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 Apr 20, 2019
Love you Bill! Keep keeping History Correct!


Always looking out for you - no spin. Listen to Bill O'Reilly's one-of-a-kind brand of news analysis. Head to for Bill's extended analysis.

Episode Date
The O'Reilly Update, May 24, 2019
Friday's lead: The five battles that shaped the United States.<br><br>Plus! Bill's message of the day: A nation divided...between young and old.
May 24, 2019
Brawl in Washington Continues & Washington Becomes Sanctuary State
· Nancy Pelosi has changed her tone on beginning articles of impeachment against President Trump.<br><br>· Washington State becomes sanctuary state-is this going to help their already out of control homeless problem?
May 23, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 23, 2019
Elizabeth Warren pushing another far-left proposal to redistribute wealth to the nation’s poor, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unhappy with the Game of Thrones finale, Joe Biden flips on Marijuana legalization, and Trouble with Trump’s Border Wall.<br><br>Plus! Bill's Message of the Day: Trump's war with Nancy Pelosi
May 23, 2019
Meltdown on Capitol Hill; Plus, A Retrospective Look At Films Through Today's PC Culture
- Nancy Pelosi says the President is 'engaged in a cover up'. This has sparked a full on meltdown on Capitol Hill.<br><br>- A special No Spin News feature: Movies that could not be made today because of the PC culture.&nbsp;
May 22, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 22, 2019
An American fighter who joined the Taliban is set for an <em>early</em> release from prison, Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch claims James Comey lied during his Congressional testimony, Ilhan Omar hosts the first-ever Ramadan feast inside the United States Capitol, and Commencement Speakers talk to millions of college graduates across the USA.<br><br>Plus: Bill's Message of the Day, Liberal politics injected into sports.
May 22, 2019
The Impeachment Brawl & An Interview With Steve Moore
-There's currently a civil war in the Democratic party-and it all has to do with impeaching Donald Trump.<br>-An informative interview with former Fox News and CNN head economist Steve Moore about the state of the trade war between America and China.&nbsp;
May 21, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 21, 2019
Trump instructs his former White House Counsel to ignore Democrats’ subpoenas, The Mullahs in Iran ramping up the production of Uranium, Second Amendment supporters across the country are creating their own ‘Sanctuary Cities’, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders tied in Iowa, and a new survey shows millennials the most “pessimistic” age-group in generations.<br><br>Plus: Bill's Message of the Day on the Democratic civil war over impeachment.
May 21, 2019
Another Bogus NYT Story? Plus - Border Update
- Report shows bank staff highlighted ‘suspicious activity’ in Trump- Kushner controlled accounts.This is the new narrative being pushed by the New York Times since the Mueller stuff got them nowhere.<br><br>- Lots of changes happening on the southern border—Cato Immigration Policy Analyst David Bier explains how he sees it all evolving.
May 20, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 20, 2019
Joe Biden delivers his first rally of the 2020 primary season, never-before-seen footage of Bernie Sanders’ 1988 honeymoon to the Soviet Union is released, President Trump threatens to “destroy” Iran after rockets target Americans in Baghdad, The Pope promotes freedom of the press and warns of “Fake News”, and a Commencement speaker surprises graduates with a major announcement.<br><br>Plus, Bill's Message of the day on students snubbing the Vice President's commencement address.
May 20, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 17, 2019
The O'Reilly Update's 2020 race for the White House update.<br><br>Plus: Bill's message of the day on your rights and America's abandonment of due process.
May 17, 2019
Explaining Trump’s Immigration Plan and the Abortion Battle in Alabama
On tonight’s rundown:<ul><li>Trump’s new immigration pan would overhaul the Green Card system, and Lindsey Graham introduces a bill that he says was “designed to stop the humanitarian crisis” at the U.S.-Mexico border.</li><li>Abortion Battle in Alabama: “the new law was passed with the aim of challenging” Roe v. WadeWatch the full show on&nbsp;</li></ul><a href=""></a>. Email <a href=""></a> – name and town if you wish to opine!
May 16, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 16, 2019
The Attorney General meets Nancy Pelosi at the US Capitol, Alabama’s strict abortion law likely heading to the Supreme Court, Lindsey Graham introduces new immigration legislation, California’s far-left Governor pardons illegal immigrant felons, Federal spending sets a new record for the first seven months of 2019, Mayor Bill de Blasio enters the 2020 race for the White House.<br><br>Plus! Bill's message of the day on YOUR money.
