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The Washington Football Talk podcast is anchored by NBC Sports Washington's Washington Football Insider JP Finlay and highlights all members of our coverage team including Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey along with plenty of others. Finlay will also reach out to a host of outside influencers both in the D.C. media and the national landscape. With a strong set of personal relationships built on years covering the team, Finlay brings a fresh and engaging style to interviews with players, coaches and alumni for the podcast.

Episode Date
POSTGAME POD: Washington disappoints in the desert and the offense is starting to look like a real problem

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are feeling a lot different about things a week after they were feeling really good about things. To begin this Washington Football Talk ep, which comes after the disappointing loss to the Cardinals, the hosts play a fitting song (that Pete hasn't heard before) and get right into their reactions. How worried are they about the offense, how worried are they about Dwayne Haskins and how worried are they about the direction of the entire roster? They also debate Ron Rivera's field goal decision, which gets fairly complicated. To close, they run through Game Balls and Goats, go through over/unders and recap how their 100 chips were spent before closing out with a lighter segment. If you like podcasts where Mitch makes up a word then gets slammed for it and a not so tasty blame pie gets made, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 21, 2020
WEEK 2 PREVIEW: What must Washington do to beat Arizona? Plus interviews with Jack Del Rio and Peyton Barber

JP Finlay and Pete Hailey are desperate for Week 2 to arrive just like you, and here is their preview of that matchup between Washington and Arizona. In their time together, the two hosts choose what they're most worried about when it comes to Ron Rivera's team, pick sides in over/unders and spread out their 100 chips as they try to predict the Week 2 outcome. Once they wrap up, you'll hear two JP-led interviews, the first with Jack Del Rio and the second with Peyton Barber. If you like podcasts where Pete and JP show off their knowledge of the English language and you get to learn about Barber's backstory, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 18, 2020
Wondering how legit the Allen Robinson trade market is and deciding what in the opener was real and what was fake

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are back in a parking lot for this Washington Football Talk, and they begin by looking at Washington's wideouts. That quickly leads into a discussion about Allen Robinson — would he fit with the Burgundy and Gold, should they try to get him and is there even really a chance for them to get him? After finishing that segment up, they move into a game of Real or Fake, as they try to figure out what parts of the opening win are going to continue and which parts won't. To close things out, they each decide whether they want to adjust their season record predictions based on Week 1 and then debut one of JP's best ideas ever. If you like podcasts where Mitch goes hard on a name-related topic and JP gets giddy over seeing some familiar faces, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 16, 2020
POSTGAME POD: The Washington Football Team takes out Philly to begin their new era with an AWESOME win

This Washington Football Talk starts off with a bang, just like the 2020 season did on Sunday thanks to the franchise's giant win over the Eagles. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey begin by yelling lots of positive things from the FedEx Field parking lot, before getting into more specific things that stood out to them from the opener, such as the fantastic pass rush and Dwayne Haskins' leadership. Eventually, they get into an impromptu new segment where they debate the Play of the Day before transferring to their always reliable Game Balls and Goats and over/under recap segments. The hosts continue to ooze happiness as things close with JP's tremendous speech on persevering and Pete stumbling through an ad read. While a lot seems to be changing with this organization, that will always remain. Once they sign off, you'll hear Ryan Kerrigan, Chase Young and Jimmy Moreland's postgame interviews, all of which aired on NBC Sports Washington's postgame TV show. If you like podcasts where the Lion King theme song gets broken out and JP comes up with a splendid Haskins nugget, then this is the episode for you. Enjoy this one, guys. We all deserve it.

Sep 14, 2020
WEEK 1 PREVIEW POD: Getting you ready for Washington's 2020 opener vs. Philly and a 1-on-1 with the buzzy Antonio Gibson

WE MADE IT. WE MADE IT TO A GAME PREVIEW POD, AND IT FEELS SO GOOD. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are here to get you ready for Sunday's Washington-Eagles matchup, and they start by setting and then choosing their first round of over/unders, which is a staple on the show. Then, the guys take you through another hallmark segment, which is now sponsored by a perfect sponsor. After that, you'll get their interview with Eagles reporter Dave Zangaro, who discusses where Washington could have the advantage in Week 1 and whether DeSean Jackson is still scary fast. And lastly, you'll hear JP's 1-on-1 with Antonio Gibson, where JP asks him if he's aware of how buzzy his name is these days. If you like podcasts where there's lots of incredible content to finally get you ready for the 2020 season, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 10, 2020
2020 SEASON PREDICTIONS POD: Everyone picks sides on key over/unders and gives their WFT record projection

One of the more fun pods of the year is back, and it begins with JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and beat legend Chris Kerwin standing in the Washington Football Team's Ashburn parking lot. Quickly, they discuss Ron Rivera's health and the first depth chart before getting into what everyone's here for: their take on important team-related over/unders and their record projections, too. Once they wrap up, you'll hear JP walk around and ask/bother all of the other beat reporters the same questions, which leads to all sorts of shenanigans. If you like podcasts where Bullish Mitch is outdone by Newly Bullish Pete, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 10, 2020
CUTDOWN DAY POD: Everything you need to know about who made and who didn't make Washington's roster

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are coming at you from JP's very pleasant driveway and have a 53-man roster to analyze. To start, the guys praise Alex Smith for making the cut, give their reactions to Adrian Peterson's release and touch on Reuben Foster as well. Once those big topics are done, they then go through each of the position groups and pass on some rapid thoughts about every unit. If you like podcasts where JP and Pete both look back on times they tried to pass rush against Mitch and where Pete has maybe his most embarrassing botches ever, then this is the episode for you. The season is almost here :)

Sep 06, 2020
Kyle Brandt, the other half of that controversial Kirk Cousins interview, reacts to Kirk's thoughts (and covers other topics, too)

The Washington Football Talk pod prides itself on being timely, and few shows in our history will be as timely as this. Kirk Cousins is making major news with his opinion on the coronavirus and mask-wearing, and the person he delivered those opinions to, Kyle Brandt, was kind enough to join this operation to explain his interview with the QB. In Brandt's mind, people aren't paying attention to their entire back-and-forth. Allow him to expand. While Brandt's on, he also takes time to explain what he thinks the best-case season is for Washington and absolutely nails the franchise's ice cream flavor equivalent. In all, he was wildly entertaining. If you like podcasts where the guest has the exact same gambling preferences as the hosts, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 02, 2020
SPECIALIST POD II: Nick, Tress and Dustin join to celebrate camp's conclusion, preview 2020 and (virtually) hang out

Welcome to the second annual end-of-camp/season preview pod featuring the Washington Football Team's lauded specialists: Nick Sundberg, Tress Way and Dustin Hopkins. Those three join JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey for another extravaganza in what's now officially a tradition for this show. During their hour-plus chat, the hosts asks the players about how weird camp was, Chase Young's ridiculously impressive frame, Dustin's equally impressive frame (at least in the eyes of JP), Ron Rivera's courage and consistency, who's going to break out this year and how much they'll miss the fans. As usual, the specialists were open, candid and hilarious, so you'll absolutely enjoy this one from start to finish. If you like podcasts where you get an exclusive look at all the things that piss Nick Sundberg off and where Tress Way explains a recent coronavirus test gone wrong, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 02, 2020
CAMP POD, 8/30: Wrapping up training camp, taking fan questions and going 1-on-1 with Troy Apke

This is your last official camp pod of 2020, and it was recorded LIVE at Ourisman Toyota in Chantilly. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch sat before a raucous crowd at the dealership and covered what happened in Sunday's practice, have a debate about Cam Sims vs. Trey Quinn, answer how comfortable they are about the left side of the offensive line and then take lots of fun fan questions. After that, you'll hear JP's 1-on-1 with Troy Apke, who might've been the MVP of Ashburn. If you like podcasts where Mitch transforms into a doctor and performs a knee test on JP and the hosts run through a bunch of random over-unders, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 30, 2020
CAMP POD, 8/29: Deep-diving on who's going to make it at RB, what's happening at LG and a 1-on-1 with Dwayne Haskins

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are back and they begin with a major announcement, one that'll surely warm your heart. After that, they get down to business by zooming in on what's happening at running back. How many will they ultimately keep and is Bryce Love fading a bit? They answer those questions and much more. Next, they wonder if Alex Smith is trending toward the backup QB job before analyzing some of the sudden shifting that's taking place at left guard. And finally, they conclude with a funny breakdown of what happened after Pete's Pepperidge Farm cookie blog before tossing to JP's 1-on-1 with Dwayne Haskins, where you'll further hear how much he's grown this offseason. If you like podcasts where Pete finally nails the segue into his ad read and Mitch breaks some news, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 29, 2020
ESPN's Dianna Russini joins to discuss the omnipresent drama that seems to always swirl around the Washington Football Team

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey being this Washington Football Talk by reacting to yet another whirlwind stretch for the Burgundy and Gold before bringing on ESPN's Dianna Russini to go more in depth on all the issues the franchise is facing. Among the things they cover with Russini: What her reaction is from a national perspective, why she thinks these types of problems always seem to infect the organization and, yes, real football topics such as Dwayne Haskins' future and what the defense could do in 2020. If you like podcasts where the guest can relate to what the hosts are dealing with better than just about anyone on the planet, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 27, 2020
CAMP POD, 8/25: A Troy Apke discussion, a preview of Thursday's "scrimmage" and a 1-on-1 with Ryan Kerrigan

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey convened at their spot, Lost Rhino Brewery, for this next camp pod, which starts off with some Troy Apke chatter. Are they buying him as the starting safety and someone Washington can rely on? JP's answer will make you laugh. The hosts also recap a teachable moment for Dwayne Haskins before previewing Thursday's "scrimmage" at FedEx Field by saying one thing they each hope to see. To close, you'll get JP's 1-on-1 with Ryan Kerrigan, who always has fun with Finlay. If you like podcasts where Mitch brings his A++ game and there's some random and poorly-done wrestling segments, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 25, 2020
CAMP POD, 8/24: Explaining why Monday's practice was so damn entertaining, plus JP goes 1-on-1 with Chase Young

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey recorded the majority of this camp pod in the driving rain under a tent, so hopefully it sounds OK. To begin, the three hosts talk you through what was a very entertaining session in Ashburn, thanks to one spectacular TD and a lot of loud hitting. That eventually takes them into their One Thing segment, which includes reflection on a very bizarre yet beautiful drill. And to close, you'll hear JP's 1-on-1 with Chase Young, where the D-end chats about how good it felt to be involved again on Monday and how he's vibing with Montez Sweat. If you like pods where Mitch comes up with an apt comp for Kyle Allen and Young tells JP what it takes to be known as a "dude", then this is the episode for you.

Aug 24, 2020
CAMP POD, 8/23: Washington responds with a better day of practice and JP goes 1-on-1 with Ron Rivera

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and the always-welcome Michael Phillips are here for this next camp pod. While boiling in the Ashburn sun, the guys explain why Sunday’s practice felt better than Saturday’s, touch on Shaun Dion Hamilton’s rise and go through their One Thing segment, which has thoughts on the cornerback group and a Pete pants observation. Then, you’ll hear JP’s 1-on-1 with Ron Rivera, which was taped on Saturday, the first practice for Rivera following his cancer diagnosis and the one where he ripped the players afterward for not doing enough. That means it’s must-listen. If you like podcasts where Phillips proposes yet another horrible scale idea and there’s a debate about something Pete did this weekend, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 23, 2020
CAMP POD, 8/22; Ron Rivera lays into team after poor practice, the D-Line looks unstoppable and Bram Weinstein subs in for Pete

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and in for Pete Hailey is the play-by-play voice of the Washington Football Team Bran Weinstein, got together in the best location yet to discuss a day of camp that was dominated by the defensive side of the ball. In this installment, the guys discuss the speech Coach Rivera gave to the players after practice that could be heard 70 yards away, his recent cancer diagnosis and Bram's new opportunity as the voice of the team. If you like podcasts where the worst location in the history of recording episodes gets upgraded to a luxury paradise fit for kings and Pete gets replaced, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 22, 2020
CAMP POD, 8/20: Alex Smith shocks us again, the rest of the offense is slumping and Landon Collins chats with JP

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey sat in their worst undisclosed location of camp thus far but still tried to deliver when the mics came on, so hopefully they did. In this installment, the guys react to Alex Smith’s latest breakthrough, describe the rest of the offense’s issues and look closely at the O-line, much to Mitch’s delight. JP also got the chance to talk to Landon Collins, then catch up with NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger to get Baldy’s thoughts on how Washington is building itself this offseason. so be sure to stick around for that. If you like podcasts where the Pete Hailey Bureau of Statistics is created and JP regrets letting Mitch come up with his own scale, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 20, 2020
CAMP POD, 8/19: Chase Young has a slight hip issue, the offense is very intriguing and Adrian Peterson talks to JP

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey fought through bugs and uncomfortable sitting positions to give you this Washington Football Talk pod. In it, you’ll get their thoughts on Chase Young’s hip flexor issue, how active the offense is, how Dwayne Haskins is looking and all the hitting that’s gone down in Ashburn through two days. You’ll also hear JP’s 1-on-1 with Adrian Peterson, who is always a quality guest. If you like podcasts where JP creates a sweet new segment outta nowhere and Mitch compares Young’s injury to a non-meat burger, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 19, 2020
CAMP POD, 8/18: We’re watching football again and it’s glorious. Here’s what we noticed (and a 1-on-1 with Kendall Fuller)

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey have a Camp Pod for you and they couldn’t be happier about it. After watching their first in-person practice featuring the 2020 Washington Football Team, the guys give you all the coverage you have craved, from updates on Alex Smith all the way down to who’s taking backup center snaps. Then, you'll hear JP's 1-on-1 with Kendall Fuller, where the DB gives his take on Ron Rivera's passionate post-practice remarks. If you like pods where the phrase “fartin’ around” is used a bunch and the One Thing segment makes its return, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 18, 2020
Catching up with Steven Sims, interviewing new president Jason Wright and wondering what happens next with Alex Smith

Another day, another crammed Washington Football Talk podcast. To open, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey celebrate Alex Smith's activation from PUP — and then wonder what happens next. Things might've just gotten more complicated at QB... or maybe they didn't. After that discussion, the guys toss to their really, really fun interview with Steven Sims, which started off football-heavy then got into some really interesting segments on Ron Rivera's personality and the nicknames every receiver has. And lastly, JP goes one-on-one with Jason Wright, who made history Monday by becoming the NFL's first Black team president and Washington's new leader on the business side. Get ready to be impressed by him (and for his take on the Red Wolves name, too). If you like podcasts where Sims explains why he loves headbands so much and Mitch's wild Smith/Utah theory is revisited, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 17, 2020
Three outstanding interviews with Scott Turner, Terry McLaurin and Dan Snyder's attorney, plus Reuben Foster audio

Look at those names up there ^. Pretty impressive, huh? That's the kind of stuff you get outta the Washington Football Talk podcast. To begin, JP Finlay catches up with offensive coordinator Scott Turner and asks him for straight-up answers on how he's feeling about QB, the left side of the O-line and tight end. After that, JP and Terry McLaurin go back-and-forth on what to expect out of the offense before Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey jump in for a few more questions and some golf chatter. Next, there's JP's one-on-one with Dan Snyder's attorney, Joe Tacopina, which covers what's going on in the owner's life. And lastly, you'll hear audio from Reuben Foster's Friday presser with the media, a presser that was nearly two years in the making. If you like podcasts where JP tries to get Terry to be rude to Pete but Terry is too nice to be rude to Pete, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 14, 2020
Further analyzing the Derrius Guice fallout and assessing how much of a difference Reuben Foster can make this year

JP Finlay, BIRTHDAY BOY/MAN Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey begin this podcast by further analyzing the Derrius Guice fallout, which includes the release of more details about his alleged crimes and Ron Rivera's Monday explanation for why he moved on from the running back. How does this change the team's outlook on the field for 2020? That's a question the trio answers. Then, they turn their attention to Reuben Foster, as JP, Mitch and Pete each give their take on what he could add and what they need to see from him before getting too, too fired up. Their last main segment has to do with Washington's plan for giving out reps to their QBs and how they all want to see Dwayne Haskins receive the overwhelming majority of that work. And after some shtick, you'll have access to the full audio from Rivera's Monday presser, which is always useful for listeners. If you like podcasts where there's a randomly long list of birthday shoutouts and where Mitch gives a rapid Capitals playoff preview, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 10, 2020
EMERGENCY POD: Reacting to the Washington Football Team cutting Derrius Guice after his domestic violence charges

This is a necessary, but by no means fun, edition of the Washington Football Talk podcast. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey come to you to give their reactions to the shocking Friday night news relating to Derrius Guice, who is facing domestic violence charges and is also no longer with the franchise. So, the guys discuss how awful the overall situation is, explain how it affects the running back depth chart, and then further discuss how awful the situation is. Then, they sign off.

