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An all music production podcast. Raw & uncut. Featuring Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum producer !llmind, Atlas The Plug, Perfection & GLAM.

Episode Date
Episode 114 - How To Avoid Being Scammed
The music industry is the wild wild west. If you're a music producer or an artist, it's easy to fall victim to industry scams. Not all of them are bad, but a lot of them are. How do you recognize what opportunities to take and which ones to ignore? Do they even work? Are there true shortcuts and "pay to play" services that are legit? Let's dive in!
Jan 03, 2020
Episode 113 - When To Quit Your 9 To 5 Job
Most aspiring music creators have a 9 to 5 job, or some sort of "side gig" to generate income to live. The age old million dollar question is always "when and how should I quit my job to pursue my passion full time?". There is no right or wrong answer because every human being is dealt a different set of circumstances at any point in his/her life. I do think there are some important things to think about, so Perfection and Myself did a deep dive. Lots of "end of year" gems here. What a perfect way to go into 2020!
Dec 20, 2019
Episode 112 - Big Gems For Music Producers Just Starting Out with Symbolyc One
As an up-coming music producer in 2019 (going into 2020) there are an overwhelming amount of resources, options and routes to choose from. Do I go the beat leasing route? Maybe I should try click funnels. Should I only sell exclusively? Should I just focus on developing artists? I can try to sell drum kits and sample packs but how do I go about doing that? Maybe I should try to become a Youtube influencer? Or maybe I should try all of the above? The possibilities are endless, but also very overwhelming. This is something I've been thinking about for a while and I wanted to dive into an effective way to approach this. My good friend and Grammy Award Winning producer Symbolyc One joined me for a call-in conversation. So many gems in this one.
Dec 13, 2019
Episode 111 - Selling Beats Using Sales Funnels with Gabe (Legion Beats)
Meet Gabe. He generated over $1,258,367 in online beat selling without a ton of subscribers or followers. You're probably wondering how he did it (yes that's over a Million dollars lol). Well, we spoke to the man himself about how you can too. This episode was exciting because it really put into perspective how powerful his methods are to start making some REAL $ online as a music producer. The method we're talking about is called a "sales funnel". You've probably been hearing about it here and there recently in the music production community. We dove into the pros (and cons) and what it takes to work up to that level selling beats online using "sales funnels". Really powerful stuff! If you want to get started on creating your own sales funnel, just click this link after you listen to the episode:
Nov 08, 2019
Episode 110 - Overcoming Beat Block & Struggle
In this episode we continue the conversation about how to overcome the EARLY struggles of being an up-coming music producer. The #1 issue most people deal with in the beginning could be summed up in one word: MONEY. So the question is, how do we generate some in the beginning while pursuing a career? What are some ways to generate income quickly to eventually quit that 9-5 job? Is beat leasing, kit selling, youtube hustle a good idea? Does that make it harder to become an "industry producer"? Lot's of questions answered in a nice stream of consciousness. This is a must listen.
Oct 11, 2019
Episode 109 With Mario Luciano (Composer/Arranger/Sample maker)
The title "sample maker" has become more and more popular these past few years in the music production world. So we spoke to one of my personal FAVORITES and in my opinion one of the BEST Mario Luciano. I personally have some placements with him coming up, but recently he just earned a production credit with Cardo Got Wings, HER and YG. We talk about the process of "creating original sample loops", the advantages of using analog gear, doing a ton of research, trial and error and being authentic. We also discussed the controversy of being a "producer influencer" teaching people how to be "successful" without actually being successful yourself. You might have a nice following, but what type of baggage does that come with and does that stereotype you into a "box"? To a certain extent, it does. If you take offense by what I'm saying, maybe you're one of them. Either way, this was insightful asf!
Sep 27, 2019
Episode 108 With My Best Friend Jacob (Travis Scott Documentary producer & sound designer)
This is by far one of my favorite episodes. We went a little left field on this one and spoke about some real stuff: where did humans come from? Do aliens exist? Are we reptiles? I know. Interesting lol! This all in some weird way ties in to the realities of being human and how our roles coincide with living on earth as musicians and aspiring artists. We also spoke to amazing producer "My Best Friend Jacob" who recently produced & scored Travis Scott's Netflix documentary. Lots of insight on sound design, TV/Film licensing and how you can get into the business, what to look out for and how to get your foot in the door. Also, Jacob was nice enough to share his personal custom ANALOG BANK PRESET LIBRARY for free download. Here it is:
Sep 06, 2019
Episode 107 With Les-Paul Ibanga (Financial Literacy + Illmind's brother)
Ok guys. This is one of my favorite and most crucial episodes we've done, to date. Our guest is my brother (my actual brother) Les-Paul (yeah, my dad named him after the inventor of the electric guitar!). He plays piano (better than me), but above else, he's got 15+ years experience as an accountant and is a director at a huge accounting firm. We spoke on one of the most important subjects that people don't really talk about: financial literacy. How do I grow my money? How much should I be saving? When and where should I invest my money? What happens if I sell $20,000 worth of beats online? How much taxes do I have to pay? Man, we've all made financial mistakes in the past. This episode contains useful information to get you going in the right direction. Also, we spoke on my early days (mom's basement, making beats on Playstation (yup that was real!) and so much more). Enjoy!
Aug 16, 2019
Episode 106 - Simple Studio Tips That Pay Off BIG TIME
What happens when you're invited to a big studio for the first time? Maybe it's with a superstar? Or maybe it's with a local artist. As a music creator, what is your role and how can you maximize your time in the studio to be as productive as possible. Every situation is unique, but there are some "in studio hacks" that you can apply to help you along your creative journey. In this episode Illmind & Perfection (who managed one of the most premiere recording studios in NYC for years) speak on some tips to help you in the studio, whether you're a music producer, engineer or artist. So much value in this episode so don't sleep!
Jul 19, 2019
Episode 105 - Control Your Emotions To Control Your Destiny
I know the title of this episode sounds deep, but hear me out. What I love about my podcast is the fact that we like to get DEEP into the root of things and not be so "on the surface". To cut right to the chase we must ask ourselves this question: "How do we achieve our goals?". Now, of course this is the million dollar question and a topic of discussion that is very complex. I think it doesn't have to be complex. We reach our goals by taking "action". "Action" is taken based on our decision making. Our decision making is based on our emotions. So when you peel back all of these layers, "emotion" seems to be the root of everything. So, how do we control and manage our emotions to help us make the right decisions? We went in pretty deep on this one. Enjoy!
Jul 12, 2019
Episode 104 With Bregma (Logic & Eminem "Homicide" Producers)
This discussion was important! We touched on the challenges of generating income in the beginning of the grind as a music producer or engineer, ways to overcome the hardships to get to your first WIN and why it's important to never quit until you reach that first WIN! Our amazing guests BREGMA (a production trio) who produced Logic & Eminem's "Homicide" record (which was their first major placement by the way) spoke about the early grind, how they got their track to Logic, being broke for years but sticking with the grind and so much more.
Jun 14, 2019
Episode 103 - The True Pathway To Success
What does "success" mean to you? For some it's money. For others it's happiness and the freedom to do what you want, when you want. For most, it's a combination of all the above. How does one answer this question in the MUSIC INDUSTRY? What does a successful music producer with Grammys and platinum plaques look like? And how do you get there? In this episode, Illmind + his co-hosts Atlas and Perfection go into a deep dive of some of the psychological, spiritual and routine habits of the successful. So many gems in this one.
Jun 07, 2019
Episode 101 With Special Guest June James
In this episode, Illmind, GLAM and Atlas chop it up with special guest June James about his music, history and influences. "We're here to talk about anything and everything music, business, music production." (00:02:50)"I have a couple special things for Spotify." (00:03:42) "I want to announce a couple things... my Throne Loops contest is ongoing." (00:05:09) "I just got back from Miami. I did a 3 city little tour run for Pass the Aux." (00:06:48)"On this podcast we talk a lot about building with your peers and collaborating with each other." (00:07:53) "Go to for tickets to Pass the Aux" (00:09:00) "Atlas, what do you have going on right now?" (00:09:23) "GLAM, what have you been working on? How's the music?" (00:11:20) "We're all really nothing without memories." (00:15:00) "I like the campaign idea about artists that have a 9 to 5 and then talk about the 5 to 9." (00:17:10) "What are some of the things your learning along the way in terms of the 5 to 9 hustle and balancing that with the 9 to 5?"(00:17:45)"That's a key word that you're using - coexisting." (00:22:50) "Everyone has bad days. Everyone has stuff they go through whether it's financial, personal or a relationship... We have the power to give power to certain things."(00:25:30)"If I was doing these Pass the Auxs' for free, not only would I be losing money, but imagine the type of clientele I would be attracting." (00:34:50) "We're here with a very special guest." (00:37:50)"What got you into production?" (00:39:50) "It's all about building direct relationships, but with people that aren't necessarily big yet." (00:47:00) "What's the priority right now?" (00:51:55) + so much more!!
