Transform your Mind

By Myrna Young, Life Coach

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Category: Alternative Health

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Transform your Mind the #1 personal development podcast for women, is a weekly podcast about life. Our mission is to positively help men and women renew their mindset so they can transform their lives. We discuss topics on transformation, how to have healthy relationships, how to transform your mental health, overcome fear and find happiness much more. So download and share with your friends, your journey to transforming your life, starts now.

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Episode Date
Breaking the Silence: Ensuring Health Equity for Black Seniors
Jun 21, 2024
Unlocking the Superpower of Generosity with Dr. Nicole Roberts
Jun 17, 2024
Dr. Sarah Michaud Discusses Healing Codependency and Addiction in Relationships
Jun 14, 2024
Exploring Chakra Alignment for Enhanced Relationships and Wealth
Jun 10, 2024
Inner Peace Amidst the Storm: Winning the Battle of the Mind
Jun 07, 2024
Tips for Dealing with Loneliness After 40 and Finding Love
Jun 03, 2024
Unbroken: A Story of Resilience and Redemption
May 31, 2024
Overcoming Trauma with Epigenetics: The Power of Coherence and Healing
May 27, 2024
Breaking Free: Escaping the Snare of Comfort and Complacency
May 24, 2024
Orgasm Equality: Closing the Gap for Women's Sexual Pleasure
May 20, 2024
Overcoming Challenges and Finding Success as a Female Entrepreneur
May 17, 2024
J.R Martinez Dancing Through Adversity
May 13, 2024
Addressing Past Life Trauma and Finding Redemption
May 10, 2024
How To Stop Negative Self-Talk At Its Source
May 06, 2024
Transform Your Mind: Believe in Your Capabilities and Achieve Greatness
May 03, 2024
When The Shift Hits The Fan
Apr 29, 2024
Palliative Care: Reducing Suffering and Supporting Loved Ones
Apr 26, 2024
Understanding the Plight of Women and Children in War Zones: Dr. Amani Ballour
Apr 22, 2024
Unleashing the Art of Nonverbal Communication: 10 Strategies for Stronger Connections
Apr 19, 2024
Optimizing Health Over 40 for Longevity
Apr 15, 2024
The Driving Force: Harnessing The Power Of Hunger
Apr 12, 2024
Harnessing Vibrational Energy for Mental Health: Insights from a Spiritual Healer
Apr 08, 2024
Authentically Authentic: Embracing Your True Self
Apr 05, 2024
How Toxins Contribute To Inflammatory Diseases and Infertility
Apr 01, 2024
Unveiling the Link between Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Dementia
Mar 29, 2024
Discover How to Become a Wow Woman and Transform Your Life
Mar 25, 2024
China Rising: The Economics of War and the Need for Containment
Mar 22, 2024
Sex as a Healing Modality: Understanding Relationships and the Nervous System
Mar 18, 2024
Mastering the Art of Fluidity: How to Flow Like Water
Mar 15, 2024
Harnessing Mindfulness to Manage Stress and Enhance Well-being: Insights from Dr. Romie Mushtaq
Mar 11, 2024
Unlocking the Power of Forgiveness: A Lifelong Journey
Mar 08, 2024
Embracing Mortality: How the Awareness of Death Can Transform Your Life
Mar 04, 2024
Transforming Mental Garbage into Beautiful Blooms: A Journey of Self-Discovery
Mar 01, 2024
Navigating Self-Love and Social Media Presence
Feb 26, 2024
The Dual Nature of Fame: Navigating the Spotlight
Feb 23, 2024
Why Are Women Divorcing Men?
