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 Mar 27, 2019
I like your podcast, but lately, Sara has been slurring through episodes. Is she OK?


Review of Vanderpump Rules

Episode Date
Happy Birthday, Chad
Happy Birthday, Chad! (Recorded via SKYPE) We catch up on all things Vanderpump Rules! We break down RHOC and touch on SLC and Dallas! Everyone watch Bling Dynasty and we will break that down too! Thank you!
Jan 21, 2021
Ronnie's World and Updates
Ronnie's World and Updates Hi Guys: Just a short lil pod - to say what's up! Ronnie really wanted to come on and say hello to everyone- Sarah and Hollie wanted to do an update to the last pod. Enjoy!
Jan 12, 2021
Hartford is here!
Hartford is here! Stassi and Beau welcome their baby girl Hartford Charlie Rose Clark! We break it all down and also touch on RHOC/RHSLC Happy New Year!
Jan 09, 2021
What does the "H" stand for????
What does the "H" stand for???? Hi Guys, We Skyped this episode to chat about all VPR social media- We also chat about SLC and OC! Thanks so much for listening!
Dec 17, 2020
Farewell, OLD MAN JAX!
Farewell, OLD MAN JAX! Emergency pod!!!!! We break down the news!
Dec 06, 2020
Social Media and OC/SLC
Social Media and OC/SLC We chat about the Dad Podcast 2.0 and the "removed" Scheana podcast. Then, we lightly weigh in on OC/SLC HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
Nov 30, 2020
Gobble Gobble - OC & SLC
Gobble Gobble - OC & SLC Happy Thanksgiving week! We catch up on social media for VPR and chat about OC and SLC!
Nov 24, 2020
Updates- OC- SLC
Updates- OC - SLC Hey Guys! We chat about VPR Updates and then jump into OC and SLC! Enjoy! Happy Friday the 13th!
Nov 13, 2020
Scheana is PREGNANT!!!!!!
Scheana is PREGNANT! We were thrilled to hear the news!!!!! Congrats to Scheana and Brock!
Oct 28, 2020
OC episode 2
This week, we chat about episode 2 of the OC Housewives! Enjoy!
Oct 23, 2020
VPR Updates and OC Premiere
VPR Updates & OC Premiere! We break down the latest details on the Scheana/Lala/Stassi drama and chat about the new OC Housewives!
Oct 16, 2020
Mr. and Mrs. Clark & Scheana and Lala
Hi Guys! This week we break down all of the Vanderpump Rules news! Stassi and Beau are now MR. and MRS. CLARK!!!!!! Congrats to them both! We also break down the drama between Scheana and Lala! Have a great week! Hollie and Sarah
Oct 07, 2020
VanderBUMP Rules Update
VanderBUMP Rules Update We chat about Lala's gender reveal and Jax and Brittany's news that they are expecting a baby too! Enjoy!
Sep 23, 2020
Is Stassi a Karen?
Is Stassi a Karen? We discuss the Tamron Hall interview with Stassi- Have a great week!
Sep 17, 2020
Hollie is jealous that Sarah is being stalked!
Hollie is jealous that Sarah is being stalked! Hi PUMPERS: This week, we recap Hollie's Bday and the posts that Sarah made dressed up as the cast members! Sarah shares a story that leaves Hollie feeling left out! LOL Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
Sep 05, 2020
Missing Vanderpump Rules
Missing Vanderpump Rules! Hi Everyone! This week we chat about social media updates. We are manifesting a Bday- Cameo- esque message from QUEEN Laura-Leigh We also chat about Indian Matchmaker ( ep 3) Enjoy! Have the best week ever! Love, Hollie and Sarah Follow us on insta: @vanderpumprulesparty Hollie @h2thewood Sarah @pumpersnation
Aug 24, 2020
Corn in the Valley
Corn in the Valley We do a short little social media update and then it goes down from there! Enjoy!
Aug 10, 2020
Indian Matchmaker Ep 1 & 2
This week, we catch up on social media stuff and talk about Indian Matchmaker! Enjoy!
Aug 05, 2020
Walking in LA
Walking in LA!!!! We had so much fun with this episode! We walked and we talked! ENJOY!
Jul 25, 2020
The Butterfly and the Cockroach
The Butterfly and the Cockroach P.U.M.P.E.R.S This week we chat about Kristen's latest podcast interview and the roach! Enjoy!
Jul 16, 2020
Season 8 Highlights
We break down season 8 and chat about the Highs and the Lows! Thank you so much for listening!
Jul 02, 2020
What's the latest?????
We chat about what show we will cover during the off-season. The winners of Body of Brock are announced! Congrats to everyone! Social Media Updates Thank you so much! Join our FB Page
Jul 02, 2020
What's Next for Vanderpump Rules Party?
What's Next for Vanderpump Rules Party???? Where do we go from here??? Stassi announces she is expecting a baby girl. Hope you all have the best week ever!
Jun 24, 2020
Season 8 Reunion 3 of 3
Season 8 Reunion 3 of 3 Well, that's it! We made it all the way through SEASON 8! Ariana is def the MVP of this episode!
Jun 17, 2020
Stassi is Pregnant!
Stassi and Beau are expecting their first child together. This announcement comes just 4 days after the VPR 4 have been fired from Bravo.
Jun 13, 2020
Season 8 Reunion 2 of 3
Season 8 Reunion Episode 2 of 3 **** Breaking News**** Bravo/Evolution Media confirmed today that Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni will not be returning to Vanderpump Rules. We talk about all of this and the reunion! Enjoy!
Jun 10, 2020
What you DON’T see on VPR
What you DON'T see on VPR! We catch up on all social media VPR issues and talk about some insider info that was sent to Sarah. Enjoy!
Jun 07, 2020
Heart to Heart with Faith Stowers
Heart to Heart with Faith Stowers We catch up with Faith Stowers and chat about all of the current events that are happening today. She talks about how the Stassi/Kristen situation has affected her. ** You can join our private/closed FB Group to be up on all of the latest info on Vanderpump Rules Thank you!
Jun 05, 2020
Season 8 Reunion 1 of 3
Season 8 Reunion 1 of 3 We were super impressed with part 1 of 3 of the reunion. The way it was filmed made it fun to watch! Enjoy!!!!
Jun 04, 2020
Season 8 Secrets Revealed
Season 8 Secrets Revealed We break down everything about the secrets revealed episode! From threesomes to farting while training! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
May 28, 2020
Season 8 Season Finale
Season 8 FINALE We FINALLY made it. 20 episodes! We are coming off the dueling pool party drama and celebrating TOM TOM expanding and making it a year! Whewwwww! We break it all down! Join us! Hollie and Sarah You can follow us on social media Join our private/closed FB group @vanderpumprulesparty @vprpartypodcast Sarah: @pumpersnation Hollie: @h2thwood *** dabble and dollop
May 21, 2020
Season 8 Episode 19
Season 8 Episode 19 Tale of two pool parties We have dueling pool parties in the valley, y'all! Another Dayna/Max/Brett fight and Kristen tells Ari that Stassi is making fun of her house! Enjoy! xoxo
May 13, 2020
Emergency Episode: Editor Bri Dellinger Drama
Emergency Episode An editor or Vanderpump Rules, Bri Dellinger, was a guest on The Twisted Plot Podcast hosted by Evelyn Marley. She was featured on episode 1 and 8. The episodes have not been deleted. We break down exactly what happened and how Sarah played a huge part in this entire timeline. You can still view the twitter thread @pumpersnation If you haven't joined our private FB group yet- you should! We are so excited for the episode tonight and to see what Bri's next move is and what the Bravo/Evolution Media response will be!
