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Courtney & Mary reside in LA and the Bay, respectively. Though they live 400 miles from each other, their love for reality TV and pop culture never lets the distance get in the way. Join them weekly to discuss the latest shows and gossip with "Two Judgey Girls".

Episode Date
EP122: Two Judgey Girls
Welcome back my boy Greg @geddings, Courtney is in New York trying to track down Craig and Austen. Meanwhile Summer Mary and Greg review the RHONY reunion part 1. Have Lu and Dorinda finally made amends? Bethenny finally gives us a better time line of her and Dennis' relationship. We snooze through the Beverly Hills reunion, but learn that Aaron's dick is bigger than Kyle's shoe. We also dive deep into Potomac and I finally understand...these women give ZERO FUCKS! We tackle #penisgate and watch the sexual assault allegations play out in the press and on camera. Come judge with us! Sponsored by: LULUSIMONSTUDIO which has the cutest clothes at and use code 'TJG20' for 20% off your order
Jul 18, 2019
Ep121: Two Judgey Girls
We dive deep into the RHBH finale. Do we love Camille or love to hate her? Is Courtney attracted to Peeekkkaayyy? Should LVP have received a better send off for 9 years working at Bravo? And don’t get us started about the lunch 6 months later... Meanwhile in Charleston we break down Craig’s mental breakdown and are haunted again by the return of Ashley Jacobs. We definitely get back on the crazy train. Come judge with us! Sponsored by, the fresh new game that celebrates the most iconic housewives from seasons past and present. Sponsored by NATIVE Deodorant Safe. Simple. Effective. use code TJG at checkout for 20% off.
Jul 11, 2019
Ep120: Two Judgey Girls
HAPPY 4th OF JULY TO ALL OF OUR JURORS! We break down all things #JaxGotitWright plus update you on #TomandArianaWatch2019. Did Jax's mom attend the wedding? What about LVP? Did Carter and the triplets make it? Plus every sponsor, what she wore, and their first song. We also discuss the RHOC trailer for Season 14, which confirms Vicki's devotion. And ONE fun fact about The Hills... PLUS, Summer Mary goes back in time with Kate Casey to discuss the first ever episode of RHONY. Do they miss Alex and Simon? This was a time when Lu was still a Countess and Bethenny hadn't even created Skinny Girl. Come judge with us!
Jul 03, 2019
Ep119: Two Judgey Girls
Bethenny almost dies? Are the girls trying to push out Tinselly? Who enjoyed the strippers the most? In BH, Camille acts pernicious and says everything we've been thinking to Doritos' face. How does she have all of that money? The gentlemen from the South are still arguing with each other. Are Shep and Whitney bullies? Who will bring home the most ladies to the penthouse? Will Austen ever get over Madison? We also talk about the comeback of The Hills as well as the Insta deep dives Mary has done this week. Come judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by: Hello Fresh. Check out for $80 off your first month's subscription. Sent straight to your door, they make cooking easy, simple and delicious! Summer Mary's nightly routine is taking a Morning Recover. Check out to help you after a long night to have an easier morning. Plus, try out their new product, Liquid Focus, to stay more alert!
Jun 28, 2019
Ep118: Two Judgey Girls
Courtney is back and we dive DEEEEEEEP into RHONY, the best show on Bravo ever to exist. This masterpiece of a show deserves to be in a museum of TV so that when aliens come down and see what we have done on Earth, they get it. BH existed in Provence where Kyle and Teddi blacked out and attacked Erika Jayne--whose team are you on? Our poor Craigy got verbally abused by the boys while camping, while Whitney had an incident with wiener juice... Come judge with us! This week's sponsors are: LULUSIMONSTUDIO has the cutest clothes at, using code 'TJG20' for 20% off of your order. LOLA is a female-founded company offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads, liners and all-natural cleansing wipes. For 40% off all subscriptions, visit and enter 'TJG' when you subscribe!
Jun 21, 2019
Ep117: Two Judgey Girls
Mary from the Bay comes to you with Greg Eddings with the latest RHNY, RHBH, and Southern Charm debriefing. We discuss Mila the new chef on Below Deck that licks raw steak. Mario graces us with his presence all for Ramona to have a moment to make him jealous #payback. Sonja is totally fine and not taking pills, glad the hot paramedics came. Lu knows the girls are just jealous of her success. Meanwhile the girls in Charleston get on Kathryn for her spending, taste in men, and going MIA. In Beverly Hills nothing happened once again but we got to see Brandi Glanville not move her face. Come judge with us! Sponsored by Beauty By Design, your new personalized skincare. You can get 20% at use code TJG for 20% off. Sponsored by Care/Of Vitamins. Head to and use code TJG.
Jun 07, 2019
Ep116: Two Judgey Girls
Summer Mary hangs with Shep, Austen, and Carlito in sf. She once again finds out nothing and everything. Does Austen need to cut the Madison cord? Does Craig get better looking each episode? Is Sonja on pills? Do Lu and Ramona get her sloppy seconds? Have you peed in a bathtub? DDDDDooooooorrrrrrinnndddaaaaaa. Sorry, Kyle killed it as a playboy bunny at Farrahween and Rinna slayed as Erika Jayne. But would Erika Jayne ever talk about stuffed animal bunnies? Does Kim owe her an apology? Come judge with us. Sponsored by, the fresh new game that celebrates the most iconic housewives from seasons past and present.
May 31, 2019
Ep115: Two Judgey Girls
Breaking news: Life isn’t a Cabaret. Lu is back in jail (well she was cuffed and released, but whatever)! We guess upstate makes you want to drink(like Tinsley said). Margarita was the true star this episode and Dorinda wouldn’t let Ramona-size-it. We are wondering if Sonja could do our hair sometime? Down South we are hoping Kathryn will get pregnant so Patricia can be a grandmother. Meanwhile Shep is legit “ditching” girls. Chelsea has a house warming party and teaches us to play hammer and nail. In Hawaii, Camille is officially married no thanks to Kyle's help. LVP does think Dorit’s face has changed as much as her accent. Come judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by Use code 'TJG' for 20% off.
May 24, 2019
Ep114: Two Judgey Girls
The return of Southern Charm (and more importantly, lil Craigy) got us going this week! What a breath of fresh! Thank Bravs, because we were forced to watch the VPR gang up. We wish we didn't have to figure out what side we would be on. Let's split it into two shows! New York ladies headed to the cabaret star's house in upstate New York as we slowly watched Sonja unravel into her eccentricities. We loved seeing the BH girls get drunk while watching how expensive it is to be Erika Jayne. Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by LULUSIMONSTUDIO. Use code 'TJG20' for 20% off your entire order. New arrivals just received and you'll love it!
May 16, 2019
Ep113: Two Judgey Girls
Ep113: Two Judgey Girls by Two Judgey Girls
May 09, 2019
Ep112: Two Judgey Girls
This is an extra long podcast to inform you of all the important things you need to know about! Mary and Shep! Fofty/Lala Rand! VPR people buying houses! Tinsley breaking down! Bethenny on the brim of breaking down! VPR casts livers' breaking down! Kemsley/Todd relationship breaking down! Teddi's new bangs trying to fly away! Come judge with us! This week we have two sponsors: Beauty by Design, your new personalized skincare. You can get 20% at Zola, a free wedding website for all your wedding needs. You can get $50 off your registry on Zola by going to
May 02, 2019
Ep111: Two Judgey Girls
This extra long episode will get you ready for the weekend. Was it Table 61 or 62? Was Ramona showing us her true social climbing ways? Tinsley is officially single... again. Boy George brought the girls together until PEeeeKkkkaaaayyyy made a crack with his “British humor.” Is Teddi defending Kyle too much? Would you want Denise to be your mediator? Jax continues to be a narcissist and carry around his dads' ashes to get out of trouble with Brittany’s family. How did Katie become the Matron of Honor? Is it because she is the only person Jax hasn’t slept with? Come judge with us! P.S. Mary is stalking Shep in San Francisco. DM @relationshep that he needs to meet up with Summer Mary from TJG and help make Mary’s wildest dreams come true. Sponsored by use code 'TJG' for 20% off. Don’t make a morning after drinking hard anymore. Drink Morning Recovery!
Apr 26, 2019
Ep110: Two Judgey Girls
On VPR this week, we see an exorcism, go to a puppy shower, and watch Lala perform in honor of her father. Meanwhile in the Bezerkshires, Sonja has a mental breakdown and quickly recovers while she farts, scissors, and dances on the pool table. Tinsley and Scott’s relationship continues to be on the rocks and everyone is putting it under a microscope. Is Scott controlling? Would you do truth or dare? In RHOBH, Lois comes into town and we hear her survive story. Plus Camille gets passionate about Kavanaugh and puts her gloves up vs Rinna. How did all the Richards girls end up at that restaurant? Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by LULUSIMONSTUDIO. Head over to and use code 'TJG20' to take advantage of their super cute clothing and accessories. We love it!
