He is sweet and compassionate and brilliant.  I knew I had to have him join us in the SMA. 


I am so excited to have such a dynamic young gentleman on our show as our first Shameless Kid.  I am also extremely grateful to Joshua and his mother, Shirmin, who were so enthusiastic and thoughtful about this interview.  


I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to Joshua’s mom, Shirmin, after we stopped recording, and I was so touched by her grace and strength, qualities she has clearly passed down to her son. 


Joshua, wherever you go in life you will make a positive difference.  You already are. 


Please listen in to hear Joshua share:

  • What it was like for Joshua to be bullied on a regular basis for 6 years
  • How Joshua and his mom were finally able to put an end to the bullying
  • How his Mayor became his mentor when his school district failed to protect him
  • How his mom coached him every night to help his mindset around his situation
  • His advice to other kids who are being bullied
  • The surprisingly kind and compassionate thoughts he has about kids who demonstrate bullying behaviors
  • Why being a victim of bullying actually positively impacted his life



Links Mentioned:

Be Strong:

SMA Episode 102: Scott Colby – Say It With Gratitude


Mar 29, 2017
113: The Top 6 All Natural Anti-Aging Secrets

I don’t think aging is a bad thing.  I like to embrace my signs of aging:

  1. The burning desire to go to bed earlier
  2. A few wrinkles to prove I’ve smiled and laughed a lot
  3. Some forehead lines, cause apparently I raise my eyebrows excessively – which really enhances my eyes
  4. More cellulite – but who even cares anymore??
  5. A more carefree attitude about imperfections (see #4)
  6. The complete disregard of cultural messages about aging and beauty (thank you #5)
  7. Increased awareness to stop and smell the roses, because now I get it – there is no guarantee that the roses will be there tomorrow
  8. A more shameless attitude about chasing dreams & desires, in spite of others opinions
  9. Dark circles under my eyes – which are just proof that I got to cuddle with my child on three separate occasions during the night last night


Aging doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  It doesn’t need to take you down.  It is not cause for pills, serums, syrups, lotions, potions, or creams.  But you do want to have some awareness about the quality and quantity of your life as you age.  


There are 6 KEY ingredients that will slow down the aging process, so you can live LONGER and live BETTER.  


Listen in to hear my Top 6 All Natural Anti-Aging Secrets.  


PS: I feel qualified to give advice on this because I got carded today and I’m 41 and a half.  Cheers! 


Mar 27, 2017
112: Liz Nead - Nead Inspiration and The 100 Day Journey



Main Questions: 


Liz Nead is a force.  She is a speaker, coach, a television host, and an expert in Bringing Life Back to Everyday Life.  She is also a mom to 7 kids in her blended family – yes, 7.  Liz is impacting the lives of thousands of people worldwide by speaking the truth, pushing boundaries that need shifting, and modeling how delightful everyday life can be.  


I reached out to Liz because she is an inspiration to me as a woman, a mother, and an entrepreneur.  Liz doesn’t shy away from the truth, or hard work, or her destiny.  She makes good things happen all around her, all the time.  


Listen in to hear Liz share: 


  • How unexpectedly becoming a mother to twin sons shaped her life 
  • How to live in the moment, be alive, and not be fake 
  • Why a less full life is a better life 
  • The power of pushing physical boundaries and the connection between athleticism and motherhood 
  • The reciprocal role of parents teaching kids and kids teaching parents 
  • Why she took her clothes off on stage that one time… 
  • How “diversity training” has harmed our society 
  • What you need to know about being “racist ready” 



Links Mentioned: 

Huff Po article 

Mar 22, 2017
111: Why I Had to go to the Philippines

I’m just a few days back from a life-changing week in the Philippines.  This journey half way around the world was not an easy choice for me.  But it was the right choice, and I’m so glad I did it.  


I left on this trip alone, sick, and feeling pretty intimidated.  I returned with a new tribe, with newly inspired motivation in multiple areas of my life, and filled with gratitude for such a powerful and positive experience. 


Tune in to hear me share:


  • How I have failed miserably with transitions and new experiences in the past
  • My 4 goals leading up to this trip
  • The dilemma of the Imposter Syndrome (for me and everyone)
  • Why you should take a chance on new and uncomfortable experiences
  • Suggestions on how to start taking steps outside your comfort zone in order to find your tribe


Mar 20, 2017
110: Hilary Hendershott Profit Boss Radio

Hilary Hendershott has an impressive resume as a financial planner.  She owns Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management and is the host of Boss Profit Radio (an awesome podcast).  She’s a TEDx speaker.  She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, FOX, Forbes, and various other media outlets.  She has made over 30 expert television appearances and she’s been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.   


But, what you’ll probably most enjoy about Hilary is that she is REAL.  She tells it like it is and she’s not afraid to be 100% forthcoming with her own story of hitting her debt rock bottom.   


I know you’ll all appreciate her # 1 Rule: No Financial Drama.  She’s not in the biz to shame people or scare people.  She wants to help you neutralize your relationship with money so you can make decisions that empower your life.  


Listen in to hear Hilary share: 

  • What it’s like to be a female in a male driven industry 
  • The 6 (quick & easy) daily steps you can take to simplify your finances 
  • How to stop hiding from debt  
  • Ways to take the fear out of money 
  • How much you should really have in savings (and why it shouldn’t all be cash based) 
  • How to be more Shameless with your money 


Hilary also gave some really helpful tips on getting involved in the stock market (where more women NEED to play!), and she shared “The 3 F’s in Finding a Financial Advisor:” 

  1. Fees 
  1. Fiduciary 
  1. Philosophy (ok, technically a PH!)   


Links Mentioned:  



Free Guide: Mind Over Money 

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Article: Fiduciary 

Podcast: Profit Boss Radio 

Mar 15, 2017
109: Lessons Learned Traveling with 8 Kids

We recently got back from a weeklong trip with 4 other families.  Our group consisted of 10 adults, 5 four year olds and 3 two year olds.  We had a blast.  But, don’t mistake fun for rest.  I wouldn’t say it was relaxing…. 


This is the second year we have traveled with this group.  After doing this twice, I can say I wholeheartedly endorse group travel when you have little kids.  BUT – you must be prepared and know what you’re getting into.  


This episode will highlight my 8 lessons learned traveling with 8 kids:


  1. Snacks all the time, everywhere
  2. Eat in vs eating out
  3. Meltdowns
  4. Adult free time
  5. Daily down time
  6. The beauty and fallout of treats and screens
  7. Buffer day
  8. Nothing is as great as it seems, nothing is as bad as it seems


Mar 13, 2017
108: Leanne Kabat- When You Only Have 5 Years To Live

I have to start this by letting you know this was easily one of my favorite interviews ever.  You are in for the most gut wrenching story, told by the most amazing heroine and SuperMom, Leanne Kabat.  


