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The Nine Club is the show that has skaters talking. Each weekly episode hosted by Chris Roberts with co-hosts Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart invite you into conversations with professional and amateur skateboarders, musicians, actors and artists that share a common passion for skateboarding. New Nine Club episodes every Monday at 12am (pst)... Also, Join us every other Wednesday at 7pm (pst) for new Nine Club EXPERIENCE episodes with a live chat on our YouTube channel while the episode airs (Airs 9pm for Podcast). Also, watch every episode on YouTube at:

Episode Date
#159 - Chad Muska

Chad Muska discusses growing up in Arizona & Vegas, moving to San Diego, sleeping on the beach, getting on Maple Skateboards, skating with Jamie Thomas and filming for the Toy Machine video “Welcome To Hell”, getting kicked off Toy Machine, picking the Shorty’s team, designing his first Es shoe, the first Shorty’s video “Fulfill The Dream”, his part in the Transworld video “Feedback”, getting on Circa Footwear, leaving Shorty’s, designing his Supra shoe the Muska Skytop, skating for Element, his partying days, Muskabeatz, working on his artwork and much more!

Aug 19, 2019
EXPERIENCE #57 - Gabriel Rodriguez, Tiago Lemos, Krooked, Jorge Simoes

We discuss Gabriel Rodriguez RIP, the Adidas "Head Count” video, Tiago Lemos insane pop shuv rewind clip, Jorge Simoes' "Portuguese Man O' War”, The Making of PERCEPTION IS AN ILLUSION with Madars Apse, Tyler Surrey & Friends, Krooked "The Mermaid”, Michael Mackrodt – (fish)EYE OF THE TIGER, Spanish Mike TV Presents "Diamonds In The Rough”, InFrames Barcelona, Crupié Wheel Co giveaway and much more!

Aug 15, 2019
#158 - Adelmo Jr

Adelmo Jr discusses growing up in Brazil, the first time coming to the States, getting on Arcade, filming for the Arcade video “Who?”, skating for LRG, Karl Watson asking him to ride for Ipath Footwear, getting on Organika Skateboards, the LRG video “Give Me My Money Chico”, getting arrested and having to cut his dreads while in prison in Brazil, High Clothing, starting his board company Plural Skateboards, family life and much more!

Aug 12, 2019
EXPERIENCE #56 - Yuri Facchini, FA, Deedz Nutz, Vans Showdown

We discuss enjoi's "Deedz Nutz" Part, Geoff Rowley’s statue at the LA Convention Center, Mitchie Brusco 1260, Yuri Facchini's "Double Up" Part, Dane Barker Welcome to Converse CONS, Marek Zaprazny "FYG" Video Part, Trey Wood’s slam, Dustin Eggeling "Shady Blues" Part for Hopps Skateboards, FA’s “All The Shit Off The Internet #1”, Berrics signed boards giveaway and much more!

Aug 08, 2019
#157 - Jesus Fernandez

Jesus Fernandez discusses growing up in Madrid Spain, coming to California for the first time and staying with Lance Mountain, getting on Julio De La Cruz’s company Neighborhood with his brother Alfonso Fernandez and Daniel Lebron, Stamina Clothing, filming for “LA County”, skating for Chocolate Skateboards, getting deported, skating for the Spanish company Nomad, getting back on Chocolate, filming for the Lakai video “Fully Flared”, his part in “Pretty Sweet”, recently moving to Denmark and much more!

Aug 05, 2019
EXPERIENCE #55 - Tom Asta, Tony Hawk Battle Commander, Southbank Restored

We discuss Andrew Verde’s 'Afternoon Hunger' part, HUF ATL, Southbank Restored: Day 1, "High 'N' Dry" Video, OJ Wheels' "Elite Vol. 2: Hungry Ams”, Tony Hawk Battle Commander, Ruben Spelta 'Mamma Mia' Part, Burnt eggs, Chocolate Skateboards package giveaway and much more!

Aug 01, 2019
#156 - Shane O'Neill

Shane O’Neill discusses growing up in Melbourne Australia, getting flowed by Nike SB at age 13, flying to the States to stay with Paul Rodriguez, winning his first Street League, buying his first house and building a skatepark in his backyard, turning pro for Skate Mental, filming for his part “Shane Goes”, getting on Primitive, his Janoski color way, how he goes about learning tricks, nollie back heel Wallenberg, why he left Primitive to start his board company April, working on a new video part and much more!

Jul 29, 2019
EXPERIENCE #54 - Kenny Anderson, Nike SB Australia, Tyshawn Jones

We discuss Eniz Fazliov Free part, Blake Norris' "Wicked Child”, Kenny Anderson is a Drugdealer, Nike SB Australia “Disc”, Above The Noise, Ben Currie, Xen Skateboards "Chocolate & Cheese”, Mark Baines "Edison”, 30 Years of Foundation Skateboards, Save Tompkins Park, GRIMPLESTIX: Evan Smith (Cosmic Earth Dirt), Tom Asta & Dylan Williams: No Pushing!, adidas Skateboarding presents /// TYSHAWN, Glassy Eyewear $100 gift card giveaway and much more!

Jul 25, 2019
#155 - Steve Caballero

Steve Caballero discusses growing up in San Jose CA, getting on Powell Peralta at 15 years old, skating in the Amateur contest circuit, his band “The Faction”, being born with Scoliosis, turning pro, selling 250,000 boards in one year, getting on Vans, designing his signature shoe the “Caballero” aka “The Full Cab”, almost quitting Powell Peralta a few times, inventing the fakie ollie 360 also known as the ’Caballerial', the iconic Half Cab shoe, street Cab, being asked to be in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game, breaking his femur during a motocross jump, his artwork and much more!

Jul 22, 2019
EXPERIENCE #53 - Bronson's "Into the Pit", Chrystie: Chapter Two, Loveletters Canada

We discuss adidas Skateboarding presents /// MIKE, Film Trucks Nouvelle Vague, Bronson's "Into the Pit" Video, Chrystie: Chapter Two, Loveletters Season 10: Canada and much more!

Jul 18, 2019
#154 - Chet Thomas

Chet Thomas discusses growing up in Huntington Beach CA, having a ho-ho battle with Guy Mariano, skating for Powell Peralta at age 15, acting in commercials, leaving Public Skateboards to skate for Channel One, starting Darkstar Wheels, the first pro on Volcom, XYZ Platinum, getting on the A-Team, turning Darkstar into a board company, his Globe shoe the CT4, his role at Dwindle Distribution, his real estate business and much more!

Jul 15, 2019
EXPERIENCE #52 - Nyjah's Gnarliest Slams, Girl Skateboards, David Gravette

We discuss Girl Skateboards "The Melbourne Identity”, Habitat “Control Room Ep2”, Nike SB | Nyjah's Gnarliest Slams, Jamie Foy's "306”, Nike SB | Trust Fall, "The Legend," Mark Gonzales, David Gravette's "Bronson" Part, Thomas Dritsas' "Magarsh”, Pump On This! And much more!

Jul 11, 2019
#153 - Reese Forbes

Reese Forbes discusses growing up in Gaithersberg MD, getting bro-flo from Chris Hall, getting on Goodtimes, riding for Element, filming for Eastern Exposure, Vita Footwear, riding for Quicksilver then becoming the TM, blowing out his knee, the Reese Forbes high ollie challenge, leaving Element for Rasa Libre, riding for Nike SB, getting free Jaguars for a year, skating for Commonwealth Stacks and much more!

Jul 08, 2019
#152 - Sammy Baptista

Sammy Baptista discusses growing up in Santa Barbara CA, skating for Powell Peralta, getting on Shorty’s Skateboards, filming for “Fulfill The Dream”, going on tours with Chad Muska, tearing his ACL, turning pro after the Shorty’s video “How To Go Pro”, skating for Turf Skateboards, almost dying and suffered 3rd and 4th degree burns over his body from an accident, the dreams he had while in a coma for 16 days, being a new father and much more!

Jul 01, 2019
EXPERIENCE #51- Stefan Janoski, Active Ride shop’s GSD, Pizza Skateboards

We discuss Active Ride Shop’s Go Skate Day, Nike SB | Polar Rico, Independent’s “2019 Rip Ride Rally”, Fact Brand's "Cambryan Factory Sample”, Patti | Dear Stella, Nike SB | Stefan Janoski | For Daily Use, Gage Boyle's "Welcome to Spitfire”, Pizza Skateboards' "Beaks”, Blips - Cover Version, Windsor James GoFund me, Jaws "STRFKR”, Justin Bishop's "Ditch Your Vision” and much more!

Jun 27, 2019
#151 - Leticia Bufoni

Leticia Bufoni discusses growing up in São Paulo Brazil, moving to California at age 14, filming for the Osiris video “Children Of The Revolution”, getting on Nike SB, turning pro for Plan B Skateboards, posing nude for the ESPN Body issue, getting knocked out at Street League, her fascination with skydiving, having a skatepark in her backyard, her “Push Part”, celebrating too soon at Street League, working out, the Olympics, filming for the Nike SB video “Gizmo” and much more!

Jun 24, 2019
#150 - David Gravette

David Gravette discusses growing up in Issaquah WA, his first photo in a magazine, getting on Creature Skateboards, riding for Vox Footwear, beer bonging 19 beers on his 19th birthday and turning pro, his nickname “baby lamb”, dealing with a dislocating hip for 2 years, mountain bike Dave, kayak Dave, spelunking Dave, is Sean Malto is a curse for him, investing in Black Plague, filming for his new Bronson part and much more!

Jun 17, 2019
EXPERIENCE #50 - Diego off Primitive, Trevor Colden, Nike SB “GIZMO”

We discuss Nate Greenwood’s SOVRN part, Nike SB “GIZMO”, Zoo York reboot “Under Old Management”, Trevor Colden, Crupié Wheels' "Multicultural " Video 3, Sam Fairweather - 335 Skate Supply, Loveletters Season 10: Lizzie Armanto, Converse CONS One Star Pro Alexis Sablone, Gavin Bottger's "Duel For Fuel”, TONY HAWK SELLS OUT. AGAIN, Diego off Primitive and much more!


Jun 13, 2019
#149 - Clive Dixon

Clive Dixon discusses growing up in Cocoa Beach FL, having dual citizenship for the US and UK, being flow for 5boro Skateboards, getting on Birdhouse, living with Clint Walker in an RV for a year, winning King Of The Road 3 years in a row, noseblunting El Toro then going back and nollie noseblunting it, skydiving in Dubai, filming for the Birdhouse video “Saturdays”, the water tower boardslide and much more!

Jun 10, 2019
#148 - Daniel Shimizu

Daniel Shimizu discusses growing up in Rosemead CA, getting on Foundation Skateboards, getting asked to ride for Nike SB, filming for the Foundation video “Thats Life”, skating for Stereo Skateboards, the Nike SB video “Nothing But The Truth”, Heroin Skateboards living with Justin Strubing, his skate trivia game “Useless Wooden Knowledge” he does with Justin Strubing, Clint Peterson & Andreas Trolf and much more!

