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yes man
 Feb 12, 2019

Phyllis Lim
 Sep 23, 2018
Great fun!


True crime writers and pop culture podcasters Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie invite special guests to talk about ripped-from-the-headlines episodes of Law & Order, SVU, and Criminal Intent. Tweet to us @lawandorderpod or find us on Facebook at facebook.com/lawandorderpod and on the web at lawandorderpodcast.com.

Episode Date
L&O: The only way to get him back from Israel is prove he's Irish
Detectives learn a Jewish man paid to have his father's business partner killed, but when Briscoe and Green go to arrest him they learn he's fled to Israel. The Law of Return protects him from extradition, so Carmichael pleads her case in Rabbinical court in an effort to prove he's actually Irish. A shonda! We're not completely comfortable with Law & Order season 11 episode 5 "Return." Our guest is Michal Schick of the Nice Jewish Fangirls podcast. This episode is based on the ripped-from-the-headlines case of Samuel Sheinbein. Support the show.
Jul 01, 2020
SVU: A child dies of neglect! Arrest the caseworkers!
A child dies after her mother locks her in a cage. Why didn't the Department of Child Services know what was going on? Convinced of a cover-up, Benson gets Barba to charge the caseworkers (including Whoopi Goldberg) with manslaughter.  We're talking about SVU season 17 episode 4* "Institutional Fail." Our special guest is Nigel Poor from the Ear Hustle podcast. This story is inspired by the ripped-from-the-headlines case of Nixzmary Brown. *Note: some streaming services list this as episode 3. Support the show.
Jun 17, 2020
SVU: The suspect says he got his mistress pregnant from a handy
The crazy playground lady steals a baby. Turns out she was its biological mother. Is the father a married man and prominent legal scholar? He says there was only one way it could have happened... This is a classic podcast episode about a classic SVU episode. We're talking about SVU season 14 episode 7 "Vanity's Bonfire." Our guest is Sarah D. Bunting. This episode is inspired by the sex scandal of presidential candidate John Edwards. This podcast episode originally aired in October 2016. Support the show.
Jun 03, 2020
Blimey! There's a Law & Order series in the UK?
The discovery of a body casts doubts about the guilt of the man serving time for the murder. With his conviction overturned, he's now out for the prosecutor who put him behind bars in the first place.  In this special podcast, we're looking at Law & Order:UK, season 1 episode 4 "Unsafe." The British episodes are based on original recipe scripts; this one mirrors L&O season 4 episode 8 "American Dream."  Our guest is Ana Anderson from the Crime by the Bar podcast. The ripped-from-the-headlines case that inspired both episodes is the Billionaire Boys Club.  Support the show.
May 20, 2020
SVU: They arrest a guy with an eye-patch for spreading HIV
Benson and Stabler cross paths with an HIV-positive man who's infecting women on purpose. He's cleared in a murder case and cleared in a rape, so instead the elite squad charge him with spreading the disease. We're talking about SVU season 11 episode 11 "Quickie." Our guest is Brandie Posey from the Lady to Lady podcast.  This episode is inspired by the real-life case of Nushawn Williams.  Support the show.
May 06, 2020
L&O: an Abu Ghraib guard is murdered and Fontana joins the squad
Green and Van Buren aren't sure what to make of Briscoe's replacement, Joe Fontana. On their first case, a reservist who'd been a guard at Abu Ghraib is murdered and their suspect declares herself a prisoner of war.  We're looking back at a milestone episode, Law & Order season 15 episode 1 "Paradigm." Our guest is Tracey Ferguson from the Docs That Rock podcast. (Spoiler: Tracey had an important part in this television episode.) The show takes cues from the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib prison.  Support the show.
Apr 22, 2020
SVU: She killed her drunk mom because of PMS
Mom didn't want her teen having sex with a 21-year-old man. That's how she wound up dead in the kitchen. Her daughter says she bashed her head in because of her severe form of PMS. We're looking at SVU season 6 episode 19 Intoxicated. Our guest is Lauren Milberger from FYI: the Murphy Brown podcast. This episode is inspired by the ripped-from-the-headlines case of Vicki Robinson.  Support the show.
Apr 08, 2020
L&O: The fertility doctor was using his own sperm!

Logan and Briscoe think a fertility doctor is scamming women into believing they’re pregnant. Then McCoy and Kincaid learn he’s been using his own baby batter to inseminate his patients.

It’s a sticky situation in Law & Order season 5 episode 15 “Seed.” Our guest is Dr. Kelly Jones from the How Story Works Conversations podcast. 

This episode is based on the ripped-from-the-headlines case of Dr. Cecil Jacobson.

Support the show.

