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By Michael O’Neal and Awesome Co-hosts

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Michael O'Neal and his co-hosts bridge the gap between the clueless big box stores and the snobby stereo shops. Every show is filled with gear reviews, commentary, and interviews aimed to find out what makes a real world difference in your listening experience, how to get the most bang for your buck, and frankly, how to begin experiencing your music in the way it was intended.

Episode Date
49: Are Headphones Required Now? | HELM Audio Founder Eric Johnson Interview | Long Beach System Breakdown

On today's ep. I chat about my new Long Beach House, and break down the system. (Check out for pics) Then I get into why headphones have gotten so important over the last couple of months.  Finally, I chat with Eric Johnson, founder of HELM audio, about their new program for first responders. 

Apr 27, 2020
48: Vintage Audio Buyer's Guide with Mark Cerasuolo

LONG overdue, on this ep I bring vintage audio expert Mark Ceresuolo on, and we talk all things vintage audio, from which companies made the great gear, some origin stories, and what to look for in vintage receivers, speakers, and turntables.  

Apr 20, 2020
47: "Mid-Fi" Integrated Amp Bake Off - Peachtree vs. Vincent Audio vs. Parasound

During the course of creating this show, I set a mental "cap" that no piece of equipment would cost more than $3000.  With few exceptions, I've stuck to that directive.  Today however, we push right up to the edge of that limit with three different units:  The $2999 Peachtree Nova 500, the $2499 Vincent Audio 247mkII, and the roughly (It's discontinued now) $2500 Parasound Halo.  

Now...the truth is, we'd be happy to have ANY of these units on our shelf.  Have a listen to see which one we picked as the best of the three! 

Feb 13, 2020
46: CES Wrap Up | Ported vs. Non-Ported Subs | Our New Fave Wireless Earbuds from Jabra

On today's solo episode, I talk about CES 2020, the state of audio, and what's up with the show.  Then I break down ported vs. non-ported subwoofers.  Finally, a review of the Jabra Elite 65T True Wireless earbuds, and the 85H headphones.


Feb 06, 2020
45: Being A Kid in the 70's and 80's, and how it Shaped Our Music Tastes, with Brooks Hollan. AudioQuest Cobalt Review

Everyone has a story.  Many of us that were kids in the 70's and 80's had that friend or that kid in school that had all the cool stereo gear.  Today my pal Brooks Hollan (@life_of_brooksie) and I talk about being a kid in a very influential time for planting musical seeds.  We then review the AudioQuest it the best portable DAC? 

Oct 26, 2019
44: New Gear For Beginner Audiophiles

On this show we talk about some new gear from Elac, Pro-Ject, Audioquest, Amazon Music and more!  

Sep 30, 2019
43: New "King of True Wireless" Earbuds, News from Emotiva, Powered Bookshelf Comparo, and more!

On this solo episode, I update you about the SVS install I did in Utah, cover the new Emotiva AVR in the news, and review the Hifiman TWS600.  After a listener question involving the Amazon Echo Dot, we go listen to some great tunes!

Check out for the earbuds, and any other gear I talk about in this episode.

Check out all the gear at 

Sep 03, 2019
42: Anatomy of an Affordable, KILLER 2 Channel/Home Theater Setup

Today I share the story of a home theater install I did for my good friend Jase Bennett (@jasebennett) of The Ohana Adventure.  They have a youtube channel of over 2.6 MILLION (!) subscribers.  Jase and his wife have 6 kids, and he wanted an amazing place for all of them to watch movies.  We were really shocked by the result of this install!

have a look at to check out our recommended gear, and some of the gear we used in the install.  

Also, if you are looking for incredible bang for the buck, look no further than SVS Sound! 

Jul 18, 2019
41: Re-Imagining The "Audiophile Conference", T.H.E. Show Review

Today Dr. Paul and I talk about a "hypothetical" audio conference, and how we might reinvent it.  With the advent of lifestyle systems, powered speakers with great DACs and sonic integration, it's time we re-think how people consume these audio conferences, and how manufacturers approach them.  

