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By Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester, Drew Morgan

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Jacquie Bee
 Mar 5, 2019
These fellas crack me up every week, it's vulgar, smart, immature and funny all at once.


Trae Crowder, Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester (Authors of The Liberal Redneck Manifesto, and comedians on The WellRed Comedy Tour) host a weekly podcast featuring guests from all walks of life. From MMA fighters, Political experts, Comedians, Television Producers... you get it.. it's diverse. We meet interesting people on the road. Sometimes they let us record our conversations.

Episode Date
Evening Skews - Week of January 12, 2021

Well between all the unfolding COUP-SEQUENCES and SECOND IMPEACHMENT we had another big week on the Skews. Also, a wonderful discussion with Kentucky's own, author Silas House. Whole lotta hittin' this week, y'all. Check er out.

Jan 17, 2021
#203 - Comedians Holding Their Phones and Screaming Into Them (Oh & also THE COUP!)

On this episode the boys talk about Corey's recent viral rant, the fact that there was a literal COUP attempt, and much more! 



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Jan 13, 2021
Evening Skews - Week of January 5, 2021 (COUP WEEK!)

Well good googly-moogly, how to even put into words the level of holy-shittery that happened this week? First we get into the latest on the liberal elite's attempt to steal Georgia for Our Side, and THEN....It was a coup, y'all! The dumbest coup ever! What a wild ass week. Me and Smart Mark, and alla yall, were there for it. Enjoy!

Jan 09, 2021
#201- Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & ....WAYLON PAYNE!!

We are so honored this week to have Waylon Payne on the podcast. A story in country music like none other and with a tremendous new record out. Go to waylonpaynemusic.co to learn more and to pick up all his music1 Enjoy the show!

Jan 06, 2021
#202 - Anxiety, Georgia Elections, and Wonder Woman!

This week the boys talk about.... well, Anxiety, Georgia Elections, and Wonder Woman!



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Jan 05, 2021
Evening Skews - Week of December 29, 2020

We close out the worst year in living memory with two good ol times, including a review of our favorite Daily Dumbasses in Evening Skews to date. It's a good time. See y'all in 2021.

Jan 01, 2021
Evening Skews - December 22, 2020

We have a big ol pre-Christmas time on this episode of the Skews as we are joined by Senior Georgia Correspondent Corey Ryan Forrester for a PROPAGANDA REPORT! Y'all will never believe this but they are sayin'' some truly dumb shit in Georgia as of late, but the upside is it's fun to make fun of, so there's that. Hope you enjoy. NOTE: There is only one episode this week due to Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays yuns!

Dec 28, 2020

The boys reminisce, argue, and some old friends stop by to celebrate episode TWO HUNDRED!!!


guest appearances by Roy Wood Jr, Todd Glass, Elizabeth Cook, George Wallace, Hayes Carll, Tony Kamel.

Dec 23, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of December 15, 2020

This week we get into all the latest from the electoral college and Georgia and insane idiots and more! All the big COVID talk, from the vaccines rolling out to the ostensible Congressional relief package we all so desperately need, not that anyone in power gives a fuck, of course. Some great Dumbass material for you, and we also had a wonderful conversation with Mueller She Wrote's Allison Gill! Enjoy!

Dec 19, 2020
#199 - Brains Are Wild

Among other things, the boys discuss the brains ability to repress memories and other sorts of witchcraft that it is capable of! WellREDcomedy.com Sponsors: Lucy.CO Promo Code RED TalkSpace.com Promo Code WELLRED

Dec 16, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of December 8, 2020

Well first off, ANDREW YANG JOINS THE SKEWS this week! We wasted no time getting right to the conversation and it was surely a good un, y'all! Later in the week, Senior Legal Correspondent Drew Morgan and Senior Georgia Correspondent Corey Ryan Forrester joined us to talk about their respective areas of expertise, and we had a big ol time in the spaces in between all of that. Enjoy. (NOTE from Trae: I am just sorry as hell that I'm so late getting these files posted. Last week in particular was insanely busy for me and I just lost track of it. A man will do better in the future. Love y'all.)

Dec 15, 2020
The Best of Through The Screen Door w/ Corey Ryan Forrester!

Hey everyone its ya boy, THE CHO... Corey Ryan Forrester and this here is a BEST OF episode of my (fairly) brand new podcast Through The Screen Door! We like to call it a pop culture podcast with a southern twist:) We talk movies, politics, music, and we even have sketches, late night style monologues, and so much more! It's a variety show starring the chubby cheeked cherub of WellRED.... what's not to love?