Mar 25, 2020
SVU: Barba kills a baby and quits the show
Inserting himself in an infant’s right-to-die case, Barba takes matters into his own hands. So DA Jack McCoy enlists the help of Peter Stone to prosecute him for murder. We’re discussing the heart-tugging, star-packed SVU S19 E13 The Undiscovered Country. Our guest is Gabby Dunn from the "Bad with Money" podcast. This episode is inspired by the 2017 case of Charlie Gard. Support the show.
Mar 11, 2020
CI: Rosanna Arquette did NOT want to go to that sex club!

Who would kill over a porno mag publisher's black book? Somebody who wants to blackmail a politician, that's who. Goren and Eames learn the politician's ex-wife refused to go with him to the club...until she didn't. We're talking about Criminal Intent season 4 episode 14 Sex Club. Our guest is Katie Mitchell from the Date with Dateline podcast.

This episode is inspired by the political sex scandal surrounding Jack and Jeri Ryan. 

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Feb 26, 2020
SVU: She got tricked by a fake abortion clinic!

A teenage girl is found beaten around the abdomen and soon loses her baby. The squad learns she agreed to the attack because it was too late to legally terminate the pregnancy. That’s when Benson and Stabler find out the abortion clinic she went to was fake! 

We’re talking about SVU S7 E9 Rockabye with four-time guest Lani Diane Rich from Chipperish Media. This episode takes cues from a 2005 case of Michigan teenagers purposely using a baseball bat to induce a miscarriage. 

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Feb 12, 2020
SVU: Sleep with me and your son will get into Hudson!

Mom wants Justin to get into Hudson SO BAD that she'll sleep with the admissions director, but - surprise - that guy's not really the admissions director. He says he's just a playboy, but Benson convinces Barba to charge him with rape.

We're talking about SVU S18 E3 Imposter. Our guest is Ralph Castaneda from the Hudson University parody twitter account. This episode takes cues from the real life case of Jared Rohrig.

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Jan 29, 2020
L&O: The doctor injects his ex-lover with a coronavirus

What was the carjack victim doing with vials of SARS in her trunk? Briscoe and Green learn the lab director infected his ex-lover with the virus, triggering an outbreak. But thanks to Serena, the doctor’s wife throws the trial into confusion.

We’re talking about Law & Order season 14 episode 3 “Patient Zero.” Our guest is Samantha Thompson from the Spooky Adventures of Alec and Sam podcast. This episode is inspired by the real-life case of Doctor Richard Schmidt.

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Jan 15, 2020
SVU: Marcia Gay Harden is the killer in her own investigation

Old friend and FBI Agent Dana Lewis teams up with SVU to grill a suspect in an unsolved string of rape-homicides from the 1980s. But when Amaro catches her lying about her relationship with the fiancé one of the victims, he suspects the agent may be involved. 

We're talking about SVU S14 E14 Secrets Exhumed with Melissa from the Moms and Murder podcast. This episode is inspired by the ripped-from-the-headlines case of Sherri Rasmussen. 

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Jan 01, 2020
SVU: The shoe fetishist cuts off a woman's foot

Who would cut off a dead woman's foot? Maybe it's the creepy bowling alley worker whose apartment she accidentally went to? And why not arrest his mother for creating a shoe fetish murderer in the first place?

We're talking about SVU S4 E16 Tortured with guest Aviv Rubenstein from the inferior podcast, "Special Viewing Unit." This episode was inspired by the real life case of Jerry Brudos. 

Support the show.

Dec 18, 2019
L&O: McCoy's obsession with a rapist is OUT. OF. CONTROL.

When a woman is murdered and raped, McCoy blames a criminal whose parole he opposed. His desire to pin the act on Lewis Darnell causes McCoy to push the bounds of ethics and the law. 

We have some issues with Law and Order season 7 episode 18 "Mad Dog." Our guest is Nick Capodice from the Civics 101 podcast. 

This episode takes cues from the murder case of Megan Kanka.

Dec 04, 2019
L&O: Who did it? The mobster or his twin brother?

Gangster Cally Lonegan is the prime suspect in the murder of his crooked business partner, but the FBI says he was under surveillance at the time of the hit. Briscoe and Green learn the feds are covering for the mobster...and he has a twin brother!

We're talking about Law & Order season 11 episode 21 "Brother's Keeper." Our returning guest is author and Wisconsin Public Radio host Brady Carlson.

This episode is inspired by the lives of Whitey and Billy Bulger.

Nov 20, 2019
SVU: Is their rapist Danny from Caddyshack?

Olivia and Fin hunt a murdering rapist wearing a police uniform. Is it the line-crossing, prostitute-banging Officer Marcosi...or someone pretending to be a cop? We're discussing SVU S3 E14 Counterfeit with Mary Phillips-Sandy from the "Let's Talk About Cats" podcast.

