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NBA expert Chris Broussard breaks down the hottest topics around the NBA, using his years of deep connections to keep you updated and informed in a way nobody else is doing it.

Episode Date
Ep. 66 - LeBron to the Lakers + Ric Bucher

This week Chris is joined by Ric Bucher to talk about LeBron joining the Lakers, where Kawhi will end up, and what Boogie Cousins to the Warriors means for the NBA.

Jul 04, 2018
Ep. 65 - Power Swing in the East with Marcus Morris

Boston Celtics Forward Marcus Morris joins Chris Broussard In The Zone to detail his experience playing against LeBron in the 2018 playoffs, the future of the young Boston Celtics and why he believes the best move for LeBron is to stick it out and stay home in Cleveland.

Jun 28, 2018
Ep. 64 - NBA Draft Preview with Rashad Phillips

Chris is joined by Rashad Phillips, College basketball/NBA prospect GURU, to talk why he thinks Trae Young is the best player in the draft, whether the Suns should take DeAndre Ayton, if Luka Doncic is gonna pan out, and why he has Mo Bamba as his #2 player in this draft.

Jun 19, 2018
Ep. 63 - LaVar Ball on why LeBron is headed to Lakers

LaVar & LiAngelo Ball join In the Zone to discuss the latest on Lonzo vs. Kyle Kuzma, where LeBron James will be playing next season and the outlook for the 2018-19 Lakers.

Jun 13, 2018
Ep. 62 - Could LeBron and Durant team up? + What does Colangelo leaving the Sixers mean?

Chris breaks down the Top 5 greatest dynasties in NBA history. Then on Knockdown J, Could LeBron and Durant team up? Who is the Finals MVP? What will Colangelo resigning means to the Sixers free agency?

Jun 07, 2018
Ep. 61 - Ice Cube on LeBron James to Lakers, Cavs/Warriors & Learning to Rap

Legendary rapper and media mogul Ice Cube discusses why the Warriors will beat the Cavs, LeBron's chances to play for the Lakers, Paul George's leadership qualities, Klay Thompson's future, how the group NWA was coined and learning to rap on a type writer in high school.

Jun 05, 2018
Ep 60 - Can LeBron Become the G.O.A.T + Al Harrington on his New Cannabis Business

Former NBA power forward Al Harrington joins Chris to talk his NBA career and his new cannabis business. Then in Knockdown J, Chris is joined by FS1's Jason McIntyre to discuss whether another championship this year would make LeBron the G.O.A.T and how Bryan Colangelo's potential burner accounts might affect Sixers free agency.

May 31, 2018
Ep. 59 - Jason Terry on LeBron's Game 7 victory

NBA Champ Jason Terry is here to talk all things LeBron James, Game 7, Boston Celtics and the Rockets vs. the Warriors.

May 29, 2018
Ep. 58 - Tim Hardaway: My Crossover was better than Iverson's

Chris is joined by Tim Hardaway to talk the Rockets beating the Warriors, Jeff Van Gundy vs Alonzo Mourning, and having a crossover better than Allen Iverson.

May 23, 2018
Ep. 57 - LeBron vs. Celtics & Kobe fights Shaq

Olden Polynice drops by to share stories about the time Kobe & Shaq fought in practice, Larry Bird's epic trash talk and why LeBron will lose to the Celtics. Finally, Broussard breaks down his top playoff performers and Jason McIntyre is back for another edition of Knockdown J.

May 16, 2018
Ep. 56 - Kyle Kuzma on Kobe, LeBron & Nas vs. Lonzo

Kyle Kuzma joins the show to discuss why Kobe was his favorite growing up, LeBron James' outstanding playoffs, the Warriors and Nas' rap lyrics vs. Lonzo Ball's rap lyrics. Finally, Jason McIntyre is back to tell you why LeBron James should sign with the Lakers and not Philly.

May 09, 2018
Ep. 55 - Stephen Jackson on Charles Barkley, LeBron, Cavs, Warriors & Kawhi

Former NBA champion Stephen Jackson joins the show to discuss Kawhi Leonard & his relationship with the Spurs, Jackson's path to the NBA, the Rockets vs. the Warriors and who will win the NBA championship.

