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 Jan 28, 2019
Was sittin here, feelin a little on the down side, lookin for something to listen to as I clean. I came accross you guys. lmao. Thank You for the chits n giggles. 😊 Refreshing to hear current event news with an edge.

 Jan 13, 2019

 Nov 20, 2018

A Podcast Republic user
 Jul 27, 2018


Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that's listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitting at the online-bar of the VFW and having a virtual cold one with your buddies

Episode Date
ZBT #311: Haunted Military Halloween Special
Halloween Episode presented by ArborTech Tools! Visit and use promo code "Zero" to get 10% off the highest quality wood carving tools out there. promo code "Zero" for 10% custom tailored scents promo code "ZBT" for 25% off the most comfortable boots around. ROUND 1: HALLOWEEN IS UPON US - We share some of the SpoOoOkiest haunted military spots the top 5 scariest sounds in the military ROUND 2: Move aside Aunt Becky, we’ve got a case of GI Bill fraud out of San Diego that’ll make you say, HAVE MERCY ROUND 3: A Navy vet is going viral on Facebook for exposing gross, moldy food troops get on their plates & we’ll be honest, we puked in our mouths a little bit ROUND 4: New MRE on the way & this one is gonna plug you up like a, well, like a butt plug I guess ROUND 5: ZBT social roasted the Air Force for heated blanket goofin’ this week but way deep down? We’re jealous. Song at the end is the Halloween theme song remixed by HBz
Oct 30, 2020
ZBT #310: Wacky Military Inventions And The Story Of A Green Dress
Presented by Arbortech Tools! Visit and use promo code Zero for 10% off the best wood carving tools around. Start that new hobby! promo code "Zero" for 5% off Delta8 THC products. make a profile, find a job, and get a free shirt! Round 1: Give me 3 Lance Corporals right damn now who have their scuba steve mopp gear and are ready to climb up in a tree to suck up murder hornets with a vacuum in order to save my beloved honey bees. Don’t make me pick the ones. Round 2: A special round for all the other bath boys out there. A spot in Japan has 23 different types of baths. Coffee. Red Wine. Beer. Butter Beer. Whisker Dos. Whiskers Donts. The Baths come with or without the scooter sticks. Round 3: Nothing says esprit de corps like a lime green dress with pink socks. We’ll tell you why from a story that honestly made me get a little emotional. Round 4: Anytime there's a little innovation, we forget about the failures along the way. There’s been failures but they are glorious. We’re gonna walk through 10 of the most outrageous military weapon ideas that are now declassified. Song at the end is Enter Sandman covered by Iron Horse
Oct 27, 2020
ZBT #309: Fort Bragg Is H-O-R-N-Y
This Friday episode is just an absolute delight. -We are presented by Arbor Tech Tools. Check out and use promo code "Zero" to get 10% off the best wood carving tools around. Start a new hobby, make cool shit, save some money, everyone wins. promo code "Zero" for 5% off the best Delta 8 THC products -FRIDAY 10/23 Rough N Rowdy! for some truly entertaining amateur fights. ROUND 1: Get your sunglasses emojis ready because we’re off to a big time horny start to the weekend and it’s all thanks to the official Fort Bragg Twitter who had a very public Fort Boner for a gal on OnlyFans ROUND 2: People dont wanna talk about it but one of the biggest struggles leaving military life is gaining a little weight after organized PT ends. I caught up with one of my former Marines who is brave enough to talk about that struggle. ROUND 3: Remember the soldier who got in trouble for jumping with his goldfish? Well now the Army is looking into a soldier who vibed with cranberry juice and Fleetwood Mac during an airborne jump ROUND 4: If there's anything I know from my former pastor days, it’s that the clergy like to have a little F U N. One Chaplain is gathering around with the troops, putting their pocket books down, and pickin up a few Cosmopolitans at the local macaroni grill. ROUND 5: A woman who once went commando killing Soviets as they tried to capture her village, and then spent years as a warlord fighting the Taliban, has finally turned herself over to them. Hear the story of Afghanistan’s only woman Warlord, Commander Pidgeon.
Oct 23, 2020
ZBT #308: An International Military News Tour!
Presented by Arbortech Tools! Check out for the premiere wood carving tools that can turn anybody into an expert wood carver. Promo code "Zero" for 10% off already low sale prices! promo code "Zero" for 5% your favorite Delta 8 THC products., you fill out a profile and you get a free t-shirt. Don't be a dummy, get a free t-shirt Round 1: Azerbaijan Military began trending on Twitter, on account of it being very, very odd. But…. I LOVE IT! They have the fire, the passion, and the pizzaz I need from a good ole propaganda music video! Round 2: Although our political climate currently seems like a sitcom that no one would willingly watch, except for maybe those weirdo Walking Dead Fans, the Mexican Defense news story of the week would make an amazing movie. Round 3: Our friends in Canada freaked people out by using loudspeakers with wolves sounds for a psychological deterrent training session. Would that work? We’ll talk about what would work better. Round 4: :Russia Claims UK Covid Vaccine Will Turn You Into A Monkey. We’re gonna take a look at the science because that doesn’t seem correct. WE AREN’T SAYING IT ISN’T CORRECT. WE JUST WANNA TAKE A LOOK. Plus, if it does turn you into a monkey… SIGN ME UP! Round 5: Chaps sat down with Jake Wood, the founder of Team Rubicon and v handsome man
Oct 20, 2020
ZBT #307: The Army's $10 Billion Barracks
Happy Friday to all you beautiful listeners out there. We've got a great show for you! to make a profile to help find a good job after the military and get a free shirt. ROUND 1: “If you could say one thing to your recruiter what would it be?” - that’s the question one soldier posed to his buddies in a viral social media post, and POG civilians are in a TIZZY over their answers ROUND 2: Out with the mold, in with the new? The U.S. Army plans to spend nearly $10 billion repairing its barracks over the next decade, and we have just the man for the job - Long Time Toolie… me! ROUND 3: Grab your top secret clearances, we’re taking you deep under the ice of Greenland to tell you about Project Iceworm which are frozen nuke tunnels that are heating things up during the Cold War ROUND 4: In the criminal justice system, postal- based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Pittsburgh, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Postal Unit DUN DUN ROUND 5: Ah, the police-call - long lines of troops hunched over, endlessly searching for something mundane in the grass… We asked you, ‘What are the stupidest things your unit ever had to look for?” You can sit this round out if you were in 2-9
Oct 16, 2020
ZBT #306: North Korea Nukes Covid
A very fun Tuesday episode for all of you. Round 1: North Korea is slinging their dingalings all over the joint defying safety in two very different ways. One of those ways is with a big ole nuke and the other is by refusing to wear masks while in formation celebrating said Nuke. Round 2: In more news from the “Theres No Fucking Way That Thing Works” section, there’s a tank… i think it’s a tank… that’s all robotic. We are gonna guess which country it gets left behind in first. Round 3: President Trump, while trailing in most polls by at least 12 points this week, secured the endorsement of the….. Wait. this can’t be right. There must have been a misprint…. President Trump received the endorsement of the Taliban. Round 4: SON OF BITCH! NOOOOOO. PLEASE GOD NO. That’s always my reaction when there is some insane story or plot and the perpetrators happen to be Marines. That being said, there was a plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan and you’ll never guess which branch of service had veterans involved. Round 5: The squad has a possible military trivia competition coming up. We are gonna use the show to prep/embarrass ourselves.
Oct 13, 2020
ZBT #305: Weaponized Insects And An Interview With The Wolf Of Wall Street
It is a minor miracle this episode got made in the first place so please listen twice. promo code "Zero" for Federal legal Delta-8 THC treats. ROUND 1: The internet made Vice President Mike Pence an honorary Navy pilot after the debate this week. People were calling him Fly Boy. Get it? We aren’t gonna focus on the debate but that winged fucker caused Kate to go down a bit of an insect rabbit hole. ROUND 2: A leaked powerpoint slide showed some serious gate guard issues over at Joint Base Lewis McChord. The slide will have you facepalming yourself while also saying “sounds about right!” ROUND 3: Dating apps of military guys are notoriously cringe. One reporter is trying to help with some tips. School circle on Sarah Sicard. ROUND 4: Jordan Belfort Interview ROUND 5: Aircraft carriers are cool and all, but have you heard of the Navy’s lil Boomin’ Beaver? It’s not the size of the boat its the motion in the ocean
Oct 09, 2020
ZBT #304: President Trump Is At Sick Call and Kate's MASSIVE Announcement
Round 1: The President is at sick call for a while. Does he get a light-duty chit? We’re gonna talk about the ramifications of the Commander in Chief being extremely ill BUT we’re just gonna speculate. If we get anything wrong, please contact Hope Seck. Round 2: Mail order bride? More like mail order brides, obstruction of justice, and wrongfully using your position for influence, no… its not another round about the President, folks, it’s about a former soldier who has been setting up sham marriages as if junior troops needed the help. Round 3: Somebody ended up with a huge dumper in their pants and it was captured on TikTok. A guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier nearly had his “I wish a mother fucker would moment.” Round 4: Over the weekend, I watched a show about Surviving WW2. I was triggered and I’ll tell you why. Round 5: Hold on to your dicks, there’s a shortage of hot pockets on military bases. We’re gonna tell you why and have a Barracks Meal Snake Draft Round 6:. An interview with the fellas from Battlebox and Southern Survival on Netflix
Oct 06, 2020
ZBT #303: Naptime In The Army?
FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY. Shout out Rebecca Black, Longtime Stoolie promo code "ZBT" to get an incredible 25% your order. Buy a shirt while you're at it, they're ridiculously soft. to get some swipes to stay in the fight ROUND 1: Last week we talked about the Air Force putting tattoo parlours on their bases and this week those damn, dirty hippies are at it again… that’s right…. They’ll soon have long, flowing locks of hair flying out the windows of their war planes. Smdh. ROUND 2: Where Are They Now? USS Bonhomme Richard Edition… Following a major fire that pretty much gutted the dang thing, we’ll catch up with the ship that’s been making major waves in the headlines ROUND 3: More than 58,000 soldiers — the equivalent of 13 brigade combat teams — are non-deployable right now due to health or fitness reasons… could yoga be the cure?? ROUND 4: Like taking naps? Thanks to some new guidelines it looks like the Army might be the right branch for you. ROUND 5: Cons sits down with his buddy Cason Shrode to wrap up our Battle of COP Keating interview series.
Oct 02, 2020
ZBT #302: Conversation On Veteran Suicide, Guns, And Why 22 Pushup Challenges Are Worthless
Bit of a longer episode, but we promise you'll love it or your money back. Take advantage of some sponsors! for a free dog toy each time you get a package create a free career profile and get a free shirt! Round 1: Magawa, our friend who happens to be a rat from Tanzania, is finally given an award for his heroics. You’re not gonna believe what this African giant poached rat has accomplished. Round 2: It’s an ammunition backpack, Micheal. What could it weigh? 20lbs? The Navy is rolling out a backpack that can carry a mollywhooping 650 rounds of 7.62 ammo. Wowzers. Round 3: Man-baby admits that he goes to the doctor all the time. He’s what we in the military would call a sick-call warrior. It’s time to make fun of a weenie. Sorry, Kate. Round 4: The Marine Corps is considering shutting down both of its Recruit Depots so that they can train co-ed. Shhhh… If you listen closely… you can hear angry goateed and bearded veterans grabbing their keys in order to film an angry rant in their trucks. Round 5: Kate’s interviews Chris Marvin, former helo pilot Why 22 Pushups Don't Help: The Role of Guns in Veteran Suicide - Veterans for Gun Sense 2020 Round 6: There’s certain people who have a lifetime of stories that youd love to listen to while drinking a hot tea and sugar cookies. Lillian Brown is one of those people. She was the makeup artist for NINE US Presidents.
Sep 29, 2020
ZBT #301: Pill Poppin Robots and An Interview With Nate Fick from Generation Kill
FRIDAY EPISODE and we managed to mostly stay on track. ROUND 1: A British officer in World War 2 was forgetful as hell when crossing back into friendly territory. To make sure his fellow soldiers recognized him, he used an item that would leave SSgt Me triggered AF and maybe a little trigger happy ROUND 2: (robot voice) ‘Hello, it is me, your VA hospital pharmacist, and I am a ro-bot. If I am functioning correctly today you will get your pills.’ Yep! The VA is using what Kate is calling ‘pill robots’ now. ROUND 3: Shiver me timbers! Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhh… ya ready for a round about pirate flags on a Navy ship?! Well I hope you scallywags are because the poop deck is swabbed and we’re underway. ROUND 4: Did you know that before the 1970s women got kicked out of the military for getting pregnant? We’ll talk about the late, great Ruth Bader Ginsburg, how she changed that for our service members and how in general, men are big dum dummy faces. ROUND 5: Nate Fick Interview
Sep 25, 2020
Well folks, we made it to episode 300 and we are celebrating! Visit our sponsors: and use promo code "ZBT" to get 25% off boots so comfortable you can sleep in them. Make a profile, get a free t-shirt, and also get some transition help for getting out of the military. Round 1: We’ve made it 300 episodes. We’re gonna take a small look back on where we started, where we are at, and where we intend to go. We wont suck our own dicks too much! Round 2: Even though we’ve done 300 episodes, there’s some things we were supposed to do but never did. Interesting enough, and not just for the purpose of a transition, we found a tweet thread from Military folks who talked about training they were supposed to complete but they skated out of it like longtime stoolie Michelle Kwan. Round 3: For the first time in Zero Blog Thirty history, we are gonna head over to Slovenia to check out some news that would make even the most senior of Lance Corporals happy. Melania Trump’s statue was burned in her home town. We got something for that. Round 4: The oldest Marine Corps veteran celebrates their birthday this week. Guess how old they are? Round 5: Danny Trejo joins the show which might not make sense but it totally makes sense. He’s feeding tons of unhomed veterans and he’s basically like every GySgt I’ve ever had. Looks rough and tough but is a big ole teddy bear despite the tattoos and reputation that proceeds him. Round 6: Over the last 300 episodes, we’ve changed since the beginning. We arent the only ones though. The Army has changed too or is changing, rather. Kinder Gentler! Kinder Gentler!
Sep 22, 2020
ZBT #299.5: Burn Pits Are Killing Veterans
Chaps is back and we have an awesome Friday episode! promo code "Zero" for 20% off and free shipping for a free dog toy when you get a subscription box for your dog pal(s) ROUND 1: ::Whispering:: Round one is sure to give you alllll the tingles as we low crawl into the world of Military ASMR, ooooohhhh, ahhhhh, oooohhhh. Kate has a game that’s sure to leave us all in goosebumps, oOOOOo ROUND 2: Most military branches are new boot goofin’ but over at Edwards Airforce Base their new SCOOT goofin’ on electric scooters. Would you be seen in uniform rolling over to the PX on one? ROUND 3: Jon Stewart used to make us laugh on The Daily Show & now he’s making us cheer as he stands up for veterans dealing with fallout from deployment burn pits. He’s calling out the DoD for some real hot garbage. ROUND 4: Apparently the Russian military had a quick break from trolling us with their planes & vehicles & decided to get real into anatomy. Most recently they stormed a theater to stop a screening of the documentary… Vulva 3.0. For uh, research purposes I’m sure. ROUND 5: When a Coast Guard crew got sidelined by Coronavirus, the mission was able to keep rolling along thanks to young cadets at the Academy who went on to have the summer of a lifetime on the high seas. Have we finally found a good case of ‘being voluntold’?
Sep 18, 2020
ZBT #299: Officer Eye For The Enlisted Guy
This episode starts off perfectly and ends the same. We nailed it, folks. for a free dog toy with a Barkbox subscription. promo code "ZBT" for 25% off your order. to make a transition profile and get a free shirt. ROUND 1: We’re gonna kick things off with F.U.C.K. FUUUUUUCK and several other words & terms we use every day in the civilian world that you may not have realized were generated in our beloved military. ROUND 2: Ladies, that ultimate sin in men’s fashion that we’re always swiping left on? That’s the military’s fault. Yep, turns out CARGO POCKETS are a brainchild of the troops. Does that mean we can’t make fun of it any more? ROUND 3: From Yandex to QAnon to the deep web & beyond, Russian bot farms spreading disinformation & conspiracy theories online are making Americans go nuts before the election and it’s only gonna get weirder. ROUND 4: How would you feel about your Dad being in your unit? That’s the case for a 59 year old SSgt who just completed the Army’s Combat Basic Training Course to join ranks with his Specialist son in the 405th Civil Affairs Battalion
Sep 15, 2020
ZBT #298: A 9/11 Tribute and Recounting An Emu War
Friday energy with a look back to the events of 19 years ago. promo code ZBT for 25% off the best boots you'll wear. ROUND 1: Gen Mattis is back on the scene with his knife hand high… to reenlist a fellow Marine. If you could pick anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would you choose to perform your ceremony? ROUND 2: The Air Force awarded a $13.3 billion contract to Nothrup Grumman for nukes this week & Kate has a radical radioactive science quiz for us ROUND 3: When I say ‘Navy’ you say “nerds!” ! Navy - Nerds, Navy - Nerds! That’s right, they’re fighting the war on… CBD in your lotions and hair care products now. ROUND 4: Over to Australia where we’ll tell you of The Great Emu War, in which some large, flightless birds unwittingly foiled the Australian Army ROUND 5: We play our interview with Large and his experiences on 9/11/2001
Sep 11, 2020
ZBT #297: The VA Is Killing Kittens
We are BACK from our long Labor Day weekend and have a great episode for you. use for 10% off your order for veteran transitioning help and a free shirt for FREE weed themed toy for your dog Round 1: Legends of the Fall was a war movie. Round 2: I’ve been gobbling up game-centric shows left and right. One of which was about the arcade known as Aladdin's Castle, we’re gonna play a little game that would change the course of deployments/field training. Round 3: The Commander in Chief lamented the fact that the Pentagon doesnt want to stop warring around the globe. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done about it. Round 4: THE VA IS MURDERING KITTENS Round 5: For the next few months, most Military members will be getting a 16 percent raise! Hooray! Everybody say “thanks, department of treasury.”
Sep 08, 2020
ZBT #296: Covid Career Enders And Some Medal of Honor Updates
Labor Day episode with a ton of great stuff for you to get your first month of Roman swipes for just $5 ROUND 1: One of the backbones of American life are down-home town hall meetings where citizens can have a say, and in Lincoln, Nebraska one man has gone viral for taking a stand on an issue that affects us all, no bones about it. ROUND 2: A 2nd Lt. with millions of TikTok followers but only 4 brain cells decided to post a ‘holocaust joke’ this week and suprise, it didn’t go over very well! In fact, it got Cons so riled up he used a term other than “kick rocks”. ROUND 3: Article 15s, forfeiture of pay, and reduction in ranks, oh my! Leadership at Fort Benning is gonna come down hard if you’re not in Georgia any#quar. ROUND 4: Kate interviews Marine Corps veteran & author Dr. Wesley Gray about the upcoming March for the Fallen and advice for folks getting out of the military looking for their dream jobs. ROUND 5: We’ve got 2 incredibly powerful Medal of Honor updates to close out the show. One freed 70 hostages set to be executed by Islamic State and the other returned repeatedly to a burning vehicle in fuel soaked clothing to save his fellow soldiers. You’ll want to run through a brick wall as we head into the long weekend.
Sep 04, 2020
ZBT #295: F*** Off, Russia
Round 1: Labor Day is coming up. It’s usually an end of the summer bash but holidays don’t feel like holidays in 2020. We’re gonna dig deep and describe our perfect holiday weekend. Round 2: Fuck Russia Round 3: Ronald Rosser, who was a Medal of Honor recipient from the Korean War, died this week at the age of 90. If you haven’t heard his story, buckle up. It’s like a war movie come to life. Round 4: President Bush was respected around the world. No… it’s true. Seriously. In this round we’ll tell you why doubleya was beloved by world leaders. Round 5: Ditty Question for Kate…. Round 6: There’s a new hot petoots in town, recruits and he’s a dead-eyed dick.
Sep 01, 2020
ZBT #294: Shark Attack on Coast Guardsmen
FRIDAY VIBES promo code "Zero" for 5% off Delta8 THC products promo code "ZBT50" for $50 off sperm testing and storage ROUND 1: Adorable! The Army is okay-ing pushups/PT for minor infractions & Kate has a game to test our leadership skills with this new guidance ROUND 2: Holy shit, we’ve got a Coast Guard story that’s not about intercepting drug smugglers or rescuing boaters?!?!… Hear why one of their ships had to open fire during an open swim call out at sea! ROUND 3: A 1st Sgt in the Army’s combat aviation brigade has banned Cardi B music from their building calling it ‘trash’ and will only be playing 90s music from here on out… sheesh… we have to ask… (all of us --->) Tell us whyyyyy ROUND 4: Remember that huge fire aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard? Well a Navy sailor is currently being investigated for arson by NCIS. If they’re guilty then boyyy are they in for some crappy-shift firewatch. ROUND 5: Catch Me If You Can, Department of Homeland Security Edition! Donovan Nguyen (win) masqueraded as a federal agent for YEARS, pulling over motorists, obtaining guns & searching homes.
Aug 28, 2020
ZBT #293: Secret Chinese Underground Lairs
Great episode in store for you today! promo code "ZBT" for 25% off. Folks, thats a hell of a deal- Round 1: Boozed-up. A recent study proves which branch of service drinks the most… well… at least goes to the hospital the most for binge drinking. Round 1 will be a judgment-free zone where we can judge everyone. Round 2: Wanna get boozed-up, put your pocket book down and just dance the night way? Dont try that shit in Italy friends. The US has banned dancing like this is a 1937 Quaker Community. Round 3: Hurry up and wait took on new meaning in 2001 for one anti-Taliban fighter. Hurry up and wait for round 3 so we can tell you just how long he had to wait in order for his relief to show up so he could depart the scene of his downed tank. Actual tank this time too. Round 4: Time for a little spy goofin with a former CIA agent and a businessman who experienced the Chinese intellectual theft practices first hand. Round 5: WHO DOES NUMBER 2 WORK FOR? A secret underwater cave was discovered by some folks doing some satellite goofin in the south china sea. I love a good secret lair.
Aug 25, 2020
ZBT #292: Bomb Sniffing Locust Swarms And A CIA Double Agent
HAPPY FRIDAY! promo code "ZBT" for 25% off everything. Thats a hell of a deal. promo code "ZBT50" for $50 off a sperm test count and one year of storage. promo code "Zero" for 20% off and free shipping Round 1: We are gonna act like we are skinny dipping illegally in a panama city beach front motel’s pool with this round but a fella in Russia was poisoned and the story is…. Can I say it… Kate don't be mad…. It’s kinda hilarious? Round 2: Step aside, Moses. There’s a new locust in town and these little horned-up bugs aren't destroying the crops of the Egyptians. They’re finding bombs… For real. Round 3: There’s a new Call of Duty coming out and I am fucking furious. Round 4: Damn, Ma. CIA operative is charged with being a double agent for China. Round 5: Cons sat down with Daniel Rodriguez who survived the Battle of Kamdesh, walked on the Clemson Football team, wrote a book, and brought it full circle playing himself in the movie The Outpost. Seriously? Another over achiever? Round 6: It’s not just the Marines banning walking & talking on a cell phone now. Now a town in Japan is following suit for its civilians. Are umbrellas next?
Aug 21, 2020
ZBT #291: Free Austin Tice
All aboard the ZBTrain as we head into another week! use promo code "Zero" for 5% the ONLY federally legal THC products- ROUND 1: Worst sounds in the military snake draft ROUND 2: This month marks Marine Corps veteran Austin Tice’s 8th year anniversary in captivity. Well go over some of the facts & how we can help ROUND 3: You’ve got mail - OR DO YOU?! Post office mania is slowing pills for military vets & we try to break down what’s going on with the boys in blue… the USPS ROUND 4: New York City’s top garbage men dress like generals in their official photos. Are garbage men just like the troops? ROUND 5: Katie Travel Agency made a promise to make itineraries for troops in the boonies last week & she’s gone one ready to go for a gent in Manitoba, Canada
Aug 18, 2020
ZBT #290: Michael Phelps Is A Shitty Athlete
SEVEN ROUNDS for this Friday episode. That's a record, folks for your first month free on Roman Swipes- promo code "Zero" for 5% some amazing Delta8 THC products- ROUND 1: With the 30k Marines currently in quarantine in preparation for a large-scale training exercise in the Pacific, we were reminded of the classic lie from lots of recruiters. See the world, they said… The ZBT gang shares where the military has taken them across the country & around the world. ROUND 2: There’s a notorious relationship between the military & off-base car dealerships, and keeping with that theme we’ve got an Army soldier who’s been locked in a battle with Honda over a $1 discrepancy for over a year now ROUND 3: A military helicopter was on a routine training mission when it was shot at from the ground over Manassas, VA, injuring one of those on board. Scary stuff. ROUND 4: Shifting gears now, a Soldier tried to steal car in Germany but was thwarted not by the cops, but by a stick shift ROUND 5: (quick) FIRE WATCH - We’ve found one of the most obnoxious men in the military on a Reddit post & look forward to shaming & giving him the worst firewatch shift for the weekend ROUND 6: Grab the mops, babygirls. President Trump wants to get you WET. Round 7: A classic question of right or wrong. Some sneaky folks in Washington State are up to no good…. Or are they?
Aug 14, 2020
ZBT #289: Green Beret Veterans Sentenced In Venezuela Coup Attempt
The first five minutes are the worst five minutes in 289 episodes promo code "ZBT" for 25% off the best boots around!- promo code "ZBT50" for 50% off sperm count tests? Yep.- Round 1: Remember the Green Berets who tried to do a little coup goofin in Venezuela? They got 20 years in prison in Venezuela. Yikes. Round 2: The DoD is finally relaxing some of their movement restrictions but what about some of the contractors who have been stranded in Afghanistan for more than 4 months with jail-like restrictions? Round 3: Outdoor classes seem super fun so maybe all the school-aged children will love it! 41 percent of all schools need to update their ventilation system. Get me 8 Marines who have completed the HVAC MCI right damn now. Round 4: Our beloved Coast Guard is back at it again. This time they saved Longtime Stoolies Emma and Bubbles. We’ll tell you about this tale which is certain to leave you shell shocked. Round 5: Which Military Movie would you like to see turned into a musical?
Aug 11, 2020
ZBT #288: What Happened In Beirut?
We have six rounds today to help carry you into an awesome weekend. -Visit for a huge discount on Roman Swipes- ROUND 1: A Court Ruled Against a Soldier Who Says He Was Forced to Retire Due to Religious Beliefs, but we must ask… Is being an asshole really a religion? ROUND 2: A pair of explosions, the second much bigger than the first, struck the city of Beirut early Tuesday evening, killing at least 100 people, wounding more than 4,000 and causing widespread damage. We’ll go over the who, what, when, where & why. ROUND 3: U up? “Well they can’t see you - get down! Booty calls on hold, for the love of God!” That’s the message to troops in Japan right now as COVID puts a damper on sweet, sweet lovin’ out there. ROUND 4: Cue the eyerolls from Kate - because someone has finally made edible crayons specifically for Marines to eat. Round 5: Novelist Brad Thor joins the show to talk about his weird brain, war games, and how he keeps the ideas fresh and realistic. ROUND 6: A sailor terribly harassed for years after being labelled a Blue Falcon has finally been exonerated after the Navy corrected a story. Long overdue!
Aug 07, 2020
ZBT #287: The Marine AAV Accident + Navy SEAL Museum Dog Attack
Another great episode to get your week started. 10% off for military and first responders with promo code "Zero" for 5%- Round 1: The Space Force is Semper Supra goofin to infinity and beyond and because of one airman who doesn’t sound like a big ole nerd boy at all. He’s a laser tag referee and a possible future boyfriend for Kate because he’s also a magician! Do you guys know what a Marine Magician says? Round 2: The Navy SEAL Museum is in hot water and it’s not because someone wrote an unauthorized book this time. Somehow, some dummies thought dressing a decoy like Colin Kapernick was a good idea. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. Round 3: Would you become a penis garden if asked by your country? It’s worth exploring. Round 4: There was a tragic incident involving a Marine AAV and we’ll give you some of the details about that. Round 5: Coronavirus has turned normal events into bizarre experiences. I experienced one this weekend.
Aug 04, 2020
ZBT #286: Horrible Living Conditions On Marine Corps Bases
Happy Friday! Got a wonderful off the rails episode for you to carry you gently into the weekend. promo code "ZBT" for 25% off!- ROUND 1: Nothing good seems to come from the land of military TikToks and that’s certainly the case with one that made the illustrious New York Post this week for a MAJOR safety violation ROUND 2: A Marine living off-base at Camp Lejeune was willing to put his career on the line when he saw the conditions his fellow devil-dogs were stuck under in the barracks. Mold, boiling temps, broken facilities. Will his viral Facebook post save the day or get him in deep trouble? ROUND 3: A $1 TRILLION spending package has been proposed in the Senate that’s meant to tackle economic fallout from COVID-19… so uh what’s up with $30 BILLION worth of draft items tucked in there for the military? Round 4: Michel Paridis who wrote a book! WOW ROUND 5: An Ohio HVAC company is offering its services to President Trump after an errant Tweet. They played it pretty… cool if you ask us. ROUND 6: Zero Blog Thirty has been around for 285 episodes. Nearly 4 years. 1,422 days. Something happened this week that has never happened in the history of the show and we are NOT happy about it
Jul 31, 2020
ZBT #285: Chainsaw Goofin With Weaponized Baboons
Fresh and hot episode full of creamy goodness. promo code "ZBT" gets you 25% off the best damn boots around.- ROUND 1: Are weaponized baboons attacking tourists at a drive-through zoo in the UK? We’d sure like to think so! ROUND 2: One soldier is injured after an M1 Abrams main battle tank accidently fired on another tank during a training exercise at Fort Bliss. If you’re in the area watch out for an enormous ball of shit rolling downhill after this one. ROUND 3: The Chinese Consulate General in Houston has been ordered to close following allegations of spying, but we’re sure they’re totally innocent despite burning a ton of documents in their courtyard the other day. ROUND 4: The Marine Corps Marathon has been cancelled for 1st time in 45 years and we’re only telling you this because Kate wants to remind you she ran it once.
Jul 28, 2020
ZBT #284: Don't Yell "F*ck Trump" In Uniform
Off The Rails Friday Episode promo code "Zero" for 20% off + free shipping- ROUND 1: Robin Williams would have turned 69 years old this week. He made six USO tours to Iraq, Afghanistan, and 11 other countries, and performed for 90,000 troops. We’ll tell some of those tales on today’s show. ROUND 2: Getting political in uniform is a no-no. Yelling “Fuck Trump” in uniform? An even bigger no-no, which one sailor found out this week as she became the center of a viral video out of Ventura, California. ROUND 3: What the ever-loving-fuck is going on at Fort Hood? ROUND 4: One of the more unspoken wounds of our wars in Iraq & Afghanistan is brought to light by a couple speaking about what happens after a service member sustains injuries to their genitals. The good news, you can adapt, improvise and still cum. ROUND 5: Kate went on a military porn deep dive & found one for each branch and boyyyy are one of them hornier than the rest… my goodness
Jul 24, 2020
ZBT #283: Navy SEAL defects to Starbucks + Badass Of The Week
Round 1: CoronaKarenSeal gets super upset at a coffee shop and threatens to take his business to Starbucks where he’ll order a cold brew with as many shots of espresso as the Seal Team that he was on in 2009… that’s 7 shots of espresso because he was on Seal Team 7. Round 2: A young, fresh devil puppy makes me wet with his sleeves. That’s it. That’s the round. Round 3: We haven’t done this segment in a while but this was a worthwhile cause to bring it back. Badass of the Week makes a return to the podcast. Round 4: We aren’t gonna weigh too far into the political campaigns like we did in the last election cycle, but we will give our initial thoughts on some of the candidates in this race. Round 5: Coast Guard round-up!
Jul 21, 2020
ZBT #282: What Happens When A Navy Ship Catches Fire?
Absolutely LOADED Friday episode for you. 20% off and free shipping with code "Zero"- 15% off with code "Viva"- ROUND 1: We’ve got the latest on the USS Bonhomme Richard and it’s, ah, not great! Also, we asked sailors what happens to sailors assigned to a ship that is lost & contrary to some of the answers they do not get to hang out in a pineapple under the sea. ROUND 2: As Kate’s peace offering to Captain Cons, she’s got a round of “Fun Army Facts” for everyone and she will also allow him to list two fun facts about the Army/Navy game. But no more than that. ROUND 3: We have updates on the Vanessa Guillen case along with news regarding PV2 Gregory Wedel Morales, whose remains were found during the search for Guillen. He had been listed as a deserter but new evidence shows otherwise. ROUND 4: Mess nights can certainly get messy but across the pond they sound like an absolute shit show. Especially the one where a Sergeant got drunk at a racecourse and headbutted a colleague in the face. ROUND 5: US Military recruiters are using online gaming to recruit teens but one journalist is pulling an echelon right & fighting back in the comments section & claiming it’s a predatory practice. Could someone in Fortnite-land convince you to sign up?
Jul 17, 2020
ZBT #281: Taliban Fashion Models?
* promo code ZBT50 for 50% your order* * promo code Zero for 5% off* * use for military discount* Round 1: With Call of Duty being the most popular game this year (just assuming… not facts based), what other jobs would you want to play a video game of? Round 2: In absolutely shocking news, Rosie the Riveter is still alive. Longtime stoolie Mae Krier is 94 and back in the news and calling on people once again to do the right thing. Round 3: A huge fire on a Naval ship in San Diego happened over the weekend which resulted in injuries for 57 people. Not waiting for the results of the investigation, a Forbes reporter decided to immediately take a dump in his pants. Round 4: A former guest and US Senator, honestly not sure which is more prestigious, made some news this week when an academic paper surfaced where she said that “women get pregnant to skirt responsibilities on deployment” Round 5: Did the Taliban do a Vogue photoshoot?
Jul 14, 2020
ZBT #280: Tammy Duckworth, Hijacked Humvees, and Flying Cars
-Visit and use promo code "ZBT" for 25% off your order!- ROUND 1: A National Guard employee was on a test-drive when they stopped their Humvee to assist a stalled vehicle, and for their good deed? They got robbed at gunpoint and left on the side of the road as thieves rolled out in said Humvee. ROUND 2: To all of our O-6 listeners out there, of which we’re sure are many, we’ve got bad news... Your promotions have been placed on hold by Senator Tammy Duckworth. But don’t worry we’ll still be using the officer voice on you. ROUND 3: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…. An airman getting ahead of all of us in traffic? That’s right, the Air Force is dropping big bucks on flying cars. ROUND 4: Quiz Time with Kate! ROUND 5: Chaps answers your questions about dogs.
Jul 10, 2020
ZBT #279: Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba (US Navy Kills Lion King)
Round 1: Big time bash happened this weekend at the White House. The US Navy band put on a show that rivaled some of the topics that we had on Friday’s show. We’ll dig deep into the Lion’s Den for this one. Round 2: Life at the Coast Guard Academy is finally getting a little easier thanks to coronavirus and some relaxed regulations for the new Swabs, who should actually be called codfish. Say you’re a codfish, Hook! Round 3: One Army Specialist was just awarded the Silver Star for a big time “I Wish A Mother Fucker Would” Moment. Talkin about beatin a terrorist to death with your fists Round 4: Independence Day is over but knowledge is forever. I’ll test Kate and Cons again. Round 5: More Details are coming out in what happened to Vanessa Guillen. It’s truly a horrific story that people should hear the details about. We’ll do our part in this round.
Jul 07, 2020
ZBT #278: The Case Of Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen
Round 1: Greatest of all Time song Goofin this morning as we head into the 4th of July weekend ROUND 2: You might wanna grab an ice cube ‘cause we got some piping hot tea. An instagram account run by a Marine Corps veteran has higher up’s boot blouses in a knot after holding a March Madness style contest to find the worst unit in the Corps. ROUND 3: Our guy Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Yarborough is at it again & this time he’s clapping back at the neanderthals crying about LGBTQ in our military ROUND 4: Specialist Vanessa Guillen has been missing from Fort Hood for more than two months and the case is making national news as her family, friends & supporters demand a stronger response from the Army. ROUND 5: Far out - the Navy is begging Sailors to stop buying LSD online. We say leave ‘em alone, they just want their deployment to be a real trip.
Jul 03, 2020
ZBT #277: Iran Arresting Trump + Russian Bounties
Round 1: Iran has issued an arrest warrant for President Trump for the murder of Qassem Soleimani. Lol. Round 2: On a lighter note, the US Army’s veterinarian program continues to be one of the best in the world. They saved a working dog’s life this week and we’ll tell ya how. Round 3: The New York Times reported that Russians put bounties on US service member’s heads earlier this year. Round 4: With the curve flattening ending up looking like a hanging slider, we brought in Retired General Malcolm Frost to teach us how to be motivated again in the face of an eternal pandemic. Round 5: More interview goofin with CWO4 Keith Fricke to bring Pride Month to a close. Round 6: Another good ole fashioned Chaps surprise!
Jun 30, 2020
ZBT #276: Chaps Gets A Second Opinion + Army Wrestler Jenna Burkert
Kate is catching crabs on the Jersey Shore so Chaps and Cons sat down for a throwback episode. -Will we be making a trip to Siberia soon? -Chaps got a second opinion for medical issues. -Army Sergeant and Olympic wrestler Jenna Burkert joins us -Will sports ever come back? Just a little platoon room goofin'.
Jun 26, 2020
ZBT #275: The Navy Blew $13 Billion And Everyone Gets an MRAP