Apr 18, 2019
Ep109: Two Judgey Girls
Okay Lala, was it anxiety or the Sunday Scaries? Is Tom Juan the sexiest most romantic husband alive? Meow. Is Billie Lee left out or just the worst? Meanwhile in Beverly Hills, are we team no one or drunk Camille? Goodbbbbyyyyeeee Kyle. The Berkshires continues to never disappoint. Sonja Morgan has a mental breakdown about acid on fingers and touching letters and Bethenny can’t stop the shalllllowwww...and we get to see Ramona and her infamous swimsuit. Come judge with us! This week's sponsor is Care/of vitamins. Head to and use code 'TJG50' for 50% off of your subscription for your first month.
Apr 11, 2019
Ep108: Two Judgey Girls
We are a house divided: Courtney is Team LVP while Mary is Team Everybody Else. Where do you lie? Pick the right side. Be judicious in your convictions. Ariana and Kristen stole the show on VPR this week and we want to see more Mexico! Is the Countess on her high horse? Should she be knocked down a few pegs? Should Dorinda be kowtowing her to her? The Bezerkshires are the best! Come and judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by HelloFresh. Go to and use code 'TJG80' for $80 off your first month.
Apr 04, 2019
Ep107: Two Judgey Girls
We get to see the TomTom Grand Opening Party and we think the $18k motorcycle side car was well worth it. Is Katie being a needy wife because she has an EQ of a 14 year old? Feed the hogggg. We are completely obsessed with Aaron and Denise and loved EVERYTHING about their wedding. Did LVP leak #puppygate to Radar Online? Is Lu holding a grudge? Should Dorinda just apologize? Come judge with us! Sponsored by use code TJG for 20% off. Don’t make a morning after drinking hard anymore. Drink morning recovery!
Mar 28, 2019
Ep106: Two Judgey Girls
We are over LucyLucy Apple Juicy! Teddi owned  it, why didn’t LVP? Does Aaron have a big penis? Denise is the saving grace of #RHOBH. Did Lala lose her shit in a Versace dress? Are we team James? Do you go to clam bakes and bring home lobster? Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by LULUSIMONSTUDIO. Head over to and use code 'TJG20' to take advantage of their super cute clothing and accessories. We love it!
Mar 21, 2019
Ep105: Two Judgey Girls
Do we even need a description when we can quote Tyler Perry instead? Dorinda gave us the ultimate gift this week with her text to Lu. VPR teeters the line with should we or should we not like James. Schwartz felt in the middle of his wife and his work wife, but we liked him defending his wife. We are sick of #lucygate and wish the girls would focus more on why everything is Dorit's fault and less about LVP. We also shed some tears watching Kyle and her family send Sophia off to college. No tears were shed while discussing the Varsity Blues scandal, though. Come judge with us! This week's sponsor is Care/of vitamins. Head to and use code 'TJG50' for 50% off of your subscription for your first month.
Mar 14, 2019
Ep104: Two Judgey Girls
Bravo overwhelmed us this week with all the shows. We did our best to catch up on all things VPR, Summer House, RHOA, Mexican Dynasties, RHOBH, RHONJ AND RHONY! (Try saying that three times fast!)We welcome back RHONY and Ramona's swimming lessons but we could have waited a week with all we were given. We are glad RHONJ and Danielle's face will be off our screen for a bit. We want to read more of Kyle's 17 page email! Is Katie really a mean girl? Is Carter the worst? Also, can we all not be on Team Teddi or LVP and focus all of our anger at Dorit?! Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by MoreLabs (of Morning Recovery fame). They have expanded with new flavors and products. Check it out and receive 20% off of your order using code 'TJG' at
Mar 07, 2019
Ep103: Two Judgey Girls
This week we travel to Mexico City and meet three new families that we are obsessing over: me encanta Mexican Dynasty. In RHOBH, we continue in the Bahamas and the bitches came out. LVP confronts Erika about a grievance note and Rinna thinks LVP set up Teddi. Whose side are we on? Meanwhile, in New Jersey we discover that Tre will always hate Melissa and never pick her as a friend. VPR got soft this week and showed Stassi, Lala, and Crazy Kristen with a heart. Come judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by Zola. Go to to start your free wedding website and also get $50 off your registry.
Feb 28, 2019
Ep102: Two Judgey Girls
Get ready for an extra long podcast! You asked and we delivered: the first 25 minutes is dedicated to the Khloe/Tristan/Jordyn/Kylie drama. Then we deep dive into the New Jersey Reunion. Who won at the reunion: Jackie or Tre? Really, bitch? Crazy Kristen falls over in SoVain and Carter is exposed for not paying rent. Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills the girls head to the Bahamas in the PJ on a trip "from Dorit", who definitely was not robbed. Oh and everybody makes a big deal that Erika drinks beer! This week's podcast is sponsored by LULUSIMONSTUDIO. Head over to and use code 'TJG20' to take advantage of their super cute clothing and accessories. We love it!
Feb 21, 2019
Ep101: Two Judgey Girls
Beverly Hills is back and we get to meet Charlie Scheen’s ex-wife, Denise Richards. Did you know Denise was once married to Charlie? #winning We finally get to see what all the fighting is about. Did Doritoes put a Vanderpump dog in a shelter? Is Teddi gossiping about it? Is LVP showing real emotions? Whose side are you on? Meanwhile, in VPR the girls take a PJ to So-vain (say that in a Kentucky accent). Crazy Kristen got on the plane along with Scheana’s stuffed animal, Love Frog. Finally, in New Jersey, Marge takes charge and helps her husband throw Marty into the pool: who you calling ugly now? Come judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by Care/Of Vitamins. Use code' TJG50 'for 50% off your first month subscription.  Check out #CareOfPartner
Feb 14, 2019
Ep100: Two Judgey Girls
This is our 100th episode! Thank you ALL so much for listening, liking, and laughing with us. This week, we deep dive into 45 mins worth of news updates. We debrief the TomTom Daily Mail Party and reminsce on the Posche Fashion Show that almost was in RHONJ. In honor of our 100th episode, we are doing a giveaway: email us at with your creative Bravo meme, caption, hashtags, and insta handle and we will post our top 10 favorite. If we post yours, we will send you a TJG hat! This week's podcast is sponsored by Morning Recovery. Use code 'TJG' for 20% off of your order at
Feb 07, 2019
Ep99: Two Judgey Girls
Those who ask shall receive: we deep dive into Andy’s baby shower; who was there, who wasn’t there, and the legend that is Lisa Rinna. We breakdown the RHONY trailer and are curious why Tinsley is so miserable. Did Jax and Lala sleep together? Did Lala go down on Ariana? And who’s side are you on: Team Marge or Team Jen/Tre/Danielle? Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by Zola. To start your free wedding website and also get $50 off your registry on Zola go to
Jan 31, 2019
Ep98: Two Judgey Girls
Lots of news to catch up on: Ashley Jacobs, Lu's Tom and Jennifer from RHONJ all DM’d us this past week; Kathryn Dennis is officially in a relationship with Hunter Price, country singer; Rinna is shading LVP via insta story. We also got to experience Girls Night in where Katie and Billie threw down. Plus, we go to Cabo on RHONJ and talk about lip liner and monkeys' assholes. Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by LOLA. You can receive 40% off of your subscription by going to and using code 'TJG'.
Jan 24, 2019
Ep97: Two Judgey Girls
Could we be more obsessed with Beau? Could we cringe anymore watching Scheana pretend she was on The Bachelorette? Do we have empathy for James? Is Stassi’s mom like Ariel or did she just drink too much? In New Jersey, Jennifer comes wine tasting with guns blazing and knives. Milania premieres “Can’t Wait to Grow Up”  and Marge is jealous of Danielle’s good looks, according to Marty. Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by LULUSIMONSTUDIO. Head over to and use code 'TJG20' to take advantage of their super cute clothing and accessories. We love it!
Jan 17, 2019
Ep96: Two Judgey Girls
We are back and recharged after a holiday hiatus! We breakdown Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House, and ask 'does is rival VPR?' We discuss many of the Golden Globes movies plus Birdbox. We deep dive into RHONJ: Mary has found a new love for Joe Gorga and Frank, Courtney can have Frankie. Plus, we breakdown down another one of Stassi’s birthday meltdowns. Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by Morning Recovery. Head over to and use code 'TJG' for 20% off.
