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A 60-minute roundtable discussion on issues surrounding new and emerging tech, business practices, and other topics impacting the CEDIA channel (primarily residential applications of “smart home” devices and networks).

Episode Date
The CEDIA Podcast 1925: Expo Education Update

Steve Rissi, CEDIA's director of technical training — a former tech who's worked in the field — and our Senior Director of Education Samantha Ventura join us to give us the skinny on the classes that'll fit your firm's needs and how their team has been polishing the training catalog for CEDIA Expo 2019.

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Jun 21, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1924: Guide to Denver, On and Off the Expo Floor

Two parts again in this one: David Thomas (Momentum Group) and Carol Campbell (Technology Insider Group, among others) tell us all about stuff to do, see, eat, and drink in and around Denver, and Brian Pagel of Emerald Expositions tells us what's new and different on the CEDIA Expo floor in 2019.

Early Bird Special pricing for CEDIA Expo 2019 has been extended through June 21. REGISTER HERE:

For more on Thomas and Campbell:


Jun 14, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1923: Report from Display Week

Michael Heiss just attended the Display Week show in California, and he’s got the skinny on display technology that’ll be impacting us in the near future. He also took a look at a show called “Digital Hollywood,” and he has info on those presentations, too.

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Jun 07, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1922: Leadership Conference Preview

Three presenters from CEDIA’s upcoming Leadership Conference have info you can use right now: Mark Boud (Metrostudy) on the direction of the housing market and timelines for potential downturns, David Rendall (co-author of the book “Pink Goldfish”) on how your perceived businesses weaknesses can be leveraged as strengths, and Peter Romaniello (Conceptual Lighting, LLC) on integrators getting in on the lighting conversation early in the project.

For more info in the Leadership Conference (and CEDIA’s Awards Celebration), go here:

May 31, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1921: All About Cabling

As the home network grows more complex — and we get closer to the adoption of technologies such as 8K video — cabling will become more critical. Is it time to become expert with fiber so your projects are “future-ready”? We dig into this and many other issues (including shielding, cable certification, and more) with Eric Bodley of the very aptly named Future Ready Solutions.

Find info on the White Paper on cabling here:

For more on CEDIA:

May 24, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1920: Business Model Transformation for RMR

As EVP of Consumer Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at 20th Century Fox, John Penney has seen a great many companies move from purely transactional businesses to hybrid businesses: making money from both transactions AND recurring monthly revenue. He’s got advice on strategies for implementing that change.

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May 17, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1919b: Munich High-End Part Two

The second report from the Munich High-End audio show, features our takes on the show's top gear. Walt Zerbe is joined by:

Christiaan Beukes,

James Chen,

and Peter Aylett,

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May 13, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1919a: Munich High-End Part One

Gear, gear, gear! In this first report from the Munich High-End audio show, Walt Zerbe is joined by:

Christiaan Beukes,

James Chen,

and Peter Aylett,

For more on CEDIA, check out

May 10, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1918: Two-Parter — Recapping a Steve Wozniak Talk; Remodeling Stats

CEDIA's Ian Bryant, Anastasia Tate, and Ed Wenck all went to see Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speak at Purdue University — here's their recap. Plus, Walt Zerbe just attended a conference on remodeling trends at Harvard, and he's got info.

Want to learn more about CEDIA? is the place.

May 03, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1917: Award Winning Profiles

Here's a chat with Stephen Nevison (Intuitive Homes) and Oliver Hall (Ultamation) on their Global Award-winning project for Best Integrated Home (EMEA), plus a talk with Michael Sherman (Henri) and Thanh Lepinaux (Lutron) on the work that went into Henri's award-winning showroom.

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Apr 26, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1917a: Business Advice from the Tech Summit

This episode highlights some key takeaways from two business classes at the CEDIA Tech Summit in Irvine, CA. Susan Sipe (Salez Toolz) covers "Job-Costing for Contractors Who Don’t Like Accounting" and long-time CEDIA instructor Frank White covered “5 Ways to Get What You’re Worth.” (Both will be offered at CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver; register at

For more on CEDIA:

Apr 24, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1916: Report from NAB

Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting) attended the annual NAB (formerly called the "National Association of Broadcasters") Show in Vegas earlier this month. Besides the usual suspects — as in 5G and 8K — there was a lot of chatter about IP.

Fore more on CEDIA, check out

Apr 19, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1915: Understanding High-Net-Worth Clients

David Hunt is with a wealth management firm called Bernstein, and he speaks with high-net-worth individuals every day — which means he has vast insights at to what makes them tick. Learn about the three different types of rich folks, what they're worried about, and the fact-finding technique called "deep discovery."