This episode takes its inspiration from the 1986 murder of Cara Knott. We're sponsored by Best Fiends and Madison Reed.

Nov 06, 2019
SVU21: The celebrity fakes his own hate crime

A hip hop artist is the latest victim of a serial predator. But when the squad busts the actual culprit, they discover the celebrity faked his attack to get attention.

We're talking about the very latest episode in historic SVU season 21, episode 3 "Down Low in Hell's Kitchen." Our returning guest is Margo Donohue from the Book vs Movie podcast. This episode was inspired by the Jussie Smollett case. 

We're sponsored by ThirdLove and Joybird.

Oct 23, 2019
SVU's FIRST EPISODE: The castrated cabbie!


In honor of SVU's TV milestone, we look back at the episode that started it all. Veteran cop Elliot Stabler and his rookie partner Olivia Benson, along with a squad room of crazy characters, investigate the murder of a cabbie who got his junk cut off. But they soon discover the victim might be a war criminal accused of raping dozens of women. 

We're talking about SVU season 1 episode 1 Payback. Our returning guest is Diana Goodman from the ThirtyTwentyTen podcast. This episode is inspired by stories of war atrocities during the Bosnian War. 

We're sponsored by Third Love and Best Fiends.


Oct 09, 2019
SVU: Kathy Griffin tries to kiss Benson


Someone is raping lesbians! Brash activist Babs Duffy insults everybody, makes a pass at Benson, and swaps spit with Stabler. But to get a confession, Liv swings the other way.

Plus, there's a vampire.

Pucker up. We're talking about SVU S11 E13 P.C. Our guest is Haley Manrique from the "We're Not Together" podcast. This episode takes cues from the political movement known as Radical Lesbianism. We're sponsored by Joybird & Madison Reed.

Sep 25, 2019
SVU: A family is held in a basement for years!

Detectives learn a boy abandoned in Times Square had been part of a family kept locked in a basement for years. Now the hunt is on to find their captor. Meantime, Olivia returns to work after her own kidnapping…and is not adjusting well.

We’re talking about SVU season 15 episode 2 “Imprisoned Lives.” Our guest is Steven Pappas from the “Is This Adulting” podcast. This episode is inspired by the real-life case of Ariel Castro. 

We're sponsored by Third Love and Best Fiends.