May 03, 2019
Episode 100 With Mo Wezz (A Boogie's Engineer)
100th episode is here!!! 🙏🏽🔥In this episode, Illmind, Perfection and Atlas celebrate the 100th episode and chop it up with special guest Mo Wezz about his music and accomplishments. Shout out to A Boogie! Mo Wezz talks about how he met A Boogie and what sparked his interest in engineering(00:03:15)"Some upcoming producers are missing opportunities because the first thing they ask when an artist inquires about a track is what's their budget, without even listening to the artist's music first. You might have just blown away an opportunity with a dope artist." -Atlas (0007:38) "I can't be a good engineer with no artist" - Mo Wezz (00:08:15) Mo Wezz gives advice about studio time and what it's worth, not only monetarily, but also opportunistically (00:08:45) Illmind pushes Mo Wezz to talk about his 12 plaques and his accomplishments (00:13:40) "If you're making a record with a bunch of people in the studio and everyone feels strongly about that record, there's a good chance that it's probably good" (00:18:35) Mo Wezz speaks about different templates he uses for certain types of artists (00:18:55) Illmind asks Mo Wezz about his work schedule and his work with new and upcoming artists (00:25:15) Mo Wezz shouts out a few artists he's been working with lately (00:26:36) Illmind asks what's next for Mo Wezz (00:39:00)The crew pops a bottle to the 100th episode and gives sound advice to the listeners (00:43:50)BLAP 🔥or CRAP 💩is back (00:48:17) + so much more!!
Apr 19, 2019
Episode 99 - The Truth About Reaching Success
On this episode, Illmind talks solo about coming up on the 100th episode, the power of the mind and the effect it has on success🔥🔥🔥Illmind gives a shout out to fans and gives a brief intro of the podcast to new listeners(00:03:09)"You can go from A to Z and realize that Z is not the end. Realize it's really just one alphabet you've conquered, and there's multiple alphabets for you to conquer" (00:03:40)💯Illmind gives insight into the tools he's been using to be more mindful and how success correlates to your mind state(00:04:44)"There's this elephant in the room that we don't talk about the power of the mind and how absolutely crucial and important of a component it is to reaching ultimate happiness and ultimate success"(00:06:19)Illmind explores the reasons for his success and concepts he's used to get where he is now, "which is rich is success, rich in all aspects of [his] life" (00:09:10) Illmind stresses that there isn't one single safe route to success and that "we've been trained and programmed to believe that you can only accomplish this in one particular way, which is just not the case"(00:10:58)"It doesn't matter how old you are, or at what point in life you are, but I think an amazing starting point is to try stuff"(00:16:53) Illmind speaks on incremental progress and the road to euphoria (00:24:89) Illmind encourages listeners to be "mindful of your rest periods" and how some of his best ideas came from those periods(00:29:38) "Patience is just the idea of living in the moment and not beating yourself up into trying to predict the future" (00:37:39)"If you want new experiences, you have to do things out of your comfort zone"(00:47:20)Illmind wraps up with some of his history and emphasizes the importance of finding what makes you happy + so much more!! 🙏🏽
Apr 12, 2019
Episode 98 - How To Shoot Your Shot And WIN
On this episode Illmind, Perfection and Atlas discuss the importance of relationships, positive energy output, meaningful collaborations and other tools that get you that ring!!!🔥llmind is back in the studio with Perfection and Atlas 1..2..3.... BLAPCHAT!!!🔥(00:00:56)Illmind gives a shout out to the "Pass the Aux" world tour(00:03:24)"G.O.A.T. Loops Sample Pack Contest is officially a wrap" (00:06:32)RIP Nipsey Hussle 🙏🏽"There's no words to describe how deeply impactful Nipsey Hussle's recent death has been for everyone"(00:08:00)Illmind talks about The Green Room AKA The BLAP Room. This will be a 10 minute interactive live stream after every Blap Chat!!! Membership info and platform announcement coming soon!!! (00:10:33) "Influence should be born in real life and exposed on the internet" (00:23:08) "Bad Attitude, Bad Music, Bad Business...the TripleB"(00:29:43)"Who is at that 100% who wants to win?"(00:35:03)Atlas speaks on positive reinforcement and how to get optimal performances out of staff and artists(00:36:53)The BLAP crew speaks on the importance of constantly networking (00:48:08) + so much more with Illmind, Atlas and Perfection!!!
Apr 05, 2019
Episode 97 - Rich Mentality Vs Poor Mentality
On this episode the Blap crew goes over the importance of initiative and a "problem solving" approach to the industry and your career. Illmind is back in the studio with Perfection, Atlas, and GLAM 1..2..3.... BLAPCHAT!!!🔥(:2:25)"Are there any projects this year you guys liked?"(00:05:41)Quick shout out to all the creatives coming out to Illminds "Pass the Aux World Tour"!!!(00:07:09)"Having a rich mentality vs. a Poor Mentality"(00:15:18)"There are two different types of people in this world; People who wait to be told what to do, and people that just do shit"(00:19:00)"The keyword is initiative"(00:27:50)IG Live Q&A (00:40:10)"How would you have found your Skyzoo in 2019?"(00:52:33) Blap or Crap segment (00:59:06) + so much more with Illmind, Atlas, Perfection and GLAM!!
Mar 22, 2019
Episode 96 - Things Every Music Creator Should Do
On this episode, we welcome back Perfection and get to know our listeners with an Instagram live Q & A. IG and FB 24 hr blackout 😬(00:5:12) Instagram live Q & A of all things production(00:10:48), "How can I get a licensing opportunity?"(00:18:33),"In terms of networking, how do I approach a high caliber producer?"(00:27:36)"How do I find people to work with?"(00:36:42)" Im more of a creator; how do I improve my mixes?"(00:45:32), Blap or Crap segment (01:03:00) + so much more with Illmind and Perfection.
Mar 15, 2019
Episode 95 - What I Would Do If I Just Started Making Beats
On this episode, we talk about the journey through the industry and finding a passion for the hustle (00:04:50), future Pass the Aux events (00:8:00), ATLAS is our other host today, he fills us in on Cruz's "Respect the Engineer" workshops (00:13:40), "if you're a creator you should think about what you can do to nurture and provide your fans (00:29:53),"the long term route is the shortcut"(00:35:12), !ll explains "points" on an album and how they pertain to producers (00:48:14) Are you the 5% that apply themselves?(01:00:00), Blap or Crap segment (01:31:08) + so much more with !llmind and ATLAS.
Mar 01, 2019
Episode 94 - Grammy Talk (Persistence Will Get You The WIN)
On this episode, we talk about my experience going to the GRAMMYs and winning my first award (00:04:17), future Pass the Aux events (00:12:25), GLAM talks about her placement with Apple (00:13:33), being persistent with one thing and then pivoting into a new direction (00:16:49), the idea of doing music because you love it even if you're broke (00:21:55), what's more important - marketing or networking? (00:26:42), should you focus on only one thing even if you can do it all yourself? (00:28:55), the difference between mentor vs. a hero (00:31:15), advice for upcoming artists (00:37:44), Blap or Crap segment (00:53:01) + so much more with !llmind, GLAM and Perfection.
Feb 22, 2019
Episode 93 - The TYPE BEATS Discussion With Papamitrou Boi (aka Nick Papz)
On this episode, we have special guest PAPAMITROU BOI aka NICK PAPZ joining us to discuss the definition of type beats (00:10:50), if it's possible to transition from a type beat producer to a successful, household name (00:20:15), both positive and negative "Scarlett Letters" that type beat producers carry (00:29:36), what drove Nick to get started in music (00:38:12), how he found success making type beats (00:39:47), his transition from type beats to working with MEEK MILL (00:41:57), Nick's advice on how young producers should prepare for a first time session with a superstar artist (00:50:00), some of Nick's favorite VST's, plugins and how he likes to start a beat (00:53:38), what's next for Nick (00:59:40) and he joins us for our Blap Or Crap segment (01:05:05) + so much more with Illmind, Atlas, Perfection.
