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By Marcus Luttrell / Westwood One Podcast Network

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 Mar 29, 2020

 Aug 2, 2019
very inspirational at times

 Mar 9, 2019
awesome cant get enough of this podcast

A Podcast Republic user
 Sep 7, 2018

A Podcast Republic user
 Jul 17, 2018
A podcast about pushing through the challenges of life.


Each week join Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell who takes you into the "briefing room" to chat with incredible guests who share their greatest never quit stories. This humorous, heartfelt and entertaining podcast is changing lives and has become a beacon of hope and resilience to those who are facing the impossible. One of the best ways we can support our community is to share their stories so that we might inspire others to Never Quit.

Episode Date
Denise Sanders: Army Apache Pilot, Air Force Flight Medic, Cancer Survivor
Denise shares her incredible never quit story with her cousins Marcus and Morgan Luttrell in this week’s podcast. Denise is an Apache helicopter pilot, Air Force Flight Medic, 2-time cancer survivor, and a single mom with the most uplifting, positive demeanor and incredible outlook on life despite the insurmountable challenges she’s been up against.  Support the show.
Apr 01, 2020
Ethan Suplee: American Actor and Host of American Glutton Podcast
What an inspiring show we’ve got in store this week, as we spend some time with actor Ethan Suplee, who has several dozen film and television roles under his belt. Ethan speaks openly about his weight challenges throughout life, and how it actually benefited his acting career, as well as his ability to be just as comfortable and confident with himself at 536 pounds as he is at 275 pounds. Ethan’s transformation is incredible, and his positive attitude and never quit mindset is infectious.  Support the show.
Mar 25, 2020
Ryan Michler: Husband, Father, Iraqi Combat Vet, Founder of Order of Man Podcast
This week’s episode features Ryan Michler, husband, father, Iraqi Combat Veteran, Founder of Order of Man podcast and all around excellent guy. Because of his upbringing, his goal in life has become to restore masculinity and fight to the hearts and minds of men. Ryan’s podcast reaches thousands of listeners each week as he attempts to teach men to be better husbands, fathers, businessmen, and community leaders. He talks with Marcus, Morgan and Andrew about what drove his passion on this subject and how society has altered what we consider to be manly vs. what he believes are the true characteristics of a MAN. Support the show.
Mar 18, 2020
Jesse R. Phillips: Marine, Writer/Storyteller, Photographer, Producer
Jesse Phillips, a Team Never Quit Podcast listener, and incredible photographer and storyteller is our guest this week. Jesse lives a very fulfilling personal and professional life. He is a marine, rancher, husband, dad, and an all-around great blue-collar guy turned photographer, filmmaker/producer, storyteller, and content creator. He certainly lives his life to the fullest. Jesse shares a myriad of life experiences including the premature birth of his son that almost claimed his life and his mom’s. Jesse’s story will make you appreciate life, health, family, career, and God. Support the show.
Mar 11, 2020
Chris Duffin: Guinness World Record Holder in Powerlifting, Author of The Eagle and the Dragon, Co-Owner of Kabuki Strength Lab, Mad Scientist of Strength
In this week’s episode, you will hear the almost unbelievable life story of Chris Duffin, Guinness World Record holder of a three-rep, 1,000-pound deadlift, and rated #1 in the world for 8 consecutive years. Chris tells his crazy life story – from being raised “off the grid” surrounded by drug running, murderers, serial killers, and human trafficking, to over-achieving with a dual engineering degree, working in aerospace, automotive, and hi-tech industries, and then becoming a mega-successful entrepreneur with four companies in his portfolio. While there is not one major event in Chris’ life, it’s because his whole life is a never quit story – a lifestyle of pursuit, perseverance, and grit. Support the show.
Mar 04, 2020
Jen: Gold Star Wife, Mother, Cancer Survivor
In this episode, we bring you an inspiring conversation with Jen, a Gold Star wife, who has endured the most personal hardships imaginable. Jen is the epitome of the never quit mentality. When her brother committed suicide, Jen had to deal with the sudden, unbelievable impact on her life. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she dealt with a grapefruit-sized cyst on her ovaries, was at a close friends home when a knock on the door came and military reps arrived to notify her of her husband’s death in a helicopter crash while on a mission in Afghanistan, then lost her own husband in a helicopter crash while on a different mission. Later, she learned she had Stage 3 Breast Cancer and had subsequent chemotherapy, radiation, and a double mastectomy. Yet, despite the multiple tragic events, Jen has the uncanny ability to find the silver lining in every single thing and turning her negative experiences into being a help to others, including helping other cancer survivors. Jen also found a renewed drive to work out, make a good life for her daughter, and move fast forward with life. You will come away inspired by hearing Jen’s compelling accounts of these events and her never-ending pursuit of service to others. Support the show.
Feb 26, 2020
Alex Fine: Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Professional Bull Rider
In this week’s podcast, we visit with Alex Fine, a celebrity fitness trainer, professional bull rider, nutritionist, "spiritual advisor", and even a landlord to many Hollywood peeps whom he trains relentlessly. Alex prepares high profile clients for film and TV roles and upcoming athletic seasons. Alex's approach to personal training is tailored to the individual, and no two programs are the same. Alex's desire to achieve greatness is unparalleled and is an infectious reminder to never quit no matter what life throws at you. Alex is joined by Arizona Cardinals Offensive Guard Justin Pugh for an awesome hang at the Team Never Quit Podcast Studio to discuss life, health, Hollywood, family, bull riding and more.  Support the show.
Feb 19, 2020
Dean Cain: American Actor, Producer, TV Show Host, Former Football Player. Best known for his role as Superman.
Superman is here - in this week’s podcast! We bring you Dean Cain, an American actor, best known for playing the role of Clark Kent/Superman in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. He was also the host of Ripley's Believe It or Not for 4 years. While being an actor was not Dean’s original plan, an NFL-related knee injury took him away from his dream early on in his career. Most notably, however, Dean is an immensely devoted parent and prefers playing that role as opposed to a film-related role. He has clearly defined that which is most important to him.  Support the show.
Feb 12, 2020
Holly Luttrell: Matriarch of the Luttrell Family, Mother of Marcus and Morgan Luttrell, Recent Breast Cancer Survivor
In this week’s podcast, we bring you a compelling talk with Holly Luttrell, the matriarch of the Luttrell family and mother of Navy SEALS Marcus and Morgan Luttrell. Holly brings us a relaxed chat describing her life raising twin boys on a working horse ranch, and instilling in them the principles of living right, respecting others, and fearing nothing. She tells truly entertaining stories about her life experiences, and speaks encouragement and hope to those who are dealing with negative circumstances, children in the military, or major health issues. You will be captivated by Holly’s warm, sincere voice, and peaceful demeanor. Support the show.
Feb 05, 2020
DJ Shipley: Navy SEAL and CEO of Tribe Sk8z w/ Special Guest Navy SEAL "Fatty"
Today, DJ & “Fatty” join us on the show to give us some perspective related to “after military” life, and the pursuit of a dream. In their case it was going from “what the hell do I do now?” to actually turning a deep love for art into a successful business - Art therapy. Ahh, but not just any art therapy - custom skateboard designs: new school, old school, and longboards. And Tribe SK8Z was born. And in that, they have found a satisfying outlet, living an aggressive lifestyle, tattoos and supporting veteran charities, while creating unique skateboards for military and Gold Star families, and anyone else who desires a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. These guys inspire us to deal with life’s challenges head-on and perform at our highest potential by doing what we were born to do. Support the show.
Jan 29, 2020
Ryan Manion: President of Travis Manion Foundation and Sister of First Lieutenant Travis Manion, USMC
In today’s podcast, we are excited to bring you Ryan Manion - an incredible woman who has dedicated her life to supporting our nation’s military, veterans, and families of fallen heroes. She is inspired by the character, leadership, and sacrifice of her brother 1st Lt. Travis Manion, USMC, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Al Anbar province of Iraq while drawing fire away from his wounded comrades on April 29th, 2007. Drawing on her personal experiences, Ryan inspires us to become the best versions of ourselves, while also serving the greater good. She has created a culture of servant leadership in her company and community, and her approach to personal thriving demonstrates how strong relationships and service to one another promotes personal well-being and leads to collective success. Ryan has learned that personal thriving is a by-product of personal challenges. She inspires us to meet challenges head-on, and perform at our highest potential by harnessing our innate abilities and character strengths. Ryan’s book – The Knock at The Door – was co-written with two other Gold Star women, linked forever by their unimaginable losses. They share their inspiring, unlikely journey that began on the worst day of their lives. Support the show.
Jan 22, 2020
Victor Marx: President of All Things Possible, High-Risk Humanitarian, The World’s Fastest Gun Disarmer
In this week’s episode, we bring you Victor Marx, a marine and a hero of victims of war and abuse around the world – a “high risk” humanitarian. What a remarkable life of service, help, encouragement, and literal rescue – restoring those affected by trauma. Even after experiencing a severely abusive and torturous childhood, and living a lifestyle filled with drugs, fights, and theft, the discipline of military life and faith in God helped him recover from his traumatic childhood and now empowers him to help others. Victor’s organization - All Things Possible - has helped thousands of unintended victims of physical violence and intense trauma. Women, children, and members of our military find hope, healing and the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Support the show.
Jan 15, 2020
Jake Olson: Blind USC Football Longsnapper‎, First Completely Blind Football Player to Play in a Division I Game
Jake Olson was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in both eyes at the age of eight months and forfeited his left eye to that cancer. Over the next twelve years, he battled cancer in his right eye eight times. Seven times he beat it. When it came back for the eighth time, there was nothing he could do. His right eye was surgically removed and Jake had to re-learn how to do basic things that were once so easy; putting toothpaste on his toothbrush, food on his fork, or walking around his house would all require significant relearning and much more effort. Although he first viewed going blind as his biggest setback, it ended up being his life’s biggest set up. Jake became the first Division 1 blind collegiate athlete to play in a game as a long snapper for USC, under head coach Pete Carroll. He also became the first blind golfer on the PGA Tour. He is an entrepreneur, has also authored 2 books, and is a motivational speaker. Support the show.
Jan 08, 2020
Sydney Cummings: YouTube Fitness Influencer, Women's Health Magazine Action Hero
In this new year episode, you’re going to hear the heartfelt story of Sydney Cummings and what has driven her passion for fitness and nutrition. Sydney tells her story of perseverance, despite the loss of her brother at a very young age, and surviving a random attack outside of her fitness studio by a gang who shot her. Sydney is the epitome of servant-mindedness in the fitness realm – not only to those she knows but even to those she doesn’t throughout the globe. Each day she provides new daily workout videos every day for free on YouTube. Support the show.
