And That's Why We Drink

By Christine Schiefer, Em Schulz

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Category: Comedy

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Shandie Castillo
 Jul 6, 2024
I love Em and Christine! They are so funny and cover the most interesting topics. This is my favorite podcast!

 Mar 7, 2024

 Apr 22, 2023

 Feb 9, 2023

 Apr 6, 2022


Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!

Episode Date
E389 Intriguing Event Schedules and Lukewarm Cans Sparkling Water
Jul 21, 2024
E388 Stress Rashes and Deranged Camera Angles
Jul 14, 2024
E387 Adulting Cheat Codes and Dramatic Readings of the Cha Cha Slide
Jul 07, 2024
Listener Stories: Vol. 93
Jul 01, 2024
E386 A Telegram to our Exes and a Hell of a Case of Swamp Gas
Jun 30, 2024
E385 Dinosaur Spiritualism and Mediumship Advisors
Jun 23, 2024
E384 A Raccoon Bagel Infestation and a Birthday Shot in the Butt
Jun 16, 2024
E383 Pseudo Armchair Ear Experts and Flower Pot London Fogs
Jun 09, 2024
E382 Birthday Bummers and Haunted Emo Cowboys
Jun 02, 2024
Listener Stories: Vol. 92
Jun 01, 2024
E381 Drunk on Leaves and Resurrecting the Information SuperHighway
May 26, 2024
E380 The Spookeasy and the Crime Travelers, Partners in Time
May 19, 2024
E379 A Never-ending Slumber Party and an ATWWD Bowling League
May 12, 2024
E378 The Butter Bar Lore and the Glass Peacock Yappers
May 05, 2024
Listener Stories: Vol. 91
May 01, 2024
E377 Carnival Cobblers and Time Traveling Text Messages
Apr 28, 2024
E376 Vintage Honks and Zoomies Screams
Apr 21, 2024
E375 Joann's Haberdashery and Ghost Logic
Apr 14, 2024
E374 A Big Queer Door and The Mulberry Bush of the Year
Apr 07, 2024
Listener Stories: Vol. 90
Apr 01, 2024
E373 The Thirsty Little Rat Inn and the Coowoo Girls
Mar 31, 2024
E372 A Trash Nap and a Clumsy Girl Ghost
Mar 24, 2024
E371 Warnings About File Organizing and Smooth Coffee Shop Compliments
Mar 17, 2024
E370 Therapy Book Club and Satan's Church Fonts
Mar 10, 2024
E369 Frankenstein's Monster's Ghost and Grunge Justice
Mar 03, 2024
Listener Stories: Vol. 89
Mar 01, 2024
E368 Whodunnit Hauntings and Three Lollipops in a Trench Coat
Feb 25, 2024
E367 Millennial Road Signs and Yappuccinos
Feb 18, 2024
E366 Troll Butter and Moon Spit
Feb 11, 2024
E365 Podcasting in Dog Years and Collecting Crows Feet
Feb 04, 2024
Listener Stories: Vol. 88
Feb 01, 2024
E364 A Boulder of Salt and a Shot Put of Horseradish
Jan 28, 2024
E363 A Failed Handstand and an Infestation of Prairie Dogs
Jan 21, 2024
E362 An Identi-Tea Crisis and Wobbly Mountain
Jan 14, 2024
E361 Troll Hole To-Go and Naming our ADHD
Jan 07, 2024
Listener Stories: Vol. 87
Jan 01, 2024
E360 A Vampiric Stage Lipstick and a Nap Episode
Dec 31, 2023
E359 Secret Society Bullshit and Paranormal Rejection at the Front Desk
Dec 24, 2023
E358 The Frenaissance and the Poopmonger
Dec 17, 2023
E357 A Millennial Pause and a Scythe Tsunami
Dec 10, 2023
E356 Spam Artists and Interplanetary Gossip
Dec 03, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 86
Dec 01, 2023
E355 Ghouls, Gays, Theys and Cottage Core Lesbian Hauntings
Nov 26, 2023
E354 A Tarot Therapy Session and a Ghost Cat Pawty
Nov 19, 2023
E353 A Weird Date Agent and a Ghost Go Bag
Nov 12, 2023
E352 A Vampire Castle Gift Shop and Millennial Secret Passageway Dreams
Nov 05, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 85
Nov 01, 2023
BONUS EPISODE: A Halloween Surprise with Roz Hernandez!
