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 Dec 27, 2023

 Dec 26, 2023
Excellent commentary on current events from a broad spectrum of conservative viewpoints.

 Dec 6, 2023
Decent informed discussion of current events, but I'm going to stop listening, because the pundits just can't contain their tribal Republican bias and have to rant and skew their comments to bash Democrats. Way more balanced than Fox pundits, but clearly not independent thinking, which is what I'm looking for.

 Sep 4, 2023

 Sep 20, 2022


Unravel the threads of American politics with incisive commentary and in-depth analysis on the state of the political scene. Join National Review writers like Rich Lowry, Charles C. W. Cooke, Jim Geraghty, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Jack Butler, and more for political commentary you can’t get anywhere else. Longing for a refreshing dose of sanity? All you need to do is tune in.

Episode Date
Episode 665: A Subpar Presser
Jul 12, 2024
Episode 664: Is Biden out of the Woods?
Jul 09, 2024
Episode 663: Hanging on by a Thread
Jul 01, 2024
Episode 662: Vindication
Jun 28, 2024
Episode 661: Debate Prep
Jun 25, 2024
Episode 660: Communism and Us
Jun 21, 2024
Episode 659: Amnesty Inquiries
Jun 18, 2024
Episode 658: A Whistleblower in Texas
Jun 14, 2024
Episode 657: A Daring Rescue
Jun 11, 2024
Episode 656: Still Too Old
Jun 07, 2024
Episode 655: Verdict Fallout
Jun 04, 2024
Special Editors: School-Choice Success: A Conversation with Tommy Schultz [578]
Sep 07, 2023
Special Episode: 'The Way Ahead,' a Conversation with Rich Powell [512]
Jan 19, 2023
Special Episode: 'Nuclear Energy Now,' a Conversation with John Kotek [510]
Jan 13, 2023
Special Episode: What's Going on in California? A Conversation with Jason Fordney [502]
Dec 21, 2022
Special Episode: Turning the Tide on Campus Censorship [498]
Dec 12, 2022
Special Episode: American Energy Independence [495]
Dec 05, 2022
Special Episode: How to Fix the Grid, with Brad Viator [489]
Nov 17, 2022