Under the Scales

By Tom Marshall

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Under the Scales is a podcast by Tom Marshall, longtime songwriter for the band Phish. The podcast captures and brings to light the rich and complex culture surrounding Phish and its diverse, devoted fanbase. Phish's quirky sense of humor pervades and steers the podcast. Tom will interview the band, fans, insiders, outsiders...and dare to go UNDER THE SCALES to uncover the beating heart of Phish!

Episode Date
Tom and RJ interview Brad Serling, founder of Nugs.net, the company that powers LivePhish and gets webcasts into your home.
Jul 30, 2018
041:Ben & Jerry's
Tom is joined by Jay Curley of Ben & Jerry's, the ice cream company, to discuss their multi-year relationship with Phish.
Jul 02, 2018
040:Brad Sands
Brad Sands, Phish's longtime road manager - from 1991 to 2004 - talks to Tom and Tebo about the good old days, and has some great behind the scenes stories.
Jun 25, 2018
039:Trey's Ghost Story
Osiris co-founder RJ Bee interviews me on Under the Scales for the 20th anniversary of Phish's album Story of the Ghost. We call a special guest to answer some additional questions.
Jun 11, 2018
038:Federal Donuts
I interview Felicia D’Ambrosio, one of the partners of Federal Donuts who supplied all the donuts for Phish’s Baker’s Dozen shows July and August 2017. We learn about stairwells, Neil Young, and that holes are a flavor.
May 28, 2018
037:Dicks 2017
I wander around the Dicks lot during the Phish shows in September 2017 in Denver. I meet and talk to a lot of people including Bethany Barker of Phish Chicks and Paige Clem of the Phellowship. Music, art, glassware, sandwiches, nitrous, artificial legs, tributes to lost fans and guidance aplenty.
May 21, 2018
036:The Pinsky Triangle
Jason Pinsky is Tom's guest in the Under the Scales Season 2 opener. Jason is a former Phish employee, music fan, food fan and cannabis connoisseur.
Feb 26, 2018
035:Andy Gadiel
For our Season-ending episode I am joined by the founder of Jambase.com -- Andy Gadiel ushered Phish and fans into the internet age with one of the very first band websites on the World Wide Web.
Oct 23, 2017
034:Andy Bernstein
Andy Bernstein, founder of HeadCount, talks to Tom about multiple Phish-related projects.
Oct 09, 2017
033:Scott Herman
Scott Herman and Tebo inflict severe Q&A upon Tom. Scott, for those unaware, has 18 or more Phish songwriting credits to his name. Also: the REAL *Helping Friendly Book* is revealed.
Sep 18, 2017
032:Phil and Friends Q&A
Big Phil and Medium Phil, both longtime Phish friends and fans, stop by to ask Tom questions...only, they forgot the questions.
Sep 04, 2017
031:Live Stream
Eli Tishberg tells us about directing the video feed that allows us to see Phish live in our living rooms in unparalleled quality.
Aug 21, 2017
030:Jazz is Phish
Jazz Is Phish drummer Adam Chase illuminates the intricate workings of one of the most creative Phish cover bands.
Aug 14, 2017
in the studio with Jim Pollock and David Welker, the two cornerstones of the Phish poster phenomenon.
Aug 07, 2017
028:Petrea Kelly Q+A
Petrea Davis and Kelly Baines swim Under the Scales to inflict another Q&A upon Tom.
Jul 17, 2017
027:Tale of Two Songs
Tom puts the songwriting and recording process under the microscope with two co-writers and two new songs.
Jul 10, 2017
Kelly Morris, creator of the captivating video accompaniment to the Phish song 'More', tells us what MORE she has in store!
Jul 03, 2017
Yossarian Kelly, early friend of the Dead, early phan, early bird when it comes to growing cannabis legally, calls UTS from Washington to check in.
Jun 19, 2017
Garrett Phillips -- also known as PlusSizeModel on PhantasyTour -- describes, among other things, how to pack for a 35 month prison vacation.
Jun 12, 2017
