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Unfiltered talk about beauty trends, selfcare journeys, skincare, wellness tips and the products we love, hosted by Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, with the women I admire.

Episode Date
“People say that I’m walking art” ft Raisa Flowers

“I work backstage and it teaches you so much. The models are getting so many photos taken of them, so you have to be perfect.” - my guest makeup artists & model, Raisa Flowers

Raisa is an icon in the beauty game and I’ve been wanting to interview her for so long! She’s done everything from hit the runway as a model for Rihanna’s most recent Savage x Fenty show to working with musicians to working at fashion week’s top shows. The NY native continuously serves some of the most eccentric looks within the beauty industry, earning her a seat on the Dazed 100, and features in publications such as Vogue and The Cut. We talk black punks, makeup brushes, family & more!

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Aug 19, 2019
Retinol, Cleansers & Snail Cream Ft Mandi Nyambi, CEO of Baalm

With degrees in Regenerative Biology & Nutrition from Harvard, Mandi Nyambi truly has skincare down to a science. Which is why the skincare consultation network she co-founded, the baalm (formerly Le Culture Club) is set to become such a trust-worthy name among beauty enthusiasts. I loved talking with Mandi and getting all my burning skincare questions answered, hearing about her Cameroonian background, ingredients to look for & skincare that’s worth paying for!

Links to products/resources mentioned:

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Aug 12, 2019
Student to Stylist to Influencer Ft Vic Styles

Vic Styles is highly driven by aesthetics but she’s far from superficial – she's come into her own & creates from a place of intention. After starting her journey in L.A. as an assistant wardrobe stylist, Vic quickly became a stylist in her own right & as of today, has been featured in several publications (R29, Essence, Teen Vogue),living her best life as a freelance writer & influencer.

Links to products/resources mentioned: 

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Aug 05, 2019
Trust the Timing of Your Life Ft Madison Utendahl

Creative freedom, the role of therapy, patience with your hair, your skin, the joys of being alone, affirming your own destiny, setting much of this very special episode with Madison is about trusting the timing of your life. I’ve admired Madison, founder of Utendahl Creative , for years! She was the force behind some of my favorite work at Refinery29, social director for the Museum of Ice Cream & overall industry thought leader. It was a joy to learn more about her story and discuss everything from: 

  • Coming into her own as a solo entrepreneur after having success so early 
  • Healing her skin with natural products
  • Going to Paris to get re-centered 
  • A therapist who ‘gets it’ 
  • Coming to terms with her blackness, going blonde and then back to black
  • SUNSCREEN *spoiler* we love Supergoop 
  • Cruelty-free beauty 
  • Lip liner as the secret essential step to any makeup routine 
  • What she learned about beauty from her time at Refinery29


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Jul 29, 2019
A Fashion Career, Overcoming Cystic Acne & Posting Fire Bikini Pics Ft Chrissy Rutherford

An encore episode with Harper’s Bazaar senior digital fashion editor, Chrissy Rutherford. Chrissy has some advice for hopefuls wanting to work in fashion: "If you don’t love it, you won’t last a week”. Chrissy tells me what it’s like being a digital editor and why her perspective as a woman of color is important right now. We discuss foundation (who is it really for?),miracle cures for cystic acne and her relationship with her hair dresser. My favorite part of the interview? Chrissy gives me her candid POV on posting bikini pics and it’s an attitude more women could learn from.


Chrissy on Instagram:

Renee Rouleau Skincare:

Renee Rousseau Tripple Berry Smoothing Peel:

Followed by the Rapid Response Detox Mask:

DIM Supplement:

Glycolic Peel Pads from Cane and Austin:

Her Work @Bazaar:

Join the community at @nakedbeautyplanet on IG & I’ll be back next Monday with a brand new episode! 

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Jul 22, 2019
Defining “Cool” Ft Recho Omondi

“To me the coolest people, the people that I'm inspired by, are people who are just 100% themselves.” - my guest, friend, and designer Recho Omondi on trying to define the intangible quality of coolness. I could speak to Recho for *hours* and this live episode, all about expression, is no exception. Listen to hear us discuss:

  • Developing a unique personal style 
  • How moving around growing up influenced her sense of self
  • Finding your people on the internet (so important) 
  • Why there’s power in not needing validation
  • Why Recho never cared if people liked what she liked
  • Getting into beauty later in life
  • Her hair story from bleach to braids
  • The phenomenon of plastic surgery 
  • Tapping into self-confidence & trusting your intuition 


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Jul 15, 2019
Committing to Your Body, a Plant-Based Diet & Natural Skincare Ft Annya Santana

“Your health is your responsibility, it’s really up to you” — Annya Santana explains this truth to me & a sold-out crowd in NYC for this live edition of Naked Beauty

Annya joins me to talk about how we care for our body as part of our beauty routine. Annya is firmly #teamfitness & team #plantbased vegan & I couldn’t be more inspired. We talk about how she started her health journey, how she’s been able to maintain her plant-based diet & how she’s been able to bring her Dominican family along in the process. Listen to hear us discuss:

  • Running the NY marathon for her Dad (but also low-key all runners hate running lol)
  • Committing to working out 
  • Buckram (Hot) Yoga as the kick starter
  • Eating meat & factory farming
  • Wellness coming to Paris & how French women eat 
  • Reading labels for skincare 
  • How going vegan changed her period, menstrual cramps & skin 
  • Learning to love reading labels for skincare 
  • Gendered Skincare & Clean Beauty 
  • What she eats to stay fulfilled on a plant-based diet 
  • How to curb cravings & self-educate 


My favorite YouTube channel for at-home workouts:

Nike Training Camp App for workouts on your phone:

The China Study on Diet (book):

Her Clean Beauty Line: Menos Mas:

Follow Annya on IG: @annyasantana

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Jul 08, 2019
Coming Out of the Shame Cave, Life with OCD & Anxiety ft Gillian Sagansky

An honest talk about mental health — from my live Naked Beauty event in NYC I’m joined by writer, DJ & childhood friend, Gillian Sagansky to talk about how she’s come out as someone who struggles with OCD. We discuss her choice to seek treatment & how life was before she realized she needed to make mental health her ‘full-time job’. She explains how important it’s been for her to live without shame and the power of telling a single story.We discuss taking breaks from social media, how to support friends who share their mental health concerns (and accomplishments) with you & so much more! Thank you Gillian for your transparency and strength. And to the live audience, thank you for coming & to everyone who listens for all of the support.


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Jul 01, 2019
Breaking Down the Beauty Industry, Melanated Skin & Product Development Ft Diarrha N'Diaye

From product development at Glossier to the front lines of L’Oreal — Diarrha has seen a lot and I was so eager to hear all the beauty TEA & it is *hot* – I had a jaw on the floor moment during our chat! I also learned A LOT - Diarrha talks about the science of skin, how products are formulated and women of color being excluded from clinical trials. We discuss Drunk Elephant, how Sephora uses data to market products brilliantly, how she found herself at Glossier & she shares all of her favorite products! Additional gems:

  • she demystifies sunscreen & hyaluronic acid 
  • why you don’t need expensive cleanser
  • skin bleaching vs skin brightening 
  • makeup as second skin

& so much more!

***quote from the episode I love***

“I’m sick of diversity as a facade. When I’m on interviews I ask:’ how many women of color are on your executive board? Who’s making these decisions?’” 

Links to Products/ Resources:

Ella MD Sunscreen , Shiseido Sunscreen

Hyaluronic Acid Super BounceCerave Hyaluronic Acid 

La Roche Posay Cleanser,Skinscueticals Retexturing Activator ,Drunk Elephant Protini Moisturizer 

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped MoisturizerNars Sheer Glow ,Watermelon Lip Mask from Laneige 

Fenty FoundationFetish Pat McGrath MascaraUrban Decay 24/7 LinerPat McGrath highlighterRMS pot lip2cheek

Bioderma Miccelar water ,Muij cotton padsTatcha cleansing oilREN Gobal protection cream 

Skin food... For information regarding your data privacy, visit

Jun 24, 2019
Vogue, Microneedling, Bronzer & Lacefront Wigs Ft Marjon Carlos

Marjon Carlos is a writer, cultural critic, speaker and editor whose work I’ve admired for years. She is the former Senior fashion writer at where she explored the intersection of style and culture – informed by her academic background in African-American studies at Brown and Columbia University.

Marjon tells me how she came into her own personal style, shopping memories in Dallas, the early days of Saint Heron and how she’s thinking about aging. She’s a fashion girl slowly wading into the beauty waters and we talk microneedling, how we’re coping with our natural hair and the temptation of wigs.

Links to products/resources:


Oribe Hair Gel for Textured/Curly Hair:

Make Beauty(natural products made in NY)

Fenty Bronzer Sun Stalk’r

Lesse Balancing Facial Oil:


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Jun 17, 2019
Leftovers: Women Supporting Women Ft Besidone Amoruwa

Besidone has worked across fashion, music and entertainment at some of the top global brands & has a passion for business strategy. I wanted to share our discussion on finding mentors, bullying at work and why women need to support women for this leftovers episode!


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Jun 10, 2019
Being Chic AF by Doing Whatever You Want Ft Sophia Roe

“I have a story. It’s hard, it’s gnarly but it’s not about the story, it’s what you do with it.” - Sophia Roe, my incredible guest for this special episode of Naked Beauty.

Sophia’s wisdom, humor and excitement for life are all so refreshing and a joy to witness. I loved learning about how she got her start in high-end restaurants, then to catering, and how her love of food has evolved over time. We talk clean beauty and the correlation between skin and food, make-up girls vs skincare girls, curly hair care, and how her esthetician changed her skin forever.

Sophia grew up in and out of foster care. Her mother, who suffered from substance abuse and addiction, was still there for her in her own unique way that Sophia remembers fondly. We talk about how her iconic haircut came to her in a dream, moving to New York City and finding her style. She shares that she got her first manicure at 28 and what it was like for her to suddenly work at an office when she began working at MILK Makeup.

Listen to hear us discuss: tattoos, infrared facials, finding confidence when you need to be on camera, lack of diversity in the wellness industry and how she handles it, her must-have beauty products, the book she’s writing and so much more!


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Links to Products/Resources:

MILK Eye Pigment:

Sophia’s Shoot for Cherry Bomb:

Matthew Miller her esthetician:

Hemp oil for skin:

The Neuco vitamin c powder:

Zipp Beauty Treatments:

Palo Santo Benefits:

Bergamot Oil:

DS & Durga Rose Atlantic:

Koh Gen Do foundation:

Laura mercier eyeshadow sticks (easy eye makeup):

Clear Boy Brow:

Weleda Sensitive Skin Facial Moisturizer:

Surreal Skincare -... For information regarding your data privacy, visit

Jun 03, 2019
Breaking Free from the Commodification of Self-Care: #SelfCareIsFree [Beauty Secrets Vol. 7]

Self-care isn’t for sale. Despite the best efforts of marketing, a sheet mask won’t change your life. But sleeping more will.Going outside for a walk will.Stretching for 15 minutes a day will. #Selfcareisfree & if there’s one thing you retain from listening to this episode, it’s that you to believe & know in your core that buying products or hiring experts is not necessary to do the work that needs to be done to be your best self. Self care is not a product, it’s a habit. This episode is all about the practices and habits you can follow to take care of yourself to reach your best self.


I’ll be sharing examples of free and low-cost self-care on the official Instagram account for the show @NakedbeautyPlanet: a moment practicing free self-care, tag me @nakedbeautyplanet and use #selfcareisfree to be featured!

Links to Resources:

Read more about the sleep & skin connection:

My favorite stretches to increase flexibility & mobility:

- Figure-Four Stretch:

- Pigeon Stretch (ultimate hip-opener):

- YouTube video 5-Minute Full Body Stretch:

- If you’re working towards a split:

Seakbuckthorn Oil, what I discovered my skin loved after research:

Where I order most of my oils:

Think Dirty, to review beauty products for toxicity:

Learn More about Intermittent Fasting:

App for Intermittent Fasting:

Skincare Addiction on Reddit:

Ayurvedic Beauty Episode of Naked Beauty:

Follow me on IG:

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Thank you!

