From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

By Rachel Brathen

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Category: Self-Help

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Rachel Brathen, known as Yoga Girl, is an international yoga teacher and speaker, bestselling author and serial entrepreneur who inspires millions every day. Now – Rachel offers an even more intimate look into her life and the inspiring journey. Weekly episodes of storytelling and talks from Rachel (sometimes alongside special guests!) dive into topics such as love, trust, finding balance, overcoming adversity and of course, yoga and well-being.

The light you are seeking is within your own heart.

Join Rachel as she helps you uncover it, from her heart to yours.

Episode Date
Catching Up

Feeling emotional, Rachel begins her first solo episode in almost a month catching up on all the recent changes that have come about in her life – from launching her YouTube channel to getting steps closer to the big initiative she has been hinting at so much. With James Aspey visiting Rachel in Aruba, it is no surprise that veganism has also been a topic on her mind. She discusses her family dynamic; how Rachel and Luna are vegan while Dennis is not – and how Dennis was admittedly worried about living with 4 vegans for more than a week (tune in to see how that worked out for him!). 

From smaller things like what we eat in a day to larger things like the complicated topic of cultural appropriation, Rachel touches on judgment and how the fear of being judged is often the first to surface when others view parts of our lives negatively. Moving from this space, she opens up about what she has learned, the changes she has made so far, and how making the yoga practice available for everyone is her number one priority.

How do you receive those challenging moments where your identity is questioned? How do you embrace change – is it towards the direction of more unity and inclusivity or is it further away?

Tune in with Rachel as she discusses these topics with the goal of bringing this community together in a way that has never been done before.

Sep 14, 2018
How to Be a True Ally to Women of Color with Rachel Cargle

In this episode, Rachel introduces her community to Rachel Cargle. A writer, speaker, and educator, Rachel Cargle’s work is centered around educating white women on how they can support women of color in genuine ways. Rachel Cargle begins this discussion by sharing how she began this journey of activism and how she didn’t have a choice as a black woman trying to exist in a world not built to support her. Oppositely, our host Rachel openly shares her ignorance and her fears as a white woman – how scared she was to have this conversation, to do something wrong, and to come across as racist. This sparks one of the most honest and deep conversations yet, on why it is so crucial for all of us to have this conversation – and why it is a privilege if you choose not to have it.

Offering clear definitions and examples of tone policing, spiritual bypassing, white saviourism and exceptionalism, Rachel Cargle clearly shows how good intentions are not enough to erase our impact on society. The truest form of love is anchored in action.

Join the conversation, get uncomfortable, acknowledge your mistakes, question your past, and learn how to be a true ally to women of color. As a community we must do this work, allow ourselves to sit with discomfort and not remain quiet.

Sep 07, 2018
Cultural Appropriation with Susanna Barkataki

In this episode, Rachel invites Susanna Barkataki to discuss the topic of cultural appropriation. Susanna is a teacher, inclusivity promoter, yoga culture advocate and the author of the original article, “How to Decolonize Your Yoga Practice” that was widely circulated across social media over the past few weeks. The conversation begins with Susanna speaking on her personal history of experiencing racism and marginalization growing up in an Indian-British family in the UK and US. Using this as a starting point to discuss what has happened to yoga culture in the Western world, Rachel and Susanna then dive into a deep conversation on this topic. 

What is cultural appropriation? Where do we draw the line between cultural appreciation and appropriation? Rachel opens up to share her fears and past behaviours while Susanna offers true heartfelt advice on how westerners can continue practicing with deep respect for this ancient practice. Join Rachel and Susanna as they discuss these difficult but important questions and open the door for a shift in mindset to take place.

Aug 31, 2018
Life on Tour with Nathan Connelly

In this episode, Rachel is joined by the talented, humble and down-to-earth guitarist from Snow Patrol, Nathan Connolly. First discussing how they randomly ended up in LA together through the connection of a mutual friend, Nathan then dives into how the first show opening for Ed Sheeran went, and what life touring is like (hint: he needs it). From his beginnings singing in a gospel choir to joining Snow Patrol overnight when he was 20, Nathan talks through the history and dynamic of the band, what it felt like to gain recognition for your work, and the meaningfulness that comes when fans take your songs and make them their own. Admitting that he felt nervous talking personally about himself in the beginning of the show, Nathan didn’t let that stop him and Rachel from having a meaningful conversation on everything from brotherhood, living far away from your family, the fine line between being humble and apologetic, making music your life, mental health – and even whether or not he’s sick of the smash-hit “Chasing Cars” yet.

Aug 24, 2018
Here, Now with Seal

In this episode Rachel is joined by none other than beloved international singer, Seal!

True to the spirit of the From the Heart podcast, Seal begins the episode by giving a refreshingly honest answer to how he is feeling in his life now compared to a year ago. He shares how his perspective has changed from feeling helpless, victimized and isolated to feeling simply fantastic – and the incredible story that brought him there. After being forced to search for answers, Seal discusses the three major changes he recently made in his life, from how he lets go of control to his guidelines for connecting with other people. Offering beautiful wisdom and serious life advice – join Rachel and Seal as they discuss true happiness, the lessons they’ve learned from their children, finding your life purpose and everything in between.

Aug 17, 2018
Staying in Alignment - How To Bring Yourself Back To Balance

What does alignment mean for you? What do you need to feel good? Recognizing what is truly important for you is the first step to living a life rooted in your own truth. 

Rachel begins this episode speaking from the heart on how she has compromised her alignment over the previous weeks. Through being tired from working non-stop for too long and getting caught up in late-night Netflix episodes she lost her routine of getting up before sunrise. She speaks on the patterns of misalignment that have showed up throughout her life – and how she even compromised herself for social media(!).

Comparing this to times in her life where she has felt 100% aligned, Rachel recognizes it is simple acts of self-care – simple things like waking up early, staying active, keeping your house in order – that bring the most peace to her life. With that, she speaks of the need for true rest, which does not take place in front of a television.

