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By Paul and James Kaminski

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The Third Men podcast is a fan-made, not-for-profit, just for fun celebration of Jack White, and is in no way directly affiliated with Third Man Records or the man himself. For the definitive history of Jack White and his music, please consult your local Jack White. And for everyone else lookin’ for a home, you found one here, in a place so seedy. Enjoy!

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Episode Date
Dex Romweber: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is excited to present an all-new extended interview with the legendary Dex Romweber! As founder and driving force behind the powerhouse group Flat Duo Jets, Dexter and his compatriots have lead the way for a return to the honesty, energy, soulfulness and singular vision of rock and roll music in the modern era. Icons like Neko Case, The Black Keys and Cat Power cite Dex as an inspiration, and they're not alone. When a young drummer named Jack White encountered the power and fury of Flat Duo Jets, the aspiring musician was moved to return to the guitar -- and what's more, moved to find a way to spread to others the kind of passion and energy that he himself had bore witness to. Dexter and Jack would meet and collaborate several times over the years, most notably on the only Blue Series single to feature White himself so prominently. We sat down with Dexter to walk through his storied career, and to get the scoop on some exciting NEW live performances that are sure to wow listeners as he has done so well for the past 35+ years. See Dexter perform in the new LIVE AT THE CAVE series, broadcast to ticket holders on Sunday, September 20th at 7pmEST -- with subsequent new shows lined up for every third Sunday of the month! Info on how to purchase tickets can be found on our website. We'd like to thank Mr. Romweber for the great conversation, and thanks to all of you for taking a listen. Hope you enjoy this discussion as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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Sep 09, 2020
Best of: Season 4 Extended Interviews
Podcast may be out for summer, but podcast is not out forever! What would these dog days be without the annual recap of all the amazing interviews from the prior season of the Third Men Podcast, I ask you? Well thankfully we needn't find out, because we're here with highlights from the incredible extended interviews conducted on the show since September 2019. Olivia Jean, Lillie Mae, Sean Cannon, Joe Chiccarelli, Brendan Benson, Bobby Harlow - I That's a lot of talent right there. Hear stories of black mold attacking The Black Belles, strange encounters with Ringo Starr, objects that may or may not have been nailed to Jack White's wall and much MUCH more on this bite-sized collection! We're about to head back into the studio (safely, mind you) to begin recording season five, but until then we'd like to thank everyone for listening all these years, let you know we're still alive and kicking, and hope you'll join us back here in September for even more rock and roll wildness!

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Aug 06, 2020
GO Donate! feat. Bobby Harlow
For our season 4 finale episode, the Third Men Podcast is excited to welcome back to the show quintessential Detroit rocker and The Go founder/frontman Mr. Bobby Harlow! Bobby joins us once again to answer our questions, spill some tea on his extensive (and badass) career in music, and to help spread the word about a new donation initiative The Go have started up. Listeners can visit and, starting at $5 and above, donate to both The Equal Justice Initiative and The Bail Project - while receiving the entire catalog of The Go's music. For your donation to these organizations, you'll receive a download package featuring every Go album, three collections of rarities (including the five-volume GO Boxset), Conspiracy of Owls and both Bobby and (GO co-founder) Joh Krautner's solo albums. That's over 14 HOURS of music. That's a lot of rock and roll right there. In this episode we'll discuss the movement that inspired this initiative, the tunes that Bobby and his musical compatriots have offered up in support, and much much more. We'd like to thank everyone out there for all your love and support these past four seasons, and look forward to seeing you all back again for season five this coming September. Black lives matter. We love you.

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Jul 08, 2020
The Racs at Electric Lady: Analysis & Review
Do you belong to the Jack generation? Then chances are you have been enjoying The Raconteurs: Live at Electric Lady EP & documentary that was released this past May of 2020 in conjunction with Spotify and Youtube. In September of 2019, as The Raconteurs continued to barrel through their massive Help Us Stranger world tour, the band stopped by New York City's famed Electric Lady Studios (founded by Jimi Hendrix and John Storyk in 1970) to help celebrate the studio's impending 50th anniversary with the recording of a new cover song and an intimate concert that evening. Jack, Brendan, LJ and Patrick were joined by longtime friend, director Jim Jarmusch, to document the occasion and to sit down with the band for the type of candid interview only five old friends could truly have. Along with the electric (pun!) performance at the end of the night, The Raconteurs recorded a studio rendition of Richard Hell and the Voidoid's punk anthem Blank Generation, originally put down at Electric Lady for release in September of 1977. In this episode, we'll discuss the project and try something a little different in the form of a running fan-commentary of the documentary. We're excited as hell to have some new Racs music to sink our teeth into this year, and what better way to celebrate our penultimate episode of the season than with a journey into the blank generation? We know the Voidoids could take it or leave it each time - but we hope you'll take it and join us for the ride!

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Jun 25, 2020
Brendan Benson: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is excited to present an all-new extended interview with the one, the only Mr. Brendan Benson! For over two decades Brendan has been a fixture of the power pop world, with a myriad of critically acclaimed and commercially successful musical releases including a staggering seven solo studio albums. Brendan's latest LP, Dear Life, is out now on Third Man Records and the well-fed boy himself was kind enough to sit down with your humble co-hosts to review the new album, wax poetic and take a tour through some highlights of his storied career. Of course, TMR fans know Brendan for his work as a member of The Raconteurs, the rock'n'roll tour de force that he, Jack White, Patrick Keeler and Little Jack Lawrence formed in 2005. The band's latest release Help Us Stranger climbed to the #1 spot on the US Billboard Top 200 last summer and solidified their status as one of the rock world's most vital enterprises. All of that said, we here at the Third Men Podcast are HUGE fans of Brendan's work, and are beyond thrilled he agreed to join us here on the show today. So thanks to Mr. Benson for the great conversation, and thanks to all of you for taking a listen. Hope you enjoy this discussion as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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Jun 10, 2020
Pop Quiz!
Surprise! It's pop quiz time. And for THIS titanic test of knowledge, it's your humble co-hosts in the hot-seat! On the Third Men Podcast we've played host to several game show-style challenges featuring Jack White fans from coast-to-coast competing for TMR trivia supremacy - but never before have the tables been turned on the hosts themselves. See, James told Paul that this episode was going to be a deep dive into an as-yet-unspecified blind blues musician, and Paul thought he was in for a somber evening of quiet contemplation and heavy drinking. Then, like three bolts of lightning emanating from the Third Man Records tower, out sprang a surprise POP QUIZ featuring "name that tune" style music snippets, album track listing memory games and a slew of tremendous trivia that turned everything on its head! (except the heavy drinking part, that remained) Not to be out-done, Third Man Josh Akin created an interactive Jeopardy-style game for both co-hosts to compete in, as well as YOU the listener at home! To play along with the game, visit and try your luck against two guys who host a Jack White history podcast! It may be easier than you think!

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May 21, 2020
Lazaretto: Analysis & Review vol.2
How's quarantine going? Drinking gasoline again? Well, behave yourself (!) and listen to the second installment in the three-part epic we could only call - LAZARETTO: Album Analysis & Review! When last we left our deep dive, the massive success and excess creative energy brought about by the Blunderbuss project gave way to instrumental sessions that would eventually evolve into Jack White's second solo album. With lyrics cribbed from some teenage hand-scribbles discovered in White's attic, Lazaretto at last came to life in the early summer months of 2014 - to massive sales and fanfare. This episode, we welcome special guest Ryan Brady (Take it Away: the Complete Paul McCartney Archive Podcast) back to the show to walk through the entire track listing of Lazaretto with us as we spelunk the cavernous depths of Jack White's infinite imagination. (But that's not all Ryan will be helping us do! Tune in May 15th for the continuation of Ryan, Paul and James' Lazaretto discussion on the NOW HEAR THIS podcast!) All this, plus album reception, the answer to the mystery cover shoot location, Dirk the Butt Guy, our own personal rating of the album and much, much more awaits you in this massive lily pad of an episode. So pour yourself just one drink and bring those troubles of yours right down to their knees - we're here fighting for your love on the Third Men Podcast!

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May 06, 2020
Lazaretto: Analysis & Review vol.1

Bored rotten during quarantine? The Third Men Podcast is here to pass you some coffee, cotton and a new entry into our deepest of deep-dive episodes - it's LAZARETTO: Analysis & Review vol.1 (of 3)! For Jack White's sophomore solo LP, the third man took the lessons of his smash debut Blunderbuss and expanded them into one of the most complex recordings of his entire career, spanning 18 months, dozens of musicians, and an unlikely co-writing partnership with...himself? During touring breaks in 2012, Jack and his two bands, the Buzzards and the Peacocks, would lock themselves in the studio to lay down some badass instrumental music which varied wildly in genre, tempo and structure. With these collections of sound pictures safely in the vault, Jack & co would return to their world tour...but how would White apply lyrics to music he was so subsequently disconnected from? Enter Jack White's 19 year old self, appearing in the form of plays, poetry, lyrics and other assorted mind-scribblings unearthed in an attic and ripe for the picking. This blend of past and present would establish a new and exciting trajectory for Jack White's musical future, and this week we get into the nitty gritty on just how that story came to be. Plus, Third Person Derrik Ferguson takes us on a tour of HIS Jack White past in the form of some incredible concerts in each of Jack's various incarnations over the past 20 years. It's all here in part one of a triptych of episodes dedicated to our continued survival down in the Lazaretto...


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Apr 22, 2020
Trash Tongue Television vol. 4: Up Late
Hey...U up? Of course you are, there's late night TV to be watching! Well good news, the Third Men are up too, and we're bringing you the latest edition to our longest running series: TRASH TONGUE TELEVISION. When we started TTT back in episode six of the podcast, did we realize it would be FOUR full installments long and rising? We sure did! Jack White has a vast and ever-growing history with television - a key instrument in his rise to stardom and a medium that continues to bring us performances, skits, interviews and more each and every year from the third man himself. In this episode, we'll be covering a wide range of appearances, from The White Stripes national television debut on the Craig Kilborn Show (of all things) back in July of 2001, to The Raconteurs' latest appearances on Jimmys Kimmel and Fallon (respectively) during the Help Us Stranger album cycle and tons of cool moments in between. Will we hear a Meg White tribute on Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show? Yes. Will Ryan from the Office help introduce The Dead Weather's rendition of Forever My Queen? Weirdly, yes. So many moments to cover - plus a visit from third person Katie Kubert who gives us some interesting background on what it's like to work in late night TV, recounting her time as a page at The Late Show with David Letterman. There's so much to cover this week, let's just tune in now, shall we?
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Apr 10, 2020
Joe Chiccarelli: Extended Interview

The Third Men Podcast is excited to present an all-new extended interview with legendary producer, engineer and guru of all things recorded sound Joe Chiccaelli! Amongst Joe's impressively long list of studio collaborations (Beck, The Strokes, Frank Zappa and a zillion more) are two of the biggest, most quintessential albums in the entire Third Man Records catalog - The White Stripes' final studio album Icky Thump and The Raconteurs' sophomore LP Consolers of the Lonely. As engineer, Joe worked closely with Jack White on the sound, feel and recording technique of what many consider to be The White Stripes finest album - including their highest-charting hit single as a band, title track Icky Thump. A year later Joe was back in the studio with Jack, Brendan, LJ and Patrick to craft yet another ambitious opus, this time by The Raconteurs - filled with key tracks like Carolina Drama, Top Yourself, Many Shades of Black and many, many more. As we'll find out in the interview, this isn't the only time Jack White and Joe Chiccarelli joined forces in (or on) a studio - so stay tuned for one of the most interesting and insightful conversations we've ever had the pleasure of conducting with someone who was there, helping craft the music we love so much. The Third Men would like to thank Joe for joining us and for being so generous with his time - hope you all enjoy listening to this interview as much as we enjoyed recording it!