Feb 01, 2019
Episode 92 With Reazy Renegade
On this episode, we have special guest REAZY RENEGADE and we discuss focusing only on the people that support you (00:17:30), !llmind's experience at the Dreamville sessions in Atlanta (00:27:30), early days of how Reazy got started (00:51:15), taking the approach of working for free with local artists before the come up (00:54:36), building with We The Best, Maybach Music, YMCMB (00:57:58), switching career paths from dental school to music producer (00:58:42), encouragement to learn instruments at a young age (01:01:10), going solo and producing outside of the production duo, The Renegades (01:05:03), building your team and growing with the people you work with (01:08:10), what to expect in a session with a big artist (01:09:00), learning from DJ Khaled (01:14:45), Reazy's process of making a beat (01:16:44), what he has going on now and who he wants to work with in the future (01:21:00) and our Blap Or Crap segment (01:26:03).
Jan 25, 2019
Episode 91 - Overcoming Your Fear To Reach Success
On this episode, we discuss the topic of fear and how it's the one thing that stops us from what we truly want to do (00:04:00), Perfection's insight on fear of failure and success (00:06:09), Atlas' moments of fear and how he overcame it and learned from the process (00:08:25), Illmind's perspective on how we should view failure (00:13:00), the importance of work ethic and not looking for shortcuts (00:35:52), keeping true to yourself and providing value of something different (00:40:51), create something for yourself to the point where people will want to work with you (01:09:42), first Blap Or Crap of 2019 (01:14:43) and so much more gems in between.
Jan 04, 2019
Episode 90 With Cruz (Meek Mill's Engineer)
On this episode, we talk with special guest Cruz, Meek Mill's engineer, about celebrating your wins and giving yourself credit for the hard work you put in (00:18:44), how he started to work with Meek Mill and details on his recording process (00:21:46), his favorite plugins and gear (00:36:31), advice for aspiring engineers (00:49:24), what's the next for himself (00:57:19), how to submit beats to major labels (01:02:50) and so much more.
Dec 21, 2018
Episode 89 - Using Social Media To Your Advantage
On this episode, Illmind and Glam talk about how to balance a 9-5 job vs. pursuing a passion (17:30), IG Live Q&A (38:30), how to keep yourself motivated everyday (49:40), selling beats online(59:30) and a Blap or Crap/ beat critique segment (1:05:30). Plus a recap of our BlapChat Live episode with Just Blaze (03:00), Pass the Aux 2019 announcement(10:55) and Glam's experience on tour with Duckwrth (14:37). A lot of great advice in here for all up and coming creatives looking to make the big jump from turning their art into a career.
Dec 07, 2018
Episode 88 With Just Blaze
BlapChat Live was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came out and rocked with us and all our special guests (Just Blaze, Rance1500 to name a couple) We talked to a lot of you who followed the advice from all of my content and how that led to a big change in your lives, placements and so much more. I encourage you to try something new, embrace your failures, learn from your mistakes and grow within the process. Just Blaze also talks about how he came up and his story of failures/successes. So many times, we think our plan is going to work out but it ends up taking you on a whole other journey. Just and I both have a list of placements that weren't supposed to be where it ended up. But the music will be end up where it needs to be and trust that everything will be okay. A lot of gems in this one.
Dec 03, 2018
Episode 87 With Apollo Brown
Most aspiring music producers' goals are to get placements on a major label. But there are so many different avenues of income and success. Special guest APOLLO BROWN speaks on touring the world playing his music and how he created a demand for it. Instead of having his beats sitting on a hard drive, he decided to put them out as albums and branded himself as a producer. He speaks on his come up in the beat battle scene to now, still in the game as a respected and successful music producer for the past 20+ years. He has a new album out with JOELL ORTIZ called MONA LISA. Lots of great advice and a new perspective on what it means to be a music producer in this episode.
Oct 26, 2018
Episode 86 - Key To Success - Believe In Yourself
Here's what we did. I went on IG Live and asked the viewers to drop their phone numbers in the comments. Atlas and I called them to answer their questions and give advice on so many different topics. The beginning of your journey has to start with believing in yourself. That creates the confidence to go out and network, find up and coming artists to collaborate with, not waiting for the perfect time to release music. There is no such thing as the perfect time and everything, especially in the music business, is RANDOM. Some people can handle that uncertainty while others simply can't and give up. It all starts with believing.
Oct 19, 2018
Episode 85 With Trilogy
Special guest TRILOGY speaks on producing the viral hit, "Get The Strap" with Uncle Murda, 50 Cent, 6ix9ine & Casanova and getting it featured on the show Power. There's no such thing as an overnight success. Trilogy started producing in 2006, grinding and building relationships that's paid off in recent times. The producer community, and the music industry in general, has changed so much since then. He speaks on how he's adapted to it over the years and now more than ever, embracing collaborations. He touches on the importance of having an attorney, understanding the artist you're working with and keeping the music simple plus so much more. A lot of great advice you don't want to miss.
Oct 05, 2018
Episode 84 With Sevn Thomas
Welcome back our special guest SEVN THOMAS for a second episode with us! Appreciate him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chop it up. We discuss his recent successes with Rihanna, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne and more. He gives great advice on how to manifest and execute your goals and how that mentality got him to where he is today. He also gives a stamp of approval for young producers to grind, sell beats and do whatever you gotta do because he's surprised at how many major artists reach out to these guys off of YouTube/Instagram beats. Also on this episode, my co-hosts and I talk about how to network effectively and genuinely build relationships rather than forcing a situation. A lot of helpful tips that can really change your outlook and trajectory. You don't wanna miss this one!
Sep 28, 2018
Episode 83 With JWhite Did It
I’m always inspired by stories of people who were able to climb out of extreme low points to eventually reach success. When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. From extreme life difficulty only a few years ago, to now having produced Bodak Yellow and I Like It for Cardi B & so much more. He gives great advice on betting everything on what you believe in and the universe will pay you back. Listen to his full story on the risks he took and the decisions he made to be in the position he's in today. Also on this episode is Blap or Crap, where we listen to your beat submissions and give constructive criticism. To be featured on future segments, upload your music to
Sep 21, 2018
Episode 82 With J Reid ("Chun - Li" Nicki Minaj Producer)
After the devastating news of Mac Miller’s passing, I talk about the importance of mental health and how social media has evolved to effect it. What was once a silly platform to post and share with your friends is now something that you can build an entire business around. For many of us creatives, we share with the world our most vulnerable work, our art. We guide you on how to navigate through the negative and hateful comments. And I encourage you to stop and think again before commenting something hurtful on someone else’s post. Our guest on the show J Reid ("Chun - Li" Nicki Minaj Producer) talks about what it was like to work with a superstar, what it took to get there, how it changed his career and what he has planned for the future. Gems you don’t want to miss!
Sep 14, 2018
Episode 81 - Working With Songwriters (with Father Dude)
What's the difference between working with a rapper and a singer? If I'm a music producer or an audio engineer, do I know the difference between the two? Chances are, you don't. Both worlds are completely different in their own way. If you've only worked with rappers in the studio, you've got a lot to learn when it comes to working with singers/songwriters. Some say working with rappers is easy because it's just verses and adlibs. With singers, you're stacking harmonies, coming up with melodies and lyrics, concepts, etc. How different or how similar are the two? What are some things we should keep in mind to play our roles in the studio as music producers and engineers? We brought in our good friend, singer/songwriter/producer FATHER DUDE to talk about the dynamics amongst singer, songwriter and producer. Also, our "BLAP OR CRAP" segment is back. You don't want to miss this one!
Aug 31, 2018
Episode 80 - Let's Build Fam (60+ random guests?)
So this is what we did. We put a tweet out the day before recording this episode saying "meet us at the podcast studio". 62 people showed up. It was nuts. They asked questions and we answered. Someone even busted a freestyle over an unreleased Illmind beat. Lots and lots of gems here and lots of laughs. We also spoke about Travis Scott's "Astroworld" album and how it's likely to leave a long lasting impact. One of my favorite episodes to date.
Aug 10, 2018
Episode 79 - Becoming Your Own Boss
The world of music production requires skills similar to any entrepreneur of today. The successful ones usually become their own boss. No one to report to (except the IRS lol). You get what you put in. We spoke about some basic philosophies to keep in mind during your journey as an aspiring musician. Whether you're a music producer, artist, engineer or all of the above, these are some of the fundamentals that will help guide you along the way. Oh, and BLAP OR CRAP is back of course!
Jul 27, 2018
Episode 78 With Lamont Graves (Music Publishing Consultant)
This might be one of our most informative episodes to date. We talked about various ways to generate income when FIRST STARTING to make beats and become a music producer. How much $ should you charge for your beats? Should you work for free? Should you do both? When is a good time to start increasing your prices? Our special guest for this episode was Lamont Graves who specializes in consulting music producers on what MUSIC PUBLISHING is, some best practices and how music producers can properly get PAID for their work. He's consulted platinum and gold producers like Jahlil Beats, The Beat Bully and so many more. You're nuts if you don't listen to this episode!