Aug 10, 2018
My Favorite Books on Yoga and Spirituality

In this episode Rachel shares her all-time favorite books on Yoga and Spirituality. She dives into the words that came along with her on adventures, the stories that supported her, and the passages that changed her life. Books often represent so much more than the paper they are made out of. To Rachel, her books are sacred keepsakes that are filled with little notes, letters, and pictures that tell the story of what she was feeling as she held these books in her hand. 

Do you have books in your life that you return to again and again for many different reasons? From “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass, Pema Chodron’s “When Thing’s Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times” to Rasha’s “Oneness”, join Rachel as she shares the personal connection she has to her favorite books and stories from her own life inspired by each one.

Aug 03, 2018
The Inner Critic (part 2)

In this episode Rachel continues sharing with the rest of her Yoga Teacher Training group on their Inner Critic. The group shares the judgmental, disapproving thoughts they harbour when that negative voice we all have in our heads is leading the way. Now hearing from 50 women from 15 different countries that have shared their most hurtful thoughts they carry about themselves, it becomes so evident that no matter where we come from or how old we are - we are all the same. Then turning toward the Inner Best Friend - the women share the voice that speaks to them with unconditional love and support. What does your inner critic say to you? What would life be like if we spoke to ourselves the way we speak to our best friends? Tune in for the final part of this emotional and vulnerable episode.

Jul 27, 2018
The Inner Critic (part 1)

In this episode Rachel invites her Yoga Teacher Training group to join her in sharing a piece of what their inner critic - that judgmental, disapproving voice we all carry in the back of our heads - speaks of, and what life is like when we live from that place. 52 women from 15 different countries share from a place of deep vulnerability and then turn toward the Inner Best Friend - a voice that speaks with unconditional love and support. What would life be like if I spoke to myself the way I speak to the people I love? Tune in for a very different and heartfelt episode.

Jul 20, 2018
How To Improve Your Alignment and Find A Sustainable Yoga Practice with Lara Heimann

In this episode Rachel is joined once again by yoga teacher, physiotherapist and anatomy genius Lara Heimann. Currently leading a yoga teacher training together, Rachel and Lara discuss everything from their best mothering tips to Lara’s sustainable home. Diving into a deep conversation on the role functional anatomy plays in a yoga practice, Lara breaks down simple poses like downward facing dog, plank, and chaturanga, and notes the common misconceptions people typically bring with them to class. With social media glorifying the overly bendy yogi, they discuss the need to move away from the idea that yoga is simply a pose. Instead, Lara expresses the need for us to be constant critical thinkers when moving in our body in order to protect ourselves from injury. We can find this sense of confidence in our practice by truly connecting to our core – the center of our bodies where all is integrated. It is through our core that we find our sense of courage and strength in ourselves, and ultimately our goals and purpose in life. 

Jul 13, 2018
Moving Through Pain and Holding Space For Growth

Rachel begins this episode by sharing the immense feeling of gratitude she has carried with her lately. Currently immersed in leading a yoga teacher training, she speaks of the deep bond of sisterhood that has been apparent since this new group stepped into the shala. Sensing an overall shift in the feminist movement, Rachel shares how inspiring it is to be surrounded by women that uplift and support one another. 

As we all move along our journeys towards healing, it is crucial to have a community we can turn to that will listen to our struggles and give us tools to move through them. Only by working through the dark and defining moments from our past can we begin to create real change in the world. Rachel dives into the pivotal moments of her life that have shaped her, and how they changed throughout the years, as she was able to open up about them. She ends the episode with the single most defining moment of her life today – and how it is different from all the rest.

Jul 06, 2018
A Wedding Anniversary and Making Things Work with Dennis Schoneveld

In this episode, Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis on their 4th wedding anniversary – after they both almost forgot it. They begin by diving into the intense Spring they had; travelling from country to country in Europe, with a toddler and a dog, while working towards a major business launch. Dennis touches on what travelling means to him after growing up on a tiny island. He also shares what it was like to be on his own with the baby, and his brave decision to travel across the Atlantic with her alone. 

Getting into questions from listeners, Rachel and Dennis discuss their favorite and least favorite things about one another, what Dennis thinks his life would be like if he never met Rachel, his previous girlfriends (even one that Rachel didn’t know about), and when they plan to have more kids.

As a married couple that are raising a baby and running a business together, Dennis and Rachel conclude by sharing how they compromise to make things work, routines that keep them together, and what’s important at the end of the day – like celebrating their anniversary.

Jun 29, 2018
Epiphanies, Self-Care and Being Alone

In this episode, Rachel speaks of her time away from her husband and baby girl and the epiphanies that accompanied her during this time alone. She recollects on her past, and how her childhood shaped her into a ‘fixer’ who always put other’s needs before her own. Now as a working mother, Rachel notices how her attention is pulled in thousands of directions, and still never on herself. After six days on her own, Rachel speaks of the shift she felt in her inner energy and how she reconnected to the grounded and calm person she is at her core. Diving further into this topic, she discusses the ways she can keep this feeling of space and translate it into her everyday life. She realizes that to be a better mother, wife, friend, boss, and more the best thing she can do is take care of herself first. 

We all need to make sure our cup is full before we try to fill others. It is possible to use the resources we have to arrive to a place where prioritizing ourselves is natural. Recognizing this is the first step, then we can go squeeze our loved ones.

Jun 22, 2018
Project Alone Time

In this episode, Rachel speaks on the importance of taking alone time to rejuvenate and practice self-care. With the demands of everyday life, taking time for ourselves can be challenging but is so necessary if we wish to offer our best selves to the world.

Rachel begins the episode by sharing the emotions that surfaced as she left her baby girl and husband back in Sweden and arrived to Aruba alone. She discusses what led her to travel home early and why leaving Lea Luna was especially challenging for her this time. Diving further into this topic, Rachel speaks of the guilt and shame she places on herself as a new mother and we are often our own worst critics. With five days of alone time ahead of her, Rachel shares the fears she faced, what led her to a shift in mindset, and how she plans to fully embrace this opportunity to unwind, practice self-love, and focus on what she wants to do, guilt-free. She ends by sharing the first moments she spent grounding herself back home – the best destination of all.

