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 Feb 19, 2022

Ted Smith
 Jul 25, 2021
I have been listening for years. Very entertaining, thanks a lot for all of the interesting stories and topics.

 Jan 6, 2021
Dave & Tim funny AF.

 Dec 1, 2019
Tim and Dave are the best. Smart, Funny, Informative! Love this podcast and True Crime Tuesday!

 Apr 18, 2019


The Best in Paranormal Talk Radio Tim Dennis & hosts take listeners on an entertaining journey into all aspects of the supernatural, from ghosts and aliens, to monsters, mysteries, myths & legends with guest experts, experiencers and eye witnesses. With over 16 years experience they continue to be your guides to the encounters that seem to lie just outside the limits of normal life and just past the boundaries of the darkness on the edge of every town.

Episode Date
S19 Ep89: Supernatural News/Parashare: MUFON's UFO Evidence & Jack & The Skinwalker Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Jul 24, 2024
S19 Ep88: All In A Day's Work: An Officer's Accounts 20 Years NYPD w/ John Ferriso
Jul 23, 2024
S19 Ep87: One Giant Leap For Mankind: The 55th Anniversary of Apollo 11
Jul 18, 2024
S19 Ep86: Supernatural News/Parashare: Clear UFO Pictures & Bigfoot's Message of Doom Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Jul 17, 2024
S19 Ep85: The Last Story: The Murder of an Investigative Journalist in Las Vegas w/Arthur Kane
Jul 16, 2024
S19 Ep84: Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction w/ Mitch Horowitz
Jul 11, 2024
S19 Ep83: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien Strangeness, Gassy Planets, & Bizarre Anomalies Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Jul 10, 2024
S19 Ep82: Shadow Men: Murder, Media, & Privilege in Jazz Age America w/James Polchin
Jul 09, 2024
S19 Ep81: An OPUS of Paranormal Trauma and Fatigue w/Les Velez
Jul 04, 2024
S19 Ep80: Supernatural News/Parashare: World UFO & Independence Day 2024 Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Jul 03, 2024
S19 Ep79: Dumb Crimes/Stupid Criminals 0702 w/Jessica Freeburg
Jul 02, 2024
S19 Ep78: The Legend Of Ogopogo: Canada's Loch Ness Monster w/Jason Hewlett
Jun 27, 2024
S19 Ep77: Supernatural News/Parashare: Spraying Stonehenge, Concrete Alien Proof, & Wine of the Dead Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Jun 26, 2024
S19 Ep76: The Plastic Magician: How To Turn A Mountain Of Marijuana & Cocaine Into A Pile Of Credit Card Fraud Millions! w/Ronnie Baker
Jun 25, 2024
S19 Ep75: The Afterlife Chronicles: Exploring The Connection Between Life, Death, and Beyond w/Nicole Strickland
Jun 20, 2024
S19 Ep74: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien Walk-Ins, Psychic Doomsday, & Vampire Bigfoot Edition w/Mallie Fox
Jun 19, 2024
S19 Ep73: Ripped From The Headlines / Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals 0618 w/Jessica Freeburg
Jun 18, 2024
S19 Ep72: Painting A Perfect Picture Of Life After Death w/Reverend Donna Voll
Jun 13, 2024
S19 Ep71: Supernatural News/Parashare: Gov't Alien Coverups, Bigfoot Hunting, & Atheist NDE's Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Jun 12, 2024
S19 Ep70: Baker, Liar, Con Man, Thief: Escaping The Law One Identity At A Time w/ DJ Adler
Jun 11, 2024
S19 Ep69: The Unwelcomed: Murder, Mental Illness, The Demonic, & Extraterrestrials w/Ron Felber
Jun 06, 2024
S19 Ep68: Supernatural News/Parashare: AI Advice, Harried Hauntings, & Spielberg's Project Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Jun 05, 2024
S19 Ep67: Lake County: Movie Stars, Making The Odds, and Murder w/Lori Roy
Jun 04, 2024
S19 Ep66: Ulterior Motives :"Everyone Knows That" Music, & Paranormal, & Horror Films, Mix Beautifully W/ The Booth Brothers
May 30, 2024
S19 Ep65: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien Junk, Endangered Ghosts, & Death Whistles Edition w/Mallie Fox
May 29, 2024
S19 Ep64: Of Mobsters and Movie Stars: The Bloody Golden Age Of Hollywood w/Joan Renner
May 28, 2024
S19 Ep63: Spirituality In Music: Does Creativity Spawn From Humanity or The Divine? w/Steve Vai
May 23, 2024
S19 Ep62: Supernatural News/Parashare: Government Disclosure, Vatican Supernatural Protocol & Debunking Mandela Effect Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
May 22, 2024
S19 Ep61: Ripped From The Headlines / Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals 0521 w/Mallie Fox
May 21, 2024
S19 Ep60: A Journey Of Paranormal Proportions w/ Dr. Heather Lynn
May 16, 2024
S19 Ep59: Supernatural News/Parashare: Haunted Jails. Death Caves & Zombies Edition w/Mallie Fox
May 15, 2024
S19 Ep58: When Cicadas Cry: Murder, Death Row & Racial Tensions in The Deep South w/Caroline Cleveland
May 14, 2024
S19 Ep57: True Ghost Stories by the Campfire w/Jim Harold
May 09, 2024
S19 Ep56: Supernatural News/Parashare: UFO Clusters, Psycho Robot Overlords & Britney Spears Mandela Effect Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
May 08, 2024
S19 Ep55: Women Who Murder: Everything Is Fair Play With The Fair Sex w/ Mitzi Szereto
May 07, 2024
S19 Ep54: Women On The Fringe: Paranormal Groundbreakers w/Marie D. Jones, Nicole Strickland, & Denise A. Agnew
May 02, 2024
S19 Ep53: Supernatural News/Parashare: Spiders From Mars, AI Rap Beef, & A Dying Wish Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
May 01, 2024
S19 Ep52: Paranormal Justice: Hauntings, Cryptids, and Curses In The Court Of Law w/Brad Blair
Apr 30, 2024
S19 Ep51: Hunting Grounds: Dogmen of the Lakes w/Aaron Deese
Apr 25, 2024
S19 Ep50: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien Egg Harvesting, AI Dogfights,& Sasquatch Scat Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Apr 24, 2024
S19 Ep49: Killing Time With John Wayne Gacy w/Karen Conti
Apr 23, 2024
S19 Ep48: Near Death Experiences: Afterlife Journeys and Revelations w/Jim Willis
Apr 18, 2024
S19 Ep47: Supernatural News/Parashare: Baby Aliens, Traveling Through Time, & Ghost Hunter Killing Vampires Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Apr 17, 2024
S19 Ep46: Connected By Fate: Finding Melissa Witt's Killer w/ LaDonna Humphrey
Apr 16, 2024
S19 Ep45: Bram Stoker: Father Of Dracula w/ Dacre Stoker
Apr 11, 2024
S19 Ep44: Supernatural News/Parashare: Eclipse Sickness, Deathbed Confessions, and Fatal Addictions Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Apr 10, 2024
S19 Ep43: A Killing On The Hill w/ Robert Dugoni
Apr 09, 2024
S19 Ep42: The Skinwalkers: American Werewolves 2: Terror Takes Over Four Corners w/Seth Breedlove
Apr 04, 2024
S19 Ep41: Supernatural News/Parashare: British Bigfoot. Elvis' Ghost & Havana Syndrome Edition w/Mallie Fox
Apr 03, 2024
S19 Ep40: Matterhorn: Death At 14,000 Feet w/Christopher Reich
Apr 02, 2024
S19 Ep39: What Happens When Evil Can't Be Stopped w/Nathaniel J. Gillis
Mar 28, 2024
S19 Ep38: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien Life Near Jupiter. AI Girlfriends, & Nostradamus is Right After All Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Mar 27, 2024
S19 Ep37: Zenith Man: Death, Love, and Redemption in a Georgia Courtroom w/McCracken Poston Jr.
Mar 26, 2024
S19 Ep36: Uncovering The Supernatural: A Journey With Phantom Detectives LLC w/Joshua Chaires
Mar 21, 2024
S19 Ep35: Supernatural News/Parashare: Ghosted At The Altar Edition w/Mallie Fox
Mar 20, 2024
S19 Ep34: The Berman Murders: Unraveling The Mojave Desert's Most Mysterious Unsolved Crime w/Doug Kari
Mar 19, 2024
S19 Ep33: Shadows In The Desert: High Strangeness In The Borrego Triangle w/ Derek Hayes & David Flora
Mar 14, 2024
S19 Ep32: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien Lies. Mandela Effect, and Killer Drones Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Mar 13, 2024
S19 Ep31: Ripped From The Headlines / Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals 0312 w/Jessica Freeburg
Mar 12, 2024
S19 Ep30: The Atheist and The Afterlife w/Ray Catania
Mar 07, 2024
S19 Ep29: Supernatural News/Parashare: Sex With The Supernatural Edition w/Mallie Fox
Mar 06, 2024
S19 Ep28: Alcatraz Ghost Story: Roy Gardner's Amazing Train Robberies, Escapes, & Lifelong Love W/ Brian Stannard
Mar 05, 2024
S19 Ep27: Tales From Goodlife, Mississippi: Supernatural Lessons For Your Heart And Soul w/Eileen Saint Lauren
Feb 29, 2024
S19 Ep26: Supernatural News/Parashare: Crazy AI, Ghost Children, & Giant Snakes Edition w/Mallie Fox
Feb 28, 2024
S19 Ep25: Filthy Murders Of Ye Olde Rochester w/Michael Benson
Feb 27, 2024
S19 Ep24: Chosen: A Deeper Dive Into The Most Famous UFO Cases On Earth w/Cheryl Lynn Carter
Feb 22, 2024
S19 Ep23: Supernatural News/Parashare: Militant Aliens, Angry Elementals, & Modern Day Miracles Edition w/Mallie Fox
Feb 21, 2024
S19 Ep22: Ripped From The Headlines / Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals 0220 w/Mallie Fox
Feb 20, 2024
S19 Ep21: Lemuria: The True Story Of A Fake Place w/Justin McHenry
Feb 15, 2024
S19 Ep20: Supernatural News/Parashare: Be Still My Macabre Little Heart Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Feb 14, 2024
S19 Ep19: Almost Surely Dead w/Amina Akhtar
Feb 13, 2024
S19 Ep18: Hypocrisy VS. Mysticism, Wisdom, & Morality: Lenny Bruce Speaks From Beyond w/ Linda Meris
Feb 08, 2024
S19 Ep17: Supernatural News/Parashare: Giant Martians, Time Travelers, & Haunted Mansions Edition w/Mallie Fox
Feb 07, 2024
S19 Ep16: Killer Queens; Bruce McArthur: The Toronto Gay Village Murders w/Alan R. Warren
Feb 06, 2024
S19 Ep15: Sigils, Area 51, Haunted Dolls, & An Alien That Belonged To Art Bell w/ Joshua P. Warren
Feb 01, 2024
S19 Ep14: Supernatural News/Parashare: A.I. Did Tay Tay DIIIRRRTTTYYY Edition w/Mallie Fox
Jan 31, 2024
S19 Ep13: Friends, Family, & Neighbors: Stories Of Murder & Betrayal w/Richard Estep
Jan 30, 2024
S19 Ep12: H.O.P.E. In Hearing Voices From The Spirit World w/Joshua Louis
Jan 25, 2024
S19 Ep11: Supernatural News/Parashare: Finding Life On Other Worlds While Experimenting On Dead Presidents Edition w/Mallie Fox
Jan 24, 2024
S19 Ep10: Wrongfully Convicted & The Fight To Be Exonerated w/ Marvin Haynes
Jan 23, 2024
S19 Ep9: The Secrets of Sasquatch Sounds & Quantum Bigfoot w/Ron Morehead
Jan 18, 2024
S19 Ep8: Supernatural News/Parashare: ALIENS, ALIENS EVERYWHERE!! Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Jan 17, 2024
S19 Ep7: Becoming Clark Rockefeller: From Con Man To Murderer w/ Frank Girardot Jr.
Jan 16, 2024
S19 Ep6: Pawtographs for Pooches: Murray's Legacy w/ Tim Maile
Jan 11, 2024
S19 Ep5: Supernatural News/Parashare: Aliens At The Mall & Bigfoot In A Ghost Town Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Jan 10, 2024
S19 Ep4: The Real Mr. Big: The UK's Most Notorious Cocaine Kingpin w/Ron Chepesiuk
Jan 09, 2024
S19 Ep3: Dream Guidance: Manifesting Life Plans and Ancestral Advice w/ Machiel Klerk
Jan 04, 2024
S19 Ep2: Supernatural News/Parashare: Getting Sexy In Space While Cryptids & Cursed Paintings Burn Up With The Earth Below Edition w/Jessica Freeburg
Jan 03, 2024
S19 Ep1: Ripped From The Headlines / Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals 0102 w/Beer City Bruiser
Jan 02, 2024
S18 Ep157: Deliverance From Evil: Transformation From Victim To Victor w/ Bill Bean
Dec 28, 2023
S18 Ep156: Supernatural News/Parashare: I Don't Think Those Lights In The Sky Are Santa Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Dec 27, 2023
S18 Ep155: Christmas Murders/Dumb Crimes - Stupid Criminals w/Beer City Bruiser
Dec 26, 2023
S18 Ep154: The Alpha & The Omega, NDE, and Alien Healing w/Teri Lynge-Kehl
Dec 21, 2023
S18 Ep153: Supernatural News/Parashare: Scary Christmas 2023 Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Dec 20, 2023
S18 Ep152: Wrecking Crew 2: Deconstructing the Case Against Steven Avery w/ John Ferak
Dec 19, 2023
S18 Ep151: Bigfoot and Beyond: Monsterwatching with Eric Altman
Dec 14, 2023
S18 Ep150: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien Coverups, Unusual Funerals, & Unicorn Puppies Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Dec 13, 2023
S18 Ep149: The Applicant: Crimes of Privilege and Passion with Rebecca Hanover
Dec 12, 2023
S18 Ep148: Bleedthrough: A True Story Of Aliens, Demons & Pure Evil in Texas w/ Pat O' Connell
Dec 07, 2023
S18 Ep147: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien Captives, AI Masters, & Blue People Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Dec 06, 2023
S18 Ep146: Starkweather: The Killing Spree That Changed America w/Harry N. MacLean
Dec 05, 2023
S18 Ep145: The Alchemy of Transformation: NDE's, Time Slips, Mantis Creatures, and Money Manifestation w/Nicole Majik!
