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Being a person is hard, and The Lazy Genius Podcast is here to help you be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. From laundry to cooking chicken to making new friends, Kendra is here to welcome you into an easier way.

Episode Date
#70: The Lazy Genius Welcomes Fall

School is about to start, but it's still technically summer. How do we transition between seasons and schedules and stay present and all the things we hope for? Enjoy this episode about welcoming fall without aggressively leaving summer behind.

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Aug 13, 2018
#69: The Lazy Genius Summer Detox

August feels crazy because it is crazy. We're one step into summer, one step into fall, and feel like we're going to fall over. Plus, our kids have been with us for 578 years and we need a break. In this episode, let's reset our minds and change our posture a little. It's okay for motherhood to be hard, but it doesn't have to paint the entire picture. If you're home with kids, this episode is especially for you. 

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Aug 06, 2018
#68: The Lazy Genius Tries New Things

In this last episode of the summer, I share the gift of trying new things. We're often afraid of failing, but if we fail to build up our Try New Things muscle, those new things we so desperately long for will be harder to find. 

Hear what I'm working on this summer, what new things have entered my life, and why this summer break is part of that. I hope you try some new things, too!

Jun 18, 2018
#67: The Lazy Genius Shops at the Farmers Market

The farmers market is a lovely place, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Do you haggle? Are the farmers mad when you buy from somebody else? How do you know if you like something or not? In this episode, all of your farmers market questions will be answered, and if they're not, join me on Instagram @thelazygenius to ask yours.

Jun 11, 2018
#66: The Lazy Genius Yard Sale

Yard sales sound good in theory, but the piles of stuff, mean hagglers, and rainy mornings ruin everything. Is it possible to have a yard sale and not hate the entire process? Definitely. In this episode, you'll be set up for yard sale success from organizing your stuff, signs, haggling, pricing, and everything in between. 

Jun 04, 2018
#65: The Lazy Genius Summer Strategy: Food

What if you don't have a grill? What if you hate salad? What if your kids run purely on snack bar fries and won't eat anything you make? Let's take a super quick trip down Summer Food Tip Road. Even if you just take one tip from this, that one tip could make a huge difference. Listen in and find one that works for your life.

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Download the transcript for this episode!

And check out the giant blog post with every summer tip I have!

May 28, 2018
#64: The Lazy Genius Summer Strategy: Routine

Sure, summer needs a routine but not quite the kind you might think. I'm not pulling a fast one; I really mean a different kind of routine. Listen in to get some new ideas.

Companion Episodes:

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Check out Hope*Writers! The membership window closes this week!

May 21, 2018
#63: The Lazy Genius Summer Strategy: Time

We're looking at the summer as one huge batch of time, but breaking it down into categories helps. In this episode, let's look at all the ways you (and your kids) can spend your time so you don't confuse them and always feel tired.

Companion Episodes:

Download a transcript for this episode!

May 14, 2018
#62: The Lazy Genius Summer Strategy: Mindset

Even now in May, summer already feels overwhelming. We want to get a lot done, rest, have time alone and away from our kids, and figure out the perfect balance between structure and freedom. While that balance might not actually exist, a new mindset can certainly help you try. 

In this, the first episode in a four-part series, we're going to develop a strategy for the summer, and as always around here, we begin with a little reframing. Listen in.

Stuff Mentioned In This Episode:

May 07, 2018
#61: The Lazy Genius Exercise Routine

We need some reframing when it comes to exercise. If you love working out, you might not find this topic necessary. If you think working out is the worst, you're probably girding your loins against the incoming guilt. 

In The Lazy Genius Exercise Routine, you'll get zero guilt. In fact, I think you'll feel free to approach exercise in a way that makes sense without feeling like you have to look like an Olympian. 

Stuff Mentioned In the Episode:

Apr 30, 2018
#60: The Lazy Genius Cleaning Routine

We've talked about how to clean bathrooms and kitchens, how to do laundry, how to spring clean, tidy, and clean our house without hating it. Is there really more to talk about? Actually, yes. 

