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By Ghoulish Delights

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The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society Podcast revisits the great horror and suspense shows from the golden age of radio, including tales from Suspense, Lights Out Everybody, The Witch’s Tale, The Shadow, and more. Each episode features a classic, or maybe-not-so classic story from the scary old-time radio vault, complete with historical notes and nerdy trivia. At the end of each podcast, your hosts, Tim, Joshua and Eric discuss the merits of the story and decide whether or not it stands the test of time.

Episode Date
Episode 94: It Happened
We’re running a little late this week—out humblest apologies! Our Listener Library is again featured in this week. This time, we’re listening to “It Happened” from Lights Out, recommended to us from a fan on Instagram! The recording tells the story of a young girl,...
Aug 09, 2018
Episode 94: The Devil’s Saint
We continue to delve into our Listener Library, this time featuring an episode of Suspense entitled “The Devil’s Saint” by John Dickson Carr! The story was recommended to us by Hubert after listening to our take on the Cabin B-13 version of the same story...
Jul 29, 2018
Episode 93: Mars is Heaven
This week’s visit to our Listener Library features a classic Ray Bradbury story as adapted by X Minus One! Our thanks to Cheryl (author of The Viv and Charlie Mystery Series!) for recommending this episode, “Mars is Heaven,” based on part of Bradbury’s The Martian...
Jul 21, 2018
Episode 92: A World of Darkness
Join us for “A World of Darkness” from Suspense! We’re continuing to pull episodes from our Listener Library and this story was recommended to us by Bart. Thanks, Bart! “A World of Darkness” features the investigation of a young woman’s murder. The police have an...
Jul 16, 2018
Episode 91: Bloodbath
We’re still exploring our Listener Library, and this week our thanks go to Christian for recommending “Bloodbath,” an episode of Escape, featuring Vincent Price. Five men in the middle of the jungle discover a vast uranium deposit and a fortune awaits any survivors who reach...
Jul 08, 2018
Episode 90: Assassin Game
This week we are listening to another episode of the Canadian series, Nightfall! Our thanks to Ashley for recommending “Assassin Game” to us! Saul Rubinek stars in this rare science fiction story from the series. In the future year of 1994, the finest students at...
Jul 01, 2018
Episode 89: On a Country Road
We are back in the Listener Library, this time exploring “A Country Road,” an episode of Suspense recommended to us by Donal. Many thanks, Donal! Cary Grant stars in this thriller about a married couple who take an ill-timed shortcut that leaves them stuck with...
Jun 23, 2018
Episode 88: Colony
We are back in the Listener Library! Because Darrell requested it, we’re listening to an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story, specifically an episode of X Minus One entitled “Colony!” In a search for a suitable planet to colonize, a ship’s crew examine a...
Jun 17, 2018
Episode 87: Valse Triste
We continue to explore our Listener Library! This time, we listen to “Valse Triste,” an episode of Lights Out recommended to us by Lionel. Thanks, Lionel!  Two young women stumble upon a mysterious hermit who commits their fate to the outcome of a coin toss....
Jun 09, 2018
Episode 86: The Thing in the Cave
It’s another week of catching up on our Listener Library! This time, thanks to a recommendation from Holly, we are listening to “The Thing in the Cave,” from CBS Radio Mystery Theater. A group of speleologists find themselves trapped in a cave reputed to be inhabited...
Jun 01, 2018
Episode 85: The Ravine
Our thanks to Jeff for suggesting we listen to “The Ravine” from Bradbury 13!  Based on acclaimed writer Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Whole Town’s Sleeping,” this episode tells the story of a dark night in a small town. Despite a murderer being on the...
May 27, 2018
Episode 84: The Kabbalah
This week, esoteric scholarship leads to…Murder at Midnight! In this episode, “The Kabbalah,” a professor of the occult suddenly comes into possession of a strange, ancient book. Inside he discovers a forgotten version of the Kabbalah, and uses this system of transforming words into numbers...
