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NOTICE: If you think we're right wing (or left wing) you haven't really been listening. If you disagree with anything we've said, please engage in civil conversation via email, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or our website. We love hearing from our listeners. "Inane ramblings from the fringe, half-baked politics from suspect sources, 'open-minded' nonsense about paranormal topics." John and Adam explore trending and historical fringe topics in a sometimes-frustrating, occasionally profound, always entertaining quest for truth.

Episode Date
Summer Break!

John's traveling. I guess he's got better things to do than hang out with us. He promises he'll be back, though, so let's just call this a quick summer break.

Stay cool and stay paranoid!

Jun 25, 2019
The Tragic Tale of Isaac Kappy; RIP Grumpy Cat & Stanton Friedman |134|

We discuss the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Isaac Kappy, one troubled individual at the center of last year's Hollywood pedophilia panic. Was it suicide? Or was he "suicided"?

Adam's mind is blown by an astounding coincidence linking Kappy with our previous episode's feature on joining the Illuminati. 

We pay tribute to GRUMPY CAT (aka Tardar Sauce) and Stanton Friedman (aka The Man Who Made Roswell).

May 20, 2019
How to Join the Illuminati; John Explains It All; Science Proves Contradictory Realities; Yeti Update |133|

How one man almost joined the Illuminati - by answering an email. For a secret society, they sure don't seem to be very discriminating recruiters.

John has a dream. And now he has All the Answers. And he's going to share them with us. What is life? Why is life? How is paradox the key to existence? And what's with all the porn?

Quantum physicists prove there is no such thing as absolute, objective reality. Well, that explains a LOT.

Bigfoot update! Well, Yeti, but still... 

May 11, 2019
Stigmata & Easter Facts, Notre Dame Fire, Mueller Released, Rapture Time Again! |132|

Did you know Jesus wasn't the ONLY one resurrected that day? Or that chocolate bunnies are hollow for your own safety and well-being? Or that "Easter" has absolutely nothing to do with "Ishtar" (despite what that Facebook meme would have you believe)?

Speaking of... Facebook employees have been falling for the conspiracy theories they're supposed to be moderating. What is going on over there?

Of course conspiracy theories are already springing up around the Notre Dame fire. Could there be anything to them?

The Mueller Report has been released. What earth-shaking revelations have come to light? And can we please put this to bed, now?

Four days to Rapture! Again!!

Apr 20, 2019
Russiagate Conspiracy, Ghost Photo, Incorrupt Corpses |131|

John's bursting with pride at his unerring ability to see the future. John knows all. Trust in John.

Yes, the Mueller report has been delivered. Yes, it's a massive letdown. Yes, Trump is still president. John argues that we are living through one of the most egregious and elaborate conspiracies in American history.

Adam discovers he's famous. Or at least, a "ghost photo" he took 27 years ago is. Among a certain cohort of modern ghostbusters. He tells the true story of his apparently classic (who knew?) "man in tree" photograph. 

Also, we talk about verifiable Catholic Miracles - in particular, incorrupt corpses. Because why not?

Mar 26, 2019
Momo FOMO, Alex Jones the Poor Man's Howard Beale, American Cosmic |130|

Momo! Where did it come from? Is it a hoax? Should parents be concerned? There's something happening here, but what it is ain't exactly clear.  

Adam rushes through all the things he WAS going to talk about this episode but is most definitely NOT talking about: New Book American Cosmic, Catholic Miracles, Qi Power, the Mystery of Elisa Lam, Interdimensional Entities, Ed & Lorraine Warren's Haunted Legal Precedent... 

Alex Jones recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience. This was an epic, nearly-five-hour rantfest covering everything from zombie wasps to human/pig hybrids to clandestine government meetings with alien intelligences. In short, it's everything a paranoid conspiracy buff could want and more...

Hey, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you. 

Mar 09, 2019
Demons, UFOs, & Collins Elite; Conspiracy Personality Types; Opportunity's Last Words; First Female President AOC 2028 |129)

Opportunity's last words: did the little Mars rover that could *really* say "my battery is low and it's getting dark"? Do you really want the answer?

All about the "Collins Elite"  - the secret cabal that controls all things and stands against the demonic inter-dimensional beings that seeded our civilization...

Are personality tests any more accurate than astrology? (For that matter, how accurate *is* astrology?) John and Adam test each other, discuss the Jungian origins of Myers-Briggs, and reveal the personality types most likely to believe in conspiracy theories.


Feb 16, 2019
Boring Prognostications for 2019; AI Apocalypse; Kids' Predictions from 1904; 2018 Scorecard |128|

We are back after an extended holiday break. And it's time to face the music: How accurate were we with our 2018 predictions? 

We discuss the frighteningly articulate future forecasts of children living in 1904. Did they fare any better than we did in 2018?

Psychic Nikki shares her prognostications for 2019. She's probably wrong about everything so we'll deflect criticisms of our inaccuracies by laughing at her.

Oh, also -- are we on the verge of an AI Apocalypse? Yeah, probably.

Jan 28, 2019
We're on hiatus till the week of 1/22/2019

Happy New Year!

Jan 13, 2019
A Very Blasphemous Christmas: Virgin Births, Saturnian Myths, & How Not To Be a Nimrod |127|

We attempt to respectfully discuss the origins of our Christmas traditions - including reveling, gift-giving, and virgin birthing.