For more on CEDIA, head to

Apr 12, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1914: "Human-Centric" Really Means Custom

You've heard the term "human-centric" in regard to lighting, right? What if we took that notion and applied it to literally everything we do? Rich Green of Rich Green Ink and Peter Aylett of Archimedia talk about designing custom systems for clients with a technique that requires you to think more like an anthropologist and less like an engineer.

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Apr 05, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1913: Wellness Tech at SXSW

Mike Maniscalco (Better Living Technologies) surveyed the tech offerings — mainly in the health and wellness space — at South By Southwest 2019, and reports on what he saw and its potential impact on integrators.

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Mar 29, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1912: The Tech in the New HQ

There's an "experience center" demonstrating residential multiple systems (and interfaces) from kitchen to living room to bed and bath, a state-of-the-art training facility, and much more in CEDIA's new Indiana headquarters. Guest Ian Bryant, who oversaw a lot of the integration, takes us on a tour of the building.

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Mar 22, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1911: The Coming Impact of 5G and Edge Computing

John Penney, EVP of Consumer Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for 20th Century Fox, attended the Mobile World Congress in Spain in late February, and brought back a ton of info on what's happening in the connected worlds of 5G and edge computing.

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Mar 15, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1911a: Tech Summit Keynote Panelists

Today's keynote from a VERY hectic CEDIA Tech Summit covered everything from service contracts to concerns about 5G to the benefits of 8K displays. Guests include Eric Bodley from Future Ready Solutions, CEDIA’s Giles Sutton, and Legrand’s Chris Kovacek. (Also on the panel, but not on the 'cast: Access Networks’ Bryce Nordstrand, and IC Realtime’s Dean Morgan.)

Mar 12, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1910: A Pair of Project Profiles

We had a chance to talk to several CEDIA award-winning firms and manufacturers on the Main Stage at ISE 2019, and here's a pair of deep dives into projects by SONA (with help from Artcoustic) and The Next Level (with an assist from Crestron). We'll have more of these profiles on future episodes.

You can find SONA's project on page 76 of the 2018 CEDIA Awards Yearbook, and The Next Level's winner is on page 98:


Mar 08, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1909: Education and Legislation

We've got a two-parter this episode: CEDIA's Darren Reaman (Director of Government Affairs) tells us about the legislation that can impact member firms (and what he's doing about it), and our Samantha Ventura (Senior Director of Education) and Derick Abshire (Director of Curriculum) fill us in on the new classes coming to CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver.

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Mar 01, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1908: The Web 3.0

Call it the Spatial Web, Web 3.0, or Mirrorworld (as it was dubbed by Wired magazine) it will be "the single most important development in the history of technology, and will change human evolution" -- not to mention your CEDIA business, says Rich Green of Rich Green Design. And it's just three years away.

Here's the article Green references in the podcast:

And here's a link to Peter Diamandis:

For more info on CEDIA, check out

Feb 22, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1907: The CEDIA HQ Theater

CEDIA's new headquarters in Indy features a cool training tool -- a reference grade "home" cinema designed by Dennis Erskine. Erskine tells us about what went into the theater, the challenges it presented, and how it'll be used to help trainees understand the concepts behind high-end projects like this one.

For more on CEDIA, go to

Feb 15, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1906d: ISE Day Four

What does AI really mean? How big is the "wellness" segment going to get? Is speaker technology ready to revolutionize built-in TV sound? How does commercial integration cross-pollinate the residential side -- and vice versa? Those questions are tackled in a lightning-quick podcast featuring nearly every member of the CEDIA Technology Council at ISE 2019.

For more on CEDIA, check out

Feb 09, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1906c: ISE Day Three


Day Three from ISE includes a recap of a presentation on mass sensorization, a look at incredibly tiny (and effective) speakers, and an answer to the question: "Does light affect sound quality?"

Guests include:

Eddie Shapiro,

Michael Heiss,

Rich Green, Rich Green Design

Christiaan Beukes,

Sam Woodward,

For more on CEDIA:


Feb 08, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1906b: ISE Day Two

The panel recaps CEDIA Talks, updated cinema standards, business and tech education, and some highlights from a packed show floor at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam (including a really terrific soundbar).

Guests include:

Eddie Shapiro,

Peter Aylett,

Sam Woodward,

Geoff Meads,

Interested in learning more about CEDIA?

Feb 07, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1906a: ISE Day One

Day One from Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019 at the Amsterdam RAI recaps CEDIA Talks and education on home cinema design, 5G, and the "spatial web." Guests include:

Geoff Meads,

Sam Woodward,

Michael Heiss,

And Rich Green, Rich Green Design, Inc.

For more on CEDIA:



Feb 06, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1905: Demystifying the CEDIA Awards

Thomas Marino (Advanced Technologies) is a recent CEDIA Award winner (and soon to be judge). Geoff Meads of Presto Web Design and Joel Silver of the Imaging Science Foundation have judged the Awards for years. Here they tell you what the judges are looking for when it comes to winning a trophy (Spoiler Alert: Big budgets have nothing to do with it).


