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Andrew La Belle
 Mar 26, 2020
My favorite morning radio guys anytime i want now that they podcast. I neen a fan since 1994. Belfour blows

 Mar 17, 2020
Love the show, but wish that marq, bob shittlecock, and shawn windsor would get their own show so they can stroke each other off and I won't have to accidentally hear them on shows that I like.

 Jan 21, 2020
This is my go to Podcast. first one I listen to every day. Great interviews, so funny and even better with Maz blown out! 5/5, easy.

 Jan 11, 2020
Listened when I lived in Detroit back in the day since day one. So glad there's the podcast!

 Jul 11, 2019


Rockin’ The Detroit Airwaves for over 25 years

Episode Date
Drew And Mike – April 6, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!RIP Mr. Tiger, Kirk Gibson joins us to talk about Al Kaline, Joe Biden's podcast is a mess, Boris Johnson in ICU, honeymooners whining about being stuck, Chelsea v. Jared, and Lady Gaga got Drew's tweet to Bob Geldof.Mr. Tiger Al Kaline died at age 85.The Detroit Grand Prix is the latest event to be canceled.The Spirit of Detroit temporarily donned a face mask, but it was deemed to be disrespectful.UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is moved to ICU as his Covid-19 symptoms get worse.Kirk Gibson joins the show to eulogize Al Kaline & talk some baseball during the pandemic.Matt Farley has a ton of baseball player songs... that are all pretty outdated. Bob Geldof must've seen Drew's tweet to his FAKE fan account & passed the message along to Lady Gaga who is hosting the One World Together Coronavirus concert online.Alec Baldwin is fathering his 5th kid with wife Hilarious.A couple went honeymooning in South Africa while the Coronavirus was "rocking & rolling" & now they're stuck in a luxury hotel with the entire staff serving them.Dr. Jill Biden snubbed Hunter Biden's illegitimate son when referencing her grandkids in a speech.Joe Biden had that woman from Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, on his poorly produced podcast 'Here's the Deal'.After battling COVID-19, Evrod Cassimy is back at work but will not address the virus by name.Tom Hanks Syndrome survivor Rita Wilson returned to the public eye by singing the national anthem for NASCAR's video game race. Meanwhile, Chet Haze dropped another video to let all you MF'ers know that he's not a part of the Illuminati.Chelsea Clinton chastised Jared Kushner in a very passive aggressive away while suggesting she'd be better qualified for his position.Gronk managed to win the 24/7 Championship Belt at the quarantined WrestleMania 36.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to provide reparations to minorities who are being affected by the Coronavirus.Tekashi 6ix9ine managed to get out of prison because of his asthma diagnosis & is now joking about being a snitch on IG.After murdering two people, something called YNW Melly is pleading to get out of prison so Coronavirus doesn't murder him back.Drew is getting much better at determining how long the shows been going on without setting a clock.Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are taking a break from doing nothing.Tan Mom is hosting a benefit for herself that will pay to get her an in-home tanning bed.9 states are still not participating in shelter in place orders & even more are still recognizing religious exemptions.Val Kilmer is opening up about some personal aspects of his life including all the ladies he's nailed.Drew had shed envy after seeing Andy Dick's tiny house on Celebrity House Hunting.After failing to start a new family of how own, Pilot Pete has joined the Cameo family along with Curtis Granderson, Bob Saget & James Garretson.A police chase turned into an errand run as one man dropped his baby off & got some gas while under pursuit by Detroit Police.Leslie Stahl maintains a childlike wonder when it comes to new technology & some people think that Dr. Mengele was hot.
Apr 07, 2020
Drew And Mike – April 5, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!COVID-19 positive ML Elrick joins us, RIP Bill Withers & Tom Dempsey (but not the Unicorn), Dr. Drew is sorry & litigious, a new Bonerline, more Tiger King coming and Righteous Rick is dividing more people.Happy Palm Sunday. Some churches in the US are still gathering despite the Coronavirus.Data from cell phone towers shows that people in some areas are moving around more than before Coronavirus became a pandemic.If you are a small business, how'd applying for that SBA loan go?Dr. Drew is apologizing after somebody made a mashup of his Coronavirus denier rants. He's also filing copyright claims on anybody who posts or retweets the mashup.President Trump recommends you wear a mask, but he's not going to wear one like some loser.Layla grew a second tail that created a lot of messy work for Drew whose house now smells of feces.Righteous Rick got an extra-long egg timer & did a 4-hour interview to get to the bottom of the Aaron Carter pedo allegations & flash some cashThe Player Dave Dateline reran last night causing Drew to realize that he's hotter than he previously thought.LSU Football coach/Coronavirus PSA maker Ed Ogeron is sick of being in quarantine with his wife.ML Elrick has tested positive for COVID-19. He joins us to talk about his diagnosis and illness.Bill Withers died at the age of 81. RIP to former NFL kicker Tom Dempsey.Also dead is murder Ira Einhorn with whom we had a pretty memorable phone callTiger King News Network: That Bitch Carole Baskin sounds like a number one tune. In a newly released prison interview with Netflix, Joe Exotic appears to have turned over a new leaf after being locked in a cage himself. There's a bonus episode of Tiger King arriving shortly.Despite Drew's loyal viewership, Lights Out with David Spade has been cancelled.The Boner Line showed Righteous Rick some major love but he's still probably mad at us about the whole egg timer incident. Call/text (209)-66-BONER to let us know if he deserves another chance at tanking our FB live numbers with a follow-up appearance.Meghan Markle was a D-list actress that thinks because sat on a royal APW that she now deserves A-list roles.Some people are saying that Jesus's blood is the best Coronavirus vaccine.Even though he killed the virus last week by yelling at it, Kenneth Copeland is back for the double tap, this time unleashing the wind of God.21% of people are more worried about saving the economy than saving human life.Christopher Cross has tested positive for the Coronavirus & some people are hoping that it will "ride like the wind".A Manchester City soccer player hosted a sex party during quarantine & is now apologizing for his 'mistake'.The world being forced into isolation might lead to Richard Simmons return to society.Pastor Tony Spell believes now is the time to congregate not separate as the Antichrist is the true enemy.An impromptu Pink Floyd cover band broke out & performed a defiant show in front of police in the streets of New Jersey.President Trump met with all the sports leagues about starting up again and following the WNBA social distancing success.College football Athletic Directors don't seem too thrilled about missing out on any games.Tekashi 69 must have the best lawyers.Drew got hooked on another "Dark Side of the Ring". This time is was the "Last of the Von Erichs."Not only did 48 Hours have a story on a bad liar, but a bad murderer as well.Happy Anniversary Kurt & Layne!Mitch Albom just wants us to find that one thing. BTW, did you know that he has an orphanage in Haiti?
Apr 06, 2020
Drew And Mike – April 2, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Gov. Whitmer on The Daily Show, Righteous Rick update on the Aaron Carter phone saga, J-Lo & A-Rod must remain hot, How to Fix a Drug Scandal, and the state of radio during COVID means firings. Over 80% of people use their towels multiple times like normal people versus washing them after every use... because of laziness not environmentalism. We're putting 10-minutes on the egg timer for Righteous Rick to explain what happened with the whole Aaron Carter phone deal & hear who he's going after now.People are making death threats against Dr. Anthony Fauci, the guy trying to save our lives.Some crazy man derailed a train in an attempt to weaponize it against a hospital ship because he was paranoid about the Coronavirus & attempting to wake up the sheeple.J-Lo & A-Rod are getting exclusive access to a giant private gym so that they can keep up with their hotness during a pandemic.While examining Trudi's Zoom background, Marc notices her thermostat set to a tropical 72 degrees. Meanwhile, BranDon is live from "The Casting Couch".Radio has made some more cuts with Entercom slashing salaries of anyone making $50K or above.Number obsessed Drew takes some time out of checking the Facebook numbers to peep our rating on the iTunes charts.Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne died of COVID-19 at 52.Former White Sox pitcher/announcer Ed Farmer has died at the age of 70... not from Coronavirus.BranDon is getting gourmet meals delivered to him during the show.Drew was back at CVS & it's strange to see people openly avoiding others in public & everybody wearing masks. Meanwhile, Charlotte cannot wait until the next pandemic.Gretchen Whitmer has cancelled school for the rest of the year. Only after she was on The Daily Show on "Comedy" Central wearing her "funny" t shirt.Mike Pence is defending Trump & blaming the CDC & China for the US's current predicament.Jim Bentley Zoom bombs Drew right out of the show.Some people are saying that Chris Cuomo may be milking his Coronavirus diagnosis by saying that he chipped his tooth after taking a fall following a COVID induced hallucination.BranDon interrupts nude Zooves to ask a question. Netflix's new documentary "How to Fix a Drug Scandal" is a nice example of how one drug leads to another... plus some legal stuff.Baroque rock is one of the more underappreciated subdivisions of the Rock genre.Despite decline ratings & increased layoffs, radio still won't play some of the most streamed songs online.Lindsay Lohan released a teaser to her upcoming failure of a song. The aftermath of yesterday's police chase reveals that two people were in the car when it crashed.Val Kilmer has a book coming out where it seems he will be kissing and telling.Jesse James cheated on his new wife and is still taking up valuable space in Drew's brain.Japan closes its doors to... America.Georgia's Governor just issued a stay-at-home order after learning something 90% of Americans knew.Putin's sending supplies and wants nothing in return.The University of Pittsburgh's got us all covered.A guy killed his grandpa in Argentina because he makes his own rules.Have fun in church this weekend Florida!Matt Farley's still out there cranking out songs during quarantine.