Turns out it's really hard to talk about this stuff and remain one hundred percent respectful. 

Were there mythological precedents for the immaculate conception? Of course there were! Was Jesus actually born December 25th? Of course not!

And how do Stanley Kubrick and JRR Tolkien fit into all this?

Happy Holidays, dear listeners! See you in the new year!
John and Adam

Dec 24, 2018
The Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy, Russian Infowars, and Putin's Rasputin |126|

Adam looks into the origin of the "tin-foil hat" and accidentally, very possibly, maybe, stumbles onto a a real conspiracy. 

John gives us a current events update, then takes a deep dive into how Russia, despite the collusion nonsense, is very likely waging an information war against the United States to weaken us from within...

...and it involves a mysterious Russian mystic whom many have dubbed "Putin's Rasputin". 

It's a rabbit hole that we'll be visiting again, as there's much to unpack about this existential threat to western democracy.

Just hold tight to your tin foil hat.

Nov 30, 2018
JFK Assassination 55th Anniversary & HAPPY THANKSGIVING! |125|

We're on break this week, but we couldn't leave you empty handed! Feast on a compilation of clips related to the JFK assassination and subsequent coverup.

We discuss:
- recently declassified documents
- newly discovered information about Lee Harvey Oswald that potentially changes EVERYTHING
- new theories about the actual mechanics of the assassination

In addition, we chat with Francis Richard Conolly, creator of the epic documentary EVERYTHING IS A RICH MAN'S TRICK.

Have a safe and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  

Nov 22, 2018
Haunted Broadway, Great Purge of 2018, Assange's Cat, Alien Space Probe, Artificial Moon |124|

Adam shares the tragic story of silent film star Olive Thomas, whose ghost haunts the landmark New Amsterdam Theater in New York City.

John finally talks about the Great Purge of 2018. If you're not mad, you should be. This is dangerous stuff.

Julian Assange says being forced to clean his cat's litter box is a violation of his fundamental rights.

Some dutch guy "identifies" as twenty years younger - and wants to legally change his age.

That giant flying rock might be an extraterrestrial probe. Or not. Or maybe it is. Or not.



Nov 09, 2018

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! A spooky little treat from John: Edgar Allan Poe's THE RAVEN and THE TELL-TALE HEART.

Best with headphones. ;-)


We'll be back next week with a "normal" episode. In the meantime, stay safe and eat lots of candy!

Music Credit: Long Note Three Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Oct 31, 2018
Denver Airport Conspiracies, WWI & the Birth of Modern Horror, Elizabeth Warren Fails to Medal in the Oppression Olympics, The Haunting of Hill House, and Our Favorite Horror Movies!|122|

Ack! The Stupid! It Hurts!

Okay, so let's see. In last week's news, Elizabeth Warren releases a dubious DNA test that the mainstream media claims is, "strong evidence" of Native American ancestry. At the same time, the Saudis say that the killing and dismembering of a dissident journalist was simply, "an interrogation gone wrong".

Can you say, Idiocracy? 

And then, to top it off, after Stormy Daniels described Trump's penis as looking like Toad from Mario Kart, he calls her, "horseface".

We're in junior high... and we can blame Aleister Crowley.

Adam, as usual, has nothing interesting, so he brings up the Denver Airport conspiracies, which is so 2011. 

Then, in the second half, John decides that what he wanted to talk about isn't interesting either, so he and Adam decide to discuss their favorite horror movies instead.

Well, it's only one more week until Halloween, so why the hell not. And... and... John actually recommends the new Netflix series, The Haunting of Hill House. Note: John hates most everything, so this comes as a bit of a shock.

And finally, find out what classic horror films John and Adam think are worthy of your time. 

Hey, This Is Us (inside joke), so trust us. ;-)

Oct 24, 2018
Yellowstone Apocalypse, John is Pissed Off, Sci-Fi Government Policy, How to Be Unfuckwithable, JFK Jr. Faked His Own Death? |121|

Remember Krypton? Now that we're grown-ups we can kinda see how the powers-that-be on Superman's homeworld might turn a blind eye to an impending apocalypse. Case in point: The Yellowstone National Park SUPER-VOLCANO. Which is due to erupt, and which could very well mean the end of humanity.

John goes on a political rant. So what else is new? But really, he's pissed - at everyone. Listen and see if you're on the list.

It's the 35th anniversary of the film WARGAMES. Did you know Ronald Reagan was a huge science fiction fan? That WARGAMES scared the bejeezus out of him? That his sci-fi fandom was the basis for numerous historic government policies? All true.

The first brain-to-brain "social network" has been created! Sort of!

John shares an inspiring piece on how to live "an unfuckwithable life." Sounds like a lost Frank Capra movie...

Oh hey, didn't Capra direct LOST HORIZON? Well, that gets a shout-out this week, too.

And finally, did JFK Jr. fake his own death? Only to emerge as a secret Trump supporter posting as QAnon? Umm... no and NO! Come on, people. Stop giving WaPo snark bait. 


Oct 10, 2018
Sunspot Observatory Shenanigans, Declassified Jokes, Stop Making Me Defend Donald Trump, The Great Banning of 2018 |120|

Why did the feds shut down the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico? Aliens? Espionage? We call shenanigans!

What was Ronald Reagan's favorite Soviet joke? The CIA declassifies a trove of cold war comedy gold. Yes, we spent money and manpower on this.