Nov 30, 2023
S18 Ep144: Supernatural News/Parashare: Haunted Dolls & Run Runaway Roomba Edition w/Mallie Fox
Nov 29, 2023
S18 Ep143: Ripped From The Headlines / Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals 1128 w/Beer City Bruiser
Nov 28, 2023
S18 Ep142: The Sykesville Monster, Cryptids, Aliens. and Other Thanksgiving Tales w/Lon Strickler
Nov 23, 2023
S18 Ep141: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Spirits of Thanksgiving '23 Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Nov 22, 2023
S18 Ep140: Gangsters Don't Die w/Tod Goldberg
Nov 21, 2023
S18 Ep139: The Fright Before Christmas: Surviving Krampus & Other Yuletide Monsters w/Jeff Belanger
Nov 16, 2023
S18 Ep138: Supernatural News/Parashare: Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch & Goin' Cryptid Crazy Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser!
Nov 15, 2023
S18 Ep137: The Serial Killer's Son Takes A Wife w/ Michael Libling
Nov 14, 2023
S18 Ep136: Pet Spirits, Ghosts and Spirits in the Afterlife, and What Does A Medium Do On Vacation? w/ Rob Gutro
Nov 09, 2023
S18 Ep135: Supernatural News/Parashare: A Demon Named George Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Nov 08, 2023
S18 Ep134: The Spy Coast w/Tess Gerritsen
Nov 07, 2023
S18 Ep133: Edison in the Hood: The Crossroads Where AI and DNA Make A New Human w/ Nadia Uddin
Nov 02, 2023
S18 Ep132: Supernatural News/Parashare: Halloween Hangover 2023 Edition w/ Mallie Fox
Nov 01, 2023
S18 Ep131: Halloween Murders and Crimes/Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals w/Mallie Fox
Oct 31, 2023
S18 Ep130: Exploring the Celestial Plasma Waters of The Afterlife with Ra Castaldo
Oct 26, 2023
S18 Ep129: Supernatural News/Parashare: Spooky, Bloody, Scary, It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Oct 25, 2023
S18 Ep128: Broadway Butterfly: Murder, Conspiracy. & Cover-Up in New York w/ Sara DiVello
Oct 24, 2023
S18 Ep127: The Elements of The Elements: Alchemy, Ancient Egypt, and the Templars w/ Timothy Hogan
Oct 19, 2023
S18 Ep126: Supernatural News/Parashare: How Spooky Is Too Spooky Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Oct 18, 2023
S18 Ep125: The Dead Soul with M. William Phelps
Oct 17, 2023
S18 Ep124: Stolen Seed, Evil Harvest w/Karin Wilkinson
Oct 12, 2023
S18 Ep123: Supernatural News/Parashare: Screaming Sharks, Flying Spiders, & Cults Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Oct 11, 2023
S18 Ep122: Monsters On The Loose: Three Unsolved Murders in Prohibition Era San Diego w/Researcher/Author Richard L. Carrico
Oct 10, 2023
S18 Ep121: Breaking Down The Dead Files w/ Cindy Kaza
Oct 05, 2023
S18 Ep120: Supernatural News/Parashare: Life Is An Illusion, Afterlife Is A Reality Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Oct 04, 2023
S18 Ep119: Introducing Hometown Ghost Stories
Oct 04, 2023
S18 Ep118: Miranda's Victim w/ George Kolber
Oct 03, 2023
S18 Ep117: The Estes Method & EVPs: The Search For Ghostly Voices w/Nicole Tito
Sep 28, 2023
S18 Ep116: Supernatural News/Parashare: The AI/Alien Probes Attack Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Sep 27, 2023
S18 Ep115: The Taken Ones w/ Jess Lourey
Sep 26, 2023
S18 Ep114: Goodbye Hello: Processing Grief and Understanding Death Through The Paranormal w/ Adam Berry
Sep 21, 2023
S18 Ep113: Supernatural News/Parashare: Sometimes A Magic Bullet IS a Magic Bullet Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Sep 20, 2023
S18 Ep112: Dr. Francis Tumblety and The Railway Ripper w/Michael L. Hawley
Sep 19, 2023
S18 Ep111: Paranormal Africa, Extraordinary Legends & Lore, and Remote Viewing w/ MJ Dickson
Sep 14, 2023
S18 Ep110: Supernatural News/Parashare: Giant Balls and Monster Calls Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Sep 13, 2023
S18 Ep109: The Combat Zone: Murder, Sex, and Racial Strife in 1970's Boston w/ Jan Brogan
Sep 12, 2023
S18 Ep108: Attack of the Klickitat Ape Cat, and the Mystery of Mt. Adams w/James Szubski
Sep 07, 2023
S18 Ep107: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Paranormal Is Going To The Dogs Edition w/Mallie Fox
Sep 06, 2023
S18 Ep106: Crazy Charlie: Carlos Lehder, Escobar, Castro, Cocaine, and the Medellin Cartel w/Ron Chepesiuk
Sep 05, 2023
S18 Ep105: Walking Between The Realms w/ John Zaffis
Aug 31, 2023
S18 Ep104: Supernatural News/Parashare: Killer Planets, Cryptids, & Christ Apps Edition with Beer City Bruiser
Aug 30, 2023
S18 Ep103: Ripped From The Headlines/Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals/Countdown 2 Labor Day Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Aug 29, 2023
S18 Ep102: 20 Ways To Increase Your Psychic Abilities w/ John Russell
Aug 24, 2023
S18 Ep101: Supernatural News/Parashare: Fast & The Furious Bone(r) (Birthday) Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Aug 23, 2023
S18 Ep100: Grim Paradise: The Search For The Mackinac Island Killer w/Rod Sadler
Aug 22, 2023
S18 Ep99: The Horrors of the House of Wills w/ Daryl Marston
Aug 17, 2023
S18 Ep98: Supernatural News/Parashare: Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't Edition with Beer City Bruiser
Aug 16, 2023
S18 Ep97: Bad Henry: The Murderous Rampage of the Taco Bell Strangler w/Ron Chepesiuk
Aug 15, 2023
S18 Ep96: Travels Through Time: Time Travel, Stacked Time Theory & UFO's w/ Mike Ricksecker
Aug 10, 2023
S18 Ep95: Supernatural News/Parashare: AI Giveth, & AI Bloweth You Away Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Aug 09, 2023
S18 Ep94: Countdown To Murder: Money, Killing, & Deception: Alex Murdaugh & Pam Hupp w/ Rebecca F. Pittman
Aug 08, 2023
S18 Ep93: Fermi's Paradox, The Argument Against Alien Life, & Why They Aren't Taking Us Over w/ MC Henry
Aug 03, 2023
S18 Ep92: Supernatural News/Parashare: Whistleblowers, Scandals, & Scams Edition with Beer City Bruiser
Aug 02, 2023
S18 Ep91: Ripped From The Headlines/Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals/ Summer Scorcher Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Aug 01, 2023
S18 Ep90: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication With Karen A. Dahlman and Jack
Jul 27, 2023
S18 Ep89: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Return of The Cruiser & The Bruiser Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Jul 26, 2023
S18 Ep88: Chasing Shadows: A True Story of Drugs, War, and International Crime w/Miles Johnson
Jul 25, 2023
S18 Ep87: A Journey Beyond The Edge Of Life w/Sana Brauner
Jul 20, 2023
S18 Ep86: Supernatural News/Parashare: Do You Actually Believe This Crap Edition with Bob Dennis
Jul 19, 2023
S18 Ep85: What The Dead Know: The Life Of A NY Death Investigator w/Barbara Butcher
Jul 18, 2023
S18 Ep84: Exorcising Our Demons w/ The Legion Of Exorcists Feat. Scott Johnson, Rita Strugala, & Shawn Whittington
Jul 13, 2023
S18 Ep83: Supernatural News/Parashare: Did Anybody Catch Where Those Aliens Landed Edition w/Mallie Fox!
Jul 12, 2023
S18 Ep82: THE DELPHI MURDERS: The Quest To Find The Man On The Bridge w/ Nic Edwards
Jul 11, 2023
S18 Ep81: My Summer Vacation Studying The Occult w/ Andy Sharp
Jul 06, 2023
S18 Ep80: Supernatural News/Parashare: Fireworks Hangover Edition w/Mallie Fox
Jul 05, 2023
S18 Ep79: Ripped From The Headlines/Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals/ Fourth of July Edition w/Mallie Fox
Jul 04, 2023
S18 Ep78: Something Strange Has Invaded Missouri w/ Jason Offutt
Jun 29, 2023
S18 Ep77: Supernatural News/Parashare: Mallie Catches A Ghost With AI Edition w/Mallie Fox
Jun 28, 2023
S18 Ep76: The Doodler Murders: Unsolved Murders In San Francisco w/ Alan Warren
Jun 27, 2023
S18 Ep75: The Sounds of Spirits: Using Music In Paranormal Investigation w/ACG Paranormal
Jun 22, 2023
S18 Ep74: Supernatural News/Parashare: How Much Is That Nessie In The Window Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Jun 21, 2023
S18 Ep73: Child Last Seen: The Search For Patty Desmond w/ Maureen Boyle
Jun 20, 2023
S18 Ep72: Women Of The Paranormal: Buried Legacies w/ Alex Matsuo
Jun 15, 2023
S18 Ep71: Supernatural News/Parashare: It's Raining UAP's, HALLEJUJAH! Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Jun 14, 2023
S18 Ep70: Catching A Killer: The Art of Murder Investigation in the UK w/ Stuart Gibbon
Jun 13, 2023
S18 Ep69: The Nixon-Gleason Alien Encounter w/ Paul Blake Smith
Jun 08, 2023
S18 Ep68: Supernatural News/Parashare: A Cast Member Dies By The End Of This Show Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Jun 07, 2023
S18 Ep67: Pro Bono: The 18 Year Defense of Caril Ann Fugate w/Jeff MacArthur
Jun 06, 2023
S18 Ep66: That Demon Claimed My Soul and Took My Unborn Baby w/Nathaniel Gillis
Jun 01, 2023
S18 Ep65: Supernatural News/Parashare: I Think We Just Discovered Shaqsquatch Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
May 31, 2023
S18 Ep64: Ripped From The Headlines/Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals/ Memorial Day Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
May 30, 2023
S18 Ep63: The Texas Dogman Triangle, Texas Terror Dogs & Other Monsters w/ Aaron Deese
May 25, 2023
S18 Ep62: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien Thrills and Cures That Kill Edition with Beer City Bruiser
May 24, 2023
S18 Ep61: Oliver Stone's Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza w/ Fred Litwin
May 23, 2023
S18 Ep60: Crop Circles: Exposing The Secret Language Of The Dragon w/ LA Marzulli
May 18, 2023
S18 Ep59: Supernatural News/Parashare: MAJOR ALIEN NEWS Edition with Beer City Bruiser
May 17, 2023
S18 Ep58: Secrets Of A Hollywood Private Eye w/ Fred Wolfson & Burl Barer
May 16, 2023
S18 Ep57: Portals To New Horizons W/ Katrina Weidman
May 11, 2023
S18 Ep56: Supernatural News/Parashare: Insert Your Sarcasm Here (That's What She Said!) Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
May 10, 2023
S18 Ep55: Ripped From The Headlines/Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals/ We Eat Our Own Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
May 09, 2023
S18 Ep54: Facing Forward: Using Intuition and Insight Psychically To Conquer The World w/Ann Johnson
May 04, 2023
S18 Ep53: Supernatural News/Parashare: Satan Is Just Alright With Boston Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
May 03, 2023
S18 Ep52: Self Defense Or Murder: The Exoneration Of Kent McGowen
May 02, 2023
S18 Ep51: Exploring Ghosts and the Afterlife w/ Kelsey Bohlen & Dr. Steve Sayre
Apr 27, 2023
S18 Ep50: Supernatural News/Parashare: HEY YOU, DUCK! Gloom & Doom, Despair & Destruction Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Apr 26, 2023
S18 Ep49: The Scandalous Hamiltons: Grift, A Disgraced American Icon, & The Birth of Tabloid Journalism w/Bill Shaffer
Apr 25, 2023
S18 Ep48: Secret Space UFOs: Apollo 1 - 11 w/Darcy Weir
Apr 20, 2023
S18 Ep47: Supernatural News/Parashare: In Heaven There Is No Beer Edition with Beer City Bruiser
Apr 19, 2023
S18 Ep46: Stealing Manhattan: The Untold Story of America’s Billion Dollar Gem Heist Masterminds w/Burl Barer & Punch Stanimirovic
Apr 18, 2023
S18 Ep45: Talking To Spirits w/ Sterling Moon
Apr 13, 2023
S18 Ep44: Supernatural News/Parashare: AI Plans The End Of Humanity Edition with Beer City Bruiser
Apr 12, 2023
S18 Ep43: Triple Jeopardy: Three Strikes: But Not Out w/ Dr. Rita Ali
Apr 11, 2023
S18 Ep42: Exploring Greatness: Previewing This Season Of Ghost Hunters w/ Steve Gonsalves
Apr 06, 2023
S18 Ep41: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Ghosts Be Shoppin', Amirite?! Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Apr 05, 2023
S18 Ep40: Silent Silhouette ... Who killed Deborah Sue And Why? w/ George Jared
Apr 04, 2023
S18 Ep39: Demonic Foes w/ Dr. Richard Gallagher
Mar 30, 2023
S18 Ep38: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Aliens Didn't Get Us, But The Asteroid Might Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Mar 29, 2023
