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A weekly news show where your favorite Engadget editors tear themselves away from their crippling technology addiction, to discuss our collective crippling technology addiction.

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Diving into WWDC and E3
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra are joined by UK Bureau Chief Mat Smith to talk about Apple's torrent of announcements from WWDC 2021. iOS 15's upcoming changes are the most intriguing, but we also went over updates to watchOS, iPadOS and macOS. Plus, we got more details from Apple after the keynote on things like Assistive Touch on watchOS and whether people need accounts to streaming apps to use SharePlay in FaceTime. Then, we talk about what we're expecting to see at E3 over the weekend, as well as why Amazon's Sidewalk should be an opt-in feature. WWDC Overview – 1:40 New features in iOS 15 – 2:07 MacOS Monterey announcement – 26:54 What’s new in WatchOS 8 – 29:32 E3 preview / recent game releases – 35:50 Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart – 41:06 FFVII Intergrade – 44:59 You might want to opt out of Amazon Sidewalk – 49:12 Android 12’s second public beta is here – 55:18 Biden ends Trump’s orders on TikTok and WeChat – 56:01 Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds review – 57:04 Listener mailbag: “Where should I buy digital movies?” – 59:08 Working on – 1:03:54 Pop culture picks – 1:07:26
Jun 11, 2021
A Computex bonanza from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat about the big news from virtual Computex: NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti; AMD’s Radeon 6000M mobile graphics; and the latest chips from Intel. Come learn why these companies are basically a triad of frenemies. Also, they dive into Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen Windows event, and the demise of Donald Trump’s blog. New NVIDIA 3080 Ti GPUs announced at Computex – 3:46 AMD gets serious about mobile gaming with the Radeon RX 6000M – 12:02 Intel announces two new U-Series chips – 17:27 Microsoft will say something about the next generation of Windows on June 24th – 23:27 Alienware X15 and X17 are really thin…but are they worth the price? – 32:02 Trump quits blogging – 37:43 Working on – 43:13 Pop culture picks – 44:57 Terrence O’Brien interviews musician Alessandro Cortini and Tony Rolando of Make Noise about designing the Strega synthesizer – 55:53
Jun 03, 2021
Amazon buys MGM (or, a Bond villain now owns Bond?)
This week, Devindra chats with Senior Mobile Editor Chris Velazco about Amazon’s surprising new acquisition of MGM. Yes, that’s right, the fabled studio behind the Bond franchise, among others. Is this just a play for more Prime Video content? Or is Amazon just trying to crush Netflix and Apple? Also, they discuss a potential Switch-like portable gaming PC from Valve, as well as some news from Build 2021. Amazon buys MGM Studios for $8.45 billion – 1:51 Is Valve making a Switch-like portable gaming PC? – 14:49 News from Microsoft Build: Teams is becoming a collaborative app platform – 24:29 Satya Nadella hints at a new version of Windows – 31:15 USB-C upgrade will deliver up to 240W of power – 37:57 Working on – 42:49 Pop Culture Picks – 48:43
May 28, 2021
Google I/O 2021, iPad Pro & iMac M1 review
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat with Senior Mobile Editor Chris Velazco about the slew of news from Google I/O, including the new Material You design and Google’s team-up with Samsung in smartwatches. Also, Chris tells us why he thinks the iPad Pro is one of the best devices Apple has ever made (it’s just too bad the software can’t keep up). And Devindra explains why the new iMac M1 is actually a radical portable desktop. The important stuff from Google I/O – 1:09 New stuff for Android (Material You design) – 4:44 Google and Samsung team up for WearOS – 14:04 StarLine video calls – 25:51 LaMDA AI – 29:47 iPad Pro M1 review – 37:54 iMac M1 Review – 48:24 The electric Ford F-150 is coming – 57:57 Samsung announces new display types – 1:01:09 Amazon / Apple / Spotify all announce lossless audio streaming – 1:05:11 IFA 2021 has been cancelled – 1:09:44 Microsoft kills Windows 10X – 1:12:53 Working on – 1:15:35 Pop culture picks – 1:17:01
May 21, 2021
Why are Apple and Epic fighting?
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat with Mike Futter, author of the GameDev Business Handbook and co-host of the Virtual Economy podcast, about the ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. What does it mean for the app economy? And is Apple actually a monopoly in the app world? Also, they chat about Intel’s new 11th-gen H-series processors, NVIDIA’s RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti on notebooks, and HTC Vive’s Pro 2 and Focus 3 VR headsets. Why are Epic and Apple fighting? – 1:21 YouTube chat Q&A about Epic v. Apple – 30:27 Intel’s H series chips are finally here – 36:04 NVIDIA RTX 3050/Ti are officially confirmed – 38:22 HTC Vive Pro 2 and Focus 3 announcement (they’re expensive) – 40:08 Biden admin taps Uber and Lyft to drive people to vaccine sites – 45:56 Facebook is limiting access to WhatsApp accounts if you don’t agree to the new TOS – 50:38 Roku bought a bunch of Quibi shows – 53:54 Working on – 55:45 Pop culture picks – 57:44
May 14, 2021
What’s the point of Facebook’s Oversight Board?
This week, Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld the company’s decision to ban Donald Trump… with some caveats. Cherlynn and Devindra chat with Senior Editor Karissa Bell about the long-awaited decision, and what it means for the future of Facebook’s “Supreme Court.” Also they dive into Peloton’s very very bad week, and Google’s upcoming entertainment updates for Android tablets. Facebook Oversight Board upholds trump ban – 3:25 Peloton recalls Tread treadmills after injuries, 1 death – 23:47 Google Entertainment Space on Android tablets – 30:01 Pixel Buds A-Series announcement leaked in deleted tweet – 36:05 Another AI ethicist jumps ship from Google, goes to Apple – 39:23 Twitter implements taller images and angry tweet detection – 41:13 Disney redesigned Star Wars lightsabers available at its parks – 48:20 Carole Baskin from Tiger King launched a cryptocurrency / Dogecoin continues to rise – 50:26 Bill and Melinda Gates divorce leaves some questions for nonprofit world – 55:32 Working on – 59:01 Pop culture picks – 1:01:44
May 07, 2021
Samsung’s slew of Galaxy laptops
Can you believe there was another Samsung event this week? Cherlynn and Devindra chat about all of Samsung’s new computers from its latest Galaxy Unpacked fiesta, and why they matter (or don’t). Also, they discuss Basecamp’s latest decision to ban political talk at work, and explore why so many writers are moving to Substack. Unpacked, again: Samsung announces Galaxy Book laptops – 1:07 Basecamp announces weird rules about employee political discussions – 25:41 How Substack made e-mail newsletters cool again – 31:14 CES 2022 will be in-person – 38:59 Microsoft sets 5-year accessibility goal – 43:54 Working on – 47:44 Pop culture picks – 54:04
Apr 30, 2021
Hands on with Apple’s AirTags and, yes, the purple iPhone
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat with Engadget’s Chris Velazco about Apple’s AirTags and the new purple iPhone. We dive into what it’s like to use the AirTags to find things, and their potential limitations. Meanwhile, the purple iPhone is indeed very purple. Also, they chat about why Microsoft buying Nuance is such a huge deal, and how useful Amazon’s AR hair salon could be. Hands on with AirTags…and Purple iPhone – 1:11 News Roundup: Microsoft buys voice recognition company Nuance for 19.7B – 17:17.046 News Roundup: Discord isn’t selling to anyone, plans to go public – 25:29 News Roundup: Xbox Cloud Gaming beta arrives on iOS and Windows PCs – 33:03 News Roundup: Other News: Amazon's (Possible) AR Hair Salon – 35:09 News Roundup: Fitbit Luxe – 41:24 Working on – 47:47 Pop Culture Picks – 53:46
Apr 23, 2021
Bonus: Breaking down Apple's Spring 2021 event
Cherlynn and Devindra chat about what really matters from Apple's huge hardware event together with our YouTube audience. Does anyone want colorful iMacs? And does the iPad Pro really need M1 chips?
