War of the Roses

By Audacy

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Category: Society & Culture

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War of the Roses, catching cheaters one at a time! Listeners call the Z Morning Zoo and put their boyfriend/husband to the ultimate test will they or wont they choose them. The Zoo calls the boyfriend/husband and offers him a dozen free red roses to send to anyone they want. The ultimate test is, will they choose the right person.

Episode Date
WOTR: Brother Vs Sister
Jun 23, 2023
WOTR: Abby, Matt, and the New "Job Friends"
Jun 16, 2023
WOTR: Katrina and Mariah's Special Friend
Jun 09, 2023
WOTR: Tyler, Elizabeth, and the Long-Distance Deception
May 19, 2023
WOTR: Karen and Jim the Teacher
May 01, 2023
WOTR: Lauren and Matt, the Cute Co-Worker
Apr 21, 2023
WOTR: Hailey and Cameron the Shady Realtor
Apr 07, 2023
WOTR: Denise and Jeff the Married Guy
Mar 31, 2023
WOTR: Corrinne, Paul, and the Crappy Valentines Day
Mar 17, 2023
WOTR: Greg, Alaina, and the Post-Valentines 180
Mar 10, 2023
WOTR: Jen, Darren and the "Shack Girl"
Mar 03, 2023
WOTR: Greg, Addison, and the Long-Distance Problem
Feb 17, 2023
WOTR: Tracy and Boone, the Co-Worker
Feb 10, 2023
WOTR: Heather, David, and the Rando Text
Feb 03, 2023
WOTR: Jason, Harper and the Rochester Surprise
Jan 27, 2023
WOTR: Julia, Mike, and the New Years Kiss
Jan 13, 2023
WOTR: Jason, Candace, and the "Friend Zone"
Nov 11, 2022
WOTR: Austin, Chloe, and the Dog Park Mystery
Oct 14, 2022
WOTR: Gina, Russell, and the "Safe Choice"
Oct 07, 2022
WOTR: Chelsea and the "New Matt"
Sep 29, 2022
WOTR: Zack-the Guy in Total Denial
Sep 23, 2022
WOTR: Allison, Mike, and the "Changes"
Sep 16, 2022
WOTR: Danielle, Jason, and the Pedicure
Sep 12, 2022
WOTR: Lauren and Jeremy, the Man who Knew Too Much
Sep 02, 2022
WOTR: Taryn vs Lexi, the Old Roommate
Aug 24, 2022
WOTR: Megan, Kyle, and Pokey
Aug 12, 2022
WOTR: Mark, Elise, and the Wedding Problem
Jul 22, 2022
WOTR: Kara, Dave, and the Brunch Bet
Jul 15, 2022
WOTR: Nicole, Greg, and the Friend From Work
Jul 01, 2022
WOTR: Nicole, Greg, and the Friend From Work
Jun 24, 2022
WOTR: Jason, Tara, and the "Temporary Break"
Jun 10, 2022
WOTR: Holly, Ryan, and the One That Got Away
May 20, 2022
WOTR: Andrea and Miguel, the Absent Husband
Apr 29, 2022
WOTR: Shay and Rebecca, the Coworker
Apr 22, 2022
WOTR: Emily, Josh, and the REAL Erin
Apr 15, 2022
WOTR: Dan and Ashley, the Groupie
Apr 08, 2022
WOTR: Julie, Finn, and Harry Potter
Apr 01, 2022
WOTR: Lisa and Derek, the Uninterested Boyfriend
Mar 25, 2022
WOTR: Nate, Becca, and the Trial Separation
Mar 18, 2022
WOTR: Crystal and Travis the Stinkbug
Mar 04, 2022