S18 Ep37: Death By Talons w/ Tiddy Smith
Mar 28, 2023
S18 Ep36: The West Virginia Dogman and Other Creepy Tales w/ Dave Spinks
Mar 23, 2023
S18 Ep35: Supernatural News/Parashare: Save The Paranormal Drama For Your Mama Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Mar 22, 2023
S18 Ep34: Lou and Jon Benet: Searching For The Real Killer w/John Wesley Anderson
Mar 21, 2023
S18 Ep33: The Harrisville Haunting: The Real Conjuring House w/Joe Vitale
Mar 16, 2023
S18 Ep32: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien Tech, Trucker Ghosts, & Lovely Nessie Humps Edition with Beer City Bruiser
Mar 15, 2023
S18 Ep31: With The Devil's Help: A True Story of Poverty, Mental Illness, & Murder w/Neal Wooten
Mar 14, 2023
S18 Ep30: Source Magic: The Origin of Art, Science, & Culture w/ Carl Abrahamsson
Mar 09, 2023
S18 Ep29: Supernatural News/Parashare: Sleepy Ghosts. Artsy Curses, and Paranormal Drama Edition with Mallie Fox
Mar 08, 2023
S18 Ep28: The Unveiling: A Bullet Breaks A Family, A Mother Fights To Heal It w/ Ruth Markel
Mar 07, 2023
S18 Ep27: Never Goodbye, Only Goodnight: Lessons From The Afterlife w/ MJ Dickson & Richard Estep
Mar 02, 2023
S18 Ep26: Supernatural News/Parashare: Rogue Planets, Conspiracy Theories, & Naughty Walruses Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Mar 01, 2023
S18 Ep25: The Gorilla Man Strangler w/ Alvin Esau
Feb 28, 2023
S18 Ep24: Slip Slidin' Away With The Slipstream Shaman w/ Todd Wilcox
Feb 23, 2023
S18 Ep23: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Aliens Get Revenge Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Feb 22, 2023
S18 Ep22: Ripped From The Headlines: All Rise and Get Bum Rushed in the Court Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Feb 21, 2023
S18 Ep21: Take Me To Heaven With You: Shared Death Experiences and Near Death Experiences w/ Dr. Scott Taylor
Feb 16, 2023
S18 Ep20: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien or Balloon... JUST SHOOT THAT THANG OUT THE SKY Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Feb 15, 2023
S18 Ep19: Stronger That That: A Domestic Violence Survivor Uncovers the Truth About Her Abuser w/ Sarah Doucette
Feb 14, 2023
S18 Ep18: Aliens, Traveling The Universe At Lightspeed, & The Unified Field Theory w/ Mark Fiorentino
Feb 09, 2023
S18 Ep17: Supernatural News/Parashare: AI Slowly Marches on Society Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Feb 08, 2023
S18 Ep16: Gasping For Air: Hunting With The Big Dogs W/ S.L. Ditmars
Feb 07, 2023
S18 Ep15: I Didn't Get To Say Goodbye... Now What Do I Do w/ Rev. Oreste D'Aversa
Feb 02, 2023
S18 Ep14: Is You Is Or Is You Ain't An Empath w/ Jennifer Maag
Feb 01, 2023
S18 Ep13: Deaf Row w/Ron Franscell
Jan 31, 2023
S18 Ep12: The Perfect Predator: The Race Against A SuperBug & Other Psychic Adventures w/Robert Linsy Milne
Jan 26, 2023
S18 Ep11: Supernatural News/Parashare: Wrestling With Death Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Jan 25, 2023
S18 Ep10: Deconstructing The Making A Murderer Case w/ Alan R. Warren
Jan 24, 2023
S18 Ep9: Catching Up with Kindred Spirits w/Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, & Chip Coffey
Jan 19, 2023
S18 Ep8: Supernatural News/Parashare: This Old Haunted House Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Jan 18, 2023
S18 Ep7: Ripped From The Headlines/Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals/ Shootings, Stabbings, & Sex Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Jan 17, 2023
S18 Ep6: Very Nice, Very Evil, Very Psychic w/ Brian Danhausen
Jan 12, 2023
S18 Ep5: Supernatural News/Parashare: Tiptoe Through The Tombstones Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Jan 11, 2023
S18 Ep4: Hidden Demons: Evil Visits A Small NE Town w/ Margery B. Metzger
Jan 10, 2023
S18 Ep3: Spirits Behind Bars: Shepton Mallet Prison & Skirrid Inn w/Richard Estep
Jan 05, 2023
S18 Ep2: Supernatural News/Parashare: Predicting Something Wicked This Way Comes Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Jan 04, 2023
S18 Ep1: Love Me To Death: The Chilling Story of William "Wild Bill Cody" Neal w/ Steve Jackson
Jan 03, 2023
S17 Ep157: An OPUS of Alien Proportions w/ Les Velez
Dec 29, 2022
S17 Ep156: Supernatural News/Parashare: Old Tales and New Year's Predictions Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Dec 28, 2022
S17 Ep155: Ripped From The Headlines/Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals/ Holiday Hell Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Dec 27, 2022
S17 Ep154: An Old Fashioned Spooky Christmas 2022 w/Bob Dennis, Beer City Bruiser, & Mallie Fox
Dec 22, 2022
S17 Ep153: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Spookiest of Christmases 2022 Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Dec 21, 2022
S17 Ep152: The Sealed Envelope: Was O.J. Simpson Framed for Murder
Dec 20, 2022
S17 Ep151: Computer Blew: Talk of Tulpas and Hitler's Monsters w/ Eric Kurlander
Dec 15, 2022
S17 Ep150: Supernatural News/Parashare: Holiday Spirits and Winter Strangeness Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Dec 14, 2022
S17 Ep149: ESCAPE FROM MARIUPOL: A Survivor’s True Story w/ Anne K. Howard
Dec 13, 2022
S17 Ep148: Goodbye, Biographer of Bray Road... A Tribute to Linda Godfrey
Dec 08, 2022
S17 Ep147: Darkness Radio presents Supernatural News/Parashare: AI Has It's Eye In You Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Dec 07, 2022
S17 Ep146: A Nest of Snakes w/ Deborah Levison
Dec 06, 2022
S17 Ep145: Tales of an Exorcist w/Bill Bean
Dec 01, 2022
S17 Ep144: Supernatural News/Parashare: Ghosts Haunting Us Throughout The Ages Edition w/ Mallie Fox
Nov 30, 2022
S17 Ep143: Ripped From The Headlines/Thanksgiving Leftovers Edition w/Mallie Fox
Nov 29, 2022
S17 Ep142: The Kinderhook Creature & the High Strangeness of the Hudson Valley w/Bruce G. Hallenbeck
Nov 24, 2022
S17 Ep141: Supernatural News/Parashare: Thanksgiving 2022 Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Nov 23, 2022
S17 Ep140: Destruction of Justice w/ Lawrence Davis
Nov 22, 2022
S17 Ep139: Diving Deep Into the Darkness w/ Destination Fear
Nov 17, 2022
S17 Ep138: Supernatural News/Parashare: Million-Airs Club Winner Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Nov 16, 2022
S17 Ep137: Strangled: Battling The Death Fetish Porn Industry w/ LaDonna Humphrey & Alecia Lockhart
Nov 15, 2022
S17 Ep136: Grey Aliens, AI, and the Battle for the Human Soul w/ Danielle Silverman
Nov 10, 2022
S17 Ep135: Supernatural News/Parashare: That Strange Thing in the Sky Just Drew What?! Edition
Nov 09, 2022
S17 Ep134: Big Dogs: On The Trail of a Serial Killer w/ Steve Ditmars
Nov 08, 2022
S17 Ep133: Return to the Lizzie Borden House w/ Jared Robinson
Nov 03, 2022
S17 Ep132: Darkness Radio presents Supernatural News/Parashare: Halloween 2022 Edition
Nov 02, 2022
S17 Ep131: The Best New True Crime Stories: Unsolved Crimes & Mysteries w/ Mitzi Szereto
Nov 01, 2022
S17 Ep130: Monsterland w/ Ronny LeBlanc
Oct 27, 2022
S17 Ep129: Darkness Radio presents Supernatural News/Parashare: Hitchhiking Aliens, Falling Coffins and Randy Ghosts Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Oct 26, 2022
S17 Ep128: American Murderer w/ Matthew Gentile
Oct 25, 2022
S17 Ep127: Adventures of a Paranormal Investigator w/ Brian J. Cano
Oct 20, 2022
S17 Ep126: Supernatural News/Parashare: Slash, Trash, Burp, and Blow Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Oct 19, 2022
S17 Ep125: Ripped From The Headlines/Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals/ Spooky Season Edition
Oct 18, 2022
S17 Ep124: Exposing The Dark Weapon of Sleep Paralysis w/ Vicki Joy Anderson
Oct 13, 2022
S17 Ep123: Supernatural News/Parashare: A Scary Listen, Relatively Speaking Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser & Robert Dennis
Oct 12, 2022
S17 Ep122: Bitter or Better: The Consequences of Hiring A Hit Man w/ Melisa Schonfield
Oct 11, 2022
S17 Ep121: Exploring The Little Book of Satanism w/ La Carmina
Oct 06, 2022
S17 Ep120: Supernatural News/Parashare: I Wouldn't Eat That, It Might Kill Ya Edition with Beer City Bruiser
Oct 05, 2022
S17 Ep119: By The Side Of The Road: The Abduction and Murder of Ann Harrison w/ Marla Bernard
Oct 04, 2022
S17 Ep118: The ReWatcher: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Oct 03, 2022
S17 Ep117: Deflecting Curses: The Bane of Negative Thinking w/ Yoitchi Utebi
Sep 29, 2022
S17 Ep116: Supernatural News/Parashare: I Think There is Something Dead in There Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Sep 28, 2022
S17 Ep115: Voices of True Crime: The O.J. Simpson Case w/ Alan R. Warren
Sep 27, 2022
S17 Ep114: The Skin That Crawls w/ Nathaniel Gillis
Sep 22, 2022
S17 Ep113: Supernatural News/Parashare: UFO, AI, & Mothman, Oh My! Edition with BCB & Mandy Leon
Sep 21, 2022
S17 Ep112: Little Voices From Beyond The Grave w/ Kiersten Parsons Hathcock
Sep 20, 2022
S17 Ep111: Haunted Castles & Royal Homes of the UK w/ MJ Dickson
Sep 15, 2022
S17 Ep110: Supernatural News/Parashare: Coffee With SCREAMER Edition with Jessica Freeburg
Sep 14, 2022
S17 Ep109: Going Under: Kidnaping, Murder, and a Life Undercover w/ John Madinger
Sep 13, 2022
S17 Ep108: Secret History of the Outlaws of the Wild, Wild West w/ Daniel J. Duke
Sep 08, 2022
S17 Ep107: Darkness Radio presents Supernatural News/Parashare: Pearls of Paranormal Wisdom Edition w/ Beer City Bruiser
Sep 07, 2022
S17 Ep106: Mystery At The Blue Sea Cottage w/ James Stewart
Sep 06, 2022
S17 Ep105: Haunted: Lindsey Higgins' Past Lives, Alien Abductions, & Ghostly Visitations
Sep 01, 2022
S17 Ep104: Supernatural News/Parashare: Having a Cryptid Cookout w/Beer City Bruiser
Aug 31, 2022
S17 Ep103: The Last Jewish Gangster: The Middle Years w/ David S. Larson
Aug 30, 2022
S17 Ep102: Dark Matter Monsters: Bigfoot, Ball Lightning, UFO's Appearing Together w/Dr. Simeon Hein
Aug 25, 2022
S17 Ep101: Supernatural News/Parashare: Doing Fireball Shots At Satancon with Beer City Bruiser
Aug 24, 2022
S17 Ep100: It's Not About The Gun w/ Kathy Stearman
Aug 23, 2022
S17 Ep99: Tales From The Inverted World: Confederate Gold & Howling Ghosts w/ Shane Cashman
Aug 18, 2022
S17 Ep98: Supernatural News/Parashare: Cruiser & Bruiser Raise The Dead Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Aug 17, 2022
S17 Ep97: I Don't Like Mondays: America's First School Shooting w/ N. Leigh Hunt
Aug 16, 2022
S17 Ep96: Great Lakes Monsters and Mysteries w/ Tim Ellis and Brad Blair
Aug 11, 2022
S17 Ep95: Supernatural News/Parashare: Earth Spins Me Right Round, BABY Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Aug 10, 2022
S17 Ep94: Girl In The Picture w/ Matthew Birkbeck
Aug 09, 2022
S17 Ep93: Lightbringers of the North: Secrets of the Occult Tradition of Finland w/ Vase Iitti
Aug 04, 2022
S17 Ep92: Supernatural News/Parashare: Hangin' With Bigfoot & Talkin' Mandela Effect Edition
Aug 03, 2022
S17 Ep91: The Tuskegee Strangler w/ Linda Lou Long
Aug 02, 2022
S17 Ep90: Rabbit Hole: The Vanishing of Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan w/ Chris Williamson
Jul 28, 2022
S17 Ep89: Supernatural News/Parashare: Strange Glows. AI Souls, & Hittin' all the Holes Edition
Jul 27, 2022
S17 Ep88: Jimmy The King: Murder, Vice, and the Reign of a Dirty Cop w/ Gus Garcia-Roberts
Jul 26, 2022
S17 Ep87: Hunting Werewolves & the Weirdness of the Wold Newton Triangle w/ Charles Christian
Jul 21, 2022
S17 Ep86: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Creature Feature Edition w/Beer City Bruiser
Jul 20, 2022
S17 Ep85: The Colony: Faith and Blood in a Promised Land w/Sally Denton
Jul 19, 2022
S17 Ep84: 125 Years of Dracula and the Stokerverse w/ Dacre Stoker & Chris McAuley
Jul 14, 2022
S17 Ep83: Supernatural News/Parashare: Short Attention Span Theater Edition w/Mallie Fox!
