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 Mar 18, 2019
Great podcast, love that the hosts give an unbiased yet interesting analysis of the company.


A podcast about Tesla as viewed through the lens of two technologists.

Episode Date
102 – Q2 2019

We unpack Tesla's second quarter 2019 results. We discuss their record breaking production and deliveries, how their quarterly loss happened while having record free cash flow, and what's upcoming with Autopilot, Model Y, Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai and more.

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Jul 27, 2019
101 – Autonomy Investor Day

We unpack Tesla’s recent Autonomy Investor Day held at their Palo Alto HQ. We discuss the new FSD computer, their Neural network advancements, what’s coming up with the FSD feature set and more.

Slides from Tesla’s Presentation –

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May 11, 2019
100 – Model Y Unveil

We discuss the highlights from the Model Y unveil event Tesla held on March 14th, 2019 at their Design Studio in Hawthorne California. We only had a brief amount of time to chat, so we focus on what struck us most about the event and the Model Y itself, primarily how the Model Y is quite similar to what we expected, and how that is a great thing for Tesla and customers alike.

Mar 16, 2019
99 – $35,000 Model 3

Tesla has made the $35,000 Model 3 available for purchase. We unpack all the changes Tesla has made, what’s in the Standard interior and how Tesla was able to achieve this milestone. We also discuss what the decision to sell online only and close many of their stores means for Tesla going forward. Autopilot and Full Self Driving have gotten a shakeup and we discuss Elon’s latest comments about the roadmap for FSD. And lastly we give our predictions for the March 14th Model Y unveil event. 

Mar 04, 2019
98 – Q4 2018

We unpack Tesla’s fourth quarter 2018 results. Tesla continued shipping Model 3 in high quantity and made another GAAP profit. We discuss what Tesla is focusing on for 2019, where Model 3 production will end up, more details on Model Y production plans and the roadmap for Autopilot.

Feb 03, 2019
97 – Q3 2018

We unpack Tesla’s third quarter 2018 results. It was a massive quarter for Tesla in terms of revenue and GAAP profits. We discuss how Tesla beat expectations so much, what this means for Model 3 and Tesla going forward, and new details about Autopilot, the future roadmap and more.

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Oct 26, 2018
96 – Going Private, Staying Public, SEC Settlement

We unpack the unusual situation that arose after Elon tweeted about considering taking Tesla private, the decision to stay public, and the SEC investigation, lawsuit, and settlement.

Oct 03, 2018
95 – Q2 2018

We unpack Tesla’s Q2 2018 results from the letter to the earnings call. We cover Model 3 production has ramped to 5k per week, Model 3 profitability and future production targets. We also discuss how Tesla is moving into their own AI chips to advance Autopilot and what we expect is coming in V9 and beyond.

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Aug 08, 2018
94 – 7000 cars, 7 days

We discuss Tesla’s Q2 Vehicle Production and Deliveries report. How Tesla produced 7,000 vehicles in the final 7 days of the quarter, of which 5,000 were Model 3. We discuss how production is ramping on Model 3 and how it matches their expectations, and what they’ve done with deliveries. Then we debate if this rate is sustainable and how useful Elon’s being at the factory really is to production ramping.

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Jul 13, 2018
93 – 2018 Shareholder Meeting

We unpack the 2018 Tesla shareholder meeting. Elon covered the latest progress on Model 3 production, reaffirmed automation's strategic importance to Tesla, upcoming Autopilot updates, and much more. 

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Jun 12, 2018
92 – Q1 2018

We unpack Tesla’s Q1 2018 earnings letter and call. We cover the high level financials, Tesla’s path to profitability in the coming quarters, where they are at with Model 3 production, the machine that builds the machine, Tesla Network and more.

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May 08, 2018
91 – 2,000 Model 3’s per week

We unpack Tesla’s Q1 vehicle production and deliveries report as well as Elon’s recent interview with CBS This Morning. We cover where Tesla is at with the Model 3 ramp, some of the troubling revelations about automation and the Fremont factory systems, and where we think Model 3 production is heading.