Aug 08, 2020
Kevin Sheehan joins for the excellent Washington Football Podcast Crossover Event that you've been waiting for

Washington Football Team fans, you are in for a fun one here. This podcast consists of audio from JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey's weekly Facebook show, which also featured the esteemed Kevin Sheehan. Yes, the two forces finally joined together for one hell of a conversation. Alongside Sheehan, JP, Mitch and Pete go over their most recent thoughts on the name and how the franchise appears to be handling the transition away from their old one and then get into some strictly football topics, including where Dwayne Haskins stands right now and which players they're most locked in on with training camp picking up. If you like podcasts where Sheehan consistently jabs Pete with references to emo bands and Mitch evokes two Rules of Tandler simultaneously, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 06, 2020
Quick takes on Alex Smith, Dwayne Haskins, Dontrelle Inman, the receiver depth chart, Jordan Reed and Josh Harvey-Clemons

This new Washington Football Talk moves quickly through a variety of topics, with JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey starting things off with more Alex Smith conversation. JP reported that Smith has been looking good so far at camp, so the three hosts discuss that news before wondering if/when Dwayne Haskins will *officially* be named the starter. Next, the guys move on to wide receiver, reacting to the signing of veteran Dontrelle Inman, who very well could be in the mix for major snaps right away. Following that, they touch on Jordan Reed's future and Josh Harvey-Clemons opting out of 2020, before closing with some randomness (as usual). If you like podcasts where Mitch explains his interest in Darvin Kidsy's talents and Pete loses his mind over yet another Rickie Fowler implosion, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 03, 2020
How much will Bryce Love factor into the backfield? Plus, a long conversation about Alex Smith's future

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey return to their go-to park for this edition of the Washington Football Talk podcast, which starts off with a segment on Bryce Love. How big of a deal is it that he's now in the mix at running back and could he end up pushing someone else out of that mix? That, plus another riveting installment of "100 Chips," make up that portion of the show. Then, the guys move their focus to Alex Smith, wondering if he'll truly be on the roster in 2020 and whether he'd actually be under consideration to start should he come off the PUP list. There's some disagreement among the three in that portion. And to close, they wrap up with some Logan Thomas news and, of course, golf shtick. If you like podcasts where Teddy Roosevelt and the Wright Brothers are both mentioned and you get to meet Corporate Mitch, then this is the episode for you.

Jul 30, 2020
Looking at how MLB's fight with the virus could impact the NFL and discussing how Washington can win its fans back

This new Washington Football Talk is coming at you LIVE from Ourisman Kia in Chantilly, Va. and it's got just about everything. To begin, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey look at how the Marlins and MLB's issues with the virus could impact the NFL. How does this make the hosts feel about the chances of their sport starting on time, finishing its full season and making it to the Super Bowl? They're definitely far more nervous, in short. Eventually, they then launch into some fan questions, starting off with one that asks the three to list some super-best case scenarios for 2020. That was an actually fun, bullish discussion, and it leads into more similar chats, including the guys listing out tangible and realistic ways the organization could win fans back moving forward. If you like podcasts where JP essentially is working at a news desk and providing constant updates and Mitch debuts a confusing new Bus Theory, then this is the episode for you.

Jul 27, 2020
Our takes on the Washington Football Team's 2020 name, plus an interview with new executive Terry Bateman about the decision

There's officially a new (temporary) name for the NFL franchise that calls the nation's capital home, and JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are here to discuss that major, major news. To start, you'll hear those three, plus Brian Mitchell, react to the announcement that, in 2020, the organization will be known as the Washington Football Team (using audio from their weekly Facebook Live show, which you should be tuning in for). In that segment, you'll hear why they're all largely in favor of the choice and how it was rolled out, too. Eventually, you'll then get JP's one-on-one with Terry Bateman, who is the team's new executive vice president and chief marketing officer, where JP asks Terry about how they came to the decision and how they'll handle settling on a new name moving forward. And at the end, JP, Mitch and Pete catch up after what's been a truly hectic stretch. If you like podcasts where you get tons of analysis on this next (and probably short) era and Pete denounces kids, then this is the episode for you.

Jul 23, 2020
Reactions to the alleged scandal in Ashburn and wondering if NFL football really will be back soon

This Washington Football Talk episode begins with JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey reacting to the Washington Post's big story about the sexual harassment and verbal abuse allegations inside of Ashburn. The three read Ron Rivera and Dan Snyder's statements and question whether this scandal could push a chunk of fans away for good. Once they wrap that up, they move on to some discussion about the stadium — why isn't DC more of a done deal if the name is getting changed? — and close by discussing the timeline of the next few weeks and whether football really will be back soon. If you like podcasts where Mitch gets to bring up malls again and Pete gets super-emo about the state of his golf game, then this is the episode for you.

Jul 19, 2020
Thoughts about the franchise's pending name change, Harmon, Rivera, Scherff and an interview with Charles Mann

This is about as full as a Washington Football Talk episode as you'll get. To start, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey weigh in on the franchise's name change, the statement that was made to initiate that change and what they believe will happen when it comes to the next name. Eventually, the guys move on to cover plenty of other topics that are at the front of everyone's mind, including the front office adjustments, Kelvin Harmon's torn ACL, the possibility of looking at Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon and Brandon Scherff's future. To close, they toss to three interviews. The first is with the revered Charles Mann, who gives his thoughts about what's happening with his former squad. Then, JP sits down the the trademark squatter you've heard so much about for a very entertaining chat. And lastly, Pete and Mitch interview Mike Florio to get his take on what's going on in Washington. If you like pods where Mitch and JP are both distracted by a tennis match happening at the park where this thing was recorded and JP nearly loses his mind on an interview subject, then this is the episode for you.

Jul 16, 2020
Howl to the Red Wolves? Fred Smoot makes his (very compelling) case for his favorite name idea

After a brief intro from JP Finlay, you'll get audio from JP, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey's energetic and hilarious interview with the energetic and hilarious Fred Smoot (which originally aired on their "Redskins Talk & Friends" Facebook Live show). In that interview, Smoot makes a compelling case for Washington's next name to be the Red Wolves, and paints a convincing picture of how fun the home atmosphere could be under that moniker. Once that wraps, you'll get JP's one-on-one interview with Randy Vataha, who's an expert on the buying and selling of stakes in sports teams. Vataha answers all of JP's questions (he had a lot) and you'll come away from that chat with a better understanding of the ownership situation in DC. If you like podcasts where Fred Smoot goes off on Asante Samuel for Samuel's trash Darrell Green take, then this is the episode for you.

Jul 13, 2020
Interviews with Andrew Brandt, Eleanor Holmes Norton and Kenneth Shropshire about the Redskins' name

The bulk of this Redskins Talk is made up of three expert interviews, all of which look at the Redskins and their name from various angles. Andrew Brandt joins JP Finlay to discuss whether it's possible for the team to really make this dramatic switch before 2020 starts, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton answers JP's questions about how this all impacts RFK Stadium. And lastly, the distinguished Kenneth Shropshire (who seems to know everything about sports business) gives insight on how merchandising and other aspects could be affected in the coming months. Then, at the end, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey pop up to discuss some Brandon Scherff news and how likely it is that the Redskins will try to acquire David Njoku. If you like podcasts where multiple new rating scales are created and Mitch crashes and burns in the final moments, then this is the episode for you.

Jul 08, 2020
THE POTENTIAL NAME CHANGE POD: How long will the Redskins be the Redskins, and what could they become if they do change?

The hurricane winds are blowing, as JP Finlay says at the start of this Redskins Talk, and those winds could result in the franchise changing its name. That topic, of course, is all that JP, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey really focus on for this pod, which comes after a weekend of constant breaking news related to the Redskins. So, do the three really believe Washington will go by a new name? What could that new name be? And what would the consequences of such a dramatic decision be? There's no point in delaying things any longer; just start listening to all of their thoughts now.

Jul 06, 2020
Sports Uncovered: Sean Taylor, the NFL Superstar we didn't get to know
  • JP provides the introduction to the NBC Sports podcast series - Sports Uncovered: Sean Taylor: the NFL Superstar we didn't get to know. The podcast debuted a few weeks back- as some of Taylor's former teammates and friends reflect on his life and career cut short far too soon. Be sure to subscribe to Sports Uncovered right now to get future episodes automatically downloaded to your device for free. https://art19.com/shows/sports-uncovered
Jul 02, 2020
Joe Jacoby joins to reflect on Joe Bugel's life and the tremendous impact he had on the Redskins

The reason for this Redskins Talk is a somber one, but what comes out of it is something all fans will really enjoy and learn from. This installment is solely devoted to JP Finlay's one-on-one with Joe Jacoby, where Jacoby reflects on the amazing career and life of Joe Bugel, who died over the weekend. During his time on the phone, Jacoby explains what made Bugel such a special coach and tells some seriously captivating stories, including one that features a showdown between Bugel and Russ Grimm. Jacoby also rates Bugel's language on a 1-10 scale and gives his take on who would win in a tussle between Buges and Joe Gibbs. In the end, you are going to come away with a major appreciation for Bugel and further understand why so many people hold him in such a high regard. If you like podcasts where one legend remembers another, then this is the episode for you.

Jun 29, 2020
LIVE OURISMAN POD: Debating topics like whom McLaurin's sidekick will be and which position group is most concerning

This Redskins Talk was recorded at Ourisman Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Alexandria, which made JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey quite happy. You wouldn't be able to tell, though, with the way JP and Mitch begin things (by getting into a bit of a tiff). Once they stop bickering, however, a fun edition of Redskins Talk ensues, where the trio cover all sorts of things, including: 1) Whom Terry McLaurin's sidekick at receiver will be, 2) Which way the Redskins would go at QB in 2021 *if* Dwayne Haskins has problems, 3) Which position group is the most concerning and 4) JP's unfortunate bee sting and lawn problems. If you like podcasts where you hear what JP, Mitch and Pete's jobs would be if they weren't covering the Redskins and you also hear about Mitch getting lost before this was recorded, then this is the episode for you.

Jun 25, 2020
Should the Redskins retire more numbers, and if so, whose? Plus, a debate on how many sacks the defense will get

For this Redskins Talk, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey returned to their park and, after a few important announcements and promotions, discussed whether the team should retire more numbers, and which players have numbers that are worth retiring. They all have varying opinions on the matter, which made for intriguing back-and-forths. Eventually, the hosts then looked ahead to 2020 and wondered how many sacks the revamped defense could rack up. Is finishing first in the NFL in that category a wild thought or actually possible? If you like podcasts where you get some sprinkled-in analysis on a random pickup basketball game that was happening by the guys' picnic table and the word "shoelace" is ruined for you forever, then this is the episode for you.

Jun 22, 2020
Sifting through our mailbag to answer questions on Scherff and cap space, and having a chat about Rivera choosing the Redskins

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey haven't opened their mailbag in a while (read: months), so in this Redskins Talk, the guys decided to fix that and answer questions they hadn't gotten to yet. The segments starts out with some random inquiries and spam, but once things get moving, some interesting discussions follow. Among those discussions is the idea of moving Brandon Scherff to left tackle and what Washington can do with all their cap space. Eventually, JP poses a question of his own: Why did Ron Rivera choose the Burgundy and Gold instead of the handful of other jobs that he could've taken? The trio cover that before finishing things off with some — surprise — golf content. If you like podcasts where Mitch describes the new artwork on his walls and JP commends Pete for being able to read simple words, then this is the episode for you.

Jun 18, 2020
JP previews Sports Uncovered: Sean Taylor, the NFL superstar we didn't get to know

JP previews the latest podcast in NBC Sports' Sports Uncovered series, which focuses on the life and death of Redskins safety Sean Taylor. JP reflects on the first game played after Taylor's death - and you'll hear a portion of the Sports Uncovered podcast, as Joe Gibbs and Gregg Williams share their memories of that day.

Be sure to subscribe to Sports Uncovered now to get this podcast when it's released Thursday June 18th.

Jun 17, 2020
JP, Mitch and Pete hold discussions about Daron Payne, Ryan Anderson, the new defensive staff and more

For the first time in months/years/decades, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey were in the same physical location for a recording of Redskins Talk, and this one bounces around between a lot of defense-focused conversations (as well as some largely un-focused conversations, too). After catching up, the guys wonder if Daron Payne is the most talented D-lineman on the team, then look at the franchise potentially trading Ryan Anderson. After that, they wonder how much of a difference the new defensive staff will make in 2020 before closing with rapid-fire analysis on all of Washington's upcoming position battles that will take place this summer. If you like podcasts where Mitch has a verbal slip-up that make JP and Pete lose it, and podcasts where Pete's haircut and JP's skin get analyzed (too?) closely, then this is the episode for you.

Jun 15, 2020
Chris Simms explains why Dwayne Haskins is so low in his QB rankings and what Haskins must do to climb upwards

This is a really fun Redskins Talk, and it kicks off with an interview with NBC Sports' Chris Simms. In that interview, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey ask Simms why he put Dwayne Haskins so low (39th out of 40th, to be precise) in his annual QB rankings. The analyst explains how he arrived to that conclusion, whether he'd want Dwayne, Kyle Allen or Cam Newton for 2020 and even gives a superb breakdown of the second-year pro's mechanics. In all, it's a very enlightening segment and you'll learn a lot from it. Once Simms heads out, JP, Mitch and Pete return to recap this week's Zoom calls with Haskins and Ron Rivera, both of which were very impressive, and then close by catching up on Pete the Property Manager's recent exploits. If you like podcasts where JP nearly unravels before your eyes/ears and there's some talk about the guys returning to the casino, then this is the episode for you.

Jun 11, 2020
JP, Mitch and Pete compare their best-to-worst rankings of the Redskins' position groups

Before getting into their individual rankings of the Redskins' position groups, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey begin this Redskins Talk with a few smaller items, such as chatting about JP's mileage of late, the hotel points they're all going to lose out on now that training camp in Richmond isn't happening and their new, special Facebook Live show that debuts this week, which you must tune in for. After all that, they then run through all 10 of the Burgundy and Gold's offensive and defensive position groups and rank those 10 spots from best to worst. The top of their lists all look similar, but after that, there's some parsing and disagreeing. Quarterback, receiver and cornerback were three of the more contentious ones up for debate. Then, to close, JP gives an important update on the "Who'll get married first, Mitch or Pete?" discussion. If you like podcasts where JP is especially wound up and Pete gets yelled at for thinking Ronald Darby may be an OK player, then this is the episode for you.

Jun 07, 2020
ESPN's Kimberley Martin gives her thoughts on what's happening in America, then looks ahead to the Redskins' 2020 season

This Redskins Talk is lucky enough to feature ESPN's Kimberley Martin, a national NFL reporter who once used to cover the Burgundy and Gold. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey welcome Martin on first to get her thoughts on what's happening in our country after the George Floyd murder and explain how she thinks people should move forward from the tragedy to ensure the world really does become better from it. After that segment, the three hosts go around the horn asking Martin for her take on the Redskins, from why she thinks Dwayne Haskins will be graded unfairly this year to what qualifies as a successful 2020 in Washington. Once she says goodbye, JP, Mitch and Pete come back to wrap things up. If you like podcasts where JP's listening gets compared to that of an elementary schooler, then this is the episode for you.

Jun 04, 2020
NBC Sports' Josh Norris gives awesome insight on Ron Rivera, Scott Turner, Chase Young, Antonio Gibson and more

This Redskins Talk features your usual hosts in JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey, and those three are joined for the entirety of the proceedings by NBC Sports' Josh Norris. During their time together, the four cover a lot, with Norris providing top-notch thoughts on Ron Rivera and Scott Turner's way of doing things, how Washington should use Antonio Gibson (he believes the Swiss Army Knife plan isn't the way to go), Kyle Allen's chances of playing in 2020 and the expectations around Chase Young. It's an installment that's loaded with football and limited on shtick, so be prepared to learn a lot. If you like podcasts where the threat of bird poop is present throughout and you get some early, early fantasy football advice, this is the episode for you.

May 31, 2020
NFL Network's Dan Hellie joins to discuss how much better the Redskins could be with Rivera in and Bruce out

This new Redskins Talk is made up mostly by an interview with NFL Network's Dan Hellie, and after a brief intro from JP Finlay, you'll get that interview. In that chat, which also features Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey, Hellie explains why he thinks Dan Snyder has grown up as well as why he's newly optimistic about the franchise, even if he isn't exactly optimistic about 2020. Hellie also evaluates Dwayne Haskins and Chase Young. After he hangs up, JP, Mitch and Pete return, and JP reveals his sweet new way of handling beach days while Mitch almost gives out Pete's phone number. If you like podcasts where Mitch's ability to down tons of alcohol in a short amount of time is covered and the guys get an unbelievable email from one listener, then this is the episode for you.

May 27, 2020
Nick Sundberg and Tress Way join for a long and wild episode you will not want to miss. Seriously

Redskins Nick Sundberg and Tress Way, only the team's longest-tenured member and a Pro Bowler from last year, join JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey for this edition of Redskins Talk, one that'll go down in the history books as one of the more fun installments ever. In their long chat, meant to act as a virtual Memorial Day cookout, the two players and three hosts cover some very good football topics, including what they thought of Ron Rivera's first major meeting, and plenty of non-football topics, some of which got off the rails quick. If you like podcasts where there's a lot of special teams gunner talk and Tress Way's "brother" makes an "appearance" that leads to a very special code word, then this is the episode for you. By the way, go follow Nick on Instagram @NickSundberg.