May 12, 2020
Interview with Danica Dow
Interview with Danica Dow We catch up with our favorite assistant manager at SUR, Danica Dow. We chat about season 8 and everything in between! You can follow Danica here: Insta: @danicadowww and @thebitchnthekitch Twitter:@danicadowww We had so much fun speaking with her! Thanks so much for listening! Hollie and Sarah
May 08, 2020
Season 8 Episode 18
Season 8 Episode 18 Mercury's in Gatorade Scheana and Brett film a new music video. Max has a beach clean up day. And Jax is the MVP of the episode!!!!! Enjoy!
May 06, 2020
Season 8 Episode 17
Season 8 Episode 17 Till Death Do Us Not..... Stassi and Beau get engaged! The softball game is super entertaining! Have a great week!
Apr 29, 2020
Season 8 Episode 16
Season 8 Episode 16 Another week podcasting in quarantine! Hope you are all doing well! We talk about this episode in detail!!!!!! Join us!
Apr 23, 2020
Q&A with Hollie and Sarah - Part 2
Q&A with Hollie and Sarah - Part 2 We finished part 2! Hope you guys are all doing well!
Apr 18, 2020
Season 8 Episode 15
Season 8 Episode 15 UGGHHHHHHHHHHH. This episode was a bust. We, per usual, break it ALL down! Enjoy! *** We will be recording part 2 of our Q&A tonight/tomorrow
Apr 16, 2020
Interview with Scheana Shay
Interview with Scheana Shay You guys, ITS ALL HAPPENING!!!!!!! Scheana joins us via SKYPE to talk about Vanderpump Rules and so much more! Hope you enjoy this episode! You can find Scheana here: Instagram: @Scheana TikTok: @Scheana Twitter: @Scheana **Check out her youtube channel too! Shoutout too for gifting us the most amazing bath bombs to send to our listeners! - answer for the giveaway was Cortney Erin
Apr 09, 2020
Season 8 Episode 14
Season 8 Episode 14 We start out at the Venice Skate Park. Sigh. Producer Jerry gives himself another line and we break down the rest! Hope you are all staying safe! xoxo Hollie and Sarah
Apr 08, 2020
Wellness Check on Chad
Wellness Check on Chad He is back! You guys, it is freaking 3:45AM and we are still uploading....this took forever! We are hoping this brings a tiny bit of joy to you all!
Apr 04, 2020
Q&A with Hollie and Sarah - Part 1
Q & A with Hollie and Sarah This was such a fun episode for us! Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in! Clearly, we love talking about VPR and ourselves! *** Giveaway*** email us the answer to question! Check out
Apr 04, 2020
Season 8 Episode 13
Season 8 Episode 13 Hi Everyone!!!! Hope you are all doing okay. Join us as we recap the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules! You can join our private/closed FB Group or email us at or leave us a VM at (805)Vander-8 We will be back with a new episode- hopefully tonight! xoxo
Apr 01, 2020
Season 8 Episode 12
Season 8 Episode 12 Hope everyone is staying safe and hanging in there! This week we have a memorial and an extra themed party! Join us as we SKYPE all about it! Happy Birthday to the best podcast host ever, Sarah Cee! We love you soooo much! Can't wait to truly celebrate when we can!
Mar 25, 2020
Interview with Charli Burnett
Interview with Charli Burnett We are so excited to share this interview with Charli Burnett! We Skyped and talked about Pasta, Avocado and sooo much more! You can find Charli on Insta here: @charliburnett Let us know what you think! Stay Safe!!!!! Hollie and Sarah
Mar 18, 2020
Season 8 Episode 11
Season 8 Episode 11 Mr. and Mrs. Jax Taylor The vows are being exchanged and we are excited for every single moment! During this crazy time, lets enjoy taking this episode apart scene by scene! Love you guys so much! Hollie and Sarah
Mar 18, 2020
Season 8 Episode 10
Season 8 Episode 10 Jax's Last Hurrah It's almost the wedding....and we have tons of events packed in for our viewing pleasure! We talk about it all! Enjoy!
Mar 12, 2020
Season 8 Episode 9
Season 8 Episode 9 If you're going to drink, I can't stop you Jax and Brittany's wedding is FINALLY getting closer!!!!! Will Tom Sandoval be forgiven and permitted to attend????? What is going on w. the new cast? Has Charli tasted avocado yet? Will James and Raquel survive that drunken text thread??? We go over it all!
Mar 04, 2020
Season 8 Episode 8
Season 8 Episode 8 T. Sandy is officially uninvited to the wedding. Ariana opens up about her mental health and has a choice to make - is she going to the wedding or not??? Come join us as we talk about it all! Let's order a double chicken sandwich!
Feb 27, 2020
Season 8 Episode 7
Season 8 Episode 7 We have a bridal shower- a bday party and a major scandal. We also discuss going to See You Next Tuesday to see James! Enjoy!
Feb 20, 2020
Season 8 Episode 6
Season 8 Episode 6 Your Pride is Showing It's Gay Pride and James Kennedy is FINALLY back! We have a major Scheana moment, a heart to heart with Lisa and Ariana & Jax being a terrible bartender! Hope you enjoy! xoxo
Feb 13, 2020
Season 8 Episode 5
Season 8 Episode 5 Hollie and Sarah break down the latest episode! We have the guys dressed as old men and the girls fighting per usual. Enjoy!
Feb 05, 2020
The BEFORE show with Chad
The Before SHOW with Chad Hi Guys: Our schedule is a little diff this week. Sarah and Hollie will be recording the weekly episode tomorrow! If you want to leave your comments, call our VM at (805)VANDER-8 or email us at Chad lightly weighs in on the latest episode! Thank you so much for listening! *** SPONSOR INFO*** Baked by Melissa Promo code: Pumpers for 15% off
Feb 05, 2020
Season 8 Episode 4
Season 8 Episode 4 Listen as we recap this episode! We have Miami, candles and a boat! Enjoy!
Jan 29, 2020
Season 8 Episode 3
Season 8 Episode 3 There was so much to cover this week! We talk about Stassi's house & Vanderpump Cocktail Garden. And, per usual, we break- break -break it ALL down! Enjoy!