May 02, 2018
Ep. 54 - Howard Beck on Knicks + LeBron + Jaylen/Tatum for Kawhi?

Chris brings on long time NBA expert Howard Beck to discuss the Knicks' coaching search, LeBron James' chances in this year's postseason, whether the Celtics should give up Tatum and Brown for Kawhi Leonard & the entire NBA postseason. Plus, Chris breaks down the Top 5 performers in this year's postseason.

Apr 25, 2018
Ep. 53 - Postseason Player Power Rankings + Metta World Peace on Kobe and Jordan

Chris breaks down his Top 5 Postseason Player Power Rankings. Who's had the best playoffs so far? Would losing in the first round be LeBron's greatest failure? Why isn't Kawhi with the Spurs? Plus a riveting interview with Metta World Peace on his new book, No Malice, which follows his journey into the NBA and his stories about Kobe and Jordan.

Apr 18, 2018
Ep. 52 - Clyde Drexler on LeBron James, Michael Jordan, James Harden & Steph Curry

Clyde Drexler joins the show to discuss playing against Michael Jordan, the Dream Team, James Harden & Chris Paul's chances for a title this year, LeBron James and what it was like playing with Hakeem Olajuwon.

Apr 10, 2018
Ep 51 - Danny Green on Kawhi Leonard & Embiid's 76ers over LeBron?

San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green joins the pod to set the record straight about the team meeting with Kawhi, how the Spurs are gameplanning with him out, and what it's like getting yelled out by Pop. Chris breaks down his Top 5 coaches of all time. Then on Knockdown J, would you give Kawhi the super max? Is James Harden the unanimous MVP? Can the Sixers make it to the Finals?

Apr 04, 2018
Ep. 50 - LeBron's Best Season? + Bucks GM Jon Horst on Giannis and Jabari Parker

Chris Broussard breaks down the Top 5 seasons of LeBron James' career. Then Bucks GM Jon Horst joins the pod to discuss how he became one of the youngest GM's in the league, Giannis' ceiling as a player, and Jabari Parker's role since coming back from injury. Then on Knockdown J, McIntyre makes the case for Kawhi Leonard to ask for a trade.

Mar 28, 2018
Ep. 49 - Mike Gorman on Paul Pierce, Larry Bird, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James & Michael Jordan

Celtics play-by-play man Mike Gorman joins the show to discuss Kyrie Irving's similarities to Larry Bird, why Paul Pierce is the best offensive player in Celtics' history, Michael Jordan's 63-point game at the Boston Garden, Danny Ainge's quest for Anthony Davis and why the 2008 title team was his favorite Celtics' team of all time. Finally, Jason McIntyre is back to make the case for Damian Lillard on first team All NBA and why the Lakers have a brighter future than the 76ers.

Mar 21, 2018
Ep. 48 - March Madness with Evan Daniels + Steph Curry, LeBron & James Harden

FOX College Hoops Insider Evan Daniels breaks down the NCAA Tournament and tells you which teams could be Final 4 bound, and breaks down the NBA's hottest pro prospects in March Madness. Plus, Chris breaks down 5 reasons why Steph Curry is actually better than he gets credit for. Finally, Jason McIntyre is back to discuss James Harden vs. Steve Nash, LeBron's legacy and the front runner for Coach of the Year.

Mar 14, 2018
Bonus Episode - Matt Barnes Unfiltered

NBA Champ Matt Barnes discusses Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, his feud with Derek Fisher, his life outside of basketball and whether the Rockets can knock off Golden State. Hear the entire interview right here!

Mar 12, 2018
Ep 47 - Matt Barnes on Kobe Bryant & Derek Fisher feud + Kyrie or Lillard? Westbrook's Legacy? Trade Anthony Davis?

Who are the Top 5 players to never win a title? Plus, if Paul George leaves OKC, does that ruin Westbrook's legacy? Who's better: Kyrie or Dame? Is it time to trade Anthony Davis? Plus, NBA champ Matt Barnes recounts trying to ball fake Kobe, his current relationship with Derek Fisher and reflects on his times with Steph Curry & Kevin Durant.

