The Disruptive Voice

By Harvard Business School

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Category: Management

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The Disruptive Voice explores the frameworks of Disruptive Innovation across a wide range of industries and circumstances. Guests include academics, researchers, and practitioners who have been taught and inspired by the late Clayton Christensen.

Episode Date
118. Leading Into The Age Of AI Through Fusion Strategy: A Panel Discussion
Nov 21, 2023
117. Creating Pathways To Opportunity at Western Governors University: A Conversation with Scott Pulsipher
Oct 31, 2023
116. Four Companies Creating a Market for Solar Energy in Nigeria: A Conversation with Efosa Ojomo and Sandy Sanchez
Oct 10, 2023
115. Build The Life You Want: A Conversation with Arthur Brooks and Karen Dillon
Sep 19, 2023
114. The Role of Senior Executives in Leading New Growth Initiatives: A Conversation with Robyn Bolton
Aug 29, 2023
113. The Capitalist's Dilemma: A Conversation with Derek van Bever
Aug 08, 2023
112. The Microstress Effect: A Conversation with Rob Cross and Karen Dillon
Jul 18, 2023
111. Creating a Market for Solar Energy in Nigeria: A Conversation with Efosa Ojomo
Jun 27, 2023
110. Why AI Hasn't Helped Radiology (Until Now): A Conversation with Cameron Andrews
Jun 06, 2023
109. The Application Of Jobs To Be Done At LinkedIn: A Conversation with Craig Mackintosh
May 16, 2023
108. The Portfolio Life: A Conversation with Christina Wallace
Apr 25, 2023
107. Beautiful Trauma: A Conversation with Rebecca Fogg
Apr 04, 2023
106. Reimagining Financial Advice For The Modern World: A Conversation with Anders Jones
Mar 14, 2023
105. Here Be Dragons: A Conversation with Aidan McCullen
Feb 21, 2023
104. The Innovator's Dilemma: A Conversation with Matt Christensen
Jan 31, 2023
103. Unlocking Opportunities Through The Application of Jobs Theory: A Conversation with Alasdair Trotter
Jan 10, 2023
102. Customers Think In Trade-Offs: A Conversation with Pontus Siren and Shahriar Parvarandeh
Dec 20, 2022
101. Learning To Build: A Conversation with Bob Moesta
Nov 29, 2022
The Disruptive Voice's 100th Episode - Anomalies Wanted
Nov 08, 2022
99. Rebuilding Arts Audiences Through Customer-Centric Engagement: A Conversation with Ruth Hartt
Oct 18, 2022
98. How Covid Crashed The System – And Where To Go From Here: A Conversation with Dr. David Nash
Sep 27, 2022
97. Fueling The Energy Transition: A Conversation With Frank Mycroft
Sep 06, 2022
96. Seeing Around Corners: A Conversation with Rita McGrath
Aug 16, 2022
95. The Myths of Customer-Centricity: A Conversation with Scott Anthony, Claudia Pardo, and Pontus Siren
Jul 26, 2022
94. The What, The How, And The Jobs To Be Done Served By The Modern Classrooms Project – A Conversation with Kareem Farah
Jul 05, 2022
93. Bringing The Venture Studio Model to Southeast Asia: A Conversation with Nick Ongkowijaya
Jun 14, 2022
92. To Transform Lives, Transform Business Models: A Conversation with Ann Somers Hogg and Ann Christensen
May 24, 2022
91. Playing The Long Game: A Conversation With Dorie Clark
May 03, 2022
90. The Information-Action Paradox - And What To Do About It: A Conversation with Scott Anthony, Pontus Siren, and Utsav Bhatt
Apr 12, 2022
89. Expectations Investing & More: A Conversation with Michael Mauboussin and Matt Christensen
Mar 22, 2022
88. Using Jobs To Be Done To Build Successful Brands: A Conversation with Taddy Hall
Mar 01, 2022
87. The Disruptive Potential of Online Marketplaces: A Conversation with Scott Kominers and Cliff Maxwell
Feb 08, 2022
86. How To Grow A Startup Using Jobs To Be Done: A Conversation with Matt Lerner
Jan 18, 2022
85. An Out Of The Box Model for Education: A Conversation with Amar Kumar
Dec 14, 2021
84. The Senior Leadership Dilemma: A Conversation with Alex Slawsby and Christian Stadler
Nov 16, 2021
83. Corporate Innovation and Venture Building: A Conversation with Christina Nesheva
Oct 19, 2021
82. K-12 School Systems, Seize This Moment! A Conversation with Thomas Arnett
Oct 05, 2021
81. Innovation at Johnson & Johnson: A Conversation with Dr. William Hait
Sep 20, 2021
80. From the Archives: Clayton Christensen On The Power of Good Theory and a Common Language
Sep 01, 2021
79. The End Of An Era: A Conversation with Steve Kaufman
Aug 02, 2021
78. Shining A Light On Dark Kitchens: A Conversation with Prashant Srivastava and Sam Pogosov
Jul 19, 2021
77. Improving The World Through Disruptive Innovation: A Conversation with Ann Christensen
Jun 28, 2021
76. The Juggernaut's Journey: A Conversation with Snigdha Sur
Jun 15, 2021
75. Building & Strengthening Students’ Networks: A Conversation with Julia Freeland Fisher
Jun 01, 2021
74. Electric Cars For Everyone: A Conversation with John de Souza
May 18, 2021