Apr 03, 2020
Drew And Mike – April 1, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Amazon's "essential" items, Oakland County police chase, Scientology v. Coronavirus, HBO's new doc 'The Scheme', Andrew Cuomo's gonna be laying pipe, a new Bonerline, the worst influencer, and when a towel should be washed.Drew's long wait at the drive-thru pharmacy was made worse by not having his phone charger with him. Our Facebook live today was loaded up with content and camera changes.Some people are saying that Justin Long is claiming COVID-19 to boost his podcast rankings.Marc is destroying the environment & Drew's washing machine with his one-time towel use policy.Larry David had the most sensical PSA we've seen yet.Charlie LeDuff has a new story in the LA Times about the Coronavirus' impact on Detroit. Gretchen Whitmer was confirmed to be in Joe Biden's binder of women that he's considering to be his running mate.Hunter Biden's girlfriend gave birth to another kid making Joe a happy grandfather all over again.OJ Simpson is with Maz on the Tiger King hate, but he's still got jokes and no sense of irony.A police chase in Oakland County started off slow, but then had a vicious ending for the driver being chased.Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has finally issued a shelter in place order... slow down.70 University of Texas students defied the request to not go on Spring Break last week... and now 28 have tested positive for COVID-19.It's revealed that Trudi reads smallpox books for fun in her spare time.Jose Fernandez never did get his statue.What do addicts do during a pandemic? Some assume they act exactly the same. David Miscavige is furious that anybody would tell him what to do, especially on LRH's birthday which is now cancelled due to Coronavirus.A man in Germany attempted to keep people home by buying up billboards & plastering them with spoilers to Netflix's hottest shows.With people not getting in their cars daily anymore, radio is taking a hit & Beasley had to let some people go nationwide. A Hazel Park man killed his wife & then cuddled her corpse for a week before police discovered the couple during a welfare check.Drew is getting so starved for content that he watched a documentary about some homeless dude sailing around the world called Chasing Bubbles.HBO has a new documentary called The Scheme about the FBI investigation into paying college basketball players. Our favorite documentary participator Dan Wetzel even show up in the film.The Jeffrey Epstein stories keep coming out from the new book by the victim's lawyer.Workers at the Amazon warehouse in Romulus walked out of work after another worker tested positive for Coronavirus. Some of them even feel dildos aren't essential during a pandemic.Dogs, Trudi, Cable TV & Zoom are the big winners of the Coronavirus.The video communications company Zoom is doing great, but thanks to idiots the Chinese company Zoom is also killing it.The YMCA in Buffalo did a live family story time that got interrupted by trolls & now the FBI is getting involved.The Coronavirus is now the 3rd most common cause of death in the US behind cancer, heart disease & vending machines.Andrew Cuomo's ex Sandra Lee is denying the existence of the governor's nipple rings & is going so far to call the comments body shaming. He's also very single and has women in NYC thirsting for him.Massive snitch Tekashi 6ix9ine is getting out of prison due to his asthma making him more at risk for Coronavirus.An inmate at Kwame Kirkpatrick's prison in Louisiana died of Coronavirus. Don Lemon started balling on his show thinking about Chris Cuomo's COVID-19 diagnosis.Breaking News: Audio of the dildo handler at the Amazon warehouse has been released & the outrage in his voice is palpable.Elvis Costello is jumping on the trend of doing an online concert/lecture to entertain people while they're stuck at home.Miley Cyrus started an Instagram talk show that has somehow managed to not podfade out of existence already.
Apr 02, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 31, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Dark Side of The Ring, besties Epstein & Weinstein, New Jersey's official COVID spokesman: The Situation, Anti-Vaxxers on Coronavirus, My Pillow Mike goes off script, and Maz checks in about his tech issues.Drew ventured out to get supplies today & was shocked to see people in masks & masking tape lines measuring 6 feet for social distancing. After being told not to wear or hoard masks for the past few weeks, we all suddenly need to be wearing masks.Since Millennials & Gen Z can't be swayed by the CDC, The Situation has hired by the State of New Jersey to influence the youth to flatten the curve.Matthew McConaughey not only has a new PSA, but a "behind the scenes" video of said PSA.Stormy Daniels is demanding your attention during this pandemic to make jokes about the President's penis.Chrissy Teigen need more attention so she wished her tubes a happy 10th birthday on social media.Nick Lachey's remix of the Hardest Thing I Ever Had To Do is Drew's favorite way to remind himself to wash his hands till they bleed.Jon Bon Jovi is debuting the song everyone wrote for him on an NBC Coronavirus special with Dr. Fauci.The Rap With Maz & Friends experimented some technological differences while trying to connect with some old friends LIVE.Drew watched a Vin Diesel movie that was so terrible he can't even remember it's name. Chronicle & The Jumper were great on the other hand.Live Nation Live From Home is curating a list of artists doing concerts on social media.Pandemics must be good for podcasts cause we're continuing to shoot up the iTunes charts.The Cameo family has become slightly more white trash after adding Jeff Lowe from Tiger King to their roster.Kelci from Tiger King is now identifying as a male named Saff.The MyPillow guy was the star of President Trump's press conference after taking the mic and going off the topic of Coronavirus.Aaron Carter generates insanity in other people to the point where he was yet again the victim of domestic assault from his girlfriend Melanie Martin.We call Maz to find out if he listens to his own podcast, see when Dan Dickerson will be on the show again & find out how he's the only person in the country that hates Tiger King.Oakland Country created a website where you can plug in your zip code & see how many cases of Coronavirus around you.China is experimenting with using antibodies from people who have recovered from COVID-19 to treat current sufferers.Meghan & Harry are officially no longer 'Royals' & must fund their own staff... with the assistance of Prince Charles.Kenneth Copeland doesn't think something silly like a pandemic should stop people from giving him their money.The bushy beard trend is about to die due to peoples paranoia that the face pubes could be harboring Coronavirus.SWAT came to break up a 1-year-old's birthday party whose attendees weren't practicing proper social distancing.Alcohol & cannabis sales are up now that everybody is in isolation.Some dude that knew he had Coronavirus hid his symptoms so he could be in the delivery room while his wife gave birth & ended up giving it to her.A new book is coming out that among other things, details Jeffrey Epstein's friendship with Harvey Weinstein & their subsequent breakup.Being stuck at home with nothing but Coronavirus news has Drew in a very unDrew mood.BuzzFeed compiled the 20 best tweets from anti-vaxxers.The Grosse Ile Township board of trustees had their zoom meeting hijacked by trolls.Recent sightings of Andrew Cuomo are leading the internet to theorize that the governor of New York is rocking nipple rings.Amazon continues to have the worst public relations ever as more workers are organizing a sick out to protest current warehouse conditions.We have some very long cords so BranDon can do the show from his truck to get out of the house... as long as he can get internet.Chris Benoit's murderous roid rage was featured on The Dark Side of the Ring.
Apr 01, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 30, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Kenneth Copeland cures COVID-19, iHeart's Living Room concert, Dr Phil v. Toilet Seat Licking influencer, Liberty University's Coronavirus problem, a new Bonerline, new Cameos, and the studio is now also a laundromat.We could all use a Mr. Methane pick-me-up during these tough times so here's "Let it Go" from Frozen & Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.Aubrey Huff got a little bent out of shape about people hoarding toilet paper presumably because he really needs some right now.The USNS Comfort arrives in NY to help alleviate the hospitals. A bunch of covidiots gathered in crowds to see its arrival.Churches are tax exempt, but they should not be exempt from mass gatherings & common sense. One church in Tampa, Florida says it's ok because they have a machine that kills all viruses, but they won't share it with the rest of the world. A Liberty University student has tested positive for Coronavirus after Jerry Falwell gave the order to reopen the school. We call the University to find out what Drew's 5 kids by 4 women will do about the situation.Kenneth Copeland is praying away the COVID with & is demanding a vaccine immediately.The photos of the hotel room that police caught Governor Andrew Gillum in with a male prostitute show that the room was... heavily used.With another 30-days of shutdown looming, small businesses are hurting harder than ever, including Mesa Tacos & Tequila, who are still offering curbside pickup that's easier than ever.Marc's house has totally turned on him and now he's forced to do laundry at the studio.Ginnie Springs park in Florida is still poppin' despite the global pandemic that is spreading rapidly.The Coronavirus pandemic seems similar to WWII, but people seem to act a lot differently now.Dr. Phil had the Toilet Licking Influencer on his show and she seems to be going the "Cash Me Outside" route.The Coronavirus has been good for expanding the Cameo family with quarantined celebrities getting bored & turning to shoutouts.Heather Locklear gave a big thanks to first responders while completely forgetting about that one time she bit & punched some first responders.OJ Simpson also gave a big thanks to first responders while completely forgetting about that one time he threw them under the bus because he murdered his ex-wife.Sometimes putting quarters in a slot can be too much to ask from some people.Today would've been opening day in Detroit & the newspapers are so bored that they're writing about simulations of games that were to be played.Meth Storm gives Tiger King a run for their money in terms of white trash factor, but it's pretty close.The iHeart Living Room Concert for Coronavirus featured some big names performing fake live from their own versions of self isolation.John Oliver & almost every other late night host are currently doing their monologues remotely from home.Maz is wishing a happy birthday to the "athlete" that got him into horse racing in the first place, Secretariat.Calls are light on the Boner line but we're still managing to get rock remotely so call/text (209)-66-BONER but be sure to keep an appropriate social distance.The Drew & Mike Show is capitalizing on the Coronavirus by continuing to crank out content & climb the iTunes charts.The casinos are done paying workers this Wednesday once again showing that they are the best at separating people from their money.Renters who can't pay their monthly dues are feeling victimized by landlords that are no longer getting paid & have to make the tough decision to evict.Amazon workers are ready to stage a walkout over the way the company is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.Drew is now staging a walkout himself, but before he goes he teases a hot tip for using your Amazon prime account to its fullest.Former Macomb County prosecutor Eric Smith has stepped down after being charged with 10 criminal corruption charges.Cobo Hall became TCF Center and now it's a field hospital.
Mar 30, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 29, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Nick Lachey's getting us through COVID-19, Gov. Whitmer v. President Trump, Thailand's king knows how to isolate, Mitch Albom needs hugs, Joe Biden's #Metoo, BranDon's Mea-Covid-Culpa and Marc almost blows up his house.Drew's depressed and his back hurts.Stephon Marbury came up with 10M masks sitting around his shoe factory in China & is sending them to NY.GM is making ventilators that won't be sent to Gretchen "Half" Whitmer after getting in multiple Twitter battles with President Trump.White knight Mitch Albom came to Gretchen Whitmer's defense & told President Trump off.Rhode Island & other states are considering barring New Yorkers from crossing state lines & Gov. Cuomo is ready to sue to let them back in.BranDon has a Covid-mea-culpa.The hardest thing we've ever had to do is listen to Nick Lachey remixing 98 Degrees songs for the Coronavirus. It really makes us all feel better.DJ Bobby Shazam, aka Kid Rock, wants to see you do your thing as long as it's Quarantine.Jon Bon Jovi might be trying to capitalize off of the Coronavirus situation after "finishing" the song he asked everyone to help write. He also self-diagnosed his 17-year-old son as having a mild Covid-19 infection.After playing with the new Joe Exotic filter on social media, Cardi B decided to start a GoFundMe to benefit the Tiger King.Amy Schumer used pregnancy during Coronavirus as a way to get everyone to look at her.A police pancake breakfast may be to blame for spreading Coronavirus all over the DPD.Apparently some people still care about NFL mock drafts right now.A Spring Breaker tried to return home after vacation to spread Coronavirus to his parents & instead found a locked house, some groceries & $300 to go anywhere else.How long will we have to hear the class of 2020 complain about missing graduation & prom because of COVID-19?When Marc ends up getting the Coronavirus, it's going to be from walking through some random dudes vape cloud in the parking lot of Costco.Aaron Rodgers had an Argo-esque departure from Peru & just barely made it back to the US... or he just got on a plane at the right time.The King of Thailand is quarantining in style by renting out an entire hotel for him & his 20 women harem.Trump's approval rating is holding strong despite Hillary Clinton's tweet that Trump did put America first by making the US #1 for COVID-19.Some people feel that the Beaumont doctor who had to walk back his statement about the current Coronavirus situation was telling the truth, but it might be better to have a consolidated voice right now.President Trump is pumped about his press conference TV ratings.What President would be the best leading us through a pandemic?Joe Biden has a new #MeToo allegation against him from Tara Reade, but the Coronavirus news is burying the story.Cops had to break up a 47-person apartment party in New Jersey after an anonymous narc phoned in a tip.David Geffen is quarantining on his $500M yacht... relatable.Lady Gaga's Dad started a GoFundMe to pay the staff at his restaurant.Mr. Worldwide is checking in on the world with a new single that samples a sweet soccer chant.Kate Winslet is using her experience pretending to be an epidemiologist in the movie Contagion to tell everybody the most important thing they can do right now is wash their hands.Olivia Wilde was apparently so bored during the quarantine that she asked Dakota Johnson to make a video showing her how she washes her hands.Kathy Griffin had a hissy-fit over not being able to get a Coronavirus test & was placed in a Coronavirus isolation ward. Turns out it was an upset tummy and lots of diarrhea.A recording of Amber Heard getting fresh with Elon Musk a month into her marriage with square headed Johnny Depp has surfaced.Bob Dylan released a 17-minute deep-cut on the JFK assassination that was made better by drops.WRIF is with Hoda Kotb who broke down in tears after interviewing Drew Brees about his...