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Apr 18, 2018
90 – Model 3 Delivery Experience

We discuss Caleb’s recent trip to the Tesla Fremont delivery center to experience the Model 3 delivery experience. We cover the timing from configure, to VIN assignment, to delivery date. Then we discuss the nitty gritty details of the experience of picking up a Model 3. And we conclude with our experience with such a recently manufactured Model 3 and how it compares to our experience a few months ago with an early Model 3.

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Apr 05, 2018
89 – Dramatic Autopilot Updates

We discuss the recent software update for Autopilot 2 vehicles. The core updates appear to be in the underlying Tesla Vision Neural network, and we discuss what this says about where Tesla is along the path to full self driving, what new features we can expect, and if Autopilot 2 has finally surpassed Autopilot 1.

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Mar 21, 2018
88 – Non-Owners Receive Invites

We discuss the recent news that Tesla has started inviting non-owners to configure their Model 3. We unpack what this says about where Tesla is in production, the quality of the vehicle, why Tesla started with existing owners, and where software for Model 3 is. We also discuss what’s coming next with white interior, dual motor, performance and more. 

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Feb 28, 2018
87 – Q4 2017

We unpack Tesla’s Q4 2017 results. We cover the high level financial results, production updates on Model 3, new details on Model Y, Elon’s perspective on LiDAR, when we can expect the full self driving cross country drive, and how Tesla is still aiming to be the best at manufacturing. 

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Feb 13, 2018
86 – Elon + Tesla + 10 Years = $650B?

We unpack Tesla’s recent unveiling of their new 10-year CEO performance award. Building on Elon’s previous compensation package, the board has created a plan that is 100% based on performance, targeting $650B in market cap along with revenue and EBITDA targets. We cover what this says about Elon’s long term involvement with Tesla, what Tesla will have to do to achieve these goals, and we debate the virtue of such a massive compensation plan.

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Jan 31, 2018
85 –

We discuss the company and their path toward developing “the Android of self-driving car software”. We cover their founding, connection to Tesla, their open source approach, how their approach is similar to Tesla in many ways –  believing in fleet-learning and commodity sensors and powerful software. 

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Jan 24, 2018
84 – Q4 2017 Production and Deliveries

We unpack Tesla’s Q4 2017 production and delivery report. Tesla delivered a record 29,870 vehicles, of which 15,200 were Model S, 13,120 were Model X, and 1,550 were Model 3. We cover the progress Tesla made in the quarter on Model 3, how that compares to the Model S and Model X ramp and why this upcoming quarter is so critical to proving the mass production capabilities of Model 3.

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Jan 10, 2018
83 – Tesla in 2018

We discuss our expectations for Tesla in the year ahead. We cover the progress we expect to see in Autopilot, how the Model 3 ramp is going and what it says about where Tesla will be in 2018, if and when we will see Model Y, what special feature Elon may be talking about for the Pickup, software improvements for the fleet, and Superchargers. 

Jan 01, 2018
82 – Cruise

We discuss Cruise, the company GM acquired to lead their autonomous efforts last year for nearly $1B. We cover their origins as an aftermarket kit for Audi’s, how Kyle Vogt their founder got his start with self driving cars at MIT, and the progress the company has made thus far, and how they plan to launch a fully autonomous ride-sharing service in early 2019 in San Francisco.

Dec 13, 2017
81 – 1,000 Miles with Model 3

We do a deep dive into living with the Model 3 for two weeks and over 1,000 miles. Caleb drove the Model 3 from Palo Alto to LA and back and lived with it for two weeks. We discuss everything about the vehicle from Autopilot, to the interior, to ergonomics to the UI, and more. 

Nov 29, 2017
80 – Semi + Roadster

We discuss the Semi event, what it was like being there, what we found most impactful about the Semi, and what the Roadster means as a halo vehicle for Tesla. 