Jun 03, 2019
EXPERIENCE #49 - Ben Raemers, April Skateboards, Daewon Song

We discuss Ben Raemers, Neen Williams - Skate Forever Lululemon, Harrison Street DIY in KC, DAEWON | Documentary, April Skateboards, Nike SB | Yuto Horigome | April Skateboards Pro Part, Grotto Lotto 2019, Gustavo Ribeiro's PRO Part "Nine To Five”, Ryan Reyes - Bones Wheels' "Sacred Geometry”, Rodrigo TX's "Sigilo”, Nick Matthews - “Pavement” and much more!

May 30, 2019
#147 - Andy Howell

Andy Howell discusses growing up in Virginia Beach, writing Tony Hawk his first fan mail letter, turning himself pro at a contest, getting on Schmitt Stix, moving to Atlanta, Zero Sophisto Clothing, forming New Deal Skateboards, Underworld Element, Julian Stranger, retiring from pro skating, starting a design firm, his collab with Supreme, bringing New Deal back and much more!

May 27, 2019
#146 - Jason Adams

Jason Adams discusses growing up in San Jose CA, skating everyday with Salman Agah, getting on Think Skateboards, leaving Creature to ride for Scarecrow, how he got the nickname “The Kid”, skating for Black Label, filming for the Enjoi video “Bag Of Suck”, Slappy Hour, his stencil art and much more!

May 20, 2019
EXPERIENCE #48 - Celebrating 100,000 Subscribers!

We celebrate 100,000 subscribers!

May 16, 2019
#145 - Billy Marks

Billy Marks discusses growing up in Corona CA, getting on The Firm, Ed Templeton asking him to ride for Toy Machine, filming for the Fallen video “Ride The Sky”, skating for LRG, Billy’s Balls, Filament Footwear, playing ice hockey with Mike Vallely, Thrasher’s King Of The Road, the return of Fallen Footwear, why you should never skate a board that he gives you and much more!

May 13, 2019
#144 - Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson discusses growing up in Ottawa Canada, moving to Vancouver, getting on Real Skateboards, filming for the Plan B “Virtual Reality” video, going on the first Europe Girl tour, filming for “Goldfish” & “Mouse”, alife footwear, starting his own footwear brand “Rone” and much more!

May 06, 2019
EXPERIENCE #47 - Skater XL Contest Winner, Max Geronzi, Loveletters Venice, Antihero

We discuss Rip Ride With Andy Roy, Skater XL Contest Winner, Max Geronzi's "Back to the '80s”, Thunder Trucks presents : Patrick Praman, Zach Saranceno IC3, Miika Adamov's Can't Teach That, Loveletters Season 10: Venice, AntiHero - Implosionistic Tendencies: Auto Pilot, Egor Kaldikov - Bangin!, JENKEM - Hanging Out With... Beatrice Domond, Antonio Durao Pro For NUMBERS, Jaakko pro for element, A Look into the Look Back Library and much more!

May 02, 2019
#143 - Keith Hufnagel

Keith Hufnagel discusses growing up in New York, making sponsor me videos with Keenan Milton, getting on Fun Skateboards, moving to San Francisco, riding for Real Skateboards, filming for the FTC video, Starting HUF and much more!

Apr 29, 2019
#142 - Andy Roy

Andy Roy discusses growing up in Santa Cruz CA, riding for Santa Cruz Skateboards, a hellish 2 month tour with Consolidated around the US, riding for Antihero, getting addicted to heroin, life in prison, his new teeth, stealing from Deluxe, Sobriety, his new podcast RipRide and much more!

Apr 22, 2019
EXPERIENCE #46 - Carlos Ribeiro, John Dilo, AntiHero, Alexis Ramirez

We discuss Carlos Ribeiro's "All for You” part, John Dilo's "Seasons”, Tony Hawk’s 30 second kick flip challenge, Thrasher x Indy's "Scabs for Slabs”, 2dudes1game “Searching for skate spots” Grand Theft Auto V, Wilton Souza's "Your World Don't Stop”, Skating Utah’s Ancient Rock Desert | Petrified Park, Alexis Ramirez's "Sk8Mafia”, AntiHero Implosionistic Tendencies: 28 MPH, SOVRN: FLÂNEURS and much more!

Apr 18, 2019
#141 - Grant Yansura

Grant Yansura discusses growing up in West Palm Beach Florida, filming sponsor me videos for his friends, making his first video Cosmic Vomit, moving out to California, getting a job at The Berrics, Weekendtage segments, working with Jason Hernandez on the Nike videos Chronicles 2 & 3, starting WKND Skateboards, filming skits and much more!

Apr 15, 2019
#140 - Geoff Rowley

Geoff Rowley discusses growing up in Liverpool England, getting on Deathbox Skateboards, coming to California for the first time, getting the cover of Transworld for the first time, quitting Airwalk to ride for Vans, filming for the Flip videos, almost dying in the back of an ambulance, skating the Staples Center hubba, the Vans Propeller video, working on his new Vans shoe, his board company Free Dome and much more!!

Apr 08, 2019
EXPERIENCE #45 - Skater XL Contest, Hakeem Ducksworth, Sascha Daley

Hakeem Ducksworth stops by to talk about getting on Chocolate Skateboards… We also discuss our Skater XL contest, Bobby Worrest "Welcome To Venture”, New Deal Skateboards coming back, Bobby Puleo at Skatercon, USA Skateboarding Unveils the United States’ Olympic Team, “Wet Brain”, Daniel Lebron "Forma”, Youness Amrani “Comfort Zone”, DC Shoes The Carlos Iqui Collection, Gang Corp. - “Black Business”, Sascha Daley “WAR And PEACE”, Sergio Santoro “Nicest Moments” and much more!

Apr 04, 2019
#139 - Nick Dompierre

Nick Dompierre discusses growing up in New Bedford, MA, skating for 5boro, getting on Real Skateboards, his pro Adio shoe, getting caught up with alcohol and drugs, skating for DC shoe co, breaking his neck in a freak accident, being in coma for two weeks, getting into weight training, his YouTube channel, modeling and much more!

Apr 01, 2019
#138 - Mike Vallely

Mike Vallely discusses growing up in New Jersey, going to his first Black Flag show, getting on Powell-Peralta, Stacy Peralta wanting to turn him pro after one year, the Savannah Slamma contest, getting on World Industries, his Barnyard board, Steve Rocco, getting back on Powell, him becoming the lead singer of Black Flag, his company Street Plant and much more!

Mar 25, 2019
EXPERIENCE #44 - Jake Phelps, Numbers, Deathwish, Stevie Perez

We discuss Jake Phelps, Heitor Da Silva for Parade, Chris Russell's "Die like a Devil”, SOTY 2018 Trip "It's a Movie, Kid”, "Greetings From Deathwish”, Numbers / Tony Mag, Ethan Loy's "Raw Ams”, Stevie Perez Lakai Flaco II, Nik Stain and friends, "The Skateboarding of Leandre Sanders And Ludvig Håkansson" A film by Jim Greco, Alec Beck gets a guest board on birdhouse (all proceeds go to the Tony Hawk Foundation), JENKEM - Dan Mancina "Matrix”, MAX GERONZI NEW ALMOST PRO, Crob & Mikemo’s new channel 2dudes1game and much more!

Mar 21, 2019
#137 - Alphonzo Rawls

Alphonzo Rawls discusses being born in Bangkok Thailand, moving to Oceanside CA at 4 years old, Stealing wood to make ramps, getting on H-Street, his part in Hokus Pokus, nose slide down an 18 stair rail, Evol Skateboards, getting on Bitch Skateboards, designing shoes for Kastel, Duffs & DC, helping to start Expedition Skateboards, starting his own brand Everybody Skates and much more!

Mar 18, 2019
#136 - Riley Hawk

Riley Hawk discusses growing up in Oceanside CA, growing up with Tony Hawk as his dad, getting boards from Sixteen Skateboards, skating for Birdhouse, getting into motocross, filming the Shep Dawgs videos, getting on Lakai, Andrew Reynolds asking him to ride for Baker, filming for Baker 4, starting his coffee shop Steel Mill Coffee and much more!

Mar 11, 2019
EXPERIENCE #43 - Murdy the Dawg, JB Gillet, Rodrigo x Busenitz

We discuss Sammy Montano’s “GLOBE” part, Eli Reed's "Equanimous" Part, Double Rock: Felipe Nunes, TJ Rogers “RISING”, JB Gillet on Primitive, Rodrigo x Busenitz, Spitfire's "Arson Department IV" Video, Nike SB | Sarah Meurle | Not Here By Luck, Out There: Kader Sylla, Vans' "Courtesy" Video, Sebo Walker and Brett Sube's "Subo" Part, HUF Footwear “Cromer 2”, DGK - THORO, Murdy the Dawg's "Bark and Destroy" and much more!

Mar 07, 2019
#135 - Jason Jessee

Jason Jessee discusses his controversy over the last year. He puts everything on the table to tell his side of the story.

Mar 04, 2019
#134 - Kevin Romar

Kevin Romar discusses growing up in Cypress CA, getting on flow for Powell, flowed by Popwar, trying nollie back 360 down Wallenberg, getting on Blind, riding for es footwear for a minute then going to Supra, breaking his jaw, filming for the Blind video “Damn”, turning pro for Blind, DJ’ing for Hopsin and much more!

Feb 25, 2019
EXPERIENCE #42 - Sour Solution II, Stevie Perez, Chris Haslam, Cons "The Dream Spell”

We discuss THE SOUR SOLUTION II, Cons' "The Dream Spell”, Victor Campillo - QUOTA, Jeremy Murray - Skating Is Easy, Actions REALized: Dan Mancina, Stevie Perez's "Challers" Part, Caleb | Evan - Welcome to WKND, Chris Haslam's "Sterling Golden" Part and much more!

Feb 21, 2019
#133 - Bobby Puleo

Bobby Puleo discusses growing up in New Jersey, his first sponsor Nimbus Skateboards, getting his spleen removed, his stint on Zoo York, living in San Fransisco filming for the FTC video, riding for Stereo Skateboards, turning pro for Mad Circle, moving back to New York and getting on Infamous Skateboards, Marc Johnson calling him to ride for Enjoi and much more!

Feb 18, 2019
#132 - Chris Haslam

Chris Haslam discusses growing up in Ontario Canada, moving to Singapore when he was 11 years old, getting on World Industries distributor flow, riding for Deca Skateboards then Artafact, filming for Almost Round Three, Cheese And Crackers, getting on Globe, why he left Almost and Globe, almost dying from kidney failure, filming for his new Independent video part "Sterling Golden”, his new board company Brain Child and much more!

Feb 11, 2019
EXPERIENCE #41 - Louie Lopez Off Flip, Boys Of Summer #2, Dan Mancina, Gronze Island

We discuss Cookie’s “WAR and PEACE”, Nike SB Crust Belt Tour, Gronze Island - Episode 3 Sao Miguel, Primitive “Testing”, Boys Of Summer #2, Deedz's "Mustache Rides" Part, Cory Juneau suspended for THC, Louie Lopez Leaves Flip, Dan Mancina's "TCB" Part, American Media acquires TEN (The Enthusiast Network - AKA transworld) and much more!