Jun 15, 2018
Yoga with Usher and An Emergency Toolkit For Wellbeing

Yoga with Usher and An Emergency Toolkit For Wellbeing 

In this episode, Rachel begins sharing how she feels this week – elated, joyful and on top of the world. She begins by sharing her recent experience of taking a yoga class with Usher and what it was like being led by a well known superstar, chanting while he sang, and hearing the messages and intentions he brought forth into the space that deeply resonated with her own. Rachel reflects on his words and dives deeper into the responsibility we all have to use tools we can access to heal ourselves.

Continuing on this subject, she lists the tools in her own emergency toolkit for wellbeing. Everyone needs an emergency toolkit to pull ourselves out of a funk! She shares 10 actions she comes back to when she is down that always make her feel more whole and balanced. Finally, she discusses the overall theme in her life lately – it is okay to go into the dark sometimes. Life is cyclical and filled with highs and lows. However, we should always have ways to bring ourselves back to the light, again and again.

Jun 08, 2018
OSHO Dynamic Meditation and Healing by Feeling

In this episode Rachel discusses the need to release stored emotions and the challenges that arise within us (and later reflected in the state of all of humanity) when we don’t have space to open up and release what’s inside. 

Beginning with a guided 15-minute meditation to first find a place of silence before diving in, she moves on to sharing an experience she just had in Dynamic Meditation. Answering questions she often gets about this strange and somewhat wild way of meditating, she uses this opportunity to describe the Dynamic Meditation she often practices and also discuss the controversial figure Osho and his teachings.

She ventures into the important topic of letting anger and resentment go, and how already as children we are raised that such emotions are shameful. Everyone needs a safe space free of judgment to own their feelings! She gives helpful tips on how to release suppressed emotion, and why it’s important to do so every day. She concludes by coming back to a core principle in her life – that if we fix what’s on the inside, we can then fix what’s on the outside to create true change in the world.

Jun 01, 2018
Triggers and Teachings

In this episode Rachel dives into the topic of using relationships and challenges for growth, finding ways to express your emotions no matter what society says and the beauty of letting your inner child come out to play. 

She begins by discussing the different place she is in this week compared to last. From feeling ungrounded and stagnant, Rachel talks about diving back into work-mode and the new energy that came with it. By moving away from the idea of feeling busy and more into the idea of simply doing, Rachel mentions how stretching on the floor when playing with Lea Luna, or coming into a single child’s pose can be crucial for arriving back home. Diving further into this topic, Rachel talks about how we can all benefit from making yoga part of our every day, weaving practice into everything we do and using it as a tool to ground us again and again. She also talks about her style of parenting and how she deals with Lea Luna’s tantrums and how at the end of the day, a single deep breath can do wonders.

May 25, 2018
Wedding Wonders and Tough Travels

In this episode Rachel talks about her latest European adventures at her best friend’s wedding in the South of France. Feeling like she was taking an intermission from life for the past couple of weeks, Rachel moved around at a high pace and speaks of a deep feeling of being uprooted. She discusses the changes she has seen lately, not only in her group of friends since her wedding four years ago, but in herself as well. Wondering whether this is a transitional feeling or a true personality change, Rachel delves into the reasons she feels so ungrounded – partly due to the difficulties she faced as a vegan in the South of France. She talks about the importance of feeling your feet on the ground, moving the body and nourishing ourselves with good food. Diving further into the topic of veganism, Rachel shares her tips for vegans when travelling, how her own advice didn’t work at all on this particular trip, and the lessons she learned for next time.

May 18, 2018
Powering Through and Mellowing Out

In this episode Rachel reflects on her latest weekend trip to LA to teach a yoga class at a fitness festival. She talks about the different mindset she had being separated from her baby girl compared to previous solo trips, and how this allowed her to turn on the fiery side of her personality so she could tackle an intense weekend with a strict run of show. She shares how staying in the here and now reminded her why she travels to teach yoga for a living – to have fun and connect with her community. Rachel then dives into discussing the flight home, how exhausted she was, and how she lost connection to the here and now. Realizing that her softer side emerged just as she was reuniting with her husband and baby girl, Rachel comes to an epiphany that everything happens in perfect timing.

May 11, 2018
On The Road Again

In this episode Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis while traveling through south of France. They talk about their adventures through Europe and their differences in terms of the kind of traveling they enjoy. Dennis shares what it’s like seeing the world from the eyes of a someone who grew up on a tiny island and Rachel shares how she has changed as a traveler since becoming a mom. They share their favorite parts of the journey so far, challenges that keep coming up and also talk about where in the world they see themselves raising their baby girl. 

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May 04, 2018
Mind, Body and Stories About Pain

In this episode Rachel shares her experience with training with a Naprapath for 8 straight days and learning new, unconventional ways of moving her body. She talks about how she has built a story around her back pain and an old injury and the epiphany that the story around the pain actually may have led her to more of the same. She shares some of the out-of-the-box exercises she has done over the past week, ignoring everything she has learned about yogic alignment, moving out of her comfort zone and leaving the idea of comfort far, far behind. 

Apr 27, 2018
Stress, Anxiety and Accepting The Present Moment

How can we practice being present in the here and now when the moment we are in is particularly challenging? In today’s episode Rachel talks about her latest travels to Europe and how parents should receive awards at the end of long travels with babies. She shares everything that went wrong and how, even with the best intentions, she lost her cool and spent almost two whole days overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. She talks about the power of making peace with the moment and how accepting the here and now can completely transform your life.

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Apr 20, 2018
Movement as Medicine with Lara Heimann

In this episode Rachel is joined by Lara Heimann, physical therapist and anatomy genius. They talk about the dreaded P-word (P-A-I-N) and Lara gives great advice on how to deal with physical discomfort long term. They talk about the dreaded text-neck that’s impacting young adults all across the globe and what remedies to take to avoid it (listen carefully because this applies to us all!). They also discuss myofascial release, how to stay well-aligned and injury free working a desk job, and the key to a healthy life: movement as medicine.