Nov 22, 2017
79 – Model 3 First Drive

We discuss Caleb’s experience driving the Model 3. We dig deep into everything about the experience from the exterior, interior, driving dynamics, Autopilot, and more. 

Nov 15, 2017
78 – Q3 2017

Special guest Rob Maurer joins Caleb to unpack Tesla’s Q3 2017earnings. We cover the high level numbers, the S & X business, energy, service & superchargers, Autopilot, and the big news around the Model 3 ramp. 

Nov 08, 2017
77 – Model 3 in Depth with Trevor Page

In a special episode guest host Trevor Page of the Model 3 Owners Club joins Caleb to discuss his recent hour long video of his time two days with the Model 3. We cover the exterior, interior, UI, the ergonomics of the touch screen, driving experience, the app and the keycard and more. 

Watch the video Trevor and Ken made here,

Nov 01, 2017
76 – Levels of Autonomy

We discuss the major automakers goals for full autonomy timelines, Tesla’s Level 4 & 5 timelines, what the SAE levels really mean, and how we expect Tesla and others will actually roll out Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5 self driving systems. 

Oct 25, 2017
75 – Nvidia

We cover one of Tesla’s key suppliers for Autopilot – Nvidia. We discus their history, differences between  GPUs and CPUs, why Nvidia is entering the self-driving car arena, and what their strategy is to help companies like Tesla achieve the goal of a fully self-driving car.

Oct 18, 2017
74 – Get Your Musk to Mars

We cover Elon and SpaceX’s plans to colonize Mars with their BFR. We unpack why Mars at all, how SpaceX has been laying the foundation for the key technologies needed for BFR with Falcon 9 and Dragon, how a Moon base fits in, and their vision for point to point earth transportation powered by BFR.

Oct 12, 2017
73 – Leaf Anxiety and Model 3 Details

We discuss our recent trip with a Nissan Leaf to the Tesla factory. We experienced range anxiety for real. We also unpack the recent details about the Model 3 that have come out through different FCC filings, first responder manuals, and first hand accounts of new owners.

Sep 27, 2017
72 – HD Maps with a Special Guest

We do a deep dive into HD maps and speak with former Tesla Autopilot software engineer Andrew Kouri. Andrew is now co-founder and CEO of lvl5 a startup building HD maps using computer vision and crowdsourcing by paying people to record their drives with their smartphones. We discuss the different approaches to HD maps, why companies like Tesla and others working towards self driving will utilize HD maps, and how you can build HD maps from crowdsourced driving video using deep neural networks.

Download Payver to help build HD maps for the future of self driving cars and get paid to do it:

Sep 13, 2017
71 – Simulate All the Things

We discuss how simulation has continued to increase in importance in the development and validation of self driving vehicles and how Tesla and others are using simulation. We unpack the evolution of simulation from playback of driving events, to simulating a new drive, to actually training neural networks inside the simulation. Simulation is a key enabler for massive scaling and improvement of the software.

Article and video we discussed: 
Inside Waymo’s Carcraft Simulator -
Zoox’s usage of Simulation -

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Sep 06, 2017
70 – OpenAI

We discuss OpenAI – its origins, connection to Elon Musk, what they are working on, and how general human (and superhuman) level AI will have profound effects on everything. 

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Aug 30, 2017
69 – Dissonance in Your Product Line

We cover the big updates since the first Model 3 deliveries. Starting with the official accessories on the Tesla shop. We also cover Ultra White seats sightings, new details about the Aero wheels, battery capacity and the decision to move to long range naming, permanent magnet motor switchover. We also explain more about the Keycard and Tesla Phone Key feature. And we end with the new interior camera and Autopilot HW 2.5.

Aug 23, 2017
68 – Q2 2017

We unpack Tesla’s Q2 2017 results. We discuss the latest updates for Model 3 production and margin targets, Autopilot upcoming releases, a change in strategy for Model Y, Solar roof installations, Supercharger and service updates, and more.