Feb 07, 2019
#131 - Tommy Sandoval

Tommy Sandoval discusses growing up in Chula Vista CA, his love for Michelada’s, hustling for boards, his first sponsor Germ Skateboards, how he got on Zero Skateboards, trying to frontside flip the UC Davis gap, his time on Fallen Footwear, filming a new part in Mexico, buying a limo, skating for Weedmaps, filming for the new Zero video “Damn it all” and much more!

Feb 04, 2019
#130 - Tom Knox

Tom Knox discusses growing up in London, his dad driving a lost Josh Kasper to a demo, getting on Blueprint Skateboards, Paul Shier asking him to ride for Isle Skateboards, filming for Isle’s first video “Vase”, being on the Europe Emerica team, getting on New Balance, how the video series “Atlantic Drift” came about, riding for Dickies and much more!

Jan 28, 2019
EXPERIENCE #40 - Cairo Foster Retires, Am Scramble, Kader Turns Pro

We discuss Cairo Foster's retirement party, “Bangers & Mash" | Girl Skateboards X Kodak in London, adidas Skateboarding Presents /// Heitor, Sotheby’s  auctioning off a Complete collection of Supreme Skateboards, Alexis Sablone on CONS, Baker turns Kader pro, Lizzie Armanto “Team Finland”, Am Scramble 2018, Ivan Monterio’s slam at SLS, Ryan Townley - “hall of meat”, meet “The Monster Kid” and much more!

Jan 24, 2019
#129 - Ricki Bedenbaugh

Ricki Bedenbaugh discusses growing up in Memphis, moving to Florida, skating with Kris Markovich, picking up his first video camera, drunk free styling with Blink 182, the Duffs video “Wonder Years”,  working for Giant Distribution, 411 Video Magazine and On Video, making The New Deal video “7 Year Glitch”, working on Element videos, getting hired by Etnies, filming for Stance Socks, working for Fox Motocross and much more!

Jan 21, 2019
#128 - Brandon Westgate

Brandon Westgate discusses growing up in New England, getting on 5Boro Skateboards, turning pro for Zoo York, leaving Emerica after 12 years, his cranberry farm, quitting drinking, filming for the Element “Peace” Video, his New Balance pro shoe and much more!

Jan 14, 2019
EXPERIENCE #39 - Victoria Taylor (Skate Moss), Brandon Westgate, Louie Lopez

Victoria Taylor (Skate Moss) stops by to talk about skating and her Grizzly collection. We also discuss Build Wallies Not Walls, Control Room Sovereign Sect Part 3 Ep. 1 "Silas Baxter Neal”, Brandon Westgate’s NB Numeric “Bog Town” Part, Zero | United Nations, Brent Atchley Otherness, *LEAKED* BRUTE SF Video, Converse CONS Louie Lopez Pro Shoe, Berrics Canteen Nine Club x Es shoe giveaway and much more!

Jan 10, 2019
#127 - Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain discusses growing up in Alhambra CA, contests, turning pro for Variflex, getting on Powell-Peralta, Neil Blender, Stacy Peralta, offers from Steve Rocco, starting his own company The Firm, getting on Flip Skateboards, filming for Extremely Sorry, designing the Stussy x Nike collab shoe and much more!

Jan 07, 2019
#126 - Andy Macdonald

Andy Macdonald discusses growing up in New England, first time he landed a 540 at a demo, working at Woodward to save enough money to get to California, babysitting for Chris Miller, skating doubles with Tony Hawk, being the first skater with a drink sponsor and getting backlash for it, having his own brand Positiv through Powell, skating for Airwalk over 20 years, riding for Patagonia, Red Vines, Cliff Bar, and Amazon, why the yellow helmet, adult pogo sticks, developing the first skater cross, meeting Bill Clinton and speaking at the White House and much more!

Dec 31, 2018
EXPERIENCE #38 - Skater XL, Wade DesArmo, Making A Skate Video, 2018 In Review

We discuss our favorite Nine Club moments of 2018, Sammy Baptista & Dave Chami Go Fund Me, the new Skater XL video game, Wade DesArmo's "Grand Collection" Part, Making a Skate Video, WKND - The Tru Mon Show, Anton Myhrvold's "Globe" Part, Fancy Lad's "Trampoline Jump" Video, Antonio Durao “GROETY”, BS with TG : Jeremy Fish, Blake Carpenter lands on pigeon, RIDE THE TAO: etnies China Tour, callers tell us their favorite skateboarding moments from 2018, we give our Mount Rushmore skaters of 2018 and much more!

Dec 27, 2018
#125 - Dustin Dollin

Dustin Dollin discusses growing up in Australia, getting on Volcom, flying to the states for the first time, staying with Reynolds and Greco, entering Tampa Am, getting on Stereo Skateboards, filming for Baker 2G, Greco giving him the nickname The Devils Spawn, the Piss Drunx, helping edit Baker 3 and Shake Junt videos, 6 ACL surgeries, Baker 4 and much more!

Dec 24, 2018
#124 - Dan Plunkett

Dan Plunkett discusses growing up in Buffalo NY, moving to Atlanta, getting on Traffic Skateboards, staying with Ricky Oyola, getting on Skate Mental, having to call Ricky Oyola to quit Traffic, Keith Hufnagel cold calling him to ride for Huf, skating for Levi’s and much more!

Dec 17, 2018
EXPERIENCE #37 - Tyshawn SOTY, Supreme “Blessed", BATB finals

We discuss Numbers Edition 5 / Kyron Davis, SkateMoss X Grizzly collection, Nike SB | Double Technical, HOCKEY - Daytona Tijuana Ventura, Jamie Foy's "Field" Part, Supreme “Blessed”, Tyshawn SOTY, BATB finals, Volcom's Road Rager "Larry vs the Kid" Video and much more!

Dec 13, 2018
#123 - Ryan Gallant

Ryan Gallant discusses growing up in Boston, Kenny Anderson getting him on Planet Earth, filming for the Coliseum video “PJ Ladd’s wonderful horrible life”, turning pro for Expedition, leaving Expedition for the rebirth of Plan B, filming his “First Love” Transworld part, getting let go from DC Shoes, quitting Plan B, recently going through ankle surgery, doing his own thing Visit and much more!

Dec 10, 2018
#122 - Bryan Herman

Bryan Herman discusses growing up in Hesperia CA, getting flowed by World Industries, the Baker team watching his sponsor me tape at ASR, staying with Andrew Reynolds, going on his fist tour, filming for the Emerica video “This is Skateboarding”, staying at the Emerica Mansion, filming for Baker 3, breaking his leg in half, his investment in Saint Archer, parting ways with Emerica, being apart of HRS, Villager, the Desert Mamba Crew and much more!

Dec 03, 2018
EXPERIENCE #36 - Zion Wright, T-Funk, Apple Airpods, Adidas Shen City Peaks

We discuss GX1000's "Roll Up" Video, Sierra Fellers - Bones Wheels, D3 designer Brian Reid calls out Under Armour & Dave Mayhew over A$AP Rocky Collab, Adidas Skateboarding /// Shen City Peaks, Thank You Skateboards Promo Video, Volcom's “GTXX - DOWN SOUTH IN HELL” Video, Huf Worldwide Presents // HUF 002, Zion Wright's "Jupiter Rising" Real Part, T-Funk & Zach Allen "Baker" Part, Supreme “Blessed”, Urban Outfitters now sells skateboards, Apple ear pods and much more!

Nov 29, 2018
#121 - Adrian Lopez

Adrian Lopez discusses growing up in Southern California, his first sponsor Entity Skateboards, meeting Jamie Thomas, wanting to get on Toy Machine, filming for the first Zero video “Thrill Of It All”, turning pro for Zero, quitting Adio to ride for Circa Footwear, filming Jamie Thomas, switching from Zero to Mystery, starting his own brands Loser Machine & Dark Seas and much more!

Nov 26, 2018
#120 - Spencer Hamilton

Spencer Hamilton discusses growing up in Ottawa Canada, meeting Wade Desarmo when he was 7 years old, his first shop sponsor, flying down to Southern California to skate with the Expedition guys, moving to Vancouver, getting on Supra, turning pro for Expedition, dealing with chronic lower back pain and inflammation, yoga, Monsanto, quitting Expedition, his new Supra pro model shoe, Grand Collection, filming a new VX part and much more!

Nov 19, 2018
EXPERIENCE #35 - Joe Monteleone, TWS Duets, Tiago Lemos, Corey Duffel "Homeboy"

Joe “JoeFace” Monteleone drops by to talk about making the new Transworld video “Duets”. We also discuss Corey Duffel's "Homeboy" Part, Stephen Lawyer's "FAMO" Part, Glory Push, Tiago Lemos Welcomed to Primitive, Karsten Kleppan's "Just Karsten's" Part, Santa Cruz “Til The End” vol.2, Danny Hamaguchi's "Welcome to Visual”, Panda Patrol - Episode #6 - Enzo and much more!

Nov 15, 2018
#119 - Chris Ray

Chris Ray discusses growing up in Northern California, trying to get sponsored, getting into filming, meeting Ty Evans and getting hired to help film the Lakai video “Fully Flared”, making four Transworld videos, winning X-games gold for Mike Mo’s real street part, getting hired by DC Shoes, filming Robbie Maddison riding a wave on a motorcycle, being a GoPro ambassador, working on film projects outside of skateboarding and much more!

Nov 12, 2018
#118 - Johnny Schillereff

Johnny Schillereff discusses growing up overseas and the east coast, getting kicked out of his house in high school, first getting sponsored by Alva, going to college while being homeless, skating for New Deal, meeting a young Bam and his dad at Woodward, founding Element Skateboards, moving out to California, designing the 411 Video Magazine logo, how On Video came about, how he’s kept Element relevant for 26 years, the new Element “Peace” video and much more!

Nov 05, 2018
EXPERIENCE #34 - Jason Ellis, David Reyes, Andy Anderson, Nyjah killing it in Leggings

We discuss Jason Ellis finally starting to interview skateboarders, Almost Skateboards x Skateistan w/ Sky Brown | Empowering The Youth Through Skateboarding World Wide, David Reyes on DOG, Andy Anderson: a Short Skate Film, Jamie Foy on New Balance#, T-Puds Leaves Plan B, Daewon leaves Almost, Nyjah killing it in Leggings at X Games Sydney, Girl “Doll” Video, REAL Skateboards presents Tanner Van Vark, Mission Statement Episode 02: Gino Iannucci, Neil Hendrix accused of sexual assault, Jason Dill on adidas, Kevin Braun turns pro and much more!

Nov 01, 2018
#117 - Don "Nuge" Nguyen

Don “Nuge” Nguyen discusses growing up in Oklahoma, the first person to ollie El Toro, riding for Hollywood Skateboards, staying at Kris Markovich’s house, trashing his house in the Foundation video “Cataclysmic Abyss”, bombing one of the steepest streets in America, Andrew Reynolds calling him to ride for Baker Skateboards, saving the day after the brakes went out on a Skate Rock tour in South Africa, playing bass in two bands, his company Volume 4, filming for Baker 4 and much more!

Oct 29, 2018
#116 - Sam Smyth

Sam Smyth discusses growing up in San Francisco CA, spending every day at EMB, team manager for Experience Skateboards, Cream Skateboards & Profile Skateboards, James Kelch dismissing people from EMB, living with Mike Carroll, moving to Los Angeles, team manager for Girl & Chocolate for the last 19 years, the new Girl video “Doll”, Mikemo blowing the surprise of Malto turning pro, how EMB started becoming a bust and much more!