Oct 31, 2023
E351 Mongoose Sound-Waves and Halloween Caroling
Oct 29, 2023
E350 Eyelid Licking Demons and Black Cat Broomsticks
Oct 22, 2023
E349 A Haunted Podcast Studio and a Space Boat
Oct 15, 2023
3rd Annual Cryptids Unscripted Poetry Slam
Oct 13, 2023
E348 Stolen Meditation Journals and Fun, Fruity Pond Water
Oct 08, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 84
Oct 01, 2023
E347 A Lovely Villain Era and a Lasagna Horror
Oct 01, 2023
E346 A Witch's Rap Battle and a Cursed Fart
Sep 24, 2023
E345 Baba Yaga Barbie and Emergency Needlepoint
Sep 17, 2023
E344 A Neon Parrot Beacon and a Hootenanny of Birds with Pigtails
Sep 10, 2023
E343 Cute Mishaps and Emoticon Etiquette
Sep 03, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 83
Sep 01, 2023
E342 A Soft Launched Haunting and a Paranormal Rat King
Aug 27, 2023
E341 Conversations with Fake Allison and Cast Iron Skeletons
Aug 20, 2023
E340 Midnight Moon Bounces and Moody Away Messages
Aug 13, 2023
E339 A Time Capsule Era and a Weasel Break-In
Aug 06, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 82
Aug 01, 2023
E338 Caramel Apple Eating Ghosts and Moist Brains
Jul 30, 2023
E337 An Empire of Ems and a Sitcom about a Wizard's Origin Story
Jul 23, 2023
E336 An Armoire of Brandy Snifters and Mug Madness
Jul 16, 2023
E335 The Gospel of Chillax and a Plot Tornado
Jul 09, 2023
E334 Macarena of Veins and Casper's Foil
Jul 02, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 81
Jul 01, 2023
E333 Glowing Green Spaghetti Bolognese and a Teeny Tiny Apothecary
Jun 25, 2023
E332 The Mysterious Bisexual and the Sauce of Time
Jun 18, 2023
E331 A Milky Way Martini and a Naughty Gaudy Party
Jun 11, 2023
E330 Psychic Grandma and Swimming in Jeans
Jun 04, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 80
Jun 01, 2023
E329 Sad Happy Hour and Night Nuts
May 28, 2023
E328 A Wicked Birthday Card and a Vampirarchy
May 21, 2023
E327 Consensual Foot Blister Pics and the Speaking Your Mind Dance
May 14, 2023
E326 Step-Stud Muffins and Microphone Kisses
May 07, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 79
May 01, 2023
E325 Last Minute Lasik and Nonsense for Your Mind
Apr 30, 2023
E324 Foot Pimples and Chicken Pox Parties
Apr 23, 2023
E323 Em’s Galactic Bartending and Christine’s Grog Shoppe
Apr 16, 2023
E322 The Halloween House and the Woolper News
Apr 09, 2023
E321 A Coffee Unboxing and a Boiling Milk Cocktail
Apr 02, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 78
Apr 01, 2023
E320 A Lucid Dreaming Banana Experience and the Famous Saint Jack-in-the-Box Ley Line
Mar 26, 2023
E319 Synchronicity Sandwiches and Long Lost Mustard Friends
Mar 19, 2023
E318 Collateral Damage to Everyone's Misdeeds and Thor Peanut Butter Schiefer Schultz
Mar 12, 2023
E317 An Emergency Snuggie and a Vitaminute
Mar 05, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 77
Mar 01, 2023
E316 Em's Apothecary and a Tincture of Frenzy
Feb 26, 2023
E315 A Compendium on the Birds of Kentucky and a Celebrity Opossum
Feb 19, 2023
E314 Haircuts for Haunted Dolls and Christine's October Elf on the Shelf
Feb 12, 2023
E313 Tommy Pickles Voice and Milkshake Throat
Feb 05, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 76
Feb 01, 2023
E312 Our AIM Renaissance and Our Cryptid Festival Year
Jan 29, 2023
E311 Vaudeville Canes and Hand-Clap Games
Jan 22, 2023
E310 The Town Shrieker and the Grape Escape
Jan 15, 2023
E309 A Haunted Doll Book Club and a Murder Comic
Jan 08, 2023
E308 Trenchfoot Animation and Ballhootin' Through the Holler
Jan 01, 2023
Listener Stories: Vol. 75
Jan 01, 2023
E307 Secret Krampus and Creepy Cake
Dec 25, 2022
E306 Mailed Stale French Fries and Rogue Eyebrows
Dec 18, 2022
E305 An Onion of a Drink and a Real Life Fish Flop
Dec 11, 2022
E304 Hand Paws and Wisconsinners
Dec 04, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 74
Dec 01, 2022
E303 A Pumpkin Head and a Biased Bisexual
Nov 27, 2022
E302 An Elbow Eyebrow and an Asparagus Salad
Nov 20, 2022
E301 Jack-o-lantern Moths and Spooky Smiles
Nov 13, 2022
E300 Bougie Ghost Hunting and Wafts of Fog Friends
Nov 06, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 73
Nov 01, 2022
E299 A Lesson in Filaments and a Future Ghost Prank
Oct 30, 2022
E298 A Merch Bag of Dirt and the Latest Sensation for Jaded Lovers of Uncanny Things
Oct 23, 2022
E297 A Halloween Holiday Gift and Justice for Book
Oct 16, 2022
E296 A Lemon Planchette Read-a-Long Graphic and a Material Girl Coffin
Oct 09, 2022
E295 A Yak Attack and a Kidnapper's Soundcloud
Oct 02, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 72
Oct 01, 2022
E294 Strawberry Eyeballs and Our Wildest Autumnal Dreams
Sep 25, 2022
E293 A Hottie Without a Body and the Fun Factory
Sep 18, 2022
E292 Hellhound Belly Rubs and Caveman Ghost Tchotchkes
Sep 11, 2022
E291 Router Hauntings and Our Weekly World News Broadcasting Voices
Sep 04, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 71
Sep 01, 2022
E290 Psychic Surgery Dreams and Christine's Principles of Magic
Aug 28, 2022
E289 Jewish Deli Chocolate Milk and Microsoft PowerPoint Dissolve Ghosts
Aug 21, 2022
Special Episode: 2nd Annual Cryptids Unscripted Poetry Slam and Charity Auction!