Anyways if you are unfamiliar with the podcast, this best of episode is a great introduction... and if you like it, subscribe to it wherever you get your podcasts, or listen at ScreenDoorpod.com (and if you REALLY like it, join our patreon at SupportYaBoys.com)


Thanks for listening and telling your friends!!

Dec 14, 2020
#198 - We Live On The Internet Now

This week the boys talk about the new normal, people that won't wear their fucking masks, and THE INTERNET SHOW WE ARE DOING ON SATURDAY DECEMBER 12 at 9pmEST THAT YOU CAN GET TICKETS FOR AT rushtix.com

Dec 09, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of December 1, 2020

We had a big ol time last week, laughing at Rudy Giuliani and his impenetrable squad of fartin' drunks, as well as Diaper Don, Bill Barr, and so, so much more. Just so much stupidity to go around y'all, and we get to it all. We also had a great talk with Iowa Democrat JD Scholten. And look out for our DECEMBER 8 episode, when we'll be joined by Andrew Yang! Skew? Skeeeew. 

Dec 08, 2020
#197 - The Boxed Wine Blues and SHOVELS AND ROPE!!

This week The CHO gets interrogated about his "sobriety" and HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS one of our favorite bands, Shovels and Rope (Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent) drops by to talk about being an artist in the time of covid (spoiler:its not the best) get tickets to our live online show---- https://rushtix.com/events/wellred/

Dec 02, 2020
Evening Skews - November 24, 2020

Me and Smart Mark have a lovely pre-turkey Skew session with the inimitable Sarah Smarsh, author and journalist extraordinaire. We talk about the goings on in Georgia, the state of the transition, and the future of poor white people everywhere. Hope you dig it. (There was no episode on Thanksgiving, so just the one hour this week. Happy Holidays, yuns.) 

Nov 30, 2020
#196 - Why So Miserable?

Among other things the boys discuss the myth that in order to be a successful and funny comedian.... you must also be MISERABLE! WellREDcomedy.com for merch and tickets

Sponsors: Lucy.co Promocode RED


Nov 25, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of November 17, 2020

We have just boocoodles (that is that word right? Y'all have heard that word?) of fun this week making fun of Rudy Giuliani's facepoop leak and Trump's horrific court record and the dumbest coup in history and flailing Fox News and oh so much more, including wonderful time spent with our guests, comedian BRENT TERHUNE, and singer-songwriter SG GOODMAN. Yuhhhhh.

Nov 21, 2020
#195 What if god killed himself lol

Among other things (such as Avocado toast, ugg boots, and hiking) this week Trae poses the age old question "What if God was here but didn't like it and then just fucked off forever?" WellREDcomedy.com for tickets and merch and shit


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Nov 17, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of November 10, 2020

So much hilarious fallout to discuss this week, from the self-parody that is Parler all the way to the self-parody that is Newsmax TV. The Daily Dumbassery is packed to the brim this week, for obvious reasons. Hope y'all dig it.

Nov 16, 2020
#194 - THE WELLRED PODCAST GETS TERHUNED! (w/comedian Brent Terhune!)

Brent Terhune (THE REDNECK YALL LOVE TO HATE) Joins us to talk about this past weekend, his internet persona, and of course the combo Holocaust/Model Ship Museum Industry!


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Nov 10, 2020
Evening Skews - Election Week Edition

 Fake Lord God where do we even start? We bring you the PINNACLE of political JOURNALISM expressing the very PULSE of AMERICA as the election unfolds between November 3 and November 5. Including live reporting from the scene featuring our correspondents: Carmen Morales (FL), BJ Barham (NC), Corey Forrester (GA), and Tushar Singh (AL). Also legal advice from Diamond Drew Morgan. There's just SO much, y'all. 

Nov 06, 2020
#193 - Well Shit Here We Go!

Look y'all we recorded this before the election and Corey had to get a covid test and just so much fucked up shit happened so bare with us!

Nov 04, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of October 27, 2020

This week we welcome Producer Matt to the fold, who helps us with graphics and clips and just general professionalism, which had been a bit of a foreign concept to us at the Skews. We cover all the latest in Election Fuckery, Trump killing his followers with the weather, Ivanka getting the perfect "BOO" treatment, and so much more. Also the second episode this week was half the length as Trae was recovering from eye surgery. However, this also means he was on pills and thus it was a good time. Enjoy!

Oct 30, 2020
#192 - There Aint No Salsa Like Meemaw's Salsa!

This week the boys talk about their Meemaws, High School Homophobia, and Drew talks about being honored at his old high school!