Jan 11, 2019
Ep95: Two Judgey Girls
Welcome back Courtney from LA. We update you on the latest news: is Gretchen pregnant? Kenya Moore using baby doubles? Bethenny in the hospital? Is James Kennedy an alcoholic? Did he cheat? Did Raquel turn a blind (glass)eye? Are we Team Jackie or Tre? Is Danielle really allergic to so many things? Has Mary watched Unanchored or 90 Day Fiance? Is Rhylee all riled up after the new deckhand? And is his name Tyler or Trevor?! Find out all this and more on this extra long episode of TJG, our last of 2018! Come judge with us!
Dec 20, 2018
Ep94: Two Judgey Girls
Welcome back Colleen from the Bay, Mary’s little sister! This week we wrap up the OC finale and talk about all the girls' regrets, dive into VPR Pride (we def think James cheated on Raquel and her glass eye), and love to see the producers shade Scheana. In New Jersey, we are loving Jackie and want more Danielle Staub, the Bridezilla. Is Mary wishing she was a full time housewife? Come judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by Morning Recovery. Head over to and use code TJG for 20% off. Summer Mary and Winter Mary approved.
Dec 14, 2018
Ep93: Two Judgey Girls
The VPR premiere may have been underwhelming to some but watching Jax and Britney propose at a fast food restaurant was satisfying to Mary. The Dallas reunion felt like a New Year’s Eve party and a screaming match. In New Jersey, Nonno and Jackie were the breakout stars, with None taking shots after surgery, and Jackie calling out Tre for not controlling her husband--that's why he is at camp. Oh and RHOC happened too... Come judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by Care/Of Vitamins. Use code TJG for 25% off your monthly order at #CareOfPartner
Dec 07, 2018
Ep92: Two Judgey Girls
The Dallas finale had a special guest star: Satan, we mean Leeanne...but come on, she was legit possessed. We are Team Brandi&Stephanie. We were so nostalgic for this frat party. The RHOC reunion was explosive. The OG of the OC starts cocaine rumors and calls Kelly God a bad mom. We were not impressed with the Jersey girls in Oklahoma and thought it was rather boring. On Below Deck, Chandler and Caroline both exit the boat...come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by Morning Recovery. Use code 'TJG' for 20% off of your order at
Nov 30, 2018
BONUSEp91: Two Judgey Girls
We may be taking the Thanksgiving week off with live viewing, but we got you with an all new BONUS episode of TJG to listen to on your long drive to see family. We discuss the ICONIC Table Flip of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 1 Episode 6. Was Danielle fighting an uphill battle? Did Dina really show the book? Why was Caroline's hair cut that way? Did Jacqueline start the rift in the Laurita clan by sticking up for Danielle? Did Danielle really throw up and have diarrhea for 3 weeks straight? Come judge with us and see! This week's podcast is sponsored by LULUSIMONSTUDIO. Head over to and use code 'TJG20' to take advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Sunday with their super cute clothing and accessories. We are obsessed!
Nov 21, 2018
Ep90: Two Judgey Girls
Is LVP officially out of the 90210? Why wasn’t she is Paris with the other girls? Is Denise a full time housewife? How did VPR get a Vogue spread? Are they the modern day Friends cast? Do we like Lala’s Rand? Should the Tres Abuelas officially retire from the OC? Are you Team Tre and Nonno or Team Melissa and Joe Gorga? Did Mark Deuber redeem himself this week? Did we need to see his infamous D? Is Brandi too paranoid about Leanne? Come judge with us. This week's episode is sponsored by Morning Recovery. You can go to and use code 'TJG' for 20% off. Summer Mary swears by it.
Nov 16, 2018
Ep89: Two Judgey Girls
One of us enjoyed the RHONJ premiere and the other thought they were reusing stories lines...Teresa as a body builder--thanks Tamra for the inspiration. Marge Sr. getting vaj rejuvenated just like Stephanie Hollman and Kelly Dodd. Melissa and Tre fighting again... haven’t seen that before. Meanwhile, we thought we were watching an episode of Botched instead of RHOC. So much plastic! In Copenhagen, D’Andra and Kam go into it leading to Leeanne to pop off. Why are they all Team Leeanne?! Come judge with us! P.S. Courtney's passion takes over again and she is WORKING ON IT OK!? P.P.S. We forgot to mention Marge's housekeeper in the episode! Somebody needs to take her from housekeeper to housewife because this betch is a STAR! This week's podcast is sponsored by Teami Blends. Go to and use code 'JUDGEY' for 25% off orders of $24.99 or more.
Nov 08, 2018
Ep88: Two Judgey Girls
The VPR trailer is ready for your viewing pleasure. This is probably the only time you will see LVP on film since she won’t film for RHOBH. We breakdown all the Halloween costumes of the Housewives--Lisa Rinna killed it as Erika Jayne. In Jamaica, Shannon still is missing and the girls worry about her “health”. We also get to see the woman try to twerk and please, please make it stop!. Meanwhile in Dallas, Dee goes into Mama mode and will defend D'Andra till the end of time. Kam thinks D'Andra is being a psycho not showing up for wedding dress shopping for Leeanne. We get acquainted with the 90 Day Fiancé couples and can’t get enough of these crazies. Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by Use code 'TJG' for $5 off!
Nov 02, 2018
Ep87: Two Judgey Girls
Courtney is back and we have so much to catch up on...Mario was caught filming on RHONY this week; RHOC is filming the reunion; LVP is NOT filming RHOBH?! We go down to Jamaica and see Shannon unravel and the girls accuse her of having a drinking problem. In Dallas, D'Andra is also accused of a drinking problem and is warned by the Westcotts to be cautious with the company you keep aka Brandi. Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by Teami Blends. Use code 'JUDGEY' for 15% off their detox mask at
Oct 26, 2018
BONUSEp86: Two Judgey Girls
Travel back to us with us to season one, episode 9 , of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, THE DINNER PARTY FROM HELL! We breakdown this episode 8 years later. Between Allison Dubois, the morally corrupt Faye Resnick, and Camille Grammar stirring the pot we can't get enough. Come judge with us!
Oct 18, 2018
Ep85: Two Judgey Girls
Without Courtney from LA, Mary from the Bay invited her sister Colleen to judge with her. Enjoy the Mahoney girls breaking down Juicy Joe's deportation, Bethenny's new man plus her drunken insta stories from the Berkshires, Mary's review of Erika Jayne concert, or was it Magic Mike? We also deep dive into 90 Days Fiance, Colleen is an expert. Come judge with us! Sponsored by use code TJG for $5 off your purchase. This is Summer Mary's go to if she wants to enjoy a few cocktails.
Oct 13, 2018
Ep84: Two Judgey Girls
You asked for it, so we went in on Before the 90 Days: 90 Day Fiancé. On RHOC, we got to see Vicki scream into Steve’s ear on a Harley, plus Shannon grab her fat on national television. We also got duped into watch Play by Play again because it recorded RHOC as a 90 minute viewing. We do not like this, Bravo! Meanwhile in Dallas, the kids stole the show and D’Andra got Leeanne back for that $200 comment by asking if Rich is faithful. Come judge with us and meet Summer Mary THIS Sunday night at 21st Amendment in SF. This week’s podcast is sponsored by Use code ‘TJG’ for $5 off your order.
Oct 05, 2018
Ep83: Two Judgey Girls
Breaking news this week with an official T-Rav arrest in Charleston. We tell a heart warming story from a Juror with Stephanie Hollman about her husbands childhood. Is Lou drinking again? We give you the Play by Play on Jerry O’Connell and his cohosts. In Orange County we are Team Gina this week and won’t let these OG’s attack her. Do the tres amigas need to adios? Meanwhile in Dallas, nothing happened...besides Leanne’s crocodile tears. Won’t you judge with us? Sponsored by Teami blends Try the Green Tea Detox Mask that we are obsessed with! Use code JUDGEY for 15% off.