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Mar 25, 2020
Pearl Jam & Jack White
Get ready to howl at the superblood wolfmoon, because we’re feeling ALIVE. This week on the Third Men podcast we’re taking a deep dive into the many intersections (both musical and otherwise) between Jack White and grunge rock godfathers Pearl Jam. Since the early 1990’s Eddie Vedder and co. have been one of the biggest, most successful bands in rock and roll history, fusing blues, garage rock and the burgeoning grunge sound into a musical powerhouse that has influenced countless musicians over the last 30 years. Among those influences was one Jack White, whose fandom of the group would last well into his own rock and roll superstardom a decade after Pearl Jam first made their mark. Since then, Jack and Seattle’s finest have covered each other’s songs, performed together multiple times on stage, and shared a variety of music and memories. Helping us uncover those moments this week is the wonderful Jessi from The Porch Podcast, a Pearl Jam fan production akin to our whose comprehensive dive into Pearl Jam’s catalog in each and every episode is enough to make even Carl Butterball blush! We’d like to extend a big thank you to Jessi for joining us, and hope you enjoy this hearing this discussion as much as we enjoyed recording it! So dance like a clairvoyant, sound the sirens, even out your flow and enjoy. This is going to be a fun ride!
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Mar 12, 2020
The Lost White Stripes Album
Everyone's favorite rough detectives are back on the case - it's the return of the Third Men Podcast's LOST ALBUM SERIES! In this installment, we're taking a look back at the album that almost was, the fabled but ultimately unrealized 6th studio album by The White Stripes. In 2007, after launching arguably the most successful album of their career, Jack and Meg White officially pumped the breaks on the band that propelled them to rock and roll stardom. Four long years, one cancelled tour, one new band, one final live performance and one documentary project later...the White Stripes were officially over. But in that long, slow wind-down - was there new music recorded? Was a new album discussed? What could have shut down a new musical project...and why? These questions and more are the focus of this week's episode, as your humble co-hosts deep dive into a mountain of interviews, rumor, quotes and clues that could point to an answer. Will there be speculation? Absolutely. But hey - that's why we're here. The Third Men also welcome back Yesterday & Today podcast founder Wayne Kaminski to see if any parallels between The White Stripes and The Beatles could help shed any light on the ultimate reasons for the demise of Detroit's finest rock and roll duo. So get your sherlock caps on, everyone - it's time to uncover yet another groovy mystery in the annals of Third Man history!
Feb 26, 2020
3 Degrees
Yes I know, we're connected by love. But guess what? We're also connected by at least 6 acquaintances with every other person on the planet earth. Well, connectivity is the name of the game this week as your humble co-hosts play a new game-style episode we like to call 3 DEGREES (it would be 6 degrees but y'know...Jack White). Each co-host will pick 3 musicians that are seemingly far-removed from the Third Man Records world, and the other co-host will need to link those disparate musicians to Jack White within 3 degrees of separation. Will it be insane? Yes. Will we learn strange and bizarre new facts about Post Malone? Yes. Did we listen to more Sting solo material than should be allowed by law? Unfortunately yes. All this splendor and more awaits you in the first attempt at 3 DEGREES. Plus, Third Man Rob Janos returns to the show to give us the low down on Olivia Jean's tour stop in Ardmore, PA, where he and co-host James got to hang with the Night Owl herself! They're connected! They're connected!
Feb 13, 2020
Striped: The Sean Cannon Extended Interview
It's the podcast crossover that will leave you white, black and red all over! This week the Third Men pass the microphone to Sean Cannon, host of STRIPED: THE STORY OF THE WHITE STRIPES podcast, for an in-depth discussion with the man at the heart of Third Man Records' official podcast home of The White Stripes! When STRIPED launched in the fall of 2019, fans of Jack and Meg White's musical revolution were treated to an expertly crafted and well-researched chronological journey of the very beginnings of The White Stripes. Alongside that history were interviews from dozens of folks who helped shape the world of Detroit rock music, some of which (including Ben Blackwell, Johnny Walker, Pat Pantano and more) are friends of The Third Men podcast! With the first season now wrapped, Paul and James sit down with Sean to talk about his career in music journalism, winning a Peabody Award for podcasting, why you MUST take pictures with Weird Al (or else!) and just how this incredible first season of STRIPED came about. We here at the show would like to thank Sean for taking the time to chat with us, and for all the wonderful stories he was able to share! If you'd like to be in the know for this interview, check out season 1 of STRIPED then tune back in for this extra-special extended interview!
Jan 29, 2020
Jack Lawrence: Secret Origin
There's nothing LITTLE about this week's episode of the Third Men Podcast! That's right, we're deep-diving into one of the music world's most prolific players: the mighty Jack "LJ" Lawrence. LJ has been a staple of modern rock and roll for over two decades now, contributing to such bands as The Raconteurs, The Greenhornes, The Dead Weather and many, many more. Whether it's backing up Loretta Lynn with his Do-Whater buddies, or helping kids find where those pesky wild things are alongside Karen O, "Little" Jack has no shortage of credits to his esteemed musical career! This year LJ and his Raconteur comrades, Jack White, Brendan Benson and Patrick Keeler, enjoyed yet another successful world tour and their first #1 album as a group together. This episode we do the deep dive to uncover as much as we can about the man behind the glasses - and there are some surprises in that history we were delighted to discover! Also this week, fellow podcaster Anthony Bain joins us on the show to give us the scoop on his upcoming projects, and detail his attendance at the very awesome Raconteurs performance this past year at Austin City Limits! So prepare yourself, we're in for one bass-blowout of an episode!
Jan 16, 2020
Hands of Time: A Look Back at 2019
Happy New Year! Join the Third Men Podcast as we ring out the old, ring in the new and take a look back at all the music and mayhem from Third Man Records in the year 2019. This was a busy year for TMR fans, with new releases from the Blue Series, Lillie Mae, Olivia Jean, Billie Eilish (!) and, of course, the centerpiece of it all: the grand return of THE RACONTEURS. Jack, Brendan, LJ and Patrick delivered their first new album in over a decade which, with the support of a massive world tour, propelled the band to the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. Alongside the excitement of a new album and tour, the band debuted a new music video and a treasure trove of new interviews and insights into their third LP Help Us Stranger. In the fall, Jack White fans were also treated to not one, but TWO new three-piece solo group arrangements, featuring Daru Jones and friends of the show Dominic Davis and Ben Blackwell. We saw new vault releases, the official debut of "Jack Gray" and so much more than we could possibly hope to type here. So pop some champagne, mumble the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne and join your humble co-hosts for a New Years celebration that'll kick 2020 off to a rockin' fresh start. Cheers!
Jan 01, 2020
The Jack White Trivia Challenge 2
Welcome back to the game show where everyone can find a home - it's the Jack White Trivia Challenge! That's right, it's the return of the battle of the Third Man wits as contestants both new and old duke it out for TMR trivial supremacy. Last year the stakes were high, the competition was brutal, and the Skype lag was a legitimate issue - but in the end one team walked out winners! This year we welcome returning contestant Vito Hicks, who is joined by Julia Hickling, Luke Sinclare, Josh Akin, Melinda Taylor and co-host Paul to answer questions in three categories: Look Me Over Closely (multiple choice), Missing Pieces (fill-in the blank) and Jumble Jumble (song title mash-ups). Ever wonder what Star Trek episode Rob Jones used as inspiration for the Help Us Stranger album cover? Ever ponder the many identities of Dan John Miller? Can't fathom the origin of "Jack Gray"? Well wonder, ponder and unfathom no further - we're here to answer these questions and many more in the grand return of the Jack White Trivia Challenge! Ready? Let's begin.
Dec 18, 2019
Other Girls feat. Lillie Mae
Didn't you, didn't you, didn't you, oh didn't you know? The Third Men Podcast is proud to present a conversation with Third Man Records recording artist Lillie Mae! But that's not all, siblings Scarlett and Frank Rische are also on hand to give us the low down on Other Girls, Lillie Mae's excellent second full length album release on TMR! This past August at the Gold Diggers bar in Los Angeles, co-host Paul sat down with the Rische crew to talk songwriting, the music business and what exactly that "snake did to her" before hearing the band perform songs from Other Girls live on stage. This week on the show your humble co-hosts will review this latest record and go track-by-track to analyze the evolution of one of the most prolific artists in the Third Man stable, before presenting some conversation and songs from the album's listening party. We here at the podcast would like to thank Lillie Mae, Scarlett and Frank for chatting with us, and we hope you all enjoy this episode as much as we enjoy the little fiddle's high-energy stomp! Looking for something uninteresting? Well you've got OTHER podcasts for that! This one's here to play.
Dec 04, 2019
Everything We've Ever Learned
The internet can be a scary place - good thing we have the Third Men Podcast to be our buoy whilst we surf amongst the madness! But it's that madness that your humble co-hosts call down today in this week's first installment in a new ongoing series: EVERYTHING WE'VE EVER LEARNED. That's right, we're taking to the high seas of the world wide web and mixing all kinds of metaphors to find the wildest, the wackiest, the most out-of-left-field or otherwise thought-provoking questions from across the internet and daring to do the impossible: answer it all. Well, the few we found for this episode, anyway. Ever wonder just what the deal with Jack White's dad is anyway? Ever thought about whether or not Jack and Meg felt silly carrying on as "siblings" well into the Icky Thump era? If the Raconteurs and The White Stripes could exist again simultaneously...whom would open for who? We tackle all this and more in a new episode of conversation and contemplation -- plus third person Arielle Kaminski joins us to tell tales of a wild Pokey LaFarge and his solo tour in the steel mills of Pennsylvania. Plus one lucky co-hosts gets to hang with Radkey and spot wild fires. Will this episode be crazy? Yes. Will you love it? I'd say it's about a 70/30 shot. And i'll take those odds!
Nov 21, 2019
Bobby Harlow: Extended Interview
Whatcha doin'? You're listening to the our newest exclusive extended interview, that's what! The Third Men Podcast is proud to welcome to the show quintessential Detroit rocker and The Go founder/frontman Bobby Harlow! With the release of Vault Package #41 from Third Man Records, The Go's debut LP Whatcha Doin' has been remixed and repackaged with a treasure trove of goodies from the 1999 era of the band, which of course includes Jack White on guitar and TMR's own Dave Buick on Bass. Bobby joins us on the show this week to share his insights on all things The Go, including the new remix and the demos/outtakes featured in Third Man's latest entry in its Vault series. Of course with Mr. Harlow on hand, conversation can go just about anywhere - from Beatles to abandoned cartoon film soundtracks to a freestyle rap "battle" (let's call it) between your humble co-hosts. How high are we during this interview? Will Free Electricity ever be released? Will Paul catch up on Jonathan Hickman's X-Men quickly enough to have a spoiler-free discussion? The answers to these questions and many more await you in this all-new episode! We're honored and thrilled to have Bobby on the show and hope you all enjoy this interview as much as we enjoyed conducting it!
Nov 06, 2019
Help Us Stranger: Analysis & Review vol.2
What did you do, when we were gone? Listenin' to some other podcast, or perhaps a lovely new song? And what would you do, now that we're back? We hope you download this episode and enjoy some sweet, rockin' Raconteurs tracks! The Third Men Podcast is back with pt2 of our deep dive into Help Us Stranger - the new hit record from the finest rock'n'roll band on the planet - The Raconteurs! Last episode we covered how the band got back together to record the new LP, and this week we're here to get down and dirty in them sweet, sweet tracks. From the vicious Don't Bother Me to the tender Shine a Light to the downright touching Thoughts And Prayers, we cover them all and rate the record on our patented (it's not) three-men rating system. We'll also go over reception, chart position, technical credits and everything else we could find on this marvel of modern rock'n'roll wizardry. Plus, guest Josh Akin joins the conversation to talk all things Raconteurs, and a meet-up at the band's Mission Ballroom performance in Denver, CO this past October the 9th (John Lennon's birthday, for those of you keeping score). Will James be forced to hear an impression of himself filling dead air? Yes. Will Paul say something flippant and controversial? Probably. Will you not be entertained?! We can't not figure out double negatives, so yes AND no I THINK. Anyway, enjoy the show, folks - and shine a light on this new episode goodness!
Oct 24, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: Happy Birthday, James!
BONUS EPISODE: Hey, it's James Kaminski's birthday today! Join us in wishing your favorite co-host a happy one by leaving a comment on our social channels with the hashtag #ThirdManJames - but listen while you can! This special episode will only be up for the day. Happy Birthday, James!
Oct 16, 2019
Help Us Stranger: Analysis & Review vol.1
Postin' a podcast show in the order; trolling ourselves on an internet site; keeping an eye on our episode future; staying up late just to edit it right! Third Men Podcast bored and RAAAAAZZZZZED, but these days? We're posting yet another! And what a post it is - welcome to part one of our deep dive into new music from everyone's favorite ramblin' rock'n'roll quartet (sorry, Dean) - the Raconteurs! In Help Us Stranger: Album Analysis & Review vol.1 we'll explore the history behind the 11 years that separate the band's sophomore release Consolers of the Lonely and 2019's Help Us Stranger, and answer why now was the right time for Jack White, Brendan Benson, Little Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler to bring the noise once more. From the songs Jack and Brendan exchanged to kick things off, up through the recording of the album and into a track-by-track review, we're pulling out the stops to celebrate the reunion of one of our favorite bands. Plus, in a very special third man segment, our father Wayne Kaminski (Yesterday & Today Podcast) joins co-host James to interview Ryan Brady (Take It Away Podcast) and Paul on their brand new album review podcast NOW HEAR THIS. Episodes 1 and 2 of the new show are available now and Paul and Ryan give you the scoop on all the awesome musical discussion in store. So run the rounds of the mundane soldier with us, won't you? We're so lost without you!
Oct 09, 2019
Jack's Opening Acts: Solo (feat. Isaiah Radke)
Break out those Yondr pouches, because the show's about to start! Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in-between, the Third Men podcast is proud to present: Jack's Opening Acts! In this first edition of a new on-going series, your humble co-hosts will take you on a tour of Jack White's solo tours, through the lens of his various opening acts - some famous, some up-and-coming, but all memorable in their own ways. For the Blunderbuss, Lazaretto and Boarding House Reach tours, Third Man set about showcasing a wide range of talent, including but not limited to artists in its very own roster. While the expected openers may have been more mainstream rocker acts like Alabama Shakes and Cold War Kids, Jack's solo tours also carried with them a wide range of genre and style - such as hip hop (Run The Jewels, Shirt), country (Joshua Hedley, Loretta Lynn), zone-out instrumental (William Tyler) and many more. In this episode we cover them all, including a very special guest this week in Isaiah Radkey, whose band Radkey opened for Jack on the Boarding House Reach tour in 2018! We were thrilled to have Isaiah on the show, and we hope you all enjoy the interview as much as we enjoyed conducting it! So get those tickets ready, there's a rock show coming at you!
Sep 26, 2019
Olivia Jean: Extended Interview
We're back! Did you miss us? Well we missed you, and to make it up to you here's just about the the coolest season opener we could have hoped for -- an all-new exclusive extended interview with Third Man Records recording artist Olivia Jean! With the release of her sophomore solo LP Night Owl, Olivia has cemented her mastery of the surf-punk sound we've come to know and love over this past decade of her work at Third Man Records. From fronting the Black Belles to her contributions on Jack White records to her own solo releases and beyond, Jean has placed her signature stamp on just about everything - and now she brings her talents to your humble co-hosts on the Third Men Podcast! And if you haven't picked up her new record yet, what are you waiting for? It's got searing rock and roll across tracks like Shut Your Mouth and Rhinestone, blistering cover tunes including the Bollywood classic Jaan Pehechaan Ho and Flamin' Groovies rocker Brushfire, plus more surf rock than you can shake a long board at with killer cuts like Garage Bat and Tsunami Sue! Ever wonder what it's like to ride a roomba in search of witchcraft at Target? Interested in discovering the secret origin of Nashville's famed black mold infestation? All these wonders and more await you in this epic opener episode - we hope you all enjoy this interview as much as we did!
Sep 11, 2019
Best of: Taxidermy
Summer break is almost over! But before we're back to school (hear the yell?) it's time for one last entry into our BEST OF series with this week's epic BEST OF: TAXIDERMY! Now, you might be thinking to yourself: gee, what would my two beloved cohosts who have absolutely no connection to the ancient art of taxidermy have to say on the subject over a three year span of time? The answer, my friends, may surprise you. As it turns out, due to Jack White's fascination with the stuffing and mounting of animal corpses, we've talked about taxidermy a surprising amount of time these past 100+ episodes, and here for you today is a compilation of all those times! Did you ask for it? No! Are you interested in listening? Maybe! Are these clips all coming at you right now? You bet your stuffed behind they are! So we hope you enjoy this special peek into the macabre animal kingdom, and we hope you'll join us back here next time for our grand return to the land of the living!
Aug 28, 2019
Best of: Season 3 Interviews pt2
What would summer be without some classic BEST OF episodes from The Third Men Podcast? A drag, that's what! And not the fun kind! (That's what we keep telling ourselves, anyway...) While your hosts with the mosts are off on summer break, this week we're pleased to bring you even more tasty cuts from the interviews we conducted this past year. Season lucky-number-three brought us a lot of epic interview action, but perhaps the most momentous of our extended interviews came in the form of not one, but TWO fantastic talks with Third Man Records co-founder and co-owner Ben (Chandler?) Blackwell. We were thrilled to host Ben on the show, especially for our 100th episode spectacular - but that's not all the trouble we got up into! Dirtbomb Patrick Pantano spilled secrets on some White Stripes album cover photo shoots, filmmaker Emmett Malloy told us what happens when you try and steal Wu Tang weed, and Warstic founder Ben Jenkins filled us in on his World Series visit with Jack White. So many cool clips to bust out -- we hope you all enjoy this second collection of season three interview hits!
Aug 14, 2019
Best of: Season 3 Interviews pt1
Summer break is still here, and the temperature is heating up! Good thing we've got some cool audio to share with you this week on our continuing BEST OF series (We know, you can breathe easy, now). The Third Men Podcast is proud to present our BEST OF SEASON 3 INTERVIEWS, pt1 of 2 -- did you know we conducted 10 interviews with some key figures in the third man world in season 3? We didn't, either, until we counted them all up! To kick things off we've got acclaimed musician, DJ, songwriter and White Stripes photographer/confidant Ko Melina, who was so nice she talked to us twice! Next the slide guitar stylings of Soledad Brother to the stars Johnny Walker, who joined us to give you the scoop on how to truly rid yourself of a wasp infestation. Coming in lucky number 3 this week is White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather and Jack White solo stylist Brandy St. John, who is also an accomplished musician in her own right! And last but not least Howlin' Brother Jared Green weaves us a yarn about what it was like working for our favorite broken boy buddy Brendan Benson. Hope you enjoy this look back, and hope you look forward to pt2 coming at you in two short weeks!
Jul 31, 2019
Episode 101 – Best of: Album Ratings
The Third Men are on summer break! But we couldn't leave you all without an episode, now could we? Well starting this week we're bringing you a series of some of the finest (?) moments from the last 100 episodes, and it all kicks off with BEST OF ALBUM RATINGS! Every time we tackle an Album Analysis and Review on the show, your super-sleuth co-hosts endeavor to bring you as many facts on that record as is third-humanly possible. But we also bring our own thoughts in the form of our patented (it's not) "3 Men" rating system. One means we like it, two means we love it, and three makes it one of our very favorites. It's at this juncture where James would remind you that this system is heavily reminiscent of a certain North American ice cream chain, though for legal reasons we must stress that it is not. Anyway, enjoy this special compilation we've put together to give you a flavor (again, not ice cream related) of our thoughts on each of the records reviewed, and please tell us your own! We want to hear what you would rate these albums, and what you think of our humble mumbles!
Jul 17, 2019
100 - Ben Blackwell Breaks It Down
It's been three years and one hundred episodes, and you know what that means...mistakes! But who better to right our wrongs than perhaps the only man on God's green earth who could possibly know more about Jack White than Jack White himself: Third Man Records co-founder, co-owner and inventor of disco Ben Blackwell! That's right folks, Ben is back to take your humble co-hosts on a tour of our errors in an entire episode devoted to the longest-running segment in Third Men Podcast history: Stop Breakin' Down. In an effort to always bring you the most accurate information possible, the Stop Breakin' Down segment provides us a space to issue corrections on inaccuracies from past episodes, and correct any mistakes that we've made along the way. With Ben on the line, we've poured over our first year's worth of shows to highlight each incorrect assertion, each astute listener correction, and turn them loose on Ben's brain in the desperate search for insight on a whole host of topics. From Jack's drag racing skills to why it's OK to break up a nativity set and everything in between, Mr. Blackwell is here to right the ship, and we're delighted to have him! Paul and James are so happy & proud to bring you this podcast and are beyond thrilled to have 100 episodes under our belts - thanks to all our listeners for making this possible. And thanks to Ben Blackwell for being here to celebrate with us, Third Man's support and encouragement means the world. It's episode 100! Gonna make you lose your mind!
Jul 03, 2019
Episode 99 – The Blue Series Book: Analysis & Review
