Rebel Parenting with Ryan & Laura Dobson

By James Ryan Dobson

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Category: Kids & Family

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Square peg "rebel" parents, you've found a home. No fluff, just real stuff (except for that rhyme).

Episode Date
105 Shaunti Feldhahn "Find Rest" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Moms on the Mic join Shaunti Feldhahn to talk about the secret of finding rest in the midst of our busy lives.
Aug 17, 2018
104 More HELP with the Battle of the SCREENS!! Kirk Cameron (to the rescue!) REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
EVERY Parent has anxiety over the encroaching screens. Are they dangerous? What to do? I promise, today's guest had similar questions & did something about it. Kirk Cameron joins REBEL Parenting to talk about Connect, a film he created to give parents the confidence to lead this battle.
Aug 09, 2018
103 "Only One Life" Jackie Green & Lauren Green McAfee REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
The Atomic Mom, Laura Dobson hosts today's broadcast with Producer K, as they interview Jackie Green & Lauren Green McAfee (yes, of Hobby Lobby & Museum of the Bible!!) on their new book about how women can shape an eternal legacy one day at a time.
Aug 03, 2018
102 Can My Kids LIKE the Bible? Cornerstones with Brian Dembowczk REBEL Parenting
Message from Brian Dembowczk on Jul 27, 2018
Jul 27, 2018
101 HELP!! My spouse fell off the wagon! Johnny Baker REBEL Parenting
Johnny Baker has been on staff at Celebrate Recovery since 2004 and has been the Pastor of Celebrate Recovery at Saddleback Church since 2012. As an adult child of an alcoholic who chose to become an alcoholic himself, Johnny is passionate about breaking the cycle of dysfunction in his family and helping other families find the tools that will lead to healing and openness. He knows that because of Jesus Christ, and by continuing to stay active in Celebrate Recovery, Maggie, Chloe, and Jimmy – his three children – will never see him drink. Johnny is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer, and teacher of Celebrate Recovery. He is a coauthor of the Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional, Celebration Place, and The Landing, and is an associate editor of the Celebrate Recovery Study Bible. He has been married since 2000 to his wife Jeni, who serves alongside him in Celebrate Recovery. Connect at
Jul 20, 2018
100 REBEL Encounter with Producer K REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
What if we could encounter Jesus just as Peter and Andrew did? Music by Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi on Divenire
Jul 16, 2018
099 "Let's talk about SEX!!" with "One Extraordinary Marriage" hosts Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Message from Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo on Jul 13, 2018
Jul 13, 2018
098 Dr. Kathy Koch "HELP!! I'm loosing the battle over screens with my kids!!" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Message from Dr. Kathy Koch on Jul 6, 2018
Jul 06, 2018
097 Dr. Thomas Lickona "How To Raise Kind Kids" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Help! How do I teach my kid to be kind? Dr. Thomas Lickona shares his endless wisdom and practical everyday tips for inspiring kids to be kind.
Jun 22, 2018
096 Stephen Arterburn "The Mediterranean Love Plan: 7 Secrets to Life-Long Passion in Marriage" - Rebel Parenting
"Love withers with predictability; its very essence is surprise and amazement. To make love a prisoner of the mundane is to take its passion and lose it forever." Leo Buscaglia
Jun 15, 2018
095 "The Self Driven Child" Dr. Stixrud and Ned Johnson - Rebel Parenting
The Self-Driven Child by Dr. Stixrud and Ned Johnson Dr. Bill Stixrud and Ned Johnson join us to discuss the predicament of anxious kids, unmotivated kids, and how to give them back a sense of control.
Jun 07, 2018
094 Can Getting Punched In the Face Stop A Mid-Life Crisis? REBEL Live - Rebel Parenting
I think men are missing adventure & danger in their lives. Prove me wrong : ) My spirit of adventure was rekindled while reading Roger W Thompson's "We Stood Upon Stars" I think you's will be too. Find out why in this "live" episode of REBEL Parenting! @roger_w_thompson
Jun 05, 2018
093 Dr. Emerson Eggerichs "The 4 Wills of God" - Rebel Parenting
Message from Dr. Emerson Eggerichs on May 31, 2018
May 31, 2018
092 Lisa Bevere "ADAMANT" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
How can we stand and be silent? How can I be quiet? It’s like we are saying, “Your captivity is normal.”Lisa Bevere, well-known author and speaker, joins Ryan and Laura today to dig into what it means to stand in what we believe in. @lisabevere
May 25, 2018
091 REBEL on Family Talk Day 2 (bonus ep2!!) - Rebel Parenting
Day 2 of a special episode has Ryan, Laura & Dr. James Dobson talking about REBEL Parenting & "The Upgrade." This program is designed to take your marriage & parenting to the next level!
