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The intersection of technology, startups, and venture capital touches everything now. That’s why Equity, TechCrunch's flagship podcast, digs into the business of startups for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, TechCrunch reporters keep you up-to-date on the world of business, technology, and venture capital. Equity is ranked the No.2 podcast in the Top 100 Venture Capital All time leaderboard on Goodpods—As well as No.17 for the Top 100 Finance All time chart and No.32 for the Top 100 Business News All time chart.

Episode Date
Silicon Valley's impact on the election and an acquisition making our HeadSpin
Jul 19, 2024
If the music stops, what startup gets a chair? Renegade Partners' co-founders are finding out
Jul 17, 2024
Google’s talks to buy Wiz, and the gap between AI spending and AI revenue
Jul 15, 2024
There's always something happening to OpenAI's board
Jul 12, 2024
Floodgate's Mike Maples says startups that people 'don't like' may be the best ones to back
Jul 10, 2024
A new trend for Seed VCs, and the scariest part about OpenAI's data breach
Jul 08, 2024
Jon McNeill on VC 2.0 and creating startups in house
Jul 03, 2024
AI-powered drug development, VW teams up with Rivian, and DEI is 'bad'
Jun 28, 2024
Y Combinator sets its sights on D.C. with Luther Lowe
Jun 26, 2024
The EU's DMA is coming for Apple, and X bots are on the loose
Jun 24, 2024
Ilya Sutskever's new AI venture, and time to BeReal about bankruptcy
Jun 21, 2024
Do co-CEOs make sense?
Jun 19, 2024
Black founders are tailoring the ChatGPT experience, and crypto makes a comeback
Jun 17, 2024
Musk v. OpenAI, and how can startups compete with Apple Intelligence?
Jun 14, 2024
NEA’s Vanessa Larco says generative AI will change the SaaS pricing model - and that’s a good thing
Jun 12, 2024
Byju's valuation shakeup and what's ahead for WWDC
Jun 10, 2024
Robinhood's crypto bet, AI-powered healthcare, and more on the fall of Fisker
Jun 07, 2024
Every startup has AI in their pitch deck and they should according to Forerunner Ventures' Eurie Kim
Jun 05, 2024
Inside the demise of EV startup Fisker, and X's new rules allow adult content
Jun 03, 2024
Who's (not) IPO-ing and what's going on with BaaS?
May 31, 2024
Peering into the 'Series A chasm' with Everywhere Ventures' Jenny Fielding
May 29, 2024
Musk’s xAI raises fresh capital while Synapse’s bankruptcy could impact millions
May 28, 2024
The new Equity crew on a proposed AI 'kill switch' and why it's rough out there for VCs
May 24, 2024
Here's how startups can crack the US market, according to Australian VCs
May 22, 2024
Maven takes the clout-chasing out of social media as Reddit teams up with OpenAI
May 20, 2024
AI's busy week, and why the heck are so many VCs leaving their firms?
May 17, 2024
Newchip's bankruptcy is a cautionary tale for founders
May 15, 2024
OpenAI gears up for a big announcement, and Apple Store workers authorize a strike
May 13, 2024
Acquisitions are heating up, and Mercury eyes the fintech crown
May 10, 2024
$450M for Noname, two billion-dollar rounds, and good news for crypto startups
May 08, 2024
Dorsey leaves Bluesky, tech giants do more with less, and the next IPO
May 06, 2024
Inside TC’s Techstars investigation and how AI is accelerating disability tech
May 03, 2024
A new venture capital supergroup is forming
May 01, 2024
Musk’s xAI shows there’s more money on the sidelines for AI startups
Apr 29, 2024
Good news for Rubrik, bad news for TikTok, and encouraging news for Early Stage startups
Apr 26, 2024
The TikTok ban clears key hurdle while Perplexity AI continues to shake up search
Apr 24, 2024
Salesforce's silly deal dies as we keep our eyes on Ibotta and Rubrik
Apr 22, 2024
Notable Capital's Hans Tung on the state of VC and the upside to down rounds
Apr 20, 2024
Tesla’s busy week, and is fintech having a moment?
Apr 19, 2024
An $11B bonanza for space startups, and where is all that a16z money going?
Apr 17, 2024
OpenAI plans new Tokyo office as Tesla layoffs arrive
Apr 15, 2024
Beeper acquired by Automattic, fintech's decline and YC's lack of LatAm founders
Apr 12, 2024
A $60M venture fund with a twist, and more startup-on-startup acquisitions
Apr 10, 2024
Spotify’s new AI playlists, the US’s latest chip deal, and a shot at data privacy
Apr 08, 2024
What we've learned from the women behind the AI revolution
Apr 06, 2024
From YC to IPO: Winter 2024 Demo Day, Rubrik and Ibotta
Apr 05, 2024
Nvidia might be clouding the funding climate for AI chip startups, but Hailo is still fighting
Apr 03, 2024
Ads on Discord, AT&T passcode resets, and podcast changes for Android users
Apr 01, 2024
SBF's sentencing, Databricks' GPT rival, and who's investing in the "underdog" founders
Mar 29, 2024
Why a16z-backed Wonderschool is acquiring EarlyDay
Mar 28, 2024
Spotify throws its hat in the edtech ring
Mar 25, 2024
A $700M SAFE, more IPOs, and how one venture fund is transcending borders
Mar 22, 2024
Astera Labs going public and the Inflection-Microsoft AI saga
Mar 20, 2024
LinkedIn wants a piece of Wordle’s success
Mar 18, 2024
How to avoid all the IPO work without annoying investors
Mar 15, 2024
Startups are hiring fewer workers and paying out less in equity comp
Mar 13, 2024
Musk’s Grok goes open-source and Reddit updates its IPO filing
Mar 11, 2024
How many startups shut down last year compared to the year before? A lot.
Mar 09, 2024
What's the Deel with Remofirst, and why are VCs playing musical chairs?