Jan 22, 2020
Season 8 Episode 2
Season 8 Episode 2 Drama brews as Dayna starts dating Max. The group is bothered by Kristen and Carter. Join us as we talk about it all! xoxo, Hollie and Sara
Jan 15, 2020
Season 8 - Episode 1
Season 8 Episode 1 Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast is thrilled to be covering Season 8!!!! Hollie and Sarah are ready to break down the episode and talk about all of the stuff! There are new fights and new cast members! Enjoy! xoxo Hollie and Sarah
Jan 08, 2020
First Look - Season 8
We couldn\'t resist recording ONE more podcast before the season premiere! We talk about the FIRST LOOK for season 8 and some social media stuff! See you guys on TUESDAY! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Jan 05, 2020
Straight Up with Stassi Live in LA
Straight Up with Stassi Live in Los Angeles We hit up Tom Tom & Sur then The Wiltern to see Stassi! Along the way, we saw so many peeps from the show! Hope you enjoy! xoxo, Hollie & Sarah and Special Guest- CHAD
Dec 15, 2019
Fancy AF book signing at the Grove
Sarah is fresh off her book signing event for FANCY AF Cocktails w. Tom and Ariana! Hear all the dirt on the event and by dirt, we mean that Producer Jerry was there. ( J/K) Listen closely for our giveaway details where you can win your very own copy of Tom and Ariana\'s book! Thank you so much for listening!
Dec 10, 2019
BravoCon and Season 8 Trailer
BravoCon is over and we chat about all of the epic VPR moments. The Official Season 8 Trailer dropped. We REALLY get passionate about it! Hope you guys all have the best week! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Nov 18, 2019
Season 8 Teaser Trailer
The season 8 teaser trailer has dropped. Hollie and Sarah weigh in and break down each scene/idea! Jax Taylor came in hot this week with his TWEETS and we discuss them all in JAX RANTS. We do a countdown of greatest moments and moments we wish we had seen! Follow us on insta: vanderpumprulesparty and join our FB Group!
Nov 09, 2019
PUMPkins and Social Media
PUMPkins and Social Media Happy Halloween!!!!!! We talk about our inspo for our PUMPkins and explain each one. We had sooo much fun doing these! We discuss the latest social media happenings! Have a great day! Hollie and Sarah!
Oct 31, 2019
Where are they now? ( Pretty Wild Edition) and VPR Updates
Pretty Wild – Where are they now???? At the end of this episode, we Skype with Ariel and talk about what happened after PRETTY WILD!! Thank you so much for chatting with us, Ariel!   We also do a few VPR updates!!!!   Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
Oct 15, 2019
LA Adventures, SURpendales & Updates
LA Adventures, SURpendales & Updates   Guys, This week we talk about our visit to the FREEFORM 31 Nights of Halloween House! Then, we review what we witnessed at SUR for SURpendales – OMG. We have our AMAZING friend from New York, HEATHER, to give us a rundown of Stassi’s Pod Tour! ( Sorry about the sound- we recorded in the lobby of a hotel)   Hope you all have a great week! Follow our insta and twitter for a fun little pre-halloween VPR themed game!   xoxo, Hollie and Sarah 
Oct 07, 2019
Pretty Wild – Episode 9
Pretty Wild Episode 9 THE TRIAL This is the final episode of PRETTY WILD! We break it down and talk about some crazy stuff- Enjoy! xoxo
Sep 26, 2019
Pretty Wild – Episode 8
Pretty Wild  Episode 8 We recap Pretty Wild episode 8 and catch up on VPR news! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah   Check out code: vanderpump
Sep 21, 2019
Pretty Wild Ep 7- Mommy Dearest
Pretty Wild – Episode 7 Mommy Dearest Another refreshing episode of PRETTY WILD! Hope you are all enjoying it as much as we are! Have a great rest of the week! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Sep 12, 2019
VPR Social Media Update LONG
VPR Social Media Update LONG   ****** Hi Guys: We started out planning on doing a social media update on all things VPR- but then accidentally talked for 1 hour and 33 minutes—- So, enjoy! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Sep 12, 2019
Pretty Wild – Ep 6 – Nancy Jo
Pretty Wild  Episode 6 – Vanity Fair aka NANCY JO!!!!! This is it. The best episode ever!  Enjoy!!!!!
Aug 28, 2019
The Party and Cabo – Pretty Wild EP 4 & 5
PRETTY WILD EPISODE 4 and 5 We continue our PRETTY WILD journey! This week we cover Gabby’s 16th Bday and the trip to Cabo! Enjoy!  
Aug 13, 2019
Social Media Recap & TomTomxSarah
Vanderpump Rules Social Media updates and TomTomxSarah   This week we started out thinking we would just TOUCH on social media re: VPR but as usual we took it too far! This episode is all VPR- The next episode is covering PRETTY WILD Episode 4 and 5! Enjoy!
Aug 13, 2019
Pretty Wild EP 3
Pretty Wild – Episode 3   This week we cover Pretty Wild – Episode 3! We also catch up on social media happenings and RHOC! xoxo! Have a great week! Hollie and Sarah
Aug 09, 2019
Pretty Wild Ep-2
Pretty Wild – Episode 2 The Hearing Things start heating up for Alexis as she attends her preliminary hearing! Enjoy! Hope you guys have the best week!  
Jul 31, 2019
Pretty Wild Ep-1
Pretty Wild – Episode 1 We are covering the iconic PRETTY WILD series! First, we catch up on all things VPR then launch into it! Enjoy!
Jul 31, 2019
Vanderpump Rules Party is OVER?
Vanderpump Rules Party is OVER? Hi Guys, This week Hollie and Sarah talk through all of their feelings! And it is a lot. xoxo
Jul 17, 2019
Jax and Brittany’s Wedding Recap!
Jax and Brittany’s Wedding Recap! We talk about all of wedding details and break it down! Enjoy! Follow us on FB and Twitter! @vprpartypodcast (twitter) @vanderpumprulesparty (Insta) Sarah: @pumpersnation (twitter and insta)   Hollie @h2thewood (insta)
Jul 01, 2019
Kentucky Castle- Day 2
Kentucky Castle – Day 2 We talk about Day 2 at the Castle. We had lunch at The Kentucky Castle and went to Winchester. Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah Social Media: @vanderpumprulesparty Sarah: @pumpersnation Hollie: @h2thewood
Jul 01, 2019
Kentucky Castle – Day 1
We are in Kentucky, y’all! We are staying at THE KENTUCKY CASTLE! Wedding watch initiated! Listen to our day 1 recap! xoxo, Hollie & Sarah
Jun 27, 2019
Hope and Mason
Hope and Mason ( Vanderpump Rules Party Exclusive) Hi Everyone: We wanted to record a user friendly way to listen to our Hope/Mason reenactment. Thank you so much for listening and sharing! Hollie and Sarah   Insta: @vanderpumprulesparty FB CLOSED GROUP Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast Email: Twitter: @vprpartypodcast Sarah: @pumpersnation (insta and twitter) Hollie…
Jun 24, 2019
Countdown to the wedding, y’all!