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May 27, 2019
Like Mother, Like Daughter Ft Hannah & Sherry Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman is one of the most inspiring, ambitious, down to earth women I know & when you meet her Mom and hear their story— it all makes sense. Loved talking to this powerful Mother-Daughter duo for this special episode of Naked Beauty 💗

Hannah talks about how watching her Mom create opportunities for herself (like writing her own fan mail!) inspires her to hustle (9:59). Sherry ‘Peaches’ Brewer came to NY from Chicago on the Greyhound Bus, determined to make it (12:29) and she speaks about the power of dance to teach self-esteem (16:22) and the source of Hannah’s confidence (18:26). We discuss glam squads & hair stylists then & now (23:30) and even though Hannah gets to work with the best — she can’t get her hair styled naturally via glam squad (25:30) We talk setting hair with beer (33:27)Afros & the global epidemic of cosmetic surgery (35:11).

Other gems:

  • Hannah on being a first-generation mixed kid in social media (36:45)
  • Natural skincare recipes in Do What Feels Good (44:51)
  • Why Sherry loves Reiki & Acupuncture (50:20)
  • Hannah on body contouring massages (53:00)


  • Naked Beauty Interview with my Mom & Grandma ‘How to Age Gracefully’:
  • 1st Hannah episode ‘Behind the Highlights Reel’:
  • Hannah’s book: Do What Feels Good :
  • IMD Beauty Spa for Body Contour & Lymphatic Massage:
  • Tracy Piper (Hannah’s colon therapist):
  • Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now:
  • iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum (vitamin c serum) Hannah is loving right now:
  • Skinsueticals Sunscreen:
  • Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia for blemishes or a facial:


Join the community on IG @nakedbeautyplanet:

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May 11, 2019
Leftovers: Getting Into the Gloss Ft Utibe Mbagwu + Ashley Weatherford

Some leftovers from my discussion with Ashley Weatherford (senior editor at Into the Gloss) and Utibe Mbagwu (social at Into the Gloss)! We talk about the challenge of being 'the only one' and what it's like the sole person of color on a team. Utibe and Ashley share their transition to going natural and thoughts about how the beauty conversation has changed over the years. Utibe, who manages social for @intothegloss, shares some insights on social strategy and her must-have beauty products [like retinol from a french pharmacy naturally]. 

Products/Things Mentioned:

Read Utibe's work:

Read Ashley's work on ITG:

Follow IntoTheGloss:

Follow Emily Weiss (founder of Glosser, she's great on IG):

Amanda Sealel's Stand Up Special:

P50 (cult beauty product):

Follow Utibe:

Definitely listen to the full episode with Ashley Weatherford if you missed it:


Join the Naked Beauty community on IG:

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Apr 29, 2019
Live Life Free ft Besidone Amoruwa

Happiness-inducing morning routines, skin-perfecting color corrector, expert facials & head-turning natural hair looks –– Besidone and I get into at all in this AMAZING episode of Naked Beauty. You’re all going to fall in love with Besidone because not only is she an incredible career-woman but she’s also so spiritually grounded.

Besidone shares her experience growing up in LA with Nigerian parents who instilled a love and appreciation for her culture in her early. We talk about how life can begin to go so fast that you forget to process and she shares how she creates moments of self-care for herself. For Besidone, it’s all about putting her brain & body in a place for maximum efficiency & happiness. From her esthetician to her brow-person, Besidone believes in finding people you can spiritually connect with for your beauty services & investing in the best! “Live life free” and “life is real” are tatted on her fingers and listening to her story has taught me more about how to embrace life to the fullest!

Products/ Resources/Things Mentioned:

Hollywood’s Next Gen Rising Executives under 35 ft Besidone

Nike Training Camp (free app for at home workouts)

Stanford Business Podcast, View From the Top (part of her morning routine)

Anthony Andrews who does her brows in LA (her ‘savior’)

Episode where I interview Illeisha (my hairdresser) is titled ‘Hair as Salvation’

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

MAC Lipglass

Namies (beauty emporium in the valley- a must for Besidone)

Nigel’s (another beauty emporium)

Jet Lag Mask (Besidone loves this on flights)

Skincueticals Clarifying Clay Mask

Also shoutout to Bentonite Clay - I love this mixed with apple cider vinegar

Zo Skincare Face Wash

More info on the skin correcting kit from Nikita Dragun:

Glossier stretch concealer (she layers over color corrector)

ELF color corrector for dark spots

Milani Fixation her go-to red - with a tint of orange


Follow @besidone

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Apr 16, 2019
"Who Is She Without Her Hair?" Ft Nia Pettitt

“I had a really unhealthy obsession with looking a certain way that just wasn’t possible 24/7” - my guest Nia Pettit, who’s only 21 but has had a following on social since she was 16. At 20 she freed herself of being preoccupied with her hair.

Self-love, natural hair journeys, bacne, being mixed race, international travel, baby hairs, veganism –– Nia and I talk about it all and I’m so blown away by her wisdom. I loved hearing how Nia’s self-perception, approach to beauty and the content she creates have evolved overtime. She shares the story behind her decision to cut off all of her hair, after years of her fro being what she was known for most: “hearing everyday that my hair was beautiful, I linked that with me being beautiful”.

She shares what it was like growing up mixed race in London (her dad is English and Mom is from Zimbabwe), early relaxer experiences (very relatable), and finding her voice. We get into hair typing drama (3C, 4C, etc.) and how she tailors her her self-care practice to her moods for example: a mud mask for bad weather. We talk about her diet, being more mindful of what she accepts from brands, the positive impact of leaving a bad relationship, skincare tips from Meghan Markle’s facialist & much more you’ll have to listen to experience.


Products/Things Mentioned:

XONecole Story on Nia’s big chop

Her experience traveling through India (vlog)

BB Curl Gel Oil (for edges/baby hairs)

Elemis skincare (she loves)

& the Elemis Superfoods Facial Oil she uses for travel

Declore Skincare

Skimdo hair curl cream

Nichola Joss - her skin therapist (same as Megan Markle’s!), see her skin tips here

L’oreal Baby Lilac Mascara

Becca Cosmetics highlighter (an underrated fave)

Tropical Balm (her lip balm of choice)


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Apr 01, 2019
Leftovers: Logomania, Streetwear & Missing Pheobe Philo Ft Negarin Sadr

Bonus content from my interview with Negarin Sadr, listen to the full interview here (one of my faves)

In this leftovers episode, we discuss the shift towards casual/comfortable clothes for women and how much we miss Pheobe Philo, the designer and innovator behind Celine. Pheobe Philo has been replaced by Heidi Silmane and the results are not great (see article for reference). ALSO we have the hardest time finding shoes, can anyone relate? Negarin has solutions! 


Things Mentioned:

Jacquemus + Saks Pott - two new designers we both love 

Shoe recommendations:

Sergio Rossi - for heels

Chloe - comfortable kitten heels Negarin swears by 

Chanel (I buy on the RealReal)

Custom inserts

Churches shoes she loves for summer 


Follow @nakedbeautyplanet on Instagram

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Mar 22, 2019
Bat Mitzvah, Snapbacks & Keratin ft Abigail Stern

"I love a new candle just as much as I love a new pair of socks" - my guest and friend of 16 years, Abigail Stern

Abigail is not a girly-girl, she was always the cool one in sneakers when everyone else was hobbling around in heels. I've watched her blossom into an incredible entrepreneur and launch her own line of technical performance wear: Matek. We talk about what being Jewish means to her and how her Isreali mom gave her some early hair memories that have stayed with her to this day. We reminisce about high school where she began 'plucking the shit out of her eyebrows' and straightened her hair religiously. But her look evolved as she got older, she went to Boulder in Colorado for college and began wearing snapbacks and Vans. We talk about forgoing fast fashion, falling in love with skiing and starting Matek. 

We get into why she doesn’t wear makeup (jealous) and her hair struggles. Abigail has always been about her workouts (and prefers private sessions) but the LA workout scene has taken some adjustment. In her words, "people look crazy in LA“. She's the queen of free samples, loves scrunchies, baths and face masks. 

Products/Things Mentioned 

Glass Roller Ball for making your own essential oil mix

Mountain Rose Herbs my go-to place for oils

Forever Young Supergoop SPF Hand Cream

Epsom Salt Bath Benefits

Vitner's Daughter Botanical Serum

Abigail's Pilates Instructor:

LA facialist:

At home Keratin treatment:

Stay in Touch

Follow Abigail on Instagram:

Follow Matek :

Shop Matek:

Follow me :

@NakedBeautyPlanet on IG :)



I like to get in the habit of looking in the mirror and being like 'you're fucking dope' all the time 

If I'm not going to say it myself, I can't rely on anyone else 

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Mar 20, 2019
Primers, Acids, Into the Gloss & Shaker Heights ft Ashley Weatherford

“I loved beauty without knowing it” - my guest Ashley Weatherford, Senior Editor at Into The Gloss

Ashley has been an authority in beauty for years and I’ve followed her career since the beginning – so I was incredibly excited to have her on and learn her story: from Ohio to Northwestern to NY. Ashley wanted to be a lawyer but started a beauty blog on the side for fun, which eventually landed her a position at New York Magazine. We talk about the power of her recommendations and if she feels guilt about inspiring people to buy more.

We discuss swiping Sephora samples when you love beauty but you’re on a budget, if she feels strongly about products being natural vs synthetic, what it’s like to prepare for a feature on Into the Gloss & that Top Shelf moment, what beauty treatments she thinks are overrated & of course tons of SKINCARE. Ashley has the most amazing skin (says she used to have bad skin) and we go into lots of detail on her routine and the products she loves.

Links to Products/Things Mentioned:

Tatcha Primer - primer of all primers

Cerave - for winter skincare

Little Fires Everywhere - book set in Shaker Heights

Ashley’s feature on Into The Gloss

NARS Luminous Foundation

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

India Lee Radiance Renewal Peel

Lele Sadoughi headband - so cute

Valet - hair accessories she’s loving

Crystal Peel Microdermabrasion Bar

Tea Tree Oil & Rose Water - natural products she loves

Paula’s Choice - a go-to effective skincare

SkincareAddiction Reddit - when you really want to nerd out

Aveeno Radiance Sunscreen - her go to at the moment

Banila Co Clean It Cleansing Balm

Biologique Recherche Cleanser

Biologique Recherche Cleanser VIP O2

Missha Time Revolution & SKII - essences she likes

Tatcha Water Cream - light & moisturizing cream she loves

Ashley’s AM Routine:

Tatcha Vitamin C Serum (when she’s not using acid)

Essence (currently from

Mar 05, 2019
Iran, Fashion vs Tech, Organic Soap & Keto Ft. Negarin Sadr

"I find the body to be a very sacred place and I don’t think that you need to get attention by exposing your skin, I think you can get attention by dressing interesting." - my guest Negarin, on the modest fashion movement and her personal style

Negarin has always been a go-getter. In the same year we met, I watched her launch her own fashion line,Negarin London, debut at London Fashion Week. She was also really nice to me when I moved to London (which I can’t say for most girls). We discuss how she came to understand self-presentation growing up in Iran and how the hijab changes beauty standards. We talk about her father’s intensity and commitment to human rights and her Mom’s phobia of sun exposure. I learn how this relates to colorism and an unfair premium on fair skin that seems to be a global phenomenon. We talk about COLOR: why she loves wearing pastels and how good pink and coral look on darker skin.

“I want to be loud about the fact that I’m different” is Negarin’s stance on standing out in the tech world where everyone tends to look the same. Her skincare routine is super simple and she believes the more you touch your face and mess with it, the more problems you’ll have with your skin. She also shares her experience following a fully ketogenic diet which made her ‘feel like a bird’ because she just had so much energy. Apparently salmon, avocado and spinach is the best way to delve into Keto but I’ll take her word for it because it sounds like entirely too much work (urine strips & weighing food are involved). We talk hair, history of hijab, See below for all of the amazing products mentioned:

The Products Negarin Loves:

(very simple skincare routine)

Bioderma lip balm

Barbara Sturm Lip Balm

REN moisturizer

Shisheido 50 spf

Keto Diet: A detailed Beginner’s Guide

Keto Calculator

Chanel Concealer

Lancôme Definicils Mascara

Kjaeir Weiss Blush - beautiful cream blush with gorgeous sustainable packaging

Wand Curling Iron

Kerastase Negarin’s go-to for frizz-free hair

& last but not least cannot recommend this documentary about Anthony Weiner enough:


Cold Remedies & general Wellness recommendations from my intro:

Tumeric & Three Roots Tea, my favorite

Chlorophyll Drops to add to water

Feb 18, 2019
KonMari, Trusting Experts, Drugstore Beauty & Botox Ft Janell Hickman

“I’m over complicated skin routines. I have this conversation with a lot of other editors. There are too many products that do the same thing. As someone who is supposed to promote these products for you, even I feel overwhelmed.” - my guest Janell shares some very honest thoughts on this episode of Naked Beauty

Janell Hickman started her career at WWD, did PR at Victoria Secret and Essence but ultimately found herself working in beauty full-time and I was so excited to get her thoughts on where beauty is today. We discuss Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and how Janell hired a KonMari Expert (didn’t know this was a thing!) to come to her Brooklyn apartment and organize her life. She believes in hiring experts to do things the right way –she even learned how to blend her eyeshadow to perfection from a professional MUA.

