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Welcome to the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast, connecting you with leading experts from around the world in all areas of performance - athlete health, nutrition, training, recovery and mindset - to take your game to the next level. This weekly podcast brings you in-depth conversational interviews with expert PhDs, doctors, athletes, researchers, strength coaches, and high-performers to share their stories, insights, and strategies that make them the best in the world.

Episode Date
S3E31 // Rewind: Caffeine, Coffee & Impacts on Strength, Endurance & Body Comp w/ 6 World Experts
In Season 3, Episode 31 Dr. Bubbs interviews expert coaches, practitioners and researchers on all things caffeine. Jozo Grgic, PhD(c) kicks things off by sharing his research into the effects of caffeine on resistance training and prof Stu Phillips, PhD the impacts of caffeine supplementation on exercise. From there, Nanci Guest, PhD shares her research in genetics, caffeine metabolism and endurance training, Dr. Eric Helms, PhD talks caffeine, bodybuilding and improving body composition, and Dr. Andrew Chappell, PhD from England shares his research on the caffeine habits of elite British bodybuilders. Lastly, Dr. Ian Dunican, PhD shares his research on the effects of caffeine on sleep in professional rugby players in Australia.
Oct 06, 2019
S3E30 // Energy Expenditure, Polyphenols & Travel Nutrition in Pro Rugby w/ Dr. James Morehen PhD
In Season 3, Episode 30 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. James Morehen PhD, performance nutritionist with a research background in rugby league and currently working for the English Football Association. In this episode, James discusses the physical demands and athlete profile in elite professional rugby league. He highlights the fundamental fueling strategies in a sport with high caloric demands, potential nutrition ‘gaps’ in elite rugby players, and whether or not polyphenol supplementation improves recovery post-competition. James also shares his insights and experience in developing travel nutrition plans in preparation for international competitions, rapid rehydration strategies and consequences of dehydration in hot climates and where the next greatest gains in performance nutrition will be made.
Sep 20, 2019
S3E29 // Biofeedback, Mindfulness & How Emotions Drive Behaviour w/ Dr. Inna Khazan, PhD
In Season 3, Episode 29 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Inna Khazan, PhD, BCB a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and a clinical psychologist specializing in health psychology and performance excellence training using biofeedback and mindfulness-based approaches. In this episodes, Dr. Khazan talks about how mindfulness enhances biofeedback and biofeedback enhances mindfulness. She shares research on HRV, and biofeedback and how to find your resonance frequency (RF) rate. Dr. Khazan also discusses how mindfulness meditation and how it literally changes your brain. Finally, she dispels common myths around mindfulness & how emotions – like shame, guilt, anxiety and fear - drive behaviour.
Sep 09, 2019
S3E28 // Pre-Season Fueling and Return-to-Play Nutrition in the NFL w/ Pratik Patel MS RD
In Season 3 Episode 28 Dr. Bubbs interviews Pratik Patel, Director of Nutrition and Assistant Strength Coach for the NFL's New York Giants. Pratik talks about his circuitous route to working in high performance and his early experience in leading an elite collegiate nutrition program. He also shares his philosophy and strategies on pre-season nutrition and supplementation in the NFL, position specific changes in body composition, and how the nutrition plan may change in-season. Pratik also discusses injury nutrition, ‘cheat days’, and the biggest challenges in building player buy-in with respect to nutrition.
Aug 31, 2019
S3E27 // Running, Marathon Prep, And Pace & Mind w/ Coach Rejean Chiasson
Mind w/ Coach Rejean Chiasson In Season 3, Episode 27 Dr. Bubbs interviews renowned running coach Rejean Chiasson to talk all things running. Coach Rejean shares his journey into elite running and the fundamentals of preparing for a marathon, from beginner to elite. He also shares his insights into planning your training week, balancing volume and intensity in training, and common mistakes made by beginner, intermediate and advanced runners. Coach Rejean also talks about the importance of recovery, fueling during your runs and how his nutrition has changed over the years, as well as the importance of mindset and community in running and life.
Aug 15, 2019
S3E26 // Beetroot, Bicarb & Measurement Error in Endurance Sport w/ Dr. Andy Sparks
In Season 3, Episode 26 Dr. Bubbs interviews renowned exercise physiologist Dr. Andy Sparks PhD. In this episode, Andy shares his passion for expert-generalism, his serendipitous path to research, the early days of high-fat, low-carb pre-exercise fueling in endurance sport, his work in measurement error and why it matters, inter-individual differences in how beetroot juice impacts endurance performance, personalized dosing of sodium bicarb, fueling practices in ultra-endurance athletes and much more!
Jul 30, 2019
S3E25 // Sprinting & Athlete Development: Insights & Applications from 6 World-Experts
In Season 3, Episode 24 Dr. Bubbs interviews expert coaches, practitioners and researchers on all things sprinting. Dr. Jas Randhawa and Jason Hettler from renowned Altis share insights on training philosophy, fundamentals and the power of observation. The ‘Sprint Coach’ Derek Hansen talks differences in stride length vs. frequency and why off-season training is crucial for injury prevention. Dr. Chris Bellon PhD shares the ‘Big 4’ tenets of acceleration, strength coach Clance Laylor explains why sprinting is so beneficial in pro hockey players, and Prof. Paul Laursen PhD talks HIIT training and the different types you can aim for in athletes and clients. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for full episodes.
Jul 19, 2019
S3E24 // Intelligence vs. Wisdom & Resolving Conflict w/ Dr. Igor Grossman PhD
In Season 3, Episode 24 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Igor Grossman, PhD who discusses his extensive research on wisdom and wise-reasoning. In this episode, Dr. Grossman starts by defining intelligence, wisdom and characteristics of wise-reasoning. He then highlights how social class may predict your ability to reason-wisely, how uncertain environments drive decision making, and how today’s social media world influences how we resolve conflicts with others. Grossman also shares how better wise-reasoning may impact performance in sport, strategies for cultivating more wise-reasoning, and the evolution of the research in this area.
Jul 11, 2019
S3E23 // Ultra-Marathon Prep, Fueling Endurance & Race Day Mindset w/ Zach Bitter
In Season 3, Episode 23 Dr. Bubbs interviews Zach Bitter, American and world record holder in the ultra-marathon. In this episode, Zach shares how he first got into racing, how to build up from marathons to ultra-marathons and how far out you should start training for an ultra. Zach also discusses the importance of building an aerobic base for ultra-marathons, his recent win in the San Diego 100-mile race, and common mistakes made by recreational ultra athletes. Finally, Zach shares his fueling strategy during training and competition, common nutrition pitfalls he sees with clients and what’s next for him on the performance front.
Jun 27, 2019
S3E22 // Athlete Asymmetry and Impacts on Performance & Return To Play w/ Chris Bishop MS
In Season 3, Episode 22 Dr. Bubbs interviews Chris Bishop MS, Senior Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning at the London Sport Institute and current Chairman of the Board of Directors for the UK Strength and Conditioning Association. In this episode, Chris discusses his research in inter-limb asymmetries or differences in strength and power in athletes. He shares current assessment methods to detect asymmetries and how they impact performance in athletes. Chris also talks about the various methods that can be used to correct or limit asymmetries in athletes, as well as whether a ‘threshold’ exists for asymmetries, and when practitioners should address an asymmetry in athletes. Finally, he shares his thoughts on return to play and the evolution of research in athlete asymmetries.
Jun 21, 2019
S3E21 // Effects of Protein Supplementation on Strength and Fat-Free Mass w/ Rob Morton PhD(c)
In Season 3, Episode 21 Dr. Bubbs interviews Rob Morton, PhD Candidate in the Protein Metabolism Research Laboratory under the mentorship of Dr. Stuart Phillips at McMaster University. In this episode, Rob talks about his research into the effects of protein supplementation on strength and fat-free mass. He’ll highlight just how much of a benefit (or not) protein supplementation has when combined with strength training, if athletes need more protein than recreational trainees, and how much protein type really matters. Rob also discusses the impact of protein supplementation on fat-free mass, if there is an upper threshold for muscle protein synthesis, and what happens to protein excess in the body. Finally, Rob shares key insights on how protein requirements change as you age, effects on kidney health, and the evolution of research in this area.
Jun 10, 2019
S3E20 // Pro Soccer, Life at Liverpool FC & Fueling for the Work Required w/ Dr. Liam Anderson PhD
In Season 3, Episode 20 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Liam Anderson PhD, sport scientist and performance nutritionist to discuss his research in English Premier League soccer players. In this episode Liam discusses the physical demands of pro soccer players, how Glycogen status and type-iix fibers are impacted by game intensity, how fueling intake differs between practice and game days, the importance of re-fueling post-game and the real life challenge practitioners face, the value of a good relationship between team chef and performance nutritionist, and much more. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
May 29, 2019
S3E19 // The New Science of Recovery: Evidence-Based Strategies w/ Christie Aschwanden
In Season 3, Episode 19 Dr. Bubbs interviews Christie Aschwanden, author of Good To Go and former lead science writer at FiveThirtyEight and health columnist for the Washington Post. In this episode, Christie shares her insights on old-school applications of iceing and inflammation, if stretching is really a recovery essential, how cryotherapy holds up to the hype, and the role of placebo in recovery. She also talks about the importance of rituals in sport, big data and recovery metrics, how life stress impacts recovery, the new concept of periodized recovery and much more.
May 19, 2019
S3E18 // Training Philosophy, Pro Hockey & Leaving Your Mark w/ Scott Livingston
Season 3, Episode 18 Dr. Bubbs interviews Scott Livingston, a renowned and influential strength and conditioning coach and athletic therapist. Scott discusses injury rates in today’s sporting environment, physical preparation heading into the NHL playoffs, outlines his training philosophy and recovery strategies and much, much more!
May 12, 2019
S3E17 // Fat-Free Mass Index & Key Micronutrients in Pro Football Players w/ Dr. Eric Trexler PhD
Season 3, Episode 17 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Eric Trexler PhD, professional natural bodybuilder, exercise and nutrition researcher and education director at Stronger By Science. In this episode, Eric talks differences in body composition in pro football, how it changes by position and over a season. Eric also highlights a lesser known but valuable metric of fat-free mass index (FFMI) and general targets for specific positions, as well as associations to performance. He then shares his work on omega-3, vitamin-D and body composition in NFL players, the unfortunate reality of post-career health in pro football players and tips to keep ex-athletes healthy as they age.
May 02, 2019
S3E16 // Performance Nutrition, Pro Boxing & Building Trust w/ Dr. Scott Robinson PhD & Scott Quigg
Season 3, Episode 16 Dr. Bubbs launches the first episode of Athlete Evolution series of video interviews with elite performance practitioners and athletes. (Watch the full video on YouTube at Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast!). In this audio podcast episode, Dr. Scott Robinson discusses pre-camp testing in boxers, the role of carb periodization in training camp, how the nutrition strategy changes when making-weight and the dangers of old-school weight loss techniques, as well as how to fuel to perform on fight night. Professional boxer Scott Quigg will share his insights on the value of an evidence-based approach to training, the importance of trust in a coach-athlete relationship, what it’s like to get punched in the face and much more!