May 22, 2018
090 REBEL on Family Talk Day 1 (bonus ep1!!) - Rebel Parenting
After a 2.5 year absence, Ryan & Laura Dobson join Ryan's dad, Dr. James Dobson on the Family Talk broadcast. Day 1 tells the story of Laura's cancer diagnosis, surgery & miracle!
May 21, 2018
089 Sarah MacKenzie “The Read-Aloud Family”(& podcast!) REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Sarah McKenzie, The Read Aloud Revival Podcast/The Read Aloud Family book (May want to include our amazon link to her book) Sarah McKenzie, Ryan and the Atomic Mom- Laura discuss the benefits of reading out loud as a family. McKenzie inspires us all to take time to be present and step inside stories together even in the midst of fidgeting and wiggly kiddos. Social Media: FB @readaloudrevival IG @readaloudrevival
May 20, 2018
088 Jim Burns "How to talk to your kids about SEX!!" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Two of the most asked parenting questions we get asked are 1) how do I talk to my kids about sex? and, 2) what do I do if/when I find out my kid has seen porn? Let's dive in
May 10, 2018
087 REBEL Encounter with Kristin Chadwick REBEL parenting - Rebel Parenting Album: After All These Years (Instrumental) by Brian and Jenn Johnson by Bethel Music Songs: Mention of Your Name (Instrumental) Only Jesus (Instrumental) Gravity (Instrumental) I Won’t Forget (Instrumental) Mercy and Majesty (Instrumental) Here I Bow (Instrumental) Greater Than All Other Names (Instrumental) After All These Years (Instrumental) Link to iTunes Store to purchase: After All These Years (Instrumental) by Bethel Music
May 09, 2018
086 Alli Worthington "Fierce Faith- A Woman’s Guide to Fighting Fear, Wrestling Worry, and Overcoming Anxiety" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
“Fierce Faith is a manual on how to overcome the worries that hold you back. You will: +Identify fear-based thinking and know how to finally stop it. +Overcome the big and little worries in life. +Learn a simple trick to stop the anxiety spiral. +Live a more confident, less worried life.”
May 03, 2018
085 Neil T. Anderson "The Bondage Breaker" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Neil T. Anderson, author of "The Bondage Breaker," addresses the reality of spiritual warfare in addictions, negative thoughts and irrational fears. His sage wisdom and Scriptural teachings remind us that the battle is real and ABSOLUTELY worth fighting for.
Apr 26, 2018
084 Nicole Nordeman "Slow Down" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Amazing singer song-writer, Nichole Nordeman, joins Ryan and Laura to talk about the importance of slowing down and embracing the wild ride of parenthood even in the midst of challenging situations including single parenthood.
Apr 20, 2018
083 REBEL Encounter #2 Kristin Chadwick REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
MUSIC NOTES: "Chalets" Martin Gauffin - The Wood Painter "In the Clouds" Astron - In the Clouds "A Silver Lining" The Dream By Day - Limbo "Mont Blanc" Martin Gauffin - Flourishing Views "Moments" Deep Watch - Endless Fragments of Time
Apr 13, 2018
082 Sally & Nathan Clarkson "Different" The Story of an Outside-the-Box Kid and the Mom who Loved Him - Rebel Parenting
This week on REBEL Parenting, we interview Sally and Nathan Clarkson. A mother whose heart is giant and a son whose perspective is different. Nathan shares about his struggle with OCD and ADHD and Sally encourages mothers’ journeys are similar.
Apr 05, 2018
081 "Encounters With Jesus" Kristin Chadwick "Producer K" - Rebel Parenting
Music by Justin Byrne "I'm Not Alone" Dreaming in Color
Mar 29, 2018
080 "NAKED!!!" Tim+Anne Evans - Rebel Parenting
Hey, want a better sex life? OF COURSE YOU DO!! So did we, that's why Ryan and Laura sat down with their mentors, Tim and Anne Evans, to discuss their book, Naked: Reclaiming Sexual Intimacy. Nothing is off the table of conversation like scheduling sex, shame around sex, and what it means to inquire of the Lord about intimacy.