We get into these huge shade ranges everyone seems to have now and whether or not 50 shades is progress or not. I ask her which products are worth splurging on vs which you can buy at the drugstore (16:24-18:30) and I was surprised how many things Janell says we can save our coin for! We get into: botox, men discussing lacefronts, the demonization of relaxer, how color impacts your hair, ice skating and growing up in Minneapolis. Janell also explains how going to Hampton opened her eyes to the diversity of the black experience, her thoughts on white peoples’ black hair questions, how Glossier won with their ‘no make-up make-up look’ and the trends she wants gone forever. You guys are going to love this episode!


Products/Resources Mentioned:

Read Janell’s Work:

Follow Janell:

Book your own KonMari consultant:

& the Netflix Series:

Deck of Scarlett - Curated Subscription service of limited make-up palettes

Rimmel Mascara ‘Wonder’fully Real’

Cerave (trusted Drugstore skincare):

Blue Mercury M-61 Gel EyeCream:

Garnier Eyecream with rollerball anti-puff:

ROC eyecream:

Bio Oil - the body oil Janelle swears by

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil $20 on Amazon (for double cleansing):

Zipp Nanocurrent at home facial device: (Janelle swears by this)

Vitner’s... For information regarding your data privacy, visit

Feb 04, 2019
Hair as Salvation Ft Illeisha Lussiano AKA The Hair Artiste

“When you’re in the hair salon, speak up. Be direct. Direct questions, get direct answers.” - my wise guest & talented hair artist Illeisha on claiming your voice and advocating for what you want when it comes to your hair


Illeisha has an artistically-based education but expresses her art through hair. She’s spent the last decade in the industry building an incredible career and working with some of the top talent in the game. We talk about how she took the jump from Boston to NY to pursue her dreams, how she approaches life behind the scenes, and what it was like to work with Naomi Campbell at just 21. We get into how to find the right stylist and how to ask the right questions – like her 6-year old client who knew exactly what he wanted when he got in the chair. She explains how to make the most of your appointment and getting what you pay for. Illiesha also gives me an incredibly helpful vocabulary lesson and teaches me what the difference is between base color, ombre, lowlights/highlights and balayage.

I ask her what the deal is with shampoo (is it as damaging as people claim) & how many products do we really need? She shares some amazing thoughts on how the energy you put into your hair manifests itself and how important it is to A) speak up but B) find someone who listens to you. Making time for yourself and loving your hair are two things Illeisha really believes in and I walked away feeling so inspired by our conversation.


More about Illeisha:

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Jan 21, 2019
Dancing at Ailey, Living Your Passion & Finding Self-Acceptance ft Dejah Poole

Dejah Poole, 19-year-old dancer from the Alvin Ailey school, has been dancing since she was just 2 years old. I initially discovered Dejah from her stunning Instagram account: @dejahonpointe & from there learned about her passion for speaking out and claiming her space as a black woman in the world of dance. We talk about bias in ballet (when nude isn’t really nude), accepting your body, eating disorders, the time she met Misty Copeland, and how her mom pushed her to accept herself above all else.

We discuss how you get the body of a dancer, how to stretch and gain flexibility and the process and sacrifices behind dancing (we get into dancer’s feet & missing toenails)! I was also curious to learn how certain beauty elements translate for black dancers: how she wears her hair (Dejah is natural), stage makeup, etc. Dejah professes her love for Fenty & educates me on what the kids are into these days. Before we end, we’re joined by Dejah’s BFF and fellow dancer Lindsey Treadwell, to discuss dating, competition & living in NYC.


Links to Products Mentioned


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Jan 07, 2019
Juicing, #Wellness, Nightlife & A Bold Eye Ft Sabrina Diaz

“Everything in wellness has gone to an extreme” - Sabrina Diaz, my guest, and founder of Grass Roots Juicery, a Brooklyn-based cafe that promotes healthy living through organic cold press juicing, smoothies & healthy food.

We talk about her experience growing up first-generation Dominican in the suburbs of NJ and how being the only hispanic person in her entire class made her ashamed of the things she now takes great pride in: her rich culture, using natural fruits and vegetables for beauty treatments and her beautiful curly hair.

We discuss her favorite things to juice, sugar addiction, her Whole30 experience, the rush of buying new things & how ultimately having less makes you so much happier. We also talk CBD, her addiction to red lipstick, Rent the Runway, plastic surgery & the slippery slope it introduces, the charcoal trend, the Matcha trend, and all the wellness trends that have gone too far.

We also get into a hysterical discussion of NYC nightlife with a bonus Sex & The City snippet. We talk promoters, models, clubs in the Meatpacking District circa 2008.

We wrap up our conversation on the beauty trends we both love like bold, glossy eyes and our general exhaustion with all things #WELLNESS. Here’s to more honest, authentic stories in the year ahead & true wellness > trends.

LINKS to things & products mentioned


More about Sabrina & Grassroots Juicery via Vogue:

Grassroots Juicery Juices I love:

  • Skin Glow - Red Apple,Cucumber, Kale, Pineapple, Ginger, Lemon
  • Zinger (Shot that I love for winter) - Lemon, Cayenne Pepper, Echinacea & Ginger

Join the Naked Beauty community on Instagram if that’s your thing :) @nakedbeautyplanet

Kat Von D vaccination scandal if you care to catch up here

Estee Laundry - IG account exposing beauty brands for BS, now addicted

Kosas - all natural brand with pigments

Dragon Girl Nars - Sabrina’s fave red

Lady Danger from Mac (more orange her summer red)

Rent the Runway - My cure for wanting something new all the time

The RealReal - how I shop & great resource for designer consignment

Biologique Recherche P50 - everyone raves about this chemical heavy exfoliator/skincare

Good read on the grey area of CBD & if it really does anything

Milk Eye Pigments

Dec 29, 2018
From Bibles to The Migos Ft Grace Bukunmi

One of the coolest girls I know - Grace Bukunmi is a Nigerian Photographer, Stylist, and Art Director working between LA & NYC. She’s worked with everyone: Alicia Keys, The Migos, A$AP Rocky & with the coolest publications: High Snobiety, Hypebeast, etc.

We talk about her growing up in a religious household & how her spirituality has evolved and how religion is perceived in her LA creative circle.I ask her if she think natural beauty will become a thing of the past & we try to decode deja vu.

I also talk to Grace about surviving a car crash (caused by sleep deprivation!) and how it forced her to re-evaluate her commitment to her work vs her health, and the relationships around her. We get into lash extensions, gel manicures & the joys of natural products like handmade soap


Things/Products Mentioned:

Afro Punk (one day I’ll go):

Cleremont Twins (in case you’re not familiar):

The Twilight Zone Episode on Beauty ‘Eye of the Beholder’: (an amazing 20-minute episode, very worth watching)

Trypophobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes, or bumps - a weird thing me, my brother & my Mom all suffer from. Link may be triggering for people who also have this bizarre paranoia lol

Are gels bad for your nails? I’m convinced they are but see this article:

Hyaluronic Acid & Skin Benefits:

Cupping Benefits:

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins:


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Dec 15, 2018
Self-Healing & Minding Your Business Ft Aala

Aala is a very special person who's been able to self-heal and overcome a lot. Only 26, she's deeply aware of her purpose and it's so inpspring - I got a little emotional during this one. She's Sudanese-American and grew up in between cultures. We talk about how Sudanese women approach beauty, her relationship with her hair and how it changed when she got sick. Women's health and chronic illness is something that's not discussed often and so Aala is willing to talk about her private experience in detail – from the moment her hair kept falling out, getting rashes on her skin, experiencing chronic fatigue, migraines, muscle pain, etc. and then slowly rebuilding from there. 

We discuss the role of doctors verses a holistic approach, how her illness made her feel ugly for the first time in her life and how to handle a serious diagnosis. She discovered Dr. Sebi and began implementing these holistic principles to create a cleanse. An elimination diet addressed her gut/digestive issues. We also get into accessible beauty - you don't have to have a $75 jade roller to practice self-car (but she's got nothing against jade rollers, so get your roll on if it suits you). Aala explains how she compliments herself to feel empowered and how minding your business, drinking water are her top beauty tips! 


Things/Products Mentioned:

Dr. Sebi (big proponent of self-healing through natural remedies):

Aala's Book 'I am The Cleanse'

Macrobiotic bowl - my go to healthy dinner:

Almond oil, Jojoba oil after she exfoliates:

Ground coffee beans to exfoliate DIY recipes at the link:

Raw honey and avocado blueberry mask - your skin is your biggest organ so she does natural masks to nourish her skin

Manuka honey - next level honey


Follow Aala

Follow the cleanse

Follow the cleanse at @aalacleanse

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Dec 14, 2018
A Popular Girl from Essex by way of Nigeria Ft. Tolly Shoneye

“I’ve learned to love my body because I’ve accepted it as my home. This is where I live - where me - the person I love the most lives, I have to make the best of it.” - Tolly sharing gems on body acceptance on this episode that I love so much


Tolani Shoneye (known by her fans as Tolly) is the host of one of my favorite podcasts ‘The Receipts’. I was able to interview her while in London and we talked about everything from her Nigerian upbringing to the type of men she wants to attract. We get into her experience as one of the popular girls in school, racism her family faced in the UK, and how she adopted the role of the ‘strong black girl’. Listen to hear her take on “instabaddies”, why she loves and accepts her body, getting sleep,David Beckham, Naomi Campbell, and her love for a glossy face (RIP matte).


Products/Things Mentioned:

The Receipts Podcast:

Ruby Woo, her favorite red

Blotting papers for shine (my suggestion):

Benefit Pore minimizer primer - her fave primer with a velvety finish:

Tom Ford Traceless foundation (my suggestion)

Charlotte Tillbury (her winter foundation)


Follow Tolly:

Follow me: @brookedevard

Join the community @Nakedbeautyplanet


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Nov 27, 2018
NEW LOGO :) + Leftovers| Clear Your Closet Ft Rachel Goldman

Logo update (yay!), a quick word on overeating & Thanksgiving indulgence, and then Rachel and I discuss clearing your closet & our Moms :) 


Listen to the full episode with Rachel if you missed it: 'Is 29 The Perfect Age? Probably Not'

Shoutout to the community for helping me with the logo! 

Join on Instagram:

Design by the super talented Hannah Kunkle:

Stay in touch:

If you need motivation to clear your closet, check out this book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing'

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Nov 22, 2018
Art, Nightclubs & Scary Spice Ft Lotte Anderson

“It’s no accident I do what I do. I come from a long line of people making culture, considering how we live and responding either sonically or aesthetically to that.” - my inspiring guest, Lotte Anderson, who was described as ‘emblematic of the city of London’

Lotte, an artist living and working in London, creates work that explores the politics of taking up space, community, pleasure seeking and human behavior. Lotte tells me how growing up in West London amongst families of ‘creative dynasties’ inspired who she is today and how through the creation of her party series, MAXILLA, she realized she was making art the whole time. From there, she’s found herself in museums like the Tate Modern and we discuss how she’s able to recognize her own accomplishments.

We discuss how she navigates the art world as a woman of color and how her racial ambiguity weighs on her at times and how she explores it in her work. We talk about Scary Spice, how Mel B’s blackness was treated, and re-evaluating GIRL POWER. After attending fashion school and working for Alexander McQueen, Lotte tells me why fashion ultimately wasn’t for her. We discuss Supreme, the CFDA, casting in fashion and Fenty.

Although she’s often cited as one of the coolest girls in london, I’m shocked to learn that she felt awkward growing up. We talk about building community, the healing properties of water, CHANEL beauty, being a Gucci ambassador & lots more!

Products/Things Mentioned

@nakedbeautyplanet where you can find a lot of my natural beauty recipes

More info on Lotte’s latest show: How Do You Feel About Lying?