Feb 01, 2019
The CEDIA Podcast 1904: The CEDIA Home Cinema Masterclass

There’s a great CEDIA class offered at ISE this year: The Home Cinema Masterclass. As noted in the course description, “It will feature three ‘deep dive’ sessions focused on video performance, advanced audio techniques, and the cinema environment.”

The three instructors involved are video expert Joel Silver (of the Imaging Science Foundation), audio expert Anthony Grimani (Performance Media Industries), and cinema designer par excellence Theo Kalomirakis (who’s been working with Rayva of late).

Grimani and Kalomirakis join hosts Ed Wenck and Walt Zerbe to talk about the class.

Register here:

For more on CEDIA, check out

Jan 25, 2019
CEDIA Tech Council 1903: Big Takeaways from CES 2019

After a few days of review and reflection, our panel joins Ed Wenck and Walt Zerbe to review their big takeaways. Guests include Peter Aylett (Archimedia), Rich Green (Rich Green Design), Michael Heiss (M. Heiss Consulting), John Penney (20th Century Fox), and Gordon van Zuiden (cyberManor).

For more info on CEDIA:

Jan 18, 2019
CEDIA Tech Council 1902e: The Last Day of CES

Retro designs, the ubiquity of voice interfaces, tele-medicine -- all that and more gets covered in this report from Friday at CES in Las Vegas. Walt Zerbe is joined by CEDIA's David Meyer, Mike Maniscalco, and Geoff Meads (Presto Web Design).

For more on CEDIA, check out

Jan 12, 2019
CEDIA Tech Council 1902d: CES — Eureka Park Report

Walt Zerbe and company report from Eureka Park, where the startups show their wares. Guests include Rich Green (Rich Green Design), Geoff Meads (Presto Web Design), Mike Maniscalco (one of the founders of Ihiji), and CEDIA's David Meyer.

For more on CEDIA, check out

Jan 11, 2019
CEDIA Tech Council 1902c: Episode Three from CES

Lots of impressive stuff here: robotics, brain/machine interfaces, and the best video our panel has even seen. Our third report from CES, hosted by Walt Zerbe, includes thoughts from CEDIA's David Meyer, Peter Aylett (Archimedia), Rich Green (Rich Green Design), Kris Hogg (Samsung), and Mike Maniscalco.

For more on CEDIA, check out

Jan 10, 2019
CEDIA Tech Council 1902b: More from CES 2019

All this week, Walt Zerbe wil be sending us daily podcasts from CES 2019 in Las Vegas. "Day One" (yesterday was "Day Zero") features reports on what Walt and company saw at the Sahara (smart-home stuff) and the Venetian (what's happened to high-end audio at CES?). Guests include CEDIA's David Meyer, Peter Aylett (Archimedia), and Geoff Meads (Presto Web Design).

For more on CEDIA, check out

Jan 09, 2019
CEDIA Tech Council 1902a: CES 2019 Day Zero

All this week, Walt Zerbe wil be sending us daily podcasts from CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Day "Zero" is all about opening keynotes and presentations, as seen by Peter Aylett (Archimedia), Rich Green (Rich Green Design), Geoff Meads (Presto Web Design) and Gordon van Zuiden (cyberManor).

For more on CEDIA, check out


Jan 08, 2019
CEDIA Tech Council 1901: Surviving Recession

What should one do to prepare for — and react to — the darkening economic clouds that may be on the horizon? That’s the question we posed to three guests, two integrators who made through the Great Recession (Gordon van Zuiden and Ed Gilmore), and a financial adviser by the name of Peter Dunn (aka “Pete the Planner”).


Jan 04, 2019
CEDIA Tech Council 1852: The Best of 2018

From 5G to Blockchain to the latest in wellness tech and lighting, here's a roundup of the the podcast's most interesting (and most listened-to) moments of 2018.

For more info on CEDIA, check out

Dec 28, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1851: A Vintage Brand Comes Back

Legendary hi-fi label KLH has seen a resurgence of late. David Kelley (who bought the brand) fills us in on the history of Henry Kloss's company, and what they're up to now.

For more on CEDIA, check out

Dec 21, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1850: All About Lighting

Sam Woodward of Lutron (who's also CEDIA's Training Volunteer of the Year for 2018) is busily working on a whitepaper called "Considerations for Quality of Light in the Home." This preview includes info on Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) versus Constant Current Reduction (CCR) for LED dimming, and other issues including glare factors and individual preferences for lighting in the home.

