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A Buffalo, NY based comedy podcast for everyone to enjoy. Subjects include TV, movies, pop culture, current events, and anything else that comes up. With occasional special guests and some recurring segments, Not Too Much keeps the content fresh.

Episode Date
Episode #102: It's All in the Stars, part 2 [featuring Andrea Hurley]
Joined by Andrea Hurley of Rust Belt Baggage podcast, we continue our discussion about astrology. She lets us know what she really thinks of Carol Baskin. We also give some TV show recommendations and talk at length about food.
Jan 15, 2022
Episode #101: It's All in the Stars, part 1 [featuring Andrea Hurley]
Joined by Andrea Hurley of Rust Belt Baggage podcast, we discuss true crime, ghosts, conspiracies & aliens. She lets us know what she thinks of electric cars and her meat ethics. What is YOUR Wu-Tang name?
Jan 08, 2022
Bonus Episode - Twitch etc with Brandon Keith [from Episode #100]
Some extra tidbits from episode 100 with Brandon Keith where we talk about Twitch, video games, etc.
Jan 04, 2022
Episode #100: Keith Courier Services, LLC [featuring Brandon Keith]
The boys are back with friend of the podcast Brandon Keith. We take a journey through his employment history which includes a couple notable quitting stories. He also might have converted us non-believers when we explore the subject of the paranormal. We are happy to bring you this fresh episode after almost a year hiatus.
Dec 23, 2021
Episode #099: The President's Day Mattress Blowout, pt 2
The boys return and discuss notable celebrity deaths, the XFL, porn stars' net worth, and more. Scott shares a story about being a teenager and seeking out nudity, and also talks about a very interesting co-worker he has. Dave spills about visiting a booth in a porn shop. The Bouncing Souls pop up on network TV, in a way.
Feb 24, 2020
Episode #097: Have a Nice Summer!
We're back after a short hiatus talking about celebrity deaths, Twitter followers, acupuncture, Michael Jackson, Gary Gulman, Captain Marvel, and so much more. We thumb through our old high school yearbooks, and shout out a new podcast by some of the fellas from the old show The Delivery Guys.
May 02, 2019
Episode #096: Hail Satan I Guess
The boys share their thoughts on the Super Bowl and its haltime show. We also discuss the Fyre Fest documentaries, and fake Twitter fan accounts. Bub shares some scientific studies and wants to try pickle pizza. Don't bring tents when waiting in line or make noises in the bathroom.
Feb 12, 2019
Episode #095: McPoyle. Doyle McPoyle. [featuring Bob Rusch]
Actor, producer, writer, and now acting coach Bob Rusch joins us for a special interview. We talk about growing up in Dunkirk and living in Buffalo. He tells us about his scene study class at Acting Studio 716 and the movie he is producing called Demolition Dance: The Story of David and Dan from Dunkirk vs. The Punk Ass Bitch. Included in the interview are some cool stories about being in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sons of Anarchy, and much more.
Jan 12, 2019
Episode #094: Sexy Comedy [featuring Christina Calph]
We are joined by the wonderful and talented actor, Dunkirk native Christina Calph. She talks about acting, doing voice over work, and producing videos for YouTube. We also discuss network comedies, animated shows, and the culture shock of moving from small town Dunkirk to The Big Apple. She tells us about an infamous horror movie she was cast in but bowed out because of questionable circumstances. We hear about the web series she is producing about gross superheroes called Burp Girl. Please enjoy this interesting and flat out fun interview!
Dec 21, 2018
Episode #093: Brother Can You Spare Some Cilantro
Dave is back for an episode and is as snarky as ever. Bub hates on a magician and awful facebook shares. We taste test some Rap Snacks and explore an important part of DJ Kool's lyrics. That's not all- check it out!
Nov 05, 2018
Episode #092: Spooky Season [featuring Peter Vullo]
Things get spooky as we welcome back to the podcast Peter Vullo, program director of Thursday Night Terrors. This time around, we talk shop about Fall activities, David Lynch, movies, TV, comic cons, and all things horror. It was a great conversation- please enjoy!
Oct 08, 2018
Episode #090: Happy Toyota Year-End Sales Event
We celebrate America's as well as 2 of our own birthdays (we're old). We ask the question: is Weird Al's name a pun itself? Dave finds dinosaur porn & shares his experience watching a YouTube video about the current state of Neverland Ranch. Bub contemplates a world with no movie stars. All this and more!
Jul 09, 2018
Episode #089: You Go Girl
We lament some musician deaths. Chris Hardwick is a scumbag and now everyone knows it. Nathan Fielder rigs the Emmy's. Dave joins some hypothetical bands. We talk a little E3, and explore Disney into your adult life.