023:Steve Martocci
GroupMe founder and Phish super-fan Steve Martocci talks about collaboration and inspiration on a beautiful day in New York City.
Jun 05, 2017
022:Andrea Nusinov
Andrea is an amazing Phish photographer who shares secrets on how her hobby took off! She also captures moments and the feeling we forgot.
May 15, 2017
021:Questions Answers 1
A new type of episode, in which Tom answers your questions, or at least makes an attempt...
May 08, 2017
020:Holly Bowling 2
Holly Bowling continues entrancing us with her musical powers...and disassembles my piano!
May 01, 2017
019:Holly Bowling 1
Holly Bowling stops by the studio to educate us musically -- my piano has never sounded better!
Apr 17, 2017
018:Benjy Eisen 2
The second half of the Benjy Eisen interview in which we cover Phish and Reed Mathis...oh, and life and lyrics.
Apr 10, 2017
017:Benjy Eisen Part 1
Benjy Eisen talks about the wonderful book, Deal, he co-wrote with Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead
Apr 03, 2017
Phan Art Pete (Mason) created a vibrant art enterprise which has grown beyond the Phish community where it started. And that's just ONE thing he's doing...
Mar 20, 2017
015:Phish Companion
I speak with Phillip Zerbo, co-editor for the incredible Phish Companion Volume 3. Can 30 years fit into 900 pages?
Mar 13, 2017
Mike Greenhaus gives us an amazing perspective on how Relix magazine has been involved in and crucial to the jam scene since its inception.
Mar 06, 2017
013:Runaway Gin
RJ and I talk to Andy Greenberg, guitarist for Phish cover-band Runaway Gin.
Feb 20, 2017
Trey Anastasio explains the magic of Paul Languedoc's guitars to me and Dan Kanter.
Feb 13, 2017
Trey Anastasio shares years of guitar insights with me and Dan Kanter.
Feb 06, 2017
Jake Huffman catches me up on the McLovins. Remember the YEM video from 2008 when they were 14 years old??
Jan 16, 2017
009:Higher Thymes
Jen Bernstein stops by to educate me about WEED. Yes, she does.
Jan 09, 2017
Tom Bazis is my guide into the infinite...his business is flotation and sensory deprivation and pure relaxation.
Jan 02, 2017
007:Dude of Life
Steve Pollak, also known as THE DUDE OF LIFE, talks to me about the early days with Trey in Taft and brings us up to the present musically.
Dec 19, 2016
006:Setlist Tees
Ryan Stanley joins me in the studio to discuss his T-shirt business, Amfibian, a movie and other stuff.
Dec 12, 2016
Paul Glace, founder of PhantasyTour.com, is featured. We discuss the site's origins and how it grew to the incredible Phish fan destination it is today.
Dec 05, 2016
I interview David Steinberg, long-time Phish fan and the band's unofficial statistician. He's an author and extreme long-distance touring expert. He also times shows...and has the scars to prove it.
Nov 21, 2016
Co-hosts RJ and Jonathan and I take a DEEP DIVE into Tapers. Tapers are a huge part of Phish's history...but what are they? Who are they? Let's find out. Take a deep breath and jump in with us.
Nov 14, 2016
002:Riding the Rail
Derek Gregory joins me in the studio to discuss his extensive experience with Phish...he likes it up close to the band. Real close. I try to figure out the hows and whys of "riding the rail" as it's called.
Nov 07, 2016
001:The Songwriting Weekend
In 1997, Trey and I escaped for long weekends to write a lot of songs which eventually appeared on Phish albums and became part of Phish's live repertoire. This is the story of one of those weekends, and how it got off to a *horrifying* start. Trey listened to this and said "it's like the secret backstory for the song Twist" -- and it really is.
Nov 07, 2016
000:Let's Take a Ride
My producer, Mark Dowd, and I take a ride through Trey's and my old grade-school, and discuss some history and motivation behind the Under the Scales podcast.
Nov 07, 2016