May 19, 2018
Episode 83: The Castle of Lavoca
Our thanks to Will for recommending this Hall of Fantasy episode, “The Castle of Lavoca!” Or maybe it’s “The Castle of Drago.” Or it may be “The Legend of Drago.” Regardless of the proper name, the story depicts two American tourists who visit a small...
May 12, 2018
Episode 82: Beezer’s Cellar
Wyllis Cooper and Ernest Chappell have invited the Society down to “Beezer’s Cellar” for this story from the celebrated series Quiet, Please. Three thieves decide to hide their loot in the supposedly haunted cellar of a remote, unfinished house. What dark powers await them in...
May 05, 2018
Episode 81: The Firing Squad
(UPDATE! As one of our listeners astutely pointed out in the comments: “This episode is actually from the Australian run of the series, not the American and Miriam Wolfe is not in this episode.” Thank you, Jeff, for catching the mistake! Our apologies for the...
Apr 27, 2018
Episode 80: The Thirsty Death
Bela Lugosi beckons us to enter The Mystery House!  This recording, “The Thirsty Death,” is a considerable mystery unto itself. The story features Lugosi and John Carradine in a mad tale of love, suspicion, and rabies in the jungle. What terrible revenge has Lugosi’s character...
Apr 21, 2018
Episode 79: Cold Equations
The Society looks to the stars with “Cold Equations,” an episode of X Minus One! Based on a short story by Tom Godwin, this is the tale of a pilot on the frontiers of space who suddenly finds a young woman stowed away, forcing him into...
Apr 14, 2018
Episode 78: I Dreamt I Died
This week Murder by Experts is back with an episode called “I Dreamt I Died!” A wife wakes up in the middle of the night having dreamt that her husband tried to kill her, starting what may or may not be a murder mystery featuring...
Apr 06, 2018
Episode 77: The Laughing Corpse
This week’s episode is gratefully dedicated to Trish and her father Lee. Our sincerest thanks to them for allowing us to share their story. Trish recommended we listen to an episode of The Shadow, “The Laughing Corpse!” In this story, the mysterious crime fighter encounters cadavers...
Mar 31, 2018
Episode 76: The Newspaper Reporter
The Chase is on! This week, we listen to “The Newspaper Reporter,” from Lawrence Klee’s adventure series dedicated to stories of the hunter and the hunted! A reporter catches a shot at the story of a lifetime, but he soon finds a dead body and...
Mar 23, 2018
Episode 75: The Wendigo
Mystery Theater CBC presented this adaptation of Algernon Blackwood’s “The Wendigo!” Theater 10:30 also presented this adaptation of Algernon Blackwood’s “The Wendigo!” What’s the relationship between them? We don’t know! We do know it’s a story about two men on a hunting expedition who find...
Mar 16, 2018
Episode 74: The Shadow of Death
This episode of Inner Sanctum Mystery, “The Shadow of Death,” tells the story of a man who believes that his dreams foretell death in the real world!  Is this young man suffering from a delusion or is something supernatural killing those around him? Just how...
Mar 09, 2018
Episode 73: Evening Primrose
The sun is going down and the Society is again paying a visit to Escape, this time to peruse their adaptation of John Collier’s short story, “Evening Primrose.” A strange journal is scribbled on a notepad found on a shop shelf. This journal tells the...
Mar 02, 2018
Episode 72: The Club of Dead Men
The Society is taking off to the Great White North to pass the evening with “The Club of Dead Men,” an episode of the Canadian series, Nightfall! Based on a short story by James Wentworth Day, this episode tells the tale of a young Cambridge...
Feb 21, 2018
Episode 71: Dark Journey
It’s Valentine’s Day and we celebrate by welcoming Eric’s wife, Shanan Custer, as our special guest! She’s brought us a Lucille Fletcher-penned episode of Suspense entitled “Dark Journey!” A young woman claims that she can manipulate people and events by the sheer power of her...
Feb 14, 2018
Episode 70: The Horla
Guy de Maupassant’s classic short story was adapted by Mystery in the Air for this week’s episode, “The Horla!” Peter Lorre stars in this story a man tormented by an invisible presence. Where did this shadowy nightmare come from? How far will this narrator go...