Witness the Online Exodus: thousands of Reddit refugees banned from the comfort of their homeland in search of peace, prosperity, and political ascendancy. It's a virtual biblical epic.

For the hundred thousandth time - no, we are not "Trump Supporters." But is it too much to ask for a little more honesty in media?


Sep 25, 2018
Cat-tastrophe in D.C., 2001: A Sperm Odyssey, Adam of Oz, and John Finally Sees The Last Jedi... Yikes!|119|

Tonight we talk about the possible political sabotage from within the Trump administration. Are we witnessing a coup attempt? Regardless of your politics, none of this bodes well for the future of our country, especially if the Demon Cat starts appearing again.

Oh, hadn't heard that one?

Yes, apparently a Demon Cat haunts the Capitol Building during times of great political strife. Is the apparition a warning? A harbinger of death? Or chaos? 

But, it's mostly movie night here on Magical Mystery Radio. Adam has a revelation about the ending of Kubrick's 2001. He also reveals how he just might be The Wizard of Oz

And John finally gets around to seeing The Last Jedi. And he hates it. Really fucking hates it. With the burning fiery passion of a million exploding suns.  

Tonight's episode dedicated to Mona (Mo), the "bestest" kitty from Texas City. RIP. 

"May the force be with you"


Sep 08, 2018
Battle of the Anons, Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved (Again), Omarosa the Soul Sistah, NC Shakycam UFO, Hypocognition |118|

John walks us through the surreal saga of Soul Sistah Omarosa and the Great Trump Hair Theft. Plus, Bill Maher as the Pizza Man. Predictive programming, a glitch in the Matrix, or are the trickster gods having fun again?

North Carolina guy with rock-steady hands films a blimp - er,  "spacecraft."

The Bermuda Triangle mystery has been solved! Spoiler: it ain't a time vortex. Unless it is. But it probably isn't... unless it is.

What is hypocognition? Only the cause of literally ALL our modern societal problems...

And finally, John brings us up to speed on the battle of the Anons: Anonymous vs. QAnon. Oh, the irony...


Aug 16, 2018
PedoGate: What We Know, What We Don't, & the Danger of Witch Hunts |117|

WARNING: This episode contains disturbing and graphic material.

There's been a lot of chatter lately on social media about alleged high-level pedophiles, and the supposed elite networks under which they operate. Much of this is due to a few professed victims posting on Twitter and elsewhere.

This is a difficult topic to research and discuss, and we don't take this endeavor lightly. We feel it's important to present the facts and evidence as we know them, so listeners can make up their own minds about the validity of these claims.

Separating fact from fiction is always important in conspiracy research - especially when dealing with the abuse and trafficking of children.

National Human Trafficking Hotline:

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC):




Aug 01, 2018
Mystery of Hanging Rock, Predictions Mid-Term Report Card, Thunderbird Quest, We've All Lost Our Minds |115|

We revisit our predictions from the beginning of the year. How are we doing so far? Listen and find out!

John is on a quest for evidence of the underappreciated cryptid thunderbird. How goes the hunt? Not great, actually...

Three schoolgirls disappear without a trace in Victorian Australia. Murder? Accident? Timeslip? Well, this is just fiction, after all... isn't it?

Finally, John brings us an EPIC "What's the Word..." where he dissects the recent Mueller indictment, revisits the Russiagate story, Guccifer 2.0, and the disconnect our elites have with the vast majority of Americans.

Which leads us to the inescapable conclusion that we've all... well, not ALL... but most of us have lost our frickin' minds.

But hey, it's the Russians' fault, right?


Jul 19, 2018
Paranormal Pennsylvania, Kecksburg UFO Crash, Nazi Flying Saucer Toys|114|

There's an area in PA called Chestnut Ridge that's been infested with paranormal activity for the last hundred years or so. Bigfoot, UFOs, Dogmen, and prehistoric flying creatures known as Thunderbirds have all made an appearance. We take a look at some of these stories and wonder if there are some areas more prone to supernatural occurrences than others. 

Most notable of these stories is The Kecksburg UFO Incident that occurred on Dec. 9th, 1965. Something fell from the sky in the small farming community of Kecksburg, PA, but what was it? A meteor, a downed Russian satellite? Or was it something more down-to-earth, yet even more fascinating? Can you say top-secret Nazi technology? We knew you could.    

Speaking of Nazis, toy company Revell recently pulled their Haunebu II flying saucer model kits from store shelves for "teaching kids that the Nazis achieved space travel."

Umm... okay? Maybe they should ask NASA to chime in on this one, since many of their top scientists during the space race were... wait for it... Nazis. Should we now ban all model rocket kits too?   

Jul 06, 2018
Hitler Bunker Debunking Debunked, Power of Positive Conspiracy Thinking, Steampunk GPS, Kubrick & Tarkovsky & Freddy Krueger |113|

Have scientists debunked all these "Hitler survived" conspiracies and definitively proved - once for all - that the Nazi leader did indeed die in the bunker in 1945, just as the history books have always told us?

Or, does this so-called proof raise even more questions than it answers? Case definitely NOT closed... in our humble opinion.

The cinematic genius of Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, existential angst, prophecy, and the subconscious mind. And, of course, what kind of film discussion would it be without mentioning Kubrick... and Freddy Krueger?