Apr 13, 2018
Serenity, Now

In this episode Rachel is experiencing a few days of serious pain and tells the story of her latest project on her path toward peace: a bathtub. After being given the advice to soak in water as a practice of self-care, she sets out to install a bathtub in her house and what was supposed to be a 2-day project suddenly took on a life of it’s own and became 3 weeks of construction and, of course, disturbance. She shares the realization of how being on the path toward peace can often keep us on the path and never let us arrive at the destination. Oftentimes when we think of relaxation and serenity we have a list of boxes to tick off to get there; we meditate, practice yoga, switch our phones off, read a book, brew a cup of tea, drink a glass of wine, draw a bath… When what was supposed to become a new practice of self-care instead became another element of stress, Rachel realized that she can indeed spend every evening soaking in a bathtub, candles lit, but that peace still won’t be guaranteed. Are these elements necessary? Or is there a way to make peace with what is here, now; whether we are in pain or at ease? Listen in to hear more. 

Apr 06, 2018
From Suicide to Sobriety with Shama Persson

In this episode Rachel is joined by her mother Shama! They talk about Rachel’s life growing up and Rachel shares their family constellation including every marriage and divorce and all the step dads, step moms, step siblings and half siblings… It’s pretty much the most complicated family history of all time! Shama tells her life story and the struggles she went through in her childhood leading to her moving out to live on her own at a very young age, losing her father to cancer and her struggle with bulimia and alcoholism that followed. She also talks openly about her suicide attempts and how after her last near-death experience she lost everything, including her children, and how the darkness that followed was actually the beginning of a whole new life. They also talk about the 12 steps, sobriety, finding a way out of depression and using service as a way to heal your heart.

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Mar 30, 2018
52 Weeks of Speaking From The Heart

This episode marks the 1-year anniversary of the podcast and Rachel celebrates 52 weeks of storytelling, epiphanies, tears and so much laughter. She shares how in a way, podcasting has become part of her personal development and allows her to in an honest way process her emotions every week... Sort of like therapy! She gives her gratitude to the community for listening and holding space and also shares her biggest inspirations and favorite spiritual teachers. 

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Mar 23, 2018
Gratitude, Cloning and Turning a Bad Day Around

In this episode Rachel shares the love she feels for her dog and how the fear of losing him drove her to doing some very (very, very) irrational things (including the craziest story you’ve ever heard). She talks about deep soul connection with another being, fear of loss, the issue with “perfection” and how allowing yourself to be human brings the biggest relief. She also shares a recent experience with a bad moment and how it you’re not careful, it can snowball into a bad day and how at the end of it all, gratitude is the most important practice. 

Mar 16, 2018
A Perfect Storm

In this week's podcast Rachel talks about how she deals with social media drama and how more than anything, it's a reflection of our inner world and can be a great lesson in sitting with your emotions. She talks about her deep longing of being of service and how it’s evolved from moving snails across the road when she was a little girl to launching non-profit initiatives today, and shares a recent experience with online drama. When it comes to doing good, people will always judge and voice their own opinions! The question is how to learn from each other and remember the true intention behind your actions. She walks us though the ins-and-outs of her new social media marketing initiative and opens up about making mistakes, being human and how at the end of the day, we are all doing the best we can.

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Mar 09, 2018
Astrology - The Art of Aligning with Your Life’s Purpose with Debra Silverman

How does the full moon affect us? What does Mercury in Retrograde mean? Does each person really have a destiny? In this weeks episode Rachel is joined by Debra Silverman; psychologist and astrologer with over 40 years in the field. Debra has dedicated her life to helping people heal emotional wounds by aligning with their life’s purpose (she works with Madonna, Sting, Trevor Hall and many more - this woman is literally an astrologer of the stars... To the stars!). Rachel and Debra start off by talking about the skepticism around astrology and the ancient science that lies at the core of the practice. Debra explains how deepening your connection to the stars and the planets can help change your life, and how understanding your chart can make so much fall into place. Rachel shares her own recent experience with astrology and how suddenly, so much is making complete sense in her life. They also talk about the different aspects of an astrological chart, using astrology to support your relationship, manifesting abundance and how we are all responsible to bring more light into the world.

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Mar 02, 2018
Life After Death and Healing Emotional Pain

In this weeks episode Rachel talks about her experience with death and loss. After losing her best friend, her grandmother and her dog within the span of just a few months, her entire life was turned upside down. In this episode she shares little pieces of her experience and talks about emotional healing and how it’s not a linear process. She shares her experience writing her second book - on the topic of grief and death - and how it’s bringing to surface a pain she has been running from for a long time. She also talks about growing up with a suicidal mother and how always waiting for the other shoe to drop is causing a lot of fear and pain to show up in her own experience of motherhood. 

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Feb 23, 2018
Social Media Marketing and Making Money With a Purpose

In this episode Rachel gets into the topic of social media marketing, ads and staying authentic in how you portray yourself in social media. She talks about her frustration with big corporations that take advantage of the yoga community to make big bucks and shares her own decision to never use her Instagram platform for marketing (and why that might be changing in the near future!). She also talks about the importance of making money to change the world, what being true in the online world actually means and how being real and vulnerable is the single most important thing when it comes to truly inspiring others. 

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Feb 16, 2018
Sex, Sarcasm and The Meaning of Consent

In this episode Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis (who’s getting more candid and slightly more inappropriate for every episode!). They start off talking about a recent disagreemenGt they had and how they process things completely differently when they fight. They then dive into the sensitive topic of the #MeToo movement - Dennis shares some stories from his past and they discuss the true meaning of consent and then Dennis tells the hilarious story of their first night together (what!!). Taking questions from social media they also get into the topic of jealousy, exes, their hectic schedule and how they stay balanced in their relationship (hint: it requires having a good sense of humor). 

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Feb 09, 2018
Competition and Jealousy - The Business of Yoga

In this episode Rachel dives into the very sensitive subject of competition, jealousy and cattiness in the world of yoga and business. She shares her own stories of being on both sides of the spectrum - both having felt nervous about other teachers competing with her and having had other teachers create drama over competition. She shares specific stories from different times in her life as a yoga teacher and entrepreneur and candidly shares both the challenge and the learning of each situation. Operating out of lack will always make us feel like we don’t have enough and this is where most sense of competition and jealousy stems from - the fear of not being able to provide for ourselves. But what if we operate out of abundance and out of knowing that we are cared for? This sets us up for success in a completely different way! Tune in to learn some big life lessons on how to grow your business and stay anchored in passion and love for the work you do in the world.