Jan 02, 2020
Dan Crenshaw: U.S. Congressman, Navy SEAL, Purple Heart Recipient
In this week’s podcast, U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw shares a myriad of experiences and scenarios he sees as a freshman U.S. Congressman. Dan’s logical, level-headed views are birthed from his desire to serve the people of his district and the United States. He entertainingly describes the process of being on Saturday Night Live prior to his election, and it’s significant effect on his campaign. He also discusses some of the issues between “the left and the right”, and expresses his honest opinions about them. Dan is a former United States Navy SEAL officer serving in the United States House of Representatives for Texas's 2nd congressional district since 2019. He’s a proud member of the Republican Party and was elected in the 2018 midterms. Support the show.
Dec 26, 2019
Adam Kinzinger: U.S. Representative for Illinois' 16th congressional district, United States Air Force Pilot
In today’s episode, Congressman Adam Kinzinger shares with us some truly amazing personal experiences and inspiring thoughts about life and a never quit mindset. Adam’s life is devoted to helping those around him – personally and politically. He was willing to die making a stand to help a stabbing victim. He served as a pilot for the U.S. Air Force, and believes that while we don’t want to put our soldiers in harm’s way, those that volunteered to serve are there to do what the vast majority of people won’t do. As such, Adam believes we need to treat out military personnel like the fierce warriors they are. Adam has a well-grounded understanding of the purpose and function of police, the military, first responders, and the political process. Adam is willing to stand up for the powerless, beliefs, and ideals. Support the show.
Dec 18, 2019
Bryan Offutt: Former Vice President of Global Brand Marketing for Under Armour Outdoor, Co-Founder of E3 Ranch
Today, Bryan Offutt joins us on the show to talk about his incredible 16 years at Under Armor, where he played a key role in their product line development and marketing strategies, eventually rocketing Under Armour from a 5 million to a 5 billion dollar international clothing line powerhouse. Bryan started in the warehouse and worked his way up to becoming the face of the Under armor brand, and eventually lead the Military/Tactical Category through forging impactful relationships with US Special Forces, and founding the company’s philanthropic military initiative, UA Freedom. Under Bryan’s leadership, Under Armour was named the #1 “most admired brand” amongst hunters, anglers and shooting sportsmen. Support the show.
Dec 11, 2019
Mike Day: Navy SEAL, Shot 27 Times and Never Quit
Join us as we welcome Navy SEAL Mike Day who shares the graphic details of an unbelievable event that against all odds, survived. He took 27 rounds of an AK-47 pounding while on a mission in Fallujah, and lived to tell about it. When Mike shares his unparalleled true story, you won't want to stop listening until the end. It’s a captivating series of events, told by the man who lived it. Support the show.
Dec 04, 2019
Inky Johnson: Former University of Tennessee Defensive Back, Motivational Speaker
Today we are joined by Inky Johnson who shares his compelling story of perseverance and conviction. From a promising NFL career to a complete repurposing of his life, Inky, through his faith, has been able to continue his calling of inspiring people and changing lives by sharing his incredible personal experience. His paralyzed right arm hasn’t hindered his resolve in the least. It’s as though his “disaster” was indeed a blessing.  Support the show.
Nov 27, 2019
Rachael Denhollander: American Lawyer, Former Gymnast, TIME 100 Honoree
When the unthinkable happens to our children, how do we react? Do we believe them and fight by their side or rationalize why the horrific reality of sexual abuse can’t possibly be true? This is the story of Rachel Denhollander and how her community of support empowered her to take down her abuser, even if it meant playing the long game. She touches on the issues of how her abuser got away with his crime for many years and what she has learned about preventing this organizational dysfunction in the future. Now she works to educate and advocate on the issues of sexual abuse and organizational ethics. She has been hard at work releasing two books that aid in her efforts to spotlight the lessons of her story while reminding young girls that they are valuable and worth protecting. Support the show.
Nov 20, 2019
Vice President Mike Pence
In this special episode commemorating Veteran's Day, we are honored to have the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, speaking one-on-one with our host Marcus and his wife Melanie Luttrell. The Vice President speaks about the importance of Veteran's Day and what it means to him remembering those that have served this great country of ours, as well as, spending time with the men and women who currently serve. Support the show.
Nov 13, 2019
Tiggs: Mother of Amelie “Lulu”, Navy SEAL Wife
What a compelling, emotional series of events Tiggs has endured. From a four-year old daughter with a massive brain tumor and multiple surgeries; a husband battling PTSD and falling into the darkest mental places, to having one of her best friends of her lifetime pass away, Tiggs gives a riveting account of how her friends supported her and her family, and how her relationship with God brought healing in the worst of circumstances anyone could ever imagine. Support the show.
Nov 06, 2019
Clint Phillips: Founder & CEO of Medici
When Clint Phillips’ daughter experiences a devastating stroke, a few days after birth, his family quickly learns how horrible, inefficient, and costly the healthcare system is. From that experience, Clint took a solution into his own hands and developed 2nd M.D., a second opinion platform, currently serving over ten million members. It gives users quick access to the world’s best doctors via video. This Veterans Day Medici will deliver concierge-level doctor access, across multiple specialties, to our Veterans this Veterans Day at no cost and without the waiting rooms. Support the show.
Oct 30, 2019
Steve Murphy and Javier F. Peña: Legendary DEA Operatives Responsible for Taking Down One of the World’s Most Infamous Narco-Terrorists Pablo Escobar
Who do you call on to hunt down elusive, brutal, narcotics kingpin Pablo Escobar, a man with no regard for human life? You call on DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier F. Peña to spearhead the investigation and manhunt. Join us as we welcome Legendary DEA operatives Steve Murphy and Javier F. Peña and who tells the true story of how they helped put an end to one of the world’s most infamous narco-terrorists.  Support the show.
Oct 23, 2019
Gary Sinise: American Actor, Director, Musician, Philanthropist, and Staunch Military Advocate
What does a true advocate for America’s service members look like? Look no further than Gary Sinise. What began in the early 80’s with his support of Vietnam Veterans groups and the creation of Vets Night, a program offering free dinners and performances for veterans at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, his commitment continued into working on behalf of the Disabled American Veterans organization.  Since the attacks of September 11th, 2001, his dedication to our nation’s defenders, veterans and first responders has become a tireless crusade of support, service and gratitude to all those who protect our freedom by serving our country. All this was birthed by Gary’s “never think you can’t do it” attitude, which he developed at an early age. His portrayal of disabled Vietnam veteran Lt. Dan Taylor in the film Forrest Gump formed an enduring connection with servicemen and women throughout the military community. Sinise also formed the “Lt. Dan Band” in early 2004 and began entertaining troops serving at home and abroad. The band now performs close to 30 shows a year for military bases, charities and fundraisers supporting wounded heroes, Gold Star families, veterans and troops around the world. In recognition of his humanitarian work on behalf of our nation’s defenders, Sinise has earned many distinguished awards including the Bob Hope Award for Excellence in Entertainment from the Medal of Honor Society, the Spirit of the USO Award, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the Doughboy Award, the Sylvanus Thayer Award, and the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award from the National Defense Industrial Association. In 2008, he received the Presidential Citizens Medal, the second-highest civilian honor awarded to citizens for exemplary deeds performed in service of the nation. In 2012, Sinise was presented with the Spirit of Hope Award by the Department of Defense, was named an honorary Chief Petty Officer by the United States Navy and in 2013 was pinned as an honorary Marine by General James Amos, commandant of the United States Marine Corps. In 2011, to expand upon his individual efforts, Sinise established the Gary Sinise Foundation. Its mission is to serve and honor our nation’s defenders, veterans, first responders, their families and those in need by creating and supporting unique programs that entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen and build communities. Of its many outreach efforts, the Gary Sinise Foundation is building custom Smart Homes for severely wounded veterans, serving hearty meals to deploying troops and hosting spirit-boosting festivals for patients, families and medical staff at military hospitals.  Giving back to those who sacrifice for our nation and encouraging others to do the same has become Gary Sinise’s personal quest and what he hopes will endure as a legacy of service to others. “Freedom and security are precious gifts that we, as Americans, should never take for granted,” says Sinise. “We must do all we can to extend our hand in times of need to those who willingly sacrifice each day to provide that freedom and security. While we can never do enough to show our gratitude to our nation’s defenders, we can always do a little more.” Support the show.
Oct 16, 2019
Aaron Kendle: Retired Navy SEAL, Harvard Business School Graduate
What do you do when you witness a Chinook helicopter with 31 guys you know get shot out of the sky by an RPG, enter into spiraling depression, fail your team, as well as yourself, and then experience a horrible accident that causes you to lose your hand and forearm? In Aaron Kendle's case, who refuses to be defined by failures, you pick yourself up, and lean on a never quit mindset to live life to its fullest and achieve an incredible story. Aaron comments: “My resume may read great — but what they don’t see is all of those fails between the lines. For me, those failures stay between the lines.” Mr. Kendle is a retired Navy SEAL where he served as a specialized medic, sniper, airborne leader, and jump school instructor. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business school, a father, a husband, and a Scottsdale Charro. Mr. Kendle is a decorated member of the United States Navy, served as a member of SEAL Team 7, NSWG-1 Training Detachment, and Naval Special Warfare Development over a 15-year career and has dedicated his post-military professional career to helping his fellow brothers in arms transition back into civilian life. Support the show.
Oct 09, 2019
Staff Sergeant David Bellavia: First Living Medal of Honor Recipient from the Iraq War, Author of House to House
What does an Army squad leader do in a battlefield situation when his platoon encounters three floors of insurgents and is pinned with rooftop snipers firing away? If you're Davis Bellavia, you lead your team into action. David single-handedly saved his entire squad, risking his own life to allow his fellow soldiers to break contact and reorganize when trapped by overwhelming insurgent fire. He then voluntarily entered and cleared an insurgent strong point, killing four and seriously wounding another. His actions stand as a testament to those who put everything on the line as they do the grim work required to keep each other safe and alive on the battlefield. David Bellavia is the only living recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Second Battle of Fallujah, Iraq. Bellavia has also received the Bronze Star Medal, two Army Commendation Medals, two Army Achievement Medals and the New York State Conspicuous Service Cross.  Support the show.
Oct 02, 2019
Dan Luna: Retired Navy SEAL, Leadership Coach & Consultant, SEAL Future Foundation Ambassador
How is it humanly possible to endure multiple explosions in very close proximity in a short amount of time, lose some of your closest friends in battle, and deal with extreme stress, severe depression, and marital challenges simultaneously? While mental blow after mental blow can result in the repercussions of triggering serious mental challenges, Dan Luna eventually overcame all of it with help from others and a never quit attitude. Dan is also a former instructor for the Naval Academy as well as a recognized leadership speaker. In this powerful conversation we dive into topics such as the warrior mindset, leadership, confidence, outlook for tomorrow, courage and much more. Dan Luna is a true warrior in soul, mind and body. Support the show.