Mar 09, 2018
Ep 46 - Midseason Awards with Nick Wright - Harden or LeBron for MVP? - Ben Simmons or Donovan Mitchell for ROY?

Nick Wright, host of FS1's First Things First, joins Chris to discuss the midseason awards. Is Harden or LeBron the MVP? Ben Simmons or Donovan Mitchell for ROY? Who had the performance of the year?

Mar 01, 2018
Ep. 45 - LeBron quitting? + Best team of century? + Eddie House

Eddie House joins the show to address his comments that LeBron James quit in the NBA Finals, his best Kevin Garnett story and whether the Rockets can challenge the Warriors this season. In addition, Chris counts down his 5 best teams of the century.

Feb 27, 2018
Ep 44 - Embiid's Health? LeBron vs. Warriors? - The Undefeated's Mike Wise

What are the Top 5 best storylines for the second half of the NBA season? Then Mike Wise of The Undefeated joins Chris to talk about the state of the NBA. Who's the MVP? Would the Kobe/Shaq Lakers beat the current Warriors?

Feb 22, 2018
Ep. 43 - Trade Lonzo? Harden or LeBron for MVP? + Kenyon Martin

This week Chris is joined by former All-Star and #1 pick Kenyon Martin. Kenyon talks about what it's like being selected to and All-Star game and debates LeBron vs Jordan vs Kobe. Then in our Knockdown J segment, Jason McIntyre asks whether the Lakers should trade Lonzo before LaVar messes things up, and whether Donovan Mitchell or Ben Simmons should be the ROY. Plus, the Top 5 best dunk contests of all time.

Feb 14, 2018
Ep. 42 - LeBron & Cavaliers Trade Deadline Special

The Cavaliers made a flurry of moves and Chris Broussard & Jason McIntyre are here to break it all down. Topics include the Cavs' chances this season, LeBron's future, Isaiah Thomas & the Lakers and Kyrie Irving.

Feb 09, 2018
Ep. 41 - 5 Problems with Cavs + Boston Celtics breakdown

Gary Washburn, National NBA writer for the Boston Globe, joins the pod to discuss the Celtics, Isaiah Thomas, and Gordon Hayward's potential return. Chris gives his top 5 reasons for the Cavs' ongoing struggles and Jason McIntyre is back to talk whether or not the Warriors are still a lock to make the NBA Finals.

Feb 08, 2018
Ep. 40 - Paul George & Lakers + Blake Griffin reaction

Erik Horne, Thunder insider for The Oklahoman, joins the show to discuss Paul George's chances of returning to OKC, Russell Westbrook's dynamic season, Kevin Durant's time in OKC and the potential of this year's Thunder club. In addition, Chris breaks down the best Clippers of all time and Jason McIntyre is back to weigh in on the Detroit Pistons trading for Blake Griffin.

Feb 01, 2018
Ep. 39 - Inside access to Cavs infamous team meeting

Cavs Insider Joe Vardon from joins In the Zone to give an insider's description of the infamous Cavs' team meeting. Vardon describes Dwyane Wade's prominent role in that meeting, why Isaiah Thomas is rubbing his teammates the wrong way, why Kevin Love is a target for the Cavs and where LeBron will be playing next season. Finally, Jason McIntyre is here to tell you whether Dan Gilbert should trade the Nets pick right now.

Jan 25, 2018
Ep 38 - Michael Rapaport on the Knicks + All-Star Draft

Actor Michael Rapaport, of the I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST, joins Chris to talk about the state of the Knicks, LeBron James possibly playing with Kristaps, and working with the Big 3. Then Chris and Jason McIntyre do a mock draft of the NBA All-Star teams.

Jan 18, 2018
Ep. 37 - David Fizdale on LeBron & Wade + NBA MVP

Former Grizzlies head coach David Fizdale joins the show and shares an amazing story of the exact moment when Dwyane Wade passed the torch in Miami to LeBron James. Plus, Chris breaks down the NBA MVP race and Jason McIntyre is here to tell you why Magic Johnson is the real problem with the Lakers & LaVar Ball.