Apr 21, 2021
NVIDIA bets big on ARM, Surface Laptop 4 arrives
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat about NVIDIA’s massive GTC developer conference. It turns out ARM chips are going to be a much bigger deal for NVIDIA! Also, they discuss the recently announced Surface Laptop 4 and Microsoft’s new family of accessories. We also spend a bit of time with Cherlynn’s horrific OnePlus Watch review experience. A few notes from NVIDIA’s Graphics Technology Conference – 1:05 Surface Laptop 4 Preview – 10:36 OnePlus watch review (it’s not great) – 18:25 Other News: Apple event is scheduled for 4/20 – 32:57 Other News: Another Samsung Galaxy Unpacked on April 28 – 35:34 Other News: Sony Experia III announcement + specs – 37:02 Other News: TCL "Fold n’ Roll" rollable phone concept – 41:00 Other News: Google Earth update includes 3D time-lapse videos – 45:42 Other News: AMD unveils its first Ryzen 5000 chips – 50:49 Working on – 51:51 Pop Culture Picks – 51:51
Apr 16, 2021
Physicist Michio Kaku on The God Equation, LG gives up on phones
This week on the Engadget Podcast, renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku joins Cherlynn and Devindra to chat about his new book, The God Equation: The Quest for a Theory of Everything. He dives into the trouble with the Standard Model of physics, this week’s surprising news around muons and why believes we’ll eventually unite with superintelligent robots and roam the cosmos as beings of pure energy. (Hey, it could happen.) Also, Chris Velazco joins to get up in his feelings about LG abandoning the mobile market. Michio Kaku on his new book “The God Equation” – 0:59 LG Mobile, in memoriam (with Chris Velazco) – 24:51 Other News: Facebook leaked data on 500M users – 38:42 Other News: Google IO, E3, and Microsoft Build conference dates – 38:42 Other News: Google v. Oracle is finally settled – 46:31 Other News: the Sonos Roam got a great review – 50:26 Working on – 53:34 Pop Culture Picks – 55:12
Apr 09, 2021
Reviewing Google's sleep-stalking Nest Hub
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra are joined by UK bureau chief Mat Smith to dive deeper into our review of Google’s new Nest Hub. Is the sleep-tracking smart display creepy or cool? Plus, loads of updates from Google and a peek at Xiaomi’s first foldable phone. Be careful this April Fools, everyone! Google’s Nest Hub sleep tracking is a little creepy – 1:21 Other Google announcements: Maps updates, Stack app, FLoC advertising, and Google Messages on T-Mobile – 27:52 Xiaomi’s first foldable phone: Mi Mix Fold – 38:47 Other tech news: An upcoming Apple event – 50:02 Other News: VOLTSwagen April Fools joke was a big flop – 53:55 Other News: Netflix paid a crazy amount for Knives Out sequels – 56:01 Working On – 57:19 Pop Culture Picks – 1:01:11
Apr 02, 2021
Why the Biden admin wants Big Tech critics
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat with Engadget’s Karissa Bell about some surprising moves from the White House. President Biden plans to nominate antitrust scholar Lina Khan to the FTC, and he’s bringing on Tim Wu, the creator of the term “net neutrality,” as a special advisor. Is this a sign that this administration will take Big Tech to task? Also, we dive into the latest from OnePlus, why Microsoft is rebranding Xbox Live, and of course, the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Why is the Biden Administration hiring critics of Big Tech? – 1:10 Other News: Slack enables inter-team DMs – 22:32 Other News: Intel’s new CEO announces IDM 2.0 / US domestic chip production – 27:16 Other News: Snapdragon 780G could catch up to Apple – 33:14 Other News: Xbox drops “Live” – 37:19 Other News: OnePlus event – 40:17 OnePlus Watch – 44:50 Working On – 48:47 Pop Culture Picks – 57:57
Mar 25, 2021
Samsung’s ‘Awesome’ event, Google’s sleep-tracking display and more!
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra are joined by senior mobile editor Chris Velazco to try and make sense of Samsung’s ‘Awesome Unpacked’ event. The company didn’t just unveil new Galaxy A-series phones, but also tried excruciatingly hard to flex its ‘understanding’ of Gen Z lingo. We also take a look at Google’s new Nest Hub, which is a smart display that uses radar to… tell when you’re asleep? Is that cool or creepy? Plus, updates from elsewhere in the world of tech. Samsung’s “Awesome” Unpacked unveils new A series phones – 2:46 Google’s New Nest Hub watches while you sleep – 29:33 Other News: Intel’s 11th gen desktop chips – 42:55 Other News: AMD Radeon 6700XT Review – 47:44 Other News: Alienware Laptops with Cherry MX Keyboards – 49:06 Other News: Online SXSW is meh – 51:12 Other News: Google antitrust developments – 55:14 Working On – 57:40 Pop Culture Picks – 1:00:02.224 Bonus: Cherlynn’s interview with Robert Kirkman, creator of Amazon Prime Video’s "Invincible" – 1:06:29 Bonus: Devindra’s interview with Apple TV+ “Calls” creator Fede Álvarez – 1:20:24
Mar 18, 2021
WTF are NFTs?
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra dive into the wild world of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, with Engadget Senior Editor Dan Cooper. What do they mean for the future of art and commerce? And should you care about them at all? Also, we chat about Microsoft’s finalized Bethesda acquisition, as well as Facebook’s push to dismiss its latest antitrust charges. WTF are NFTs?: An Explainer – 1:08 Other News: Microsoft finalizes Bethesda acquisition – 36:27 Other News: Facebook launches Instagram lite / dispute’s FTC’s Antitrust claims – 39:15 Other News: Twitter changes its image previews – 45:06 Other News: Sonos announces Roam portable speaker – 46:52 Other News: Phone announcements on the horizon ASUS / Samsung / OnePlus – 50:14 Other News: Chrome OS 10th Anniversary release – 55:59 Working On – 58:46 Pop Culture Picks – 1:00:16
Mar 12, 2021
Is Microsoft Mesh the future of remote work?
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat with CNET’s Scott Stein about Microsoft’s latest Mixed Reality endeavour: Mesh. It’s a virtual meeting platform that can work across HoloLens, VR headsets, computers and smartphones, making it one of the most versatile remote work solutions we’ve seen yet. Will Microsoft Mesh power all our virtual meetings in the future? Or do we need AR glasses to get here first? Also, they dive into Google’s new privacy changes around ads. No more personalized ads based on your browsing history! Microsoft’s Mesh AR might be the future of meetings – 1:08 Google announces end to ads by individual tracking – 35:08 Other news from Google: Pixel Updates – 46:09 Other News: Zoom Golden Globes were a mess – 49:28 Other News: China threatens India with Electrical Grid malware – 52:29 Other News: Square buys Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming service – 57:08 Other News: Nintendo Switch Pro rumors get real – 59:56 Working On – 1:03:56 Picks – 1:09:50
Mar 05, 2021
NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover has landed! Now what?
This week, Devindra and Cherlynn chat with PhD candidate and all-around space nerd Sophia Gad-Nasr about NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover. We dive into what it’s journey was like, what was so remarkable about its landing, and what it’ll be working on in the future. Also, we chat about the new PSVR headset, the death of Fry’s Electronics and Cinefex magazine, and more! What’s Perseverance’s mission on Mars? Feat. Sophia Gad - Nasr – 1:05 The secret code inside Perseverance’s supersonic parachute – 9:58 Perseverance: The Tech Specs – 17:12 Other News - Android update – 27:10 Other News - PS 5 VR – 32:13 Other News - Huawei foldable phone – 36:47 Other News - Quick Spotify News – 45:52 Other News - RIP Fry’s electronics and Cinefx Magazine – 52:40 Around Engadget / Working On – 59:19 Picks – 1:11:40
Feb 26, 2021
Why did the power grid fail in Texas?
Texas is facing a once-in-a-century storm, and unfortunately its power grid couldn’t keep up. This week, Devindra and Cherlynn chat with native Texan and techie Alex Cranz about what happened, and why Texas is so unique when it comes to power infrastructure in the US. Also, they dive into Facebook’s decision to halt new sharing in Australia, and why Lastpass decided to make its free password management a lot more complicated. Why is Texas’ power grid so messed up? – 1:26 Other News from the tech world: • Facebook bans all news in Australia – 37:01 • Lastpass makes a dubious move for paying customers – 46:24 • Google will finally let teachers mute kids in virtual classrooms – 51:10 • Microsoft’s new Xbox wireless headset, accessibility updates, and FPS boost – 57:14 • Carl Pei’s Nothing buys Essential’s assets – 1:01:50 Working on (Color e-ink, Thinkpad review) – 1:05:57 Pop Culture Picks – 1:10:49
Feb 19, 2021
Everyone's going to Mars
While it'll be a while before we can celebrate a manned mission to Mars, this week the United Arab Emirates and China made a step towards that goal. Both countries now have satellites orbiting the Red Planet, and China also plans to launch a rover to the surface later this year. In this week's episode, Cherlynn and Devindra discuss the new Space Race for Mars, and how it'll help us learn more about our neighbor. Also, they dive into Facebook's test to limit political content, and the halted TikTok acquisition. China and the UAE enter the race to Mars – 1:09 Social Media News: TikTok sale has been delayed indefinitely – 10:30 Facebook is experimenting with showing less political news to users – 22:14 Other news: The future of E3, Cat Lawyer is everyone’s Zoom nightmare – 27:52 Working On – 40:46 Picks – 49:44
Feb 12, 2021
Sundance interviews: “A Glitch in the Matrix” and “Users” directors
Are we living in a simulation? That’s what Rodney Ascher aims to explore with his new documentary, A Glitch in the Matrix, which premiered at Sundance this week. In this special interview episode, we chat with Ascher about how he broke down such a complex subject. And we also talk with Natalia Almada, the director of Users, about her gorgeous exploration of our relationship with tech, and why it’s particularly anxiety-inducing for parents. A Glitch in the Matrix is available for viewing on VOD services starting February 5th. Users doesn’t have a release date yet. ‘Users’ director Natalia Almada – 1:47 ‘A Glitch in the Matrix’ director Rodney Ascher – 27:35
Feb 05, 2021
Virtual Sundance, Bezos leaves Amazon and the Kia Apple Car
We didn’t have to travel to Utah to drown ourselves in content from the Sundance Film Festival. This week, Devindra and Engadget’s Managing Editor, Terrence O’Brien, chat about all of the wild movies, VR experiences and new media projects they saw at the show. We discuss Rodney Ascher’s dive into simulation theory, A Glitch in the Matrix; the meditative tech documentary Users; and our experiences exploring VR parties. Also, we chat about Jeff Bezos’ plan to step down as Amazon’s CEO (and why it’s terrifying that he has more time to become a supervillain), and the Apple Car rumors are finally starting to sound realistic. Sundance 2021: Now in VR – 1:30 • Users, A Glitch in the Matrix, and more – 8:42 360˚ films at Sundance: Tinker and 4 Feet High – 25:21 Worst and Weirdest at Sundance – 31:30 Other News • Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO – 43:36 • New details on the long rumored Apple Car – 48:25 • Google closes Stadia game studios – 51:14 Working On – 55:57
Feb 05, 2021
How Reddit day traders blew up GameStop's stock
If you were confused about how, exactly, a bunch of Reddit finance obsessives turned the beleaguered GameStop into a white hot stock, you’re not alone. This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat with Mike Futter, author of the GameDev Business Handbook and co-host of the Virtual Economy Podcast, to make sense of this surprising story. Are the online traders just doing it for the lols? Or are they trying to teach the financial industry a lesson? And isn’t this just another example of online memes bleeding into reality, leading to potentially disastrous consequences? We also get a bit of context from an anonymous member from the infamous R/WallStreetBets subreddit. Stonks get real: Is it really Reddit v. Hedge Funds? – 0:49 Microsoft raises Xbox Live Price, backtracks – 30:35 News shouts from around the tech world – 40:35 Working on – 53:30 Picks – 56:22
Jan 29, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra review
We’re back in review mode this week! Cherlynn dishes her thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra, and whether they’re worthy upgrades over last year’s phones. Do all those cameras make a difference? And is there a point to releasing a Galaxy Note this year? Also, Devindra discusses the virtual inauguration for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as well as the rumors around Apple’s upcoming and potentially pricey VR headset. Is this the best strategy to get to an AR headset? The Biden Presidency and tech – 1:36 Samsung Galaxy S21 Review – 9:23 Other News (Apple VR, Snapdragon 8705G) – 33:52 Working on – 46:08 Picks – 49:28
Jan 22, 2021
Everything that matters at CES 2021
We lived through CES 2021 and all we have to show for it is our tired typing fingers. This week, Devindra, Cherlynn and UK Bureau Chief Mat Smith chat about the most notable announcements from the show. Sure, there were tons of TVs, but PC hardware like AMD’s new Ryzen 5000 laptop chips and NVIDIA’s RTX 30-series mobile GPUs will also shape all the systems we see throughout the year. And they also touch on what happened after the US Capitol was attacked by right-wing extremists. It turns out, social media companies finally decided to take action. CES Highlights: PCs – 7:20 CES Highlights: TVs – 14:10 CES Highlights: Laptops – 22:16 CES Highlights: Weird Stuff – 56:02 • Moflin, an AI pet – 56:40 • Razer Project Hazel face mask – 58:52 • Razer Gaming Chair – 1:03:57 • Avita Admiror II –1:08:45 The fallout from Twitter banning Trump – 1:19:39 Working on – 1:31:29 Picks – 1:33:27
Jan 14, 2021
An Attempted Coup Powered By Social Media
This week, Devindra and Cherlynn were planning to chat about everything coming at CES 2021... but the siege on the U.S. Capitol by right-wing extremists changed things. We discuss how social media and mobile tech played a huge role in planning and executing the attempted coup, and what this means for Twitter and Facebook. And then we somehow manage to keep talking about gadgets and CES. Online extremism’s role in the siege on US capitol – 1:11 CES Preview: TVs and computers – 19:58 CES Preview: Wearables and other previews – 44:58 Working on – 57:39 Picks – 1:00:33
Jan 08, 2021
Answering your questions on the PS5, foldable PCs and more!