Feb 02, 2018
Believe In The Good Things Coming with Nahko Bear

In this episode Rachel is joined by her friend (and favorite musician!) Nahko Bear. Rachel shares the story of how she first connected to Nahko’s music and how it helped her move through the grief of her best friend’s passing, and Nahko shares what it’s like to write music that deeply impacts people all over the world. They talk about the importance of spiritual discipline and trusting that life brings you where you’re supposed to go (especially when things get really, really hard) and Nahko shares some of the hardships he is working through at the moment. They also talk about the blessings and challenges that come along with being leaders in their respective communities, the importance of activism and standing up for what you believe in and how at the end of the day, the way we care for Mother Earth is a true reflection of how we care for ourselves.

Jan 26, 2018
Magic Happens Where Your Comfort Zone Ends with Chris Burkard

In this episode Rachel is joined by Chris Burkard: photographer, explorer, creative director, author and speaker. Chris has gained worldwide recognition for his photography and art over the past few years and is especially known for his travels to remote places and extreme weather surf photography. How do you turn your passion into your career? What’s it like balancing creative talent with running a large-scale business? Chris shares how he got started (and how, when it comes to pursuing a dream, we all have to start at the bottom!), what inspires him as a photographer and stories from his life on the road. They talk about nature conservation, bringing deep purpose into your work, parenthood and using past mistakes as a way to grow. Chris also gives his best tips for staying grounded on the road.

Jan 19, 2018
From Resentment to Kindness (with a Fever of 103)

In this episode Rachel’s talks about anger and resentment. When we feel wronged or hurt, instead of lashing out, is there a way we can use challenging situations as a way to grow? As something she’s personally dedicated to working on in 2018 Rachel gets candid and honest about her personal anger issues and how harboring resentment holds her back in relationships. While struggling through her baby girls first bout of sickness she finds herself feeling fearful and sleep deprived, eventually leading to anger and feeling resentment toward a close friend. Acknowledging your anger is important - it’s when we cling to it and it becomes resentment that it starts tripping us up! Realizing that resentment takes us away from kindness and compassion and separates us from finding a solution to the problem is the first step to letting it go. 

Jan 12, 2018
Turning Dreams Into Reality

In this episode rachel records live on Instagram with thousands of people tuning in! Over 100,000 people tuned in to listen and ask questions. Rachel starts off by sharing how she went out dancing with her little sister the night before and for the first time since pre-pregnancy woke up feeling the effects of a night on the town. Her conclusion? No amount of fun is worth it when you’re spending the next day with your baby! After sharing candidly about beating herself up and feeling like an irresponsible mom she dives into answering questions from the audience on manifesting dreams, dealing with anxiety and fear, getting energized to continue pursuing your goals on days where all you want to do is lie on the couch, nailing down an awesome business idea, letting go of resentment, staying motivated to make a change in the world while feeling weighed down by pain and much, much more. 

Jan 05, 2018
Setting Intentions and Manifesting Love

In this episode Rachel shares her intentions for 2018 and invites her listeners to join in. Setting intentions for the new year is a deeply spiritual practice and to find out what we want to manifest we need to begin by looking at what we have struggled with during the year that’s passed! Rachel talks about how the idea of losing weight, starting a new exercise regimen and changing who we are is always doomed to fail and that to find long-lasting balance we need to look at what lies beneath wanting to change who we are. She opens up about her own resolutions and challenges; how can you learn to slow down when it’s in your nature to move? How do you ask for help when you’re used to doing everything yourself? How can we make space for healing in a world that constantly demands us to perform and be perfect? 

Join Rachel as she shares her best tips on how to set loving intentions and create ceremony to ring in the new year from the heart. 

Dec 29, 2017
The Inappropriate Husband with Dennis Schoneveld

In this episode Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis for what might just be the most hilarious (and politically incorrect) episode ever. They have a conversation thats both relaxed, heated and slightly inappropriate at times about everything from meat eating vs veganism, living a privileged life, the challenges of running a yoga studio, parenthood and what it’s like to spend literally every hour of the day together. Dennis shares what he loves most about Rachel (hint: we should have edited some stuff out but didn’t), gives his best advice for finding your way in life and how at the end of the day, its all about gratitude.

Dec 22, 2017
Family Business (and A Little Bit of Politics)

In this episode Rachel shares the story of how she left her baby for the first time ever to travel to Los Angeles for a photoshoot and how, inevitably, chaos ensued. From having an incredibly difficult time leaving Aruba in the first place to arriving to find LA on fire (literally!) she spent the weekend arguing with her brother about politics, fighting with her husband about how to care for the baby, going head to head with the airlines about getting home on time and even found herself in a confrontation with a complete stranger about how her friend was raising her toddler. A whirlwind of a weekend, indeed! She talks about how to bridge the gap with our family members when we can’t see eye-to-eye (is it possible?), letting go of control, facing your fears at your own pace and how, sometimes, all you need is a really good cry.

Dec 15, 2017
Best Friends Forever - with Olivia Rothschild!

In this episode Rachel’s best friend takes over as host of the show to interview Rachel!

They start off talking about Rachel’s fears about leaving her baby for the first time and Olivia asks some very serious questions Rachel normally does not answer (like, “when was the first time you ever farted in front of Dennis?”) and they then venture toward more serious subjects ( pooping during childbirth). After getting the many questions about bodily functions out of the way they dive into the stories from their high school days, what it’s like having husbands that are BFF’s and the very important subject of #MeToo - what’s next? They talk about how we can raise vulnerable boys and empowered girls while continuing to smash the patriarchy and strive for equality in the most loving way possible. They also talk about how to find your true passion in life and stay on course even when life throws you challenges.