Jul 21, 2018
Episode 77 With Mike Kuz
I met Mike Kuz when I was working with Slaughterhouse (Royce da 5'9", Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz & Crooked I for those living under a rock) back in 2013. He was an assistant engineer at Just Blaze's old studio. I didn't know he produced music as well. I just thought he was a great engineer from my experience working with him during those sessions. I remember later being in the studio with Wale and he needed an engineer. I recommended Mike to Wale and they ended up working together. From there, Mike has grown to do many amazing things. I tell this story because it's an example of someone who work hard at their craft to prove themselves, to later be given certain opportunities of work based on their work ethic. We also dig into the whole "free intern" debacle and so much more. I love this episode. Enjoy!
Jul 13, 2018
Episode 76 With Wayno (Everyday Struggle)
There's so much I can say about Wayno. Some people know him as the official co-host of Complex's "Everyday Struggle". Some know him as the guy who helped kick start Dave East's career. Some knew him from the early Rocafella days, or his company "Triangle Offense" (artist + production management, amongst other things). Outspoken, honest and will always keep it 100. One of my favorite and most genuine people in the industry. Lots of gems here you don't want to miss.
Jul 06, 2018
Episode 75 - How To Find Your Signature Sound
As music producers, we strive to eventually get to that point where we feel like we have our own "signature sound". Like, The Neptunes. Like, Timbaland, Like, Dr. Dre. Like, Metro Boomin'. The list goes on. So what does one have to do to achieve a signature sound as a music creator? We also discuss the current landscape of music and how important of a role music producers play.
Jun 15, 2018
Episode 74 - Set Goals Don't Be Lazy
In this episode we each tell our own unique stories on several moments where we set a goal and went out to achieve that goal. Whether it was trying to land a placement on a major album, or wanting to meet someone we admire. Going out of your way to try new things can alter the pathway to your future. We also chose our current favorite VST or PLUG-IN and why we love using it. Of course the hilarity ensues throughout. This episode was lit!
Jun 08, 2018
Episode 73 With Prince Paul
We back baby (after a 3 week hiatus) and we had the honor to have a LEGEND join us! His name is Prince Paul. The guy who used to hang out with Rza and ODB in the 80's before Wu-Tang became world renowned. The guy who started as a DJ in Stetsasonic. The guy who produced on De La Soul's "3 Feet High And Rising" classic album. The guy who did "Handsome Boy Modeling School" with Dan The Automator (one of !llmind's favorite albums of all time). We can go on forever. Oh, and his son is Lil Uzi Vert's DJ too. The stories in this episode are unbelievable. And, for those asking, yes we spoke about the Drake/Pusha T stuff. It's lit.
Jun 01, 2018
Episode 72 - How To Find A Good Manager
Music producers need managers. Some don't need them early in their careers when they're first starting out. But eventually, you'll need an extra hand when things get too overwhelming. The real question is: When is it time to find a good manager? Also, where do I find a manager and how do I know if they're good or not? Will a manager help get me major label "placements"? We had an inspiring conversation about all of this. Illmind's friend (who works with Akon) surprised us with a phone call too. Many gems were dropped. This episode is a must listen.
May 04, 2018
Episode 71 - Knowing When To Shoot Your Shot
In this episode we speak about a multitude of things - Knowing when to "shoot your shot", taking chances as a music producer, why sliding in the DM's could actually prove to be effective sometimes + we chose 2 fans at random to be our guests on the show. Both are up-coming music producers who listen to our show religiously + actually apply some of the stuff we say in real life, yielding some great results. They also brought empenadas, chocolate covered strawberries for Perfection and amazing gifts. We're so appreciative! This episode was hilariously awesome.
Apr 27, 2018
Episode 70 With Koncept P (Tekashi 69 Producer)
It's always so fascinating when you try to dissect that golden moment for an up-coming music producer when their life changes in an instant. This very moment just happened recently with producer Koncept P. Having produced "Kooda" & "Rondo" for Tekashi 69, things are now just starting to really roll. We spoke about the grind leading up to both life changing records, what life is like now and what's coming in the future.
Apr 20, 2018
Episode 69 With 1Mind (Produced "Unforgettable")
What happens after you produce one of the biggest summer anthems of 2017? Life changes in an instant. That's what happened to production trio "1Mind" after they produced French Montana's hit "Unforgettable" featuring Swae Lee. We spoke to them about how that track came about, what the grind was like to reach that point & the sacrifices that were made.
Apr 06, 2018
Episode 68 With Dru Ha (CEO Of Duck Down Music)
From 90's classics that went platinum (Boot Camp Clik, Heltah Skeltah, etc), to modern classics that went platinum (Young M.A. "Ooh") we spoke to the genius behind the scenes - CEO & Co-Founder of Duck Down Records. Lots of jewels dropped, like how to maneuver in today's music industry climate, the importance of social media, creating a direct relationship with the artist to get more placements & so much more. With 20+ years in the game, there's so much perspective here that we can all learn from.
Mar 23, 2018
Episode 67 - The Key To Success Is Knowing Why
There's no formula to reaching success in the music industry, but there are certain common denominators that contribute to people who are successful. They know why they're doing it. They are in tune with themselves. They are in tune with their craft. Oh, and we also debate on if smoking too much weed can be a positive or a negative, and why. This was a special conversation. Illmind + Atlas The Plug + Perfection + GLAM talking their sh*t.
Mar 16, 2018
Episode 66 With Parks (From The Joe Budden Podcast)
He goes by the name of Parks. He's an engineer for the stars (Slaughterhouse, Prhyme 1 & 2 (Royce Da 5'9" + Dj Premiere) & more) a music producer & part of the JOE BUDDEN PODCAST (yes, they actually film and record it at his crib). This was a fun episode. Lots of jokes. Lots of gems. Def want to listen to this if you're curious about audio engineering & how to go about approaching the business. This episode was heartfelt. Well, they're always heartfelt. You will cry tears of joy when you listen to this. Ok, now go listen! Wakanda forever!
Mar 02, 2018
Strategies To Get More Major Label Placements - An Illmind Rant
Illmind went on a rant and dropped some major gems on how to get more placements. It's something we all want as music producers. Here's a quick and dirty stream of consciousness on some things you can do NOW to increase your odds of getting closer to that first song placement.
Feb 23, 2018
Episode 65 With Buckwild (DITC)
Buckwild produced "I Got A Story To Tell" for the Notorious B.I.G. What else is there to say? That's just one record amongst a SLEW of legendary records this man has produced. We had an in depth conversation about how the music producer hustle was in the 90's, compared to the hustle now, why the internet is a gift and a curse and the importance of going back to true "artist development" to push the sound of hip-hop. Also, what a perfect time to drop this episode a day after the death anniversary of one of the greatest rappers to ever live - BIG L. In the words of DJ Premiere "BIG L REST IN PEACE!". Enjoy.
Feb 16, 2018
Episode 64 With Buddah Bless
Buddah Bless this beat!! The tag might be new to you, but my man has been putting in work for a long time. Seems like lately we've heard this tag everywhere. Well, it's because Buddah has had a hell of a run so far. Having produced records for Migos, Drake & so many more, Buddah has risen up the ranks in the ever competitive ATL producer scene. We spoke about his early beginnings playing organ in church, to Timbaland shouting him out and how he's managed to stay hungry, sharp and innovative with his sound. Again, plenty of jewels here that you do not want to miss.
Feb 09, 2018
Episode 63 With Brasstracks
You don't want no problems with me!! - Chance The Rapper - In this episode we interview the production duo geniuses behind the track "No Problem" that won a Grammy last year and is probably Chance's biggest hit to date. From the early days grinding as musicians in NYC, to getting discovered on Soundcloud and Chance The Rapper replying to a tweet, we dig into the story of how this amazingly talented group rose to stardom. What's life like for a touring production crew and how do you balance producing music for people and for yourself? This is the Brasstracks story.
Feb 02, 2018
Episode 62 With Buda & Grandz and JoeJoeBeats
In this special episode, we celebrate the release of Dave East's brand new album "Paranoia 2" with 3 of the music producers who contributed a bulk of the production on the project (oh and Illmind produced a song on that project as well, so technically we have 4 producers here lol). What an inspiring conversation. From Buda & Grandz's early days of grinding with Dave East and having to split $10 each in the studio to get some food, to now seeing the fruits of their labor. Also, newcomer JoeJoeBeats on Dave East being his first major label placement and what life is like now. Lots of jewels here and lessons in artist development verses selling beats to indy rappers, including some real life consequences & pay-offs. One of the realest episodes to date.