Feb 08, 2018
Episode 69: The Yellow Wallpaper
This week we’re listening to the earlier of Agnes Moorehead’s two performances of “The Yellow Wallpaper” from Suspense! Our thanks to Mark for recommending this adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story! A new mother is being kept by her husband in a room adorned...
Feb 02, 2018
Episode 68: Weekend Vacation
Listener Jamie recommended this week’s episode, “Weekend Vacation” from The Darkness! Thanks, Jamie! A vacationing family winds up in a strange old motel operated by an elderly woman and her child-like brute of a grandson. What dark fate awaits the guests on their vacation? Is this...
Jan 26, 2018
Episode 67: The Iron Coffin
Our thanks to Ryan for suggesting “The Iron Coffin” from The Adventures of Philip Marlowe, part of our Listener Library series! Raymond Chandler’s famous hard-boiled detective investigates a 16th century castle moved stone by stone from Spain to California, including the coffins that store the...
Jan 20, 2018
Episode 66: If You Believe
The holiday season is over and the Society is back with an episode from our Listener Library. Our thanks to Dee for suggesting “If You Believe,” a strange story told by The Mysterious Traveler! A disreputable reporter publishes the story of a disgraced scientist’s efforts...
Jan 12, 2018
Episode 65: The Signal-Man
The Society is settled in for Christmas with some hot cocoa and a classic Charles Dickens ghost story, adapted by Suspense! In this case, we’re listening to Dickens’ other classic ghost story, “The Signal-Man.” In this episode Sarah Churchill plays a reporter whose fascination with...
Dec 23, 2017
Episode 64: Markheim
The Weird Circle brought a little something to our holiday party, the supernatural tale of a Christmas descent into desperation with a man named “Markheim!” Based on the short story by Robert Louis Stevenson, this Christmas classic features a young man confronting the dark impulses...
Dec 16, 2017
Episode 63: A Gift of Murder
He knows when you’ve been bad or good and he knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men! The Shadow has brought the Society “A Gift of Murder!” Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane show up to a holiday party with a murderer on the guest...
Dec 08, 2017
Episode 62: A Helping Hand
(UPDATE! One of our astute listeners (thank you, Mike!) noticed that we have misidentified the origin of this recording! This is in fact from the 1955 run of The Clock, recorded in Australia. Our humblest apologies for the error.) The Society finally has finally turned...
Nov 29, 2017
Episode 61: Yours Truly Jack the Ripper
Our thanks to Scott for suggesting “Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper” from Mystery Playhouse! The series, hosted by Peter Lorre, re-purposed other radio series (in this case Molle Mystery Theater) for the Armed Forces Network. This particular episode was an adaptation of a short story...
Nov 22, 2017
Episode 60: Revolt of the Worms
Once again, it’s later than the we think and we are listening to Lights Out! This time, we indulge in “Revolt of the Worms,” an episode from the Arch Oboler era of the series. In the face of a war-torn world, brilliant scientist Charles Prentice...
Nov 17, 2017
Episode 59: Dracula in White
We may not know much about the 1984 BBC series, Spine Chillers, but that won’t stop the Society from checking out “Dracula in White” by Peter Redgrove. A journalist investigates strange stories of prisoners disappearing from a prison, but soon finds herself caught by the...
Nov 08, 2017
Episode 58: Dracula
Monster Month concludes with Mercury Theatre on the Air’s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula! Orson Welles was only 23 years old when his version of this classic tale was broadcast, featuring himself in the title role. A mysterious Transylvanian noble comes to England, and everywhere...
Oct 31, 2017
Episode 57: The Tell-Tale Heart
He’s no werewolf or mummy, but Edgar Allen Poe certainly deserves his spot in our Monster Month! This week, we’re listening to Boris Karloff in Inner Sanctum Mysteries’ adaptation of “The Tell-Tale Heart!” Two peculiar strangers share a home until madness drives one of them...
Oct 27, 2017
Episode 56: W is for Werewolf
This week we’re listening to “W is for Werewolf” from Dark Fantasy as part of our Monster Month! The story depicts a visit to a remote island where a troubled man’s only surviving son seems to be suffering from a strange condition. As a treat...