Feb 19, 2024
Building Authentic Connections with Your Teenager
Feb 16, 2024
Why Men Choose Women and Why Women Shouldn't Chase Men
Feb 12, 2024
"Thriving Under Pressure: Unveiling the Brilliance of 'No Pressure, No Diamonds'"
Feb 09, 2024
How To Eliminate Chronic Pain with Dr. Brandon Ramakko
Feb 05, 2024
The Recycling of Nathan Scrzimshaw: A Mindblowing Adventure in Time Travel
Feb 02, 2024
Understanding High-Functioning Drug Addiction and Its Hidden Signs
Jan 29, 2024
Embracing Growth and Accountability: If You Know Better, Do Better
Jan 26, 2024
ARETÉ Unleashed: Mastering The Game Of Life with Strategic Excellence
Jan 22, 2024
How to Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset
Jan 19, 2024
Revitalizing Life: The Power of Gene Therapy In Regenerative Medicine
Jan 15, 2024
Letting Go of Emotional Baggage: The Key to Finding Happiness
Jan 12, 2024
Unveiling Destiny: The Akashic Record Guide to Your Soul's Plan
Jan 08, 2024
Unleashing Your Irresistible Qualities: A Guide to Captivating Men
Jan 05, 2024
How Women Can Create Wealth Through Investing In Stocks
Jan 01, 2024
Eight Tips For Personal Growth Using CANI in 2024
Dec 29, 2023
Navigating the Reality of Twin Flames: Understanding the Energy and Dynamics
Dec 25, 2023
Women Empowerment: The Unique Paths of Childless Women
Dec 22, 2023
Neale Donald Walsch: How To Hear From God
Dec 18, 2023
Embracing the Servant Mindset: Serving Without Expecting Thanks
Dec 15, 2023
Unveiling the Unconscious: Exploring the Intricate Workings of the Brain
Dec 11, 2023
Sowing Your Seed in Fertile Ground: Reaping a Hundredfold
Dec 08, 2023
The Power of a Smile: Transforming Lives Through Cosmetic Dentistry
Dec 04, 2023
Blindness to Sight: Elizabeth Pizzarello Shares Her Inspiring Journey
Dec 01, 2023
Identifying and Releasing Negative Energy for Inner Peace
Nov 27, 2023
Creating Your Life Consciously: Unlocking the Power of Thoughts, Words, and Action
Nov 24, 2023
How to Reduce Personal Pain from Systemic Discrimination
Nov 20, 2023
Bridging Between: A Journey of Transformation and Hope
Nov 17, 2023
Unlock Your Full Potential: Overcoming the Enemy of Inaction with Mindset Coach David Nurse
Nov 13, 2023
Boost Your Self-Esteem with These 8 Self-Care Tips
Nov 10, 2023
Real Time Voice Analyzer: Advanced COVID Screening Tool with AI
Nov 06, 2023
Balancing Love: How Parents Can Avoid Favoritism Among Their Children
Nov 03, 2023
Empowering Women: Preventing Breast Cancer Through Holistic Health
Oct 30, 2023
We Don't Need To Die To Experience Heaven Or Hell On Earth
Oct 27, 2023
Train Your Brain to Minimize Stress and Maximize Happiness
Oct 23, 2023
Your Eyes: The Lamp Of Your Body's Light
Oct 20, 2023
Exploring CGM's and Other Lifestyle Strategies To Optimize Metabolic Health
Oct 16, 2023
The Value of High School Vocational Training: Unlocking Opportunities for Success
Oct 13, 2023
Can You Turn Off Cancer With Your Mind?
Oct 09, 2023
Be Shamelessly Persistent: Keep Knocking Until the Door Is Opened
Oct 06, 2023
Surviving Stage Four Ovarian Cancer: Lessons Learned
Oct 02, 2023
Be the Salt of the Earth: Add Flavor to Your Relationships
Sep 29, 2023
Building Trust: Why Jesus Asked Simon for a Push
Sep 22, 2023
Exploring Consciousness: How Yoga Transforms Life
Sep 18, 2023
Embracing the Unconventional: The Stone the Builder Rejected, Now the Cornerstone
Sep 15, 2023
Keys to Making Long-Term Relationships Work
Sep 11, 2023
How To Deal With Rejection: You Must Believe You are The One
Sep 08, 2023
Decoding the Language of the Universe: Understanding Signs and Their Messages
Sep 04, 2023
The Dangers of Holding Grudges: Lessons from Herodias and John
Sep 01, 2023
Transform Your Life: Conquer Victim Mentality through Cinesomatics
Aug 28, 2023
Unveiling the Path to Recovery: Healing Trauma Through The Power of Self-Empathy
Aug 25, 2023
Building trust in Personal and Parental Relationships
Aug 21, 2023
The Power of Positive Thinking: Letting your Mind Heal your body
Aug 18, 2023
A Journey to Self-Love: Building a Strong Connection with Self Care
Aug 14, 2023
Goal Digger vs. Gold Digger: The Power of SMART Goals
Aug 11, 2023
Embracing Change Together: The Transformative Power of Group Therapy
Aug 07, 2023
Beyond Love: When Love Alone Isn't Enough
Aug 04, 2023
Break the Cycle of Emotional Eating and Lose Weight One Last Time
Jul 31, 2023
Carlee Russell: How Far Should We Go to Seek Attention?
