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By Aamber & Charlie B.

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Aamber and Charlie understand that adulting as millennial black women in Los Angeles is not easy. These best friends started Ladies Doing Stuff Podcast so that women can know they are not alone in their desire for perfection, or even just for survival. After college graduation, the ladies simply picked up their high school friendship right where they left off; but they found that their adult lives were not that simple at all. Job losses, new marriages, and keeping friendships are just a few things that they learned to navigate along the way. All of this while living in Los Angeles, a city with not-so-many “angels” as it turns out. Aamber and Charlie created Ladies Doing Stuff Podcast as a safe space to share hilarious experiences, contrasting opinions, and to create a proudly imperfect community for women of color. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are our own. Views expressed have no affiliation with any outside entity. Find us on Instagram: @LadiesDoingStuff. Twitter: @LadiesDoStuff

Episode Date
How to get Friend-zoned
Have you ever gone out on a date and felt that instant, undeniable, irresistible chemistry? You know, love at first sight! ❤️ Yeah, neither have we. That's why we made this episode. We've put guys in the friend-zone more times than we can count. And hey, once every blue moon, they've put us in the friend-zone too. What gets us there in the first place? Your official get out of the friend-zone manual is here! Listen for yourself or for a friend *wink wink* Catch up on your favorite Ladies Doing Stuff episodes here:
Mar 20, 2023
Live Pre-Show: How to be Friendzoned
Ahhh, The Friendzone. We've all been there. In this live pre-show Cheram and Aamber show you all the ways NOT to land a high quality lady. For full details, listen to the upcoming episode, "How to be Friendzoned." This intro is just the beginning. Oh yeah, don't tell anyone but...the ladies have been friendzoned too. I know. Crazy right?! Who wouldn't want all of this? Let's get these guys some help 😂 Listen up, we'll spill the tea. IG: @ladiesdoingstuff
Feb 18, 2023
Too Real, New Year
Jan 16, 2023
Kiss & Tell
Listen as we break girl code and chat about what ladies really want in the bedroom - Re-released for your listening pleasure. Of course, no one size fits all! Aamber has a checklist to complete before sex comes to mind, while Cheram will risk being late for work to get it in. That’s just the beginning! Learn what we expect from men during sex, and why it's important it is for us ladies to get that check-up after a reckless summer...not speaking from experience 👀😅
Oct 12, 2022
Live Pre-Show: Kiss & Tell
Awww, we missed you too! During this live show, Cheram and Aamber recap Kiss & Tell, a previously released Ladies Doing Stuff episode about black female sexuality. Learn how the Ladies view their relationship with sex then and now! Be on the look out for a re-lease of Kiss & Tell 👀
Oct 10, 2022
New Year, Same Us
Recorded live! In keeping with the Ladies Doing Stuff Podcast tradition, Aamber and Cheram dive deep into their wins and losses for the year. No one is holding back this episode. 2021 sure didn’t! Hold on, you may need a mimosa for this one! 🥂
Jan 05, 2022
"I Want Connections n' Sh*t"
Did the Ladies just have a fight? The only thing harder than building relationships is keeping them. This episode Charlie & Aamber learn even their connection is not immune to the work required to maintain friendships. We've come a long way since 2016 but who knew there is still work to be done! 🤦🏾‍♀️
Sep 15, 2021
Should I Quit Dating?
Dating in Los Angeles is like having a picnic on the beach. It sounded like a good idea at the time! Next thing you know the wind picks up, your towel folds in, and you have a heavy helping of sand in your guacamole. We're back from summer break to ask you all a serious question: “Should I give up on dating?” Both of us have had our fair share of dating disasters and relationship regrets, but Aamber is about 2.3 seconds away from throwing in the towel altogether. Listen to this episode to find out how we landed here in the first place and see if Charlie’s solution restores Aamber’s hope in the dating department.
Aug 15, 2021
That's Called Growth
"I'm not where I want to be." Is there a millennial that can't relate? If you are that millennial, can I hold a dollar? Jk. No but really - This episode we explore how to cope when great expectations of life in Los Angeles meets harsh reality. Believe it or not, it's not all bad! We've grown. We've changed. Like a lot. 2020-2021 has shown us who we are and where we want to be. Aamber learns what it means to "enjoy the journey" while Charlie learns how to "work through" personal and professional challenges instead of simply "getting past it." Turns out there's a big difference! Listen in.
May 28, 2021
Ladies Doing Change
Watch this episode on YouTube! If you know the Ladies, you know we are constantly in transition. The pandemic, new jobs, new relationships, new homes, it's exciting, and stressful, and...ah I just need a moment. It's a lot. We hit up Derek Lane, fellow podcaster (and big bro) to help us sort through it all. Change can be great! It could also be a train wreck. This episode we're catching up with Derek, talking about the latest changes in our lives and how to navigate them. Watch on Youtube: Listen to Last Word by Derek Lane:
Feb 24, 2021
Not Today, 2020