Jun 27, 2018
Episode #088: Who Pooped in the Shower?
The guys get nostalgic about the days when you were allowed to smoke indoors, then get serious about suicide. We're setting up a secondary podcast on youtube that will involve retro games and we discuss it a bit. Our friend meets the yodeling kid, Alex Ovechkin has fun with the Cup, we witness a bird take food from someone, and Bub complains about adults that clap for things.
Jun 11, 2018
Episode #087: Leave Your Kids at Home.
Would we have sex with an alien? Well, you'll have to listen to find out. We interrupt the royal wedding talk with a discussion about Arizona iced tea. BBQ Becky and racist lawyer are a match made in heaven. Bub starts a VHS collection and we saw John Kassir at Thursday Night Terrors.
May 24, 2018
Episode #086: A Great Man Who Can Fart the National Anthem
The boys address Kanye's nonsense. Bub gets new underwear. Ho sprays someone with water and laughs about it. We list off some online dating profile fouls. All this and plenty more. Check it out!
May 09, 2018
Episode #085: Dongzilla
Bub tells a story about an Uber car mixup, Dave loves the yodeling kid, and Ho finally gets a movie pass. Bub also tells us a good reason he should start eating healthy and exercising. Dave shares his stories about Troll 2 parties, and we tackle a list of social media fouls that everyone should be avoiding.
Apr 25, 2018
Episode #084: Taliban Fats
Dave talks about pedophile priests. Bub hates on Dr. Dre. Ho met a guy online. Dave points out that Bub & Ho don't laugh at his jokes enough. We have an argument about the 5-star rating system for movies. Bub gets the Movie Pass and we talk about some movies. Dave correlates car makes with musical artists. We answer the question of which direction you should be buttoning up your shirt. Dave risks the health of his phone to call play-by-play as he taps a porn link. Finally, we talk about a new podcast that popped up called Overopinionated & Undereducated and the web series 'Room Actors: Where Are They Now?'
Apr 10, 2018
Episode #083: Reel Movies featuring Peter Vullo
Peter Vullo joins us to talk about his monthly film series Thursday Night Terrors. We ask him how it all got started and about the process of getting cool old movies to show at a movie theater. We also talk horror in general and get a bunch of horror movie recommendations. Finally, he talks about the screening of Day of the Dead next week, the Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight event in May, and the rest of the upcoming Thursday Night Terrors screenings.
Mar 16, 2018
Episode #082: Blowjobs and Diarrhea
The boys perform a szechuan sauce taste test. Bub & Ho went to church and we reminisce about going during our childhoods. Bub shares his sports jersey fouls and see what the guys think of them. We review the nothing nowhere show, watch an episode of Pawn Stars, talk about Barstool Sports, and touch on the latest episode of The Walking Dead.
Mar 06, 2018
Episode #081: Boner Parade
Bub skates with meathead Beer League Hockey players. We complain not so much about the lack of gun control but the comments about the subject. We laugh at the kid caught looking at his phone while standing next to JT during the Super Bowl halftime show. We reminisce about the NFL logo coat. We talk about or review A.P. Bio, The Cloverfield Paradox, Far Cry 5, and Cobra Kai. And finally Dave comments on BSDM, and Live PD.
Feb 20, 2018
Episode #080: Dr. Liar and Dr. Storyteller
Dave warns us about robots taking over the world. We review the Tide Pod Challenge. Bub reads an article about someone marrying a ghost and an essay about the incomparable Ke$ha. Not Too Much is going to start reaching out to celebrities. Find out why!
Jan 29, 2018
Episode #079: The Ones You Can't See [feat. Ryan Gurnett & Dennis Reed Jr]
Ryan Gurnett and Dennis Reed Jr from The Struggle is Real Buffalo Music podcast join us to talk about the struggles of being a DIY musician. We discuss good and bad venues, scary craigslist auditions, and the trouble with naming bands. Dad jokes about drummers are told. We go through a Not Too Much Guy history lesson. They talk about their very first gigs, and selling out. Dennis tells us about his guitar nightmares. We also officially announce a big addition to their podcast. Which venue has the worst bathroom in Buffalo? Listen to find out!
Jan 23, 2018
Episode #078: Nothing But Dead Silence
In this episode, we discuss Logan Paul & the Suicide Forest, peeling oranges, Canadian accents, the World Junior Hockey Tournament, and Oregonians pumping their own gas. We question whether being Jewish is a race or a religion. We celebrate the Buffalo Bills finally making the playoffs, and Dave shares the song he thinks is the most blatant rip-off of another. An official thank you goes to Katharine Heller for doing a voice over for our Deep Thoughts segment. Check out her podcasts 'Tell the Bartender' and 'The Struggle Bus'!