In The Lazy Genius Cleaning Routine, we figure out how to create an actual routine, a rhythm for keeping your house relatively clean on a relatively regular basis. 

Apr 23, 2018
#59: The Lazy Genius Evening Routine

A good evening routine sets the stage for the next morning. It's like a game of life dominoes; we just need to knock over the right one. Learn how to slowly build an evening routine that gradually decreases your productive energy and helps you connect with yourself and the people around you.

Stuff Mentioned In This Episode:

Apr 09, 2018
#58: The Lazy Genius Morning Routine

When we start the day with the right energy, sometimes things go better than we expect. How we develop a morning routine? Maybe not quite what you expect. Have a listen, and create mornings that make you feel like yourself.

Stuff Mentioned In This Episode:

Apr 02, 2018
#57: The Lazy Genius Guide to Roasting Stuff

Roasting is one of the best skills to have in your cooking arsenal, and there's virtually no actual skill required. You just need a three basic rules and the cheatsheet below. Listen to an episode that is guaranteed to change the ease with which you get dinner on the table. 

Stuff Mentioned In This Episode:

Don't forget to grab your free roasting cheatsheet!

Mar 26, 2018
#56: The Lazy Genius Makes Salad

Salads made by someone else are almost always better than ones we make ourselves. Let's remedy that, shall we? Learn the three salad rules and how to go from Matt Saracen salad to Tim Riggins salad. 

Stuff Mentioned In This Episode:

Mar 19, 2018
#55: The Lazy Genius Bakes Bread

Bread is one of the oldest, best foods around. I have no scientific evidence of this, but it feels right. You can't really Lazy Genius bread, but you can start with great principles and have a better chance at great bread sooner than you think.

Stuff from this episode:

Mar 12, 2018
#54: The Lazy Genius Makes Soup

Soup is one of the most comforting foods around, but we often just dump everything into a pot and let it simmer for a few hours. There's a better (and quicker) way! Listen to The Lazy Genius Makes Soup and up your soup game big time. 

And if you want to see the soup-making process in action, check out the video!


Helpful links:

Mar 05, 2018
Bonus: The Lazy Sisters Podcast Preview

Kendra and Hannah are real life sisters keeping you from real bad choices. The Lazy Sisters Podcast is launching on Patreon this week, and here's a quick preview. 

I appreciate all of your support for The Lazy Genius Podcast, and this new show is a fun way to say thank you for that support. Head to Patreon to find out more about how you can get more of these episodes and keep The Lazy Genius Podcast going at the same time.

Mar 01, 2018
#53: The Lazy Genius Cooks Chicken

Cooking chicken is basically required to be a human, so let's do it right! In this episode, you'll get a rundown of the main cuts of chicken available at the store, what grade I give them, and then a rundown of all the cooking methods you can choose.

Stuff from this episode:

Feb 26, 2018
#52: The Lazy Genius Spring Cleans

Spring cleaning is just doing the things we don't do on a regular basis, and you don't have to reserve a horrible weekend to make it happen. In this episode, figure out the three steps to doing spring cleaning the Lazy Genius way. 

Mentioned in the episode:

Feb 19, 2018
#51: The Lazy Genius Cleans the Bathroom
Feb 12, 2018
#50: The Lazy Genius Tidies the House

Tidying the house isn't cleaning the house; it's making it look clean. If you want some tips and perspective on the best tool in your Lazy Genius cleaning arsenal, this episode is for you.

Mentioned in the episode:

Feb 05, 2018
#49: The Lazy Genius Home

We often define our home by it's style, but that's only a piece of the puzzle and a dangerous place to start... unless you're ready to spend a million dollars at Target. In this episode, explore the three components of any home, no matter where you live or who you live with, and how naming them can enhance your life in significant ways.

Mentioned in this episode and/or helpful thoughts on home:

Jan 29, 2018
#48: The Lazy Genius and Time Management

We don't have to mechanize our schedules to stay on top of our days. Learn three pillars of Lazy Genius time management as well as my favorite time-saving Lazy Genius Tip of the Week that's basic but so helpful in the rhythm of life.