Oct 22, 2018
EXPERIENCE #33 - Sunny Suljic From "Mid 90s"

We sit down with Sunny Suljic to discuss the new Jonah Hill movie “Mid 90’s”, Steezus takes the Zima/Jolly Rancher taste test, Franky Villani - Always on my mind part, Marcello Campanello - Canal New York: 'Mode' Part, Front Flip down the Lyon 25 stair, They Built A Skatepark Out Of Salt | Jaakko Ojanen’s White Desert, Introducing /// Off Campus, Alfonso Fernandez 2018 Video Part and much more!

Oct 18, 2018
#115 - Evan Smith

Evan Smith discusses growing up in Florida, watching his uncle skate in Tampa Am, going on a trip with Listen Skateboards, Jeff Pang hooking him up with DC Shoes, his experimental phase with psychedelics, getting on Element Skateboards, his love for music, filming for the Element “PEACE” video and much more!

Buy Element “PEACE” on iTunes:

Oct 15, 2018
EXPERIENCE #32 - Element "PEACE" Premiere, Jaime Foy's Hall Of Meat, Foundation "Souvenir"

We talk about Derek Hanlon being arrested for skating at a public skatepark, The Noin Club instagram, the new Element video “PEACE”, Jaime Foy’s Hall Of Meat, Sitting down to pee, Cam Sedlick’s “Damaged” part, Jim Greco’s new film “Jobs? Never!”, The new Foundation video “Souvenir” and much more!

Oct 04, 2018
#114 - Kevin "Spanky" Long

Kevin “Spanky” Long discusses growing up in Oak Park CA, getting on IG Boardshop, entering CASL contests, getting sponsored by Sixteen Skateboards, riding for City Stars, going on a Baker tour then getting on shortly after, filming for the Emerica video “This Is Skateboarding”, Etch A Sketch art, partying to hard, getting his Baker board taken away, spending two weeks in quarantine after getting burned by Neckface, sobering up, getting his Baker board back, Baker 4 and much more!

Sep 30, 2018
#113 - Corey Duffel

Corey Duffel discusses growing up in Walnut Creek CA, getting on Think Skateboards at 13 years old, almost riding for Baker Skateboards, going to Huntington Beach to stay with Ed Templeton, his Big Brother interview, getting on Foundation Skateboards, some of his worst slams, skating with the Chief, filming for a new video part and much more!

Sep 24, 2018
EXPERIENCE #31 - Erik Bragg departs from ETN, Nike "Dream Crazy", Trent McClung

Erik Bragg stops by to talk about his departure from ETN, Out There: Gilbert Crockett, Nike - Dream Crazy, Trent McClung | HB to BZ Part, Pedro Delfino's "Welcome to Deathwish" Part, The Battle of Normandy 2018 and much more!

Sep 20, 2018
#112 - Jimmy Gorecki

Jimmy Gorecki discusses growing up in Norristown PA, flying to California for the first time to stay with Clyde Singleton, getting on Aesthetics Skateboards, skating at Love Park, staying at Chris Roberts’ house, having to make the switch over to Zoo York, skating for Ice Cream Footwear, working for Disney, starting his own company JSP, No. One System, Standard Issue and much more!

Sep 17, 2018
#111 - Gershon Mosley

Gershon Mosley discusses growing up in Compton CA, moving to San Jose, starting to skate at 13 years old, getting on Santa Cruz, riding for Human Skateboards, the reason he left Powell, getting on the A-Team then going to Blind, filming for the Transworld video “The Reason”, Globe Footwear, why he left the skate industry, working on his own project The oBtuseconcept and much more!

Sep 10, 2018
EXPERIENCE #30 - WKND lunch ramp, Nine Club x Es Collab, Dime Challenge

We talk about our Nine Club x Es Collab, WKND lunch ramp tour video, Lizzie Armanto does the loop, Polar - We blew it at some point video, “I’m Glad I’m Not Me”, The Dime Challenge and much more!

Sep 06, 2018
#110 - Cairo Foster

Cairo Foster discusses moving around a lot growing up, spending his later teens living in Cairo Egypt, taking the Greyhound from Florida to California, getting sponsored by Supernaut Skateboards, Leaving Real to start Popwar, filming for the Transworld video “The Reason”, getting on Lakai and filming for Fully Flared, skating for Enjoi, working with Adidas managing social media and much more!

Sep 03, 2018
#109 - Bastien Salabanzi

Bastien Salabanzi discusses growing up in Toulon France, starting skating at 9 years old, getting sponsored by 16 Skateboards, flying to California for the first time, filming for the Flip video “Sorry”,  turning pro for Flip Skateboards, leaving his sponsors and returning to France, skating for Jart Skateboards, winning a spot in Street League, Paul Rodriguez asking him to ride for Primitive Skateboards and much more!

Aug 27, 2018
EXPERIENCE #29 - ZUMIEZ "Best Foot Forward" Finals, Cody Lockwood, Atlantic Drift

We traveled to Boston to Experience the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Finals, adidas Skateboarding X NUMBERS edition, Cody Lockwood's "Creature" Part, Nike SB | I-58 Tour | Sunbelt, Atlantic Drift - Episode 8 - Hawaii and much more!

Aug 23, 2018
#108 - Rob Gonzalez

Rob Gonzalez discusses growing up in Long Beach CA, getting boards from Steve Saiz, riding for Entity Skateboards, leaving entity for Shaft Wood, turning pro for New Deal, Kastel Footwear, transitioning from New Deal to Popwar, starting Listen Skateboards with Danny Montoya and how it transitioned into BLVD Skateboards and much more!

Aug 20, 2018
#107 - Antwuan Dixon

Antwuan Dixon discusses starting skating at 12 yeas old, getting sponsored by Transitions, meeting Andrew Reynolds & Erik Ellington at ASR, filming for Baker 3, switching from Baker to Deathwish, going to jail, getting on Supra, his favorite skaters, his board company Rawdog, Straye Footwear and much more!

Aug 13, 2018
#106 - Eric Dressen

Eric Dressen discusses starting skating at 8 years old, asking Tony Alva if he can skate for his team, auditioning for the movie Thrashin’, getting on Dogtown, filming his “Speed Freaks” part in 2 days, leaving Dogtown for Santa Cruz, getting 3rd in the Savannah Slamma contest, getting let go from Santa Cruz, how he got into Tattooing, getting back on Santa Cruz, traveling for tattooing and skating, how the salad grind came to be and much more!

Aug 06, 2018
EXPERIENCE #28 - Supreme Blessed, Ishod Wair, Adidas 20|50, Jimmy Wilkins

Clay Kreiner's "Madness" Part, Jimmy Wilkins' "Pro Division" Part, Nike SB | Ishod Wair | Back On My BS, One Star World Tour 2018, adidas Skateboarding presents 20|50, Spencer Hamilton's "Elevate" Part, DC Shoes' "Street Sweeper" Video, New Supreme video - “BLESSED” and much more!

Aug 02, 2018
#105 - Sean Malto

Sean Malto discusses growing up in Kansas City, stealing wood to build a skatepark, getting on Girl flow at 13 years old, splitting his taint at a young age, bringing his “A“ game when Koston’s around, Biebel pushing him to make out with a girl at a demo in Australia, his friendship with Mike MO, almost signing with DC before getting on Nike SB, filming for Pretty Sweet and much more!

Jul 30, 2018
#104 - Jeff Lenoce

Jeff Lenoce discusses growing up in Florida, flying out to California for the first time, getting on Birdhouse, filming for “The End”, staying with Andrew Reynolds, Baker 2G, filming for the Lakai video “Fully Flared”, going from pro to working at Baker Boys Distribution and much more!Jeff Lenoce Cover Page.png

Jul 23, 2018
EXPERIENCE #27 - Eldridge spelling bee, Palace Betamaximum, Quasi "Mother"

Justin Eldridge takes his spelling bee, BETAMAXIMUM PALACE Video, Post Radical, King Of The Road, éS Accel Plus Everstitch Clip, Quasi Skateboards - 'Mother’, Adidas "Das Days" NYC | The Nine Club and much more!Episode 27 Cover Page.jpg

Jul 19, 2018
Adidas "Das Days" NYC

Join us as we were live on location in New York City at the Adidas Skateboarding “Das Days”. We sat down with Marc Razo, Frankie Spears, Nestor Judkins, R.B. Umali, Ian Michna and Tyshawn JonesDas Days NY Cover Page.jpg

Jul 16, 2018
#103 - Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner discusses moving to Japan at a young age, knocking on Peter Smolik’s door to go skate, getting on Voice Skateboards, Chad Muska calling him to get on Shorty’s, filming for Fulfill The Dream, getting hit by a car breaking his leg and flatlining, Osiris trips, leaving Shortys for Sk8Mafia, making music and much more!Brandon Turner Cover Page.png

Jul 09, 2018
EXPERIENCE #26 - Paul Rodriguez tore his ACL, WKND "Stories", Hockey "Killshot"

Paul Rodriguez stops by to discuss his knee injury, Taylor Nawrocki's "Beastmon" Part, Andy Macdonald Video Part - Linda Vista Skatepark, Jacopo Carozzi's "Stazione Centrale" Part, Nike SB Europe | BCN, WKND "Stories”, Nike SB | Hockey Killshot, Complex Closets - Paul Rodriguez and much more!Episode 26 Cover Page.jpg

Jul 05, 2018
"Dew Tour" Long Beach

Join us as we were live on location at Dew Tour. We sat down with Curren Caples, Nick Tucker, Theotis Beasley, Sean Malto, Jordan Maxham, Jaime Owens and Chris Colbourn  Dew Tour Cover Page.jpg

Jul 02, 2018
#102 - Ernie Torres

Ernie Torres discusses growing up in Oklahoma, playing basketball as a kid, landing his first kickflip, moving to Kansas City, getting on Real Skateboards, two pro shoes on Adio Footwear, going on tour with Tony Hawk and Bam, ripping the sleeves off of people, his quote book, tour antics, filming for a new homie video and much more!Ernie Torres Cover Page.png

Jun 25, 2018
EXPERIENCE #25 - Shane O'neill, Primitive "Never", Zion Wright, Christian Maalouf

Shane O’neill leaves Primitive, Primitive Skate “Never” video, Zion Wright's "REAL" Part, Parliament and The Bay present...Mike Lawry, Erick Winkowski's "Indy" Part, Beau Reid | Visual Buffet, Christian Maalouf's "WKND" Part, Deathwish Part Two: Lizard King and Jon Dickson, Out of Sight : Home is Where the Heart Is and much more!Episode 25 Cover Page.jpg

Shane O’neill leaves Primitive, Primitive Skate “Never” video, Zion Wright's "REAL" Part, Parliament and The Bay present...Mike Lawry, Erick Winkowski's "Indy" Part, Beau Reid | Visual Buffet, Christian Maalouf's "WKND" Part, Deathwish Part Two: Lizard King and Jon Dickson, Out of Sight : Home is Where the Heart Is and much more!