Mar 08, 2024
OpenAI fires back at Musk, and Monzo raises a megaround
Mar 06, 2024
Apple’s €1.84B fine, new AI rules in India, and the latest pre-IPO round
Mar 04, 2024
The tourist VCs in LatAm have gone home
Mar 02, 2024
Will we reach AGI before Stripe goes public?
Mar 01, 2024
Microsoft invests in yet another AI company
Feb 28, 2024
Why some VCs are pulling back from Europe, Google’s AI push, and who is the CEO of Byju’s?
Feb 26, 2024
Equity Shot: All about the Reddit IPO!
Feb 24, 2024
Match Group’s deal with OpenAI is just business with AI glitter on top
Feb 23, 2024
Could Reddit’s upcoming IPO reward its power users?
Feb 21, 2024
The regulatory clock is ticking for TikTok
Feb 20, 2024
Foundry is shutting down in slow motion
Feb 16, 2024
OpenAI board member Bret Taylor has a new AI startup
Feb 14, 2024
Peak XV's AI field trips, and why we don't set self-driving cars on fire
Feb 12, 2024
Adam Neumann's bid for WeWork's scraps
Feb 09, 2024
Fintech, edtech, and SaaS are not dead
Feb 07, 2024
Yandex takes a big hit to get rid of Russian assets
Feb 05, 2024
The feast and famine cycle of tech
Feb 02, 2024
Why one founder thinks the Apple Vision Pro is going to make it
Feb 01, 2024
Meet the startup taking on Nvidia
Jan 31, 2024
How a browser startup is taking on Google search
Jan 29, 2024
How can venture capital survive a three-year liquidity drop?
Jan 27, 2024
Brex and the curse of having too much money
Jan 26, 2024
Who knew M&A would be the thing we couldn’t shut up about?
Jan 24, 2024
It’s 2021 for AI while the rest of the startup market is stuck in 2024
Jan 22, 2024
The other side of AI hype
Jan 19, 2024
Back in the Unicorn Club with Cowboy Ventures’ Aileen Lee
Jan 18, 2024
AI versus SaaS, EV charging, and a new $250M fund
Jan 17, 2024
See? Fintech isn’t doomed, it just needs more time
Jan 16, 2024
When it comes to startups’ flight to quality, have we swung too far in the other direction?
Jan 13, 2024
CES, Circle-ing back to IPOs and why we're over the moon about Overmoon
Jan 12, 2024
AI hardware, fintech woes and venture capital's shedding phase
Jan 10, 2024
Equity Monday: Bitcoin ETFs, Carta’s latest mess, and let’s go to the Moon
Jan 08, 2024
Are megafunds squeezing out small VCs and distorting the seed market?
Jan 05, 2024
How Duly is shaking up the Indian sexual wellness market
Jan 03, 2024
AI versus copyright, and why you shouldn't put all your eggs in one NFT basket
Jan 02, 2024
The Equity crew predicts we'll see a lot less VCs in 2024
Dec 29, 2023
Equity down under: How Australian startups can crack the US market
Dec 27, 2023
VCs are entering 2024 with “healthy paranoia”
Dec 26, 2023
SVB, SBF and (more) OpenAI: The 2023 chronicles, pt. 2
Dec 22, 2023
AI-driven gaming with Hilary Mason from Hidden Door
Dec 20, 2023
Startup Shutdowns and AI Showdowns: The 2023 chronicles
Dec 18, 2023
Cruise layoffs, exosuits, and why French startups are bubbling up
Dec 15, 2023
Why Automattic spent $50M on Texts.com
Dec 13, 2023
Equity Monday: TikTok loves ecommerce and VCs think Mistral AI will be fine (potential EU regulatory overhang or not)
Dec 11, 2023
Chain Reaction: Crypto VC space may be on the cusp of recovery (w/ David Pakman)
Dec 09, 2023
SaaS goes to space as some software startups are in a race to survive
Dec 08, 2023
No-code for creators and how regular folks can build an online business
Dec 06, 2023
Equity Monday: Bitcoin is on the move as Spotify cuts staff, and more money floods AI
Dec 04, 2023
Big wins for Latin America, climate tech momentum and Rover’s $2.3B sale
Dec 01, 2023
What founders can escape venture's no-man's land? (w. Anu Hariharan update)
Nov 29, 2023
How soon can I get a computer-brain implant?
Nov 27, 2023
Special Episode: Who's betting on fashion tech?
Nov 24, 2023
Will the OpenAI chaos boost open-source models?
Nov 21, 2023
Catching up on OpenAI’s wild weekend
Nov 20, 2023
The future of M&A and why founders are getting whiplash
Nov 17, 2023
What you need to know about Google's search antitrust case
Nov 15, 2023
Equity Monday: Are we at the start of a new crypto bull cycle?
Nov 13, 2023
OpenAI's DevDay, reinventing the REIT and good actors in crypto
Nov 10, 2023
It’s been a long time since we’ve seen such positive signals in fintech
Nov 08, 2023
Equity Monday: The race to build tomorrow’s AI models, and signs of life in the crypto markets
Nov 06, 2023
'Buy now, pay later' is just another way of saying 'debt'
Nov 03, 2023
When does a startup know it’s time to spread its wings?
Nov 01, 2023
Equity Monday: Governments are getting their AI-regulating boots on
Oct 30, 2023
Bonus episode: What we learned from SBF's testimony with Jacquelyn Melinek from Chain Reaction
Oct 28, 2023
AI is going to make Big Tech even bigger, and richer
Oct 27, 2023
The Theory Ventures venture theory with Tomasz Tunguz
Oct 25, 2023
Equity Monday: Here’s hoping genAI can make Siri better
Oct 23, 2023
We're sending a cake to the next fintech startup that goes public
Oct 20, 2023
The venture market is overcorrecting
Oct 18, 2023
Equity Monday: Investors have not given up on web3 gaming
Oct 16, 2023
The FTX co-founder and Alameda CEO didn’t hold back at SBF’s trial (Chain Reaction)
Oct 14, 2023
How do you pronounce IaaS?