Oct 28, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of October 20, 2020

Me and Smart Mark talk about drinking yourself to death during the debate, all the election fuckery you can stomach (including a conversation with expert Becky Bond about potential election-related SHENANIGANS from Team Trump), and oh so much more on this week's podcast edition of Evening Skews. One love one life let's get together and feel alright, ya know.

Oct 23, 2020
#191 - Your Vote Counts! (And Drew Ate Bullet Meat)

this week the boys talk about the importance of voting and local elections, and also drew bit into a turkey that still had a bullet in it and had to go to the dentist 

Oct 21, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of October 13, 2020

Me and Smart Mark have a grand old time talking shit about Amy Coney Barrett and the good people of Alaska. Not ALL of them or nothin, but trust me, once you hear this story you're gonna look at Alaska a little differently. At any rate, it's a good time! Check er out! Final note: Stick with us through the brief technical difficulties up top please. Tis but a matter of seconds and we are just so computerdumb. Thank ye. 

Oct 19, 2020
#190 - Middle School Bullies, Sobriety, and Shitty Teeth

This week we find out some adorable nicknames that Trae was called by the middle school girls, we discuss how shitty our teeth are, and The CHO gives us an update on his sobreity



Oct 14, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of October 6, 2020

Me and Smart Mark get into all things Trump and COVID on Tuesday's episode before unraveling the fallout, or should I say flyout, of the Harris/Pence debate (No I should not have said that and I apologize). Also: stimulus bullcrap, Facebook bullcrap, and a truly insane plot hatched by dipshits in the Midwest. Enjoy. 

Oct 12, 2020
#189 - How America Killed My Mother W/ Ed Larson!

Comedian, film maker, and overall one of our absolute favorite human beings on this earth Ed Larson drops in to talk about his new documentary How America Killed My Mother. Related to the documentary, we discuss healthcare in the country and how big of a piece of shit Donald Trump is (surprise surprise)

Oct 07, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of September 29, 2020

I feel like this one might be interesting to listen to with the benefit of hindsight, because on Tuesday's episode we are pre-gaming the first Presidential Debate, and I (Trae) in particular was the very picture of a sweet summer child, i.e. I had NO idea what horrors awaited. And then Thursday's episode we try (and probably fail) to make sense of the veritable shitstorm of buffoonery that had since occurred. And some other tangential good times. Thank ye love ye see ye bye.

Oct 06, 2020
#188 - They Don't Make Trampolines Like They Used To!

The boys get nostalgic about trampolines, Corey tells a horrifying story, and Trae brings up a philosophical question on kids and guns!


Also YES Drew's dog is barking like a maniac several times in this episode and NO there is nothing I can do about it.. im sorry 

Sep 30, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of September 22, 2020

Hoo wee boy howdy what a doozy this week was. Everything from the fallout of RBG's death, to the results of the Breonna Taylor case, to Trump heavily implying he may just be emperor forever....nothing hit this week y'all. What else is new. But me and Smart Mark try to make it entertaining to listen to at least. Love y'all. 

Sep 27, 2020
#187 - Trae's Cat Can Open Doors, Drew Visits Georgia, and The CHO is Back in Yellow! + Tony Kamel!

Drew visits the CHO in Georgia, Trae fills us in on his cat's latest antics, The Cho's sobriety leads to some bizarre revelations about his past, and Bluegrass musician extraordinaire Tony Kamel drops by to talk music and quarantine stuff! for more on Tony check out http://www.tonykamelmusic.com


lucy.co (promo code RED)

Sep 23, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of September 15, 2020

Me and Smart Mark went in on many a shade of dumbassery last week, from Barr comparing COVID to slavery and Trump learning how trees work, all the way to everyone at LSU apparently having the Rona and Antifa living rent free in Republican's heads. Also, a big W for the MAIL and so, SO much more. Love y'all.

Sep 22, 2020
#186 - Words are Weird, Drew Moved, CHO Got Booed In Kansas!

The boys are back together after a mixed cast the past few weeks. They discuss offensive words and talk about Drew's recent move back home to Tennessee!

Sep 16, 2020
Evening Skews: Week of September 8, 2020

Lotta good stuff this week (if you like horrible news and the world being on fire anyhoo). We go further in on Trump hatin' the troops, as well as fire hatin' California and cops hatin' the world. On Thursday's show we have a little fun on the subject of a loose tiger back home in Knoxville, and then break down all the different insane gifts Bob Woodward had for America last week. All that and whole bunch more. Love yuns.