Shy Girl, the artist she collaborated with

Kelis - Caught Out There (Iconic)

111 Cryo where Lotte tried Cryotherapy

REN Rose Body Oil

Women’s Balance Essential Oil Blend from Neal Yard

Aesop Facial Toner

Chanel beauty compact cream essential palette (comes in a range of 6 shades)

Dazed Beauty on IG - Constructed beauty at work

The Cleremont twins - for anyone unfamiliar


Follow Lotte:


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Nov 07, 2018
From the Bronx to Paris Ft Annya Santana

Annya Santana, who grew up in the Bronx and was born in the Dominican Republic, bought a one way ticket to Paris 4 years ago after heartbreak and started her clean beauty line Menos Mas (which means Less is More). Before finding herself in Paris, we talk about her experience growing up in NY and working in the early days of streetwear after finding herself in fashion PR. She explains that Paris is surprisingly afro-centric and we discuss the benefits of letting the day unfold — the Parisian way. We get into the moment the Bronx seems to be having (from Cardi B, to the Bodega Boys) and how people of color are now taking ownership for their contributions to culture.

Annya is majorly into health and fitness — an awakening that happened over time. She tells me about how she changed her entire approach to eating (first to clear her skin) but then realized how much better she felt after eating clean. In addition to fixing her skin issues, her cleanse eased the pain of menstrual cramps. We also get into: running the NY Marathon, wellness for free, creating her dual-gender, all-natural skincare, her Mom’s DIY remedies inspiring her, making hand cream for her Dad, acne scarring, changing your face via FaceTune, stretch marks, moisturizing as meditation, hormones, acupuncture, Dominican salons and embracing her natural hair texture, the body pos movement and its implications & much more!

Products/Things Mentioned:

Annya’s amazing line Menos Mas:

The China Project — the book that opened Annya’s eyes to the dangers of processed foods:

Superfood Probiotic Powders - she put a scoop of this in her water every day & treated her acne in a month

Vitamin E oil - also used to naturally heal her acne

Pink Cream from Dr. Jart Annya uses as Essence

My essence from Tatcha - I actually really like this product

Royal Jelly Menos Mas for scarring

Learn more about microblading:

Where I got my Miicroblading done in NY (highly recommend):

Bantu Knot Out how I sleep with my natural hair

Pineapple Method how Annya sleeps with her natural hair

Ashley Graham Weight Loss Backlash

Oct 14, 2018
Style, Music & Beauty Ft Saidah Blount

“Creativity and being around creative people has been my drive” — my amazing guest Saidah Blount, on her career journey and finding herself in music where she always wanted to be :) 

Saidah tells me about moving to NYC in the 90s and making a career out of seeing bands. Originally from Kansas City, we talk about how she grew up and her early memories of visiting the Clinique counter for makeovers. We ponder whether or not artists of today have the same knack for style that musicians used to but we both think Rihanna, The Migos & Miguel are doing interesting things. We get into hair dye, expensive deep conditioning masks we enjoy wasting money on, the magic of a good skincare routine, whether or not vitamins really do anything, how working out and knowing her own personal strength can change everything, and how the right lipstick can be a form of personal empowerment. 


Follow @nakedbeautyplanet on Instagram for all things beauty & join the #nakedbeautypodcast community :) 

Follow Saidah on IG: @SaidahB TW @Saibellanyc


Products & Things Mentioned

Illeisha who did my color I mention in the intro: @thehairartiste

Siouxsie Sioux - the artist with the distinctive eyeliner look that inspired Saidah

Aztec clay to cleanse skin 

Biologique P50 < apparently worth all the hype

Tumeric mask for hyper pigmentation

Evening primrose oil from Mountain Rose Herbs 

Shu Emura Deep Conditioner 

Queen Helene Cholesterol deep conditioner - a classic

Shea Moisture Strengthening Mask - one of my fave deep conditioners & not too expensive

Morrocan Oil Deep Conditioner

Scalp Massager from Amazon I use 2x a month to stimulate hair follicles

The Buffet Serum from the Ordinary 

Moisturizer with sunscreen Saidah loves

Heyday - Saidah’s go-to facial spot in NY

The impact of sun (image to scare you straight into wearing SPF)

Rihanna RiriWoo - her ultimate red (sorry sold-out) 

BITE in soho where you can create your own lipstick 

L’Oreal boy brow dupe 

Fenty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Foundation

Youtube from dermatologists she loves (Dr.Dray)


Stay in touch! I'm

Sep 25, 2018
Shea Butter & Therapy Ft Abena Boamah

“Sometimes therapy can be a lot…you’re unpacking things you didn’t even know were there. Therapy allowed me to realize how my anxieties were manifesting and also to realize that I have the authority and I’m worthy of not being in this space at all times. Sometimes when you’re an anxious person or you’re depressed you think….'this is how it ishis is always going to be how it is and I just have to work in this bubble of anxiety or sadness'….but now I have different tools to move out of it.” - my guest incredible guest Abena, on her experience with therapy

Abena Boamah M.Ed, creator of Hanahana beauty, is on a mission to disrupt the global beauty industry. I’m amazed by Abena’s boldness, point of view and ambition — all while remaining entirely down to earth & SO FUN! Abena is committed to creating transparency, accessibility and sustainability with her 100% handcrafted shea butter sourced from the Katariga Women's Cooperative in Tamale, Ghana. She describes growing up in a Ghanian household in the suburbs of Ohio, teaching on the westside of Chicago and being a Pisces. She convinces me to open my mind to therapy (and makes a very compelling case I want everyone to hear)! 

Other topics discussed: 

-dancing to shake it off hitting a whine to get a workout 

-Adding dried lavender and rosemary to joints (THAT YOU CAN SMOKE - who knew?)

-Marijuana shaming 

-Beyonce inspiring us to be our best selves


-Choosing celibacy 

& more! 

Products & Things Mentioned

Shea Balm from Hanahana — Abena’s Go-To for Lips

Glossier Lip Gloss for Extra-shiny lips

Apple Cider Vinegar to clarify hair

Peppermint, Hemp & Jojoba Oil to massage her edges where she experienced alopecia

Her stylist Caprice

Follow Abena on Instagram:

Learn more about Hanahana Beauty & Their Mission:

Shop Hanahana Products:

Stay in touch & join the community @nakedbeautyplanet 

Reach me @brookedevard

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Sep 14, 2018
Is 29 The Perfect Age? Probably Not Ft. Rachel Goldman

29 probably isn't the perfect age but we explore...Rachel, my long-time friend a former Soul Cycle instructor, and I discuss things we've mastered by 29: feeding ourselves, prioritizing the morning, learning about fragrance, how to shave our legs, dressing for the occasion, what beauty treatments are worth splurging it, office makeup etc. And then there are the things we haven’t mastered: ironing boards, washing instructions, the color wheel, when to get rid of old clothes, how to wrap a present, etc.

We discuss hormones and facial hair, cosmetic surgery on the eve of our 30s, lip fillers for Rachel’s LA life, and her experience going from being a soul cycle instructor to doing absolutely nothing – she shares what changed & what stayed absolutely the same (very surprising insights here on what sweating does for skin). Rachel is so much fun, you guys will love this episode (slightly NSFW towards the end) Enjoy!

Products/Resources Mentioned

Guardian article on being 29: here

To learn about fragrances: base notes lucky scent 

Truth about nail salons in NYC: via the NyTimes

Ayurvedic Facial in NYC: Pratima

Sephora Facial Machine 

Korean Nose Strips - use at your own risk

Marie Kondo to learn how to pack

Poshmark to sell clothes

Selling to The RealReal 

Makeup Brush Cleaner

First Aid Moisturizer 

Maybeline Full N Soft the mascara Rachel has sworn by her whole life 

Telescopic Lancome Mascara

Drybar Dry Shampoo - great volume but according to Rachel also makes hair look like you dandruff so you need to wash out

Ouia products for hair (wave spray, volumizing spray, hair oil) - amazing smell Rachel loves 


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Sep 04, 2018
Natural Childbirth, Locs & The Creative Process Ft. A-lan Holt

“I feel like it is the root of my work to create opportunities for women who look different” — my amazing guest, A-Lan Holt

A-lan is a filmmaker, writer, all around creator, mother and dear friend. You guys are in for a treat with this episode because A-lan is thinking through her experience as a woman and a creative on a higher level than most — but also doing so in a totally humble, down-to-earth, lovable way

She is Stanford’s Interim Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity in the Arts and so we talk about how she’s able to create institutional change with her role. A-lan explains the beauty lessons she inherited growing up in LA — from her Aunt who wore sisterlocs and Grandma who was a ‘silver fox’.We talk about her experience as a curvy woman, her self-confidence, and how she thinks about perception and representation when she’s casting roles for her film projects. 

The part of the conversation that really blew my mind: A-lan’s experience with natural childbirth and why she decided to opt-out of the hospital/ ‘business of birth’ to bring her daughter into the world. She was a young mother and she goes into how that impacted her experience of pregnancy too. We also talk about what actually goes down post-birth and alllll the things they don’t quite tell you. 

Best quote: "The best way I can describe giving birth without drugs, is like being on shrooms kind of. It’s very much like this trip. Your body at different moments during the pregnancy releases different chemicals, in your brain and in your body, that support you on this journey, and it feels like you’re literally having a trip” >>> mind.blown. 

So much packed into this beautiful hour but here are some of the things we cover:

  • Thickness & if there’s a right way to be curvy
  • Her experience growing locs & how wrapping her hair cost her a job 
  • Our Stanford experience 
  • How she’s thinking about the visual representation of women during her creative process
  • The natural beauty look and clear skin privilege 
  • Aztec clay & oil cleansing 
  • Essential oils 
  • Sephora getting more into natural makeup 
  • The time and money women invest in beauty & choosing not to invest 
  • The impact of nature on your psyche & living in the wilderness


Products/Things Discussed: 

A-lan’s Short Film Inamorata:

Sabina Karllsson who stars in the film:

The Thicc Gram (IG account dedicated to curvy women):

The Brooklyn Birthing Center where she did her natural childbirth:

The Business of Being Born documentary: (also on Netflix)

Hard Knock Wife — hysterical stand-up comedy from my girl Ali Wong on the post-birth experience

Guide to oil cleansing:

Hazelnut Oil (A-lan’s oil of choice for cleansing):

Random Acts of Flyness (new HBO show A-lan recommended):

Aztec Clay for a... For information regarding your data privacy, visit

Aug 23, 2018
The Big Chop, Solo Travel & Positive Affirmations Ft. Tam Watkins

I’m joined by Tam Watkins, founder of Loza Tam, where she’s been creating beautiful satin-lined turbans and headbands for the past two years. Before becoming the entrepreneur she is today, Tam was growing up in rural Florida or as she calls it ‘Trump Country’ and talks to me about that experience & growing up with a black Republican parent & Grandparent (rare indeed)! One of the things I love about Tam is her passion for travel and learning other cultures… she shares how the idea to create Loza Tam came to her in a yoga class & how that idea led her to Ghana where she now produces her product. 

We talk about her ‘Britney Spears’ moment when she cut off all her hair because it became too matted while transitioning, feeling boyish post big-chop & how one kindergarten boy made her cry. She tells me about the positive affirmations she practices each day: “I am loved”, “I have marketable skills”, etc. and how that’s changed her outlook. We discuss social media & mental health but also have to acknowledge how much YouTube helped us in our natural journey! We also cover Botox as a preventative measure, pedicures being more mandatory than manicures, Tristian Walker and her experience working on Bevel and Form, Turkish women’s approach to beauty, traveling solo and her experience in China, the importance of reading reviews, wig life and we bond over our love of Wendy Williams. 

Our Fave YouTube Channels for Natural Hair Tutorials:

Kimmay Tube < super thorough scientific approach 

Naptural85 by Whitney (arguably the natural hair YT GOAT)

The OG Cherry Lola Treatment

Products/Things Mentioned:

Watch Tam’s fave show African City (described as the African Sex & The City): 

Acure- natural skincare products with proven results

R+CO Cleansing Conditioner for a product that never dries out hair but it still feels cleansed

— Fenty Beauty Everything Really but these are Standouts — 

Universal Gloss Bomb - best lipgloss of all time & looks great on everyone

Gold Highlighter - Killiwat/Trophy Wife

New Fenty Silver Highlighter Review

Heat Free Hair Clip-ins

Kinky straight half wig can be found HERE

Lancome Teint Indole 24 Hour Long Wear Foundation HERE

Get Yourself Some Loza Tam Products!