Aug 09, 2017
67 – We Drove in the Model 3, Twice

We were fortunate to be invited to the Model 3 delivery event and were given test rides. We run down our experience at the event and our time inside Model 3, and what struck us most about the Model 3 in person. This is a must listen episode. 

Take a look at our photos from the event:

Aug 02, 2017
66 – Thirty-Six Hours with Model S

We discuss Caleb’s recent 36 hour excursion with the Model S up to wine country. Caleb shares all of his impressions and experience with Model S, from the driving dynamics, to the UI, to charging, to Autopilot. If you’ve ever wanted to know more of what it’s like to drive a Tesla this is the episode for you. 

Jul 26, 2017
65 – Super Duper Supercharging

We discuss the recent developments in Supercharging. Since our early episode on Supercharging, Tesla has rolled out a new credit system, set ambitious new goals for expansion, new plans for city Supercharging and locations with dozens of plugs. We also discuss the future of Supercharging speed with V3.

Jul 19, 2017
64 – Model 3 Production Has Begun

The first Model 3 has rolled off the line and is going to Elon. As production begins we discuss the RC program that got us to this point and what is happening at the factory right now as production starts. 

Jul 12, 2017
63 – SN1 on Friday

We unpack Elon’s recent tweets about Model 3 progress. The news that the Model 3 has passed all regulatory requirements, the first car is scheduled to be produced later this week, and the delivery event is happening Friday July 28th at Tesla Fremont. We try to make sense of it all, how the ramp compares to the S and X and what is still to come. 

Jul 04, 2017
62 – Director of AI and Autopilot Vision

We discuss the recent changes in the Autopilot team at Tesla. Chris Lattner, formerly of Apple, who was VP of Autopilot Software at Tesla has left and Andrej Karpathy of OpenAI has joined as Director of AI and Autopilot Vision reporting to Elon Musk. We unpack what Chris accomplished, what Andrej’s past experience tells us about the types of projects he will work on & more. 

Jun 28, 2017
61 – Tesla is a Drama Magnet

We unpack the recent Tesla shareholder meeting where Elon gave an update on Tesla, what’s coming next, and answered a bunch of questions. 

We also recently caught 2 Model 3’s on video exiting Tesla HQ in Palo Alto:

Jun 14, 2017
60 – Behind the Velvet Ropes

We were fortunate to be invited to the recent Tesla VIP event. We share what we can due to the NDA. We got to experience the Model 3 up close and we recount what stood out to us. Plus we caught footage of Model 3’s testing on the Tesla test track.

Jun 07, 2017
59 – < 100 Configurations

We discuss the latest specs Tesla has released about the Model 3, their strategy to push sales of Model S and try to correct confusion in the market about Model 3 being better than Model S. We also discuss what the limited set of configs for Model 3 at launch means. We reveal some new tips we have about the Model 3 HVAC system and Tesla’s work on a HUD.

May 31, 2017
58 – Short Video Clips

Tesla has started collecting short video clips to help improve their self-driving software through crowdsourced learning from their fleet. They are using the clips to improve lane detection, sign recognition, traffic light locations and more. Plus the implications for these clips on training their neural nets, HD maps, and redundancy for sensing.

May 24, 2017
57 – The Boring Company

Elon is boring. We discuss one of Elon’s latest ventures – The Boring Company. We cover a brief history of tunnels, how Tunnel Boring Machines work, and some of the major tunneling projects in the US and Europe in recent decades. We unpack what The Boring Company is trying to do and what we know about the feasibility of their vision. 

May 17, 2017
56 – Volt with a V

We test drove a Volt. We discuss our recent Tesla Factory tour, as much as we are allowed, the brief silver Model 3 sighting we had outside the factory, and our impressions of the Volt, focusing on the UI and human machine interface choices. 

May 10, 2017
55 – Q1 2017

We unpack Tesla’s record Q1 2017 results. We discuss the latest updates on the Model 3 development, the production lines for Model 3, news about the service and Supercharger expansions, new information about Model Y’s new platform and automation, upcoming Gigafactories, Tesla Semi, China, Solar Roof and more. 