Examples of creepy Craigslist room rental inquiry responses: These are real ⬇️

"U looking sexy want to be my live in girlfriend"

"Are you open to a live in girlfriend situation? Free rent as long as you stay. Doesn't have to be only sexual but actually build something nice together or keep it simple. "

"I don’t have a room for you, but I do have cash. Maybe we can still help each other out?"


Dec 29, 2020
2020 Vision
Hindsight is 20/20 and 2020 is not what we pictured. The politics, the protests - it literally feels like the world is on fire. Come to think of it, California is. But hey, would you believe it if I told you we've come a long way? True, the world is crumbling a bit, but we've found a way to grow through it all. This episode the Ladies flashback and listen to their 2016 episode "Drunk Politics." All while giving 2020 insight to what used to feel like dark times (little did we know! 😂).
Oct 15, 2020
2020 Owes Me
Hear us out. 2020 is a good year! You just have to squint past the pandemic and the entire uprooting of life as we know it! *smiles nervously*  In all seriousness, we’re learning to find the lessons in all the hardships that 2020 has thrown our way. Sudden transitions, new jobs, new anxiety, and new kitchen appliances are just the tip of the iceberg for The Ladies. --Shout out to my waffle maker! 🧇  Listen to find out why 2020 has been so good to Aamber, what triggered Charlie’s biggest breakdown to date, and what to expect from The Ladies moving forward.
Aug 06, 2020
Can't Feel a Thing
*ALEXA! What are feelings?* To be fair, this previously unreleased episode was made in early 2019.  Back in the day even when things weren't all COVID-Y, we were feeling so overwhelmed with a lack of emotion that we had to ask ourselves the question, "Can you feel anything?" In retrospect, we were probably depressed. So naturally, this episode consists of 30% nervous laughter. 😅However, we digress. Today, we are a in a completely different headspace but this unlocked episode offers timeless tips when it comes to dealing with (or without) emotion. In "Can't Feel A Thing" Charlie and Aamber question their capacity for connection, explain their love + communication language, and pull from the past for profound revelations.
May 19, 2020
Celebrate Life!
“Death is only the end if you believe life is about you.” We brought in Death Care expert and author of “Dear Grief, You’re a B*tch,” Shannan Guillory to educate us about death from an emotional and professional point of view. We saved this episode in the vault and now is the perfect time to share it with you. Before social distancing and self-quarantine, LA was rocked by the loss of a legend. Regardless of the challenges 2020 has brought us, we're learning to celebrate life and how to honor the lives of those that are no longer with us. This is one episode you'll have to play to the end. Check out Shannan's book, “Dear Grief, You’re a B*tch”
Apr 14, 2020
Lie & Advertise

Don't forget to watch this episode on youtube!

Jan 15, 2020
Best Year Yet!

Watch this episode on Youtube!