Sep 15, 2020
Through The Screen Door W/Corey Ryan Forrester 9/15/20

Here's a preview of todays Through The Screen Door W/ Corey Ryan Forrester! If you dig what you're hearing and would like the full episode, go subscribe to Through The Screen Door on your favorite podcast platform OR here at screendoorpod.com

If you'd like to support the podcast by becoming a patron and getting bonus stuff, go to https://www.patreon.com/Screendoor

Sep 15, 2020
#185 - Trump Says The Troops Are Losers? w/Guest Host James Bane and Stan Mayer!

So Trump apparently said soldiers were "losers" (wow so shocked) but since our opinions don't mean much, we decided to have a few Veterans on to give their take. Listen as James Bane and Stan Mayer talk about their service, and some of the misconceptions people have about the Military..... and also this whole Trump shit..

Sep 09, 2020
Evening Skews Week of September 1, 2020

Well me and Smart Mark spent a lot of time goin in on the po-leese this week, as is custom. But still spared plenty of shit talking for the situation surrounding Pelosi gettin her hair did, the lunacy of QAnon, and much much more. 

Sep 08, 2020
#184 - Talkin Bout Gods w/ Guest Co-Host Tushar Singh!

This week, good buddy galore and fellow comedian Tushar Singh fills in for the CHO to talk about Gods, cultural appropriation, and moving back to Huntsville, AL during the pandemic.

Sep 02, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of August 25, 2020

Well the god damn Republican National Convention was this week, as was the horror show in Kenosha, so yuns know me and Smart Mark had a lot to say. Enjoy. 

Sep 01, 2020
#183 - Killer Raccoons 2 Reunion W/ Resident Tubular Dude Travis Irvine!

Our good buddy Travis Irvine joins us to talk about being a libertarian in Wyoming and what it's like in local politics there, and we also talk about his new movie (That all 3 WellRED boys are in!) Killer Raccoons 2: Dark Christmas In The Dark  (available HERE!)

Aug 26, 2020
Evening Skews - August 18, 2020 - GOP vs Cardi B and more

Got a fun one here, y'all. Me and Smart Mark talk about the Republicans war on WAP, Trump's continued war on the post office, the Russians war on our democracy, and a bunch of other lighthearted nuggets. Dolly and T-Swizzle come up too. Lot of purdy singing ladies in this ep, now that I think about it. Anyway, dig it. NOTE: Since I remain one of the most computer-dumb sacks of trash on earth, I corrupted the audio for Thursday's episodes and will not subject you to that. Boy I sure have learned a lot doin' all this on my own! Fun! Anyway I believe I've got it fixed and under control going forward. Love y'all. 

Aug 25, 2020
#182 - Do We Really Sound That Dumb? + Author David Joy!

This week the boys talk about how even THEY use a southern accent when describing a stupid person and why that is. Plus Critically acclaimed Author David Joy joins us from his truck in the parking lot of a firehall to talk about growing up in the south, how France has rednecks, and his new book When These Mountains Burn (available HERE )


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Aug 19, 2020
Evening Skews - August 11, 2020

In this week's only episode of Evening Skews (I explain the dumbassery at fault for there being only one episode in my intro), me and Smart Mark get in depth as hell on Biden's selection of Kamala Harris for his VP candidate. What do people think about it? Why do they think it? Are they dumb for thinking it? Just how dumb? These answers and more, plus a look at the fate of college football this fall and interactions with the audience and all that good stuff, on this edition of Evening Skews. Thankee. 

Aug 15, 2020
*Let's Try This Again* #181 - Is Rap Getting More Progressive? or (Catch Ya Later Boys, It's Sh*t Butt 30!)


This week the guys spend a few moments recapping their online show from the previous weekend (thanks to ALL WHO SIGNED ON IT WAS AWESOME), and shoot theories back and forth about whether or not rap is getting more progressive and why! wellredcomedy.com to sign up for news letter!

Aug 14, 2020
#181 - Is Rap Getting More Progressive? or (Catch Ya Later Boys, It's Sh*t Butt 30!)

This week the guys spend a few moments recapping their online show from the previous weekend (thanks to ALL WHO SIGNED ON IT WAS AWESOME), and shoot theories back and forth about whether or not rap is getting more progressive and why! wellredcomedy.com to sign up for news letter!

Aug 12, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of August 4

Last week was a doozy as we talked about fuckin dumb Trump and Biden both talk sometimes and stuff. We talk smart about it though. Also we trash the NRA, the TikTok situation, and Rudy Giuliani. We trash plenty of other stuff too. OH! And we are joined in separate segments by the WellRED fellers, Corey and Drew, and have a big ol time. Holler at it. 