Hear the yell? We've got nouns and books and show and tell this week -- just for you! Third Man Books has slowly but surely made a name for itself within the broader pantheon of TMR output these past few years, but the most ambitious effort for the imprint to date has undoubtedly been Ben Blackwell's THE BLUE SERIES: THE STORY BEHIND THE COLOR. Chronicling ten years of releases in Third Man's fabled Blue Series, this epic tome of information offers the story of how these records came to be from the people who made them happen. Going through each release in meticulous detail, TMR co-founder, co-owner and famed inventor of disco Ben Blackwell contributes interviews with the musicians involved, an extensive conversation with Jack White, and detail down to the nitty gritty on the most imaginative series of singles in modern music history. This week we review the book, discuss some of our favorites from the Blue Series, and take you the listener on a trip between the pages of one of our absolute favorite TMR releases to date. All this, plus a very special interview with artist and author Sina Grace, who details for us his own musical journey designing artwork and merchandise for artists such as Jenny Lewis, Metric and many more. Boy, if we're giving you all this for episode 99, what on earth could we have in store for episode 100?!
Jun 19, 2019
Episode 98 – The Lost Jay-Z Collaboration
If you're having pod problems we feel bad for you son, we've got 99 episodes...well, minus the 1! Behind these Ray Bans lurks the heart of another unsolved Jack White mystery -- the latest edition to our "Lost Albums" series! The Third Men podcast has gone deep down the rabbit hole to give you a firsthand look at everything we know about the collaboration that wasn't: Jack White and Jay-Z. From 2009-2010, these two titans of their respective musical genres made their way into the recording studio with the intent of producing an album together, but alas such an LP was not meant to be. This week on the show we've compiled dozens of interviews, sound bytes, pictures and more to explore everything we know about the project, what tracks were worked on, what tracks might have been worked on, and why this release ultimately never saw the light of day. All this, plus a special bonus preview of a brand new podcast being developed by your humble third men co-hosts set for release this fall. We hope you all enjoy what we've got in store, and if you like it, maybe we can get an encore? Do ya want more?
Jun 05, 2019
Episode 97 - Who’s to Say: Listener Questions vol.3
Thirty half steps to the microphone, smiles on our faces, flowers in our hands, we're here to make the crowd melt! Or at the very least answer their questions. This week it's a promise fulfilled as we answer the burning queries that you, our faithful listeners, have submitted to be asked on the podcast in the third installment to our WHO'S TO SAY Listener Questions episode series. From a Meg White reemergence to how chart data is collected to what Carl Butterball's favorite flavor of soup is and everything in between, we're answering all that is asked of us in this week's episode! Thanks to everyone who submitted questions - if you'd like a question answered on the show, send it our way! Plus we're joined by Soniphone Records founder and CEO Kyle Ledford for a conversation about the state of the music business today, being inspired by Jack White and much, much more. The motley mob settles down, and there's hardly a frown, now that all the questions have been answered!
May 23, 2019
Episode 96 – Emmett Malloy: Extended Interview
May 08, 2019
Episode 95 – TMR 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
It's been ten incredible years since Third Man Records opened its doors in Nashville, Tennessee, and only fitting that our Third Man friends threw an incredible party to celebrate! On April 6th, 2019, the party kicked off and our very own James Kaminski was in attendance to give us all the details - from those who rocked the blue room to that which packed the swag bags, we've got your boots on the ground reporting of this major Third Man event! So for those of you who couldn't make it, take a walk through the streets of Nashville with us this week as we serve up our own special tribute to the record company we love, packed with music, fun and some very cool memories from your fellow listeners who were also in attendance. Also this week we're proud to present the second half of our interview with White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather and Jack White solo stylist Brandy St. John! Brandy's got loads more amazing stories for you all to enjoy this week - plus a look at her own musical project The Long Wives. So pop in them head phones and blow out the candles - Happy Birthday, Third Man!
Apr 24, 2019
Episode 94 – Consolers of the Lonely: Analysis & Review vol.2
We'll speak to you but won't speak softly - we'll talk to you and let you know all about Consolers of the Lonely! Welcome back to our analysis and review of the fan-favorite sophomore album by The Raconteurs. WOW, what a time to be a Racs fan! With a new album on the way, your home away from Nashville home is here to give you the down and dirty on the group's ambitious, thoughtful, spontaneous and razor sharp follow-up to 2006's Broken Boy Soldiers. Last episode we discussed the LP's release, the story behind the title and its elaborate packaging -- and this week we're talkin' the tunes. We'll go track by track and dissect this thing like a poor soul who trespassed against us, along with critical reception, some final thoughts from the band and our own personal ratings for the record. Plus, we're thrilled to welcome our very special guest Brandy St. John - stylist for the band and artistic contributor to much of the aesthetic that came to define this era for Jack White, Brendan Benson, LJ Lawrence and Patrick Keeler. In her over six years of working with Third Man, Brandy lent her skilled hand to key looks for The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, Jack White solo and the aforementioned Racs, and we're thrilled to present this first installment of our interview with her detailing it all! So while you're waiting for your Sunday driver, make a decision between just you and me and hold up them ear buds!
Apr 10, 2019
Episode 93 – Consolers of the Lonely: Analysis & Review vol.1
Any poor souls who podcast against us, whether they be beast or men, will stream with delight by our audio might and choose to download again! Welcome to pt1 of our 2-part deep dive into the Raconteurs sophomore LP: Consolers of the Lonely. For fans who were expecting the lightning rod power-pop of Broken Boy Soldiers, the second effort from Jack White, Brendan Benson, LJ Lawrence and Patrick Keeler may have come as a bit of a surprise. But this mix of country twang, vintage yarn-weavers and raucous jams quickly found a home as both a fan favorite and cult classic in the TMR world. This week we talk the record through from inception to release and analyze the elaborate album art and promotional stills that helped transition the Raconteurs from pop stars to old-timey medicine show hucksters. Plus we're joined by a couple of Ricky Skaggs super fans, Wayne and Elizabeth Kaminski, to talk about the bluegrass influence on the Raconteurs sound! So if you're lookin' for an accomplice, get ready to salute our solution to your podcasting needs!
Mar 28, 2019
Episode 92 – Jack-On-Tour: Elephant
The White Stripes Conquer the World! In the early months of 2003, Jack and Meg White braced for the release of their most ambitious, raucous and soon-to-be monstrously successful album to date: Elephant. With a titanic lead-off single in the ear-wormy Seven Nation Army, and growing legions of hungry fans clamoring for their new record, the band embarked on a word tour the likes of which they had never seen before. And make no mistake: there was NOTHING small about the Elephant tour. From stadiums to lunchrooms, from injury to triumph, from television to award shows, The White Stripes established themselves as worldwide superstars and a musical force to be reckoned with -- all at their trademark dizzying pace. This week we track their journey from spectacular high to crushing low and get to the bottom of just what made this tour so special in the hearts of all the candy cane children out there. We're also proud to be joined once more by White Stripes Junior Booking Agent Marc Bauer, who helped assemble this tour and stood in the wings to witness some of the band's most iconic performances. So book yourself a ticket and get ready to hit the road - let the stampede begin! 
Mar 13, 2019
Episode 91 – Cover to Cover
I was walking with a ghost, but then I just realized it was a cover song this whole time! What a twist! Over and over and over the many iterations of Jack White's career, one thing remains a constant: cover songs. This week we take a look at some of these different tunes performed both on stage and in the studio over the past 20+ years, and explore what those choices contributed to his musical statement in the moment. From Bowie to Beefheart to the Brothers Louvin, Jack always chooses interesting material to add his distinct flavor to - sometimes injecting energy while other times soothing to a whisper. Given the material already covered, this week we also add to the list our dream picks of songs we'd love to see get the Jack-treatment, and we've enlisted some of you, our faithful listeners, to contribute to the list! And speaking of our faithful listeners, former Junior Booking Agent for the White Stripes, Raconteurs and Dead Weather, Marc Bauer, is back in a Q&A style segment where he answers some of your questions! Lots to cover this week on the Third Men Podcast, so cover up, won't you?
Feb 28, 2019
Episode 90 – Patrick Pantano: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is proud to present an all-new exclusive extended interview with Detroit music legend Pat Pantano! Patrick's sound and imagery can be felt across countless projects from a variety of musical acts - including friends Jack and Meg White as they began their journey as The White Stripes! After cutting his drumming teeth with bands such as The Colors, Steel Miners and Cathouse, Patrick linked up with Deanne Iovan to form the groove-rock powerhouse The Come Ons. Of course, juggling multiple bands is by no means uncommon in the Detroit music world -- when Mick Collins needed a drummer for his new band project, The Dirtbombs, it was Patrick who answered the call and helped establish the scrappy, powerful sound the group would soon become known for. In addition to his musical work, Patrick holds the unique honor of photographing not one, but TWO White Stripes album covers (White Blood Cells and Elephant) during his time as the band's photographer. Join us this week as we uncover the many amazing stories of Pat Pantano - we’re thrilled to have had him on the show and hope you all enjoy this interview as much as we did!
Feb 13, 2019
Episode 89 – Brendan Benson: Secret Origin (feat. Jared Green)
He's Brendan, what's your name? This week we deep-dive into the secret origin of everyone's favorite half boy/half man hybrid and Raconteur Brendan Benson! Long before he was conquering the charts alongside buddy and bandmate Jack White, Brendan Benson was paying his dues in the music industry from Detroit to Los Angeles and back again, hailed as the next big thing for 90's rock and roll. But fame would be a sparring partner for this well-fed boy over the years, and in this episode we'll look into the different battles, triumphs and tragedies that made Brendan so good to us over his 20+ year career in music. From solo success to the Raconteurs to managing his very own label, Readymade Records, we cover it all! Also this week we're proud to present an interview with former Readymade Records recording artist Jared Green, who details his own musical journey in a band of Americana craftsmen known as The Howlin' Brothers. All right, all right, enough from me - we'll spit it out now!
Jan 31, 2019
Episode 88 – The Jack White Trivia Challenge
It's The Jack White Trivia Challenge! Live from all across the country, it's time for your favorite podcast game show, and this Third Man family feud features two teams of candy cane children as they battlecry it out for Jack White trivia supremacy. Joining us on the stage are six lucky contestants each hoping to bring home Third Man gold for their respective teams - but to do so they're going to have to answer some tough questions, race against the clock, and smell some serious facts along the way! In one corner it's Team Red, Blonde and Brunette: Kali Durga, Kate McCoy and Yvette Wilkins! In the next corner its Team Over-Under Achievers: Ben Karns, Rob Janos and Vito Hicks! There are 4 difficulty levels for questions with escalating point values for each: Never Take it Easy (Easy), Look Me Over Closely (Medium), I Just Don’t Know What To Do (Hard) and Impossible Winner (Really hard). Whichever team can gather the most points in all three rounds wins the game, and eternal bragging rights as Jack White trivia masters to a relatively narrow margin of incredible enthusiastic people! All right, you ready? Let's play!
Jan 16, 2019
Episode 87 - Hands of Time: A Look Back at 2018
You're cordially invited to join the Third Men podcast for a special look back at the incredible year that was 2018! After years without an album of new material, the infamous Jack-drought saw its end this past year and the age of Boarding House Reach was upon us. Jack White fans got a world tour, a new album, a fever-pitched press circuit, a documentary film and enough vault content to shake a dynamite blast at! Not to mention new music from a host of Third Man Records recording artists such as the Grammy Award-nominated Margo Price, honky tonk legend Joshua Hedley and many more. Of course the icing on the 2018 cake came in the form of the triumphant return of The Raconteurs, reunited to release their first new music in a decade. It was quite a year, and the third men deep-dive into all 365 days in a manner totally absurd! Plus we welcome very special guests this week, Tobias and Julia from After the Money is Gone (ATMIG) who are set to debut their full length album "Wishes", which will be pressed at the Third Man Records Pressing Plant. We've got a lot to get to, so let all those old acquaintances be forgot and never brought to the mind-shaft - for auld lang syne! Or whatever those lyrics are!
Jan 03, 2019
Episode 86 – Candy Cane Collection
Happy Holidays from the Third Men Podcast! This week we present to you a real stocking-stuffer of an episode, featuring old bits, new interviews, and enough holiday cheer to shake a Warstic at! From the archives, we re-gifting to you in depth discussions of Candy Cane Children (the one and only White Stripes Christmas song), Christmastime Will Soon Be Over (and other holiday-themed connections to the Cold Mountain project) and more! Plus we've wrapped up an all-new interview with Marc Bauer, Junior Booking Agent for The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather and dozens more Third Man-related artists from over the past 15+ years! It's a fascinating interview that we just couldn't let the year go by without bringing to you along with some much-needed holiday cheer. We hope you enjoy this festive episode and spread the spirit around to your fellow TMR family members!
Dec 19, 2018
Episode 85 – The Ko-Host Chronicles
The Third Men Podcast is proud to welcome back one of our absolute all-time favorite special guests, Detroit music legend Ko Melina! Ko is back with us again for an new extended interview that goes way deeper, and way WILDER than any extended interview has gone before! When last on the show, we discussed her musical origins and place among the musical Illuminati of the Detroit rock boom at the turn of millennium. This episode we take a deep dive into loads of new topics, including tons of awesome stories about her tenure in the raucous, melodic and always-entertaining Dirtbombs. As a special treat, Ko was kind enough to give us some fascinating insight into her time working for The White Stripes, and what the early stage presence of Jack and Meg felt like from both on and off the stage. Plus we're joined by frequent Third Woman Kate McCoy to go deep into Dirtbombs trivia, and find out for us why exactly Mick Collins might not be allowed onto TV On The Radio's tour bus anymore! It's a wild and crazy ride and we'd like to again thank Ko for joining us once more on an awesome tour of all her amazing stories!
Dec 05, 2018
Episode 84 – Baseball and a Biscuit (feat. Ben Jenkins)
Batter up! Take your base with the Third Men Podcast this week as we slide into all things Baseball as they pertain to Jack White. From an early age, Jack and his buddies were captivated by America's pastime, and his love for the sport has evolved over the years into not just a hobby, but a business for Jack. When he's not busy being a meme at a Cubs game, Jack White is investing in the preservation of childhood ball fields, attending World Series games, throwing out pitches, writing walk-on music for players and even licensing his music to Major League Baseball! The Lazaretto tour brought him to as many different stadiums in the USA as was possible, and shortly thereafter Jack went into business alongside MLB pro Ian Kinsler and founder Ben Jenkins in the baseball bat company Warstic. We were fortunate enough to chat with Ben last year, but so much has happened since then that we just had to check back in with Mr. Jenkins to discuss all the awesome new Warstic happenings! So take a swing with us this week as we cover our bases and go for one big grand slam of an episode! Puns!
Nov 21, 2018
Episode 83 – Ben Blackwell: Extended Interview
This is not a drill! The Third Men Podcast is proud to present an all-new exclusive extended interview with Third Man Records co-founder Ben Blackwell! Listeners to the show know Ben for his many roles and talents from throughout the world of Third Man and beyond, and this week he stops by the Third Men Podcast to school us on just about everything! Nephew of Jack White but only 7 years his junior, Ben found himself at the ground floor of the Detroit Rock explosion lead by The White Stripes and their contemporaries at the turn of the millennium. Still a teenager at the time, Blackwell played drums with Jack White and Bricks alongside Brendan Benson and Kevin Peyok before signing on as drummer for Mick Collins' powerhouse rock collective The Dirtbombs. While music propelled him forward, Ben was also keen to keep one eye on the past in his role as archivist for The White Stripes, preserving performances and historical documentation for the band that had changed so much of the face of popular music. Ben's solo LP I Remember When All This Was Trees, released on his very own Cass Records, stands tall on its own - pushing boundaries and digging deep for unforgettable Detroit-inspired grooves. We're beyond thrilled to have Ben on the show and hope you all enjoy this interview as much as we did! We know -- we can't believe it, either!
Nov 07, 2018
Episode 82 – Sea of Cowards: Analysis & Review vol.2
Sometimes we podcast a little, sometimes we 'cast in two parts (sometimes we 'cast in two parts) -- welcome to pt2 of our deep dive into the Sea of Cowards! When the Dead Weather released a second LP a mere ten months after their debut album Horehound, the reaction was a healthy mix of praise and confusion. Just the way Jack White likes things, we imagine! In this final chapter in our two part exploration, we go through the record track by track for a detailed look at the sum of this sea's parts. While tracks like Die By The Drop offered the band some respectable mainstream breakthrough success, it's really the the more off-beat cuts such as Invisible Man and I'm Mad that give the record an unforgettable flavor. We check out the critical response to the album at the time, rate the record ourselves, and offer some final thoughts about the band from the members themselves. All this, plus we're joined by resident hardcore music fan and third man Matthew Porcelli for an entirely new perspective on The Dead Weather's music!So don't miss this episode, and enjoy it now until the moment of your last breath! (Huh, that sounded a little creepy out of context...)
Oct 24, 2018
Episode 81 – Sea of Cowards: Analysis & Review vol.1
Crack a bone with us, won't you? It's time for a major deep dive into the Sea of Cowards! This week we take the microscope to The Dead Weather's sophomore release with an album analysis & review of 2010's Sea of Cowards. In a world where both The White Stripes and The Raconteurs were releasing new material, the announcement of a new band featuring Jack White, Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Jack "LJ" Lawrence in the spring of 2009 left many fans and critics scratching their heads. With Jack on the drums for the first time in his post-fame career, The Dead Weather stood out from the aforementioned pack and carved their own psychedelic, dark path through the rock world. A mere ten months following their debut LP Horehound in 2009, the band returned with yet another LP release which built on its predecessor to polished and speaker-rattling results. In part one of this two-part exploration, we review the album from inception to release - including album artwork, the meaning behind the title, and how the band blended spontaneous excitement with sleek studio production for an unforgettable follow-up with an unmistakable sound. We're also joined this week by Third Man Sam Sandak who gives us the low-down on Jack White live at the Santa Barbara Bowl this past summer. So sit back, crack your knuckles (if you're at home), lick an ice cream cone and join us! da da da da
Oct 10, 2018
Episode 80 – Johnny Walker: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is proud to present an all-new exclusive extended interview with the talented, the soulful, the legendary Johnny Walker! As a founding member of seminal blues rock revivalists The Soledad Brothers, he (along with fellow co-founder Ben Swank) would help define the sound of the garage rock revolution of the turn of the millennium and provide a musical companion piece to friends and contemporaries The White Stripes. Of course Third Man fans also know Johnny's work from his incredible slide guitar on the Stripes' eponymous debut album, but his collaborations with Jack over the years also include cameo appearances from Stripes on Soledad releases such as 2002's Steal Your Soul And Dare Your Spirit To Move as well as Jack's now-legendary snow shovel solo on their debut Italy Records single. In addition to his days as a Soledad Brother, Johnny can be heard on releases from Henry and June, Cut In the Hill Gang and All-Seeing Eyes to name but a few, and we discuss his storied career this week in one of our most unique extended interviews to date! We here at the Third Men podcast would like to thank Johnny for joining us on our show and we hope you'll all partake in his fabulously detailed insect removal advice! (it's a long story, you'll hear about it on the show)
Sep 26, 2018
Episode 79 – What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Fall is almost here (hear the yell?), but we've still got those summertime blues! 2018 was the biggest summer for Third Man Records yet, and the Third Men Podcast was there to capture some truly memorable moments! This week we take an extra-special look back at some of the coolest events from the Summer of Jack (TM) spoken by the co-hosts who attended them for your listening pleasure. It's our first-ever extended "fell in love with a show" episode and it's rounding third and heading for home! First up is a follow-up to our Arroyo Seco Festival coverage with a detailed look at Jack's set and context for the other acts in the lineup. Next we take you inside the Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles for special evening and encounter with Ms. Olivia Jean! Finally Third Woman Melinda Taylor stops by to talk about an epic sandlot war: The Battle at the Beach featuring Jack White! Melinda and your humble co-host Paul were both in attendance and got to meet Jack and some of the players -- it was an amazing experience and we recount all the details of Jack's baseball battle cry for you here! Thanks to Third Man for all the wonderful activities this summer, and thanks to our fellow fans for making it a special one!
Sep 12, 2018
Episode 78 – Ko Melina: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is proud to present an all-new exclusive extended interview with Detroit rock legend Ko Melina! Ko's rock'n'roll resume is a long and fabled list of major musical accomplishments, lending her incredible talents to some of the most influential acts of the last 20 years. Key contributions to groups such as The Come Ons and The Breakdowns put her classical training and high-energy abilities to the forefront, but it would be her tenure in Detroit rock institution The Dirtbombs that would cement her as a fixture of motor city music. An early supporter and friend of The White Stripes, Ko would also go down in Third Man history as photographer for the band's eponymous debut LP and a batch of their early singles. Following an appearance on Jack’s Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit compilation, Ko formed her own group called Ko & the Knockouts, whose debut LP presents a beautiful fusion of the hard-edged Cass Corridor and the sweet melodies of Motown in a crisp, well-produced package. Sirius XM listeners can find Ko every Saturday from 8am-noon EST as on-air personality for her own show on Little Steven's Underground Garage channel - which we highly recommend our listeners check out. We here at the Third Men podcast would like to thank Ko for joining us on our show for a truly unforgettable interview! 
Aug 29, 2018
Episode 77 - Best of: Extended Interviews Part 3