Sick of all the negativity these days? Try shifting your thinking to a more positive mindset. Can this work for conspiracy theorists as well? Yes it can! ;-) 

Jun 14, 2018
Roseanne MKUltra Victim?, More QAnon-sense, Multiple Personality Celebs, Audio Illusions & Mental Science |112|

Roseanne Barr says MK-Ultra rules Hollywood. Is she a victim herself? She also seems to have a history of dissociative identity disorder - which would not be inconsistent with her claims.

What other celebrities have struggled with dissociative identity disorder? And what does the disorder say about the mind, about the soul, about life?

Yanny/Laurel? How about Green Needles/Brainstorm? This one is way cooler, and opens up all kinds of questions about how the mind works.

John gives us a HUGE Q-Anon update with another exciting episode of What's the word on the street, Johnny? 

May 31, 2018
Gateway Process Declassified, Star Wars Conspiracy, More Flat Earth Crap, AI Influencers, Listener Ghost Story |111|

We talk of many things: of shoes and ships and sealing wax... of cabbages and kings...

You want ghosts? We got em. Aliens? Of course! Time Travel? Naturally. Interdimensional invaders? Flat earth theorists? Government cover-ups? AI apocalypse? Out-of-body experiences? Star Wars?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!

Oh, and the "Laurel"/"Yanny" thing. If you did a search for this and it brought you here -- you know what we mean.


May 17, 2018
Signs You Might Be a Conspiracy Theorist, Ethereum Scams, A.I. Psychos, Robot Cognition, and Kanye! |110|

It's a Conspiracy!

A rash of recent "scientific" studies about what makes conspiracy theorists tic have been hitting the news lately.


Well, we could say it's a conspiracy to try and debunk conspiracy theorists and conspiratorial thinking, but then that just proves we're conspiracy theorists prone to conspiratorial thinking. As if that's a bad thing.

John nearly falls for an Ethereum scam, but escapes at the last minute. Probably because he used his conspiratorial thinking to question the scam, natch!

Kanye West (or is that Yeezus) tweets, "Question Everything". Hmm... great minds think alike. ;-)

An A.I. bot named Norman that's a real psycho, which leads us into a discussion of robot cognition, and life, the universe, and everything. The future's gonna get weird.       

Apr 26, 2018
Art Bell Tribute, Syrian False Flags?|109|

UFOs, Area 51, Exorcism, Time Travelers, Vampires...

We discuss our favorite moments from Art Bell's seminal COAST TO COAST AM. Called "The Godfather" of late night paranormal and conspiracy talk radio, Bell had a huge influence on a generation of fringe-dwellers and truth-seekers - us included. He will be missed.

In an extended "What's the Word on the Street?", John walks us through the possibility that the Syrian poison gas attack was a false flag operation, allowing the US and its allies to execute a decades-old strategy to overthrow nations and shape U.S. foreign policy in the middle east.

Apr 16, 2018
Pope Says No Hell!, Flat Earth Evel Knievel, QAnon Psyop Exposed? |108|

April Fools and Happy Easter!

Back from a much needed Spring Break, John and Adam return to the weird, wacky, and wondrous world of conspiracy and the paranormal to learn that THERE IS NO HELL.

And Jesus apparently died in vain.  

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for Flat-Earthers. Mad Mike Hughes' hilarious and dangerously idiotic attempt to prove that... he's Evel Knievel? Super Dave Osborne?

Adam experiences a little post current events synchro-mysticism.

Sci-fi writer accurately predicts the iPhone.

In the second half, John addresses the recent QAnon controversy brewing on the Inter-tubes. Has the Q psyop been exposed? Are the geniuses behind Cicada 3301 puzzles involved somehow?

We'll just let the Gracie Allen and George Burns of conspiracy explain it for you. They should really take their act on the road.

And finally, we tie all of this together by preaching the importance of media literacy, a mantra of ours, particularly as it pertains to the new conspiracy world order.

Apr 02, 2018
The Alexa Horror Podcast Show, Weaponizing Social Media, Amelia Earhart Found |107|

The subtitle of this podcast should be: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Surveillance State.

As we mentioned in last week's show, Adam purchased an Alexa Echo, which has been making the news lately for randomly laughing at its users. Amazon claims they've addressed the problem and fixed it. But this story raises some troubling questions about the potentially sinister nature of these new technologies. How much control do we want to cede to these behemoth tech companies for convenience?

Are we headed for a HAL 9000 future?

And speaking of behemoth tech companies, by now most people realize the power Google, Facebook, and Twitter have over our online lives. These juggernauts have so far monopolized much of the online space - which, of course, was by design. 

Now that they've essentially cornered the market, they feel emboldened to censor - or outright eliminate - voices THEY DON'T LIKE. All in the name of combating so-called Hate Speech and Fake News. Factor in all the negative psychological affects these new technologies inflict, the admitted implementation of "keyboard warriors" to sow discord, spread disinformation and propaganda, bots to amplify those messages, algorithms to suppress information... and you have the perfect recipe for the Weaponization of Social Media.

Oh, and apparently, they found Amelia Earhart's bones.