We'd love your suggestions on how you would like to experience an audio conference.  What would you like to see included? How much would you pay to attend?  Where should it be located?  Hit us up here with your suggestions:

This episode brought to you by SVS.  Check out the amazing offerings, including the Prime Wireless Bookshelves, at the SVS Website Here.  (

Jun 19, 2019
40: Speaker Setup Revisited, QoBuz Overview, Listener Q's

Michael's got a new Mac Pro (from 2009) that he's just upgraded, and tells a story of hefting a giant SVS subwoofer up the steps with no help from Fed Ex.  Speaking of, this episode is sponsored by SVS.  Check out all of their amazing offerings at

Patrick had to move his bookshelf speakers, so they dug into the basics of speaker setup and room treatment. Then we dug into a few of your questions, including adding an amp to an AVR, outdoor speakers, and some DAC info. 

Jun 05, 2019
39: Big Room Subwoofer Solutions, Choosing Speaker Wire, A RAD 4k Projector, and Speaker Break-In Redux

On today's episode Patrick Norton and Michael O'Neal chat about an innovative way to break in your new speakers, Michael Reviews the Optoma UHL55 4K Portable Projector, and we answer a few of your questions! 

This episode is brought to you by SVS Sound.  From the Prime Wireless to their legendary subwoofers, SVS has what you need to absolutely transform your listening experience. Try their subwoofer matching tool at

May 03, 2019
38: True Wireless Earbud Bakeoff w/Sennheiser vs. Master & Dynamic, BlueSound Gear, and Your Questions

Airpods?  Airpods, really?  What do you do when you want great sound in addition to the functionality of True Wireless Earbuds?  Today we find out, with this momentus showdown between the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless, and the Master & Dynamic MW07.  Both priced at $300, do they fit the bill of lifestyle vs. audiophile?  We unbox the Cleer NEXT and are very pleasantly surprised.  Then we talk about the BlueSound Vault 2i, PowerNode 2i, and Node 2i.  Finally, we dig into your questions and head out to listen to some great music.  

Today's Sponsor:
This episode is brought to you by SVS Sound!  Check out their dazzling array of subwoofers, SVS Prime Wireless, and the brand spankin new SVS Pinnacle at

Apr 17, 2019
37: Interview with an Audiophile, with Matt Rockwell

Today, 30 year audiophile (and one of the two guys that got me into the hobby) Matt Rockwell and I sit down for a chat in his house in Boulder.  When I met Matt, he had a $300k+ system.  Now, a few years later, he's "pared it down" to a simple $36k system.  I know that sounds like a lot, but this was a fascinating conversation about audio, art, gear, and the true essence of the hobby.  

Note...Matt speaks quite softly, so I've done my best with the audio.  

Here's Matt's current system:

Speakers: Green Mountian Audio

Subwoofer: Rel

Integrated Amp: Jeff Rowland

DAC: http: Aesthetix Pandora with Signature Upgrade //
Digital Source: Custom Ubuntu 18.04 Linux, Real-Time Kernel.  Running Roon/Tidal and JRiver Media Player  
Headphones: Speaker Man - Ether :
Interconnects (RCA and XLR: Audo Magic Liquid-Air :
Today's Sponsor:
This episode is sponsored by SVS.  SVS makes some of the best bang for the buck in high-end audio.  Check them out at
Apr 03, 2019
36: The Great USB Cable Bake-Off, Audio News, Your Questions

On today's episode we try a slew of USB audio cables to see if they make a difference in sound.  We also check out current audio news, and bang through a few user questions. 

Follow us on Instagram at 

Mar 12, 2019
35: 2019 Audiophile Gear "Bargains"

Today Dr. Paul Anderson and I go through the best "bargains"  (in quotes because some are quite pricey...but still relative bargains to the competition) in audio in 2019.  Please pardon my cough...I was nursing a bit of bronchitis on this episode! 

Remember to follow our Instagram account at

Feb 26, 2019
34: Setting Up A New Room | The Great DAC Bakeoff | Listener Questions

Dr. Paul Anderson is back on the show!  We are setting up his new place in LA, and spent many hours dialing in the room.  We chat about what it takes to set up a new room, in terms of speaker placement, what to listen for, etc.  We had some really surprising results, especially with subwoofer setup and what it did to Paul's Harbreth monitors.  

Then, we listened to a number of different DAC's (digital audio converters) and the results were also REALLY surprising!  Everything matters! 