Jun 21, 2018
#101 - Tim Dowling

Tim Dowling discusses growing up in Santa Monica CA, getting his first camera, being the occasional filmer for World Industries, filming the first Girl video “Goldfish”, everything you wanted to know about Guy’s part in “Mouse”, filming Gabriel Rodriguez for the Chocolate video “Las Nueve Vidas De Paco”, his Transworld “Cinematographer” part, the 20 year anniversary of his video “Listen”, working on “The Captain and Casey show”, being a camera operator on “The Deadliest Catch”, also working on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” “Arrested Development” and much more!Tim Dowling Cover Page.png

Jun 18, 2018
Father's Day With Steve And Alex Olson

Happy Father's Day - Steve and Alex OlsonFathers Day Cover Page.png

Jun 17, 2018
#100 - Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk discusses his brother giving him his first skateboard and that board ending up in the Smithsonian, getting on Powell Peralta, filming “The Search For Animal Chin”, starting Birdhouse, doing 50 tricks at age 50, the 900, why he started The Tony Hawk Foundation, Tony Hawks Pro Skater video games, getting on Lakai Footwear, the technique for doing the loop, getting slimed on Nickelodeon and much more!Tony Hawk Cover Page.png

Jun 11, 2018
EXPERIENCE #24 - Beau Rich talks CF & Dakota Roche

We sit down with Beau Rich to learn about living with Cystic Fibrosis and how skateboarding has helped save his life. BMX pro Dakota Roche stops by to discuss “Kelly’s comment” about pegs chunking up ledges and also being a fan of skateboarding himself. We dive into Austyn Gillette’s “Radiant Cure” FORMER Part, Rick McCrank’s new show “POST RADICAL”, adidas Skateboarding presents /// MAGNUS, "Koston" Shows You How To "Slappy" In "Off-White" Blazers and much more!Episode 24 Cover Page.jpg

Jun 07, 2018
#99 - Steven Cales

Steven Cales discusses growing up in Brooklyn NY, getting on Alva flow and buying $20 boards, flying out to California for the first time, skating for Blue Skateboards, Gonz putting him on ATM Click, going to prison for the first time, leaving 60/40 for World Industries, his battle with drugs, getting shot in the face, skating for Menace, recently getting sober and much more!  Steven Cales Cover Page.png

Jun 04, 2018
#98 - Johnny Layton

Johnny Layton discusses growing up in Murrieta CA, winning the BMX grand nationals at 10 years old, started skating at 11, going on tour with Role Model, giving his sponsor me tape to Ed Templeton, turning pro for Toy Machine, getting on Vans, the shower picture that went viral, the switch tre that got away, losing both his sponsors within days apart, getting hired at Vans and much more!Johnny Layton Cover Page.png

May 28, 2018
EXPERIENCE #23 - Ribs Man & Sponsor Me Please

We FaceTime Ribs Man, Sponsor Me Please in the hot seat, Atlantic Drift - Episode 7 - Las Vegas, Nike SB Australia “Medley”, Brandon Biebel’s Diamond Footwear "ICON” Part, Tony Hawk: 50 tricks at age 50, A$AP Rocky’s “D3” shoe and much more!Episode 23 Cover Page.jpg

May 24, 2018
#97 - Tommy Guerrero

Tommy Guerrero discusses growing up in San Francisco CA, riding for Madrid, getting on Powell Peralta, filming the early Powell Peralta videos in one day, doing 36 demos in the summer, leaving Powell Peralta to start Real Skateboards, getting into music at young age, BS with TG, making the soundtrack for the 40’s video, his process for making music and much more!Tommy Guerrero Cover Page.png

May 21, 2018
#96 - Chad Tim Tim

Chad Tim Tim discusses growing up in Huntington CA, started skating at 15, entering CASL contests, getting on World Industries, turning pro for New Deal, skating for Globe, switching from Populist to Popwar Skateboards, filming for Time To Shine, getting on Element, TM and Pro for New Balance and much more!  Chad Tim Tim Cover Page.png

May 14, 2018
EXPERIENCE #22 - Winkle, Diego Nájera "Adelante", Gronze Island, Shane Heyl's "Vintage"

Winkle joins us to talk about living in Barcelona, Diego Nájera’s Adidas “Adelante” part, Shane Heyl’s “Vintage” part, Damn Am LA, ETN’s new show “ATV”, Andy Anderson’s Powell Peralta skateboard stories, Gronze Island and much more!Episode 22 Cover Page.jpg

May 10, 2018
#95 - Chris Cole

Chris Cole discusses growing up in Statesville North Carolina, going to Love Park for the first time, getting on World Industries, skating for Enjoi, leaving Enjoi for Zero, Circa, Fallen, DC, getting on Plan B, tricks down Wallenberg, winning SOTY twice, his new X-games Real Street part, and much more!Chris Cole Cover Page.png

May 07, 2018
#94 - Chris Joslin

Chris Joslin discusses growing up in Hawaiian Gardens CA, skating the Hollywood 12 at 12 years old, getting his first sponsor Powell, leaving Powell for Plan B, getting married at 21, filming his first major video part “B True”, his first pro shoe with Etnies, his new video part in the Etnies video “Album”, did he skate El Toro and much more!  Chris Joslin Cover Page.png

Apr 30, 2018
EXPERIENCE #21 - Weckingball

Weckingball is in the hot seat, Manny Busters, Alltimers “No Idea”, John Dilorenzo’s “Silhouette” Part, Alex Midler turns pro for Sovrn, Lil Wayne “Sorry For The Sk8” Part, Pizza Skateboards “Thaw And Order”, Quartersnacks  x Nike SB and much more!  Episode 21 Cover Page.jpg

Apr 26, 2018
#93 - Louie Lopez

Louie Lopez discusses growing up in Hawthorne CA, winning his first contest, getting flowed by Powell, filming for the Flip video “Extremely Sorry”, getting on Volcom, quitting Globe to skate for Cons, skating in Street League, being nominated for Thrasher Magazine’s Skater Of The Year, filming for the new Cons video “Purple” and much more!  Louie Lopez Cover Page.png

Apr 23, 2018
#92 - Heath Brinkley

Heath Brinkley discusses growing up in Nashville TN, picking up his first video camera, getting offered a job to start Logic Video Magazine, moving out to California, filming the Chaffey crew, getting a job filming for City Stars, making the City Stars video “Street Cinema”, leaving City Stars to become the team manager at DC Shoes, getting the opportunity to rebuild the Etnies team, working for Paul Rodriguez, starting Primitive Skateboards and much more!Heath Brinkley Cover Page.png

Apr 16, 2018
EXPERIENCE #20 - Mark Appleyard, Kader Sylla's "Weak Sauce", CONS "Purple" Teaser

Catching up with Mark Appleyard, his new drawing of Kelly, Kader Sylla's "Weak Sauce" Part, Pastel, Vans' "Spinning Away" Video, CONS Purple Teaser and much more!Episode 20 Cover Page-01.jpg

Apr 12, 2018
Adidas "Das Days" Los Angeles

Join us as we were live on location at Adidas Skateboarding Das Days! We sat down with Diego Nájera, Dom DeLuca, Daewon Song, Giovanni Reda, DJ Chavez, Nora Vasconcellos and Salman Agah, Thanks to everyone who came out to watch the live show!!Das Days Cover Page-01.jpg

Apr 09, 2018
#91 - Ishod Wair

Ishod Wair discusses growing up in New Jersey, learning kickflips in his neighbors driveway, moving to Philly when he was 18 years old, getting on Nike SB, Real Skateboards & Fourstar within a month, the Love gap, moving out to California, waiving off ledges in his Tampa Pro run, his new Nike SB colorways coming soon and much more!Ishod Wair Cover Page.png

Apr 02, 2018
EXPERIENCE #19 - Daniel Castillo, 35th North Skateshop, Chico Brenes, Weet-Bix Challenge

Daniel Castillo joins us, we get an update from Tony at 35th North Skateshop regarding the city of Seattle’s lawsuit against them, Phoenix Am 2018, Tony Tave’s Bangin, Chico Brenes’ Slice Of Life, the Huf 001 video, Golden Foytime, Jack Olson’s Thunder commercial, Grant Taylor and Brian Anderson’s Nike SB 18 Video, Tom Asta’s footage for his Es colorway, Skate Mental’s Aunt Tammy Video, Chris Mulhern’s Trailer for his upcoming video Untitled 002, the Weet-Bix Challenge and much more!Episode 19 Cover Page.jpg

Mar 29, 2018
#90 - Aaron Meza

Aaron Meza discusses growing up in South San Francisco CA, skating at EMB for the first time, James Kelch randomly asking him to film a line, making the fist FTC video “Finally An FTC Video”, filming for videos like “Questionable” and “Love Child”, making the second FTC video “Penal Code”, working for Girl Skateboards, getting hired as the editor of Skateboarder Magazine, working for Vice and much more!Aaron Meza Cover Page.png

Mar 26, 2018
#89 - Vincent Alvarez

Vincent Alvarez discusses growing up in East LA, moving back and forth between Atlanta & LA, meeting Jake Johnson at Woodward, getting on Neighborhood but never got a box, working at a meat packing factory, winning the King Of LA contest, getting on Chocolate Skateboards, filming for the Lakai video “The Flair”, skating for Dickies, working on his part in the upcoming Transworld video “Duets” with Zack Wallin and much more!  Vincent Alvarez Cover Page.png

Mar 19, 2018
EXPERIENCE #18 - Wade DesArmo Leaves DGK For Primitive, Paul Rodriguez Facetime

Wade DesArmo on Primitive, FaceTime with Paul Rodriguez, Jagger Eaton wins Tampa Pro, Jamie Thomas has a new Podcast, JB Gillet's "Nike-O-Mok" part, Nyjah Huston’s part 2 million views in 2 weeks and counting, Quartersnacks “Alternate reality 2017 SOTY” mix, we take your phone calls and much more!Episode 18 Cover Page.jpg

Mar 15, 2018
#88 - Jerry Hsu

Jerry Hsu discusses growing up in San Jose CA, ordering his first skateboard from the back of a Thrasher Magazine, making a 25 minute sponsor me video, getting on Maple Skateboards, moving out of his parents house at 18, Osiris’ “The Storm” video and the infamous Storm Flip, quitting Maple for Enjoi, filming for “Bag Of Suck”, the Tilt Mode videos, getting on Chocolate Skateboards, photography, starting his own brand Sci-Fi Fantasy and much more!Jerry Hsu Cover Page.png

Mar 12, 2018
#87 - Tim Gavin

Tim Gavin discusses growing up in Phoenix AZ, getting his first board a Valterra Meltdown, his first sponsor H-Street, getting on Blind, flying to Los Angeles every weekend after school, skating EMB for his first time, Tim and Henry’s promotional video “Pack of Lies”, Stealing product, quitting Blind for Girl Skateboards, Starting DVS and Matix, leaving DVS (Podium Distribution), retiring from skateboarding, his Real Estate endeavor and much more!Tim Gavin Cover Page.png  

Tim Gavin discusses growing up in Phoenix AZ, getting his first board a Valterra Meltdown, his first sponsor H-Street, getting on Blind, flying to Los Angeles every weekend after school, skating EMB for his first time, Tim and Henry’s promotional video “Pack of Lies”, Stealing product, quitting Blind for Girl Skateboards, Starting DVS and Matix, leaving DVS (Podium Distribution), retiring from skateboarding, his Real Estate endeavor and much more!