For more info on CEDIA, visit

Dec 14, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1849: 2019 and 2018 -- An Integrator's Thoughts

Peter Aylett (Archimedia) ponders some trends for 2019, including:

  • The end of the everything being "smart" – everything will be "artifiically intelligent,"
  • Insurance companies will use sensorization to mitigate losses,
  • The HDMI Matrix switch dies,
  • "Wellness" tech takes off,
  • And quite a bit more.

Peter, Walt, and Ed also reflect on 2018: "A year of evolution, not revolution," according to Aylett.

For more info on CEDIA, check out


Dec 07, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1848: Julie Jacobson Sees the Future!

Julie Jacobson of CE Pro joins Ed and Walt, unwraps her crystal ball, and talks about the trends that are ahead for 2019. The trio chats wellness, lighting (including low-voltage solutions), "extreme" cord-cutting, 5G, labor shortages, and a lot -- a LOT -- more.

For more on CEDIA, check out

Nov 30, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1847: HDMI, eARC, and 8K

David Meyer (CEDIA's Director of Technical Content) and Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting) drop in to talk about the latest news re: HDMI (including the importance of eARC), 8K, HDR, and a lot more.

For more info on CEDIA, check out

Nov 23, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1846: Being a Great Boss

CEDIA's Senior Director of Education, Samantha Ventura, joins us to talk about one of her areas of expertise: developing your leadership skills. Whether you run a small firm, a big business, or a department within an organization, Ventura has advice for you — advice that's also becoming part of new CEDIA classes.

For more info on CEDIA, check out

Nov 16, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1845: Marketing for Integrators: Social Media (and More)

Amanda Wildman of TruMedia (who's also the 2018 CEDIA Volunteer of the Year) has had some pretty great results using Facebook videos as marketing tools -- while spending next to nothing in the process. We talk to Wildman about her social media presence, giving women a voice in the tech industry, and her specific business model. (BTW -- She's also pretty funny.)

Fore more about CEDIA, check out


Nov 09, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1844: Working with Designers and Architects

The Premier Group has a history of working with top architectural and design firms to achieve award-winning results. We talk to the integrators and two of their collaborators, One 10 Studio and Gary Nance Design.

Learn about CEDIA at

Nov 02, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1843: Audio Engineering Society Report

Walt Zerbe attended the annual Audio Engineering Society show (AES - and tells Ed Wenck all about high-def audio advances, the trend toward recording and re-mastering music in surround-sound formats, the errors inherent in calibrating with pink noise, and much more. (Walt also got to hang out with Thomas Dolby. SCIENCE!)

For more on CEDIA, check out



Oct 26, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1842: Robert Heiblim on Regs, Tariffs, and Change

Robert Heiblim has sold stereos, changed the course of Denon, introduced CDs to record execs, impacted federal legislation, and even befriended the band Devo. His stories are incredible, his knowledge is vast, and there are dozens of nuggets of advice — both business and personal — in this freewheeling chat.

Follow him on Twitter:

Here's his consulting firm:

And for more on CEDIA, go to

Oct 19, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1841: How Content Changes Tech — AR, VR, 4K, etc.

John Penney barely scratched the surface in his keynote at CEDIA Expo 2018. Here the Executive Vice President of Consumer Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for 20th Century Fox digs deep into the ways content built for 4K, VR, AR, and more will change and inform the tech you integrate — and vice-versa.

For more on CEDIA, check out

Oct 12, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1840: Speaking of Speakers with Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones may well be one of the most successful — and storied — loudspeaker engineers in the history of hi-fi. Jones, who’s designed speakers for KEF, Infinity, Pioneer USA, TAD, and now ELAC, takes us through:

The benefits of concentric driver technology,

His approach to enclosure design,

Active vs. passive speakers — and how he’s making the former more palatable to audiophiles,

And his take on what makes for really “great sound.”

For more info on CEDIA, please visit

Oct 05, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1839: Meet the Candidates

In this special episode, we give each candidate three minutes to tell us why they should serve on the CEDIA Board of Directors. (Each individual can use the time in any way they like.)

Here’s the critical legalese:

For the 2019-2020 term, there are four (4) open elected positions — one (1) to be filled from the EMEA region, and the remaining positions to be filled from the entire global membership. To implement this regional representation, the candidate from the EMEA region receiving the most votes will fill the EMEA-designated position and the top three (3) candidates from the rest of the world will fill the remaining (3) three seats. 

Voting will remain accessible until October 19, 2018. Each member company may cast one ballot. As CEDIA has transitioned to a single board representing the global CEDIA membership, it is important to note that all member companies are eligible to vote, regardless of where they are located. Company administrators may cast their ballot here.

You can find more info each candidate here.

Sep 28, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1838: 5G Update from MWG

The Mobile World Congress Americas Conference was held in Los Angeles Sept. 12-14. Michael Heiss was there, collecting the very latest info on 5G deployment. Here’s his report.