Leanne moved to From Ottawa, Canada to Sammamish, Washington in January 2016.  Before she had a chance to make any friends, her husband left on a week long business trip.  Leanne was home with her 4 year old and her 2 year old, and she was 5 months pregnant.  


Her husband had been gone a for a few nights when Leanne woke up to pee one night (remember all the pregnancy peeing?!?)  When she got out of bed, she passed out, falling on her belly, and woke up on her bedroom floor paralyzed.  She would lie there for hours unable to move or speak.  


After hours of willing herself to GET UP, she finally regained enough mobility to get up and get herself, kids in tow, to the hospital.  What followed were months of testing, the birth of her third baby, tons more testing, and ultimately this prognosis, presented by a large panel of doctors and medical experts:


“We don’t know what you have.  But we can tell you that based on the brain damage we are seeing from your ‘incident’, you only have 5 years to live.”


Listen in to hear:

  • what Leanne’s life was like after receiving a death sentence
  • her ultimate breaking point 3 years after her diagnosis
  • how drugs ruined her and mindset saved her
  • how she finally stumbled upon her MamaCon tribe and how life changing and life giving this tribe has been
  • why she chose to buy MamaCon based on “the utterly unshakeable belief that no mama should mama alone”


Links Mentioned:

MamaCon website:

MamaCon on Facebook

Book: Harold and the Purple Crayon




Mar 08, 2017
107: 4 Reasons You're Not Meeting Your Goals

I have been working with goal setters for the last 14 years.  Working in the fitness industry, goals are always part of the conversation with clients.  I’ve witnessed women on top of the world because they just crushed a goal.  I’ve also witnessed women set the same goal over and over, feeling defeated and deflated in their self-proclaimed failure to ever reach said goal.  This can be a viscous cycle that is really damaging to one’s mental health.    


Here are 4 reasons I frequently see women fail to meet their goals:


1. You haven’t seriously considered how amazing your life would be if you actually met your goal.  Have you really deeply considered what your life would be like if you meet your goal? Would you be more patient with your kids, more productive at work, have more desire to fuel your body well?  Would you have more energy and less anxiety?  Would you feel more in control of your life and more assertive in your relationships?


2. You’re not putting enough structure around them.  If you’re not specific about your goal and the EXACT steps you need to take to accomplish it, you’re not going to succeed.  A blueprint of sorts is essential. 


3. You’re holding out for a quick fix or next week, next month, next year.  

Stop waiting and start taking action.  It is really as simple as that.  A quick fix is a temporary bandaid.  It will wash off after just a few days.  Life will always be busy.  The “right time” will never present itself.  If you’re serious about accomplishing something, you must START. 


4. You don’t believe in yourself and you’re quick to give up. Self-limiting beliefs are the silent killer of most goals. You must take steps to improve your head game and tell yourself you ARE worth it.  Talk out your plan with a friend or mentor you know would be a great cheerleader.  Seeing someone else’s confidence in you will give you confidence in yourself.  You must be kind to yourself every damn day – telling yourself you ARE worth it and you CAN do it. 


Listen in to this episode to hear exactly how you can combat these hiccups and roadblocks.  I have seen women and moms just like you turn their lives around because they made a plan and committed to working the plan.  You truly can do anything – as long as YOU believe you can.




Mar 06, 2017
106: Susan Weeks How to Find Yourself when Everything Changes

Susan Weeks is a podcast producer who helps other entrepreneurs get started in podcasting or step up their game in podcasting.  Susan’s work online started out of her desire to stay out of the corporate world that had been a part of her past.  


After becoming a mom unexpectedly at 39, while newly divorced, Susan’s life changed in every way you could imagine.  With a partner who struggled to stay in one place long enough to put down roots, Susan spent years raising her son in many different homes in many different countries.  In hindsight, she can clearly see how she lost herself in her relationship and in motherhood.  


In recent years, Susan has put down roots and built a life that is true to her identity as a leader and guide to those around her. She has built a business that can be flexible with motherhood and also allows her to put to use her best attributes to serve others.  


Listen in to hear Susan share:


  • How she dealt with divorce, selling her house, walking away from her job and then discovering she was pregnant all in one month.
  • How she moved all over Europe living someone else’s dream and lost herself
  • The steps she took to build an online business around her strongest personality traits and her best skill sets from her corporate experience
  • Why being selfish in motherhood is appropriate and sometimes necessary



Links Mentioned:

Susan’s Website:

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Susan on Twitter @sueweeks

Freebie: The Podcast Launching Kit

Freebie: Using the 12 Week Year with Trello

Book: 12 Week Year

Book: The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months By Brian Moran


Mar 01, 2017
105: 7 Secrets to Slow Down & Simplify

Can we all agree to tear off our Busy Badges and chill out a little.  Life is only as hectic as you make it.  If you find yourself living in constant overwhelm, it’s because you are allowing that to happen.  Let’s all start taking Radical Responsibility for our time and our priorities.  And for goodness sake, stop indulging your ego by telling others how busy you are.  


When I started taking Radical Responsibility for my busyness, I became a LOT less busy.  I was able to slow down and simplify my life in a number of ways.  I no longer wear my Busy Badge.  I tore it off and stomped on it until it was no longer recognizable. 


Here are 7 secrets to help you slow down & simplify:


  1. Meal Plan – do not be a slave to the 4:45pm “what’s for dinner” trap.  Listen in to hear my top tips on how to make meals suuuuper simple forever.


  1. Time Block Chores – stop doing chores everyday.  Yep, I’m giving you permission.  It’s a waste of your time and an energy drain.  Listen in to hear how to do less laundry and less bathroom cleaning (and stop dusting!)


  1. Divide & Conquer – you are not the only capable person in your family or your neighborhood or your children’s school.  Listen it to hear how to enlist help and support.


  1. Social Boundaries – Your kids have social boundaries at school, right.  There is a time for play and a time for work and a time to chill.  You should have the same at home, especially on the weekends.  A go-go-go lifestyle is not good for your kids or for you.  Listen in to hear how to create some rules around your social calendar.   


  1. Stop Over Scheduling – you and your kids don’t need to be involved in everything.  It doesn’t make them more well rounded.  It doesn’t make you more important.  It just makes everyone a little more nutty.  For real.  Stop.  Listen in to hear how to pick and choose activities.


  1. Quality Quiet Time – this is my best secret.  You have to do it.  I promise you’ll thank me. 


  1. Outsource (groceries, yard work, laundry) – free up mental space and create more time and energy by getting help.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Listen in for cheap tips!


If you can follow any of these 7 steps, you will:

  • free up mental space
  • reduce decision fatigue
  • create space for peace and calm
  • model good habits to your kids 
  • tear off your Busy Badge
Feb 27, 2017
104: JJ Virgin: Miracle Mindset


Miracle Mindset is a groundbreaking new book that covers the 7 powerful lessons author JJ Virgin learned after her 16-year-old son Grant was in a brutal hit-and-run accident. JJ is best known for her bestsellers The Virgin Diet and Sugar Impact Diet, but fighting for her son’s life inspired a new focus on mindset and the power of courage, strength, and resilience to help you not just survive, but thrive during life’s hardest moments.