Mar 30, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 26, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Tiger King's Doc Antle joins us, testing new tech, US passes China's Coronavirus numbers, we have a stimulus bill, RIP Curly, Pornhub's donations, and Kennedy does not have COVID-19.New day, new video service. Today we're using Zoom!If you're looking for some Coronavirus distracting music, Pearl Jam's Gigaton is available tomorrow. We finally have a stimulus bill. USA! USA!. The stock market had its best week since 1932- USA, USA!Meanwhile, unemployment is skyrocketing. USA! USA!Ford & FCA are ready to re-open. USA! USA!Detroit's Coronavirus spread is quickly becoming one of the worst in the nation.Gov. Whitmer submitted a disaster declaration to the White House.BranDon & Trudi need to name their studios. Any suggestions?When talking about musicians in movies, we forget about all of Madonna's movies. Some guy that was in Desperately Seeking Susan dies from Coronavirus. Non-COVID-19 Deaths: Globetrotter Curly Neal dead at 77. Frank Vincent dead at 80 in 2017.Drew has been watching the Dirty Money episode on the Kushners. They have an amazing family dynamic. Who are essential? Apparently landscapers and golfers.Celebrity Coronavirus roundup: Alyssa Milano breaks her silence & is mad at Trump, Kathy Griffin can't get a Coronavirus test and it's all Trumps fault, and Jeremy Renner's ex strikes back. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are fighting about their kid yet again.We talk to Doctor Bhagavan Antle from Netflix's Tiger King.New Coronavirus fads: Makeup free celebrities and a soft Richard Marx concert.A consultant for the flick Contagion has tested positive for the virus while the show New Amsterdam has pulled a pandemic episode when the people need it the most!The USA has passed China in total positive Coronavirus cases.Pornhub comes through again! This time they donate a bunch of masks. Why do they (and Apple) have so many in stock?Please enjoy this encore performance of Nick Lachey and his altered version of 'The Hardest Thing'.Jussie Smollett is a big winner of the Coronavirus and he's breaking his silence.Police in locked-downed Spain had to break up an orgy.Covidiots: Some influencer named "GayShawnMendes" did the "Coronavirus toilet challenge" and now has Coronavirus. The creator of said challenge wants to cough on Dr. Phil. Actor Keith Middlebrook (who looks like Righteous Rick) is busted for trying to sell a fake Coronavirus cure.Wimbledon is taking their sweet time in making a decision.Fender's offering free guitar lessons so you can rock out in self quarantine.HopCat is closing entirely during the crisis.Drew left the show because he was tired with Covid talk, just to return minutes later with new Corona news.The poor, poor airlines really don't care about you.Evangeline Lilly has been shamed into apologizing.Governor Cuomo is a big winner here and now everybody wants him drafted to run for president.Breaking News: Kennedy does NOT have Coronavirus.Restaurants are screwed.
Mar 26, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 25, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Coronavirus narcs, new people Drew hates, more random celebs get COVID-19, Tiger King, musicians in movies, Trevor Lawrence v. NCAA, the best musician autobiographies and tele-broadcasting sucks. Trudi recovered suspiciously quick from her 'sinus infection' & now wants to come spread Coronavirus all over the studio. Celebrity Coronavirus Roundup: Jackson Browne has COVID-19 after visiting New York. Prince Charles has it & now Harry has the perfect excuse to get away from Meghan.How can there be another cruise ship that needs to be sunk?The Coronavirus is just right for the "age of the tattletale" as people are overwhelming the state with complaints of people working.Apple just "found" 9 million masks to donate to health care workers.Where's all the "free stuff" from other businesses while we are locked up?Congress still has not passed the stimulus bill. SLOW DOWN!At least Jeff Bezos and some other titans of industry were able to dump stock and save some money before the market collapsed.The NCAA is so accustomed to taking money that their first reaction to an athlete trying to raise donations is to stop them.We're trying to get through to Mr. Methane, but apparently the people he's quarantining with have an issue with him farting into their phone.Drew has a whole list of new people to hate: New Yorkers that are still in line for things, Miley Cyrus made the Coronavirus all about her by claiming anxiety. Prince Harry is barred from seeing Prince Charles by Meghan Markle. Ariana Grande is forcing her latest weiner on the world. Rand Paul is getting defensive over the reports that he didn't self-quarantine while waiting for the results of his Coronavirus test.We are worried about former intern Kennedy who had pink eye because red eyes are now a Coronavirus symptom.School's out & some soft parents are wondering how to help their 'senior' kids deal with the disappointment of missing events like the prom & commencement.Marc gave Charlotte a talking to on FaceTime about how to act in these strenuous times... Drew's up next to talk to her.A police captain has become the second member of DPD to die from Coronavirus.Evrod Cassimy from WDIV has tested positive for COVID-19 & he went on TV to talk about his terrible symptoms.Getting to see the inside of more TV personalities houses is still the best part of the Coronavirus. Since the San Francisco Jacks are closed down, hosting a jerk party on Zoom is the next best thing.The list of movies with rock 'n' roll cameos is surprisingly large.Two doctors & Sean Penn held a town hall on the Coronavirus for some reason.Lionel Richie was so moved by his work on We Are The World that he's bringing it back for the songs 35th anniversary.Elton John apparently follows the FAKE Bob Geldof account that Drew tweeted at & decided to setup a Corona-Aid concert to raise funds to fight COVID-19.Trudi & BranDon are the only people in self-isolation that haven't seen Tiger King on Netflix.Marc's Mom judges a movie not by its cover, but simply by its title.Social distancing can't stop some people from celebrating their birthday, even if those same people are adults & are spreading Coronavirus all over the party.Opportunist & worlds biggest snitch Tekashi 6ix9ine is using the Coronavirus as a way to get out of jail early.Britney Spears tried to lead a socialist movement on Instagram & ended up pissing off a lot of her followers.Marc's knowledge of infectious diseases has been heavily aided by the movie Contagion.Easter is being politicized after President Trump declared that he wants people to be able to go to church by April 12th.The technical difficulties with the show have been making the show feel like summer school for Drew.Screwing someone over on their mortgage could end up getting you kidnapped with a gun to your head for 63-hours, as seen in Dead Man's Line.If you've exhausted your Netflix queue,
Mar 26, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 24, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Death v. Economy, Dr. Fauci's been found, the Coronavirus spring breaker is sorry, more celebrity PSAs, Drew crime stories, what COVID-19 is making us hate, and RIP to a show friend.BranDon still can't leave his house and Drew hates Skype's sound quality after listening to other broadcasts like Adam Corolla and Howard Stern.The Diamond Princess boat of skank cruise still had Coronavirus in it 17 days later.Who should we check in with to make sure they are ok during these trying times? Mr. Methane? Yolanda DeMaria? Jeffrey Felix? If you have any suggestions, hit up the Bonerline or email drew@drewandmikepodcast.com.Too many people are telling us how they felt battling the COVID-19. Drew wants Rudy Gobert to smell some soiled undies to prove he lost his sense of smell.Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick feels the old folks need to suck it up for the sake of the economy. Jerry Falwell Jr. is welcoming students back to class at Liberty University. God told the Hobby Lobby to stay open despite COVID-19.Beaches might be closed in Florida, but the sandbar is open for parties!Self-appointed scientist/doctor/know-it-all Greta Thunberg has diagnosed herself as being fully recovered from COVID-19.An Austrian ski resort is responsible for half the Coronavirus cases in Europe thanks to mouth beer pong.Breaking News: Dr. Anthony Fauci has been located! Joe Biden showed up again only to be yelled at by Jake Tapper for not knowing how to cough.For disappearing in the news cycle, new winners of the Coronvirus are those accused improper conduct at UofM.Jeremy Renner's using Coronavirus to lower his sky high child support payments.Harvey Weinstein's lawyers are trying to delay his civil suits due to coronavirus... and the fact that want to get paid first.Britney Spears has forgotten about her 'yoga-pose-a-day' promise and instead decides to do a social media challenge instead.BranDon is not allowed to leave his family, while Marc is not allowed to see his family. They envy each other.Drew rolls through email including listeners in quarantine in Europe and frustrated health workers venting to Drew, Brady Sluder is super sorry for partying at spring break.Drew Crime includes the kidnapping of the Harvey 'The Tuxedo King' Weinstein (not THAT Harvey Weinstein) and the story of swingers Darren and Charla Mack.With heavy hearts, we learn and announce our Red Bank, NJ correspondent Yolanda DeMaria has passed away at the age of 98. RIP Yolanda and we'll keep an eye out for Brian Williams' whoppers for you.Don't even think about taking your bottles and cans back for $00.10. New celebrity Coronavirus PSA's from Tom Green, Robert De Niro, Danny Devito, former Red Wings, Ryan Reynolds, Conor McGregor and Nick Lachey serenades us with a Coronavirus song.The Simpsons have officially jumped the shark as they are allowing Harry and Meghan to come in and voice themselves.Back to Drew Crime as we discuss the story of the 'Serial Street Shooters' Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman.Drew's new idea is to test the Coronavirus vaccine on prisoners, not animals.One final celebrity PSA from Michael Rapaport.
Mar 25, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 23, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Prison Coronavirus tests, Governor Whitmer closes the state, economy vs. deaths, Instagram influencers are whining, stone skipping fan Matt joins us, Woody Allen's book is back, and we check in on Maz.We may have lost a few sponsors due to government shutdowns, but huge thanks to everybody donating to the show during these tough times.BranDon & Trudi remote from their homes and their respective rooms get judged.Gretchen Whitmer signed a stay in place order shutting down all non-essential businesses in the state, but the DMP qualifies as a media entity (we think) so we're still recording.Armie Hammer is soooo deep that he was out in Central Park reading poetry during a pandemic.Hundreds of people aren't able to get coronavirus tests, but Harvey Weinstein managed to score a test in prison.Obama finally got his wish and we now have emergency room death panels.Mesa is giving away free toilet paper to the first ten people who get takeout tomorrow. Try the Maz Burger!The world can seem like it's got too much crap going on right now, but Drew is still living vicariously through Layla on her walks.BranDon needed to get a microphone to work from home & Best Buy did not make it easy.Breaking News: The podcast is holding strong on the iTunes charts despite the entire rest of the world going to hell.Fox 2 is using split screen to socially distance it s anchors & instead of doing hand washing stories, they're talking hand drying.A death row inmate is able to get a coronavirus test, but Michigan can only test 1,000 people a day. Mask News: Facebook found that they had 720,000 and Bethenny Frankel has suddenly uncovered her old supply of 250,000 N95 masks.Matt gave us a huge plug on ESPN The Ocho while competing in the national stone throwing competition. We give Matt a call to congratulate him on his performance & thank him for the shoutout.Marc's house is starting to turn on him just like Trudi's.We give Maz a call to find out how he's doing with the new shelter in place order & see if The Rap With Maz Dan Dickerson recorded a new episode.Drew can't find much on Netflix lately, but the Lil Peep documentary surprised him in a good way.Al Pacino's ex-girlfriend found the 40-year age difference intolerable after she found out that he's super cheap.Woody Allen's stupid book is back and he is not sorry for banging his wive's adopted daughter Soon-Yi.#poopchallenge is a dumb thing right now.Bon Jovi wants everyone to finish his Coronavirus song for him.