Sep 21, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1837: Expo's Greatest Hits

Did you miss any of our podcasts from Expo? We've picked some highlights from our daily Tech Council roundtables from the show floor and turned 'em into a quick, digestible overview.

For more on CEDIA, check out

Sep 14, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1836e: Expo Floor Recap, Day Three

Spoiler alert: There were a LOT of packed classes at Expo, and Geoff Meads (Presto) put in some serious hours in the instructor's chair. Geoff joins CEDIA's David Meyer, Ed Wenck, and Walt Zerbe for this floor/education recap.

For more info on CEDIA, check out

Sep 09, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council Podcast 1836d: Expo Floor Recap, Day Two

Walt Zerbe was joined by a huge cast of characters for the Day Two Expo floor recap. There were a great many CEDIA volunteers aboard, including:

  • Peter Aylett, Archimedia
  • Rich Green, Rich Green Designs
  • Sam Woodward, Lutron
  • And Mike Maniscalco, formerly of Ihiji

And two other gents attending Expo dropped in as well:

For more info on CEDIA, go to

Sep 08, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1836c: Booth Highlights from Expo, Day Two

Friday's CEDIA Talks at Expo were full of info from:

Peter Aylett (Archimedia) on how autonomous vehicle tech drives home automation advances,

Alex Capecelatro ( on just what that AI can do,

Rusty Deeble (Digital Installers) on how virtual offices can expand your firm's reach,

And Heather Sidorowicz (Southtown Audio Video) on ensuring you're communicating with clients using the "human factor."


Sep 07, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council Podcast 1836b: Expo Floor Recap, Day One

A group of Tech Council stalwarts shares their thoughts from Day One of CEDIA Expo: Mitchell Klein (Z-Wave Alliance), Alex Capecelatro (, Bill Skaer (Audio Design Associates), and Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting) join host Walt Zerbe.

Sep 07, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1836a: Expo Booth 1

Highlights from CEDIA Talks (and more) with Geoff Meads (Presto) speaking about data encryption via Blockchain, Joe Whitaker (The Thoughtful Home) on marking your firm with Alexa skills, and Jennifer Jolly on what it's like for a newbie at the show.

Sep 06, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1835: The CEDIA Designer

The CEDIA Designer (formerly "the Cinema Designer") is a tool that helps you design home cinemas, and CEDIA members now have preferential access to this award-winning software. We speak with its creator, Guy Singleton, and Peter Aylett of Archimedia who's very familiar with TCD.

Here's more info on TCD:

Here's the site for the software:


Aug 31, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1834: Expo Preview

Ready for San Diego? Julie Jacobson of CE Pro joins us for a CEDIA Expo preview. What trends and new goodies is she excited about?

Sign up for Julie's webinar on Expo here.

Find out more about CEDIA at

(Oh, and here's that song we mention in the show:

Aug 24, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1833: The Evolution of the Integrator

What's the genesis of an integrator's interest in residential tech? What makes them tick? What gigs are they suited for after they leave the world of home technology integration? Bruno Napoli and Kris Hogg — both on the cusp of new jobs — join us for this roundtable.



For more about CEDIA, check out


Aug 17, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1832: Video Update

He calls it "The Midsummer Mikey Report," in which the man behind M. Heiss Consulting brings us up to speed on a variety of TV topics. There's also a preview of what's to come at Expo from both Mike and the 2018 keynote speaker, John Penney.

Mike's got a new website, too. Find it at

Want to learn more about CEDIA? Check out

Aug 10, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1831: Joel Silver, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Joel Silver is the founder of the The Imaging Science Foundation — and the winner of the 2018 CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award. This one-on-one conversation is practically a pair of master classes in both starting a business (and a wildly unique one at that) and the development of reference-quality video calibration.

You can help us honor Mr. Silver at the 2018 CEDIA Awards ceremony. Find tickets and more info here.

Here's more info on CEDIA in general.

Aug 03, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1830: Greatest Hits of 2018, So Far

It's a "Best Of" show, with highlights from our chats on Blockchain technology, the rollout and impact of 5g, and what builders think about smart home tech.

For more info on CEDIA, check out

Jul 27, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1829: Wellness Intelligence

Suppose a building could be "wellness certified" in the same way it might be LEED Certified? That's the concept behind Delos, and we speak to the CEO of that company, Paul Scialla. Scialla fills us in on what the potential here may be for the residential integrator.

Here are the URLs pertinent to the conversation:

For more info on CEDIA, check out

Jul 20, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1828: Smart Air

We talk HVAC, climate control, and indoor air quality in smart homes with Jon Fischer, HVAC Automation Sales Manager for Aprilaire.

PLUS: Nominations fore the CEDIA Board of Directors are NOW OPEN. Omar Hikal of the Governance Committee gives us the deets. Find more info here.