Dec 08, 2017

In this weeks episode Rachel joins the #MeToo movement and shares her own stories of sexual harassment and abuse. She journeys back to the first moment she every felt objectified as a young girl and retells a few experiences with varying degrees of intensity where she felt violated, taken advantage of or abused. She also dives into the challenging topic of victim blaming and how speaking up and shedding light on our experiences can lead toward empowerment.

Dec 01, 2017
Relatable Feminism, Anti-Bullying and Loving Yourself No Matter What with Violet Benson

In this episode Rachel is joined by comedian and social media superstar Violet Benson, also known as Daddy Issues!

Violet rose to stardom through her wildly popular meme account @daddyissues_ on Instagram where she highlights relatable and controversial topics through the eyes of the millennial woman. They talk about how Violet’s struggles with being bullied and having low self-esteem led her to create the social media alter ego that completely changed her life and Rachel shares her own experiences with not fitting in as a young teen. They dive into the topic of feminism, gender inequality in the comedy world, using online influence to make people smile and how in the end, we should all just be a little bit kinder to each other (especially on the internet!). 

Nov 24, 2017
Are We What We Eat? with Ella Mills

In this episode Rachel is joined by Ella Mills; creator of the insanely popular food blog Deliciously Ella.

Ella healed herself from a devastating disease through plant based food and a healthy lifestyle and has since dedicated her life to inspiring the world through the art of cooking. They talk about how our eating habits affect our lives, the emotional connection we hold to the diet we were raised with, adding broccoli to your pepperoni pizza and how when it comes to making good choices for your body, learning by doing is the best way! Ella shares how she went from never giving food much thought to vibrantly glowing with health, and how she turned what was a small personal blog into a hugely successful business with 70+ employees. They also talk about the difficult side of social media, what it’s like to have millions of people following your every move and much more. 

Nov 17, 2017
Healing Physical Pain, Finding Your Core and Movement As a Spiritual Practice with Lara Heimann

In this episode Rachel is joined by Lara Heimann; physical therapist, master yoga teacher and anatomy genius.

They talk about one thing and one thing only: THE BODY.

Your body is a miracle!

Yet we rarely treat it as such. In this episode you get to learn some of the many misaligned cues taught by yoga teachers all over the world and why the overly flexible yoga body, though so celebrated within the yoga community, is actually inching its way closer to injury with every downward dog.

Lara shares stories of working with patients with severe neurological injuries and how her MB in physical therapy helped shape a brand new form of yoga. Rachel shares her own history of jumping from teacher to teacher and, through practicing intensely, having ended up with injury or pain more than a few times in her life. They talk about movement as a deeply spiritual practice, how to form the essential habit of practicing yoga (mindfully!) every day and how to heal yoga-related pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck.

They also dive into the topic of how tapping into your core can completely change your life (and how it has absolutely nothing to do with a six-pack!). 

Nov 10, 2017
Self-Love, Fear of Dying, Rose Quartz Spheres and a Crappy Day

In this episode Rachel gets real and emotional about her hardships in the midst of a particularly crappy day. She talks about her contrasting struggle with low self esteem and the huge fear she carries around the wellbeing of her daughter while simultaneously feeling content and happy in leading her first teacher training. She dives into the topic of teaching yoga the "right" way, what it means to find your true voice as a teacher, cursing in class and how fear can push us into arguments with our loved ones. She also talks about the inner critic; that judgmental voice we all have at the back of the head telling us we're not good enough, and how to counter it by showing up with self compassion. 

Nov 03, 2017
Walking Through Fire, Letting The Other Shoe Drop and Telling Your Story with Glennon Doyle

In this episode Rachel is joined by Glennon Doyle; #1 NYT Best-Selling author, activist, philanthropist and founder of Momastery; an online platform that changes the lives of millions through storytelling. Glennon shares the story of how she found the love of her life in soccer player Abby Wambach immediately following the release of her #1 New York Times Bestseller Love Warrior (a tale of marriage redemption!) and the value of being truthful - even when it's inconvenient. They talk about the importance of allowing your children to feel everything life has in store for them (even when it's painful), building resilience through struggle, recovering from addiction and letting the other shoe drop. Glennon gives some beautiful advice on how to heal through story telling and how when shit hits the fan and you've found yourself in a pit of dispair, rather than trying to climb your way up sometimes the best thing to do is simply to sit down.

Oct 27, 2017
Peace, Love and Veganism with James Aspey

In this episode Rachel is joined by James Aspey; vegan, animal rights activist and public speaker.

James replaced drugs, cancer and bulimia with veganism, surfing and meditation and his story is an incredible inspiration to people across the globe. After being diagnosed with Leukemia which led him into drug addiction he changed his life drastically and started a journey in search of health and happiness. Through becoming vegan and experiencing first-hand the amazing ways it improved his life (and what it does for the planet!) he has since dedicated his life's work to spreading the message of loving kindness, peace and veganism.

In this episode Rachel shares her struggle with having transitioned away from being vegan and how it's affected her life and together they dive into the topic of veganism, health, animals and what it means to live a life that aligns with loving kindness. 

Oct 20, 2017
The Sleep Episode

Sleep is a spiritual practice and without it, we cannot function (there is a reason sleep deprivation is used as a form or torture)!

In this episode Rachel shares how she got her baby girl to sleep through the night - almost! After struggling with intense sleep deprivation for two months she decided to take charge and has since read eight books, had two sleep consultations, asked the world for advice through social media and googled her way to things that actually WORK.

In this podcast episode she lists all the things she applied to help set healthy sleep habits for her daughter and how, finally, they are sleeping soundly. 

Oct 13, 2017
Becoming Yoga Girl

In this episode Rachel shares the story of how Yoga Girl came into existence!

She talks about how her Instagram account came to be and recalls the first time anyone every recognized her from social media (not as much fun as you might think!). She tells the hilarious story of how she taught her first-ever yoga class abroad (it involves a Chipotle burrito and almost vomiting out of nervousness) after cold-calling studios and begging them to let her teach, and how that was the spark that launched her journey as an international yoga instructor. She shares what it’s been like to grow from teaching in small yoga studios to huge stadiums and concert halls, dealing with judgement from other teachers and finally harnessing her own power and allowing herself to truly shine.