Jan 11, 2018
Ep. 36 - Jim Jackson on Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan + Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James

Jim Jackson joins the show to give extensive insight on Kobe Bryant as a teammate & why Kobe stopped shooting in that infamous Game 7 loss vs. the Suns. Plus, Jim details his relationship with Michael Jordan and discusses how Isaiah Thomas will fit in with LeBron James. Finally, Jason McIntyre is here to tell you why Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA right now.

Jan 04, 2018
Ep. 35 - Devin Booker Interview on Kobe vs. LeBron James + Michael Jordan

Devin Booker, star guard for the Phoenix Suns, joins the show to discuss his relationship with Kobe Bryant, how Kobe stacks up against LeBron James, his personal journey to the NBA, why he said he was better than Michael Jordan, whether he can be the best Suns player of all time, scoring 70 points against the Celtics, who is the best big man in the NBA, and why he won't be chasing championships.

Dec 26, 2017
Ep. 34 - Top 10 NBA players ever + Ralph Sampson joins show

Chris breaks down Michael Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, Magic and more while delivering his 10 best players in NBA history. Then, Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson joins the show to reflect on his battles with the Showtime Lakers, the potential of Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the biggest trash talkers of all time. Finally, Jason McIntyre is back to make the case for Tim Duncan over Kobe Bryant and why Russell Westbrook will never be the same without Kevin Durant.

Dec 21, 2017
Ep. 33: Best backcourts in NBA + Earl Watson on Devin Booker & Michael Jordan

Chris gives you his Top 5 backcourts in the NBA and discusses Steph Curry's and Klay Thompson's place in NBA history. In addition, former Suns head coach Earl Watson joins the show to share a story on how Devin Booker thought he was better than Michael Jordan. Finally, Jason McIntyre is back to tell you why Russell Westbrook is the problem in OKC and why the Spurs are the biggest threat to the Warriors.

Dec 13, 2017
Ep. 32 - Kevin Durant's secret phone call - Guest Knicks Jarrett Jack

Chris breaks down his Top 5 players in the NBA age 23 and under, and his list comes down to Joel Embiid vs. The Greek Freak. Then, Knicks guard Jarrett Jack joins the show to discuss why he doesn't like super teams, LeBron vs. MJ and a secret conversation that he had with Kevin Durant. Finally, Jason McIntyre is back to tell you why this is LeBron's most impressive season to date.

Dec 06, 2017
Ep. 31 - Stephy Curry vs. Larry Bird - Guest 76ers Robert Covington

Chris breaks down the greatest shooters of all time, and his list comes down to Larry Bird vs. Steph Curry. Finally, 76ers forward Robert Covington joins the show to discuss his journey to the NBA, signing a new contract, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, the potential of this year's club and what it was like to play on a tanking team.

Nov 30, 2017
Ep. 30 - Top 5 Lakers ever + Kareem Abdul-Jabbar interview

Chris Broussard dives into his top 5 players ever to play for the Lakers. Then, Hall of Famer & NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar drops by to discuss Lonzo Ball, if his Lakers could beat the Warriors and LeBron's place in history. Finally, Jason McIntyre is here to tell you why Russell Westbrook is the problem in OKC and why Kyrie Irving made the right call leaving LeBron.

Nov 23, 2017
Jamal Crawford full interview

3-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford joins Chris Broussard to discuss his relationship with Michael Jordan, LeBron James, what went wrong with the Clippers, the best ball handlers ever and one of the stranger Ron Artest stories of all time!

Nov 21, 2017
Ep. 29 - Top 5 Dunkers of All Time - Guest Jamal Crawford

3-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford joins Chris to discuss the best ball handlers of all time, training with Michael Jordan, Ron Artest's sleeping habits, and the time he lost a Mercedes on a bet. Chris gives his definitive list of the top 5 dunkers of all time and FS1's and The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre joins the show to discuss whether the Sixers or the Celtics have the brighter future.

Nov 17, 2017
Jerry West full interview

NBA legend Jerry West joins In the Zone to discuss the Clippers trading Chris Paul, the Golden State Warriors, the best ball handlers of all time, LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan and the style of play in today's NBA.