Mar 24, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 22, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!RIP to the Gambler; Coronavirus news: the good, the bad & the silly; Harvey Weinstein tests positive, Tiger King on Netflix, a new Bonerline and we spend valuable time on We Are the World 2."Strahan and That Lady" show on ABC is replaced with the Daily Coronavirus show.Kenny Rogers dead at 81. Not the perfect game one, but The Gambler. Kenny crossed over many genres with tons of hits.Kenny was batting cleanup in the original 'We Are the World', which led Drew to bump into the reboot for Haiti. It made it all the way to #2 on the charts, but it couldn't knock off of the classic hits of the last decade.How about some songs on our Coronavirus playlist?Great time for People Magazine to dump some of their crap material like a piece on Janelle Evans' online hate. Self-anointed mental health expert Meghan Markle has a very important message for humanity.Celebrity Coronavirus PSA news: Neil Diamond pulled an "Elton" by redoing Sweet Caroline for the Coronavirus, DJ Pauly D wanted some attention, Big Ben shares family time, AB hits the waterpark, and Gilbert Gottfried shows up Gal Gadot and her friends. The Denver Nugget's Jamal Murray was "hacked" and we get to see the many talents of his girlfriend.Drew was surprised to see Mick Jones on The Clash in the movie Code 46.The Ocho returns to ESPN with our logo all over it.Drew's proud to be one of the Metro Times' 30 People Famous in Detroit and No Where Else. The Coronavirus has not been good for Metro Times since there are no events to promote.Marc nerded out listening to economic podcasts this weekend & the cure to fixing the economy is to flood it with money no questions asked.Gretchen Whitmer exempts churches from penalties for gathering's with more than 50 people. Kylie Jenner > the CDC when it comes to convincing people that the Coronavirus is a big deal.Marc and BranDon has a list of silly Coronavirus stories like fighting over Mountain Dew, using COVID-19 for a paid vacation and teens coughing on produce for clicks.Tresa Baldas' story over the weekend highlighted one family's fight against COVID-19.Why hasn't Michigan tested more for Coronavirus?Drew declares Tiger King on Netflix the most white-trash thing possibly ever and highly watchable.Breaking CVNN News: Harvey Weinstein has the Coronavirus.Why aren't there more masks and PPEs?Drew loves his brother so much and goes through his text conversations regarding the pandemic.Bonerline includes multiple 'separated at births' and of course the inevitable Coronavirus reaction.Princess Beatrice's wedding is cursed. From Megxit to the pedophile allegations against her dad to the Coronavirus and more. Womp womp.Mike Clark was ahead of the curve when it came to self quarantine and pandemic preparedness.Daniel Dae Kim is doing better thanks to Chloroquine, the Malaria drug. Just don't O.D. on it like in Africa.Mesa is chugging along with take-out orders. Hit them up by Uber Eats and Door Dash or call (248) 545-1940.Many people have reached out to Drew to give him their binge-worthy suggestions while in quarantine.20/20 covered a serial killer in New Hampshire.
Mar 23, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 19, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Celebrities have all the answers, Charlie LeDuff joins us, Lions trade Darius Slay, trying to avoid bad Coronavirus news, the best rock drum intros, a call to the drive-thru strip club and BranDon pranks the "IRS". Trudi's CV risk factor has gone up a notch for using cash.Breaking 1994 news: Dack Rambo died of AIDS.Dave & Chuck are on hiatus due to the Coronavirus & it's got Drew wondering if continuing to do the podcast is reckless.Unless the message is filtered through Kylie Jenner, Gen Z isn't going to start taking things seriously.LOST News: Coronavirus denier Evangeline Lilly is choosing freedom over fear. Daniel Dae Kim has the Coronavirus. Charlie LeDuff stops by the studio to talk about the state of the Coronavirus in Michigan & then won't leave without doing a thorough inspection of Drew's house of SKANK!Jeff Reitz was 5-days away from hitting 3000 consecutive visits to Disneyland until the coronavirus shutdown both the park & his record.BranDon encountered the most patient scammer ever that put up with a record number of drops before transferring him to the DEA.We call Little Darlings in Las Vegas to figure out the logistics of a drive thru strip show during a global pandemic.The celebrity mashup of Imagine by John Lennon is getting universally panned.Celebrity PSAs: Kevin Bacon is trying to make an ALS type challenge happen to solve the Coronavirus & promote social distancing. Arnold Schwazenegger's Coronavirus PSA caught flack because he was smoking a cigar from the comfort of a hot tub. OJ Simpson's PSA certainly didn't come from a selfish place hoo HOO haHA. Dame Judi Dench kept it short & sweet, reminding us to keep laughing instead of lecturing us about washing hands. Ellen Pompeo who plays a doctor on TV released a PSA to tell us to stay at home.Drew is watching one Armageddon movie a night & last night was Oblivion which was killer!Breaking News: The NFL has it's first case of Coronavirus & it's Coach Sean Payton from the New Orleans Saints.Happy Birthday Harvey!Rick Beato is back with another great list of the top 20 drum intros & acoustic guitar intros of all time.Sources tell us that somebody's spouse in the Beasley building has tested positive for Coronavirus.The Evangeline Lilly hate continues on social media.Breaking News: Britney Spears has finally posted her daily yoga pose meant to help us all get through these trying times.Amanda Bynes is pregnant, demanding our attention & is currently seeking help for her mental health issues.Europe is slowing down Netflix by forcing SD resolution on customers in an effort to keep the internet from breaking.Prince Harry is feeling helpless while in lockdown because he's so far from his family in the UK that he abandoned.Doing cocaine with Quentin Tarantino & Paul Thomas Anderson is apparently the best way to get off of cocaine according to Fiona Apple.BranDon does a quick dump of non-Coronavirus news in an attempt to steer the podcast in a different directionThe Detroit Lions finally traded Darius Slay to make more room for ex-New England Patriots.George Carlin had some thoughts on germs.
Mar 19, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 18, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Drew assigns RSN members a COVID-19 contagion number, more celeb Coronavirus PSAs, Menards is in trouble, Ted Williams is now a doctor, we call Harvey Weinstein's new home and we check in on Count David Wimp.There is a "war on Coronavirus" because we "are in desperate times".The cool thing about celebrities sharing home videos while in quarantine is that you can get a sneak peek into their homes.All the late night talk shows are doing a small part from home including Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.Drake is now in quarantine thanks to Kevin Durant.Drew is ranking Red Shovel Network employees for their contagion factor & there is a very wide spread between everybody. CVNN business news: The airline bailout better be a loan or Drew doesn't know what he'll do. The Vegas casinos are asking for a bailout despite their license to print money. The beaches in Florida are finally closed.Mesa took a big hit on St. Patrick's Day & Cinco De Mayo is looking rough, but curbside to go is LIVE & rocking!Chris Cuomo interviewed his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo & wrapped it up with an unfunny family moment.Drew attempted to get the word out to Bob Geldof about a potential Corona-Aid concert, but ended up tweeting it to some FAKE account that hasn't tweeted in years.The man on the street in South Padre Island wants everybody to 'stop being dramatic bro'.Strip clubs are shutting down, but are innovating by having dancers deliver food & sanitary dances.Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sent a C&D to Menards over price gouging.Vanessa Hudgens respects the Coronavirus, but she thinks the CDCs assessment of the situation is BS.Some influencer by the name of Arielle Charnas used her Coronavirus diagnosis to promote her brand & channel.Celebrity Coronavirus PSA: Michael Stipe's PSA included 4 important things to remember & a plug for his website. Bono forced his music on Italy & the internet as his own way of doing a Coronavirus PSA. Chet Haze continues to capitalize on his parents COVID-19 diagnosis by releasing more hit tunes. Matthew McConaughey got very deep while shooting his PSA that was loaded with fluff. Paris Jackson's PSA was drowned out by a siren blaring in the background. Commencement ceremonies are cancelled, but Ted Williams is getting an honorary doctorate & bragged about it during his Coronavirus PSA.Dr. Drew mixed it up with known anti-vaxxer Rob Schneider about some good ol' fashioned pandemic denying on his latest podcast.We check in with friend of the show Count David Wimp to find out how he's doing & get some advice on how to handle the pandemic.Oprah was trending on Twitter last night after QAnon spread a story that she had been arrested for her part in a sex-trafficking operation.Ross Ulbricht, aka Dread Pirate Roberts, from the Silk Road is seeking a pardon from President Trump.It looks like Tom Brady & his production company are headed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it's not to be closer to his son.97.1 is stuck playing play-by-play of old game instead on any new content.David Hogg is shifting his outrage from guns to the Coronavirus.Trevor Noah isn't funny, so Coronavirus PSAs are right up his ally. Jared Leto woke up from a silent retreat in the dessert & was totally bummed out to find the world in disarray when he awakened.Coronavirus is causing gun fever to spread across the nation.Britney Spears is being bullied on IG for recycling content.Miley Cyrus did a throwback bully post to explain why she couldn't wear shorts or a bathing suit in public for years after doing a video with Robin Thicke. Lala Kent & Randall Emmett from Vanderpump Rules are postponing their wedding due to COVID-19 & they felt like they needed to tell people they didn't invite.Kevin Ryder, the remaining portion of the Kevin & Bean show from KROQ, was BLOWN OUT & escorted out of the building by security.Bill Ackman wants the country shutdown ASAP...