May 16, 2019
Graham's Unveiled Immigration Plan & Bill's Conversation With Sean Hannity
- Lindsey Graham unveils new immigration plan—will President Trump’s plan roll out be next?<br>- Has the media as a whole gone too far with their misrepresentation of the truth?
May 15, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 15, 2019
Donald Trump Jr. reaches a deal to testify, America’s ten largest cities facing major financial troubles, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez targeting Joe Biden over climate change,&nbsp; Bernie Sanders losing support among America’s youngest voters, and Alabama passes the strictest abortion regulations in decades.<br><br>Plus! Bill's message of the day: Is Elizabeth Warren trafficking in hate?
May 15, 2019
Barr assigns a US Attorney General to investigate the origins of Russian collusion claims & An interview with the Executive Vice President of Citizens United Michael Boos
-Attorney General Barr has assigned a US Attorney General to investigate the origins of the Russian collusion investigation. Isn’t the what Huber and Horowitz should be doing? Where are they?<br>-An interview with the Executive Vice President of Citizens United Michael Boos.
May 14, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 14, 2019
The Attorney General appoints a US attorney to examine the origins of the Russia-Trump investigation, President Trump says the US-China trade agreement was 95% done before talks collapsed, New York’s Bill de Blasio mocked at his ‘Green New Deal’ rally inside Trump Tower, Representative Rashida Tlaib under fire for <em>another</em> controversial comment regarding the Holocaust, and the Supreme Court hands a huge defeat to Apple.<br><br>Plus, Bill's Message of the Day: did the American media kill itself?
May 14, 2019
How Old is Too Old to be President? Plus: an Interview With Bernie Goldberg
-Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates explains why he feels older presidential candidates don't service the public as well- does he have a valid point?<br><br>-An interview with Bernie Goldberg on why some of the Boston Red Sox boycotted visiting President Trump. Plus, the reasons to Tiger Woods being heavily ridiculed for accepting the Medal of Freedom.
May 13, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 13, 2019
The Stock Market on edge as China imposes tariffs on US goods, The New York Times faces potential legal battle after publishing the President’s tax returns, Adam Schiff threatens top Trump officials with thousands in new fines, Secretary of State Pompeo prepares for his face-to-face meeting with Putin.<br><br>Plus: Bill's message of the day on "rage tweeting."
May 13, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 10, 2019
Bill's Election 2020 recap: Former Vice President Joe Biden takes a massive lead, Trump’s approval rating hits a record high, Speaker Pelosi warns Democrats to “stay in the center”, the Democratic pack might be about to get bigger, and Cory Booker calls for stricter gun control.<br><br>Plus: Bill's message of the day on the fire at Notre Dame, and our place in history.
May 10, 2019
Mueller Madness Continues Plus Heather Nauert with the Latest on Iran & The New Trend
The Mueller madness continues as the House votes to hold Barr in contempt and the Senate issues a subpoena against Donald Trump Jr. Will the Dems ever move on? Plus, former States Department Spokeswomen Heather Nauert explains the controversies that continue to plague The United States relationship with Iran&nbsp;
May 09, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 9, 2019
The Senate Intel Committee subpoenas Donald Trump Jr., the House Judiciary Committee votes to hold the Attorney General in Contempt, Nancy Pelosi offers her own interpretation of the Constitution, Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign makes US history, the Mayor of Los Angeles unveils his <em>unusual</em> plan to tackle homelessness.<br><br>Plus: Bill's message of the day on the dangers (and benefits) of social media.
May 09, 2019
Trump Invokes Executive Privilege; Dennis Miller on 2020
O'Reilly provides clarity on the Mueller story; Dennis Miller opines on Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.
May 08, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 8, 2019
Two gunmen open fire inside a local high school, Cory Booker calls for a “gun buyback program”,&nbsp; Joe Biden opens up a massive lead against Sanders, The New York Times obtains 10 years of the President’s tax returns, and outrage as an online shop sells products featuring images of Auschwitz.<br><br>Plus: Bill's message of the day on the Times publishing Trump's tax returns.