Aug 21, 2022
E288 A Podcast Done via Ouija Board and a Bewitched Cow
Aug 14, 2022
E287 The Gay Bathroom Invite Revisited and a Selection of Mothman Mugs
Aug 07, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 70
Aug 01, 2022
E286 A Middle Finger Lemon Manicure and the Devil's Night-Time Corn Walk
Jul 31, 2022
E285 An Emergency Bag Escape Room and a Pantsless Recording
Jul 24, 2022
E284 The Troll Hole Em-porium and the Time Traveling Wedgie Patrol
Jul 17, 2022
E283 A Psychic Wordle Turtle and a Tangent Lasagna
Jul 10, 2022
E282 A Sleep Zoo and a Big Gay Bathroom
Jul 03, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 69
Jul 01, 2022
E281 A Gossip Corner Dinner Trap and Facts Served Up on a Celery Dish
Jun 26, 2022
E280 Emothy Phantom and the Walt Disney of Ghosts
Jun 19, 2022
E279 Burnt Microphones and the Hauntland
Jun 12, 2022
E278 A Birthday Demon and a Lunar Lemon
Jun 05, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 68
Jun 01, 2022
E277 A Grass-Fed Cryptid and Trash Snacks
May 29, 2022
E276 Christine Junior and Our Flatlined Sanity
May 22, 2022
E275 The Thneed of Kentucky and the Stigmata of Squidward Tentacles
May 15, 2022
E274 Psychic Clouds and a Literal Goldmine
May 08, 2022
E273 The Jim Halpert of Ghosts and the People Pleasing Outlaw
May 01, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 67
May 01, 2022
E272 The Most Emo Cryptid and the Emcyclopedia
Apr 24, 2022
E271 A Top-Heavy Brain and a Beer Can Easter
Apr 17, 2022
Introducing… Rituals
Apr 11, 2022
E270 A Gold-Dipped Pickle and the Empurrress
Apr 10, 2022
E269 Cardiologically Speaking and a Magical Scarf Swoosh
Apr 03, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 66
Apr 01, 2022
E268 A Sea Shanty for Christine and Paranormal FaceTime
Mar 27, 2022
E267 Wooing Tactics and the Emothy Sunrise
Mar 20, 2022
E266 Em's Condemned Troll Hole and a Ouija Related Genital Bridge
Mar 13, 2022
E265 Generation Xiinön and Intergalactic Instant Messages
Mar 06, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 65
Mar 01, 2022
E264 Our Newfound Noodles and Christine's Quantum Thoughts
Feb 27, 2022
E263 Best Friend TV Show Betrayal and the Era of Frappuccinos
Feb 20, 2022
E262 The Quadratic Formula for Our Crushes and AIM Screen Name Numerology
Feb 13, 2022
E261 Supernatural Roaches and Ghost Potatoes
Feb 06, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 64
Feb 01, 2022
E260 Detective Spatula and Beard Forensics
Jan 30, 2022
E259 Ectoplasm Happy Hour and a Haunted Lawnmower
Jan 23, 2022
E258 One Titty Out History and Eternal Skinny Dipping
Jan 16, 2022
E257 Xandy's Castle Roommate and Spicy Lighthouse Decor
Jan 09, 2022
E256 The Quest for Vegan Fried Chicken and Waffles and a Ghost's Nightcap
Jan 02, 2022
Listener Stories: Vol. 63
Jan 01, 2022
E255 Holiday Cryptid Friends and a Very Merry Christinemas
Dec 26, 2021
E254 The Bunnyman Bridge 5K and Pre-Halloween Santa Hats
Dec 19, 2021
E253 The Funcle Takeover and the Crimes of Christine
Dec 12, 2021
E252 B-List Ghosts and French Diamond Thief Girlboss Energy
Dec 05, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 62
Dec 01, 2021
E251 Mercury in the Microwave and a Ghost's Attic Speakeasy
Nov 28, 2021
E250 An Engineer of Good Times and Witches on Speed Dial
Nov 21, 2021
E249 The Devil's Timeshare and Sleepwalking Mouths
Nov 14, 2021
E248 Paranormal Preschool Gossip and June's Podcast Calendar Models
Nov 07, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 61
Nov 01, 2021
E247 Roach Milk and Em-raphobia
Oct 31, 2021
E246 A Wall of Lava Lamps and Christine the Cackle Burger Witch
Oct 24, 2021
E245 Napkin Hating Ghosts and an Immortal Pregnancy Portal
Oct 17, 2021
E244 A Demonic Cricut Cutter and Mercury's Mindflight
Oct 10, 2021
E243 A Baker's Dozen No One Invited to the Party and a Bad Donut
Oct 03, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 60
Oct 01, 2021