Oct 13, 2023
Why Medium is opting out of AI
Oct 11, 2023
Equity Monday: The AI race, crypto doldrums, and the future of fake fish
Oct 09, 2023
The whole venture merry-go-round is decelerating
Oct 06, 2023
SBF's trial has started, and here's what you missed (Equity x Chain Reaction crossover)
Oct 05, 2023
Equity Monday: Where fintech is strongest as SBF heads to court
Oct 02, 2023
YC, OpenAI and the trough of disillusionment
Sep 29, 2023
Don't forget to jargon check your AI
Sep 27, 2023
Equity Monday: Everyone loves Anthropic
Sep 25, 2023
Are you feeling Disrupted?
Sep 22, 2023
Equity Live: Self-flying helicopters, AI and the battle of the features
Sep 20, 2023
We'll probably retire before Databricks IPOs
Sep 15, 2023
What’s more venture capital than space lasers?
Sep 13, 2023
Equity Monday: Instacart, Klaviyo and the art of the unicorn haircut
Sep 11, 2023
Who shuts down the shut down-ers?
Sep 08, 2023
Y Combinator is still paranoid (re-run)
Sep 06, 2023
Equity Tuesday: Arm's IPO won't resurrect private-market liquidity
Sep 05, 2023
What’s the opposite of a lean startup?
Sep 01, 2023
What founders can escape venture's no-man's land?
Aug 30, 2023
Equity Monday: IPOs are back and the Equity crew is feasting
Aug 28, 2023
Gen-Z is rewriting the rules of the Internet, and here's how startups should respond
Aug 26, 2023
Startups that are Ramp-ing up, and startups that are full of sh**
Aug 25, 2023
LatAm 'plays on hard mode' according to VC Mercedes Bent
Aug 23, 2023
Equity Monday: Robotaxis hit a speed bump and IPOs are back on the menu
Aug 21, 2023
Some good news, some Better.com news
Aug 18, 2023
The software market, AI moats, and when to go public with Amplitude CEO Spenser Skates
Aug 16, 2023
Equity Monday: Another $100M for AI, why not
Aug 14, 2023
Ladies and gentlemen: the dregs of the SPAC boom
Aug 11, 2023
Maybe we shouldn't sue away DEI in venture
Aug 09, 2023
Equity Monday: Have we reached peak smartphone?
Aug 07, 2023
Chain Reaction: Ripple’s chief legal officer talks SEC lawsuit, XRP ‘win’ and future regulation (w/ Stu Alderoty)
Aug 04, 2023
Yeah, but is that venture backable?
Aug 02, 2023
Equity Monday: Twitter's rebrand is a go, and we're Blazing Our Collective Glory
Jul 31, 2023
It's always earnings season if you look hard enough
Jul 28, 2023
What’s next for social media from someone who’s Extremely Online
Jul 26, 2023
Please re-xeet this podcast episode
Jul 24, 2023
That's capitalism, baby!
Jul 21, 2023
Venture's Q2 was calm (and that's not good)
Jul 19, 2023
Equity Monday: Intel backs robotics startup, Twitter loses money, and fintech shows signs of life
Jul 17, 2023
We're in the pruning phase of tech layoffs
Jul 14, 2023
Is ChatGPT the iBeer of LLMs?
Jul 12, 2023
Equity Monday: People like Threads
Jul 10, 2023
Hey, stuck startups, reducing growth could make you less fundable
Jul 07, 2023
Steering through venture's global correction with the GPCA's CEO
Jul 05, 2023
Well done, Pismo and Visa! You gave SoftBank a win
Jun 30, 2023
Nubank's CEO explains what the US could learn from LatAm fintech
Jun 28, 2023
Equity Monday: Crypto ticks higher, fintech gets interesting again and fraud is still bad
Jun 26, 2023
Dropbox hearts AI, the creator-platform wars and why we’re bullish on fake booze
Jun 23, 2023
The startup boom failed to build a creator utopia
Jun 21, 2023
Alibaba shakes up its leadership, OpenAI lobbies EU regulators, and the late-stage market is a mess
Jun 20, 2023
Sequoia does to itself what the Biden administration wants to do with Google
Jun 09, 2023
Charting the future of the early-stage venture market with Carta’s CEO
Jun 08, 2023
Equity Monday: Revenge of the Mutual Funds
Jun 05, 2023
Okay startup names and why fintech is rebounding
Jun 02, 2023
SecureSave's secret weapon: Suze Orman
May 31, 2023
Equity Monday: AI can do everything, but can crypto do something?
May 30, 2023
Daylight's sunset and Meta's year of focus
May 26, 2023
When will the paper unicorns fold?
May 24, 2023
Equity Monday: Meta and data, chips and dips, and crypto and meltdowns
May 22, 2023
The billionaires are trying to live longer… again
May 19, 2023
In a more conservative venture capital market, will big tech step up?
May 17, 2023
Equity Monday: Vice files for bankruptcy, Foxconn's investment in India, and two fascinating startup rounds
May 15, 2023
Venture-backed everything for real world problems, please
May 12, 2023
How do you know when it’s time to shut down?
May 10, 2023
Equity Monday: Shrinking unicorns and the embarrassment of meme coins
May 08, 2023
Aaron Burr’s tech angle, blue skies, and no photos at this time
May 05, 2023
The outside advantage that your investor may be interested in
May 03, 2023
Equity Monday: Hey look, OpenAI is even richer now
May 01, 2023
Is First Republic just a victim of SVB’s collapse?
Apr 28, 2023
A modern take on what an entrepreneur can, and should, spend their time on
Apr 26, 2023
Equity Monday: Unpacking the Twitter blues
Apr 24, 2023
Early Stage 2023: IRL is B-A-C-K
Apr 21, 2023
Who captures the most value after the SaaS-acre? Enterprises or Startups?