Mar 05, 2018
EXPERIENCE #17 - Walker Ryan, Karl Watson Facetime, Maxallure, Lacey Baker, ETN high ollie

Catching up with Walker Ryan, FaceTime with Karl Watson about his Children’s book “My First Skateboard” and his new board company Maxallure, discussing ETN’s high ollie contest, Lacey Baker’s new Nike shoe, 35th North Skateshop buys us a pizza, we take your phone calls and much more!  Episode 17 Cover Page.png  

Mar 01, 2018
#86 - Nyjah Huston
Nyjah Huston Cover Page.png

Nyjah Huston discusses growing up in Davis CA, getting on Element at 8 years old, moving to Puerto Rico, leaving Element to start I&I, getting back on Element, his family situation growing up, leaving DC for Nike, his new video part “Till Death”, designing his pro Nike SB shoe and much more!

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Feb 26, 2018
#85 - Jeff Grosso

Jeff Grosso discusses growing up in Eagle Rock CA, moving to Arcadia, quitting high school a credit short a month before graduation, his first sponsor Variflex, getting on Powell Peralta, leaving Powell Peralta to turn pro for Schmitt Stix, his heavy drug use, smuggling a ball of hash through airport security for Hosoi, partying on Robitussin, nearly killing Ross Goodman, leaving Santa Cruz for Lucero Limited which turned into Black Label, overdosing and almost dying multiple times, working normal jobs to get by, getting on Vans and Antihero, how he feels about skateboarding in the Olympics, Love letters and much more!Jeff Grosso Cover Page.png  

Feb 19, 2018
EXPERIENCE #16 - Bam Margera, DUI, finishing rehab

Catching up with Bam Margera, his recent DUI and finishing rehab, Tom Schaar turning pro for Element, DVS loosing riders, Marc Suciu's ADV II part, Sebo Walker leaving Lakai, Chris Haslam winning 2up, Raven Tershy's back smith, Habitat welcomes Flo Mirtain, Daan Van Der Linden on Nike SB and much more!  Episode 16 Cover Page.jpg  

Feb 15, 2018
#84 - Jon Buscemi

Jon Buscemi discusses growing up in growing up in Long Island NY, getting his first board at a bike shop, coming out to California with Gino Iannucci, John Lucero picking him up at the airport, getting a job on Wall Street, becoming a road sales rep for Fourstar & Clae Footwear, moving in with Eric Koston at his MTV cribs house, working for DC shoes as a trend forecaster, designing iconic DC shoes, quitting DC to start his first company Gourmet, starting his second company GREATS, making luxury footwear and accessories with his brand Buscemi, Truff Hot sauce, opening Uncle Paulie’s Deli in Los Angeles and much more!  Jon Bucsemi Cover Page.png  

Feb 12, 2018
#83 - Jason Dill

Jason Dill discusses growing up in Huntington Beach CA, seeing skateboarding for the first time at 8 years old, his first sponsor House of Kasai, skating for Blockhead then getting on Black Label, dropping out of high school, 101 days, filming for Snuff and 20 Shot Sequence, getting kicked off 101, opening a mag and reading that he was now on Alien Workshop, partying and drugs, starting Fucking Awesome and much more!  Jason Dill Cover Page.png  

Feb 05, 2018
EXPERIENCE #15 - Brian Wenning, Fred Gall Facetime

  Episode 15 Cover Page.jpg  

Catching up with Brian Wenning, FaceTime with Fred Gall, our favorite tricks and much more!

Feb 01, 2018
#82 - Josh Stewart
  Josh Stewart Cover Page.png  

Josh Stewart discusses growing up in Florida, picking up his first video camera, being asked by Jamie Thomas to go on a “Welcome to hell” tour, filming “Cigar City”, his first “Static” video, making the Adio video “One Step Beyond”, deciding to make more “Static” videos, starting his distribution company Theories Of Atlantis, will there be a “Static 6” and much more!

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Jan 29, 2018
#81 - Alex Olson
  Alex Olson Cover Page.png  

Alex Olson discusses growing up in Santa Monica/Malibu CA, his dad Steve Olson, being un-schooled, getting flowed by Black Label, Toy Machine, Foundation, Jason Dill asking him to get boards from Alien Workshop, getting on Lakai & Girl Skateboards, almost getting on Gravis Footwear, leaving Lakai for Vans, then leaving Vans for Nike, moving to New York, starting his own companies Bianca Chandôn & 917, becoming vegan and much more!

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Jan 22, 2018
EXPERIENCE #14 - Joey Brezinski, Roger Curb Sesh, Paranormal Activity, Olympics 2020

  Episode 14 Cover Page.jpg  

Callers run the show, Roger’s curb sesh, paranormal activity, Olympic talk, love line and much more!

Jan 18, 2018
#80 - Bill Strobeck
  Bill Strobeck Cover Page.png  

Bill Strobeck discusses growing up in Upstate New York, getting his first vx1000, filming for the Alien Workshop video “Photosynthesis”, almost getting killed filming Mark Gonzales, what the Supreme video “Cherry” was originally going to be called, his denim phase, why the “Cherry” video was black and white, “Joyride”, a new Supreme video in the works and much more!

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Jan 15, 2018
#79 - Marc McKee
  Marc McKee Cover Page.png  

Marc McKee discusses growing up in Marin County CA, going to art school at UCLA, meeting Steve Rocco, working for World Industries in the early 90s, creating classic board graphics, his involvement with Big Brother magazine, how he created Flameboy, Wet Willy and the Devil man graphics, World Industries being sold for 43 million dollars, cease and desist letters and much more…

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Jan 08, 2018
EXPERIENCE #13 - Torey Pudwill, Marc Johnson Facetime, flatbar frenzy, back tail tips

  Episode 13 Cover Page.jpg  

Catching up with Torey Pudwill, wig'n out with MJ, sponsoring kids at a young age, flatbar frenzy, back tail tips, new Grizzly pro and much more...

Jan 04, 2018
#78 - Spike Jonze
  Spike Jonze Cover Page.png  

Spike Jonze discusses growing up on the East Coast, how shooting BMX lead him into skateboarding, starting “Dirt” magazine with Andy Jenkins, moving to LA, filming his first video for World Industries “Rubbish Heap”, what it was like filming Blind “Video Days”, how he got into making music videos for bands like Sonic Youth, The Beastie Boys, The Pharcyde, Weezer and so many more, starting Girl Skateboards with Rick Howard, Mike Carroll & Megan Baltimore, Winning an Academy Award for his movie “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix, car trouble in SF filming “Goldfish”, Blowing shit up for the Lakai video “Fully Flared” and much more!

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Jan 01, 2018
#77 - Christian Hosoi
  Christian Hosoi Cover Page.png  

Christian Hosoi discusses growing up in Hollywood CA, growing up skating Marina Del Rey Skatepark, getting sponsored by Stacy Peralta, leaving Powell Peralta with the hopes of turning pro for Dogtown only for them to go out of business, Brad Bowman hooking him up with Sims Skateboards, Turning pro for Sims, Meeting Mark Gonzales for the first time, Leaving Sims for Alva, designing one of the first shaped boards, skating in Lingerie, starting Hosoi skates at 17 years old, the rivalry between him and Tony Hawk, going to prison for Crystal Meth possession, finding god while in prison and much more!

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Dec 25, 2017
EXPERIENCE #12 - Justin Eldridge, Skate Tourism, Tom Schaar "Lifeproof", "The Flat Earth"

  Episode 12 Cover Page.jpg  

Kelly’s skate tourism photos, skate shop talk, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki recap, The Flat Earth, Tom Schaar’s new video part “Lifeproof” and much more…

Dec 25, 2017
#76 - Aaron "Jaws" Homoki
  Aaron Jaws Homoki Cover Page.png  

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki discusses growing up in growing up in Phoenix AZ, Tony Hawk calling him to skate for Birdhouse, what he thinks a do-able height is for a gap, Turning Pro for Birdhouse, how skating the Lyon 25 went down, skating for Weedmaps, getting on CCS, what almost went down on El Toro and much more….

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Dec 18, 2017
#75 - Ty Evans
  Ty Evans Cover Page.png  

Ty Evans discusses growing up in Simi Vally area, getting his fist VHS camera, working on his first video Silver, leaving Planet Earth & Rhythm to work for Transworld, making the switch from Transworld to Girl/Lakai, the behind the scenes & the struggles of making skate films, Fully Flared, We Are Blood, maxing out his Amex card to make his new film “The Flat Earth” and much more…

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Dec 11, 2017
#74 - Beagle
  Beagle Cover Page.png  

Beagle discusses growing up in Huntington Beach CA, getting his first VX, Murdy The Dawg, filming the Baker dudes, switching from standard def to high def, hijinx, The Baker 4 video and much more...

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Dec 04, 2017
#73 - Jovontae Turner
  Jovontae Turner Cover Page.png  

Jovontae Turner discusses growing up in San Francisco, Jason Lee & Marc Gonzales calling him to ride for Blind, quitting Blind to ride for Planet Earth, only skating 3 days a week his whole career, getting on World Industries, skating EMB, selling product on tour, riding for Girl Skateboards, why he quit skating, his Girl X Tae reissue capsule and much more…

Nov 27, 2017
#72 - Bobby Worrest
  Bobby Worrest Cover Page.png  

Bobby Worrest discusses growing up in Pennsylvania, as a kid having to move to Houston then Maryland, getting on Krooked, going on his first tour to Japan, switching from Etnies to Es, skating at Pulaski Park, ten plus video parts, riding cross country on his motorcycle, getting on Nike, filming for the new Krooked video and much more…

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Nov 20, 2017
#71 - Richard Mulder
  Richard Mulder Cover Page.png  

Richard Mulder discusses growing up in San Dimas CA, entering his first contest at age 11, skating for Christian Hosoi’s company Milk, meeting Daniel Castillo Daewon song and the World crew, getting on Foundation, Chaffey school, quitting Foundation to skate for World Industries, Mike Carroll asking him to skate for Chocolate Skateboards, quitting DVS to ride for Nike, getting into selling Real Estate and much more…

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Nov 13, 2017
#70 - Bam Margera
  Bam Margera Cover Page.png  

Bam Margera discusses growing up in West Chester Pennsylvania, getting on Toy Machine, filming for Jump Off A Building, the CKY Landspeed video, MTV calling to create a show, making his first million dollars, his Element boards selling through the roof, getting paid for appearances at bars just to drink, spending a year in Barcelona skating and much more…

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Nov 06, 2017
Diamond X Thrasher Halloween Hellride

We were on location at the Diamond Supply Co & Thrasher Magazine’s Halloween Hellride. Who’s in the hot seat? Tune in to find out!