We're wrapping up our best-of trilogy in style with not one, but two Dirtbombs related interviews from the past year. First up we've got the interview with the brilliant Jim Diamond from episode 59! Hear all about how Jim became a producer and musician and learn the inside scoop behind the recording of the debut White Stripes LP. Next we've got the multi-talented Green Lantern of music Mick Collins from episode 64! Get the 'dirt' on the creation of the Dirtbombs then be bowled over by finding out what Mick first thought of a young John Gillis.

Next week we return to our regular show-structure with brand new content so be sure to stick around to the end of this episode to hear all about what's coming up! To our current listeners, thanks for sticking with us during this break, and if you're new to the show, welcome aboard and enjoy the show.

Aug 15, 2018
Episode 76 - Best of: Extended Interviews Part 2
Join the Third Men Podcast as we take another look back at some of the highlights from this past year's extended interview episodes! We're getting some new and exciting interviews prepped but what better way to bide the time than by showcasing some of the actual, real-live Third-Man-Records-affiliated guests we've had the pleasure of interviewing for the podcast recently! We've got Jack White's Warstic partner-in-crime Ben Jenkins as well as the ever-talented Bantam Rooster alum, Michigander Tom Potter! We hope you enjoy this week's look back, and thank you to everyone who has supported the show this past year!
Aug 01, 2018
Episode 75 - Best of Fell in Love With a Show: Part 2

Well, we fell in love with a show and the two hosts of this podcast need to have a meeting. Paul is away for a bit and we’ve lined up some great “Best-of” episodes for you and to kick it off is the best of our “Fell in Love with a Show” segments! Featuring 3 first-hand concert impressions from 3 recent Jack White Boarding House Reach concerts that bear repeating.

First up is Tom Valente and Paul recounting the BHR kick-off show at the Mayan in LA. Next up, Yvette Wilkens and Kali Durga join us to discuss Yvette’s experience at the now legendary Detroit show at Little Caesars Arena. Lastly, Arielle Kaminski talks with us about her second Jack White show with James at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY. And as a special surprise, Paul calls in to be a “man on the street” over at the Arroyo Seco festival in Pasadena.

This episode is jam-packed with some old favorite moments as well as some new concert hijinks and is not one to miss! We can’t tell you how proud we are, I’m writing down copy that I don’t understand!

Jul 18, 2018
Episode 74 - Two Star Tabernacle

Before the White Stripes, there was TWO STAR TABERNACLE. Not all the stars were aligned for this early band of Jack's, but at least two got it together for some interesting releases that provide a fascinating look into the proto-stripes era - and we cover it all in this deep dive extravaganza! As we've discovered time and again, Detroit rockers often took up residence in two bands or more at any given time - and a young Jack White was no exception. With his stint as drummer in Goober and the Peas over, Jack explored the possibilities of playing in the high octane rock band "The Go" as well as start to plant the seed of an idea for performing alongside his wife Meg under the elaborate and colorful identity "The White Stripes". But Jack and Dan "Goober" Miller's collaborations were also far from over, and along with Tracee Mae Miller and Damian Lang "Two Star Tabernacle" was born. A punk rock band with hillbilly country flavor was an odd combo, but the cow-punk songs of the newly christened Two Star Tabernacle were actually quite ahead of their time in a lot of ways. So ahead of their time, in fact, that many of the contributions from Jack would eventually see release years later on The White Stripes breakthrough LP "White Blood Cells", and Miller's tracks on Blanche releases. So grab your cowboy hat and your leather jacket and join the third men as we explore just what on earth happened to Two Star Tabernacle! Also this week we're joined by third man Brian Walter to answer YOUR listener questions! Who's to say you'll love this episode? Well, WE do!


Jul 04, 2018
Episode 73 – The Lost Raconteurs Album
Welcome to the LOST ALBUM CHRONICLES; a new ongoing series where we explore a bit of the strange and unusual in the world of Third Man Records. The Jack White world is often booming with content and activity, but sometimes a project just doesn't quite take off for reasons unexplained. Your humble cohosts have discovered many such curiosities worth exploring, and we begin that exploration with perhaps the most fascinating...the tale of the lost Raconteurs album. In the 2011-2013 timeframe, Jack White and Brendan Benson were busy with mammoth undertakings such as solo albums, side projects and sustaining their own respective record labels. Curiously, however, Jack and Brendan were also busy talking about the possibilities of a new Raconteurs project, at one point even confirming the existence of new recordings. This week we examine the evidence and walk you the listener through several other odd happenings during this two year period. Of course, the only people who really know what was or wasn't put to tape are Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack "LJ" Lawrence and Patrick Keeler...but if they'll never speak then we'll have to guess! Other than speculation, also chatting with us this episode is third woman Arielle Kaminski to talk Jack's recent concert in Cooperstown, NY. So join the third men for a look at the many things we haven't got, and we hope you have as much fun along the way as we did! 
Jun 20, 2018
Episode 72 – Tom Potter: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is proud to present an all-new exclusive extended interview with legendary Detroit rock powerhouse Thomas Jackson Potter! Jack White fans know Tom for many projects over the years, such as membership in The Dirtbombs, prominent inclusion on Jack's Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit compilation and most notably as the frontman for Detroit's quintessential two-piece rock group BANTAM ROOSTER. Like the Flat Duo Jets before them, Bantam Rooster blazed the trail for two-piece potential in the rock world, and paved the way for The White Stripes in the years that followed. Tom's electrifying guitar sound is the perfect blend of high-energy rock and carefully crafted melody, and his extraordinary talents can be heard on countless records from the 80's, 90's and beyond - including the now-classic Ultraglide in Black LP from The Dirtbombs and Bantam's 2000 Sympathy release F*ck All Y'All. As friend and collaborator with artists such as Jack White, Mick Collins and Jim Diamond, Tom helped define the Detroit rock sound during the turn of the millennium and continues to push musical boundaries to this day with innovative groups like Seger Liberation Army and Choke Chains. We here at the Third Men podcast would like to thank Tom for joining us for one of the most fun, lively discussions we've ever had on the show and hope everyone has as much fun listening as we had interviewing!
Jun 06, 2018
Episode 71 – Trash Tongue Television vol. 3: Late Night

Don't touch that dial, the Third Men Podcast is back with an all-new installment of Trash Tongue Television! In this ongoing series, we explore Jack White's television appearances over the years, and in part three we're casting the spotlight on late night talk shows! Jack's no stranger to late night TV, with tastemakers like Conan O'Brien significantly helping catapult the White Stripes to fame at the turn of the millennium. But Conan camaraderie is only one piece of the puzzle, appearances on the couches of David Letterman, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon helped keep Jack's music in the homes of millions of Americans over the last 15+ years. We turn our attention to these three hosts and cover it all, including conversation and performances from The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, collaborations and solo material from the Late Show, the Tonight Show and more! Plus: we're joined by third man of the week Ben Karns who helps us answer YOUR listener questions! Lots of fun, a few too many monologues and saucy-yet-accessible banter await you tonight on the Third Men podcast!