Round 1: They might be the best at social media but they aren’t doing the best at Navying. Their new weirdo systems that uses fucking magnets to launch planes off aircraft carriers is so far a 13 billion dollar failure. Round 2: West Virginia was in the news and it wasnt for burning couches. The Mountaineer state tactically acquired some tactical vehicles and people on twitter were nontahappy with it. Would you take an MRAP? We’ll chat it up in round 2. Round 3: Siberia Goofin! A Small town in Russia has reached its highest ever temperature. Why is that news? Well, because it is. Round 4: Connor interviewed candidate for Texas’ 7th Congressional District, Wesley Hunt, about his career as an Apache pilot and how he’s approaching campaigning amid coronavirus and turbulent times. Round 5: Can you imagine receiving the Medal of Honor and then have it taken away? That happened. We are gonna tell you about the only woman to ever receive the medal. Dr Mary Walker.
Jun 23, 2020
ZBT #274: Hookers and Sailors and Pimps OH MY!
ROUND 1: Cher once strutted her stuff in front of the troops singing “If I could turn back time”. Well this week we asked, what would you do differently in the military if you could turn back tiiiiime - fiiiiind a way - I’d take back those words that hurt you and saaaay… ROUND 2: Hookers and Sailors and Pimps, oh my! We’re not in Kansas anymore folks - we’re in Bahrain with a salacious story about a Navy port out of control. ROUND 3: Get in bitches, we’re going shopping. For what? Recruits! The Army is on a recruiting spree & they’re trying to toss 10,000 new recruits in their cart over the period of just 3 days. ROUND 4: Chaps interviews one of his Marines, Cpl Shawn Carter, who was discharged from the Marine Corps in 2009 under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell. ROUND 5: It took six German cops to arrest an intoxicated cowboy boot-wearing US soldier in Nuremberg this past week, and the soldier was so out of control he bit one of the cops on the leg. Is this King of the Boots??
Jun 18, 2020
ZBT #273: Marine Recruits Are COVID Test Subjects
Round 1: 1000 Marine Recruits at Parris Island, notably not San Diego, volunteered for coronavirus testing. The military gave it an acronym, shockingly enough. The name? CHARM. You gotta be butt fucking kidding me. Round 2: Marine veteran Paul Whelan was convicted in Russia of spying. He got 16 years of hard labor… in Russia. Yikes. Round 3: Kate interviews a Marine Sergeant about his experience in the Marine Corps with coming out and being openly gay. Round 4: We are gonna take a little trip across the pond to talk a little Battle of France. Why? There’s a LCpl there with the greatest name in the history of names. No offense to John the Baptist. Round 5: A GOOD OLE FASHIONED CHAPS SURPRISE!
Jun 16, 2020
ZBT #272: NASCAR Beats the Army + Dale Dye
ROUND 1: Ope! Heads up! A Hypersonic Mach-5 Missile Accidentally Fell Off An Air Force B-52 over California this week. I’m sure whatever it hit will totally buff out. ROUND 2: If you ain’t first, you’re last - and even NASCAR has now pulled ahead of the Army in the race to get rid of all things confederate. Who’s slowing the Army car down? ROUND 3: Cons sat down with a decorated Vietnam veteran who you’ve probably seen before but didn’t even know it. Colonel Sink, I mean, Capt (R) Dale Dye tells us how he parlayed a 20 year Marine career into 3 decades in Hollywood ROUND 4: The highest of highs, the lowest of lows - No I’m not talking about ‘Ol Katie Mood Swings on a Period Tuesday - I’m talking about Kathy Sullivan - the first woman to walk in Space who also just reached the lowest point in the sea. ROUND 5: Wayne Carmaiden, the soldier who fixed the National Guard phalanx at the DC protests, joins us to talk about that moment and what the protests were like.
Jun 12, 2020
ZBT #271: Marine Corps Bans Confederate Symbols
Round 1: New Zealand Goofin. Our Kiwi pals announce that they haven’t had any new cases of Covid-19 in 44 days. They acted like they’ve been there before and handed the ball off to the referee. Round 2: President Trump is taking shots at Colin Powell and his legacy over remarks that the general and former Secretary of State gave on CNN this weekend. We’ll get into that just a little bit. Round 3: The Marine Corps has banned all confederacy related images and flags from their bases. We asked the baby girls what should be banned next. Round 4: An attorney joins the show to talk about his job. Not litigation. He joins to talk about the 1632 hours he spent as an air forward observer where he earned 4 Distinguished Flying Crosses, one Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, and an Air Medal with combat V. Jim Dunn joins the show to talk about his combat experiences. Round 5: You can wear only one uniform, EXCEPT PT GEAR, for the rest of your life, which do you choose?
Jun 09, 2020
ZBT #270: Mattis Talks Trump + Senator McSally
ROUND 1: A North Carolina woman passed away this week at the age of 90 thus ending a 155 year long pension from her father’s time in the Civil War… How is this possible? Well the ‘ol vet was 83 when she was born, go old man, go. ROUND 2: One of the most cringe worthy military love texts led us to ask you about the worst love stories you ever witnessed in uniform. From a motorcycle wedding to Jody drama the answers did not disappoint. ROUND 3: A Rifle-toting veteran was arrested this week after dressing up and blending in with a National Guard crowd control formation in Los Angeles. Stay tuned to hear what this has to do with Jurassic Park. Hold on to ya butts. ROUND 4: Martha McSally, who was not a Sad Sack Sally when we interviewed her, joined us to talk about her book, life as an A-10 fighter pilot, and how she sued the bejesus out of Secretary Rumsfeld while she was just a lowly field grade officer. ROUND 5: Call Sign Chaos caused a little chaos on social media. General Mattis blasted his former boss by saying that President Trump is a danger to the Constitution. That’s kinda big news right? That deserves its own round.
Jun 05, 2020
ZBT #269: WWII MoH Recipient Woody Williams + A Conversation
Round 1: The nation is hurting. We’d be foolish to ignore it. Round 2: An Interview with World War 2 veteran, Marine, Medal of Honor recipient, and 96 year-old grandpa, Woody Williams.
Jun 02, 2020
ZBT #268: Space Edging + Bonus Chaps and Kate Show
ROUND 1: A Fort Leavenworth soldier saved the day when they rammed their car into another on a bridge over the Missouri River this week. How’s that a good thing? You’ll just have to listen & find out. Wowzers, what a teaser by Kate there. Incredible. ROUND 2: 3, 2, 1 - NASA - WE HAVE LIFT-O...OOOHHH NO! Americans were about to launch into outer-space from American soil and on American equipment for the first time in nearly a decade when the launch got held off Wednesday afternoon. ROUND 3: If you’ve been struggling with junk food on quarantine this might motivate you a little bit - A kid who dreamed of joining the Marines but weighed 365 pounds went and lost 185 of those LBs & now he’s off getting screamed at by DIs as we speak. ROUND 4: You know how sometimes there’s a wack-a-doo in the news and you think to yourself “please don’t be a veteran, please don’t be a veteran’? Well there’s a gent in North Carolina gearing up to fight the “New World Order” and sorry but… he’s a veteran.
May 29, 2020
ZBT #267: You Can't Handle The Truth
Round 1: We’ll do a check-in about our weekends, I’m enforcing staff sergeant rules in my house but in kind of an air forcey way, and some thoughts about Memorial Day weekend in general. Round 2: This weekend I watched one of my favorite movies and came up with a realization…. Col Jessup is the World’s Biggest Truckrant Vet Bro. Round 3: We get to the bottom of a SALACIOUS rumor that is sullying the good name of a hospital in Trinidad and Tobago. Round 4: Spy Pigeons! Round 5: North Korea has issued a state-sponsored correction involving their founder Kim Il Sung. This one will blow your mind. Round 6: MORE CALL HER DADDY DRAMA! We issue some page 11’s, NJPs, and possibly even a court’s marshall for the Call Her Daddy Ladies.
May 26, 2020
ZBT #266: Punching Presidents + Memorial Day
ROUND 1: President Teddy Roosevelt was a Rough Rider even inside the White House where apparently he enjoyed challenging the staff to ::checks notes:: punch him in the face. Would you punch your boss if they asked you? ROUND 2: Sure, no one wants their spouse to deploy… but would you sabotage things behind the scenes & stop them from going if you could? One woman did just that and then asked, “Am I the asshole?” She might not love the answers. ROUND 3: A Green Beret & his son went all the way to Japan to get a Nissan… Car Company executive about to stand trial. They smuggled him out in a box & got him all the way to Lebanon. Gotta say… speaks volumes for Green Beret skills, right?? ROUND 4: National Guard cut off at 89 days… Just one day ahead of the minimum needed to qualify for a host of active-duty benefits including the GI Bill. In the words of Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcom… "the uh.. The green weenie finds a way..." ROUND 5: Alright gang… 1 - 2 - 3… STOLEN VALOR! AHHHH That’s right - We got a real doooozy of a stolen valor case on our hands and we’re gonna mosey on over to it
May 22, 2020
ZBT #265: President Trump's Super Duper Missiles
Round 1: BUCKLE UP, SLUTS! WE GOT A NEW MISSILE ALERT and the Space Force has a new guidon (they don’t rate a flag yet). Round 2: reddit had the most timeless military letter we've ever seen. We’ll break it down for you shotgun-style and give it a bolt bore check to see if it’s cleared hot. Yuck. That was too much. Round 3: A little Singapore social distancing goofin led to a former Air Force member’s arrest and spending 4 weeks in a Singapore jail. That sounds less than ideal. Round 4: Technology was all over the news today in very different ways. One way was in Dubai with the fanciest helmets you’ve ever seen and another was in Afghanistan with hellfire and brimstone.
May 19, 2020
ZBT #264: Taliban Defection Goofin
ROUND 1: On the Gulf Coast near Fort Meyers there’s a little restaurant that shares the same name as ‘ol Capn Cons. We’ll read the Yelp reviews for both of them and boy we hope you like things roasted. ROUND 2: A former Afghan police chief has pulled a big time Benedict Arnold and switched sides to join the Taliban in what is thought to be one of the highest-level defections to those assholes yet. ROUND 3: A Chief Warrant Officer and spokesman for Parris Island Recruit Depot is knife-handing trolls all over Facebook. Comment at your own risk there, yoo-hoos. ROUND 4: Military flyovers - so hot right now. It seems like every major city is getting one, but did you know you can also request one anywhere in the country?? What sort of air support would you want at your next big bash? Round 5: An attack that took place in the maternity ward of a Kabul hospital this week has shocked the world and devastated the people of Afghanistan.
May 15, 2020
ZBT #263: Michael Jordan in a Foxhole
Round 1: The Last Dance is the greatest 10 part docuseries of all time behind Band of Brothers so we put Michael Jordan in a foxhole and even slap a rank on him. Round 2: Long drag on a cigarette, back in my day, the recruits at Marine Corps boot camp weren't so pussy that they needed a falcon to protect them from seagulls. Shit’s changed. We’ll tell you about this new breed of mask-wearing soft corps softees. Round 3: Through our Career Day series, we’ve gone through several jobs that most people don't know about. Today, we are going to tell you about 10 jobs from the WW2 era and see if Kate would enlist again to do any of them. Round 4: Continuing the Career Day series, see how we did that, we have Patrick McKavitt who is a Naval academy grad and Marine Corps Operations Analyst. He’s gonna tell you what that means because I still can't Round 5: Jerry Stiller, who is best known as Frank Costanza, died this weekend of natural causes. He told a story in a New York Times article in 1997 that encapsulates every veteran at any bar ever.
May 12, 2020
Episode 262: I Wish An MFer Would
Round 1: The military might be rushing to judgement. I know that’s shocking but there was a memo released this week that says that people who have tested positive for coronavirus are PERMANENTLY disqualified ROUND 2: I’ve had it with these mothafuckin’ Devildogs on this mothafuckin’ plane! At least that’s how one man felt when 3 yoked infantry gents took him down for acting out in the plane’s bathroom... ROUND 3: Kate quiz alert! She’s informed us there’s a hilarious twist to this one and boy, I can’t wait to laugh and laugh. [deadpan ROUND 4: Wow.. he went from jumping on Oprah’s couch to hopping on a rocket to the international space station… NASA confirms -Tom Cruise will indeed be shooting a movie in outer space. ROUND 5: GoFundMes can be great and they can also be incredibly cringe-inducing. The Army would like to remind those in uniform that you can be shaking your internet cup at timeline passersby. ROUND 6: Every troop in the world hates CIF. We are gonna close out the show with some hate and discontent from the platoon.
May 08, 2020
ZBT #261: Russian Doctors + Polish Troops in Chicago
Round 1: There’s a situation that I need to get to the bottom of. I had a fear that ripped through me on Saturday morning, I want to discuss it in the trust tree. Round 2: A veteran, who was acting as a contractor, was captured by terrorists in Afghanistan. Navy SEALs and others tried to do a rescue mission. Why havent we heard shit about this until now? We’ll tell you what we know in round 2. Round 3: Artillery goofin with Connor and a Canadian who gets to cause avalanches… on purpose… for work. Round 4: Some Polish military members have deployed to Chicago. No word yet on if they brought delicious perogies with them or not. Round 5: Meanwhile in Russia…. That’s it. That’s the round teaser. Round 6: The scuttlebutt about scuttlebutts.
May 05, 2020
ZBT #260: Fired for a BBQ + Internet Birds
ROUND 1: A British Royal Navy captain was fired for a barbeque…! Did he overcook the steak? Not season the meats enough? Use propane instead of coal? We’ll find out. ROUND 2: BA-BA-BA-BIRD-BIRD-BIRD, Bird… internet’s the word when it comes to the Navy’s latest experiments. You heard that right, bird. Internet. Hopefully that really uh… takes flight for them. ROUND 3: Crippling depression is no joke, but… maybe it sort of is when it comes to one tank crew in the army. ROUND 4: INTERVIEW ROUND 5: It’s not a sky dick but it’s still pretty cool - A student from Towsen Universeity in Maryland took to the skies over Aberdeen to spell out FUCK COVID-19. We salute you, sir.
May 01, 2020
ZBT #259: Hacking Mattis’ Email + Congressman Max Rose
Round 1: Ding Dong, the bitch is dead….maybe. Rumors are flying around that Kim Jong Un has bit the proverbial rocket launched at you while tied to a pole. Is this good or bad? Well, there’s essentially two schools of thought about that. Round 2: In this round, we are going to play a game called, “How Long Can It Live?” Round 3: West Point is calling back all their seniors, or whatever the fuck they call them, so that they can hear President Trump give a speech at their graduation. Guess how we feel about that. Round 4: Is hacking a general’s email in order to send complimentary remarks about yourself a good idea? Secretary Mattis recently told the story of one brave yet remarkably stupid Private First Class Round 5: We are going to bring on congressman Max Rose to talk about his experiences working with the National Guard during the coronavirus pandemic. He had an up-close view of the devastation happening in his district. He’ll give us the skinny.
Apr 28, 2020
ZBT #258: MattisMarine + Iran's Being A Dick
ROUND 1: Maybe he’s born with, (me & Cons:) Maybe it’s MattisMarine. Many folks were a bit surprised this week to see General Mattis modeling a jacket in ads for a clothing company… Do you think they’ll ask us next? (weird silence) ROUND 2: Army base Ansbach has a colorful, winged fairy flitting around making sure soldiers are staying socially distant and we’re sure they are absolutely loving that and it doesn’t kill their souls a little bit in any way. ROUND 3: Career Day Interview - Supply Marine Reservist Ali Van Zant ROUND 4: Iran’s being a total dick on the high seas & Russia’s being an enormous asshole in the skies. Is the U.S. about to kick dick and blast ass? Or is this business as usual. (dare you to not smile saying blast ass) ROUND 5: You might feel a little pissed off after we tell you about a nightmarish piss test on Fort Rucker. Maybe even moreso once we share your own military drug test horror stories to close out the episode.
Apr 24, 2020
ZBT #257: Things We'd Rather Be Doing featuring Former Secret Service Agent Evy Poumpouras
Round 1: Coronavirus is still the top news in the world. It’s affecting the military too but it just might allow some navy boot camp recruits to do a little water-park goofin before their knot-tying lessons at boot camp. Round 2: A luxury cruise ship is finally going to dock after 14 weeks at sea. The ship was going to go around the world but coronavirus made them shift plans. Would a 14 week cruise be good or bad? Round 3: Former Secret Service Agent Evy Poumpours joins us to talk protecting the President, traveling the ole globe, and whether or not The First Kid is the most accurate Secret Service movie. Round 4: A huge shoutout to our guy in Kenya. A governor there is facing backlash for including bottles of Hennessy in his food care packages. We salute him. Round 5: I’m thinking about getting a hot tub. Is that a classless move?
Apr 21, 2020
ZBT #256: Mess Night + Haircuts featuring Captain Charlie Plumb
ZERO BLOG THIRTY Thursday, April 16th (Friday, April 17th) ROUND 1: Cons, Kate and I are throwing a Mess Night and we’ve each invited three well known guests… but only the strong survive this group elimination challenge. ROUND 2: Our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff beefed with The Secretary of Defense at a live, televised press conference over - you guessed it - haircuts! The saga continues. Can anyone shave us?! ROUND 3: An Airman is in deep trouble after flinging his propeller (PENIS) all over a Florida TJ Maxx. Buddy, flashing people is soooo out of style. ROUND 4: Interview with Captain Charlie Plumb ROUND 5: Military encounters of the animal kind. We asked for the weirdest wildlife you encountered and the answers were quite literally wild.
Apr 17, 2020
ZBT #255: Mind Control + Losing Our Minds
Round 1: Stuck inside for the past month has made me realize that I essentially have zero hobbies besides golf. The golf course is closed. Let talk about some things we should bring back from childhood. Round 2: A French VIP retiree did the one of the only things you cant do in a fighter jet; he pulled the ejection lever much to the chagrin of the pilot. Round 3: Career day goofin continues with an operations specalist from the US Navy. You dont know what an operations specalist is? I didnt either so dont feel bad. Round 4: throw on your decoder rings, boots. We are gonna do a little spy goofin and talk about the CIA’s Mid-Century Mind Control ProjectSayyid Qutb Round 5: Because of coronavirus, things will change for possibly ever. If Dr. Fuaci has his way, we wont be shaking hands anymore. We have some possible replacements.
Apr 14, 2020
ZBT #254: USS Roosevelt Update + Dan Crenshaw
ROUND 1: An Iraq war Veteran with Purple Heart tags had his truck stolen right outside his house yesterday and he’ll be joining us to talk about the ordeal because, ope, it was me. While we’re on the topic, ZBT listeners told us what they’ve had stolen from them and we’ll share the best ones with you. ROUND 2: Try as we might, we can’t escape Coronavirus scuttlebutt as it’s had a massive effect on all the branches. Earlier this week SecNav Modly resigned after major d-rama on the USS Roosevelt. ROUND 3: CAREER DAY - Marine welder turned law school student ROUND 4: Steve Carrell has a new show coming out about the Space Force. Will it actually be good or will we have to go into full-out The Code mode on their asses? ROUND 5: Dan Crenshaw ROUND 6: No more brass, trash, or saved rounds, ma’am… The Army & Marine Corps are finally on the verge of dumping brass cased ammo. What will this mean for our beloved police calls??
Apr 10, 2020
ZBT #253: A Motivated Mental Refresher
BONUS - We open the show today with something a little different, providing a little mental refresher for everyone out there listening at home. A Zero Blog Thirty first. Then, we get into the rounds and we have a full show Round 1: Andrew Yang talked to a friend who was a soldier and we all had to read the dumbest tweet as a result. Hey Andrew, you got firewatch, bitch Round 2: Huge shoutout to our friends down under. They might be providing an escape for the entire world right now by utilizing a private island for Sports. Our beloved, beloved sports. Round 3: Motivator, motivator come on out. We wanna hear Cpl Greg Fisher, who we post on social media every monday, scream and shout. Round 4: As many of you know, toilet paper can be hard to get your hands on. So can eggs, milk, and lysol. One industry is booming during quarantine season, you guessed it. It’s baby chick time. Round 5: The Career Fair continues and we talk to a Chaplain Round 6: The leader of ISIS in Afghanistan was arrested with 19 other militants. We arent going to spend much time on it, I just really wanna mention how fucking ugly this dude is. Buzz, your girlfriend… WOOOF Round 7: I finally got around to watching Captain America from 2011 and I have some thoughts about this American hero.
Apr 07, 2020
ZBT #252: Roosevelt Skipper Fired
ROUND 1: Allll aboard… We are goin’ off the rails to tell you the story of a man who tried to take out the USNS Comfort this week… with a train. ROUND 2: Social distancing is pretty much impossible on Navy ships and that’s become apparent as over 100 Sailors on an aircraft carrier have come down with Coronavirus. As the situation worsens one Captain on the ship has put their neck out to plead with officials to do the right thing and take steps to stop the spread. ROUND 3: Thousands of folks still stuck on cruise ships might get excited when they see the Coast Guard coming but they shouldn’t get their hopes up because they’re droppin’ a big ‘ol basket of bad news on ‘em. ROUND 4: Career day ROUND 5: Another game from Kate and she’s informed me that this time it’s a quiz of random military questions from WWII to veteran Porn that popped into her head with no rhyme or reason. Sounds awesome & you can play along, too.
Apr 03, 2020
ZBT #251: Career Day featuring Mark Hertling
a list of resources on our website: Additionally, Headstrong has gone to full tele-health with clinicians in Colorado, so cadets can reach out: Vets4Warriors, which 247 peer support that can link the cadets to other resources: ---- Career Day 1 ROUND 1: Over the weekend President Trump issued an order permitting the Pentagon to bring some veterans & reservists back to active duty to assist with the Coronavirus pandemic and we got the details for ya. ROUND 2: In the first of our career day interview series, we are gonna hear from a pilot who flies the refueling planes. ROUND 3: A Colonel had a meltdown over ice cream so you won’t be finding much of it around Afghanistan chow halls anymore. Looks like those troops are in for a rocky road regarding their dessert section. ROUND 4: Lt General Mark Hertling joins the show to talk about his career, shooting with a chicken wing in a viral CNN clip, how he was injured in tank battle during Desert storm and much much more. Round 5: Sacre Blu! The last people on earth to know about coronavirus are some french submariners who are deep in the sea and have zero idea about what is happening up here on dry land. ROUND 6: Kate has another game for us and this time it’s all about acronyms. Let’s hope it’s not SNAFU.
Mar 31, 2020
ZBT #250: Military Suspension featuring Rocky Bleier
ROUND 1: The military has suspended all travel, deployments, and exercises for the entire force and we’re gonna give you a quick, light, roundup ending with the most pressing issue of all. Haircuts. ROUND 2: A bit of panic ensued on Twitter when a DJ named Kray-Z-K tweeted a photo of hundreds of tanks rolling through San Diego & asked if martial law was upon us. Is there a government conspiracy afoot?! Or is this DJ just spinning a wack track. Big bonus on this round, too… more tank talk! ROUND 3: As someone who’s had diarrhea since ____ I know how tough it is to unclog a toilet. But at least I’m not the Navy who has two new ships costing them $400,000 EVERY SINGLE TIME there’s a plumbing issue. Money down the shitter, amiright folks? Ha ha ROUND 4: Rocky Blier ROUND 5: MINDLESS GAME-SHOW ALERT: Kate has a fun little name-game for us called “Country Singer, Nascar Driver, or Kate Made It Up” and you & your buddies can play along too.
Mar 27, 2020
ZBT #249: Military Olympics + The Future
Round 1: The Canadians are leading the way again. Our friends up north announced they are not gonna be in the Olympics. The Summer Olympics. Kinda slaps differently when Canada says that arent playing beach volleyball. Round 2: With ESPN Ocho dominating the sports scene this weekend, we took to social media to see what military sports should be on the next slate of games. Watching people fill sandbags as fast as they can would be must-watch tv. Round 3: For the next two rounds, we are gonna step into the future. We’d all like to fast-forward the present, so we are gonna do that. People are currently designing the future. Whoa. Meta as fuck. Round 4: Multi-Azimuth Defense-Fast Intercept Round Engagement Systems. Buddy, the future is violent AF.
Mar 24, 2020
ZBT #248: Fighting Boredom + Nudes
ROUND 1: Boredom is going to start setting in soon. If you think we dont have a cure for that, you just made a big mistake. Huge. Let’s talk RomComs, folks. ROUND 2: Relax, don’t do it, when you wanna comb through it and get your haircut… At least if you’re in the Navy. They’re letting their grooming standards relax to deal with Coronavirus. ROUND 3: Yes, the times are changin’ but it’d be a lie to say nudie mags haven’t been a huge part of military culture. So its sad news as Playboy has published it’s very last print magazine ever. Bonus - Kate has a nudie mag quiz for Cons & I. ROUND 4: A story is making the rounds about a combat Veteran & his wife having a baby. What’s so interesting about that? The wife and baby are both dolls. ROUND 5: We asked, you answered. How is Coronavirus affecting your units… We can smell the bleach from here.
Mar 20, 2020
ZBT #247: Hurry Up and Wait
Round 1: Coronavirus lockdowns are in full effect. It’s only been one weekend and boredom is already starting to set in. We are gonna teach you the ancient military method of hurry up and waiting. Round 2: Magnets… How do they work? Not only that, but other stuff is weird too. We are gonna hop right into something not coronavirus related. Round 3: For round number three, we had longtime Stoolie Boris come in to read the round. You’ll remember Boris as the gentleman who shaved my beard in New York a few months ago. He’s been helping us with graphics so take it away Boris. Us pesky Russians are back in the news. Coronavirus be damned. We head to Alaska to check out your most beautiful state. Did we get caught? You’ll have to wait until round three to find out. Round 4: Everything in America is changing which includes military stuff too. Boot camp is delayed. All PCS and TDY moves are halted until May 11th. Some of those spots are worse than others. We took to the zbt platoon to remind us about the worst places you could be on lockdown.
Mar 16, 2020
ZBT #246: Coronavirus + Integrity Violators
Round 1: Coronavirus hysteria. It’s going down, folks. So we are gonna give you a little advice amd freak out some too. ROUND 2: The GI Bill is a wonderful thing.. Until your school is charged with “erroneous, deceptive, or misleading" practices so the VA terminates new enrollments. ROUND 3: Integrity Violators? In the military? Hard to believe, but some little birdies - AKA you guys - told us about the craziest lies people in your unit ever got caught up in. ROUND 4: Hear the story of a spoooooky Air Force crew that just got awarded for their bravery in 9-hour firefight against ISIS back in 2019. Round 5 doggie bag
Mar 13, 2020
ZBT #245: Bomb Sniffing Dolphins + Lies Your Recruiter Told You
Round #1: Despite what longtime stoolie Ray Finkle would say, the laces were out and the dolphins are in… inside the belly of a C-17 because these specialized bomb-smelling dolphins are headed to the Florida Keys from San Diego. No word yet on Key Largo or Montego. We’ll keep you updated. Round 2: THATS A SPICY MEAT-A-BALL! Soldiers and family members assigned to bases in Italy will no longer be allowed to PCS home, go to professional schools, or couple’s skate at the base roller rink due to fears about the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy. One of those isn't true. We’ll let you think about it and guess! Round 3: That’s right, folks. MORE CORONAVIRUS TALK! This time, however, we are going to praise the good folks of the Coast Guard. The more I think about it, they might be the most useful branch to homeland America. They are constantly in the thick of it even if that thickness comes from the mucus-laden nastiness of the coronavirus. Round 4: Recruiter Tall Tales: we head out to the ZBT platoon on social media to check in and see if the recruiters out there ever lie, cheat, or steal. It should be a short round because honesty is a hallmark of non-commissioned officers. Round 5: A Marine had to take a shit. The Marine wasn't Kate or me.. We’ll tell you her horror story, though. Dont drink coffee while we do if you have a barracks inspection. We dont want nose coffee.. (Which is different than nose beers) to cause you to fail your inspection.
Mar 10, 2020
ZBT #244: Kate Receives An Award From The VFW + Congressman Will Hurd
ROUND 1: Kate received an award from the VFW, and we recap how the night went. Spoiler alert, it was great! ROUND 2: PETA is up in arms over an animal that has no arms that our armed forces are eating when they hold it in their arms over their heads to drink their blood! Say that 5 times fast. ROUND 3: Interview with Congressman Will Hurd ROUND 4: Thicc (with two c’s) soldiers are strong soldiers according to a new study, and that’s great news for the ladies out there with a little bit of extra strong on ‘em
Mar 06, 2020
ZBT #243: Sgt. Slaughter and 36 Hours of Peace
Round 1: An Army unit had a DUI over the weekend. Nothing new there. The command went a little bit old school in the punishment. Does unit punishment work for situations like this? Maybe. Probably not. Round 2: America’s newest medal of honor recipient just got promoted to Sergeant Major. Having a SgtMaj with a MOH would be both a blessing and it would STINK. We’ll tell you why. Round 3: We have an agreement in place to leave Afghanistan! Woohoo! America and the Taliban signed the agreement on Friday. Afghanistan isnt on board though. Is that a problem? Round 4: Marine Corps Commandant General Berger is making some big changes and we’re going to tell you about two. One involves the confederate flag and the other involves making the Marine Corps the smartest branch in the DoD. Round 5: In the worst Stolen Valor news of my adult life, Sgt. Slaughter has been outed as a fake which kinda proves that WCW is better than WWE.
Mar 03, 2020
ZBT #242: Big Dinghy Energy
ROUND 1: China is back in the news but this time it isnt for Coronavirus. They are deploying more than 100k troops to Pakistan. Deployments arent always what they are quacked up to be. ROUND 2: A U.S. soldier in South Korea has tested positive for COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus. We hope they’re ok but also imagine they are getting absolutely roasted by their pals right now. ROUND 3: Women are in the news for both British & American military forces this week as they make great strides. As per usual the haters are out in full force. ROUND 4: We are pretty pro America on this podcast so when a national American media company shits down our throat, we take notice. NPR wrote a piece about America losing an important war. We dont take that lightly. ROUND 5: Two British sailors were awarded for bravery at Kensington Palace. An award ceremony just slaps different in a castle, folks. Round 6: Cons sits down with Army Football captain Cole Christensen to talk about the new policy allowing Academy graduates to go pro and how it came about because of a random comment in the Oval Office
Feb 28, 2020
ZBT #241: Taliban Should Be Tali-BANNED From The New York Times
Round 1: Airmen in Okinawa are authorized to wear shorts on the flight line. Is this a big deal to anyone besides Kate? Shes furious about it and I'm not sure why. Round 2: The Taliban, Afghan Forces, and the United States have gone into a week-long reduction of violence agreement. We’re gonna check in on the first day! Round 3: Speaking of the Taliban, what in the fuck are you doing, New York Times? The squad is going to get into the mind-binding decision that resulted in having a Taliban leader write an opinion piece in the New York Times. Round 4: One of the best parts about deployments is the deployment video. Choosing a song can be tough. We’ll rate a popular one today. Mr. Red White and Blue Round 5: Recently, a 62 year old veteran broke a planking record. He held the position for nearly 8 hours. We’ll let you guess what school he went to. It’ll make Connor happy and Connor deserves happiness too.
Feb 25, 2020
ZBT #240: Get Run Off The Road, BITCH @Russia
ROUND 1: There are about 27 Fast & Furious movies now, but we’re especially excited for the next one - Fast & Furious, Syria Drift which is inspired by true events this week as a Russian vehicle tried to go full Vin Diesel against a convoy of US MRAPs. ROUND 2: How do you guys like your coffee? With piss? Well that’s super weird. But if true, you guys are gonna love what a disgruntled Airman is in trouble for. ROUND 3: A survey has come out telling us what states have the most folks enlisting. Is YOUR state one of the most patriotic? ROUND 4: We all know bureaucratic red tape & the military go together like peas & carrots, and that’s especially true for a Marine Recruit who has been in the brig for almost 2 years now, but… without any charges or trial thus far? ROUND 5: We’ll close out the show with some final thoughts on Iwo Jima and what the legacy means to us.
Feb 21, 2020
Official Air Force Academy Review
The ZBT squad went out to Colorado Springs for some hockey goofin and had a great time. The Air Force Academy hosted the NHL Stadium Series, and the Barstool Air Force viceroy gave us a tour of campus beforehand. Sitting just outside the Rockies, we give our honest opinions on our day at the AFA.
Feb 18, 2020
ZBT #239: Happy Valentine's Day Staff Sarnt
ROUND 1: A Texas county sheriff’s candidate loooved talking about his time in the SEALs, Green Berets & Airborne rangers, but it turns out he was never with any of them… and it’s even more of a heartbreaker when it turns out his opponent did the same thing! ROUND 2: It’s Valentine’s Day!!! Which is great news because that means chocolate will be ½ off at the PX tomorrow, and even better news since listeners showered each other with love notes & we’re gonna read those sweet, sweet suckers today. ROUND 3: Wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a little heartbreak, too, and it looks like the Phillipines might be breaking up with the USA & ending a major security pact that allows us to train in their country. ROUND 4: People on deployments dont cease being horny. Some of our listeners have never been on a field op, deployment, or movement while in a romantic relation. We’ll take some advice from the salt dogs of WW2 and then put our spin on sexting while deployed. ROUND 5: An Air Force pilot sent a ring to outer-fucking-space in a marriage proposal that will put you all to SHAME!
Feb 14, 2020
ZBT #238: Chow Thieves & Spotlighters + Military Goosebumps
ROUND 1: The military is equipped to handle anything in the world. Doesnt matter what it is. We are experts at crises and if you dont realize that, you have a big dump that’s infected with coronavirus in your pants. ROUND 2: A former Navy diver has been kidnapped in Afghanistan while working for a US contracting firm. The news and the state department have been oddly quiet about efforts to get him back. ROUND 3: The Army is trying to find a way that your dick skinners can stay warm without mittens or your hands in your nasty ass pockets. ROUND 4: What military moments send shivers down your spine, pricklies on your neck, & goosebumps down your arms? We asked, you answered… ROUND 5: This weekend a Medal of Honor recipient went on Fox and Friends to trash LtCol Vindman’s career and reputation. Is this who we are going to be as a veteran/military community?
Feb 11, 2020
ZBT #237: Bless Deez Nukes
ROUND 1: Our friends the Russian Orthodox ministers are blessing babies, marriages, and now… NUCLEAR BOMBS. Good idea or bad idea? ROUND 2: We’ve all been in staring contests, but the one happening overseas right now is slightly more serious... Russian contractors in Syria are getting into standoffs with US troops and tensions are high after some potentially dangerous encounters ROUND 3: A spouse surprise at SOTU address had many in tears, but for a lot of veterans watching it was bittersweet after nearly 2 decades of war ROUND 4: One employee at the Little Rock VA improperly gave out $311,000 in disability payments to 11 vets after miscalculating claims, and those veterans affected get to keep the money. Is this employee the Robin Hood of the system? Or just really bad at their job? ROUND 5: Sources believe North Korea is close to completing a submarine with nuke capabilities, though sources also believe this sub would be ‘very noisy and easy to spot’.. So there’s that
Feb 07, 2020
ZBT #236: Al-Qaeda In Arizona
Round 1: Coronavirus Safety Brief: Grab your first line supervisor, because Coronavirus is in the United States and we’re having a safety stand-down. Round 2: A real-life Top Gun moment led to one Marine commander being relieved from his F18 squadron post. Round 3: A dude living in Arizona was one of the main leaders of Al Qaeda. Yeah. That Al Qaeda. Round 4: Some absolute legends were on the field for the Super Bowl. 4 100-year-old veterans participated in the coin toss. We’ll tell you about one of those men and then take a walk down Super Bowl Memory lane.
Feb 04, 2020
ZBT #235: What's The Bootest Thing You've Ever Done? ft. Pop Smoke
ROUND 1: Wanna be Platoon Sergeant for the day? Apparently for one Army MP Unit all you gotta do is win a bet on Facebook.. ROUND 2: A segment of Antiques Roadshow went viral this week after an Air Force veteran found out a watch he ordered through the Exchange 40 years ago is worth nearly $1M… ROUND 3: We asked the ZBT listeners to tell us the bootiest boot things they did when they were new-boot goofin’ and my God… you guys are NERDS. But that’s ok, because so were we… ROUND 4: Kate interviews Daniel Sharp from @pop_smoke_official account and he shares some words of wisdom about mental health, taking risks to follow your own path, and more ROUND 5: Everyone who has served goes through moments where they absolutely hate it. Unlike one airmen, most don’t fake a kidnapping and light amnesia in order to get a discharge.
Jan 31, 2020
ZBT #234: Army Ranger Medics Pull Off Mid-Firefight Blood Transfusion
Round 1: Canadian military wants help taking out trash — in space. They’ve spent millions so far but they should have just asked us because we are very smart. Round 2: The Navy is looking into a video that was released on porn hub which showed both Marines and Sailors in compromising positions which has gotta be horrifying for everyone who is on a ship. Round 3: Two Army Ranger medics made history by performing a blood transfusion in the middle of a firefight. This round will include one of the craziest stories we’ve told in a long while. Round 4: The VFW is demanding an apology from President Trump after remarks this week about traumatic brain injuries. Round 5: VA’s hospital in Dallas went without a gynecologist for nearly two years, which seems like a big deal, so we should be treating that like it’s a big deal. Round 6: Australian soldiers have been dispatched to help get the bushfires under control there and some got put on the best working party we’ve seen. No, it’s not oiling up Hugh Jackman. So we asked you what the best working party you’ve ever been on and once again, you all came through.
Jan 28, 2020
ZBT #233: Jocko Willink + Smells That Remind You Of The Military
ROUND 1: Running through the jungle with my M-16. What smell is in my nostrils, it's still Simple Green. We took to our social media accounts to see what smells reminded you of military life the most. The results? Well, you sick fucks came through again. ROUND 2: Set your watches to MOTIVATION O'CLOCK because we have Navy SEAL, author & leadership guru Jocko Willink on the show, and boy does he think Kate is a loser ROUND 3: There's a group online trying to make money off a hot new fad… The Military Diet… And no it's not Rip It's and cheap cigarettes. ROUND 4: The U.S. Navy says it will name an aircraft carrier after Doris "Dorie" Miller, the African American mess attendant who heroically leapt into combat during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It's an incredible story and so well deserved
Jan 24, 2020
ZBT #233: Jocko Willink + Smells That Remind You Of The Military.