Apr 19, 2023
Equity Monday: What's an Angry Bird worth?
Apr 17, 2023
Unicorns are rare, but what about real?
Apr 14, 2023
Founders shouldn't have to choose between mental health and grit
Apr 12, 2023
The petty shall inherit the pennies
Apr 10, 2023
Don’t ever leak data, but especially if you’re building this type of startup
Apr 07, 2023
How hard was it to raise venture capital in Q1?
Apr 06, 2023
Welcome to Q2, Equity family
Apr 03, 2023
Burn, community, burn
Mar 31, 2023
AI's moral compass with the responsible AI expert behind CredoAI
Mar 29, 2023
Not all unicorns are in trouble, just a lot of them
Mar 27, 2023
Not-so-fake dry powder, AI and the future of DAOs
Mar 24, 2023
One of venture’s most iconic duos wants to have a word with you
Mar 22, 2023
As banks totter, crypto is busy racking up gains
Mar 20, 2023
Don’t use Sam Altman and AI hype in the same sentence
Mar 17, 2023
One founder's account of what is left behind from SVB's crash
Mar 15, 2023
The one where Alex and Natasha catch the Equity audience up on SVB
Mar 13, 2023
Flat is the new up, down is the new flat, dead is the new down
Mar 10, 2023
Dear startups, your developers and engineers are on an island
Mar 08, 2023
Equity Monday: We'd give an arm and a leg for an ARM IPO filing
Mar 06, 2023
Bonus Episode: Say Hello to the Startup Battlefield Winner
Mar 06, 2023
Why hasn’t generative AI come up with something easier to say than “generative AI”?
Mar 03, 2023
This is fintech's 'Noah's Ark Year'
Mar 01, 2023
Bonus Episode: Getting to know the Battlefield 200
Feb 27, 2023
Equity Monday: Who still loves fintech?
Feb 27, 2023
Scooters and social media companies are surprising IPO candidates
Feb 24, 2023
Female check-writers alone aren’t enough to close the female fundraising gap, data shows
Feb 22, 2023
Bonus Episode: Making the Pitch Perfect
Feb 20, 2023
Outsized seed rounds, neobanks and booming M&A? Well hello, 2023
Feb 17, 2023
Caretakers, ageism and other topics venture needs to stop overlooking
Feb 15, 2023
Bonus Episode: The Startup Battlefield Basics
Feb 13, 2023
Wait a secondary
Feb 10, 2023
The individual mistake that tech startups are collectively making
Feb 08, 2023
Equity Monday: SoftBank's vibe shift is using silence loudly
Feb 06, 2023
The impact investor and climate correspondent walk into a bar
Feb 03, 2023
Be relevant, or get downturned
Feb 01, 2023
Equity Monday: If (and only if) McDonald's had an appetite for acquisitions
Jan 30, 2023
You could be Wasted and not even know it
Jan 27, 2023
All is fair in love and moderation
Jan 25, 2023
Equity Monday: All that VC dry powder is damper than you think
Jan 23, 2023
Gas, Slay, what’s next? Fire?
Jan 20, 2023
What's next for the entrepreneur behind Layoffs.FYI
Jan 18, 2023
Equity Monday: Twitter rivals, unicorn trivia and valuation homework
Jan 17, 2023
Frank-ly, the Kardashian method won’t work for SBF
Jan 13, 2023
Will what happened at CES stay at CES?
Jan 11, 2023
Equity Monday: Generative AI's Magic Leap
Jan 09, 2023
CES, NYE, SBF and FTX. Lol.
Jan 06, 2023
Equity Monday: Remember how this whole working thing works?
Jan 03, 2023
2022's best and worst dinner guest: Elon Musk
Dec 30, 2022
Failure is a choose-your-own adventure for startups (re-run)
Dec 28, 2022
Special episode: Augmenting creativity with Alice Albrecht from re:collect (Found)
Dec 27, 2022
Special episode: How to pitch a Series A (TechCrunch Live Podcast)
Dec 23, 2022
Brex's 2022 reality
Dec 21, 2022
Special episode: SBF doesn't need SPF where he's going and other TC news (The TechCrunch Podcast)
Dec 19, 2022
Equity's 2023 predictions on the future of building, crypto and AI
Dec 16, 2022
The impact of hype with Clubhouse's Paul Davison
Dec 14, 2022
Special episode: AI art? More like AI fart and other TC news (The TechCrunch Podcast)
Dec 12, 2022
2022: The good, the bad, and the wake-up calls
Dec 09, 2022
Ego-ish: how tech's main characters are all a bit different
Dec 07, 2022
Is this what good news feels like?
Dec 05, 2022
Are we bullfighting in Spain? Because that's a red flag
Dec 02, 2022
How tech PR's job changed in 2022
Nov 30, 2022
What's next on crypto's chopping block?
Nov 28, 2022
Party rounds are either the dinner party of your dreams or the one where no one shows up (re-post)
Nov 25, 2022
Tech’s homogeneity problem
Nov 23, 2022
Good morning, assets are selling off
Nov 21, 2022
Pick your poison: recruitment or retention?
Nov 18, 2022
Corporate comms for the startup soul
Nov 17, 2022
Cleanup, aisle FTX
Nov 14, 2022
It’s not a rug pull if it’s an accident
Nov 11, 2022
Tech layoffs may get worse before they get better
Nov 09, 2022
One day all tech news will merely be updates to Twitter moderation policies
Nov 07, 2022
Most of the unicorns aren’t
Nov 04, 2022
Investors are either ghosting, quiet quitting or rewriting their entire playbook
Nov 02, 2022
Elon Musk and Twitter Close Deal: Hot Takes (Bonus Episode)
Oct 31, 2022
Twitter is a startup again, I guess
Oct 31, 2022
I regret to inform you that Elon has something to do with this
Oct 28, 2022
Yes, Chief
Oct 26, 2022
Seeing startups tackle the health of our planet is giving me life
Oct 24, 2022
Will your company cut your benefits or your coworkers first? (re-post)
Oct 21, 2022
Well, that was Fast: Equity Live at TechCrunch Disrupt
Oct 19, 2022
Good morning! We regret to inform you that the wealthy are at it again
Oct 17, 2022
What’s the TAM of the 1%?