Stuff Mentioned In This Episode:

Join me on Instagram every Thursday at 12:15pm EST to talk about that week's episode!


Jan 22, 2018
#47: The Lazy Genius Finds Her Purpose

Setting goals is tough without an overall purpose. Practically find yours with a tiny bit of Oprah woo-woo thrown in.

Stuff mentioned in the episode:

Jan 15, 2018
#46: The Lazy Genius Loses Weight
Jan 08, 2018
#45: The Lazy Genius Sets Goals

It's a fresh start unicorn! January 1st AND it's a Monday! Before we jump on the roller coaster of goal-failing I mean goal-setting, let's talk. It's time to reframe our goals so we actually become the people we want to, Lazy Genius style. 

Stuff mentioned in the episode:

I'll be live on Instagram Thursday, January 4th, to talk about the episode and to show you the planners I've tried and quit. That journal/notebook/planner graveyard is growing by the day, you guys. 

Jan 01, 2018
#44: The Lazy Genius Bakes for the Holidays

Today's episode is about baking during the holidays, but there is not a single recipe or tip in sight. You might have just swiped to delete, but I sure hope not. Listen before you bake, friends. It might make your holidays a little sweeter. (Get it? I'll show myself out.)

After you listen, check out this post for my holiday baking roundup - recipes, tips, and the correct temperature of butter amen. 

This is the last episode of 2017! If you're interested in hearing my roundup of the year (favorite books, etc.), be sure to join the mailing list. Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Dec 18, 2017
#43: The Lazy Genius and Self Care

It's easy to lose ourselves in the holidays... which is why we so look forward to the clean start of January. But do we have to wait with our shoulders clenched, crossing our fingers that we can present with the month also finishing quickly? I hope not, but you know. In this episode, let's talk about what it means to take care of ourselves during a busy season. Spas are optional.


Some of my favorite self-care items:

Dec 11, 2017
#42: The Lazy Genius Hosts a Holiday Party

Don't be afraid. It can be really fun to host a party, so if you're thinking of sliding one into your December calendar, I've got you covered.

Stuff Mentioned:

Dec 04, 2017
#41: The Lazy Genius Guide to Holiday Giving

It's time to start buying for people, and while it's incredibly fun, we can inject a lot of stress into it, too. In this episode, we'll breeze through budgeting, how to choose a gift, and talk in detail about kids and gifts. As you can see, the links for this episode are plentiful, so read, listen, and get a better handle on how to give without feeling like Scrooge.

​​​​​​​If you're looking for specific gift ideas, I'll send out an extensive gift guide to the mailing list this weekend, so sign up by December 2, 2017 to get yours!

Nov 27, 2017
#40: The Lazy Genius Navigates Family Tension

Spending entire days with your family over the holidays can sometimes feel a little tense. There's a lot of history and things unsaid - or very loudly and aggressively said - and those car rides home can be little venting therapy sessions where you try and get your peace back. In this episode, we talk about how to leave those family gatherings with your peace still intact and maybe even an improved relationship along the way. 

Mentioned in the episode:

Nov 20, 2017
#39: The Lazy Genius Hosts Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving sounds great in theory but terrifying in execution. So many dishes. So much pressure. And the turkey! What if the turkey is horrible or raw or dry enough to sand the deck? 

In this episode, I share the three keys to hosting success plus ten of my favorite practical tips. You can do this.

Don't forget to check out the only turkey recipe you'll ever need, and this Sunday I'll email The Lazy Genius Collective mailing list everything I have to say about Thanksgiving. Don't miss it, and join here!

Nov 13, 2017
#38: The Lazy Genius Practices Thankfulness

It feels right to give thanks in November, but it also feels forced and annoying sometimes. Let's get back to the basics of gratitude and actually enjoy a season of giving thanks. No daily journals of thanks necessary. 