Countdown to the wedding, y’all!!!! It is getting soooo close to the wedding! Hollie and Sarah talk about all of the latest social media happenings and their upcoming trip! Make sure you are following social media! xoxo
Jun 24, 2019
Pillow Talk Season 6 Style
Pillow Talk Season 6 Style   Pumpers, this is it. We have been wishing and praying for this!!!! And we have kept FAITH…..and here it is! Listen to our latest ep to hear all the details! We KNOW our TRUE listeners will be able to read between the lines! Hope you all have a great…
Jun 12, 2019
New Homes Tour
New Homes Tour Yes, we did. We drove to check out the new pads of the cast of Vanderpump Rules! We break it down and chat about their pads! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
May 29, 2019
Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 3 of 3
Vanderpump Rules Reunion – Part 3 of 3! The FINAL part of the reunion happened!!! What did you guys think??? We break it down scene by scene! xoxo,  Hollie and Sarah
May 22, 2019
Vanderpump Rules Reunion – Part 2 of 3
Vanderpump Rules Reunion – Part 2 of 3 Season 7 Hi Y’all! Hope you enjoyed this reunion as much as we did! We break it down for you! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah   Email:
May 14, 2019
Vanderpump Rules Reunion- Part 1 of 3
Vanderpump Rules Reunion – Part 1 of 3 The reunion is finally here and it did not disappoint!!! We break it down and can’t wait for part 2 and 3! Listen for the winners of our giveaway!   Xoxo, Hollie and Sarah   *Join our private FB Group: Vanderpump Rules Party Peep our social media:…
May 07, 2019
Finale Episode!!!
Finale Episode! Well, the Finale was NOTHING compared to #FOFTY v. Randall/Lala but we break it down in a SUPER LONG episode! PS: The Reunion looks amazing!!!!! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah   We would like to thank our sponsors Harper Wilde. Go too to get started with your free try-on of 3 bras plus…
May 02, 2019
The Lowdown on the FOFTY Drama!
Emergency Podcast Alert! We breakdown the FOFTY drama! Seriously can’t wait until MONDAY! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Apr 29, 2019
Brittany and the Beast
Brittany and the Beast Hi Guys: We had MAJOR technical issues recording this episode. We had to stop suddenly without finishing:( We didn’t get to talk about the best part of the episode!!!!!! So, hope you enjoy part of this podcast- we will try to release a 3rd podcast ASAP to finish up- Hope you…
Apr 24, 2019
Vanderpump Vegas
Vanderpump Vegas Sarah tells us about her Vanderpump Vegas journey! This week we broke the pod into two parts. Enjoy!
Apr 24, 2019
Social Media Update!
Social Media Update! Hi Guys! We just HAD to chat with eachother about the social media drama going down this week! First, congrats to Stassi on the release of her BOOK!!!!! So exciting! We weigh in on the drama and def want to hear what you think!   Thanks so much!  Hope you guys are…
Apr 19, 2019
Half of a String Cheese
Half of a String Cheese! Hi Guys! This week we go scene by scene and really get stuck on the Jax and Brittany therapy session and Stassi’s healing session! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
Apr 16, 2019
Music and a Classic D*ck Kills Kate
Music and a Classic D*CK kills Kate Hi Guys: Here is our recap of last weeks episode! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
Apr 16, 2019
FOMO Hi Guys! We are finally back! Thank you so much for waiting! This week we finish up the trip to celebrate the opening of TOM TOM! We chat about social media and the episode and its a SUPER LONG ONE! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
Apr 05, 2019
Happy Birthday, Sarah!
Happy Birthday, Sarah! We celebrated with drinks and podcasted! Hope you guys enjoy!  ( too tired to write anything else here)  
Mar 27, 2019
Stomping with Kristen Doute
Stomping with Kristen Doute This week, Hollie and Sarah recap the epi and talk in depth on each scene. It was packed with all of the best VPR moments that we love!!!! Enjoy!
Mar 20, 2019
T vs. T
T vs. T Sarah and Hollie recap the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules! Come hang as they break down all of the dirt!   Sponsor Codes:   Code: Pumpers   10% first month and enter code VANDERPUMP for 25% off first month  
Mar 13, 2019
Body like a Tooth
Vanderpump Rules Party! Season 7 Episode 13 Reptilian Brain Hi Guys! We break down this episode in style! Hope you enjoy! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Mar 06, 2019
PJ’s on the PJ S7-EP12
PJ’s on the PJ Season 7 Episode 12 We wrap the the Sovang trip with the girls and finalize the drink menu with the Tom’s! We had a blast recapping this weeks episode! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
Feb 27, 2019
Peter Peter! An Interview with Peter Madrigal
Peter Peter! An interview with Peter Madrigal! We are so excited to bring you guys an interview with Peter! We recorded this in the PINK ROOM at SUR after brunch! We had a blast talking to him about all of his business ventures and more! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah!
Feb 22, 2019
The Return of Crazy Kristen! S7-EP11
The Return of Crazy Kristen! Season 7 Episode 11 This week we continue the girls trip in So Vain. The boys have a NIGHT OUT at the Mondrian and we talk about it all! Hope you all have the best week! xoxo,  Hollie and Sarah
Feb 20, 2019
So Vain in Solvang! S7-EP10
So Vain in Solvang! Season 7 Episode 10 Uggghhhh, why can NO ONE on this show say, Solvang!? We have a girls trip and a boys night out and lots of therapy!  Enjoy! xoxo,  Hollie and Sarah
Feb 13, 2019
Recording at SUR in the alley S7-EP8
Recording at Sur in the alley Seaon 7 Episode 8 A housewarming divided   ************ You guys, this episode is going down in history. We recorded in the alley. We set up shop at one of the tables and did what we do best, podcast! If it sounds a little off, it is because we…
Jan 30, 2019
Hanging with Paul Cavallero at The Belmont
Hanging with Paul Cavallero at The Belmont Pumpers!!!! We are so excited to share our convo with THE ONE AND ONLY – PAUL CAVALLERO!!!!!!!!!!! You know him as DJ James Kennedy’s roommate or as Lisa Vanderpump labeled him ” a weirdo”  He tells a really funny story about Faith and how she hustled him at…
Jan 24, 2019
Katie calls it like she sees it! S7-Ep7
Katie calls it like she sees it Season 7 Ep 7 Girls Night In Hi Guys: We were sooooo excited for this episode to air cause we thought that we may be able to spot ourselves! But, no! Darn! Listen to us recap the epi and drop in our own experiences at these events! Thank…
Jan 23, 2019
Love thy Mother S7-EP6
Love thy Mother Season 7 Episode 6 We had so much fun recapping this episode! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
Jan 17, 2019
Social Media Breakdown!
Social Media Breakdown! Happy Sunday! We wanted to do a quick pod on all things social media for you guys! We get into all of the latest drama! Enjoy the newest #pumprules episode on Monday night and we will be back on Tuesday! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Jan 14, 2019
Ice Queens S7-EP5
It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!! No wait, It’s OUR BIRTHDAY’S!!!!!! Happy New Year, Pumpers! Hope you all had a good one! Enjoy this super long episode! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Jan 09, 2019
I won’t ever do anything naughty again! Season 7 Episode 4
I won’t ever do anything naughty again! Season 7 Episode 4   Happy Holidays Pumpers! We just want to thank you so much for listening! Enjoy your family and friends and let’s chat about the episode!   xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Dec 24, 2018
Gay Pride Exclusive Season 7 Episode 3
Gay Pride Exclusive Season 7 Episode 3!!!! Guys, We have a super amazing guest this week, Tasha!!! Tasha was at Gay Pride during the filming of the famous James/ Katie showdown! She shared so much inside info with us! Sarah dropped a holiday single and we have a giftbag giveaway! Hope you guys have a…
Dec 18, 2018
Riddle me this?? Season 7 Episode 2
Riddle me this??? Season 7 Episode 2   Pumpers: Episode 2 was all about HOPE – What did you think????? We catch up on social media and podcast news and have a special guest call in! Shoutout to Pamela! Wait till you guys hear how amazing she is!!!! Thanks again for messaging and calling in!…
Dec 11, 2018
A Decent Proposal Season 7 Episode 1
A Decent Proposal  Season 7 Episode 1 Can you believe Season 7 is finally here? We dive DEEP into the first episode and break down the entire episode! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah
Dec 06, 2018
Viewing Party Recap!