May 23, 2018
Episode 70 – Five on the Live: Guest Stars
It’s five on the live, and we’ll be taking time to review our favorite Jack White live cuts featuring guest performers! In this all-new installment of our continuing series, your humble co-hosts have picked through decades of concerts both large and small to find our five favorite performances from Jack White with (or as) a special guest musician! Fortunately for us there's a lot of shows to choose from, with guests ranging from rock legends, to key influences, to contemporaries and beyond. Of course the grandaddy of them all occurred in 2015 when the Lazaretto touring band were joined on stage by the last member of Led Zeppelin Jack had still yet to play with: Mr. Robert Plant. That tour united many a musician in song, including Q Tip for an electric performance at Madison Square Garden, as well as both Beck and Sean Ono Lennon! From there we journey to Lake Wobegon for the one and only live performance by both Jack White and Margo Price, before heading back to Third Man in Nashville to witness an incredible moment on stage with Pearl Jam. All this, plus the return of Third People Kali Durga and Yvette Wilkins to hear a first-hand account of the Boarding House reach tour kick-off at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit! 
May 09, 2018
Episode 69 – Boarding House Reach: Analysis & Review vol.3
Why listen to a podcast? Easy! Because it's the Third Men podcast back with the epic conclusion to our Boarding House Reach release coverage! I know, it feels like we've been over and over and over this topic, but we've got some really awesome last tidbits on this very exciting time to be a Jack White fan that we know you're all going to enjoy! First up we're joined by not one, not two but THREE different sets of "third people" this week to discuss Jack's first set of BHR pre-tour live shows! Kali Durga and Yvette Wilkins are here to talk the Nashville Blue Room, Tom Valente joins us to talk the Mayan in Los Angeles, and finally Arielle Kaminski talks us through her first-ever Jack White concert at the Warsaw in Brooklyn! Next we bring you some album reception, along with our own personal reviews of the new record and followed by some final thoughts from Jack on the BHR release. Lastly we're honored to welcome a very special guest, Emmy Award-winning artist Dean Haspiel, who shares with us his own review of the record! There's lots to get to and we hope you all enjoy!
Apr 25, 2018
Episode 68 – Boarding House Reach: Analysis & Review vol.2
Who’s with us?! We hope you will be, because the Third Men podcast is back with part two of our three-part Boarding House Reach coverage, and this week we go track by track into the nitty gritty of this wild new Jack White LP! We dive deep into each track with an in-depth compilation of interviews, tastemaker reviews and detailed analysis to paint the most complete picture possible of how each song on this album came to be. From the anthemic “Corporation” and “Connected by Love”, to the hip-hop infused “Ice Station Zebra” to the many beautiful variations of the funk-groove powerhouse “Get In The Mind Shaft” – we cover it all in our longest episode to date! But don’t just take it from us, this week we present a very special Third People segment where we asked YOU the listener to give us your own personal review of the record – and your feedback proved to be a fascinating look at just how varied the reactions to this record can be. So sit back, relax, buy up some empty lots and copy yourself some God, because this episode is a doozy — and see you back here next time for the epic conclusion! Joe Blow said we podcast like Caravaggio, but we said “hold a minute now Caravaggio likely didn’t podcast, Joe.”
Apr 11, 2018
Episode 67 – Boarding House Reach: Analysis & Review vol.1
Hello. Welcome to The Third Men podcast. Brought to you by...Boarding House Reach! Get connected with us as we celebrate the end of the great Jack Drought and begin our analysis and review of the all-new Jack White album, Boarding House Reach. Is it wild? Yes. Is it crazy? Yes. Is it divisive? Yes. (NO!) Is it a dramatic departure from the albums that have come before? You better believe it. This week we take an extended deep dive into just how this record came to be, from inception to execution to release and beyond - it's a Jack White journey like you've never heard before! Using up-to-the-minute interviews and reviews from the current promotional cycle, we here at the Third Men podcast are bringing you the most in-depth coverage possible of this very very exciting time to be a Third-Fan - and we're only just getting started! All this, plus a special visit from Los Angeles artists Erin Gallagher and Tom Valente who help us detail TMR recording artist Margo Price's triumphant return to the LA stage! If you haven't listened to an episode of the podcast yet, this is a great time to hop onboard - and remember to join us back here in two weeks for part two. Who's with me?
Mar 28, 2018
Episode 66 – Launching the Dead Weather
s the world waits for a new Jack White album with a drastically different sound, The Third Men Podcast looks back at the last drastic departure for Jack White: The Dead Weather. Following the towering success of both the long-established White Stripes and the hit-making "super"-group The Raconteurs, the last thing anyone expected Jack White to do was to launch a third group in which he would take a back seat to a front woman whose charism could easily match his own. It's the kind of left turn that gave us the Dead Weather, the psychedelic goth-rock that divided fans and baffled listeners nearly a decade before "Boarding House Reach". In this episode we take a look at how Jack rolled this new group out, and the steps a growing (and learning) Third Man Records took as a newly-christened storefront and self-supporting record label, to a stumbled LP release and premature concert dates! Also in this episode we're joined by Third Man of the week, musician, singer and songwriter Connor Flynn, aka Black Jack Davey, who discusses his latest release "Meet Black Jack Davey"! Will there be enough water when this podcast comes in? Yes, yes there will.
Mar 14, 2018
Episode 65 – The Big Two
The British Invasion strikes Detroit! This week we discuss the musical influence and connectivity between Jack White and the two biggest bands of modern rock'n'roll: The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. While the delta blues singers of the 30's and the garage punkers of the 80's may have had a more direct influence of his sound and aesthetic, there's no doubt that Jack is the torch-bearer for the acts that defined the genre. The "old guard" was quick to embrace The White stripes as a continuation of a legacy that kicked into high gear when Britain's own John, Paul, George and Ringo touched down in New York City one chilly February morning in 1964, igniting a mania that lives on to this day. We explore the many connections between Jack and these two acts, and have enlisted some help in the process! That's right, this week is our very first PODCAST CROSSOVER as we sit down for an extended chat with the "Take it Away" podcast's Ryan Brady to talk Jack White, The Beatles, and just how many Denny Laine puns we can make in 50 minutes. So get some satisfaction and all the love you'll need this week with us -- we hope you will enjoy the show!
Feb 28, 2018
Episode 64 – Mick Collins: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is proud to present an all-new exclusive extended interview with a Rock'n'Roll legend, the one and only Mick Collins! Jack White fans know Mick for many things, but first and foremost as a founding member of one of the most influential rock bands to ever tear up a stage, The Gories. Every major movement stands on the shoulders of the giants who came before, and the Detroit rock revival that catapulted Jack White to stardom was a culmination of decades of visionary artistry from acts like The Stooges, MC5 and the high energy, blues/punk-infused sound that Mick Collins, Dan Kroha and Peggy O'Neill created. It's a tough act to follow, but follow it Mick did with the foundation of a new art project that would evolve into White Stripes contemporaries The Dirtbombs. With such members as TMR co-founder Ben Blackwell, Raconteur Patrick Keeler and former White Stripes producer Jim Diamond, this new band's connections to the Third Man Records universe run deep, and the group stands amongst the most prominent and successful acts to emerge from the era. Mick's other groups are no slouch either, from The Voltaire Brothers to The Screws to Blacktop and beyond, he continues to weave one of richest tapestries in modern music. And then he called-in to our show! We here at the Third Men podcast would like to thank Mick for joining us – it was a pleasure interviewing him and one of the most spontaneous, lively and fun interviews we've ever had the pleasure of conducting! If for nothing else, stay for the bowling tips!
Feb 14, 2018
Episode 63 – The Dirtbombs
It's an ooey-gooey-podcast-ka-blooey this week as we celebrate the lifeblood of Detroit Rock'n'Roll: the indomitable DIRTBOMBS! In the mid-nineties the music scene echoing out from the Cass Corridor was truly kicking into high gear. Groups like Bantam Rooster, Rocket 455, The Go and, of course, The White Stripes began to take shape, standing on the shoulders of legendary groups such as The Stooges and The Gories. When Gorie virtuoso Mick Collins started his next musical project in the primordial rock soup of 1996 Detroit, something special was bound to happen, and happen it did. Enter: The Dirtbombs - a revolving cast of quintessential voices in the rock revival and home base for such Third Man staples as Ben Blackwell, Jim Diamond, Patrick Keeler, E Wolf and many, many more. This week we cover the band's inception and discography, and are joined by Dirtbomb super-fan Kate McCoy for an unforgettable interview that ends with a surprise TOO INSANE to type here. You're just going to have to listen to find out. Trust us, do NOT miss the end of this episode!
Jan 31, 2018
Episode 62 – De Stijl: Album Analysis & Review pt2
We got a letter this morning, what do you reckon it read? It said hurry hurry and listen to the Third Men Podcast! This week our all-new album analysis and review of the White Stripes sophomore LP release, De Stijl, comes to its epic conclusion! In the spring of 2000 Jack and Meg White had a handful of singles, a debut LP, some local rock and roll stardom and a couple of day jobs under their belts on the chilly streets of Detroit – but all of that was about to change. The married duo that had baffled so many with their color schemes and brother/sister mythology found their real-life relationship at an end, and their musical path at a crossroads. This is the environment that would bring out one of the most colorful, hard-edged blues/pop records to grace the new millennium, and the last big step in the direction of the kind of fame there would be no turning back from for the White Stripes. In part two of our two-part coverage, we explore from Death Letter and beyond, going through track-by-track and uncovering some hidden meaning in this rock and roll manifesto. Plus, Third Man Wayne Kaminski stops by to fill everyone in on the brand new Beatles podcast Yesterday & Today Podcast that we're launching next month! So pull up your triple tremolo and let us explain ya the rest of De Stijl!
Jan 17, 2018
Episode 61 – De Stijl: Album Analysis & Review pt1
We're a pretty good listen (for a podcast), so build a home around our all-new album analysis and review of the White Stripes sophomore LP release: De Stijl! In the spring of 2000 Jack and Meg White had a handful of singles, a debut LP, some local rock and roll stardom and a couple of day jobs under their belts on the chilly streets of Detroit - but all of that was about to change. The married duo that had baffled so many with their color schemes and brother/sister mythology found their real-life relationship at an end, and their musical path at a crossroads. This is the environment that would bring out one of the most colorful, hard-edged blues/pop records to grace the new millennium, and the last big step in the direction of the kind of fame there would be no turning back from for the White Stripes. This episode we begin our discussion with a background of the album, it's title and cover, and insight into the opening salvo of blistering tracks that turned the rock world to black, white and red. Plus, as this is the first episode of the new year, we ring in 2018 with Third Woman Kali Durga who returns to fill us in on all the Third Man events she attended in 2017! So let us be your canaries, your birds to bring the message of De Stijl home!
Jan 03, 2018
Episode 60 – Hands of Time: A Look Back at 2017
Happy New Year! Pop some champagne and join us for some servings and portions of a look back at a year called 2017. It was a wild year of special events and anticipation, and once again the Third Man family grew in size and scope like never before. From the opening of TMR Pressing in the Cass Corridor, to album releases from the extraordinary talents of artists such as Lillie Mae and Margo Price, to new Jack White music and the promise of a brand new record, 2017 was a busy year for both fans and talent alike! On this episode we cover it all, plus Third Woman Yvette Wilkins joins us to discuss her and fellow Third Woman in spirit Kali Durga's trip underground for the 333ft Underground show in the Cumberland Caverns. We here at the Third Men podcast want to thank all of you listeners out there for joining us this past year, and we hope you'll join us once again for this special celebration of 2017!
Dec 20, 2017
Episode 59 – Jim Diamond: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is proud to present an all-new exclusive extended interview with singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and co-producer/engineer of The White Stripes eponymous debut album, Jim Diamond! As Detroit experienced its nearly-unprecedented garage rock renaissance in the ladder half of the 90's, one studio acted as the epicenter of talent and innovation among the key talents of the movement more than any other: Jim Diamond's Ghetto Recorders. If the Gold Dollar was the petri dish for Detroit's sound, Ghetto Recorders was the microscope. The Dirtbombs, The Von Bondies, The Electric Six and many more turned to Jim's studio and production abilities to bring out their best, most honest sound possible. When it was time for Jack and Meg White to put their great rock experiment to tape, The White Stripes, too, found a home at the house that Diamond built. This episode, Jim gives us the scoop on everything from his own musical beginnings, to recording the White Stripes, to bass guitar with Dirtbombs and SO much more! We here at the Third Men podcast would like to thank Jim for dropping in to the show– it was a pleasure interviewing him and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!
Dec 06, 2017
Episode 58 – Thank You, Jack White 2017
Carl Butterball proudly presents, the Third Men Podcast's "Thank You, Jack White 2017" Thanksgiving Spectacular! For the second year running we go over all things Jack White as they relate to Thanksgiving, including this year's TMR Turkey drive, Jack's songwriting fowl of choice, Pokey Lafarge's famous sweet potatoes and an unexpected connection to Sub Pop to name but a few! Like any great gathering of relatives, it's gonna be a weird, mostly drunk experience unlike any other - and we mustn't forget the dramatic return of Mama LaFarge (which we're compelled to expressly state is not the actual Mama LaFarge)! Plus, we sit down with Detroit artist Joe Lalich to talk about music, what it's like having art on display at TMR Cass, and a special "fell in love with a show" recounting of seeing Jack White at the "We're Gonna Be Friends" B&N signing in Los Angeles earlier this month! So much to be thankful for, and we especially thank you for listening and hope you enjoy the new episode!
Nov 22, 2017
Episode 57 – Ben Jenkins: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is proud to present an all-new exclusive extended interview with Warstic founder and current Jack White business partner Ben Jenkins! In the spring of 2016 it was announced that noted baseball fan Jack White would be entering the business side of the the game alongside Detroit Tigers infielder Ian Kinsler. The two became principle investors in Warstic, a quality and design-driven  company founded by former minor league player and One Fast Buffalo graphic design powerhouse Ben Jenkins. Since then, this partnership has lead to the announcement of a storefront opening, an amazing short film, and the first new original music from Jack White in years! Ben was kind enough to give us the low-down on his history with baseball, music, art and the formation of the Warstic brand we know today. We here at the Third Men podcast would like to thank Ben for dropping in to the show– it was a pleasure interviewing him and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!
Nov 08, 2017
Episode 56 – Jack-O-Lantern 2017
What's the most terrifying fright to behold this Halloween? Why, it's the return of the Third Men Podcast with ALL-NEW material! Um, spoooooooky material! That's right, it's our second annual Halloween Special where we cover some genuinely terrifying topics as they pertain to Jack White and Third Man Records - and this year we've got something special for your candy sack. First up, we've created a custom Third Man & related Halloween LP, with Wolfman-connected songs on one side, and Frankenstein-connected songs on the other! The references to these two monsters (although to be fair, we don't know them they could be pretty cool guys on the inside) in TMR lore is surprisingly abundant, and there's a whole lot of spooky to unpack there. Plus, we sit down with Julia and Tobias from the band After The Money Is Gone to talk about their group, the City of Detroit, and what it was like being the first non-TMR group to be pressed at Third Man Pressing! We're stoked to be back and hope you all have a happy Halloween!