Jul 13, 2022
S17 Ep82: Ripped From The Headlines/Dumb Crimes/Stupid Criminals/717 Edition
Jul 12, 2022
S17 Ep81: Enter The Fright Club w/The Ghost Brothers
Jul 07, 2022
S17 Ep80: Supernatural News/Parashare: Creating Black Holes and Capturing Souls Edition
Jul 06, 2022
S17 Ep79: Gangster Stories From The Low Desert w/ Tod Goldberg
Jul 05, 2022
S17 Ep78: PTSDreams: Healing Trauma and Decoding Your Soul w/ Linda Yael Schiller
Jun 30, 2022
S17 Ep77: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Creepiest Episode Ever Edition
Jun 29, 2022
S17 Ep76: The Decision To Kill: A Teenage Killer and His Fight for Salvation w/Leslie Ghiglieri
Jun 28, 2022
S17 Ep75: Exploring Those Portals To Hell w/ Katrina Weidman
Jun 23, 2022
S17 Ep74: Supernatural News/Parashare: Aliens on the Oregon Trail Edition
Jun 22, 2022
S17 Ep73: Vampires, Gators, & Wackos: Tales of Florida Man w/Frank Stanfield
Jun 21, 2022
S17 Ep72: The Amazing Afterlife of Animals with Karen A. Anderson
Jun 16, 2022
S17 Ep71: Supernatural News/Parashare: Are Ghosts and Demons All In Your Head Edition
Jun 15, 2022
S17 Ep70: Ripped From The Headlines/Dumb Crimes-Stupid Criminals/Welcome to Audioboom
Jun 14, 2022
S17 Ep69: Trading Spooky Stories Around The Campfire w/Jim Harold
Jun 09, 2022
S17 Ep68: Supernatural News/Parashare: Having My Skynet Baby Edition
Jun 08, 2022
S17 Ep67: TCT: All Along The Watchtower: Murder At Fort Devens w/William J. Craig
Jun 07, 2022
S17 Ep66: A Flash Of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed
Jun 02, 2022
S17 Ep65: Supernatural News/Parashare: Shopping for Haunted Real Estate Edition w/Mallie Fox
Jun 01, 2022
S17 Ep64: TCT: Carmine and the 13th Ave. Boys: Surviving The Colombo Mob
May 31, 2022
S17 Ep63: The Gift of Past Lives & Reincarnation w/ David Bettenhausen & Carla Bogni-Kidd
May 26, 2022
S17 Ep62: Supernatural News/Parashare: Shooting Down Alien Ships & Haunting New Homes Edition
May 25, 2022
S17 Ep61: TCT: Calling From Beyond The Grave: New Exploits Of Ted Bundy w/ Kevin Sullivan
May 24, 2022
S17 Ep60: A Tear In The Sky: Aliens Among Us w/ Caroline Cory
May 19, 2022
S17 Ep59: Supernatural News/Parashare: To Haunt or Not To Haunt Edition
May 18, 2022
S17 Ep58: TCT: The Last Jewish Gangster w/ David S. Larson
May 17, 2022
S17 Ep57: Gods & Monsters: From Qesem Cave to Skinwalker Ranch w/ Andrew Collins
May 12, 2022
S17 Ep56: Supernatural News/Parashare: 22 Of The Spookiest Stories Ever Edition
May 11, 2022
S17 Ep55: TCT: The Girl I Never Knew: Who Killed Missy Witt w/ LaDonna Humphrey
May 10, 2022
S17 Ep54: Intersections: Alien Abduction. Past life Regression & Hypnotherapy w/ Lesley Mitchell-Clarke
May 05, 2022
S17 Ep53: Supernatural News/Parashare: National Paranormal Day Edition
May 04, 2022
S17 Ep52: TCT: Dead In The Water w/ Matthew Campbell & Kit Chellel
May 03, 2022
S17 Ep51: Exploring Strange and Scary Stories with Jim Harold
Apr 28, 2022
S17 Ep50: Supernatural News/Parashare: It's not the Size of the Moon, It's the Size of the Hole You Put In It Edition
Apr 27, 2022
S17 Ep49: TCT: Ripped From The Headlines II
Apr 26, 2022
S17 Ep48: The Ghost Marriage w/Kirsten Mickelwait
Apr 21, 2022
S16 Ep47: Supernatural News/Parashare: Can You Believe That Edition
Apr 20, 2022
S17 Ep46: TCT: The End Of Her w/ Wayne Hoffman
Apr 19, 2022
S17 Ep45: God, The Devil, and Me w/ Valerie Georgeson
Apr 14, 2022
S17 Ep44: Supernatural News/Parashare: DisclosureMania Edition w/Mallie Fox
Apr 13, 2022
S17 Ep43: TCT: Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story w/ Jessica Dimmock
Apr 12, 2022
S17 Ep42: Psi-Kids and MindPower Techniques w/ Elly Molina
Apr 07, 2022
S17 Ep41: Supernatural News/Parashare: That Ghost Wants To Slide Into My DM'S Edition
Apr 06, 2022
S17 Ep40: TCT: Bone Deep: Untangling the Betsy Faria Case w/Joel Schwartz
Apr 05, 2022
S17 Ep39: Encountering Anton LaVey and The Church of Satan w/Carl Abrahamsson
Mar 31, 2022
S17 Ep38: Supernatural News/Parashare: Haunted Dolls and Poetry Slams Edition
Mar 30, 2022
S17 Ep37: TCT: The Curse of the Turtle w/ Suzanne Buchanan
Mar 29, 2022
S17 Ep36: Mysterious Messages From Beyond w/ Von Braschler
Mar 24, 2022
S17 Ep35: Supernatural News/Parashare: That Alien Got Me Pregnant Edition
Mar 23, 2022
S17 Ep34: TCT: ShadowMan: A Psycho Killer & the Birth of FBI Profiling
Mar 22, 2022
S17 Ep33: Astrotheology and the Bible with Micah Dank
Mar 17, 2022
S17 Ep32: Supernatural News/Parashare: The MIB Teach Us To Talk To ET Edition
Mar 16, 2022
S17 Ep31: TCT: Ripped From The Headlines & Dumb Crimes/Stupid Criminals
Mar 15, 2022
S17 Ep30: Destination Fear: Trail to Terror w/Dakota Laden & Tanner Wiseman
Mar 10, 2022
S17 Ep29: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Demon in the Stone Edition
Mar 09, 2022
S17 Ep28: TCT: Ruse: From Hollywood to Wall Street w/ Robert Kerbeck
Mar 08, 2022
S17 Ep27: In Search Of The Electromagnetic Soul w/ Psychic Lawyer, Mark Anthony
Mar 03, 2022
S17 Ep26: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Mandela Effect is on My Bucket List Edition w/Mallie Fox
Mar 02, 2022
S17 Ep25: TCT: The Beatle Bandit w/Nate Hendley
Mar 01, 2022
S17 Ep24: Riding With Ghosts, Angels, Aliens, & Spirits of the Dead w/John Russell
Feb 24, 2022
S17 Ep23: Supernatural News/Parashare: Skynet Has Already Taken Over Edition
Feb 23, 2022
S17 Ep22: TCT: Holy Hell & The Disciples of Narcissistic Cult Leaders w/ Radhia Gleis
Feb 22, 2022
S17 Ep21: You Only Die Thrice w/ Rev. Peter Panagore
Feb 17, 2022
S17 Ep20: Supernatural News/Parashare: That Ghost Just Gave Me the Finger Edition
Feb 16, 2022
S17 Ep19: TCT: The FBI War on Tupac Shakur w/John Potash
Feb 15, 2022
S17 Ep18: The Empires of Atlantis w/ Marco Vigato
Feb 10, 2022
S17 Ep17: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Headless Podcast By The Railroad Tracks Edition
Feb 09, 2022
S17 Ep16: TCT: Immunity For Murder w David M. Beers
Feb 08, 2022
S17 Ep15: Elements of a Haunting w/ Brandon Alvis & Mustafa Gotallari
Feb 03, 2022
S17 Ep14: Supernatural News/Parashare: Let's Put It To Bed Once and For All Edition
Feb 02, 2022
S17 Ep13: TCT: Stealing Your Life and Getting Away With It w/ William Francavilla
Feb 01, 2022
S17 Ep12: Uri Gellar and The Search for The Ark Of The Covenant w/ Scott Wolter
Jan 27, 2022
S17 Ep11: Supernatural News/Parashare: It Ain't What You Think It Is Edition w/ Mallie Fox
Jan 26, 2022
S17 Ep10: TCT: KGB Banker w/ John Christmas
Jan 25, 2022
S17 Ep9: Remembering A UFO Researcher: Saying Goodbye To Butch Witkowski
Jan 20, 2022
S17 Ep8: Supernatural News/Parashare: My Cat Just Reincarnated As My Dog Edition
Jan 19, 2022
S17 Ep7: TCT: The Invisible Death Strike of Havana Syndrome w/Franc Milburn
Jan 18, 2022
S17 Ep6: Extraordinary: The Revelations of Disclosure w/ Jon Sumple
Jan 13, 2022
S17 Ep5: Supernatural News/Parashare: Aliens Destroy The Earth Edition
Jan 12, 2022
S17 Ep4: TCT: Small Town Secrets/ The Sons Of Sam
Jan 11, 2022
S17 Ep3: Ghost Hunters: Taps Returns w/ Jason Hawes
Jan 06, 2022
Special Addendum To This Week's True Crime Tuesday...
Jan 05, 2022
S17 Ep2: Supernatural News/Parashare: Attack of the Blue Meanie Edition
Jan 05, 2022
S17 Ep1: TCT: The Conviction of Ghislane Maxwell
Jan 04, 2022
S16 Ep153: Pathways of the Paranormal w/ Dustin Pari & Brian J. Cano
Dec 30, 2021
S16 Ep152: Supernatural News/Parashare: Get Your Tongue Off The TV Please Edition
Dec 29, 2021
S16 Ep151: TCT: They Oughtta Make A Law w/ John Thibault
Dec 28, 2021
S16 Ep150: How To Receive Your Holiday Miracle and Keep Getting Them All Year Long w/ Barry Shore
Dec 23, 2021
S16 Ep149: Supernatural News/Parashare: Flavor Flav Is The Global Timekeeper Edition
Dec 22, 2021
S16 Ep148: TCT: Attacked!: Bullied And Making Parents Accountable w/ Mark Simon
Dec 21, 2021
S16 Ep147: Life After Breath w/Jacob Cooper
Dec 16, 2021
S16 Ep146: Supernatural News/Parashare: Nostradamus Knows Edition w/ Mallie Fox
Dec 15, 2021
S16 Ep145: TCT: How to Spot A Sociopath/Psychopath w/ Richard Lettieri
Dec 14, 2021
S16 Ep144: Supernatural News/Parashare: Ouija Believe in Superstitions Edition
Dec 09, 2021
S16 Ep143: The Miracle Collectors
Dec 08, 2021
S16 Ep142: TCT: Killer Queens w/ Alan R. Warren
Dec 08, 2021
S16 Ep141: Requiem For A Friend: Remembering Tim Yancey
Dec 02, 2021
S16 Ep140: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Snallygaster vs. Zombie Shark Edition
Dec 02, 2021
S16 Ep139: TCT: Dumb Crimes & Stupid Criminals: Choke, Chomp, Chew Edition
Dec 01, 2021
S16 Ep138: Visions & The D'jinn w/ Scotty Roberts
Nov 25, 2021
S16 Ep137: Supernatural News/Parashare: Headless Horseman Edition
Nov 24, 2021
S16 Ep136: TCT: The JFK Assassination Dissected w/ Dr. Cyril Wecht
Nov 23, 2021
S16 Ep135: BEYOND PASCAGOULA - The Rest of the Amazing Story w/ Irena McCammon Scott, PhD.
Nov 18, 2021
S16 Ep134: Supernatural News/Parashare: Haunted & Hunted at Waverly Hills Edition
Nov 17, 2021
S16 Ep133: TCT: Look What You Made Me Do To You: A Survivor's Story
Nov 16, 2021
S16 Ep132: Hillbilly Horror Stories w/Jerry Paulley
Nov 11, 2021
S16 Ep131: Supernatural News/Parashare: Baffling Bigfoot Encounters Edition
Nov 10, 2021
S16 Ep130: TCT: The Flat Tire Murders w/ Michael P. Burns
Nov 09, 2021
S16 Ep129: Poltergeist Parallels & Contagion w/ Darren W. Ritson
Nov 04, 2021
S16 Ep128: Supernatural News/Parashare: Evil Eye Edition
Nov 03, 2021
S16 Ep127: TCT: Watch Me Die: Last Words from Death Row w/ Dr. Bill Kimberlin
Nov 02, 2021
S16 Ep126: Supernatural Stories Live with guest Nikki Folsom
Oct 28, 2021
S16 Ep125: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Nightmare of Black Eyed Kids Edition
Oct 27, 2021
S16 Ep124: TCT: Jane Doe #9: How I Survived R. Kelly with guest Lizzette Martinez
Oct 26, 2021
S16 Ep123: The Alaskan Triangle w/Mike Ricksecker
Oct 21, 2021
S16 Ep122: Supernatural News/Parashare: Horror or Hype Edition
Oct 20, 2021
S16 Ep121: TCT: Well-Mannered Crooks, Rogues & Crimes of Passion w/Mitzi Szereto
Oct 19, 2021
S16 Ep120: The Afterlife Frequency w/Mark Anthony
Oct 14, 2021
S16 Ep119: Supernatural News/Parashare: What Does Science to Say About Ghosts? Edition
Oct 13, 2021
S16 Ep118: TCT: Monster: The Life & Crimes of Wayne Chapman w/David McGrath
Oct 12, 2021
S16 Ep117: Demons w/Joseph Stewart
Oct 07, 2021
S16 Ep116: Supernatural News/Parashare: Raelins, Clones & Sex Robots Edition
Oct 06, 2021
S16 Ep115: TCT:Giovanni's Ring: My Life Inside the Real Sopranos w/Giovanni Rocco
Oct 05, 2021
S16 Ep114: Southern Ghost Stories: Opryland & More w/ Allen Sircy
Sep 30, 2021
S16 Ep113: Supernatural News/Parashare: Enter At Your Own Risk Edition
Sep 29, 2021
S16 Ep112: TCT: Frozen Tears: The Fort Leonard Wood MP Murders w/ J.B. King
Sep 28, 2021
S16 Ep111: Strange Stories of Aliens, Angels, and God from The Bible w/Jason Malott
Sep 23, 2021
S16 Ep110: Supernatural News/Parashare: Ghosts of 9/11 Edition
Sep 22, 2021
S16 Ep109: TCT: Put The Money In My Purse
Sep 21, 2021
S16 Ep108: The Curse of Lizzie Borden w/Chris Fleming & Sam Baltrusis
Sep 16, 2021
S16 Ep107: Supernatural News/Parashare: Defense Against the Old Hag Syndrome Edition
Sep 15, 2021
S16 Ep106: TCT: Bob Goes to Jail w/ Rob Sedgwick
Sep 14, 2021
S16 Ep105: Portals & The Haunted Forests of WWII Germany w/Anna Maria Manalo
Sep 09, 2021
S16 Ep104: Supernatural News/Parashare: Bermuda Triangle Reveals a Secret & Nessie Appears Edition
Sep 08, 2021
S16 Ep103: TCT: THE WHEELS OF JUSTICE: A 27-Year Battle To Convict a Killer w/Renee Fehr
Sep 07, 2021
S16 Ep102: Close Encounters of the 5th Kind w/ Martin Keller
Sep 02, 2021
S16 Ep101: Supernatural News/Parashare: Witches vs the Taliban Edition
Sep 01, 2021
S16 Ep100: TCT: Dumb Crimes/Stupid Criminals: Fast Food Felons & Naughty Lovin Edition
Aug 31, 2021
S16 Ep99: The Dark Djinn w/ Suffi Mystic Kamran Pasha
Aug 26, 2021
S16 Ep98: Supernatural News/Parashare: Rise of the Witch Edition
Aug 25, 2021
S16 Ep97: TCT:FORENSICS: The Science Behind the Deaths of Famous People w/ Dr. Harry Milman
Aug 24, 2021
S16 Ep96: Unleashing Intention w/ Greg Hammer, M.D.