Sep 25, 2019
Victoria Arlen: Author of Locked In, ESPN Personality, and Paralympics Champion
Imagine being a normal kid for eleven years and then due to an unbelievable rare condition, spending the next four years of your life literally trapped inside your own body inside a hospital, unable to communicate with the outside world, suffering through non-stop seizures, while your condition worsens and the doctors offer no sliver of hope to your family...all the while you're still lucid in mind and spirit, desperately trying to get back to the life you once knew. At the age of eleven, Victoria Arlen developed two rare conditions known as Transverse Myelitis and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, which rendered her “locked” within herself. She went from being a completely healthy, normal kid to a complete vegetable in three months. She lost the ability to walk, talk, move, and function. Everything began to shut down, including all of her cognitive abilities. Victoria Arlen not only suffered and survived through this unbelievable battle but has gone far beyond the norm to thrive and has mastered the “never quit” attitude to fuel her extraordinary accomplishments. She is a current television personality for ESPN, as well as an actress, speaker, model, and World-record setting Paralympian swimmer. Hear her compelling story in this podcast interview with hosts Marcus and Morgan Lutrell. Support the show.
Sep 18, 2019
Joe Torrillo: 9/11 Survivor, Retired FDNY Lieutenant, Motivational Speaker
Joe Torillo recounts his first-hand experience as a firefighter on September 11, 2001. Joe was directly below the North Tower looking up as the second commercial airliner slammed into it.  What transpired in the next few seconds, minutes, hours, and days are nothing shy of unbelievable. He was propelled in the air by the concussion of the falling debris of the North Tower and was literally buried alive under the falling debris, with his skull open, arm snapped and suffocating in darkness. He was rescued and placed in a boat to cross over the Hudson River for medical treatment. That effort was disrupted by falling building debris that covered the boat, where he was buried alive again. Joe’s story is a gripping account of a series of miracles that kept him alive, while hundreds of others suffered a different fate. You won't want to miss this interview as we remember September 11th, 2001. Support the show.
Sep 11, 2019
Jake Wood: Co-Founder of Team Rubicon, U.S. Marine Veteran, Pat Tillman Award for Service Winner
Ever wonder what happens when the fight is over and a soldier puts his rifle down for the last time?  In this episode, you'll hear the story of Jake Wood, a Marine who now doesn't just serve his country, but serves his fellow man throughout the world when disaster strikes.The co-founder of Team Rubicon, a non-profit organization made up of over 100,000 ex-military volunteers who travel to assist wherever disasters occur, shares his desire to make the world a better place by never quitting his service. Hear his viewpoint on how things aren't always hunky-dory and what to do when there is no playbook.  You'll soon find yourself wanting to restore your sense of purpose and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Support the show.
Sep 04, 2019
Ray Care: Navy SEAL Veteran, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker
How does one deal with growing up with divorced parents who don’t want you? Join us as we talk with Ray Care – a Navy SEAL and twelve-year veteran of the United States Navy – and hear his story of growing up with an abusive father that repeatedly told him he was worthless and how it left him mentally beaten down. It had an extremely negative effect on his life as well.  One day, Ray looked in the mirror and saw a drug addict, a womanizer, and an alcoholic.  He was weak-minded, had no drive and was filled with doubt, remorse and anxiety. Finally, Ray got tired of being the underdog and came to terms with making a change. After completing intense Navy SEAL training, he became intellectually sound, mentally hard and trainable.  Today he is a sought-after communicator. Ray now doesn’t know what it’s like to quit something. Support the show.
Aug 28, 2019
Spencer Stone: Former Air Force Staff Sergeant, Hero of 2015 Thalys Train Attack, Subject of The 15:17 to Paris
Spencer Stone is a former United States Air Force staff sergeant, who has faced two near-death experiences in his life, both of which he survived against insurmountable odds. Life sometimes hands us difficulties, and, in rare occasions, it hands us unbelievable, “I’m gonna die” events that require us to go beyond anything we’ve ever had to do to survive. Spencer Stone has endured such events. From subduing a heavily armed terrorist on a Paris-bound high-speed train, to defending the honor of a young lady, resulting in being beaten and stabbed repeatedly by a gang – and living to tell about it. Spencer gives the harrowing details of both of those incidents in this weeks episode, the first of which was made into a motion picture by director Clint Eastwood. Support the show.
Aug 21, 2019
JJ Watt: Houston Texans Defensive End, Philanthropist, Honorary Texan
There are events and circumstances in life that catch us by surprise, knock us down, and hand us seemingly overwhelming adversity. JJ Watt explains how, and more importantly why he was able to “get back on the horse” and move forward in life after a season-ending injury, remaking himself to an amazing degree by relentlessly working on being the best. His inspiring attitude towards life, and his never quit mentality, has paid handsome dividends.  JJ describes his upbringing, his family, his college and professional football pinnacles and downfalls. His successes have prompted him to give back to the community in a myriad of areas, making him one of the most loved and recognizable names in Houston and throughout the country.  Support the show.
Aug 14, 2019
Jason Redman: Retired Navy SEAL, NYT Best Selling Author, Purple Heart Recipient
Jason Redman, Retired Navy SEAL team member, has endured firefights, bullets, years of surgeries from his service in Afghanistan and Iraq. Everybody has different experiences throughout their life - some big, some little. But when life literally shoots you in the face, how will you react? How will you respond? Jason has conquered adversity with proven leadership techniques and shares his experiences as well as one of his never quit stories you've probably never heard.  Support the show.
Aug 07, 2019
Alexis DeJoria: American Drag Racer, 7 Time NHRA National Event Winner, U.S. Nationals Champion
While competing in an alcohol funny car, her parachute failed to deploy. Her race car sped through 2 catch nets and four rows of sand-filled barrels, landing upside down. But getting “back on the horse” was a challenge because death was present at that racetrack. As fate would have it, returning to the same race track years later, another driver and friend crashed and was killed, just before she was to run her race. The critical mental challenge: Am I done? Am I a true racer? Support the show.
Jul 31, 2019
Discussion on Artificial Intelligence & TBI
3 brilliant minds. 3 difference-makers. These 3 never-quit individuals have come together using unconventional ways to study and understand the human brain and how to apply supercomputers, data, and other innovative technologies to develop advancements in brain treatments. From the electrical properties of the brain, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, and polypharmacy, these individuals have teamed up to influence government decision-makers in developing multi-department data sharing to bring healing, treatments, and to improve the lives of their fellow man. Support the show.
Jul 24, 2019
David Clark: Vegan Endurance Athlete, Accomplished Businessman, Best Selling Author, Host of We Are Superman Podcast
You’re paranoid, depressed, overweight, and have no idea where your life is headed. You have so thoroughly destroyed your life and boom you hit it. You hit rock bottom. When you hit that point, you know it’s time to change or continue living this wasteful existence. Changing everything about yourself can be scary, but David Clark was in that spot and did just that. A vegan endurance athlete, an accomplished businessman, best selling author, and host of the We Are Superman podcast, David is in the studio today to tell us his never quit story and how he changed his whole life after hitting rock bottom.  What happens on the outside is just a reflection of what has changed on the inside. Don’t be afraid to see what you are made of! Support the show.
Jul 17, 2019
Steve Callahan: Sailor, Boat Designer, Ocean Survivor, Best-Selling Author of Adrift
Trapped out on the Atlantic for 76 days, no one to speak to, no idea if you’re going to be rescued, destined to be adrift for what seems like all of eternity, what would you do? Steve Callahan did just that and is here to tell you about his story. While on a trip from the Canary Islands to the USA in 1982, his boat was struck and he was forced to abandon ship. During his time at sea, he had to adapt and learn how to survive with what he had on him. His is the ultimate never-quit story, showing incredible determination and will to survive. Support the show.
Jul 10, 2019
Mario Romero - Former Navy SEAL - NASA Diver - Aspiring Astronaut
Former Navy SEAL, NASA Diver, and aspiring astronaut Mario Romero is in the studio today. Mario is here to discuss his life journey from barely graduating high school to his Navy SEAL training to his current training on his journey to becoming an astronaut and everything in between. His entire life has been one long never quit story. If there’s something to be taken away from Mario’s story and mindset, it’s this message. Don’t let where you come from, or where you are right now, determine where you can go in life. Lift those self-limitations off of yourself and achieve your dreams. Support the show.
Jul 03, 2019
Peter Berg – Director of Lone Survivor and Patriots Day explains why he’s compelled to bring true stories of American heroes to Hollywood
The Team Never Quit Podcast is proud to welcome the award winning director who brought the Lone Survivor story to the silver screen, Peter Berg. In this special episode of the TNQ Podcast, Marcus welcomes his close friend to tell his greatest Never Quit story and why he’s so passionate about bringing true stories to life in Hollywood. Peter details the importance of following his dream and his willingness to do anything to accomplish it. Peter Berg is an actor’s director, and his incredible journey towards becoming one of Hollywood’s elite has been one of true perseverance. Listen in as he gives incredible insight into what it takes to make it in the business. You’ll also be blown away as he and Marcus reminisce about what it was like on the set of Lone Survivor. Their unique relationship is powerfully motivating. The TNQ Podcast delivers yet again on its promise to inspire its listeners with what it takes to discover the Never Quit mindset. Please join us every Wednesday as Marcus and Rut help you to face adversity and overcome all the obstacles in your life. HOOYAH Great stories ignite legends. Support the show.
Jun 26, 2019
Travis Pastrana - Professional Motorsports Competitor & X Games Gold Medalist
Today in the studio, The Wizard and Marcus are talking to professional motorsports competitor and X Game gold medalist, Travis Pastrana. Travis has made a career out of putting people in a state of wonder by doing some of the craziest stunts of all time. He has a profound ability to overcome the fear and anxiety that comes with attempting these very dangerous tricks. What makes people like this so different from the rest of society? What is going through their heads that makes them want to do the unthinkable? That’s exactly what the guys hope to find out in this interview with one of the greatest extreme sports athletes of all time. Support the show.
Jun 19, 2019
Adam Davis - Marriage Champion - Best Selling Author - Former LEO
In today’s episode, the guys are interviewing best selling author, Adam Davis. Adam spent many years as a police officer and like many officers, the stress caught up to him. The job can put so much stress on a marriage as well as many aspects of the home life for police officers. Adam decided to use his experience to help other officers by writing and sharing his wisdom via his books and podcast. He is going to share his greatest never quit story and just how he pulled himself out of the pits that he found himself in after the badge.  Support the show.