Need all The Lazy Genius there is? Visiting your inbox is my favorite and might just become yours. Check out the mailing list here.

Nov 06, 2017
#37: The Lazy Genius Budgets

We want to save money, have extraordinary experiences, and not stress from paycheck to paycheck. But how? I share the four pillars of a Lazy Genius budget and a peek into our personal family budget and how we put it together, so listen in and grab some ideas for your own budget.

And don't forget to read specifically about budgeting during the holidays on the blog this week!

Oct 30, 2017
#36: The Lazy Genius Conquers Holiday Overwhelm

In this episode of The Lazy Genius Podcast, you'll learn the one life-giving decision that makes the holidays come alive again, no stress needed. 

Instagram: @thelazygenius

Oct 23, 2017
#35: The Lazy Genius Holiday Game Plan

It's possible to move through the holidays without going crazy. Your stuff and family are safe from your wrath if we can holiday game plan now!

After you game plan, check out How to Plan Your Holiday Calendar and get practical. And don't forget your game plan cheatsheet!

Oct 16, 2017
#34: The Lazy Genius Organizes a Home

In this episode, I'll share the five organizing personalities and how you could totally be organizing your home wrong. Ain't nobody got time for that. Let's be Lazy Geniuses about our homes!

Stuff Mentioned in the Episode:

THIS WEEK ONLY, I'm releasing a mini-course on how to declutter for life. I want to help you clear a path through your stuff and create a home you love, a home you won't have to purge every year like you do now. It's only available until Sunday, October 15th, so please don't miss your chance!

Oct 09, 2017
#33: The Lazy Genius Shops at Costco

This week, we talk about the benefits of Costco and the best items to buy (and skip) when you're shopping. 

Here are all the things mentioned in the episode:

And don't forget to join me on Instagram @thelazygenius this Thursday at 12:15pm EST to talk more about Costco and get your questions answered!

Oct 02, 2017
#32: The Lazy Genius Cleans the Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of many homes, and when it's a wreck, we're not above contemplating arson. In this episode, you'll learn the Lazy Genius order to cleaning the kitchen. Yes, there's an order. 

There's also a free printable of the order for your fridge so you won't forget it, no matter how many brain cells your children have taken.

Enjoy the episode! And if you do, consider passing it along to a friend. The world needs more Lazy Geniuses.

Sep 25, 2017
#31: The Lazy Genius Makes a Smoothie

Yes, we all know what a smoothie is, but in this episode, we'll dig deeper into smoothies than you ever thought possible. Why do we drink them? When should we drink them? What's the actual best way to make them? I've got you covered... in smoothie.

Show Notes: 

Follow me on Instagram this Thursday (September 21st) at 12:15pm ET to talk smoothies LIVE.

Sep 18, 2017
#30: The Lazy Genius Bullet Journals

You've heard lots of talk, seen all the photos on Pinterest, but let's figure out how to Bullet Journal for regular people.

Show Notes

Have questions? Join me on Instagram this Thursday at 12:30pm ET! I'll be on live to answer any questions you have. See you then!

Sep 11, 2017
#29: The Lazy Genius Finds a Fall Rhythm

I'm back after my summer break (party emoji!) and easing into a fall rhythm. If you need one, too, this episode is all over it. 


We'll identify what parts of your life need a rhythm, how to find your reason for creating one, and five practical questions to get started. 

Show Notes

Follow me on Instagram @thelazygenius. Every Thursday at 12:30pm we do an Instagram Live to talk about that week's episode, so come hang out!

Sep 04, 2017
#28: The Lazy Genius Creates Space

Join me on Instagram @thelazygenius.

Jul 03, 2017
#27: The Lazy Genius Movie Night

1. Get ideas from Pinterest!

The Lazy Genius Movie Night Pinterest Board

2. Here are a few things mentioned in the episode.

Jun 26, 2017
#26: The Lazy Genius Grills

1. Get grilling ideas from Pinterest.

The Lazy Genius Grills Pinterest Board

2. Check out what you heard in the episode.

Jun 19, 2017
#25: The Lazy Genius Bakes Cookies

1. Get my favorite Lazy Genius cookie baking tools!

2. Get extra baking tips.

Here's a baking miniseries I did awhile back.