Nov 14, 2017
Ep. 28 - Jerry West on LeBron, Michael Jordan & Steph Curry

NBA icon Jerry West joins Chris Broussard for a discussion on the landscape of today's NBA, the evolution of the game, Steph Curry's perception by today's players, and who he would rather have had in a Game 7 - LeBron James or Michael Jordan? Plus, Broussard breaks down the top 5 handles in NBA history and Jason McIntyre stops by to make the case for the Lakers making the playoffs this season and landing LeBron James this offseason.

Nov 10, 2017
Ep. 27 - 7/5/17 - Jason McIntyre

Are the Celtics now title contenders with Gordon Hayward? Should LeBron leave the Cavs? Will Russell Westbrook and Paul George work? Chris is joined by FS1's Jason McIntyre to discuss the NBA offseason.

Jul 05, 2017
Ep. 26 - 6/21/17 - Draft Preview with Aaron Torres
Who is the best player in this draft? Should Markelle Fultz's college season worry NBA teams? Is Lonzo going to be a star? This week Chris is joined by college basketball writer Aaron Torres.
Jun 21, 2017
Ep. 25 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | Rob Parker
Are the Warriors the greatest team of all time? Is the G.O.A.T talk over for LeBron? FS1's Rob Parker debates Chris.
Jun 13, 2017
Ep. 24 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | Kenny Roda
Are the Cavs back in it? Is LeBron's performance keeping him in the debate for the G.O.A.T? WHBC's Kenny Roda joins Chris to talk about the Finals.
Jun 10, 2017
Ep. 23 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | Sekou Smith
Time to count LeBron out? Will Golden State sweep? Are the Warriors better than the '96 Bulls? NBA TV's Sekou Smith debates Chris.
Jun 08, 2017
Ep. 22 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | Mark Willard
Is Durant now the best player on the planet? Is LeBron suffering from mental fatigue? FOX Sports Radio's Mark Willard debates Chris.
Jun 05, 2017
Ep. 21 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | Mark Willard
Did the Warriors win or did the Cavs lose game 1? Will the G.O.A.T conversation with LeBron end after this series? FOX Sports Radio's Mark Willard debates Chris.
Jun 02, 2017
Bonus Interview - 5/31/17 - Seth Curry
Seth Curry gives an honest take on brother Steph's shot at the NBA title against LeBron. Seth also tells stories about playing his dad's NBA teammates as a kid.
May 31, 2017
Bonus Interview - 5/25/17 - Maverick Carter
Maverick Carter, CEO of SpringHill and UNINTERRUPTED sits down with Chris to talk about LeBron vs MJ, the business of media, and his upcoming projects.
May 25, 2017
Ep. 20 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | Mark Willard
Do we hold LeBron to a higher standard than MJ? Is Isaiah Thomas expendable to the Celtics? Does making it to the NBA Finals justify Kevin Durant's decision to join the Warriors? FOX Sports Radio's Mark Willard debates Chris.
May 24, 2017
Ep. 19 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | LaVar Ball
Are the Lakers the best fit for Lonzo? Who's better at 19: Lonzo Ball or Lebron James? LaVar Ball joins Chris to debate the hottest topics in the NBA.
May 17, 2017
Bonus Interview - 5/11/17 - Glen "Big Baby" Davis | Jared Dudley
Glen "Big Baby" Davis discusses the Celtics reunion and why Ray Allen is not invited. Then Jared Dudley exposes the real reason the Clippers are failing under Doc Rivers.
May 12, 2017
Ep. 18 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | Nick Wright
Will LeBron pass Jordan as the G.O.A.T. with this year's NBA title? Who's the better franchise player: Harden or Kawhi? FS1 Commentator Nick Wright joins Chris to debate the hottest topics of the NBA Playoffs.
May 10, 2017
Bonus Interview - 5/5/17 - Eddie House
In this bonus interview, Chris sits down with former NBA player Eddie House. Eddie talks about playing with both the "Big Three" in Boston and then Miami. Then Eddie tells some hilarious stories about what it's really like playing for Pat Riley.
May 05, 2017
Ep. 17 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | Rob Parker