For more info on CEDIA, check out

Jul 13, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1827: It's In the Lighting

"The lighting in Victoria's Secret is perfectly focused so that you'll spend $85 on a small piece of fabric." Matt Scott, OMEGA Audio Video

Something of a two-parter here: Matt Scott talks about serving on the CEDIA Board (and the importance of voting, nominating, and volunteering), and then dives into his experiences as an integrator with a focus on lighting design and making those projects look spectacular.

For more info on CEDIA, check out

Jul 06, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1826: It IS Rocket Science

"Innovate or vegetate." -- Mario Leone (Electronic Solutions Company) quoting the founder of Rowan University

Mario Leone is a CEDIA volunteer who also works at Rowan University in New Jersey. One of the projects he worked on with the students? MemSat, a four-inch cube satellite launched in May as part of a NASA project. He talks about this and other projects that inform the knowledge he brings to his integration projects.

Find more info here.

Here's the class Mr. Leone will be teaching at CEDIA Expo 2018.

(Also, remember Heathkit? We do!)


Jun 29, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1825: InfoComm 2018

Mike Heiss (M Heiss Consulting), Rich Green (Rich Green Design), and Eddie Shapiro (SmartTouch) share their takeaways from InfoComm 2018 — and how those trends will impact the CEDIA industry.

Jun 22, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1824: The New HQ

CEDIA's Dave Pedigo, Walt Zerbe, and Ed Wenck are joined by Ian Bryant (ZenArray) to talk about all the goodies that are going into CEDIA's new HQ and training facility in Fishers, Indiana.

ALSO: DO NOT forget to take the CEDIA Size and Scope survey!

It only takes a few minutes, the info helps us help YOU, and there's free stuff involved. Here's the link.


Jun 15, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1823: Roundtable Potpourri

A lot of new technologies directly impact the CEDIA universe, and this podcast covers literally EVERYTHING the Tech Council has been mulling over in the last few months. It’s a free-wheeling discussion that covers topics ranging from AI to AR to the latest developments in the labs at Amazon and Boston Dynamics.

A ton of links are mentioned in this one (they all make sense after a listen):

The CEDIA Size and Scope Survey:

“Uninvited Guests”

“What's Next for Humanity: Automation, New Morality and a Global Useless Class”

"The Future of Jobs"

Amazon Skills

GoFundMe for Ella Whistler

Also, here’s the text of that DVR issue Walt mentioned: “An Argentinian security researcher names Ezequiel Fernandez has published a powerful new tool that can easily extract plain text credentials for various DVR brands and grant attackers access to those systems, and inherently the video feeds they're supposed to record. The tool named getDVR_credentials is proof of concept for CVE-2018-9995, a vulnerability discovered by Fernandez at the start of April.”

Jun 08, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1822: Music Management

"We have a moral and ethical responsibility to deliver great music to people." -- Rich Green, Rich Green Design

As we move towards renting and streaming our music and combining that with files we own, how can one best manage all of this? What formats should we embrace and what’s going to handle the aspects switching between them? CEDIA's Ed Wenck and Walt Zerbe are joined by Green, Christiaan Beukes (Sphere Custom Design), and Wayne Hyde (CAVD).

Jun 01, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1821: Expo 2018

This preview of CEDIA Expo 2018 includes education previews from CEDIA's Dave Pedigo, a dive into an "Architectural Cinema" class taught by John Bishop, a look at the additions Emerald Expositions is bringing to the table with Brain Pagel, and a rundown of content provided by CE Pro with Jason Knott.

Register here for CEDIA Expo 2018.

May 25, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1820b: Business Xchange, Day 2

Day Two of the CEDIA 2018 Business Xchange included incredible epiphanies -- we uncover the “human-centric” products and processes with John Buchanan (Meridian), Nick Berry (Origin Acoustics), Ryan Thompson (Portal).

May 18, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1820a: Business Xchange, Day 1

This recap of the 2018 Business Xchange takes the emerging trends developed by the Tech Council -- and asks groups of integrators and manufacturers (including Lutron, Sonos and Dish) which trends are most important, most likely to have impact, and how to address those trends with concrete action plans.

May 17, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1819: 5G

“5G will help the arrival of self-driving cars – and it’ll be part of the answer as to how we help people age economically, comfortably, and in place.” – Brian Markwalter, Senior Vice President, Research and Standards, Consumer Technology Association

Brian Markwalter speaks with CEDIA’s Dave Pedigo, Walt Zerbe, and Ed Wenck about the development and deployment of 5G.

May 11, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1818: The NAB Report

“NAB” stands for the National Association of Broadcasters — and “The NAB Show” is an annual event that now showcases everything and everyone creating and distributing content. Michael Heiss (M. Heiss Consulting) attends each year, and 2018 was no different.