Sep 27, 2018
Ep82: Two Judgey Girls
Is Bravo in a weird lull? Where are all the shows? This week allowed us to go more detailed into the current housewives of OC & Dallas. We talk the current drama of Shannon & Tamra vs Emily. Have we finally both turned on Shannon? Are we over her antics? Do we love the new girls? The answer to all is YES! Courtney is then joined by her roommate, Tiffany, who you may all remember from before. She tried really hard to be sober, but failed due to an incident she tells us about. She gives her opinions on all the Dallas girls and we agree that D’Andra needs to enjoy being married to a hot man and just BE RICH. Come judge with us! This week’s podcast is sponsored by Teami Blends and their amazing Detox Face Mask. Use code JUDGEY for 15% off at
Sep 20, 2018
Ep81: Two Judgey Girls
We discuss lots of hard hitting news this week: Teresa divorcing? Skinny Girl fat tax on jeans? Tammy Sue moving? Steve Gold has a girlfriend? Ryan Serhant still doesn't know Mary? Jax is hot again? Denise Richards gets married? Jenni doesn't work for Jeff Lewis? Doritos is a jerk and hates puppies? Mary was actually Team Tammy Sue this week? We love Stephanie Hollman? Cary and Boober Deuber are the worst? Come judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by Care/Of Vitamins. Use code TJG for 25% off your monthly order at #CareOfPartner
Sep 14, 2018
Ep80: Two Judgey Girls
And just like that, the Real Housewives of New York is officially over. We didn’t get our Sag Harbor sit down like we wanted, but Lu did make an appearance on WWHL to do a mini reLUnion. We still can't understand why 75% of "people" are Team Bethanny. After more information about her program, we want Teddi to hold us accountable; it looks like Moose Knuckle T-Rav and Trashley are back together? And Lala is engaged to Turtle! (Both Jax and Scheana must be seething...) We head back to Beaver Creek to find out who is the official Queen of Dallas: Leeanne or D'Andra? Won’t you judge with us? This week's episode is sponsored by BUMBLE BFF. Download the app to find new Bravoholic BFFs just like you in your area! Head over to to download and start using Bumble BFF today!
Sep 07, 2018
Ep79: Two Judgey Girls
Mary & Courtney are together in the bay this week! We talk about boring RHOC out of habit but are really just here to see Emily threaten everyones lives. Dallas is the gift that keeps on giving and we will take all we can of Kameron's confessionals and the hijinks of Brandi and Stephanie. Were you #teambethenny or #teamcarole or #teamnextseason? Ready for that one-on-one with Lu any time now... Come judge with us!
Aug 31, 2018
Ep78: Two Judgey Girls
RIP Summer Mary. We go into the RHONY reunion and get mad at Andy for not being unbiased. We knew when Carole's text message went off that she was done. You are a drunk vs you're a drunk... that is the Shakespearian question. Leeanne makes us question fashion in Dallas plus we yearn for a $22k baby delivery party for us (minus the baby part...). Shannon also gets $22k/month from Beady Beador but we are just happy she is not attracted to him anymore! Come judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by Teami Blends. Go to and use code JUDGEY for 15% off your order.
Aug 24, 2018
Ep77: Two Judgey Girls
While Summer Mary is having an UnBELIZEable time on vacation, we welcome special guest Jason Richman. Jason attended #CountessandFriends with us and gave us a new perspective on all things Bravo. We welcomed the newest season of Real Housewives of Dallas, said a classy cabaret goodbye to Real Housewives of New York and shared a mutual love over Thick as Thieves Shannon Beador. Come judge with us!
Aug 16, 2018
Ep76: Two Judgey Girls
We really dive deep into Orange County and New York. Mary had her RHOC Watch Party and even FaceTimed with the new girl, Emily, who we are totally loving. Are you #TeamGodd or #TeamOGoftheOC? Do we actually like Tamra? Is Lu jealous of Ramona’s new renovation? Is Sonja the new face of Depends? Why did Bethenny ditch Ramona’s party? Why was this episode even in existence? Come judge with us! This weeks episode is sponsored by Morning Recovery. Use code TJG for $5 off of their 6-, 12-, or 24- packs on
Aug 09, 2018
Ep75: Two Judgey Girls
We are back! We break down the last two episodes of RHONY in Colombia. We watched Sonja pee her swimsuit she was trying to resell, Dorinda “not slur her words,” Lu judge her, and Carole and B continue to loathe each other. Meanwhile in the OC, we go back to Andale’s to see Tamra and her 4th boob job, Shannon and her spanx, and Vicki not really whoop it up. And finally, we see Ashley talk with Andy about being brainwashed. So much to discuss, come judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by Teami Blends. Get 15% off of your order by using code 'JUDGEY' on
Aug 03, 2018
BONUSEp74: Two Judgey Girls
We do a deep DEEEEEEP dive into the Real Housewives of Orange County episode of Naked Wasted. If you want to watch prior to listening, you can view Season 4 Episode 8 on Hulu. A rewatch of this episode shows that this would NEVER fly and that Tamra most likely would have been fired. Ryan proves to be creepier than ever and poor Gretchen just wanted to be besties with TAMRUHHHHHHHHH! And Donn is stil around! Come judge with us!
Jul 27, 2018
Ep73: Two Judgey Girls
THE OC IS BACK! Mary gave the RHOC premiere a B-, as the ropes course saved the day. In Cartegena, Sofia Vergara joined the cast... or was it Samantha Jones? Either way, one of these characters watched from rehab. (Another tough week for Lu.) Are you Team Bethenny or Team Carole? Mary continues to loathe B. Strong while Courtney is Team No One. The Southern Charm reunion kicks off with a letter from TRavs attorney addressing the mutual decision to not attend and acknowledging "fans". We loved Cam and Kathryn making up and are ready to see an Ashley intervention next week. Come judge with us! Next week's episode will be a break down of Naked Wasted from RHOC Season 4 Episode 8, which can be found on Hulu. This week's podcast is sponsored by Morning Recovery. Use code 'TJG' for $5.00 off any 6-, 12-, or 24-pack order. You can purchase on their website
Jul 27, 2018
Ep72: Two Judgey Girls
Full update of all things VPR including: pregnant?! fired?! TOMTOM!? We are praying for Ashley and her cyst and disease from Katherine. She remains the trash she has always been. Lu didn't have such a hot week in real time but is rocking the cabaret rehearsals. Speed dating looks about as fun as can be imagined and Ramona proves that she is the best dater of them all, even if all she ends up with is a half drank tequila. Come judge with us! Interested in Teami Blends? Use our code JUDGEY for 15% off any order from their website,
Jul 27, 2018
BONUS Ep71: Two Judgey Girls
Bonus episode for everybody! With Bravo on a new episode hiatus this week, Courtney & Mary took a deep dive into the brilliant RHONY episodes of Scary Island. You may be shook to hear our take on whose side we are really on, but we will try to convince you to join us as well. Hope you've enjoyed your 4th of July and enjoy this BONUS episode! Come judge with us!
Jul 05, 2018
Ep70: Two Judgey Girls
We catch up on Summer Mary's shenanigans and live vicariously through her. With only a few new episodes this week, we deep dive into Southern Charm and all the drama that ensues. We thank our lucky stars that New York brings it week after week. 1 dinner, 3 fights, where is the caution tape? They know how to give it to us and make us want more... just like Ramona and the banana bread. Come judge with us!
Jun 29, 2018
Ep69: Two Judgey Girls
This week we celebrate the life of Bobby Zarin and watch Bethenny and Jill rekindle their friendship. Meanwhile, we see Lu outside of prison and rehab to have some R&R in her home state of Connecticut. Ramona is confronted for asking Tom (it’s about Tom) to come to one of his parties. Who does Ramona think she is? Slob Kebab. In Charleston, Ashley is struggling to deal with Thomas and hopes he will give her a ring. She is disappointed with a bracelet. Kathryn goes MIA and we find out she is battling depression. Craigy continues to work on his business even without a working pinky. Won’t you judge with us?
Jun 22, 2018
BONUS Ep68: Two Judgey Girls
BONUS EPISODE! Mary and Courtney discuss The Jury outing at See You Next Tuesday. Let's just say that our expectations were set low and we were pleasantly surprised. Until we weren't... Take a listen!
Jun 14, 2018
Ep66: Two Judgey Girls
(We accidentally deleted the original Ep66 so if you've listened, feel free to skip this one!) Courtney gives Mary and all of you some homework this weekend to watch some new shows that are outside of our Bravosphere. We lament over the ending of VPR this season, but so thankful we got some secrets revealed (Scheana's confession was not one we needed...) Orange you said its over? Below Deck continues to have horribly trained staff and Captain Sandy was too much of a guest with her Womanizer. The ladies of New York brought it this week in an episode that rivals Scary Island. We cannot get enough of these women as we psychoanalyze them with no credibility. Southern Charm is still featuring that T-Rav toe face and Trashley and we can't wait to see their demise. Come judge with us! Don't forget! Two Judgey Girls is heading to Sur for See You Next Tuesday on June 12th. If you're in LA, stop by and hang!
Jun 12, 2018
Ep67: Two Judgey Girls
It's Courtney AND Mary IN LA! While we may be a few days behind our regular posting, we haven't lost our spark. Mary experienced her first Pride in LA and her run in with ZZZZZ-list VPR celeb, Logan. We deep dive into the drama of Southern Charm with Trashley and T-Rav still causing the drama--but their downfall seems inevitable. Below Deck really bores us as a recap and we are now on Team Adam. The ladies of New York continue to entertain us and we are so #blessed to have them on our TV screens. Tuesday, June 12th is our meet up at SUR. If you're in the LA area, come join us for a night of drinks and dancing at 9:00pm. SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY! Come judge with us!