Jul 28, 2023
Surviving Divorce: The Ultimate Roadmap to Rebuilding Your Life
Jul 24, 2023
Discovering the Hidden Dangers of Hypocrisy: Insights from the Fig Tree
Jul 21, 2023
Unlocking Fulfillment and Success: Debunking 4 Beliefs
Jul 17, 2023
Unlocking Inner Strength: The Power of Drinking Your Cup of Suffering
Jul 14, 2023
Unbreakable Bond: A Mother and Daughter Journey Beyond Life
Jul 10, 2023
Beware of Betrayal: Uncovering Your Enemies Within the Camp
Jul 07, 2023
The Secret Link Between Your Gut and Brain with Dr Will Cole
Jul 03, 2023
Unlocking the Hidden Dangers of Relying on Your Feelings
Jun 30, 2023
How To Reset Your Nervous System with Mindfulness
Jun 26, 2023
Praying for God's Blessing: The Power of Rain
Jun 23, 2023
Becoming Flawesome: The Journey to Self-Acceptance
Jun 19, 2023
The Complex Impact of Father Absence
Jun 16, 2023
The Power Of A Personal Brand with Keri Blair
Jun 12, 2023
Self Love: Why Loving Yourself is NOT Crucial for Loving Others
Jun 09, 2023
Transform Your Life with the Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Jun 05, 2023
The Shocking Truth About Finding Your Life Purpose| Coach Myrna
Jun 02, 2023
Activate Your Spiritual Awakening: The Secrets of Kundalini Energy Revealed!
May 29, 2023
Unveiling Jesus' Surprising Message on Fasting: This Will Blow Your Mind!
May 26, 2023
Unraveling the Mystery of the Vagus Nerve and Your Soul
May 22, 2023
Uncovering the Secret Connection Between "The Power of Now" and Lasting Relationships
May 19, 2023
Life-Changing Advice from a Navy Seal: Uncover His Secret to Beating Life's Ambushes!
May 15, 2023
Shocking Truth: Fixing the Root VS Fruit - What You Didn't Know!
May 12, 2023
How To Find Body Peace After 40
May 08, 2023
Coach Myrna: Let's Talk About Casual Sex
May 05, 2023
Dr William Li: How to Burn Fat With Food
May 01, 2023
Why Do We Create Unhappiness?
Apr 28, 2023
Healing Childhood Trauma with LOVE
Apr 24, 2023
Your Suffering Is Part of God’s Plan
Apr 21, 2023
Resilience: How To Bounce Back When Life Knocks You Down
Apr 17, 2023
How To Have Overdraft Protection In Your Marriage
Apr 14, 2023
Life Mastery: 7 Habits to Create Success
Apr 10, 2023
Setting Goals In Clock Time vs Psychological Time
Apr 07, 2023
How to Create Your Own Matrix In The Game Of Life
Apr 03, 2023
How To Use Faith To Get What You Want
Mar 31, 2023
Healing Trauma with EFT Tapping
Mar 27, 2023
Rules Game Of Life: Know Where You Want To Go
Mar 24, 2023
How To Face Your Fear Of Death
Mar 20, 2023
Bring Your Friends Along
Mar 17, 2023
Intermittent Fasting: Does It Work For Women?
Mar 13, 2023
Life Lessons From Chris Rock's Revenge on Will Smith
Mar 10, 2023
The Role of Probiotics in Gut and Brain Health
Mar 06, 2023
Why Having A Morning Routine Prevents The Outside World From Draining You
Mar 03, 2023
How To Successfully Navigate The Seasons of Life
Feb 27, 2023
How To Build Self Confidence: The Courage To Be You
Feb 24, 2023
Does Chemical Relaxers and Hair Straightening Products Cause Cancer?
Feb 20, 2023
How To Silence The Voices In Your Head
Feb 17, 2023
The Reason Why Men Are Walking Away From Women
Feb 13, 2023
Black History Month: Toni Morrison and The Black Female Experience
Feb 10, 2023
Kerry Fisher: Using Yoga and Mediation for Peak Performance
Feb 06, 2023
How to Escape The Snares of Loneliness
Feb 03, 2023
Humble The Poet: What is Love? How to Love Yourself to a Better Life
Jan 30, 2023
212 Degrees: The Extra One Degree of Effort
Jan 27, 2023
Are the 5 Stages of Grief a Myth?