May 08, 2019
The Dems Never-Ending Conspiracy; Interview With Anthony Scaramucci
Elizabeth Warren and the Democrats are losing their minds over Attorney General Barr and the Mueller Report. Plus, Anthony Scaramucci explains what he think Trump has to do to get reelected.&nbsp; &nbsp;
May 07, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 7, 2019
President Trump’s approval rating hits a record high among likely voters, The military deploys <em>another</em> aircraft carrier to the Middle East, Drug cartels rapidly expanding into New Mexico, and The UN says ‘global extinction’ is just a few years away.<br><br>Plus: Bill's message of the day on the politicization of Mueller's potential testimony.
May 07, 2019
No Spin News: Swamp Still Swinging; Horowitz, Mueller, Barr Updates
There is a lot of manipulation at play - O'Reilly cuts through the bull on the Horowitz report and the ongoing Mueller/Barr saga.&nbsp;
May 06, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 6, 2019
Robert Mueller agrees to meet with Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill, Democrats threaten <em>legal action</em> against the Attorney General, Gaza militants fire hundreds of rockets into Israel, Kim Jong Un tests the Trump administration, total confusion at the Kentucky Derby.<br><br>Plus Bill's message of the day: Is age a factor for the presidential candidates?
May 06, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 3, 2019
Joe Biden faces off against the far-left, redemption in America, and how do Kentucky Derby competitors get those crazy names?
May 03, 2019
No Spin News: Trump's Executive Privilege; Rep. Ilhan Omar's Radical Rally
Trump may block his counsel from testifying while the Democratic machine tries to keep the Mueller story alive. <br><br>Also: Bernie Sanders is out, Denver is done, and Congresswoman Omar's Radical Rally. <br><br>And the final thought: who do you trust?<br><br>O'Reilly does a nightly 30 minute news broadcast on video. Watch it on <a href=""></a>.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
May 02, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 2, 2019
Attorney General William Barr battles Democrats on Capitol Hill… An Alabama Democrat facing a fierce backlash for his comments on abortion… Federal Agents detain the ‘Largest Group’ ever stopped at the US-Mexico border… Nicolas Maduro blames the Venezuelan uprising on the Trump administration…&nbsp;
May 02, 2019
The No Spin News: Dems Desperate to Keep Mueller Story Alive
Democrats are going to do whatever they can to keep the Mueller story alive through 2020, and a judge rules that Confederate statues will stand in Virginia.<br><br>O'Reilly does a nightly 30 minute news broadcast on video. Watch it on <a href=""></a>.<br><br><br><br><br>
May 02, 2019
Talking Points Memo: Why Do Younger Americans Love Socialism?
Younger folks are eating up the Green New Deal. What does that mean for our future?<br><br>O'Reilly does a nightly 30 minute news broadcast on video. Watch it on <a href=""></a>.<br><br><br><br><br>
May 01, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, May 1, 2019
The Attorney General speaks with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer actually AGREE on something, Maduro’s regime clings to power in Venezuela, and the Emperor of Japan makes history.<br><br>Plus, the communist origins of Mayday.
May 01, 2019
The No Spin News: Trump-Pelosi Meeting; How Screen Time Hurts Kids
Trump meets with Pelosi and Schumer on infrastructure but O'Reilly is skeptical and kids addicted to the machines getting worse.&nbsp;<br><br>O'Reilly does a nightly 30 minute news broadcast on video. Watch it on <a href=""></a>.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
Apr 30, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, April 30, 2019
The Attorney General defies house democrats, Deputy AG Resigns, ISIS mastermind seen alive, the continuing battle of statues of Robert E. Lee.
Apr 30, 2019
The No Spin News: American Economy Roaring
The American economy is roaring and the Washington Post is lying about lies.&nbsp;<br><br>O'Reilly does a nightly 30 minute news broadcast on video. Watch it on <a href=""></a>.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
Apr 29, 2019
The O'Reilly Update, April 29, 2019
Joe Biden enters the 2020 race, Democrats lurch to the left, and Bill celebrates the career of 89-year-old Clint Eastwood.
Apr 29, 2019
There Won't be Anything in the Report That Will Cause the Nation to Pay Attention
Bill O'Reilly is on with Wayne Allyn Root discussing the release of the Mueller report. After a nearly two year investigation, O'Reilly is predicting that most Americans have had enough in regards to this investigation and there won't be in anything in the report that will cause the nation to pay attention. Now the story turns to the media, how they have now started a face saving campaign to justify their misreporting for the past two years.
Apr 18, 2019
O'Reilly: Bernie Sanders Takes on Fox News
O'Reilly is on Newsmax TV giving a review of Bernie Sanders' Townhall hosted by Fox News. Reason behind this Townhall? FNC wants to get out of the conservative network niche and Bernie Sanders defies the Democratic party. Does this work on both ends? Bill breaks down the interview.