Oct 14, 2022
Sarah Guo isn’t late to the AI party
Oct 12, 2022
It would be nice to not talk about Elon Musk for a bit
Oct 10, 2022
Musk and Kardashian remind us to stop crying for the wealthy
Oct 07, 2022
What's next for creator-focused startups now that the venture boom is over?
Oct 05, 2022
Welcome to Q4, crypto fans and Tesla stans
Oct 03, 2022
We’re all just a Hop, Skip and a Drive away from a better Hustle
Sep 30, 2022
Building startups in public has an end date
Sep 28, 2022
Hey, look, some startups are still raising money
Sep 26, 2022
When VCs fund the thing you didn't think they'd ever fund
Sep 23, 2022
Network isn't a dirty word
Sep 21, 2022
Line goes down
Sep 19, 2022
Chain Reaction x Equity talk the Ethereum Merge
Sep 17, 2022
Where's the center of the startup world? Depends on which VC you ask
Sep 16, 2022
Y Combinator is still paranoid
Sep 14, 2022
The ETH merge cometh
Sep 12, 2022
Stanford moonshot promises near-term profitability with no-code magical mushrooms, ft. Plaid of X
Sep 10, 2022
Kim Kardashian and the financialization of trendsetters
Sep 09, 2022
As the economy falters, tracking the money behind the money
Sep 07, 2022
Welcome to YC and Apple week
Sep 06, 2022
We Reali don't know when real estate will get Better
Sep 02, 2022
Party rounds are either the dinner party of your dreams or the one where no one shows up
Aug 31, 2022
Does venture capital need a shot in the arm?
Aug 29, 2022
Press and Law v. Adam and Elon
Aug 26, 2022
Black Girls Code's developing story offers a complicated look at lots of different things
Aug 24, 2022
What's a crypto exchange worth?
Aug 22, 2022
Will your company cut your benefits or your coworkers first?
Aug 19, 2022
Let's officially stop comparing Adam Neumann and Elizabeth Holmes
Aug 17, 2022
Startup yachts, Adam Neumann and wait what year is it again?
Aug 15, 2022
So, when is the SoftBank Execution Fund III dropping?
Aug 12, 2022
Founders, whales, and the sea change in the entrepreneurial energy
Aug 10, 2022
How to lose money, SoftBank edition
Aug 08, 2022
Robinhood's hangover, YC's reduction and Uber's return to form
Aug 05, 2022
Is it the bootstrapper’s time to jump on the venture treadmill?
Aug 03, 2022
Public tech's espresso shot is quite literally The Cloud
Aug 01, 2022
Crypto and securities, back of the postcard version
Jul 29, 2022
A niche facet of startup employee pay, explained
Jul 27, 2022
Why you have to pay attention to the public markets this week
Jul 25, 2022
Thanks to Amazon, One Medical and Whole Foods are on the same dang shelf
Jul 22, 2022
OK, don't fear: the long shots are still getting venture funding
Jul 20, 2022
When will India make up its mind about crypto?
Jul 18, 2022
Building the future of robotics
Jul 16, 2022
Wordle, hurdles and Sally’s early retirement
Jul 15, 2022
Roe's reversal will shake up how startups are built
Jul 13, 2022
Cost cutting, layoffs remain leading startup themes
Jul 11, 2022
Cauldrons, Bolts and sour markets: Welcome to Halloween in July
Jul 08, 2022
Why build a tech mafia when you can just build each other?
Jul 06, 2022
Contrarian bets in a downturn
Jul 05, 2022
When do layoffs matter? Trick question - always
Jul 01, 2022
Understanding the not-so-fine print of 2022 term sheets
Jun 29, 2022
Leverage, red flags, and a changing venture landscape
Jun 27, 2022
All this startup news, and we didn’t even talk about Juul
Jun 24, 2022
Fintech's fever can't make up its mind
Jun 22, 2022
The fintech funding market is not dead
Jun 21, 2022
This feels like a SoftBank deal from 4 years ago
Jun 17, 2022
We're entering an era of, um, creative accounting in startups
Jun 15, 2022
Crisis! On the blockchain
Jun 13, 2022
Looking back at the venture market of one year ago
Jun 10, 2022
The early signs of startup layoffs to come
Jun 08, 2022
Sheryl Sandberg, Substack and the art of still raising money for groceries
Jun 03, 2022
How investors are playing offense right now (their words, our two cents)
Jun 01, 2022
Faster ML models, crypto M&A, and what's ahead for on-demand pricing
May 31, 2022
A ping-pong match between bulls and bears
May 27, 2022
We think founders need a quick Heart to Heart about the market
May 25, 2022
Will falling tech valuations kick off a M&A boom?
May 23, 2022
A Twitter Bot Wrote This
May 20, 2022
Is there hope for digital health startups post-Roe?
May 18, 2022
What's ahead for crypto startups?
May 16, 2022
How close are we to understanding what's going on?
May 13, 2022
Tech layoffs don't happen to companies, they happen to people
May 11, 2022
The dominoes are falling
May 09, 2022
Stripe is playing checkers with Plaid
May 06, 2022
Ok, this one is for the crypto-curious
May 04, 2022
How to failwhale the blockchain
May 02, 2022
Does it smell like teen spirit, or teen bankruptcy?
Apr 29, 2022
Yes, we're talking about Elon
Apr 27, 2022
What will Elon actually do if he buys Twitter?
Apr 25, 2022
If you could go to Andreessen Horowitz or YC as a startup, which would you choose?
Apr 22, 2022
More money doesn’t mean more growth, and other startup myths
Apr 20, 2022
Are poison pills really that bitter?