I love my turban <3

Free shipping on your first purchase (no minimum) when you enter promo code "NAKED" or just go to

Join the #nakedbeautypodcast community://

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Aug 07, 2018
Beauty Secrets Vol 6:Ayurvedic Beauty,Your Dosha & Ojas

I’ve been spending time learning about Ayurvedic Beauty — an ancient Indian approach to wellness and beauty that I’ve really connected with. Everything in Ayurveda comes back to your specific dosha type. The three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha and they’re each associated with different energies which I go through in this episode. 

I also share some knowledge on maintaining Ojas. In Ayurveda, Ojas is believed to be responsible for vitality, strength, health, long life, immunity and mental/emotional wellness. 

Thank you to everyone who’s subscribed, rated and reviewed the #nakedbeautypodcast. I truly appreciate the support!

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Products/Things Mentioned on the Episode:

Best book I’ve read on Ayurvedic Beauty:

Ayurvedic Beauty Care: Ageless Techniques to Invoke Natural Beauty by Melanie Sachs

Online quiz to find your Dosha type:

Resource for Ayurvedic Recipes:

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Jul 27, 2018
Baby Hairs & Mental Health Ft. Crystal Anderson

Easily one of the most stylish women in NY — Crystal Anderson is a grounded, deep thinker but she also doesn’t believe in taking yourself too seriously which I LOVE. She has practical tips about mental health & truly expresses herself through her unique personal style. She’s currently Man Repeller’s COO (chief operations officer) and before joining MR, she launched Refinery 29’s insanely popular experiential event 29Rooms.

Crystal’s style ethos: “Getting dressed is an intentional thing that you have to do each day. But it’s for you. It’s not something for work or something you have to do with your partner — it’s just for you”Listen to hear us discuss:

- Not taking yourself too seriously when it comes to self-presentation

- How to maintain sanity in today’s crazy news cycle

- Seeing herself in Leandra Medine’s content for ManRepeller and embracing an anti-sexy/anti-approval aesthetic

- Her experience at Howard University and HBCU fashions

- Growing up mixed race and what her Italian father taught her and her siblings about how they’ll be perceived

- Coping with OCD and nurturing her Mental Health

- Dealing with panic attacks and having perspective about taking medication and getting therapy

- Sad desk lunches

- Why she loves the dewy look & clumpy mascara

- Baby hairs & why black women can’t seem to have ANYTHING of our own

- White women in braids

- Is Kim Kardashian the ultimate troll? Taylor Swift for that matter too…

- Wig Culture & Tokyo Stylez

- Why crystal wants to be Lukka Sabbat and Yara Shahidi’s aunty

- Crystal’s skincare routine (I was shocked to hear her age!)

- Her 18 tattoos & her approach to getting tatted

- Weight loss and macro nutrient tracking …….. & more!

Products & Things Mentioned:

Read about Crystal’s awesome job at Man Repeller:

Her experience at an in-patient mental health facility & what she’s learned: Where to buy Marula Oil:

If you’re dying for the $80 Version of Marula Oil:

Drunk Elephant PolyPeptide Lotion:

Argan Oil:

Milk Make-Up Facegloss for the dewy look: MAC

Mineralize SkinFinish the bronzer she keeps coming back to:

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pads (lots of chemicals, they kind of sting but in the best way possible):

Camille Rose Naturals (great products for natural hair):

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Milk for those edges: Shea Moisture Body Oil:

Strong Mom’s Instagram that helped Crystal on her weightless journey:

Gucci Bloom for when she’s feeling ‘ladylike’:

Palo Santo Oil (we’re both obsessed with this):

Follow Crystal on IG:

Follow Naked Beauty Planet on IG:

Sponsor Love: Curology, incredible customized skincare with a special offer for Naked Beauty listeners with the link: to get your 1st month free today, just pay $4.95 shipping Rate & review the show if you love it so other likeminded listeners can discover the #nakedbeautypodcast:

This episode was mixed by Laila Oweda

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Jul 11, 2018
K-Beauty, Natural Hair & Beauty Editor Ethics Ft. Siraad Dirshe

This goes out to the true beauty junkies! Siraad is a girl with a 10-step beauty routine, who lives for Korean skincare and travels with her own silk pillow-case. She’s currently a beauty editor at Essence and she has incredible product knowledge but what I find even more impressive — her general attitude and approach towards beauty. She’s really inspired me to try new things!

We talk:

- how she graduated with a psychology and communications degree, worked in finance and then found herself transitioning to a new career in beauty at 28

- Korean skin-care & our desire to move to Japan and be teenagers

- The SWAGGER level in Korea & Japan & surprising level of black culture love

- Working with women of color

-Brands that don’t understand the Essence reader

- The ethics of being a beauty editor

- Me being a kitchen beautician

- Her natural hair journey

- maximum hydration method (not sustainable)

- the silk pillowcase & throwback memories to dominican hairdressers heating your hair

- Stanning for Pat McGrath - Dying natural hair & hair shaming in the natural hair community

- Oil cleanses & I finally learn what essences are (they’re huge in K-Beauty so they’ll get popular in the US in 6 months to a year)

- Sunscreens and eye creams & much much more

Products Mentioned:

Tatcha Camilla Oil


Powder Cleanser (Siraad recommends for traveling):

Tatcha Rice Powder Cleanser -

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser -

P50 Biologique, Pricey but she swears by it -

Cure Gel - cult exfoliating product I recommend -

Koh Gen Do Essence - Japanese Essence (one step before primer) Ole Hendrickson Vitamin C serum, great for hyper-pigmentation

SuperBerry Hydrate & Glow Oil by Youth to the People, her final step in her nightly skincare routine

Glossier Sunscreen -

Kjaer Weis Dazzling Bronzer -

Artis brushes, she says they’re good but she applies stuff by hand

AmiKa hair curl defining cream and gel combo -

Oribe everything -

If you want to go deeper - check out benefits of water filters for showers:

—— Shoutout to the sponsor Curology, incredible customized skincare with a special offer for Naked Beauty listeners with the link: to get your 1st month free, just pay $4.95 shipping)

Join the Instagram Community: @NAKEDBEAUTYPLANET

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& check out her writing: ********

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Jun 29, 2018
Serving Authenticity Ft. Angelica Torres

“I’ve always known that I was a female. Folks always ask ‘how did you know?’ It just was. It just is.” — Angelica Torres, NYC-native, lover of bathtubs and glitter, speaking about her experience being assigned the wrong gender at birth.

We cover SO much in this episode so I’ve provided topics and time-codes below. Angelica, so much love to you for sharing your story! Also thank you to everyone who has joined NakedBeautyPlanet on Instagram, love meeting you all.

Episode notes below: From Cardi B to Nicki Minaj and Azalea Banks, why we pit women against each other (4:30) Identifying as a trans woman at work (6:45) Dealing with suicide, depression and anxiety — issues that disproportionately impact the trans community (8:20) Being outed at work in her first corporate job (10:25) That time she was on Oprah (11:44) …but it didn’t go so well.

How she was misgendered on national television (13:45) Her experience going to Harvey Milk high school after a suicide attempt at 13 (16:35) How she knew she was a female (19:10) The fact that there’s no right or wrong way to disclose being trans when dating (25:00) That time she was on ANTM (28:47) Being taught straight hair is better & the baffling concept of colorism (shoutout to Nyma Tang) (31:00)

*Short ad break* (37:20) (shoutout to the sponsor Curology, incredible customized skincare with a special offer for Naked Beauty listeners with the link: to get your 1st month free today, just pay $4.95 shipping )

RuPaul’s problematic comments on trans women on Drag Race & trans women being discriminated against (39:20) Why the T doesn’t really belong in LGBT & transphobia within the community (41) How angelica handles people asking inappropriate questions about surgery (44) All of her favorite beauty products (see below, 47:11) When she feels most beautiful (58:15)

Angelica’s Beauty Must-Haves:

MACs Liquidlast Liner - a liner that stays forever and gives you the perfect early-Christina Aguilera line

Clinique Stay Matte Hydrator - great for oily skin & Angelica uses as a primer

Clinique Happy - Fresh & Citrusy fragrance

Boscia Aluminizing black mask that takes out all skin impurities

FRED.NYC (192 Orchard Street)

Lush Secret Arts Jelly Bomb - Charcoal moisturizing bath bomb

Glamglow Glitter Mask Firming Treatment

Join the Instagram Community for Naked Beauty: @nakedbeautyplanet

Links to things discussed:

An incredible resource for homeless LGBTQ youth

That time Tyra Banks revealed her real hair on her talk show lol

Podcast by Diamond Stylez: Marsha’s Plate: Black Trans Talk:

Nyma Tang beauty Influencer with an incredible YouTube channel:

Kevin Aucoin - the LEGEND

Learn more about Sylvia Rivera

Marsha P Johnson

If you are having thoughts of suicide, please know that you are not alone. If you are in danger of acting on suicidal thoughts, call 911. For support and resources, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741 for the Crisis Text Line.

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Jun 14, 2018
Left Overs| Sugar Addiction is Real! Ft. Kate Seward

Quick plug: join the #nakedbeautypodcast community on Instagram: @NAKEDBEAUTYPLANET

****** Ok so today’s leftover’s episode is from my talk with the amazing Kate Seward. In our full episode which you should definitely hear ( we speak about her experience with addiction and substance abuse…which brought up this discussion around SUGAR ADDICTION - which is a very really thing that I’m currently working through.

Links Below:

- Proof the sugar is the worst thing ever:

- Alternatives to sugary dessert: my go-to is tea! I love David’s Tea: (forever nuts and jasmine creme brûlée are my faves)

- Brain over Binge Podcast:

- The new electric toothbrush of my dreams:

Follow Kate’s awesome Instagram:

Follow Me:

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Jun 07, 2018
Owning It Ft. Jacquelyn DeJesu of SHHHOWERCAP

“I want to be the beacon of hope for every woman who wants to put an idea out in the world.” - my guest Jacquelyn De Jesu, the CEO, founder and creative director of Shhhowercap

I left this conversation feeling so inspired! Jackie is just the best and I feel so lucky I was able to grab her for some time on the #nakedbeautypodcast. Before becoming the wildly successful entrepreneur she is today – Jackie, the product of two creative parents (a hairdresser & set-designer), was growing up in Baldwin, Long Island. We talk about the trends of yore she embraced in her youth: Solo pants (remember these?!), chunky highlights, French tip acrylics & fake tans. Jackie received attention at an early age when she developed earlier than her peers but she embraced her newfound curves and it allowed her to understand the power of female sexuality early on. We discuss the importance of the body pos movement, diversity in advertising and how she’s been able to create an inspiring culture for her company and her team. She explains how she knew corporate America wasn’t for her long-term and we discuss using your talents for your own brand vs creating for someone else. But she also keeps it real about what’s required to run a successful company. Balls drop and self-sacrifice is real -- but she was willing to deprioritize herself to see crazy growth early on.

We talk about the French approach to family and having a healthy marriage (her husband is also a creative and 100% supportive of her girlboss moves), and the importance of a good support system. Jackie explains that if you create a great brand, you will get funding and she believes in the power of design to create big business.

Jackie loves:

Having a personal trainer (an indulgence that makes a big difference) She will happily spend money on Sakara (100% plant-based organic meals)

Kristen Noel crawley Eyemasks (to brighten, moisturize & lift your under-eye area)

Credo Beauty Vital Foaming Cleanser

Rosebud Salve

Nars Schiap Semi Matte Lip (she feels naked without a lip) *** Make sure to follow Jackie on Instagram (she’s amazing):

And obviously get yourself and everyone you care about a Shhhowercap:

*** SO SO excited about the NAKEDBEAUTYPLANET community on Instagram! I’m sharing lots of my DIY beauty recipes, make-up inspo, and of course all things #nakedbeautypodcast Follow >>

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May 31, 2018
Leftovers| Being Yourself While Dating Ft. Lindsey Metselaar

When do you reveal your true self when dating? Listen for some leftovers from my chat with Lindsey Metselaar where we discuss how to use positive reinforcement to get what you want while dating, sharing the less likable aspects of your personality early on, and how to handle double dates. EXCITING NEWS: I started an Instagram account just for this show. Join the community @NAKEDBEAUTYPLANET: Listen to my full episode with Lindsey here: Check out her podcast: Music by Jay Killa: SUDIO headphones: ** CODE: NAKEDBEAUTY FOR 15% OFF ANY PURCHASE**

This episode was mixed by Laila Oweda

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May 25, 2018
A Hippie with Edge Ft. Kate Seward

“I know that if I had kept drinking and doing drugs the way that I was, I would have died. There wasn’t really another option.” — Kate on her decision to get sober

On this episode of the #nakedbeautypodcast I’m joined by Kate — writer and lover of all things wellness. We discuss this universal phenomenon of women constantly thinking about their hair…. what to do with it, to dye or not to dye, etc. - why is it constantly on our minds? Kate gives me insight into going platinum blonde & I get her thoughts re: as a white woman how much she worries about cultural appropriation... We talk about a summer in the South of France breeding insecurity, going on her first diet at 10, and her super-chic Mom practicing ‘radical candor’ way before it was fashionable. Kate, who’s now 11 years sober, talks about the 12-step program and embracing the practice. Also stay tuned for a hilarious take on why my question ‘when do you feel most beautiful?’ is so hard to answer (54:15)

Follow Kate/ DM her to chat:

Stay in touch with me: Join the community on Instagram @Nakedbeautyplanet

Products/Things Mentioned:

Drinking a Love Story by Caroline Knapp

Cat Marnell’s Amphetamine Logic

Angel Wash by Kevin Murphy

Collagen Powder for added protein with your morning coffee

Sakura Life Chocolate Collagen

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May 08, 2018
Beauty Secrets Vol. 5: Beauty Lessons from Beyoncé

The four beauty lessons we can all learn from QueenB. From her vegan diet, to her flawless skin to her always-on point looks.