Oct 06, 2017
The Spiritual Practice of Making Music with Trevor Hall

In this episode Rachel is joined by singer-songwriter Trevor Hall!

Trevor shares his life story and get ready because this one comes with a TON of wisdom. He shares how a deeply rooted passion for music launched him into a successful career as an artist without ever actually setting out to become famous in the traditional sense of the word. They talk about the struggles he had to overcome to arrive at a place of living his truth, keeping up a spiritual practice while living on the road and redefining the meaning of success and abundance. Trevor shares how being dropped from a major label turned out to be his biggest blessing and what it's like being the yoga worlds favorite musician! They also talk about how to find your purpose in life, music as a true spiritual practice and Trevor shares how some very challenging health issues helped birth a brand new album.

Sep 29, 2017
The Flight From Hell

In this episode Rachel tells the hilarious story of how she flew from Stockholm to Aruba last week and how everything that could have gone wrong did (at the same time!). Prepare for some very disgusting but crazy funny storytelling! She also talks a little bit about anger and transforming it through comic relief. 

Sep 22, 2017
The Challenges of Parenthood, Being a Stay-At-Home Dad and Becoming Iron Man with Dennis Schoneveld

In this episode Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis and together they dive in to an honest reflection of their challenges as new parents. They talk about their recent fights over Dennis training for an Iron Man race, not having any alone time, masculine vs feminine roles and being a "modern family" with Dennis as a stay-at-home dad and Rachel as a working mom. They also touch on subjects like gender equality, feminism and learning how to make space for your own needs while co-creating partnership.

Sep 15, 2017
Becoming a Force of Good In The World By Feeling Your Feelings and Choosing Your Community With Care

In this episode Rachel talks about the magnificent power of taking charge of your emotional well being.

When we feel whole and safe, we are able to harness that energy and take charge to make a difference in the world - in our own way.

YOU have the power to change the world. You do!

She talks about the challenge of staying away from gossip and drama and gives examples on how to continuously bring love into situations that try to pull us toward negativity and judgement. Rachel also dives into the topic of making vulnerability the new "normal", not letting frustration build up and stagnate and the positive cycle of choosing to show up with love - every single day. 

Sep 08, 2017
Just a Mom - Sleep Deprivation and Other Stories

In this episode Rachel gets real about her in-the-moment struggles: dealing with some serious sleep deprivation. She talks about her greatest challenges as a mother, being sensitive about comments she's getting on Instagram, feeling overall crappy and the realization that she wants to be more than "just a mom". 

Sep 01, 2017
A Story of Rape and Responsibility with Thordis Elva

In this episode Rachel is joined by Thordis Elva; writer, journalist, public speaker and crusader for women’s rights.

Thordis shares the powerful and painful story of how she was raped by her boyfriend at only 16 years old, the downward spiral it sent her on and how she was able to eventually find healing by confronting her perpetrator (who she ended up writing a book with!).

They talk about the widespread issue of rape and sexual abuse and how the blame is often places on the survivor instead of on the victim and most importantly: what we can do to change the conversation.

Thordis also shares some beautiful advice and support for survivors listening in.

Aug 25, 2017
Body Positivity and Finding Self-Love In a World of Non-Acceptance

How can we find self-love in a society that constantly pushes us toward non-acceptance?

In this episode, Rachel talks about body positivity and loving her postpartum body while struggling with that little voice in the back of her mind telling her she isn't good enough. She shares a recent and fairly amusing story of how the insecurity sent her spiraling into some truly irrational behavior and gives tips on how to stop the vicious cycle of self-judgement. By directing attention away from the stressful chatter of the mind we can move toward feeling grounded in the body - but it's not easy! She also talks about bringing energy toward what we want to create versus what we don't need and learning to appreciate the quiet moments - all while struggling with sleep deprivation.

Aug 18, 2017
Hard Lessons Learned and The Business of Yoga

In this episode Rachel opens up about feeling taken advantage of and how it's a pattern that continuously shows up in her life.

She shares a few examples of some very hard lessons she's had to learn in the yoga industry over the years and how even though they helped her grow and learn, she still finds herself too trusting in an industry that's sometimes everything but "zen".

She also dives into the concept of forgiveness after having been hurt and tries to make sense of learning how to balance output with input.

Aug 11, 2017
Being Vulnerable, Feeling Your Feelings and Owning Your Sh*t

In this episode Rachel talks about a new practice she’s incorporated into her life: the art of being vulnerable.

She talks about how being vulnerable and feeling your feelings right away sets us up for a whole new lightness of being, the challenge of making and keeping girlfriends and how to tap into a sensitive place as a teacher so we can improve the quality of what we share with the world. 

Aug 04, 2017
Life After Death, Facing Your Worst Fear and The Power Of A Brief Life

In this episode Rachel is joined by Amelia Barnes; yoga teacher, artist, designer and author of the book Landon's Legacy. In 2014 Amelia's son Landon was born. He died four days later. This episode is the painful but powerful story about how Landon passed away and the gut-wrenching journey that followed. Rachel was moving through the loss of her best friend around this very same time and together they dive into the topic of death, loss, healing through sharing, grieving out in the open and finding purpose in pain. In this episode you can expect lots of tears, but also inspiration to continue on and begin again after the worst has happened. Keep a box of tissues nearby - this episode is truly from the heart. 

Jul 28, 2017
Following Your Passion, Turning Failure Into Success and Never Ever Giving Up On Love with Matt Cutshall

In this episode Rachel is joined by Matt Cutshall; actor, singer, comedian and social media influencer living in LA.

Matt shares the story of how he started a pop/rock band and spent five years of his life fighting relentlessly for that dream only to have it all fall apart right at the cusp of success. He also shares the contrast of growing up in a trailer park to the life he leads now and how it instilled a longing to give back to the world. They also dive into the magical topic of love and relationships - Matt recently found true love in his best friend @arielle and shares the full story of how deep friendship evolved into romance. This might just be the most anticipated love story ever played out on social media! 