Mar 09, 2018
FAA UFO Mystery, Bigfoot Lawsuit, AI Mind Reader, Time Travelers, Cat with an AR-15 |106|

In this week's episode we review a fascinating UFO incident that occurred in October of last year. What makes this case so interesting, is that researchers were able to obtain the audio recording of the air traffic controllers, pilots, and the FAA while it was happening in real-time. Fighter jets were scrambled, but still there are no definitive answers yet on what the object was, its final destination, or intention.

What the hell was it?

Another Bigfoot lawsuit filed in California. The witness swears she saw a neanderthal-like 800 pound creature in a tree, and she's willing to go to court to prove it.

Those Japanese scientists are up to their old tricks again. This time developing AI that can read your thoughts. Frightening if true.

More time travelers. Most are obvious LARPs, but there's one who just might be the real deal. Believe it, or not!

Oh, and apparently there was a cat in a tree holding what witnesses were sure was an AR-15. Due to all the mass shootings, it appears our feline friends aren't the only "scaredy-cats" these days.   

Mar 03, 2018
Parkland School Shooting Conspiracies, Russia Russia Russia, Black Panther |105|

In this week's episode, John and Adam tackle the Parkland School Shooting conspiracies, the disinformation, and outright bullshit surrounding this tragic event.

Shouts of "False Flag" and "Crisis Actor" are all too common these days and, far more often than not, without merit. We'll dissect these claims and, hopefully, contribute a little critical thinking to the conversation. 

In the second half, John breaks down the recent Mueller indictments of the 13 so-called "Russian Trolls" who apparently had so much influence they were able to swing an entire election. This whole thing is starting to turn into a bad Hollywood comedy.

And finally, Adam provides a brief explanation for all the recent Black Panther hype. Hint: Marketing. 

Feb 24, 2018
Brainjunk, Mind Virus, Infopocalypse, Dunning-Kruger Effect, Negativity Bias |104|

John and Adam take a deep dive into the pros and cons of having too much information at our fingertips. Are we in the midst of an information overload? How do we know what's true or false? With all the frightening new technologies coming down the pike, how can we even determine that what we're seeing is real? 

Are we entering a new dark age - an "Infopocalypse," if you will?

Adding insult to injury to all this is our penchant for focusing on the negative, as well as our tendency to over- and under-estimate our own abilities. But hey, things aren't all that bad, are they? Maybe we're just looking at all of this the wrong way.

Or maybe, just maybe, western civilization is suffering from a mind virus, a psychic pathogen that attaches itself to the unconscious, producing negative and destructive thought-forms - an evil spirit or energy the Native Americans called Wetiko. 

Ahh, forget all that and just sing Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." Stop worrying, and be happy. 

Yeah, right. ;-)

Feb 13, 2018
HOLY HELL: Inside the Rise & Fall of the Buddhafield Cult |103|

We review the fascinating and disturbing documentary, HOLY HELL.

The film chronicles the 22-year journey of former members who were trapped in the bizarre Buddhafield cult.  

Through personal archive footage and interviews, the film chronicles the rise and fall, not only of the cult itself, but of its strangely charismatic leader, Michel Rostand (aka Andreas).

This is one of those "cautionary tales" of how cult leaders use time-tested techniques to manipulate and coerce vulnerable and impressionable minds to do their bidding.

Check it out.

Feb 09, 2018
Atomic Priesthood, Monster Hunt, Nimitz UFO Video, Bin Laden's Movie Collection?, No More Bitcoin! |102|

How can we communicate with our descendants thousands of years in the future about the dangers of nuclear waste? Sounds easy enough right? Well, maybe not. Maybe what we need is an elite secret society of scientists, an Atomic Priesthood if you will, to help protect the future of humanity with a kind of "language of eternity" built on myth and symbols. 

Win $70,000! All you gotta do is catch Bigfoot. Or Nessie. Or the Chupacabra. Or the Cornish Owl Man, whatever the hell that is. Easy money, right?

Government claims Bin Laden liked Pixar, National Geographic, and funny YouTube videos. Believable? Well, I guess if you believe the government.

Can the infamous Nimitz UFO footage be traced to a German film company?

And finally, by popular demand, we present our last-ever Bitcoin update. Yeah right.

Feb 02, 2018
Tribulation 99, QAnon & the Power of Myth, Andy Kaufman Reincarnated, Bots, Bitcoin, and Bigfoot! |101|

In this weeks episode John and Adam get all random again with a hodgepodge of topics.

We begin talking about filmmaker Craig Baldwin's avant-garde cinema, specifically Tribulation 99 and Mock-Up on Mu. Using archival footage from the early pulp serials, clips from industrial films, and other found footage, Baldwin creates a collage of paranoia and conspiracy that's been dubbed as, "an X-Ray of a rabid slacker's seething brain."

Next up... has Andy Kaufman reincarnated as a hilarious and brilliant 16 year-old girl? ("Pupinia Stewart", if you're listening, drop us a line!)

Botnik! Fun with AI for the whole family! The absurd, genius, and strange things made with augmented content creation.

And speaking of bots, were those darn Russkies behind that whole #ReleaseTheMemo meme?

I saw a Bigfoot... lawsuit!

A quick crypto update, and finally...

QAnon & the Power of Myth. John gives his mile-high sociological analysis on what might be going on with all the chaos, confusion and, yes, certainty behind the whole Q phenomenon. Both doubters and Qool-Aide drinkers should take note, as there just might be something much bigger going on than meets the All-Seeing Eye. ;-)

Jan 25, 2018
100th Episode! Russiagate Solved, 2018 Forecast, Past Predictions of the Future |100|

On this, our special 100th episode, John completely solves Russiagate! Well, maybe not completely, but close enough. ;-)

Plus, predictions from the past about the future and... our very own predictions for 2018

Take a listen to find out what's "really" gonna happen. 