Oct 25, 2017
Episode 55 – Best of: Fell In Love With A Show
Join the Third Men Podcast as we take a look back at some of the highlights from our guests' most memorable concert moments! While your co-hosts prepare the slate of new episodes for this coming year, we’ve prepared a special “best of” trilogy, wherein we highlight a different portion of the show each week! And this week we conclude our trilogy with our favorite concert recollections, a segment of the podcast we call "Fell in Love with A Show"! We love talking to a new guest each week, and between those guests we've amassed quite a collection of cool concert moments -- from the White Stripes in Brooklyn, to magic at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC, to encounters with Lillie Mae, Margo Price and more we present to you the highlights! Plus a new concert recollection of Lillie Mae's most recent visit to Los Angeles and some exclusive audio from the show. We hope you enjoy this week’s look back, thank you to everyone who has supported the show this past year, and hope you enjoy our all-new content returning next week!
Oct 18, 2017
Episode 54 – Best of: Rag and Bone
Join the Third Men Podcast as we take a look back at some of the highlights from this past year’s strangest moments! While your co-hosts prepare the slate of new episodes for this coming year, we’ve prepared a special “best of” trilogy, wherein we highlight a different portion of the show each week! And this week we shine a light on the strange, the unusual...all of the pretty, those pretty little rags and bones! We run across a lot of crazy, out-of-the-ordinary facts in our research of a given topic. Like the time Madonna heckled Jack White from her own concert stage, or the time the Raconteurs covered a song by the American south's most dysfunctional, satan-fearing folk duo the Louvin Brothers. When these moments pop up we put them in their own little portion of the show... a special home for them that we like to call Rag and Bone. So in case you were wondering what the American Pickers' favorite Jack White song was, or if you had an itchin' to explore a mausoleum in the North Carolinian woods, this episode is for you! We hope you enjoy this week’s look back, and thank you to everyone who has supported the show this past year!
Oct 11, 2017
Episode 53 – Best of: Extended Interviews
Join the Third Men Podcast as we take a look back at some of the highlights from this past year's extended interview episodes! While your co-hosts prepare the slate of new episodes for this coming year, we've prepared a special "best of" trilogy, wherein we highlight a different portion of the show each week! And what better way to start than with showcasing some of the actual, real-live Third-Man-Records-affiliated guests we've had the pleasure of interviewing for the podcast! Such guests include Jack White's childhood friend and bassist Dominic Davis; longtime TMR studio and touring musician Fats Kaplin; Nearsys founder and TMR's Near Space Ballooning consultant for the Icarus Project Paul Verhage; Grammy-winning Artist and legendary graphic designer with Jack White and TMR for over a decade Rob Jones; and fellow touring musician, TMR artist/graphic designer and Elephant contributor Bruce Brand! We hope you enjoy this week's look back, and thank you to everyone who has supported the show this past year!
Oct 04, 2017
Episode 52 – One Year Anniversary Spectacular
The Third Men Podcast is celebrating one full year of weekly Jack White goodness! 52 weeks ago your humble co-hosts set out on a mission: to bring you the listener a closer look at all sides of the Third Man Records universe, and now that we've hit our first annual milestone, it's time to party down. Who's invited? Well, you are! But so are a host of Third People, including Kali Durga, Kate McCoy, Amy Hart, Mike Jozaitis and many many more! This episode James and I also countdown our top 52 favorite Jack White tracks, one for every week of the year and episode of the show! A BIG thank you to everyone who's listened to and supported the show so far, we value all of you so much and hope to go on creating this podcast for many more years to come. So sit back, grab a big ol' Carl Butterball brand turkey leg and enjoy the festivities!
Sep 27, 2017
Episode 51 – Under Great White Northern Lights: Project Analysis & Review pt3
The Third Men Podcast proudly presents the final installment of The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights project analysis trilogy! In this In 2007 Jack and Meg took their Icky Thump tour to Canada with a mission: play every single Canadian province. The project would be captured both in audio and visual and evolve into a documentary film, photo book and live album that essentially captured the end of The White Stripes as a band. This week we discuss the accompanying film and album releases for the project, and uncover the origins of what is considered by many to be one of the most intimate and honest rock and roll documentaries ever made. Director Emmett Malloy, with the blessing of both Jack and Meg, shows us a band at a crossroads during the height of their fame - and neither blood, sweat nor tears were left on the cutting room floor. We're joined this week by Third Man Giles LeBlanc who attended both a live performance back in 2007 from the Canadian tour, as well as the Toronto Film Festival premiere of the documentary two years later.
Sep 20, 2017
Episode 50 – Under Great White Northern Lights: Project Analysis & Review pt2
We're back for part two of our first-ever 3-part episode, an in-depth look at The White Stripes seminal live project Under Great White Northern Lights. In 2007 Jack and Meg took their Icky Thump tour to Canada with a mission: play every single Canadian province . The project would be captured both in audio and visual and evolve into a documentary film, photo book and live album that essentially captured the end of The White Stripes as a band. This week we continue our look back at the shows themselves, culminating in the band's epic 10th anniversary celebration in Nova Scotia. From bowling alleys to one note shows, to arenas and beyond, we cover the remainder of the journey behind Under Great White Northern Lights, and talk about the people that made it possible. Plus, to keep the living music flowing, Third Man Andrew Marino stops by the podcast to recount Pokey LaFarge's visit to the troubadour in our latest "fell in love with a show" segment!
Sep 13, 2017
Episode 49 – Under Great White Northern Lights: Project Analysis & Review pt1
It was the tour that defined the end of an era, and the music that showed the White Stripes at the top of their game. Join the Third Men Podcast for a special multi-part look back at the White Stripes last release as a band, Under Great White Northern Lights. The project was to take a unique leg of the group's Icky Thump tour and turn it into a documentary film, photo book and live album...but UGWNL turned into something much more. This week we take a look at the shows themselves and explore the thinking behind a tour which took the band to each Canadian province. Plus, a first for the podcast -- introducing our THIRD BAND segment! Past guest Mackenzie McAninch gives us a listen to the incredible night of music and memories he and The Dead Leaves delivered last month at The Seamonster Lounge in Seattle, WA., so for all those who couldn't make it to the show, you can give a listen here! Special thanks to youtuber Xana La Fuente for capturing key moments of the show.
Sep 06, 2017
Episode 48 – Rob Jones: Extended Interview pt2
The Third Men Podcast is once again proud to present the second installment in an all-new 2-part extended interview with GRAMMY Award-winning Third Man Records artist and graphic designer Rob Jones! Rob has, over the years, created some of the most memorable artwork associated with Jack White’s recording career — from The White Stripes, to The Raconteurs, to The Dead Weather, to Jack White solo projects and more, Rob has done it all! Last week we spoke to Rob about his approach to each of Jack's individual projects, as well as his artistic and musical influences. This week deep dive into the parameters of working with Jack, Roman history, and most notably the full story behind the song that Jack and Rob wrote together: Machine Gun Silhouette! All this plus much more as we reach the conclusion of one of the funniest, most enlightening interviews we've ever had the privilege of conducting here on the Third Men Podcast. One last big thanks to Rob for joining us, and we hope you enjoy part two! We just about flipped over it!
Aug 30, 2017
Episode 47 – Rob Jones: Extended Interview pt1
The Third Men Podcast is proud to present the first installment in an all-new 2-part extended interview with GRAMMY Award-winning Third Man Records artist and graphic designer Rob Jones! Rob has, over the years, created some of the most memorable artwork associated with Jack White's recording career -- from The White Stripes, to The Raconteurs, to The Dead Weather, to Jack White solo projects and more, Rob has done it all! This week we talk to Rob about his artistic and musical influences, and gain insight into how this wildly fruitful creative partnership with Third Man began so many years ago. We also learn the secret behind Rob's approach to Dead Weather design, and what TDW artwork didn't quite make the cut. We here at the Third Men podcast would like to thank Rob for dropping in to the show, and for being so candid, funny and generous with his time – it was a pleasure interviewing him and we hope you all enjoy this first half of the interview as much as we did!
Aug 22, 2017
Episode 46 – Jack in Space 2: The Wrath of Conversation
In space, everyone can hear you PODCAST. Join the Third Men Podcast as we blast off once again in this all-interview special that takes you into the orbit of some of those closest to Third Man's record-setting Icarus Launch! First we chat with Nearsys founder and Near Space Ballooning pioneer Paul Verhage about the logistics of facilitating Jack White's Icarus launch, and some of the challenges in retrieving that precious vinyl payload! Next we sit down with scientist David Jankowski, one of the key figures responsible for the Icarus design and launch and founder & CEO of the SATINS Program - Students And Teachers In Near Space! Finally we welcome back to the show our third person in spirit every week, Kali Durga, as she fills us in on what it was like attending the Icarus launch party at Third Man Records! So sit back, fix yourself some tang, and prepare for these incredible first hand accounts of Jack White's inaugural venture into the stars!
Aug 16, 2017
Episode 45 – Covering the White Stripes vol.1
Love the White Stripes? The Third Men Podcast has got you covered! This week we shine a special spotlight on some of the most interesting covers of White Stripes tunes ever made, in this first installment of Covering The White Stripes! From the eclectic instrumentals of the "Diff'rent Stripes" release, to the varied arrangements and guests stars of "Rockin' Legends Pay Tribute to Jack White", we discuss what sets these White Stripes covers apart from the rest. Which were successful? Which not so much? And just what the hell do the flaming lips want to bring a seven nation army to florida for? The answers to these questions and many more await you in this all-new episode! Plus Third Man Mackenzie McAninch stops by the show to give us the full scoop on the upcoming White Stripes tribute show in Seattle this August the 14th by his group The Dead Leaves! Head on over to the Seamonster Lounge at 8pm to check out this wonderful local super-group as they support KBFG Radio in Seattle! Don't miss it!
Aug 09, 2017
Episode 44 – Jack-On-Tour: Horehound
Hit the road with the Third Men Podcast! This week we follow along with The Dead Weather's inaugural tour to promote their debut album Horehound! For this all-new band on their debut outing, Jack took to the drum kit and held the beat down for bandmates Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Jack "LJ" Lawrence. This time the road brought with it dramatic ups and downs, with audiences around the world equal parts enchanted and perplexed by this new darkly psychedelic concoction that graced the stage. Fans and critics scratched their heads at the growing number Jack White-adjacent bands, and pondered the fate of the White Stripes and The Raconteurs in the process - but one thing was undeniable: Horehound was an album with a mission. We give you all the details of that mission from opening curtain to closing encore! Plus Third Woman Kali Durga stops in to share HER tour memories in a special 2-for-1 "fell in love with a show" segment - Pokey Lafarge and the Flat Duo Jets! See you on the road!
Aug 02, 2017
Episode 43 – Who's to Say: Listener Questions vol.2
The Third Men Podcast is the surest and safest bet that you could ask for, so thanks for asking! Back by popular demand, we proudly present our second-ever all-listener-questions episode! Once again, you sent us your questions, and we played rough detective until we answered them all! Will the White Stripes get back together? Why does Jack love the song "The Same Boy You've Always Known" so much? What's the connection between Jack White and the Electric Six? We do our best to uncover the answers to the questions that are causing those steaming wrinkles in your brain. PLUS: Returning third woman Arielle Kaminski puts us to the test and administers a Jack White quiz to your beloved co-hosts in real time! So pull up those earbuds and join the conversation -- without you listeners there is no show, so thank you to everyone who sent in your questions, and to those who didn't, feel free to send yours in for vol.3!
Jul 26, 2017
Episode 42 – Fats Kaplin: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is proud to present this all-new extended interview with legendary recording artist Fats Kaplin! Fats has been a familiar face (and sound!) for Third Man Records over the past decade, playing on a host of blue room series singles, both Jack White solo albums, both Jack White solo tours and much much more! But Fats' career doesn't start with Third Man - the fat man has had a long, storied musical journey which began with his first LP release in 1975 alongside Roy Bookbinder and which ranges from stints with the Tom Russell Band to Kane Welch Kaplin to Pure Prairie League to name but a few. From his beginnings as a rambling fiddle player on the streets of New York as a young man in the late 60's, to playing arenas alongside Jack White, we cover it all and get to the bottom of everyone's go-to theremin specialist and pedal steel maestro! We here at the Third Men podcast would like to thank Fats for stopping by and being so wonderful and generous with his time - it was a treat interviewing him and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!
Jul 19, 2017
Episode 41 – The John Peel Sessions
Set your dials to the Third Men Podcast, because this week we're being taken over by the most notorious radio pirate of them all - John Peel! When British DJ and all-around music tastemaker John Peel discovered The White Stripes debut album on a trip to the Netherlands, both Peel and the Stripes would never again be the same. For Jack and Meg, John gave them crucial exposure and a solid gold endorsement right as their careers were truly taking off. In Jack, John gained a kindred spirit and a renewed sense of hope for music like he hadn't experienced since the dawn of punk so many years prior. In this episode we cover it all, exploring Peel's life and just what made him such a quintessential ingredient in not just english music culture, but the broader musical consciousness of the world. Plus, third man Colin White of Joe Symes and the Loving Kind shares with us his own musical origins, how playing drums in Liverpool brought him to the world stage, and what experiencing the "Peel Effect" first hand was like. Ahoy!
Jul 12, 2017
Episode 40 – Jack White in Space
Space...the Third Man Frontier. These are the voyages of Jack White as chronicled by the Third Men Podcast! This week we set off in exploration of all things space as they relate to Jack White and Third Man Records - and there are a ton of cosmic run-ins to cover! From momentous occasions such as the development and execution of the The Icarus project which yielded the first ever record to be played in space, to meetings with the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson and the planetary society, to an interview session with Buzz Aldrin himself - Jack's connections to the world of space exploration are surprisingly plentiful! Plus, in our continuing "fell in love with a show" segment, Third Woman Arielle Kaminski drops in to give us the low down on the hoedown that Lillie Mae Rische treated Brooklyn, NY to last month! From the stars to the country to the country stars, join us for the glorious dawn of this all-new episode!
Jul 05, 2017
Episode 39 – Dominic Davis: Extended Interview