Oct 19, 2017
Episode 55: Frankenstein
Monster Month continues this week and the Society is listening to an adaptation of “Frankenstein” from Suspense! This version of Mary Shelley’s classic novel features the obsessed doctor confiding in a priest about his obsessive quest to conquer death. Can spiritual guidance provide a measure...
Oct 11, 2017
Episode 54: Whence Came You?
The Society starts out a whole month of shows themed around classic movie monsters. We begin with the Mummy, represented by this Quiet, Please episode entitled “Whence Came You?” The story features an archaeologist who finds himself being observed by a mysterious beautiful woman with...
Oct 05, 2017
Episode 53: The Great Brain
CBS Mystery Theater adapted Jacques Futrelle’s short story, “The Problem of Cell 13,” for this week’s episode entitled “The Great Brain”! A brilliant mind hopes to prove the limitless potential of human intellect by allowing himself to be locked in a prison with a week...
Sep 28, 2017
Episode 52: Carmilla
Columbia Workshop presents Lucille Fletcher’s adaptation of Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella “Carmilla”! A father takes in a young abandoned girl who befriends his daughter, but soon discovers that Carmilla is much more than she seems. Will a parent’s desire to make his child happy prove...
Sep 20, 2017
Episode 51: Behind the Locked Door
This week, The Mysterious Traveler takes the Society “Behind the Locked Door!” Two archeologists set out on an expedition into the Vermilion Cliffs but only one returns. Why does he want his fiancé to leave him forever? What has he locked away in his bedroom?...
Sep 12, 2017
Episode 50: The Thing on the Fourble Board
It’s our 50th episode and to celebrate, the Society is listening to this beloved episode of Quiet, Please! An oil-drilling roughneck encounters a terrifying mystery after his team digs up something unexpected from deep beneath the Earth’s surface. What greater horror lurks beneath the telling...
Sep 06, 2017
Episode 49: The Porch Light
More than one listener requested this particular episode of Nightfall and so the Society has been drawn to “The Porch Light!” Many thanks to both Rob and David for recommending this creepy tale from the popular Canadian series. On the night of a powerful snowstorm,...
Aug 29, 2017
Episode 48: The Werewolf
The Society continues with its Listener Library series! This week, we feature a suggestion from Laurie, who recommended “The Werewolf” from The Weird Circle! The episode is based on “The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains,” a short story by Captain Frederick Marryat. In the...
Aug 23, 2017
Episode 47: The Dunwich Horror
Our Listener Library series is being put on hold this week because the Society is celebrating the birthday of H.P. Lovecraft by listening to his story “The Dunwich Horror” as adapted by Suspense! (If you are a fan of the man, might we suggest checking...
Aug 17, 2017
Episode 46: The Wardrobe Trunk
We continue with our Listener Library series, catching up on recommendations from our listeners! This week, we check out “The Wardrobe Trunk” from NBC’s Radio City Playhouse, suggested to us by Jake! A small-time criminal finds himself in over his head and scrutinized by a...
Aug 08, 2017
Episode 45: How Love Came to Professor Guildea
Our thanks to Keara who recommended this story from the series, Escape! This unusual tale is based on a short story by Robert Smythe Hichens and the production features the singular talents of the Man of a Thousand Voices, Paul Frees as the parrot. After...
Aug 02, 2017
Episode 44: Bunny Baumler–His Close Brush with Fame
This week the Society listens to a suggestion from Abby, who told us about an episode of Crime Classics! This series blends dark comedy and historical tales of true crime. In this episode, a German ne’er-do-well finds himself accused of four murders and he may...
Jul 25, 2017
Episode 43: The Thing That Cries in the Night, Parts 13–15
Our Summer Serial concludes with the shocking resolution to “The Thing That Cries in the Night” from I Love a Mystery! (Coming late to the series? Listen to Parts 1–3, Parts 4–6, Parts 7–9, and then Parts 10–12!) Jack claims to know who is responsible...