Mar 23, 2018
079 Christopher Yuan "Out of a Far Country" - Rebel Parenting
“A gay son’s journey to God. A broken mother’s search for hope…” Christopher Yuan, Ryan and Laura walk through Christopher’s testimony and discuss the struggle, the pain, and the redemption of Christ’s undeniable call to his heart.
Mar 16, 2018
078 Shauna Niequist "Present Over Perfect" - Rebel Parenting
Message from Shauna Niequist on Mar 9, 2018
Mar 09, 2018
077 Mike Fabarez "Raising Men, Not Boys" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
42:19 @PastorMike Facebook:
Mar 02, 2018
076 Kirk Cameron "Connect" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
You don’t give a sixteen year old a lamborghini and expect them to know how to handle such a fast and high quality machine...much in the same token, giving a child/teen a super computer can be overwhelming. As Kirk Cameron says, we need to look at the heart of our kids. Technology CAN be used for good, but our kids need to taught to fight the cultural lies with sound truth. Kirk joins Ryan and Laura today to talk about his latest documentary, CONNECT. For two nights only, Fathom Events, CAMFAM Studios and Provident Films present “Kirk Cameron: CONNECT” exclusively in movie theaters nationwide on Tuesday, February 27 and Thursday, March 1 at 7:00 p.m. local time (both days). Tickets for “Kirk Cameron: CONNECT” can be purchased online by visiting or at participating theater box offices.
Feb 23, 2018
075 Jamie & Aaron Ivey "If You Only Knew" - Rebel Parenting
When we share our story with authenticity and courage, God heals and restores. Jamie Ivey opens up about her own struggles and shares from a daring place. In addition, Jamie's husband, Aaron, shares with us too, about how they walked through the hard hidden places of their stories. IG: @jamieivey // @aaroniveyatx Twitter: @jamie.ivey // @ aaronivey
Feb 16, 2018
074 Micah Maddox "Anchored In" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Message from Micah Maddox on Feb 9, 2018
Feb 09, 2018
073 Becky Harling "How to Listen So People Will Talk" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
We have always heard the expression we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. This week's broadcast, Becky Harling- author of How to Listen So People will Talk, talks about the need to use be fully present with whose in front of you and how to ask intentional questions. TW @BeckyHarling IG @beckyharling
Feb 02, 2018
072 Gary Thomas "Cherish" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Message from Gary Thomas on Jan 26, 2018
Jan 26, 2018
071 Wendy Speake "TRIGGERS!!" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Message from Wendy Speake on Jan 19, 2018
Jan 19, 2018
070 Dave Carder "Anatomy of An Affair" - Rebel Parenting
If you want to safeguard your marriage against an affair this book/program/author is for you. Also, his book "Torn Asunder" is a recovery book/workbook for those working to overcome infidelity.
Jan 12, 2018
069 Todd White "JESUS!!" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
The testimony of Todd White is nothing short of JESUS. Start the new year off with a blast of HOPE, GOODNESS, and PURPOSE!
Jan 05, 2018
068 Emily Freeman "Even This" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Message from Emily Freeman on Dec 29, 2017
Dec 29, 2017
067 Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke "Love That Lasts" - Rebel Parenting
Message from Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke on Dec 22, 2017
Dec 22, 2017
066 JOCKO WILLINK "Way of the Warrior Kid" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Jocko Willink retired Navy Seal talks about his book, "Way of the Warrior Kid" on the latest edition of REBEL Parenting!
Dec 14, 2017
065 Nichole Nordeman "Slow Down" on REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Nichole Nordeman, contemporary Christian singer song-writer, joins us on the broadcast to share about her latest album, Every Mile Mattered, and her encouraging new book about motherhood called Slow Down. Before we know it, our kids will be grown adults, so she challenges us to slow down and enjoy the little moments.