For the last episode of 2020, Cherlynn and Devindra answer a slew of listener questions, covering everything from when to buy a PlayStation 5 to the future of folding PCs. We also look back at the best moments of covering tech throughout the year (which mostly involve this podcast). And of course, we can’t help but dream about what we’d like to see in 2021, when society (hopefully) shifts back into gear. We answer your questions about this year in tech – 3:25 What we’re looking forward to in 2021 – 3:25 Working On – 44:42 Picks – 50:21
Dec 31, 2020
The Biggest Winners and Losers of Tech in 2020
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra look back at 2020 to figure out the best and worst of tech. From Apples M1 chip to the downfall of Quibi, it was a year of serious highs and lows for the tech industry, especially once you factor how the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives. Tech’s Winners of 2020 (Consoles and…the LG Wing?) – 1:31 Tech’s Losers of 2020 (RIP Quibi but not really) – 36:49 In other news – 59:28 Working On – 1:02:19 Picks – 1:06:20
Dec 18, 2020
AirPods Max, Cyberpunk 2077 and the death of cinema
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra dive into Apple’s newest headphones, the AirPods Max, and discuss if they’re actually worth $549. They also chat about the FTC’s antitrust charges against Facebook, and Warner Bros.’ decision to premiere all of their 2021 films on HBO Max. Jessica Conditt also joins to discuss her impressions of Cyberpunk 2077 — was it worth the long wait? Topics: Airpods Max – 1:28 Facebook hit with massive antitrust suit – 13:06 WB to release next year’s movies on HBO – 26:25 Cyberpunk 2077, finally! – 37:44 Working On – 59:32 Picks – 1:05:27
Dec 11, 2020
Tech tips to make dating, relationships and breakups easier
This week, Cherlynn is joined by senior editor Jessica Conditt and special guest Harris O’Malley aka Dr. NerdLove to talk all about the ways tech affects dating, relationships and breakups. Will Google Photos, Facebook and Instagram ever stop sending us “memories” of our exes? What are the newest ways to be “Facebook Official”? Are there etiquette rules on when or whether you should remove your ex’s pictures from Instagram? Then, our hosts share what they’ve been working on, including coverage of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 news and upcoming game reviews. Navigating relationships, breakups, and their digital footprint with Dr. Nerdlove – 1:55 Working on – 40:36 Picks – 46:19
Dec 04, 2020
Interview: Astro's Playroom director on making a PS5 showpiece
In this holiday interview special, Devindra chats with Team Asobi creative director Nicolas Doucet on developing Astro's Playroom, a game that's bundled with every PlayStation 5 and shows off the full capabilities of its DualSense controller.
Nov 24, 2020
The Marvelous MacBook Air M1
Apple’s new M1-equipped MacBook Air is a doozy of an ultraportable. This week, Devindra and Cherlynn chat about what makes it so special, and what it means for the future of Apple’s M1 Mac lineup. How can Intel and AMD even compete? Also, they discuss if Twitter’s Fleets feature is any good, and what Amazon’s Pharmacy push means for online medication ordering. The Macbook Air M1: Does it live up to the hype? – 1:32 M1 on Macbook Air: benchmarks – 24:49 The ongoing US election/other news – 28:39 Twitter introduces stories: Fleets – 31:54 Amazon expands into prescription drugs – 38:08 Listener mail – 45:03 Working on – 47:52 Picks – 1:00:17
Nov 20, 2020
Apple's new M1 chip, Macs and our iPhone reviews
This week, we go over our deeper thoughts on Apple’s announcements from its Mac event on Tuesday. Does Apple have a better shot at making ARM-based laptops work than Microsoft? Plus, our hosts take a closer look at our iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max reviews and share more thoughts on the PlayStation 5. Apple Unveils its M1 Chip – 1:41 iPhone 12 hands on and final thoughts – 20:17 Playstation 5 launch day – 30:46 In other news… – 41:31 Working on – 50:15 Picks – 52:55
Nov 13, 2020
Xbox Series X and S Reviews! Tech on the Ballot!
This week, Devindra and Jessica Conditt dive deep into their Xbox Series X and S reviews. Do Microsoft’s next-gen systems live up to the hype? Also, Tech on the Ballot! A few important tech-related ballot initiatives were decided in California, Massachusetts, and Maine. Xbox Series X and S: The Full Review – 1:42 Tech on the Ballot – 30:21 Working On – 41:36 Picks – 43:16
Nov 06, 2020
PS5 vs Xbox Series X Early Impressions
This week, Devindra and Cherlynn are joined by Jess Conditt to talk about both new consoles -- well, as much as they can say anyway. Jess chats about her PlayStation 5 preview, and we can finally compare it to the Xbox Series X and S final hardware. Also, they dive into what’s up with AMD and NVIDIA’s latest GPUs, the RTX 3070 and Radeon RX 6000 series. PS5 vs. Xbox Series S: case and controller overview – 1:41 Other gaming news (RTX 3070, switch game streaming) – 21:51 Social media takes steps against US election misinformation – 27:45 Working on – 36:42 Listener mail – 44:10 Our favorite dead gadgets – 48:36 Picks – 56:09
Oct 30, 2020
iPhone 12 and 12 Pro review: Are they worth it?
This week, Devindra chats with Senior Mobile Editor Chris Velazco about his iPhone 12 and 12 Pro reviews. Do they live up to the hype? Are they a decent upgrade over last year? And does 5G matter? Also, they dive into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s brilliant Among Us Twitch stream, as well as the (wholly unsurprising) death of Quibi Do you really need to upgrade to an iPhone 12? – 1:46 Twitch might be the new frontier for political promotion – 35:56 RIP Quibi, Lifespan: Six Months – 45:44 Working On – 56:09 Picks – 59:04
Oct 23, 2020
iPhone 12, Pixel reviews and Xbox Series X preview
It’s been a hardware-heavy week, with Apple’s iPhone 12 event delivering four new iPhones to gawk at. Devindra and Cherlynn take a look at some of the more controversial and outstanding discussions about Apple’s latest and greatest. Then, we talk about Cherlynn’s experience reviewing the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, and Jessica Conditt joins our hosts to talk about the Xbox Series X after having spent three weeks with the console. Apple finally unveils the iPhone 12 (pro and mini, too!) – 1:23 Final review of the Pixel 5 and 4a5G – 28:06 Xbox Series X and S preview with Jess Conditt – 45:02 Working On – 59:21 Picks – 1:05:10
Oct 16, 2020
Bill Nye discusses VR learning, science and climate change
The legendary Bill Nye joins our hosts Cherlynn and Devindra on this week’s episode to discuss his new VR Science Kit, as well as climate change, the postal service and the Trump administration’s stance on science. “Uncle Bill,” as we’re allowed to call him (sparingly) also talked about TikTok as a learning platform and the internet as a public service. Then, commerce editor Valentina Palladino shares some advice on how to prepare for Amazon’s upcoming Prime Day on October 13th and 14th. Bill Nye (The Science Guy!) joins us to talk about VR learning, science leadership, and climate change – 1:05 A Prime Day primer with commerce editor Valentina Palladino – 23:24 Working On – 36:08 Picks – 41:22
Oct 09, 2020
Google Pixel 5, Surface Laptop Go and our iOS 14 review
Google’s finally shown off the Pixel 5, and people are not too impressed. At its Launch Night In event this week, the company revealed details on its latest phones as well as the new Chromecast and Nest Audio speaker. Not to be outdone, Microsoft dropped some new Surface news the next morning, launching the Surface Laptop Go and updated Surface Pro X. Cherlynn and UK bureau chief Mat Smith break down all the news on this week’s podcast, before going over some takeaways from our iOS 14 review. Google unveils its Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a5G – 1:39 New Chromecast – 18:24 Nest Audio – 25:22 Laptop Go and Surface Pro X from Microsoft – 34:00 Mat Smith’s iOS 14 review – 43:03 Working On – 59:19 Picks – 1:01:47
Oct 02, 2020
Microsoft buys Bethesda! And we review the Apple Watch SE
This week, Devindra and Cherlynn dive into Microsoft’s massive (and surprising!) acquisition of Bethesda, and all of the other ZeniMax Media studios. Also, Cherlynn dives into her experience with the Apple Watch SE — is it enough to tempt her away from Android? Microsoft shakes the gaming industry with huge studio buy – 1:42 TikTok is now partly owned by Oracle and [checks notes] …Walmart? – 13:51 Apple Watch SE in depth review – 17:39 Samsung Unpacked (Fan Edition) – 33:29 Baseless speculation on the Amazon product event – 40:31 Working On – 44:19 Picks – 46:51
Sep 25, 2020
Apple Watch Series 6, Oculus Quest 2, RTX 3080 and more!