May 04, 2017
54 – Tesla's Valuation

We discuss Tesla’s recent market cap passing Ford and GM to become the most valuable U.S. automaker. We discuss the basis for valuations, what influences valuations, and the different scenarios that lead to Tesla being valued more than GM and Ford today. And how Tesla could be worth Elon's supposed $1 Trillion valuation.

Apr 26, 2017
53 – Apple Car

Apple was recently approved to test autonomous vehicles on the streets of California by the DMV. The long rumored Apple car project has been picking up in the recent months. We discuss the puzzle of what Apple could be working on and how they could bring a car or transportation service to market, and the difference in strategy compared to Tesla.

Apr 19, 2017
52 – I Spy a Model 3

Caleb saw a Model 3 release candidate in person near Tesla HQ, and managed to take 25 photos of it up close. We discuss the sighting and impressions. And we also discuss the market the Model 3 is going to be competing in, the compact luxury sedan market against the BMW 3 series, the Audi A4, the Mercedes C-class and many others. 

Our spy shots:

Apr 12, 2017
51 – Mobileye + Intel

Intel is buying Mobileye for $15 billion. Mobileye was a key supplier for Tesla’s Autopilot before Tesla moved to the new HW2 suite and Tesla Vision for software. We discuss the history of Mobileye, how they work with major automakers for ADAS, and their intentions to move into full self-driving functionality. We also unpack why Intel wanted Mobileye and how it will help bring the technology to market sooner. 

Apr 05, 2017
50 – A Smaller, More Affordable Version of Model S

We unpack Elon’s recent tweetstorm focused on the Model 3 and the first video of a release candidate version of the Model 3. We are joined by a special guest Trev Page who runs Model 3 Owners Club. We cover what it means for Tesla to change tact and start with RWD only vehicles, the bigger goals of a smooth production ramp, and we discuss how the HUD is out and how it is a good sign Tesla has learned their lesson from Model X. 

Mar 29, 2017
49 – Batteries: Part 2

In Part 2 of our battery episode we continue our discussion with Bernard Kim. We cover all sorts of topics. Why does capacity and thus range go down over time? Why can you brick a Tesla? What are the limits to the speed you can charge a battery? Does the rumbling from a Tesla cause any issue for the batteries? How can we know a battery will actually last for 10 years or more? How new developments in precise measurement instruments impacts the ability to iterate on new chemistries. As well as what is coming next in lithium ion batteries, how much innovation is chemistry limited, vs. manufacturing capability limited. 

Mar 22, 2017
48 – Batteries: Part 1

We have a special two part episode about batteries, the fundamental enabling technology for Tesla. Since it’s such a big topic area, we brought in a special guest, Bernard Kim a PhD from University of California Berkley specializing in advanced battery technology to discuss everything batteries –their history, how they work, why AA’s are different than what’s used by Tesla, what causes batteries to degrade and more.

Mar 15, 2017
47 – Tesla’s AC Induction Motor

We discuss the history of Tesla’s AC induction motor, which is the basis for the electric propulsion system in the S, X, and soon Model 3. As well as how the AC induction motor works, why it’s used in electric cars, and its inherent benefits to the vehicles and Tesla’s particular innovations on motor technology. 

Mar 08, 2017
46 – Q4 2016

We unpack Tesla’s Q4 2016 results. We discuss how SolarCity is doing now it is a part of Tesla, S & X, and a deep dive into the news and predicted production ramp on Model 3. And our predictions for the yet to be unannounced features for Model 3.

Mar 01, 2017
45 – Lucid Motors

We discuss Lucid Motors and their first car, the Air. Lucid has recently come out of stealth mode after nearly 10 years. We discuss their founding, their key people, their Tesla connections, their production capabilities, their luxury sedan the Air, and our thoughts on their approach and our take on the Air. 