ROUND 1: Running through the jungle with my M-16. What smell is in my nostrils, it's still Simple Green. We took to our social media accounts to see what smells reminded you of military life the most. The results? Well, you sick fucks came through again. 

ROUND 2: Set your watches to MOTIVATION O'CLOCK because we have Navy SEAL, author & leadership guru Jocko Willink on the show, and boy does he think Kate is a loser

ROUND 3: There's a group online trying to make money off a hot new fad… The Military Diet… And no it's not Rip It's and cheap cigarettes. 

ROUND 4: The U.S. Navy says it will name an aircraft carrier after Doris "Dorie" Miller, the African American mess attendant who heroically leapt into combat during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It's an incredible story and so well deserved.

Jan 24, 2020
ZBT #232: Suck It, Big Ol' Fatass ISIS Dude

Pre round: Imagine being one of those militia boots parading around Richmond, Virginia? LOL

ROUND 1: You know we don't fat shame here at ZeroBlogThirty, but we may make an exception for the latest ISIS leader captured by Iraqi security forces known to many as ISIS's Jabba the Hutt…

ROUND 2: Friend of the program Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-WI) stops by to chat about the Packers loss, cyber security threats, Congress stuff and more.

ROUND 3: Should there be a medal for the War On Drugs? We bet the late Nancy Reagan would say, “Just say yes!” to that, but not everyone agrees. So we brought on Thomas Marriott, the veteran who started the petition, to ask some questions. 

ROUND 4: How cold is this working party? ::ICE COLLLD:: The Canadian military has been mobilized to the farthest reaches of Newfoundland to dig the people out after a historic snowstorm.

Jan 21, 2020
ZBT #231: Horny West Point Cadet Denied Dream Date + Dumbest Thing You Bought Right Out Of Boot Camp

ROUND 1: If you're thinking about gettin' it on in certain military towns, you might wanna pack a pecker parachute, ‘cause turns out they've got some of the highest STD rates in the country. We'll tell ya all the hot spots. 

ROUND 2: Speaking of picking up some bad stuff out in town, we asked our Twitter followers “What is the dumbest thing you bought right after boot camp/basic training?” From bootleg electronics to spur of the moment engagement rings your answers did not disappoint. 

ROUND 3: Aloha! More like Oh no, brahhh. Three civilians on a smoked-out joy ride ran into a majorrr buzzkill when they triggered a lockdown at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam 

ROUND 4: Somehow a horned up West Point cadet failed his mission to bring porn star Diamond Foxx to his Winter formal, even after setting up a GoFundMe..

ROUND 5: Some British Royal Marines are right bothered with their Prince, bruv. ‘Arry is bloody bound for Canada with his yank lass and the Royal Marines are ready to tell their prince to bugger off. We'll get to the bottom or Bob's your uncle. 

Jan 17, 2020
ZBT #230: That's Veteran With A Capital V! I Served!

Round 1: One capital V veteran is spending his time on something really worthwhile. He will not rest until the Associated Press style guide rights their wrong and makes the word veteran a proper noun. 

Round 2: Liberal vultures are doing everything the can to stop the border wall from being built. They are shitting and pissing their asses all over a radio tower in South Texas. What does that mean? A shit ton.

Round 3: NASA just introduced the newest graduates from their Astronaut school. Is that what it's called? Astronaut school? Anyway, one of their new graduates has the most impressive resumes you'll ever seen. 

Round 4: The Space Force announced their enlisted rank structure. It's incredible.

Round 5:  Due to the devastating fires across Australia, their military has stepped up in a huge way. One of those ways? Beer. We'll tell you about one of the lighter stories coming from Down Under. 

Round 6:  we're huge animal people on the pod and Kate welcomed a new family member. It's time for a little cat chat.


Jan 14, 2020
ZBT #229: Cease Fire In Iran // The Grossest Things You've Seen In The Military

ROUND 1: It feels like we can finally take a little bit of a deep breath about the situation in Iran and Iraq and we are gonna tell you why and where we go from here. 

ROUND 2: Our social media guy Kyle asked you guys, “What is the most disgusting thing you witnessed a fellow service member do?” and my God… you nasty, nasty little worms… Your answers made us throw up in our mouths a little bit, but we can't wait to share them.

ROUND 3: There was geolocation Drrrr-RAMA after a Lance Corporal's cell phone gave away the position of his entire Marine unit during an op. Nobody wants to be that guy. 

ROUND 4: It was good vibes all around when103-year-old WWII veteran, Peter Fantasia, finally received his combat medals a whopping 75 years after his heroic actions as a medic on the front lines of France. Peter Fantasia, that's music to our ears. (lololol)

ROUND 5: Courage is not the absence of fear but rather moving forward despite fear. Does the ZBT squad have the courage to take on a challenge the likes of which have never been seen? We shall see in round 5.

Jan 10, 2020
ZBT #228: War With Iran: The Beginning Or The End?

ROUND 1: Moving to a new duty station in the military can be a logistical nightmare, and that's especially true for THREE military families who had a trailer of all their belongings stolen on Christmas Day. ZBT listeners also shared some of their best-worst PCS tales.

ROUND 2: Military homecomings are always a sight to behold, and an Airmen who just returned home to his girlfriend and her badass BRRRRRT A-10 fighter jet jean-jacket can attest to that

ROUND 3: Overweight, unfit, or shy? The British Army doesn't give a shit. They are introducing a new platoon just for those misfits and I can't wait to tell you about it. 

ROUND 4: Sure, we messed up a short, wacky story about missing rifles stateside, but you can count on us for the most accurate information on the latest with Iraq & Iran. We've got some updates & breakdowns for ya.

Jan 07, 2020
ZBT #227: War With Iran?

Due to the timing of last night's late breaking news, Chaps addresses what happened in Iran to open the show. We recorded the pod earlier in the day with the public information we had, and will be sure to give a thorough update on Tuesday's pod as things develop over the weekend. 

Round 1:  In 2016 civilians were STORMING Canadian military bases at all hours of the day & night, and only now has the Canadian government released the reason for this mad rush. We'll give you a clue: Gotta catch ‘em all, eh?

Round 2: Navy veteran turned distance running hardo is set to circumnavigate the globe on foot this year. He's doing it for suicide prevent but theres not chance that he and I would be friends. It makes me wanna puke. 

Round 3: Story of the break was that Marines needed to be sent in to secure the Embassy in Iraq after protestors lead violent action trying to overtake the Embassy. The fallout was quick but most likely isnt close to over. 