The Third Men Podcast is thrilled to present this extended interview with legendary recording artist Mr. Dominic Davis! Growing up in the Detroit area, Dominic and childhood pal Jack White uncovered the world of music together from attic to garage to stage. Whether it was recording in the attic as "The F*ck-Ups", or watching the Gillis brothers tear up a live set, Jack and Dominic nurtured a love for music that would lead both musicians to spectacular new heights. Though their paths diverged for a time, they found their way back together again in a big way at Third Man Records - with Dominic playing a key role in such milestone projects as the Blunderbuss tour, the Lazaretto LP and the restoration of the lost White Stripes track "City Lights" to name but a few. Dominic is one of the top bass players working in music today, lending his incredible talents not only to Third Man projects, but to The North Mississippi Allstars, the hit TV show Nashville and many, many more. You can also catch Dominic in the recent hit PBS documentary American Epic, along with its fantastic accompanying soundtrack! We cover it all, and even get some exciting, exclusive bits of information on upcoming projects to share with you the listener! So grab a stranger's hand and listen to this episode as closely as you can!
Jun 28, 2017
Episode 38 – Five on the Live: Covers
It's five on the live, and we'll be taking time to review our favorite Jack White live cuts of cover songs! In this first episode of a multi-part series exploring various songs from Jack's live performances, your humble co-hosts have picked through decades of concerts both large and small to find our five favorite cover songs that Jack White has performed live on stage. A good cover song takes the original recording and expands on it, connecting with the listener and inspiring him or her to explore more about that music. The cover songs Jack White chooses to play tend to do just that - reaffirming his status as a key modern music tastemaker. From finger-pickin' with the Beatles, to keeping it clean (and dirty) with bluesman Charley Jordan, to rolling with the actual stones, these re-inventions of classic tunes have opened up all new musical avenues for us - and we bring it all straight to you! Plus in our continuing "fell in love with a show" segment, Third Woman Suzannah Rowntree gives us the dirt (and the truth in it) on Karen Elson's recent performance at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. So give a little drink from this podcast cup!
Jun 21, 2017
Episode 37 – Bruce Brand: Extended Interview
Jolly good. Cup o' tea then, Bruce. Let's celebrate! This week the Third Men Podcast proudly presents an extended interview with musician, artist, graphic designer, and all-around pop-rivet Bruce Brand! Fans of The White Stripes will recognize Bruce's stamp on a host of key moments throughout the group's history - from touring alongside them in the UK, to designing the album artwork for both Elephant, Get Behind Me Satan and their corresponding singles, to his all-too-famous cameo appearance at the end of "Well It’s True That We Love One Another" and much, much more! Bruce shares his incredible stories with us, including those of his own music career which spans stints with groups such as the Pop Rivets, The Milkshakes and the Masonics to name but a few! Plus a secret revealed from the album cover of Get Behind Me Satan you do NOT want to miss! Why don't we ask him now? We will!
Jun 14, 2017
Episode 36 – The Go
3...2...1...GO! This week the Third Men podcast plunges into the heart of Detroit at the dawn of the indie rock boom to bring you an in-depth look at a band that in many ways epitomizes the entire era: The Go. When founding members Bobby Harlow, John Krautner, and Marc Fellis got together in 1996, their collaboration fanned the flames of a rock'n'roll fire that was beginning to burn bright in hotspots like the Gold Dollar and The Magic Stick. By the time Jack White joined the group in 1998 along with bassist (and Italy Records founder) Dave Buick, The Go were a musical force to be reckoned with, releasing their first LP Watcha Doin' for Sub-Pop in September of 1999. While Jack's tenure with the group was to be short-lived, The Go continue to play on and inspire a new generation of garage rockers, such as our Third Man for this week, Asphalt Grey's Rob Janos! Rob's stories of the New York music scene and jack-o-lyte run-ins are NOT to be missed! So go check it out!
Jun 07, 2017
Episode 35 – Broken Boy Soldiers: Album Analysis & Review pt2
Shall we podcast today? Now would that be OK? Sure it would! Welcome to the second half of our two-part deep-dive into The Raconteurs' debut album Broken Boy Soldiers. This week we go track-by-track and discuss each cut on this high-energy and successfully collaborative watermark in Jack White's body of work. From the sugary pop of Hands, to the manic rock'n'roll of Store Bought Bones, to the devastating Blue Veins, this LP brought out the best in Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, Patrick Keeler and Jack White. While the record was received favorably upon its release in 2006, we also discuss whether or not its commercial success has stood the test of time. Plus Third Woman Kali Durga returns to take us on an incredible tour of The Raconteurs' all-time best performances of Blue Veins -- which is truly an eye-opening experience! You can't buy what you can't find, so good thing this podcast is free and available now!
May 31, 2017
Episode 34 – Broken Boy Soldiers: Album Analysis & Review pt1
Find yourself a podcast, and listen up! This week we bring you part one of a two-part dive into The Raconteurs debut LP, 2006's Broken Boy Soldiers! After achieving astonishing musical heights and global fame with The White Stripes, Jack White found himself at odds with the city he came from - but while his schism with the Detroit scene grew, Jack wasn't alone in the fight. Enter Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler - like-minded musicians who took up arms and became the broken boy soldiers that, along with Jack, were their very OWN musical force to be reckoned with! From inception to release and on to the smash single Steady As She Goes, we go in deep to give you the story of how this group became so much more than someone's side project. Plus, Third Woman Kali Durga is BACK to give us some insight into the Masonic underpinnings of songs like Intimate Secretary and Level - AND an incredible Jack White concert story that blew us away! Is this podcast the type that's meant for me? Yes, yes it is.
May 24, 2017
Episode 33 - The Big 3
I've got three numbers, one and two and three, and it took a digital podcast to pick which one I liked! Welcome to our 33rd episode spectacular, where we highlight Jack White's fascination with the number three and dig deep to discover just what makes that number so special. From his days with Third Man Upholstery in Detroit, right on up to his role as a music industry pioneer with Third Man Records, the number three has become something of a mantra for Jack that represents boiling things down to their essential components, and from there uncovering what they truly mean. We cover it all, plus a very special Third Man this week as Fernando from CraveOnline joins us to detail his amazing interview with Jack White's touring bands! It's a real pleasure having Fernando on the show, and we hope you enjoy enjoy enjoy what we have in store store store for this episode episode episode!
May 17, 2017
Episode 32 – Van Lear Rose
If this ain't a podcast, then tell me what is! Uh huh, it's time for our country women trilogy to come to a close with a special spotlight episode on Jack White and Loretta Lynn's collaboration: 2004's Van Lear Rose LP. While this marks her first effort with White, this album is the 39th LP release from Loretta Lynn over her 50+ year career, and stands as her most successful crossover album ever released. With a timeless, effortless country vocal and stirring, energetic guitar, Van Lear Rose boasts a number of highlights including Portland, Oregon, Miss Being Mrs., Have Mercy and Little Red Shoes to name but a few -- and we cover it all from inception to release! Also joining us for this special Mother's Day Third Woman segment is our mom Elizabeth Kaminski, who tells her own musical tale and patiently supports our antics. This'll be one podcast to drink by the pitcher and not by the glass, uh huh!*Disclaimer: In light of recent events, the Third Men Podcast would like to wish a speedy recovery to Loretta Lynn who was hospitalized following a stroke on May 4th. Though she is expected to make a full recovery, all our best goes out to Loretta and her family during this time. This podcast was recorded prior to the events of May 4th - MGMT*
May 10, 2017
Episode 31 - Margo Price
We put a hurtin' on the podcast! This week we shine a special spotlight on one of the most acclaimed Third Man Records recording artists that isn't Jack White himself, Miss Margo Price! Margo entered the Jack White orbit in 2016 when her debut solo album, Midwest Farmer's Daughter, was released by Third Man, and since then the accolades have been rolling in. But it was a long road to success, filled with the kinds of heartache and tragedy that would become unforgettable songwriting fodder for the young singer/songwriter. Turned down by nearly every record label in town, Margo bet the farm on Jack White and it has been paying off in spades ever since. Margo's musical influences pull from a wide pool of artists including the likes of Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, The Kinks and Janis Joplin, giving her sound a highly accessible blend of rock, pop and country. This week we cover it all, plus Third Woman Kate McCoy joins us once again to offer insight as to how Nashville views their new famous "daughter", and to share her story of seeing Margo's former band, Buffalo Clover, live! And hey, if you want to know how this episode will sound, I bet you're about to find out!
May 03, 2017
Episode 30 – Lillie Mae
Moving without motion, podcasting with some sound, across and open internet we bring you an all new episode! Join us over the hill and through the woods to the Third Men Podcast's Lillie Mae spotlight episode! This week we turn our attention to the little fiddle herself as we explore the music and history behind Jack White's bandmate Lillie Mae Rische in the wake of the release of her Third Man Records debut LP Forever and Then Some. From her beginnings playing alongside her family in their group Jypsi, to her many contributions to Jack White's albums and tours, Lillie Mae is an incredible and accomplished musician we're thrilled to see continue to grow and develop alongside "the boss man"! Plus, on a very special Third Man segment, guest Tom Valente details what meeting Lillie Mae was like alongside your west coast co-host at the Monty in Los Angeles! So whether you live in the valleys, the canyons, the honky tonks or taverns - we hope you enjoy!
Apr 26, 2017
Episode 29 – Icky Thump: Album Analysis & Review pt2
Our Icky Thump spectacular is slowly turning into two! Last week we began our analysis and review of the White Stripes’ 6th and final studio album, Icky Thump, with an exploration of its inception and opening side. This week we detail the remainder of the record, including killer cuts such as Effect and Cause, A Martyr For My Love For You, and Catch Hell Blues to name but a few. On the eve of its 10th anniversary, many consider Icky Thump to be the band's finest effort. But while this is an album that has aged remarkably well, the critical reception at the time will surprise you. Plus Third Woman Kate McCoy returns to the show to share with us some of her most prized Icky collectibles - including the ultra-rare Icky Thump Mono! So grab your little cream soda and listen up!
Apr 19, 2017
Episode 28 – Icky Thump: Album Analysis & Review pt1
Now I hear Icky Thump, and it's on the Third Men Podcast! This week we're proud to present the first in a series of two analysis and review episodes spotlighting the White Stripes' 6th and final studio album, Icky Thump. It was the culmination of everything the band had learned and tested during their decade long history - a musical experiment that is as interesting and relevant a decade after its release as it was at its inception. This first installment focuses on how the album came to be, from its unusual recording technique to its name and mission statement. All this, plus Jett Plastic Recordings founder Jarrett Koral stops in as our Third Man this week to give us the low down on how his company's vinyl release of Rocket 455's Bone Broke came to be! So sit back and enjoy, la lalala la lala la la laaa laaa laaaaaa!
Apr 12, 2017
Episode 27 – Jack the Drummer
Drum roll, please!We’re back with an all-new episode of the Third Men Podcast with a special spotlight on Jack White as not just a musician, but specifically as a drummer.From his days starting out in music on the drums, to his time with Goober & the Peas, to the Dead Weather and beyond, the drums have always been a quintessential back-beat to the Jack White story – and we deep-dive into all of it!Plus in a return to our “Fell in Love With A Show” segment, third man Andrew Marino swings by to detail and unforgettable night with the Kills in Anaheim California! So take a seat at the kit and get ready to solo, because this episode might get LOUD!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 26 – April 1st Spectacular (with apologies to Steve Harwell)
Hey, happy April everybody! Our very special April 1st Spectacular is finally here, and it's chock-full of guests, surprises, and the depth of a long-form art installation that you're just going to have to listen to to believe.Despite what it might sound like, this is an episode that was a long time in the making (i think literally our second idea for the show) that we're happy (?) to see it finally out there in the universe. It's orbiting earth now, in some sort of lounge in space. A kind might say. There are extended interview segments that will prove to be a truly ear-opening experience.For all the new listeners to our show out there who just climbed aboard, welcome!And, uh, we're sorry!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 25 – Jack’s Influences: Flat Duo Jets
Dextra, Dextra, read all about it - this week the Third Men podcast is under the influence!Prepare yourself for a journey deep into the North Carolina woods for a dose of rock and roll courtesy of The Flat Duo Jets. When Dex Romweber and Chris “Crow” Smith launched the Jets in the early 1980's, they had no idea that their blend of 50's style roots rock and furious punker spit would have the impact that it did - and influence so many in their lifetime, including of course Jack White.Next to his delta blues idols, Jack often makes reference to the group's sound and presentation as one of his primary influences in not only forming the White Stripes, but in witnessing what a guitarist could be capable of on stage!We cover all this, plus a very special Third Man this week as we're joined by none other than FDJ contemporary Mike Cavallaro, AKA Johnny X (Sticks and Stones, Johnny X And The Conspiracy)! Mike gives us the low down on the rock and roll scene at the time of the Jets and some amazing stories of seeing the Jets live in their prime.
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 24 – Jack-On-Tour: Blunderbuss
Hit the road with the Third Men Podcast as we follow along with Jack White’s first-ever solo tour, the explosive world-wide 2012 Blunderbuss tour!For this inaugural solo outing, Jack took with him missing pieces from each of his prior bands, both in song choice as well as stylistic inspiration. Never one to take it easy on himself, Jack created not one, but TWO touring bands to journey with him on the road – one all male:the Buzzards; one all female: the Peacocks. Each band rehearsed upwards of 70 songs from the Jack White catalogue, and performed varying versions of each without the aid of a set list for the better part of an entire year! It was a revolutionary idea, and helped create a unique and energetic atmosphere for a tour that no fan would soon forget.We give you all the details, plus Third Man Steven Scott stops in to share his tour memories at the Roseland ballroom in NYC…plus a rather rag’n’boney trip to Third Man Records in Nashville! See you on the road!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 23 – Coffee and Cigarettes and Rosary Murders
This week the Third Men podcast sits back, grabs some popcorn and takes a closer look at more of Jack White's film roles - specifically that of 1987's The Rosary Murders and 2003's Coffee and Cigarettes.Picking up where we left off in our examination of Cold Mountain, Jack White's connection to cinema is far more extensive than you might think, with his acting debut arriving at a mere twelve years old! While The Rosary Murders captures a young Jack pre-fame, Coffee and Cigarettes captures the White Stripes on the precipice of international rock stardom through the lens of indie film virtuoso Jim Jarmusch. Jim and Jack made fast friends, and that chemistry is front and center on the silver screen.Plus - third man Frank Tuminello swings by to talk about the film, and the competition it was up against upon its premiere! Enjoy the show!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 22 – Jack White’s Greatest Hits
Jack White’s Greatest Hits: assembled!Jump aboard the Third Men Podcast as we take an in-depth look at Jack’s most commercially successful songs EVER and compile the ultimate fan-made greatest hits collection.This 13 song LP selection has been compiled through extensive research in both chart position and pop-culture reach, and we get to the bottom of which songs from The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather and solo truly made the cut. Think you can guess which songs they are? Think again! The answers will surprise you.Plus: third woman Amy Hart gives us a lesson in Jack White radio play, and an awesome look at the factors that create a runaway radio hit! If you’re new to the show, this will be a great one to jump in on – a seven nation army couldn’t hold us back this week!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 21 – Hello Operator: Listener Questions vol.1