WOTR: Deana, Mike, and the "Back-Up Plan"
Feb 18, 2022
WOTR: Dave, Trinda, and the Over-Friendly Cop
Feb 11, 2022
WOTR: Corrinne, Dan, and the "Work Friend Joke"
Feb 04, 2022
WOTR: Caleb, Heather, and the Gym
Jan 28, 2022
WOTR: Anna, Tim, and the Big "Cool Off"
Jan 19, 2022
WOTR: Julia, Lisa, Glenn, and the NYE Party
Jan 07, 2022
WOTR: Nicole, Mike, and the New Beard.mp3
Dec 17, 2021
WOTR: Nicole and Crystal, the Ex-Roommate
Nov 12, 2021
WOTR: Abby, Jacob, and the "Bedroom Accident"
Nov 04, 2021
WOTR: Dana and Glen the "Perfect Guy"
Nov 04, 2021
WOTR: Jim, Candace, and the Peloton Problem
Oct 22, 2021
WOTR: Danielle and CJ and the "Breakup Mystery"
Oct 15, 2021
WOTR: Jeff, Kelly, and the All-Night Tailgate
Oct 08, 2021
WOTR: Farrah, Jacob and the Ex
Sep 27, 2021
WOTR: Kristen and David, the Sister's Husband
Sep 17, 2021
WOTR: Danielle, Greg, and The Dinner
Sep 03, 2021
WOTR: Bianca, Rob, and the Construction Site Rumor
Aug 27, 2021
WOTR: James, Vanessa, and "Coach Scott"
Aug 20, 2021
WOTR_: Gina, Dan, and Heather, the Ex
Aug 13, 2021
WOTR: Kate and Julia, the BF's Ex
Aug 06, 2021
WOTR: Jessica and Nathans "Hot Dog"
Jul 23, 2021
WOTR: Lisa, Ethan, and the Womens Shampoo
Jul 02, 2021
WOTR: Gary, LeAnn, and the "Girls Night Out"
Jun 18, 2021
WOTR: Fake Britney and David aka "the Boss"
Jun 11, 2021
WOTR: Rachel and Ben and Darci the Friend
May 28, 2021
WOTR: Brandon, Kyle, and the 57 Days
May 21, 2021
WOTR: Tony and Jessica, the GF Still on Tinder
May 14, 2021
WOTR: Brielle, Tim, and the Brother's Wife
May 07, 2021
WOTR: Renee, Vince, and the One Free Cheat
Apr 30, 2021
WOTR: Jacob and Creepy Tom
Apr 23, 2021
WOTR: Gretchen, Will, and the Mysterious "H"
Apr 16, 2021
WOTR: Jill and Andrew, the Stalker
Apr 09, 2021
WOTR: Josh and Lauren
Apr 02, 2021
WOTR: Kim, Nolan, and the Nakey Fashion Show
Mar 26, 2021
WOTR: Jasmine and Sean, the Total Idiot
Mar 19, 2021
WOTR: Matt, Brynn, and the Skittles
Mar 12, 2021
WOTR: Sarah, Keith, and the Problematic Ex
Mar 05, 2021
WOTR: Zack, Angela, and the Dog Sitter
Feb 26, 2021
WOTR: Amber and Connor, the Ex
Feb 19, 2021
WOTR: Kevin, Rachel, and the Borrowed Sweater
Feb 12, 2021
WOTR: Kara, Chris, and the "Major League" Surprise
Feb 05, 2021
WOTR: Daniel, Gabrielle, and the New Workout Plan
Jan 29, 2021
WOTR: Eve, Jason, and the Meaning of "Dimps"
Jan 22, 2021
WOTR: Kristin, Brendan, and the Love Game
Jan 15, 2021
WOTR: Jason, Michelle, and the New Years Blow Off
Jan 08, 2021
WOTR: Amber, Mitchell, and the Unexpected Turnaround
Nov 19, 2020
WOTR: Austin, Brooke, and the Double Cross
Nov 13, 2020
WOTR: Angela, Brendan, and the Ex
Nov 06, 2020
WOTR: Jeremy, Dana and the New Manager
Oct 30, 2020
WOTR: Gabby and Her Best Friend's BF
Oct 23, 2020