Round 4: I hate to give North Korea any credit but alas, we must. We have promised the listener that we will always be honest. In this round, we will praise North Korea because it's due.

Round 5: Canada's Veterans Affairs twitter asked some of their WW2 veterans to give some life advice that might help in 2020. We are gonna close out the first show of the new year by soaking in some of that wisdom

Jan 03, 2020
ZBT's Best of 2019

Listen up platoon: This is our Best of 2019. The Top 10 segments from the past year. In no particular order except for which they appear in the pod:

1) The squad went to Fort Bragg and some Commanding General tried to fuck all our shit up. Then we talked about the time a Cpl emailed the Commandant for funsies.  2) Astronaut Scott Kelly agreed to do an interview so he could surprise us by reading an old Barstool blog about how hot his wife is compared to how ugly he is. Our pal Feitelberg comes on afterwards to explain himself.  3) RIP Doris.  4) A probe into 2017 USS Fitzgerald collision reveals harsh conditions of the ship. That shit was gross. 5) Cancel The Code 6) Remember the time one LCpl tried to take out the entire cartel by himself?. Us too, and this is the first time the 'LCpl voice' is used on show 7)  A Milfur went viral for participating an award ceremony dressed in their furry outfit. Kate fell down a furry rabbithole and hasn't been the same since.  8) Five veterans were among group of 8 arrested in Haiti, and they couldn't lie their way out of trouble. Also don't mess with the Serbians 9) Wearing pajamas to chow hall while the Commandant is on base was one of the best stories of the year. Our LCpl underground tells us what really happened at Camp Lejeune 10) Chaps basically becomes Varys from Game of Thrones. His little birds sing him a song from the Air Force's 735th Squadron at Hickam AFB. We've got one motivator who sick of everyone's shit so he takes an ALL CAPS dump on the entire unit's chest. Thanks for a great 2019 and happy holidays from the entire squad. Make sure to tell your friends about us so you have more people to share the laughs with in 2020.
Dec 23, 2019
ZBT #226: This Episode Contains Absolutely No Impeachment Talk Whatsoever

ROUND 1: The Space Force is officially official & Kate's is applying to be the branch's professional jingle writer. We promise it won't be as bad as the last song we did. Maybe. Probably though. 

ROUND 2: A woman kept her dead husband's body in a freezer for 10 years and collected his VA benefits. Victimless crime? Maybe. We'll explore it to find out. 

ROUND 3: You've heard of crazy ex boyfriends or girlfriends calling someone way too many times, and now an Army unit is doing that to soldiers on block leave, too

ROUND 4: We asked for your stories about memorable military holiday parties and learned more than we bargained for. Did you know that EOD isn't allowed to wear robes to their parties anymore? Now you do, and you're about to find out so much more.

ROUND 5: Move aside, dumb boots. The Army's doing smart boots now that can charge your electronics on humps & these boots let higher-ups track your location. Good luck going AWOL in those suckers.

Dec 20, 2019
ZBT #225: Captain Cons Is The Reason Navy Won Ft. Jason Van Camp

Round 1: A North Dakota man got a phone call saying his son, a Marine, had been killed on active duty. It was all a scam to steal the man's identity. Gotta keep your head on a swivel.

Round 2: Chinese boots hate the military at times too. That being said, the Chinese government has certain penalties when you get out early. You cant just do it all willy nilly. We layout all 8 of those penalties and we'll vote if it's worth it or not.  

Round 3: The VA may soon be required to screen doctors and nurses and NOT hire the unqualified ones. I mean holy shit, really?

Round 4: We interviewed Army Major and Green Beret Jason Van Camp about his deployments, a mormon mission in Russia, and joining the polar bear club with some old Russian ladies. 

Dec 17, 2019
ZBT #224: Misbehavin' Before Army/Navy

ROUND 1: Cannnnon-balllll! ::splash sound:: Our seafaring branch is getting a little sexier in the pool by allowing two piece swimsuits for both men & women now. Hope Wendy Peffercorn is on the lifeguard stand for this round. 

ROUND 2: A 3-star General got caught misbehavin' over at the Army War College and it inspired us to write a little musical snack that we're excited to play for ya

ROUND 3: This week the Taliban carried out a suicide bomb & coordinated attack on Bagram, our largest base in Afghanistan. Things didn't go well for them when they hid in a building near the base afterwards…  

ROUND 4: It's Friday the 13th and since there's nothing scaAAaAAarier than an angry Gunny coming after you… So we asked & you answered... What's the meanest thing a superior has ever said to you?

ROUND 5: Fuck it. We'll let Cons say whatever he wants about the Army/Navy game.

Dec 13, 2019
ZBT #223: Afghanistan Papers: Institutional Cowardice

Great use of a colon there Bren. Much improved from last week


Round 1: The Army has issued guidance for the appropriate use of emojis so troops can avoid sexual assault and harassment charges and we have some questions about this.

Round 2: A remarkable piece was released by the Washington Post about the War in Afghanistan that confirms what many have long suspected.

Round 3: Santa Claus is causing a commotion on Fort Belvoir after he put on his uniform and took the post at a commissary to greet shoppers.


Dec 10, 2019
ZBT #222: Marine Sergeant's Coup Of Haitian Presidency Foiled By X-Ray Machines ft. Army Veteran & Jaguars Coach Sean Karpf

Gotdamn that's a long title. Clean it up Bren make it shorter next time ya fuckin boot


ROUND 1: From wearing protection, to taking the rear with the gear, to going on looooong, sweaty humps, Military terms & sex phrases go together like 200 degree port-o-johns & wackin' it. 

ROUND 2: Why did a Marine Corps Sergeant go to Haiti with some boxes full of guns & ammo? To become the President there of course! Why else?!

ROUND 3: Three Coast Guard Crews from separate stations spent 16 hours of their Thanksgiving holiday looking for a kite surfer near Ocean City, New Jersey. The outcome was wavy with a side of gravy. 

ROUND 4: Interview with Sean Karpf, an Army veteran & coach on the Jaguar's strength & conditioning team 

ROUND 5: The 2020 elections are fast-approaching & in preparation the military has released a reminder to active duty troops of what they can & cannot spout off about with their own political views. 

ROUND 6: The Army/Navy game is next weekend & yesterday the uniforms came out. We know this because Cons would not stop bothering the group chat about it, so we'll do a review & talk about the meaning behind some of the details on ‘em.

Dec 06, 2019
ZBT #221: Narwhal Tusks Are The Ultimate Weapon Of Opportunity

Round 1: Coming back from a long break is never easy. It's important to remember basic customs and courtesies. If not, you'll be like our pal in the Air Force who got a naughty letter because he told an NCO some harsh words. Hate to see it...

Round 2: We hop over to England to praise a group of incredibly brave folks who help used the greatest weapons of opportunity to stop the London Bridge attacker.  

Round 3: After checking on the Brits we will head to Finland where four of their sailors were awarded with a challenge coin from the Commander of the Finnish Navy for a TikTok video where they danced like Mickey Mouse characters. 

Round 4: PEACE TALKS ARE BACK. That's right folks, President Trump announced to troops in Afghanistan during his surprise Thanksgiving trip that the Taliban wants to make peace with us. Certainly this time things will be different.

Round 5: The Navy did away with permanent no shave chits last month but could they soon allow sailors to grow beards? The Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm Nowell seems to be entertaining the idea.

Round 6: You won't believe it, but two Marines got in a fight on Black Friday at a Walmart in Murrieta, California. No MCMAP moves were utilized, which certainly saved both men's lives.


Dec 03, 2019
ZBT #220: The Navy Secretary Is A Fried Turkey

Round 1: Things are getting crazy with our beloved Navy. The Secretary of the Navy was fired after going around the Secretary of Defense in order to cut a drug deal with the President regarding Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher. 

Round 2: An Army Lt Col is taking charge of troops in a combat zone like nobody ever has before. When you hear this story, your head will be spinning. 

Round 3: The fucking Russians are back to their old tricks. 

Round 4: Marine Corps Sergeant Brendan VanDalinda, who has been diagnosed with cancer, went to the Patriots game on Sunday where he was honored with Super Bowl tickets and then dropped a pass from Tom Brady like a boot. We bring him on the show to discuss if he “followed it” or not. 

Round 5: It's our Thanksgiving episode. We are gonna gather at our internet Thanksgiving table and tell you some things that we are Thankful for. No one better touch the fucking deviled eggs before we finish giving thanks. 


Nov 26, 2019
ZBT #219: ZBT Takes The Science ASVAB ft. Chris Strom

ROUND 1: In a very meta move, an Air Force leader, who once published an essay about the importance of respecting subordinates... was fired for disrespecting his subordinates

ROUND 2: A Coastguardsman in Alaska was charged in the murder of a fellow seaman, but he was just released from the brig thanks to a Snapchat video… 

ROUND 3: POP QUIZ: Surprise! Kate is going to make us take the General Science portion of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery aka, the ASVAB, and you can play along. Are you smarter than a boot??

ROUND 4: Kate interviews Marine & NYPD intel veteran Chris Strom, author of the book ‘Brooklyn to Baghdad'. After retiring from the force, he & his family moved south for a slower pace of life… and then he found himself in one of the most dangerous areas of Iraq. 

ROUND 5: The story of a troop who was wounded at war… er, right outside the PX at war… and they want to know if that's enough to get themselves a purple heart for the perk of closer parking spaces. Boyyyy do we have some thoughts...


Nov 22, 2019
ZBT #218: Presidential Pardons

Round 1: Did you know Marines had rights? Well turns out they do. Those 16 Marines arrested for human trafficking in front of their battalion had their rights violated according to a Marine Corps judge.

Round 2: The TSA is gonna start shooting down drones that fly near airports. I've never wanted a job more in my life.

Round 3: The military world was abuzz on Friday night when President Trump announced the pardons and clemency of 3 high-viz war crime cases. We are gonna get into the weeds but TRY and I do mean TRY to explain our thoughts like rational people with brains


Nov 19, 2019
ZBT #217: Stolen Dog Tags Make Terrible Christmas Gifts featuring WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley

ROUND 1: An Air Force veteran - turned US Airways pilot - spent several days in a Denver jail following a nuuude phone call, and now the city owes him big time.

ROUND 2: We're fast approaching peak holiday shopping season so word of warning... don't be like the Virginia National Guardsman who got caught stealing WWII dog tags from the National Archives as a gift for his wife's grandma. 

ROUND 3: Big science coming down the pipe: A new study is out on global warming's effect on military bases, and we'll tell you how that could affect your butthole. 

ROUND 4: Two Coast Guard pilots just received Distinguished Flying Crosses for their incredible actions during Hurricane Harvey, and they used a classic military loophole to get themselves into that heroic situation in the first place. 

Round 5: I got to sit down with WWE Superstar and former Soldier Bobby Lashley. Bobby was a soldier who got injured during a bank robbery. He tells the story that led him from the Army to the WWE.


Nov 15, 2019
ZBT #216: Veterans Day Special featuring Tim Kennedy

Round 1: It's the day after veterans day so we are gonna focus on a civilian warrior whose act of bravery knows no bounds. It turns out having fake battle axes doesn't make you a nerd. It makes you force to be reckoned with.

Round 2: Undersea explorers participating in “The Lost 52 Project” are on a mission to find the wreckage of every American Submarine lost in WWII, and they just made a huge find off the coast of Okinawa. 

Round 3: Green Beret and MMA fighter Tim Kennedy joins the show to talk about ABS & LAT MUSCLES & BEING A HARDCORE SKULL CRUSHING MACHINE

Round 4: We asked all of you what some of your favorite things about your military service were and the responses we got were beaauuuttiiiifuuullll, so we will go over those and talk about our own. 


Nov 12, 2019
ZBT #215: Please RSVP To The Veteran's Day Party At The Sausage Castle

ROUND 1: Brett Michaels, lead singer of the band Poison and star of the VH1 show ‘Rock of Love', has gone on the record to thank the troops... for “allowing him to dress the way he does every day”. (Billboard)

ROUND 2: An Army Intel Battalion became a laughing stock on social media this week for showing the opposite of intelligence with a shady cell phone app.

ROUND 3: Kate interviews Marine Corps veteran Erin Kirk-Cuomo about this year's 8-minute long Birthday Ball video which caused a stir for having only 6 seconds total of women represented in it. 

ROUND 4: A former college basketball player turned porn-star is throwing a Veterans Day party at his “Sausage Castle” in Florida that promises veterans a night of free haircuts, BBQ and Blow Jobs! If you do plan on going please make sure your genitals are clean & trimmed within regs.

ROUND 5: The owners of an AirBnB watched in real time as hammered Marines in Dress Blues flooded their home

Bonus Round: Video of the Pendleton human trafficking arrests has surfaced and it lived up to the hype.

Nov 08, 2019
ZBT #214: No-Nut November In The Barracks

Round 1: Canada is introducing “veteran villages” in Calgary and the places sound dope. Repacking negatives and tackling them head-on takes effort. Props to some organizations for making that effort. 

Round 2: Military families can be weird. If you don't believe us, listen to Podfathers. A family and some pals made a huge mistake by making some candy look like Crystal Meth on Kirtland AFB. Just a little meth goofin. 

Round 3: China is a bunch of cheaters when it comes to the military games. Chaps has zero issues with it and it's not because he's an integrity violator. 

Round 4: Malingerers worst nightmare is coming true. Science is developing technology to not only tell when you're sick but you'll know you're going to be sick 48 hours in advance. 

Round 5: Just because one of the dogs was involved in the Al-Baghdadi raid doesnt mean you should buy one, you idiots. These dogs are like alligators with fur. DO.NOT.BUY.ONE.THEY.ARE.TERRIBLE.PETS

Round 6: It's no-nut november. We wanna talk about cumming at boot camp or during training. Did you do it or nah?

Round 7: There's an elephant that is terrorizing his community so much that he's being called Osama Bin Laden. For real. They are calling the elephant Laden because he's such a terrorist. It's not funny that 5 people died….but kinda?


Nov 05, 2019
ZBT #213: Stick to S-P-O-R-T-S featuring Guy Snodgrass

Round 1: Sometimes military acronyms get out of hand… And thus, it's time to talk about S-P-O-R-T-S… The Air Forces hip new gameplan to get you on & off the toilet in 5 minutes. 

Round 2: Master Sergeant Matthew Williams, an active-duty Green Beret, received the Medal of Honor on Wednesday for actions during a 2008 Special Forces raid in Afghanistan that resulted in a 7 hour firefight. The story is incredible, you have to hear it.

Round 3: The Air Force isnt doing themselves any favors by introducing a new ‘R' device on their awards. We'll breakdown what that means and if it was a good idea

Round 4: The Marine Corps is overhauling their promotion requirements. Salty Lance Corporals will love it. Fast tracking boot ass SNCOs will hate it. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. 

Round 5: Interview with Guy Snodgrass, Secretary Mattis' speech writer who wrote a book about the behind the scenes action. The book is making waves so we invited Guy on to spill.the.tea.

Nov 01, 2019
ZBT #212: Baghdadi is BaghDEADi

Round 1: A veteran gets super veterany about trash that was blowing all over his precious, precious street. He needs three soldiers to come police call the area right damn now.

Round 2: The leader of ISIS was killed over the weekend by US Special Forces in Syria. Good riddance, turd. We've reported his death at least twice before but this time it seems to be true. 

Round 3: Navy auditors found a warehouse w/ $126 million in aircraft parts, under secretary Thomas Modly says. Was it a warehouse, or a maintenance chief's wall locker? 

Round 4: TikTok is under fire as lawmakers urge US Intelligence to evaluate whether or not it is a national security threat. They no doubt will find that it is after searching hashtag military on the app.

Round 5: Everyone's been talking about boobs after Game 5 of the World series when 2 ladies behind the duggout flashed ‘em. Perfect timing because we've got some military boob talk of our own.


Oct 29, 2019
ZBT #211: Oh Yeah, Stick It In My Porthole Baby

ROUND 1: Usually stalking is frowned upon, especially if it's naked stalking, but one Marine Scout Sniper wanted to strut his stuff & did just that.

ROUND 2: Have you ever been so in love with someone you let them take over the helm of your Guided Missile Destroyer? That was the case for one smitten Navy Commander who has since been fired some scandalous affair behavior. ::sassy:: Get ready to sip. some. tea.

ROUND 3: You may know that the Washington Nationals have adopted the song Baby Shark as a rally cry, but in a bit of world news we'll tell you why it's also become an important anthem for a country in the Middle East right now. 

ROUND 4: Everyone has heard that MRE's make you constipated, but is that really true? Science 

ROUND 5: Did General Mattis really say he'd rather “swallow acid than attend Trump's military parade”? A new book is claiming so & the Warrior Monk's camp is PISSED.

Oct 25, 2019
ZBT #210: Soldier Demoted In Rank For His Love Of Purple Nurples

Round 1: A British soldier is going to jail for six months guessed it, purple nurples.

Round 2: The Iwo Jima flag raising is one of the most iconic images in history. The people credited for being in that photo recently changed. That changes the legacy of some families. 

Round 3: There's lots of aspects that we miss about being in the military. Having to use military bathrooms isnt one. It's not that they arent clean. They are. It's that the smell of 15 Marines taking tequila shits will change your life forever. 

Round 4: New Zealand's Navy will allow male sailors to wear fake eyelashes, nail polish, and make-up and I'm jealous as hell because my eyes would have popped even more in dress blues. 

Round 5: The United States has the 2nd largest nuclear arsenal in the world. We controlled those bad boys with the greatest technology that the world has even seen. Just kidding. We used and are using floppy disks.

Oct 22, 2019
ZBT #209: Medal Of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter

ROUND 1: It looks like a lot of military personnel are not puff-puff-passing their piss tests & studies are showing a big increase in marijuana use among troops in states where it's legal.

ROUND 2: Russians take over a hastily abandoned US military base in Syria and find our secret cache of dick drawings.

ROUND 3: The Chaps family took in a kitten we found in our back yard this week, so we're gonna talk about the pets our listener's units took in on deployments. 

ROUND 4: Our pal Kyle Carpenter came to Barstool HQ to chat with us about his new book, doing a pizza review with Dave Portnoy, and more.

ROUND 5: What's Your Warrior?

ROUND 6: Many military members & veterans participated in the Chicago Marathon last week, but only one ran the marathon….… in Afghanistan???

Oct 18, 2019
ZBT #208: D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E

Round 1: The Barstool Sports Office is in a state of disarray. A gigantic mess left behind by Yankees fans has thrown PFC Bren onto the Battle Commander's radar (Erika Nardini) and that's not somewhere you want to be. What does Staff Sgt. Chaps have to say to him?

Round 2: The Army is working on a combat robot working dog. This is betrayal the likes have never been seen. 

Round 3: MSG Mark Allen, 46, was shot in the head on 9 July 2009 while on a mission to search for Bowe Bergdahl. Unfortunately, he passed away last week. Seeing his pictures and what he went through after that mission was gutting. It's important to remember what Mark's mission was like. We talked to someone in Bowe's platoon to drive that point home. 

Round 4: Fortnite went down on Sunday in the middle of a long weekend. Is the Army ESports team going to be okay? Yes, the Army has an Esports team.


Oct 14, 2019
ZBT #207: One Lance Corporal Vs. The Cartel

ROUND 1: Now that the UFO/Area 51 drama has subsided, we need to alert you to a much more pressing matter…. Torpedo Eating Sea Monsters. Yarghhh with eyes black… like a doll's eyes...

ROUND 2: We've got an unreal story of bravery, selflessness & resilience from a soldier who stepped up to save lives during horrible training accident. 

ROUND 3: Holy micromanagement, Batman. This is a hot story about a coolin' problem as our forces in Europe are given new guidance on air conditioning units. 

ROUND 4: An Airman smashed a world record by bench pressing 551 got-damn pounds at a powerlifting competition and we're not that impressed because we're all pretty fit here at ZBT and could, like probably do that too. 

ROUND 5: The Marine Corps is getting SOFT as BABY SHIT because they want Marines to carry umbrellas. UMBRELLAS!

Round 6: A vigilante Marine tried to take down a cartel all by his lonesome. He didn't succeed but he did get taken into custody by NCIS. 

Oct 11, 2019
ZBT #206: A Presidential Turkey Soup Sandwich

Round 1: It's time for ALLL Navy folks to take advantage of our ad deals with Dollar Shave Club because you nasty little squids will no longer be able to get a permanent no-shave chit. 

Round 2: Any time we can take a dump on O-6s and above, we will. The towel policy at an Air Force Base is outrageous. We shame those senior leaders who allow it. 

Round 3: Kate sat down with the viral philly hero…. // Yep, an Army veteran saved people from a burning building, but he went viral for reasons involvin' the Eagles, yo go Birds

Round 4: October 7th was the 18th birthday for the war in Afghanistan. Now the war can vote, buy cigarettes and porn, and even enlist to fight itself WITHOUT its parent's permission. A lot has changed in the world in 18 years so we take a trip back in time.

Round 5: President Trump announced that the US will be leaving the Kurdish and Turkey border. Folks from both sides of the aisle are poo-pooing the decision. We try to wrap our brains around what's happening. 

Round 6: Our deepest concern goes out to the host or hostess at the Longhorn Steakhouse who had to inform guests that the longstanding military discount is no longer offered.

Oct 08, 2019
ZBT #205: Brian Wood MC & The Battle Of Danny Boy

ROUND 1: Military Ball SZN is fast approaching and with that - comes the dreaded fundraisers to lower the ticket prices. We asked YOU what YOUR units volun-told you to do, and the answers did not disappoint. 

ROUND 2: After 11 years with one of the worst looks in the military, Sailors are not feeling blue about a big uniform change that went into effect this week. 

ROUND 3: Cool? Ah-slappin' da bass. Not cool? Ah-slappin' da face! We take you down to Coronado, California where one Navy SEAL slapped another so hard he put him in a mother-fucking coma. 

ROUND 4: Chaps interviews Brian Wood, a recipient of the Military Cross, one of Britain's highest awards for military combat. Brian tells Chaps about the legendary Battle Of Danny Boy in a must-listen interview. 

ROUND 5: A retired Army lieutenant general and former superintendent of West Point is now the president at known party school, The University Of South Carolina… and this time... he's ready to PARTY. Just kidding, he wants you to get up and PT with him.

Oct 04, 2019
ZBT #204: The Phantom Warrior Standard Handbook ft. Army Ranger J.B. Spisso

Round 1: A woman who unwittingly helped assassinate Kim Jong Un's half-brother said she did it to be a YouTube star… and there but for the grace of god go I. 

Round 2: A study by Duke University found that employers think veterans lack social-emotional abilities and are less likely to hire them for certain jobs. Whatever, nerds.

Round 3: Senior Army Leaders are triggered that soldiers are violating the Phantom Warrior Standard Handbook, whatever that is. We'll walk you through their concerns.

Round 4: Interview  with former Army Ranger and world-class motivator J.B. Spisso 


Oct 01, 2019
ZBT #203: WWII Aerial Gunner Robert Sweatt

ROUND 1: A walrus defending her cubs sank a Russian Navy boat in the Arctic Ocean. Will Putin declare war on all sea mammals?

ROUND 2: A soldier planned to bomb a major American news network, and it turns out... that's frowned upon. The FBI has scooped him up & we're thinking it'll be worse than a simple counseling. 

ROUND 3: Chaps traveled out to interview Robert Sweatt, a 97-year-old WWII veteran who was an Aerial Gunner in the Air Force. He survived THREE plane crashes. He tells Chaps a ton of incredible stories in a must-listen interview.

ROUND 4: Uncle Sam wants YOU... to donate your body parts (once again, RIP Doris)

ROUND 5: People are chugging canteens full of hater-ade after a military spouse's Tik Tok post rustles feathers

Sep 27, 2019
ZBT #202: Hunger Strikes At The Citadel ft. Mr. Portnoy (Dave Portnoy's Dad)

Round 1: The Area 51 Raid is over and the Air Force Defenders won the day but the DoD still had to apologize for a now-deleted Tweet involving a B-2 bomber and a gaggle of Airmen.

Round 2: Army Captain gets the biggest boner for himself and creates the biggest closed door open door policy we've ever seen. 

Round 3: Private Portnoy, better known as Cousin Mike and Dave Portnoy's father, joins the show to talk about his time in the Army

Round 4: Jaguars star Cornerback Jalen Ramsey demanded a trade last week. He wasnt traded. This week, he called and said that he was sick and wouldnt be showing up to practice. Who the fuck is his squad leader and I expect to see them both with a chit from medical by 0900.

Round 5: Cadets at the Citadel, perhaps the most prestigious military academy in the entire world, are going on a hunger strike over the food conditions at their dining hall. Glad to see these future officers exercising their rights to complain about everything.


Sep 24, 2019
ZBT #201: John Boehner

ROUND 1: Hey there Red, White & Beautiful --- we found some of the WORST military dating profiles around and we're gonna break ‘em down for ya. Listen in & who knows… maybe you'll find your soul mate 

ROUND 2: A veteran from PA went to D.C. thinking he was just there to tour the WWII memorial, but he ended up getting the surprise of a lifetime, and a medal that was a long time coming

ROUND 3: Pull back your recliner and light a cig. John Boehner has a lengthy chat with us and tells us some of his best stories.

ROUND 4: Maybe we really should be storming Area 51 because a member of Blink 182 got the Navy to confirm their existence. Say it ain't so, there's UFOs, take your pants off, they'll give butt probes.

Sep 20, 2019
ZBT 200th Episode

Wow we made it to 200 episodes! Or something. We've probably done more but this is the 200th OFFICIAL one. Thanks for listening. Today's rounds:

Round 1: Boot Marine tackles the ever-loving-dog shit out of two teens who were fist-fighting. The Marine Corps' statement on the fight is a wild ride.

Round 2: City Chickens were taking over a hanger. An Army CWO authorized the use of airsoft guns via an official memo. This is the type of unit people think they are joining when they sign up. We'll tell you why. 

Round 3: The DoD issued strong warnings for military members, their spouses, and all dependents. STOP FUCKING VAPING. We have one message for you, DoD. Come and Take it. 

Round 4: We've got a long way to go with VA care. A veteran was covered in ant bites while getting treatment for cancer. It's an awful story but one that needs to be heard so it doesn't happen again

Round 5: The reserve and guard components of the military has a manning problem and the Rand Corporation is suggesting allowing some members to work from home. We have questions.


Follow us on all Twitter and Instagram: @ZeroBlog30 and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Just search for Zero Blog Thirty in the search bar.

Sep 17, 2019
ZBT #199: General Don Bolduc

On this very special edition of ZBT we are joined by Brigadier General Don Bolduc. Bolduc led the first units into Afghanistan in the months after 9/11, and did so on horseback. He's also running for Senate in the state of New Hampshire. In the interview we touch on the Afghanistan War, leadership principles, defeating the mental health stigma, and so much more. 

Sep 13, 2019
ZBT #198: ISIS Has Ran Out Of Suicide Bombers, So Now They Use Cows + Remembering 9/11 featuring Large

ROUND 1: The news that the Taliban were going to meet with Trump at Camp David the day before 9/11 caused a firestorm, but now the talks have stalled & they're not meeting at all

ROUND 2: The Army has launched an inquiry into how a teen with autism and arm disorders was recruited

ROUND 3: General McCraven's Lessons In Leadership

ROUND 4: ISIS is using cows as suicide bombers but I hate that term because these beautiful beautiful cows dont have a choice in the matter. They are murder bombers.