Feb 22, 2017
44 – Past the Half-Way Point

We discuss the news that Tesla will be pausing production to prepare for Model 3 production. We then discuss what we know about Model 3 – the factory ramp, the Gigafactory progress, Autonomy, the interior, and performance stats. 

Feb 15, 2017
43 – 400 Powerpacks

We discuss Tesla Energy’s newest deployment of 400 Powerpacks at Southern California Edison’s Mira Loma Substation. We unpack the sizable impact Tesla’s utility scale storage will have on the electric grid. Also, how Tesla energy benefits programs like Model 3 and future Gigafactories.

Feb 07, 2017
42 – 40% Crash Reduction

We discuss the recent report released by the NHTSA about the May 7th, 2016 Tesla fatality. We unpack their findings, what if any flaws they found in Autopilot, the reduction in crash rate they identified due to Autopilot, and the impact this finding will have on Tesla’s approach to incremental rollout of autonomous features.

Feb 01, 2017
41 – Vice President of Autopilot Software

We discuss the current state of Autopilot. We recap the regularity of Tesla’s October Autopilot releases, what Tesla’s recent hire of Chris Lattner means for the company and why it’s important, and the initial rollout of Enhanced Autopilot. 

Jan 25, 2017
40 – Bolt EV Test Drive

We took a field trip to test drive the Bolt EV, Chevrolet’s new all-electric 238 mile range $30k (after US Federal rebate) vehicle. We share our impressions about every aspect of the vehicle. We also took photos which we reference during the episode, photos here:

Jan 18, 2017
39 – A Brief History of Faraday Future

We discuss the latest news with Faraday Future and their recent unveil of their production intent vehicle, the FF 91. We discuss Faraday Future through the lens of the key elements of an automotive company – the team, funding, production capability, the car itself, distribution, and the market and competition. We also cover the specifics of their CES unveil and our thoughts on their prospects. Video of the unveil

Jan 11, 2017
38 – Tesla Service Centers

We discuss Tesla Service Centers and Tesla’s broader approach to service. Tesla owns, operates, and staffs their own service centers for all of their vehicles. We cover the costs for service, their current capacity and what’s unique about Tesla service. Due to their vertical integration and technology in the cars, Tesla has a unique opportunity to provide more proactive service and improve the vehicles through direct learnings from servicing.

Jan 04, 2017
37 – Reinventing the Car-Buying Experience

We discuss Tesla’s distribution strategy with their Stores and Galleries. We cover their history, the overall strategy, their influence both indirect and direct from Apple retail, and how the retail experience is different from traditional car dealerships. Plus we cover our personal experience visiting different stores and the details we appreciate most. 

Dec 21, 2016
36 – Dealerships vs. Tesla

We unpack the history of car dealerships and how they have caused challenges for Tesla across the US. We discuss how dealership law in the US grew and what the dealership trade groups have done to block new entrants like Tesla. And how Tesla is slowly but surely opening their own stores, sans dealerships.

Dec 14, 2016
35 – Neural Networks: Part 2

We continue our conversation on neural networks and deep learning. We dig into the major automotive players who are using neural networks and deep learning in their approaches. We cover what is up to, Mobileye's point of view, Nvidia and their OS for self driving cars and how Tesla is already using them to power Autopilot and will be integral in Enhanced Autopilot and Self-Driving. 

Dec 07, 2016
34 – Neural Networks: Part 1

We dig deep into neural networks and AI as it pertains to Tesla. Neural networks have been in the news with Tesla’s full self-driving announcements. We discuss the history of neural networks, deep learning and AI. The advantages of neural networks and why they have come into more prominence recently. And we talk about our own efforts to build a car detection neural network. See our results here:

Nov 30, 2016
33 – SolarCity is Misunderstood

We discuss the SolarCity acquisition and its implications for Tesla. SolarCity has been pretty misunderstood due to their unique business model, so we unpack how their business works and why it’s special. We also discuss the origins of the company and why the two companies are a great fit for each other.