3. Bake the best cookies ever. 

Jun 05, 2017
#24 - The Lazy Genius Thinks Differently About Cooking

1. Read some stuff that goes with the episode.

2. Become a Lazy Genius one weekly email at a time.

Need some encouragement to be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't? The Lazy Genius Collective mailing list gets the best stuff. Join here!

May 29, 2017
#23: The Lazy Genius Reads

1. Read what was mentioned.

2. Get book recommendations every month.

If you're part of The Lazy Genius Collective, you get an exhaustive and awesome list of book/show/podcast recommendations every month. It's so nice to have someone do the searching for you. 

May 22, 2017
#22: The Lazy Genius Goes on a Date Night

1. Read a few things that were mentioned.

2. Release the guilt in other areas by becoming a Lazy Genius.

Join The Lazy Genius Collective. Your inbox and your sanity will thank you.

May 15, 2017
#21: The Lazy Genius Does Laundry

Stuff that's mentioned...

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May 08, 2017
#20: The Lazy Genius Makes Tomato Sauce

1. What's mentioned and what's helpful...

2. Don't miss an episode again.

Have you subscribed yet? New episodes are released every Monday morning, so do the Lazy Genius thing and have them pop into your phone automatically. Head here to make it happen with one click. Or if you're already in your podcast app, hit subscribe! I'm so happy you're here!

May 01, 2017
#19: The Lazy Genius Gets Dressed

1. Check out the stuff mentioned in the episode!

2. All of your suggestions of where to shop!

  • Anthropologie Pilcro Shorts - recommended by a TON of you and lauded as life-changers
  • Nordstrom Rack - literally dozens and dozens of recommendations
  • J. Jill - lots of mentions and even more disclaimers that it's not all "old lady" clothes :)
  • Loft - possibly the highest number of recommendations, especially for basics and during sales
  • JCrew - many of you swear by their shorts and t-shirt dresses
  • Madewell - responsibly sourced and just trendy enough
  • Lularoe - a lot of you sing the praises of their leggings and casual dresses
  • a handful mentioned these drawstring linen pants from Nordstrom as their summer go-to
  • Boden - beautiful, classy investment pieces
  • the most intriguing suggestion - raw silk tees that cost a fortune but look UHMAZING and last forever
  • Lou & Grey - with the tagline "Clothing for a Comfortably Confident Life" and reasonable prices, this brand could be a new favorite
  • a vocal minority were all in for Title Nine shorts
  • Garnet Hill - pricey but some great natural fiber pieces, especially if you can grab them on sale
  • A.N.A. from JCPenney - I've actually gotten a few pieces from this brand, and it's a great one... although I recommend trying stuff on in the store or getting in-store returns since they tend to look differently on your own human body than in the photos.
  • Talbots - an oldie but to many of you a goodie
  • a couple of shout-outs for the Lands End polo dresses

3. Get the 7 Steps to a Lazy Genius Closet.

Apr 24, 2017
#18: The Lazy Genius Raises a New Baby

1. Read some posts to make the episode even better!

2. In case you want more of the record player stuff...

I talked about a record player... we were given a Crosley three-speed last year similar to this one but in teal. And our go-to record right now? The soundtrack from La La Land. Bonkers good. And if you like moody background music, this one by S. Carey is a personal favorite that's on repeat A LOT.

3. Get your freebie from the episode!

Apr 17, 2017
#17: The Lazy Genius Cleans the House

1. Read this week's Lazy Genius post!

One of my favorite things I've ever written: Who's Your Cleaning Spirit Animal?

2. Check out the stuff mentioned!

3. Get your Ten Principles of Keeping a Home freebie!

Apr 10, 2017
#16: The Lazy Genius Puts Stuff On the Wall

1. Check out the Pinterest board!

A good start on ideas for your walls as well as examples of The Rule of One.