Jan 26, 2018
Episode 61 With Skibeatz
Jay-Z "Dead Presidents" "Feelin' It", Camp Lo "Luchini", Curren$y's "Pilot Talk" projects. What do these all have in common. This gentleman named SKIBEATZ produced all of those records. We had an amazing conversation about his start in North Carolina, sampling records on the vintage SP-1200 beat machine (less than 4 seconds of sample time, can you imagine!?), his extensive work with Dame Dash during the Creative Control days (the birth of Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa + more), to his now obsession with MODULAR SYNTHESIZERS & how much he gives back to the community. This convo was inspiring to say the least. Oh, and I think Ski might be a bigger BLAP OR CRAP hater than Atlas The Plug! How is that possible! Hahah! Enjoy.
Jan 19, 2018
Episode 60 With Statik Selektah
Perfect way to kick the new year off. Our 60th episode with the one and only Statik Selektah. We spoke about his early come up as a DJ, transitioning into a producer and how he's utilized the power of confidence, work ethic and hustle to rise to the top of his game, now signed to Roc Nation. Who has Statik not worked with? The guy is an animal. If you're a music creator on the come up, this episode has too many gems that you don't want to miss. Also, Youtube "production tutorial" master BusyWorksBeats joined us to speak about a ton of insightful stuff. This is how we kick off 2018 proper!
Jan 12, 2018
One of the best strategies to follow. Just put the work in. I know that sounds cliche'. Do it. And stay connected with the people around you that inspire you. This Illmind rant is a must listen for all music creators.
Jan 05, 2018
Episode 59 - The 2017 Wrap Up/Best Of
Man, what a crazy year. 2017 had a SLEW of moments we will never forget. In this episode, we wrap up by choosing some of our favorite music producers, beats, songs, favorite new VSTS and DRUM KITS etc with our own "Best Of" lists for 2017. Our good friend Cameron "Chef" Pasquale also joins in on the fun (he produced "KMT" with Drake & Giggs and was a previous guest on our show - for those living under a damn rock lol). Cheers to 2018 and beyond!
Dec 29, 2017
Episode 58 With Matt (Manager/A&R Dreamville)
This week we've got Matt aka Money Making Matt. He's an A&R at Dreamville Records (J Cole's label if you've been living under a rock). He manages producer Cardiak (another friend of the show), who managed to score over 20 MAJOR LABEL SONG placements in 2017 alone (dinner on Matt!). We spoke about his time at St. John's University in Queens, NY meeting J Cole for the 1st time, getting into the scene and some major gems for up-coming music producers really trying to break into the industry. Also, RIP Reggie Osse' aka COMBAT JACK. You will be missed.
Dec 22, 2017
Episode 57 With Taz Taylor (Internet Money)
The episode you all have been waiting for. It was such a pleasure to have the great Taz Taylor (of Internet Money) on our show. Taz is undeniably one of the forefronts in the "internet producer" movement, having earned hundreds of thousands of dollars hustling online selling and leasing beats to independent artists. We dug deep into conversation about some of the pros/cons of the industry, his recent cross over into the "industry producer" side (signing with APG), dropping out of school at an early age, using his hard earned money to do good (funding medical bills for his family being one of them) and so much more. If you're feeling a cross roads and unsure of where you fit in the industry as a music producer (Do I sell beats on line? Do I try to get placements? Do I do both?) then this is a must-listen.
Dec 15, 2017
Episode 56 With Honorable C Note
There's no doubt that this gentleman right here is one of the PIONEERS of today's popular trap sound. From his early days developing artists, to coming up with Gucci, Jeezy and countless other down south legends, old and new, C Note has solidified his legacy & continues to build even more! There's a rumor that he's got over 7,000 major placements. Try to wrap your head around that one lol. We spoke about why it's important to develop a relationship directly with the artist and some best practices in the studio as a new music producer. It would be weird if you didn't listen to this one!
Dec 01, 2017
Releasing your music is the only way to get your career started + surrounding yourself by people that will "d*ckride" you, and why + producing music to connect deeply with the listener and how to achieve that + getting to the point where the music is undeniable + an interesting technique to utilize in the studio when vocal producing.
Nov 25, 2017
Episode 55 - The Blap Or Crap Episode #2
This week we decided to do an entire episode of only BLAP OR CRAP (for the 2nd time)! If you've been living under a rock, you're probably wondering.. What is "Blap Or Crap"?? Well, it's a segment in our podcast where we listen to random beat submissions found on and if we like the beat, we give it a "BLAP" rating. If we don't like it, we give it a "CRAP" rating. We also give a bit of constructive criticism (mostly destructive involving fart noises and toilet flushes lol). Enjoy this BLAP-filled episode, and if you're interested in submitting your beat to our "Blap Or Crap" segment (which we do at the end of every episode by the way) UPLOAD your beats on (sign up is FREE) and hashtag #blaporcrap when you upload. It's that simple.
Nov 10, 2017
Episode 54 With Sonny Digital
We had an intimate conversation with a young legend (yeah, he birthed a lot of sounds!) Sonny Digital (he produced "Tuesday" for Makonnen, amongst multiple hits that we can list but just don't have enough space for it lol). He drops jewels for the up-coming producer community, his transition into really pushing himself as an artist and so much more. Lately we've been seeing some progress in the music production community, in terms of bigger producers finally "speaking up" on certain frustrations in the industry. We had to get Sonny's opinions/thoughts on the matter. What an episode. Another must-listen.
Nov 03, 2017
The road to success as a music creator is tough. The real question you should ask yourself is "do I love it enough?". Do you love the grind? When producing music, every sound matters. Every instrument matters. Every vocal take matters. It's all characters in a 3 minute movie.
Oct 27, 2017
Episode 53 With Rob Markman
His name is Rob Markman. Journalist. Writer. Rapper. Visionary. A Hip-Hop encyclopedia. From his days writing for XXL & helping to pioneer the "freshman cover", to now working as an executive at Genius, these are just a few things that Rob has contributed to the culture. We spoke about the incredibly new and helpful series called "Deconstructed" on Genius and why it's helping to educate people on the creators "behind the scenes" of a song (like us music producers, song writers etc) and much more. Rob is known to be the "interviewer" in most cases, so it was an absolute honor for us to reverse roles to interview HIM. One of our favorite episodes to date. Enjoy!
Oct 20, 2017
Why is confidence so important in the music industry? We invited 5 random fans to come to our podcast studio and had a conversation about it on our rooftop. There's a plethora of gems in this one, including an !llmind technique on how to get more record placements as a producer (After all, he's got 14+ major placements in 2017 alone. We think he might be doing something right!). Enjoy!
Oct 13, 2017
Episode 51 With Medasin
I'm extra excited about this episode (I mean, what else is new? lol). This kid Medasin is a PROBLEM! In the last 3-4 years, he's managed to build a really amazing fanbase as a music producer. Unlocking the so called "Soundcloud Code" he's racked up millions of views, streams & follows. He's toured the world. He's rocked stadiums. It's all super authentic and super impressive. The best part about it is that his music is super creative and a nice breath of fresh air, sonically. We go deep into the roots of how he started, why he started, where he is now and an unpredictable turning point in discovering self fulfillment. One of my favorites.
Sep 29, 2017
Episode 50 With Kier Lehman (Music Supervisor For "Insecure" + TV & FILM)
Episode 50! Wowzers! In this special episode, we interview a gentleman you all should get to know and be familiar with. He is the music supervisor for the hit HBO series "Insecure" (shouts to Issa she's a genius!) and is well connected in the TV & FILM music licensing industry. We get tons of questions regarding the placement of your music and beats on TV shows, Movies, etc. The ultimate question is always "how do I get my music on these shows!?". Well, our friend Kier is here to break the whole sh*t down for you with jewels and information on how to go about doing it the RIGHT way. If you're serious about your music production, it would be foolish to not listen to this episode.
Sep 22, 2017
Episode 49 - The Blap Or Crap Episode
You asked for it. We delivered! This week we decided to do an entire episode of only BLAP OR CRAP! If you've been living under a rock, you're probably wondering.. What is "Blap Or Crap"?? Well, it's a segment in our podcast where we listen to random beat submissions found on and if we like the beat, we give it a "BLAP" rating. If we don't like it, we give it a "CRAP" rating. We also give a bit of constructive criticism (mostly destructive involving fart noises and toilet flushes lol). Enjoy this BLAP-filled episode, and if you're interested in submitting your beat to our "Blap Or Crap" segment (which we do at the end of every episode by the way) UPLOAD your beats on (sign up is FREE) and hashtag #blaporcrap when you upload. It's that simple.