Jan 23, 2023
Why God Loves Appreciative People
Jan 20, 2023
Why Women Should Lead With Feminine Energy
Jan 16, 2023
Why Birds Fly Together in a V Formation
Jan 13, 2023
The Circle of Life: Embracing Motherhood
Jan 09, 2023
The Power of Salt: How to Become the Salt of the Earth
Jan 06, 2023
How to Use Vibrational Energy to Get What You Want
Jan 02, 2023
How To Bloom In the Desert
Dec 30, 2022
Do You Have a Fluid Mindset or Fixed Mindset
Dec 26, 2022
The Amazing Power of Your Mind
Dec 23, 2022
How to Connect With Your Soul and Spirit Guides
Dec 19, 2022
How to Nurture Your Seed into a Tree
Dec 16, 2022
Why God Won't Let You Die Before Your Time
Dec 12, 2022
7 Steps To Control Your Emotions Over The Holidays
Dec 09, 2022
How To Use Buddhism to Help With Trauma
Dec 05, 2022
Some People Come Into Your Life For a Reason
Dec 02, 2022
How To Stop Stinkin Thinking and Control Your Negative Thoughts
Nov 28, 2022
Jim Rohn on How to Improve Yourself
Nov 25, 2022
Parenting Teenagers Using The EMBRACE Method
Nov 21, 2022
Ten Ways Women Jump Into The Wrong Relationships
Nov 18, 2022
How To Be Loving And Live From The Heart
Nov 14, 2022
What To Do While You Are Waiting On Love
Nov 11, 2022
Why Entrepreneurs Don't Achieve Their Vision
Nov 07, 2022
Coach Myrna: How To Be Single
Nov 04, 2022
Dr Thomas R. Verny: Is the Mind in the Brain?
Oct 31, 2022
Your Struggle Is Part of Your Story
Oct 28, 2022
The Benefits and Drawbacks of Popular Diets
Oct 24, 2022
The Secret to Manifesting the Life of your Dreams
Oct 21, 2022
How to Use Spiritual Psychology as a Personal Development Tool
Oct 17, 2022
Why we Have Trust Issues in Relationships
Oct 14, 2022
How to Break the Cycle of Your Attachment Style
Oct 10, 2022
10 Secrets of My Success
Oct 07, 2022
How To Use Visualization to Enhance Yoga Practice
Oct 03, 2022
How to Set Strong SMART Goals
Sep 30, 2022
How to Release the Issues Held in Your Tissues
Sep 26, 2022
How To Use Using Astrology to Understand Your Purpose
Sep 19, 2022
Persistence: How to Stick with it
Sep 16, 2022
Why Criticism Kills Marriages
Sep 16, 2022
How to Get Rid of Your Fat Cells with Liposuction
Sep 12, 2022
Desire - I Got to Have It
Sep 09, 2022
Why Health Literacy for Children is Important
Sep 05, 2022
How to Raise your Self-esteem by Erasing Self Doubt
Sep 02, 2022
How to Develop an Adaptable Mindset
Aug 29, 2022
How To Conquer The 5 Most Common Causes of Failure
Aug 26, 2022
Exploring the Relationship between Narcissism Social Media and Mass Shootings
Aug 22, 2022
God Knows The Desires Of Your Heart
Aug 19, 2022
What Men Want In A Woman
Aug 15, 2022
You Must Give To Receive
Aug 12, 2022
Is There Life After Death? A Mother's Story
Aug 08, 2022
The Devil Discourages Before He Destroys
Aug 05, 2022
The Truth About Mental Health And Psychiatric Medications
Aug 01, 2022
Listen To Your Heart It Reveals Your Purpose
Jul 29, 2022
Life Lessons From An Abandoned Girl
Jul 25, 2022
Look At The Heart Not Outward Appearance
Jul 23, 2022
Building Relationships With Relational Mindfulness
Jul 18, 2022
Traits of a Virtuous Woman
Jul 15, 2022
Embracing Your Spirituality For Success
Jul 11, 2022
Your Focus Determines Your Actions
Jul 08, 2022
Using The Inner Game To Become The Richest Real Estate Agent
Jul 04, 2022
Are Women Over 35 Low Value?