Jun 12, 2019
Jordan and Paul Romero – Youngest ever to: Climb Everest and reach the world’s “7 Summits” – Epic father-son team – Extreme parenting
This week’s episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast is guaranteed to elevate you to new heights. Mr. Never Quit himself, Marcus Luttrell, and Captain Motivation, David “Rut” Rutherford welcome the youngest person to ever climb Mount Everest, Jordan Romero. With the help of his amazing father Paul, Jordan summited Everest at the ripe old age of thirteen. What were you doing at thirteen? Listen to Jordan and his father Paul reminisce about their epic quest. Jordan not only tells his greatest Never Quit story, but also describes what ignited this epic journey, beginning when he was nine years old climbing the highest peak in Africa. It then became his childhood mission to climb seven of the world’s highest peaks, and by fifteen he and his father Paul had done it. Tune in to this inspiring story of a boy, his dream and his incredibly supportive father. Never forget that it’s Marcus and Rut’s mission to bring you the greatest Never Quit stories ever told by the most amazing people on the planet. They believe that inside each and every person lies a great Never Quit story. Also, please be sure to check out the After Actions Report with Jordan and Paul, where they tell you the how-to of ascending to your greatest potential each and every day.  Great Stories Ignite Legends!  Support the show.
Jun 05, 2019
Jason Khalipa - 2008 CrossFit Games Champion - Author: "As Many Reps As Possible"
Through years of sheer tenacity in CrossFit competition and the prolific success of his company, NCFIT, Jason is a force of nature in the fitness world. However, Jason’s world was shaken to the core when his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in 2016. Rather than get angry and bitter, Jason and his remarkable wife Ashley dedicated themselves to the fight — armed with relentless positivity and zeal. This was the ultimate test and the culmination of a lifetime of learning lessons (sometimes in the hardest of ways). Jason’s discovery of WHY helped him surmount almost every matter HOW. Support the show.
May 29, 2019
Flo Groberg - Medal of Honor Recipient - Former US Army Captain - French Immigrant - Author: "8 Seconds of Courage"
The Medal of Honor. It is the United States military's highest commendation for battlefield action, reserved for only the most exceptional displays of valor, yet those few recipients know it also carries a uniquely heavy burden and responsibility. This week former Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell and the Wizard welcome MOH recipient Florent "Flo" Groberg to the TNQ Podcast. Hear Flo's Never Quit stories from Army Ranger School, Afghanistan, and coming to terms with his life in the wake of the events for which he received the MOH. He also tells the story of his immigration to the US from France as a teenager, and his family ties to Algeria. Hear how the brutal killing of his uncle by Islamic extremists impacted him, and propelled him into military service as an American fighting similar enemies. Flo joins the ranks of past MOH guests such as Mike Thornton, Dakota Meyer, and Kyle Carpenter who were all outstanding at passing on lessons learned on the battlefield of life, so you can apply them to your own. Support the show.
May 22, 2019
Evan Hafer – Green Beret – CIA Contractor – Black Rifle Coffee CEO
Prepare yourself for one of the most insightful show the TNQ Podcast has ever produced. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard as they welcome Evan Hafer, Green Beret, CIA Contractor, and CEO of the booming Black Rifle Coffee Company. Listen to Evan’s epic #NeverQuitStory and how he took his childhood in the woods, amazing journey through Selection, working for the Agency and his innate drive to succeed into a multi-million dollar coffee business. The #TNQPodcast Team is always honored to welcome someone from the SOF Brotherhood in order to enhance the lives of their listeners with truly remarkable, informative and positive content. #GreatStoriesIgniteLegends Support the show.
May 15, 2019
Frank DeAngelis - Principal during 1999 Columbine shooting massacre - Speaker on healing from tragedy - Author: "They Call Me Mr. De"
Sandy Hook, Parkland, Virginia Tech, Santa Fe, the names have become infamous and tragically synonymous with atrocity. However, it is Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado that remains the inception point in the minds of Americans for school shootings. This week Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell and the Wizard welcome to the TNQ Podcast, Frank DeAngelis the Columbine principal at the time of the massacre, to tell his never quit story in the aftermath of despicable evil, and lay down wisdom accumulated in his 35+ years of service guiding the upcoming generations. Frank was there on the day of the shooting in Littleton that left thirteen dead. He mourned with the Columbine community and vowed to never forget those who were murdered and dedicated his life and career to helping his students - his kids - recover. He committed to staying on as principal to help the students and the community heal, and continues to this day assisting in the healing process for other communities around the country. An example of this is his recent book, They Call Me Mr. De: The Story of Columbine’s Heart, Resilience, and Recovery whose proceeds go toward funding three unique charities associated with recovery from the Columbine tragedy. #greatstoriesignitelegends Find Frank’s book on: Amazon Support the show.
May 08, 2019
Chadd Wright - US Navy SEAL - Ultra marathon runner - Man of God
The formative trials of the furnace, the forging power of the crucible, the purifying nature of fire, are all metaphors which are front and center as Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell and the Wizard welcome fellow Frogman Chadd Wright to the TNQ Podcast. From overcoming an initial rejection due to a heart condition by the US Navy to attend SEAL training to battling through his wife's substance abuse together, from paranormal activity while finding salvation in Christ to storming back after a crushing defeat in one of the most hellacious ultra-marathons on Earth - The Revenant, Chadd's Never Quit mentality is solid as a rock and will both inspire and equip you with tools to employ on your own battlefield of life. Also, hear about Chadd's story of bringing his vision for Bob's Big Timber Backyard Ultra, a "last man standing" ultra race which honors fallen teammates and service members, to life. #greatstoriesignitelegends Follow Chadd on Instagram at: chadwright278 Support the show.
May 01, 2019
Mary Dague – Explosive Ordnance Disposal combat veteran – Double amputee – Breast Cancer and childhood trauma survivor – Veterans outreach
How much trauma could you take before you quit? One, two, or perhaps three major blows to your emotional fortitude? In this week’s explosive episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard welcome one of our most powerful and hilarious guests to date. We’re proud to bring EOD Iraq combat veteran, double amputee, Mary “Wondernubs” Dague to this week’s show. Stand by as Mary shares three incredible #NeverQuitStories that will leave you in awe of her remarkable strength and unbreakable positive attitude. Marcus, Rut, and the Wizard prime Mary to enlighten our listeners with insight and motivation unlike any they’ve heard yet. This breast cancer survivor understands the #NeverQuitMindset in ways most people can’t even begin to imagine. Join Mary and the Team and begin to discover what it takes to #NeverQuit. #Greatstoriesignitelegends Support the show.
Apr 24, 2019
Matthew Griffin - Army Ranger - Combat Flip Flops co-founder - "Business, Not Bullets" humanitarian vetrepreneur
It has been demonstrated time and time again that economic opportunity is a precursor to a stable and secure society, but when this week's guest Matthew Griffen co-founded what would become Combat Flip Flops, the idea was a radical improbability. Join Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell, the Wizard, and David Rutherford as they welcome Griffin, a former US Army Ranger and forward-thinking vetrepreneur, to this week's episode of the TNQ Podcast. Founded in 2012 with Donald Lee, also a former Ranger, their mission was to "create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict." This Never Quit story against the odds starts in a failed combat boot factory in Afghanistan, but grows to a shining example of socially-conscious business practice that now manufactures multiple products around the globe. From sarongs, belts and scarves in Afghanistan aiding secondary education for Afghan girls, to supporting de-mining efforts in Laos selling jewelry manufactured from metals re-purposed from the disarmed explosives themselves. Join the Team Never Quit crew for a mind-expanding discussion on yet another inspiring and motivating individual putting the Never Quit mindset into action to maximum effect. #greatstoriesignitelegends Follow Griffen at: Support the show.
Apr 17, 2019
Lance Armstrong – 7 Time Tour de France Winner – Founder of the Livestrong Foundation – Titles stripped for Massive Doping Scandal – 100 million dollar Federal Law Suit
What does it feel like going to from one of the most loved sports celebrity’s in the world to the most hated? Few people on the planet know that feeling and the Team Never Quit Podcast has got one of them on the show. Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard welcome Lance Armstrong to this week’s epic show. Join the team as Lance tells his insane #NeverQuitStories which will leave you shaking your head in amazement and disbelief. Lance possesses a one of a kind perspective on winning, losing, fame, shame, love, and hate. Stand by to learn some profound lessons about dealing with perseverance, obsession, humility, regret, friendships, second chances, and moving forward. Try for a moment to imagine winning one of the most difficult sporting events ever created in the Tour de France. Now try and contemplate winning it 7 times in a row after overcoming testicular, lung and brain cancer. Lance Armstrong was able to accomplish this amazing feat. Because of his remarkable accomplishment, he was able to start one the largest non-profits of its day, the Livestrong Foundation which helped millions of people around the world in their fight against cancer. And at the height of his fame, fortune and following it was discovered that he and many members of the US Postal Service Team had been cheating the entire time with an elaborate doping program. Ultimately Lance was stripped of all his titles, disgraced around the world, lost his fortune, and is now actively engaged in a 100 million dollar lawsuit against the federal government. His insane ride from the top to the bottom and now his slow climb up will leave you thinking about second chances in ways you’ve never thought about them before. The TNQ Podcast has once again delivered on their promise to help their listeners develop the #NeverQuit mindset. Marcus, Rut, The Wizard, and Lance give perspective unlike any other podcast out there. After hearing this epic show if you should feel compelled to share your greatest never quit story please head to the ‘Share Your Story’ section on the website and submit your story. We are building an epic catalog of positive content to help our teammates battle their greatest challenges and to overcome their greatest obstacles. Support the show.
Apr 10, 2019
Jeff Nichols – SEAL Team 6 – Exercise Physiologist – Strength and Conditioning Coach – Tactical Preparedness Coach
When a young man becomes a Warrior he goes through massive changes. When a Warrior goes to War the world around him changes. And when that Warrior transitions into a Coach others will change in profound ways. The Team Never Quit Podcast is honored to welcome Navy SEAL and world class strength and conditioning coach, Jeff Nichols to this week’s epic show. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and the Wizard as they assist Jeff in telling his incredible #neverquit story. Jeff’s powerful story of self-discovery, acceptance and personal growth will no doubt leave our listener’s filled with wisdom, humility and strength. Stand by for one of most powerful TNQ Podcast shows yet. #greatstoriesignitelegends   Please follow Jeff at: Support the show.
Apr 03, 2019
Jessica Buchanan – Aid worker rescued by SEAL Team Six – Humanitarian – Author – Survivor
Staring death in the face is a life-changing event. Especially, when you’re being held hostage in the middle of the Somalia wasteland by desperate land pirates. Join the TNQ Podcast as they welcome humanitarian aid-worker, Jessica Buchanan to this week’s epic show. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and the Wizard as they dig in to Jessica’s #neverquitstory and how she managed to last 93 days before being rescued by SEAL Team Six. Her story is both inspiring and informative. Stand by for the ultimate survivor show! #greatstoriesignitelegends Please follow Jessica: Twitter - @jandeimpossible Website -   Support the show.