E242 UFO Potholes and Our Collective Eyebrow
Sep 26, 2021
E241 Time Travel Art and Cubed Wombat Poop
Sep 19, 2021
E240 A Haunted Hotline and a Vegan Doc Marten Sized Baby
Sep 12, 2021
E239 A Trash Pile of Ghostly Magazines and the Paranormal D.A.R.E. Program
Sep 05, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 59
Sep 01, 2021
E238 Bagelbites with Italian Seasoning and a Summer Camp Forensics Degree
Aug 29, 2021
E237 The Ghost With No Pants and a Matchmaking Serial Killer
Aug 22, 2021
E236 Ghostly Dog Breath and a Sardine and Sadness Sandwich
Aug 15, 2021
E235 Space Cowboys and Semantics Champions
Aug 08, 2021
E234 An Anxious Tooth Mouse and an Amateur Alligator Charmer
Aug 01, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 58
Aug 01, 2021
E233 Cryptid Smut and a Boy Boss Summer
Jul 25, 2021
E232 Paranormal Anxiety and a Seat in the Barking Room
Jul 18, 2021
BONUS: In Conversation with Hannah Smith of The Opportunist
Jul 13, 2021
E231 A Royal Jalapeño Crib and the Worst Quilt Ever Ever Quilted
Jul 11, 2021
E230 A Cauldron of Mac and Cheese and Sugar Free Gummy Bear Consumption
Jul 04, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 57
Jul 01, 2021
E229 Team Aliens and the Opposite of a Jolly Rancher
Jun 27, 2021
E228 Goat Cheese Marshmallows and Bougie Gators
Jun 20, 2021
E227 The Ghouls Next Door and the Criminal Pickle Barrel
Jun 13, 2021
E226 Poisonous Sharks and the Patchsquatch
Jun 06, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 56
Jun 01, 2021
E225 A Baby Barcalounger and the Water Tumbler of Doom
May 30, 2021
E224 The Hogwarts of Prisons and Two Generations of Cringeworthy Screen Names
May 23, 2021
E223 Schiefersaurs and Balloonatoons
May 16, 2021
E222 The Wine Kill Switch and the Paranormal Vagina Monologues
May 09, 2021
E221 Family Nuts and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Backrooms
May 02, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 55
May 01, 2021
E220 Astrophysics Improv and the Owl Queen
Apr 25, 2021
E219 A Paper Mâché Nose Doll and Mothman's Grandchildren
Apr 18, 2021
E218 A Skeleton's Waiting Room and Christine's New Screen Name
Apr 11, 2021
E217 A Mantis Manifesto and a Serial Killer's Dentist
Apr 04, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 54
Apr 01, 2021
E216 The Opposite of a Meet Cute and a Half Sister in Space
Mar 28, 2021
E215 Bigfoot Geometry and Tin Can Fingerprints
Mar 21, 2021
E214 Em's Sleep Skin and Christine's Day Skin
Mar 14, 2021
E213 A Trashy Bunny and the Podcast Built on a Thousand Demons
Mar 07, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 53
Mar 01, 2021
E212 Conspiracy Theory Lasagna and the Migraine Episode
Feb 28, 2021
E211 The Echelon Twins and a Rotary Butt Dial
Feb 21, 2021
E210 The Golden Plunger Award and the London Fog Cult
Feb 14, 2021
E209 A Ghost's Recliner and the PTA of Covens
Feb 07, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 52
Feb 01, 2021
E208 Creepy Coats and a Party Lemon
Jan 31, 2021
E207 The Return of the Plunger Fort and the Paranormal Gossip Mill
Jan 24, 2021
E206 A Vengeful Lady Fish and Biscuits with Bear
Jan 17, 2021
E205 A Zero Gravity Wine Bra and a Coffee Date with Slender Man
Jan 10, 2021
E204 This Year's Sandwich Predictions and the Old Synaprague
Jan 03, 2021
Listener Stories: Vol. 51
Jan 01, 2021
E203 The Abdominal Snowman and Christmas on an Embered Ash
Dec 27, 2020
E202 Spiritualist Chippendales and the Murder Situation Show
Dec 20, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 50
Dec 15, 2020
E201 Pi Day Advent Season and a Ouija Planchette Flasher
Dec 13, 2020
E200 The Burbank Fish-Flopper and a Homicidal Rhombus
Dec 06, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 49
Dec 01, 2020
E199 The Surgeon Sturgeon Named Spurgeon and Big Bert in the Million Acre Wood
Nov 29, 2020
E198 The Chef's Kiss of Death and Some Juice Covered News
Nov 22, 2020