Dec 08, 2017
064 VidAngel x REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
In part 1,VidAngel CEO Neil Harmon joins REBEL Parenting to talk about filtering the junk out of what we watch. Dallas Jenkins joins Ryan for part 2 to talk about the short film "The Shepherd," airing on VidAngel and an upcoming TV project!d
Dec 01, 2017
063 REBEL Live from the Rock Strong Marriages Conference with Tim+Anne Evans talking about SEX - Rebel Parenting
Never has sex been talked about more from a church stage! Laura & I recorded this podcast live at a conference we spoke at last weekend! Tim+Anne Evans joined us to talk about sex!! Maybe keep the little ones occupied in another room : )
Nov 17, 2017
062 Sally Clarkson "The Lifegiving Table" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Message from Sally Clarkson on Nov 10, 2017
Nov 10, 2017
061 Robert Wolgemuth "She Calls Me Daddy" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
One of the top 5 best broadcasts of the year on Parenting!! If you have daughters, this program is for YOU!
Nov 03, 2017
060 Tim+Anne Evans "Why you & your spouse should schedule sex & how to have it more often" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
It's simple. You & your spouse should be having more sex. If you're not, here's how to start. Why you & your spouse should schedule sex, and how to have it more often!!" Tim + Anne Evans are Ryan & Laura's personal mentors & counselors with much wisdom to share!
Oct 27, 2017
059 Chrystal Evans Hurst "She's Still There" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Message from Chrystal Evans Hurst on Oct 20, 2017
Oct 20, 2017
058 Shauna Shanks "A Fierce Love" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Message from Shauna Shanks on Oct 13, 2017
Oct 13, 2017
057 Shaunti Feldhahn "The Kindness Challenge" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Shaunti Feldhan, author of For Women Only, wrote that we needed to respect our husbands, but what if we don't? She answers this question through her latest book, "The Kindness Challenge," and with Ryan and Laura.
Oct 06, 2017
056 Tsh Oxenreider "At Home In the World" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
9 MONTHS, 5 BACKPACKS, 4 CONTINENTS, 3 KIDS, 1 HUSBAND. 'I HAVE AN IDEA...' This is the story of how a family spent an ordinary nine months in an extraordinary way: circumnavigating the earth to see, firsthand, the places they’ve always wanted to explore. Through paper lanterns in Thailand, three-foot-wide Venetian passageways, the community of strangers in Zimbabwe, and beyond, Tsh Oxenreider unearths the dance between wanderlust and rootedness; how to be both lost and at home in the world. “Sacred ordinariness,” she writes, “can be found anywhere on the globe.”
Sep 29, 2017
055 Heidi St. John "Becoming Mom Strong" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Message from Heidi St. John on Sep 22, 2017
Sep 22, 2017
054 Paul Tripp "Parenting" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Parenting is hard! "We are asked to do something we have no ability to know how to do."- Paul Tripp, author of Parenting, blows our minds and shifts our perspective on parenting.
Sep 15, 2017
053 Lauren Casper "It's OK About It" - Rebel Parenting
Message from Lauren Casper on Sep 8, 2017
Sep 08, 2017
052 Roger Thompson "We Stood Upon Stars" - Rebel Parenting
Message from Roger Thompson on Sep 1, 2017
Sep 01, 2017
051 Dr. Kelly Flanagan "Loveable" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Loveable is written in four parts. The first four chapters, Dr. Flanagan, explains how life is set up with an abundance of backstory. He gradually begins to hit on, specifically, our original woundings. He quotes G.K. Chesterton beautifully right off the bat setting up the book’s foundation. “Happy is he who still loves something that he loved in the nursery: he has not been broken in two by time; he is not two men, but one, and has saved not only his soul but his life.”
Aug 26, 2017
050 Alisa Keeton "Wellness Revelation" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
050 Alisa Keeton "Wellness Revelation" REBEL Parenting by James Ryan Dobson
Aug 17, 2017
048 Bekah Di Felice "Almost There" - Rebel Parenting
Message from Bekah Di Felice on Aug 5, 2017
Aug 05, 2017
047 Julie Manning - Rebel Parenting
Message from Ryan & Laura Dobson on Jul 29, 2017
Jul 29, 2017
046 Sarah Beckman - Rebel Parenting
One of the most powerful recordings I've had the honor of being a part of. WOW! How do we know what to do for our friend who just walked through a miscarriage? What about if a neighbor just lost her husband but we are not too close? How do we respond? What can we do to extend love well to those in our inner circles, outer circles and larger community? Sarah Beckman provides such compassion and generous ideas to practically love our neighbors well through life's circumstances. <a href=""></a> IG follow @sarahbeckmanauthor
Jul 22, 2017
REBEL Live 7/17/17 - Rebel Parenting
Message from Ryan & Laura Dobson on Jul 18, 2017
Jul 18, 2017
REBEL Live 7/10/17 005 - Rebel Parenting
So much good stuff!! REBEL Live!