Jan 09, 2018
Bonus Episode: Ryan Gates Part II
Buffalo Sports Radio Station WGR550's Ryan Gates joins us once again for another bonus episode. We discuss The Disaster Artist, hockey, twitter, tractor pulls, jam bands, Norm MacDonald, and the proper way to pronounce the word creek. Ryan rants about equality and we lash out against the pledge of allegiance. We eventually talk about our penises and that's when we had to stop- but not before many hours of great conversation. Have a listen!
Jan 03, 2018
Episode #077: Can't Someone Else Do It?
Dave tells us how he broke his teeth. We talk about a couple of childhood crushes. We report on The Disaster Artist and the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead (spoilers). We talk about Keaton Jones & bullying, the hotel cop shooting of Daniel Shaver, and we introduce a new "Deep Thoughts" segment. All this and more!
Dec 20, 2017
Bonus Episode: Shumway Cast
Drew Przybycien of the Blue Ribbon Bastards and Steve Duckworth of Healer join us as we take a trip down memory lane and talk about Bub's old band Shumway. We talk about the current state of the Buffalo music scene, and the music scene in general. We also discuss the struggles & joy of watching porno during the days of pre-internet. There's a difference between sport coats & blazers and we cover it. We also talk about when Steve laughed too hard at a restaurant, Drew tells us about being on Off Beat Cinema, and we all reminisce about when we played ball hockey in our old apartment. All this & more! Check it out!
Dec 12, 2017
Episode #076: If Something Happens to Me, Hit My Laptop with a Hammer
Dave gives a history lesson about Charles Manson. Dave and Ho go Black Friday shopping. We talk PS4, games, and go from Christmas movie sequels to horror movie sequels/remakes. And Trump says something stupid on Twitter again.
Nov 28, 2017
Episode #075: Shave Up, Not Down You Idiot
We address Pervnado. We talk about the new Last of Us trailer, the movie Girls Trip, hockey stuff, Buffalo Bills debauchery, and some overrated bands. B.o.B. comes up again, for another stupid reason.
Nov 14, 2017
Episode #074: We Didn't Start the Fire II
The boys talk at length about bad candy. Dave is really into a conspiracy theory about Avril Lavigne. Bub plays Fractured But Whole. We also talk about a fellow podcaster who made it on Jeopardy which leads to some game show talk.
Nov 01, 2017
Episode #073: A Candid Discussion About Sexual Inadequacy
We check out The Craft at Thursday Night Terrors. We touch on the Eminem cypher and explore the Harvey Weinstein news. Dave buries the hatchet with a pizza and Bub fails at shitposting & bitches about it.
Oct 16, 2017
Episode #072: TNT Knows Drama
Dave has a run-in with the police. Bub offers up memes and Dave shoots them down. Bub tries to get Szechuan Sauce at McDonald's. We cover the recent celebrity deaths along with the fall of AOL Instant Messenger. Bub plays Cuphead and approves. All this and plenty more.
Oct 10, 2017
Episode #071: Christmas Ape Saves Columbus Day
Not Too Much explores the Take A Knee movement. Dave takes off his pants. Brian Wolfe talks about his junk on Nathan For You. Bub reminisces about times without the internet. We consider flying to Asia. We also dissect an A$AP Rocky song.
Sep 26, 2017
Episode #070: Storm's abrewin'
Dave pays for something with pocket change out of spite. We talked about Pig Pen from Peanuts and it spawned a story about living in filth. Dave tells a story about a pickle. We discuss the new South Park episode, the Juggalo march in Washington, Disaster Artist, and so much more. Check it out!!!
Sep 19, 2017
Episode #069: The Episode Before The Good One
The boys talk about some hockey related youtube channels. Bub sniffs his own armpits. The pharma bro is selling his Wu-Tang Clan album. We go through some bands we think are overrated, and discuss some movies that could be considered underrated by Rotten Tomatoes. To close, there's a great joke from Norm MacDonald's book.
Sep 13, 2017
Episode #068: I Drink and I Know Things
Ho & Bub attended a bachelor party. Bub went to Thursday Night Terrors. We talk horror movies (Zombie, Here Alone, Cube, Belko Experiment, Halloween 3, Texas Chainsaw Massacre). We also talk about self-driving cars, drones, the eclipse, and shitposting. And much more- Check It Out!!!
Sep 05, 2017
Episode #067: Super Woke
Dave goes on an anti-troll crusade, and points out a newish YouTube trend. Bub has a revelation about pornography. We rip on Kid Rock and find out the relationship he has with Scott Stapp of Creed. Why can't you swim? Dick pics got sent to the wrong person. Game of Thrones got leaked. Dave likes Halloween but not for the reason you'd expect.