E197 Satan's Sourdough Starter and a Fainting Couch
Nov 15, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 48
Nov 15, 2020
E196 Pop Icon Werewolves and Christine's Trash Can Cocktail
Nov 08, 2020
E195 Frankenstein's Ding Dong and Haphazardly Fermented Kraut
Nov 01, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 47
Nov 01, 2020
E194 A Lisa Frank Ouija Board and Spider Egg Gum
Oct 25, 2020
E193 An Afterlife Guard and a Rosé Colored Flag
Oct 18, 2020
BONUS Listener Stories: Vol. 46
Oct 15, 2020
E192 Comfy Chic and a Full Ass Exorcism
Oct 11, 2020
E191 Modern Trash and the Pantsless Burrito
Oct 04, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 45
Oct 01, 2020
E190 An After-Life Reality Show and a Hypnosis Session Spec Script
Sep 27, 2020
E189 A Poultry Ghost and a Manasshole
Sep 20, 2020
E188 A Ouija Board Lemon and Poetized Martinis
Sep 13, 2020
E187 Lydia Chlamydia and Father Macaroni
Sep 06, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 44
Sep 01, 2020
E186 The Patron Saint of Porches and the Age of the Spinster
Aug 30, 2020
E185 The Presence of Emothy and a Wine Glass Planchette
Aug 22, 2020
E184 Cheesecake Drunk and Dog Fashion Swimming
Aug 16, 2020
E183 A Deeply Warped Tour and a Random Dan
Aug 09, 2020
E182 Meghan's Ghost Writer and a Glitter Tik Tok Box
Aug 02, 2020
E43 Listeners Stories: Vol. 43
Aug 01, 2020
E181 Upside Down Eyes and Tiny Doll Hand Shaped Bruises
Jul 26, 2020
E180 An Alien Silver Fox and Skeleton ASMR
Jul 19, 2020
E179 Gio's Quantum Point and How to Spell Meghan Backwards
Jul 12, 2020
E178 Christine's News Network and a Confused Conflagration
Jul 05, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 42
Jul 01, 2020
E177 Gio's Burner Phone and a Very Slow Steamship Tour
Jun 28, 2020
E176 A Cheesecake Business Meeting and a Pop Up Seance Night Club
Jun 21, 2020
E175 A Ruined Candy Crush Score and a Birthday Jimmy Buffett
Jun 14, 2020
Podcast Blackout
Jun 07, 2020
Listener Stories: Volume 41
Jun 01, 2020
E174 A Diamond in the Wall and Untarnished Vibes
May 31, 2020
E173 Mongoose Cam and a New Gemini Icon
May 24, 2020
E172 The Paranormal Cinematic Universe and a Cosmopolitan Globetrotter
May 17, 2020
E171 A Vegetarian Lake Monster and a Proud Consumptive
May 10, 2020
E170 A La Croix Lobotomy and a Big Golden Eye
May 03, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 40
May 01, 2020
E169 An Uncooked Goose and a B-Side Conspiracy
Apr 26, 2020
E168 Lemuria Studios and a Tarantula Millionaire
Apr 19, 2020
E167 The 69th Chakra and a Paranormal Insurance Family Plan Bundle
Apr 12, 2020
E166 Banjo-less Banjo Lessons and Toddlers Learning How to Podcast
Apr 05, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 39
Apr 01, 2020
E165 Chaotic Riffing and Noodles All The Way To The Top
Mar 29, 2020
E164 A Cold-Toed Ghost and an Impromptu Ski Waxing
Mar 22, 2020
E163 The Valedictorian of Space Camp and an Alien Princess
Mar 15, 2020
E162 A Gaga-Damn Delight and Sense of Crohdar
Mar 08, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 38
Mar 01, 2020
E161 Bald Anchovies and the Golden Birds
Mar 01, 2020
E160 Parry Hotter and a Choose Your Own Sad-venture
Feb 23, 2020
E159 A Sinister Vibe Check and the Governor of Noodletown
Feb 16, 2020
E158 A Vodka Blanket and Radioactive Snow Angels
Feb 09, 2020
E157 A Hollywood Alien Correspondent and an Outer Space Lemon
Feb 02, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 37
Feb 01, 2020
E156 The Chairman of the Haunted House Committee and Too Many Walters
Jan 26, 2020
E155 A Teatime Seance and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Next Big Hit
Jan 19, 2020
E154 An Opera About Bread and A Fake Monogrammed Private Jet for Dogs
Jan 12, 2020
E153 An Ego Snack and a Lemon-napping
Jan 05, 2020
Listener Stories: Vol. 36
Jan 01, 2020
E152 A Cute Bread and Breakfast and Emotional Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Dec 29, 2019