Jan 02, 2020
Single, Celibate, and Satisfied
Situationships and friends with benefits are kind of the norm here in LA. Everyone is afraid of commitment and no one wants to miss out on the “perfect” partner. Swiping right for nightly thrills seems to be the new normal, but what if we took sex out of the equation? Before you roll your eyes and leave like Viola Davis, just hear us out. Charlie and Aamber dish with good friend and actress Leah Williams (as seen on Awkward Black Girl) about what it’s like being celibate in the lustful city of Los Angeles. Could celibacy really be the answer to finding a fulfilling partnership? Is it possible to just ‘hook up with no strings attached? The Ladies explore how celibacy is gaining popularity in Los Angeles and how to guard your heart when giving (or not giving) up the goods.
Aug 13, 2019
What Control Issues? I Don't Have Control Issues.
We've been told that we're particular, opinionated, and maybe a tad bit controlling. Of course none of this is true but if it were, this is the episode we would make to address it. It doesn't matter if you're at home, in the workplace, or in a relationship. We're all battling for more control over our lives. Some of us (Aamber) more than others (Charlie). The Ladies invite returning guest Juju from The Thousand Errors Podcast to discuss the differences between control issues in men and women, and how we can make our need for control an asset, rather than an obstacle.
Jul 24, 2019
Walk On The Wild Side
You know that thing you've waited your whole life to do but never actually did? Oh, we're doing that thing today. This episode Charlie and Aamber talk one-on-one about those deep desires and wild, wild thoughts that have been buried by the weight of responsibility, full-time employment, and you guessed it...traffic. Sometimes growing up means setting aside your wildest, deepest desires, other times it means working smarter, harder, and intentionally to get them. The Ladies share their plans to live life to the fullest. ---Contrary to popular opinion, no drugs were consumed during the making of this episode 😂
Jul 09, 2019
Ladies Not For Everybody

"We cater way too much to other people and we need to learn how to put ourselves first."
We're getting a little bit selfish this episode and you know what, that's okay! Black women have it ingrained in their character that we should serve others before taking care of ourselves. Anxiety, depression, and suppressed emotions are just a few of the many side effects of "service over self." With so much awareness of mental health and self-love these days, it's only right that we talk about how we're not here to please the world.

We flew from sunny SoCal to Uptown Shots in Harlem, New York to meet up with Dina, host of Not For Everybody Podcast. Dina unapologetically shares her enlightened perspective on being the right amount of selfish, and how recognizing her anxiety and depression led her to start putting herself first. "Ladies Not For Everybody" is here to remind you that the world is going to keep spinning if you decide to do something crazy like take a few days off of work, or ignore all 7 calls from your mother. (She'll understand)

Listen now to hear how Aamber, Charlie, and Dina overcame the desire to be everyone's "perfect" person, and what you need to do in order to take the first steps towards being comfortable with selfishness. Trust us, this is everything you need to hear this week.

If you like what you hear, don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review. Be sure to listen and subscribe to Not For Everybody Podcast, and follow Dina on Instagram @notforeverybodypodcast.

A very special thank you to Uptown Shots for the most beautiful space a podcaster could ask for! Uptown Shots is a minority-owned, full-service urban chic production studio located in the heart of Harlem, NY. Whenever you're in New York, make sure you book Uptown Shots for all of your photography and videography needs. Visit and follow them on instagram @uptownshots

Jun 24, 2019
Ladies Get Your Life

We’ve been working hard these last few months trying to keep it all together. Sometimes it feels like we’re going at it alone, but that’s just not reality. More Charlie and Aamber life-updates to come later this season, but for now, we’re just searching for answers!
Our special guest and wellness expert Miana, reminds us that we can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy during tough times. Charlie is overjoyed when “the universe” becomes a legitimate topic of discussion for more than 60-seconds. Aamber attempts to rewire her programing to believe in the power of positive thinking. Keep your head up and your headphones on. Jokes aside, we all need this one.