I had tears in my eyes for the first 100 pages of this book (which I read in one sitting because I could NOT put it down).  JJ stories is every mother’s worst nightmare.  But out of this story comes the best lessons on how to THRIVE, no matter your life circumstances.  


As it turns out, you can live a strong, empowered life anywhere, anytime, any day.  This book will teach you exactly how.  


In Miracle Mindset and in this interview, JJ gives you permission to take inspired but imperfect action.  She gives you the tools you need to start today, with her Day Framer and Mindset Hacks.  She shares the power of forgiveness and exactly how she went about forgiving the women who hit her son and left him for dead. 


JJ says, “your limitations become your life”.  Your success, happiness and joy are only limited by YOU and your mindset.  


Listen in to hear JJ share:

  • The biggest thing holding you back
  • How your limitations become your life
  • How to develop resilience and courage in 1 minute per day
  • Why forgiveness is crucial to moving forward (and how to do it)


Links Mentioned:


  4. Book: Mindset
  5. Tapping





“Don’t Wish It Were Easier, Make Yourself Stronger” and “Your Limitations will Become Your Life”


Excerpt From: JJ Virgin. “The Miracle Mindset.” iBooks.


Katie wellness mama

Feb 22, 2017
103: The Truth About Momming

Adele inspired me in a million ways at the Grammy’s.  But what touched me most deeply were her comments on motherhood.  


In today’s episode I’ll share more about what Adele said and why it was so important, as well as go in depth as to why we lose ourselves in motherhood.  


I’ll confirm for you that you are KILLING it, even though no one has thanked you in a really long time.  


I will touch on how you do all you do - that you don’t even know you are doing – making you a superhero of the most invincible kind. 


I’ll discuss your supreme and extreme sense of responsibility that no one else in your household can relate to.


I’ll award you with your Masters Degree from Newborn University that you gained overnight, while you were in labor, since everyone else probably forgot to give it to you. 


I’ll give you permission to be more shameless and more selfish #everydamnday


Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 22: Erin Brown - Letters to Lola


Feb 20, 2017
102: Scott Colby: Say it with Gratitude

Scott Colby is an adventure lover who has created businesses around his passions. Although he has spent over a decade in the fitness industry helping people create transformations, it is his love of international travel and thirst for adventure that has led him create his favorite brands - Say It With Gratitude and Unplug and Play Adventures. 


I invited Scott to come on the show because I wanted to talk to him about the power of gratitude in his life and how he has used it to fuel his career.  Scott recently launched Say It With Gratitude, a movement designed to help people have more gratitude and happiness in their lives. It starts with thank you cards, designed by kids impacted by charity. 


Scott’s mission with Say It With Gratitude is powerful.  The impact gratitude is having on his life and on those he serves is profound.  Scott is also quick to clarify that gratitude, while it should be practiced consistently, can be practiced imperfectly.  There are no strict rules or “right” ways to do it.  The power is in doing it in a way that you are reflecting positively on your own life and touching others in a positive way.


Ways to practice Gratitude:

  • Say Thank You out loud and often
  • Appreciate the little things in your daily life
  • Acknowledge what you DO have in rough times
  • Acknowledge people with your words and actions
  • Notice simple pleasures
  • Notice, take in, and appreciate your surroundings
  • Get out in nature
  • Not comparing yourself to others – embrace your unique path and own it
  • Live your life as if everything is a miracle
  • Smile at others and make eye contact
  • Make small talk with strangers
  • Give compliments freely
  • Volunteer
  • Impact on your community


Listen in to hear Scott share:

  • How gratitude can change your life
  • How to practice gratitude in new, simple, easy ways
  • Why we need to resurrect Thank You cards
  • The power or pivoting
  • The magic of asking for help


Make sure to check out Say It With Gratitude and the charities and people Scott is currently working with.  I was particularly touched by Joshua’s story and Be Strong, a charity to fight bullying.  



Links Mentioned:


Scott’s fitness website:

Scott’s Podcast: The Power to Change

Book: Evolved Enterprise By Yanik Silver

Book: Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod

Book: The Gratitude Connection By Amy Collette

Book: Deep work, Rules for Focused Success In A Distracted World By Cal Newport

App: Insight Timer 




Feb 15, 2017
101: 6 Steps to Fall in Love with Your Life

Last weekend Vinnie had two friends overnight for a sleepover.  For 24 hours I played mom to 3 kids.  DAMN.  That is serious business, friends.  


It was a very action packed 24 hours, to say the least.  And at the end of it all, I learned something really valuable about myself and my current life.  I suddenly felt grateful that our IVF experience over the summer had not resulted in a pregnancy.  I saw the simplicity of our current life in a new light.  I fell a little more in love with my life than I have in a long time.  


Over the last week, I have been thinking about what it takes to Fall In Love With Your Life.  It takes a lot, but it also takes very little.  


Listen in to this episode to hear my 6 Steps to Fall In Love With Your Life:


  1. Embrace a Growth mindset
  2. Quite the comparison trap
  3. Practice daily gratitude and wins
  4. Take radical responsibility for your joy
  5. Find the cracks 
  6. Keep your shield up 


It is entirely possible to fall a little more in love with your life every single day – if you choose to do so.  Let these 6 steps be your guide. 


Links Mentioned:

Book: Mindset By Carol Dweck


Feb 13, 2017
100: Amy Moses, PT: Truths and Myths about Your Mommy Bladder

Amy Moses is a physical therapist who works exclusively in women’s health with a specialty in pelvic floor physical therapy.  I met Amy a few years ago when she was my pelvic floor PT.  I quickly developed a huge girl crush on Amy, as she made me feel so comfortable at such a vulnerable time in my life.  She helped me heal my body and become stronger as a women and a mom.  


Amy and I dive deep into the world of pelvic floor rehab today – discussing incontinence, pain with sex, and pelvic pain that happens to most women after giving birth (as well as to women who have never given birth!)  Amy is on a mission to normalize these kinds of conversations and to bring pelvic floor rehab to all moms.  


Perhaps the best part of this conversation and Amy and I disclosing our own personal experiences with pelvic floor dysfunction after having babies.  It’s not pretty, friends….  But it’s TOTALLY NORMAL.  I think you’ll get a few good laughs as we share our personal journeys – and perhaps you’ll be able to relate!


Listen in to hear Amy share:


  • The truth about incontinence, pain with sex, and pelvic pain the most of us experience
  • Why understanding this major women’s health issue is critical in the current political landscape
  • How Kegels can make everything worse
  • Why the pad/panty liner industry is making a KILLING off you 
  • What you can expect when you go to pelvic floor physical therapy
  • How to find a pelvic floor PT near you


Links Mentioned:

Amy Moses on Facebook 

Amy Moses at Moye Physical Therapy near Memphis, TN

Directory of Herman Wallace Pelvic Floor PTs 

Directory of Women’s Health PTs


Feb 08, 2017
99: What I've Learned About YOU

This week I am celebrating our first 100 Shameless Mom Academy episodes with you.  I am toasting you and thanking you for everything you have taught me over the last 100 episodes.  