Jan 13, 2018
The Method, Metaphysics, and Manifestation: Jim Carrey Channels Andy Kaufman |99|

In tonight's podcast, we discuss a fascinating documentary on Netflix called JIM & ANDY: The Great Beyond, which chronicles the behind-the-scene antics of Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman - and his alter-ego Tony Clifton - on the set of Man on the Moon.

At first glance this might not seem very paranormal, but the questions this documentary raises about the notion of the self, the other, etc., are nothing short of profound.

JIM & ANDY is the extraordinary story of the meeting of the minds, both literally and figuratively, of two comedic geniuses who have pushed the boundaries of their art. And in what can only be described as "the method gone metaphysical", Jim not only portrays Andy, but may in fact have become him (at least in his own mind) during the making of the film.

And really, is there any difference?

What's real? What's not? What is truth? What is fantasy? Who are we? All of these questions, and many more, are raised for you to ponder, but without any easy answers.

We also talk about some current events, the hypernormalisation of our time, and how we might be actually living in the era Andy Kaufman's work foreshadowed.

Plus, another What's the Word on the Street, Johnny? At least we think so. Maybe. ;-)

Jan 06, 2018
Cryptids, Kooks, & Conspiracies: DISCOVERING BIGFOOT |98|

We discuss DISCOVERING BIGFOOT, the new documentary by Todd Standing, a controversial figure in cryptid circles. Is Standing nuts? Is he sincere? Is he lying? Is he the target of an incredibly long and unlikely con?

The movie is available on NETFLIX. Give it a watch. Let us know what you think.

Dec 30, 2017
UFOs Declassified, Fake Alien Invasions, NSA Created Bitcoin?, Angry Star Wars Fans, Fibonacci Stock Predictions |97|

NOTE: We apologize for the inconsistent audio in the first half, as Skype was buggy. Second half much better. 

John starts off talking about the reason we didn't record a show last week... he was playing with Litecoin 24/7 and hallucinating that he alone discovered using the Fibonacci sequence when trading. Hint: He didn't. ;-)

What's the Fibonacci sequence, and how can it be applied to trading?

Did the NSA create Bitcoin? The answer may surprise you.

Adam saw The Last Jedi! Don't worry, no spoilers.

Are the the recently declassified UFO disclosures setting the stage for the Fake Alien Invasion psyop? As bizarre as that may seem, it may not be too far from the truth. We're always a little suspicious when the MSM starts promoting the idea that we're being visited by aliens. What's the real agenda here?

Tune in and find out...

And now for the rest of your links:

Bitcoin an NSA-Engineered Psyop for a One-World Currency?

Fibonacci Sequence When Trading Cryptos

Pentagon Admits Running Secret UFO Investigation

Pentagon's Secret Search for UFOs

To the Stars Academy

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Dec 20, 2017
Crypto: Currency, Craziness, & Kitties!, Braco the Gazer, Deep State Economy, Doomsday Chatter, More Q |96|

In this week's episode, Adam and John talk all things crypto: the currency, the craziness, and yes, the kitties!

Adam finally takes the Bitcoin plunge, and wonders if maybe there's a secret world of hidden finance beyond the Blockchain.

John brings up the Internet of Things, and the currency (IOTA) behind it.

So, what are CryptoKitties, you ask? They're collectible, breedable, adorable... and they're gumming up the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Can one man's gaze heal all ills? Or are we just a bunch of pathetic, desperate, lonely creatures? Meet Braco the Gazer, who has inspired tens of thousands with his silent stare.

Lots of doomsday chatter about military alerts and martial law. Who are some of these characters pushing all this fear porn? Do they have an inside track on what's really going on? Are they sincere? Disinfo agents? Crackpots? Or, are they just capitalizing on what's already out there for clicks?

You know, like us. ;-)

And speaking of capitalizing on the chatter for clicks, John provides an update and summary of the QAnon phenom. Yes, it's still going strong, sending people down a number of rabbit holes in a quest to find the truth.

Information has now been weaponized.   

Dec 07, 2017
Area 51 Caller Identified, Bitcoin!, Hijacked Broadcasts, Olive Oil Conspiracy, Is Trump the New Dylan? |95|

Remember the Area 51 caller on Art Bell in 1997? Whatever happened to that guy? The answer may surprise you.

Crypto-currency craziness! Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum all reached a new high the other day, then suddenly came crashing back down, spreading FUD in the community. At least for the noobs. Is Bitcoin a bubble, a Ponzi scheme, another example of Tulip mania? Or is it the way of the future for digital currencies, a true breakaway from the fiat system controlled by banksters? Those in the know say HODL.

Infamous hijacked broadcasts have provided much fodder for the conspiracy world over the years. Who... or what... was behind them? Pranksters? Aliens? Some are just as mysterious today as when they first aired.

What's in your olive oil?

And finally, a new counter-culture has discovered the old counter-culture was just as anti-establishment when it came to the mainstream "fake news". Could this mean Trump is the new Dylan? As bizarro as this might seem, it's not too far off the mark, minus the cool music of course. 