May 04, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1817: Lighting vs. Lighting Control

Sam Woodward from Lutron, Peter Aylett from Archimedia, and Iain Shaw of Brilliant Lighting join the CEDIA podcast crew to parse the difference between lighting design and lighting control design — and reveal a ton of new info in the offing.

Apr 27, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1816: HR 101

“No matter what size the firm, no matter what you do in that business, micromanagement leads to turnover.” – Courtney Berg, CourtSide Consulting

Our guest for this podcast, Courtney Berg, has been consulting small businesses on HR issues for years, and she’s volunteered as an instructor at numerous CEDIA Expos. She’s hosting three small-business HR webinars for CEDIA this year: The first, titled “Employees 101, The Employee Life Cycle,” was presented on April 5, 2018.

The next webinar, called “5 Keys to Teamwork and Trust,” will be presented May 3. On June 7, Berg tackles “Discipline to Termination – 5 Steps to Doing it Right.”

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Apr 20, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1815: The Design Thinking Process

"Once you get that it's not about you, it's about somebody else, and how to enhance THEIR lives, then you can apply the process to anything: Your relationship with your customers, your sales staff, your installation staff, your marketing staff." -- Rich Green, Rich Green Design

Rich Green and Peter Aylett tell us about the incredibly broad applications of Design Thinking, and preview how they and Stanford Professor Michael Shanks will present the concept at the next CEDIA Business Xchange. (There's also a coupon code in this cast that'll save you $100.)

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Apr 13, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1814: Light & Building Exhibition 2018

Sam Woodward of Lutron and Mark Warburton of Ivory Egg both attended “L&B” in Frankfurt, Germany, and they’ve got info on the latest lighting tech. Peter Aylett (Archimedia) also joins in.

“Going back over the past 14 years, and you’d be hard-pressed to find much in the way of LED. Now it’s dominant; it’s everywhere.” – Sam Woodward

Apr 06, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1813: TecHomeX

Mitchell Klein (Z-Wave Alliance), Rich Green (Rich Green Design), and Gordon van Zuiden (cyberManor) were all at this year’s TecHomeX event — as presenters. What did they learn from the design and build pros in attendance? What new ideas did they encounter? Give a listen.

“TecHomeX unites residential design/build and tech integration/contracting companies in the nation’s most lucrative regional markets to catalyze powerful sell-through of home technology.” —


Mar 30, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1812: The HPA Tech Retreat

"Are we inducing 'gadget fatigue' amongst our clients?" -- Michael Heiss, M Heiss Consulting

From big-picture cultural questions to the latest video tech (HDR, 8K), it was all covered at the HPA Tech Retreat (and no, the "end of projection" is not upon us). Here's an overview.

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Mar 23, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1811: The Cloud — and the Fog and the Mist

“Cloud computing can have latency … when you’re local you don’t have access to a lot of devices and processing … and fog is that in-between.” -Alex Capecelatro

Cloud, mist, fog — nope, this isn’t about the weather, it’s about these terms as they apply to computing. Alex Capecelatro ( and Mike Maniscalco join CEDIA’s Dave Pedigo, Walt Zerbe and Ed Wenck to discuss the concepts. Plus, CEDIA’s David Meyer calls in from Down Under to clue us in on the White Papers on HDMI he’s just finished for our members.

Mar 16, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1810: Musicians Becoming Integrators

“Go listen to live music. I think it will really help you when you’re installing and calibrating your systems.” – Geoff Meads

CEDIA companies seem to include a pretty high percentage of people who’ve been involved in music and/or live sound. How does this inform one’s career as an integrator? What perspectives do those experiences bring to the gig? Our guests include accomplished guitarist/recording engineer and ESPA Executive Director Jeff Gardner, and Geoff Meads, who’s a singer/songwriter/gigging guitarist and web developer (Presto AV) who’s extremely active in the CEDIA universe. (NOTE: We want to hear from YOU about this one, so please take our super-quick survey HERE.)

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Mar 09, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1809: Blockchain

Simply put, blockchain technology is going to be a major disruptor -- but the possibilities for its use in the home tech universe are incredible. Our guest this week is at the leading edge of this development: John Fitch from Animal Ventures.

Mar 02, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1808: IoT and Security

"We have a connected toothbrush that tells you how long you've been brushing your teeth. To quote one of our comedians here in the UK: 'I know! I was there!'" -- David Mudd, BSI Group

David Mudd of the BSI Group joins CEDIA's Dave Pedigo, Ed Wenck and Walt Zerbe to speak on the Internet of Things -- namely, the risks and rewards of the IoT.