ROUND 5: Does the term “If it ain't rainin', we ain't trainin'” make you roll your eyes a little? We get into a little PT talk with a poll from the ZBT twitterverse. 

ROUND 6:  With the 18th anniversary of September 11th this week we'll be closing out the show by re-playing an interview we recorded last year with our co-worker Large. He lost his father-in-law in the attacks, and we're so grateful he shared his story with us.

Sep 10, 2019
ZBT #197: 22% Of The Navy Is OBESE

ROUND 1: Scientists want to inject night vision straight into troops' eyeballs. Should every troop be a bionic robot hero? Many are saying yes. 

ROUND 2: The Battle Against Fake News has officially been waged by the DoD. The mission? To repel “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks”. Looking at you Russia…

ROUND 3: The US State Department went full Nigerian Prince mode on the captain of an Iranian vessel. See how this strange Phishing trip turned out… 

ROUND 4: The Marine, the myth, the literary legend, we have author Dathan Beach on the show to talk about his book The Enlistment

ROUND 5: In a shocking report, 22% of one of our military's branches is OBESE. We would never shame, and we won't say which branch. But also, it's the NAVY and oh my God, can't wait to talk about how fat the Navy is. 

ROUND 6: The Trump administration is moving ahead with a plan to divert $3.6 billion in military funds to the border wall, and certain funds gonna get cut so bad they're gonna wish they weren't cut so bad


Sep 06, 2019
ZBT #196: Zero Blog Thirty Book Club #1: The Enlistment

Round 1: The chief negotiator for the Taliban reported that a “deal is done” involving the closure of 5 US bases in Afghanistan. Is the war over? Did we win? Well, it's hard to say. 

Round 2: A historic class graduated from Ranger school last week. It included the first ever Air Force woman to complete the course and former NBA player Marshall Plumlee who is 7 feet tall and you can't teach that. 

Round 3: I sat down with former Army infantry officer and Captain Will Bardenwerper and talked about his journey from Princeton to Wall Street to Iraq and everywhere in between. 

Round 4: We are going to be working our way through the greatest book I've ever read. The book is called The Enlistment. It's a self-published, completely unedited-masterpiece that I cannot wait to reveal to the world.


Sep 03, 2019
ZBT #195: General Mattis Dropped An Op-Ed

Round 1: Were Airmen denied hot meals, indoor toilets & other luxuries as they prepare for the fog of war?! An article floating around says so, and the Army & Marine Corps are collectively vomiting & rolling their eyes at it. 

Round 2: General Mattis dropped an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. I havent read it yet but Id imagine it's about the benefits of the Thrift Savings Plan and the benefits of using a quality credit union like Ft Sill National Bank. 

Round 3: The Marine Corps is FUCKIN LIT. Find out how a color sergeant used the element of fire to discipline his unit. 

Round 4: We interviewed Stephen Machuga, CEO of Stack Up, things get nerdy in the best possible way

Round 5: Just when you thought challenge coins couldn't get any worse…. An Army Major has sparked controversy across the interwebs by using one to endorse Joe Biden in while she was wearing her uniform.


Aug 30, 2019
ZBT #194: Space Crime?!?!?! Nuclear Hurricanes?!?!?!

Round 1: Marriage troubles on deployment is no new issue for the troops. This story is different though because Anne McClain is accused of identity theft WHILE IN MOTHER FUCKING SPACE!

Round 2: A Marine-Turned-Teacher is in hot water for telling his students that he'd be the best school shooter. You heard me right.

Round 3: Two Montana men got the greatest sentencing of all time after a judge found out that they tried to steal valor in order to reduce their sentences.

Round 4: The Navy's top SEAL says the force must return to normal discipline practices. Haircuts! Get your haircuts here. Ice collllldddd hair cuts. Shaves too! One free shave with a haircut!

Round 5: Last week I spit out a phrase that might have some legs. Finding your “and.” Some veterans in West Virginia are finding their and in an unusual way. Honey, you wont believe it.

Round 6: President Trump reportedly wanted to use nuclear bombs to destroy hurricanes. We don't believe the story is true but we are gonna act like it is because that's fucking awesome.

Aug 27, 2019
ZBT #193: The Military Is Sensitive. Please Don't Trigger Us ft. Jessica Dawley

ROUND 1: Barstool's founder Dave Portnoy lovingly said that the military can be one of the most sensitive groups out there. Is that true? If we say yes, are you gonna fucking cry about it?

ROUND 2: Oh you thought we were done talking about the Furry community? Think again. They're back in the news & this time it's for a piece of gear they wear that the US military is adopting for their own use. 

ROUND 3: We played our cards right & landed an interview with Air Force veteran & poker champion Jessica Dawley. Find out if she's ever rolled around in money, since that's an awkward question Kate definitely asked her. 

ROUND 4: President Trump gave a press conference on the white house lawn where he talked about a range of,,, uhh,,, issues. One of which was PTSD medicine. Later that day, he also talked about erasing student debt for disabled veterans. 

ROUND 5: The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire… with hot, hot sexual tension that is! Turns out an Ex-GSA Official Had Sex With White House Staffer on Govt. Agency Rooftop. For the last round, we are gonna make it extra sexy for ya. 

ROUND 6: On Thursday in New York City and up through the Hudson Valley, a team of fighter jets buzzed the skies. Is that a waste of taxpayers' money or are freedom boners worth every cent? 


Aug 23, 2019
ZBT #192: From Boot Camp To Training Camp

Round 1: An airman was beating his meat in his dorm room  when his First Sergeant walked in for a surprise inspection. They locked eyes, went their separate ways, and then each posted it to Reddit.

Round 2: West Point graduate and Offensive Lineman Brett Toth just signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in a huge shift toward allowing service members to play pro sports 

Round 3: The military burned millions, probably even billions, of pounds of trash in Iraq and Afghanistan and it turns out that probably wasn't great, surprising nobody. 

Round 4: The new skipper of the aircraft carrier Harry S Truman, Capt Kavon Hakimzadeh, fled Iran when he was 11 and could return to the area with a big fucking boat.

Round 5: President Trump wants to buy Greenland and all its shitty weather too...we have some suggestions instead of Greenland.

Aug 20, 2019
ZBT #191: Tulsi Gabbard

Round 1: Business Insider made a soup sandwich of a video about military terms and it's fucked up beyond all recognition 

Round 2: Pure comedy in Yemen as a squawking bird wreaks havoc on ISIS fighters trying to record a very serious video 

Round 3: In 2012 Marine Major Jason Brezler was discharged from the Marine Corps for sending urgent info over an unclassified email. This week it's back in the news & we'll tell you why. 

Round 4: An interview with Tulsi Gabbard that ended with a little controversy. We'll talk about that interview and the situation surrounding what happened. It was a wild ride. 

Round 5/Saved Round: Bringing the Austin Tice story (7th year anniversary) back to light. Expect a deep dive on this one next week.  #FreeAustinTice 

Aug 15, 2019
ZBT #190: Get In Furmation ft. WWII Veteran Earl Casebier

Round number 1: Military separation and award ceremonies can be special. We are gonna walk you through a furmation that will be remembered for a long time. 

Round 2: The US and Taliban have finished their 8th round of talks on pulling US troops out of Afghanistan. Could we really be out of Afghanistan before the war's 18th birthday in October? 

Round 3: A retirement ceremony that didn't suck???! An FBI Agent got the surprise of lifetime at his retirement ceremony when a baby he rescued 22 years ago showed up to thank him. 

Round 4: WWII veteran and former POW Earl Casebier tells the story of his role during the European campaign. This account is unlike anything we've had on Zero Blog Thirty. Get your tissues ready.


Aug 13, 2019
ZBT #189: Jack McCain

Round 1: Negligent discharge to the fucking moon. A Russian ammo supply point accidentally exploded 40k tank rounds. 

Round 2: A WW2 boot camp letter surfaces. A day in the life of a recruit in 1940s will have you thanking your lucky stars that you weren't training in the Bayou during WW2.

Round 3: A Senior Airman was accosted for speaking Spanish in uniform. Im super proud of her because she dropped a #AccordingToTheRegs on the old lady's candy ass. 

Round 4: Our interview with Jack McCain who is a Navy helicopter pilot who has flown all over the world and also happens to be the son of American Hero John McCain. 

Round 5: The No Harm/No Foul PT Test is what's going to Make the Air Force Great Again. 2 Marines and a soldier are going to break down our wonderful warriors of the sky's physical program. 

Round 6:  Kate sat down with Team Red white and blue's Megan King to talk about all the great things that organization is doing. 

Round 7: The Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was given a beauuutiiffuuul beauttiffuull gift from the people of Mongolia. We fawn over the gift-giving styles of the Mongolians… Kinda

Aug 09, 2019
ZBT #188: Kate Gains Weight And Charlies Suffer

Donut 1: This week I had the pleasure of meeting a legend. He ows a huge thanks to his banana induced pink-eye for that. 

Donut 2: Is wearing spanx in your dress uniforms the greatest hack known to man?

Donut 3: Kevin Mawae thanked his dad, a 23-year veteran of the Army during his NFL Hall of Fame induction speech

Donut 4: The french military marches and sings beauuttiffulllllyyy or do they? We'll be the judge of that, you nasty little worms. 

Donut 5:  We address this past weekend's mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. 


Aug 06, 2019
ZBT #187: Hamza Bin Laden Is DEAD + CIA Operative Dan Gabriel







Aug 02, 2019
ZBT #186: Marines Get Read Arrest Citations At Awards Ceremony

Round 1: 18 Marines and one Navy Corpsman (all from 1/5) were arrested at a Battalion formation for all kinds of charges. Usually Battalion formations are terrible because you're going for a unit run. This situation seemed worse. 

Round 2: Stolen Valor right here at Barstool Sports? General Adam Smitty has been leading soldiers on the battlefield & Kate's calling him out. Also, learn about the couple who's made it their life's work to call out stuff like this. 

Round 3: The SEALs continue to have a rough time as the 2016 Sailor of the Year and member of SEAL Team 6 is arrested for allegedly using a spoofing app to solicit nudes from women. 

Round 4: Mail to APO/FPO boxes could take a little longer if the US follows through on withdrawing from a 144 year-old postal union treaty. Bad news for and Cigar clubs.

Round 5: It's Alive Day number 12 for Uncle Chaps and 3 years at Barstool this week. Let's talk about it.

Jul 30, 2019
ZBT #185: BRING BACK THE CODE ft. Trace Adkins

Round 1: CBS's The Code...HAS BEEN CANCELLED! HOW?? WHY?? #BringBackTheCode

Round 2: According to recent reports, the Navy SEALS have been partying hard & now they're in hot water. We're gonna tell you why their CO told them they need to GET OUT of Iraq. 

Round 3: GET IN BITCHES, WE'RE GOING SHOPPING. Suckle on our teet of knowledge so we can tell you about the change that will give 3M more people access to sweet sweet commissary deals

Round 4: Grab your boots, boots. Country music legend Trace Adkins joins the show to tell us about his upcoming movie Bennet's War


Round 6: The LA Clippers had their introductory press conference with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Clippers Chairman Steve Ballmer is the NCO that no one wants to see in the morning. 


Jul 26, 2019
ZBT #184: This Podcast Is Prohibited On Fort Bragg

Round 1: We went down to Fayetteville and ran into some drama with the Deputy Commanding General. We thought it was going to ruin the show but it turns out, no one gave a fuck about what he said. 

Round 2: Is emailing the Commandant directly a good idea? We have a Marine who did and he does not recommend it. 

Round 3: We haven't watched the new Top Gun Trailer, until now. First ever ZBT Live watch on the pod. It'll either be great or a disaster

Round 4: Iranian Commandos fast-roped down onto a British Oil Tanker over the weekend. We break down the international incident which caused a stir on a global stage. 

Round 5:  Does the policy of letting Active Duty military personnel board flights early make civilians hate the military? A new poll says yes. We look into it and it's shocking.


Jul 23, 2019
ZBT #183: Live From Fayetteville for Rough N Rowdy

The squad is in Fayettenam ahead of tonight's Rough N Rowdy event. Make sure to buy your PPV at

Round 1: A classic Fort Bragg story that is almost to crazy to be true. A mischievous 20-year-old convinced the entire base he was a Sgt., when in fact he was just homeless.

Round 2: The new Commandant of the Marine Corps is proposing that female Marines can take up to a full year off post-pregnancy. Is this good for the Marine Corps and can it work?

Round 3: Boots On The Ground. A new segment we are excited to have sponsored by Starbucks

Round 4: Highlights of the best interviews we did with the fighters of Rough N Rowdy while on Barstool Radio. If these don't make you want to buy the PPV, nothing will.

Jul 19, 2019
ZBT #182: We Want To Check You For Ticks


Round 1:  Should we weaponize ticks? Congress wants research into how we could use these little fuckers to decimate entire civilizations. 

Round 2: The fact that “flying infantryman on hoverboard” wasnt an MOS when we joined makes us feel cheated. One lucky French soldier got to fly all over the Bastille Day parade. 

Round 3: The new commandant wants to implement rules on social media? Will that work? Not if we block and mute all our NCOs it wont.  

Round 4: A bunch of boogereaters are planning on storming Area 51. How do the people on base prepare for something like that?

Round 5:  Rough and Rowdy is later this week. We can't wait.


Jul 16, 2019
ZBT #181: The Coast Guard Makes Us Soaking Wet

That's right ya fuckin' boot. We have 7 rounds today. Buckle up. 

Round 1: We talk about most enlisted folks' hatred of junior officers. Today, we give you a perfect example of why. It involves filling water jugs with 2 ounce bottles of water. 

Round 2: At the age of 16, you should be able to drive, join the army, and wait another 5 years to vape or legally purchase booze. Those are the facts and they are undisputed. 

Round 3: A new poll found that 64 percent of Veterans don't view the Iraq war as worth the cost. What in the world are the other 36 percent seeing?

Round 4: A Marine got promoted from LCpl to Sgt in the same day. Sounds like a motivator, right? Wrong. Wait until you hear about this command fuck up. 

Round 5: The Army is introducing audiobooks for their field manuals. Good idea or bad? We think it's gonna backfire bigtime and we'll explain why it round 5.

Round 6: There is nothing more special than deployment porn. We honor that porn by honoring those who honored porn in Iraq. 

Round 7: A Badass Coast Guardsman went full send and jumped on a narco submarine and it's the most badass thing we've ever seen


Jul 12, 2019
ZBT #180: Lou Dobbs Can Lick Our Buttholes

Round 1: Welcome back after a long July 4th break. We hope you were safe like a certain motivated hard charger who secured his momma's house on the 4th of July. CLEAR!

Round 2: The Pentagon's Close Combat Lethality Task Force suggests making some startling changes to the infantry. Like what? You cant join until you're 26. 

Round 3: Adm. Bill Moran is out as Navy's next CNO after it's revealed that he kept a relationship with “Bad Santa.”

Round 4: War Fighter and hero Lou Dobbs pulls down his red, white, and blue boxers and shits down the throat of every General since 1991. Drag them, king.


Jul 09, 2019
ZBT #179: July 4th Safety Brief + Stanley Rubin

This special Independence Day edition of ZBT has two parts:

1) We school our pal Feitelberg on what it's like to be deployed, with a musical twist.

2) Back in March of 2017, we interviewed then 92-year-old Stanley Rubin, an Iwo Jima veteran. The podcast was still brand new when it originally aired, so you might have missed it. Stanley tells his story of landing in Iwo Jima, and more about his military career. It's Chaps' favorite interview he's ever done. 

Thanks for listening and have a safe holiday!

Jul 03, 2019
ZBT #178: Horny Platoon Room

Round 1: Soldiers are quite literally diggin' them boobies at Fort Bragg after excavating a time capsule from 1979

Round 2: HO, HO, HO! Guess whos coming down the chimney! It's oh..… A hefty, drunk Royal Navy pilot who got stuck there during a mess night drinking game

Round 3: Finally, the most patriotic state debate has been settled. We will dive in. 

Round 4: The troops are hornier than ever. As a result, we've got more cases of gonorrhea than MREs amongst the junior ranks. 

Round 5: ZBT Fashion - Some boot wore his West Point boots to his high school prom. Does he deserve to be roasted for it?

Jun 28, 2019
ZBT #177: Red Tails, Red Ties, and Kate's Red Nose

Round 1: Former Secretary of Defense & revered Marine General Jim Mattis was honored with a formal painting this week & one small detail has people riled up.  

Round 2: One of the last Tuskegee Airmen has died at the age of 99. We take a trip through history at what the Red Tails did in the face of racial adversity during WW2.

Round 3: The VA is undergoing big reform. We talked to Dan Caldwell from the Concerned Veterans for America to see what he believes the next focus should be.

Round 4: American nerds vs. Iranian dorks?! After Iran downed one of our surveillance drones, America adjusted our very thick glasses, geared up our pocket protector, & cracked our knuckles at the keyboard to hit them where it hurts.

Round 5: With Rough & Rowdy 9 coming up right outside Fort Bragg we're a little nervous about how Big Cat's National Anthem will go over, but it can't be worse than some other versions celebs have butchered.

Jun 25, 2019
ZBT #176: Astronaut Scott Kelly

Round 1: A Marine General drinks his own kool-aid and now looks like a big ole asshole in front of god and everybody. If you don't listen to this one, we'll castrate you.

Round 2: An Army Sergeant First Class blows me away with his dedication to command climate. This is a lesson all active duty folks need to take to heart and it doesn't involve weapons safety.

Round 3: Interview with Astronaut Scott Kelly. He's been to infinity and beyond. NBD

Round 4: A Navy base has been playing the national anthem on the emergency broadcast system every morning. People from 5 miles away can hear it in their living rooms. Lock your bodies if you can hear it.

Round 5: The newest Medal of Honor Recipient is not only getting the nation's highest award for valor, he's also getting 15 years of backpay. How much? You'll have to listen until the end wont you, you nasty little worm?


Jun 21, 2019
ZBT #175: Chaps Returns From Hawaii With Stories To Tell

Round 1: Chaps recaps some stories he's been holding onto from his trip to Hawaii

Round 2: The Minnesota National Guard will not expel a soldier who had ties to a white nationalist group because the activity was discovered before he enlisted.

Round 3: There is a new Superman Comic where Superman has a whole new backstory as.... a Navy SEAL!

Round 4: A 94-year-old who missed his graduation to go fight in WWII finally got his diploma and walked at commencement 76 years later

Round 5: Rough n Rowdy preview


Jun 19, 2019
ZBT #174: Jon Stewart Vs. Congress ft. Rep. Mike Gallagher

Round 1: Reince Priebus got sworn into the Navy. Boot!

Round 2: Jon Stewart scolds Congress for their inaction in helping the 9/11 first responders.

Round 3: The whole squad interviewed Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) on Capitol Hill. 

Round 4: A 2nd. Lt. gets rebuked for being a racist piece of shit. 


Jun 14, 2019
ZBT #173: Paint The Wall

ROUND 1: An army 1st Sgt. retires by submitting the most glorious letter these eyes have ever seen. Spoiler: it includes the phrase “getting my shit pushed in”

ROUND 2: Aint no party like a working party… unless maybe you're stuck painting the border wall this summer in the Texas Heat.

ROUND 3: Army nurse 1st Lt Katie Blanchard warned her supervisors over & over that she felt threatened by a coworker, but they ignored her please. The results proved nearly fatal and now she's fighting for justice.

ROUND 4: An admiral and leader of the war college is giving out hugs, margaritas, and good vibes but some are saying it lacks a little professionalism. If you dont like work day margs, fuck you.

Round 5: First living Medal of Honor Recipient for the War in Iraq is named. How in the sweet sweet Jesus is this the first one?


Jun 11, 2019
D-Day: A Legacy Earned

We reflect on what happened 75 years ago on the beaches of Normandy. June 6th, 1944… Our troops were in the midst of the largest seabourne invasion in world history as Western Allied forces initiated the effort to liberate western Europe from Nazi Germany. We hear from FDR, Dwight Eisenhower, and those who were on the beach that day. A moment that changed the course of history forever.

Jun 06, 2019
ZBT #172: Save The Elephants

Round 1: The St. Louis Blues Color Guard made an unreal mistake. It's so bad that it's our favorite story of the hockey season.

Round 2: Should President Trump declare war on England for cancelling his stay at Buckingham Palace?

Round 3: We are so sick of the VA and their weed-related shit.

Round 4: After the drama of the last few episodes, we have decided to keep the interview light. We brought in some folks to talk about their anti-poaching efforts in Africa.

Round 5: Older folks on base and especially at medical stunt with their veteran hat: at what age is it not cringeworthy to wear the traditional “veteran of ____ war” hat?


Jun 04, 2019
ZBT #171: USS McCain ft. Seth Moulton

ROUND 1: Drama on the high seas involving the highest person in the chain of command. The military world is in a tizzy over rumors, emails, and articles about President Trump possibly covering up the name of the USS McCain on the recent Presidential trip to Japan.

ROUND 2: CNN pens an article that shoots straight to the heart and soul of the daily lives of service members of every ilk. We won't tolerate it.

ROUND 3: Interview with Marine Corps vet, Congressman, and Presidential-hopeful Seth Moulton. We talk to him about MREs, the largest governmental idea since the 1950s, and if he remembers what a silver bullet is. Spoiler: he does.

Round 4: NATO catfishes their own boots. OPSEC might be the most difficult it's ever been.

Round 5: We answer mailbag questions from you the listener


May 31, 2019
ZBT #170: Interview w/ Rep. Duncan Hunter on Eddie Gallagher's Trial

Round 1: Weekend Wrap up from our time in DC and Charlotte.

Round 2: Navy Pilots are speaking out about an obstacle they faced in the sky… Hypersonic UFOs… The flyboys and girls are spillin the ole beans on aliens so we are gonna rolllll that beautiful bean footage

Round 3: Marine Veteran & Congressman Duncan Hunter is making waves for his stance on the Eddie Gallagher case, and for his brash opinions on war and the aftermath. We stopped in DC to talk to him about some of his controversial opinions.

Round 4: Would you be able to turn guns on your own soldiers to stop a war crime from happening? The late Army pilot Hugh Thompson did that to stop the infamous My Lai massacre in Vietnam, and in light of recent headlines his words are making the rounds again.

Round 5: We give a shout out to the best Memorial Day post we saw on Instagram. It is extremely moving.


May 28, 2019
Annual Memorial Day Special

For our Memorial Day episode, we want to remember our fallen heroes, while also making you laugh, just like they would have wanted. Chaps interviews Torey Sonka, a gold-star wife of a Marine that Chaps trained during his time in the Corps. She details how she coped with losing her husband, how her work with cancer patients has helped her heal her own wounds, and the legislation that prevents her from marrying the second love of her life. Afterwards, the squad answers questions from the listeners. 

Happy Memorial Day from the ZBT family to yours. 

May 24, 2019
ZBT #169: Murder In Mali

ROUND 1: Word on the street is that Trump is saying “Pardon” more than a group of Canadians trying to get through a crowded room, and he's got plans to exonerate some military personnel over Memorial Day Weekend.

ROUND 2: The U.S. military spent over $42 billion in research and development in 2018, and though a lot of that goes to weapons programs, a good amount leads to products we use in the civilian world. We'll go over some every-day items that you might not realize came from our military.

ROUND 3: We've got an interview with the Washington Post's Dan Lamothe who has the latest scoop on two Navy SEALS & two Marine Raiders charged with killing a Green Beret in Mali.

ROUND 4: Sub-par behavior on a Navy sub has come to light on the USS Florida and Kate has some words for those little bitcc boiiiis.

ROUND 5: You may want to start stocking up on cartons of Marlboros and logs of Copenhagen like you're about to go on deployment, because a new bill would make it harder to buy dip or a pack of smokes at your local exchange if you aren't 21.



May 21, 2019
ZBT #168: Wagging The Dog in Iran with Forrest Gump

Round 1: Time to wag the dog? US Orders Non-Emergency Govt employees to leave Iraq as tensions with Iran get heated up

Round 2: A Navy SEAL got off active service & wanted to join the FDNY but it turns out he was too old. Now he's getting offers from departments all around the country

Round 3: ZBT History: We dive into the story of the real life Forrest Gump.  Sammy L Davis and bravery went together like peas and carrots.

Round 4:  The United States is apparently reimbursing the Taliban for their travel expenses like lodging, food, and travel. Using the Defense Travel System as a torture device will hold up in court as a war crime

Round 5: Social media smoke pit -  ZBT Twitter asked “What's the worst on-duty mishap on duty you've seen?” and listeners did not disappoint with the answers…

May 17, 2019
ZBT #167: The VA Doesn't Want This Smoke

Round 1: A study has come out with a list of the most dangerous military towns. Spoiler alert: Quantico doesn't make the cut, as nothing exciting has ever or will ever happen there since officers are giant nerds.

Round 2: A high tech stealth fighter was no match for a bird after a hawk cost the Air Force a cool $2 Million dollars

Round 3: Gear adrift was a gift for a ring of thieves in an elite commando unit after they stole over $300K worth of military equipment from 3rd Raider Battalion

Round 4: The Dept of Veterans Affairs is harshing our vibes, man. They just came out against bills supporting marijuana research for vets.

Round 5: This past weekend was Mother's Day so shout out military moms and spouses. Google is rolling out a remote job search tool aimed at military spouses


May 14, 2019
ZBT #166: Stick It In Your Blowhole
May 10, 2019
ZBT #165: I Demand To Speak To Agent Penis

Round 1: The Navy is deploying a carrier and bombers to the Middle East to deter Iran with 'unrelenting force' which is not to be confused with Uncle Chaps' unrelenting diarrhea

Round 2: A woman has been arrested after trespassing at CIA Headquarters 3 days in a row & asking for Agent Penis. Who is this veiny operative?

Round 3: The Air Force is using fucking lasers to knock down missiles shot at aircraft carriers. Sci-Fi movies are becoming real life during the testing phase at White Sands Missile Range

Round 4: Chaps and and Kate interview Patrick Bet-David, a dude from Iran who joined the army after he was refugee, and then became a Youtube sensation.

Round 5: A Marine who left active duty got honored at a baseball game which is awesome. His accomplishments listed on the jumbotron left a little to be desired.

Round 6: We honor Riley Howell and David Miller, two heroes who sacrificed their lives to save countless others

BONUS ROUND: Chaps takes his hatred for Luke Mitchell & The Code to new heights

May 07, 2019
ZBT #164: Special Guest Host Adam Kinzinger

Believe it or not, Cons is STILL on vacation (lol officers). Congressman Kinzinger takes his spot as we chat about the topics of the day.

Round 1: Lawmakers introduced legislation on Tuesday that would allow service members and their families to sue the government, in certain cases, when a member of the military is a victim of military medical malpractice.

Round 2: The Commandant said that people in Cyber Command can have purple hair or any color. What color would look best in dress blues?

Round 3: Indian Army found the Yeti on a mission in the mountains. As a pilot, which mythical creature would you wanna do a gun run on?

Round 4: Osama Bin Laden has been dead for a while. When are we gonna leave Afghanistan/ what should our approach be?

Round 5: What in the sweet mother of god is happening in Venezuela?

Round 6: Would the government save money if we switched to bidets in government buildings? Each year we spend annual 58 million dollars on toilet paper.

May 03, 2019
ZBT #163: Special Guest Host Terminal Lance

Max Uriarte is in for Cons on today's pod. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary arrangement.

Round 1: We catch up with Max and talk about his new book, his love for LCpls, and his social media policy.