Apr 26, 2019
S3E15 // REWIND – Weight Loss & Body Composition: Insights & Applications from 6 World-Experts
S3E15 // REWIND – Weight Loss & Body Composition: Insights & Applications from 6 World-Experts by Dr. Bubbs
Apr 21, 2019
S3E14 // Endurance Athletes, Periodized Nutrition & Train-Low Strategies w/ Dr. Samuel Impey PhD
Season 3, Episode 14 Dr. Bubbs interviews endurance expert Dr. Sam Impey, PhD to dive into periodized nutrition for elite and recreational endurance athletes. In this episode, Sam reviews the history of endurance nutrition, defines ‘carbohydrate availability’ and ‘train low’, and outlines how fasted training, two-a-day sessions and sleep low-train low strategies impact training adaptations. Sam also summarizes the glycogen threshold hypothesis under-pinning these strategies, talks train-low in team sports, and shares his view on the evolution of research in this area.
Apr 09, 2019
S3E13 // Eating Disorders, Self-Worth & Conquering Binge-Eating w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston PhD
Season 3, Episode 13 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Glenn Livingston PhD. The expert psychologist discusses his previous struggles with binge-eating, how the brain impacts food cravings, how self-worth plays a pivotal role in disordered eating, and potential pitfalls of being overly restrictive. Glenn also discusses why he prefers rules over guidelines, the influences of social media, and strategies for overcoming binge-eating.
Mar 30, 2019
S3E12 // MMA Fighters: Physiological Tests, Training Methods, Making Weight w/ Dr. Corey Peacock PhD
Season 3, Episode 12. Dr. Corey Peacock, expert physiologist and strength coach dives into his work with elite MMA fighters, such as recently crowned UFC champion Kamaru Usman. Corey discusses the importance of understanding the physical demands, the key physiological tests he uses to assess an athlete's profile, fitness level, and performance metrics to guide the training plan during camp. He also shares tips on making weight for fighters, his research on sleep, physical performance and injury in professional MMA fighters, how to mitigate head trauma and his work for the Society for Neurosports. Finally, Corey shares his thoughts on the evolution of research in MMA combat sport. Go to drbubbs.com/podcast for full show notes.
Mar 22, 2019
S3E11 // Building Muscle, "Mini-Cuts" & Training Principles w/ Steve Hall
Season 3, Episode 11, Dr. Bubbs interviews Steve Hall, competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, as well as the founder of Revive Stronger. In this episode, Steve discusses the challenges that led him to pursue bodybuilding, fundamental training principles (specificity, progressive overload, fatigue management, programming, and individualization), the importance of volume landmarks (MEV, MRV, MAV), the nuances of deload weeks, common hypertrophy programming mistakes, the value of "mini-cuts", how to best monitor your progress, and the key role of mindset in achieving your goals!
Mar 15, 2019
S3E10 // Priority Management, Personal Mastery & Moving Away from Distraction w/ Dr. Greg Wells PhD
Season 3, Episode 10, Dr. Bubbs interviews expert Dr. Greg Wells PhD, renowned sport scientist, author, broadcaster and speaker. In this episode, Dr. Wells talks about the biggest lessons learned – through success or failure – during his time in elite sport, the importance of fundamentals and consistency in achieving excellence. He gives pointers on how to go from distraction to focus, the difference between time management and priority management, the pitfalls of “busy-ness” in the workplace, the path to personal mastery, and much more. Don’t miss this episode!
Mar 08, 2019
S3E9 // REWIND – Sleep & Circadian Rhythm: Insights & Applications from 6 World-Experts
In Season 3, Episode 9 Dr. Bubbs REWINDS the tapes and takes a deep-dive into sleep with 6 world-leading experts who’ve appeared on the podcast. In this episode, Dr. Amy Bender PhD talks sleep recommendations, potential pitfalls of a “nappucino” and strategies to support falling asleep; Dr. Dan Pardi PhD discusses circadian rhythms and implications for weight loss and health; Dr. Cheri Mah MD talks about her work in the NBA, the benefits and limitations of the NBA nap, as well as WHEN it’s appropriate to implement the “coffee nap”; Dr. Ian Dunican PhD discusses caffeine use and implications on sleep and recovery in professional rugby players; Dr. Michele Lastella PhD dives into athlete chronotypes and how it may impact training and recovery; and Dr. Norah Simpson PhD from Stanford Medical School discusses the impacts of sleep loss on cognition. Fantastic insights from an all-star lineup of sleep experts!
Mar 01, 2019
S3E8 // Muscle Loss, Sarcopenia, and Implications for Healthy Ageing w/ Dr. Theo Ispoglou PhD
In Season 3, Epsiode 8 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Theocharis Ispoglou PhD to discuss the importance of muscle mass in healthy ageing and how age-related sarcopenia can compromise healthspan and longevity. In this episode, Dr. Ispoglou defines sarcopenia, discusses the most common causes and how this can impact your life expectancy. He also talks about key factors that can accelerate muscle loss, common tests that can be performed to assess for age-associated muscle loss and the impacts of novel forms of protein to preserve lean muscle and much, much more!
Feb 23, 2019
S3E7 // Heart Rate Variability, Team Sports & Monitoring Athletes w Dr. Andrew Flatt PhD
In Season 3, Episode 7 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Andrew Flatt PhD to discuss applications of heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring in team sport athletes. Dr. Flatt will review the basic physiology of HRV, how pre-season testing can inform your training and recovery plans, how in-season monitoring influences decision making, and new findings on HRV results in larger athletes, such as linemen in American football. Dr. Flatt also discusses how the “other 22-hours” in the day – sleep, long-haul travel, mental and emotional stress, etc. – impact the nervous system and HRV measures, and finally provides some practical tips on how to collect HRV measurements, validated apps, and red flags to avoid when interpreting results.
Feb 16, 2019
S3E6 // Longevity, 7 Pathways of Ageing & Increasing Healthspan w/ Dr. Rocco Monto MD
In Season 3, Episode 6 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Rocco Monto MD, award-winning orthopedic surgeon, team physician for US Soccer, and author of 'The Fountain: A Doctor's Prescription to Make 60 the New 30'.
Feb 07, 2019
S3E5 // Winning Habits, Adaptability & 59 Lessons w/ Dr. Fergus Connolly PhD
Season 3, Episode 5. Dr. Bubbs interviews renowned sport scientist Dr. Fergus Connolly PhD to discuss the 59 Lessons he’s learned throughout his illustrious career in elite and pro sports. In this episode, Fergus shares how 99% healthy is not 100% injured, how he learned the value of quality of effort from legendary coach Big Sam Allardyce, the importance of listening more than you talk, why it’s essential to “keep the main thing the main thing” if you want to perform at your best, how your “ability to adapt determines your ability to succeed”, why the fight is won before you take the field and much, much more. Don't miss this episode and check out drbubbs.com/podcast for full show notes.
Feb 01, 2019
S3E4 // Training Wisdom, Periodization & The Cardinal Rule w/ Dr. Dan Cleather PhD
Season 3, Episode 4. Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Dan Cleather PhD to discuss all things strength and conditioning. In this episode, Dan outlines the most common mistakes trainers, clients and athletes make in training, the problem with conventional guidelines for training intensity, and the value of starting a program small. He’ll also share his preference for wave loading, the value of autoregulation, why it’s important to leave sessions feeling better than when you started, his MOST important “cardinal rule” of training, as well as insights from years working in the trenches. This episode is loaded with evidence-based insights and wisdom from Dr. Cleather! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes,
Jan 25, 2019
S3E3 // Leadership, Building Culture & Learning from Failure w/ Coach Roy Rana
Season 3, Episode 3, Dr. Bubbs sits down with renowned basketball coach Roy Rana, the first coach to guide Canada Basketball to a gold medal at the U19 basketball World Championship in Egypt in 2017. In this episode, coach Roy talks about performing under intense pressure, the major lessons he’s learned through failure, he defines what he believes “culture” truly is and what goes into building a successful culture. He also talks about building team chemistry in a short time frame, how sport science has impacted his coaching, the mentors who’ve influenced him throughout his career and why he does what he does. Tremendous insights here from one of the best.
Jan 16, 2019
S3E2 // Bodybuilder Nutrition, Re-Feed Strategies & Muscle Dysmorphia w/ Dr. Lachlan Mitchell PhD
Season 3, Episode 2, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Dr. Lachlan Mitchell PhD from Australia to discuss whether competitive bodybuilders are using evidence-based nutrition strategies to manipulate their physiques. In this episode, Lachlan will discuss his research in male bodybuilders, if its possible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time, carbohydrate intake differences amongst America, Canada and Australian bodybuilders, how getting leaner impacts resting metabolic rate (RMR), “peak week” weight cutting strategies and how they impact hormonal balance in the body. He also shares insights on the growing issue of muscle dysmorphia, red flags to watch out for and then rounds things out with his thoughts on the evolution of bodybuilding research. Check out drbubbs.com for full show notes.
Jan 10, 2019
S3E1 // Vitamin D, Immunity and Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage w/ Dr. Daniel Owens PhD
Season 3 Episode 1, Dr. Bubbs kicks off the year talking vitamin D, performance and which supplements can impact exercise-induced muscle damage with expert Dr. Daniel Owens PhD. In this episode, Daniel reviews the history of vitamin D research, how vitamin D may impact athletic performance, variations in vitamin D status amongst athletes and different ethnicities, as well as suggestions for testing and supplementation. Dan also discusses his work on exercise-induced muscular damage, reviewing the physiology of recovery and how certain functional foods can impact various stages of the recovery process. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for full show notes.
Jan 04, 2019
S2E50 // Rewind: Best of 2018 - Season 2 Highlights
In Season 2 Episode 50, Dr. Bubbs reflects on the second season of the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast with clips of 15 expert guests sharing their incredible insights on a variety of hot topics from popular episodes this past year: athlete health, fuelling training, recovery, and the brain. Thank you to all the amazing expert guests who came on the show this year to share their knowledge on training, nutrition, functional medicine, recovery, brain health and mindset! And thank you to our listeners....stay tuned for season 3 in 2019!