Apr 18, 2022
‘The Ultimatum’ and social fintech have more in common than you’d think
Apr 15, 2022
Venture needs crypto more than crypto needs venture
Apr 13, 2022
Did we learn anything from the Elon-Twitter brouhaha?
Apr 11, 2022
Startups in 2022 are indeed ‘harder, Better, Faster, stronger’
Apr 08, 2022
Failure is a choose-your-own adventure for startups
Apr 06, 2022
Equity Monday: Elon's Twitter stake and the fate of rival social networks
Apr 04, 2022
Instacart now delivers market trends
Apr 01, 2022
Demo days definitely amplify a brand, but not the one you'd think
Mar 30, 2022
Gearing up for demo day
Mar 28, 2022
It's a fintech world, and we're just living in it
Mar 25, 2022
The $2B dollar baby
Mar 23, 2022
When is an accelerator not an accelerator?
Mar 21, 2022
Series B is the attention-seeking middle child of financing rounds
Mar 18, 2022
If Tiger Global shows up, will there be new stripes in early-stage?
Mar 16, 2022
The inevitable codification of Silicon Valley's relationships
Mar 14, 2022
SPAC is a four-letter word again
Mar 11, 2022
You can't buy a community, so make it worth it
Mar 09, 2022
Is the AR and VR market only for trillion dollar companies?
Mar 07, 2022
As Equity turns five, we send our dear friend Chris Gates onto his next adventure
Mar 04, 2022
Fintech TAM explained by dating apps
Mar 02, 2022
Equity Monday: Fintech consolidation could be picking up
Feb 28, 2022
Equity Live: A short note about the ongoing situation in Ukraine
Feb 24, 2022
Recruit, retain, resign, re-skill, repeat
Feb 23, 2022
Equity Monday: Tensions go up, stocks go down
Feb 22, 2022
Will rising interest rates decimate startup valuations?
Feb 19, 2022
Do you want your paycheck in crypto?
Feb 18, 2022
It's a boom! It's a bubble? It's a correction.
Feb 16, 2022
Equity Monday: Welcome to crypto game day
Feb 14, 2022
How much is a pitch deck really worth?
Feb 11, 2022
Crawling toward the metaverse
Feb 09, 2022
Equity Monday: How many times must Spotify step on a rake?
Feb 07, 2022
Making sense of the Paypal and Alphabet earnings
Feb 05, 2022
Taxing crypto only makes it stronger
Feb 04, 2022
F*ck creator funds, we need a creator index fund
Feb 02, 2022
Equity Monday: If you don't want to be criticized for your editorial choices, don't make editorial choices
Jan 31, 2022
Membership, mentorship or just messy
Jan 28, 2022
Is today's market sad or sane?
Jan 26, 2022
Is the party over?
Jan 24, 2022
Wordle's Blizzard of transparency
Jan 21, 2022
How many unicorns are just piñatas filled with expired candy?
Jan 19, 2022
Equity Tuesday: What to make of the Microsoft-Blizzard deal
Jan 18, 2022
Friends with benefits of the financial world
Jan 14, 2022
Would you marry your investors?
Jan 12, 2022
Equity Monday: The end of cheap money, and Take-Two buys Zynga
Jan 10, 2022
Can you build centralized islands in a decentralized ocean?
Jan 07, 2022
Equity Monday: Big Tesla numbers juice EV companies
Jan 03, 2022
The Equity team's 2022 predictions
Dec 31, 2021
Memes, money and madness: 2021 in tech
Dec 24, 2021
You are the most influential person we know
Dec 17, 2021
Equity Monday: Crypto hacks and a scuttled AI IPO
Dec 13, 2021
Your local trucker is giving us creator economy vibes
Dec 10, 2021
Equity Monday: When does a selloff become a rout?
Dec 06, 2021
Square's Better.com name Block is Butter-y smooth
Dec 03, 2021
Have we reached peak founder-friendliness?
Dec 01, 2021
Jack's personal news
Nov 29, 2021
Equity Monday: New unicorns kick off the week as India get cross with Starlink
Nov 29, 2021
Found: Cellino
Nov 26, 2021
Financial flash mobs meet fundraising memes
Nov 24, 2021
Equity Monday: Paytm's rocky debut gets rockier
Nov 22, 2021
Co-founder titles aren't a formality, they're a morality
Nov 19, 2021
Did Zillow get high on its own supply?
Nov 17, 2021
Equity Monday: Startups rush to announce news before holiday slowdown
Nov 15, 2021
Wall Street still doesn't get crypto
Nov 13, 2021
Tiger's den of due diligence
Nov 12, 2021
Vertically-farmed wasabi arugula isn't a hypothetical
Nov 10, 2021
Equity Monday: Elon Musk reinvents corporate governance
Nov 08, 2021
Three quarters of record-breaking funding for female founders is a win
Nov 05, 2021
The inherent tensions within Venture capital
Nov 03, 2021
Equity Monday: The beginning of the end of ‘996’
Nov 01, 2021
The new alchemy is turning gold to crypto
Oct 29, 2021
Divining the future of VC, saying goodbye to Danny
Oct 27, 2021
Trillion dollar Tesla
Oct 25, 2021
Equity Monday: PayPal punts on Pinterest as Facebook's hell month continues
Oct 25, 2021
Another month, another billion dollars in value appreciation
Oct 22, 2021
PayPal picking Pinterest puts us in a parsing pickle
Oct 20, 2021
NerdWallet, Gen Z, and the value of the written word
Oct 20, 2021
Equity Monday: Welcome to bigtech hardware week
Oct 18, 2021
Oct 16, 2021
Coinbase goes fishing for Opensea’s catch
Oct 15, 2021
How to sell clothes online and actually make money
Oct 13, 2021
Equity Monday: I hear this fintech thing is going to be big
Oct 11, 2021
Community is the new AI
Oct 08, 2021
The metaverse is coming for Squid Game
Oct 06, 2021
Equity Monday: Byju's raises more money, somehow, as tech stocks fall
Oct 04, 2021
Why did the Zoom-Five9 deal eat %#*& and die?