73. The Secret Lives of Customers: A Conversation With David Duncan
May 04, 2021
72. Making Your Own Luck in Emerging Economies: Innovative Strategies for Creating New Markets
Apr 19, 2021
71. Leading The Artling Through the Covid-19 Crisis: A Conversation with Talenia Phua Gajardo
Mar 31, 2021
70. Applying the Minimill Playbook: A Conversation with CEO of Norsk Titanium, Mike Canario
Mar 16, 2021
69. Bioengineering at Scale, A Conversation with Anna Marie Wagner of Ginkgo Bioworks
Feb 26, 2021
68. Remodeling Venture Capital, with Elliott Parker
Jan 14, 2021
67. Long Life Learning and Preparing for Jobs That Don’t Even Exist Yet: A Conversation with Michelle R. Weise, PhD
Dec 10, 2020
66. Defending The Castle Against Disruptors: Jean Wright, MD/MBA on Innovation in Healthcare
Nov 24, 2020
65. Can Hyper-Localized Automation Transform Grocery Shopping?
Nov 11, 2020
64. Your Best Friend's Voice: A Conversation With Amelia Lin, Founder and CEO of Saga
Oct 28, 2020
63. Understanding Demand-Side Sales with Bob Moesta
Oct 14, 2020
62. COVID-19 and the Educator's Dilemma: A Conversation with Michael Horn
Sep 29, 2020
61. Business Model Innovation at Innosight: A Conversation with Erika J. Meldrim
Sep 15, 2020
60. Overcoming the Capitalist's Dilemma, with Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services
Sep 01, 2020
59. La Bohème In The Living Room? Pope Ward On The Transformation of Arts Organizations During COVID-19
Aug 18, 2020
58. The View From the Desk by Clay's Office
Aug 03, 2020
57. Eat, Sleep, Innovate: A Conversation with Scott D. Anthony
Jul 15, 2020
56. Disruption Amidst Disruption: FinTech in the Age of Coronavirus
Jun 30, 2020
55. Financing Your Education (and yours and yours and yours): A Conversation with LeverEdge Co-Founders Nikhil Agarwal and Chris Abkarians
Jun 16, 2020
54. Disruption and New Patterns of Media Consumption, with Shilpa Bisaria
May 29, 2020
53. Reflections on The Prosperity Paradox, with Euvin Naidoo and Efosa Ojomo
May 22, 2020
52. Leadership and Commitment in Times of Crisis
Apr 30, 2020
51. The Future of BSSE, with Rory McDonald
Apr 15, 2020
50. From the Archives: Clayton Christensen and Joseph Bower on Resource Allocation
Apr 02, 2020
49. Disruption and the Democratization of K-12 Education: A Conversation with Thomas Arnett
Mar 19, 2020
48. Disrupting Healthcare with Dr. Mahek Shah: How Tech Companies, The Patient Experience, and Innovations are Paramount to Transforming the Healthcare Industry
Feb 28, 2020
47. Micromobility and The Future of Transportation: A Conversation with Horace Dediu
Feb 07, 2020
46. Journalism and Politics in an Age of Disruption: A Conversation with Bob Cohn
Jan 17, 2020
45. Modernizing Energy Transmission & Distribution Infrastructure for the Development of Sustainable and Resilient Communities, with Jessica O. Matthews
Dec 30, 2019
44. Choosing College: Bob Moesta and Michael Horn on Why We Hire Education
Dec 20, 2019
43. Why Did You Hire HBS?
Dec 01, 2019
42. Disruption and Electrification in the Auto Industry, Featuring Cliff Maxwell and Ned Calder
Nov 15, 2019
41. The Future Is Already Here—It’s Just Not Very Evenly Distributed: A Conversation with Hari Nair
Oct 27, 2019
40. Should Your Customers Trust Your Business?
Oct 08, 2019
39. Shaping the Work: Design and Development Through the Lens of Jobs Theory
Sep 24, 2019
38. Why Do People Hire (and Fire) Employers?
Sep 09, 2019
37. A Jobs To Be Done Masterclass with Andrew Glaser and Bob Moesta
Aug 15, 2019
36. "The World Isn't Waiting For Us": Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare
Jul 30, 2019
35. Why Do People Hire Religion?
Jul 16, 2019
34. Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption – Six Years Later
Jun 26, 2019
33. Solving the Problem of Fit: Todd Rose and Bob Moesta
May 06, 2019
32. Integration by the Book: Insights from my time at Arrow Electronics
Apr 09, 2019
31. Integrating Theory into Your Organization: Black Duck by Synopsys
Mar 29, 2019
30. Revisiting Resource Allocation in the Firm
Mar 18, 2019
29. Intercom, and Architecting a Company on Jobs to Be Done
Mar 04, 2019
28. Wyzant - Strategic Restructuring Around Jobs To Be Done
Feb 12, 2019
27. How Technology is Shaping the Future of Sport: Angela Ruggiero and the Sports Innovation Lab
Jan 29, 2019
26. What Really Creates Prosperity?
Jan 17, 2019
25. Getting the Categories Right: Applying theories to Venture Capital
Dec 21, 2018
24. Butterfly Network: Innovating at the Low End in Ultrasound
Dec 03, 2018
23. Disruptive Innovation in Action: Reinventing Higher Education
Nov 20, 2018
22. Clay Christensen & Chet Huber: Reaching Critical Mass
Oct 12, 2018
21. Bob Moesta: Spotting Non-Consumption
Jul 09, 2018
20. Q&A session with Professor Clayton M. Christensen
Sep 06, 2016
19. What if we viewed nonconsumption as a competitor with Efosa Ojomo (MBA 2015)
Aug 30, 2016