Jul 11, 2017
045 Matt McKee "Parent Chat" - Rebel Parenting
What to do about porn in your home & how to talk to your kids about it!
Jul 10, 2017
044 Rob Moll "What Your Body Knows About God" - Rebel Parenting
Rob Moll enlightens us with an all around fascinating discussion of pornography and the effects on the brain, and the neuroscience evidence on meditation, prayer, and the power of community.
Jul 05, 2017
REBEL Live 6/30/17 004 - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Live 6/30/17 004 by James Ryan Dobson
Jul 05, 2017
043 Tim and Anne Evans - Rebel Parenting
Let's talk about sex...What does it mean to become one? Tim and Anne Evans <a href=""></a> join us on REBEL parenting for an in depth conversation about unashamed intimacy and how to get there.
Jun 30, 2017
REBEL Live 6/27/17 003 - Rebel Parenting
Message from Ryan & Laura Dobson on Jun 27, 2017
Jun 27, 2017
REBEL Live 6/26/17 002 - Rebel Parenting
Message from Ryan & Laura Dobson on Jun 26, 2017
Jun 26, 2017
REBEL Live 6/23/17 001 - Rebel Parenting
Message from Ryan & Laura Dobson on Jun 23, 2017
Jun 23, 2017
042 Amy Maxwell FUSION Marriage Lab - Rebel Parenting
Message from Ryan & Laura Dobson on Jun 22, 2017
Jun 22, 2017
041 Ben Watson "The New Dad's Playbook" - Rebel Parenting
Super Bowl Champ, Ben Watson, joins REBEL Parenting to discuss "The New Dad's Playbook"
Jun 12, 2017
040 Jennie Allen "Nothing to Prove" - Rebel Parenting
040 Jennie Allen "Nothing to Prove" by James Ryan Dobson
Jun 09, 2017
040 Stephen Arterburn "The Mediterranean Love Plan" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
How about some playful romance? How about passionate sex with your spouse? Steve Arterburn speaks with Laura and Ryan on the Rebel Parenting broadcast today about how to spice up your marriage intimacy by creating a safe place to be playful together and enjoy life's simple pleasures as a married couple.
Jun 02, 2017
039 Marnie Ferree "No Stones" Sexual Addiction in Women - Rebel Parenting
039 Marnie Ferree "No Stones" Sexual Addiction in Women by James Ryan Dobson
May 27, 2017
038 Jerry Horn "All Life Is Worth Fighting For" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
The honorable life giving gentleman, Jerry Horn, shares with us the experience of how God touched his wife and his heart for the unborn—the hopeless and helpless. Adventures of faith and trust even in the midst of arrests and persecution, they chose love.
May 19, 2017
037 Rebekah Lions "You Are Free!" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
We all want to be known and liked...but it comes from a deep place of insecurity. Rebekah Lyons sits down with Ryan and Laura to talk about what it looks like to stand in freedom. Through sharing hope her own story of panic attacks and walking through it, she brings hope and healing.
May 10, 2017
Fruits Of The Spirit Meditation - Rebel Parenting
This is a simple 2-minute meditation reading of the Fruits of the Spirit scripture (ESV) with ocean sounds added. Breathe in deeply the words of our Lord.
May 09, 2017
036 Dr. Neil T Anderson "The Bondage Breaker" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
A most respectable man, Neil T. Anderson, joins us on Rebel to ask the hard question of why we are disconnected to our own identity as a child of God, therefore creating our own bondages to the chains that hold us back. He states, "No where in the epistles does it say we are sinners saved by grace. However, we are children of God. We are saints." Anderson ignites a passion to learn God's wisdom and truth. "Truth can't set you free unless you know the Truth."
May 04, 2017
035 Dan Miller Take 2 REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
035 Dan Miller Take 2 REBEL Parenting by James Ryan Dobson
Apr 28, 2017
034 Mark & Lisa Scandrette "Belonging & Becoming" - Rebel Parenting
No matter what your family looks like, do you ask the question- What is it that matters most to us? It may be the game changer...stay tuned for our latest broadcast on Saturday with the Scandrettes and their book, Belonging and Becoming.