Check out these amazing episodes breaking down Beyonce’s historical Coachella performance:

NYTimes Still Processing: ‘We Talk Beychella’

The Read ‘Beychella”:


Beyonce Slaying Basics Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

I tracked down the shorts she wore for her Coachella Set: < not brave enough for these

My fave brands for basic leotards/tees:

$: (Naked Wardrobe)

$$: (Re-Done)

$$$: (Wolford)


Best dance classes in NYC:

Teyana Taylor’s Fade to Fit Program:


Rhassoul Clay for DIY face masks:

Great Guide on Making your own facial oil:


Highlight colors I try & where I order Crochet Hair: I like to mix 1B with colors 27 and 30 for highlights and for a more textured look:

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Apr 27, 2018
Leftovers|The Rise of the Social Media Fembot Ft. Recho Omondi

Bonus! Recho and I discuss how new technologies, that seem harmless, are shaping gender perceptions in dangerous ways. Subscribe to the show and please rate and review if you have a moment:

Read the full story by Amanda Hess via the New York Times:

Ceck Out Lil Miquela - a virtual influencer *a-must-see*

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Also, check out our site for more video content:

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Apr 20, 2018
Don't Contour Before Your Date Ft. Lindsey Metselaar

“My exes have really hot exes. And I need them to be hot.”— today’s guest Lindsey Metselaar Lindsey, who also hosts her own fab podcast — We Met at Acme, a show about millennial dating in NYC, had a lot to say & strong opinions that kept me cracking up the entire time.

Lindsey shares how she felt about herself growing up, being the ‘elephant in the room’ in high school and curly-hair shame. I ask her if she really eats everything posted on @dontexpectsalads and we talk about a misguided anorexia intervention from well-meaning friends (she does eat for the record). We discuss dating apps Hinge and Raya, how Lindsey gets ready for dates and how men don’t really understand how much make-up goes into the ‘no-make-up look’. We cover Brazilian waxes vs landing strips and why guys get away with having ‘full bushes’. Lindsey describes her ideal woman, why she prefers her exes to have hot exes, her thoughts on lip injections, thick eyebrows, nose jobs in the Jewish community and love for dry shampoo.

******* Follow Lindsey

Follow We Met at Acme on IG:

Hear me discuss my dating years & the Rules on We Met at Acme:

Learn more about her show:

Products Mentioned

Glossier Tinted Moisturizer

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Soft shirts from ATM for Lindsey’s go-to first date look

Oribe Hair products

Dry Shampoo from Dry Bar

Book She’s Loving - I Like You Just the Way I Am

Glam Squad to find a make-up artist

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Apr 13, 2018
Vintage Black Glamour Ft. Nichelle Gainer

I’m joined by Vintage Black Glamour author, the fabulous Nichelle Gainer — a self-described “black history encyclopedia”.

We discuss how what started out as a research project for a novel inspired by her great aunt, Mildred Taylor, a model in the 1950s evolved into the Vintage Black Glamour Tumblr site in 2011. I learn about the history of black beauty pageants, the ‘Four Goddesses’: Josephine Baker, Lena Horne, Dorthy Dandridge and Ertha Kitt and why they’ve been able to maintain icon status decades later. We talk about the “It Girls” of the Harlem Renaissance like A’Lelia Walker and Blanche Dunne, roles black actresses have had to take in Hollywood, and the importance of keeping these stories alive for future generations. Nichelle tells me about growing up in South Jersey in the 70s and 80s and why when it comes to her hair — you get what you pay for. Links below for deeper dives on all the people we discusses together.

Nichelle’s Wonderful Books that I Can’t Recommend Enough: (Vintage Black Glamour) (Gentleman’s Quarters) Get Familiar with the Four Goddesses (Rare Photos) Josephine Baker Lena Horne Dorothy Dandridge Eartha Kitt


Key Figures of the Harlem Renaissance (1920s-30s)

James Van Der Zee — photographer of the Harlem Renaissance

Carl Van Vechten — another key photographer and author of the Harlem Renaissance, he was German and slightly controversial

Blanche Dunne — socialite and actress known as one of the most beautiful and fashionable women of the Renaissance

Madame CJ Walker — entrepreneur, first Black Woman to become a millionaire

A’Lelia Walker—Madame CJ Walker’s daughter, patron of the arts & hostess of infamous bathtub gin parties

Other People Mentioned Diahann Carol — actress

Katherine Dunham — dancer, activist

Carmen de Lavallade— dancer, choreographer

Cicely Tyson — one of the few actresses of her time who sported natural hair looks

Donyale Luna — First black model to be on a Vogue cover, she had a wild life

Edward Enninful — First and current EIC of British Vogue

Fredi Washington

Resources/Books/Videos Mentioned

Schomburg Research Center (in Harlem with online archives)

On Her Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C.J. Walker (written by her great-granddaughter)

Black and Beautiful (Book on Black Models)

Lena Horne on Dick Cavett

Hair Khamit Kinks — Where Nichelle gets her ‘baby curl twists’


This episode was mixed by Laila Oweda

Music "In the Garden" by Jason Minnis aka Classicbeatz 

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Apr 12, 2018
Do More With Less Ft. Mekdela Maskal

“It’s realizing how much you don’t need and seeing how much we are brainwashed to think that what makes us happy is being able to buy something. Letting that go is really freeing…not having this attachment to material objects as a measure of happiness.” — My guest, Mekdela Maskal

Mekdela is a media activist, living in Brooklyn, and fellow nature-lover with amazing style and beautiful natural hair. We go deep on her routine for the ideal wash day — from coconut oil pre-poo treatments to long finger-detangling sessions in the shower. I learn about what beauty wisdom she’s taken in from her Ethiopian parents and what the popular styles and approaches to beauty are in Ethiopia. Mekdela talks to me about what natural oils she loves, her yoga practice, how intentionally sweating is key for her skincare routine and gives me some INCREDIBLE make-up tips like using lipstick as eyeshadow (why haven’t I ever thought of this?!) .

We also get into the commercialization of the feminist movement and her issues with the way diversity and inclusion is used as a marketing tactic, how she developed her personal style and why she feels most beautiful surrounded by nature.

Follow Mekdela on Instagram:

Follow @NakedBeautyPlanet

Some Faves Mentioned in the Episode:

Outdoor Voices leggings

Coconut & Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner and Curling Cream from Shea Moisture

Everyday Oil - mixture of different essential oils Mekdela loves

Sacred Yoga Studio in Brooklyn

Arkins - sustainable women’s wear line

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Mar 27, 2018
Survival of the Fittest Ft. Recho Omondi

“Here I am running my own business which literally means — I’m making up all of this shit as I go. I’m not any particular genius” - Recho Omondi…… but low-key (IMHO) Recho is a genius Designer, friend and deep-thinker, Recho, returns to Naked Beauty! We talk about her now iconic n*ggas sweatshirt and how it found its way on to Issa Rae’s Insecure, why the timeline is the new runway, how the fashion cycle is constantly persuading us to consume and its subsequent impact on the environment. Recho has received a lot of press (hey Teen Vogue!), but she’s not buying into the hype — she talks about the difference between press coverage and industry success.

We also get into: - How she handles stress when everything feels like it’s falling apart but you also have a business to run (:16)

- Getting back into ballet & the “leave it at the bar” mentality (:21)

- Using heartbreak to create something magical & how the 90s classic “Great Expectations” inspired her latest collection (:28)

- How my Sudio wireless headphones (hey first sponsor!) have changed the game (33:45)

- The trends I’m really over, what I’m loving & getting into the sweatpants look(:35)

- Fragrance obsessions Le Labo, Tom Ford and Byredo (:38)

- Roll-on body glitter, YM & Limited Too Nostalgia & what the youth are missing out on being in this digital vortex(:49:35)

- Is this new generation ‘fake-woke’? Recho thinks so! They shave their heads but not their underarms…. (:52)

- Balancing the toxic and natural elements of a beauty routine (55:30)

- A VERY HOT TAKE ON BLACK PANTHER (:58:20) — don’t worry she still loved it

- That tine Mira Duma used the n-word on Instagram but how it’s even deeper than that (1:05)

- The thought-process behind posting a FIRE selfie (1:10)

Links: Follow Recho:

Follow Omondi: Shop Omondi:

Recho’s Teen Vogue Story:

Sudio Headphones:

The Scents We Love: - Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille - Le Labo Santal 33 - Tom Ford White Suede - Byredo B’Al Dafrique

Also check out Lucky Scent to try samples:

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Mar 16, 2018
Self-Care Isn’t an Excuse Ft. Darian Symone

Digital consultant working with brands like Glossier and Into the Gloss, podcaster, news curator and passionate self-starter who’s dedicated to skincare, Darian Symone, joins me on this episode of the #nakedbeautypodcast.

We discuss moving from NY to LA, interning at Beyonce’s Parkwood, why she loves Melina Matsoukas, and the platform she’s created with her podcast, ‘Am I Allowed To Like Anything’. Darian’s skincare routine is VERY THOROUGH and involves using acids for exfoliation, controlling oil on her t-zone, minimizing her pores and finding the perfect SPF. She also lets me in on all of her haircare secrets for the perfect weave and explains the importance of finding a great stylist and buying quality hair. Growing up as the only girl of color in her class in Buffalo, NY, Darian explains how this influenced her world view. We talk about ‘white feminism’, the Women’s March (which we both didn’t attend) and dissect some of the reasons why.

Darian explains “I’m really careful not to use self-care as an excuse for the things I’m just afraid to do”, a warning we should all take into consideration because it’s just too easy to neglect responsibilities in the name of ‘self-care’. Lots of fun discussion on the highlighter trend going too far, breast reductions and why we stan for SZA and Princess Nokia.

Products/Stories/Resources Mentioned:

Essence Story on Our Beauty Resolutions:

Oil Cleansing via Minimalist Beauty

Darian’s Podcast Am I Allowed To Like Anything:

Murad Sunscreen (one of my faves)

Chantecaille Sunscreen (expensive but worth it)

Darian’s Skincare Faves: Erno Lazlo Light Controlling Lotion

Glossier Primer

Caudelie Overnight Detox Night Oil

Beauty Pie - How she shops for her products (*genius*)

Darian’s Hair Faves: Jhavuanna Moody

Indique Hair (for the perfect weave/blend situation)

Pravana treatment (semi-permanent smoothing treatment) F

ollow Darian @

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Feb 13, 2018
Beauty Secrets Vol. 4: Clear Your Beauty Clutter

We all want Into the Gloss & Pinterest-worthy beauty shelves. It’s CRITICAL that you organize your beauty space for the ultimate self-care practice. In this episode, I share my 5 essential steps to clearing beauty clutter — a process that I’m currently undergoing & not quite sure why I waited so long to do bc the results….*life-changing*

STEP 1: EVALUATE & TOSS OR FIND ANOTHER USE FOR IT - With a little help from Japanese organization expert and best-selling author Marie Kondo, I encourage you to go through all of your products and ask “Does this spark joy?” if not toss it or find another use for it (some good tips for repurposing products)

STEP 2: ORGANIZE YOUR MAKE-UP BY FREQUENCY OF USE - Now that you only have the things you love, organize your products by how often you use them

STEP 3: TRY TO FINISH WHAT YOU HAVE BEFORE YOU BUY - Make it your mission to finish products before you get new ones and join me in my pledge to STOP buying lipgloss

STEP 4: BUY SMARTER - Always sample before you buy, Sephora will forever have my heart bc you can return everything - NEVER buy foundation without testing for a full day and the same goes for fragrance

STEP 5: MAKE STORAGE CHIC - I use empty candle holders or mason jars to store my brushes and pencils

Products/Resources Mentioned In this Episode:

Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Book by Marie Kondo)

Make-up brush cleaner (So you can keep your brushes pristine)

Poshmark (To sell your unwanted make-up)

Lucky Scent (If you want to try fragrance before you buy)

Make-up Travel Bags Bad & Boujee Option:

More Sensible Options from Ricky’s:

Other Things

We Met at Acme ft. Brooke DeVard Inspiration For Your Best Beauty Space Ever Stay in touch

ALSO, I just launched my site :) check-it out to see more of my guests, videos and about the show:

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Jan 29, 2018
Island Gal Vibes Ft. Eniye Kagbala

“Caribbean women are just something else” - my guest, dear friend, and artist, Eniye Kagbala aka 333niye on the unrivaled confidence of Caribbean women.