Dec 29, 2018
S2E49 // Low-Carb Diets and Cholesterol, LDL-C & Heart Disease Risk w/ Dr. David Diamond PhD
Season 2 Episode 49, Dr. Bubbs interviews expert Dr. David Diamond PhD to talk about cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, saturated fats and heart disease risk. In this episode, David reviews the history of our modern fear of cholesterol, statistical misrepresentation in the early research on cholesterol and heart disease risk, and whether he believes the evidence supports saturated fat as a risk factor for heart disease. David also discusses the original research on statins, reviews the literature on LDL-c, and how much they actually impact heart disease risk. As well, David highlights the importance of LDL particle number and the fundamental role of clotting in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Dec 24, 2018
S2E48 // Power Eating for Performance, Body Composition & Athlete Health w/ Dr. Susan Kleiner PhD
Season 2 Episode 48, Dr. Susan Kleiner PhD returns to the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast to share her latest insights on performance nutrition and fueling athletes. In this episode, Susan talks about the importance of understanding “why” before designing nutrition plans, the nuances of fueling workouts, the difference between managing fats and burning fats, as well as strategies to improve body composition while also preparing for competition. She also dives into nutrition for mood and cognitive function, supplements to support the brain and evidence-based botanicals for athletes. Finally, she shares her wisdom around changing athlete behaviours to influence their health and performance in the long-term. Check out full show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Dec 13, 2018
S2E47 // Effect of Caffeine Intake on Muscle Strength and Power w/ Jozo Grgic PhD(c)
Season 2 Episode 47, Dr. Bubbs sits down with expert Jozo Grgic PhD(c) to talk about the effects of caffeine intake on resistance training. Jozo outlines the mechanisms of how caffeine may impact strength and power-based training, lower-body versus upper-body movements, as well as its effects on pain and hormone response to training. He also discusses the caffeine dose ranges, coffee versus caffeine supplements, what the research says for female athletes and the effects of caffeine gum on performance. Jozo also shares how caffeine impacts blood pressure and his thoughts on the evolution of caffeine research. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for full show notes.
Dec 06, 2018
S2E46 // Making Weight, Combat Sports & Performance Nutrition w/ Dr. Doug Kalman PhD
Season 2 Episode 46, Dr. Bubbs sits down with nutrition expert Dr. Doug Kalman PhD to talk about the physical demands of mixed-martial arts, boxing and other combat sports, the pre-camp testing Doug likes to use to assess his athletes, how far out from competition is ideal to start cutting weight, the reality of making weight on short notice, the dangers of old-school weight-making strategies during weigh-in week as well as Doug’s preferred methods to achieve the target weight. Doug also shares how a fighter's nutrition changes from weigh-in to fight night, factors to consider when traveling, and explains how combat sports are “chess with consequences”. Great stuff here from Dr. Kalman! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Nov 29, 2018
S2E45 // Training Philosophy, Building Better Athletes & Coach Burnout w/ Jorge Carvajal
Season 2 Episode 45, Dr. Bubbs sits down with expert Strength and Conditioning Coach Jorge Carvajal to talk about why his training philosophy starts with “people first”, how to build trust with athletes and the importance of failure in the learning process. He also talks about how strength and conditioning coaches are effectively load managers, the lessons he learned working in NCAA college football and coaching in Russia, and common mistakes made by young coaches. Jorge also shares how the “other 22-hours” in the day impact an athlete's load and why sleep (and naps) and getting the training process right are his big rocks in the recovery process. Finally, Jorge shares his experience with burnout, the alarming number of coaches who reach out to him struggling with burnout and how he rebuilt his ideal life around the things he loves most. Fantastic insights and wisdom from a true leader in the field! Find full show notes on drbubbs.com/podcast.
Nov 22, 2018
S2E44 // Athletes, Exercise Immunology & Immuno-Nutrition w/ Dr. David Pyne PhD
Season 2 Episode 44, Dr. Bubbs interviews expert physiologist Dr. David Pyne PhD to talk exercise immunology and keeping athletes cold and flu free. In this episode, Dr. Pyne reviews the fundamentals of immunology and how the immune system is regulated by exercise and nutrition. He’ll discuss how training volume, intensity and load impact immunity, and more importantly, why keeping athletes cold and flu free is paramount for athletic success. Dr. Pyne also discusses the key immunity biomarkers and how effective they may (or may not) be at flagging at-risk athletes. Finally, he dives into the topic of immune-nutrition and how the food you eat, and supplements like probiotics, can impact athlete immunity and therefore ability to train and compete. Go to drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Nov 15, 2018
S2E43 // Dietary Interventions for the Prevention of Diabetes (Type-2) w/ Dr. Nicola Guess PhD
Season 2 Episode 43, Dr. Bubbs interviews diabetes expert Dr. Nicola PhD RD to talk all things diabetes (type-2) and nutrition. Nicola defines pre-diabetes and diabetes (type-2), outlines the current nutrition guidelines for the prevention of diabetes (T2D) and why we’re struggling with epidemic levels of diabetes worldwide. She also highlights how weight loss is the biggest driver of diabetes prevention and delves into different nutrition strategies – low-carb, Mediterranean, intermittent fasting and low energy diets – to achieve this goal. As well, Nicola touches on how the rate of weight loss appears to be an independent driver of the glucose-lowering effect, the importance of the first insulin response in this whole story, and her thoughts on how to stem the tide of the current diabetes (T2D) epidemic.
Nov 08, 2018
S2E42 // Fundamentals of Speed, Acceleration & Coaching Athletes w/ Dr. Chris Bellon PhD
Season 2 Episode 42, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Chris Bellon PhD, who shares the four things you need to know about getting people fast, how sled towing and hill sprints help to accomplish 4 fundamentals, and how procedural memory development fits into the story. Chris talks about progressing from general to specific training, the role of stride length and rate, and outlines exercises to train specific qualities. He’ll also share the key relationship between weight room and quality speed development, how he monitors athletes, and the many demands facing young athletes today. Chris shares his tips for time-efficient workouts, the evolution of sport science and his biggest rocks for upgrading acceleration and sprinting. Go to drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Nov 02, 2018
S2E41 // Impacts of Sleep Loss On Pain, Injury-Risk & Neurocognition w/ Norah Simpson PhD
Season 2 Episode 41, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Norah Simpson PhD from Stanford University School of Medicine to talk all things sleep. In this episode, Norah discusses why so many people and athletes still struggle with poor sleep quality and quantity despite all the emphasis on sleep in the last 5 years, as well as her recent paper, “Optimizing sleep to maximize performance: implications and recommendations for elite athletes”. She dives into how lack of sleep impacts pain tolerance, injury risk, risk of illness and even the potential effect of altitude training on sleep quality. Norah also shares the sleep roadblocks she sees most in athletes, her favourite tools and tactics to get sleep back on track, and where she sees the evolution of sleep research heading in the next decade. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Oct 26, 2018
S2E40 // Breakfast vs Fasting, Weight Loss & Personalized Nutrition w/ Dr. Javier Gonzalez PhD
Season 2 Episode 40, Dr. Bubbs interviews expert Dr. Javier Gonzalez PhD to talk all things breakfast. Is it really the most important meal of the day? Does eating breakfast improve ability to lose weight and how does that compare to fasting? How does exercise in a fasted-state, or after breakfast, impact this whole story? Javier will share his research in this area. He’ll also discuss how eating breakfast impacts your energy balance the rest of the day, compare the effects of fructose versus glucose metabolism on weight gain, and discuss the state of the research on intermittent fasting. Javier will also dive into the topic of personalized nutrition as it relates to weight loss: does everyone really need a personalized approach or do the fundamentals hold true for the majority of the population? Finally, Javier reveals his breakfast routine and what does the future hold for this type of research. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Oct 18, 2018
S2E39 // Building Athletes, Problem Solving & Training for Your Age w/ Mike Robertson MS
Season 2 Episode 39, Dr. Bubbs sits down with renowned strength coach Mike Robertson of Robertson Training Systems to chat about his model of Position/Pattern/Load/Express for increasing athleticism and performance, as well as how to build physical qualities when movement quality is poor. Mike also shares his thoughts on conditioning programs, the importance of lateral acceleration, in-season training considerations, and how things change in the post-season. He also provides some of his insights from turning 40, highlighting tips for longevity and health, as well as sharing what's on his reading list and pre-workout playlist. As always, fantastic insights from a world-class leader in the field!
Oct 12, 2018
S2E38 // NBA Pre-Season, The Athlete Heart & Cardiovascular Disease w/ Tony Manci MS
Season 2 Episode 38, Dr. Bubbs talks heart health, cardiovascular screening and the “athlete heart” with clinical physiologist Tony Manci MS. In this episode, Tony will discuss hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and sudden cardiac death in athletes, the difference between “athlete’s heart” and heart disease, and outlines an NBA pre-season cardiovascular screen. Tony also discusses the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on heart and vascular health, highlights modifiable risk factors to reduce your likelihood of heart disease, and shares his favourite strategies to build aerobic fitness. He also talks about the power of habits and the evolution of HCM research. Go to drbubbs.com/podcast for an outline of this episode.
Oct 04, 2018
S2E37 // HIIT Science, Physiology First & Weapons of Mass Destruction w/ Prof. Paul Laursen PhD
Season 2 Episode 37, Dr. Bubbs interviews renowned sport scientist and coach Professor Paul Laursen PhD to discuss the science and application of HIIT training. In this episode, Prof Laursen outlines his new collaborative project HIIT Science and dives into key principles for programming HIIT training for individuals and team sport athletes. He kicks things off by addressing the importance of understanding the demands of the sport and the athlete profile. Laursen then shares the three main areas that can be targeted with HIIT training: aerobic, anaerobic and neuromuscular, and the five different types of HIIT training formats. He also outlines the pitfalls of thinking “format first” (i.e. the workout) and emphasizes the importance of thinking “physiology first” when programming training sessions for individuals and teams. Phenomenal insights from Prof Laursen and an exciting new educational resource for practitioners and athletes. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for a breakdown of this episode.
Sep 28, 2018
S2E36 // Fueling Endurance Athletes & Periodizing Body Composition w/ Dr. Trent Stellingwerff PhD
Season 2 Episode 36, Dr. Bubbs interviews renowned physiologist Dr. Trent Stellingwerff PhD to discuss Eliud Kipchoge's record-breaking performance at the Berlin Marathon and the fueling strategies of elite marathoners. He also talks about the role of glycogen availability as a training regulator and the purposeful application of low carb availability training sessions in elite performers. As well, Trent dives into his past research into body composition periodization in endurance athletes and how it can impact athletic performance, injury risk and illness over a career. He shares insights into daily caloric restriction and weekly bodyweight loss targets as well as factors to consider before implementing this strategy with athletes. Finally, Trent shares his tips for recreational runners on improving performance and health and avoiding the trap of trying to ‘fuel like the pros’. Fantastic insights from a world-leader!
Sep 21, 2018
S2E35 // Sport Psychology, Energy Management & The Champion’s Mindset w/ Dr. Peter Jensen PhD
Season 2 Episode 35, Dr. Bubbs interviews renowned sport psychologist Dr. Peter Jensen PhD. In this episode, Dr. Jensen will discuss his first experiences working at the Olympic Games, what stood out and how sport psychology has evolved over the last three decades. He’ll also discuss the key role of energy management in elite performance: what it is, why it’s important and how it plays a fundamental role in your ability to react and respond to stress. He’ll outline how energy management is different from time-management and the value of pressure for performance. Dr. Jensen will also highlight energy drains on the body, how reframing and breathwork are powerful tools to control energy management, what stress and anxiety do to attentional focus and how imagery and emotions are the fast-track to the brain. Phenomenal insights from a world-leader in sport psychology! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for full show notes.