May 24, 2020
Recapping Jonathan Allen and Landon Collins' pressers and a discussion on how Ron Rivera is handling his first few months

To start this Redskins Talk, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and Michael Phillips react to Antonio Gandy-Golden having, and recovering from, Coronavirus. Then, the guys recap what Jonathan Allen and Landon Collins said in their respective sessions with the media on Wednesday before chatting about the power Ron Rivera seems to have throughout the organization. And to close, they debut a new and messy segment (which has a bunch of names) that focuses on defensive predictions. If you like podcasts where Pete completely botches how time in Arizona works and Mitch tells a wacky Mike Shanahan story, then this is the episode for you.

May 21, 2020
Reacting to the Quinton Dunbar and Cody Latimer stories and a look at who's in and who'll be battling at wide receiver

There was some troubling news this past weekend separately involving Quinton Dunbar and Cody Latimer, and JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey react to those stories at the start of this Redskins Talk. Eventually, they go from Latimer's issues to his standing on the team, taking a wide look at receiver. Who's got the safe spots, who's mostly safe and who's got work to do? That segment takes up most of the back half of the show. And to close, the guys discuss upcoming Memorial Day plans (some realistic, some not) and JP's weird trend with his golf scores. If you like pods where Mitch invites himself to JP's family weekend, then this is the episode for you.

May 18, 2020
You know all about the Redskins' 2020 offseason. Now, it's time to catch up on what the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants have done

As devout listeners of Redskins Talk, you're well aware of what Washington did in the 2020 Draft. So, in this installment of your go-to show, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey take a look around the NFC East to catch up on the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants' offseasons and draft classes. To begin, Newy Scruggs joins to explain how the Mike McCarthy era is going and how fired up Dallas is about CeeDee Lamb. Then, Dave Zangaro hops on to share his confusion about the Eagles drafting Jalen Hurts and answer whether he thinks Philly has improved or not the past few months. And finally, Pat Leonard discusses the Giants' new offensive linemen and his initial impressions of Joe Judge. Once those three interviews wrap, JP, Mitch and Pete return to chat about Thaddeus Moss and a few brief, shticky topics. If you like podcasts where you meet Day Trader Mitch and JP tries to wrangle Pete into his beach chair scheme, then this is the episode for you.

May 14, 2020
DWAYNE HASKINS INTERVIEW: JP goes 1-on-1 with the QB to discuss his prep for 2020, his new playmakers and much more

You probably want to know what Dwayne Haskins is up to these days, right? Well, you're in luck, because JP Finlay got to catch up with the QB and you'll get their chat in this Redskins Talk. But quickly, JP, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey have a chance to discuss the pros and cons of the NFL's virtual offseason program. Then, they toss to the Haskins interview (8:20), where the second-year pro explains how he's handling this crucial offseason, reacts to the Redskins giving him two new playmakers to work with, lays out what he thought about the Tua rumors and runs through all of the sick murals he has in his house. All in all, it was really fun to hear from him. To finish up, the three hosts return to wrap up what they took away from the 1-on-1 and lament how bad they are at golf. If you like podcasts where JP has to tend to some bacon and you get a detailed account of Dwayne Haskins' art collection, then this is the episode for you.

May 11, 2020
2020 SCHEDULE RELEASE POD: What stands out, our game-by-game predictions and a look at life on the road

The Redskins finally have a schedule, and JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are here to examine it from every angle. To start, the guys go through it from Week 1 to Week 17 and explain what stands out to them. Then, they look at each game individually and give their predictions, sometimes using logic, sometimes using their hearts and sometimes using really nothing at all. By the end of that, they'll each have their official 2020 record prediction. You'll NEVER guess who has the most optimistic one. Then, to close, Pete has a game for JP and Mitch, which'll give listeners a unique look at what life on the road is like in the NFL. If you like podcasts where there's an argument over what is "prime time" and what isn't and the three hosts reveal their bye week plans already, then this is the episode for you.

May 08, 2020
Reviewing what we learned about Alex Smith from Project 11, plus segments on Chris Thompson and the 2020 rookies

This Redskins Talk offers JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey their first chance to discuss Project 11 and Alex Smith, so that's where the three begin. The guys reflect on what they learned from the documentary and explain the increased admiration they now have for Smith, the latter being something the listeners who saw the show can surely relate to. Eventually, they move on from Smith and into some smaller segments, including one where they say goodbye to Chris Thompson and another where they choose the storylines they'd be watching if the Redskins were holding rookie minicamp, which they were scheduled to do at this time before the pandemic hit. To close, well, they just kinda talk about random stuff, so be prepared for lots of shtick-y, random stuff. And if you make it through all of that, you'll hear a very neat interaction between Chase Young and his newest fan (50:10). If you like podcasts where there's far too much interior O-line content for the month of May, then this is the episode for you.

May 04, 2020
Three excellent interviews with the great Peter King, Antonio Gibson's college coach and Project 11's Stephania Bell

This Redskins Talk is yet another one full of strong interviews, but first, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey take a brief moment to (again) reflect on how badly Bruce Allen messed up the Trent Williams trade. After that, it's interview time. Peter King (10:11) leads things off, as the NFL expert reviews Washington's draft and comes up with a fitting comparison to Adrian Peterson. Then, you'll hear from current FSU and former Memphis coach Mike Norvell (16:42), who was on the sidelines during Antonio Gibson's rise at college and knows firsthand how dangerous of a player Gibson is and can be. And to close, Mitch catches up with ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell (30:21), who was a key piece of the upcoming Alex Smith doc "Project 11." During their chat, you'll be floored as Bell describes Smith's injury, recovery and determination. If you like podcasts where Pete's developing video game addiction is touched on and JP explains his daughter's excitement about Chase Young, then this is the episode for you.

Apr 29, 2020
The Redskins FINALLY end the Trent Williams saga and also add six more rookies on a hectic last day of the NFL Draft

Saturday was a wild one, and Redskins Talk is here to recap it. First, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey explain how the Trent Williams saga finally concluded, and in doing so, have discussions on what the trade shows about the franchise, what to expect from Saahdiq Charles and the multiple ways in which fans should still be grateful for Trent, even after this messy last year. Eventually, the guys are able to move on to what Washington did on Day 3 of the draft and the draft as a whole, holding segments on their favorite picks as well as the ones they feel like may not deliver. Then, to close out their portion, they — along with producer Tim Shovers and NBC Sports Washington legend Gary Carter — identify their top moments from the past weekend, in which they all give very different answers. Carter, by the way, also talks a lot in the earlier portions of the ep, even though he wasn't supposed to. Once your hosts depart, you'll hear a Thomas Davis interview from Thursday (48:18), a chat that came before the Chase Young pick but one that is still worth revisiting. And lastly, there's full audio from Ron Rivera and Kyle Smith's Saturday night presser (52:40) with the local media, where they wrap up all that they accomplished. If you like podcasts where Pete isn't the most bullied person for once and JP's daughter makes a very precious appearance, then this is the episode for you. And thanks to all who consumed and continue to consume our content. It's much appreciated.

Apr 26, 2020
Ron Rivera, Antonio Gibson, Terry McLaurin and Ryan Day join for a LOADED pod on Day 2 of the Draft

You're used to Redskins Talk bringing on some special guests, but this installment is especially loaded. But first, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey give their take on Washington's newest addition, Memphis playmaker Antonio Gibson. The guys explain why he could be a perfect fit with the Burgundy and Gold, look at some of the wild stats he put up in school and also wonder whom he may overtake on the current roster. After that opening segment, the guys toss to Ron Rivera (18:20) to get the coach's thoughts on what makes Gibson so appealing as well as his update on Trent Williams and what he wants to accomplish on Day 3 of the Draft. Next comes a chat with Gibson himself (24:05), and he was about as genuine as it gets. Stick around for when JP brings his family on — it's special. Lastly, Terry McLaurin and OSU coach Ryan Day (32:22) join to touch on Chase Young and Dwayne Haskins, two important people they know a lot about. And to close, the trio returns to discuss how messy the Williams Saga is and how they think it'll end (42:23). If you like podcasts where there's lots of JP praise (and he hates it) and you get superb access to the newest Redskin, then this is the episode for you.

Apr 25, 2020
THE CHASE YOUNG POD: The Redskins begin their new era by selecting the Ohio State star

Redskins fans, what you've waited on for months is finally real: Chase Young is a member of your franchise. So, to begin this Redskins Talk, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey give their thoughts on the enormous addition Washington made on Thursday night in the NFL Draft. In short, they're fired up. After they go back and forth on Young's arrival, you'll get a specially-made supercut of clips from guys who know the defender well — from his old coach to analysts and others — and who all believe he's got what it takes to succeed (12:45). Get ready to get hyped up. That leads in to a really fun interview the guys had with Landon Collins (18:42), who was actually on with them when the Young pick came through (you'll enjoy his reaction). Then, the trio catches up with Young's college D-line coach, Larry Johnson (25:04), who drops a lot of useful information about the ex-Buckeye. Eventually, though, the fun has to pause for a moment, as JP, Mitch and Pete go through how Thursday was a setback in the Burgundy and Gold's pursuit to trade Trent Williams (36:35). However, for the most part, it's a celebratory Redskins Talk, and rightly so. If you like podcasts where Pete relays a funny botch he made during Young's conference call and you hear Collins' raw reaction to his team's new weapon, then this is the episode for you.

Apr 24, 2020
The Urban Meyer pod: Going one-on-one with the legend as he opens up about Chase Young and Dwayne Haskins

This Redskins Talk gets right to JP Finlay's exclusive one-on-one with former Buckeyes coach and college football legend Urban Meyer. During their chat, Meyer analyzes Chase Young's intangibles and NFL potential, assesses Dwayne Haskins' rookie year and social media usage (which caused quite a stir) and explains what makes Terry McLaurin so special. Once that wraps, JP brings on Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey to react to it and give their thoughts on the Haskins-social media storyline. Overall, there was a lot to get to. Eventually, the guys also welcome on podcast editor/podcast personality/rising star Tim Shovers to discuss the Bulls/Michael Jordan documentary that's about to start coming out (34:09). If you like podcasts where you get straight-up opinions on two current Redskins and one potentially future Redskin, and where Pete compares Dwayne's rookie year to a flower, then this is the episode for you.

Apr 20, 2020
Markelle Fultz explains his relationship with Chase Young and Jordan Reid identifies late-round targets for the Redskins

This Redskins Talk has two fantastic interviews, but first, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey go through a hypothetical trade involving Trent Williams. Who/what does Washington get in return and is it a good deal? They discuss/argue. Then, they toss to JP's one-on-one with Magic guard Markelle Fultz (17:39), as the NBAer explains his strong relationship with Chase Young. Fultz sheds a lot of light on Young the person as well as the athlete, so you should enjoy his appearance a lot. And finally, JP, Mitch and Pete bring on their go-to draft expert Jordan Reid (32:47), who goes deep on tackles and tight ends to watch as well as some other potential, non-Young fits for the Burgundy and Gold. If you like podcasts that include lots of strange analysis on Pete's hair as well as JP and Mitch yelling about whether a Vikings lineman is on a cheap contract or not, then this is the episode for you.

Apr 15, 2020
Answering fan questions then interviewing a pro-Haskins PFF analyst and Terps RB Anthony McFarland

This Redskins Talk begins with JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey answering some fan questions, a segment which also features good ol' John Keim. In there, you'll hear the hosts discuss players who could be surprise roster cuts eventually, rank the running backs in terms of job security and look at Terry McLaurin's future. Then, you'll get JP and Pete's chat with Pro Football Focus analyst Sam Monson (44:18), who is pro-Dwayne Haskins and believes the Redskins QB was better as a rookie than most give him credit for. Listen as Monson breaks down the ways how and see if your opinion changes at all. Then, JP, Mitch and Pete interview Maryland running back Anthony McFarland (1:07:41), who explains what an NFL team will get from him as well as what it was like practicing against Chase Young in high school. And finally, the trio reads off some funny reviews. If you like podcasts where there's lots of JD McKissic praise and Keim gets specific about meat, then this is the episode for you.

Apr 12, 2020
The biggest takeaways from Ron Rivera's presser, then three superb interviews with Peter King, Scott Hanson and Sean Davis

Ron Rivera spoke to the media this week, and JP Finlay and Pete Hailey begin this Redskins Talk by running through Rivera's most interesting comments. There, they touch on Kyle Allen and Washington's free agent strategy, as well as why it seems like the team is leaning toward Chase Young. Eventually, the pair tosses to three really fun interviews. The first is with Peter King (11:11), one of football's most reputable voices, who touches on all the main topics surrounding the Burgundy and Gold. Next up is Scott Hanson (21:23), the host of RedZone, a.k.a. one of life's best innovations. Then, to close, you get new safety Sean Davis (30:52), who was really engaging and really excited about coming home to D.C. Finally, JP and Pete return to wrap it all up. If you like podcasts where JP and Pete say "Ourisman Automotive of Virginia" in various ways and Sean Davis gets to admit he hated Pittsburgh's food, then this is the episode for you.

Apr 09, 2020
Is Kyle Allen a true threat to Dwayne Haskins like D-Hall says? Plus, JP goes 1-on-1 with Kendall Fuller

DeAngelo Hall believes Kyle Allen is coming for Dwayne Haskins and the starting job, but do JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey agree? That's the topic they begin with in this new Redskins Talk, and they discuss it for quite some time. Eventually, they go over JP's projection of the starting offense, zooming in on left tackle and left guard (which Mitch loves). After that, they toss to JP's one-on-one interview with Kendall Fuller (37:53), as the team's biggest free agent signing talks about how thrilled he is to return. Then, to close, the guys discuss how they've been passing the time, which concludes with a rousing game of 20 Questions and a startling revelation involving Pete. If you like podcasts where JP does some serious detective work involving Dwayne's social media and Mitch compares himself to Shaq, then this is the episode for you.

Apr 05, 2020
The best tidbits from talking to some Redskins free agents and a chat with a Dolphins reporter about potential trades

A handful of Redskins free agents have had their chance to talk to the local media so far, so JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey start out this Redskins Talk by passing along the best bits of information from those conference calls. From what Kendall Fuller thinks he'll be playing to Kyle Allen saying he's going to compete to start, the trio has everything you must know. Then, the guys discuss a hypothetical draft day trade and whether they would take it if they were Washington before tossing to JP's interview with Safid Deen (38:47), a writer who covers the Dolphins and who gives strong intel on what Miami's thinking about as the draft approaches. If you like podcasts where you get an update on Pete's hair and Mitch sets off a giant argument because of one, small throwaway line, then this is the episode for you.

Apr 02, 2020
Evaluating the Ronald Darby signing — how much can he help? — and having a Dwayne Haskins talk

The Redskins added Ronald Darby on Sunday, so that's where JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey begin in this new Redskins Talk. The hosts all like the move, but to varying degrees, so they discuss the corner's future in DC as well as how he fits into the team's secondary. Then, before moving onto their next football topic, JP makes an announcement that Redskins Talk supporters will (hopefully) be pumped about. Afterward, the three touch on an Austin Hooper tidbit and Washington's overall class of free agents before discussing Dwayne Haskins and wondering why it feels like him breaking out is being totally ignored. If you like podcasts where you get a Greg Manusky update as well as insight into what JP, Mitch and Pete are watching these days, then this is the episode for you.

Mar 30, 2020
Providing context to the Trent Williams Saga as it escalates and reacting to Haskins *basically* being named starter

The Trent Williams Saga has gotten even saga-ier this week, so JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey begin this Redskins Talk by jumping right into that. What do they make of Trent's agent's statement, what is Washington really asking for in return for the lineman and why is this so hard to pull off? The hosts run through all of those angles and more, which includes some sourced info from JP. Then, eventually, they get to Ron Rivera's radio interview where he pretty much named Dwayne Haskins the Redskins starter, which leads Pete to present something that he feels isn't being considered enough. If you like podcasts where the trend of making mafia references is continued thanks to Mitch and Pete comes up with a JP-approved analogy for what's going on with Trent, then this is the episode for you.

Mar 26, 2020
EMERGENCY POD: Analyzing the Quinton Dunbar trade, the Kyle Allen trade and Montae Nicholson's release

The Redskins were busy on Monday, which means the Redskins Talk crew had to convene for an EMERGENCY POD, which starts with JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey's analysis on the trade of Quinton Dunbar. Why did they make the move now and why didn't they get more? The trio explains the end to a wacky saga. Then, JP, Mitch and Pete each have a chance to give their thoughts on Kyle Allen's arrival (16:36), the cost to get him, what it means for Dwayne Haskins and more. Your favorite team doesn't trade for a QB often, so be sure to listen to all of that. Then, to close, they react to the release of Montae Nicholson, as Washington has opted to build their defense without him. If you like podcasts where you get instant analysis to three interesting transactions as well as unplanned sports analogies that are used to grade the Allen trade, then this is the episode for you.

Mar 24, 2020
Assessing whether the Redskins should and will trade Quinton Dunbar, and laying out some quarterback theories

Here's a fresh new Redskins Talk to keep your spirits up, and one that starts with a long discussion about Quinton Dunbar. Washington is reportedly now shopping the corner, so JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey chat about whether they believe he should be move, whether he'll ultimately be moved and what this could mean for Ron Rivera as he tries to rebuild the franchise. Eventually, they get to two QB theories from JP, one involving Tua and one involving Cam, which Mitch and Pete get to react to. If you like podcasts where you learn about JP's shaving schedule and things get oddly political at a few points, then this is the episode for you.