WOTR: Courtney, Vince, and the To-Go Box
Oct 16, 2020
WOTR: Cameron, Nikki, and the Special Delivery
Oct 09, 2020
WOTR: Abby, Justin, and the Ex
Oct 02, 2020
WOTR: Chloe and Eric-The Couple You Love to Hate
Sep 28, 2020
WOTR: Josh, Andrea, and the Reality Check
Sep 17, 2020
WOTR: Rachel, Andrew, and the Gymnastics Class
Sep 10, 2020
WOTR: Mike, Beth, and Rich the Ex
Sep 10, 2020
WOTR: Tori, Jacob, and the "Family Friend"
Aug 28, 2020
WOTR: Brian and the Silver Medal
Aug 21, 2020
WOTR: Amy, Dennis, and the Golf Cart Girl
Aug 14, 2020
WOTR: Sheryl, Dave, and the Mexican Surprise
Aug 07, 2020
WOTR: Ryan, Kristin, and Big Daddy
Jul 31, 2020
WOTR: Jennifer, Chris, and the Fender Bender
Jul 24, 2020
WOTR: Mark, Abby, and the Beachhouse Weekend
Jul 17, 2020
WOTR: Aaron, Nikki, and the Coworker
Jul 10, 2020
WOTR: Laura, Dennis, and the Very Young Bartender
Jul 01, 2020
WOTR: Kara, Jack, and the Changed Password
Mar 20, 2020
WOTR: Jenna and Her Roommate's Boyfriend, Adam
Mar 13, 2020
WOTR: Brandon, Jen, and the Very Personal Trainer
Mar 05, 2020
WOTR: Sarah, Ryan, and the Dirty Underwear
Feb 28, 2020
WOTR: Lisa, Josh, and the Valentine That Wasnt
Feb 14, 2020
WOTR: Evan, Alyssa, and the Gym Partner
Feb 07, 2020
WOTR: Lauren, Steve, and the Unexpected Answer
Jan 31, 2020
WOTR: Renee, Mike, and the Surprise Ending
Jan 17, 2020
WOTR: Julie and Sean, the Guy Who Was "TOO Perfect"
Jan 10, 2020
Today's Worst Music Vol. 10
Jan 10, 2020
WOTR: Ken, Amanda, and the Bad Karma
Dec 06, 2019
WOTR: Emily, Ryan, and the Long-Distance Secret
Nov 15, 2019
WOTR: Nicole, Dan, and the WOTR Remix
Nov 08, 2019
WOTR: Justine, Tim, and the Shift Switch
Nov 01, 2019
WOTR: Mindy, Jason, and the Shoulder to Cry On
Oct 25, 2019
WOTR: Corey, Lisa, and the Message to the Ex
Oct 18, 2019
WOTR: Rachel and the Pervy Boss
Oct 11, 2019
WOTR: Paige, Scott, and the Scooby Snacks
Oct 04, 2019
WOTR: Candace, Finn, and Rachel the Co-Worker
Sep 27, 2019
WOTR: Brandon, Hannah, and the Hurricane Party
Sep 12, 2019
WOTR: Lauren, James, and the Vegas Bachelor Party
Sep 06, 2019
WOTR: Chloe and Matt the Summer Love
Aug 23, 2019
WOTR: Crystal, Adam, and the "Little Break"
Aug 15, 2019
WOTR: Jason, Shannon, and the Married Man
Aug 02, 2019
WOTR: Kristen, Finn, and the Very Bizarre Answer
Jul 26, 2019
WOTR: Lisa, Brice, and the Surprise Ending
Jul 19, 2019
WOTR: Lisa and Chris, the Guy with a Secret
Jun 21, 2019
WOTR: Eli and Brittany the Door Dash Delivery Girl
Jun 21, 2019
WOTR: Jamie and Aaron the "Self-Sabotager"
May 24, 2019
WOTR: Tim, Jill, and the House Sitter Surprise
May 17, 2019
WOTR: Cara and Paul and the Messed Up Priorities
Apr 19, 2019
WOTR: Hannah and Connor-the guy we hope actually cheated!