Aug 10, 2020
#180 - Drew Bout Got Ate By A Bear or (Ellen A Handbasket)

This week Drew catches us up on his camping trip where he bout got eaten buy a bear, the boys discuss political correctness, The CHO falls off the wagon and much much more!!!

For TIX to our LIVESTREAM comedy show, go to wellredcomedy.com

Aug 05, 2020
Evening Skews - Week of July 28, 2020

As to not inundate y'all with files, we have combined the audio from both of this week's Evening Skews into one. Hope that hits. This week, Trae and Smart Mark talk about Trump curing coronavirus, Billy Barr's avalanche of shit, Trump wanting to move the election, Herman Cain's death, masks, state level politicians being lunatics, and a whole bunch more fun stuff. Enjoy. 

Aug 01, 2020
#179 - Say It Aint CHO! + The NBA Is Busting Our Bubble!

This week the CHO goes Vegan! Plus the boys discuss the COVID related disasters happening with sports teams frantically trying to make some sort of a season happen (plus other stuff that aint sports)

To buy tickets to our LIVE STREAM SHOW go to wellredcomedy.com

Jul 29, 2020
Through The Screen Door w/Corey Ryan Forrester #2!!

This episode features another edition of This Week In Southern History titled "Bigger Than Jesus" about Alabama DJ's encouraging listeners to burn Beatles records there is ALSO:

- New Monologue 

- New Buttercream Dream Segment

- A scathing review of The Fantastic 4

- Rednecks Reading Movie Monologues: Footloose Edition

and much more!

You can get this in its own feed by searching out Through The Screen Door on your favorite podcast app or going to screendoorpod.com

I've been told it isn't showing up on stitcher so im dropping it on the wellred feed to rectify that for the time being for everyone wanting to listen! Thank you so much and remember to leave a 5 star review if you think we deserved it!

Jul 28, 2020
This Week In Southern History #2: Bigger Than Jesus (From Through The Screen Door With Corey Ryan Forrester)

Hey y'all! Here is a little bonus segment for ya that can be found over on my NEW podcast Through The Screen Door W/ Corey Ryan Forrester! In This installment of TWISH we look back at the backlash the Beatles faced after John Lennon's infamous "Bigger Than Jesus" comment!

The new podcast should be available on all your favorite platforms soon, but if it isn't yet, just go to screendoorpod.com !

Jul 28, 2020
Evening Skews - July 23, 2020

This is the audio from the July 23 edition of Trae's new political internet talk radio show, Evening Skews, wherein he and co-host Mark Agee discuss everything from Trump's stupid brain and the stupid brain test he's so proud of, to the Right's fervent hatred of AOC, to defense spending and everything in between. Evening Skews is recorded live from Trae's Facebook page every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM Pacific time. From now until we decide something different, the audio from these shows will be posted here on the WellRED feed, alongside the regular every-Wednesday dick-and-butt spectacular that you know and love as the WellRED Podcast. Enjoy. 

Jul 28, 2020
Through the Screen Door w/ Corey Ryan Forrester Episode 1!

Hey everybody, it's your boy The CHO and I am VERY excited to announce that I have a BRAND NEW podcast! Through the Screen Door has comedy monologues, sketches, sh**y movie reviews, wacky characters like THE BUTTERCREAM DREAM, and a segment that I'm very proud of called This Week In Southern History where we share a story of a (sometimes forgotten) moment in our history and then try and make sense of it!

You can Click HERE to subscribe on APPLE podcasts


Just go to screendoorpod.com

Please subscribe, download, and tell your friends! (Also give us a 5 star review if you think we deserved it!)


Love y'all!

Jul 22, 2020
#178 - Beans & Politics! + What Makes a Word Funny?

This week the boys talk about beans, what makes certain words funnier than others, they break down some old bits they've seen on stage throughout their careers, and then it gets PRETTTTYYY heavy into Trump and the election and riots and martial law and... well we cover it all.

WE ARE DOING A LIVE ZOOM SHOW ON THE INTERNET ON AUGUST 7th!!! For Tix, go to wellredcomedy.com

adamandeve.com promo code WELLRED

Jul 22, 2020
NEW PODCAST!! Through The Screen Door w/ Corey Ryan Forrester Preview!

Hey y'all, Corey here! Here is a preview of my new podcast Through The Screen Door that premiers Tuesday July 21st!

This is a segment called This Week In Southern History, and the first installment (which is a part of next weeks first episode!) is about The Scopes Monkey Trial!