Aug 21, 2017
Episode #066: Mustard-N-May'nase
We unfortunately have to address nazis. We notice a guy white knighting his "curvy" wife. We continue to try to get ahold of flat-earther Mark Sargent to no avail. Among other things we also talk Scientology, country music, DuckTales, and PC Gaming. Come join the fun!!
Aug 16, 2017
Episode #065: Alright, Alright, Alright
Dunkirk's turkey mascot met its demise. The guys debate crowd surfing's annoyance. We find out if 'The Dirt Road Anthem' is a good song. We say farewell to @midnight, and hello to the 4-year-old podcast Norm MacDonald Live. We give advice to someone who almost helped his fellow man.
Aug 08, 2017
Episode #064: No More Tomatoes
Ho reacts to The Night of the Living Dead. Justin Roiland gets McDonalds' Szechuan Sauce. Bub compares his pee stream. The boys decide which limb they need the least. Dave again sings Pearl Jam and tells us about more video game trolls. We get excited about Nathan For You and do some scatting.
Jul 31, 2017
Episode #063: Elderly Bloodlust
The guys consider investing in porn. Bub gets called an idiot. We get ready for a Night of the Living Dead screening. We also talk about some movies, video games, The Walking Dead, Chester Bennington, and more.
Jul 24, 2017
Episode #062: Clay's Beauty
In this episode, we pay tribute to the great George A. Romero. We also talk about taking Viagra, T-shirt choices at concerts, dogs pooping, and The Gathering of the Juggalos. Ho almost gets on @midnight. Dave goes to the emergency room. We literally are fans of gatekeeping.
Jul 18, 2017
Episode #061: Use Your Illusion III
Dave goes through a cleansing, saves a random cat, fights a turkey, and tells us about a new YouTube trend. Bub shares his Not Too Much Guy sighting. We talk about crazy sports contracts, punk music, Hank III, Nine Inch Nails, and so much more!
Jul 03, 2017
Episode #060: The World's Greatest Minivan
The Not Too Much guys talk about embarrassing things like public boners and picking your nose. We get serious about Flat Earth, share a Jesus theory, complain about commercials, and talk about what we'd do if we became allergic to meat. Bub found out another reason Donald Trump is an asshole, and that SI's Swimsuit Issue is just porn now.
Jun 26, 2017
Episode #059: I Want My HPV
Not Too Much become Flat-Earthers, hold babies, and get censored on YouTube. We continue talking new games & E3. Dave is forced to speak publicly, and Bub complains about the phrase 'Bros before Hoes'. Bub also notices someone taking fidget spinning to a whole new level. You won't want to miss it.
Jun 20, 2017
Episode #058: It's a Good Day to Have a Good Day
Jak się masz. Bub and Dave show off their shitposting prowess. We talk about a couple trailers from E3. Bub thinks we're living in the time with the best TV shows, and we're only covering the tip of the iceberg. We talk about more liquor store customers (not just the Not Too Much guy).
Jun 13, 2017
Episode #057: Covfefe The Strong
We talk about Kathy Griffin, Donald & Barron Trump, and covfefe. Dave debates how hot the waitress from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is. Bub & Ho posed with The Stanley Cup and attended Star Wars Night at the Buffalo Bisons game. It was a grand old time. Bub saw a couple of movies and shares his thoughts (Wonder Woman & The Founder). To close, Bub adds a verse to a great comedy song you might recognize for the outro.
Jun 05, 2017
Episode #056: Happy Halloween
Dave nerds out about George Romero and we talk about the Life is Strange sequel. We discuss whether or not we'll be wearing rompers this summer, Bub gets hit on at work, and we try to bring back cones. Our hashtag blew up last week and we give someone advice about paying back student loans.
May 30, 2017
Episode #055: A Hippie Explains Everything
We discuss Flash Gordon & its screening at North Park Theatre w/Sam Jones. Dave sees karaoke as punishment for his crimes. We talk about Kyle Kinane, his stand-up at Helium and Mustard Plug at Mohawk Place. We scat a little, and Dave says Pearl Jam is his Nickelback.
May 23, 2017
Episode #054: The Fat, and the Furriest [featuring Steve Duckworth of Healer]
Before our featured interview with Steve Duckworth (drummer for Healer & Rhinoceros), we share some funny stories about being in bands with him. Dave tells us how scary Baltimore is, and Bub shares his reactions to the new Norm MacDonald Netflix special. Ho & Bub report on the Every Time I Die show. All this and more!
May 15, 2017
Episode #053: Checked Hard by Tomas Tatar
Three grown men talking about cartoons. We also give some beer recommendations and hear the commercial from our new sponsor: William Mattar, Personal Injury Lawyer (444-444).