This week, it’s (almost) all about Apple as Cherlynn and Devindra are joined by Valentina Palladino to dive into Apple’s event on Tuesday. Is the new Apple Watch Series 6 impressive? Is $279 for the Watch SE a good price? Then, Devindra tells us about his review of the Oculus Quest 2 and NVIDIA’s RTX 3080. Then, we look at the crazy LG Wing before catching you up on the flood of news in tech this week. There was an Apple event, but no iPhones (yet) – 1:50 Apple Watch Series 6 (and Watch SE and Fitness +) – 5:25 iPads 8 get and Air – 30:11 Oculus Quest 2 Review – 39:27 Other news: PS5 price announced, LG Wing – 51:58 Working On/RTX 3080 review preview – 1:03:49 Picks – 1:10:04
Sep 18, 2020
Surface Duo review, Xbox Series S and Apple's upcoming event
The Surface Duo reviews are in and the verdict is a resounding meh. Devindra and Cherlynn talk about what excited them about Microsoft’s dual-screen debut, and explain why using it in the real world was frustrating. Then, UK bureau chief Mat Smith joins our hosts to discuss the Xbox Series S and X versus Sony’s Playstation options, as well as what Apple might have in store for the September 15th event it announced this week. Finally, we can talk about what the Microsoft Duo is actually like – 1:38 Xbox Series S, what a surprise – 24:09 A timely Apple announcement – 40:30 Working On – 50:44 Picks – 54:01
Sep 11, 2020
Galaxy Z Fold 2, NVIDIA RTX 3000 and Intel's 11th-gen CPUs
As if Samsung unveiling the Z Fold 2 plus an NVIDIA event weren’t enough to keep us busy this week, we also got a slew of news from companies all over the consumer electronics industry thanks to IFA 2020. Cherlynn and Devindra are joined by senior mobile editor Chris Velazco to discuss his impressions of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 after spending a day and a half with it. Then, our hosts geek out over NVIDIA and Intel’s latest processors, before blazing through the plethora of IFA news from companies like TCL, Qualcomm, Lenovo and Samsung (again). Galaxy Z Fold 2 first impression – 1:40 NVIDIA makes a huge step forward – 23:17 Dispatch from Intel – 29:05 So many new things at IFA – 37:05 Working On – 56:51 Picks – 58:54
Sep 04, 2020
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review + Fortnite v. Apple
This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat about what it’s like to live with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, plus they dive into Epic’s war with Apple over the App Store. Also, they’ll discuss how Facebook is still trying (and failing) to make Instagram a Tiktok killer. Notes from the Galaxy Note 20 review – 1:52 Fortnite v. Apple’s app store – 17:34 Oculus will soon require Facebook login – 28:23 Facebook tries Reels, but can it stand up to TikTok? – 33:12 Working On – 39:14 Picks – 47:26
Aug 21, 2020
All about the Surface Duo and Galaxy Watch Active 3
This week was dominated by Microsoft’s Surface Duo news, with the company finally unveiling full details and availability info for its dual-screen device since it was first showed off last year. Cherlynn and Devindra discuss why this is such a compelling product and spell out some concerns that could hold the Duo back. How can Microsoft justify the controversial price tag and is the software any better than previous efforts? Our hosts also take a deeper look at Cherlynn’s experience reviewing the Galaxy Watch Active 3 and provide updates on some Intel and Avatar news that came out this week.
Aug 14, 2020
Samsung! Pixel 4a! A New Gadget Bonanza!
t’s a jam-packed week of news thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event. Cherlynn and Devindra chat about the Galaxy Note (and Ultra!), the Z Fold 2, Tab S7 and S7+, Watch 3 and Buds Live. Whew. And they still find time to go into Cherlynn’s glowing Pixel 4a review, and the crazy Microsoft/Tiktok deal and Trump’s latest attempt to block Chinese companies. Samsung announces so many things – 2:00 ZFold2 – 6:07 Galaxy Note 20 – 16:47 Galaxy Tab – 26:10 Watch 3 – 35:06 Buds Live – 40:38 Google’s Pixel 4a might be the best midrange smartphone – 44:01 Apple refreshes the 27-inch iMac – 55:50 White House tries to block Chinese companies/Working on – 59:10 Pop Culture Picks – 1:09:01
Aug 07, 2020
Big Tech Goes to Washington
This week on the show, Devindra and Cherlynn chat about Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon’s congressional antitrust hearing. Are they too big to compete fairly? Or is the tech industry being overly criticized? (It’s most likely the former.) Also, we dive into Garmin’s lackluster response to its widespread system outage, Quibi’s surprising Emmy noms, and Tenet’s international opening. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google Testify in Anti-Trust Hearings – 2:05 Garmin Gets Hacked, Tries to Play it Cool – 25:46 Quibi was Nominated for [checks notes] 10 Emmys?? – 31:39 Working On – 40:20 Picks – 44:56
Jul 31, 2020
OnePlus Nord and a gaming phone party
This has been a gadget-and-gaming heavy week for Team Engadget, and it’s right in our comfort zone. As Devindra was busy hosting Engadget’s Xbox livestream event, Cherlynn is joined by UK Bureau Chief Mat Smith. They dive into the OnePlus Nord, which was launched this week, and has been hyped up by the company and its fans. The Nord is a return to good affordable phones for OnePlus, and Mat shares his impressions after playing with it for a bit. Our hosts also go over the OnePlus Buds, Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 5 (and other products), the ASUS ROG Phone 3 and other gaming phones. And since we’re talking to someone in the UK, we also discuss the differences in attitude towards Chinese-made gadgets in America and Europe.
Jul 24, 2020
Understanding Windows on ARM and Apple Silicon
After Cherlynn’s review of the Snapdragon-powered Lenovo Flex 5G laptop was published this week, our hosts decided to take a deeper look at Windows on ARM. Between buggy performance and confusion over app compatibility, there’s a lot to unpack. Then, Devindra and Cherlynn look at Apple Silicon and the challenges that might be in the company’s way as it makes its two-year transition to ARM. Will an ARM-based Macbook be powerful enough for the most demanding users? Then, as usual, we share what we’ve been working on and relaxing with, and offer entertainment recommendations you should check out. What’s up With Wednesday’s Big Twitter Hack? – 1:32 Lenovo Flex 5G/Windows on ARM – 6:51 What Does This Mean for MacOS on ARM? – 23:13 In Other News…– 32:39 Working On – 39:19 Picks – 43:37
Jul 17, 2020
Thunderbolt 4, Snapdragon 865 Plus and Facebook's Latest Mess
We’re back from the July 4th break and we’re ready to dive into some seriously nerdy news. This week, Devindra and Cherlynn chat about Intel’s Thunderbolt 4 standard, and what it means for your next PC. We also dive into Qualcomm’s latest announcements, including the gaming-focused Snapdragon 865 Plus. And finally, we explore why Facebook just can’t seem to do much right these days, especially when it comes to appeasing civil rights groups. Thunderbolt 4 – 5:09 Qualcomm Announces 865 Plus – 14:00 Facebook Disappoints Ad Boycotters – 28:33 Working On – 38:12 Picks – 45:06
Jul 10, 2020
WWDC Breakdown and a Health-Tech Check-In
The biggest news event of the week was Apple’s virtual WWDC keynote, during which the company showed off a ton of upcoming features to its various software products. In Devindra’s absence, Cherlynn is joined by Dan Cooper as guest co-host, as well as senior mobile editor Chris Velazco to rip into Apple’s latest updates. From iOS 14 vs Android, to watchOS 7, to macOS and Apple’s transition to ARM chips, there’s plenty to discuss. Then, our hosts are joined by CNBC’s health and health-tech reporter Chrissy Farr to talk about the latest developments in healthcare and telemedicine. Do wearable companies have the right idea when it comes to developing products for COVID-19? What is Apple’s approach to this burgeoning industry? This Was Maybe the Biggest WWDC in Years? – 1:41 Siri, Maps, and App Clips – 13:38 iPadOS Gets an Update – 24:03 New Horizons in Telehealth with CNBC’s Chrissy Farr – 42:17 Can Wearables Help Predict COVID-19 (Don’t Bet on It) – 45:44
Jun 26, 2020
PlayStation 5 Details and Hesitation Over Facial Recognition
Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 last week, sharing with the world the console’s design, specs, games and accessories. One question remains in everyone’s mind: How much will it cost? Devindra and Cherlynn are joined by deputy managing editor Nathan Ingraham to discuss this device’s eye-catching appearance, size and speculate how much it will cost. Nate also tells us why The Last Of Us II is a heartbreaking game worth the emotional investment. Then, our hosts take a look at the latest developments in major tech companies’ facial recognition systems, as well as Twitter’s new voice message format. We finally know what the PS5 looks like! – 1:10 …but it’s going to be pretty expensive – 5:13 Games announced for PS5 (Spiderman, Stray) – 8:05 Nathan Ingraham reviews The Last of Us, Part II – 13:57 Nintendo announces a bunch of Pokemon games – 24:47 Big tech pauses work on facial recognition – 26:56 Other News – 33:58 Picks – 40:43
Jun 19, 2020
Diving into the Android 11 Beta with Florence Ion
It’s all about Android this week as we dive deep into Google’s just-released beta for the upcoming version of its mobile OS. Devindra and Cherlynn are joined by seasoned Android and smart home reporter Florence Ion to discuss their feelings about the preview. What are Bubbles? Is getting more controls and drawers better for organization or is it more clutter? Then, our hosts go over what they’ve been working on, explaining why they are excited for developments in the processor world. As usual, we’ve also got quite a few entertainment recommendations to share. What’s new with the Android 11 beta? – 1:59 What's iOS doing this year? – 28:52 Working On – 33:08 Picks – 43:48
Jun 12, 2020
Twitter and Facebook's Showdown with Trump
What a year this past week has been. While protesters were hitting the streets to combat police violence, most of us were left watching the events unfold on social media. And even without those historic demonstrations, it was a pretty momentous week for Twitter and Facebook, both of which were faced with challenging decisions on handling Donald Trump’s more explosive posts. Devindra and Cherlynn chat with Karissa Bell, Engadget’s Senior Editor focusing on social media, about how Twitter and Facebook approached the occasion very differently. What a Week in Social Media (with Senior Editor Karissa Bell) – 4:17 Personal Safety Tools (for protesting and every day) – 38:01 Working On – 44:32 Picks – 54:41
Jun 05, 2020
Why Do People Think 5G Makes Them Sick?