Subscribe on all your favorite podcast platforms, or go to screendoorpod.com

love y'all!

Jul 16, 2020
#177 - Butt Butt Man and The Fart Bank Heist

This week the boys discuss a new character Trae's youngest son came up with, Drew's wife Andi pops in to share a hilarious story  about throwing Turkeys out of a plane, and Drew accuses Trae and Corey of being soulmates and gaslighting him into thinking he is a bad person.



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Both Specials are pay what you want!!

Drew's Special: Paypal - drewmorg@gmail.com Venmo - DrewMorgComedy


Corey's Special: PayPal - Buttercreamcorey@gmail.com Venmo - Buttercreamcorey

Jul 15, 2020
#176 - Donkey Basketball Season Tickets w/Scott Miller!

On this weeks podcast the boys discuss The Wire, The Great British Bakeoff, Art during the time of the pandemic, and then SUPER BAD ASS singer/songwriter Scott Miller joins us to add some clarity to last weeks discussion on Donkey Basketball! This was a super fun one, y'all!




To Buy Corey's new Special, PayPal whatever amount you want to ButterCreamCorey@gmail.com or Venmo @ButterCreamCorey. Just be sure to include your email in the notes, and if you have and trouble, shoot an email to ButterCreamCorey@gmail.com

Jul 08, 2020
#175 - What If Trump Didn't Run? + Horse Vaulting and Trae Sits Down with Blair Walsingham!

This week the boys discuss who they think would run if Trump decided not to, and also watch some horse vaulting! Trae sits down with Blair Walsingham, candidate for Tennessee's 1st Congressional District



bluechew.com promo code RED 

Jul 01, 2020
#174 - Buddy Cop Movies Hit Different Now

The boys talk about video games, White Claws, The Corona Virus, and how movies about the police (and president) seem kinda different in 2020 wellredcomedy.com

Jun 24, 2020
#173 - Social Distance Parties and Police Training (Oh Boy!)

This week the boys talk about having Social Distance Parties and discuss the insane methods in which cops are trained. Also other stuff!



bluechew.com (promo code RED)

Jun 17, 2020
#172 - Protesting and The Decay of Local Journalism (Hilarious!!!) w/ Special Guest John Hammontree

This week the boys discuss the effects of the protests and Drew sits down with AI.com 's John Hammontree!

Jun 10, 2020


Jun 02, 2020
#171 - Jon Reep: The Hickory Dance Machine

The boys bullshit about yard work and above ground pools for a while and then our good buddy, Last Comic Standing Winner Jon Reep drops but to hang out! Jon gives us the low down on how to get good at Tik Tok without being a hot teenage girl, his experience starting out doing comedy in the south, and we also discuss the time Jon was arrested for dancing at a Carolina Panthers game!

May 27, 2020
#170 - You Can't Say That On Television! + A Bonus Chat w/ Mo Mandel!

This week the boys discuss The Wire, people not taking the pandemic serious, Corey getting fatter, and the ever present debate amongst comedians about whether or not political correctness is making it harder to entertain/if its worse now than it was back in "the day"

THEN our buddy Mo Mandel drops in to talk about his new show Small Town Throwdown (which premieres TONIGHT 5/20 on The Discovery Channel at 10 pm)

May 20, 2020
#169 - George Washington is the Literal Dollar General

For episode #169 (nice) the GutterBumpkin himself DJ DJ Lewis joins us this week to talk about starting work at the Dollar General right as COVID hit, and the many ways it has made folk's red come out.  We also discuss Vapor Wave (a music genre/aesthetic, not a new drug) and Drew shares his theory on why white people suck - which Trae immediately points out is accidentally racist.

It's a good episode. Dig it. Follow DJ @gutterbumpkin. If you have any info on the whereabouts of the Cho, please call 1-800-FINDCHO

May 13, 2020
#168 - A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

This week the boys compare french phrases and redneck phrases and talk about The Great British Bakeoff among other things!



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May 06, 2020
#167 - The Legendary GEORGE WALLACE!

This week we have the honor of sitting down with a true living legend, the incomparable George Wallace! George gives us an update on how he is handling the quarantine, tells us what he absolutely does not give a shit about anymore, and shares some stories from his 40+ years in comedy!


wellredcomedy.com for tickets whenever comedy becomes legal again

Apr 29, 2020
#166 - Drew Doesn't Believe In Food Poisoning

This week the guys are obviously still recording remote cause of social distancing and what not. We catch up on each others weeks and find out that Drew has eaten some pretty old ass meat!




Magic Spoon! 