Mar 27, 2019
Chris Cassidy – NASA Astronaut – Navy SEAL – Combat Veteran – MIT Graduate – 31 Hours 14 Minutes Space Walking
How often have you been told to reach for the stars? This week’s Team Never Quit Podcast’s galactic guest actually did it. Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and the Wizard are honored to welcome fellow Frogman, Captain Chris Cassidy, to the show. Join them as they explore Chris’ stellar #neverquitstory and what it’s like to walk in space. From planning missions in Afghanistan on two separate deployments to heading up NASA’s astronaut selection team, Chris possesses a unique viewpoint on what the Never Quit Mindset consists of. Stand by for your motivational lift off as this fired up team helps you to blast off in your quest to reach the stars. #Greatstoriesigniteledgends Support the show.
Mar 20, 2019
David Wagner - Quadriplegic Tennis Player - Possibly most dominant athlete in US history - 3x Gold Medalist, numerous US Open Championship titles
There are no such thing as accidents. Join Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and The Wizard, as they welcome one of the greatest quadriplegic athletes in history, David Wagner. Prepare to be inspired by David’s incredible #neverquitstory, and how he took a major injury in college and transformed his life into becoming one of the greatest tennis players in history. Listen to David describe his intense work ethic and passion for tennis as he inspires the Never Quit Team. #greatstoriesignitelegends   Please follow David: Twitter @wagnertennis Website - Support the show.
Mar 13, 2019
Leo Jenkins – Ranger combat and humanitarian medic – Acclaimed author & poet – Veteran voice
Those that choose to poetically chronicle the profound insights of war typically don’t have the background of Ranger Medic, or vagabond humanitarian. With over 40 countries visited and time spent living in a van on the beaches of Baja, Mexico, Leo Jenkins' journey of becoming a Ranger to prolific author is fascinating. Join the TNQ Podcast as they welcome Leo to this week’s show. Listen to Leo’s greatest #neverquitstories as he shares his world view with Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and The Wizard. Leo’s hilarious wit and rugged intellectualism will inspire all that love prose, have wanderlust, and appreciate warrior poets. #greatstoriesignitelegends   Please Follow Leo at: Insta - Support the show.
Mar 06, 2019
Wim Hof – “The Iceman” – Cold exposure multi-world records – Scientifically proven revolutionary – Mission to eliminate disease consciously altering body’s chemistry
The Iceman cometh! Stand by for this week’s awesome Team Never Quit Podcast. Join Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and #TheWizard as they welcome one of the most unique human performance instructors on the planet, #TheIceman, Wim Hof. Join the team as Wim tells his greatest #neverquitstory and how he is revolutionizing the way we breathe. Wim’s incredible journey of discovery will leave you in utter disbelief as he is changing the way the scientific world evaluates the power to change an individual’s physiological composition with the Wim Hof breathing technique. Wim Hof is a madman. He’s climbed nearly the top of Mt. Everest in nothing but shorts, and his twenty six world records include greatest distance swam under ice, as well as, ice bath immersion of over an hour.  He’s not crazy or deranged but instead, he is 100% driven to prove that we as human beings naturally possess the greatest treatments for health. Primarily through Mr. Hof’s breathing and cold exposure methods we can radically change our physiological, mental and emotional makeup. Join Marcus and the crew as they go deep down the rabbit hole with the Iceman. Wim’s seemingly insane energy is infectious to say the least. Our dedicated listeners will be filled with credible information on how they can start developing their #NeverQuitMindset immediately by simply breathing more. It’s time to take a deep breath and standby to change your life forever. “Breathe Mother F*&ker Breathe!” #GreatStoriesIgniteLegends Support the show.
Feb 27, 2019
Dara Torres - 5x Olympic Swimmer over 24yr career - Amazingly won 3 medals at age 41 - Mother, mentor and fierce competitor
To compete at the highest level is one thing. To do it for 24 years is absolutely mind blowing. Stand by for this week’s incredible TNQ Podcast. Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and The Wizard welcome five time Olympic swimmer Dara Torres. Join the TNQP team as they get fired up for Dara’s greatest Never Quit stories and her awe inspiring drive to compete. Perhaps one of the greatest Olympian’s of all time will no doubt inspire you that it’s never too late to face adversity, overcome obstacles, and break all the rules. #greatstoriesignitelegends   Please Follow Dara at: Twitter: Website:   Support the show.
Feb 20, 2019
Clint Emerson - "100 Deadly Skills" author - 20 yr SEAL operator - Violent Nomad
What does a life overseas prepare you for? It prepares you to become one of the world's greatest Violent Nomads. Join the TNQ Podcast as they welcome one of their own to this week's intense show. Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, together with hosts, and fellow teammates, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and The Wizard dig deep into life lessons learned in foreign environments. Clint shares his greatest #neverquitstories and teaches our listeners some critical information about being prepared for the worst. #greatstoriesignitelegends   Please follow Clint at: Insta - Facebook - Website - Support the show.
Feb 13, 2019
Dom Raso – SEAL Team 6 – NRA spokesman – Tactical training expert – Meaning of honor
What does honor mean to you? What events in your life have taught you to live with honor? Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard as they welcome one of their own, DevGru Operator Dom Raso to this week’s powerful edition of the Team Never Quit Podcast. Stand by as Dom tells his greatest #neverquitstory of how living for the honor of his fallen teammates shapes his drive to impact the world around him. The helicopter crash of Extortion 17 was the most tragic event in modern SEAL history, losing 31 US military personnel, including 15 men from Dom’s own unit. Prepare to be inspired by the bravery and courage it takes to live with honor. Dom Raso spent 12 years at the tip of the spear in support of American freedom and democracy. His time in the SEAL Team’s top unit instilled a lifetime of focus that is remarkable in every way. His message of honor has reached millions through his company Dynamis Alliance and his presence on the internet. Whether helping to promote 2nd Amendment rights on NRA TV, or through faithfully teaching his #Crusheverything mentality, Dom has a profound impact on anyone within earshot. In this episode of the TNQ Podcast Marcus, Rut and #TheWizard provoke Dom in giving a detailed explanation to help our listeners learn the #neverquitmindset. Don’t miss this action-packed show. Don’t forget to write in and share your own greatest Never Quit stories here. You just might end up being a guest on the show. #GreatStoriesIgniteLegends Support the show.
Feb 06, 2019
Pardeep Nagra - Canadian-Sikh boxer fought discrimination for right to fight - Cultural historian - 'Tiger' biography film
How hard would you fight for your beliefs? How many rounds could you last in a battle of discrimination? Join the TNQ Podcast as they welcome Canadian boxer, and Sikh religious rights activist, Pardeep Singh Nagra to this week's show. Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and The Wizard welcome Pardeep to share his greatest #neverquitstory and the epic battle he waged for his right to fight. Pardeep’s amazing stance for his faith has inspired millions across Canada and the United States, and his epic story recently told in the movie "Tiger," staring Mickey Rourke and Prem Singh. Prepare to go toe to toe with your grander sense of religious equality and freedom. #greatstoriesignitelegends Support the show.
Jan 30, 2019
Nic McKinley - Former CIA operative and USAF Pararescueman - DeliverFund co-founder combating US sexual trafficking
Human trafficking exists in your town. Young female slaves being sold for their bodies. This is happening right now near you and your family. The TNQ Podcast is honored to welcome former CIA operative turned non-profit warrior, Nic McKinley, to this week's incredible show. Join former Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and Wizard as they welcome fellow special operations brother Nic to share his greatest #neverquit stories. Nic has taken his incredible military and intelligence experience and turned his profound insight into yet another noble career of servitude. Nic and his devoted team are transforming the battlefield of the human trafficking war here at home. He shines light into the darkest crevices of our society and roots out evil every day. The TNQ Podcast once again brings insight and positive clarity to a cruel world. Stand by to have Nic and the TNQP crew inspire you to serve your community at the highest levels. #greatstoriesignitelegends Support the show.
Jan 23, 2019
Mike Rowe – “Dirty Jobs” host – Skilled trades advocate – “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” “Returning the Favor,” and “The Way I Heard It”
How often do you meet someone who’s truly living out his or her dream? Out of those people, how often did they realize their dream job immediately? Dream jobs are all based on the individual’s perspective. On this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard welcome America’s TV host Mike Rowe to the show. Stand by for one of the funniest and informative shows the Team has ever had. Listen to Mike share his greatest #neverquitstories in exquisite detail and what it took to revolutionize reality TV. Mike is known for his incredible work on Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It, but it’s his profound understanding of what hard work actually looks like, and it’s vital importance to society, that captures the attention of Marcus, Rut and The Wizard. Join the TNQ Podcast crew along with Mike as they explore the value of hard work, gaining true perspective and beauty of great story telling. #GreatStoriesIgniteLegends Support the show.
Jan 16, 2019
Eddie Gallagher – Highly decorated SEAL Chief of 8 combat deployments - Battling charges of war crimes against ISIS - #FreeEddie
Being charged for war crimes on the battlefield against ISIS seems beyond comprehensible. However, for the highly decorated Navy SEAL Chief with 8 combat deployments, this is his and his family's tragic reality. Chief Eddie Gallagher has been locked in the brig for the past 18 weeks and just recently was arraigned for his supposed crimes. Join the TNQ Podcast as Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and The Wizard welcome Eddie’s wife Andrea and his brother Sean to the show to shed light on the situation by helping our listeners to understand the massive Never Quit moment Eddie and his family are facing. Andrea explains how the former Naval Special Warfare Sailor of the Year and his immediate family are handling this trying time, while Sean, as he's already done on many top news shows, explains his brother’s side of the story. Join us as we gain powerful ‘real time’ insight into this patriotic family's greatest Never Quit story. Great Stories Ignite Legends Please follow this story at: #FREEEDDIE   Support the show.
Jan 09, 2019
Goggins III – Navy SEAL – Ultra Athlete – Best Selling Author – Motivational Badass
GOGGINS, GOGGINS, GOGGINS! He’s unlike any other motivational figure on the planet. His ultra intense, profound search for meaning has captured the attention of the world. The TNQ Podcast is honored and proud to welcome back, for round III, the indomitable David Goggins to this week’s insane show. Fellow Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and The Wizard don’t waste a single second of valuable time diving into the Goggins philosophy of living the painful pathway to salvation. Goggins explores his difficult childhood, his new appreciation of serving the masses, and his dedication to God’s judgment of himself. The TNQ Podcast has never had a guest on more than once, yet the impact David Goggins has had on our listeners is so substantial that he’s back for the third time. Stand by for…..GOOOOOOOOOGGINS! Support the show.