Here is want I know:

You are stronger than you ever thought

You are more powerful now than ever

You are a fighter

You are tough, but gentle

You are saying NO more so you can say YES more

You are telling new stories

You are standing up and speaking out

You are speaking more and listening more

You are walking away from shame and owning YOU, all of YOU


Listen in to share some special milestones with me.  


Also, head over to Instagram for our 100th episode giveaway!


Links Mentioned:

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Feb 06, 2017
98: Holly Joi Rigsby: Finding Everyday Joi

Holly Rigsby is a Lifestyle Design Coach for Moms over at Over the past 11 years Holly has coached over 29,500 women to become the best version of themselves through her programs and products.  Holly also has two sons, Tyler and Alexander, who inspire her to live in joy (JOI) everyday. 


In this interview, Holly openly and bravely shares how she has found herself at different times in her life unable to find the joy she knew she wanted.  Holly has always worked in service to others – as a teacher, a personal trainer, an online fitness expert to moms, and a mom.  Serving others is extremely rewarding, but it can come at the expense of creating joy for one’s self at times. 


When Holly looks back at her boldest moves in life – to leave her first husband when her son was still very young, to change careers, to make a dramatic shift in her business, she can identify that she makes a move when she is searching for a new level of joy.  This is the inspiration for her most recent professional move, the launching of her Lifestyle Design Coaching programs and creation of her new Everyday Joi community. 


Listen in to hear Holly share:

  • How she has become a sought after leader, even though she never identified as one
  • Why leaving her first husband was an imperative step in finding true joy in all areas of her life
  • How she built a powerful online community for women to “walk side-by-side, encouraging each other” to reach their goals
  • How the traumatic loss of her sister inspired her to make a bold professional change
  • Why the pursuit and acknowledgment of Everyday Joi is essential


Links Mentioned:

Holly’s Website:

Holly on Facebook


Feb 01, 2017
97: Women's March: Solidarity and Haters

There is so much to say about my Women’s March on Washington experience.  I want to share my story.  I want to share the global impact of this movement.  I want to tell you what it was like to spend 8 hours with over 1 million marchers.  I want to capture it perfectly for you. 


But I cannot. 


It was so big and so impactful, I can’t find all the words.  And you know I’m not one to be at a loss for words…


Because I’m still feeling totally overwhelmed by the magnitude of this event a week later, I asked a few of my March friends to help me explain what it was like to March on Washington.  


Listen in to hear the most memorable moments of the day from 4 of my friends – and some of the raddest women I know. 


Listen in to hear how the logistics of the day played out, from getting off a red eye, to not peeing all day, to marching with Macklemore, to making friends with Trump supporters.  


Then keep listening.


Hear about the haters I’ve encountered this week – the comments and conversations I saw online, and continue to see:


“I don’t really get it.  Women already have the same rights as men.”


“I don’t see how this movement is helping anything.”


“From the news coverage, I just saw a lot of angry women who didn’t have a unifying theme/message.  It didn’t even make sense.”


“I know a lot of really successful women.  No one’s holding women back.”


I’ll tell you what I told the haters – and hopefully you’ll find it useful information that you can share with any haters you encounter.  


From where I sit, I see the largest movement of global solidarity ever.  I see action.  I see power.  I see hope. 


**Special thanks and huge hugs to my friends Dana, Beth, Angela and Christine who shared their March perspectives in this episode.  And thanks to Angela for letting me march with your sign.**


I will not normalize the behavior of this president. 


Links Mentioned:

Article: Racial Gender Wage Gap Persists in US Despite Some Progress

6 year old Sophie Cruz’s speech on YouTube

My March pics on The SMA Facebook page








Jan 30, 2017
96: Stacy Tuschl: She's Building Her Empire

Stacy Tuschl started her first business in her parents’ backyard at the age of 18 and turned that company into a 7 figure business.  She is a #1 international bestselling author of, “Is Your Business Worth Saving?”.  In her book, Stacy reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.  Stacy is also the host of the top-rated podcast She’s Building Her Empire. 


Stacy loves her businesses (yes, she has multiple) and is extremely passionate about her work.  She is also madly in love with her two daughters, ages 4 and 17 months.  You could say she’s a little busy.  But, it does not feel like too much.  It feels right.


Stacy is unapologetic in her approach to business and motherhood and where the two collide – or don’t, because she won’t let them. 


Listen in to hear Stacy share:

  • How she built a 7 figure business that started in her parent’s backyard
  • What she did as a 21 year old entrepreneur to connect with other like minded, successful people
  • Why investing in yourself and your business or career, even though risky, is the wisest thing you can do
  • How to make a plan to START if you want to pursue a new goal or dream
  • Why daycare is magic


Links Mentioned:


Facebook Group: 

Book: The Power of Habit


Jan 25, 2017
95: Four Tips to Make Exercise Stick

I wanted to put out this episode at this exact time because this is about the time that we start to reconsider our New Year Resolutions and/or give them up all together.

I would like to offer an alternative. I would like to give you a PLAN. Just because you don’t knock a goal out of the park immediately does not mean you should put that goal on the back burner.

In fact, the best way to approach a goal is through small steps over time. So, if you have already given up on a health goal for 2017, I’m hear to give you permission to put that goal back on the table. Your goal wants to be met. It wants to be realized. It wants to improve your life. Your goal needs you. 

So let’s get started, together, shall we?

If you’ve been struggling to make fitness stick in the new year, I year you. While there is a lot of hype about fitness in January, it is usually a very transitional month for people, making it challenging to take on new habits and make them stick. LISTEN IN if you need help getting your rear in gear!

4 Tips to making exercise stick

  1. Have an accountability plan
    1. HINT: This can involve any of the following: a calendar, your fridge, your family, your friends, your boss, your co-workers, a sticker chart 
  1. Do something you enjoy
    1. HINT: You won’t always enjoy it in the moment, but you should enjoy the overall experience and the benefits that begin the moment you are done
  1. Tell other people
    1. HINT: Learn how to brag (yes, there is a “right” way)
  1. Be in it for the long haul
    1. HINT: you gotta create some hype around your plan and your plan needs to be evolve-able to keep you engaged for the rest of your life 

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Jan 23, 2017
94: Halley Bock: Life, Incorporated

I’m delighted to have Halley Bock back as a second time guest on The Shameless Mom Academy. She is here today to talk about her new brilliant book, Life, Incorporated.  


A couple years ago, Halley was approached to write a book honing her expertise in organizational leadership.  But, when her personal life started to implode her book took on a different purpose.  She started writing about herself and her story, instead of how she led organizations.  