Mar 23, 2020
THE CAM POD: Could Cam Newton to the Redskins really happen? Plus, grades on all the signings so far

There's no better way to celebrate the start of a new NFL league year than with this Redskins Talk, which features plenty of Cam Newton talk. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey wonder whether the Panthers QB could be coming to Washington as well as why there's so much support for Dwayne Haskins in town already to begin. After that long segment, the guys then grade each of the Redskins' signings so far, including Kendall Fuller, Sean Davis and Wes Schweitzer (whom Mitch is surprisingly cold on). And to close, they take out their imaginary chips and decide how much to place on Cam reuniting with Ron in D.C. If you like podcasts where you get rapid fire thoughts on all of Washington's new players as well as some insight into JP and Mitch's video game careers, then this is the episode for you.

Mar 19, 2020
FREE AGENCY POD 2: Reacting to the Redskins swinging and missing on Amari Cooper but signing Kendall Fuller

Hours after recording their first Redskins Talk of free agency, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey felt the need to get back online to post another because so much changed so quickly. So, this Redskins Talk has the most up-to-date NFL info for you, starting with Washington missing out on Amari Cooper. How devastating was it for them to try so hard for the wideout only to see him land in Dallas? The guys discuss, and disagree a little. The three (sleep-deprived) hosts also react to Kendall Fuller agreeing to return to the Redskins, the crazy Stefon Diggs trade, Austin Hooper intending to sign with the Browns and, finally, wonder what's going on with Trent Williams. If you like podcasts that have complex analogies comparing the Redskins' pursuit of Cooper to a night out at the bar and also use the words "gut punch" way too much, then this is the episode for you.

Mar 17, 2020
FREE AGENCY POD 1: The NFL goes nuts while the Redskins remain mostly quiet — but stay patient

The NFL's legal tampering window has opened, meaning free agents are agreeing to deals and trades are happening all over the place. The Redskins, though, stayed largely quiet in the opening portion of the league's busy period — and JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are here to tell you why that's OK. In addition to that, they react to Ereck Flowers leaving, the DeAndre Hopkins news and wonder whether Amari Cooper or Stefon Diggs could be joining the Burgundy and Gold soon. If you like podcasts where your hosts try their best to calm you down and also give an update on how they're handling quarantine life, then this is the episode for you.

Mar 16, 2020
THE PARK POD: Talking a little football and a lot of life in a strange time for everyone

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey have a Redskins Talk for you, where they talk a little about the Burgundy and Gold but more about Coronavirus and what’s going on in the country and the world. Come listen, and hopefully it’ll be a nice distraction. If you like podcasts where you get a scouting report on JP’s dog as well as JP’s Peloton-ing, then this is the episode for you.

Mar 12, 2020
Discussing a Trent-to-Cleveland trade with a Browns expert and looking at Virginia's chances for a new Redskins stadium

This new Redskins Talk has updates on two of the biggest non-Chase Young storylines surrounding the team, and that's Trent Williams and a potential new stadium. First, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey welcome on Mary Kay Cabot, the foremost Browns reporter around, to discuss Cleveland's level of interest in Williams. That segment includes her thoughts on what the Browns would want to give up for the tackle, which is where names like Odell Beckham Jr. and David Njoku are mentioned. After that, the three hosts call up Michael Phillips (13:17) so he can explain how Virginia may have put themselves in a better position to land the Redskins' next stadium this past weekend. Phillips, as always, delivers strong insight on what's going on in the Commonwealth. If you like podcasts where the guys reflect on their preseason Cleveland trip and also get riled up for the thought of legalized betting, then this is the episode for you.

Mar 09, 2020
Reacting to major Trent Williams news, identifying possible TE & CB additions and having a Chris Thompson discussion

UPDATE!!! (THURSDAY 6:15 PM) - There’s a major development in the Trent Williams situation, so JP and Pete hopped back into the studio to give you all that info. It’s juicy stuff. Afterward, you’ll get the following audio... This Redskins Talk begins by taking a look at two of the Redskins' biggest offseason needs in tight end and corner. So, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey discuss plenty of things related to those two spots, including whether the team should prioritize James Bradberry or Austin Hooper should it come to that, some alternative corner options on the market and a Day 2 draft target at T.E. After that segment, JP brings up Chris Thompson and the hosts wonder why there's so little chatter about his potential exit from Washington. And to close, you'll hear an interview with Rich "Big Daddy" Salgado (33:07), who's an incredibly plugged in person when it comes to the league. If you like podcasts where Pete botches but then saves himself when it comes to knowing a literature reference and you get the next date for a live recording of Redskins Talk, then this is the episode for you.

Mar 05, 2020
Post-Combine recap: What to make of these Tua-Redskins rumors as well as where Trent Williams stands

The boys have returned from the Combine and have lots of rumors to react to and explain, all of which are covered in this Redskins Talk. JP Finlay and Mitch Tischler reunited with Pete Hailey and the trio first dives into all the Tua-to-the-Redskins chatter. How much of it is to be believed and how much of it is just pre-draft bluster? Eventually, JP, Mitch and Pete break out the imaginary chips and place them on three outcomes: Washington takes Chase Young, Washington takes Tua or Washington trades down. Eventually, they transition from prospects to guys currently on the team, providing updates on where Trent Williams and Quinton Dunbar stand with the organization. And to close, JP explains a major moment that happened in his household. If you like podcasts that feature lots of Chuck E. Cheese banter and a little Dwight Eisenhower "analysis," then this is the episode for you.

Mar 02, 2020
COMBINE POD 2: Interviews with Ron Rivera, Brady Quinn, Charles Davis and Jordan Reid

To close out Redskins Talk's week at the Combine in Indy, JP Finlay and Mitch Tischler are BRINGING it with four excellent interviews. To begin, Ron Rivera sits down with the hosts for yet another long discussion where the head coach covers everything, from his thoughts on Brandon Scherff and Ryan Kerrigan's futures to how he thinks Dwayne Haskins will react to Washington talking with top QBs at the Combine. Next up is ex-NFL passer Brady Quinn, who gives a very definitive take on whether he thinks Haskins has what's needed to be a franchise's answer. After Quinn is NFL analyst and commentator Charles Davis, who looks at trade scenarios for the Redskins at pick No. 2. And to close, you'll get Jordan Reid, an NFL Draft expert who talks about all kinds of prospects, from the well-known to the lesser-known. If you like podcasts where you hear from your new head coach for an extended period of time and Mitch gets to go extra hard with his O-line questions, then this is the episode for you.

Feb 28, 2020
COMBINE POD 1: Full audio and analysis of Kyle Smith's insightful session with reporters in Indianapolis


Kyle Smith talked publicly with local media for the first time since being elevated to Redskins' VP of Player Personnel, and Redskins Talk has you covered on all that he said. To begin, JP Finlay sets the NFL Combine scene and again reminds folks of the impending Tua Mania that will surely set in at some point. Then, you'll hear Smith's full session with reporters in Indy, where he takes questions about his relationship with Ron Rivera, his thoughts on Chase Young and Dwayne Haskins and how he'll go about scouting and preparing Washington's draft board. And on the back of that, you'll get JP and Mitch Tischler's thoughts on Smith's time at the podium. If you like podcasts that fully catch you up to speed on a very important executive's very important comments and travel issues on the way to Indy, then this is the episode for you.  

Feb 25, 2020
Q&A POD: Discussing Quinton Dunbar, Ryan Kerrigan, Bryce Love, possible QB acquisitions and so much more

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey have a very fun Redskins Talk queued up for you. The three, plus a giant studio audience, gathered at Ourisman Ford Lincoln of Alexandra to talk your favorite football team, discussing everything from Quinton Dunbar to Bryce Love to Ryan Kerrigan to the Combine to Montae Nicholson to potential competition for Dwayne Haskins. It was a lot of fun, sort of tense and high energy throughout, so you'll enjoy it for sure. If you like podcasts where Pete learns about interest rates and JP explains why he blocked somebody on Facebook, then this is the episode for you.

Feb 20, 2020
Reacting to Josh Norman and Paul Richardson being gone and looking at what will happen with Jordan Reed

Last Friday, the Redskins released two very notable players, so JP Finlay and Pete Hailey begin this Redskins Talk by reacting to those moves. Then, the two look ahead to what's up next, including what Washington will do with Jordan Reed, who's in a sad situation that doesn't seem like it'll improve anytime soon. Eventually, JP and Pete read through and discuss a CBS article that lays out eight steps to fix the Burgundy and Gold. And to conclude, JP recaps his day at Disney on Ice. If you like podcasts where there's a pretty useful boat metaphor involved, then this is the episode for you.

Feb 18, 2020
How a Matt Stafford rumor applies to the Redskins and re-addressing the Quinton Dunbar situation

There’s yet another rumor out there that could affect the Redskins’ draft plans as well as some Quinton Dunbar chatter that needs to happen, so JP Finlay and Pete Hailey are here for both of those topics and more. To start, they explain what’s going on with Matt Stafford and the Lions, and how that could benefit Washington. Then, they revisit what’s going on with Quinton Dunbar, since a lot has happened since Monday’s Redskins Talk. To close, they outline a realistic record for the 2020 Redskins to aim for before tossing to some Dwayne Haskins audio of a scrum he did last week (29:35). If you like podcasts where Pete can’t answer a JP question for $50 and the guys try to use the term “swing state” correctly then this is the episode for you.

Feb 13, 2020
Breaking some Quinton Dunbar news, updates on the Redskins' stadium hunt and interviews with James Bradberry & Doug Williams

There is some Quinton Dunbar news to react to (news that JP Finlay broke) and some more developments in the Redskins' hunt for a stadium, all of which is broken down in this Redskins Talk. To begin, JP, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and the always-welcome Michael Phillips give their thoughts on Dunbar's expected absence from voluntary offseason work and explain whether fans should be freaking out or not. Then, Phillips updates the other hosts on some potential progress on sports gambling in Virginia and then explains how that affects the Redskins' future stadium. And to close, you get some juicy audio of JP's Super Bowl interview with James Bradberry (31:41), who played under Ron Rivera in Carolina, and a scrum with Doug Williams, who recently opened up about Dwayne Haskins (37:55). If you like podcasts where Mitch goes on an all-time classic rant against malls and JP, Mitch and Pete get very excited at the thought of legal sports betting in Virginia, then this is the episode for you. 

Feb 10, 2020
Joe Gibbs discusses Trent Williams and Chase Young, plus a breakdown of a potential draft day trade

Joe Gibbs is about as good as it gets when it comes to guests on a Redskins podcast, and JP Finlay tracked him down for this Redskins Talk to ask him questions about Trent Williams and Chase Young. But first, JP, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey reunited to discuss a hypothetical draft day trade involving two top-5 teams and how that offer applies to the Redskins at pick No. 2. Once that wraps, they toss to Gibbs (24:39), then come back to recap the duo's week in Miami and discuss Pete's up-and-down night of NBA betting. If you like podcasts where the three hosts are very confused over a very simple word and Mitch gets HEATED about a laptop but tries to pretend he's not HEATED, then this is the episode for you.

Feb 05, 2020
SUPER BOWL LIV, DAYS 3 & 4: Our interviews with Ron Rivera, Terry McLaurin, Joe Theismann, Nick Sundberg, PFT Commenter and more

Redskins fans, hope you're ready for one of the best episodes of Redskins Talk that you'll ever listen to. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Brian Mitchell corralled some phenomenal guests, and it starts with the team's new head coach. Ron Rivera gives so many good answers when he sits down with the crew, you'll be ready to play for him. Then, as if that wasn't enough, Terry McLaurin (23:18) joined his coach, and their interaction was awesome to hear. McLaurin sticks around after Rivera leaves to discuss plenty of more topics, too, including how badly he wants to play in the Super Bowl. After that, you'll hear from Joe Theismann (45:42), Nick Sundberg (54:53), PFT Commenter (57:56) and Danny Kanell (1:07:07), all of whom share their viewpoints on the franchise's new direction, their QB and tons of other things. No catchy line is needed to end this summary — you're going to like this podcast. 

Jan 31, 2020
SUPER BOWL LIV, DAYS 1 & 2: Our interviews with Peter King, Mike Rizzo, Josh Norris, Bashaud Breeland and Kendall Fuller

Redskins Talk is halfway through its week in Miami, and they have recorded some terrific interviews that are now ready for you to listen to. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Brian Mitchell caught up with 1) Peter King, who gave some very strong takes on Bruce Allen and what the team should do in the draft, 2) Mike Rizzo, who was fantastic on how to build a winning franchise, 3) Josh Norris, who delivered plenty of informative nuggets on Ron Rivera and Scott Turner, and 4) Bashaud Breeland and Kendall Fuller, two ex-Redskins who reflect on their time in D.C. Every second is worth listening to, so be sure to listen to every second. If you like podcasts where respected football minds gush about Ron Rivera and Mike Rizzo gets very detailed about how Washington can become legit again, then this is the episode for you. 

Jan 29, 2020
A preview of what you'll get from our Super Bowl coverage and JP's 1-on-1 with Case Keenum

The podcast is headed back to the Super Bowl this year, with a full slate of shows beginning Tuesday at Noon in Miami on the MyTeams App. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, and Pete Hailey give you all need to know before the big week, and dive into the latest regarding the Redskins search for their next stadium site. Then we finally bring you JP's interview with Case Keenum (23:28), where he says if he'd like to be back in Washington & what he knows about Ron Rivera. If you like podcasts where Mitch makes wardrobe teases, then this is the episode for you.

Jan 27, 2020
NFL agent Andy Ross gives tremendous insight into his job, contract negotiations, signing players and much more

Ever wonder what it's like to be an NFL agent? Well, this Redskins Talk is perfect for you. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey sat down with Andy Ross — who reps players like Morgan Moses, Taysom Hill and plenty of others — to learn about what his life is like as well as the ins and outs of the profession. Ross covers it all, from what he's looking for in the players he signs to what contract negotiations are like to plenty of other angles you probably have never thought about. The whole interview is fantastic and full of brilliant stories. If you like podcasts where a longtime agent tells Redskins fans what Ron Rivera will bring to the team and there's lots of rental car discussion, then this is the episode for you. 

Jan 23, 2020
Breaking down Chase Young’s immense NFL potential with an Ohio State expert, plus a Scott Turner note

This Redskins Talk features plenty of Chase Young content, which Redskins fans will love. But first, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey set the scene for their upcoming Super Bowl coverage and JP reveals what he learned regarding Scott Turner’s hiring. Then, they toss to JP and Pete’s interview with Ohio State writer Bill Rabinowitz (25:34), where they ask Rabinowitz all sorts of questions about Young. It’s the perfect way to learn about one of the draft’s most talented prospects. And to close, the three hosts return to break down their big casino night (52:29). If you like podcasts where Mitch’s wardrobe gets analyzed far too closely, then this is the episode for you.

Jan 20, 2020
MAILBAG POD: Answering questions on the draft, free agency, Dan Snyder, Brandon Scherff and much more

The Redskins Talk podcast opened the mailbag for this episode and they found a TON of good questions, which JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey and special guest Gaurv Gulati answered in an all-time fun episode they recorded at Ourisman Fairfax Toyota. During their long chat, they cover the Redskins' plans for the draft, free agency, QB, Dan Snyder, Brandon Scherff, the possible addition of a GM and more. They truly got a chance to discuss it all. If you like podcasts where Pete nails an English accent and JP and Mitch tell an EPIC Dan Snyder story, then this is the episode for you. 

Jan 16, 2020
Recapping Divisional Weekend and talking to a Bills writer about how the Redskins could mirror Buffalo's rebuild

There's a lot to take away from the NFL's Divisional Weekend, plus plenty to learn from a team that fell just short of that destination, and JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey have all of that and more in this Redskins Talk. To begin, they react to the Ravens loss, Kyle Shanahan and Matt LaFleur's ascension and more after two days of quality playoff football. Then, they make a big announcement. After that, the three welcome on Bills writer Jay Skurski (25:50) to discuss how Buffalo's rebuild could be a blueprint for the Redskins to follow. There's a lot of similarities between the two organizations, so that's a very worthwhile interview. Plus, Skurski helps identify one potential GM for the Redskins to hire. If you like podcasts where you get TWO rants from JP and a possible new segment featuring Mitch is born, then this is the episode for you. 

Jan 13, 2020
URGENCY POD: Here's what the Redskins' latest moves in the front office mean for the franchise

The Redskins made some more changes in the Front Office, headlined by Eric Schaffer leaving, Doug Williams getting a new title, and Rob Rogers leaving Carolina to become the Senior VP of Football Administration in Washington. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey, & Brian McNally react to it what it all means, and how it reflects what the power given to new Head Coach Ron Rivera. JP then chats with NBC Sports Bay Area's Matt Maiocco (13:55) on this weekend's playoff match-up between Kirk Cousins & Kyle Shanahan in Santa Clara. Finally, a nod to Pete's big company award (32:46). If you like podcasts that broadcast live from the NBC Sports Washington Holiday Party, then this is the episode for you.