Feb 12, 2019
33: Andrew Jones from ELAC | NAMM Rundown | Sennheiser Momentum

Howdy! On this episode, we pin down Andrew Jones from Elac for a juicy interview on his philosophy behind creating speakers, and lots more.  Michael gives the rundown on NAMM, the North American Music Merchants show.  Those are the people that MAKE the music we listen to.  

We have a brand new Youtube channel!  Click here to Subscribe and check out the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Earbuds Unboxing! 

Jan 30, 2019
32: Emotiva's Founder, Dan Laufman | CES Quick Hits on AMT and True Wireless Earbuds

Back from a week in Vegas, we've got a doozy for you this episode.  After a quick hit of CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) in Vegas (Check out pictures at @beginneraudiophile) Michael talks about Air Motion Transformers (which were a big theme this year) and True Wireless Earbuds.  Then we jump into a GREAT interview with Dan Laufman, founder of Emotiva. 

Jan 15, 2019
31: New LG OLED 4k, Dolby ATMOS, Micca In-Ceiling/Wall Speakers, Your Questions...

In this episode, Michael O'Neal (@beginneraudiophile) and Patrick Norton (@patricknorton) catch up on some Black Friday (I know, I know...) purchases.  Michael talks about his home theater install, Pat talks about an amp and a set of gaming headphones he's testing out, and we answer a few questions. 


Dec 31, 2018
30: Talking Roon with Dipin Sehdev from Roon Labs

Roon.  What is it?  Do you need it?  

The best way I can describe Roon is that it's a simplifier. We have all of these disparate music sources and end points in our house, and Roon talks to them all, and puts them into one cohesive system.  Today we chat with Dipin Sehdev, VP of Marketing of, and discuss how and why Roon originated, what it's meant to do, and how easy it is to use.  

Dipin was also nice enough to give us a free 30 day trial of Roon.  (Normally it's 2 weeks, so double your pleasure!)

Nov 02, 2018
29: Hi-Res Music on Your iPhone, Marantz SR8012 Review, How To Build Your System, and More...

On today's episode Michael O'Neal (@solohour, @beginneraudiophile) starts by talking about how to get Hi Res music to play on an iPhone.  (It's not as simple as you might think!) Then Patrick Norton (@patricknorton) jumps on to talk amplifiers.  Mike reviews the SR8012 Receiver, and they wrap up with a couple of listener questions, including how to build your system...speakers first or front end first?  

Sep 25, 2018
28: Home Theater, Automation, Cool Speakers, Rad TV's, and MORE at CEDIA 2018!

We've just gotten back from the CEDIA show, displaying the latest in home theater, automation, commercial installs, lighting, in-wall speaker systems, projectors, TV's, and more! 

Patrick Norton (of Tekthing and The Screen Savers) and Michael O'Neal (The Solopreneur Hour Podcast) spend the show discussing the highlights of CEDIA, in no particular order. 

Sep 11, 2018
27: The State of The Audiophile | Klipsch "The Sixes" Review | Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds

Audiophilia: Is it on the rise, or is it declining?  Well...both, kinda.  Join Patrick Norton and Michael O'Neal as they discuss how, in some ways, the industry is on the rise, and in some ways, on the decline.  We also talk about T.H.E. Show, Newport, and Patrick is reviewing the Sennheiser HD1 Headphones.  

Then, Michael reviews the Klipsch "The Sixes" bookshelf speakers, and wraps up with the Jabra Sport Elite True Wireless Earbuds.  

Jun 27, 2018
26: Nice Speaker Setup Vs. Nice Headphone Setup...Which is Better?

Today’s theme:  Good headphones vs. “Good Stereo”

The News:


ROON 1.5 is out

DIY Audio Amp Camp Amp

Kirby Meets Audio on YouTube

Mini DSP 

Education Segment

Good headphone setup vs a good stereo speaker setup. 

Sony MDR7506 + Audioquest Dragonfly or Schiit Fulla 2…

Mr. Speakers Aeon


Micca MB 42X

Listener Questions

 Hello Michael, I emailed you a couple of weeks ago in regards to your opinion if I should upgrade my polk subs to an SVS 13 ultra. Well, I took your advice and I purchased the SVS SB 16 ultra. Not just one,  but two SVS SB 16 ultras. I absolutely Love both of them, it was a great upgrade. Thank you for the great advice, I will keep these for a very long time. I do have another question. You mention the benefits of buying gear from Craigs list or ebay. I read on several sites to be aware of counterfeits. Is counterfeits something to worry about in the Audiophile world . If so, which audio items would you not buy from craigs list or ebay.