E151 The Penultimate Sisyphean Nightmare and Cursed Raisins
Dec 22, 2019
E150 Soul Stealing Otters and a Detector Inspector
Dec 15, 2019
E149 An Unidentified Naked Object and the Girl Who Cried Jude Law
Dec 08, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 35
Dec 01, 2019
E148 Fro-Yo Fridays and 15,000 Slices of Dirty Meatloaf
Dec 01, 2019
E147 Catsgiving and a Sleeping Tuxedo
Nov 24, 2019
E146 Iceberg Feet and Valuable Skittles
Nov 17, 2019
E145 Octo-Puns and the Goose CamTM
Nov 10, 2019
E144 A Baby with Teeth and Another Pillar of the Community
Nov 03, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 34
Nov 01, 2019
E143 Portal Ripping Muscles and Vampire Rumors
Oct 27, 2019
E142 The Buffalo Plaid Anniversary and a Sweaty, Sweaty Witch
Oct 20, 2019
E141 Alligator Neck Looping and A Casual Last Minute Seance
Oct 13, 2019
E140 Psychedelic Conversations and the Frogman's Lazy River
Oct 06, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 33
Oct 01, 2019
E139 Lemon's Cousin and the Alien Frog Vendetta
Sep 29, 2019
E138 Five-Dollar Geodes and Our Never Ending Awkward Phase
Sep 22, 2019
E137 Satan's Little Helper and the Year of the Microwave
Sep 15, 2019
E136 A French Toast Ghost and the Pepper Spray Squad
Sep 08, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 32
Sep 01, 2019
E135 The Ghost of Lamps Past and A Pumpkin Stealing Cryptid
Sep 01, 2019
E134 A "Quicker Than You Look" Trophy and a Threddit Rabbit Hole
Aug 25, 2019
E133 A Dumpy Tunnel and Dungeon Lite TM
Aug 18, 2019
E132 A Lost Bitch and the Weirdest Thing Said in an Interview
Aug 11, 2019
E131 A Pretzel Worm and the 'That Was Easy' Button
Aug 04, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 31
Aug 01, 2019
E130 A Creature's Femur and Giovani 3:16
Jul 28, 2019
E129 A Tipsy Alien and Your Least Favorite Word
Jul 21, 2019
E128 A Lasagna House and Scrapbooks of Destruction
Jul 14, 2019
E127 Human Wine and the Postal Service Bark
Jul 07, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 30
Jul 01, 2019
E126 Summer Camp at the Occult Vault and A Flintstone Motorcade
Jun 30, 2019
E125 A Neighborhood of Haunted Houses and Codename Vanilla Lunch
Jun 23, 2019
E124 A Birdless Penguin and The Wink Face Emoji
Jun 16, 2019
E123 The Ignoramus of Nevada and a Poisoned Prune Cake
Jun 09, 2019
E122 Alien Bumper Cars and MTV Crypts
Jun 02, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 29
Jun 01, 2019
E121 The Plumbing Dutchman and a Murderous Glow Down
May 26, 2019
E120 Burial Physics and the Troll of Jackass Hill
May 19, 2019
E119 A Shadow Figure Selfie and Inappropriate Dream Journaling
May 12, 2019
E118 A Demon in the Drain and Pentagrams on the Golf Course
May 05, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 28
May 01, 2019
E117 The Buddy System Til Death and Sprinkles of Light in the Chicago Suburbs
Apr 28, 2019
E116 The Pancake Witching Hour and the Ghost of Burritos Past
Apr 21, 2019
E115 A Digital Butler and Walls Full of Secrets
Apr 14, 2019
E114 A Gnarly Rumor and Hysterical Historians
Apr 07, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 27
Apr 01, 2019
E113 Millennial Pink and Spanish Moss Red Bug Crayons
Mar 31, 2019
E112 The Age of Flurida and a Florida Man Floriscope
Mar 24, 2019
E111 A Ghost Tour by Em and a Mother of Pearl Pie Tin
Mar 17, 2019
E110 A Pretty Little Monster and a Planetary Enzyme
Mar 10, 2019
E109 A Tornado of Cuddles and an Extra Ab
Mar 03, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 26
Mar 01, 2019
E108 The Kings of Banter and a Mummified Lemon
Feb 24, 2019
E107 Ghostly Cat Toes and a Box-in-a-Box-in-a-Box
Feb 17, 2019
E106 The Worst Toy Story and an Empty Wine Stockpile
Feb 10, 2019
E105 The Great Non-Binary Owl and Kronk’s Evil Twin
Feb 03, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 25
Feb 01, 2019
E104 The Golden Girls Horror Crossover and a Cousin Cat
Jan 27, 2019
