By David Lee Roth

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 Apr 24, 2019


Official Website of David Lee Roth.

Episode Date
#27: The street of dreams,

The street of dreams,

Every bet a sure thing,

Savage Streets,

Gang Girls and dream peddlers,

Orgy Town,

2 hot for hell,

Fraternity of Shame,

V is for Vegas,

Sweet as sin and twice as dangerous,

..Vegas was just the sales girl, her product was depravity,

The musky fragrance of sativa clung to her lips,

In that strange, savage world of night, Roth was the undisputed king. 

Oct 01, 2019
#26 um-um-um-um-um-um-um!


78 RPM



This is why we have matinees..

I always though Garfunkel had the best name

If you’re going to San Fransisco..

Big Mamma Joplin

Desafinado (Out of Tune)

The heels are alive..

Full Contact Music

What happened to your eyebrows..

I left my heart in Panorama city..

Gameful employment = .. 

6 Minutes of Bohemian pain and courage

Sep 24, 2019
#25: Las Vegas Confidential

Silver Doll

Grand Slam Bonanza Babes

5 Songs

Hot Slots and Calamity Cubes

Damaged lives on the road to ruin, (Sounds like a weekend to me..)

Moby Dick in a Goldfish Bowl

Dangerous curves and Mid Level Fury..

A noisy little Town on a Saturday night, (and every other night too..)

Sin City Peep Show

Shimmy, Shake and Celebrate..

A night at the follies 

Sep 17, 2019
#24 David Lee Roth Rocks Vegas

David Lee Roth Rocks Vegas

Sep 09, 2019
#23 The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming..

#23 The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming..

Equal opportunity annoyance..

As is Dayton, so are we..

A whole new way of things..

Working For the Weekend

Miller time

Some Folks from outta town

Tireless Self expression, (The American Way)

Cultural Mathematics;

Wonder Bread x Burrito = Egg roll 

Disneyland ÷ by General Tso = ?

Chain-gang Cantaloupes 

Communication breakdown..

Gomez saves the day -

Ramirez saves the day -

Lopez saves the day -

Oh wait a minute..

Sep 03, 2019
#22 - Gun School

Gun School

But I’m angry right now..

Is that a gun in your pocket..?

In America we say it with bullets..

The need for an armed Mortician

The original point and click interface

Gun handling ain’t marksmanship..

45-caliber genetic engineering

Size Matters

Defensive leisure wear

I think you just shot me.. (13 times)

Manda Bala


Everything that comes in black..

Get rid of that nickel-plated sissy-pistol..

10 favorite gun cleaning accidents..

Incoming fire impact (chopstick in the hole)

Straight outta tinseltown

Aug 27, 2019
#21 Our respect and shout-outs to show-people everywhere!

Whether you are a boxer, ballerina, bull rider or porn star...

We all limp off the set, clutching an ice pack to one body part or another...

Our respect and shout-outs to show-people everywhere!

Aug 20, 2019
#20 e-bike believer

An endless event of cycles..

Shoulder Motor Symphony

Boom in the Room..

I see more of what’s around me, (Cause I ain’t looking’ for a place to park..)

Diamond Dave rocks Vegas!

Party Like a Rockstar

In Space no-one can hear you whine..

First Taste of Freedom

Try to remember how fast it goes..

Big Apple Face-plant..

Black Sabbath UK 1978 (22 Cities, 1 sauce)

Welcome back my friends..

Hat tricks and Helmet Tips

Cross town traffic

Pony Bike (Gentlemen start your coffins..)


Fat Tire camp fire stories

Papas got a brand new Bike..

Aug 13, 2019
#16 Green Hornets..

TITLE: Green Hornets..

Freeze; Where’s Roth?

Looking for a needle in a..

The perfect Hotdog

My my, things are particularly clean today.

TITLE: About an hour and a half above the Kentucky border..

The scenic Route (Off-road comfort on a dog-nose seat) 

In case you need the phone, just knock..

New York City, New Years Eve; 2 days later.

Cross-Training (Gymnastics for the brain).

TITLE: The best thing about Tokyo.. 

Its the smell, if there’s such a thing.