Jul 21, 2017
Mindful Relationships and Making Sacrifices For Mother Earth with Waylon Lewis

In this episode Rachel is joined by Waylon Lewis; environmentalist, meditation teacher and founder of They talk about sustainable living, the current political climate and the Buddhist view on mindful relationships. Waylon shares how he risked it all for the sake of caring for Mother Earth and gives his best tips for living a green life. 

Jul 14, 2017
Using Hardships To Fuel Your Fire with Isabella Löwengrip

How can we transform darkness into light? In this episode Rachel is joined by entrepreneur, mom and super-blogger Isabella Löwengrip.

They talk about juggling a successful career with the responsibilities of motherhood, the importance of women supporting women, using hardships to fuel your fire and how to become your own best friend. Isabella shares how being bullied in school and leaving home at a young age inspired her to start her own business and the importance of making healthy choices every day - not just for your body, but for your mind.

Jul 07, 2017
Venting: The Art of Working Through Struggles and Returning to Gratitude

In this episode, Rachel talks about her travels to Sweden, feeling overworked, the challenge of running a business as a new mom and why trying to be "superwoman" and doing it all just doesn't work. She also talks about how opening up about pain is the first step to healing, failing the no-sugar challenge (ugh!) and what she and her husband are struggling with as parents.

Jun 30, 2017
From Burning Out to Changing The World with Olivia Rothschild

In this episode Rachel is joined by her best friend and co-worker Olivia Rothschild. They talk about going through pregnancy and childbirth together and Olivia shares the story of how a scary burn out led her to leaving the corporate world and founding the non-profit 109 World. They also dive into fun stories from growing up and traveling the world together and how life is changing as they are settling into motherhood.

Jun 23, 2017
Living With Asthma, Using Meditation to Heal and Learning How to Breathe with Bee Bosnak
Can meditation change your life? In this episode Rachel is joined by Bee Bosnak, meditation expert and yoga teacher from New York. They chat about growing up with asthma, learning how to breathe through yoga and meditation and finding tools to heal emotional pain through sitting in silence.
Jun 16, 2017
The Vaccination Debate and Social Media Regrets
In this episode Rachel shares her own experience with making the decision to vaccinate her baby girl, the backlash she received online when she shared it with the world and how she is navigating this very delicate subject.
Jun 09, 2017
Quitting Sugar and Making Changes Out of Love
In this episode Rachel talks about her sweet tooth; something that used to mean enjoying dessert after dinner but that lately has become a full-on addiction. How can we make changes in our diet (or in our lives) and stick with them? Is there a way to find a loving approach to quitting bad habits? Join Rachel as she embarks on a journey of freeing herself from sugar and get inspired to look at your own life: is there something you need to surrender to make space for more love in your life? Let’s find out!
Jun 02, 2017
Learning From Pain, Working Through Baggage and Learning The Art of Letting Go
Is it possible to be so connected to another human being that their pain can be physically felt within you? What happens when we are unable to let go of emotional pain from our past? This, and much more is answered in this weeks podcast episode. Rachel gets deep and personal and touches on a few traumatic experiences from her past - the death of her stepfather, her mothers suicide attempt and a car accident she suffered through in her teens. She talks about the physical pain she has carried throughout her life and the realization that it’s all connected to past emotional pain.
May 26, 2017
Yoga Every Damn Day
In this episode Rachel shares how she found the yoga practice and how she started the movement that is #yogaeverydamnday. She also shares her best tips for starting up or maintaining a daily yoga practice, what yoga is like after having a baby and why suffering from intense back pain in the early stages of her practice turned out to be her biggest blessing.
May 19, 2017
Taking a leap for love with Dennis Schoneveld
In this episode Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis and their baby girl, Lea Luna! They talk about how they first fell in love, what it's like working together with your spouse, life as new parents, dealing with social media fame and much more. Dennis shares how he found his passion for yoga (it wasn't through Rachel!) and why he was reluctant to be a guest on the show.
May 12, 2017
No Bulls**t Motherhood with Jen Pastiloff
In this episode Rachel is joined by writer and yoga teacher Jen Pastiloff. Listen in as they dive into topics like how to deal with social media trolls, body image and eating disorders, the power of staying authentic online, keeping your sanity as a new mom, yoga and much more.
May 05, 2017
The Guilt Of The New Mom
In this episode Rachel shares her struggles as a new mom and the guilt and self-doubt that often comes with motherhood. She also talks about the practice of sitting with pain and finding growth and healing by learning how to not escape emotions when they come our way.
Apr 28, 2017
Mother-Daughter Insights, Sobriety and Loving Lea Luna with Shama Persson
In this episode Rachel is joined my none other than her mom, Shama Persson! Together they discuss how they’ve managed to let go of the weight of a heavy past, Shama’s newfound sobriety, what it’s like living 5,000 miles apart and the beauty of mother- and grandmotherhood.
Apr 21, 2017
Overcoming Adversity, Healing Trauma and Parenting Your Own Way with Ashley Albrand
In this episode of From The Heart, Rachel is joined by Ashley Albrand; yoga teacher and ex-professional hip-hop dancer turned modern-day medicine woman and healer. Ashley tells her amazing story about overcoming intense trauma and abuse and how she found healing through practicing yoga and living in tune with nature.
Apr 14, 2017
Manifesting Abundance
What is the true meaning of success? Is it possible to manifest financial freedom and still stay true to who you are? How can we do business with a heart? To answer these questions we dive into the topic of money, success and manifesting abundance. In this episode Rachel shares stories from her past to find the secrets to how she built a thriving business out of nothing. Coupling spirituality with abundance, we explore the idea of using meditation as a tool to cultivate trust and with it, the life you've always dreamed of.
Apr 07, 2017
The Birth Story
In this first episode of "From The Heart”, Rachel gets intimate and personal, sharing her detailed birth story with the world for the very first time. On March 13, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl: Lea Luna. Longing for an unmedicated water birth at home, she ended up going to the hospital after 18 hours of intense labor. In this episode, Rachel shares the full story and how even when things don't happen the way you've planned... Life tends to play out exactly the way it's supposed to.
Mar 31, 2017
Teaser Episode
From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl debuts Friday March 31st!
Mar 24, 2017