What happens when LeBron passes Kareem to become second to Jordan in NBA Playoffs points? Is Chris Paul a choker? Is Isaiah Thomas the best small player ever? FS1 Analyst Rob Parker joins Chris to debate the hottest topics of the NBA Playoffs.
May 03, 2017
Ep. 16 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | Jim Jackson
Is Russell Westbrook to blame for OKC's loss? Where should Paul George end up? Former NBA player Jim Jackson joins Chris to discuss all the hottest topics of the NBA Playoffs.
Apr 26, 2017
Ep. 15 - NBA Playoffs Edition: Me Against the World | Jason McIntyre
Are the Celtics one star away from being a legit contender for the NBA Championship? The Big Lead’s Jason McIntyre joins Chris to debate the hottest topics of the NBA playoffs.
Apr 19, 2017
Ep. 14 - 4/12/17 - All NBA Voting | Jason McIntyre
Chris reveals his official ballot for NBA MVP and regular season awards. The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre debates Chris on the biggest topics heading into the playoffs.
Apr 12, 2017
Extended Cut - 4/7/17 - Metta World Peace
In this extended cut, Los Angeles Lakers Metta World Peace tells Chris about the influence Ray Lewis had on him, which NBA Hall of Famer kept encouraging him, and whether or not he thinks he could have had a better career if not for the Malice at the Palace.
Apr 07, 2017
Ep. 13 - 4/5/17 - Metta World Peace
Metta World Peace claims the young Lakers are the next Warriors and compares Brandon Ingram to Steph Curry. Metta tells us the story of how he broke Michael Jordan’s ribs.
Apr 05, 2017
Ep. 12 - 3/29/17 - Lonzo Ball | LaVar Ball
Lonzo Ball gives Chris a one-on-one interview before his father LaVar makes his grand return to “In The Zone.” Lonzo tells us why he’s the #1 NBA Draft pick over Markelle Fultz, how he developed his unique shooting form, and the way he’s defying conventional wisdom about agents and sneaker deals.
Mar 29, 2017
Extended Cut - 3/23/17 - Shaquille O'Neal
In this extended cut, Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal opens up about how there was more to his game that he didn't show. Shaq talks about his father's influence on him helped his desire to continue to win rings, how Phil Jackson uses the media to motivate his players, and players shining a light on social issues.
Mar 24, 2017
Ep. 11 - 3/22/17 - Stop Resting Players | Shaq
The NBA needs to stop resting its stars. Chris offers Adam Silver advice on the solution. Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal joins Chris to divulge the one player he'd want to play with again. Shaq breaks down how he’d beat the Golden State Warriors and if his game would translate to today’s NBA.
Mar 22, 2017
Ep. 10 - 3/15/17 - Black athletes, the “N-word,” and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill
What does it mean when Black athletes like Andre Iguodala use the “N-word?” CNN political contributor and Morehouse College Professor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill joins Chris to discuss this controversial topic as it relates to sports and the media.
Mar 16, 2017
Bonus Interview – 3/12/17 - Jidenna
Grammy-nominated rapper/producer Jidenna (Classic Man, Bambi) talks about why he chose a music career over basketball. Jidenna drops bars on Jordan vs. LeBron and Allen Iverson. Then, he breaks down his debut album, "The Chief."
Mar 13, 2017
Extended Cut - 3/10/17 - LaVar Ball
In this extended interview, LaVar Ball, father of potential #1 pick Lonzo Ball, goes deeper into how he raised all three of his sons to become the players they are, why he thinks all three sons with be one and done, and what will happen if UCLA doesn't win the NCAA Tournament.
Mar 10, 2017
Ep. 9 - 3/8/17 - LaVar Ball and a Plan to Fix the Lakers
Special guest LaVar Ball, father of potential #1 NBA Draft pick Lonzo Ball, gets real with Chris unlike any interview before. LaVar makes bold predictions for Lonzo’s NBA career including averaging a triple double and leading the Lakers to the playoffs in his first season. Then, Chris outlines the blueprint for the Lakers’ return to glory as the NBA’s premier franchise.