Sep 13, 2018
S2E34 // Nutritional Strategies for Elite Bodybuilders & Building Muscle w/ Dr. Andrew Chappell PhD
Season 2 Episode 34, Dr. Bubbs interviews nutrition expert and 5x British Bodybuilding champion Dr. Andrew Chappell PhD to discuss his research in elite male and female bodybuilders. In this episode, Andrew will discuss the overall energy intake and macro breakdown of elite bodybuilders: how much protein they consume, key differences in carb consumptions between bodybuilders who place in the top-5 versus the rest of the pack, and how fat intake differs between USA and British bodybuilders. Andrew also talks about the massive variance in caffeine intake, key factors like meal frequency and number of different food items consumed, and the most common supplementation practices amongst the best of the best. Andrew also shares his own insights from years of competing at the highest level.
Sep 07, 2018
S2E33 // Rewind: Sprints, Circadian Biology, Vagus Nerve & Elite Mindset
In Season 2 Episode 33, Dr. Bubbs “rewinds” the tape and revisits highlights and key insights from world leading experts from the past two seasons of the show. In this instalment, Dr. Bubbs talks training athletes with Strength Coach Clance Laylor, sprinting and injury prevention with Sprint Coach Derek Hansen, the application of HIIT training in heart disease and markers of overtraining with expert Dr. Martin Gibala PhD. He then shifts gears to discuss muscle fiber types (and the confusion and myths in this area) with leading expert Dr. Andy Galpin PhD, and hears from Dr. Dan Pardi PhD on circadian biology and how it impacts health and performance. Finally, Dr. Bubbs rounds out this edition of REWIND by discussing brain and recovery with expert Dr. John Sullivan PhD and the mindset traits of elite captains with author of Captain Class and Wall Street Journal Sports Editor Sam Walker. Tons of great insights from this incredible group of experts!
Aug 31, 2018
S2E32// Muscle Science: Training to Failure, Testosterone & The Soy Controversy w/ Dr. Cody Haun PhD
Season 2 Episode 32, Dr. Bubbs sits down with hypertrophy and muscle science expert Dr. Cody Haun PhD. In this episode, Cody will discuss a few of his recent papers, starting with recovery responses to light versus heavy resistance exercise in young men and unpacking what's happening at the molecular level between light and heavy loads. Next, Cody shares the results and key findings from his research on high versus low responders to training, the biomarkers associated with low, moderate, and high responders to training. Finally, Cody addresses the soy protein controversy around supplementation and testosterone. Does it impact estrogen level? Does it impact fat accumulation? Fantastic insights from Cody.
Aug 24, 2018
S2E31 // Seasonal Changes in Body Composition in Collegiate Football Players w/ Dr. Ross Andersen
Season 2 Episode 31, Dr. Bubbs interviews Professor Ross Andersen PhD, kinesiologist and researcher at McGill University in Montreal to discuss his recent work on seasonal changes in body composition in collegiate football and hockey players. Dr. Ross discusses differences in pre-season to end of season changes in lean mass and fat mass, as well as different trends observed in football versus ice hockey. He also shares his experiences from working in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens and provides some insights into how to communicate science into practice.
Aug 09, 2018
S2E30 // IBS - Does It Exist? Insights, Testing & Solutions w/ Ben Brown ND
Season 2 Episode 30, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Ben Brown ND to talk about IBS and pose the question “Does It Really Exist?” Ben will outline the classic definition for IBS and why many experts believe now is the time to rethink the classification of IBS as a syndrome. He’ll then discuss the true root causes of irritable bowel-like symptoms: functional imbalances, lifestyle and environmental factors, as well as nutritional factors. Ben also shares the limitations of standard testing, if there is value in functional medical tests and what clients and practitioners can do to resolve chronic digestive complaints.
Jul 26, 2018
S2E29 // The Microbiome, Gut-Brain Axis & How To Build A Healthy Gut w/ Miguel Mateas PhD(c)
In season 2 Episode 29, Dr. Bubbs interviews Miguel Mateas PhD(c) to talk about the gut microbiome and the implications on the gut-brain axis. In this episode, Miguel discusses the dynamic ecosystem that makes up the gut, how specific bacteria are attracted to certain conditions and the impact of processed food on the gut microbiota, as well as how exercise impacts gut microbial diversity (including new research on how the mindset may play a role), and then dives into the many ways the gut microbiota communicates with the brain and implications for health and performance. Great insights and metaphors to explain complex topics from Miguel!
Jul 20, 2018
S2E28 // Athlete Chronotypes: Performance & Coaching Implications w/ Dr. Michele Lastella PhD
Season 2 Episode 28, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Michele Lastella PhD to talk chronotypes and athletes. In this episode, Dr. Michele discusses the three main chronotypes and how athlete chronotype can impact performance. He also shares how athletes participating in a sport which suits their chronotype (e.g. morning type participating in a morning sport) are more likely to train and perform optimally, digs into whether athletes are unconsciously self-selecting morning or evening sports and why coaches should consider athlete chronotype when scheduling training and competition. Dr. Michele also shares sleep hygiene tips, how to adjust your chronotype and suggestions for winding down and upgrading sleep. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for more episodes.
Jul 15, 2018
S2E27 // Impacts of Keto Diet on CrossFit Performance & Body Comp w/ Dr. Wes Kephart PhD
In Season 2 Episode 27, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Wes Kephart to discuss his recent paper on Body Composition, Blood Parameters, 
and Performance Metrics in CrossFit Trainees. We’ve got all the buzz words teed up for this episode as Wes dives into the rationale and set-up of his study on CrossFitters and Keto diets, impacts the 12-week nutrition strategy had on the their performance (e.g. 1-RM squat and 400m sprint), body composition, and blood markers. Wes also discusses some limitations of the study and things for the coach or athlete to consider before diving into this approach, as well as sharing his thoughts on supplementation after years in the research side of things. All this and much more!
Jul 06, 2018
S2E26 // Sprinters, Hockey Players & Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) w/ Jen Sygo MSc RD
Season 2 Episode 26, Dr. Bubbs interviews Jen Sygo RD MS, Performance Nutritionist for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and Athletics Canada to talk relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S). In this episode, Jen will discuss her recent study on REDS in female sprinters, share primary red flag symptoms and secondary ones to watch out for, and talk about the common misconception of low energy availability in power and sprint sports, and the consequences on performance. Jen also shares new insights on within day energy balance, the difficulties in assessing energy intake and expenditure, when athletes are “circling the drain” and share her experience working with NHL hockey players during the grueling playoff run and fueling in compressed competition schedules. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for all episodes.
Jun 29, 2018
S2E25 // Workload Monitoring & Player Development in the NBA w/ Dr. Ramsey Nijem DSc
Season 2 Episode 25, Dr. Bubbs interviews Ramsey Nijem MS, the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. In this episode, Ramsey will discuss workload monitoring in team sport, the acute to chronic ratio and the relationship that exists between workload, fatigue, and injury. He’ll share his insights on the fine balance between pushing athletes too hard and not hard enough, how to balance out workloads in team sports when players are logging vastly different minutes, as well as navigating the inter-individual responses to training and why some players can tolerate much more than others. Ramsey also talks about the role of sleep and nutrition in recovery, highlights some of the fundamental exercises he uses with the Sacramento Kings players and much more. Check out my show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Jun 21, 2018
S2E24 // Blood Tests & Biomarkers for Health & Longevity w/ Dr. Richard Maurer ND
Season 2 Episode 24, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Richard Maurer ND, author of The Blood Code to talk about the top blood tests and biomarkers for health and longevity. In this episode, Dr. Maurer discusses measures of insulin resistance and how it may impact your health and nutrition choices, the value of the Tg/HDL ratio in heart health and how it compares to more conventional markers, thyroid markers, key micronutrients and the role of inflammation in health and longevity. Dr. Maurer shares some great pearls of wisdom from over two decades of working with clients. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Jun 15, 2018
S2E23 // Nutrition for Figure Competition Prep and Getting Lean w/ Alicia Bell
Season 2 Episode 23, Dr. Bubbs chats with figure competitor, fitness model and former track and field coach Alicia Bell to discuss prep for figure competition. In this episode, Alicia talks nutrition, training and supplement strategies she uses to beat the competition: how far out from competition she starts dieting, her macro splits and percentage calorie drops from week to week. She discusses her preferred cardio, from steady-state to HIIT, as well as her favourite recovery strategies like infra-red sauna and cryotherapy. Alicia finishes off by talking mindset and the mental game of competition prep and leaning out, as well as some pearls of wisdom from years of competing. Check out my show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Jun 09, 2018
S2E22 // Flow-State, The Athletic Brain & Overcoming Over-Thinking w/ Amit Katwala
In season 2 episode 22, Dr. Bubbs interviews award-winning writer Amit Katwala to discuss how the athletic brain impacts performance. In this episode, Amit discusses how the art of anticipation and high-speed decision making sets elite athlete’s brains apart from the rest of us, describes what happens in the brain when athletes overthink during competition, reviews the connection between brain neuroplasticity, BDNF and dopamine, how to get into a flow-state, strategies for performing under pressure… and much, much more. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Jun 01, 2018
S2E21 // Periodization, Concurrent Training & Nutrition for Powerlifters w/ Greg Nuckols MS(c)
Season 2 Episode 21, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Greg Nuckols MS(c), exercise physiologist with special research interest in strength development and former world-record holding powerlifter. In this episode, Greg talks about the history and theory of periodization, and where theory meets practice in the application of the concept. He outlines concurrent training, the interference effect and factors to consider for strength and team sport athletes, as well as finding the root cause of an athlete’s inability to perform, overcoming training roadblocks in powerlifting, nutrition factors to consider for powerlifters and much, much more! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for full show notes.
May 24, 2018
S2E20 // Fasting Glucose, Inflammation, Keto & HIIT w/ Alessandro Ferretti
Season 2 Episode 20, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Alessandro Ferretti to discuss the role of fasted morning glucose as a marker for health, recovery and longevity. Alessandro outlines what impacts your fasting glucose marker, when and how to measure, and some pitfalls of over-interpretation. Alessandro also discusses his recent research with Dr. Daniel Plews and Prof Paul Laursen on the effects of a ketogenic diet on HIIT training performance and the keys of how to interpret them into your practice.
May 18, 2018
S2E19 // High-Dose Omega-3, CBD Oil & Concussions w/ Dr. Michael Lewis MD
In Season 2 Episode 19, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Michael Lewis MD to discuss the applications of high-dose omega-3 supplementation in concussions. In this episode, Dr. Lewis reviews the pathophysiology of concussion and how it unfolds in two distinct phases, which athletes are at the highest risk of concussion, his research into the use of high-dose omega-3 for concussion in the military, protocols for omega-3 use with concussion, as well as the novel application of CBD oil for head trauma and mental conditions. Go to drbubbs.com/podcast for full show notes.