Diamond Hellride Cover Page.png

Oct 30, 2017
#69 - Zion Wright

Zion Wright discusses growing up in Jupiter Florida, getting into skating at 4 years old, going to Woodward and getting flowed by Karl Watson’s Organika, moving to Long Beach, getting on Real Skateboards, non-stop traveling, skating for RedBull, Nike SB and much more…Zion Wright Cover Page.png

Oct 23, 2017
#68 - Jamie Thomas

 Jamie Thomas discusses growing up in Alabama, working at Wendy’s, driving cross country with hotdogs and a microwave, sleeping at Embarcadero, his first board sponsor Experience, panhandling in San Francisco, riding for Invisible, getting a cold call from Ed Templeton to ride for Toy Machine, filming for Welcome To Hell, starting Zero, why he quit Emerica to ride for Adio, the rise and fall of Fallen Footwear, Straye Footwear, dealing with his “hoarding” of skate memorabilia, the scariest tricks he’s ever done and much more…

Jamie Thomas Cover Page.png  

Oct 17, 2017
#67 - Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson discusses growing up in Connecticut, his first board being a Veriflex, driving out to California, getting on Toy Machine, talking to Rick Howard about skating for Girl Skateboards, getting on Axion shoes, flying to LA to quit Axion for Savier, filming for the first Nike Video, how the Viceland coming out film came about, skating for Anti Hero, working on writing his first book and much more...

Brian Anderson Cover Page.png

Oct 09, 2017
#66 - Skin Phillips

Skin Phillips discusses growing up in Wales, coming up in the photography world, getting his first gig at Transworld, his first ever Spotlight with Carl Shipman, using video grabs for sequences, making his first video “Dreams of Children” that would soon inspire Transworld making their own videos, filming the infamous Tom Penny bank session and his wheels of fortunes, shooting Mark Gonzales, going on tour with Keenan Milton and Sean Sheffey, working for Adidas and much more…

Skin Phillips Cover Page.png  

Oct 02, 2017
#65 - Mikey Alfred

Mikey Alfred discusses growing up in North Hollywood,  what kind of kid he was growing up, making his first skate video “Spark of Life,” how he built IC into a massive brand, being a savage in business, how the Game totally dissed him, almost head butting Jay-Z, the new IC Cinema Tour and much more…Mikey Alfred Cover Page.png

Sep 25, 2017
#64 - Na-Kel Smith

Na-Kel Smith discusses growing up in Los Angeles, learning what he thought were tre-flips, getting his first box ever from Lakai, skating for Supreme, getting on flow for Real, having to quit Real to ride for Fucking Awesome, getting on Adidas, filming for Away Days, designing his own colorways, what his future goals are and much more…Na-Kel Smith Cover Page.png  

Sep 18, 2017
#63 - Neen Williams

Neen Williams discusses growing up in Chicago, skating for Uprise Skateshop, having to leave his hometown board sponsor Affiliate to ride for Deathwish, riding for Supra, getting on Circa and designing his pro shoe, skating for Altamont Apparel, dealing with injuries and sobering up, how he stays in shape now to skate forever and much more…

Neen Williams Cover Page.png

Sep 11, 2017
Adidas Skate Copa Court

We were on location at the Adidas Skate Copa Court in Los Angeles. Who’s in the hot seat? Tune in to find out!

  Adidas Skate Copa Court Cover Page.png  

Sep 04, 2017
#62 - James Craig

James Craig discusses growing up in Orange County CA, getting sponsored by Liberty Boardshop, beating his older brother in contests, getting on Grindking, showing off for Koston at the courthouse, skating for Society, getting on Blind, having a personalized song in The Blind Video, tearing his ACL, leaving DVS for Circa, becoming team manager for Dwindle, getting let go from Dwindle, his company smlwheels, starting his new job at The Boardr and much more…

James Craig Cover Page.png

Aug 28, 2017
#61 - Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia discusses growing up in Orange County CA, getting sponsored by Liberty Boardshop, Rodney Mullen flowing him World boards then being put on All City, quitting All City in hopes of getting on Habitat, filming for the Habitat section of Photosynthesis, riding for Vita Shoes, Habitat ‘Mosaic’ Video, getting on éS Shoes, starting his music career as Reverend Baron, why he slowly faded out of the skate industry, His new album Rio View ( and much more…

Danny Garcia Cover Page.png  

Aug 21, 2017
#60 - Boo Johnson

Boo Johnson discusses growing up in Tehachapi CA, getting hooked up with Pharmacy Boardshop, his first board sponsor Powell, filming for his first video part on Element ’Future Nature’, getting on DGK, starting his own company JHF, his years with Supra, skating for Weedmaps, Torrey hitting him up to ride for Diamond Footwear, designing his pro shoe the Boo J, riding for Hawkers and much more...

Aug 14, 2017
#59 - Walker Ryan


Walker Ryan discusses growing up in Napa Valley CA, getting sponsored by Ron Allen’s company Energy, riding for 510 Skate Shop, going to College in San Diego, getting on Organika, switch backside flipping the Love Gap, Kerry Getz hitting him up to ride for DVS, starting his company Old Friends, Mikey Taylor asking him to ride for SOVRN, filming his new SOVRN part in 5 months and much more...

Aug 07, 2017
#58 - Mark Appleyard


Mark Appleyard discusses growing up in Ontario Canada, his first Christmas complete, getting on birdhouse at Tampa Am, quitting Birdhouse for Habitat, Arto Saari cold calling him to get on Flip, shooting his first Thrasher cover, filming for the Flip video “Sorry”, winning Thrasher’s Skater of The Year, leaving Circa to ride for Globe, filming for the new Element video and much more...

Jul 31, 2017
#57 - Sal Barbier


Sal Barbier discusses growing up in Louisiana, skating vert, putting on contests in his local scene, driving to California, meeting Mike Ternasky, getting on H-Street, skating for Etnies, going from H-Street to Plan B, filming for Questionable and Virtual Reality, designing his first shoe, moving over to éS from Etnies, starting his own companies and much more...

Jul 24, 2017
#56 - Vinny Ponte


Vinny Ponte discusses growing up in New York and New Jersey, moving to Boston for college (Harvard?), getting banned from Woodward Skatecamp, turning pro for Treefort Skateboards, getting on Zooyork, first to ollie the Love gap on film, quitting Zooyork, being sober, starting a family and much more...

Jul 17, 2017
#55 - Andrew Reynolds


Andrew Reynolds discusses growing up in Florida, his first sponsor G&S, riding for Birdhouse, how much he got paid for being in Tony Hawks Pro Skater, running Baker Skateboards, frontside flips, winning Maloof Money Cup, madness, how he got on RVCA, winning Thrasher’s Skater of The Year, Baker 4 video project and much more...

Jul 10, 2017
#54 - Braydon Szafranski


Braydon Szafranski discusses growing up in Las Vegas, being on Kenny Anderson flow, moving to Los Angeles at 17, sleeping on the streets of Venice, Muska putting him on Shorty’s flow after watching one trick, starting Happy Hour Shades, bringing back Ghetto Child Wheels, skating for Weedmaps, Goods Mfg Co. and much more...

Jul 03, 2017
#53 - Brian Wenning


Brian Wenning discusses growing up in New Jersey, getting on flow for Alien Workshop, turning pro for Habitat, filming for Photosynthesis, getting asked by Brandon Biebel to share a part in Subtleties, contemplating whether or not to switch ollie El Toro, night terrors, checking himself into detox, currently living in a halfway house, getting back into skating again and much more...

Jun 26, 2017
Lakai Premiere - 'The Flare'


We were on location at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA for the premier of the new Lakai Footwear video’The Flare’. Who’s in the hot seat? Tune in to find out!

Jun 19, 2017
#52 - Mike Carroll


Mike Carroll discusses growing up in Daly City, riding for H-Street, skating Embarcadero, what the EMB crew used instead of wax, quitting H-Street to ride for Plan B, starting Girl Skateboards with Rick Spike and Megan, how the name for Lakai came about, the proper names for tricks, the new Lakai video ‘The Flare’ and much more...

Jun 12, 2017
#51 - Ryan Clements


Ryan Clements discusses his first time dropping into vert, starting his first business in his early twenties, how he started working at The Skatepark Of Tampa, getting fired from The Skatepark Of Tampa, starting his company The Boardr, managing skaters sponsorship deals and their finances, what goes into putting on skate events and much more...

Jun 05, 2017
#50 - Mike Sinclair


Mike Sinclair discusses his love for snacks, growing up in North Carolina, his top 3 North Carolina skaters, riding for Blockhead twice, judging contests, his team manager role for Tum Yeto, betting with Jamie Thomas to loose 50 pounds in 6 months, why he doesn't fly and much more...

May 29, 2017
#49 - Terry Kennedy


Terry Kennedy discusses growing up in Long Beach, getting flow for Baker after a few months of skating, leaving Baker for Element, having a role on the Viva La Bam show, quitting Element to get back on Baker, filming for Baker 4 and much more...

May 22, 2017
#48 - Felipe Gustavo


Felipe Gustavo discusses growing up in Brazil, running the contest circuit for a chance to skate Tampa Am, winning Tampa Am, learning to speak English through movies and music, his dream to skate for Plan B, getting arrested for skateboarding, his recent knee surgery and much more...

May 15, 2017
#47 - Mikey Taylor


Mikey Taylor discusses his recent hip surgery and recovery, the City Stars days, leaving Es for DVS, his first shoe royalty check that might have never been, skating for Alien Workshop, starting then selling Saint Archer, his new endeavor Villager Coconut Water, his board company Sovrn, gluten and much more...

May 08, 2017
#46 - Shane Heyl


Shane Heyl discusses having to move from Long Beach to Arizona in high school, meeting Erik Ellington, the Warner Ave crew, being TM for Bootleg, was he on Stereo or still just flow, how the name Goatmouf Gumbo came to be, getting sober, turning Shake Junt into a company, his track with Lil Wayne, turning pro for Baker and much more...

May 01, 2017
#45 - Austin Amelio

Austin Amelio discusses growing up skating in Austin Texas, filming his part for the local Austin, TX video "The Devils Toy", No-Comply skateshop, chasing the sponsorship dream, how he landed a major role on The Walking Dead, how skateboarding and acting go hand in hand and much more...


Apr 24, 2017
#44 - Stevie Williams


Stevie Williams discusses growing up skating Love Park in Philly, getting sponsored at 12, how riding for Chocolate changed his life, meeting Michael Jackson, what his involvement is now with DGK, the illuminataums, Asphalt Yacht Club, his new business endeavor, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and much more...

Apr 17, 2017
#43 - Erik Bragg


Erik Bragg discusses getting his start in skateboarding with Active, fake winning a billion dollars in the lottery, making the Krooked 3D video, creating the first skate app, filming the Plan B video, everything you want to know about the ETN network and much more...

Apr 10, 2017
#42 - Jeremy Wray


Jeremy Wray discusses growing up with 3 brothers and sharing 1 board, having to quit his first board sponsor Blockhead, the Color video, his time on Plan B, the infamous water tower ollie, 15 years on Element and much more...

Apr 03, 2017
#41 - Daryl Angel

Daryl Angel discusses growing up in San Jose, his recent move to Portland, skating for Think, being the first skater to have an HD part, quitting Skate Mental to ride for Habitat, getting on Nike and much more...

Mar 27, 2017
#40 - Eli Reed


Eli Reed discusses growing up skating Maximus skatepark, skating for Robbie Gangemi’s company Vehicle, why he wasn’t really feeling riding for Zoo York at the time, his time at Organika, how to get a girls number without asking for it, Borscht soup, skating at the Playboy mansion, his company Becky Factory and much more...