Vincero Watches!

Apr 22, 2020
#165 - RIP John Prine or (Bye Bye Bernie)

The boys pay tribute to the late great John Prize by recalling their favorite songs. Also Bernie dropped out of the race and Corey had to leave the podcast to hide in a bathtub from a tornado.


Be sure to check out our special Tiger King Retrospective.. Tiger By The Tale: A WellRED Podcast Special. Available wherever you get your podcasts AND on video form right HERE TIGER BY THE TALE


Sponsors this week:

bluechew.com promo code RED



Apr 15, 2020
Tiger By The Tale #8 - Whats It All Mean?

Wherein we resign ourselves to the fact that everything we ever watch from the point forward will only be Something That’s Not Tiger King. We wrap up with a slew of awesome guests for ya, including BJ Barham of American Aquarium, Roy Wood Jr of the Daily Show, and a MINI DEADWOOD REUNION with W. Earl Brown and Sean Bridgers! Yuhhhh!

Apr 14, 2020
Tiger By The Tale #7 - Dethroned

Wherein we try to adjust to Life After Joe Exotic, and cope with the inconvenient truth of that bitch Carole Baskins ultimate victory. The incomparable and hilarious Carmen Morales joins us to give the one thing this whole deal has been missing: a Floridians perspective!

Apr 14, 2020
Tiger By The Tale #6 - The Noble Thing To Do

Wherein things weirdly go completely to shit for Joe Exotic, whose downfall no one could have ever foretold. The hilarious/wonderful comic/actor Tone Bell joins us to discuss this modern tragedy.

Apr 14, 2020
Tiger By The Tale #5 - Make America Exotic Again!

Wherein we explore the circumstances behind Joe Exotic’s admittedly less inexplicable failure as a politician. Good buddy, comedian and tiger expert Dr. Tushar Singh joins us for a Racial Roundup (of his devising).

Apr 14, 2020
Tiger By The Tale #4 - Playing With Fire

Wherein we explore the circumstances behind Joe Exotic’s frankly inexplicable failure as a reality tv star. Comedian Brent Black joins us to talk about Joes angelic voice and crazy white people shit.

Apr 14, 2020
Tiger By The Tale #3 - The Secret

Wherein we get into the nitty gritty details of the (lack of a) murder case for the late Don Lewis. In doing so we prove beyond doubt that none of us are forensic scientists (other types of science we still thank we could pull off). Finally our good trash buddy and childhood wolf-owner (yes really) Caitlin Weierhauser joins us to talk about the ins and outs of exotic animal ownership.

Apr 14, 2020

Wherein we welcome our intrepid cohost DJ Lewis back from space to continue our journey, and dive further into the sea of hypocrisy and bullshit that is the life of that bitch Carole Baskins. And then we’re joined by comedy writer and hippy-knower extraordinaire Mark Agee as we wind it down.

Apr 14, 2020
Tiger By The Tale #1 - Not Your Average Joe!

Wherein we begin at the beginning, and reacquaint ourselves with the wildest buncha trash this side of a juggalo festival.

Apr 14, 2020
Tiger By The Tale #0 - Before We Get Started...

Before we (we being Trae, Corey Drew, and DJ) start the 7 part (well, 8 counting the wrap up episode) deep dive retrospective on everyones favorite red-ass Tiger King, lets begin with a little preamble episode...Wherein we establish our bona fides as white trash zoological commentators, including the Ballad of Big Bob and the Monkey Carlos. Settin the stage y’all.

Apr 14, 2020
#164 - Roy Wood Jr!!!!

This week we are joined by one of the best and most respected stand up comedians working today, The Daily Show's own Roy Wood Jr! Roy offers up some advice for quarantining and we also discuss what we think the future looks like for entertainment! 





Apr 08, 2020
#163 - Quarantinin' While Single W/ Brent Black + Diffies Dead. Don't Hit

Y'all continue to stay your ass inside and wash your hands please. We love you. Sorry the quality is a little weird we gotta use zoom cause of the corona and ihell it just is what it is. Nothing hits 

Apr 01, 2020
#162 - The Gang gets Quarantined w/ DJ LEWIS!!

Right before the lock down got VERY serious, Drew and DJ spent the night with The CHO after their shows got canceled and they recorded a podcast in his attic where they talked about the current lock down situation and made what are sure to be VERY stupid predictions about the whole situation. 



Mar 25, 2020

looking rough out there y'all. hope you're safe. no dates to promote as they are all canceled at present. podcast will still come at ya every wednesday. we love you. be careful

Mar 17, 2020
#160 - How Many Bubba's Asses Could you Whoop?