The trickster gods certainly are having fun with us... that's for sure.

Dec 01, 2017
Time Travelers, QAnon Update, Hugh Hefner CIA?, Can Trump Just Start a Nuclear War?, Robot Gods, Mandela Effect |94|

There's a proliferation of Time Travel LARPing on the Internet right now. Has this become a "Thing"? Is Adam to blame?

A new vid purports to prove the Berenstain/Berenstein Bears Mandela Effect. Real, or just a good use of After Effects?

Plus, an inter-dimensional portal to Sedona, AZ opens up in some guy's apartment using 525 Hz soundwaves and a Bluetooth Speaker! Looks like CERN just wasted a bunch of money. ;-)

Can Donald Trump just push the button... you know, like the evil president in Dead Zone?

A new religion is developing with an AI god. Her name is Sophia which, for those of you in the know, has some occult significance. Coincidence?

And finally, John provides a quick update on the whole QAnon phenomenon. Yes, it's still happening, and now taking on a life of its own. The most revealing bit of info is that Hugh Hefner may have been CIA. 

Far-fetched? Well, wait'll you hear this...

Nov 22, 2017
Q Anon and The Coming Storm, #Happening?|93|

John takes us down the rabbit hole on what's been happening on 4Chan these past couple of weeks, which has taken the Internet by storm, no pun intended. ;-)

Someone, or some group, calling themselves, "Q Clearance Patriot", has been posting a series of questions (breadcrumbs) on /pol/ and hinting that the storm everyone has been waiting for is finally upon us.

What storm? Well, nothing less than the end of the Old/New World Order, the Bush/Clinton/Obama crime cabal, and all their corrupt cronies. In short, a new American Revolution - MAGA style.

Is this one of the most epic LARP's of all time, a carefully crafted psyop, or is Q the real thing? Could all of these be true simultaneously?


ALICE: There's no use trying. One can't believe impossible things.

QUEEN: I daresay you haven't had much practice. When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.   

Are we about to see what Doc Brown referred to as, "some serious shit"?

Stay tuned, and don't forget to #FollowtheWhiteRabbit 

Nov 12, 2017
Dracula's Cardboard, JFK Declassified, Hitler Survives WWII, #MeToo Mania, A Ghost Story Pie Scene, Claustrophobic Nightmares |92|

Declassified CIA documents suggest there WAS a conspiracy to kill JFK - and Hitler DID survive World War II. Wait, what?

Is this another case of the Mandela Effect? There's an epic frickin' piece of CARDBOARD co-starring in the Bela Lugosi Dracula! How has no one noticed this since 1931?

What to make of all these sexual harassment allegations coming out of Hollywood? Witch hunt? Overdue justice? 

British horror classic CURSE OF THE DEMON - it's connection to Aleister Crowley and The Twilight Zone.

Will there be a revolution in the United States? Some say it starts tomorrow, November 4, 2017. 

Nov 04, 2017
Aleister Crowley, Hollywood's Occult Roots, Acting as Shamanism |91|

Was Aleister Crowley the wickedest man who ever lived? (Spoiler: No. He was just a jerk.)

Adam and John are confirmed cinephiles, so they can be forgiven for reading too much into the "magical" qualities of film. Turns out early cinema actually grew out of the magical tradition. We discuss the occult roots of the film industry.

And, of course, we go off on a few tangents - including a discussion of acting as shamanistic pursuit, and why modern horror films suck.


Oct 28, 2017
Beautiful Androids, Vegas Update, Bigfoot Returns, Melania Clone, Embrace Contradiction|90|

How close are we to a Blade Runner reality? Will we see real replicants in our lifetimes?

John has an update on the unfolding Vegas investigation.

It's the 50th anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin footage! And the big guy is back to parrrrrrr-tay!

Doppelgangers are trending. And Melania is the trendiest doppelganger.

And finally... Adam and John get all philosophical, attempting to parse the inherently contradictory nature of reality. 


Oct 19, 2017
Flat Earth Theories, Vegas Revisited, Philip K Dick's Communist Conspiracy, UFO Disclosure (Again), Hollywood Depravity |89|

Why do people believe in flat earth theories? What's the attraction? Is it possible there's actually something to this?

Adam talks a little about Blade Runner 2049 - and then reveals an amazing anecdote about Philip K Dick, Stanislaw Lem, and a possible communist conspiracy. Could Lem have been a synthetic human?

John just can't let this Vegas thing go. He spent the past week in the rabbit hole and simply must share his latest findings. 

We talk about the fall of Harvey Weinstein, and what this means for the entertainment capitol of the world. Also, Adam and John share their own experiences in the Hollywood cesspool.

And something about disclosure. Again. Sure, it'll happen this time.








Oct 12, 2017
Debunking the Totally Idiotic Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories |88|

We had intended to do one of our usual grab bag shows of "fun" stuff, but then this happened.

Once the shock subsided, we saw a learning opportunity: How do conspiracy theories proliferate? How do we recognize misinformation and disinformation? What news sources should we avoid? Which can we trust, if any?

Also - just because - we talk about Stanley Kubrick's THE SHINING.

Oct 04, 2017
JFK, 9/11, New World Order, Shadow Government, Deep State, Whistleblowers: THE CONSPIRACY "THEORY" CONSPIRACY |87|

"The mainstream media's agenda is clear. They want you to believe that conspiracies don't exist, the world is exactly like they say it is, and anyone who disagrees is to be marginalized, mocked and shamed."