Sep 15, 2017
Episode 48 With FrancisGotHeat
We back baby! In this episode we have one of the filthiest up and coming superstar producers on the rise. He's from Toronto (surprise surprise.. seems like all of the awesome producers are coming from there!) With recent placements on Drake's "More Life", Uzi's "Luv Is Rage 2", Bryson Tiller's "True To Self" & more, 2017 was no doubt his break-out year. At 20 years young, what are the next steps as a music producer after just reaching these new milestones? We dig a little deeper into what life is like for Francis now, what it was like during the grind, his years of building a friendship with the amazing WondaGurl beats and how that relationship changed both of their lives and the importance of being open to collaboration.
Sep 08, 2017
BEST OF BlapChat Moments 2017
Re-live some of our favorite moments. Back next week with a brand new episode! Enjoy!
Sep 01, 2017
Episode 47 With Naturel
From being Playboy's "Artist In Residence" (which is a HUUGE deal), to releasing his brand new full PUMA collaboration (shoes + shirts/etc all FIRE), to art pieces cosigned and purchased by Swizz Beats, Diddy, Rihanna & more, Naturel is one of the most influential "new school" visual artists of today. He calls himself a creative. And boy, he is creative as f*ck! He spent years and years discovering himself, grinding to the point where he decided to post some stuff on Instagram. That led to a multitude of milestones and cosigns. It's interesting to discover how similar the ART hustle is to the MUSIC PRODUCTION hustle. What an inspiring story.
Aug 25, 2017
Episode 46 - The Beat Maker VS Producer Discussion
I hate labels. I just want to start by making that clear. You knew we'd get here eventually. There's a lot of debate regarding this topic. What I've discovered is that there are many factors that go into play when comparing the two. Do these labels even exist? Maybe they don't. Maybe they're one in the same. Or not. We called a few fans to get their perspective. What makes you a beat maker? What makes you a music producer? Regardless, this discussion had to happen, and it's fascinating.
Aug 18, 2017
Episode 45 - The Importance Of Having Fun
After !llmind's chat with Gary Vee (the motivational god of all gods!) we wanted to further examine the theory behind what "fun" actually is, and why it's such a crucial component to reaching success and happiness. You'd be surprised at how simple and powerful having fun actually is, especially in the music industry. As music creators, it's easy to get frustrated by the grind. We tend to focus on the negative things, and we start to second guess what we're doing. In this episode, we examine what "fun" actually is and how to achieve it at the highest level.
Aug 11, 2017
Episode 44 With Jake One
Longevity is the key. So the question is, how do you attain that in the music industry? Well, our guest Jake One might have a few ideas. 15+ years in the game. Platinum records. Platinum singles. Grammy nominations. All while staying completely true and consistent with his sound. This is the same guy that produced "Three Kings" (Jay Z, Rick Ross, Dr Dre) "Rock Co.Kane Flow" (De La Soul) "Furthest Thing" (Drake). I mean, we can go on forever. The catalog is crazy, but the stories behind them are even crazier. Another one for the books.
Aug 05, 2017
Episode 43 With Jahaan Sweet
Fresh off of producing a handful of records on artist Amine' ("Caroline" is my sh*t!) artists debut album, the very talented Jahaan Sweet joins us in episode 43 (Wow! We're climbing up on these episodes!). With an extensive musical background, Jahaan was really able to find his "sweet spot" (pause AND no pun intended) in the music industry. He took a chance with Kehlani before people cared about Kehlani and was able to grow with her. This led to many more opportunities and collaborations, which in turn led to placements. The interesting thing is, Jahaan didn't start his career "selling beats to indy artists" necessarily. He stood by his sound from day one, and only worked with people he was inspired by. He took the "invest in the artist for free" approach, and it seems to have paid off. Definitely an interesting perspective to analyze. Another must listen.
Jul 28, 2017
Episode 42 With Cool (From Cool & Dre)
What do "Hate It Or Love It" by 50 Cent & "New York" by Ja Rule have in common? Not only were they timeless records, but they were 2 of MANY smash records produced by the legendary production duo COOL & DRE. We had the pleasure of talking to Cool about how he met Dre, his start as an R&B singer/songwriter and the various steps he and Dre took to take their careers to the next level. Some legendary stories about how they met Fat Joe and how they are able to stay relevant almost a decade later. Super inspiring.
Jul 21, 2017
Episode 41 With Menace ("Panda" Producer)
What happens when you go from selling beats on youtube to indy rappers, to producing the #1 record in the country? Life changes instantly. In this episode we spoke to Menace, who one day sold a beat to "just another customer" named Desiigner. The beat he sold ended up being "Panda". The interesting thing about this placement is HOW it happened, and the fact that something like this could happen to anyone at any time as long as the work is put in. We also spoke about producers pulling up to the studio & the differences between emailing beats and actually showing up in person. Oh, and of course our "Blap Or Crap" segment was pretty epic!
Jul 14, 2017
Episode 40 With Danny Quick & Nate McCartney (BeatThread Co - Founders)
Watch on iTunes - In this episode, we discuss one of the most exciting and new music producer platforms to hit the market. It's called BEATTHREAD. What is it you ask? It's basically a website where you can upload your beats to receive feedback/beat critiques from other users. In turn, you can also listen to other users' beats and give them your own critiques. There is also a rating system (thumbs up, thumbs down and "meh"). The kicker to all of this is that the highest rated tracks float to the top of the charts. It's kind of like the Reddit for music production. We spoke to the co-founders Danny and Nathan (alongside Atlas & !llmind as co-founders as well) about how and why this platform will become revolutionary for the music production community + so much more. We even spoke to a few current users of the platform to tell us what they think and how it's been helping them! Listen to it now, and check out after you listen.
Jul 07, 2017
Episode 39 With NES
Watch On Youtube - It went down in the DM! We spoke to NES about how one DM on Instagram instantly changed his life and introduced the opportunity to jump on the phone with Bryson Tiller. This led to him producing a large majority of songs (including one with !llmind!) on Bryson Tiller's brand new album "True To Self". His journey is only beginning. We also spoke about why producers don't get recognition, and some things they can do to get more of it. Another one for the books, baby!
Jun 30, 2017
Episode 38 With Steve Lobel
Watch On Youtube - "The coach last longer than the player." That's the first quote you see when you look at Steve Lobel's profile. From carrying crates for the late great Jam Master Jay, learning from Russell Simmons, to breaking legendary artists and managing Scott Storch, Steve has seen and done it all behind the scenes. We spoke about his longevity, what it takes to be a real executive, and some valuable life lessons he's learned and continues to learn. A true "one-of-one" in the industry. This one is probably one of our most valuable shows to date. You may need to listen to this one more than once!
Jun 23, 2017
Episode 37 - Finding Yourself And Exploring Your Options
Watch On Youtube - This episode is all about "taking initiative for yourself". Sometimes we take for granted the most obvious. One of those things is looking in the mirror and being honest with yourself, your needs and what you truly want to accomplish in life. The idea of getting out there and trying different things is proven to be very powerful. We dig deep into the philosophy of "exploring your options" and being willing to fail at certain things and succeed at others. This was a great conversation. Listen in and hopefully the conversation inspires you!
Jun 16, 2017
Episode 36 - 6 Reasons Why Things Go Viral
WATCH ON YOUTUBE - In this episode, we finally discuss the on-going topic of the various pros and cons of the "type-beat" producer approach. Are there actually advantages in promoting your beats online using titles like "Drake type beat", "Kanye type beat", "Metro Boomin type beat" etc? Maybe. Does this approach impact your brand negatively? Maybe. We also discuss the top 6 reasons why things seem to go viral. Whether in the music industry, or any other business, there are some common denominators as to how and why information spreads. Many jewels in this episode you don't want to miss!
Jun 02, 2017
Episode 35 With Cameron Chef Pasquale
What happens when you score the biggest placement of your life with one of the biggest artists in mainstream music? Everything changes in an instant. We're talking about Cameron Chef Pasquale, producing "KMT" for Drake on the "More Life" project. Man, what a time to be alive! We spoke about his journey leading up to this placement, and what he had to do beforehand to get him there. He basically confirms all of the things we talk about on this podcast; persistence, passion, preparation & a strong network. What a bright future. Definitely don't sleep on this episode.