Jan 10, 2020
EMERGENCY POD: Reacting to Scott Turner's hiring as new offensive coordinator over Kevin O'Connell

The Redskins decided Tuesday to make Scott Turner their new offensive coordinator, opting to hire him instead of continuing with Kevin O'Connell. So, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and John Keim convened for ANOTHER Emergency Pod to explain why that move was made, how it could affect Dwayne Haskins and more. If you like podcasts where the hosts go all-in on yet another switch made by Ron Rivera, then this is the episode for you. 

Jan 07, 2020
Catching you up on the coaching staff moves and laying out what could happen in the front office

Ron Rivera is continuing to build out his coaching staff and the Redskins' front office may eventually be reworked further, too. So, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are here to catch you up on both of those fronts, including calming down those who are worried that Rivera's bringing in too many Carolina guys and giving you some potential names to watch as possible incoming GMs or team presidents. They also explain why the Redskins hiring a new trainer is a bigger deal than many may think. To close, JP and Mitch go through Pete's finances after he spent a week with his girlfriend. If you like podcasts where Mitch and Pete's finances are going in opposite directions and friend of Redskins Talk Uncle Don calls in, then this is the episode for you. 

Jan 06, 2020
THE RON RIVERA POD: Reacting to the new head coach’s press conference and the vision he has for the Redskins + JP's interview with Rivera

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey have everything you need to know from Ron Rivera’s introductory presser as the Redskins head coach. From their early impressions of him to his plan for taking control of the franchise to his thoughts on Dwayne Haskins, they break down everything he said during a big day in Ashburn. They also talk about Dan Snyder’s role in all of this and whether they think it’ll ultimately work. Then, they toss to JP’s 1-on-1 with Rivera (49:36), where JP gets to still down on some other topics with the team’s new leader. If you like podcasts where the hosts feel totally rejuvenated and they also rate Rivera’s performance at the podium, then this is the episode for you.

Jan 03, 2020
THE NEW ERA POD: Redskins totally dismiss Bruce Allen and prepare to welcome Ron Rivera

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey have a loaded Redskins Talk for you covering EVERYTHING that's happened to kick off the team's offseason. Bruce Allen is gone. Completely. Ron Rivera appears poised to be the next Redskins head coach. There is so much to talk about, so let's not mess with any more summarizing so you can start listening.

Dec 30, 2019
MAJOR EMERGENCY POD: Bruce Allen's time in charge of football operations is coming to an end

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey have what may be the biggest Emergency Pod to date. On Saturday, JP broke the story that Bruce Allen's time in charge of the Redskins' football operations is going to end, and end soon. It's news that every single fan of this franchise has been anxious to hear. So, JP will explain what he knows, then the hosts will all react to the major shakeup and what could be coming next. Near the end, they also go through some head coaching rumors. If you like podcasts that give you context on the most significant decision this organization has made in years, then this is the episode for you.

Dec 28, 2019
Three things to care about in Redskins-Cowboys and discussing the likelihood (or lack thereof) of Bruce Allen staying in charge

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are well-rested after the holiday and back with a present for you: a new Redskins Talk. To begin, they each identify one storyline to care about in Redskins-Cowboys, a game that really doesn't matter much, at least in regards to the outcome. Then, they enter a Bill Callahan conversation, wondering if there's any chance he returns as the head coach in 2020. That leads into another Bruce Allen chat, where the hosts try to put percentages on the likelihood of Bruce Allen keeping his same position, receiving a new position or being forced out entirely. Once they wrap up their portion of the pod, you get two 1-on-1s from JP, one with Bill Callahan (22:26) and one with Ryan Anderson (29:12). If you like podcasts where Mitch blatantly ignores his car issues and Pete gets accused of having a nose incident, then this is the episode for you.

Dec 26, 2019
POSTGAME POD: Reacting to Dwayne Haskins both starring and getting hurt, the Dan Snyder storyline and plenty more

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey, as usual, have plenty to bring to you after the Redskins’ wild home finale against the Giants. To begin, they explain why this was another encouraging big picture result, even though the loss was disheartening. That includes analysis on Dwayne Haskins’ excellent first half. They then break down all the drama surrounding the QB’s injury, which involves Dan Snyder. Other topics include Bill Callahan not going for 2 at the end of the fourth quarter, the defense being awful, Game Balls & Goats and over/unders. If you like podcasts where there’s random roller coaster analysis and Pete clinches a season-long competition, then this is the episode for you.

Dec 23, 2019
Wondering about Brandon Scherff's future, a McLaurin/Peterson debate and a fantastic interview with Nick Sundberg

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey start off a crowded Wednesday Redskins Talk by discussing Brandon Scherff's upcoming surgery and whether he's played his last game for the franchise. That chat leads into a larger discussion about how this roster could look quite different in just a few short months. Then, JP, Mitch and Pete all pick the same side in a fun debate that centers around the question, "Whose potential 1,000 yard season would be more impressive, Terry McLaurin or Adrian Peterson's?" That's where they finish up their portion, and give way to interviews with Adrian Peterson (from Sunday's postgame session), Bill Callahan (from Monday's 1-on-1 with JP) and, finally, Nick Sundberg, who's got quite a story about birds. If you like podcasts where the hosts are proud of their 'Twas the Night Before Christmas remix and there's a celebration for Tress Way's Pro Bowl berth, then this is the episode for you. And come to the Pod Party on Thursday at Rockville Matchbox. It's going to be excellent.

Dec 18, 2019
POSTGAME POD: Explaining why that was the PERFECT game for the Redskins, and addressing Urban Meyer’s appearance at FedEx Field

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are feeling really good after the Eagles-Redskins game and are here to tell you why you should be as well. To begin, they explain why Sunday was the perfect outcome for fans of the franchise and then analyze what was by far the best performance we’ve seen from Dwayne Haskins. After that, they address the fact that Urban Meyer was in attendance, and break down whether they think his appearance means anything about him maybe becoming head coach of Washington in the future. Then, they talk more about the loss, including Josh Norman‘s failure to step up late in the contest. To close, they do Game Balls & Goats, over/unders and give a message to listeners. If you like podcasts where there is nothing but praise for the young first round quarterback and there are plenty of breadcrumbs dropped throughout, then this is the episode for you. And also, come to our Podcast Party on Thursday, December 19 at Rockville Matchbox. It’s gonna be sweet.

Dec 16, 2019
Thoughts on Dwayne's last 3 games, Bruce's standing, D-Hall in the front office and Norman's tough reality, plus a chat with Nick Sundberg & Tress Way

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and John Keim hopped into Mitch's car for a Redskins Talk that's got it all. To begin, JP poses a question: Is the Dwayne Haskins peak performance going to happen on Sunday, or at least at some point in these last three games? After covering that as well as some other points about Haskins, the four move on to Bruce Allen, with JP explaining why he thinks the end is near. Next, they wonder how DeAngelo Hall could fit into the Redskins' front office, which is something he's interested in. Finally, their last segment deals with Josh Norman's new reality as a bench player. The hosts then toss to JP's 1-on-2 with Tress Way and Nick Sundberg (35:57), where the two reflect on how they've become such recognizable players and what a Pro Bowl appearance would mean. And to close, you'll get the Terry McLaurin postgame interview (46:51) from the Packers loss, which is worth listening to because he's the best. If you like podcasts where JP goes on a rant about being power-less and Pete creeps Keim out with sexy jean talk, then this is the episode for you.

Dec 11, 2019
POSTGAME POD: Wondering if the Redskins were reckless with Dwayne in Green Bay and pondering Bruce Allen’s future

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey had an enormous list of things to cover in this Redskins Talk, and they get going by recapping the team’s loss to the Packers that eliminated them from the playoffs. Should fans be encouraged even with the "L"? After that, they analyze Derrius Guice’s injury and what it means for him and the franchise. Next, they have a lonnnnnng chat about Dwayne Haskins, discussing whether he should’ve been pulled from the game because of his injury as well as his overall disappointing performance. Eventually, they turn their attention to Bruce Allen and whether his time leading the Redskins is coming to a close. And to end, you get regular segments like Game Balls & Goats and over/unders. If you like podcasts where JP uses a cake analogy to describe Bill Callahan’s influence and a major Pete botch is relayed, then this is the episode for you.

Dec 09, 2019
Rating Dwayne Haskins based on where he is now and what his ceiling is, then going 1-on-1 with Montez Sweat

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and Michael Phillips sat in Mitch's car for a long time and covered a wide swath of topics for you in this Redskins Talk. To begin, they wonder how a win in Green Bay could affect Bruce Allen and Bill Callahan's future, before assessing how likely they think a win in Green Bay actually is. Then, JP poses an interesting question: Where is Dwayne Haskins now, and how high is his ceiling? Each host gives their ratings on a fun scale JP presented. Next, the guys go through Phillips' stadium rankings, which features their next stop, Lambeau Field, at No. 1. And to close, you'll get JP's 1-on-1 with Montez Sweat (48:52), who's really come on as of late. If you like podcasts where you get the chance to buy a perfect present for the holidays and Mitch lays out maybe his most bizarre theory to date, then this is the episode for you.

Dec 04, 2019
Exclusive interviews with Bill Callahan, Brandon Scherff, and Nate Orchard after the Panthers victory

JP and John Keim give you more thoughts on the Redskins' second-straight win and what aspects you should be excited about. Then it's a trio of 1-on-1s: the weekly chat with the interim coach Bill Callahan, Brandon Scherff representing the offensive line who had a dominant day, and a can't-miss moment with recently signed LB Nate Orchard. If you like podcasts where players get emotional after having a special moment in their career which may cause you to also get emotional, then this is the episode for you.

Dec 02, 2019
POSTGAME POD: Derrius Guice goes OFF against Carolina and leads the Redskins to their second-straight win

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey can't believe what's going on, because in this Redskins Talk, they're celebrating another win. After starting off by remixing Pharrell's "Happy" to debatable success, they react to what they saw in the Washington-Carolina matchup. That means they cover Derrius Guice's enormous day, Montez Sweat's best effort as a pro and the team as a whole rebounding after a discouraging start. Eventually, they grade Dwayne Haskins and also have a Bruce Allen discussion in light of JP's report from Saturday. How hot is Bruce's seat? And to close, they give out the most Game Balls they've given out all year. If you like podcasts where Mitch starts up a new O-lineman-based campaign and the hosts both begin and end by singing, then this is the episode for you. 

Dec 02, 2019
Is a Dwayne Haskins breakout game coming vs. the Panthers? Plus, a chat on analytics and a Terry McLaurin 1-on-1

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and John Keim convened for this Thanksgiving Eve edition of Redskins Talk, and they covered a whole bunch of stuff. To start, they give their takeaways from Dwayne Haskins' press conference, which include how he addressed Selfiegate. Then, they move on to a discussion about whether a much-awaited breakout game is coming for the rookie QB this Sunday against the Panthers. Eventually, they turn to a chat about how the Redskins use (or, more accurately, don't exactly use) analytics, which is based off questions Keim and JP asked Bill Callahan. To close out their portion of the program, they touch on Josh Norman's role for these final five games as well as the possible end of Ryan Kerrigan's incredibly impressive consecutive games streak. And to finish out the pod, you'll get a JP and Terry McLaurin interview, where the wideout tells a story you'll love about how he took over at the end of the Lions win. If you like podcasts where Mitch mixes up two common cliches to make one bizarre one and Keim can't stop laughing for about a minute straight, then this is the episode for you.

Nov 27, 2019
Exclusive interviews with Bill Callahan, Steven Sims and Quinton Dunbar after the Lions win

JP Finlay & Mitch Tischler give their day after thoughts on Dwayne Haskins, who drew much attention for missing the final snap of the game. Then hear JP's weekly conversation with Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan following the win, Steven Sims who returned a kick 91 yards for a TD, and Quinton Dunbar who had a crucial 4t QTR Int. If you like podcasts where Dustin Hopkins gives very honest Movember mustache rankings at the end, then this is the episode for you.

Nov 25, 2019
POSTGAME POD: Recapping a thrilling win over the Lions while also explaining concerns about Dwayne Haskins

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are feeling mixed emotions in this Redskins Talk. To begin, they start off in a celebratory mood, as they enjoy the Redskins’ first home win in 13 months, a victory that featured excellent play from young receivers and a defense that came up clutch. Quickly, though, they transition from the "Era of Good Feelings" into more of an analytical approach, and have a long discussion about Dwayne Haskins. In that segment, they cover his accuracy problems as well as some maturity concerns, as they wonder whether they feel more or less encouraged about him following today. There’s a ton to unpack about the rookie, so pay attention to all of it. They then move onto JP’s report that Bill Callahan “ripped into” the Redskins the night before the game before closing with Game Balls & Goats and Over/Unders. If you like podcasts where a Sean Paul smash-hit makes an appearance off the top and JP totally outclasses Pete in an ad read, then this is the episode for you.

Nov 25, 2019
An Alex Smith progress update and JP’s 1-on-1 with the always engaging Derrius Guice

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are here to navigate you through a loaded Redskins Talk. To begin, the three hosts explain where Alex Smith is at in his recovery and wonder if there is any chance that he can factor into the team’s 2020 quarterback depth chart. Then, they provide an update on Adrian Peterson‘s health before getting into two stories Pete wrote this week, one about judging Dwayne Haskins and another about young players who may see more snaps soon. After, they toss to JP’s chat with Derrius Guice (23:57), who is as energetic and engaging as ever, before they wrap things up by interviewing ex-Lions receiver Herman Moore (38:50) in a call that starts with a preview of Sunday’s matchup before covering all sorts of other topics. If you like podcasts where Pete’s terrible bowling abilities are revealed and JP explains to Herman Moore how Moore impacted his childhood, then this is the episode for you.

Nov 21, 2019
Giving our thoughts on the very interesting Dwayne Haskins sideline video and JP’s 1-on-1 with Bill Callahan

JP Finlay, Pete Hailey and John Keim get this Redskins Talk started by giving their thoughts on the Dwayne Haskins/offensive line sideline video that’s taken over Twitter. Was Haskins in the right? Why was the O-line so quiet? Those questions and more are answered in that segment. Then, you’ll get JP’s interview with Bill Callahan, where JP asks the coach for his thoughts on the rookie QB’s development on top of plenty of other things you’re surely wondering about. Lastly, because Washington isn’t providing any real victory podcasts these days, you’ll get a replay of an old one after a win over the Eagles from 2016, where the team was better and the conversation was actually fun. If you like podcasts where JP, Pete and Keim all get a little emo at once and you get a helping of Rich Tandler to make your Monday better, then this is the episode for you.

Nov 18, 2019
POSTGAME POD: Dwayne Haskins takes a step back vs. the Jets while the Redskins continue to bottom out

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey feel like they’re stuck in a time warp because these postgame pods are all the same. In this one, which comes after the miserable loss to the Jets, the guys grade Dwayne Haskins, wonder how the defense can be so helpless and generally react to all of the bad football they’re witnessing these days. They also wonder if Bill Callahan has lost the locker room already in addition to going through their Game Balls & Goats and Over/Under segments. If you like podcasts where the trio delivers a strong golf analogy to describe Dwayne’s play and JP and Pete get super angry at Mitch for not really growing a mustache, then this is the episode for you. 

Nov 18, 2019
A giant argument about Dwayne Haskins and catching up with the analyst who predicted a 2-14 Redskins season

This is one hell of a Friday Redskins Talk. To open, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey analyze where Dwayne Haskins is at going into his home debut before launching into a giant argument about whether the passer must throw for more than 200 yards on Sunday for the game to be a success. After that long, intense segment ends, you get JP's interview with Adam Rank (31:20), the NFL Network analyst who predicted Washington would finish the year 2-14. Rank was mocked this offseason, but he sure looks smart these days. If you like podcasts where the three hosts get as heated as they've ever been, then this is the episode for you. 

Nov 15, 2019
Explaining the improvements in Dwayne Haskins and looking at why the Redskins will finally score a TD vs. the Jets

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey finally found themselves in the same place again so they decided to record this Redskins Talk to celebrate. The opening portion of it deals with Dwayne Haskins, who had his first presser as starting QB on Wednesday. The hosts give you all you need to know from that presser and also have a broader talk about the ways in which Haskins seems more comfortable than he ever has. During that, though, a yelling match breaks out about expectations for Dwayne, so be ready. Then, there's a chat about Colin Kaepernick and why he doesn't fit in with Washington's plans. To wrap, Pete reads through an article he wrote that features 10 reasons the team will finally score a touchdown when they face the Jets, and JP and Mitch react to those reasons. If you like podcasts where the existence of quicksand is debated and something really, really, really cool happens at the end that makes JP sort of tear up, then this is the episode for you.

Nov 14, 2019
Haskins is starting: What should we expect? Plus, Bill Callahan tells a great story about the QB

JP Finlay and Pete Hailey are back from the bye and have some very positive news for you: Dwayne Haskins is the Redskins’ starting QB for the rest of the season. The two hosts explain the timing of this decision, look at his fit with Derrius Guice and Terry McLaurin and discuss what they want to see from him in his start against the Jets. Then, they toss to JP’s 1-on-1 with Bill Callahan, and a highlight of that chat is an insightful story Bill shares about Dwayne’s preparedness. If you like podcasts that include a drawn out but effective shopping metaphor and a Supreme Court reference, then this is the episode for you.