Aug 20, 2021
S16 Ep95: Creepy Creatures of the Northwoods w/ Chad Lewis
Aug 19, 2021
S16 Ep94: Supernatural News/Parashare: Paranormal Playground Edition
Aug 18, 2021
S16 Ep93: TCT: 16 Minutes: The Murder of Matthew w/Diane Moore
Aug 17, 2021
S16 Ep92: The Ghosts of Greystone w/Clete Keith
Aug 12, 2021
S16 Ep91: Supernatural News/Parashare: Monsters & Motherships in Minnesota Edition
Aug 11, 2021
S16 Ep90: TCT: The Souls of the Lost Boys Speak w/John Wingate
Aug 10, 2021
S16 Ep89: Witchcraft, Magic and the Art of Necromancy w/ Dan & Kat Eckhart
Aug 06, 2021
S16 Ep88: True Stories of Hauntings, Possession, and Horror from the Bellaire House w/Kristin Lee
Aug 05, 2021
S16 Ep87: Supernatural News/Parashare: La Llorona & The Whispers of the Dead Edition
Aug 04, 2021
S16 Ep86: TCT: Raging On w/ Det. Paula May
Aug 03, 2021
S16 Ep85: Severing Spirit Attachments with the Living & The Dead w/Echo Bodine & Jamie Houk
Jul 30, 2021
S16 Ep84: The Possession w/Michael Gagliardi
Jul 29, 2021
S16 Ep83: Supernatural News/Parashare: French Phantoms & Crazy Creatures Edition
Jul 28, 2021
S16 Ep82: TCT: TerrorTown, USA: The Untold Story of Joliet's Notorious Serial Killer w/John Ferak
Jul 27, 2021
S16 Ep81: Darkness Radio presents Monsters, Ghosts & Mysteries in the Skies with Eric Mintel
Jul 23, 2021
S16 Ep80: The Conjuring: Sleepless Unrest with Richel Stratton & Brian Murray
Jul 22, 2021
S16 Ep79: Supernatural News/Parashare: Lucid Dreams & Alien Themes Edition
Jul 21, 2021
S16 Ep78: Time-Slips: Journeys into the Past and the Future w/Rodney Davies
Jul 15, 2021
S16 Ep77: Supernatural News/Parashare: Roman Ghosts & Trips to Hell Edition
Jul 14, 2021
S16 Ep76: Afterlife Insights into Suicide, Murder, Trauma w/ Siobhan Smith
Jul 08, 2021
S16 Ep75: Supernatural News/Parashare: Textorcisms Edition
Jul 07, 2021
S16 Ep74: Darkness Radio presents The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It with Jeff Belanger
Jul 02, 2021
S16 Ep73: Touched by Roswell: Crash Encounters of the Rich and Famous w/Thomas Carey
Jul 01, 2021
S16 Ep72: Supernatural News/Parashare: When the Dead Call Edition
Jun 30, 2021
S16 Ep71: TRUE CRIME TUESDAY SPECIAL: The Wonderland Murders w/ Michael Connelly
Jun 29, 2021
S16 Ep70: Trail of Bigfoot: Tracking the Enigmatic Giants of the Forest w/Mike Dupler
Jun 24, 2021
S16 Ep69: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Well To Hell Edition
Jun 23, 2021
S16 Ep68: Darkness Radio presents Elements of the Paranormal w/ Robert Major, Denise Marie, Eric Altman & Michelle Freed
Jun 18, 2021
S16 Ep67: Clairvoyage: Stories & Nightmares of Having Psychic Abilities
Jun 17, 2021
S16 Ep66: Supernatural News/Parashare: Ghosts Caught on Camera Edition
Jun 16, 2021
S16 Ep65: Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts : The Curious Case of Bishop Pike w/ Mark Anthony
Jun 11, 2021
S16 Ep64: Yorkshire’s Weird Wolds: Werewolves, Ghosts & Screaming Skulls w/ Charles Christian
Jun 10, 2021
S16 Ep63: Supernatural News/Parashare: Lady Gaga's Ghost Edition
Jun 09, 2021
S16 Ep62: A Dark & Stormy Night w/Stormy Daniels & Justin Loupe
Jun 04, 2021
S16 Ep61: History of The Seance and Occult Beliefs of Spirit Communication
Jun 03, 2021
S16 Ep60: Supernatural News/Parashare: Werewolves and Dead Aliens Edition
Jun 02, 2021
S16 Ep59: Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts: The Ghost of Ocean Born Mary
May 28, 2021
S16 Ep58: The Shadow Dimension w/ Mike Ricksecker
May 27, 2021
S16 Ep57: Supernatural News/Parashare: Dark Rituals Edition
May 26, 2021
S16 Ep56: Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts: The Haunting of Lambert Castle
May 21, 2021
S16 Ep55: A Knock in the Attic: True Ghost Stories & Other Spine-chilling Paranormal Adventures
May 20, 2021
S16 Ep54: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Aliens Are Coming Edition
May 19, 2021
S16 Ep53: I've Seen Dead People: Diary of a Deputy Coroner w/Donna Francart
May 13, 2021
S16 Ep52: Supernatural News/Parashare: Naked Ghosts, Zombie Roads & Prison Poltergeists Edition
May 12, 2021
S16 Ep51: Time Shifts: Experiences of Slipping into the Past & Future w/ Von Braschler
May 06, 2021
S16 Ep50: Supernatural News/Parashare: Ouija Believe This Edition
May 05, 2021
S16 Ep49: Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts -The Phantom Crew: Ghosts of the USS Constellation
Apr 30, 2021
S16 Ep48: UFOs and Bigfoot Prove the Bible is True w/Jason McLean
Apr 29, 2021
S16 Ep47: Supernatural News/Parashare: DIY Exorcisms Edition
Apr 28, 2021
S16 Ep46: Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts: The Horror & Haunting of Amityville
Apr 23, 2021
S16 Ep45: Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence w/ Alan Steinfeld
Apr 22, 2021
S16 Ep44: Supernatural News/Parashare: Monkey/Human Hybrid Edition
Apr 21, 2021
S16 Ep43: Darkness Radio presents PSYCHO: Ed Gein's Ghosts w/Steve Shippy & Cindy Kaza
Apr 16, 2021
S16 Ep42: Life, The Afterlife & Beyond w/ Denise Marie
Apr 15, 2021
S16 Ep41: Supernatural News/Parashare: Sea Serpents Exposed Edition
Apr 14, 2021
S16 Ep40: The Paranormal Roundtable Discussion with special guests!
Apr 09, 2021
S16 Ep39: The Miracle Collectors w/Joan Hill & Katie Mahon
Apr 08, 2021
S16 Ep38: Supernatural News/Parashare: Phenomena...do do do, do do! Edition
Apr 07, 2021
S16 Ep37: Secrets of the Sandsquatch with Boogs
Apr 01, 2021
S16 Ep36: Dark Air w/ Living Legend, Terry Carnation
Mar 31, 2021
S16 Ep35: Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts - Devil in the Rock: The Haunting of Cohasset, MA
Mar 26, 2021
S16 Ep34: Spirits of Kilimanjaro w/Jeff Belanger
Mar 25, 2021
S16 Ep33: Supernatural News/Parashare: Demon & Ghostly Attacks Edition
Mar 24, 2021
S16 Ep32: Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts - The Hungry Ghosts of The Queen Mary
Mar 19, 2021
S16 Ep31: A Skeptic's Unexpected Proof, There Is Life After Death w/ Mike Anthony
Mar 18, 2021
S16 Ep30: Supernatural News/Parashare: Goblins, Bigfoot & Ghosts of War Edition
Mar 17, 2021
S16 Ep29: Holzer's Ghosts - Don't Send Them to Heaven: The Haunting of The Bell House
Mar 12, 2021
S16 Ep28: Expedition Bigfoot: Shocking Evidence with Dr. Mireya Mayor
Mar 11, 2021
S16 Ep27: Supernatural News/Parashare: Celebrities vs. The Spirit World Edition
Mar 10, 2021
S16 Ep26: Holzer's Ghosts - Ancient Evil: The Haunting of America's Stonehenge
Mar 05, 2021
S16 Ep25: Reincarnated: Edgar Cayce & The Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson
Mar 04, 2021
S16 Ep24: Supernatural News/Parashare: Hospital Horrors: Ghosts of the ER Edition
Mar 03, 2021
S16 Ep23: Holzer's Ghosts - The Ghost That Got Away: The Haunting of Westover Manor
Feb 26, 2021
S16 Ep22: Alien Abducted and Furious: How I Fought Back w/ Lisa O'Hara
Feb 25, 2021
S16 Ep21: Supernatural News/Parashare: Terrified Toddler & Ghost Bride Edition
Feb 24, 2021
S16 Ep20: Holzer's Ghosts: Ghosts of Port Clyde
Feb 19, 2021
S16 Ep19: Demons Among Us: Shocking Real-Life Stories from the Paranormal
Feb 18, 2021
S16 Ep18: Supernatural News/Parashare: Dave's Favorite Ghost Story Edition
Feb 17, 2021
S16 Ep17: Holzer's Ghosts - The Ghosts of Howard Lodge w/ Chris Emery
Feb 12, 2021
S16 Ep16: Haunted Florida Ghostly Love Stories w/Chris Balzano
Feb 11, 2021
S16 Ep15: Supernatural News/Parashare: Cornered by Ghosts Edition
Feb 10, 2021
S16 Ep14: The Life, Near Death, & Miracles of Charlie Gardner
Feb 04, 2021
S16 Ep13: Supernatural News/Parashare: Real Life Monster Attacks & Mysteries Edition
Feb 03, 2021
S16 Ep12: Holzer's Ghosts: The Devil in Texas: The Haunting of Lydia Bell
Jan 29, 2021
S16 Ep11: Supernatural News/Parashare: Bigfoot Hunting Season Edition
Jan 28, 2021
S16 Ep10: Where Madness Lies w/ Sylvia True
Jan 27, 2021
S16 Ep9: Holzer's Ghosts - A Grave Revenge: The Haunting of The Whaley House
Jan 22, 2021
S16 Ep8: I'd Rather Talk to Dead People w/Kitsie Duncan
Jan 21, 2021
S16 Ep7: Supernatural News/Parashare: Mass Extinction Event & Dinosaurs on the Moon Edition
Jan 20, 2021
S16 Ep6: Holzer's Ghosts: They Buried Me Alive - The Haunting of The Morris-Jumel Mansion
Jan 15, 2021
S16 Ep5: The Real Exorcist w/ Yoichi Utebi
Jan 14, 2021
S16 Ep4: Supernatural News/Parashare: Demons, Death & Psycho Kids Edition
Jan 13, 2021
S16 Ep3: Holzer's Ghosts: Phantoms of the Fire - The Haunting of Rye, NY
Jan 08, 2021
S16 Ep2: The Realm of Supernatural U.S.A. w/John Olsen
Jan 07, 2021
S16 Ep1: Supernatural News/Parashare: Glitch in the Matrix Edition
Jan 06, 2021
S15 Ep113: Supernatural News/Parashare: Darkness Radio 15th Anniversary Edition
Jan 01, 2021
S15 Ep112: A Ghost Adventure to Horror Hotel w/ Jay Wasley
Dec 31, 2020
S15 Ep111: A Demon-Haunted Land: Witches, Wonder Doctors, & the Ghosts of the Past in Post WWII Germany
Dec 24, 2020
S15 Ep110: Supernatural News/Parashare: Batman, Monkey Man, and the World's Largest Bigfoot Edition
Dec 23, 2020
S15 Ep109: Strange Skies: UFOs w/Ryan Sprague
Dec 17, 2020
S15 Ep108: Supernatural News/Parashare: Blood Curdling Scream Edition
Dec 16, 2020
S15 Ep107: Seduced: Inside the NXVIM Cult w/ India Oxenberg
Dec 15, 2020
S15 Ep106: Deceptive Gods: Confronting the Divine & Demonic
Dec 10, 2020
S15 Ep105: Supernatural News/Parashare: Naughty OUIJA, Spooky Specters & Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle Edition
Dec 09, 2020
S15 Ep104: Holzer's Ghosts - Blood in the Water: Haunting of The Conference House
Dec 04, 2020
S15 Ep103: The Hauntings and History of the Emerald Isle
Dec 03, 2020
S15 Ep102: Supernatural News/Parashare: WoW Signal, Aliens & Strange Creatures Edition
Dec 02, 2020
S15 Ep101: Holzer's Ghosts - The Restless Ghosts of the Suffern House
Nov 27, 2020
S15 Ep100: Homecoming: An Alien Abduction w/ Keith Blanchard
Nov 26, 2020
S15 Ep99: Supernatural News/Parashare: Celebrity Supernatural Stories Edition
Nov 25, 2020
S15 Ep98: Holzer's Ghosts - The Final Word Edition
Nov 20, 2020
S15 Ep97: Born Haunted w/ Nate Michael
Nov 19, 2020
S15 Ep96: Supernatural News/Parashare: Undead, The Pope & Abductions Edition
Nov 18, 2020
S15 Ep95: Holzer's Ghosts - Death to Tyrants Edition w/ Coby Treadway
Nov 13, 2020
S15 Ep94: Life with the Afterlife w/ Amy Bruni
Nov 12, 2020
S15 Ep93: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Conjuring: Tim's Haunting Edition!