Mar 09, 2017
In The Zone - 3/6/17 - John Wall
Chris is joined by All-Star PG John Wall in an exclusive In The Zone interview. Wall talks about who’s on his Mt. Rushmore, the real story behind his and Bradley Beal’s relationship, the Wizards and Celtics rivalry, and what kind of music DeMarcus Cousins likes to fall asleep to.
Mar 06, 2017
In The Zone - 3/3/17 - Extended Cut: Kenyon Martin
Kenyon dishes on George Karl's coaching ability, Carmelo Anthony's game, and Allen Iverson's practice habits. Plus, fight stories from K-Mart's career including his dust up with Nene.
Mar 03, 2017
Ep. 8 - 3/1/17 - Will Kevin Durant's Injury Spice up the League? | Kenyon Martin
With Kevin Durant out indefinitely, will the Golden State Warriors still be the favorites to win the Finals? Then Chris is joined by former All-Star Kenyon Martin who talks about playing with Carmelo Anthony, what it's like to practice with Allen Iverson, and recounts of some of the most brutal NBA fights he either witnessed or took part in.
Mar 02, 2017
Ep. 7 - 2/22/17 - Boogie and The Brow: The Next Super Team?
Chris breaks down how the recent Demarcus Cousins trade could lead the Pelicans to becoming the next super team. With Magic now in charge, are the Lakers moving in the right direction? Should the Boston Celtics make a big trade? Is the All-Star game too boring?
Feb 23, 2017
In The Zone - 2/19/17 - Best of All-Star Weekend - Shaq, John Wall, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jidenna
Shaquille O'Neal weighs in on his former coach Phil Jackson’s handling of Carmelo Anthony. Civil rights legend Rev. Jesse Jackson wonders how Martin Luther King Jr. would have viewed LeBron James’ activism. NBA All-Star Game musical performer Jidenna talks about his new album “The Chief.”
Feb 20, 2017
Ep.6 - 2/15/17 - Oakley v. Dolan | Glen "Big Baby" Davis
Chris gives us his take on the lessons learned from the Knicks situation with Charles Oakley and James Dolan, including Latrell Sprewell’s latest cameo at Madison Square Garden. Plus, a revealing interview with Glen “Big Baby” Davis, who calls his former coach Doc Rivers overrated and lucky in Boston.
Feb 16, 2017
Ep.5 - 2/8/17 - Brady vs. Jordan: Who's the G.O.A.T?
Chris breaks down who's the G.O.A.T: Tom Brady or Michael Jordan? Who's right, Phil Jackson or Carmelo Anthony? Is Magic Johnson to the Lakers a good move? Would a championship ring or averaging a triple double be better for Russell Westbrook's legacy?
Feb 09, 2017
Ep.4 - 2/1/17 - Bring Back the Old Steph Curry & Michael Rapaport Talks Knicks
Chris breaks down why the Golden State Warriors and the NBA need Steph Curry to return to the Michael Jordan level of last season. Then actor/comedian Michael Rapaport joins to defend his New York Knicks and NYC as the Mecca of basketball
Feb 01, 2017
Ep.3 - 1/25/17 - Stop Calling New York the Mecca of Basketball
Is New York still the Mecca of basketball? Are the Knicks even a good NBA franchise? Should the Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony to the Cavs for Kevin Love? What was Lebron trying to say with his tweets? Was Steve Kerr right about the All-Star voting?
Jan 26, 2017
Ep.2 - 1/18/17 - The Greatest Rivalry in NBA History
Chris responds to Lebron's claim that the Warriors and Cavaliers are not rivals. How will the bad blood between the Dubs and Cavs stack up against the Lakers and Celtics rivalry? What are five NBA trades that should happen today?
Jan 18, 2017
Ep.1 - 1/11/17 - Westbrook vs. Harden
Chris breaks down the monster seasons that Westbrook and Harden are having. Who's most deserving of the MVP? Should the Knicks resign Derrick Rose after he went AWOL? Who should take the final shot: Curry or Durant? Should Ben Simmons play this season? Would you rather be an All-Star or go on a date with Rihanna?
Jan 12, 2017
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Jan 09, 2017