Nov 11, 2019
Chad Dukes and Barstool Nate, two diehard Redskins fans, explain what they're still rooting for this year

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey welcome on two of the more passionate Redskins fans you'll find in media, Chad Dukes and Barstool Nate, for this edition of Redskins Talk. First, Dukes calls in, and during his time, he explains why it's so hard to root for Washington to lose even if that may be best for them long-term, runs through his best- and worst-case head coaching moves and also lays out why he wouldn't *hate* it if the team kept Bill Callahan in charge. Then, it's Nate's turn, and he also gets a chance to say what he's rooting for before talking about the lack of hope he's been feeling for quite some time in a segment many will be able to relate to. If you like podcasts where both guests are just as invested as you are and there's also some airplane seating discussion, then this is the episode for you.

Nov 08, 2019
John Keim joins to cover it all, from Haskins to a crazy draft scenario to everyone's bye week plans

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and John Keim got together for a long, all-over-the-place and fun Redskins Talk. To start, the four reflect on JP's report that Bill Callahan was given full control on roster decisions and why that may not be such a big deal. Then, they launch into a big Dwayne Haskins decision. What progress did he show vs. Buffalo, where can he go from here and why is the team not just naming him the starter already? Next, they briefly touch on Cam Newton rumors before JP throws out a wild draft scenario involving Washington potentially taking another QB this coming April. Lastly, a Redskins Talk staple returns: The ranking of everyone's bye week activities. Mitch is doing some incredibly fun stuff, while Keim... isn't. If you like podcasts where three out of the four voices are wearing their sexy sweats and there's some very divergent guesses on Mitch's future golf scores, then this is the episode for you.

Nov 06, 2019
POSTGAME POD: The Redskins look both boring and scared to win in Dwayne Haskins’ first start

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are wondering how they got stuck covering such a bad, boring and scared-to-win football team in this postgame Redskins Talk. The guys react to yet another loss, grade Dwayne Haskins in his first start, explain why Haskins absolutely should start the rest of the way and criticize Washington’s overall approach lately. They also discuss where Adrian Peterson fits into all of this. If you like podcasts where the hosts diagnose themselves with a bad sickness and Pete learns a valuable vocab word, then this is the episode for you.

Nov 04, 2019
The Trent Williams pod: Hear the left tackle explain, in his own words, why he's lost trust in the Redskins

Trent Williams finally spoke to reporters on Thursday, and it was riveting. Redskins Talk is giving you the entire audio here, so you can listen for yourself and hear him describe why he's so upset with the Redskins and what his life has been like these past few months. It was pretty unbelievable stuff. 

Oct 31, 2019
EMERGENCY POD: Reacting to the latest developments in the Trent debacle, as well as the team's lack of trades at the deadline

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are here to guide you through the latest Trent Williams developments as well as the team's lack of trades as best as they can, because a ton is happening and not much of it makes sense. To begin, they walk you through Williams' reporting to the organization and what it means for him and the team. The hosts also explain why this has been such a mess and how the franchise has to realize how badly they botched it (even though they may choose not to). Eventually, they move on to discuss why no trades happened involving other guys, such as Josh Norman, Ryan Kerrigan and Adrian Peterson. Basically, if you're looking for a Redskins-Bills preview, head elsewhere. If you like podcasts where there's a random segment on liquor prices and Pete addresses his recent Internet adventures, then this is the podcast for you.

Oct 29, 2019
The Trent Williams trade watch is in full effect, plus going 1-on-1 with Bill Callahan

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, and John Keim convene in Ashburn as the Redskins return from their mini weekend bye. They start with all the guys who might be on the trading block ahead of this week's deadline, headlined of course by Trent Williams. Conversation then shifts with the latest regarding Case Keenum's health and who could start at QB Sunday in Buffalo. We wrap it up with JP's weekly chat with Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan (21:38), where the coach addresses the issues within the redzone. If you like podcasts where Keim recalls a lesson he learned in high school baseball and how that relates to Dwayne Haskins today, then this is the podcast for you.

Oct 28, 2019
POSTGAME POD: The Redskins lose (again) and Dwayne Haskins struggles (again)

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are here with another less-than-cheery Redskins Talk. Sorry. In their conversations, they react to the loss as well as Dwayne Haskins’ performance and what it means for him moving forward. There’s a lot to get through there, including analysis on whether or not he should be the starter going forward. They also chat about the defense and the fact that Washington is sitting at a horrific 1-7. To wrap, they reflect on the Vikings’ gorgeous stadium before JP complains about how Minneapolis’ streets are organized. If you like podcasts where Pete derails things constantly and JP goes off on the Redskins’ jerseys, then this is the episode for you.

Oct 25, 2019
1-on-1s with Callahan, Kerrigan and Scherff, plus a terrific Nationals-Astros World Series preview

JP Finlay goes through his weekly chat with Bill Callahan to begin this Redskins Talk, then you get to hear his postgame chat with Ryan Kerrigan, and his exclusive with Brandon Scherff that includes JP asking him about his contract situation. Then JP, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey bring on NBC Sports Washington’s Todd Dybas to preview the World Series (21:35). If you like podcasts that seamlessly blend bad football with great baseball, then this is the episode for you. 

Oct 22, 2019
POSTGAME POD: The Redskins drown against the 49ers, so should it be Dwayne Haskins time?

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are in their good undisclosed location for yet another following-a-loss edition of Redskins Talk. In their time together, they discuss whether the team should go to Dwayne Haskins, reflect on the many missed opportunities they had versus San Fran and wonder how bleak things can get from here on out. If you like podcasts where Mitch and JP start and end things by arguing and Pete gets uncomfortable because of it, then this is the episode for you.

Oct 20, 2019
Addressing the Trent Williams trade rumors, what's happening at RB and Dwayne Haskins' increase in reps

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey start off this Redskins Talk with some Nats analysis, as they reflect on a World Series coming to D.C. while also debating which sports championship has the coolest name. Then, they get into football, starting off with injury updates on guys such as Chris Thompson. That Thompson discussion leads into a chat about Derrius Guice and Bryce Love as well. Eventually, they address this week's Trent Williams trade rumors before predicting whether or not the lineman will be dealt before the NFL's deadline. They also throw out some names of other players who may be moved. Lastly, they give you info on Dwayne Haskins' Wednesday, a practice in which he got all of the reps. How big of a deal is that? If you like podcasts where there's some segments on headkissing and Alex Smith maybe returning in 2020, then this is the episode for you.

Oct 16, 2019
POSTGAME POD: Plenty of problems still exist, but it feels great to talk about a Redskins win again

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are relieved to finally be recording their first victory pod in ten months, thanks to the Redskins win over the Dolphins in Week 6. Was it pretty? No. Is this team still very flawed? Yes. But they won, and they haven't won in forever, so let's all be in happy moods. From Terry McLaurin and Adrian Peterson's banner days to Bill Callahan's influence to Case Keenum's very average performance, the hosts cover it all. They also give out tons of Game Balls, discuss Mike Tomlin for a bit and even check on the NFC East standings. If you like podcasts where you get a Dan Marino story as well as some press box dessert rankings, then this is the episode for you. Thanks for sticking with them through all the losses. Enjoy this one. 

Oct 14, 2019
Here's an insightful interview with Chris Thompson, as well as Week 6 over/unders

To start off this Redskins Talk, you'll get JP Finlay's 1-on-1 interview with Chris Thompson, who's one of the more thoughtful players on the team. In their chat, Thompson takes you inside Jay Gruden's firing and explains where his head is at as the Redskins try to break out of their winless streak. To follow that up, you'll hear Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and Brian McNally's over/unders segment from Friday's MyTeams stream (13:46), which is always a fun time. If you like podcasts where Bullish Pete shows up and Thompson gets really, really honest about things with the Burgundy and Gold, then this is the episode for you.

Oct 11, 2019
What was different at Bill Callahan's first practice? Plus, whether the changes will matter and audio from his presser

JP Finlay, Pete Hailey and Michael Phillips are here for this Bill Callahan-heavy Redskins Talk. To begin, the guys take you behind the scenes and explain all that was different at the interim coach's first practice, from the music to the stretching to the presence of refs on the field. They then discuss: Will these changes matter? After that, they dissect some of what Callahan said to reporters after the session, focusing on his intense love for the running game as well as his handling of the QBs. Lastly, JP, Pete and Michael wonder if Callahan has any shot of being the Redskins head coach in 2020 before tossing to the press conference he gave on Wednesday so you can hear it all for yourself. If you like podcasts where Pete picks up the sexy jeans slack and JP's wacky car clock is analyzed, then this is the episode for you.

Oct 10, 2019
GRUDEN'S GONE: Reacting to it all, from Jay's firing to Bruce and Callahan's pressers to what's next for the Redskins

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey, after a day of streams, shows and stories, are finally here for your Redskins Talk podcast recapping an important day for the Redskins. Jay Gruden is gone, Bill Callahan is in and Bruce Allen spoke, and the guys have analysis and thoughts on it all. How did the team get here? What is there to take away from Allen's time at the podium — if there is anything to take away at all? What are the initial impressions of Callahan? Those storylines and more are covered in this one, including a pretty contentious back-and-forth between JP, Mitch and Pete about what needs to happen with Dwayne Haskins. Take a seat and take it all in, because this was a major turn of events for the Burgundy and Gold. If you like podcasts where no one holds anything back and Pete closes things out with one last Gruden impression, then this is the episode for you.

Oct 08, 2019
POSTGAME POD: The Pats smoke the Redskins and now we wait to see if anyone gets fired

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey tried to bring you a good mix of analysis and projecting about potential future moves in this Redskins Talk following the team’s loss to the Patriots. For now, Gruden and Manusky are still employed, but should they be and will they be for long? The hosts focus on that as well as whether it’s time for Dwayne Haskins to play, the New England takeover at FedEx Field and the offense’s tiresome struggles. If you like podcasts that include some chatter about an 0-16 record and inside reporting about what happened postgame with Gruden and the front office, then this is the episode for you. And stay tuned for a possible Emergency Pod.

Oct 06, 2019
Reacting to Colt being named starter for the Pats game, 1-on-1 with Landon Collins and Week 5 over/unders

You get a little bit of everything in this Redskins Talk. First, you’ll hear JP Finlay on the Redskins’ decision to go with Colt McCoy for Sunday’s game against the Patriots. Then, there’s JP’s sit-down interview with Landon Collins, which is a good one. And lastly, there’s JP, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey setting and choosing their over/unders for Week 5(9:07), featuring John Keim as well. If you like podcasts where you get context for a QB choice you’re likely upset about and some very low and sad numbers are set in over/unders, then this is the episode for you.

Oct 04, 2019
Discussing the fact that there's still no starter, as well as Gruden's growing frustration and whether any changes are coming

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey gathered in Mitch's car for this packed Redskins Talk following an intriguing Wednesday at Redskins Park. First, they cover the QBs, with analysis on the fact that Jay Gruden still hasn't named a starter, whether playing or sitting is better for Dwayne Haskins right now and more topics. Then, they wonder if things could look very different around this team after the New England matchup. Eventually, they catch you up on the various injuries, including an update on Terry McLaurin, and lastly, things wrap with JP admitting a major botch of his. If you like podcasts where Mitch totally misses an entire conversation and Pete gets upset with those saying that Gruden has quit, then this is the episode for you. And come on out to Dudley's in Shirlington on Thursday night to celebrate Pete's bday and watch the Nats.

Oct 03, 2019
Bonus Pod: Jay Gruden explains what needs to change and what will go into his Week 5 QB decision

JP Finlay's weekly, exclusive chat with Jay Gruden makes up the biggest chunk of this Redskins Talk, as the head coach looks back on Week 4's loss to the Giants, looks ahead to Week 5's game with the Patriots and answers a whole bunch of tough questions in between. From whether he's thinking of making changes on his coaching staff to what'll factor into this choice of who starts at quarterback this coming Sunday, you'll hear Gruden open up on all of the topics you want to hear about. If you like podcasts where Gruden is asked straight-up about Trent Williams and he addresses his playcalling, too, then this is the episode for you.

Oct 01, 2019
WEEK 4 POSTGAME POD: Keenum struggles, Haskins debuts and the Redskins fall to a truly miserable 0-4 record

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are trying to hang in there just like you. Here’s their reaction to the Redskins’ fourth straight loss to open the year. Things are bad everywhere and not much else needs to be said. If you like podcasts where there’s lots of random talk about bodies of water and things close with a fitting Johnny Cash song, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 30, 2019
Is Dwayne Haskins getting the proper amount of work? Plus, previewing Week 4's Redskins-Giants game

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey were on the MyTeams app on Friday for an hour-long stream, and now that stream is available to you as a podcast. Listen along as the guys talk about the Redskins' QB situation (focusing on how the team is handling Dwayne Haskins), some worrisome injuries along the O-line and preview this Sunday's game in New York with over/unders and predictions. Plus, hear JP’s chat with Ryan Kerrigan (32:03). If you like podcasts where JP calls Pete a "coddled little boy" and the hosts get cake smashed in their faces/on their heads, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 27, 2019
Case Keenum missed walkthrough Wednesday, so what does that mean for him, Dwayne Haskins and Colt McCoy?

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey have an Urgency Pod edition of Redskins Talk, because Case Keenum is in a walking boot and missed walkthrough on Wednesday. This makes the quarterback position very interesting, because if he misses Sunday, the Redskins will have to decide between starting Dwayne Haskins or Colt McCoy. Or, he could play Sunday and then the team will have to decide who his backup is. Overall, it's a very fluid situation, and the three hosts talk about it on their own before also getting input from John Keim, Michael Phillips and Steve Whyno. Eventually, each give their opinion on who SHOULD start if Case can't, and who WILL start if Case can't. To close, they focus on another injury-riddled group: the offensive line. Brandon Scherff and Chase Roullier are dinged up, so how alarming is that? If you like podcasts where Mitch presents a somewhat good, somewhat bizarre Nationals-Redskins theory and there is a TON of QB drama, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 26, 2019
WEEK 3 POSTGAME POD: The Redskins should be absolutely embarrassed by their showing vs. the Bears

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey all tried to keep their sanity in this Redskins Talk, and it was incredibly hard considering what happened at FedEx Field on Monday night. The guys start things off with some depressing quotes that JP found on the Internet and then get right to it, assailing the team's arrogance in their offensive schemes, Greg Manusky's defense and the ugly running game especially in the fourth quarter. Next, they try to figure out what should and will happen when it comes to making a switch at quarterback, head coach and defensive coordinator. It feels like some major moves could be coming. Eventually, they go through Game Balls and Goats, where they get even angrier. To close, they try to open up some fortune cookies to find some hope for the future, and not even that goes well. If you like podcasts where the hosts are just as furious as you are and everyone's on the verge of melting down at any given second, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 24, 2019
A full Redskins-Bears preview, featuring Larry Michael, Tress Way and Nick Sundberg

JP Finlay & Mitch Tischler get you set for Monday night at home vs. Chicago as the Skins seek their first win of the season. They are joined by a bunch of guests including Larry Michael, Tress Way, & Nick Sundberg before wrapping it up with their trademark "Over/Unders" before Week 3.

Sep 20, 2019
Is Monday night's game against the Bears absolutely a 'must-win'? Plus, 1-on-1 with Cole Holcomb

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are back (and in an odd undisclosed location) for this Redskins Talk. To begin, they catch you up on some roster moves and injury updates, including the arrival of a new pass rusher and what's going on with Quinton Dunbar. Then, they break out the imaginary poker chips when discussing Trent Williams' future, trying to figure out if he'll come back in October, November or never, or if he'll maybe get traded. Next, they ask whether Monday night's game against Chicago is a "must-win," which leads to a pretty giant fight when one host doesn't fully commit to it being one. Eventually, they quickly touch on Daniel Jones becoming the Giants starter and how it relates to Dwayne Haskins and give an update on the survivor pool. And finally, you'll get JP's 1-on-1 interview with Cole Holcomb, a rookie who's on fire to start and who has quite the connection to Bears QB Mitch Trubisky. If you like podcasts where the guys come up with a new motto and also passive aggressively get mad at Pete (and aggressive aggressively get mad at Mitch) then this is the episode for you.