Thanks for such a great podcast!


TRON Soundtrack by Daft Punk

Loudness wars:

May 16, 2018
25: Bookshelves + Sub VS. Tower Speakers, and KEF LS50 Wireless First Impressions

Dude.  We're getting the BAND back together!!  Dr. Paul Anderson and I (The OG!) are back for episode 25 of BA.  After catching up, we chat about the incredible KEF LS50 Wireless, and offer our first impressions.  Then, we dive into a few of your questions before the GREAT BOOKSHELVES + SUB VS. TOWER SPEAKERS BAKE OFF.  (The results might not be what you think...)


May 03, 2018
24: The Headphone Show! CanJam 2018, "Bang for the buck" cables, Joe Harley of AudioQuest, and More

Today the boys wrap up what they saw and heard at CanJam 2018 in Los Angeles, including tons of mini product reviews.  We strapped on Sennheisers Orpheus $50,000 headphone system to mindboggling results.  And chatted with Joe Harley about being one of the founders of Audioquest, what gives you "bang for the buck" in audio cables, what it's like to hit a home run with a device like the DragonFly, and more!! 


Apr 16, 2018
23: Buying Older Gear, Marantz AVR Review, Setting up your Audition Songs, Your Questions…
Patrick Norton and Michael O’Neal catch up on the latest news, what gear is in the review funnel, and talk about the Elac Debut 2.0.  Then we talk about how to set yourself up to audition gear at a stereo show or a conference.  Michael reviews the Marantz SR7009 and we talk about how to […]
Apr 04, 2018
22: Talking Amps & Watts with Patrick Norton, The Winner of the 1moreUSA Triples, & Your Questions!
Episode 22 of Beginner Audiophile is jam packed! Patrick Norton Co-Hosts this one with Michael O’Neal.  We talk about the reality vs. myth of amps vs. watts in amplifiers, dig into reviews of the Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless and the Hive Home Security System, answer a few listener questions, and announce the winner of the […]
Mar 08, 2018
21: Gear, Gear, and More Gear. CES Wrapup Part II, with Harris Fogel
On today's ep. Harris and I talk about what we saw and heard at CES.  We've also got a new contest where you can win a pair of 1moreUSA Triple Driver Earbuds!
Feb 16, 2018
20: CES Wrap-Up Part 1, with Patrick Norton
Patrick Norton ( joins me, through a hacking cough, to wrap up all things audio and home theater we discovered at CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas at the beginning of January 2018. Gear Guide: RHA T20i Hi-res in-ear headphones with DualCoil driver  JDS Labs The Element DAC Schiit Fulla 2 DAC Audioquest … Continue reading 20: CES Wrap-Up Part 1, with Patrick Norton
Jan 24, 2018
BONUS: A Recent Historical Primer of the Audiophile
Today’s episode is an excerpt from a fantastic New Yorker article entitled “Audiophilia Forever: An Expensive New Year’s Shopping Guide” written by David Denby. (Click here to read the entire article) It does such a great job explaining what an audiophile is, the recent history of audiophile music and recordings, and the “state of the […]
Jan 16, 2018
19: The Vinyl Revival, and Killer Systems You Can Afford
On today’s show we chat with Matthew from Vinyl Revival in Melbourne Australia.  We had a great convo about the renaissance of “good” audio, getting huge bang for the buck out of your turntable, and his choices for systems costing $1000, $2500, and $5000! Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Instagram as well. […]
Dec 14, 2017
18: Beginner Audiophile Returns! New York Audio Show Breakdown & Listener Q&A!
Fellow audio nerds!  We’re back.  After a long (inadvertent) haitus, BA is back.  Michael gives a breakdown of how audio works based on a great analogy by Steve Guttenberg, then digs into a bunch of your questions.  Then, Harris pops in with a breakdown of the NY Audio Show!  Enjoy!
Nov 28, 2017
17: Everything You Want to Know About Subwoofers, But Were Afraid To Ask