May 10, 2018
S2E18 // Rewind: Body Composition, HIIT Training, Hydration & Mindset
In Season 2 Episode 18, Dr. Bubbs “rewinds” the tape and revisits key insights and expert tips from the past two seasons. In part 1 of this episode, guests Dr. Shawn Arent, Dr. Eric Helms and Isabel Lahela talk body composition measurement techniques, the nuances of carbs for hypertrophy and weight loss, and the interference effect of HIIT training on bodybuilders. In part 2, Dr. Brianna Stubbs, Dr. Susan Kleiner and Dr. Jose Antonio will discuss supplements for sport, such as exogenous ketones, carbs, beetroot juice and HMB. In part 3, Dr. Stavros Kavouras and Prof Tim Noakes will outline different hydration strategies for athletes and the general population. And finally, in part 4 Dr. Fergus Connolly, Dr. Jeremy Koenig and Olympian Heather Moyse will talk emotions and mindset in sport, the “warrior gene” and how to overcome your own fears, assumptions and roadblocks. Make sure to check out show notes and all past episodes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
May 02, 2018
S2E17 // Dietary Supplements & The High Performance Athlete w/ Prof. Stuart Phillips PhD
In Season 2 Episode 17, Dr. Bubbs interviews world expert Professor Stuart Phillips PhD to talk about his contribution to the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) recent research and consensus statement on the use of supplements in sport. In this episode, Stu discusses athlete rationale and motives for using supplements, caffeine dosing strategies for endurance based exercise versus repeated sprints, the application of dietary nitrates and what exercise duration benefits most, as well as evidence-based immune support supplements (sharing which are more hype than substance). Stu also outlines supplements that indirectly support performance via improving capacity to train or recovery such as HMB, omega-3s, and collagen supplements, as well as the  ‘decision making’ tree to help coaches, athletes and practitioners figure out how to best apply supplement strategies. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for all episodes and show notes.
Apr 26, 2018
S2E16 // Analytics, Monitoring & The 24-Hour Athlete w/ Jordan Webb
In Season 2 Episode 16, Dr. Bubbs sits down with strength coach and head of sport science at The University of Notre-Dame Jordan Webb. In this episode, Jordan shares his experiences working in professional sport in the NBA, NFL, MLS as well as his current role with men’s soccer and women’s rowing. Jordan talks pros and cons of athlete monitoring, integrating technology and analytics into a system, and the fundamental role of effective communication to achieve athlete buy-in and program success.
Apr 19, 2018
S2E15 // Energy Balance, Carb Availability & Micronutrients for Performance w/ Kelly Anne Erdman MS
In Season 2 Episode 15, Dr. Bubbs interviews former Olympian and nutrition expert Kelly Anne Erdman of the Canadian Sport Institute in Calgary to talk Nutrition and Athletic Performance. In this episode, Kelly Anne dives into the key role of energy balance and availability, factors that impact energy availability, the crucial role of carbohydrates in high-intensity exercise, glycogen’s direct and indirect role in regulating training adaptations, as well as daily carb requirements depending on your sport, acute fueling strategies, key micronutrients and much more. Terrific insights from Kelly Anne. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for full show notes.
Apr 12, 2018
S2E14 // The Opioid Epidemic, Meditation & Managing Chronic Pain w/ Dr. Abhimanyu Sud MD
In Season 2 Episode 14, Dr. Bubbs sits down with expert Dr. Abhimanyu Sud MD to talk about managing chronic pain and today’s opiod crisis. In this episode, Dr. Sud will share staggering statistics on the scope and intensity of today’s opioid epidemic, what’s driving the opioid crisis, the research evidence supporting the use of opioids for treating long-term pain, as well as the impact of opioids in sports – in particular contact sports like hockey and the NFL – and how meditation can alter areas of the brain that impact pain intensity and pain suffering. Dr. Sud also provides tips on meditation and shares insights into his routine. Make sure you listen to this fantastic episode!
Apr 05, 2018
S2E13 // Bodyweight Training & Overcoming Gravity w/ Dr. Steven Low DPT
In Season 2 Episode 13, Dr. Bubbs sits down with movement expert Dr. Steven Low to talk bodyweight training. Over the past decade gymnastic-based training has surged in popularity and in this episode, Dr. Low will discuss the principles of bodyweight training, exercise progressions and training frequency for beginners, intermediate and advanced, how to overcome roadblocks and plateaus in bodyweight training, How to perform a 1-arm push, 1-arm chin-up and awesome tips for achieving a free handstand, as well as some great warm-up and prehab work before you dive in with both feet. Tons of great tips and insights from Steve!
Mar 31, 2018
S2E12 // Assessing Body Composition, Performance Metrics & Biomarkers w/ Dr. Shawn Arent PhD
In Season 2 Episode 12, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Shawn Arent PhD, Director of the Center for Health & Human Performance at Rutgers University. Shawn dives into why body composition testing is important for athletes, compares DEXA/Bodpod/BIA/Calipers, and talks about the importance of consistency and tracking. He also discusses the use of performance metrics to assess athlete development and then takes a deep dive into lab biomarkers for health and performance. Great stuff from one of the absolute best in the game! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast.
Mar 21, 2018
S2E11 // How To Apply Sleep Science Into Practice With Athletes w/ Dr. Cheri Mah MD
In Season 2 Episode 11, Dr. Bubbs interviews world-renowned sleep expert Cheri Mah MS, consultant to professional sports teams in all four major leagues. In this episode Cheri discusses the physiology of sleep, her early research on sleep in collegiate athletes, impacts of jet lag and crossing time zones, why pro baseball teams are sleeping in during spring training, the infamous NBA nap and her NBA Schedule Alert project with ESPN’s Baxter Holmes, as well as her key tips for supporting sleep in athletes. Phenomenal insights from one of the best in the business! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for links and show notes.
Mar 15, 2018
S2E10 // The Impacts of Caffeine On Sleep & Circadian Rhythms in Athletes w/ Dr. Ian Dunican PhD
In Season 2 Episode 10, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Ian Dunican PhD to talk about the use of caffeine in pro sport and how it impacts sleep duration and efficiency. Ian shares his insights on caffeine use and habits of athletes, how caffeine use impacts sleep on game days, the fact many athletes are unaware of the amount of caffeine they consume overall, as well as his research on jet lag and sleep disorders in athletes. Terrific insights and actionable tips from Dr. Dunican! Check out www.drbubbs.com/podcast for more expert interviews.
Mar 09, 2018
S2E9 // Strongman Training & Nutrition Strategies w/ Dain Wallis
In Season 2 Episode 9, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Canadian Strongman Champion Dain Wallis to talk about his preparation for competition; training periodization, importance of technical proficiency, nutrition for hypertrophy, sleep and recovery strategies, the psychology of competition as well as applications of Strongman training for the recreational athlete. Great tips from Dain!
Mar 01, 2018
S2E8 // Ketone Supplements & Endurance Exercise Performance w/ Dr. Brianna Stubbs PhD
In Season 2 Episode 8, Dr. Bubbs interviews ketone expert Dr. Brianna Stubbs PhD to discuss the impact of supplemental ketones on endurance exercise performance. In this episode, Brianna explains the differences between endogenous and exogenous ketosis, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of ketones, and the impact of ketone supplements on blood glucose and lactic acid levels, as well as endurance time-trial performance. She also discusses research on exogenous ketone effects on satiety and potential implications for weight loss. Fantastic insights here from Brianna! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes and other fantastic episodes.
Feb 21, 2018
S2E7 // Nutrition For Bodybuilders, Hypertrophy and Physique-Focused Athletes w/ Dr. Eric Helms PhD
In Season 2 Episode 7, Dr. Bubbs chats with expert strength and hypertrophy researcher Dr. Eric Helms PhD to talk nutritional strategies for bodybuilders and physique-focused athletes. In this episode, Eric outlines how protein requirements shift depending on training phase, effective weekly targets for weight loss, the key role of carbohydrates for bodybuilders and suggested intake ranges, as well as how contest prep impacts testosterone levels, evidence-based supplements to potentially add to your arsenal and the importance of using your eyes and ears to monitor progress. Great evidence-informed insights from Eric! For show notes go to drbubbs.com/podcast.
Feb 15, 2018
S2E6 // Strength Training for Women - CrossFit, Olympic & Powerlifting w/ Isabel Lahela
In Season 2 Episode 6, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Canadian National Powerlifting Record Holder and Olympic Weightlifter Isabel Lahela to talk training for women. Isabel shares her insight on CrossFit, Olympic lifting and Powerlifting, the benefits of adding lean muscle for women’s physique, as well as talking about her background in dance, and previous battles with an eating disorder while in the dance community. Her message is to promote positive body image, self-love, and confidence through strength training and she provides plenty of actionable tips to help you achieve your goals in this episode. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Feb 07, 2018
S2E5 // Hydration & Heat Acclimatization in Athletes w/ Dr. Stavros Kavouras PhD
In Season 2 Episode 5, Dr. Bubbs sits down with world expert hydration researcher Dr. Stavros Kavouras PhD who runs the Hydration Science Lab at the University of Arkansas. In this episode, Stavros discusses how dehydration can impact athletic performance, differences between endurance and strength or team-sport athletes, the impacts of water loss on athletes trying to make weight, strategies for assessing for dehydration, if drink to thirst is sufficient for elite athletes, performing in hot climates and acclimatizing to warmer environments. Fantastic insights from one of the world’s best! Go to www.drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Feb 01, 2018
S2E4 // Zero-Carb Carnivore Diet, Health and Performance w/ Dr. Shawn Baker MD
In Episode 4 of this season, Dr. Bubbs chats with Dr. Shawn Baker MD, an orthopedic surgeon, former competitive athlete and a man following an all-meat diet. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for my show notes on this remarkable episode.
Jan 24, 2018
S2E3 // Vitamin D, Immunity & Supplementation in Athletes w/ Brian St. Pierre MS RD
In Season 2 Episode 3, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Brian St-Pierre MS, Director of Performance Nutrition at Precision Nutrition, a world leader in nutrition education and coaching. Brian talks functions of vitamin D in the body, its key role in immunity, how much vitamin D you can get from the sun, if you should supplement with vitamin D, lab values for supporting health and athletic performance, vitamin D rich foods and much more. Fantastic insights from Brian, who also shares his experiences working with elite athletes and trainers around the world. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for all episodes and show notes.
Jan 18, 2018
S2E2 // Evolution of Sport Science, Big Data & Changing The Game w/ Dr. Fergus Connolly PhD
In Season 2 Episode 2, Dr. Bubbs interviews expert sport scientist and Director of Performance at the University of Michigan Dr. Fergus Connolly PhD. Fergus talks all things sports science: why we should start from the game itself and work backwards in sport science, a holistic, rather than reductionist view in performance sport, the value of upskilling staff versus adding more specialists, the importance of a “Human First” approach to athletes, how data is either useful, useless or interesting, and so much more. Terrific insights from one of the best in the business. Check out show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Jan 10, 2018
S2E1 // Fat Loss Nutrition, Overcoming Roadblocks & Achieving Compliance w/ Danny Lennon MS
In Season 2 Episode 1, Dr. Bubbs chats with Danny Lennon MS, founder of Sigma Nutrition, about all things weight loss: foundational principles of weight loss, food quality, the impact of fiber and protein on palatability, is low-carb superior to a low-fat diet, behavior change secrets, and strategies for promoting successful, long-term weight loss. Great insights and practical tips from Danny!