Mar 20, 2017
#39 - Steve Olson


Steve Olson discusses getting his first board for Christmas in 1966, turning pro at age 16 for Santa Cruz, making up tricks in his contest runs, winning Skateboarder Magazine's skater of the year, how skating died in the early 80's, playing a Dagger in the movie Thrashin' and much more...

Mar 13, 2017
#38 - Miles Silvas


Miles Silvas discusses growing up in Sacramento, getting approached by Karl Watson to skate for Organika, riding for Adidas, turning pro for Organika then quitting 8 months later, getting on Numbers after a year without a board sponsor and much more...

Mar 06, 2017
#37 - Carlos Ribeiro


Carlos Ribeiro discusses his move from Brazil to Barcelona and then to California, his couple years on the flow program, getting on Primitive, turning pro, filming for his Thrasher part, phrases and tongue twisters you should know in Portuguese, his time riding for LRG and much more...

Feb 27, 2017
#36 - Marc Johnson


Marc Johnson discusses growing up in North Carolina, jumping in a friends car headed to California with no plans, going from flow to pro for Maple in 11 months, leaving Maple for the A-team, starting Enjoi, the reason why he left Enjoi, filming 19 video parts, a sea of shit which is internet content nowadays and much more...

Feb 20, 2017
#35 - Wade DesArmo


Wade DesArmo discusses growing up in Ottawa Canada, winning the world Karate championship at age 11, the struggle of coming up in Canada, finally getting on DGK, the rise and fall of the ghetto gown, people thinking he doesn't skate because he's not active on social media and much more...

Feb 13, 2017
#34 - Sierra Fellers


Sierra Fellers discusses discovering skating in Whitefish Montana, moving to California and sleeping in his car, winning Tampa Am, getting kicked off Foundation after 9 years via Instagram, battling alcoholism, back on Mystery, filming for a new video project and much more...

Feb 06, 2017
#33 - Nora Vasconcellos


Nora Vasconcellos discusses growing up in Massachusetts, how she got into skateboarding, her 71 hour train ride to the west coast, making the move from Hoopla to Welcome Skateboards, getting on Adidas, going to the olympics and much more...

Jan 30, 2017
#32 - Frank Gerwer


Frank Gerwer discusses growing up in Long Island, setting up his first board, lappers, inverted hardware, skating for The Firm, turning pro for Anti Hero, kickflippling Wallenberg and much much much more......

Jan 23, 2017
#31 - Jamie Foy


Jamie Foy discusses discovering skateboarding at 1 years old, being on rep flow, getting on Deathwish, how Das Pinch became a thing, do manuals fit under the "pinch" category and much more...

Jan 16, 2017
#30 - Gino Iannucci


Gino Iannucci discusses growing up in Long Island, turning pro for Black Label, 101 days, his move from Chocolate to Fucking Awesome, Poets skate shop, why he doesn't have an Instagram and much more...

Jan 09, 2017
2016 Wrap-Up Show

Chris, Roger and Kelly say farewell to 2016 while discussing and watching some of their favorite moments from the show. Hear about how the show came to be, how it's grown, what goes into making each episode and much more...

Jan 02, 2017
#29 - Jack Curtin

Jack Curtin discusses growing up overseas, discovering skating in Indonesia, living in SF, getting sponsored, quitting DGK for Skate Mental, past shoe sponsors, skating for New Balance and much more!   

Dec 26, 2016
#28 - Jereme Rogers

Jereme Rogers discusses growing up in Boston, getting on Girl Skateboards, having a part in PJ' Ladd's wonderful horrible life, retiring from skating to follow his music passion, how much money he was making at the peak of his skate career, jumping off balconies, what he's up to now and much more...


Dec 19, 2016
#27 - Andrew Brophy

Andrew Brophy discusses the Australian wildlife in and around his home, starting Wayward wheel co, Benny Fairfax marrying his wife's sister, Cliche being put to sleep, staying with the Carroll's, filming a new Transworld web part, Vegemite and much more...

Dec 12, 2016
#26 - Mike Mo Capaldi

Mike Mo Capaldi discusses being driven around autonomously by his Tesla, the golf cart accident that left his leg in a state of paralysis, his long road to recovery, getting let go from DC shoes, his family run company Glassy Sunhaters, how Chuck The Sailor all started, being a world champion texter, filming for the intro of Fully Flared, his goal of getting back on the board and much more!

Dec 06, 2016
#25 - Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne discusses why he's a Laker and Green Bay Packers fan, what he asks Amazon's Echo Alexa when no ones around, how he got into skating, his favorite skaters, working on a new video part, his Miami rooftop skatepark, why skating is life, will he be dropping a new album and much more!

Nov 28, 2016
#24 - Rick McCrank

Rick McCrank discusses turning pro for his first sponsor Cherry Bombs, filming for Plan B "Revolution" and Birdhouse "The End" videos, getting on Girl Skateboards, discovering he was allergic to detergent, his show Abandoned on Viceland and much more!

Nov 21, 2016
#23 - Don Brown

Don Brown discusses being the 1989 world freestyle champion, having to take a "creative retreat" with éS Footwear then bringing éS back, being on the board of IASC, how he came up with the idea for Go Skateboarding Day, skating on the 405 freeway, tough guy shots and much more!

Nov 14, 2016
#22 - Brandon Biebel

Brandon Biebel discusses filming for the Berrics PUSH project, leaving Lakai for Diamond Footwear, AMFD, his latest "All Day" Diamond shoe, getting on Girl thanks to Ty Evans, buying pets on tour, his Maloof hookup, SOTY predictions and much more!

Nov 07, 2016
#21 - Tom Asta

Tom Asta discusses his move from Mystery to Santa Cruz, Wawa, growing up skating with Chris Cole, wearing beanies, skating pre-fab skateparks, touring with Santa Cruz, Cinnabon and much more!

Oct 31, 2016
#20 - Mike York

Mike York discusses being a stay at home dad, Yo Gabba Gabba, Aquabats Super Show, his 8 year old son being the art director for Roller Horror, everything EMB, who he's psyched on in skateboarding and much more!

Oct 24, 2016
#19 - Jason Hernandez

Jason Hernandez discusses how he first picked up a camera, building iconic DIY skate spots, transitioning from making videos at Transworld to Nike SB and now Birdhouse, are full length skate videos dead?, yellow tinted footage, and much more!

Oct 17, 2016
#18 - Jeron Wilson

Jeron Wilson discusses electric cars, being a parent, quitting Real to ride for Blind then going to Girl, being the music guru, what's on TV, his involvement in Diamond Supply Co., how they're trying to differentiate Diamond Hardware from Diamond Footwear and much more!

Oct 10, 2016
#17 - Giovanni Reda

Giovanni Reda discusses growing up shooting skateboarding in NY, flying with film, mystery water, his groundbreaking documentary about Brian Anderson being a gay professional skateboarder, what he wants to do next in life and much more!

Oct 03, 2016
#16 - Ben Harper

Ben Harper discusses what it's like to play in front of a sold out audience, his love for skateboarding, growing up with Chris Miller, the parallels between music and skateboarding, his involvement with Roller Horror, the struggle to find the perfect set up, his thoughts on Justin Bieber and Lil' Wayne skateboarding, music rights, song writing, Chris's future baby momma (Taylor Swift), why he still uses a flip phone and much more!

Sep 26, 2016
#15 - Paul Hart

Paul Hart discusses turning pro for cliché skateboards, filming for his new pro part, bringing a fake grenade to school, almost drowning and being rescued by surfers on a Globe trip, skating 16 stair rails and much more!

Sep 19, 2016
#14 - Anthony Mapstone

Anthony Mapstone discusses having his name on a board, his role as team manager for Hardcore/Globe distribution, the Australian skate scene, how to deal with shoplifters, the steps it takes to get sponsored as a skater from Australia, dealing with skate parents, Australian's view on US politics and much more!

Sep 12, 2016
#13 - Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson discusses how he got on Santa Cruz, what it means to him to turn pro for such an iconic brand, the coffee in Australia, dating skate chicks, changing Siri's voice to an Australian accent and much moreULAR!

Sep 05, 2016
#12 - Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez discusses how he got into skateboarding, his involvement with St. Archers Brewing Company, City Stars days, working on his 10th Nike SB shoe, starting Primitive, life goals, and much more!

Aug 29, 2016
#11 - Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill discusses growing up a labrat at Skatelab, quitting his first sponsor Shortys, starting Grizzly Grip, Diamond Footwear and more!

Aug 22, 2016
#10 - Spanish Mike

Spanish Mike discusses being the Primitive TM, losing games of skate to Heath Brinkley, showering with Olay body wash, the bet with Paul Rodriguez to lose 20 pounds in 2 months and much more!

Aug 15, 2016
#9 - Matt Miller

Matt Miller discusses living in Long Beach, skating Cherry park, getting on Zoo York, having Kelly Hart as a team manager, real dolls, Chany Jeanguenin being a lethal weapon, getting on Expedition One, skating for DC and much more!

Aug 08, 2016
Bonus - Kelly Hart & Van Styles

During the taping of Van Styles episode, Kelly Hart sat down with Chris and Van to discuss the day he shut down the LA courthouse stage, photo incentive through social media, the color salmon is so hot right now and much more!

Aug 01, 2016
#8 - Stephen Vanasco (Van Styles)

Stephen Vanasco (Van Styles) discusses skating for Status Skateboards, getting his start in the adult industry, being a Leica ambassador, starting Visual Apparel, shooting girls in helicopters and much more!

Jul 25, 2016
#7 - Davis Torgerson

Davis Torgerson discusses nicknames, getting Jose Rojo'd, golfing with the pros, ditching school to skate for Real, skating in Street League, his suspect quote book, Jones fractures, filming Naptime and much much more!

Jul 18, 2016
#6 - Daniel Espinoza

Daniel Espinoza discusses getting out of bed, Adio tours, getting kicked off Termite because he was too old, his car Alice, getting on Cliche, buying panties from a vending machine and much more!

Jul 11, 2016
#5 - Justin Eldridge

Justin Eldridge discusses building beach forts, pigs for pets or bacon, rehabbing his back injury, getting on chocolate, landing tricks on accident, his beats by dre commercial and more!

Jul 04, 2016
#4 - Louie Barletta

Louie Barletta discusses his eBay obsession, editing Oververt with Roger, his roll as brand manager for enjoi, fast forwarding Jimmy Carlin's part in Oververt, Marc Johnson leaving enjoi and much more!

Jun 27, 2016
#3 - Daniel Castillo

Daniel Castillo discusses camping, getting on world industries, the world park, filming for love child, selling boards, skating blank boards, getting shot, foley catheter insertion/removal, his latest entrepreneurial venture "Couch Surf" and much more!

Jun 20, 2016
#2 - Joey Brezinski

Joey Brezinski discusses selling stickers to kids, making cold calls to skate companies, burritos, twumps, snapchat, being the first american rider on cliché, manny contests, running his own brand and much more!

Jun 13, 2016
#1 - Kelly Hart

Kelly Hart discusses rejoining Expedition, éS footwear, odd sleeping patterns and skateboarding and much more!

Jun 06, 2016