Jul 01, 2022
Money Mindset: Removing Your Financial Baggage
Jun 24, 2022
How To Use Feelings To Manifest Your Dreams
Jun 23, 2022
Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
Jun 19, 2022
3 Ways To Let Your Inner Greatness Shine Through
Jun 17, 2022
Who Are You? How To Connect To Your Inner Guidance
Jun 13, 2022
What Is The Foundation Of Happiness
Jun 06, 2022
Rewiring The Brain for The Law Of Attraction
Jun 06, 2022
Your Pain Reveals Your Purpose
Jun 03, 2022
The Difference Between A Queen and A Princess
May 30, 2022
Sometimes You Have To Jump In
May 27, 2022
Master Lama Rasaji: Harmonizing Mind Body Spirit
May 23, 2022
A Giant Looks In The Mirror And Sees Nothing
May 20, 2022
A New Way Of Life After Oil and Soil Crises
May 16, 2022
Do You See Giants or Grasshoppers
May 11, 2022
Breaking Barriers On The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
May 07, 2022
Saying Yes To Your Demons
May 06, 2022
Never Underestimate Your Enemy: Putin's War on Ukraine
May 02, 2022
When Life Gives You Lemons Make Other Plans
Apr 28, 2022
The Law of Attraction: How Vibrational Energy Works
Apr 25, 2022
Six Rules of The Mind
Apr 20, 2022
Bipolar Faith: Dealing With Depression and Faith
Apr 18, 2022
What to Do If You Find Yourself In the Wilderness
Apr 12, 2022
Using Breathwork Meditation As a Personal Growth Tool
Apr 11, 2022
Can You Handle Success Like Chris Rock
Apr 08, 2022
How to Become Debt Free By Shifting Your Money Mindset
Apr 04, 2022
Will Smith Had 10 Seconds To Choose A Different Reality
Apr 01, 2022
Training Your Mind To Achieve Your Purpose
Mar 28, 2022
How God Uses Coincidences to Get Us To Our Purpose
Mar 23, 2022
Sadhguru Movement To Save Soil From Extinction
Mar 21, 2022
When God Choses You: You Can't Mess It Up
Mar 16, 2022
Relationship Reset: Spiritual Healing For Couples
Mar 14, 2022
Your Something Greater is Coming
Mar 11, 2022
Using Mindfulness And Breathwork To Heal After Tragedy
Mar 07, 2022
Understanding Your True Nature
Mar 04, 2022
Using Trauma As Your Fuel For Post Traumatic Growth
Feb 28, 2022
How To Develop Trust In Relationships
Feb 25, 2022
Friends In Need Are Friends Indeed
Feb 18, 2022
Finding the Identity of Your Passion
Feb 18, 2022
Using Authentic Power to Heal After Trauma
Feb 14, 2022
Mindfulness: Training Your Mind to Be Present
Feb 11, 2022
Nutrition: The Role Of A Dietitian
Feb 07, 2022
You Were Born For This: Find Your Courage
Feb 04, 2022
How To Turn Your Pain Into Power
Jan 31, 2022
A New Mindset: Get Rid Of Your Cup Mentality 
Jan 28, 2022
How to Use Storytelling to Build Your Brand
Jan 24, 2022
The Wolf That Wins Is The One You Feed
Jan 21, 2022
The Emotional Trials and Triumphs of Cancer
Jan 17, 2022
How To Be Happy: The Happiness Recipe
Jan 10, 2022
How to Get Out of The Lions Den
Jan 04, 2022
Transform Your Mind With Alchemy
Dec 31, 2021
How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate
Dec 27, 2021
The Game of Life: Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons
Dec 23, 2021
How to Love Yourself and Heal The Body
Dec 20, 2021
Finding Joy In Your Nothingness
Dec 16, 2021
How to Raise Your Consciousness And Create Miracles
Dec 13, 2021
The Pursuit of Happiness: The Happiness Habit
Dec 10, 2021
How Does Grief Affect Mental Health
Dec 06, 2021
Synchronicity: Is It A Coincidence?
Dec 03, 2021
Understanding the Healing Powers of the Earth
Nov 29, 2021
You Don't Need a Team To Win
Nov 25, 2021
Rewiring Your Brain To Develop a Fitness Mindset
Nov 22, 2021
Imagination: How to Use It Correctly
Nov 19, 2021
How To Escape The Good Girl Label
Nov 15, 2021
Is it Possible to Love Your Enemy?