Mar 19, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 17, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Tom Brady kisses the Pats goodbye & Spike King checks in, Coronavirus breaking news, more celebs test positive for COVID-19, Trump v. Whitmer, Cameo's biggest earners, the worst 1970s TV shows and the virus gives Trudi a "win".Coronavirus Postponements: The Rolling Stones postponed their upcoming Detroit show putting Drew's $4K ticket investment in jeopardy. The Kentucky Derby is going to be delayed.The UAW is asking the Big 3 to shut down to avoid Coronavirus.The #1 song in the country will soon be Coronavirus by the same guy who wrote We're Going on Strike.Tom Brady tells the New England Patriots to pound sand/salt, presumably to relocate closer to LA where his future production company will be headquartered. Wherever he ends up it is going to look very weird.It's time to call the Spike King to get his take on the news & find out what happened with his Super Bowl tattoo.Coronavirus has Drew depressed, but reading about the success of the Cameo family started cheering him up.Breaking CVNN update: In the wake of his parents being infected with COVID-19, Chet Haze want to remind you not to panic & be more selfless, not selfish.Cardi B has a #1 hit tune with an Instagram post that somebody remixed & legitimately got to #11 on the iTunes top 100 chart.Artists are hosting private Facebook & Instagram Live concerts to help tide people over during the nationwide shutdown.The US airlines are asking for a $50B bailout after they spent all their money on stock buybacks for their shareholders.More CVNN updates: Gen Z Guru Jonah Stillman has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus & some people are saying it's because of his willingness to share socks. Kevin Durant and 3 other Brooklyn Nets test positive for COVID-19.Colorado had its first death from the Coronavirus & the infected person likely spread it to hundreds at a Bridge tournament.Mike Pence doesn't always talk to the American people, but rather he tells the President what a great job he's doing.CVNN Update: Michigan is up to 65 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The census has been put on hold. A 90 day extension has been granted for tax season provided you at least file by the original due date. We're all getting a grand.The virus is the third major life changing event in the past 19 years, but what else was after WWII?Governor Whitmer got into a Twitter battle with the President leading Marc to double down that she'll be Biden's pick for a running mate.Everybody hated billionaires a couple weeks ago, but there are a few that are really helping out with the current pandemic situation. How is local radio covering the current news climate? In a weird way Trudi got a 'win' thanks to the Coronavirus.Kellen Winslow Jr. has had his sentencing delayed by the Coronavirus.The curve is not flattening, but some people have a false sense of security due to the currently low death rate.Celebrity PSA Update: Presidential hopeful Joe Biden managed to put together a gaffe free PSA to address the current Coronavirus condition. Gordon Ramsay managed to censor himself long enough to put together one of the most thorough hand washing instructionals ever.After getting out of a 14-day quarantine, Ted Cruz went out & ran into another at risk individual landing him in yet another 14-day quarantine.Ivanka Trump got trashed on social media for trying to be relatable to parents who are dealing with kids that are forced to stay at home for weeks.A Canadian writer tweeted a joke about his Asian barber wearing a mask back in January & somebody dug it up to be retroactively offended & get the writer cancelled. Meghan Markle is taking charge during the virus outbreak by ordering her staff to keep things cleaner and wasting experts time.Amber Heard admits to smashing Johnny Depp's head through a door.Drew escaped from the current news cycle by getting lost in the clickbait that is, the 40 worst shows of the '70s.
Mar 18, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 16, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Andy Dick joins us, more celebrity PSA's about COVID-19, Antonio Brown's back with his baby momma, Michael Strahan doesn't have enough money and former intern Kennedy tells us about spring break 2020.The state of Michigan closes all restaurants & bars for in-house dining. Maybe because some people refused to practice "social distancing" for St. Patrick's Day weekend, but at least those people had fun.The silver lining if you have COVID-19 is that diarrhea is an unlikely symptom. Latte Larry's opened on Curb Your Enthusiasm & it's a defecation free zone.Elton John has postponed his shows including his Detroit dates.Millennials need to buckle down & fix this whole COVID-19 business.Business is not as usual & the airline industry is allegedly ready to go under despite charging extra baggage fees for years.Mesa Tacos & Tequila has been impacted by the current crisis & is transitioning to a curbside model.We're calling our favorite Gen Z intern Kennedy to find out about Social Distance Spring Break 2020.Celebrity Coronavirus Look-at-Me News: Brandon Flowers plugged his own song to remind you to wash your hands, Hillary Duff wants Millennials to stop killing old people, Mel Brooks' kid shows that he didn't get his dad's writing gene, Hugh Jackman did a second take on his hand washing PSA that didn't involve wasting a ton of water & Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently has a zoo filled with mini-animals where he makes his Coronavirus PSAs.Trudi comes close to billing Drew for her time that was wasted watching the newest Mark Wahlberg movie. Spenser.Breaking News: Ohio is having a one time liquor buyback option for bars who stocked up for St. Patrick's day & are now stuck with a bunch of inventory.BranDon doubles down on his pandemic denial in the face of increasing shutdowns.Lizzo made a looooong Instagram post leading a spiritual meditation session to help people deal with the Coronavirus quarantines.We give Andy Dick a call to find out what he knows about the Coronavirus & catch up on the myriad of events that Andy's been involved in since we last spoke including the shooting at his gallery.Mike Tyson, Violent Jay & Shaggy 2 Dope are the latest additions to the Cameo family.The Boner Line gets poppin' for the 100th time & it's full of Coronavirus deniers. Call/text (209)-66-BONER from the comfort of your quarantine since there's nothing else to do.It's the End of the World as We Know it & the only thing to do is crank some old R.E.M on repeat. Drew has created a list of "apocalypse songs".If Drew was only allowed five albums on a dessert island, he's gaming the system by bringing a slew of double albums to tide him over.Some skank went viral with the Coronavirus challenge on TikTok which involves licking an airplane toilet seat.Kid Rock's bar in Nashville is taking a stand against the mayor & waiting for the governor's word to shut down business. The jerk that hoarded hand sanitizer & then tried to gouge people during a pandemic is being ordered to donate it all & is facing legal charges from the AG.Breaking News: Antonio Brown has reconciled with his baby mama & is now engaged, putting an end to the 'No White Women in 2020' platform.Michael Strahan doesn't want to pay child support, but has no problem hiring a private investigator to follow around his ex in an effort to paint her as an unfit parent. Pete Davidson isn't Jon Cryer's only Twitter reporting beat. He's not moved onto Governor shaming.Some people are saying that former Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum faked alcoholism to detract from the fact that he's headed to rehab for meth.No audience was in studio or at home for the latest democratic debate where Joe Biden pandered to women by announcing he'd have a female running mate.Ford is attempting to keep factories open amidst the growing number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 & the UAW is threatening a walkout.Kris Jenner wasted a Coronavirus test after expe...
Mar 16, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 15, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!We learn how to wash our hands, Coronavirus nightmare, Florida's ex-Lt. Gov Andrew Gillum's crazy meth party, the story of Hossein Nayeri, OJ Simpson's got jokes and we've been binging virus movies.Ed Orgeron has an important PSA for the nation. Tori Spelling has a disgusting message about her 7 dirty buttholes.Outbreak, Contagion and disease movies in general are all the rage these days. Send us your binge-worthy shows during this lockdown. Drew was able to wrap up Love is Blind.Coronavirus mania: Michigan State University's president is upset that students are packing bars and no practicing "social distancing". The idea of social distancing seems kind of hard at the airports this weekend. Brandon seems to be doing a little bit of backtracking on his Coronavirus denials. President Obama decided to plagiarize Drew's thoughts over the weekend.Props to the people working in the health field as well as those who stock our shelves at the grocery stores.Did you get your TP? Marc takes us through the history of wiping one's ass. Thankfully celebrities are teaching us how to wash our hands, including the NFL network's Rich Eisen.20/20 had the wild story of Hossein Nayeri who kidnapped and tortured his victim. He also escaped from prison.Cardi B could fill an album with remixes of her coronavirus message. Including this lounge version.Companies all over have pledge income for employees who will not be able to work during the Coronavirus shutdown. Meanwhile, Dan Gilbert is slammed online after Kevin Love promised some money for hourly employees.JJ is replacing Stephen Clark on mornings at WOMC.Former Tallahassee mayor, Andrew Gillum, had a crazy homosexual-meth-party over the weekend.The USWNT continue to protest for equal pay. This time by wearing their shirts inside-out.Kate Beckinsale is firing back after criticism of her complaints against Harvey Weinstein.New celebrity Coronavirus PSA's from Jack Nicklaus and OJ Simpson.Love is dead! Pilot Pete and Madison break up after 2 days of dating. Momma Barbara with the big victory.ESPN has no content... so it's re-run city!Drew tells us about the 48 Hours story we are surprised he watched.New organizational Coronavirus PSA from the Detroit Lions.New celebrity Coronavirus PSA/Hero announcement from Ken Burns.How are businesses going to adjust with the restrictions of large gatherings?Chet Hanks has some sage words for you... you're going to die.New celebrity Coronavirus PSA from Katie Couric. New celebrity Coronavirus PSA from Gloria Gaynor. New celebrity Coronavirus PSA from Mariah Carey. Our Coronavirus PSA: Trudi does NOT have Coronavirus... probably.Leave it to Norm Macdonald to make us laugh about all this mess.
Mar 15, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 12, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Coronavirus shuts down sports & schools & Tom Hanks, Harvey Weinstein fakes another illness, a talk with Jonah Falcon about COVID-19 in NYC, Corey Feldman's movie premier disaster and Maz tells us how to do a sports show without any sports.BranDon brought crust-less Pop Tarts to show how they are much more enjoyable.Coronavirus Mania: Utah Jazz All-Star Rudy Gobert tested positive for Coronavirus & the NBA is now suspended until further notice. He was just at LCA this past Saturday causing players and others to self quarantine. Tom Hanks & his wife Rita Wilson have the Coronavirus. Their shirtless son Chet Haze is their official spokesman.The NCAA finally cancelled all winter and spring sports.Harvey Weinstein is back in the hospital taking up a bed that could be used for a COVID-19 patient.Kate Beckinsale checked in on Harvey Weinstein to share a story about Harvey being a dick instead of using one.Breaking CBNN: There's speculation that Trudi has Coronavirus. Rudy Gobert released a statement apologizing to the people he endangered by spreading his Coronavirus all over the court. Disneyland is closed, but Disney World is holding strong.BranDon raided Drew's 7-11 for it's entire supply of toilet paper.Duke & Kansas cancelled themselves from March Madness before the NCAA was able to react.We call Maz to find out how he's doing & see if he's prepared for the Coronavirus.Ohio is shutting down schools & banning gatherings of 100 people or more because it's apparently easier to get Coronavirus in Ohio than New York, California or Washington.Mark Cuban is looking to help hourly workers in his arena who are out of a job after the NBA's decision to suspend the current season.President Trump enacted a travel ban during a sleepy Oval Office address to the country.An enterprising young kid was selling squirts of hand sanitizer to fellow students at school before 'the man' came in & shut him down.Joe Biden & Bernie Sanders made statements about how to deal with the Coronavirus & Biden's plan involves FEMA building emergency hospitals.AT&T is going to stop throttling your data as a gesture of goodwill during the preeminent pandemic. Pornhub is helping to make the Italian quarantine easier by providing the entire country with premium to keep them busy.Cardi B is scared of the Coronavirus & considering moving to Antarctica.We talk to New York resident and owner of a 13" penis Jonah Falcon to find out how the Coronavirus is affecting life in the city & see if he'll stop enveloping doorknobs during these trying times.A third case of Coronavirus has been confirmed in Michigan.We leave a voicemail with Andy Dick to notify him about the Coronavirus & wish him well.Chelsea Manning attempted suicide while in prison, failed & has now been released by order of a judge.BranDon tries to rewrite history by stacking the Boner Line with the 30% of people from our Twitter poll that heard of the Thunderstruck drinking game. Call/text (209)-66-BONER if you're part of the 70% that have no idea what he's talking about.The XFL is not eXtreme enough to deal with the Coronavirus & is suspending operations indefinitely. Thankfully John McCain didn't have to see Sarah Palin lip syncing to Baby Got Back on The Masked Singer.Take Your Poo to the Loo is India's new hit tune that doubles as a PSA informing citizens that they need to crap in the toilet.Corey Feldman is the most high-maintenance filmmaker in the history of films & he did not disappoint during his live PPV My Truth: The Rape of Two Corey's which was highly disappointing.The head of UM regent, Ron Weiser, has come forward to say he too was sexually assaulted by Dr. Anderson.The US conducted airstrikes against Iranian militia sites in Iraq.