Viewing Party Recap! You guys, it all HAPPENED! Hear all about our amazing viewing party! We take you all the way through our amazing night! Thank you so much to everyone who came! Hollie and Sarah
Dec 06, 2018
Viewing Party Reminder & Updates
Viewing Party Reminder and Updates   Pumpers! Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules is ALMOST HERE!  Are you coming to the viewing party!?!?!?!?!! RSVP at Hope to see you there! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Nov 30, 2018
****RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Episode 6
****RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Episode 6   Lisa’s Angels   Back by popular demand!!!! You guys wanted an episode for Thanksgiving, here it is!!!! This episode is all about Jax and Stassi fighting on the float and Tom and Kristen fighting on the sidewalk! And let’s be honest, the true STAR of this episode…
Nov 22, 2018
PCA’s & Vanderpump Dog Gala Fashion Review
PCA’s and Vanderpump Dog Gala   ******** This episode we talk about Fashion! Sarah’s designer sister is in town for Thanksgiving and weighs in on all of the fashion! Super LONG LONG LONG episode for your Thanksgiving drive!  Also, Sarah may or may not be having a Scheana moment in this episode.    ************************************* Don’t…
Nov 21, 2018
****RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Episode 5
RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Episode 5 ********** FINALLY!!!! We finally posted an episode! We explore the “Surlesque”episode! Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!   xoxo
Nov 20, 2018
Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Trailer!
It is FINALLY here!!! The Vanderpump Rules, Season 7 TRAILER! We go scene by scene and unpack this sucker! So excited for this season! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Nov 02, 2018
She wears a size XL!
She wears a size XL! Hi Everyone! This week we talk about RHOC and some social media! Vanderpump Rules is back December 3rd and we can’t wait! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Oct 26, 2018
****RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 EP 4
**** RETRO VANDERPUMP RULES!!!! Season 2 Episode 4   Chad is back to recap season 2 ep 4! This is the intro to Ariana!!!!!!! Enjoy!
Oct 15, 2018
Calling Carter!
Calling Carter! This week we talk about D D D D DALLAS! And as usual we chat Vanderpump gossip AF  
Oct 14, 2018
Short Skinny Fries
Short Skinny Fries This week we talk about some Vanderpump Rules gossip and social media. We discuss skinny fries and crickets! Have a great week! Hollie and Sarah
Oct 10, 2018
Juicy Turd and Cooks Corner
Juicy Turd and Cooks Corner! Guys, we talk about Vanderpump Rules, OC and Dallas! We started out thinking this would be a 45 minutes podcast episode and BOOM we almost hit 2 hours! It is currently 2AM and I am dying( this is Hollie) this has taken FOREVER to post! We love you so much!…
Oct 04, 2018
Sunday Funday with Heather!
Sunday Funday with Heather! Happy Sunday!  Hollie and Sarah are joined by Heather to discuss the Tribeca TV Film Fest to catch up on the New York Reunion and Dallas! Have the best week ever! xoxo  
Sep 30, 2018
Moral Compass Straight to Hell!
Moral Compass Straight to Hell! Hi Guys!!! We are back to talk about Vanderpump Rules social media and sleigh rides! LOL We cover the latest episode of the OC Housewives! Our winners of the giveaway are announced and we get to talk about our latest sponsor- Poshmark! Use our code: VRP   Thank you so…
Sep 28, 2018
Spin Class Touching
Spin Class Touching Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a great week! This episode we cover social media and OC Housewives! Enjoy!
Sep 19, 2018
OC Housewives Event and ATM’d
OC Housewives Event and ATM’d   We went to an event in Newport Beach, CA to meet OC Housewives cast member- Emily. Lynn and Peggy were also there!  We chat it up at a bar afterwards with Julia! ( Sorry about the ambiance sound and interruptions)  We share tons of stories and much more!  …
Sep 10, 2018
Back at it again!!!!
Back at it again! Guys, we are back! We talk about Jax and Brittany’s engagement party and everything else that comes to our minds – which is a lot! HAHAHA We chat about the latest ep of Orange County!   Make sure you join our FB Group!   Have a great week! xoxo, Hollie and…
Aug 31, 2018
Tom Tom Review
We went to TOM TOM!!!!! We give a full review of everything we drank/ate and saw! It was such a fun night! Special shout out to Logan, our server! He was soooo amazing!   Check out our FB Group to see the pics!  
Aug 22, 2018
Jax rants, Mexico & chatting with Bex!
This episode we catch up on all of Jax Taylor’s ridiculous social media rants. Hear all about how Jeremy Madix spent the night at Sarah’s house! We cover social media updates, the opening of Tom Tom & Mexico! We chat about Orange County Houswives and have the best time talking to Bex!!!! Bex visited SUR/PUMP/TOM…
Aug 14, 2018
Social Media, Review of THE ROW & OC Housewives
Social Media, Review of THE ROW & OC Housewives   Hi Pumpers, We chat it up about all of the Vanderpump Rules social media gossip- aka Jax Taylor! We rented Lala Kent’s new movie- THE ROW- We do have a few spoilers in there -so forward if you haven’t seen it:) Last, we discuss Orange…
Jul 29, 2018
New Poems by Sarah and Social Media!
New Poems by Sarah and Social Media! Hi Y’all! We are back again w. a new episode! Sarah shares (2) new poems! They are brilliant! The 1st is about Tom Sandoval and the 2nd is about Rachael O’Brien!  We get into some random topics and also cover some social media updates! ENJOY!  
Jul 19, 2018
Girls Night In and Social Media Recap
Girls Night In and Social Media Recap! Hi Everyone! We recap our night at Girls Night In on 7/3/18 and talk all about the social media happenings! We also announced the winners of the James Mae T-Shirts! Be sure to catch the password for Annabelle Desisto’s Crystal kits! We will be giving away 5! To…
Jul 11, 2018
Interview with Annabelle Desisto
Interview with Annabelle Desisto We are sooo excited to share our latest podcast with Annabelle Desisto! We have loved her since she was on Straight up with Stassi and followed her blog and now her podcast – Adderall and Compliments!!! We chat about Southern Charm, The Housewives & Vanderpump Rules!!!!! Social Media for Annabelle: FB…
Jul 08, 2018
RETRO Vanderpump Rules – Season 2 – Episode 3
******RETRO Vanderpump Rules! Season 2 Episode 3  ONLY THE LONELY! Hi Guys! Chad is back for a RETRO Vanderpump Rules!!! We talk about the Vanderpump Rules crew heading to Lake Arrowhead for T. Sandy’s performance! Jax reveals his Stassi tattoo~! Don’t forget we will be releasing a new episode THIS SATURDAY! Hope you all enjoy!…
Jul 06, 2018
Brunch and OOTD Party Update
Brunch and OOTD Party Update Sarah gives us a play by play of her latest trip to SUR/PUMP/TOMTOM & the scoop on Stassi’s National OOTD Party!!!! We also talk about some of the latest social media happenings! Make sure you enter to win a JAMES MAE T-Shirt by the ONE AND ONLY KRISTEN DOUTE!  …
Jul 02, 2018
Crossover with Lara Marie Schoenhals from Sexy Unique Podcast!