Nov 08, 2021
Entrepreneurship: Tips for Women Battling Mental Illness
Nov 02, 2021
How to Develop Emotional Resilience At Work
Oct 26, 2021
How to Use Your Words To Change Eating Habits
Oct 12, 2021
How to Maintain Sustainable Weight Loss
Oct 04, 2021
How to Replace Bad Habits With Success Habits
Sep 27, 2021
How to Have Faith That Sets You Free
Sep 20, 2021
A Dolphin Trainer Finds Purpose After Cancer
Sep 14, 2021
How to Go from Success to Significance in 100 Days
Sep 06, 2021
What is the Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Autoimmune Disease?
Aug 28, 2021
How to Recover Financially After Coronavirus Pandemic
Aug 18, 2021
How To Get Out Of The Snares of Child Abuse
Aug 14, 2021
How to Cast Stones to Defeat Your Enemy
Aug 05, 2021
Help Me Makeover My Marriage: Communication
Jul 30, 2021
Gut Health: How to Prevent a Leaky Gut
Jul 21, 2021
Why is Renewing Your Mind Important?
Jul 16, 2021
How to Stop Negative Self Talk
Jul 02, 2021
How to Build a Scalable Online Business
Jun 23, 2021
The Best Marriage Advice for Wives to Fix a Broken Marriage
Jun 17, 2021
How to Heal the Mother Wound From Your Childhood
Jun 07, 2021
How to use Food for Beauty and Your Natural Facelift
Jun 01, 2021
Learn How to Get Back to Basics With These 7 Core Values
May 26, 2021
The Life and Death of Nipsey Hussle: Hip Hop Brightest Artist
May 16, 2021
How Leaders Use Curiosity As Their Human Edge in a Digital Economy
May 08, 2021
How to Release Childhood Trauma of Guilt Shame
May 03, 2021
How to Write Your Own Hollywood Ending
Apr 25, 2021
How to Find Success in Online Dating During COVID 19
Apr 18, 2021
How to Rewrite Your Life Story and Achieve Organizational Wellness
Apr 05, 2021
Tragedy and Blessings Both Show up Suddenly
Mar 30, 2021
How To Pray for a Job as a Job Seeker
Mar 22, 2021
How Women Entrepreneurs can Succeed Using a Growth Mindset
Mar 08, 2021
Why Homecare is Absolutely the Best Option For Dementia Patients
Mar 01, 2021
How to Adapt to New Abnormal after Coronavirus Pandemic
Feb 22, 2021
How to Use The Law of Attraction to Create Wealth
Feb 11, 2021
Can Reality Transurfing Improve your Life
Feb 01, 2021
How to Turn Adversity into Opportunity
Jan 25, 2021
Using Z-isms and Life Lessons for Personal Growth
Jan 18, 2021
Does Serving a Prison Sentence Affect Change?
Jan 11, 2021
How to Navigate Social Cues with Aspergers Diagnosis
Jan 04, 2021
Why Chemistry is the Most Important Ingredient in Relationships
Dec 21, 2020
How Black Fathers Can replace the Absentee Dad Myth
Dec 14, 2020
How to Access God Through Worship
Dec 07, 2020
How to live with Intention During the Tension
Dec 01, 2020
How to be Happy with Less
Nov 23, 2020
How to Embrace Female Sexuality and the Divine Feminine
Nov 16, 2020
How to Use Intuition in the Transformation of your Business
Nov 09, 2020
How to Use Meditations to Activate the Law of Attraction Money
Nov 02, 2020
6 Ways Your Thoughts Activates The Law of Attraction
Oct 26, 2020
How to Plan Fund Build Your Dream Life
Oct 19, 2020
How to Clear Your Money Blocks and Build Wealth
Oct 12, 2020
How to Accelerate Your Soul Journey: Clear these Money Blocks
Oct 04, 2020
Can Introverts be Successful Networkers?