No, 5G didn’t start the coronavirus pandemic. But that’s not stopping the current wave of conspiracy theories and anti-5G protests. And despite the science saying otherwise, plenty of people are convinced that 5G is actually hurting them. To figure out why, Cherlynn and Devindra chat with Omer van den Bergh, a tenured professor of Health Psychology at the University of Leuven in Belgium. He’s extensively researched idiopathic environmental intolerance, genuine physical symptoms that arise when some people encounter electromagnetic fields, chemical substances (like fragrances), and even vibroacoustic sources like wind mills. While tests prove that these factors don’t genuinely cause illnesses, the mere belief that they do is enough to cause physical reactions. Instead of just telling people it’s all in their head, he argues, Western medicine might need to take these symptoms more seriously. Additionally, Devindra and Cherlynn discuss the surprisingly confusing launch of HBO Max. It’s basically a rebrand of HBO Now, but somehow HBO managed to bungle it. (And maybe we just have too many streaming services to manage now.) Timestamps: Here’s One Reason Why the 5G Harm Myth Won’t Go Away – 1:02 Interview with Prof. Omer van den Bergh – 4:17 HBO Max is Very Confusing – 24:49 Working On – 31:00 Picks – 36:22
May 29, 2020
Dell's New XPS Laptops and Zocdoc's Telehealth Play
We’re back to a somewhat regular week of news on this episode of the Engadget Podcast. Devindra and Cherlynn tackle the good and bad of Dell’s new XPS and Alienware laptops, before diving into Zocdoc’s telehealth play and what that could mean for our healthcare infrastructure in the future. We also contemplate the utility of VR meetings and therapy sessions, as well as the appeal of a quirky pair of wireless earbuds promising to tailor audio to the shape of your ears. Dell XPS 15, 17 – 1:18 Alienware R51 – 6:36 ZocDoc transitions to telehealth – 11:37 Spatial VR Meetings – 18:08 Nuraloop Headphones – 27:14 Working On – 29:11 Picks – 32:40
May 15, 2020
Microsoft's Surface Bonanza!
It’s a Microsoft heavy week! This week, Devindra and Cherlynn are joined by Alex Cranz, Gizmodo’s Senior Consumer Tech Editor, to chat about the bevy of new Surface devices. In particular, they explore why the Surface Go 2 and Book 3 are a bit disappointing — it turns out a slight spec bump might not be enough to make them competitive. But hey, at least the Headphones 2 and Earbuds are cheaper than we expected. Surface Go – 1:56 Surface Book 3 – 16:05 Surface Buds/Surface Headphones 2 – 31:47 Listener Mail – 37:53 Working On – 42:39 Picks – 43:53
May 08, 2020
Reviewing the Pixel Buds and Amazon's 'Upload'
At long last, the new Pixel Buds are here. Two years after the original’s underwhelming debut, Google finally released its true wireless earbuds this week. Engadget senior news editor (and resident audio expert) Billy Steele joined Cherlynn and Devindra to explain why he called these “a revelation compared to the previous model.” The trio also analyze how Google’s earbuds compare to rivals like the AirPods, Jabra Elite 75t and Sony WF-1000XM3, and Billy highlights what we can expect from true wireless earbuds in 2020. Then, Devindra and Cherlynn discuss Amazon’s new show Upload, with snippets from a talk with creator Greg Daniels. In short, the comedy series should be a fun, engaging and welcome distraction. Upload premieres today on Prime Video. Pixel Buds: Google’s First True Wireless Headphones – 1:27 Working On [MSI GS66, ZenBook Duo coming soon] – 31:41 Upload Review: An Amazon sitcom from Greg Daniels (The Office, King of the Hill, Parks and Rec) – 33:17
May 01, 2020
What the Heck is a Planetary Computer? Microsoft Explains
What if we could track everything happening on Earth in real time? And — even better — what if all of that data was readily accessible? This week, Devindra chats with Lucas Joppa, Microsoft’s Chief Environmental Officer, about the company’s “Planetary Computer” concept, which aims to accomplish just that. Cherlynn also helps break down how other companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook are approaching their own environmental initiatives. While it’s nice to see many tech firms cleaning up their businesses, do they have a moral responsibility to go further? What Even Is a Planetary Computer? – 2:29 Interview with Microsoft Environmental Officer Lucas Joppa – 3:05 Other Tech Companies’ Sustainability Efforts – 27:05 Working On [MSI GS66, VR Exercise app Supernatural] – 38:55 Picks – 44:47
Apr 24, 2020
iPhone SE, OnePlus 8 Pro and a Ton of New Phones
Gadget nerds, iPhone diehards and OnePlus fans — lend me your ears. This has been a big week for you. Apple launched a new version of the iPhone SE on Wednesday, while OnePlus unveiled its latest flagships on Tuesday. LG also teased the unexpected name for its upcoming flagship, while Motorola declared April 22nd the day it will show off its first high-end phone in years. On this episode, Devindra and Cherlynn are joined by senior mobile editor Chris Velazco to rip into the glorious phone news that’s been bombarding us these past two weeks. Is it time to take OnePlus seriously as a flagship maker? Can LG save itself with a rebranding campaign or should it pivot to making baked goods? We tackle all these searing questions, and recommend some fun entertainment options as always. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for an interview with Nathaniel Halpern, writer and creator of the new show Tales from the Loop, which is available on Amazon’s Prime Video. iPhone SE Returns – 2:14 OnePlus 8 stands up to the competition – 13:06 LG Velvet…that name – 22:50 A Bunch of other phones! – 28:50 Working On – 42:20 Picks – 46:18 Tales from the Loop Interview – 54:27
Apr 17, 2020
Quibi and a chat with Devs creator Alex Garland
Do you even Quibi, bro? This week, Devindra chats with TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha about Quibi, the mobile video startup from Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. Is it any good? (Spoiler: Not really.) And what does it mean for the future of mobile only video? Also, Devindra interviews Alex Garland, the director of Annihilation and Ex Machina, about his new FX series Devs. 2:07 – Quibi is here, but who is it for and does anyone want it? 15:58 – Interview with Alex Garland on his new show Devs 33:20 – Working On 35:49 – Picks
Apr 10, 2020
Keeping Fit With Tech at Home
We’re weeks into stay-at-home life, and some of us are atrophying. Devindra and Cherlynn have spent the last few weeks looking into how tech has enabled us to work, get medicine, see doctors, find sanity and sustain our mental health from home. This week, our hosts are joined by our brand new commerce editor Valentina Palladino as we discuss the ways tech can help us keep physically active. From home exercise machines to the best activity trackers to places offering free workout tutorials and streams, Devindra, Cherlynn and Valentina have plenty of tips to offer. We also go over the importance of nutrition and eating well, and some of the tech that can help you in that mission. And as always, we have many great entertainment recommendations for those looking for something fresh to enjoy.
Apr 03, 2020
Half-Life: Alyx Devs On the Leap Into VR
Half-Life is back! In this episode, Devindra chats with Valve's Kerry Davis and Dario Casali about developing Half-Life: Alyx, and their approach to bringing the beloved franchise into virtual reality.
Mar 30, 2020
How games (and Animal Crossing!) are keeping us sane
This week on the show, Devindra and Cherlynn dive into the deserted island life of Animal Crossing and how games can help us all survive being stuck at home. Also, Senior Editor Jessica Conditt describes how Doom Eternal -- a literal romp through hell on Earth -- serves a similarly relaxing roll for her. And producer Ben Ellman nerds out about Cities Skylines. Don't ever say we don't have varied tastes.