Filmmaker Adam Green compiles an effective archive of cases proving an orchestrated effort to weaponize the term "conspiracy theory." From JFK to Iraq to 9/11... to Iraq... somewhere along the line it became wrong or dangerous or unpatriotic to ask questions. 

There are no wrong questions. Only wrong answers.

Sep 27, 2017
Mothman Returns, Psychic Vampire Repellant, Bigfoot Again, Unabomber Was Right?, Kid Invents Time Travel Device, Mail Order Monkeys|86|

Psychic vampire repellent - don't leave home without it.

Mothman returns. Don't worry, Chicago - we're sure it doesn't mean a thing...

Adam has another Bigfoot update. Why? He doesn't even care about Bigfoot!

Speaking of hairy hominids: Did you know you could order a monkey from the back of a comic book in the 70s? Seriously.

Is it possible the Unabomber had a point? (Not the actual bombing thing, of course, but maybe some of the rest of it...?)

13-year-old kid designs time travel device. Sorta.

Genetically modified astronauts - could this be the only way mankind ever gets to deep space?

Adam and John welcome our new Octopus Overlords.


Sep 21, 2017
Killer Sexbots, Conspiracy Grannies, Devil's Letter Decoded, Haunted Trump, Airship Mystery, Bigfoot Update |85|

Your sex robot could be hacked and programmed to kill you. There are worse ways to go.

"The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot." This is a real movie. We are so there. Opening day.

The "devil's letter" has been decoded! Yes, the unreadable treatise by a possessed nun has now been deciphered. What does it say? Wouldn't you like to know?

Don't mess with conspiracy theorist grannies. 

Exorcist says satan lives on the internet. Like we needed an exorcist to tell us that.

Jim Carrey gets all mystical and existential and everyone loses their minds!  Sometimes you need a joker to speak the truth.

Did Seth Rogen try to overthrow the North Korean government? 

Is Donald Trump being drugged? Is he haunted? Is his family behind the Great Airship Mystery? 

Sep 16, 2017
Weather Warfare, Listener's True Haunting, Montauk Revisited, Voynich Mystery Solved, A.I. Apocalypse |84|
A listener shares his terrifying experience with the dark entity terrorizing his household - as it happens!
What accounts for this insane weather? Climate change? Or something even more insidious?
AI "gaydar" - much better than Adam's.
Voynich Mystery Solved: How do we know it's for real? Because it's BORING.
Elon Musk Warns of World War III: Our favorite high tech Chicken Little provides this week's doomwatch.
Sep 09, 2017
Killer Clowns, Taylor Swift is Reptilian Baby Mama, Death in Space, Cats See Ghosts, Roadkill Cuisine, Witchcraft on the Hudson, Apocalypse Top 10, Nazca Alien Mummy|83|

Feel that nip in the air? That's right, it's killer clown time again! 

Taylor Swift is a secret Nazi reptilian baby mama. Obviously.

Can cats see ghosts? 

Has an alien mummy been found in Peru? 

The greatest minds on Earth give us: The End of the World Top 10 Countdown.

The world is ending! What's for dinner? Our guide to roadkill cuisine...

Witchcraft on the Hudson!

Sep 04, 2017
Sleep Paralysis & Flying Dreams, Killer Robots, 4Chan Insanity, Octupi are Alien Assholes, Sonogram Jesus, Dodleston Messages |82|

John has a sleep paralysis update. Adam shares his nocturnal aviation experiences. 

A mysterious figure haunts a crop circle. Is that Tony Orlando?

Jesus appears in a sonogram. Or is that Tony Orlando?

Did NASA fake every space flight ever? And why is there a human head floating in space? Hey, is that Tony Orlando?

The Dodleston Messages: email from the sixteenth century. 

Octupi... Octopuses... Octopodes...? Anyway, they're clearly aliens. And clearly assholes.

Elon Musk warns the world of killer robots.

4chan... you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Trigger Warning: We read some of the 4Chan posts, which are... to put it mildly... offensive.   

Aug 25, 2017
Solar Eclipse Lizard Men, Cryptid Roadkill, Requiem for a Jetsons Future, More Fun With Shills, New DB Cooper Clues |81|

Show Note:  We apologize for the inconsistent audio quality in the first half.  We're working on preventing this from occurring in future Podcasts. 

Another exciting episode of, What's the Word on the Street, Johnny?

Beware the solar eclipse. And lizard people.

Why no cryptid roadkill?

New DB Cooper clues!

The mystery of Angelyne - solved at last!

Rabbit season! Duck season! Ruling class season! That moment when you realize you're being played.

More fun with shills.

Requiem for a Jetsons future.

You are being gangstalked!


Aug 19, 2017
Time Travel via Data Extraction, 1800s Novel Predicts Trump, Declassified Technology, How America Went Nuts, Kafka & Steiner Discuss Theosophy |80|

Jim Marrs tribute.

Adam shares his experience with scary, recently declassified technology.

New technology recovers sound from lost recordings.

Predictive Programming: 19th century novel predicts President Trump.

Seymour Hersh confirms Seth Rich contacted Wikileaks.

Franz Kafka, Rudolf Steiner, and Helena Blavatsky walk into a bar...


Aug 10, 2017