E103 Martian Beer Pong and Sweat Glands of the Hand
Jan 20, 2019
E102 Quantum Madness and an Abundance of Icicles
Jan 13, 2019
E101 A Ghost in the Nude and a Pasta Peddler
Jan 06, 2019
Listener Stories: Vol. 24
Jan 01, 2019
E100 Cryptids for 400 and a Best-Friend-Elope
Dec 30, 2018
E99 Paranormal Swirl and Aura Imprinting
Dec 23, 2018
E98 Exorcism Colonics and a Hot Sauce Love Potion
Dec 16, 2018
E97 A Rogue Cork and the Millennium Special
Dec 09, 2018
E96 A Garden in the Rear and a Rejection from ISIS
Dec 02, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 23
Dec 01, 2018
E95 A Wendigo Named Megan and a Winnebago in the Woods
Nov 25, 2018
E94 Cocoa Pebbles County and the Cannibal Cafe
Nov 18, 2018
E93 The Broad of Broadcast and a Love Rhombus
Nov 11, 2018
E92 Twin Theybies and a Phone Call to the Mayor
Nov 04, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 22
Nov 01, 2018
E91 Mad Lib Disease and an Everlasting Faint
Oct 28, 2018
E90 High Quality Demonic Excitement and a Serial Killer Crossover
Oct 21, 2018
E89 Violent Tickling and a Hollywood Bonfire
Oct 14, 2018
E88 A Low Key Brothel and a Japanese Skater Boy
Oct 07, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 21
Oct 01, 2018
E87 Paranormal Fun Facts and Your Sister's Pony
Sep 30, 2018
E86 The Haunted Doll Market and 420 Zodiac
Sep 23, 2018
E85 Transgender Lemonade and Old Ass Bowling Balls
Sep 16, 2018
E84 A Powerful Chicken and a Techno Haunting
Sep 09, 2018
E83 Ghost Goats and Horror-scopes
Sep 02, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 20
Sep 01, 2018
E82 Everyone's Ghostly Step Dad and a Tattoo of Frosted Tips
Aug 26, 2018
E81 Little Pilgrims and Astrological Issues
Aug 19, 2018
E80 Paranormal Justice and a Depressing High School Reunion
Aug 12, 2018
E79 A Demonic Cold Sore and the World's Smallest Violin
Aug 05, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 19
Aug 01, 2018
E78 Paranormal Toontown and 40,001 Mystery Experiments
Jul 29, 2018
E77 A Baptized Wonton and Spiral Notebook-ing
Jul 22, 2018
E76 A Venn DiagRUM and Detective Constable Christine
Jul 15, 2018
E75 Pickled Bodies and the Grim Repo Woman
Jul 08, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 18
Jul 01, 2018
E74 A Polite Shadowman and a Phony Film School
Jul 01, 2018
E73 Catholic Goosebumps and the Masked Blank
Jun 24, 2018
E72 A Bonanza of Coal and the Wrong Way to Impress a Girl
Jun 17, 2018
E71 Spicy Highways and the New Brazilian Evangelical Gay Church of Murderers
Jun 10, 2018
E70 Fall Out Walt and A Child Called Murder
Jun 03, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 17
Jun 01, 2018
E69 The John Wick Effect and Funky Politics
May 27, 2018
E68 A Lazy River Cellar and a Buffett Tattoo
May 20, 2018
E67 The UK Office Alien and Too Much Mutton
May 13, 2018
E66 Snowflake Forest and the Bacon Society
May 06, 2018
And That's Why We Drink Wine (& Crime)! The Crossover Episode.
May 01, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 15
May 01, 2018
E65 A Gender-Neutral Wolf and Satan’s Center Mouth
Apr 29, 2018
E64 Father Bob and Wronger Answers
Apr 22, 2018
E63 A Good Old Canadian Gaol and the Summer of Like
Apr 15, 2018
E62 The Musical History Algebra Podcast and Emvis Returns
Apr 08, 2018
E61 A Human Lazy Susan and the Bloody Brunch
Apr 06, 2018
Listener Stories: April Fools' Day
Apr 01, 2018
E60 A Brief History of the Indianapolis Urgent Care and A Distorted View of Ice Cream
Mar 25, 2018
E59 The Spirit of AOL and Granola Silly Putto
Mar 18, 2018
E58 and the Return of RicePudding9
Mar 11, 2018
E57 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Zombies and an Em-vis Impersonator
Mar 04, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 13
Mar 01, 2018
E56 Hell’s Carpet and a McDonald’s Airbnb
Feb 25, 2018
E55 Big (Frat) Brother and a Dixie Cup Stethoscope
Feb 19, 2018
Feb 11, 2018
E53 The Perm of the Century and A Call to the Apron Factory