Jan 04, 2018
S1E52 // Rewind: Best Of 2017 - Expert Highlights w/ Dr. Marc Bubbs
In Episode 52, Dr. Bubbs reflects on the first season of the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast with clips of 18 expert guests sharing their incredible insights on a variety of hot topics from popular episodes this past year. Thank you to all the amazing guests who came on the show this year to share their knowledge on training, nutrition, functional medicine, recovery, brain health and mindset! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for all the episodes in full.
Dec 31, 2017
S1E51 // Pilot Coffee, Brewing Methods & The Perfect Roast w/ Brett Johnston
In Episode 51, Dr. Bubbs chats with Pilot Coffee Roasters' Brett Johnston to talk all things coffee: brewing methods, traditional Italian coffee culture single espresso vs. modern coffee cultures doubles, how geographic location and altitude impact the beans, the importance of processing methods in coffee flavours, new technology in decaf and cold brew, and so much more. If you love coffee, you’ll love this episode! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for my show notes.
Dec 21, 2017
S1E50 // Sleep Monitoring, Wearable Tech & Lifestyle Changes w/ Petteri Lahtela
In Episode 50, Dr. Bubbs chats with CEO of Oura Health Petteri Lahtela to discuss their ground-breaking new technology in sleep monitoring, the Oura sleep ring. Petteri discusses his entrepreneurial background, how the Oura can measure heart rate, body temperature, sleep stages and heart variability and how this data can inform your decision-making on the diet, exercise, recovery, lifestyle front. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for a fantastic special offer for listeners in the show notes.
Dec 14, 2017
S1E49 // Weight Loss For Women, Female Athletes & Body Composition w/ Dr. Susan Kleiner
In Episode 49, Dr. Bubbs sits down with renowned nutrition expert Dr. Susan Kleiner to talk weight loss in women and female athletes. Dr. Kleiner dives into the best ways to assess and measure progress - fitting into an old pair of jeans versus a DEXA scan – depending on your goals, the dangers of prolonged or extreme caloric restriction on female hormones, the impact of hormone balance on energy expenditure in women, the key role of carbohydrates during exercise, gut bacteria and weight gain, HIIT training for women and so much more. Great tips and actionable advice from Dr. Kleiner. Check out drbubbs.com for show notes and other episodes.
Dec 07, 2017
S1E48 // Concussions, Brain Health and Ketogenic Diets w/ Dr. Paul Hrkal ND
In Episode 48, Dr. Bubbs dives into the topic "concussions" with expert Dr. Paul Hrkal ND, who discusses the pathophysiological root causes, if clinical recovery and cessation of symptoms means you’re ready to play, biomarkers for diagnosis, specific dietary interventions, as well as supplements to support brain health and concussion recovery and more. Lots of great insights and actionable tips here from Dr. Hrkal!
Nov 30, 2017
S1E47 // Winning Olympic Gold, Human Potential & Redefining Realistic w/ Heather Moyse
In Episode 47, Dr. Bubbs sits down with one of the greatest female athletes in Canadian history, 2x Olympic gold medalist and World Rugby Hall of Famer Heather Moyse. In this episode Heather discusses achieving your true potential by owning your story, overcoming obstacles, shaking off disbelievers, and shifting your perspective so you can believe, plan and pursue your dreams. Heather says “it’s not about the guarantees, it’s about the possibilities!” and shares actionable tips in this episode to help you achieve your potential. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Nov 23, 2017
S1E46 // The Central Role of Dietary Fat in Forging The Human Brain w/ Nora Gedgaudas
In Episode 46, Dr. Bubbs talks with ancestral nutrition expert Nora Gedgaudas about the essential role the consumption of dietary fats played in making us “human” and developing the incredible and amazing human brain. Nora discusses how our brains evolved much more rapidly than our closest primate cousins, what experts believe was the cause of this unprecedented growth and how it shaped our ancestors' food choices. She also highlights new research showing “size does matter” when it comes to our brains and how in the last 10,000 years they’re actually getting smaller, before providing some actionable tips to support healthy brain and cognitive function. Check out full show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Nov 16, 2017
S1E45 // Epigenetics, MTHFR Gene & Potential Dangers of Folic Acid w/ Dr. Ben Lynch
In Episode 45, Dr. Bubbs interviews epigenetics expert Dr. Ben Lynch, who dives into the emerging field of epigenetics, outlining how the environment impacts how your genes are expressed. Dr. Ben discusses the MTHFR gene and its implications on your health and performance. He shares insights on methylation and its role in optimal heath, as well as highlighting the dangers of excess folic acid, efficacy of different types of supplemental folate, and most importantly how to make sense of genetic tests. Check out drbubbs.com for show notes.
Nov 09, 2017
S1E44 // Physical Development, Managing Athlete Recovery & Building Buy-In w/ Josh Bonhotal
In Episode 44, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Josh Bonhotal, Director of Strength & Conditioning for the Purdue Boilermaker men's basketball team, Big 10 conference champions in 2017. In this episode, Josh talks about how he got started in Strength & Conditioning, lessons learned from working with Al Vermeil and the Chicago Bulls, how he prepares his guys in the off-season, the importance of solid nutrition & sleep fundamentals with young athletes, things to consider in-season to keep the team fresh and of course, perhaps the most important area, how to build buy-in and build relationships with players to really propel their success. Great, practical tips and insights here from Josh.
Nov 02, 2017
S1E43 // Unplugged - Evolving From Technology to Upgrade Fitness & Performance w/ Dr. Andy Galpin
In Episode 43, Dr. Bubbs sits down with expert Dr. Andy Galpin, Professor at the Center for Sport Performance at California State University-Fullerton to talk benefits and pitfalls of wearable technology, when technology can help clients and athletes and when it can hinder progess, key markers of longevity and healthy ageing that most doctors don’t know, why you can’t just outsource your training (or your health) and why it’s important to “feel small” every once in a while. Terrific insights from one of the best in the business. Check out show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Oct 26, 2017
S1E42 // The Lore of Running, Hydration & Increasing Longevity w/ Prof. Tim Noakes
In Episode 42, Dr. Bubbs interviews world-renowned scientist and researcher, Professor Tim Noakes about his remarkable career. Prof Noakes talks about his start in medicine and how his career path transitioned to sport and exercise science, as well as how the hydration recommendations have dramatically changed over the last 40 years and what the best advice really is. He discusses his proposed Central Governor Model in the late 1990s to explain the brain’s fundamental role in limiting athletic performance, as well as his journey from elite endurance athlete to type-2 diabetes diagnosis and how his health dramatically changed after adopting a low-carb diet. Terrific insights from Professor Noakes and a testament to his remarkable career. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Oct 19, 2017
S1E41 // The Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong w/ Eric Barker
In Episode 41, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Eric Barker, author of the Wall Street Journal Best-seller Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong, to talk about what really produces success. Eric explores what separates the extremely successful from the rest of us and highlights what we can learn to be more like them. He also explores the pitfalls of high-performers and his formula for success and work life balance. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes and more great episodes!
Oct 12, 2017
S1E40 // Building Speed, Sprinting & High Performance w/ Derek Hansen
In Episode 40, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Derek Hansen, international sport performance consultant whose clients include multiple Olympians, professional athletes and elite college athletes. Derek explores the evolutionary importance of sprinting, explains how sprinting offers a variety of training effects (not just linear), talks micro-dosing high intensity work in-season, how sprinting is key to protect against injuries, implications for hockey players training on dry land, how personal trainers can effectively add sprint to their clients' regimes and so much more. Phenomenal stuff here from one of the best in the world!
Oct 05, 2017
S1E39 // Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer’s Disease & Benefits of Low-Carb & Keto Diets w/ Amy Berger
In Episode 39, Dr. Bubbs interviews nutrition expert and author of the Alzheimer’s Antidote, Amy Berger MS, who takes a deep dive into topics of brain health, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Amy discusses how Alzheimer’s disease is an energy crisis in the brain, how the brain cells are effectively “starving” for fuel and the potential role low-carb and ketogenic diets may play in providing the brain with an alternate and effective fuel source. She also unpacks the physiology of beta-amyloid plaques, neurofibrillary tangles, and the critical role of cholesterol and key nutrients like choline and vitamin B12 in brain health. Lots of actionable and insightful tips here from Amy! Check out my show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Sep 28, 2017
S1E38 // Triathlons, Endurance Training & Considerations for Female Athletes w/ Dr. Tamsin Lewis MD
In Episode 38, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Dr. Tamsin Lewis MD, functional medicine expert and elite endurance athlete, to talk all things endurance training: how she become UK Ironman champion, nutrition and training lessons she learned along the way, the importance of personalized training volumes to maximize results, considerations for female athletes, key biomarkers for assessing recovery and health, and so much more! Dr. Tamsin provides a ton of great tips and actionable insights to help you raise your game. Check out mu show notes too on drbubbs.com/podcast.
Sep 21, 2017
S1E37 // Low-Carb High-Fat Diets, Public Health & Reversing Type-2 Diabetes & Obesity w/ Sam Feltham
In Episode 37, Dr. Bubbs interviews the Director of the Public Health Collaboration, a charity dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health. Sam has brought together a group of leading doctors and nutritionists in the United Kingdom to tackle obesity and type-2 diabetes, which costs 16 billion UK pounds to treat every year. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes on this fascinating episode.
Sep 14, 2017
S1E36 // Sleep, Behaviour & Your Body Clock - Achieving Your Performance Potential w/ Dan Pardi PhD
In Episode 36, Dr. Bubbs sits down with sleep and behaviour expert Dan Pardi MS and CEO of HumanOS.me to talk about the latest insights on sleep and circadian biology, the internal cellular “clocks” in your body which control sleep, recovery and overall performance. Dan dives into the latest research on sleep duration and common roadblocks to high-quality sleep, he discusses how “food timing” dramatically impacts your circadian rhythms and weight gain, highlights how melatonin is a “timing” hormone (and not a sleep hormone) and shares his favourite tips for overcoming jet lag and circadian disruption. Dan shares a ton of simple, actionable tips to upgrade your mental and physical performance. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes and other episodes.
Sep 07, 2017
S1E35 // Building Lean Muscle - Top 10 Nutrition & Training Tips w/ Jaret Grossman
In Episode 35, Dr. Bubbs sits down with expert coach Jaret Grossman to talk about his journey from a 90 pound 8th grader to 3x All-American wrestler at Bryant University. Jaret shares his top-10 nutrition and training tips for adding 10-20 pounds of muscle to your frame; targets for total daily protein intake, meal frequency for hypertrophy, preferred types of carbohydrates, nutrient-timing, training frequency for beginners and more advanced lifters and a ton more. Jaret also shares some key insights on how to become a successful entrepreneur, the importance of systems and goal-setting, and how to build your brand.