Who called the ambulance? (Floyd Patterson?)

Every City has a North Tower..

Jul 30, 2019
#18: Combat Hippie

Combat Hippie

The Mojo Dojo

Pasadena Battle Club

50 Ways to choke your brother..

Pantry Boxing

A Bruiser Haircut

Last Gas till Tokyo..

Ronin Away 

Warning; This episode contains violence, nudity and constant peril..

Aragoto (Rough Style)

The stars and the scars..

Peace, Love and heavy weapons

Beginner’s Spirit

The tapout adds 60 Summers..


More dangerous than a family reunion..

A dog shaped day

Jul 23, 2019
#17 Otisha’s Shape Shop

BBQ ain’t just for breakfast anymore..

Just don’t tell my boss..

I’m not sure where we are, but it’s great..

If you want a good donut..

Actually, I’m I’m on the corner of walk and don’t walk

Nairobi Telegraph

Swazi Radio

Crocodile Sherbet (Iguana Flan)


I would never ask you to endanger your health or safety (Unless I thought it would be really entertaining..)

VW Bus with a bustle rack

Social Platforms, 1970 (It was more like walking around on top of your shoes..)

Livin’ the low-life

Costa Rican Parking Ticket

Me no speakee surf..

Cammo on the dance floor

Favella High-tech

Jul 16, 2019
#16: David Lee Roth’s 4th of July Christmas Special..

Untouched by Human hands

Ion Bru for a ten spot..

Pot Luck

If you had to live in a beer ad, which one would you choose..?

The Patron Saint of Midnight..

How I became a relationship god (part 12)


Not popular like beer, more like French Fries..

Cultivate your buzz

Should I make another sex tape?

Breakfast of Champions..

Timing is everything, (What time do the dead go on?)..

Truth Dipped in Sugar

Simulating Autism with a beer can..

Infusion Confusion

Put the lime in the coconut (Smoke ‘em both up)..

Microwave Cocktails

Jul 09, 2019
#15 No parking on the dance floor..

No parking on the dance floor.. 

A beautiful shining star of superstition

Girl Friendly

Four Part Harmony, (sometimes 3)..

So, I came back this morning..

No Dying on the dance floor.. 

Last time I was on a stage this low..

Me 2 but not you Dave

Legs and Lungs..

5 45s in a first class dive..

This means war (on the dance floor)..

3 on a match, 5 on a smoke..

Why Ed never spoke to Dave again.. (There was friction early)

Hey WTF, it runs..

A Jackson State sonic boom of the South kinda attitude..

Jul 02, 2019
#14 David Lee Roth tries Scotland’s IRN BRU, for the first time..

Powered by IRN BRU..

A Fist to face confrontation..

The trouble with Bru is a week later I’m drowsy again..

When I’m a hamburger..

No animals were harmed in the testing of this product..

In fact nothing natural has been anywhere near this product.

Songs for my dog

Your hairy little face..

No-one plays ball like you..

Let’s just sit here forever..

Let’s just sit here forever some more..

The mysterious noise.

Am I stupid for buying Smart Water?

If l Believe it, I'll see it (I guess)..

Your paying for what’s not in the bottle.

Water makes rust..

And this one makes you tall..

The red pill or the Blue pill.. (What happens if I take them both at once?)

Jun 26, 2019
#13: And now from the same folks that brought you the windmill..

The traveller and the tourist..
Architecture with a sense of humor
Billion Dollar Babies
I need bicycles, lots of bicycles..
Honking at the devil..
The secret language

Dutch funk in the summertime..
Band Meeting
The Pink Pop mix (Thats nothing, you should see the guest list)..
Godless Bastards
The book of Lies
Somewhere just south of nowhere..

Somewhere over the rainbow Bar and Grill..
And so, it begins..
Is it the casting or the script?
The grown Folks table
Big rig hemp and the bad boys driven’..
I actually knew a stripper who had a pitbull named “detox"..
If you smelt, it you got dealt it

Jun 19, 2019
#12: Spittin' in the wind..

Competition Spittin’


6th guy in line

I’m Vaping my life away (no absorbent surfaces remix)

Some drink deeply, from the waters off life, most just gargle..