In Life, Incorporated she shares how she put herself back together and how any person or organization can create a better, more powerful and positive existence by learning to live from the “Inside Out”. 


Listen in to hear Halley share:


  • What happened when her mother fired her as CEO of her company
  • What she learned from looking inward instead of outward for validation and growth
  • What baby steps she took that changed the course of her life and her work
  • The importance of letting go of busyness 
  • What practices can heal your soul so you can truly live a life you love


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Jan 18, 2017
93: Panic & Perspective

Nothing is as bad as it seems.  Nothing is as great as it seems.


I have been taught this lesson over the years and I needed it this week – a few times.  Life threw me for a few loops this week.  5 loops to be exact.  There was the mold scare, the car scare, the dog scare, my mom’s medical emergency, and Vinnie’s trip to the ER. 


My tendency is to PANIC when I get hit with these curve balls.  While I’m outwardly very calm, internally I am planning for the worst in every way.  I jump to conclusions, let my mind race endlessly, and assume my pretty little life will be irreparably harmed. 


Do you do this?  Please tell me I’m not alone.  


But, here’s the TRUTH…..


Just to the left (or right) of your internal freak out is this:

  • It will all be ok
  • You are strong – phsycially, mentally, emotionally
  • You have a great support network – husband, friends, family, fan club
  • You are resourceful 
  • You are adaptable
  • You are a fighter
  • You are resilient 
  • You will learn from every challenge
  • You will grow from every challenge



Therefore, it is imperative that when faced with a challenge or hardship, you must:

  • Be up for the challenge
  • Be ready to dig deep
  • Be ready to stretch yourself in uncomfortable ways
  • Take the space and time you need 
  • Ask for help 
  • Make concessions 
  • Process



Tune in to hear by 5 crises and how I my perspective saved me from my panic.


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Jan 16, 2017
92: Pratima Aravabhoomi: From Arranged Marriage to Independent Woman

Pratima met her husband when she was 20, shortly before their arranged marriage in India.  Almost immediately after their wedding, they moved from India to Alabama.  


After 8 years of marriage, Pratima found herself preparing to take her own life.  She could no longer survive in her arranged marriage and she didn’t yet see a way out.  


Out of sheer will and determination to create a different and better life for her daughter, Pratima saved herself. She credits one quote with saving her life, “the darkest hour is before dawn.”  


Pratima got out of her marriage, created a career path for herself, never having worked before, and built a life inspired by words that she kept close to her heart and always visible to her eyes.  


Listen in to hear Pratima share:

  • What life was like inside her arranged marriage
  • The steps she took to start her own life from scratch
  • How she worked her way out of $92,000 of debt in 6 months
  • Where she found inspiration and power on her darkest days
  • What her job with Apple taught her about running her own business
  • The biggest obstacle she sees women facing


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Instagram: @craftstrtdesign


Jan 11, 2017
91: 3 Attitude Adjustments You Need to Make

I’ve been thinking about the Attitude Adjustments that are necessary in life when one wants to move forward to accomplish great things.  Cause we all want to move forward and accomplish great things this year, right?!


Here are 3 Attitude Adjustments you need to make now (warning: controversial!)


  1. What you focus on expands.
  2. You are only as busy as you think you are. 
  3. You can’t have it all – right now – and that is ok.


Perspective is everything.  I challenge you to look for new perspectives in this fresh, new year.  Don’t let yourself stay in one place.  Move – just a little bit forward every day.  Work on your head space and your actions will reflect your new attitudes.  This is crucial.  And you deserve it.  Because you deserve to have the best year. 

Jan 09, 2017
90: Carmen Sognonvi: Luxury Family Travel Your Can Afford

Carmen Sognonvi is founder and publisher of Top Flight Family, the leading online destination for luxury family travel. Her insights on travel have been featured in TravelPulse, HOTELS Magazine, Seatrade Cruise News, Luxury Daily, Hotel News Now and TravelDailyNews International.


Carmen firmly believes that you can (and should) travel with your kids from a young age.  She offers family practical solutions for travel, as well as tips on how to travel in luxury without luxurious price tags.  


Listen in to hear Carmen share:

  • The tops myths of family travel - and the truth behind them
  • How to start small with family travel
  • The 3 most common mistakes families make when you traveling (I bet you’re guilty of at least 2!) – and how to fix them
  • The best upgrades that are worth splurging on 
  • How to get Global Entry for free
  • The 10 best vacation for families in the US


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Jan 04, 2017
89: The Anti-Resolution Revolution

Have you noticed the Anti Resolution Revolution?  I’m a big fan.  Huge. 


Quite frankly, resolutions suck.  They are too big.  They are too vague.  They are not “bite sized” enough.  They are framed as punishments.  They are designed to make us fail.  Every year….


If you really want to improve your life you have to look at tiny habits.  You have to implement small changes that build confidence and improve motivation.  You need to be excited and positive about the potential and possibility that lie ahead of you. 


In this episode, I share:

  • Why resolutions suck
  • Why your brain literally cannot handle your resolution
  • Why habits are better than resolutions and how they are totally different in nature
  • What 3 steps you must take to make a new habit successful
  • Tips to start a new habit, whether you want to eat better, lose weight, be less stressed, manage time better, or just generally love your life more


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Jan 02, 2017
88: Elizabeth DiAlto Untame Yourself

Elizabeth DiAlto is known for her raw, honest and grounded approach to self-help and spirituality, She is the founder of the Wild Soul Movement, author of Untame Yourself, and host of the popular Untame The Wild Soul podcast. She’s been a teacher, leader, speaker, coach and trainer to groups and individuals for 13+ years and she also consults organizations ranging from start ups to large corporations such as Dove UK.


Elizabeth and I met through our work in the fitness industry.  However, she left the fitness industry a few years ago to untame her wild soul and, ultimately, an entire new life for herself.  I was so excited to reconnect with her and hear how she made the transition between career paths, and interpersonal relationships, and how she started living a life that was much more authentically hers. 


Listen in to hear Elizabeth share: 

  • Why it’s important to work IN, rather than work OUT
  • What YES feels like in your body, what NO feels like in your body – and how to start uncovering the truth that lies in your gut
  • The difference between the masculine arts & feminine arts and where you fit
  • Why it’s ok to change your mind and be inconsistent
  • How everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you


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Dec 28, 2016
87: 2016 Did Not Suck

You can look back on 2016 as the BEST year or the WORST year.  If you choose to look back on it as the BEST year, you get to own every amazing experience you had – the moments when you pushed your limits, reached a new high, felt magic, saw beauty, learned something new, had a shift in perspective, totally rocked a challenge, modeled strength to your kid(s), and felt power in your core being.  


If you choose to look at 2016 as the WORST year (as I see a lot of people doing on social media), you negate and dismiss everything above.  You walk away from an entire year of your life in defeat, without power.  