We met online years ago, spent time together in London (going to fashion week & doing the most) but Eniye hails from St.Vincent. Since moving back to to the island from London, she’s learning to be grateful for life in paradise and “just LIVE” rather than chase. We talk about what makes quintessential island girl style — which she believes is about throwing on whatever is comfortable and not overthinking your look. We discuss buying hair on AliExpress, the importance of reading reviews before you buy and how to preserve braids. Eniye has dyed her hair AND brows at home with bleach for a very striking signature look.

We talk about how her hair journey began in Nigeria, why she loves Gwen Stefani, Tom Ford and Alaia and how she approaches her music and the creative process. Eniye believes life is about perfecting the art of living and that we’re all on non-linear paths.

Products/ Sites/Books Mentioned

Shala Monroque (all over my pinterest page and our shared style crush)

Ali Express Kinky Curly Ombre Hair (best hair for beach life according to Eniye)

In Search of Wisdom One Philosophers Journey (book she's loving)

Get more Eniye in your life:

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Jan 11, 2018
Celibate, Sober & Fasting Ft. Danielle Prescod

BET Style editor, Danielle Prescod, and I talk through A LOT in this last episode of 2017. Danielle doesn’t drink, “doesn’t enjoy food like that” AND she’s celibate — clearly, she’s got some super-human willpower.

We discuss Meghan Markle, what working in fashion does to your closet, what therapy has done for her, dating in NYC, and how Danielle balances her work & downtime even though she’s a self-described ‘content monster with a pathological need for attention’. Danielle’s introduction to fasting and the cult of Dr. Charles Passler, started out as a story she was working on for ELLE but soon developed into a total body transformation and entirely new approach to eating.

We discuss her matcha latte, bone broth and tea diet, and getting your body into a ketogenic state for maximum fat burning. Listen for: Racially Screening Soul Cycle instructors (lol!) Hiring Glam Squads For Nights Out Working Out & Finding the Right Hairstyle Getting “Eyebrow Shamed” by your Facialist The Benefits of Clearing Out Your Closet What Therapy has Helped her Learn & Avoiding “Prescription Pushers” Going Blonde “Instagram Face” & a lot more

Products/Stories Mentioned

How to Get the Body of A Victoria Secret Model by Danielle Prescod:

Dr. Passler’s “Pure Change” Program:

Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women

Closet Organization Journey of a Fashion Editor

Roe Morgan - Naomi Campbell (and Danielle’s) hairstylist

Glam Squad - On Demand Beauty Services

Soul Cycle Instructors Danielle Loves Francis Mike Mabel

Products Danielle Loves:

DPL Teeth Whitening (swears by this)

MAC’s Next to Nothing Mattifying Powder

Shieheido Eyebrow Powder

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush (expensive but worth it)

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Dec 28, 2017
Rehab,The RealReal & Life in LA Ft. Esme Brown

‘Fame is a beast that can’t be tamed’ - My guest Esme, on LA culture. I was fascinated to hear from Esme, a native New Yorker and writer, on her experience living in LA for the past 8 years.

We talk about how pilates has transformed her body but also makes her feel balanced and stronger. Her experience in rehab, coping with undiagnosed PTSD, and the difference between addiction, abuse and using. She extolls the virtue of therapy (even hypnotherapy), to cope with a cutting addiction and anxiety. We discuss eating with portion control in mind and navigating weight gain as we get older. We also gush over our love for The RealReal — the best online designer consignment shop of ALL TIME. We talk about all of her amazing tattoos and their meaning, crystal healing, how to get Restalyne and other and fillers without looking crazy, the products she's loving right now and the trends she's totally over.

Esme’s Favorite Products/Services Mentioned:

Parker Pilates

The RealReal

Chanel Bags on the RealReal



Restalyne Silk

Natura Bisse Diamond Line

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Clearing Dots

Kevin Aucoin Concealer

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Dec 13, 2017
Beauty Secrets Vol. 3: Touch This Skin Darlingg

Supple, hydrated and flawless skin is the goal. I’m LOVING natural oils for all of my skincare needs these days and I wanted to share everything I’ve learned in this episode. I cover how to buy the right oils for your skin (beware of branded versions of natural skincare you can easily find online for 1/3 of the price). Then I go into the three ways I’m using oils for the best my skin has ever been:

Oil Cleansing my face at night - a game changer (can’t believe I ever used those drying commercial cleansers) Making homemade brown sugar scrub with olive oil or coconut oil My religious application of castor oil for my cuticles and lips to keep everything super hydrated

Products Mentioned:

Argan Oil Marula Oil Castor Oil Microfiber Washcloth Some Links to Do Your Own Research: Minimalist Beauty Benefits of Oil Cleansing Oil Cleaning Method Tutorial Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes - Also, check out the app Think Dirty ( where you can see how toxic your beauty products are & learn about natural alternatives. Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, educate yourself and become your own skincare expert.

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Nov 22, 2017
Behind The Highlight Reel Ft. Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman is the founder of HBFIT, DJ and wellness enthusiast. On this episode we talk about it all — from the superficial e.g. what’s it like to have Nikki Nelms do you hair and the best way to lose weight (it involves eating a lot of fat) to deeper topics like how bad relationships often serve as a way to break through.

We discuss growing up in NYC, what it was like planning her fabulous wedding in Morocco, how she’s thinking about aging and potentially motherhood, what products she swears by and how she’s had to advocate for herself as a woman in business.

Beauty Treatments & Products She Loves

Monica Watters for Lymphatic Drainage

Barbara Sturm Blood Cream

Workout Classes & Clothes - Jump Rope with Amanda Kloot

Aerospace Boxing 305 Fitness

Tracey Anderson Method

Spider Bands

Adidas Woman Ultra Boost Stella McCartney for Adidas Follow Hannah + HBFit -


Stay in touch by following me @brookedevard on all platforms

@nakedbeautyplanet to join the Instagram community

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Nov 07, 2017
Know Your Worth Ft. St. Beauty(Alex Belle and Isis Valentino)

In the wake of countless assault charges facing women in entertainment, the message of self-worth that Alex and Isis(of Wondaland's St. Beauty)brought to this interview came right on time!

We go beyond what you see on their perfect Instagram account (it’s btw and yes, it’s amazing)and speak about their wider mission to heal and inspire through their music. We talk about their style icons, how they found themselves at Issa Rae’s house party hanging out with the cast of Insecure, Atlanta, and Samuel Jackson (so surreal)and futile attempts to style the already perfectly stylish(like jidenna).

We talk natural hair politics, big chop emotions, glue-ins from high school, bad dye jobs, 70s style, cultural appropriation, and their tips on how to perfect your style (like using natural landscapes as inspiration for color palettes). We end the interview by talking about their experience learning from Janelle Monae and hear from their manager, Joy Young, about how to make it as a woman in the industry without compromising your values.

Products Mentioned


Curls shampoo & conditioner

Vanity Planet spin brush

Charcoal Soap


Black Soap

Kheil’s Oil-Free Face Wash

Castor Oil for Brows

****Check out all of their amazing music @stbeautyband! Intro song is 'Caught'

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Oct 23, 2017
Podcast to Red Carpet Ft. Brittany Luse of The Nod

“It’s becoming a professional imperative that I figure this shit out” - Brittany Luse, today’s guest, on determining her look now that she’s becoming an increasingly public figure. Brittany co-hosts and co-created The Nod, a Gimlet podcast that pays tribute to black culture. We discuss her recent red carpet experience at Black Girls Rock and what it’s like coming from a career where no one sees you, to suddenly being extremely visible. We touch on HBCU beauty standards, Brittany went to Howard University, and how during college she perfected ‘dressing for the club’. Brittany, who has amazing hair and skin lets me in on some of her secrets: frequent haircuts to promote growth, an AMAZING colorist who took her natural hair all the way blonde without damage, and a semi-consistent (if we’re being honest) AM/PM routine.

Links to all of her products, her show and beauty resources below:

Listen to Brittany’s Show The Nod: ‘Chitlins at Bergdorf’s’, my *favorite* episode

Products Mentioned:

Hair - Old school DAX for edges

- Illeisha Lussiano - Brittany’s Colorist with the magic touch. She works at Salon Ruggeri in NYC & you can see her work on her IG @illadonna or her site:

- Camille Rose Naturals Twisting Butter

Skin - Cetaphil Face Cleanser - love this stuff

- Heritage Rose Water Spray or Jurlique Rose Water for hydrating skin during the day

- Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream

- Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

- Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum


- Korres Overnight Sleep Mask

- Hilary Sklar for Facials

- Caroline Hirons for skincare tutorials on YouTube/her site:

- Lucky Scent Fragrance Samples

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Sep 23, 2017
Moving Beyond '#BlackGirlMagic' Ft. Lindsey Day (founder of CRWN Magazine)

"Hair is politicized whether we want it to be or not” — Lindsey DayOn this episode, Lindsey, founder of CRWN magazine — a revolutionary print magazine focused on black women and natural hair, comes by to talk about why she started CRWN, her hair journey, and how her upbringing informed her approach to the content she creates today.

We get into discussion around the language that surrounds the natural hair community — the complicated grading system of 4A vs 4C, the cliche language that makes us cringe e.g. #BlackGirlMagic and even the term ‘natural’ itself.


5:08 Why Lindsey created CRWN 7:12 Her natural hair journey 11:15 Being one of two black women in her *entire* high school 16:40 Hair type politics (4a,4b,4c) and the divisions within the natural hair community by hair texture 22:30 Perception of an afro in the workplace 23:40 Why Lindsey almost didn’t start CRWN 35:15 Kylie Jenner’s negative influence on beauty & the Kardashians using blackness to stay relevant 51:40 When Lindsey feels most beautiful & benefits of a low maintenance beauty approach

Products Mentioned

Natural Lip Balm (

5-Free Nail Polish (

Where to Find & Follow CRWN

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Aug 22, 2017
Aligning Your Brand with Your Talent & The Philosophy of Aesthetics Ft. Grace Gibson

Grace Gibson, the talented actress,singer,songwriter,bandleader,content creator and proud Leo — is a force to be reckoned with. She grew up watching her mother, Lynn Whitfield, build her career as an actress following films like the Josephine Baker Story (where her parents met!), and has inherited a passion and instinct for the performing arts.

In this episode we discuss everything from her experience being a musician in New Orleans, playing Faith Evans in All Eyez on Me, what it’s like auditioning in Hollywood, how she’s responded to requests for nude scenes, the importance of creating your own content and finding your authentic voice. Grace and I attended the same predominantly white middle/high school in NYC and we reflect on how that experience shapes your relationship to beauty — including being embarrassed about your hair. Grace has a minimal approach to beauty that includes drugstore make-up, a 1x week wash routine, and some natural oils and plants — like the aloe vera she sources from her backyard in Laurel Canyon for under-eye treatments.

The amazing music at the start and end of this episode? That’s Grace! The original to-be released song is called "Steampunk Blues” and it was written and arranged by Grace and she produced the track with Jordan Brown and Taylor Gordon.