Jul 19, 2017
Episode 42: The Thing That Cries in the Night, Parts 10–12
Things are looking dire for the Martin Family as the Society races toward the climax of “The Thing That Cries in the Night” from I Love a Mystery! Join us for the penultimate episode of our Summer Serial! (Coming late to the series? Listen to...
Jul 11, 2017
Episode 41: The Thing That Cries in the Night, Parts 7–9
It’s time for the next installment of our Summer Serial! Join us as we follow Jack, Reggie, and Doc into the heart of “The Thing That Cries in the Night” from I Love a Mystery! (Coming late to the series? Listen to Parts 1–3 and...
Jul 05, 2017
Episode 40: The Thing That Cries in the Night, Parts 4–6
“The Thing That Cries in the Night” continues! The Society’s Summer Serial is underway with these episodes from I Love a Mystery! (Coming late to the series? Listen to Parts 1–3!) Jack, Reggie, and Doc meet the rest of the Martin family and soon they...
Jun 27, 2017
Episode 39: The Thing That Cries in the Night, Parts 1–3
The Society returns from our break to launch our Summer Serial, as we investigate all 15 episode of “The Thing That Cries in the Night” from Carleton E. Morse’s I Love a Mystery! Jack, Reggie, and Doc fly into Burbank only to be swept up...
Jun 20, 2017
Episode 38: Spawn of the Sub Human
Put your seats in the upright and locked position because the Society is ready to take off with this week’s installment, an episode of Dark Fantasy entitle “Spawn of the Sub Human!” A famed singer finds her flight haunted by memories of the past. Her...
May 31, 2017
Episode 37: Ghost Hunt
This week, the Society discovers the original found footage horror story, “Ghost Hunt,” recommended to us in an iTunes review! Our thanks to Filmbuf104! This episode of Suspense features Ralph Edwards, the creator of such classic shows as “Truth or Consequences” and “This is Your Life.” In the story, DJ Smiley...
May 23, 2017
Episode 36: The Sleep of Death
The Society pays a visit to Cabin B13 to hear one of Dr. Fabian’s dark mysteries! John Dickson Carr created the series and provided its ingenious scripts. In this story, entitled “The Sleep of Death,” a young suitor dares to spend the night in the...
May 16, 2017
Episode 35: Broadway, Here I Come
The stage is set for this week’s episode, “Broadway, Here I Come!” Our thanks to Ryan who suggested that we feature another story written by Robert A. Arthur (we’ve already heard his work with The Good Die Young and his adaptation of Return Trip). We’re...
May 09, 2017
Episode 34: Return Trip
Have your ticket ready for a bus ride with madness! The Society has discovered Murder by Experts, in which an author recommends a story by a different different author which is then hosted by John Dickson Carr, yet another author! This episode, “Return Trip,” tells the story of four...
May 02, 2017
Episode 33: To Find Help
Thank you to Keara who suggested that we listen to this episode of Suspense entitled “To Find Help,” featuring Ethel Barrymore and Gene Kelly. A woman hires a young man to clean her house, but soon discovers something strange and threatening about his behavior. Will...
Apr 25, 2017
Episode 32: The Screaming Skull
This week, the Society is listening to the nightmarish sound of “The Screaming Skull” from the enigmatic series, Theater 10:30. This adaptation of Francis Marion Crawford’s short story tells the tale of a husband and wife whose deaths leave behind a mysterious skull and a...
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 31: Man Size in Marble
Once again the Society strolls down the Hall of Fantasy for this adaptation of E. Nesbit’s “Man Size in Marble.” A young couple moves into a small village and encounters two ominous statues in the local church. Is there any truth to the grim legend...
Apr 11, 2017
Episode 30: The Man Who Sold His Soul
Thank you to Lionel for recommending “The Man Who Sold His Soul” from the South African series Beyond Midnight! This story explains the strange stain eight feet off the ground on the wall of an abandoned ruin in an Irish countryside. It is the tale...
Apr 06, 2017
Episode 29: A Shroud for Sarah
Lucille Ball is keeping the Society in Suspense! Before her career as the zany Queen of Comedy, she played a cold, ambitious manipulator in “A Shroud for Sarah.” Will her plotting backfire? How simple does a crime have to be before the police are willing...