Nov 23, 2016
32 – Tesla Advanced Automation Germany

We discuss Tesla's recent acquisition of Grohmann Engineering and what it means for Tesla's manufacturing ambitions, their need for a new type of talent in the company, and the upcoming Gigafactory 2. 

*Note* This episode had some audio issues, but thanks to @XijinChan on Twitter for his help repairing it! 

Nov 16, 2016
31 – Going to a Backlot

We discuss the Tesla Powerwall 2 and Solar Roof unveil and the implications for Tesla. 

Nov 10, 2016
30 – Return of the Alien Dreadnought

We dissect Tesla’s Q3 2016 earnings. Tesla posted their first profit in 3 years, delivered the most cars ever, and are on track for Model 3 volume production in the 2nd half of 2017. We dig into the shareholder letter and nuggets from the earnings call.

Nov 02, 2016
29 – No Protuberances

We dig deeper into the recent Hardware II unveil, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full-Self Driving. Why did Tesla do this now? How will Tesla differentiate and train the system? And more details that came out from the conference call Tesla held with reporters.

Oct 26, 2016
28 – Full Self-Driving Announcement

Our immediate reactions to Tesla's announcement of full self-driving hardware shipping on all new Model S and Model X, as well as the forthcoming Model 3. We discuss the new capabilities described in Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving mode. And the new details around the Tesla Fleet.

Oct 20, 2016
27 – White Interior, Blue Accents

We discuss the two announcements from the Paris Motor Show we found most interesting. Both Mercedes and Volkswagen unveiled their new fully electric sub brands – Generation E.Q. and I.D. respectively. We unpack each of the concept vehicles, their plans for eventual rollout, the interesting and sometimes far fetched technical goals of each, and if it each company will be able to make a meaningful impact relative to Tesla.

Oct 12, 2016
26 – A Record Number of Deliveries

We dissect the latest Q3 delivery and production numbers Tesla just released. Tesla delivered 24,500 vehicles in the the last 3 months. We unpack how they pulled off this record number and what does it mean for Tesla's prospects in preparation for Model 3.

Oct 05, 2016
25 – HAVs and HAV Nots

We unpack the U.S. Department of Transportation's new guidelines on automated vehicles. The DOT has been promising guidance for automakers, technology companies, and suppliers on how the federal government will issue policies regarding automated vehicles from safety rules, recall powers, state laws and more.

Sep 28, 2016
24 – Bolt with a B

We discuss the recent announcement of the Chevy Bolt EV’s 238 mile EPA range. We also cover the history of the Bolt, recent press reactions to the production cars and test drives. And what the Bolt means for GM and Tesla.

Sep 21, 2016
23 – Exciting New Things with Radar

We share our reactions and impressions of the latest Autopilot updates coming in the upcoming version 8.0 software update for Model S and X. What the improvements and reliance on radar means, what is unique to Tesla, and why it's a big deal for the future of full autonomy.

Sep 14, 2016
22 – Keeping it 100

We unpack the new P100D Ludicrous announcement. The details of the announcement, how it fits into the history of Model S performance improvements, the theoretical limits of car acceleration and where Tesla is heading, and the important improvements Tesla has made to the pack that will trickle down to the Model 3.

Aug 31, 2016
21 – The Safety Dance

We cover automotive safety standards, the testing systems in the US and Europe, why Teslas are so safe, and how active and passive safety systems work together and which is the future of more safe vehicles. 

Aug 24, 2016
20 – A Transitional Vehicle

We unpack the Chevy Volt. We explore the origin of the Volt and its connection to the Tesla Roadster, its path from concept car to production vehicle, the technology choices, and our thoughts on why GM made the Volt in the first place




Aug 17, 2016
19 – Q2 2016

We cover Tesla's Q2 2016 earnings call. The financials, the importance of profits vs. growth, how Tesla performed in terms of vehicle delivery and production, the increased pace of stores being opened, and new info on Model 3 and full autonomy.

Aug 10, 2016
18 – Gigafactory on Every Continent

We discuss the interesting information that came out of Tesla's recent Gigafactory grand opening. From the next car Tesla will unveil, to plans for ships, to the new battery format Tesla is pioneering.