Jan 02, 2019
Jim Craig – ‘Miracle On Ice’ Olympic Hockey Team Goalie – Greatest Upset In Sports History – Renowned Keynote Speaker
Do you believe in miracles? Then you’re going to be absolutely blown away with this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast guest. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and The Wizard as they welcome 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team Goalie, Jim Craig. Jim was an integral part of one of the most incredible sports events in history. At the height of the Cold War, in the silver medal round pitted against a far more experienced and legendary Soviet Russian Team, he played the game of his life, stopping 36 out of 39 shots on goal. Listen to Jim tell his greatest #NeverQuitStory and how it enabled him to have a profound impact on millions of people for the next 37 years. Jim Craig and his herculean effort in the 1980 Winter Olympics are known around the world and in every field house and team locker room in America. His exploits during this historic event are the stuff of legends, however, Jim’s life has actually been one amazing Never Quit moment after the other. Listen as Marcus, Rut and The Wizard help Jim outline his incredible insights in order for you to begin overcoming adversity and hurdling the very toughest obstacles of your own life. Through Jim’s unique story and sage wisdom, you can be sure that the lessons you receive from this week’s epic #TNQPodcast will prepare you for your next confrontation with the tough and overwhelming opponents in life. Please help us share Jim’s story and all the others from the amazing guests we’ve had on the show. Tell all those in your life in need of some really positive content and valuable life lessons this Christmas season. It’s our mission to create the very best team support network through our collective pain and success. Join in. Great Stories Ignite Legends Support the show.
Dec 26, 2018
Valorie Kondos Field - 29 year UCLA gymnastics head coach - 7 NCAA national championships - PAC-12 Coach of the Century
How does a professional dancer become one of the greatest coaches in NCAA history? She cares for her athletes and teaches them to have fun. The TNQ Podcast is proud to welcome Valorie Kondos Field to this week’s epic show. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and the Wizard as they give a huge Never Quit welcome Miss Val. Stand by for a great Never Quit story and some profound wisdom about helping others to discover their Never Quit mindset. She enlightens, inspires, and motivates her gymnast to achieve their greatest potential while having immense fun living their dream.   Great Stories Ignite Legends. Support the show.
Dec 19, 2018
Jeff Gonzales – Navy SEAL – Gov. Contactor – Trident Concepts – Training director at The Range Austin
To become a Master Training Specialist requires a lifetime of dedication and hard work. It requires focus, determination, and a willingness to fail. Join the Team Never Quit Podcast as Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and The Wizard welcome fellow Frogman Jeff Gonzales to this week's epic show. Stand by for Jeff’s greatest Never Quit stories and for his amazing insight as to what it takes to become truly proficient at performing the basics to perfection. Jeff shares his incredible journey through the Teams all the way to becoming the Director of Training at The Range in Austin Texas. To become the best, we must learn from the best. Great Stories Ignite Legends Support the show.
Dec 12, 2018
Jarred Taylor – Air Force TACP – Vetrepreneur at Article 15 Clothing, Black Rifle Coffee Co., and Drinkin' Bros podcast
How do dreams become reality? In the most unlikely paths possible. The Team Never Quit Podcast is fired up to welcome decorated Iraq War veteran and cofounder of Art15 Clothing and Media Company, Jared “JT” Taylor. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and The Wizard as they dig into JT’s greatest Never Quit stories and how he’s turned his dream of making movies into a reality. This outstanding Vetrepreneur, shares awesome insight into turning small opportunities into grand dreams. Support the show.
Dec 05, 2018
Missy Franklin – 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist – World Record Holder – One of the Greatest Swimmer’s of all Time – Champion of Positivity
What separates the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat? The heart and soul of a true champion. The Team Never Quit Podcast is proud to welcome one of the greatest Olympic champions of all time, swimming phenom, Missy Franklin. Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and The Wizard welcome Missy and her infectious personality to this weeks epic show. Listen to Missy’s amazing Never Quit story and her remarkable perspective on both winning and losing. Missy Franklin ascended to the top of the swimming world at just 17 years old winning 4 Olympic Gold medals in the 2012 games proving to the world her phenomenal drive and desire to be the best. Since then she’s continued to demonstrate her insatiable appetite to compete at the highest levels. She has accumulated 28 medals in international competition, most of which are Gold, and still holds the world record in the 200m backstroke long course. The most amazing thing about Missy is her attitude and mindset. With a perpetual smile and limitless positivity, it’s no wonder that she has the ability to keep profound perspective on life and her career in swimming even after her disappointing performance in the 2016 games. This episode of the TNQ Podcast will have you laughing hysterically as well as motivated to get back into the competition. Marcus, Rut and The Wizard create a great platform to share incredible insight on performance, following your passion, and keeping life’s greatest challenges in perspective. Missy Franklin is a true champion both in the pool and in life. USA, USA, USA! Great Stories Ignite Legends Support the show.
Nov 28, 2018
Bob Woodruff – Anchor ABC’s World News Tonight – Iraq War Correspondent – IED explosion survivor – Veteran’s charity founder
We spend much of our lives bearing witness to the atrocities of the world from afar. It’s rare when we find those brave few who will place themselves right next to the madness in order to tell the story. The Team Never Quit Podcast is honored to welcome ABC News journalist and IED survivor, Bob Woodruff to this week's show. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and The Wizard as they welcome Bob to tell his greatest Never Quit story and how getting blown up can change your perspective and your humor. Bob’s incredible journey of going from covering the war to being part of it will leave you inspired to never take a moment of your life or your family for granted. This one will definitely blow you away. Great Stories Ignite Legends Support the show.
Nov 21, 2018
Remi Adeleke - Incredible journey from Nigerian immigrant Bronx street thug to US Navy SEAL man of God
Born in Africa. Bred on the streets of the Bronx. Became a man in the SEAL Teams. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and the Wizard as they welcome one of their own to this weeks epic TNQ Podcast. Remi Adeleke represents the American Dream in its highest fashion. Join these teammates as Remi delivers his inspiring Never Quit stories and how he's now using his profound experiences as a platform to spread a message of hope and strength. Remi will change your perceptions and help you begin to discover your own Never Quit mindset.  Great Stories Ignite Legends Support the show.
Nov 14, 2018
Robert Young Pelton – The true World’s Most Interesting Man – Investigating human conflict from Chechnya to Sudan to Colombia to Afghanistan – “World’s Most Dangerous Places” Author
Why would anyone in their right mind want to travel to the most dangerous places on earth? Join us on the Team Never Quit Podcast as we welcome best selling author and TV host, Robert Young Pelton. If you want to learn from the world’s most interesting man then join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard as they welcome Robert to tell his greatest #NeverQuitStory and why he decided to walk away from a million dollar company to explore the world and try and understand why we go to war with each other. Mr. Pelton has willingly participated in the greatest conflicts of the 21st century in his attempt to makes sense of chaos. Don’t miss this incredible show as it is sure to help you learn the Never Quit mindset. Great Stories Ignite Legends     Support the show.
Nov 07, 2018
Dakota Meyer – US Marine Medal of Honor recipient – Afghanistan and Iraq War Veteran – CEO of Own The Dash
At 21 years old what were you doing with your life? Were you running into a Taliban ambush to save the lives of 12 friendly forces and providing cover for the safe removal of another 24 Marines and soldiers to escape likely death at the hands of a numerically superior and determined foe? Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, Wizard and David Rutherford as they welcome Medal of Honor recipient and US Marine Dakota Meyer to this week's epic show. Listen to Dakota’s remarkable Never Quit stories and how becoming a “hero” has both placed an untold burden upon his life, as well as, given him new purpose. The TNQ Podcast is honored to have him on the show and promises to inspire all those listening who have and are having to face great obstacles in their lives. Semper Fi. Great Stories Ignite Legends Support the show.
Oct 31, 2018
Tony La Russa – Legendary Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Manager – 3 World Series titles – 4x Manager of the Year - 2,728 wins
What does it take to become the modern GOAT in Major League Baseball management? Exactly 2,728 wins along with three World Series titles, places Tony La Russa third all-time and number one in the modern era. The Team Never Quit Podcast is proud to welcome Tony to this week’s special World Series episode. Stand by as Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and The Wizard listen in awe to Tony’s greatest Never Quit stories and a lifetime of coaching and leadership wisdom. Tony joins the TNQ Podcast crew amidst his seventh appearance in the World Series, this time acting as VP of Baseball for the Boston Red Sox. You can be sure that we’re gonna knock this one out of the ballpark. Great Stories Ignite Legends Support the show.