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Feb 23, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council Podcast 1807: The Builder’s Perspective

“What do I look for in an integrator? I look for people that will take care of my client, that will communicate well, that will understand we’re all working toward the same goal and none of us is the most important person at the table.” – Christopher Wright, WrightWorks LLC (building and remodeling)

In this episode, we chat with builder/remodeler Christopher Wright and designer Adam Gibson (a kitchen/bath specialist) about working with integrators – and the importance of technology to their clients.

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Feb 16, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1806d: ISE Day Four

The roundtable from Integrated Systems Europe speaks on the importance of experience over equipment, and the aesthetics of control interfaces — especially “retro” ones. (“Did you know the global market for candle wax was 8.5 billion dollars last year?” – Sam Woodward)

CEDIA's Walt Zerbe and Dave Pedigo are joined by Sam Woodward (Lutron), Peter Aylett (Archimedia), Ken Erdmann (Erdmann Electric) Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting), and Rich Green (Rich Green Design).

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Feb 09, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1806c: ISE Day Three

Today’s topics in this podcast from Integrated Systems Europe include: Design Thinking (what we’ll be covering at CEDIA Business Xchange), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance, and the challenges of digital marketing (“Stop speaking in Klingon.” – Geoff Meads).

Walt Zerbe’s guests include Geoff Meads (Presto AV Ltd), Julie Jacobson (CE Pro), Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting), Mike Maniscalco (Ihiji), and Rich Green (Rich Green Design).

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Feb 08, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1806b: ISE Day Two

DC micro grids. The maturation of voice control. The future of video content. POWER VAMPIRES. All of that’s covered in this podcast from Integrated Systems Europe.

Walt Zerbe hosts a great roundtable in this one: CEDIA’s Dave Pedigo, David Weinstein and Sam Woodward from Lutron, and Ken Erdmann of Erdmann Electric who all attended Day Two of ISE.

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Feb 07, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1806a: ISE Day One

Walt Zerbe hosts from Day One of ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) with guests Geoff Meads (Presto AV LTD) and Sam Woodward (Lutron) with a check-in from Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting). There’s an incredible dive into the technology behind Blockchain — and how it WILL affect your business.

Feb 06, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1805: Video in 2018

"Physical media can still provide the best viewing experience ... and add to that the uncertainty that the end of net neutrality will have on streaming services." -- Michael Heiss

Heiss tells CEDIA's Ed Wenck and Walt Zerbe all about what's hot -- and not -- for 2018 in the realm of video tech.

Feb 02, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1804: What's Next for the Connected Home

"We're getting closer to having enterprise-grade security available for every home." -- Mike Maniscaclo

The co-founder of Ihiji joins CEDIA's Walt Zerbe and Ed Wenck to talk about the connected home of 2018 from a network guru's perspective. Brought to you by

Jan 26, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1803: The Pros and Cons of Tech

"Don't automate things people like to do." The paradox of choice. Devices making us dumber. These are all dangers noted when one walks the CES floor, but there's good news here, too -- especially when technology helps the disabled or monitors one's health. Geoff Meads joins CEDIA's Dave Pedigo, Walt Zerbe, and Ed Wenck for this one, brought to you by

Jan 19, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1802d: CES Wrapup

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Walt Zerbe wraps up CES 2018 with Gordon van Zuiden, Mike Maniscalco, Geoff Meads, and Rich Green.

Jan 12, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1802c: CES Day Three

CES saw a power outage on Wednesday, but that didn't keep CEDIA's Walt Zerbe from taping with Geoff Meads, Guy Singleton, Rich Green and Peter Aylett. (Spoiler alert: High-end audio geeks will love this episode.)

Jan 11, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1802b: CES Day Two

Is the end user getting overwhelmed with smart stuff? CEDIA's Walt Zerbe is joined by Geoff Meads, Rich Green, and Peter Aylett to recap Day Two of CES.

Jan 10, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council Podcast 1802a: CES Day 1

Rich Green and Peter Aylett join CEDIA's Walt Zerbe to review Day One at CES, including the Intel keynote address.

Jan 09, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1801: Design and Construction Week

CEDIA's headed to Orlando for Design and Construction Week. CEDIA's Senior Director of Industry Relations Dave Chic fills us in on the association's outreach to builders, architects, and interior designers there and elsewhere.

Jan 05, 2018
CEDIA Tech Council 1749: All About the Room

Nope, this isn’t about the cult film! In this episode, CEDIA Board Chairperson (and President of the Erskine Group) Dennis Erskine and Anthony Grimani, President of PMI, Ltd (and more audio bona fides that you can list) join Walt Zerbe to talk about home theater room design. Gear is great, but in the wrong room, the experience will suffer mightily.

Dec 11, 2017
CEDIA Tech Council 1748: Power

CEDIA stalwarts Guy Singleton and Ken Erdmann join Walt Zerbe and Ed Wenck to talk power management (and jobsite nightmares).

Dec 01, 2017