Aug 03, 2016
17 – Semi Interesting

We unpack the Tesla Semi announcement, covering the history of trucking, the market of Semi trucks today, who the players are, what is important in the Semi market, and what Tesla will be able to contribute.

Jul 27, 2016
16 – Master Plan, Part Deux

We share our immediate take on the Master Plan, Part Deux unveiled today. We discuss the news of Tesla Semi, the new bus concept, the pickup truck, full autonomy and the milestones Tesla sees there, the 10x improvements in manufacturing efficiency, and the new Tesla Sharing system that will challenge Uber and Lyft. 

Jul 21, 2016
15 – Autopilot Fatality

We discuss the first fatality in a Tesla with Autopilot enabled. We cover what happened, the media coverage of the event, the naming of Autopilot, how aircraft autopilot is expected to work and more. 

Jul 13, 2016
14 – Autonomous Vehicle Ethics

We explore the ethical implications of self-driving cars. Why ethics is important in the context of self-driving cars, what are the philosophical approaches one can take when reasoning about ethics for self-driving cars, and how we think Tesla should approach these difficult choices.

Jul 07, 2016
13 – ​Vertically Integrated Energy Company

We explore the proposed Tesla acquisition of SolarCity. What is SolarCity? Why does Tesla want SolarCity? Why is the market against the deal? Is it a good idea for Tesla? 

Jun 29, 2016
12 – Computer with a Motor Attached

We discuss how Tesla's Autopilot system is able to learn and update itself. How Tesla has engineered their vehicles with a new architecture that allows both rich connectivity with LTE for software updates and sensor data sharing, and the implications of a car that updates itself and adds new functionality over time. 

Jun 22, 2016
11 – Humans are the Horses

We continue our discussion of self-driving vehicles. We dig into the regulations in place today and what's needed to allow self-driving on the roads. We also chat about the impact they will have on the insurance market. And we dig into how self-driving will change what we think of as a car – from small pods all the way to hotel rooms on wheels. 

Jun 15, 2016
10 – Induced Demand

We continue our discussion of autonomous driving and the broader societal impact their advent will bring. We discuss how autonomy does not require electric vehicles, what urban planners should do to prepare for autonomy in their cities, how more miles will be driven, the impact on public transport, and what impact autonomy will have on jobs like truck driving.

Jun 08, 2016
9 – Multiple Levels of Autonomy

We begin our discussion of autonomous driving. We cover why autonomous driving is important in the first place, what the current state of the art is for Tesla and Google, where we are going, and how long it will take to get there. 

Jun 01, 2016
8 – Involuntary Chuckle

We both test drove the Model X. We discuss our impressions of the entire Tesla test drive experience and the Model X specifically – the performance, the handling, the interior, the falcon wing doors, and Autopilot. 

May 25, 2016
7 – It’s Round for a Reason

We chat about our expectations for Part 2 of the Model 3 unveil – what the Model S and X option packages mean for the Model 3, what are the "next level" features Elon Musk was alluding to, and what a HUD and Autopilot mean for Model 3 going forward. 

May 18, 2016
6 – The Gigafactory is a Necessary Step

We discuss the origins, current status, and importance of the Gigafactory to Tesla.

May 11, 2016
5 – I’ve Been Sleeping at the Factory

A special bonus episode. Tesla just released their Q1 2016 numbers and after listening to the conference call we couldn't help but share what Tesla announced and the updates to Model 3 production Elon Musk revealed.

May 05, 2016
4 – They’re All Electrons Flowing In

We unpack everything Supercharger – their history, how they work, where they are, what they are, and what the Model 3 launch will mean for Supercharging.

May 04, 2016
3 – They Use the Most Robots

We dig into Tesla's production history and their recent factory upgrades to understand how they will reach their stated goals of 500,000 vehicles by 2020 and how that might change with the ever increasing Model 3 reservation count. 

Apr 27, 2016