Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger

By Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM

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Category: Fitness & Nutrition

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 Apr 19, 2019


Have you ever wondered if there’s a natural way to lower your high blood pressure, guard against Alzheimers, lose weight, and feel better? Well as it turns out there is. Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, founder of, and author of the instant New York Times bestseller “How Not to Die” celebrates evidence-based nutrition to add years to our life and life to our years.

Episode Date
Raising Healthy Children
Today we explore the best foods to counteract autism, childhood infections and cognitive defects.
Oct 17, 2019
The Latest on Men’s Health
Today we zero in on the best diet for a problematic prostate.
Oct 10, 2019
The Latest on Women’s Health
Today we look at cannabis for breastfeeding and pregnant women and the use of fennel and ginger for painful periods.
Oct 03, 2019
Too Much of a Green Thing?
Turns out there may be a down side to large amounts of a few green, leafy vegetables.
Sep 26, 2019
Nutrition Facts Grab Bag 12
Today we look at the effectiveness of duct tape for wart removal, we create a solution for washing fruits and vegetables, and examine the remarkable impact of the structure of food.
Sep 19, 2019
The Healthiest Way to Cook
Today we find out what happens when we boil, steam and fry our food.
Sep 12, 2019
Just Say No to Reflux
When your food tries to escape back up your esophagus – it’s time to take action.
Sep 05, 2019
One on One with Tino of Bananiac
Today Dr. Greger is interviewed by the nutritionist Tino of the Bananiac podcast.
Aug 29, 2019
Preventing Osteoarthritis
That feeling in your bones? Today we examine which foods can help with joint health.
Aug 22, 2019
Antioxidant Crusaders
Hat’s off to the compounds that help defend our cells from damage.
Aug 15, 2019
Rethinking Saturated Fats?
Don’t reach for that stick of butter anytime soon.
Aug 08, 2019
Nutrition Facts Grab Bag 11
Today we explore cooking to live longer, the health benefits of coffee, and pesticides in Marijuana.
Aug 01, 2019
Today’s Power Food: Blueberries
The star of our show today is a multi-talented fruit.
Jul 25, 2019
A Longer Life
Today we look at the best way to live healthier into old age.
Jul 18, 2019
Manipulating the Science
What happens when industry and facts collide.
Jul 11, 2019
Love Those Avocados
They’re green, they’re mushy and they’re loaded with goodness.
Jul 04, 2019
Wary of Dairy
The traditional appeal of dairy gets a closer look.
Jun 27, 2019
Do You Have Orthorexia?
What is orthorexia? If you follow a healthy diet, you could be described as an orthorexic.
Jun 20, 2019
Microplastics and You
Microplastics are everywhere. In fact, you may be eating or drinking them right now.
Jun 13, 2019
Nutrition Chat with Gianna Simone
Today I share with you a chat I had with actress Gianna Simone on a wide variety of nutrition topics.
Jun 06, 2019
Nutrition Facts Grab Bag 10
On the docket today: cell phone radiation, marijuana edibles, and a study that reveals who has the healthiest thoughts and habits about food.
May 30, 2019
Today’s Power Food: Walnuts
Today we begin the first in an occasional series – highlighting one healthy food with demonstrable health benefits
May 23, 2019
Baby Blues
Infertility is a common condition. Today we look at dietary issues that may impact it.
May 16, 2019
A Healthy Thyroid
It controls your metabolism, produces hormones, regulates your body temperature. So what can we do to keep it healthy?
May 09, 2019
Teeth and Smiles
Today we find out how plant-based diets may help prevent oral disease, such as gum disease.
May 02, 2019
A World without Back Pain
Got an achy back? Time to take a closer look at your diet.
Apr 25, 2019
Getting Arthritis Under Control
Today we look at the best way to treat arthritis – and manage the inflammation that causes it.
Apr 18, 2019
New Studies on Breast Cancer
Which foods help mitigate the risk of breast cancer? Let’s find out what the science says.
Apr 11, 2019
Happier and Healthier
Today we look at research that shows the effects of certain foods and nutrients on mental illness.
Apr 04, 2019
DNA Protection and Diet
There are ways to limit the DNA damage that occurs in our bodies everyday. Here’s how.
Mar 28, 2019