Nov 11, 2020
S15 Ep92: Holzer's Ghosts - Tell Me No Lies Edition
Nov 06, 2020
S15 Ep91: Wandering Wraiths, Pesky Poltergeist, and Unwanted Attachments
Nov 05, 2020
S15 Ep90: Supernatural News/Parashare: God Of Chaos Edition
Nov 04, 2020
S15 Ep89: Halloween with the Harvest: An Alien Abduction
Oct 31, 2020
S15 Ep88: Holzer's Ghosts with Cindy Kaza, Shane Pittman & Dave Schrader
Oct 29, 2020
S15 Ep87: Return of the Ghost Writer
Oct 28, 2020
S15 Ep86: Death Walker with Nick Groff
Oct 22, 2020
S15 Ep85: Supernatural News/Parashare: Paranormal Disclosure Discussion Edition
Oct 21, 2020
S15 Ep84: The Phenomenon w/James Fox
Oct 15, 2020
S15 Ep83: Supernatural News/Parashare: Paranormal Playthings Edition
Oct 14, 2020
S15 Ep82: Demonic Foes: A Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal
Oct 08, 2020
S15 Ep81: Supernatural News/Parashare: Haunted Disney Edition
Oct 07, 2020
S15 Ep80: Dallas Demons, Fort Worth Goatmen & Other Terrors of the Trinity River
Oct 01, 2020
S15 Ep79: Supernatural News/Parashare: Time Travel, Dreamscaping & Poltergeist Edition
Sep 30, 2020
S15 Ep78: The Martians: Evidence of Life with Nick Redfern
Sep 27, 2020
S15 Ep77: Supernatural News/ParaShare: High Spirits Edition
Sep 26, 2020
S15 Ep75: Playing with Fire: Demons, Exorcism, & Ghosts with guest Billy Hallowell
Sep 13, 2020
S15 Ep76: The Fall of Murder, Inc. with Michael Cannell
Sep 12, 2020
S15 Ep73: Salem's Supernatural Secrets with Lara & Daniel Fury
Sep 06, 2020
S15 Ep72: Supernatural News/Parashare: Goblin Encounter Edition
Sep 05, 2020
S15 Ep71: Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible
Aug 30, 2020
S15 Ep70: Supernatural News/Parashare: Tim's 50th Birthday Edition
Aug 29, 2020
S15 Ep69: Share Ur Scare
Aug 23, 2020
S15 Ep68: Supernatural News/Parashare: Visions of Horror Edition
Aug 22, 2020
S15 Ep67: Omnipresent: Dark Force
Aug 16, 2020
S15 Ep66: Supernatural News/Parashare: Tales from the Nightshift Edition
Aug 15, 2020
S15 Ep65: Stranger Than Fiction: Punk Rock and UFOs with Mike Damante
Aug 09, 2020
S15 Ep64: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Shadow's Ghost Edition
Aug 08, 2020
S15 Ep63: Terrifying Tales and Supernatural Scares with Steve Stockton
Aug 02, 2020
S15 Ep62: Supernatural News/Parashare: Supernatural Stories Edition
Aug 01, 2020
S15 Ep61: Darkness Radio vs. The Unidentified: Mythical Monsters, Alien Encounters, and the Unexplained with guest Colin Dickey
Jul 26, 2020
S15 Ep60: Supernatural News/Parashare: Witch Jars & Evil Cat Edition
Jul 25, 2020
S15 Ep59: Banishing Dark Spirits
Jul 19, 2020
S15 Ep58: Supernatural News/Parashare: Ozzy vs The Paranormal Edition
Jul 18, 2020
S15 Ep57: Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic
Jul 12, 2020
S15 Ep56: Supernatural News/Parashare: It's Just The Dog Edition
Jul 11, 2020
S15 Ep55: Monsters and Mysteries of the Mojave w/ M.L. Behrman
Jul 05, 2020
S15 Ep54: Unsolved Mysteries: Berkshire's UFO w/Marcus Clarke
Jul 04, 2020
S15 Ep53: The Black Monk of Pontefract with Richard Estep
Jun 28, 2020
S15 Ep52: Supernatural News/Parashare: Mirror Universe Edition
Jun 27, 2020
S15 Ep51: Edison vs Tesla: Communicating with the Dead
Jun 21, 2020
S15 Ep50: The Haunting of the Cabin on Route 360
Jun 20, 2020
S15 Ep49: Poltergeist! A Destructive Haunting
Jun 14, 2020
S15 Ep48: Supernatural News/ParaShare: Punched By A Ghost Edition
Jun 13, 2020
S15 Ep47: Buried Worlds with Don Wildman
Jun 07, 2020
S15 Ep46: Supernatural News/Parashare: Genesis of the Planet of the Apes Edition
Jun 06, 2020
S15 Ep45: The After Death Chronicles with Annie Mattingly
May 31, 2020
S15 Ep44: Supernatural News/Parashare: Bigfoot's Open House Edition
May 30, 2020
S15 Ep43: Anatomy of a Haunting with Barbara Holland
May 24, 2020
S15 Ep42: Supernatural News/Parashare: Creepy Sh*t! Edition
May 23, 2020
S15 Ep41: Winged Cryptids: Monsters & Anomalous Creatures with Lon Strickler
May 17, 2020
S15 Ep40: Sumerian Gods, Alien DNA & the Fate of Humanity w/ Dr. Heather Lynn
May 16, 2020
S15 Ep39: The Human Hybridization Program with Geraldine Orozco
May 10, 2020
S15 Ep38: Supernatural News/Parashare: Cinco De Nine-O From The Speak Easy Edition with Jeff Belanger
May 09, 2020
S15 Ep37: Quantum Science of Psychedelics
May 03, 2020
S15 Ep36: Cursed by The Conjuring House & Supernatural News/Parashare
May 02, 2020
S15 Ep35: New Form Of Evil (True Crime Tuesday)
Apr 28, 2020
S15 Ep34: Destination Fear with Dakota and Chelsea Laden
Apr 26, 2020
S15 Ep33: Portals To Hell and Supernatural News
Apr 25, 2020
S15 Ep32: Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind with Dr. Steven Greer
Apr 19, 2020
S15 Ep31: Supernatural News/Parashare: Death by Extraterrestrial Edition
Apr 18, 2020
S15 Ep30: The Curse of the Bermuda Triangle with Josh Gates
Apr 12, 2020
S15 Ep29: Ethel Allen's Date with the Devil and Supernatural News
Apr 11, 2020
S15 Ep28: True Terror with Robert Englund
Apr 05, 2020
S15 Ep27: Supernatural News/Parashare:Alien Advice Edition
Apr 04, 2020
S15 Ep26: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch with Dr. Travis Taylor
Mar 29, 2020
S15 Ep25: Supernatural News/Parashare: Foo Fighting Phantoms Edition
Mar 28, 2020
S15 Ep24: A Song of Dance and Death: Magic, Murder, Mayhem
Mar 22, 2020
S15 Ep23: Supernatural News/Parashare: BIGGEST INTENTION EXPERIMENT Edition
Mar 21, 2020
S15 Ep22: Into The Haunted
Mar 15, 2020
S15 Ep21: Supernatural News/Parashare: Possession Edition
Mar 14, 2020
S15 Ep20: Collision Course With The Afterlife
Mar 08, 2020
S15 Ep19: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Mystery of Agatha Christie's Ghost Edition
Mar 07, 2020
S15 Ep18: The Journey
Mar 01, 2020
S15 Ep17: Supernatural News/Parashare: Visitors from Space Edition
Feb 29, 2020
S15 Ep16: Abduction: The Bigfoot Alien Encounter
Feb 23, 2020
S15 Ep15: Supernatural News/Parashare: School Spirits Edition
Feb 22, 2020
S15 Ep14: Haunting in the Heartland
Feb 16, 2020
S15 Ep13: Supernatural News/Parashare: Death Of Nessie Edition
Feb 15, 2020
S15 Ep12: Hanover Haunting - The DeAnna Simpson Story
Feb 09, 2020
S15 Ep11: Supernatural News/Parashare: Kirk Douglas Is Truly Dead Edition
Feb 08, 2020
S15 Ep10: A Walk In The Shadows
Feb 02, 2020
S15 Ep9: Wrestling With The Paranormal w/ Jon Moxley
Jan 26, 2020
S15 Ep8: Supernatural News/Parashare: Chris Jericho Rock and Wrestling Rager At Sea Edition
Jan 25, 2020
S15 Ep7: I Kissed a Ghost (and I Liked It)!
Jan 19, 2020
S15 Ep6: Supernatural News/Parashare: Fly Me To The Moon Edition
Jan 18, 2020
S15 Ep5: Spiritual Science with Aage Nost
Jan 12, 2020
S15 Ep4: Supernatural News/Parashare: Tim's A.I. Nightmare Edition
Jan 11, 2020
Jan 07, 2020
Jan 05, 2020
S15 Ep1: Supernatural News/Parashare: Dave Loses It Edition
Jan 04, 2020
S14 Ep107: Haunting of The Boyd House
Dec 29, 2019
S14 Ep106: Supernatural News/Parashare: Year End Edition
Dec 28, 2019
S14 Ep105: Beyond The Fray to Bigfoot Encounters
Dec 22, 2019
S14 Ep104: Supernatural News/Parashare: Seasons Greetings Edition
Dec 21, 2019
S14 Ep103: Memoirs of a Future Ghost
Dec 15, 2019
S14 Ep102: Supernatural News/Parashare: Paranormal Redemption Edition
Dec 14, 2019
S14 Ep101: Facing Death To Fight The Devil
Dec 08, 2019
S14 Ep100: Supernatural News/Parashare: The Love of the Glove Edition
Dec 07, 2019
S14 Ep99: Beyond Ever After: A Heart-to-Heart Journey Through Death and the Afterlife
Dec 01, 2019
S14 Ep98: Supernatural News/Parashare: Satanic Cults & Slow Moving Blobs Edition
Nov 30, 2019
S14 Ep97: Ancient Gods or Ancient Aliens
Nov 24, 2019
S14 Ep96: Supernatural News/Parashare: Visitors from Beyond Edition
Nov 23, 2019
S14 Ep95: Past Lives: Journeys Revealed
Nov 17, 2019
S14 Ep94: Supernatural News/Parashare: Phantoms of the Famous Edition
Nov 16, 2019
S14 Ep93: Deja Vu and Timeless Encounters of the Supernatural
Nov 10, 2019
S14 Ep92: Supernatural News/Parashare: Leprechaun Lover & Bigfoot Head Edition
Nov 09, 2019
S14 Ep91: The Supernatural Side of Sasquatch
Nov 03, 2019
S14 Ep90: Supernatural News/Parashare: Boo'sin and Cruisin Edition
Nov 02, 2019
S14 Ep89: Spooky Stories To Celebrate Halloween By
Oct 31, 2019
S14 Ep88: The Presence of the Anomalous in Psychotherapy
Oct 27, 2019
S14 Ep87: Supernatural News/Parashare: Bunnies and Bruisers Edition
Oct 26, 2019
S14 Ep86: Was The Apostle Paul ,The Antichrist?!