Apr 17, 2019
O'Reilly on Hannity: Bill's New Column, 'Propaganda U'; Release of the Mueller Report
Every Wednesday, Bill O'Reilly joins Sean Hannity to cover the biggest news of the week. On this week's interview, O'Reilly and Hannity discuss college campus craziness centered around 'inclusion' and 'diversity' and the long awaited release of the Mueller report. The segment opens up with the discuss of Bill O'Reilly's newly released column, 'Propaganda U' where Bill reviews the madness that is happening on college campuses across the country. Starting with the explaining of the very liberal Board of Directors on various college campuses. In describing these Board of Directors O'Reilly states, "They are very liberal people and they now are demanding two things, inclusion, and that's an interesting word because not everybody is included in inclusion, and diversity. And how they do that? They let their campuses run wild to the far left." Hannity and O'Reilly trace this movement on college campuses back to the hiring of mostly far left faculty and staff on these campuses. The conversation then turns to the release of the Mueller report due to the public tomorrow. Will this be the end of the speculation and conspiracy theories on Russian collusion? Not likely. O'Reilly explains at length how the media must proceed once the report is released, it is now all about saving face for the liberal media. They must find a way to justify their misreporting. The duo conclude the weekly segment discussing the 2020 Democratic candidates and the strength of the field. Is there a candidate at this point in time that can beat Donald Trump? O'Reilly and Hannity agree, there is not. O'Reilly explains the strength of Donald Trump, adding, "I mean this is a tough guy, Trump's a tough guy. And you can hit him 15 different ways and he doesn't rock. If you're going to beat him and the economy is strong, it is going to tough. The Democrats better have more than the Green New Deal and we want to be socialists."
Apr 17, 2019
Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral; Trump's Threats To Send Migrants To Sanctuary Cities; The Obsession with Socialism
Bill Joins Joe Piscopo to discuss the burning of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in France; Examine the political and social consequences of bussing migrants to liberal sanctuary cities across America; Plus, analyzing American youths' love for Socialistic politics.
Apr 16, 2019
O'Reilly: The Divide in the Democratic Party; Not Impressed by Those in the Senate
Bill O'Reilly is on with Wayne Allyn Root on Newsmax TV for another lively interview. O'Reilly describes the difference between Nancy Pelosi and AOC and her crew, and explains how this divide in the Democratic party is hurting the party. The discussion then turns to those in the Senate and O'Reilly expresses his deep concern and the fact that he is not impressed by those in the Senate. What have they done to help the American people? Plus, get Bill's take on pushing illegal aliens to sanctuary cities. Is it a viable plan for President Trump?
Apr 16, 2019
Bill On The Blaze: Analyzing Attorney General Barr's Hearing; Consequences Of Biden Entering The Race; Bernie Sanders' Delusional Views
Bill joins Beck to discuss the Congressional Hearing of AG William Barr; How will the accusations against Former Vice President Joe Biden impact his decision to run in 2020; Does Bernie Sanders have any idea how America's economy works?
Apr 11, 2019
O'Reilly: The Israeli- United States Relationship; Bernie Sanders' Taxes
Bill O'Reilly is on with John Cardillo to review the recent Israeli election and the strong relationship between President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu-a good thing for America. Bill gives his best Bernie Sanders impression and describes how Sanders may not be as in favor of the Green New Deal as it seems.
Apr 11, 2019
O'Reilly: The Future Shock in the Tax Realm
On this week's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly is discussing all things taxes. The big story surrounding taxes has to do with the state of California. If you live in California, not only are you paying the highest state tax you are also paying taxes on nearly every product you buy and the list is only growing. This is socialism and this is what the Democrats want for the rest of the country. The only way to stop this? Stop electing liberal politicians that are buying into all of this.