Round 2: Breaking down the terrible battle tactics used in S8E3 of Game of Thrones, and how so many GoT quotes would be awesome to use to chew out Marines.

Round 3: Ships in the Arctic Circle are blubbering about a whale that keeps head-butting the ships' hulls. Now scientists are saying Russia might be behind this strange sea activity. Fucking Russia.

Round 4: On Saturday a gunman opened fire at a San Diego synagogue killing one and wounding 3 others. While obviously tragic, this incident could have been much worse were it not for Oscar Stewart. We're gonna tell you about the Army veteran who bolted towards the sound of shooting & ran the shooter off.

Round 5: Mail bags: we answer some hard hitting questions from NCOs around the military


Apr 30, 2019
ZBT #162: Spilling The ZBTea

Round 1: Chaps is basically Varys from Game of Thrones. His little birds sing him a song from the Air Force's 735th Squadron at Hickam AFB. We've got one motivator who sick of everyone's shit so he takes an ALL CAPS dump on the entire unit's chest.

Round 2: Our guy who is completely not our guy, the Commanding General of 2nd Marine Division once again put his foot in his mouth. This time it's about a service member who was KIA and veteran twitter was FURIOUS about it.

Round 3: We speak with a super motivating fella named David Hysong who has lead a pretty unbelievable life that has stretched from the Pope, to the Navy Seals, and combating sex trafficking in Cambodia.

Round 4: Syracuse University is offering a program designed to help Veterans get more involved in politics after service. It's something we desperately need so we are all in on the Orange Men (not a reference to President Trump)

Round 5: A Navy Cook was sentenced for his role in a motorcycle gang that sold cocaine and meth in Delaware…. Delaware motorcycle gang…. In Delaware….

Round 6: Finally a super positive story, shoutout out to the Marine Corps Boot who graduated bootcamp after 900 days. He overcame cancer and many other obstacles on his way to earning the title of Marine.


Apr 26, 2019
ZBT #161: Pajama Party On Camp Lejeune

ROUND 1: We got the SCOOP on the nasty gram that a 2 Star General sent out last week and it's exactly as we expected, minus the pajamas

ROUND 2: The Coast Guard had themselves a solid 4/20 after reeling in a cool $62.5 million dollars worth of marijuana & cocaine

ROUND 3: A Marine found a hidden camera in a women's bathroom aboard the USS Arlington & Kate has a plan for the scumbag who put it there

ROUND 4: Interview with author and veteran Amber Smith about her service as an attack helicopter pilot & her time at the Pentagon

ROUND 5: Army's new Greens uniforms are expensive as hell. Cons thinks he'd look amazing in them but we have some concerns.


Apr 23, 2019
ZBT #160: The NOT Mueller Report Episode

We promise 0% of this episode is dedicated to the Mueller Report. Promise!

Round 1: A Korean fatso ate his way out of military service by shoving fried chicken and booze down his gullet. Honestly, that sounds lovely.

Round 2: We will not rest until The Code on CBS is off the air, and never returns.

Round 3: Iraq looks to ban Fortnite and other video games that have a negative influence. There goes Bren's summer plans

Round 4: The Commanding General of 2nd Marine Division Dunks His Dick On The Forehead of Every Marine Living In North Carolina

Round 5: Cons interviews Dan Futrell to discuss the Pat Tillman foundation and Pat's Run on April 27th

Apr 19, 2019
ZBT #159: Actually The VA Is Still Messed Up

Round 1: The government might start monitoring veterans' social media to see how “happy and healthy” they are in effort to lower the amount of claims at the VA. Meanwhile, the wars continue.

Round 2: A Colorado veteran was sentence to pay 1.3 million dollars in restitution to the VA for pretending to be blind since 1969 . 

Round 3: A 94-year-old blind War World 2 veteran just tried downhill skiing for the first time. He hopped in his sled designed for blind folks and had the mountain wind whipping in his face.

Round 4: Bad news Motor-T… Robots might be taking your jobs as the Army gets its first driverless vehicles.

Round 5: Game of Thrones talk. It's time that Sansa gets a meritorious promotion, and the Unsullied are really good at marching.


Apr 16, 2019
ZBT #158: We Fixed The VA

ROUND 1: Last week we ripped on Army a bit for kicking off Sexual Assault Awareness month with big smiles & a giant sheet cake. Well the head of Navy's Sexual Assault Prevention Programs just showed up & said, ‘Hold my beer, I can top that.'

ROUND 2: Who among us isn't getting a little thicc these days? Being Chonk is all well & good, but a new ruling says that won't get you a disability claim through the VA.

ROUND 3: We figured out how to fix the VA with Chinese Jerk off machines

ROUND 4: Richard Cole, the last surviving member of the Doolittle Raid on Japan, has died at age 103. We'll tell you his incredible story.

ROUND 5: Friend of the show Kirstie Ennis is out to conquer Mount Everest. Shout out Kirstie.

Apr 12, 2019
ZBT #157: George H.W. Bush's Air Flex One

ROUND 1: Breaking Bad - Navy Edition. Some navy drone techs were cooking up their own batches of LSD on a base in California. Far out, man. 

ROUND 2: Tenny-runners, Go fasters, sneakers, kicks, whatever you want to call them… the running shoes recruits wear at boot camp will finally be made in America thanks to a decision by Congress. Take THAT China!

ROUND 3: The Former Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy resigned after an investigation found out that he made sailors fetch coffee and yelled at them.

ROUND 4: Cheers to a study that just came out claiming the military leads all other professions in… The number of days spent drinking per year

ROUND 5: Pee filled boots have lead to a Pissgate Scandal in the California Air National Guard & now their top commander has been removed

ROUND 6: The George HW Bush Library is pulling off the greatest flex in the history of Presidential libraries. 

Apr 09, 2019
ZBT #156: Kristin Beck

Round 1: In an unprecedented move, the commandant of the Marine Corps has leaked two internal DoD memorandums to The Los Angeles Times. And you're gonna wanna put on earmuffs Cons, ‘cause there's a hard F-bomb in this story.

Round 2: The Army celebrated Sexual Assault Awareness month with ::drumroll please:: a fucking cake cutting ceremony. That's it. That's the joke and it's not the onion.

Round 3: The Air Force again halts KC-46 deliveries and boot-ass Boeing better know the field days and beatings will continue until morale and cleanliness improve.

Round 4: Interview w/ Navy SEAL Kristin Beck

Round 5: Two drunk Arkansas buddies were bullet-proof-gear-goofin and shot each other just for fun.

Apr 05, 2019
ZBT #155: The Marine Corps Hymn Slaps ft. Anuradha Bhagwati

ROUND 1: Gold Star families have been getting the financial shaft for a long time. A new law will right some wrongs just a little bit.

ROUND 2: Because of the All women Natl' Guard Command, bears will be flocking to Maryland. It's a Tuesday show, after all.

ROUND 3: Interview with Anuradha Bhagwati about her role as an activist and being a Marine Corps Martial Arts instructor.

Round 4: Some Airmen were heroes in Poland after helping rescue a van that had flipped over. 1stLt Motto was ready to pounce like the Fly, Fight, Win version of longtime stoolie Tigger from the Hundred Acre Woods.

ROUND 5: The Commandant is changing the rules for our beloved Marine Corps Hymn. We must now sing it out and proud.


Apr 02, 2019
ZBT #154: Dakota Meyer

Round 1: Geardo militia type dudes are taking over the southern border. Without them, the American flag would be in SERIOUS danger

Round 2: An unreal interview with Dakota Meyer. We're throwing a MUST LISTEN on this one

Round 3: We got a user submitted question: what's the most disrespectful thing you've ever seen while you were in the service? Spoiler alert, a platoon leader got slapped in the mouth.

Round 4: Bridezilla gets triggered when Marine shows up to a black tie wedding wearing dress blues. Who was wrong: the Marine or the Blushing Bride?


Mar 29, 2019
ZBT #153: Combat Obscura Director Miles Lagoze / Kate Broke Her Nose

Round 0: Kate explains how she broke her nose during a Monday morning briefing

Round 1:The Marine Corps Commandant personally invited MARSOC Trailblazer to become an officer but she wanted that sweet, sweet DD214 more than a butter bar

Round 2: Miles Lagoze, the film maker and Marine who shot the documentary Combat Obscura, joins us to talk about the process of the film and the reaction its received.

Round 3: The Air Force should be the envy of all other branch for at least a moment. They are gonna do a gender neutral fitness for every single airmen. Next up, get rid of the age standards.

Round 4: Hotel Workers were fired after posting a sign that said they'd no longer be serving military members or families at their hotel bar. Can we really blame them? A deep dive is needed.


Mar 26, 2019
ZBT #152: Congressman Max Rose and Combat Obscura Review (Chaps cries?)

Round 1: The VA is approving drugs that fight depression. That's great, but just let us smoke weed already! We're tryna blaze up, bro

Round 2: We interview New York Congressman Max Rose about his military service, life in politics, and why his achievements make us feel like some baby backed bitches.

Round 3: President Trump… Please. Stop talking about John McCain. In the words of longtime stoolie Elsa from Frozen: Let It Go.

Round 4: We all watched Combat Obscura and have some thoughts. Spoiler alert: Chaps (maybe?) cried in the recap


Mar 22, 2019
ZBT #151: Platoon Room

Chaps is in New York this week so that means it's time for a Platoon Room. Kate tells her story about getting lost in the woods, we do a little Army/Navy March Madness talk, and Chaps tells a story that makes Kate VERY mad at him. And more!

Mar 19, 2019
ZBT #150: Eatin' Lobster Tails In The Chow Hall

Round 1: People got their claws on a stat about Lobstah Tails for the troops & they are seeing red

Round 2: This weekend is Saint Patrick's Day so we have a ZeroBlogHistory aboot those Fightin' Irish. Kate's tramp stamp is tinglin!

Round 3: Remember the National Guardsman who commandeered a TANK for a joyride through Richmond last summer? Well  he just snuck another wild trip that tops that by several thousand miles.

Round 4: There's a whole new class of Navy ships entering the fleet and these towing, salvage & rescue ships are being named after the Navajo Nation.

Round 5: Are we ready for nuclear fallout? Chaps is thanks to Netflix and 20 minutes on google.

Mar 15, 2019

Round 1: Fuck Springing ahead on the clock. Losing an hour of sleep is a real bitch but we have some folks who have it way worse to start this week.

Round 2: Freddie Oversteegen was a boss ass bitch who killed a bunch of Nazis during World War 2. She was a lethal seductress whose story deserves telling so that's just what we're gonna do.

Round 3: The US will no longer disclose civilian deaths in drone strikes outside of war zones and that seems bad, right? Yeah. That's bad.

Round 4: We posted a video of Marines doing Pugil sticks training and it's going viral. We are all glad that Instagram wasn't a part of our lives when we were junior troops because we'd look like some boot bitches.

Round 5: Former US Senator and war hero Bobby Dole is being promoted from Captain to Colonel which shits all over Chaps' meritorious promotion from sergeant to staff sergeant.


Mar 12, 2019
ZBT #148: ZBT Field Op #1

ROUND 1: Senator Rand Paul is introducing a victory bonus for all Iraq and Afghanistan vets and we th… wait.. what?!  Oh Hell yeah! We won?! It's over?! WE WON!

ROUND 2: What happens with the always newsworthy “Florida Man” gets his hands on a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher?

ROUND 3: We are going to take you on the first ever ZBT Field Op to examine a famous war fighter's house. We aren't sure who the house belongs to so we are gonna do the recon ourselves to find out.  (does that work for you kate) yup

ROUND 4: Ground control to Captain Cons: One of your fellow West Point Alums is going for a historic space walk. Obviously we are now out on moonwalking btw.

ROUND 5: A timeless tradition - Roman military art has been discovered that is quite literally rock hard.

Mar 08, 2019
ZBT #147: Blade & Spray featuring Mike Viti

ROUND 1:Lt. Colonel Geisel was this soldier's name, but he and Dr. Seuss were one in the same! We tell this famous author's military story, & we promise you it won't be a bore-ey.

ROUND 2: It's always great to see fellow devil dogs succeed & rise up the ranks in life, buuuut not so much when it's to the top of a Mexican cocaine cartel. Hear about the Marine who's just been caught as Kingpin of the Los Zetas.

ROUND 3: When we talk about “skating” in the military it's normally slang for “slacking off” but a video of a Libyan rebel soldier literally skating into a firefight on roller blades is making the rounds on social media. We talk a little tactical scoot bootin'.

ROUND 4: Cons interviews his buddy Mike Viti. Mike is the current fullbacks coach at West Point and former Army Captain but what is truly wild is that he walked 7100km across the country a few years ago for gold star families.

ROUND 5: The U.S. has put out a $1M reward for Hamza Bin Laden, son of the now sea dwelling terrorist & massive asshole Osama Bin Laden, and even Saudi Arabia is taking action against him now.


Mar 05, 2019
ZBT #146: Congressman Adam Kinzinger

Round 1: A Navy Sailor was punished and had to tap paint off of a ship for three days with a ball peen hammer. We love creative punishments and this one applies.

Round 2: Interested in working dogs who rip out the throats of terrorists with their teeth? Well, boy do we have a story for you. We are gonna talk about the dog who saved 6 British special forces fighters from a jihadi ambush in Syria with his mufugin teeth

Round 3: Transgender troops appeared before Congress to promote inclusion as litigation and debate continues over Trump's policy to exclude Trans folks from serving & Kate is BIGLY triggered

Round 4: Uncle Chaps chops it up with Congressman Adam Kinzinger about his deployment to the Southern Border and the DRAMA that is unfolding with the Democratic Governor of Wisconsin

Round 5: A captured Indian Pilot praises the Pakistani Army for their hospitality and we're sure he wasn't coerced into that at all. NOTHING would be scarier than getting captured.

Mar 01, 2019
ZBT #145: Customs & Courtesies

Round 1(5m): Customs and courtesies can be a huge pain in the dick but they also are the backbone of military traditions. We asked our followers on Instagram and Twitter which customs and courtesies they'd get rid of and why

Round 2(20m):  Troops all across the world are dealing with shitty base housing. Fort Hood recently had a meeting about their issues that ranged from mold and lead paint, to snakes and cockroach infestations, and dangerously faulty window screens

Round 3(27m):  Finally, men wont be taken advantage of anymore thanks to a brave group from  who wants to make sure the ladies can get drafted into the military too.

Round 4(32m): We had a listener submit the most dangerous drinking game the barracks have ever seen. How quickly would you die if you played?



Feb 26, 2019
ZBT #144: Haitian Vacation Gone Wrong featuring Jesse Iwuji

Round 1(5m): Five veterans are a among group of 8 arrested in Haiti, and they couldn't lie their way out of trouble. Also don't mess with the Serbians

Round 2(14m): A gun maker who scored a huge contract with the Marines is making headlines after calling them ‘Crayon Eaters' in a viral post

Round 3(17m): Interview with NASCAR driver & Navy officer Jesse Iwuji, who spoke with us while wearing his Navy football jersey to troll Cons

Round 4(42m): An Airman pretended to be a CIA agent to impress a woman...and instead was charged with a crime

Round 5(49m): If you think that's bad we've got someone much worse over in the Coast Guard, where a Lt. has been taken in on gun charges with plans of mass murder

Feb 22, 2019
ZBT #143: Live From A Dumpster Behind The Daytona Jimmy John's

We snuck away from the mayhem at Daytona to bring you a pod. We recap our trip so far, talk about the national emergency, and more. 

Feb 19, 2019
ZBT #142: Turkey, Globe & Anchor Sandwich ft. ToeYouUp

Round 1: Late Microsoft Co-Founder Paull Allen found the the bottom of the Sea

Round 2: Marine Recruits On Parris Island Tried To Remake a 100-year-old photo of a living Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. The remake looks more like a Turkey, Globe, and anchor.

Round 3: A watchdog report suggests broadcasting the 9/11 and USS Cole Bombing Trials Online: Are we in, or out on this idea?

Round 4: Marine Corps vet and Twitch Streamer “ToeYouUp” joins the squad to tell us how he is dominating in the new game Apex Legends, while using his toes on the controller.

Round 5: ZBT History. Jesse Brown was the first black naval fighter pilot. His story is an inspiration and the Medal of Honor citation that accompanies his rescue attempt will leave you with your mouth open like a codfish.


Feb 15, 2019
ZBT #141: A Marine Corps Love Story

Round 1(3m): Hear how our government spent $65M on tubes of Scar Cream that did nothing to treat scars. $65M!!!

Round 2(12m): Daycare… At The VA?? Whaaaattt????

Round 3(20m): Maj. Thomas Gordon Bostick's Silver Star to Be Upgraded to Distinguished Service Cross

Round 4(25m): Major Kaminski aka Ed Westick aka Chuck Bass is out here triggering people with uniform violations 

Round 5(29:30): Kate *tries* to tell her favorite Marine Corps love story for Valentine's week, but Chaps and Cons ruin it


Feb 12, 2019
ZBT #140: Reds, Whites & Blue

Round 1(3m): Hear why an Air Force General's uniform was the talk of the town & had Chaps Triggered at Tuesday's SOTU Address

Round 2(13:30m): There's a huge argument amongst active duty folks right now, and ZBT is here to embrace the debate & settle it once & for all.

Round 3(22m):The Navy admits that its new $760 million aircraft carrier defense system is... A total failure!

Round 4(27m): We've got an interview with former Infantryman turned wine expert & restaurateur Daniel Kim. Dont look like a boot ass bitch when you're pairing wine with your chicken chunks MRE.

Round 5(48m): SCUTTLEBUTT!  We asked our followers on Twitter & Instagram to give us military themed restaurant names & they did NOT disappoint.


Feb 08, 2019
ZBT #139: The New Army Trap Anthem

Round 1(5m): Super Bowl Recap: Which parts gave us FREEDOM BONERS?

Round 2(14m): A Bunch of motivators row across the whole ass Atlantic ocean in a boat called the WOOBIE. Why?

Round 3(20:30): Slip down the stairs and rip your anus open? Take 800mgs of Motrin and light duty for 24 hours. The medical provider who changed the military is dead at the age of 95 and no amount of Motrin is bringing him back. RIP

Round 4(26m): Hello fellow kewl teens, the Army is using Trap music to trap new recruits with their LIES. This time, the lies are set to a beat that is dripping? Are we using that right? Dripping swag?


Feb 05, 2019
ZBT #138: Rapid Fire Piss Cups

Round 1(4m): Hear why the first all-female flyover is taking place this weekend in Tennessee. Shoutout Rosemary Mariner

Round 2(9m): A sailor set fire to his own piss because he was worried about pissing hot. Huh?

Round 3(15:30m): SOCOM could test military jet pack this summer. Will it take you higher?

Round 4(26m): Former Iraqi contractor Adel Altamimi fought in his Bellator debut with Chris Pratt in his corner. He was seconds from dying at the hands of Al-Qaeda, but now he is a beloved MMA trainer and fighter. 

Feb 01, 2019
ZBT #137: The Most Decorated Soldier in US history

Today's 5 rounds:

Round 1(5m): They've got a lotta sole, but BOOTS IN THE NAVY are really messing things up.

Round 2(11m): The government shutdown is over. Finally!

Round 3(18:30m): A Cheesy gordita crunchwrap supreme with a side of WWII bomb, por favor! You won't believe what this Florida couple brought to Taco Bell.

Round 4(24m): Celebrating Audie Murphy

Round 5(35m): The suicide rate among active duty Marines is at a 10 year high. It's never too late to visit

Jan 29, 2019
ZBT #136: Machine Gunning Day 34 Of The Shutdown

Today's 5 rounds: 

Round 1(4:45): Navy's swapping $38,000 periscope joysticks for $30 Xbox controllers on high-tech submarines

Round 2(11:30): The Naval and Air Force Academies are falling apart at the seams. Not great!

Round 3(17:00): Chaps interviews with Machine Gunner Hank Goff 

Round 4(42:30): The Army takes 4 years to develop a new super vehicle annnnnnd... It takes the troops 4 seconds to completely destroy it. We've never been more proud of the army.

Round 5(48:45): Coast Guard Headlines From Around The Web: Sad, Encouraging, Rage Inducing

Jan 25, 2019
ZBT #135: The Gubment Shutdown Blues

Today's 5 rounds:

1 - (5:30) A Military Plane takes a couple of low passes over Nashville and makes residents sound like they are gonna shit their pants. Should the military have to issue text alerts for training like this?

2 - (13:40) The Gubment Shutdown blues song is sweeping the nation. A Coast Guard vet's song is now being played on local radio stations and finding an audience online and through social media.

3 - (20:30) The Army released its 1300 page report on the Iraq War. Some of the take aways are the biggest “no shit statements” you could possibly imagine.

4 - (28:00) Sgt. Troney? More like PHONEY BALONEY. Last week we gave a shout out to Sgt. Trey Troney for his heroic actions at a car wreck. Hear why we're RETRACTING it this week.

5 - (40:45)  Jerry Yellin was the last fighter pilot in the skies of WWII. We take a look back at his final mission on Iwo Jima and a beautiful tributethat he gave when he went back to the volcanic sands at the age of 91.






Jan 22, 2019
ZBT #134: What Really Happened on the USS Fitzgerald

Today's rounds:

R1 (3min): Chaps is triggered by military bro instagram star workout videos. Is he being a little bitch?

R2 (12min): An update from last episode: A sailor who was onboard when the USS Fitzgerald was involved in a collision joins us to correct the record. TLDR; Shut the fuck about the piss bottles.

R3 (25:45): Football player Alohi Gilman waves Aloha to haters who are butthurt about him leaving the Naval Academy for Notre Dame and a potential shot at the NFL.

R4 (33:30): Steve Carell & the minds behind The Office are launching a new show, Space Force! Is it possible for him to make a successful workplace comedy?

To cap off, we pay tribute to deceased Medal Of Honor recipient Col. Joe Jackson.

Jan 18, 2019
ZBT #133: Pay The F'ing Coast Guard featuring GySgt Clark Johnson

Today's 5 rounds:

1) A scathing internal Navy probe into the 2017 collision that drowned seven sailors on the guided-missile destroyer Fitzgerald details a far longer list of problems plaguing the vessel. Meanwhile, the focus was on piss bottles and kettle bells.

2) President Trump's menu for the Clemson Tigers sounds fucking delicious

3) The Coast Guard will not get their paid because of the government shutdown. That's BULLSHIT.

4) Sound the common sense alarm --- The Army is no longer requiring PT belts on closed roads or during daylight hours

5) Chaps interviews his best friend during his time on active duty, GySgt. Clark 'Doc' Johnson. Doc tells some stories about Staff Sergeant Chaps that you won't want to miss.

Jan 15, 2019
ZBT #132: The Battle of Peleliu featuring Eugene Sledgehammer


On today's show we have 5 rounds in the chamber:

Round 1: A Jury Acquits Senior NCO Accused of Pointing Gun at Soldier, Calling Another Fat

Round 2: The Battle of Peleliu in Eugene Sledgehammer's own words

Round 3: Female Firsts - This past week we had the first female Marine to graduate from the arduous Winter Mountain Leaders Course and the first female test pilot to lead an Air Force F35 mission

Round 4: Army and Marines train together to fight underground in mega-cities

Round 5: A Safety Brief for Kate's trip to New Orleans for Eagles/Saints



Jan 11, 2019
ZBT #131: Johnny Joey Jones

Today's 5 rounds:

-A fella was a deserter for 18 years was captured after he walked into a police station to complain about a co-worker who was pissing him the hell off.

-Female and Male Marine Recruits are training together for the first time at boot camp. Will America have to fold up shop soon?

-Changes are being made to the Marine Corps version of the fitness test. Are planks better than crunches?

-With the government shutdown, our Coast Guard pals aren't getting paid which is actually bad.

-Special guest, retired Marine Johnny “Joey” Jones who quite frankly, charmed the shit outta Chaps & spoke openly & honestly about life as an amputee

-Bonus round: Bren reads a letter his cousin wrote him from boot camp

Download, listen, rate 5 stars, then get all your boot friends to do the same!

Jan 08, 2019
ZBT#130: Be My Little General

The first ZBT of 2019 is a jam packed episode!

Round 1: Indian soldiers are gettin' RIPE on the world's highest battlefield because they couldn't bathe for months at a time,,, UNTIL NOW

Round 2: There's a new device to help Fighter Pilots pee in the sky!

Round 3: Name that General! This four-star-fella got “Fired like a dog.”

Round 4: Mattis' most memorable statements as Secretary of Defense. We don't wanna spoil it but we are gonna say pussy on the podcast. Exciting!

Round 5: Having a desk with a name is fucking awesome. A brief History of the Resolute Desk! Sounds fancy.

Jan 04, 2019
ZBT #129: Holiday Bonus Episode

On this special edition of ZBT, we discuss how President Trump's trip to Iraq on Christmas was portrayed by the media, and we compare what we remember about our first trips into combat zones. We make New Year's resolutions, and they are basically to stop being fat pieces of shit. Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer joined us on Hi Haters, but we want you to hear it on ZBT as well. It was,,, weird. (Full interview coming soon)

Dec 27, 2018
ZBT #128: Secretary Mattis Resigns But We’re Still Having A Merry Christmas

The best way to cap off 2018 is a jam-packed episode with two interviews, and live reaction to massive military news. General Mattis is no longer on the president's staff, so we give you our rapid reaction live from our radio show. Chaps and Kate interview Dr. Janette Nesheiwat about the best things to send in a care package, and Cons interviews college basketball announcer Chris Spatola about going from West Point to the basketball court. We also introduce a new format with quick fire topics that you won't want to miss! 

Dec 21, 2018
ZBT #127: The Murder Case Of Mathew Golsteyn featuring Dan Lamothe

Captain Mathew Golsteyn is a Silver Star recipient and Green Beret who is charged with murder because he admitted to assassinating a member of the Taliban. President Trump tweeted about it and brought the case into the spotlight. With the help of the Washington Post's Dan Lamothe, we comb through all the details of the battle that earned him his awards, and the confession that has him facing a first degree murder charge.

Dec 17, 2018

Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer argued about shutting down the government in the Oval Office, and it is something we have frankly never seen before. Longtime stoolie Gary Sinise is in the news for helping Gold Star families during the holidays. A Russian soldier got in trouble for revealing the locations of all secret base locations in the world. And a ton more!

Dec 14, 2018
ZBT #125: Army/Navy Recap

Cons and Kate are back in town to recap an awesome week in Philly, the tailgate video we made, and the Army victory. If you weren't able to make it to our live show, we've got it for you right here. Cons interviewed two of his teammates and we did some Army/Navy trivia.

Dec 11, 2018
ZBT #124: Army/Navy Preview

Army/Navy is tomorrow and Army's two-game win streak will be put to the test. Army's uniforms are AWESOME. George H.W. Bush's funeral was as beautiful as you would expect. A model soldier is going to jail for trying to join ISIS. And more!


Make sure to join us tonight at 6 p.m. at 1301 Chestnut St. in Philly. We are doing a live podcast from Starbucks, then having an afterparty. Then come hangout at the Army-Navy tailgate on Saturday. Just look for the Barstool Bus!

Dec 07, 2018
ZBT #123: George H.W. Bush In Memoriam // David Andrews

Over the weekend George H.W. Bush passed away. We pay tribute by reading some of the eloquent letters he wrote to people like Bill Clinton, his mother, and more. David Andrews of the New England Patriots joins the Chaps to talk about his #MyCauseMyCleats initiative. 