Oct 02, 2021
Here for influencer-branded mac and cheese
Oct 01, 2021
Finding fraud in a world of fast-moving deals
Sep 29, 2021
Equity Monday: Instagram pauses youth product as Amplitude, Warby Parker prep public offerings
Sep 27, 2021
Winner of Startup Battlefield is...
Sep 24, 2021
Freshworks, Toast go public and we have Takes
Sep 22, 2021
Equity Monday: A global selloff to kick off Disrupt week
Sep 20, 2021
A knock against bootstrapping
Sep 17, 2021
Why bringing you emergency toothpaste could be big business
Sep 15, 2021
The Equity crew riffs on the Intuit-Mailchimp news
Sep 13, 2021
Equity Monday: Market pessimism, new iPhones, and IPOs
Sep 13, 2021
BNPL is not a winner-takes-all game
Sep 10, 2021
Tik Tok, influencers on the clock
Sep 08, 2021
Equity Monday: Women's employment drops, as Delta's drama continues
Sep 07, 2021
Private equity giveth, and private equity taketh away
Sep 03, 2021
Lessons from Y Combinator's demo day
Aug 31, 2021
Equity Monday: Y Combinator Demo Day Approaches
Aug 30, 2021
The bar for behavioral health startups just got higher
Aug 28, 2021
The pure hell of managing your JPEGs
Aug 27, 2021
Politico sells, Forbes SPACs, and Vice cuts
Aug 26, 2021
OnlyFans' policy change is a tale as old as the internet
Aug 25, 2021
Equity Monday: Stocks up, cryptos up, regulation up
Aug 23, 2021
Men are a niche demographic
Aug 20, 2021
The hottest fintech market you aren't paying attention to
Aug 18, 2021
Equity Monday: Hacks, IPOs, and the next generation of American tech giants
Aug 16, 2021
Crypto's coming of age moment
Aug 14, 2021
Don't give your weed dealer all your data
Aug 13, 2021
When the economic tide goes out
Aug 11, 2021
Equity Monday: Apple's privacy flap continues as crypto regulation looms
Aug 09, 2021
Found: Sara Spangelo, Swarm
Aug 06, 2021
When the goals of PR and journalism don't align
Aug 04, 2021
The tale of two edtech IPOs
Aug 02, 2021
Growth is not enough
Jul 30, 2021
The mmhmm story and how it plans to spend its $100M
Jul 28, 2021
Equity Monday: China boosts pressure on its tech sector as Duolingo's IPO looks to raise a few more bucks
Jul 26, 2021
Duolingo's bellwether IPO
Jul 23, 2021
How WeWork's Adam Neumann made a pigeon look like a swan
Jul 21, 2021
Equity Monday: Zoom buys Five9 as Robinhood sets IPO price range
Jul 19, 2021
The price differential for engineers is declining
Jul 16, 2021
Your funding round isn't special, but you might be
Jul 14, 2021
Equity Monday: Cybersecurity startups see deluge of capital as Microsoft looks to buy RiskIQ
Jul 12, 2021
Mmhmm, it’s the most ridiculous story we’ve ever heard
Jul 09, 2021
Tune in, SPAC on, drop LSD
Jul 07, 2021
Didi gets hit by Chinese government, and Pelo raises $150M
Jul 06, 2021
California has no water and lots of liquidity
Jul 02, 2021
Robinhood is going public and we're very excited
Jul 01, 2021
Dear economy, creators aren't fragile plants
Jun 30, 2021
Equity Monday: Big iPads, and Ballmer-era Google
Jun 28, 2021
Equity Extras: Q&A from the live show
Jun 26, 2021
Equity Live: This is what leadership smells like
Jun 25, 2021
How many lives does bitcoin have?
Jun 23, 2021
Equity Monday: China hates crypto, and the Vision Fund's vision lives on
Jun 21, 2021
Owning the paycheck is the key to fintech success
Jun 18, 2021
Every startup needs an in-house senate
Jun 16, 2021
What does Uber and birth control have in common?
Jun 14, 2021
The huge TAM of fake breaded chicken bits
Jun 11, 2021
The imbalanced landscape of hormonal health
Jun 09, 2021
Equity Monday: Jeff's going to space, and everyone wants a piece of Flipkart
Jun 07, 2021
Amazon is now open to getting sued
Jun 04, 2021
Why sports tech is bigger than a game
Jun 02, 2021
Equity Tuesday: Everyone is raising money at the same time
Jun 01, 2021
The SPAC trash ticker is counting down
May 28, 2021
Cataclysms are a growth industry
May 26, 2021
Equity Monday: Crypto's awful weekend, Apple v. Epic, and funding rounds galore
May 24, 2021
LinkedIn is the reason Apple made the M1 chip
May 21, 2021
What has four wheels and loses money?
May 19, 2021
Equity Monday: Elon Musk Elon Musk's the crypto markets, while Indian startups raise huge rounds
May 17, 2021
Hundreds of SPACs waiting in the woods
May 14, 2021
Duolingo swipes Tinder in a Clash Royale
May 12, 2021
Equity Monday: Dogecoin is passé, but student notes are big business
May 10, 2021
If 12% is the new 30%, 4% is the new 12%
May 07, 2021
The morality and efficacy of going public earlier
May 05, 2021
Equity Monday: TechCrunch goes Yahoo while welding robots raise $56M
May 03, 2021
The second shot is kicking in
Apr 30, 2021
In a room with no smart speaker, Alexa can't hear you scream
Apr 28, 2021
Equity Monday: Social media crackdowns, earnings, and a funding deluge
Apr 26, 2021
No one is talking about remote work from space
Apr 23, 2021
The rise of the next Coinbase, thanks to Coinbase
Apr 21, 2021
Equity Monday: Clubhouse, UiPath, and the crypto flash crash
Apr 19, 2021
Do you need a SPAC therapist?