Follow Grace @thegracegibson to stay updated on all of her amazing work

Products Mentioned in this episode with links below:

Hair Tresemme Botanical Conditioner

Ren Pure Conditioner

Taliah Waajid Curl Sealer Make-Up

Milani waterproof eyeliner

Wet n Wild Mascara

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Skin

Weleda Evening Primrose Moisturizer

Support the show using #nakedbeautypodcast & subscribe on iTunes if you haven't yet:

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Jul 19, 2017
Getting Better as We Get Older, Growing up Greek & Silent Meditation Retreats Ft. Amelia Glum

‘I dress down to be taken seriously. If I want people to hear what I have to say, I try to be as a-sexual as possible’ - My guest, Amelia, on how she conforms her look for her job in data science.

Amelia, my friend of 10 years and former roommate at Stanford, gets deep on this episode of the #nakedbeautypodcast. We discuss:

- Being white vs. being greek

- Her transition from a ‘guidette’ to a more pared down look

- How she cares for her voluminous waist length hair

- Dressing the part in tech in order to command the respect she deserves I also learn about:

- Moon cycles - Tea tree oil for acne

- Collagen eye pads to overcome a hangover

- The transformational power of a 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat - yes, 10 days! Amelia opens up about overcoming depression by tapping into an active interior life.

Describing her mood after this retreat she says, ‘I felt so light in my heart that I felt like I was floating through life. I had an abundance of energy and freedom to do whatever I wanted’. We also talk self-love coming with age, making the effort in a long-term relationship and her korean beauty faves like Peach & Lilly and snail sleep masks (still skeptical). Enjoy & stay moisturized!

Products/Experiences Mentioned:

Evian Spray Atomizer - Amelia and I highly recommended desk and airplane essential for moisturizing your face

10 Day Silent Retreat - Dhamma Maṇḍa, Kelseyville, California

High Waisted Lingerie from Hanky Panky - For curvy girls

Headspace App - Meditation for beginners

Collagen Hydrating Eye Masks from Birch Box - for overcoming the hangover

Peach & Lily for all things K-Beauty

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Jul 06, 2017
Beauty Secrets Vol. 2: 'Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels'

When did dieting become so controversial? We're encouraged to eat whole foods, ignore the scale, and focus on health – but some people (i.e. me) still want to lose weight sometimes. The weight-loss landscape is cluttered with paleo hacks and detox teas, but I'm going to talk about what actually works. I have 5 simple tips for short-term weight-loss that anyone can do.

From intermittent fasting to swapping time at the gym for meal-prep, these tactics have never let me down. Products/Apps Mentioned: Zero, fasting app: David's Tea, Forever Nuts:

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Jun 14, 2017
Creating a Signature Look Ft. Lucie Zhang

Lucie Zhang, who oversees social @voguemagazine, has a signature look that I totally envy — perfectly cut bangs, blonde tips and a dramatic winged liner, On this episode, I learn that her signature haircut was the result of a happy accident in Poland and die over her period-free life (it’s been six years thanks to Lo Loestrin, #jealous). We discuss asian beauty standards, eyelid surgery, getting fetishized on dating apps, the first black bachelorette, wearing sweatpants to Vogue, body FOMO from Instagram scrolling, the genius of Pat McGrath, the eyelash extension addiction spiral, and this amazing new app, Hello Ava, that’s basically a free dermatologist on call.

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Jun 07, 2017
The Scam of Being Yourself Ft. Recho Omondi

Recho is a young, NY-based, fashion designer who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, no matter who’s listening. Growing up between the midwest and Nairobi, she nurtured a love of fashion early by creating collages, explaining “any black girl I could get my hands on, I was going to cling on to for dear life". She now casts beautiful black models for her brand Omondi. We talk about the importance of being yourself, her serious beef with American Vogue, and how growing up the subtleties of not being able to find beauty products for you, or having platforms to learn about yourself, can impact the relationship we have with our own beauty routines, especially our hair. I get to hear about how she went platinum blonde and we reflect on Atlanta’s weave culture. She’s got love for the Glossier products but likes to keep her beauty routine simple. Recho makes everything seem effortless(from her career, to getting press attention and speaking out when no one else will) and her approach to beauty is no different.

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May 10, 2017
If You've Got It, Flaunt It Ft. Chrissy Rutherford

Chrissy, senior fashion editor at, has some advice for hopefuls wanting to work in fashion: "If you don’t love it, you won’t last a week".

Chrissy tells me what it’s like being a digital editor in today’s hyper-connected world and why her perspective as a woman of color is important right now. We discuss tokenism in casting, the early days of fashion fandom, nailing the perfect work outfit (it involves denim), and of course all things beauty: foundation (who is it really for?),miracle cures for cystic acne, her relationship with her hair dresser and love for Badgal Riri.

My favorite part of the interview? Just in time for summer, Chrissy gives me her candid POV on posting bikini pics and it’s an attitude more women could learn from.


Chrissy on Instagram:

Renee Rouleau Skincare:

DIM Supplement:

Her Work @Bazaar:

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Apr 19, 2017
Young, Professional & Serving Ft. Joymarie Parker

"I’m starting to pay attention to who’s getting promoted, who’s literally making more money and it is people who are well dressed, well carried and present well period.” - Joymarie Parker Joymarie and I discuss how to be corporate chic: investment pieces, determining your true size and learning what to wear to work by studying your idols(like the beautiful Bozama Saint John). We also delve into cultural appropriation, changing your hair up in the workplace, how to rock a head wrap and designing the living space of your dreams. Please check out Joymarie's podcast Joblogues (it's fantastic) & get into her highly recommended Afro Beats playlist, 'African Heat' over @ Spotify.

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Mar 29, 2017
Looking The Part & Living the 'Bomb Life' Ft. Claire Sulmers

"Having a website or being an influencer, there’s a constant figuring out of how can I make money from this?" Claire Sulmers's vision, fearlessness and commitment to excellence has made The Fashion Bomb a global brand to be reckoned with.

We talk about her experience as an entrepreneur, hear excerpts from her new book, 'The Bomb Life', and learn the art of the celebrity approach. We also talk all things beauty & style - the trends she hates (sheer dresses), the best celeb encounter (Beyonce of course) and he products she loves (Palmer's Cocoa Butter!)

Claire explains that in in fashion image is everything and that's why she cherishes a good make-up artists and designer labels. ‘It's not just fashion – it effects the way you feel, the way that you take on the world and your confidence. It’s important!' - @clairesulmers

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Mar 16, 2017
Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls Ft. Alessandra Ford Balazs

‘Having lived with hundreds of models in my life, I can tell you that everyone has issues and the most important thing is to give yourself a break and be generous and kind. If you can’t get everything done in one day, that’s OK. That goes for beauty too, not everything is perfect — be gracious to yourself.’ Wise words from my guest Alessandra Balazs, an actress, world traveller and woman in transition. She travels non-stop (hasn't been in the same place for more than 5 days in years) and so she has some wisdom on how to survive long flights: compression socks, lavender eye masks and magnesium. We also get deep and discuss learning to laugh through your mistakes, being a strong woman(not letting Trump drag you down), lessons from DVF, and how sometimes struggle makes you stronger. Stay in touch with Alessandra's travels & inspiration: More from Alessandra via Something Curated: Image sourced from Something Curated

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Feb 28, 2017
Cardi B, Queen B, Red Carpet Style & More Ft. Marquis Phifer

Where is the red carpet glamour? The innovation?! Who's taking risks? Ahead of the Grammy’s Marquis and I discuss the musicians we love & their style. From the beloved Beyonce and Kanye West to Lady Gaga and Janelle Monae, we deconstruct their style statements..... but not before paying homage to Cardi B, a rising NYC #icon.

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Feb 10, 2017
Beauty Secrets Vol. 1: Look Better Instantly

Two simple things you can do (AT HOME, WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING) to look better instantly. Conventional beauty wisdom is getting swept up with the trends so I'm bringing it back and suggesting my two favorite DIY beauty treatments that really make a difference.

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Feb 08, 2017
How to Age Gracefully but Still Keep it Sexy While You're Young Ft. My Mom & Grandma

3 Generations of beauty! I interview my Mom and Grandma on all things beauty & style. My Grandma preaches on the necessity of Spanx, how growing up in the 1940s have informed her standards of beauty, and the importance of having a space to feel beautiful at home. My Mom explains natural hair is nothing new, and encourages me to embrace my youth & wear those short & tight dresses while I still can!

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Jan 11, 2017
New Year, New You (Not Really) Ft. Sarah Unger

Wise words from Sarah as we discuss wellness, the importance of investing in yourself, and making change year-round. Sarah also explains how the secular principles of buddhism have informed her wellness journey and how the right gym membership can change everything (hey equinox!).

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Dec 22, 2016
How to Stay Sane & Get Married Ft. Avery Rowe & Stephanie Linka

Getting married is stressful as hell but you better do it right and look perfect for the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE! Is it any wonder we create Bridezillas? I talk to Stephanie and Avery (two beautiful brides-to-be) about the highs and lows of wedding planning, conspiracy theories about strapless gowns, getting botox on your feet, pre-wedding chemical peels, Korean sheet masks, and how to actually have fun on your wedding day. Enjoy!

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Dec 05, 2016
The Return of @LowCheekBones: Instagram Fame & Internet Trolls

Caroline returns to discuss her ascent into internet fame with her hilarious, satirical and outlandish Instagram account: @lowcheeckbones. We also discuss fleeting fashion, shallow v-necks and low-rise jeans being unacceptable, Iris Apfel being #lifegoals, and how to get through that time of the month with your sanity in tact.

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Nov 22, 2016
Restalyne, Saint Laurent & An Old Soul Ft. Marquis Phifer

#Iconic episode ft.@marquisphifer aka Prince Jr. We discuss his background in military boarding school, how he created his signature look, our time at #Spellhouse and how to get the perfect face with Restalyne & Botox.

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Nov 01, 2016
Always Be the Coolest Girl in the Room & Always Wear Sunscreen Ft. Gillian Sagansky

I talk to longtime friend and coolest girl I know: Gillian Sagansky, contributor at W magazine and international DJ. We discuss overcoming the intimidation factor of facials, growing up on the #UES, faux-camaraderie amongst fashion-girl DJs, watching boring documentaries to relax, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, creating a signature look and how having a partner who cherishes you can change everything.

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Oct 18, 2016
Africa's Influence & Black Beauty Ft. Sarah Diouf

Sarah Diouf wants you to know that Africa is NOT a country. I speak to Sarah about Parisian style, black beauty, the rise of the Kardashians, fashion tribes and the fact that Africa is a continent with 54 countries which means 54 different cultures. We talk about developing a signature look, how to keep your skin healthy while you travel and the influence that Africa is having on the fashion industry today. Links:

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Sep 29, 2016
Sugar is the Devil Ft. Dani Cohen

Eating for beauty is a very real thing. I talk to Dani Cohen about her super-impressive diet that revolves around natural unprocessed foods. Her diet wasn’t always perfect though, she did a complete overhaul when she realized that the carb-heavy, processed food she used to eat was making her sick. We talk about bone broths, craving nut butters, bullet proof coffee, throwing out birthday cake and horrid food trends. I also learn to say no to agave!

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Sep 14, 2016
Soul Cycle & 1Oak Ft. Rachel Goldman & Alexis Tabak

Motivation to get yourself to the gym. I speak to long-time friend and Soul Cycle instructor Rachel & Soul Cycle fanatic Alexis about the power of exercise! Rachel gives straight talk on accountability, how to cope with a daily sweat & spandex situation & how working out has allowed her to counter anxiety. Alexis goes deep on the cult of #SoulCycle & how a hot Turkish instructor motivated her to change her life.

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Aug 23, 2016
#TeamNatural...or nah? Ft. Destiney Bishop & Danielle Bailey

All things natural hair from childhood to 2016. New products, a wealth of information, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are changing the way we feel about our hair -- it's never been better to be #teamnatural but that doesn't mean the struggle isn't real.

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Jul 29, 2016
"Light-Skinned Girls w/Big Hair Are Trending" Ft. Dalila Shannon & Aisling Camps

Dalila and Aisling share their experience growing up mixed race. We also talk hair struggles, skin bleaching, the commercialization of black beauty, the genius of Pat McGrath, how to be on trend without being trendy, why all the beauty products in the world can’t fight with genes and Dalila preaches on the horror of wearing your lululemon athliesure with a full face of make-up and a Celine bag.

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Jul 07, 2016
The Life of a Beauty Editor: Caviar Creams & 24K Gold Ft. Caroline Solomon AKA @lowcheekbones

Caroline and I discuss her journey from Harvard to Harper's Bazaar, the Juicy Tubes of yore, going make-up free in front of bae, natural liquid liners and her hilarious Instagram account @lowcheekbones.

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Jun 21, 2016