Aug 31, 2017
S1E34 // Evidence-Based Supplements for Improving Athletic Performance w/ Dr. Jose Antonio PhD
In Episode 34, Dr. Bubbs interviews one of the world's top experts and pioneers in sports nutrition and supplementation Dr. Jose Antonio PhD, CEO and co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Dr. Antonio discusses the benefits of creatine for power-based and endurance sports as well as implications for brain health, the type of exercise beta-alanine and beetroot juice may benefit, the application of HMB supplementation, caffeine and carbs and so much more. Dr. Antonio provides some great insights, as well as shares his morning routine and tips for success in your career. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
Aug 24, 2017
S1E33 // The Keto Diet – Potential Performance, Fat Loss & Brain Benefits w/ Ryan Lowery PhD
In Episode 33, Dr. Bubbs interviews nutrition and physiology expert Dr. Ryan Lowery PhD about his upcoming book with Dr. Jacob Wilson PhD “The Ketogenic Bible – The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis”. In this interview, Ryan discusses the basics of a keto diet, potential pitfalls including the keto flu and possible mineral deficiencies, the application of keto for hypertrophy and how it impacts athletic performance, as well as keto diets for weight loss and novel applications for brain health. Ryan and Dr. Wilson are leading authorities on ketogenic diets and Ryan provides a wealth of simple, actionable tips in this episode. Check out all episodes and show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Aug 17, 2017
S1E32 // Dr. Bubbs "Rewind": Thoughts, Reflections & Q/A From Episodes 18-31 w/ Dr. Marc Bubbs
In Episode #32. Dr. Bubbs reflects on episodes #18-31 of the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast. He answers questions from listeners and shares his insights on the evidence-based tips and tactics discussed by his most recent guests. He'll review the advice and opinions of expert doctors, PhDs, trainers and nutritionists - exploring common ground, conflicting viewpoints and sharing his thoughts on a variety of topics. Don't miss this 2nd instalment of REWIND! Check out all the latest episodes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Aug 10, 2017
S1E31 // Thyroid Dysfunction, Autoimmunity & Functional Medicine w/ Dr. Michael Ruscio
In Episode 31, Dr. Bubbs sits down with functional medicine expert Dr. Michael Ruscio to talk all things "thyroid"; the difference between frank hypothyroidism and thyroid dysfunction, who may benefit (and who doesn't) from thyroid medications, the rise in thyroid autoimmunity, supplements for thyroid support, if excess iodine is harmful and so much more. As usual, Dr. Ruscio cuts through the hype and delivers fantastic evidence-based advice, lots of simple, actionable tips for you or your clients. For show notes visit drbubbs.com/podcast.
Aug 03, 2017
S1E30 // The Athlete-Entrepreneur Mindset, Goal-Setting & Lifestyle Hacks w/ Jason Burke
In Episode 30, Dr. Bubbs sits down with successful entrepreneur, fashion leader and Canada's most influential sneakerhead Jason Burke to talk about the similarities between sports and start-up life, setting goals to reverse-engineer success, how he overcame significant life and business challenges to succeed, as well as his nutrition, exercise and napping habits that fuel his creativity and productivity. Jason shares some simple, actionable and insightful take-aways to upgrade your mindset and success. Check out my show notes too on drbubbs.com/podcast.
Jul 27, 2017
S1E29 // Pro Athlete Training, Nutrition, Sleep & Travel w/ Tim Difrancesco
In Episode 29, Dr. Bubbs sits down with former LA Laker Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Tim Difrancesco to take a deep dive into the life of a professional athlete. From training strategies and muscular imbalances, to identifying nutrition and supplementation goals, managing sleep and off-setting the stress of travel. Tim also shares his journey towards working in the NBA and what he learned along the way, as well as some fantastic tips and actionable take-aways for you to upgrade your training, nutrition and performance! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for my show notes and other cutting edge episodes.
Jul 20, 2017
S1E28 // Deep Nutrition - Why Your Genes Need Traditional Foods w/ Dr. Cate Shanahan
In Episode 28, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Cate Shanahan MD, functional medicine expert and sport nutrition consultant for the LA Lakers, to discuss how crucial your diet and food choices are to your DNA and health, how traditional diets provide insights into the optimal human diet, the alarmingly detrimental effects of polyuynsaturated vegetable oils on performance and health, and how you can start to upgrade your nutrition by following the common themes of traditional diets across the globe. Dr. Cate provides a great number of simple, actionable and insightful tips and shares her story along the way. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes and other episodes.
Jul 13, 2017
S1E27 // Heart Rate Variability, Keto Diets & Elite Endurance Athletes w/ The Plews & Prof
In Episode 27, Dr. Bubbs sits down with high performance expert researchers and coaches Dr. Daniel Plews and the "Prof" Dr. Paul Laursen to talk heart rate variability, low-carb and keto diets and endurance training. The Plews and Prof share insights into how best to assess HRV and what it means for your training, the impact of low-carb and keto diets on training adaptations (and how it differs on race day) and longevity, and share their personal insights of working with the world's best endurance athletes. Great stuff here from two of the worlds top experts! Check out my show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Jul 06, 2017
S1E26 // Dangers of Low-Salt Diets & Impacts on Athletic Performance w/ Dr. James DiNicolantonio
In Episode 26, Dr. Bubbs sits down with expert researcher Dr. James DiNicolantonio PhD and takes a deep dive into all things salt: why we are so afraid of it, where today’s standard recommendations came from, dangers of a low-salt diet on health, impacts of salt for high performance, the sugar/salt connection and so much more. James highlights the many myths around salt, why it’s important to get your daily dose, what the ideal salt dose truly is and different types of salt to support better health and performance. Check out show notes and other episodes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Jun 29, 2017
S1E25 // Hypertrophy Training, Fat Loss Myths & Nutrition For Muscle Building w/ Dr. Brad Schoenfeld
In Episode 25, Dr. Bubbs interviews hypertrophy and body composition expert researcher Dr. Brad Schoenfeld PhD. Brad shares his research and incredible insights on the ideal sets, reps and periodization for building lean muscle, the myth of multiple meals increasing metabolism, his findings on fasted-cardio for fat loss, as well as his nutrition tips for maximizing lean muscle gains. Brad also dives into going keto for building muscle, the impacts of "fat bombs" on testosterone levels, and so much more. Brad drops a plethora of knowledge bombs and provides numerous simple, and actionable take aways for anyone trying to build muscle or burn fat.
Jun 22, 2017
S1E24 // Nutrigenomics - Nutrition, DNA & Insights Into Performance w/ Dr. Jeremy Koenig
In Episode 24, Dr. Bubbs interviews nutrigenomics expert Dr. Jeremy Keonig, founder and CEO of Athletigen Technologies. Dr. Koenig digs into the intersection between your genetics, nutrition and environment and how these factors come together to influence performance gains. Jeremy explains how genetic testing can help personalize your nutrition and training protocols, specific genes that highlight sensitivity to caffeine, predisposition to injury, mindset and so much more. He also shares some insights into his morning routine, favourite productivity hacks and current nutrition strategies. Don't miss this fascinating discussion and check out drbubbs.com for more episodes and show notes!
Jun 15, 2017
S1E23 // Building Strength, Speed and Power in Athletes w/ Clance Laylor
In Episode 23, Dr. Bubbs sits down with elite strength coach Clance Laylor to talk about his journey to training professional athletes. Coach Clance digs into his personalized system for building high level strength, power and speed in athletes: his use of Olympic lifts, sprints and exercise selection. He shares what he’s learned along the way, dispels training myths, and shares some of his daily morning movement and writing habits. Clance shares some great insights in this episode, so make sure to take notes! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for my takeaways.
Jun 08, 2017
S1E22 // Music, Creativity & Habits of High Performers w/ Stu "Bassie" Brooks
In Episode 22, Dr. Bubbs interviews Grammy nominated bassist, composer, producer, and musical director Stu “Bassie” Brooks. Stu dives into the similarities between music and high performance sport, the stress of new environments, finding inspiration in his surroundings, the importance of structure for creativity to thrive (as well as how to overcome creative roadblocks) and so much more. The parallels between music and performance are remarkable and Stu shares some deep insights and metaphors throughout the interview, as well as a glimpse into the daily habits of a high performer! Check out my show notes and more episodes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Jun 01, 2017
S1E21 // The Brain Always Wins - Performance & Roadblocks to Success w/ Dr. John Sullivan
In Episode 21, Dr. Bubbs sits down with expert Sport Scientist and Clinical Sport Psychologist Dr. John Sullivan PhD to talk about how the brain deeply impacts performance. Dr. Sullivan discusses how nutrition builds optimal brain health, the critical role of sleep in performance, how emotions "run the show" in performance, the "gut-brain" connection and so much more in this fantastic episode! John tackles many complex topics but also provides some simple and actionable take-aways for you to upgrade your game. Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
May 25, 2017
S1E20 // 7 Traits of Elite Captains from the World's Greatest Teams w/ Bestselling Author Sam Walker
In Episode 20, Dr. Bubbs interviews The Wall Street Journal's deputy editor and former sports columnist Sam Walker about his new book The Captain Class: The Hidden Force That Creates the World's Greatest Teams. Sam talks about how the world's greatest teams had one glaringly obvious similarity: the unique characteristics of their captains. He dives into the 7 common traits these men and women share, and how this propelled them to elite performance. Sam also busts a few myths around the impact of coaches and locker room speeches on performance at the highest level. The traits Sam describes have tremendous cross-over to leadership and team success in all realms: sports, health, business and life! Check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes.
May 18, 2017
S1E19 // The Athlete's Gut & Rebooting Your Digestion w/ Dr. Tommy Wood MD
In Episode 19, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Cambridge and Oxdford graduate Dr. Tommy Wood MD for a deep dive into the "athlete's gut" and common digestive complaints. He discussses the "keystone" bacteria that make up a healthy gut, common triggers that lead to dysbiosis, how intense training impacts the gut, as well as solutions on the testing, food and supplement front to restore optimal gut health. Dr. Tommy drops a lot of "knowledge bombs" in this episode... take notes! And for a list of quick performance hacks found in this episode, check out drbubbs.com/podcast.
May 11, 2017
S1E18 // Movement, Mobility & Training Equals Rehab w/ Dr. Charlie Weingroff
In Episode 18, Dr. Bubbs connects with world expert therapist and strength coach Dr. Charlie Weingroff PhD who discusses the "Joint By Joint" theory of optimal movement, if 10-minutes is enough to improve your general mobility and flexibility, the myths around core training, the pitfalls of Russian twists and how to truly train in flexion, as well as training athletes with different body types, and a whole lot more! Charlie's insights are always profound and right on the mark, and he provides some simple and actionable take-aways for desk workers and athletes to improve movement and build better health and performance. For show notes go to drbubbs.com/podcast.