Mar 27, 2020
Can Telehealth Save Us?
On this week's episode, Cherlynn and Devindra explore the rise of telehealth during the global coronavirus pandemic. With Medicare expanding coverage to include telehealth, as well as the attention around Verily's efforts to launch a screening site, the industry is gaining momentum. This outbreak could make telehealth mainstream, and we need to understand its limits and challenges so that proper legislation can be drawn up in a timely manner. It's not all serious conversation; our hosts also dive into the gaming hardware news from this week, as well as fun recommendations on how to retain your sanity in these trying times 1:16 – Coronavirus puts telehealth in the spotlight 25:29 – Social Media is our society for now 38:04 – In other news…we have hardware specs for the Playstation 5! 44:40 – Picks
Mar 20, 2020
Coronavirus And Our Remote Work Future
Well, we're officially living through a global pandemic, folks. This week, Devindra and Cherlynn chat about how coronavirus is pushing many companies towards remote work and better employee support. (It's just too bad it took a widespread illness to make those things happen.) Will this be the norm moving forward for white-collar jobs? And for a change of pace, they chat about the tech world's war on bezels and the state of software in folding phones. Be sure to stay tuned for some quarantine viewing recommendations too!
Mar 13, 2020
Coronavirus Hits Tech + Finding Hope With Cosmos Co-Creator Ann Druyan
This week on the Engadget Podcast, we dive into the many ways the coronavirus is affecting the tech industry, all the while remembering to wash our hands and not touch our faces. It's not quite a pandemic yet, but there's some hope on the horizon, now that social media companies like Facebook are actually trying to fight coronavirus disinformation. And for something completely different, Devindra chats with Ann Druyan (starting at 26:59), the co-creator of Cosmos, on the show's incredible new season. Links: Facebook will run free WHO ads to counter coronavirus misinformation: Fake cures and other coronavirus conspiracy theories are flooding WhatsApp, leaving governments and users with a ‘sense of panic’: Pandemic film Contagion becomes one of iTunes' most-watched movies: TCL's concept device folds twice to fit a 10-inch screen in your pocket: Does the Xbox Series X make gaming PCs obsolete?:
Mar 06, 2020
Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra: Is This Your 5G King?
Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra: Is This Your 5G King? by Engadget
Feb 28, 2020
Breaking down the Samsung Fest and MWC Mess
A bunch of things in tech got the proverbial nails slammed into their coffins this week. Andy Rubin's Essential phone company shut down, MWC got canceled due to fears over coronavirus and the Motorola Razr folding flip phone is pretty likely dead on arrival thanks to Samsung's new Galaxy Z Flip. Cherlynn is joined by senior mobile editor Chris Velazco (Devindra is off on vacation, yay!) to talk about their Galaxy phone coverage and commiserate over no longer going to Barcelona.
Feb 14, 2020
How Tech (And Humans) Failed the Iowa Caucus
The logistical and technical debacle of the Iowa Democratic Caucus is exactly why we're not hopeful about online voting in America. This week on the Engadget Podcast, Devindra and Cherlynn chat about what exactly went wrong for Iowa's Democratic Party. The mysterious app from an unknown progressive tech firm was mostly to blame, but it was also helped by some good old fashioned human error. Links: Iowa Democrats say sloppy code led to app failure: Iowa caucus results delayed due to app issues: LG pulls out of Mobile World Congress due to Coronavirus fears: Spotify buys The Ringer:
Feb 07, 2020
Why Clearview AI's Facial Recognition is a Privacy Nightmare
All of our fears around facial recognition technology are coming true thanks to a little known startup called ClearView AI. This week, Devindra and Cherlynn dive into how ClearView works, and what unchecked access to powerful facial recognition means for the future of privacy. (It's good for cops, not so much everybody else!) Also, managing editor Terrence O'Brien joins to break down how Billy Eilish recorded a Grammy-winning album in a spare bedroom. It's all yet another milestone for DIY home audio production. Links: - NYT: The secretive company that might end privacy as we know it: - Billy Eilish proved anyone can have Grammy-winning gear: -What to buy if you want to start producing music at home:
Jan 31, 2020
Sonos and The Inevitable Death of Connected Gadgets
Sonos announced that it'll be killing off several of its older devices this week, and its loyal customers aren't taking very kindly to that. This week, Devindra, Cherlynn and Deputy Managing Editor Nathan Ingraham dive into Sonos' plans, and what it says about the future of every connected device. (How's that Pebble treating you?) Also, they discuss how Saudi Arabia hacked Jeff Bezos's phone via WhatsApp. Yes, it's as crazy as it sounds.
Jan 24, 2020
Super Nintendo World, Here We Go!
This week, Devindra, Cherlynn and Senior Editor Nick Summers take a relaxing break from the madness of CES by diving into some of this week's news, like the trailer for Japan's Super Nintendo World park. They also question the wisdom of Sony abandoning E3 (yet again), and welcome Microsoft's new Chromium-infused Edge browser.
Jan 17, 2020
Quibi and Lioness Founders on the Future of Streaming Video and Sex Tech
In this special interview episode from CES 2020, Devindra chats with the minds behind Quibi -- founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO Meg Whitman, Chief Product Officer Tom Conrad and CTO Ben Post -- to see how it's attempting to disrupt streaming mobile video. Meanwhile, Cherlynn speaks with Lioness founder Liz Klinger about the vibrator that finally got to officially display at CES after years of controversy.
Jan 11, 2020
CES 2020 and a Chat With Technologist John Maeda
It's that time of the year again, CES! This week, Devindra and Cherlynn discuss some of the best (and worst) things they've seen at the show, including ultraportables, cars and a variety of truly weird stuff. Plus, you'll hear about a strange Westworld dinner that freaked them both out. And be sure to stay tuned for our chat with the noted designer and technologist John Maeda, who gave his thoughts on CES, the bad design choices companies like Samsung make, and discussed his new book, How to Speak Machine: Computational Thinking for the Rest of Us.
Jan 10, 2020
CES 2020 Preview!
To celebrate the arrival of 2020, Devindra and Cherlynn are doing what they do every year: Prepping like crazy for CES. This week, we chat about how the infamous tradeshow has evolved over the years, and the new innovations we're actually looking forward to. And we can't help but dive into the products (and celebrity guests) we're already dreading.
Jan 03, 2020
The Tech That Made 2019
This week, Devindra and Cherlynn tackle the best and worst tech of 2019. Among the winners: Wireless earbuds and premium ultraportables. As for the losers well.... There's a lot to cover. If anything, it seems like this year is a stepping stone towards some real innovation in 2020.
Dec 21, 2019
The Mac Pro and Apple's Return to Great Hardware
This week, Senior Editor Devindra Hardawar and UK Bureau Chief Mat Smith explore who may need a $52,000 Mac Pro (it's not as crazy as you think!). And when taken together with the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the AirPods Pro, they discuss what this means for Apple's hardware prospects. Is this a sign that Apple is doing a better job of listening to its users?
Dec 13, 2019
What Qualcomm's New Chips Tell Us About Next Year's Gadgets
Another year, another round of Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm. This week, Cherlynn and Devindra dive into the Snapdragon 865 and 765 to see what they tell us about next year's devices. They're faster than before, of course, but they'll also come with a slew of useful new features for smartphones, tablets and even laptops. Of course, they're also built with 5G support in mind -- though not in the way you'd expect.
Dec 06, 2019
Google Stadia and the Future of Game Streaming
This week, we discuss the problematic launch of Google's Stadia cloud-based games service. Our senior editor and resident games expert Jessica Conditt joins us to share what she thought of the service, how it fares against Microsoft's Xcloud and what she thinks of streaming games in general. Also, as we head into Thanksgiving, it's time to think about your holiday shopping and the deals you might be able to score for you and your loved ones on Black Friday. We have some tips for that. Plus, the recent, old-school, and straight up old games that we've been playing. We'll be taking a break for Thanksgiving, so come back in two weeks for a new post-food coma episode.
Nov 22, 2019
Apple’s 16” MacBook Pro is Here (and so is Engadget’s Gift Guide)!
Get ready for the holidays with an in depth look at Engadget’s gift guide! This week, editor in chief Dana Wollman joins Devindra to chat about how we pick the best gadget gifts and some of the wildest choices we’ve made. And of course, we find time to dive into the new 16” MacBook Pro.
Nov 15, 2019
The Streaming Wars Have Begun
Apple TV+ just launched, Disney+ is on the way, and HBO Max is coming next year. This week on the Engadget Podcast, Devindra and Cherlynn explore why these companies are launching their own streaming services and what it all means for consumers. Are they actually worth subscribing to? Is there simply too much to watch?
Nov 08, 2019
Do you need the AirPods Pro?
This week it's all about computers in our ears, or hearables, if you prefer. Apple announced the long-awaited AirPods Pro on Tuesday, but even though they helped popularize wireless earbuds, now just about every tech company has their own pair as well. We chat about what's new with the AirPods Pro, as well as how to find the perfect pair of earbuds for you. Plus, we talk about the state of smartwatches. (Note: This episode was recorded before Google's Fitbit acquisition was confirmed.)
Nov 01, 2019
Reviewing the Pixel 4, Surface Pro 7 and More
This week, we dive into some of our latest reviews: Google's Pixel 4, Microsoft's Surface Pro 7, HTC's Vive Cosmos and Dell's XPS 13 2-in-1.
Oct 25, 2019
What Do We Lose If Google Is Everywhere?
Google is all about ambient computing. That much was made clear at the company's launch event this week. Its products were leaked so thoroughly that there were barely any surprises left. Yet, finally getting to see Google's full portfolio of devices makes it clear: the company is very serious about getting into every facet of your life. This week, Cherlynn is joined by senior mobile editor Chris Velazco in Devindra's absence, and the two take a long hard look at Google's hardware, software, as well as its experiments to see how it all fits into the concept of ambient computing. And the question is: How concerned do we need to be about all the data Google continues to glean about us?