Crossover Episode with THE ONE AND ONLY – Lara Marie Schoenhals from Sexy Unique Podcast!!!! We are HUGE Sexy Unique Podcast fans and LOVE Lara! We met at the iconic Mixology at the Grove and it all happened! Join us as we chat up Lara on all things #pump rules! We hear about her date…
Jun 19, 2018
Season 6 Highlights! Episode 1-10
Season 6 Highlights! Episode 1-10   Join us as we give our highlights of season 6! We jump back in and do a review of the season- We def found it interesting seeing the timeline of events~ We are super excited to start planning the 1st annual Vanderpump Rules Party- Party! HAHAHAHAAHA! Hope you guys…
Jun 12, 2018
Emergency Episode! Brittany and Jax are engaged, y’all!!!
Hey Guys!  We are back with an emergency episode! Why? Jax and Brittany are engaged, y’all!!!!!! Sarah reads 3 poems about Brittany, Jax & Peter!!!!!! You will die! It’s the Royal Wedding of our time! Let’s discuss!!!!! Join our FB Group! See you next Tuesday! xoxoxoxoxxoxox
Jun 09, 2018
The History of Vanderpump Rules Party
The History of Vanderpump Rules Party Podcaast! Hi Guys! We missed you! This week Sarah and Hollie talk about all of their Vanderpump Rules encounters! From Comedy Shows to Sur we review it all! Next week we will be doing a season 6 highlights episode! Thank you so much for sticking with us during off-…
Jun 06, 2018
Secrets Revealed S6-EP25
Secrets Revealed Season 6 Episode 25 We just can’t quit you, Vanderpump Rules!!! This episode we talk about our latest trip to SUR for See you next Tuesday w. DJ James! We have an amazing encounter w. Paul- James’ roommate!!!!   We breakdown the Secrets Revealed episode! Join our FB Group! Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast!…
May 31, 2018
Reunion Part 3
Reunion Part 3!   We are soooo happy to welcome our friend Heather Johnson to our podcast!  We talk all things Reunion Part 3! What a season this has been! Enjoy!   Join our closed group on Facebook!!!! vanderpump rules party  
May 22, 2018
Reunion Part 2!
Reunion Part 2!!! We just witnessed the second installment of the Vanderpump Rules, Season Six Reunion- Part 2! We recap the episode in detail! Join us!!!!! Follow us on twitter @vprpartypodcast Insta @vanderpumprulesparty email or leave us a VM @ (805)Vander-8 Join our closed/private FB group! Legit the best group of  people!!!   
May 15, 2018
Reunion Part 1 – Season 6
Reunion Part 1 Woah!!!!!! This episode did NOT disappoint!!! It was fast and exciting! Hollie and Sarah break it down in detail!   
May 08, 2018
Bonus: Big Bear Cabin Journey!
BONUS EPISODE! Guys, we recorded our thoughts and review on Rob Valletta’s cabin in Big Bear! We had the best time and were honestly shocked at how nice it was! Listen to all the details here! xoxo, Sarah and Hollie  
May 07, 2018
Southern Charm Recap with Sarah & Michaela
Sarah and Michaela break down the last 2 episodes of Southern Charm! They are recording in Big Bear, CA at Rob Valletta’s cabin!!! Tune in to hear their take on Southern Charm! Make sure to join our Private/Closed Facebook Group! Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast  
May 07, 2018
Holy Crappens! Watch What Crappens!!!!
Watch What Crappens and Vanderpump Rules Party collide! We talk all thing #pumprules!!! Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam join Hollie Bohorquez and Sarah Cee and magic happens! It’s all happening! Make sure to check out their podcast! Find them on itunes and all podcast platforms! We can’t wait to chat with them again!    
May 01, 2018
Season Finale!! S6-EP21
Season Finale!!! Season 6 Episode 21 We break down the Season Finale fresh off of talking with the King’s of Bravo- Ben and Ronnie from Watch What Crappens! Patrick and his trench coat love to watch Lisa Vanderpump… leave. Scheana rocks a hard hat & the Tom’s cut another check! Stay tuned this weekend for…
May 01, 2018
From What I Gather…. S6-EP20
From What I Gather…. Season 6 Episode 20 Buckle up- this is a super long episode! Sarah and Hollie break down the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules! From Jax and Brittany breaking up to Lala performing for her co-workers we talk about it all!!!! Hope you all have the best day! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Apr 27, 2018
RHONY & Southern Charm Round Up!
What’s up, Vanderpump Rules Party!!!!! Sarah and Hollie chat it up about RHONY and Southern Charm! They cover the first three episodes of the new season! Tune in on Wednesday for the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules! Have a great week!  
Apr 22, 2018
Reiki Breaky Heart S6-EP19
Reiki Breaky Heart  Season 6 Episode 19 Hi Guys! We get it all in this episode! From Kristen and Carter to Stassi and Patrick to Brittany and Jax the drama just keeps flowing! Let us know what you think! Love,  Hollie and Sarah
Apr 17, 2018
Karma is a bitch! S6-EP18
Karma is a Bitch! Season 6 Episode 18 Kristen flails her body around worried about the James rumor. Jax smiles talking to Kelsey. Jax flips out. Come listen to our WWHL LA journey! Have a great week, Pumpers! Join our FB Group!!! Vanderpump Rules Party!!!!    
Apr 11, 2018
I’m really a fun girl. S6-EP17
The Smoking Gun Season 6 Episode 17 Kristen Doute is finally back in the game! We have more Mexico mayhem from the crew! Let’s dive into the latest episode!  