Apr 19, 2017
033 Kelly Stanley "Designed to Pray" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
033 Kelly Stanley "Designed to Pray" REBEL Parenting by James Ryan Dobson
Apr 14, 2017
031 Andrew Palau "The Secret Life of a Fool" REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
What do we do if our children walk away from the Lord? Andrew Palau joins us on RP on Saturday morning to share and encourage us through his book, The Secret Life of a Fool. Even as the son of a famous evangelist, Andrew had his own journey to walk through and his own chance to respond to a father's heartfelt prayers and letters. And ultimately respond to our Father in Heaven's radical grace.
Mar 30, 2017
030 John Cooper-Skillet REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
John Cooper and Ryan Dobson discuss "The Shack" in theaters now.
Mar 30, 2017
0029 "Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World" Kristen Welch - REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
Being a rebel parent, we can understand the tension of raising children in an entitled world. Kristen Welch, mother, wife and world changer through Mercy's House Global, joins Ryan and Laura for a conversation of how to combat entitlement. You won't want to miss it!
Mar 23, 2017
0028 "Different" Sally & Nathan Clarkson REBEL Parenting - Rebel Parenting
We are beyond thrilled to be airing our interview with Sally and Nathan Clarkson talking about their book, Different. Different is a powerful reflection over their journey as a mother and son who are different. Please check out their beautifully arranged video and be sure to check out their broadcast on Saturday. <a href=""></a>
Mar 18, 2017
REBEL Parenting 0027 Tara Owens Pt 2 "Embracing the Body" - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0027 Tara Owens Pt 2 "Embracing the Body" by James Ryan Dobson
Mar 09, 2017
REBEL Parenting 0026 Tara Owens Pt 1 "Embracing the Body" - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0026 Tara Owens Pt 1 "Embracing the Body" by James Ryan Dobson
Mar 09, 2017
REBEL Parenting 0025 Ken Davis - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0025 Ken Davis by James Ryan Dobson
Mar 04, 2017
REBEL Parenting 0024 Dr. Jim Garlow "Healing Our Nation - Rebel Parenting
One of the most amazing men we've interviewed!
Feb 22, 2017
REBEL Parenting 0023 Chris Marshall "Kids Around the World" - Rebel Parenting
<a href=""></a>
Feb 16, 2017
REBEL Parenting 0015 Dan Miller Pt2 - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0015 Dan Miller Pt2 by James Ryan Dobson
Jan 04, 2017
REBEL Parenting 0014 Dan Miller Pt1 - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0014 Dan Miller Pt1 by James Ryan Dobson
Jan 04, 2017
REBEL Parenting 0013 Sarah Perry Pt2 - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0013 Sarah Perry Pt2 by James Ryan Dobson
Dec 29, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0012 Sarah Perry Pt1 - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0012 Sarah Perry Pt1 by James Ryan Dobson
Dec 27, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0011 Christopher Yuan Pt2 - Rebel Parenting
Pt2 with Christopher Yuan on building community with those in or leaning LBGT!
Dec 20, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0010 Christopher Yuan Pt1 - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0010 Christopher Yuan Pt1 by James Ryan Dobson
Dec 20, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0009 Tim and Anne Evans Pt2 - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0009 Tim and Anne Evans Pt2 by James Ryan Dobson
Dec 15, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0008 Tim and Anne Evans Pt1 - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0008 Tim and Anne Evans Pt1 by James Ryan Dobson
Dec 14, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0007 Shannan Martin Part 2 - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0007 Shannan Martin Part 2 by James Ryan Dobson
Dec 06, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0006 Shannan Martin Part 1 - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0006 Shannan Martin Part 1 by James Ryan Dobson
Dec 06, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0005 David Murrow - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0005 David Murrow by James Ryan Dobson
Dec 01, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0004 Carrie Wilkerson - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0004 Carrie Wilkerson by James Ryan Dobson
Nov 22, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0003 Shauna Niequist - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0003 Shauna Niequist by James Ryan Dobson
Nov 16, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0002 Rachel Cruze - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0002 Rachel Cruze by James Ryan Dobson
Nov 08, 2016
REBEL Parenting 0001 Cindy Beall - Rebel Parenting
REBEL Parenting 0001 Cindy Beall by James Ryan Dobson
Nov 04, 2016