Oct 18, 2019
Is MacOS Catalina Apple's Vista Moment?
MacOS Catalina is here, and it's... kind of a mess. In this episode, Devindra and Cherlynn are joined by Engadget Editor-in-Chief Dana Wollman to discuss Apple's latest desktop OS. The big question: Is Catalina Apple's Vista? (Pro-tip: Don't rush to upgrade.) We also ponder what Google will show off at next week's Pixel event; chat about PG&E's widespread power outages in California; and dive into the weirdness of Andy's Rubin's latest Essential phone, Project Gem.
Oct 11, 2019
Is Microsoft Making Better PCs than Apple?
Microsoft dropped a load of Surfaces on us last week, each impressive in their own right. We were wowed by the Surface Pro X, Pro 7 and Laptop 3 -- and of course, we can't wait to hear more about the dual-screen Surface Neo and Duo. It's hard not to compare all of those computers to Apple and its relatively straightforward lineup of Macbooks. This week on the Engadget podcast, reviews editor Cherlynn Low and I dive into one big question: Is Microsoft making better PCs than Apple? If you've got suggestions or topics you'd like covered on the show, be sure to email us ( or drop a note in the comments! (Apologies in advance for the the Skype audio quality on Cherlynn's side. We'll be in a studio next week!)
Oct 07, 2019
We're back!
Get your headphones ready, the Engadget Podcast is back in action and headed your way soon!
Oct 05, 2019
The Engadget Podcast Ep 44: Amazon announces all the things
This week, we discuss Amazon's sprawling new product lineup, ranked from "useful" to "weird." Also, we have some thoughts on Twitter's 280-character experiment
Sep 29, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 43: Hits, misses and leaks
This week on the Engadget Podcast, we discuss our impressions of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and Apple Watch Series 3, plus our take on the big Google-HTC deal.
Sep 22, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 42: Everything Apple
This week senior editor Chris Velazco and Executive Editor Dana Wollman are talking everything Apple! The iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and the Apple Watch Series 3... plus more!
Sep 15, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 41: High Hopes
This week senior editor Chris Velazco and Executive Editor Dana Wollman meant to recap Chris's review of the Galaxy Note 8, but this quickly devolved into speculation about next week's Apple event and opining about the crowded smartphone space in general.
Sep 08, 2017
Engadget Podcast: Ep 40: This is Your Night
Executive Editor, Dana Wollman, and Senior Mobile Editor, Chris Velazco, sit down to discuss the best of IFA, as well as Google ARCore
Sep 01, 2017
Engadget Podcast Ep 39: Rip Off
On this episode hosts Dana Wollman and Terrence O'Brien talk about the massive ransomware attack spreading across the globe and Caddyshack. Edgar Alvarez stops by to fills everyone in on all the drama around Fyre Festival, Instagram influencers and the FTC. Then Cherlynn Low and Devindra Hardawar check in from Build to give us the low down on Microsoft's plans for the future.
May 15, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 37: Modern Things
On this episode senior editor Chris Velazco and social media manager Evan Rodgers join host Terrence O’Brien for the last ever video edition of The Engadget Podcast. From here on out the show is going audio only, which will allow the show to bring you a wider variety of guests from all over the country and the globe. But those aren’t the only changes at the site. Engadget has a new editor chief and a renewed focus on doing what it does best: Bringing you the best and most important stories in tech. For example, on this week’s show the panel discusses Facebook’s ongoing problem with violent videos and livestreamed crimes. They’ll even try to figure out who, ultimately, should be responsible for policing such content, if anyone. Then they’ll dig deep… real deep on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. TL;DR: They’re amazing phones that should be on your shortlist and might even make you forget about the Note 7 debacle. Relevant links: The Wind Down: Kendrick Lamar - Damn : The Jetzons - Hard Times: 2 Mello - Chrono Jigga: DJ 8-Bit Mullet - Metroid Remixes:
Apr 21, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 36: Bad and Boujee
On this episode of the Engadget Podcast senior editor Cherlynn Low and executive editor Dana Wollman join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about some recent examples of bad corporate behavior. First the trio look the most recent developments at Uber, where days without controversy are increasingly rare. After that, they turn their attention to another perennial punching bag (and soon to be newest member of the Verizon family) Yahoo. The company’s troubles aren’t new. In fact the panel will be discussing just the latest fallout from a scandal surrounding political prisoners in China that dates back to 2007. Finally, on the Wind Down, Cherlynn reveals that gratuitous nudity isn’t what makes an HBO show and Terrence wholeheartedly endorses the chaotic and experimental “pop.” Then Dana offers her review of 1986’s Little Shop of Horrors. Relevant links: The Wind Down: Arca - Arca: Little Shop of Horrors: Big Little Lies: Criminal:
Apr 14, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 35: TV Party
On this episode host Terrence O’Brien is joined by executive editor Dana Wollman and (eventually) senior editor Chris Velazco. They start by looking at the current state of cord cutting and weigh the value of YouTube’s new live streaming TV package. Then they’ll try to figure out what the benefit is of Netflix ditching its five star rating system for a simplified option of just thumbs up or thumbs down. Obviously you can watch YouTube and Netflix on an actual television, but portable screens are an increasingly important part of the media market. How does the new 2017 iPad stack up in that world of mobile media machines? Well, pretty good if you ask Chris -- at $329 it doesn’t seem to have too many competitors. Lastly the trio sign off by recommending an album that will make you cry, a movie that will make you pee your pants and book you’ll die before finishing. Relevant links: The Wind Down: Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me: Jaws: Rafik Schami - Dark Side of Love:
Apr 07, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 34: Intergalactic
On this special all Samsung edition of the Engadget Podcast host Terrence O’Brien is joined by executive editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Chris Velazco. First all three will debate some of the most burning questions surrounding South Korea’s biggest phone manufacturer. Should Samsung be using resources to build yet another virtual assistant? Is there anyone who wants to use their phone as a desktop? And, most importantly, can the Galaxy S8 save Samsung from itself? Then Chris Velazco will paint a picture of the event on the ground, before the crew dives deep on the finer point of the S8’s design, interface and audio pedigree. Relevant links: The Wind Down: Spoon -- Hot Thoughts: Missing Richard Simmons: The Adventure Zone:
Mar 31, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 33: Losing My Edge
Managing editor Dana Wollman and host Terrence O’Brien are joined by a new face on this week’s episode: social media manager Evan Rodgers. They’ll talk about Engadget’s Adult Week -- a collection of articles about growing up in the digital age. Sure, we all know that what you say on social media can really come back to bite you in the ass (and possibly cost you a job). But, the internet is both an obstacle that needs to be navigated and a powerful tool that can teach you to be an independent and self sufficient adult. Without it Terrence and Evan would have never learned how to properly invoice companies during their freelancing days. And Dana has turned to the web to learn how to cook. They grow up so fast… sniff. Relevant links: The Wind Down: Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns -- Frank Ocean: Slide -- Jurassic Park --
Mar 24, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 32: North and South of the River
Senior editors Devindra Hardawar and Nathan Ingraham were among the Engadget team in Austin for SXSW this week. They sit down to talk about what they’ve seen, from movies to VR experiences to former Vice President Joe Biden. They also discuss how covering SXSW differs from the other big events Engadget typically covers and also decide whether or not the show is losing its cool. Also, BBQ. Lots and lots of BBQ. Relevant links:
Mar 16, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 31: Look Inside America
On this episode a trio of out-of-towners -- managing editor James Trew, senior editor Aaron Souppouris and senior editor Mat Smith -- join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about the latest tech news. First they’ll discuss Consumer Reports decision to start considering security and privacy in their ratings. Then try to figure out just what the hell the New York Times is thinking by putting tweets in the print edition of the paper. Then lastly they’ll talk about the latest out of Wikileaks and yell a whole lot about what a terrible person Julian Assange is. Relevant links:
Mar 10, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 30: I Can Change
After surviving The Great AWS Outage of 2017, managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Devindra Hardawar rejoin host Terrence O’Brien to talk about Nintendo’s Switch. But before they get to that, they’ll take on YouTube’s live TV offering and Twitter’s new tools for fighting harassment. Plus they’ll address the latest controversy surrounding Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. Relevant links: The Wind Down: Code Switch - The Good Fight - The Night of the Gun -
Mar 03, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 29: Re-Offender
Managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Nathan Ingraham join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about the biggest tech stories of the week. Of course, that means Uber and the growing controversy around its corporate culture -- including allegations of rampant sexism. They’ll also address Samsung’s plans to sell refurbished Note 7s, Bill Gate’s endorsement of a robot tax and PewDiePie’s most recent controversy. Then it’s time to unwind a bit, and the group has some reading and listening suggestions. Plus, Dana wants your recipes. Relevant links:
Feb 24, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 28: Disconnection Notice
On this episode, managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O’Brien on to debate the value of reviving dead products and really dig deep on the value of unplugging. First they’ll look at three things primed to come back from the dead: Verizon’s unlimited data plans, nudity in Playboy and the Nokia 3310. Then, fresh from a weekend reading by a fireplace and drinking whiskey in the woods, Terrence talks about the importance of unplugging -- even if only for a few hours -- every week. We’re more connected than ever and that’s a good thing. But even too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Relevant links:
Feb 17, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 27: American Tune
Managing editor Dana Wollman and reviews editor Cherlynn Low join host Terrence O’Brien to discuss the biggest tech news of the week. FIrst they’ll debate OnePlus’ benchmark scandal, then try to sort out why the ACLU is partnering with startup incubator Y Combinator and take the “artists” behind the Tinder for baby adoption Kickstarter to task. Finally it’s another week of Trump talk as the panel addresses the impact of the recent immigration ban on the tech industry and how the political climate is impacting our social media habits.