Apr 04, 2018
Out is that way! S6-EP16
Out is that way! Season 6 Episode 16 We are in Mexico for more fun!!! The crew hits a water park and Sur Steakhouse! Kristen Doute falls on her way to the ocean and its amazing! Let us know what you thought of the episode! Join our Private/Closed FB Group!!! Vanderpump Rules Party Email-…
Mar 27, 2018
Tampa or Bust! S6-EP15
Season 6 Episode 15 Tampa or Bust! This week our beloved Jax Taylor is offered his “dream job” in Tampa. Kelsey helps him work through this. Brittany is not sure she is down w. Tampa. The crew heads to Mexico and the fun begins! Tune in w. us as we break it down! Hope you…
Mar 20, 2018
Jeremy Madix Interview Part Two
Catching up with Jeremy Madix and talking about this week’s episode – We address viewer questions about the episode and his past/present. Hope you guys enjoy this!!!1 xoxo,  Hollie and Sarah **Join our private/closed FB Group under Vanderpump Rules Party Follow us on Insta @vanderpumprulesparty Twitter @vprpartypodcast Email: Follow Jeremy Madix: Insta- @jeremymadix &…
Mar 16, 2018
Watch your back! S6-EP14
Pumpers! What did you guys think of this episode!?!?! From Jax’s 38th bday- to Jeremy and Billie Lee! We talk about it all! Sorry for the sound quality- we did this in Minnesota/Cali xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Mar 14, 2018
Vegas! Baby? S6-EP13
Vegas! Baby? Season 6 Episode 13 Sur has recovered from the fire and the gang is off to Las Vegas! Brittany takes a couple shots before shoving her clear blue test up there- hahaha! Come hang w. us while we break it all down! Love, Hollie and Sarah    
Mar 07, 2018
Wishful Sinking! S6-EP12
Wishful Sinking Season 6 Episode 12 Jax almost drowned! Scheana enforced the Big Bear Cottage checklist and we are all just along for the ride!!!!!   xoxo, Hollie and Sarah Join our FB Group!!!  
Feb 27, 2018
It’s all happening! S6-EP11
It’s all happening! Season 6 Episode 11 This episode was packed with Scheana and bejeweled scooters! James turned up in Big Bear and Rob hopefully got enough sleep to drive the boat! Can’t wait to discuss all of this with you! Be sure to find our FB group! Email us at xoxo, Hollie and…
Feb 20, 2018
Screams and Queens S6-EP10
Screams and Queens Season 6 Episode 10 Well, it is finally here- Stassi and Ariana’s Birthday Parties! Patrick is truly terrifying. Connect with us on our FB Closed Group! Email:
Feb 13, 2018
Call me Jason S6-EP9
Call me Jason! S6-EP9   Hey Guys, we really went long on this episode- if you want to skip our social media/announcements- skip ahead to minute 52-ish. #pumprules delivers another awesome episode full of parties, fights & a fire! Don’t forget to email us the password to enter to win Kristina Kelly’s new Rose Water…
Feb 06, 2018
Bonus- Review of Scheana’s Las Vegas Show!
Hey Guys, We went to Las Vegas to see Scheana’s show- Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man. We had a really good time!  Listen to our tips and use them if you are thinking of attending! We give you the pro’s and con’s of the show! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Jan 30, 2018
Fake Mates S6-EP8
Fake Mates S6 – EP8 Boy oh Boy did it go down!!! We have Sherri and Tiffany in town- love the jumpsuit themed trip- thanks to Kristen! Logan and James continue their story- Scheana and Schwartz get into it! Check out this uber long epiosde!   Thanks so much for listening! Hollie and Sarah
Jan 30, 2018
It’s not about the PASTA!!! S6-EP7
Gay Pride Day & Fights about Pasta! This episode is packed with soooo much!   Email us at Thank you so much for listening! Hollie and Sarah
Jan 23, 2018
**Interview with Faith Stowers!!!!
Pumpers! We got to chat it up w. Faith Stowers! We were able to catch up w. her over the phone and it was EVERYTHING! She clears up soooo much! You have to listen! Let us know what you think! You can follow Faith Stowers on insta and twitter Insta= @kingfaithhope Twitter=@faithstowers   As always,…
Jan 18, 2018
See You Next Tuesday! S6-EP6
Pumpers, Another episode packed full of magic!!!! We died at the black trench & DJ James! Let us know what you think!!! Email us at Leave us a VM at (805)Vander-8 Thank you so much! Hollie and Sarah!
Jan 16, 2018
Sex, Lies & NO Audio! S6-EP5
Pumpers, Can you believe we didn’t get to hear the audio this week!?!?!?! Can we get a Hell Yes – to T. Sandy’s overalls? So much Vander= Goodness in this episode! Email us at Thank you so much for listening!!!   Hollie and Sarah
Jan 09, 2018
Absinthe of the Mind! S6-EP4
Hey Guys, This episode was amazing! Loaded w. soooo much Vanderpump goodness~ First- we discuss social media and what the cast was doing for the New Year- so if you want to jump right into the episode – forward to about 22 minutes:) We can’t wait for next week! One word= Audio!!!!! Email us at…
Jan 03, 2018
Save a Horse – Ride T. Sandy S6-Ep3
Hey Guys!!!! Check out our recap of episode 3 of season 6 of #PumpRules!!! Make sure you listen for the new password that will enter you into our newest giveaway- !!!!  Congrats to all of our LALA Kent Lipgloss winners! Email us at Or you can leave us a Voicemail at (805) Vander-8 Thank…
Dec 19, 2017
Lie till you die! S6-Ep2
Hey Guys!!! What did you think of episode 2 of season 6??????? Can you believe Jax admitted to sleeping with Faith?!?!?!! ( Only one time tho) Patrick gets some air time! Can’t wait to hear what you think of this episode!!! Email us at Leave us a VM at (805)Vander-8   ***Winners of the…
Dec 12, 2017
Faith it till you make it! S6-EP1
Pumpers, we are back!!!! Season 6 Episode 1!!! This episode had so much packed into it! From Faith to Logan!!!!! ****Listen for the password to enter our giveaway- Email it to *** First 5 correct answers will receive a lipstick set from Ariana Madix’s new Frankie Rose Collection!!!! We love you guys! Hollie and…
Dec 09, 2017
Ariana Madix Lipstick Set Event & Stassi Meltdown
Pumpers! OMG! December 4th cannot come soon enough! We are so excited! We can’t wait to watch this season with you! We attended Ariana Madix’s lipstick Set Event and it was amazing! Ariana was sooo nice! We made sure to pick up some sets to give to you guys, too! So stay tuned! We talk…
Dec 01, 2017
Season 6 Preview Review!!! ( December 4th!!!)
