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Review of Vanderpump Rules

Episode Date
The Return of Crazy Kristen! S7-EP11
The Return of Crazy Kristen! Season 7 Episode 11 This week we continue the girls trip in So Vain. The boys have a NIGHT OUT at the Mondrian and we talk about it all! Hope you all have the best week! xoxo,  Hollie and Sarah
Feb 20, 2019
So Vain in Solvang! S7-EP10
So Vain in Solvang! Season 7 Episode 10 Uggghhhh, why can NO ONE on this show say, Solvang!? We have a girls trip and a boys night out and lots of therapy!  Enjoy! xoxo,  Hollie and Sarah
Feb 13, 2019
Recording at SUR in the alley S7-EP8
Recording at Sur in the alley Seaon 7 Episode 8 A housewarming divided   ************ You guys, this episode is going down in history. We recorded in the alley. We set up shop at one of the tables and did what we do best, podcast! If it sounds a little off, it is because we were having to lower our voices cause cast members were standing right above us in the bathroom! We witnessed Spicy Tequila Tuesday w. T. Sandy! Hope you enjoy! Have a great week! Love, Hollie and Sarah   You can reach us at Join our CLOSED FB Group: Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast
Jan 30, 2019
Hanging with Paul Cavallero at The Belmont
Hanging with Paul Cavallero at The Belmont Pumpers!!!! We are so excited to share our convo with THE ONE AND ONLY - PAUL CAVALLERO!!!!!!!!!!! You know him as DJ James Kennedy's roommate or as Lisa Vanderpump labeled him " a weirdo"  He tells a really funny story about Faith and how she hustled him at the Hard Rock in Vegas and so much more! PLEASE follow Paul Cavallero on instagram @paulcavallero and DM him that you heard him on our podcast. He was a little leary about the podcast world, so let's show him some love! Hope you all have a great week! Hollie and Sarah
Jan 24, 2019
Katie calls it like she sees it! S7-Ep7
Katie calls it like she sees it Season 7 Ep 7 Girls Night In Hi Guys: We were sooooo excited for this episode to air cause we thought that we may be able to spot ourselves! But, no! Darn! Listen to us recap the epi and drop in our own experiences at these events! Thank you so much for listening! Hollie and Sarah
Jan 23, 2019
Love thy Mother S7-EP6
Love thy Mother Season 7 Episode 6 We had so much fun recapping this episode! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
Jan 17, 2019
Social Media Breakdown!
Social Media Breakdown! Happy Sunday! We wanted to do a quick pod on all things social media for you guys! We get into all of the latest drama! Enjoy the newest #pumprules episode on Monday night and we will be back on Tuesday! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Jan 14, 2019
Ice Queens S7-EP5
It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!! No wait, It's OUR BIRTHDAY'S!!!!!! Happy New Year, Pumpers! Hope you all had a good one! Enjoy this super long episode! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Jan 09, 2019
I won’t ever do anything naughty again! Season 7 Episode 4
I won't ever do anything naughty again! Season 7 Episode 4   Happy Holidays Pumpers! We just want to thank you so much for listening! Enjoy your family and friends and let's chat about the episode!   xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Dec 24, 2018
Gay Pride Exclusive Season 7 Episode 3
Gay Pride Exclusive Season 7 Episode 3!!!! Guys, We have a super amazing guest this week, Tasha!!! Tasha was at Gay Pride during the filming of the famous James/ Katie showdown! She shared so much inside info with us! Sarah dropped a holiday single and we have a giftbag giveaway! Hope you guys have a great week! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Dec 18, 2018
Riddle me this?? Season 7 Episode 2
Riddle me this??? Season 7 Episode 2   Pumpers: Episode 2 was all about HOPE - What did you think????? We catch up on social media and podcast news and have a special guest call in! Shoutout to Pamela! Wait till you guys hear how amazing she is!!!! Thanks again for messaging and calling in! Hope you guys enjoy! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Dec 11, 2018
A Decent Proposal Season 7 Episode 1
A Decent Proposal  Season 7 Episode 1 Can you believe Season 7 is finally here? We dive DEEP into the first episode and break down the entire episode! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
Dec 06, 2018
Viewing Party Recap!