Make sure to join us Friday night at 6 p.m. at 1301 Chestnut St. in Philly. We are doing a live podcast from Starbucks, then having an afterparty. Then come hangout at the Army-Navy tailgate on Saturday. Just look for the Barstool Bus!

Dec 04, 2018
ZBT #122: Noah Galloway // Cocks In The Cockpit

The money totals from the prisoners have been released and they are ASTOUNDING. Chaps wants to send a copy of Personal Finance For Marines to Kate. Cons interviews Noah Galloway about his service in Iraq, the highs and lows of of his retirement, and his appearance on Dancing With The Stars. Also we have some talk about KPOP stars, cocks in the cockpit, and more!

Nov 30, 2018
ZBT #121: Hittin' The Strip Club

On this edition of ZBT, the Army has issued notice to recruiters not to hit strip clubs while on duty. Has a lack of sleep dangerously affected any of the co-hosts while on tour? We also give a big time shoutout to a touchdown scoring machine.

Nov 27, 2018
ZBT #120: Thanksgiving Safety Brief 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners! On today's pod we give you 5 tips for you a healthy Thanksgiving but first, Cons and Chaps break down Trump's latest feud with Admiral Bill McRaven. 

Nov 20, 2018
ZBT #119: Medal Of Honor Recipient Ty Carter

The whole squad is still in New York and we have a lot of material to talk about for this episode. Members of the National Guard were overpaid and are being told to return their overpaid wages. A Navy SEAL is charged for murdering an ISIS teenager. Chaps interviews Medal of Honor recipient Ty Carter about the courageous act that earned the award. Chaps tried to teach his kids about light discipline with his kids and got laughed at by his wife, and a ton more.

Nov 16, 2018
ZBT #118: Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to all of our listeners. On today's episode we have a rep from the VFW who offers some advice to those affected by the recent issues at the VA. Kate talks about her weekend in Philly for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, and more.

Nov 13, 2018
ZBT #117: Medal Of Honor Recipient Clint Romesha

In the next few weeks, we will have multiple Medal of Honor recipients joining our show. The first is Clint Romesha. He tells us the story that earned him the award, and the about filming the upcoming Netflix series documenting it. Captain Cons addresses the nasty rumors circulating about him online.

Before the episode begins we acknowledge the tragedy that occurred in the Thousand Oaks shooting. It is a sad story that we are waiting to provide a larger perspective on once more details become public. 

Nov 09, 2018
ZBT #116: Amanda Burrill // Flipping The Bird

Chaps and Kate discuss the Navy's Twitter account taking shots at Russia because Russian pilots flew a little to close to a Navy recon plane. Cons and Kate interview Amanda Burrill, who shares her story about overcoming a brain injury, and her mission to help those who are also underserved in their injuries. Cons recaps the controversial Army/Air Force game to end the show.

Nov 06, 2018
ZBT #115: Throwing Rocks // Cons' Battle Buddy

Chaps and Kate are in studio to discuss a viral story about an actor cutting his hand off, and claiming it was a war injury to get acting jobs. They also discuss the President's recent remarks encouraging our military to use lethal force on the incoming Mexican caravan. Cons interviews his battle buddy Rob, who was right by his side in Iraq. We also can't forget to mention it's Army-Air Force week. 

Nov 02, 2018
ZBT #115: Things In The Military Better Than Sex

Kate is up to her old goofin ways, scaring people around the office. We reached out on social media and asked 'What are some things in the military that are better than sex?' Then we get serious for a little bit and talk about the coverage of the Mexican caravans in the news. 

Oct 30, 2018
ZBT #114: Kevin Flike // Military Halloween Costumes & Cons Get Fired Up

Halloween is right around the corner so we're gonna help you and you're battle buddy decide on what your costume will be. Cons gets FIRED UP about recent Army news. Chaps interviews Kevin Flike, a Green Beret with an emotional story about surviving a traumatic event in Afghanistan. We cap off the show with a safety violation. Watch out for flying Humvees. 

Oct 26, 2018
ZBT #113: Don't Be The Boot Who Gets Catfished

To start the show, Chaps officially serves Kate her Page 11. A Brigadier General got shot by the Taliban, so the show discusses how motivated his troops would be upon his return. Kate gets jazzed about new female Marine uniforms. A story came out about a bunch of soldiers who were catfished and blackmailed by prisoners, so we make fun of them. 

Oct 23, 2018
ZBT #112: Randy Couture & Joe Quinn // Kate Gets A Page 11

On today's episode, Chaps and Cons discuss recent criticism of Trump for not visiting active combat zones, and how it's bullshit. They discuss it by themselves because Kate was so late, that Chaps felt the need to issue her a Page 11. Joe Quinn from the HEADstrong Foundation joins us to speak about his inspiration for creating the organization, and to encourage veterans to get help. UFC Champion Randy Couture also joins the show to talk about working with Jay Glazer on his 'Merging Vets & Players' organization, and Chaps fanboys all over the place. 

Oct 19, 2018
ZBT #111: Platoon Room

Chaps is back at Barstool HQ so it's platoon room time. Chaps talks about his speech in Boston, and his lovely train ride in to New York City. The Air Force got messed up by Hurricane Michael real bad, and the monetary value will shock you. Chaps caps off the show by making Kate sing the Marines' Hymn.

Oct 16, 2018
ZBT #110: Malcolm Nance // Where is Blue Star Navy Mom 1 & 2?

On today's episode, Chaps links up with Malcolm Nance, a Navy Senior Chief with over 36 years of experience in US Intelligence. He knows a lot about what's going on in Saudi Arabia, so he breaks it down Barney style for us. The rest of the squad addresses the viral post made my a Navy mom this week that put a Navy sailor in quite the embarrassing internet spotlight. We also shoutout everyone making a big time effort to repair the Air Force bases affected by Hurricane Michael.

Oct 12, 2018
ZBT #109: Will The War In Afghanistan Ever End?

It's been 17 years since George W Bush declared war on Afghanistan, so we do some reflecting on the year 2001. What were the top songs and movies from the year 2001? Can Kate sing them all? After spending 17 at war in one region, it's obvious we made some mistakes along the way. What were they? Who made them? We discuss all that and more on today's Zero Blog Thirty.

Oct 09, 2018
ZBT #108: Travis Manion Foundation // The Army Is Fat & Tired

In 2007 1st Lt. Travis Manion lost his life in Iraq. Now his legacy lives on through the Travis Manion Foundation and Kate & Cons were joined by Travis's sister Ryan. They also speak with Marine/FDNY fireman Timothy Sullivan who connected with the Manion family through an incredible twist of fate.Back on the home front, Chaps makes fun of the Army for the latest fitness news. Also someone tried to kill Mad Dog Mattis, and spoiler alert, it didn't work.

Oct 05, 2018
ZBT 107: Interview with Chaps' Wife

Back in San Antonio, Kate chatted with Chaps' wife about her backstory, her life as a military spouse, and being Chaps' better half. Kate asks her everything from Chaps' TBI to Chaps' social presence to a lightning round of Chaps' favorite things. Afterwards, Kate talks about a story that includes some Naval heroics. She's also super jazzed about Gritty. Maybe a little too jazzed.

Oct 03, 2018
ZBT 106: Lattes With Extra FOMO

The whole squad is in one place for the first time since before Chaps, Kate, and Bren left for the Starbucks trip. Cons admits he had serious FOMO watching everyone else having fun, but he did get to watch an awesome Army-Oklahoma football game. Today's interviews are mash-up of all the best parts of the interviews Chaps and Kate conducted at Starbucks HQ. We talk to two Marines, two Navy vets, and a West Point grad, all of whom play an important role at Starbucks. 

Sep 28, 2018
ZBT #105: David Vobora's Adaptive Training Foundation

In January of 2014, David Vobora, a 5-year veteran of the NFL, met US Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, a quadruple amputee. David opened up his personal gym to Travis, offering his training expertise. The pair started working out together, customizing and adapting to the unique challenges posed by Travis' injuries. Through working with Travis and engaging the veteran community, David developed a passion for helping those with life-altering injuries find life-fulfilling adaptive performance training.


At ATF's training center in Dallas, Kate and Chaps spoke to David and ATF's Colin Anderson about their passion for helping veterans overcome the obstacles that face them as they recover from serious injuries. 

Chaps and Kate also talk about their day at a dog training facility, and Chaps tells a story that almost makes Kate puke.

Sep 26, 2018
ZBT #104: Military Superstitions

Live from a hotel room in Seattle, Chaps and Kate discuss a recent viral video of Marines running headfirst into a fire, how it feels to be a hero in a small scale tragedy, and the first leg of the Starbucks trip. They also touch on military superstitions, like why charms are bad luck. Cons closes the episode out with some Zero Blog History.

Sep 21, 2018
ZBT #103: Boot Camp 101

We at Zero Blog Thirty have been through it all (expcept PFC Bren). So we want to teach you how to get through every facet of your military career. On today's episode, we answer questions from those of you who are going through the motions at boot camp. You won't find better military advice anywhere. Also we wish a happy birthday to the Air Force. 

Sep 19, 2018
ZBT #102: Sean Parnell // Bob Woodward's New Book Fear

Chaps read Bob Woodward's new book, and unfortunately, he didn't learn anything he didn't already know. The only thing worth noting is that Mad Dog Mattis comes out looking like a badass. Sean Parnell joins Cons and Kate to talk about his new book Man of War.

Sep 14, 2018
ZBT #101: Remembering 9/11 with Large

On the 17th anniversary of 9/11, Kate and Cons are joined by Large from Barstool. Prior to Barstool, Large etched out a career on Wall Street and like so many, was personally affected with the days tragedy. Large shares with us an intimate, and at times emotional, account of the day's events. Listen as we reflect on a pivotal day in our Nation's history.

Sep 11, 2018
100th Episode Special featuring Rob O'Neill

Wow. We made it to 100 official episodes. *Reggaeton airhorn noises* (BOWWW BUHBUHBOWBOWBOWWWWW) Chaps comes up from Texas to do the show in-studio with the full squad. General Mattis put Sean Spicer in a bodybag with the most Mad Dog quote of all-time.  Rob O'Neill joins us in studio to tell some more awesome stories, shoot the shit, and answer some silly rapid fire questions. Chaps reflects on how proud he is of what the podcast has become.

Sep 07, 2018
ZBT #99.9: Russian Double Agent Naveed Jamali

Double Agent might be one of the sexiest job titles you could possibly have. That title belonged to today's guest Naveed Jamali for years. Listen to today's show to hear how Naveed balanced being scared out of his mind that the Russians would find out, that the FBI didn't trust him completely, and whether or not he still worries that his gin and tonic is spiked with a little bit of lethal poison.

Sep 04, 2018
ZBT #99.5: Remembering John McCain // Matt Martin & Sydney Esiason

On this week's episode Chaps, Cons and Kate reflect on the life of John McCain. Everything is discussed from his time as a POW, how long you need to wait after his death to discuss his policies, and how President Trump disrespected him in death using the flag. NHL player Matt Martin and Sydney Esiason join Cons and Kate in studio to discuss Matt's foundation, which helps get service dogs to people with PTSD.

Aug 31, 2018
ZBT #99: Zach Iscol of Task & Purpose

On this edition of ZBT the whole crew puts former Congressman Duncan Hunter in the blender for disrespecting the troops. Zach Iscol joins the show to discuss his service and what its like running Task & Purpose. Cons gives a history lesson, we open up some doggie bags, and more.

Aug 24, 2018
ZBT #98: Sean Spicer

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer joins us in studio. Spicer discusses being a commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve, his relationships with General Kelly and General Mattis, his stint in the Trump administration, and a ton more. Also in this episode: Chaps is getting fat, a debate about whether enlisted or officers party harder, and Cons tells a widely known fake story that he believes to be real. 

Aug 17, 2018
ZBT #97: Featuring Kenny Mayne & Emily Brandwin

On a jam-packed show, the Cons, Chaps and Kate open with the marines who get suspended from cheating on their land navigation tests. Kenny Mayne joins the show to talk about, an organization helping veterans recover from their injuries to be active again. Former CIA agent Emily Brandwin also joins the show and tells Chaps all about how she got into the CIA, what a CIA agent does and a ton more. 

Aug 10, 2018
ZBT #96 - 2 Fighters, a Pitcher, and a Dad
On this week's episode of zero blog thirty, the squad sits down with the first West Point graduate to pitch in the major leagues. West Point and the MLB have been around over 150 years and only one man has done it. We also interview Gay Pat and Air Force member Hannah Fryer ahead of their rough and rowdy fight. After that, Barstool's own Jerry Thornton joins us to talk about his son's return home after finishing his time in the Marine Corps.  
Aug 03, 2018
ZBT #95: Paid Patriotism featuring Nick Francona

Flags, flyovers & flaunting the troops: In the wake of 9/11professional sporting events have upped the patriotism, but some say it's not always genuine. In certain cases, taxpayer money has even been used to create moments highlighting the troops... lamong them, large payouts to teams for on-field re-enlistment ceremonies, National Anthems & meet and greets. Nate Francona has had experience with both professional sports and being a platoon commander for a scout sniper platoon. Nate joins us this week to talk about forced patriotism and much much more.”

Jul 27, 2018
ZBT #94: Midsummer Classic featuring Tony La Russa

Chaps and Cons have the privilege to speak with Hall Of Famer Tony LaRussa about the Animal Rescue Foundation pairing rescue dogs with Veterans. The whole squad tackles POTUS' Helsinki meeting, replacing military movies with Muppets, and what they don't miss from their time in service. They wrap the week with a feel good story from the Navy - would their own parents fit in the military?

Jul 20, 2018
ZBT #93: Changing Up The Fitness Test featuring Dan Pfeiffer

The whole crew is in NYC to discuss the Thai cave rescue and the Army changing it's fitness standards. Dan Pfeiffer from Pod Save America joins the show to discuss the current political climate.

Jul 13, 2018
ZBT #92: 4th of July BBQ's Featuring Kyle Stewart & Michael Jackson

The 4th of July is right around the corner, so Kate quizzes the rest of the crew on some Independence Day facts. Chaps dishes out the details on what would be his ideal barbecue. MMA fighter Kyle Stewart joins the show to talk about his 10-0 record, his time in the Marines, and how he's using his fighting career to inspire others.

Jun 29, 2018
Dropping The D: It’s Okay To Have Post Traumatic Stress

June 27th is National PTSD Awareness Day & Zero Blog Thirty is honoring that with a special episode. Chaps, Captain Cons & Kate drop that D (disorder) all on ya and discuss the signs, symptoms & options for someone who might be dealing with PTS. Learn about The Headstrong Project & know that whether you're a civilian or veteran, there's no shame to the mental health game. 

Jun 27, 2018
ZBT #94: Midsummer Classic featuring Tony LaRussa

Chaps and Cons have the privilege to speak with Hall Of Famer Tony LaRussa about the Animal Rescue Foundation pairing rescue dogs with Veterans. The whole squad tackles POTUS' Helsinki meeting, replacing military movies with Muppets, and what they don't miss from their time in service. They wrap the week with a feel good story from the Navy - would their own parents fit in the military?

Jun 22, 2018
ZBT #91: We Need More Military Discounts featuring Matthew 'Whiz' Buckley

After a woman in San Antonio got upset she couldn't get a military discount on a traffic ticket, Chaps, Cons and Kate break down where they would like to have military discounts. They also discuss the West Point grad that got other than honorably discharged for supporting communism in a graduation photo. Matthew 'Whiz' Buckley joins the show to talk about being a Navy Pilot turned Top Gun CEO. A nutty Marine jumped the White House fence, Cons has a Badass of the Week, and much more in a jam-packed episode of ZBT.

Jun 22, 2018
ZBT #90: Zero Blog Theater: Full Metal Jacket featuring Lights Camera Barstool

Jeff and KenJac from Lights Camera Barstool join the ZBT crew for a live viewing of Full Metal Jacket. Kate and Cons discuss the Singapore summit, and what would happen if a nuke hit Times Square. 

Jun 15, 2018
ZBT #89: H.R. McMaster / Platoon Room

Francis tries to pass off some stolen valor on us but we're not buyin what he's sellin. Kate gets the first interview with Lt. General H.R. McMaster since his retirement (5:35-7:22). The crew also discusses how Master Sergeant Andre Rush is the most jacked White House Chef of all-time, an update on the stolen tank, and more.

Jun 08, 2018
ZBT #88: Canine Goofin' featuring Shelby Miller

Chaps is debating whether or not to put his dog pal Gus up in a fancy dog hotel while he's away at Disney. He also likes to have dick-measuring contests with the veteranarians because he knows more then they do. Chaps tells stories about one of his old service dogs Santo, who was kind of a jerk. Shelby Miller of the Arizona Diamondbacks joins Kate and Cons to talk about his new project Heroes F1rst.

Jun 01, 2018
ZBT #87: MDW

Chaps, Kate and Cons are here to tell you that you can enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend while still reflecting on those who gave their lives for this country. Kate reflects on one of her fallen comrades in this week's Kate's corner. Also, what's the worst thing you've ever had to wipe your ass with?

May 25, 2018
ZBT #86: Burn Pits featuring the Smithsonian Museum

One of the biggest stories in the military world is the case of the burn pits. Veterans are getting sick because of the chemicals produced in the burn pits, but they are important for military protocol. Chaps and Kate interview Miranda Summers Lowe and Arthur Daemmrich from the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC about an event they are hosting called Military Invention Day. The gang answers some hypotheticals to finish off the show.

May 18, 2018
ZBT #85: Go Ruck Yourself featuring Ryan Cauley and #RuckingForRaiders

Kate is having a rucking good time down in sweet home Alabama with the #RuckingForRaiders squad, and she calls in with the man who organized it all, Dan. Dan talks about his inspiration for creating and leading the event. Barstool Heartland's Ryan Cauley also joins us to talk about PTSD and to call out who veterans who use their large platform to deny its severity.

May 11, 2018
ZBT #84 Double Episode: David Burnett Interview / Platoon Room featuring Max Uriarte

Buddy,,,,, you better get excited for this double episode. We kick things off with Max Uriarte AKA Terminal Lance who joins us for a platoon room. We run through a couple hypotheticals about going to Vegas with Mad Dog Mattis and painting with your penis/dick/butt/ass. Author David Burnett joins us in the second half to talk about his experience flying chinooks like a badass. People don't call him the Nightstalker for nothing folks.

May 04, 2018
ZBT #83: Sorry Mr. Jackson, (Oooooooh) We Are For Reaaaalllllll

From Texas to NYC to Philly, the ZBT crew delivers the most correct takes on Afghani officers going AWOL,  #Puppetgate, and Dr. Ronny Jackson getting into a heap of trouble. Chaps interviews Josh Dawsey from the Washington Post about never having bought anything off Amazon, and the most recent news about Ronny Jackson. In a wild twist, everybody takes turns performing Celine Dion's 'Cause I'm Your Lady.'

Apr 27, 2018
ZBT #82: Master of Puppets featuring S.E. Cupp

Kate's been hired full time, and she's already out here interviewing S.E Cupp. Chaps and Kate ask S.E Cupp for her thoughts on the recent events in Syria. The crew also discusses the three Air Force members who were punished for a viral video made during a re-enlistment oath.

Apr 20, 2018
Syria Special featuring Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Chaps, Cons, and Kate walk the platoon through the situation with Syria. Congressman Adam Kinzinger calms us down with facts from someone in the know. EOD Mike joins us to tell us about the situation on the ground and the dangers of a dug-in ISIS force. 

Apr 15, 2018
ZBT #81: Fight Like A Girl with Kate Germano

On this edition of ZBT, Chaps and Cons discuss their marksmanship levels. Kate and Chaps interview author Kate Germano about her new book 'Fight Like A Girl' and she tells them how she once got fired for being too mean. Badass of the Week returns with an Officer named Mike who tells a story about his friend Jimmy Casadona, who died in service to our country. Kate's Corner tells us all about a hot new phone number you and all your friends should be calling for a good time. With Rough N Rowdy going down, Thrill Ride sounds the retreat.

Apr 13, 2018
ZBT #80: Platoon Room

Chaps and Kate join Cons and Bren at Barstool HQ for a good' ol platoon room pow-wow. The show starts out with an important discussion about the Navy Chaplain who got fired for slanging some dick outside of a New Orleans bar. Chaps tells a story about his grandfather that will make your jaw drop. We take questions from the mailbag about things you wish you brought with you overseas, doin duty, and getting caught not knowing how to reassemble your weapon. 

Apr 06, 2018
ZBT #79: Aye Sir, Good Morning Gentleman

Chaps and Cons discuss the new VA hire Dr. Ronny Jackson, and how they both think that he is unqualified for the job. Kate's Corner calls for the Taliban to slide into our DM's (still waiting). Two Green Berets join the show to discuss their app Kayu, and they tell a story that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Mar 30, 2018
ZBT #78: The Iraq War Can Get Its Permit

On this edition of Zero Blog Thirty, Chaps and Cons discuss how its been 15 years since the Iraq war started. The Iraq war can basically get its permit already. Chaps and Kate interview Matt Ufford of the New York Times about his most recent article, and he is also the subject of Kate's Corner. The show gives out the Badass Of The Week award and PFC Bren gives an update on his push-up punishment.

Mar 23, 2018
ZBT #77: Joining The Space Force Ft. Duffel Blog's Paul Szoldra

Donald Trump's suggestion that the military should have a division called the 'Space Force' has Chaps thirsty to re-enlist. Chaps and Cons roast PFC RadioBren for being young and dumb. Kate's Corner is about Women's History Month and she's treatin' herself. Chaps and Kate interview Duffel Blog founder Paul Szoldra about founding the military's version of The Onion, and more. 

Mar 16, 2018
ZBT #76: Platoon Room

If you could draft one fictional and one non-fictional person into each branch of the military, who would it be? Despite a ton of confusion, Chaps, Cons, Bren and Kate draft new members of the Marines Corps, Navy, Army and Air Force. They also talk about the best and worst kind of farts because why not. 

Mar 09, 2018
ZBT #75: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Pubes

On this edition of ZBT, Chaps is extremely happy because he got a ton of meat for cheap. Kate's corner is all about cleaning up pubes, which sparks a 'would you rather' of epic pubeportions. Chaps interviews a member of the British Army about his accent mostly, and a little about the British military. We also talk about some members of the Naval Academy got caught up selling drugs on the dark web, and more

Mar 02, 2018
ZBT #74: Leaders And Showoffs featuring General McPeak

On this edition of ZBT, the boys have a discussion about gun control. Chaps believes Democrats should take more responsibility, and also believes it's a terrible idea to arm teachers in the classroom. Chaps also tells a story about getting put in his place by a general for showbaoting. Retired 4-star General Merrill McPeak joins Chaps to talk about being against the invasion of Afghanistan, other high ranking generals like Colin Powell, Jim Mattis and John Kelly, and more. Kate's Corner returns with a segment on how thiccc the troops are getting. 

Feb 23, 2018
ZBT #73: Naked In The Woods featuring Sean Parnell

On this edition of ZBT, Chaps and Cons discuss the Naval officers who were removed from their posts after getting caught drunk and naked in the woods. Why do military members always feel the need to be naked all the time? After reading his book Outlaw Platoon, Cons interviews Sean Parnell about writing the book and his experiences in Afghanistan. Kate debuts her new segment Kate' Corner with a review of 15:17 to Paris.

Feb 16, 2018
ZBT #72: Nobody Likes Military Parades ft. Josh Schaefer of the IDF

Donald Trump has requested the U.S. military put on a parade showcasing our strength, and Chaps and Cons break down why that's actually a terrible idea. Chaps interviews Josh Schaefer, a member of the Israeli Defense Force. Chaps asks him about the process of joining the IDF, the international reputation of the U.S. military, and more. We also salute a notable African American Air Force member for Black History Month, and give an update on ZeeBee, one of the service dogs the stoolies helped raised money for. 

Feb 09, 2018
ZBT #71: Tatted Up featuring Angry Staff Officer

On this week's ZBT, Chaps, Cons, Kate and Pfc Bren discuss how badass eagles are and the USMC's new tattoo policy. Chaps interviews Angry Staff Officer about politics, guns, and more. Chaps also reads an emotional Facebook post from one of his former Marine's wives.

Feb 02, 2018
ZBT #70: Lions, Eagles and Gorillas, Oh My!

Cons is in Mexico so Chaps, RadioBren and Kate are left to their own devices. After a quick chat about the NFL turning down an AMVETS Super Bowl ad about kneeling, they break down a survival hypothetical: Pick 2 animals to defend you from an army of other animals. Cons reads a first person account of WW2 hero Lou Zamperini. 

Jan 26, 2018
ZBT #69 1/2: The Platoon Room

On this edition of ZBT, Chaps, Cons, RadioBren and Kate get weird. The gang talks about poop knives, Chaps wielding his power to make an insubordinate PFC strip, Chelsea Manning, and the NFL playoffs. But mostly poop. Like a lot of poop. 

Jan 19, 2018
ZBT #69: We Totally Forgot This Was Our 69th Episode

On this edition of ZBT, we give RadioBren advice on what to do with his money now that he is a full-time employee (spoiler alert: we tell him to go on a bender). We discuss a story about a veteran who went on an epic beer run to Vietnam, and react to two news updates. The new addition to the ZBT team Kate tells us a first-person story about Anna Mae Hays. All that, and more. 

Jan 12, 2018
ZBT #68: Is Nine Purple Hearts Too Many?

After a much needed holiday break away from each other, Captain Cons and Uncle Chaps break down a bunch of stories in the first episode of 2018. The boys talk about the current weather situation in New York, a veteran claiming he has NINE purple hearts, and our Badass Of the Week, Emmanuel Mensah, who passed away after saving multiple people from a building fire. All this and more on ZBT.

Jan 05, 2018
ZBT #67: Best Of 2017

Big shoutout to all of our loyal listeners in the platoon, and we wish nothing but great things for you in 2018. On our Best of 2017 pod we've got Rob O'Neill, Kyle Carpenter and a discussion about a Canadian sniper setting a world record for the longest snipe of all-time. Enjoy.

Dec 29, 2017
ZBT #66: Post Christmas Party Daze with Marty Skovlund Jr.

Uncle Chaps gets a liiiiiitle testy with Cons after Cons chewed gum and drank water directly into the mic for the one billionth time. Cons and RadioBren recap Barstool's Christmas party, and then the gang talks Christmas movies. Chaps brings on Marty Skovlund to talk about what's going on in Afghanistan.

Dec 22, 2017
ZBT #65: Army-Navy Recap

On this week's edition of ZBT, we recap our experience at the Army-Navy tailgate. Both fanbases showed up big time to the tailgate and it was a lot of fun. We bring on our friend Dave to thank him for making the tailgate possible. We open up the mailbag and take questions about troop morale, bumper stickers., and Jody's, among other things. 

Dec 15, 2017
ZBT #64: Army-Navy Extravaganza

With Army-Navy set to kickoff this weekend, we bring you a jam-packed show. The hosts of Pardon My Take (Big Cat & PFT Commenter) joins us to break down some prop bets like "How many times will Captain Cons step on the field?" and "Will there be more than 20 passes thrown?" Angelo Paolantonio (played by Barstool's very own Rone) joins the show to break the game down from a Philly correspondent's point of view. We call up Navy football alum/New England Patriot Joe Cardona and Army football alum/Pittsburgh Steeler Alejandro Villanueva to get their predictions for the game. We finish the show by interviewing Ross Greenburg, who has been filming with Navy football all season for a Showtime documentary. Also we talk about Donald Trump's dentures. God Blesh The Yewnited Schtatesh.