I get it – 2016 threw us for a loop.  A big effing loop.  I’m right there with you.  My year did not go as planned.  I’m not pregnant right now.  Our next president will not embody a single value of mine.  I see pain and suffering at every turn, nationally and internationally.  


BUT – I did a lot of great things this year.  So did you.  I grew this year.  So did you.  I found silver linings that I never even thought to look for.  You can too.  I am better for 2016.  So are you. 


Let’s celebrate everything 2016 was to us.  Let’s have a freakin' party.  Let’s own the heck out of our wins.  I deserve that.  You deserve that.  


Cheers to a BIG year of challenges and growth and newfound strength & pride.  Let’s carry all of this forward into 2017, shall we?  We ROCK.  Every damn day.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 


Tune in to hear my biggest wins of the year, in spite of some of the biggest losses of my life.  


Dec 26, 2016
86: Elise Buie - Thrive Through Divorce

Elise is a high conflict divorce attorney who also has her own divorce story.  Elise’s divorce involved Hurricane Katrina, multiple moves around the country, and, ultimately, a co-parenting plan where she lives with her kids and new husband in Seattle and her ex-husband comes out to visit and live with them one week each month.  


After working through her own divorce, Elise decided to dedicate her law practice to helping other families thrive through divorce.  Listen in to hear Elise share:


  • The biggest mistakes most lawyers make in representing people in divorce
  • The power and advantages to mediation
  • How to stay out of court, save a ton of money, and get what is truly best for your children
  • What true co-parenting looks like
  • The truth - you can be a horrible spouse and a great parent


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Dec 21, 2016
85: My People Pleaser Relapse

I recently had 2 People Pleaser relapses.  One was just for a day.  One was for a couple months.  Why is it so hard to stop pleasing all. the. people???


I know that as an Upholder (see article below), being a people pleaser may well be something I always struggle with.  But, even if it’s a life long challenge, I will kick off 2017 recognizing where I fell short in 2016.  I will recognize what I lost by prioritizing other peoples’ needs before my own.  


In 2017 I will:

  • Say NO more
  • Say YES less
  • Stand up for myself
  • Tune in to my body and really listen
  • Push myself to keep firm boundaries around my time, money, space, goals
  • Start following my intuition in terms of where I really want to go in life over the next few years


What will you do to really listen to yourself and your needs as you prepare to enter a new year?


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Article: The Four Tendencies – What Kind of Person Are You?, by Gretchen Rubin

Dec 19, 2016
84: Nikki Closser - Getting Moms in Front of the Camera

Nikki Closser is a Seattle and Michigan based photographer and a new mom.  She is madly in love with her work and with her baby.  Nikki always knew she would be a working mom. She knew her passion for her work would not diminish in motherhood.  However, she didn’t expect her passion for motherhood to be so strong.  She admits that while she loves her work, motherhood is magical, and she doesn’t know why she put it off for so long.


Nikki’s work photographing women is phenomenal.  I had the immense pleasure of doing a shoot with her about a year ago and felt an immediate connection to her and everything she stands for in womanhood, entrepreneurship and motherhood (even though she was only a few months pregnant when we met).  She also might love wine as much as me – so we’re basically soul mates. 


The way Nikki reaches women through photography is breathtaking.  Every woman she works with is made to feel like a true supermodel.  Nikki is kind and gentle, but assertive and confident in her work, putting women at ease the moment they enter her studio.  Doing a shoot with her is an amazing life experience I would recommend to any woman. 


Listen in to hear Nikki share:


  • Here first Mama Bear moment – just seconds after her son was born
  • How she and her husband envisioned and created a travel lifestyle with Van
  • How she dives deep into work and into motherhood – but doesn’t let the two converge    
  • What she sees through her lens as she photographs a woman
  • Why she thinks every woman deserves a lavish photoshoot and gorgeous photos of themselves


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Dec 14, 2016
83: The Power of Recency and Frequency

It is human nature to keep doing the things we’ve done most recently and most frequently. 

  • Showering daily
  • Drinking coffee
  • Getting in a workout
  • Indulging in sugar
  • Drinking that big ass glass of wine


As you build new habits, the same holds true.  If you starting getting up early to workout, once you’ve done it a few times (made it recent & frequent), you’re much more likely to keep doing it.  


When you are conscious of the concept of recency & frequency, you can really prove your power in establishing new habits.  This can be extremely liberating and assist you in building momentum and confidence with new habits and routines.   


To improve the recency & frequency of desired behaviors, habits and routines, you can (and should):


  • Plan behaviors
  • Track behaviors as you do them
  • Track wins
  • Plan rewards
  • Self Monitor
  • Always practice discomfort


Listen in to hear how to implement all this and use it in the final weeks of 2016 and as you cruise into 2017. 


Dec 12, 2016
82: Debbi Reber - On Differently Wired Kids

3 years ago Debbie and her family moved from Seattle to the Netherlands.  At that time, Debbie and her husband made the decision to homeschool their son Asher, who is “differently wired”.  Asher is profoundly gifted and has ADHD and Aspergers.  He is extremely intelligent, curious and compassionate – in short, an amazing kid. 


When Debbie decided to homeschool Asher, she stepped aside from her traditional author role and began a authoring a new story – the story of the life she and Asher were building as they navigated through the huge transitions of an international move and A LOT of togetherness in their homeschooling adventure. 


Through this journey Debbie and Asher created TiLT – an incredible online resource for families with differently wired kids.  


Listen in to hear Debbie share:

  • The advantages and challenges of homeschooling a differently wired child (in a new country)
  • The power of personal development for kids – and how to get them started
  • How to lean in to your child’s uniqueness rather than fight it or try to fix it
  • Steps to creating an impenetrable bond with your child who is differently wired than you



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Dec 07, 2016
81: How to Make Happier Holidays

The holidays can be fun.  So fun.  


Friends. Family. Food. Drinks. 


Giving and receiving.  


Joy and magic.


The holidays can also be stressful, isolating, depleting and sad.


Loss, regret, and defeat can feel amplified at this time of year. 


Whether you are filled with holiday cheer or trudging through the days with holiday blues, here are 6 ways your can have happier holidays:

  1. Give
  2. Have a budget
  3. Be ok with ok 
  4. Rewrite history 
  5. Create moments that can become traditions
  6. Know thy family
  7. Plan your partying


You can read the full show notes at

Dec 05, 2016
80: Michelle Duncan-Wilson: The Not-Meant-To-Mother Mom

Michelle Duncan-Wilson became a mom for the first time at 17 years old.  She now has a 17 year old daughter and two sons, ages 8 and 3.  


Michelle will tell you she was “not meant to be a mother”.  While she is now thriving it took her years to arrive.  She had to find her mothering soul and give it some room to grow.  