May 26, 2017
Episode 34 With Ryan Leslie
WATCH ON YOUTUBE - Ryan Leslie. The man who revolutionized the "beat making" videos and created viral sensation on youtube during its early days. The man who broke the Myspace code and revolutionized the way we look at marketing and streaming music by breaking Cassie's career. The man who graduated Harvard at an early age, and went on to produce hundreds of platinum records. His mission to connect the world is inspiring and fascinating. This man had so many jewels on this episode, I don't even know where to begin. Just listen to it and get ready to feel cleansed.
May 19, 2017
Episode 33 With Jimmy Douglass
Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppepin, Timbaland, The Rolling Stones, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Jay X, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Sean Paul, All Green. What do these names have in common? Jimmy Douglass. 30+ years as an engineer/producer/musician/problem solver. We spoke about that one time Timbaland first brought Missy to the studio in Rochester, NY, his experience working for Atlantic records in the early days, and where the game is headed. Oh, and did we mention that he knows how to use basically every single DAW out there? More JEWELS for ya head top. So much knowledge in this episode.
May 12, 2017
Episode 32 With Rsonist (of The Heatmakerz)
The Heatmakerz are undoubtedly one of the most legendary music production crews in hip-hop. From the early Camron days, to the Dipset movement and sound in the early 2000's, these guys were running the sound of the streets for almost a decade. We spoke to founding member RSONIST about the beginning stages of his career, how he is able to survive for so many years in this climate, and some really helpful pointers for up and coming producers.
May 05, 2017
Episode 31 - Building Value For Yourself
Another episode chock-full of JEWELS and information. How do you build value for yourself? Well, there are multiple things you can do. We spoke about the concept of starting to build value and stock for your brand, why that's important, and how that can impact your interactions when meeting various people in the industry. We talk about networking all the time, but what are some key techniques you can execute to help build a stronger network? All of these questions are answered during EPISODE 31, along with a nice handful of other topics of discussion relating to "value" and "brand". I love this episode. Oh, and we called random people on the phone and answered their questions (via !llmind's Instagram Live account). That was super fun. Go listen now!
Apr 28, 2017
Episode 30 With Bryan Michael Cox
Michael Jackson, Usher, Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupree, Teddy Riley. What do these names have in common? This man right here; Bryan Michael Cox. Not only has he worked with some of the greatest in music to ever live, but he is the first music producer to have appeared on the most TOP BILLBOARD hits consistently for years. We spoke about that time he was in the studio with Usher, and Michael Jackson literally called the studio to "check up on what they were doing". We had an amazing conversation about MUSIC PUBLISHING, and the various pros and cons of signing one (amongst many other topics of discussion). What an honor to have such an amazing talent bless us for Episode 30. You're doing yourself a disservice by not listening to this one! Oh, and the conversation was SO epic, we didn't even have time for "Blap or Crap"! Sheesh!
Apr 21, 2017
Episode 29 With Ben Billions
With a discography of songs produced ranging from Beyonce & The Weeknd to Kodak Black and French Montana, Ben Billions is a true force to be reckoned with in the music production community. Starting as an engineer for DJ Khalid, Ben was able to forge important relationships with industry players and megastars to get to where he is today. The scary part is that he's only getting started! From crashing on couches for years on end, to buying a house & supporting his family, we explore his incredible journey and how he managed to solidify his spot in today's over saturated culture. What an inspiration.
Apr 14, 2017
Episode 28 - Analyzing 9 Things Successful People Do
In this episode the Blapchat crew breaks down a few key differences between the people who succeed and those who stay stagnant. The concepts of learning to network with people who you want to work with and how to keep those relationships alive. The music industry is a "people" industry. How and when we interact with them is vital to success. There's some major cheat codes here!
Apr 10, 2017
Episode 27 With Ill Wayno
Imagine a scenario where you're pursuing a career in music production for years, hit a wall, and then coincidently move into an apartment downstairs from one of Shaggy's (yes, THE Shaggy) dancers. Then you meet Shaggy (at the height of his career) and your life changes. That's exactly what happened to Ill Wayno. This particular episode is inspiring because what Ill Wayno has been able to do with his career since then is pretty remarkable. This is one of my favorite episodes to date.
Mar 31, 2017
Episode 26 With Sevn Thomas
Another amazing producer from Toronto, Canada. Sevn Thomas has one hell of a story, from his early days as an actual artist signed to a major label, to re-kindling his relationship with Boi-1da at a beat battle showdown with WondaGurl. He connected with the right people and the timing couldn't be more perfect. From "Pop Style" for Drake to co-production on "Real Friends" for Kanye, then "Work" for Rihanna, Sevn's life changed forever. Another must listen with plenty of producer jewels!
Mar 25, 2017
Episode 25 With Syksense
After a complete hard drive crash and losing all of his beats, Syksense decided to go harder, and boy did it pay off. After quitting his dead end job, he met Boi-1da at a beat battle in Nashville and everything changed. From Bryson Tiller, to "Know Yourself" for Drake, and most recently being heavily involved with Khalid (the youngest new star signed to RCA) we spoke about how his success strengthened his drive. What an inspiring conversation.
Mar 20, 2017
Episode 24 With Tamar Samuels (Nutrition Specialist)
One thing we all strive for as music producers and creators is to become successful doing what we love. That's a fact. To connect with likeminded people, live life in abundance and inspire people through the music we create is a dream we are all after. One factor we so often neglect during our journey is health. I'm talking about mental, physical and biological wellness. The food we eat directly affects our ability to create music and live life. So why do we torture ourselves by eating fast food and sodas high in sugar, all while getting no sleep. We think we need to "grind hard", yet we are torturing ourselves in the process, which ends up being counter-productive. In this episode we spoke to a professional about the truths regarding the matter. She's a Registered Dietition & Health Coach, running her own company called "All Great Nutrition" (she is also !llmind's fiance' *blush*). Her name is Tamar Samuels. We spoke about why the food we eat directly affects our ability to be creative and productive, and discussed simple solutions and lifestyle changes to help be our best selves. I guarantee you'll feel energized after listening to this episode. Enjoy and make sure you check out her company
Mar 10, 2017
Episode 23 With Edsclusive
Here's a crazy fun fact. If hurricane Katrina never happened, Fat Joe & Remy Ma's "All The Way Up" never would have existed. That's pretty crazy. We spoke to the producer of the song who goes by the name of Edsclusive, who scored the biggest placement of his career after grinding for years and overcoming hardships. His move to Miami, linking with DJ Khaled and Cool & Dre, and building his network were all contributions to his starting point in the game. His come up is very inspiring and we analyzed what he had to do to get there. This is another must-listen. Oh, and there's a hilarious moment during Blap Or Crap where !llmind almost started crying.
Mar 03, 2017
Episode 22 With 6ix (Logic's In - House Producer)
What happens when you decide to hit up a random open mic event, not knowing you'll meet the person who will change your life forever? That's precisely what happened to 6ix when he met Logic. The 2 formed a sound together and 6ix eventually helped catipult Logic to success. From going to school for medicine, to taking a leap of faith by moving to Los Angeles to pursue music, we get behind the story of this amazing producer. Lots of jewels dropped as usual. It's lit!
Feb 26, 2017
Episode 21 With Apollo Brown
The mighty Apollo Brown joined us for our 21st episode! First of all, this guy is an ANIMAL on the beats! Starting out in the "beat battle" circuit, to helping build independent powerhouse label Mello Music Group, to keeping his sound true to soul chopping and hard a$$ drums and taking that sound overseas where he's consistently selling out shows. He recently dropped an album with the homie Skyzoo and it's amazing. The 1st 10 years of his grind was a "confidence builder" and helped build his sound. What an insightful episode.
Feb 13, 2017
Episode 20 With Fuse (808 Mafia)
We had an amazing conversation with the Vice President of the legendary 808 Mafia production crew. He goes by the name of Fuse. What a story! From his early beginnings coming up with Wacka, to meeting Southside and TM88 to form a production crew. He produced Big Sean's new single "Moves" and we spoke about how that placement came about (amongst many other things!). Very insightful interview with some really amazing advice for up-coming music producers (when do we not!?). Enjoy!
Feb 07, 2017
Episode 19 With Allen Ritter
Another show for the books. Man, so much to say about this amazing musician/producer Allen Ritter. You may have heard a few of the smash records he helped produce, like Rihanna "Work, Drake "Controlla", Kanye West "All Day" (do we really need to keep going?). We spoke about his early beginnings, the leap of faith he took moving to NJ to link with Vinylz (another monster producer) and how they started to create history together. His early up bringing and influence from his father is inspiring. He's dropped jewels on what aspiring music producers should do to get their career going, and so much more. Enjoy!