Jun 12, 2018
Ep65: Two Judgey Girls
Mary was distracted while simultaneously recording and watching the Warriors lose. Courtney carries on a great conversation with herself. “We” talk Bezershires, Carole putting Bethanny in her place, Captain Sandy being a boss b*itch on Below Deck, and Scheana slurping up the pasta like it'll be gone in 7 minutes or less. Won't you judge with us?
May 25, 2018
Ep64: Two Judgey Girls
TJG Royal Wedding Edition (plus our usuals)! Hear all our thoughts on our California girl, Meghan Markle, and Harry. We get introduced to a new cast member, Paul, James' roommate, and feel weirded out but also need more of him. Carole and Tinsley continue to be sitting at the mean girls lunch table yet we can’t get enough #teamradziwill. We learn that Countess Luann always adds baby when she sings happy birthday--Court was robbed. We get to see Captain Sandy and her new crew on Below Deck and deal with the worst charter guests yet! We continue to shame TRAV on Southern Charm and want him OFF OF THE SHOW. Come judge with us! Have you tried FabFitFun yet? Use our code TJG for $10 off your first box at $39.99. Go to to sign up--you won't regret it!
May 21, 2018
Ep63: Two Judgey Girls
It should have been called "Friends and Countess", hear all about Courtney baby and Lu singing her Happy Birthday. Dorinda still continues to slur her words in Puerto Rico and Bethenny goes Dr. Drew on her. We are finally saying it: Carole is Steven Tyler’s twin sister. Jason showed up to the VPR reunion and made Scheana cry. “Why is this harder than my divorce?” The ice kween has spoken, will Erika Jayne return for another season? Teddi Bear definitely solidified her diamond. Want you judge with us? Want a video autograph from your favorite Bravolebrity? Head over to and send your mom, sister, brother, ex-boyfriend a video message! Use our code 'TJG' for $5.00 off! Are you ready to treat yoself? Try out FabFitFun! Use our code 'TJG' for $10 off your first box for $39.99. Go to to sign up!
May 11, 2018
Ep62: Two Judgey Girls
PSA: NO SCREAMING THIS EPISODE. We deep dive into New York and see Mother Theresa Bethenny bring the Leper Sonja under her wing. Dorinda still says burying someone is harder than signing paperwork. Missy makes a guest spot and Lu takes her date home. We go to the TomTom Progress Party and see Rob completely ignore Scheana and her hard hat. Surprise surprise, Jax isn't moving to Florida...he is trying to move down the hall. LVP forces him give a resignation letter. We continue to watch the 2018 Dorito's apology tour and can't wait for the 3 part reunion to be over. Come JUDGE with us! Want a video autograph from your favorite Bravolebrity? Head over to and send your mom, sister, brother, ex-boyfriend a video message! Use our code 'TJG' for $5.00 off! Are you ready to treat yoself? Try out FabFitFun! Use our code 'TJG' for $10 off your first box for $39.99. Go to to sign up!
May 04, 2018
Ep61: Two Judgey Girls
We are LIVE from Portland! Come judge with us as we talk about flying with The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick as well as all things Bravo. Is RHONY the best show now that Bravo has to offer? Is Naomie the wokest girl on Southern Charm? Have you watched Southern Charm NOLA?! (If no, START!) When is RHOBH going to be over like allegedly Erika Jayne's marriage...? COME JUDGE WITH US! Have you tried FabFitFun yet? Use our code TJG for $10 off your first box at $39.99. Go to to sign up--you won't regret it!
Apr 27, 2018
Ep60: Two Judgey Girls
DEBRIEF JURY MEMBERS: LOTS OF THINGS HAVE HAPPENED WITH THIS EPISODE! Due to running a 10k and imbibing on alcoholic beverages after and also using a computer that has none of our actual podcast files and applications, today's podcast is somewhat janky. And you know what, if you love us, you'll understand and deal. WE ARE SORRY! Anyways, join us as we dive into all things Bravo this week including Southern Charm, Vanderpump Rules, the unfortunate RHOBH as well as the stellar RHONY. We got it all for you plus Summer Mary is here to give you the deets of EVERYTHING. LOVE YOU!
Apr 23, 2018
Ep59: Two Judgey Girls
Courtney from LA met up with the VPR cast at WWHL this week. Listen to find out about the choice words Scheana had for her. Mary from the Bay returns from Mexico and is glad she didn’t have to sit down with her boyfriend and tell him the “rumor” that she hooked up with James Kennedy... at least this time it was in a hot tub. Jax has officially come unhinged. Roid rage or too much pasta? We continue to snooze through Beverly Hills and discuss if Erika is a mean girl. We cried watching Carole finish the marathon and continue to question Luanne and her costumes, and later on cornrows. Won’t you judge with us?
Apr 13, 2018
Ep58: Two Judgey Girls
The podcast is back this week! While Mary from the Bay frolics where the VPR kids once peed in Mexico, Courtney from LA has a multitude of guests. We were able to CATCH Mary for a few minutes to discuss Lu's upcoming cabaret show and her detective skills in Mexico tracking down the locations of VPR. We have the ICONIC DANNY PELLEGRINO as our first podcast guest, dissecting the premiere of RHONY as well as VPR. If you're not following him on Instagram, do it now and check out his podcast too, Everything Iconic! @dannypellegrino To wrap up the rest of the episodes this week, we have Courtney's roommate, Tiffy from LA. After a glass of two or wine, we teach her people's names and get her input on Beverly Hills, the finale of Summer House and the premiere of Southern Charm. Thanks for all of you who have stuck with us, and we hope you enjoy this extra long podcast! Come judge with us!
Apr 06, 2018
Ep57: Two Judgey Girls
Are you playing our MARCH MADNESS brackets? You all voted the Hottest Male Bravolebrity to be Mr. Kyle Richards aka Mauricio from The Agency. Check out our insta stories to vote for the next bracket: which housewife you'd like to return to their franchise. In VPR, we finally travel to Mexico and watch Jax make up a fake job in Tampa and "break up the band." Over at Summer House, Kyle shows his true colors after taking too many swigs of rosé and told Amanda, "Summer is supposed to be FUN!" Meanwhile in Beverly Hills, Lois, Rinna's momma, was the allstar as Erika Jayne remained a Regina George. A clairvoyant stops by to tell the women they are hanging with Marilyn Monroe and LVP's Pink Dog. Bring your fanny packs and judge with us.
Mar 22, 2018
Ep56: Two Judgey Girls
What's an episode of VPR without being a Hooters? BRATney continues to reward Jax for his bad behavior by spoiling him for his birthday. Meanwhile, Billie Lee and Jeremy go on a date. But not before the Witches of Weho warn her that he is "creepy" and "predatory." Does anyone care about Ariana's va-jay-jay? In the Hamptons Hubbs exploded just like the tea in the pool, Kyle pees into a wine bottle and calls it Peenot Gris. Do you think Ramona would drink it? Over at Beverly Beach 90210, Teddi Bear stands up to Dorit and Erika. Erika caught a case of "pretend amnesia" and wasn't going to let her F*ck with her. Come judge with us and let Mary tell you about meeting Madison Marie Parks Valleta's Dad!
Mar 15, 2018
Ep55: Two Judgey Girls
SORRY FOR THE SOUND! Mary is heading to meet 7-minute Rob at his launch party for his new show "This is SF" tonight! We can't wait for the stories and photos to come. We break down all things VPR in Vegas, Scheana's horrible podcast, why Dorit has the hots for Lisa and that Camille needs her diamond back. Summer House is the same old, same old. But really... MARY IS GOING TO HANG OUT WITH ROB! Come judge with us!
Mar 09, 2018
Ep54: Two Judgey Girls
The season 10 RHONY trailer came out today and it is iconic: Lu the convict, Dorinda the drunk, Bethany and Carol break up. And Sonja and Ramona are still fighting over rooms we assume. Jax saw his life flash before his eyes...luckily he didn't have to have heart to heart. Scheana continues to obsess over Rob and their unborn baby, Madison Marie Parks Valleta. Carl totally redeemed himself this week with his mom in town and the Wirkus Circus came along for the ride. Is Stephen the new villain outing Carl? Meanwhile RHOBH gets a crossover with Bethenny. Whose side are you on: Kyle, Dorit, or LVP? Come judge with us.
Mar 02, 2018
Ep53: Two Judgey Girls
VPR heads to Big Bear to see that a real man can hang a TV in 7 minutes. "It's all happening." Courtney got conned by Carl this week via DM. She knows exactly what Lauren is going through. We are team Kyle as LVP puts her loyalties with Doritos. We also can confirm DoriTOES does not have 6 toes. Sad day for us but come and judge!