In this episode Michelle shares:


  • What life was like as a teen mom
  • How she crammed 40 years of life experience into her first 25 years of life
  • What she wants her 17 year old daughter to know about being a 17 year old mom
  • How motherhood has been different, but not easier, in her thirties
  • Why we are not meant to mold our children, but to accept them in any shape they are
  • Why mothering pain is not for nothing
  • How she is currently thriving in “evolution through motherhood”



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Instagram: @soulworkformoms

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Book: Shift into Freedom by Loch Kelly


Nov 30, 2016
79: Start Telling New Stories

It is so easy to get stuck in our old stories:


  • I can’t find a husband because of my daddy issues.
  • I will never be fit because of my family genetics.
  • I will never make very much money because no one in my family makes very much money. 
  • I’ll never go to college because we can’t afford it and no one in my family has gone to college.
  • I can’t start my own business because I don’t know anything about business.
  • My life will never feel complete with just one child – I’ll always feel a sense of loss over this. 


I have told myself some of these stories.   I have seen others tell themselves some of these stories.  


We get stuck in our stories and don’t progress in certain areas of our lives because we are COMMITTED to our stories.  We can see past them, or around them, or through them.  


But, the truth???


  • You can find the man of your dreams.
  • You can get in amazing shape.
  • You can make unlimited amounts of money.
  • You can go to college – and grad school.
  • You can start your own business.
  • You can be 100% happy and fulfilled with just one child.  


To create a new story, you have to start changing the conversation in your head.  You have to start talking to yourself differently.  You have to be open to new and different influences.  You have to be open to growth and discomfort to find the magic that lies juuuust outside your current comfort zone.  Our old stories are comfortable and familiar – which is why we hold them close to our hearts.  


By getting challenging yourself to get a little uncomfortable in new conversations with yourself, you will push you right through your old stories and into new ones that will change your attitude.  Your new attitude will change your behavior.  You new behavior will change your outcomes.  Your new outcomes will change your reality. 


Start telling yourself new stories. 


Nov 28, 2016
78: Kathy Fettke Real Wealth Network

Kathy Fettke didn’t set out to build an empire.  But when her husband’s major health scare threatened to cripple their families financial situation, she did got to work….  She rented out rooms in their family home to pay the mortgage.  She started cold calling people who might sponsor her radio show.  She forged ahead and created a path that lead her family to financial freedom.  Now she educates others how to do the same. 


Listen in to hear Kathy share:

  • how her breakdown lead to a breakthrough
  • how she serves others by offering hope
  • Tips for tapping into your higher self (like Heart Math)
  • The importance of being guided by your values and your vision
  • Whether or not you should buy a house right now
  • The power of small real estate investments 
  • How rentals can make you rich
  • The direction she sees the housing market heading in the next 4 years


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Nov 23, 2016
77: Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving!

Today is my birthday!  On one’s birthday, one should wear a unicorn onesie and drink from a jeroboam (4 bottles of wine in one big ass bottle).  #truth


I planned a few ways to kick off my 41st year.  Cause let’s be honest, after you have kids, the only birthday celebrations you’re gonna get are the ones you plan yourself.  I mean, my 4 year old would love to throw me a party – but I think we all know he’s better at throwing a tantrum than a party…  Plus, the magic to planning your own birthday is that you get to do any damn thing you want, right?  Listen in to hear what I planned for myself!


It is also Thanksgiving week.  We’ll talk about my Thanksgiving blueprint here - how to navigate the food and the family drama.  There can be so much of both…


I’m also sharing some listener emails with you.  Getting your messages is magic to me.  I love reading your stories and hearing how the Shameless Mom Academy has impacted you.  Thank you to everyone who has written to me.  I adore you.  And special thanks to Shameless Moms Audra, Patty and Jessica, who let me share their letters today.  


Lastly, in this week of giving thanks, know that I’m so thankful for all you mamas who make up The Shameless Mom Academy.  You are my people.  xoxo


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Nov 21, 2016
76: Cierra Seay - The Proud Dropout

Cierra Seay is an entrepreneur running multiple business and the host of The College Dropout Podcast”.  She believes there are many roads to success and we don’t need to be limited by a traditional path. 


Cierra is also the mother to two little boys, Christian and Caleb.  When Christian was just 1 year old, Cierra unexpectedly lost her mother and grandmother, the two most significant women in her life.  Of course, this shook her to her core.   For about a year and a half after these losses, she told everyone, “I’m fine.”  And then she found herself not fine at all. 


Listen in to hear Cierra share about her loss & grief, how she coped, and how she has come out stronger on the other side of grief.  She also shares what she learned from her mother and grandmother and how she is living these lessons and passing them along to her boys. 


Links Mentioned:

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Cierra on Facebook

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Nov 16, 2016
75: Hoping and Coping

I know there is a lot of sadness, anger, pain and fear pulsing through our country right now.  I wanted to use this episode to give you some thoughts on how to honor your feelings and your grief, while taking steps to continue showing up in all the areas of your life where you are needed right now.  


There is tremendous strength, power, and hope on the other side of grief.  But you have to work through the grief to find it.  


Right now, any chance you have to prove yourself strong and capable is an opportunity.  This might start with a workout, or a letter to a public official, or attending a gathering in support of a cause you wholeheartedly support.  


Action is important, no matter how small.  It will let you find your legs and your voice. 


Action will allow you to heal.  


Action will show your kids you are a fighter. 


Action will slowly unravel the knot in your belly. 


Listen in for some inspiration (and a few laughs) that might help you take a few step forward.


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Nov 14, 2016
74: Turn Down Your Overwhelm

This time of year is notorious for overwhelm, yes?!?  The demands on your time only get worse and more pressing as we get closer to the holidays.  Here are some tools for you to put in place if you’re already feeling the overwhelm of the season.  


If you’re not overwhelmed yet, I promise you will be… Take notes!



  1. Get up 15-30 min earlier
  2. Make a List, Check it Twice
  3. Prioritize Crucial Results and High Anxiety Items
  4. Understand Parkinson’s Law 
  5. Turn off all notifications, buzzers, dingers, get friendly with Airplane Mode
  6. Shut down social media (use a social media timer!)
  7. Unschedule low priority commitments
  8. Get creative with delegation – it doesn’t have to be expensive
  9. Learn and remember… 


Links Mentioned:

Book: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero


Nov 09, 2016
73: 12 Tips To Fuel Yourself with Food

As we move from Halloween toward Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, I already hear women saying:

“I’m going to be good until Thanksgiving.”

“I’m going to reign it in for a couple weeks.”

“No more sugar until Christmas.”


We tend to make a lot of rules for ourselves in relation to food at this time of year.  In many cases we feel frustrated and defeated by a holiday, based on what we ate, which is such a bummer.  You shouldn’t feel less joy about Halloween because you ate some candy.  


In this episode I teach you the philosophies and habits I teach the women at my gym in regards to using food for fuel – rather than punishment.  Fueling tour body with food is ridiculously empowering.  It helps you move away from a deprivation mindset.  It helps STOP using food as punishment.  