Mar 28, 2017
Episode 28: Murder Wears a Strange Mask
The society attends a masquerade with this episode of The Haunting Hour entitled “Murder Wears a Strange Mask”! A costume party turns into a murder mystery and everyone is a suspect. At midnight the masks come off and the culprit will be discovered! Can you...
Mar 21, 2017
Episode 27: Hickory Dickory Doom
According to the Society’s clock, it’s time for CBS Radio Mystery Theater! Host E. G. Marshall presents “Hickory Dickory Doom,” the disturbing tale of an antique timepiece that holds a monstrous secret! Why is the air inside the clock always cold? How many psychics and...
Mar 14, 2017
Episode 26: The Good Die Young
This week, The Mysterious Traveler left the Society squirming with a disturbing tale entitled “The Good Die Young.” A malevolent child takes her jealous attempts to sabotage her new mother to dangerous extremes. Will the girl’s father see what’s happening before it’s too late? How...
Mar 07, 2017
Episode 25: The Man in the Mirror
Macabre wasn’t one of the best known series from the golden age of radio, but its odd origins contribute to some remarkable results. This week the Society has a chance to reflect on “The Man in the Mirror,” in which a man strikes a supernatural...
Feb 28, 2017
Episode 24: Song of the Slasher
The Society returns to the Inner Sanctum for an episode requested by one of our listeners! Song of the Slasher features a hard-boiled detective hunting for a killer who whistles a unique tune. How many twist can they cram into this story? Do creepy threats...
Feb 19, 2017
Episode 23: Leiningen Versus the Ants
Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re feeling a little tingle running through your skin, it could be love. Or it could be ants. This week we are happy to welcome Joshua’s wife, Adrienne English Scrimshaw, as our special guest. She’s brought us an episode of Escape...
Feb 13, 2017
Episode 22: The Day Sinatra Got Fat
The Arch Oboler Plays show serves up a doozy and the Society has a lot to say about “The Day Sinatra Got Fat”! Obloer’s macabre sense of humor indulges in a truly bizarre tale of aliens, pigs, and a strange green powder. Does the callous...
Feb 06, 2017
Episode 21: The Horn
Join the Society for a dark, cold night spent with BBC’s Fear on Four story entitled “The Horn”! It’s not the Golden Age of Radio by a long shot, but it’s the perfect story for spending a winter’s night hiding under the covers. What can...
Feb 01, 2017
Episode 20: The Strange Burial Of Alexander Jordan
Doctor X brings us The Strange Burial Of Alexander Jordan from the short-lived series Creeps by Night. A wealthy man’s fear of being buried alive leads to a security system to alert the living should he awake. What is the the true history of premature...
Jan 24, 2017
Episode 19: Hostess
This week the Society is entertained by The Hostess! The classic sci-fi series X Minus One presents Isaac Asimov’s chilling tale of alien etiquette and intrigue. How comfortable would you be to welcome something truly alien into your life? Would the story benefit from more...
Jan 17, 2017
Episode 18: Strange Judgment
Join the Society for an exercise in Strange Judgment! This week we have stepped into the Weird Circle for this adaptation of Honoré de Balzac’s short story Un Drame au bord de la Mer. A mother and father are forced to decide the fate of...
Jan 10, 2017
Episode 17: The Man Who Murdered Time
The Shadow has returned to ring in the new year with this insidious tale! A diabolical madman has a plot to stop the clock for good. Can the future be saved? Will Eric go on a vindictive killing spree if he gets diagnosed with a...
Jan 01, 2017
Episode 16: Arctic Rescue
The Society has returned to Suspense for a deadly journey with Joseph Cotten to the top of the world! Inspired by a true story of a rescue mission sent to track down ships lost in the Arctic Circle, this is the perfect tale to make...
Dec 19, 2016
Episode 15: Christmas Bonus
The Whistler is coming and he knows if you’ve been bad or you’ve been good! In this episode, an ex-criminal faces losing his new life when the company that employs him finds $10,000 missing. Will this threat drive him back to his felonious ways? If...