Apr 10, 2019
O'Reilly on Hannity: Bernie Sanders' Tax Returns; The Biggest Abuse of Power in History
Each Wednesday Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity discuss and debate the biggest stories in the news cycle. On this week's interview O'Reilly and Hannity break down Bernie Sanders' taxes and the indictments that are coming. Bernie Sanders announced that he will be releasing his tax returns for the public to see within the next week. Bill O'Reilly discusses his a newly released column titled, "Bernie's Taxing Behavior" with Hannity and describes the most alarming part about Bernie Sanders, "here is the crusher on the column, in the last two years Bernie Sanders has spent, ready? $340,000 on private jets. Where's the Green New Deal? You know where Bernie's Green New Deal is? In his wallet." Sean Hannity goes down the list of what many 2020 Democrats want for this country, including but not limited to, abolishing the ICE agency, open borders and Medicare for all. Hannity's question is, "can they pull that off?" Most common sense people know that this is simply hysteria because the Democratic Party lacks any problem solving ability at this point. Bill predicts that there is going to be a huge uprising, one of that he has titled, "May Madness" that will include, who's going to be indicted. O'Reilly's top picks are, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, Cater Page and James Comey. Stayed tuned for Hannity to reveal his own 'May Madness' bracket. The two continue on the topic of the FBI investigation's into Russian collusion and the Hillary Clinton emails and Bill predicts a dramatic shift, specifically in the tv networks if these indictments are made. Sean Hannity concludes the segment by labeling the entire Russian collusion investigation as the "biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in history."
Apr 10, 2019
O'Reilly On The Radio: Democrats' Witch Hunt For Trump's Taxes; Are Governmental Regulations On Social Media Coming Soon?
Bill discusses the Democrats last-ditch efforts to publicly shame President Trump by demanding his tax returns become public; With the United Kingdom introducing governmental oversight on the internet and social media platforms, will America follow suite?
Apr 09, 2019
Bill O'Reilly's Week in Review with Glenn Beck
Bill joins Beck to discuss the negative repercussions shutting down the Southern Border would have on Donald Trump's presidency. Can the Mayor of South Bend, Indian, make it all the way to the White House? Plus, Texas maybe changing from red to purple in the near future.
Apr 05, 2019
O'Reilly on Hannity: The Lost Work Ethic in America; Abolishing the Electoral College
Bill O'Reilly explain why he thoroughly agrees with this, stating, "the false narrative that is being thrown out on the progressive left that, no, no, no the government has to do it for you. You can't do it, you're not capable of doing it. It's so it is arrogant and to give these people power, it is frightening."
Apr 03, 2019
O'Reilly On The Radio: Details On Bill's New Trump Book; The Progressive Far Left Aim To Take Down Joe Biden
Bill discusses the writing process for his upcoming book "The United States of Trump" and gives new insight into events that shaped President Donald Trump; Plus analyzing the Far-Left's agenda as they aim to take down Joe Biden following sexual misconduct allegations.
Apr 02, 2019
Bill O'Reilly's Week in Review with Glenn Beck
Bill O'Reilly analyzes the Mueller fallout and breaks down the abysmal cable news ratings with Glenn Beck. CNN does not run one program that attracts more than a million viewers. The hate-Trump television industry doesn't know what to do. Maybe show a little contrition? Nope. Listen for more including a discussion of Bill's new book, 'The United States of Trump,' now available for pre-order.
Mar 29, 2019
Bill On The Blaze: Democratic Nominees Odds For 2020; Beto's Hot Start; Crime On The Southern Border
Bill analyzes the 2020 Democratic hopefuls; Beto O'Rourke- can he keep this momentum? The Southern Border remains dangerous to its nearby residents
Mar 22, 2019
O'Reilly on the Radio: Bill's Conversation With President Trump; Understanding Beto O'Rourke
Bill details the conversation he had recently with President Trump involving his 2020 campaign and the state of the economy; Beto O'Rourke recently announced his presidential bid- who is he? What are his chances?
Mar 19, 2019
Bill On The Blaze: Trump's Consideration to Declare Drug Cartels as a 'Terrorist Group'; Illhan Omar's Questionable History; Youth's Phone Obsession
Bill goes into detail on why it will be beneficial for the United States Government to declare drug cartels as a terrorist threat to our nation; A deep dive into some of Illhan Omar's remarks on the Jewish people; Discussing the youth of today's need to live through their phones.
Mar 14, 2019
Bill On The Blaze: Anti-Semitism is Apparent in the Democratic Party; The Progressive Left is Fueling Hate Throughout America; Will America Become The
The freshmen class of Democrats in the house supporting Anti-Israel & Anti-Semitic Sentiments; The far-left is on a warpath of virtue signaling; Do the American people want their country to become a Socialist failure?
Mar 08, 2019
O'Reilly Joins Bernie & Sid: Anti-Semitism In Democratic Party; No Civility In American Politics
With Anti-Semitic sentiments brewing on the left, how long will it take for the Democrats to properly address this controversy? There seems to be no unity or civility on America's political spectrum anymore.