Much apologies for the delay (and lack of intro) on this weeks podcast but we had so many technical difficulties and then of course corona affected travel. We really hope everyone is safe and healthy!


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Mar 14, 2020
#159 - Was Curly Bill Gay?

Among other things, this week The CHO points out something he never noticed the first 178 times he watched Tombstone and Drew gets DJ LEWIS on the phone to talk it over. 


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Mar 04, 2020
#158 - Caitlin Weierhauser: The Wolf Owning Loan Shark

This week the boys got to sit down with the hilarious Caitlin Weierhauser and listen to them talk about (among other things) growing up in rural Oregon, selling church merch, owning wolves, and stealing from predatory lenders!


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Feb 26, 2020
#157 - The Exploding Kittens of Hacienda Heights

The boys sit down at Drews house (well, CHO skyped in) to discuss rescue shelters, courtroom procedurals, depression/anxiety, and much more!


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Feb 19, 2020
#156 - Oscar Speeches, Children Vaping, and The XFL!

In this episode the boys discuss whether or not you should use your platform during your Oscar speech to speak about causes, the witch hunt on the vaping industry, and the ups and downs of the opening weekend of The XFL!


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Feb 12, 2020
#155 - Death and Talking Funny!

This week, among other things, the boys discuss Funeral Home traditions in the south.


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Feb 05, 2020
#154 - If a Movie Hits Then Let It Hit

In this episode, Drew and his wife Andi discuss a new project and talk about the process of working together as a married couple, and CHO and Trae catch up over the phone and talk about dreams, chicken wings, Oscar Movies, and of course the tragic death of Kobe Bryant


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Jan 29, 2020
#153 - What Happened to The TV Dinner? (Plus Hillary Clinton’s Remarks on Bernie and Why Adam Sandler Should Be President!)

On this weeks episode the boys all sit down to discuss how the vanishing middle class has affected TV Commercial Slogans for food, the amazing run that The Tennessee Titans made in the playoffs, Hillary Clinton’s remarks on Bernie Sanders, and also defend Adam Sandler in every thing he does.



Jan 22, 2020
#152 - Drinking at The Waffle House, Stealing Shit, and Whooping a Genie's Ass!

In this weeks episode, Drew and The CHO discuss stealing shit from corporations, getting drunk in a Waffle House, and whether or not Drew could whip a Genies ass!


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Jan 15, 2020
#151 - Do Young Folk Know Who Nelly Is?

Today on the WellRED podcast the boys wax nostalgic about movies, music, Mamaw's beans and more!


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Jan 08, 2020

In the last podcast of the decade, The CHO gives his annual year end review, Drew and Andi reminisce on a road trip back home, and Trae and The CHO catch up over the phone and talk about their Christmas breaks and discuss their favorite things about 2019!

Love y'all like Chicken... thanks for making 2019 the best WellRED year yet!

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Dec 31, 2019
#149 - Merry Christmas from Zanies! w/ Lucy Sinsheimer and DJ LEWIS!

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you all! If you get some down time today listen to this ludacris convo between the boys and Zanies booker/manager/getter of done shit, Lucy Sinsheimer!


we talk about russia, serial killers, lunacy, and first times!





Dec 25, 2019
#148 - Magic For Humans Host Justin Willman!

Justin is the star and creator of the hit Netflix original series Magic for Humans. He's a regular guest on The Tonight ShowEllen, and Conan. His online videos have logged over a 100 million views. And one time he performed at the White House for the Obama family.

The L.A. Times calls him, "A new breed of comic who's making magic cool again for grown-ups. " Playboy dubbed him, "The freshest and funniest magician working today." Time Out says his live show, "Has to be seen to be disbelieved."

Justin was born in St. Louis, lives in Los Angeles, and does not own a rabbit.




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Dec 24, 2019
#147 - From American Aquarium.... its BJ BARHAM!!!

We couldn't be more pumped up to sit down with one of our all time favorite singer/songwriters BJ Barham! BJ is the frontman of American Aquarium (with whom he has released 10 albums.. all of which hit super hard) and the writer of all their tunes. 

We were lucky enough to catch BJ while he was in LA working on their latest album. During this sit down we talked about growing up in the south, sobriety, some parallels between comedy and music, how BJ almost quit the industry all together, gerrymandering, how we knew Trump was going to win, people who think they are conservative but aren't, and of course... giving coffee to babies!


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http://www.americanaquarium.com for all of BJ and crew's dates, albums, march, info, yada yadda



Dec 11, 2019