Sep 19, 2019
Jay Gruden goes 1-on-1 to explain how he's keeping the Redskins together, plus JP's postgame chat with Adrian Peterson

This Redskins Talk begins with JP Finlay's exclusive Monday interview with Jay Gruden, and to start, JP asks the coach how he plans on keeping Washington together following their 0-2 start. JP also gets Gruden to open up on his thoughts about the team's conservative defensive game plan against Dallas as well as explain some pregame comments he made about Adrian Peterson's running style. Once Gruden's done, you'll hear JP's postgame chat with Peterson (12:15), who reflects on reaching yet another milestone but also on the team's disappointing start to the year. Lastly, to try and cheer you up, Pete's bit with Cowboys fans is tacked on, where he asks them questions about their "favorite team" and ends up exposing how little they know. If you like podcasts where you hear Gruden go in-depth on the defense you expect much more out of and also hear a Cowboys fan talk about how Mitch Tischler needs more time to develop on their roster, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 16, 2019
WEEK 2 POSTGAME POD: The Redskins defense looks completely lost again vs. Dallas as the team falls to a worrisome 0-2

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are already running out of words and it's only mid-September, but regardless, they're here to bring you yet another postgame podcast following a disappointing loss. Things get rowdy early, as the guys wonder what exactly is happening to this defense and whether Greg Manusky is the right man for this job. That leads into some more general analysis and anger about how this season has started and how the things that were supposed to be strengths aren't actually strengths. Eventually, they read off all of the ugly stats they can find just like they did in Week 1 before wondering if Manusky is coaching himself out of his role. Game Balls and Goats follow, which is heavy on Goats (duh) and then they recap their over/unders. Lastly, they address the listeners about something important. If you like podcasts where JP breaks out his "This Season Is Going To (Expletive) Flow Chart" and you get some random discussion about pets, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 15, 2019
Discussing the health of Reed, Guice and Allen and a fantastic 1-on-1 interview with Adrian Peterson

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey come to you from a sizzling Ashburn for this Wednesday Redskins Talk. After promoting their upcoming event this Saturday at Old Towne Pet Resort, the guys go through all the injury news they have, including updates on Jordan Reed, Derrius Guice, Jonathan Allen, Montae Nicholson and Fabian Moreau. Some of those are more encouraging than others, so listen to them all. Next, they revisit the Trent Williams holdout. There was some thought he'd be back by now, but he still isn't. So, is this thing going to extend way into the season? Once that wraps, they toss to JP's exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Adrian Peterson, who touches on everything from his relationship with Jay Gruden to whether he thinks Trent will ever return. It's an interesting chat with a guy who's in a very interesting spot. If you like podcasts where JP likes Pete's 'Closing Time' remix but hates Pete and Mitch singing 'Happy Birthday' to him, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 11, 2019
The first exclusive 1-on-1 with Jay Gruden, plus postgame interviews with McLaurin and Peterson

JP Finlay and Mitch Tischler welcome you in for this Redskins Talk and set the scene for what'll be a three-interview installment. After their intro, you'll hear JP's exclusive 1-on-1 with Jay Gruden, where the head coach looks for answers on how his team looked so different in the two halves and also explains what it was like to tell Adrian Peterson he was inactive. Then, you'll get JP's postgame chat with Terry McLaurin and audio of Peterson's meeting with reporters, two discussions that have very different vibes. If you like podcasts where Mitch struggles through an "Old Town Road" rendition, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 10, 2019
EMERGENCY POD: Reacting to the Derrius Guice injury news and what it means for Adrian Peterson

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and Michael Phillips teamed up for an earlier than they expected Emergency Pod, which is based around the news that Derrius Guice has another knee injury. In their reactions, they cover tons of storylines, from what this means for Guice and Adrian Peterson, how Jay Gruden will have to navigate things and whether this season feels like it’s already slipping away. If you like podcasts where Mitch calls in a source for medical info and there’s a new scale invented that involves balloons, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 09, 2019
WEEK 1 POSTGAME POD: Observations from the Redskins' fantastic start and dreadful finish in Philly

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are here for their first postgame podcast of the season, and man, they have a lot to sort through. The guys get right to it, dropping a Charles Dickens reference and then looking back on what was such a promising first half and disappointing second half. What the hell happened? Eventually, they play a game in which they read off really depressing stats, which certainly won't cheer you up but does a good job explaining just how different the first and second 30 minutes were. After that, they dive in to the decision to keep Adrian Peterson inactive and also grade Case Keenum's debut. Lastly, they go through Game Balls and Goats, which leads to discussions about Terry McLaurin, Jay Gruden and the decision to let DeSean Jackson go a few years back, and also reveal the results of Over/Unders. If you like podcasts where Mitch and Pete get criticized for their styles of sitting and JP does live math successfully, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 09, 2019
SEASON PREVIEW POD: Predicting key over/unders for Redskins players as well as what their 2019 record will be

This is a GIANT Redskins Talk, and it should do a terrific job of getting you ready for the 2019 season. To start, JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey, John Keim and Michael Phillips put their heads together for a season-long predictions discussion, after the success of last season's famous Grand Canyon pod. In it, the guys debate how many starts Dwayne Haskins will make, how many yards and TDs Derrius Guice and Adrian Peterson will put up, how many sacks Ryan Kerrigan will have and more. Everyone's all over the place, and many of these predictions will look foolish in four months, but there's still plenty of solid info and back-and-forths to take in. After that, you get the annual MEGA POD portion of things (23:11), where everyone you care about, from reporters to analysts to personalities, predict what the Redskins' 2019 record will end up looking like. If you like podcasts that prep you for the next four months of your life better than anything, then this is absolutely the episode for you.

Sep 06, 2019
Another Nick Sundberg appearance, listing theories on why Trent may return and a 1-on-1 with Donald Penn

Well, hope you like Wednesday podcasts that are full of great content. JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey get this one going by updating you on Jordan Reed returning to the practice field and what that means for his Eagles availability. Then, they're joined by Nick Sundberg, who hops in the backseat of Mitch's car once again. With Sundberg, you'll get in-depth breakdowns on Dustin Hopkins' ball-striking as well as all the various punts Tress Way hits, a place where Sundberg shows off a tremendous amount of knowledge about the kicking game. He also explains why he isn't bothered by the low expectations surrounding the team and answers a question on where he'll draw confidence from in 2019. Once Sundberg bounces (and takes some Fun Dip with him), JP, Mitch and Pete run through JP's theories of what would eventually cause Trent Williams to return. There's five of them, and they range from money to health to simply missing the sport. Lastly, you'll hear JP's 1-on-1 interview with Donald Penn (41:25), which is a really insightful discussion with a very important player. If you like podcasts where there's a big announcement regarding Fridays this season and some delicious "Theory Stew" is made, then this is the episode for you.

Sep 04, 2019
Week 1 is here: Latest on Jordan Reed's health and Trent Williams still not being in Ashburn

JP Finlay & Mitch Tischler convene for this Labor Day edition as the 53 man roster began preparations for Philadelphia. They look at the latest regarding Jordan Reed and concussion protocol, the presence of Wendell Smallwood, Jay Gruden on Trent Williams, and more. If you like podcasts where JP explains the origin of Labor Day with extensive research, then this is the episode for you. ***JOIN US AT DUDLEY'S SPORTS & ALE IN ARLINGTON ON MONDAY NIGHT SEPTEMBER 9TH FOR MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL DOUBLEHEADER**

Sep 02, 2019
Breaking down the Redskins' 53-man roster and reacting to the cuts they made

J.P FInlay and Mitch Tischler break down the Redskins 53 man roster, including their reaction to the surprising cuts, the bubble players who did and did not make the team, Josh Doctson being cut and much more.

Sep 01, 2019
Postgame Pod: Explaining why the future feels bright for Dwayne Haskins and wondering what Josh Doctson's next step is

JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are here to wrap up the preseason and look ahead to Week 1 with this Redskins Talk. To begin, the guys recap how Dwayne Haskins did in his "first" NFL start, and run through all of the positives they've seen from him since his arrival. Then, they launch into a big discussion about the wide receivers, wondering where Josh Doctson fits in all of this (will he be cut, traded or stick around?) and trying to figure out how many wideouts the team will keep. They'll also have a similar chat about running back and Samaje Perine. Eventually, they get to some important podcast housekeeping, which includes some necessary dates and events to start planning for, before moving into Game Balls and Goats. And to close, they play one of their go-to songs and try to build up some momentum heading into the Eagles opener. If you like podcasts where Pete proves he knows nothing about old music and JP gets VERY mad with Mitch over Trent Williams, then this is the episode for you.