Dec 13, 2016
Episode 14: Northern Lights
We’d love to tell you all about this story entitled “Northern Lights,” but we have been to told in no uncertain terms to remain Quiet, Please. Suffice to say that you’d never imagine a story about a cigarette lighter, caterpillars, and vowel sounds could be...
Dec 06, 2016
Episode 13: Murder Castle
Inspired by the true story of serial killer H.H. Holmes, Lights Out presents the Society with a production entitled “Murder Castle!” A series of women are lured into a home filled with deadly traps to become the victims of a sadistic madman. Can you endure...
Nov 28, 2016
Episode 12: The Nameless
This week, we’re down at the Hermit’s Cave listening to the story of The Nameless! An anonymous corpse appears to have been the victim of a perfect murder, but the dead man will have his vengeance! Would you be willing to kill for a Wilgen...
Nov 21, 2016
Episode 11: Casting the Runes
Witchcraft and intrigue combine for a one-of-a-kind tale from the classic series, Escape! A medieval scholar has been targeted by a deadly curse, leaving him with only three months to find a solution and save his own life. How scary can a story about passing...
Nov 14, 2016
Episode 10: The Demon Tree
The Society has wandered into the creepy forest known as Dark Fantasy and come face to face with…The Demon Tree! In this story, a group of decadent English(-ish) travelers abandon the dull monotony of high-stakes gambling for a pulse-pounding walk in a forest! Does being...
Nov 07, 2016
Episode 9: A Corpse for Halloween
Celebrate Halloween with the Society and Inner Sanctum Mystery! This week we listen to A Corpse for Halloween, a twisted tale of bizarre psychological horror. It features the shameless puns and sardonic style of Paul McGrath (in the spirit of his predecessor, Raymond Edward Johnson)....
Oct 31, 2016
Episode 8: The Shadow People
The Shadow People have emerged from the Hall of Fantasy and the Society has a lot to say about it! In this chilling tale, a woman and her family are terrorized by strange beings that live side by side with humanity, watching and waiting from...
Oct 24, 2016
Episode 7: The Gibbering Things
This week, the Society crosses paths with The Shadow and there’s a lot of excitement over the mysterious crimefighter! This episode features a script written by Alonzo Deen Cole, creator of The Witch’s Tale. Is the story worth all the Shadow nerd love or have...
Oct 17, 2016
Episode 6: The Gas Receipt
Join the Society for a visit to The Black Museum! Orson Welles was the host of this unique anthology of crime stories inspired by real events. “The Gas Receipt” is based on the case of Frederick Browne and William Kennedy—a grisly murder archived in Scotland...
Oct 10, 2016
Episode 5: The Devil Doctor
Old Nancy from The Witch’s Tale provides the Society with this week’s episode, The Devil Doctor! The Witch’s Tale was the first horror series ever produced for radio, and writer/director Alonzo Deen Cole set the standard for everything that was to follow. Is this show...
Oct 04, 2016
Episode 4: The Veldt
The Society travels to Dimension X for this week’s episode—an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt! Imagine a strange dystopia where children are more interested in the virtual world provided by their technology than they are in the real…oh. Do modern conveniences diminish the human...
Sep 26, 2016
Episode 3: An Eye for an Eye
Only three episodes in and all the rules have been thrown out the window. Join the Society as they listen to an episode of the BBC’s The Price of Fear from…1974? That’s long after the end of the Golden Age of Radio! What’s going on?...
Sep 19, 2016
Episode 2: Poltergeist
The Society delves into a gem from the Arch Oboler era of Lights Out! In the story, Edna, Florence, and Kay take a sleigh ride through the country and cross paths with a very ill-tempered supernatural force. Will this story still send a chill down your spine?...
Sep 13, 2016
Episode 1: The House in Cypress Canyon
Joshua, Tim, and Eric check out a chilling tale from Suspense for this inaugural episode. By reputation, this is one of the finest examples of horror from the golden age of radio, and the Society is ready to share their thoughts on this classic broadcast and try to answer several...
Sep 01, 2016