Viewing Party Recap! You guys, it all HAPPENED! Hear all about our amazing viewing party! We take you all the way through our amazing night! Thank you so much to everyone who came! Hollie and Sarah
Dec 06, 2018
Viewing Party Reminder & Updates
Viewing Party Reminder and Updates   Pumpers! Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules is ALMOST HERE!  Are you coming to the viewing party!?!?!?!?!! RSVP at Hope to see you there! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Nov 30, 2018
****RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Episode 6
****RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Episode 6   Lisa's Angels   Back by popular demand!!!! You guys wanted an episode for Thanksgiving, here it is!!!! This episode is all about Jax and Stassi fighting on the float and Tom and Kristen fighting on the sidewalk! And let's be honest, the true STAR of this episode wasn't Scheana- it was her song. Her song that was played over 88 times! Can you FREAK, bitch?   Wishing you all the best Thanksgiving! Sarah and I are sooooo grateful for all of you! Thank you for listening!   Don't forget about our Viewing PARTY ON December 3rd! Email us at
Nov 22, 2018
PCA’s & Vanderpump Dog Gala Fashion Review
PCA's and Vanderpump Dog Gala   ******** This episode we talk about Fashion! Sarah's designer sister is in town for Thanksgiving and weighs in on all of the fashion! Super LONG LONG LONG episode for your Thanksgiving drive!  Also, Sarah may or may not be having a Scheana moment in this episode.    ************************************* Don't forget to RSVP to our viewing party!!!! December 3, 2018 !!!!!!!   Wishing you the BEST Thanksgiving ever. We are so grateful for all of you!
Nov 21, 2018
****RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Episode 5
RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Episode 5 ********** FINALLY!!!! We finally posted an episode! We explore the "Surlesque"episode! Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!   xoxo
Nov 19, 2018
Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Trailer!
It is FINALLY here!!! The Vanderpump Rules, Season 7 TRAILER! We go scene by scene and unpack this sucker! So excited for this season! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Nov 02, 2018
She wears a size XL!
She wears a size XL! Hi Everyone! This week we talk about RHOC and some social media! Vanderpump Rules is back December 3rd and we can't wait! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Oct 26, 2018
****RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 EP 4
**** RETRO VANDERPUMP RULES!!!! Season 2 Episode 4   Chad is back to recap season 2 ep 4! This is the intro to Ariana!!!!!!! Enjoy!
Oct 14, 2018
Calling Carter!
Calling Carter! This week we talk about D D D D DALLAS! And as usual we chat Vanderpump gossip AF
Oct 14, 2018
Short Skinny Fries
Short Skinny Fries This week we talk about some Vanderpump Rules gossip and social media. We discuss skinny fries and crickets! Have a great week! Hollie and Sarah
Oct 10, 2018
Juicy Turd and Cooks Corner
Juicy Turd and Cooks Corner! Guys, we talk about Vanderpump Rules, OC and Dallas! We started out thinking this would be a 45 minutes podcast episode and BOOM we almost hit 2 hours! It is currently 2AM and I am dying( this is Hollie) this has taken FOREVER to post! We love you so much! Love, Hollie and Sarah
Oct 04, 2018
Sunday Funday with Heather!
Sunday Funday with Heather! Happy Sunday!  Hollie and Sarah are joined by Heather to discuss the Tribeca TV Film Fest to catch up on the New York Reunion and Dallas! Have the best week ever! xoxo
Sep 30, 2018
Moral Compass Straight to Hell!
Moral Compass Straight to Hell! Hi Guys!!! We are back to talk about Vanderpump Rules social media and sleigh rides! LOL We cover the latest episode of the OC Housewives! Our winners of the giveaway are announced and we get to talk about our latest sponsor- Poshmark! Use our code: VRP   Thank you so much for listening!
Sep 28, 2018
Spin Class Touching
Spin Class Touching Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a great week! This episode we cover social media and OC Housewives! Enjoy!
Sep 19, 2018
OC Housewives Event and ATM’d
OC Housewives Event and ATM'd   We went to an event in Newport Beach, CA to meet OC Housewives cast member- Emily. Lynn and Peggy were also there!  We chat it up at a bar afterwards with Julia! ( Sorry about the ambiance sound and interruptions)  We share tons of stories and much more!   Check out our FB Group for pics and vids from the event! Follow us on insta and twitter   Thank you so much for listening! Hollie and Sarah
Sep 10, 2018
Back at it again!!!!
Back at it again! Guys, we are back! We talk about Jax and Brittany's engagement party and everything else that comes to our minds - which is a lot! HAHAHA We chat about the latest ep of Orange County!   Make sure you join our FB Group!   Have a great week! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Aug 31, 2018
Tom Tom Review
We went to TOM TOM!!!!! We give a full review of everything we drank/ate and saw! It was such a fun night! Special shout out to Logan, our server! He was soooo amazing!   Check out our FB Group to see the pics!