Oct 21, 2019
S14 Ep85: Supernatural News/Parashare: Cradling Gacy's Brain Edition
Oct 19, 2019
S14 Ep84: Salem, Witches, & Magic
Oct 13, 2019
S14 Ep83: Supernatural News/Parashare: Alien & Spooks Edition
Oct 12, 2019
S14 Ep82: The Holzer Files
Oct 06, 2019
S14 Ep81: Supernatural News/Parashare: Exorcisms & Great Balls of Fire Edition
Oct 05, 2019
S14 Ep80: Documented Cases of Pure Evil: The Hatman
Sep 29, 2019
S15 Ep79: Supernatural News/Parashare: Saturday Creepy Cool Edition
Sep 28, 2019
S16 Ep78: The Day IT Finally Happens... And Other Quite Possible Catastrophes
Sep 22, 2019
S14 Ep77: Supernatural News/Parashare: Storm The Castle Edition
Sep 21, 2019
S14 Ep76: Lightning Strikes Twice
Sep 15, 2019
S14 Ep75: Supernatural News/Parashare: Bring Out Your Dead Edition
Sep 14, 2019
S14 Ep74: The Ghost Between Us
Sep 08, 2019
S14 Ep73: Supernatural News/Parashare: Haunted Hotspot Edition
Sep 07, 2019
S14 Ep72: Transmissions From the Solar Council with Marc Brinkerhoff
Sep 01, 2019
S14 Ep71: Supernatural News/Parashare: EnTerrorainment Edition
Aug 31, 2019
S14 Ep70: The Next Generation of Ghost Hunters
Aug 25, 2019
S14 Ep69: Supernatural News/Parashare: Nuke Em All Edition
Aug 24, 2019
S14 Ep68: The Strangest Things
Aug 18, 2019
S14 Ep67: Supernatural News/Parashare: Weekend Weirdness Edition
Aug 17, 2019
S14 Ep66: Eerie Companions: A History of Haunted Dolls with David Weatherly
Aug 11, 2019
S14 Ep65: Supernatural News/Parashare: Head, Shoulders, Legs & Parts Edition
Aug 10, 2019
S14 Ep64: The Holy Water Incident
Aug 04, 2019
S14 Ep63: Supernatural News/Parashare: Family News Edition
Aug 03, 2019
S14 Ep62: Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure
Jul 28, 2019
S14 Ep61: Remembering Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Jul 27, 2019
S14 Ep60: Bump in the Dark: Ghosts, Spirits & Aliens Encounters
Jul 21, 2019
S14 Ep59: Supernatural News/Parashare: WTF Edition
Jul 20, 2019
S14 Ep58: The Dead Files with Steve DiSchiavi
Jul 14, 2019
S14 Ep57: Supernatural News/Parashare: Ice Ice Cold Edition
Jul 13, 2019
S14 Ep56: Celebrity Supernatural Encounter Sightings with David Race
Jul 07, 2019
S14 Ep55: Supernatural News/Parashare: Naughty Cursing A.I. Edition
Jul 06, 2019
S14 Ep54: The Government Doesn't Want It's Weather Machine Back
Jun 30, 2019
S14 Ep53: Supernatural News: Witchcraft and Wickedness Edition
Jun 29, 2019
S14 Ep52: Paranormal Caught on Camera
Jun 23, 2019
S14 Ep51: Strange Supernatural News & Listeners' Paranormal Encounters
Jun 22, 2019
S14 Ep50: An American Nightmare
Jun 16, 2019
S14 Ep49: Supernatural News: High Strangeness
Jun 15, 2019
S14 Ep48: Bonus - Sneak Peek of 22 Hours: An American Nightmare
Jun 14, 2019
S14 Ep47: The Enfield Poltergeist Tapes with Dr. Melvyn Willin
Jun 09, 2019
S14 Ep46: Supernatural News: Dark Entertainment Edition
Jun 08, 2019
S14 Ep45: The Weird World History with Vince Wilson.
Jun 02, 2019
S14 Ep44: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 212
Jun 01, 2019
S14 Ep43: Happy Days and Supernatural Nights
May 26, 2019
S14 Ep42: Building The Case For Bigfoot
May 25, 2019
S14 Ep41: Science Was Wrong: A Farewell To Stanton T. Friedman
May 19, 2019
S14 Ep40: In Memory of Stanton Friedman: Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers
May 18, 2019
S14 Ep39: The Gray Ghost: Creepy California
May 12, 2019
S14 Ep38: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 211
May 11, 2019
S14 Ep37: Journeying Between the Worlds with Eagle Skyfire
May 05, 2019
S14 Ep36: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 210
May 04, 2019
S14 Ep35: How to Fight Hollywood, Aliens, Letter Agencies, & Demons, & Still Come Out Smelling Like a Rose
Apr 28, 2019
S14 Ep34: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 209
Apr 27, 2019
S14 Ep33: In Memoriam: Ed and Lorraine Warren: A Paranormal Love Story
Apr 22, 2019
S14 Ep32: in Memoriam Episode: Lorraine Warren the First Lady of the Paranormal
Apr 21, 2019
S14 Ep31: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 208
Apr 20, 2019
S14 Ep30: Hypno-Regressing into Past, Spirit, and Alien Lives
Apr 14, 2019
S14 Ep29: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 207
Apr 13, 2019
S14 Ep28: The Rites and Rituals of the Modern Traditional Witch
Apr 07, 2019
S14 Ep27: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 206
Apr 06, 2019
S14 Ep26: Footnotes: Experiences with Bigfoot
Mar 31, 2019
S14 Ep25: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 205
Mar 30, 2019
S14 Ep24: Visions: True Stories of Spiritualism, Secret Societies and Murder
Mar 24, 2019
S14 Ep23: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 204
Mar 23, 2019
S14 Ep22: David Bowie, UFOs, Witchcraft: The Occult Saga of Walli Elmlark
Mar 17, 2019
S14 Ep21: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 203
Mar 16, 2019
S14 Ep20: The Girls Are Gone
Mar 10, 2019
S14 Ep19: Journey Into The Mind Of Evil
Mar 09, 2019
S14 Ep18: The Walking Dead & A Deadly Contagion
Mar 03, 2019
S14 Ep17: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 202
Mar 02, 2019
S14 Ep16: Sasquatch of Lake Superior & Sky Invaders
Feb 24, 2019
S14 Ep15: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 201
Feb 23, 2019
S14 Ep14: Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon
Feb 17, 2019
S14 Ep13: Horror & Sci-fi Movies & the Future of Entertainment Plus Supernatural News
Feb 16, 2019
S14 Ep12: The Demon Within The Church
Feb 10, 2019
S14 Ep11: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 200
Feb 09, 2019
S14 Ep10: What Dark Forces Hope You Don’t Find Out
Feb 03, 2019
S14 Ep9: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 199
Feb 02, 2019
S14 Ep8: The Shadow Realms of Demonology
Jan 27, 2019
S14 Ep7: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 198
Jan 26, 2019
S14 Ep6: The Undertaker's Daughter
Jan 20, 2019
S14 Ep5: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 197
Jan 19, 2019
S14 Ep4: Chasing American Monsters
Jan 13, 2019
S14 Ep3: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 196
Jan 12, 2019
S14 Ep2: Under the Control of MK Ultra
Jan 06, 2019
S14 Ep1: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 195
Jan 05, 2019
S13 Ep145: Stranger Than Fiction
Dec 30, 2018
S13 Ep144: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 194
Dec 29, 2018
S13 Ep143: Courage the Telepathic Dog
Dec 23, 2018
S13 Ep142: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 193
Dec 22, 2018
S13 Ep141: Locking Down the Paranormal with Katrina Weidman
Dec 16, 2018
S13 Ep140: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 192
Dec 15, 2018
S13 Ep139: Things Stranger than Fiction
Dec 09, 2018
S13 Ep138: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 191
Dec 08, 2018
S13 Ep137: Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers
Dec 02, 2018
S13 Ep136: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 190
Dec 01, 2018
S13 Ep135: Theater of the Mind
Nov 25, 2018
S13 Ep134: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 189
Nov 24, 2018
S13 Ep133: The Inheritance: Poisoned Fruit of JFK's Assassination
Nov 18, 2018
S13 Ep132: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 188
Nov 17, 2018
S13 Ep131: The Men in Black
Nov 11, 2018
S13 Ep130: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 187
Nov 10, 2018
S13 Ep129: Terror On The High Seas
Nov 04, 2018
S13 Ep128: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 186
Nov 03, 2018
S13 Ep127: Near Death & The Demon Battle for Life
Oct 28, 2018
S13 Ep126: Exploring The Haunted Universe
Oct 27, 2018
S13 Ep125: Afterlife Interrupted: Helping Stuck Souls Cross Over
Oct 21, 2018
S13 Ep124: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 185
Oct 20, 2018
S13 Ep123: A Desperate Plea...
Oct 14, 2018
S13 Ep122: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 184
Oct 13, 2018
S13 Ep121: Spirits Speak to Extraterrestrials
Oct 07, 2018
S13 Ep120: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 183
Oct 06, 2018
S13 Ep119: Haunted World War II: Soldier Spirits, Ghost Planes, and Strange Synchronicities
Sep 30, 2018
S13 Ep118: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 182
Sep 29, 2018
S13 Ep117: The Horrific Haunting of the Yates Family
Sep 23, 2018
S13 Ep116: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 181
Sep 22, 2018
S13 Ep115: The Spirits Of Wine Country
Sep 16, 2018
S12 Ep114: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 180
Sep 15, 2018
S13 Ep113: The Premonition Code: The Science of Precognition
Sep 09, 2018
S13 Ep112: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 179
Sep 08, 2018
S13 Ep111: Poltergeists & Possessions
Sep 02, 2018
S13 Ep110: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 178
Sep 01, 2018
S13 Ep109: The Bermuda Triangle Incident & Powers of Intention
Aug 27, 2018
S13 Ep108: Supernatural News/Parashare: Michigan ParaCon-Coladas Edition
Aug 25, 2018
S13 Ep107: Traveling Realm of Death
Aug 19, 2018
S13 Ep106: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 176
Aug 18, 2018
S13 Ep105: Monstrosity
Aug 12, 2018
S13 Ep104: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 175
Aug 11, 2018
S13 Ep103: The Supernatural & Islam: Ghosts, Djinn & Possession
Aug 05, 2018
S13 Ep102: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 174
Aug 04, 2018
S13 Ep101: The Many Sides of Mediumship
Jul 29, 2018
S13 Ep100: Miraculous Healing, Paranormal, UFO & Conspiracy PLUS Supernatural News
Jul 28, 2018
S13 Ep99: The Supernatural in Society, Culture, and History with Professor Marc Eaton
Jul 22, 2018
S13 Ep98: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 173
Jul 21, 2018
S13 Ep97: The Manifestation of Monsters: Creating Thoughtforms
Jul 15, 2018
S13 Ep96: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 172
Jul 14, 2018
S13 Ep95: Sasquatch and Star Language
Jul 08, 2018
S13 Ep94: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 171
Jul 07, 2018
S13 Ep93: Tombstone Expanded Edition: The Quick & The Dead
Jul 01, 2018
S13 Ep92: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 170
Jun 30, 2018
S13 Ep91: The Abduction of Angela
Jun 24, 2018
S13 Ep90: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 169
Jun 23, 2018
S13 Ep89: The Paranormal Unbound
Jun 17, 2018
S13 Ep88: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 168
Jun 16, 2018
S13 Ep87: The Horrific Haunting of Jeanine
Jun 10, 2018
S13 Ep86: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 167
Jun 09, 2018
S13 Ep85: The Haunting History of Tombstone
Jun 03, 2018
S13 Ep84: Title: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 166
Jun 02, 2018
S13 Ep83: Flying The Friendly UFO Filled Skies of Iowa
May 27, 2018
S13 Ep82: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 165
May 26, 2018
S13 Ep81: The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla: Time Travel, Alternative Energy and the Secret of Nazi Flying Saucers
May 20, 2018
S13 Ep80: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 164
May 19, 2018
S13 Ep79: The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer
May 11, 2018
S13 Ep78: A Tribute To Brad Steiger
May 10, 2018
S13 Ep77: Beyond Time & Space, Beyond Life and Death is Moving in the Light
May 09, 2018
S13 Ep76: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 163
May 07, 2018
S13 Ep75: Defense Against Supernatural Forces
May 04, 2018
S13 Ep74: The Hunt for Lake Monsters: Chasing Champ
May 02, 2018
S13 Ep73: Golden State Killer: It's Not Over (Or Is It?)
May 01, 2018
S13 Ep72: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 162
Apr 30, 2018
S13 Ep71: The Ghosts of The White House
Apr 27, 2018
S13 Ep70: The Quantum Bigfoot
Apr 25, 2018
S13 Ep69: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 161
Apr 23, 2018
S13 Ep68: Supernatural Assault: Terror from the Shadows
Apr 20, 2018
S13 Ep67: This House is Haunted! The TRUE story of The Enfield Poltergeist
Apr 18, 2018
S13 Ep66: Supernatural News 160/Anatomy of a Poltergeist
Apr 16, 2018
S13 Ep65: The Ghost Of Flight 401
Apr 13, 2018
S13 Ep64: The Devil's Board & Other Shocking Stories of the Supernatural
Apr 11, 2018
S13 Ep63: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 160
Apr 09, 2018
S13 Ep62: Imaginary Friends or Intruders of the Supernatural
Apr 06, 2018
S13 Ep61: Proof Of Heaven (WBW Edition)
Apr 04, 2018
S13 Ep60: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 159
Apr 02, 2018
S13 Ep59: ENCOUNTERS with the Paranormal
Mar 30, 2018
S13 Ep58: The Minnesota Monster Man
Mar 28, 2018
S13 Ep57: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 158
Mar 26, 2018
S13 Ep56: The Paranormal Parlor: Ghosts, Seances, and Tales of True Hauntings
Mar 23, 2018
S13 Ep55: Second Sight
Mar 22, 2018
S13 Ep54: Hunting in the Haunted Heart of America
Mar 21, 2018
S13 Ep53: The Stardust Ranch
Mar 20, 2018
S13 Ep52: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 157
Mar 19, 2018
S13 Ep51: Confrontations with the Paranormal: UFOs, Bigfoot & Ghosts
Mar 16, 2018
S13 Ep50: The Day Satan Called (TBT Edition)
Mar 15, 2018
S13 Ep49: Overnight Explorations of Some of America's Most Haunted Locations
Mar 14, 2018
S13 Ep48: Letters from the Boogey Man: The Dark Legacy of the BTK
Mar 13, 2018
S13 Ep47: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 156
Mar 12, 2018
S13 Ep46: Between Love and Hate: The Devil is Real
Mar 09, 2018
S13 Ep45: Tails from the Afterlife: Stories of Signs, Messages & Inspiration
Mar 07, 2018
S13 Ep44: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 155
Mar 05, 2018
S13 Ep43: The Seneca-Iroquois Nations and the Supernatural
Mar 02, 2018
S13 Ep42: Stories from the Messengers: Owls, UFOs and a Deeper Reality
Mar 01, 2018
S13 Ep41: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 154
Feb 26, 2018
S13 Ep40: The Slenderman Mysteries
Feb 23, 2018
S13 Ep39: The Art of Dying
Feb 22, 2018
S13 Ep38: Horror Stories of the Paranormal: Tales From the Hurricane w/ Joshua P. Warren
Feb 21, 2018
S13 Ep37: The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, & Our Destiny Beyond Earth w/ Dr. Michio Kaku
Feb 20, 2018
S13 Ep36: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 153
Feb 19, 2018
S13 Ep35: Black Eyed Kids and The Haunting of Sweet Springs
Feb 16, 2018
S13 Ep34: Chosen: Chronicle of an Alien Abductee
Feb 15, 2018
S13 Ep33: Life After Death: The Case for Scientific Proof
Feb 14, 2018
S13 Ep32: Witnessing the Impossible: The Scole Experiment
Feb 13, 2018
S13 Ep31: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 152
Feb 12, 2018
S13 Ep30: The Lost Samoan Pyramid
Feb 09, 2018
S13 Ep29: ET Contact: They Are Here
Feb 08, 2018
S13 Ep28: Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can't Happen - But Did
Feb 07, 2018
S13 Ep27: The Sibold Effect: When Ghosts Come For You
Feb 06, 2018
S13 Ep26: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 151
Feb 05, 2018
S13 Ep25: Evil Incarnate: The Mothman Curse
Feb 02, 2018
S13 Ep24: Strange Rituals, Weird Hauntings, Peculiar Possessions & The Book of the Dead
Feb 01, 2018
S13 Ep23: The Naked Witch: Witchcraft in the Modern World
Jan 31, 2018
S13 Ep22: The Calling: The Life of an Exorcist
Jan 30, 2018
S13 Ep21: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 150
Jan 29, 2018
S13 Ep20: Horror Finds A Home
Jan 26, 2018
S13 Ep19: Occulture: Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward.