Mar 07, 2019
O'Reilly on Simone: Latest On Mueller Report; How Trump Will Run in 2020; The Expanding Democratic Field of Nominees
Will the Mueller Report amount to anything after all the hype surrounding Russian collusion by the media? Trump's strategy for his re-election campaign in 2020 & more names throw their hat into the ring for the Democratic nomination in 2020.
Mar 05, 2019
Far Left Continues To Threatens Free Speech; The Lack Of Value In Cohen's Testimony; New Details On Bill's Trump Book
When will conservatives protest companies for giving into the far left's boycott campaigns?; Cohen's Testimony is nothing more than a media show; Bill shares some insight and stories from his upcoming book on President Donald Trump.
Mar 01, 2019
Bill On The Blaze: California's Lawsuits Against Trump; Jussie Smollett's Insane Story Is Unraveling; Mueller Report' Release Approaching
The state of California has filed a ludicrous amount of lawsuits against the sitting President and that number may be growing, Actor Jussie Smollett continues to back his bogus claims of being assaulted & the Mueller Report is set to be release in the coming weeks.
Feb 22, 2019
Bill On Mark Simone: Presidential Hopefuls For 2020; Dishonest News Media; Hollywood's Political Problems
O'Reilly and Simone discuss The . crowded democratic field in the 2020 presidential race, the corrupt nature of modern day news media & the Academy Awards political problems.
Feb 19, 2019
Bill O'Reilly on Sean Hannity's Radio Program: The Absurd Nature Of The Green New Deal
O'Reilly and Hannity discuss the Green New Deal's Content
Feb 13, 2019
Trump Calls for a National Emergency; The Insanity of the Far-Left
Synopsis: Bill discusses Trump's declaration of a National Emergency on the Southern border and how Democratic Socialism is pushing the left further to the point of no return.
Feb 08, 2019
Bill On The Blaze: Bill On The Blaze: Bill Discusses His Experience On Air Force One, What Will Happen With The Green New Deal & Reaction To The SOTU
Bill On The Blaze: Bill Discusses His Experience On Air Force One, What Will Happen With The Green New Deal & Reaction To The SOTU
Feb 08, 2019
Bill On The Blaze: Trump's Approval Rating, The State Of The Union & The State Of the Democratic Party In America
Today on Beck, Bill Discusses President Trump's Approval Ratings & How They Actually Reflect American's Opinions, What Points Trump Should Hit During His SOTU & How The Democrats Plan to Move Forward.
Jan 31, 2019
Bill On Beck: Roger Stone Arrested, Covington Catholic Controversy & New York's New Abortion Law
Today on Beck, Bill Discusses Roger Stone's Arrest in Florida, The Public Shaming of Catholic School Boys Over the Viral Video From a Right to Life Rally & New York Passing one of the Most Significant Abortion Laws Ever.
Jan 25, 2019
Bill O'Reilly on Sean Hannity's Radio Program: FBI Collusion & Bogus New York Times Articles
O'Reilly and Hannity discuss the attacks on President Trump through the Main Stream Media, as well as the FBI's double standard on going after Trump while not pursuing Democrats.
Jan 14, 2019
Bill and Beck on the week's biggest headlines: Trump's National Address, The Death of Cable News & Proposed Terms Limits on the Senate
Today on Beck, Bill Touches on the How President Trumps National Address Went Over With the American People, The Declining State of Cable News & Ted Cruz's Proposal to Limit Term Limits on Senators.
Jan 11, 2019
Bill and Beck on the week's biggest headlines: The Possible Government Shutdown,Democrat and Republican Relations & FBI Practices
Today on Beck, Bill Touches on the Impacts of a possible Government Shutdown, How will the Shutdown Impact the Relationship between America's two Biggest and Most Powerful Parties & The Suspicious Activities of the FBI.
Dec 21, 2018
Bill and Beck on the week's biggest headlines: Cohen, the No Spin Person of the Year and the Farm Bill
Michael Cohen speaks out on Good Morning America, Bill explains the No Spin Person of the Year and Beck and Bill debate the Farm Bill. Is this good for the country?
Dec 14, 2018
Bill Joins Beck To Discuss Trading With China, The Riots In France & The Future Of Faith In America.
America's Trade Situation With China, The Causes and Effects of The Riots Throughout France & Why Christianity/Catholicism is Fading Away In an Growing Secular Culture.