Learn More About Miana ⬇️
Instagram: @mianamelendez
Business Instagram: @browngirlswhobruja
Wellness Exclusive: “Eat Your Chakras”

Jun 04, 2019
Ladies So Anxious

You’ve heard America’s solution to anxiety, but we guarantee you haven't heard ours. Sure you can lay off the caffeine, look on the bright side, or take a pill, but does it ever really resolve the issue? The truth is, anxiety can revolve around one big issue or a hundred “little” pet peeves, either way it’s real. The Ladies speak on their everyday experiences with anxiety and give you some not-so-traditional ways to beat it.

Apr 30, 2019
Ladies Make That Change

“Shamone! Make that change.”
No seriously. You should! This episode Charlie and Aamber sit down with our special guest Monnaa, to discuss how to make life-changing decisions. Monnaa has gone from working in DC politics to paving her own path in stand-up comedy. Natural career trajectory, right? We dive deep into the mindset that often stops us from living the life we once dreamed of. You know, back when we weren’t afraid to hope for something other than making enough to pay rent. The Ladies discuss the “why” behind the major changes they’ve made and how to stop letting fear, finances, or failure determine our path.

YouTube Channel ⬇️

Local Business Spotlight:
The Academy, Long Beach, CA

Follow Our Guest Monnaa
Instagram/Twitter: @monnaaahh
Facebook: Monnaa Ahh

Apr 18, 2019
Ladies Don't See Color

Yes, we’re talking about race. No, it’s okay! You don’t have to run.
The Ladies check their prejudice at the door as they disclose some surprising and not-so-surprising truths about living and loving in a city that “doesn’t see color.” Deciding which [black] hairstyle to wear to meet [white] boyfriend’s family is only the beginning. Charlie sees people, not color. Aamber sees wishful thinking. The Ladies agree that division is only a symptom of a greater issue. Put aside the need to be right, and the right to be offended so we can start to understand how prejudice impacts our livelihood, our choices, and unspoken obligations for women of color.

Mar 27, 2019
Ladies & The Hollywood Hustle

Ahh, To be young, gifted, and Black... in Hollywood.
Charlie and Aamber are breaking into show business and they need all the dirt — I mean, help they can get. The Ladies learn the advantages and challenges that come with being a woman of color in the entertainment industry and explore the behind the scenes with Emmy nominated producer Kareem A. Cox and comedy writer, Khambi Hamis, creator of the TV show “Dropouts.” This is one episode you won’t want to miss. To learn more about Dropouts visit

Mar 05, 2019
Ladies Let It Go

We're bombarded with posts, likes, and read receipts. Staying present has never been harder. This episode The Ladies learn to let go of the ghosts of the past. Charlie comes to terms with 'unclaimed' baggage from past relationships, while Aamber learns that exes don't always make the best of friends. This one goes out to anyone grappling with the past while striving for a bright future.

Feb 19, 2019
Ladies Keeping The Peace

"Why can't we all just get along?" We'll tell you why. This episode the Ladies discuss what's worth fighting for and how to make peace with the past. Whether you're in a new relationship or waiting in line at the store, our peace of mind is tested daily. Charlie keeps the peace by letting it all "roll off her shoulders" while Aamber seems ready to roll up her sleeves. When it comes to resolutions, one-size never fits all.

Feb 05, 2019
Ladies Nice For What

Is it better to be feared or liked? You tell us, because we're still trying to figure this one out. Whether we're giving money to strangers or time to those that don't deserve it, we often find ourselves being far too nice. But what's it all for? This episode the Ladies dive into the need women have to be liked, our efforts to be kind, and what it means to be a nice girl finishing first.

Jan 22, 2019
Ladies Long Lost Crushes

Was that “the one that got away” or did you just dodge a bullet? Innocent or not, every romantic relationship starts with a crush. Charlie & Aamber flashback to their school days to find out what it really means to “play chase.” The Ladies discuss how they’ve approached guys in a place as picky as Los Angeles and dish about their failed attempts at making the first move.