May 04, 2017
S1E17 // Dr. Bubbs "Rewind": Thoughts, Reflections & Q/A From Episodes 1-16 w/ Dr. Marc Bubbs
In Episode 17, Dr. Bubbs reflects on the first 16 episodes of the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast, revisiting the incredible insights and evidence-based research presented by his guests. He'll review the advice and opinions of expert doctors, PhDs, trainers and nutritionists and discuss the common ground, the conflicting viewpoints, share his thoughts and answer questions from listeners on a variety of topics (check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes). Don't miss this first instalment of REWIND!
Apr 27, 2017
S1E16 // The Real Truth About Cholesterol & Why We Fear Fat w/ Bestselling Author Nina Teicholz
In Episode 16, Dr. Bubbs talks with New York Times Bestselling Author Nina Teicholz about her ground-breaking book The Big Fat Surprise, which rocked the nutrition and medical community in 2014 by unmasking the truth about cholesterol and saturated fats. Since the 1950s, the standard medical advice has been to consume a low-fat diet to ward of heart disease, however Nina's thorough review of the research, raw data, and scientist interviews highlights how this accepted "truth" is built on weak evidence and lack of scientific process. This is an unmissable episode - take a listen to find out more about her shocking findings and check out my show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Apr 20, 2017
S1E15 // The Obesity-Diabetes Epidemic and The Impacts of Fasting w/ Dr. Jason Fung MD
In Episode 15, Dr. Bubbs interviews obesity and diabetes expert Dr. Jason Fung MD, exploring the high blood sugar and insulin epidemic that affects all Western countries today. Dr. Fung discusses the flaws in the "calories in vs calories out" model for weight loss, the importance of the liver in controlling healthy blood sugars, how chronically high insulin levels impact long-term weight gain and how constant snacking creates the ideal environment for weight gain and hyperinsulinemia. Dr. Jason also highlights some simple, easy and actionable take-aways for clients looking to lose weight, improve blood sugar levels and overall health.
Apr 13, 2017
S1E14 // HIIT Training, Efficient Exercise & Longevity w/ Dr. Martin Gibala
In Episode 14, Dr. Bubbs talks to world-renowned researcher Dr. Martin Gibala PhD about high-intensity interval training - commonly referred to as HIIT - and its incredible effects on the body's response to exercise, fitness levels, fat-burning, heart health, blood sugar and insulin response. Dr. Gibala discusses his favourite HIIT workout, protocols for beginners and how exercise can support anti-aging and longevity. Dr. Gibala also dispels common myths around high-intensity training and touches on the mental aspect of HIIT. Make sure to check out drbubbs.com/podcast for show notes for this episode.
Apr 06, 2017
S1E13 // The Hungry Brain: Outsmarting the Instincts that Make Us Overeat w/ Dr. Stephan Guyenet
In Episode 13, Dr. Bubbs sits down with expert neuroscientist and obesity researcher Dr. Stephan Guyenet PhD to talk about his new book The Hungry Brain: Outsmarting the Instincts that Make Us Overeat. Dr. Guyenet discusses the fundamental role of the brain in controlling "body-fatness" and how our brains are hard-wired to seek out calorically dense foods. He also explains how the neurotransmitter dopamine plays a fundamental role in our "food experience" and ultimately the evolutionary mismatch between how our brains are hard-wired to seek out calories and our modern environment of calorie-dense, nutrient-poor processed foods. Stephan does a brilliant job of making incredibly complex topics digestible and provides terrific anecdotes to highlight his findings in clinical research. Check out my show notes for this episode at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Mar 30, 2017
S1E12 // Low Testosterone Epidemic, Root Causes of Low T & Evidence-Based Solutions w/ Dr. Ben House
In Episode 12, Dr. Bubbs dives into the current low-testosterone epidemic with functional medicine and nutrition expert Dr. Ben House PhD. Ben discusses the many root causes for why men can struggle with low testosterone. He also speaks about the limitations of using testosterone creams and gels, and provides dietary solutions for overweight men versus athletes to support healthy T levels. Ben addresses how to tailor your training to boost testosterone levels, and so much more. Also a world-class strength coach, Ben walks the walk, so listen closely and you'll likely uncover some of the roadblocks that are holding you back from feeling and performing your best. Go to www.drbubbs.com/podcast for my show notes.
Mar 23, 2017
S1E11 // Personalized Nutrition, 7-Day Carb Test & Why Your Brain Is "Wired To Eat" w/ Robb Wolf
In Episode #11 Dr. Bubbs sits down with the man, the myth, the legend...Robb Wolf! Robb launched the Paleo Diet into the stratosphere in 2010 with his NY Times best-seller The Paleo Solution and is a driving force in the ancestral health and nutrition space. In this episode, Robb talks about his evolution since his first book, the importance of "personalized nutrition" and how he's changed his diet over the years. He delves into the effect of the microbiome on blood sugar response, the pros and cons of keto diets and fasting, as well as the importance of community in health, and provides tips on training longevity and much, much more! As usual, Robb's insights are profound, succinct and highly actionable! Check out show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Mar 16, 2017
S1E10 // Paleo Nutrition, the Salt Debate, Calcium Balance & Longevity w/ Dr. Loren Cordain
In Episode 10, Dr. Bubbs has the honour of interviewing one of the world's most renowned scientists, NY Times best-selling author, and the founder of the Paleo Diet movement Dr. Loren Cordain PhD. He discusses how he first got introduced to Paleo nutrition by Dr. Boyd Eaton, what hunter-gatherer ancestors "didn't eat", weighs in on the salt debate, calcium balance and keys to longevity. Don't miss these phenomenal insights from one of the all-time leaders in nutritional science.
Mar 09, 2017
S1E9 // Start-Up Hurdles, Mindset Hacks & How To Look Good Naked w/ Keith Norris
In Episode 9, Dr. Bubbs connects with Keith Norris, former competitive athlete, elite strength and conditioning expert and serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, co-founding the largest Paleo conference in the world, Paleo f(x). Keith discusses the hurdles he's overcome, his "secrets" to success and the ONE things all entrepreneurs need. He also dives into his 3 principles of training, training and nutrition tips to "look good naked", if diet is enough in today's world, and gives you a glimpse into his daily routine. Keith walks the walk, so listen up...you may just transform your life! Make sure to check out my show notes at drbubbs.com/podcast
Mar 02, 2017
S1E8 // Mental Performance In High Stress Environments w/ Dr. Doug Kechijian
In Episode 8, Dr. Bubbs interviews former Air Force "Officer of the Year", pararescueman and expert physical therapist Dr. Doug Kechijian around mental performance in high pressure environments. Doug's phenomenal background provides key insights that can be applied to so many aspects of performance, such as: the importance of mastering fundamental skills, minimizing complexity, the value of systematic progressions (no matter what your domain), the value of a single leader versus "consensus" depending on the scenario, and understanding your "worst case" scenario. Doug also answers the question "does mental toughness actually exist?" There's a lot of fantastic information and helpful metaphors in this episode that apply to all walks of life, so make sure to listen a couple of times and check out my show notes at drbubbs.com to uncover all the gems!
Feb 20, 2017
S1E7 // Protein: Hypertrophy, High Performance & Weight Loss Effects w/ Dr. Tyler Churchward-Venne
In Episode 7, Dr. Bubbs sits down with expert protein researcher Dr. Tyler Churchward-Venne to do a "deep dive" into protein: the minimal effective dose, protein type and quality, impacts on hypertrophy training vs. endurance, varying needs of young versus older athletes, food versus supplements, if there is indeed an "anabolic window" post-training and so much more. Tyler highlights some simple, easy and actionable take aways for athletes and weight loss clients alike and also dispels common myths around protein consumption. For my quick, easy, actionable items go to drbubbs.com/podcast.
Feb 16, 2017
S1E6 // Coffee: Caffeine, Your Genes & Performance Effects w/ Nanci Guest PhD
In Episode 6, Dr. Bubbs is joined by expert Dr. Nanci Guest PhD to talk all things coffee and caffeine, such as: new findings on "fast" vs. "slow" caffeine metabolizers, impacts on performance (and which group has negative effects!), whether to choose supplements or coffee for elite performers and how your genes influence all of these parameters. As usual, check out my "Lay-Ups' and "Performance Hacks" at drbubbs.com/podcast.
Feb 09, 2017
S1E4 // Sleep: Impacts on Performance & Habits of Successful People w/ Dr. Amy Bender
In Episode 4, Dr. Bubbs takes a deep-dive into all aspects of sleep with expert Dr. Amy Bender PhD. Dr. Amy discusses the benefits of "light box" therapy in the morning, tips to offset the blue light from devices in the evening, "cognitive reshuffling" and "4-7-8" breathing to increase parasympathetic tone and to help you unwind and fall asleep, as well as the controversial "nap-uccino" that seems to be gaining in popularity. Dr. Amy drops a lot of knowledge bombs in this episode... Enjoy!
Jan 26, 2017
S1E5 // Sprinting: Team ALTIS Insights for High Performance Athletes w/ Dr. Jas & Jason Hettler
In Episode 5, Dr. Bubbs is joined by two members of the world-class ALTIS Performance Group, Dr. Jas Randhawa, Lead Performance Therapist, and Jason Hettler, Lead Strength & Power Coach. They outline "The Performance Trinity" that makes the ALTIS integrative therapy model so successful. Daily routines of high performance sprinters, how sprint training applies to other sports, and the amount of sleep athletes really need are all covered. Jas and Jason also discuss how average weight loss clients can benefit from sprint-type training. These guys are world-class coaches, so make sure to take notes and check out my take aways at DrBubbs.com/Podcast
Jan 26, 2017
S1E3 // Cognitive Performance: Flow, Creativity & Resiliency w/ Dr. Meghan Walker
In Episode 3, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Naturopath and entrepreneur Dr. Meghan Walker to discuss optimizing cognitive performance, maximizing creativity and work flow, and increasing resiliency (to avoid "burnout", something a lot of clients and entrepreneurs struggle with). Dr. Meg has some great brain hacks and entrepreneurial tips to upgrade your mental and professional performance.
Jan 20, 2017
S1E2 // Metabolic Flexibility: Burn Fat & Supercharge Performance w/ Dr. Mike T. Nelson
In Episode 2, Dr. Bubbs explores the fundamental concept of metabolic flexibility, your body's ability to switch from burning the carbs you eat to the fat stores on your body, with expert Dr. Mike T Nelson PhD. If you're struggling with weight gain and poor health, you'll likely have poor metabolic flexibility. Ironically, even some ultra-fit endurance athletes can become metabolically inflexible due to chronically high intake of sugars (for performance), which can sabotage health and contribute to a more pro-inflammatory state. Dr. Mike's got some great solutions in this episode... Enjoy!
Jan 20, 2017
S1E1 // Hack Your Microbiome: Mental Performance & Weight Loss w/ Mike Mutzel
In Episode 1, Dr. Bubbs introduces why he started the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast and takes a deep-dive into gut health and the microbiome with expert Mike Mutzel, author of the Belly-Fat Effect. You'll learn how the food you eat, your exercise routine and your lifestyle deeply impact your microbiome, and subsequently, play a powerful role in blood sugar control, inflammation and your performance.
Jan 19, 2017