Listen in to learn about these 12 tips that will help you reframe your relationship with food and how it food can positively impact you as we enter this season of celebration!


  1. Use propro as a cornerstone for every meal
  2. Understand and utilize the concept of volume eating
  3. Get in 20-30 grams of protein for breakfast
  4. Live between 2-4
  5. Stop at 80%
  6. Know Your SFs
  7. Only eat things you enjoy, but also try new things
  8. Be open to quitting sugar. For now.
  9. Designate drinking days
  10. Crowd out crap carbs
  11. Drink the water
  12. Plan everything



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Nov 07, 2016
72: Create the Confidence You Crave

Creating confidence is something that comes with practice, experience, and well, faking it.  That whole “fake it till you make it” concept – it’s true.  Although, I like to say, “fake it till you become it.”  


Sometimes you have to try on a new and improved version of yourself to see how it fits.  From there, you can tweak, evolve and grow into the person you want to be.  Practicing is critical.  Without practicing being the new, confident, self assured you, you will NOT become the new confident, self assured you.  So, get out there and try her on for size.  


It’s ok to strive to be the person you truly want to be.  It might feel a little awkward at first.  Others might wonder what’s going on.  That’s ok.  Just keep being the you YOU truly want to be.  You will grow in to the role.  Your life and landscape will evolve with you, which is fabulous. 


Know there will be uncomfortable moments.  Anticipate them, prepare for them, own them.  


As you start to behave more confidently, you will actually become more confident.  Then others will see you as more confident, and you will, in turn, continue to carry yourself more confidently. See that beautiful cycle?!


Listen in to learn more about:

  • How to be the boss
  • How to stop blending in
  • How to raise your hand 
  • How to take the stage
  • How to get comfortable being uncomfortable


In order to:

  • Take more leaps in life
  • Upgrade your quality of life
  • Get what you actually want
  • Change your reality and perspective for the better, permanently
  • Show your kids how to be brave, bold, courageous



Nov 02, 2016
71: How to Manage the Unexpected

The end of last week was almost laughable when it came to how many unexpected things were thrown my way – from a sick kid, to a craiglist scam, to a possibly broken foot (damn yoga), my days got thrown upside down over and over.  


Historically, I suuuuuck at being spontanteous and managing the unexpected, but when you’re a mom, you’re not left with much choice.  You gotta rock the unexpected every damn day. 


I love this quote I read Friday morning by Jen Sincero (from her book, You Are A Badass) – I stumbled upon it EXACTLY when I needed to hear it most: ““Life is an illusion created by your perception, and it can be changed the moment you choose to change it.”


So, I’m sitting her recording this episode, icing my foot, and texting with my doctor friend – then running (gimping) upstairs to put on my unicorn costume for Vinnie’s school Halloween party. Cause that’s how Shameless Moms roll – even when we’re broken, we’re ON IT. 


Listen in to learn how you can rock the unexpected even when you think you cannot manage one more thing flipping your world upside down.


Oct 31, 2016
70: Debbie Whitlock on Money, Marriage & Meaning

Debbie Page Whitlock is a business and personal finance expert committed to the financial success of start-ups, solopreneurs and small business owners around the world. An internationally recognized and award winning business coach in Seattle, Debbie wants you to create the prosperity and good fortune you deserve. 


Debbie has been a mentor to me for a few years now.  Her conversation around women and money is something every woman needs to hear.  I am elated to have her join me on the show. Debbie’s expertise will support and guide you, no matter what your current relationship with money is.


Listen in to learn about MONEY and:

  • The 3 Amigas: Fear/Doubt/Worry
  • How to get out of “the loop” by changing your physical state
  • Why an unhealthy relationship with money is not terminal
  • The power of a quarterly Family Financial Summit


Debbie and I also dive deep into money and marriage.  Debbie shares her personal story of how money impacted her marriage and why money was part of the demise of her marriage.  


We all have a relationship with money – and it started when we were very young.  Your relationship with money impacts your marriage, your family/friend relationships, your children, and your daily decision making.  This conversation will help you no matter where you stand with money.  


Links Mentioned:


Debbie’s Website

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Debbie’s private Profit Lab Facebook group

Article: The Biggest Money Differences Between Men and Women





Oct 26, 2016
69: How to be a Nasty Woman

Know Thy Triggers.


I say this to my gym members all the time.  You have to know what triggers you, if you want to really own the heck out of your life.  Knowing your triggers allows you to say yes to the right things and no to the wrong things.  Knowing your triggers helps you identify what you want to fight for and what fights are a waste of your time.  


Last week I put up a fight.  A couple times.  


I defended my child.


I defended all women.


Then I wrote a manifesto. 


At the end of the week, I came to see there are things I will always fight for.  There are people I will always defend, even if I take a beating in the process.  


I know what’s right for ME.  


I hope this episode helps you define what’s right for YOU.


Here’s my manifesto:


Nasty Woman Manifesto


  1. Stand for women
  2. Stand for children 
  3. Stand up to bullies
  4. Take the high road
  5. Where there is not a path, create one
  6. When you listen, truly hear
  7. Share
  8. Fight for the underdog
  9. Don’t back down
  10. Work for the greater good
  11. Connect
  12. Do not fear your enemy
  13. Challenge the status quo
  14. Empower the powerless 
  15. Pay your fair share


Will you do yourself a favor and write your manifesto?  You can use any of mine you want to get you started!  


Send me your manifestos to:  I would love to share some other Shameless Moms’ manifestos on an upcoming podcast!


Oct 24, 2016
68: Kim Ades On Blended Families and Frame of Mind

Kim Ades is the president and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngineTM Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and mother of five, Kim is recognized as one of North America's foremost experts on performance through thought mastery. By using her unique process of integrating online journaling in her coaching, Kim helps her highly-driven clients to examine and shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results.


I was so fascinated to learn about Kim’s family.  She and her husband married 8 years ago and brought together 5 children, ages 9-14, to build a new family.  Kim quickly learned a lot about what it took to function and thrive as a blended family.  Listen in as she shares:

  • The significance of traveling as one unit
  • The power of new traditions (like hot dog stuffed turkey)
  • The importance of the Family Meeting and the format she recommends (what’s working , what would you do different, what is one request)
  • The difference between parenting and childing
  • The truth about parenthood and self management


Professionally, Kim has taken her work with Frame of Mind Coaching to a different level than many of the coaches I have spoken to.   Listen in to hear Kim share:

  • The specific and unique formula she uses to help through major life breakthroughs
  • The significance of journaling in her practice and why it is crucial for growth
  • Why we have to go back and rewrite out own stories if we want to move forward in our current space


Lastly, Kim invites you to assess your own frame of mind with her online assessment. This assessment will give you a sense of what's keeping you stuck, and how our coaching can help get you past it.



Links Mentioned:

Kim’s Website

Free, no obligation Frame of Mind Assessment

Resilience Radio Podcast


Oct 19, 2016