Mar 13, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 11, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Cardi B on Coronavirus, more COVID-19 cancellations, Harvey Weinstein gets 23 years, Biden whips Bernie in Michigan, The Bachelor's overbearing mom, U of M fires Provost Philbert and Richard Marx is mad again.Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison & is ready to be extradited to LA for even more potential prison time. Dr. BranDon chimes in on Harvey's penis shots.Richard Marx laid a sick burn on a Twitter user who got under his very thin skin.Joe Biden beat Bernie Sanders big time in the Michigan primary yesterday, leaving Biden with a healthy delegate count. The demographic age splits were eye opening. Uncle Joe attempted to win the argument with union worker Jerry by being the loudest.Cardi B is the voice of reason we all need with Coronavirus finally showing up in Michigan.Coronavirus mania: Courtney Love & Hole postponed their reunion tour that no one knew existed. The NBA isn't ready to cancel games yet, but Golden State has decided not to let fans in for upcoming home games. Joel Osteen & Kanye West are playing to a packed crowd at Yankee Stadium & nobody but the Lord can stop them. KISS can't afford to cancel their concerts, but they will take minor precautions to make sure they (and only they) will be safe. The Hash Bash is getting postponed.COVID-19 can't stop the cruising when there are such great deals.The U of M Provost Martin Philbert has been BLOWN OUT after multiple sexual misconduct allegations were levied against him... but he still gets to be on the faculty.Hunter Biden has finally taken Drew's advice and made a deal with his "baby momma" that he can contest after the Presidential election.OJ Simpson's out in Twitter World doing Coronavirus sketches.Jared Kushner is trending... because his father-in-law/President of the United States is allegedly waiting for Jared to finish his research into Coronavirus before he decides what the Federal government should do to fight the pandemic. John Beilein has a new job with the Big Ten Network.The Detroit Lions are letting Graham Glasgow join another team because they totally know what they are doing.We missed the International Women Day all-female broadcast of the Chicago Blackhawks/St. Louis Blues game.A Russia radio show pranked Prince Harry by making him think he was talking to Greta Thunberg. Too bad it wasn't funny.The Bachelor wrapped up with him choosing the girl his mommy wanted him to choose... until he realized he's an adult.Congrats to DC Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo on his nuptials.
Mar 12, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 10, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!We talk to Union member Jerry who took on Joe Biden, Coronavirus cancels crowds, Alex Jones' DWI, Billie Eilish strips down, and HBO's McMillions & The Bachelor wrapped up.Alex Jones was arrested in Austin for DWI & Drew can't wait to see the body-cam footage.MTV is so starved for content that they rebooted the Jersey Show.Ann Marie LaFlamme is supposed to be leaving WXYZ this Friday, but Drew is already missing her on the noon news.Stephen Clark is retiring again to pursue his career in country music.Coachella, SXSW & Pearl Jam are postponing event dates due to the Coronavirus, but the NCAA ran a risk vs. profit analysis & landed on the side of profit.Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz who is now self-quarantining, shook hands with President Trump.Union worker Jerry Wayne got up in Joe Biden's face over his 2nd amendment position. Biden told him he was "full of shit". We call Jerry break his silence with us.Coronavirus mania: Naomi Campbell is taking the Coronavirus so seriously that she wore a hazmat suit to the airport. Turns out Mike Pence actually does have a knack for dealing with situations like the Coronavirus outbreak. The Memphis man on the street is not worried about the COVID-19 & is instead fighting it with prayer. Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and other shows are banning audiences from their tapings. Media whore Dr. Drew is pissed that the media is sensationalizing the Coronavirus.DTE stopped by the studio to say they are fed up with power outages in the area & are going to chop down one of Drew's trees to fix the problem.Some people are saying the seam that ripped in BranDon's new Art Van couch could be easily sewn/hidden.The McMillions finale revealed that everybody involved ended up just getting a slap on the wrist for the massive fraud & destruction of BranDon's childhood dreams.If you bought the dip yesterday you may be enjoying the 1,100 point rally today.BranDon follows Dr. Drew & leads an impassioned debate on the alleged overhyping of the Coronavirus in the media. Meanwhile, Marc can't stop watching the Coronavirus map.Breaking News: GMA is keeping the public out of the studios for future tapings until further notice.The Bachelor's 20-hour finale has begun. Peter might have the softest family in the history of menages. Thankfully JFK took extensive notes on the kind of trim he preferred.Harry and Meghan had a "PR disaster" in their last day in the UK because the Queen laid down the law.Breaking News: Hunter Biden becomes the first person to use the Coronavirus to not do something that is court ordered.Playboy pretends to be progressive by doing something they described as "inclusive". Dolly Parton wants to be in Playboy, but no one is stopping her.In a pop culture surprise, Billie Eilish has big boobs.Corey Feldman needs to fix his stuff... so he can let everyone know his claim about Charlie Sheen.
Mar 11, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 9, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Bernie visits Ann Arbor, another Black Monday, Trudi might have Coronavirus, Ann Marie LaFlamme exits WXYZ, the best Rock Anthems and BranDon is mad we don't know his drinking game.If you have anything invested in the market today... it's gone. A big reason the market tanked is because MBS & Putin are in a fight.Coronavirus Mania: COVID-19 isn't scaring BranDon away from the possibility of a cheap cruise. Mayor de Blasio is urging New Yorkers to stop taking the subway & Uber is capitalizing on it by jacking up prices. The WNBA is blaming the lack of attendance at the games on the Coronavirus. If you're ever at a wet market, Marc suggests you go "top shelf" due to the fecal physics of the storage practices.A University of Michigan grad student gave the longest pre-Bernie speech ever & dreamweavered everybody.The Detroit Free Press found some strong links between "Dr. Drop-Your-Pants" and the UofM athletic department.Goodbye Dimples News: Ann Marie LaFlamme announced on IG that she will be leaving WXYZ next Friday.DaBaby is apologizing after he slapped a chick so hard that the entire crowd turned on him & cancelled his show.A drag racing event gone wrong in Livonia ended in some hero pulling out 3 people from a flaming car while simultaneously catching it all on camera.Chris Mathews' "compliment survivor" Laura Bassett is clapping back at Bill Maher.Our favorite YouTube rockers Rick Beato is back at it with his best Rock Anthems of all time. BranDon is very upset that everyone else in the room is too old to know the "Thunderstruck" drinking game. We leave it to Twitter to decide.Steven Smith & Ross Valory have been BLOWN OUT of Journey & are being sued for trying to weasel into Journey's trademark.The Nova Express Times did a hard-hitting piece on alcoholism & it's effects on everybody.The Stairway to Heaven lawsuit involving Spirit & Randy California has gone through yet another round, with Led Zeppelin winning... again.KISS has cancelled a meet & greet at one of their shows because they don't want to get Coronavirus, but everyone else attending the show will still be able to get COVID-19. Ashley Graham celebrated International Women's Day by posting a photo of herself mid-push during the end of her pregnancy.Who Are These Podcasts? had one of their best episodes with their analysis of On The Rebound with Dennis Rodman.Crazy Amanda Bynes is back & they want her to go to rehab, but she is refusing.Illinois has declared a disaster proclamation after the 11th confirmed case of the Coronavirus was recorded.The entire country of Italy is on lockdown in an effort to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.The Bonerline has a hard-on for the Coronavirus. Call/text (209)-66-BONER with your tips to stay safe, or deals on cruise tickets for BranDon.A toilet paper brawl broke out down under when 3 large women had a catfight over the last pack of Charmin at the grocery store.Jim Bakker got busted for hawking silver as a way to cure the Coronavirus.Alex Jones shaved his head & Drew is worried he might not be hot anymore.The Church of Latter-Day Saints was revealed to have a huge stock portfolio totaling $37.8B.Pornhub has too many videos being uploaded to be able to vet them all.Art Van is filing for bankruptcy after having their weekend liquidation sale shutdown by Warren Mayor Jim Fouts citing concerns of rioting.Saying that Meghan Markle is "5 clicks up from trailer trash" is apparently racist.The Queen locked herself out of Windsor castle & nobody was around to let her inside.
Mar 10, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 8, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Bored President Trump visits the CDC, Art Van riots, ZZ Top Netflix doc, Oakland County's 1st pot shop, R Kelly gets grosser, Bill Maher on Chris Matthews, new Cameos and a GoFundMe to send BranDon on a cruise.Some people are worried that Drew has COVID-19.Michigan lost to Maryland in front of a packed house of future coronavirus patients.LeBron James would rather everyone get sick instead of not being able to watch him play basketball. There was actually a high school basketball game played with no fans in 1990 that is supposed to provide some perspective.Coronavirus Mania: Some doctor nerd said hospitals are preparing for 400,000 deaths in the US. BranDon's apathetic attitude towards COVID-19 might have him ending up like another mid-30-year-old. Why are cruise ships still leaving, or better yet allowed to return? Pitbull is so over Kobe's death and apparently is into Nascar now.Drew was impressed with Mike Pence's press conference on the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, President Trump was so bored on his visit to the CDC.Alabama executed Nathaniel Woods in spite of OJ Simpson, Bart Starr Jr, and other's objections.Marc is still blocked by the Detroit Zoo on Twitter for celebrating nature.Art Van's liquidation sale was so out of control that only a tough man like Mayor Jim Fouts could reign it in. BranDon said he went to Art Van over the weekend and then the story turned very Maz-ian.R Kelly's ex-sex slave finally has a new and interesting story to tell.Oakland County got its first recreational dispensary over the weekend complete with Art Van Liquidation type lines.Standing in line for concerts used to be a rite of passage and a tremendously annoying waste of time.ZZ TOP: That Little Ol' Band from Texas premiered on Netflix over the weekend.Aaron Carter's still making great tattoo and poor purchasing decisions.Daniel Craig hosted SNL despite the new James Bond film being delayed by 5 months. Elizabeth Warren was SNL because she lost her bid to be president and the crowd went nuts.Bill Maher (and his guests) defended Chris Matthews on his show.Speaking of 'believing women', Dateline had a story about a con man who repeatedly separated a bunch of women from their money.Congrats on keeping all your horse semen William Shatner!48 Hours featured a woman who was acquitted of murdering her husband because she threw her son under the bus and the detective lost his iPhone pictures.If Amanda Bynes (and her conservators) can't make love work than who can? Cameo welcomes new members to their family: Lindsay Lohan, Dr. Oz & the Boz.