Dec 07, 2018
O'Reilly & Hannity talk George H.W. Bush and "The View" Shootout
In a transparent effort to denigrate President Trump, President George H.W. Bush is being posthumously praised for his "civility" despite being bludgeoned by the press while in office. Same thing happened with the late Senator John McCain. Listen for more on that and Bill's take on The View/Joy Behar/Meghan McCain situation.
Dec 04, 2018
Bill Joins Beck To Discuss Rise in Drug Addiction, Trump's Business Deals In Russia & The Hypocrisy Of The Media
The Unbelievable Rise of Drug Addiction and Fatalities Related to Overdoses, the Scandal Surrounding Trump's Reported Business in Russia After he was Elected & The Stupidity of the Media's Coverage of the Migrant Caravan.
Nov 30, 2018
O'Reilly Joins Bernie & Sid: Mass Migration, Mainstream Media & The Holiday Season
Bill went on with Bernie & Sid in the morning to discuss the issues with Mass Migration and the affects it could have on the United States, The Biased Main Stream Media & the upcoming Holiday Season.
Nov 29, 2018
O'Reilly Joins Joe Piscopo to Discuss the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Climate Change& Reactions to Killing the SS
Bill O'Reilly joins Joe Piscopo's radio show to discuss the Ocasio Cortez's Tweet Relating the Migrants apart of the Caravan to Jews Escaping Germany, The Advancements of Climate Change & Reactions to 'Killing the SS'.
Nov 27, 2018
O'Reilly Joins Joe Piscopo to Discuss the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Climate Change& Reactions to Killing the SS
Bill O'Reilly joins Joe Piscopo's radio show to discuss the Ocasio Cortez's Tweet Relating the Migrants apart of the Caravan to Jews Escaping Germany, The Advancements of Climate Change & Reactions to 'Killing the SS'.
Nov 27, 2018
O'Reilly Joins Glenn Beck to Discuss Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The Mass Shootings in America & More!
Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn Beck to talk about the Justice Ginsburg's possible departure from the Supreme Court, the epidemic of mass shootings in America & much more!
Nov 09, 2018
Bill Joins Beck TO Discuss The Caravan, CNN & More
Bill talks to Beck about the Looming Danger of the Migrant Caravan, the CNN Controversy Involving Jim Acosta and Much More.
Nov 09, 2018
Bill O'Reilly on Sean Hannity's Radio Program: Attacks on Fox News Anchors, 'Killing the SS' Still at No. 1
O'Reilly and Hannity discuss the attacks on successful Fox News anchors over the years and today. Bill actually had armed security guards sleeping inside his house for a time. It is so out of control - yet do we see a New York Times editorial on that? No. It has happened for years - and today they are inciting violence - which is a crime - so the hope here is that some of those people will be prosecuted. And it is often the far-left, as in the case of Tucker Carlson. The guys also discuss pinhead Jim Acosta's grandstanding. Acosta planned on going in to provoke Donald Trump. His bosses wanted that provocation. He knew he would get lauded. Meanwhile: Killing the SS is befuddling them over at NYT - another week at number 1.Order a personalized copy of the book for Christmas or Hanukkah and get a free three month Premium Member Gift Certificate.
Nov 08, 2018
O'Reilly Joins Glenn Beck to Discuss The Mid Term Elections, The Pittsburgh Shooting & More!
Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn Beck to talk about the Possible Results of the Midterms, The Devastating Attack in Pittsburgh and Much More!
Nov 01, 2018
O'Reilly Joins Glenn Beck to Discuss The Pipe Bombs, The Democratic Party & More!
Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn Beck to talk about the Pipe Bombs Sent To CNN and Democrats, The future of The Left and Much More!
Oct 26, 2018
O'Reilly Joins Glenn Beck to Talk About Elizabeth Warren, Antifa & Portland's Police Enforcement
Bill and Beck discuss Elizabeth Warren's laughable claim of being of Native American Heritage, the City of Portland's Lack of Police Presence During Violent Outbursts of Antifa & Much More!
Oct 17, 2018
O'Reilly Joins Dom Giordano to Discuss Trump's Presidency, Celebrities in Politics & an in-depth look at 'Killing the SS'
Bill O'Reilly joins Dom Giordano to talk about President Trump's first term in office, Kanye West's press conference in the oval office & a detailed discussion of 'Killing the SS'
Oct 17, 2018