Feb 22, 2018
Ep52: Two Judgey Girls
Queen Ariana vs Murder She Wrote Stassi in a battle of the birthdays. Stassi stills sings "it’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to, or drink too much tequila and take too much adderall". Why doesn’t my bf like me? The Carl Addiction is strong in the Hamptons. He even said I love you, right before he put it in...does that make it count? Kyle continues his drinking bender and we wonder if he was an eating disorder? Doritos continues to stir the pot and puts Kyle vs Erika all because she slept in a hotel, because she had her period. The BH ladies head to NYC for fashion week and DoriTOES continues to put her foot in her mouth...pun intended. Won’t you judge with us?
Feb 14, 2018
Ep51: Two Judgey Girls
Kyle stands up this week to LVP and Doritos: did the ladies really plot against her? LVP needs to stick to Vanderpump Rules. Speaking of, Chamomile Katie was fat shamed this week by Kevin Lee Shi Shi...will this hurt his business? Jax was late to bartend so he got wasted with Bert, Brandon, and Billy. Kristen continues to want to destroy his life...Just like Carl is doing to Lauren Wirkus. She is officially under his spell. Won’t you judge with us?
Feb 08, 2018
Ep50: Two Judgey Girls
In VPR, Tom finally found his balls and stuck up for his Bubba! He called Scheana a boot leg Kardashian with no personality, and told her all she cares about is her-selfie. In the Hamptons, Lauren loses her shit over Carl and pies him in the face, and proceeds to lick it off and make out. Erika Jayne is DoriTOES' stage mom, who gives us a FEVER with Boy George at Peeeekkkayyyys 50th birthday! Meanwhile Teddi gets called psycho and Dorit can't let go of #glassgate. Won't you judge with us?
Feb 01, 2018
Ep49: Two Judgey Girls
It’s ALL about the pasta this week...aka code for coke. Listen to us HAMM it up about our weekend together at The Sundance Film Festival. Breaking News: DoriTOES has 6 toes. Are Erika Jayne and Mr. Girardi on the rocks? Scheana lost her smile this week, good thing we made a missing sign. Summer House premiered with a new hottie Amit and Carl got compared to Mexican food. And finally, we are excited that we can officially say goodbye to Soggy forever!
Jan 26, 2018
Ep48: Two Judgey Girls
This week we said goodbye to Bobby Zarin. Did Jill really film at the funeral? Tom Sandoval won Mary over with his trumpet abilities and we got to see the White Kayne in action at See You Next Tuesday. Meanwhile, Brittany is still putting up with Jax and playing recordings to prove he is a sociopath/asshole yet still wants to stay with him. Dorit was late to a very important date with Teddi... so she left. Soggy and Marg continue to battle it out over foyers. Won’t you judge with us?
Jan 18, 2018
Ep47: Two Judgey Girls
MVP goes to the Vanderpump Rules cast. We've got Lala being thankful for her hands for handjobs and kitty kat for taking that D like a champ. Scheana is still trying to convince us and herself that Rob likes her. But we all know Sandoval likes him the most #robsessed. We believe Teresa is on the out with Joe (and potentially so is America...) and Soggy Flicker is out of the show. We are almost positive Soggy went to CVS to get the sling and boot. Rinna pushes her offspring to be the next Hadid's and Doritos calls Camille a stupid C-U-N-Tuesday. Won’t you judge with us?
Jan 12, 2018
Ep46: Two Judgey Girls
New year, same ole Judgey Girls. Join 'The Jury Speaks' on Facebook to interact more with people that are saying what you are thinking. This week we discuss Lu in rehab, Tom kissing Lala’s friends, Jax continuing to be a sociopath while the girls eat Taco Bell, Soggy saying Daddy, the girls leaving Relationshep on their own, and Dorit continuing to bash Rinna. Come judge with us! Facebook Group:
Jan 05, 2018
Ep45: Two Judgey Girls
The people have spoken and YOU ARE THE JURY! Sadly, This is our last pod of 2017. We talk about the highlights of this year including: it’s about Tom, Bunny Gate, and sucking D at the Round Up. Hear our amazing Doritos accent and Beverly Hills taglines. We also discuss Jax being a disgusting pig and Brittany having hate sex with him. Shep continues to be a slob in Charleston and Soggy just needs to go. Thank you all for a fabulous year! Happy Holidays, and for the last time of 2017, come judge with us!
Dec 22, 2017
Ep44: Two Judgey Girls
WARNING: Major ADD this episode. Polls results are in for the best housewife. We revisit the most anticipated fashion show of the year, Kim D’s POSCHE standing for Piece of Shit Cokehead Homewrecker Everyday. Meanwhile in the South, Courtney thinks she is the best match for RelationSHEP. VPR premiere brings it. Poor Brittany gets called out by Jax and her Postmates habits then he cheats on her with Faith. We don’t know what’s worse? Come judge with us!
Dec 08, 2017
Ep43: Two Judgey Girls
This week we question if Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon put their differences aside...maybe for the cameras. Kim Z returns to Atlanta and Kenya asks if she had reassignment surgery. Theresa throws another glass of red wine in New Jersey after the claims she has rekindled an old flame...haven’t Juicy Joe and her been together since middle school? Plus Courtney and Mary are still single even though their parents pimp them out at bars. Come judge with us!
Nov 30, 2017
Ep42: Two Judgey Girls
Courtney met Meghan King Edmonds in real life. Delores accused Danielle of taking drugs but we think Soggy Slicker is on them. And the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Drama goes to Margaret as #cakegatecontinues. Cynthia is officially a cougar and Porsha has a disease that makes her not go on long plane flights--it's called Being Cheapitis. Mark Deuber may or may not (but probably does) get his D sucked at The Round Up. The OC finale party was a dud and we don’t even know what The King Collection is. Come judge with us!
Nov 17, 2017
Ep41: Two Judgey Girls
Find out who listeners would rather sleep with: Mark Deuber or David Beador? Would you rather have Peggy or Meghan as a mom? All answers are revealed. Shannon and Soggy Flicker both went through hormone therapy this week...we doubt it worked. We fell more in love with Dolores and Marg this week (and Archie the dog!). Andy was impressed with Brandi not bringing sexual chocolate to the reunion show. Cam was thankful as well. And taglines are officially out in Hotlanta! Also, it's Summer Mary's birthday, and we can only imagine what will happen...
Nov 09, 2017
Ep40: Two Judgey Girls
Vicki finally got her long awaited casserole after returning back to the hotel from an Icelandic ER. Turns out it was “high blood pressure” aka an anxiety attack/dehydration/lack of sleep which we call a hangover. She’s a hair of the dog kind of girl and made up with Tamra over champs while Peggy is still in her room talking to Diko. In the Garden State, Soggy stopped taking her meds and continues to fly off the handle. She wants to get a sharp knife and put it in the Powerhouse with Pigtails. Speaking of wives with knives, in Dallas, Leanne says she is going to slit Brandi’s throat. Her engagement brunch didn’t go exactly as planned as half the party walked out, but we think she solidified another season all about her wedding. Come judge with us!
Nov 03, 2017
Ep39: Two Judgey Girls
Teresa's mom was looking down on us when we experienced a technical difficulty the first time we tried to record because we were #blessed with the new of Shannon and David FINALLY separating! We are so looking forward to single Shannon and Kelly out on the town, securing us AND them for another season. Sparkle Dog food killed it (probably literally) in Dallas. We beg Soggy to keep her cookies to herself and Danielle may or may not have been a scumbag in what she told Teresa. Thanks for judging with us and we are sorry for the delay... but it's well worth the wait!
Oct 28, 2017
Ep38: Two Judgey Girls
Blame Courtney from LA for being sick last week and missing a recording. We are so happy to be back in Jersey and see Soggy Flicker cry over salty crab cakes. We have a new stalker named SEXZ Chef. No one even flinched when Leann shattered a champagne flute over in Dallas. Now Kameron understands why they had plastic cups. In Orange County, Peggy confronts Shannon and then we have to hear her yell/cry the rest of the episode. How many tears will be in Iceland? Come judge with us...
Oct 18, 2017
Ep37: Two Judgey Girls
It's Easter in the OC. But really we are just wondering what kind of egg the Dallas ladies put up their Vaaaaa-jay-jay? Plastic or hard boiled? David wants Shannon to get all spoons out of her mouth, including the silver one. "Just kidding Dear." Sexual chocolate was really the star in Mexico aka the black dildo that Kameron Westscott wanted in pink. And who's lying Brandi or Cary about doctors killing people on the table? Come judge with us! P.S. Don't forget to give us a 5 star review and DM us for horrible advice!