May 09, 2017
Episode #052: This Sh*t is Fyre
Dave almost gets on the worldstarhiphop channel. Bub goes down a YouTube rabbit hole. We share our thoughts on Ja Rule's Fyre Festival. We give advice to someone wondering if he should date women of a different race.
May 02, 2017
Episode #051: Dave Says Yes To The Dress
The N2M guys report on creepy celebs named Bill. Dave tells us that Cannibal Corpse are actually just nice dudes and tells us his ways he makes customers leave the restaurant. Dave also hates couples and all their weddings. Every last one of them. We also talked a little about HGTV reality shows, and some new hip shows (Better Call Saul, & Fargo). And lastly, we offer advice to a guy who is seeing a woman that looks like his ex-wife, who he hates.
Apr 25, 2017
Episode #050: It's our first time doing this
Not Too Much addresses Sean Spicer's comments and the United Airlines debacle. We discuss candy and lament a poor dog killed by a UPS driver. We give our first piece of advice to a guy who got a blowjob on the first date.
Apr 17, 2017
Episode #049: Alexander Oblumpkin
N2M is once again joined by Ho's coworker Brian. We talk beer, social justice warriors, video games, and UFC. We talk about letting the idiot on the field just run around, and Dave gives Brian some advice.
Apr 11, 2017
Episode #048: Christmas is Ruined
Dave gets April Fools'd. Rick and Morty surprised us with an episode. Bub gets followed on Twitter by a magician. Dave promotes Infowars. We react to the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead. All this and more!
Apr 04, 2017
Bonus Episode: Ryan Gates Full Interview
Here is the full conversation we had with Ryan Gates (host of The Nightcap on WGR550 in Buffalo, NY). We talk about Twitter, podcasts, TV shows, movies, music, XM radio, politics, video games, and so much more. He talks about his sometimes poor personal hygiene and how a haircut doesn't necessarily seal the deal with the ladies. He tells us he is searching his ancestry roots, he rips on flat earthers, and believes that there can be tasteful male nudity in film/TV. We hear the story of his very first beer at the age of 8, and how his beer tastes have evolved. That and so much more! Enjoy!!
Mar 29, 2017
Episode #047: Lizard People Are Taking Over the World [featuring WGR550's Ryan Gates]
Tonight's episode features an interview with Ryan Gates (Host of The Nightcap on WGR550- Buffalo, NY sports radio). Dave talks about going viral after we discuss friend of the podcast Jimmy becoming a viral 'Bad Bitch'. Bub has a punchline with no joke and asks for help. We talk about the 'Mockstrosity Tour', and pay tribute to Chuck Berry.
Mar 27, 2017
Episode #046: Hey there, Sweet Nips
We are joined by our friend Brian tonight. He talks with us about Buffalo sports including this past weekend's NCAA tournament games. He also tells us about the recent Dave Chappelle show he attended and we talk about comedy in general. He swears he'd be good friends with Justin Timberlake given the chance. All this and more! Check it out!
Mar 20, 2017
Episode #045: The Government is Listening
The boys get offensive this week (Dave covers abortion and Bub questions sick kids' privileges). We talk about the Amazon Echo/CIA rumors and offer to give life advice to the masses. Bub tries to show Dave & Ho something and they plot against him in the process. Dave doesn't like the Dropkick Murphys, or this week's episode of The Walking Dead (S7E13).
Mar 13, 2017
Episode #044: Ernest Records a Podcast
Dave threatens to poop his pants on purpose. We asked Jimmy about the Nintendo Switch and talk Zelda. Police Academy & Ernest tangents abound. We talk shit about Chris Hardwick and review the latest Walking Dead episode.
Mar 07, 2017
Episode #043: Spank the Yeti
The guys (sans Ho) cover a lot of topics including the movie Get Out, erotic fan fiction, Tiny Trump, midgets, Neverland Ranch, the Oscars, and The Walking Dead.
Mar 01, 2017
Episode #042: Glitter in the Shitter
Bub has a run-in with "Dirty Dave" in Jamestown, NY. Dave says he might join tinder and also reports on his first witnessing of Roller Derby. Norm MacDonald calls some sick IFL action. We review The Walking Dead. And finally, Not Too Much gets a shout-out from one of our favorite podcasts!
Feb 20, 2017
Episode #041: Your Failures Are Your Own, Old Man
Dave fakes becoming a sex addict, we talk about the Super Bowl & Lady Gaga, and briefly talk about the Grammys. We propose removing the 'L' in LGBT. We give our reacts from the first Walking Dead episode back from the mid-season break.