Aug 30, 2019
Roster Projection Pod: Who are the 53 Redskins who’ll survive cuts and make this team?
Aug 27, 2019
How confident should the Redskins be in Case Keenum? Plus, discussions on Jordan Reed and Andrew Luck
Aug 25, 2019
Postgame Pod: Recapping Derrius Guice's standout performance, Jordan Reed's scary injury and more Redskins-Falcons notes
Aug 23, 2019
Nick Sundberg joins to preview Redskins-Falcons and explain why you should be excited for 2019
Aug 20, 2019
Colt McCoy misses practice yet again, so how does that affect Dwayne Haskins?
Aug 18, 2019
Bonus Pod: Harmon, Haskins, and Nicholson Postgame
Aug 16, 2019
Postgame Pod: Dwayne Haskins delivers a magical moment, and more Redskins-Bengals observations
Aug 16, 2019
There are a handful of injuries to update you on, plus full audio of Adrian Peterson talking to reporters
Aug 13, 2019
A Haskins performance review and asking a ton of reporters about who’ll start at QB
Aug 12, 2019
The Specialist Pod: Nick Sundberg, Tress Way and Dustin Hopkins join for an absolutely LEGENDARY episode
Aug 11, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 16: A bunch of practice nuggets and postgame interviews with Moreland & Davis
Aug 10, 2019
Postgame pod: Chris Cooley joins to break down the preseason opener and Haskins’ debut
Aug 09, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 15: Interviews with Charley Casserly, Rob Ryan, Jonathan Allen and Cam Sims
Aug 07, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 14: Interviews with Case Keenum, Dwayne Haskins and Wale
Aug 06, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 13: Colt McCoy looks good then gets dinged up, and an update on the left side of the O-line
Aug 05, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 12: Injury updates, talking about the quarterbacks' turnovers and a podcast party recap
Aug 04, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 11: The offense disappoints on Fan Day, plus notes on Jordan Reed and the O-line
Aug 03, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 10: JP sits down with Daron Payne and Derrius Guice, two important second-year Redskins
Aug 02, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 9: Is Colt emerging as a dark horse at QB? And should you believe the Cam Sims hype?
Aug 01, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 8: There are Trent Williams trade rumors to discuss, as well as thoughts on Penn and another brawl
Jul 31, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 7: Breaking down the fights and Donald Penn's arrival, plus a 1-on-1 with Josh Norman
Jul 30, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 6: You're going to love these 1-on-1s with Kerrigan, Scherff and Sweat
Jul 29, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 5: There is a troubling Trent report to react to, as well as some Dwayne Haskins praise to hand out
Jul 28, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 4: Taking stock of the O-line aside from left tackle as well as discussing the middle linebackers
Jul 27, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 3: Welcoming on the pod's new QB expert to analyze Haskins, Keenum & McCoy
Jul 26, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 2: Reed and Guice shine, the QB battle officially begins and JP goes 1-on-1 with Landon Collins
Jul 25, 2019
2019 Camp, Day 1: The key takeaways from Jay Gruden's opening presser, including thoughts on Trent Williams' absence
Jul 24, 2019
URGENCY POD: It's not quite an emergency pod, but JP & Keim break down the latest Trent Williams news
Jul 22, 2019
Evaluating Kevin O'Connell as a potential head coach and a complete preview of 2019 training camp in Richmond
Jul 19, 2019
Early Preview of Panthers/Skins + Look at 2020 Draft
Jul 17, 2019
Could the Redskins really upset the Patriots early on in 2019? We ask a New England reporter that very question
Jul 14, 2019
Learning more about Dwayne Haskins the QB and leader, and asking whether he has what it takes to succeed as a pro
Jul 12, 2019
Mailbag pod: Answering YOUR questions about Haskins, having hope, Gruden, Doctson and more
Jul 10, 2019
Looking at the Redskins' best chances for wins in 2019
Jul 07, 2019
Week 12 Replay Pod: Sour Thanksgiving in Dallas
Jul 05, 2019
Week 11 Replay Pod: Disastrous home loss to Houston
Jul 03, 2019
Will Compton looks back on his Redskins career in a long and hilarious interview
Jul 01, 2019
Remember that analyst who predicted a 2-14 Redskins season? Well, we got him on the phone to talk about that
Jun 27, 2019
Determining who or what should be responsible for deciding whether Dwayne Haskins starts right away
Jun 26, 2019
Trying to figure out how the 2019 Redskins will score and an interview with a Lions reporter about Marvin Jones
Jun 24, 2019
Week 10 Replay Pod: Low-scoring win in Tampa
Jun 23, 2019
Week 9 Replay Pod: Falcons fly over the Redskins
Jun 22, 2019
Debating whether Colt McCoy has a real shot in the QB race and revealing the prizes for the Pod Party
Jun 21, 2019
Catching up with former fan favorite Chris Baker and opening up an epic care package from Norway
Jun 20, 2019
Is the analyst who picked the Redskins to go 2-14 totally wrong? Also, running through the options with Trent Williams
Jun 18, 2019
Week 8 Replay Pod: Redskins overpower Giants for second straight W
Jun 16, 2019
Week 7 Replay Pod: Redskins defeat Cowboys in first game without Tandler
Jun 14, 2019
Giving you the latest on Trent Williams' status and evaluating where Dwayne Haskins is in his development
Jun 13, 2019
Looking back at the Redskins best & worst offseason moments and looking ahead to camp’s biggest storylines
Jun 11, 2019
Comparing Trent Williams' situation to Julio Jones' from last year, plus reacting to JP's latest 53-man roster projection
Jun 10, 2019
Week 6 Replay Pod: Taming the Panthers
Jun 09, 2019
Week 5 Replay Pod: Marched on by the Saints
Jun 07, 2019
Minicamp recap, Day 3: Is Case Keenum now the favorite to start at QB? Plus, a look at the CB depth chart
Jun 06, 2019
Minicamp recap, Day 2: The Trent Williams story takes a turn and is now even more serious
Jun 05, 2019
Minicamp recap, Day 1: This Trent Williams situation is absolutely cause for concern for the Redskins
Jun 04, 2019
The Tandler Birthday Pod: Catching up with his wife, Andi, and remembering our guy Rich
May 31, 2019
Rob Ryan sits down for a long interview, Jon Allen & Landon Collins talk as well and is the defense slightly overrated?
May 30, 2019
Second OTAs recap: A report on Wednesday's practice, featuring notes on Haskins, Moreland, Hard Knocks and more
May 29, 2019
An evaluation of the WRs from Santana Moss, update on the Cowboys from Newy Scruggs and weekend breakdown from the hosts
May 28, 2019
Week 3 Replay Pod: The Redskins take out Aaron Rodgers and the Packers for a win that's worth enjoying again
May 27, 2019
Week 2 Replay Pod: The Redskins come out flat in their home opener and drop one to the Colts
May 25, 2019
ESPN's Matthew Berry talks his Redskins fandom and explains why he's so fired up about Dwayne Haskins
May 23, 2019
More things you should consider about Reuben Foster and an eye-opening chat about Brandon Scherff's potential contract
May 21, 2019
OTAs 1 recap: Reacting to Reuben Foster’s injury and evaluating Keenum vs. Haskins
May 20, 2019
Fred Smoot gives tremendous insight into Josh Norman, Montae Nicholson, Jimmy Moreland and Game of Thrones
May 17, 2019
A very entertaining interview with Dalton Ross, who doubles as a mega-Redskins fan and "Survivor" expert
May 15, 2019
Things get wild thanks to appearances from Nick Sundberg, Brandon Scherff, Tress Way, Chase Roullier and more
May 13, 2019
Rookie minicamp pod: Here are our early impressions of Haskins, Sweat and all the other new Redskins
May 11, 2019
Week 1 Replay Pod: The Redskins dominate the Cardinals, back when everything looked promising
As the offseason continues, we bring you the first of a special series where we'll replay postgame podcasts from the 2018 season. Here, you get to relive Week 1 as JP Finlay, Rich Tandler and Mitch Tischler break down Washington's 24-6 win in Arizona.]]>
May 10, 2019
Looking at the Redskins' injury issues — are they bad luck or preventable? — and discussing the possibility of 'Hard Knocks'
JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler, Pete Hailey and Richmond Bureau Chief Michael Phillips join together for this Redskins Talk, one that covers plenty of crucial topics. At the start, though, the guys get organized, both figuratively by listing off some prizes and milestones those prizes will be given away after, and literally, because JP is trying to get his life together. Then, JP lets Phillips get involved in the LG vs. WR debate from the last 'Skins Talk, a debate Pete isn't budging from despite everyone saying he should. Next, they each list their rookie to watch, since minicamp is this weekend. After that, Phillips goes in-depth on a very important and good article he wrote recently, one that tries to get to the bottom of the Redskins' injury problems. Are they bad luck and fluky, or something that's preventable? Is there even an answer? Lastly, they address the possibility of Washington being on "Hard Knocks," something a lot of fans have been asking about. If you like podcasts where you hear a bit too much about Pete being sweaty and Mitch gets way too hyped about the Bears' kicking competition, then this is the episode for you.]]>
May 08, 2019
Listen to JP, Mitch and Pete's 'Redskins 100' debut together, plus get their extended debate about concerns over LG & WR
May 06, 2019
The Nick Sundberg pod: The long snapper jumps on to cover it ALL, from the importance of QB leadership to how NFL coin tosses work
May 02, 2019
Giving early guesses at how much Dwayne Haskins plays and assessing JP's way-too-early 53-man roster projection
May 01, 2019
Chad Dukes and Joe Theismann join to put a cap on a praiseworthy Redskins draft class
Apr 29, 2019
2019 DRAFT RECAP: Getting to know the 10 newest Redskins, a class that as of now looks fantastic
Apr 28, 2019
Breaking down what you need to know about Terry McLaurin, plus how the Redskins have a successful Saturday
Apr 27, 2019
FRIDAY DRAFT STREAM: Grading the Redskins' first round and looking ahead to what they need to accomplish in the second
Apr 26, 2019
FIRST ROUND EMERGENCY POD: WOW, the Redskins just landed Dwayne Haskins AND Montez Sweat
Apr 26, 2019
THURSDAY DRAFT STREAM: Clinton Portis joins to talk all the latest news hours before Round 1 begins
Apr 25, 2019
Apr 25, 2019
WEDNESDAY DRAFT STREAM: All the QB analysis and rankings you need, plus the predicament that the Redskins are facing
Apr 24, 2019
Going through the best and worst-case scenarios for the Redskins' draft, plus possible trade situations
Apr 23, 2019
Doug Williams presser recap: The biggest takeaways from his pre-draft talk and more on the team's 15th pick
Apr 22, 2019
You want in-depth analysis on this year's top QBs in the draft? Then you've found the right episode to listen to
Apr 19, 2019
REDSKINS SCHEDULE RELEASE POD: Giving you the key takeaways and predictions that are definitely right for the 2019 slate
Apr 18, 2019
Identifying the Redskins' five biggest needs as well as the players who could fill them in the 2019 NFL Draft
Apr 15, 2019
The Reuben Foster podcast - Is the juice worth the squeeze?
Apr 15, 2019
Is the Josh Rosen deal dead? Mike Garafolo with the info some Redskins fans might not like
Apr 12, 2019
Getting the background on Josh Rosen's personality and talking to Maryland's speedy RB and future pro Ty Johnson
Apr 10, 2019
Laying out bold predictions about the Redskins' 2019 Draft and getting a scouting report on Case Keenum from a Denver authority
Apr 08, 2019
An analyst explains why Rosen could be a "better version" of Kirk Cousins while a reporter breaks down the QB, too
Apr 05, 2019
Walking through some top-of-the-draft scenarios for the Redskins and an Eagles update from a Philly reporter
Apr 03, 2019
Draft Month is here: Hear from local NFL prospects Trace McSorley, Travis Fulgham and Darnell Savage
Apr 01, 2019
Parsing through Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen's recent pressers for more info, then going through Pete's ridiculous expenses
Mar 28, 2019
JP goes 1-on-1 with Bruce Allen at Owner's Meetings to discuss young QBs and the "burning" urgency to win
Mar 26, 2019
JP and Mitch are joined by a group of other Redskins reporters at the NFL's League Meetings in Arizona
Mar 25, 2019
Talking about the Redskins brass being present at various QB Pro Days
Mar 22, 2019
MARCH MADNESS POD: JP, Mitch and Pete each seed their 16 most important Redskins
Mar 20, 2019
Discussing the report that Gruden isn't being consulted on certain moves and looking at the Stefon Diggs rumors
Mar 18, 2019
FREE AGENCY, FINAL DAY: Chad Dukes and Charley Casserly join the show, and where do the Redskins go from here?
Mar 15, 2019
FREE AGENCY DAY 4: Fred Smoot joins for the entire hour, debating WR trades and what will they do at 15?
Mar 14, 2019
FREE AGENCY, DAY 3 (Pt. 2): Adrian Peterson is back, Will Blackmon on Landon/Ha Ha/Montae and a look at current salary cap
Mar 13, 2019
FREE AGENCY, DAY 3 (Pt. 1): Reacting to Zach Brown's release, analyzing the Odell Beckham trade and could Ha Ha return?
Mar 13, 2019
FREE AGENCY, DAY 2: Looking at Collins' sweet contract, Crowder's replacement and Tress Way joins for a FANTASTIC interview
Mar 12, 2019
EMERGENCY PODCAST: Landon Collins is now a Redskin, as the team makes a BIG move to start free agency
Mar 11, 2019
FREE AGENCY, DAY 1: Sorting through rumors on Le'Veon Bell, CJ Mosley, Landon Collins and others
Mar 11, 2019
EMERGENCY PODCAST: Reacting to the Case Keenum trade and the Redskins’ new QB depth chart
Mar 08, 2019
MARATHON POD: Covering it ALL, from Josh Rosen to Kyler Murray to Antonio Brown to Landon Collins and more
Mar 06, 2019
BONUS COMBINE POD: Charles Davis & Daniel Jeremiah educate you about this year's NFL Draft
Mar 04, 2019
NFL COMBINE, DAY 3: A stacked final show that includes Bruce Allen, PFTCommenter and Doug Williams
Mar 01, 2019
NFL COMBINE, DAY 2: Jay Gruden speaks on the Redskins and the 2019 class, plus an ex-agent explains how the team can free up money
Feb 28, 2019
NFL COMBINE, DAY 1: Chris Simms pumps up Drew Lock big-time and the guys evaluate Redskins' first round options
Feb 27, 2019
Debating the pros & cons of trading for Antonio Brown and identifying players & positions to watch at the NFL Combine
Feb 26, 2019
A big announcement about the Combine, debunking the Landon Collins hype and naming some dream additions
Feb 22, 2019
MAILBAG POD: It's time to answer fan questions about McCoy, Brissett, Rosen, FedEx Field's grass and more
Feb 19, 2019
Introducing the new Redskins Talk mailbag and an interview with Rashad Ross
Feb 15, 2019
Does the Flacco trade matter to the Redskins? Plus, thoughts on Colt McCoy as starter and a new stadium discussion
Feb 13, 2019
Exclusives with Chris Thompson and Vernon Davis: The players talk Alex Smith, Derrius Guice and more
Feb 12, 2019
JP explains his quarterback epiphany and the guys give their impressions of the AAF's debut weekend
Feb 12, 2019
Looking at the Redskins' new QB coach and a discussion about Kyler Murray that makes JP mad
Feb 08, 2019
Debating the "nuclear option" as it relates to Alex Smith
Feb 06, 2019
What can the Redskins learn from Super Bowl 53? Plus, JP tells a really strong and quite embarrassing Ed Reed story
Feb 04, 2019
The best interviews from the Super Bowl: Relive Atlanta with everyone from Rob Ryan to Joe Gibbs
Feb 04, 2019
SUPER BOWL, DAY 4: Joe Gibbs and Mark Schlereth tell some of the best stories you'll ever hear for the pod's last day in Atlanta
Feb 01, 2019
BONUS POD: Bruce Allen sits down with JP and Mitch to talk Alex Smith, Kevin O'Connell, fan frustration and PB&Js
Jan 31, 2019
SUPER BOWL, DAY 3: A packed show that includes Rob Ryan analysis and chats with Eric Decker, Torrey Smith and Hugh Douglas
Jan 31, 2019
ROB RYAN INTERVIEW: Redskins new ILB coach sits down for a really fun discussion right after being hired
Jan 30, 2019
SUPER BOWL, DAY 2: Chris Cooley & Clinton Portis talk Kevin O'Connell, interviews with London Fletcher & Jamal Lewis and more trivia
Jan 30, 2019
SUPER BOWL, DAY 1: Great interviews with Peter King & Ryan Leaf, plenty of QB and draft talk, plus some Super Bowl trivia
Jan 29, 2019
How the Redskins can move forward with the tough Alex Smith situation and a preview of the guys' trip to the Super Bowl
Jan 27, 2019
Three interviews with three future NFL QBs: Daniel Jones, Ryan Finley and Jarrett Stidham
Jan 25, 2019
Reacting to Bruce's media session, diving into this draft's QBs and ranking the best bar food/appetizers
Jan 24, 2019
FULL BRUCE ALLEN AUDIO: Hear Allen address Smith, Gruden, Foster, fans' displeasure, the stadium and MUCH more
Jan 22, 2019
An update on Alex Smith, thoughts on how the Redskins can be more aggressive and lots of Sean McVay talk
Jan 21, 2019
Jan 18, 2019
Assessing Bill Callahan, looking at whether Jamison Crowder will be back and a preview of the Live Pod Q&A
Jan 16, 2019
The Gregg Williams pod: Thoughts on the Redskins making a push for him and how he would fit in with the team
Jan 14, 2019
What to make of Bruce Allen staying put, more on Kyler Murray/drafting a QB and a recap of everyone's snow day
Jan 14, 2019
Trying to make sense of the Redskins' coaching mysteries and a long debate on whether this team is ready to draft a 1st round QB
Jan 11, 2019
Kedric Golston joins to analyze the 3-4 vs. 4-3 defense debate, give his thoughts on Manusky and provide a history lesson on bulldogs
Jan 09, 2019
What did the Wild Card round teach us about the Redskins? Plus, should and will Manusky and Callahan leave this offseason?
Jan 07, 2019
2018 Redskins season superlatives — Handing out some traditional, and some very non-traditional, season-long awards
Jan 04, 2019
EMERGENCY PODCAST: What the recent Reuben Foster news could mean for the Redskins
Jan 03, 2019
Getting a chance to review the 2018 season (was it AS bad as it feels?) and looking at FedEx Field's ugly attendance numbers
Jan 02, 2019
Jay Gruden goes 1-on-1 to explain why the Redskins don't need to rebuild, and Tress Way reacts to his "perfect" season
Dec 31, 2018
POSTGAME POD: Redskins get embarrassed on and off the field in season finale, and it's now time to begin thinking about the future
Dec 31, 2018
Come and get your final game preview of 2018, which features over/unders and thoughts on Gruden & Allen's future
Dec 28, 2018
Adrian Peterson goes 1-on-1 to explain why he would "love to come back." Plus, more reaction to the front office's actions
Dec 27, 2018
Redskins Park offices and cubicles get a shake-up
Dec 27, 2018
EMERGENCY PODCAST: Reacting to the Redskins cutting DJ Swearinger. Was it the right move and message?
Dec 24, 2018
Jay Gruden goes 1-on-1 to reflect on the very tough Tennessee loss, Johnson & Swearinger, and Chase Roullier reacts to Peterson's milestone
Dec 24, 2018
POSTGAME POD: The Redskins come up just short in Tennessee and it was pretty heartbreaking
Dec 23, 2018
Redskins-Titans is basically a playoff game, so let's get you prepared for the important showdown
Dec 21, 2018
A 1-on-1 with Josh Johnson, where the QB touches on his journey, becoming a Redskin and his love for football
Dec 20, 2018
What was the biggest Redskins story Wednesday? Plus, reviewing their playoff odds and Trent Williams details his path to the pros
Dec 19, 2018
Finally, a happy 1-on-1 with Jay Gruden, as well as JP's postgame chats with Ryan Kerrigan and Trent Williams
Dec 17, 2018
POSTGAME POD: The Redskins finish really strong vs. the Jags and damn it feels so good to do a victory pod again
Dec 17, 2018
Your Redskins-Jags preview: Will this game put the "under" in over/under? And does any host expect a 'Skins W?
Dec 14, 2018
BONUS POD: Zach Brown shows doubt about his Redskins future and Daron Payne evaluates his rookie year
Dec 13, 2018
Addressing it all, from Mason Foster to Zach Brown to Josh Johnson, from a busy Wednesday at Redskins Park
Dec 12, 2018
Exclusive 1-on-1s: Jay Gruden explains issues with defense, penalties and QB & Zach Brown reacts to not starting
Dec 10, 2018
POSTGAME POD: Breaking down what was one of the most embarrassing and awful games the Redskins have played in years
Dec 10, 2018
Assessing the Redskins' guard options, previewing the Giants matchup and recapping another GREAT Pod Party
Dec 07, 2018
Interviewing a salary cap expert about the (lack of?) options the Redskins have with Alex Smith's contract
Dec 06, 2018
Recapping Mark Sanchez's first day of practice as the starter and a very cool story about Adrian Peterson
Dec 05, 2018
Jay Gruden goes 1-on-1 to talk all things quarterback, plus JP's chat with Josh Norman right after the Philly loss
Dec 04, 2018
POSTGAME POD: Doing our best to process what will be a season-changing loss for the Redskins
Dec 04, 2018
The only Redskins-Eagles preview you'll need: Injury updates, over/unders, and "How the Game Will Unfold"
Nov 30, 2018
You're going to really enjoy this lengthy 1-on-1 with the tough and talented Trent Williams
Nov 29, 2018
Media descends to Redskins Park the day after the Reuben Foster news and a look towards Monday's game in Philadelphia
Nov 28, 2018
EMERGENCY POD: Trying to process and break down the highly-controversial Reuben Foster news
Nov 28, 2018
Addressing Redskins fans who are bailing on the season, explaining how Colt McCoy can improve and a 1-on-1 with Jay Gruden
Nov 27, 2018
An all-encompassing interview with Will Blackmon, who analyzes the Redskins defense as well as the best wines
Nov 26, 2018
BEST OF NOVEMBER POD: All of the top reactions, Game Balls and Goats from the Redskins' last four matchups
Nov 24, 2018
POSTGAME POD: Redskins get stuffed on Thanksgiving in Dallas and, overall, a lot of problems are emerging on this team + Preston Smith postgame
Nov 23, 2018
BONUS POD: JP, Mitch, Pete, Dukes, Kerrigan, Sundberg and Moss remember that superb 2012 Thanksgiving win in Dallas
Nov 21, 2018
Previewing the massive Redskins-Cowboys Thanksgiving game with injury updates, fresh over/unders and plenty of Colt talk
Nov 20, 2018
JP explains the Mark Sanchez signing then goes 1-on-1 with Jay Gruden to talk the QB situation
Nov 19, 2018
POSTGAME POD: Redskins lose their QB and lose to Houston, and now it's time for Colt McCoy to take over
Nov 19, 2018
URGENCY POD: Yo, it's looking like Trent Williams is going to try and play this weekend
Nov 16, 2018
Redskins-Texans preview: Can the O-line hold up? How much will Smith throw for? And how will the game unfold?
Nov 16, 2018
Debating the most worrisome Texan, having a long chat about Alex Smith's winning and a 1-on-1 with the interesting Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Nov 14, 2018
A proud Jay Gruden goes 1-on-1 after the Tampa W, plus Josh Norman and Ryan Anderson's postgame interviews
Nov 12, 2018
POSTGAME POD: Was it pretty? No, but the Redskins are 6-3 after sinking the Bucs in Tampa Bay
Nov 12, 2018
A complete Redskins-Bucs preview, featuring injury talk, over/unders and game projections
Nov 09, 2018
Catching you up on this new-look offensive line and figuring out the situations at CB & WR
Nov 07, 2018
BONUS POD: The guys drink beer and open two amazing gifts that were sent by listeners
Nov 06, 2018
EMERGENCY-ISH POD: The injuries are PILING up and Jay Gruden goes 1-on-1 to react to the devastating news
Nov 05, 2018
POSTGAME POD: Processing the Redskins' lopsided loss to the Falcons, one that was a "thorough ass kicking"
Nov 05, 2018
Updates on Williams, Thompson and others, plus fresh Falcons over/unders and a 1-on-1 with Mason Foster
Nov 02, 2018
Reacting to Ha Ha Clinton-Dix's first day as a 'Skin, looking at playoff odds and the FULL AUDIO of HHCD's presser
Oct 31, 2018
EMERGENCY PODCAST: Reacting to the Ha Ha Clinton-Dix trade, which looks like an awesome move
Oct 30, 2018
RE-POST: The best of Rich Tandler
Oct 30, 2018
A very positive 1-on-1 with Jay Gruden after the Giants W, and postgame interviews with Mason Foster & Tress Way
Oct 29, 2018
The Redskins are officially rolling after bullying the Giants in New Jersey
Oct 29, 2018
Debating whether the Giants matchup is a trap game, setting over/unders and a fun 1-on-1 with Ryan Kerrigan
Oct 26, 2018
Richardson's back but what's up with Dunbar? Is Week 8 a trap game? And did the hosts enjoy Taco Bell?
Oct 24, 2018
Jay Gruden, Preston Smith, DJ Swearinger and Jonathan Allen all give their reactions to the thrilling Dallas win
Oct 22, 2018
The Redskins finally took down the Cowboys, and hell, maybe they got some help from our guy Tandler
Oct 22, 2018
The Rich Tandler tribute pod
Oct 19, 2018
The best of Rich Tandler
Oct 19, 2018
Jay Gruden goes 1-on-1 to reflect on the Panthers game, plus Vernon Davis & Dustin Hopkins' postgame chats
Oct 15, 2018
Recapping the Redskins' clutch win over the Panthers, plus Josh Norman and DeAngelo Hall talk face-to-face postgame
Oct 14, 2018
Jonathan Allen goes 1-on-1 to talk accountability and leadership, plus predictions about Week 6's Panthers game
Oct 12, 2018
Running through ALL of the injuries, giving Josh Norman some credit and setting Carolina over/unders
Oct 11, 2018
Josh Norman passionately responds to critics and JP & Rich check back in on the Redskins going into Week 6
Oct 11, 2018
1-on-1 with Jay Gruden and Ryan Kerrigan as both try to find words for Monday night's catastrophe
Oct 09, 2018
"They ain't for real": Immediate reactions to the Redskins' disastrous Monday night performance vs. the Saints