Dec 08, 2017
ZBT #63: Chaps Is Rooting For Navy This Year

Chaps and Cons discuss the upcoming Army-Navy game. Does Cons go too far when rooting for Army football? Chaps gives some insight into dog-handling and reflects on some of the memories he has of his canine teammate Csika. We go to the mailbag to answer some of your questions, and more.

Dec 01, 2017
Thanksgiving Holiday Safety Brief

Thanksgiving is a time to eat, rest, and get ready for Christmas SZN (we are saying it again). The fellas sent out some well wishes to the folks deployed and take a stroll down memory lane to remember those who were there 70 years ago.

Nov 23, 2017
ZBT #62: Duffel Blog's Kate Mannion

On this week's episode of Zero Blog 30 we talk about a North Korean soldier who went balls to the wall in his escape attempt into South Korea, which leads to a discussion about our favorite war movie escape scenes. Lady POG Kate Mannion joins us to talk about contributing to Duffel Blog, some funny stories from her service days, and how her background in comedy came to be. All this and more on ZBT.

Nov 17, 2017
ZBT #61: Veteran's Day featuring Captain Florent Groberg

On this edition of Zero Blog Thirty, Chaps and Cons talk to Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg on his service in the Army, wearing the Medal of Honor, and being recognized for his accomplishments while also wanting to be recognized as a good person overall. With Veteran's Day coming up, the boys talk about all the great places you can get free meals as a veteran. Hey Private, just because you got a free meal on Veteran's Day doesn't mean you are excused from also tipping your server. 

Nov 09, 2017
ZBT #60: USMC Gunnery Sergeants Best & Bautista from the Marine Corps Ball

On this edition of Zero Blog Thirty, Chaps travels all the way out to California to speak at a Marine Corps ball. Two USMC gunnery sergeants by the names of Best and Bautista talk to Chaps about leading boot camp from a male and female perspective. They share stories form boot camp and give insight into what their jobs are like on a day-to-day basis. Afterwards, we field some mailbag questions from the platoon. 

Nov 03, 2017
ZBT #59: Congressman Adam Kinzinger

On this special edition of Zero Blog Thirty, Adam Kinzinger joins the show. We talk to him about everything from being the most handsome man in D.C., to getting things accomplished in Congress, to switching from Congressman to Hot Plane Guy. In the spirit of Congressman Kinzinger's tenure in the Air Force, we bring back Zero Blog Theater: Top Gun. Chaps, Cons and RadioBren review the all-time classic. Debate topics include--- What was the best line? What would your callsign be? What would be your 'Danger Zone?' and more. This episode feels the need,,, the need,,, FOR SPEED

Oct 27, 2017
ZBT #58: Bowe Bergdahl's Platoon Mate Cody Full

Lots has been said about Bowe Bergdahl and what happened that night. There's four people in fire team. One of those four in Bowe Bergdahl's fire team is Cody Full. Cody joins to talk about Bowe before, after, and during the deployment. The fellas go on to talk about the events of this past week surrounding the Oval Office and everything it touches.

Oct 19, 2017
ZBT #57: Congressman Seth Moulton

On this special edition of Zero Blog Thirty, Uncle Chaps and Captain Cons travel to the nation's capital to interview Seth Moulton, who represents not only Massachusetts in the House of Representatives, but the Marine Corps as well. The boys talk to Seth about balancing being a Marine and a politician, respecting the American flag, and that time he let an Iraqi TV station broadcast Basic Instinct (spoiler,,, it went actually bad). Chaps and Cons also discuss Donald Trump's recent mishap with Sean Hannity, and that the Army is changing their uniforms AGAIN. All this and more on ZBT.

Oct 13, 2017
ZBT #56: Good Morning Vietnam

On this episode of Zero Blog 30, the boys welcome on Vietnam War veteran Captain Jack Higgins of the USMC. Jack, who has arguably the most awesome military name of all-time, talks about his service in Vietnam and being a leader of men. Chaps and Cons also discuss how they support the usage of, and right to own guns, as long as it is done responsibly, in the wake of some labeling the podcast MSZBT in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting tragedy. Cons also dedicates a Badass of the Week, and has some harsh words for a certain wannabe Instagram celebrity. All this and more on Zero Blog Thirty. 

Oct 06, 2017
ZBT 56: Good Morning Vietnam

On this episode of Zero Blog 30, the boys welcome on Vietnam War veteran Captain Jack Higgins of the USMC. Jack, who has arguably the most awesome military name of all-time, talks about his service in Vietnam and being a leader of men. Chaps and Cons also discuss how they support the usage of, and right to own guns, as long as it is done responsibly, in the wake of some labeling the podcast MSZBT in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting tragedy. Cons also dedicates a Badass of the Week, and has some harsh words for a certain wannabe Instagram celebrity. All this and more on Zero Blog Thirty. 

Oct 06, 2017
ZBT #55: Alejandro Villanueva

On this week's edition of Zero Blog 30, Chaps and Cons discuss the reaction to Pittsburgh Steelers OT Alejandro Villanueva standing for the national anthem while the rest of the team remained in the locker room. Alejandro comes on the show to talk about his journey from Afghanistan as an Army Ranger, to the gridiron as one of the premiere left tackles in the NFL. We also congratulate the first female Marine infantry officer and talk about how President Trump has made it basically impossible for Barstool to "stick to sports." All this on a SPICY edition of ZBT.

Sep 29, 2017
ZBT #54: Sean Doolittle and Podfathers Collab
Episode 54 of Zero Blog Thirty is jam packed full of funny dudes, more so than normal. Chaps interviews Sean Doolittle of the Washington Nationals, and luckily for you, he remembers to hit the record button this time. For the second half of the show we bring on Big Daddy Clem from Podfathers for a crossover episode. All this and more on Zero Blog Thirty.
Sep 22, 2017
ZBT #53: Cleaning the Barracks Naked to that Whitney Houston Fire Jam
Episode 53 of Zero Blog Thirty is here, and please make sure you're wearing your best pair of flame-retardant headphones for this one. Chaps and Cons reveal their five most favoritest songs to clean the barracks too, and they bring that HEAT. The boys acknowledge an unidentified badass female Marine who is extremely close to becoming the first female infantry officer, and also acknowledge Ted Cruz' porn watching habits. All this and more on this episode of ZBT.
Sep 15, 2017
ZBT #52: Staff Sergeant Ryan Jones & the Return of Young Riggsy
On this episode of Zero Blog 30 we celebrate ONE YEAR of being a actually good podcast. (27:09-49:14) We are joined by Staff Sergeant Ryan Jones, whose favorite hat to wear is a Green Beret. We also bring back everybody's favorite Harvard grad Young Riggsy to ask his -8 handicap having ass what golf score he would shoot in a Hurricane. All this and more in this week's episode of Zero Blog 30.
Sep 08, 2017
ZBT #51: Stephanie Stradley & Hurricane Harvey
On this episode of Zero Blog 30, Uncle Chaps and Captain Cons break down how Secretary of Defense Mattis is able to reign in President Trump when Trump makes bombastic statements. Chaps is ready for the Texans to smoke his Jaguars, and Cons can't wait for some Army football. Stephanie Stradley joins the show to discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and how you can help. All that and more on this edition of ZBT
Sep 01, 2017
ZBT #50: Troops Surge & Chinese Masturbation
On the 50th episode of Zero Blog Thirty, the boys spend a little bit of time talking about everyone's favorite activity, masturbation. Chaps opens the show with a song that reminds him of his friend's masturbation habits, and the boys get into how masturbation is depleting the Chinese Army. Dan Lamothe from the Washington Post joins the show to talk about Afghanistan. All that and more on this episode of Zero Blog Thirty.
Aug 25, 2017
ZBT #49: Sailors Aren't Pussies
This week's Zero Blog Thirty intro is given you to by some dandy a capella singers from the United States Air Force. Then they go over the recent comments from Secretary Mattis insisting that sailors are not, in fact, pussies, some news out of West Point (Cons went there, not sure if he's told you yet) and Chaps declaring it #PumpkinSZN. Also Michael Malice, author of Dear Reader, comes in to discuss North Korea and Cons gives us a Badass of the Week.
Aug 18, 2017
ZBT #48: Pod Save Zero Blog Thirty with Tommy Vietor
I'm a huge Tommy Vietor guy. Tommy is the former spokesperson for the U.S. National Security Council and for President Obama from 2011-13. An incredibly smart and capable dude who isn't a stick in the mud. Rare find. This is one of my favorite interviews that we've done. We talk everything from the feeling of awe when you are in the Oval Office, North Koreas military ability, what mission-ready nuclear bombs actually look like, life as a young person who works in the White House, and the mistakes that the Obama administration made in regards to North Korea.
Aug 10, 2017
ZBT #47: Kirstie Ennis, Bad Ass and Naked
Chaps is in New York (again) for this episode with Cons to talk about his Alive Day and his Venmo donations going to an Actually Good charity to buy K9s for veterans. Then Kirstie Ennis joins the show to talk about naked adventures in the Marine Corps, her role as a "combat flight attendant", when she lost her leg, women in combat and her struggles returning to civilian life. Then Barstool's foreign correspondent, Donnie Does, to discuss living abroad in China, what makes the United States military unique around the world, duty stations, toilets in Asia and more. Download, rate five stars and smash subscribe bitccccc.
Aug 04, 2017
ZBT #46: Commander-In-Tweeter
This week the fellas welcome Jared Keller from Task and Purpose. They talk about President Trump's bombshell tweets, the process of making military rules and regulations, CNN actually posting fake news (for real), gun talk and another edition of Doggie Bag.
Jul 28, 2017
ZBT #45: Sarah Sicard and Return of The Doggie Bag
Uncle Chaps and Captain Cons are back for another episode of Zero Blog Thirty. This week the fellas talk about how being lazy as a Lance Corporal is really just being smart, the return of Doggie Bags, "being a boxer" in every aspect of your life both inside and outside the military and much more. Also, journalist Sarah Sicard from Task and Force joins the show to talk about a local veteran controversy in Pennsylvania, medical marijuana usage for veterans, changes in the VA and more. Download, rate, smash that subscribe button.
Jul 21, 2017
ZBT #44: Remembering Lt. Chase Prasnicki and finishing up Band of Brothers
On this week's episode of Zero Blog Thirty, Uncle Chaps and Captain Cons remember Lt. Stephen "Chase" Prasnicki. The boys talk about his time on the Army football team with 2010 West Point graduate Carson Williams, who was Chase's best friend. After returning from San Diego, Cons is surprised to realize that the weather in California is actually better than in New York. The boys also wrap the final installment of their Band of Brothers discussion.
Jul 14, 2017
ZBT #43: Mike Ergo and The Second Battle of Fallujah
This week the fellas talk with Mike Ergo about his experiences during the 2nd Battle of Fallujah. Mike talks about his journey from the Marine Corps Band to the Front Lines. He also talks about why he participates in Iron Man competitions. Connor also joins us from San Diego to talk episodes 7-8 of Band of Brothers.
Jul 07, 2017
ZBT #42: Chaps Has A Heart Attack, Billy Hurley, And Service Dogs With Amanda Balionis
Our handsomest boy Chaps had some heart trouble this week, but we at ZBT adapted, improvised and overcame to give you your weekly dose of the podcast on time. Cons brings on Robbie Fox aka Octagon Bob for a round of "I Wanna Be Like You" and talking MMA and the UFC's connection to the military, then interviews PGA golfer, Naval Academy grad and former naval officer Billy Hurley. Then Chaps chats with another figure in the golf world, Amanda Balionis, about her work with service dogs. Download, rate 5*, and smash subscribe bitcc.
Jun 30, 2017
ZBT #41: The Longest Kill Shot of All-Time & Band of Brothers
Chaps is back from his tour in Disneyland for a military-heavy episode of ZBT with Captain Cons. They talk about the the Canadian sniper taking out an ISIS operative with a record-shattering 2.2 mile shot, learning not to worry about what your superior officers are doing, Otto Warmbier, those nerd fighter pilots finally doing something this week and then continue the ZBT Rewatch of the critically-acclaimed Band of Brothers.
Jun 23, 2017
ZBT #40: Brigadier General Jack Hammond
This week on Zero Blog Thirty, Chaps and Cons get into Band of Brothers episodes 3 and 4 as part of their ZBT re-watch of the acclaimed HBO show, talk about their experience with spoils of wars and a Chaps grudge. Then Cons interviews Brigadier General Jack Hammond, ZBT's highest-ranked guest yet, to talk about his career commanding two battalions in Iraq, time in Afghanistan, becoming a general, his work now in veteran care and much more. Download, rate and smash that gosh darn subscribe button.
Jun 16, 2017
ZBT #39: Band of Brothers and D-Day
In this week's ZBT, Chaps and Cons take a deep dive in this week's political intri...just kidding. The guys celebrate D-Day Remembrance Day by kicking off the Zero Blog Thirty Rewatch of HBO Series Band of Brothers with a discussion of episode one. Then the guys have on CPT (P) Pete Bier, instructor of history at West Point, to discuss the stories behind one of the most pivotal days in American history.
Jun 09, 2017
ZBT #38: What In The Heck Is Treason?
Using a weaponized microwave is the new hotness for combating IEDs. The fellas talk about what other house hold items should be weaponized. Also, would Chaps wear a sundress? Would Connor be able to stunt in NYC wearing a nice little classy skirt? Then we bring in Marine Corps LtCol and Attorney James Weirick to talk about Treason, A Few Good Men, and play some MFK.
Jun 02, 2017
ZBT #37: Memorial Day Weekend-Til Valhalla
This week's episode is all about Memorial Day. We share the names of the fallen, celebrate their lives, and tell some stories about our friends who have been killed in action. Folds of Honor Foundation founder and Air Force Fighter Pilot Dan Rooney joins us to talk about how we can help the Gold Star Families. Jerry Thorton also joins us to talk about a D-Day Documentary that is voiced by Patriot's Head Coach Bill Belichick.
May 26, 2017
ZBT #36: Rapid News And Sexy Rompers
This week on Zero Blog Thirty, the boy talk about all the craziness of the past week. Connor makes some mistakes by being a certified hater of the romper movement. We get into General Flynn, President Trump, fast-paced news cycles, Top Gun, and Doggie Bag. Busy week and chaotic week. We also give you some memorial day instructions to start the show.
May 19, 2017
ZBT #35: Director Comey Fired And Nate Boyer
This week on Zero Blog Thirty, Chaps loses his damn mind and becomes Mad Online. He's upset. They talk about Director Comey getting fired, certain Marines not having to go through boot camp, and then Nate Boyer comes on and things calm down. Nate talks about his life in the Army and his journey from a walk-on at the University of Texas and then again to the NFL. An incredible story by an incredible man. Again... Chaps was mad.
May 12, 2017
ZBT #34: Killing Osama Bin Laden
Navy Seal Rob O'Neil joined the boys to talk about killing Osama Bin Laden. Rob walked us through the build up, training and execution of the most famous raid in American history. The boys also talk about Zero Dark 30-23 and military culture.
May 05, 2017
ZBT #33: Congressman Tom Rooney
This week on Zero Blog Thirty, the boys welcome Congressman Tom Rooney of Florida to the show. The Congressman currently serves on the House's Permanent Committee on Intelligence, where he is involved with the investigation into Russia's possible meddling with the Presidential election. He also is a strong congressional voice to the crisis in the South Sudan, the Armed Services Committee, and he made Connor smile ear-to-ear when they talk about West Point. Chaps didn't like that part. Rep. Rooney also spoke about how he thinks President Trump and Sec. Mattis' first 100 days have gone. Barstool and the Congress: A match made in heaven. The boys also brought back #DoggieBag and gave a HUGE shoutout to the Coast Guard.
Apr 28, 2017
ZBT #32: Kyle Carpenter
Zero Blog Thirty this week has the privilege of hosting Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter. Kyle comes on to talk about his current life as a student at the University of South Carolina, his service and transition to being a civilian, becoming a motivational speaker, a couple new segments and much, much more. Listen, subscribe and leave a review.
Apr 21, 2017
ZBT #31: Pat McAfee and Jason Kander
This week on Zero Blog Thirty, Connor and Chaps sit down in New York with plenty of interviews. First is Former NFL Pro Bowler and Barstool employee Pat McAfee for a "I Wanna Be Like You" and conversation about the recently rebranded Barstool 'Merica and patriotism. Then Afghanistan veteran and former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander joins the show to discuss how politics influence military strategy, Donald Trump's policies and style of military leadership, "commander's intent", the US dropping the largest sub-nuclear bomb in their arsenal this week, his organization "Let America Vote" and much, much more. The show ends with Badass of the Week honoring the fallen SSG Mark De Alencar and a surprise ZBT Theatre on Forrest Gump.
Apr 14, 2017
ZBT #30: Syria, Mosul and Nerve Agents
It's a heavy show this week on Zero Blog Thirty. After a little bit of talk about Big Little Lies for 14:28 (SPOILERS), Chaps and Cons talk about airstrikes in Mosul as well as chemical attacks in Syria with former Marine and journalist from the Washington Post Thomas Gibbons-Neff then an Army officer specializing in Nuclear/Biological/Chemical to educate us on the effects of chemical and nerve agents.
Apr 07, 2017
ZBT #29: Kevin Lacz
This week on Zero Blog Thirty, Chaps and Cons talk about watching TV while deployed overseas, the troops not getting HD and the problems with veterans having their entire sense of self-worth tied to their time in the military. Then we're joined by Navy SEAL veteran, author Kevin Lacz who played himself in "American Sniper" to talk about his experience in the special forces and work with veterans now. Then Big Cat from Pardon My Take comes on to talk about what he'd do in the military for "I Wanna Be Like You". Download, subscribe, leave that sweet, sweet five-star rating.
Mar 31, 2017
ZBT #28: Terminal Lance's Max
In this week's Zero Blog Thirty the guys are joined by Kevin Clancy from Barstool New York comes on do a I Wanna Be Like You and some KFC Radio-style hypotheticals. Then the usual three talk about current events with a focus on the developments surrounding Director Comey and Russia. Then a long interview with Max Uriarte, the genius behind the Marine-focused cartoon Terminal Lance and his book Terminal Lance: The White Donkey. They talk about his background, time in the Marines, career as an artist and thoughts on Marine culture. Download, listen, leave a five-star review and smash that subscribe button.
Mar 24, 2017
ZBT #27: Hope Hodge Seck
This show the boys talk about March Madness and their own Vegas experiences, including some interesting insight from Cons. Then they talk about Riggsy's performance in the Healing Our Heroes hockey game then some hypothetical battles between modern weapons and some our favorite armies from TV and movies, because we're that mature. On a more serious note, then an interview highly-decorated journalist Hope Hodge Seck on the Marine Facebook scandal and sexual harassment/gender issues in the Marine Corps and military. Chaps and the guys then share their thoughts. Download, rate five stars and smash that subscribe button.
Mar 16, 2017
ZBT #26: Stanley Rubin Part Two
On this week's Zero Blog Thirty, Chaps, Connor and Riggsy open up talking about FISA warrants and Trump's accusations of wiretapping from the past weekend. Then they get into Doggie Bag, where Chaps uses his military dog-handling expertise to answer any dog-related questions you might have. Then it's Part 2 of the Corporal Stanley Rubin interview, where he gives a stunning and emotional recounting of his time fighting in the Battle of Iwo Jima and service during the World War 2 Pacific Theatre.
Mar 10, 2017
ZBT #25: Stanley Rubin Part One
Chaps is in-studio in New York for this week's Zero Blog Thirty. Him, Connor and Riggsy open the episode giving their thoughts on Trump's speech, their philosophy on great military leadership and the developing story about Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Then PFT Commenter from Pardon My Take comes in to talk about what he'd do in the military and do PFT things. Then, Part 1 of a two-part interview with Stanley Rubin, a survivor from the Battle of Iwo Jima to give a stunning detailed account of what it was like to battle in the Pacific Theatre.
Mar 03, 2017
ZBT #24: Chaps' Momma On War And Service
This week on ZBT, the boys talk about the emotional and historical significance of the Battle of Iwo Jima on the 72nd anniversary of the flag raising. Connor and Chaps then discuss elements of what they miss and don't miss about military life. Chaps misses being an asshole. Shocker. Rear Admiral from Spittin' Chiclets joins Zero Blog Theatre to discuss Stripes. The episode closes with Chaps walking his mother down memory lane from the point he decided to enlist to the aftermath of when he was wounded in action.
Feb 24, 2017
ZBT #23: Andrew deGrandpre
On this Zero Blog Thirty, Connor gives an exciting life update about his work with veterans, the guys briefly discuss the Trump presser and debate the Tanks v. Roman Empire hypothetical from KFC Radio. Then they interview Andrew deGrandpre, Senior Editor of the Military Times about his award-winning journalism career and his coverage of Task Force Violent. Then it's the Badass Of The Week and Chaps debuts a new segment for dog lovers.
Feb 19, 2017
ZBT #22: Things Are Nuts
This week the guys open up talking about how insane the news cycles have been lately since the Trump inauguration and their thoughts on Patriots skipping going to the White House. Then Riggs gives the background and history behind the Yemen raid for a discussion on the country. Then a Zero Blog Theatre for the classic film Full Metal Jacket then Trent comes in to talk about military golf courses and his new golf podcast Fore Play. At the end is a little bonus clip from Connor talking about his glory days on the Silver Screen in the Dark Knight Rises.
Feb 12, 2017
ZBT #21: Chaps Takes Houston
Chaps is back from the biggest week in Barstool history in Houston. He tells Riggs and Connor about being at the center of it all, the Pat McAfee signing and the Barstool Party. Then the guys discuss all aspects of the recent raid in Yemen, including planning night-time missions, troop safety versus mission accomplishment, Americans not fully understanding collateral damage and more. Then your Badass of the Week.
Feb 05, 2017
ZBT #20: From The Naval Academy To The Super Bowl
Barstool Sports CEO Erika "Nard Dog" Nardini joins the beginning of the show to play ZBT's newest segment "I Wanna Be Like You" and talk about the current state of Zero Blog Thirty and Barstool. Then Zero Blog Theatre looks back at the movie "Major Payne." Finally, Joe Cardona of the New England Patriots talks about going from the Naval Academy to playing in the Super Bowl.
Jan 29, 2017
ZBT #19: Alejandro Villanueva
This week's episode opens with Chaps, Connor and Riggs debuting a new segment then a discussion on the commutation of Chelsea Manning. Then, they interview Pittsburgh Steelers starting OL and Bronze Star recipient Alejandro Villanueva about his time in Afghanistan, being in the NFL, adjusting to life after the military, and much more. You don't want to miss this one.
Jan 22, 2017
ZBT #18: From Confirmation To Normandy
Chaps is in New York and in-studio to sit down with Connor and Riggs this week. They talk about the confirmation hearings for President-elect Trump's cabinet, statements made by General Mattis and the focus and direction of the military. Then Riggs gives this week's Badass of the Week and they talk Saving Private Ryan for ZBT's newest segment, Zero Blog Theatre.
Jan 15, 2017
ZBT #17: Back From Break
This week Chaps, Connor and Riggsy catch up after the holiday break, talk about Chaps' favorite moment after coming back from Iraq, President-Elect Trump's comment on escalating nuclear stockpiles, Presidential doublespeak about the War in Afghanistan and more. Then the boys conclude the episode by introducing Zero Blog Theatre and ranting about Serial Season Two.
Jan 08, 2017
ZBT #16: Holiday Safety Brief
On this week's episode, Chaps and Connor discuss Christmas in the military. They talk about the dreaded holiday safety brief, returning home on leave, what to do if you're mistake for military at an airport and much more. Then they interview former Sergeant of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery Tanner Welch to talk about guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. Download, smash that subscribe button, leave a review.
Dec 25, 2016
ZBT #15: Army/Navy
The ZBT boys recap the Army/Navy game including the story of how Connor almost got arrested in Baltimore. We invited Ensign Pat on the show to talk about flight school and the gentleman who broke John McCain's record for most demerits at the Naval Academy. Riggs joins the show to talk about Allepo, Russia, and where we go from here on those fronts. Chaps also tells us about his pal named Kitchen Gloves.
Dec 18, 2016
ZBT #14
Chaps and Connor talk about the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing, Connor cleaning up porta potties, General Kelly's nomination to the Department of Homeland Security and meet with the last Army Quarterback to beat Navy.
Dec 11, 2016
ZBT #13
Connor takes the reigns and interviews Chaps about his life as a military dog handler. They talk about the process of selecting dogs, training the dogs, and adopting the dogs thereafter. The boys then shift to cabinet positions with Riggs and Chaps actually agrees with Donald Trump about something. /faints
Dec 04, 2016
ZBT #12
Chaps and Connor talk about what it's like being sick in the military and the joy that is being sick in quarters. We also talk about the legend who is General James Mattis, who is rumored to be a front-runner for Secretary of Defense. Riggs joins us for cabinet talk. Life in the military can be shitty around the holidays, but the fellas talk about how to make it through the holidays.
Nov 27, 2016
ZBT #11
The Zero Blog Thirty boys are back this week and hit topics like the responsibilities of the Secretary of State, the setting of the table for President-Elect Trump's cabinet, how military folks will let you borrow anything, and the bad ass of the week Cpl Jack Simms.
Nov 20, 2016
ZBT #10
Chaps and Cons catch up with Riggs for a poignant discussion to reflect on the outcome of the Presidential election. Chaps tells us what it was like to be at President Obama's Inaugural Ball to find out how much cream cheese goes into a Presidential cheesecake. The second half of the show the boys are joined by Bad Ass of the Week, Matt Eversmann. Matt fighting in the Battle of Mogidishu in 1993 was turned into a book and eventually the movie, Black Hawk Down. Matt tells us what it was like to have his life turned into a movie, what Hollywood got right, what they got wrong, and how he felt about having a much less sexy man, Josh Hartnett, play him in the movie.
Nov 12, 2016
ZBT #9
Chaps and Connor do the show live from West Point. They talk about the game, women in combat and president HW Bush. Connor walks us through the emotional ride that is West Point.
Nov 05, 2016
ZBT #8
Chaps and Connor talk about the re-enlistment bonus fiasco in California with Riggs, getting the personal poison out on deployments, and the bad ass who was Bob Hoover.
Oct 29, 2016
ZBT #7
Chaps and Connor are joined by Riggs to talk about Mosul, the fall of Iraq, being naked in trash cans and drinking your own piss.
Oct 23, 2016
ZBT #6
Chaps and Connor discuss stolen valor, the favorite pranks we've been apart of, and an outlandish suggestion that you can turn off being drunk with your mind.
Oct 15, 2016
ZBT #5
Chaps and Connor talk about Vice President Biden's comments on PTSD, veteran suicide, and hazing which sometimes can lead to sticking a big ole thermometer in your ass in front of God and everybody.
Oct 09, 2016
ZBT #4: Rob O'Neill
Chaps and Connor welcome Rob O'Neill. Rob gained notoriety for being the trigger man on the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. The guys talk about that raid, the VA, and being piss drunk. Zero Dark Thirty meets Zero Blog Thirty in episode 4
Oct 02, 2016
ZBT #3
Chaps and Connor talk about the terror events​​ in NYC and NJ, police violence, ptsd, and shitting your pants so you don't have to go to the gas chamber, and if people are actually skittles.
Sep 25, 2016
ZBT #2
Zero Blog Thirty Ep. 2
Sep 18, 2016
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Sep 07, 2016