Mar 08, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 5, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Nik Wallenda fools America again, Elizabeth Warren drops out, RIP Art Van (the store), Hillary on Hulu, OJ Simpson on criminal defense, a new Bonerline and Ashley Graham changes a dirty diaper in the middle of Staples.Hillary Clinton has a new documental on Hulu for some reason. The big takeaway is that Bill Clinton used Monica Lewinsky to "manage" his anxieties.Coronavirus Mania: The Grand Princess cruise ship off the coast of San Francisco is banned from docking & the Coast Guard is flying test kits to the boat. Slipknot has postponed their tour in Japan along with White Snake & Green Day in Europe. Starbucks has banned customers from filling up with their reusable cups. Costco is rationing toilet paper & other necessities because people are hoarding supplies.Hu Gepeniss tried to join ISIS but unfortunately their voicemail was full.Harvey Weinstein is finally out of the hospital & back in the clink. Time to call Rikers Island to make sure there's no special treatment.An inmate in a Michigan prison managed to die of a fentanyl overdose, despite the prison administering and wasting Narcan.In case you weren't sure how to feel about the execution of Nathaniel Woods, OJ Simpson addressed the issue on his "Twitters".Kim Kardashian made another trip to the White House to have her clients meet with the President who pardoned them.Drew wants the record to reflect that Nik Wallenda was on a safety harness & no danger while wasting everyone's time walking a tight rope across an active volcano.Ashley Graham not only changed her son's dirty diaper in the middle of a Staples, she had somebody photograph it to share the moment on social media.Art Van Furniture is closing all stores & having a liquidation sale this Friday.A Rochester Hills special education teacher has been arrested for having sex with a student & supplying him with drugs. SIST: she would not in Barstool's lineup for female teacher sex scandals.Tiwan Shaw is facing charges for allegedly shooting at police & is currently nursing a bullet wound after police returned fire.Judge Judy is hanging up her robes after 25 years on CBS & is teasing a new project.Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty got arrested for failing to register as a sex offender in the state of California. Elizabeth Warren waiting to drop out till now may have cost Bernie Super Tuesday & handed over the nomination to Biden. It's everyone's fault but her's, because America hates women.Journalist Laura Bassett wrote her article that led to Chris Matthews resigning after he dared to be a journalist and ask a presidential candidate a tough question.Bonerline time! Call (209) 66-BONER to lodge a complaint, correction or complement.Drew rolls through a New Wave radio list & great classic rock songs that never get played on the radio.John Beilein showed up to Michigan's victory over Nebraska on Senior night. BranDon & Drew are very mean to Marc as he indulges in talking about Caris LeVert's huge night and Duncan Robinson setting records in Miami. Go Blue! Zooves is already in bed!
Mar 06, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 4, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Joe Biden had a Super Tuesday, Trump trolls Mini Mike, Jayden James Spears has great parents, Coronavirus porn, Prince Andrew's main move, checking in on Harvey Weinstein, and Millennials & Gen Z need to not care as much.Drew is back after being gone for 2 days, but he's still not feeling all that great.Dr. Jill Biden defended her man by shoving a "Let Dairy Die" activist who interrupted her husband's speech after dominating Super Tuesday.Dan Quayle's gaffes make Joe Biden seem like something of a stable genius.Drew wants the candidates to prove they can get hard to ascertain whether or not they could actually lead the country.Mini Mike Bloomberg spent $1B to get a nickname & be laughed out of the race.Hunter Biden needs to fix his stuff & get his life together.Obama hasn't endorsed Joe Biden yet & it has some people wondering what's taking so long.President Trump is blaming Obama for the government's response to the Coronavirus.Ben Affleck got a little teary eyed on Jimmy Kimmel recounting the time Adam Driver pretended to be Kylo Ren for his son's birthday.Laura Bassett is taking credit for Chris Matthews abrupt exit from NBC & Hardball.Pete Davidson's Netflix special is finally registering on the Tomameter on Rotten Tomatoes.James Franco's lawyers claim his sexual assault accusers are "jumping on the #MeToo bandwagon".Fox News' Brit Hume posted a screenshot while horny & forgot to close some browser tabs before posting.Jayden Federline went on Instagram live to praise his father as 'literally Jesus' & spill the beans on Britney & the family. We call Kevin to get parenting lessons.The hologram of Whitney Houston is going on tour starting in Las Vegas.Coronavirus mania: Somebody working at LAX has tested positive for Coronavirus. Coronavirus porn is the new hot fetish on Pornhub. President Trump hasn't touched his face in weeks & it's something he misses. Italy announced that all Series A soccer games will be played in front of no fans.If you can meet a beautiful 23-year-old & you're a horrible slob like Big Ed, 90 Day Fiancé is a pretty sweet deal.Harvey Weinstein's health continues to decline the more trouble he gets into. We attempt to call the hospital he's hiding out in to inform them he's supposed to be in prison.Rated X is an underrated movie and YES, that is Emilio Estevez demanding that he comes on stage hard.A police standoff in Warren ended with no one in the house & a career criminal on the run.Prince Andrew's main move to get women is to use his mummy and her stuff. His team photo leads us down another Who's Dated Who rabbit hole. Millennials can't change a light bulbs. They also don't trust corporations, technology and other fake issues.BranDon's 1-Star Fart Review has been BLOWN OUT!
Mar 05, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 3, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer), Jim Bentley (@JimBentley22) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!No adults on the show today, Dave Mason of Traffic joins us, Timothy Hutton accused of rape, Hunter Biden is an artist, Coronavirus mania, Chris Matthews quits live on TV, AYDS, and we talk to the Gibraltar Trade Center Man's new owner.Drew was at 5% yesterday & is still recovering, so we're doing a Drew-less show while he gets better.Coronavirus Mania: Despite being sick himself, BranDon is calling Covid-19 played out & overblown. The NBA is initiating a 'fist bump' policy for players in hopes of decreasing the risk of spreading the virus. The Catholic Church is getting rid of Holy Water, Blood of Christ, and the sign of peace. The Chinese are touching feet in favor of handshakes & fist-bumps.Dave Mason of Traffic fame calls the studio to talk about his upcoming appearance at the MotorCity Soundboard March 8th.Ex-hockey & football players from University of Michigan are now listed amongst the victims of Dr. Robert Anderson aka Dr. Drop Your Drawers.A 22-year-old internet troll is getting 5 years in prison for harassing survivors of the Parkland shooting.The giant mustachioed man from the Gibraltar Trade Center was on sale & the proprietor of Flat Earth Concrete Leveling bought it for $1,200. We give Christopher a call to find out why & what plans to do with the thing.Bentley & BranDon debunk a FAKE video of a guy farting into the intercom at Walmart & a controversial 11-second fart is dividing TikTok and the studio with users questioning the authenticity of the audio. Cranking the podcast while going through the drive-thru can be a risky proposition, especially if Will Forte drops start playing.We have a tiny chub of a Boner line today. Call or text (209)-66-BONER to help keep it stiff!The Bachelor took time to reveal the horrible things that people tweet the contestants & made a soft plea to the trolls to leave everybody alone.Super Tuesday news: Crazy Bernie has some people worried. Don't invite Mike Bloomberg to a potluck. Joe Biden had some gaffes during a speech and Donald Trump was all too happy to point out his other ones.AYDS helps keep the weight off and don't forget to try Peanut Butter AYDS!Chris Matthews cancelled himself last night on Hardball. Timothy Hutton has been accused of raping a 14-year-old actress back in 1983. Hutton denies the claims & is suing BuzzFeed for putting out the story.Woody Allen has an autobiography coming out that's about 400 pages too long.Oprah Winfrey took a fall while out at an event prompting 50 Cent & Snoop Dogg to troll her on social media.A first responder tried to use Kobe's death photo as a way to pick up chicks & ended up getting busted.Spike Lee is done with home games at MSG after the New York Knicks decided to bar him from using the employee entrance.No one asked, but Hillary Clinton wants everyone to know she will not be endorsing any candidate yet.Brooks Laich revealed that he is exploring his sexuality thanks to his wife Julianne Hough on the How Men Think podcast.Meghan Markle's first post-royal public event will be the elitist MET Gala.Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are thinking of doing a movie together to bury the ghost of Gigli. Hunter Biden is trying to rehab his image now by claiming to be an artist even though every painting looks like the Coronavirus.
Mar 04, 2020
Drew And Mike – March 1, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!New Royals: Harry & Bon Jovi, Bye-Bye Boot Edge Edge, Coronavirus mania, Zavier Simpson's perfect police video, #CancelChrisMatthews, Paulina Porizkova is all yours, Bill Idol never idles and we call Harvey Weinstein's hospital to report him.Joe Biden actually won South Carolina. Bernie Sanders was so shaken that he got on the wrong plane. Some dumb non-football fans thought Garth Brooks' #20 Barry Sanders jersey was a Bernie Sanders 2020 jersey.Corona the beer is taking a hit with the perfectly named 'Coronavirus' sweeping the nation. The brewers say the beer is doing just fine.#CancelChrisMatthews is a thing after a guest on his show couldn't "do her job" thanks to his creepy comments.David Byrne performed on SNL & he thankfully did a Talking Heads song. He also appeared in a sketch that was way too long.Megxit Update: Prince Harry is collaborating with Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey Road. The opportunity also gave Bon Jovi chance to make a lame joke that made too many people laugh. Meanwhile, Meghan Markle wants to be the next Marvel super hero. All those important security guards they need aren't even staying with them.Flava Flav is pissed that Public Enemy and Chuck D sold out for Bernie Sanders.Billy Idol got a new job working for NYC's campaign against idling. He's already raised more awareness than the guy that's made it his life's mission to stop idle trucks. Harvey Weinstein is living prison life... in his hospital recliner. Now his accusers, as well as Russell Simmons', can't find work and want jobs.Paulina Porizkova is super wrinkly and super bummed that Ric Ocasek left her with NOTHING!We give Bellevue Hospital Center a call to let them know that Harvey Weinstein is supposed to be in jail and doesn't need a wheelchair.True Crime Weekend: 20/20 reminded Drew that he needs to see the killer caught in his true crime viewing. A Crime to Remember's take on Gary Krist and the crash of United Airlines Flight 629. Leading us to look at 60 Minutes' story on the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Nik Wallenda thinks he will be risking his life on Wednesday as he takes on an active volcano, but the world knows better.President Trump believes Mike Pence is the #1 choice to lead Coronavirus while critics feel he's "muzzling" the scientists.We check out the "porn" debut of Mikaela Spielberg, Steve Spielberg's daughter. She also was arrested this weekend for domestic violence.The Skull-Breaker Challenge is still rolling along while TikTok's new fad is sweet abortion videos.The body cam footage of Zavier Simpson is released and Marc feels it's a total exoneration and perfect video. Dr. Drop-Your-Pants now has over 100 complaints on the cult's hotline, including the allegations that he'd get dudes out of Vietnam for sexual favors.Breaking News: Pete Buttigieg is dropping out of the Democratic race.Want the Gibraltar Trade Center guy? Well too bad, someone else has already bought it for some mystifying reason. What time is it? Because Drew's back hurts.