Apr 12, 2019
WOTR: Gabrielle and David aka "Squidward"
Apr 05, 2019
WOTR: Mike, Dana, and the New Gym Trainer
Mar 29, 2019
WOTR: Kathryn, Drew, and the Ex
Mar 22, 2019
WOTR: Brian, Marissa, and the New Job
Mar 15, 2019
WOTR: Cody and Mike
Mar 08, 2019
WOTR: Paige, Rich, and the Sleeping Problem
Mar 01, 2019
WOTR: Tanner and Lisa and the Valentines Request
Feb 15, 2019
WOTR: Rachel and Isaac, the Husband Who Knew
Feb 08, 2019
WOTR: Alyssa and Mark and the Wake Up Call
Feb 01, 2019
WOTR: Bryan, Jen, and the $10,000 Ripoff
Jan 18, 2019
WOTR: Nicki, Jason, and the Ex
Jan 11, 2019
WOTR: Nicki, Jason, and the Ex
Jan 11, 2019
WOTR: McKenna and Shawn and the Bad Decision
Dec 01, 2018
WOTR: Brian, Allison, and the "Fix-It" Guy
Nov 16, 2018
WOTR: Paige, Mike, and the Dodgeball Problem
Oct 31, 2018
WOTR: Dana, Austin, and the Quarterback Sneak
Oct 26, 2018
WOTR: Erin, Josh, and the Mysterious "H"
Oct 19, 2018
WOTR: Dave, Carrie, and the Job Switch
Oct 19, 2018
WOTR: Carly, Ryan, and the Too Many Movie Tickets
Oct 05, 2018
WOTR: Julie, Todd, and the Booty Nibbles
Sep 28, 2018
WOTR: Brian, Megan, and the Hurricane Party
Sep 21, 2018
WOTR: Melanie, Aiden, and the Bathtub Pics
Sep 07, 2018
WOTR: Sara the Optimist and Her Ex-Boyfriend Mark
Aug 31, 2018
WOTR: Bri, Anthony, and the Girls from the Apartment
Aug 31, 2018
WOTR: Lucas, Candace, and the Thing That Didnt Work
Aug 24, 2018
WOTR: Sarah and Dennis and the Three Clues
Aug 24, 2018
WOTR: Caleb, Serena, and the Summer Job
Aug 03, 2018
WOTR: Natalie and Daniel the Sudden Yoga Fan
Jul 20, 2018
WOTR: Claire and the Not So Good Friend Stacey
Jul 13, 2018
WOTR: Justin and Laura
Jun 22, 2018
WOTR: Carla and Adam and the Camping Trip
Jun 15, 2018
WOTR: Hailey, Chris, and the Real Reason for the Breakup
Jun 08, 2018
WOTR: Connor, Kim, and the Little "Accident"
May 18, 2018
WOTR: Denise, Haden, and the Roses Reversal
May 11, 2018
WOTR: Emily, Sean, and the Rose Reversal
May 04, 2018
WOTR: Jack and Tara the Sports Physical Therapist
Apr 27, 2018
WOTR: Erin and Luke and the Movie Mistake
Apr 20, 2018
WOTR: Becca and Caleb the Married Guy
Apr 13, 2018
WOTR: Brian and His Not-So-Good Friend
Apr 06, 2018
WOTR: Caitlyn, Paul, and the Spotify Surprise
Mar 30, 2018
WOTR: Julie and Her Husband's Freaky Boss
Mar 30, 2018
WOTR: Hailey and Andrew the Coworker
Mar 16, 2018
WOTR: Amanda the Psycho Girl and Jeremy
Mar 09, 2018
WOTR: Holly and Steven aka "Captain Hook"
Mar 02, 2018
WOTR Cara and Hannah the at work flirt
Feb 16, 2018
WOTR Courtney, Jake the Ex, and the one night fling
Jan 19, 2018
WOTR: Allison, Thomas, and the Total Meltdown
Dec 08, 2017
WOTR Dana and Jake and the Girl at Bowling
Dec 01, 2017
WOTR Jen and Cameron the boyfriend on tinder
Oct 27, 2017
WOTR Jill and Chris the too good boyfriend
Oct 20, 2017
WOTR Missy and Patrick the guy who does everything right
Oct 13, 2017
WOTR Chad, Heather, and the Football Addiction
Oct 06, 2017
WOTR Morgan, Paul, and the Unusual Lunch Date
Oct 06, 2017
WOTR Holly,Clay,and the Super Hot Neighbor
Sep 22, 2017
WOTR Laurie the wuss and her BF Kyle
Sep 15, 2017
WOTR Carla and Thomas the Side Piece
Sep 08, 2017
WOTR Rich and the "NOPE"
Jul 21, 2017