Ahhhhhh….subwoofers. That “Punch you in the chest” feeling when your favorite song really moves you. Although subwoofers are easy to plug in and turn up loud, that doesn’t give us a true audiophile experience. We want to feel it…but only if it’s being called upon.  So, in this episode, President and Managing Partner of SVSound Gary Yacoubian and … Continue reading 17: Everything You Want to Know About Subwoofers, But Were Afraid To Ask
Oct 11, 2017
16: How To Audition Like a Pro, Sonus Faber Speaker Review, and more!
On this episode of Beginner Audiophile Harris and Michael talk about what a pro-audio show is like, and our secret to maintaining consistency as we audition gear.  Michael then reviews the Sonus Faber Principia 1 Bookshelf Speakers, and we get into the picks of the week! One thing to add: If you are using a […]
Sep 18, 2017
15: The Turntable/ Record Player Renaissance, and Why You Should Care
Today we’re talking a bit of turntables, and what it takes to set one up.  Turntables used to be the “gold standard” for listening, until digital files came along.  Now, we are romanticizing the process…and it’s well worth it.  After talking turntables,  We also dig into a question or two, and give you the picks […]
Aug 30, 2017
14: How To Audition New Gear, Unboxing Some Cool Stuff, & Reviewing Some Awesome Earbuds
On today’s episode, after we catch up, we talk about unboxing some new Sonus Faber and Pro-Ject gear, including Michael’s first Turntable.  Then we jump into how to audition new audio gear, especially speakers.  We review the 1moreusa Quad Driver earbuds, and finally wrap it up with our picks of the week! Make sure you … Continue reading 14: How To Audition New Gear, Unboxing Some Cool Stuff, & Reviewing Some Awesome Earbuds
Aug 14, 2017
13: Songs To Test and Tune Your System With, Backing Up Your Audio, and More!
On today’s show Harris and Michael talk about songs and albums they use to “test and tune” their systems.  We also briefly talk about a couple pieces of gear we are testing: The AudioControl Rialto 600 integrated amplifier, and the NEXDrive Spectra Headphone DAC/Amp.  Mike talks about his home setup with Kodi and Airfoil, and … Continue reading 13: Songs To Test and Tune Your System With, Backing Up Your Audio, and More!
Jul 26, 2017
12: Wireless Technologies, USB DAC Review, New Music Recommendations
On today’s show, after catching up with Harris and Michael, we talk about DTS-PlayFi and other wireless home technologies, give some feedback on the ELAC UB5, Harris reviews the AudioQuest Dragonfly and the Night Owl carbon headphones, and introduce you to some great new music that just came out.   Gear Guide & Links Niagara … Continue reading 12: Wireless Technologies, USB DAC Review, New Music Recommendations
Jul 12, 2017
11: A BIG Announcement, LA Audio Show Wrapup, Anthem MRX 1120 Review, and YOUR questions!
On today’s show we have a special announcement!  We have a new Co-host, Mr. Harris Fogel!  (Star of Episode 9)  Harris has been in the biz for many many years, and will offer years of “insider” perspective.  This episode was great…we caught up with Harris and his home reference systems, then we chatted about the … Continue reading 11: A BIG Announcement, LA Audio Show Wrapup, Anthem MRX 1120 Review, and YOUR questions!
Jun 20, 2017
10: 4 Epic LA Audio Show Interviews, starring Sonus Faber/Mcintosh, 1MoreUSA, Paradigm, and Cambridge Audio
Just back from the LA Audio Show, and we got some GREAT interviews with William Kline of Sonus Faber/Mcintosh, Ari Morguelan from 1MoreUSA, Chris Sipes from Paradigm/Anthem, and Gregg Chopper from Cambridge Audio, all of whom shared amazing insights about their products, the industry, and where we’re going. Most importantly, they all had to answer … Continue reading 10: 4 Epic LA Audio Show Interviews, starring Sonus Faber/Mcintosh, 1MoreUSA, Paradigm, and Cambridge Audio
Jun 06, 2017
9: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck on Stereo Gear, With Harris Fogel
Harris Fogel ( joins us for a chat about how he became an audiophile, what kind of gear to look at, and how he’d spend $1500 to get great sound!           Gear Guide, Topics & Highlights: Philip Glass – Glassworks Album Polk Speakers Ampzilla Dynaco Hafler Amps Luxman Turntables TIDAL audioquest … Continue reading 9: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck on Stereo Gear, With Harris Fogel