Oct 04, 2017
Ep36:Two Judgey Girls
KIDashian spin off coming 2018 featuring Kimye 3.0, Khloe, and baby lip kit Kylie. We just can't keep up with the Kardashians. In the OC, Peggy held her ground about cancer and refereeing, but not peanut galleries. Leanne got MVP this week accusing Cary of doing yoga and Mark receiving BJs at the Round Up. We also got to see 2 boob jobs, one by a plastic surgeon and the other by a "gyno". Please use your Cover Girl powder for recovery and come judge with us!
Sep 27, 2017
Ep35: Two Judgey Girls
Kelly Godd's farewell 32G party was a BUST (pun intended). Shannon yelled at Tamra like she was her daughter and had yet another mental breakdown on camera. Vicki still claims she's not a con artist and we don't understand why Steve and his kind eyes like her. In Dallas, the HonesTea didn't go so well. Leanne, sans her new engagement ring, blamed her carnie past on calling Cary a C-U-Next-Tuesday. Oh, and per usual, but more than normal, lots of ADD this episode...come judge with us.
Sep 21, 2017
Ep34: Two Judgey Girls
Ricky, Tamra's Gay of Honor, dropped a bomb this week claiming he has seen Eddie make out with men. He even claimed Tamra liked it. Is this true or another cancer scam? Do we like Brandi of Dallas and her botched facelift and light eyebrows? In Paradise, Deanie babies became the villain and we had to hear about Taylor taking all of Derek made us feel uncomfortable. Speaking of uncomfortable, Courtney is trying out for my 600 lb life to get gastro bypass surgery. Come judge with us!
Sep 13, 2017
Ep33: Two Judgey Girls
For the last time, it's about Tom. Andy Cohen reported LIVE right from Lu's Sag Harbor home. She looked skinny and Andy dived right in, asking her brutal questions. He asked: Do you feel like a chump? Did either of you cheat? What were you fighting about? Are you embarrassed? Did the girls tell you "told you so!"? Are you ever going back to The Regency? It was everything we needed for closure. Meanwhile, in the OC, the girls dressed up as men. Shannon was Bret Michaels and the rest of the girls were white trash (especially Tammy Sue), and then Lydia showed up. We were excited to see Meghan King Edmonds and her PI side come back out. Vicki wasn't as pleased and was upset she didn't get invited to the bingo party. In Dallas, we question if Stephanie is a social climber. But enjoy that her and Brandi are back to being BFFs. Below Deck kicks back off with Captain Lee showing no mercy. And we do not approve of Dean's actions in Paradise, but Kristina needs to get over her two week fling! Come judge with us!
Sep 07, 2017
Ep32: Two Judgey Girls
The most anticipated interview to end the summer is approaching... Andy Cohen sits down with Lu at her home in The Hamptons. Hear our predictions and wrap up why Sonja was such a C-U-Next-Tuesday to Tinsley; She isn't your slave or intern! We are snoring through the OC but appreciate Shannon and Kelly Godd making amends. Also, Shannon we get, you are FAT. In Paradise, Corinne over drank and and blamed it on "medication." Poor Demario. And we have to keep dealing with that teetotaler, Taylor. We've finally boarded the Dallas train, so hop on and COME JUDGE WITH US! (Oh yeah, and help us get to 10K by Labor Day on our Instagram, @twojudgeygirls!)
Sep 01, 2017
Ep31: Two Judgey Girls
Sip n' Snooze this week with the OC. Peg and her fried hair need to go. We are so sick of the Vicki and Kelly vs Tamra and Shannon fight. Let's move on and whoop it up! It's still about Tom in New York. BAN THAT REGENCY. Chris Harrison gave us an after school special about consent. Paradise opened back up but the closure gave some "couples" too much time to think and hate each other. Won't you judge with us?
Aug 18, 2017
Ep30: Two Judgey Girls
Did you miss us?! Where were you when you found out about Tom and Lu divorcing? Missy didn't see that coming! Is Meghan King Edmonds the voice of reason this season? Lydia is making Doug getting his balls chopped off. Peggy and her yellow lambo physically show Meghan how to zip her lips. All hail to Sonja and Dorinda in Mexico, please pass them more tequila, clothing is optional. Was Tinsley saying fuck you or thank you to Sonja? And how did Bryan win the The Bachelorette? Come judge with us!
Aug 11, 2017
Ep29: Two Judgey Girls
WE ARE BACK! And we are watching Kelly Godd send all 174 pounds of Shannon off the rails. Luanne was our spirit animal this week as we share our own stories of falling when drinking. And our ADD is as strong as ever. We also have a lil VPR in Mexico scoop! Also, who is Steve?
Jul 28, 2017
Ep28: Two Judgey Girls
This week we breakdown the final four contestants on The Bachelorette. Peter, we know you don't want to win. We think that Craig should eat cheese while Naomi goes down as we believe in the best of both worlds. The OG of the OC returns and she is going big! We have cringeworthy moment with Shannon and David over quinoa bowls and weight gain. Tamra and Lydia go to Bible Study. Bethany disinvites Ramona to Mexico but she is still going and Sonja has a lot to say about her nether regions. Mary is praying she gets prescribed diet pills and we are just praying she makes it safely to Colombia! Won't you judge with us? ALSO, Two Judgey Girls is going LIVE on Tuesday, July 25th, and we want you to join us! We’re doing live chats that you can be a part of, either on video or in the text chat, using this awesome new app called Smiletime. Download it in the app store: Then subscribe to The Fantasy Suite, by clicking the heart inside the room, and don’t forget to allow notifications so that we can holler at you when the chat is starting! We can’t wait to hang with you guys.
Jul 14, 2017
BONUS Ep27: Two Judgey Girls
BONUS EPISODE: Keep up with Courtney & Mary for this exclusive breaking news story of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. This mini-sode talks all details of the instagram posts, temporary restraining orders, revenge porn and that you don't mess with Rob's robes!
Jul 11, 2017
Ep26: Two Judgey Girls
This week Dorinda got MVH (Most Valuable Housewife)! CLIP, CLIP, CLIP! She had the "shampoo effect" and channeled her inner Mob Wife, she also forgot her luggage to Vermont. We continue to loathe Bethenny and hearing about how her life is worse than everyone elses. Do you have sympathy for Tinsley? Mary was happy to see Kathryn and TRav rekindle their romance. Meanwhile Courtney continues to do dolphin inpersonations and we started a #BanLandon campaign. Lyle proposes to Catherine and was denied based on finances. The Bachelorette was a European Massacre. Rachel sent home 9 men and we think we know her final four: Eric, Bryan, Peter, and DeanieBaby! Listen to figure out what a BBHJ is...Also, do you like our new theme song? Come judge with us! And don't forget to leave your five star review!
Jun 30, 2017
Ep25: Two Judgey Girls
This week we watch Carole and Dorinda go to the Women's March. Courtney and Mary reveal what they did that was a little different. We discuss Ramona and her face lift, we mean edgy ponytail. We have mastered Landon's dolphin sex voice, definitely take a listen. Ashley forgets her pants again, but never forgets her lingerie. Mary learns the meeting of coitus thanks to The Bachelorette spelling bee and the game "I want to eat your butt." Write us a review, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram! Oh, and come judge with us!
Jun 23, 2017
Ep24: Two Judgey Girls
Mary & Courtney discuss the closure of Bachelor in Paradise. Luann got 5 minutes of fame to show off her Palm Beach wedding (plus Mary & Luann own the same robe!), while the other cougars are out to play. Sonja lets Frenchie out of his cage but into her house and Tinsley brings her 23 year old boy toy. Courtney was literally brought to tears by Kathryn, Kensie, and Thomas. And we continue to wonder about Ashley and her high wasted bathing suits while still trying to figure out the correct pronunciation of Louis. Also, we discover Chef Adam is a sociopath, but Mary would NOT kill him in a game of FMK. Come judge with us...
Jun 16, 2017
Ep22: Two Judgey Girls
Courtney & Mary have a jam-packed episode for you! We question Ramona, her sanity, and whisper-wine-breath apologies. Bethanny wants the sympathy card and tells everyone why she has the worst life, but does she really? In Charleston, Landon and Thomas question if they are soulmates...we question if they reproduce with each other and their babies' brain cells. We confirm Ashley does work for Delta and that Catherine cheats on Lyle all at one dinner party. Rachael Lindsay has won over our hearts and DeMario finds out that karma is a bitch. And who's a good boy? Copper's a good boy!
Jun 02, 2017
Ep21: Two Judgey Girls
This episode is Bravo-centric, featuring Mary's trip to visiting Courtney in LA, and boy did we make it nice! With a trip to Pump, Sur, and visiting Daddy aka God aka Andy Cohen at WWHL, we lived a lifetime in less than 48 hours. We also break down if the South is still Charming, if the Indian dinner was culturally appropriate, if Nelson is a waspy heterosexual and the beginnings of the Berzerkshires. Come judge with us or just judge us, whichever you feel is better!