Mar 02, 2020
Drew And Mike – February 27, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Bob Saget joins us, Matt reps the show on the Hall of Shame, Coronavirus freak-out, Love is Blind, Uber fart fight, McMillions, more Dr. Drop-Your-Pants victims and BranDon is too good for crust. Aunt Becky might walk free, but the Hot Pockets Heiress is going to do time.BranDon is too good to eat Pop Tart crusts, or crust of any kind for that matter.Harvey Weinstein is still milking his 'heart problems' to stay out of Riker's Island. Meanwhile, the juror that broke her silence is in hiding because of death threats.Drew's seems to be the one that watches Lights Out with David Spade & it's starting to make him think the show sucks.Bob Saget calls in to promote his upcoming appearance at the Royal Oak Music Theater, May 13th.Coronavirus freak-out update: There's now a California Coronavirus case without a link to anyone that traveled abroad. Millions of people are buying useless face masks. SIST: Corona beer is experiencing the AYDS bar phenomenon.Pope Francis will have none of the 'kissing the ring' tradition so don't even try.Breaking News: Skai Jackson has filed a restraining order on Bhad Bhabie over a Twitter death threat.Drew is preemptively dumping Lori Vallow, who is currently being held on $5M bail in association with the disappearance of her two children, because she has turned ugly with only 3 days in jail.#TimesUp on U of M & Dr. Drop-Your-Pants-Anderson who is currently facing charges from beyond the grave for sexually assaulting multiple students.The Michigan Department of Corrections just settled a lawsuit to the tune of $80M for the sexual abuse perpetrated on minors who were placed in the general population with adults.The latest McMillions on HBO shows how nobody ended up getting rich & some of the most ridicKulous people were put in possession of the winning pieces.Love is Blind is Drew's new favorite binge watch right after Married at First Sight & 90 Day Fiancé.Rod Blagojevich slid right out of prison & straight into the Cameo family along with "Barnett" & Robert Wagner.Listener Matthew represented the podcast big time on the latest Hall of Shame with Rob Wolchek. Apparently farting is grounds for you Uber driver cancelling your ride... the racism doesn't help either.A judge has nixed Hunter Biden's attempt to play hooky for a custody hearing regarding his 2-year-old love child.
Feb 28, 2020
Drew And Mike – February 26, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Pete Davidson's Netflix special & interview, Trump's Coronavirus Q&A, add informant to murderer Kenyel Brown's resume, boring John Legend endorses Liz Warren, Bhad Bhabie's internet fight and a Weinstein juror speaks out... about his weiner. Coronavirus news: Drew consulted the smartest person he knows, his brother, about how worried he should be about all this Coronavirus business. Another cruise is floating aimlessly because one person has the virus, at least Jim Bakker has the cure that you can buy, but only from his website.In case you missed it on the ML Soul of Detroit podcast yesterday, the piece of garbage is returning to the Detroit Free Press.Adult video connoisseur & serial killer Kenyel Brown was also a federal informant.Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof hasn't been having a great time in prison, so he wrote a letter & staged a hunger strike.Ramon Ward was an innocent man that served 25 years based on testimony of two bogus informants that testified in multiple other cases.We're calling Adult News again to try to connect with the hero janitor who is responsible for busting serial killer Kenyel Brown, but it turns out the janitor can't take personal calls.Breaking News: The Chinese version of the CDC has announced that farts are not able to transmit the Coronavirus... unless some very specific variables are met.Chris Hansen has gone from busting pedophiles to tricking guys into sleeping with their girlfriend's mom & then exposing them on camera.Aaron Carter made an OnlyFans account so people can watch him bang his hot girlfriend.Good morning dimples guy is Instagram cheating on Ann Marie LaFlamme with Ali Hoxie.Bhad Bhabie is mad at somebody named Skai Jackson for "poaching dudes" from her social media.Pete Davidson has new Netflix special that isn't so great. He gave a bizarre interview to Charlamagne Tha God, but if you dare say anything to him, he hides behind one of his various 'shields'.The Democratic debate last night was a total mess... led by CBS.If you haven't already, be sure to call/text the Boner Line at (209)-66-Boner to submit your separated at births, recklessly speculate on Drew, or just BIIIITCH about everything.Drew's been trying to unwind from politics by listening to the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast.Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes went all Aaron Lewis from Staind on a live audience that was being too loud for his acoustic set.Johnny Depp's attorneys accidentally leaked some pretty rough text messages venting about Amber Heard to various friends.A juror gives us some insight on Harvey Weinstein's weird looking wiener, leading to a debate on whose weird penis you would most want to see.The grandfather that dropped his grandson on a cruise pled guilty to negligent homicide ship. Doomsday podcaster Lori Vallow really wants her bond lowered because she said she's not a flight risk despite the fact that she has fled in the past. Meanwhile, her husband/podcast co-host Chad Daybell gave a gas station interview.Val Kilmer has recorded his first Cameo and it's very sad, but not in a funny way.President Trump had a press conference to show the world how well he's handling Cornovirus concerns.Mike Pence spoke in Troy and people were filming with their cameras for some reason.Happy anniversary Llama chase!
Feb 27, 2020
Drew And Mike – February 25, 2020
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Detroit serial killer caught thanks to a porno shop janitor, Coronavirus infecting the stock market, another De La Salle student charged, Pete Davidson v. Louis CK, Ashley Graham breastfeeding and Joe Biden's still losing it. While you were losing $500 in the stock market, Mark Zuckerberg lost $5B. Today's crash brought to you by the CDC who said to "prepare for a disruption" in your life thanks to the Coronavirus.Joe Biden broke news that he's running for "US Senate". If you don't like him there apparently you can vote for another Biden.After dropping the NDAs that Elizabeth Warren asked him to, it should be fun seeing Mini Mike Bloomberg in the debates tonight.Drew is hot on the case of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar marrying her brother to get him citizenship. We need sexual "notary public" to verify all marriages.Kobe memorial update: Merch from the memorial event is the hot item to scalp right now on eBay. Beyonce brought her own photographers to the service & strongly enforced a no photo policy from everybody else.The coronavirus may end up cancelling the upcoming Olympics in July.Suspected serial killer Kenyel Brown shot himself after police caught him at a porn store in Oak Park. We call around to the stores on 8 Mile to honor the hero that ID'd the murderer.A 5th student has been charged in the Warren De La Salle hazing scandal.A student from Mumford High School in Detroit drowned & the teacher responsible for supervising has been placed on leave.Harvey Weinstein was sent to Riker's Island, but managed to get a temporary detour to the hospital due to chest pains. President Trump has some normal thoughts on Harvey's verdict. Harvey Weinstein's ex Georgina Chapman has moved on to a new guy that wants his sloppy seconds.Congratulations to Matt Farley who had his song The Mardi Gras Party Fun Song named the official song of Mardi Gras. The award for "Best Mardi Gras Float" goes to the "Epstein didn't kill himself" float.Glenn Beck is going all Alex Jones & trying to start a conspiracy about the death of a President Obama era whistleblower. Bob Iger is stepping down from Disney at the end of 2020, but not from getting paid by Disney.Harvey Weinstein's lawyer Donna Rotunno has full faith that Harvey has never sexually assaulted a soul & her proof is her paycheck.Thomas Markle broke his 2-day silence to let the world know that his daughter dumped him & it's a dern shame.Pete Davidson did an interview with Charlamagne Tha God where he played victim & decided to attack Louis CK.Ashley Graham has been sharing photos of herself breastfeeding on IG to prove she's a great mom.Cardi B 'taking a fart' is one of the most entertaining things Drew has seen from the singer.The "Hot Pocket Heiress" was sentenced to 5-months as part of the college admissions bribery scandal.Artie Lange missed a couple standup dates because he was sick, but due because of his history people are prone to reckless speculation that he's fallen off the wagon.We call Tammy from Adult News to find out more about Kenyel Brown's visit to the store & how the janitor ended up making the bust.Rod Meloni is on the story of a Michigan judge that tried to get preferential treatment during a DUI arrest in Northern Michigan. Kareem Hunt managed to get a sweeter deal than the Wayne County Judge arrested for DUI & the media is still ignoring the story.OJ Simpson has thoughts about the league switching to 17 game seasons & he cracks himself up."Katie's Law"' helped solve a murder in New Mexico that otherwise would've gone unsolved.Virgins are ruining the Fantasy Suite on The Bachelor.The requests are piling up for Drew to watch Hot & Heavy on TLC.Marc is pretty into Cheer, a Netflix documentary on college cheerleading.Joe Biden really doesn't seem to care about his run for Senate President.
Feb 26, 2020
Drew And Mike – February 24, 2020
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Brandon McAfee (@Pro_Duecer) are here today!Kobe's memorial in LA, judge tells Harvey Weinstein "guilty... peace", RATM's first concert, a book on Blondie (and Bowie's dong), Gen Z in the workplace, new Bonerline and the Coronavirus has Drew on edge.The memorial for Kobe Bryant, his daughter and 7 others was a massive event at the Staple Center and the production gets high praise. Despite tribute day, Kobe's family is suing the helicopter pilot's company out of existence.The Coronavirus is starting to get Drew a little freaked out as it's leading to ghost towns and is putting a hit on the stock market.Bachelor Pete just wants to nail 3 hotties in the Fantasy Suite, but it appears to become a predictable mess.Jimmy Kimmel is a crier & Kobe's memorial was no exception. Michael Jordan let the waterworks fly as well and predicts the Jordan Cry Meme 2.0.There have been plenty of televised funerals held in the past, but Princess Diana & Michael Jackson had huge ratings. Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of 2 counts of rape after the jury deliberated for nearly a week and gets his ass sent straight to Rikers Island.Rage Against the Machine's first concert at Cal State Northridge was more sparsely attended than the Final Countdown cover band.Judas Priest just announced a tour to cash in on their 50th anniversary. Debbie Harry's autobiography, Face It, has a ton of great rock stories including one about David Bowie's huge dong.NY 77: The Coolest Year In Hell is a great documentary that covers looting, Son of Sam & the burning of the Bronx.A Jimi Hendrix historian managed to track down a little kid who was in a photo from a 1969 concert.John Oates claims that there were thousands of rock & roll groupie crumbs for him to pick up during his run with Hall & Oates.Elon Musk has no say when it comes to the pro-nouns of his future baby.Drew couldn't be less interested in the Friends reunion on HBO that is not a reboot but more of a Q&A with Ellen DeGeneres.After threatening Gayle King only weeks ago, Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart hosted an episode of Ellen.Jussie Smollett showed up to his indictment with an entourage of supporters who continue to maintain the Empire actor's innocence.Pete Davidson thinks he's outgrown SNL & everybody is against him.Ozzy Osbourne has released his first album since getting sober & it ROCKS!Companies are hiring generational consultants to help Gen Z adapt to the workplace. Guess which Gen Z consultants get a mention?Nobody on the Boner Line can tell the difference between BranDon & Bentley's dulcet tones. If you'd rather hear yourself talk, call or text (209)-66-BONER & make it all about you sweetheart.Bernie Sanders was on 60 Minutes last night unveiling his idea for free daycare for all. He's also fending off attacks that he loves Fidel Castro. Meanwhile, Michael Bloomberg has released 3 women from NDA's & now the wait is on to hear what horrible stuff Mini Mike may have done.Prince Harry & Meghan Markle aren't going to use their Royal titles but want everyone to know that they could if they wanted to because the Queen doesn't tell them what to do.Playing For Change's version of The Weight featuring Robbie Robertson, Ringo Starr & countries from all over the world is solid.A 38-year-old busted hiding cameras in a local tanning salon was charged with eavesdropping. Turns out, he's not new to the game.Koco McAboy is leaving WDIV & taking her talents to LA and WXYZ is losing Anu Prakash after this week.The Wolverines and Spartans jumped back into the polls.Check out the latest episode of No Filter Sports, as Rocky Colavito joins Eli, Denny & Bob to talk baseball, sign-stealing and yell at each other.
Feb 25, 2020