Sep 11, 2019
L&O: A girl dies during a botched exorcism
Aug 28, 2019
SVU: There are pedophiles in the chat rooms!!!!
Aug 14, 2019
That time the guest thought Hudson was a real school
Jul 31, 2019
L&O: Dad injects his son with a deadly bacteria
Jul 17, 2019
SVU: The kidnapped girl will die in three days
Jul 03, 2019
SVU: The rapist says porn made him do it
Jun 19, 2019
SVU: A diplomat rapes a hotel maid and Stabler quits
Jun 05, 2019
L&O: Someone stole that guy's kidney!
May 22, 2019
L&O: John Slattery puts a woman in a coma to steal her money
May 08, 2019
SVU: Was Amaro inappropriate with that hot mess actress?
Apr 24, 2019
SVU: A victim's false memory leads to Dad's murder
Apr 10, 2019
SVU: A fake child sex ring leads to a real child sex ring
Mar 27, 2019
L&O: Ellen Pompeo has her mother killed cuz she doesn't like her boyfriend
Mar 13, 2019
SVU: Robin Williams is basically a super villain
Feb 27, 2019
SVU: The State of the Unit Address
Feb 13, 2019
SVU: Benson goes into virtual reality to rescue Vixy Platinum by turning on the sun
Jan 30, 2019
L&O: Lawyer Sandy Duncan sells out her client
Jan 16, 2019
CI: Goren meets his nemesis Nicole Wallace for the first time
Jan 02, 2019
SVU: Stone is accused of rape, then taken hostage
Dec 19, 2018
SVU: Rooney Mara beats up fat people
Dec 05, 2018
SVU: An orphan sets Dani Beck's apartment on fire
Nov 21, 2018
L&O: A crazy man kills Ty Burrell's ex-wife on the subway
Nov 07, 2018
SVU: John Ritter rips the baby right outta his cheatin' wife's belly
Oct 24, 2018
L&O: Joe Piscopo helps Gary Busey kill his wife
Oct 10, 2018
SVU: Dad kidnaps his son to teach Mom a lesson
Sep 26, 2018
SVU: Rose McGowan commits TWINCEST!
Sep 12, 2018
L&O: Julia Roberts tries to bang Curtis
Aug 29, 2018
SVU: Amaro shoots a kid and Cragen hits the road
Aug 01, 2018
SVU: He fell for the banana in the tailpipe
Jul 18, 2018
L&O: Dad shoots the prison escapee who shot his daughter
Jul 04, 2018
L&O: A woman gets chased off a bridge and Rey's wife leaves
Jun 20, 2018
CI: Instead of freezing the Senator's body they stole the brain
Jun 06, 2018
SVU: She makes rapists call her "Mommy"
May 23, 2018
CI: Goren finds the hidden gold in the dumbbells
May 09, 2018
SVU: Joan Cusack's daughter gets kidnapped...again!
Apr 25, 2018
SVU: He didn't know he's sleeping with his daughter
Apr 11, 2018
L&O: The basketball player kills the fan suing him for $20m
Mar 28, 2018
SVU: The child porn victim sues her viewers & Benson and Cassidy break up
Mar 14, 2018
L&O: Boys rape a [r-word] classmate & Briscoe's daughter is murdered
Feb 28, 2018
SVU: Benson poses as Stabler's hooker & Cragen rescues a monkey
Feb 14, 2018
L&O: A girl gets killed above a deli and Green goes gangsta
Jan 31, 2018
SVU: She got her boyfriend to rape, then kill, her little sister (w/Kate Casey)
Jan 17, 2018
BONUS: SVU S19 E9 Instant Recap! Grandma Sheila was Noah's kidnapper all along!
Jan 06, 2018
SVU: The double catfish, Carisi tries to kiss Rollins, and Noah gets kidnapped (w/Margo Donohue)
Jan 02, 2018
THE BANNED L&O EPISODE: Rape at the Puerto Rican Day parade
Dec 20, 2017
SVU: The one where the woman pretends she's still in high school
Dec 06, 2017
SVU: That girl can't be a killer Lolita, can she?
Nov 22, 2017
L&O: Rey joins the team & the bad guy gets shot in court
Nov 08, 2017
SVU: Fifty shades of plagiarism and Barba gets choked with his own belt
Oct 25, 2017
SVU: The annoying lab tech was really the killer
Oct 11, 2017
SVU: I didn't stab the Captain with a pickle
Sep 27, 2017
CI: Goren faces off again with Nicole Wallace
Sep 13, 2017
L&O: The militia guy says the fringe on the flag makes him a POW
Aug 30, 2017
SVU: The teen makes his own kiddie porn site
Aug 16, 2017
These are "These Are Their Stories" season 1 finale
Aug 02, 2017
L&O: The bikini girl, the news anchors, and the Ponzi scheme
Jul 19, 2017
SVU: Grifters fake a rape to extort a Trump-like billionaire
Jul 05, 2017
SVU: Come back with my frozen embryos!
Jun 21, 2017
SVU: John Stamos has 20 kids & gets blown up with a knife
Jun 07, 2017
L&O: The stalker strangled the soap star
May 24, 2017
CI: Goren suspects everyone in the family bludgeoned Dad
May 10, 2017
SVU: The rape joke comic was a rape joke rapist
Apr 26, 2017
L&O: The singer caused the mob restaurant shooting
Apr 12, 2017
L&O: The Holocaust survivor who married a Nazi
Mar 28, 2017
SVU: The prep school rapist & the Cherry Pickers Club
Mar 15, 2017
L&O: The one that's TOTALLY not based on Martha Stewart
Mar 01, 2017
SVU: The twin girl learns she's really a boy
Feb 15, 2017
SVU: Bob Saget puts a microchip in his wife then gives her his liver
Feb 01, 2017
SVU: Harry Connick Jr macks on Olivia & busts rapey military contractors
Jan 18, 2017
L&O: Van Buren sends an innocent man to prison
Jan 05, 2017
L&O: Rubirosa accuses Cutter of pimping her out
Dec 21, 2016
CI: The guy from Stranger Things sends his family to heaven
Dec 07, 2016
L&O: A creepy celebrity watches kids from an ice cream truck
Nov 30, 2016
CI: A woman poisons people to open a kid’s clothing store
Nov 23, 2016
L&O: Van Buren shoots a teenager in front of her kids
Nov 09, 2016
SVU: The sex offender didn’t actually kill that kid
Nov 02, 2016
SVU: Tim Daly is a preacher who hates gay people
Oct 26, 2016
L&O: A woman gets chased off a bridge & Rey's wife leaves
Oct 12, 2016
SVU: Scott Bakula names his penis King Sebastian
Oct 05, 2016
L&O: The mob kills everyone and Jon Cryer’s father is the judge (w/Jon Cryer)
Sep 28, 2016
L&O: The murder victim is a horse
Sep 14, 2016
Trailer - These Are Their Stories: The Law & Order Podcast
Aug 05, 2016