May 26, 2017
BONUS Ep20: Two Judgey Girls
BONUS EPISODE! This is an exclusive episode to recap the most "controversial" season of the bachelorette. Will the "skeptic" Rachel Lindsay find love? Yes, Chris Harrison already told us. Meet the men: The tickle monster, Waboom, firemen, lawyers, the usual personal trainers, and chiropractors. Courtney and Mary dish on all the men and their predictions.
May 25, 2017
Ep19: Two Judgey Girls
This week sure is busy! The Bachelorette is upon us and we hope we don't meet the Tickle Monster... Kourtney says we are NEVER EVER getting back together to poor Lord Disick. Bobby is turned on by girls who have poopy pants. Sonja, Ramona, and Tinsley continue to prey on the same men while sipping Tito's and soda with 3 limes. Shep is back on the bourbon and the rest of the SC cast joins in. Also, look for us on WWHL on Monday night! (No, we still haven't been called to be bartenders, but we will be in the audience!)
May 19, 2017
Ep18: Two Judgey Girls
We have so many questions this week: Who's Chelsea? Would you marry without a prenup? Why have we not heard ANYTHING about The Bachelorette? Is Bobby on steroids? Is Nelson gay? Was Princess Diana a hussy? Is Tinsley to blame for Sonja falling off the wagon? Is Ramona's invitation in the mail?! Have you ever driven past a guy's house that you like just to make sure he's home? All this and more on this week's episode of Two Judgey Girls. Come judge with us!
May 12, 2017
Ep17: Two Judgey Girls
ALERT: We need to apologize for the beginning of the pod this week. PLEASE STICK AROUND TO LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING! Mary & Courtney recorded this episode completely sober and yet, you'd never know it. This week we talk about Mary and Cameron's love of Wicca (Southern Charm), Kim turning into a Mob Wife going on Scott's side piece (KUWTK), and the drawn out election comes to a close with turtlenecks and red leather gloves, plus more!
May 05, 2017
Ep16: Two Judgey Girls
Did you miss us?! Because we sure missed you! Mary & Courtney are back with a vengeance (and perhaps some rosé...) to dish on your favorite reality shows. This week we are all over the map, making sure to talk Bachelor updates and keeping up with Rob & Kaitlyn. We discuss the Scheana & Shay awkwardness, go South to check up on those Charmin' kids. We can finally finish up the reunion and Bunnygate in Beverly Hills and end in New York not really sure who is fighting or making up or hooking up in someone's daughters' bed. Come judge with us!
Apr 28, 2017
Ep15: Two Judgey Girls
Courtney & Mary are in delightful moods this week as Mary is heading off to Spring Break in Mexico! (Will she do us all a favor and visit Andale's PLEASE?!) We discuss the reunions of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. Talk our newest housewife obsession, Tinsley Mortimer. And GDit, Landon makes us want to ROAM away from our TVs and hang with billionaires, NOT millionaires. Also, cherish every moment of this weeks pod, as next week we will be off due to Mary's international travel.
Apr 14, 2017
Ep14: Two Judgey Girls
This week you get 2 podcasts for the price of 1: FREE! This episode we reunite with the RHONY, Sonja, and her vibrators. We watch PeeeKAAYYYY make the classic first season husband mistake and confront a housewife, Ice Queen Erika. LVP "cohosts" with Andy Cohen at the VPR reunion. Finally, we go down to the South to find out Tom has full custody of his kids and Shep is looking for his credit cards. Come judge with us!
Apr 07, 2017
Ep13: Two Judgey Girls
This episode is worth the wait! Courtney decided to go to Vegas towards the end of last week, delaying the release of Episode 13. However, we still manage to discuss all of the antics of our favorite Bravolebrities. Mary keeps us up to date with those Kardashians as well as the staying power of Nick and Erika Jayne on DWTS. The housewives continued their hot streak of keeping the season alive and we finally saw Two Bubbs say "I do." Won't you judge with us?
Apr 04, 2017
Ep12: Two Judgey Girls
Mary & Courtney felt something missing in their hearts with a few of their shows out of rotation. Mary found love in a hopeless place, spending her Monday night watching Dancing With The Stars. The Kardashians gave us all the feels with reliving Paris. The kids on Vanderpump actually got us excited for this wedding. But this week was all about our Ice Queen, Erika. And the real question Rinna wants an answer to: how much is rent at the coke den?
Mar 23, 2017
Ep11: Two Judgey Girls
Courtney and Mary are celebrating the end of The Bachelor this week (10:15)! But we are in mourning for the end of Summer House--gone but not forgotten (18:22). We prep for the most expensive Wednesday wedding for Tom & Katie (27:53) and travel to Hong Kong for... a voiceover appointment? Well we weren't quite sure but we definitely prepped a look book (34:33). Come judge with us!
Mar 16, 2017
Ep10: Two Judgey Girls
Did you know it's International Women's Day? Let's celebrate by discussing our favorite women on TV! The Women Tell All, but in reality actually nothing (7:00). Cristina and Lindsay prove that you don't need enemies when you've got friends like them (19:47), SURprise! A photo shoot for these VPR kids & Stassi teaches us how to date (30:33). Erika can do no wrong and showed us her gentle side while we gear up for a trip to Hong Kong (37:54)! Come judge with us, won't you?
Mar 09, 2017
Ep9: Two Judgey Girls
Mary & Courtney are back this week discussing Oscars dramz, some of our faves joining DWTS, what's going on with Rob Kardashian, the sad sad life Raven from The Bachelor has led so far, Lisa Rinna "owning it", why Lindsay and Everett are Montauk's version of Ronnie & Sammi from Jersey Shore, and after 4 years being in New Orleans, we can finally leave, albeit with a hangover. Also, have you had the chance to review us yet? Please do. But obviously, 5 stars only.
Mar 02, 2017
Ep8: Two Judgey Girls
Courtney & Mary break down this week of fabulous reality tv. We'd like to thank Bravo for really stepping up to the plate when ABC let us down. Hometowns made us love Corinne even more and turn on Vanessa. Drag fights entertained us throughout VPR. Rinna continued her downward spiral and Mary continued to defend--but not all of her actions are defendable. And Lindsay & Everett remind us that being single isn't really that bad. Come judge with us!
Feb 24, 2017
Ep7: Two Judgey Girls
Guys, we are so sorry for the delay--we are like Lisa Rinna and blaming something else, which is the storm in LA. We travel to Bimini to spend some time with the new Bachelorette, #progress! Our VIP, Kyle Cooke, turns 34, and we THRIVED when Katie Maloney got hit in the head with mardi gras beads. Did we mention that this marriage is doomed?!
Feb 18, 2017
Ep6: Two Judgey Girls
Joe Simpson's appearance on Vanderpump Rules has Mary & Courtney reminiscing about the good ole days. Mary tries to defend Lisa Rinna, but she just needs to OWN IT! Is anybody making it through The Bachelor without falling asleep? And do we have to say much more than... KYLE COOKE!
Feb 10, 2017
Ep5: Two Judgey Girls
Do we love James Kennedy? You bet we do! Mary & Courtney are back discussing how boring The Bachelor is, debating whether or not Courtney and Nick share a lisp, laughing at how thirsty these side players are for James, loving how amazing Kyle Cooke remains to be, and hating on why Eden is THE WORST! Also, we went on location to The Flag and avoided Sea Org members. WHAT A WEEK!
Feb 03, 2017
Ep4: Two Judgey Girls
Mary & Courtney take a page from Erika Jayne and have zero f*@ks to give this week as they discuss Corinne and The Bachelor, Team Rinna v Team Vanderpump, why Jax would ever agree to a roast, and why Kyle is the perfect piece of a Bravo-sliced pie. And guys, lets get #freetom trending please. We're worried about him!
Jan 26, 2017
Ep3: Two Judgey Girls
EVERYBOOOOOODY, Courtney and Mary are back this week talking about The Bachelor (:40), Vanderpump Rules (17:40), Summer House (23:38) and a bit of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (28:57). Oh, and did you know that Mary loves former fatties? Enjoy!
Jan 20, 2017
Ep2: Two Judgey Girls
Mary and Courtney are back! This week we discuss all the madness of the Golden Globes (2:05), the dalliances on The Bachelor (9:02), and the beautiful disaster that is Vanderpump Rules & Summer House (20:45). Thanks for judging with us!
Jan 12, 2017
Ep1: Two Judgey Girls
Courtney and Mary embark on the latest and "most controversial" season of The Bachelor.
Jan 05, 2017