Jan 08, 2019
Ladies Better New Year (Bonus)

You don’t have to cry anymore, the wait is over! The Ladies return to celebrate another year of wins and growth in Los Angeles. No L’s allowed! Charlie describes her renewed passion for entrepreneurship and new-found need for type-A organization. Aamber shares what she learned about “having it all” as she continues to care less about having it at all together. The Ladies also highlight what’s new in the upcoming season and let listeners know how they can join in the fun!

Dec 28, 2018
Ladies & Superstition

Remember, "Step on a crack and break your momma’s back?" That was our first introduction to superstition, but as we get older, we realize superstition can take form as spiritual beliefs, dream interpretations, and even cultural upbringing. Is it all just “hocus pocus” or is their some truth to superstition?

On Ladies & Superstition, Charlie explains her unwavering stance on “speaking things into existence,” Aamber expresses her relentless skepticism, and local Los Angelinos define what superstition means to them.

Aug 24, 2018
Ladies Making Money Moves

It's not polite to discuss money, they say. But honestly, where has that gotten us as a community? This episode Charlie and Aamber talk about getting set up for financial success and dive into the perceptions and harsh realities of money management in the black community. The Ladies have had their share of financial misses and money missteps, but now it's about making moves to get back on track. Special guest Ashlyee Freeman, MBA, joins the show to give insight on how to reach financial stability and to share important, must-know salary negotiation techniques for fellow millennials.

Jul 24, 2018
Ladies Straight Kinky

We’ve often heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but is that still true if I wear a natural hairstyle in corporate America? For a black woman, a hairstyle can mean the difference between getting noticed, intimidating the masses, or being ignored altogether. Forget beauty and hair care tips, this episode digs deep into what lies beneath Black hair. How we wear our hair can both alleviate (or drive) our insecurities and make a statement about who we chose to be on a given day. This episode the ladies discuss how black hair and standards of beauty can impact social interactions, our confidence, and our relationships.

Jun 25, 2018
Ladies Single AF

How many truth bombs can we drop in one episode? We lost count. Listen to the ladies on Single AF Podcast! Host Nick Chilkov reminds Charlie and Aamber what it’s like to date in 2018, a time when finding a date IRL -In Real Life- is a thing of the past (and apparently a well-known abbreviation).

The Ladies are forced to rethink dating protocol and first impressions when they discuss Nick’s Tinder date showing up late to a first encounter. Charlie, Aamber, and Nick discuss race, dating, and attraction in relationships when Nick reveals that he’s not very attracted to Black women.

Lastly the ladies take on TLC's age-old question, "What about Your Friends?" when Charlie gives us the rundown on what it’s like when your introvert, Caucasian boyfriend meets your “not so shy” Black friends for the first time.

May 24, 2018
Ladies, Privilege, & Principles

Okay America, give us a break! One minute we’re “independent women” and the next we’re “damsels in distress?” Pick one!

It’s no secret, there are some serious drawbacks when it comes to being a lady in Los Angeles. How often are we expected to be seen, sometimes touched, but not heard? Being “twice as good to get half,” isn’t just a line from a TV show, it’s the story of our lives.

Charlie tells us what to do when that male cashier gets a little too handsy at the corner store. The ladies explore the advantages of being underestimated when Aamber shows us how to get free coffee with a smile. Nothing is off limits when the ladies discuss their thoughts and experiences with equality… or inequality… depending on the situation. It’s complicated. Just listen, okay? We’ll explain later!

Apr 25, 2018
Ladies, Money, & Stereotypes (Bonus)

Charlie & Aamber feature on The ThousandErrors, a fellow Los Angeles podcast. The ladies dive deep into discussion with best friends Juju and Shorts about self-love and controversial gender expectations. Producer Mike drops knowledge on IRA’s, money moves, and real estate. What a journey… you won’t believe what we learned!