Feb 13, 2017
Episode #040: Do You Know What Nemesis Means?
We get hyped about Resident Evil 7 and talk about gaming in general. Dave rips on FM morning show DJs. Ho likes the term underpants, and he might be into African-American females now.
Feb 06, 2017
Episode #039: The Devil Wears Sweatpants
The guys debate the All-Star game's worth (and the Pro Bowl). Dave got a flat tire and Ho sells Plan B. Social justice makes it's return in this episode and we discuss video game trolling. Have a blessed day!
Jan 31, 2017
Episode #038: What Kind of God Would Allow This?
Dave and the Not Too Much Guys tackle Social Justice & Donald Trump. We find out selling jokes is a thing, listen to Luke Skywalker reading Trump tweets, and discuss Rob Zombie films.
Jan 23, 2017
Episode #037: Dude, I Thought We Were Friends.
We witness the birth of a meme, get an aerobics song stuck in (y)our head, and decide what to do with our dollar. Dave tells people he's a sex addict and we call out American Chinese restaurants.
Jan 17, 2017
Episode #036: Don't Act Like You Don't Have An Hour To Kill
Dave calls out the fan bases of shitty bands, or shitty fan bases of good bands. We also talk trash again about lip syncing pop stars. The new season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is underway, and we're talking about it. In addition, we speak of a few crazy coincidences in our lives.
Jan 09, 2017
Episode #035: New Phone, Who Dis?
We debate the existence of a genie movie starring Sinbad, as well as the proper spelling of the Berenstein Bears. Bub exclaims how fun and awkward it is to play Cards Against Humanity with your family and we pay tribute to Wesley Willis.
Dec 27, 2016
Episode #034: Brought to You by Charleston Chew
The boys drink and discuss Chymes & other whiskeys, Dave tells a story about someone illiterate, and we talk about that damn Cellino & Barnes jingle. We lament the sports teams in our town and we finish our Scientology personality tests. We share our The Last of Us trailer reactions & feelings, and the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead gets reviewed.
Dec 12, 2016
Episode #033: Friday
We accidentally talk about Rebecca Black for a while. We discover a new Buffalo-based comedy podcast, talk some politics, and Dave shares his opinion on our new First Lady. We are almost done with the Scientology personality test- so get excited!!
Dec 04, 2016
Episode #032: Santa's Got a Brand New Bag [featuring Kristin Dusen]
Kristin joins us again and shares some of her pet peeves and a story of an old man that flashed his junk in NYC. We also discuss reality TV, Scientology, believing in Santa, and much more!
Nov 28, 2016
Episode #031: You Don't Like America? Get the f*ck Out!
The guys debate Pro Wrestling's merits. Rob Schneider ruffles some feathers, as does Kanye West and Facebook God. The PSN's November free games get a review (Everybody's Gone to the Rapture & Deadly Tower of Monsters). The Scientology personality test is almost done and The Walking Dead again gets discussed.
Nov 21, 2016
Episode #030: Another Steel-Cage Swear-A-Thon
We caught Dave Chappelle/A Tribe Called Quest on SNL. Okilly Dokilly the Ned Flanders metal band has a video out. We share our thoughts on Donald Trump getting elected, talk a little gaming, and discuss a little porn. We are over halfway through the Scientology personality test! You don't want to miss this!
Nov 14, 2016
Episode #029: Reason Will Prevail
Dave has laundry problems, we go to the movies alone, we discuss PG-13 ratings, and wow the Cubs won!! Bub saw Dr. Strange and gives his review. Ho & Bub report on the Shonen Knife show and we report once again on The Walking Dead. Also- the Scientology personality test rages on.
Nov 07, 2016
Episode #028: XOXOZ
The Not Too Much Guys debate AFI's top 100 movie list and discuss their own favorites. Dave suggests who he thinks will have the next Comedy Central sketch show. We discuss the wonderful world of Shitposting groups and get up to date on The Walking Dead.
Oct 31, 2016
Episode #027: Yeah Man, I'm Into Dubstep
In this episode, we talk a little bit about The Walking Dead season premier and report on The Interrupters show in Buffalo. We also talk about Halloween costumes, video games, and TV show laugh tracks. Also in this episode, we tell you how you can say "dick hair" to unsuspecting customers if you work in customer service.
Oct 24, 2016
Episode #026: Pitch Perfect and Chill?
The guys get emotional about the Bills & Sabres. We talk about recognizing voices in animated shows and we report on Corey Feldman part 2 (spoiler: it was awful again). There were a couple of funny interactions with some random Buffalonians, and don't forget about the Treasure Trove & Scientology Personality test (part 4)!