2. Here are the posts and items mentioned in the episode.

3. Join The Lazy Genius Collective!

Get encouragement in your inbox. The best stuff goes to the mailing list, so I hope you join us!

Apr 03, 2017
#15: The Lazy Genius Fixes Breakfast

1. Read a few Lazy Genius breakfast posts.

2. Check out the Pinterest board.

A great place to start with ideas for sweet and savory items, toast toppings, and more. Use these to start your own board of ideas!

3. Never miss another Lazy Genius moment.

Every Sunday afternoon, I send you an email so we can stay friends, and occasionally those emails include sneak peeks, early access, and any other perk friends get. I would absolutely love for you to join this community. I'm honored by every single one of you.

Mar 27, 2017
#14: The Lazy Genius Survives a Class Party
Mar 20, 2017
#13: The Lazy Genius Makes a Friend

A few things for after you listen...

Mar 13, 2017
#12: The Lazy Genius Buys a Gift

In this episode, I share ways to come up with great gift ideas and actually remember them.

After you listen and what you heard when you did:

Mar 06, 2017
#11: The Lazy Genius Shops at Aldi

You should be shopping at Aldi, and if you already are, you could be shopping smarter! Kendra shares her favorite tips and items from the store that saves us all so much money.

For after you listen:

  • Bizarro Meal Prep That Changes the Game - my personal take on not wasting anything, especially with all that inexpensive Aldi produce
  • Smoothie Booster Cubes - all of those extra greens get blended up with hippie seeds and powders and frozen into cubes for quick and healthy smoothie making
  • If you like what you hear and don't want to miss another thing, join the mailing list! I promise to keep my visits to your inbox purposeful and super fun. Welcome to the Lazy Genius family!
  • Follow Kendra on Instagram @thelazygenius
Mar 04, 2017
#10: Fictional Lazy Geniuses with Emily P. Freeman

Emily and Kendra talk again but this time about their favorite lazy geniuses on television. Spoiler: a lot of them are jerks or kind of annoying. What does that mean?! But really they're just people who don't spend a lot of time worrying about what others think, and that can't be bad. Do your favorites make the list? 

Where to find Emily:
Instagram: @emilypfreeman
Emily P. Freeman online

Where to find Kendra:
Instagram: @thelazygenius
The Lazy Genius Collective online

Jul 05, 2016
#9: Uncovering Your Creative Rhythm with Emily P. Freeman

Emily Freeman is the perfect balance of boss lady and soul whisperer. She gets stuff done and has the work to prove it but her goal is to create space for your soul to breathe, and our souls can't breathe if we're drowning in hustle. Listen as Emily and Kendra talk about the difference in dreaming about your ideas and actually making them happen, how they get in their own creative rhythms, and how you can, too. 

Where to find Emily:

Instagram: @emilypfreeman
Emily P. Freeman online

Where to find Kendra:

Instagram: @thelazygenius
The Lazy Genius Collective

Jun 28, 2016
#8: A Lazy Genius Marriage with Kaz Adachi

He didn't own a cell phone until 2014, he does a mean Cookie Monster impression, and he's the laziest of all geniuses. In this episode, Kendra talks with her husband about their lazy genius marriage and the torrid story of how they met. It's a little scandalous.

Where to find Kaz:

Nowhere. He's an Internet hermit.

Where to find Kendra:

Instagram: @thelazygenius
Visit Kendra online at The Lazy Genius Collective.

Jun 21, 2016
#7: Finding Your Home's Personality with Addie Jones

Introducing the coolest girl ever with the coolest job ever. Addie Jones is a stylist, decorator, and creative ninja. She's also incredibly kind and generous with her ideas and encouragement. Kendra and Addie chat about her jobs, the craziest thing she's ever hung in an Anthro store, and how to see your house with fresh eyes.

Where to find Addie...