Oct 24, 2018
Pat McNamara – 13 year Delta Operator – Master Training Specialist – Renaissance Man
The Team Never Quit Podcast is fired up to welcome one of the most highly trained humans on the planet, former Tier One US Army Operator, Pat McNamara. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard as they welcome this master training expert. Listen as Pat tells his greatest #NeverQuitStory and what it’s like to be part of one of the most high speed units that exist. Over 22 years in Special Operations and a comprehensive interest in learning the best way to teach gives Pat insight like no other. Pat McNamara could be one of the coolest men on the planet. His insane background and totally unique perspective on just about everything left the TNQ Podcast crew roaring with laughter and fired up to hear more. Pat shared insight on his experience at Delta, finding his passion in teaching, and how he can be simultaneously passionate about everything from tactical firearms training to bird watching, and functional fitness to pointillism. This profound wisdom, combined with an energy level that leaves Rut in the dust, will inspire you to immediately search for the top training program near you. Pat McNamara is the definition of the #NeverQuit mindset. Don’t miss this show. “Great Stories Ignite Legends” The post Pat McNamara – 13 year Delta Operator – Master Training Specialist – Renaissance Man appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Oct 17, 2018
L’Damian Washington – Professional Football Receiver – Orphaned with 3 Brothers – First kid to go to College – Won Key to City at 17
His father was murdered and his mother died from a stroke. His brothers and he raised themselves. Standby for this week’s epic Team Never Quit Podcast! Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and The Wizard as they welcome professional football player, L’Damian Washington to the show. Listen to L’Damian’s greatest #neverquitstory and how altering his personal expectations reshaped the trajectory of his entire family. You won’t be sorry by tuning into this inspiring never quit story about family, focus, and future. #Greatstoriesignitelegends The post L’Damian Washington – Professional Football Receiver – Orphaned with 3 Brothers – First kid to go to College – Won Key to City at 17 appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Oct 10, 2018
Mike Thornton – Medal of Honor recipient – Navy SEAL legend – Vietnam veteran
The Team Never Quit Podcast is honored to welcome Medal of Honor Recipient and Navy SEAL, Mike Thornton, to this week’s incredible show. Mike is a legend in the Teams and defines the word “hero.” His miraculous exploits during his time in Vietnam have set the standard by which all other Team Guys are to be measured. Join his teammates from the modern era, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard as they have the rare opportunity to interview Mike. Prepare yourself as Mike shares his greatest #NeverQuitStory. Mike Thornton is one of the most decorated Frogmen in the history of the unit. His exploits downrange are the stuff of legend, and the story behind his Medal of Honor is miraculous. His unselfish actions resulted in saving the lives of four men, in particular fellow SEAL, Tommy Norris, another Medal of Honor recipient. Mike’s wisdom and experience have set a precedent for all people to aspire to. In a rare interview Marcus, Rut and The Wizard provide an incredible opportunity to their listeners to be exposed to Mike’s profound insight. The #TNQPodcast is beyond blessed to be able to deliver inspiring content for our loyal listeners. We thank you for the continued support and help spreading the positivity around the world. If you would like to share your greatest Never Quit story please submit it here. Our mission is to help you face adversity, overcome life’s greatest obstacles, and develop the Never Quit mindset. Great Stories Ignite Legends The post Mike Thornton – Medal of Honor recipient – Navy SEAL legend – Vietnam veteran appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Oct 03, 2018
Jeff Cool – New York Fire Dept – Black Sunday Survivor – TNQ Podcast Listener Write-In Guest
Black Sunday was the New York City Fire Department’s most deadly day since 9/11. Join the Team Never Quit Podcast as they welcome one of the survivors, Jeff Cool, to this weeks show. Marcus, Rut and the Wizard are proud to have Jeff tell his greatest #neverquitstory and what that day has meant for him and his appreciation for family and friends. Mr. Cool’s story came to the TNQ Podcast through his son writing into the show and sharing his father’s amazing experience with us. We want to thank him, and all the amazing listeners who’ve written in to share their greatest never quit stories, because together we can’t fail. #greatstoriesignitelegends The post Jeff Cool – New York Fire Dept – Black Sunday Survivor – TNQ Podcast Listener Write-In Guest appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Sep 26, 2018
Taya Kyle – Wife of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle – Fighting back from tragic loss – Lessons on grief, faith, & love
Team Never Quit is honored to welcome one of it’s own members to this week’s podcast. The founder of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, best selling author of ‘American Wife’, and faithful patriot, Taya Kyle, joins her close friend Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford for this week’s inspiring show. Listen to Taya’s emotional description of her greatest Never Quit story and how her marriage to ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle prepared her to serve the country in her own way. In one of the most gripping TNQ Podcast’s ever, Marcus, Rut and Taya explore her incredible journey. Taya explains what it was like living with Chris, the most prolific sniper in American history, making it through four SEAL Team combat deployments, and how her faith in God got her and her family through all the adversities they’ve faced. The lessons she’s learned are lessons that can be easily translated for all those who are facing significant challenges in their lives. Taya continues to provide support to military and first responder families through the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, while her best-selling book ‘American Wife’ has given her a platform to tell her story, while also teaching on grief, faith and love. Once again the TNQ Podcast team accomplishes their mission by inviting the courageous, motivating and patriotic Taya Kyle to the show in order for you to be inspired and to learn how to overcome life’s greatest challenges. Also, Marcus and Rut welcome your greatest Never Quit stories too, by submitting it in the Share Your Story section of our site. We want to share as many stories as possible to the millions of people around the world. Great Stories Ignite Legends. The post Taya Kyle – Wife of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle – Fighting back from tragic loss – Lessons on grief, faith, & love appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Sep 19, 2018
Shawn Ryan – Navy SEAL – CIA Contractor – Vigilance Elite Vetrepreneur
The TNQPodcast crew is excited to welcome one of their own to this week’s epic episode. Navy SEAL, CIA Contractor and vetrepreneur at Vigilance Elite, Shawn Ryan joins fellow frogmen, Marcus Luttrell, Dave Rutherford and The Wizard in their latest attempt to crush the negative insurgency in you. Stand by for Shawn’s greatest Never Quit story and the insane exploits of these four former Navy SEALs along with essential information that will enable you to withstand any storm you might be facing, and continue developing your Never Quit mindset. #greatstoriesignitelegends The post Shawn Ryan – Navy SEAL – CIA Contractor – Vigilance Elite Vetrepreneur appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Sep 12, 2018
Mark Wahlberg – Boston street kid to Hollywood A-List actor – Patriots Day & Lone Survivor star
The Team Never Quit Podcast is proud to welcome to the show Marcus’ close friend and megastar, Mark Wahlberg. Mark is widely considered one of the most accomplished and successful men in the movie industry. He’s known for his roles in the recently released Patriots Day, Deep Water Horizon, The Fighter and the epic war film, Lone Survivor, where he portrayed Marcus himself in the heroic story of Operation Red Wings. Mark has also distinguished himself as a top producer and entrepreneur. His Never Quit story, along with tremendous insights, will no doubt leave you wanting to listen to the episode more than once. Marcus and Mark formed a strong bond during the incredible experience of making the Lone Survivor movie together. Mark talks openly about his deep connection to the project and all movies depicting tales of heroism. His unique perspective on Hollywood is immediately apparent in his life story. Mark Wahlberg is a man driven by faith, family,  a commitment to never forget when he came from, and his desire to work harder than anyone in Hollywood. The TNQ Podcast once again brings an incredible story to it’s dedicated listeners. Marcus and Rut continue to fulfill their promise to inspire people around the world with amazing stories that help others to face adversity and overcome obstacles. Everyone, they believe, has a great Never Quit story just waiting to come out.  Great Stories Ignite Legends. The post Mark Wahlberg – Boston street kid to Hollywood A-List actor – Patriots Day & Lone Survivor star appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Sep 05, 2018
Rob O’Neill – SEAL Team 6 operator who shot Osama Bin Laden – 2 Silver Stars, 4 Bronze Stars with Valor – 400+ combat missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and others
What’s it like to play a part in history? The Team Never Quit Podcast is honored to welcome former SEAL Team 6 member and American hero, Robert J O’Neill to this week’s historic 100th show. Never before has the Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell, and the Operator, O’Neill been together on the air in any type of format. In this epic episode, Rob shares his greatest #neverquitstory, as well as he and Marcus, share their profound insight as to what it takes to be willing to give everything for the men around them. The TNQ Podcast once again delivers an outstanding guest and show dedicated to helping you, our listeners, to discover your #neverquitmindset. #greatstoriesignitelegends The post Rob O’Neill – SEAL Team 6 operator who shot Osama Bin Laden – 2 Silver Stars, 4 Bronze Stars with Valor – 400+ combat missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and others appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Aug 29, 2018
David Goggins 2 – The return of America’s most extreme ultra athlete and Navy SEAL
For the first time, the Team Never Quit Podcast welcomes back a guest to inspire audiences at an entirely new level. Marcus Luttrell and Captain Positive, David ‘Rut’ Rutherford, are proud to bring the guest who has the most downloaded show yet, back for Goggins 2. Stand by because Navy SEAL, extreme ultra athlete, and top motivator, David Goggins, is going to blow you away, again! In his first show, Goggins outlined one the greatest never quit stories we’ve heard yet and why he’s able to push past insane boundaries of pain. In his second appearance on the show, David forces listeners to expose the truth of weakness and the power of harnessing fear. No other guest in TNQ Podcast history has gotten more request for a repeat show. Marcus and Rut have answered the calling by bringing David Goggins back on air. His explosive energy in this episode will transform listeners by forcing them to put their fears in check and explore pain in a whole new perspective. Goggins is one of a kind. His philosophy is so incredibly unique that it provides all those who come in contact with it a completely new way of looking at pushing one’s own limitations. Don’t miss this show and please tell everyone you know who needs some serious motivation to tune in. Great Stories Ignite Legends. The post David Goggins 2 – The return of America’s most extreme ultra athlete and Navy SEAL appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Aug 22, 2018
Tu Lam – US Army Special Forces – Firearms & edged weapons master at Ronin Tactics – Vietnamese refugee – Discovery Channel “Forged in Fire: Knife or Death”
Is a man born out of war destined to become a warrior? Join the Team Never Quit Podcast as Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and the Wizard welcome retired Sergeant Major Green Beret Tu Lam. Stand by for this epic show as Tu tells his greatest #neverquitstory and his epic journey from fleeing the fall of Vietnam to operating with the US Army’s most elite units. His epic journey and his inspiring wisdom will no doubt help you begin to understand the Ronin Warrior’s path. #greatstoriesignitelegends The post Tu Lam – US Army Special Forces – Firearms & edged weapons master at Ronin Tactics – Vietnamese refugee – Discovery Channel “Forged in Fire: Knife or Death” appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Aug 15, 2018
Jeremy Courtney – Relief to ISIS victims from the front lines – Preemptive Love CEO – Feeding 25,000+ in Iraq and Syria – Extreme servitude
The Team Never Quit Podcast is once again honored to welcome a man to the show is making a profound difference in this world by using love as his main weapon. Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard welcome the CEO of, Jeremy Courtney, to this week’s amazing show. Listen and be inspired as Jeremy tells his greatest #NeverQuit story and why he moved his wife and children to Iraq in order to feed 25,000 people a day in the heart of ISIS controlled territory. Jeremy’s team is unlike almost every other non-profit aid organization that exists, seeking to be “first in, and last to leave.” He literally walks the walk in the enemy’s backyard. What makes a man travel into the heart of the enemy? Find out in this weeks epic TNQ Podcast episode as Marcus, Rut and the Wizard dive deep into Jeremy’s mission in life. The stories you hear will give you hope, inspire you to do more, and leave you in awe of his mission to use love as a primary weapon for change. After listening to this incredible show, please visit Preemptive Love via the link below. At this very moment he and his team are in Mosul, Iraq feeding thousands and need our help. “Great Stories Ignite Legends” The post Jeremy Courtney – Relief to ISIS victims from the front lines – Preemptive Love CEO – Feeding 25,000+ in Iraq and Syria – Extreme servitude appeared first on Team Never Quit Podcast. Support the show.
Aug 08, 2018
Travis Mills – Quadruple amputee SSG 82nd Airborne – NY Times Best Selling Author – Travis Mills Foundation – Top motivational speaker & veteran advocate
It’s rare when we meet someone who can change our perception of ourselves and our struggles instantaneously. The Team Never Quit Podcast is honored to bring one of those people to the show this week. Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and the Wizard welcome, retired Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills. Travis is one of only five quadruple amputees from the Iraq and Afghan Wars. Prepare yourself as Travis tells his greatest #neverquitstory and vividly describes the challenges of learning to thrive with no arms and no legs. SSG Mills has taken this devastating blow and turned it into a profound blessing for himself, his family, and all the veterans and their families he helps on a regular basis. Travis transcends the human condition and effortlessly inspires all those he comes in contact with. Stand by for this week’s epic #TNQPodcast episode. “Never give up. Never Quit.” #Greatstoriesignitelegends Support the show.