Jan 26, 2017
Episode 18 With Perfection & Glam
In our 1st episode of 2017, we kick things off RIGHT with very special new additions to the show! Perfection is her production name, and she is an audio engineer & music producer. She also currently manages one of the premier music studios in NYC, Engine Room. She's met and collaborated with many people in the industry, and her perspective is one we should all look forward to. Glam is a music producer, rapper & singer. She hails from the BAY area, but currently resides in NYC. She's actually one of my favorite artists. And of course you already know my guy Atlas the plug. In this episode we talk about !llmind losing his virginity, smoking pot with your parents, staying away from "struggle energy" when networking with people, Glam's mom being a legendary rapper from the Bay and how that molded her into becoming the amazing artist that she is. Another insightful show! Oh, and of course our "Blap or Crap" segment was LIT. Enjoy!
Jan 11, 2017
Episode 17 With Combat Jack & A - King
The podcast pioneer gawds Reggie Osse & A-King of the COMBAT JACK SHOW blessed us with an amazing and insightful episode! We spoke about Reggie's history in the music industry, specifically his opinions on producer publishing deals back in the 90's compared to now, the birth of the "podcast" movement, his mission moving forward & so much more. Oh, and they stayed for BLAP OR CRAP. Who gets to hear Combat Jack give beat critiques tho!? Only here on BlapChat, baby!
Sep 09, 2016
Episode 16 With Kosine (of Da Internz)
This week, Kosine of the incredible production team "Da Internz" called in to chat with us about a slew of things! We ran through how certain hit records came about, like Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda", and the story of how Big Sean had an idea for a song, and told them he wanted to create a beat around a hook saying "A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$" on repeat (true story!). We also touch on the amazing things Kosine is doing for our community, including his Marcos Palacios foundation, giving back to his hometown Chicago roots & so much more.
Aug 29, 2016
Episode 15 With Krucial Keys
Another one for the books here on BlapChat! The homie Kerry "Krucial Keys" come through and dropped some serious gems. He told the story of how he met Alicia Keys at a Union Square, NY cypher event in the 90's, starting on A-Dat machines, the importance of giving back to the community and how he is able to stay relevant in today's over saturated market. Easily one of my favorite shows. Enjoy!
Aug 18, 2016
Episode 14 With Cardiak Flatline
What an episode. The homie Cardiak Flatline came through and dropped MEGA JEWELS. We spoke about his experience with being consistent in getting placements with Drake, J Cole, his first big record START IT UP (Kanye, Lloyd Banks, Swizz, Ryan Leslie) that literally "started" his career up, his beat battle beginnings, and how nervous he got when Dr. Dre made him change a snare drum a million times and just couldn't get it right. Such an epic show. Enjoy!
Jul 29, 2016
Episode 13 - Networking & Why Confidence Is Important
In this episode, we discussed some concepts on networking with people in the industry, but more importantly why CONFIDENCE is so important. In any given situation, confidence will help you get what you want. We had some book recommendations & an in depth discussion, quoting some pretty remarkable people who embody confidence energy. Some really great beats during "blap or crap" as well (which was much needed!). Enjoy!
Jul 21, 2016
Episode 12 With Frequency
What an awesome episode! We spoke to Frequency about what his experience was like producing "Monster" for Eminem & Rihanna, how that changed his life and what he had to do to get there. We dive into his underground hip hop roots, where he started (like the old production forums back in the day that !llmind started on as well) and why he transitioned from underground hip hop to top 40 pop production. Very inspiring stuff here. Run P kills his music set as always!
Jul 08, 2016
Episode 11 - Genius Moments
What an awesome episode! A lot of inspirational conversation here, speaking on "genius moments" while creating music, dealing with self doubt and overall concepts on how to get over the emotional stresses that come with being an aspiring producer or artist. Stoni makers her return and completely SLAYS. We also introduce a brand new character. Her name is "Lauren" and she is a spiritual being. We'll just leave it at that LOL. Enjoy!
Jun 30, 2016
Episode 10 With Supa Dups
Another one for the books! In this episode, we spoke to the amazing Supa Dups (producer for Drake "Controlla", Rihanna, Beenie Man & so many more) on his come up in Miami, staying humble, how he balances work and family life, his rise to making a name for himself to become a pioneer in his own right and so much more. His background is really interesting and inspiring. So many jewels in this episode as usual. Tune in!
Jun 24, 2016
Episode 9 With Focus & WLPWR
Man, this was one of my favorite episodes! So many jewels from the homies in this one. From Focus' experience at Aftermath and working with some of the best, to WLPWR's humbleness & super diverse catalog. This was also one of the funniest episodes to date! Tune in for some really awesome music production tips, like balancing time with family, a day job, and much more.
Jun 03, 2016
Episode 8 With Charlie Heat
In this exciting episode, we had the incredible Charlie Heat of GOOD Music. From touring with Madonna, to creating bangers with Kanye and DJ Carnage, we spoke about his beginnings and how he managed to reach this point in his career. So much great info!
May 27, 2016
Episode 7 With Cardo Got Wings
One of our best shows yet, we spoke to Cardo Got Wings about his grind, what it was like coming up in Minnesota, why he DM'ed Drake and ended up hopping on a phone call with him to get a placement on "Views" and so much more. The information here is priceless.
May 06, 2016
Episode 6 With Jonathan Master
This week's special guest was none other than Jonathan Master. With 15+ years in the music industry as an A&R (and !llmind's manager), the wealth of knowledge he possesses is second to none. We spoke about shopping beats, what it takes to break into the industry and some great insight on creating a financially stable/long term situation for yourself. Really awesome show. Lots of info. Enjoy!
Apr 28, 2016
Episode 5 - Revolutionary Plug-Ins & Tools
This week we spoke about some new plug-ins and some new/revolutionary live DJ hardware, making "cute-a$$" beats, and a pleasant surprise during our beat critique. !llmind also played his entire new "secret" hardcore hip-hop album with Chicago spitter Verbal Kent during our music break. Lots of information in this episode. Tune in!
Apr 21, 2016
Episode 4 With Symbolyc One
!llmind, Stoni, Atlas, DJ Prince & DJ RunP talk about music production and a bunch of other cool things. RunP plays funky tunes you never heard before. We've got special guest: Grammy Award Winning platinum music producer Symbolyc One (Producer of Kanye's "Power", Jay Z, Beyonce, Eminem & more, signed to G.O.O.D. Music's 'Very Good Beats' entity). We talked about the steps he took to get certain placements, how to balance work and personal life, and so much more. This was legendary!
Apr 16, 2016
Episode 3 With Buda & Grandz
This week we had "America's Favorite Production Duo" Buda And Grandz Music came through to chop it up with us about mad things. These guys are becoming an NYC mainstay, having produced tracks for The Lox, 50 Cent, Dave East, Wyclef and more. We spoke about their rise to how they've gotten to this point in their career, and what it takes to stand out from the rest.
Apr 07, 2016
Episode 2 With Rook Of Justice League
!llmind, Stoni, Atlas, DJ Prince & DJ Run P. talk music production, critique beats, play exclusive jams & more! We also have special guest Rook of the legendary J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (Grammy winning production team behind Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Nas and many more) chatting about their brand new Kontakt Instrument "Sub Zero" & other amazing things they have in the works!
Mar 31, 2016
Episode 1 - We Back Baby
!llmind, Stoni, Atlas, DJ Prince & DJ Run P. introduce the first show chatting about what it takes to become a successful music producer, why DJ Run P. is so "swole" now and critiquing a beat with a 45 second intro that sounds like we landed on planet Mars. All while sipping a bit of Jameson on the rocks at 11:00 AM.
Mar 24, 2016
BLAP On The Radio (Willie B) 11-16-12
11/16 marked the BLAP On The Radio Debut BLAPISODE 0001 After 3 weeks of delay courtesy of Hurricane Sandy and the after effects of the Nor’easter, BLAP On The Radio is here. The cast of !llmind, M31RK, Stoni and DJ Soko (held it down on the wheels while DJ Gen.Erik is on tour) came out swinging. Talking everything Dilla, the creation of BLAP On The Radio and much more. And what a way to top it off with special guest, TDE producer Willie B of TDE and Digi+Phonics (Kendrick Lamar, SchoolBoy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Wale etc.). Hit the play button on the stream below. BLAP On The Radio can be heard live every Friday 10pm-12am EST now on
Feb 09, 2013
Blap On The Radio Theme Song Featuring Skyzoo Produced by !LLMIND
Blap On The Radio Theme Song Featuring Skyzoo Produced by !LLMIND by !llmind
Nov 29, 2012