WOTR Cara, David and the "Break"
Jul 21, 2017
WOTR Tori Jason and Melissa the ex
Jun 22, 2017
WOTR Crystal and Terri the boyfriend stealing cousin
Jun 22, 2017
WOTR Corey and Melissa and the new apartment
May 26, 2017
WOTR Leslie the rebound girl
May 12, 2017
WOTR Stephanie the not so good friend
May 12, 2017
WOTR Brooke and Kevin the wandering boyfriend
Apr 28, 2017
WOTR Brian and Larissa and the shady manager
Apr 28, 2017
WOTR Lisa and Connor and the forgotten anniversary
Apr 28, 2017
WOTR Alyssa and Scott the Missing Husband
Mar 24, 2017
WOTR Matt and Carly and the FB Photo
Mar 24, 2017
WOTR Skyler and Danny the Assistant Manager
Mar 10, 2017
WOTR Jordan and Marcus the Sort Of Boyfriend
Mar 10, 2017
WOTR Chelsea Emily and the accidental snap
Feb 10, 2017
WOTR Kristi and Rich her sisters husband
Feb 03, 2017
WOTR Renee Eric but who is Nikki
Jan 20, 2017
WOTR Liz and Jay and the table turner
Dec 09, 2016
WOTR Madison Chris and the Lab Partner.mp3
Oct 28, 2016
WOTR Emily and Ryan and the long distance relationship.mp3
Oct 21, 2016
WOTR Lauren and Tyler the crybaby.mp3
Sep 30, 2016
WOTR Amanda and Mat the liar.mp3
Sep 23, 2016
WOTR Jill and Tina battle of the cheer_moms.mp3
Sep 16, 2016
WOTR Samantha Tyler and the Work Stalker_Amber.mp3
Aug 19, 2016
WOTR Megan and Lucas the ex.mp3
Aug 19, 2016
WOTR Mike Kelly and the Twinkie.mp3
Jul 22, 2016
WOTR Briana and her sister Claire.mp3
Jul 15, 2016
WOTR Taryn, James, and Strike Three.mp3
Jul 01, 2016
WOTR Angela Tim and the dating app.mp3
Jul 01, 2016
WOTR Luke Gabriella and the work surprise.mp3
Jun 17, 2016
WOTR Erica Jason and the new employee.mp3
Jun 03, 2016
Jun 03, 2016
WOTR Grace and Michael whos infatuated with his boss
Apr 15, 2016
WOTR Aaron Sophia and the Long Distance JMU Relationship
Apr 15, 2016
WOTR Stacy and Mark with a twist of psycho
Mar 25, 2016
WOTR Morgan Adam and Alyssa the other woman
Mar 18, 2016
WOTR Kelsey the Boss and the Bet
Mar 11, 2016
WOTR Renee and Brian the Player
Mar 11, 2016
WOTR Missy Josh and the Pink Power Ranger
Feb 26, 2016
WOTR Lindsay and Kevin the Bank Manager
Feb 12, 2016
WOTR MJ and Kyle the Bartending Boyfriend
Jan 08, 2016
WOTR Drew and Adam
Dec 18, 2015
WOTR Janae Kellen and the Extra Paint Job
Dec 11, 2015
WOTR Amber and Chad If You Only Knew
Nov 20, 2015
WOTR Denise and Wes the Very Bad Employee
Nov 13, 2015
WOTR Clayton and the All Time Backfire
Nov 06, 2015
WOTR Megan and Brendan and the EX
Oct 30, 2015
WOTR Natalie and Tony the Photographer
Oct 23, 2015
WOTR Nathan Tori and the Practice Panties
Oct 02, 2015
WOTR Carly the 25 Year Old Virgin
Sep 25, 2015
WOTR Laurie and King James
Sep 21, 2015
WOTR Sarah and Jeff the guy who slept with his ex
Sep 21, 2015
WOTR Lisa and Tate the Trucker
Sep 21, 2015
WOTR Becca Matt and the Snapchat Trap
Sep 21, 2015
WOTR Kim and Mike the Milkman
Sep 21, 2015
WOTR Mike Renee and the Uber Driver
Sep 21, 2015
WOTR Mark and Samantha who likes her ODU friends better
Sep 21, 2015
WOTR Cara and the boyfriend stealing tramp Vanessa
Sep 21, 2015
WOTR Jeannette and Mike the lazy boyfriend
Sep 21, 2015
WOTR Michelle Drew and the Nurse
Sep 21, 2015
WOTR Dave Michelle and the NYE blow off
Sep 21, 2015