Feb 04, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 12
Feb 01, 2018
E52 A Reverse Pickpocket and There Goes Melinda
Jan 28, 2018
E51 The One Where Ross Gets a Pager and a Moment of Silence for Google
Jan 21, 2018
E50 Luvs ’N Laffs and an Alt-Right Turn
Jan 14, 2018
E49 Bananas in Pajamas and Your Friendly Local Kioskman
Jan 07, 2018
Listener Stories: Vol. 11
Jan 01, 2018
E48 The Island of Misfit Priests and the Easter Egg Rapist
Dec 31, 2017
E47 A Boozy, Goat-Horned Menace and an Unwashed Cup
Dec 24, 2017
E46 Cinnamontown™ and Pastor Detective
Dec 17, 2017
E45 Excessive Murder and Miss Vatican
Dec 10, 2017
E44 Turtle Tortoise and Frogger: lRL
Dec 03, 2017
Listener Stories: Vol. 10
Dec 01, 2017
E43 A Hell-Roaring Camp and a Chick-en-Training
Nov 26, 2017
E42 The Eternal Bromance and Pretty Little Liars 3:16
Nov 19, 2017
E41 Dr. Carrot and the Score of Yore
Nov 12, 2017
E40 A Fashion-Forward Victorian Ghost and Workplace Triangulation
Nov 05, 2017
Listener Stories: Vol. 9
Nov 02, 2017
E39 A Girl Named German and La La Land 1 ½
Oct 29, 2017
E38 An Alli-Ghost and the Gilded Eleventh Ballroom
Oct 22, 2017
E37 Kyle Columbus and The Napoleon Complex but with Cannibalism
Oct 15, 2017
E36 A German Socialist Airbnb and a Myspace Lesbian Porno
Oct 08, 2017
Listener Stories: Vol. 8
Oct 02, 2017
E35 A Popcorn Fortune and a Friend Named Squirrel
Oct 01, 2017
E34 A 200-lb Rat and the Dollar Store Plunger
Sep 24, 2017
E33 Coughin’ on Coffins and #WereTheBride
Sep 17, 2017
E32 Father Beelzebub and 4,000 Salutes
Sep 10, 2017
E31 Pretty Woman Status and the Paranormal Prairie Podcast
Sep 03, 2017
Listener Stories: Vol. 7
Sep 01, 2017
E30 Slagpot Wormwood and Em’s Nomadic Clown Life
Aug 27, 2017
E29 Seasonally Employed Ghosts and the Scottish Tim McGraw
Aug 20, 2017
E28 Fannie and the Floppy Disk
Aug 13, 2017
E27 Mr. Carbunkle and A Science Class Murder
Aug 06, 2017
Listener Stories: Vol. 6
Aug 02, 2017
E26 Homo-cidal Birdman and the Confessions of Shauna K.
Jul 30, 2017
E25 Ghostly Frenemies and Alcala-ism
Jul 23, 2017
E24 A Ouija Board PSA and Lessons on Limes
Jul 16, 2017
E23 A Demon Named Adele and Oceans 11:06
Jul 09, 2017
E22 Vicious Vices and a "Shaved Off" Shotgun
Jul 02, 2017
Listener Stories: Vol. 5
Jul 02, 2017
E21 Four Pounds of Uneaten Bacon and A Deeply Holy-Some Blonde
Jun 25, 2017
E20 Fun Times in the Body Chute and Em’s Hairy Torso
Jun 18, 2017
E19 A Great View of the DMV and There’s No Such Thing as a Fun Best Friend Murder
Jun 11, 2017
E18 An Even Worse Eyeball Story and the Adventures of Captain Midnight
Jun 04, 2017
Listener Stories: Vol. 4
Jun 01, 2017
E17 Flo & Frankenstein and Christine Has Another Stroke
May 29, 2017
E16 Horse Grunts and the 1900s Policeman Who Was Also a Scarf Person
May 21, 2017
E15 A Sample of Our Outhouse and Catfished by Lucifer
May 14, 2017
E14 The Old School House of Pies and Freud’s Field Day
May 07, 2017
Listener Stories: Vol. 3
May 01, 2017
E13 The Cincinnati Mobsters and a PSA for Samsung
Apr 30, 2017
E12 The 300-Year-Old Drama Queen and the Bitchy 7th Grader
Apr 23, 2017
E11 A Drunk Pandora’s Box and How to Play the Elevator Game
Apr 16, 2017
E10 Annabelle the Doll-y Parton Impersonator and the Tap Water Scammer
Apr 09, 2017
E9 The Wandering Cowboy and the Pregnancy Pact, but for Boys
Apr 02, 2017
Listener Stories: Vol. 2
Apr 01, 2017
E8 Our First Fight and Franzia Stains…or Blood?
Mar 26, 2017
E7 A Menorah Made of Lava and the Jerry Springer of Germany
Mar 19, 2017
E6 The Human Hair Version and the Worst Social Studies Class Ever
Mar 12, 2017
E5 The “Creepy Little Thing” and a Journey of Self-Destruction
Mar 05, 2017
Listener Stories: Vol. 1
Mar 01, 2017
E4 Demon Pigs and a Call from Tamara
Feb 26, 2017
E3 Paranormal Bitchslaps and the Body Examiners
Feb 19, 2017
E2 Clotheseline Cookies and the Lone Band-Aid
Feb 15, 2017
E1 Francis Ford “Cupola” and the Off-Brand Kool-Aid
Feb 09, 2017