If I’m going to catch anything, it will be a July

looks like chocolate tastes like licorice, either way, they’re both French

And so are the strawberries

Kiss the girl, squeeze the lemon, hit the tequila.., or is it squeeze the girl?

Bong Water

Grandma Betty goes to heaven

 On behalf of the pelicans..

Anything you want as long as it’s hemp

Coffee, donuts, comic books, (you know, culture)

..and I owe it all to Dave

The 4 door

Don’t bother remembering, we’ll come find you..

Jump cut logic

Jun 12, 2019
#11 Summertime’s here babe..

Goin’ back to Cali

Beachboys vs the World

Son of the beach

Lowrider Schwin, with a Stingray seat

A double shot of Dick Dale and the Deltones 

Hood hounds

Shark week
Tiki Power

Limit of three

Hawaiian Shirts

Hula School

Yo banana Boy

California Numbshine

Jazz Voices

Sun Tattoo

East Bay Grease. meets World Peace..

Gas, beer and free food for 27..

Stayflow starch with an inside crease..

San Fransisco twinkles, while movie stars wrinkle, from the Malibu beaches below..

Jazz voice

Jun 04, 2019
#10 - EDC: High Point of the Evening...

High Point of the Evening

The same Haircut as you

Vegas Confidential

Is that the mouse or the marshmellow?

Reefer Magic / Please recycle

Hot Slots on Pot

Roth Rocks Holland pops

May 28, 2019
#09 - Diamond Dave’s Total Brain Wellness Reboot (Sativa hybrid)

The trouble with self improvement…

My back hurts part 12

The Shit that killed Elvis (Indica Dom.)

Blueberry Toe Cheese (Proprietary Blend)

Nike Ju Jitsu

TSA Bootie

All you can smoke at the Elvis Buffett..

May 20, 2019
#08 - Coming up EDC...

No Mud No Woodstock..

Port-a-san Afterparty..

A Tallgate of Two Cities..

Ringmaster Cross Training..

Sing Sing in the Rain..

State of the Union Undress..

May 13, 2019
May 06, 2019
#06 - Bad Bunny Pot Sex...

DaVinci sticks it in the paint mixer…

Bad bunny,

She got fired too -

The self-taught genetic physicist,

Atomic Pot,

I actually knew a girl who could do that.. kinda,

Fear the bunny,

Poison pot, 

Kitchen Confidential,

Tattoo School,

Made in America by a Korean,

Life, death and McDonald’s french fries,

Some fake Japanese Shit / but I mean it.

Mexican Schnitzel,

Ink Dojo,
Moonwalk Dance class,

13 girls in a Tropicana Suite,

K-Pop cross training,

The three waistlines of Elvis,

The pool boy complained again,

Heavy Pencil probably,

Kentucky Fried Samurai,

Apr 29, 2019
#05 - Pot-Card Gummy Bear, Cha-Cha Dairy Queen...

Doing the honors,

Heaven can wait,

Cannabis Cuisine,

Judo Lesson,

Silver Lake Caregivers,

Which Part of Ariana is Grande? (Musically speaking..)

The Great Hyperion Gate,

You Scream, I Scream..

Caught in a Blizzard

Apr 22, 2019
#04 - The Roth Report: Pot Shop Donut Stop…

Roscoe Blvd Tattoos 
Cannabis update
White Trash Sandwich review
Spam Tacos
Girl Scout cookies
Gateway drug to good music
Craft Donuts
Green Earth Collective

Apr 16, 2019
#03 - Dave goes to Vegas...

Dave goes to Vegas

The plan

Perfect combination

the roth report

(Food news and cannibis reviews)

Apr 16, 2019
#02 - Diamond Dave goes Ultra part 2


Stepping off the plane

South Beach

Ocean View

Speed boat limo

Coast Guard shoutout

You won’t believe what just happened to me in the kayak…

Dress code

Commercial chaos

Apr 16, 2019
#01 - ULTRA DAVE... part 1

What's in a name?
How many rockstars...?
Ultra Music Festival, 2019
Jump gets remixed

Apr 05, 2019