Oct 17, 2016
Episode #025: Good News For Horrible People
Dave got a spider bite in the least desirable place on his body, and he lived to tell you about it. Bub reports on Electric Six and the Idiocracy 10th anniversary screening. We find more great stuff in the Treasure Trove and we continue with part 3 of our Scientology personality test. We bitch about the bitches who announce that their boyfriends exist. All this and more!
Oct 11, 2016
Episode #024: Show Me What You Got
Comedy show reviews: Craig Robinson & Brian Posehn. The debate is on: soda or pop? The guys convey their dismay of tanning, also for hunting/fishing. Creepy clowns are in the news and in our discussion. The Treasure Trove gets explored further and Scientology personality test part 2 is underway. Also, some TV show reviews/discussion include: Fear the Walking Dead, Ash vs. Evil Dead, American Horror Story Hotel, and Twin Peaks. AND so much more!
Oct 04, 2016
Episode #023: Princess Thunderballs
The boys discuss their favorite game shows and air out the first part of their scientology personality test. Then the debate is on: Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston (& others)? And the Treasure Trove is one drawer closer to completely uncovered.
Sep 26, 2016
Episode #022: An Ocean of Emotion
The boys continue to be creeped out by the dolls in the basement. We review Corey Feldman's new tune, and the new Blair Witch movie. Bub does his classic Jack Palance impression, and we talk about movies that disturb us. We continue to praise the new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and briefly discuss Donald Glover's new show Atlanta.
Sep 19, 2016
Episode #021: C'Mon Man (The Treasure Trove) [featuring Kristin Dusen]
We make an amazing discovery in our new basement. We talk AC/DC, Axl Rose, football, the new ps4, and the iPhone 7. Kristin joins us and talks about more wangs and other assorted things. To close, the creepy dolls get named.
Sep 12, 2016
Episode #020: We've All Changed A Lot Since 'Pac Died
Whisper cast: Bub discusses the song(s) he always gets stuck in his head. We attempt to determine our gang affiliates because we're big city boys now. We talk some video games (Friday the 13th, GTAV, Last of Us, Call of Duty Zombies), and some movies (The Room screening, Strange Brew, [REC]/Quarantine, and Train to Busan). We debate subtitles vs. dubbed movies. Dave trashes the NFL and we talk about how much punting sucks. We also share the best WiFi name we've ever seen. And finally- if you ever wanted to know what kinds of cereals these 3 grown men enjoy, this is the episode to listen to.
Sep 05, 2016
Episode #019: Large Marge Sent Me
Dave laments his last name being the same as a sitcom character. We honor Harambe again. Don't Breathe gets a N2M review, as well as Fear the Walking Dead. We talk about the indie game Cuphead, a hockey doc trailer 'Ice Guardians', and we debate how much longer fighting will last in hockey.
Aug 29, 2016
Episode #018: Nasty, Nasty, Nasty [featuring WBER's Susie Q]
This week we talk to the lovely Susie Q of Rochester, NY's WBER radio station 90.5 FM (and her doggie Jasper) about Disc Jockeying, music, day drinking, dating, tinder, and fish. Post-interview, we talk Suicide Squad, Jared Leto, True Romance, Book of Mormon, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Maggie, The Olympics, and the NFL (and its commissioner). In there somewhere, Dave tells a story about how he helped create a murderer.
Aug 22, 2016
Episode #017: Dance Jam, vol. 17
Tracklist: 1. Crystal Pepsi 2. Las Vegas Hockey Team Name 3. Sausage Party 4. Damir Ryspayev 5. Playstation Now 6. The Last of Us 2 7. Swedish Fish Oreos 8. Brendan Dassey 9. 3 Shitty Songs 10. Dave's R+B & Hardcore Bands 11. Diet Coke 12. Patton Oswalt 13. Warped Tour Sucks 14. Marilyn Manson Ska 15. Hashtags
Aug 15, 2016
Episode #016: The Laughing Hyena, the Fainting Goat, and the Exploding Monkey
This episode's intro is our tribute to the late Miss Cleo. We visited Rob's Comedy playhouse and saw Tony Pusateri & Chris Killian. We talk movies, Netflix shows, and Rotten Tomatoes. Dave has a confrontation with a skunk and we think of Ska puns.
Aug 09, 2016
Episode #015: Grandma's Buttcheeks
Dave is a Fat Boy in the intro, we discuss Stranger Things again along with the new Blair Witch & other horror movies. We applaud Nathan Fielder's idea for a haunted house. Show reviews: The Flatliners, Trinkit, and The Pavers. Dave attempts to receive 500 high-fives in a month and we disuss what would happen if zombies had boners.
