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Category: Social Sciences

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Dan the Man Reggie
 Jan 4, 2019
OK, now I'm not just trying to be mean but I absolutely can not stand K_Towns monotone voice, her questions, and just overall her interview process. The main reason I listen is because she gets really good guest that discuss awsome content.

J. Enriquez
 Aug 18, 2018
Mysterious Radio is very entertaining! K-Town does a great job during her interviews and delivers great content to us about the supernatural, aliens,etc!


Subscribe on Apple Podcasts now to enjoy new editions released bi-weekly! Join K-Town as she takes a serious approach to some of the most intriguing conversations with experts around the world. You'll hear subjects on everything from real hauntings, aliens encounters, the unexplained, strange creatures, spirituality, true crime, conspiracies, ancient history, mysterious disappearances, the occult and more. You're invited to AlienXPO coming to The Knoxville Convention Center August 17 & 18, 2019! Check out the AlienXPO Facebook Event Page for more information.

Episode Date
Enochian Magic
During tonight's edition, I discuss with my special guest what many say is the most powerful magic system ever known or used. Now curvier women have a place to get stylish clothes that fit perfectly! Go to and use the promo code: MYSTERIOUS for $15 off every $50 dollars you spend. That means you can get up to $150 off a $500 order.
Feb 14, 2019
The New Sirian Revelations
My special guest tonight is here to discuss what she says was a life-changing experience when she realized that other beings are here to help humanity. Order a delicious box of Shari's Berries Today! Send her the Valentine's Day gift of her the price of your dreams, starting at just $19.99 plus shipping. Got to and enter my promo code at check out: MRP Make it truly special by adding a dozen red roses for just $19.99 more, shipped with your Shari's Berries at NO extra charge. Make Valentines Day truly special buy choosing ProFlowers to send that special someone an amazing bouquet of fresh beautiful flowers! Get one dozen red roses with a free vase for 19.99 plus shipping and handling. Just visit [][1] and click on the microphone in the upper right corner. Use our promo code: MRP
Jan 31, 2019
Bloody Christmas
My special guest is an author that has written about one of the most shocking cases of an entire family being murdered by one of its own. Enjoy the brand new series just released called A Discovery of Witches! Go to [][1] and use the promo code: mysterious to get a free 30-day trial of either Shudder or Sundance Now to start watching now!
Jan 31, 2019
Introducing: Extraterrestrial
Subscribe to Extraterrestrial on iTunes or anywhere you listen to podcasts. You can also visit
Jan 29, 2019
Judgment Of The Nephilim
My special guest tonight comes on the show to discuss his new book about the war in heaven and how it's playing out right now before our very eyes. Our sponsors tonight are Zola, Stitch Fix and Torrid. Get $50 off your wedding registry and a free wedding website by going to Get your very own personal stylist and clothes delivered right to your door! Go to and get an extra 25% off when you keep all 5 items in your box. Now curvier women have a place to get stylish clothes that fit perfectly! Go to and use the promo code: MYSTERIOUS for $15 off every $50 dollars you spend. That means you can get up to $150 off a $500 order. Remember that by supporting our sponsors you are supporting Mysterious Radio.
Jan 17, 2019
UFO's Over Pennsylvania
My special guest takes us through the events that occurred over Pennsylvania that made it a one time UFO hotspot.
Jan 04, 2019
Consumed by Spirits
My special guest tonight is going to discuss the science behind spirit possession and how he hopes to inspire the medical community to take it more seriously. Tonight's podcast is sponsored by StoryWorth. Keep your life experiences and stories forever by preserving them with StoryWorth. Get them bound beautifully in a hardcover book up to 500 pages for generations to come. Get $20 off your subscription now by going to
Dec 06, 2018
Confessions of a Serial Killer
Tonight my special guest is author Katherine Ramsland here to discuss her book called Confessions of a serial killer. Support our sponsors Zola and Everyplate! Get $50 off your wedding registry by going to Get 50% off your first box of EveryPlate by going to
Nov 15, 2018
200 Demons - Available in Archives
My special guest tonight is an exorcist who's been called to help a family that's plagued demons after moving into a rental property. Get access to this and more great podcats by becoming a member of our Patreon Community for only $5.00 bucks! Just go to
Jun 02, 2018
The Unthinkable Happened - Available in Archives
This one is chilling! My special guest tonight lectures all over the world about the TRUE implication of the Fukushima disaster! Get access to this and a TON of other great podcasts by becoming a member of our Patreon community for just $5 bucks a month! Just go to
May 05, 2018
The Shocking Truth About Hollow Earth - Available in Archives
Enjoy this fascinating conversation with my special guest who details why he says is really inside our planet according to the bible!
Apr 21, 2018