May 23, 2017
8: Speaker Placement 101
No matter how high end your speakers are, you’ve got to put them in the right place to maximize the sound. The old adage says “a cheaper, well placed pair of speakers will sound better than a more expensive, poorly placed set.   In this solo episode, Michael breaks down a few different methodologies of … Continue reading 8: Speaker Placement 101
May 10, 2017
7: Do Speaker Cables REALLY Matter??
On today’s Beginner Audiophile, we “bake off” 4 different speaker cables from Monster, Blue Jeans, Analysis Plus, and Monoprice to see if A: if we can hear any difference, and B: if the difference is palpable enough for us to make a buying decision. We also give an Anthem update, and announce the winner of … Continue reading 7: Do Speaker Cables REALLY Matter??
Apr 26, 2017
6: Resolution Demystified, Oppo Sonica DAC/Streamer Review, What is The WAF?
On today’s Beginner Audiophile, we start by explaining the WAF, audio file resolution, and Michael gives an aptX update.  Then we jump into the review of the OPPO Sonica DAC and what made a huge difference while we tested it. Finally, we dig into your questions. Gear Guide, Topics & Highlights: 04:26 – KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers … Continue reading 6: Resolution Demystified, Oppo Sonica DAC/Streamer Review, What is The WAF?
Apr 11, 2017
5: When Things Go Terribly Wrong…
…or at least, when things don’t go the way you expect them to. Today’s episode is about patience.  I received a piece of gear that I couldn’t get to connect to the interwebs, and Paul and I fiddled for hours with the Oppo Sonica DAC until we got files loaded from our hard drive. Now, the … Continue reading 5: When Things Go Terribly Wrong…
Mar 28, 2017
4: The Great Subwoofer Bake-Off, and Nicholas Brown of SVS
On today’s show, Paul and I test out various ways to integrate a subwoofer into your 2-channel and multichannel system, including doing the infamous “subwoofer crawl”.  We also check in with Nicholas Brown from SVS live from CES, and have a special announcement about winning a great pair of 1moreUSA earbuds! Gear Guide: 10:36 – REL … Continue reading 4: The Great Subwoofer Bake-Off, and Nicholas Brown of SVS
Mar 14, 2017
3: A Deep Dive Interview with Andrew Jones, The Speaker Designer Who’s Breaking The Rules of the Audiophile Industry
Today’s show is a real treat.  We got to sit down with Andrew Jones (Of TAD / Pioneer Fame) of ELAC.  We’d first heard of Andrew a couple years ago when he made these insanely affordable Elac Debut B6 Speakers (See Episode 1 for A Review of these $250 marvels) and he continues to break new … Continue reading 3: A Deep Dive Interview with Andrew Jones, The Speaker Designer Who’s Breaking The Rules of the Audiophile Industry
Feb 25, 2017
2: Michael’s System, and The Great Headphone Bake-Off, Starring 1MoreUSA, Audio-Technica, & Mr. Speaker
Today Michael tells the story of how he fell down the rabbit whole of audiophilia and walks us through his reference system.  Then, we do the Great Headphone Bake-Off, volume 1, testing $100 vs $150 vs $1800 headphones.  A pretty fascinating…and unexpected result from that test! Gear Guide: 02:30 – Marantz SR7009 Receiver 03:30 – Paradigm Monitor 11 Speakers … Continue reading 2: Michael’s System, and The Great Headphone Bake-Off, Starring 1MoreUSA, Audio-Technica, & Mr. Speaker
Feb 25, 2017
1: Origin of Beginner Audiophile, Paul’s System Walkthrough, Testing PS Audio Sprout/ELAC System
Origin of Beginner Audiophile.  Our audiophile stories. What IS an audiophile.  Tour of Paul’s system.  We test the ELAC B6 and Sprout. Gear Guide: Paradigm Monitor 7 speakers Tidal  Chromecast  1MOREUSA E1001 Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones  1MOREUSA MK802 Over-the-ear Headphones Sprout ELAC System Integrated Amplifier by PS Audio  Analysis Plus Oval 9 Speaker Cables  Squeezebox … Continue reading 1: Origin of Beginner Audiophile, Paul’s System Walkthrough, Testing PS Audio Sprout/ELAC System
Feb 24, 2017