Apr 16, 2021
Why expensive workout gear is actually cheap
Apr 14, 2021
Equity Monday: Microsoft buys Nuance, Uber isn't dead, and Austin has a new unicorn
Apr 12, 2021
Creator economy’s slow burn
Apr 09, 2021
Introducing: Found
Apr 07, 2021
Equity Monday: Edtech consolidation, and Amazon continues to make you like it less
Apr 05, 2021
Clubhouse will create billions in value and capture none of it
Apr 02, 2021
Tips for founders thinking about doing a remote accelerator
Mar 31, 2021
Equity Monday: Deliveroo, ServiceTitan, and Robinhood for everywhere
Mar 29, 2021
You can only invest if you promise not to read the fine print, ok?
Mar 26, 2021
Equity Crowdfunding is making the private markets public
Mar 24, 2021
Equity Monday: Deliveroo sets IPO price range as we gear up for Y Combinator week
Mar 22, 2021
Forget medicine, in the future you might get prescribed apps
Mar 19, 2021
Pregame Y Combinator with Equity
Mar 17, 2021
Equity Monday: Stripe's epic new valuation, Deliveroo's IPO, and WeWork numbers
Mar 15, 2021
Can you beat Google with Google's brains?
Mar 12, 2021
NFTs are changing cultural value creation
Mar 10, 2021
Equity Monday: More money for fintech, Deliveroo's IPO, and AI startups
Mar 08, 2021
SoftBank makes mountains of cash off of human laziness
Mar 05, 2021
$100 million for mealworms
Mar 03, 2021
Equity Monday: More venture money for Europe, and public companies blast off
Mar 01, 2021
Why are we still dating LinkedIn in 2021?
Feb 26, 2021
SpaceX is really just SPAC and an ex
Feb 24, 2021
Equity Monday: Everyone is going public so what's wrong with your startup?
Feb 22, 2021
A16z doesn't invest, it manifests
Feb 18, 2021
Equity Monday: The electric car boom, tech regulation, and some sad American VC data
Feb 15, 2021
Does SoftBank have 20 more DoorDashes?
Feb 12, 2021
Equity Shot: What's next for the startup software market
Feb 10, 2021
Equity Monday: Tesla buys bitcoin, Nexthink raises, and Bumble
Feb 08, 2021
A lake house architect, a Miami VC, and homeowner walk into a wine bar
Feb 04, 2021
Equity Monday: Rich tech folks chat rich tech things on rich tech app funded by rich tech investors
Feb 01, 2021
Why calendar invites are worth $3B
Jan 28, 2021
Robinhood stops the games
Jan 28, 2021
Equity Monday: Clubhouse, Taboola, and why the SPAC wave will get worse
Jan 25, 2021
The only take about the future of media is that media is the future
Jan 21, 2021
Equity Tuesday: Everyone's raising money, and Wrike exits yet again
Jan 19, 2021
Checkout wants to be Rapyd and Fast
Jan 16, 2021
The end of Plaid-Visa, and Palantir's growing startup mafia
Jan 14, 2021
Equity Monday: Cryptos fall, the deplatforming rush, and fitness tech stays hot
Jan 11, 2021
Who is underpricing Roblox?
Jan 09, 2021
Hopin might be the fastest growth story of this era
Jan 07, 2021
Equity Monday: Unionization at Alphabet, Tesla's delivery achievement, and CRED raises $81M
Jan 04, 2021
The Equity crew predicts what's to come in 2021
Dec 31, 2020
Equity Monday: No, tech news doesn't stop over the holidays
Dec 28, 2020
Five VCs discuss what surprised them the most in 2020
Dec 24, 2020
Equity Monday: Billion-dollar deals, JetBrain's epic profitability, and our favorite new VC rounds
Dec 21, 2020
The Venn diagram between crypto and OnlyFans
Dec 17, 2020
Equity Monday: IPO delays and mega-deals kickstart the week
Dec 14, 2020
Do the celebrities help the startups or do the startups help the celebrities?
Dec 10, 2020
Equity Monday: Airbnb pricing, Sequoia makes money, and early-stage rounds
Dec 07, 2020
What about $30 billion under 30
Dec 03, 2020
Equity Shot: Salesforce's $27.7 billion-dollar Slack message
Dec 01, 2020
Equity Monday: HungryPanda raises $70M, trade tensions, and cross-border VC
Nov 30, 2020
Equity Dive: Edtech’s 2020 wakeup call
Nov 26, 2020
Equity Monday: Good vaccine news, three rounds, and why IPOs are trending
Nov 23, 2020
All IPOs should be paid for in Robux
Nov 21, 2020
Fintech unicorn Affirm has a lot of eggs in one basket
Nov 19, 2020
Equity shot: Airbnb's IPO is finally here
Nov 16, 2020
Equity Monday: C3.AI files to go public and Vision Fund 2 leads $100M round
Nov 16, 2020
Th O’s r ptinal, th dllrs r mndtry
Nov 12, 2020
Equity Monday: Vaccine news scrambles the stock market, shakes up startups
Nov 09, 2020
Fortnite is actually a SaaS company
Nov 05, 2020
Equity Monday: Edtech and insurtech stay red-hot
Nov 02, 2020
Equity shot: Boo! It's the Halloween earnings special!
Oct 31, 2020
Tech optimism...in this economy?
Oct 29, 2020
Equity Monday: SAP’s warning, and IPO updates for both Airbnb and Databricks
Oct 26, 2020
Quibi’s shortform life
Oct 22, 2020
Equity Shot: The DoJ, Google, and the suit could mean for startups
Oct 20, 2020
Equity Monday 10/19
Oct 19, 2020
When was the last time you worked out your soul?
Oct 15, 2020
Equity Monday 10/12
Oct 12, 2020
No-code is the new blockchain
Oct 08, 2020
Equity Monday 10/05
Oct 05, 2020