Aug 22, 2018
Jax rants, Mexico & chatting with Bex!
This episode we catch up on all of Jax Taylor's ridiculous social media rants. Hear all about how Jeremy Madix spent the night at Sarah's house! We cover social media updates, the opening of Tom Tom & Mexico! We chat about Orange County Houswives and have the best time talking to Bex!!!! Bex visited SUR/PUMP/TOM TOM  - and gives us all the details!   Thank you so much for listening! We love you guys so much! Hollie and Sarah
Aug 14, 2018
Social Media, Review of THE ROW & OC Housewives
Social Media, Review of THE ROW & OC Housewives   Hi Pumpers, We chat it up about all of the Vanderpump Rules social media gossip- aka Jax Taylor! We rented Lala Kent's new movie- THE ROW- We do have a few spoilers in there -so forward if you haven't seen it:) Last, we discuss Orange County Housewives!   *** If you haven't followed us on insta - please do it! @vanderpumprulesparty   Thank you so much for listening! Hollie and Sarah
Jul 29, 2018
New Poems by Sarah and Social Media!
New Poems by Sarah and Social Media! Hi Y'all! We are back again w. a new episode! Sarah shares (2) new poems! They are brilliant! The 1st is about Tom Sandoval and the 2nd is about Rachael O'Brien!  We get into some random topics and also cover some social media updates! ENJOY!
Jul 19, 2018
Girls Night In and Social Media Recap
Girls Night In and Social Media Recap! Hi Everyone! We recap our night at Girls Night In on 7/3/18 and talk all about the social media happenings! We also announced the winners of the James Mae T-Shirts! Be sure to catch the password for Annabelle Desisto's Crystal kits! We will be giving away 5! To enter email us at Or hit us up on any of our social media pages! If you haven't joined our FB Group- you must! We have so much fun! Its private and closed! Insta: vanderpumprulesparty Twitter: vprpartypodcast   Thank you! Have a great week! We will be back next week with more updates!
Jul 11, 2018
Interview with Annabelle Desisto
Interview with Annabelle Desisto We are sooo excited to share our latest podcast with Annabelle Desisto! We have loved her since she was on Straight up with Stassi and followed her blog and now her podcast - Adderall and Compliments!!! We chat about Southern Charm, The Housewives & Vanderpump Rules!!!!! Social Media for Annabelle: FB Group: Adderall and Compliments Kittens Insta: @annabelledesisto Twitter: @AnnabelleLee417 Website:   Thank you so much for listening! We will be back with a new episode this week!
Jul 08, 2018
RETRO Vanderpump Rules – Season 2 – Episode 3
******RETRO Vanderpump Rules! Season 2 Episode 3  ONLY THE LONELY! Hi Guys! Chad is back for a RETRO Vanderpump Rules!!! We talk about the Vanderpump Rules crew heading to Lake Arrowhead for T. Sandy's performance! Jax reveals his Stassi tattoo~! Don't forget we will be releasing a new episode THIS SATURDAY! Hope you all enjoy!
Jul 06, 2018
Brunch and OOTD Party Update
Brunch and OOTD Party Update Sarah gives us a play by play of her latest trip to SUR/PUMP/TOMTOM & the scoop on Stassi's National OOTD Party!!!! We also talk about some of the latest social media happenings! Make sure you enter to win a JAMES MAE T-Shirt by the ONE AND ONLY KRISTEN DOUTE!   Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!   Contact us @: Leave us a VM: (805)Vander-8 Podcast Social: Join the Private FB Group Insta @vanderpumprulesparty Twitter @vprpartypodcast   Follow Sarah Twitter & Insta @pumpersnation Follow Hollie Twitter @HollieBohorquez Insta @H2thewood
Jul 02, 2018
Crossover with Lara Marie Schoenhals from Sexy Unique Podcast!
Crossover Episode with THE ONE AND ONLY - Lara Marie Schoenhals from Sexy Unique Podcast!!!! We are HUGE Sexy Unique Podcast fans and LOVE Lara! We met at the iconic Mixology at the Grove and it all happened! Join us as we chat up Lara on all things #pump rules! We hear about her date with Peter and get approached by a group of you tubers! Excuse the sound on this episode- we were recording in an open air bar - but know you will enjoy this episode! Listen for the giveaway password to score Lara's books! Also, Save the Date for Lara's live show!! July 15th! We will def be there! Thanks so much for listening! Hollie and Sarah
Jun 19, 2018
Season 6 Highlights! Episode 1-10
Season 6 Highlights! Episode 1-10   Join us as we give our highlights of season 6! We jump back in and do a review of the season- We def found it interesting seeing the timeline of events~ We are super excited to start planning the 1st annual Vanderpump Rules Party- Party! HAHAHAHAAHA! Hope you guys have the best week ever! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah!