Mar 11, 2018
Ladies Ain't Loyal

We all want loyalty, but does it even exist anymore? This episode we invite fellow podcaster and newest BFF Derek Lane from “Last Word Podcast” to discuss where loyalty lies and where lies begin. From mysterious 6-hour gym sessions to 3-way calls gone wrong, listen as we find simple solutions to staying loyal in two-faced times.

Feb 21, 2018
Ladies Never Satisfied

It’s hard to say if we’re easy to please, but let’s be honest... Will Ladies in LA ever be satisfied? Charlie and Aamber discuss their ‘perfectly reasonable, not at all unrealistic’ expectations of themselves and their ‘bare minimum, perfectly achievable’ expectations of others.
Spoiler Alert*** We're completely satisfied...with everything.

Jan 23, 2018
Ladies Know Their Worth

“Whoever said your 20's are your easiest years is a f**king liar.” The Ladies are kicking off season 2 with an unfiltered look into self-worth and self-love. Listen as Charlie and Aamber discuss their impulsive career decisions, Inception-like nightmares, and the importance of knowing when (and how) to stand up for your worth.

Jan 02, 2018
Ladies Unhappy New Year!

While we have a lot to be grateful for, that’s not stopping us from ragging on this past year. From Aamber’s newfound IDGAF attitude to Charlie’s sage and crystal obsession, we discuss our 2017 wins and losses, and almost-attainable goals for 2018.

Dec 28, 2017
10 Ladies...Best of Season 1

No time to listen to season one? Well, this about sums it up! The ladies highlight the best moments of season one and talk about what has changed - or stayed the same since starting Ladies Doing Stuff.

Aug 29, 2017
09 Ladies Forgive or Forget?

Forgive & Forget. Never go to bed angry. Are these relationship rules or unrealistic clichés? The Ladies debate and discuss their experiences with forgiveness...or lack thereof.

Jul 09, 2017
What is Ladies Doing Stuff?

What is Ladies Doing Stuff? Here's the Elevator Pitch!

Jul 09, 2017
08 Ladies & Drunk Politics

Drinking games make politics fun! Listen to the ladies as they attempt to discuss the state of American politics...over shots of Patron.

Jun 21, 2017
07 Ladies Being Black

"There does come a day when you realize that you're Black, and it's not when you look in the mirror..." Listen to The Ladies discuss their experiences with sounding "White," racism, and repressed feelings as Black women living in America.

Jun 03, 2017
06 Ladies Being Insecure

Some of the hardest obstacles to overcome are the insecurities we have. Listen to The Ladies discuss their struggles with their complex insecurities, how they came about, and how they try to cope.

May 01, 2017
05 Ladies Dating In Los Angeles

If you're dating in Los Angeles, is it really even dating? Listen to The Ladies talk about their dating experiences in Los Angeles, and what you should do to end a potential disaster before it begins.

Mar 22, 2017
04 Ladies Maintaining Friendships

Got friends? Listen up. The Ladies discuss the complexities of creating and maintaining friendships.

Mar 02, 2017
02 Ladies Going Back To School

As if life isn't hard enough. The Ladies discuss the troubles of going back to school, how they balance their social lives, and if it's all worth it.

Feb 19, 2017
03 Ladies & Break Ups

Closing a chapter in your life is never fun.  The Ladies discuss their worst break ups, how to cope, and the upside to change.

Feb 19, 2017
02 Ladies Going Back To School

Changing careers is no walk in the park. The Ladies discuss why they decided to go back to school and how they balance social life.

Feb 05, 2017
01 Ladies Plan A Wedding

Aamber is getting married! The Ladies talk about the joys and difficulties of planning a wedding, views on marriage, and ideal ceremonies.

Feb 05, 2017
00 Ladies Introduce Themselves

Charlie and Aamber introduce who they are and why they started "Ladies Doing Stuff."

Feb 04, 2017