Turn the oscillator, twist it with a dollar bill, and join us (literally) for a special all-listener-questions edition of the Third Men Podcast!You sent us your questions, and we played rough detective until we answered them all! From Jack’s studio time schedule, to gossip about upcoming releases and even questions about the show itself, we couldn’t believe all the fantastic questions you all sent our way!Maybe the biggest part of why we love to record this podcast is to interact with all of you in the Jack White fan community, so we had a really fun time making you, the listener, a part of the show this episode.PLUS: We’re treated to a very special Third Man for this week in musician, songwriter and novelist Alex Segura (Faulkner Detectives), who answers OUR questions about gigging in a real-live rock and roll band! So find a canary and bring the message home: we want to hear from YOU!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 20 – Jack’s Influences: Robert Johnson
Catch hell with the Third Men Podcast this week as we dive head-first into the Mississippi delta!Jack White has incorporated many different musical influences into his style and sound over the years, but perhaps none quite as prevalent as the Delta Blues. In this first chapter in a continuing series spotlighting those influences, we begin our exploration with the king of the delta blues singers: Robert Johnson.Though he only lived to record a mere 29 songs, Johnson's eerie and compelling voice, impeccable charisma, rock'n'roll lifestyle and supernatural guitar-playing abilities score him a special place in not only Jack White's world, but in the music world at large.PLUS: We give Third Woman Kali Durga the 99th degree as she schools us on some other key delta blues elements of Jack White's catalog. Said my God we're gonna podcast your brains out - it'll make ya lose your mind!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 19 – Pokey LaFarge: Jack's No Trouble Troubador
This week the Third Men Podcast spotlights another key figure in the Third Man Records family: singer, songwriter, midwestern crooner and friend of Jack White, Mr. Pokey LaFarge.Though some would call Pokey’s old-timey charms a bit of a throwback to depression-era Americana, we detail the complexities of a music that not only stands on its own two legs, but draws many striking comparisons to the style and approach of Jack White himself. From the forever-catchy “Central Time”, to unforgettable performances at the Ryman and Radio City, Pokey Lafarge has carved out his own path in the modern music industry in a masterful way.PLUS: We welcome to the show for the very first time our amazing Third Woman Kali Durga, who stops by to share insight on Pokey’s music and fact-check the Third Men in central time. I wouldn’t disagree with that statement!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 18 – Get Behind Me Satan: Album Analysis & Review pt2
It's the epic conclusion to our deep-dive into the White Stripes seminal studio album GET BEHIND ME SATAN.If you think that our ‘cast was all in one episode, well c’mon, you’ve got it all wrong man – we’ve got lots more album to explore! From the origins of Jack’s foot-stopping Little Ghost, to a surprise lyrical addition from Loretta Lynn, to the actual Red Rain phenomenon of southern India, and even a surprise connection to Gilmore Girls, GET BEHIND ME SATAN proves time and time again that it’s more to the listener than meets the ear.Cover to cover, we cover it all – PLUS: Third Woman Adrienne King stops by to share a truly amazing Jack White story that you’ll have to hear to believe! It’s the truth, and you know there’s no stoppin’ it!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 17 – Get Behind Me Satan: Album Analysis & Review pt1
The most controversial album in White Stripes history has arrived on the Third Men Podcast, with part one of a two-part series spotlighting 2005’s GET BEHIND ME SATAN.While the fifth studio album by the White Stripes enjoyed some major critical and commercial success upon its release, it also stood as a marked departure from its predecessors and alienated many with its melancholy ballads and marimba solos supreme. Though despite its somewhat unfair reputation as a “transition album”, Get Behind Me Satan was a top ten hit, reaching as high as #3 in the US and UK charts and producing three successful singles, one of which soared to the #1 spot in Canada.In part one of our in-depth spotlight, Paul and James explore the backstory of this record, and the emotional weight that put Jack’s pen to paper. Plus, Third Woman Kate McCoy stops by to share insight on its ultra-rare original vinyl pressing, one of less than a thousand in existence!Now that was all that we needed, and we hope you'll c'mon and get with it!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 16 – Cold Mountain
This week The Third Men Podcast busts out the popcorn and takes an in-depth look at Jack White’s major motion picture debut, COLD MOUNTAIN.Based on the 1997 novel of the same name, Director Anthony Minghella’s 2003 film stars hollywood heavyweights Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger, alongside then-emerging rock star Jack White! Hot off the heels of the break-out White Stripes album White Blood Cells, Jack plays confederate deserter and mandolin-clad troubadour “Georgia“, who’s character falls in love with Zellweger’s “Ruby“. The movie and subsequent soundtrack became integral factors in both the personal and professional life of Jack White, and we cover it all in the first installment of our new ongoing series spotlighting Jack White’s many film roles.Plus a we fact-check the movie with historian Bryan Payer who joins us for his very first Third Man segment. Don’t be a wayfaring stranger, grab a mandolin and meet us around the cold mountain campfire!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 15 – Would You Fight For My Love?
CO-HOST battles CO-HOST this week in a contest of champions we call “WOULD YOU FIGHT FOR MY LOVE?”Paul and James have each picked their three least favorite Jack White Songs – and it’s up to the other to defend them. If the song defense is successful, the rating could hang up from the heavens. If the song defense fails, they’re gonna catch hell. Whoever gains the most defense points will win the grand prize, and the other will win only an abandoned and malignant heart.Think you've got a better defense for these songs than the boys have put together? We want to hear from you! Post your defense in the comments below and if your argument sways either co-host one way or another we challenge you to come on the show and mount your defense in a future episode!Plus a special lightning round with returning third man Mike Jozaitis that you will WANT to hear, and won’t be ABLE to resist.Ready? FIGHT!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 14 – Trash Tongue Television vol.2
In part two of our ongoing series, the Third Men Podcast takes an in-depth look into Jack White’s key television appearances, discussing the crucial role TV played in making Jack White a household name.This week we highlight 2005-2006, with Jack and Jack-related appearances on Celebrity Deathmatch, The Simpsons, the MTV Video Music Awards, the Daily Show and more! In a time when the music industry was dominated by the remnants of turn-of-the-century pop star ilk, it's almost strange to remember that both The White Stripes and The Raconteurs were a mainstream musical force to be reckoned with - and reckoned with they were! From making out with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to securing Lou Reed an appearance on MTV, Jack White was wielding the full brunt of his star-power. And some of this you just gotta see to believe...Plus, returning third man Mike Jozaitis catches us up on Anthony Bourdain's Nashville adventure -- Don’t you dare touch that dial!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 13 – Hands of Time: A Look Back at 2016
Pop some champagne and join us for an extra special DOUBLE-SIZED look back at a year called 2016.The hands of time have ticked away, and in the Jack White world 2016 proved to be a true American epic. While the break from touring made the last year feel like a hiatus, it was actually a really busy and productive year that gave us TONS of new music! We saw new Jack songs, a new album, multiple hit-making collaborations (his 1st solo Top40 hit!), key additions to the Third Man family and even a trip to space. On this episode we cover it all, plus Third Woman Suzannah Rowntree takes us to Muppet school and spreads some much-needed sunshine in our lives.While 2016 may go down in history as the year that seemed to do nothing but take away, the Third Men podcast is here to let you know it gave us some musical greatness worth celebrating!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 12 – Old Merry
‘Twas the Cold Cold Night before Christmas, and the Third Men podcast is celebrating with a Christmas party of special things to do that we could only call “OLD MERRY”.Pull up an ice block and lend an ear as we unwrap all things Christmas as they pertain to Jack White - and there are a LOT of presents underneath that topic tree! From the White Stripes' Christmas song "Candy Cane Children", to the Cold Mountain Soundtrack’s “Christmastime will soon be Over”, to the Third Man Records' Holiday help-a-thon and much more, the world of Jack White get's very busy around the holidays! And rest assured, we cover it all with a (healthy?) mix of the kinds of goofball antics you've come to expect from the Third Men Podcast.Plus, in a very special “third people” segment featuring our entire family, the Kaminski's read the epic poem "'TWAS THE COLD COLD NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS"! (Not to mention a musical number we’re regretting already...) We’re dreaming of Jack White Christmas and we hope you'll join us!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 10 – Going Solo (part two)
Has everyone grown their Van Dyke beards to prep for the new episode?It’s time to keep on GOING SOLO! The Third Men podcast proudly presents part two of our in-depth exploration of Jack White’s journey from group member to solo artist, covering 2010-2012. This week we focus in on the home stretch, featuring such epic releases as the ROME project, AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered, and many many more.Plus the Third Men Podcast’s resident Bob Dylan expert, filmmaker Vincent Turturro crashes the Third Man segment to deep dive into the lost notebooks of Hank Williams!
Apr 08, 2017
Episode 09 – Going Solo (part one)
Get ready to GO SOLO -- Strike out on your own as the Third Men Podcast tracks Jack White’s journey from group member to solo performer in GOING SOLO: part one of two.Since his entry to the national stage, Jack White was known to people as a member of a group. The White Stripes put him on the map, but The Raconteurs cemented his status as a rock god and the Dead Weather doubled down on the gothic grunge that had been bubbling under the surface. But from mid 2010-mid 2012, we really didn't know what move was next. So from the release of the Dead Weather's Sea of Cowards, to the debut of his solo masterpiece Blunderbuss, we take an extensive look at Jack's jam-packed transformation in our very first 2-part episode. (oh the irony!)Plus, Third Woman Clara from the Jack White Hub stops in to discuss the final installment of the Sea of Cowards era: Rolling in on a Burning Tire!
Apr 08, 2017
Episode 08 – Thank You, Jack White
Get ready,'s the Third Men Podcast's THANKSGIVING SPECTACULAR we felt somewhat obligated to call:"THANK YOU, JACK WHITE"!Get stuffed to the brim with topics relating to Jack White, Third Man Records, and that classic slice of Americana known as Thanksgiving. From the Third Man turkey drive, to the thanksgiving opening of the Cass Corridor storefront, to VH1's thanksgiving Boneroo special, to a song of thanks from the Flaming Lips and much, much more, this cornucopia of knowledge fits right in at your holiday table.Plus Third Man Tom Valente swings by to discuss Jack's favorite feasting spots. #GOBBLEROO
Apr 08, 2017
Episode 07 – Jack-On-Tour: Broken Boy Soldiers
This week we deep-dive into the Raconteurs' 2006 Broken Boy Soldiers Tour in a new recurring feature we call: JACK-ON-TOUR.Back in 2006, Jack White joined with his friends Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler to form the Raconteurs, the ultimate rock and roll realization of Jack's straightforward rock potential. And when this band hit the road, they did NOT mess around. In a tour that lasted nearly the entire year, the Broken Boy Soldiers Tour cemented Jack's crown as successor to the great rock musicians of the past, while also handing him even MORE chart-topping success.This week we're also joined by artist & musician Tom Valente, who details why you should never pick a fight with a carnie in Atlantic City!
Apr 08, 2017
Episode 06 – Trash Tongue Television
Episode 6 is live, and this week we spotlight Jack White's television appearances in a series we call TRASH TONGUE TELEVISION,.In part one of many, we take an in-depth look into Jack’s key television appearances, discussing the crucial role TV played in making Jack White a household name, and solidifying his star-power for years to come. Plus we discuss discovering Jack’s music for the first time with our third man for this week, Sam Kubert.We hope you enjoy the episode, we've had such a great experience connecting with other fans out there and we look forward to hearing more your feedback.
Apr 08, 2017
Episode 05 – Olivia Jean: Jack’s Secret Weapon
Episode 5 is live, and this week we spotlight Jack White's secret weapon: Third Man Records recording artist Olivia Jean!Who does Jack White call when there's something missing on a track he can't quite put his finger on? Who can Third Man Records turn to when they need a singer/songwriter to step in and add just the right mix of garage rock, folk guitar and surf anthem? Why, they look no further than Ms. Olivia Jean, and you should too.Since 2010 Olivia has played a key role in the Third Man Records sound and aesthetic - recording 2 LPs, a slew of 45's and playing on countless third man recordings. Not to mention wardrobe design and fronting Third Man's premiere all-women group the Black Belles.Learn all about Olivia along with us this week, and don't forget to drop us a line and let us know what you think!This week we're also joined by musician and producer Sam Kubert, and we take a deep dive into Jack White's production style on Jean's records!
Apr 08, 2017
Episode 04 – Jack-O-Lantern 2016
It's The Third Men Podcast's Jack White Halloween Spook-tacular, which could only be called JACK-O-LANTERN 2016!Journey with us if you dare through some strange and unusual findings from Jack White lore that are (mostly) sure to send a chill up your spine! (and, y'know, anything Halloween-related we could find is mixed in for good measure)Still not convinced you'll be terrified beyond rational thought? Feast your ears on these SPINE-TINGLING TOPICS......Who's that ghost Jack sings about all the time?...what goes on in Nashville on Devil's Night?...what is that techno-mage device that Fats Kaplin wields?...Can our Third Man truly look through the Invisible Man?...and more!And as always, please let us know what you think! Your opinion is truly the scariest of all....
Apr 08, 2017
Episode 03 – New Jack City: Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016
We're switching it up this week to bring you a new feature: "New Jack City", where we discuss a NEW Jack White release - in this case the new compilation album Jack White: Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016James Kaminski and I talk about what we thought worked, what we might have done differently, packaging, song choices, our wishlist, and a bunch more - so check out the episode and let us know what you think!Also featuring a new Third Man for this week, Wayne Kaminski - the FIRST.Enjoy!
Apr 08, 2017
Episode 02 – White Blood Cells Album Analysis & Review
Episode 2 is live! This week we're talking about The White Stripes' breakthrough album WHITE BLOOD CELLS, a favorite of ours and the record that helped put Jack White on the map.We're also joined once more by Third Man Mike Jozaitis in a segment we like to cal..."Jack White, What Are You Wearing?"Check it out folks, and let us know what you think!
Apr 08, 2017
Episode 01 - The White Stripes Album Analysis & Review
The first episode of the Third Men Podcast is here, and we hope all the Jack White fans out there will enjoy what we put together.Our inaugural episode focuses on the White Stripes self-titled debut album, and gives an in-depth history and analysis by two goofballs who have no business podcasting in a free country.If you like the show, please rate & subscribe - and most importantly, let us know what you think!
Apr 08, 2017
Episode 11 – Horehound: Analysis Album & Review
You can hang this episode up from the heavens, because it's DEAD WEATHER time on the third men podcast! This week we do a deep dive analysis & review of the group's debut album, 2009's Horehound, which unites the musical forces of Jack White, Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Little Jack Lawrence. Plus third man Vincent Turturro swings by to talk "New Pony", the Weather's dynamite Dylan cover.The Third Men podcast is a fan-made, not-for-profit, just for fun celebration of Jack White, and is in no way directly affiliated with Third Man Records or the man himself. For the definitive history of Jack White and his music, please consult your local Jack White. And for everyone else lookin' for a home, you found one here, in a place so seedy. Enjoy!
Dec 14, 2016