Pumpers! We are back! What did you all think about the season 6 trailer???? I mean, we have another Stassi/Ariana bday – we have DJ James and Lala!!! It is packed and we cover it all! ** We had some sound issues this episode! We will get that fixed ASAP!   Please email us at…
Nov 16, 2017
Interview with Aaron (Brittany’s Ex BF)
Hey Pumpers: In honor of Jax Taylor blocking us for this episode- we have decided to release to iTunes! This episode was first released a month ago on Patreon for charity. Thank you so much to everyone for supporting it!   Aaron Miller was featured on episode 4 of Jax and Brittany take Kentucky! We…
Oct 12, 2017
***Interview with Jeremy Madix
Vanderpump Rules Party People!!!! Check out this interview with “The Brad Pitt of Bravo” JEREMY MADIX! It was such a pleasure podcasting with him! He is such a cool guy! We know you guys will love getting to know Ariana’s little bro!!! We talk about Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 and so so so much…
Oct 12, 2017
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules- Season 2 Episode 2
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules!!!!! Season 2 Episode 2 BRANDED   Pumpers: Chad is back to recap RETRO Vanderpump Rules episodes!!!!! We talk about Season 2 Episode 2!!! Ugggghhh- The Stassi/ Scheana drama is cray! Jax gets a Stassi tattoo and so much MORE! This episode Scheana hurts her foot. Chad comes up with the most brilliant…
Oct 02, 2017
FINALE- Jax and Brittany take Kentucky -EP 6
Pumpers, we made it! We made it all the way to the season finale of Jax and Brittany take Kentucky! Hit us up and let us know what you thought! Praying to the Bravo GODS for a soundtrack!!!!! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah
Sep 27, 2017
“Prayers over Wieners” – EP -5
Jax and Brittany take Kentucky! Episode 5 Prayers over Wieners!!!! This episode was so dark! Yikes! Make sure you check out our Patreon page! We have an exclusive interview  with Aaron Miller ( Brittany Cartwright’s ex) For only $1 you can check it out… 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Relief! Thanks…
Sep 20, 2017
Jax and Brittany take Kentucky – EP 4
Jax and Brittany take Kentucky- EP 4 The Gospel according to Jax Guys, What did you think of this episode?!?! It was all about Aaron for us! Love you! Hollie and Sarah
Sep 14, 2017
Jax and Brittany take Kentucky- EP 3
We made it to Episode 3, guys! This week we get to see more of Brittany’s friends – this time out at a club & her family for a fundraiser.   Let us know what you think of the show so far! Email us at You can leave us a VM at (805)Vander8  …
Sep 07, 2017
Jax and Brittany take Kentucky – EP 2
Pumpers, There are no words for this episode. We are still trying to process what a POS- Jax Taylor is. What the actual eff!?  Brittany lost her SPARK?! So triggered. Email us! VM: (805)Vander-8
Aug 31, 2017
Jax and Brittany take Kentucky – EP 1
Pumpers, We are back to cover the latest Vanderpump show- aka Jax and Brittany take Kentucky! We cover episode 1 and it gets real! We have Jax ( the city boy- eye roll) and Brittany and it is magic! This is def helping ease the pain of not having a new season of Vanderpump Rules…
Aug 31, 2017
Social Media Recap- All about Stassi!
Hi Everyone!!! We missed you all so much! We do a recap on all things going on w. the cast!!! Email us any questions at or leave us a VM at (805)VANDER-8   Thank you!  
Aug 31, 2017
Deep Dive on Brittany Cartwright
Hi Guys: We are back! We missed you! We are talking about the latest cast trip to Mexico and the tweet sent to Stassi from Randall Emmet’s wife! We talk about Brittany Cartwright. Did she have a BF when she met Jax Taylor in 2015? You can stalk him with the info below! Twitter: @julysown5…
Aug 03, 2017
***New Cast Member Reveal & Filming Details!!!!
Pumpers! We are back! We have been to Sur THREE times since we last recorded a podcast and we have the JUICE! Tune in to hear all about filming and a BRAND NEW CAST MEMBER Billie Lee! This is a super long episode, so listen to as much as you can! We got a tad…
Jun 29, 2017
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Episode 1
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules!!! Pumpers: We made it to Season 2! Tooth or Consequences!!!!  We loved this episode and felt like it really sets the stage for the season! As always, please please SUBSCRIBE to our podcast and rate & review ( we would sooo appreciate it!) Email: Voicemail: (805)vander-8 Pumpers 4 LIFE, Yo!  
Jun 05, 2017
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules – Season 1 * Secrets Revealed!
Pumpers, Are you feeling the #pumprules love!?!?! We are back at it with the Season 1 Secrets Revealed episode! Chad deep dives into why Jax is sooo into talking about sex and we discuss all of the scenes that are covered in this extra episode of season 1!!!! Please email us any comments or questions!…
May 30, 2017
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 1 Episode 9 *REUNION
Pumpers!!! We made it!  We finally whipped out the latest RETRO epsisode of Vanderpump Rules Party! A special shoutout to Chad for sticking with us and rocking these episodes! This is Season 1 Episode 9 – REUNION This reunion had such a unique feel to it! Andy Cohen was sooo into it and it felt…
May 25, 2017
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 1 Episode 8
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 1 Episode 8- FINALE **** Pumpers: We are back! Chad is here to recap the season finale of Season ONE! From the Sur photoshoot to Laura Leigh booking a movie we cover it all! Email us at We love you Pumpers soooo much!  
May 23, 2017
Social Media Recap
Pumpers, we miss you sooo much! So much has been happening on social media since the show has ended! We are here to break it down! Come join our party of deep diving all things Vanderpump Rules. Check back soon for a retrocast ( sorry, guys!) Next up we are going to devote an entire…
May 09, 2017
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 1 Episode 7
RETRO Vanderpump Rules!!!! Season 1 Episode 7 “In love with someone else” Pumpers, this is it. The iconic Laura-Leigh AA meeting scene! We attempt to deep dive into all things Laura-Leigh but come up w. nothing. Help! Our other obsession this episode is when Laura-Leigh calls Stassi a “Spolled” brat instead of a “spoiled” brat!!!…
Apr 21, 2017
Season 5 Reunion **Part 3
Season 5- Reunion Part 3 Pumpers, this is not goodbye! We will be here for you during the summer! We plan to talk about everything! The Scheana and Shay scene was so awkward. What did you guys think?!?!?!!??! xoxo,  Vanderpump Rules Party
Apr 18, 2017
BONUS- Dinner at Sur
****** BONUS******* Listen to hear all the details of our dinner at Sur! We had the best time….checking everyone and everthing out! We love you PUMPERS!  
Apr 11, 2017
Season 5 Reunion ** Part 2
Pumpers, here it is! Our recap of the Season 5 Reunion- Part 2~! It was soo sooo good! Make sure you listen to our BONUS episode about our visit to Sur! We love you, Pumpers! xoxo
Apr 11, 2017
Season 5 Reunion ** Part 1
Season 5 Part 1 Reunion! Pumpers! How amazing was this reunion show?!?!?!!? And it was only part 1! We have so many comments!!!! Can’t wait for part 2 and 3! Leave us a VM at (805) VANDER-8 Email us at  
Apr 06, 2017
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 1 Episode 6
RETRO!!!!!! ***RETRO VANDERPUMP RULES Season 1 Episode 6 FRANK GETS FIRED! and Jax and LL bang in the restroom! THIS EPISODE is GOLD! Chad and Hollie run down the deets! **** The reunion podcast will be released Wednesday night! We love you PUMPERS!!!!! xoxo
Apr 05, 2017
Season 5 Episode 21 We finally have made it to the END! Although we are so sad this season is over… we are SO SO SO SO HAPPY that Katie and Schwartz are FINALLY married! I mean, right!!?!?!?!?! Join us as we break down this episode! xoxo,  Vanderpump Rules Party 
Mar 28, 2017
Season 5 Episode 20 Taco Tuesday, Wednesday Wedding Pumpers, here is an extra long episode! We got it all in this 1 of 2 part wedding episode! The triplets gave us life and we talk about it all! Thanks so much for listening! xoxo
Mar 21, 2017
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 1 Episode 5
***RETRO Vanderpump Rules!!!! Season 1 Episode 5   ONE NAME……. Laura Leigh!   Holy hell! She was the best Vanderpump Rules character ever! This is a much watch episode!   Thanks for listening!  
Mar 20, 2017