Sep 23, 2020
How to Tackle Teenage Anxiety and Depression
Sep 15, 2020
How to Tackle Teenage Anxiety and Depression
Sep 15, 2020
In an Unhealthy Relationship? Should you Stay or Go
Sep 04, 2020
A New Business Strategy: Increasing Your Capacity
Aug 25, 2020
How to Use Mantras to Build Self-Confidence
Aug 18, 2020
Successful But Unfulfilled? How to Get Back to Basics
Aug 10, 2020
Limitless: Transform your Mind with Emotional Intelligence
Jul 28, 2020
Funding Global Consciousness and Mental Awareness
Jul 20, 2020
Does Love have a Color: The Interracial Marriage Experience
Jul 14, 2020
Are All Sociopaths Predators? The Jeffrey Epstein Story
Jun 29, 2020
Are CBD Pills a Wellness Product?
Jun 23, 2020
Paradigm Shifts that can Heal Racism in America
Jun 16, 2020
Celebrating Black Love Introducing BlackdateBox
Jun 03, 2020
Life Leadership & Success
May 26, 2020
How to Survive an Economic Collapse
May 14, 2020
The Secrets to Thriving Not Just Surviving
May 05, 2020
Why a Healthy Lifestyle is Important to Fight COVID-19
Apr 29, 2020
Reflection 4 Rejection: Surviving a Mothers Abandonment and Abuse
Apr 15, 2020
Is 5G Cell Poisoning Coronavirus symptoms?
Apr 07, 2020
Coronavirus: How to Protect Yourself
Mar 21, 2020
What are the Symptoms of Adult ADHD?
Mar 11, 2020
Understanding Personalities: Which Archetype Drives You
Mar 04, 2020
How to Heal After being Abandoned
Feb 20, 2020
8 Secrets to Sexy Total Health
Feb 12, 2020
How to Find your Passion in 2020
Feb 06, 2020
Understanding Mental Illness – My Bipolar Life
Jan 27, 2020
Using the Law of Attraction to Have it All
Jan 13, 2020
Using Muse Guided Meditations to Reduce Stress
Jan 08, 2020
How to be Happy: The Happiness Formula
Jan 02, 2020
5 Questions to Ask Before Going with Your Gut Feeling
Dec 18, 2019
How to Disable your Autopilot Brain
Dec 13, 2019
Dealing with Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks
Nov 26, 2019
How to Communicate with your Guardian Angel
Nov 19, 2019
How Women get a Seat at the Table
Nov 05, 2019
Understanding and Managing Compulsive Behaviors
Oct 29, 2019
Call me an Addict: Child Abuse Statistics P3
Oct 23, 2019
Childhood Sexual Trauma and Addiction, PT 2
Oct 10, 2019
Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Women with Trauma
Oct 02, 2019
How to Reprogram your Unconscious Mind
Sep 25, 2019
Using Reiki to Heal your Mind and Body
Sep 12, 2019
How to Stop Self Sabotaging Behaviors
Sep 04, 2019
How to Deal with Grief from Death or Incarceration
Aug 21, 2019
How to Transform Your Career with Purpose
Aug 06, 2019
How to Transform Good Thoughts into Things
Jul 30, 2019
How to Ask for a Raise or Anything you Want in Life.
Jul 22, 2019
How to Find your Soulmate – the Science of Attraction
Jul 03, 2019
How Single Women can Find Love
Jun 13, 2019
No Fear: How to Live with Courage
Jun 04, 2019
How to Build your Self-Confidence Muscle
May 27, 2019
The Secret to Living the Life of your Dreams
May 14, 2019
How to Heal Your Brokenness
May 07, 2019
How to Find your Passion, Purpose and Freedom as a Mompreneur
May 01, 2019
Sex and Spiritual Energy: The Tree of Life
Apr 15, 2019
How to Create and Produce Podcasts that Entertain, Empower and Engage Audiences
Apr 04, 2019
Ask Coach Myrna: How to Start Over?
Apr 01, 2019
Medical Intuitive Readings: What your Spirit is Telling you through Symptoms
Mar 27, 2019
How to Create Positive Core Beliefs
Mar 20, 2019
How Nutritional Supplements Help you Achieve Optimum Health
Mar 12, 2019
How to Reprogram your Mind to Stop Binge Eating
Mar 05, 2019
How Ketogenic Diet Helps Reverse Diabetes
Feb 26, 2019
How to Live in infinite possibility
Feb 19, 2019
Health is Wealth: How to loose weight without Dieting
Feb 11, 2019
Surviving R. Kelly: The Mindset of a Sexual Predator
Feb 06, 2019
How to use Intuition to Transform your Life
Jan 28, 2019
Building Wealth Investing in Mobile Home Park
Jan 22, 2019