Aug 01, 2016
Episode #014: A Thing Called Radar Love
The new Walking Dead trailer is out and we breakdown the list of Negan's possible victims. Ghostbusters gets the N2M review treatment. Dave is going to get naked during the apocalypse, and Bub & Ho tell us the only movie they've ever walked out of. We weigh in on the Leslie Jones Twitter debacle and discuss moving to Canada.
Jul 25, 2016
Episode #013: To the Window, To the Walls
For tonight, Dave went full bro mode. The new Netflix show Stranger Things gets an official N2M review. We discuss Pokemon Go, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, the omen guy from horror movies, and troll the Playstation Network. Gay Forrest makes an appearance and we say the term 'Huge Poon'.
Jul 18, 2016
Episode #012: The Crossover of Maximum Pleasure, pt. 1 [featuring The Nine Guys]
In this crossover episode, we join the Nine Guys of Nexus of Realities fame. This is part one of two, look for part two on the Nexus of Realities page. We riff about hockey, football, Sabres, Bills, horror movies, video games, and other assorted randomness.
Jul 11, 2016
Episode #011: Who Let You in Here?
In this episode, we hype up next week's crossover episode, discuss a Simpsons podcast & its lovely hosts, and Dave goes on a Netflix rant. There is some talk of hockey, video games, found footage movies, a stuffed Doggie, Blink 182, and The Passion of the Christ.
Jul 04, 2016
Episode #010: Lord Have Mercy
Not Too Much guys watch some porn together and recognize a Spunk'D doppelganger at a ska show. We discuss fast food and touch up on exercising. We discuss movies, Ecto Cooler, the NHL Draft, and reminisce on Randy Quaid going bonkers. Whoopsidazers!!
Jun 27, 2016
Episode #009: Let's Get Neck Tattoos [featuring Ryan Szary]
Tonight we are joined by Ryan "Ox" Szary. We watch some basketball (not really), report on Rob & Rex Ryan, and Dave shares his disdain for Celtic Rock. Bub & Ho saw Buffalo's Funniest Comedians at Helium and Fredonian Pete Correale. Dave describes home via a dick story. We talk about E3, Resident Evil, and Zelda. .. oh, and also: Ohio.
Jun 20, 2016
Episode #008: Rollerskatin' Satan
An old guy gets mad at me for saying "No Problem", we discuss The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero, announce plans for a celebrity death pool, and Ho watches 2 Girls 1 Cup. We discuss Blockbuster Video and propose a new fashion trend. Dave tells us how he got paid to shit on Bob Evans.
Jun 13, 2016
Episode #007: Don't Forget to Chill [featuring Nick Kobel]
We are joined by The Delivery Guys' Nick Kobel tonight. We talk about a dead gorilla and Dave tells us a story about an orgy at the zoo. Dave also re-imagines zoos and says we should call them raves. The new Donald Trump porn comes up, and a missed connection turns into a dick pic.
Jun 06, 2016
Episode #006: Two Men and a Party Animal
We prepare for the apocalypse, call out shitty pop stars, root for the Sharks, and put out our missed connections.
May 30, 2016
Episode #005: Flesh Colored Pants At The Father/Daughter Dance [featuring Jimmy Skrzeczkowski]
In this episode we talk comedy and bring in Jimmy Skrzeczkowski of The Crazies and The Delivery Guys podcast. Dave proclaims himself a comedy hipster and we alienate some of our listeners by calling them stupid. Bub fondly remembers the kids' song The Ghost of John. As always, we summarize last week's Fear the Walking Dead.
May 23, 2016
Episode #004: The John Lennon of Douchebags
Dave says he can beat up the movie version of Suge Knight. We talk transgender bathroom rights then some crazy bathroom stories get told. We try to start our own Hashtag Wars, and Bub tells us why he's as funny as Jeff Foxworthy.
May 16, 2016
Episode #003: Party Over Here [featuring Kristin Dusen]
We interview our friend Kristin about the dating scene & dick pics. We discuss music and share our top 10 albums. Dave tells us how heroic he is but then proceeds to tell us he ate actual garbage. Bub gets approval from a redneck. Also: Emo pirates on the high sea.
May 10, 2016
Episode #002: Nobody's Coming To Take Your Guns, Stupid.
In this episode, we talk heavily about our favorite games, air out our Twitter beef, celebrate hockey's newest fan, discuss our feelings about Beyoncé, and find out Dave might be coming around on Fear the Walking Dead.
May 02, 2016
Episode #001: Bogus Journey [featuring Ryan Arcoraci]
In our first episode, we talk about Zombies, Satanism, Anarchy, and Sexy Cops. Interview with Ryan Arcoraci formerly of The Bumpin' Uglys & The Pet Tigers
Apr 25, 2016