Jan 25, 2018
S13 Ep18: The Theories of Here and Beyond
Jan 24, 2018
S13 Ep17: The Gore and Horror of the Garnett House
Jan 23, 2018
S13 Ep16: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 149
Jan 22, 2018
S13 Ep15: Cursed by The Bell Witch and Bizarre Hauntings
Jan 19, 2018
S13 Ep14: Doctor Strange and the Curses of Second Sight
Jan 18, 2018
S13 Ep13: Fatal Phantoms: Ghost Crimes
Jan 17, 2018
S13 Ep12: Sadistic Spirits & Lost Legends
Jan 16, 2018
S13 Ep11: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 148
Jan 15, 2018
S13 Ep10: The Most Gruesome Hauntings of the Midwest
Jan 12, 2018
S13 Ep9: Behind The Secrets of the Beattie Mansion
Jan 11, 2018
S13 Ep8: Premonition: The Mom Who Predicted Her Own Death and Came Back
Jan 10, 2018
S13 Ep7: MONSTERS Or MYTHS: Cracking Cryptid Conspiracies
Jan 09, 2018
S13 Ep6: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 147
Jan 08, 2018
S13 Ep5: The Down UnderWorld of the Paranormal
Jan 05, 2018
S13 Ep4: The Day the Earth Stands Still: Unmasking the Old Gods Behind UFOs, ETs, and the Official Disclosure Movement
Jan 04, 2018
S13 Ep3: SÉANCE: Spiritualist Ritual and the Search for Ectoplasm
Jan 03, 2018
S13 Ep2: Bewitched
Jan 02, 2018
S13 Ep1: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 146
Jan 01, 2018
S12 Ep241: Bigfoot, Skinwalkers, and the Night Stalker
Dec 29, 2017
S12 Ep240: The Terrifying Truth of Abductees and Black Eyed Kids
Dec 28, 2017
S12 Ep239: The Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge
Dec 27, 2017
S12 Ep238: The Reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe
Dec 26, 2017
S12 Ep237: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 145
Dec 25, 2017
S12 Ep236: Animals and the Other Side
Dec 22, 2017
S12 Ep235: How To Hunt A Devil
Dec 21, 2017
S12 Ep234: Strange Encounters Of The Big Muddy Monster
Dec 20, 2017
S12 Ep233: Shake The Devil When He Misbehaves
Dec 19, 2017
S12 Ep232: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 144
Dec 18, 2017
S12 Ep231: Holiday Spirits, Witches, Elves and a Legion of Ghosts
Dec 15, 2017
S12 Ep230: BONUS Parashare
Dec 14, 2017
S12 Ep229: Inside The Paranormal
Dec 13, 2017
S12 Ep228: Alien Intrusion
Dec 12, 2017
S12 Ep227: Para-Share/Supernatural News: Episode 143
Dec 11, 2017
S12 Ep226: Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters
Dec 08, 2017
S12 Ep225: Krampus & The Sadistic Servants of Santa
Dec 07, 2017
S12 Ep224: Monsters of the Midway: Chicago's Flying Humanoids Creatures
Dec 06, 2017
S12 Ep223: Princeton, LSD & CIA Mind Control
Dec 05, 2017
S12 Ep222: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 142
Dec 04, 2017
S12 Ep221: Dreams and the Dead
Dec 01, 2017
S12 Ep220: Demented Tales of Terror
Nov 30, 2017
S12 Ep219: Paranormal Perspective from Native American Culture
Nov 29, 2017
S12 Ep218: Strange Tales of the Restless Spirit of Rudolph Valentino, Dogmen, Possession & Witchcraft
Nov 28, 2017
S12 Ep217: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 141
Nov 27, 2017
S12 Ep216: Doing What With Who
Nov 22, 2017
S12 Ep215: Seeing Ghosts
Nov 21, 2017
S12 Ep214: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 140
Nov 20, 2017
S12 Ep213: The Man Who Could Fly: The Mystery of Levitation
Nov 17, 2017
S12 Ep212: The Science of Spirit Possession & Earthbound Spirits
Nov 16, 2017
S12 Ep211: Madness in the Halls: Twisted Tales of Haunted Asylums & Penitentiaries
Nov 15, 2017
S12 Ep210: True Scares and Real Life Nightmares
Nov 14, 2017
S12 Ep209: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 139
Nov 13, 2017
S12 Ep208: Happy Days and Paranormal Nights
Nov 10, 2017
S12 Ep207: The Black Swan Ghost
Nov 09, 2017
S12 Ep206: Encounter with Hell: A Terrifying Clash with a Demonic Entity
Nov 08, 2017
S12 Ep205: Mandela Effect Meltdown
Nov 07, 2017
S12 Ep204: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 138
Nov 06, 2017
S12 Ep203: Ancient Aliens in the Bible
Nov 03, 2017
S12 Ep202: A Pagan Against The Paranormal
Nov 02, 2017
S12 Ep201: The Rise of the Dark Zone & Hybrids: An Alien Experiment
Nov 01, 2017
S12 Ep200: The Devil & the Werewolf: a Killer Love Story
Oct 31, 2017
S12 Ep199: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 137
Oct 30, 2017
S12 Ep198: The Paranormal Files: Teen Spirit
Oct 27, 2017
S12 Ep197: Mark Twain's Fascination With The Occult, Ghosts, and Paranormal
Oct 26, 2017
S12 Ep196: UFO Encounter in the Desert
Oct 25, 2017
S12 Ep195: Possession or Insanity: Did the Devil Make Him Do It?
Oct 24, 2017
S12 Ep194: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 136
Oct 23, 2017
S12 Ep193: On the Trail of New Orleans Vampires
Oct 20, 2017
S12 Ep192: A Season with the Witch & The Hallowed Haunts of Edgar Allan Poe
Oct 19, 2017
S12 Ep191: Children of the Darkness
Oct 18, 2017
S12 Ep190: True Crime Tuesday Revisited: Frustrated Witness: The True Story of the ADAM WALSH Case and Police Misconduct
Oct 17, 2017
S12 Ep189: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 135
Oct 16, 2017
S12 Ep188: Battling Demons
Oct 12, 2017
S12 Ep187: The Hunt for Extraterrestrials
Oct 11, 2017
S12 Ep186: A True Crime Tuesday Story Revisited! Who Took Johnny?
Oct 10, 2017
S12 Ep185: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 134
Oct 09, 2017
S12 Ep184: The Black Vault
Oct 06, 2017
S12 Ep183: Sasquatch Is My Healer
Oct 05, 2017
S12 Ep182: What Is Believable? Oh, How Times Have Changed!
Oct 04, 2017
S12 Ep181: Demons, The Devil, and Fallen Angels
Oct 03, 2017
S12 Ep180: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 133
Oct 02, 2017
S12 Ep179: Armed and Dangerous: From Satan's Servant to a Savior
Sep 29, 2017
S12 Ep178: The Great Pyramids & The Hidden Alien Messages
Sep 28, 2017
S12 Ep177: The Quest To Prove That Ghosts Are Real
Sep 27, 2017
S12 Ep176: The Dream Doctor: What Dreams May Come
Sep 26, 2017
S12 Ep175: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 132
Sep 25, 2017
S12 Ep174: Contact With Non-Human Intelligence
Sep 22, 2017
S12 Ep173: UFOs Over Romania: Aliens, Cryptids and Creatures
Sep 21, 2017
S12 Ep172: UFOs TODAY: 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation & Government Cover-Up
Sep 20, 2017
S12 Ep171: Biblical UFO Revelations: Did Extraterrestrial Powers Cause Ancient Miracles?
Sep 19, 2017
S12 Ep170: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 131
Sep 18, 2017
S12 Ep169: Seances & Haunted Items
Sep 15, 2017
S12 Ep168: Haunted Minds: The Ghostbox Sessions
Sep 14, 2017
S12 Ep167: The House of the Damned
Sep 13, 2017
S12 Ep166: Strange Creatures & Curses
Sep 12, 2017
S12 Ep165: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 130
Sep 11, 2017
S12 Ep164: The House of the Dead & Bigfoot: Legend of the Peak
Sep 08, 2017
S12 Ep163: Star Wars, Weather & Disasters
Sep 07, 2017
S12 Ep162: Paranormal Survival of Spiritual Warfare
Sep 06, 2017
S12 Ep161: High Strangeness with Brett Butler
Sep 05, 2017
S12 Ep160: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 129
Sep 04, 2017
S12 Ep159: OrganicUFO's & The Exciting new field of Para-Cymatics
Sep 01, 2017
S12 Ep158: Erik Jan Hanussen: Hitler's Jewish Clairvoyant
Aug 31, 2017
S12 Ep157: Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult
Aug 30, 2017
S12 Ep156: Stalked by the Zozo Demon
Aug 29, 2017
S12 Ep155: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 128
Aug 28, 2017
S12 Ep154: The Hunt for the Devil Monkey
Aug 25, 2017
S12 Ep153: Hitler's Monsters: Finding the Perfect Supernatural Weapon
Aug 24, 2017
S12 Ep152: The Lost Years and Messages of Jesus Christ
Aug 23, 2017
S12 Ep151: Beyond The Bermuda Triangle
Aug 22, 2017
S12 Ep150: Supernatural News: Episode 127
Aug 21, 2017
S12 Ep149: The Code of Creation and Rendlesham Forest
Aug 18, 2017
S12 Ep148: The 40 Year Resurrection of Elvis
Aug 17, 2017
S12 Ep147: Dan Aykroyd: Gets Unplugged onThe Topic Of UFO's
Aug 16, 2017
S12 Ep146: Ed and Lorraine Warren: A Paranormal Love Story
Aug 15, 2017
S12 Ep145: Supernatural News: Episode 126
Aug 14, 2017
S12 Ep144: The Inhuman Haunting of Malvern Manor
Aug 11, 2017
S12 Ep143: Haunt ME
Aug 10, 2017
S12 Ep142: MonsterTalk
Aug 09, 2017
S12 Ep141: No Sacred Cows: Investigating Myths, Cults, and the Supernatural
Aug 08, 2017
S12 Ep140: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 125
Aug 07, 2017
S12 Ep139: Our Occulted History with Jim Marrs
Aug 04, 2017
S12 Ep138: The Aristocratic Poltergeist Case
Aug 03, 2017
S12 Ep137: The Oddity Files
Aug 02, 2017
S12 Ep136: The Robotic Greys: Humanities Tipping Point
Aug 01, 2017
S12 Ep135: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 124
Jul 31, 2017
S12 Ep134: Phantoms & Fingerprints
Jul 28, 2017
S12 Ep133: Cursed in the Carolinas: Stories of the Damned
Jul 27, 2017
S12 Ep132: The Real War of the Worlds
Jul 26, 2017
S12 Ep131: Witches and Wizards: The Real-Life Stories Behind the Occult's Greatest Legends
Jul 25, 2017
S12 Ep130: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 123
Jul 24, 2017
S12 Ep129: Oracle of the Dead
Jul 21, 2017
S12 Ep128: Atlantis & Forgotten Lands
Jul 20, 2017
S12 Ep127: The Road to Strange : Travel Tales of the Paranormal & Beyond
Jul 19, 2017
S12 Ep126: The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch
Jul 18, 2017
S12 Ep125: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 122
Jul 17, 2017
S12 Ep124: The Skies Are Alive Over ECETI Ranch
Jul 14, 2017
S12 Ep123: MONSTER WATCH - Monsters Among Us
Jul 13, 2017
S12 Ep122: QUARANTINED: Prison Planet Earth
Jul 12, 2017
S12 Ep121: Sam The Miracle Man
Jul 11, 2017
S12 Ep120: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 121
Jul 10, 2017
S12 Ep119: Beyond Strange: Paranormal Mysteries
Jul 07, 2017
S12 Ep118: 1967 Shag Harbour UFO incident - 50th Anniversary
Jul 06, 2017
S12 Ep117: A Demonic Haunting & The Legend of Cropsey
Jul 05, 2017
S12 Ep116: The Close Encounters Man
Jul 04, 2017
S12 Ep115: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 120
Jul 03, 2017
S12 Ep114: Surrounded by Monsters
Jun 29, 2017
S12 Ep113: LEGENDS: Uncovering Dark Histories of Vampires, Witches, Ghosts & More in America
Jun 28, 2017
S12 Ep112: A True Story of Kidnapping and A Dark Family Secret and A Search for Answers
Jun 27, 2017
S12 Ep111: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 119
Jun 26, 2017
S12 Ep110: "Orb"duction
Jun 23, 2017