Feb 03, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 26: The Sounds of Science
Managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Nathan Ingraham join host Terrence O’Brien on the latest episode. First Dana and Nathan face off in the latest installment of Flame Wars, tackling the latest news around Google Voice, struggling streaming service Tidal and the Note 7. Then all three will try to unravel the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency and what it means for science in particular.
Jan 27, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 25: Black Hole Sun
Senior editor Chris Velazco, reviews editor Cherlynn Low and Social Media Editor Mallory Johns join host Devindra Hardawar to chat about the biggest stories of the week, including HTC U Ultra phone, which may or may not save the company. Moving on, they dive into the Nintendo Switch’s launch, and discuss President Obama’s commutation of Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence.
Jan 20, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 24: The Biggest Lie
Senior editors Edgar Alvarez and Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O’Brien to discuss the biggest stories of the week, including Facebook’s Journalism Project and the Emoji takeover of Monopoly. Then they’ll talk about Volkswagen’s massive settlement and pending indictments. Plus they’ll try to recap Dieselgate without messing up the timeline.
Jan 13, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 23: Leaving Las Vegas
Editor in chief Michael Gorman, executive editor Chris Trout and managing editor Dana Wollman join host Terrence O’Brien to give you one last update from the ground in Las Vegas. They talk about the history of sex at CES, it’s quiet reemergence and all the most absurd gadgets from the show floor. Plus they settle once and for all who is the Flame Wars champion, and who will have something to prove in 2017.
Jan 08, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 22: Filmore Jive
Senior editor Aaron Souppouris, senior HD editor Richard Lawler and senior editor Mat Smith join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about the tech announcements at CES that will shape 2017. Just like every year, it’s a big TV show. LG, Samsung, Sony and plenty others came with their biggest and brightest sets. But it was LG that stole Lawler’s heart with it’s crazy thin W-series OLEDs. The group also chats about how OLEDs are quickly becoming cheaper and more readily available.
Jan 07, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 21: Ooh Las Vegas
Associate editor Billy Steele, senior editor Nicole Lee and deputy managing editor James Trew join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about the early trends emerging from CES. It’s only the first day of the show, but there’s already been plenty of announcements, press conferences and lots of lost sleep. One of the most immediate things you’ll notice on the show floor is that everything has voice control this year, even garbage cans. And tons of companies are rushing to integrate Alexa into cars, washing machines and refrigerators. The panel will also talk about the best and worst things they’ve seen so far.
Jan 06, 2017
The Engadget Podcast Ep 20: I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down
It’s the last episode of the year and host Terrence O’Brien is closing things out with managing editor Dana Wollman and reviews editor Cherlynn Low. After looking at the biggest winners of 2016 last week, the crew is taking on the biggest losers. That means exploding phones, shady medical startups and trolls galore. Plus the standings for Flame Wars are finalized ahead of CES, so get ready ‘cause things might get real weird next week.
Dec 30, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 19: Simply the Best
In this week’s episode guest host Devindra Hardawar is joined by Managing Editor Dana Wollman and Senior Editor Chris Velazco as they run through the biggest winners of 2016. While it might have been a rough year for our musical legends, it was a pretty solid one for Netflix and Tesla. Heck, even in the throes of a growing fake news crisis, Facebook managed to have more wins than loses. And, once they’ve finished listing off all the ways emoji are taking over the world, they’ll look at some of the best gadgets of 2016.
Dec 23, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 18: We Both Go Down Together
Managing Editor Dana Wollman and Senior Editor Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about the biggest tech stories of the week. First Dana and Devindra debate the value of Amazon’s delivery drones and Google’s… I mean Alphabet’s new self-driving car company, Waymo. Plus they discuss the privacy freakout surrounding Evernote. Then all three will dig into the never ending security failures of Yahoo. Now that the company has admitted that over 1.5 billion user accounts were compromised -- and didn’t say a word about it for over 2 years -- will Verizon still go through with its planned buy out? The panel certainly hopes not.
Dec 16, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 17: Mansion on the Hill
Executive editor Christopher Trout and reviews editor Cherlynn Low join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about the week’s biggest news, including: Pandora Premium, Fitbit’s purchase of Pebble and the gaming industry’s nostalgia overload. Then Chris will tell the panel about his investigation into a failed gaming accessory that’s found a second life as a sex toy -- clearly things get a little NSFW. Then all three will talk about what Amazon Go and other advancements in automation and mean for low-skill and low-wage jobs.
Dec 09, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 16: Feds Watching
Managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about the week’s biggest tech news, including Nike’s new self-lacing shoes, Netlix’s offline mode and “yelfies.” Then they’ll rant about what’s been bother them this week, whether that’s DirecTV, crappy touchpads or Amazon’s convoluted pile of apps. Lastly they’ll try to unravel the complicated mess that is Rule 41 and what it means for privacy in America. Relevant links:
Dec 02, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep. 15: Everything But the Truth
Senior editor Devindra Hardawar and reviews editor Cherlynn Low join host Terrence O’Brien to dig through the week’s biggest news. First they’ll talk about two of the biggest new products on the market: the Macbook Pro and the Surface Studio. Then they’ll try to figure out what posses a Ubisoft employee to hide a rather graphic image of a vagina in Watch Dogs 2. Lastly the panel will talk about the growing problem of fake news on the internet and what giants like Facebook can do to combat it. Relevant links:
Nov 18, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 14: Welcome to the Terrordome
Trigger warning: This episode in a solid hour of Donald Trump talk. If you're still with us, strap in. Dana Wollman, Nathan Ingraham and Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O'Brien to talk about how social media traps us in echo chambers. The they'll envision what the world of tech and science looks like under a President Donald Trump. Hint: Things are a little bleak.
Nov 11, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 13: A Chicken with its Head Cut Off
Editor in chief Michael Gorman and executive editor Christopher Trout are in town this week and stop by to talk Peter Thiel, Vine and online voting with host Terrence O’Brien and reviews editor Cherlynn Low. Then, after they’ve had their fill of beating up on Thiel, the four will explore how dating and sex have changed in the age of apps. Warning, things get a little NSFW.
Nov 04, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 12: Surface Envy
Managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about the value of the Esc key, the Nintendo Switch and the impeding Gilmore Girls resurrection. Then they’ll relive Microsoft’s big Surface event and dig in on future of Twitter… and whether or not it even has one.
Oct 28, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep. 11: Everybody Hurts
Managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Mona Lalwani join host Terrence O’Brien to talk Macbook rumors, Amazon ISP ambitions and Julian Assange. Then they’ll talk about all the work that went into Engadget’s five part series covering the world’s first cyborg games, Superhumans and look at VR’s ability generate empathy.
Oct 21, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 10: Survivor
Managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Chris Velazco join host Terrence O’Brien to debate Facebook’s trending new problem and the true purpose of Twitter. Then they’ll dig through the ashes of the Galaxy Note 7 for insight and discuss how hashtags actually can change the world.
Oct 14, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 9: What’s he building in there
Managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O’Brien to dig through all the big Google news from the week, including the launch of the Pixel phones. Plus they take a brief detour to talk about what makes the PlayStation VR better than its competitors.
Oct 07, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 8: He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot
Managing editor Dana Wollman, reviews editor Cherlynn Low and senior editor Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O’Brien to discuss Elon Musk’s plans to colonize Mars, racing 3D boats in Red Hook and the over-simplification of “the cyber” at the first presidential debate.
Sep 30, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 7: Firestarter
Managing editor Dana Wollman, senior editor Nathan Ingraham and reviews editor Cherlynn Low join guest host Devindra Hardawar to discuss Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall, Uber’s self-driving cars and why the heck Google is making another messaging app.
Sep 23, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 6: I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden)
Managing Editor Dana Wollman and Reviews Editor Cherlynn Low join host Terrence O’Brien to discuss all the latest Apple goodies. Plus they’ll talk about Samsung’s software bandaid for your exploding Note 7 and debate whether or not Edward Snowden deserves a Presidential pardon.
Sep 16, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 5: Applesauce
Editor-in-Chief Michael Gorman, Executive Editor Christopher Trout and Managing Editor Dana Wollman join host Terrence O’Brien for a special all Apple edition of the podcast from San Francisco. On the show they’ll search for the definition of courage, tell you what it’s really like on the floor of an major press event and give a state of the Apple union.
Sep 09, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 4: All Eyez On Me
Editors Cherlynn Low and Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about Intel’s latest CPUs, Dead or Alive’s controversial VR feature and Lenovo’s “innovative” take on the keyboard. Then the panel takes a look at Chris Brown’s standoff and how Instagram videos and Facebook Live fit into our modern media landscape.
Sep 02, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 3: Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Editors Nathan Ingraham and Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about Android Nougat, PlayStation 4 rumors and why Amazon would create an Echo-exclusive music service. Then the panel addresses the endless harassment faced by Leslie Jones, and use the word “garbage”... a lot.
Aug 25, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 2: One More Robot
Editors Cherlynn Low, Dana Wollman and Chris Velazco join host Terrence O’Brien to talk about how fitness trackers ruined Happy Meals, the true potential of AI and try to figure out what monster would want the backspace key to navigate back a page in Chrome.
Aug 19, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 1: Your Racist Friend
Editors Cherlynn Low, Devindra Hardawar and Nathan Ingraham join host Terrence O’Brien to debate iPhone rumors, explore the perks of renting gadgets, and express their utter exasperation at Snapchat’s racist filters.
Aug 12, 2016
The Engadget Podcast Ep 0: Re-make / Re-model
Editors Dana Wollman, Cherlynn Low and Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O’Brien to debate Apple’s new water gun emoji, talk about what it’s like to be harassed on Instagram, try to figure out who owns the code that powers our government.
Aug 05, 2016