Aug 01, 2018
Christian McCaffrey – NFL Carolina Panthers running back – NCAA All Purpose Yardage record holder
Have you ever felt like you were born to do something? Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and the Wizard as they welcome NFL sensation, Christian McCaffrey to this week’s episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast. Listen to Christian tell his greatest #neverquitstory and how from his breakout year as a sophomore at Stanford he realized achieving his dream was all about working his butt off. As the son of a former NFL player, from an early age, along with all of his brothers, he began to understand that nothing is given to anyone. Hard work and an ultra-competitive attitude are what it takes to reach the highest level of sport. Stand by as this true professional shares his innate insight with all of you. #GreatStoriesIgniteLegends Support the show.
Jul 25, 2018
Kwame Ajamu – 28 years wrongfully incarcerated – Sentenced to Death Row at 18 solely on coerced testimony of a 12-year-old boy
How much is your freedom worth? The TNQ Podcast is proud to welcome Kwame Ajamu to this weeks show. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and the Wizard as they get down and dirty with Kwame’s #neverquitstory and how a teenage boy learns to deal with life on Death Row. For 28 years Kwame endured one of the worst possible situations known to humanity, lack of freedom. However, losing his freedom because of a lie didn’t destroy him but instead built him into the definition of Never Quit. Stand by to experience a truly inspiring show that will definitely motivate you to embrace your own freedom. #GreatStoriesIgniteLegends Support the show.
Jul 18, 2018
Andy Stumpf – Tier-one Navy SEAL Lieutenant – 2 world records in wingsuit freefall – Corporate leadership consultant – The guy you aspire to emulate
What makes a man want to become a Navy SEAL? What makes a man want to serve at the most elite level? What enables a man to come back from getting shot? And finally what propels a man to set a world record for wingsuit freefall? Andy Stumpf has all those answers along with his greatest Never Quit story on this week’s amazing Team Never Quit Podcast. Join Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard as they welcome fellow a Frogman to inspire listeners with his remarkable humility and profound wisdom. Andy Stumpf exemplifies the #NeverQuitMindset. Prepare yourself to be motivated by one of the most accomplished guests so far on the TNQ Podcast. His dedication to improving himself and those he comes in contact with is nothing short of transformational. His commitment to his teammates, country, and most especially his family leaves us all wanting more information on how he constantly raises the bar for himself day in and day out. Find out how you too can apply his knowledge to your life. Long live the Brotherhood. Support the show.
Jul 11, 2018
Erik Weihenmayer – First blind man to summit Mount Everest, Seven Summits, and El Capitan – Kayaked Grand Canyon
What levels have you reached in your life? What have you seen that has changed your perspective? Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and #TheWizard as they welcome a man that illuminates the ultimate vision of the #neverquitmindset. The Team Never Quit Podcast is honored to welcome Erik Weihenmayer to this week’s show. Erik is one of the greatest climbers in the world…and he’s blind. Listen as Erik shares his greatest #neverquitstory and the unimaginable journey from losing his sight as a young boy to inspiring millions of people around the world with his clear purpose and wisdom. We promise you will see things in a whole new light. #greatstoriesignitelegends Support the show.
Jul 04, 2018
Omar ‘Crispy’ Avila – US Army veteran amputee with burns to 75% of body – Record setting paralympic powerlifter – Powerful inspiration
What can we learn from a man that was blown up and caught on fire? What the term #NeverQuit means. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #theWizard on this week’s episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast as they welcome the always inspiring Omar ‘Crispy’ Avila. Prepare to be lit up by Crispy’s insane #neverquitstory and what he learned from having his skin scrubbed off for three months. There’s no doubt Crispy will motivate the hell out of you to extinguish the negativity in your life and to start having fun. His amazing perspective will definitely light a fire in your gut. #greatstoriesignitelegends Support the show.
Jun 27, 2018
Cameron Hanes – Master bowhunter and his extreme reinvention of an ancient pursuit by combining it with outdoor endurance sports
The Team Never Quit Podcast is proud to welcome America’s greatest extreme bowhunter and Under Armour’s longest sponsored athlete, Cameron Hanes, to the show. Mr. Never Quit himself, Marcus Luttrell, and Captain Positive, David “Rut” Rutherford bring Cam to this week’s episode of the TNQ Podcast in order for him to tell his greatest Never Quit story. Cam digs into what fueled the drive to develop his revolutionary approach to integrating athletics into bowhunting, what it’s like to beat Lance Armstrong, and his top goal of being the ultimate father. What drives a man to walk miles and miles into the bush, stalk North America’s largest game animals for days, silently approach to within fifty yards for the kill, then pack the entire animal all the way back to camp? Cam describes it in detail for us in this engaging episode. In face, Cam takes you one step farther and explains his philosophy on living a lifestyle long forgotten in our society. His authenticity is inspiring and will no doubt leave you wanting to explore your own primal side. It’s the mission of the Team Never Quit Podcast to bring you the greatest stories of perseverance, grit and determination. Marcus and Rut are committed to helping you discover the mindset that will ultimately inspire your own greatest Never Quit story. We are thankful that Cameron Hanes joined us this week in once again achieving our mission. Also, don’t forget to tune into the After Actions Report where Cam gets into the nitty gritty of the tactics he employs each and every day to drive toward success. Remember, if you feel inspired by this show, or any other TNQ podcast, please share your own greatest Never Quit story with us on the site. It’s possible your submission could wind up on the show being read and discussed by Marcus and David. Great Stories Ignite Legends! Support the show.
Jun 20, 2018
Captain Charlie Plumb – Vietnam POW – 2,103 Days in the Hanoi Hilton – American Hero
It’s rare that we have the opportunity to learn from truly great men. This week on the Team Never Quit Podcast you have that chance. Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard are honored to welcome, Vietnam POW, Captain Charlie Plumb to the show. Listen in amazement as Captain Plumb tells his greatest #NeverQuitStory and how spending 2,103 days as a prisoner of war in the Hanoi Hilton made him stronger than he could have ever dreamed. You can torture the man but you can’t destroy his spirit. Freedom is taken for granted by so many. In this week’s TNQ Podcast you will be forced to reevaluate what matters most to you. Listen to the American Hero Captain Plumb as he describes the unbreakable spirit and what it takes to build it back up after it’s been tortured again and again. The stories from his captivity are remarkable enough, but stand by has he delivers pearls of wisdom that can help you be released from your own imprisonment. Marcus, Rut and #TheWizard have once again delivered on their mission to bring you and the rest of the Team powerful, positive content that will improve your life should you choose to apply the lessons it delivers. If this show has an impact and you feel compelled, please write into the website and share your own greatest Never Quit story with our team. It just might get you on the show as a guest. Never Quit. Great Stories Ignite Legends. Support the show.
Jun 13, 2018
Brendan Schaub – UFC heavyweight fighter – Stand up comedian – Division 1 football – Fighter and the Kid Podcast and Below the Belt host – Transformation without limitation
Do you ever feel like you’re getting locked into a rut? When your life is going round and round and you’re not getting anywhere? Stand by for this week’s Team Never Podcast when Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard as they welcome the hilarious former UFC fighter and top podcast host, Brendan Schaub, to the show. Join Brendan and the team as they laugh hysterically and he shares his greatest #neverquitstories. It takes massive cojones to consistently change course in life in order to follow your dreams by reinventing yourself over and over again. Brendan helps listeners gain confidence as he outlines his incredible transitions from division one football, to the UFC, to podcast host and stand up comic, to television host and much more. This show will not only motivate you to chase your dream but also keep you laughing from beginning to end. #GreatStoriesIgniteLegends Support the show.
May 30, 2018
Jose Sanchez – USMC combat veteran – Adaptive athlete & workout phenom – Marathon runner – Overcoming anger
Stand by for this week’s incredibly explosive and gritty Team Never Quit Podcast. Navy SEAL’s, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard welcome combat veteran, adaptive athlete, and US Marine Jose Sanchez to the show. Prepare yourself for one of the rawest #neverquitstories you’ve ever heard. Jose’s incredible honesty and insight into the horrific realities of getting blown up, feeling isolated, and fighting back to normal will leave you cheering for him. This Marine has become a shining example of his selfless efforts to bring fellow veterans out of the darkness and into the light. Once again the #TNQPodcast team accomplishes their mission by providing powerful, profound, and positive content for their listeners to develop their #neverquitmindset. Great Stories Ignite Legends Support the show.
May 09, 2018
Vince Papale – Philadelphia Eagles walk-on & oldest rookie in NFL history – “Invincible” movie biography
Vince Papale was a School teacher who never played a down of college football. He was a substitute teacher and part-time bartender. None of this matters because he possessed an ‘invincible’ spirit. Marcus, Rut, and the Wizard along with Vince will inspire you to begin believing that you can live out your dream if your willing to work harder than everyone else. Vince’s epic story and profound passion to inspire others will leave you wanting to face the adversity in your life and begin developing the Never Quit mindset. #GreatStoriesIgniteLegends Support the show.
May 02, 2018
Nick Irving – “The Reaper” – One of the most deadly Ranger snipers in history
This week TNQ Podcast hosts and former Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford, welcome “The Reaper,” US Army Ranger Sniper Nick Irving, as he brings to the show his riveting account of combat in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, and how it took every ounce of his formidable #NeverQuit mindset to survive. Listen in as Marcus and David dig-in deep with one of the most deadly snipers in Ranger history, to bring to light some life lessons you too can begin to apply in daily life. From nearly running out of ammunition, to sprinting a mile across open ground under fire, to being rescued moments before his team must decide to fall on their last grenade, this is one of the most gripping battlefield accounts ever heard on the TNQ Podcast. Irving shares details which paint a powerful picture of the twelve hour mission in which he and his sniper team barely survive. After the dust settles, Marcus and Dave help Nick bring out the lessons learned from not only his combat experience, but also the major challenges which awaited him after military service in the civilian world, such as PTSD and substance abuse. Once again this week, the team, along with Nick Irving, deliver on their mission to bring you some of the world’s most inspiring and impactful #NeverQuit stories. Help spread the word by sharing the show with friends and family. Great Stories Ignite Legends Support the show.
Apr 11, 2018
Vincent “Rocco” Vargas – Army Ranger of 3 Combat Deployments – Serial vetrepreneur – “Range 15” and “Mayans MC” actor – Father of six
In another epic Team Never Quit Podcast, Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #The Wizard welcome Army Ranger and Range 15 star Vincent “Rocco” Vargas to this weeks show. Join this fired up crew as Vincent shares his greatest #neverquitstory and what it was like going from being an Army Ranger to following a dream of becoming an actor. Rocco gains huge popularity as a part of the hilarious Art 15 Clothing team, but also his prolific track record as a vetrepreneur. He has taken his experiences in life and made the incredible transition from Special Operations to vetrepreneur and entertainer. His lessons learned with no doubt help you begin developing the Never Quit Mindset. #Greatstoriesignitelegends Support the show.
Apr 04, 2018