Her design business Twine and Twill
Pinterest: /twineandtwill
Instagram: @twineandtwill

Jun 14, 2016
#6: Raising Boys with Chad Smith

Do you love The Nester? Not as much as this guy. Chad Smith is husband to The Nester and has been a teacher, youth pastor, coach, and dad to three teenage boys. He knows a lot about parenting and grace and people, and you'll learn a lot from his insights.

Where to find Chad:

Chad's Instagram: @chadsmithis
Site for Mantime 
Instagram for Mantime: @mantimeus

Where to find Kendra:

Instagram: @thelazygenius
Want to be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't? Check out The Lazy Genius Collective online. 

Jun 07, 2016
#5: Lazy Genius Baking with Jamie Golden

Jamie Golden, co-host of The Popcast, joins Kendra to talk baking. They share tips to help you not wash dishes ever again, how to make cupcakes that will change your life, and how chafing helps you remember the difference between baking powder and baking soda.

Where to find Jamie:

Instagram: @jamiebgolden
Twitter: @jamiebgolden
The Popcast with Knox and Jamie

Where to find Kendra:

Instagram: @thelazygenius
Join The Lazy Genius Collective and always be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't.

May 31, 2016
#4: Giving Up On Perfect with Mary Carver

Funny, honest, and a real Lazy Genius, Mary and Kendra have a conversation about kids, goals, marriage, and everything in between. Sometimes it's hard to be a person, and Mary gets that. She also makes you feel okay for not liking it all the time.

Where to find Mary:

Mary's blog: Giving Up on Perfect
Mary's Instagram: @marycarver
Mary's Facebook: /givinguponperfect
Mary's book: Choose Joy


May 24, 2016
#3: Raising Imperfect Teenagers with Meg Duerksen

Meg is creative, chill, and a mom of five teenagers. In this episode, she candidly and generously shares her experiences in parenting grown people who still live in your house. Her words are kind, honest, and freeing. I can't wait for you to listen to this episode and get encouragement from Meg. 

Meg's post on raising teenagers that we all didn't know we desperately needed.

Meg's amazing Instagram feed that will make you so happy: @megduerksen

Follow Kendra on Instagram @thelazygenius.

May 17, 2016
#2: Television Cheat Sheet with Nick Flora

Ever wish you had a television cheat sheet? Everyone keeps talking about this show and that show, and you simply don't have the brain cells to keep up. Today, Kendra and her pop culture brother Nick Flora are here to help. They break down the most popular television shows and give you all you need to know, including mic drop lines you can throw into a conversation even if you've never seen an episode. It's television Cliffs Notes at their finest, so you're welcome. 

Plus, they take a surprising tangent down early 90s Christian culture memory lane, so have fun if you fit that demographic.

Where to find Kendra:
Instagram @thelazygenius
The Lazy Genius Collective

Where to find Nick:
Twitter: @nickflora
Instagram: @nickflora
His music, tour dates, podcast, and all of it:

May 12, 2016
#1: How to Embrace Change with Emily V. Gordon

Emily is a therapist turned comedy writer who has been through more change than most of us experience in five lifetimes. If you've ever wondered what it's like to take a big (or little) leap when it comes to changing your life, this conversation with Emily is for you.

How to connect with Kendra:

Instagram: @thelazygenius
The Lazy Genius Collective

How to connect with Emily:

Twitter: @emilyvgordon
Her book: Super You - Release Your Inner Superhero
The movie she wrote with her husband about their early relationship that's getting crazy reviews and is fantastic: The Big Sick


May 10, 2016
Introducing The Lazy Genius Podcast!
Used with permission.

Used with permission.

It's finally here! Welcome to season one of The Lazy Genius podcast! 

Listen to a sneak peek of what's coming over the next ten episodes, and while you wait for them, go ahead and hop on iTunes or your favorite podcast app and subscribe to this podcast! And once you have a listen and like what you hear, do me a kindness and leave a review. The more stars and words and downloads the show gets, the more people will find it. And don't we want more people to be Lazy Geniuses? Of course we do. 

I'm so glad you're here! Enjoy listening!

May 06, 2016