Jun 12, 2018
Emergency Episode! Brittany and Jax are engaged, y’all!!!
Hey Guys!  We are back with an emergency episode! Why? Jax and Brittany are engaged, y'all!!!!!! Sarah reads 3 poems about Brittany, Jax & Peter!!!!!! You will die! It's the Royal Wedding of our time! Let's discuss!!!!! Join our FB Group! See you next Tuesday! xoxoxoxoxxoxox
Jun 09, 2018
The History of Vanderpump Rules Party
The History of Vanderpump Rules Party Podcaast! Hi Guys! We missed you! This week Sarah and Hollie talk about all of their Vanderpump Rules encounters! From Comedy Shows to Sur we review it all! Next week we will be doing a season 6 highlights episode! Thank you so much for sticking with us during off- season!   Join our FB Group! Email   #fabfitfunpartner code: pumpparty
Jun 06, 2018
Secrets Revealed S6-EP25
Secrets Revealed Season 6 Episode 25 We just can't quit you, Vanderpump Rules!!! This episode we talk about our latest trip to SUR for See you next Tuesday w. DJ James! We have an amazing encounter w. Paul- James' roommate!!!!   We breakdown the Secrets Revealed episode! Join our FB Group! Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast! Contact:
May 31, 2018
Reunion Part 3
Reunion Part 3!   We are soooo happy to welcome our friend Heather Johnson to our podcast!  We talk all things Reunion Part 3! What a season this has been! Enjoy!   Join our closed group on Facebook!!!! vanderpump rules party
May 22, 2018
Reunion Part 2!
Reunion Part 2!!! We just witnessed the second installment of the Vanderpump Rules, Season Six Reunion- Part 2! We recap the episode in detail! Join us!!!!! Follow us on twitter @vprpartypodcast Insta @vanderpumprulesparty email or leave us a VM @ (805)Vander-8 Join our closed/private FB group! Legit the best group of  people!!!
May 15, 2018
Reunion Part 1 – Season 6
Reunion Part 1 Woah!!!!!! This episode did NOT disappoint!!! It was fast and exciting! Hollie and Sarah break it down in detail!
May 08, 2018
Bonus: Big Bear Cabin Journey!
BONUS EPISODE! Guys, we recorded our thoughts and review on Rob Valletta's cabin in Big Bear! We had the best time and were honestly shocked at how nice it was! Listen to all the details here! xoxo, Sarah and Hollie
May 07, 2018
Southern Charm Recap with Sarah & Michaela
Sarah and Michaela break down the last 2 episodes of Southern Charm! They are recording in Big Bear, CA at Rob Valletta's cabin!!! Tune in to hear their take on Southern Charm! Make sure to join our Private/Closed Facebook Group! Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast
May 07, 2018
Holy Crappens! Watch What Crappens!!!!
Watch What Crappens and Vanderpump Rules Party collide! We talk all thing #pumprules!!! Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam join Hollie Bohorquez and Sarah Cee and magic happens! It's all happening! Make sure to check out their podcast! Find them on itunes and all podcast platforms! We can't wait to chat with them again!
May 01, 2018
Season Finale!! S6-EP21
Season Finale!!! Season 6 Episode 21 We break down the Season Finale fresh off of talking with the King's of Bravo- Ben and Ronnie from Watch What Crappens! Patrick and his trench coat love to watch Lisa Vanderpump... leave. Scheana rocks a hard hat & the Tom's cut another check! Stay tuned this weekend for lots of updates from us! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah Vanderpump Rules Party
May 01, 2018
From What I Gather…. S6-EP20
From What I Gather.... Season 6 Episode 20 Buckle up- this is a super long episode! Sarah and Hollie break down the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules! From Jax and Brittany breaking up to Lala performing for her co-workers we talk about it all!!!! Hope you all have the best day! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Apr 27, 2018
RHONY & Southern Charm Round Up!
What's up, Vanderpump Rules Party!!!!! Sarah and Hollie chat it up about RHONY and Southern Charm! They cover the first three episodes of the new season! Tune in on Wednesday for the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules! Have a great week!
Apr 22, 2018